Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 6, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02074
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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",B may"y she hAd bep derited ot,
wom se" ad"" b" ep COTTON SLUM WE ON
; p the tlrultle for an ex isteaa
tme be r from 1k lt C. l. r buw urNaIT R 0VI
Swho sw. f round t.r by the eor, GO L NME
j"1 : p, p. l the a1lleartlbda of hill lif r
S.W,: Ml, mpported by hb itw who
his lNlow Ie', w Over Twirelve million Balas Pro,
*;eolatd Mrs. rphy .
Sas tulas sul er ute or teC n yars dteo!d Ih 1904.
StL Mt her hu-bend only left -

-I. J

ik* ei i- i, s .

,I wf, .
.. > 6
-Shla^i *^lfl-Jf

is fw r weeks ago, tk(tg a fur'
ai m peIar by and ooatlaulwn
*b ot whis ftally.,


Tha Cavernrn.trs mrt Ce*c< Sis
- - ..* .-.w mmCa rand te

?ENN S SS LAUNCHE iggst Sur'rise in Years in the COt
ton Markbt-The Pri Has De0clined
ghO t Mr Atsfre. rom 11 Cents to S ents.
s B ShpUJ 'Atashrir:1. Dos -Pr timlnarp
iiU liD. On te-ludea 4116! .2l .;:(, 1^3, ,.--.lmlry
Kmte eoLd1tk1as", whlt., returns tu I cl chief the bureau of
4W 0 m lttle l* h e II atatis*4l otpart of agriculture
Sa . show a total pl of cotton ton
S- t ea .u Wred .a. the tf Iltet Staitn *I year 1904-05.
Si WAI n Claps IAip of IS1,12.00W l, b und balesa ar
pi.f eiapQ tbceludeld in thi k. e ap e reduced
to their eulivaltet euare Iqles.
..rThe estimate dos not include lint.
vTor o e dathfs eftr, and aM.
", Iel aid TmMI esnd slThe estimated prod eton by slated'
a, ri. will be made pubtlle Dc. 5. at 11 ma.
AiBw ii SM -- *eUad he New Orleans Market.
V"' VSW 4. eWa Sd wee
Swa t New Orleans. De. 5.- A heavy
whi h--- -- 4h slimp In the market at the announce.
.! ^m sl.a A "1 .oatu meet of th#e bureau report on the cut-
a s -'La t,,' &tom exehanse today and a wild scene
"i"HT ar rollwow around the ring.
pi p dBt UOe In SUlipatfm of a day of excite
ieatnaa. I lmolNewt lhe floor and the galleries were
lI0w. 1- the II W SI f llted wlth ladles, Te estimate of 12..
K J-- i s- _11. MIs, 12.j)000 bales was .surprise, mark*.
Ase'b of *he la,1 g iby lose to a million bales Ithe
Yin ag,--,et .. .' Ilargest crop yet raleod.
am she broke the bottle Prices fell froma 4 IRt 5 points
00 a011. prow of taH erolas within a few momeots after reading,
H dutiess lea.i (*ofla he Ips the report, anil rnpre;enting about,
W--- f l,,S t lun1eh* *Ou per bale. Many cxeted country
B W W "bt b alnke's were on tb) BlAr. They had
..'Ir ...- . ealendluag money on a lanls of S
sMR tERtAWMD aftd above. January tumbl'd to 7T A. I
areh to 8.02 a Ma y tot .04.. There
tl*a .a, By O * were slighbt recoverit from the f igre.,
t t'lU t the battle ettha rlna side prile'4
Ao Iuet aso rapidly that long after
l alIt ve e l a 1 o'etock the market was ,AIIt In ia
sa1les b to ambe"S hilhly tro lloi. :a,, Only th fact
".Wthq boo.4W sl dthatl the ginnois* re:rrt hal indicated
WWleitig I of Mo W Or 11 bearish re:mt, illa ng the bnil-'
maiu la th to protect thonmv -, saved, the mar.
iasI Vf She Cha*rles. Let from a very Intm'li b"a J'ir lIump.
*wt* p m wee lnam&
SO Sm Hepburn, New York P a.rkut.
Hai* saiU.- m111a Oeneralg New Yorlk, Otr,, .(- T;' i)v'vernment
sIa Wbela. j limatle fr timeo ',t : crop placilns
Ahila dle of'the Irty were the yiold at 1'.10,19`4 34.ale I.-,uT toW
*ressms a Dea y and Mley. day. was a isrprl.-. to more HwoopI(. I
S fl w DOrlasi Bltrilot pt perhaps than aty r,'nment repiatl
aNi itorn. later It the daye or rt'tnt yv'ir. WhJ:l a few of athe
t rded a large ocean-going more extr-'me' ;e'ara F'ad heen takilnw
md mwAdo a trip through tbhe 12,000,000) hat.4 or 'v-r. the' avpragf I
I lopecttig the wharves, the ospttla even In %rnl '1 Tbr'a', Ilcan l
Aftgr.,the tiatiroad termtlaal, as w tha' t rvr::t 0:!: oltt:2
Ut v an O and the levee above wold be 'Itiser t!:* i':tr.
al., eongrensmen plan toe Tho annu.ti:ncnmie;w wv i fuinwed ,1
another i&nnatlornl hr,'Oh th prlcem.
*Itt Wablmgton on Monday.
The doerlin. thlat lhs t .n In pr'.
.MANt OLtU CLET OFFICER T ress now fotr ',vr iv !, 'l!th and rarrirl.
W C the warnier cown fr 11 crnts toon
-heim,_on Halds An Inte center. prove' lnucfl1r< nt in tI et!* t.
uera:1n t MWttgW mat ion of the tradle to filyty relIet tlI-'
stinm. Ale., Dei. .-The Al ew condition rt Talr., nnd a cr op
SUIpisfam. Ala..of Wotea-Te clule of thTe sla report There' was tn.

lf etinga In Mobile sprung a dohtadly t hi hort lnteret in
WT A d sensallUtIon wben they Market. but In plte f c',ve'rtn prices<
ad 'a resolution aeklng that the drln n ,r'ry hail t rs' i t's1 than
MI legislaturee of Alabama adopt a ht lfan h 1r 'f trad, ';
U rqallrtag city, county and state JLanuary. whi&:1 sr*l irnul 8.3r ul
partttpdents of education to under. Ins the formt'+.+n, w ,
*o tW mawe examination that teachers aC'lit P' and olT1oer n1:"XI',. :.1ff.erin4
r ow forces to stand. The re I in ltt;e nti trear Ti maria t wt.
lith foft on to ray that a numbfl very axrtll. wl, tral n x,,..dngl
e Siuperlttendents la Alabama are
weftullly deflilent, and the women PARTY PROBABLY DROWNED.
lak thl Wmatter should be corrected.
Another Important resolution adopt- Seven People Go on Pleasure Tripr
SA was one to the effect that the clause and Never Retarn.
I the new statehood bills prohbitlng! Err ; \'a.-h.. l) 'b 5 --The ;::-to<.
fueale sufrage be stricken out. The e,'r .. \V',1h. o'f Pa tard. 'vilt:.
fillowiag olfcers were elected: i( Kn' ".' 'i:t. .Av iipa ..-. ;
Mrs. RIhett Goode. Noble, president, on t,,ar,! Tj y ur- t a ia-, itll. fltria Colennan, Montgomery, as. t1urn last sar.8 : I.a T"i'* hr' ,
Mrs. Joei C, Henley, Blrnningham, vice, ,, n 1'.rI ol tin I' ', ;' -it', ;;:: ,

prnldntst: IItls Julli iClarke. Selms, is f.' rea' t'l-s ,ari T have a'c t
tVWlrurt : Mrs. Dulger. Auburn. tro dourn In thlr' ,'t.i of $atiurda)t n L:'
rwtag e1eretary: Mrs. Boone. Month. t',,,, o i I i lr and M,-,
0gmery. corresponding secretary. ('. r |: I r 1 e.t P'. ," "' ..'
tars. R. "'ars I e .a '
Double Tragedy a Mytory. m a!,. the. v af ;:$ !' .: a t .3.'r -,
Dayton. 0.. D1e .-Chartl*h IPa En nli'r l:pr'nt
v - - s - - .


When Harbor at Port Arthur SWnmle
Untenable for Fleet.
Toklo, Dte. 3.-- Nu .-It lh the g'el.
eral opinlun here that lthe tort Arthrt
tflee will atmt*'llit tit make a uortiln
when i he harlrir Intw[nliicfr untenallaI
or wliten tih Itilanian Iplus: for eicapi
It is evlie'nt that of the shipi
are tJdly da:ntanKdl anll until fo nc'r"
vice buit Iwmnle havto ligting power.
Thi Rit ldlan uine ck-aiiit ojperatllons
manifestly firr the puripI.' of preserv-
Ing an avenin 'iof mciaptv.
The first ariklhtllce between tlhe monim
batants at PI tt Arthuir was declared
on Dec. 2, fort he purpose of uotrying
the dtIadi. It lasted for a period of
Mlx hours.
Purt Arthur bedlelers report that
yesterday twarers of Itags of tnter la
the direction of the left wing arraonled
for a partial armistice to extend from
10 o'clock In th e mornlnl to 4 In the
afternwn for the removal of the dead
and wounded.
Manchurian hoalquiarters rpelUrmtil
Friday alglht naysr
On Thursday at 10 o'clock In the
evening (he lnenoI)' Infantry attack.
ed Machilanaurntl xt initatn., but were
repulsed im:it:inately. On Fridiay
morning the en.nmy's Infantry and cav.
alry appniarhot Ilungtilietat tzu. but
were driven ti,.


Woman Refused to Marry Him and He
ent a Bullet Through Brain.
New York, DI)ec 5.- because a we
stan with wh.n" he had llivd it a IA'x.
Ington avenue hotvl fiir tevcral week k
repeatedly rilfult'l 1 h U:i re(lli'.-itN that
a marrnlag t retmonuy h)b ptrformtel.
fliward L. Gray, an arl enKn1.f'er, shot
himself really ttola an ,l ldi i ln tait-
ly. Thel wi:anii wmi gKavr Iher naii)"
as Lltin Adams. hail Jiit rtl-l from hi'
presence \',e. thoi {ifaal tihot wasY
fired. She Ihua Iru aFetai'lnel lIy the
coroner and W !: he lhel l unntil het
story of thl :hu)t:ing has IJt'n rlnv gatel. She .a&Ml OhiP came to Newi
York ablouit a yest a;,.o. ihe sa)s I : it
Gray was* ly jealloul..- of anothli
man and that he hpienit alt las. t nl.t1
looking for hi, rival with the naowel
Intention of kl!'tin himn. It lr
UDnurelOsfutl in the h tefarch,l ower.1' I
and rtulrn'til to thLr hotel e-arly th; '
mourntil. H' thn re'n'w'd h;; ai)
peal to tih t wonmuin that a he warry htibs
and when he a': .irt refutSed, t reatc'a'
ed to kft her arl hinte!f.
Rhlte' carwd from thr room Jiust Il
time ti martv, 11'r 1f, '. she says.


Perfectly Developed and is Attracting
Attention of Medical Science.
Bonirrvilllt, Ma-ws.. Dkc. .-A f emalr
child with two hl adrt, born n :art
Someriltle, 12 w e',';s MpO. In attract
InK much Intrest arninn the inedlear
fraternity In and about Ikiton.
The physician wh.l had charge of Ith
caae In itlar',.'ing the mnattr witb
other doctors, sa;dl:
"It Is irllu re *nt ',l I n the anna!i
of medlca' ..' +e:.r-. Tir child ha tIwo
separate npewk. eactlh M IPlrtling I
head, one facing to the front and the
nther to the rear. The latter hcad
II not well formed. It feature are
Irregunlar and ImperrT. t. there' h,(t'r
no e)?P% The I Ihaby in tIh ;esl-
of hall hi in i'rf. clly n oriu n
evory other rtivpt The nmli: i t
In 20 years *wl Tlhe child w.i;'. 4
14 poiiTunl .i tarth

Son Delivers Father to Officer.
Morhail. Ala.. lhrt. 3.. Travelng 8i.'r
geant" I k' l. of thli' M i :.. ;T; p i,.
tentlary. arrive Frl,!ny for J M1. it.
ley, allau K'e;l. l i-, t,-,i a few la '
woi oin a Iti:Tnor charsce ,ami turn, d r I
by thi son as a fulstive from Justlr I
Tw 'n ty.tive.' 3 ars aso he was inttmteneil
to fiver y'ars for a nmhurdlerciur i aault
Two years later he, ,',eap)e,. reerpltirr'il
Ifn litutnlrmtiham. heP served cv.
month's antid el-.satll attuat. andt hA 4
been at l ibrt) fur .2 e.' .
eighteen Year Old Boy Sulcides.
New Orlean4. I r ,, .A,... -.



Many Young Women NarroW
Eaeape Death By Fire.


The Misaouri *aptst Sanitarium pl-.
tially ODetroyed by Flamesa-.-Fit
Nurse Were Ileeping in *lull 'I
but Most All aEcaped Uninjuret
St. Loul,. Dec. 5.--One mal I ,
burned to death and four young g '
men nurses were severely Injured Il
the Jumping from windows lad q'
lmna through the itAmen while
from the nurses' homo of the Mieal
rl Baptist Salttarium which waS ya
-tially destroyed by fire loday. The I
was I*rank RoleWrts, a fireman, *empi
ed In the Sanitarium. who klot his lt'
in hil attempts to save the nures,
The lIjllJr<;:
Miss charity y Laintmneler, aged 34, i"l
Masslllon. 0.. jumlpel fromn window,
aprainedl back and lbruled ltdly.
altli EKfe a Morgan. ft Itay county,
Missouri. Junmpe!ld fI)rt third story
window; anklet broken miti back i
Misi Ella )oc'k,. .\lchl|gan, ball
burnlet In running thirou h the fItam
11mth Iva Irowna .f 14 S.1i.41. sprla I
ed ankle by jupning4 froi: third stor
Filttenn nurseiu hf^Sl t*r the nIsatr
were sit'.*i)in g thie l ho'.-t when tl he
fre starletd. Nii I:Ir tlhosie o
tloned wore Injured. it :, !ihad nar
row escape.
The llre Is l.e',:i 1,1 t~ ha!in .4tarte4
from tlht furnace


Many of the Attraction Burned--Oflll
of Fire Believed Incendiary.
St. IA.l'. Il'r. 5.- A ftur'her i velret ,
Kathin iby the police. antl .I -fferso0l
Gua ld t. htrpentlhet 1i e ,.lr I1l1ief that
the tit.- on the 'Pike w hI'ht ttally de
stroltyE tihe "Stre. -ts I It :iit" a1 41
"Quon Vadis" and pal dIeltroytred
"Fair Japan" on the low. ry 1an ")14
St. I/til," wan of inhe.iiLary orlina.
One arn;.lcrt ha.n lid. n Arre."ted. Ar
thur V. Iiinn. 26 year? oit. who girm ,'
his occupation an a wailr r. He haM
been Identifiled hy .,4h 1itl rAnher, eft
played at Ie ".Amoorlsh l'u ace." as the
man he' ,aw run from thr lmibilllgll
which the tire was dll roVere'l.
In atdditlun to the lo 1' of the build
Intgs wliIih IA ,stlnmaltd to Iie about
15.0011, a series o if oil li -k:w .i lhIlia >
trative of ,rrnrip from the novtl "Quo
Vaidlh." which Iformle! ho prntcipftl at-
traction in the ciNliu -,` ltn0l ,wn afl
-Q1n VndI..," valil at $7i-,e. werN
hurled. The' l:iinII1.' wr th1e work .
of Janx Stvykt. fle Pl'1,ih aritit, and
were bIro lagIt to thlA coEutry llB de
$50,000 bond


Fifty-Plve Thousand Dollars AwardLd
Mrs. Dorothy Brickman.
Coe:tallmla. 8. ('., 1r. .. Th- largVeSti
vordlict ever rn tdre-,d ley a .4imlh Ca.
olina jury in it dilatn a' .nit wa aThi
of the ras' of 3lr-. tuernat.t 11 Ilrirk
mIan againstl the'S,rth.iirn rt iVw',ay tOf
the rdlath of helr l.u-'i;in jury relTrne' ia \Ter ir $1:,f -:.' It'
the' j.'lnutt i f:mi'r he:lnt i qut thre-
hotlr r
Thie ltl u a * fitr i t a $ .
Motion for a new aria; will lie h1ear

Tbhe lit grewu ouIt oif I'1' i.'it1
Ilesar. r' lrlckman. wh, wVas killed
in \he\ Fishing rree-k wreek ou th'
8otht-rrn railway S pi' I'" T
trial was held at lYorl .i::

Nuegro Confesses to Murder.
SJack.uvilie, VFa.. Ih. .; Jaik
Bral dftrml. nr;'cri. and r'. .1I I; ';
mert have belin arrfs~ted for thP nlur
der of J. 4; I':ummern wi,, a "h"L
.... .. . .. ..-. - .. A i

- I.






L' w

Sbaisnbl! all
b a cured of
bDrl. M leus
w ho would
fr igrves had
4n msucctesul



"~i'>r **;* :*
*hWI.) 4 ,'*. ,
i t "" .
' ; A l' i

, 1

pi I" i II i

Peai A.
toU thlre
at a r t



rte record-
tlt inkng moving
S ipoJdof humana
for which every
powesulon is sAc*
MUi Medical Co. reo
of letter from
Sth following:

01127r A*D

A; VA. V $4r has n. to Nigh
h lhavg blo sosammoned ei
o1f I0 limns of MU. Magli
L, o bas been Indipond for

M.. V~W Warwiek For4
a l1d esp1ti to eain hIre
tlajri. Urr* h la looklao for
pmN l. io may -deide to remain
VI. pi ll
b'"ll ai, te) lady l ddemonstrater

i for AlAets. MiN Oaf*y
if, ek' Matse aitteteme here as
"of ntsvh hitUe ** Sowing
:04w"'aay1, of *h .h M,.
h ubagcr. The lel iss
In 0 Ifani work of all lade.,
AI e sAw her w6r appr.
/ 11nsl0thalesed with iSlatie,."
It 0 ate, u IaItlle, Sed
k l. na, "l*.oin about ma
i llsJ pl i deal of pain.
I lnd 0 .o try Ballard''st ow
st, shi fttlved %no. I used
Io kbet4 Is te the grefatt
1 I ever m eds have rreom.
1k sbeateg bueeiwd
I" wlt wwllhot erluLwal
to p~ _n i St dea of liirt
rtun." te, okM, $L.O).
SbyW. Job meon.
fkawbton Immtaunt.
a' son eiga of- approghling revyl
St rits tremble la your system is
i NW otlwsnt i enpllne, or stomaeh
'iOW Elerio Bitten will quickly
iiber the irMesolfomen ow. It
I t i to a the stenmaht, Ru*m .
he kidnele sad bowelr stimon
Sthe lUe, MNa clarify the blood.
h rtm benefit par.
aad 9 the Musual Ittending
1. tnder its sarebhla and
;5ttivn. iltrel. Bit-
1I met, OW tat Is retumrd if
.pr rf tMatisfaetion. Guar.
t y ayll tdroUgglte.
Wemn a Ouild Bassr.
The asuesl bastar of the Woman's
OPQlM 14 redy n the miintest detail
0a open t 8 p. ar, today.,Ind It e.r*
tal0ly ews e ver more beautiful thrn
a this abeuion. The genius f artist.
etate bhu presided~in ll the idee.
opISetla. and the mrult is a Pene of
brillats beauty.I
Th will be a full array of btauti-
ful rt0lee for sale, and no salr will be
made ultllS o'eloek p. m., when the
baser fonnally opens.
The refrhhmens department is pre.
pared to teFy to Ial tastes with a
smeu thai ha won the tluld an envi.
abli reputation.
Adimtlwon will Ifr, and the pub-
lie is cordially lntld to attend.
The ntatmetainmslt wil b* held at
the o;.era house.
If the Baby i*s cutting Teeth


Is is our speltil to It glaaes In
seek a mammer bai they relieve t e
*tLnLia perf10e SitingI oa ey
ic -aNw aidftd 0ic, .Ihus preserving
the y 14 eI rla o tbh eye only
tahe lans sad Ilprovd amthoade
ledL rumaease are s ed.
a tklma ns atlelUy ar Invited to
sad invelrle ovanr methods of
eOrretilng rreor of reffetlon. Many
eso of hedaehw. naurarila, nervous.
nee, Irritability, lteaHusIis, verJio.
Nervous proitruaion iad the s*mingr
stlpidty of ehlldrea re *of tea due to
defretive vision esatUd by an abnor-
mal curv ture of the oernes or erysial-
llm lens or to n Irsrulultrily of the
rfracting media of the eye. ard are
rellpevd at oncs po tihe application
of the pro per lse. Ninety per otnt
of the peqopi over 40 years oaf l need
pIlate., ani 0 per etat of the 0i need
th*m for dsttnee.
Oluee are not always iren to Im.
proe eyesight, but so reliher undue
etraint-in short to assist nature,
thousndoofrSe e are ruined yearly.
Seven persons out of ten ha ~ nswlhet
eyallkr .and one at of twer ty Ae*
irmatlisn; horea the neeeirlly of test.
tal each eye separltely. Special at-
tension le given to as nar quality that
nmy sxkit between se retraction of
the e*ye.
Optleal selne*A hs made rapid ad-
ventt within thid I s few yrear; the
eaorr taoptlos of spetaelts has be*
cane a disltnes profesion. The opsti
elan who thoeroobly undentands his
businrme ntalmn fuy that In adjust-
ing Ilassf forl his etItomers he Is
treating with a most deliiqt and pre-
elous tu*l r, tn r thl* tight'rt error
may rweulst rioqely, while if he daw.
his work well l ot uisly i gve elnm*l-
firs and *etq to hi ;Pis(rlus. ust1 iii
intny Instanei4 restorell the sight.
Seial car should hIr l t ekii itn m-
Ieotinl the ftre ait pir ofeprtle!eat,. nr
should it b attemptl.i without the id
of a reponlihlte optician. It is riiust
ImportanIt hlts ihe. ilnres should 1Iw ac-
euartely ernterd ad f lIth beet quaJrl-
ity and the fraalnn *4> made Ihat the
Wretor klooLk directly through lhb Ct n-
ter. Ulasi nicelyli tittd Ils thl faec
bteemre an ornament as well as a fi..
Filtlhn children with sprtaeles a
Plalni, do Uotl i a!nvt jour chil.
don's eye.
Dimuleut .ases sole;t.'d
All qutialons In regard to the eles
cheerfully answered.
Cnultation d Examination
(,Mle hours front 10 a . to 3 r. m.



E. A. WEIL & CO, .=.

Of All Dnrlptles..

Sole Agents forSONAt'tIIH anud SOtie
tIZI q'UALITY Shoe. Every
pair warranted.

J. lanane,

- Ageat

J. D. CRABB, Agent,
-F Water l d
Fine Wines. Liquors and Cigars


Wa r 11 and I ll in tSnae


Wao, Tao., PD. ."-Otew are
1ioo0l8 for a man whtwo two weeks ago
In ontral Teta* botmht large quart-l
ties of turk ys promtidu to pay
eatR aholbme regular market igurm.,
Thhk t4rhe)y wnre ordered shipped to
a point In norlher TOes, and ebeeks
,I e ivtes In paymot. It Is lalhmed
that Ithn beeoks sr worthless. Prom
*Mt to ten 1t nme dollar' wort:
of tuwrlkepw er matndt Is thirty Tol
as twa-

10 -
The Optic splebits. of Lolsviie,
Ky., Will Basin a Few
Days Only.



Bkme to The Big Store

If You Are Looking for Bargains

In Fine lury (odsl hrve rttraeedl unusual attentionn,. iler
haie remarked, "flow atn Uaineiville support a stock ,af plsl
prupor ions?" The reaoip si tha we givehethe best vui.
eonsistent with honorable merchandii jg.

The Petope Apprelt Our Efforts
Aod our business continues to grow. (ljr stoek, comprising the
latest remations In Dres loods, Novelties. Rur. Art 8quarep,
Trunks, Etc., Is now ready for your inspection.
II~ ~~~~ ill I..

Shoe Satisfaction

For M31n Women and Children eam be had by wearing any of our
evlbrated lines. If you want the best value In S.hoes ever
oterrd In Oalinetvile, don's fail to see our line.






Sea Iland



Cotton Seed. Bagging and Twine.
IARtiler ill Stri a or Hides

T tAhVm ILA *In tol 4iv Uj 4& nr
Manlufacitrers of tlhe James Doig Improvel Elnglis
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and Supplies for Same.

235 W. Bay St., JACKSONVILLE, FLOI, r .
t(atrally I Lated, tIbere hl r ared aU rnvalted. Newly furulkhed.
R t l l i l P l n )


I. MABONl, Proprietor


Take The Atlantic Coast Line


Dupont Dupont P. a 0n.s I. r
,Nortb r ".E "a "":"S" o"t h
1or Ir Mor WIuW n WeP t jnmei sIiray
oV jik' nv dai jf l liel lioU, Li.e1 M)i'OSr@I


Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Table In effect Sept 1. 190l.

8:46 pm High Sprin and Inter.
Daily mediate Polnta
12:40 pm Ocala. Leesburg and Tampa, and
Daity Initermediate Points

Arrire Frnm
10:80 a


2:0 p m Palaska. Daytona, Jacksontll, 1:f0 p m
Daily Norsh, East and Wet Daily
I':15 am j High spring, Wayeroee, Baannah. Brunswik, 8:185p
Dally Albany. Atlantar all Points North, Eat West Daily

a 102,01


nehelle. Mlicanopy and Citra

3:fr'n I.

ct I. iiudin

Interhunrlble Mileagr Tickets. old I v, r i.,i) miles of among the priOf
Tipal railway i the %ulther lates. arte oin .a, byl th, principal agnti. C
through l ulsma ,.*i ,'r P',rl Tanipa t, .,; York. rv AtlSantfl CotI

1.-.----- -..-C-~: ~~-rr--~-- -~~~---r- -~_

I -

I ...

--- -- -~r



Higah Si tllsi



~Sr ~~- ~6

P!~~~~~7".;-I 91!y '-1 tyr Pw;

PY~.viyv'4rrrI.-wA~ "-r; .. -
"I..~~~ ** ..


_ p -


Fs. ,. _a .

'aatms.r ;zprni ntem-



After Years of Experience Gave the'
Fqllowing Advice:

"If you have anything to do with
medialues at all be prett sure ou

In Ti Ile. know you are taking. '
... .. OOur eual druggist, %'. M. Johbuon.
INT ARE NEEDEDO *Ss this is* ittrmi(f point int favoar of
Itroa their vialu ale cotd tIsvrr .i prel r rdAliun,
bp pomulating a Broad Vinul. It it not a ip'ect niu*;cne,
i WIghhWll Extend toMunlc. and everything it ctltailns is plainly
power to Construct Sew- printed O t.h
/\ uiol coli ies in id in i y dIL'dli*
PlravIn -. trAited form all oif the ii n liiu.a: c.'--
te meelltng of 'itizenii, metst f 'f1d liv'r -il a' .'rally I .
i suggesCufn uf i-Tti basn from fri sh rudm' l ivaer, but %it;,i)ntt a
I the court lI. S** tl ttillr hreIi t ioi ( r t*i .;a :, i I
i oelokh for the purpose of upl| t t; ,,it' r :.. h. "i+s Ii th.- r-t.'ii
i ore extended ci iarier foir Itl t Viinol i.- ;utin lli r L'tL <,4isl.Tr-
POalaerillle aud Suggeiting fail rn',u tlits I' eiCiirg ;tlh.rlli e,)aushi.
wrllOeh mame could be priop- ildt. hrfl1hiamtl t. I lung r ,bile, aht.l
l Thi e t i u ltlr thia o ilt: ; t r t l o e t .ult .K J'A4i stI I i u ltn td i .- i
i feadThig eitiel and laX-'that will s, ,lieky m i u Ip I!. r it-
s ~mubjeul. A iinumberltrhtvu 'd ~tn, ouv.rwurked, antd l i i .1 I-
amhked in the mat tr.I al of tdi, tor -ive strtiigth HIad re'a x A l vi-

theml elve s Ae Ijilig tality t the aI td. a Vinul.
pIeord with the iil ovetIr 'tlr j rn. Murtha 1ratetr of I' ( rtlanl.
4 tdeJl, who is recog lized at Ie writ-s: "I was .il run-down
mat OIooliaervati c aI td cart- i fri" uvrwrk and had a throuni'
Smen in the ity. iu rnl;'y .Cougit flor I had tried .so Iinny
Ia to hi, opinion it tihe: reltitdiet without he-ip that I had lust.
all faith in medicine anit was discour-
b no i tat Iged lyduhtr b1ughtr tea oa IJ
b niouevillut denadta tle orVinol. It imply worked woI.-
fer cihater, al demadrs for tie ; it poured my cough and
muOi charter. ad taI hol brought health and strength, and
municipal affairs should
sItOttre with a view of I am better than I have been fur years.
s N ellu ai comprelu- I1 canlrit sy enouIh In praise of this
ja selliant sdmnitralloa of Iwonderful ctd liver oil preptratio*."
i uligrment. Pronitraion We can only ask everyone in daisies-
ibe near future is abo- tille who needs uah a medicine
r#. uIoto try Venrai tn u r g-.arantre
ry. Street paving, grad. t try -% n r grant
r surface draage are to return their money if they don't
ta that should receive the ltinkit did the a, niy Kgo-that i
E ration of our Ol aon of our eitfz,.ns, I I
It favor of a charter ro M. ohnson, drug-
a sufficient sum of money Ktt.
the needed Improvements -
ded." our prominence. Nothing would be
Aldrrman says: "I thiuk anore inducive than good sewerage
so formulate a charter and beautifully paved thoroughfare,
i|ive the municipality. by and I venture with these improve.
le tlax.paer., power to coa. mnents within flvoe years the population
rge, pave the streets and of the city wonad be doubled. I think
SOetr necessaryy improve- the suggestion of The, Sun an excel-
"bllelve In sewarage and pay-lesn oue, and Senator McCreary has
S they are the rrinciplas manifested good J.idginent when he
live city Is founded. I uaked the people ti formulate a char-
i ia:mfavor of sewerage, tur which wilii mnet the approval of
INwIrage I consider essential majority of lte people, if not all.
l to uay nothing of its convT TheTe citizen of (iainesvilie will now
Its fanacIal uplifting of the have an opportlraily to frame a char.
val will naturally follow the te to uit themselves, and if anyone
1f sewerage, as the twr go fai;s to attend .his meeting they will
M llIn the advancemlenit of a be only to blame. I hope to see a
I| l targo meeting, for it will bd one of the
L. IC. Lynch: "I am most important (.tinetville will have
to0e that Senator .McCreary ever had looking to advancetnteut "
a eating of the citIzens of The opinion of man y others, all,
to tke some action in refer- favorable. wFr' secured. but above
ISh changes needed in our werT' Ilveceted at random.
tCarter. Oainerville is .*hi;ld-
'IpMdli at the present tinm, but To Cure a Cold in One bay
tOaompare with what it will! Take Laxative lIromo quinine Tab-
SIIty I made more attraetirve lets. All druggists refund the money
as well as in better if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's fig-
admlition, and this can only nature is on" ech box. 253.
la"lhshed by sewerage and E
0l0t*, and the charter should THROUGHCARLINE.
that these very necessary Through Pullman Car Line to be Oper-
nu ecan be nade. Not only ated Port Tampa to New York.
iIproTements necessary fortiveithfirst r south-bound
and comfort of our people .ve with ar othbond
datemct oto perour people leaing Jersey City Sunday, Novem.
I Florid twho will not i- bher 7th. alnd thirst car north-bound
S#Sty Without them. With the leaving Part Tam.a Tuesday. Novem-
oferet lUinelville should ber -2th, 1P14, the present Jersey
~~tI interior city in the City*Jacksctnville Pullman drawing
rsifflthe citisens will get to- room sleeping ear now handled on
work to that end it will Southern Kailway tralus Now. 33 and
4l assured fact. Everyone 34, will be extended and beomen a'
l0e Interest of our eity at heart 'ort Tampa slid Jersey City Pullman
Staod the meeting. which I tdrawh)l room sleeping ear line, oper-
Mtlfthe Senator will be one ofating"ovr tIle Atlantic Coast I.ine to
H ilt If our eitisens attend and .jIekonvlllt. ssthern ]ailway to
I lterest they should. Irmp Washington ant I'ennylvania rail-l
J idrtentee a and all work for road to Jrrley City.
tea*," This will add materially to the al-
W. Hyde is a firm believer in ~ready nagnl.cent. train service be-?
beliver n - -

Pg tending towards the ad-
Ibt of the city. Mr. Hyde
tha he heartily agreed with tht'
SformuIlaing a new and e4
carterr. 'I am heartily in fav rr
lIatlnK a charter which w I
toi this muniolpality the right
I tsewerage, which Is badly
lto* properly grade and prwe
Wt., and to perform any other
k lieb is calculated to the'up.
Or SAlaavlle. Let us put in
Ind the streets will be Iure

M Bk aders: "I a new and

Aincj;Ip ri> ,. r CUCC:-EPLFL.
The "Cat fcon 3 Mcf1lcseiccr" OlBave'1
8atusf;ctcr / rn nst:al V'cyags.
IA! ; '. : .A .
T. ., *. ': ;frnia r.
r r n t i : i 4
S* n r.

-. : -.. ; : 1 ,: T .
V ," i 11 :> ' n o\:i r
i f ' .,* i. .' .

nr' .

( -.I L II *
s(V. r A~'tl. *. ,1

AT 1 4 .. 1~ 1

I'..' r' zanl 'tac~

Bilious Colic Prevented.
Take a double do.o of Chaumberisii's
Colic, Cholera and lDiarrhoela Rtemedy
as soon as the lirst indication of the
disease appears anl a thrmateiind ht-
tack may be warded iff. ltundire-da tf
people ise the(l reme-dif in this way
with perfect suce s. hor sale by all
*ruia's Cabhinrt Has Relinnrd.

tween 1InridalJt nd the great East now .i .- -"I" -. C- -" ""
operated by the,. thr.e great railroad B clgrair. Servia. n iv e -The z
aInt har rPstaneP.. The rn4lit:A-,.
sstens.. of the RServian cabhlnet is due to ,
Passeivger arriving from Havana *grt.'m nt hetwr u the mnluter. ,n
and Key \\Vet have but to transfer the building of new rmllroad. T.
from boat to sleeping car, which will mlnlstry wl onf ';ted in Februart
land them in WaFhington. Itatimore, mini y ws ln r Premier Druycs
Philadelphis or New York without
change. likewise. passengers from Heart Fluttering.
Tampa and local stations on the At di food and i the
Iantie Coat Line bet ween Port Tampa Utmach, loested ojt belnd the the
and Jacksonville, can fake passage in stomach, ltid jst blow he s heart,
ithis thr~ouigPullman ear for points@ prelate against It ud eausts heart
(this through luilman car for points palpitation. When your heart troubles
s aEn going via Columb ia. Charlotte, you in that way take lierhin hafor a few
4.iren4oro. Iranrille, .Lynchburg and day.. Yu will ,o4n he alright. rT,.
r--^-_._-' LI^%12.4 Iia W U ...

Fire Destre cJ New England Town No

O l'. -. Fir, whis
L. .'n i I .'. Fin' m i tch
lir ;,. g < t< I ' firr'' nP* r ll'1411ii "
In I ,. <' g, ,f \ '. : I:xl.,'r. w ith.i
thr, l. ,,'ir I'.1 ti;il to n tqr)o.
1'Y -, "t vi.! f i ni riag t
( ] rch< \V ;; 1.'iNI. a reiir,
h pIt.pirti r : i r -at I if tlsart fnr
linT l14114 4. ; tl il I l it l aII d 1 O x
haillstirin nit ;;, i;ttl inplln his Lffoil'A tr
A e 1 i fr.'1' 1. 4. 1'11 1.O e fuss's
The iro ; v I ait iair,' Is et tnitile
at $1 ,I,':l l, i.ti.i :i;:'.t of th(m will I'A
mni;p! t i, 1.-. ', ': own r, aSr thie In.
suranl'e rat- in the towIn were so
high to lc prjtr* cIay prohbtlitlve,

Will Lynch Negro Asailant.
Charlotte- N. C. )Ikc. ..-An tnfuri
at le, 1~-, (.1f lMoorte county citizeniD
are on the b tir for (rne Jilltn Mtill**
a hlat n -1 4 w'ho asanilted Min
Hetti l ;5. ai w' Ill known young
lady, hi ri'-;,. with her parents '
Inl-"? f:' r:iJ 1 '(11. TPhbe negro coMr
mnlttt-d t.r naii ,i''s crime after chok
Ing his ~i.(1n itnto lnsensiiblity an,
otherwa'o inj;r .n; ht r. Excitement
runs'h:i1 g i~.; .r r'tisht M1llt will harv
a bcant 'L;jtA fu.r ii1, 11it'f.

Explosion of Gas Wrecks House..
Corlnmb i-. oc. lc. 5. By an exple
.sloil of natl ral ;.us. early tolay In the
hot1se' if (iiicar:est Pc;urct' on East (Ga
street t e ,; at and south side of the
house" were completely wrecked and th4
windows~ were broken tn bhouoe a
block away. The building next dxilr
had all the windows blown outi. Mrs
Pearrc was severelyy burned. Mr
Pearce wia blown from his bed sr-1
was btadly bruised. Mrs. Mary Train-
er, an ago;l ; '.an who liveI next ndoot
Is In A ," rtooI condlltlon.
Cured Paralysis.
'. ?. ttailey,' P. tl. True. Texas,
writ ": WMy wirt hi4 be'n Su fferili
tlIv years with paralysis in her arm,
when I was persuaded to use Ballnrd'.
SIuiow which eitld he rn't
rilgt. I harvi a!so Iuv't it fir oldt
sorere. frtmlt lites anil pkin eriiptitnts.
It doftes thei work." 2'e. 15-, $L(.
Sold by WV. M1. .l hns.on

Ne!ce of President Taylor Dead.
Niw '; <,r -. ". r-. I', t.u.k J
Smith., ,..'-';:.l-r of tsh* te' Ma ,r (; t
eral Ittni Jtt l 1 1 4 f ( .1'-JLIc'tI
Zachary Ta.~) r, '. !.*.1 i her home
hero front hl'iIrt liiH't.-'. Ii, r hus.
band formerly n Ir-ning nemnhor ol
the bar hat been ill in a anuliariunm.
and nt wa of M ri. Smith's death
thho:'td him o rrattly that his death
r.;>.; :s ('.ptvcteId tj occur. Mrs. Smn't,
t,..:c I. 'rI 71 3rar:' cgO 1in OIld For.
:. oiril:e. at Chartc-ton. R. (,.. where
ni ;. rh-i v i ttin t ta nnned.

"Harry Duekwell. red a yeam, ,w
hkoked to death early yesterday mor.- 11 West Unoemso f-t.
Ing at his home. in the proemseof
his wife and child. He contracted al lr IIM lln u
iliht eold a few das amo and maid I ... ....

mm..m.q.w* Slp mmm,="

G** -*, .

Mrs. Haskell, Worthy ice Temp R

pendent Order Good Templars, o
Lake, Mass., tells of her cure by

Lydia E. Pinkla:F Veawts a ss
"Ds*s Mas. PFstatus Poer jw age 1 it i
matUo and ueration. I endul daly &U
to 1 had mdlamealtoes a awaeA
made p ry lad that thet wa
Mylwd. Idored It iglyM^I

beraln1 wa urteed btut what I -
misert to the delhtftl hUlamwta hili
not chaa0o ba oa Utbomaad YoaM ... ........
grrad adeeta.
"1 w ek wer WU t it a be
R-nassa Sllver LUT Mae. WtTl Megtu
Good Templar. .
Wbmas medicine hak in ." bn

eSaged, e juexaus'te Uhs seo.wa
blevlec t wduld help rn1

nfir. Tieatllle LHaalmos NVor

SiV 49

w- Ibrt after t
two ImonthsIbese
1.eatmued Until I
Pars wee w- waCaow o- 10
eit wmaee, wl N l
X1ma, .d Isd I p to pe

atll leter ad d to a
"She BX J 1
^^^^^^~~~rr ^^^-^u,.
_ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r ...r -.-....-tC .,.-^ ^ ___^- ^_ - ,



FlJa4d uisltd mo tb oma rt.
alod, Th : w. aC. DVtMaMl,
TWaO W X. s)
ever AftiW ye I haews aed
rtfMro y tn oId. About a
hoad 4 .Wl WMuppr
Bki teasi^l tlew byl
Sw4 JMM^ to try it. Aftet
*s bm trou ble4 any slams
OGo. 0. PFrio.
J5dm. Sb ZLOlewilh, K.

aw amd bal.

u. ametkia

i. D. AT,,tTO,. -
SWrite tor ots
book ot blood ald

Medlest apvie "
Ssei 'a ting t
| I owl labowl
. "(^p wewvmm
^^^ ANN"^ obJ^^f^^U

,litaSt t he sisl
sfta bets f*lo'i

Fi irig iwk
' k

1 IphB R

A U' *f'i-.-.-e-r


Outflttor to Particular P,;ple.


I u I I a - .._ -- -I_ _


Different I

That Is thl b ds p anrl w l-t n I i a t,1tio in
the pubia mia I regar.lifng th1

Correct Clothes"

Hand.Tail ,red
Co., Baltimore.


8'sll' Hi

Bros. &

They are markedly superior in style an dl wrAniimn.
ship to other makes of rlady-to-wear apiaril.
Don't be deceived by the clothilng :itluriu rsyo5 dwe
In the manasin ladvertlistennt. 'Take tilhe's ti laborati
illustrations and aomp are thnt with the* elith, tltey
elaim to represent and watch tht effect upon )yjir .ij...


"Fine pictures do not make tIle otiothr," it oine oif
Hohloss loans. This miakef f lothln tStrnrl. (Io
genuine quality actually found In eachl garnrrant

The silt shown In the illustrallon but faintly repr.-
atis the latest shlpe of iDouble Breasltei Sak. W\'
have it n the popQter browns and fancy mixt,'ir-o




Outfitter to Particular People.


[Ii I

- II ~.



______as___a_; _____'s



71 *i

*,.***: v ,l)*v*~
I gloom

^gr 4 .'


,Dec. 7.

, ,' .V 7,:', ,':I -, .
'l .. ': '
|j !,tlwmtrrs
fltis wnsrws

Wt I UN! .bO
,,. .. '. ,

liFt iin -4 Prhtty Girls.

Brim Fall
Over with


Fuueral Directors and
Ucensed Embalmers.

MaaWtro of and Deaer I t
nota e Fmus, Rtuber tamps, Art
vta prtebtry. Eutrau K.-
als. Cmsras, d Pmtsgra.
-wri Suppites.

Orin by Tlsgraph or T&epheme
I ratn I.m.t sternum.

Stoves, ranges
mand. .flfltW e

Dongl All

Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company


Time Table in elect July 5. 1608.

r- -
No. 6. \ No.4. o. 2. '1
Exe't Dally Dally.

7 45
7 65
8 00

8 05
g 10

IS 5o
9 16
1o 00 Li
Is 20
is 40
.. a9a...



S.N. 1.

Ar. P M A

............ . . . . . . . Tr yIr n*. ...... .. . . . . .
****'****** I I * * I i * I i * X
........ .. TrvIuo , .
.... .... ........ .. DOUi rtw dn.... ..........
S.... .. ....... ...... Ioutk idn .... ., ... ......
S *.. .. .... .... ......... I trk Hfllm onto.. .. ...........
...... ... .. ........ M Tit opy ... .. ..... .
... .. Tioom .. .... ... .
.. ...... ....... ........ ... rk wo d......... ....
...... .. ..... ........ W Clya it.... ... .... .
S...... ... ... ......... Roeky Point... ... ... ..


1 i5 Ar
7 62


..... ......; 8

'7 2
ir P M'Ar AI

. I


n ... . .. .i ,92.. .....
7 08 ......... B ellaIy.... ..... 8
7 2 .......... ...Cyrill... ...... R 4
7 27 ............ (raham.. .... .. 8 B
7 46 .... Btmp u City...... 8 a2
8 18 ..Lakot I tlnr a P. 7 82
1 00 ..Jacksonvlle, J. W. 6. t
4 6M ..Lak f ity, O. 8. A .... 7 24
3 1 p .....Talladt-amw .A. L.... 1 43
1 10 a .....Valdosta, d. 8. A ... 4 46
4 10 p .....MwonO & F..... 11 2)
7 46 p .........AtUla C. of ......... 7 10
r P Ta A


No, I
No. Pill
L*il,.aExm p

r AMAr P
.... a
... .1 5i 4

.....i i 05
. .... 4G
.. 6 12

... W
...... 4,1
40Ar 300
to 2 O
l t) 110

ri ........ .... ..
p 7 25 ......
p 1 1.,...*
p 6 IA ...**.
ia IS 4s ......
a 9 00 .*....
M T,' P ....

. Sle aIt W. W. Avoer's.


, ,

Ammunition and Guns.

.-." A varied nleItlon of (6c r, Triple
P tlated and Solid Silver Vines.
Via Atlantio Coast Line. d
S---- Larget ollrs in Florida of
A Its opportunityt to isit home. On a
amsont of the hbrbtim holidays tbhe @ 3I IW od IN wied
At llaste Coms Line will nell tkets to
all m onto s of the Misslsippi and
.L..W o % Ohio and Poo i ....,ri... Chattanooga Plows
IMlldlg 4S. tLouis.. I Io, t one Wad
ootbit[ urW mor the round trip. Timh I'rbe Wlnrmn at the St. Lmina Prm"Iltion
Tisketo os kle member lrd, 24th.
Makb ad SMtt. Itn Siand tarn lit 1

L. E. BARKER, General Superintendent.
J F. HILL, Agent. JAB M. GRAHAM. President
Hi- I- I l i_ I i II l....

lOfer fr the cmig Fall andl Winter a choice lot or budded and rafled
PEX'AN TREEn of the standard lrieftiei, rcwk am have a go re orn br
Lind tUen. Al Fruilt, Ornamrnials, Etc. (atalreme sad "lulnde to
hmenhl Pers ('lltue" fPlt i a I I :

[X noo porz -dltl

E. E.


Abtlmets of Title and full Ilafornnaton furnished mgerding lande t is
enont. Oor manaaer has lived in this county thirty ylers
ts thoroughly conversant with lad titles.



i 7 -. I





ALW W- w V% F ft


,:, ,. 3' ~
-- -*

,_=w ,4mAny

- 71-t

-. I ,A


[ 'I




'I i -t - - -

'r : as zaI SSC

sLOt- a at \/ niuie 'cI
Lr at rie later

.e 'r t irre itiortl A

,T. ..r -- -"--* ---I

y g a rIt of tae UI0rted i taead oil. -
400' ; tUII l L r.irntls' i '
Z-ir l' 5 rt lii urL lt ive t w Ir',
:g p evr a o rsilt'. C lW ir L eait
Pm a- It i loci coluirrr. iP cer,* a
pmeunlo.g r irtd eer.t, for eaetl ad-
* l:ay asi9irt!t!rit itado known c

i eek sun Is an E.:! t z vlrl.
Pr, Lub .);ed marr Mar.-
Lay, ild r m r t tIl r.
week. o et1, ailte bhrd *er.-
lemmiled. pomtise tree. to th Iy
..IJ tld States or Canada. rirr fIt 1

btlti ieenb r e ddue aritr tinr
l r Itdvertisemont. lunCre olt.ernw 'i
|pi4-trRltm. Partleo not known to
pqltird toprv for adlvertl!r i.n'ra-
Til T hDAir.V SI N.
(14tul V111.l. rIA.

Forward to IIviW. Rort, Taft.
fti Plrbanks. nlght settle it
li Uttle gAme f p rogrressive

- :--. -
g. Ielved the iiterest pay-
Uea bonds boughIlt ii n
England announces iIn R
lo that her sympathies are

_."-- -.. -
ie ew York ionfabulatlons
solemnly dr lares that lie
pwll the next senator. Hei
a word, probably, but will
t hi finger on him.

L Senator Cockrell Ofnerously
hi platter to receive an office
i. hand of the Preeldent, he
i mnarke, I believe that when
Llll better eaquainted with
Boo1rvelt it will love hinit

T'ft Is urging the Pana-
as he has urged the Filipinos.
t the Bible more." IPrbably
Sillto them the new reading
W.I "Thou shal pot steall, ex-
tlq lateresit of collective cirl,.,

SEblausting series of lectures
land the Simple Life, the
ht*l pet, Parson Wagnier, has
Wnitdone it. lWasn't it Calyle
Stos ad published thirty rol-
lila C t t thL l-q . I .1... 1 .... -.

~r~CC"----- --~ ---~-


l't Ml trol,, l. ,, in ii i, ,.f .*- t r.
dany. *uuii ri't r. t U 1i6iwk itl:*
,;r. it it y ,f JA .'ib 4 'i t .' ,'ar r l,*-
iloiji Asnil to jtriir* i ti 1 lw jl f It t' *''
;iLi0% i i ttr l i f t ( 11i'- it t )' r 6 1
:i i/ i n i t '+ li t ,, ,, ': I P ,

iW I s thIil tI'OdIy t',dl i i' I '!1 Iir ,i their wr I;. ow n th irt iI, 'sl it i t l t
iLnctict on tl o t t hruttl, v v-ry V .. r l% t it p rlt ;i 1 ,tI tr ,i) ,li,
,ttis 'y ,i .iv Ia i A'l: ,.rr 'U. 'iy j ,iri
1gi* i k q r
itire in tlheI t'ii.i .. t',, Case of Caleb Powers.
Collitnl i, i r ~ ;ir.' I nrku >. i.. A .' l ,l
an i oi ii r,
I t h Ci)UI l- "F t. *h, V .' L b y r .- 'i i tp. . i *t j

I) vta .wu :i t rin' r 1 ,r' I i j ,1 i '"' .1'' '* ( fl r
,' i i li u ;, ,li r I r . r. ,.! a, -;i J , ,, ,
*. 1 II1 ,'' ,*
,t i itrui' r rill 'a 1' 1 LI.- 'i ' ; i
, | > it ;*i i r t ,., *. ,,* ; r . .t ', , i:. i I | "

I :t i y ." r ; t, r '.., . i I'
;,!i t i .i , + ;i + t ;. 1 a . i t--
tU .r a l, M' | !,(l : r -" .t !.; r' i, + t :; 5ta L<- r,+. t c'i o .a -'-. +' :'' 0-
li I t ," 'i r ,,,. ) * t t .. t' :1 r

.4 n .i 1, i I lrl a \ ,
n ,. -*< l it ry i t t ; i '. ,; ,, '.,+ t ', .,' ., ;, .- I, . ,.;
right lo r.,-n f l tl!,, vi r, ) ', L'r a 'rmJ !tq :. i 1L' tie-r ; -. .2i

to cr-irr th, ar iiwi a ri.a ':tf ^i, i TO KILL THE DANDRUFF GRAM,
rate4 ittr il fr inl'' Irt; ... -
it' tll, 'trrli i 1 i the Oilr estblle Wr il INulh@
wit Mr. ('a, i.f l', S*Nlt' iri Ae r I.. I Am I vt. acre.

the LoIniuh ti,.r va lri i ',-'!' uralt g ny ar. you may It 0ir el-
vlthr hta d.. idrulT to amount to anything.
ir! Ihrult tor va() In ,i TO rly every DANDUFe here wQMen an
rwlath w ri 'td olted ffr ri ir n hiae thin brittle hair, they owt It
lair, pmd i h Its )r. ltiet of dandruff. Tlrer are s hundredO of prep-
le .t. ,t' i, floard . araitna that 'clailm" to -t"ire dandruff,
tha ar.i it ,ar o r I r r but not one but iewbro. lerpvctde tear
him tio ikl(iWrlt w iitlttdl, you thehas dandruff the rmioulrt of a ertio
W t'have no doubt but that tli t Coln. burrowing Into the acalp, and that per.
miittioi Itok inote' of thim glaring effort manent cure of dandruff and Its conse-
quent falling and baldness, can only be
on the iartt of a great sitnem of rail. bad by killing the germ: and there i. no
roads to sutil it tLeuIiIpariduti that tre other preparation that will destroy that
not borne out by fajiqt erm but Newbro's Hlrplidel. "Pestroy
Sthe eauw. and you remove the effect."
O*urt ('naras'euna kliow 't-eir power Sold by leading drurgtis. end Me. in
and lplalnly It.Attd thern when tu rep- Stamps for ample to The Herplelde Co..
SDetroit. tlech.

retentativts of the road aectusedt them
of trying to niak, ilitertrate rates.
They know that they have the power
to make ehanige inl their clasIrifca.
tions, and tihy know thaIt t wnilld tb
a itrange analogy if the roads could
maintain a through or interstate rate
higher than thliue ti of its locals,
The Commission did, on July lit,
108. reduce nearly every rate in the
State, aid it idia wonder that 'The 1M-
tropolis did not litn discover that it
was "monlkeing" with through rates,
for the reduction reJlieed not only tl.e
rates on local shipments. but alto o:i
all through shipinents just the extent
of the reduction for the interstate
ihlpinent .
The strength ant justice of the pe-
tition was acknowledged when one of
the rprereenuative uof the gr'atelt
isytem reaching the State stopped the
procel-ding and tried to effect a com-
piomise with the tGaineiville and
Ocala geutle'mel, which we are glad
tot sal ws flat II delail.indl

;pw I v I li l UIer U 1 I It 'It ij 4-"'" "t ..r v "'a ,.*---..- .
It If The Metrorolis would acquaint
| itself with the matter discussed at the
kIribwoncu of Chicago are in hearing on lIecember Ist, and nnt take
They decline to organize un- its information frum so interested a
aMmne of "The Serub-.Women's source, it would realize just how Pel.
SThe name "Floor-Operators fish it Is making Jacksonville appear.
lWorkers," was indinanatly The Commission have made a num-
ald they insist on being called ber of change. in Its elanilleation and
nilts." the people of Florida are s oure In thl!
...- :.-- belHi*f thatt If the elasnifclation uon the
!G king, after all, but cotton lines called to their attention are
l ar vry prominent members wrong that they are going to rectify
9llil family. Of the latter we them, even if it will possibly be of
i"~dlI,OoO,C0O bushel this year. some benefit to cities other than the
upOD freight cars th train State's gateway and great commercial
i P fite times around the earth. center.
*tlhtteomparison is necenary .. B. ---- -
S .- ..- .. Th.l, hip u-tbsidy investigation does
SA Co.. patent lawyers it Pelem tio make much tirogress at
l).lC_ o. ptent lawr Wa.intion. The committee has ad.
jOiai f PiL +itito dip ltll tiJ by the abet
*Poeket Diary .lM oran u by th at
tt War; hor at all thear practical minerchatts who
,,4 A~eount Book fur lli.T. II t
Wonaders ftr 1it05 and IlN, a .
A Itappeared 1,'I ors tihl' cotlmittve, de-
*llender fr n and l a elared that the, united States does not
*i1 eltles and States, common
I-o. ie and State, con on need any lhag ini foreign harbors and
liw. court dhe' ini f that our peorlh citnnot afford to own
*e*l, and otlier valuable infor- .iis r rs ,them in (ompeYltIut with
1hipm or rim them in eonmprtition with
SIt is such a boik as every the paper la(lbr if Europe, but
asis tlil the time. C, .Snow .stheld tiinperl t la rf Europe, but
se^ndit t o any add cki Th re. hov>ld c .tienu. to do nas thy have
tl endf it to any address in re, .lFt,, in th' pa. l..t ah, drudges of
p of actual postage, wo cents. 1
e dL a iry would eit l- IiEnglatin. Framiie, )itlland, Itnly ntnd
pweht dairy would rust elin.-
from 10 to 2 rent, and is ildi .Spaiin ,till 'erv, no th. porters of the
Pwto thos.t who know how loI *ri, wlile we en ag, int more profit-

J. 1N. mIre4 d t'kC.. PIerlal A ents


Kidney Trouble Makes You Mlscr~r e.
.A!n:tl-t everyb~Ixly mhio reads ti he f \vw.
palprs is sure to know of the wnwlcrftiul
i jl culre mrnd e by IDr.
Kilib r's iantlIi-
j r tRrt, lthe great ki UI. 3ryev, liver and tla d-
S t ier rcmntdy.
SI It is the great tw:ed-
I- i cal triutiiih of the
.tiirtccitit cenltturv ;
a P .i iVc, i r- il ,.,tt. r vyi .rnr
-' Rl scientific rca-rch
S 1-- )IVy D)r. Kihnllr, tthe
*",,', ei' i'iiimnent kidltey ad
,l:iilvr lncia;liP.t, and is wollerfuly
wrt ,sfiiln ii :ilrolitly curing lanime back,
i,- ( ilt, ctarrh of the blauhlder nTuI
krii.;lit' l'icae, which is the worst
!', i, t: i t kidlicy trr-,ililh.
r. Kiliivr' 'SwARmllioot i ts not rect -
,F Iunef IV IlIl for everyti nng but if yon have
kid!iucyv, liver or i;i'lacer troul)et it \ ill 1:e
fitii:lil'jut the rtu lw y y'm neill It h;.s
h itI tl,.i. l ini tt iln iti, .iy'w y in l hospitall
\Wirk anul in j itiv;tC Itrati'e, :tii!t has
1 rove'l po stMccetCftl! in every case that n
.l; UarrliiUgctlcnlt hasi b~tilt made iy
which all readers of this tqllr, wvho have
itot already trildi it, limay haIve a anplle
kettle sczlt free lv ni7;ail, nisolfln lI>k tcll-
ing more albist swviil)-Root,a sill how to tt if ou have kiney or tladlr trotU-
lie, WhiwnI w r-itigii mention re adinlKg this, ffier in thii p1w'r aun gu ntl yiumr
aijrgss to lDr. Kiltrwr
, Co., Ili niitKhallliton,
N. Y. The regular
fifty-rent anul ot's'-
444larT izte little are ll an ed nw
M.,il by all good l irntiisitt. Don't maike
antv iilttake, bit releiimntet r the name,
Swnaiip-Root. Dr. Kilner'i Swamlip-Root,
and the addrcu, llinglhamtun, N. V., on
every l little.

I'i Ie t' dvp dim, tact. ,u ttiu U .r I.Uniiel
I. *-4 brritit i'.a ea tr t ..-tmei.Y.r'.
S.6I lt l li, U 0 oP ii l n.tlli s ll

*.* ii .. L I ll 1,,, 1,,t r, l aoill..

so wr cI,' + Il .4) irS tl, ,tri ,s .+.l
a 't iaIn r *e ns r*a cuse
o'i lih 01, 111t I+ l -lti
A K 0NIv I I I I i I I

6lbit thilg the Demowrati lead.
p slbly do Is to keep s.ill. A
1f 0ine will never have a bead
liweolltinuIlly opeln it to ex-
Lth e ferretpenee. Absolute i.
lIthet next year or two on ith
I .M rs. Parker, Teller. Itryan.
L. i gat Belmont.. tlarriiun.
iaa iaaile te &rst would be a
IsMb to the party that has inrt

able business.

How's This?
W\Ve ofr one hundred dollars rewu
for any crae of catarrh that cannot
eurid by llall'i Catarrh Cure.
F. .1. tiit ;o" & ('o.. Toledo. i
W\e. the indernigned. have known
.1. Clhenpy far the lat 1. year., and
liee himn perfectly honorable in
Ibuines trranisations, and finanetl
-&.- m- --. m i -

- '-m lime aLE ku I hLacia marlsmr

\\ashinlton anid Inenpins. Teim ..... '
Ar Hot Hpril. Ark .......,
New York. No. s- Florida Umet
-. .. ..... .. .. .... ...... .. l r --
From New York, Washington. etc.-No. 29, "W and roldbuM
ited '.' I a. i.. '
From C(hicago. citnnati. Chattanooga. Atlai ekL -No. 14, '
r L tite.r A in.


I m n,.;it it .lot o.aededt tLhat ** in
SiA' 1 ima y v ites fur Ill r' . st
ji r '' t.i ?Ilt. t; t, w ;4J i r; i.

f r:' ; 'i. i ;. J,.it i 1 it r r,,y
, \ l ) L vo 'krnt* iillll .I11 i .Itry tt'.o
' t1 l lit* r !*'fli fi r ati l !!_il, r ... i .'

. m+ om s

T TI"; 'M' W
'*: C I* . w .
-i~ I :I C... .L I *r~l C'C. '~ I I -. I,

...... i~ir 1 irt 'J JV 'Jl

. ...:. ..... ...,
w sM. 4. I*

..,'I T .t.. m ,
ds p al d-. l.

#Iv hrer,
0 w ii srl w* li*b*
Lwr^ 9 '44* tth

1 4thpi to ar rwati

t(wUm^p itrb saw sum c
41r2 metlyr MISfo tat
ftB^^I': *\^ *

U' ,!


i f01 J CSd*
I.' .' wb s, um i

rof nei,
M i l).mMUoor~
*^X ^dU^^i'."l .'^^^^^ .^j. ja t '^
^lL~pp^^^^^^^ .^^fy,'^^W'^n^^^^ ^

ftt. ~it r TIi ,bi

- Vt@" an oolt H
Pl* w^lB N9 Stor l af^ mB

: M- S bigb, but Mai.e
tht la.W will ta"l it
44 YP avs a wie sev se

ailb to a b to hilow iktea ft*
AI"lll &Iefie *stt at
,s abiou so bunt,

S... ,.e ,s*Mv .TO
,iA ON''t of $b,' ftOW

fel* Ias,-lI., re.-

S tn r-Tt- U ited

uuSmtnlh4M See entered the
O-t S s o his tcoegrssioal
i uW~est to the Ithmus ofl

tis -- th-- h.iar r-- a see t hee
U TW vr 6ye ty of tbe etoe*
SlSier atetak Da ri veyr, tWh p
's boo~dt to party wa tfdued to
'tlli tis port lu order thte
i AdftM tIlo the dUaal Hrdock,
r vw of: uli arbl and ee the rlevo
WM t alanrm ar toabe estop
aa pftalle r pti omorrow
W! Iw 4ro to tke a rive r trip.
t ~e~at to pt 'awy erv t:bfa
im' to be present at .the epel

,A Frihtemm Hereom,
j U t1 like .,down theo otet


W by All DSr1Mt*.
|;W'~ ~ l". t l< -rfI . ^, I I *-. r lklCfi'

Poetal Clerk to rge Jury.
S uiarlestos, S. C,., -De. A. P Prio
S l oi t ofth the two R1pablf en can.
Mlats who opposed Coengcrcamau Ir
~t for the seat trom the first d41
Wat4 thut wlks ago, will be put on
t'i eaxt week for barllg removed, dw
,lISl *e4 o0ed a 4 a packag4
lW he ws ronlnglr U a potal lerbl
A tRhe AtIauto Cot a la The uea.
has bhe pending for miaw than a yert
LGd a balf on socount otf te llinesa ol
PFtoSee Inuspetor Sayth, the main
Wlies. aeliat Prioleau.
Whtt e IA l t t Confennce.
J tkaon Rita.. Dc. --The Auritau
Methodist Wpigioplt conference, of
1laisiJppi, whblh is In lesion la this
Ity, w a*ddre4Ae6by Blahop Charle
K. OG tlmar a4 Major R. W. LMll
, oIee of Jaehkoa's wealthIlext cit.
sele, and the fovder of lilhllapm Col.
Ifei. Ot bishop said that he was
Oied to kow of the progress of the
gWo MethodllIt of the state, and had
oIM to give them a word of encour

PIght WlI be Bitter.
Thobs who W ill penre sin eloling
their ats linst% the eonl inual ranm.
mead4lko of Dr. KIngl' New Diacov.
err lrt onitmption, will have a laon
and biittr ghlt with their troubles, it
not iedod riler bt atal termilatlon:
Iid wheat. Bt Nall of Beall, Miss.,
kas to ji "Less 1 fall my wife had
ernrjV smlptom of ronsumption. She
took Dr. Klas s New Dioovery after
verylhlqg lche had failed. Improve.
meot erme at one and four bottle
*mll.l cured ht." Ouaranteed byt
all 4 r life. Prioe We and 1,00. Tri.
at bothi frn.



Alachua Pool Parlors,

C.* Batt, PIrIrdeter

lM 6,* 7

's2A B 0 S Rf

46r Line


.. OR i .. .

Savanna h,

Colurrbia, Camden, Southern
Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ton, Baltimore, Phila-

I" %lmi. .. Ao *, 0*..wN

iiMa rrlmrr~ m Iidm e o
SIM m es r3l hdeM6h *our t, *
u s., I lta of .. iArto
eall Ws bt Idigicm. KUed .rwes
l 7 mew disoevevy uept.-
eni ths Me arel fet Efc digatles
ulhe uiles .hl *rm0s&
emOnMed with "sh pats bamw fnle
sad rsesorotsiv prpefrtle, Kedel
PylppSa Onu doe. dMt sly oWure l
dpfe and dyepptus bS ~ha famous
fnm^uees JmI r eoabl trouble by
Wr-I pvtptng. swewiug lns d
uairegldning he Ames. >mmbrannh
Mais- RhO ash.

T\wo Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.

Oniy Lilt Operating
Daily Through Pullman Slcepers fr Jacksonville to New Orleans
IFnO f.i I II f^,d>rM I& L%% 0 & .1" 1 .9.- 19 1., 011".] In U E .t i

r r

lul uiiiorMation RT1 si-le'uer rwiTmu ion1 *1 etii nAny agrit svaimmrud or
A. 0. MAcDONELL, tI. C. lOY L TO, JR.,
An&. General Passenger Agent. Passenger Agefi

Good shells in your grun mean a gcod bag
In the feld or a goc^ ecorc rt t~e t-trp.
Wir.chcatr "L Lrer" and "I.t eitcr"
Smokc!cu' rC=ew lt"* ?!:'::. r,. ?.! shellC.
AIways ... -r, ,l'wa'n *c .. in c
spread of shct ar.d good pr)1O*.1:iC1 !n, t- .r
great superiority is testified to by -r :t:-
men who use Winchester Factory Ljadcd
Shells in prcrcrence to any other make.




lttablia~Lrat 1S73

fE. F. I)"TTOfT& CO.

D ri a gAertlT barki n I uslr.e., t;j' a%4 ell Foreign and IDouetie rxchar z
TLi acCeounuit of baecn ta. i r tEr. v, r ortlona. famrs., wlerblnut acd otIters
rcctvred on farorabie terr $"pre'ia- Iltlies o makiDa oollecai:.u o 41i1
Iccawat,;e VftqtI in the Ut.ted Stitet.

G-&INs"I irtSi'zm

rorI-?) A



- Montezuma

On the A. C. L. and S.

None Better in


Staple ai

Brril, I

A. L Rys.
I ll I

- Hotel

V. J. SHIPMAN, Proprietor

the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.

Retallers and Jobbers lI



id Fancy Groceries,

garden Sod and Fortzll ers.


Iilghest market price paid for Chickene. EgIs and other rnduee

A Complete stock of Hay, Corn,
ad R4e. Wv handle only

Lstted In the Porter Block, South
side qearI. jThr ftlrtla-s tables.
Good Ifgb, ad prompt and oourteos
rhee. Th p~ l i colrdially nvited
Always wleuo.

Cream Vermfuge


JaM. M. GarlAs. Prsideta


Oats, Flour,, Bran, Meal, Cotten eeil Meal
the VERY BEST goods at the LOW-
nersate l0stalkatito asiarl .

GOo. W. HraB, VieePresidean



Capital........... .......4500o, 00oo
surplus and Undivided Profits... 25,00 00
se e v Wstyeala S a fflartmew' v Ie1 lI.b ."'equs% - Nmb a t ao Z t14% & olS
he^oseSeau or 1alrmn, Menbaau, Caenn utS. law.nt U@
hr tenI) flutaanuien All kl

. -. .



delphia, New York,


*W6.4 0-ff l ba
Most 8. . Nvwlet 6 Op.



~cr7~~~7~7rp~Trr~~F~7cc~m~mn7~"~r~'~" `~~~ "1`:' '~'~~~
~ ""~-'--"' ' '' -' ;r

-i ; "r rr .%

-~cr---r- --- ---*-----I:


. '4



--. -

'n i ',




AKIWIFE Don't Jump

, Mr SBot ateuMd eck, to coaselusionos think, be-
* mrsltd in Death. cavse you have s uffereso la ow


aptutred In Alachua Sunday.
S red Out Prom Home With
Wlem in I*fln to ot It Away
*b^ was Shot.
SDecember 6.-Informa-
ied era today of a killing ait
I* phosphate mine, about
(iom this pilae, Nell tiuyton,
havn abshot and instantly
M& wlfe, Katie liuyton.
I*e partisularn I I learned
ylon awa under lire influence
Y. He removed hi shot gun
she raek. remarking to his wift
l wai nlril out into the qallr-
'* P "play had" with the other
His wigfe tried to prvrevn
eOPl Bgoing, aud in a scufTl' frlr
Sof the gun te Shweaion was
the contents a load of bird
pe metratin the woman's neck..
the elerts of which she died in a
sIneeeded in making his eP-
ra eluded the offlenr during
Slght, bet it is learned was
.14l Alehua atonday.
Ontario, Testlfies to the
QWqathla of Chamber-
ein' Cough Remedy.
,iOnt., April lb, 1)03.-I
ila oaly right that I should sell
l t a wonderful effect Chalmber-
0ough Remedy has produced.
before Eaeter I was so dis-
with a old and cough that I
thiak to be able to take any
the next day. as n y voice was
SEboked by the cough. The
I received an order from you
of your Cough Remedy. I
pr urged a sample bottle, and
thMtthare doses of the medicine.
gIat relief the cough and cold
phteily disappeared and I am
tIpreimb three times on Eater
I kLow that this rapid and 4f-
marswas due to your Cough
make this t.atimonitl
goloitatiun., being thankful to
altd suoh a (t d-sent remedy.
'" peet.fully your.,
C X, A. iLANuiWL-T. 31. A.,
Creator of 8t. Luke's Church.
m01mkberlaln Medicine Co.
eedy le for ale by all drug-

-m to- an Accident that Killed a
Man Died of Shock.
S York, Dec. S.-Theodore B.
1, native of Kentucky, who
Ib' I the correspondent to New
ar several years of two Luis
MWspapers. ia dead at his home
ate appendicitis aggravated by
riot seelna a man killed I)y a fall
irer Tuesday afternoon n INa
Smleet., caused hila death.
wal an uyewitneos of the acd-
Mad after reachina IRis omce In
Row, nearby he rollapsed.
empwton Statue In Two Years.
Wilington. N. C,. Dwc 5.-F. Wel-


the hcilptor.


heI contract for the tequestrlan
0 ofW Wade Hampton. confederate
PW. governor and United States
.t will deliver It to the monu
Snmmllssion in Columbia, 8. C..
lt two years. The statue will
S.00,0, andl Is to be 28 feet high.
ItUl be placed on th east side of
htat steps of the capitol buildlnu.
N&g I lr Burned to Death.
Sl>ille. Ky.. ik.c. s---laulse Jen.
a feresA was burned to death
JT1s Mellett and Lark Phllipots,
and two angro children wire
t a fire today which destroy-
Sow of tenements in the western
Of tht city. One thousand em-
Of the Ameican Tobacco comr
Were thrown Into a panco by tho
preal of the flames, but nont
ir ted.
SCurious Mail Packase.
of the most ourours packages
ha been received by the
*11*postuolRfe for several year.
--Oeatnut. whillt tiPs.ulIn I t..

from chronic PAIN, that it is
Ineurable. Whether you eall It
rheumatism, seuralal, back-
ashe, earuhe, toothache, head
ache, a sprain, Indigestion or
some internal trouble, of which
you don't rightly know the
nature, the surest a ad at
reliable relief aud cure is

This mediete csts directly
upon the serves and blood
etels lu such a wa ras to re
live Iflanmmation, redu
swellltag, and drive out the
exact cause f trouble to which
the pala Is due. Price 50 seats
ad tIO,. Fll guarateed.

Fr sale ad recommended Iy


Negroes Fi;git to Death While Engine
Is Running 40 Miles an Hour.
\'il.r, <.(ja.. Il'c 5.-Wd' Thoma,
a It'i-Kr itre;,n. nit! .hNl l rm lrs-amun, a
nI *;:'-: a nii.;Lem .a:. f I h It C a u'l ,to tI ,
(Iltathl i i j ly l':l:ilau tiir ingr in th lt en
gKin' ra ,f a It,.i frell'ight train on the
S ',' .*'r Air li'ie
The t rala v:ai r:nin!ng toward a
Lank at 4-' ni' a:n hiour when HBra
nioii lr iiii :, .u i= cli al at TLiIuIe
lThl t.:; 'i lk hi- knlif Into Iras-
on at;.l tiu .1trct pil'd!ld a pistol and
tired! ;''r\-ral tiin '. !nillitlnl a drat.
wMuinIt up;kn Tl'tinits.
:ntgiunt'',l 8sio;parlw wan unahlt to in
tfrferev as h, had to 1 like-p his eyebs oi
the track al;ea'l. Branmon I* n JalT
in Atlanta.

Bo Quick.
Not a niinite should beI lItt when a
dhild shows symitoms of ero'+p.
Chamberlain'" C i ugh RIemedy given
aL soon as the child becotnes hoarse, or
even after the croupy cough appears,
will prevent the attack. It never
fails, and is pleauant and safe to take.
Fur sale by all druggists.
Why Not Learn to Speak Spanish?
You can secure a copy of the new
edition of booklet entitled, "What to
Say In Spanuih and How to Say It." by
sending two cents in postage to W. II.
Leahy,. division passenger agent, At-
lantic Coast Line railroad, Savannah,
-- --

In These Days
While unscrupulous manufaetur*
ers and agents are Itooding the country
with worthless sewing machines, and
issuing circulars and making state-
ments wbhrein they .have copied the
leitinmate claims of reputable eompa*

nies, many purchasers become bewil-
dered and puzzled, and fnd it difoault
to make a selection. The popularity of




wiich has been maintained throughout
the world, is evidence of Its superiori-
ty: and as the New Home Sewing Ma-
chine Company has always enjoyed the
enviable reputation of manufacturing
ftrtt-clmas sewing machines. there need
lie no hesitation in buying a NEW
lit) HOME.
I'o nut he imposed upon by agents
telling you that some other machine
is just am g.awl:; aBk those who have
used the NEW .HfME for a quarter
of a century and be guided by what
they Pay. For .ight Itunning, Sim-
plieity and Durability the New HIIome
has nw equal,
If the agent in your locality insists
on selling you asoun other machine

.r. .I .... .. .... .. --1 -- .
SWettfl-a' a St fl St

-~-~*--- .. 1,, .. ". ._
U. ESPON ft SlBL,E Co M PANi.I E4.

4 .! 2 R41j*Ary TYor illc YCONTPACTS
M'A c'^,r tr i in a uit "Iints and reii; (efu!!j
D(A[ci a .t.,.rf 'f r .IY usiihckb.

Fire, Life, Accident and Health lsurace. (

--mAgents for the-

Victor Safe and Lock Company )
OnI oinLa r r' ati. C)oo.
The "Victor" is the beat safe made, and parties eonemplat.
Ing the purchase of ( safe. or -i s thlls in that line.
from a box to a bank vault, wll sre money
Sby consulting us. Call on or address,

lInformatlon cheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA

S.- i i..-.. V I_



.B .. I A H

S -. -



As good as nr ed bgT
B*r. Mado ,of. M
as NOT




* *
* SW qq~


Thr ,l,,,i,,fAi rf ~lE fI)eme Umtrafa for lte lateswor."

Title is wh4t you pay for. when you buy land; therefore
know what you are buying.
FMt~ Ti
.. Title ordinarily invisible coretly revealed to yo by..

The Alcha County Abstrat Company, U,.
-aie-,rr-lJe, flo3i dLa. I



Jacksonville and Now York,
Calling at OHARLESTON, 8. 0., both wyr.
nh inest BoteeuhI ts the Ceasut **irr
Clyde New England and Southern Lines
Dtrewt Service Between JACKSONVILLE, BOTON and





A Magazine of Cleverness
Magasines should have a well-defined purpoe.
Genuuine entertainment, amusement and mental recreationz
of The Smart et. the
Most Successful of Magaziz
Its novels (a complete one in each number) are by the moo
thort of both hemispheres.
Its short stories are snatehlese-olean and full of human Int
It poetry covering the entire field of verse-pathos, love.
ness-is by the most popular poets, men and women, of the day
Its jokes, wittlcisma, sketehes,ete., are admittedly the in
16o Pages Delightful Readi

No page are wasted on cheap illustrations, editorial vapo
nug essays and idle disenrslons.
t-- I a .L a.emr s



I, p---- .. . .' tl

miucI coun. :n.e
Alahbus seatJ l

es os
es a, 11**, ast
it brilliant an- doesm SOI.
ieresor amgs p mse i .

In*t mlrthp Glio rill .' il

ring or weary- shoot, t ItLt M
ATTnte R~iSe 1d

4 I -

l l*'"( l
BEB f 6.81



PROVIDENE and AllU stern Polas, I
Callin at Oharlesto both ways. Iw ...,,
5outhtrd4 ..... ..........................Fro Lewis' Wharf, Boston
Northbound,..... ......... From Foot of Oatherlme s.. JalksoaTvlleo .

Clvie St. Johns River Line
Between JACKIUONVILL adnc & SANMo D don v uglJ-a
Stopping at Palatka, Astor, St. Frame.i BDeresford (Deulan), and Intrm edt Iste
Landinp on Bt. Johns river ll
Commnanlag Tuesday. November 15, 1001. A
are appointed to *all a follows: Leave Jacksealll daily eeept Seturdays at
:80 p. mt. returning leave Sanford dhily except Sundays at 9O:l. in
Uethboad. EBI3 DULE
Leave 8:0 pm....................Jaktonvlle.......... ...ArriW &i
8:45 pm ...................... Palatka........ .... ....... Leae B" S m.
34OOamn....... p...stor f. S. ..a
4. am ..................... S FrnuI ................... t00 rM
.............Brford (DI and) ........... .. Io ,
ArriTve8:)am.......... .......... SaI ord .................... am 9
10 00 am.... ...... ........ Eterpriere..........*....... 0liSam rl~se .
P. M. ItONMO)NUKR. JR.. At. Ge. Pma. Afht.. aI Westrt Bf ,a n
W. O. COOPS. Jr. irretlf Boss C. P, LOVLL. liil .
aoot of eifss tmet., J lwmiMvle. __1l ,
A. C AOZITY t'lRPa A.. NAl w O CLYDN IWL Gea b ,ltft m A.
TilEO. n.9E., wR_. OLY*, CIo. a om MnAu
General Manager. Geneal Agnts,
Chmebruo gh r laniai. 19tato mert New YIrow m o'




T *7a

;'. :


ula ~

!I' TIFI' :r*m!~':'~~r~nr" -: ~- ,- -~:: : ~ ~ :. - ~~

ImC .,^ c""-** ...



of Oeneral Interest Gath.
S id by Our Raporters.


l UHappersned and Whit oi Going
AmetId in Short Paragraphs
heam 'He Who Runs May Read"
TheM un.
with (tulbama A 11111.
MjWipapnPr for ra h- t SiT, Hin

iA. Flodin o I1-,-1.0.4l is at the
n J W ('rter o4f M Iai 'jyl
The lity 9uuday.
son's Wonderful alvie for sale
*W. eCMoOollum & Co.
,B. Harper has cIona to, Iake Ciiy
Mther prints on bubinie-.
fi, Pesteraof Miranopy raw alillIJ
willoreo tot this city yetvrrday.
F. I. MeKinatry, Jr.. made a pro.
visit to Micanopy yesterday.
frleishled roi to ret tio one
Plpalemen. Apply at tun tiller.
1ia J, IDupuis of Alachua was
melsi visitor to this city yester.

SW. Thames of Jacksonviller
Ssi manly friends here, is at time

am you need to make your
a just received Phone C.
ie lo--toire Royal Cook former.
Address Thomas V. Por-
., A a J. U. Manning have re-
fmi l.Oe i. 'hey report the
Ml y "oall right."
'T. Duke and H. P. Langley re-
lyesterday to Ilunnelloui, after a
Svilt to friends here.
lr Thigpiu of Waldo was iIn the
-lsterday. lie lame on a profess.
visft to Ir. Aldermal, dentist.
dvlttled sidewalk is being laid In
iOf the Burnett Block, East Main
S., which will make a big imn.

Maria Strlcklaud, the eharmingl
r of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Strick-
of Paradise, was Ihopping in the
S le-New Wheeler & Wilson
machine, f. o. I. factory or
ill. Apply at this police or 143
liberty street. dwtf
iOr labor contract eaves possible loss
advances to employes; flcty or
ll three eent eaeh ; $2 jper hun-
,lah with order, tf.
il oman'l Missionary Society of
M iL Baptist Church will meet this
n (Tuesday) at 3 o'clock at the
A -full attendance is desired.
#i S-Inl Methodist church Sunday
lo. pair of gold eye glasses, in
Owner may have same by call-
8u0 n9 o0eo and paying for this ad.
SLtele shipments are going forward
lfl7l from this seoiion. The plant is
iiad handsome, and will no doubt
1i0b good prices In the Northern
08iOty Hurveyor James Croxton was
thei yelsy yesterday from his home at
himb opy. Hie was en route to Ala-
i4, where he had been called on
1*thional business.
ha ldC. Bryant of Vular is in the
Ig l lhavingl sme for the purpose of
Uiadlnilg the meeting of the loard
IilC county Commissioner of which
I ea member, today
Oapltain Wnm. udd of St. Peters-
i8L, stock claim nsaeita of the Atlan-
.I Coast Line, passed through the city
4i0tedy en route home from Alachua
other points, where he has been ur,
Il1ial business,
'" It. &A U. ,olldtein, thel celv.
., lted occulists of louiuville, Ky.,
WUll arrive in the city during the proe-
l Weelk nd tender their services to
.t public. Head their advertiseeniet
Sawait their arrival
' I ', "* iL .

'aS or stolen, near kaintaipaha or
,er on the nlrht of Nov. 23rd,
a lrge blalk and white spotted
And' ithi dark faces ktded with
l "h ad on? a collar marked \We.t,
le offlee, Iake Park, ti;. I
SPay a suitable reward for his re-
ti o ru.e ]-I. Fennel).. ainueo-
in... l. d2twlt
I and. Mrs Peter Washinn

insure with ubimamu & Hili.
1:,rrell \'lilins and Justi JI. A. J.
,t ri.,'klr'l ol I(f lauR uirte trading in
t + l 4 )i, +^ ,rd'iy
I.'1,ii. Ol'A. .InrL' ieird Irijt'ed in latest
i)<'- at us i o lce. I trderd forengrav-
*if '.[' Il ,( n(' t tE Jrt noutlie tf.

1 v - h k < verythi g in, sit,'
Ir,, to 1 .tliliie liine to be had, anid
', ir i r,; e. l,.' r t e lioweit. C(. L Me.

S l. r r \ Mr n MlLr. l.iL rti J- lij 1
I'. 'iitld y.. t nb. ril'i Ibaby girl. [The
S-,ii,, t. i :e.r fi rndsl, tltewid c in.

I M l. MNlarila I lainitor n S Iiamberrt
Son I b i.

%'I *'i yt', "ili at a rhleaajnlt uirgrtirve
Iry t'liI..I9&rA.ii's Stnimach and liver
'i 0'1te. i.y are easy to take andI
iiro uJ..t rl.* Iut 'er prlpiiK ur other
dtiiar. eitle fftit. For Pa 0 by all

T rib l f:,-i poor. old . Tyouinp.
!nian :l n wilf. iLtWetleart iad lover,
%wil:l .dl evrtrything to applaud, laugh
pit ndti Ii' lrtec`al L iin lthe newest, "A
Ilret.ey li ,, i. at the( operi house
Wednesday u':ht, led. 7.
Mannafer MlCormlek of the Western
Unioni telegraph office states business is
Iecn.itig etteltr every day, which goes
as evidence that the winter season is
coming on. Manager MleCormlek
states that any good boy desiripg a
sitnation as messenger can seeure one
by applying at the telegraph oefe.
Sheriff Fennel! went yesterday to
Dutton, where he took Walter Ballard,
the yourng nlegro convicted of larceny
of button from Mr. MlKinney and sen.
tenced in Justice Stoke.' court at La.
Crosse to nine months imprisonment.
There were three charges, and the
t rico.i -r was Ianteneed to a fine of $10
anid c'i+lt or three monthI in each sae.
It. C. l~Ivie. the lever traveling rep-
resentative of the Fay.Sholes type-
writer. fI in the ioty in the interest of
ii nrmahin Mr. Davis is placing a
great inany machines in this section
now. The Sun i agent for the Fay-
Sholes and can recommend it as one of
the best and most durable higb-grade
machines on the market.
Aminln the visitors from out of town
to this city yesterday were Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Hague of the station by
the same namine. Friends of Mrs. Hague
will regret to learn that she has been
suffering with fever for some time.
which resulted in the forming of an
ab~~ceb whieh is giving her considera-
ble pain. lShi came to the city for
treatment, and it is to be hoped she
will soon entirely recover.
Mr. and Mrs. Allan flaile are in the
city, guiestt of the latter's brother. J.
ti. P. Bell. The many friends of Mrs.
Hlaile will regret to learn that she is in
very delicate health. As soon as her
health will permit Mr. and 311i. Halle
will take up their residence at Ala-
chua, Mr. liaile having retired from
buriiess at Live Oak, where they have
been residing for the past two years.
Among the visitors to this eity for
flit past two days was J. J. Caruthere.
a prominent and sucerseful trucker of
Coleman, who i said to raise the finest
cabbage and best crop. in Marion sand
Citrus counties. He states that the
croJI prospects arv fine. but that rain is
needed. Mr. Caru others was well
pleased with i.ainesville. and declares
"for a little" he could be induced to
settle here. The chances, however,
are not good. since he is having ereet.

ed at Coleman a handsome home with
all modern conveniences. I

Mobile, Ala Dec. 24, 18W.
Dr. ]E. W. Hall. St. Louis, Mo.-Dear
Sir: Having tried different doctors
aid their remedies for several years
for back and kidney troubles, I found
nothing succifeeul until takinlR The
Texas Wonder. HAll's greatt Discov-
ery, and. eating rapidly cured, the old
aJyiulg with railroad men is, "(htd
iless tile m 1an who invented tile Pull.
ian sleeping ear." but I say. "God
bless t1i1 iiven'tor of Hall's Texas
Wonder. Yurs truly.
W.\ t. CI.AilK,
11. at '. I C. Co., Mobile. Ala.

)One small bottle of the Texas Warn-
der, Hall's Great Discovery, cures all
kidney tisd bladder troubles, removes
gravel cures diabetes, Ieulinal emie-
aianl. Walk inl Iantm ilaa rspha-ehalo .

lsurae with ( lshma A Hill.
Lucas Black of Hague was regis.
termed at the Irown lHouse Siuday,.
I jour crower lia ..'It ,t it P'line
McK ln tr)- -.* e ri, t,'i,.t 11 ih 4a in n.
uate. Tryu t oe,. i
.lea1 e I .r .,i1. 1 [r!j F t*;icV .'' n
and ilanth r of J i,,'",.M l .- 1 ,, iradiiI I
in the city yreterday.
Isee 0i.. upstiv i tlu i t i..eer in tl,. I
n e 0,It. *.\ 1 ,re zy 'z ltI .-," (i ,rsa4
House 'iWtIdneday egil.Lt.
JOin l, Thonmas of Willetfrd, olieof
the progressive farmers of that section.
was a vialtor to this city Sunday.
Jamesi Hastingl, a section foreman
in the employ of lie Atlantia ooast
Line at Alachua. was a visitor to this
city yesterday.
The finest celery revr shown in
(ainesville, and we do not charge o U
any more than it is really worth, 0.
V. MleKinstry. Phoue lh?.
V. I:. Steckert and Chas. 8. Hill of
the Cummer Lumber Company de-
parted yesterday for points in Hillls
boro and PI'ao counties, where they
go to locate timber land.. They ex.
peet to be absent several days.
Miss Bessle Hale has gone to Jalk-
sonville, where she will resume her
position with the Frult Growers' Ex.
press refrigerator ear services, In the
capacity of stenographer. Mial Hale
bas been here for several months as
the guest of her mother, Mrs. Raehel
Hale. Her numerous friends were
delighted to have her with them dur-
ing thil time.

Remember the Pollarl-Pitt eoneert,
which will be given at the auditorium
of 1th1 Oalneville tradedd and Hill
Bohool In this olly Friday eveanlg for
the behert of Evergreen OOmetery As.
seniation. The ladies of the asoel-
aiton desire to extend the roek road
into the oemetery, as well a to make
other needed improvements, and a lib*
eral patronage of this entertainment,
which will be flrst*larsl in every way,
will prove of considerable help and be
appreciated. The advertislaI of the
concert company, somprislan had.-
some halftone engravings of the mem-
bere, has been placed in various show
windows about the square.




We will indulge in a little shoe talk
this week. We are the originators of
low prices on shoes. We have fine
values all the way through, but we
want to call your attention to a few
specially good things In footwear. Oar
Box Calf for boys, a strong, durable
ihoe at *1.0), cannot be equalled.

Our $2 line of Boys' Viol and Box
Calf are simply superb. They have
both the style and wearing quality.

Our $2 line of men's shoes is the
equal of many 42.-50 shoes. In fiat the


are branded Ily the manufa.e
to retail at $2.50, but we can sell

them for even money and we are do-
Ing it. We have thern in both Vlei,
Patent and Itos Calf i all styles. Try
a pair.

Just ret ived a shipment of tlhe
"King Quality" ad e rt ised *8,. ishoe-
the best made for the price-see them.

The Dixie Girl for ladies at $1 .0,
genuine Dongola upper. solid leather
sole, is the prettietl and best shoe
made for the price. Our $2 and $26 i
line for ladies is strong. Values un.

In short, wt have shoes for big folks,
little folks, rich folks poor folks, old
folks, young folks, ualy folks, pretty
folks and all surts of folkl.

Coune to the Bigl

and get what you need

Department Store

at low prices.

I Ir -rI IM ru U r a

I, DECEMBER qi, E1i04 -.

-eeH+o~oe e- ll4 V IIee. eoees !
j******. *fl*#fl*****f*(nfl.&..

To Improve and Preserve Your l


r l l rim 't llW 1) V R Ti, lt Wo rf # a7f4

II rs e m Jris 1

: lT'roabi ,; ,",
100Pa llorie. dull

u ared tul)y ty2

T N tIeS STIR (b.W, i

9' 00Ww IIOOBr Pta gs'I
mai 049" nw**g gg



41 Wet I ti

-- -- -- -I n--

all nm lad whkl ........
One in ladlesi' 1trit ng I.
Tie, all the lapper hlr .. 5

Kid 1,. at 7M l sd$1 .Imt
Sde4n White NaMU Cn reets at s,
Lad~l' Oos UiUdr Is tre, SUb,
6o, fa usd Te. ,
Ladle' eny Wel TVats worth 1
0ely Tie.
Lakl' RWhile Wow l vos ld ,
e1,ta as ggg s ea .

Seat Values
It every department, std imost
oumplete line to sels1 from.


Our U ef large ad small IRal A 1
rr to $iR eah.


Mrs. Hudson and daughter of Madli
on, Wis., regaulr winter visiton to
this city, have arrived, and are pleao.
antly located in their eomforlable
home, Mieanopy street, Fast Oatnes
In recognition of the oerits of the
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pail Pills for the ire
lief of headache and pali, to whioh
nearly everyone is subject mote or
Ies, arrangements have bees made
whereby the lr.. Miles Medical Co. will
furnish a trial pkhage of these woo
derful little tablet free to the subseri.
bers of this paper. Any reader of this
paper who s subject to achesand palhs
of any kind Imay avail themselvIe a
this free ample by sending a poelal
card giving their full addrr a, and men*
tioning ilhe name of this plper, to the
l)r. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind. i
E. l. Cushman, for the past four
years connected with the Hiill Printing
Company and the Pepper Publir4ing
Company, has severed his connection
with the latter company, and propoeee
to establish a job printing office in this
aity. Mr. Cushmen is a tin* printer,
and will turn out some good work.
Mr. (uCshmanalmso severs hli, eanec-
titn with The Star ns otIriness mnlh-
ager. lIp will ho, *1.'4,u4ded in the of-
fice of the l'rlpit'r I'ublihlng Company
by W. I itborn. another firstelaes

- ,, .: ... ;

S l

i WI


(Flirust coraer 4efil ol

Rir.vrdS l A lnd ritreilal

' .. i"

1 JI


.. . ,
" .I '.i '

'..: U.: '.<',]'.

. 1 .1'

- ,. .1.. I .'

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