Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 4, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02072
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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t O k d S ewem l AkIng Ship.
.eI IrtsLk Point. Cona.. Dee. 3-Af
MOr tV hal ag beu la the, riitng of the
lt*; d aasl 11 eon. Captala Lee and hi
foa Ot, of tlhe schoaner Addle Jordan
i e were takes eo today by a launch. Tb '
m S Jordtm whlit was bound from Norfolk.
#LiW Vs, tS Nflew Leade, Couaa., with a
ea argo ofu wber, wt ea abrol ok bat
datlt; the ilht. The remalader ol!
'the m t latde4 Ia safety yeFlerdtay

is|, lpd. I Dec, .-After a mar
I vii.4dl of Ten D.s Leave Husband
'-+ .++ (. iNwfhnl~n.. Ind... e. M)4 _-Afler ..a mar+'

l. enWa life of ten ftay. Mrs. . B. Mohu.
W .,; who was roerled and wee through th,
1-Q Oey of a matrimonial pap.r. hla
'lft her hutbdntd and onse back to
i'1 vhome in Cuimberland Md, h. aSh t ,
shee uha wa th*i aIntn r ther= .



So Declared the Attorney Who
Sued Mr. $ tick.


It aI Intimated Nat laS f the CftI
ty'sa Ritsht Men Came to tar IR
lier of the Womae-4 hLeave INoe
York For Qrjvelae thO~ Sut.
New Yor, Dee. tl Whli it has
he oes faly eM thMI at the
4dila o e a of he hegJjt ereditor-- I
the oes whose o salt eht about all
til publlcty Iver hr, ill be aatle
fetory settled thee tWo a dlmlauttoa
o tlteraet today s ti sea se of Mrs
Oaloe L. Chadwie, the Clevelat wAw
ame whose Bamseil l* bars have t
*laked a seri eaf iooes almost
spI alleld. The e.Jm Herbert
D. KNtorw of BEoV, Mau., tfo
Masrtfy eo.o, w1ti ,a ppaarently
be refmovMd frpr m .rtbher o0
erntiep according to Mtatement o
Mr. Chadwick' was oilyran Incident
The other claims pel a are kuows
to a*t*r8eto four buMdred thousand
ad for alli that they bhow may acre
swte a ha4dred time thsl amount.
This, however, Mrs. Chadwlek's at,
tporaty :roady eamm'ea, and they sa
at the proper tine lsany of these
elsaimat will be ashof to be fraud
let. The just debts will be met.
they tal laintaln. a at the siuae
Uta p thfp make the announeemont
thatlSt ChadwIck wil hav. inrll!onJ
eft when all her terdltors haive bee
Mra. Chadwlek is 'till In her tsulte
of rooms at the Ho,!aolI honu.e, but
she has notifed the manuaenlnt that
she will gifv up rownsata tlier to
day or tomorrow.
It Ia believed she will quit t:e1 eity
tomorrow, when ale will rego their t~
her horne ia ClavolAnd and t) lie pret
ent at the hearing on an
for a reedler for her !)r Tpert). nr elji
shd will travel soutli. It is %ld tbnr
ab ehas eaxazEcxd a p-'vaeo car for hei
jourvcy. Mtteh of the popular inter-
iet la the cae tiJi.Z y was 1at.ed up,
on antlcpatlol. .
LEJaund PowerA. c.unseltl fr Mrs.
Chadwick ,.:Id today he did not
exp.:r the lsrrm!..:l tr :emn'nt froItt
Mr.<. Ctadwlrk wi'l l.- made puhilo
bahore tonurrow. Mr-.' ('hdwIck. hI'
st.l. wonll remain In New York 1n1i
til the affair wat ,1P',tl, and wlou1,1
tLen deplrt. Jiit when the settl'-
tr.If t wt- :;r.1-- ( "" N' .vin o. I
be of ectPe ?,:r. P;;wc:'" was u:lab-. t.;
"Powerful a!1 h iave',il t1'? day fn("
TXils a stefennt wat matie today l y
George Ryall. of lwtal ctanifel for tier
bert D. Newton, in d..rl' .'ln; tlihe et
tleoent of hiA ru:ic:t's c!aim against
Mrs. Chadwick.
Where Mrs. Chadwlkci obtained the
aid Mr. Ryll did not it:ate. hut It I,
known that ;hI -nnt eonsiderateh
time In the Wall strue't financial di.
tr!cl yesterday and asi fir several
hoair in thr offira noyn which frequently has acted a.s
t.Ixal reprneentat[\ t'r of one of tWl>'

country*'- rrichet Ien t wasi oonL
aft.r tho vit t that Mr, Newton's law
YiCi annou:tacll tht It'"*' were *at. s
fiet that their c1la1im ,ri'd he 't!! d.
ronslderabRb Inter'st was arou 1.
to<,ay ly a *tat ':rnIe rr i'tito 1)> a
Ceveland atitrney i tII thhI ffe't tha
Mrs. Chiadwlr4ir k ft large sumnMs it
money thr(cuth hbr t tsh"' ,.
Arothpr s'at3m 'nt made In riminnP
tion with e casce toln'y was tha at
rttaber of years ag., Mtr.. (Chadwir'
Lboirrwed fr oni NlMr. tOSb il
Engittlh vmt n ln sat, ".t ,'veraryl p.air
aSo, i('0Le-:;, o i many ml!lion donVa'
worth of pr.i -':: Ik. l'PitshurK. i' 'I
talid that ntitr If ":r. ssmes madt
hb Mrsi. Chnl ". I '. to- v .:,ve'r-
Mrs. Schen.'y' paip'r* aftLr ih'r It4'.

It'ftV ah, til is i.U

Ie L Ir e. q

tlug tritctures and cloarlal out, tie
world'a fair changed ln a oe amlbt.
Puffang switch engines aborted ens
throughout the grout today coavy-'
h'ug packing materiat'a to the exhibit
palaces and the sIund of the hammer
was heard throughout.
It is etlimated that probably three
months will vetUn before the ex*
position has b %n depleted uf exhib.
Ito and the work of clearing up and
restaorin that part of forest park will
bogau with the advent of spring.
RIAe foroe$i workman were die-
Sudlktd threpib the grounds today,
84 these will be ausmeat as the days
proceed. Every effort will be made
to elear away the exposition with de-
apateh. United States soldiers pa-
redSd tho ronunda today guarding the
'shlblt places, Ioreig and state
Itlidags, aod asslted the Jefrersoa
A iMail erowd of alghbteern Invaded
t Ii dsa, bhut were tlot sight of
a I'g the workmen.


lufale Bank Haa the Support of the
Clearing Houee In Case of Run.
Buffalo, N. Y., Doe. 3--Tbt German
Amerlcan upon which a run began
yesterday opened Its doors as usual
at 9 o'clock today.
At 10e o'lock tihre were about 24
withdrawal depuosiltors in line. All
were being paid promptly. The rice
president of the l ank sald there was
Ws doubt weaver of the bank's abil.
Lty to withstand any run, but he 4dW
ot anticipate that more than a few
thousand dollnrm would wb withdrawn.
He said that they had the assurance of
he clearing house and of every ban ,:
la Buffalo hat they would s tpprt 1t'i
Uerman-Amerlcan bank if unto.seary.
President Robhrt Emaory stated that
the German-Amertean bank had about
W$00.000 In avaUable cirrerU y ajnd
within 24 hour cou'd have $2,500AoO.



Ho Advatnr IWith Drawa Kgi a!
But Was Held At B.&y.


The Law la Allowed To Take it
Course, However, a Lynching Wo
Narrowly Averted-Man Had Ja "
Been Released from Chalnpng.
Davibouro. (a., ihe. 3.-With ag
ordinary table waltel, which B ,e
wielded tlst and furipusly. *a the emu
time callag for help. Mrs. A. W. Al
dred, a well known woman of this
city, successfully defended hertll
against the advances of a supposed ao
gro assailant.
The negru at the time held a an
derous knife In his hand. This did au"
appear to frighten Mrs. Aidred, Wh
8nltinued to beat him with the waltw
until he took to his heels In the dire
tlon of a swamp. Mrs. Aldred fe&
lowed. screaming for help.
Very soon qlite a lot of men aad
boys. with gruns ant ptntol, were
saooring the Kwamp for the negro. H4
ran to J. T urgamla and Inquired
who they werr looking for. Whea
tobl they were loahki. for him he
turned to run.
John Davis pulied 111h0i gil (in the ne.
gro cnd mue .1 himn hslp. lie wai
then taken to Mrs. A.-ireil, %tL had an
hesitancy in Idemlirying him. A war
rant %ad then hotrn ntit I tr kirm.
Tht,* n'iri halid a cvtirn:Tmiitm nt trial,
wan committed and tislt to Sanders
ville jil. lie vwa- w ( fro:n his seeit
down, w:c(-roe h: a ruini through tbil

Wrt4. Aldred Fay, iw o ; n rj tlid not

*wwlla' Y.wm1iwcI rnwvm rnnmin.

ieeause He Married a Negro Nurse He
Must Leave the Service.
W'r-.hi"lton. I) c. 3.-Private .Join
T. Smith, of the hospital rorp.,. Ira.
toned at Fort Mott. N. J.. waIs il.
charge "wthwot hotunwC" from tuI
'nalted Statte Army on recomnnmtui,;.
tion ef Go;*ralr Grant.
Prliat: Sm;t h't trouble began rv::l
h# marrMlbd tarhit Wolfert, a negroe*i.
on Sept. 20 last. She was a vo!Nmi
teer RetI rro urm. ca C'amp Wyck.
off, I.. I.. a:l nusrhod Snmith while he
lay strichl'ki i -h.croe of a fIir caintract
ed in th' Spa I9 ;,h-.Aertcan war.
The ovrc!al Itatement give out at
the war ',eprtment declared that Pri
rate 8ziltt married a menaen "of bad
character, whose nrevlona marriage
has not been terminated by the death
of her husband or by any form of le
al Itparation." ,- *


Statement of Receipts and Disbursr
meant ol Show at Pair.
Washlngton. Dec. A.-According tc
a statewr-ii pr r-ar.*' a the Lurral
of Insulat lffr r-;. the net cost of the
Philippine exhibit at the 8t. IAnuia e'
position to the Philippine government
up to the nlght of Nov. 26 was $71G.
The total distnrsem~ents to that date'
were $1.419.024. and the receipth 1512,'
987. maklng the net cost $906.057. ol
which $19.121I3 I covered hy an an:tw
meat from the Lotislana Purehase exc
positlon funds, reducing the "cost ir
the Phlippines to the sturea named.
Wilt $50.000 to Faithful Servant
Wheellot. W. Va.. .De. :. -- uor het
faithful bevEn years' service In the
New York home of the late CharlesT F:
Hoyt. Miss Gertrude Tannehill. of thi
city. has been left S50,000. Egh),
year,& ago Hoyt was stricken with a
uervott.; collapse, and siaer then M11s,
Tannehlll managed hIs New York
and his s;tumer bomr at Alogqu'n
loil In Heart inat
Cord'e!. (; ,; Dec. V--Wni W trEvett.
a prominent youn g mana u Vietina, in
Mail. -... -A..

sIenit or onTer to p it Ihw zndis oil Ber
or glvro any real on for tihefg In her
roomrI lie lst i t'Ivar l 'it r r .lsl be
with his knife dr:iuw r. ail !to'.'d de
Car at
Mts. Ailr4d Is a wlv',w with two
aniRll children, who ,re, at school,
leaving her alone dluri'n; s~:;cr hours
Thc're was consliderabll ruvcitemeon
Over the matter for an hile. .n C JOM
tall; of lynching him, t1( tier wSa
deenimeil bert not to, as Mrs. Aldred
expr',.r'l, hrra!f a navUnlig the law
to tak.e Ith coun~e. Sh 14 o;.no of the
best hinowm women or th i svrtlon, lani
Is hli'd In highest regarld-i y the citl
aens of Davlaboro.


Brother of the Victim Attempts to At
tack Prisoncr.
Savannab. Ga., M'c. ..-. C aTh y Je
fer.on iha bcecu identitled in til's c tr
bly Mi-. liouyer a t1,Pc nDeir- who at'
tenlmpted to nt;it ir n I\itulsta
alis. Ilo iyer wan in 'he pro ,,.ltc o
her brother and Meral o ff trrs whoe
the nrgro was lK d otit of hit cell to
confront her
"That Il the man. You arN the
man." :lhei ~sid. and inrurei t' % ( ip' t
her brother.
Jefferson Rrinned in the facr, of thd
Weepln gir.t nntil. see'infg rh''r' Wa
no syropathy in the face alrit him.
he lowrel his ey,... and mnirtr.l":
"'Sh'ri ot the wrong man.; !t w;i't
Mr Ituoyer sprangs ai th T.-,rn_ but
was cathlit by tthe mitstreo'(chI i arm tI
one of the oevrllr,.


There 15s tlil Much Troucle at H4l
Illinols Mined.
Zeigl r. 1:1. dee. 3-B-i'change o
shots, hL (cniln:'. in (.rnnlc.'i( n w'ith
JoSph I.elro;a-'Sit tempt o Imita!l no'i
union workmen la his coal n ie contln
i igh:i TFherrC. as tir.r Irinu
la.s tI nI:' The first rsh wal bear
near h, -'('any's pumplng pl nt
Th.. ,'arrL:ighr wa. flashed and ra;l
Id fir. anJam responded. Suldlirt wer'
lnmmindIatelv sent aut. As it prevlou0


4 ii

~ I*fI*

7 -1 r,

1 4, 1904 TKN CENTS A Wi

it I

rfl1n~*kll tCFnr

n .

vf Pfdially invltd. Aeaiat
Sbi uarpd f ior white friend, .
Sitr* Nb Isr a Owthng Teeth
IWWo ~*d thba old sad well-
N, ory. r owlh. Soo th.
#,.i p,. r A ehilde9p teethinl. It
t. l hild. saosfns the gams,
4 ) rpalt, slrs- wind colle and 1
rlm di h or diarrhoea. Twen.'

"64"r FNPedoration e0Detares Mint
SOwner CeaSed DeOmantsa.
Sj14tl.9. Coleo DIe. 2.--bpth mlin
-Of tqg and union miners are rejolo
k r the action of the District Al
A A'Loitation in ending the strilk-
I .tis district. Whict was called 8epo.
31 U lS Prrnfdetr Ch rle I.. Moy.
s, of the Western FedPrMton of Mi
111i as. baa made the following state
V. nt:
.111 h v called the strike of because
I we take the peIttlon that the isree
b Itavevld have bees comoeded by the
qly aIe owners aad operators In the Tel
* .rlde district la that they recently
SpoaIOsted oIr-re t ttho eOect that after
tlag I. they would grant an 8-hour
It *Wrek day. both thr their mills and
Ba nmelter. And a mninitnum ware scale
he A' SS. These were the 'emands we
Y maded over one year aC.'"


tJ--L__ m_ A


n *' ; m Jr i ] l ; n ;. .m l ;
ri 1 i. .' *w j
14f l' o" i ^ II
,," it -,' .." ./' .\, ;* :*

k oA'


E. A. WEIL & CO., ..
of AUM DO iptU

Ifol Aslmto foMONARCE aCd SBOsU
IN qIInUTL Smo. v ery
J. l*mue. s Aot

. D. CRABB, Agent,
-Dealer in-
Fine Wines. Liquors and Cigars
STARKi Fl.l I I a.

Wo l'll aend tnn kvnace



j4r 7


hsgmnsflahv r.whelt ll ptIrvesnwhrWs
It tile i N M0. Mr. amithi ueir of thr
pIo tIMeLpri olr d ilrp twfiael (1bo.
f h lnell r i stt uutt4 r,, *sead alwe)p
Sp t oi f nf tll lail res drlpei In
mptle amd o4hp psyls.i le isffter
IP 1eO1 !no Iw saJrndr lphoui with
is vdaj *lesi r1 ( rs o haflre,,
$lli l iscs s l! l.duemsenl to Ith who $t,' 61ie fr luM*Vlf isn. k,
Spupl .spmoR Pt *peeluIt matunto for
WrW 41 w Zest Floridr S kminary.
F NAt Mvfs qb hnulltf lFkid his fase
@Mt tb titsiero MW And up-tod4s
dlegsP, bL i mnpy nw ererntilo@M
.olmw.ulS4 LIdre which he cannot
dbim ,Wutisge. but which

,S Quiet,
t I alllalst should be lost when a
m mptonmar r roruip.
SQO OWNh Romedy |tvesO
ath cllM ltld beeomn ee t, o0

hlui ,. saife to astm.
Mal| trw twk Cppw

dlvidM, will h
*s the 11th lasS., whilqb
llane ag9 se r lIn as
*Im4tA ahl s' e lss ugurssd
1 bIg" bep 1Is mlIr be
glti i. rw el iii if t

.pw pti rmpB tto.late
sirs$ o l elthe Wles

A.NO% ." @ jly U btke

W ew Life Pill

seAll drugstore..
the 44splko. ., mee

o i-s will bepn r obed tso
Ieffnlb iap powter th Sraf

"*qsi ee'lls is be wVaet.
$I. Islb k Noew Lt e Pills

AIIUltt al dtr IIKag to
Aiteol'e. "

4u.e1 tas pirhpel qo lei.
iS bo,@Sld im ar endih

, a:kin, up'to dateI,
I^HaBf eb will fto p*a.he o M

.I^ I.,eolk bt la pirluarl qie).
iMBHBj^Ky'Wp~i. p*'^^* b arP endiWP *


Ladies Will Give Basr on 13th lnst.
Other Note of Inlaert.
Melrono, fee.tber 8--The Ladies'
Aid Soueety of the) Methodlsi pirunrh
will gile a baslar mand supper st lhi
TownH Hall on D.n 16, The blassar
will commeonee at I p.m and suppnrl
as 0 p. m. KverdeldyI l eordially int
siled to attend and auy their Chrisl.
mas present at the basxar and skay
for supper.
I1. II. Westi ard and daughter, Mie
(lerirude, were over frmon Uilneville
on Sathrda, sld were l44d to meet
many of their old friend.
Newly reilteredl at the lHffmlnr
lHoil. m e Mr. and Mr. C. P. Kinrtlla,
Mr,. M. Alkermsn and Mrs. WI. 0.
Millp. all of lPaterson, N. J. Other
nrrivls arn SMr. and Mr. J. A. Rtm.
Mel and Ml aVry Robes. Munoh
Chunk. Pa., and Mr. Wert. Trenton,
Mrs. H. Sutton hal returned 'from
the North,
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Coward are r'.
jolsing uper the rival of a tlMe girl
baby on Monday.
K. Yearwood and family hare rrntred
the loord cottage ad will move there
On account of change In train asbe.
dWel on the 6eboear Air Line, bealn.
lamg Denmber th the mail will leave
Melrew at 7 a. m., instead of 8 o'eloek
as formerly.
o.Chagei.. Sp l Oa id eath.
"Harry Dewelill, aed 26 yearn,
loted to death arlyr fiterday morn.
ll Ia his bose, I the press of
his wife and thild. He eonltratd a
sdiC toldd a few days aro and paid
s Ittlel attention to It. Yelerday
W Walseld with a Its of eoughinl
whllh entilued for uome time. His
wife sees for a phplsela but before he
meMd atrve. another it'suhIngr spell
a PO t rd Dtlokrlldlod from uffo.
ila --. tolue Oobe Demore.,
.I. 01I." Ballal's Hoheiound
r1 would hWve a aed him. 2. MO
aid 1. Sold b W. U. Johnaon.
SOff On a Vatkion.
lion. HeIry S. Cbubb, raeolvr of
the United Slaeslea' d oeeo, who has
ble "Job" lelied for another period
of floul ya s. departd yesterday for
bi homa ast Wilre Park, where he
will spead the holldapl with his Inter
styling fam lly. *ol. OChbb. who is one
of the bes-naturmd fellows in the
world, dellared that lie wasl qolu to
ts o1h b 1bViodae horme to "piok or-
amnis, dl potaton and forget poll.
sin'" for awhIleI Its 'o tie hoped


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that e will ot rforts thors oranges
he promised to send to oer or two of
his Demoem tlei friends here as a
Obrlmas reminder.
.. - - -.l- .

SSlhaed by alls ur r wle
Saklli lO admired the world over for
Ita ionlae and loulness; and yrt the
bllumaa hta i eainy as onft anu4 Ir y
WhlW batltk; eWl the radlcl cmum of I1
hal trWhm lsa dadruff. whieh Is caWed
be r IaPWtIItr paruate that mps tbe
vttElty of tihe ar at itm root. Newbreo'
at e Is the only preparation that is
fII alt to ba ruff v"rm. Without dan-
lar "tre s so tkflg hatr. but a lux.
w IN awth t gflossy, soft hair to ear
IsI. Inastin the sealp won't ouft dan-
t. KB1E the dandruff gr.m. Th"as.
iu Of et er e thrlr btWauttl su ltn
Shea to Newbro's Rerptlcid sold by
hleaan dtrutist. bu"d a o. In stu**-
to T HeLidAles Co., Detrot MickL
J. I BDedUiws A C .. Kpnall AIest



t"i 's

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In Fine Dry Go (nds have atracteld unuiual atteutisn;. A nuimtb-r
have remarked,.'l-Hiw ean Gainesville support a stock trof tis
p rruportions?" The reseop ll that We give e twi it values
olonistelnt with honorable mrechandisming.

Th People Approato Our Efforts
And our businnse continues to Irow. Our took, comprisilng th
latest er+ations in Dress oods, Noveltie,. Ruis, Art Squars,.
Trunk@. Etc., is now ready for your inspection.

mrI .-.


mai *- A .- . . ...a f a ,___ ______.


buit Aiuister Wil
fkr Let Tui T-dlay.


Hr P.r.e4 t *
a rYL, 1... 1. At: W :r -

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I*e Dart,.I A t at -
o *t t. l t: -
,_ At _i o*+ a t' %t I r r

&C tttt t?. S r .. & 1'*' .t -

pgt 0 erwi ..,r.J' U 4: :
=umtis&,t this
are y V a -, CO-

Iche d Lm,,aT, .. ,
thAp I mte :L .: n.- .

Sa.'I. Pc r. at t i 4)-a
iams Fartt r Ai : '*
wl.t .ec ..verv '.:+.-

a #tA1, aI. M. lr a. -re.-

*@*i l frft welt i '..< sj-
t.A1 zj en; at I o :s

4elat.r a *rton.-t;

lahis o* f C:m t t .,e..
,m-4 rIidew of both pathcu

iL- i.of whebt Mr r. Care-
*esemabrwlt: -tanal : a
membeser arS r'^1aseeJ s.
w|plsla atE :&. o'ecek tbihs

tSmha USEd v l t'he order
Almrtamg ad escicg ser
13l.7t. PetrT baring coa.
IJ. Seramnl etebrs wUIll
tJ lM the meor ciwtr ewne
,JyflpnIaa CL *y w caday fchoIl g 9 s a
s jO: aM3' n. Yo eec-
siaeeset farwn Hl st ce 0
I'1. awecter a: KTaraQta c

wilt be r.sday *bacol a: ;the
LbIr CtareL.t I:r I RC.-
S O oc'ek th s nnr.aing.
1W fat 11 o'e.ok. oa thIe itb-
atfor obers ^")tre

L B 8 o'a. Toerck. vt2 t t:
*rriee. owing to :.e fac
1 *J3. JCfarfen:er of Kaa:fc a.gL
AllChan il: preach b .* fare.
Imiate. The iator rtrEt; to,
'. Crpectr from thX. otatM1a
thet the Bapt .t cocgrrc:acmA
flhel y attIt th ervicE Sh e^C-
p ehis with hia ard weh h.m
b9 his ruxure tcharr.
lesihan Ctireeh. ksr. Ice
l ll.lE ay .e oo: at :o >':oek
fCil n grcj; :c the ';- 3 r.g t :
lfta.jet m "Te aid
I fc+aftarfa" fromn tht< 'twntj
p r. Estaitg nr*iTc at 7 -'
S whn the peator wnil Creach
|l l~wtaed a Comparison of the

rily aEliplern;l Ch'irci Rtvr.
gihiWU-There wili Le no early
iwTi<., this bingf t.. first
41 the month. but other serr-
Sh helid at the ova)l hour.
W,_ *irr-.'es wli te obtervrd
.Ltr'ick Ca tij..c C:: rb. ReT.


*Plu Co Coert Company WT Ap-
r at Auditorium Friday.

laris.- tt C .4-rt Com=pary.
r tlion o t I g h ..terary and mu-
WI wU i arpoar a: the autlio-
iei the (ia.estrvi:e traded and
SS .ol FItiay. 'or the trrit cl.
Ll'f'Ltn crm'ln ry As.ciaiioo
*r. 'Teat ioC. wL.-h are unud*r
,,s plc. p- tiil; fin at; textra
Wkri, bic h ia something to whrbi
.ISio0m oubmit ; tut inamuch as
it b a "t or iing to spare, they
b rFaQ of visiting tUaineerille
g*Sd tLo com. here and play a

%W4% Q

t ~TE 7
- .'. ~JIS4TZ 4 ~'-s' .

^ 9* 4 .r >
%% ,** -
'V. I
S. . . ,- : -

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S- 9, .. -


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*. 9' 4 *. --


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V --
* 4
S. - -

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VW A* ft

l"ar TJ .-
-" -~ ' "',- 9". lb. -

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a **.

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- V v. a'iC s '' I-

~ ~ ~ *it: .*.3 C l
1, 9,P`.
-1 7 -
.rr A~ .. .~c .. *- :'
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.1. t~'* ;t.; "J( 'f't: ,:

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MOOR R .tcCP '.-iEwERB

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m 'a.v' -. , '

:.a. Futga '. Fas: F. s::e? :*I

Si:a t :4 8. +r:

'L" +. l+. , ; :.. *: r =. & .v :.4

a : -; le A E -,- *' +

...a.L :r K s N. .s'r'r a L *
*t t. +. e-. t' s .- s r A ..'r

*? : Niy .fr e ..r 'a ,L i r1ra ed t y
am* -t t rc+. ?r )'( t Ii- -r.'o.. -

a .-r t Pr.* 3c 4 I . TrI.i
4. b':t *t f"

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Fay-S hol0s'I

It I3 U LI t i
Tug Eat
MjuIx es T,,


IRIm Has T"

** 8t f' Lighne Ram g! - I
*. < ',-..l 1 rVi te of te WpsU '*'t
tj- 1.3e Hwer Fq.Ithkles W
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ri*^ k: .


F.:-r a- ; . s .:. _. AAU U U 9 *

HF{j.Y Hks:Kej. a^t'.r' >:Z Lat- t-^ Esj:. ..uti *Va ha tukm .2 aa
Sn* .!, .,. .; .- -** as' : or ,W hit fai a ay s
11 R X ra s -i7rw. sit. harrr. r
M'La:e. .:Cri.-. V-:t. e. J..phia. acta.- a rt glar : J iA ow. I D I U. I W r
-P:- :rer. 1 2-. i.i r i . 'r er 1I to tora et- .I U..c.. h .t
. i. t a ..i.l*:. .rds hr ataa ;t4r-tt1 be. Mr Caoor % 1 Ar
,.d. .rk- rc. S z.' -c4.IS:e Tsy- ws or' s e ai in Ctharte @of the r*vl, A7
>-o. Taur."r. 1 u T em 3i 2Wd. &WV::tlI ?r2t a L:re v.'. sat4 is
Thomas W t. WAr. Wi'y. .Whte ts L a a b ekal it *?Sner 5ad e r then imouwftansgAO
WTi.3.u. w :. -c.. tvdsi Lit. Ze- ennae worerf. Mrral anths apo :li ast., pet yr e .\
wdski 2 edete4 to eatir t evahne
To 4e*: I t e .ct. d. r.-.-Ir or +.. n,- '-A ted ic a mark cf _ ~S't -i... .tole+tr. h* a-rc l teI el, in .
-Aikiran. Etia. &Ouiwnrev.Browc smtt CrolicLS. Wtihe the frirtds of
ruu .. a.... ..
CarpezeCr. Ctalt. -s., Cshuapo Coleon farr sat famy r lgt T-ry fm s th-.b J
10t. C3ac1 v ri, 4d lulAn i.:. l'hwlnc meek o e u a as rnsdasw A
:, i.. rham n. reec. Her. r the y ten ti* # Victor Safe and Lotk Co
ret. Hete. KrgtL.. Masn.. McEEroy t.ost- a.Wi2 their st Lor 1*.
Na. PatI .. I.A e. ,,..a . ... .. -V-. c..I..' I. CCtIo. ,nW,
pear". Powel..
Smith. rarkman. Thtas 1t.Vd Ced Pamr-. The. "vyitcr is ta b
Wai,. WW:aj 'r Yru.t ;in" W . ley. P ". Truo Txrs., irz. the pah of as Be
Tbis i the Lte i sow rg crtr mnat rwtes -f Ly w.e La, be r i e.!ferg. m h k h
ty the c.c. -it-.r. ty wi t tmark o- art ith pr :.s in her arn, .
Fce :IIa:4 r :y-y.tmS wit. CI was na de4 to e ard'i. C
ark if Pr'*S l.' '. .w .L.Li. WM' Cired e her m ri -
trt I%*re a' nrd it rt @ A r4 Isf"oinpiai enrtuly teMe. M
Bi:ios Co' .c Pre***-e d. ". -- ri-t bir er tic a S
Take a4 d -t.e do o" : *V -e"raL ..1 -
-- -d ,. Ce "' .- 4r-w '-.- -S t,,:

I ..tq. CI. .rt sa n r .Arr>ea rKem my
4 0o41 aI the 0rt cdt; of the UL Ated States Land Ofice R*port.
d:tzse afrtf l and a threatened at. Cif Crk Lyct uo tIe -Ucinit
tack mnay tbc warrd of. H andreda o! ?:0 h 1An! oet -e !rttbtcd :re
upepe usr ith. r :n -the wayf -e
i ;qre:: *.. 'e;s s C..: ;'... a .
idr'.:st, in that vft. i for :m-m oth of No-
rt m..t r, wh~ch p5 Ie crt-itlably w:thi
A ..Corparisor"--Good Meal ard .t taure c sst~ sae per.' m ,sat
Amusee eIt. Irm.

Pr r al c:Acl: .rFsk.r;., y :-r bamp' :.5 hto-ite* rttrFI. :.* -@ >b4
tof mirth!a!r.e i!s l :cr ase in :sre if a:rr ; B5 !fi .Mal cm rad enairiet,
jo' w:1 w :lnw ".4 A rey Iame at B.75 : ayres; 1. '1! R. land w atrrts.
the opera housn leember 7th. .4 ..I7.4: acres., t cas *i rn. W 2
A rman who is imbued wih jI: -it cr T:: two told *,?h selection, 1 t.4k
Sver can o tarany deratcemect of the a es; : one Igr:inuri e coillFgv r-
Sbrain. or worry himmeif about hi. .i 61 aere; six timber and Lstoe !&i4,
logerity. a ii *i n i ckowDlt d fast engriea.
that mirthfulnes will produe logi A t. ;
life. tide, bro.ugint out the better! A ,t .
, .aliiso of the nner man as-d next to No jill is ms pleasant and positier as
a d s a! tmn. wants amsn t. ewitt's Littl Erly Rir.
ad, sn it ci NeWiitte Lilt! Early Risern ar s.,
m1: e11 .. It .r -I ,hth Irendt-d t -
ar- it : mi-.%;:P, oigt it nl S e ectr I e e.

bn i > *': 1 r es. .Ica l adies and ,leak people er:.-y
$ 4 t hei,, a p L ; T er a
t crr C tn:;S.y L.r.t-l* I:. CVCrT people say they ar rtf best h:;trer ; *
I iQr : r. t-a Sl,.d by a!; dr. r- : *:
Hear: Fiutteri-g. HOLIDAY EXCURSlONS.


tr.J': *,i d f,.iiS and g ; ', tl.I

y rn*es against it and eal**l* I'eart
pil; t: ..n \; : a r o *art ;ruVjtr
y.Ju :n *t U) a C r- lJr -nr fir a fw*
d vay '': 'v I .':. tr aIlr t.: 'P<
.', by W M. jhJohnin.

Fe'*!3- s= 'rrat;i c, ,-e'C Ju'y
Cu: +" t . i' i"na.c
or n i a '

ont (If I'Tar aI Th.arr -c: o* --.
4. ' * f r 5 .' >$ a cd r".(
nDr F r wh.iri dpid4'*4d at fl a*r"
d !n se.ftd .fens He was ,inaudcd
back tu the Tombs however as he ."
moder mdticmrent eh a sharp f mur-

Very Low Rates Va Southerm Ra wayj
AccouAt Ho'day Season.
The Southern lIa ,:way wi' sel, tick-
*t* to al: points mt -a:*' ot ,r.e andl o'ne-
fil" !o? rol d tf r%
T t T ir .t &ea fa e I m r ,'tA t r i' h
2'th and 31st. IU4 an::d January lt.
19r#5. withi aisr: 'nit January 4th.

To teachers a 'd studert ? ,'dng
certtfl-atel firorn superintepridrnt.
ticket at abore rat*-* W I 'L sold
daily Ircemwbr 17th 24th. 1O..4. with
ttna l Itit Januar -%:h. U'16
For further detailed auiformatiio.
trate, ile apply to J .'Lok. d's-
tr t rvI De*nr aritr'. ge suthn*Ert> l alI

ahk.'. _11

t I

Clyde New England and 8outhro
L rrt terreS Benws JACKSOVIUZBO W B -
PhM IVDlECR u Ai ASUm W ... "
C(tlliU as Ca efsl t bol4 tr,
SE"X- r mr sML rH

Nt; d E tsft Lir...

Clvie St Johns mRw L

Scrji tL a: ttaA thk Astor. St FrSeh. 5B9rMO ( taSDeid).ad
n*~~ ^crc ltm fc1L~~~S D.<**_r~ If _-

L taunp ons a Joa. sr i r:'
.rnamemnciTg Td.sday, Nor.embr .4. I.
stuamrs m -cm OFr JmCISOnur u "mn Mdr.
are rto.i-rd to sail as flloow.: Lave Je&em ivile Sa l (ip l
3 ,p'y m. lieturrning leave tanford dJily ecflptl 8tIdPt i
snd aa CUEDUL
L .,e 3I pm .... ... ............... ekeoar ilk ..... ..... ..._Afl'In
S:46 p6 m ............... .......M tk l I..... ..... .. ... ...
S.A am .-.... .., ... ... ... o .............. .
S:U am ................. .. F am e s ........... .... ,,
i ............. .,f lrKOd ..).. ..... ..
10QO am ... ... .*. atFP **** *W -t
--N6-- ... ...... i.



S n i* a inot d 9 rF=- the etteem and confidence,

_ __ 1

1 'r



TgR 1119

w i .I / :
kmi milli

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.: ..,",*

thIs Nk ed LMOY'a rON
OW so0.4, ~. ,ns ,'my
R jhsyf isimns. Meer alt IddM
F K MN Hth but atedetole I
N lv: ip. o6wAw L a dor ,a
to t44 1 ttewek *r uadW U>e
_ J, p ommeaw I into
inm~rn *spmwork'mP. whewa
k me r .. ..
i Si w 1iS Atis s- Plow

n w1 ELIXIR.
S UBXll!.

i l Pups Sentt to@ .
yWtrn Wnpmr rind.
Ssed of Ibi" sllp, who I
INA of dom, lt hkaP
OA) Apeisof -a palir of Mwe
o iwIe Nre me*ed by vt-
-woo" lM i6n IMMI#MWO
SI< jatpl~~ly proud of

I P""s sIIle
-i UMS. YIRQ fer f1 flfl

I ,nylon. hnh., sol
IHItWiMpO,' r nwdo PRX r **OM(--
U4l wt mbles bli. dlIove

the rip W, nm8k
I Thf valuable.I ",Wiag

b It$ 1w de egal lave

r i to "tlhoek th*

i ith th e .mwiiatata
c H'PS! .'i!W 7
*WM A^IIS We tAssi.

m o, .. .
^:,ikSle w Iie Asi*r.
Bmi t M-j bilious attack ap d
Wh wurn a boe, t o hrms,
Slat e. snage-
jthe after
lW0 *r, WO W, *nth

i hNlowsem n
W O O...m-W W ," ~o to WWI

,^;1: ruAse *r
r','; ,[Wl^? fl!W. "^ *www i wf

,'. ..w .e .I..


sBe, p a ge

_~x :-toc.1. texwc

Ammunition and Guns.
A anri&ed ltlesoa Op ren, Triple
Plad M iad ivnr PIMe.
Lalut blem in Fblrida of
I,,t,.. Wi. Wii Fences

Chattannrne PInwz

naiTo fI IDBEL,
Outftter to Partidular People.
ta ally---


Different I
That Is the detp and asidejI ln:.-'ion in
the public mldAl regard tiq th

Correct Clothe

Co., Baltimore.

by 8(ol

They are markedly superior in style
ship to other makes of ready*to-wear ap
Don's tlip deeelved by the elothIng Is
In the mmartinu Idvertlleements. Take
Illustratlons and aidoriare them with 1
claim to represent and watch the effect


"Fine ploture do not make line elit
hehlus slogans. This make of nlot
genuine quality eually found lea r

The suit show In the IItustraition b
mnts the slatet hape of lDouble lerre
have It In the popular browns and fancy

FROM $12

Outfitter to Particular Peoe
-'a 1sKw's


rw Bros. &

anti workriiaii.
lieturel o 70 s1
fiet- ,I rnt hIl t y
Iupon) yi'ar iiI.

hhin. orsatd* un
IceI garment.
g"i" I I
out faintly reprlf. **
altsd Sack. We


UP. P .-ns Cle MI,.G


l-e. I O F-I1 IST4,. I- .-

% a .. ... ..


Undeftalt g Co.
Funeral .Directors and
LceusWe Embalmers.
MSI*MtSUWr of sa tDealern In
Pitarm Amit, Riubber taumpe, Irt
UsCtl, Uphetery, Eastulas M.
a p (la~r, da bun rt.m -
phen' Nupplle.n
Otsn bry Tdlirrph T~eilepe
wUl, )rwin |EtthiU.
wsOp attle.


Wednesday, Dec.




Pns4 b ab B ll e'rupopy *f
Funny Fellows and Pretty Girls.

A arce Comedy Brim Full
and Bubbling Over with
Mirth and Music-"Some-
thing Doing All the
Time." _

Ssts on salo at W. W, Aver's.

- - -- -- -. r ,
U.hN.fl v.. iu

Alachua Pool Parlors,

Gainesrllle & Gull Railway Company




Time Ts'.'*, i:i n*tret .iut:h .. >.1iv

No. e.
I fly No. 4. .
Mxo't Dally Datly.

Lv P M L
7 4
7 o6 .
R 00
aS 06
, 10
b 30
8 38
P 45
8 60 t.
9 15
9 46 Ar
10OOLv 7
II 6 :

IS 40 I

AI 40 t*
* 4* *. .. ,4 *
* *..... '

- I'.'. ;*!#-*,

N0. 1.
i., '4. i V.,
,, y

v P M3 Lv A M

S . . . . . .. . .
....... ..... ............ .n . T.. ....
...' *........ ...... s l 1 rtr ui . .... .....
.. .. . .... .l ..i.... .... . ...
S.. .. ...... .... ... L -'e bikmr t..t ...... .. .. ...
.". .bi. . it k.
. ..... ... ..... I. ........ ...
..... .. .. .. . leir, ..... ... .....
S... ... .... I wy . ir cI. ... ....

*40 7 0... ....... .tFev le .....
S40 7 '1 ...... ... t.-I ariy.......... 40
S OS i72 ?0 ............... "" h4
SWl i 7 27 ... ....... .... rahan ......... It 2
7 1 Ar 7 45 .... City ..... At
7 8 8 18 ..t. Rutler, & FP. 7 52
. .. ..0. 11 N ..Jaco I.le J,. a .. w ) p
8 40 8 56 ...Lke; City, (. 8. a ... 7 24 ,
. .... 3 5 p ......Tall1habt ,, 8. A. L.... 1 l41
o 10~ 10 to .....Vio.ta, It. . F... 4 45 r
S4') 4i 4 10 I .....Meon, .O4. F ........ 11 20

7 6 la 7 45
r AM!tr P

ST......**A4tlt C. of t...... 7
v: Tpv A



Ago JA

..... ,tH H

. .... t, a

....... 500
... .... 4 4
4. 0
.... 00
9) l 2 :O
S2 I 10K
8 40) 110

i 7 25

12 45
9 01
Lv P

'Lv P

I. ,
'.. ...

L . BARKER, General Superintendent.
J F. HILL, Agent. JA8. M. GRAHAM. President.


OIfrr fr the almimg Fall sad W'lnter a rholer lot of budded anid raflnl
PECAN TREEN of the standard Tvrlf|etIM, stcbh a hiav a rood reird be.
hiad thew. Als FruitI, Orrmsuenfals Etre (a'talerge and "*;ilde to
MHursmul PeFr Ctllurn' hr. i t r o p t i

Send your orders for Job Printing to






.. .C.-.---.---..-~----
a"'-I -

nuno LI mA
"M .nr.VM.v



I Barn Po rlser. I


'.' .'.l L ,

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S'1 I

W rmaSfa aiaaa

'rI 6 Fromin a reint exchange ft is found
,there r a tr annually Imported into the
Pr a* m. il.. I rlat l*( 1. 1 L rlV 4 i tl sr I itW nty.-tfV mn!llion 0 gllt
,.Ls4.lS5 wUiUtt*Fr, hides, at a viiie ,'f 9.2i,..4.N \gn't
nd alo 0Iosn L ui I re srat itl y
1grIto-r--- n' m o id Iltco tiiL Pi ,; l!,; 'l'ltrl
!ll lY. l ^ ..r e a d l .,: .r ih r e ^ ,.I i ,.' ,, i t ,i l .^.i ^ .li
j. CI A r1I.I*' A er., t- i tofi at.
rfS .t n z." ('Ciy .It ri. 'll latovte ig:air c ,i t, ,iAt ,in. l
pI^PORTER BLOCYK. heli Kgrealy tnrlr hr It.
0S.g < T KS .IPSraIN $ iiitndustry, w l l on' rf tie mni .it prof.
y Sc M rut a be d s ir s Wo r astoM 0I'N V *' i e I a t th y u n l .t'I a n it l4If try
,v relr 4 r ei rrier trbt'e ci wtI('> wiil allmoi t t.;r vs' i't' ,, T..:I
F iy rtr of i l .tie ti i 'A w l ,'rtainly *ot r', ir.' i 1, It*I!.
, r* r-ea1r t l.tlhh hl pIt attmt *,in i I rt' .. Ir
r [T0 e tti* r fA .he ,c- ,
.l -..- - "..... ut..r h Mir etrc 1 71.,iffi i r ,,..^ .1, t. t'h,'
Eg a l c u." r. h 1 *h k a wh l rituI!h l n t **xi4t L1t .r-T i
6l l si loc 'c >U Jr, II ltrf l i h 1 h iiii.t l.I ,i ,r it ,'Z@.xti .1 4 T
ni ertil on. aid '* gerrtIt'r each ad' utlltey :l 4,I h# 1*- .. dr.r,i
kl mraumon dollar itIi inti, it' tR jill iay rimore
to d;P derll U.d@ Wfowu iproflt. dollar for tn I ar. than aiy Un.
......- -... I t rprise within ,i Ir knowlJg,. Tlhe
Ilq T veel Sn ti .r1. a te -,a'e., extent of t(i, iL. ,iltr' :U- rn li lit i o
P MI r. uttlisthed e1 ton ti., l ti stt i ri an we i [ti atl In
l'h rp ta. ird c i.l in.i l(. l tr
SUe week Lt Il. stat r cir. o tn- ir ir 1 Irita ihi.' l at it-r ;It hiar btini r ll t-
Ul ualdl. lomtLas fIree. o mnyr t r't d ini bli ,it ti vt ry r !( ai i ,
dwlwed ltatrlar "' ans it A1-4it. i cT (n d that iln imy ete.
.i r e - t. i '.. tl .< J *t iiie Ci." dim ber
" Uwduma btlla e be Crle tue r afe rr Irlan t ri Jt 'llrni lp' rr1 tr ,:f uslitavt Used
I or advertlimerr.t.unles l otterwils tlie lIll:nl Iht rek ir,- vatn: ra :r of I.tai
Siaeatrs et. Pirtl!s not kirown to w. 1 I .it,0 1 l L thl.i 1 ,invlies alid Rr.l
Srmetred to pair for radvrtlhin'ri n al-
S rea TiHErII AIFr.V 1t i bl on y fur ..'i *it ri'' : P.
S........I... I ld, & 1jit i d ,r, ; I.?'Ii
"("AIN9- I I. Y I > t ir furtl r v-

i itf nif r t lrr t ni; to I t l lar. i tll vi I'r,'?It o;11 .' i, illtl ti. wra iv.!I
i sliu he ie ton young tl r ai.,* ir "t'y ad tt'.
Jar. a- :7 .... .-- N W ORLD.
i lj'Sid m iis il siv l F tr e dll r I P

sI VtIW 'Ul Lj l ...- ,.- .
M l million that a(re nktii. by
gltoo much.

e who feel their spi;.riority
danger of wearing it tll byt
it too much.
I ~~--- .- -
rlan laws rrihilit marriac'.
Ch ritians and Jews and be-
.Ckrlttianr anid inildels,

thing the man with the I lw hai
S lome people who pity hliin are
i,aind that is good health.

yt a woman lhal found afttr mar-
that a man Is better at paying
auHate than hr ip at pay fr, ecoa!

It..b re erop prospect in .Japan is
It is nearly 43,i0-,1.(O biushlii
it* sof the average cro; of .-fl..
bushels. ort of supplement to a long
ltve imatrimionial life, a Cor.;
man o0 years old has just
Sflth wife.
I- -, .
w, we beg of yi"u, or nltiveI
Ie .lattent know-iP-all eritie. be sot
tIal Is to imagine that tvcry-
you meet Ii glad to y',;i.
4 - - -
r'ry loose overcoat. skin-tight
Sand a pumpkin hat constitute
otlt noticeable parts nf the fash-
oew Yorker's c iltuiin this
Aiett ,1O,400lOO.fX l pounds of Iiutter
.uMie in the IUiited States each
ui. Yet when you go to the local
" "iit IL almost Impossible to buy
1= dalry butter.

SOhlio prophet ~1sy the country
Mf ,at, Kood timni until 1911. By
Slme everything will belong to
i' Rockefeller ant it won't
It.lauch difference what hlappens.
- - . .
_..btl Indian girls hiaver licn i'nt
.TaItar from Montana. Tlicy ure
ipert gim chelwerr, tnid it is
i'oh- they are bright eroigh th

other tranrchls ut \Vasar edit-

i. of the largest d eal in actual
1rs recently rlc;surnmat'd il
flor she mnillkr. of Louisville,
1 Th1 deal covered l.<.ulibitiit h-
e actual a what. repmreenting an
. 4i t m ft *of i,.-'A -, and requiring
$Wnrs to move it.
,* ... . -
it tited 8talle llureau io Agri-
lhal Statisttle., which was irsued
h ay 0, estimates the cotton crop of
-t 12,1l62, 0 bales. This is the
Ce otton crop produced in the
of the Uuited Stateeand the
rhaw otled a great slumpl in the
Wm othe fleecy staple.

th e.t we look at the, world iln a nar-

1 ]'h'3 VIT Urlvutla !.evl t' Co. 0tf
'tr i-tnti, i'a I. e tItrrd finto a odii-
tra:e t. I riilJ i Ltd l;lekwe l'i Island
tirid n Lrirn -t i. 1- will ti 10)270 teet
foi,.. C.eonthiiiTin I" 'o' t it.i pounds of
iriel, 1;: flee* high. the contract, price
aggregatinig *5,I'. r.."', t will hire
trolley tracks, roa !l, foot and
dr re-ways.
'Ihe width of the low.,r floor will be
90 feet and the upe or floor is to be 80
feet, with four trilley track and two
eltr'ated railway tracksi.
WVnei i lieh ad it will have eight
miles of trolley ?racks and four miles
of elevatl id r.i,l luy tracks. Thil is
considered sttil )ntliti etarry 15),tARN.-
r't) pfaltn 9h6i rs ir year.

T'Ihe rk .,- i a -;::lly of phalei iln
tlhe t1 t'n I if l atl. 'lrhlapsl in i. e
world, is at ,iresetnt collected wituhii
onel modern ii part;l.:i 'I-hiose in New
York--thie 'arrini, >rn, at 161 Madi-
Sonll avr' nlte. T"'n rioi ns of falilit s of
,great wealth, headeld by little Jlohn
SNiholas irown, the richest baby in
the world, and by th n coniing head of
i*w Lol.e. f V ni irlilt the imarll,
.. (i ofl Alfretd <;wyne Vanderbilt, now1
are "it .rdrtr."' at t!: incubatorr of
ni :il,:: tair? S. '

The l J apniot are Iinallllater,, and
iridigestion ii al moot tiinknown ailmong
them'. 'Thety cat slnoly, as well as
sparingly, andlt chietly of plain. nimur-
ishing food. A Japanese visiting in
this country was appalled at the qi an.
tity of fotod cotu.rnedl by his host in
one day. E 'lecially was he htIprerted
with ite 'xtraragance of our poorer
tpeopIt. In Japan, meat once a daayi
a luxury, even animig the well-to-do,

An argument is put against mnr
wearinghats., e writer says that
Indians never wear hatp. and bald.
headed Indiano are rare. ut we
niut all remeritlber that the wires of
lidiarn atre i not bInm. There Is some.
thiul; in1 tl;at. I1aldiref Il not alwray
nriised liy wenrine hatl. 'The wieariny
of breeltche- haR- sriinvlliinig to do wit(
it. t.a3 an 'xclliing .

The i S ,i tiite Ai. i ria' i calti atten-
ion lto thel surprising falt tha there is
not, a siteam etiigie ine uln inl tlih' great
manufacturing renter-the city of Ni-
gars fllo, :.. V. This paper thlinik
that thi- will tb wne' tirie of thI great
majority '! .Ar.m-ri-arn cities, because
the) anr' 0i1 iintrd within reach of water,
whilih Icart 1.** ile rically transmittedt
nmiiuh cheaper than it can be genieratedn
Ly coal.
How's This?
W'e uller one hundred dollars reward
for any ease of eatarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's C'atarrh Cure.
F. .1, C Ei:K & Co Toledo, O.
We. the undersigned. have known F.
.I. Cheney for the iasi 1J years, and Iw.
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
boniness transactions, and nalneially
able to carry out any obligations made
by hi. firm

I ThS Md^it e',r ehop 1. )nflrlw. I
ki aIre laying 'h bert i 'for Iome
rnamrnoth paeii.esr ears, whilh 0 | It
said will lest ii people. These
.0nahta. will b,. riifr ten tu twenty
feet tonIgrr thaIl thie -rdiinary day
.' ',a.. .,. r )lay i-.rhal 4 aiou it .er*
ny i v :ty-the f i iln t.l i. i

I. tt r Wt i i

It r i-' I vr fi- 4 tl

res ) f. 4- 11 .I I t i i I I v<. i..
m y,; .i t, r' ir..r:t N < l I r l: r i

I 'fiil. 'iw. -i 1" .,i filn ar ,. it i. I

,lay *' l ijg :n itii r r' *i ; -

11 I.i\ t,< t ;i .i- 'I ,f r i ,i i til.ii <. 41

1% 4 i I. j t b .

: I Pe.

(i' t. ,lr i l po ,,rtion of ti
i nd that1 Isu r r as icle, t n i
(. ,, '. l..r.l -. ij M : i.' :.l) I JL.
I 1' .. ] t ,

n *o th ei m lt r T "" i
1' ''. l. b1 ,, ., W h '* I .
.? I : l. r .
i. I . ,l", n, i it *

I i- .. -l a.iA i A
I 1 1 I. ; ,, i ti, n i i

I.oli~ti Thgr|;rtipth. ,b Ab

Sour Stomach



44 '
*1 .~ .1''

For Sale


q 44jy?


. .* - B ..4s *,. ia
."* ,- ., .! *. C,,, ;.i'-. 2 .Jifig


CI lc.f r
nio wliy t -

t 0.l L, owabr irn
l o l. idi-

^' ^^ ^1 3 7 3 2^^ -^ ^ H^ ^

by Johnson Bros., Galnarille'


. I ih A

'' 7, /l~eai f Ti (fl' tI rt f r tifnetlramt l
..- .-. -._ ... ._ ..I .. < , ., ^ .. ^

t i what you pay fl' when you buy land;
know what you are buying.


.. Titles ordinarily invisible correctly realled to w i

he Alachu Connty Abst rct
Ga-i -n e-v-lle, PI.oadd

IT- '- ..port iA1 ' ',:
utras of Title and full information furmlhbl
contity. Our manlaer has Ilved i hl thi N
is thoroughly conteaamt withld r~

S* V
E. Es WO
setting a number of prominent At
Gsines"-l rm ,l 1 1 a

..- -. -.:. ;~Z~~.i ~ .-. 4 .*~ U -t r wrr- --


EPn Bed iater, aill r *lAnh IS aS Klw iI d i
I VWrite for Vri'tTl. Caep aId bottlesU a l *IM. bet S t Ibe
k-p4 v o, ** *-***- -* ---- ' '--- 1 '^'' ^ ^ T^ ^ ^ ^*
ftw u i ___ w I"

-H -I Sc tliaDrLK Ix EBrrmer Nov. 6. IlO '
s o MA.] I. .

Cream Vermituge




maiwalC r uiMTirr*ll.
iT0e l4M90A9 pAICS41e ONLT *U
Baltard*Snow Liniment Co.
ror $aler by W. X. JobEhnL .

S*... I1 .
S . ..'... .. ... .
i4 1' .rW Isy Prucat)blt
.l l' . ...... '4 t
r f i I 1r i ** l.
r '
-- - IMI __

stitllbuTe min haF s it No. 34 No. 80H
Lv Jacksonville..dt Ry 80 7 6I5p
Lv Jetup So.......Ry 11 2 10 40p
LTV 8vannah. So it 1I OOp 12 .1e
Ar Coluibia ....o Ry 6 8 p 8 0M
ArCharlotte ... Soy 9 40p 9 6
Ar Ureensboro...So y 12 5a. 12 llp
Ar )anvillle.. 8. oH I 4s 2 10p
Ar Hitehmomnd o R_ .. 42p
Ar Lytcliburg NHoRy 4 (a 4 &4
A r Chrloivervle Sory & 801 6 lOp'
Ar Washington .o Ry 9 46* 9 SMp
Ar Balimore.. ...1 iy 11 8 II 1Ap
Ar W. Philadel'ia P Ry i 4p 2 M8
.\rNewYork.. PRy 4 lAp 6 A
No. 84--New York and Florida zx-
press." Daily Pullman Drawing Room
Slrepini Car Jacksonville to New York.
No. i)-"Washlinlton and Florida
Limited." Dily Pnllman Dnrawin
Itoom Sleeping Car Jacksonville to
New York.
Throtnh 'The Land of the Sky." No. 80
lvJ.lacksonville, Fla ... o Ry 7 .pl
.v Savannah, i....... So ty 12 Its
Ar Colunmbia. 4I. Ry t8 00
Ar A.hevilleN ; Sot y I Go0p
Ar Hnt 8priuig,. N C Id y 2 .37
Ar Knoxlrill. rt"nn. . SRty OOp
Ar Lotlsvil ..... So Ry 4 0
A r St. Lolui ...... ,o 17y 4 Mp
Ar C(ineinnati. .. A O 16b
No. -- T.aily Pu ll main dra wing room
and bhi.Ilt tlrpilng oar between Jack-
monvi!le i and S. i.oiii.

Two Trains Daily
Washington and
New York.

North and Wesm
Lv Jaksnalllu lr II

Arb asObat Te .+
Ar Lahrmfi4 R. ......
Ar lUloCOE... .e.t
Ar OkInataaeT .... '

Ar O, .,
Ar On i.,,,.. :Tl
Lv OCMiflit. Ob 6.-0 '
Ar tO e i, ..

At tr O, .. .. 0
Ar Ceto i .
U ~ l-Ttm so%-


LT OmldilasL X
Ar COIvetmdl 0 ..
AL L. i Fi, I.......
Ar yl. u l ... .sl
Ar Loa. Lioti, eo .... i

No. 1-"Thb leid
DIly mold Sbl estb l 4 m
day ooihee and PoUllin I
Jacksonfvlle toClaotl. a l.
North tet
Lv Jaekitonavie, F ..,F....
Lv Jesur.p, ... .....
Ar Naseo, Os .... .1
Ar Atuo. 04 g
Ar A tlaa A ..... t
Ar Birminhalm, Al, ...
Ar Memphfi TenT ...s

Ar Klanismr ol .ro .- ,Iu
LT.. h* *,'* .. ..
Ar -o6 8pringo, Ark ., .....,
No. as-oThe ,Orie uts 1A

Fmrm New York, Washington. ete.-No. 20, "WebhlnptoL and r iorlI
cited 9 a. m.
From Chicag;. Ciincinnati, Chattanoogal, Atlanta, t -INo. 14, "
Iiilited," 9:.5 e. 11n.
From Kansas City. MemphiSi. Birminghlm. ete.-No. 14, "FlorMla'


~ -~--- --



m %



7 ,'l ,

= 71,, ..

,7WM ., ",,, -1. ""- ... .. ",r ,.-" ..' - 'r I %

,. ,, : ,,


Ie ,

r :

~I. a '

WI .


If '
'r I;
i-":' ' I:
'.Ii "[.."

ww, Vui at t tae
all thw usarns..
*f. lk IAm '.to - o

a the wboLtto loS
Shbu thaulS AMriftne aSd
>t^Sy^- r4*h modem datve that ed to the um
^\^ kI that teao m lultane bud
fhs cnmesss as ywtaume
.i I i almwot pll tie meao-.
ii tl l omed mer the smoth
fl .or-w along their ormas.
t ^ at to a pdp that and

r ~~e-i tir beatsr tow pulttn
't Ilit a1 r b "0 Iotl o wlcerweork covrwei
t hidie,.w ad, t y- ~ 1 ablo to
r*ay dtam* rom laud I to thee
Ss f us worthy cotrivancesn
tiy. When tbh qgPaetl
SIo what rac wae .ditated In
la that enrty UMn when
..t. Wa.tUlltsl were put up, the
SMaUtly catne that th oely
W f to be a rac e ot ollo and
.i. -I,,; phe. -_Bthe ratce of the
~ L _

7I-AS li, t he were the bloektakim
|. iM tlt er coau to rMcb Anwrlca?
,.h cfl 4 tokel o toh t1la ad of
.*r' wtae wmten dtlltarrnmn att l *ren
rh;.1 i (W 1 o the Atlantie oeMi
l t bltory proTv, Is onot bard to
:M l I that they ltay hIave found
r ttlr Way to America. SoutsL arhabe-
'i tOiSt aem eve. 'willng to believe
that uiy r~a~ctciK Aimucrtin by way tof
S the lot AUiutlu tiht legendary rot.i
flMt ait, it uow suakn momewiere
S mth AtbUitle oeman. It It ever eo-
SAt rte, the theory that the
.., tirdi weltb telerwtor' of 1Ill,
Il tiuoliths of the workl to comamelnuu
at, dMl!eve. orM o r tl reiglow pur-

1,T MOP Ic o .R10 OKIf.lOaNTS.
s I tawiiOqt th Jiletsd Circuit.


E* 1 I"'

W Veasg Icw o. rliublils
to a i ltak ebld
Il too In %bt sbkrxm mt CO 't by J.
won o or befe oldar. the Mbh day
fibo e. A. IX 19M.lU, hereIt fIll not.
t 1 tfrr~ d thabt MID trdqlrb" Iure hl

,lSfTV Crf T r$[ FIANCE STJ?;
SWP Thet All of TPpMa. Tihme ea
eM AIhir6tel ONlPi as t a~ Well sMe
'I .. ei ft wre. B.I.. b,

Atos! th greatest mysteries lf tihe
VI0Nt'W of the past huaunn blatr"It oIl
lltb thb mouotlte thaS t stamd Ian vanr-
qw parts ot tbhe iloe Iuve h lwayrs

i'tl9 1m1 w. mltnA rnu'illents, ge*
.1l elds,^ with luinly auty scIllturo,
it butlejfbdtlt r,0 lAu Inr.w, nrte cat-
(Wrpm *very9Fb4 s The aust faaisous
Stbeum it n 0$o rMultlh, ntli RI
at i ,f 9"i t lo brtlwern part ot Iof

MiJr Ia Or I thi Oder river, In Dsn*
SIEutltiv A f$,sm. and
ral Mouaat tstal aun the C(au-
1' ; in~ all havy soeio hiere and
tiy a be been dlheovered
Mi^ta e. Tlnr. are several
b, JDpa where uch Stones
i w beeM found It uortl andl
aesth ute mu t woea.
iO Uof them all are
t rltyiptg 1*towe
|M :g4t*lr^ that hbva bm

a to wbat thtts toes
to. ow pwmr t pea
;aupwledgeler eglearrl ay
fows vpowwasso, o.M,
t*wldrl^4i Of ftlnslus
5 esotsid such lWgint
At wbl* weigh much
iOf t to beIrt wlea
WteIg, idue4 mal O hm a.

Os* w or, s
Siiw aua ttid fn i c
atta h eviei tb art

I iiM i 1@ eab f tl t A~ er


their lrar*ge. so, from their point of
view. It Is n hba d thing forl a convr't
to emOpSew. o IoIIg n o Ihe Il on thl
b~omks he i etatitlled. to rations r en
though lie II:'e* hlitnken fomn off likI feet
the dust of the great ray prItunr on
the hillside. 'oIlstcIuenlly a otu:l bit
of this dust shaklng oeso on, and ouut.-
lieo pa Dlah cotirleta ecnape to Tetutn
and Tangier,. soetlnnso In loorish
gartb. They are a fe from pursuit
whie the sentries are Imu med.,"
A Frightened Horse,

..fta m.a lla I.n.4A .Unan a L .A.--i

'--4Aw- C : )--A- I
AJE h rA '

A,'r Une


po)rwP r til t:ter on galiJl alregtfl
thrnrl l t1li 4' dtiuvry ) a rrit 1"p.
rlatl ittQr1u mlwor river Iolre. whlrh
Lhao I'iobni lies o wIriN!u igrFSAVt .l,'Pgy
on It. T~r hltI! vI, tlhew" wondsl Hat.
*'tin thliN .lot wils IlahI ouir lbraivo ca l-
In tI i.ulS. I. I111 IAvltI, Is one ftf
lrMh t t(w4.ilr !, 'Ill"I r ll lt" OIl It tlh1 jl-!
riri'u tolu igr foti' prIiattI i It 1i n iiiAkI?
will lipsh KM ratkid. The rotprlrlin 4
a ,il'l kii wn I'ollhcileui lYsi1ytol u4f
IJtlilfl nArl 1N fttIucl oll ninilly li14111t
Ihut ,iov r hItisntl I'usnil'luiis hlurl il
Istlc.. Atlid Mp ctih' wwith hiIl i43tII1
enir il i I:x;t (lly 1r 1 l a tll ii e ll ylrulal i al
thome on tlh: K.titlh laSne'irail wtuToi
hb t h.lrtl ft ,ll *ni in to ni' in ci ltril
'rni Iw. N;' ai 'rt I 'rMoo.

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


Only Line1 Operating
Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orlegsa




full information anrd Irelifer reservations call on anfy nage Sealmoard
A. O. MAcD yNEIJ., 8. . OYI0LTON, JR.,
Asrt. General Panenger Anvnt. Pautenger Agent

Good shells In your gun mean a good bag
in the field or a ggood score rt thi trap.
Winchester *' L:-.dcr" an:d "TRpcetcr"
J Smokelerss Powe'c.: ,h:1, rrc .I-,j tWhells.
Always sure-fire, always (:iv,.g aii cvc:.
spread of and good penetration, the:r
great superiority is testified to by pc:rt.3
men who use Winchester Factory Loaded
Shells in preference to any other mnke.

; ,- ':,., ;,
' "
. ., 4 ,., ,

two llmtSret MillIn tie Itrs t e t o
Ieaetl,,rt ( Wl to Nrw kurk.
li'. ii q\"v ,-'i-, I' fritllII '-0 tIph.rt.- I l31 i4 II "y fir.
l4 .h'1I. 1 40 v It It :tl iill!"'iuly I il iil
thel IwtI.tI illt lay of $ I l.Ut i .4 wh a ie
the Ioa 1 Ill.itail e1- n it:It II.1iced It
valtrp, lnlshed lii IaIl lIixisrlti sly lur-
Ullllll. ait l.c tht lln ,lt.U(o0~NI.
A tfow 'itels wil I w*etluci'jIen to
show thei w-ult il5i, whilih Ihei ring
had e'ulli'te4l di Itn llinuii'll pllthy:
arnl'iry t ilyti cra an ir itr labile
had n lrttO lr vaille rf IIt.7,Uto.*k).
A elharge for repairlig fixtures,
thInrulh J. 11. KIeyer & Co.. wai lI.-
,TrilOtllot'Arr. Sl.ri00.
Antlt4'r< thrge rfor tfurnittire. through
IWngrutl A 'v.. $4.zmniu.(T.
,A illglo Itemu uft tatlisery wans set
dni'u at Suj~AlSl'. Wl'ht. Ip heaovcI'N
ILs4Ie, CUUi( the (01 repCt Ithasv pfull
tor will ftTillinoery tUlght iat rillu
Theni there were c rpcts. IlmhIa ainl
certain. also umampldled by tlitu mlurvel
l llrumi. InlamKeroll & Co., at thee frlrl
coamfortable figure t lof 5,3:H.44. Nor
lourt we overluook o 0e U. S. 11ler, a
eoltnter, who iwas set down is ibav-
I#g relived $L0T.747.il1 for )on1e inouth'l
But G(arrey, Andrwv J. 'tlirviey, t h
plterrr1 (iemiarntloia sof Ighlutelnrs
t unliorn will take aol their bats to
bI nllenary! Two million eight buu-
dred. awl vetuly thnhua rdlf tour buil
dredm ami lixty-four 4olrm aud lmix
cetl bad bo earned at hil humble
trade in the brief prod of value
It Ia tlnnisecsary to go further Into
te detaotls f thin iponsteTr tln-
Itro frafud; %iU& x8$I6 had bteen
paild lbronb tlb mlugle "' rm" of ln-
Matthew J. O'ourke. wlho 'rnce that
time lmatle a (iturful mitily of Ithe rity's
lnlrsmf, a.ttat tmht. Ilsumi of ftraululent hotilsn, Ihe unln-
dllag of tlh cdl hy wealthy tnix !l1-
*Mr, liy rnuramhhle antl favors gra.te:1.
by blacklnall an extolrtlol, tiLe Itoal
amount of the city's losa th ruillgh tsh
Twet ringl stands fit not le.s than
aiO,OOOWX0.-I-' ns Wi\'ekly.
klwars of 'Counterfeits.
"DeWIttl Is the only penui le
Wlteh UHel Htive," writes J. L.
Toker of Osatre, Ala. I have uoed
It in my family for piles, outs mnd
burn for year oand ean recommend it
o be the best salve on Ihe mnrknt.
voery tfmil should keep it, a It ie an
lavaluable household remedy, and
should always be kept on hand for Itm-
mdiate use." Mrs. Samuel iagfe uf
North Bash, N. Y., uyS: "I had a
fever or0 o, may ankle for twelve
yIkan that the ldotors could not oure.
All salves and blood remnedles proved
wortihle. I could not walk for over
,two Iyear. FPnally I wsr penruded to
try eWtH'I WVitch Hai el Malr.
whieh has eaompletely aured me. It i
Wonderful nslet." DeWitt's Witch
Hasel ahv ora without leaving a
war. Sold by all druoggiau.
A spetlslo Psi.a.'
"OCn the panllh section of MoroPeo's
eout lia rtatnd the penal asttletient
oft (uta.-" writes a traveler. "It has
a large number of sohilers. a hug,' con-
vict prison and leglons of mall boys.
who mobbed me when I wan' last tbher
blcanue they did not ipproTe of may
ngllsnli lit nuil lltuttll Flpntuli vo-
calbulary. Now. t1ht governors of Cei.
to draw rntlons fCor every- c<'onvlct In




- Montezuma


On the A. C. L. and S.

None Better in

. 8.

SL. Rys.


- Hotel

V. J. SHIPMAN, Proprietor

the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.
__ _.._ .A

--- ---- ..-- ~-- ~x..a



Retailers and Jobbers In

Staple and Fancy Groceries,

Blrln, Glrden Seed and Fortilize.



Highest market price paid for Chickens. Egas and other Prduee

completee stock o? HIy, Corn,
and Rye. Wt handle only

. GiaXAM. PFreident

JaN. M


Oate, Flour, Bran. Meal, Cotton Beed MeI
the VERY BEST eoode at the LOW.
guarante uataoletion always.

Gao. W. Hvnn, VIee-President


ow rG.&lq$ rS %Irr.Tn'.


Capital ...... * * .... 50,000 00
Surplus aid Undivided Profits... 25,000 00
c" 1I.rwoly .. .tuklp. .wiL t eb fsoalaIUn. ie l to .sa bhk I s. imr. SoIC1
thes aaaa..aa a-4

~ ( )'OR *

I ..'

.71 .~


l stabli sAme 1878

- F'.D UTTTO & CO.

L', a i re r! b inal hlI 'lne'1 bUsT d W 1 For n L4 DoA lK fxbselnesoe
t aOftS UIo t or banl.:l t lu*k-er. .*',rir rtl M. rtrmier, merchants aU other
rcelrved on rtvorable term Spr':al! fo!lierl to naktjing Colleelouu on 0l
Mict;et1 poairti n t a Vinti Std Mte.6

G -AyI Tr T ElILT7 LE rT. iG

' ', ', '


- --



;Al!' R

rw "',r~~ c*.;in.> s vawa

Ita LambaselidL PAer KLa
rkas, I dead rhel an apo
pa ,pr estI this country will,
aI Julills Caesar. to *t al.
tlat of 'rtLderick the O(eat '
War college
at ioserml Noeton A. MIIti'
gy lbe adjutant general ut
$egtta In the admlniltrairos

Sf neis lark, a wealthy wo
S3re, Pa.. diIed as the reisul3
riPSo shiet wound, aelf-lnflictoll, ar'
Of hIr iwtitw tn Jametown I
gis of AflroTro have atlfnipt
galptre Walter H. Harris. thel
writer who is ,raJouirnlnK i,
lm try aal hold hint for ransoml
0. H. ilblert. the widely kimwS
was stricken wlit apopltex~
I her room at Ihe 14hermac;
IB Chicago. She dtt'd in a t;hol

nr Detfr. iI years old. was
to death Instantly lihen h
*alveel r'rlr wltrp in lRchllnlrlE
la Giranil-ville. H. 1. Thur.

Admiral John C. Walton. I;
retired. has arrived In Rome
Pilsto ad Is atildyingt Ili lIulnl
.lysltal and moral, given In Itall
l It$ for the army.
o men today entered the An
o' e am Cabin creek, in West Vir
with a can of powder whibh or
ad I I were hurt. six seriouwli
plmape fatally.
W reported that the ban*Prs c:
Tort ar organizing a bauk tha
g'I open all day and all alih'
plrlson nerlilll nioluy altei
bIaktlg hours can obtain it
iWUllt of a nwt.ting hnil in ILor
it was ainnun'l furia havte IItcn i clre' 1
and Paris 2exch ti- v h! ,
Nov. : l0 to r'- i;': Im .,

ib repartol tiut T1 the' Vl'iln1 '.

on. the st 'tinll larce.4t .i
lo atrtyera if I h ,ii. ep rt 1
,o0vermunrel ia ntltw in .
,.y AMuns u aiin a tUhe ant r.'in


uvmsam. Ontario, Testifies to the
td Qalitles of Chamber-
Saln's Cough Remedy.
4lhraham, (Ont., April In. Itl.--I
l. iIkloalyrlght that I should tell
l I wonderful effect Chamber-
OI gbh Remedy has produced.
lbelofe Easter I was so dis-
with a eold and cough that I
bthllak to be able to take any
sealet day, as my voice was
i choked by the oough. The
iitl I received an order from yotu
tibillloeof your Cough RemedIy. I
AI- preslred a sample bottle, and
ibr t three doses of the medicine.
i* giat relief the cough and cold
WaIpletely disappeared and I aml
NWlpeach three times on Easter
|. I know that this rapid and ef-
Wleare was due to your Cough
SI make this testimonial
solicitation, being thankful to
tI kI dBe h a God-naet remedy.
Respectfully yourni
E. A LA! SRetor of St. Luke's Churlch
.CMberlain Medicine Co.
emldy iL for sale by all drug-

Cd Wave In Northv.-:lt.
:|iHau. Dec. 3:.-c(:inrll,.nt Wton, i
the fIrst is(Lwfull (of tihe s.ta'.(oU
:lltber bureau here rellirtltl that
,ie wavTe In iho northwest l I in
I i10 la ItIenilty. zero temperac
SPeWalling In North DakuLo and
t. Snow is general through
Ti n ierthern tier of tatla.

R evolution Imminent.
.- 1I0 sa lgn of approaching r volt
garoUls trouble In your system is
l talelellsnes, or stolmalh
Electric Bitters will quickly
-iber the troublesotllp oaulls. It
falls to tole the stomach, r.'gii-
the kidaeys and bowels. Itilin-
the liver, and clarify the blood.
d own sylltmln. Ienetlit plar-
piand all the usual attendiii
VW0i1h under its searching and
ne*ffeltivene Ps. Electric Hit.
fotly 50C. and that i* returned If
~ete perLect 'tiilfctioi n rirnir-
itw bYi all druggist..

-6 bers Kill Grocer in Store.
ri, la e To-. I. I .. ..,, ......

SColunl*as, Ohio, May o, r9rl.
tix ycrr ,., J I hail Iu bclv r attack of
Intllailltl*, RhVurnattltlslli I w.Iwa lii inl
in twI, f tr L Im it)llll aII I !h 't r.' i
bait did me n 1. ', \t. Tthey i li ngtid med-
icine.- every week andl otliini they pre.
scrilel secril l Ilitmo ti 1 a Il he
gian tlh use S.o 5 .%. M k.neei L anC low
point were sworllcn terribly, andi at one
ime nmy joitllt wre MH l morlen inI pai-
(fill that cuill liit moarC ilitemn Wli
opetied. I so II sallad i1it I rlultl not
move knee or fuot. I was g~ttrli liioutr-
ageil, yout iii0 IIicsure. wl ,it; I tgaa S. .
SI., hut a' I > 1 .% it was helpir: I-Ne I cintin l
ued it, an I t*-,s I iy a i netl t il l l fI in n I
andi have ivr- hal a re turn f the dli eM!e.
0. 8. puitiiil rt my bhhul i' I curedl me
of this severe case of Rtkhunli ti't after
everythiuiii% O.n* lhilI fail:tl. I have rec-
Oniiutciallcil it to other with genid re
ults. R. I. CH. iiAPa.
1j553 Mt. Vernon Ave.
Th, polYi iloItuS acflt that prrlucr thein.-
flnllll ttuill onil tpin are utirrtell intothe
blo(,l a IrL hbruiilati-zis c.:t n-i-vert wcon-
iuteredl till tliese are n uiialiedil Ha 1 til-
tcrlc out tf tlie t lol Inti anvatenI. 8. ., .
r diirectIly into the circulation and at-
cknf the ulirease itself. It purifies and re-
store the blood to a healthy, vigorous
condition. It contains no potash, alkali or
other strong min.
erals, but is uar-
anteed ent rely
vegetable. Write
us and our physi.
cians will advile
without any'
charge whatever.
Our hook on Rhe.
matism sent free.
The Swift Speetl Campery, Atlanta, ft


Beautiful Ycung &va'., al Cirt I..
Ovrc:,n.j by Gas Fun-e-.
Sa a'm '.u t *. *i. I ,3I

te'r of (..114 W\ . li i. ':4 her
litM a a,.r elU ul ht'r itr' i rtal-
Tl' onI)' L : I il :'t, 1 1'1i -l.
Tio' y'oni1t l(dl. wt L r. I., h vr
he 'i 1 3 y1 i, l i i i l.ia r,-ii ;, htr
rotmln in tIh ,l arl a; i n ':1 I' a :ttf
elt6 w iI, !'. 1 nll) 1.. In li t ;,1
of I., al h Ifor -% *-ra; i l ..
At th- l i i h u 1 to I Im i11. : ; '. t tlI'." .lii. ., i tn \l as
male that the ruom was full of g:i. .
Mil '. Wf\ I li il t' c iil. It I .1 11'
meiat. A\ phlty i aiai u ha-.lib;. lie
ni'nei. int hIi was unable to i .
la-' thf 1t ini l 131
ThIs hwt'r':rma'i'lli the \\ W ktniinill
famlnl fo)li w I.a l. utIoln ati~ 'tr
About tIx v%>''u-k- '. %%W %I. Pier otn. of
W alttrhl :io. S t bh.o'i 'lid (f I' a -
eld ,r i. \t', w -*.''n!trf. M!oT,> hie % .,
to) marry w'thihi Ithl .iixt w :

a-n killed w .hi'. o'! h e ing r ..:fY :a

Curious Mail Package.
oInr ol thle liolst clrious packages
wliic(' hasl lb'eii received by the


President R5rleve:t W I /f ,: 3n5t Two
ti ;.:m r, Ac idd ,.
%%"," :'.,. 1 l ,

1 'l .1. i ., 1 6

la *'i \ L W.. t, 1 h.
to r it T II, ,, i -. , ,
ti .; .. u (n a, I' AI,'
a)n. ,, u; ,,I i e'i lftain l11

; rtrIa u Military at I tn&
%It-r Stt newstll Jlack.on. W!lbw it
the Ka'l- rial, is now ita r-rl' lit olf ('har
lole, N C
Th1 [pr<. little also -atil hi P expected
to aiPLirLnt as a \%' t Iv nllt rI'ald a
ul or i f Harry Stil!w.-! C '.tards, j ).t

master at Macorn. Ga.

MI. '1:l wrdi

ldvliNv'-reil one of tho iper(t. l a l 4 ond-
ing t1h1 lminatii n afd th 1 ra Ijirtil-ent at
the ItChicago convention aiid Is a *arm
Ik'rsonal friend of rt. ,Ro-a., '.lt
Thp amir iintmcnt4 willli e made as
soon a the* neeci-.ary vry ancimc iake

Found Skeleton In nSwrrp.
Macilon. (Ga. e*- :-A ghar.t!y fluia
was made Tuesday hy a Iarty of Msa
con liunters In a iwampp in Twlani
county. The Mkeleton tof a near, wo
ima was found nearly buried In the
mud of the swamp, and a my)'tery wasl
cleared up which ham putaled the au
ftoritles of Twilla county for over a
year. The woman' name was Georn
fla Ana Price, sad at the time of her
disappearance she was about 40 years

Birmingham to Invite President
Birmingham. Ala.. Dec. 3-At the
regular meeting of the enom.erclal
club this afternoon an Invitation will
be extended to Preloenti Roosevelt to
visit Birmingham. Ala.. and provision
will probably be made for a commit.
tee of representative citizens to go to
Wa tnlrgtnn to present the invitation
The hoard of trade and city council
arre xipocted to take like action nesi

Pay State Debt With Convict Hire.
Montgomery. Ala.. Dec. 3.-In hit
quarterly t)' tport to the governor J. M.
Carniichabl. president of the board.
says that he han made new contracts
since Aiugrut of convict.s not otherwise
assignedl that will bring the itate the
net urn M of 6.00ooo0 a year.
Ih i alo says that the earnings of
the state cotnv4cts at pr-;,nnt will pay
off the entire state debt in 25 years.

Will Not Build Ships for Russalna.
St. P 'er,1burg. Ikc. 3.-A report
which has reached here that Lewis
NilVn iVi sfning t7.0o0 American ship,
men to, tieba topal to build Russian
warships Is untrue. All that Mr.
Ntxon's agcrint are doing at 8ebasto
pol at present tIs assembling the ten
Ltrpedo hoai hbullt In America. Mr.
Nixon has no contract to build large
warships t here,

itlineriille potolfftie for several years
was a e0coanmit. which arrived ill the i No More Suffering.
Ilmnk. from Palm leach, Wednesday. If you are troubled with indisestion
T'l: nrtit weight in gross was 32 ouinces,I g et a bottle of Kodol Dyspepmia Cotre
and was addressed to Maria Williams,' and see how quickly is will sure you.
a colored woman here. Several who (ieo. A. Thomion of Spencer, la..
iNw thin' packlige were imiipressed and Bays: "llav had dyspepela for twen-

endeavuord Ito pure hase iat front t li
ow'viler, Iem in riil'intitl' tlniiill
ool %ii!' ration wmiol ii dair*e her Io dia -
I.tit' ofit .
Woman Found Dead.
Atliant.c CiI) N .1 1Wi .3 :;--Wlth her
body covered a it h brl e -. orii- eye
tlatkeimn-,. her aruim ti:lit:y d rawn over
lier rhi'.1 4 amllil scratll aittilred, iMr
Ni y Oi'Haia. of .out hii Allanti., wans
fatindt (l lQ by tI.aO womnitln who went to
call on her at lier honim. The dead
woman wai. a well known character
anl hi'r h-hanrid, Williiim O'litara. Is
now IIt jail. havinRi boeen arrestedtl Ycv
eral days agni harg' ftal',on. The poli ~' leiePve the woman,
recn'lv e her Ibruisiis while Intoxlcatredt ,
hi1L thl'1 are inve' tiltatinz 4nm the the,
or-: tl1a hhf might have' Iren nllirder '
e.I. O'lara's kr K tooiiui t hinm to jail
and has renialnie nl th steps ever
virce ahlir in l tipi l.

Temperance Workers Elect Offcers.
l'hilad.-lphia. D- ; The National
Woman i l ('i I.lih e ' llp r'ilMit('e' niion
tloiu. i 4 -' ihli' grnral (ifflrcers
fur,lr yi, i Th iir'fflcr.. !rl Mrs
Illian M1 N Sltevenr., PmntlIand .M '
prlAdieni MI Anna A. t;orc!on, Kl
anl0toi-, ; vice pre-tlo-.ti ai Im l ",
Mr- SI-anla MI I). Fro'y Evan.ston
I1: .or ,llniiliing sfrre, tary: LIra,
c';lra '. Hoffma I St. ILmiii. Mo. I.
eiirdI iu s -r lta r MtIs l-'ranElSt I.

ty yvar,. My case was almost hope-
eIrs. Kodoi ltyiprepala Care was ree-
oininendedi and 1 used a few bottlesrof
it and it is lht only thing that has v.
lievrd e Would not be without it.
lilavr dcetored with local physiclans
1and alIo at Chicago. and even went to
Norway with hains of getting some re-
liet, but K ndotl lyIpeplia Cure ii the
only remnedy that lias done me sany
vtnmi, and f heartily recommend It.
Every person sufferiltg with indiges-
tion ordyspepsia should sle It." Sold
by all druggista.

A lady plihilnrithnhrlJt once
tlhe Itu ~shiii frntiiutlcr to vislt Toletol,
niul. irl.Ih*'rcl ilnto t1 1rwn'lliene* of tile
grear t iialt. lilr uittirt'al the uclia il cyiin
v-i-iioir i t lar l ii .., ,;ln, l ,xgt|lji tiltnx.

iitI ith l', y ":.' ;4 .te sala ,hit ir In
I 'r"' 11'a'ii ly (i li liilt k tile top "t
1m y li l :1 1 ; ii :1 t Ilt i th igh

ii*i ll ." HI 'l it ikil ,
I t'lii I n r ;,ii ;ii l f i akil eiiini '
ile. ,' .inI V;! ',1 .- *,' "WVthyv do youm
1-14p i ctiir '' o n ll your nrium'. if

f rill 1 i' l lIr ilr ll-ill

3'sIn hi i t It it 111 4 .I 1itke l Ial
'tin i'; ir i iit\ tIIo dr.w tIli
film- iti j :iif ,e114 \ ,tni lthrowni oe n*
mion h thel ,(,tlri i r- an aillii'tur In lnot 'hilt
at Ihis tw~ ".i .n t'iillg li t l l i,,
Willakinlcl hliurs Unl thin' .r af hi
ld.ely I nlitl min alt lhis est. w\herrvIr
pre t ,'tilol 11.1 iI'****'.*;y o'ir ul r toll-
verted Inteo l\lury aiitd a'.*it's'fluity ti'
Is ei'nkeris' t, Tii' tni riunia t



which has been mantintained throughout
the world, l evidence of Its I periort-
y ; and as the New Home Sewlag )Mat
chine Company has always en ed the
enviable repntailot of manu fiactuti
firstIlass sewing machines, thlre need
he nn hesitation in buyltai a NEW
lIk not be imposed upon by plants
telling you that some other maU"0lte
is just as good; sak thoee who have
used the NEW HOME for a qaItero
of a century and be guided by what
they say. For Light Runnini., 81m-
plicity and Durability the New Home
hal no equal.
If the agent in your locality insist
on selling you ome other machine
write to the underslgned and he will
Pie that you are supplied with the
New Hlome a a reasonable l, rce.
Reliable agents wanted in every lo-
eality in Florida. For prices, term,
ete., address




Bicycles and Electlrical Goods,


Charged Upon Three Counts With LUar
Croy, He Mutt Serve Bigl Time.
Ct.,harirge.i .'1, ti.ret srpa 0ra e lid til
ltinct .'t ,:.iI sof lA 'riy n a rid eCiom iitted
in ea1, cap#e Walter htiliard, a cdlorfd
ytiiiL of l.ACru1 s. is CeriSaily in aS
hard row,
Italirtl i r.,' fa ilig the course flur
h tr;.t *illvisr o t Ihe law-bilt they
cann ii tripirlts, arI he uiii istland
l3. cequste:.itners. The s Olluti ne-
iro 'al. *arrritri Friday ty liep.
Iity liJer.IT MCauun upon a charigo
of the lar,'ny of cottonl from
Former lelKit.iry. for whom lie has
betit uouking iHe was emp nluyed to
pick cutitn ty Mr. MaKiuiel, atR4
managed to steal errry day. if ith ro--
port is correct, until ie had managed
to get away with 146 pounds, fur whleih
tie rt'eeived at various times fron tlhe
nlerolilt lofi l.aCt'role oash Iad Ier.
When arrested Ballard was a r
rained before Justlee Stokes at La-
CroQe. le stated that the cotton be-
longed to another party, and that he
was selling i on a eommlilon, but be
etideceo wa so clear tlhl he ewa
given a saent4ne of *aO lad mOts or
thirty days in each eue. oad not halv
ing the money to paW his fle, was
brought to jail. He will be taken to
the minei In a day or two. C slhtanr.
AsI our week lii not t le exct
illmiig thriatlin coaiverm tthe C'hiua
*are ilustolnel to 'uunit by the dare.
of the H esll. I' eritnl days are IsOld-
e*ml i*l wmlau llyIafr. silrh so the ltl
anild Ilth of oacl Imonth ntd the dlate
on whlih tile lilmuiler a re doubled, as
the 3d of I e thhi)r month or bth of the
seventh sunth. particularr attention
s given n In e it enknUld ftr Igmral
use to the lucky mad unlucky day.
aoelltttinl even to the tegeet t of
troalnliihn l inlurnrwtalo and predle-
tlolIr. tilnie editions combtne ratb
poetical nattler with the pmracttl isd
*ollrtitloionr notes. Irling the date
when the ralnhlow will Brat le see.
the tlmne for the opening of certaIl
flowerrn snd the mulrtlons and songs
of birtii.. Tile ottelaltc r*enarm are tor
Iurdl annually, after tIlhy hlare-riflT-
ed th epirrur'ra appmrwirl; iand al-
thouilh filled with *uperatition ad In-
arulrate it rlasty particulars, they ar
nmost intelteting Iand attractive nd
present ia good example of the lote and
ll*tlle of thte t'hlltnlt po"l.

Whiy Not Learumn to Speak Spais
Yea aa aou re a opy of tlbe ew
editlos of booklet entitled, "What to
Say In psaish and H1ow to eaf
ad lasg two eats in passage to I.
Laayf division passwnger Ets A.
laotli Coat U HLietiroad SAvaamb,

In These Day's

UWhile uacrupolous manuftetur
era and agnls are flooding the eamntry
with worthless sewing maohnoins,y
Iseuing circular. and making statf*
ments wherein they have copied the
lel Wmtal claims of reputable iompet*
nles, many purchaser Ibecome bewil-
dered and puasted, and fintld t difealt
to make a selection. The popularity of



* ,




flm iu



Foe rte, seqtILn Ll

Oin. HsMu n j
M0 *IU-l^JIl

Fruit sd n~f

oft Tu 041.. efl0 mbea. *o"
li Jw *nIUtM
^^__ ^_ .ri1'*/* ^*

Ow 1W~. :rrr' ~ '.. ....

A al U*sR hesWf
Am assftm ut -

. "U

*v WI .. e

eraer Onse as Cmirae

phose to

n il& I -
,.' ,, .. T
-. ''.f;r

tW AS. OArm ht.
I f' .. ,

oDemeis w A llFt ol w.



Alasbu Ioounty is it,40Oa
area, ha 24 miles -aliite
miles waIon read, W1 pa
128 public shools, t Ift
plant, 0 saw mill., MlS
ho*e, re e*wpslpeMn i
duee corn, eolons,
a gespap e_, peotn, 3e1t
eas. and all kiid o l e

Gainmeill the C Otl h

Has fourteen obareb-t

nlled tllate G oalit e
water., fre alarm a tei e
andt Ihtlf atoe lse
mre hle hoope, thrw wi
riet, 00otant !a, two mo- -


!1. Dii


J s. Everna ad' I

As good am any and btels
Beer, Made of Hop 4
sad OT RI. R


/ i l",i? .. 1 :. ,f':

; I

. J .i

- --~~~' -* 'r.1T'ae..urIn`ff
*~~ 4 a -

A, w4




.9fosrnrlJ Intcrdst Oath.
L md by Our Reporters


gsa Happenedand What is Ooing
iTold in Short Paragraphs
S iat M*He Who Rlun May Read"
T Sun
p9W ibtk C lmhrmas l & I!i.
ij uwepapers for ai!.' at '"i*' Sli
of -11,'

,it Lounday her'
1, 0. Ellis, the piano n1111 ttl.. *g ,
ia OCity on busilnle.
lkanown'l W1lef ti *-'nl f" r 4ei.e
jrw. McColluulAi (t'
j13. Dow hal returned from a
vasi ll to Jaeksonvill
LO.Myer fr Iltohell, wan reis-l-
. S .a the Bi rown !i ,+, ,oIst-rd:ay
ly furolished room to retii to uont
priltemen. Apply at Sun illdle.
SM. Dell of Hague was traur-
blusJne in tllii city yesterday.
g. MaPherson and A. M. uist of
tLlr were at the Brown HIouse yes.


Clade Brewer Iha returned to
after a brief visit to frietid.

iobbliet line of shirt and tieR*
city for you to solect from.
lille ofmeekwear-tlie latest It
sad brown-to I. tIounid only

reat-Store Royal Cook form,.r-
Wpld. Address Thomnt V. Por-
Is OUsteen. the efficient teacher of
f Rogue school, favored l.uinveville
a Vltit lesterlmay
SFontaine and interesting lit Ile
r, Mark Ilartletn. were in the
ma Micanopy yesterday.
to see our line of lae and
dotted Swin curtains, Intest
Oaint' llr Furnitur C0 ,
M. Pepper ha returned from
eilphia and oliher points, where
I Webe on a brief biuineiom trip.
J. Potter ofl Tiola. manager of
llAon Phosphate Comipany. war in
lty yesterday en route to (kcala

rolet Sets i ,'"nI
S. Sw us. The 8. J. Thomas Co
l0 .lars and sample distributor
MOM everywhere. No canvassirng.
1-ay. Cooperative Adv. Co., N. '.

*et the slloek jist r ee Soi W. I T'honnis. Good hores
dills and gentlemen-aio fine

S!ell3s want al elegant supper go to
r ira house Tuesday evening and
x the Woman's Guild of lHoly
M~ OLlure oi
0O. Rawls of Alachua was amonol
lltoe to this ity yesterday. lie
lihe Sun ani agreeable call. re-
histl s ubeeription.
atch our windows froi
| ^flo wnow on until Chriet.
,lany new ideas lor your eye.
Wlle Furnitutr Co.
*Ibalmel H. (. Dlentlon-and Joselph
SttlI are at home again, after a
ibsaat visit to 3r. and lMr. John
I Ktel at White Sprinigs.
Friends of T. Henton Ellii, Sr ,
he glad to It-arn that he is out
after an illness of several days
! heontlned him to hit home.
,ney E. Peacock. a valued emploSe
Williston Advocate, was among
Visitors to liainesville yesterday.
lid The Suni a fraternal call.
SW. C. T. L'. will ho14 itl r-gular
ibly business meeting at the Read.
Room Mo.nday afternoon at 3
p k. & full attendance is desired.
h apiress Grade" shoe will serve
*Lll. They fit closely without
They iut tlihe arch of the
Preserve Its1 hape. I';Very
L work of art. ,. Smith.
A JAre ditpllainla betti-
iul line of bedrooll
ir birdsle.p maple and mahog-
; Alo P inesss dressers ad chit-
his. Uianesville Furniture Co.
Lghtfoot,. repreueuting tlhe
4ml1th.Field C(ompany. dry
S .S notions, ihilalelphia, anid

lanure with ( !ihka Mll.
I T I t r 1 1.r, f I to u*n
6 -':o'i. r :r ,.t .
+ .*',e ,,:, r .fra ;:. ; 9 +j.'),' 1,M ile
-, ,. :,r i.e .ffl-rir j ;id eturer
'* 1d si'u) ni frunt, "e toI *l.[it.
\ .rk I.;aekt.

t **,r 'vaeohi ias it ^he city from
'ay '. i e~terday l.Mr ti leaon
I iH;rir tr leit of itLh Dn)rtou track

| [It"1 I ',,':l .., dianmont
Wi i tll pult you. Ithet S

*Leather t C:rdu, with or
'i I o t fril.t- See- tiheml at (iineli-
" I > w. '\rniHur. C\/ .

.r lIifnh r ornitract *saveti |PaItihle loss
"r'ii i vi 'ri'*$ to *nplfy esi ; lillty or
r-* t I' Ire. ent esach ; l2 pe'r h iiiat-
,'r< .;! ti bt, ord *r. IItf.
Jerry \'V, t of Worthingtlon Springs
was iatiiom thi, vtiitors to this eity
f'ridny Il- a mrnlere of the lirm
itf lVrts&, S.,i, owners of Iht l'Worth-
inill1 ;, IJ tt I iid springs.

Remember ,gtos.
yc;'i th.- I.nlllPlto 1 all tini-Jir* e-ver lbriight to Gaines-
%iit., I i;leaville l furniture Co.
\When you want a pleasant purgative
try Chamberlain's Stomach and I,ver
Tablets. They are easy to take and
producer no nriuse, griping or other
diagrr-eable effect. For pa!* by all
I.ittle Nliss Bertha Andrews departed
yet(vday for Wade. where she will be
the guest ofr lr., Fred lleinhardi for
a fer days. I'riends of Mrs.. Reil- will regrlt to learn that she is
W. 11 Itfllrky of Palmer has r*-
moved will, his family to Kanapalha,
where- Mr. iagaley has accepted a lu-
eCfaivrt position as bookkeeper for
Ve'natlIe A JoIlnp., lumber and naval
tiori manufacturers.
Kirschbaum the syle
atiIl 0lr.aucle to them that always
pl nsl ** the enltomner. You get one
anrt J -in tihe throng of satisfled wear-
ers. A.:l wreaes, colors, kinds and
: r cest. J. .Matlasse.
lajosr \W. It Thomas hua returned
frlim Kentiucky. Tennessee and other
iinti, wtlhre hle has been for the past
ten daysr purchasing stock. He *ue-
el cdrit iin seuiiring a large number of
lNiie hoiust and liiles, which will be
placed o(i tle at his stables.

An alarm if fire was turned in from
IIix : at 2 o'clo k yesterday after-
ilntil, which attracted a large crowd.
The deplartniintt responded promptly.
tut it wai inmpolible to discover the
ltre. hence a great many who longed
(ujr excittimnt wvre disapiitntvd.
l.etox Slueoen. Fur the next six
inontluli there should be no haphazard
ihoe buying for youngsters. 'hor.
ough protection for their busy feet is
absolutely neceMary. Happily there's
no neCd of experimenting with un-
known iid usually unsatisfactory
makes. ur I.enox Shoes ,built of
trustworthy leathers, will meet 'every
reell*irefnent of careful parents. I. C.
Among the visitors to this city is
Mie Atei o Hogern of .Iaeksonville,
who is here a 4the guest of Mr. and
M11r. Dow. Miss losers was formerly
of St. l'eteraburg. but is now residing
at Jacksonville. .\* evidence of her
PlopuIlarity in o4ith Florida it may be
nmntiuined that she was the represent-
ative of The Times-Union at the St.
l.euii etxpoitiotl from tlie West
Coa't. having won by a majority over
the iunierots candidates for the hou-
ored posititin.

Mohii .Ala Dl ec. 214, 1890.
lDr. E. W. lall, St. Louie, NMo.-Wlar
Sir: leaving tried different dtetors
aud their remedierJ for several years
rfr hack and kidney troubles. I found
nothing successful until taking The
'fezas Wonder, 1all's threat hriscov-
ery. and. being rapidly cured, the old
ayingK with railroad Imern I "i od
bless thie iman who invented the Pull*
m1an1I sleeping ear." but I say. "tii.d
hleis tlb inventor of l fall's Trexa
wonderr. 'Iours truly.
\tM IC Ci Mobile. Ala.

(Iur small bottle of r th1i Texaps Won-
dir. Ilall's greatt Discovery. eur',o all
kidney and bladder tronblle. removes

I amar with On AMls Hill.
rrr, Fred Newberler of swaivanlh, a
iA popular traveling man of i the irnes
CO'ity, is at ltl Hriiwn l, .. frr un- A
Ne.w day.

3 Carloads ,
goods now on tld( a,. ..- J,
Thomluas C.
W I. r ,lA in .rf Fni n 't l or..- I f
the vu .mi d *.ni,;ny:J t f ih,.' \'iA. e
Mc> a.r lt'oumi.ity, .lavil .t irea op.r.
atoer, was tranaclIing b',Aieau in this
city yesterday.
iMrs. t. Wilson lhas a change of ad-
vert ineetniit in this issu to which the
attention of our readers is called.
This old reliable store is offerii!g spe.
cial bargains in ladies' embroidered
collars. string ties, gloves, eorset.
undervrest, ete.. and those desirinx
this elasl of goUds would do wetl to
call and inspect the line.
The completelness of our line for
The every r[oom in tie house,
from the bed room to the kitchen, will
interest you, Gainesville Furniture
Did you ever witness "A Breezy
Time?'" We don't mean a cyclone,
but that hottest of fare omedies, "A
Breesy Time." It has the reputation.
Eleventh consecutive season. itemod-
eled, refuralshed and a brand pew e-
leetion of the latest ,*os, dances
and parodies, together with the beet
looking girl that could be found in the

A Fe remnants of matting
S F w left. We charge you
nothing for laying matting and hang-
Ing shade when bought of us. The
8. J. Thomas Co.
After a pleasant visit to friends in
this eity, Mrs. Dr. Edward N. Leill s*x
pects to make her departure today for
her home in Jacksonville. lrs. Leill,
who formerly spent her winters here.
has many friends who were delighted
to meet her agaiu, anud who will regret
exceedingly her departure. She wa

delightfully entertained while here,
and the hour. wereopleasantly pased
nrr talking over "old times," when the
lady was a society leader. hir. Leill
has a beautiful home in Jacksonville.
and makes social life among her Jack-
sonville friends one of pleasure.



-1 -,r
We will indulge in a little shoe talk
this week. We are the originators of
low prices on shoes. We have fine
values all the way through, but we
want to call your attention to a few
specially good things in footwear. Our
Iois Calf for boys, a strong, durable
ihoe at $1.65, cannot be equalled.

Our $2 line cif Hoys' Vici and Box
Calf are simply superb. They have
both the style anid wearing quality.

O ur $2 line of men's shoes

equal of many $S..:I ihoers

is the

In fact the

ljulrgranimel Sltlionfry makrr daa ty OChrIetgii
frout i'


A.. I'., rngfrat-ed vieittn eards nmake so aI
0>r Is y-t3u r orders now 0s that they eal be* m*
:nt. rlmpnpsl a.J pries farnutishd upon ap
STV1:VlS; I:N.I:AVJN; C. i., )MalUftagaren $,ti
i.o'.ery anid W"ddivg Inv itatlob, S WhilthaUl
I' v rgia. A.





I00-Page Illustrated C

p "i

k L..

Fell UV a*>

Mail Orders Rve l PfriKom
a cr y I

41_ Waet kly St

T ,.

Ladi El r Kmbr4 der fCelrs, l" Tw
all colors ad while ........
E. nr w Iladr' c ir ljlcr
Tire, all the l popular shad FULL

KM lilevem at ik. is I $d 1. r er

I detwa While natlla Crsts at Los.

,. L T,-

. ,

Ladle' (elte I'adervts Ikbt 83k,
L0s "Or sad 76k.
Ladles' trey Weol Veto werk $1
enly i4C.
La1dn' Whlte W l Vst at II,
Vl.t&6 ad 1.40 easd.

Best Vfalues
It every department, and most
complete line to select from.

Our 1 *f lahe and .sl tRu
w4r to M ebh.


W e Are proudof ofur stoek
ww e and are *lad to
show you our goods. The S. Thornm
as 0o.
For Sale-New Wheeler & Wilson I
sewlng machine. 1. o.. b. retory or
iainesville. Apply at this ofiee or Jl
East Liberty street. dwtf
Found Tlhe eream of the fulr
FrO r niture styI.fJrom the
shops of the craften. GC1nesrille For.
niture (Compll'azy.
M. II. Ormand, formerly of Windsor
but now residing in Tampa. was In the
city yesterday and grested many of bhi

shuos are branded by the manufac. old friends. Mr. Ormand is a valued
turner to retail at .1$ 50. but we can sell subscriber of The Son. 1 e called at
them for even imony and we are do- this office and assured the publisher
ing It. \\' have tIlmn in both Viol, that The Sun was the most weloome
Patent and il >x Calf in all styles. Try visitor to his home, and that he looked
a pair. for It regularly on Tuetdays and 8at-
urday's of each week.
Jlut received a hipment of the Ch beA f u"rniturewhich
"King Quality" ad l*-rt ied $3.)sihoe- amr makes the btd
the best made for th price-see them. om loe Fno re tt athe (Co nes
Tom R. arid mer Melleath. Ihlldrem
The lixie Lart fur ladies at i1.tlJ. of Irof. and Mr. Torn F. MeBeath,
genuine Dongola upper. solid leather were administered the -rit of blbtism
sole, is the prettiestt and best shoe by immersion in the First Baptist
made for the prices Olir $? and $2 0) Church, this eity, Saturday aftersooa.
line for ladies is sironn \Value un- ier, W. .1. Carpenter of Kavanaugh
eqlualled. Methodist Church officiating. These
young people will be received into the
lun hort, we, hbar shoes fur big folks, menbership of the Methodist church
little folks. rich folks. poor folks. old at the service this morning,
folks, young folks, uuly folks, pretty Miss Pet Well,. a chalrmiig young
folks and all sortl of folks. lady of Worthington Springs. after a
brief but pleasant risit to Captaini and
Come to the Bigt lepArltient dLore Mrs .1. N. Strobhar i thinl eity, re.
m o'1p1o turned to her omtr yr %- *day. Miss
and get what you need at low prices tWllis to het u,'o y,'"ray.ou Miss
<*eliL is a mo" n i'ilrui ilir youngi lady,

lnRul. lMI,, a.
S,*r i -'.a1




io aS a

l **Wr 0 30,
Aas w a i

PECIL oon O t

F^ FatCtIWn F.



(Ptlmt eoraer SIeth an


117 tID Plo U .

....Wx rlad es. G e" Uee a aIs



,, .. ,

- r -

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