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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 3, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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F 4 -.I2 .1 1 .. I, ,I T N tN n II1,
S. evel ,.-
'-. ,J V *- ,. t, .,,, it

!twt I,, o pe., cor, tod ay or oer,.
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N ,7, .b-Lnll.T A Min.SON O..LA9I 'hamberIa. 1 Stears, rapre.eting MS DF,,D THE 8H -,I,,,..
p aIntendt, return Itd whe our .... .
lnr inted th r1equs 0 t N thle "A T bro

far.eae woth Mls a w. anduue Se |,ast of oie. l to Mrs adwlek- dd His Houe awd Openedt .!
"$&Miss ad at Clove'rnI SE.
Cl evegland, a". 2e--Wboffi tcame toTa,

SSSS..cot.hptmld r PRSSIDe DIAo ItaUg. bl e .y' A OinFe MhUrDE murder..
.rshlp eass brought by fSeftrrt a
S mI m Ndeoortd T ht n o !h Ntoa, of Orooklne. Mualn. SA-I Nat Whro eile d Th. r
S.~~'i enMrs. Cant le dt. w as, wta Wl med
"44W. -. l". Bat "tlr Qr ,oditorsl. irn rummon p e.s court today Alttaro By Oilc .
I *eo m. r ma IC~mCrr, of the law fins of Ca r
ot Ph. Wv of LIABLI'TIES A MILbLON DOLLARS11 ChasberlalR A Stearns, raproeutluSH
Pthis -luIntt. roqumidd Ike court &#&v THE SHRRI0FFC
Lieray fw H. A fL n Han Can. t po6a thie hearing .r. Judge Dab 1
at.a.h coop. 'k gra ,anted the re quest wnItn 'o tfred, wtrt. r d Winch. -ase Aer uar tdle
Veree with M rWSk *and .e at o aonsel for Mrs. Cha,6wk, ad His Houa *and Oened Fi eq.
p-npaJ Sled his Cla8M oM9 Slb 11eriy sad be bearing warn ASed to take ple o Theo. Who amr to Arrre Wot
Em fReelver Pestfee* by COrt O ., a Ia. next lt rday. .
yor Vtb f l.r slaotep0 war th*ese It Ikilling d
00 "q D. L r4a& Ia ab aso a P prei oh suSOR t. Worth, Tn, DIe i.m, .-naor wqm
punt b aaa nic.a s.r betwe whide gg, g1 i d, l pro bably rneml tio lb saltra dy thaet ot s.l m livt
*ammo,.r eq $ah Chattwensl tltillon e 00a atofV Mr. Nntmi Sveow Aclnmuey, ir. fatCher feS
ebu a h bar t et0a todaP.
as oatb.I trehe suit bte0 P INT A INAUQ.VA1TT~ I. Ii.Wi s G., to"he tiled murdn. U.
mndSpweuro .4 o rodS barricalded biseil in hi .l home am
bwt W OaL Pe t"h e VIesth TInM 140 Take@s dt be thu officers. ito sorrl we
,. WSQ l. 1-4 to have 91h is PslentIa af MauS -h Ihsahig m rhe widow ed bre
$ee., qsd byo .n.t' ... I.e .'l.alc,.'.;ureM th r IRi I.d at14o,4 P .r the man he had murdeT rd, thrt it se .,
.. heold, at t". & u. ntie m in 4t Getoeral ithirto tiae a pals did mot cPoy or btroh e auld tII
F:r t want oker Nqwtr il ofou the reT i stc of Mexico gor th. ier., lii Iorr and tremblgt abs er. I
.. *mo m 0r0i T" lk.e t enr.l atb tle anid ho Bf r ona i e to Lthen Lrruse Theren h foun. d Ie
W6 9kU *St B p'f u'e t Morn VAI a6 fliW vouiie Preauldina tO k tIe. armer rw a WInchrb te.
t ripI sh ln fl l ll r l pa today Ii'.-e t* 11hat1 Iu te ch ad In a frenzy of rage.was 111
ei !01 11a41. Att Ca1- beD oal doputln wurider wuort suspicvios Theofics t wIeh mirait to frae t e
.W *n *o~4u:rtu hlan esd nI., the houst for fear of killing some
i~a u. 'Cirfitu staae a rso tb Pgur ha L itnWs fur the uagrattombe r ofM p the Wlfrlamr amily whom
a tF L* br. W o u our bat phae k chn going htrti erle r sinc tuhe hes prisoners there to s hield hi.t her
Saee. r wed*. t eln jil to end In election June 7 Iaul, but have active- All E
*haf ld o t ime m t entered 1.b extended ovur a jIor-Ud of about th lcie) ha, wrrt a I
ls# foe rtenight ec, begllhin i wi ath the grand brcdietc of rho men killed to y llropami'd
V* "toa061US k i night frOm bhal Igiven In honor of Pre'ictent a Finally 1 irdecrr xe.aird bmelca
Sy 408 t oOtISrU t d ic. t1he * madame V.tra 2vi.t. whtch was at, y a wind w hil wainchorer tems hhaa
'teded .by the Mnxik:tn and Spanish Isla bcame drowSy. his arlo drop
aristocracy of the capital. ped on bruast rluil he s q
the ow~ latil:~ At sunrlse to'Ja naIl Llil artt Wery eta- irlglirret tAat br alterm
tioned in lbi ft denial iirAtrlct sad i i thae prideV bvir l h lt an
flse infantry tier' anii at cit. barracks r h i Fus ant lh 1f 144' he,:nt' whenq
tic th a~t tma throughout tHe r.pula fred a proshtn b le humem r tohe ca. and .ffic flr
,$IP*girgbes deutalTe s h salinpem, ean t l har w odrre rholou wcrr cr;rhalng t'r ao i,:eorwrung y twv o r
ed over all thi'e pihlic 1bulldings.
w 4 Au t R 11! n tF I.'tj''d W LI

THEY MUST BO VACCINATED. Tu'knis WIU III('LIQ I ;y fi)' n'd ire @6

ft '--- -to rs b,? I t 1 a

'W;~r ewaimm 'rio k' 4"Y i hs9.ns~r:tIUI~ !a? y t Iitiinrnulai Ir compell rtie bn~ard to ad be introduced tiec corning rI~h.1O1OI ~UIit 15Fl!WJ htci'.it w'ir- r I rlPt:t Irra tE ti~lu

0 I th tw u nl t lm w l I mit hr. Thre pl-"erior court deel t prodp ; tu lurrda. thd prdea
Op% nt ry 4d artUl n uately Wlth.trawa Iu A in the board' fa vor. The su rere dent' salary frrn $50.40i to $t0.* s, aUb1tsUl.' Our r phRIe to l trage . uri thke rice dpr;.'s l.1nV frsntm RI then $0
ii i ii At the laonv t aln the Cr of myet.ry 00, ad that of merlber, f trrngrtss
;da y, Mr f el eCaum d w !idN.h ba burround l d( every turn tii rom f 3.000 too l.0,a0. Sin.,' f t* ,
tt ..,a,.e:ua lfmntry far mide was still .r ::..t toay, and JUDGE ISSUE3 A WARNING, representative think n i.erease oi
.. ..."n 'ppr ig morth nt .there wa ababvltaly not thing hbVond $2,.:'n In the pay of -ong:rs.m:nt woai.
cohjamttsre to andcatr what the o*t. Wive* of Alleged Whitecappera May be all the people would]. It I
."j .,.;-comlie would be. That all the legit. Us Sued for Perjury. rted hat the membr cannot lIVE
f T'A r TIOWN TRAyO Nate claims sgaaisut Mr, (Chadwickl Jackson, Mit-., Dec. 2.-lnformatlon In ahlngton on their %prl t a
*.,'A ..... will be met it the teoment made reaches here frm. l)rookhave., that aris and lhat mrn of hrainu will] n0
S' the p.. by I er attorney, but at the saI e me rne som of fl0* w'i(c< *rn Indleted by ilay in c.ngres. hecau i (aif p3I. is
06" S" th they 'deellse to say anyhting as to Ith the lAnc '. ct 1.ty g drand jury fo mall.
-.1o* t...-t berO inus IWree from whilhl the 1Ae.ltary funds participation In various forms of Iaw It Ii po>pie4 to make the Incrr-+
*ewo obtainoptd .will ie m6blained. j oleesness will endeavor to prove an operative at the beginning of a e W
.wl11 a1l,. accepted thb 1r".Chadwick will lir)de thet n- SlibI by having their wives placed osi ogre.%, prbahl!y March I. 14".
elsi OratIou trie ty ioposl0,". essary collateral to meet all Just (0,ll the witness stand to trptify that th,.l Those who actlvrly favor (%l pil
i'..:.reos of sfestacom! nations at the prii,|wr time. Wte C husbands were at home on the night' will talk ~ r with the pFSIdn
oapt It will beo,. the tw ot tehe called 1 o in tlh arey are ehargeI with hg. lavnl? ",If ti pk ?t i lary hiell
s!Bl Pr ..ethe.r the papere publk as to n. I llhture tof thl ollar t wh th t.1 n"iht riders,. d lt hoyp wll mako th saart effetlivt
"...tu comment The only cral or from whbne, It wit come. ThI, ft seeml that this will be a pptilar March 1. 1909.
e the Mourn Gazette, wh' ot ttement In brikf ran rs she att! method of defense with the wh'teapw.
*imdwsutan'dimg will 11Mp4, tiade taken by Mrst. ('hadwick's lega: and Judge WilkinSon, who is pre.yi|
104110sa, em.,4til "imeel-. a 4lior,. fteyond that they have s Ing at the sealon. hba servel a stern SEEKING TRACE OF LOST GOLD.
g iTlooas. ttal American stely twthingl to smay, warning that perjury will be atertl.
1 Vg'. wetOry, his the Far ia., the T setlenient of the Newton claim, dealt with, whether It be by man ot Money Disappeared for Expres GR
A,,,'#it)It la u sy fet when tiia(tae vill sl, 11 .alr., ('h<;wm, ti San Francisco.
P. HO. ..tasose. fryS Ru.i'Im wick's *llegedi O'uIgStIOn by $1I,. ----- Ben rranciro., |,.., 2---ALn Th
,.fl IS. h s fornred, emanrra At the litae tane,u lIowever,. there r. Woman Sent Up for Life. day of this wetk olcalal of the Well^
bilspin" ti'l dlt mal49% claims'lila at less! VIaldomta. (a. . De. --Mry Harvey. IFarU, express company and a forc
html @* tresae d Rewla.a. rures thc I ,0e.000. That thby twn leaehl a gr. -i who killed her husband here severall of tpeael d(eectlves have he"n seek
.1 ii t Sa n Rometae, wi l a rd, to oltn I apparent troum fa 1atu, "(ti months ago by admllterlni dl colve rl tra ,' of $12,000 of gold which hli
H Sbrihtala, the great breojer of is mllae by her atorley y eblterdayi. H' pltb. whole he was Ill wI a ronvlctql dilap.rIvt fo' m th*e company wa n
..htIostI RtO. W hote J -Igo stah lhad been asked to) name the agregt t4' o e crime todey and sentenced to I ble i ty, Th an wan y wadv in oth
'the papel r deelre., rare the'e1 amotitu of 'the rainm already ilted thb chaingawg for life The eviuol h le flaIyIs a. wi fln fr ehpm. to t-
to to de p es of the world. against Mer (' li(",i . bkn t e d- showedd that her husband llnigered sev cIm4)e1) i+ n io f I**1 ^t-" to do Wo. Whaew n.l. If thsr wou.l oral days after the Art dtw and oh. I ot% mt
wKhad by $thSi' aLaew' react a olliltn dollar. 1: rWplted: i t othr 1 nd that th mon
.ti ',, ', av -)t r Rat F a .ieil. hut ronil thiOt
H Mate L' M# omity, ut. Fr ll I I"Qnow ,hl>. bf Q A ea .," O sflt Vota. all tr.. a,f the Ion1 y h"ln
Am WS aiull ed l tmaMi) t. ad AItM dittr' .MP. 4I ,,9A of Alab4ma't I,. "T h .+ ,..,,,.,,, of ,th, dmu.l.

-~ vi 7



I j'~ ~jfj -, -I

:di 0 Lt.. Lt b Oper
'i~tPq ttt p ,lr Nw YVork.
iww ls ear ulatlh.liundi

fl4 4010isp' Mo.ontjb, Ui#.hI.
a (tntwr soIm h4w saun, sid
In$ Tuetday, XIeW ,
lthb* *srqress Jersey

ino.0 udrowinet
Owr HIt)os llwU mto

i mi bnrvices bse

S nu saafir m t'ae.u
k^~~~~ Seals^B^B)'^ envie b*-*'^ ^yt^.'^

-ss fl^ ast $a*
. , -. ,,, ". , ,,

iHt..Tki-lui IJlMBj kl^R' LL -- -
^*U'B^B|* ,J--Bl ****Ifr #*----
K;' F *i.^^"'"' ^ '* '"V

we, Tntm
kr h uts,

i.e1ter 14kt#( to 'beh.a
I lli:a ,in bl tI Iato eat '
'ts benst lamy be tropicrl
Uockit It evOer tempered br
*l. by Ibhclth wind. (0s 14
a, n s' 'wet I|eqwbthrr; the
B .",,i rt lr 'at your fret
,Of. 'b till is r s htitifrt.- 't ptle
'"r"T, i- thblt0 Jorsh Billin knew
a "tat rite wife." a nl the
..a taa ,co rate

yS at jes mt a delight s
ft-r, ea pms tobt e e this

"INw *wh 1* t mIm e .amurl te ten
6"W i !eSpare cma flel seome. lt.
S lr WIsIatn u tlat ed to be

'fSS qa." wmil sot do 0t. work of
f- tidtSi4t. bold by a&dlIns
r: t" s t nstamIe for epL.
ThWeele ku tai e.t
J.... *ra Cl r t. Afch.

I-L h .irjL Co, Dyd, Y.


....-.. . t i i






I a- -- a L

SHouwses Art iasn.

It s graetifllgig to learn that delr.
b ii idtenoes for rental purposes ire
miy uern here as lthis tn ein fals,
llthere really .odeulrable hoaee*,
'isd srlrie dlailrln to rempre their
families er. tar* e spelsvteel*ng a grlea
deal of trouble in $esurlig living quar-1

SWhile as a master of ouurV this
state or affirsI to be reyrtto'< from
'une point of view. Ii is arnli/wtine in
*nottlhr, *i1ii4 iot oo# IsO IeIlVeneQ thst
llf h1' 4 e6.* of ()l>ierville *(1 all ftll.
II it v l lurSeU0 ciJ is is not Ihad Idea
to arUeIlesi thle sretloan by )m0e 0aespi.
alit of 4 nd mber of new Ihoues for
flfltai ft .,pOU..

Uaider uad by virtue of a dener of
elt mde ad rendv ernd by Hon. J. T.
Wil Judge of the Clrsuist ours for
lth igshthJ udIel(a Oluit ulof Fplorid.
in a enrtala suser ptdIgrl therein on
she ehalnry stri of -id sooar lna Al-
shus sonasy on the 4ib db of Novem.
ber 105, whoerea ln W. Small ad
SRt. Small ar eomplainants and A.
Haluo, Jr., W.. Heist. W. A trliek.
Liad, l1le1 K. tiltrkla nd., lehat
Thomwa Piere ThoiWe., HIetry lur.
P ly, Modly Murp. ur Lb Ua no .i,
M Iud Thoars., Wli TbomAa iad
91.y Wolfe an d4ida(, ew, J.
lB. Iadtl. J. B. r.. and T. t.
IKeom. u s"omrlm re s appointed
'1Sot, for 0e"tb, Msthefsours boWe.
dal M Onnhvllvo, 1|do, on MOa.
If t~he p itf uof ei soe, toe

V| -. J iler ftherefor, till
i ollowl driMn real estte go
rd beng I SWlegaij0 of A104em
et VlorioriiwI aIt Theb Fs

bialt of thOe aeftad T he
bn half ofb 4M halt. lqd u he
I ralm at ll hasse naroer,
4rif 1~oirhr eah oto werrIr
a B aurw0 hn the 11h k o0nr1r, 1
oe tquarrsnt a atern or leth
!.w a,.. ssb.Sn*n st soyq,", a,
^*1of tha lofltA qurrmer 1uo
Mle- . m, hipl HSouh,' RRamni
tfI ; l.., I and I Imd sthe
hal1 11 maNorth of the
i'#h, sdreW m al'.
WI. ad Lots 7 In Block lr
wo qusnor tbe Noa. Florlda and
llWi! Saplle ,Mai, s, 42 *d
la Bloek No s ih tihe Town of MNmordtrI tal s al thereof ri.
%be t Ph OlNblie RI i of Alaosbu
Slo000iy FJoarM; il nl !fit the South-
w s quarter ofr the Nonshwe quarter
aRod t:r Northwes quarter of the
f i olthwv s. qvatrr.U and .all of tbe
NorthestU qouater of Ohe Rnuthlwei
attarer and tk* Sonthe~t quarter of
the Northws, quarter lse Iur saerle
i4k the N9t0hems nruer. apd .*1 of the
o0th ~wet qarnr of the Northwest
qtartr I ag wiuils the Yernandes
tas of Sat 26, Towslhip g8 outh,
Itaige 1 a.lco all that ien nut.
lde"pf 'the raindex Grant and six
s lm a ithe oatheIast earner of ti e
Northeast quanwr of Arntion a). Tkown-
ship 8 Sot b, Raent 19 Eslt ; also eom*
mnoane* at I stke on the- North tsoun-
dary line of the Soutlhwlpt qtuirtr of
tha Northeali quarter 100' rfr'tast of
ithe easer ot the trark of the, Maran.
snih Flonrida sad a rit*ini Itqllroad,
theml run wi ~ ritaina to n stake,
thlne rutn Soulh A clailnr and 962 tlaik
to a tiake on the RaiS lint of the right.
of.wapr at id ralUrtad. themes North
tnbthe point of beRiniiot; rl)o that
MIrt lyhx t aouthwest It three tavanta;h,
lIordii mld Wnwsrrni liilrd bling in
hbe 3oIthwlt quarter oif Section r ,
floetwlp 8 Sout. Range 190 Et. Tn-
slther with all and italar tilhe tenie.-
mneoat. hredlltmineuts and appurtwn.-
Sane to the same belniing| or in any- I
wise appertaling. Said property toi
bu d4 m S l eprolrty of Iti heirs of*
Arah age ., r.. for partition among
th. wnays thereof aceordin to sald
deert. J. B. PIaonrr.
J. B. DeL. J .
J. M,. iavan, CommTiioners.
Oomplalnatms' Soilialtor.

t -i;- --.- ---- - -. .;--



Alachua Pool Parlors,

C. Burti, l*rprterr.

- -a

LUoated In the Porter Block, south
side sluare. Three dret-olas table.,
Good lights, and orompt and courteous
servtie. The public l'ecordially invited
and always welcome.

I. D. CRABB, Agent,
--ialer In-
Fine Wines,.Liquors and Cigrs


' :7' 0
'. .;' .'
4 :.'' t:

'I -~

For Bale by Johncan Bro.. Gainesville




N'ew Creations in

Fall D Winter Dress Goods

S Our line, which has always been exten.
sive, is now the

Most Complete in the City.

Come to this store if you want
something good.

Remember Our Shoe Department

SIs offering vallIes seldom seeu il

Stylish, Serviceable Footwear.



nnflqt fi it flitL

Take The Atlantic

Coast LinE

urn, t( T wP or
II U onC. oart
We ost,,,-, rt

North :t".East ": *pooth
klUo LJaI lor
Jachr owiner J wack llSon the

P. a ()

, Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Table In ofect Sept. 1, 19I4.

Depart fr
:4a pm

High Sprangp and Inter-
mediate Peoints


12:40pm i Oela, Leburg and Tamp, and a :404p
Daily Intermediate Points Dily

2:06pm Palatka. Daytona, JMksouville.
Daily North, East and West
12:l16am High tpringa, Wayeross, Savalnah. Bronewiek,
Daily Albany. Atlanta. all Points North, Est West

8:6 p m

eo Ply

3A:b 1
Pai ry


Roehelle, Micanopy and Citra

3:k ita i
Sig.. _a

High Spring@

7:-20 p m
'i. sondif

Interchan able Mileage Tickets. good over 1.000 mUes of amount tshe priP*
elpal rilways in the Southern States. are on sale by the principal agot"e.
Throiih Pullman il eter Port Tampl to New York. via Atlantic Coal
Line-; ala via Atlant ic Cwoat Line and lSouthejrn Railway.
For complete information. call ut
J- A. .OODWIN, Ticket Agent, (allnevilll.
AddreN .
FRANK C. BOYLSTN.Conm'i Aft.. w ia wPAIr Tl.a Pas. A, g


** :.


--- -- ---- -- ' ----- -


.. ...,_-.T. i.... .I:- .-:- ------ -- --- ----

- pm _- --


' i

. : DOW

I. ,

rra a

lio.. rY, .L J. asJ 4


ri 1e looru -i T ., i.. .*

l vo'r tUL% keep yoIn l g~uc

o I a. AU DrughagM



tl. Oomprliling Three Coun-
I' be Represenled, and Prom.
Killlhts From Every Seclion
". Will be on Hand.

piitriot Convention of
Distrlat. Knights of 'Pyr hiaur
Seld with Mount Vernoni
i, r, in this city Tiesday at.
1a d eeninag, I)ecPember 1:1,
lreppraiions are being inade
tersalnment of the vialting
S ipan lhis occasion.
Ooempriring District.
ll fth district comprimes ten
Ltheo county es of ltradford,
Alachua, as follows : Starke,
tler, Waldo. Alachun. New-
1 Hlhb springs, (Gatiuevilie,
A, richer and Hronson. Thit
disge will send delegates to
mention, and there wills no
Sbe many visiting Knighti. .%
of the most prominent me lnl
tho order in the State, Incldd.
haOb eellor Hallmark, will
ap In all a grand and bene-.
Mtlng is antlelpated.
la ad only distrlot mseeltin
b Distr4e yet held was the
In this eity on August 9,
~ moss entertaining affair.
dslr44r B were made on the
the order, work in the ampli.
was exemplified, and the
mlsied with a bar.quet. The
Knights were so royally enter.
it they voled unanlmously to
I~e a meeting with Mount
Lde, and Decomber 13 was
.A Drawlback Remedied.
0wboelk-whiob was the only
bn remedied at this proposed
The alnt coarention was
autillevemnjnl with the re.
i waslthe -wee Imas hour"
She pnreedinX eame to a lose.
sodmg will begin, however, In
.Ibhioh will enable the
4o retire at a respectable
Deputy Grand Chancellor
bOw will be the presiding oiff-
S the following committees
appointed for the occasion:
M lJ. A. Phifer, J. H. Colon,
Iphb, A. M. Cushman.
-en-W. L. Hil., It. iT. Sela-
at-M. B. Stindert. W.
bln, B. F. Miller.
SThe Program.
lag will be the proftram:
lCOveatlion will alssmble in
EAoll at 2:80 p. m., District Dep.
Chancellor W. E. )ow pre-

of Welocme-Dr .1. liar-
ilw. (iaineaville.
Sto Address of Welcome--
SaMneallor teo. S. Hallmark,

tl ~ujts for Dlicusaion.
mdlges Pay Compulsory Sick
'Dileussion opened by ito.
Waldo, and W. H. Ander-

Ldgesa Suspend Members for
ent of Due,?"-Dictesion
by Dr. William Ntlierland.
!ringp, and J. O. Walls. Stlarke.
eof Conducting thle Cure-
Sthe Seeond Ittaak"-l)icus-
It Rev. Joe Mherouse, J.ack-
and Malreus Endel, tilna's.

SA.ny Portion of the Lodge
be Used to Dl)efray Expenr of

Sold by All Druglistos.

A Good Crowd Attended the Function,
And a Nice Sum Was Realted.
A good crowd encouraged by their
patronage the ladles or the Earnelt
Workers' Society of the Presbyterlan
church, who gave an oyster supply
Friday night in the store recently r3-
tedt by i'hifer Uros. The supper was
given for the benefit of I Se atnear in
surance fund, and a neat sunm was re
lied. The ladies served deliolous
oysters in every imaginable style, and
choice Western steak at reasounble
prices. There was also a candy booth,
from which was.disuensed quantities
of good old home-made confections,
and which sold like tihe proverbial hot
The ladi4es It nire to state for the
benefit of tliine who desire to help the
cause, that the boothr will be open
until 11 o'clock today, and up tit that
hour the ladies will be glad tu serve
the public.
Very Low Rates Via Southern Railway
Account Holiday Season.
The Southern Railway will sell tick-
ets to all points at rate of one *ad one-
third inrt-class fare for round trip.
Tickets on sale Deomber 23d. 24th
25th and 31st. 1 fH, and January let,
19f. with tinal limit Januayv 4th.




I lstertain meat ?"'-D)iosemuion
by 0. F, Rivers, Lake Butler,
I. Pearce, Alachua.
Often Should Iristrict Con-
be Held?" Discursion
bl Robt. E. lIaviat, aiinesvillh.
0. Chilty, Micanoy.
e4rt9plifIeatinu of Secret Work.
Qaerl Diseussion. (iooj of the

Nilht Sesslon.
leatiot, of Ceremonies in
OlKnlhigh, Amplifed Form,
Ball at 7:30 p. ea.
.foaelusion of the eeremoniel



JlOso Wm be 1Held
S'w D embe 13.

10o. Fight Wrl be Bitter.
To teachers and students holding Thoe who wil persist in closiol
ertificates from superintendent, their r a the continual recom-
tlekets at above rates will be sold tion of Dr. Kin
mendation of Dr. King's Now Diseov-
adaiy I, pnhber 17t h-?4th, 1(try with
finai limit rantury StHh, 1l9wt er y for Consumnptton, wal have a long
For furrlter detailed Information, and bitter fight with Lheir troubles, If
rates, etc.. alply to J. C. Luik, dis. not ended earlier byft tal termination.
strict imsaeniigr r agent., southern Rail- Read what T. It. eaall of Beall. Mis.,
way, .1ackw'nville, Fla. has to say: "Last fall my wife had
A Frightened Horse. every symptom of consumption. She
took Dr. Kingl'i New I)rcovery after
tirtning like annd down the street everythinKelse had failed. Improve-
lumping thi octiinntsiU. or a hIundred mentt came at once and four bottles
ollfir ac'cidJint. nrr, every day occur- entirely cured hier." (>ar-anteed by
rnes.i lahol every body totAa Price 5 and sl.t). Tri.
r.e* [+ it.)ttJ, xt, ,verfb + l t) h ve al* bottles free.
i retlial e rnlr In aiitly and there's none
on good mu It n:'klriet' Artiea Salve. The Aire of Goldl.
lurun, C4t, ftorep, 'ezellm and piles In Eulrope, where gold pinya a more
lisaploar quickly under iLl soothingR lnlprt"nt part w icire.ultlatitng ltii
S'n the rrrew'mv y mllihn In the tilte4l
(,Tet. 2c at all drtgK stores. t, gold, c (.i :u r uilnvod bo lT er
i. hut little (Ins. of i 'l'hit before Ity nrn
Shot Italian and Kllted Monkey. calenld Its front Irritil.Atn. In i'rre:t
Raleolih. N P. )+'. 2--At M.nwirv i rItit i this ul i ni t in .tI'r2 iwr -ceit
Fred llowarIl. a white boy of TI yrnra nd ni Frinnq ,Lp.9 ler 'nlt. ail: unrit
of gr., asund larin 'tinm 'nKg. a a crun li n t c:1i aonlyy l.' 0l,'1rtel lby tthe. I tl-
taged i. wa il only 1hot anti il OinL'rrni. 1, ill t ftl l;re-it l-tr ti It hus Iseen
ly woU1tintd4 Ia nll n1lnl w: Iranla ns wh en i'*u,1U t'Il !v flnl(htlns of tie intll that
were trav lini ~. wHh a mo nkey. They 'n ord!i. lr uael te ''orte< l-te .t+ of
aaio Phot t ,W monkey, killing It. IHow t. 11 t ,l pt*r utv'vc t'i v i ii
ard ha t nfl, ht) Cummings Is In jail. lT, ~tf ilf 'igt ti il tlne i
The people of the town are very In. ,0e1r1 -1:arf '11' ;'iii',lr I tfl1 f Lt
dilnant at the crime and there is no,. 11- .i'-titit's... Ilt.rl,'. I, t u lffers more.
doubt that severe ptntshmnent will be fa, nr-I, I;,,,I, l' I in pr rtlon to iti
Inflieted. Thie Italian came some dl ,:,ter It in thitinemr rnd' A uli n Irer
where fronl tihe n~,th and were on r'- fo ta e ru hil.. --lll'rlr's Week.

their war ni' uh.




To avoid the rollection of a ip ill tam
of $1 Patrick O'Hrtii. of PIawu', ak't,
It. I,. Jiiumldl fromel a 4-:Iory window
and died'a few nlilhiii
The official vPe.-tlion r iottr from (ttr i
states ofit Iow an it Nbw Jerbey gr!v
itoox<,ii lt a pltl'atliy of 1~71 .77ti( ln I hI *
forne'r iand gIt, Ns In the' I ite ii.
A di piatch to Ilhe lA. t.l .%Anzelgjgft
fromt Kit f,, Tl i ..: 1. a 3lll nlrit 11 that ,
peresnI have h, t their Ilvyc I hI-r
through 'lrn[din p.' ha brandy.
SMrN t :ta Sprzn iiir-!d. after rErlh
ingi t-, xt IrutAirdnlin)y .g,4e ifI 110 yeavfV,
Is al( t tl t ht r r : ; .l .' I u F ltm
county, G'eoirila. a fi w ruil: s EirP!th f

Ti teatcMn<.r Murro (astlv, which
maile I truoi Ne.w Yurk Ia: .- Saturday,
at I I inta. anl arri cl at Hlavana at
5 p. In.. e 't'la li he a record run
The !lntan.'e it 1.t.' I) miles .
A Kstvvre Khor of earthquake was
fell ut Haun RP uLlM IA at 1 o'clock thU
nmornling. Thii- 4 o hetr lltlaor who(kl
wwetr felt a few muiites later In rap
Id MIm'rfession.
A vertliflcat of ePfltionl has bee.
given toI J. I!. llennet.t Repiblcau,
who was oplm.)ted by James N, K.
bhw, Iemocrat. in the nalth congrez
tuonal district of Kentucky.
* Warl Grey, who uoceeSd the earl ol
Into as Kovermor general of (Ca3
da. iturtedt today for his poet from
Innion accompanlled by the counted,
their two daughters and two aides do
Announcem;et has been made ao&
clally that three men bave been i
poll ,; from Princeton unnlveraity fo
violating the "honor system." This i
the first breach this year of the hoe
or i)lo st .
Oni n" "il-'t ir a arrloni mistake It
the tlteiraplhic report at the oeasul
lhurelan oi cotton getunled, the men
bera of the Now Orleans Cottoa lit
change lost cntUlderable money Wed
Oftrich,( of rrllroGa& enterlla Colunm
u11, 4, R drouth l:e finally compelled them tI
lmhutbnel the!r aler supply, and pat
sentrr trnainv; arenow ordered to oar
(r twiet :L;.o nisial distance before talk
Ing water.
A wrd(lng party near Monastir, Ml
ee!cdn:a. 87 miles from Salonlca, hal
btfen. attnr;,cx .and slaughtereo by
G(ir. !- lN Uni., arcordl ng to a telegram
recrr,!vd, at the forlrgn oftce. Thiri
trci o)f th, party were killed and flvt
vwere woundw'tl.
Suicide drtlng temporary Insanlty
*as the vtr -irt of the coroner's In
r,'ut on Elvertan R. Chapman, of
Nw'v 'Trk city was committed on No
vmhrnr ?8 nat the Carelton hotel In
TLsnon, by throwing himself from
the 1;:trl fo.)r Ianding of the vest!

A rc-rielr'l prairie fire on the IRoIebhId
rrscrvntlon of Rchraask has hlrLed!
over an area of nearly It)100 alr
mlle' lte'retn Bolnesleel a 8t. eKmo,
and Is attill IrtiIng. Bonesteel city
had a narrow Picape from dtrutrtkl:n
A of ranch buildings bavc
brcn burned.



0 .1 NTS ...
W u ib UiUAtfl0Tiw

We cover thel ImporteUls W I
coleiMs a stare >


0--gen 4 th,

Victor Safe and

It the ppe V
Thl "vitor;" t.- the

S^cutin biy

LInformasion shealrrrlly Orlt. qo


OtW hr the e mlng rilal ad WIthe af
PENCAX fmlfe 8r the ra.asi l ubis-m ks b
hnW teusL Als mUrdts Orma a-i
asteesmSl Nesa Clure" fitr. I I .
omsmnw lnlrsm ILt WVS, PRIM
~~~-..--~~~r r.~i.~-:~ ..T-~ .~~~'C"."-


;' ..,.i

^^^& '' J^^^1-
J -r

.... ,... :.. ,.e ,' 1 '.:0: ,.,,,^* ^ "

Jackeonvrlle and New Yot
Calling at OHAtB-lBTO, 0,b, I*
?bes Fbirt Stbsuulp ta bso W S w h ...
Clyde New England and Southr
Direct Sernlee Betwaen JAOCKSONVILL. ,30 ""0 S .
PKRVIDENCEZi s AUl her. Pnloia,
Calling at Oharlsest both wp.'
SR IMT-WnIrBrE rcX" S r.arc
Southb-ound.. ... .......:....,, .. I.Plem latwler,'
Nonr.tousid........ ....... Fromr oot of Cltherim tae

Clvae St Johns River Line
Stopping at Palatka, Astor, St1. ranea Bmnwfoud (DeIua)tl a),m
ladlnsci on sf. Johm Rlir

,lnmmeneting Tuesday, Notember 16, M11,
Stumers "CITY JOKf SOJIIU" at "l,'i l\
are appointed to sail as follows: Lave Jakheesl, illy *t
3:80 p. m. Heturlnl leave Sanford dally- elept BisSda ,9
gso&n St. B O EIBIULS
Leave p l.0 lm....... ........ .Jkarailk,.... .... .. .Afi *A
:l46 p: ........ . ...... ..... PalaS ... . .. ....4 .$* fl
8 X00 am ......... .... .. Astor .........., *..* ...,
4 arm. .a ....................St. rt P Cae...................


Tf, p rr Y , r',. j *II..- ^ 9 r r

....*....- ..-..--o- 9.0

You MA YBeCw

womb Itook Winsd
euard me. TisI

away tlIf
itisa wwaTuSg
Whbn I Clook
than P UII I

S' 1r.



Mils*, Otr
h Iim nPr

i rWi m le, l
pW;., w...

r;wlr ruirlrI
sIfr enw lvg
'. ..... .. ip i .l W fl'

add Otlr oIta

I$. Misla61

"Rvu Pm W e
*ll _ld r *In rlti

"i.t be indew
6ll ~r to 1)*w toots
r a.e iiltt
li, m e At ar s
.. s e- .
***lhA Ifjlk raet Al
ffPW w v


" ".:', *' *"';i"'
'. ... w t *I, ,
JffAI : J

S b-*i i lIL

F, .;Q






~-crcy :

. *..I I i l 'I I..B... I.. I.imI...... . . .... ... ... .. ,.

Outfitter to Particular People.
,. .. / I _ L L -i 111 .n 111 p l I II I n I .. ...


Thal r Je delp and andd4
the pabll mlid regarding the

Correct Clothes
Hald-Tailored by Schloiw
0C, Batimore.

conviotlon In

Bros. &

STh iW rkedll superlor in stsle and workman.
ship toPih Vk Sils ul ready-to-wear apparel.
Dokl b4 demelted by the elothinfg pictures you see
the li iladvertlOmenns. Take these elaborate
ul i n dw ompIre themrn wihb the olothee they
-to Tmprena and watoh the elteot upon your opil.
"olt platones do not make tine alothes." is one of
Sshlosit silo gns. This make of olothlin stands on
t glll6ira quality actually found In each garment.
'theb t shown In the illtitration but faintly repre.
Welsthel It est shape of Double Breusted Seek. We
vew It ir lahe popular browns and fancy mixtures

- $ 12


- ___S


ii.:.,i.S. !:".,.... .

. ... .." , .. #
' lr.. ;. ,J[.
" *' *' ' :.** '.



U.n and Guns.
r A ve ilS O es of CaOtes, Triple
___l/ld ltS Sil SMl llFovi Pio..

allill F
tal ei t tWu slit Files.i

1, WI e e '
i : Akiabesaaaa-


Outfitter to Particular People.





W*iSaflEERI flJfgj: JiThMa

Powder and Shells.
"_The luestl *f ft 7 fi tr ir# ro
G U N S F 0 BE N T Title is what you pay for when you
PALE OR EXCHoasN(t know what you ate b
We Want Vour Counti Produce
We will Yy kWlr r. Titles ordinarily Invisible correctly
We 811 Ertblos in the Oerm The Alachua- Count Abs
Line at the Lorwmt Pries0. fee Is.
-- 3Gain.esv-.le, Jr
IcCormlck & HoB a
Wall Street I ..iI B FI J
Why Not Lern to Splhak OlnaisMh lii

i*idjf/l re in far fl/ il n~.c4/r
buy lan 1; therefore

revealed to you by .
tract Company,


- I- --

I~LIL~C~II~C LL~t~C~4~
~LC -.~-rl 7 ... .~ ..~rll

to You Intees
to UCs GcMJ lfIck tlkil l'ow for i tst inomlIy anl ftor thlt ppit'liinri'* y !.iet iby
saving tht coull on l(il o t; 1i^ 'l A < V. :1.

Baking Powder
is a superior article of inilcx:'v!'cd lIcv'nifi.;a fircc aind
positive purity. Its s;:Als I .Lv reathtld trvinidlrrouU
proiprtio; by rcaso I of which thle litic rk (f tt n
cnti pi-r p iund ca4n1 i i tj ix ,. il1le,
ALtowe is pictured the couplwrp' i; th r.pISrars o l cvly
can. 'h litlEh llrv niurn in4k i: 7 y i4)' tiCa aiC3 the
many articles and tulls how to .? t';in i f 1v.
Buy Good Lock" uil aC' I1. t oi CLIo l U.l
Writu us, if your grucEr can't suppi' you.
It's to y)our lntcrsti.
T-llM N e, RI Fe
Sflsi Vs




'n r
,,i i.

4 Tt Thei Joksiouvllle Metropolls of De.
eelnmelr t. with he ab lr>v heading, 1
omt aO t ., St frauit, aind hhows a very sh rt-iglht.t
*jIjsJ all Imtr, d pdlt'r; ,for, 3s wer read the article.
l, e advice given is for everf'unt to
B 4y. 34tTe0 S1 VA"' '. id ,'d' TV
m ... .. toJs f? k ,), i if t I '."ni r ritv,'Iv
SCABltIU S A1 n aitor ,i !,irr,
L, iir tcity Mktltor, If ail '*I d,'eid is tal enn, Ijer, tt ;jld
PM, ..... C""i it Ir) (d l,.' Ik j(our *.;,;).i ,n it wi; l| r'e.
: I BIWT8 LIiit. ,eit inI th eliongrttpati.m of oii ti ihe pj)o.

t ptllsh*d Teverr r:oraIr esl i)y of Jicton viill, Iitie h wjLi 14 ,
wM ltd b earlertl thee lty. t d.,ir,! cotwl! itsIr.. I3y t i s alti
eptl th edSetI-te S *tird propoiti on oit},,r irir ofi tkhe
h eairl $8.8 iis wor.ths: 1, l a
r' S4 septi for .Qe wr kLS--
Ive.'ry I ,> i1 ii n tir L 1 iv r 1. !Idt f .i
~rr ---sity for All t it. i i v.' r e'v!i.r I i .l
*rsiUI tloeIl or& UOLn jt *.- a death blow.
.Iand aint.d fe t r Cett .d"] This Arti i .'1 i it c.;,.
Ssd svert.luru n L~de known l i,44', for 'hir' .la'*,,onvi.. hae be-
0om llitr a gro it trade trenti-r. of wl.ich
S f.ct ,'ve a, as I'orili n rr iIrt ll i. d
1 vfqek HaimIs sn In eht1 4', us. 1Crhrejonc inre vlp.
plper, published e erlf Mn-.
SlStlnrri. i4d ecrtltr.e ail the htrli lft f iour istecr L;ly, j! ty i pr;r-
Se week. leal,. rtate and grem- utit of lit poivey adviwl by Th,' MF,'
s itsllatd tpotg tr ee. toluy Irai t lit.' Jacks nmv.l.r. with tih r ,'t rof
SWUtpd States or Caas t a t1-i t St t. 11 0twt l on. to dtir,,,r,.
iae*' --- I'lorida is n Ilrge Sm!,te, io wh;&ic lartt,
gi ItII btttieome due flter fi Anild diversilled indliitrlal int.ere, i rre-
Mf t(4dverdseLPIu.lteuihberwt. eling develoiped tol tihe grenata ulr ..
4Wu^he sc. Paratic not nouwn> to
pLmIaredlpe Pfralemnnert kltown to 1ngev of all ; and t;Lere is room for all
pIiired to pav for advertlil"F In %d-
i p THE DAIIY St'N. ih, idi for maniy norf s+ntrrpri,,s
(MAiwvTii.r..Fir*. nott yEft dUIvelitpld Tl betlt'r policy
.....- .. would b l for every 1i-ceioin of the
etaUnd for Ihouse iti (fines- .tate's vast terri ry t combine ftor
iqliZeeds the supply this win- the beit interests if the' *r iire pLoyle.,
Msahouse is now advertised for there ai no *lltrpriie or industry
m I The Sun. I nol being developed btt must of te..
-- oeity benefit teerjoneu. The article
i t t Florida ihniold not re-. manlfests the dog in die mange r spirit,

without taking a look at
Ill#, the best and most beauti-
r town in the State.

tflihing and huntingg Is to
In the viclnity of alinesville,
oen who etJoy such pasi
not fall to viilt this see-

Marlow Is allowing her picture
red with a patent medicine
Mpeld think that an actress
Mirlow's high dramatic stand-
at leat get into the corset

I.icete Roblnson MI1ur:hy, a
of1 nero muale and character,
that negro women In the
a role do not know their own
Sad therefore do not grow
spidly as white women.
'I ---
county Ii blessed with as
S~a *ladient a set of aoficers as
ty aI the State, which s -
Il a large measure for the fact
il Ingle one of them was de.
oID roee at the last election.

mates of East FJurida Sominary
Satternding colleges in other
l1 t fall are reflecting credit
0ih Ira ud old school. Their re-
~lrl evidendb of thorough irrep.
.lfor the higher branches they

itanding the largo number
ry stores already during busi.
th Ltety, it is reported that
SWill shortly be opened on the
| of the Iquare. (ainearllte
It be an attractire field for
of merchants.
.' ..

di oeational enter 4ialnesville
Slll other towns in Florida,
that is needed to make It one
ist popular health resorts is a
system of sewerage, The
tm Ibe iseured by the proper
It fNrst step towards which i@
imtlnlgCof a more liberal charter
I next Legislatuaro.

t taxpasyer should i.ttend the
WE A8 the court house next Tues.
ihkt, which is called for the pur-
disMne4ing the matter of a new
r whleh the next Leglllature
AIlked to ensat for this city.
Imtiflon should Le thoroughly
Ik and the proposed charter
ti to the people prior to the
r Of the Legislature next April.
lat now, or forever hereafter

iL4ies' Cemetery Assoelation is
P ble work In taking eare of
Iuar pliae of our dear departed
11 dM4sere the eneouralement
w ho are able to contribute,
Iait id. n .. ..*L . ..

and will not accomplish the end the
narrow-mitded author manifests.
N) doubt The .Mltropolis would be
glad to see the wholesale men of
Gailuesille, UOaln auid Palatka heed
its advice, but they are not likely to
do so. The wholesale houses of Inte-
rior towns are being discriminated
against in the matter of freight rates
in the interest of .laeksonville, and if
the Railroad CJimmission desires to do
justice to the commercial Interests of
other sections the complaints of the
business men of Gaineiville and other
Interior towns will be carefully weighed
and the diherlnination stopped. The
Sun does not deFire to see the in*
terests of the railroads or the city of

Jaeksonville jeopardized, but it does
de ire to see business men in other Mse.
tions given n n opportunity to live as
well an those doing business In the
State metropolis.


At the meeting of the Stato Teach.
ers' A.sociatiion in Ocala an organize.
tion was effected under the above
title for the plurt ooe of furthering the
library iuterests of the State. Its pro.
voters represented some of the fore.
most educational institutions of the
State, the membership being drawn
from t&Ie rankl of our best and most
progressive teaching force, each meanr
ber pledging himself to do everything
iu his power to tulltivate In hil pupils
a taste for reading, and whenever
practicable to encourage the estab.
lishment and support of libraries.
A considerable amount of enthusi*
asm was manifested on the part of the
members, and is i s certain that as a
result of the organization a number of
new have been founded, and
those already established hare been
it reaiItllhentd. I
Owing to the removal of the presi-
dent from the Srate'and the diflculty
of securing a representative attend.
ance, no illting was held last yjar at
lake City. bit lhi year it ie hoped
that there mtiy e a Rcli arnd rnthusli
lntie attiendince in .I eoekonville, when
the State and Southern Eduoational
Asleciat iolt nlpet.,
intweOlLI Inow H lld that date the see-
retary, tMiis C. PIalmer, librarian of
Stetion Unive rity, will communicate
with the iemnitir in regard to the
nasiter, and utrndl'rll"ly there will Im
something doiI..

People u hose troubles don't worry
them seldom need medlclne.

How's This?
We offer one hundred dollars reward
for any ease of catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hlall'. Catarrh Cure.
F. ,. CIrsitv & Co., Toledo, 0. I
We, the undersigned. have known F.
J. Clieney for the last 13 ears, and be.
lieve him perfectly lhouorable in all
business transactions. and financially
able to rarry out any obligations made
AL. a I


against 4 86.
ArtIcle o, sections 1-32,
against 4,M.7.
Article 8, dsctlons 20-24,
agamit 4.7,8.

for 2,684;

for 8.486;

A Connecticut woman I0 years old
gives this recipe for longellty:
"D.n't worry, stay in the open air and
be good." But, how many of us ean
dp all those things and still hold our
JNb,'.' _
Chieke!s and eggs are not at all
plentiful in the Galnesville market
just now, and country people will fndi
ready sale for such products at good

Bite of Pet Dog Causes Death.
Scranton. Pa, Dec. 2--Ptilander rt:.
ter, %who was ,cratchrd on twhe ha1I
while fMiinl!t' a pet (log, which JI
btIJleve to lave hydlroplholtla, L h:er ..
after two days' of Revere il ncnc. Nc.t,
InX was thtuq;t iof the scratch at t'
time It was received. Potter hbelg
roncernted at the death of his p t,
which he dtter linrd to kill palnleisly
himself. Intoead of trustl It to others.


117 West Utnon Street.

....E'or ladle,. Oentleren and Cbldren...

You receive prompt and good at.
tenition from people who know their
business. Your monthly membership
or pisoe work solielted. One trial
makes you a regular customer.
i. M IM -- .
aS. VIeiat U rr ,auar uraw
ai:. I 0. tl ahu.rno. l ul u.
Irntatinue ir 14-ti194 t r
tHSL. .rt1 l f. l i hr4L v I oup V-ltl..I) -.'l
9 4610 IuE ,s Piin 44;.'i.,l i' I" S aliu.

.EIS C(. a il rc i*slt In ri.n r d. r.trj;-vf.
4 4".t.e l.. tlar!.' fl.l .
.. .. |--

-;e n,;


The total vote of Florida at the il.
tioln lt.!d ouJ Navember ,%h as as ftl.

I'riidjR ntil 1 i.e 'tr4 --!L oeifeniKt..

.Huretiy, of. thtt-epCrIal, :af. ,
SSin.M list. Kirier, '* *.l ProhliT ition,

r' ,rwi,1 5.
I ptveroro-U'roward. o Jo,, 11 ; Me r-p
la ti,857t leale 127 rd
H.cretary of Stat--Crawfor1, .7,-

I, r I V, ti'74; t1 ,, I., I,0r4.

C l.,il1 t \Votz,.Il, 1 '13. I
1 :tl et(ri.t ,ntlent ['llJic Isa trci n,;l ,-
I fl, a y,, J; lft ...
*'Nt'Al, Sl : \Vres 9r. 1.l l.l t
Cnit t1ilIioagi r tlf A. riculture-L .ti-
l.n, "-',J.67S! It'.evwly, -i 3hl ; Pel tit. I,.
Sidriiritd C .,mtin i in ?i ntr- Muorgnt,:
53.T7 l ; t!l, ,. ,
,J1 f tit'." c iupr'e~ ae CU' o ri-1'iay ,r. '.-
7 \1 C siur!j .. l...' ; fShacklrefrd. lI ,.
','h : W'hidf!+Id, 1{<.5(' ; h -.[p r l.5.7:*;I;
"nrr, 5.(143: Adan;i F,!'6i ; Axt. ;l, 4,-
(,X ti Liittioanai A ttl'ndl inIs:
Artil. N, s ,'"intm 6, for 4 tA|i; agf rnit
Artice l..1 r .t iun f'r ,; 3 againstt
Articel 15. i teon S, for3.37t against

ArtIe,. lo (ivtcionl 10, for 3,140:
agirt nsc o ,i0.
Article 16, seotion 6, for 8.14uW



of btomiar ON ,IS 0IS
wVA a well Meows serehsalt T .
In a letter from Xe. 0 S- r aT&h*,
N. Y., be wrl te
acrm aro aly a...

wllh catarrh of the bladder sat
"Pcrunai is a ebleag to a stik -M
Right bottles made meaw mwmmlal
were worth _laur*e the o ha4 S
are to me. I eaoSt spe t6i e h*I
of St. I1 tl now sfor ryens It am
troubled, and I hav eunqi p
health mluce."--Gonre KisOg

Pe-rw*aa Reastred to
II IPrr-'IYI I rI iM .... ll
0. Fred Llndstro.mPaegrtoail i
Tnd,;pnldent Order of Odd WetU w'
wrai from WiA Uni vetlty Ati. Nt
l'u;;. .11nr .

K! ,~


Ask Your Draiit for Fe lio ft"

SCI.DMrLC x E Nor : O. E.'0em.

: .iiII rnti e as No. 4 No,
1:v yuesk onsvsiv ~~o y' 8 We t W
Lv Jesup ... So Ry 11 ft 1040
Lv 24tvannsh .,So Ry I 0Op 12 18
Art olumbisa .. R 6 # 00s
Ar Charlotte ...So Ry 9 46p 9 6ka
Ar(Urn-niboro .~ioRy 12 26s 12 lUp
Ar lnnrille ..... Mo Ky 1 45 o 10p
XAril niiai .n.d S ofty 16 6W4 Wp
Ar Ly.chbur fo ktly 4 04ok 4
Ar herlot'sv le SO Rt 5 8t 6 lOp
Ar Washington S Ry f 486 9 0p
Ar HaBltmnru,. ..P Ry It 80s 11 O2I p
Ar Wl. Philadel'ia P Iy 1 46p 9 M2
Ar NewYork ... P 4R 4 16P 6 80
No. 84-"'New York and Florild EBs
press." Daily Pullmant Drawlng Room
tNlepinag Cat J tekeoil0 ltoNW Yew
+No. t O-':Wasihli Iton nd Flok!
Liamite." Daily Pullman Draw ln
Room Sleeping Car Jacksotvle" to
New York
Through "'rhe Land of the Sky." No. W8
Lv Jackun,,ifl-. P 4....... R)-y 7 "p
Lv Savannah, (ii ......... $)lay 1 12I
Ar Columbia. 4. C. ..-.A. 1y y 00 W
Ar A.phevriti. N C ... A N I !Op
A r laotSpring, N C.' So tsy 17p
Ar Knoxville. 'enn ..... go Ry 60p
Ar Loalsville .......... So KIy M1
Ar St. Louis ... .... o y1 4 6Sp
Ar Cninenvat. ..... Q 0 l 10s
No, 80--)aily Pullman drawing room
and blfftet sleeping ear between Jla k.-
sonville and St. Louies

Two Trains Daily
Washingtoa and
New York

v fa.. n *^.,,::.

Ar MIe,. .
i: ",..,..,



Li .Ar w.. ,
Lt a

At aIPyU. .4C i

. .aily 101 Vili

LebntG;onW ,
Atr Mao, *. .
Art A am a, .... .*A
Arl A .saole.I,
Ar lo p"IIri, Ak .: B
uAsmimiite.y S

Ar rnu-llf b .. ..... ,.g i
A r ,. L Wn Ik Ip "". "'

Ja -'iL(l-." i t li pil;
I JS. + ..-1

From New York, Washlansgo, epo.-No. 2, '"WtlshlM lM I NEi
listed. 9 a. m.
From bhieso. OIclalnnat. Chattanoop, AtitaLa, b -*1.0. '141
Limited." 9:856 m.
IU-... .ail..aa I-VA. J.sILt.Li U11I-tliU. aLas W al faU ,A i emAIt

Sm rnw ma "4




-7 : ... I~1s--~-Ji .iA-,i;"'.| ii f'



- I r I n- - n




,. .
, ', ; '"


. .. L 7

4 '* U .-

* * I* -


't OawtlWIill*e yterday, tile
6W" 810 6 11t DO333 151"0r0d
W d splS l itenAt Itee pta hulld
t,. 3Sf rigetspt bie
~~:I !4! ,.I mk wrcskt', sam,+

* I
,' "/ "
u,. '

Li ) *v*

'^*l 'i

.M.:: .,':- :`' "3:
. . / .' l, .'I '
.p.Y.,"'11 ;.',. :-'*
ij ^ ,, *. u ..
I ., i ". ..
;I!I, h i -



r tano o*gmed the Autl hIsl
l, fls4i4 ib gake, euapcilted
i ellTl iato"twobedl up Is
SJ~els Belmont, $eCmrren
S g Mr. Watmoa At the
t l US rtl O la tyt l fliyneor, i.Hl
k i*P" y Iaw s" alitntion and
I Q1 ftl-wen obllre4 him
j 1 AJhinss, le h aid4:
U i!wr the pollUtJlsas
or i o the rar hoare
4 I.illMf evnehdred by
.i.. iW" teM n who tried
in l t wa. swept away.
' .dieprgia i ll wasu imt

!m wl -l... .......
M p Wed Mah4weadu.
oo:. t--?beo Blrt Inlatr
Ptnb Is the city hail In
e ijaut taken plns,
Sboft The bribe
"U Marko dlhb*
!IPka' 011 ltlu, o r
Mar k.lit a wlohy
i ., aoTca mt mle
St lawft. He 40b

I -the Wa mt a
Se pflorin the m

- --- --


~t~i~L~~L. 'E nk

I - m r F
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
Tlere .o. illseae lr evailinW is this
Counter moast idan e*run t Iacwuw so ip-
t$ve. )t11any ,rltell
Ifldeat ure caiIused
lay it--heart dis--
eali, piAWIIzsonia,
Iblhert falhrur or
illey:YiSire ,ifteii'
Stile reilt ,of kid-
MY y eicu"e. If
y kl nitey tr<,ullt je
'"z allowmlt llilvnruiice
Itk tlliekllty.Ni< m..wt-
,, 1it, r, r:l .) t-
tck lte a orgaus ausdin ca trrhi of
tle l4adti lr, lr the i'hiny theliiclvci
break dlownul anl ihaste awaIy cell l y t'll.
Blallter trimblill uinlllmi alwtinayv result
from a d4iremu1grsatcdtim Liiluitys a1il
a Cior ist olitauinedl ilcket hy a lirotxlr
ireataitiet t the kiin vs. If you ire (.el-
in s ltadll yoMu can mtAnl no itir6ke by
grat kIncy., liver autd I ildaur renhtic
.t eorrctl hIibuilily to tlilo l urine amll
wildlflKf pain in llJ'iNtl( it, iiail over-
c:i2s0 thIt uilpjeanMiitt te1'rtl-y Of iwigK
Cmolltllld to IN ofactl throtmlug thle lday,
and to get up 1umay times rharinii tlhe
might. The ndltl awltl thle extraotr iiir
affct qf Mwanip-Rot is nmon rtrlizei .
I "ak.nd tile hfiKghuet fuor Its wiiderfuil
cure of tile lsni dt d6itresnllgx rnse.
Swamnp-tRo t is pleausat to take anud isl
bol by ll Irilnitis its iAfty-cent usdt
opI lar e ti. lintule. ute l ttny IhnvIc a
mliple bottle of this womlderfitr new ilim.
overy in a l xlok tliat tells all ilaout it,
both sent fret by aiil. Aslllrrs. Dr. Kil-
mur & Co., IlifIlaghamon, N. V. Wihen
writing menltio reading this ni"rlulesn
offer in tlir pitlwr. Ik'ot't inle iany
uiMalak, tmt rememiier the ainrml, Swalip-
fl*t, Dr. KIlnler' a wamd-WMRht, ntl the

S- '-~-I_-- iI
Oft- Bilatutall V.' o- every

Kalwr William Buwy Klllng Ilr d
Serlln, IDo +. 2.--mpe rr William
adid sowp remarkable soallnC at Ala'
wqultu, 1lle sla, yesterday. Prom day.
Sllgt to 4 In the aftersma he brought
deWoS 10 pbhstants, 16 other birdl
iad two hares. The Cwa of the party
bagged 3,115 hbead of lame. The e
pe. r and hia party bot, 10.042 birds
m1 two days lout week ol the estate of
C lt Von 'Title-WVlickle, which were
Ot to the marlkt !s Bertin, wblch
itY iseealves almost evar day several
thfaead phleuat, besides larIer
Ia s 4. am isalt aI th lma I rlmPt .

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


Only Line Operating
Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orlsalg
Fur full Information and rfeeier reservations call on any agnt 'absrd or
write A. O. MAcP)NELL, 8, OY li ON, J n.,
Asst. General Pasenger Agent, Passenger Ageart


0 1

Good shells In your gun mean a good bag
in the field or a good core at tGh trap.
Winchestcr 'Lender" a nd 'K cpertcr"
Smokelcss PowdIcr Shctls are cd shells.
Alwiya sure-firc, alwayV i.'ir.i a:: c-ri
spread of shot and good penetration, their
great superiority is testified to by sports.
men who use Winchester Factory Loaded
Shell in preference to any other make.







"qn apa por

the P'rlake ch@ s.. etablianad 1 S.
"h a"s O Now, rhilldni.,' nhra d-th teclier. 12s *t -
"that little bisy or girl Will tell me |T
l ot omt of an nalmal lbe kangmurp EH I) U C T OT ( CO .
gSi "Itt n't an anInml nt nll," sild the

0,41 a amnim al. Johnny r B A \J -
p l"No e 'm Ng lt'1' g rer" ]n3a -Mgrasor rr

Seo ar e teralt beanknbakl e. buy rd sell Polreig ad Doanette zoDkrsf e
a Cre aseetrnu of l b k, beakers. oonratlou, fanmer.. mabbuaa sad oLther
u 1. I0o I VORCa. rilvled tfaveor le torm. Smpolal falaUesLU to aellkla sedloeetUoa oc all
.II OAmrt Ilmfthi Jiidltl Cirltase, mnsble olaW I a i the United tas.
-' "--M la Or. InI Chls ery.
MHE BiQ -JulleWllliuiaB.--Ivo ._ree
6W. @,l,-- t, ,a, d. to he bil3 G.ATlTTJT n W PTT LO )I A
S Sb ten ease that Juail Wu.
feai& etlmviln named. I s r --t. l ..
to orda.. and h ba be en
fno or iwtorretharan Aydays AT LAST I HAVE IT FOR TfE TEARS.
a 0401or l'OfIubutlleto. ad Is
bgrhulf ns Ohat servinr cannot be
-5 "- The Montezuma Hotel
1 lull of eplaint-
zn.m a. S.'SbW, .othe, At OCALA. FLORIDA.
owill be takes a eon-
Pei t th at tl ao be^ poll On the A. C. L. and S. A. L. Rys. V. J. SHIPMAN, Proprietor
am.-annt thp oe be ppub -._ _
a r w uor f.our.Mnsccuti e week.i
B P^ E.u a II.*V ptlj. None Better in the State at $2 a Day. Porters
iI c. IT~ .cert cr. Meet all Trains.
.0 ertr. set ry B. H % tIsnge, L. C.
H.I C*. IPKEWKN. lefl.aa
0-..Pe or e WIe. .. ,l. (A -..
__...+~yS "--"G Sc" 6, o. MEROHANMT 4 ,cO
S--. -- MASONil. IFor MM amplu llA(
,,,;.r l ..dI 'ost: .'"' '
mu.R vzBuu -B-lL.eL v"PWht wr r sRetallenr amd Jobbers I
Hi *Ob C-uAtl Ol lmP Evie rt nlh J wuell A u ir-ulL, .
MflBurflar ru flr irasf fr s ra oerse Hui-laorce. n
r -an- ",.-n aStaple and Fancy Groceries,
S of the SIate of lorka. mdhas tbee
*mtillu ** ill / Ioo f lrt* l i .-t bra ^l ir I *
l s09~ r t u from heroa e for mor ethmWa raem IEs
pweSKUbi OseS oI b-- O o g, ao kGran arden Seed and Fertilizers.
e 0mela olf eko that wrilteeamanot be
a, wpo eft r. r I over the see of tweat)-
O. tOId ibt aIberore ordered that Mild SOUTH SIDE SQUARE. : GAINESVILLE. FLOtIDA
SI I Nd dOQ der t be seaid r rebTGAN VL E FO I
.I Ii& rilr to wapOr to Ite IHU u LOf Camllnt
Sb eiim e o Nb a ss oe u to orbefore eNoda t.the H ihest market price paid for Chiokens. Els sand other Pruduep
1d4Yafr of JarS4uS. A. U. 1i. 1 othertie lhe
I a ra ph l al askSls of sl tll wiil be taken a dun-
e tsonewsed s dlil4aretWl. m orr A Complete stock o! Iay, Corn, Oats Flour, Bran, bMeal, Cotton Seed Meal
a mlvn Ite NL a uher or d to oron til order W pueek and R R Wh hiadle only the VERY BEST goods at the LOW.
InfmGalnealte Bun. a sewua'aper pubsbes E8T PRIOCE, and guarantee saseiton alw.
C'treek Cwblsoua In ltahe county and 4tateW
UL A L Wisc aM C. I. Th Dptaeor tad. .
A, (O* M1 *W+x. NDNTO C .n iNK. clerk. (mlil Pir S, t. witee,. n. C'. JiA. M. GRAIAuM. PmIident GRo. W, LHTDn, Viee-Preidenl
er a a. l weeaeOi C, A tra ef of o iiraj.
Ma. MASON. An 'r. ro cm DarItmN Ah HwT. werw. e.*
ma .I'B.MASON. Sul'. for Compl't.



i.Ed 0 6t N I* Capital.. . . . . . $50000 00
ass t a i oo l d W ORM I Surplus and Undivided Profte... 25,000
s .o adlu^ iel am s dmy s binale, with fasilUeerns am blas Ise 10 W s ..t *U0 S O
AW will be me' IM -. du hr U r i'mv th 40600NIof rn.f. Meuehamw a etafo.s
li~aror ~r'bil rlllu ukcI: U r n Vr

rtruii J)!RtIiIBER ,1904

I- I ~ '1
-., -.-;!I ~ LI ...

_ _____ ____ ~ __

__~_ ___~

a.., FOR....

;. ~..I.._.~.~ _.. .~.~_.. .._~ .._. -~- -~-

5A.B 0 POnl
Ai Line Railway

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
Pinres, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ingtorn, Baltimore, Phila-

delphia, New York,



an- -. --- --. .

Ql isen of Ganiesville Has
nl decollectlons of Oitv.
slunsi living bein a iati 1en
rand a hall of your beautiful
oiy mind will revert back and
IIp pleasant renolletlonls of iay
lamoI (as I will always re-
Ilken) r the moU t hospitable
6 fifrth.
ils athal a s man grows older
pooe In the memories of the
SI the future. This is what,
impult me to write you at
me., tot i have certainly buena I1.
rthe happy, days my family
Ip ed in Uainelville a few short

hiage dJoaining our little oly,
Plrk, fitly Styled >"Bteutllul
the home of the WInona As-
summer School Bible Con-
aid the Winoua Agrliultural
kehaleal lustitute, and liyuwlng
geiS bfenit It has been to our
,d knowing the 'Weundid pool.
OlievTilll* uowupleshtl the South
i01h an enterprise, I often wonder
e-ae of yuor enterpriling eli-
have not looted a similar lasti-
en the bank of the beautiful
ille aainear your city. What
opportunity you have for
Gallevilll one of the most
sad progreeive ties of the
I make is for the winter months
Wiiaoa Is to the North from the
I'al Jae to the lut of epteamberr
your lclmate, which I un-,'
la.m i uld do it.
emo of the members of the War-
eImmIreleal Olub, I have been in.
Is the location of factories
oI r m on lterprin teaading to
Ip our elty ; one we hai re Just or-
lamng our own eltixesr with a
capital of thirty-five Ihousad
fi the Warsaw Iand liriek Co.
meIsh coanldeae in this enter-
predlet for it a profitable fu.
Senclose the prospectus Just
The sind brick is the coming
material, has the advantage
miore sightly and more en-
thea the slay brik, and can be
saned for one-half the cost.
*p fatory, with a capacity of
lyPOea thousand per day, can
stlt ready for operation for about
thmluand dollar. You certain.
*W a ideal location for sueh a
and the demand would oome
eibt a large territory that there
lbeAn absolute certainty for the
You have the sand to make
htek, but it will require some
mon th part of your wide-awake
to provide the money nese0-
Wi build the plant.
reI hiv had the most delightful
| slilaeble. an ideal Ild ian sum-
JiRwt as good as Florida, but to-
OdP Crimp notiLeI us he is on the
pad will be with us sogn. rith all
M61 Seeusorien t(rovided for our
Iteaor months.
l by the way. Roomerelt had an
I i a few day. ago, which I fully
M!U-a, 1 was the lDemoeratio candi- I
tHr State senator In this district.
^MltImply engulfed in the wonder-
SIalanehe of prosperity. Don't
ae hbow it was done. I don't

Wt tihe kindest regards to old,
-1ville friends, I a i
'" Yours truly,
0-w0 S0OTT.
RW.iaaw, Ind lee. 1it.

a *In the Will of Lat Million
mare Scrugga.
l.YLMville. Tenn.. Dec. 2.-Tlhe late
ll rlaa phtlanthropl- andl diry
ii8-g .s, In his will. nl iIt ,'
FillW* 5pecle bequelts of !IlIOllOt
I ilrW s bums are left to tho MaLthodist
mouth, for foregln nml.nitasn. To
W, If LlAbuth. secretary of ihe honard
Idrlaos fa Nashville. ti left $r,.nOl
gir1 schooll In Hirshima, Ja.
MIli Bshbop E. Il. endrlx gietls :$.n1
E*Op C. 3. HoMe 15.000 for ml ,
Blhop Chandler, of Atlanta.
S*00 for Cuba. Bishops Gallo
ad Wllson also get *$.000 each

R evolution Imminent.
,;S igrn 111 of approaching result
dNserious trouble in yourIyIstem is
'*Iosnj, sleelesnliteg, or stomach
SEPlectrie flitter* will quickly
ber the troublesomtni cause. It
falls to tone the stomach, regtl-
aL i al ...

Requests Judge to In.rlrson Her fot
SaveII Yu frs InitCad of On .

artmlir i r


II -~ p 4


2- 1 -. I >'.
I I'lz !i 'Ir, Iif
' 1'1 j .I
.1* 1t,.
u .

Thl i n l i,, lu ? i;; I'
l i '%liH i.I .- : t '7 ,. "n t ,f i ,) | i'i.n ;L.
ial' (the coup! it]. l it ( ('n10 nP
e petI(lo,:l. Iy) I,:' IJU 11' i. y % ,..
arrl'i?'t InL I.'mi.on iv'ly Ln f v i i ( 10 1 Vt 'I ; 'll r. I
hbuir.en an 1 Ionte tpiaggy.
Tlbcte r! a ,it .I i;.. j' '4 iti a VIu!
orm i-v inii .h - w It- 1 ; Ito I. t. ,d tP
malle h r it Wt i.; it r tit Ont

Coughing Spell Caused Death.
"-Harry Di.rkwell, ag.d 2. years,
choikt-d itn deth early yesterday morn-
ilgq at ii homeli, In lhe preslenee of
hi. wife al e1d ild. Il- cntracired a
slighll ehl a few dislr ago and paid
but little attetitiuti to it. Yesterday
he was seized with a fit of coughing
which continued for some time. His
wife sent for a physician but before he
could arrive. another coughinIl *ill
eame on and i)uekwell dled front suffo-
natlion -St lfnile Globe Demoorat.
Dee. I. 1001" Ballard'si l1oroitound
rlyrinn would hare sared him. 2, 60e
and $1 00. Sold hy W. M. Johnson.

In These Days
While unscrupulous manufactur-
ere and agltnts arr I!ooding the country
with worihlesl sewing machines, and
ilssing circulars and making lsate-
lmnts wlhre-in they have copied lhe
leltimale claims cf reputable compa*
nlies, many purchoers become bewil-
dered and puriled, and fnld it diflleult
to snake a seleetlon. The popularity of


which has been maintained throughout
the world, ii evidence of Its superior-i
li ; and av the New Horne Newing IMa
eanns Company hia always enujoyd the
enviable reputation of manu aCturineg
firs-clan *sewwiIg machine. there need
he no hesitation in buying a NEW
DIo not he imposed upon by agents
tellinK you that ome other machnoe
in Just at uot: nd k tioe whi have
umed the NEW I H(lE for a quarter
of a century and hoe ulded by what
Ihe say. For Light RuniiiIng. Sim-
plicity and Durabiliy the New Home
has no equal. .
If the agent in your lucality insIsts
on selling iotiaSo No other machine
write to the nudersigned and he will
ste- that you are supplied with the
New HoUme at a reasonable price.
Reliable agents wanted in every t-
eality In Florida, For prices, terms,
etc.. address



(-_u, tlavetpirt., Manager).

Bicycles and I
Btruwn Ilol

Blryrles repaired ai
trial furnished
trir lIghI, brell.

tl'ler anild hatirlui
thie lnl duy of Novemni
I,'l iof thel tircuitl Cou
I'r-* ll ill the State ol
lmrtli i'olllnl In a rIrtl
IShdirHc It I lmintifrT un
dterenlatit a Rt to tiw
,llloti EtrIl I Il ter fo
!t, hmtIllcIIer therelfar.
court hobuw dror in t
A. 4,i1u0nU tl m iP Flatrli
,reniilip 1). 1t',4. the
lim iand dirling the lei
-rlliwling Idliee,. rae
-taLted.C vInn indl beI
1.4t ltinetren 419<
the (tl'lv ti llfilli'liE
tilm Ntine. Tsi%%n .bi'.lT
ty Eanit i.r4ntai lli or
Atrd A'o tl e lit r,_lqhwln.
cl or l' ;'.t cle crtll a
In sem 'iml Nine 41,
so11111 li nn-e ''Twentl
tl;ik"' whillh 1% hlwai'lted
nir i, litd Ntinre'en i

. *..-i L i ... .. ,

ilechical Goods,
Ult Corner,.
a* FRlrida.

nid all kinds orf ma*
for bic)kles ele.
mad telephone .

- if ai extciution stated
iber. A. II. 111.4. L lued
rt of the Fighth Judlrlul
I liodda. in and for A]l- 1
air timite whereln J. H.
d 47h.,rle. KtilittHor/ kM
e dlrreitei. I have l1eitel
r -a;e to the hlgheqt and
fur 'tah. Before the
he t'ltv or UlinelnIlle.
ad on the Nthl dar of De-
lerne being leairl i*ale
rul liour%'f mrli' oil the
it imil) p'are!PN ipf land.
ngL In .AlAcbus riountr.
Ie.etil'd a. follow is. to-
of 'elteh .i ddtion to
'.Iithg uorl bliin in See-
eli. Solith. Ituine Twen-
It 'eIIi rter if ;an cHre.
lpc'frletl ;hIeee ip' iir-
l- flr owltW It'll I
. Tiowtnshi Tein IIot I
I 0 Ft ittw 1mfin ar t
ilt the N.srtlhwe'it Cor-
n Adlltion to,
. tlrn'e riur Irt i Sorth-
W liiltrel l I I;i freit tian I
iPrrtliwr..c-tr illretll.on
Li. *tfidn.-im I t Q A l k^ -




Sea I









Has Tabulator
Every Machine.



I.iagl. t Shift! LiLghlet lRunning! The
('hai; ;sin i eedri Wriliers of the World
j'e ih11. In y.-Slles. More Fay-Sholes in
ise ih ;ainelesville thin any other maclhie. '


by . ..

THE SUN, Gainesvle, PFa.

frlTSS L TZrTSfID 1a0.,


Island d.


land Cotton Seed, Bagging and Twine. Walra
Leather in Strips or Sides.

facturers of the James Doig Improved English
5ea Island Cotton Gin, and Supplies for Same.


ti of Title and full information fl a rn ed u le lead l tI kb
runra. Our manager ha lived Ia thlis eut? rtlitr fas adi
Is thoroughly convorsat with ladtid les.

EJ E. V" iOfl S, *
voting a number of prominent A*erISa sad Eaj" asha----.
Ia-lasisri 11- j'lortlCa


rally heated, thereghly rIplred ad rentov. ewlf Ibamlmbtl
.arepa. Pla.
-MB8 f*, Pro-prietor
i-- ^ -- --



OinL eec o


OrcLe to .




No. 6.
Daily No. 4. o. S

-i -- --- I . ...

& Gulf Railway Company
'ime Table in *ffaet Jouly 6 1M0.





io'l; Dally DEily. iTATIONSH. Dady.. alW p1

7 6 .. ...... ... . ...... ..... airAld ....... ........ .. .. .. SA 0
H O .* ........ .. .i ...... DUDgaIrv**lno .*........ i........ ** 6 0
1 U ... ......... .. ..... .a .. ..... .... .... ... .
8 10 . . ........ ........... Hiktmad.........emm ........ ........ 6 5O
8 16 ...... ........ ...a. lt com n .... ... .. ... .C. .. .... 8 1
S4. .... .. ....... . ...... Klrk wopy ................ ....... *6 90
SN .. .... ......... *. ... ....Tae ol a ..... .. ,.. ........ ...5. ... t 1
S45 ........ ........ ........ lrkwood ..... .. .... ........ 506
K 50 .............. ........... (l1yt t.... ...... ........ ......... 500
S6 .......... ...... .l e.......... liwelon, .. ... ...." ........ ..... 4 M
0 ......... ....... .. ..5 .,.. oWacahno s...... .. ... .. .... ... i 445
9 16 i .... .. ...... ooky Point ........ ... ...... ... .. 48
945Ar .... .. .I...... .... ........ i4
0 0Ly 16 L 9 80 .. A 40Art 000
i1 86 40 7 OA ..........Bellamy.......... 4 65 9 to go
2 00 ( 7 )I ............... Cyril.......... 8 400 9 00) 1 60
t 20 7 08 7 27 .............. raham..... ....I I 82 8 2 1 gC
S40 7 15 Ar 7 48 ..... atmpson Cty...... R S0 40 110
...... 7 7I 2 1 Rlutlr. 4 a. Ia 7 B2 1


. -






oad m w "i
Boor. .t
"d 3

Dr BaDos. ..
r Dois,,,,


*" .Sff

-.4 I,

7 r7


fruit 6

, *' ," I , t. ,
51 r.~II
' ., : * .'; ,, L .+ "
l ei'*
. Tsa. m'l.
--MW ~~4 *--*** M
J ~ '"_: '. ": "^

. .'1IF L t, ll.

A we--.




:.' w +/' i ,"
.I I n' 1, 1"..." ...^
O xj- ~rr tt i imi rif
,, .. .,. ,. -, 3 y

Blu" .x ;i, + : :.
wren :/^

.... sse an;.

AN uftwr. .-,

Alt. ham usy IN "I
dinwagoun r,
tarh iipa nlli

sa pu#ome.

Ias test-sot Ae
aSe, id anll

Gaid uIlbsC itl
hoomb le so, Flerm
water, ("t Pa Sj
aai-ft a*no in ao

-1- 4wwp1 w1w

.mp qpp RqF PW -

m I

80 IM

s. Everard's


- --- -- ------ -----c-r--

"" ', ' ' ..,-I -.

I 'k

. f. '


A(lKNI ti:ljl


. .J .

, .. .. ,

I ---


I Ift



IP a I m Ah A

~~ 1F~! '"Ci~~i~~iC~iC~;~~Yr~:::~r ~~: ~ -r~

'- . r I....... ... .
i iI

- ~ ~ ~ n-- 4---

I p V"3C~


i the



manufacturers of Royal
Powder have had 40
scientific experience.
method of bread-and-
i:ing has been exhaus-
studed in this country and

result is a perfect prod-
Vl .Royal Baking Powder.
is no substitute for it.
I purity and efficiency of
SBaking Powder have
iommended by the highest
ties of the world.
facts mean two impor-
fl to all housekeepers:

1"w' 'd t Isbaltht akt

ma. ass a

dSem r Ina t re t Gatim
a by Our eporters;


risa Moeare ol Interest Gthr
;' wad by Our Reporters.


h Hab Happened and What Is Golng
"Happen Told in Short Paragraphs
TH i .4He Who Runs May Read"

FwMth. Uabhmiam e A Hill.
!Ulla MoaRse of Hawthorn i in the

lnWepapers for sale at


The Sun,

wanted. Apply to IRoyal

0. (O. Thomas of Starke is

0. Goray wu in the city from
l~nrp erestrday.
'a Wonderful Saire for sale
SV. McCollum & CO.
be stingy with fun. See the
it-A* "&A nfrey Time."
id 0. Jonea of Palmer made a
.vM tM to this iaty yesterday.
furnished room to rent to one
llUtlemen. Apply at Sun office.
T. B. Tillle of Waldo was
Kng business in this city yes-

0lr Blue Label Mooha and Java
IMonly 5 eents. C. V. Me-
lrt-Store Royal Cook former-
pled. Address Thomas V.9 Plor-
iile .
O3s4der"," the btlcher at Carter
sCromn' when you want jonr
.l00 Just right.
Jamea Colley of Aroher was in
SSIty yesterday. She came ;o see
B 3. Tison in regard to some den-

Muld pine wood delivered to any
SI4otton short notice. Leave
l A. Jrnigan's jewelry

Superintendent H. A. Ford
7I Atlantic Coua Line departed
I~t for 8. Petersburg and other
Ia South Florida on official bu-s

Wl!- PaIr of spectacles in aase.
a t1. _ -- a .


"'<;.d things to E:st"
Carter & AInderson's
Mleats,and Groeeries.

W 31. 'amnl bell, a successful farmer
fT the Alihufts seetion, was smong the
vipitour to this city yesterday. Mr.
('arnibell state Ilhat this season he
lharvested three hundred bushels of
sweet potatoes from one acre, which is
a record-b reaker. 11o alsu made good
erolps of corn, sugar cane. etc.
RIev. Joseph Sherouse has returned
from Jacksonville. where he has been
to attend the annual election of Mon-
rtfiero Lodge No. 2. Knights of Pyth-
ins, of which he is a member at.d past
chancellor. Mr. Sherouse was hon-
ortd by re-ele~tion as a representative
to th!, grand lodge, which position he
held with credit to himself and the or.
der last year.
After a pleasant visit to Miss Luclle
Colelough in this eity, Mr. and Mrs.
J,el1 If. Tucker of Iive Oak returned to
their home yesterday. Mrs. Tucker
was formerly Mise lIauknight of Arch.
er, and has many friends here who
were glad to grect her again. Mr.
Tucktr was formerly a resident ut

Gaineiville, having been
with the .uperiutendent's
lautic Coast Line, here.

oftlee, At-

.. ----

Mobile, Ala.. Dec. 24. 110.,
Dr. E. W. lHall, St. Louls, 31o.-Dear
Sir: flHaing tried different doctors
and their remedies for several years
for back and kidney troubles. I found
nothing successful until taking The
Trxas Wonder, Hall's (reatt )iscov-
ery. and, being rapidly cured, the old
sasutig with railroad men Is, "tod
bless the man who invented the Pull.
man sleeping ear." but I say. "God
less the inventor of lHall Texas
Wonder." Yours truly.
M. A It. IC. Ou.. Mobile. Ala.

)ne small bottle of the Texas Won-
der, Hall' Ureat D)iscovery, oures all
kidney and bladder troubles, removes
gravel. ures diabetes. seminal emLs-

Wo Lary sIme by b cIngl ait ious. weak and lame backs, rheuma-i
stia1 .ayi.g fu.r i noticeI-. ... and al aIl iM.rrtlartlh. t tkf kid.




We will indulge in a little shoe talk
this week. We are the orltnators of
low prices on shoes. We have fine
values all the way through, but we
want to call your attention to a few
specially good things In footwear. Our
Box Calf for boys. strong, durable
shoe at $l.o. cannot be qualled.

Our $2 line of Boys' Viol and Box
Calfare simply superb. They have
both the style and wearing quality.
Our $2 line of men's bhoos is the
equal of many $.50 shoe. In fat the
shoes are branded by the manufao-
turer to retail at $2.50, bat we can sell
than for even money and we are do-
lag it. We have them in both Viol,
Patent and liux Calf in all styles. Try
a pair.

Just received a shipment of the
"King Quality" advertised $8.0 shoe--
the best made for the pri e-se-l them.

The Dixie Uirl for ladles at $1.50,
genuine Dongola upper. solid leather
*ole, is the prettiest and beat shoe
made for the price. Our $2 and $*260
line for ladies is strong. Values un-

In short, we have shoun for big folks,
little folks, rich folk, poor folks, old
folks, young folks, ugly folks, pretty
folks and all sorts of folks.

Come to the Big DIepartment Store
and get what you need at low price.

n .WT nn n ....
T^MVT im r \ ~ r

laMse with Cmima A Kill.
W. ('amp of Ojala Is at the
Brown Hu Ise. r,
W. F. tibouls of JackLsogville was at
thia trlrowu louse yesterday.
Mrs. J. M. aisanook of Archer was
plioppting in the city yesterday.
F jnuri't-l'sir speotoales wlihoutoase.
1.. t. Lakrl ptarie, Hun ofller. tf.
('TJa. (Cl rchwell of Alsaohu was
aMi.ongL th( tru ers in this oity yester-
I 'infd miUl*rooms make tLat steak
Jir tfie. Can 1le had at C. V. MeKiln-
Itrj ..
SHroke iRoyl Bitl eigair and be hap.
py. Maker at HUlimes Comliany, dia.
tributors, d-dt.
WV. I. Carter, a merel4ntn ofr I.
Crosse, was tratisanctinglebusiness In
thistle city yesterday.
ulairs' calling boards printed in latest
style at Sil otfflc. Orders fur engrarv
inU V \irXuPtio oin hort note. tr.
I'uek'slHr'. bread reeelved fresh
from .1Mkkpnville daily. Try a loaf of
it aIft you wjll use no other. 0. '.
Foir Salu-New wVIhe'.r & Wilhon
sisinw i n aeniane, I... b. factory or
I ainti-Iliv,. Applr at ties oiffle or 303
SEast Liberty street. dwtf
Our labor contract saves possible lose
from advances to employee; illy or
less at three cents eash; $ per hun.
dred. eoth with order. tf.
I E. W. Mill ean, the naval stores op.
erator of Waldo, apcompanled by his
interesting little son, E. W. Jr., were
among the visitors to this city yester-
There is laughter for the laughable,
music for the musical. and much to
eommnnisd and patronize In the per.
formnare of the newest, "A Breety
Captain anfl Mr. J. F. P. Johnston
haw, rreurred from a pleasant visit to
relativrea at Daytona. Mrs. ,ohnston
is low at Waldo, where she Is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Alex Morrison.
A ftt r 'a Ibtiness visit to this city K.
C. Smith of the Ocala Furniture Corm.
latny. Isals, returned to his home yes.
terdsy Mr. mlith is one of the lead.
ing IusinIens men of the Brick City.

laser wit Okumau ha Hll.
E. L. Payne of Ivoeries was among
the vi sors to th; oity yesterday,
II. Li. It ,mulinvr io th lack wra rg ll.
slaered at It.,, tiM. lite yt-t*rldsy.
J. A. Sta ile* i t-iive br'ek
manufacturer oif C'amuivillf. w a
atmox ithe luisi 'viiore to tiils eily
O-I ii'k i- all inew aid frels,,
ther.efor., try us wlhen yoil want what's
flood i thei* PrIHtry ur most line.
Otrfr & Audjcrsoin.

Chickens .Awo, apaofn.1 r
ehlokens selected for today's trade.
tltetr send youth orders early. Gaines-
Wlle irooery Vo.
Mrs. P. (. Burke of tiultman, (is.,
formerly Mi Nolle trleklrnd of
Pqqsdlie and oalnevlle, Is in the city
orlt visit to Mr. T. J, flwearlnpe.
Mrs. Hurke's old friends are delighted
to welcome her gain.
SAmong the visitors to this( lty Is C.
A. fteek'er of Rookyr loont, N. .,
who Is here on av vil to bis brother,
W',. t. seeker. Mr. Stokers tI in the
meoahlneal depanrimea of the Atleatis
Coost Line, aad holds a luIertive po.
sitoa. He i. swell plead with OGines
ville, and has enjoyed himself meotieg
the frileds of his brother ad family.,
Among the vsaltor to this e*l( yes
terday wag Perry G. RamMr of Wan.
hoots, Imembr of lhe BSsoi of Clonla
Commniniomsr from that distrier nd
me of the leading platen rad elsi-
sees. Mr. Romsy talte iht% rope
are good as r ale. The lessee sad
eabbtger lld promle fla e sllde, but
rala is bedly onded, tSipments of
lettUee have just begln, and grown
expect big resurer.
W. E. Oioer of Jacksonvlle. State
organiser of the Modera torkmas of
the World, has resumed from Mlcs.
nopy, where he suoeeded In orgasl
lTinl and iaMtiiuinl a good lodp wish
the following member: J. O. Bank-
night. I). W. Tomakla, Johns 8uford.
I. D. Ford, E. E. 81ippey, T. I. Kn
Xlish, 0. W. Most, F. 8. e0..n, J. 0U.
Herrin, W. L. Simonton, Lelie Arnow
H1. L. IMontgomery, Jr., B. Morgla and
F. Morgan.



Sunday at b e Ad vet Christln
Ohurch Rev. Joe herouse will pa~
seas two of his best armume, thaI of
the morning belng "4The GeM Raea4 j |:
tbe Surfaee In the Tweliy ThIr|
Psalm," and that of he eyesig,
'Hell lad a Coumpailon oft e OWes."
That of the morning will be espeelally '
plealng to the 4vodesveal ml while
that of the evenaWg sntrle will be i
highly eaenarsalIag to al. f
"I we' mesh aisated l tselalt,"l
wrisee d 0. Ned, 3k hb, .*

wiek o., K.. ,o ,aist ai

X wasl d8 4 to ay W atirb

lialmeal I evr Sod SSW bt" i .
mead1 d i to a number of peno get I l l
express themselves as bealm berated
is. I sow walk withoet emlrohs
ale to perform del of i
labor On the farm." e11, W 0;. i*
Sold by W'. M. JohnSoal,
The Lutterlob hIops carter of aU u
Mala and Orano.e traeUa, Is 1apW y
nearletl oaopletion. It wlI bIW to W
meabered tfhat tis e dense e :
partially destroyed by Ire a o
months ago. It w*a thesa q de to
storyy and a hill rlmnesre. b M.
Lutterlob decided la rbeMlldg tO4
make two stories. When eom t
the building will makeln seed o he mat
desirable reideaew In i the fety, ile
fit is very desirbly loeastd sad aes*
lest to the bosae seoas ot o of s lei
The street fair perpetrated by
eolleg rr s and their dlt hed t a,
lower sIn tblhirld ol f "A &IS s
Time" Is a hbae meea. The h11W
roas, the elephant pro4ees, the b og
anid girlse eagad done, their laSi '
ter reonade aloa the pike. There i
everything to amnse-nothblg so of0.1
fend. Something doing all she time.
Besides presenting this ga6lay of a -W
aoned and up-tlodate eomedy stars, the
Moanery sed la thie this ird 6 t
furlbhabd complie ln every detail #
" A Breexy Time" masagesemat.
Tiokt Agexnt J. A. (oodwin of th
Atlantie Ooast Line haa returned fte
his old home In North UGeOrgila wl,
he has been visiting for thk pUat *lo
weeks. lie reports a big time. and tia
asameh as he was aedoapealed by
couple of his ine dogs, enjoyed sro
foe shooting. turlng Mr. Goodelals
abseoee his poiosiub war Siled by a *ke
lief Agent Le. a throughly eompe.
test man la ttis direction, r Lrek Iee
ezp bs to make his dlearture today $
for Dunnellon, where he willhl ner A
the aat the Atlanple 0ooes Lim
for a few days. lI



..Ladies' Fine Vialst..
All-Wool Fine Bstiste Walets an white,
nile, light bluesand ite A
regular price $2.10,I4 .9 I
Batiste Waistsb embroidered front and
eollar.a lleo on, ngttr't A
priee3 88 2,- bti i... MI.V
Taffeta Silk Wai st. n bltak, brown pnd
navy, regular *$8. A, 2J
thiis ale .. ..' I
Ueit tirade Taflfeta tlk Waeiss intlue,
black and brfowii, reu u.
lar $4 and $4 ,W. s ow.. w,*
Beautiful Louissue Walist in white,
nile, blue, pink and new brtwa-i


4 1


*: r .,



111W TAI S T1 1

100 Page Iluhtratd
Full t Wi" My

all1 Orderi l Nie 1l

oroenleaf IAn
*nXu AWS l

Wedned i

F $ I Vo L ti,9,,

.~ ~ ~ w- *--.^t AM ^^ f


er rrrauw~~ 1

141 W Bt BoySt.
I> -_ . . . .


I ;Id ;~~



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