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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 2, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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p Ij- Sl .w' PA IDA, FRI AY, DE EMBER 1,90
''I, '

Son quikr than it
I I f


o os aS to be d wonu before-r than IP
*a* A the AeOult Of An Eoplo iob onr o -th pupil
!ll r th jag A.oni No. I. In Umo

tHi OniIs,,5 ILL to be irlent on the way
'J flld I Lhae mn CHILD ILLeD bu Tl
ilorlWsr* VICTIMS ARE ALL YOUNG GIL to drill
I.-JI d Ctrio btl rted A were lltred lt

C krtle 1d woaonl who Tti Cauae of t tho IB lliaton Not D1 Could Not $
.h O at tal supp ed Atlanty, I fron a real--

.sit aAl u tO t ehe nRtely uletmn APElOver Tholrto was Tem n to the '

Mag' of utll omer uld to Were Injured and it 1 id that prk L Tureday aftternoon
SiO iLn Ot rtlen1. D L ,d. to a silent on the waI

!( la ie reo !lta h I have resultIQd from tlM lgasle eleP) ltaiks dlreetly oppose
a g Ia t lOM sand eP Itat tne Swi1 laundry bes he was r a over a dh Ilc
sV iaTM. Irt I Mrdy. ro trYOUNG GL

li^tii^l^^il il i eLlol Tbe vletlme aMsa gir 1. see se0 whl 1en thef to frehd
m els 1.Ms. (Re hled. e e Sna the a tret and s eit
hill a Tihe. C'as d ofd: tms. heNpCould Not $h
st so n o aaus of the e seaans aNo ot atnta. D ler. I-A

:li il o, olas iiy DetrmI adr-Or Thirty *. was nug to the t,

Sogu y samid ltb Were l njurte: Ad ll Said to. l per Tnery after moon
Ss hl WIT; *I He T toatnl, red I; Julia R I therm rli.pd f th. lttl

S afi ieeyd N; ttag hl Kla. 4Kd ti ; to oneath the child from
Nolw Orleans. on. 1 1-T; Atehs we ard a epomnt too latep.

;" ''' I rillhr JeItA. ll Aperti Tt chlld nwas stru
."'Iow amnw6 sCi rto y peuld from tie wiere treapd raci of the hasl. Hie
a am psims .is ai at ltae "orpltl. th Injure i ouf t ear nd t he w has eiun pi
ifWfI tb, sth eleatl aus to r0q ulre bod. Dwath a Ila st
gll, -1.-Alex them to r enale, Of ile I now there
esS Oteh, Cl| I nn is maid tat hol l prpterribly dir. Attempt theo Wrcid a
lee vieth mos Pirelarmshal Hlliy and the pno Enoxvllle. Tnlln.. l)oe
i,'gi gill; li N l e ovf. flee are aoadaetiln a! Inv,,tgllation of erate attempt to cract ,
,lSiUiUtS., the blarnod buillcll tlan the Louisvllet and hNa
-LaW hinelD ktim nid The elu of the eldent has t dI C areed rhgalins Ho
#h.d 4 VQgltrd te o bn detrintel detRh aer 1, but there s wh w as t a rreste
ggag^^L^i tIIh, p1t l ret Iane to be no dtoub-that a gasoline t",;oriti. at Jello. Ky
i$ tfwi WtaWe ale mi;hlno used for bosis. i lroa; explode. R ole an leaIed from tI
tra. aged fMsu ing. agedd.s 5 Atd started toward om
i.h.Joaichim. ag wd 0 -a a Ae amles a hoentr rate.
IN. OS HqImbart, aed L tlr from Clrchiln Kwas, stre
y pArut Isn were treated s1ad Of the heai, oH

iBy his. sd4 st@ Ynn,,,,, olaea to witne, ,lopped at Pleannt VI
.... .. Launchl t War Vlsseel. I 1witche were throw n w
""w)li ll oi.Ad omAeu Nahvtite. Tene.. in e. .-Covenor tonw put o the track a
Th let -vmr tbs Jet the ospralI. T wife nd stal leave I .s. but the whld enlih
li8@ $ge ToIm pe the ton iht for Ph*l$*Uelplt. whroa they booching there,
it/ e IYy d hr~e te his tll take art In the cer, mson!eo in!e -
1.'.' , denIt upon the at h prpably die. Attempt Two Wre look
0 .Tetneas 8unatl >r (srianck anl NeW YIV )ec. 1-
$t~ r liIJiL i 10( NIAN ("oun.r in tlhines w!tl ac"mlpanny irre booka In th,, roll
this m.o. th remarshal angrty ln. manllde by In. lat
i1r... __v hp e A burlde party o ar T? r.e.ees n will lurLt. hasv juslle been
BS:*Wbwi m a dlo attend. s 'The aue of b! th ldent ha One I w0 a r ofins the
W bed Plde. bn d--tee thbe' dotf but thsover or'r.. rwho was r;ntr In ted h

ti,- iel pnrtAlon, was 'eool at Tarrytown.. Y., will chrais rdford. in t 71i. It
: it L s h br ,uke te the Te!: e,. Thw otsier m i a hour rte.

rg a haIl.l thra t ed sBoo --- tion of Elf(,t's Indtian
Alitgl eoateed tle hlous Diseevrve Valuable Minea, roeI for $t;l Thr o t
et W, 11rwll blse ad strys Nashil. Tan.. )Pe. I.- A, a mnerr s put on the track are
Sfltt 10 eoLr Hpe an t oter r J. sn wife and a taff l IndKy.. ut tngi wild en.i
K.LI, O* SICKgl MO~anM Ce'n to nr e heard fwvll. le aeosi, dr. hy an r g- o.f Int ua
plel. Arbeetal 80r4t la the Int the part Iprtye ,)'lera. nlaeeb hyl re. tor.
bliii dlldm fImi alatntes ilter. Ide'n. In Tifltn, mnrla OIa(,*vri coy oft

m''iI mg HoIw p go was eeateced dmanounds, s ldl. klan!iiti ui:l isnr vaiin. Special Agent 0
Vqam IS tho peltetlary (of able minerals. within a rew miries c. Washlng:ln, lrc.
eilf ltte, bIt wa pardoned I ll errlen county. Alomi twt, yearn agr Generalt \nnre has ap
a l. Wett was steacgd In the he' dfl(covered the pI~ i'!oa. stofinr. dian ommendation of the i
i .r bU taAl amoandl. n, the Isetl i'f a riv,'r near postmaster general Br
.b Is Janl!. rThe corners jury Tiuton; locat-ld ;go; In a wR!t In Iam I It. Hazard, of
? .^nl mttl 1 o'cl.)ek Wednesday the city of Tifto:n a::~ the t ntr:il of dllmmissed as special ag
L iat. which rrclery 1.4 mainl from on tii'" ern ldivluion of the ri
p:are ,of one ef Tritnn', prominent rit: ry. The removal is m
itlsltn Parliament Opened. x Pl in Worth ciitnit ; br sorl' r., of persiknal TmlprondilC
',e Doet. I.--Klni Victor 1man orons none tof i.e aaides hae br"' oflcial bi: ET:
I w1ho Was a cmpaited by Queen worked. However. t., eltm that there --
f..l... .U.., reopened pawllUauet today. abound In the to rliory he names. Money for the PI
SM hi a1 t la the senate at th ----- an Francrio, Dec.
tlasaao. Madama. the kinl read the Woman Gets Big Damages. mint will turn over r
e fron te tb hroneIa. preasiangr lli New Torl. lne. ---A Verdlt for apartment tuday a lIr;
riVrt ad pMe cettl prtnclples which $trn,laio damal, Iha hotir award. i In of Phlllppini money..
SiSam V WM eaathustastleally appilaiiedl. ThiI the ripreme iccirUt to iMrs. Anna Mloor go to the l.-landl on
waith r was easalficedt. The se:ni' hairit, wif t ri a F'rtat I-land I4h.Il LoKan. wrhli sails toil
a te habeL aer was crowded and there elan. who wfs. kll:.,l a year nao in ti1' will be gO00,o pes >
-"*' a*0 ma eptec tally brilliant natherlina ,cllar ,of h!s hlo:ne hI in p':e rir shock bIces: 4i.000 tlwo.
.11L ,a .4tt diplomatic tribune where thL The (d'rendatnt rCio;laJIIy ."|il'lIed th" pieces and 130.00 pe.
S' I a llited ltn was reprtseled by Am ilrrreinr that Piliriii .-eJ Dr. l l'.r- ol.
il beaor and Mre. leyer. The whole berdt'i hoiue. W'iirn i T' Idctor toul.i-
s* m asmbly stood ad a applauded for sev red an licand- rent Il.k i) turn i .; Money In Lar
wI. n eiinl a .lllatte., when the overelgni e. tlho ciirrintl, it a~ a A- rte rei Auburn, Cal-. Dee.
h tIw da ,-fthi .,h;c.<, ro;u 2n 00 vsitL. Of whirh the' Plarr et
... ... robbed last Ma)y. has 1
Llpepalte To Locate Now Industry. Inane Woman Wine Prize. cowshed tIn the Web
ni. .,!. ,e, 1 - \ 0'n.1 at '. In an old hi !ound lard
a, agi e. Mobill. Ala. Dec. I.--. 8. iay-of of the )n.awe 'mtpitn li ', Weber. thA4 1.- ildr
Iof 01". of these l on e 1414 %w Weer. %i h und-r
",eL *SflinM asrd one of the proprietors of tfh pr!e .., hy a s-tin 3 n charge ri:ir.lrlin hi
eaisbig eald QWks Brewlnl company. of I'lnrinnat for t h. a1a.s
o. o wn s isb l th. south on but inll e- wit:, er t n
na ll prmbhability, late a ranch s.- hn.!
tablishmelt In New Orleans for th ,. :' :. I I,' $;. -
iahuem metuctatre ot malt extract.
r'biI. fl, reggist Commits Suicide. a Ii,'' 1 Terllln
'INd C m sI '" + 'm r-'1 uithertn sai. e b Tullf


ha ever been
Ite of public
kilyn, ,000 In
f T"ue"dy In
I stigma. fla
a thick amko,.
I fire. but not
beyed the rule


and Motermn
trolley ear No
ity from Grant
about 4 P. m.,
2.year No. 511 Wood
d'to cron the
his home. and
staitly killed.
I and exeltlxg
Socenrrd. A
he started to
h bard the ear
ut of her yard.
to save the lit-

'irlme, and on@
i ear and tried
danagr, bat he

k firt on the
fell under the
based over his

a Train.
c. 1.-A delb-
* a disaster on
thrlle ralrload
ward Richard-
by railroad am-
. Itichardson
ih JelIco yards
ouiJslvlle at a
Train No. 49.'
a fiew milultesr
tsolphone wra
ow, Ky. The
Sand ohatlruc-
It 1Mntain Asih.
ne died before

s Sold.
-Two of the
ertilon of Amer-
e Bllhop John
sold at action
Mohawk Pray
eity by Williari
brought l,3n7. i
the second e&d!
Hible, and it
wo volumes are
printed In the
wPTre purchased
,rhtnowln coller-

1. --Postmaster
Improved the rec.
'ouurth anlslat
istow that Wit-
New York. be
mnnt of the ta*t
ural free deltv
ade on charges
t, not related to

1.-The toinl
to the* war d'
ge couulrtlment
The coln will

Sthe trani lis)t
morrow Thermn
In ri rentai t)
in 20 centavim
Nos In 10 c tna

d Can.
I Tia C$4,O0n
)mlll'y ulnhk tntr
been found Il a
'r place'. burh 'I
I can. Adoplh
arrest on tli,"
s parent ;r oth
horn formalnv
iltn hetit up the

iPr Cent.
I) I. T: '
ari1ur a .-).i



father Rehft ed Daughters Xigj
And Killing Follows.


Terrible Tragedy in Texas Over a OQa '
na Green ar
Of Bride Hunts the Groom Dews l'!"
Kills Him and His Father in Tea, '
Pt, Worth, Tex.. Dec 1. -Lalt S.J
day 8teve MlKlnuey. a young Iarl
or who had been paying attentUe I
the stepdaughter of J M. WiUiaN.
near Alvarado, tallinm to wla fW
llam's consent to marriage, raw awll
with the girl and married her.
This gratl) enraged Williams, l
youngl cKInney and his bride rfarl
ed home and bhe brideglroom west 1
work on I Is farm.
Williams went to the town of Jaw
redo and bought a wlnchester rit
Then riding out to the field wlmlq
the bridegroom. his father and bMt b
or were at work. the enraged b*i:
without a word. opened fire.
The older hblKinncu rushed to to
reseie of his boy and blmasett w.
sbot dl-ad. The broriher, too. solhi
to shield his broathar and father, bq
the crack of Ihe rifle in Willllamsi b Je
ended his effort.
Stv"a. McKi..iney andl his father. 1
V. 1Mrcnney lay Ileal in the iolA ,
the reniailnjig Moi leitng desperately'
woundtsm. have starl tol arrest WI-..
Ilams. and tronle i anilut:epatid, a1 e ',
is thoroughly do.-pcraLt: andl cr
over the tsoapaute ,of tifi ruuia ay. -
The bridal Is pr,,strat:; In la is
pltiable plight.
All parties to thri trat',l)y are t
spectacle and well-toilo farlii'rs.


Alabama Baptist Church Bcdy OMW .
31M statto board of mlis;.oni. of Alabeat
iaptist church Is in r"** ,sn at tI
SAdamls str reet latest c 'rh (lieo *G
S, Mli'es. of M1onltinuiery. is presidtli
of the board, tind Rev W' B. CrtsP
ton. rscretary. It Is '-xp~-ctd that
S$5lll(0i) A-ill he ranlwdl for the Cs11a
this year. 1
There U1atist l sat approprialted $1,.0no) for nllh-ion work
next .oear in \Ituluiaia. gng a larie
portion io tlh !lAirninghlIi di.trCt .
The plan *-i, m lllitoy a stat eva
Igel;t wa apprimst ; I. ll Mile. W. B .
havidlon.i all of .ltoino-'ry wre ra
Selrrtrd prei;ent, tccriary and 'd
Soording .cretary, rrsl.'?ttI e'y. ,.

Life Sentence for Boy RobOr.
r Ohicaso. P years old. son of r.,plrtablel paIreii .
In Kensington. a lubllrbli. has been sen
i tenced to lfe I rnpi-rin iTi'i *l Itn .lldOI5
I Chtlain':t court ron a c.i;Trge of rb '
bery. The v irCrn p ,i;t I: wan Infl t' 'i
cId lbeca.use r'ir whi nII mlTnlhtit < 'ie
' crti,. WiF arnim l w~.iT .i al, ,I revol*
ver. The crlrmi for whal'h lh a- -unvilct

edl wam cornimnitre4 n "i 'n. I COi ,'
and two, romplnlnis atr''', ia C('L'
Ca u rt-fal urant, rwv, i wer dl
played anil Ihe ,14itlni e riieJ uS. n
der threat of iatlh

Report of Burea uon Cotton.
Wa.shingtfi i[)h 1, -Thl e" u-ill -I
reant today i4 ur'd :t ,r'portj I,.y llae
and teiritories of tit l riagrif'y ; n 1 C
(on i nned frnnit i- gowLi iof lO
up to, Nov. 14 ahowAing that *9p;1t giI
Snbrl s hIa! hn nopraTnd thls SelA0S
tip to that time. annl thha thl'p d
Kinned l 9,,ntl.,; rIniiBluil: i'" CoI"
ah r 'n it n.ri^t,

Dertst's Throat Cut by Unclr
('*o 1i ( i. lr 1 II ('IIt

F .m V-d T F I*lls t
Fe'*;! 9 TV f t rg't*** lita


,,,, Through PuNmam Ow ie Usn to be Opeor
aIed Pert Temps io New York.
1 ~ i Lft1ie Girl Cod Effetilve wi thres gler onth.bound
n 4l4*$ysH He Had ;leavi Jerrwy City Sunday, Nonm-.
CE$pS irue bbr '271h,. and Irfs at n!orth-bound
4 es I #--" leaving Varls rftmis Tuesday, NuLvensm
MlatpMgln oa iaIide.nt wi t,,ld by r 20h, i04. l present J.rsry
As W 1 .q f hhuphoa* Jr1' 4"0 tory City.Jakaritnvill Pullman drawiin
ali elsli. rOiln lt(epiig car 'now hhidled tou
a sea i in a Innd bolhrar ati Mni irn ltl;way train Noi. 01 nild
lt l sll, u il'ihlwaig*.g fr 'henmi .v lI e l (tl-nird anl bretlsi a
krld In e*rvvrsat.on. .1rt rTn l ilad J.rley andiy b''.ina
d 4* i t' t'4 sold 1o Rt tA.ur irawit g rgoln plrvisllg ear Iftn ioper
S$4.i grl end r ller .I I bIh a tlAlng vr tlhe Atlantl Coast l.ine to
Ihawd tik IIt ho0sfe. We hd .lJacksonvllS. southern Itailwl y to
Ilatrirri irj tint ) t get Ithe iild Waslhligon and PNans Ivauia
qtIUEl i. The u 4did i rt arer* with rd o Jerrey City.
rth.oln upset br s oh. This will add, materlally to the at-
0 nol t sy b ller, so I ould. ready mignifncent train ervion br.
0 dtillr bow ire hid hiwe.d awlli,.
,. daeor hew we had failedorl, atiIt Is tweet Flolrida and tle great Est tnow
es rmpsud d'4 y lohr i is-y! operated g these three grerta railroad
iljl k, orslnrf. d aII of l(h ol^ni 0 t3ani.
bt fhoue lad attloathen il Paspsesileri arriving from IiHavana
We, halting R4 stt e mg Pl eh.utm Ps s .
of..4 lier oll wiholli t a maid Key Wess have but ulo Irausfer
of oilad tlhat ollldren all lv frolm i it to sleling ecr, which will
land theMn in Wiiashainon. Itatinonre,
0 took bome a bottle and we began Philadelphal or oew York withiul
tO k0e I o our chlld right away. Al. change. Likciae, passengers from
.Ilfs trhe tre dos we noticed a Tlama and loWastl stltn un t,*I At.
i et A .e his Ig ained .eals, lande Cosle Line between I'ors Talmla
L ald appettel and4 s*Ieps well and Jacksonvile, take passage In
this throiigh Pullman ear lor l point
aS t bele on houd ve l going via Columbia. Clsarlute,
T bs-rwe aevn( srehoeuld iv nsurtU)ro. lanville, Lylu thhur iand
c shild olda.asblnmnd, asu. VWashlngton.

I; iver ol r oil or *m lotns whe
Sin dqlteo0 aud it wll do so
-#L M gpl tt tnany other tlale.
i Wroldflul nmedtilae ior
Si*e ug Msae s.n.*"
uii t lw0 VIsol will imae weak,
a dt robuat &ad roiy
s. t vIm rvtmnw b mPeople
ph'letsa down, iSred adn
Ssoetbiing else 1a.. If I!
p4I-all etra tevry dollar
Johllaeo," drgitsllI.

l il f h oldest Frait
).~r .. Glass or she
te s at homes again,
rklht to polnts in

als. % n Si he West
reti I ht h h e iof
silife a. is aw
0st.0 he said.
.S bIs heavier than

I1 aF oag grn a bfom
6 .lOPi. kl rinlt p1 1t

,ihave e1n good s4, he
stil are flmal ag eull
iH^S FrW, m ilte pH0Iro 1i
it h ss pa.rayn. lin

p N amiv shat hbadren. dnoier

e ei.. t, and IIeouthe
.ir. lA lweakt people .sJaoy
t k goe* whle stronlf

m bstll m dViasOe, and cer d. e
SlwuImbooke ait wig dancers.

mr'g et fsewpam summenIng him!
lPeolsr nioptI is rpp minstrel
?aeu aort eiht, and left onht. e
tSialD. IRialW tmade quite a
NIL hieseleve r work In the O ala
S*. eaaad w n;a r oaf hls remppearanee-,
WMU~da erorwd last night. H.
I.i WI'tWoson'De sWof th 's moothein"

;. E- tymr Mr chlurebarteelhn. It
I*k"0 d lter Ia aethioua ry .p01 is

b e su1m amd ee tahat old tiad wl-
ply,!* utohld i ylita ili prlo'mineooth
lW Sgnpt th. htr ehtldre iothlu. It

Lyfy: .hfpd ald Ieanr wisod collc and nr

t Sheoby, mSLe county, dlenmrr kya lhoure

rw loesa. a farmer. wat home tro.i !bh, -
r^ H, bl a In mrunkt. condittlou an.i rt,,'

Two BrotherM Must Frc Scr;ousi Ac
.ucatlon Brought by Cousin.
uiurp,..q iilOe. (1.. .. -. 01to a
Senatih ;:n aia madi**, i: 1 'a. r edge'
of tisl county a few tAy is ago Ugu'hl
Bob Hiudmon andl IUmr tliLo'.m, twc
brother.,. wer-' 3rrnte .1retarivd with
erlminEtly asai;t nl their f4 rIteroualn
Mis4 Bhaldix, who I4 alo.t 18 3 ears ol
Al1" SltlI(;.x cA!MiI thmat t;0 two
young aln aUll l er In tliat road and
dragfold her to Ile wooils. where tih
crime win cm miltt(d.
Tleo IfillIes of both uarttcis are
Among th min prminirint pr-o;pi. (o!
the county Tho father of Ml.s lihd
dtx Is a Ha:'i:lt nianlistr.
The trial dwill come u: In 1>) iu:as
supeator engr 'At wr a .
Coulhlng Spll Caured Death.
"Harry Duaowell, aged 2 years,
ekoked to death early yesterday morn-
Inl as his home, in the prevnee of
hil wife and ehild. I1e contracted a
illghtl old a tow days ago and paid
but little atateaiona o It. Yesterday
he was seimd with a fit ofl oughing
which oe lauI d for some time. His
wife asem for a physiilan but before he
cold arrive, namher eoulhnlg spell
eamn on and DoekwIIe died from niniff.
Matlon -St. Lonis' Globe Demornet.
Dee. 1. 1l01." Ballard' Horlnshound
grFirn uid have shared him. 2 e. fO5
and 1 00. Sold by W. M. Johnson.
Off0c11 Vote of Maryland.
BlltnmorP. Dec. .--The state board
at calvasiirr.i met rodn4y and can.
vessed the total votn of Maryland at
the late presldorpntl election, and ut-)n
It the eerllcatu ur o lentlt off ht-veu
DemoraOts and one lltembliran eiper
tors. Tht highest voti was ir ('has.
J. Bonaparte. Roputllia-n,. r.i-:P rriv
6d 109,t7f votes. airn; !thr 1 l)r';:
Omratic vote was for FParn ttruon,
who received 109.14G. a maljoflty of 51
for the Repnhletan rector. T::. total
Prohibition vote Ii thei state was 3.031
Joeph Leiter Indicted.
St. Louls, tJe. 1.-A speelal to tbl
Po.Dt-Dsptch frob m DnQuolin, ill .t1)4
It became known th'-r tra y thit
there* weeks ano .o-<-i Iltrter was it.
dieted on Ihre ciimntn on the char-a
of bringing armed men intn the %tn'
contrary to a r,.'"'ntly pasiol staatur',
No attempt has l oen turde (a serve thl
elplas or arresMt Ilter beraui l: iatPe'
Attorney Sott, who will retire tontor
row, wishes to leave the case oier toi
hle meecc r.
,+ -


Arn pur. t e 5 i
Am f T i 'C 1 t
I .ll A' :' .i4 L .-. i .. 'i i Ir.

lue cIc t!trr virtuio-n.:, ,,t ,I
dx-l,:y c.:'ct. HJils s .ils
ul. ryvtliiorcatl,;:,,,,l
nvuh.r,1 IrIlr fOresLuL .

Ae a ttie. AM mnab

For Sale by Johnson Bros.. Gainesville

f^V^^%^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~ ~






New Creations in



Winter Dress Goods

Our line, which has always been
sire, is now the

Most Complete



ex ten.

the City.

Come to this store if you want
something good.

Remember Our Shoe Department

Is otl'eling valles seldom




seCnU ill

Foot well'.




Take The Atlantic Coast Line


via a Vts

North E :st "p Aouth. P*. West
oDarllll Dopont P. & O. pa, o4
n or I r viwll l seal p J 6k' rft I e
i v4l' lo mjtwlllolV nlllo To V 'l oiO ry.

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Table in effect Sept. 1. 1t04.

8:46 p m High Springs and Inter-
lDily mediate Points
12:40 pm Ocals. Leesburg and Tampa, and
Daily Intermediate Points

2 06 pm Palatka. Daytona. Jacksonville,
Dalil no,.I L'.th A WiVA.

Arrice Fri

15 : ) .
l :i,) t li

I *i -l_ i ...i- ,-. l' ,ur* suel a a WiIu o -n---
NIP IT IN THE UDo. 1i:16 am HiRh gtprings, Waeyross Savannah. Brunswick, 5
n_ Ame e mDaily Albany. Atlanta all Points North. East Wept
aIe'A0 eofm : l mar. ae :
has l. B:lhpn p5 s 5:'"
That mueh Is the *es a e 3been eon- p Roehelle, lieanupy and Citra
lrUdvr proven by csenttlc research. taly l)
Prot. tna. th noted uropan skin
p1sdlslts, deelafte that dmndruff II the a :" a in Ia P
StuM wed-up Cutlel of the sealp, cau sd a High Slar
i parasite dtroyingq the vitality In n D"s. "u, rda
the hatr bulb The har bhe men. IIlel-. -onlay I e. u
afd. a 18ale. falls out. This can be pre- I
VweNt Interchangeable Mileage Tickets, good over 18,000 mUes of amonl the prior
N*wibro* a ttrlldc e kill. thil dandruff eipal rilways n the Boathern States, are on ale by the prineipnA I ninen.
. ad msntora the hair to its ll nat Through Pullman ileper Port Tampa to New York, vi Atlantie Co0
lel0 "m and a bunaan t !Line: alsa viI Atlantic Coast Line and mlithern Railwly.
eopeuSInt it now i by ththumands& fh For complete information, call bn
op01e1-a satIe4it thhit It Is lb..mmllt
W rdeful hair preparation on tbe m r- J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket Agent, Oailnesvlle,
.t "r. I Address:
Gtam li dru lWltl. Ind 1*. I FRANK C. IIYL.STOIN Co ni'l Ag... 1. STARK. Trav. Pae. Alt
!LmI.f or_ rseAmpleto The lerpl-ld. Co., 1 1"9'flati, .



- L II

' / .

. ,




.., 1 . ..

.. ..... .. . . . . . . . . ... -. ... .- -



P One knuteum Li Served
wIp Into Another.


Nobody to Rob He Will Di-
toting a Pistol, for He Ap.
Nk.llblt to Keep Hinselfl In
of the Lw.
innt, eoloured, ien'tfli. tI lv u
lift. Thrru dja after hanv-
ol flnfl fIo foor tolitiUg a pi-
i arrested in thi Oity iluponl
of brwakiang and ente!rinig thI
ki. Woods, JEas limineliiille,
ug therefrom a ltiuc*'itter
gum elothing, arraiiKnd bu.
SColman, alid retl'iiretl ti)
of $M 00 iad ists fhor his ap-
ptl linext term of ill ctiir-
p which will lte Ie lU- in l't.
t In Ail1

An ailment like inl"
tion that has be .im in :'tl
andl years getting a fo,.!:!

cannot be relieve
or day. Scott's
will always iafftord


l \\V


ii I

oftcI allure, but Iot to< i.
The conIsistelt tl- ( f S .:
tIIinit -i n will i d -.ii i\ i ,

t!hu ionsUiniti \I
S!agc oFf the d;l>-.; '

',e -1 S 'i (:t I -

----- .
It'C d(l n TIll rT to i
stIiipjtionll tlilln ;:i\ 1 ; :
S O.,It & [iA It, 4( ,1 it- l i N 4 .


AreiklArl: n m l ... .... i N

pW f rllu i rc C l alll n l, utI In rac l. lr l l'W L pli-
W et to Jail. copal Church Have Arrived.
NI r I yt a ly" lrg li rlItetl .. I.
Sen in a cmnipllcationl, 10,1 tracor lihe.r M..'rroll 4, .li son*.
Sbr thhe iat few years, which I hreo l'L Zir i .e l.
viliv, who hIive< laf wnrk (f tLe pro.
bd him to spend the greater i w -
I* lb time in the State and .pu ed rw l';.i l rhtur.l il thii
,,ipa. It is stated thaL hlit yity in lhal, arrit d ''Thurlay, arid
0,lsItq4 in the oourt of .will nt ione Ibegin tIh 1pre.pratimis for
i "nt lastI yr uon athe conlsruction of thebu ildiiig,
. breaking and entering, hTle tlrane f the new buidin. which
o a1h term oaia hre aldy rn derribed in The
rto a term of six
I the eonviel farm, the su"n. havew llnt been alhngtd. having
I nico oonlideration hi, lttbeen a'provvd by the building commit-
o omm e of this parisi. and the buildiing
blatleprison. As Pooln a Iwill be ot in srt comply
toure. Whitn conigvtrd h=r cnrl will
wow served Hulls came *ent- lil,, .dl ,rl'hwill
411 and olommittd auuther fnene il1 i 0c4-ion, and
orf th law by breakiina ant will be a credit to tlhe a!hurch ard the
l. is was again arrested,. r- tyri.
1id(htiContractor cCarroll exjpets to ad.
m.4 tried, and at the Fetb.! Coitr"tr 1l rrol .xite, t, d*
r oI th ireul, aourt of Al. I- vertise for earlenter land .tltone layers
of the circuit court of Ala. ,
WrM agivensiximonth mor l day or two. and a ,soon sll these
.mine falrm. Hunt seemed
maylwa ilven IIsix monthmruu Ican be seeurtd work will Iegin. The
i'rlM latprne wilth fl foundation of the building, which will
- imprinted with i tiineit I fr located at the corner of East Main
dm immediately here ai. ,on and East Mechanie Itrcets, was laid
elh had expired at the convict more than a y ear ago.
iLhad aot been here mloa Prominent Society Visitor.
iftsmp of days before he wa .
.phl ays before o eWrrI Among the gIruininent lady visitors
i p a charge of carrying lto this oity in ir. Drt Edward N. Leill
M a ^po. H aWpCo H. was arraigned of Jaicksnville. one o1 the leading
li owa iawaresociety Iadies of that city, who is a
t llw. but io a ynipatheti id
Bim down easy ywit a paheI gest of friends h"'re.
'him down eir with a selll.
thirty days In the county r. r i I I wi t bie guest of honor at a
irt. dlHe w i takn to the dinner given Thursday evening I
ifwr ed oat hike toi e ad Mris. A. A Chapmai n. North Iniverity
itSserved to ainesrille anstreet, and this vrniiig at the elegant
of last week. On Sunda hie home id r. lr ,a Mrir. N. !r lPhillips.
ill or entering the houe f 301 East Mlain treet. N. the lady will
l, wih the result that he isl again ecnltrtained at a dinner
nM prison awaiting thl '.lr .
t e spring term of the cireui: u 1'r I.e il is a lady .-ossr d olf a
ni ut entertaiiningt attire and other
h idoeseem that I nr Io rare accoriplithin:ts. She has many from present i indi friends thrloFhout the State who are
.~.jlfid~sem that li is re-'alwfays del.ghlted to have hrr visit
Mlbdelisght of what he or re. thmi, nnd is always delighted to have
Ie I tyete of legal age her visit them. and is always tlcomed
Mr Ba na.t yet of legal age, i ineile society
I ul.arta r hi t io

or-wma rsuneq nis, sverenteentI)
LM asked why he persisted in
f trouble he replied that he
ia'4l help it." but would
lateV better after awhile.
tp hat he will. for the
t hlbh himself and the menm-

. .-n Wmnter Visitors.
Ste lew arrivals in this city
"oodnow. If. J. (ioodnow,
0 OGoodman and Mi, Ab-
Swho have come from the
ipned the winter under Flor-
ftOd a great deal in refer.
milille and its chir-h and
advantages, this party de-
Olineltille was one tiiong
ialat in the State, hence pre-
elue here. They have rented
bos,+ 1 West McCormick
they will be located for
The people of Gaiuersille
SteL a- cordial welcome.
k s that they will be well

H, HIart Flutterin.

Lufood and gas i' the
pleated JUit below the heart,
,mlit is and causes heart
Wk When your heart troubles
W y tIke Herbine for a few
tWill soon be alright. 4oe
Miw Johbon.

^mrm *on a S trike.
S- c 1 -;rrmat In.
, 'L t jl - .

Fight Will be Bitter.
Those who will persist ii elolingt
their ears against the contimnual recom-
mnendation of Dr. King's New Discor-
ery for Consumpiion, will have a long
and bitter fight with their trouble, if
not ended earlier byf atal termination.
Read whaL T. It. leall of Beall. Mim.,
has to say: "Lasl'fall my wife had
eCvery symptom of consumption. She
took Dr. King's New i)ileCovry after
everything else had failed, Improve-
ment came at once and four bottles
entirely cured her." Guaranteed by
all druggists. Price ansti $1.o). Tri-
al bottles freT

i ;'I, t- Y'ug W'dcw.
SJ ; .I. ?h F
.n tI .



'' 8Ll~
; ,V .
1 7' ,
, ", [ + 1 .- ,

\'.. % I. '
*" : t'h ,rr
.-- """ nl !th l .~

D :c* C r': :1 : a Fire.
) t-h ) I -f t Ja?
wh;> *:"... *., '4.r >i ep. grate

an hter ".c K Ito *. na' :C' t frl '
I was t eri, ly ,i_'Il Tra ie t *q l
t "if airl ersr-t '.1 1 Tnday
Ilar motLer Li prwttratMt .


The Assailant Ia Captured but the Of-
ficer *Spirited Him AiAy.
Aukt'i Aa. (L;. i c. 1 ,* r ..
mnturhl ti i h f the :.f. : ii f
the r4t A -, It r, i I; '4 .1 ,i.t '. Ia
* Citit llit i 'L Ly I n14 1 j i .!I.h, 1.
port rhiat a i k i" J :.i [tr. i.
(Elo lillt a, d i o c.n a : .1. "ii.!,
ldus l t -'n f .. ,
ala 1 lnI's, to i~ i j ., I ;. i. ;t.',
S l)'U i ii. ui a (a1 I .9

r i ii 'o ; ; i t oi
ltti.(,, t ha a.'; ( l . -

itis tl o l 'l 1 [ i |F ,', .
V ," .,''.l , I .... ;,,,. *i.* 1 0
i ru- tr;. t o .9 i "' i t / i ., -I : ,,, '

Mt' i :., ri i: .. f r a. ;'

arr i -I, II e -. rL icflh4 i iii :,
orf Ii.t i i .. < t,1, tharl i r ', .ni '
fuuni Iuil lhe .roviion he had gune
Jefforrmn a( kniwleIgei that he waz
Sml a ;* ana t .o meers, l i-oil or

pri Lt ion, 7 Lat li t y would a ie hiio
to muin other JrlC for -. afIeL, eping.

Revolution Imm nent.
Rlvotulion I rmmnlnt.

.A aire sign of approaching revolt
and serious trouble in your system is
rerroutsnee, Ple+pleeineil, or stomach
ii ats>. Efectri, UBitters will quickly
iliremitinler the tripblesomii causes. It
Inevetfilr fail toun ithe stomach, regu-
'late the kidlneys and bowels, stimu.
I to* the liver, and clarify the blood.
RHtii tinulrly an' rll it he tilnll attending
a,.-)i,4 vanirh under is vareohinil and
trhi'lr'fflgi fTectiveItt. Elr etrie lilt.
Iirr is ,inl)y ,.e. mi:d tliat is returned If
it lon't L ite rwrfh-rt satisfaction. (iOur-
nit ,ed liy fill 1irilagists.

Young Putney Wiln Quit Army.
Kan. (t:T, DPec. I.-8- 8tephen Put
revy Ir.. t 'i-on:l.Va.. y)wit a,
di api,' -arT., ftri'-ii thle w.rdt. ft' tI
4'fl f)- : St. l An s to r- ruztin at Jerff..
I-ol hlari l. 1 :i'f1l I ft; i ea-r ican i
ra;i;r for blh sit Fri-harge from he army
I* Laii ri:n vfirJd J : th l Jewcir.J
Iawnlhr-d asserted, lwas aitoin by a chance
friend. It wa denied that youngt
Putney left St. Louls with an actress.

Foul Play Suspected.
Montgomery, Ala., Dec. 1.-The
news of the illflng of the lifeless body
of len Gray in New Orleans was a
eever-.- hock to his numerous frltDn
In ili city. The deceased was for
merely a train dispatcher at the unlfo
nation I. I: r'rmaln i have been ta;h
petd to L.tohatchi. his home near he-i
for inter-nent The body of Mr. Gre)
was f r-.1' In a "a:tlng room In t i
deopt a" Ne,- Orka ls ly) a news butch
Vr Fj'Il play was utuspected.

A Costly Mistake.
I'lu;ders are sometimes very sealen-
sviT. Occasionally life itelf is the (ricet
of a mistake, but you'll never be wrong
if you take Dlr. King's New Life Pills
for dyspepsia. dizziness. headache. liv
er or Dowel trouhies. They are gentle
yet thorough. *. at all dro stores.

LlItrcras cf St;te to CCo-0f-rate.
Rp if.,_. a ; 1" 1.-- mnov-
n r f : '- .t ...n' i a h
S- .1 r' i t-. ; .

r i'*-:: ': *
I ,. TI
*- ,:1
ql ". ir
I h1i :t, ".
ai ; ;'>-,* \ .:. -

I t r '-i' i1.

r ,
A I.
T, . ., , ,.

I 4

to young women about d

Menstrual Period -how to

suffering and remove the i

Lydia & Pihm's Vcc
"To YOU"s Wommw-I ld brl
the (inul perod o h o oL OU&l
knew it nma thne or a
Sthisweadueto anda~l mi
by regd ad g

wem th"a b A "m h

ftmt wo a wno IMi at.> ----<-i lJ
it4 My Yck s*so?

nlolo ltlll olbo "BBB ...... w.....

Stayr T9:
'r iiT-iT


Mothers, Be Careful
'*f tlh health of ye ,r children. Lonk
out for coughs. cold*, eroup end
whooping eroush. Stop them in time-
One Minute Cfoulh ('ure is the w t
remedy. fHarmt-ss and pleasant
Sold by alldruttlits.

I ,









.... _. T.. -, 't..

Outfitter to Particular People.

en Move 4d eood Oine OrCraps,
II e- -New 9 at the Mills. 4-
s:!T|e I pe r'tl of th cotton erop
iioRIf b""n W"l Dred, the farmers
sg I he s the Ih-ioat ar now builyl
j 0.4 tm *.qkInlvg yrup from the
p d r ea+hse po.b, whlah, on an a.ff
. tavdrows l n born. pronlely, ThI the deep II-fo etl ,lilli
.I s otlwad u that (hh production l f That in.the dep *and. %ll-r onJ ed ci i cin n
lqrpi ,w ;hl I*.s o f the standard the publiJ mnlad regarjinXg 1hi L
n'tpats of She Isim will 1w greater In
uasa d*e.s l is season than for
aCorrect Clothes
ippyll lP,, l e 1 coradions ,of 60l0 0
-LA 404e bP" 0*)0m I favor of the
:, ( tO ihrlves bhe on low e Hand.Tailored by S~;hlo, n Bros. & -
if .it M,,dpa and the rains
wbil* 4 h irmf have tflen Co., Baltimore.
914*~ o be rmd a boonmer to
i e, bedI aI O itsu y O lThey arena m rkedly superior in style ond wvorIkmanI .
simW la the form of larger ship to other makes o ready-to.wear apparel.
$Woo slks.
In aIrlor sedatslol, hla. Don't be decleved hy the elothfnig pietiireo yoll rP ee
s ros ees Potto aln I on the anlmalln advrtisedtelts. T.Ake theo +~kb. \Lnratt
Their w**r potalo StO lllultrations and aompare therm with she elr0hsv* tI"'y
p m w de'oming their laim to reproent anId watch tha l et uIon yi r r;l,.. l: ,,
WvealsJ.y to the maskial lon.
*gier. As A oon a tsic e sll ''PIne pioltre do not make line alnthes." is one of
il O temperature be sil- the S~olohs slogans. This make of olo0othlng stlandl on
ib.,' b g lhllmg will ba I she gen ulne quality setlally found in .each garment.
4I.laleatioms show that The suit sho*nt In th"e llnstration hut faintly repre.
Iok-wlssouss uwll be uipta the latst shape, of Double lreasted Saok. W.
*pialSdWithlSmS.lMth. have Ii In the poipulir orowns and faney mixtizre.
*$! iM ofi sorb a4

e Ia .FROM e UPf sch eon FRCM
ri MAm etM r
M. BALTIMopr Fw R vom
.*~, Orai i head"*
I* !*? IRl. Outfltter to b aticular People. A IN !s\ ILLE, FLtRIDA

O i, tos (' 'lc N V

WI orthy of tAIT L k TO O N TS
I,0WIDe corer these n.i or an pnit t and resI eetu !!

rnu olicit a st.Ar of your tuisint .p
ieasnes. 1Fit e, I Accident and health I ance.

I hper stms Art ---AAgents f[tr thit---
Victor Safe and Lock Company
- p. Oi noiXnnati. Obio.I
______ -The 'Victor" is t Sing the prthasru of a safe, or anythliug in that line,
urt (froni a box to a bank vault. wn\\ savT money
S hab cioilb AmXl n1 P sulting us. Call on or address,.
4 MPP ~ h h.A m mm s a iin da an G

,,., -~u, ,.U I T.TSHMAN & HILL i L,
A varied selection of Carvern, Triple I Information cheerfully furnishedl. UAINESVILLE. F LO IDA
Plaid and Solid Silver Pieces.
QWrm mmm pt;, ** tLargest Sellers in Florida of -U..I.LOYILLL .
...1...r.. CtbhOanftr 08r Pthe eor Fall and Winter i l.. l, lot r,, ,.le .. r
."a .W.. N. '"ta.. Chatanooga Plows Oo r r elhM Tiauderd varoed11l tr as haie a g.rde rclrd or-
+.+/..:.aB: ,'Ua n ^t^an !^^ Th Ptri aWnes. at the St loul* ixpo. iiot M d It m. Al FoIruit Onameutal, Er. LIoialliee ilnd "Gulde to
.,.. oolm.so6 m 1rrtlA nl I culturee q rver I j
SLLE, '. I v ORIDA G. 8. MERCHANT & 00
Hi'. , aoltov i .. i i --,,^,^M A R .I
Lao ..... ...MA......X KRAUSS, Retailerm and Jobbern i
Wi.1 Represenn S staple and Fancy Groceries,
'Y._kBKi ;,i^ .+.L .. ..... ............. tQO m, Repr Aien tinll --* wv od* rtflr
0 .Iwar,$ e .
Ll r',....... A. WEIL & C O
60 Ib larLEkA.L HOES kl h Seed ad Fertilizers.
llI .r.... OR All DkMuptIem* Highest market price paid for Chickens. Egu and other Prtodn

,B SB so Lo ......... the v1 Y B8T oo o t i Low.
!,.i ,. ......... oleaa qt.ArI TT ShoVI. Avry on. PIty Co, Oa nd a rat lBant l, Maoton ClNn e.
A pairelf warranted.
Bi ',flUji^ rm, Jr iy.t N. ... I..... ... I. Io6 |lr ntia. .iu .. -." .', .. ........ , .. _. ...... .

'c ''"' 1 -"^ r1 v"mz B.F. JORDAN,
. 1 W ." s DR. P. D. HIO0 1B. I


F *u~~


'as Owei at Us jatrnt Flm,
0;6s 11 matte.t

jA CAIltCi t.: A. w'l.t r Irll.toi
SK tFHiti' C MOO 1'6 r

maH&a ailt S. TLslrI7} 432,
...... t l ELBO C E

bxn pubtlked every uTorirnrg, 1
eit;vred br ri.rrier In tie lry.
lialNT pTrt of takr nrtd Stte am.lw-
grKI a yiIr: I.M0 ai month; Ii Vi
o atr I oeDti* fur five weeni-

w O1elU! ,mnotun. 1C oert.rta
In mllt. aid ce itt for eaeb d -
i4iS1 advert siPl1 made known

if4eek; Rj un to an rrlttt-atcr ,
Ip per. putilbl, d e' ery Molr
h al stlla antd l r,ittkii. tl i 1U.
Sg week. lolst, illate rd tr ac
mallb iaiIed. ruslmre tree. to any
S Ullislted StateN or ianada. fno 11.00
at billa beednie due after first
I osdvertfuseenseunlrest other, ke
iletsrts. Prteisanot knowp to
enhtrdk so par for advertl'lr In aiD
gllu, Til DAILY, RUN.
( Ia w v ...... .. Fl.
lO 10,90,000 ermns In ithe

c"' -
(ghtt rouers are coming into
l.J. Bnwrl w fle d mell will
harder than ever to be cheer.

Wile man one raiid tliht when
to feel too important he sot
Ihe universe and tried to find
writer eonteind that thIIre
swatented woman on the face
mlth. Plenty of them toder it
dear sister.

j'wr it hmpe>u ithat always
esha rts girl with him when
at man gets hurt in ala
mas uh-up?
'iMa who wishes to buy an arti*
than the reasonable cost of
Il asl bad as he whopeeks to
U oa reasonable profit.

lerola profesnr of phIlosopliy
that there arl too many
ln the colleges. They inter.
S the atainmnent of high

*Merly person wfho t ri,)

dIltorof an ezhaeltiia who wa
Very much in ntered of thile
thal, expressed his flelilngs
ai 'The lub.eribibr who coIne In
ldrai aInd p&ay the printer is
!p.$ in the kingdom to come
ive1n pltdcr Iftike higher
U r Iaels. Iliii name will be
mi the top of the column, next
m1 matter; nothing will be too
tm. He will get cnmpa t
harp realtalH and bavr a re.-
I't beside the editor. While
qoent subscriber will havn to
ter for the performer and sit

teently passed a homestead
a view to topping the emi-
tlSwredes It t the United States.
P4i provided' fond of I0.K00),0Eow
to be loaned during the next
tPl to paersotn who desire to
it the rite of :3.l pr ent in-
lfr the purpose or purclhaing
lad establishinzt homes. Oitly
Slaborerp, known to be frugal
LWarLtCou1. ean avail thnemselvw
l ofer. The Swetdes havel long
ofded as among the very best immigrants, and It is not
l *dered that the mother coun-
e to prevent further loss of no
iI and desIrabl, a elais of her

. ihlonI for December, I11k, are
IIall different from what they
04I UIg a. The ladies' gowns
iehitffony and billowy, with an
bouffantry effeet. We don't
iha1t that means but Its oundi
il an exchange. The bust is
Itr high, blouse effect below
IyokeL, steves full at the
~tn and finished with deep cuffs
*the *tyle for waiIts. The


individual at the expense of many. and
to confer powers scarcely lesa than
those of theo government itself upon
individual, who. however capable and
conscfestiniio they may be, have no di-
reet reetponsibility to the people. We
believe there is justice In this doemLand.
Weh reeoglie that the making of rates
is a very delicate thing. involving
minany intirimnate problems, mad that it
il a unetion wiilch ahoul Ie,, per-
foril'd by (lifitt'd experts. We
reeoglizei thLa a govern tent commis-
*ion havirn pct'wr Io regulate railroad
rates mith:lt work much mischief and
that toi eCntrr mltuh power upmion a corn
iiinsion involves the ptisibility aof po.
litienl evil,. l'Vt however great these
evili may ale. they are lei than thnie
which nwouli atttetnd either iovern-
menlt ownerlshipor an eltire ahineice
of government sup'trviiion.
*lrtpe-ating what we have said lb.

How's This?
We offer one' hundred dollar. reward
for any case of catarrl that canotl be
cured by llll's Catarrh (Cre.

F. .I. C 1 ICsK & Co.. Toledo, .)
We, thoe undersigned. have known F.
.1 Cheney for the last I',yearr, and be-
lieve him perfeelly honiorabal ini all
business transactions, and financially
mlir1. in e'lnrr ott ani olttisti iions made


()"e .,f thi mir1n il:.lort ~a ,it 't. ,.
for listy ;II r, r t'y tr-tI,''l t ti, r o d. tl
with i tli fiI ral'nI g ol r[ i I:ionl t
prIitw f to ilt 1 it i l'riiate 4' t'imi tre I
( l' tlitir ti 4i Il f 1t" i l' rri I t 'r t t.r
jo iln itioi artf hut 1 ijm ,arg'. 1 'i ; it
iWon'u tim '*'tt ft r t '.mnrti iirrOi'wl 1i1-
strv s II O Of I 'itIo i ry ia at u b't i-II c
ribi't il, . ,r nt itr it I a n i r. I t i
r ,,tr ie' iln t' (140 ii.tet' .l oi i !, tr't ,e.-
|''rttlmn Co i lanc irmI t ( lri' i.t.ir4ni*Fit
of 11tl o h l. "l ,,l tu:- (r,+'^ii TId
( 1, , ,;.J. ','t i '' i * let r .1 1 tL
,i i l'; I i I ;t lt y Ii it ' -
r 'rvflti r ii hil. I:.V.L,'. I t rl
r 'ty Ilie i ll! i i ,; i i'.r r I t'

7 ,1 t lt, rti'rtt ,1 a tt' r ,t-edt..t ih. hiJ
oiet lio l 11' I w i 1r that i l t r f it'- IJik-
e,ti to f r l pn.v u l,. '. *t'li,,. |+r,,+, ',, {

l lr 1 llOP 'i't t' t a larr l .' dot '-
1t 0o1?, in I ing t l t i t(,rI t r (i At I i .tA i
Stateli andt rerte-i'nrittt ite', v i f tiviy
comln lerielal organ ilitzttins It il at
sutljeoti t of ftand mni'tlttl irimn)rri in..
It rinw C 'O ntil inII th. shap r (' (Ia ,tIe-
Intila d fir ian llnlargeilin'a of th- p i '-
era of the Interstate (' (nlther'ee ('cilf+-
miMsiont, to au Io tlmmake it iLracttll;Itily a
OOurt of lust re,,,rt as rtegards r-I;l-
road rate.
"WhetHltr railroad rates hi rg -rd.
Id 3sl a traispaorlttinu l Itax or as tI oi
j.rien paid for transportation i ervite.
there is nevertheletist need of the, cis-
tarbisihmint of sonim lsystelti whishi
shall insure the making of stable,
equilablt rates. thus preventiiig dli.
crimination either between localities
or individ als.. Tihe question hai been
railed as lo whether the advance
railroad rates in the past three year.
has been (equitablle, in view of the faot
that by consolidations and Inter.
changes of stocks the railroads have
been able to get rid of excessive compe-
tition, and have reduced almost to an
exact eslence the business of traqs.
portation. VMt whether this advance
Is unwarranted and due to an arbitrary
excess of a monnpollitic power, or
whether it is only in liae with the
IIeneral increases in prices t coin.
mcdities, which have added to the
oust of living, the fact remains that
some solution of the railroad problem
Is demanded. Speaking generally,
there are three ways of dealing with
the railroad problem.
"First. ,y letting tihe railroads
alone to do as they please. depending
upon econornie laws to protect the
'"'eeond. bly selli ng them to the
gov'ernmrnent for their operation ai pub-
lie properly, lthi stint' as the ipoitotlcet
deilpa rt n It.
"Third. by I'atvingK them iidlJi'r the
owntrshlip anrid operation of corporal .
tions to be (r tried on as independent
business et U'rpriirt, but subjecting
therm to PuperrtivIon arid regulation lby
the ~overrtnIi t.
"T1!:e third iI thi' system under
which we are now working. ]Itn it is
held that the power. of the ulicials of
the government having r upervisiot
over the railroad abhould be increa rd
an as to prevent those inel(liiities in
rates as serve to favor oile collionl at
the exptene of another; to enrich one

ritti,. bhlut t.,t litn.'r t .,la iule theI ; ,V .~ 57 II I 25 I ll IOp
Iyv S vianahi 1 1 Ift
:l r t' r.A irnt,. t" 01,.rn. ,*thi l olu bia o y $ &)p I lI
miinlre t L:lin Imrf tiY.'41.;tli Iar it Ar C hartotte o ly I # 4-tp 1L Ma
ne, i ir reeavrt.boru Ho Iy 12 35s 12 Ibp
.Ar l)anville HoRy 1 46a 2 lip
n, it f ot'1 t r (cUt is y 'i.,I;- ] t.Il.herisl A r ltietiimondl l Ri 6 T8 0 43p
nsk,'d tin- vloi',gfiters In h r To!is ho'o Ar Jly.n'hbi, rg nSo y 'i '4a 4 -20p
m ntty of tht..r i iaruiti askedJ t]*..,singlk Ar (harClnt'svle o lty 5 AO t! lOp
iA r Washington .o y 9 9 S )p
whrr UJa-.y tt dn e ,.dIlrlne. All raied Ar Haltimor. I' lty I S 11 26p
t hrhatidr .isd t on e iy,. y. Jhnnio Ar \'. PhilaIdvl'1 i Ry I 45p 2 8
'ii^ j, r fat lir a4; a hlWaIrng vw.ti Ar New York R 1 y 4 1hp 80s
Y,1a Ft Olwn yo:r nm.'i," '.' No'" No.. 84-".New York and Florida Ex.
iitd Ithe youwi r ** W.lI, don't prq.e." Dally Pullman Dr4wing Roos
h.- say jlnythinig.'" 'Ye'ii,'" laid the Steepin I Car Jaoksovrille to New ork.
yiumiag ur'hiin; "'ht siys. 'iow don't No. 80-"Washlnuton And FlorHid
make Ionl of yof, rlve,--th 'n Ihe i I Ied." pDaily Pullman Dawing
.oonm Ntleeping Car JackpyrlVie, it
las kirt uf It.iLtr there is ini the NL w York
hoI. i-*.--* -- -
S: : Th rouh "The La dl of tho. Sky." No. 8
Pwlt asloeil. I .vTioksonville., Fla.... o R 7 tp
"ThlI fir ;t Ito.y was n made by hbnadl $ savannah, (iGa.. ..So R 12 b1"
in tl.( v.ili lat l'einsylvianla," mlI!d 11n Ar Colunbia, 9.. . .8 Ry 6 0Oft
Atllelny i'ly ian. "lThe story w'hi'e Ar Asheville, N. O ......* II 1 '0
tl:h.r twI l ln' aw lnlle l. li W t wa Ir Ar iot springs, .N .... Ill Ip
it ,. ul It n ,e tne 1 I Ar Knoxtille, lenn .....80 O
gei. iii h'll Iae true I tah1" Ar Louie ville .....B..y..... o i
tse o urant- le~rl their Iul Ar St, Lous @...... ......So Rj 4p
f't ', ,i :; r (' i' 't. ,;I. I'n. .u ArO inonln tI. ..... ......S Q & 8 I
M)ll't.;':,:t tlv. ll f it w, ,,i; \ las t Ultll1) -i
it, ':y v ar', nI:;e t: te, nti 11 siily No. 80-DaIly POllmAl drawlngroom
of tol i.-t'.'* '. r.tiln I uit r'ontao, and buffet leeplug lar betwOen J lak
T e i' ( ir ts oit i t i t Ir it It. lint fall- son llie and St. Louis.

-. . .. P . F p.1 1,% --gap, r VAI A LA l m |i a&% l
ed It ):e4 aiy i nv II', anl I sto coull unat
Milr il[.,:1t'i Ht I))y lll.4'0 ]Itlw i the ll.
pl s e. l. ve'ii o n. ,u V iii iy have helird that re-
mnrk lc. fore. .\Ayhowl, riei of the uiwn'
rolled au i' C oif lt t- iMcvo In al h uis hu
anr:t r-'pli'ed it wilt t nIlother leun.
Tliat 1it Il'.tt hstoiyr. e)therm fol-
lowe !l INr txn:r;T,'lr Id they ull a r lla li
IlfI 'ritlfrle Oni tllltItey Itndth I i to tflI
in or ret ew>ti act whc'l the te- -
bacco wt s tvelrerl. T''i:t ins sOldl to It
thw true nto ry of how the name stogy
Otllonatedl." Ioulsvlle Courier-Jour-
-- --- "'

"i lkr" ha 1bm a s ur 1 lmy rll ltb b*--A-it
%o the lssl S aeelr.ti rears m d a ver Resi ay
ftllsrm lll aI bgus tnkling rr Ou*rlesn Wastn
h* hAs btrog tukaliA Og(sarle he Iha sever had
the hoeadoce. They kba *etairly eoaed ais,
OCasirte do what ro recoaaed them to de.
will I Ove Is the privitlelp, t ain his -ms
LM.Dlik i aI. 1 Mkllr3 l.. W.di asttassllg, IE.

tSS e.,
f YJrTh6ow

E-L Id
i 1.I* setr ipn', t
E +'w Im! I ul, ~ L rh ,hil| r i"P.llj)tl-n,,tt' tn,
SI tit it.ll'

i; .l :'ili ii ii'. I lqrLr*i '
t -. 1 7 .r I 1 i I. fVr
5 l ,7 I

.... .r **,

mi ;,,; .. ,. a .L ,. .

- a.I. e I a II

From New York, Washlllgon gte.-No. N, "Wwblfasw na
filed 9 at m.
From Chiesgo, Claolnaati, Chattanooga, Atlaats, *N 4i
Frbm Kansa City, Memphil. Birmlnghaw, ti.--o, X,..i4
From Ciuclnnati, Asheville, eto.-.No. 29, .VWatleahl aO 1
ited." 900 a. m. I"
Frm New York. Washlngton, ete.-No. M "Nol York e l
press. .' 7:40 p. .' .
J. C. LUSK. District Pasenger Almesn, 106 W. Bey t. $aSS
0. II. AokertL, (iM.; W H. Tayloe, G. P. A. U
Irooks Moran, A. G. P. A. '

,t e. :'a',. -,-

3 TWKwM .* * . "" ,:.

Jackson ville and New vOrKi 4
Calling atH OHARLESTO, 8. C., boA ry.
The FinAt StMmI lp I m ti1 Cmtvis 3E*In

(Cyde New England and Southern Li.
[,ireest Nrvicr Between JACKSONVILLE, BOSTON tadl
PIROtVIDENCE and All BateMrn Poitn,
Calling at Charleaton both Wys.
S FrTTrT- .WJ rtr WALlGS
S. mthblound ........................From Lewis Wht mo
Nor! l:lo I nd...... ......F.... rom Foot of Ca therine st., J hO U
mia it In.. hnuEva rn. *'

*T I AWV IIh MI v W"
Stoppilg at Palatka, Alsor, St. PFrcils, eresford (DeLtI),Im4 IUt di4
landlopg on 8. Jobu River
Commenoing Tuesday. November 15, 191,
Stemenrs "CIT OF JACISOMIYILL" ud "'1UI lhER
are appointed to mall Ia follows: Leave Jaokstmvillledalk el.0 entba
3:3 p. m. returning leave Sanford daily except BSunda"y s i b.V
Houtbboutbd. 80CHEDULB
Rea dorn.
Leave 8:80 pm........... ...J.... Jckso vlll ............ ***,..A,
8:45 p tm...... ....... .......... PSlath o........* *.....o...
8:00 am ............ ..... .. .Astior .. .... ...........* 6
*80am .... .........e.8k Flo-(iLa4d)........***. *i
.. ...... ... ..% rmforn d (I n *[

rP, ,

fore in dILUtlIttI of tlis que*tiot, we
think that there might be a fair voni. it the railroad* w. rev permit.
1 t tto ool Ithir bIllelbusiness tlAndhen fill|
pltwe'r of r reg'i!ation ot'ver ratr t..
tf rn'li ur nti t hel. I t ,rItaIl t .leii.rtr + '"
i ,':' iip, i( th r r +' Ir, Ad j: I,.r' ''', i I't i,',,i ^ v 1riu
Slit)' or two a ,, ttia tht. t')tie if lu
the h t l r atll'. ,, t'r,,*r '.m tLi:
ei" I,. i ro dii it'Ti [i i 4 il ,...' .v !I:;,- tales ordini

' artiftl,'.y :l h- t The iacui


), l .- Iit l..k h* l ,,', '

:;t!'. Thr fuorI tr *.,a'lil ;k th1 t i.t .t.. II


,. j .,p

a- w P..-

1 -1., ~1


M0lt$b iBI. S, Wu
w' owe rs .
0 ti R tm pn
VW)^^^V a~MnH

A" !..ine Railway
. '. OR. ...
Savapnrh, Columbia, Camden,
Pines. Raleigh, Richmond,


ton, Baltimore,








gfh* Ag Am

$ah thr. i ia on 11; sneIsn. as .
bii Oat ^I@nP MAOLA O' SAU *M, Of *,
aiion 4 In'A ,

l Iei thm e r ttlent A N. N 1111 e uY

Mk iSe % Isr MNeu
14 t *hav e nite. _. ,li i ..I rl. l nt lir nt i

Bseen^BK. 44 n ot te ntial otmi T &iI$h r eutli In AtI p1w-.
oI t H. (. 1LN k ud l d wass iuy he
S eflhsu snriLltea val% t t of 1'II, C. Th

i. ove tihm Ut ANwI E u T' u Er cdtlatUtI of.
uvmeu^iB^wM i t u M tsall curved hru*' knives Smte se*r|
l ol wWi I lch es L so Ii* l o wiithl o Iuilld hLloetu
SlJ I This kt lo aury drotppe d out t i use,
0 S 011 1 did pta the atl of 't, on t llr t wL" '
biu!it tr na 11r10 a lt w rtle cusrrey c nlvlerl ali I
*^B^,' "i w fO it QIetna ith \rhlch vltrtk' lolto iHl,-

", l. r .h C. hicker,and t hew m r l Y t thnd t h
They lh o th o nl twas r Tulws, l a rn nat
5 i.iMi~l~M T~wro'qalnt fdo uor blo k>fr Fo nrM.t.t lo

ff it l iauhoer hole ren w as th. hluc
... ..i r hth i modern "t ahv wl l l ln o e i wh.
le I o TB a rrtls of grea itT t anaiunr ty dt of A

$hgw illlar ort were adfl !pfly or alai
b.eatfl tt, withe uA lwr v.Ti aes of ti l

lW C s wilh pdresed rohm b x to hate i
la the orlinary way as p circulti. f(
3 6wr t' goo qaiol. l3 nn
ffiac^^r hr lifle eItsll14^-r WHrrIA JKoKAO a 4ni

W oaaaIndl.muI Itlare aiepsd q the I e
l it? ul o booklet anUs teS, "Wutas to

sp'ej-~d myb IpisI ean NO o W.At. St I by
;.~.. hells O~sust Lime ralrb e avannah,l

.r.K: .R Wed.nesday, Dec 7.nh

.^ tt..b. ~ FITZ & WEBSTER'S
W nlv4u A .p= tho hue'o

B's Whh sl ehlFumistng Fl ow and Pe stty G ldt st
.0woode, I V *l% m ncnld, b# t tomi

forAh ipu-holit ha
in I. the cM IIC d rm ll w.
B, .r ,. i d a BloI b vsnl pfn, At, 1
w s s e aQM7st eit. Fellow and Pretty Girlsnnah,

0 l t AFae Coedy Brim ulSE

't t the caal sx d Bdbbling Over with
opren" WeNOnesatoa, Dec. g.

Sw an aveottWIen-o atlW.W. Av'.
art* Do. 0t tDongB, All ente
.si...n.i yi .. ..*ti .t

EM ,E^%^' F41iy Fo!!owi and Pcetty Girls,
WOO t os tim ^ .. ..

li t, 6t bel p e*
ii,, tl I ,

s I w t c kli, on their -Der I-
't. t" .I B i i. .. r -
'.VO.I After o ba. Flea Wines, Liquors and Cigars
lt tO sfoad to t .be 8STARKE, FLORIlA.
PM0iot4 emdly k~ep the l. ... .
ow, u, th ta1s4W. M W 1 yoeud I. Ij nli Epress
q o ,. t e l tt. ow gmt o Pt prlld to Gilnarlille FLh.
.9 f wort, *tre? n v en i. tren
WHi Itoli a e Wiantantly l*kckina t a m auarts Suerlr Old
'pi'pi the villagrs wt they lhr
| titnt kows at tIe m slmw oQil. *nitl Qf
S r bnate o their work, IIhdIlij for $8.00
I tx t l coi m u r WWII oS it. roleo, ns matter
State tbl4r tal or empiqramut, who
Sli a lid l ita pialmalt to bl cirled
Webea I pre5ufe tha thoe originII
i' ti wvrd. M' we ab It, l jusat what .
i_ have *atst*.-8MtA. L ot UIo MUI i

Ni. cow9 ...a..
,'the are nt eOnt a thousand Iw
mpsU wy I a shouw munr her."r'
I'' OA61 .a.aO a .k..

1 I I

I BuHnvI

Ts W Ileeganit Train'Is Diily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.

Only Lintl Operating
Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orisea


full infli,rumlmtIfI nuiml Isr-isr rverutralUu cnll on anl Iagn n e tl boaWrd 0of
A. 0. MA OlNEJiI.. ". C. HOYiLSTON, Jx.,
ANat. Utennrl 'lasr-ger Agent, Passenger Agent

Good shells In your gun mnean a good bag
in the field or a good occre at the trap.
Winchester eader" C60' *,"P rF'u-"

great Super.O!city i. testified a > ,' ,-
men who use Winchester Factcry Lci ced
Shells in preference to any other nake.

' t,,




...~, ..'


ramtablisaet 1878


Dr> a ger.rra barllin jbusltnm, hoy pr.nt tell
1 te atnoutl of links. hnmlkerl. conroriuo
reetTrd oa fAstWrIble rterr. S Yir!l ricll
i4dsulibe MolItla In bshe U'mietd Matet


1.&A -A-ti.&am

Pow -f

Forenta and Domestic Ebcbange
#, Frmt e, .nerctbhaw and others
iLteftl at LAkngI ooleCLlonl on .!'


a Saft- -

1 4 e- moniezuma Hoiel
On the A. C. .. Ind S. A. L. Rys. V. J, SHIPMAN, Proprietor
None Better in the State at $2 a Day. Porters
Meet all Trains.


A Magazine of Cleverness
MaMgzines should have a well-deflnPd purpose.
Oeuulne entertainment, smusemetnt and mental recreation are the motive
of The $mart HSet, the
Most Successful of Magazizes
Itsr eovels (a complete one In each number) are by the most hrilliast au.
thors of both hemispheres.
Its hurt stories are matehless-clean and full of human interest.
Its poetry enrerinR the entire field uo verse-pathos, love, humor, tender-
ness-Is by the moat popular poets, men and women, of the day.
ls. Jokes, witieIem, sketches.eta ae admittedly the most mirlh-pro-
16o Pages Delightful Reading
No pages are wanted on cheap illustrations, editorial vrporings or weary-
Ing epsays and idle dliscaslort.
Every page will Interest, charm and refresh you.
Subserkbe aiow--_2 per Near. Itemit In chelue, P. 0 or exp re orner,
or registered letter to TtE IRMMAT KET, 459 Fifth Avenue, New 'erk.
N. B.-Sample Copies Sent Free on Application.

Las. M. Gi

aMuA., PreMoIla Gio. W. HIba, Viw.Presidont


OIr G-.&flJrs rTTr.-r1.T


I I -LlI


.2:3 i.


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P1619", wil., P




rg: efl


I-*1 .-:~.- 1 III,
I :,.ir4

, I 4 4 '1 .r. I I

lonts amd Knoaville crba-
gonnmarto havo eiteluded to'
itwuovelt an l lnvtlaton to

at goouevelt today announctdl
SAdmiral Charles .avlv will.
Ihe ppoilntitmenit on the
Iank ciurt of Inquiry.
('etrtHt. clhm Aplon flight'
p li"t, was knocked mbaill h
I Tuesday aisht by a fighter
Sleolw nl Mau Franclaco.
'ell'cu of Price. Adam (* '(o.
york, bhLaur*. l br* been closteld.
,jl^ber of ll>e fIrm or enmployos
~Sppared to make any explanl.
allam iliumbloiiuKi wall whOt andl

I y killed nl Wniitv county, Tonl
by his, .uli Ran.
A family quarrel was the cause
.0 tragedy.
d cldletment for murder In the lir,
was returned itody aaIlat
k Feltsn, who i6 charged with
E GUayy ItRose, Tlhub' agivhllo g
4 t New York (City'
|A1 ' !tItth .eti;d hbA d i i'
eCh urj.61'ai of tho lt)FAbchblil
1 of flinnclers, who IA now on a
WIo New York. bas been the giest
sg uaer givrn by Auient rBelomnt.
aihe ( from K iel sverrtllt l.m.
William will cruise In itheiled M
i In in *1 hslrtIng. 'The Ilnlm.
Salckt lIohi.noletnln hau beon re-
l d IA or'delrd it ho ready for
AL. Plelschm ann & Co., brokers, of
elpbla, mald an asllgnment to-
The rie in the* price of stocks
as lbe rasllon lor tbhe lflurt.
eM ltnt of assets and liabMlllti
n made.
than 100 shots were exchanged
'ltners' ltght at a rost camp nle
.Col. Onle nan was killed
,JIO Utken froum tle body. An"
.iman was seriously wounded. Nine
hlave be en arrested.
iS W. Ilendrlcks. the oldeet and
*itf be bust known men In IAUIsr
Ky., died today at the ages of lt,
HelndrIcks had never been ill a
;ehad nevor spent a cent for medl
Soeraeoutetnld a physicCan.
M meotlatllomn for a commercial
p between (erumany and Auitria.
t'Ir have bben broken off ooa.
and in the present mood Oa
Germatin uovernmntl (hey will see
resumed Iunles the initialle comes
the Aweutro-Hungary.
l.1bert W. Tayler. reprmaenUtl pro.
alaiRnsft Hlnator Reed amuoot
llted today with Senator Bur.
ehalrmann of the committee on
and elotions.. Tbhe r .
N i'll bria lhe examination ol
ft In aloit, ten days.
'th he *n learned that Speaker
I of the, ho1I l(f repreyteldta.
Wl amongn lhe.4P recently decor.
by Frianl, The rank conferred
him was chevaller of the lsilo.I
lmeor. hu it t In understood that hlt
precinlde.s the acceptance of the
tS. lluabeth MicCaornam. wife of
tR. McComas, of the poteaflre
eat, ended her life in Wash
by pulling her throat. She
b0e in III-health. Mrs Me('o
1,ra a daughter of General Mowrr
Wlm on Logan's staff dirln the
I. war.
eriade alnainst personS who seli
adulterated druas has tbsg un
RI on by (clonel J, R. R tart, of
Sa*tolce dstparomfnt. er ar-o
were made on rcharRa of fraud-
mI of the malls. Flinen thoue
dollars' worth ofr alleged spurl
dr s lnr wr connftrcated
flw bank, with a capital rdf
*.00. to hh known as tie Hank
Savings Hank and Trust company.
i be organizefld n Memphlis Tirnn
3o100 bajink in 'enn.Mmee, MJisIs
and Arkarsas. The object if
.itan- three Nttmn movement i ,I
?Mlioln annually wrhout cal'lfg cu
SISewars of Counterfeits.

%Wu'Ie la the only genuine
t.l1 Malat," writes J. I.
of OenLre, Ama. "I have u ed
M family for piles, cuts and
o years s I can recommend it
Ihe bst eltre on the market.
i tlly should keep it. as It is an
ble hotsehold remedy, and
always be kept on hand for im-
sMe." Mn. 4Hau11il G(age of
ub. N. Y.. 6ays: "I had a
it on my ankle for twclr.f
i~s t. -



of t throat, sore an d Swoll
tonsill, lou of voice, and other
throat troubles should never be
necgleot& Them ailments quick.
ly work down to the INfl and
often nd In 0coasnrptlte, or pnem


uad us a gargl, ad extenally
on the throat, a marvelous rum
edy for thee painful and danfmm
oua dihordes, and etffets rl
and our.. after V--ythIng e





IH a Tabulatr
Every Machine.

1.ikhtecr Sh ift: Li.ghteLt i uiininR i' The
C('hatitiin ti eed Writvrs i.f he 'World
' trhe tk ay-S l lcs. Mtore Vay. oles l
ig,. in (q titws1ivlle thin tany tther m1ach4 in.

Fo)r Sale

by. .

TIUP hIIU ca9inaaovilla VIl

A .a.


Ia i. eud U 1 M UU IuD IluO ra e
ays Henry Wade, of Kar, __ 1
Mo.:. "I am under obllatim to i--- -
pau for Uu at jood whish SWTASSLXSSUD*. 11
INamMUE3M Wixud Oil did my wtfo _ v wms wm. .j
Srhd Hom hrot .F.DUTTON &CO
for a yar. and though abs doT .C
towed aad dotored, othi did M
har y good, until r tried tam- -- DEALEIB IN--
l .o S ea IsleanC. Cottcfxoxn.

.ol ad a so romaaed by
AL. DR U G GISTS. sea Island Cotton seed, Bagging and Twine. Watrua
-_.... Leather in Strips or Bides.
Nejr. Acqrru Lcd of Killng. Manufacturers of the James Doig Improved English
.. .1" v, .. *Cr, 1 Sea Island Cotton Gin, and Supplies for 8*me,
elalh \ 1.1 1 tlit..H. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, U 8 A
hleldJiiai ,ir t a :n i Iwili ]r rte urt
1') itIIllt ii a it.1'a i IP Mc i i] i iaf e lie
ITU , 1; ti t lt .--n- _t n"

( !ain iil 'utias twrt JoIniec; hady whot
down 1halii l.iiinly, Matlnt's ~tr n [nd wAn.
noilnniin- i oho(ii,,t. when ho ruMhud [ riO n-p oxaat~a
ulp anil ;lr *!own li LISion'%. w.sailant E E VOYLE. M B W.
The Jury renzainilt ont oniy about tl ena..i. in a W II
Tnl. y a.ett only b t Abstract of Title and full isformatlon furolehed itdlal ll a h
niac. county. OOur manager ha lived e ar tb hisowas& !rt y U 4
Cured Paralysis. i thor uhly conversant wt11 hlb II1. t
W. Bailey, P. 0. True, Texas,
write : "My wife ha been sofferl ing r
five years with paralysis In her arm, FIRE, ACOIDENT, BURGLARY AND INDEMrI0TY l~w
when I was persuaded to use Ballard's. sting a nunmbr of prominent AmaermaMi Bad We ulas ob empe3e
Snow Lininent, which oured her all REAL ESTATE AND OITY LOAL r
right. I have also ised it for old E-1 *r *r' "1 a I a J'lOrL a
sores, frost hbits and skin eriptions.-
It does tho worPk." 25c, oer,*1 K).M
'Sold by W. 31. JohnsknuTHEiEVER ETEL

(nentrll llcrate, tb r ibly repaired ai movm recr. Nwly Ilra'lbei
Euroeanl i Plu. -
While unsrupulous manato".tur. -I, A. A -pr -l
oen and agents are floodnlg the. country E. - Op il
with worthless sewing mehinmes, and -. - UI. O--: W
isulnag crulars and making state-
ments wherein they have eopied the W 3e-.e ins :L Jeei O f
legitimate claims of reputable compa-
nies, many ptirchaeors become bewil.
to umake a selection. The popularity of T .

Thee sen-cd Yo-uxr OrdLer to.

which hlss been maintained throuRhnut *
the world. is evidence of its suriorlRail a
ty; anid as the New Home Sewing it.
chse Company has alw ays& oyed the
enniable reputation of mnauril T E VTABL ROUT
irst.-las sewing machine, there THE FRUIT VEGETABLE ROUTiB
Ie no hesitation in boiling a NEW\ OF FLORIDA.
115 IME.
I i not he Iimpotsd upon iy agents Time Table In eleet July 19,0. DI
telling you that (some oIther machino -.-.--.--.-.-- -- - --- _
ie just sol: ask those who have I. w. .
used the N lME for a ait arter l No. 4. . No.. iao.
of. eentur, aand i gulded by what Drli D O ITATIONH. Daly. Dai.ll b P S-
plicity and Durability the New Home ,Stnday, i ban
ha no eequal.
If the aentt in your locality Insistsk r M K M Iv A V Ar PM.Ar A t IrP
on NellilIg you >iune other machiblne M Lv M Le A . .d Ar. PMAr A.l rM
writ" to the underpiRaed and he will **. ...... ............... ... airfi*.. ....0... .. ...... *'* "
e that yorni are supplied with the 7 . .............. ....... Irvine........... ..... ....... .... ..*. 10 -
New liolne at a reasonable price. H 00 .. ........ ...... Dullatr n ..... ......... ....... . I
RKeliable gletta wanted In every o- 0H ...... ........ ......... out de .. ... ........ ........ 40
reality in Florida. For prices, trma, ... .......... .. [..... l akm n to... ..J...... ...... ........ 6 0
e Jtc. d re A .... ....... .... ... Mic nopy .......... ................ a
B. G E R A L D .. .. ..... .....-..... rk od ..... ,... .... .... .... 0
L W. ........ I.......n.... ... l tt .,.. ..,... . ........ 500 h i
IJAL^ESV I LL IIA)KIIA I .. ...... ..........rI wtlte ....... ....... ...... ,I 4 M |

..... os} .......... ... *.. ....We ah ota.... .94. ..... .. 4 45
9B .. ... ...... o ky Point .... .. . ... 4 0
C. C. V OYLE, .......... -....
10 00 Lv $ Us Lv d ...r 9 9.; o A 0 0Ar0
(icto. l avenln rt, Malnamger). II l 0 40 7 Oft ........ Be a ......... ... W l O 1 ")
t 00 7 2 ..............Cyr l........ 4) 900 I SP
J 13 4 7 Ar 7 27 .............. rahan..... 2... 82 8 I
Bicycles andllec ri calGoods, iAr 7 ....ripoll Coty... 8 0 40 1
I 9 ., li rake. SAt arh El~r J R &'r If 7a'>

8rrIi ,*,,,i

. .r


I, '" : I
o\ .: '.,. ;


.. K. "


* !f..w.SWNII7S
i' YI.... ,
,', , ,, ,' ,'

I- *r 'k ,*:I;
-' n i l "
^^^ ^^^-]'. ....If

~ U

4', .9.: '1
9' *'.ta~ -.


'I I


*. ' .' ... .. .

OAs nPAtoO.
meAM ,-0

Alachua douity It4.
pca. be m1Is WdMl
ilet WUdU tUon
138 puAb sbotaw Gia

,aags, -a

earnd slr I i r&r
oasA too SJb
private t Wo. ..
IaMSe 0toth



- dift

S 1 l

S". :




, o al ntreat QGath.
md by Our Reporters.


a Happened nd What it Going
Teld in Short Paragraphs
i : A H14 Who Runs Mly Read"
tThe Se.,
with (usheman 4 H1ll.l.
spaspers for sale at The Sun

y wanted. Apply to ,Ityal
'a Wonderfull Salve for tale
collum & Co.
kl Beal of Monthrmok was a vis.
em Oleevrile yesterday.
SI. Hyman of Oeals was regilser.
mHa Brown House yesterday.
j fished Wroim to reilt to minr
miealmen. Aliply at hOn otfio,,
,Meitae of ul Mei e was trans.
blue neles this city yesterday.
COO of Meredith was among
lease visitors to this oity yes-

I St-R ore Royal Cook former-
Addrem Thomn* \. 'or-
i le.
a of Joseph 1lrook* will
bi lears that he Is 6oallned to
wtlh fever.
4r. Shiaglellow of Jacksonville.
J Of the firm of Strlngfellow
wholemwle rocers. was in the

a:d plae wood delivered to any
| if sit on short lbotica., Leave
at L. A. Jerntiganll' Jewelry
; j. B. WAKN.N.
A., Wiarer of The Jacksonville
I | was aUonR the. visitor to
-lity yastrday. He was .here in
lgefets of his papir.
EMa H. C. Denton and Joseph
Iwr Ispending a few slays de-
SWlth Mr. and Mrs. Johu I.
at the Hamilton, White springs.
and Samuel Hodge, two pro-
tIrmers of the Newberry seo-
wre o the city yesterday and
their subneriptions to Te0

-Pair ofl pectacles In case.
ar have sane by calling at
*ltee. paying for this norlie.
property and leaving some-
ondor, if
Wnman's OGild of Holy Trinity
is will hold a meeting at the lreo
thisL afternoon ast 3:30 o'clock.
will be business of ilmprtance.
M tll attendance Is desired.
amng the prominent islltaors to
'i4y1 yesterday was Wm. it. Conl-
teson, secretary of the Demo*
XIheeam ve Committee of Levy
He was en route to Palatka

ti 4111K,

'' 'I :

~~C~- '~ .

l' '.


i', hi tit it s.
lMnlo;e lr:yal Bluoeigarn and beahap.
y' lInaker t Hililmes COoiljany, die.
Sributore. ti-lt.
( A. Hlopuins and K '. E1lli of
Altloni were registered at theo rown
ltir. ,e.terday.
Mistl 1amie lill j i spending a few
driys pleasantly with relatives and
Iriti.ds at lochelle.,
la.diiR Callin eards printed in latest
At y l at Sun oftlcee. Orders for engrav-
i ipg re etiltd-l nir short notioe. tf,
"A ltreway Time" is built for laugh.
Img purposes only. After seeing "A
ltreezy Time." and can't laugh. see a
For al--Nr.w Wheeler & Wilson
s*witri someai ne, f. o. b. factory or
(iainnrvill. Apply at thil ofttle or SUB
ELast liberty street. dwtt
(I tr labor cont reet parri possible loss
from adv less at three cents eash; $ per hun-
dred, assh with order, tf.
After a brief visit to this eity on
business Chat. OGaett of Bell. one of
the progreslve farmers of the VWest
Er:d. returned to his home yesterday.
From the tim' the curtain ria in
the arst act, until the flall last qt,
there are Just 168 moments; In that
180 momesal ther h are n 00 laughs. ee
"A Breezy Time." You will laugh.
Edwardl' Opera Hlouse Deo. 7.
Mr. and iMr. 1. F. Tillman of Fair.
banks were among the visiton to this
oily yesterday. Mr. Tillman ti at preo.
esit conlductinR a lumber yard at Fair-
banks, tbut is desirous of looting In
this city. If a suitable store oan be
secured lie expects to open a groeery
and will bring hls family here.
Tlie Wloutlmain's Home sand Foreign
M11sitoury Society of the Methodist
church are observing the Thankglv inln
week in prayer service, atd a serviee
will be teld at KavaunugL. Methodtst
Church this afternoon at 3 o'clock in
the interest of foreign mlqions ~ir.
MeBeath will be the leader, and a eor-
dial invitation Is extended to the pub.
Among the prominent visitors to
this city yesterday was Hon. J. N. C.
Stockton of .lacksonvlle. who was en
route home from Levy county. Mr.
Stockton Is one of the defeated ean
didates for tte United States Senate.
but should feel complimented at the
encouraging race. being second in the
lead. llis friends here were gind to
see him again.
The numerous friends of Mr. and
Ire. .1. N. Strobhar will be gratified to
learn that their daughter, Miss Cor-
nella, who was recently operated upon
for appendicitis, ha suflleleItly recov-
ered to be removed to her home. This
,untiltt lAdv hua matr fretnd, kn maill


nrltl 1i a aa A IIU.
i. Martinof esal was among the
r to this oily yesterday,
id-P air eev nelrs without ase.
hak epreare, niin lofie. tf.
'l lon EillIs has relurutd froni
Sihi re. e h a been on proles.


Inure WlOI 9.kmsa A IIMIL
John Oheabu has one to Alsoaue,
where he is Fuperintending innre work
on hit elegirat f ari
Alexand.r I, .Aluruai r Ilir. w.A
among the visitors to a J ;li l (ty ert,. rt
day. having Peaoj on bIuutiias co uImet.
ed with the Unitvld stteIr lad r itl. o,.
N. Rt. Canrtr f at lei'yville altiend.t
Ing th,, ltilaide oft him father, uho lass
rectlitty tHu-n altlittr.d wltll a ktruke
of paraijels. It i lhoed ihat lthe pa-
ient may soon recover.
A lurisal operation was performed
yesterday p the home of tMrs, J .NM.
Brook, Eult (laineeville, upon George
Frank of Jaockonville. weo arrived in
the city Wednesday. friendss will be
gratified at she information that the
operation was sucessful. and that the
patient Is re ting eaily.
Jas. F. Pedriod and daughter, Mis
Addle. werein the city yesterday from
Romneo. Mr. Pedriek returned home
In the afternoon, but his daughter
will remain here for several days a
the gueeoF her unole. C. C. Pedriek,
and family. Mr. Pedrlok is a storok
man and faraer of Romeo,
Among te vieltos to this eity yes*
terday wa W. A. Btriekland of Par.s
dime, onM of the leadln farmers of
that eetloo. Mr, 8trsekland made
somethila lew than maIetyelght bar*
relo of flae styp this Mauon, and pro
pose to "'aotrol" the market with
tis prodet. He will not place hbl
syrup upon the market for a few
weeks, however.
The material foprsthe new ldewalk
o lest Male street, S., in front of the
Bareat property has been plasd
opon the around, and work will begil
on the sew pavement within the et
day o two. The material to be ueed
is vtrilled brtek of the lrst qoallty,
and the work will be R n.elass ts
every rpeot. This walk will be a big
improvement over the dilapdated at*
fair with which the public hau bees
eospelled to stand forseveral moatbs,
and will be appreelated by pedee-
trlamu.. Mr Brett states, however.
that the walk would have been oa*n
strreted some time ago had It been
possible to wsecre the proper material.

'4 -- *- ... *- "s" peclaiMy goo trn In footwear. Uur p wnur JwIrraye wr. n vyr napg 3RW
rW,. tripling, the clever traveling also be glad to hear of her good for Ios alf for boys. a stmrog, durable to avannah, while his wife will o te
for the W. B. Johnson Com- tune, and will be delighted to greet shoe at $1.0. cannot be equalled. Oats a tshe gts0es of Mr. sad MnU. J.
woleale gKroeen. Jacksonville. her in a few days. Starr Btemberer for a few days. Mr.
SNember of that firm, was among Ieputy Sheriff J. IH.Granger depart- Our $2 line of Boys' Viol and ox Levy has been for mary senu the u*
Vltontothes ity yesterday He ed yesterday for Palatk. where he Calf are simply superb. They have sesful salesman for SolonMA& Co.,
to tavalnah bat reeemtly ssopted a
ItIn the afternoon for wOela. went to take into custody a negro, .lo- both the style and wearing quality. aat hp
Nd nrs.. J. Q. Peseoek and nas Jones, who was arrested in that ei ilar pu il on with a prom nalat Saw
sl....York house, who a'mon SW Iatn
Sof the latter, Mrs. lrewton. city by Sheriff Howell upon a charge r l i men'York hoehoes the a moh pnion wo
abrldg,a, ., were in the city of assault and battery, committed i qa al o f many $.U shoes in th and mtoi proUnthed wotatese 4a 1
It7from Williston. Mr. IPe- this county. The arrest was madeut omany' Shoes. I aotthe gles the ulted ftt.
Yf n l Williston. 11r. vjk shoes ire branded by the manuaa- pew u to his W Jld O*
Is a prominent citixen and suc- upon instructlotns and description fur re branded by e ma to a-ae his sew d te JaSus
.i$ liveryman of Williston, and is nished the authorities of l'utnam cou.n- temor detail at o$&0 but we pan sell ar s t
flh awn I this section. ty by thelhe fior en money and we are do- s
K a set on.--ty bl tle tl!iuInI | f AlAshu9.
0. Cob aag it. hre a Lhean lea both Viela
e, agent of thea Sebabrd c l'atent and Wx Calf in all styles. Try
I atendet of ia vit iDll EandIS. L IL U
hov returned from ,acksonti!lf Mobile, Ala e.)De. 24. ust rerd a shipmnt of the P
th feared before the For- Dr. iW lll^ St. ouis, .lo-Pear "Kig tQualiy" adertlsed 8.ishPLoe-
road Compessiroan In tihe inter- Sir; lravig tried d different dctorn the best made for the price -ee them.
S theit r pective runds. and their remnedace for several years
h ladie of the Earnest Workers' or back and kidney troubles. I found The l fr l s at .dO' Fiaa I W lsts
etty of the Presbyterian church no)thinr suv.ful until taking The The Dixie irl for ladies at $.i0 leat
MeUSreued a number of handsome Texas Wonder, tr all's. (iret Diicov,. eol de Da l upper oalid leather T
fI t frames, which will be placed cry, and, being rapidly cured, the i old e, i the prettier ad bet she T$2 and l2 W
'Ulteat 9th supper tonight. These sayingi with railrtal men i, "tA; madeo or the price. ur2 and 260 UP-TO ATF YL
aY tre marvels in art. and those bless the man who invented the Pull. u for ladies is strong. aslues un.- LLE A. i ATE TYLCS
4 work of this kind may find b~a thsl inurv }aor "it H '. 'iequalled All-W'ool F'ins Hte Waists n lwhtle
bIlit J, .Invetor of a lla or asn, nlle, ilhtbluaend tan, a I
Wonder." Yours truly. 62,80, at'*
aOn. W. It CAK.l o short, we have shoes for big folks, regular ptice2 .0 I
ScI the leading citizens of that A I. 1:. o Mobile. Ia. little folks, rich folks. poor folks, old latlete Waists, embroidered front and
.a ainy the city yesterday. Cap pe folks, youna folks, ugly folks, pretty prie 1 o2 thil u $2 30
larter states that his, on. Purdy. A TEXAS WONDER. folks and all sorts of folks. Taffeta Silk Waists in hlamk,bown and
l has been quite ill for several (), small Hottl of the Texa Won. lnavy, regular $8.0U,
is greatly improved, which will der, Hall's Great Discovery., utur all Come to the Big Department t Store this sale $2.7
tifling interest to tie loung kidney and bladder troubles, remorvs and get what you need at low prices. B" lie rade Taffeta Sik Waitll in blue,
S unterus frie bds here black and brown, r Ugo-. a
h" o ar.i herw. rgIravel. cures diabetes. sminaminl .ali- .lat $4 I 1 an d w*, now.. .I i
tJ, J. Farmi*r of Starke was in slons. weak and lame backs, rheumac Beautifol L.uuisanu Walt In white,
li utserday. lie is a Hetptit Iam and all Irregularities of the kid- 'II T1 Tl nn l f nlf rl I blue, pink and new browa-


71,W,,.. 7,7
A, DECEMBER i ':' '
_- m nn.n... n ....... g" ..,-,.

STo Improve and Preservp I


S '. ,t. .a..P.

O. P. O ason of imeAy INat I
rueasaelDm butain es la thle e:y 4

Plety1 of sllng, daenIs as ~
*etl evoltiewtill m towe tis MN BI
mso la "A BraesyT Ti tT
Alx. Reid of Mutbmk.roi neuegm ;
of she H4 1. Ty ei L lmb p..
wasu nuatlhlg bmstne iWtbW t pis wxj,
Thoee O.eI oSigh Sbp ri *
amos thel lsrns to shi e lty n
day. Mr. Owema to ellU kMa f l
oely ad h.e many f1lekd O4 hre we a
alwsar glad Wto gr~ ,
"1i muwas h wtmb ted wlt IS44atIe"
writeEd C. Ut, lwvitl, t S
wIkk 00,, K Io., o"g g ,iF
erlate sad uOeris s e f
Iwae ldee w try a tals s4hw
lmanlat I evr ueldt hive E oo.
thrWee We ldaWll1. 0 is Sh e
nmede4 It to number of me ril
oxpremISem l veIs bl osefl bael
hg it. I- ow wlk wlbtomIa, enMe0 6.

--- -- -- '




We will lndulge In a little shoe talk
this week. We are the origiastors of
low prices on shoes. We have fle
values all the way through. but we
want to call your attention to a few
- - h a s 2 -

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