Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 1, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Viao Prciddot of Rig RBalroad
O Systm Commits oWulids.


It Develops that 4Mlsa tln, IHli
Fernr Stengraph. Aiee Klued
Herself at thi Time sf arker's PFu
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h*4ffffW:. Col. The usbandc of MitP Got.
lol M6 a terlma'si momthelw 01 atfi'r hA hSep
S4.- m4. sluht t 4tiser' d4nth. m hit he 1bel.eredt Mrr
.Vh* lt W. O* O4llul$0 *i P Parker uad !sW GCAstrUnl l;ad i;arec.Il
*4 >AS *W0ptRI to dqe together. It wa.n 4hown tif.u
,i, r.j bM r. flp just previoal to Parker'a a>ftlh he. h)u,
Ve latted Miss Getcrlin In Chtigo,
.tf thWO city hp S
0. tU. ANieil Ard.
.tK aIt WsTdlo .to I esar DIsopiy at World's Pair Placed
li*1 tr" l e r i W ..wll .I In Hands of Recelvr.
t% u Snneth vW* 1St. Louts, Nov. 1.-Jac b1. A30lha'
._7 i T1Me a.ut V& sr.Rid otllr atockhultprs 1n the Sourl)
01K -Iotfan1 VI., African Beer war xhitbipon m company,
,r. I.a. wot ld fair cnncecaton. .ird a. peRl.
I', ,P w, lion in the ellcirtt culnrt aski!n -hant a
'eceiver be appulatnld to tmke chargL
I0i. if deratiO of Mtho tih ne ts of the c, nt'ro. till
the- ale uf tle Crillula >'s outtit a0't.
:-P4 tat a forced nae tI FFrank V. Wall. o.n
iTWW.VATTH, JU YNov. 2i, be declared (l a no effort, and
;'".'"' -" I.that an lurJnetion b gratl~ d to prr.
*b s. '. LS ti PlnUr b TIOl wnt Wall from taking poaissewsrn ri
S to KillW IdM property.
..S ., i e Julld Bail ordered the Jef ndan.
rmiIt I8petL Mto -bo why the Injumnctioan should -oi
.' m bs! oN11da whte tai, be granted. Thq valua of the eoxib:
3.S I b h. h. b0 ller plaled iIi IS 1 t I It Ia charged that only 855.0 o
I Jld t i. the. k of blr ti sptal stock b asten paid In.
vwase ai t oae removed to
Im tadd chargQd wtiW 20
OrE wM su d for imdorce
id a own defene.' but Surntlngs and Other Disorderly Con
.-Sirt 1, Ia decree aalnal dut Has Occurred Thgr,.
jlift 'fl i Columbul tl., No .--s'('.'"v
iW M taken to hisr ll. S Goa.i in Harris c:lntity. hIs bn n a
1. n' '.state of high eilteiLmentI for thj raF.:
"-I l i JIdge libbard becans e ay oatr two. the rlu"lt ulf vrAtiu:tis I
.I l -L the onlty wsy to et jQutlicW tes acts In 1lat tow:a,
) ti thaatty. My oaly regret is It stems that thel lint of the 'n>
lt ai to bave bottled matteln of orgcurences was the bltralng '
Ulr *y latetion k u 1 the store of JofW.' Hnl "8tr Thl
ItIl i0 a1 trIe aciros." wt followed, It oe.,'m. byi a )ot;a t
14 Waa.s4ed .. I tr lkliand coming it low '
Ie ** li deyiim the mnarshl, rc~al:nl i-,::i.,.
',^ I1 e!"S i tg!ite *sMwt klew~r amd BrIng Into itbn Bt+r, ,
b* Wow. 3.tU,.tl M ktt Marrab BMrs.. a prominent firm r
SIrirsrwho he. bass I i AI that towa, Aalant whbo. it Is taw
iSf.l"" ,ks'Ite S '& iL bMd a prdte No o:.C wasa bit dur
S.Med ti twtalae, bit 'ttrA E* :'
S ti ntoSill"ell
ml *.41 i*k "*N W
|BB;11; I*". mIr .W kIl -r,

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To" e 'MnmiuSE KmLLED AND E I
Novas, gleited a FIe. Me Net Mo,.
Marliett, Ga,, Nov. 3-After hearing IN OTHERS
the IppolIttants of f1 BIbop Wallace5
W. Dunean for ihe ensulag 1 months
sleotlna Newan, a. as the plece Ixplolonm of Gas Plant
1or thue srt omeetin of tho t bod)y. Dath ad stro-
doopting eloluttlos advocating D at ta! t ,,
"greater prudence In the use of tobax
o," and another exteadinM thanks for *JUPT. ARRESTED FOR HOM-
aourtestim. the thirty-elht) annual
seslon of the North ClGortL oaft'r Pame. 100 PtM Lo s urit
eme adjourned lsallht at S o'clock.
lavltatlonse fr the thirty-alnth an- Tube In Cenesidated Gat P'l
amal confereane aest year were extend Otlhatm--Mysterloue Premsuf
e by both Madiuson ad Newman. ch b Out Weelen Plug.
tows had repreestatlve on the floor
a the conrmrence who srounly urgesl New Yorkt, Nv. 30.-aWith a
the elalim of their rkpectlve towas. r0poIt sad aalarminsg ountubi iM,
Newlas *pm over Mldlion by a vote tW a mile around, SlaU4 n i
of 110 to I sad Ute choice Oa New. Iga shot out at a mai, one, g
-s w 0te made in auaIu noas. ast. one to the west, In the
T l rMedLatl rugard41g the et Im bhoue a1t the (comollA
esco va" cause d Oy the realrk plant at 8:0 o'clockL Monday
S i hop Duaesac It was aot unarl- A ymuUl ha was wu killed mad
meafly adopted. manyr tamlters vot. o men were lJured, four awhs:
Jog I the negative., Ia theos who e, The deed man. James7 T. KIm,
vnrod the aoptl of the resolution years old, sustained a fracture
were plllly to lArge majority. .ad severe buns on tthe Ia
Wi H hands. He died at the Rioe ssnt
ORW HThosI ROMIRY. | Injured.

Agent of Atlantic Coase Li Makes Barry, 39 years old. lacerated
big Haul. of right hand and left ll. '
rSava nah. .. Nov. .--. 8 .lo. Barn 0o Searrs old. iurlns on s
bold, Atlntle CU oM liJne peall went, hnadu&. David MrMaho2n. 41 veta
has arrested an etairo >raln crew of lacerated woulln on han Ud and
the Atlantic r ast Line for robbing a Jobn Nw"^er. 21 years old, bur
Or on the train which they carried on fale and hands.
the nlght of Nov. 10. All the injmlrd are d.Cing w'I I ,la
The men l~nundir a rr-'t are J. ,. R.Ft. hospital.
mgtaccr: C. C. Cfle.aents, irmnnan:; Buperinsn nt \\'ni, J. I. !bs(rth
II. VPoyd, conductor. and Owen Rob waLs rested at his lome on a toeeb
laon, car tnsppertr. cat charge of ho The detective went to (l bime of rorty-seaenth streu.l itl tion Co
mose of theI en tand ecured evldtace BSCholer arept@l $.)n il' for Ri*
to t bh bapr. i floe hatst U s1111 holi tbhrne's apprarancrt In tihe West
Swhteh Ih bright with him to Jultic, our Ttuvday ( crnt : i
Bevans i1 ovidlonce. Kaa'. the Itoy w '.l kiultd," b
Accordin to the credence, the r.en been employed at t A.ll ) ':e about li
carried th ecar out from the Ocoan place fro.n t:co ttl n:.' alld he i
Bteamsltip moplany'* wharf to Ith dolng umine lp'intilm~s A dozen 'a
Central inctlon, thence to the Atlsa:. some siklt pI gasa-Irs mn antIl mo ,'
tic Corat Line co:hpany's yards. borer., were s'i. w(;rC( a:'w t the tabs
Thi;c act I regarded as ono of t:e whiP; cxplWo.
boldest In the history of railroalling. Onre f th'lhI' nlItyr l:'lls !nreran



Alabama Masons to .Mee.
Montgomery, Ala. Nov. 3 .-The Al.
abamna Mau oi, will rutInveJrk' 1a c.
suatl 'onvoc(i:on In I Monti nt ry on:
Monday. Dec. 5. for a weft;. Th-"
grand lodge of Mason., the Royal Ar,';a
chapter amd the oreret mmntePr w ll
be in reosiuo. Henry II. Matlltews.
of Montgotvitry. will be In line for the
grand mnaterlsip, succeeding Dr. R.
J. Reddlnlc. of S1lllgent, who will pre.
side over ths meetings of the grand
lodge, The grand fcnvocation of th'
Royal Arch chapter will be called to
order by Grand Iigh Priest C. H.
Brickvn on the morning of Dec. 5. The
Royal and Select Masters will hold
their grand council'Tuesdlay, Dec. G
There wil be as many as 500 delegates
andr all meeting will be held Io the
Masonfe temple. .

*Se OGhost of Man He Klled,
Ashevill:-. N. (., Nov. S0:-ryllng
alond: "I we l'i: I can see bfm all
the times," Hndy Garden, a negro, was
brought to ibla city from Wearervllle
and placed Ia the county pall. Thir.
ty-five Yers ago Garden killed a man
la Y*acey county, and at the subse
quent trial be wan acQulttedt on the
ground of el4f.deften., After hls re
lease garden married and .efttled !ow j;
ear Weavervltle. In recent mou.thi.
It was obarw'd that hil mind w a
aowing weaker, until he is little bet-
ter then a gibbering Idlot. He talkN
of ghosts and fr quently avers that he
sees him, and raise his hands al i
to warI off some frightful vision. Hie
wfll be examined by the sanlty con.
rlasilnltra totnorrow

Old Grudge Ends In Traedy.
lItuntyvlUp. Ala.. Nbv. S0.-Jok' i;'
Reynorls. a farmer of New Markpl,
Was shot and fataltt wIr byW ebrl Nyew
Mays, of tthe amrn plant, after thie t,
bad a Ibht with knives, tevrni;
sa. Mlaye had an old grutde SI;!
Mayes pricurn d-, a hbotgunt ar4
Stearpted Reynolds on the ruoi, R)ev
1 daatda "A k. LA .l a. -. -


or prtitoure hat i;clwn onut tIs wro
en p'nl It lhe !oil'h rbu Iof !- tMeWl'
7 a. ni. S'up inteient W ,Witmsl S.
llawthorn" andr h;~ gtangF u-r atte A
Ing to tiLs. So nmic .:;t.. ,raeSi J lt i
the reomn that It lIg:t <.1 from a '.
flaoe unfor a small < Jlnkey leagl4
protnlucing : r utarassiot, w hich l!ghted
the gas under thW' tulh, dt care l It
to) hoot out In two Log' fiamIUC fN m
the east and we;f p!tur; already W
scrIlerl .
A plii. as it Iltlw (nil at r'ik Katsi
head Mlth trr% forrc lie ffell. ,lInlM fi
and the roaring flamr' l'c, ,verr hbi
setting hl. rlothes on fire.
Ambulance smtrgeKonr from ii illel
and flqnemrrit hNspiitai Bttemted the
Injured. No rc-ordl wa.S kept (If ho
Imany were *'l!g'tly hurt. .4 .
The north windows ofita lnlldllt idi
Porty.third itre.t were broken and td
shock wa uniifliclent to break most 1
the panef tn a carpet factory oa 1t1
oppotlse side or Pnortyfourtl. aIthtfol "
they were protected by Iron shutrter
The gas plant was dtkiblell for ao
ral hours. bi t it ti not tInterfh
with the uupp'y of ga.

Seeking the Lost Tribes of Isr-l.
Muske '0jr. I. T.. Nov. 0o --RelprS
atlice of a rellilousn apet lnown i
the "Israel'ite or tho' ll-tifI O Daf id'l n
are nakttng a thorough search throtUi
the Indian Terrltory fur omnianisU d
the lost tribes of Israel The rSaTre
er nmay they Ielleve their peoplee wil
be found here andi fpect to know
them by long hair tndl ltVal'. TI'
rellgious teachlingl ortbnd the use
trwors Near the Arkansas ln e M!
ia the ten t f th Cherel!'t
NtUiou Ilie a people who sniier the
deteript ion.
burlglal Operation May save Lift.
Now York Nov 30.-A per utie 1A
extrtom y!v deliatel sarlcal opertlor
haa bveen prformedt at a hospital tI
Mouh t Vernon which will probW
"We the lif, of Antonio Strar*1'
whou stomach had been partially tore

,. -,--rV

CInlnnaatl. Nov. 30.-4Oenar We4 4
er today rasnered a solt is the
il r C A. Parke.rr, r) p Iedeat of
tL 6taeiara. HatI~f ed Dsitos
IS Frn Matlqrimee 4d. who died
se dietr l* a 44Re Nav, 1
'LwUmLat dettW1 m itio 4 by .nl-
e. with prue rij wt, ,
Mr' Pdrkor de4th I tUim wIas
7 -- dS to e to mral enfl-n
4l. l. p.,epy wa wI
Mr. Parker bhad t ow Itet
SStflOl* o.f the Cat iatt. Hiamilltos
am Iaryts aId a P$M yuesite e*
tS sad had beo lm a 0 lbuisy In
UrS wair at :rerg.pIqtS Ite had
il d ba a buasi r tl on the da
.MHk death, and had .'I no ladlca
StUl-b o I lth or of w aital dietur-
,bpLa it wa s l 4c~y ,a afterward,
ton it: betaw rb t' b he bad,
iilla; hIs dllM. lXes cartrid;
ea h tb patroq. it W f eon to step
j4 l.i 4rat wetl'tW 4 water coole
We ptald aL where unable hbe
AritW4dd the rtal drag, H me walke l
)bk toward the rtelpip that parted
his deWk trm tle s it-. othe room
eakd i clerk to open the wicket irate
f Wti U, gblMd sad M4. uad (fa 4
f'a, W e.d,. S &I'
02 .Ot. da ot Mrr. Parkr's burial.
Itlantd It It at the liorr of h hi funisal.
Mla4 PIlar Qdetrina ditd at hor own
'bO4 li Chi Ao. It developed that
l. had bet his st*enolrspDhr in Den.

:n two
Hr^^^M^^J^^ tY mmd^
f^bicV9fias wef^

. 'j ,




- i ;1 ..~*I~-CI-*ILC~"'C~'~~~ ~'~~ lcce '-


A-"w .00 .. --.- !o .

U Alr l. l-r

I 1 ~

i' lr17I


* '., v '"-
,:" ..i


1; .' >, >i


I INtt M

S .,bb A. a m 9 k her baby xt ,vtrlrtsu '. n. 't -.t.k It, d abovij
r l ldt iTdohere Slonday fm Califorat. tllo akn l l Icrq'u a-- lot l u
SA year a, despite he prot f of t
i t he Meade a rave she was marri H E R B IN E
'a*,t pr tentioms stlrear who called
lTu-. 11Wi hself "Lord DouW lof aluS b l th.r o non*
p e 4 rputed to be wealthy. deal!y ct ,ShRhIN.
He started with her, pwrofeoodly o larlyo eo n111~fom I-,'ll I
RU IS anr, ral Ihome. fom wtemh. h tboh nw4Igtv horoann hI).p a nh
Wasa tempaorarily exiled fur prloo \ IAllouasnsga, ?i *a t
i ..Wmpathb. Ie mi strteled tbhe girl t
W i4t bnatm ad d4rted bar as I4e. Cal. Io lofn..
S.lsaga aOn her w, wayo. b t a e topped (at B T.
Soa ... Tt., where abe wa. shlte.
woul .MIE apll r child wu om n.
atL -- on For Sale by Johnson Bros.. Gainesvillo
pNlw OrlaSe, No. .as -A me Ing
dea|,lega fru the Prosrasive l V
S0 V anI d all the ummerlal ns
vitdeio to Pmtrdent uMvelt to veltv
A pL, tE- N w N OrleWars A pe 9n 0t eomIt-
i~ltl It l M W*M waslanointed to i ke all arrange
04*ts. Tbh preldest will be aske1d
f tdpeed fue days be and e_ *_
ff 4,aI tbn;W~Wilds tabkigtp "THE BIG STORE.


Wednesday, Dec. 7.

*' wSW



Winter Dress Goods




RII rUs;



^ '


Il I 111i1 I Our line, which has always been extten.
.! sire, is now the
hornye- FehsWsod Most Complete in the City.
B B|P>"'> *n o Imfy Fellows art >rtty Gils.*
$. sthemAa'c e *y ]Come to this store if you want
B": ~ A ParI Comedy Brim Full something good.
,ITl. and M Bubbutag Over with -
nPrv Mirth and Muso-"So m
tb Isil thie,, Doing All he Remember Our Shoe Department
es-t es &al. t W. W. Averso. Is otfering values seldom seeu in
4 A1r m 'I .... ..... m .l.---
S G..O T So Stylish, Serviceable Footw ea'r.
MeeM tbe *Aa to

|s 'i ri a Pobwder and Shells


4A We Went Your Country Produce THE BIG STORE.
,.:++.;.. "'THE BIG STORE."
S lan., v.n A d wil pay blemt prkes.
toAl o p.rwTlr W e ll .veythinIn thue oroc. er
"wovkrtks ns a lbgto am Lw aoce
l :, s to take *et fec oot! a m,. .*: Th-o s
|l'JW ft, *acted ages. Havtin g I____ __ _*
Sthe o*n wa IcC ormick & Hole, Take The Atlantic Coast Line
"ii:jo( by A.LR In jdgo*e e
,$bb .. l.l, judp. 'Wall Street. FOR ALL EARTHLY POINTS
rMW fh : ABOUT C ARS. "Met ad Table Ctlerj. o.
wI, i et i olm a man. N '1 l i Ukab e S Jackaafu UVU l L u ne iU ll maoaer
t b an goetl mMddy ifIi
I d twsTor1 r- tllngsa Rap Iid Transit and, Unsurpassed Service
theht cmowu of the ear earQmet
Stk esRa lTime Table In efect Sept. 1. 1M*.
t .lr' etw caot rae mo DepersFr GAINESVILLE Arrive F
iNa Dbmur a zxd. HE ea~tex e. P" OAINESMLLE
lA of water In the eye of the 8:45 p High Sprngs and ater-
iJi the country a great liany a.- ily mediate Points
WLhe tbhe car makes ytou a present 12:40 pm Ocala, Lesuburg and Tampa, and
pm bl e expect of you ia b1h. Daily l Intermediate Points Psi:
Suet r ean l dituri thoe earth. bt -
. slmt sore II from It lb QJ n ":( pm r Palatka, Daytona, Jacksonvlle. 1 P
UT for knows not mlwry bocausi Daily North. East and West Laiu
a dlo t 1nrie n a r in. tI --- 12-Slam High epriug, Wayero.. savannah. Brunswiek. 31
T ae of the uer s tIonm, but It Daily Albany, Atlastas all Points North. East West Iml )
iflt ftent to the sky.
tlher Tel oe tihe Car ham an echo 8:1 pm 0 a3sW
no wban tbfe are s n mountain. Dai Roehelle, Micanopy and Citra pal)
tIMhe aft of the ear are worth
-MMS W 0o4 rays not 4"Amnu. -
t Ie eewkkb ZhLa o, a b Ammunition and Guns. 8. ai. m i Spri ngs a,. y
MM by th t eMr raeltw conttiu- I Dll tigl prine Llly.,
I' A varied e le.allon of Ca rve. Triple 'M m y e. Sund

fRsnlbu lene hnnlantl Plated and Solid Bilver Pieces.
A 4r *Ign of approseohmg revolt
4 serious trimble Ia yoor system Largest iSllers in Florida of
lMOW, slkplenMO, or stomach Aur. A N "
[aewebr tlot oublerome causes. It r llw r1"" "i "
I mer blel to taton the stomach. relto. I

Interehangeable Mileage Tickets, good over 18,000 mUe of among the pri'*
eial railways n11 the Sotherm States, are on sale by the principal sget. ,
Through Pullman siOel r Port Tampa to New York, via Atlan,' Lclt
Line; also via Atlantie Coast Limn and S.outhorn Railway.
Fur cnimplel* informasiirn, call on
J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket Agent. Galnesvills.
FRANK ('. HOVIT() n'r,...u'l i.. v, h nit. ra.. Il'. 1C-

~~.jh'*II~, -, -

New Creations in




Ip."Lt aul Sayl Times
Won Never Better.

i ave Made Fine Crops, the
io ald Naval Stores Interests
e and Country Generally
Pensacola Happy.
l Altoine Paul, ispeial ape'nt
Ired ttatlr land tflll'i" with
t in t hlil city, hna returnird
hltb'i ilit to West Florida,
.1he has been on otileil ti Li-

Paul spot the timl ill the
iof Esoambia, Walton, Wash.
ld Sntas lRoi iII the iilnspelution
sint lands. Hel was in ithr
on election day and ldid iot
lisat ialllleioini of castiiing I, vote
iwel and Fairlianks, b. t dte-
that he felt Iafoie eouili
fl People Are Prosperous.
bpeole of Wesl Florida are as
SIs the nmot prosperous eondi-
their livet" remarked aI paini
";lTheir crops have been prolilli
S good, alid every farmer, be.
vig a. supply fur market, has
and mouke-housep full, and
idelpeadent at least until lar-
a gain. happiness and con-
seems to reign over the ten-
of the State I vislted, and
Is have a right to feel happy.
.,," I Demand for Land.
k a great demand for land In
Serloa now," continued Special
Paul, "with the result that
iapplietlions for government
Pon being made. There are some
Iaest government lands in
liriMal I have ever seen, and
plrom every section are lnd-.
*iet The fertility Is something
and on a homestead In
l iada, if properly worked, a
t lake an Independent living.
ls so divernfled that a man
.lp a gr leat varietyof crops-
a with little energy.
aluaer and lurpentine Inter.
*iW iY Florida are also attraot-
lt1tesiton of the outside world.
AiMlna has abme of the Ilnest
Ilibter In the South, and these
alone are rapidly dcdvelop-
oemmercial interest of West

SPenacola is Elated.
oa is elated over the pro-
B patlraotiOn of the Panama ca-
W na mrked Captain Paul, "aind
that the development of coin-
m fro the Far East, as it flows
the United States, will make
iity a great diltributlng point and
i the principal citoies of the (ulf.,
of the entire South. Antiol-
this, the Louisville and Nash-
mlilrad ha spent and is now
tl itmlltona of dollars in build-
Sa, extending its terrmlnalt fail-
Pensaeola. situated on )lsoam-
One of the flneet harbors in ti.e

. wIth a depth at low tide of
-three feet over the bar, ls natu-
deltined to become an impor'
oily. The magnilfnent harbor is
Sly spacious to foat the navie'
USImmerce of the world.
New Railroads Projected.

'"iral ralnlads are now projected
SWest Florida, principal among
is the road from Clipley to St.
OsW Bay, a distance of about
ive tiles. St. Andrews lay is a
ful sheet of water, anrd will no
become a winter resort fotr a
numbteruf Nor then families who
Walagn the warmth of Florida sun-

,Y O urs a Cold in One Day
i : Laxiative Bromo iUlnine Tab-
BI Alldruggists refund the money
Slalz to e~ r. E. W. GUrove'Is ig-
Wu is oni each box. 26o.

SLow Rates Via Southern Railway
F Account Holiday Season.
southern Railway will sell tick-
B *i l poitI at rate of one and one-
rnt-alias fare for round trip.
4 0o sale Deember 23d. 24th
ad ll4l. I904, and January ltt,
with final liilt 'January 4th,





llll II1"

1Th1 ilveonitoir of llio fI4I.mlli l'll t
U.I. i.L 'i AtI';," 11 miin kiinwn whl.r-
!evrr pkw,* re .a r II nd (J. ,;y V

'1 InI ', e UC
  • /,X Il rl f r i.h "i, 2 Li yv .1i.1 1;' liii
    inii.i;v I.tiO the it ,,'l.a1 i, i 1111e A i k I.
    IWl) % ,i;jl 1il tl'l i r Ilt! Il'.t I ,td.l zluti 1
    hllit c ,o vr ti fld. lIt It uiLi a ,li a stm hl0o-
    4ailre I tl III li:h Iirik i t, ue mrlr the
    hiiuklerr.. I have rr.' UinIersl+ d It In
    nfium rsi% rC'tUs tI% ilV Wirklt ni. Mbenll
    I *t it i, nl inui lle C 1 l uwelk, ll iti i dm l-
    w ) 4 i' l0 i >len (r. '.-i hI tl.fla't i.n, II. I.
    T'riIR I.I.. lPrefi^ 'nt A L..>ilt l*iw
    Co.. Atlanta,


    This Oelightful Musical Comedy Will
    Be Presented Wednesday Night.
    *itt & \Vebster iresenL to the people
    uf (tiinuesvillo oin Wediileday evening,
    December 7, their newest version of
    the big farce enio dy sucoeis, "A
    Brecay Timw." A surfeit of merry
    ideas and hilarionq si iutions, ineor-
    porated into a plot of ingeniioul orlg.
    finality and Intense Interest. An en-
    tertainment of absolute stiperiorily,
    well to the fromt in tle race for popu-
    larity. The name of Fits & Webster
    for liat seasons has been a trade
    mark" for good, lean comedy, and
    those who attend a performance of "A
    Broesy Time" can assure themselves of
    an eveuling' enjoyment served up in
    the very latest style. Their speolalty
    artist are a decided feature, having
    been chosen from arnuag the leading
    vaudeville performers of the day, and
    with their long experience they could
    not do otherwise than choose pleasing
    and catchy mre. In all a produotlon
    of vast amusing possibilities ard recog-
    nixed upon its merits as the beat free
    comedy on the road.
    Bilious Colic Prevented.
    Take a double dose of Chamberlain's
    Colli, Oholera aid iDiarrhoea Hemedy
    as soon as the firlt indication of the
    disease appears and a threatened at-
    tack may be warded off. Hundreds of
    people uus( the remedy in this way
    with perfect success. or sale by all
    The Bazaar,
    Owing to ciroumnstances, the Ltime for
    holding the annual bazaar under the
    auspices of the Woman's tuild of
    Holy Trinity Churoh. has been changed
    again, and it is hoped the present ar-
    rangemeant will be fnal.
    It is proposed now to hold the ba-
    zaar in the opera house on the after-
    noon and evening of Tqeeday. Dee.
    lth, and all committees will govern
    themselves accordingly. This ad-
    vanced date of course mean very
    active, untiring work on the part of
    the oommnittee, biut there is no doubt
    but that it ecan and will be carried out
    with the thoroughness that has won
    the Guild its excellent reputation. A
    keen and universal interest Is mani-
    fest, and with the usual generous pat-
    ronage of the public a succeeiful func-
    tion is assured.
    Will all kind friendI who have prom*n
    iedt coIntribItions to the various
    booths bear ii1 mind to sentd in same
    by Monday noeon.
    otr course such perishable contribu-
    Ltions Raare intended for the market

    and reffrsthment booth must be de-
    livered oam .Monday or Tuesday morn-
    ing according to their nature.
    Heart Fluttering.

    Undigested food and

    gas in tile

    stomach. located just below the heart,
    preses aaRlnst it and eauree heart
    palpitation. When your heart troubles
    you in that way take Herbine for a few
    days. You will soon be alright. GOe,
    Sold by W. M. Johnson,

    we FriPlit Irn sbe 0 Adlle.
    "l'i ymil hwlrliove' that prni'tlre ial
    way' Irm k pe.rfert ?"
    "N". It ln.i';i't i'i:,hl nnytlilng lint
    a romni m" l*'- I; mit hl! tiot tuptitalra
    rotn*iiifn-. w1 ilh li il tllte."


    KenCtucky is havlng a retl.tbreiak-
    ta ,t dr(I.1hi 9l'er stI.Bslah uibd wells
    are dryliil up,
    (nrt'l a't eity, of the ('troy Arnmy
    famel-, In rortedl to bw a tiLkrupl,
    wllh ,i ,llntle oil $-7,,ioo.
    A m ar.i woman, of Mtacon. (a..
    has I.;t.'t'u rnlrnlrl (I hix I l)ziiJn.InR in
    the chainKmnsl foar igamil!in.
    Jodl McMlglrraln, a ysiing married
    man of ('oluimbuiti l.. insM de an iirSIo.
    oes0 .ful lLte.'.nit at irtilride IMoindy.
    Frlrt d V WhIti~. ith \uill kniwn
    Ithariical manager, is critically ill at
    hi lio liie l Now York fromni lneutlno
    Six warrants have lieen Inisud tor
    Arnoll lleutittijn former cashler t a
    Davenport. Towa. bulik. lip ii charged
    with ernhezlemcnt and forgery.
    Henry Echol, of Opelika, Ala., a
    newnpmlper agent, reportI that he was
    held up last night by two negero s ad
    robbed of $8. lte was unarmed aad
    made no rislistance
    Thrl houte committee on rivers and
    harbors int today and decided to pre
    pare a rivtyr rind harbor appropNsaoa
    hill to tie li eointl"4 early la the aen
    Ing ,.s blo of o cf Iii ti .
    H:iir.litr arnd(t l.v FimaI', r tetionn of t(hei enltitry amasol
    bled a.t Iavaivrd unliveratly today tof
    Tfi' i .'t:L .'i oir.l I :tiual meeting of
    tho Anl;eiit "n Oi intl tlligitmts' unka.
    I.acl- or ov t'.eli In tlhe room who
    h)e i pi his l ca. itiiiue i he death of Cham.
    Kran'. II 4acthlnlzt. living In Newark
    N. .,, 1Ii onr' l ,or and window wer4
    .o i htt'y ci iil as to make thevroom
    pract' .ul i;y al t.ig t,
    Th.e tI'itl R Statea cruller Colum.
    bla lih F',rretarry of War Tafl, Real
    Admiral lWaUlter. Minister Obadli ad
    WI:'ni lm N rn t)nmwell, attorller se
    the 'anam ('Canal company, on beard,
    has r rr'ved et Clloln.
    ThlT Jarkoun, Mli... daily newspapel
    eilndeimn the dllcomlrtedy of the reply
    of Gov. Vardaman. to Pres!dent Iran
    cl( of the orld'a fair, In regard tl
    the comnpllm-it passed by Premident
    Rtoo09eve't upon the Mississtppi ehilblt.
    A semnt--cllb and boarding house ;fc
    your wc:;ri, of the stage is to Ibe
    started In ;ie downtown district tci
    Chlcbl. by the actors' church alliance
    Eventually it Is the purpose to eatanL
    I!vh sa'I!lar iusitltutions In all the larger
    eitiea fit the country.
    IElc;tt':l Clipman. aged 4 whose
    tome la in New Yor kllty, commlltte
    suicide last night at the Carlton ho
    tel In Londnn, by throwing blmat')
    from the third floor landing to tii,
    veatlhlie. where he was bhockingal
    manlled on the marble floor.
    On the promise that be would learv
    the city of St. Inllis. Herr Johan
    Motl. the Now York enarchbit. wh i
    wa aIrreited laat night, waa release'
    tdilay. Ii arrest last night fo'io'.
    ati the i'rkling up of two meeri'.r
    at which he woa to ltavae apken .1

    Cured Paralysisa.
    W.S. Bailey, P. <). True, Texas,
    writes: "My wife has been suffering
    five years with paralysis In her arma,
    when I was persuaded to ume Ballard's
    Snow Liniosent, whioh cured her all
    right. I bays also used It for old
    sores, frost bites and skin eraptions.
    It does the work." :Te, W0e, 11.00.
    Sold by W. 31. Johinson.

    SALT A1ND IC=:.
    The i rutm*I Tflir.t i I.nlrl Le tl &.
    Tj' , %re %llarl.
    lI t I i ll < r-- .'. 1 '.i II.l n> 1 ii ,il:.
    plin Lt'i i li ,,It ."r; 4 i.
    l l w trl 1 l ill li, Lt It'l !

    ']i l rt i ll I 1 1,l, l 6 :'> .l4 nf lls I(.i l t h'.lt
    ti I .' is n i" i a4 i l 't.l l
    JII. I.t1 i t \..a' sr ita |l y j itt
    I ;.. I t'i m l ir. l I. i i .1 ; su t lV .l

    I l :' i ,ali," I'.. li ih( lva
    St il [ru ut l li la.i t' itlI. ltl 1It 'lm

    Sli 114oi I I iIIi4vI ii ,I i S Iilcut lin is
    itu' IratI. Ti hEl tie ii-.l i irlature ii ln i ll ih l
    way l l'".i ower' d it ., I4' io 4l <..'.. Whi i ,
    tofi i- ithe' re l l i of al i t i d int I *a tm -
    ".i'i 1I 'l o 1 ( I i r lt n1 l i ;lt r.
    Seri e iit very i i ori- .l' t lt illriw ua It
    reI'Lir t1 in m r 1t-i'r i-irrm lis tv ,old t to
    4lltll IH ll. for i ll l.'il I it l til Mll lllhil Iq

    tb. i lt Ilil | l isr rtl Wiiit*l' l'.
    catlu l se fI" I of' it r
    thbatii mn ffilh w t .r"




    * II

    I:.;'r.t Shifrt lightest Roailng! Thi '
    ' S;ee! Wrtetrs of li .or.,
    I 'i.* irh. Fiay.Slohies, Mt Ire lLrpy.OwlJ I
    ,.0 i,1 i~ ll**evi le than 3 oihTor lai ", '
    ..,"",. -,. ,, "

    ' I.":

    For SiIo .

    THE SUN,

    S .

    . 1. '

    IHttoo W E, E. VOTLZ,, Ml
    Alstracts of Title and full lhefommsl. 0a anha
    onuity. tOr anat r k li.vlw
    Is thoroQllghy ,oll ra i,
    . L .


    fl. XL. V l
    *sing a bumbero p r l
    W .A 2 *r-_LV__ t AXP
    3Xet M A


    On the A. C



    - MontfeZu

    '., ,Bd 3. A. L

    Better in bw i"
    leii 0"i iMee ti


    235 W. Bay St, Jo

    Ontrelly emt,-


    !m t

    The SM R A
    A UNnmNofwW
    | ,*UI w winII ,.,.,
    Mlagaitnes should have a wt4lelhee :pj, '..
    (euuln e ntertgla4laplenset ti@aO pl
    of The Sma rtl e MI e '
    Most Successful 'of M. '
    Its novels (a complete one S la sehb atlmb Ir)
    thore of both hemilpharee '
    Its short stories are satehlew--ae e d m*
    Its poetry eoering the entire a. 1416
    neM-is by then mne popular poe, ia ia
    Its jok. wlltlelam, sketh1et.. Si ,Ig


    16o Pages Delightfui
    No page are wased on *ekep IIlleItrth
    hig eea!s and idle disesalonus '
    Every page will Interest, vharn sad nflr.
    Sub.orlbe uow-*.0 pte ear. Atlr
    or registered letter to THE IN S -, is .I -
    N. B.--Sample Copies Bent Fre6 A:

    --.. j

    ari TP1TefSMM


    * '' '


    'SenaIoCQ ,Ur'o O dere 'to. ,

    THE SUN JOB QFF,,...



    TO THE.... .
    * *''

    Is via Atlanta, Chataaoog, LoOkoni MeoiW, 3mklft


    ',. ,r



    ..... .....

    o .




    .t ... ...
    ....- ..-. - .. -- ..


    .: :r !' '
    I .

    -,* ,f



    ,1:'. F




    I r~l*F=77-
    44r, t 74 r'r

    S U %. WNUi WI LL..

    coeldfreet re pmcd of Ie%
    Orn Masufe

    i. -pwi. l arei maklig
    se metry. They hIrr
    Sipubw, pur Ln Floridu.
    Mt kAs shipped to A. L.
    b hqgpT0,ityW evldeme
    tlW* sf1b4i, North Ueor-
    I hlf ItTuesday, a
    *ing hIIlr ^_bis producer ni sp.
    >, .+, lba lor quIIrt s.

    dIOembta mhed its ds
    hAblg Sad(iled by Its
    .le.a.d, who was is
    I1.y. w one of the Pod
    La beeso s so lafatuag
    lad drabillllty thathe

    IW be Ilter.
    bo will perls s in eilo l
    Ii. Kllag' New IDifve
    will bave a IeX
    ik"elr trM=Ibl, f ifl

    Iv,*1 tal bl- twlko.

    Outfitter to Partioular People.


    Different I
    That eI the deep and well.rounded crnviction in
    the public salad regaring the

    Correct Clothes

    Hand-Tall red
    Co., Raltfmore.


    Sohlti3s Bros. &

    They are mnsrkediy superior in style and workman.
    bhip to other makes of ready-towear apparel.
    pon't be dwlved by the elothlng piclntire you sea
    In the mgasllne Advertisenents. TLke these elaborate
    Illustratloa and Ompotre them wint the lithes t?,ey
    elarim to reprmolt and watch the effect up:n y-,,ir (sqi11
    "Fine ploturel do not malle fine eloth*.." l oune ,it
    the Sehloss logams This make of clothing stands on
    the enalir quality letually fouad in each garmena.
    The suit shoi in the illoutration but faintly replre
    Mea th belatet stape of l)ouble Breasted Seek. We
    blve ft In the popbkr browns and Iruy nmilture.

    FROM. 12

    r --.- --

    Hf ^tWut is a mpeteoruihk-sl pho
    iof lfl. wamet. wu M A R(
    ,B. +twal el-m aIS pb
    phan'ot /o s T rapo Outfitter to particular 1

    e l g b t stto1 .. e- ... ,
    / Wm ,th rt o-P *II

    '. adeuWear-t -" Ig M CI4LAN.

    U-LWI* *h svulttum is po pro.,
    t-1 i h s ti Nw f-- GAINESVILLE SFLORIDA.
    Ktaint t f a tps it the
    al~b. .. p .Fune Directors and

    _iIa wh," tio -meow W that
    ite: 0il*e ab at* Med Embahners.
    ap.srin to to e rie tbow t U(bmrma. ad ht ei-
    Byli, ndgi et th t. WTN WP,_W -l-aW rhnra-
    ointo!' araI tl till It Joini t ta

    'M by Teph or Trll epe r

    Mad ft"_ the s,-et ., ,-.
    ora.o er a handed
    0i40i0oST wrNYday or hOa
    e,_. e ih MAX KRAUSS:S

    ".'"I A"' K t. WEIL C & -
    ntttll wn lpaton
    thee mL -Eaina

    A I hioprmr ondp lamlstent
    agMaemaair school l a ye law
    Us s the design ofm, t thisort. Ba Agen A L forONARCH aS AWJV

    a,. mrr dum: "'in all Jy
    days. wbthich *ed i 1t I J. l ,. Agent
    b tw bUt thIre femalst In publi
    Iaferm rto arn to write."
    bt it. Mae ogletsj to ay however, qIUII .

    d Cei thIe wrilt o leoU but teyr were

    Prei" _*0 p,,rb, pDl OiningCarer orvice

    19 seeseque ass mrse ease, uperb Dining C8a Service
    relq tbofl5fl rrn h **. talrwhs sa
    Po j1SSd, auwSttty. an Ua.St Banep-ve, lgoilg sad Mtaren at
    b the iS nor aeut et A, ovi n evlle. h.
    i. jsa u treatta ".?n t Sa1o elIes nd aiprielpa North Carolina
    R. Jttr fame w onl.T wa to sS mo lal i resorts.
    rI "I Ml tl sio; Atdha a rAr, iamen
    n bMir pn~prsn- that wlW Iotlvel- See High Bridge (highelt raltired
    at tra'e iem le Nowbro' wl 2.. bridge in the world), Famoe Blue
    Shebtelvr hearnnsd. tree tirom sra, OGre Region, Leaingltn and Louis
    ,1, N*9



    - CIlO ew ..r. .
    cio- .-

    S 'affle ...a e a -

    EN DEL
    GA IN '"VI LLE, PLOR[ )A
    a II

    fl t nn ts6nnVLA

    1f Worth or

    C(Il IE'iECTLY ,1R' kiTL;N l-sl.!Cll:t,
    1 ,'AL.lT'Y ,nr Iol.!(tt 0 C(NTP (OTS
    PI.u..!IT PAY ME;N I' .r l.' ,;oS.

    W\e cover thee( imprrr.:;t point a;d rc-j ',i
    solicit a uk.are of yotr ijsjz:u'w.

    Fire, Life, Accident and Ml lIlosurance.

    -- Agents fur the-

    Victor Safe and Lock Company
    COin-oi -n ati. O .io.
    The "Victor" is the best safe. anrde, i parti contemplat-
    lag the parchbse of a safe, hor laqtlllra in that line,
    from a box to a bank vault. will *save mota I
    ) by consulting us. Call on or addmrs.
    Information cheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA


    Oftr hr the e.ImI Fall nd Winter a rhelee t o f budded a4 d igrafte
    YrCAX TREES ofE the utardnard vlrtll, sk as have a sir d rerrd b
    hind thke. Ala Frults, Ormameatalsl Erlc ('ataloge and "4ii;e t*
    rreswl Peeaa Culture"n fte, I a a a a t




    1. 8. MERCHANT & GO.
    Reltailer and Jobbersn i

    Staple and Fancy Groceries,

    lain, lard Seed Folzosm.



    Highest market price paid for Chickens. Eap and other Produoe
    A complete tock o Hl, Corn, Flour Brma, Ml, Cotton geo d Mel
    nacnd R Wu. I, Wt lhe y goode at hta LOW.


    I3, IFt IIn
    Acc IDvin
    On -AI-AuN

    S --~

    B. F. JORDAN,














    - . rr . , " '

    A -. -. 4...- .---- ______

    lp lbt h t Opa at Fas.nt .

    ,, A. A4l'-I I A. .P
    IL rA A' tl or t 'e r -
    ir ,m ce. A.. TI:. n.--* ,.t

    i j Stj ' it r .I II' . i r I
    S'lrlldCE MIITO:R IllJ 'K

    l yiT 4 VI.bweTk 1 )'.41 ':, 4n a.1 i*f t 'le

    wasA ~viMP vE *'.w0 C.e r% %141r-
    li st Oftt Sttal or :lanadar! flrl I10

    ail ulvane.
    fl t'.-lt beI c me due- fter i t

    tIbei reot S.un Part rrs n et ltrje.
    g6I t Itr llr Isv u'4rtui- 4 *.. l. .,r

    uiot r .ity of *- ** tl belke. The L
    Cou n ry ( I'to oenrdn ta% re
    Ri lle m! eon. r l ass f rer to an
    e Untlond to e cr C'cEdta, hfur tll.,I

    s meeting lloftouer St de rsolr n it
    ser distant. and oneu ie potherw
    attention of th. tartauot hkrann to

    FO ITYte of TEXT BOn rOKS.

    Bisf to the Stniorl trIn ileorg,
    Sunllonnlty of *e'+lr.,l bneak,. 'The
    -hiountr (Barto ear the writ) r
    R0or ed EwouhlD -1Lrsat itk
    WlteaIo t frtho n falt tlht the tiM c
    gol meeting o otr t trt Legislr ii
    hr ditant, and one insportrs.h

    Itlerltlon or toght anvllesI gat it
    a bill for unirtf 1 1it or:, hte l
    bukso tr the blat.'. In I;hnrg:n.
    hln three years ago. ltil wr;itr
    sed this mealur, and is wal ag-
    liNttrriglRhout the rtler. with tie H

    *Itir a thorough InrivstL~atlori,
    I* bill for unlofrmity l I. tilt
    Silmos unanimourly. with two
    ij lrporation U Is t ring har ti, i

    State was absolutely u.drr tle[

    of the American Book Con;-
    i,@d we are informed tliat the
    Situation exists in Florida. This
    a book corporation fIIought
    I osey and strong legal and pio-
    Influences to defeat the Ini:t-
    but It was a tlsk wl hie fui'. 'r
    Iplhment, and now Georgia ,'
    patrons have better oo:,e than
    Aad at about one-half the cost.
    I beat reasonable to iujipioe. lthat
    Ieaanbuy millions of an arti,!.'
    Clhaper than sa indiviJi alt ar,
    one or two of the same: rti.-
    Therefore it is Iglain ithit thlr Srate
    rids could nmske the lIsnea Corl.
    with the hook pub!i6hing com-
    at a smaller price per book than
    illidual citizen could buyi it from
    'Ilet lers; yet this does t'l t (eet
    Jetailer one iota le will sell the
    the same as at present, recerivilt
    iWemtomary cor mmtinioin.
    "Asl rule you will flid that th:i'
    i oae would be opposed by a sunn-
    of the superintendents of publild
    utlon aud schnol toeachersr; uftt ,*-
    Ig"o, for the reason that it takes*
    them the iejoyable priviletie of
    .IPMgS the books themselves.
    ' .'h writer trusts that our good.
    fiMtlseanry will study carefully the
    l n of uutformlty o(f t'xt book
    14aureehool and prevail upon the
    ibelrst of the ;hxt (i-"n'ral .\Assll-
    to aUpport this very i:n )rtartt
    G tnt 1i the Amnerlam nation. First
    anulfacturin. first ir commerce
    *iBr t in the intelligt:ele and mor-
    ,of Its people. IJt has lbecom
    laolbt th a manlfacture of beer.
    frport of the Breweries Ansocia-
    olf lermany shows that the pro-
    of ast year was 1:12(5.,23
    llbs. Inel than that of the breweriPs
    She Unitod SateMs. An interesting
    1o1 the report rs that anllong the
    af or the falling off in that coun-
    -I .C1 S the spread of It*ipprance, the
    lee o( economy by the middle
    Fii l- and the sillbstuttinu oin .. ar .



    W\V.tli a rt vi. tl-uiri.ts f r irusmpets tle
    ')? I; 411f tiOw' Sriurii h i lit f ris.lic n
    party Sro 11.1W' d hiplayii I I'o oei|im tf qn-1I'. I4 I a uhh asn culirerontin BR
    i ti re* t, Iit' aily I Ir an eafl) I r'l\ it, *
    .n il ? I'l 1t k.' -- ; rths m au t r -r 44 reviOiu)
    0(. 1 slt r c ir tll. i, l aA11010 Ia llur 'll

    I|lf t 'h. ri't i I '11 ti l i ii*il it aI ff j 10rrI -
    '.,l 1, i' S rt',ali i thal .f I t, art t *

    i '. j|r 1: rf* r -mr in .' to i

    * i 1, r;;'+ i ,. t e it 1 1 1m1. l i *
    r.lnl lr*,lr.htt fl la, t r Ci
    o rt l <.' i 'it) I l rt s 4 . .4iPl l -1 ; .
    V*.4r Is h .' t J*- a i.. |lhy 1 lit'H 1:
    "ra^te o V) L A r a naii r d tY )Ii*,I;utm'. if ti.,t
    S'i. vr 1 hl ii.,r .' ;grt i P;gr w wer.
    I' ,i, it!! tl y tjw -r to the tra st
    uI:.gI *t. kI.(I tli< Its-'n. ti'tnH s ill (lie
    ;'?eeAvt' f y":s
    '(iii c nrui so wiltito t hinyiligt it.-
    i"t ri rrt'.l lim it th ei vattgue ledgI teof
    tlhur I aIt lrl; ., t'. iH m i :'r l f r't-'

    can (' ot tg ref i lilt a 'l I n tll hou rt-
    tIe o inet of t .e l,r t in i l tle fil wirt
    a letlai ratilon in lutir of atn rxair
    session Mtid re, isI i iis f t laf rift. 11<
    i t i l utrdn as Pay 11g :
    pr,'sent rate. f or textamplv'e, are
    .1 mtalal y Cft-l l' ro'to'ii tivu. rThe go'v-
    rnmi*nt L derives i.) re venue at all
    tLIr'ifromi. 1 I ;ii'-r a lower figure,
    wh ih Iwto.%Qi itmett the retj airemienit
    fo.r proLe(ti:iln, there would bii imtpor-
    (atio1ns and (R ic trdingly money would
    lit w hit the ttreasuiiry. The proposed
    revisint by l',ering schli4ules wouud.
    i any j idgmnent, incrnaso the rvrnueit
    1i prr cent, which wiulr fut mIL'f for
    a!l t1 LI.; r.4'h- of the government.''
    It will e rentinemberel that Mr1,
    l.itjock come fromil a State and (rum
    a a,?tiosi of 'te country where there i.
    * strong uentiiaentamong IRepublicans
    in favor of a sweeping revision of the
    tariff and where thte "*staud pat" idea
    iso not very popular Hab'uok Is prob.-
    ably talkiz.g to strengthen his home
    fences. but i; is more likely that as
    Chairman Halcem-k is the responsible
    hFind of the f Rpulican congressional
    campaign orgarnistion. he is Just how

    engaged in "shakkitin up" the tariff
    barons so that the Republican Con-
    grestional C'ampiigiun Cnommitftee may
    lie able "to misikte them ldowni" i1 good
    l-hape for the eonigrssional eight two
    years front nw'"

    Txiasl li::- tih territory and rte.
    soiurn'e to become an I empIre. In
    area it is l1rtger thtn Netw York, Penu-i
    .) IvtninJ. Illiaiid and (Ohio eotmbinted,
    tI,'l at the r'rset'nt rate of inctrlase in
    ioptlaliol., it will pas Ohio before
    l'N.P, LlIois bIefure 11130, Petnnsyl-
    I ania by 19t4" :nr New Yurk 1PW. If
    it were as denIsey settled an New
    York now it would contain 41.U~lU.O(XI
    inlhalbantp. nnd if as densely popu-
    lated ais Enland and ermaniny it
    would contain ~i ,tW,u00) The exports
    from nialverton nare now greater than
    the exports from Philadelphia, HIalti.
    more tor IlIoton. (nlly New Yurk and
    New Orleans make larger outalound
    shipments and Ualveston will exceed
    New Orleans in a very short time, and
    become the sa-eond exporting city in
    Amrieca. Since IsO,. Illinois has had
    more miiles of railroad than any other
    State till this fail; but on September,
    Texas succeeded i.t having now 11.517
    miles of main track. If ien. Sheri-
    dan were now alive be might now
    chan R tl '1 )in ioin he once ex p rerned-
    that i ifo chioose Ibtween
    T -xan attd he -l he would choose Ihe
    Istt1,r. _

    i'nit oPr Orwan EJrinder.
    ?1i 0 t '" '' t i t I it I I *,-a1r 1 ->.l' + '"
    tr'.I, "llI:Lt I 1 : i hli N' 1 u*i(11 11:'l i'.1 ':'

    es|. 't lpl i 1< '-. 1 + ,,+ w ltll st; ;;t

    Uit|I sIt';> r : ,'mI P I ,k .t',-tl 'fy o' onnnlmury
    woiumani." .' iew rlealn Tlnmttelr)co-
    How's This?
    \e offer one hundred dollars reward
    for any ease or catarlr that cannot bl

    F oeortie Is the prioe that the
    i 1,000 postal eerkos now employed 17
    U'nele sam are paylog to Insure the
    government they will not lteal any
    of thel valuable registered leIters or
    other mail matter they handle each
    y*ar. The .American Surely o.
    n made a Lid for th h Ibndlin and made
    thti* liw rate of 40 o'ets a j ear for the
    $1 m) bod. Thi're are shout Ihi,Ux1
    Ms, ii ll te service anld tihy niasr all
    Shar' their li, IlIds mirovtd by
    lDertmber 1. Thil is h ut' ,it'y gisarall-
    Ie! t ()r forty 'erits.

    llMat e tShe FriUllilh..
    I i t i i .- c : .4'rI 1 tnI II. f is'i'e'( nj
    (llbt l > i.s ll |j1 L ," I ll i... l .44
    l'l t i I, hti 4. hll e | I. I ,' i 'nt l t ; il.
    1th 1 ',* ;. 11t ti ., ir il lit Il lit' v it -'ud i
    ,ors. '1 L,4 Iahil.;*! 'I t i he' lhui. lt i .aI I,II-

    |livr' ',. ,I it l, ;i. 1 t1 t a I.i'1te iraiian iltq"y aii -
    lpri' 4.<> h 14 t ittu h. i' tIID *,l5m% W ilt

    Vut [i.a% iy ,jJ;.I .ha l th 1 1 I- si s 'dashutlktl
    Sit-, I ti' 1 Jtl 1 i l1t il .AIf 'lInt 1:', to

    I'li:., ii viis litSI ; i 3u1i.llaI I ih-ill ll I.aeV
    tha* ;., w \vni , e,4 .h'iilly I .e' rr. Ntir wias
    A 11y 14',of 1h :,i is 14 b ne Alloi l to let'<-,rlin
    Stiur;11y' or giluratiiy for nil ngitagltb-
    tIa.In uiidear iiny v ircitiiiist a rit u laat-.
    evt r ni!4 Is lw it, it i p'.l o ielie *it u'st oft
    La li Iri ;irei i,. :vi'n l l;llunate trIrad
    wit" rlu',lllti1. Nto Mt'O'llsna WaIn to
    6Uli,:.y tihi 1 l n1glilh 'AntriuiT itU It lk i r-
    wilcik i. li iiilgh wlib "'ony virtual.
    fest'v.l or imtl r tltit mirta;llonl" tnihier dhei
    pakI, of tri.,,aIst wM ,ti I) lu)internimrrie
    V.H. ,11 1.9 1,;t t'l ltwiv 't| "-lhe Snkt)ltl
    *ii!I l : i :l'h. ili.tit il< -ii'i ff.iia.l 4 bekm
    tin' Itt w -nay tfra their titn kinrlk."

    I '.i. I

    it : '4A" % l' happy home
    , i t I ; ~. ( nol al I
    :! ,:".. "<'.!n;t each thil ke

    " .* 1 r.1 4 *; !< la'' .I.:Iirnil.

    Slm T.e KiMd Are

    II kMOJ I Inr -lt
    Wukomei b Over-Wok
    Umbcalthy Kidneys Nake Imputre e*
    It uMsed to in onnideml tlht only
    urinary and bladder troubles were to be
    traced to the kidneys,
    Ibt now namolrn
    science prove that
    neurly all discania
    hlave their 1Kinimnil
    Sil the disorder of
    St tllei moat impMrtatlt

    ru tile khlinevs filter
    S, And purify thilblo-
    -k that imt their work.
    Thcrrffore. when your kitl eyare weak
    or out o ot ordur. you caIn ullerstand how
    itlickvly your titirc Ixwly is affected andl
    hi,\v v''cry irKgan C e lto fail to do its
    It von are sick or feel Ibully," legin
    talking l great kidney remedy, D'r.
    Kilmer's Swanip+Ruot, because as soon
    t. y.ur kilU41ncVre -c wll Icy will help
    tll'tlhe rlltr rgausii to licalth. A trial
    will convince anllone,
    If vou are sickyon can itruiake no mits-
    take' 1w first iletomrinmg vour kidlncys.
    The. mildly n ri thel ttraurtiinary effect of
    Dr. Kilmtcr's Swamp-Root,o the great
    kilulrv rerrmldyv i. SroM realized. It
    stAnls l Ilt hIighsft for its wonderful curw
    of tlhe miios t dlistrs'itg cases. Alnl is ohld
    con l its ivrits iv Ill
    dLru:.its in fifty-cetfll
    114miac-,idalr "ie -
    intItl Ir. VIm11Y
    hLL.v n n sl1nl c Iw)ttlc n -tw-ini-pb .
    i'"v mai:uil Irte lIM o1 Imnlphlet telling you
    how ti finid olt if you have kiidlcy or
    ladder troubilc. .Mention this I per
    when writing to Dr. Kilmer & Co.. ?ing-
    hmintita. N.. v. I,'t mtlake anly lmistake,
    lit[ reletilmber tihe inae, Swatnp-Root,
    Dr. Kilmer's twaml -Root, and Ue ad-
    dres, Binghatuton, ,Y, on every bottle.


    Pn=',u4el u r ,I' |I m .. r nt l-l' ,i.
    .E ISI 4# r ,tr L-L b ril, 2
    rI'nliat". i t i l.
    ,I"Uimt'.,o Ic l'p', I+ .
    I I 1 ,,r !*. ., .. a
    fa *t t'. *."l t




    .AND TITLES...e

    J 'fa vjsc,*tu* / 7ft r 'ri fee .1 hlreiose !
    T'o., ,/,,.,.,. 7'il ,

    tie i,- whiat I, py for when you bmuy land;
    InOW whullt yVon are buying, .

    .Titiss ordinarily invisible correctly revlsd t

    he Alachaa Conty Abstict

    G aiz.esr-flVl ne, .TIP


    Two Trains Daily
    Washington and
    dw York.

    Xl.v. 4, 1t04. :'"

    Monk ;mh wet7

    Atep. Os ....
    ftil. lm...,., B.Si
    Ros (i a ....... ,

    9 V 0 "



    * p*<


    - 3ii+^

    From New York, Washlmlts, etsM.-Ne,
    lted." 9 a. m.
    From Obleago. Claoenustl, Chbasttaor, Aisa i
    Limited," 9:1 I m. '
    ed." 9:85 a. m. '
    From COnolnual.t Ashevlle, ete.--o. *"WM'iMag
    From New York, Washltona s*.-o. -W, "el T a:
    prW." 7:40 p.m.
    J. 0. LUSK, Dirsries Pasagem r at 10 W. Bur X.
    0. H. Aokers, M.; w. Ii. iit O. P. A. i
    Brook. Morgan, A. G. P. A.



    .' + . *,' ..*, ":.. ,. .,,
    Jackeonville and. New V::
    OJling at O HARLE STON. 0., bol n. .
    The limt Stinumi th esatub

    Clyde New England and '
    direct Service Between JACOKlOVIiL Bo0TOM
    PROVIDENCE aMl Al Mea A te. f,
    'n.r-b'w1ra3B X .ekxIf .,lm 2

    Callinsr atcm r S fl W 0S

    Southtuond.. .. .......**.*.......... ..Prom Lew k
    hNorhllih und ................... Plol Foot of Odtherma WIe*

    Foptwr el JACKUON VeLLb aMld s0AM I0
    StoppiiPg at Platkas, Astor, S. hruot, Brk (Del u).a ,iliI
    LuMltaIU OB m. Joab= lr 1 .-
    CommDnehiin TDeday, loeitnbr 11, OlM1, A ,
    OF 5KKIfl- tS1 !U,_+t

    ........ n --...-.,O ..... - .... .- are pointed to sall as folIoVS U- J3..V UIIW ,
    f o beer In many of the haop. cured by lall's Catarrh 8:0 p. m. ineturoleg leave Sfntd daily ee
    - for bIeuoan mlne ne tha thopa. e-ta,,
    F. .1. Cissyv & O C.. Toledo. (). r soa ou ar
    .A mia of India just taken under w', the unldersigned, have known F.i Ler.e : jd i ....... ....... .....m v I' ~tt............ \~.1
    ae pinol the Briish g"o urnment Cheney for the last 15 years. and be. I :45 pm ................. ....Pi)rtkL ...............*
    Ithal in 1901 the 1,25.61 .* ap live him perfetly hnnnrable in all . *0 a .. In........ ....... .....AOt ........* ... ...
    *"t the Indian lmrpire has a po- busitlle tranaactin. and Ipflnpnciall;y m 4 4:90aM .................... %. 'I ..............-
    *NL otf iT ,a i a," ... pop hi. s-irr .iot antob iaiit ,11 pm.0i., .l,-.'.A,. ...............Bermtor. (D,.ad)A.... ...,
    LU4,rl, tcrr W O lllt ann r iuli lM OA A a did


    1' 4


    - -

    - N

    T __ _~ _~__ _~_~
    - --- ~ --

    -- ~.. ~--,--_ r:-'-~~-~.;.---*~,L~.-ru_~ ------~_

    4h. . -4-.

    ---------- '*t-



    t It LIIinl. I ErrBaiy
    2 VI. 11 ,. rra,,),,a.tu i Na 4l;... N- .u. 3-
    Lv .I4?brum0(ivlJA. .Nl R& 66p Lv
    I.v .tpp Sloky I 1 10 40p Lv
    I., HSvannamh IKy I i 1 5 6 Ar
    Ar ('olumbia o LyI 6 80p 6 (aft
    Ar Charlotte .So r 40p 9O 6 A,
    Ar Gr enaboro So Ry 12 85 12 161p At
    Ar Imnvill, So Ry I 45 t 10P r
    Ar Itihmond do 4y 0 6A- 6 4I Ar
    Ar 1y mihbirg SNo By 4 (Ma 4 Sp Ar
    Ar( Chrlot'sele So l y 8 A 10 lOp 1
    . r Washington 8o Ry 486 1 )Op I p
    Ar Ballimore ItP 11 f 11 p r
    Ar W. Philadel'a P fy M p 2
    .Ar New York .. P R 4 1
    No. 8--New York and Florslds AI
    psrel'." Daily Pullman Drawtilia llRoe
    Sleeping Car Jaeksonvfle to New Yeork.
    No. 80-"WlhhIlgto o ad Florida A
    Limited." Daily Pullam. D drawing
    Room Sleeplng Car Jaksoaillte o A
    New York.
    Through "The Land of the Sky." No. O A
    Lh Jacksonvill,. Fla..... o Ry I-ap C
    Lv tavailmsh, Usi ........80o 12 1I A
    ArColonbia., .C. .......83 y A
    Ar Asheville. N. 0 ....... 00 1 Op
    Ar Hot "priap, M. 0 .....o B Or
    Ar Knoxrille, 'ema...... I o I
    Ar Louis ille ............ (I i
    Ar t. Louis ........ ... 4
    Ar Oinelanal ........... A -
    No. 30-Dally Pullmasdprwllgroom -
    and btffet Jlepil a ear behwre Jl Lt
    eoqvllle and 8t. fe6ls, -At




    DA, i)

    T4 7--

    ff,",, ....
    ' !, ; '
    .* .k ... m

    # ;"1


    l.i_ 14e. W u A
    tm It ,,a t 1;WI
    *St.M t to theU t :le
    The spe la ila w m
    nor wee l mbe
    Itm the Plml vabr e

    eas9 o-ald by Urm r. Rop
    le (aghteM ks All* ReS~
    Ou hmeidr. 'Thuo
    I II tift t to llitr ar

    144 s *o.tpins, asrt bo
    ""of$s sq son toe

    ~r erelihlo-A~mt am

    lllpini eeaIno wart st

    MWOrl Sn lls Va valtery witdr..
    nBLo -e Q** ome boa
    ila+t se90 ves

    .t l Oieiet lte h w
    l lPl '" ttw .il., r.itw l

    !..U. .'.t.. th enrt ieart be

    ,l!a -i!uatir d iimat byahm

    prn. Th te tIhmle bae

    S*aanLf, .ce Is ,i. ed"es. smec
    ^m*flu 9W Tee wo this opft bo u

    -!lt. w n m ,,,w
    ijwa U k clit /it ay.

    O.Plk fmlil, iie ilwt wtldt m

    twoi.mmt" tf b oof the mi.ade-

    Wli r.Wai" of d hui tghtg bars
    e urmI lwrt b therl hio t opqtwh
    Stli ltR aI teand exi a pallns
    til gr 'tN. aIl.r t, awn tb
    t G' Te In' -wai asd spo war l

    tIl htt elu a. aas A fltrnh mo IWtmi
    I-MlM l .il @nine d e pmn tl. h

    ftnt.b ftrnltuw rbicra tes.
    Imri nation Itoarve t b at >y elem-
    kri tbnfI ttrhe is atll "sremece ^&
    CMptthe epafrd btro t wae o, -

    gjy tt i*teth fanlMu prkbo.

    Tl ee ntlma lI ninotllcr stlon wIhid
    I rietrly Ilnltntl.. A perfwet emeti kl
    i the rarmt toine m n Il w.wrld. though
    tie trade ranks it after the rnlby rsu
    the dllmtuols. The tlh.t emeralds cor
    fromn PIer, thle lmiikmlnrn frIna Frntcr.
    The real nrtkle lircoitien elec|trif by
    Ifrk lon. iIud hterew lU hk 1l differmten
    bet4wvn It sitl th iuliiatlon.

    tld by All O sts.

    -I .-. - ,. J .
    An Salm*a(fmg e*piJ n Who Are rn l
    of Jeweerr iand lliery.
    Te prpemnet of any tforou';r, DuItch
    r otlwirw .le, trading or living te li fe
    ir tlteitwple would kIo I tnlerante
    for a day in most of the Dutcih ailing
    vilages. No ipterI froam t he muintliat1
    has for years takrll up his nbtnle oil the
    land of lMarkra.* s ry intermarry
    with each obthr; the pridt forbids their
    marrying within the bthid deerre, xand
    they laplkiily obl bim. They never
    manry out of- their row village, ani
    tblhs accuntu fur the extraonllnary
    siImllarlty In their tfaes They mnlpat
    al have n r ant In thes Inam II|Jld.
    To thoms who naiwroach them in a
    flyrumly uaunemr the murmn aru un inter.
    till4g andl nttrnctlvuo Ui these wonn.
    Both eZt arer ullmularly gIoo lokiing.
    with regular feature and blue eyes.
    The women have beautiful cumithvi.
    leOn:s l4 elal re Ibromkirzl ly tli asunl
    iorthe Pet. At firt tiLe latter alijwor
    Iomlwhat Isrly Ia Id dutl anit, but that II
    imnrauy due to SIhyl,. smd tlm.they
    oon bome kindly and courteouru.
    They are nearly nall tettotlefr, their
    drlak being weak t'a or coffee, wbich
    they take several tiums a day and on
    which thy iseesu to thrive, for tWry are
    a splendid rae. 'They are very moral
    Iand rllglugu. At I 'lt*rck every (cvu-
    Ilf, In Iae Itolluiin ('t1 thllc vrllhlgs,
    the aufgelus rla gs andl then both the
    SlP and women rlm fromil their sit Illg
    posturm by tuw dourm, thl meun t1off
    their caps and the womenu lay down
    tbier hitting, nil ln crows themreolvye and remain a few
    minutes In prayer. llelllmon I no mere
    auAie to IthIm lli ple tilsingl folk.
    Both mmn audl women ale very tond
    Of jewllry, Aud Intmot of the cutitag
    contain a sood many Sold and silver
    oruames. nmklaces of cor al brade
    with large gokl l clui of curimn de-
    sigRt anld sulkl guild benid Ibanilf, cllle
    helmets, with n aitel uof gold llregm.
    o reach side. In Frietlamu there are a
    unatmwr of goldtulthsl 'shl. Whelln in
    holiday dress thr mena almost outlllrle
    the woUl in Iu tII r love' of Nelf niorn.
    lent. Their shirt asire fastereud with
    gold button lltnks ast n art Ceumltromlred
    with blnak lliin; llIy wvrar velvet kuee
    bnrclhes and iltlvr Ibukles to thllrI
    sors, whirh aure In most ui thie SI0lnig vtillige tlhe* ie.
    when In fnil drn.s, wear fotr grunt ili-
    Ver buttons. These are often detoratd
    with c-riplursl slilJrtls in remipoue.
    They are Peorrouslly proiud of their
    button, which ares hlrliuMtu ftmu i.f
    ther to Ion. Momt of the Dutch fisher
    folk are very well to do. Thly are
    thrifty andl economical. nlad their want
    rat few. They have no deslre for hlx-
    urtis. Tthy rarely touch meat, are to-
    tal nabtabtnrr. nld thin Is prl'iHmbily the
    reuaon for lhe hlih nlstuldird of moral-
    ity wh!ch obtain. SI1i almua th'ui.-' Pl-
    lrl. -----. -

    Bids Wanted.
    Bidg are Invited by the Board of
    County Oommalsloner of Alabhus
    county for the services of two read
    overseer for the enabling year. Bikl

    EAir Line Rai) A
    AI4 Line Railwav

    k Ni e s OUiATION.s i

    S.mqhm' Alla.
    ,illl^ ^Bf^rW IIDmmii~ l ^ fl
    Imli i Alp.. ANov. .o-ove
    was kisbe tI tr fr the Ant ball*

    llt alll wis k wl
    SSMuw* 1e the et Ilt S pMil.s
    &a. %a w$weilal0Spans.
    MI Ake- tLs* -- II

    sa m pS win eoet sa.w
    t ei sm ta meet. ptin tb F

    ,. w'Japels., .1
    l MabrW idA. 0. OoW Lrnl ,

    Iti em ll. te enoe .rail be
    g. #o Iampg, oe fl te taelortkm
    '^^R^^^ ni S,~ rI (trs


    full Infornmatio n and .'.rper retetrvatioui call on aitny *~tnl' iS eauI
    A. 0. IMAI)DO)NELL. h. t )OYI.STON, JI.,
    AMI. (Gneral l'aneiger Agelnt, 'aueimgelr AKgen

    Good shells in ycur gun mean a good bag
    in the field or a good LcCre at thW trap.
    Winchester '- Lender"' nd "r .:-'l rr"
    SmLnokecss Powder R' at : tshzls.
    Always ..C-r, r '~ .y; %..-, .i even
    S spread of i.-:= :.-i good '*.::-. ": t:.,.,
    great superiority iu testified ti iy s:i.rts.
    men who use Winchester Factery Lo' l!ed
    Shells in preference to any other make.


    f3ltablinfl 1676

    fl Fe JTTTTOLT & CO.

    Do a Itenral b bakir bustnI.e, buyer ad seU ll oreta a Doeattm Esmt4abie
    Tla.o seooun of bften. btaner. corporatnu, rfamenr merbamn osad other
    rneelved on favorable terms. Special raclUtieso asikmu collectloun on all
    Sc*ashle iotal I ahe UnValt BtItes.

    oG-NI8Ws BV3I .LE FrLoF ID A

    JAe. M. OG RAM., President


    GOo. W. HTnO. Ve-Preeldent

    OWu 0- A T^N .WSr VIT.T-M

    Capital... ....... . . .. ..$50,00o 00
    Surplus and Undivided Profits... 25,000 00
    DoW es xtMelr a rsto klu mse. wsi ferrtIeMomus au ta sotr e I ts W
    he sesamteof Vr-r. Mu h"u. Copsown, e4. Imlaemi .tJw4u
    by upselsl erruwserla Al budsena t erswed proiUr,
    I.E. TAYLOR. Casrr.

    :(C01C or Tio TiROUGN IRUKNi51.



    . LOUIS,


    The Atlantic Coast Line

    Montgomery and L. & N. or Dixie Flyer Through
    Atlanta and Chattanooga.

    Round Trip Rates From tisinestille:

    On sale daily. Good till D)e. I5.


    On sale dpily. Good sixty dep.



    I ..L I . ;

    T' W H'

    Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
    Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
    ington, Baltimore, Phila-
    delphia, New York.

    Two Elegant Trains Daily.

    Seaboard Express.

    Seaboard Mail.


    Only Linu Operating
    Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orlew

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    ta. A..I:

    Srtj ,I, ....

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    we FROM ALAONUA. 1 T ^. "

    SofCo:ttTAIaT 8H0FDUTT0N&CO
    mIt' a rad, gkie ihi O I

    itke2.,0 ballesW c"bei,%i1 BLOO ,Sea Island ottoWIN tSA N
    TV*l l l r ha-irs h a ,l tI mom I,' II l1 a41, b I,),-I,, ~ al er 1 91 3....I.
    1yl Pelle lot i.f Irm leir t(r Is. l- s trumian mi. .n: t ,l i il bITI
    ,, J. i. B.ish dow C,' P 'It ,a1 ) l:i..I dMtn iE A.iJt. ,.,,,,. .,, ,f tl t ., i I Jh - l ii; ,' a: ', I it,. 1. (>r ,( ,:,,;
    Z. is aley is up from W\'aiehula. aPlp itte, -Is: iA Ut l A-Ih, .,ld h111 ar all. 4 i* S
    fiile I bi eC II 4o n tr" It I 4 1 it t l i Ih. r. e n:irt.r .
    ltuot fis. Eddy iqtil I beAnI ti. u.r ,.. s s., a>I Miflihwitctwl.s '>t lit .JLnuls D ig Iniproved Engiish
    t60er tr kEg ..indd y t.ortl., tl. i,,avkiu Sea Islandi (',wtt (iuau, tlu aLd Splies. for tm*ie.
    J.a&ill (ato of lligt Spriige l w s tlt'.ntot' .ill- LLrtiInItS .t korna a a ....
    jau ,. her. uLy, 1 i ,li 1 v. at a.,. iatt't ti.AIN ES \ IL LE. tTi FLORIDA, U S A
    Ie;a;nd of t0e Alachu lium high i. --i J[1. EI1.rart-'sl.tI CN|
    i npe1nl Thailksgiviiig in t'islts restore.l, as I tl '.ilti l a| .n ,vtl w t wr R s
    wilts his parents. fore fi, ant 1i I rrg iwlu t III%- .10 t1tIt
    Kie.le $.mi' aid',. ,r... -. ,,, ltCrcJM:l Mi '. C,1. mailht Ilk|' t-tie nesville 111111 pRED STR.
    I ing" which rzed ii nl sl o I hli lisa ' i"".
    have returned from ll'rmp. per.l. lt I WI l .Ilwisi mv otRl ilway
    gsemda of Mrs .1 it. tilliam ne I l i-. reflIUirisd .5" a t THE FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTE As ood B w n
    goLa t kuow that sih t has been best hI.oAd pit.-r al Ivoi. li.ul.,t and OFF LORIDA. ul o t
    ilat Talmpa. where she is visit- *trongliv nav'- it., le tC a0 tli hoiin need and NOT1.
    Of *h f TOhdl iTO VITom STI'yAN. Tiire Tal.. in eff ,ct July 5. 1 93.
    Cor. l-rt i'-n .ti andl Wa.thingtom ve. '--- .-..---.. -- . ----
    smdinagot interest it thie pIo) l- e a...... '
    pnunty is that of b Uis6 Salle Wi -;iug,. W V.. M..v r S,,1. No. I. No, L. Per r
    My o ,t -iwa~ rui,l.iwn, a,,,lmvyjr.nt Daily No. 4. No. o 1 .o ll Per D.... .,
    of Alachus to lu .tmoke of acke.l aid latijt, liec-Iist, r eitv 1 had E.n't Daly Daily. ITAT N. Dl. .. e rzjDt...-....
    -00e.t which will net'*Ifr tlII' tit. S. S b f :i. .ew'wht it Sunday a R, 0%
    oi f the broi.',. piare-lIt at this s rc I..r l..' f it aian t have
    theday.l l ,o. I. The lVy tak veral atijl the c.che and I
    fI this couple wish for Oh &Imiall a;ms ar gonemmy blob .e la v PM L V PM L v A hMrAM A.PMAr A AMAr PMIL
    ellf Iiscouple wish for thetis all eaaa general health htilli 1P. I Can .75 .......................)airfield............ .** .. .w
    g sbingsoths or ife. f tent.fyto tas blood purifier an tonic. 7 S .... .......Irl......... ............... *
    Sa Mark"t nSt. J hNC.rTN. o ....... Dungarvn ......
    THROUGH OAR LINE. If youC have any 1J ...................... . aouatide..... ........ ........
    synmptoms of dis. 10 ... .. ........ .......... Hickman............. ................. 56
    Punmsan Oar Line to be Oper- ordered blood 8 16 ..... .... ........ LAke 8tmoaton..... ..... .. ..* tess Si
    IrrPe l Tampato New York. write u Isand our 80 ....... ........ .... ... canopy ........ ........ .... .. '
    physicians will N8 ............ ..... .. ...... ....o............... . IS
    e with f st ear south-bound dviseyou fr. 45 *......... ...... ......... 0rkwo ...... Futt Timi
    Jsry Oily Bunday. Novem. Our book on 8 5 ............... .......... l .........,.... ......... 0s
    sl a irst ear north-bound blood and kin 8 6.......... .. ............ to llea......... ....... .......
    htTa...s Tuedy,,oem bd a s .*....*.. .... ..o...S..ool ...........:::::::.:. 4 4'
    lShb 11M. the present Jersey Th Suft Spemi d a e Ay, AUuta, a i45Ar .... .......... 00 wl W
    swille. Pullman drawing -100L0 10 0 8* L* .1SI0IU'.... 0 A 4OA W a5.
    lepl ear now handled on 8. 40 708 ..........llmy.......... 1 t9 I W> .
    Riway i N 83 d A NIN-ot HANGS HIMSLF. 10 65 A |.e...H:GSCyr........... 8 40 S 10
    hbe extended and bcone n2) 7 ea1e7ee.....Graham..... ....I fh 32 8 tIC
    *BUde e Jtended yind become Ha Mai 12 40 7 15lAr 7 45 ....... amna CIty..... $ ) 40 110 TH
    9mpsandt JereyCity Pullms Had Mn A.ass a Wa Ch7Si ,,...... 7 2 8 18 ...Lake Ba (, . P. 7 ..
    room sl eping car line, olper- W tn T eft., In Many C- iss n ... ... 11 ) ..JacksonvIlle, J. f W. S p...... ,.....
    . iar I:ivv. lt.......1o4 85 I k ...Lke Oty, 0B. F... 7H p.-9. *...
    "sr mthe Atlauaic nast Line to I .'t '",e4 In ; ... ..* 4 AI p ...... all:n;e, .A. :.... I 4i i S.......
    wille, southern Iallway to a In a cell at cli. 11 10 10 a ...... valmaostas, . A t.... 14 6 s ...... '
    and Pennos1vnia rail. ,,. .t 4 .... 8 44 a 4 10 p0 .....Maeon,0, 8. & P..... I ) ll S 4 .......
    atondIennlyai rai it:.t $t .tu M ). NF. wasn ..... N as a 4' Wat .......Atlanta.U C.of Gis...... 7 ... ..
    leneyo Cilty. ,,, ui ~ass .s:.. i!"lIthar..::. l 7 t7, rt &r PMk 4' & MiAr P t A i aM'. .....
    will add materially to thu al- w tany. Am hi- rteg.,rerrl at lhreoe Ini L, BARKER, Gauss) Bupeuabud..
    magniBeent train service be- ,tLs ht r. u,.d.r ,rtitr.,n: a,,. an ILL., BARKERnt eneJAlSu N. pe1AtendM.'S.
    PllHedeaand she grel t Eastl now utnc,,r tWier nm;;l in t. .ouis and J H Agent.JA.
    by these three great railroad fM!atw."iT. (a]sortO-d 'The .er""m
    man lrinre ewith many aaliaa.L Constant Shooting at Zelgier. C B ago A.
    pgn arriving frontm HavanaI lie was tarrestel lasi T ay at Bnton. Il., Nov. 30.---Constant 3r1*Pa W. MDo|B A
    Sor West have but to transfer the hra',1 hot.'l, clar.,,d with heina t, Zl gierto I. nght wee almU rt t
    bat to sleeping ear, whieh will a ho1,'l !h ef. ar.1 .n then tlo.gran.- the notie it a battle., no es than -
    tham in Washigaton, Itatimnore, ha -t t in irug as ut t shots were ared into Zeigler( from Fine Wines, Liquors .And Cgars
    I1phla or New York without* l' k upte iii. ba sh.The abhot cume from t d' BTARKE FLORUA A d C
    N Likewise, passengers from I e a J !ri .l ay :i'cao mate oSInreetio. but were aimed too high to d TARKE. FLRlA.
    Iand local stations on the At- .t tC. Nel )t*. a 1. MelI'ua a iy damage*. Th. two Getltag gun
    COont Line between Port Tampa N. l li, st.p ,.. I tL have bci as to" of theS buNlM sad S n u uoal
    lekHoville, can take passage in t ppll at Zegler oabwa k* or*. biI
    thatkh Pollman ear for point. 1 not kaow I f iy- M w i i sit
    r 3l via Col"mbia. Charlotte, Drumror Arrests Cofldance Men. Owe a bushel Of a.pty *hetls wWD Cm$ U RE....TAVTB I
    n. I-anville. JLyncburg and S:.nrvheprp, i N v :;n -A. A At picked up In the wooS today. tll CUR q r Sua.or pEnUaAT v
    Storn.: Utn, a 1 rave :,g n:a:m ciber h,,nae is Uaela mJ flea 00|I
    TOR OF ST LUKE' In Inianmpol. by sh' pbac, ant 4p Head About to Burst from Severe 1V U.'.
    REOTOR OF ST. LUKE'S. termination. tel im|,a:ai thh captun Bilious Attack. _,, ... O_ W_ O_____'l
    Ihhebam. Ontario, Testifies to the earl) aturday of i yr allas Jo "I had a sever biliousa attack and I L M
    veed Qualities of Chamber- Dice. llmam Perry. ), O1. M ln and felt like my head was. about to bural. TUE eAINf LLElet
    , nnuCouh Remedyi Dyer. a ;rmrt.'t badly Ratute~ when I got hold of afree sample of IDDL QQTUi2r nIu n
    I's' CoujhRemby the local auth,,it!ns or working Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
    rham, Ont., Aprl 18. 103. conhec gan Two of h Tablets. I took a dose of them after *S W
    it is only right that I should tell am':i u,.:;ied a oiuntry)man on an Incom. supper, and the next day felt like a 117 VWevt Union iret. t ,
    flat a wonderful effeet Chamber- lng Kana., ('ity .Sout horn tratn Thtvey new man, and have hen feeling hap. Wil .A ..
    omurd d rrlot.f ,t.luhlth. Texas. For bilIousnes, n- stoI I RALIiK IDiflT,
    -with a cold ard cough that I in a eleet where thiy were arrested attllets have no qlual. Price, 25 eenti. 1G UD P35I51 a".s vq
    .lf thlnk to be able to take any by Austin with thi, aid of the train Ior sale by all druggists. ,.a. .e .., e.-.n.:.a.,.t
    imIthe nextday. as my voice was cre'. The crk v.Lu landed il jail -- ------ -.__..----.-.-.... .... For adle.. -entleme sad ClMr.... -.-e

    t hoked by thu cough. Tihe here ALL "G""A""A'ASTX
    lAy I received an order from you' IiO- t1 'A.TA 'T&D. ..
    9otle of lour Cough Remedy. 1 Coughing Spell Caused Death. aI Y r p t o
    fpreured a sample ottle, and .. You receive prompt and ood at-
    pout three doaes of theme I"lrry Duckwell. agield 25 yenWhI. tension from people who know their o&AlMlWV I.
    ti t rietioss he tmd .tked to death earlv yesterday morn- he unserupuous manufasur business. Your monthly membnehl
    grt elief the cuh and cold itg at his home. in the presence of o and agent-are oodinl the country or plece work solleiUed. One trial
    p llh dtrippeared and I Eas IriA owife and child. ieo contracted a with worthless .wing machines,and makes you a regular euetomer.
    sk lrueh three timen on Exater lsisuwiiengd cicrd. ulars and m akin
    S k4w tha It thiso rpy nd paid iauu@ erculare d mcndaklnol std te- da.w.ays.- .CIgoMAnAlpaid
    0r e was due to your Cough but little attention It it. Yesterday ments wherein tley have copied the Th. IJS
    I. 1 make this testimonial was seized sith a tit of coughing legitimate claims ref putable eompa- rll. iThe F I ma
    olielitation, being thankful to hic nCrti d > fr snome timi His ni, many purehaserr become bewil- e i i e ir
    ad u a od-ent remedy. t dered and puted, eand find Ht ditllaull Ffrult anad Truc.l grower
    :u.espeotfully yourm. wife lent for a phyTieian but before he to make a election. The popularity of ut r
    SkE. A. In I. IT M could arrive. another conuhiiqh spelll
    Rector of St, lu~ke's Churc.h. came ou and Duckweil died from s>ulf>- i l L L..J. BUIRBT, EAlitr ad Pr ,r -**
    Ci .Ohsm oberlain Medtein Co. estion -St. l.ois Ulibe l)emocrati. II A L '
    Is medy is for sale by all drug- l ls. 1. 1001 lallard'cs ; orueiound V lA, iCHUA COUIT iT .
    Syrp. would hare saved him. 2fAW. Tk 'e ar................ ........
    I". and $1 1. Sold by W l. 31. Johnron.H N ingle r e pis. .. ........ Ala o
    I astlarcln for Woman's Slayer. 11 a. W h m iles eIll(
    W.rtester. No% ::n -A searching MISs LEt*TER WEDS ENGLISHMAN miles w a d,
    f sevr t ub wch h bee maintained throughout l
    hbd rthe t pr 1 of A n M .Io rthe world, is qevirdlne of its superiori- A handsomely illustrated m gulase lans, 20 mille,
    A tll b kathur e .ee lt r allll D :"'1 1'8 of Amn*,L. n Muhti-Millior ty; and as the New Home Se R devoted especially to the intretso house, Ste n p
    8 flnAs cluews to th". tramp who iM .1 'e Nn *' Army Officer. chine Company has always enJoyed h the the fruit and vegetable growers of due corn. eoto iM
    rl to< have nartre-a Mr. Kim '' N \,,- Nan,' enTiable reputation of manufacturing Florida. oat, repotatoe. plo
    iliham. the widrrw whori, u 1 las iewing mnhilines. there nd gas, peaches. pert
    body wa foun.i Montiay .> r 1 '. '* Ie n" he tiatie in buyin at a 1NE ene, land nall ki4 aiN
    Sl1rVh will be continued. T Ill
    Stram1,'L not Cr a imposed uifeoGn b aillee gen s
    The Wl i Ir4e ave renfld.ynt hu" .. . -1 ... ... tIling ot tha t some other 1madhbire W vit
    U arerr fl are r nfid'nt this just tsi ask those who ha V
    r r lrnnoit escape. for, thl. "T ., ued the NEW HMIE for a unartetrcr Ha fourteen ehu obens
    b -he .haiy hf clot i h T : i i ' of a t"ntury andll ie guided by what ..s. c .hools, thenEast Florid M
    sad fr61 t9h0 iiattrel k- th ti !o o ttx th f :i4 m fI-i M4,ly t ih s a For ,icliht IFighngp, Sim- UIHE A SUiTE rate Ebo s a
    d turuol t rt f the Wit h I pIlicity and Durdlii ty the New Hom,' A Uld stte a@l
    le i eti% t, be spoAtted lih Pp e hias no equal,. U wraer. lfe strsl Sps
    I. er and l1sr al ly Ittr a' I the agelt in your locality iit11 U .i. L1 ...... r,
    a. .hA -U. ........ h... L........ -I A iI ..... .I..L ? r _dl:... ... .




    if VIII MOM


    4 dO.soral Inlteret Oat.O.
    d by Our Reporters.


    Happenoed&d What iis Going

    pn. Told in SIlowl Pareg
    - Me Who Runs Mi I

    Seih aun. & l.
    swflk CusblaflC & i


    Ipers frvr ti .

    Ld wanted. *t,' i,,

    eLure for the blti L. I.,e
    HI'tspl Tine."
    s mon all <, erf, au A'1 '.I f.
    MeIOollum & 4,"
    IW. SWall onf ag:,ru wai
    Oa eclty yesterday.

    (Ioiri to f Hilav1nrAt. Cu
    p ild alii s l r'ueR IIan *
    WJigib of Hague% a I
    i1saie in thite city yeskte
    iA. Bleode of Mieanopy
    t vishllltor to shis eity y

    r eIlle haa returned from a pro-
    itlelt to Jacksonvlle and PsI

    , Q O y of High Springs was
    tbC blsinaes in this elr yyee-

    ITe bheap-MK-palgd double
    _ lr ledger. Apply to iun

    3. A. Hooper
    tret visit to


    FIuJ.d- 'ir :' p tsiales without Ce. Ladies'oall ag ards printed l latest
    l & t k. ,i, lItm SFt4 o$ntflcr tf. JItle at 'n (ee, Orders for engray.
    ) e' -a.* r 1.n f iLhet season will lih I erleult on ihort noltie. If.
    l,.t l: i t, Irtc y Time." The frih.nJi of A. S. \m.ailty of tea.
    tdy eira Iiirlwl rtutli to rent to ine ford. lVel r ,,.r.uI I ia or..a li.en ,..m i

    rI ill

    1 .'[*m,.-'. ',r l:tt1'I on l iand dlanlr
    :iS, '.'I hu e*west. "A Hlreisy
    i I1i]+iS"

    .1 \" K !'. :,In' of Walde wasl ainolng
    .* v;tIers. i coeianty capital ye's-
    r liy

    ,',; it8' Pl 1)'11 r .~i C-eigsr and In hInp.
    ,ad 1'. ,;l, .r iluuhii Company, dii.
    i l i tior, d"t l
    ; o( Foer.r, the Iaptit di
    v L, ot .MaCIeht,. was Irin the city feor a

    rA: I I .\|ri nge.. wh-re, he has
    tntvi i .':.. : ting f(r the piat few

    1 \'i.-:i ) Iu alii' a p1fasai t purgative
    try Chtb.-.- Stomach and Liver
    r ''l 4I,leAl i tiv are easy so take and
    Pr4jdul'r ', .u.'a, pripingiI or other
    .uoip. buagr ;,., Tet. For a:e by all

    wr w agAid Its eople prosperoas at t isr
    talter-~ lon *l.
    bit 1w toln : ni.f and sHIn. Carl. tfa
    .4r r cu i r r e .1 15 t r t y yesterday.
    'i..*y Ivsk 'I it- 7 n .a1 agreeable oall.
    rFatd, tip fornmr rTebwitni hi. subscription
    irday. fur amnihr ypar. He reports Armher
    was and itf i'cusle prusperous at this
    5tert- se*aon.

    After a pleasant visit to her parents,
    Mr. and IMr. George K. Brooms, Mrs.
    Fred W. King returned yesterday to
    her home in Jacksonville. This lady
    has Imany friends here who always wel
    come her with pleasure, nqd who re~
    ares to ee Le r leave.
    Among the visitors fromrn Hlaie to
    Oaineaville ~esuerday was W. 4i. lawm-
    pier, one of the promluent residents of
    that section who is a practical farmer
    and puts hi ideas to good use. Mr.
    Ilimpletr never fails to grow a good
    erol., withi the result that he is never
    "'fotnd nantilng,'
    Captain Alva lHurzog, who is attend-
    lizg ilie Wasua;llKLa u nd Lee Universi-
    ty at I.exiangton, Va., has won the
    medal in the uraturical contest of his
    clas. Captain ilersug is a graduate
    of laslt Florida Seminary, and his
    many friends in this city are proud of
    his success. lil has selected law as a
    W'. W. CIyait of cala]n, manager of
    the Oeala abstract office, was in the
    city for a few hour yesterday as a
    gueL.t of his brother, L, J. Ulyatt. Heo
    was en route home from LongR I'od.
    where he and his brotllir are inter.
    eated i a raiiteh. Mr. Clyats states
    that the llrick City i isn line condition
    coummeroialy and otherwise, and that

    of. Iliglh Sprinag
    friend in thi*

    J, L. LKelley went yesterday
    it* to visit her daughter. Mrs.
    ,eis-St-aore Royal Ca01k 4fi lier.
    SAddres Thomas 'V. I'r-
    i llle.
    ,4l+MIlllian, the naval storesop.
    4t Waldo, was traUsacting busi-
    blthte elty yesterday.
    ,. W. chamberlain of'Taeoma IW
    it y, the luest of her grand-
    Jmode and Mi rs. H. (. Mason.
    Ottep, E. K. Andernon and Y.
    |bw of High Springs were
    Whe visitors to thitls city yester-,

    Iblrnds of John Carl ite will be
    itto learn thai he Is out alain,
    'alllesse with

    d pine wood delivered to any her cit zens art happy and cunttenld.
    l on short notice. Leave Rtev. J. N. Thonpson, formerly of UCHEAPEST STRE ON EARTH
    r .A. .Jernigaln's jaelry Fort Pierce, Indian River. but now re-
    '. J. B. v tKN. siding at LaCrosse. was among the vis.
    ale-,-New Wheeler h & Wilson itors to this city Tuesday. Mr, Thomp- We will indulge in a little shoe talk
    Smacbin.e r. oi. rectory or
    lUe. Apply at this o ioe or 8r3 son is an eloquent preacher and earn- this week. We are the originators of
    s lrtly street. dwtf eat worker. H, was compelled to leave low prices on lhoes. We have flne
    9I411Mahan of Seuth Lake Weir the Ea:t Coast on seount of his health, values all the way through, but we
    fnmed to her home after a brief and has accepted the paltorate of tie want to call your attention to a few
    tIat visit to Mr. and lMrs. E. I.aCrosel iaptist church. The people specially good things in footwear. Our
    h of that section should feel gratided at llox Calf for boys. a strong durable
    a it this oitly. ceuring.his services. and it is hoped
    John W. Kttel, formerly of this that the change of location may prove shoe at $L.60, cannot be equalled.
    Na mow of White Springl, made a beneflial to his health.
    |i khl to iaineaville Tuesday. Her (uy r $2 line of lio*s Viol and Box
    wshre 1ad to welcome her. Kirby Smith Chapter. Calf are simply superb. They have
    chapman and Mi. Chapman The r.-gular lollthly metlng or both the style and wearing quality,
    thr pm a tirby Smith Chapter. U D. C.. will be
    homredto this ety frote heir eld th,. afternoon at the homes t Our $2 line of men's shoes is the
    lt here daiing the seron. r. L urkequal or many $2.4') sh oes. In fact the
    i odn. at :io'cloek. A full attendance is de- ses ar brand by the manufle
    S(ooleby and son. Charles, of sired, a at th; meeting committees
    I re amon the visitors this will h*. apj, t.ed to take charge of the turr to retail at Il i, bat we can ml
    Mtenay. Mr. (oolby Is one ofne o n tertainment ott January 19th. them for even monty and we are do-
    Vof planters of that section.. 1 Ii. M ~ n, Pres. lng it. We hare them In both Viol,
    tm enterss of tht s n. J. N. TltmluIIIt t. IC. ee. Patent and Box Calf in all styles. Try
    , O. Ellis of the Florida Fertl- a pair
    MIanoufaeturing Company de- a. parl
    Yesterday for point Sooh, READ THIS. Just 1 iv. d a shipment of the
    14he will talk to the people of the
    of their tgood. Mobile, AlI'a., Dc. 24. 189). "King Quality" advertised $8.50shoe-
    P iheire od Dr. 1. W. lall, St. louis,i Mo.-Dear the esat made for tlhe price-see them.
    -Pair o peataelese in est. ir; Hlaving tried different ductors.. -
    4as have same by callingR at
    litee. paying for this notice, and their remedica fur several yearn The 1ixel Uirl for ladies at $1.60,
    property and leaving onme. for beck and !.dney troubles. I found uie Donola uppr. solid leather
    hr lnder. t Uaithing successful until t Tkin Teonoaup
    V ''exas Wondert. tHall's (reat I)iseuv. sole, is the pretttiet" and beat shoe
    k n .mith of Bell ewa amlonr ry. and, being rapidly cured, the old made for the price. Oir $2 and 250
    .ithlore to this eity yesterday. saying with railroad into Is, "(' d1 'lute for ladies is strong. Values man-
    here Mr. Smith purchased a fine bless the mian who invented the Pull. equalled.
    from . Pedriok and a spank. Man sleeping car," but I say. "tl(
    Swing machine. bliss the inventor of Halls Texas
    S\\oder," 'mrslt truly, In short, we have shoel for big folks,
    S lIbelr of the various comnnit- W. B. CLA R,. little folks, rich fulkf, poor folks, old
    Ihe Earnest Workers' enter- 1. A 1 Il. Co.. Mobile. Ala. lks youngfolks, usly folks pretty
    ll a~ requested to meet at the folks and 1a sorts of folks.
    tI* or room on the west side of A TEXAS WONDER.
    #Stea this afternoon at 3 o'clock. One small battlee of the Texas Won* Colne to the Big Ilepartment Store
    lo w. the hurtling traveling der, [Hall's Great Dietovery, cures all and get what you need at low prices.
    Sr for tihe New York Life Insur. kidney and bladder troubles, remIovIe
    POpllpany who make his head- gravel, ourre diabetes. seminal emi ts-
    t in thim city. departed jyeter- sioitr. weak and lame backI, rheunia-
    tDusatuntlll ad natherb nninsl 1.. tine, andall tirreularltiefm nt lka hid. I1l II 1 IE Il fib l

    after a plea ant vl.ilt o hi. )hi aware
    home. lie li esx ~wtKs Mrs. woo\lley
    today, sa for the riulmntlldr of lite
    sllasn thIrliP uelinRallkrl people will re-
    1main with their friends hler,.
    Mr. and Mrs 4;eorgi Fraiik of Jark-
    monville iave arrived in thu city, the
    guests of Mrs*.Brooks, th former '
    nmolier. Frleudl will reKret to learn
    of Ihe illness of Mr. Frank, iwllh will
    necessitate a surgical operatii n today.
    This will Ie performed the at Odd Fel.
    lows' ?alnitiarilil.
    W. C. Hague of HagueP. one of the
    cleverest and nist proiniluent oltizens
    of the soaoilo whieh bears his name,
    was among the vieliors to tisl eity
    yesterday. Mr. Hague enjoys the rep.
    station of having a heart as "big as
    hu body." and be is never happier than
    when he Is entertalulnK i s l riauls,
    all of whom love to visil him.
    Jemss O. Clark, the hustling travel-
    ing salesman for the H. W. Houndsree
    Trunk and Bag Company of oichmond,
    Va.. departed yesterday for Tampa and
    other points In Bouth Florida ia the
    lateresa of bls frm. Mr. Clark, who Is
    the mosagin saleaman for several
    Southern sBtes, Is said to be one of
    the moat soaee0ful n his line.
    Are Making Preparations.
    That the olyter upper and booth e*
    sertflarmeas to be given by the BaraE
    e*i Workers'* Iolety of the PresbyWi
    rian ehuroh on Friday evenalig. the
    2d inSt., will be a bill gauenr both o
    elally and flnaaolall there oas be so
    doubt, sinee the lades are exerting
    every effortt and making big prepare
    lion for the event.
    The affair will be held in the lsore
    building recently varited by Philer
    Bros.,.and the proceeds will be devmned
    to paying insurance oa the mama.
    Everything will be served at reuon-
    able prices, and it is to be hoped that
    the ladies will be suoessful In raIsing
    iuflloient funds on this ooasston.

    IkE!W YORK

    ......,E+ + 1

    +' g

    __s_$8TI M.

    .. ., ff '

    100-Page IIIn raid
    Frll Of NuiM P11,.
    aI -l -rdT. Utr ir r
    Maill Orders Reosv! Prenp.


    T. F.



    ..Ladls' Fiae Vital
    IIlls WEE OEM .,
    All.Wool rlee BatiLte W.iL inWWW.
    ale, lithabluesad tem At Ir e
    regIular prte 2.AW, .1. 1or0
    Batl*to Waois. *embrlodesl Itm oao

    , .' a





    IFNVWWVW W-"M -.--0. -" -"-.'W .
    Taffeta 811k Waists in Iblask. mbra
    navy, regular $3.0, a E
    h s sale.. ....... .U. .. ..U l
    Bt O(rade Tafeta ilk VWt a blue
    blask sad hrown. mxw- a gs. 4,
    tar $4 and on4 0, no-. 3le.i *
    atliful WBLota Ie Walt h IsW rI i
    Pnlle. blue. pink and ew blmow
    regular prioe 3,00. ibll 0 vw i
    week................ *,

    f Ladles' Nkeekwar Jat flrom tMW I i
    fsraory. The most beautiful lila ever'
    shown na East Floida.
    MRS. R. WIL8s q

    Brown House Management Plrperi g
    even More ERooms for eo r es
    Whet It eomes to enterprise thr
    are few more deservisn of soemea thl
    Mesan. John W. and Joasph A. 1Stel,
    rproietors of the Brows ouee.
    Last year the Messe. Ettel were a
    times lmapable of taklg eaS of thel e
    who applied for seoommodatioan at tl
    popular hostelry. Immediately It L t
    lose of the sama they feared a h-la
    on seven rooms over the Firel 1atItI al
    Bank and adjolnlm the botyl, with a
    view to lfereasing the Brown HoBem
    capacity. For the pastl wo weeks th
    have had carpenters, paper heasll
    and painters brsily engaged In arrmsJg
    lig theas roomw, with the reult thab
    they have been trarnformrd Ipto ele
    gant quarters and will be redy for oth
    season' business. h'O"
    A eonneeciou has been made with the Mauimi
    hall of the main buildIng on the seood s
    floor, whleh makesa onvWalestn* o.
    tinuatlon. Each room has. been hald- hli
    comely papered and platied, no two
    similar tn deslp of paper, aad this ad
    dislon will be a bilgimprovement la th
    "We have gone to oonslderable x la- h
    pease in fitting up these rooms," re-
    marked Manager Joasph A. Ettel, '"but
    it is our dire to give the public a
    flrntlass and extended service, sad in
    this I believe we are golng to be soe-

    J. J. Finley Chapter.
    The J. J. Finley Chapter, U. D. 0.,
    will meet for regular business seselon
    Thursday afternoon at the residenee of
    Mrs. E E. Voyle. as8 o'eloek.
    Min (I. K. BnMuI. P're.
    Mn .1. L. Kni.t., lice. See.
    "1 was muh affleted with solatls,"
    writes Ed C. Nud, lowsville, Sedi-
    wick Co., Kan., "going about on
    crurshes and suffering a deal of pain.
    I was induoed to try Ballard's Snow
    Linlment. which relieved me. I used
    three &5o bottle, It Ls tjhe greatest
    liniment 1 ever uaed; thave reonr-
    mended It to a illnumtr of persons iall
    express themselves t as beina benefited
    by t. now walk without e rutehea
    able to perfrlrm a great deal of light
    labor on the farm." 2ke, olIe. $1.T,

    i d*

    " i ,. ... ,ai '7,

    Illr aIT Ai s mi nwlithlk uabm s Il h I Mb wlt( bmasb 11m. I

    G reenleaf & Or y
    SEWstEAl BS 1H S A llA.

    S41Wet B St.
    *IIM WWM I~iB~kMUMMI~iM WMII MM~tlMM rM ,,,,,~l

    L0se il .Lth e

    Bicycles sad EleIuiy4

    oweri*0 al putm I*
    .'a ,, .i ,
    S. . .. .. . W ho" '.

    irk..... w 6^04" ..

    - i


    T'. ,

    U. I


    I ~

    m";i .'' ^ 7' '- : . :. .,1.' ,- .., ^ :i.. ,, ,,. . .
    " ,- .. :, '.0;..'.-iid .* '- *>*' .. ' "'* " "^ .-
    '11 '
    "r"I ..' .i ..
    St n a.


    "" ,

    .I ,. P

    olls -A. 1
    t^+mic h r f'l'i' *W*. ,,,,, ,


    W flWr w Ww 1^

    *W -tege#t oven LOYS APAtll


    ', ; .t

    wetfl Ji^^J^m^

    m-W: n .T

    oW MILL

    UKp ,.II^^^ "'

    IIuafs maI>,
    IIP YARAIy -

    r^ 1 t' k*W h l$ t
    ip bea dep0 e

    gIad'ef tA ty HM
    doa in Oi wi e iWrow

    ks SIt aiwnblgtoa to
    mIll ltk, wIIi e will
    w^t v ata afth w**ek i
    4 WCSP'wa Irk* amustr re-

    SilSt o*ed at ithe Iedorstln es o

    L SJ VlAdsr etirn tat Mu.
    i I! edMlt!oa o, iiu.

    K SM4 a*e M Sn amt# t

    Weesfl t Is TI at f lthi's P

    bh Ail NPt SOO mI
    "imt mklw v!m
    ,|wteet 4||- 84.*tH111 I
    oth W*** S san

    fi'i flbr 4-t *4, ties.

    ia asW t y tar

    saIi ltel aid ,,,it ll
    Mst Pheth sac mwat4 tue n"

    Mtm Iat. Ie h. bie dilk ho ht

    ob" is bil d4ft all al"S" carriod
    " W ml "a, i.t su st 1o W, 110
    Melt ,i-ra lIthe or of I ditarle
    aMI wlk ditIoven itoW Iutrkrt

    11* hml,.tifthl"(1 ant, fV'}l sad In d
    tho SWat hr Iis da he had

    ila 40m ost It Ulh, |ir of ibzi htnmral,
    Nlav 8elate flirs,*tun dt,., ait bar own
    liead IS (e dk a.It vevlaro cep tal
    SaIll a don wh, rlen thr whtr Io IMn
    Ve. plan. Thad thbr prs \otrly heO
    watllan's thi ti. M ri4 u lie alkr dt
    SatL twsrA Athe rafting that parte

    P irkor avd ,M-l;- (I ettt'villm hrid sitio-
    to d4esk t h to rest o the tal fr ,
    sift pa lek to pit. ) 'kr ickht e l
    Vtlr lim, aelh t'led rnit fIll. anst ha .
    few minutes wvs ted1
    On the lay *.f Air. Parker's bhr!al,
    al slanoot at thA hour of his funeral,
    Miss Slast. *iesezrlin diet at her owu
    band a ('heialo. It d'velnoped that
    shle had Itfn hl ieoncitrspher lI Psn
    eve, (ol. Th@ httuhanl ofr 1tlas G3
    ter11a's qAther. wnl nta!r ?ia step
    Saughtgr'l death, timat "1'ev'4 hMr
    Parker mnd 31t-s lh'ttt'ain had aSt's'
    1 041# tlu'lther it li.. hhlawi tThe.
    Jit privtinla to Pamtfr's dim!?, he hat
    ie!lrv1 Mian (;


    1oet Dlsplt/ at World's Fa:r aPled
    iM Hands of Recervr. |
    St. 1on111. Nov. :; 0. u-- t- a Alle'tmu tther itti'\,liI;i l 'rI in the iii'til
    A(tlICI liotr lar aexhlilt a wr;'.4 fair concreath't a pTit.
    ttn In lth etrretli r., r i '. n "'. t Fl' x
    rr.llvr'r he appuintrtll to al(e chahdr
    of tif* aueiits of the c.m 'rut. ti.,
    th illa* f thM rt11 'tellllIi'A 4uItt nMruI.
    at'I la frea* lte to I'rank v Wall. i:
    Nov. 31. e I d'sietaretd of Ino ~ftR ct, ari
    that an tnajteirilan g trintled to apr~
    west Wall fr m rtaknt p .at'Alnf u>
    Jitige Smtall rrrt*er the de1rfldant?
    tI show why thl In t nion shi thlhml nlot
    be igrntled. Th' valu V f t h etxii h'
    Is plldetl at M a00'm
    It It rchTrgl that only ~5.1106 (it
    t1he eal!atl Itock li.i' ho'n paid In


    Ienitlge and Other Dilsrderly CoA
    dust Hia Ocaurred There.
    CoIlunths til Nl o t't' .

    a., tlt tlhrritf, n'mIttl. haf,' l'n in a
    state of high rxe '.nnet for the 1a.3.

    day or two. the re.l ': ( %r.rti, lte
    tea1 acts in thkat Ik n.
    it WeotI that ttr f,~.I o dr thr rt' *.'<
    of t'i'-1"t*'t 'n i tls i1 1'' piniI 'f
    the > tire of .i l HV. t11 't.. Tle
    W*6 folltlwed. it ,e m, h)I a 1 t'tj : lA'ht

    dWIl0 g the lfst 1 4
    tiseirt'r ant lt l ieh ii4 l 0
    htiharh Pj It 1 it *1'nl" t r *t.l'
    he h t1 a n> ': 4. P l %. it lilt tis
    hr iil~l x-^ ^ **i 'y* ''1 '"

    u ti t f Ah .. **t t,,r, '

    mi i 10 s* ."fi I L' T '


    VW,,f -Lod Wl .S tJo
    L...., sht atS-. ftt

    SM th$ k th. The Irbf

    W P whi e w (kito ti4

    M Iitet)v i tomt dIt
    si e h"bit aLm U klenldo%. but
    M1 : 411, a *I*"i* ll lb
    huIag Ie takes to his ctl, SltlI

    e 41t w ttu i Obhantd becau

    ,|tU IIP fly t6 is
    I t wuio t hattll rmtters
    "ntLw$lv M t4 la tion wi ea ti
    tlll elkt h ti W I triHte %trmR."

    (M keNkir teto itP Heet*

    me* Yok, N .i' O.-4lehsel Pa!ts
    It rlblstindqr,.whor Naa hbnar t Amr

    SIks lb um se tomoin tow. Sarwin Aih4

    1o i thle rin *11 f tlarvattio tn ift
    ..Of% the fti t ie of Ihe Isote i on u
    :I h ",' .. ." .- ... .. . . -

    '! ,P. pop Weh

    iats etea sm Me W4C W wr.A1k
    Ia| itwo toMa a
    NOW bm IA. .,

    tiI I * ,ul r ^U l *I

    O+ft =, i66, l ^ ir i
    ,mh^ J^Kik eJU-ka

    ewPsmecia "4 S. Ws1
    *mm'sK( swirnWS. ^^*m
    stwtItetThtU*560f it HtOS

    ftg, ww *INm am. atmr
    i aml s ewht i e*Oe M wae

    Wthdatpbi t wish. I h- a

    t*4 WNftMtt OM Yeguod Pe
    the Wtee blasaMewft @thrm

    b*w-s .e F let e.4
    1.0k aSbeIats~nte




    fth wit10"e0 sad taiU apse most aet
    Ieiget the mmes whilSh kew bwe
    el1 i for T Ieday rvitlln MIt at th t
    sIII heroin
    Thle mtvl(ng will br held for the
    prose of dinasl the matter o1f a
    se eond ptejtNId4l miuilv l charter
    tfow ittualilllp. whklh, was a*gglled
    by and *i i6rldy bewn eapllaied let
    The ISn. It It a matter of g ait it *
    portlane to thI elty as a whale at th
    sine, and The Sn I Is I gld to met alrt
    thie ailwrmeanr i etteing will fIavor-
    abtl ounelutieraton.
    The moflinil ill. 6. '(ll1d t lt
    o*ehtrk, Whklrlh w ll afford temple ltinm
    for evrprykl .dy t1 otue, nad It s to Ib
    hbopedl riat hose intestI lt in In
    welfim ofr tflabinavTllhe will lend en.
    couragel'lti by their pifresace.



    t1:* '.. tt'r WEDS KNOLIStIMA



    z .'. Nr A.iran MulU.My l0r.
    ,lir.r Ar;rty OPttr.

    0(ii *.' a. ', r4. ''It ou l anhtr I
    S',,. .' .. I.e,' ir. 0tf t'ihrca te, aitl
    1' n RiIr t'.tI. d (' !at llrt'..i
    WT',!' +", r mlirt';*, ,| + <) tnfit tlw ri ",

    4-c;-' *, V,'e0' ''h i11 1, 4 i1
    o4 no va t tvry qut't utloj
    to the r:'rent death of the bride's
    father, llty the Im diadlte finally wa
    Nr. l.qter and Mirs Iasy latter at
    teaded her luster. RiV. Itotaod (1'lia
    Smith roetor of II. Jo h |lo~oiu;
    suhrnkh. o t this ity, o111t14d at tie
    wllIe. Their w edd4 br-aklht lr,l
    lowrd .ad Major 1an4 IM. LCappble
    le the e!iy drila l h aftleo mi


    Virginia Girl WedI a Plauaible IItre.
    gIr. to Her Slrrow.
    Nrf8l.Ik, Va,. Nov. 30 --lunulaila
    llioll,. A grrl irf 1I, wtih hor bby,
    lwritve h. r. MIl;jay from ('allfirals.
    A year ust,. deitplle the phIlAtt o
    friMeao ad relaMlve, she was earned
    to a preteftilou strativr. who e*Ild
    tnaslf *'LArd tutlas' of agttnd
    ad rnepited Ito tI wealthy,
    I ista rtet with her. proreesldy for
    hk ewkntral hame. Irsi 'rhleb. be
    vwa iempiStartiy lL'xi:l for proBser
    apru th e )I* muatatrted the girl
    aad der1ted h*r mt flUbl, Cal
    On her way h.mutro s stlop at
    IlMtOno, Tel, where ra se wi sholtwl
    64 until her child wua borl.


    Mew Orleans Invites reiVsIn;t,
    iew Orlian. Norv o. -A ime:lnl
    at hiegte frum tk prr ,remn
    Ilne tnml li the I Onllomerclall .
    hnfties unaRnlntaly tfnllrid ,n In.
    aviation Ito 're.d itt ttamv it .....

    r? Aitestse PGo ,


    Sm 6 Nt L,'" *5* Il

    tol tI S tu
    00 *05*0 plot


    Skiing the Let Tribes of Ollrst.
    MuAk4t.w. I. T., Nov. o10 Kprenft
    "tleq of a r )lj|lxoua set known at
    the "Israelitse of tkio I otipr if I4tvi'
    arn niaking a thioroui:h r nnrcih Ihrmll
    the Indian Twrrthtry fer reninantl A
    the Ie trthie of Ilrael The *altrC
    we Way thby elavte their patplt wrt
    1be 10i0d here lanrld wplt to kn~w
    te9i by lha hair aniI lhi Ir .rs T'ent
    INlUthee tcahlnf ror.rhhli tlhe "'
    rior,. NtIP the Arkanlll lln*"' '
    it the eatern (iPrt of the t '~Chr
    Ntke ll e a p plR wh le "o ': Itt h
    descr pt Ion,
    SNrl4ssi Oplsratlo May Save Life.
    New Vork *ov 3i A prsenll w'
    * ti ri",t *el. I|'il t ratu' s i t l oa t'I t '''
    hM a .t't. pertlranel It i hoiw'''ji
    *111i: le ornuen lthih tn pciI' st
    Na\O l) f ofit knroeili ai

    $9 '' ..'







    I ,

    ! i,

    I '!~ ~~i : T:zli~uP
    ~': . ~ ~

    m ,

    . 11P



    - I-Lc

    CI Irrlwr CL~I+

    I 1




    I '.











    IUgw twk, Na ul: 1 I't 4 t
    Om "Ad 0 alatehnag Cll s C w494%
    I en*n .lO Nlf r tu l i I.

    g S a the toali4atg
    MM at SWM echsa M-n *a m
    oA 10n t ee4 1mA" at a t
    L Ime *eMl I ,red,, bour mtrlali

    we Si. siiwehmn a.i faentamr n e
    S sflW htese *n- ft^e tse

    hN". of yle o>d lIit fat'a
    hMeMs kt l MstoAeI 4.f 1 I* P iJA
    2VIft I* a tw aid. 1r11111-4 1* NO*

    rated rwinad+tl t* hartds at nd I'.

    Ito. and haMl .
    All the Il o red tare l st i* to ti1
    SIplrlwtelnt Wlm J Tiestbhr.
    Y 6t ated Iat tto htial-k on a t*'g
    Scharg of hominrt i"v A! tlhe W4i
    ftrtjr-set' th estr-et -rrit'- Tre
    USbolir *oWptt *60h 4nl J "OW N
    Itebwres appearance I t'' \\irt l aO l
    Inrt TuOal a> llhrIIiin4ll I
    ]uK e tthe tr y I n ,l < i ') I .1 1t,
    b s esmployeol t l (,.1 J 0I rIt Iktt
    place* fm'n Urn tin Vole* .** s he wN l
    doing some *pautitrih A ii," "l lIU "
    *Mie skilltI gewn-makers ;:>Il a r, & I .
    beMrl., wvre at w.oi' a ..' tnba
    whtch exploded.
    Onh of those fnV.-', .mo r'.'rrastls
    of praul hbail hllo'i ht riior t wot4
    s pl ll at the KIu h t'Al f e1bI ItllblI
    7 a. In. Suplltat enIn t llham J
    Hswtborneandblhs rixg weir att4
    t g to t(hi. t ml'tn ia -r smt'Ii Itt
    the rooni that i l t r N41 rm a so
    Ba unlderT a small dni kaay rnAleR
    producing a 'onreltinn. w'%:'-h I ShlIel
    the gas under the wthlr al.ild rnodt It
    to 41shoot oui t ti Iwo huig flaurne fN
    th east andi wat Itntg ulre'ad *4
    A lu)111g. u't hblew nt turlik iane't
    had with are t ftsreo, fie rttt, Itti>nt*
    Stid the roaringrt frHrae Il'w ivqI hiN.
    Stlans his clothes n i tre
    Ambulance maistvn fre'i ie1im'vt
    aid Romfnevt hospitatlin atenield Ith
    la)iurd. Nrt rerontr Mal kept oif hW'
    many wert sllihtly hurt.
    Th fturtlh window.N on A hIitiail *tin
    IVt4-third strWt wrre brolkrn *asd, the
    hock was Mwtsffriel to brreak nmIt to
    the paes in a carpet fartry on thl
    oppo"le side or fr F1r ri f4u4 tlioilih
    fthy wre prtecied by iArn slittller
    The gso plant was dl abIlrd ftirf *97
    - ral hours biutti did not t(teirftre
    with the sopW.y of ga




    I -



    l~I~ti~ I cvtS
    sp r

    .fr ..

    S, ^---r 'IL.
    R '^H MI^R L~LLc-

    lrrlrrr Ah^ll
    'AK^- ^^
    wu^m^l j^&

    7' .

    -~p~seMI IWa
    rilkul" *Ini %b ins

    pi.. e o ahin to
    nhfii.1w s h^ w ,
    >,ull~ljrrl jiIktftt lmt~k

    .......I. i.'i.. .'. .ui* ^!- -..* *'*. i. ?:

    WU"es WaT
    f^K~steX**g. ^

    tJ ,

    U1' (UktH
    -p^ ^vn
    -pj ek
    .YI ItW^W
    mukttr) ~i
    !^WP -wI

    iiWllt m -lgeel e me*asil. m o1

    .....'... a
    eat,.. Iem.d of VCmes'.,.,di
    Afaulwsntn Imwsd @1 A'pisim

    $ b her st6 gos. 46.-orf
    0,l"mll lpi~ -towaed him. ohs

    WiS ha sme saot wtasrh.
    S0 *fr"l eI muetiS i,
    be m 6t mh butAetdto
    ^*^aui~.h"H aft t ktal^Jo U A0111l I

    Itmt.sai tia r Nor,,,.
    S~|ins bea a testawg of U vls
    Alw Mwtt t It.m oet Pgited pratm

    iI .Ii rap~te plpnsuW ILr, 11,+11 In
    9bN WN delvieg threht Sb. st ls In
    a uiealitoe t ret tohi hhore in a
    i tI!t aIn petrtly t4 eIr eomtrot l.
    M tetW ksw sdi vilny, atol At.bed
    *sw eaiemblir. W*h s*m pole nr she
    *t btte 4tivs t p W1llam. stinuk hima
    i thli oi b t olf the i Wilttlani (.
    pl sithe. .itaaIoe whseon he *t wl I
    Si ,Itt S hu5ggntles to w nor e
    *WNt iN ta te.

    iqNorth SMtnsevitlh Party.
    ft At the huebs at hor patent, Mr and
    'Mes. eIy HRhre North tllnvitlll*p,

    ' iS 'Sri. ;:: tq i" .w,, nA

    a.I4 kA 0a wk 4
    li ,+ b-, ,, t .i

    4 rutw 44%*44 4k l t t
    .. Orwii ., ;, I* PAtIte.m 11

    t i~!w &b4 ,+.~ ,it 4 4 i
    q s**Mati tt0 tA ***o i

    llt ',w .t r t ., .. ---
    ^4^t ft **$ ht U b+ i
    IW4 ^(^^ ~t^ 1-10w"

    IrS W ton 9 evi, .

    er flM ea ,man b,. .
    a11 13-- e Ie 1 ItlI home
    ti M -- O iti Se mt n4P

    C bee1 uA ( *
    An 6 "te tpene WtO kit th* A

    Mi .imt mtn 1tV, 1.441 m

    he b~ tebl t emh f l the,
    tk m *"%Athe Wodiweowth
    Isf tmtl i s with s eh Vwsll t m

    elbMwol 1 1SW 4 WItept Ph Vht either
    e al't thatlku In IrI v enky c&r^ u '

    kethytest hadk* lrnt S |tatee iii

    *qsbhM1n gMwlitietl h1ndn--.t Ie
    lMtt*AttotTr Tie thlinted &W
    Isptetae mes tb. *t ittemtt aetwd
    swtwr *snMth w*Mb $ hnreph4
    Ifti Fmrl omht * htt4 4itof WI\tWAt
    ,onwtoa haew .htiwly itts flfwt(
    t e it hi lllbttttt4 wh4lav h w thdii e
    Ieptitd a. ntuidti'te h1m v4 Ivt tIing
    wiMlt ot att the % ilath4t1til Iht rtOr.
    woo tr. Mt WsMt tfrthie
    Dmth of Mrsi MNtrorE
    Thb frfrint ,f Mt1 .Itorkh tuNi( nt,
    rIMnitry of thiso ity mlNt fr Ithe 1%4
    f lUarIII a rn4Iql t i1iortin I trN fl I
    will tItem with tnpi' (t i 'r ddieath.
    *WhthWt4w a fta*,w id4 p t' l re
    l%'v family will e tt e t ttpmwi .i in 11It
    *i1d Itt*sftlnrml
    \lt. Mirfultmet l los s itt *, tew W.,l4
    l*t s IM "'lk* t ,f l tir 1141t %Its
    k, t, !lsl'tt 4rl th ilftll t % il|
    tatialfty lthr mutmlntmtims M(f her 4eth
    w1 a arI' surprifp( r ti thrum


    (4 lU



    PI\iwle'r tutl StelIIs


    iF 0 't NR
    tlit E\t'i ANoKt,

    NT T

    We Want Yeor Country Pr ue
    MW mIt pg ghti pvMsr.
    W\O 1*11 Kwrnythlig it tuhe t ty ll
    Liit at lth IA.oWs* l tlc*O b wa,

    icCormick Hove,
    Wall Ltnr t.

    CIIA I H Slo SM s IT1TI
    tAllka. Fla.,
    tarititi.PRls Net.,
    l 11,nit I t XX \ .
    xXunxRy,,... ... h
    sh, ... Nda .' s
    -I1| M Odl. t
    . I%% k kt L.&1-ftt i

    7AN pAt

    ._____. ____ s aLm+. .6* ,amn

    2, H) ~ RI
    4Atj ~ lLt V "
    * 4 ,~.,.h ,Ir

    I L
    I. I.

    * I' '1rr)+~4 r: '.'
    4r~h I V' l~I'~a ~

    nW t l,' 14t 1 .

    *~ a~i 42 ~tv* 4%w At too4t* W tpkbt
    ii()~ r~l.~v I'tj tuW- t4 Imbps0g
    14 I4, 1. IC1cS%6CtMC 4jIe1 ih~ I
    ;U *.,4l *,re'ta hhsl:II mutt b flets

    Ft will





    I S


    J rW Kl K H

    rln tn, -



    get won 6) tL'E s CI be # **8ICI IYII It t thds to fi
    "^^nl( i??sa s rt& r^s^^^^
    fti m qj' t~ ilM 1kiwlll l w r

    a S ID. 'V'OSIB vS ts.
    Pi~ktta. ar'lt. WtU, tmLARY AND WIWNrYw IiwNr en
    mati k A A fat ^ tns h
    Vt iLetAN

    S1OIt-I(i A

    Som ylr ionlers for Job I'riitititr to

    [. ... l i... 11..i .J......|i^.[.i|~ ~ i ii .J ---" 1


    Alph tor Pt mik lSeer
    jea A..,' m m. lr ht'. lO o pt l0s

    I'tr lbl b, ti' og. ; er dJo, SI,
    en .

    m1 thit

    1l4y rfi1ght li t' Xjitwrws uhItrgvc '
    following liquor:
    ItWIS 13WI, Amw Abov, tEvrything in
    : 3. the Whkltky Lin
    S4 ffll qtaray .....
    i (fullquarte .. ,, i ,
    \j fitt quarts 1, 2 t7
    S LUM'S I OOSRAM, 10 en rs d:
    S4 fitNlquartl. ..... .4 *.

    R (t ll Arti Sour l Whisk.
    ,1i r ltj tl t irk < ..., 4 ,5 ,
    12 fll f qt rt ....

    Veer Yean Old

    4 full
    it full
    12 al


    4 4 (i
    11 o1(

    h4 I11 tlltuIIR ... ,, S.
    ,< rutl ,l -n,.. ". : ,

    Ir" aI U


    I '


    4k A 4 .- - -, I '....


    "I I

    4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ?T r r 1 r w --ase yea ,, ,, aIP .m

    If- .

    ti, (ittinnlitk at'l tIr'ltKltK Iti

    Pow ymtls
    lrr (**~ Pb.?l (Ifra~t"r

    04 0 MIi14

    * jus1.t\ tbqi. Ce"' I

    4 'if t

    ',,F4 9*

    Al O" ,, ''

    4 w tM a l t; r p C

    r' 5 j |jijf4 t fits r i' I '

    0 se0l 140 st% re rd I A jmi
    %41O 1,It S j1 1 iM AI
    SI*a L H ,+, I"O,'~ 9 F

    , ;ih a s n r tit ,i,. I "
    ,' aIt nd a Moy Hto o l
    to VIP ^imide Chf istia ll A kk'

    l Vl II r i(% I t +4gd W ru Ohf I h l,
    I. W. -. j 'ePn *, "

    7 i 'tt the sltt It*o..,ir a gra ll for
    i AIls ft1%r oniti rsvp yepar, asnd
    lc'Imte, fourW YleOl ar I ei, 4of

    Si h J. t. arlc ntler all pastor f
    ".e 0t1 rchurct, o1f th t0lp o f'
    Se'kl That we, the mnmb eriis 4 t,
    ". atd a eaoLhv nbe dire to 1epr.s
    i" WI miieltloe ofI hil Ifathful ear-,
    a i IS fIrktft work fure th enautr of
    ma nI, wis datiring *9tornt against ill'
    I an d i s h dili uenr e in a ite er a e tif
    *i, sad his dlllttnrr .11 In-i' e .f

    f4 a*t P 9 tm* S

    . V

    tCL *&.t
    A I~ r


    W~~oI~qnug hntAuaI Mb,

    I W V"0 ",0 68 %* 'KI4
    LIW% of -**" 0, 0,III In



    %i, walhil m ps d 4
    "d tI w lh 4 1F itM mh '
    .tsr t.etW mto ,hI si

    and nws art er *ibltmg sm
    h"s f("4

    M.: '1 aa adw e l
    mi te ftn mS

    tt^ "M>jw

    hM "d nemasimi

    \ il

    am-- .-. w-- a-flThWn WU&

    Welt Kneo- YVoung LaIty in OllIIe*g*i*
    Recently' Wl,:ldd It Palatka,
    r" S'l' i 'tf 'IrrP i ni i l r oif Ihe
    al' a ka Ti *I-,I hrii w.,' Iaket Il. am-
    nin emrn'it oif h*' ia rriest of MW
    ltiew, sati A i t rtla. til th t, I* n
    u\iv Nsril i* I, li*0E1 s wm ll
    kitn W"n a&i't i.t ir ill tllis e yT]'. hating
    otiducti't*' S a l. 'i., k.a h! li here sev
    eral iseasI's l i p nl'.isl tisoI friendly
    and mld it rerf l n I r 't 'nt et onr at isl *
    lat ioln
    I'ollinwi ga It i .* rt ip ,, ,.
    "MIt.r. I,.. v. AkIk it datlihter of
    iC tri t' fove ?'nl;C mrrtedl at The'
    Arlingtoln '4uiny r4At. and Moladay

    thfi sVA fet. aftAto ri I r A \I .ritfle of la samee
    *6d. That we tender him tutheart. .t rtit, i'h A tmgton.
    -& -L.L-. *... Li .. ;.. ,t .. ...... -. .. i "

    t te thanks for ble un n

    hkldlllnls with sl Ia omaelll ofs the
    Alikit, hlis sympathy, e unsel and 'i)-
    Opftlilk To us he has twen an e'vcr-
    INly friend and helper.
    "Sed3 That we part wilt him wilh
    Seb rnIgrct. and communal him to, the
    in and favor of those to hllnt hei is
    smt. Our loIv anti prayer* 'o with
    hita and his family wIW'rvver t.1 ir 14l
    may beease.
    "Dolei il quaritrly *oim l rr ir t'
    iiatlavillp, Florida. ith is twriy--ipinht?
    day of N.,ivember, A. 1 Iiall
    I11. I. ity K ,
    "11 It. ii lll.

    *'V 1.. I i t u.
    "J. M 1N .
    K r a n,

    In referring tIo the election of It.s-
    Iris for the Methodist clhurrh for the
    *WMlag jear In yesterday's paper ithe

    lnpolttr eialantntlionally omittli d
    ao of W. It. MeKinstry.


    A. 0. Lamb of Micanopy Will Have
    Fine Crop-Heavy Shipments ,
    Altmotatlt he lne h ll tinr artiis of l '
    Taeomni etiolnt il thie fAr: tm'( \ .
    l.amb vn lf 1aclllopy. W .;o ins i -ir,
    fart l II o aei c hir h u Iln, pi' [t1
    0to wiaker I IhfiLttilti tl ,intn1'g o1ta-1 '
    Mr iatmb Istt ohn, oti tht ili< S it su-
    We ifl iand practical lrtlrli i. i lint
    4(tlo,. Iht hat i madle tih, enuir' if
    t'gRytrablrm a speeilty, nit hknow.n jpt'
    When andt how to treat ia piti lito makY
    il lthl* nui t l irtilable. lti$ lttuI e',
    wds i. Wii'|l hb a, pr | iqit4 m.1t'oti. -
    ifl as far ns prloducli lln il cnieerntrt.
    if diletiilke ti ltb omel the iIIlit
    Pl fttlablr. line thl, prndli'lt prnnsii
    tob of l the twt udl1 niimi pirolitill iln
    the county.
    %trI. 11amih Iprot o0' 10n alo hilNoillmay
    itUninf srventerPin baskets L 1t hoicre
    llOettu from his far-tn 1n tlh I'rairie
    This wi ll be th flrst littnier oi f i II
    Oi s, Stand Ina smuch n a Lwi ll 1

    .After tAt I'e hi triion carriages
    ;erve catll'td utl, lot., wile party. so-
    diuIIhnVf e td rrrcmuti< groLttMcdqM 4 to5
    i the' lP'rey tr perminagme, wthereI Mr
    t;raiti andti .1t,* li)S wernt n'itedq in
    mntrrimag,' by t i' Iv NMr I t1ii
    (, tr r. t ,iiv: n lth*- o i trat illt io s it
    t, those pr't. 'it party r*tururd o ,
    i hot, I nt' al, Or tl'r anrt inf.t-rtnl re-
    L'mp***tt I a nl
    ".NIr. andi. .!r tiri?., ,rn.'. m ipanied
    tby hi re lio;' bl, f. for tihir re aw hobin

    IliH t rait t 'l ;it
    i, a rsi rI a tr ariinic ir d *
    cipl;shtv 4 daliitir of Mr %I i m
    l .OWr of i 'i lit 1'll td .ti r, irifti I
    e thet a',ll'tt 'nVt*l rk of t'ay count y.'

    Thormwall Urphanaige Los** Another
    Building Valued at O.000.
    l'Th' 'Thorwalt r Irphanage, a t'r lby.
    trial i>talitutiion at Clintonll, 'i
    sermils to hive beIIn she elnler of' mts-

    fortunl dlur' i ith pa1s' flw weekts..
    About .1 nl tlh ii tI lhei msi o hall of
    th iej o ti l i>tii th .'t 'tiitititr'l Iy Hr,
    *nirati ntu a travy lo'K ant in the'
    evt inu ng 'i1 1vkAg;ivirg o t'0 At he
    'einail")y gr mait tburred to thl
    rf." ittl I*, I F 'F W5S TAin*led at
    i r ,,0 .n',; .- A ,. .l most l^ e ntil l C
    It. tli' 1r 1; a' *I i noirdl vt r 'nliy
    l it ik

    I .1 - -, elra e'1 fIllvu' a ida
    *f Fe 0 rst d h a ridr (1,

    .I 'in. rio L ' e

    Mea t.nrg of Eatmining Board.
    i1 h.t -I l wal 1 \,i.hn1 itaR .iArd of Iltie
    I.,chOit J l"l ,im l Cirth iitl. of hw'k O Dr.
    i'eorgo 1- -'r ih .if l a hakA ikrs'i-
    dIinit mlitt lr J 1 \t.Kinstry, .r., of
    thib city, n'yretarv. n.ePl Tulrday
    afrte *lrmis t eri hll ill of ( r* p, lKiin-
    airy At M.rKmillry
    Tihe' L.a.ling wi asallird rfor tI.e l'r.
    rpow of d ntiintiig mltiI'pantsl to g'plre
    ii'" n'dteit'im illn 1. 1 i.trit' There

    Farmws Prnparn for Me t NOra


    I f9

    * f

    *. I I 4 -iv.
    It .9lll~

    "U '
    F t l

    ^ ~If- t 1 tT^~i'IU
    I H 1 y

    " " 'I ,I rl l 6 l Mia *m~m f 1, ) t ftm~fth^

    *c !i ,1

    At I
    A" a-<-!.

    , 01

    LOAD of


    This *rk rrwba: bot
    Thlu tlt. ro, li4 w alr
    htiKiilit, Irllnv lrt^M


    teat ewe.
    Wm. on,
    ~ur VOW


    ,tJd040, N,. or. m, ma
    Smt"lkI mad W Idtl.fttmsth het.* .I It .i. .a n m .

    ponrt as nijoyblie t.. *. t n,
    ".fI. IraJ Conrtr has. tn to Ten.
    l'we 14j riil her mother.
    We ae glad to $ot* that MMn R.
    Weeks, who has len very sikh at
    awhul tn d.. is mtr, t i l ai I .i
    1.liA .IAbbt of Jaiekeallke has
    kishlt Irtn Caer's plOe soad e spe ts
    t libre htre. We welcome t Mr. Abbott '
    t10 ou it towI nil wish him every So .
    .'e "I w e "
    \\ II. Tucker and wife of Newrrny '
    rI h're s atfew day. ao r IIting e rela
    tives. e tried his hand while, tre
    at shkutit injilu t and ,acked a l ie lot. ..
    of them.
    The cotton erip Is nearly all gath*
    ere d sold. The farmrn are b e
    tuinng preparations for another erop.
    S.ome have already rU ted their lo" gs6 f l l W ja
    at4l owdtl their oats. Can grttinding
    r .otert over mad ho killing -and
    'titr" :ging are thWe order of Ihe Waststeoe QubTa awlrSa W

    Pocket aid Tble Cutley L'A ND TITL S.

    .tft...t1 a n. e a-. ....'. .. i.4f .'
    S"' Title is what you pay Ifr t

    T.... .. .. . r
    Titb gJ jffjt know whtl M M if| ,H

    a n di p-oa t e r

    T te |YOURIO III ImvNE I

    Ammuniflon and Guns. .-YR MON Y
    --I tile 0GoodsN DMSI

    a'--- TIiktr

    Rio WMik lly

    ( 'o II r I )iostillnl.. $1

    unily Slutie. .... 3

    l t digir ......... 4
    o)ver-ol .... 4





    ,l ,


    fiur .. ****

    Inwuttl Vill,,,

    - mm


    n 1. .


    A :I ,

    Nil 6 1 1 1% tNo, eut she
    *t: of o fI hI4I tnt
    1:; .S. v 19itseeg~~t

    Ink ah

    viari'edl1eeti t ofn 'rvCrr Tri'e!
    I"I t k d*an Id Silrrr lkL'C

    Largest Sellers in Florida of

    , 1%,,. Woven Wire Fence

    Chattanooga Plows
    Thr 1', ir i tw ttL 1t.* F Crolwu r

    Baird Hlrd.i Co.,


    mPIONA Rltl.--PI


    .' ,,'. "

    - -- -- --' -

    I I

    : --.~- L-- -''

    CA a

    %#Wvllwrv w-wr V WFWUI MMILVVW WW

    D o om ..I

    sw bs
    amn .i,-., -

    : Wt am .. ."

    .,ONt6 6 o l,
    Mt aVttulnmh lMtn bMw

    . iLWO'Sl'l m l Ineal ps

    Wllma tHf do Wr&"

    w r -
    limtith- a. ,a

    -Mel owutms will gelekly
    agjwadei* It It
    SmM''wm t-e as ..nt aese .-
    4i 'Te i m H.

    at, L, -_- i.." t- ,
    p p'm WW I.+ vo *,

    Sibt WriM. Okrtear

    y SM ~tw._ !
    SNt tW. Vi, NRv. W-tit. Jame'n
    Umlebl| t M ema. wee Wats, who ttt
    Alk ag ftr otorrttpne

    U. M. Mq WLtm tia Oaia|

    ma. Mp 3. ISa~, a
    rr a MISS, wIItm Oa
    rm .thee omm stf
    0t .M aw, wh.d
    a-I e h lIe.. maw

    Niri*' We p MS tlwq at* hk
    SCm~it he a era mps jramnhe
    .- Cmages. mt sic 8waitetb he
    I- a 4t'uttly ^at stee ta th l
    Meitm .,uarty dtieppaud ad tu .-
    4 hla th to Its ptee. Ietwome abi
    be wI pewrttly wrel ewtd ae ito pe
    fo4e t* hdutiet Yeahaim taddia a
    mrtirul Inftlr* thaskbs"-Ir.. Mary
    SpUft *

    a ,.ma,
    r,'. .,, .^^ r fiW ^ ^^



    i^ . ^ ^^ . i.w~

    W~ici. ilim

    i~~tiu imIll
    **-*Li' fJJ Wa^^^^^i .ll i. ,ebl ra^B

    l blrP VW'w- .
    ^^^^ ''tr^l ^ ^ .^_~i


    ifiHHta,, ,*,a,, r ,
    l,,,, Vm.?,w h 1

    a -JLM


    rfI thteaptet cheese hae b e-
    enS tbya ASthatabsIh 'Ewks w1
    rtr*amGt .ma- hae nemsi awf
    Sthle isanI t m Ivft

    belt w csd the rqWth s tt WbIM
    whntwot.ympsom e RU

    WMHMe CAUtsOl

    lfew* wi FVA
    T" t wWT+" t

    eiwtly vfjlts tah
    kA *itwa*i Wlvtltr sa
    "ea W o pTed'4 t% try ',

    |N *tftm pobt 1l
    I3 acatty P7*TW n*. rft
    Of re mrk ht* Jrtovh,
    >mde the l atteets hadt w be
    .plu ui4y wry dinatt ^j
    aoll lay Ide tt t; r l.. .
    A b .tr emlUtaoI, ar

    5w MwIndt bsp.a**u
    rwy eumihat wm rley.
    i rtetaa ttly her w as
    wRlamI. of prept n Rho
    kteoh their Ipre .. .an
    bowbv it ti at0l late. Thenso
    urtty d irpintm1"t. r'i.ey
    othtl wcttweds' at thib *t'i
    wrnhh. They saUnlww and

    aaof the b eei to nl
    - bm t6rhetual emtTw.,
    bhSSfty qndid dews i4te
    *behnd mnechr theb.w h
    fti booeana *ara, -4.iF
    *pow l taw to dlrisap r,
    ambas a stat. of mind is
    wfats to try almeno ta.
    mt* flts to miet for.
    the Sun wk It IprtdpMaa s
    oeg OW the betler. A *S
    flU5t tioSSt t cwase
    a- to thbetlong ItB ot p ofP
    lt in4 eh dio4welT prmet a
    b*try riealtr ta tke t rt
    wastaesce to Dr. )lertma^|
    tU Msbttwtt ut year rn, No
    hbe ptad to gintw yoea bl va
    Adt4mw tr. ular'tita. Pm
    The nanuma aissarIm, (tM

    MmUDhere is t wW a psf te e* i *:. Mndertow tolo him a4ite oo . l-..
    IAIIIESVU E MAa wa I" y aid GAI "MaW 't"' ShUped p of WM '-
    Ar AND Mr mlk has bE P-lel -to a Tu; tur ** ClWo Rd- I.
    ---- -- '*"a^ r uist and" thr se hare aprweb d bC C. I'drick, te 0 0a
    tair sad the n hw pr. ..-uw. h t ,r

    h4 UWS" Took 4 Of i Pet b tae oaW i sto bA nda- n or bc lt
    OQRMAM WAR T.IKATtD JAwL 1 attVginW it ' b th f mbr h

    "d ITb* 1fIt l Up Or11a Int!_; .It U P' *t It ptisae in utn *a&r*.
    a* Usdsvtew Toeo Wn Of fis Fee bo suede to OptriSO Sehn bswl. mud a% eg left %Ii tJ 'U
    UnMarns-#4w Sand Susgte4d Itha the tumehcvr et tkhet afe (il a Glnenl satd tnl1 Fsa4.j4
    At a tmetin t ot 1 tWho 4rineSril n' "mWt "aWrm WWill tt he thiis ts has no ud' wreckEd
    Nont BhtA TedaY oeainm. -Ldor itj"w to l eh tro.4 la4 iltl Si tiont a ib sy adud o l
    h ..^ tirmAn lrudnrv hi. rirnnt- ls[ er. .a'swrl4 .p, hw- easer. Mr. Enjtes.,. W U
    9t". k' ,A r.llsA "t r mcmty.a r ft
    Tk as* ouBty a small attnadanWe A Prhtem we Hwr. ltkt bursin,. and LnrweA~' 9, i
    of thoe moeatwn of the h ban fior eom! R ianait li Mad d own the tle wiithU is beauty sand lr4'1 t

    remeoa, aotwltbshramdit the teat that dumping the oetthat,. or a hotno dretd4l Ito prurha-e n*j*.
    ltloforI then* h as bee si inter. other eMidclts, Isne ew CaV y see,.
    eIt wlslkaitad, mad the roll-booe i rCet. It behtw y; *tt nsj s.l i Cen-an ll It .- t c.-:
    ,s6owd a ntl aturatdat ct o al;st &'ia aian slbn .av sc ',I-U,
    Y7 &n Plod au s esv. ier.Angt S Z*" %
    'e r mpiLLt. I Borns, is. 0, -- --e-aAt eiter 4k. ,-
    Ledetr Itfonps who hu reidt dsasppwer Olsfaki tlhee aa anoi. t* ite it a alt. I a I
    ken lor mamty yean, kas takeM a gwta tIfeM. te layt dewq .l MIe wrw firV IoXo y- ,r I'f
    Intes to 'oMarnal; a credisable> bs TIm shots came .Ioa 3*
    taut himself. aind. being a tod smu al -, but wr awled t wo o
    e:ft: to we1 as Agoo iteias l.h i6 R. MCCLE LLAN me Tw two a m
    ol hisot wor ie r te matter oa in. i w o c the a m Mf ,
    emtriat toi sh membns Itmn o i! nad A i; I fl- e~tl s ml maw_ .S
    wilubat any eomrp station whatever. CIl S b bto wt a" i
    In tms,nb he tros mime 10 lo ime. ror Cf 0 w a babelt of teV '
    the Iatems of the ornisaitor Gi vA ,. ~ed up Iw tae nw t?.
    -st altl pakll me i hout o hif sh own. "h ei
    gaMket to small ad in acidental ex- m b .
    Spaw.m t. m mkaa* mOil i thr inemiran l imtrt Tb tk ,willr't ..i
    xpeditr-." T A.u.*sitsAm n aul theof.tiio go

    It lttot IS flrflrt Tbine p o mibI;.

    ya oCda mp of oDr. Kit' O ,*w
    *t foCr Coxitemptlon. will hIUa
    b k1lkti kI _. _l- % .& --. 6 t1..a I -1


    ' T W < W -- ' --
    -ti n i w -o-

    4. 1.



    er~cF ~;

    I ;


    ~~lrr '




    "1 .1+'' 1 .,"'

    I;ttL I

    ~w t
    I-- -.

    '4 ..
    P~rVr~t~t t ~ K ? T
    *ar~ raL* ra
    ~R)4uit Pfl~ ~% Cs ,,
    Z ~rnta ve

    * 's%.' ) \
    "aD the Ata r-a
    c. owS 4Pl -W 1
    *'l itM4 aWd Arl(At '

    1 .17 t*b 'Il'

    $lk 1 I r' A .

    N, r' 4. !1i"T I rx -.If 3rsI to
    If~" !r- t. %t5Ltk I.g we..~

    7'-.Aid~ .'ii'?Pw'trtn 11 r!. ..i. !.~ej

    spy~~ ~ ri. YwJ: hny
    Stcsrfhe T1.' a'

    C'I"T .4 11 t: cre f, re' I h Tnhi>4'

    ~3Ei~S~;*il*:~ '~I~:-

    VV r,-; o~! Irr.p,. t, ;.t .Ti frame i.nted Stair W Senator James B.
    o wt e" eN" t I'rr of a ; r o.* ear! rrt'-r wh.T'r it prnferly be. 31|r. mry of Kentucky ib ote of those
    ,de-i-ir ut an. the tax-paytrs, whh %'r no reaen f;r Ploom oerr the
    lia -.. V-a. .- e, The sn, thqr, fcr*. U ,'.,ii n lsr.dstidu. lie dicos sg s
    %t Wib.ARt< are ve ?.r.rc saet ma rectg of citing '1t of rcorga'iratn.m and recently
    Tha t o 0 : I d m at the crmjrt hiute 'rn osaid
    S a fr -e 'r .ay.1i cmber 4. at & : p m .i 7 ;,-V I nlmoeratic party needs no re. l:te n:ae of the Board oA olraat,1tion and aS talk on this sub.
    4 IAhent awV -titi 14 t s Tae.,f.r t ae parzwe of disue Uinf 1j0ct *thouKd ceae. lIemnocrats should
    ',V 4. tate U at l..-iNwran'N t matter, a d the e -im tly and together. be calm and
    A iatl a thw 4.ty a~ nAl.m a I mert of a compete nt lawyer to harnionious and supp)r the prineiples
    rit tS I w r drawta r rterin en-foPrmity with of tr'te I)emoersey. WIe hve sue-
    abewis^ -- -- n ~th. eli c.U e >; er'-tahird oeverer defeats then the last
    '.m i tI y, ;te" s.a eomt-,le d.n to oe ,u~blithtuied,-an reonwrvd. After the disatroaei
    gSl the tI t syM' aM o thel to the peeplr fo ratitedsion, at *in ra'pii n of IRTl, when Horet e (irs.*
    ,. be.f k4 14,a 1 : ;: tei to e aled bh the Boardl y o defe.atd. It predieted at.
    *sei e lb.heaS os ;z.. rt Td~'e. after ten days' nelkt ia the1t, I xraratle party would di41te.
    hvapaperre Pts pla t i Th. San grate aud disaWpear, but In four yearns.
    .. h~~~je ta 4.sour for Glaiit'srille sock or 1.,. it was strong enough -to *noet
    k mrn kam* Jaoe* la 14 3 ^ a ehart*er as is actually wanted by the Samuel J. Tilden president, who was
    i, eai bt d A reamft aXity 't her tax-payeP. nd to! deprived of his rights by ujaust ad
    gbMI e mr ct'S Wallay 1 all* factional ricious means. and in 104 and n IM
    '.h:**sob .a .. a 1e 'r at,1befo the c. eartier appeaar be- lmoCrato defeated Republicans by
    lt t forest te I.:Lepilatore. e;ecttng Urover Clereland aS each
    bJ'se'.I. b Ia t Ii.a, one maoitipal affair letiecin. History will repeat itself if
    ,- .ate t ate a i reft i inly to chance ad 4eoerate will do their duty.
    A. sa t t O 0 te. rery few W-rle who seeded to t do rat believe their* will be a re-
    :is a te ih .L ate a StakL *a interest in t.emn. We are now d ctiin o the Southern electoral vote
    .W tth is t h M at otRe. tit t at the daw4 Of a 0ew era. and every or a redaetlon of the uuambr of rep-
    ',. tMit I p* ..s.t-.. "te ~ ,take needs the direction of r*.sr lativ il Cone's from Southern
    he .eW-- t e 10 lCtuir d heiem a ndu The SUe , S,'th leriflation, In my opin.
    S des isd m net of warning. an4 ion., cannot be pushed through the
    b I f"l to Ie^ EA .1 4*t tell s apnu nl a to 1d, that ihe bsi- brnehoes ofCongres.
    Newsf ct I ;t 4tainrnWAttu4 ther future The"rair iasiny Republics%* who
    *ttathetfl4tk% prtrer. twA awn the e,.f o norla dcjeuds wU oppose this kind of leitlo."
    UWST lO Rn qaCn wr i. franrrirnp thb. uiew I
    ". !h It Ev ry a drtr. l.r eb Ien should lay aside I THE INTERSTATE COMMERCE
    'I l. wd al!t e wi r i .t ler egar"tmat a itd attend i his COMMISSION.
    'flee Y Mi'lty night. It *huuld tbe ---
    I, em itftatew Nttt wmt s. amofter v e et ng. and it, rtultin .w'atlrnt Tromt Wuathingrtoo ndi-
    w.b .t.rr for ja4od or bad. will li more e('tr, that the administration Is giving
    I" w U in& wrf t y*Nf: a ar-rratr sham any Vputtl' rmekin'U atention to ihe matter of she mloer.
    A n esill at[y 3 1 .-*-- t-e it. .. in iesri. staie Crmenlnrer Commission from the
    I f etf e Sna. IS 10 ;t e ptint of view of Its control over rail-
    mea 5e f ttwr*e aL. 'Wr.r road rate..
    h' "et a A "a" :".w's tCOMPLIMENTS COL. COOMBS. t. The
    00 _taets COM.Se* as :mo a-e Mre than two years ago.says The
    i i wiUs h. AdrsTe ,ar lse un, in a .esln Wall Street Journal. when the- North-
    f, w tm .1; lrb *J of the apathy divplayed by them in the t ninme.t securd that it wu infalibl
    'eetV, el e% t:. and tells them thathitdotatt oud nfHly
    .4 Wt W rks it s I le t khi. apathy was brt hed 1iwh ** t.- ay. w,-oner or later, for rola-
    , -a a -ecasx& max*e o.- oi. iht by plactist ma o --gingwer" lions between the public and the rail-
    '. of P etp wk caslda br t e ateots to be foeh: out on emo- rods to be settled on a permanent ba.
    oS.,Mi I. Seh Sw fs U et.vasie oes. The Sam eo that the sis, There s Treally oaly one way by
    SI they IIi tth this can be etorily seeo
    I~i ?lk axlie I& it Is rei W -T i rded by hbe Republican. swleh thif enn be -t!' si ,a I&" *&II ta t4 j. (a 4. o % a wplished and has by using the por
    4I0Ws80* 41 Th 09 b a "M _" T S iscorit ii W I il sayve of Conqrps over Ia trasate Commrere
    q..61e mle Am Casa 4MV d t. hj* e itbi. liTe WA o itdiatly pys a om- partially expreaed In the prlees
    5"li ?e? of e sMI r s ..inelt i, l. tnl oa't i.idtmeey eomeree law. The public
    so * MT*. r 8 jriCW ,r lse hip of Mr, Jaa. N. rightly demands three thing with re.
    IIi Ao.f k.W.ala 4hi0ola. who sr- spec"t to railroad rates. Then are:
    f,; Am t-Ar e maat-re rit mandrd t:meslf with workers who. Uniorty
    ,mt. 'mt em rr am ia the U o 'itet*Kre R" I o =1p e a^drar-tfae ? -the bers so lohely :3 stablty.
    '-o t- f its pG. (4 t ~ P a r4 .- by rarelv Iemwrafte, ,With ithee thrl tshi ieaererd, the
    II~M Sto1he ti t1 .. o- beer, Wrhi the rrr. rr Jon not agree with public if proltecte absolutely so far
    so r-Aht1. we do admireI-"% & as rate- are concerned. If, in addi.
    S.' .iiri tt the hi nter :acent and tirless tiuo, the rubl;e is ,rotected against
    'o r saw r erw,,, n h rare for retlth that 1 disriminat;on between one region and
    .., ls1 ta tat of ;t breW t A. ht'.r h, n ur.rE another beyond the dioririnat-on
    E^I^VMM4 State* An interesisf ,^ ^,, I ..,uo a al si lor, th.a lnatrorhidrlfam'e.thsnil Ced
    o .. f tere plttl l tha t month; |^,e,-nc3 ad t, .* n e lookout appriend n, rat wrol nat theharde
    't It al> otl d thate v,- ar, he is in t, ,,me--.Parlmhi- of tahepr.ilrot.
    | th*:pned of .emperam th l ^ ^,,, i The Inlltfate Commerce (omm>e.

    ** < y by the mik4k t. O. .the Rlepubhi..ian natinn- ion hl to so far of little use. x-
    B S aid the seo of te ad 1 cmmitt n froi .Florida. .s r<* p in one ibng-namely, stataaiics.
    bee I t h i ueoiar The eommi has always been a hby-
    S. i n honorb.p- brid body. neither judicial altogether
    3n. dv tht, i grht gentleman. and he i 'nor entirely executive atnd it has
    'lhr ft e i ahvn he d.1 aked the power necessary so give
    Ssu u riee tdi he p f wehgrae z t lastedd upon having the and of *co it decisions. Nor have its
    i1 2 ^ l^ thee e a much .men as lc II. hs Chubb anTir lan. deeitios had gny at rel moral feet.
    n PLeah*. Nited thesas till o. iRobi yn a, tis eity. Their bs e rao tat the commission
    m.ell t. t. thegh md. intglily i yoad q ioR haC no i. flntittd or men
    KS9Wha a1 s thsl material is their political sagacity it equal to fny 1 s t be

    Msp"U5%rl parpoWs &ad proper t her two men in Florida II'- Ire -. .'-- --r ---
    *i- n the firit rank of ability. l
    "" t pai to m p i i.- publikca party iad had at the bead of: ..s.heL10. o m h.m I
    -._ the ImInt ate 4,,mm _rev Co(.imma

    . _..I.,7' '. .. ... ....... ... ......... . ... A.r
    tai ToMun TO Snwwuiu* OM]

    The rtr: het i nof (is eVill*vel d rI'L
    "- 'Ik ?W 'r 1 h*ric years the
    'rmR !t 4trft f r rCf t tmprarste
    lT;4 mi avi at vw e pr; e(A, thi,
    '~rkentir of leIr 1q ,t tr h iee-!
    'it c, wn m i* .., e ', t I it, d Il,

    ., r f t r, ql

    I\ r-. -,;*t? ( Y *7 l r **I t' .1" .1
    'I 1 4* T *. *n l' *

    purelh meo or two of tiMhe .4a- aS: .-
    ele. Therefore tl pik laie tiheS .f l h
    of Fklriaos oM N fth e O tme
    tme"s with the book pemolbI um
    paniesL a smaller prie pat .bm
    an ladivideal slsim o eal.kbe Ii fi
    the rtamilen; ye this de "S'et 4 e r
    the retailer one ota. He win ll sihe4
    books the same as t preme, rfeeeleg
    his eustopmar comM Isles
    "As rule yoa will ad8 tat tis
    memr would be opwoieed bjO a h
    jority of the taperlteAdenteMl of p ie
    instruction and eshool teaohber; In ;A li
    rally so for the te"son thal t I akL ,' "
    fro m trm the enjoyable privillee of
    ehorsing the book* themselere.
    'The writer trusts tbat iour od
    solid etisenry will mtudy emrfully bth
    question of ti.iifrmlity of teit books
    for oar s hoolt, and prevail upoa.thei
    members of the snet (leoerl "AWel
    bly to upporlt this very Imporedl I
    WeUMur ."

    How's This?
    W\e offer oa hundred dollar rieoe
    for any can of estartb that LemuM be
    cured by Hallt' Catarrb Cae.
    F. J. Car Ev A Co., Tbedo, O.
    We. the umdersgnd, hl. hekan F.
    J. Cheny for the last Il rpn, sad be-
    lieve him perfetly hoaNefutle ia a
    business tlnuactiona. lad dtasdatll
    able to earrm out a w oblIntliE a lnE t


    a -Ut. --r

    ne dose of A yr' Cherry
    coral at bedtime prvets
    silht coushb of childn,
    No croup, NoV bronchltis, A


    doctor's medicine for all
    affctions of the throat, brown.
    chial ntabs, nd lungs. Sold
    for over 0 years,
    "I h% u%4n &L rs 1AWI iFter 0000 |l V r TwlwqM bri,4hiet vn(o4l
    t* Ct fI r Vn tcI '!4 hwI w . S, Ft t' fIrrulL.
    *m."-- M ML, aoI i..

    Ni ht Couhhs
    SS NO CA 01En O itR one of
    v NO CAUIE FORIm. ust nM.

    ha ueS bett. r. I .. ""....
    hb ade esetrlp frnd low sad

    e si n tl trtk I i l'sI t 0 ** P Ot 'IS "

    440 UrMGM .t4.0 O .R MOP exrIt ml .1
    Wik l ple r > 141 '1i keli. Th#or M40 "

    ie!|ua o the I* i tel o .tip(Le pakr *l
    the baOIs th* ras trotd s Yo, R,. ",,
    ovnd mmezrlJ td.iJ the iire aele 'ra

    0 th donarit oC irrtmlre f 4~IIi -*U* 'a
    tim 1 ur or '4tapa so tha th.

    g t'r a. 0lihrlmiation. This omdi
    afe' uani he fslor" t o.f h p .160
    ood thal o( the railroad s khilsu,
    And woelJ ;eke the rallrqosd ean @1 $. '
    ' si dostaisi of irritating polt es.

    Whil, i thi wruiyf os mslt 'ii
    toI hc m ao #be didIc.a o'4 I.'punq
    ail the probirms. it oul. 'ulrr sloe
    ofthe Imaur dtiledu tod totpMe '
    prlbsl e
    We trheire, hlteffo, ihat it p I
    sounil of the Inl enUL Lateo I
    CiomiWion uld be Mt -lm-g9
    tt i'hthe IwhLa c hasM I M -
    to 'gitith rsomimleQ pent 0W
    rite jand she rairo4d re It" h S ft
    puol, ud hsbat udlr thiosv lt
    w idr et seaune of ltreJ bett iy b Lhe
    railroads ia h.. JMeter of rOf. m1
    ioep. This program does s.pp
    to mral other nltllvrd msra.m 'C
    fel that's itol trai Io ttn0ead k
    much power. said *e* : Io
    the prewnts tlame for snb kgmW.e
    XV belver, however, tat ibs*
    are a utlk shoartsiad thdri pA q
    and that Utin* a daep o m of
    lo tislatlosh if ith-l el
    drift tn4" at flamegHs) w1w.
    co14 udoobldly mae *os :

    ons Um aeske. Tho 4 ,i' aw
    slag Ibe, mete. he t&ie i
    *hee theyar il have to 'mr We-o
    urios sad get setUing h

    eferre ito thr TimiH

    of t he m e el lt li

    e far "Iesa. -as, bflt

    atestd huk m ms timhe i,
    ptoeasted Utll I.tSSfe lt
    ithSat ate wieealet th g e idh

    tou. h ftr 4 f "Aume..l a u t .. .

    esa. n Ie.
    pliu a bill for wlto lWtn Sb. M

    *uwbaust it wnsmmk ts whik hiSl
    tneool egatEry lhae Lhwr beeat s
    defatI Is busr. .
    '.hr sU -ib bl =^ .. r UM *^
    eota earl tbh mAeile lmek sid t .L e
    pmeu eperd ham ar la divide eg

    mooto- boo, ae lBmufw tee|m- ,|d|H

    littsf i. b eieen to dNpf e eC m IMM....

    k rotn rad * Lbot ML-1 e i H lSt

    rush ehe-per talma -s ImhriJ -: I~la /"-j Ni',



    ," ,. ' I J,

    7,W77 .." '.I ,. . ,?
    3=2 z1g4

    i. '. i- :, .'

    . , .!



    ,': ^^- I.,j *'," i __-a- ^^
    ri" I~Ip




    10 iw

    .....f .... ...
    w.,ffll snir f 6

    i 5 banosmI -althatthe tcar'.
    NOmeWPf age s hews
    -te. -i' iiie tIei L U,* c.

    10, 4 .Si O pio ho bAa ie.

    ,Kwho .atawn

    detet" robblang the
    Snt- u.I is T awrea e
    W lush. e Swells sm teigher
    ; ,"il- '1111 ,J i 11118 r I ilIt

    w ". A**r*" pher, rsny

    Wilawas i sout on *R*la
    m.; sltcs. Te ,. No.v U.-W litr

    Wlmm. a wealthy you f agman of twin
    who eis rged with the daso
    ... T. La Il, a traveliag seleman of
    aiee btIrS re Ontl n Do $

    tnt WillIas, a", ,eha-- II a q

    "1 4s s kim.Tr rI, A knif wa
    S4mwo le, it ,i allee sa d WaI.
    Ig a" with his larstm. es hid
    'WS 'l-s I b tOase floor oa the alo,
    Ste sIkull. The de I'mai
    l i b I esi held hbre awaiting I.
    ntue i ai bar Le's widow, who re
    si at Abe. ry Mass.a Le was UI4

    bSSW umaiue la OthonS e
    (Bbrnm hrpmwu efm a. TLchrs u1r I
    ,S n .. .
    ". i N. ilho l ,i the

    ,,,,,, .,^ .! .. a



    BM W -A
    * Ak4qf

    . rpwmo ., I -m

    ., p


    Si: ., .

    1 ,

    Wee Seewnm *aYeIw Fever Bp*
    aelakt ln Aother.
    Honstoa, Tex., Nov, 2f,-Dr. W. I.,
    Colaman. aagd 70. Is dr d at his r-:.
    deace, tn thls city.
    Dr. Coleman has been a resident at
    Ho rtoe for ai uabor of pears, but ad
    retired for some time from the actliv
    practlle of medielse. Dr. 'Colemin.
    while 'emlarnt as a gi eral pratitllipn.
    er. was prrttcularly an authority n
    yellow frevr, having Lerrvel through
    e' eral| tptdmelres and won a Howard
    so'Afal! gi!n in appreclatiln of his seir-
    Tyv'.i wllh tt;!' l''dtt dlise1a0e.
    thirinK ii, Spaillilh-A'rl rlran war bc
    w:. 'tenlt l)b t1hl I'itite Sttrtivw vern.
    mr'nt 1t) mat< uan exoiJ'nation of the
    yellow' ls.'r r'tIttJin (of C luba, lHe
    tas thi* asu .;r r a but < a yen yl'lw
    fev r, whtcIs' 1 cni:sider':l m* an au-
    thorit) a:nImolr the o iclIal lprfrt:iwiin
    Prwd Oeath Fr 0Ge.
    Ollletet, NoV. Nos. S.--Old "-Doe"
    Witlona -rrived In lCallente with two
    uaek or sold ore taken from a 3-foot
    ledge of enow while quarts i the
    dread Death V'lley. Wilson says that
    would not so through the hardhiptlp
    his last trip agals for a round mil.
    lion. IsMh hands and face are perfect.
    ly raw from tho ut and sandMtorms.
    let In nearly blind ad $lI0.00 Is what
    he has to show fur two months' of the
    mout terrible exierieco that a pros
    pnetor ever went through and lived
    to tell the tale.

    as -e Use Ves tme seemeas
    It was after the rformtam, when
    &gM emacMI cmeo imuch Into eaubloo
    bI Eniland. that pulpit hIurgiasaeM
    |iwe utMrunnd. TWe pulpits baid be-
    rM I "TirumwclnaisUc, and In
    S midd oft the veut*ml th century
    Pilrft jprMe irs ftoi forth for two
    em anid more to drowiy Iiea mri
    to rew i y Itbs abeut bourslla
    wee fied upouo s iapIta, and we
    med of a preachert In 1 3 who was
    "UttI r by a wman who brought aft-
    er him hi book and hour gla.'* "lome
    cbartbes were also provkldl with balt
    hoar slae s. sa we mayt lmainoe
    with what anxIlety the parlsn' chole
    was looked for lby cltk and t action It his seraons were doll and
    In t11 siteeith ceatury ironwork
    stands were l tted for the rts ptlon of
    the hourgtaa. some of whiklh were
    very einborate in dlnIgh and of coet-
    try chihrrvh.e tr imeuit yc -M.. (ut censp-
    ed to Lbe In enerIal ise after the I a-
    toratlon.--l'nTaroT' Weekly.
    A lie hatm- of Thachers Liuer anil
    abo4d SIyp will be sent to any reader of
    tahl pap who wlll write ui the Thacher
    Msda- C., Chattanooga, a em. r

    FOR xME.
    clothing, tHiat, t'nderwear and Falrnishiig..
    FOR WOME5.
    Tailored duite, Skirt., Jackets, Fur., Wan:te.

    Clothing, list, U'hderwear and Furini.sirgs.
    Dresses, Reefers Cloaks, Underwear, lEta.

    F -j nj sh

    ' l'We se*nDd goods by ?!press C. 0. D. with Irirer v to
    examine before acsepling.

    o WVe cheerfully lend two or three styles
    momnt rfe rlectioi.

    f anjy gar.

    Write for.our complete Fall end Winter Catalogue.


    A T tRM of the S uard varl tlie, s es at4 haite a gr rwe4i
    Md tk. Alps Prh, ~rn wtm mste, e. Catalelse and t lbk
    M immeftml (bMr ninn U 8 1 x i i i S
    411iau msL .L L cGUIB mple,U. 111i G

    HE. B'. nDTuON& cO(

    u kf I -TX f .-f -Id i >

    sC}IIw8 rELNL PLOP







    IIde Wanted.
    Bid iars Invited by the Hoard of
    Coumly Commissionern of Alachui
    Mount for the services qf two road
    overaeers for the ensuing year. Bide
    must be handed to the elerk of the air.
    alt souar nlot )a r than Monday,
    IDeember 5, 1904. the board reserves
    the right to reject any and all bido.
    Ione by order of the board thIs let
    day of November. 19~1.
    T. F. TiiMA, Chairman.
    Attest: H.0. 0. Dfsro, Clerk.

    _______ __________ ---*-- -NFI'


    Lt'.i. The
    ',^ 't .. *ho

    lne & ilU i
    et 'L s the m Ise t

    tt Al ALAmfm6lnh lkAL

    Strass' bpl Reserve.

    I ll qts,


    4-1 8


    Best Dollar Quart Whiskey on the
    Market Today.

    ster to famlliarise the public with this most excellent whlikey, we will
    ra limited time only, OIIARIIES PIRl'AIII,

    Strass' "6t"




    tNe g

    our Full rs for $8.20.
    .-.- Ia . . II .... ,i _t ....... . i. n *.a 1 .. .




    nmwl Sma mm- s alm

    Si: C




    _..,,,_. ~ c --s l-.r,~r c~ -LC~

    . .iiWHLd




    . KN IV I ,

    B. B. LEVY, BRO. & COIPA

    The Largest m Mail- Order -
    For Mn'sl, Women'a and Children'*
    RV-:ADYTO.W I tl ( A M U ,X TS

    a& 1 '1


    I *1T

    . -..u I" - l

    p Il StWA Coempay
    . l t m a

    a Olneral *eal llrte and
    uskeuet Which Will be
    Stovery Seteion 0f the
    "0P HIp Q14noaviUa.
    WIN*4. Galf ** **l
    propOsWd now ren estate
    .lll b*ewee 'Philllp Miller of
    1lle mad B. F. Hiampton or
    whlh will be eitablilhed in
    Uville next imunlh. The Flor.
    Unlinu of the :tl2 inst. has

    ,1 Ilampton of Gaiinaeiille, a
    whole0 Is known in all part
    i it, tand who Iha doun a l uod
    ,Il ..h do l/opmerit tf Florida.
    al io J&eefonville to asuoelate
    rwitllt Pitip Mill r, a former
    norl rlii. The two are So ,.l
    ki Im .Xusuneui wale and with a
    pl s saplttal in She real esiate
    dsaier the firm amea of The
    A iHfamptam Relty Company.
    Miller loestd in JakMuvIlle
    shar anio. mid embarked in lhe
    jgossmrlibolane. Binl, stha
    Iaw bon struck with the great
    ppertait lee for investment and
    whbh Jsckleorille offe,.
    0 l inm will haveolesa In the
    Bidd bitldial. at the
    eI Bay aud coe streets, and
    I asollie forest adequate for
    i9s6l of sos extensive real
    l0-10n- and looking carefully'
    wb branches of the busiinte
    dthe are obe engaged.
    To Deal in State LAnds.
    the he adquarters of the eom-t
    teobe in thi ally. it is to do
    Stae buItlnis, dealing aI@ all
    Iladstfarme,oranue roves and
    rty ;throughout the State.
    .Y has sonie of lte beat oilt
    In Jaeckoaville amd a large
    Slad on the outskirts of thi
    will be out up into lots and

    SIsa not a man in Florida who
    Spotted upon the lands of the
    haI B, F. Hampton. For years
    a ehlef elerk of the United
    p lad difes at (Iainesville, and
    I tat time became familiar with
    la every section of the state.
    ,iavilg the land office, he began
    I1 ttively In real estate and was
    ior tot a ireat many people
    P- -earching for homes under
    --lIIad laws of the United




    ... IN EAST noIA.
    IIII I II r ~IIIiloItI




    poles to open business in the Florida
    nmetropoli. Iealising that Jaekeon*
    vilie is much better polunt in which
    to reath the people and get them at-
    tracted, ihe feel that he conid work
    better to Ilinesville's advantage in

    'Aive Business Nature. that city than here, since he will have
    lldeut of his great knowl- the opportunity of meeting so mar
    ei~b* lands of Fid ore.
    :iShe lands of Florida. Mr. .acksonvllle a naturally the gate-
    will bring to the new firm a way to the areas and fertile domain of
    business nature, and will Florida. Ninety per uent of the peo-
    ale tor It1 the work of develop- ple visiting Florida find the way
    sp. I r to through Jacksonville, and Mlessrs.
    s.ii I referring tothe un- Hlampton and Miller hope to direct
    iSdatlar In Florida at the pres- .Iriny of them to hiaineavilie aid Ala.
    Iia, )r. Hampton iays that lhua county.
    extremely favorable, iid that 6 .--" -
    Sae will do its part there is no Bids Wanted.
    *h'y there should riot be lo0, I',id are invited by Lhe board of
    L' *lorida within the lext two 'C,'nlty t.omumimsiolnurs of Alachua
    ioUsands of people with means county for the rrvioe. of a manager
    afl to establish themselves u l"r thle poor farm fur the ensuing
    .t. an mostdesirable setles. year' Bid' nlit be handed to the
    t ad l mot Hdesmrpnle sett clerk of the oireqlt court not later
    Glass Mr. Hampton ha i hd tlhan I\lmtday. i)ecember 5, 1 k4.
    l 1dealtnla for the past twenty The Hoard r('ervrts the 'iKnt to re.
    iBad he uuderstanlJ how to look jiet any and all bids,
    lbnmw ly ,rd r tohe board this hui
    g wants and to bring before dy o November. t. lt
    day of 'November. IM.W
    tie aost effective way the re. T -'. Tm Chairnnn.
    0ird the advantages of the Attest: II. C(. )K r.E. Clerk.

    He will continue to work
    Ss Lines, and will do much to NOTI ':
    a B morvemtenl in thr right I Nitue I Ihleiekl given tllir iul wve'rk1i*ler I
    nj moe menti in th i t ( t t le. t D JUbih, oull hreo tft. o i n 011 he l0th
    vr t' nIf l ,e ler. I~ Q I 4l.: I Us, nanrl a | Ikorr
    Miller is be ctieneadt. will( Iu V to i te ount) judue of
    Mr. Miller is to be ant active Alrchuni counnIS. Florida, for an orler tIo "Cl
    lit the firn, and will devote Ii 1 Ilf h rl' ht.It tit : thea ilnler.'I Iht ndb
    i on |Mritpnne little a1 nd t the (ollo> he latuivl
    iis time to the business of the 1- wfI TIe N1* -tOf e f ..*r a TP.'. U
    MMr. Hiampton, the manager, It i tai, aid r ie.', of He'i S .r.. tl,
    ii ill of his tinto in the oftlcs 1 t "".A MAl Y M. I'Pt.
    'I du Nq)% 9. P614m Ortioianlof Dtorn Kenned
    SItt, direetin g the, work and lrliu ira Kenn
    il4ftr the bauiless in general. F. T
    w be incorporated. T F. THOMAS
    l.0 0be su incorporated cum-
    ihh4iap sal *tock of $tit.
    piareoe Phillip Miller, i
    o. Hmpro, of (;ines-
    *;. PrWmident maid manager, and
    ea. Mecretary. The latter
    ihila1iltertd in the company
    "of a sMro of the ULI
    Will be oe of the factors i E O
    3h1 euomppsy a suecesf."
    Sbl true that Mr. lapt, NEW GOODS
    Ib 1 oe a. h,.inaa. I... I.. ....a


    'w.- . ... #.r%, ........



    *'W -' -

    -SV- popping Days--and Christmn.s i here. Thoro
    is no raHonin the world whiy you should dtlayn
    to the thirtieth day to make 'your holiday pAur-
    chiles. We store free of charge, until Christ-
    mas, any goods purclhaved for tbat event. Right
    now, stock is complete in every detail, and in
    buying you avoid the rurh incidental to holiday
    shopping. In waking your selections it is lbut
    natural that you will want Eomethingf ni(fr and
    goad aind not have to pay more for it than it ii
    really wortl, and it is quite natural that ytu
    will cone to a flrst-clas, re-
    liable plact to get it. To
    /OUR this end we have just placed
    S I in stock the handsnmest
    and lest t grades of Furni.
    Slture and Housefur nishings
    P I to be seen in this or any
    C re l 1 other city. That the prices
    are right we prove by abk-
    I ing you to make coenpai.
    3 / sons with what we ask for
    things ot equal quality with
    /if fl those shown and priced
    SV U I elsewhere. Our aim has al-
    S v ways been to give the best
    Sto be had for the money
    We buy that way ani we sell that way. Ak
    any one of our many patros in this city and
    surrounding country. We invite you to an in.
    spection of a matchless variety of Furniture.


    VOTIVE YU pVWrlclCAowr.

    Netsee I bvhereiy te Pbets the, fldowl
    Rloja4 mtilr beir tiled nodle of 1 I ittoa
    UV Ia44l0Mtl vruf n MIdpn shl m o isolZt, .md
    l andi pwuM wlU be iusa belsr l ritr
    ind BtOee t r t (ilaneville, f' t us ohn s I-
    loeo S. i il. 0 .
    JAMUa A MAStl iX of JJdame. i'a1..
    Hd. ~lit t the W ,l .f oe |iS ort bee. .
    Tp. I A, A. I ,
    He B0li1 the in tItiahI to prove
    hN' c*atltiauns* reiaktencte upa and *tftltuUoa
    Iff setL Irh fl. */ .l r .
    04WtI I In I'm.
    t'h I tS. u (,a,. of.J, i A.u. l ltra..
    .4 W.o ,*o lrnoIbN. Iier.
    N&TJtg 1.F4( l1VUCATUNK
    iatdI (.Ioj atu t nll&vle. Iri.,
    -avovwbr t. Itil.
    nkaimed Wottleor h.- dw nouOht of bhe tngettt
    10o Ulo 166i) mTpl In uu.p Iot o. ee lut. 00
    rl ita lrtMlt will mnade beta. irw.r
    fid lieget r *a u.hnaerlile. a., o tuinESe
    beor h. 1 )4. A.
    uIrvt Wa W LCUe.awstm u(f Hatcb Bold, in,,
    . d. 1111 for b* 8 of 14 I*0 1 A W 1-3
    ofut 1w PS4tns %.u. T. ah I 1.
    HO nBame tbe ollowlng vlutwsm to pnh*
    blt 1l"n4uma "rep'deuoe upon *4d ouPIUS*to
    ofRat m44. v
    Johna I. Klly. w(iaqme A. KU. Nof.
    Curt DUnIJ1'eanair t o a to f a kaB Ibd...
    du Wa, U. RO1KSOWS, Iftolsr.
    NOriCu nMU PUSLW4A7T30.
    'Im "lofrembrt as C lakisw
    oesfhp blTy1,a. W
    Nomaoe Itor 6nshbe ttoo iMts
    nomA ot1i0r h- UM ftowf o0M90oi
    to mke b*
    on Dnebe 1U Ill".
    SIRES T. WAMIIm 1 bOil. OU.
    "Rmforl ttflo% SnM TWbsS. I
    I. E. nto00Ia lr ~ Ii.

    .... ----*-*-" '- 3 '- i
    wdrWI eWM

    YI AC ll noi. I
    ob A .

    wpaorton pr' oaioaam.r
    S7OTICf KMl9s 0UCAW.
    ^' s I

    I ma U, W -*it.u *
    A IeL 0 740V! a dlN eu. vilr, I,
    Jogi e. Tp, i ,S IL e. ..
    so eatme ttf o tlnew ll uam o wma
    bi eomsiu1uae r" 4esee IP a mWtt5ti I!
    SamWW bad, vu.:
    w"mw V. Orioa. iLuwemT. Wr. a .
    us Msew.s..l U. *Uke.sitf B E
    si W~e.Itain'roN.R-taf.
    N Ia 1

    C. Cl



    .s W NMf. . ..o .meeme a -raw
    *a_ Ise ver t rgs N. I tCArm
    ... _. I W,


    '. a .

    r ur sue r imuruIoiu ui lIsoue wruru- -- -- 1,
    sirv to have their lho meat cured In Be -- i
    our cold storage we rereomtwa d the a Al
    following method ol preparation: dst iskey
    An aoon a!% the butcherse animal hs eoa oed l
    luttn. cuti u and trim topIerfelt shpe. letar.
    in chine bomes ot barns. s d blade bo M t A o A
    muholrer.; sit Ia uti umuil m enor. ulnl not
    more than l0 poMnd*s als .0 ouneel brpwmn u- u-IG-r g- -V I '
    mi.. Ioutnessaltpeioer atd I ounce ra po per
    to each I U Iound s of m ica. It
    the saM mtolmSae not l rr t than dar I Id ,j 6. &Lli/i
    ter M1o irepaed. If any ir any ddUIa n tall I6s re. .. *...
    ed uater reachtinl as. *e wilU upply It. Late
    iiit saki torace a to aWll)-ys. eoIQQlra to sI r zeMPno I Tm
    or meat. After taking trfrm I ebd storawe wath i
    In warm WHatr alt ry. thlts wrlp orsew up
    lomely In munlin.aAo oN to I)svent. aiteksfrom.
    tlle or other Inseea; hban up and smoke ast i
    intervals for three week It W*ll take smoke
    t.prlieo1i throug-lh the mnAilln Ureca hckonry
    Vwod makes the lt br anohck. When dry. take
    tlown aniD i*eli In t n a a later of out straw,
    thrrn one of meatetC.r. land rl will have a .
    line meat an caue tn~ I'rlced. until followll n T.c' A 1Ig
    'arlies hasIni railro.viI faetlltliem mr with 1 V rll k!
    1wrtet fet al hip tn T eghti nd have It re- W 1 !4
    turned l ue awr. Murk iillainly to us ind aiio t R.. I
    your )n1nfli* on 1oxH or barrel aS mall .us ild of 3
    lading, 1 elri)- freligh t n*Ihtppihq point. Our
    -harte f or artrlele ,ne rcenl per onmadS for
    one month. We alo iNh to buJ booidredIse. pli.* I
    We ollct I uatrungwe hli nerfevtL coneBlee to P ll
    ,lve entire mtwiloftAnlo. alml feel tha( our e1. OLD IHLMARP WUILIAIJ 'S
    terprie l'P rt the greatest tmnelt to the fIr- G er U
    mer. Yourlt or home-made meat, Guallnteed 8 year old. the *or ca o1 rU A,
    DIAMOND ICE COMPANV. gallon 9 .00. 4 full quern AI t.
    R. 1 ,Livingston. Mgr.. iainesvtile. Fla lOE. J. (lL) XANIr NOtRo E eeb aa.l
    314094a1 tler mm.ill at
    - --.. ...- uaranteed years old. HB the l ds
    Si E S. AC KER & soN gallon 9.A. i full quarts (.-00, r I=R
    GEO.S.H ACKER & 80"N'EXPRf 814 PitzAlp r.19
    S EXPHIES PItEPAIID erMl. vt: .. ,.
    Lsw iti CAN'OX onf t. ii,
    ANwYVL orp t il i
    3M ANLrA'TritIKHI* OFr ANVIL VII K aeU It; r tee 4oft N lM e .s..
    GOuaranted 4 years old. Hy the a . I ..
    ---- gallon 2.60. 4 full quarts 2.76. .He armes ttb rottei4wl wuruiato ..
    -r EXPIE~Is PItiPEPAIl Cbua o m lulw. Wr Up, ia i
    It' M -- C, SO R -" - i' ".
    CLIFF IRU RIE A W .LSa.W1 ti*"J "a
    .tBy the gallon $2 26. 4 haall nqart .d W.,u. In .X.L
    f2B.1. EXPRErV EPAID -- .. .. i.
    OI, RBTyE1 (I1. C('l.' NlT OrICE or fnlAL mtaAr&UoI
    Guaranteed 4 years old. lly the N 1 .
    Jg6llln | U ). 4 full quart l2.; 7,*' ltertls f'
    EXPRII:ES P'i AlDoU t n t 115**16 S
    SOLD K KX? IlTUCKV COltN c, > ro aS
    ( uaranteedH N ) 34s Ail d. Ily the lll P a la
    Rallon #3 i'. 4. f uI quarts ~8.25. nad ruf r Sid
    EXRI'ESI PREPAID te8 ILe M r! 8
    and Building Material, W, landlr all) the leading, n do brands of ur 4tw:s f I--% ,'
    Itleand Bourbon Wlhiikie ln the mar- Thb l"ep laif Ail"'
    tC' A lLE8TON. Mf C. ket and will save you from 5 pere ali Aetiu r frliksaf
    .ye and mar- iA- 'j

    wI i w4* ,


    NrC W''^t ^^ tjy Cy f
    no, t i#l
    o .m .


    A" f
    IA AHud

    Pntd ^'^ it"<^,^



    V. a sp ha I r Giipmm 9 Irsi cht 0 6d%& m Ikw% Am


    THE G+AINESYILLS 8UN: 109619r 1"19@4D

    Ite. J. I. HnIoley. formerly oif this l.a41ws'.alhng nrts pretaled Is latest oew Th S 7e J a A s
    ai'lly bit r.niw pastor of h ptl.a l .lis m Sionat$n Dice. Orders for *n**0T. Mo. M W. UnIdl oid V loag emb.
    Eleureh of 1smbe'K, C I. there una a p eutrinl tin short o, le@ I,. pinl Is Ithe sltesoeut.
    Brief vis s, rg.d. M.r Holley For Sale-Ns.-w Wheeler & Wile 1. 0. WiIm wo111.
    Hwpreached at l ,tudana, ,Qrt.hl Sunday. ,ew wlna sI.SUII, I ,o. b. ftelory or
    pm and was greoned by a large c.ngrega.- (,inevwllo. Appli ai tli oflle o.r a tlnel b3alne r3a tse iib ty yesesday,
    Ztit btb b Mlion. 1 iteMs Uas *e rerets very Eaut litwry street. dus( W. A. Bnoeden of NlM apoy w
    --mue to !hitlly leave its friends here, After a brief vials to his family to 1amos the vlshtoln so this lity es# ug
    Sbut hopes to iteet hen again as some this eity. J. K. Futoh has returned to day.
    Sk' """ Tr future timn. lie epelts to make his Alasehui. where he Is engaged aenle J. W. Williams of Wade was m10q *
    AND OCIAL ITEMS duparturi ,mday for hi. hiuse in Suith sively i the mfermsaille buislass. the visitors to the aoIts t spite l *a*
    -- Carolin. J. I. Medlin of Meredilh. eelor enlday.
    andMa WhSit @ Prof. J. ItH Iweno of ltrehell. tile member of the brm of J, L. MqtlII & L. C. Omay of High Upinp w bI
    i s Shen Mlr PsIra phs eo"ltient peineipal 'f ithe lta 'rth Perry Cc manufamotuers of naval stores asu trannelg belsian i tkh *ity O p
    I tasm NiMay 1Nea*' JIntitul, one of thie best public s vilitor to (iaioseville aesle rday. e arday..
    choolsn the county, was the eit d o Mr. Hoope Hg i
    iiWnday. rof. Owsli i ZHaveJstPissedt'a Mos.H.AoHnpe11101P
    su nday. rof. ows ni states that l te VO hibailf three made a brief vills to ftlriseAl a b
    IM*Sun* ifsitte has just installed a fth piano eatinads ofl ^ furnature. C011 e oly tat l *tad
    WI a w erlf1l Salve for sale for the use of Ih. pupils, and on Fri. ev for youurel. The I.J.Thomlw o. I, n-M ) J i da
    em A CO. day even ing, Decemblr an oyster A. Lamb of Misaeopy. 0.0. Welts M's. J. L. Kelle! west pwdsytli
    1 Piradie was among supper will be gen a th of Orange Lake and B. Weeks of to ielle to vlit her daugbt0r, M
    iwl his tly Sunday. h6use to aulst in raising money. to Hawthorn wereM ainon tho who ft- laeh. Holder.
    lea tea ewberry was Ppy for the lnstrameint. TIhe piano evored (Ilmtaeevile with a vista rste.- K. W. MIllisg, dhe movld stsmwlop
    K g ielo1rs v to this ity son originally t$M, pnd it i to be day. ter of WaM, a tase b .
    hoped that Iie good people of Roehbie Nll Charge e W**s. Whrai
    .D. bhambllinof Ariher was and vielnily will turn out in full free. W mwatine o r Mrs.iJ. W. lbmtberso of It herem i
    Inad registered o* d their money freely, and thuls pldyndbobus0uTh oe e Sit e J g
    R a a1 ,1trw their appreemation of the mwa- To. J.nesIsi Mis.*. M. a
    sgeameit of the slhnol in purchasing Oorge and Thomas Peaeoek of Hew*. i.O. OLIaes, f. Ki. Alies mu
    !,i oe of Mouteceha. member this instrunemt, whit wA tMbadly thorn and Frank Peasek of Ovn O. Klllebsew of Sigh pulirmp'
    tgMnboard from that district, nee.ded.S Park were seeing the vialton o I aNeM vid tkon to Sfl pt I
    a0ys yterday. Srom Wedesdatjs Dall San: tbalnesville yoesrday. They paid The .
    l~p sewem bet 0uba laad A. I1. Williams of Fairlfeld was trad. -un ts o agr ble sall. Mn. MedNhfl ent i4 ;W
    Wit ba Lad Club, Ina in the etly yesterday. Nra. 8B. Stevees of Alshes, who h rsastorelldr t o a l WI
    M via. Sdwl.
    em buy everphig Chat. Longman of High Springs was has beo In t he olty of thi pimp webk bst plmat vill o lloM ila MJL, Z
    uhe bsusykeper n a wiaviuor to this eiy yesterday. under treatment oflDr. J. H. Hodilips upoMsa w la
    The J forcsatarrh.oresurned oiyherehomea 1W
    Call .nds The d. J. Mr. P. 0. tamsey of Waashoots fordw a h mlrored to hore le e I i
    WAs shopp~lX in the eity sterday. ,"..-.. ..,, aWA s r
    6 of Alshua. one of the 1s* Vallknip. a charming young able lady truss bat she wilt ese a e i
    me1ss In aibOs.ladyof Melntesh,1was shopping in the uwillM6l01mtis e-i... e em o digrt N u l.
    he businmees visitors to this cloy jesurday. Ladles W willo10be a I AlMes0 t m me* ,
    John )'Q)Donald of High Springs was ape l oar new liae of nltoi divna. a0gM nrs mmNg t "weeiMil
    TW. B. Tille of Waldo, W. L. among the business visitors to this tseU M daroek The 8. J. S Toani ly 4aedp. Mr.(ier UMor a.,
    tss Fe sad A. V. Ellis of oly yesterday. Company. ahe sU osslul pkGe lis
    e"e smonug the visitors, M bushels Ninety.Day oats for ,. H Wes r deped yesM V it
    Wuerdavt. Du at S pr bushel. u W. Easterilin, da for Newbery, wheoe a hs S eM wlhitoe. eto s ll i
    W nMrs. 0. W. Dill of South Hifh .1prings, Pla. wi cepted a pltilom as shief engioer for While h er Mr. il& pSilSL
    are* rejolein over the ad. Mr. Elis Heaimes of Cyril was the H. M. Tler 'Lumber 0empaMy. jg eas ( 0. 0. Pwr leba i
    babyboy as their home. among those who favored Gaineasille Mr. Wnetaard1 is an ouly a good M a --g ew sewing mle. ..
    eoiagratoulations. wish a visit yest erday. gineer. but a flrstelm maebleist, sad v. W. 0. For, te b i
    Lke vkiitoru to this city is S. Colon of Trenton was in the will no doubt give his now emplokey vinl o! Alkhs, ws lathe eib
    OhIt, a promlsent young city yeeerday, having some on busli exceUent service. few hooe m erda1. NWe
    OW 29e.w,who lt here on busI. ness with Dr. Alderman. I Strayed fro Newberry-One dark'"hs tlhtie, when
    .wihteUietbay nuale, about six years a old. wet l.n5 fat, W .
    lmed with the United State. Mrs. W. N. (mramling of High nd hea knota m righ hlat i leg o e ,emupeatlg e m pm u
    Springs favored Upinetville friends joint. When last hard from she bd as ..
    fks from hlf-Iallon to 1ix with a brief visit 6nday, in short rope on meek. and was at Tllo J.loh VMuld *at4 s. ea, I d
    Sprow in bfving purpose 0or C h with a bri isitR )b a A reward of $8 50 will be paid for hert Ahee wov s -I_
    ed as 10Gemnallon. Thuo CholTe ePlyma t Rock white ok- delivery to Ira J. Carter, Newbery, At r w tIh i.
    been eut in prie one-half rels for sale. A dress . MeDoa. Fla. w.t They nd* T o e lea ae

    be sokl. aUnlder & AEarle.
    k 1ftf Ia you to *ee our
    S Invite Ju loek. The
    fires line ever brought to
    lt. We know how and what
    tit will not he undersold. The

    |' i Smith. accompanied by
    ,Cohen DuPree. and Ireat
    |te-r, LI ey lraoKer. depart-
    yr Miealopy, where they
    relatives, Mrs. Melton llank-
    Lr a few days.
    Arringtoo and M iss Lees
    f the West End were united
    h oly bhoeds of matrimony by Hie
    tSillge MasU in his usual graoe
    .Iau,y.esterday. Friends wish
    *Sins, and that all their trou-
    I little one.
    Slstk, a prominent citizen of
    VUlle, speanl Buday in the cit.y
    i on a visit to relative at
    H States that Jacksonville
    th t aould be desired beinl
    1thc Iato up-to-date cities In the
    a Slte ,aosordinl to population
    A. B: Olive and sweet little
    Slr, B ile, formerly of this city
    ridlag at DeLand. were in
    S tWay. They were en route
    , where Mrs. J. A. .1. Strick-
    sleeor of Mrs. Oliver. is sffler-
    Stphold fever. It i to be
    that the patient will soon re.

    Lt illl of Mr. Aldrich, who re-
    4.led In this eity from New
    r ad settled in North
    , have removed to the city.
    1 rll i denoe here more conve-
    T They a delighted with the
    h llimaue and the people, and
    U to remain here for an indefl-

    aeiin Drayton of Rocky Point.
    ilks oldest and most highly re-
    l olored people of that section.
    ek 1, and his life is despaired of.
    Sihtyf-Bve years of age. the
    StSlaiy children who have been
    and delerving, and hisi
    wll be. felt by both white and
    *iaiens of this community.
    *1itumous young friends of Miss
    mtrobhar. who was compelled
    a. m operation for asnnpndi.

    aid. iRocky 'oint. Fla. dl-wl.
    w e are l ad" to har you c al
    al our store whether
    you buy or not. The S. J. Thomas Co.
    Mrs. F. D. Irwin of Fairbanks, wife
    of the postmaster and general mer-
    chant, wra sho(ppijg in the city yester-
    The property oif W. W. (Colson, East
    (ainesville. has been improved by thel
    erection of a neat and sulitantial
    Charles F. Howard of Hatch Bend
    was in the city on business connected
    with the United Sitaee land office yes.
    Finest line of furniture ever
    brougkh to Iiainesville
    now as our store. The S. J. Thomas
    R, M. Martin of Hawthorn, one of'
    The Stan's old and valued friends, was
    in the city yesterday. He called and
    renewed his subscription.
    i from advranel to rnployes; fifty or
    lem at three oentseach; 12 per hun-
    dred. Mash with order. tf.
    S. I.. Turner and son, Curtis, of Lake
    View were among the visitor to this
    city yesterday. Mr. Turner Is one of
    the most progressive ellixens and sue-
    cessful farmers in the county.

    Mobile, Ala.. Dec. 24, 100N.
    Dr. E. W. 11all, St. Louis, Mio.-Dear
    Sir: Having tried different dootors
    and their remedies for several years
    for back and kidney troubles, I found
    nothing successful until taking The
    Texas Wonder, Hall's lreat Discov.
    ery. and, being rapidly cured, the old
    saying with railroad nmen is, "C;od
    bltes the man who invented the Pall.
    man sleeping ear." but I sap. "Ood
    bhlei the inventor of Hll' Texai
    Sondeer." Your truly.
    W. Bi. (CL.AK',
    1 A *. It it Co.. Mobile. Ala.

    One small bottle of the Texas Won-
    der, 11lls Great DiCooverl, ourei all
    kidney and bladder troubles, removes
    Kravel, eres diabtees. seminal emis-
    sions. weak and lame becks, rheuma-

    Among the vitltgrn to thti olty from
    the West End is Coua. Gasets of Bell,
    one of the progreolve young pllntea r
    of that seetion. Mr assets states
    that the cotton crop, whleh has bien
    fair, is about all gathered. Other
    crops have been good throughout she
    W;et End, and asa rule the planters
    are in good condition.
    8. 1'. lurnets of LaCrose. one of
    The Sun's oldest and most valued sob-
    sribers, was in town yreterdaty ad
    made the business ofls a plesait
    call. He is oae of the most mweeesful
    farmers of the northern part of the
    county and has made good grope S
    cotton, corn. potatoes, sugar cane,
    etc.. the present year.
    Remember the oyster supper aad
    booth entertainment to be given by the
    Earness Workers' Soclely of the Pr n*
    byterian Church l t he Brooks store
    building. recently vacated by Phifer
    Bros., Friday evening. The proceeds nsed in payment of iaunraae
    on the manse. Plenty of fine oysters
    and Western meats aed oonfectiotey-
    home made-at reasonable priee.
    Amonll he visitors to this eity yfes
    terdjy was L. B. lowell of Elllthorpe,
    a member of the hIim of Abernathy &
    Powell, nianufaturers of lumber.
    1Mr. Powell late that the plant k
    temporarily closed down, owlan prim*.
    Ci lly So the low prevailing prkte of
    lu ber, lie anticipates a rise In the
    market at an early date, however, when
    the furnace fin will again be started.
    This firm owns one ol the moss modern
    small saw mill plants in the county.
    T. I. Pickets of DIuluth.,enior mem-
    ber of the firm of Piekett & Soa,
    manufacturers of yellow pine lumber
    and shingles, was transaseng builness
    iln thi city Interday. Mr. Pilkets
    states that his wife is now In Aradlia
    where she leon a visit to her silter,
    Mr.. Mlcorquodale. lis young son.,
    A. 0. Plokett, expects to make his de-
    parture In a short time for Ma1on,
    (a.. where he will take a business
    ourste in the Georpia-Alabama Ilusi-
    nesl College.
    Attention Is directed to the change
    of advertiisment of the Galnestllle
    Furniture Company. which appears
    melieher. In skl thi sir .a. s....e

    * SiM




    ad is peeps oapn-
    see o w. o i : H..
    After a pieat visto4 eow p 0
    SMr. atn N. eowg me M a. e*
    Frnd W.KI rtumrS yelft.tsg
    her hlbe i la Jsha1 ili. th
    has asy fr ates h e who S t"w"s
    com her wish piUssm, adm wtho
    gee o see he r Mea: ie.
    The friends of A. S. Wae tey It b
    toid, DiM, eam gld to gr elt him gt
    atera please vidt to le Deolhmi
    home. H. S eupating Ms. Woslf W _W

    Mse~a thlietimablem pelel l. L Ni
    maia wish their f leds ber. b r e.I
    Amsou the visitors Hu Ii e. r ai _l'. N
    Galmeoillle yesterday was W. ( l0a. 5S
    pier, one of the promlasv Isieaul d of -
    that setion who lt a prsleal bret k w S
    amd psts his ides tso god Ose. ...
    aplep er iever falis to grw a i o%
    rop. with the reul t hat he is mler O nlt 0i
    "found wanting." t.' til Si
    Captale AIl H eer g, who Is sted '
    lng the Washlagpol aad Lee UnWivel. Op t Ir l e J .
    sy at Lexingtol. -a.. ha was tIhe M .llW
    medal Ia the oratorieal s elet of his tl n
    olah. Captals HwIsmg lo a-d-o gr5d Cl 1
    of East Flotrda Semiary, sad his tk e IvS
    amwy friend In thie eity ar prod I ag W Mn te
    his suens. He has seleced law as a llt t BA S t

    W. 0. Itaue of Hague, ir oef the
    leverest and most prominent tlea Juet 1we .i"t I
    of the seilou whak bears hbi n ea kiag qeUtt S ldI
    was amoall the vislltos to this elty he best aSe ree tiet
    yesterday. Mr. Hagoe enjoys the ep.
    etaslon of havies a heart asas Sam Th ... h il i
    he body," sad ke is never happier ha Thes ol l. .f11
    when he is entertalnintg hi frfelt. gient s oalp sepprM
    all of whom love to visit h'a. sole. o tihe pretles l ano
    On the firet of Oteober blj4 were rmade for the pritoe. Oe
    maled to all tubseribers who were ia n for ladiM a Ie tfes
    arrears a that time. Many hLe Mequlled.
    eattlled and settled in person or fenlt *. .
    ted by mail. but a large number ar ola short, we beate >Wi
    still indebted for one or more parsi (,ib, rlh btb,
    subscription. We would espeelally to, yag iolbo. pt*
    appreciate a prompt remnitlame at this folk isol s or fe
    tine, as we will revise our senIeptioa ,
    list on January let, and dnlir. to have ..- A
    a few delinquents #s possible on that Come Big
    date. aiget ai i
    Rev, J N. Thimpipon, formerly of _"
    Fort Pierce. lndila River. but now re.
    -M-AAI -- .M L Mi N i ii l i L f .. Ak "0 '.




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