Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 29, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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*T fe Bnd R Sl ICK JUROR*UResidents of Cumberlnd River Val NB
.0^.pwwwv ft D YTPSAMh I Celeirating Event.
.. PrrS dre gemen, T TRIAL N n.ll r'in '1-This i 60 TO THE WAL
ug'ap work pa the Itsbh meimnoraie lday In lilthe hibiliory o" Cui-
.tt.: Chilo for P s. '- -i ,rland R h. ri vully. fir the reu s
....I w w ma DRite., dredge Both Sides Aro Gotting Their that ltlcK I i P A, Ih" lir t 1 nllas One of the Oldest Brokera
D114ates. L4 E broth- below Nat.a avile, awls li; othiier 42
they were Swa d Evidencs lu Shape. mill liuriner dtiwn the. river, hav<, Firma In Gotham Assigu.
i the Isternatioeal been complete, j d and ~crv tily thrown
...g i... of w4i eA apO The ceresmonlent \ tl .k No. 1I were
~h'~i enf IMlid fores the work. While the prisoner and Witnlel te principal xe:- crs t he da. be te Frightmn s

So amouath has e 5h Were quietly *SpIn IS the ahP delivered a' the' lurk b lion. 31 Pr r P icp tat, a Run When News f,
w 111us Will be UtlheSd fIM giving Holiday the Atternoy Were Bryan. president if the Cu.mbe-rland Previous Faiuer Wa Announ~ ,
neSy Hunting Teutiny. river cuninmmsion; Major H. C. New Other Firm to Resume Next Ws
SWhol ia tke oemr corner. w1o o1tcrially opened the lock.
ewill b prov"i New York, Nov. 21.-After a respitj and by tSnator William R. Bate, Sen NLw url, iur. n Jacob DBiy
.leem tre, 6set WIlln of two days on seoerat of the Thanks. ator E. W. Carmacck. Covcrmar JamLs anld larold L. Ien c:, l
A imelt -kipfthls It gIlrlI holiday, tih tril ot Nam Pft B. rrdxier and others, the firm of Jncob Illrry & Co.. 198
terbor for the murder oi CIaesr Yosag Tthe texrela. were concluded about berr of the (Conolioidtd Ilock .
" Wet I rManr W as otlauied today i tbhe crimi l 11 o'elock. wli-a the Journey to Iaoe change t UI W ath Ar t h supreme wirt. Altboubg A comnmeneed At Ashland City. the IN'leflt or creditor, to AehMbl
i11 hib u4i e the 1nembers ao the Jy and thb do which In aImou minlway between lock Fih. The llallllitle arre *UiUtu"
n et at Save themlv4 eover to coe. A and l*.k No. 1. lie boats will land at rI,.Otw, while the nominal mailg
p.. .iA. rpie derles the Iterval alwlt. and will th tbimrded by delegatlons are placed at Irom $1ti,0OO to m'
I. TATRIL *4 by the ress, the tlorseys In the from Ihat place andt Sycamore. At r000. 'The frm. wN rn ou the oi l
Ge' tooh advantagl of the itmermis Ahlltlpd Clty w'tl wI b put aboard a brokerage conrrirn* in ite dy blt
.WIll l S Irn A entirely dllElent way. All large supply (rf tI;irhwce, contrtbutc' been e TYem. th 0k sergles were qu sertd toward by the cltIsen. ,f tiiat place oanl 8yca berahlpa on the ('noiinflilted BtoCk '.
..l*IS t a p~flIMh bristle cloir together the material niore. change, th* New York Produce e
.,, igi Stihl paltL UPOn which dep4eia the Buccesi The bhnoar wi: arrive at Lock A change and thie l'hlildlrhlia Stock 5tI
S..$b .t.i. ni by or tailure of their case, about ;lo o'cIort.. where cormmliee chansr. It dealt in stork. beat
.ashmmn tht Te ll ss or a Jur caused a szla almlar 6to A ltlk I will take grain anI CLwituiI.
wl viai t the d*B sad unexpected Iju.ornment In place. The firm In lsaid to ha', had men
Id IAMP INS thIM Patterson murder Vtal whieh wan -- han l.1,lH r(lslsOr r. ani to have ht
to have bel contilurod, the criminal BAPTIST CONVENTION ADJOURNI 5 uut f trtn of1c1 .
of.eI ,itipmch of the supreme urt today af. --. rter Feir, .usil for the ga,
' ter Thankti ingl hol iy rescas. Metet In Macon Next Year-Contribu ,tal:
f S Wqb'llem everything wain readiness to tlons Largely Increased. "Ther' "'r mian hail H rcutt t
l 1111Ia proceed it wan anoluaed hliat Jurom Colunilin.. Ga., N. : The U.or n ,tur:;. *. s i iji,-LI)bI to ee.
'B 1 dward Dreamier was to Ill to leave gla eIl-It :i t't c hatne ti a t an lti thr i utine bItl et., ii nc. Ix pli wlthll
u* d g elSie L. his home. There realiel nao alter I late Friahl) uttrno'in., r a four rfo rting to trading l.uly the lhk'
J the rts native bilt to fupi'pend Itrial r t Ihe dayS* son. it[ Mw.? lt iap.11r. in :l Imr i, ihaiiri it Illn n the let.
't lotfa Amriarka t Ul e being, and an Inmuen wag. creased la r !. Tlhir contribit1imis to t. r Io, liii rtd iy pri h a i l '
7b_7ugln to Brite ordered by Justice Da. the causl tralfnt thf $ was their charge lthe sbp**'I I, rilpihtn- Iad CUam)1"
orgr&aseId by the distalct attorlr~yt oi agret In IL 1*,d *.;u.Iiu in hiiprovt Tihe Itrr wist.iii.;1 It WiU a r
New York what igltht well be called menis tihrer; :w ;k h1ligh tt rail.l il n .') n Wll .tr et was ilr' I) l nhat *lf
SII NDA. a nylnp iuarirto of dlet.'tvir A dennin' tihe t in t., of rim and bo ralt'd :i "run" hirih ih ih
".. ".-mishtan, LY.trlct Attorney RInl ha 'n lyn'hf:;x n I c, l.ared "Lnyln tug ma,1, hy e., .trs ,n a nytllbepgr of t
"a. Smiined listed In hbIs ervk'e ,c. ,uty de'ctIv nie. o n rle tt .I w1%,,y htiia"r. bLI ('t'in liii ml ho
tr. A1-C Rapsags.. the court rnotm tor n, n thrr iturpo.-r con. +on 3i' r.,Atavy l',i,,.re. the itl il aS'-, oin,'r. ltu;i 1n. i l.trI.:m,.l t hen the
..".~S) W. Des tll'la to arrept at aI nurentl ndtir*' ila' in Nn> u';ter. 1 ,' failure. f .r Af r '1 l.NI I,:rur srA -*
r NII reports tliSt II rt order. to nally Ir; riln lt buildin-l ylev A. It. \'.l Veuzhulm wlap h'Ole'rid Yel thl no ntl e la-It. Iinday.
St.g*lettede TT :20. he ard Int csltlatt t 'l. +.rie' r r r nz' preach he, next c'nv eny. n : In.' anon.
i barkeetl.I 5 t',ndllngI Or a nt'w vct.;e r.r t, he de R]e'v 1,. I. Cirt s Ilin tl- H i" Another Firm Fails. .
u. deserted, Mad nate. I'r-.le;,nt .la1.k -i. ,i Alnr, N.!
u:m d her, I. e bos11 All of the Ic' tirneny titls far prri college unnlaue.*4lI dhit :5 wtirh Ut.r I Neu *- "r Ntv' .ll21 A U, e sad, iot de mihsl l Cue'd ha.s br':t I ]..' ;;:. If., to vhal t he gIzn I,,i: gi v'ien r o5',., t tin at in': i' ,, o who ( ist1+ s ; >> 'hange ai

S4dI b Tarilad diom JHer, A.bistint I) .ilt AItry iat w~i OM m Fo t t untbershIp I n the T"+mn1"rlaied '
.r Tcrdd,. er ap blia to unfiu:.l Ir, ,r'.e'rally Impor!Mrt SuCpenCf u One Year From th Mctho chang.. the. Ilr.m haullg he ei lorULd
i ,sle wPerj talke of by thet [tture oft hi. c.. dist Conference. In 1j8f '8 l Th' firm h'n,,". In ,trailhfl
Ater Ijors. ma 4 e rt md----.- I t-t tr Rl
k beernwld. Nov. It. Her MAN SLAYS HIS UNCtL5. I nllli f wi and a maxlmmnt nexv wrelj.

of 371.o00 feet of lun --- n-unt t workI thit I of interest t --
a. ..^ Accualtlons About p Business Tranr e'ri' chail e of Ilt.e Nuorlih Geo;'rKia Cegn. PRISONERS TAKE FRENCH LEAVE
acto n C ause of Tragedy. ernt'rv ehaa'.rie+.I the Ilird 'inon --
4 AS .. t040oCT TO RAILROAD. Charlue. N. l Nov. 2S-A r of the thitili-hth annual meeitln of Eecape from the Emanuel County JS -
"." '". of a hU.-, rtvalr. R. J, h, Fr a r i Shortly After Sundown. .
1*lu put Agree Roedve Capttal ray han Ihot anl in- tartil killi)i hV; Nuturaliy ,ihe nist liintre.t lacin Swainimr, (;e,. 'm.:.'. .o. 'SSS ts.... uncle, J. i. Minerri:- Plitirhamr, .N de t of th l day to layliii anit church, the Ilet Jail l"eltverti in the hlatoi l I
".*'QIWOralt Nov. 28.-Preiduet I The sht hutiu i,.ok |il "P':V..t. of athe New Orleans Rail the store 4i tlh dieli tian. on .Main diini was the findliu *,. .flWmgly has gone to tiew York street, lit the l:.1lno-% smrtrion of L:.t mitier In the rhars, lgainm ..v 'V .,el Spiv'y for Runrl."r arrady *
.to ltn4 a meeting Monday of thi city. R. F( itt .p .l i: ,ue. Ua. T'it c r t if, .t.onPr:f,, nl. hted piindti .
.l: Iof the empainy and of those luth Itun hnI leeni rinnin ni-tnt verdt o; it: ,i 'nmitte i1 as fol new irial; W. tI fleoaut for chba"r
the Now York SecurUl fe company stores amil! were w'il amLtii bli ri:.s lows: Iiei ant wlndiling. il. Patti.nro, f.,
:'i"' lill with the compromise ol Inon. W. Vt. .ln-ry. Who id u h, l, the' ioninmitt tv of trial In the cheating and l wtndin ,Wrapd a '
*S4 Wlthe ti startled here to prevlniul sh nlig. 1i a lbrih.i er-'nio.v: i f 1. 1 aSe of fi.v \V. It emtl. harg.'li with tlit,, h tween inioilt n nd 7 o'clock
.u g 3llacomp.ny from doinX bus ki>wurni. Wf IlnaltlinhI, lit.. ig, w.:; iiniuratit, ind ibh *r ul., :t and TI- ,,car* w*s iA-tel Ivy ] prlt' i
2i, 14IilalnlM. LOwn 'heilt. recomini uil that hi, t. >otIpnei. foe! onr. rir g tlieir wa. through ti '
3 mS1** for -dthe an tnD a ted to E'rly In the lli nilrtX .1 8 l MNrrla the eniuinig ?ar i uicrt'% flior indt tug, Ilnt' ti t
'A Mi~.~h.0tf $2 .0(0't(0 oif the caplta was r.leparing t, 0-hlip a no. aiind h ,; I rus l.r d for htnin it venii illath*
styi0"oIIt ofl the company anf# fiT confer nrlto l a sitai.ili.n;4: t V. R. ullrray Gave Her Life for Others. I purp. *. and Cil tnIo the inil yrd.
'~1 ~. 9W VIA deride h, uw this In to be '[f wIaIIing I r l.p: Itt ls ia Mexi ro. Al... N. *II Af r hfe: \ >,ft, rr. no ,o t r,, it e
!fi m.l 't. I t abut t. Considtl rahble % th( nirp., for tilt- lii.*.-.- (if tri i Icall. III-' I' i h alth t, l I IITnt t I1i. ;W tltlt
ab e dO. i1 tock ls IalL to he held 1 hwaii Ilh eratni h, l lox-l '" t failn of R.S M Kil- I.t. niltr vith tho I.. .is th
...i...t (iw ab341. W-.I.R \liorraf h, .t:1 tl],II h i.),,li, ili v t: h rI.. Nb N.f til i. o ,ll. tns l
,!,. n' ,:an hlaid 1 en set. m t d.I It & 't '.,',. fblial ht i il-Aia t N11 Btut H t t.'r helic', ---
941Bf' 1~@. Go TO tHI RESCU. Pi .ri h'r-e:'.f !'iiii.n* foni thm I.... tt KIld Overt Divii of Cri
PN4 I S-h -fwrnit In lithv .t.iri i.f his etrle, %%hicl ha f f htI s i a Schooner i n, umonral Whitinlg f uih t hiII Ii lucL 'tr in )ihs owI pla., ytiain:,i. ,of Ii, aii,,'. atcn,. A Iutll i N oensip. I hi ir ifl of
"t.6. .. Rtkl Mllil0. of .Iri s At th6 pSs Mgobil,. Ala.t.*Mo. 23.-Tu hoets by J. H. M-irray. -. mXaln,'). '-, ti, 'J r hi ,. hoi lak 111;alin mons t f iC:nlo.
,left here today for Campehe banks. A hhnrt. bitter iuiL :filt. a l., Ieif If n.. ,;,.'.t eai han w i r ol 1 hrt t *e
.A M t to read or as ltanc to the J. S. M.u1rray pulled ls revntver an pre4.m at t, r 1.. l e tl )w. r i i ltA i lht I f1rtllrl o thar c1'
Ammerleba wheser Geeral WhitIng began shooting ad W. R. and ;arl did not ral% (f.,I t i,, it ttl.k-..h-t t
h lb weet oa rect net' the 1 n 1eig MUrray.. ... 19 Ti'eortrI that "
4"W 1 lW"i] fys O sa The ylKilled .1 MC. W Killed in Ca' *Mtll Cog&i..t t!o. r
a dhlmaa aI 'ain rigaij"g gl s Two ChildIren Chmettd. Yaldoqta. (Ia .'- ', i.. y.,.. ." Cid .. ,,,
J" is 1u*a is. bit 16. $" saea, Ne..ov. 2t1.- timan a prominent tur.: o!
I "i g '#10 tiF f .a rm 1if .W. W.. 3i1rH. htr4,g.a hbhw i.te,. ',, .rI ra fr N

sly ^---W y *fe--M


r I I0 0 l -

r1. I
*'^(KM na W



i' ^ r4S 0 s.

o -a tomna;thq

lle" d a" I
hi, Mri

S^ikews rd J *ngits
*qlmued !te Dostor,. Ilt alr so ed-,
I.. .il baweve, 04, .,l

Sth .ieis bird id
S aklesie~ tl, howutver, and
B6 as sipi to sti dy
..'-.i hu '. r,"s
!,;,:t.'.i hi.'.^ me t.
0i bPItAfaln Balpi is nerd.
ltU li0b4t el; o Ihe market."
Fi i Blis of Qiorla(, VI,
illlit. will. heal a out or
i:ap., ,tyl. "Wo! other to an
i!iIfor dp atSrd pain like
.ad. lnas "n ther. aeh*
lll ii a trial and yjn will
to without Is. 5old. by


Sj, Atoeng .Ohkemnvills and Gulf
'" ,, Pefitabte Sa'eon,
S, t Asat J. H. lljb or ,he
's aupr iys Onumpaup with head.
' WIl Mm WaWMo,. wasIn la the cllg yat.
*ft, U Mu* Higbne. Im a oi turned
tU i t oip to Ailflild Aand other
s uuts Gtlaiiv(e l and (i'lF.
L4 U f ,W ,e Mtpn4 the striking intter-
Is al ,m u fewstat. lie states
'hi t letelo4 aiId bea movements
S1J ill som be heavy*
sl o t! .thM daloat of the.

wMay na for th

*.r,, e'.


"t wa tCken sevenrly *iek with kid.
sm trouble. I tried Umrts of modi.
elIR, nosn of whieh NIoted me. One
day I saw an ad of oear Eleatrle Bl.
:tan R o4 tdeterMlai to try that.A Alter
Mtkisg a few dos I fye relieved. and
eO l thewrefter was etienly cured,
and hiavr os eem a e"k day sinee.
INelghba of minute hae been aured of
rhelmsUlea, reuarllet, vrer and kid-
an troubles sat peeal debility."
Tflit 1s what 1. -"s of Fremont,
0.., writes. Only O, sat all drag.
es ated Sqorg He nflached OalIows
B"teavitlle., Art;., ,'v. 28.-Rolerl
Ch shy wftt hangcd Friday for ihe
murder of Bbedit Je~t I). Moranu,
which occurred lept. I1,. 1:04 in thi
City. (rI'by was practlealy a deal
Sam before he reach"ll the Igalwso
laad the attending phys!clan tlougiht
It would not be posIelbl to get him tc
the place of execution with enouPg
life left Into his t)dly to extlngKurll
withthhe noos as he waI a complete
wreck from nervous prottrtiumon.
If SeW Baby is Cutting Teeth
I B ore and use that otld nd well-
trirJ rnmody, Mns. Winrlow'. Sooth-
Mg Syrop., for children toithig. It
0oolsa sth ebbild. soffno she gIfums,
allaeg all pal, cures wind colle and Is
the boes needy for diarrhea. Twen.
t:7.w -i seat a battle.

In These Days
While unscrupulous ranofaetur.
er said lgent tr. ItoodinK the country
with worthlee sewing moahiues, and
inuiag ieulars and making state.
mienu whewain they have copied the
legitimate laime of reputable eompa-
nql, many purehasero become hewil.
deredand puoxld. and fluid stdiftlult
to makes ewettoo. The popularity of


which has iben maintain throughout
the word. is *tidenee of isf asupriori
It ; sad s the New Home t8ewing Itn.
hoine has alwayO enjoyd the
ennviarble rpoultion of manu teturingl
flret-llaes sewing mskeine", there nendt
be no heitatipn in buying a NEW
WWS' 'iS .t
Ia, be he 'a. P
WIN 1too

For thc next few days a Good Shoe for Lady
or Gentlemen, regiflar value $2 2.'5t, this s~;le only
$.Ii. Othiir Shoes in proportion.



L^^^^^r^clc^ ^^%^ ^^

Via' 1 Vi Si i a V II vlta
o or Sterionp u ok'ln Ln
Jackwartlli JackLrscovl~le us Manragem

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Servicev

3:46 pm High springs and Inter.
Daily mediate Points
12 40 p m Ocala, Leesburg and Tampa, and
Daily Intennediate Points
2.0s&pm Plallka. Daytona, Jaektouviitle,
Daily North, East and Wert
12:16am High spring Wayerose, -Svannath Bra-nwiek,
Dally Albany, Atlanta, all Points North, East Wnst

Daily .

lioehelle, Micanopy and Citra

Dail) y,:

Daill(y l1g Springs a
et.Mondafy es. Solwtay
mterehanugeable Mileage Tickets, good oer 13000 miles (f monnr the prin
IlUIn the Soulthern Statle, are on sale by tZe principal kf' nt -
PIullmaai Rl, reler Port 'lnnpa tto New York, vri Atlnitt', ('1
"Atiantle Cc"halt Li <, awtl Smwtf tern RiaHway.
i l ) tr'ornatiatn. eal on
J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket Agent, UOancville.
nm i ...

.. . : .'



Officer Ohas. WaeWrr Artet Man
Saild to ave Intered Woods' Home.
through a lever pine"of work Po.
lie l 4vlR er Chas. Warren $undmy
SK1 s Irrest d Jue tIUtu.eolorvd, whu
S Is psulppwi d to have enlterd th tihe a
6ky. .~ of Johu Wcod., East (lanrwlviBle. un-
ar day aftirrcon,. andilke ther froau a
: tquanii:1 o4 ytclulhihrj and Witihlirter

Sthl lr fiat, I 1i allet ed tal l lnit til,-ftr
owly s o nter RICm ith h4,rav of .IMr. WV(Ml united
' 0 11, iatkiAn Whntive he thou ght would
Iels ln his ftate, repaired l the woods, a
wa sH mad. bori 41t iane taway d. rded his old
charged elothew and donned oUne of Mr. WoIod'
tUuI a uday eult sutit H tead l no hit way
tabeu a ea o d aend happy thot he wa4 "all
tihpla i drepsd pp." anid called upon hi. best
e Ti0 it tl Ia lprtinlasld, whoaumplimnusted
S aI him upon his excellent appearance.
un "'lhat is a t rlle sUlt you bave. Joe,"
*heo i1 aoeredittd to ayrlor. '"but I ca.
7 not uundIrstad why thbe pnts are so
WW l he rt eld Sthe waiss so bie."
"dS oOh 160 d is1or i 4r nltl6k t v tle
Woe L. C' tailor visat I sb miaordohb to,"' repl lud
the blOtsd Jo, who fell big over hii
ems mat mew, psionms.
I 1" 0 en sell yoq." remarked Offleor
IWnrta. who hw rdollowed "Mistah"
i Jl.aMslstr tohe door. "she frat s they
r111SS beloto to taother man."
l Wis this b Ionurmels Ofeer War
!me took JI ito Qiystod. He was
)etl InP te sty priM until Monday,
wvh. he was turned 0rto tho th owty
sWerioleeii. He will permitted to
e jumme ei Oelnm bewr Is emsn o be
" thi"sthe sems we mlbort and the
nwais bigt."
: aI tImsy~ haes to w)eu ull the probe
I, lDeM at Deoies' plane.
NaMet a MWis y Dq 6ee.



TSL aE Swmin t


Iya qto Csurca a
Ar Put hur Tar.


1tS TheW CAna Erjap
gdii em for the Ntca Year
5 Steam *** U p H5

^^||_k1 4, .L
4# Ohearz.

StW.L F .,E. e,

fJ|iJir.c ****,.iij u.-w.*i. ( l." t
I f d tr.ei pr V vr a_

prsTt wbac vCt titt f l
a c opyrT t.o*-ret .-eI to

Fer, Ft t1 aly *. J 1j V 2:
F4P| : B l'r t r V. 1 Ksiza y. I 1-. p' r .
ITI. rppiera a A :r' -'"
SMr. Stir klatnd ta t rh ..<,. o
list ch3r Ott o
,o n the ,sP # .a, 1 ia ct,.: ,& r.r
S* W.. L. FL; jd rt-rnt .r rest -
,a0 Ferdiani E jer d.,:r.c
W. R IZ: *Tay m s a, so

"loCa. ..O".L .,Wt e., t4 .
yilowig- relo; .uns were ada;".-
tcodfloureDe aDs ordered p.o
la Ite Florida t'trm*tian ATdv-
thei 4.tnesherie l'mad ejn. Tr.A
Sitar and Tte Florida T:me.e
ll a morep to be reto:ei to
Vorf Carprulwn-fr .:n
I Ws. AcLeordicg to the Iws of
S '.lllsth ehureb. otae pastor ca :
[:p' t he **.u CJ..(TrgaoiuU for
Sth. foar eonseairve yetr.. n4i
Syea mow drawing to a elre will
(he faor years' ser-ie of
SW. Carpntetr a pastor of
3 Car,. of the etty of
Mlule.1 therefore be it rleolvedri
That we. the member if the
eaJ ference, desire to expre;
ApSpunatilio1 of his faithful. atr.-
Sfeitartles work for the esuse of

i sl atirinc effort agrirst all
'dW his diligence in the cA:'ic of
I d right.
That we tender him our ,easrt-
l cr his uniforn courit. in
b10%lgo with us a cffll .l:, of the
li Isjumpathy. c-3annel a. cna-
To us he rar ht' c a* T-r-i
l frind and I per.
That we par; wr:h L..I w ..i
M grNSt, Itnd c .mimet.e lhim Lo tl*-
d I aror of those to tc::; thb iL
Our lori ar.d Iposyr, so wi th
nmd his family wr;.reter their l:t

la quarterly c'-n'errncP at
illeU. lTlrita.thz, 1wfnrt'alu.t
lf Nove-trr.r. A. I. 1P1i .
'I' 1. PtiL~t :.

,I~ H. I' E R i

A' 3A. MrNt. -L.


Lamb of Micanopy Will Have
"M Crop-Heavy Shipmntes.
[i tith fife lettace farmst of thMe
I eiiona is the faurn ol A 4
ol Micaaopy. who ta s It floa
SI twon srev, which he propcn
*_ pro iltable the coming season
K .M Lamb as one of the moit *uec
ad practical farmers in that
He has made the culture of
a peciaity. airJ knows jiust
Oad how to treat a plant to ;make
Most proefitabhle. li letitce
Wficb hate proved noit success-
fO rha$ prxluctiou is conctrne9d,
d0ilmed to become the most
1 Ioeie iel product pfominei
Oithe* best and nOtust prolific' in

.14 Pro; p0Oe to ship Monday
vtnutrer n Ibaskets of chr~iee.
from his farrt on the Irairie.
.ill be the tires ltlane of the
and inasmuch as it will be
0to ne bs4 market. in the
Isnuy it s rp*tteld that good price r
e t ftalised

Cure a Cold in One Day
L' ul Ttive Bromo ljininpe Tsb-
All druggists refund th n-mohrey
R.VilW. Grove. mgg.
is ahon death txe2. .

KAVI PRI ScawID ") 30
IVEfr 0 t.

Asite Gra'*s: C r.e Age- ic;'q

'. : ". Ir i i, .. ;.

'* 1- 4.' -
i.' .C .. t l.-'4 : ,.
.' . 4 b .

il WWA


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wuaa Yuau, rMsma. MWIN

%tol T143.'VV '066

-: t i
4 #Frl :52 ~kr#-a ft A~M 1

*'-' .4 -r r '"
*' ':4;
. S

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S -.

". iI r- : ,*, a1r
i \ .r- .. : ...... 'a & .- a-^.
:.r Se sv t L. A".* *U 8,t-

, t V k:-. :. a w e '

1 e r *L -

CJtii.te a,-i rea.; sr.g.: crei a

Crstr .a4 szyt.':;s ra Vs fr t
,An to Via, I. : t'cin s ad

tbwc. ,-red re.o.a .4 -*b .. e J

4w. Johcasr.o a:.. L.aaraoinu ItAt
n 'l* r t :.'. -- . o-

etrInultr W la ,ti .f* ;.* w ;' w:.o -J

ian,,] w,..I eltern ,, l esu.;e 0. 1

rieu, nimake ricr. red txn c ren
hrutse coldt. e. r4hj as4r. bworietia
trocbl*, arcd rrstlrC l-e tys*te to a
bealtLy. robot t e r .t.,a Lr qieser I;ta.
ay1 other mrned.,ine
VIUol Da not a ptenltt medaLnC nad
you knuw whatt y}i are taki4. *imply
a de!feious od .i E icr I priept I t
,wih everything uwich it eoiainuw

printed on the boLtif Try V. ro
.oat guarantee, to rituru money if


fails. W. M Juobav.i Jrolsio.

--- -'-II

Thornwall Orphanaae Loses Agothkrw
Building Valued at 8.000-
Thr. Thorrnwafl Orlhanagc a 'rbty-. in tttuton at t'liaitor t' .
e-nGS t1.i haTe r-en teIn Ofurr Of mis#-
:;rt':.;.' dur:ra tt.; li p .t : .'w w s.
.bo-It a mtint., aeo t:e* n;t, s .lit of:
the .r:'n -- t.,..-.- w IM or.e : r j d by. fire.
',.tat!.c a "h.Iaty 1o0% andr; cn the
ertnir.g Lf T.IrlLk rv.Lxg one of the
9e:.inary bu Li:lrgL[ ma& butined to the
ground, Tht*- rbu. ing was vriued at
*" 4?rk. being one of the mrot eipensite,
in the groul and wsl insiredi fIr voYiy
SI .'m. .
friends ofh t.e lchrch ttrou;hou*
the country ai.! rympatha:e with tthe
col;ieR in ih* loss of thet building.1
which will rrj. ;itra great deal of time
and en-ergy to rebuild.

Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
Pleasant to Take.

-c 44


/ ''

a' t

o p
-p- .~ .**


" * ..,. _-
4 'r' " r-I
-~d 1. L41 &


h -

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T rc. *~.t
- n 1l.4. F

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t t '. *

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t..'< it "1 ,; *



' tO' -.'; .ir4
r I. 9 a l IA.L
, p

L I u

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." .*1

.- a .r '- t

)Mr *- N. '-1 ,at L M e
I A.? a g i'r e 'a a rats .t

-S.' '1 '- t. **'e cSaist'tn
Sh-i'.' a -e :

T. *e;V *7 ."* 1~ ""

4C > -

eCr tai k4
r*'aO tin tk
7>~ t Ih5.Za~t

4.6f- -4t

g - p ', i p. t# tw s f .
',.. . .*' t 44< " 1 .t- A
.' z * a > "'e -

.- .. A,- I

m .. i l a

A'I .- . F ; I l %":. , t ,: '

C I -A ':. O3f A' 34-
', A. :-'. ,. -!* cL -S e "t* fe ""o
T** ., -'I .79 INV .,.'1 ?tH. o..! N .1

tr -' !i n'" a -a -a '."t6t
-,. am ., : a.... u".. ne r .. t .

i ,' *.-'AF4' I,>. tib at H U < ..
'l \r. *- c: ."',- H X;^.^? ^ *

Onlv Makes a Bad Matter Wore.
PitLa.aC oh.n L__h ha ..._ sL.jLs .-.

-. -----------.

It i. out rie fet muiss r apparern to
Thie fueit quality of granlatedl lot f vroae tha ton.lipalio is e4usrd
ugart is mu:d in the mmnuIfetlare of by a lack ofi e i s tIhr s t ystt.and,
ChalmlRbrtlair' tCough Irlemey, inl fte nU of drastic ctsartles like ihe
the roots uted in its preparation give old fashioned piils onIl make a hId
it a flavor I;milar to maple rup., matle ptrr WtSlnimtrliaitl*' S *u
mang i qui nt t r.~h d Liver TatbleIIe iare m more
mraLing it quite rclnt to lae. ir, mild ad sdato in their tfet.& a1.-4
L'. :oderick of Pooletville, Mid.. in: whe the proper doe iAs takenL their
tpeakiiin of tLe remedy, Sys-" "[ acti:in i so nniatnr! :.tat one oan : -l-
hav used Chanitwrlain's Cough Rem .I resi.. It is thE rtes of a neeiraov.
&- .. .i . ij. I,. i ,Tr. y 'a T-wnit botte ,of tt-. :n For at y

e y a my c ren or severa

a rd can truthfully sPy is
prrparaLton of the Laiid
The cliildrrn iike to take i
in injurious after rffr t.
il d lruO;gis .


Is tl.e
I know
tFr d it
For see


of. !


: : ; In J .

t L ta
4' F Frc '

W it "' F ''t -Ai I-

fO1 1 14 F
WE '1141'

SPIlT t By' '*r r ' MlVAs in
foitiu f A 2'F-i i*'J 111;. hiaq -.~ Y'

b) all

~t'~i :;~. Fr g? Cs~:r;r
i~~4- -" -.~

a'dl .F* W \V *1 1.? j V r
' 1 N* -I- t .. r "i f ,

oif 1la r ii ttti .rt i, a rin ;.:.e at.
L w str t i,:ir# ,'>rTlrs ia l a. o LW;
the arrival of :T.-. ***l )ls alltor
acy -ad IWallace wlas anrxliil to Lr*
ilru to thr I'onintte re t at the r ji
Cot pOssIl t'e mowra.

A Runway Bicycle
Ternlinated within Ian-gly eC>t on .iH
lea of .1 ". Orter, Fnramlin r;ruov. Ill
Is d~,vtoied a stuthbrn ulcer uinelild-
inl to doctors and trmedice tfr four
years Them hucktrn's Arnir* Salr.
courd i's0. juit s goMd for to-ne.

oil dri

tkin. erup itons and pi,le. "-* ai
r. stnrGs.


I To be a successful

and admiration of her hush

woman s constant study. I.

MrsI Potts tell their stoie

of all wives and modthr

see lta shre |a hXa uet 3Ll
i she PSe a satomt a
m t a iw y-o *at

mi lif t mid de 3m'b a amA .3

OIw--IN St t'-n '
cepn S
a nn fl

a^^ S tj

-', Ak

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'I~ .1.~ a

^aS y wU 1

Sm. df. frmbwen ab
ggOMM~ewr f(T&T~o--Ctrt MM
unbs~r ebrb wa Iup b0 "; RWII',

...y. &......

*m I le -c

'r A~r iS r' 'W WW e ter
.# ..;t a ,,,.I ~". Ca r t

?' ,v a' aytnerct kM
v . , ,. .. !. :..? OtI^ gm .8m -at l 1^ ,

th r. i r ,-,.'', r i '. ..J' ni I'i" bi l
Manavs uat %Ie r 4 L n Id4dII% to ikt sru be eM 1 M
apprt rt .'11 0 fn rnwaiIy a:

nt ae a.. ,- Air s each ia llstaltML I

Young Man A"eudeotallyIO EllIs. psrs h se
S'. 4' G . No -. Rt. p atty ', w t w W '. fl S~ i
S oaf e mnt -4 pr"ar'nt a 't4 ne#

at a a:t L fy4ay amiht aud fR#
the Cqg rei 4.e 4 tb eAwd irnp lo-M t andOWW

the qia e0dtw. prflfth#06 sarmlyair
Rep la' '' 'a. the a ae a i>t Mr a
and Mtr% V 3Maab" of tthia a


Cor h tr er ad s V m nwr E. ',n. II,
t t ., 6 r . .
1 ItimM n ,T .a

,,, r A Mabcv. r tc Uc^ j ; TUB-I _

i t T. M HP2'E 'r ' ' .. "" "

. i 97l

r -

i II

0 : *.



"7 *," ", .
-h i. ,. ," 1

/94> .kJI

JL.r ~ s.'


Outfitter to Particular People.


Different I
That t thle deeop and iilded con.vitiLon in
the public ahnd regadningl thii

ET c~9~. ....
.2ER'H t :mr13

,'!il,.*. .., 'W

SWei-r to
,'i* "f^'^. r al m

m. Md n Iw,
72.. ,,T ..H ,,
fljji ***- n ^ -- l.

Correct Clothes

Co., Baltimore.



Bros. &

They are markedly superior in mstle nd workman.
ship to other makn of ready-to-wear apparel.
Don'l be deewld by Ihe clothing pictures yjo see
In thbe mannine adl e rtliemnento. Take IlWre eIaborat,
illustraMlone and eompate them with thre elothooe tLrhy
sltimn to reprusea nd wath the effet Ul nuii )1yi1r (Oiln-
"Fine platesm do not make line clothes." i ione of
thbe SblOe slogpne This make of clothing stands on
the gemol0a quality actually found In each germenit.

jL The mlt she o In the Illustration but faintly repro.
"OW N Its t she te r of double UreanBsd Sajk. 'mu e
I ,STS. hot*lt l the poP r brows an$d 0f0y mlitures
.,n. ... ," I. ,.

SLft^^, per
**wlr:n V1

F"O $12


- a se-ln-

.m 46 -- -.t -,amdW

butter to icrticular People.


fflRaBS~eds.tiaka ^i'vfam

U,- -.



Funea Directors and
Licensed Embalmers.

Pt' DBfAltlatorsWltt mWa *t and \lers to
y WEl tu Mme, eWr Stamps Ait
~**l 8*"fu UphlMery. Estmae K.

lr ele a.g Is phrt lhs.
"! "r o point. T
ab, ChOblete, OdN by telegraph r Telphl e
bwulw ai m St W rttls


SaMbeflis E.A WEL & CO., =r

OR IIN0 WTtlhIews.
St Onu 00try 0Predne Sole Agent forNIONARCH and OTVER.

: efil t, nl. the o r "'pair warrant.
SIJWat th LwsPricw. JU aaeS uAa

:i,& H el o' '"


.l O Ast o MY$....I w.. aUse, Um o $I $.Lou!
: Car la ar O- IS- ., A p .
I, ISuprk aDin oCar Sewioc

, .. ..0..-- m hnit n ...... ""-. ,
fl I h ase-n ,rns. n ,,te7 VL aaU I.. t:-
-11* so.ft@ lumtilnJen
.ir the ws-h IWin
l ^r^- w^WWIv oIoHst mum

6A%-k rA % P' AT W A. - -w

SWorthy bpof


We cover these Important points and rrnsperirj:l
soiliit a Ilare if your tuiairtn.s.

Fire, le, Accident and Health luranre

-Agents for the-

Vietor Safe and Lock Company
11 O o-I t' atsi. O~bo.
The "Victor" is tih best safe made. and parties conremplat-
Ing the purchase of a safu, or an ithng in bhat line,
From a box to a bank vault, wil save money
by conciltthig us. Call on or address,
Inforrmtiloa heerfully furnfihed. UANE8VILLE. FLORIDA
........... ., _.......... ,-

Obfr Mr tie nrnlg Fall and Winter a rheTre lot of budded and grItA
PECAN TREEK of tthe lanalr varIerltl, sth as hae a good record b t-
hind them. Al Frialt, Ornamentals, Ele. (atalosnue and '"nlGMe t
nHrer ftil Pfeaa ICulture" fr a a a at t a S

. 8.

Retailers and Jobbers In

Staple and Fancy Groceries,
INlI elear Sod adr FortUzert.



Highest market price pai for Chickenr EMaI and other Ptdaiee

Oomplet stook o'f BH, Corn, OsI. Flour, Bram,, CJOon d ga
"a& Ins .e o n th VERRY AT ar d Ot t ow
phsr FRi, an M xoa at"oH ia to ial.

knmrnp m

- 'l-; hi




'1 -'I


V; a. '.~

ll, ;'" 'l


- r' --------- ---~ ...

I ~`---- -MEIN=



.,. -F


"d ei
"' I

P^Wi ';


~ ~

f" '';'i


- -----co -- -O ww r e
.. . .m~qr w" V IP

S'h,*" Ih aine.vrill in, a rre.'ut :5-
t. te, % Sri. Is e f'rn1 ir < ritI of tlorida
JIL 'L t Oft#e ta ;B'.nfe mi l.r .s. o, f Illhe at I.ty di s lot.: i; hY IInt i n th l*
as i eor.- t6 i lW calterr -reLofent thI'c'tu1i:i, Illt iell ithrrp Lhat
-- it i 1tif e t.Hlt it.I apiltly wae lbr,4sh.dl
3KA Y lAn 1. -t r aide, ier.,' y i'L.rA l-r, r I : *r '
J, A, I I.'All r A". ;. P ", 'I.' r t,"ttS n hr ftaHiI wai I I Irmr .
~LJ L E Ilr'iHT C/it .r t r1 :n*i... Th0 I ~i S i)" I, t
------ lrrg .. rec urd!:! by tI1 lri *i
ornt: PORT=LIC IJoIiI. if .l irsda I- Jdie I. a w'ew irir
itWA r S6' svt. 9. Tm r, . t,
soY ry ru I 1t d oc ri Tri.'Ur.f v If 1 t1 1W i i d r y l
t. de verr d 'f ca re' r th .r1ly. p, i, i I trn thli t.r. '-, .r :
to ar arnofr 5I tr.ned -ttelS.tnr" pt r~i'or i r .rraluhip( ,r :! r .
if,,or a 0-.M ib1s ofr.Ib 1a *I t 1 S Ii ,
gIa, : ar to eccLt for r.f e wrtas -n a'
Ii o a !4 w l nA @ r .. r ,t i Ki H "J .. -'. , r "
sVitl ;*sel ItioIM .el u.I1 i t rr &4t.a- a i T ants i, uo f ti l 0. *, p p
.et aseYtr Ja aD ,,i e-Ct .r. I .' r' .t' d' .
,sy 'dv e rI.r, m,'d e n' , . it* r i t tlL atrre w ,thr d
i. OM Mr ( ..n t. j '.lii'gl'y -. I. adml :r
S....-. .t ; .. ; : r' rert. t i r tI ir,;.ir
f tiert vy'cetl Sun I.n at n r tit;ae. rfi.r j n thI' r ,'*r for r,.-i :.L
Ca i leper. .ut'.tetled *<.T Mt,- t' .\A S lh rt h. I.I fighter .r-
K k Tbu'r rT and cni lrnl 4. I r
f ItM week. a sl. state$ act ren- ir and La tfew -f|ual.- and I ria'
W Lbe maltnl l. oreswe free. to any I'rnliocrrac need to '- on the luo(iiu:
S tht Ulated S'ateisor rspstl !ror li CeO lh n I.e il in thl, ia'll l;a ';.l.,-
A Iita T-n110.
lfhtl g bill be>nwe due after Arn Lt'l. (' .b, the l'lu!h!;'-n Baratr i1-
of adsverUlaieaIt.ala otherwise ar t eIcotultlitteemnin Ifron Flori~d:. i re.
tole ntrIat. Partles not krown to gasrded t'y his bu.ineis aasiiates
be l4etre to w fcr a ertiTis in arquaiuntarceel S an honoralsh,. kp-
p. 'nIs.O t.s.L ZtA. right gentleman. and he is s be eCin.
___ ~gratulared urpon iiaritng the aid of tch
ANT TO GAINESVILLE. men as (l S. thubb and I W.
1 o. binsmn of this city. Their bsi-
papid growth of G(ainesville dinr teoI integrity isi, WLHiyotm question anti
FeM put two or three year lhe their p)litl sacity s eual toahny
iant eharatelr of ther improve-. ther tiwo men n Florida. If the lte '
amd. and now projected, the l ublihn party h h ad at the li ad of
Il $of her people to the nee. fllthe organization it every Stat+ i the
1 munlolpal Improvemenl,. Sod in'1utlh *oleh men as Coomb., Chubb
4thosIlaele confidence of her cit. and Itubins un, it is probaUtl. that Iore
i a her future. all point In the than o0Y South.rn State would bavte
ttI ilesvlll will be a eity. cart it. vote for liooaerelt at the lat
Si ieh of a ely will depend large- .....cel .
she lb aivity of or buslinsl Much needed work has been done on
ia wat4bing her interests, that she the strpeit during the past few weeks
pplt by the enormous Industrial and the main thoroughfares arm much
le9mit th!rt are certain to take m nre pretentlble, Pedestriaon will

Sl this State In the next ten

the mott peotmltle must re-
ta we are now on the incoming
I p esprrity, and in order to take
all et advantage of our oppor-l
our municipal powers must
bgll ed and strengthened by the
rut from the State Legslla-
wbis meets la April next. of a
carefully framed to suit our
mad correcting the defleieucies
Ifp Ipresent charter.
j tkeL desireof the editor of The
I, blng State senator from this
and therefore the political
l t of the people, to put Ihe fram-
L thi charter where it properly be-
i n l he hands of the tax-payers
Oalaedille. The Sun. thererefor.
a ma n meeting of citizens
he hold at the court hou*e on
7, December 5. at 7I::0 p. I ,
the auspices of the Board of
for the purpose of dicuasing
Jall-important matter, and the em-
meat of a competent lawyer to
the charter In conformity with
wishe of the citirenm; such char-
I4 when taeompleted, to libe ubmitted
Sthe people for ratification. at Sa
ioa to be called by the B6ard of
ie, after ten days' notice in the
Sil1papers. By this plan The Sun
S to secure for Galneiville such
q~artner as is actually wanted by the
FIasritty of her tax-payer., and to
Istoallly dispose .of all factional
Ik before the charter appear be-
Sf tshe Legislature.
l the past, our municipal affairs
l been left mainly to chance and
.t.ry Ifew people who min"r'd to
teb asa Interest it them. \e Sare ow
; the dawn of a new era. and every
'ISp we takl needs thl- ilireftiLon of
tlu ed business minals The Sun
i dls this note of warning, and
iUi upon all to heed. that the busi-
IllIfe of I alinverille and her future
6'01ai the cities of Florida depends
i5 our wisdom in framing this new
-art"r. Every eltisen should lay asitle
Sl other ngagementsn land attend lhis
l511etag Monday night. It should be
Wastelr niereiiip. Uatd it. r,siults.
Sihether for Rood or bad. will' Ih mor'
SE.rlcehing thin any pitblic mreetitsC
i ,yr held in (iaiuesville.
I ,. ... .

SThe South Florida Fair Edition.. i
6 1e DeSotol Coutntly iArcadia) News iP
'* dit to the eompllers, printers and
t*eounty In the interest of which it
1 published. It is printed in itNkA
SBot of 04 pages well written descril-.

he compelled to wade through mud.
however, I ei long a4 tht mnsaterial is
used for paving purpores and proper
attention is not paid to grading. Lni-
v~erity street, front Liberty to the
Seaboard railroad depot, Is the only
piece of paviol In the city with proper
drainage, and while it may have cost
considerable money it will remain as a
monument to Ez-Alderman H. E.
itenson for years to come. It costs
money to do things right, but it pays
in the long run.

Somebody ha Iplayfully remarked
that there is nothing so false ai faiet
except figures. conomisti have loing
conter.lded that as comnparrd with 1Eu-
rop-*ans the poptle of this country aret
neither frugaI nor, saving. but are
spendthrifts Now comes the Bureau
of Statistile in Washington estimating
hilia there are 7,306.44:1 depositors in
the banks of lhe United Statep, with
an average of $41i for each In IiEng
land tihe average for each depositor is
h?7-only a fourth as much. In the
United States the total bank deposits
amount to $37 per head of the popular.
There are a good many reasons withy
Congress ,hou!d promptly make over-
tures of reciprocity with Canada. Our
relations should be much more intl-
mate than they are. It is probably
not generally known that only two
other nations in the world buy as
much of ::s as Canada does. while
msDotng purchasers of our manufae-
tured gt'ods she stands the very first.

.%Acordling to the ytar book lel the
department adf rieIuture the proBft
of a tflfteen-nere urtni in Ivnnsylranlia
paid off in ir ynrs a mortgage of
$2.,. t s4d. la .rowidini a living for
th- ownerr. fifttlen-acre furnm that
will *etrry a m.irtgage of that an1ountl
i- n t,,tf er o.n thal nlost parit f t t he
Beware of Ointments for Catsrrh That
Contain Mercury.
Ai, mneritry will skir-ly tdetrfly (tI,
St. t t Pllln, t i.J <*t. miildet ely tdernnge
thil* u oilr )ste rnl llheaI r et iitngi at
through I.~,' ,lt,"in, tl so'rfact' uch
iaticfleo'lti iuv'tr Ine uasd l-teept
in Itreft'riptinor' from r".'tuhtabl*' pIdy-
*ic.n.a. a, tih, dtlanamsg tlhy will do is
ten.fold to ihe gKInd xM ran pI u ibly
dterire front lthemi Iunll's C:atarrh
( tIre, tmaI i fa'ctitlrel t F'. J t't.lln y k
(o Toledo. 0 cuntaiiit no )iretiry.
nutd jp eulra 'internalytT, 'tti. gdirtt.
I ... .. .-.

IfJ-u wagnt to r eh the people of
A'lachi county yots sholild Use tie
I Jou:nlrofaThie Stan. It has* t ic ar
mainy stbecribers as a ruLtr I le(ror
i ., ,** .ty, conIibir.r-t. a. ,ist. ftL e
ree .* to w sh w !i,." T (ir g rat.,
't r .** ,w th I e It I .
t.' ,. t p i ty I g ? f .,, ;:.

S ' t . r'
... I ** a : r<-d i t, r ,,.4j .
~.' , .1, < .tj a ir aI
ti..x ..1.. i, r*.f t i

1.. ire aI uil L.jrL.L J 0.! rare.

lt ': rF'' tA -f',r,- Lr a-ii .g t.. t rr .; ,
Sr.f'e ,ii 1i, 1. s r .a tU.r
,I' '
to + ) I i A vt 1. rt

A.'.:o.t t i -sitx:L, i, tir starch
t:nst.,fts f-t -d I 1 ., I :. it ilLt itl Llts i4
made friam .riiiii, the daily r-anmunj

abji: a i t :.- i .a i t:: th,'-nl

\.u Lqeugr .In ('ommervlal LII.
i M r (., I' -, :: t .1 l.>. e r.lll "o A t. p o
: t .. ;i y tl:!;i 'v niy oa f T ir
fI tn r ,lt ,t .,, l,.;r. 1l hl.4re D -.
qj ui, l,.I In' i it '.-i I tb h re in no
aMIrt o .r; I I i. 1 :I 4O f any"- o~

Hisr y itI Taherr.

-~ -
"1' tr."' hat1i i1' .tuail boy. "why
do ItIy all 1a te.-*rlh made at a baim
queit ut Y
"Nit wn.'" ;tIs the manwer, "it Is le a'.t- It Is so dry."-Ez-
rbcihat fL'
T- True
eto r \* 1.jat ae h1 mIore skteelmag
th:iit oIo wu ntnther fellow maklg love1
ato 11 :r;:- IuIrry To see another ftl-
I w itirking love to your glrl.--Tiow
Top: '..

Im.. aIataaa aI -l


ay Nay Pee US st Tubes Clme se
r -lr**
Whe*n Jam Watt saw tbhe t tm
caulnr the kettle lid to Jump up and
down he aid "There must be power In
that rteam tha t It can lft such a
There wa.
Mllllops prior to him had smI the
same phenmelnon and rewarded It as
an unespllnl4d mystery.
Raernt Msealtl reserch has put Its
Mng*r on the 'ts l*" of DaIndruf. fP l
laI ISair. and consequent RaIlnese. and
hs unearthed a tiny rmn which ret.
the life from the roots of human hlir.
Newbro's Herplctde destroys thi
term and conwquently restores the
hir to Its natufrl state.
toM by lSdlnng drugretp. knd 10c. In
stamp or sample to The Herplclde Co.,
J. N. Iedlfrud A Ck.. Npetal Apgnts


P' H lla b tausIc a,.l r et-*
~.~I Pa I. I r l ,.I s A0.
Sr Ian se0t a IeN RrVrt .
C ar -rr .n. preps. Itn
--- --- -*- -Oij
l'inr+ar #@ t ' r+ tA

Cream Vermifuge



utwawC *e CIYS1UA1S.
mI sama, mpaspams seati vo
Ballard-pSnow Liniment Co.
For Sale hv W. N. Jolkea..

.. .- a rat .

Tt, i. \t i, .t t." when you bqy land;
kW,,w wn1t you are buylo .


STtits ordinarily invisible correctly revalM

e Alachna Couty Abetact. -

3ain -es- 7-rl1e, .loL104

I. aEfltI .rv EIra crN.iS le9, e.

- Vi* -. lrvain. aeS No 34.N 3
i .I :S 5 6 Asp
v.-.. ,. i. .oky ft p9
L ...,., -o y 11 25 lto 40
Ir w ly I p 112 !US
%r 'n.mTn) Ry t mtsSUp S aXof
Ar C'harot oe I ft 9 0)p 9
Ar Gr relboro .4K4y 12 3e 12 15p
Ar Dlanwilf SoRy I 451 2 lOp
Ar liehmtun d sR) Me 4
Ar Lyniborg so Ry 4 O 4 130p
Ar Chrlot'st'rle .S Ry5 Al30 6 lOp
.%r Wa.phingtlopo Ry 9 41 9 SI0p
Ar Italtimor P iy 11 4 t 11 3P
Ar W Philadrl'ea P It I 66p 2 a
kr Now York P Pfy 4 ip S fl
No 34- -New York sad FloridMa -
Ir ers." Daily Plinansm DrawlagtRa
SS leepiin Car J ekeLoville t~ ew .Yt.
No. E--"'Washblltrto a Frif
Imnited." Daily Pullma D"rwlag
Room SBleeimg Car Juakeeeoie lo
Newr York.
Through rhe LOWo f lb SY." @ef. so
Lv JacksImvill ,V 6 t y T
Lv Saronsah, (is y I t1
Ar Colombia.S. t _8 *6ty
Ar Asheville. N. C f p lI
Ar ltlS pralnp C sbo 3 M
ArKnoxrille. rean tB 40 ,
Ar ft. Louisf o 4
Ar Cileloans Q&A 8 l

LY J Lv upm, ......
Ar MaMo.i ........
ArAtl~amwt.a .to
Ar Rome.t ....
Ar lJ lM, Ga ... ,
Ar ,.Cbsa.
Ar OtIo 0 1
`745` A .,

- ? a*'f
,r ^
i' i *

No, -Daily PollIe hawlag'emr
amd buffet l4plupn ear ibetws las L
sonvill. and 81. loau. As
*Two Trains Daily
Washington and
New York. i s i
.- -I *T ---- -iJii
From New York, Wmblaget et.-e. "li.
ited." 9 m.

From Chago., Citelarat, OCibat spi o *
Limited," 94a.m.
From Kane City, Mempbei BIlrlmi, gs," l.~'u4,
ed." 9:36 ( m. "C A,-
FromI Ciuinoalt. b.Alh vl Ito It.-I-I. 'WsM 4
itd." 9.-00 a. m.
From New York. WashlNgto, *tOe-NO. A, "New VO
J. 0. LUSK, Distri Penet.g 1r I. .lW.
0. H. Aekert, (. M.; W.!W y.oe, Q. P. A.t
Brooks Morgan. 4. 3 . P. A.
.... L-- i c -i- 1 suu au

.. A

.11* J

J ackeonville and N Y
SCall ing at oAImrrO. 0.. ti :
The Fjlet toumhl tt tkMUS

Clyde New England and SoutheW
Diremt Serrie Between fJACKOW VLLLU. i '
PROVIDENOB &a A U M ._- %,-.
CJUmg st C arlea boINhi wagL.
B3E83M:I-nwa-" .T SATT
louthboun l.o .. I ................. I.. .. W
Northbound .................." 9NW Yao l OtArM 0 i

Stoppi'i r

S . ." g." t._ w. ; _, m

Cuta St. Jlm RiverIkt~ u
Fi-tweeon JACKON MWVILLI. acId SAIV@0 'r
at Paiatk, Astor, Str t, Pra1M. *Wi (DILI).l
LadiA B wa IJoaa RiAer .

Commeneia Tueday,. ovembe r 1,80. .
Stamen 'Acn S jiAuNr i 'Iln
are appointed to sall a follow t lean Jimkavlll rl
3:3) p. m. Returning leave r albud daily eawrt
*0 aas aP....' *..
A p .................... b r ...... ..... ..
:8.' pm .... ...................M o ....*...,, ... ....o.i 60.
.: m .. ... .... ... ..e .... ib -_..*. ...*** -** **
A a .... .... ..... .... .. .......**. .....*.*
A Bir L mm ........ .. ... .....o...
A r~ftf .iit *m*. ....ft-fl r ..... ^ .* >******;

: .

. ,r .. .. .;* '*V ',
t ?

1'it '.T hji~117


,r Tn' ir '=L

: ,+...r.


1 ~1~11 __ __
c------ -- -- --.~L~,, .



.. .. ...Ai..........Savnnah, Columbia, Camdein

$0ICoos ow" names MWOM 4a wadaw. Savannah, Columbia, Car,
I ...--. Pines, Raleigh, Richmond,
R. DA. 0. ,Ol3L uoz r
SI.AO . OPATH. ington, Baltimore, hi
60"1s oI.. 8.0o9..o, 0o...l ill., delphia, New York.
1 FPl.rWla.d
*1Hm0 24A.nAl ,:6 Two Elegant Trins Duily.
Rao Ie i. 4 Ri. cm.. omr o ni

CAR. MOL Seaboard Expre
DRd do"h a V iSeaboard Mail

VA. 11"1 WWI*1, 0onv, asIlng and Cln.
a A. Mami P s, ol. G n t,. fulal ifomion i r r rvtll ( UI n mlima
Srlii A. O. rAcDONEep., CN 1Y01
^^^^^ .^^^^^^^^H^^^^..jfAsas.. A.r( 0 l Paese u er Ag.nt, ap
Ei mM e ,l your not e p wrt, (im- JAOK leONVLL. FLORIDA.
+ .. S -...Only Linct Oleratlng
+.. iumH H sArn, Dally Throuch Pullman Sleopera from pJakoevnlloe
.7eeklag sad farmng e. nd hi-m S

ATTQORN 'kH ll r Y-AT LA W,r f
4"ad -"o c..... -.o ATORY LOADED SM

^ .l^^^hl^ilB g 11^**1!',' l, **lt -- -__-IOWDER SHOTGUN.
Ss.G AAUICILL Ah o., F wA. .
*A"n "r IPUSY--I*, on. lwrit. A. 0. IIPAtlOW L 8.OT UN
orea ntb Asg. Cienentl Puslinger Agent, l's.
W ..sell your Edlyl plopkr, (I OI sO hNVelli yur gOun mRan
le .. in the fied or a good score
S! Wiwl esn ALDEya offur Mot a. 2142Winche Leader" d


_._ ,.._. A4 +.tIrt mm R^ I-.L ;. ,.. > ,.;, A.
MthA INSV0"rLhot AIa"hus CO. Fl. Ob od sheib In' your gun -sn.
.Ps Dies Ia resdaUork.
SU. A W IiShel n preference" to o orny c
Vg ,aElW WJ.A. 8 A""ALL 4 Lhh8 K EEI
ADA- II S 0ampierma Always '. '
y. Owib .0sNALwoe awm e w, spread of ;ct c:ld good 1t7

DT ON. S. S'. D. 1TTO.i i

iwW,.a,,gree hMtprnbytohlle nddrsoght.f Don't
l k to tO B OS hI In J8lWDnie Po a reseraJ bahiM butbm wo. bur and sel1 FoWnteh ctad DoFact

i^t UH l --- - The s eonwao of eaks. + aB-.-.corpora.r+ rum+r.,Bs mero.a,
*rkei'vd e fSav1ra Bbu see y. Spefec raetleto an y cntle

^Hiillv ..s1 ... c, aB T ,,,).
4I 'a "++
A SuabflS us Woas a luaeao*8
-" 'Put Law


,' io .e ..a... .a h. J.i. M. O. .. .. P r.m lde l U.o. W. H rr ,

i...- m,, .ui,'r Or o 3-XMon-3Qs r'TT .T.E

. 1. Jmaeh vill, *Plorida
But Im p1os d and Domeestle Liquorn
Ew t Cee dak MAt U m w ithdse cilt. Capital........ ............ 50
Ts,. i .. il .Srplus and Undivided Profit... 25
-."e ega Is..e. I a m'eAlar7 b s as, wish raclii. equal Fo say bana li
he &mge owao of Parurs. Ms M ama. Cor ,w oaao.u l e.
*.pSI :t A e t,., ,,. .InnE l. TA|v
AW, ga4 g sad gasl0

$z100 'r ios O TWO THROUGH CA
,__ I ........ u10 W e a .rtr '"

.........- 11(1__ ...

TI FI.sttnc itano -fr Iinan Montomery and L. Uta N. or Dixiel
mame snsesh/ otins..eonstr
w'I*- All rNa b---- ---- by -

n*Ms Round Trir Ra.tes From nwcnil.e:
aA *Wi L lo W 0 beIoa EsI with ar i.
M ow W s- ea a taw
tol s -n--..o+..- he Alan tie Coas

... vRiAT We prTa WII 0 TE~ Q$440 1 0 T
H istsri. I,..- C--.Lu dden&Bae. Mot od lr inid L.a .. Bor Diae0 Fyr T
a.-- ...e ..tio !,rv. lrt e ant3 and Ch5ttano* 2a.

!!Rou4d Trf Rateh Fron car dine lth:

_'a--a.... .i 2 r w T$29M1..
!On "le daily. oor d l I' ee. 26- On sIle dlt~' .
FisDile ar itve l h..& J_..n.. o, $29.6 o,,






to New Orleal
agent erboanrd s
h.'TON, Ja..r
ifget r Agent

t t

good bag
he trap.
' cu.t'r "
7.U evnn.o

cy LpOzted

tory Loadcd
Dther make.



It .d otbhel
i loand os a



,11000 o)
,004) 00
Sthbo tUIm
at" alow
LOR. Cass





AGO 1:

- Lr
h M ...I i
fW ^



hood sixty doyl.

2 35

R( rr

R [15*

: T .W JWIqWinr.n.r. .. ,. -.

** ,"M.-7 T..'T-T


," *.~ :"l"i"~~ ''

0nen, a *re. & Co. Operate.
filcle Plint It CadllIc.
the visitors ti Ithl* i ity Fri-j
C, C. UeCt'nnery, a iinibrr
LCof L V, MctAnry. It a ro. t
@1 lt i~p rti v. CUritr !ti. ,*.
are uperiting a saw mil inad
i oIinwo a Catl1ilSla, 1fie I lsl.
hrowr AlahuI,.
LCnleni'ry Is t olfty a 'o d
mIa but a eolver yourly
Swelt. Ie Is the deictindan i
ef hll bsit fainlles In lo rid,.
isa rled that hoslpitality hand-
by his forefahefr.
Ill of the McClenpey eroncern.
ItU laie ats some, is oine of
Ippolnlto Iin thsl rietion.
Il lt 1 is 16,(ei he&t per day.
ten workit.g hour, and in
ih term has a hflinr ie ird
Ifl1. They areo among tle milot
ITlle young men in tlh.- c'.unity.
IStrve the great *lir'ns with
Shey have been favoru 4.
iptsklnl f the luInh'r nimarkl:.
leaney l statvd that Ipritrsi are
ad- thit hi' i- f 11Id wilthitit.
an a'y market for every fmit
U +prudues. The shiiugle mar-
iabegood. with the result that
gi-Dlnt nib kept oatlHally etm-
ifll time.
p Way of Us s Chamberi an's
r Ooiqh Ifteledy.
Ar hr bhapman, writuig from
a, aitl o.h Afrioa, say:
ptf tlhai Ohamberialle' Cough
h s eare suitable for old and
S n pm you the following: A
Ahof mince had a child Just over
mshemold. It had ai very bad
d usd the parents did not know
ltoive It. I suggested that If
i1Ul4 rt a bottle of Chamber-
Stough Remedly and put some
.le dummy teas the blby wasI
iS would no doubt cure the
.* Thi thoey did and brought
MIa uakt relief and icred the
." this remedy is fur sale by all

lsir H. Price. 6f New York. Tried
i Another Expermendt.
!VWIllml`b ton. N C. Nov. S.-The r,
It vsli to I'htar;lit. N. N'.. C, f 'lie)
,*m I. Priev ,, 1i N. Y'iia 1 t c l(i
i|uIlator. ia. f(i purp'sii;i. if t o -t
aIl ew c 'tl'',. !'p iii l mn iine.
t r. Prlr )? 1 in i1. r- 5 .i:V

othtIII v ro t a 'ltito
r lt tO S'l Tte ..... r,, I.rzllavitb;
to hL aVI lc. ; t!i l'- r' )ili
ty returm1n .' , i 'a:-tl.
iRI In atm p l| i ;u *iMi!r'rin'! it prat
rn machine p fhr pickit'n mriu H1 1
kln machine ;1 oIiwai'd by el tvirlc.

: lasilroul Wrecks.
SOIrPletness is reponsible for manyi
illway wreck iand the same cause
,*ailtin human wrecks of sufferer,
,b throat and lung troubles. But
the advent of Dr. King's New
Sryfor consouiption, cough
S .lds. even the worst cas e can be i
I liu hopellen rnIintion iU ilu
; L. Messary. Mr loil Cragg of
"ter. Mass., i one of nlany
* jilife was saved by Dr. King.'I
,I Diseovery Thi great remedy is
v-.OW.tfetd for ill throat and luug dis-
I by alld drulggiss, Price. b6W
S T. Trial bottle tre
iPur Men Held for stabbing.
SAsheville, N. '. Nov. 2. T',our mnPI.
W tilll i .i'hn. i* Erui* a I larton. hit
fwman 'h m a iit)an .i" h ''iv iii
;'al n V >i Ill lir t. i1 'tIl lin t r l,
&'' d t,* ta. iin jiiil. clirir--.'l li,4
,'-tl iii. i , I 1, -, Nl> l ng iit"

,.t T lp tli | tl.:;t aiiont
t'he lP i.1 I'r.i -. i ,*~ A d1 f'.'; 1h' Cut
.i tt ,
i.t e

Two Deaths tihe Same Night.
Mctn ;' :c r Id
',,lIth. wnii. ,,r ti+. ,at o-t mtnith,
h Il l in .71.. \\ ,dihs.<^ la-y night
':f b Was a l ,: f it 4r Chriir Itan chari
:, erF, and il a *-.~a ari fnamnl. lief
IU' t il 0 ,I irts Ar i-i ri, l'F t* it h tiri'
itll, laah b n ffire, At 9 Io'i.k oo
" ir d the iIltat ili s.t her I'ruth'r, ( Ifleit
Wtr. hrm'. deir e- I te coun
; eiiA le'ii,[t l J~.


No appetue. los of !'rength.
snrounues, headache, cor::upation.
ad breth, gnera&l detl:.ty., sor rlt*
Ing&, and catarrt of the ror-.ahb we
All duo to It.!igclt.n. Kodoa cuas
Indgetlion. T l rvw di:overy rpre-
arntI Ie natural jutces of digution
ua they exis n a healthy stomach,
combined with the greatest known tonia
and reonttrotive propertss. Kodol
Dyspepsa Cure doe not only cure In-
dlgsetlen and dysp sta. but this famous
renmdy curtes ll stomah trouble by
clanstng, rur.!ying. lceter.lng and the muousn mnembrIan
lining the somach.

hes. Es.t et .t .e.. wE

sol... y" "a.. hOM I Im
Stoed by All Da.l llr UlR.
FusaS br 5. 6. Detir t as. SMu.I,

Sold by All Drugflsts

Double Tragedy Through Jealousy.
Blrmig!hum. Ala.. Nov. 28.-Mrs.
Tohn K)>rr hmlt and mortally wound*
er Mifss Nellie Edlwarit Iat her home
in Wtoodlawln. a hiulbrb of Birmlnhham.
aki while on a trcvt rar tnrouto to
the city shot and llhtaintly killed her
self. Hoth Mrs Kwecr and Miss stW
wards are well known, and the amalfr



Hound Trilp. On
sale daily. Good
till Dec. 15.
Round Trip. On
sale daily., tioid
illty days,.

Inatched C( .irgl l
kPi t. -.
"T r, I ' |i. ;.
( &l*,. IL S 1




f',n C


Round Trip.
sale daily,.
fifteen days.


I .tt.r: t I.: a it.i~ Is A 1.itIls' .~ttt *- jilt It ~& it' N)j ii API I 'UiUtty?~ia asril AiJiet I .uDgj of liii'

', t'',, '"

.r :
** **^ iB

i r. I

li -, i'-,rl r t
o k a' Ta. : ., ,
1il'? .', I ii* tl l ', h r fr .')- t
ar, I I A w;. i-,p< "t tI I .. ',
Poikr e L ansul lil e i r 1t er.'

Pocket and Tablte Cunterj.

FT)a eateri't8.



oiawul Tri,. Gmoo trea
oj u n ale Tuume ar
Awil Thursdayf. 1(oo4
ui'5: in 13 achei.

.--"4- ,-

SAntr ionSn ;l vr: Wrs i. of the We *e
sI it >. a ty.Shirl Me gl rf 0Ie ,..
i.e is., *t'sn.Le thra ial e othe iW ng ,
1 -- +i i r. P y. .. * *' '

I For t>le

Ammunition and Guns.
A varied eleeUom of Carvers, Triple
I'latedl d Solid Sliver Pieel*.

Largest ISller In Florida of
Ai 0t4 wdien Vire Fenar

Chattanooga Plows
The Prtse Wlmmer at the Bt L oul i xtldtlo

Baird Hirdwr Co.,
+ -- I r- I.--

bha canned a mlcnation. It appears
that %Mrs Ky-wr wan, jalous of het J
blllhilani,. wlho, it 1 Illiegled. wa fo D
morly einlaged to Mi .,Edwards.
Fine Wine
Neuralgia Pains. F,
Ilhenimatisn. lumballo and sciatic
pain, yield to the penetrating nflueneo
of Ballanrd' Snow Liniment. It penens. W
trates to the DervCe and bone and be- n
ing absorbed into the blood, itr healiagR 1 UiIU
properties are conveyed to every part f1
of the body. and ffret sonim wonder. Ile t-
il urIes. I,. I.. s.ild by I Vaml)lnJl
'V. M1. Johnson. i JSUIU


On t

CRABB, Agent,

is, Liquors and Cigars

ll send 0jo Express
to ainesvl!e, Fh., l
quits Sperior 01M
Rle for $3.00.


- Montezuma Hotel

he A. C. '. and S. A. L. Rys. V. J. SHIP
None Better in Hie State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.


'MAN, Proprietor




('enrally Iloated. thsroghly repaired



lld remorated. Ntwly tiralhlri .

.l .I. . ..... .-.-il.. . . .Il.


I ,

,' ," ,, ; ,
* .'I ...




Sea I Dsland3 .
?e _, -Tit: .*r 1i

c~~~~ I*.4.----r

Sea bland Cotton Bedt. B
Iatther in

Manufacturers of the Jame -Dl
S a bluald Cotton up

-.' EE.* .i . . . .. ..

Is via Atlanta, Chatteaaol lIat- ili

,. ,oSe wmb.T).
Two trns. daily, :S a. an. e 40 --. i .l
wo m Atlanta. ,I

Novmbw, W lll el
For full laformi tloi, mrnt w d U1ol4
MILLEK, Trav. Pl AsL. 1.0. it., t.,li.
for ticket via illliR01e Cietl *. 3.

' -, L 4., . 'i

ir. E. VEoWIle
Ablerseu of Tisi and full itsoeegIm
manl Ocir -manag hap Hiw i t -

.. E nOe *. -.,

e*t-ing a rl br a of a-i ,

Gainesville & Gulf Rt
Tise Table l1 *t 1it *.

No. 6.


14 1(0
9 08
0 isr

I It 2
634) Ir'
MIi v

v.,; r k -; VON'

No. 4.

lNo. i


Lv P liLy A V

... ... 4****. *.** *. ***I* lB ********

. ... I ..... .. . *e* i .** ..
... .. .. ... .. .... ... .. ...... .0_.
* *ill-,ii0A4*

. ......... .. ... wm wu .... ".

,.........s. .. t. ... t y i llli ... ..

4..... .....,a...."' Ii .t1... ,W..
.. a. ... ,,Ji& ,aI,,, ,

S......... .. ......... ..I T O iLt .. *.. **
7 .....Ar 7 6 ... .. . ..a i l ll t......

" '


.*l 9",.9t4
*** 4**

( 41 i 'l l 'l

*1' i l' I,

f, .. .+,
D.,*. M
, AS*;-'

* IA !449;



rid 's Fair Rates..










-- ---


* p~'

. 1


r-* ':,l"P~

, I 1


. I




fst of Geueral !Uitt.rt Oath.
ered by Our Repolt ;s.


Wiast HaI Happeneds.i.d What i' Going
te Happen Told ir C short Paragraphs
So That "He Who Runs Ma, RtAd",
it in The Sun.








V1 l

tuner and repairer rfPrmerly of tlise ity
bMt for tle past year a resident of San-
ford. has decided to again lrwate hter,
He is regarded as a thlrtungh ly coim.-
tesit man in hi* linte, anid hals been evijty-
iVO a ftne trade in his prolt fiot here.
Her. Thui. P. Hlay of the' First I'tes-
byte Mintotsh. whlerv on Suniday h.- Ipr.
ticipaited ti t'i. x, rCiJew ilstallil1g
S-'V. 1N ordioni a pastor ,f t.'edar
Puni),t C'hur4li. IHt rToarts a lii anild
%inf1|r l ipqj t (me' t .!n ., bli lci t ;* ;1arge '
a vlirdk ,d,
H.elinjalin Drayitot ,f (,ocky I',nut


1. Ni '~9

I rd'~rii~
I .iil


ith I a sh a a& Hill. labre slitf (et h ma a a 1 il. s ,111 r 9*
L lof Paradie was among lItev. J It Holley. fotirerly of this T lun ru an Pe V
Ir a, cy dy. city but now po ItIrf iiCilo TO Improve and Preservea our
(lcIWU .. w-t
,;... *i..,,. iiii ,iIlee t(f. ,brief v ,i i;t 1"-t9 Mr :I. ..- .

Ir r li 1ti it&1 6te1I .'rI;tifn lk3 l 101i I' rlal r r atUi ln anT iIr, NADIN'C P ll
|" xa .w t ..
:'., L \.' thli' l rd :i. UKrlli i lrmi'l rIlr, ,, 1 ,nly l ,ru < ; II.ii l e hrr,, -,, .,ua ]. I
.i I: .'i. Oirde si for v ripm ndepariure ts.od y for l.i r lo rnyWin SuWil th
t*. er1 I i ii* If. itaO li r n. li tl

Imnsre will lsuJhitli & i"'i. i
Old new*iball rI fr : u .- U.
Male lIady watI

fewn I
Cook. :'.
Sim lnao'i 51", ;1l] *r,1"r '%;1 < .,'r .- ;1'
, J. 1W, McC.'lhlou N
Mayor .1 II. 1 'ra tr ,. 'W Ii ) v o. :
a vitor to lyhi eity yerestn a)

lew nl Addrei y. Ai (IrJii V1."

T. A. oke otn Mntrouln. ivimfnber
l* MrK'r,'",' ,' N,'t** ," y F w
Iaon the lbt ., . oard t*m it.h i rit ,
Justle e.I. I. ('l.amtlin of A4rc'htr was
an the oity yesterday and registered at
the Brown House
For Reant-Store Roral Cook former.
ly oaeupied. Address Thomas V. 'ur-
Ser. Jaoksonville.
T. A. iPrke of Monltrochln member
if the nhool board from that distritl,
was la the city yesterday.
Our elub plan seenures best (ba land.

Sils of Sant% Fe and A. V. Filio tit
ati el eost. Write Cuba Land Club.,
Oilaeaville. lIa. d(tw2t
8. T. Prescott of Aselahus, one of the
prorsailve farmers in that scotion.,
was among the bmsinesl visitors to tlis
pity yesterday.
Justlee T It '1 illi of W%%da W. I.
Sills of Santa Fe and A. V. Elli .if
Alaebhu were among the vl'itora itn
this city yesterday.
Oak and pine wood delivered to any
part oe city on short nrtire. ,Leave
orders at I.. J.4 Jrnigan's jewelry
*lore. J. I. \W\nlK\.
Chamberinin's Stomaseh and Liver
Tablets are becoming a favorite for
stomIeh trohltlrl and constipation
For sale by all druggists.
Miss Lovey 4;oode and itnphew, Itay
Driver. have returned from Tampa.
where they have been n a a visit to the
former's father, .1. t.hide.
Mr. and Mr". C. \\ Dill of South
OainesvilJe are rejoiclnlg over the ad.
nent of a fine taby hry at their home
Friends vxtend congratulationsl.
The Exeenlive Committee of the
Baptist Mislllnary Union will meet at
Mrs. Vieldings' t is afternoon at 3 p.
a. A full attendance is reqiuesled.
Fred W. King of Jacksonville was in
the city Sunday, having coilme to visit
hil wife, who is here (or a rew weeks
with her parents. \Ir and Mrs. George.
K. Broome.
Found-Pair of spectacles in ease.
Owner an haveP aine by eallisnl at
The Sun Ciotie,' paying fur this notice.
dweribing property and leaving somue-
thing for tinder, tf
Dr J. garrison H(odges made a brief
Professional visi to Cedar Key Sur.-
day, returning Monday morning. lie
reports the Gulf Town in a prosperous
condition. thi litshing and oyster sea
son1 beitiK now u\ll on.
Miss Eva laile hafs returned fronm
Jacklonville. where she has for the
past few days been a Rtrunt of relatives
and friends. Thli youna Iady is quite
popular in the Florida ImIetropolis, and
many functions have been given in her
William Arrington and Miss Locva
Thomas of the W lest ind were united
In the holy bonds of matrimony by Ilis
Honor Judge Mlason, in his usual grace
al efflicelecey,yesterday. Friends wish
them success,. ard that all their trou'
ble will be little ones.
Prof. Julil Eiclhelleruer. tIhe piano

Sir: In reply to yours of a recent
date in regard to the efficiency of
Itall's Great Discovery Ia a kidney
cure. I can safely say that it is well,
lnnle'd when they call it a WE )NI )El.
I have sufferedd with a 4eaknes s !rum
tllei kidneys for years and have tried
all advertised remedies for the coon-
plaint, as well as physicians, and Hala s
T'Ixa Wonder is the. only thing that
hfis girt'n in-m rtlief-1 ought t1 say.
hnis 'ffecled amn absolute cure.
ti:,,. Iloi i v.

ine tIJ'mall bottle' of the Texas Wani-
der, ilia's tiliat discovery, cures all,.
kidnr.,y ail bladder troubles, renmnes
gravt'., ctlrls diabetes. aeminal *'mis-
senus. weak and lame backs, rh-umal-
tsim and all irregtularities of the kid-

Aimton, thei arrivals at II. rown
House .unday wa C. A MleOker of O
,.Yw %ork, the cilvvr nrv'pre- .latis $J....C . L T A ..
of C cih MAlrr. fruit t0and proa.
dutier commission miiefrchlait. New i lli
York k Mr. Merker has appointed T I ... M
I,. l'itis a. the repr'evnlmtive ofh .... ... l _i p a W
houri i Ihi seerctio lie has gone to Mll s titebanlls 11 by J. I Mlldtrl A A 41 lIa
South Flualid but expects to t 1 n akeV !W e4 I4aa

i ':r ialir r1 i '.ract sa 'f pvi s. ) t ,! l!t* [
troli: n'l, NI-si .- tl I imipliyesi; lilty 1or
.... t Jrt rritI e.i tch ; .? |1 -r hi, -m
, Jd r* .it,'. order. if.
\ n g 1 I I t' 1w IIturS I tU hi.LI ('ity it
i -r'u I' l'' r Jroinmiitinit young
lan tif ( ,I l A i., W lit II rstir, a I tm -
.,.. cri,' .1* I ll t ,.+ U'tited mteln s
1 > .
M r, I. 9- t ,i(, acco i atiaied by r;ti i ,,i e I uli'ree, and gre t
nr. .. 1 I.L tu y Granger. depart-
rft ) d fl.J JIor Alicanopy, where they
S:I '. i rit.i ir 1 fair ti few ItyA.,
S" ti ilt'* It it d i( ** 0 the' grtliid tSl
(IliJ.tavy f? faitt-y tib)rudtfry work ever
shown ira lady operator on a White sewing ma.
hinir.I from Nov. Lto Dee. 8. lGaines.
vill SewinKg Machine Co., 20O Lib-
cr!y street. d-i:t
Mr A. Oliver and sweet little
daughter. Bessle, formerly of this eily
but now residing at DeLand. were In
town yesterday. They were en route
to Hague. where Mrs. J. A. J. Striek-
land. a sister of Mrs. Oliver. is suffer*
ngi from typhoid fePer. It Is to be
hoped that the patient will soou reu
co er.
The family of Mr. Aldrich. who re-
ent ly arrived In this city from New
Hampsvir oand settled itn North
4i.aie rille, have removed to the city,
finding a rteiidcnee here more oonve-
nient They are delighted with the
city. the climate and the people, and
propose to remain here for an hideRl-
nile period.
Ex-Mlarsha and Deputy Sheriff
Eiranger of Gainesville was in the
city Tuesday on oelfficial business. Mr.
4; rang r Is regarded as one of the moat
alertful oilocials laluesville ever had.
and stands today without a peer as a
deputy sheriff. all for which we most
heartily congratullte our efficient
sheriff,. W. I'Vnnell.-HighSprings
Th e numerous young friends of M les
Cornelia Slroblar. who was compelled
to iunderguan operation for appendi.
eitisa t she Odd Fellows' sanitarium a
few days ago. will be gratifled at the
itiformiation that the patient is greatly
improved, and may be removed to her
hmne in a few days. Little %lise I
Strobhar bore her pain remarkably
well, which is probably the result of
the outcome. She is to be congratu-
Fred II Young of Lake City. one of
the kaIding young business men of
that progressive town, spiet Sunday
among friendly in this city. Fred is
conducting one of the largest and
nutt successful Imenrantile establish.
mcnil at Lake City and lhas made won-
derful strides towards success within
.the .|ast few years. Possesedl,of a nar
tiire which cannot help but make
friend's he has enjoyed a fine businesra
career, amnd is deiSlined yet to become
one of the leading and most *suesslful
CritiXzen of Columbia county, liii
tetrlinig worth is appreciated by his

ltedbone, M1isr. ept. 24.. 1100,.
Dr. K. W. Hall. St. louis. Mo.-lhear


We's will indulge in a little shoe talk
this week. We are the originators of
low prices on shoes. We have fine
values all the way through, but we
want to call your attention to a few
speisally good thing in footwear. (ur
Iox Calf for boys. a strong. durable
shoe at $1.6 1. eannot be equalled.

(tur $2 line of Hoys' Vi i and Box
Calf are simply superb. They have
both the style and wearing quality.

(our a$ line of men's shoes is the
equal of many $ C ,I shoes. In fact tile
shoes are branded by the manlufae-
turer to retail at $2 '.,), but we can sell
them for even money and we are do-
ing it. We have them in both Vicio
Patent and Itli Calf in all styles. Try
a pair.

.Iust received a shltpmant of the
"King Quality" adv-rtised $8 shoe-
the best made fur Ith price--see them.

The Dixie Girl for ladies at 1l )0-
Genuine Dunngola. u pplr-solid leather
pule, is the pre tiest and best shoe
made for the price. () r $2 and $2 50
line for ladiel in strong. Valuesl uns

In shurt, we have' shoes for big folks,
little folks, rich folkv poor folks, old
folks. young folks, utily folks, pretty
folks and all nort. of folks.

Cowli to theB Ilig Ieparltment Store
and get what yi"u nrme-d at low prirtvs.

-nI if n & RI).n



..ladies' ine Wlists..
All.Wool Vine. .ite. Was. sl white,

l4rriUeor n, m s rr kl tA'
praise 1W S. thi$ l .. ie30|
Taffeti a 8ik Walest kIn hktek, menpw
navy, reqisr $3.00. YIr sale .. ,
BeIt tirade Tarflta ilLh Wfla0 bluN,
blisk lad trowu, rreu
lAr 04 and 104. io w., l
Beautiful Lonuiane Waltel it:W qwh
nil". ,:0,0., piPlh an4 %.We bues-.1
regular price 0.00, thi. !
week e

At Ladilo' Neknalr justl fa he
IM~ory. The moat beautiful line eite
shown In I Eas Fordft.


regular visits here. This is ome of the
oldves and mnost relihabli iousem ofI its
kind in the country.
After a brief visit to this city Mr.
and Mrs J. 1). lane hare returtmed to
Paiatka, It will be reaneml brd that
on Thanksgivding afternoon. while' play-
ingin n the upper hallway of tihe Pres-
byterian mansa, Mauler )avis Lane.
who was vistling Master Park Hay.
had the misfortune to fall from a win-
dow. a distanoo of about twenty Ifes,
from whiah he sustained bruises. The
little ma, who borem is misfortune
remarkably well, returned with his
parent to Palaths.
Prof. J. H. Owens of Roeshlle, the
eleant principal of the Martha Perry
Iustitlure one of the bet public
mshools In the county, was In the oity
oulday. Prof. Owens state that the
Istlitute has Just installed a Ona piano
for the see of the pupils, and on Fri.
day evening, December 2. sa oyret
supper will be given as the school
boone to wMilt in ralisnlt money to
pay for the Instrument. The piano
cost orilgially WS. sad it Is to be
htperd that the good people atof oebelle
and vitinily will urm out la full tfoe,
spend their money freely, and thas
show their appreolation of the man-
l gemeut of the ashool In purhbalnlg
this* instrument, whleh was badly



KL* I' I


,f!r ,,,1, lj 'n -' ^1 IM

. .i; .,..;.aaS

,,, :.., '*',-.,' i f
*'1.' i '' '



A. V. Hlaaaard, the popular towns
draftsman who is employed ti the A. | . .
0. L. shop, has rented E. C. Andwo
son's eottsae, and ie xepetinngl
family to arrive hnre on or about C
member rlt, from Norwalk. 01e"0 S0
out. where they have a host of ftsss
Mr. Halssrd comes here well relue.
amended, and ts a brother-Inlaw ofn .
M. B. Saunders of the firi oft a e
den & Eiarl of (aeineslvilv Si ge
Mr. Hastard' arrival hre lie has
made many frionds.- High tpisbas
Homes. .....
Joseph Drwaon of Orlando, the levr '
er and well-known traveling hardware
slesman of New Y rk. sppt gusday aMR ''At
with friends ern. Mr. DawMrn rstate.l ......

ter condition fuanasial)y lla thy ''

fore the big free. hie merehats
are prosperous and happy. the farmsn r
have made Hne crops, the hartletalsur.
ists have no *Mcks." and alsogetber
the people Irm In a happy frame lofl 'w I
mind. This condition of ffairstle i
from one end 'If the State to te other, ws .
and Mr. Daw.on declares hi trade baa
been excellent all during tlil year. .

Attention. K. of P.

Leuated Il

The regular weekly permting of Oodghis*add r Ii
Mount Vernon Lu.dge Noo. 20 KIghts a eor. oThe qMW *
of Pythia,. will tb held at thee aet le 4d ilwane i* ...
hall over Suiiton' lIak t o4'eloek
this evvniinm. A fill att.lnsdanoe C' .of 1 2a 0r
members is desired. and vil t ing
brothers will receive a enrdial wel- e.o. las*apupst, i
IrImin. There will be work in the HRank
ur Elsqdire. l
"' *" J. ,A- .c1c. aa.CtC.Em
W. IL McKIN.TRy, K.. of R. 8 .I

iZSi (lit

q=-~ p~llTT.-



Oslvssv.lll, -, *.*;
, ^^^*-N: -,;

~IrIi t,"hbimt
.. ..4 1 -.. jtt J v 'iitvMr

, k n

R.. B. Black, a promlnetl ian atof
Jaqekeoville, spent LSuday lt a tielp.
Mr. Black is on a visit to relalit i"
ParadMe. He stals that Jt ro lBU
Is "all that coold be dalredr," h, bel
one of the mot up-to-date eaties Is the
United State, aeoaorldl to popltIem, I




..... i. -.

, ,, .* 1 ,, ,T ', '1 lrl.,:o,' i '"',"
k ,i . ". .. 4 ; / ... .



A '

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