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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 27, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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% ," .I -r r r8':

ID... '", 8DIAY NOVEMBER 27, 19

N ''NT.Pres"dent's Special Train b r a.N v. *+

drat's sp)67.n1 train reached
.1:21 a. m.. the run tram W
a seems Troliey Car Is Rit Ana rassea. to PlitalrN wits mado at a
g ore ''llA. an hm, w and through the

g gg mLles aIn hour. T ihe gree
am4 NORM0 F111141 to Twenty FaSp s Were on tons were taken to edui

the 9L1etrle Cm *0 All Were I* President Roosevelt and
:iWU ALS Jured-4hyej slams Hi1r0rd to $eeno berm of his family aoompat
of Aedent s retired soon ater tb trala
laston. Whoi thoy arose
ClIDL, eid, Now $.-A fast P0U110 tax They lorlkod out as t1h
&ISI e Al f tra 00ll0de With a sout* foothills tf AlleAhen-y u-
bad W nlctriwc ea na thll Northern p with nourw. It had g
I0i r lway, *Or eord. I tpciblyu doIler drins. e 6-
016 rr. The A ou 10, ear Is said to te d'y opened dark and glo
.10 b a t lai in tes hemn the trata arrived In
4,11411S0" e of""* art report' the preoodemt made his way i
atIid ..$114" -" pdent.ol sapml wrain greeted w
*ILeetre or a ine from 13 ft I:a n ot the pFurple ot the
18 V 00 o fe oW 1,11 to ake spears lnauste, w
'tWa, or. $nr .ges ilhed. pant he made a few rema
h0eseh haaewi - eo t to the te t said:
tIwe this enity uem e T en poiten "I al we hry gladken to gol
48 oral, of the WooeI d have been sylvanla for ovo-ral reasons
ilOl S Aa t J Le-ha lla s a fltio. to kthnk yr of fhi r the larpe
Sof An dn ao.t given soone b er. I will do all
SMt0n ba o ret l* 1g me floe to show that yrols
4O117" C.velad Nov amista Pemy u hke." d out

:140 rwk-. cot toe van!& 0104% DESTRUCTIVE PRAIRIE
Strped lt with col foothills Alisllle y
,ll 9hd 10i treo and ararm. -i a Red ith e W it Head
.t W. The blie ei Iwos not d o net dark and keed
fa,=d tHarlem, out. No.
The electrie csr w", pat completely prairie fire bao been raglpi
tw% 41111111 M 4 toe thrown (N oral days 40.t iait norih (f
a *ni. a TO W et. t Iand is htilel train fierved. I
4. nlebn tle car.el*rl I as passe of acresd aof rde n land
Silf nle is Inld o. all W,' swept form anid thSMgt-ned w
10m ino1 mowe or d severely in rOrtb of prpoprty hap been
a g l .r s 'r vie. a irnomilnl
height r had le fromt elerd t1h ban lasI e prpa e Is of the
ai$ psu i ebr frw view the apt prtionl he I o e ave lost
VIC, .00., prawwol pos**tr tralto, The eloe ay, hti ret IdvatQ ind all ou
tlw eit rO matter threw the deralliut It b saidr that the fIre aa
m Ia have beestr ath tolley ea am the scerneic mellindd :
otpfaitb. wa n about ue aen. b,' I will do all

Lredin rathed Iloiflr Inmam w
... tIsW.. of tllllllSv UNDas eattAIn Ean Sd'rRucrlv, RAII

the~ rmmpW manb h ia t thp path l
.hWRe .WemiteHd le okIe :vI and amk to e Ri s all wie alv inner

$.'rallo AThe. rm aa USED wasinot C of Mock and Peedr
"I Ie. nd, I lrl. Harlem, Monwmn ot.., Nov C.-
il' IU Tlhle! etletrrir; r, wsmpstac m t eompleti Tpilre i alk bee lync raihi

1 W a tcide this e:y 6.< thrown fl ersl daoys 40 S mles north of
',,,' l f is lalul hbtrn lna fierely.'

A~ :i4b.4i;ICba bt e T ei ca ea aetrl ctre ear G. as. traps, l e of ace of i g lan
4..s lm, -, nt lred nnd, 'lw d gnu!n rptnaptaAl s thethotad

ta" Met he alg i m 'r' rIck. br l s allYt pltcerld NORTH I nTATe in thPO

.,t a tilell su fod r threw the de aillu tl*al that the fr St
uw' jq! ae-I wItch4 ase f the tol!e" rear ca the. mrn Clan llng Mondrtay
T IsAthea weromsn t il O. h potlln ale aI buying I teorrfe wlnd

i ml! mBho states tha: r.h. "r3r1.4 to I'l.l t -.. Nov. 26.-
+' ,iislwtll. aMi oe i bham to meetl her brct::l'r. 1Her hrot:i Chat II. Ay.vrle; ays the
Sitbe Mlad I anm t'r failed It come an:! hec wan de North Carrllna were never
'tI ti l R S e ti-. telvpd by siomie man whs o prItended perou.+ as Ilhey aIre t thl pi
S !w~ow theO sootIt g puit to hr a tllfri." of l' *'x ptetl rein, aev.r in a px!tlt in la which
i^T.LI at' fret* broadwa tlre. Bt e was detr l e- tol t hsomnr, better ppileciate the joys o
afl ulo, sild tp" aul themr. lit b llevedl. she was crtlm giving. In country and t
i '*m* lhe s. pllolted Ins11Iy assali!tf. Sl rhaltns that lhlt Is prulperity all over the nt
Stook this courn to ,)end her mi.errmbll Plrminx has again lbeeIn
aiL o her i eo werr exam eXlttlona. 'The l:, V' C.i .i are work fled. becalue a prosplerols.
*i.-'F wiho w e hisv birti lrg tle case. The price of furi lr,. : has
siA Oio,,wa agrhed, w onr remarkally and tl,:, canc
wl p a re of $3m l bloills TWO KILLED: FIVE INJURED. farm mwria:i h, far gri
*de taemia tlUsr. The prlaM was ever befor.. knovn, ms
abt tutely eo nao er ever his Exploslon of Siiler at Cottol Gln Nca, mortgaxn takeNn tip beinx
SI Vickburg. Mis. Th@ farmers are buling
ra MetlS Paeton as the ans Vickshl.rg. MIrs., Nov 2.-H-y the ireater extent than ever 1
bil tm wrhe the prisontr wo exp"loasln .f the boll.r In D. R. .Xit are Improvinu their I rmin-rt
S' 'kt baor hibm I the lirSpltal to i dltnn' colton ti In town of %'ul- green hithertro nmikiown in
tern, a suburlw of thAl Itiy. two live- They are Ihllllint shelter h
Ki l R ew maidM that the lhootlan wau were lol al fln ie p:erln injunrled. I 'r polUking thibins.?,, miir. c
1 if them %erailomly. The tlead are: in every way. Ti ait i,
West Smith. a nerto C.. Carollna his in ov'iry w'ay' gr
Henry l'Heb",r'on. a 11e,1roM,
rllll Te Irear r ne f SiSyll. Srrlt.,nIly ln.j-t: i.tiher I,.hmwm
*Hl* l"1" hStri ltN .--VIle l alilg Insrlrnll; til:Aly Ilandl. blow 60 fe.- DEATH OVER SALE OF (
Ml,' aer the bank of the River imep, io. at a lor, ken and It;.u.
fth. the WuIer sularbo4 Mf Ib a trshd. Ir John Satners an Hamllton Givens Kills I
... .at .1i ur t hl years wa, J.rHis Brother.In.Lav
ia Melte allged aou t 4 rs.elr, .s 1,Idd!etC n &* two lir'' airln wer sliglrht irthrnL
nt. ehWed late the rivor by a companic e 1 cAildld aln'l lnhir-,il ir 'T .N ;:I
(i Of a tul'thL ill9e 3e#. Molmar was ton Glvln :h~hu atur killtduy h
Utt1 wta' aboti 6l mim1iatem 1h'ia Th financlIal i-. is e hel w. p..led Wint two doctors worked'a naar AeIxanlrr. thlirkie -oum
S5mm imur to refluusitalt him, but day i n ith
it out rnattt. WIILvll
.I o r stltStone* Cutter Comm 'its ulalde. wl ith r a l ll un ,h : ,I
itlThirte en the frei Petal Columbuts. N". ;N.-A'ter h ;. li. The trn lihllrl. an.. ,i,
Chbleho,. Nov. 16.--The Reort-Her.' Ig been rlek for 1w,, or three alas. of llon,. arnpl (:Ir nn f llin
Id Inmll emodil t w18
i today says that 1s alea have J. .. Price, sd m :ifelt. a sti.l an had struck him w-' i
i esultedlfro m rtfoothell tle isaem Tahe betterr. uwalIkwt.j t ,,j .' m -nrth e" and wR% alvaslrtaig ,. h',i
,'alulialty list la the --me u 1sst weir. mtilel at his boardinx foea. x .. .. ..--.. . +

-... -_ _



Frank Duncan The Noted
Blower Executed.


One Hundred People Witnessed .
Hanging and to Them Dunae ui
serted His Ilnnoconse-.-Hleteyl dei
Crime. *


The prli-
d bore at
an averat
wety mIlIm4
the tranl
t10 or 12
at prelan
minate the

the meM-
lying him
left Washb
this morn.
stals cap
rows per
Nllbt and
alibi mmd
to the etr
ith Cebers.
but at thib
irks. 1Ne

t to Pemn
that with.
have ma4d


ivy Loers
--A large
g for ev.-
this places
Thoussa :4
have hin
of dollars*
dle itroyt.t
lit rheeoyl
ilait Phatp
rmevart led
all orf hin
irted over
Istorinj tf i
lltvi'd % Vf*I I
the Amrnirl.

of three lre:
for their
. toegth' t
'inta'r ui I

r the mano
Pe ean hle


pages and.
people of
r as puxn
resent andl
they couild
,r Thank-
own thoert
ie a dimi-'
aRivocaI lIn.
llani on oil
rtler than
ny of thi
iibl one.. ,
land to ia
before aid
y Iito ia e
hli statee',
Olrifrs and
flir N.irt


H. Wilson
I. I
a;. llajuuu
Ih Ianh 1
Irt h e tl I
ity. lThur- i

ir it i.. ;-
t lla: \XVi
i; i: t . a !th al'

Blrmlnghasm, Ala.. Nov. -, i6e
Duncan, said to Iw onle lo the'
Loted safeblowers in the country,
banged In the county Jail fyrl
today shortly before uuog for the
der of Policeman 0(. W, Kirkley.
The drop fell at 11: I o'clooek '
12 minutes Iiuncan was p
deed. le naek was broken.
Duncan marched to Ihe eaalmd
a Arm foottell. Prlom the
he made a long talk to the oel
dred people who were allowed to
ISOa the execaltiln. rpaslertlbl hi
Uocence and il clearing that od
every one connected wilh h i
knew he wan Innocent of murder.
made a marrtasic fling at the p
and derlaredl hat he had been.

ltone for the haingtni. he Jaill
court ho.,ie teilng ovrcerowdd by dil

The Stery of the Crime.
On the ilght of lMarch 27. 1. 00ll
men b'wat ?Night Waichian Clrayt
the Standardll Oili ruimpan. Into
ilbllity at !the ioffle of the cmal
In th ai ut. -i.s fi ii rmiunghma #
blowing o1n .w litm -f0 i itohied It i4
si''vral hbun Ire t oalllar I!Shortly *Lr
ter ntitut;ht l iiit 0Iit Pollcrr a i
\V. A'ri.s r i.i 5 (; \Vt Kfrki a'ir
ed two mi'nii n the huart of the city.
susptieii ol ir io'rig v. ir ihe robthe
f1'. : t'il:<"!ro in jnll J :,, suu pe(
broikl aiiy frrni ith n1w !,reri and &I';
upon t;.*-Ln. Lilllitn iir!,l,'y and Mft i
wotinllng. Aldams.
A fe flay: t late ll r tl.v 'Of the robbh
wer. arrrpstedf in Aninlkton and tLh
il ('latlanln gll. Ifonlrti' member 11I
the ganX having menipu\\lil nfmorin
on them. Amotoll tih.. .i ,rrleted W*N,
Frank Nli lllr ar,l Frnil II linera, bl
of wh:oinmn %wcrl' lftlninfllll t Pnlle I
Adaili Jiist before li he liil Us the 3,
derers. They t.,r' first for t1K|
murder (f Adaltn M.lFI'r gettlag *
death sentlpene, a miin rcaUI li e mprir
onIelnt. r '. '.' rwva liu.h1e I Junie *
19i11. lIltor I)lltinn wa i* glvI
death siintence for tin, n irrltrof Mirt
ley. but eprapil'tt ro'i aIll li.,re In t0,.
nary. 1t?!. inltl' lii- iltili n! wa'.! be foi
the -upriir'li court' A t w wweek al
h.' was rrealituir' inn FliorTia. whl.
he had just ri.l!,rl I lltan anild uw
brouRht hark heire and re-.annteieat
lolh Miller anld Dulnani. while
nylng: pa r;t lilpat imn h II thre lf
protctesti'i their innoirc nrC of ihe
murdellrs layinr hI th o m n "N
York Harry." un ii llnIrl mrlmherb
their rang. It heir nlg 0lmnied l that
ler wAt- with ""New Y'orl. larry" at tbt
1timp. hut ofnlv Tir-" l i, pi h lnt in tin
3Mll*,r and llrnniail % rrE knows
the pullrc all InVr the ronltry sai
wC r.- ulhl to I. no ;',t af- lblowerS
iDun an -wa,' |irslelel fraom t i n' lll01i ,
lw -it ii ry Imin .Pium a.i _, if' w hl f t
he -i -Irvt.r lin a trstir fur biara"II r
John W. %, Tlll FIay nni' Frank EJ g
wards. ithrs mth' m minLemi rN f thE
Han^,i enrt' ri. 'n I,iL' ;I'rms in tite .
abarwa pcnItutrlarv i- un.'h'r P8rt <
the stiaIdard Iil il -afr.e trbl ry, iecaitrn l
of tIh rfn rperatIe*I r hai lll r t plntteIn1
anl c~ivrt tl, re ,u frr', frienal+s OB ti
tu mt*M r. re no T |i.. ;illriit., w e i'.- n is
at hlb tx'mrtilonn

Iowa Bank Closes its Door'.
'a-i.l: at: 'n. N u.v, -. T1l a'i t i a
lt.nil .f r v npi 'rt. lIta 1'8 ls ie -
", ,*I iliio'rtioil ,. i h.. n p rnn* r ," ..

' c-I ': lli 't 1: i n- i r !cu tr"' 't *
' 1 I I i *" i r I

nw ""w ','Y., . -

. .A .2.7. . '
111 Ii . ..^4 i;- ,r i *** .. *** **
laoill if.

.i"jttt~hlkz ~- -

U eweL. In

then sew slew an so b m bptisd.
Ir*^*( h0ge a ied on "The
at ofthe (!Lpl Other .vlwe
t rbs.dag Irstfole; 11 s rn..
,e hats mtrpg, benston bp R ev,
W. N Slkti, as ell s. elt, a d
t,' Then Wh(iu 1eide w g re sl o
diW4flly inv tellh lotele itti rte fir Lth oeeSonp.
* .... '' s-.- n -.- , ,T ,- .
Hi e N1a as I O Wsee.
*1 w1 whine svniieleI with kid.
w srub.- I tri*4 lt* ors oyrl# id
wnt, a o isb t N, vis on. O.d
da. 1 < 'al d lO BlE4thias Bit-
tres .t4 rn teer ty that. After

aIsS tal. noruw dis liver ad k*uni

_f trnbtlae and itlomI Vdebillsy."
tli, h Is rwlh V. Am of Pimomt.
I.O,, rulDos Oualy l9, t all drug

Meuldldrt' Pro(.idjlt In Court.

,w ,' 4, Nrov. .-J ;.e l. Vat
*'.,* atlas, president of Uh Inm Mould*
Pf.. t unton of Ncrth AWlriea. was In
' ,i0 0 plMilOe snrtw tfud, to answer t1
St. thiur. of atMls U ahbettlut the

IaN -gpr j n e s Is. Wto tle
; ft .sfamw ta u
e Steady r

%.No tm Ours Iw
I, piMit If timonydtlio *

Ow b 'him is gensidi
agfsshe o markn,"
| =, --- W --ttf 'i' ' !I

a.s.. as h aa other Is so

,L I ,,:",! '"",, .:", '.. "
^.c ''.. ^.^;,',' '.'' .' :'
:fdirt .' i '''
..:Hr ,.' ,,,. ,
^",,' i '
^ 'T' ** ' .'
*4 < :
l!J^ ^^^^^ ^

,Uh* W t,, eir Yperantr
'tw4nM$M l of tlt Uited Klst
sigsl. iLbGu oall
'0lltr *t a gf poat, was
fleiww st vrioarded here. thw
Mltre I pSr1F i :n d the loMal au
ttb*0 r rmitl' D telWf work. The
atrrptoi ofa the telegraph communal
(ata tho t* InItry is almodSt com-
ii tead s 'th'Mistd villlses ate &ur
9s.l Wayty lat a few m;utaner4
ir l hrvi btn d!ijcotvred frozen
to dtih ~ tr ma ow.
l l 1 1 . ,


. V

he ruse a*r

* avms ae ge
rovuioa r ntutr
Srem of mewl
gamnt woet b ifts
ti imIbhw" or its
the height, of Ito
I onaker fed at its
kuty smat
r. Nature alwayss
hoIs a f lrtablo
lngs vewlars, for
aid. In the rears
and starnlae have

am et the U1 est theusand4
Sr,. but than ln to |in.
Is aM 4Ml0otllsa sth true ease
teh at iM nMw tas to be
P l to that bwuerws into
IttbeLw Dwbrote ftrplclde
F this per*, thus
to fBW' u usa.
l ta Dtampe.W MOsap
A ah aslt1lt tob.
YZ~.L: I ~ Yr~t~ in

1 Al

^ Ctnlr eriw's.
|^| tsmr1r0

'1 0


Fur the next few days a Good Shoe for Lady

or Gentlemen, regular value $2 25, this atle only
$01,ti. Other Sioes in proportion.

Ir _- -- --



A 1 *-
r..a.... rrL a I

VVia Vtt A J s 1
or s t osae MDSus e r *"
NolrUJashwa'" LUI eBlU V U JU Lirne V MooWstr

S' S*E. r r Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
S"i'ad TWI E EaR -.TiYme. Table in effect Sept. 1, 1"04.
l u o P While es Utpalon manosfactur. Depart rFr GAINESVILLE Arrive F
.r. and *pate are Ioodingt theountry
iPSt O Uore I wmth worMhblies swnt w abimne, ad 8:45 pim Hih Sprin and Inter-. 10:;0* f
retoilm dla i is en* iR els eulart and mtakleg state. Daily mediate Polan Dts
liM m. i mse wherein tLhey have copied the ... --
.. utieimase claims of rpoa ble .ompas 12 i40 pa Oasla, Lnsburg and Tampa, and 8.40 P M
lr iai nnis*a, Wn f p*shmaser. bfar e heIwil. Daily Intermediat Points Dil
o4. t of. his fall den. eat pusml, and fled is ditted k il,
lll to mke a 6le0ton. n.0pm i alatka..Daytona, Jacksonville. 1l.P '"
S.... The rll rity of the NbW 1HOM Dally North, E:t and Wes Daily
S' ii0mTh :' tainttd throughout ---llt d -. -.
Sthe world., evIdtee of it aprinorle- 12:l15ram High tprinp, aWaYro Lav anna, Braun.wilek, P lP
: "it sad well- It ; sad th New tome ew~aas. Daily Albany, Atlanta. all Point. North. Est Wst Da
Wt iw's pooth. Ins ComlpsnF ta ays *fesd the -
i- ?- ., -pihlg I~ j;jrl esputsuon of manuftlur n 8:15pm R M a6m a-
^S4!.nwlDN imainef there ueed' Mie~t umd
hb e sioas, ose lbu, Imi h tnt a ,I IbNEW Daily p aip1
totdeba. e Twen. tk pot be impoel upnIb by sgetto .n
'ifiii 't..' ,W allthomK Iou toat soene otlmeTnmeh inmi 8:0.a*11 i 7::J)0
1 jgJo aas ash than boshe shovel High SprinM D1 I
n" d the KE V A OME for I quarter ex.MdJ i e w
otW a ,'of aIti t i sand be tulded bhyw "a -- .- -- .... -.......
g st I r-ewklhp eatntgt otf thesq *. or Lhfh "A naml. Bm. Intershsaesbl Mileage Tiekets, good over 12,000 milmu of amsongtbe |pri
:,iOlliipt o. R A,. M pi. tr d utuLl the esw, Home e'spal utaliwrls t _the SBotherm Stte, are on ale by the rinelpal Iagen s
ao equal -r o.or h ruhPullmann uI'per Port Tampa to New Yort, via Atlmale (Oi
ll )be k4 stile Masonie Hall over j' g at ,Mi pour loellsy lbeitn Lin;ale n via Atlnt Cet n and therRailway.
seh the, Mbaker NM lan' de~ea will wrt t ep utdweahilgluerd an he w ill to,
*i0 Mftsfi. Atull dednes i, :e you nroe auppwelged shi e pi iJ. A, GOODWIN. Ticket Agent, (a1s1ll 0 "1'
Mi i"d ted. and visitingn full nsdM oe. .ttat h MA.-AIRNyo. *.u A...y. .a......applid. .... i ...V. A
tlAibt.e nd. mad vis l hs. ~m 2N W 5~A! itflvimz ^ -- i. ... -.... 'wb Pea Art




f ,.!v .,i i ',.



A *

. - ; '.

L, it I; '


U iXnekhU sad WLudorw
IM bh on the LneS


'si Itret Time the People of
Prlssiohv Towns May
Iwsineos Over the 'Phone
Iof Comins to City.
I florid4 Telephone Comir
afrowingl Institutlti, and is
btIobeome one rf ilht moIst
p vll pF11i6, as well as the
valaint, of it. kind 1i1 the
h l la company began ts career
IMeagoIo with iles than three
1 wire, but the demand for ser.
llgreat tha) the. prolnoter
laled aexetend the lihn to
ealeOss of the oomity, thereby
i Gaineville wis th e more
$lOwo l of the county.
was completed to Aelher n
ja ., which affrded telephones
with Arredondod Kanap*
rand Archer, and now it
doeided to extend the iystemi
,. Rohelle, Wiindsor and
0, which will give the people
.lownl the advantage or tele.
imaualioation with this olty.
prepom to begin work of eon-
1 of the new lines Monday
l," remarked O. 0. Voyle, so-
l of the company, "and
the work as rapidly as pou *
we r are s anxious to finlih
the people are to get it."
Vllet staten that the oflos of
ltywill be In the Carolina
4M Mi*eanopy, while at itochelle
IMtmwent will be in the
SJames Holder. No arrange.
vae been made so far as the In.
of Instruments at Windsor
ill, bot notlie will be given

Eas Florida Telephone Com-
.i$1 have about fifty miles of
thee lines will have been
The instruments used are
best and most modern long
pb'.onesi which are giviIg ex.
atlslfotlon to those who have
to ns them.
Workers of Presbyterian
Want to Raite Funds.
Sarnest Workers' Society of the
repytelrlaln Ohurch, with a view
fends toward the payment
i nramame on the manse, have
to, give an oyster supper In the
sitor, recently vacated by Phl*
,on Friday evening, Decem.

to preparations are boing
oy nthis function, which will not
laslade an oyster supper, but
p aid confectionery boothI as
'Thoe who prefer may be served
iao(e Western steak at a reason-
prie,a id may lake their "better
19 their sweetheart a box of nice

ade candy t a a price which
ll make them feel badly.
ladles dsire to Impress upon
b)sle the date, Friday evenlia .
3, and inamuch as the supper
Sgivei for a good eaus it is to
.that the affair will be well

- .; .u


It is not always,

to use a whole 1tutltl iif

Scott's Eniulduiln.

Ieft \\ill keep.

1 i..)

\V' l...'.u :

.a bottle ,of Il:r ilIt .
three years ,il thit ha., .;i
good. What tliher pr.p ,,ra-
tion of cod liver oil v.ill 1:p't
sweet and permantint r 1.,!.'
that length of time ? (,it

Emulsion is alwaYs

I.'.. ..-

because it's always 1M ;' .,;


%VW 'll .i.l y 'I r n f '. !<.,.
,--" -iW - .
ECnYri' & IOWNI",4 PtParlbtit,q t. N" W


Thanksgiving Day Calebrated by Pa-
rade of St. Joseph Society.
Melroie, November ftJ.-Thanklgiv-
ini Day was duly celebrated in town
by a parade of the colored t. .loseph
Snelety. TThl Iiulifani House enter.
tamed thirty-four guests to a lnrst-
olIeas service.
The town is flilluRtigp fast. The arrl.
vals during the week up to date are
Mr. and Mrp. Qeo. R. lull and son,
Mrs. W'ykoff and t. French, all of
Buffalo, N, Y., who are located In the
Brown cottage. Also M1lu M. H. Moo-
man and Miss Cushman, Ocean Grove,
N. J., sad Mn. Morris, Washington,
U. 0.. who are at the Faith home;
and IH. U. Brooks, who le at the luff-
man House as usual, and Mr. and
Mrs, E . Whitehead and [Ir. D. It.
Whitehead, E.liabeth, N. J., who are
In their Urove street cottage.
Mins Flora Morris entertained a
number of her friends very pleasantly
on Wednesday night.
Gale and Frank Yearwood of the
EaSt Florida Beminary me over for a
few days. Other visitors In town are
W. Minor, 8tarke, Mits Ruth Lyon,
interlaehen; E. F. MoLeod, Lynoh-
burg, H. O.
J. M. Price went to I ialnesvlle
to represent the Melrose Masonio
Lodge at their recent meeting.
A . Tyler has returned front his
trip recently, and lI glad to be back
once more.
The many friends of Leo Grimes will
be pleased to hear that he has secured
a vry good position with Ihe Consol-
Idsted Urocery Company at Jacksonu
The Ladies' Aid ScJetly will meet at
lMr. Ilusbaud's on November 29th.
All mueberd are invited to be pree-
ent, as important business is to be
A Heavy Load.
To lift that load off the stomach take
Kodol Dysppla Cure. It digests what

hut wais not erjotlisl> hirlt. tliIt foi
the herolc A ,* 's f hfIh l rtilI; .AIr
Wall waulai n a. I* ilt hi honie., which
waa not over *t ft-t from hlt store.
The next t- -d.llg i hu tirn was Ih
hriclhk it1or ?l .Ms.ra. A I). & T. IC.
Johnlli:n. whi(fli ha' a complete loli-
The' ntlir esc;k tif igookdi were all car
ruled ,lar. lui 'ri loudly slnamageid.
0(,naig lit Ihe very lmiteld l supply ni
watt., il. telortf s i r ti1 eilthint to
checi e he irT Hr we-re aN i itiidlrably handle
cappd. Mir. Wall liuld nio Insurance
The olh wrm wvre : parftully Inmureli.
Norcrusn presents a rather sad an4
ray,gAt' ai pVtalialut'r thJil lurinli,. bul
as is characte rilice of Ihe butrlpiw
men, rebuilding is already belal di4

Only Make a Bad Matter Worse.
Perhaps you have sever thought of
it, but the faet nmut be apparent to
everyone that eonstipataon Is caused
by a lack of water In the system, and
the useof drastic oatbartis like the
old fashioned pills oul make a bad
matter worn. Cham berlina Sto8a-
seh rtd Liver Tablete are mhnk more
mild and pntie In their efetS,and
when the proper dose is taken their
saetlo is o natural that oa ne a hard-
ly realize Istl the nffoeet.oa medeiino.
Try a 25-cent bottle of them. For sale
by all drtitfnit.
Will Walt for Dec0lo'1.
O(elli r.. Ala., Nov. -%.-. M. fnl
fro. probate J!i :go of l.+e county, bai
announced tbat he will n.t give ip ith
office he now hold, to bin successor,
John t Lyons. elected at the last $enI
eral election until a dclailon has brne
handed down from the supreme court,
and It has been also annouleed that
Judgeelect Lyons will Inrtitute a con.
tent for the offle. The difculty arlie
from the mix-up owaeea med by tbh
adoption of the New state oastitutlo.
which does not affet all the laws. gso
earning the eletloo., and seatlas el
Itate and tcunty omcers.
Neuralis Palns.
Rheumatism, lumbago and solatil
paine yield to the penetratingl flueneo
of BallaTd's Snow Liniment, It pene-
trates to the nerves and bone and be-
Ins absorbed Into the blood, its behlln
properties are couavvd to every part
of the body. and effect some wonder-
fih eIren. 23e, 5w, $1.00. Sold by
W. 31 Johnson.

you eat. Sour stomach, belching, gas
on stomach and all disorders of the Krc.~':,y Kills Un:Is.
stomach that are curable,are instantly 'N i 'i n.. .. N. '. 2.-A C:.
relieved and permanently oared by p1'r-c fr.': li U',niln. Ky.. y : ..M111
the lue of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, 8. Shaw, a progroil;nt lawyer of thli city.
P. Storrn, a druggist at 27 Main street, shot and killed his uncle, Robert buck.
Now Briteh., Conn. uays : "Kodol Dys The dead man. it Is claimed, went to
Nw Bri Con. 8aw's house, wth the Intento
pepsisa l giving such unlveral satils*- oSherIn hi. wBuck kllled a aon
faction and is so surely becoming the murderi yea him. ak kd r llr wmand
positive relief and subsequent oure for m serot ar.
this distressing ailment, I feel that I
am always sure to satisfy and gratify A Good Comniexie.


Sarly iMerinlg Flames Destrey SIBo
nea Portion.
Nor-erw 4%, Ua, Ni '*; -Thi' rio4t
de wxrialive nfirg in tIf hirituory 'l Nor
i'e at* 'wnrrhi.t tltr i mnorlt, ,stwfli T 4
o' i I<<,A ru. l t iro. hiiiliiC to it ftha MVt
frJlM[il .dd in i rr .-1ti1 h i. On ilthel Ie
nU0l fl. l ioi the I), 1 ) jitj1i.k iriick
tmulli1, 1 tie i l)ni)i al,) l iAir '11in I
4-< iJ lll is i wr 'l k. lI ,i t' it he w IallI
faTlliiag nl. tle Vti trti l ite tock i4
the Mi* rlf -MA)tr.;e *i'.upiai.ny was a
Tit' 1 flii. vt mI i Atlirt;- l i1 i h o it i li
biilliltia / whilsh WSr ru uiNUlfiln ine
own, l anal nledIpy by I r. D. I. Wa!
at i hirhit'rkh ilip itndt tuore, whiclih wAs
jilr!hy hiuntii io i)th Kf*Untd. .M'r
Wall whlh. wIrk'inl t* savu 1hin WluI1
Ing frtu friom .the ro;f ito stho Arin nd

For Sitlt

I ...* *

T, 51,'B'a 'N
,' *' ^ t,
THE SgN, f!1M



Sea Island


USTS-~~ -.J-

. UT T^

A n* . .. .- i...

Manufacturer, of the Ji,
Sea Island Qt in. '
lADVI T .T '. '...
-- i : i J e eI .qi pl lll I* 1* i i iiii'ii"t

The M onl

On the A, C., L d

None etter i

285 W.Bay8

Cottraty tuele tewt
i- "' ,
fJ^la M ASC_^^B^^^1
^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^t^ *l

',, ..r .:i ,

I vi Atla tat Tww '
I,,, A d i...,


Two rile deillyt, Il 8
from Ata. ..
,,INI ".' .. .,; ,'" ''

Ter y Ra

So tiar.sti e
for r tuI
tnilftl hdft *

' Mothers Praise It. my customsl by recommending it 0t "*lSprkling eyes and resy cheel re. -
re everywhervepraine Orn them. I write this to show how well stored by sing DeWitt's Little Berly
*ough Gureu for the sfferinS the remedy is spoken ofhere." Kodol RIser.," so writes 8. P. Moore, of
E oli s and tie il; off ttrhir Dyspepsia Cure was discovered after! Naeodooher, Tex. A certain cau
15levIedand the ive'. of their years of siientifle experiments and for billiousnueis. ontipation, ete.
,one Ii h eaved. A cetalin will positively eure all stonimah trou. 4mll pill -.adr take-asy to act
fc coughs, croup and whooping lold llly al dru gists.
A. Bpalford, potlmraster. of
r, Mleh says: '"Our little girl ae.Prominent Tennesaeean Dead
I .oaselous frotm trangulaton Studfint Paralyzed by Hazers. Nabhville. Tenn., Nov. t.- Major
a sudden and terrible attack ofl ean tiu-'l, nI rv. s.- Ih a'* h l Cave tohnis, the First lattallo,
SO Min.ute u icnrough y ,C1 'I, qstry of having pat Fi. ret rienl;m t. N. G. 8. T., died at his
Yedao injured he36 r e anidk I canno tie ay' ,, ,^~ i home In Clarksvtlle. Tenn., aged 21. tAi
'oand red herlnd anno l tl llte or A Art itl i:ilt'. nicll i Dcead I rndson of iOn. Caye
t ure ret hle cough. makes one cae, II 1-!ll ,. hlls res~lltrll in Johanon once jontmanter general of
I Oagea. utsutt phli e lm,draws serml m u L r ll i tho Unmte l niLtes. .Ma)or Joholib o
Mtrnaint, and removes every A stent n A T. lt,'ro'lil Wal, made a brilliant record with the nirst I
of Ia ough and strain on lungs. Ist lFaid. "iralppdt to a chair with I Tennessee relimenl In the Pbllipples.
all dr llrKists. metal seal, an imnl ilon If the instru.
--- meat for .telhrltrocuion. anid an Cel- A Runaway Bicyle.
Had a Big M*in*g. tri current was turned on th ihalir. Terminated with an ugly cut on ihe
Tlom F. MBeath of Eiet tFori As a result. accordiln to lthe .lpr. De l of J B. Omer Franklin Grov,, I1l.
L h y has returned from Hamp.- roe ibotldy i he bn e paral rt frOm Ir devleoped a stuibborin uler onIayld-
ftlo Fridiay evening he deliv the hlpsl dwrnwird. Other cases of l to dotorsnd remedhiv for folr
oai a address on "-Edoetion for laltreatm"nt of newly nleredl Itt yea.. Then Sleklels Arnles Salve
lIP" beore the melting of thoe ents 1 y thf upper rlmmen arwfe tar eurd. It') Jult s good for bumr.
TMashers' Aeosiaition rated In connect ion with :i nil lnrn cer. lrldd, kn eruption and piles. 2e st l
.Y Mleth reports a molt enjoy- emonle .. 1a mtoa r l
Am IM nai ..a... .- -. a ------- -. ......- -- O lr 1

ia Il
-a all-*l



dl. 0R i 9

lowud Trip. Ou
sale dells_.
til) Dee. 1.
Round Trip. Ob
sale daily. Sood

y tsis Uday. ...... '" g. ll n in g
""x., rp 7 fm'



ir brousIk Alantsi aW CllaUi i Ir Oslm ia, a 1i
eto from lMor s wltewsh M mt a" M rTa f VltS14

UnlMuwa qt

unv Il FAri n'tll Mah Ilal,

Uli ~.II


I. -

-T Ilu

"I '
4 '. It.'
h'..i d.


\oll AOUM* I**


ai hte IfoS A

u te thesis
- "s ,' "

FMo w",

c a
r7-7- f .





V' '7 -


Outfitter to Particular People.


Different I
That I\ e dp 4)p and well-founded oonvilion in
tbh public clad regarding Ohe

Correct Clothes

Hand-Tallored by
Co., Baltimore.


Bros. &

They are marklf( superior in style and workman.
bhip to other makes or ready-to.wear apparel.
Don't tbe defvd by the elothing pictures you son
Ipe M ansire adln rtleeunmen. Take these oIboratt
I;ftalios eatil sam ro them witl the elothte t'h y
klai to rprelta si watoh the ffsee upon your it1n1 -

"0A1s pltomeao notanukr lae alothes.' Is one of
No Aheh ptim Pa This naks of sloshlu stand, on
s ult greater quollltsetually foned la each garment.
SThe suit shes in b thllusaratioa but flintly repro.
sa s stheW lat dei of Double Brneted Buak. We
Ahma I la r" popir browns and fancy mixture





IL! ~~F[rI I -.FhL 'a.,j. C -

; I

. 4 s-WoW a f n 0A.dM.4=M

Atf r torticlar b ople. GAIN ESVILLE, F.1RI0A

R. McCLELLAN ____ ______________

Wonrty of
I conflterauoe

Funeral Directors and
W laaa "aensd EmbtadIlmur.

lrf H k Wetr Mapps Art

. -aSel--es
Is be 1155% bikrUsh



B SmmBAfl P riAllseentatte

Il f i twwplmmtl. 8ote Ans tfor WOEARCH and IMN .
S-- toa quA~mt shon. tory
# t Ewtaspurutis lat he Gi*rp pair wratnsd.
th Ma wcact Pret. g n.

-ml-llm SsTHeR. RYe



ftIwlft I'hwy QUls.
nosw seunas
h We Whl r Ows lo a, both snit
* Id Irewh Wetr and will el marullet,
a rdles of sIre. be wh, e for 8ke.
O lrer fish as reasonable prioe. Order
* -roltol^.


bet Ume to St. Al$
Superb Dlinl Car Servle

sopmn ir od armru$ain at
vile and prieitpal North Carolina
moqootaim resorts.
see High Bridge (highsbt ralrud
rtdg la the world). Famuen Blue


We cover thoe impmoTnant points tv'sivctfiLhy
solicit n .sare of your tasineiR *

Fire, Life, Accident and Heltli lusurance

--Agents for the-




! Victor Safe and Lock Company
CliLsoC T -rtvatt-. Orio.l
The "Victor" is the best safe made, and partli eniptemplat-
ing the purchase of a safe, or anything In that line,
from a box to a bank vault, will save money
by consulting us. Call on or address,
Information sheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA

MOm hr r t mingr PFall aad Winter a rlr.lce lt of huddled sad igra"cn
KCM'A? TREES ef the ulandard varIretls, srI at havi a ond rertd 10I
hind Uwm. Alt Frirlts, OrnameialasI, te. tatalteue and *uadll to
rcecsTfhl ream CMllre"I tw, t i I t i S S
i -- - ** ^ l -


Pn Soda later, all Flaors, GIager Ale, Root and Birch Beer, Cider, BEc
W rto for twie% C9P" asad boll4-4* nar not %ldl. hIat IUP4t he rrcturned
ivtt -c*.~i sm ---

- -v-
__ 4'





ma a a a a i



An BsUr con

---- -r~----~




qw ILLL~- -W qlwww Wi"W


r .

;~;: ''
i r:~ Ll"
'' Y1, aeoJ

ilil .jT .. .

P. I LVy

j iI OIPSr w I oif l R ftin(.iMm , -ii,
,i rmail astir.
kiPANY', UVEituor d rlPuilAer
, j. A CAIII.iJS M A-. ' jam I .UltTI. City rIllt<.r
30 P's3 iar. rg. TL.rpow s. i4
IIu gtIIo publibsd every ir.orning ars-
owl V 4re!vd by arrtler in Ibe o ly.
i i1 tY rt of fbe U rt.Sled Btm. poe-
nIp bllj eI w.1.0 sl x f wonthmr l w -
a0* enm for Alt*weols -

Ti, e inditioll of the labor of ills
o'nil y Iliat 'tha edII l tin e last tell
yr inrp In tl,' *,'tin that tIh rights( of
Lh lt irirr hr hvrn grreatly Iin-
pirtovdi, Sals have i t llen inreaf -1i.
thei hur iof tab tlii riluced, U nil, ats it
rho il I'h 1 li )at l irer in rr'ecognizidl
inot am.a m 'ressry aiwl iiimllitl
fi ,- iir, g ltl n.) liil tlt r lIiW nfllitit it .i
hlliilml't hi* ot''iliatiion. he, Isat lint arr
looked 11i|11on l erel ipai liifit-iii A Al
ihw .' () ll ll i ui r wy -tll i ar lhie. -
Ildiil,. notl ily to t lill r, r.r ,i a
surI e ndex that theam indlil f tih. jitilic
hie tco re .i a flair n iidi equitable ,* rF.

I MI w- -


The motion utf (?vngrei in lending1
'W,yi0.1l) to g he I.usiana uiiii rhasl
Fair in St. LoiLs has been Jutitled after
al A g udl niarny re'lratdedl it HI fiio-.
i>h eierolity usd a luiaip iun p s r
illoi ey totl, St. Loaih lI h liiiow rFp id 1I
If. lnit iistallfi ell t of ithe uIoveri i-
fl!t hlili. Its pltdilze is redren'ed.,
III iit kTriat credit. Ther i tl lllian!v ia
the fair ir failing iIT. t it hls 4ki iAy
in t.rpritr t antl will eWrt(i rIturn loine.
Shinl l to itst prinmotorr. Tii ia drigr is
That Ihis iolYveney will riicirurage ('I111
slst lo lack up olther uitelrprlirie( ol
t I o rIt, srd tlhis htIa really 4(1iu tIIHiut
far e'o(igh.


'- - .. - WE
"' "7, at""nn 9 17"1 p..e ,oa .. . B

i wh.i owy for when you a bay laid;rtq
know Whitt you are buyin.l l1
Titles ordinarily Invisible correctly rlveI tl

Alachua Conty- Abstractl
a-- -rse-ville, .F1P r

. *

Vase4 iera lt i.iI of th11 vast sau d aivir p.ri. a..
6*Oi0ltIo local UIC t 10 rnU'Lta uI rt iall. fo r whlch lti l' wIt ll- I 'rn repl rt of 2.t5 l fanilie till ,ill.
iGlllerum lad centsf orc reL, Id py la or. alil evr'body iod itreitcird j Lerestrlil ttble has been prepared by
litOtt i wel lit lfn of l. r'oun try., .utld i tle Iro ru or LUitr, showing tiheg a-
i4 lVr dlr adver" i ng lr known tb* tnllkful. et ra,* ,-xpeoitir,- per family in all
H f ** n I............ . Wt.rdo Int pretend to n l, i i any way ilparllt4 f tlho UI'litld Statl fr lithe year
Wee Sturreek Sun Is ln lthit-ll.e. ai rfornmr, ,r a b *.ttr thiiln th-o" 1ll)01. Fild and rnli are thte mul ex.i
SA Thurfl r. t .ld el:tlisi tIN lh rojidtlinig we* annot refrain fro i iii k.- ahalinl 'sl nril ihai fllor th wife
li le o e .ig fw otls rvations ol tllhi ; 'vial i 11 eti e K i ip nt for i.sloxi.
ng alas beWtlkd. wtagle free. ttI iy In .
'. ti U. ile Scd S ie orC, ,rLl.O is 'i e legrea berli tll iow a crn!ll |. tir4 1( li i rr o so I ,r i harity ; lltcco
-todSates ur Csnaa r ing to the labor of our country hais o< t o' .tiii, Atrd nr tl hia religion;
CSenlt e .bll 0eo11e due eKa 1rn1' from lthe1 agitation of the <1 A $r4 aai.n ot as much
W l"oI dvI llertDieaentaniesaltherwise ltion risultiln in Ilhe oraiiiiatioin tf ln I\m..,, .l i iuih as religion,
i lasO Paril notni hnow to lle l argue unitber of laborers illnt bookm atiol i agistn' ronibinrd. OIeo
be lreo red topi for advertising In d d- likat i known as labor unions. We' ay wll alk if uth a (cleart exhibits
* ADd-. r DAILY SUN. le always been of tho opinion that.i a I ry high delgrei of civilization.
lnliLlS ,' outside of thet qIestion of wallres, these
,labhori orlnizatzlions r hrieereticil lnot A trong to iry "itanid" a fIlw
il I ntolan of t ar In only to the eiplIoy., hut to the eun-. i "doll days," as a itrmng mair tiay
l will i1p Into ynoteer in pioyer;i of ihese unions enforce cer- ".atnil" a spull of ilkns ; but, In
pe- New Yt 's Da. He y7 talai rules, one of which is the requiri- ,.;ir cave,. ''previm in" itu still a' hot

~rPppuileansl a Awsi .EreUItUuws mr
thir uppers.since their welting.

eatble announces from Manila
lOeneral Corbin took a moonlight
l hisl auto along the Lunata and
ifhe names of soldiers killed by
i lurgents will be forwarded by

Piweral maspailue have asked Ex.
Commleeloner Ware to write
g iving hai vlewso of faie-hold-
I Washington, but coupling the
with the condition that it shall
a no words that caniuot properly
lt I a print.

l ,eJmIl of the iremiden' famtilliiars
l w shouting the name of Taft in
ioilan tons as the administra.
%easdidate for lIkI. What be-
of;' Mr. Roosevelt's unanimous
tloa of lIoot as the well he-
P ad oalJ Ohter Hoot.

may poesimi0tio friend, tiho ie-
majority in the next lloue
ai l be the largest the party ever
The Repulillcan majority will
S over all bua it was 133 over all
I1M I, and the Democratic party did
immediately and forthwith turn
~it toes to the daisiet. In fact.
think that it still lives.

.0lol-dieneral Evans of London
lnk home a box of "essenees"
.are used in that city to make
ey.( Onlt is reoaote. a pound of
hthwll make a hundred gallons of
h whiskey when put into pure all-
with burnt sugar to color It.
,Health Ilpalrtment should strict.
b prohibit the sale of wood alcohol.

ie Atktor Leod vehtiiently declared
( bobh ego that any talk of rcciproc-
7 with Canada was "'n inmult to tle
Uumialtsruaion at Washington." Hut
a D eImooratie shoemaker was
id governor of IMalsahusttli,
lapi rons you as gIently as a sucking
nye tdm has actually announced that
kIMgrese may possilily consider the
ibjet. (lis term will ex piiro Marel
a t is the object of thIt, Pre'deiin l'
,|lAeted campaign lth rouh theLSoutlh?
ll8' he yearn lfter thle ,nthiliastict
',pt0obatioh of Gieorgia? Il)oel he l0ong
SiIbind Texas to his triulmphalnt chariot
.*%Il@! Dioes hl hanker after Yazoo
;lmCquets Or does he merely want to
rl Qout what bolored will make the
..? tatisrfactory postmasterel? W'.
S,,,re his strenuosity Ihat there is a
'l -td deal of respeotfull ruriosity
1' )I0g these Iues about thls timnt.

It does serm wa if the charge of imi.
S -ialanltn iglnt the admitistrationi
"' tlolerably well founded. It was
,!l noltih for thli republic to ac-
'S-Vi with fulsome ezpre fions of'
lStka the bronze statue of King
f: d ehiek. one of the most absolute of
Sfollarehs, from the despot now upont
t.h thrjne of (ierImany; bu it wae

meat tif all members to perform every favorites over *'ilre. "
part of the contract to employers to
gIve full value for wages paid. thereby *, Ilhl L*Iperlempe.
assuring the employer from los from "**,t yr1,n l,' i:, .liti'n, *-..s
failure to perform the labor contract. !*. en.; in' t is i imonetvY.
ed to be done, aid ia the ii asnoit e "*\n.. I ahily thought ii i4 1:. 1:*,
aspures thd employer. a fair wage for his anli it ri tleml hiir whlnu it got(.
Slaltor. <;levelaind ll Ila in ,ler.
There are many labor unions - --.- -...A .
throughout thi. oanintry, but snonte of
them seek to control or organize the
labor engaged in the greatest interest
of onr couitiry, I. v., the prodtianl in D BREi
tereit, and this is a situalaon whiah we j
confess we are unable to comprehend.
Why is It that those who produce most
of the wealth of the earth cannot
come to an agreement by whclh an, fl. .
equitable comblnatio can be formed ?i
Notwithstanding the wealth produced fJJ
by the farmer, we find him the victim
of nearly every colnbinatlou of capital,
whereby he is deprived of what Is
justly due him. We have seen the
attempts made to organize the farmers
of this country through the "Urange,"
the "Farmers' Alliance," and kindred
organlsations. all of which have been
signal failure; yet if we call atten-1 O tii
tion of these people to the fat.,
that they hioild organize for their iir Ul lnN N
terestr. each of then will readily agrne '
that sucla an organization would beo of .. Al
great benefit t o hPm. ,s uME iN AND WOME .
After looking back over the past hi-r I +I 'Trtlats ie t fltNu i,...
",u ur i. I rll&ttt 0 u: I-%t. I,
story of all attempt to organize the en M4', .tm !e l, '.l i rr.,i l
farmer, we omne to the conclusion that Y:LufvwNhmaCe fitr '-,i .,.ta. ..
possibly. in thu wisdom olf God, Hel has ,lIuliud E lira lllt
so made and constituted the laborer 1 *tr I' r4 9' I7.
and producer of the wealth of the .ir i ,

world that they are unable to form any
&pch unions and combination., and if
such Is the case all efforts to elTeet
such combinations will result in fail.
It must have been a diBzying sight
1-the introd'jctiou to a Washington
audience of Parson Wagner, author of
"The Simple Life," by President
Ito evelt, author of "The Strenuous
Life." The President inrists that the
two kinds of lives are only one kind,
and that he and the U(rman pastor
are it. Wagnnr not only declares that
hllt distiinatiished lhot ii the most sin-
cere iad artless4 of Imr, hbut that the
Aniericali people trad tlhe nost llni-
p)h lives of any people on earLh. Thit
it to latilh? It Ishowi the dellciotu
simplicity of the parson. If there ii
on earth a people living a more heltelr-
ki'lte'r. volatile and complex, life thriu
we do. that ;'eple hal ylet to rovereild.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury.
A s mercury will surely doitroy the
sense of sn-ll I lad com(tpl-tely derangRe
the whole system when entering is
through the mulooIs surface. Such
article should never be ired except
on preictriptior from reputable phy-
ieiani, as the dainage they will do i
tetu.old to the roodM yo: can possibly
derive frolm them. Hall'i Catarrh
Ciure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
Co Toledo 0 contains no mercury,
uttd is taken internally, eating direct.

Cream Vermifug





amma *bs smTaTs.pu.
BallhrdtSnow Liniment Co.
oT. LOUrS, MO.
For Slale bv W. Jubisepl .

4 '- p-=--L -c A

MWrfNU i. |H ALL uOOIImTftl.

hirn n a. ix Evr-er ov Y r.. 19", iv'. ...'
? V. et*iitsj t rai Ka. No.8 No. 3rth s* WS.K
, lv o.u vil,. .uIo Ity 0R 7 Up *
I.v .Jeup 'o ity 1 0 10 40iS p v.'. w,'.,
1.v avanrmnmh .Soly I (I)p 12 It Al
Ar ('mbia S II 6 a ip 6 r00 r tss.
Ar C(hrlolot Ho Ity t 4p BU a... .6a t i "
ArGreeboo ly 12 or6 1 3a 12 Slp Aln"t .'
,Ar I)nrvill ao Ry i 41 9 I2 I0 AI
Ar irilnic ot d ,No il v" A'r .. t
Arl ,;chburs t lry 4 Ia 4 fp Ar
Ar (larlotlav'tle o iy 6 l0 6 lOp ftir
ArWaeshington do Ry *0 4 9 I At
Ar ItAltlmoar. P Ity 11 1 3
Ar W. PhIadle'is p R y 4p t i
r New York P. P IR l ISp S a_ ,

SNo. 4--"ew York snd Flowldd I.
prers." Dalhr Pallmln DI)lrlrhioo
l8epling Car lJkeevwlle 6 3wY.
No. S2C-"Wlaski o au d.'+AlK w
L inmaid." Dilyr Pullman Dmrwlll
Rtoom wSilping Caf Jaq)vielq to
N ow Y .ok .
Th rough"The Land o lefth k" to. O
Lv JaUeksovll l, la .....
Lv ilvalia h, I.... ..... .h
A r Oolonibl: 9.0.. ,
Ar Athbeiltlro, 0 ....
A lfom*primp, N. a-... i
Ar Knoxvtlle, Tenna .... 0
Ai A l ulville ...... ......e +
Ar 1k. LoQIl ..... .. tI 4
A r Oinaenll ........
Ar~.Ltui Sug4 A

I -

i --t '
No. ti--Uaily PIt ultldin darlrmg i
and bfirfet ,leppingl ar betwa. le* K
otmvillo and St. Loule.

Two Tlrain Daily AV1

Washington and
NOw Yorkt

A1tA. SAT. T
Vie Chiago, Clm^aaaRI. (^a^a ,,I....
fted. OS a.. a..
From CIa.ems. CluAaImlt, -

li.ed." 9lis,, m.i
pfose," pAem0 .P. .ma. '..
a l ,a lsa a n d, *-P w' "*, a w ^ ^*II
J. C. LUSK, D trlP .P. .
.. f k wil. Art,4IV. E. ,A i.
Brooks Miorgn. 4.. P. A.

CLY Di.E ; n

^^ P./I

Jack.lOnvillwe an4 NeII
Calling at COAULBflt ,
The rl Tfeur sna l i lCg

Clyde New England and Si
Direct Br vt Doriwe JACKW

are appointed j lo ail se'followe 1ASLee Okea le
n, @@I~ _
St EM X-w zn3B'Z".r l.ri'
AS uthim nd ..........-. ..l ... .. .,.,,.

~,rih)oumd.. .............. x ... ofL o L
BotwirkI JACKOONYVli i g Ii9'""
SIoppi~lt b Pallltk!, Aelort, 0 rriPei. B (Prt
Seiadlapl ba i Jabs- /
Commenohsl Tueedly, Moebeailir U 1lN< ;.: ..,
Slbamn Ctit o i&tifoll" W apt "'NE
are appointed to slal as follows Leave Jfilklvh tl
S :80 p. m. itesuarntng leave Hatoed daily eepM i ** *

L ae8 prm ........*... ... ..Jn k l i I E.... I... *' i "
g 6pi .. ........ t S.....OP......h ,..i U
ll am. .. ....... ...... lo ..A,.. ,...., i
r.. ......... .... A *rolt[D1n l 5) ..w..W4
II JP 11' Il _i 4* ^ W __ 4__ J I_ i -l lll i* .*

,lmlil Im .A i ilma a i*San|i pIa

9. - I . . . . . . . .

--.~- ..~..:.-- .


~n31U F'Vi



''' ''1~





- .. -'--1- -.- A



t.e0 powr thl
A| agh iw w ig ht

9a sp pesurntama-
..": Rufb to

if ch mb a btut

Ir anll _^ ^... -
.WTh- .' Ut.. tf...
%A" ,.* .io

^^*1to* ONO"*^y ^B ^

-q- M'

L' sw he
IB Stnt ga

.rr tvi7

EI -

9 in- A. 0 7 R7
PENTI, A:r Line Railway
.,. .DENTIST*.... . . ..

.t oia s ....... A, a ....U SavAnnah, Columbia, Camden, Souther
4. L, -.--- ines. Raleigh,,Richmond, Wash- .
) ..O. O"P.A. ington, Baltimore, Phila-
o i enm M.ol1o a.o4 oe..n1, /. delphia, New York.

A "i"j/a'tt Two Elegantn Trains Daily.
S oi. I.t or
3 .A.U Seaboard' Express.
AlAoll1 Ltorl W uitn Seaboard M ail.
il Xltates Oonoyaiidela and (en-
sult Prnt* All bslfMl promptly '
0:,e toon. o nexor Et h 0or ODERN PULLiMA EQUIP rMEt
0A1mssstavtes, Frivon1A.
S. Only Line Operating
FpaDIMANx LAYE' Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orli t
GAsILLr., Lo* FioIInA. For full Inrormatlion ld ii*fe'tr relrvrationfl call on i agent abof a
write A. 0. MacDONELl., ti. lOViI ,4ON, Ja,
Anl. General Pateger Agent, PaaenIer Aglen
CER sll your eity plpertry, (in. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.
mOird amim~ pnphl, mMn_ .
teshikp tud Rman MlKi tmnd him "" ...... ........ ---B,
Sist zolihtetto oove fri le. 214r.
al,, NCR.657F
We, X. BlAKR,
OAeo Il Bedbl ., k. G l, Oood shells In your gun mean a good bag
S 3.4 W in thfi Aeld or a good score at the trap.
DI* J , ALDERMA9N, Winchester "Lenaier" c i'J "Rrecnter"0
DEIMT V 1 IW BSnmoakeklss Powder Shs'Is are tcod shells,
E NT.I r Sr t.r Amrl l M Always ;'I reirc-f l. i.*-:ty giv;w.; a even
OpeDiarn oaMn00 t"oles spread oi stit ard good p"<1 thb.;
W asw I n C w as e ra wet. great superiority is testified to by sports.
l nen who use Winchester Factory Loaded
SShells in preference to any other make.
a' Bem n nft a Dao'E
3mwe kl-M OdUes "etaS uuwe
ua-llwm s b 9 ti LW i A.....

HS flua 3.

WB? oEND, E3 -

us ow 8. law. We. I)
-- ollle

haN b-ttbolead drauoht. Doa'
lA to sll oeme wh **la i Jaksoitllle Di
lnR. ARBY Lt JAR BVlt. necr

nltsl3ltamIl.e 178

F. DUTTTTOf:& 00.

a teranl bet anklm e. bse, b.r sad U P rturnl aSod DoeM sebastheu
e moemaw of bea. b ekrl .oorratUon fsierm. oreastir und other
tev or tsw rab rtai n tl S ll n too a iRlas suleol;iea oo sP
beae iaoItu IL the UaVId iLe.



hi '-5,
1p -. *
Ci4 %~


**wDr 1 IL O Tto).
A, "t* "
*1 m is iner BIA ke*ko*-e. AG .G GRA AK. Prulident ano. W. HiDm, VitePresideat
IakameGra.,. Propr OF GANIIWES rILLlE.,
BM Joiertl ad Domestle Liquors ptl s 1
IS u whef4 iome. s L Capital................ ....$r50o,000 o
SSurplus and Undivided Profits... 25,000 00
DoB cBe IutBrr a at S b1aes Wo re m ts equattl so M beak le Latle tM& Ul
S.sae orm falrms. Mrh Crskema ees. en. Tr1 illwS
bh spell aurrasaeeet All bn r10=ases p'smp
S l *. H.E. TAYLOR. (ukier,
r Ma rnahekian os, fl or Two THROUGH( AIR [rIoLs

mmmc. i Io AUW T at. m
sea boera t rr a mlhe an sam ss to
I~l -"--"-'------~rt~

sao .ss .al ur. -- V A----V

olM br os atlnuouslyto'S

4". "at va a for alifeti Atlanta and Chattainoog.
.... ..6011W W the

Mathushe Round Trir Rates From Ga(iinesville:
a ONOa" a enrtewMs. Sees asS basa
rIa L We myd twraWu mine
t ofT h Ko, ,.
hp esh N| ilt s IOn'saledaily. Good till De. 25.. On .sledaily. lood siuty dor.
:. hands M. urd tteen & Bites o n aie '
EaMmiAl. Car Sank.* Sm tKhe th.tan. Mma ((L1a I n I .


* '~



11011' I Sli' ft1att HM onith l.ii tiC
i io ir,. r.,r litlilhla hIilMy fitiriji

:, bi& I t sl imantzjiU,41 t!1a1 Ili
i F' l ow lllar. y l hi. ilI

,Gal) Ihas lit4tn Id.4unt ta'r a litv
0o ventnlihn io hi lthei t NI llI
^Colle.. J4,. .1 1 1 ,,5.
ilBoy'ln \Vt;:ht, a jronilniit
of Ansu itt. Ga., h ai Lantuuticed
adidlY1y 1'r nt'V4rnur.
Stub.itcrfiplilmou on the fund to.
a lU oUllil!e'( in it (;oet*neral ,Jhn iJ
S. hat ta(ched *12.000.
Cart,.r. ,hi neio. whio killed
actor t1A. :r in iilitiagm. Ala,
se lntivowr. Jhas IM 'L.'l .1't i(it(l t0

Re Fellhysltu*'rLan *1 u *%tianta haE;
up nill hopit) of Su't'irlig the h14
iiti' of itha: dl.enomin'on fo, t( h 11
W. I la w son ti .INtono
.wha .. 11'en i.' r for a IrIK i
fbetr fri.uit. devlaie, lit I. liho

lA. bi 'nr i. Naaii iie. Tenu.. 1.
'jllf lie was ast l'iv tllnu pl)ilmlluw1
^li fTgbeaele littthis.
. A vlrelesu vrlehgraih dispatch hai
remllved In New York repurtlinf
doftb of Jimmy Michael, the hW
alitrd the steanaship lAYavol4
WM the result of a mistake by a
elerk In liropminding a prsecrip
,.$he little 11 -yar-old dauibhter oi
SPatrick O'Neal, of NashviJle,
is dead.

The largest ,,rdlrt ever rendered N. Y., was awarded to Mrs.
e Peters. a jury allowing ii
ii a b r-, l ai-i r ol-(promi e art tor
Ial Dr. Hay IIt. Pratt
Fralmers of Vallby Cottage. N. Y,
ortaulz4 it k piotcltective asIorlation
prOsOtweilet njili itnaii Who( trespasti
cn omm1l !itpr-t'ttmlin-.. -lpd'r!a:
will bIe nmijla'iyed to geardI tihf
Bn lands.
"b. ge ran b found true i1. agalinii Mnr. So
.4a Merrittt ihn maiitlher, and (Charler
r, Alantou nod Naney Johnson,
ll chtldreu. rhtlin'g i hem n with murn
and maroni
The largest imuuilbr o .4aers with two exceptions ivet
l ht to N.w York in -ne vofvv%'
In Thursday on the steameii
from Bro'men. There were 2.51i
.ml s on the "srrawu1 list

Disastrous Wnecks. I
Cralessness is responsible for many
ulailwag wreck and the same causes
maaling human wrecks of sufferers
lthrat and lung troubles. But
*si the advent of Dr. King',i New
'.*llovery fur consumption, conughs
GoldN. even the worst eases rian be
rd., anid hopeless resignation is no
rlusrneoesery. Mrs,. Lois Cragg of
,ester, Man.. ii oni.e Of iRaly
life was saved by Dr. King's
Discovery. This great remedy is
tiraiteed fur all throat and lunggdis-
"0.li0 by all druggists. Price, &C,
I!. Trial bottles free-
b '\
Vessel Safe In Port.
?b.. illid tl'1ih N, i A Tih r e p. rt*
40Wt the$ ii lr Ith fll)wialt (pt onf NuV 1 a nde
W drowiktinl. it. arcor'ing to
'.U 1of or .talctaln ltair. of illei,
B t Maer c1 s Nl, Miran., !ltnirtui- Thi,
41".It !1staes tOht the schooner Judge
5a lath a rihorin hi i the *neinei'ct
li'nrot the niluht of Novr 11. A mpe-
O or tlnallilictin lauir.?. flel., Nov
IL said tha tihe .lIdgr lnoyee ha'd
Ier? hl.l t 1t 11 lhlawareo t'ca alnd
tr Crew of ton nein t1n-l 1id.
Doesn't Respect Old Age.
S 6l shameful when youth fhilti to
'.I. proper respect for old age, but
I~Ab.he contrary in the case of IDr.
uIf if New Life Pills. They eut off
.II s no matter how severe and ir-
live of oldt age. Dyspepsia.
ic. fever. eontstipt lion all yield
1.hi' pertect pill. 2's alt all drupt'

New lie We. lisl*w.aec.
'4 Ji alehh qiU ',y ini I .1,,n in t with
0et elf r It' i %% tengtitiql
., IPK I 1. .14 'll.M t n.1:iityv,' pietl
A WI t 1 l I

| e .
FarI I
,'I M > _" O i. . .. i. i t F lu
11K*S ** '* '. K

* "-

Atrltout, Pa., June 20, Q)3.
Swasie with Tetter ii hail shape
It would a,); at in bhulirs6a large as m
hatl, a 3d0 twist color, aitd rale ot
Vau caut iiu*.biSe how UJtnIiStv it was
For twelve yeali -. I was aftuicstd with thil
troude. At nigtl it was a caL of scratch
and funny Itim 14 no reit at all. Seeuinthe
goal the medtirine was doing a rend
who war taking it fur jciegmai, I ctni
nrnced it, and as a result the eraptiot be-
Iga t1 dry u(p anll dial, ast. to-day
Isam practical. a wel 'mants. OInly two
tiny .uts aitre left on the elbow iau14 4Pin,
where once 0'c whole boly was affected,
I have ev-rr/ e infidence in the medIcine.,
and feel strm that In n it rrt time then
two rwin.:u-g apt, will disappear.
8. 8. S. it certainly A greit llooxl puri-
fer, aw hau i done mie a worMl of good.
I ami Ira*;r i tfor -what it haa accom*
plihe 1, aIl I-u that what I have Maid
will lwv l -th ri who arc similarly afflict.
el to t.CAC tuLe remedy and obt.lain tie
samte oo<. I rtqults that I havoc.
125 .aA I lath Ave. JonS 1*. LnAI.
While w&IYia'b.. SIH. ;..' fLsanidpowders
relieve t' i arilv, th -y i.j nat reach the
rea cause lof the disease. The blood must
ILa purified buore the cure is penuanent.
8.8.8. contains no 5lsh.harsenic ormin-
eral of any descri n, but is guaranteed
purely vegetable.
^^9 ^^9 ^ mendtM for our beook
on the kiUedits
dheamae. which is
Smant" frN. OW
cheerfully advis
L without charge
LL any who write -
S4Wr about theircase.
The Swift Bpeift Osmpay, AUtats, Oft






.Prosperous Times In Oeorgia.
Macon. a Nov. 26.-The records
in Wlthh c3;inyv shl:iw that for everY
niortrr' lirbl ,4 hi riring the pa>t three
?llEi nIt* ihri,'P ll(ti lnut:vs have beet
c n( ;led It ti- tll that this Is lat
tliit:. IIr%, r4iuv l iltI. % 1lliiAlly one
niortFt ,p' >; flicled f'r evvery one that is
ca r, IH) niI ho in t fh .-xAie tran action.
en'ilRh rv.-',' tru t n :irtln s Involvlns
oii'tg agf occur I't kL'oj up thep nue-
her on t'he rn'orfi. Thhi Is regarded
at one of to '"ry t saignA of pro
1)rFrois times, ad ilshows what hap
p.ns to the country when th efarmet
getts o g d t price for his produce.

New Way of Using Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
%Mr. ArLhur Chapman, writing from
Durban. Natal. South Africa, says:
"Ai a proof that Chamberlain's Cousgh
temnedy is a cure suitable for old and
young, I pwn you the following: A
neighbor of mine hail a child Just over
two months old. It had a very bad
enough and the parents did not know
what to give it. I sug-gested thas If
they woniuld get a bottle of Chamber.
lain'i 'Cough Remedy avid pit iome
up8na the dunmy teat the baby was
sneking It would no doubt cure the
child. This they did and brought
about a tulick relief and cured the
lishy 'Ihis remedy is for sale by all



Jacksonville, Florida.

B--EER -

Jas. Everard's Canada Malt

As gpod as an:y and better than moft
leer. Made of Hop* and Malt
and NOT ICE.

Per Barrel ..
Per Dozen...

* a.* **

$1() 50
1 256


corner i;rime a i1 e rttreos streets,

'tlltn nWh

P. 0 Boa 14s

ulvfU, lUU li..TnlpT t.- Dr

S untEy. O e

irmoTte g- & ftn

t \ FR Elty. SOar..A) ,.m

Ammunition and Guns. '_
A varied- selei of Of 7,' 'Tripl '
Mlated ad Solid lvr PIem les.

Largest Sellers In Florida 0of a i l
1- Wr1JAmerleOF '&iioIc'
Cwll Wcy

Chattan00ga Plows THE SIN t
The Prize Wine t hoe s a Lou mismoe V |.

Baird h CoN0 i N tv, a -w Prom t

J, D. GRABB, Agent, .S.I
-Dealer In-fh
Fine Wines, Liquors aMd Cig ars

We will snd IOl Eiprei lssi
Prpaid to lGaIiltelj u 4 O TH 1 OQUAIR. M

fll case quarts Serio Old

ajhnde fori S a '. A 'omplet aif M.W

The florida G ne il

WlintUit A. em mlontr a a a i |laaat U WLWW -0 lWl y

rnuit an iuva ruwer__
L. J. BRUXNT, Editor and Prero
Owe Tear........... ..--- .....l* Tla Tble n tt S.
slge espies.... ...** ____________________
iNo. L
A handsomely illusrated mgaslIae. l _o. 4. 3.. L.
devoted especially to the Intersim of uSs Dal Iuy. -TATIONS.
the fruit and vegetable growers of S '

Alacshua county tI o.400aeres In 1180) ... **...... *..
area* haa 246 miles railroad, .0 W 8( *644eese e@* **-e**** ***:
Alles wason road. postoleeq. 0 ........ m
123 p.bI schools. 27 phoaphate 8 I ...... A .... 1*
plants, 0 aw mills, *76, o rt 30 .. .... ........ e ***e t
newspapers, and pro. 8 ................ ....*****
duoes cort. cotton, rio leel, gar, **I ** ** * *. "" "**a.
oat, rye. potatoes. pineapple, or* .. .... 4 .. ..*... ..... ...
angen. peaches. pears. plums, per * ** ***.*...* **
sana. and all kinds of vegetabee. P U....... .***** .. 9* .**. ****
S9 16 ......5....... ... ...... ******
aGioguiIle, the County Seat.. s 'L i s s ***
,11 96 40 U. ........... 7, ........M
Has fourteen churches,. wo publiae 12" 00 0 7 ........"""i.,*s**f*l
schools, the East Floridal Bemioary. I- 7t 2 7.. .w..0..O. .-i* **" "**
private schools, three news pers. 12 40 7 156Ar 7 4 ...... .i 1 ...
.sited States land office, thebass ..... ..... .. .. .1 .A teW. .
a R a H_ M .. m a.. I. ._ +, l. ii n ... Ja.a.wJi tlf lS.A .



Thnlk A n a ... _. i.. ...... . ....... .I i

*"**** I *

I .'

*. 9 N ..

e*** ***
" |


itO i.d
; ;

* 4 "


I MeI tFole i,"r Fal
The ~r.uitrmnton" (ir,,ihm ian e i..11.ij

it.1 e.itn. in ** i .- i .'1 .LINEOOF M 'j3
Ih. hi,< igili.e., 2.I .,, ,, ....t SAfl S A if S N Int !I
i I | ,, ,,.,, .. ,, . "

j,, *L. 111 1. 'i" i. i

M1Im It 6A 1i I. Ii r
'" i."'t.1t ".1).i .a.Ae 1 1'.1 '" l WATCHES OUR HOLIDAY TO'C of I
101,11t lr f;1,g l r uaI 1 .i.. f upIn jewelry await your lapsb',T I
not all the r.wlmi liow outI I te o i fl will wonder aItsVariety IrtsImehm
not all fOit iroe thi ttna b ll tlinlr. hWat. s-J Its *ope. It bliales wi th
lusIoii Hulr. Ithe tl0ll ti er. Wasio makco rret.l *gvtblt*Tl hi
Ig Miar.. gilt, to qui all astes,l lipesila

Constipallon. radle. all elroumitamoe. Wa'l. fi6t
ehsy, dlmhlassii,,e tlnwplmd1ti
ilealth is absolutely impossible if Got our dely ln to Ithe lOneslt m4Olgida
ounstipation be present. Many ser. Pluss to lhle fon s ts4 ,N-M
ius cases of liver and kidney coam. pi- SPhoie ri eo. Ulrooaiem is. Klj.,
|plaint have sprung fron neglctedCi co fl ShrelJoe Mlem 4
stitu tion. iuch a deploirble condi- before who till *0Rmo! Im. (ur
tiou is unnecessary. There is a eure satisfy you; so r, I le prida
for It. lierbine will speedily remedy you buy. Wirt. t r ,w -_ 1
matters. C. A. Lindsay, P. M., Bron.
son, Fla.. writes, Veb., 12, 100J2: 'Hev.
iag tried Herbit, I lad is af lne msed-
linie for contplonliu."' 60o bottle. H C S 1Ir;
,old by W. M. Johnson. r

Kt ad Tlitad C wT O ,

T .le CrO. Hi gh Springs,. .

Imul illli ,!

I IL . 1. 1 I I I

II "l^J





a Ip .


,: Meerritt Corthell

W1I, W .. It w ,
willi. li
i1 Novtll ermbv r r21h- 'rl*
da. ai EvrIlat frtm ? l, 41.
Po itlrtelj i'' y . ;1i)

ifWN HOUSE Parlors
SExamination Fre0.
l Oo _tliA wUl vlh.t ,dI ,ier ..* Ire-

LA'CHA, Fri4Ja., M'r. *iY),"
qL" Voldlt 0i' H:. "-'




bitst Vf OGut Interet Oath-
Sd by Our oaportUir



M Ha appenedand What isa Goin
f4IteHappen Told In Short Paragraph
'i b That *"He Who Runs May Read"
Slle'TlTe aun.
r .. with C('phmaan a HPl.
SMaewspapers forsale Ia The Sun

Hanlalne in l0.pound tniektets for only
Stunders & Earle,
Itnonon's Wndernfl 2 asve for sale
$. W. MoCollum A (o,.
Bi I. B radley of Waeahoota was
Seating In the city yesterday.
SWamed-To r*,nt a small cottage for
sllW months by J A. Carlile.h
p Obtain J. I). Iiley of Jacksonville
haclmolg the visitors tu this city.
S lllingf the best 10c candies in l(he
daitd States. New York Racket.
1 Mrs. W. P. Haisley of 'cala is in the
ia@on a visit to her niece. Mrs. L. C.

.l Mr. Terry of Newherry war among
th' who favored u iainesville with a
iVS yesterday.
-'s Will oon dipl y largest li.n of holi-
,:dly poods ever brought to thi section.
.INew York Racket.
Oir elub plan seoures !est Cub lands
iAllntWemt. Write Cuba Land Club.
', 'ga1eeVille. Fla. detw2t.
Sor Rent-Store Royal Cook former.
l boeopied. Address Thomas V. I'or-
.tir, Jaekson villI.
James Holder, the nmerchant of Ito-
ielle. was among the business visitors
I Itbis city yesterday.
I peooands good value tobacco just
huma the factory at only :3 cents
SPt1 n d. Sannder & Earle.
before buying your Xmas present
he our line of I;rand Rapids furni.
ae. G(ainesville Furniture Co.
1%'. B. Taylor made a viit. to t)cal
; the Interests of the Baird Hardware
O. Company Friday. returning yesterday.
le a re glad to have you call
SWat our tore whether
,1s buy or not. The S. J. Thomas Co.
SThe Twentieth Century Club will
Met at the residence of Mrs. N 1).
Bi'llips Monday afternoon at 3
|line of furniture ever
i e brought 1i ;alineeville
9 at our store. The S J. Thomas
SOak and pine wood delivered to any
.of city on shoar notice. eavee
Fiers a t A Jlrtnigan's jearelry
Store. J I. | \ t0..
D vision Superintendent II. A. Ford
Ot the Atlantic Coast Line has re-
:inted from an official rviit to Lake.
r ad aOd other points.
S Hon. P. (I. lamrsey of Wacalhoeita.
te omber of tuI Ioard (of County Cornm
th Iulonters from that district. was a
visitor to thls eity yesterday
': A. B. Itrowit iff Ifgth Spriiig. th.*
alsed salesman for 11. '. Stevensl the
teweler. was in tihe city yeSterlrdiay sn d
61 id The Hun an uagreablr rall
flm l and iinnet our lam. of'

! i


Sinii ry i riIkes of 0 t1callopy. Ole f1
tlh" ls e OCCftil It(rukeri of that l*elion,,
wnia Iritnirug ie0 1- Il'orp to this city'etrd ay
L ookf ou ean buy s-Verythinlg
Lo okl %h, imhouvw-keeper needs
at our sore. Call and see. Theu S. J.
Thoimas C'o
N nfor laying
No Charge .,1"n .
,uattlng upashadee-when bought of us.
The 8. J. Thomas Co.
(Chamberlaln's Stomash and Liver
Tabletr are becoming a favorite for
stomach troubles and eonstipation.
For sale by all druggists.
The stylish woman wants the beat,
\When she wants the beLt she goes to
Smith's Mhoot Department and buys a
pair of "Empress Grade" ehoes.
Wvilson' store announces a big spe-
cial sale next week of ladies' fine
waits Alao special display of new
neckawar. ee the new ad In another
IL dies We will be glad to
Ladies have you all and in-
pacit our new line of rattan divans,
settep aind rockers. The S. J. Thomas
Remember you are always welcome
at our store. We desire that you in-
spect our mammoth stock of furniture.
New idea always being received,
(iaiifteville Furniture Co.
A. 1'. Summers of High Spring, aS
nwlmtlwr of Ite oSultmmers Furniture
Company and one of the mnost pro-
gressive young business men of that
town, was in the city yesterday.
Mire Ji't le Cail, a former teacher of
this county tbut now engaged in that
profePoion at Crystal River, returned
to her home yesterday, after a brief
vsit to the Misses Shutt. Hler friends
here were glad to see her again.
You are invited to see the grandest
display of fancy embroidery work ever
shown in Gainesville. by an expert
lady operator on a White sewing ma.
chine, from Nov. 29to Dee. 8. aines-
villa Sewing Machine Co.. iJN6 E. Lib-
erty street. d-13t
Mrs. Q W. Bramley has returned
from a pleasant visit to her old home
in Plrinoese Anne, Md., where she has
been for the past few weeks. Friends
wail be glad to learn that the change
proved beneficial, but they are glad to
welcome her again.
Among the prominent visitors to this
city Friday was C. W. Itsuknightl of
Archer, one of the Isupeesful mer-
chants of that Iprogresive town. Mr.
lUaukuight states that the business at
Archer ias been the best for several
year, and all the merchants have

Itedbone, Mlis., Sept. 24. 192.
Dr. I. W. Hall. St. Louis. Mo.-lDear
>ir: In reply to yours of a recent
datr in regard to the efflciency of
Hall's Great l)imcovery as a kidney
cure. I can safely say that it is well
named when they call it a W(ONSIER..
I have suffered with a weakness fr'im
the kidneys fur years and har tried
all advertised rmedies for the eomna
plaint, aI well as physicians, and liall's
Texas Wonder is the only thing that
hias given me relief-I ought tI say.
har electeded n ans a lute curt.
Respeet fully.
ji q I I -. ...- -

many friends here who are always de-
lighted to welcome her
C. A W homas, the hustlingl aqent
of the Singer ewing machine, arrived
in the city last night on a brief visit to
bis family. "Lquire" Thomas, a he
Is familiarly known among his friends.
now ha the agency for Bradford cous-
ty for the singer. and reports a rattling
good bstlne. As a selsmnam there
are few better in the eountry.
Eagieer Georgo Eualbrook, who
make bhi headquarters as High
Sprig, was In the elly yestday on a
brief visit to his wife. Mr. Eatabrook
is oneof the moas popular throttle.
pullos in the employ of the great
*sytem, and has many friend here
who are always glad to we him.
Among the vishton to this city ye.-
terday were Mr. ond Mrs. V. M. Mar-
low of Brooker. Mr. Marlow bau bee
residing In Wewahiehka, Calhoun
county, but has removed to Brooker,
where he ha steepted a position as
superintendent for A. B. Shaw, naval
stores operator. While here Mr. Mar-
low had his name added to the ever-
inereasing subearlption list of The Hun.



af *Uf-_ % j_

We will indulge in a little shoe talk
thin week. We are the originators of
low prices on shoes. We have fine
values all the way through, but we
want to call your attention to a few
specially good thing In footwear, hier
Box Calf for boys. a strong. durable
shoe at $.10. oannoti be equalled.

Our :2 line of Boys' Viei and llBo
Oalf are simply superb. They have
both the style and wearing quality.

Our $2 line of mrn's shoes is the
equal of many $2 shoes. In fact the
shoes are branded by the manufa-
turer to retail at $2.50, but we can sell
them for even money and we are do-
ing It. Ve have then in both Vici,
Patent and ht)z Call ini all styles. 'Try
a pair.

.ust received a shipment of the
"King IQuiality" adirertised $8 shor--
the biest made for the' price-see them.

The Ilixie Girl for ladies at $1 60-
ienuine Dongola. iupper-olid leather
sole, is tlhe pretiestl and best shoe
made for the price. Our $2 and $2 50
line for ladies io strong. Value uri-

In short, we have shoes for big folks,
little folks, rich folk;, poor folks, old
fnlks. Wouna folks. iily folksL nwrttw

(aOK HIOMw 01# 0. ---. -, --- , ,,r ..
----- folks and all sort of folks.
C)uOe suitil bottle of the Teisau Won- Coom to the Hig Iepartment ttore
der. Hall'. irear ID)icovery. cures all aid get what you need at low prices.
kidney and bladder troubles, removes
gravel,. cnre diabetes. seminal erie-
stons, weak and lame backs. rheunaa-
tasm and all irregularities of the kid- 1111

IMoe gram


lsre with (fashua A lIL laml with tI ma & MIll.
'jr, ret t Ilthe 414c kind ofl hoeo- Nielly furalrihd room to r-.,, ti, on* (
late candyr t New Y ork lackel. Ior twogtentremrn .l ,Ly &I a!S. .tfle.
N.'*!: r I ',i -er,,.re t.w Work inm t'- ray ,,-, I t is,.
4 hhs I' *, 4 ,i r.4ls it|P,, t.' Mse, Elue i ncOses ed Ito. wi, of ,,r If,..'ai ,,+ F I 1 Y
St j tcainoit **t i l at I l C. Si..ti t
\1; t )4 ., itI I I I, I ** ) tit ith ; i. u li r, t mi fr. it 'I.r
< is ,'., +l. Iurlitur* t m.a. lo h l rl turntd fr>t M 1 -
It( re, noly whPerto h i a i it t ti (e it itetrt hf 4t
Sre. the East FloridJa Te hr i-lore tCln.a,.y
Mi.- 1.4,F, rit nt-mnei. of Mlicauullpy Is
ii i.., ' 1' i vuit to Mr it, ll After a pleasant W,.t t. relaiiane ,.r
', l ,r. th i il t y SItr .I. J S -srI.t. i r -l.t rt.1 j
to her himie at Ilig!, .i, n. ng y,.tr.
.mnake 1'> ).; lMiloeighr, asindll hal, .
Iy. liaetr ,A Iliuist. Comp'iny, did* day.
tributr. .d-i t. lie friends of fas Collchtlr T It
ll la Itquarte.r f.4r ),',y' kLev antr. l:llis will ben pltem.rd to leatar that he i
t,'it I vnlis arid t'ita,, all grades, at unvalescing. after sit illesI, of sev.
'" 'tYrk l:aiket. ral days wJi! feve.r.
Di-puty %Lvciff F. S. Curl ol Archer 11 | y OP.r
un t lhe. r >y Friday lari nKe comr n VI n too k. ThO
in 4o11'llIl b1i.-r.t.s largest and finest lint ever brougRht to
tlinesville. We knlowl hlow and what
\VI ,, tI cni, d ,t retpnmber we to hlay and will out be undrrsold The
h avr tli. franllsti't liln ofe hepatersr in S. .1. Thomas Co.
tortn, (ijin.anilla turliilare Co.
n Furniture Co. J Porler Smith of WaesJ.,nota
l.-twon .fnoooty has accepted a p1 is in the eity. the guest of her dauglh-
nuan nil. os tion department of g I
t1 -I$1 Ir tl 'I %,,tructiolT deparsmnem t of lers, blendames (i' C. edriek anid .1.
t F i-.1 I rda Teleplhlone Company. I. hauknight. This estimable lady has
I I .....- 1 1. _* I ..... 1 4 . . . -

Atso (s1 regraved visiting eanrd-oa
iind us yuur orders now sothat bsy iq4 j
tine, haoipers and priee. faershe4 .gig

tF ;\ -F;i KENI;AVlM. CO.. Ma
tioer$ And IVPeddi P Invitltiool,

. . i... 1,. - . .- ,


w iisori-

..Lrdies' Flna Waists..

T.o F!

rrp w w 1w1

All-Wool Fine Bullese WaI whtle,
mile, ightblo Mead sa. .
mRblar prWt $2.640.n .. i
Basiste Waht. *abroM1delred fmat e a
prIfl $8 ,tblesI... iC
tMiset, allr etola, r o

Utik q ........ "
Best (ade Tasem ak With s .. l
bkls sad brow., wgso-
BeeatIl Lei. le"a Wats wh, J
anil, blue, pltk sd new b wrm
lolte r poM w .e00. lto
waml PU. I
week,.......... ...esww

MOf lMIP Neekwear j0 eoSm .IIO
fsoryq. Thm meet bueteful tlu .veet
shown In East FLormkd ,a V

The fronds of Mn. JoMp A. ot Ae
are glad tome. her out apln, etet as i

lIdisposition of two or three don
whiehb Onflne her to her ooem,
Chae. HIl, etvll eametr ih tlh
employ of the Cummer Lda*merOsn
pany, has returned from bakqOw&
where he a boee pre(*nla
bustlne in the latereS of that *Lem
pany for the pat few day.
Amooe the vlstors to thiS ay o
erday was F. t. Qellop of Hlawg.
of the meet widely known tla 4
that elloa. Mr. Cellon #sates
Clyde, the son of Jatice 1 t JT
Strbtkland. Is reoornlg trme
ease of typhold fever, but Ito M ll s

tiMe ftriekhlad will regret tbo a oe
this eontlnred illleee.ad4 w i ite t
the lad will oon be oet spn.
After a rlmdeae In this oity of mi*
eral years, Mr and Ms. M. H. M1
Clamsaro people to take up thou
home ia Lakelan d, Mr. MeCOlamrse
duties au tralnnaster faf itn Atlanl
Coast Line require hki presnee largF
ly In LaIkeled. which meeritatr'e tlh
change. While friends rgreus vi.
much to loem them, it is to obep
that they will enjoy goad halih mad
be well pleased in their new eme.
I or L-

' ii

*.t '2
.41 r~


I '


' ? '. '

B. .. .





Your Feet
are the center o
some of your moeti
sensitive nerve.
The selection of
properly shaped,
well made shoe i
Shoe improves
the feet and the
appeanuce of
the nml too.
No dcemically Maned skisa
useWd in the "FgLORIHtIIM" a
they do not draw the feet.
They are made over foot
Form lats, fit the foot ad rm-
in their hape.
P*Vi .L -ALP -IL- & ir *. Lt &La

I. ''

BOO C. ha*

(G'E.. avl / t
N-res Nsl 9l

m-w Iwia s
Xltravle ^1".


L i....
,m,., ",,'++m

7-i --= TIvi
med bttliaevry stab ". a

, n


... ......~ ~ ~ ~ :;:.. -.' ".

him- ,


', .,


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