Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 26, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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I...... Important Deolsten Rendered In the

AIMED TO TEETH 'xvlle.. Nov. .-
Shlelds. of lfe supreme court, udellv.
ered the opinion of the coirt li the
Want to Make HUR gary An In eas of A. Saterfl.ld. against the Jour
M- and Tribune affirming the decfinint
depend::t Repulio* ofr the ourt helowSi' Ml ond orng re-
-.--.- numittiiture of $410 si4n their ldgnmeut of
PARMIR aIs TWICeg MORBD $500 which was obiainild ie'low.
P M The costa in the case will amount to
Army is f.lady for a StlU with the about 13P, which thu delcndant newr
paper& will have to pay.
Simpcroe's Pcrt-s-Plnds A:'@ Sup qThis was a libel mult. and tiWe doeal
plied from Armarica-Aeparation fo alMoa of tie court makes a new con-
l sruaIoh of the law as regards the
j publication of libel by a niwppaper.
Biltpast. Nov. SL.-BUvrythln l as will *. *eea from the Jollowlns
Is redln ps to mewt the revolutliom tt.:
which miay break 'it *t moaent. phrala Satterleld was arrested on
ThO weole garrieaM Is reedy to emerge the cbarge of working knife trick
frtm the sbarruekas, evr y soldier ar and was tried before Squire Willlai
iflas 40 rounds of aeMialtta, whib fitagerald. The morning paper pub
ae E41trilbted laot alight. ied the factA ofr the arretl, aRd the
Mob!s of xclted logi m d women aore nporler wh*o wrote the tent used the
par9di huse ser utsad t"i e. -Ma inme of A. Batitcrleld Instead of t Kph
.bmrsof ube oppdalUoi hla.the HnuuwbI ra il slat irold. -, A. Setterflald con-
' 1 'tdi t havie. ror to eJeot Prime dul a boardlar house on Central
lIltletr Tiats and tih ebairmam, ol oavineI id he brought sulit for daoi-

the choose, aron Piesol von Boy ag& and won It h low. The decalsion
td,. should. they dare to show 4aea of the i ror t odwny in that while there
wivwe I theb meetlnl ball of the die, lit o malice inti.*t shown In the pub.
" TwAge the prime Iaalwr was pobt- HItlon. the in3suy to the plaintiff.
boila ithe street nad the pollee had &o Batterfleld, was effwtilve Just the
ore several siots la t .e air wo drive' aiSme, and that tha corretton that was

; ie ipoplu back.
WOOil Treltday. maraning wmre than
130: people lihave len arrmted.
A petlUi.t ha ba l acat ito ijnperow
rtancis Joseph aildug tor the dia m w
tao of Prime Mtniiter T It. signed by
iy all thr metub rs of the OppiOtlliou,
Koattlh'd ilaliaturo hndlpg the' tlit.
t The thrslis l opouity made tto the
iy #mpttor btiit It nst task for tbq
i lreonSltou of Tiia wlthilt 48 houti
gig a rayolutlua will break out and the
Sklnigdom aoft Hunagary wtil terl itsell
i,' loose from Amitrl atl iorm an oinde
C, p.ednnt repubIlc. .
ri', The rvcl isllrr commitn iIeo Is Ii


S a five e days aftrwards (Il not lno
valid the wroit done.
The dcI.lon will have a far-reaching


fhe Tenneasse River Improvement
Amsoctation in Sea Ion.
Nashville. Teni,,. Nov. 25--Tle T.n.
ielsOe itr'r Im*psovoinel wamoclation
in molton at Decatur. Al., Lap elect.
Id the following utllotcrs: Thomas
R. Roulhae, pre lfi4T.., Sh-eflfld. Ala.
ft Ro'lbeh pre ludent. of Shef.
81d. Al..; t'. W, Holbrook, is crtarsy
treasueiir Chiatainuaga, Te:in. F'irt
vice pIes!dnt (cnoral J. T. Wilder,
Knoxvilil. TTenn. Second vice pr'esI.
dent. C. D. Mlitchenl. Cltattanogsta,
Teann. Third vice president, P:n-
mett O'Neal. Florerce. Ala. Fourth
vico pir.tVdeit. ('; eral Joe Wheeler.
WhtrTeler. Ala. ExPeutive comnillttee. .
Thmnas R. lNulithac, C. W. HIo!hr Newell Sanders. ,1. II. Nnfhan. J. T.
Wilder. .I. A. Patten. Samult! 8.
Black well.
A roimmiltt'e wai nameind to present
the me-orn.irl to congress it its ap.
proachlil g r,'st.n. urainr that $5r76.1
000 Ini ap;ropriLiaT to complete work
aircllay %under way and $llIt.1t,0 for
impriovern'%' ts planned but not laarted.


All Advertlalng Matter Nailed or
Screwed Down by Agents.
New York. Nov. 25.-The aivetti-s.
lan *!Kgivn in the varl..ii subway tiu,
LOtns which were last night ordered
removed following p10lliC pi otets to0
the Rapid Transit commishton were
nallel or screwed fast to the tilin g
during t(hi, nlht ).y the adventling
company ;n crlir:e o if such Ptlaeards.
It has t'en '.j ,.1 that not only
were many of ti advertising sigtns.
unsightly, hIl that Ihey interfere l
with the station signs and .prevenvted,
prompt sgn1s of stopping lplac$-, I
la claimed that the pr,.eene* of. tlie
sfirns on the various PI't,;rtirp fur-
nlahing l:ho:nle for ilunineuriaile mi,
crobes, thr'atl*Pninl the health of a'!
travelers in th, otway a, mTih.t i
offclahl die'lar' that ihey ,r it*l
In their r ightis in conItraliig for 1',!
vertllinr in thoe .thwany


First Had Tritd to Strangle HMneril
With Strip of Cloth,
New York. Nov. 25,--Mrs. Il,;'
Bischloff, lfe of Davlitlte,.ff, waji
fould dieal1 at the New York 'it) firm
foinny at New 8pringill1 R I. RatRt
attempted to i(tracin1 tirwlf a t
a strip of rloti4..anI filln, iin th.a
Itnt her head aialn,. iln a1!, F'r,
diurlngt r W4rr0tlo f iTohe brain.
Mltrs. tliehuff hat h.d'tr Init [r.i '. .
years auid the'e are fnV rcli.Ire Ti.
rouuleet, was bonr a week p ao. i
i s .g .oo


I"" the ap. I t ot pr..O4 lua f illhtnry of m o mol t ,
m... .lw to pp*aduct of it .set by Hiungarlauii in America.'
leEblnes, whil bthe' id has proatliso c0 utiach more from
M '' w the 4' .i, sariani revi;utloLr;y oltios al'
5 i 1*ip ", 3. OuO41 tNhrUgih the Lunited tlat.. !


,W1v bs..'elyl r6, Insurgents Are Sbriandr:rig in thu T
ips tl .Wheit rI he Dominican Rept alic. .
0e4tIUcsi at Msbetf h Watilgto:i, mN.. prospecul.
Iilhethi pbrtlft of the for pace L. those repuligl cI
tl ,.fur thl next few mat ih are Improvedf, '
".a ylsr Promslte to according to a i,.,I..' tereulvte at ht ,h
.suefs ad moat ianpor itat <*ditArt today froni .lnlttii'
Ibt..ess held by. tile Haw"zS'o atu u ihI iii- g.
te Bt. It I e*rI Toe mIln:aior re-ioi tat Can; :,larlr
glitrtolt Mr* plpi*4ar RWa and all if th l ~tulrginti
.1 lIe ws aloa evidenced "1 'hirs commrtd nuai.lni'rh Z, have rW
iu wIth which busln0 ,eontly turrcr.:.rd1. at lIa;uiia anJ.
fAl'g th0e minrtWM that lhey ar to ,, tr! '1 by the. governi.
A ( WelOW e later meat. The rtin!tier, 4ia t he ha betc:i1
aa a lsdreae*, hby lhe a.tir<'l that ih' r vab.tlonilts rec l'
41 tis|Tha, .who s poke oat d ,no reward for t;,'lr surrender al-
5*i t fll I li tushs a thu tu her vernmwnital commantilt
Sioa. .t Barahuna Is sald to have gielv
them aa..trahro o-f p..sonul safety.
,.m II .EVi.L:I INOiWMNlsD. fThe rrerin1at ti.i; huinn sit nn ol'
.. .. )lunte Crial oiy tihOy lhallvt no though t I
I 9fti l Unitarian Church Paoe of nlslrrection and polni to the fact,
th tilll m!llt'Sujest. .t nhac rnrasl tliDesIinflA Itcrlirguew, at
.... C.l.l.l.. C. Nov. IS.-The prominent l'~t.-v'i, ha gi a "ti ..'t 10r1 i,
'ur ieealbos of the southern to Santo ik:mingi ftr an amlrcal<
*Wn i iVn.utr.ttaxin churches waw conference uith Pirririent Miorales.
*lairand itmportaat. The latter hi as tvt' .Minter Dau.,
tt.flBit4li'g resoluAltki .was offered rol that he antiriiarlr i no .srliois d4it
b l'y .lb if4' 'H., Ramsey and ;nan. tuirbaic'A "fr:r at !* ast I.some il ontht's
Ii pbji'|t Tih;, Ts;wr a s i. thi t lt.h dliscutor
That conference of Unl.' i',,ut the iseefni ar!,t.-tiin affairs it
t .6"4 tlooni"doire to lpri. favor of. an .ue-tiran cone r is dt'
Smith th growing wleni' inlabulhinx.
S"llt iiatltan people In favor
"ilt afl the ,American ham0* Chauffeur Killed in Wreck.
a *iacouqtut it every posahlle way New Yor Nov.,,. Anli^ automnblio,
SgSrwlg i411 or .divoree- ilriven by Morris Ward, a chanifferr.;
ii R lben, Thlat we dctir to o and owe. ,4n opled b y Guy l.
.IE l with fr bretbren, of all other ab i la protin'nt bttIn< ei4 asid siweht r
t., MIiiiho!. 100410t4 e !#theds in i4 4%
'rohe Its lugtlas thodato i wa4 of Hrto^l)n, U,-a oer.rurrwd xi
Solvile blv e problem." maenue Br ti)n, i irt e,, inar ; I
thtvenue 0. U04 the H'iv-1ton t a.
Alabam M" theiiteate. iC1ro. tiL, .1it hrnuthx., today, by a In., I
Alabama Ma l6thedish letslotlevi nr.of .> 1thii IIparli roa-Li.
i tot car o: te t, itgllhton leaclth ria. *
tlalledqi, Ala., Nov. 35.-The th iMr:nd Ward ws lniwt Imtailll ild
ty .l0th mi1asofint dthe, North Almbamil
ittfrent'nc was alle*d to orter ths
orng!t at i o'elck by bishop A. W Alabama Leases Convicts,
(.l;jnt, 0.0.. IAD., of Saltllmore.. Mo.,h um WO.', Newmt. host ol the oMferP infatracts wcr' mad, wtth t ths t I.
wl e wa -electe;p4.ecrOtasry. 1 I.u1ntbr cnrnimpny. at lislve and t'1
r.I'I as secretary tor 14 yeIr ietLh lu mber mpeay. at U'
9 Ei,, c



Democratic Party Had bte
Wait For Issue. '


general Saughman, National
oratic Committeoman tfrm Mae0,
Against W. J. Bryan in Wanutul i
Immediately reorgpnise DemrTni'

who aM W ouSrit.

OiBt V sX a.1 *
S Wi ioa, convict

0*b wf "bd .fe adg
^g^ |n ato "er*
<^ '"leitl Ani ll '.it A n 1

S.alil Ooys Carry Pistolsi
i*I *. "-] ,N r '' r .J
o r f<;,, 1 y ar., ir t l' l 1 't '
*&C : *. 'er': : *. ff0 **f ti i (1



!".*'*T li ^^^l^ li[,.!!yl^-li ^ il
l MlRa*sttt elt ,

at* ee9 l*h^. tly
npr L t

...... . k m w
II, Ua1W0 das*tl.Sled;
n IA' *Ttl qsIV a (l

St. 1ouis.l Mo., Nov. a2>.-"- '
be far better for the future of
mocracy if there was n
at Ibis time of ituch a qiuetleo ,"
General IL. Victor Baughmnas i-,.
cratie national c lo&mlttnmlmal
Maryland. when his attetilum v u.
et to Ie lstatemeni from Wili1e
Bryan favoring an early call of
ocrats of the country with A. vi'ew
a reoraanlxatlin of the party.
General Baughman is also hebi .,,.
of the Maryland world's fair wfl
lIon, and he I@ now In the city lon h i
after matters of that fiae eOMcquA
wit hthe close of the exposttl..
"*It would be folly," cotlaued GO'
eral Ilaiulhmnar with rnferrnc to t.i
Bryan's sitaiemont, '"for any awt '
men to map plihm a iiolley fur the g ,.
ance of the temocruilc party at thIlI'
junncturet of national affairs. T7heO
struictlon plley of (le party must gilv
wy)' 10 live, and himnleth a
no *iih ilnWurw are today, "
would be folly lo 'i.Mn ergailih.
tioni or decide upon i the lmitr lt ind
ship of 'rnmocracy.
".M r. lr )' n ('.,I ,,,- 'trAt cr ldit
his ren'dine-Ls in a of the Si. l.intu co ;iveunion., for, whllil
he had nothing If I to do aita o10al
Dernorat, 1he coiiu' r 3 have tot*
low4i thlie exam rite of heilnsiands of
others who. In th e pa,,. l,.ave lUite
In their tlits whilut tlhi batiles wae.

"Tl'ire alone can rI'Ivelop1I a rteltty
for the ills we iinow cmilalul of, a
itue. rollure of 'ventp. The y"oinilg PM
cit the country seem it wanr a broad e'
national policy. and oli'ructive teati '
will alnie affrrdl the rli-f? now wl1S .*
earnrialy .soilhlt by I'- rIi ielmoiet'
cy of the ceounlry."


Prealdent of Iron Moulders' Union WNll
Return to Cincinnati.
(leviland, O., Nov. 21 -Ju.-ph VIt "i
entlnu, preside :;t of ti he Ion Mouldes'
Union of North Alucira.. when aa "
at his hotel today sald that if a ,wf '
rant had iehe'n I d for his arrtl
at incilninil., Ithad tnt brn hnbrighl
to his attention ioffielily. NeithiM
,iad tthe local p.ill r hrI -a!d. Indilfatl
that he was Uratiiledl
Mr. Valentine added that he hiad
malno-d In the lobby of thoe hotel all
thrnigh the mnornlng awailIng th e P
pearamiKce of an ofrner in qile st Oft him.
Hie uRlld he Interwled to i)avr for eCf-
cinnat! tomorrow.
Mr. Valentlne relt-ratfl his r'A
viisi Ktalliernit to the effect that b*
knd a hilolte 11y inoth ngf r lie report
ed dylnamite plot.

Children Prevent Murderer's *IP1
NewA York. Nov. ," -Shrbh'l chil
dr n n inMouni run to tl*l nunotun
of :a' hav pe rrii t.*' lh*' a toth t m lt
Franclico Valorauh',. an arll, whi
hadl 4hort anie fataly woitlidU h
sweetl art. 'rine' 2i ,,ltln5 was (l< .t
in front oif i school liOue, and wai A
Wrlit'af .w l by hu d rrti "t1 rh illdrwE .
Alter fring thrae shuts liti) lsih tw t,
heart,' oInly and sipposiNg I1.?r del.
'Valoraizzu ti srnedl to 1-11. The Q
of ,' ningstilOer. a rther,"l lalult him ir ,
i ^i a cry v Iiih i rio s i ht thli' 'f1ic''
i I at'ror a shaip ll ri lriil' he wai ar


" Win ttl ,viw of lflogitCuSI khe o "lit JiLt '. .
It! 1+:'' t+ i vr.' :1' 'l';ii'n lt I'z r ildlii ngr Irk })sc A rT. '1J 4't *" .f -j ^r :' t*:.... 7 t a
I v. t : gi.. i,",tl it a tftor I li.r, ,N j
|' 0 o.'k I-ta* ,disv v. it o rwu It

r *~

r1 NE
.wJ&ALSaIJ '&

i.. ..i


A p i--'"lV J"W r Ipvi U tI 'll. i, ll,'; U, jrty A ilt"i L1 rN i',M

W '.,. ,N :'.. "i '" t o t i llA 's i wu 1 4 i ill-
IP ;" .. t tW men $ .h P, t af dv t W -h .ir ( I lla'l t ll Wiiaii u iltinil-
w..r 'o "i., v-. E '.- ra, ~n ie .i i (wI:o I y *ir i oi .I

-Yp UREad 412. wb n dail a y 11 rw e'l' jlservjttII oeflr*
L t I 4, s tir1n0 tiLnrs a i hwri I of u m ure tha lii tw iy- 11
"4 4. l . .. to taitry l na.r Ir L iiys.irl. h c pyijkin says 'li lev -Ir lutl
t lh $,. af b ytnoue,, wh .wai W known a sii liglttnsl m ioreo 11 er-
.t 1 fpublik allet t dfi son who waitn frn', ypr of ruaiw e. l-
1 &gooae, lMd who re quinrel 1 iliq or liWlt, nor J)wi heI
i1 1 t alant hr tot kl now n s'rii ismti 1 il t to w frre
'ibriOt, of promise t w of liqur, who was fotlm of upplev.
tol. l l th4 ftetA COMM ISSIONEDi' BALE.
I' I,.!SS S reat surpri. undor anid by tirllf as doroe of
M0 itt weInhO her lw oo* midl sd rendnb Hion. .. T.
oilM th lit Uitalhst WVil, Jial of the Cl0"i 81Court for
'." *. fopr:lhl w: he. zIS udlctla Cillit of Florida.
'r. -ttrled i la |a eI *ums p*lotx therein Au
thei e de of i** ourti n Ala.
Pl t.t ptvl eift obhm oe iI on the-h dtiy of Norrem-
tU lit bby pro11J1. tbor, IN. wheril iv4tt ., Small and
3R. tf4.1mmll anr nompiaont"S and A.
S Htue, Jr,J.. W. O. Hts A .Srlek-
SPte. I. K. Sr4kland. Isbam
T +.-,Thmss lev,. r Theo He ry Mur...
.mfl,, .TM e i "llflil ,w_ tofijle k. U _. Jo

Marti sa"seS N* Homespuns.
.halt f ehq bflsIll. and the
p al f of b nieas quarter
oI" ej a the nho aU enrr.
th ethwsest carter of the
^.:"B^. .S ents year %- 0,i tonn.r ae! in
-. t..ttI -'. eSbll .Southwest Ir ,-hb tlk I
S. itw bllai WS rof a ithe St qearer I L iR
ll ltM ase KeI! tIb Bt Pt _aneorner ofII
lo ,i Townsh ip nth, nRa
ii a l044 A1_,. l ,II amn uhe
I f of 56 194flsNyorth of the_____
b. FlorIga u w n tvrn Rall. I
Lot 8, 4, 4&a7 I n Blook lb
thi lava ms. Florida sand For the next'few day:
..Ike R Ial sw f rd s t a.* OF or entImen, regular Val
**4iX4 they.le_, I s I k Plook9 all of l-ii0e TOwn of
-.1W. aliin tlu thltI Biu.4 aonidn4 ta plat thwrof re. tl.'f. Other Shoo, in pnr
.. et whe.. kilr. 4 tl.- 4 n 4to4 Id Bok "P" -at ,p-ope 4i4
W Wt.iil^ W khlt" are iwo dp, tie Pqbile Rneords of Alaehus
t" atrS si- w oI @ O, FlrtS Otl i all of ithe South..
S. d"ltars a full ns qmin r ofl ule Northwest quarter
i d be, i a s .1N orthe, qc carter of the
..,is. t wel NthwsLt < ittqle0, ind allof the
AteJIIhsijuaner of the Southwest
M** .it n) uarSter h Southeast quarter of
S Northwestquarter Wens ourar sesa
0-1".:w1. .UWV1 *.ha leu' .in the orthr icorr.,r adiid ill ol the
**tWl A04._. e tlai, tsfeilhwsi quarter of rihe Northwest1
Mla... Itl f.!sl witb aimrter |(inf within thlir ernandez
Sk' t a 6 w th1 r"s of &m" on 211 Town.hipI S ut I
ange-l ioi nw trm t1o Rl 1 Etastt; alm ali hat liW. out.
i 1';t hl tM.I*rt t@u. side of IhW eFlnandres rant and six
W *.,, p- d g w n.eres In 1h b Seuobest corner of ih
!lMi'. 0111.. Sr KIortheasi quarter of S 9 hX Wll.A Tow, "
,0i W-Lo.* q1|p 8 South. Range 10 Flast alsoaeooo-
ae at s il take in the North boean-
dary line of theb outhwest quarter of -
*&U p aWe.. the otbattqavrtesr 100 fet o al of
the enter of the troak of the' Saven.
Mt ll" to nab, Florida id Western allrod, --- ..- --.
"So.but tht shen rn 'East 7 ctalIs towastike,&
i f Dr. thience run ooth ebaluad 62 link. Take The Atlant
r "$e 1 on itea stake on th* Emnt line of the right. -
i *i ol a wvsnidP. of-,wy of naid railroad. theasea North
i, to s l e point of beinninnog; also that
itI113t!k" K ilnlSouthwes/ of Lne hks11nah FOR ALL EARTI
p 0 11 drug Florlerdanid 'eVntern Itailroad belling in
S" he Southwest quarter of Seetl i 86, i rth i
oua.hp 8 oiuth,. Range 19 Et. To- Il ornm a a Dor
g other with all and singular the te or e.'
AI IIme to the same .belnnltng or in ayu
wise appertfiAii. Sad property to Rapid Transit and Ui
be lckid as-lh property of th, heirs of
Arnh Hague. gr.. for partition amoner Time Table in effect
She 1 ow1es thereof aecorditlg to said
doere. J. I. PA0no .11, Depar Fr (AINE 1'I
:J43. II. Dat.. J . .art GAI..I
'' ". T, Ki, 3:46pm High Springsp
Idi- W I---ns. M.Ri.VRI, Comminlsiolers. a
Zst re" ..Complaimtalsa 8olicitor. Dally mediate I
S... ....! 12:40 pm nUOal, Leesburg an
u rriitS SAL.. Daily Intermidliatq
trader and hr virtue f x amX eectuUim dated 2i6m i' allka, lsytona.
the m Wr or Noventber. A. IAtM l*Nued p y
m. ot.e Cirlilt Coort of the lthbi I Jud& Il Dail" North, East
CIrn I at, theS Blate of Itortld. i1 i0 4 for A .
if~ t.~ Scertan COUMM wfl1a1J J. if12.:10 5a aHigh bpriug, ayeross S
2H .4" 1%natifl And ;Charrl i"tbon*e i. s r I
fteStadi. n dM uto me dlreeied. I ve levl Daily Albanj. Atlanta all Pain
U^ Killll- RSJ@ =W e Wr *& fi 1 to is11 bl6uhnt ias% ",
S b iar therefor. for cash. before the
be te door It the Citr ttuof o Uiea4 8:16 pm
A a oouimtr. Mlorids. on thtMa deiaof De- RoDhelle, Mie-lnl
*ember. A. D. i*4. e aeili bem lelal sal, es Daily c
Sdauritfr ll b on aburs'm, ll the
Sooi trao MiA pre oM f l m -l .
s aite lio ria. ai e 'betsd as follows, to.- I:04ia i
Timmunwwnn and Guns ,." ,, or Ve?(.,h'h Addlkm ih tollo Hlgh Slpr
AInmunlatoW n and Guns. i U'4 .1<( tT:itbev !l4pmud s*,l mx. inbe. a
: .. .. tion t inc.-Tow whlpTeti Su ,ith. Rate etrn .- .
t r rAi 4, .1nt4 aalt1 t OI e slUlrter of an clre,
A vried nl)eellan of Carrren, Triple 6nd m, the i e ,r w r lutePhangeable Mileage Tickets. good
P1 end ellid 81Ieel of r Pla de vt 'flbie l.n fotlnowlie ipal railways in the oithern State. are
s l Poeumth tleNrn Tw, t*fICtT-belin ust Thro lh Pullman sl]*,eer Port Tampa
lprest In loi il*se wbhiUFdoll Tlbkttlt the <.T,,thCt,t to- 1'.1uZC; l, v Atlinti Coast J,In< nlt
r & '*l th i!the C ity the tlI. .i!t't th idl run init Supi n -n
American! r& iet Wo v W elvn Wire Fence: k Nho"d" in Nolt'h'ei"T dr"ti.w" i.9rv .. .*.
1 i4 n Ut. idii fl1P to I v1 ii f t .nkh in e la a s uith n, , *.-- . .. ... ... ..

c Coast L

P. o). lSw Dpol. 0t.
i stea II MmonWp OW l ? '
till Line s t .ionKsler

surpassed Service
Sept. 1, 160A.


and Inter.
id Tampa, and
e Point.
nd West
aivanah, Brunswick,
ts North. East West

ipy and Citra


Arrive FrA


I tO.W p ,

3 i ::'


I over 18,000 mUsls of smont the prn:
on iles by the principal agents. .
s to New York, via Atlant' CORt
iait ru, Railway.,
. Ticket Agent, Oalnesville.
a .




' 11 1:1~ -.7' "



Sth AntUles Veritable
ardi andd Garden4.


of Moderate Means, Who Can
to Buy Land and Walt for One
n for Crops to Grow, is Good
Iptnrestting Letter.
Ihor l un: I have routi with grout
$tile interview with Mr. Nlc-
er which pi'iteared in yourlr iallt
l rd. This I am glmd to nay was
Sues correct article on Cuba which
i Sen in print. For instance, an
tal on Cuba and two items about
SKtenlburg's cattle were very in-
i gad misleading. There wasi
a small trrrr in the Interview
Mr. MoAllister as to tilh namni. of
railroad built by Sir Wai. C'. Vani
president of the great C ana-q
iasItl \'an florno's road is
sa "The Cuba Itailroad" aSd
sing with "The ULilted railways
alit" at thile bnaiuliful city of
l Oar, runs almost dup capt
the middle of the coullitry to
e.dro, fro i Which 'it branches
to 8ttiallgo n o antiago hlay.
wXorth to Van hornle's new city
Antilla on Nipe Bay." Now the,
'Central is a very different affair,
iE starts at Coucha on the north
ead raos due south to Cienfuegos
)bl south coast, and has no con-
with the Cuba Railroad.
S.teemburg's asttle were landed
Gibara on the north qoans and
almow due south to his rauch,
Is awbou twenty.fivoe miles front
Slty of Mansanilla on the south
and nowhere near Santiago. In.
lioe to be of value should be cor.
ladasour people are very muoh
ensted In this youngest of all nas-
,(ithaks to a generous Amerlean
4e) with ooer permission I will give
Information about Cobs. The
lies aouth of Florida and dis.
about one hundred miles at the
t point. It is about eight hun.
miles long. with an average width
$laety miles. The least altitude is
eavana province, the city of Hava.
I Hlg sllty feet above sea level.
oeat the land rises steadily un-
tei great Seirra Maestro woontains
h'neNhed, the highest peak of which
klaM an altitude of eight thousand
|phbandrd feet.
SPrnm tbis you will see that Cuba
vlmsalnu all olasse. of high or low
.*eI-take your choice. Also it Is
poflant to note that the great Gulf
prshim intervenes between Florida
IiM Cuba, an everlastinu barrier
IiMElt our fearful blizzards and the
.gtess Inti nation of frost. On this
S6Slonut the elimnate of Cabe is spring
perpetual Julne. Everything grows
.,v Brarer.
SOsba has a population according to
SeU.8.census of 1890 of 1,100,000)
WIite, the defendants of the old ari-
.^. eatle nobility of Andaluuia and
still of Spain, 31X,000 Indians, ur

rly Creolrs, as they. the aborig-
ail Indians whom Columbus found
.t#, and who were enslaved by the
aiRy 8painards, became mixed with
tit lch laborers brought from France
work in the coffee plantations be-
.le African slavery existed on this
t ,"Otilaent, and 2200 K) negroes. the
rMsant left by (ieural Weller
ShIs efforts to destroy the la-
.he.ruppipol Cuba during the last reV-
,g. OlSIon. These negrovs were formerly
"'t i 'slaves of whites and were frre'd
I gradual emancipation, which ter-
tIasted in 1886. The above men-
SlVld Indians were liberated when
.Awean slavery was introduced.
We find then that the population of
C'ba eonsists of 1.100.000 whites of
0h Ulnlie blood as our hoffored fellow
S hiuse, cji. Sanchez. These are the
SStleated land owners and former lla'e
S*Iers-- ).4 0, Indiano or Creole,, arid
negroes and mulattos, or a
tItal of I .M0.000 This ed ucated prop-
" PIt holding class controls the coun.
t They formulated the constitution
i laws of the new nation. selecting.
the best from all the laws of the na-
..ltlsof the world, and in cinnoSqilueace
4i1. has a model governiient. In
Sltrlt Year of her existerwe' the go.--
e"RnO1nt appropriated s3.XA,.Ike fcr
"ihbot fnilp| mA_ I.. .L -...


I -..- 1904 .
A N INSECT h2Qh. I stN9nat I.

--_ L .i r .I. i.F 1|>,.,, ,... ,...J. t! .. .Rog n -- n i

oil'iiac i ,, ,,, i,'., I YOUNG WIPIHOOrt"
S3 i i i -i .. i A iI, ha.. ee i.v t.A .. m o
IG I I ..,'. in',.. 1. ii ,, .Ii I, Eos11 ,,) i B, I$2 u.rnut A e .B.
--. I..I+I*..*d, ". h ltp nerally.tIf-Cl 1vse cie to ltoe t# Ii
ai .ala ,l .i ,,. ,' , 1, ... j ,, i tj-.-i" l-

i u n u -oA- r i.. .. :; .1 ..I;-ii. lie a dn w y alon ista9ad r d iW NWI lfy Ypet 'u
1T I 1 1': i -1a list htdtb mud *tnngtb. I Was arro

I M I I I I u i .lt.i.rul flow ba- wUwe i ... and .- -
A. w B W#.sunhttoattiudtw t damlydomtJ yu..
inThirndilfremt pbysicr anMd I tookF M a.M 11 BA
II n dww )" ar d I km"cursa dbta utall I"
Iitud I IItook %Yn&n Aa4i M.,.IIn A fSaifa n 1&& aii"aa

r ,

Ti .. ,
. i . . .


'ii. p.
''II 1 '
L''~. 1'~

Sold by All Druslggts.

over, snid our country secured but
$12,000,0X), England and iGermany get.
ting the balance. How can she do it?
Cuba has 2 000 miles of sea coast
with thirty*.ieven seaports pouring im-
port duties into her treasury day and
night far beyond her wants. Henoe
there is no tat on land in Cuba. Isn't
that fine? Now as to health. In a pop.
elation of lfl00.x) in 18H0 there were
infants under one year old 24.145, one
year old 18,87:l., Up 1 10 years old
there were 3:6,987 children. Between
the ages of 60 and 63 there were 34,-
423. Between the ages of Oi and 100
years there were I.dtLt. Of the age of
100 years there were :41. From the
age of 00 to aend including 10 years
old there were 'T,1t2 Think of it-41
people 10) old in a population of 1,00),-
(o0f. What State in the Union oan
make such a showing? And as for pro-
duetioni, Cubs ib-ats the world. Or-
anges and guaras have regular sea-
nons. All ,,le-rvegetables, farm pro.
duce and fruit-are in the markets all
thie year round. It traveling one
thousand miles In Ciuba I did not find
a drink of water but what tasted ex-
actly like our famous lloulware Springs
Cuba is the country for any man who
has enough money to buy a piece of
land and feed his family until he can
raise a erop of corn and vegetables.
In *ix years any industrious man can
place himself beyond want and have a
competenm y.
J. 0. Ax i)nRws,
Former Spanish Consul.
Gainesvillle Nov. *'".

To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take L.axatirv Fromo 4ijiilinie Tab
lets. All druggists refund thie money
if it fails to enr. E. W. Grove's slKg
nature is on each box. 2rm.

Iv r and Dllmpune*.
A p1hl.yti11n t1 l 441% the Washington
't1t It IN :I wtl. Dotl )1o tl':it thib r,, wtli ot Ivy on thte
c.t,-l"lpr n ,II2 of r i-leptere rrentteo nm
dazilt t h:.l !ttin, Ite I s n tltisid a Itt-
tit rei' nto,.i n 011 ,.i vli',l11 an1y one of
the fallI;'y of hlim. *il4r. o*,4ltiton. The Ivy.
Ilslt ~i oi f o *tr i tr tiglig I* tln ilsipn '
hau rathl r Z m I1 lon, i'tt itluienee, sliLce
it imst exInt,'( aattiture front l the
brick or tiathat1 I it overrPtiit. Tbhe
damniifi,'*." 4'f theMsi I withit givew life
to t11 ; ;int. oi thI t l flier interior of like
hloiasm i rl'ItI'rttl drier lthlant Iwould
4I ohll ri-wtio.
"io youl think i doctor oualht to tell
a pautlet e'xti-tly whlat is the nmtter
with hun S
**Y .." an eedl their phyllclan. "'litt
le lthn!l t ;->* i < m lsh termite au t< ir-
v*nt t':., I il'itlty ior Ilihe Intlient n-a
Imrra:i l 4 it w aiti ir ,whiit 1( ; l
I:. P:tl~'i+. Ii V l| l !.') +

K I LI. 4, I L

pg ii iI~Q'-.
.j% cat,

t. t : ,' 1 l i ;f i'o lir s
. ' ..l.' it, a:i \air is

4,, II

. "Ci ti l nO'. w *et1 i
A SI fr t i ll 'liltlt
I y v 4 I I.1 t rirIiI : IhiA
I Si:a~ (o t Ili i a10 ,1 ltut-

uilt M i I Ii k' i. i.t l ll i | ii l ia t ,rht IjilM
k iut 1 I i ; It1t..L l aiiicititl, 4ItMI
A 4 ..'v, % it i .1 L ili tli It iptt Is n ire-
coili, it a li ,\ I t ll'li f hir ion cot!-
r. l I i.n.o, u iiL n *'loo tii iiu l wild

'I I 1 1V < f t 1 atil* ltty' i Witiyl of
r<] ,4.i !t I n 11'in. ''li'v viin in friedl nrift
ir i! r l.. I'zs w i i 'Siv4 h r' Ibwen
1 Ii ;,.l if, % %9h lt I t. uI a itniotter of
ii'. i141' liri P i'4 iCIhit %d i L th In lias ur-
Sitci1.-r li.*(ii'i ,,. or they 1i m y 1 l it iV"w-
it"'rc-l aiijl likiitled into cakes or curried
<'1i I, .,".H IIm.'i: nired, like lubstersa, In
ltii l,?' t I= '. .
'llTe w4 0.l Itiltme IC Male If properly
iidic ',li ih fr ItIq.I r 1iinil SIlt will It' founi fiaully
Iun, i;l i sWtrirTli. whiahh it muIlkh renu-
bIth's 1it IIIC|. laktwil the wood Ioue,
.illhci:Ih lie' ll\ei Won lad., in lrat cous-
In ito tlit nuicit rellsheil crustafean.
('coki,-iaf'rr, 'nrr'ltl ,or otherwle, *
iire d4elhliowU it f slii'ttal of a servicea-
to:e size ittl illimnlmlal. W4it, li4t, sre
a tl'I.r t.rinl, iL, ltiful gnio'tw. 'Tnhey
,.41'lh : t11I il'e lhie t lel ilt two incl esl In
hIit* ;la aI fuil it proportion and may
(e e*';ie'tl u;n'oikil, like oysters, or
,lt'L* lit an I11k.
I 'cd.iw I: m hut-wver, tho inot tooth-
eoci: of till In- -'tl (dell' rc'1 l il tithts
wriltlih colits firtlh t on our "IiUeU of
the !nday." wwnstp grills baked In tiuhe
coma ib. Th'tiee rnurtl halivre N ls feed by
their pamiilts on a miI'eclirinte fll
(ilnp ssied 4If fruiS ini 1 vg'wethimll Juice
tia:l ar li,' l'iy liny lliN. of sugary
fat pjl,'sei;%i n liavor as exquisite ais
It is AnlliHue. No onme who bagt once
tnittdl iliti will e-v r aigainll le mur
prIAti nt piefenreu i allown by "lit
for thin Ijrtrihnlrlr grilb when uel iam
in baIt.
Tlhl it.i: lih'tl* larva Is of course'
ieniltirnil witl i tihe cnlis. wh'lchi the
oih Joiinii lpicures.' tliar till t* up0on 11,our And wli. Thlie
sixth h courrl'e shoulil e bervedl ( intihig
li n t elii there' l no 11t nioi a lpptizlis;
odor thin Ilint elinnntiiiin from i
pliai| nlikedmil moth.
I'vlrl ed wire'woris' aire ent'iiltn it the
form orf i pimfe, sNpriaI IillOn nliphitri of
toSinets. usill lunste notl itiilke aith-l'vihe
wheoi trnailed itn mitnilr friphlon.

Not a Nick Day Since.
"*I was taken severely slok with kid-
ney trouble. I tried all sorts of medl.
einw, none of which relieved me. One
day I saw an ad of your Electrlo Bit
ten and determined to try that. After
taking a few doses I felt relieved, and
soon thereafter was entirely eared,
and have not seeu a sick day since.
Neighbors of mine have been cured of
rheumatism, neuralgit, liver and kid-
ney troubles and general debility."
Thl It what I, F. Haws of Fremont.
N. C.. write.. Only 50o, at all drug-

* . I .1. ."" ".. .
S. t ,li.+

*l. 'i, 1,.,Il. <-* Iholt h l h1 tl
a 'y iOliM of lilitiirt"
**IVIo niel liew hitl'':" C'leveland PI laLi
Dealer -

VIlsItor---Hlit an ilesanaitihl rlef
fierince h#twwen right atnl wrti.
Convict -Oh, timer' wouldn't have Iw'i
so muI h diffe'relit, IftI lud a igeMxi law
yer, Iuck.

Seth pieasisri.
"lIid you ever lhaivr sll yon wanted
of anylh lmig'" asksl Mntenilerhing tk .
"Yes." mnnwret I'hllding l'ete., "Two
things ndvice iin1l water."-- Wnashlng-
tou ttar.

'The neturut tlhing tIn eit-iutnm Ia a
'ftter written ime-rely for ithi, purpose
4I ,f I''ki tgi utp i (orrilonhiildeimc.

S nit!

. I

E s


Lip* 7

B|j|1T 1 !^ r ^^* ? ^ r^ ^ F ^
Is :r OI; totfl

B*r*WfL.Wf'l-^*w Wi^^ woo'r -
tA th,
lL.j s. '. '
p+U l "JBH^-B^^BB ^IU ^' ^^r -*H
W^*^I^ff v~F'*-' ^ fi ^^T^"^ " "n o


*a** *
f'^L i
hrn ~ '" ; .' "; "' .t -

^, J.J.-dkll H.

B): ,'. .. .

vkK.h U. DEL,
Outftter V articular Pool le.


Dint .I


i is. Thas lI Us t.4 and well.rounlel joitv;.iPi is in
i the pebtble msad regardlhi the

Correct Clothes
Hand.Tatiored by ScIloi, Broio. &
S8 to., Baltimore.
Th sreq msArkd41 superior In style and workman.
4hip to other make of reedj-to*wear apparel.
Doan' be deoered by the olothing pirtured you wee
S la. the auspsie drsemtlase T'Fake these elo. ,Ibiret
Mi' I Iuirstioesatod sOMpare shem with he lhw lhow t'.io
iefsm to rwepDoett oa watoh the effect iipuln yiiir r4)0i.
"10* pleture doI not mlke line Ictlhie,." in ou oof
ifi se; ltop'a". This make of elotiing mtoindi( on
t inqusltytetually fouad in each gatuent.
The suiot how la the Illustration but faintly repro.
M*O 0 Ie t es. of Double Breated $Sok. We
l IsV finm the poper browns and faney mixture,.






- ~ ~ ~ wa ---- --- mas-- a ..-~Lr _ I~

a acne



BIIA IiI IIU A a, iI .. -iM
o -- i_ _-. .-

#vl-"1GAtL .2le FLORIDA.
;;::;;.::..1- Juneral i rec rs and

S.. z:p. .j censed Embalmer.
I. ws..,t MS.--qIUM.V. iS Nan. t

,.-- ..MAX KRAU .
~;;iiqju1ri h re S eRti i

sWoAl ism
k "4 ?*'* um s. -
.. r

K -..,IL .S ,
, i.... .. e11.q u m Air. T. m

Bari. ,- "'" SOUTHERN BY
1i st New Awlone

tj, i, ki Urns t, Leis
* .- t boyt,, & t,,,, -
rciriur^t ltt M est Li
J* & rtKriLD ttal-fr rr 'I ,'-

,C. G. 'Wx YLK.
Q (ee Ita.port,. Manager .
Slejle .nd ElectIcal Wgo

wiper using iar sricer
5t0p-o4n. going antd ritimhu at
kAtla Bnmostille. Loolville eAh .
le -Iad priaelpal North OWmlli
w.oustais fl or'.
See High Bridge (highest rFallefd
hk".a 1. thew nhdi u I.,embiA ml..a

J Worthy of


Wi, over then' )IlLmortaiit point and ret jipeeCfil
olicit a LaRre 4f yo ir Ntdtlrepl.

Fin, Life, Accident and ilcaltli lusuranc

--Agents for the--
Victor Safe and Lock Company
C!in, 0cto-ri natic. O io.
The "Victor"' is the best ateR mAide, and parties acontemplat-l
Ing thle pdrchnas of a safe or aInything in that line.
from a box to a bank vault, wal save money
by consulting us. Call oin oraddress,
Information cheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA
lW _




T hr jfrUi tna I f ff il ft firl couiflrrr ii for /h' oPrl /vr"
ih what you pay for when you buy land; therefore
know what you are buying.

*. Titles ordinarily invisible correctly revealed to you by..


- Allacha

- County


- Abstract- Company,



Or r the eslug FalH l aid Wer a elale t of bded aid grafted
P13A1 TRKES it lb ofthelrd varieties, such a& have a gd wered hbe-
Mld twhe. AIr VruIhF Oraimentale, te. t altne and GMd*e to
umreusib 1mese Caatgre tw a g 9 3 3 3 1
I1UMLLS 101538 H. S. GRIAVI, Propriter, GAIIBS1ILL m
. .. I ll I I II -" w' i .. . -
.. ..a. . . "I


benmra m





Outfltter to iaioular People.


~ _ I_




3'- Iu *":~

p ,,t u p O S-v t

Pow 0 Asli e0 t ulievillel via
Spsee-UCls Bmal smatter.
i ANY, lllor DI l Nl e1,*
A. CAIII. AI LE AV. b- lit i.-
VA ,

rJL' Slr pubibbted every t rurrl.ig i-
,v dtJ vlted by ratreir in it.f e'l r I
0ae s.0T nrt o S6e Utrei MSt. te*,1 i
f l i .toar@.I -M 04 ,h cu h 11. : i .&i
gl 0 VA'vae fu .,,v.

affp 1c o W N liAl' rl 0W 11o 'Wr1 'h 1 tt
lgs lgserrtlom, rar oenitas I eaili ad
... dimli1 afdvert i lia wimadeo known

I Tlwe vr.A1 41Sun Is an fight-tv e,.
mla ialater. 1liuH lled ri v1y MAti-
Thurvlay. a nd oatfiarr nil tus
Sof ti*e week. lool. state and ucu-
i 0ilt, ei mat'ed., roftaie free, to any
t* o United Stits01 Calnad. forol.00
i-in lilvarice
mevOrt iltlr bill tNecome due ftter lrvat
i sof lverUsreiens, unfle ottiherwIeO
la|ea retIrot. Parties cot known to
be qrodred to lay for amdvertlijtai In ad.
Address. THE DAILY SUN'.
i ,ia 1 v1 l.1 i 1. FIA

ft. telephone and rural mail del:v-
elp level tll distancts ndl tr"
ihr thalp moving to town.

'..minug is nmlad up of little indmi-
. anid each one. contributes to tie
oeu*s and wealth of the farmer.

teliefneiP. thifltlnssness. anid a
lmassrd way of doing things, will
collapse the moet prolltabilt busi.

I' "think in small figures" about
JIsrg your store-otnless you are
EWP so do business "in small fig.

ie eternal tiles* of things" ealls
a big frame for a big picture-a higi
lor a big man-a big advertise-
$for a big storo.

trees of Finland are the money
of the people. A peasant even
his shoe from btlreh hark. and
his roof with ehavingl. lie
ly lives on wood.

Or gold and silver production.
0h stitl large, looks *mall as a
th producer beside the enormncu,
turned out In this country.
allure after all i. pretty near

A',falfa hay la slowly becoming better
a. In an Eastern eily it is now
at $12 a ton. Out in Califor-
hoey are talking of grinding alfal-
lato meal and pressing it into cakes
general market sale.

,Prmers are In greater need of edti-
ke In how mitd when to market than
My aothee lines. Whenever the
t takes a downward turn every
r want to resh his stuff in.
could be more suiiidal from a
*lst standpoint?
, Obr home consumption of wheat for
! id Il about five and one-fourth bush-
kci.ear for each of our 81,000,000 in-
'ilbtaats. This per capita consumnp-
,il appears to be interesting. The
h.kpricesof meals are probably in-
IlhMalg the demand for bread.

The fact that you nre telling the
!g,, of a suit of clothes he expects to
'for a dollar less than e had ex.
ted to pay Is more important news
th *average man of this city than
elastking pf an their warship in the
.*Item quarrel-rfor he is not buying
hbltls this year. anyhlow.
(i ^ -*--*"- --.- --^
ow" blood In poultry ii the basil of
7Sy, vigor anti prolillenese. It 1i
Si ebsentlal to successful poultry
tall else eomipined. Fowk that
.tM imbred in line for several years.
Ilhous the infusion of new blood
$bomW other strains of the same variety,
Sto wlteh they are not related, be&
0t*. active, diminiutIve and utn-
I' emOs that all kinids of enter-
S4ISaes ieeed when the right kind of
< hold of them. There, for in-
'l**e. IS the ase of th lMittouri
."il Who invested 6529 in sheep last

rrrrr-~~~~. -.' -

Lays Down Principles for Southern
l;ditor S i : I giv.- you 1ji hL'w iour
views Iir' t fr;ruin a 'IIt'ern tii.; -
point :
li'i. h ii tl4 no iin t af rA 1'i
i1a1, 4 I tie 1ri tld f q uIIr \% it I a l a II .
*I'. 1 1 : i:L ,,' t1o 1 gwi we K a. v ,. i' -

i .trd\ l ow,' 1 t I ,r
intl, t ht ] Eia

I l :l ;Y .

4Lii. f eight a- .r it'.,r r & r4-
formi s i, i l v i :- l I- l', i r ; 0 -

ii t i, o m i . a, r i . i .
7 lin Io o 'i . : r' r '1 l i
mg .' trta it' rit ll wj t',L p ,'ir .r J.',.r.

Mg th. \ ,' e iti itIl i i r ,i ti i 1i (
*rWt i n i rt i, V ti 41) ,'1i, r !(r n ,.r I*w i

thome, mrayitupoig thfm mir twot
ltw r* titm ,
Mt. We hOu r. wdpet- ri hts
it 4 ocl imiithdual, lt in m l what

ili as a nIlllVoi ly to oi li; reot'] ltho -p'el
I th We luii ve thing to to
ashamed of, only regret wer havet te-
following after wooden ge|ti too longt
without ily e l, mpi at iLt. b
121ih. tWe do iinot shirk war duly
when culled in defiusia of our country.
13th. \We live the garden Spot of
tle world with all thu National re-
14lth. We believe in Demooniray
taught lt Jefferson. Equtal govern.
nieut for all on l!',publican prltielples
without monarchin tlntments.
15th. We hope for our Repllic's.
greatness willa ut oppressing alien
16th, We still hold our patriotlism
with all thl love of country. .,
;. L. V .N'ro.,
Neulton. Ala., Not. '23, 1904.

The curiosity of a small boyt has
eorsed the agricultural department as
Washington to explain why popeor
pops. It pops by rvallon of the volati.
liration of the oil contained In the
kernel by heat. Field corn does not
pop because their outpr portion of the
kernel ia more porous and permits the
eseape of the oil an i evaiporates,
while in the ease of pop.eorn a great
pressure is developed in the kernel by
the confined oil and the kernel is cud-
denly t exploded and turned inside out.

A farmer says that he ride his farm
of rats in the following manner. "On
a nunimbr of pieces of shingles I put
out about a teaspoonful of nolasaes
and on that. I put a niall quantity of
concentrated lye and then put the uold
shingles around under the cribs. The
next morning I found some 10 dead
rate and the rest left for parts un-
known. I have rid several farms of
the pests in the same way and never
knew it to fall." We hope some of
our readers will try it and report.

Last year England Imported 219,000
toni of butter. The United States ex-
ported about 1,000 tons. These faots
leave i fair inference that England
offers an open market for more than
lire times as mintch butter as we are in
the habit of exporting England's
purchases of this article frouit foreign
cooutries and from her colonies
anmoulnt to Ilxmut $100,000.000 a yea'.
Our export sales o it approximate

The iierchtanit whose advertising is
SoE good that hie t 6ri pe6titor*n wife leele I
hllf.incliiid to ideal with him is on the
straight road to fortmiune.

Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
As miereury will surely destroy tho
seilse of enmll iliad completely derange
the whole system when entering Is
through the munous surfaces. Such
artiolei should never be used eoXept
on prescriptions from reputable phy.
siolane, as the damage they will do is
te-aioldto the good you can possibly
derite from them. ialPs Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheauy &
CoD Toledo, 0 contains no mercury.
and is taken internally, acting dirret-
ly upon the blocdl and mucous !urfare.


A Beautiful Girl Saved From bread
S -Other. Won igi


^ ^' _^ +".

S .flflpA

*sbo r Aow
aJ s -n I

hMIAs1 "he
Mbo^ A^^^^&






Penlll Now f



'-g ^*^^i^
utg 1.,g.:

Mia Anw/f W/gmwr

Hundreds of Women Cured of t
First Stage of Consumpt on
by P u-rna.

The Follownlq Letter From a Thank
ful Woman Tells Its Own

Mrs. Mary K. Roblit, SO1 wOats
aveni, Mlanepollh MaMiiL., wrflt e
"My on utereod for tbre month wl
eatarrh of the broaebal tube wbhlh
threatened to beoomovry mrlos.
foators advised that he seek aaw
fivorablcl elatebutas head heal
Peruna a as pa lso ffor lngii trouble he
deidoed to gitv It a trial before he left
his family for an *essiTive journey
among strangers. For silx amtha he
used it faithfully and found that the
trouble gradually disappeared and bless-
ed health took Staplace. In twomonUths
he was perfectly well ad able to per-
tfrmn lit duitle. Yoli have Indeed a
graleftil mother's tbank2s.'*-aMr. Mary

Cream VIrmifuge


*wlssi or seUYstiit eI.
TWo es lleF PRIMPese OTt? Wv
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co.
*T. LOUIS, aM.
For Kale by Wo. N. Joaumm.


I ) qll L F 1 d*'I,, r 1 ',
tt- If ,+ i '.1 p#
*'" l. | i. : l w-.k > .. ..
Picas 1..- ii -c~el*ia
< .. T i i., .'. r
,- ,. o .' .. "'. **; ,
': *. ', t til i .li,-r

TutaMrur EIuhTmfsnr. I
Oiae.,ot th utifrltlitdn Arehttet.
Wauhlmrti4im, iD. .- Novembuer Sith 1uM. t
S.r-;siKD ItRn4AIS will b remolved st
thin ot aie uiUl AI o'ik W. j on the lt4 day
of Mocember. M.. aid un wBned. for Ste
rotntrurtloge cumplaee or tMe U. tA poato.lee
1a uitntMYllie a. l n, ooorfsaue with t1il
drawings ad spieletlestItn. neuft or which
may ie had t tiw ofmite or at Obe ome of Uthe
postmamter at UsUlF. uorMsd. at tha dis,
Wr elM ot0f t e t rvhtaur mrltees. JAMRN
KNOX T V l SupervUWmv Arebleelt. *

5m-eM.w ar' ,t1!0 s10f ar m

* **'

It s psiepfltnthpqWwb mfh N fg
cared by Prwv that makasths mu P=
so popular andso t*e4sieywedir U.
dvertleeeat cueld bhewasea*> i s me li. ,. ,* 'Jtt ..
Peruns ea e the Arst staegpa e of O
aamptio by esmovita tkeamnwidh b&l
Isehromic cata trrh. Thbeeawrk hrbpt Viql ,
been redte corh at Ier I S.. i4A 'U
lapieable symptolmsname. Whe Ra,

.. ..,
C L Y D -i*-.*-ki*+ **^r'.i11i|1 ii-'i .-.f^-TL.M^

,: .a

JacksonvIUe A4 .
Calhis at Ot SP M I D

Ciyde New England and. 8 outen
Drec Service RSweeu IA
ll.... ... . ..... . i 'WS ..9s

Th e n . .. ....... r m .. e" ".e '..,"

CiviO Ste m M .ii.i
Stopping at Palatka, Asuor, 3. Vvatelt Bftlead
Sld4up at Us. JoeM Rlim er
Commeolsega m, buT I.S ''
StsmaueiJ 'trv OF Mi Amz M k7
an appointed a.i sail as fellowsi- Level Jbehanv l d40ll
$:3u p. m. le lurning leavelSainti! 41l iept 8Galy p.
8 u.tI!ff ssen tIed 41"',
.ton__. omma,.
lmead w .............. J...... lt e ........ .l
: 1M pa ....... .... ,...* a,.....AsWr .1 i ...,.. **. ..
C(00 aD .. a oSOpa* ASW 10 00.4. 0i 1
S............*.k lealg* h) ..t,.'i.
Arrive8:. ..m... .... ........N l ... ... ....
10, .. .. ..-...... -e t. U.. ..wmai i
P. u. zwwlwQtIa.LL. AnOI Pa A. sMhuso. t



, ," .,,..., ?'.:


r.plEMtO WA $E61904

t hA I -- ,

@.wLi thekk lI

t no pm

ghe h Wilk wd toaum
u se b imold

,able, 1 and the
*mslm trmet.e
Hia,, Thias upl, da".

mIt" ble a

& ll Nmt flute, r
.*~^kMi 'VB** ^^^^^^^

II i i I I I I' i
.,.C., ,-..,



-I 'II' I .', ,

,i ;I



i~u t-wo

3 a, -, ,
flUj0 ouoe over M'arQu% Endiru. All wolk VuUr.
ppemr eIm4.
ysr. -- -- --' ...
r Ds- I1R. A, G, MOEILEYL,
lem bj 0 8 TEOPATH.
me 01ft1: Magnajia lHotel, Gan1110101'.
to, Florida
with -"
IfrU. t Ah Alld4*wU. ,IOOU*VUlly*i trod withb)ut
KM. Lfa (o aItlm"ti u Mtd IUSwlisilonf free.
O aouVur V to is in 1 14 P. u., or by
olie s -de _w,
ut of And Solloitor In Equlty
on of Resl state, Oonplaineuig and (Jen.
to a *ml Preilee. All buisnw promptly
a*tinuld iu. Oflte nexi dwmr to Hun
WMar 8- 0f10or. (IIKNVIfI.LN, f'I oltiiA.
Uble, --..
gUAIMIvuLs., F)I.OIf.
S O sell' your cily property, (m*.
proved and unimprolved), phosphalse,
i arkllag Mad farming lands, Bend him
i sa ol@what you0s offer for sale. 2142wa
"lon '' E..BAKER*
L. Oaeo tNu Edel Blook.

Ul- MMMirAa|
. ta Ea o'talMu. A Orumal c

j ""new 0"8010 a WWNss0 Veftess
en. 1S seas uasne kl. Gassu
I, -p


rI 1

A'r Line Railway
.. *,'OR....



ington, Baltimore, Phila- t
delphia, New York. i

Two Elegant Trainy Daily. .

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail. I

Only Line Operating
Daily Through Pullman Sloopers from Jacksonville to New Orluij
For full Information aid Iskeier reservatione oall osan il agent .h''b"i
write A. 0. MacIDONELL, I. C.. IIOYLrTON. J i
Ant. General PEaeniger Agent, Pameinger Agl
..=:....= ........-----------------------------------------------------------.. -.,I. .1- -I _.I....!.-.....-'.....'

Good shells ift your gun mean a good bag
in the field or a good score at the trap.
Winchestcr LcaJcer" a.nd "cjl eater"a
Smokelksn Powder .he..i arc (oc.d shells,
Always :e .r.r, r'".vays gi.".: ain even
spread of shot and good pc.-,& .,, the':
great superiority la testified to by spcrt-.s
nmen who use Winchester Factory Loaded
Shell 'in preference to any other make.


Camden, Souther

-e T. s. w. iu - ----_ -
T" aeswuAma Woes OpauWOWus tbost
Ose h SIois Law 9 asuee.
Ba, beer, testle vftdfrdih. Don 0
2- W Xe wosT CT Ps bca Le rsJ no r p o raL J o b eJ CeStl e t
fll1 at)R. WI"lSB LIQUORS & CIGAR o

son'S I1 a *W *a s n o Ist wa w moptll Do bfsinuws baakWt bwsilnem. buy sa9*l foniga aud W uDd si. eo heags
4hA WOMaN n a -in bof b vboon. eorpovalmk afnunranwbanha ma hBoth
...... HARRY LIE JARVIS. r re na fIvorable Ir a n8al1a Isoa iles to alI 40 o100LUoN*o aall0
i 010410.Ilot w I6 hb M (W*1. U* T ) masble poins to e Uni t= s
41(Wtbor. kB. Tlsof).

o io lnr Law u. M. GaAm President o. W. H. Vie-Preeen
Um"Lt neI o0xaONe. W r. INL aWPehenn-..-o-
11 W. H.
At. niroaa,.pr,. OW C3-A.XI Q IS ~TTTT-.W'n.
EM ft o. IMs, Ih, Jacksonllo, Florida
SaBt Imported and omestic Liquon Caital
Sd Wisa*lath i. tal........ ........ ....... 50,00000
SSurplus and Undivided Profits... 25,000 oo
ONS es t y a k bu witnklak bumDe, withWillusf equal o wtovl bstk o Bo Stte S*
SOISMath e o or frmers, Meeban, c Cororso e.o. Inw arems lowSe
b 6ta seeds e .Wrrsw ot All bliasse irmafeeI vprmvpul.
,. -I. E. TAYLOR, Cashier.
T1 OF TOME, POWER A D Send your orders for Job Printing to
at _pa oe for imt ti. eUmaate, st ands
tItape l per than o re. eoutm .. . r. .. . "" ...
RAMA0 mtormalsaM obtarlitMob AT LA4T I HAVE IT FOR TEXN TAR1.
aIIR1 U wa1' The Montezuma Hotel
SSold by a* continuously for At OCALA, FLORIDA.
"- OVER TlT? TWO TEAMS On the A. C. L. and S. A. L. Rys. V. J. SHIPMAN, Proprit
a a8 Fliet Strvie winh' a silaeie rle. I Ton
SAl PoAt o sornt a uatme None Better in the Ba Day. Porters

ud n MatUts.s e sk T 'q

Pm2o oDrWie SRoom|S
la t ua6 :oViL u&eb T a ndlu ltourmo Ml d
,,,"* U Ab tr&t tl of Title and full ibntoPMtin furnkhed rmea i lands hi

Raleih,. Richmond. Wash.





.Wrvla: rl,,r ,ma

A" rp




T kLYl


POWtN NEILTINO bW01 ( quite Ill for several evk.)-AIa.
chua, llraf.ind Mant this
g, LA.nd S. T. A. to be Held litter t ta e], '- 1 ; i, r pIalbished in
in Jacksonville. acrh of t h hi, ., *l) ctiu&lr,.
i preparatlIoni are being made I trust iti.urn ttill l aIsrgtk attend-
suilliming iltlinl of thiUti ouuth.- *lIci U 0*31 l n e*oir.inflst frolim (rivery
gmsllousml Assuolatiou. which I. county it. thwI slattt It i*O oially
p pil6e in Jackuolavili,. l)Deuem- from these c.jntis,*s. I am itcon lldrit
,I, inm lusive, if) Oolnetellois whl'ii JI" ***** I .- imaaiunitlil' t prorugrani
#g mn*tilg of the Florida HlSat arranged i.r ii;s jPint milIting you
oN' A1sOolation. will make wn, -ITrt to go ,i aikis.-
4aiksonville Board of Trade hlias Ti lll Jut L- ionu at thi plrograimis
t pulled itsta manilfloeent audi- are ready fjr id.tritu i,,n, I'll - ihat'
lp the disposal of the two asso- eleh couni U1ilnlritledvii t i for.
*. bul there are to be active tali*le.d with a Stll'k14- it nunmbetr Ito sai.-
is Isaken toward lookiRig after ply evePrjy leh-lr in i.J c in, t.
Mare and entertainment of the t liuintil uVy lraelier int ith hte rtt fa.l to
fe rtiva S a proHgr iill t) he i i 'i l if J.-
rallroad arei to give iexLersih Ion i 'ete'r, rit,% ii., ra d ['i1 .. you
r thep meeting, and there is no one. I'll U 'r ly farnisl ary furtt.r
that thi. will h U tIt.a' greatest inrorrmatili ,, 11 iiS y d .,ri..
Itloon lan pint of nusiaitberl which o ioin t,. Jack.,avill<, nietiing
"r assentbled in Jacksonville. wit tl ,I tAJ st ill 11.* hirtirly (,f t lboth

slton of prominence from the
*Ima well as tihe Solth. are to
*tsO this meeting, and it will be
SOmgmelon of anutih iuportsnce.,
bpswtsary of t1le oitiha1rn .%Stci.-
Sups.o It. I J Tight, of Asherille,
ll* ll ~i..ll r Old lhs* ireilrilng (ef
A NUoall h, rate from lthe outih.

^qfhs PasMuger Assoclation of
$s, -sd eoeeassions from the
*ftij@llwAp will lansure a very
idaniIe from this State.
bpfogmra, plade up of the
ile' *t nedatore of the South,
ew- be tlo omulatIont
ensutlve CommIttee.



W. MedOlouh, ebairman. Tampsa;
Olm i Hasmpton, qeretary.
J ;sl u A. MN.C. Russell. Brooks.
i Miq Rowena Loagnilre, Bar-
;V Mis Carrie Brevard Tallahas.
T. F. Owen.. Lake City Bert
DeLand; W. P. Carn. calta; W.
GMwekolI. DeFunlak springs.
wNelptlon and Entsrtalnment.
pOeo. P. lilen.. chairman. Superin.
1e-ast of Public Instruction for, D)u-
eloet; Duncan U1. I'iet-cr.
eat Board of Public Instruction ;
I. York@l and Mi. Brown, com.
m ens; W. W. unummer, pruideut
based of trustees. district oily of
bbmTvill; J. W. White. secretary;
SP. Bryas. member; W. E. Knibloe.
lpal of Diuval High school; Miss
t Melter, principal Ealo Jackson-
lUe Onrammar School; Mrs. M. V.
IhtIlhMrord, principal Springfield
(l'nomar dehool; Thomas (irulth,
pal Riverside school; liss Mary
arla. principal Lavilla Orammmar
ilbaK: Mis Netllie T. Myriek. prinei- !
-I South Ja -ksonville Grammar
6mool; E. S. Hewea. principal Massey
ssehlams College; E. C. Garner, PIresi-
but Jheksonville Board of Trade; (C.
Aiiith, secretary; J. W. Archibald.
.mmber; hoetor W. E. Bouge, pastor
Iato Presbyterian Church; Doctor W.
A. Hobono. pastor First Baptist
S Membership and Badges.
W JW. MeClang. Tampa; Mlss Clem
28 UaIpton, Gainnville.
S' Bureau of Information.
,t Oorge M. Lynch, president of Flor-
1 State Teachers' Association.
61 l"saville; Mise Maude Sohwal-
1, yer. vice-president Florida State
others' Association, Bartow.
Hotel Accommodlations,
STb Aragon. Association Flotel
N ledquarters-ilalee, $2.2 to $1 per
:al; acoommodations, ?%0. The
Windsor, 3. to S4; accommodations
UOt The New DuIval, $2.50 to $3.6:
ioo for 125, meals for 2:o. New
Hotel Victoria, $2: New Hlotel Windle.
American plan. $2. L European. $1;
Olad View Hotel,'$2; Westmoreland.
I; Aeme, 2; Everett, 2; New Trav-
'Sn., $1 to $1 25; Lenox, $1_:); De-
,80ho,1i; Hotel St. (eorger. N) cents
dlale bed. 7Ar onnt. for single bed.
,Mals25eent.. There are many pri-
lte boarding houses, prices ranging
fOfro 76 ents to $1.60 per day. Many
o1 the private homes will be thrown
*a3 to the teachers alits. Although
*Irilst travel is expected to be very
eaTvy during the holidays. ample pro-
vision will be made for all who mat at-
Side Trips.
A rate ur $I :0 for round trip to St.
Atiustine has been secured. .- one-
y rate for the round trip to Miami
ha also been obtained The Board of
S iade of the C(ity of Jacksonlvile I,
trying to get even n lower rate, which
If obtained will le announced later.
An excursion to Key West and Cuba
4 halso under consideration.
lhaw. he4l .r..,ni...t ai \It _I A W

tilh Se \ nA t 11 L.- 1, .. T. A .
Yi)tirs ec r lially,
C') it II f Iie ,
.^ u', (. 't ,r for Florida )of thu 8.
1'. A, r **mnilt*r ,f ti i 'it m inttation
coitfmrtte" -. T. A
I*41.' Isi 1k i.L- / 1

Disastrous Wrecks.
Caret-lessnes is rrspoursible for many
a railway wreck and the same causes
are making human wrecks of sufferers
from thr it and lung troubles. But
since the advent of Dr. King'. New
Discovery for consumption, coughs
and coldW. even the wor&t aseS can be
ounred, and homeless reislnation is no
ltoaer nrequaary. MM.1. Lois Oragg of
Dorehester, Mass., is one of many
whose life was Tv'ed by lJr. King's
ew Disieovery. Tli'Ms reat remedy is
guAranteed for all throat and lung dis.
ea*es by all drugiists. Price. 60o
and $1. Trial bottles free.

Itsa R rret ptepret-amlmlsve. New to
(the IMmt a IMndlu Tr ee UA*td.
Tile litkiroit-.tyl. I those frill re.
altili hivll I('4t founitt d in ithe chalk
at C( at:;gtuli. and elsewhlire.
wllt n tiery intlI L A sprenal of wings,
'vlijcli Iln the lr';., t p] aviisi 11n1s must
have r.iwmlihl twentiy-ti've rect. Is1 l-
Maot hlnitlesl wiith the dragon of
A lint-like cre|ituire. with an elevated
boly a i1 long w4'k ending In an ab-
murnlly aiimiall hie;I with a portentous
bei:k. It eruil riun very swiftly. was a
flih enittor, andle rolid swilm, or it flew
Sty 1Ilntli of ts hl I1enilbra tnnus wings.
wil'lh t t'itiel if Inu ftore qjtillrtIr3l
with. Its hi, ll ,I .
'I' t~vi.n r.t rpriu.wntnlve now of
ih* 1inielIn t!riga.I.n In tsie tree lia rd
of thi* '-.;t Intli-.. which rtinembles
it4 rm i ii in',m , flntul'Iy *iItttie'r Iti nl it. The pt lat13 l lim'i r. hI r t er,e ihleuntly ex-
i.l.01l tIdowl Io n It.o i Iparatively recent (perati I'mn t it s inot at Nll
improlIblde that liiih' traditilual dragon
iS de irilIedI from the Iast litinug ipICI
Ui'nl. ..I mnet l il l by priitiVt 1V .an.-
Lonidni T"le',hr;>ph. I


*oeleyr has I'reed that tDjifSWN bw
Caused by (e*rm.
science Is dorids worndern thote days In
Mliedcnk'o as well ;, .i ', m 'cihtlnick 81J'1c
Adam lived, the ILtum-Li race hast been
iroubledi with diJiriLr .r fror which no hair
preparation h has *I,t. 1 I :'ik p3r,%0` kd a A iUC-
cesmful cure until'.i lerihcilde was
put on the market. It i 11 ac.ntl'LIh prep-
aration that klt.& tih' 'nim that makes
dandruff or wurt by digging into tho
pcalp to grt at the root of lthe hair. where
It saps the vitality; causing Iti'hlng salp.
fnllifrg hnlr, nnd finally hnadnrns With-
Qouit il~tndruT tlr must grow luxuriantly.
It is the only doelroyer of dandruff.
Sohl hy Iralding druggists. Bend Uc.
In stamps for sample to The Helrp*
elde Co.. Detroh, Nitch.
J. M. Ildifterd & "*., ?perlal Agentls



Jacksonville, Florida.

Jas. Everard's Canada Malt

- ~~--cn---~~.".. ..~. .__ ~ _~~..

Phose lb

rv PbM Lv PM Mbv A M'.
7 66 ....... ..... ...... r .....,,ItvlaM .........
S 00 ....... ....... .* ..... .. ......
0 .. .. ****** .*06i-B S**o es- I
H4 0)5 ....... ....... .. *...*. ..iM nBh . ..
A 10 ...... .... .. ..... ... m o -1.... .
ft .. ... I-. i.. < Xd M _,.. *** **
8 5 3............. .. ... ... ...p *.... -
s . ..... ..... .. ... ... ,**** **** ,.
.45 ...:.... ... : .......1. Ifc m l.. ..
H 4...... ..... .. ... .... .... ..
659 5 -....- t *** **

t 00 L .... ... o.....
4 1 a r .............. .lR! 3s........
I 00 6, 53li 7 2 .4
It 20 7 03I 727 .............. rb .... ..
12 40 7 t Ar 74 .....:P r Oi.,.
7 U .18 ..Ae Btaw. O.
.... 11. 110O ..Jaoksotivlle, %W. li W.
a jAn 9 an a t Yl.Ah (cty. a. LA & ...

n 3 '

Tl I

O p

^_________ ____- -T -40W

r .-..,...,... ,

* T W 'r'-r'p~ ~ '~7rW~r~rNW~
I i j. ij jt~ ~

ST. W Whand, the naval stores op. 1
orator of Otter ('nk,. spent Thanks. l u u ton Will Have Onle or t
giving with his family in this city Hetirf* In All Pirie, |
II ;n Ao m AJr A frisad of The Soo. writing frem
aI EF in ra Ui M l g t"'"tWhil" Springs, state, th he gr eat. II
Srieu A Asr.uoi,,'d. ly imnpr*sed with h>at oald-fashituned
meAe Tlt. awance River resort whieh has been
0 "lHousi. that treats you right made famous by lt4 wonderful spring
1,The fipuf of Cul.,,, .lM C It Fr
Have your cake, muffins, and tea bis- T,"" oi os c ,. .,,.'. ,, .,,t M i ,, l 0o,,d .,,B- t"o*w *a FULL oLI
lo *. I ,-r J _- -- l whom hiaet been silk fur several dli.,. hoi.s let Florid., and Igor that 1 n
cuit home-made. They will be fresher be gratefled to .ear,, ,,id they are :to:::r wit the medial r tue of
I p.n t-h e sp r in g i p le o e t o 0in e b or e - -,e. .. .. "
Cleaner, more taty and wholesome. h. e r.e, -.,, c ,...... .. :" 1' ****- --*
more --n--er A. I. H ars of +North Csrollima. so- and stay hihrs.
y g Powder help the house perintendent of tboutlerti ageeles fur -'A visitor to White $pring. Is first
Roya" "pthe Singer $qwlng Machine Company, attracted, upon entering the sown, by I1k i S ..
pis in lhe city, looking after the interests a troup of elegant' buildings freshly
IA wie to produce at home, quick .ly and eco. "'" '"' """o ,-, -a
wif. e to pr cacc at ho e qu l aiof hie company. lie is stoppiixg ait the palapintd--somethin a rule 'out of
i really, fine and aty cakc theraised ".rwn ouse kpio with o -hiond r18 8.. --.I
Among the visitors to tisl eiy islee buildings ar* set of' with ahie(1 4
h l ll rubddanTSR the frosty yr- "e. J. 16. Hilburn of Oeala. presiding trimlnasng and green blinds, which
Siit, png te f' laye- elder of the l a(ise.ille l)igcrio, 1. .E. make them very asstr.aive. Ti eses
cake, crnsp cookies, crullers, crusts and church, oth whh. fljr. b ildings comprised thhe n "" magi 'eent
burn will attend the fourth quarterly plant of the Hfamlllton. m eatly pur-
: muffins, with which the ready-made food conference of the church, which will oma sad renovated by yor follow-. d
Sray- d be held today. His numerous friends towumnslo, Jot W. EItel 4 Son
found at the bake-shop or grocery does are gld to welcome him. "'As a matter of IoM I I-
V. f 0 With oommendable enterprlie. B B. PliUl ud satisefsilon of esdpgi.
not roinmpa Coleon, manager of the Alachua Abt. as sbe Hsa9ll, sad she le dlerd dfl
i, 91-. e a s trb ak dt OCompany, his installed in his his good wife are se kind that I am bet
R loyal is the greatest of bake-day helps. lo*e- *es -.ocm -. m, go -,1 ms""s.l
which Is deigned for the presermvatis ,m Se w.' IV""
of books sad valuable papers. The "The EKflb prnpoes to -ake S Ws 1 ft
SnoY& aKlIo e PowocR co., NCw vor. esplty Is lar, a4 d a ddilon of mg eas0t of tMe B ss llw. They have
this sel will prove grest folvSal Joea ,l o e thr bioalews 1iW..pi
s on to the as- . porcbqw of a lo* lot e)Smllagth.
ISECITYAND KtC m A91 I how. of "hle 14 1 ft
IW CI AN'. Frph meats of all kinds at Carter A te e m of &pelael sea l pa*o. th n1s4 -11, fe i Mal.
S MIU N T Y N D E N S E D ^ -. " '. ". '. C OD- a.s-.- e. '- - -o t m I td e fao dwh tUso1 WIe
among the arrivals at the Brown oee- of the Bst.t Board o He lth", "ad whes this perk I s .
House yst.rdpy. Jeekeoavihe Flors Deam h-r Bua shrbbey w, v og '
tm eOeral Interm t e are now preopar ed1004o ll a neo esmeedhyuh. *ONi blo gidl I hfl tMin
d by Our Reporte. to run our enest marke steady. Those reei Mw of Dr. Him. Blvd. (be. Ghat Wulte Spdrin will eWN b, ,
wishing nice, fresh fat pork aid beef didase must be ileaso t words ** rthly $rad*'.
may nb lin the bet at 123)e per lo o*"r 40 nes of age. 5fd1uat of *CMsle i W a this I'sa
ONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS pou'd. Ite srre and oIll at the store o0e bl e medleal eoll a ege, have WW. Ia
Sof al|n>ihur. Shaw A Co. at loet a wheol li ry .d. between wawne, I im 'urp h
Has Happened and What is Going .1. $Pene is again managing the t medical fhis, a greater m y of
ppen Told In Short Paragraphs retaura Spe on h.1 rly, O e Y. oeah g ,S.e of this betel. This m
S, That *He Who Runs May Read" miliar with the restaurant busies*.*e -RO-W Is h----nI ee m4 "mhm M ll
on The Sun. and It is safe to aseert that the bus.l- A IT V.w --. em The bai, .1" eat
S wit Hl. nos will proper under his on DR l0 leUft .tern~ *sa .h si,
.3. Walts of Hawthorn was u the I nth are tiar to ss**p tvgl l 8" -ePeal a
yeterdayu are Invited to s the grades
Si0uoeonh'q .,o nud rre Slve fr ma Ine shonbI arnnesl le b ya nx er0-- "m-.w. -. iake
yes- -erydisplay of ancy embroidery work ever II i ll -
1o.ll-ion' Wondertful Salve for .s;e shown In aineovillle. by an expert OMMeW-papemtorsle hw T e h 46 ..
-J. W. MeCollum & Co. lady operator on a White sewing m. l to.
Oet your ehiekens or Sund.'s.. dll.. sli, from Sto De. 8. (flae!-s i lI I S u d id K. ..
.... O" And .ertsytreet, d* ft .
Sansted-To rent a small cottage for wits
w months by J. A. Carliale The work of Impovinlg the stlet. Wll
w mohrsb .1o Aar ial..rd continues uninterrupted. West Or C AP T ST E ,01 IARTH. I ILS 0 ..
..0.0., Lambert of Atliants registeredange s re., beginning at Pleamnt, i.s S s
L. Tpmpkiu of Jakckonville was sons are beinR 0iled in with Alaehua Fill I CI
he Brown House yesterday. rock. This improvement was badly ..
B|Att-pork sassage for the trade today needed, and thos& waho havo oeeasion -
gCtker & Anderson's market, to use the thoroughfare i wl appre- IJNITU O PiM
+. ,Hllerof oalI was among the uise the thme. 111 I D"1 n ' i'' i g, Bn'
iniaset arrival. at the Brown An alarms of Are from Box 82 I I I lllill I astiIt3
im,,t-erda.-. uht, t 7 o'clock s.umoned + h de,, One Price to All I *m
for Rent-Store Royal Cook former- apartment to the oronlng of the Sea. EIIMITIIDP I 4 11 6
d. Address Thomas V. Pot- board Air Line snd Atlantle ot IliIiIi
e Talob plan seeUree bet Cuba land. learned tha the .fire', whih was In the SWEATKRS. ULOV$, J|.aBI
p aville en. dwr e C mll of the Eddins ManufaeturlR HOSIERIY, CORSIETS.
lf esvlhek. tloa. dthe w .t b u Company, had already been ehxtin We desire to calU the at- KEsS 0M. stK. s,..
le sa l th tainehville mr guished. The damage was ht tention of our city and TRIMumlI.(A, c LACiSn

:i" Carter & Anderso's. Among the visitors to thip oity ye country friends to the fact ,uaBnOIDKISnUINm. vafi i.
R. .t. Welln, th. popular Florida tt day a. Pu llig of Lake that We arry Onl ol 0 send W .OL s ,COTTON VlW.
l o tlhb. S.ingewr Sowing Machine V, one.D of the most widely known tha we cTArryo ouLur INe.., WO t c O L.NS..,| ""l l
aY, is at the -Brown House,. isd most popular citizens in that sec. fl00r [which 18 80o130 feet] TAoBLo LINSwIh DOILI8
UJam-es Haile of Al-seB ., one of t ion. Mr. Pulling is the newly *I@*-. One of the most complete TOWELS. PUMKAl, A
m successful young planer, in'd member of the Micanopn district, lines Of Fumiture ever Rudf. All 8lses
ileotion ws s tuantiny bun iners Board of County Commissionen, and 8hown In this section We PORTI RES, BLAM TS,'
ths city yesterday. i p wire o anhave a beautiful line of Bed WINDOW 8HADKo .
Oak and pine wood d delivered to any pistlee to his constituents ere to no Room Suite from cheapest ..
Sit L A. Jerniga n's welry doubt. to best ONE PRICE TO ALL TLt lM
'J. ? Bh R.. W -l-le o. --.. Reed and Oak Rockers of Price the Lowest Pmlble,
14 Perry Instiotute.r otherr e, READ THIS every pdescriion, RattanMR R. WJI o NON
.-, iLidlay night. Dee.). ]N. Every. Rledbone, Miles.. Sept. 24. i1, .-.. P o i n C r I III I 4 frWO S t '
I.ndyeordially invited D)r. E. W. Hall, 8t. ,ouis, o.-Dear ChlffonnierP, Book and .__. ,- ... -. w _,
., .I. Higbee. route agent for the Sir: nl reply to yours of a recent Combination Case. i
t"thorn Express Co(mpany with date in regard to the efflolency of Iron Beds-the be3t aT a l
i',Mquarters at Waldo. was at the flail's Ureas Dissovery as a kidney lecon to be had, In white boo$fl-#.c t.
iwo H ouse yesterday. ere. I can safely say that It is well Wi
3* .. Call of Cooner Pond. one of The named when they call It a W)NO CE. and in colors., !! -
ham. tried and true friends, was in I have suffered with a weakness from T en t y.five different
l ty yesterday, and notwithstand- the kidneys for years and have tried kinds of Matting Just re
ItAlthathis suibription t not ex. all advertised remedies for the com- eVed I
Oif until March next year he i.d iIlntluas well as physictins, and Hall's q ,ay- ane d ll atht nul G OT S
--ther yearo I a n. Texas Wonder is the only thing tabt quality are aI' that couldU a m s .
SAm; t r har mwe reig n[ ought to say. be de&lred. IP ** iPm t 8APIhAIl "-e
tAheg the arrivals at the Brown hla effected an absolute cure. Dr. 1 IW A eUB
,I Were J A. St.a C(ineinnati Respeotrully. We se ll all ROods for Spot I I
Newberry; H.. tl% As..,
MKinAon. Neberry;H m. F. Luck- Ho. Cash, but tbe price, i such Ocualist, (IT UN P 0 12
Atanta; S. Alexander, Charle- A TEXAS WONDER. as to pay you to bring the itterhtebew Ir -n.", B OR SZQS
S' C i E ). Kyle, Jacksonville: ..l .l o t T c. CBsi. 5 W. l4th 3 New YVorlk.)
F. C. Riehmeond, Kno".ille. Ten 0 unwa tlll bottle of he Tlxas Wton- c .. h
'.'Ric.. nond, Knoxrille, Tent'. S,"S
.D.T. T.m w der, liall's Urea Dihoeovery, oures all Would be pleased to have. WSE TPIt. I
elblterd- cald mI--ad a esunp a. kidney iand bladder troubles, removes iyou call and give us a look. da ---u-g--e .... --- n w
t,: erdcall. Id ad emie gravel. cures diabetes, seminal emi We also carrY it full line
b'l J L. (M !sione. weak and lame badke. rheuma*- fC.ively Two Days neatr
.A .Lndsey aof Lwon. (a4.a . .-o. l ..,i.,ai..aa ... nsd. of Cook Stobs and Heaters wL1 averwaslM We

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