Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 25, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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self.-Court ~ ~ ~ ~ W WVlAjnTdy smr mandebl' obinred estate hydom 46Cutlsi heCte
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b passeVore In the Act 49 Killin Him. ;;;ath good by. Ilee nttoo thadl Simalt- 9" ad583,3 u
041l--Coe t ash oess Adj eerTod tay U oevl h o ffie. and obtine someas 4.10.15
d e till d rNam forwa win whoil aild Thes Itg re tolu the 1as af1
W~~thid-tell ~ ~ ~ o aibr near byr and dr'WMNHOSank F DIt. bWhen o 94ad 0.4
4 I bty was ties a fo mour ate r
- rw- -..dN =. "w-- At Nov. M. to 1"01 w s.tiihis to e "w ard o "
e tW ROla A, PahthterYso N OVEMBRay 1904 watee hp T E NTS K3a
bi t-w- sP te -f. i-- o It o -. .-lO I M Va orln hitn wa v r't
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ii ]+ m --.-' IP. 'D4+,.,. La wyerSay :~w zt .;':,al~dol: tmit~aW hytt 7~ Preliniinany Statement 1 l

Va eadfPj"ttW, ao a acid. ak Mltlo l' ~ love &Blair beng o~ frien c hats
Sbe Wilal loe 1l elr foehi aLc the gSi I taple Ginn-ed to Nov. ti'
i C -4ihe went to the lt mi r marsmery an
VYi84, A g lust ZbAW .,,n FATAL SO IR. nkeI Iwrmi .dm anin t t toh MILLION TSALES OVR LAtT
0a0llw him o bhur"n a iMcslll of mort

otrter iow her tan was of tt Attiempt Mnd to Cla Out th is
Ia Tnnyna m eet, an WiSwear MelWettdCan er, the fuaro d br. After watch. Figures Ilu te Numbe tr

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ban d at l) o nate Family.ry Ish as
4s ms rt d Young Inthe Act f Killing Himr ssan 0lodblAle went to thoe Sit. Oimned-ThinI per

p hA U. me ulhfe and obtained some b ydr 476 Counties in othe cn. It
ynicle meld. t(rk Itr to the wa .n Decrease of Ac. Onnerle
oe t t o rtvrer net ar by. a theInd drank It. Whew.
M*SS+ II~: Ne oriEv.i4-Weite d his budy was faln4 a few hours hlater W'aehlngilOn, Nuv.

e waslng wthhsf far Y cw e dwnu td prof a
,1!' pVSS 6.dbeep VS ail flea~ Pmuerua, fl presumed !oday Am the water. his body n tLe. shoe.. SMl~oleut of thle qtulanl)"i i!i Vl!.I ~ ok o.I.-hnteI~lIewsI1lwt i aedwwz uetidyI~u ty 8 ra
Ae Il i,.." h- Absm, Ri, EmMr. Vmnderbllts, ofle was foud Vn.r to Nove'mber 1,4 ,.4, I-a

.e e 'oul".. utifu:m. ., as create
*I that14 alU through the pb*CUietOS hek th. followingl message: "Let hims who Comatinle for which reports have II

Mt overall atng~rt~lers' uiioall be eiing Jde -o closie. i'e lrp to date showing ,s bew
WMl Uj fs the v!. ba. tO eler Team; (Iriu..s had ofe pokes of te ginre sau e36. kg

t! uutesdlItW Ii e t sr e luta! of Miss his love aflar a ,l toul a friend tha sm period and a an t

.10 he Swear fhe I ore
Sh hWtI hiwi he ed m kr & Oirl LT qut i 'ht led him a I ICo nnid 503330 n.smati
6 W ltS nuid sot i shsee i. ,*w wsrrth eilulbr Wl.l.i&

usnquwruldfbylaw kwSaawitness whn fro 1984le aGai. nstorse 4.1010 las
..Mb Awaftlift the Curry tW go hTbe figuresr inc0e1 14113t
.e $t wotha stell a e l msory t bary WOMAN SHOOTS AT f Ere UDISiTS. 6ise. for 1wO4 ad 307.344 h
SeWe i.tI i s tep an lv seu t' Aik i I W ald refer solely to 4 ta commfal
fI S. W" t he iw inr tMe .denT o, thal Attempt Made t los C reaO the W!a. flunimer ofc nmtire from aml Wala

l bSQ I witbia setar ohat ThI flr t ) liNd was nt o2 -T
9 v peodie the rat-al a rit In fred.. Thin ebommuinty atrt ssr thre IIn Sady w 42? aunnin baletl mi

opm3 wit uuoa pama t rom Yaliac was ch the scn of, a
~ 0kw ~ or p~Sug arrow Wet Broad a n. d fatal feud) during tire nightA bewenGORIrAPrTSly.E
m ipIrS fles*ehu ilnoIpie pon ts the1 sll.mee of ii tes family :f Jloi: t Wallace and the
S8 iti o11n e au, he sold. and Is his narrativ.e Curry- brutber-.. th oerno h en a s Rted
":! ..h I 4 heiil 14 will sweamr frm #elre be stood, ,. atrdmn~' iura Ixaov! epresidentN teof Aselltoiatis I~a1r ,

as~~~w.Sbs~~~let. tlac' usro. bhut wEroe reuso 1hA) Couiii i;. NIv 24.-With.
Ahiwlls, *n'the Curry hrnther shooting, go frteul a til.
-. ... 'thelll m hh.d ',iblI~ll. LaterrLf prtheat. the annual co+nvention OlI l _" 1CUrry. brother, with others weut tuJ'I Gm~rglaI aPtsi~ls met at the First
I Walacl~es+ home, demanding that 1141t.I tlkt Tuesday-night.-
' My+! tact c!ime out, Whet. .Mr,. W\allacee Thle Iarg'. audito~tpnl wu coI
'4 ..w, ,A E stated that hcr hutlimnalit v ll Inut gil Ry IiieJ. and at tite o);tsrt ,it it i
u's.;l!l ben jhe crnn' ht roke in the. u indows. Itha-i this will be (.1,+ Of the
+ l : i iii'. Walla{ce then fired Intu the crowd' ronv{ ntl itis or I lblJtlhtft (V,'or
dm sl t:l~i and fatdx,, wr+, kludl Thc lntA Cutrry. *O d.' '.
Irll. VA|:IN' Wl!twich|ale, Once+ Tr1.~ ('.fltventhi,'1 IM pa 1,4ilro,, @
F In the lkgI and ihe (other tlns I tn he: x4neneW.1 irhn t
+ .. .. shoulde r. H4h rod~e to Lounl.33. KY,.. dent. .
.lie U,.an, IIIII~ ,. ,;where 5l0, pV,' de alarm and th.' shier. n Fle. .v. Vnu' m. of la.Gl
i ; "' If and ,deputltI.+ left for th0 e AC1O o rr'eI t'? :zg yr
uiseutsmee ,iI trroutle. +r~,, ,t. )+'r .
I We1\'llan,' c eC1pcp l te YorEr el?',. Ad i" letut ifl .l.iii +a. renderedl Wffi
Whe th Strnaof is tvt "tr!lw! "ile I. ten rg~c' dIer.1e' eo:" 'r:"vgation
liiiililp' l hll|Iv +t++.tmet++tcl~~d lv t- me u p tl h, rarwliu: I1'l h. inn with ii
MiflSAi'tI Inc wis, Ipen'I I until he', lairge aaztlIorium echoed. .t
i4 biqM &mn A" Sn TATEMENT NOT TRUE. 1 The rolVniit[,ll +t'T I|iu)l W45
.... won a& ll Inquiry of 2.:iJl, e Swayne Coma In Prcg. asvi~l,.. (La,. aene furl iA.r afl bai

*Eede4sted I US' tnuh hm .'aret*~.:s ii'rnonen~ry l~shpuz. ,i. Su'v. ?14.--Whben ti c5t ..:SW OWt t smit h'sW a. ~ ~ .... re lm~ Jd At thel cPOisrt|u+qo;; {|+ ci;e s.'[rl~s
*Ub, a~v im$Sa wohll o'a In(ectgt:nIar'evrIn nr otaie M ouIdtoa i a i mt.~ h
Saul, aIM s~tut'l;: tr';" "n|It the 3r'uuii trierat eAr3,+!';P+ f.3r f't ,OMDIIl t'm ,: n ', "41e ~,
ftbmi! !ls Over *l period of we+a 'who w'as t+.fls,.,V ,riiig IIo "rr,.. oW' FPorte'. WM,'% ra{':,,I t h u" dF {efenete,. t0r ) 'it.., vlc lt dll
JO.1 fl A #1 05 the r000741 II froth him. At th,' eli0e of i,,,ay'\ lIo w'as a ;;,.,I2I (b dili.Irlrt ttorney- for Mr. Jala+. h+t. cc' wi, h rfarn+.,t
"lii! 1 I~o saplpelesll Ir+(e fltn;,S ia,+i, n".ment t l heA" I e!:i i,, rog lH a rrison ad. the+ manay halo,. ,,I peuls,,| Jo1nD M l
* 5d 5i r 3 4 h o 'lt h S .'h i v ,e ~ .* q .,, ,, : ... '.,.. . + , ,.. *,, *, . -. ... .... .

V411 0:14 Or the cour" ". " c-" m t rly la si nino th-, na titnst hy'm a. S J X
cj t63M by oaf 2 riday attir a ol 'tar. e mal' y ha wientie. J C. Stock i vernor N.trth-rn was re
,gt bmtemdae efore the op'n'ig c' today pro; k ah day g.preuldent of th, rnn'.t'utln by
,tay Ir tht SltIing had asked that the Way mth'. Other offLevrs were .15*
so^ill a O.S .Mr. Jlrl :v -n th- tz
CP""c .. .o s, tr. R i:ant nounce thd on JLudze Swayne cease and that II 1; ,h Kirree
*y A : St4km wruld brping about such ra.n Cowlnibz. A c idile vrie' tr,.iuz aea Ia
Al ...o i LARSI I~lII SUM.Se beat ;ul X-1LMonda a:1 the gr'i4 .f sult. ho, lbtrilp!izs) was In a position ; %f..('fl who I- nr Vf
: .'-..-.. ., p W t he day will he,' tak, .n 1116 % to e th, Stu*,m' of Qut man (a.* ubind re w ,nt
Sohr ?' se y whof ie wilL % b *mtml4 In the way of re eversl n John i1. ;r.'n, of Atlana; fourth
'B 4.-- t'omasi;' lwi, tele to pro, thll*t ,ann n rld no | on wan ner or nlstaken prealdeit. Dr. Rolbert II Hlr'
avilf. im Mr. Shtr:s';ng 1 thn at rStet'oclkon Oreenii,"e sccrary. Ragsdaf
Ipe. La a Slltrni to th+ IrM.siiion'5 t-', come to h'. hut once, and then:
4, Owm5b mtaw In flew YoJk IuOny will net hays the human ir. on hiuilnces of Stockitun's. and remain
kI^hel tk tSofe ome a o I ertime o w. tnJAr t.,i but a few m n ute. i WOMAN CRUELLY ASSAULTIW,
t heas Iu. mts lie ox marratites ok aMrs. Ynon'r. Aohn N1111ar-
i latd IN tit. He ex, the bookmahr' farm i"- partner. Ind D ET CAUSED KILLING Slack Brute Breaks Three et
dozen other wllneww. Ribs-Chased by MOi.
-as leos! papers that t eno11y The Akelelon which r A "1.A
ovfl this *attmi cerie a-t In f r k h t< wa set Prominent Louisvillet Merchant S*s l i Rbs-Chasd by Mob.
"DIaiyanto whet. cah- y- i,,rda;rfar Auae uaf lne.e
+.rlanleros Ph ean ()1nl i de. loAisville. Ky. Nov 24.--Fedrick unknown o aoait#d
Merely Xo ed.M that *1 il cerliffh the coIr." a. thli ballet which ander. a dal) man. am kfrllyi really eitreated Mrs 14
WUS.;. -IS v mood aIC thatl the reu-sed Younu .th. tw s again William i Slaug r. Jr., aia Iit Ihahuison. wif,. of a lromuinrt tl
N..etW ull e dad apea bofgb It the rart T f l 4.. Oi i git 1 tht O W r tl chant. and an4 f t h blhe bt knw m. nra te I
aSS i sci nek i t over to his bl l tril! was relaotlane iui '. In Lo klll1. The. m,- had a&n all- I V,.lig h rt. Mrs. R1
Wtms .iW 't. sa.i ld that he had B', T. lhaii exhtlu Wl sut, nbldli men? ,,ner a in.s, which culm natpe wn eu+aiued thr., irokeI ribs.
hid a either Vuller or ar the ltns. stalled whet Mr. l.vy in Saughr'r 1.? ri. ti w bS w eu e Wr l te1d **V
a" ON, the W matter W01 fur the .1h-fT, runilnued the crwi s1- such fore. t hat ip qi-Tra: hi .l nedrate,
^I eilM u *0 to 11gi" e w.xamlinat:oiln of tI. orlonters phydiclt death r 'Nlli inih3I iv 1.K Aosht, nPnme *
Ip IBP I%* Itl @r Ih a( wr AiS*)rptl by th sd)u>trn iurr'n.,be.r The rorn .r'.. iqi tt th e hrc'" trail. sad If he is eCptC0
F illlibr Ibf 4MAG S. C.. Nov. 24.-The teeth riiii of e titt ,,,'rda. alfterr.rn. howed that Pander,4' ti"PCk wna eislo i' ill fai hadi' "th hilm
a m^AI gggj 5 fttIVldt "d Live Stock Mr. L.vy in hi:s r, ,-exlm;natm .i catel and a1no frartiurvl It i. r-,-rtre 'hat h' I insklit
S 'of this itW. whbch .s to co. led itr. (0!lan.'i. bark over the ruittul Sanders w8 ,'5. ~ e" ol.' ':. rot i HirntharnI Th., oflm.- ar t- l
.5, i tPtilt Nov. .eemed with theM' revreri in his UlroNet testimony T- ble a qr,. r an a .iimt o ut. hei' lt.ut for him
Ncads I attentdatm fromf every goel terlay. it, R1 let,".rr-ht i b ,r Sand r ovvcl Tn . I *
ti of o Wth CiarettlL The harge. rnI the tat, p.' hh hI erf'r' 1 r S, ot Man Through Heart.
UN of the A&ttta1s slrady secated on Yuna i 's Girl Killed; Sey WouncF.Id. I' Ma. S,' .*
and the feet that the fla week is so "rf l.l had 'isard:et the "1 .Z d t I Nashvile Ttnn. N, 24 V at *I 'tpp1, r 1, the
well advertlueO l pf aIeM to make this of h n ride. '%ft ':i hoate m ,a .'1 trare'. TeM.m I ;j.. r,' '' i. .. A -, ve t m I-I A
t fair fite of the $ji.g @ad i II'.' car, fu ,'. r :m- ul fIlon'?" asked M1r into a tb tgg) E ttit jI,: ', -, I I A, :14'. r .,' n d ,
e ak auc'rr, fnl *ev*r state I .., ma s ul ...,,..I. ... ... -- I ......- ,,,1 -1 -

I1 I'


usLrON Tone
..i.; ..., ....1.f l N o .

S' il Io il eote mI HId Mr.
o o ll hbewn drugglin.
e akll kll l of reikdle
laBu e rbt lwt#Irgswn We do
tlM i. 9H Sld ulre, and i) m
p.*qp ulthe pabliea wish
iei -o Mko ped.ihow r.
4 peblder, stwanth.
intor wer, we
l*d ViSal. We do
-,elw l about viol.

Wl' ,,,V /W -
sea" Oaks$oor srwouv
As, bad every ofP
Rbeg ae mopukll b
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ha oak ma had mis La

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*tbsS eb qfestS wm, rew a3 sbw b Itn K..
thh s e w rmwnWi L mee 9**q see.
OUd he besemW pler g Iow eO am t you? tM adle Iay
I --mama -N' M te t women .re as elM s they lok
ma Is. ~4Wm rWe as' t- feel.r There
S- wing. A man dMl wear are awe
l UM! tbo thal l tio be.
SOlngI old aI a* abit of t
S i'.I "A-s a was it blh ilhi b
leart sn w o i h ." It ~ l begi saortty
+S VIIi, el. minril ota I.og. hnt

r4MMe e,,M d ki. to t. -n rwho ban
i *to- IWithl both a. re th olw
bfts $ wino. Dftft Is slor only to
fl tO the ncle
eke s^ Nab 14 fte mar0 in the wrong
_____ _.f_ taw m that Y south. It
It eM!sr. we'i* 1 es t klaa an-
itt tsatwlrI. oa, that white ,th
k1PRt. i., ltme p r beth bo tat l er maln l
Alan ...ewo day 1 d .y .
-Wi the bu hma mlad reAs to ex+
i l lrt talmr, wn thi.I- t no loader *n
ediv lafatlt lna thet ffsiTrlm of thbs
n ttu r^ mb^ te umat sttpesaat mil
I r W t. pha lna and dofig. the man. like a
i..O .i iW a t. d twe, begIn to op at the top.
Sf Ylgag Tea l aas o as you think you fe.
IL OlM trt Keep the hames op. Y tr job Is not
ns kl mtoed' d'oT-tMwllWklee JouralDt.

71 ow FI .- 11 n A---

1.00 ia pflatia ao
Shram it. *i*a l-

,verWy Mi.prsl tal fi

i...,'B -" o r ..K .A ea.,
3$ hit, a.teSilU siSk fory -tre
Weea miS that kb he hd
... m. W. p..,. d a

ON bIim., ThaT was ls lt ea
pii them we have always keps

W, 1 r$1.00. Sola d by
S amp.w nwan~Jt hn te VieW l ur
,, waon extrsonlinary Inesiane "of
i I0I the lloysr park. el. i
iolafte a. lstrml., 1r wua watciihl
sIow .Sirls a In Salarge cage when
fm etibrim claspy to the frUt no i
tril ie reach a am which hand b en
ithNWs IRd was llh lu n thet Ignvel
L Mt sai stbom rins .as rr fa uor :1,le
t taEnd that'I bte ut w *a justt i Nyudl
ml Nee There awas straw us ttlwadour
t thi asa"e and imlul n to he Ibt:k.
ihber It klently epiwti .IeM t he'
itllMt tlin damaged 'I Wte tel strnw
aftW Nstraw, dI srll In th eln cin It v
6t1no't thinkil Ig theUl strong noulgh
r tiA e Ptllr At I lurit tenituul vt

eiatl PWa vi Us lamid Ith Ae.*
th ato fPgramI's P"6746ee."
ishk Itynias'as tot-l i ain the veat
burial Igmuni of Bunhill fl ldns. oritl-
.tay call l "Bouehlll tl hl.l," probably
fron the quantity of bones whirh., na
Muitla(dil tll1 us.. C oro tratiso*rttl
thither I 1 .I4 ThIl i s now clMued n
it cemetery. but tie. foremt of 'tomb
a~bed, by yotug trat- in a green oeas
I a brlee part of Ilmlou.
Near the ieouter of th "Purtitan Ne-
ro '* p IC whit. Sftire. Iplnn upon a
Migh modern altar tomb, marlk tihe
Iniav of Joh Bunyan. He died at
iiow bill frn a cold taken on a ms-.
anry nexcurloit Awug. 31, nKsi, nagel
* tsiy.
4acmulay In one of hi. manys usays:
"Tle spot where Iunysin lies ii iil
reardotd by the Noneontormists with
a feeling whlkch eswui. rrianvl ln. ilar-
mony with the steni spirit of theology,
Many lPuritansr. i wlolu the respect
pald by Itoman rwtanlollcl o the lmioml
of their limits asios chblldlh and sin-
il, tre sid to have b~egad Wt their
lfrg breath that tbeir corn m eight
Ie pladc as mr an prmt ble to that of
ut author of 'I'iIIrlmn' Pro s.' "-
Loenem Mail.
If IS aby is Cuttinl Tloth
Be ure ad use that ldd and well-
tried remedy, Mrs. Winalow' Sooth.
laI Byrup. for children teethlig. It
soothee the ehild. softens the gumi,
allys all pal, eures wtid otlle and is
he best remedy for diarrhoea. Twen.
t7-flve oea a bottle.

Now fir(n/ meam i hulls.
Tit I'nlpuasrn rmiInlli tat New ;ittino*a
itnltnl4 attl lutllhts ni ha1lirl a vlulenl
camie. Whea'ver a native dlie frous
aktnres It Ir iblteved that thi ak- -
Rns resulted from some plot. In order
to detest the merderr. thr t forr. Iarts
ea tih dpod peron arp distributed
ammnt the memtlms of theheb bwbold
ad after a timnr mindd I% a certain
4ctal In tie commianlty, who mibt
be said to rormponl to an Amvrleran
Oruwur,. district ttIarunf. judfr a ml
I Ell flduu,.klkl .I-l f1 ....* .-. .-- # I

,0e Maimheir .o *s liWWa **Sm-
S al d AmeIhowP 9 Wbier.
Thlo erulite iw a quetlow aulllnnl, it i
Mwe tidUv n wltint 'r 4ta Itrilthter ithial
to ltlAu.I. hllI to a Strm;;'* tRtism1.
urnlt,l lt iI Iti trtih. f orn 1t Winl'r the
!ull t1d1'a fta1. I lit while Al Mii'W an1d
I ra!Il:cuI.tlihy E'rjdit p. lit ttiiMiIar ito
fur turin rldtillrsh birtiwa a t:.e upper
panrt On' t l.* l. .y nml n lghttI y ,llhlw mi
the 1lwermW lart. 'tll ItlliJutl1 l4 Ihell
hnuwan ai ll.e ht!;it.
'Tl' F lhi.L'S a : f-lLlt fris l:'ir t n IIan t
l!tt; :.:j:!, t t rl.t tI unl '. l .tel:,- iew+
thpwrefum yeraIlly repIrsll tdiN 1l.
Sincat ailllmlnr ,
Tbe fur of Ie wmintl is Illlm'!h Vl-
Iwnit 1nur a. Inn tnrit rplwt'. .At .'t
tino It waU lia wark of rl'Ott roy)'ll'y.
and te state r rlwe of Jlodri :mtt t.:ti ,
IS1trat4' were titled with It a tilln e.
bleni of pIurity.
Tihe triiliiu 1:1 441 cuuMtlir In It4 WJyn
thnt it i1 nIslmol Ia dlR hOtct to cat'-a as
It it to "rn1t1hi n vwe nalkrp." In
fact, about thl ouni' W to capture It
aI to mark Its course teum Iti hulne
mul tthel atrew mud lt Ito1 pathway.
When the lnllnty. rstlitKloul little an
all rencliw le pooit In Its path
where the mind la starnl It will lie
down ant i subject Itslf to capture and
doth rather tlian aurwb one of Its
slow whilt Ihlrs.

For Sale by Johnson Bros.. Gainesv ille

f^^^^^fifi fit fi




....SP!IAL f01 THIS WYlft....

Yard-Wide Sheetings, Ginghams and

Homespuns, Only 5 Cents a Yard
;- ....


S Fr the next few days a Good Shoe f,'r Lady
or Gentlemen, regular value $.25, t his sale only
t.;i>. Orher Shoes in proportion.



Take The Atlantic Coast Line"







Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service i
Time Table an effect Sept. 1, 1904.
Depart For GAINESVILLE Arrive F
8:46 pm High Springs and Inter-. 0O 1
Daily mediate Pointso D, i
12:40pm Oeala. Leosburg and Tampa, aud 8:40p
Daily Intermediate Points DAll
2:06p m Plaika, Daytona, Jacksonville. 1 :10 P
Daily North, East and West Dil ..,
12:16arm High 1 prinp. Waycron. Saanunah. Brunswiok, 8:13p
Daily Albany, Atlaata all Points North. East West Dill


tochelle, Mieanupy and Oltra

*:5 IN

5 :Imr a 1I
Di-lI Himth Sprisigl
es.Moo a- .... .
Interehanelble Milleae Tieket, good over 18,000 mules of IMonD the k
esial railway. i the Bouthen States, re on sale by the prflIlpl .I W
Thromuh Pullman srleper Port Tampa to New York. vi AtlsR1i 0e
.ine: aliso via At!antlk. Coawt ine ami & southern Railway.
For complete information., all on
J. A. QOODWIN. Ticket Arent. Oalnia vll"

a4;v, 4.



4 '


-- --- I

A :r ; : J.)' ,., ,'. n..'" f '. n, a a ,
,. ,1 ,.. ,: 1 ..s 'crt: ih A. I'iaM
; e,; .+ a ; : '.l .- .. i l i . ',. i.L '.l 1}
Ld ..- '"A- ...; t; :. .r -.' .- -

lI U all tioIr virtum--nnnn o tz
dm doauti 'cSets. IJflltcr7 t
1 q !egu ll*y wtlfo aretall 1,,, .l.i,
Ihe> diJ eltlva orgnnu in per a t co
liver "l l. kn you la Igodi
o. a .s m eOV..
lI! Ifw II, *ilhhi 4111 Bk ^j,^r;w ,-- -



'I IS~R~"I


S Olatric, Comprising Two
.Oustiles. Mat In Oanesville.
istrlsl Convenliou of the Elev.
pifMltrlh, Juridletlon of Florlda,
whih has been In slearioi inI
#ity for the past two dayl. ad.
Thursday nilht with a trbin-
lIr r mLost lintereeting, lInstrile-
wd pjotluabl se*lion.
aoovention was called to ordlr
Iyt eveuin by Dilsrlit (iraid
SLRoy N. 'elroe of Alseiala,,
Lifter the Itdge had been properly
Shat oflHcial explained the piar-
of h le meeting, stating that It
Wben called for the exemplillcation
.hs work and the general pus d of
oQ Wedneiday evening the work in
Ireel of the Entdtred Apprentice
f emplifled, sd Thursday aftmr-
llis was followed iby the exerupli-
ialaoo f Fellow Craft degree. III
*v OVlng the Mlalter bMa ou' degKreeu
l glemplified In a claver and In-
lelvo manner. This work wai petr-
un-der the superviion tVf Ithe
JliLodge cumtllttle, of wlhon
present Mareus Erndel of this
aind Jamis Carnell of O rmond.
. lodges of Levy and Alachun
aUtloesr were well represented, and a-.
l er the meeting was one full of
s -t from beginning to end.

Carpenter and Hay Have Suc-
elded In Raling About $1,200.
.Ine. WW.J. Carpenter of Kiae-
Mlietbodist Churh and Thos. 1P.
of the First Piesbyterian Churah,
we m appointed by the board of
Sof th (iaInaesille and Alaohus
ty Hospital Assoolation to solicit
Nptoln for the hospital building
,have been bleis.ed with greSt
having uueceeded In raising
$ 1.001 In two days* canvassing.
their eanvase these gentlemen
wlthoul relanl to the finan.
Seiading of the various rlaidents
ityl, uad seoepted the subserip.
w they gsme. They are to be
ialated ugon their excellent

iare hbs been raised so far for the
i tl bellding fund about $3,8W),
S tomore than one.third of the
I required. Little trouble in
pated In securing the money for
tatuIre, especIally since the hospi-
will be of a charitable nature, and is
needed in this community.

A. Armiseal d and Miss May Fowler
United in Matrimony Nov. 16.
Ifle current number of The Rronson
Democrat contains the follow-
wkleh will prove of Interest to
ns of The Sun in this section.
both ountracting parties are well
a and have many friends in this

S'A 8:80 o'clock k m \Wed nesday
llof November 0l, Mr. J. A. Arm-
led to the altar as his happy
*ifMi Mfay Fowler. The cere-
took place at the home of Mr.
Min. O. V. Page. at Otter Creek,
of the bride. Rev. Mr. Smith of
':i room is agent for the ISea
Air Line at Otter reek, and is a
man of splendid character. The
isa charming daughter of Mr.
iMlr. Oilers Fowler of Lennon.
':lmh popular couple have many
_* who wish them a happy voy-
l the sea of life. May their
I e encounter -ino storm hitch
r faith and lute cannot i rifely

S. Mothers Praise It.
'*others everywhere praise (Olii
Cough Cure for the suffering.
t ftilleved and the lives of their
one0 It hias ared. A certain
tor coughs, croup and whooping
A. L. Spafford, postmaster, of
r, Mich says: )Our little girl
CIeoniCetiru from strangulationi
a Ludden and terrible attack of
SOne 31inute Cough C(irevuichk-
iR eetd and cured her and I cannot
It too highly." (ne Minutte
Cure relieves cough, inakes
htr ePr6, cuts out phlegm, draws
Idr*nmmAtion, and removes every
o o i cough and strain onl !iung
,I Itall d ruggisti.

bd Sank Causes Excitement
Ve s*r0. 0.. Nov. 24.-oreat exrcite
1 i~4Cr astloned hre tI' I l. :i
NMte d 4mtatrj Ic ..... .. .


Scott's lIlulio(n:1 i
liver oil prepart-n( ; .t i ',<
not a o((xl like l)rIL-;Il :- ;:
but more like t re; i. 'i
it is the crCeam lI f t i :
oil. A-t the .sallt tini-' it
blix(l-maker, a Incrvv tc


a lesh-build er.

t ;f
r I


and weak dige.itionl, to, .
who are fat-starveld ;nd tlin.
It i I;lieaallt t;1) lk i ; c iilldrLn :
like it and ask for imore.
Wie'l end ylu a ulntq Ir tie.
bCOTT& ImOWNE;, -4"E' PuAl irtt. New Virk.


The New York Union Takes Money Il
Place of Fewer Hours.
Nnw Yor Nv. 1. --The Tyisthe
taI. Oif NS-w Y .i, iihu annfoilnced thaI
at a c'lfl' ti e' f i omlittlle repre
sentinl the TyjP,)l!i tat, the assoclat
lion of ri'ploying printers and Typo'
graphIical union No N the inion com-
inlli Ii h, v. llhdllral\'n its demand for
ar. o ight-hour ilu). taking an increase
I w~gR.s ItIstead l .
Thle deniandc of thef composers ap
pli._1 toly, to book and job offices.
T1'i' advance In wages granted was
t1.O0 a wo,ek. briningI the wages up
to $21 anflrr Jan. 1. According to ths
unlln Ihit dolar.ald fer aho)rt-:,r hours
Is puit over for anytho.r year only.

Japan Gets Submarfne oeata.
Touklo, Nov. 'I.-- Five submarlne
arrived at Yohohaama today.

The surmarine hioats referred to is
their dllilatrh frfm Toklo are probably
the five boats shipped from Qulacy
Point. MUas., nrly in October lat,
overland, to the Pacictl coast. They
were value at nearly $4,000,000 aad
were unrterstod to lb Intended for J&
pen. The boats occupied 17 steel
fm cars, and lix box cars. They
were shipped iL sectlolm, and each car
was carefully covered with canvas.
which concealed the contents.

Disastrous Wrecks.

Careleslness is responsible for many
a railway wreck and thte sine caui-s
are making liuman wrecks of sufferner
from throat andI lung trotulles. But
silncle t advent of Dr. Kifllg' New
Discovery for consumption, coughs
and cold.i. even the worst caies can be
cured, and hopeless re sination is no
longer necessary. .Mrs. Lois Cragg of
Dorchester. lass.. is one of many
whose life was saved by Dr. King'.
New Discovery. This great remedy id
guaranteed f6r all throat and lung dis-
ease. by all druggists. Price, 60.-
and St. Trial bottles free.

Achliesln a a lplrprtti*.
I'idft,-.,r i'lr' l i e I11 l l ol tell with
plii' lr It I' l4 .iy l lit' tn-hilcvt1 'l n renlilt-
liJ fIl"C kii',L'. 11g l thlig lie hit led. Hlh
tiost r o h et t i s I stan 1n
took iI tillk wllti I'rcfsot'r Niewton.
who livilt In theI vorli of mnatheimt-
lri. tiiil -tt1i l i fftL olt ll e u itto dlsclUl
un ailobs'I't I triillmn. Mr. I'lhlpl' miin
could lint (4llow uiitl wenulwnqrl to oth-
er thingg. .%At lst lie wvnas 'llled back
whM-n t litl ip.ofre'or wiioni ulp with
"wt1h,1. y-lou Siee., give X." "NISo
Ity' lA*kl M.%r. I'lI p ltielt4y. '"Why.
in'l-ii't t t' ct :liuiln Ies thie professor
,'I .ltally4 AII.. i .'.l i( fP lipe i i illty of
ii flinw I ; i :c-l';il:liHnil.. 1quitkly his.
uanilil I;i 1 l n.o l h4 I14,li'tl m ltauke.
"'le l n 1; 2 i "It1t. .L I'liRti', YoU Aire
rli tt" **. l in-rtf lo r. "'It
II n"ii't '- :'- .:" ;t .lv 1 >it Y." .i Attul
freii ti h.i Iwi' l, 'i'rif? esor I'hlirliw rra
lto l i' i" i I if Tr iitrI d l i r otr ll-

i 1rO' 45 ;if t at Ice its I 1r.
pii t ,a ~'l 's l t ,.; i -i ; i i ligi' te' u .-

e ivelt in Ih cr i" ILI|I of 11 lilii!lll" uii y-
hiin. '1 In' r 't'. k:s' i iino thiing of their
novel -h lIt1i _1l refund Int llo, w tetir
to drive awayl tli e 14la'tt eliitly tell
thri l tl'y we'rl liallgti'e., but tai linpiiehll aim1 mih. We, IM)lined out that
as lie hiid tint Ipstr4uMl them In as via-
Itonr they wre linot entitled to xo out
as rviklor,. Itut." said the aeronauti
*,we cainI by balloon." "bAh." said the
porter. vylill tlhet with amnused c m-
pussluo. "I tHought So." And It was
some tione wefrore he could be persa4d-
ed that a itoory be bad heird so often
before wise for once quite true.-Lon-
don Glowe.

S'I M I, ft'

principally it is fix)(I I, ,. i I

thi distressing ailment, I feel that I
am altwas sure to satlify and grat!fy
my customers by rsntnommeuding it to
them. I write this to show how well
the rcmedj Is spoken of here." Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure was discovered after
years of selentifo experiments and
will positively eurs all stomach Irou.
bLler. Sold by all druggtis.


It coIee. Fromu rtib Asi-rlenl 'euslo
t1 UsmLt Ik theh CIap.
Ill foruner tday a "'Luntultkp' was
conductodl tIus: A. wiuhlug for rome-
thingl which belontl I to I. stay a hosew.
would offer sla watch for It. If A
aIgrl d. wasr rtiuen to flx the sum
that ta1oul0dbe giIve by one or tif other
to nmnke the exchange fair.
Thle thre then put down a stake, and
A and It. neb holding a piece of mon-
ey. ItI;t their hunlds into a cap or hat,
fir loit l!:te!r ipockeit. while I', enhiar
Iil Ini tilne rnipi.tire uerits of tlhe
hli: r-. tlid tiv. 111 diil s l a ward In as
r..l,; 1 .1 t.'t iil nax aii t r an .sal -
hi,', e ;i'., it lt Il e tiue irds. "I' raw.

4)[1 andi tilm,11
,, '. Ii int '.'rinty tIrw out and toien-
id i., ir 1. i If liltm y aipenredtl li
lb.!i !' t~\~liiui t't w s miilade:' f In tnic
op:.n or :i niltiher. tih award wian off.
uiil In tri cry utosC took the ltikiet.
JTh'c nl:ern use of handicap ha iAri .-
er fmrou the minDloymlent of eXlmrtsi to
niaikLf fair fjuditiona for a rare In
Wihl i the crumpetltonr are of unequal
toe or power.

A Good Complexion.
"Sparkling eyes and roiy cheeks re-
stored by using DeWitt's Little Early
RItierv" so writes S. P. Moore, of
Nacopdocher. Texi A certain cume
for billiousnesw. eonstipation. ete.
Small paill--sy to take-rS4py to sat.
Sold by all druggists.

* AMrlwnw SA oww w

MA rMMl lM1 i
Miiiiii5ZS.lX^m .

a rv* a -. a -


A m n** n rnros l rIr. e
t'luttt ly tih, imasl werI, al clh m l
inhl l.l ; ii^l .l w t Itlrui I IIa nii tlisIut ti
lll. .. ,r, I .|i.l (.1 wlthllta il l i ly-
i,.t i,.+ 'I in, (:., r .,it w ork fil al
I I1 r .' 1l O 1 ii ittit ili Wtin
.," i. i' ;.1 4 frmi thier
,'' l* ', i I ;+.t I <, ':i ltIin i til
It i i' 4f I ,it .n I uIt I .Jig
I1-ti p I'.1 t;< I i'. + '' v ,L -"tI. i ttI, 'I t'ii tIL -|
Si."V' :b i ** i,, . ,i l I ll' ilI ili'tIt
S sil .. .. ;'..ii! f 1 i. l; 't. i Ir*l sl h i th
Iq h'I' i '. 14i .;. q >gil 1>ii' -Il 11 %' llli il

i, .I I .i 1 YI it~ 4lit It wi
)I ~ .$-I% I tr;eitza* ihliug it was
i t : f 1ii11 l t ls si lltl ia ilat:i rUI -
ill I %i' s I I li.
,,ll* i i. f. ll t'1 1t wI iI l ali t lhdl
ii,! i -ll -trl' .ii. t il 'll It illi, 1 |ithe
r llr i- wi r' d I l, i ri' v rl' Itlornt
f .n l .- L .iI IIlk t lllllln i l iI d lers,
I t1 .i x i slsl i >.t x i< a 1.oii rlt. alt u Ki ri'at.
1it 1I.t1i If lg.l t r.i-t rnfii l hi#i, imllten
l-1il, liliiiiiiitin~; tih. lil n k rafter
Ititl .:i rtfiiIrn lllt IQly htilnlter ltalisa
:;i<'s ti i~NL lt it'tii uliti linindished
Kj.,+ It'.." +wLkiain :CIr n t11 @he air.
t 1 iI.' ri- lit ia iiie tit a iiuin with a
iri. lliio onJil tile Old of I1 long pole
htilli', tlhe 1,low. tllid thle hiidle, ith
1Il i'i slitiigI uf "iltSte arway," went
l*w'Jtiiln hi uli ovierhaiid oni the t range.
vnatiiul weird ni)tlhadowl. As tt ntopiped
over thI lirN'irIf of a niold inmy curle-
liy rv lhedl a ri tmax anmd I drew near.
th iiitlrn rt the turning handlet, as It
w~vilitg for wi miin h11l.ipped iite o the shoulder, may
ing. "Hlltr. yoi'll do; take this an
hotl it t.i, to skln lbati the slag.' Iad
I foiiid luyIlft, willy nllly, holding a
IMr inITru.m thls Ip of the ladle within
thlin ret of tlhe fearful stream that
already lh-gan to |our Iate tie told
with a gurgle like hoiling oil. Now
this wns muy very last hour. I felt sure.
A hilmdlitrl, hriveling heat played
tupon my fite and iarns wWhe the ladle
tippedl toward taw. u Ileaiough I won
lookingjf down the throat of a small
vohilnik. Breathing was out of the
quwiulloIn for the Unoloent. I l6It mY
eonnlwnnuce ready to craek open like
a romsted tbestnut.-From "Thin Mold-
ers," hy BelaJiulnlirooks In Ucriboer's.

A Heavy Load.
To lift that lWed of the eaomeah take
Kodol Dyspepla Cure. Is digests what
You eat. 8ouraomab, betelhing, gas
on stomsah and all disorders of tho
stomach that are eurable,are Instantly
relieved and permanently cured by
the use of Kodol Djrpepsia Oure. H.
P. Storrn, a drughgt at 207 Main street.
New Britel, Cona., says: "Kodal Dys.
pepsi la Is ving seh universal satli-
fart ion and is o surely becoming the
positive relief and subsequent cure for


Is landXL


Sea I land Citton Seel, Baggiang end Twi. 'I
I father in Strips or Sides,
"" ""' ," ** .!.trt

Manufacturers of the Jame Doie I ro
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and SBulppl o


235 W. Bay St, JAOMo sov

TOotmrty lm"L, .th '" *.wom b


Ior vi Atuiet, Ohai.lls, siiI


(Do .--lo w
Two tl daily, sS ai. a e i SS 02,. ot .

For i klSiln W fI '
NaILLr, Troy isU
teatlr s s5La"U mo-s





Rounl Trip Os
eals dailly. b.e
till Dee. Ii.

S 390 RBounid Trip. On
sixty days.
rtltlt Wl.

/ .


ltr sbreab AUn aS Cfeafaelw O S
.a.~ rm te. t e. . . ;.

Carom ae 1m tiaie win ll U wa., r'a Si-
sthreihjh ne Sa. .le f u Y ',. .',
a DeattlaMowaab -ha. & m
app* ~ DlkI ,e ,n p
.---- --- ---O N Wll0LWOLO I


Q '.
, ,' *^ l \

The Best Dollar Quart Wbhkidsky o
Market, Today.

In order to famillaris tbh p.blle with tin O eWoes*Mlk ilMS
sell it for a limited time onlyOHAR, HAG PIPAII),

FouriFud Quarts fir 6 '

Try it once and you will ways bluyl, aa
equal for the price. Satisfaction uata ms
money back. Remit by Exprem or Pboffol

-7r "?777- ,

'' i4


.^~~~~~~ a-,_ _. *T ^ ^

I II -




r ll *n

E----OM.SER 1--- ,.,
-, -: ; -+,

' :i

- 52

tftter to Partiular DPeop L
Outfitter to Partioular People.
L a

, A.,*


nh ( T-rt Trip.
4 e I TOP.
HTNhO Wpw 0tfrr.
0 ff 0 9ROW Ln1t

ptim Nve 00

L .9 par fto do.
AIwt-0 trial and

t, ions tevrnln the
$ estotr ends 0se

i iltaotaIeld hat tihe city
upf tboItt tThe garde
gi, le ll- ripp two heq a
0eow #t red sarIth trp
Sso took t the s trW
Sihe -,m"Wt. Adam. This
Adg 4gev Vpuisanmne ad
*ite Own 9tWw t was
i .iS t "me. lt fal

e the 4W
flnXt t w: tof w n4
P^^ir^^M~r ^^^^V^


Diff ere nt!I
ThJt'is the deep and well-founded
the publa saAd regarding the

Co., Baltimore.


Schlo s Bros. &

They are markedly raperior in style and workman-
ship to other makes Of ready-to.wear appanl.
Don't be deaslvN by the clothing pleatres yotu *se
In the mgslsne fadverltements. Take ilhs elaborate
Ill1emsntioe aiAd oompore them with the eItth-1e tley
elai to repreMot ad swatch the effect upin your opin-
"*tle pletare do not make line clothes," Is ons of
thI 9hloi slogani. This make of elothlirg -tand. on
the aplas quality setually found In each garment.
T setlt heoe (P thbe lltnstratlio hu faintly repro.
sate the latet o.bsi of DOubl Brmeteod Sack. We
have it l the popolr browns and fayer mixttrart



eonvlotfon in



M ",



11 L'f



1~-- _ --- inmna-~,~ aaauL

.4 .
-~b~P ~~~n


Outftter: to Articular People.




tfgla fls S t rflj aSg Si SSa w
' a


/F funerall Directors and
Sensed Embalmers.
M f5ewru t or t s P ro In
Uwu'f Pt o i srl, iMbber Stampr Art
W .t, Bes. Up. Easa ,e-.
ift. ll- li Ett

BS8t1fyati by Tel-sphb or Telephon
twIN wtss pneIpsif atteatlie.


Is A. WEIL & CO,


Or ADuerlptlI..

8Is Apaes for MONARCH and MOUR*
I1 quA14JIT Bhes. Evor
pair wrruated..

-' Algnt

iII -1 -D-V-

Supb I I H S .
* ,, "S;e a.. i* .",^ .... '

lity iashLes
ir maime
Wad he will
V With the







We cover these !ml.nrrant points and respect fully
solicit a st.are of your Obu.ilie..

Fire, Life, Accident and HIalh lI snranne

-Agents for the--

Victor Safe and Lock Company
COt n1- n-r- n at O33 o.
The "Victor" Is the best eta made, and parties contemplat-
ing the parhaso of a afe, or anjlth ng in that llne,
from a box to a bank vault, will save money
by eonuulting us. Call on or address,
InforrmaUoa eheerfuly furnished. GAlXESVILLZ., FLORIDA
stnnn&B s n nnnnfl






On the A. C. L. and S.

None Better in


A. L Rys. V. J. SHIP
the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.

i Nr.eed

MAN, Propritli'




to .


~~- --_ _

jj|. t85Mna
__ as.m -. .

i." '."T ..". '; m,'; I



F' '

lop 4

3r *u '
.*r Ir

Correct Clothes

R $12

+ 7., ,., .. ;/ .-!+- '.., ..


a:. I

. A-

J. moaemei

. ":,

ir .


-- - --- -- ----- ----- -- ---
' ----- ---- ---

1 -- - - --- --------- -- --

----- ~..~~.,;,_,
. -.~...-.~-...... ........, _._. .._ .,,

" .=1, .,rm ,
', IJ




'" Z'c n

777 ",

m wt



______ *L.
fl~~~jtl :', ,! w


w jtie th t iI n many of our .Sitte tll, gsag etmi comment. unit cnrit:ieni
OrNm O abe St ,UA!Bil41l. upon the I; eliot n ofil *i'i: i Aly A t| do-
t I w adell latter. luninl fir Itaf or. a inlillist t jitiho t
y 'i rl 7i : i-0l0l t* OD ( It .lItrIdll 1 -Irkt lli. T r i
"ji Y lito ,r mut.d Pu .Ir i. I *' ,1 I1o ..'Ir A.. ,,;rt,

,. iut't .' j lo'r lr lLi -t, r. ir i ti* ir.r t i t I l t .L, i' .t** '
.- c a B .i ,, l.r. -.-r -r-.' t..I if -. .* -t r

tV P.3EV 5. R. TlIul'Ho) 3 p 4t3 I
.. . .. l *1i )l r l t i l i t ii i i t e hi,
pI' ibtatb"e e ry t.orrnIT.Kr ra tirm I revi.ry;* >rl,', I Uir.r' ~ .viv i .',1
as a livered by earler Ir. tle i ,nr t|t ,rei ,,", n ,; ,. i:i. i $ '"
.4 1 M 1 0 % "11 1 o f k1 '1*o r1 ; n n1n1' 1 1 e
f f 1 ea r t WofI t o r .lt h ti ste Qs o f l 1 4 tr .I ti 1 N y I r r1 4 *. 2 I h K *
j O yeart- "60 WiX Wonts hfk ri It
i laS: o Lr dei eit fIor Mte weeL- iti t th T ('i ( o.e i'I n tnr'J
Is a. va"r*. tia% isit' .t'-* ,u 4. Y ,, r l't s r 't,
;al-- i .l l 11Zi. 1. I '] i .i liph. i if,,- I d Klip.
WlaeAknae Su Is an et r 1 w -ofre (lr.e.- 'tr y liae
I ..- -, N e .1 .. ,: .,,I t t'i t .t, x tiir
il partibo l s rus:y, a 3W ...t tv itt V
*.s. Ol tai r d Id cr i irai r e fl ,, c tr ;: ~. I i, .. i it: th furi I. ,rt (l '1icl1 ti i -
-he week .toe d r$t.irfe O Skd ea cu ot 1 i n* Pts'. o od is I n t tlo (i e px -n,]t. upe -
lio -_ d iin for Wi"Wte.refily -rarryinI0 l1 liiimny
of i of lt ay p rts 'itI0 tart,
-- 1
b''Ti te l Weel: Surn I. nn *lalbt-e> ll ft, 'idl tiy* f ji ry Il

slm oW be mallled. poftUa free, in an, i. .
* sa e Uitl Ilatesor Cor Canadfor el.W t'sllrg i rn lllly partf of I w i S Slta"d6i0ta iCat it the fa t that the per.atorr i of
am oaw maillp, evt have decided to it.-
frtiMSa blUa become due *'trr frM i irt a d
lm toSeverdhesent.Ut leuSherlhO "lrit labur from. Jpan and othe-r fr(r.
tIsperatrelet Partienot kknowL to vigC countrir. and if th i rMitt
ils ieqfrld to pav for sdverUtlnt In A- l condition plroduerC this result, what
1) A&drS-. T uDAILY BtN. i to become of the negroi wiho

^^H~f^^^-^^^^---- - -

Smoking around us we flin at
il the maill ndustrles neglected
g lat extent Is the racing of poIl-
pd we ate fopled to the eonclu-
that by the negleotof this Indue.
thlme of us who should enlape in
*soy and profitable work art
i muhe money. The ,price of
me, turkeye and egs lti now
than for the past tifty years.
rwhle Florida should produce
the poultry andt eggs used, (and
Sas oot consumed is immense)
e wmnt of proper enterprilw on
frlt of our people the greater part
seN products are imported. There
Sesa why every farmer in the
hdoold not snake tbl industry a
ot revenue, not only as a
maklaing product. but at t lhe
tli proTlding his family with
pnrompt supply of what Is regard.
'0 the most wholesome and pal.
tleod Then apgin. In no coun-
AM thees products be io easily and
i railed as In this State, as on
t"esa there is always food itn
es for ehilkens and turkeys.
ilm well known that worms and
.0iInt I our oll upou whlih lhcic
will with but littlI elre raise
M lart, and there is always
the farm more or lss. waste
Il during the harvesting and in
lg took, all of which would be
to the farmer if le but had a

a ens.
Shave been engaged in raising
liry for oar own use, Iot for profit,
Ilad that It Is cheaper to raise
things at home than to buy
SWe do not desire in any way to
I"-the abandoning of any enter-
l whleh will add to the wealth and
Ift of our people, but we do think
If l oor people would pay greater
llIon to this matter they would
ilre Independent and enabled to
better and enjoy the things of thisi
a be it is an established fact that
itU the farmer must aid In this
tr, i should also be recognized
while the farmer does his part the
OaN, does bl.rt and aids the
.i byh doing thUE w og.


heoAlelial caInvas of the Vote for
l ts Superintendent of Public In-
llton In the recent eleeilon shows
h ellownla: Hollowy. O,940O
,M8tts: Wolfe, 5.2122, sand Wres.
1. l01. Hollowely' majority over
SUblbilned vote of all three of his
sUlase is 8.100.
tWitbtastlding the great fight
.,. on Holloway. and the unusual
bil er opponents provoked by this
etl was by noi means th* lowest
il oa the Democratie ticket, having
Slfour of the regular Democratic

b.~ mother ol eleven children sent a
o %the Democratio National Com-
AIw With tbe comment that her hus-
1 lik d Roosevelt's race-uiided
a, but she did not.

"T*le lomi who sets out the best
brlrtes for her husband and not for

I i now rrarij luripilying tlie ie.-
mand for labor in Florida? The
suppllanting (f thl nlegro by for-
igni labor weans no little tio ui, for we
do not heiiaite. to *my that it ireanx an
increase of the burden the white
nman II now forced to bear. The nelro,
to in the case of evertother race, is,
by the law of nature, forced to laImr
for hlis breal, and if he, as a race, dln-
oides to uio longer labor in obotdiunce
to this law. the rest of nianklnd, of a
necessity anid In self protection, will
le forced to employ uch means as are
best by which to force the colored man
to earn .his Jiving. \'e do not make
this criticism of the negro labor of
this State with any ill will, for on the
contrary we have the kindest feeling
toward thb race and believe his prop r
development would be a benefit far
reaching In results. This question is
now here, and must be decided by the
lnegro himself. Will he so labor and
perform his eontralts as to gain thue
con fldenee and respect of his employer
and neighbor, or shall he continue to
drillt along In his present way and be
supplanted by foreign labor, thereby
proving to the world that, with all the
advantages by which he has been ard
id now Olrrounded. hr, as a race, is a

The family of lthe C(ar la a estj!
drain on the revenues of Russia: The
Czar haI a brother, a granduncle, four
unele., (our cousin of the first degree,
ten cousius of the second degree and
thirteen couinso uf the third degree.
The granduncle, the uncles and the
cousins of the first and second degrees
have right to the titles of "grand
duke" and 'imperial highness;" the
cousins of the third degree have rfght
only io the titles of "prinee" and
"highness." These grand dukes and
princes, the thirty-three relatives of
Nicholas I1, require each at least an
annual ineulle of $WO,(lX0, rpresent-
nlg a total of more than $16,0W0,.0 a
yer. iMore than this. the thirty-three
noble kinsmen own about one-fortieth
of the land of European Russia. They
have 3TS palaces and chateaux, sand
have )0,(0M ervante.

Every day ham something good in it.
ThIe wse person is the one that nind, it.

Make tihe bept of the troubles you
haves. lion't hn Tit for more.

Anger is the thunder thas sours the
milk of human Lindness.

hIkd sheets are unknown in Japamt.
x1cept ll tI hii hopitalP.

Nobody is *iatld like a "big feelirg"j
woman. ,- -_
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
SAs. mercury will sur-ly dretroy the
sense if smell aid cc(npletely derange
the whorl system when entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Such
artieles should never be used except
on pleeeriptions from reputable plty-
aieiians. a the damage they will do is
ten-fold to the good yo0 ean poltihly
derive from shlln. Hall's UCaarrh
Cure, mnnufactuired by F. J. Clinvy &
Co Toledo, O contains no mercury.
aimi is taken internally, acting diret-
.,. ,.... r ~ir l stwl aInd lmucous surflae.

- .4 - - '4- r- -

T.e lamtessllmes oDe.e Thrnmih
WhlehL They obtalm litLssl.: o.,
TI ilr l itI"l i i ll i 14. t ,i.iil-
4 TIN* ) Jii l l| s 1 t:e t itan ii ti, I.j-
Og i.U )l t' i i. Iij11' *, .illl i l l ), Lv 'lll 14
thli t l* l 'l i | fai' h.I, i:.. *jlI4 ;Fl P.I-
t 'lui\ ti~ .. ( ) *li t1l r .I i ;f lr ,tlt
t illli': .,;" ,il ~.I i-fl Nt ,Ith hi.

cli 9.,ii, t t s'i Ii Il .,, .,iaiI ol
alli i.- I, .',t'iti e'h tllii l 1 lir f it \it's
f~ '-ji l .I l .tl fslt ~ j Il l lM-

Ilu~ .1


i r !:(> L ,. U .i ,i). dliliii I , tilill. 1iir
1 d.*:.. Iy sltH \ ilil lia y ,ilght tlt
. '' > ..I t ,t. f.tu -

i.ii't I I !" 4 ,
-. r I .1 t I' 'ip', l I) slll .,t wil
.;f- f/o*M frvi'ntlly sltoe Ilesi

li tiL t. i h'.i i t. ti o r undelt'rl
igruuit l ''.>t1'. T'i.' I'tr'nitr ae.ures Ite
'tuil t' ily r I ir irtlt uive'rtlIe-
nu'itt. i, Ips 15 itt"l, given renilpte.
I'lh' lit'i* lhiv\ liuilnlrs with p 'lketU
full ,f r.d-. v rti, ge r i Kiorl nu ill the
ntraI, t. -*e.l I i; ; I itui' Iutlllbi kIi Iu lil
thi-y :(,~ c ,; i -, i i. n titt ilir' lre., l fur-
lildn.*l : ',a. i-. t t li i".li t h o ,'r ov."
l ;rt, til.,\ *!. i. t i tlin\l tl1-,-" rl | Tri .I t .e 2 .; : ,' ( e atllt i.i l l, 1i I-
tLoI .. t r I t. I I ,', v I-; glliI-; r f In-e
f ,- .. I t 't ;: I .' t< fta m 'i i' f
J rItlt fI \*1" It :Lli t ;i n lk 11 ;it- 1

It'! j ;1: \ l l .; *.uc i' he1 l.,.i: l i lvl
I'r.. l . b Ii'A .K m :. t

out f v. 'iler nts. a l,.t g hlt dany In an ji ntiii.. ir a.muI linker. aft-
r lh( iits: fitr n tilgr, for the treated
part of a day. l;nul ianl tbot one i:
ltha .sllItion tfi:- uitriy enjoyingl Itsell.
They will ;lsl) nearly bumers. them-
lOveT when they conl e Lown to drink
at niight and leave a long dripplg trait
on the sand behind when they euaes.

-*'r",l *.

. rjy71Yjp



wT a t *

..f .th; uE sR lfS I

S,' .tilnTi s Writes ofe eilt WW .:I
S:l'. tI,- I'ay.-S i*s. Mon r aF.Bbiil h.
.* i* 4ityii 'ville tblm Issp OeUwrsItu qI4i


.. .... . -: .. *" -- ,- ...jr I -.-.-.-B M
kn- o. rt..e

T.tle i what yq; pay.for whboal
know wbst yot _
-"- 1 I" i 7r?1'1^ ^

.Titles *rdlrdly.lunlvbt.

The- Alichu Goul

' P

, C71


ast E aZia0, i; i t,


I m a,p _.!. masu.a etn '' nuint.O'maos N
sesat mumbL
-"a ea r

snetezriom GAINESVILU I

E3e4lt1 I Olt53 3 et
-..- h I.... Al...rt.,
V: 'wi il rem,, b r gaiuo

S. n nnu i.
iliAmll UGAItNES VlIL~w~I_

blUdIIl W 1111IU60



TWS iNiusl airlWaS orLT OT V
Bafllrd-Snow Liniment Co.
*T. LOUia, laO.
For Hale by W. N. JluauLml

!I iI *',*flt .l i t ,. rf L nft'4l, i*i
it I. % 1 4lhi 1... q M.4IJ t1hIslel~ rtlS
Iq *, '* 4'p~t t.t 3, ii ,, 1 t .I*. melt||l .
i i ea1111. ma ,'
4. or q4a -.1 ias u wu rrmm .
W 1 rr'* ritrove i
Si- ,. I I. .--$ t .s 1.



Zow l* &*J-eh -o I -__
--,~~'I~ bedsIL 01llrC
aquvtbm. S.~ pFL SIA.C~ OQNTIKS JI1

l'' L A

a ^ ,
^ aL i.' **'i. 4
jO ^ Inmm .ns-.a"

, V j ..

,1'1 I.

Jackeoil i' Jf

The liit SWUea.t tb

Clyde New England ad l
Direb t Bentles inest *"
ProvID3NcOu. a
) eJllag aenp,4

Northbound.... In. .. l |aI
8241-wtlrrz ir.I,@ I.
S'". n,.S

r p
* N) ~ O1U~ i~p.

Hgtwna JACXKOVLS 6.a4Ws
Stopping at Palatlkl Asto, St. uriMld
SI $%MtomIOf Illux- B ..-,,.
Cor mmensing T.wuay, '4
are appointed to sail a follows I1 J* I
8:80 p. mn Rteturning klatnV h1loI Vb. .,-
,sa i2 I1 ^ MI ,'
L**lV*.. ..... .. ***,,...* ...* ,gS- *"**
5:46 PmUS ..* .. ... :..:. ..., -
aS m s,.................... .
4:801a ..................... .I '* '
Arrive :I0 am .......... ........ a a ** *0 *





.. ... n i




I ~C- '


I-7 .m .4)iY f4JrI .?4t *;
A.W'- .J. aW awr- --- ......W....- a m .0All f


..- I1-. ;...~ ...~. ... ~ -... .. .. -

9': +JI'c~

? al .a '


Sw .', 3N

a. .,.

i 1

- n n"h orU

M^X rW oIw ^ o w

..i".pn ammo ars ta
*! bOwi whiob
S6AWr to A monis.W

p fr e set llflrlg
bs the prta
iS blt *tota
a [wnt? M th '

bave s ufflerd

w th, ou t bam
w atbun pe.
i,...l r~ ,,,t~ n, I.
ff-C orff:^ tw^' rt srignals
sa b *elyg ry

WsAb tl Ira eskltl thpe an alarm
I"Iopr SOVW ahe re e
tw wahlhmea tall l
e* =W man rl to
jo 0 moiw taot alur
k am. ft-"-
Sr we am a
SSSd^ tt t eti t

kl"00o wo. 'w
nat ia o

/....Woo a"., -a
h"-lt *m ^^
iiln-:"- ftlrto

D X.-- muvx --3,.t -"- .---'- N -- ---- -
DR. 3DvmR a. MORRIS.

Oedam O MlMa Eadsol Al work gola.

O MagnUolal Holeid, OaIne.illl.,
All Or WeISS wiout I
letam.*' 1to. -- -
Alnd olialsor Ian 8ulgy
,RlX fatas, O.everoyll and G0a.
O0i PtOMo.i All bil MO PM mptlf
h.bfl a7 prow opp.
to. Comm nxt loa to uIn
OAzxmsstu, I, Fi.omuA.
OIa ell yor elaU psropty, (Im-
ar ud msiaprvd) phoeplte,
6 Mta k nifr isln Idoead him
a It h you ols for s*e. 3142n.

S.. BAtER.
OAWI VILLA. Almshue Co., FLA.
OGa to IM el BlMk.
.r S I. T AL RMA
tamestme wkeblba A~mienl
WOW @am b eaTn .*

f~~~~~w- fWn|BV -- r wmy
,,AWQMI D r,

=as maSwugsp

.**- _

Ih" br,otlto aUddoaught. Doa't
Sto ll Om mo wbol In Jskmonvllle
j D). lian .T an JARVIB,
(maaLr.or it Ra).

Only Liu Operating
Daily Throu|h Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to Now Orli i
For full information auntl 1*e'pr retervatiuoi call on O ny aglent (eabibd
write A. 0. Mh(ADOELi., C.' BOYLtITOI, J,
AMt. Generl uPanenger Agent, Psftinger AgesQ .

Good shells in your gun mean a cood bag
in the Beld or a good score at the trap.
Winchester .cLeader" and J:e Iceter"
S Smckelcsa Powicr Shcllz are racd shells.
SAlways -u:r-firc, ...'iy i-r.j un even
spread of .lhot. rc:a food p.;'t t.ti-cn, t!;ir
great superiority is testified to by sport) .
men who use Winchester Factory LoeLed
Sh11els in preference to any otber make.

k . .. 11 I.I I ,'--^ I p
Zastabla aL 1..178



Do airaer1 blatli wsbul as, buy a ll rr ta Is adDomestle Rielobal
Th e es of l beba rs., r.oorGorUto, frmer. maerohana and othen
receiedl Oa fIoIamv taertal S iael flfillit fo imamkls eU ecr os o I all
saecmble uoItu ln ihe UUatlud state.

.G.AaSV ..T. t

mmmmmv t

L -J-- _-IDA

.ii '

SJashaviI ilk Florid
, ,
bin N Best Importad aod Domosa tl quorn

u 0s bor to.

. *^m . re ',... 'Om"A.n.

$.1 OF_.T .. OWR AND
... r.
bBso p1' f 1rr iW tn eW eandi In
M --- ||e leases te others. eomsrmuter
... ma nnao it as a art.s
ui. todea ev nerv
sat Uwtwss1 111. --meowlp --te.ta-.
i.!|n I.. ,W l- -.C =.,aBr.,,

A ea. We m ar s tls bats writ

Through Pall Pan Des rru
Ioweeli tes dllyt um J l4ntl
TI .lbmm, Mat.iflala weel ille..
Amieo e.0o & ateTOAY
IFleMoM .L 1-le, PnMeoel Moblel
taflr~lw LUUV11^JL UIl

A,. OM. OnSAX, Prmldst Oao. W. HyrD, Vi-.Prmsldet

O:f O.3-.IjXM'OI)S V"Xr,7r.EJ .
Capital. ..... ... ..* ..... ... .0...s,oo o
Surplus and Undivided Profits... 25,00o0 0
D0ee oeri avelrs t a een Wina reeit les qu to ma btea t *e St t *S'tS
e sueas aVlParen, YMrsts. Cm1rUs, otwO iawnqs anlowe
Smeraltl imragmmeas All bealm fteIm w e w.







The Atlantic Coast Line

Montgomery and L. a N. or Dixie Flyer Through
Atlanta and Chattanooga.

Round Trip Rates From (Jailesville i

On:ale daily. (load till Dee. 28.

t9Qn R

On l.e daily. G(od sixty daO

toO) Qr

. = ,

L liii iii



~l~:~t~flPVrtll;& ]~lrOBID~


, NOVERBBI 25, 10& 7

rE..A BOA .A. R
Air Line Railway
. ion....
Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
inglon, Baltimore; Phila-
delphia, New York,

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.
RSoabhnard MaTil

. .-I .* -*.- *


f orfh Atabhas- conrchre oi
01thohb'&It lp1i*ropil church will
W edndoay at Talladega. Ala.
S'MotanAn Metour." sa lirship
loma by ThIoas lenObuw, masde
auruful flight is tfe world's rale

aerpO charged with Insulting a
white woMaln of Augusta, was
r (o the Tower In Atlanta for safe
ns Tuesday.
re of the eo.carPl oOuDeCIs from
t "& ~rf ey's lumlnbr camps, nna
aets. G.. have olulatarly remIin
aO to their prison
I( T lln'tifti ot Weller nilns, neat
:~il. 4 ln itin .,l, ia r tol 11 1 hrlke.
W'A4e want un ic'rsar" of wages. ODe
r imgadred m.,a II r.. ifr. r
William [(an IliiWel:s, the author,
I he arrle I Su aun Remo. Italy, an4
will spenl t1h1' ,i;;to'r a t this place coI.
g ltUg man :tal tor a .10 u htl..
Sthe governor of At i:hauli tite ioffer.
a s reward of '50 ior the arreat of
g. person who lilhl-4 Min Si:irinrl
'ndet L ngK at Ilohwton. llaut stalto
ecrotar3 h,..Q' i.alA hf mount' A lt today lt mi l ridaIMtina Ireaty
hblVen the United Slatles and Portu.
pl. The treaty Is Identical with th4
Aerieaa.irench arbitratiUon treaty.
Androw Carnegie is again -eported
*p be slightly Inddlposeid at bla hom4
t IPfth avenue. New York city. The
Mtare of blh Illness was nola i .
,p" lc. but It was stated to bejp aS
aD serious.
William Hlolden. a farn hand M
1iM: Center. entered the bank &I
0ace jo)terday and shot the
for, but did, not secure any moey.

rthe sheriff. '
Secret serviect mon have captor ihh
hiladelphia. Is.. William Bartlett
Merry Beltt. allai "The Monae," aid
barles Clifton. known as "Bunce
I l ey.91" anutifa4l tiring counterfeit

SMrs+ lxxie Courl. 41 y'tars of agqe
S Chcrago, lObt hor life and her huits
S and and Infant chlii were probably)
Salltty burned Utrtay in a fire which
mrtllay destroyed lthir home. A ker
flepe lamp exploded.
The Americau German arbitration
..teAy was signed yesterday at the
4 Sate department by Secretary Hay
iD Baron Sterniber,, the (lerman am.
naador. It Is identical with the
Amrlean-Vrench treaty.
The White Star tine steamer Ocean.
te which arrival ati Queentown to.
AV from New Vork. reported having
b eta delayed by a severe gale antd
: Mlwatorma. Owlas to the hlgh asen
a' W only steamed 250 knots on Nov
Over one million. six hun'lret thi't
laNd dollars was transferred by t' v '
graiph to San Francisco ln*,,. tn,
Ssb-treeaury of Nrw Vork fir: 1-, 1in;
4 local banks. Th lfloney. It 'in
i sUtood. g*oa 1o move the fruit cr<'e
. Athe Pacnfek coast.
Seat Liniment on Earth.
.ry .DI. Baldwin. Supt. City Water
Worhs, 8hullabur., Wi.. writes: "I
i" e tiled many kinds o liniment. but
,; I ave never received mucih benefll un-
.Iueed Ballard's Snow Linlment for
IUumatlImand paIn. I think it is
N, best llmnient on earth." 2Ce.
t, l1.00. Sold by W. N. Johnson.

Umpereedenteld Snow in England.
'Ladon, Nov. 21-An unprecedented
M Il 1 show ha. occurred tn the Brit.
M provinces. Many towlq annld ill.
'ag n s lsolatel and railnrad con.

ftttC&tl* lis Kg-atly delayed. in
slOme partA It Is entirely mtoppdl.
'tThre are Inastareen of funerat %eln
Saowbound beltret'n the house ansi
:l mverles and chilidrlrn Ihavi hail to
e dGi ourn of drift lItwmn, Iheir
'taMses and the .h.ilnl Even in West.
'f tIwall and the Island of Jersr*y.
Where 1now i. a rarili. heavy fafls
Vf reported. Tin to twenty degrees
;m- fioat were rei.mstered in the l'nitd
'aom 1,l t lin.1t

Celea" i Eatll to Run for Governor-.
Savaknah, Ga Nov. 24 --Colonel J..
I. bhtill has piracltally anoluceti his
U"didacy for gTovernor, though hIs all.
OIeluaenrit ik mill In the tentative
r, by his r. ,iervatilo to the effect
Uhm he would run If a muailent nlW-
e of it( elUon honild show they want
ai, Verbal andt written assurances
r!e toeding Wo convince him that ho
tq ed hav* no doubt hat .nany aant

Neuralgia Pains.
Rkhimminai.. i.-.-.m L...... -. inai;i.


It In horrible to think of the
PAIN ad subriag which s
many people endure, all beeang
they don't know or, or fall to
suffering and pain wear out
the brains aed ervoun system,
and soon wrecks your phyedal
and mental powurt.
o Bned to sffer if you will
nly uso this great, modern eare
fir pala, absolutely sare, sooth
Ig, curative sad healing.
Used internally or externally.
It goes like lightnlta to the seat
of trouble, and, by allajiug the
ldiammatiem, It drives oat the
Sreal eease o|fall nlsaftlimakkt
uad qulekly makes ye pesfo-tly
veIL Pries S o"afts ad$1 O
fmlly aralteed.
hFor osale ad neemande by

,Ai Wife MIt as Personal Appeal le
tir! Governor.
M'; .'r:. A.a.. .Nov. 2I.-Thr, so.
pr .; I t-' l;' a- denied the applil.
cation 1l Ft Ianl. inritti, of Birmling
tif'm. fr a .wil t i e rror.
rtwi. nitie'itc i Is .tnt(,nced to hang
Fri::;.*:. i.r tur ot rtdvr of Policemas
0(; \W KIrlJey. %n hi Iwai4 'iot to death
after '' ron.ry fr li he S:.nndanr Of!
elnatlan1'w ri* li> dfa f'iR( o Of taf6
t!~.,Wl'i: \ iD irian wV3aA alleged to
he a nrw':l-,r in .March, 1900.
ritna-V:'.. wif m:i3l- a peor.soali ap
poal toila;. to i Lriitenant .Goversof
(ultinzgham in commute to life Im-
prfi tm.'nit th1 rieutenceit of her hus.
hand. Ni (fomal -Iltiton to this end
has yei pon pret-enited to tthe over.
nt(r, and it is regadled as very doubt'
tu: if he will take any action.

Doesn't Respect Old Age.
ltm' shameful when youth fails to
show proper respect for old age, bust
just the contrary in the ease of Dr.
King's New Lifo Pi'lls. They eso off
maladies no matter how severe and ir.
respective of old age. Dyspeplsia,
jaundice. fever, constipslion all yield
to this perreet pill. 25o at all drug
Two NegrOes Instantly KItlled.
Philadelphia. Nov. 24.-H!ery Hen.
deruon and his nephew. George iien.
drson, ne r 'es, were sthot atm killed
early this morni Ict Ilrlhayreh. A
pcsw, Is HearchInKt f(r Frank Saylor.
a negro, wvho 1. alleged to have coinm.
lmittt I thle l urdelr,'.
lliitler;- )l *alitl ai had met Saylor

on the road and that the latter had
Mlhot him without warniin. The wound-
ed man died soon after. Hlis nephew
overlook the fugitive and attempted
to seize him. but was killed inttantly.


to UL W Tryl too* e am4 of Dadsu
Wlgmhn, u1sllde,
Did you ever see any one trying to
wash themselves without soap or
I If you did what would you may ot
i It is every bit as foolish to try to et
rid of Dandruff and to prevent Bald-
neus by teedlng the germs which caume
It, with Canthrarides. Vasellne. Olyce -
Ine and almilar subtancws which form
the principal Ingredients or most so-
called Hair Visors.
Newbro's Herplclde to ewceftul be
cause it attacks and ktitl the paraltio
germ which feeds on the hair roots. -
It the orllinal and only fSnulne
scalp rSrmtllde manufactured.
Sold by lsdlinx druggltts. Mend ile. In
stamp for ample to The Herplcde Cs.,
Derott. Mich.
J. 4. Bodlftrd k C.C. iperlal AgreIs

J. D. CRABB, Agent,
-Dealer In-
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars




Alachua Pool Parlors,

C. urrN, I'roprlrtor.

J.uested in the Porter Blook, south
ide a square. Three first-elas tables.
(owN ligthte, and prompt and courteous
sonric. The pubslicis cordnllly invited
and always welcome.

Pocket aid Table Cntlery.

Stoves,, Ranfes

Ammunition and Suns.
A varied elhetlon of areon, Triple
Plateaa Solid Sllve tL .
Largat oilrs rir sof

Chatt anooga Plows
The Pt:. Wi.aso the tO Lwud. IEhotin



* -** -* ^ .-* .*~ii





VY B10. & COW
SA *RI, UW"U. * I 'l I*|

SLargestNal Ma Orilr'.
For Mo'.s, Womea'. 6a4 OMNmp :,
e" -"'--

RFO Mil.
Clothing, flats, Underwvt asd Foraitoblp.

1el WOUND.
Talored ull*, Skirts. Jackets, eran, Wail

Clothing, Hate, Undetrar a s Funiratlap.
Dnesm, Rotfes. Oltke, Umndearwa Bo.msv,
AWWe sPod goods by exprp 90. 0,
eaimine before f.ptlag. ..
Ar w, o .rfalk ON" -o w ri,9 0.6i
me W &eloko, w", p s.

Write bhr ur Ms F
mee le*etie*s*. *^^'

I s'

* r

P. ~ pp yr.
t.''5 /


a -'T' -P

Bnird Hawmare Co' 'ass


.T. To1CMA33, Pup to. .*l .r l


COeor Groves I Cmrs asmree.
e lS P. O. Sns


re* Evern Dar.
DelerUat to AUeros cty.

The Florida

Fruit and Truck Grower

I. J. BIURV Kilter ad Prnpr,
0Him e Year . ..... ...... .I

A ha dlomely illulstrated d asl
devoted especially to the Interoetsof
the frait aid vegetable rowon of
A speelal trial suborleptlon of aIx
mnonthe wll be sent on reeipt of S
cents. Stamps taken. I

Ala4hua county Is S0,40 eam in
area., ha miles railroad, m9
miles wa road. W4 pos oeo,.
128 pubti schools, 27 phosphatei
plantsoa20 w mills. $75,(00 court
house, $lwe rnwpapers, and pro,
duee corn, cotton, riSe. *@tgr,
oats. rye, potatoes, pineapples, or*
sgRes, peaches. wn*rs, plums, pe.
cans, and all kinds of vegetables.

Gaines l the County Sea
Has fourteen churches, two public
schools, the East Florida 8emtairy,
private schools, three newspere .
halted States land office, the belt
water. fire alarm system. eltrie
andc g lights. two oe factories,
mao ne shop, three wood faeto-
ries, cotton gia, two mose fatories,
three railroad, two ertilllser man
ufactoring companies, qoe fiber
masufasotry. one reotifyinl tur.
pentine plant, two banks, and well
stocked stores embracing every.
thing In tehr commercial line.

Notice of Meeting.

Ntnftl I&A ts an.hs mlw n seth Ilipa

Mapstoole beai hae*

Mos. Seucce of M

ara of boO Ic aafaa.* '* *,* '';..^ S

k .... -- -- .- " "" . ", ".-'
16o Pages De h.It
No pe, ar waled O eaap b
ingl3 le aiaao dwi al h ar"
ftl bseebOwbtfnfEJ
or registered Weies to
N. l-Sample Qo4 Bt

' I.' *;-'!

TilH FRUIT 4''V.



No. 4

o* .


v PlMb PMLv AM .
S P +............ Is... up... ....O., ,.m .,..

S........ ....... ....- ...
S 06 ...... ...,.... m.. m." "* "**
t 16 ..****O

8 0 ..... .... ..... .. .-..Wm.blbtt .. a. .
8 65 ....... **. ... i* **** O*t ii *,
s 6 f0 .*. .......*.. .. . " '" ".. ,
9 15 ........ ... *... ...... 1UtW ists.... .
10 WiLiil&L 6 1 *. Sm *
1t 8 6 S 4 7 0s ...o.*. ** ,**
St ........ 7 7 27 .. ... .... sha ..... ,.*'

12 go 7 (m 7 SO
1 40 7T15Ar 746 t S AMag .
....... 7 6 8 188 J.kies Lake
1. 1 Ajckwmo 01 L

' ,1

** "'.',
*w0* *Wi1

*4 e m'
* 46 0 tb-
* * 699
040 '


.... b




Imterlrh, n, lorlda,
p Oselr Ii ~tI. New 'rl:.

sleillIe Novemln r 2llt- FrlI.
S day iEvetura I rro: to m t1 I.
Positilvly 'lTw !~,.* Oni :ly.

Examination Free.
t B Os e wlU uid IsiIt i.fch .
u estli oui Mni i-. nI" \.
SeIsfekan (iUMwrnte J.
ALACKiA, FridaJy. ller. uid,
timlll t O'thrk.



"lo f Gkn rl Intaret Bth-
Snd by Oaur kptn.


wO. W. IPar
1Hsl i Happenedand What is Gelng in h *ityl
to W Ppon ToM in Short Para* rh! roue homn
tfor tile past
Is That He Who R.s May Read"t been a m.en
N Im The Sun. party. HU
n r wil t Cuashb & 1I. a big time.
A ewpapers for sale at The Sun You are i
display of f
sh ow n In
.bo Iro' Wonderfii Salve for sat lady operate
r J. W. MeColluim & Co. chine, from
D. W. L. Bartod of Rtocky Point was ville sewing
wi tltor to thls city yesterday. erty tretl.
W d Blayer Iha r lurned from a pro- B .lwdeItt
lvilst to Jacksonville.but o
chant of Nei
UK .0. (Iray of Hirh Spriops wan a city, and du
l Blae i visitor to thi city yesterday. the guet of
SAttorey Willis of Hronson was a E delstein.
SpfOelllional vslitor to thii city Yester- glad to see h
R et* him looking
p For Rent-Store Royal Cook former- The friend
f noespled. Address Thdmas V. Pur- was operate
o e., ksoknville. we Odd F
,w. M. Adams and Jas. Stevens of days ago, wi
,Wladsor were among the visitors to he i much
ltlmevllle yesterday. been remove
OlYr elub plan scures best Cuba lands street, N. I
ai slt eost. Write Ouba Land Club, be out in a s
Oalanesvle. Fla. ditw2t.
SMr.and Mrs. B. F. Jordan are re. ke
and attlende
S"elg over the birth of a flue tbo, alo e. I
% 8oan extends conrarnulation.. Mtstion at
trading U t aI
. B. M. Chittl departed yesterday af- grat portion
tirnoon for a brief visit to his parents. accompanied
.Mr. ad MIr. E. C. Chitty, at Mica- one of the o
w'.:1 whalo ealo
; V. Chamberlain of Taeoma and convention.
I J 1. Feaster of Rlohelle were among Among th
Ih" visitors to the county capital yes- tion are Fra
of Westmoe
SMns. Chis. Carter of Citra arrived in rented a cote
Soi8lhty yesterday and took Thanks- for the wint
-.iIlll dinner with her sister. Mrs. J. Clyde Line
; ltheor Hill. report a delll
'Miss Vallie (;irae of Evinaton was delighted w
"AoppnX lan the eity yesterday. M)li that they am
'Or ees on of the efficient teacher here. 31. A
Awlasha county. V. Aldrich ol
gV. Asb u t u ihis wife is a
MIn.M. M. Chalres of Old Town. ihis city.
atier visit to her later. Mrs. T. B.
INt',. In this eity, has gone to Red-
S k for a short stay with relatives. RE
., lF. Beokham of Windsor. II. T' bo
i .giham of Campille and 0. A C r. E. I
ii t of Willelord were among the Sir: In re
41r h to this eity yesterday and date in rel
SWde The Sun agreeable eslls. Hall's irea
SA.B. and Henry Thomas. two pro cure. -I can
WPtnive citizens of' Bell, were in the named when
i, lyesterday. having come for the 1e kidner
Purpose of attending the district Ma. all advertise
ulla oontIntuion They made The Sun plaint. 5s we
Sarmneable call. lea, Vwond
Shas gectn e
VIM Hoaor Judge Mason during the has effected I
I',tt two day has iMued tmarlriage I-
:' m m tot;. L. Thornton and R. V.
/a phol.,h white, and Japer Begg A T
k sd ary TThomas. Lincoln Brown and
I Ay Blrown, colored. Oe mmanll
I .. M. )ge, a progressive young derv, all's U
" tat of Uampvilie. and lMis Julia idney lad b
t a charming young lady or the gravtl. curae
iast Ed, were married at Uampvit l sLo.s, weak a
tism and all
n nday. T:e Son, with other frien-is. neys and bl
SLaalA -..- -.--- ... ...


a pleasant v
3Mnv..r II
ti, city o)l i
DI. MI. Pi,
Illt rT l clt :i
ite visrivro
SMri,. t.. 11
1 rip. 4nl ril

,liraudd fi
31i, Mal
Si tillesvitleI
Shlo will |ope
.r m'I'eWti
i Mrs I \V. I
Miss It .i
ite hi er-, Irt
will (e ths
J. N htroild
I J. ,
i W .,t ,t;,.m i
tnt survey ei
porto ito ]m>
in a *n1a 4Pr
liC.rA* Ali
have return
Harbor, Mi
after a del
Friends an
J. E. W
Clar, have
Tampa and
They were
-LI .L aL--.


k ,.d Ald rich and nhily that we carry on our second dAm- aM s l ud-s kM"
land, N. H.. who have floor [which s 30x130 feet] eminpl ted.for O iU am eI
age InoNorthl Gainesville o
er. They came South by 0110 of the most complete me****n o w.. hs. -A,. Wt
steamer Comanche and lines of Furniture ever prp1 to e oe n is puyeo iS M
htful trip The family Is shown in this section We brah. Tsresm*.'= rlsnmhwl
talipate. a pleasant have a betLiful line of Bed io Ae. xA. WSSii W m; "
klR rpleasn Boom Suitts from Lb0 t us-mom b '6ish med. lw
ldrich is a brother of (leo. Cufc ees n
f North Gaineville, while to best. provemal. Mr. WiwIS 0teM
niece of H. E. Benion of(obd and Oak Rookers tof 6. th isles t lkSI O
d an Oa1ockersIa oa f idy, s L d in s'
....... every description, Rattan plted It wl bllw i a a to ie 09W lm osM
STHI.Parlor 8uites and Chairs. and thai. *seti tt ty.
AD THIS. Ohiitonnlerpi Book and
no, Mis., sept. Io,2 COombination Cases. WtS s
Hall, Be. Lous. oi.-Dar l Wi's Witieh 11l 0-ai Iwo
11. St. Louis. Mo--Dear Iron Beds the be3t Se cured thebomumas erof am of pkl. "I
ply to yours of recent t of o.
ard to the efficienoy of election to be had, in white bow of OeWsi's Wilts l1M Wo -.-
SDiscovery as a kidney and in colors. dlen ,s he' msemtoda..Co. A sloa
safely s&aI that I Iswedll drugbm. rt 0. d;asashsd
IthreaTt!w isW P e went y flv'e different favals, Te ,0aw4 u1sd is fderas Ab
od w4th a wmeskne from kinds of Matting just re. bur a" Ose'.s a1 ar'e 0rpe'.
foro yearsand have tried m enilyr.1 SOOdby Ia ll l. .ws,
od reedler o the com cived, and patterns andj
II as physicians, and Hall's quality are.- all that could
no relief-I ought to say. bire.
a absolute ure. We sell all goods forSpot UGOT SH-I
UKo. Ho'A%. Cash, b-t t e price is such Pown Shell R
Xas to pay you to bring the aPowder
bottle of the Texas Won- ca
great Disovery, cur all Would be pleaed to have N S FOR ENT
,ldder trouble, remove y u call and give us a look. ALE 1 IA sHAi.
Sdiabtes. ssmiual emis- We also Carry a full line
nd lame baks. rhma. of Cook Stoves and Heaters
Irregularities of then id and will pRayhkrse pri-e..
adder In both men and at Racket priceL. nl i i* ( i,.
A -ffi- A-_. ^ -_.i~^ -_______ _. _ .. .^ ^ ^ *' >- .. iiif^ ^ ^ ^ ^ H

- .- -.. -... -... .. s... . n - .. .. .. ,. . .. ...
h CrtaLs A NIL. j lamust (wi M hu HUbL e.e aMeLee en n.- -incn li"-
Iloell has returned from A hladsome new rlga has been ule.
l(it to friundls at Hague. ended In front of thu More oaf t carter To Improve and Preserve IT
I. lA ,,. of I'.l.aka. ,I..I A m r a.
visit to Mlastr Park lil*y. Mi Abes Zetrou,-r of llei..l,
iftr of Wlil4dsmr was among whlo it iKi agagl ill ttehiisg the Alrel -

t favored (iioesvillal wlii a visit yeatr. *o
trtweill Kelley of Rooellle dayl. She wa ern rullte lu I Snne oan 0I .
-lay i thi city at gest brief %islt to her par'dsts,
$ The family of Mr. 8iasw have sri vcd 9
rick nma! (heorge I)lg hbare from lows, and are |leasantil l ocated
o(rn visit )to lihe Tamp& 1lt North Ualneville, wher-u they pro.
ints on the Mblaate river. pos to make their future hoane. The
aiiua Nrwbern of NlrtIp peoplof North Osli*evill will wet-

t^a I'uh~t i Saraunrha, visit to her old home in the East t at
lady sd social rs comparold by two aunts. En rots e Uwm In. 1 Gsl.vllhlh. UL bdlNt oA
month the ladies vis ited the Worlld's 440
Sarrired in t he city.. d utr d. w dpy
"p.v oC Catl S ttr r l at, St Loisia- ar dep 4 -R-
eterieed. Frl.nds of Mrs. Prindle are
rlad to weleoro her h la e Tglmn. ) '
.- Il:a retursl fdorn th he progreiuve m herhants of( I NV ~

ried f tho e scit y Ions d i elnarie lightL over the sidewalk In
e p4FItrestIns of their store.. The fronts of KP r r au
ce a.d Il.tabeth Nicholt theesabli- mensofMoKrse elFlQi. IO U S
ed to this an y from reem XMeeva Racket, Malphars' and Meoor. Ri"
In.. their summer honre, wick & Honrlstores am se briight. iMIRIIIE DtU "-
Ightful ssOn spout there. a, iIlmtmaiod It night, which skcwa 1 B WI fl8, WUBI IRWD
e glad to welcome them pleailreleg nor e.h,
Joeim 8es tok mad Deply Sherif J. One Price to All.
ells and daoherlr, Min W. MeOukf lOro wer l we a eon
returned from a visit to eity atlrty. They bright m ?
the South Florida Fair. Shopper ald Ne Oller.e emide lak KIRTS Om ni TOBr
delighted with the elir, tasu. e tale abm eno*nt o M s rMe felwt WAT131, GU,
delare was perfection Il minst to adker ald anmyl 'IIrT, HI3Rr ,i3
'ealed wepso reselvely. 8 Dgta p.O e0 LSoofl s .
tlrson of Jacksonvillse wasu PrdWru as p d e r ae a 0 W0N bS t, i'
yesterday. He u wm whisk he failed ko sewan, s.d Os. 1
- rom Kanapahar, where was f4ed $100 usd ewt a ra ftrOe 1 KM 1
th ree or four days he baa oMhes a b "ag." Th" oTbeo W OOL u X I 900 M .0
ber of the Haile hunting alo broplt Willie Stoes,. aimed, TAI Ui LINRS. S011UI M
reports plenty of look and nlo was osmIttod prn h0 Sball TOWELS. SPRAnDS,
*P11001h1P ofe Ubuin orf s a b wA -in
a"m R UG,, All' 10is
united to see the grandest, h m be o In Is ml lail PORTIZ riusl, R LANE Si.t
ney embroidery work ever kaUsprlag imm- th sI a on,
ainesville. byu o experts l Iumnes the a st bo al WINIDOW rin ,
r on a White *swing ma-e wi o_______ L. .
Nov 29to Dec. 8 A tal pe.
Machine Co., 0 Ee. Liba EWo YOR ONE PPRICE10 TO M .
^.^^ Dds 1rir P r D T t as LOW^^
in. fonnerly of this city
muaeessful wholesle mern R B. W JZS
w York, has arrived In the A-ml-
ring the holidays will beK
his ons. Moses and David || Ii m s s1 4i
His old friends here were I w v f j eat e titlsbet It*
im alain, and glad to see fw yM *"and *
so well. -m as Sigh Plat-, 3.0. b
d s of AllWen Grham, who CHAS TO 01 AT
4 upon f r app eadlee it Isat t-Mv. is..E. ..
llows' Santarium a few
ll be gratiBed to learn that f urTa Nel Us, Mak mae m
improved, and Urbt he uhas 1111
ed to his home, M lam P ll[i* A ,
t is expected that he will. r 4
hlor time. hni IMr.a d Ml. Swlg i*
o of8trk in the olty IEIITl NI..1 ^. Ii
d thl ditrit meeting f mod f of pon d e rl .i
r. Le i engaged in con-r be ms l T
alT^ buFlaesF ass of ten
?to0^e bein toyIaw ond Isi
harkt lie. Mnd lad MN, awls! r MI kiept,
of 8thrke timen He o11 Idlea,,l+! ses in a wint ,O
I to this city hi lr. Soott, hevll pul'l, Wleerell hi a
Ident eltie l of Honrfn, h1oralte;wr. tWhllarrk. -a
me to attend the Masonic We dire to call the at- aousd by lardiug d se., an d
tention of our city and n ery b th himnesd with i~lenI
It0rr country friend to I hill delfact re.
*t lte airrivals in this sec country friends to the fact hsem.

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