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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 24, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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ista" oo int law th utscow at Mal*
,WT ftlmbrlFp,* G-, Nov. 23,--'The 09,W

of the sate versus O. N. Waton, W l
011100cealled this morning, and after hblf l
Own' K US Week day spent i bearing moius hr teo- wh For Missing Witess..
onponrary continuance by defense and 4d- .
~ na Mg aA it* marrers to ladletment, all of which hiTon the Tri.
toWhie were overrMled, the trial proper ens. -
so as The stte rested later after the In- ..
-mow SW as M bom Iam .e.t Pt.i. at Trial tmduetkin of ftour witnesie. coastltlg Several Witneses or the Proecitlem
US aWe e a little Ale S-kelton. her faster par. Are uamined-The Court Roe is
ofi ad H. W13Brackla. Crwded-Prlaoner believes Ch
nS W O WNIag Mas-Oy t.e Warded The little girl teutlled along the line
eO 10a W1 rt We s Preeneq of former tepurts, telling of how But WIl Cleared of Murder Charge.
US' ,1 '*-.... tenled her while on the beck por h Ne wYork, Nov. I3.--Bearrh for a
aawt Ky.. NWv SL-A t her home and forced her In the missingl witness who formerly has et4,
to* v bagyO sat drove with her 3 nil"s ed the detectIves of the district ater
"b h o. s the 0 ode ame alight, carrylag her to the snyoa ose and the possibIlIty that e
v e i oe hme fe aUard atht bhue 61 Seq fRteell In baker county, of the central fiures i the ease the
P T htoie le.l hder d dihd man's widow-would appear we
h ae doerlbel with dont[ gorhe tiW Jury and tell b4e stornw wee
ad. ftS b1 -be qw asO choklng voTee how be bad at the poit. o spe al interest ta-,t
SO.,e l a.s..k ,,o. ,..,- rh, t he trill of Nan Putteonoe for ww"
011* $1St al dar Ma, tarlng her elotbhing t his eforts. alleged murder of Ca er Young
,ss f the th The ertinig wA& litroduoed it evi,- ru d.
"W, hi $W110"in. deue. Alter a rigid crosemxamiasa- outlinIng hi. cam. yesterday o
alwill k010 S*tedt Stun, whisk filed to materially alter giant District Attorsl R ad, ia
Mt the ItnwP rmlleiss ~S er testimony. the little girl was &l- formed the jary that the proseutlm ,
Nig '_owed to come down after two hours after mouths of endeavor, had been u,
1101myu A "I of the gn ea the .ta. Isucceeful Is loceug J. Morgfl Bath,
*akm sS the Of atm h O At the comeclualon of the kidnapins who. he claimed. purchased the revol
o W." take 5 the 0 ue Setton will face the more serkio Ver with 'hlob Young was killed. H
SPSSL Stazct It a P& ehars. of attempted asaualt. the two hoped, however, that Smith woul4 be
bP u*' ** trials piobfly consumln twoe daR. brought forward by the dafwne at the
.]s4 te X We wife remains steadfast and Il proper time. Later in the day Ml '
the uti W! sot with M by his side constantly. A crowded Pattersona tuel. Mr. INvy, Sad
T io wa0e M Lart raom denotes the laterit felt the defense had no intention uf prod.'
0s eet to* b the publIO Pag Smith.
a brdet bear- F
wh" Se bif erFollwing the annuarement it wa.
*3 S SIM1to the grd CHARUO WITH ABDSOUCTION. aid that the district atStorey)'s oon
a h tesunmarked renewed its search for the mniilng wit,
'*te Mm 6 the Ji. The Newly Married Man Astused by the Seles with the hop of locatIng hi
i ewho the Side s Parents. and compelling him to aPeoar 1a oa .
pyIlwuvmaw. the UVO*l UITalon 8. C.. Nov. :'.-A runaway before it is too late
1Ybt UI V4*, I marriage. whiLch may yet result I an- Only the UnnouIhrInfle I,,t the d4
sa tihe doors Mslummed I the ortmmalo and unp Iesa t complicaltiois fendant herelf onid g~ on the sitel
S. t mh w rged frd fr the ptroom, occurred when Mr. Robr and tell of her acqulatnce v4
tb1 pie. 31ea threats of lynhisng an Valshaa. a young m.s about 24 Young could heve cve.0l n'are pubtle
"- rb ad yen old, and Miss Mary Willard, aged Interat than lth reort that the dd
*-l Agles...... are beiag made to 14. were married by T. I. Owens. at bookmaker's widow mliht appear In
mvte the prime to some other town the e,:hodIst church at Carlible. the cIsC.
aisuw u heeleh I The father of the young bride, Mr. Since the day her 1::4. 5'an dIfFJ Mrs
4-..,' milW e oIfles1 will not dmvllse dte 1. P. Willard, who I. a farmer and rC- Young has reumahied In ,.el-I,,onl. ".
atirsrlile i t aIdes about 8 miles from CarlIsle, w ,s .epi when she .aill, at the disUICIt
,. ,,. ., the plae so which they will be take. It town lately anti swore out a warrant attorney's offee and tLstwlll.l bebg
ia Attor es S lr the nnmne desire this epatust Vaughan for mbduetkmn, and the grand jury. ,u; .ng the trial 'e "
domee..ast they' will ,rcbably be ,r- stated tha It was probate that he han not appeared in the enurt room.
m e be ight. t flb would also prosecute the minister for but It Is said she has followed all the
hmtphil lpdinatlota wfd performing the ceremony, an the girl proceedings from an adjoining room.
WUss. oulisge when a negro pused was not of ago, and it Is under atood A big crowd was lirw-trnt is the
n ti wsgrm Ike lt-yemmrold soa of th' that he hue beeei persuaded to bold court room when the trial was re
,.-,...-.--..-mS, utrdetI lsan. Ibe L le: being th matter In rn'tard to both I ab.y. sume.. Amo.g the sp.ta.ure :at
b uud -l amce, until his wdignattion has led Iltlion V. lsazelton. of flrountA onI
*$AVeWnwIN pjND oWn and he can act calmly. of the men who claims to have sees
abe h nfl eae etimYUGWOA ILSHY young fire the shot which caused W4 f
Ill I Hiag ggnYOUNG WOMAN KILLS HAYNELI dot~h "....",.".- ", ,. o .0. .s-.. o. ,m.. ., ,- !
.veWt *f ougtl and Party d .
ml ig @'USScveral pa! ''o mela iias were callS
I ~Prem Osing Hunting. -Shet at Him three Times With Re. to the stand Iin rallsiraound '

l.. .'N:o-- t vi" "o .-v-'ar exa.min briefly happn..s
nh ,:.eavy .Mow quaI6I are r reportedd fram, Abbevile. .. C.. Nov. 23.-Sunday In the police court whe.n CM.Is Patt I
*Ahs r VIIelaM o8 1 Pats of the tunitel Kigdom, A afternoon there was a disturbmace at on was brought iher ,nlar, arrest t
^^- $ie^a^ PoSl 3l. 80 ragS a)) night lunp ovet the the Lang residence. 2 miles from Don. Captain Sweoy. who was In charter
IasU pia o....eats driving vese.I. to shelter pad ald. St the .,atf.n h.,se at ,the time, IdtL
I, u aiosly dislocating the t elegraph Several ses visitors becamee boist fled the ue ver which b.' alI wa ,
It-- b e ,unte sl n1 winte and aepeclaly in the north prt erous and were ejected by ihe women. found in Youngs pocket and which.
tine tas a I .... land and e. t.and. eug A they lef. Be i ynes p@ulld Rena ~ said. hlib.uequntly urnrd oeC I
i g, la*ig ats,. am.i .nowstorms are ausno_ , an old woman wl, him. She to bl, llsistnt, Ditrc Attur'e, Oar
nts pm g a deep drifts, render!n ra d u t him wIth tl of wood. ll vin, with the three loamlet rartridl S
I4n will 1 tihe eubahly dls rte t and are n'ee,'.
aim. IskatigS a tes Ilon of outdoor work-, bit her. She crlle I for help, and
Pof Mwaysr, loag, tl many of the provincial towns. Claude Addison, a young woman, shot INSURANCE MAN KILLS HIMSEL
OS heWevred a le ter rftm In Loadon lUle snow has fallen. butt at Haynes three times with an Amerl.
(iawo O!t_ th presi" .r _ln t lmpertre e a bulu- ldog pistol. One nbot killed Financial Troubles AP. Bupposed T*
Im"al rtaiota beaul o.l sting the distress among the poor. him ilttly. the Cause_.
S aW. niZg said which is airady prevairlnt. The sowI Claude Addison, as principclw. and Knovtlle. Tenn..Nov.. .--romw.tll
that fto $8. he wOald is o deep at (harlesworth thn the mRea ns. a s acciory. were 'm- B. lonkins. an insurance man cOiM
I I ar. h ou p.rty 'have b.en.. evented w hi e.. un f uneS nd y o ni g yige i an-n
% talles smigals and i. K o Port l and others of he ttd to ail hre. All parties are mailed w iide here, him"ad b1rdy 1 I.
8001911M' to become S Mre bouse party ihere have been IprventedI White. t. ,,,n ,,, ina a s .
tn dtionaM $10 he would from rhoollung. ': th I.ine -.trc .
a poeltl"t. He paid 0e1 Some small crafts have 1e"n wrecked NEGRO NURSES WERE FAILURE. Ii, 'n St I t ra rom ear to
Wlt 1ied to Seare the pooI Up to the present time November has O. f Alaba.a Insane :r. Finanal troub are said to W
0 bally taked Use poeta& al bos unusually mild and the sudden Asylum Makes Repert. r.iron.. i for the rash deed'
.,._ .A syludm Mak es t re l.
..l ) h4 eo, a e is u m ch miser". m r,,Montgomery. Ala. o.. OV -- .st. m-r of thei.-rm o- f Burbaik 0
Wintry weather rem general i Mt Al. Nv
t ''........a A. _e. fro.t b--,.eing re.nt ..port of the trustees nnd4 oitf rers & o Ipr;fL!ns. astae maaears l t
1A. :WAi..PlWMr M i. rt ..o. a the Alabama Insane hospitals, the Aetna Li Inaurasce company. His
mnme, a u. a. -T-leoe a Sauth as Naples. Byree. at Tuscaloosa. and the Mount businrus partner nys Hoskils had
SI Ptdmt RpMba elt to W i Vernon. at Mount Vernon, jntl sub. flnanua: Lrouble thb he bw oLf :]
ts Ihe OdlifetNee4 bhtwmee Pnas, To Restore Flag on High Seas mltted to the governor, makes isome
1M1lS1 1 thet rporiop e tf reign boad Cit-velan4. 0.. Nov. 2..--At a met i nterestlon showings, Thi, Kgeneralt Bogu Sliver Half Dollas.
ldO.1 p to regard to the Colombial 1;8 of iht psomlnent business men here health of the inmates has bee. good Columbu". 0.. Nov. 2:.-An Cat"
A OL't A meetINg with Colombia colm at the i' rithl The national metr and there have beem no epid@mles with done l countrrtlterft ofle with tom
Mfitle of t0e storation tlo btees[ rantile ntartn.- letrt. of the I'nlted In the lime covered by the report, the pIl't, ,u', H for the making of Cpt$0iou1
. .t.iwm oMed to consider the best men.: rSateI h"as l't -, orgni'led withe Ut 't year ending Bept. n30. Ilver l !f dollars has been dl.covere,
,(i V ovovery ItrOImI PaInsiSa of a p6 j,.t < tIot)r!ngt the- Amertran flash t Negro help has proven a failure at In a ',. let ,f itulrtt park. Il
t0 Of theIi0.000.000 pid by the l'anlt. ; proper nte' on thl 111ih es. Tli the Mount Vernon ho*pltal. where me. l 1 > .. .t A .* r topaethr wih *a
4d t111 tes ift connectiUo with the eanal. f. .l',.vi.c ,r, wr- ,I'let ed: P* giro patients are cared for. and white 1i ua ", I upiplirs, t. tmorand
pta4 it Is prpo'ed to call a pmblic meet dI'. eHer p. c A. 2* vice o' r ." nurses have been subtlttted. The fii nis ::,,: -how that pfl'*
l ... o( th'' VoloTbni4 bcnrmhol:ers tol dent. tot. ) t'lsi" ret'.aty. J v tiients are managed aimnl humane, inip i I.". e malsd i.''-t" 1, *

.-l r Aeldest A A. .
,NIB?' I' j SWAY

Utay ta a Sign" MaW
tI8I Y RTi. N''. *3-.A Pfcul'Ir Sc Ar a tr) &:lt mat 4 mcw fcr
ctijett an th, 8ulwav wtieh *tsulted trntt'. .! ,~'i or am S 'I0ivr.
la he inva' "d datb f Vl4ttaa H W ri
TciIllan. a 'fqaal =, hb cause 06
great ezette'rn:. at na the pewesgrs r
.h.ard aun xprtlS tiral who for a lew
Iliarte twf r. aamIatIed that the
.trla wal on Lre and Lk*t on efire I I I'L t2 w1'
3cMillan ad te.1 e dJaIt? S all
sal whOs the rsin rIeol tst W him 4 1th St~hit orruanR
,s r s t "IKER. Thb th rl rail a.r n ca t te t ist car tn i l l
'" ow. wheOr hreow bamn dos- and he :s" t4"2iant:v *ied ON to ba.ios
6X' S4(,SVil l -billed. His eloa i tlasht me,. Mnk r. erW3 U
g$ney trlgwcr. itkrw O N Ie cturremt 9,
.US tad set tbo air brakfl ce the' HboIe
Sm trail wbteh sto yd veP audlenty. 'n.
Iin -mar i me tcIbazhr by Ihbt suiraF For Sale by Johnson Broa.. Gaines
0 So*t I mpet IO. the troIas idfell to tin
bl*ONwow NoA S i. cauMluing a e~ circuit -ll_ ...
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WeW ma31% w ftWhImrd the meagnrs almont
IL .."uftma s of their wits b the ards y r
mm" .Wly at tbW Down. sa rs
. P. t_. 4r,__ s IS 4 ftw W& Y


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UNA 8 NO SUN %am
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tuft We West Your Country Produce L
s. K In MAinpay f w i stri.v Taa o The Atlantic C oas
IW %l E. mbe that -
S We Sell Ever n the rr FOR ALL EARTHLY POINTS
(Line at the Lowest liee. .r aI.

mt o" e. f ore te
.- W M-, ilcoromick & Hove, orthl&.a!ta."o."gh^ -
1i1. ml e. f I,
__Wall Street Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed
t ..... ..a** Time Table in effet S 1, .
t, 5 m lN I l H iS"F: OGAINESVILlE
i1 LI3:46 p m High Sprang ad liter-
Daily mediate Points
v12:40 pm G Oeals. Lebu TIas
wnwiw-"-'tsIhur- i Ml -+ --u,,
ave LodinaosheUntrg K Daily Intenmdiage Poits
Siim, machIme win. a 2.06 pm Pa 'ak. I'toaa.. Jac-honaill.
..0 oE. .. 660 Fastest Time and Finest Service Dait1 North. East nd West
4.115 toAaPot hnh npri Vallero s. savannah. Brunhsw
wi.i stot.d, "ad t difAultf Dailly Albany. A th all Poiut North. East We
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b e a... hnleti a ballmg a NEW to Blmis ham. Nlr ilIle. Fvansvillr. . .
,de',ma MO Ch a Ip Ad p.n by a loi., ansaola. Mobibi c I nt-erc-a o q -a ble Mea e Tiekets,. o.r 1.0.
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S i ust M 3e thse who hat e Fi nest i nlig Car Servie. in the Through Pullman sleei or Portamp. to Ne Yor.
Sased tIhe aW HOMB o I quarter South. le amnt Fr. Ieltinrt Chbair Line; also via Atlantie Coast Line and jutern Railway.
of a egtI sad be ilded by what Ca*n Rotp p0 the farms -( himea For complete information. call pon
bilem t~*y eay. uor LIhs ItienIIng. 8i amd Florida LimIt*t e sure yur J A. OODWIN Ticket Aat
So phl and Durabirsty the New Home ticlkelts red via L. A N Add re" J. A


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OCy -at n m ht.tet for .rverml y mai merrws. C. A., P. M., B3e*B
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by ta laek of water In the yistem, and
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mild tiwd opaea ti their effot, od
wbhn the pope r ddae I toeu ter
aKths i io t oalt itl a me hmabd*
iV realize t hBe Ue ffet of at mterdie.
Try a 7$-eas htl t of Uhem. For ale
by all s draeta .
w o wemead 0 sdWLM wt
At t beel pd ktte ow O the Msy
tt wind paYed t o ln kW t
qalm of a IltnfovKrrbai chuck. it
U wtw Mte rhwp labor tbe i bfry
twosty Iidrnts hic t pbbt -
hate tr e kpolnted in a ithet.a-
4f atmutm. ga a watir t ffdl ts
K vwid tail. Wh.b. nwest SOWN"
- a e mI Ino lrwhfl Iit

It Wa w r tW t mh U
Cwwt h. rt anp@WIN. bt the


Se: ai ( ,ttn See .i Bagging and T 1
L-ather in ktrips or BIdsM.1

.Mlall factiirNr of the James Doig
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and Bu





235 W. Bay 8t, JACKHsoYiLL" ll

- -


I v.ia Aislath, OCb l t angs aj.


Tro sains daRly, s a S

Fe fel bt mS ^m,
MILLE., .a.. ft.. !ll,
for tibsese v Elket MS

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Wv^^W ,^MIM

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sis s iy '. M', ^i


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ow a Mm wdb m bom mavaq" to.6'
-tmmen r ftad amfts ga$Sd
n Mae i n n a. m eta StCu a
Jonassee. iwee ga.w.As
.warn.... =ar in. a ens
Ss WatS! Va a ems aia
Iaesas -se atee flating.
-t ....k .i-_ i l NM

I "c'_n. (t& ,f IS. L-lb1 ut se fin
a ". f ,. ia i lt: .
i j hd.:l. s i 'n '. 14 .tki.C fir ail ____________________._ U s
mit c; ,-.'a,4 :i L ucr thai u s ..some." I

whatli the m*iltor with a gold band?
-rort Wonrth 1ier i.

Ca rl Consumption. .
, Mras.. W. Eranse, Clarwuter. Kan ,
writes: "My hubm4d la iclek for ibr B .ill
mutiths. The doors miid that he had The Best DoU
uick coumplintion. We procured a ''.
bou le of Ballard', Horebound Syrup, '
and it urged him. That r esix years.
*n stimee then we bhav. always ke In order to familiaris she pbtlaI fit' "a
* tioltic in the house. We eanaot Xo
irbout it 1 Fer ouch sad eom t *ell is fora lilmi ed.mess ABOs IM '
hs an qui Tew.o l, .(X). 9o4d sl ot.rm0 1, VDy
"I'I JuhMMon

i oat r Try it once and y wi l ty ,
,s,.E , : i." do Iequal for the Amtistboa
"W11 at h I h.u u.. .nc.'
-SIe r-.At ,u ,vWillie.1i, ipc.u..%- matey back. it by Zipr l
a !toatsr;. Order to
A eenwy Wcycb 5jUL10flE t!lyjaiot
Terminated with an ag ly pt on the an W b
teg of J. B. Omer. Frankliu G(royy, Ii. m IS o tnOg pi p a f P'ho" l'SM .
It detelomsd a stabb or ulcer ulMield-
lag to dnon *md remedie for flar __
yea-. Tbe Boekle's Arnies Salv
cured. Itu's J" a Pod for bema, s 1n ... "ep --ie --a : II0las*.SIUIVIL T iSi llS lI i



m mx, u GAIWm'te r FRJLAn. NtOVEMBt a. IM
I' XO~m tiI iV44 1I")


SSea Iland,


' ' L :!
. '.. .[' .

I. I



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U !.Z~t~ YiP I'~w*
-ffl-z Wjj



- -
" ass .

) seemoA pha
iw *h M .,B

fr't m f-ssta(p.
m= Mr. Smuo
,'"i111 ; ; "
MWSe~4IIttL*"1S **a
SOSuf. sUA* -ia
lUS halJuhesqruu*^^k^hs
ff IsW *Sf !~^ ipnshsa
*hsft-' t h '-. **
^,*.*' .kwsb m,.
S f ,, ussuslip
V L i

,, .' r I" ". ;' .'
( .^ ^ ,' . . '" ,1 ..,
^ A *" ,,*^
, , ' , ,,

Outfitter td



Siere t

Pei le,

T at! is l& 4 w r ad well.r-in del d conviatioio in
tho publla sio regarding the

Correct Clothes

Co., Baltimore.

by Sohlow Broa. &

They an marledjl suprlor In style and workman-
shlp 10 other make rnady-to*wair apparel.
Doe's be (4ni*n by the elothing pitttren you teo
is lthe aee led nlmaneauee. Take the elabvoralt
inlrshi9one and S141re them with thl clothes t'i,,y
wi to MPG.. IWi watch the effect upon yra r sln m-
"flA pllnM te de not make flne elothe.." i, on*e .f
S"lkimes. elopus., This make of elothini stand on
pu msieh quality sMtally fooBd In eoh garment.'
1 l p lt aWuN II the ill stratiln but faintly repre
i .the ie MlgSt Sa of Double Breasted S&ek. We
I, s ls e poplMit browns and fames mixtures
' ,. r '"." '

if '4
,' 1 ., * 1 ; hnj . .<




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.6- tr'f


l Titji

_ nALTm r
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:... .t m.mpi .
As, No, s .

8 t.. a are spee d .

.,,,".M, 8 oft, OWL

t. rint, a Itm. atb.
't pint he amet thba they

+ G NP uumo .--mfdMruw eonu .
Hr ,'"W' ,' 'm 'Art
SW bn,-,. we.t to tW ftacy dne0
asuit seOakOhl.

NS aUgh eper slo..

else sWoe Whlk 761n6"d me. One
l M' d' lmlW to I try hat. After
Sk,,, J e . a Ao. V a ..uaILs l -a...

utt to tPcularw People.


unierl Directors and
Lcensd Embalmers.

s op or Te. Lpae
UA V R, Atia. K.
.a. mwA i Sf, lpa.



L.A.WEIL & CO., "

WA uesrlpo ver

pair wamanmld.

J i le ae.



i Aent



kper Diaog- Car Sviw

wls. js, oILo u rll.w.fmi
UMl mi. Lotl Bou Ca.
,s. High Bldge highestl mil
bridge In the world). Famou



l dliL@J 'RDME l

Worthy of


We cover there imiortnpit Ipoftnt ai:d revlect fully
aoliruit .a l ot otOri t,'.


Fi Life, Accident and lleltl Ilslrana.
--Agents for the---

Victor Safe and Lock Company
SCirlo-l -xn- ati. Ob ..o.
The "Vietor" is the best safe made, and parties contemplat-
ing the purchase of a safe, or an th ng in that line,
from a box to a bank vault, w.ll save mouey
by consulting us. Call on or address.
information eheerfully furnished. GAINESVIL.E. FLORIDA



On the A.

- Montezuma

- Hotel


None Better in the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.


i3. eed.








- I-i-" 1,- --- ..

I AflNM me a


" .. .K

C. L. and S. A. L. Rys.


.. - L~-_ - -r--

- --- ...~...~.~~.. I 1.-




1' .. L J

. ... .... ..



k. I


.,.; r ...' ,



' v -. 5O

Ttie eitIleutli for 4ione year at a lead.
*, Ofss.. * as caes.ti;c, i ii tg S otiern .calli. will t10 paid fur a
h geeSaS I m alter. iriiSlt, Woirthy girl "A zl!. wl.! wi. -1eji urel for m ni e 'l Iuii.
IAAy, Alto.r yrW .IY' c; tred anl ti fte'i u ri:'i.r tjp my
J, A R.l k,iL e a l I. r ,L g;street Iig lli
JflSE E. itlWiTS. City Etltor ]LTA 'i c x .- .L .!
g I- i i ,,!,I h ,1,k g. t itu i ,'! Ia 'i l !r y r.:. in ..
ollcsNi PR lt LDUCU. fdntd*al.
... B ._ r i -. Fur the double Ar| of~it.v if the,
p V a bp isubuibed every mori s l a- people the truth of wir ('1i'- \\Vr hi:-
!sw. delivered by earlier n eeoily. story. and lof o x it Ing a htl-,i ma Ia md
0 sayt rlsOftUtlutd Miiatesp, Ito the strlugL a liaibsia is ii sirlaI of tlihe
l5 fr. 51 'F rem: .to isi annlot: tS.
0h a t 4 ? Was ca* for t @ w cLr- enl trary, I nam plA l cai l to P i>3.. j y ,.r
j m 4lTflt0* alt eo'le'tge within rll uh iof a tirl (JO isi
gg .- --.-- ---r'_ .otriity who tdesirrs an eduaitiou earn.
o9aSine't Io05 coulan II eni ,l a illy inllish to *'xefl ut,-Tlf a.lit!,
-iAi ShouhtlI w girl aulirig l,,rilfi ,ii0.1
efr 'h:, atsraijir' .made know ,opportuiii'y prove particularly dv.
f rving, I pltdge itmyself to the vet-
So e- s a.eek Suan Ii an eihtb-pMeIe deavor to o;p ltt. wA) ffor Ihr toc.ifn-
iSer papTer,' puim.hed every Mon- plete tihe eologe e nur#.a.
Se p Tkuryta. i eSo .tl.sja sln ithe The girLwho i initeruited in Ihis
of he we6., ln.oi. mete snd c offer Shoutildai ne, wJih ie at


i O lu bbe maliled. poMLa e free. ito an
fere Unis. snws t.uor Camhm. rfor Oam
frnr-Ie ad vasee
SierSl"l n 8 bill beenme due tifter irst
0Of dvertUisement.uhilMoth.rwlIe
t te.traoes. Partlespot knows to
il be qawrlied to pav for advertishwt In ad-
,IOal (aiU iLLl. PLA.


1W, people of Florida have a great
lfor whleh to feel grateful on this
Thankaliviptg Day-a day
hisa been set apart for the firing
isal. for the prosperity with which
wi been blessed during the past
lope has indeed smiled upon
land her people. Blessed with
M4eal0te and most delightful eoun-
oi earth, with an abundance of the
l ofti od'a sunlight. with pro-
p orne and fertile fields and Pr.t
il wbh supply largely the mar-
if the United States, with maeu
ha woods and iraeeful pines.
al qua ditlon of prosperity hor*
all about us, why should our peo-
waSt giv thanks to the Creator who
g5apeodible for this condition ofi

loeonatry on earth Is wiore prosper-
as this time than Florida, and no
le more blessed. They are as a
Sa htealty state. commercially,
aeafIllj and physically, and what
wGeouid be asked?
.our readers pause for a moment;
them refleIt upon tke feet that for
iral coaueutive years they have
been afflicted with any calamity
UhI would tend to retard their pro.
I ~ The citrus trees have bloomed
Sll their glory and borne fruit; the
have been green and prulifle; the
wa have been ripe, and the low-
,of the cattle have furnished sweet
Opit which lulled the farmer to
iSsful rest; the noise of the eemi
tal centers told the tale of pros-
Si0117t In manufacturing of all kinds.
ieith has increased from year to year
SIf| at the present time Florida ranks
S.,a.g the Art of the southern States
h maaufaeturinli, lu proportion to
A-pia, we assert that we should feel
eltteful-and today is the opportune
't'W to ask old'ss continued blessing|
:"poa the people and the community.

The comfog school teacher miist be
Oadel of propriety and set a good

ktg ad uprightness. Seatliments fa-
Wutble to the relegation of the satlow-
h,-lld frowning pedatgoiue to his place
Is ihe distant past were vc'hed in a
atereof talks on the twentieth een-
.ly teacher It was emphasised that
A Great need was for the "humani-
tha"lllan of public school teachers. The
Sagogue of the past t was held, ha

.ial prtession has passed by. lter
lIote requirement whleh it was
0:5tended the modem teacher should
have: Must be human; must be a
-'It "*lizcr" iln the polite usage of
h i term; must be a church member;
!t be magnetic; must take an ac
, tll Intereit In el ties and the welfare
"thM e city, ward. village or town in:
' Lhleh he is employed ; must go into

h 1S andsl make himself pupolar in
u"i o unity; must keep in touch
i h twentieth century life; must Un-
itiltald the ohild'aqd get into the
S rs ees of the parent; muml be
fI4lhd and command reipeet and
dleee in the schoolroom; must
I' 't out of the beaten track,; not ob-'

i one*, and her cbInis bcattion iould
be accompanied by ta endorse mnnle of
heIr county school conumiltiouer, tht
editor of this pa(er and the teacher of
the last school she attended.
I would be glal to cnommuniatie
with every ambitious girl In this coun-
ty who ls struggling to educate her-
self. .I". J.Amem LoIM(ATIOCn .
(ijneerille, (. '


The peuplit of this country will re.
futs to be predjudleed against Mrs.
Longstreet's book on the life of thje
"War Horse" of the Confederrcy, by
the suggestion that it Is written to a
spirit of friendliness to the North.
Mrs. Loniptreet was born In the Amer-
lcan Union, after the Con fedrate str nig
gte had become thoI "Lost Cause" of
American history. She evidently had
never known what it was to hate any*
thing American. It was high patriot.
lim, worthy of the opening days in ti
new century, that prompted a young'
woman of the new South to invite a
valorous Uuion officer to write the in.
troduction to the biography of a dead
The opening words of UGeneral
Siokles' Introduction to "Lee and lAox-
street at High Tide," happily s*lenesm
all criticism:
"If It be thought strange that I
should write a preface to the memoir
of a coeptieuous adversary, I reply that
the Olivl War l only a memory, Its
asperities are forgotten, both armies
were American, old army friendships
have been renewed, and new army
friendships hIvre been formed among
the conbatanti, the truth uf history
is dear to all of us and the amenities
of ohivalorous manhood are cherished
alike by the North and South, when
justice to either is Involved."
tickle isS one of the moit famous of
the surviving Union alfflers of the 0i-
vil War. lie has been prominent in
1 einoorati politics in New York since
the war. lie has suffered much in con-
The South will not fall out with Mrs.
Longitreet for defending ith great
name she bears, and now that the
stout warrior Is dead and cannot an-
|swer his accusers, a maganimous
people will honor her for it.-Ex-
Ditching machine, operated by
steam traction engine', which will dig
a perfect ditch for the laying of tile
three- and a half feet in depth and 100
rod a day at a soot of 605 for oper.
eating expenses, are now to be had.
They easily do the work as well as ten
expert ditchers could do it nla the old-.
fashioned way by hand. A wet loea-
tion could well start a co-operative en*
terprise in the purchase and use of one
of these machines.

Noth in htakiesa man down so com-.
pletely as to liave a woman blow him

Beware of Ointments for Calarrh Thai
Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the
sense of stell and completely derange
the whole *Istel when entering it
Through the mucout surfaces, Bueh
articles should never be used eeeps

on prescriptions from reputable phy-
sicians. a. the damage they will do ts
ten-fold to the good yoal au potssibi
derive from them. Hall's Oatarrh
SCure, manufactured by F. J. Cheoey A
Co Toledo, 0 contains no mercury,
and is taken internally, acting direct.
ty upon the blood and muceoueurfaros
/ . fI U 0j iM L 111 Pjh M-

uiEtu urra on l isi street. is no uiiis-
ual sight in the *iid strfre r M-11'
A bachelor often lives to marry t he
daughter of hie wuman who turned
hinr down.

behounlouLek I'emi Futr lthe StaM TWb
5I16'ona 51 AIE.
'tic y. i l tj I r g, on fintolj y iA !
l iii. f;i j\ ii;: 'I*M-s l v t'y sr(n l(tls
:114 1 ;t;Hli t I 'th tf i.nIt.llh and
** 4i 11 lieuni t I, Im ',fl'.t Lki i 4l tiaus1lure
'woit 4 ii ; j o;iti l tiy .111 ('im.i uiAist ou
Si. e' it 1 It. t'. I Intwk, f i it r ni r i'J
'Jt(-', ktunili'tl. '1'. e imthbtr sof "*old
'I: ,'ini j L.C V A i tMany I cletions
t[icli nro itn it lin;guiae uintctliil:lIo
"1tw ls11,wh wIl w 10 Intlu Of (col.l
i~i i t'(.li.- t', i sii t n~ rilt metilk'c ub-.
iil4, in e.titufry :lit in t Northtai, to0,
3.Iau.. "weinghliu nent 724 okea, 73
rotl'.oil ift at iW L-atn( ier okeY'
*IZWAv tu'.ui will i ISlanr, 'umudal.
'I ncrr ianit S chittacks iof sugur eouse
to IAt t r '1 r'1 4 I j r :1;4.1; 1
A.nyv (Tiae wLho i.ti inished a course
in tlilt book wasl evidently|pedl
to V41 n ,14SUp,'.enrco In 0n (lhl. fnaih-
liMI ni lBut who of to-
day would know for what he WaS
equtin pl| wleih Itoe lhad struggled wiltl
the 1 Mt oue?
"lliuet mth tare nau the tn't naud
tlvlde :e!w Ki110t:o bIy 14I, ntiil IhAV quo-
lentt will t ,e clof, which subtract
from the shuttle, naid lth remainder will
be the nliet."
It Itm-Oijim- ~tinrvly more intelligibllo
whlen explatll Ijy definition: "Tare wi
iln allowltuAie liliude the pniliutaser ior
IxX, tjag or barrel. Tnt is an allow-
ane of four pounds In each hundred
and four for waste. dust amNl so forth.
ClWff Is ian allowlnce of two pounds
upon every tha w bhudredwelght. Rut-
tie In what is left when a part of tie
allowance In deducted. Neat rmaalas
when all aIs de4meted."
cream erm.ifg


17 L



e wa; eir Iri vantei
Ballard*Snow Linlment Co.
T. LoIUe, aSO.

.1 in i-A

Mill Atll WOMEN.

dI.e tm Ismh unlt.
o lta ot flli weart, as*o
totpre". r*t&id fk
l ..1f, r I" L isi.l. -
h't.T*>t pi.i *b" li'MU9,
5mW W~ Rivsnl.

-- w v U -,

1W U Y ~ ~ U M A' IA'1 d T V

m*IIUe I sr Lt I o LL eu d0


Ir-r- ..>.

The experiment made boles a yearw
ago of employlpg Meinaie porters l
1Pullman car hai not been mneensfal.
Forty Mexicans entered the serilee of
i e Pullman company, and of that:
number ony fiveare left.

ThIis is the time o' year when sub.
*'ribrs t begin to remember the local
i-ewn' tper loi a *itsltantial manner,
llarvesi li over, the cropq have beeI
abunJant.and everytnxly fuels good,l
or fair to middling,

in a ttnt tmde with an e.ghtli-are
I, aie gras pasture this *Ode uln it was
found that the grise crop was wori
h 0o7 per azre for btee prdluatili
This would make the pastur wart h
over t.IO per more.

A preiimbulating lmart*r, giving,

mm~~H SWrill

Il: .'.i i lightoes
i '"... '. ?*.ietd Wvriters
1'. :t- i'nay'.'tle,. Monre

,"- i ;siin**ville ihia auy

h.s!n 01 i

-~-- --- I- I ---~- ... .... _~__

For' t

I .


k I r .*v


Title ii what

ye a pay for i
know what

Titles ordinrlily li uIhI1e *wmi

The- Alachua0.Cu17
%M, W
L i ,-,.


. L, OJI
A itrlte of Tite sad fl wM
msunty. U?

^^^^ ''I^^^ |^^4pl


-' ""

-. ._-, -.'L ,,.,


btClu Tea.l:blsIa#3
ktatttm.' nr1'I $rl~iiliigi
GIN WMi kA~JI~t B^~lES 1.^iA~kB -1 W*' ft fii'1* *
*C YD 2M-ilX fUr p1>''*-: :^

c3L9' _

AL~3D& I~~

TRm WU.f

Jaoksonvulle pmxG

Dirmes bervise

SNorthbound....... .n .

*3etwn 1 ACa'SC iS *
SteppiNg as Palate, LAt, d .

anre Ipltod itWsell nhls

P em. ....
S 0 a .............. b.... *B *9'q
4:tW eaw 0 041 6 4 .. :...P** **... *.* ..
A4 vS A m .......... .......S. .. ,
Arrive 38 USA......... ma.. @994 **ag! 0.l0*' *' ;i.p:.

-... . , ,
"-';* -'i iji it i




7 I,.
'.7 .. I
*' 'ii


a ~ wu,,. '~w ~ w~ w y ~ r -'~ - w -w ~r r -
-A- -I-- -l----.-~ A

A A'... ..

at. hat w*p-a. bflhr saw mgunse.
AI Gamuers"P^ .
:.., .;:: ..', . T . w .r .

q9U' it sq gom w a.. aln.. viafu.

1W,,aikow 1f.4M W .D. ---
h be*ot. be tt, n dr oghts Don'S
wS?? o 11 O ai s o n Wm G whom in JsoaomkvIIe
S(With Or. a IL M on),.
i :MhT IM to m 'a,___
wsp whbi I wa n a
p,.l bag "Ol -t*IuN Law eamg

(^i H ahOa rene, Prop'r,
Skllle, . Eloriaft

SIImportOd and Domestle Liquora
AS 11101 MI afhu ih i ehty.

ill ..

Sontf, Florid s Fro ,WErWNENH AiDPIM.
SG: r- OF 0 t, rowu A.
s p'la for thiL rw ellmuaw. mim i laI
Ms. Everrd Canada Malt -t l-aml. ms ar0
wehortambtp aobImatbe.
SRED STA. p so dtse very
. *t nt .. U
iAt a od s ay add better shaa most oid by as continuously for
m. Md. atof p1ad Malt *v TiRTT VTW TEARS
I," :f( NOT RICE. withiot a laie fllorn. U io
M t a piaso, for a lifetiamn
SBarrel......... $10 6o 50th.-h. ll. T
Man Mahuh 1T T
,-I eoni- e sw tn Sae aw
-e,-,- I ..J

IN Wisen, Liqumrs and Cigrsates
J.' a s a m ,


4 4 .y

D(R. DaVEt -' "ORRIS
F'"" WI..'*' r''"*. *^^- -"'".--"--:- -: -- -----'-,-- .----- ---* '-" = --

oe .. )qn Ds lla Ho sB MoGnsevI.,
I.h d"l. .4 U....DEssm 5 0 ( e.
MO. t e to"verT LA
Bl-gMl ...e O-t: u Mre : 'd'a. AWUla wpmork uy
S. .. I wt ...O.tT.0 dAow

W_ ad 9 3A. CARLISLE,

I Real toae, CoOveyan6lDS and (ion-
ilndsdto. (o, ,, 0.,,. dor LoS,0 i,,n,
I sm It. o. aSn d 0A13 CdNVII.Wln, o FIeO h.

IOlme o a Uu: ,
.... .......ATTORNEY AT LAW,
3A01lISILLCL AudLolleliriiity

an sell your. All property, (Ipty
rovd ad uniwArtved) phoephaw,
60Mand aking sa4 d farming lasd. end himg
Wir- l I,& s of l Mla to. offer nfor pe. 21a.o

I E,7"B i X. BAKER,


I.- J. H.. ALDEMAN s
aimM*1w a aDENTIS oT.-w ,
'instS omal mr oh uomrore..
,| -..A- I OGdkvmfi -_o.. .A--
f-lU A1'6$ atflWomo hS h*. k *

aeSf obmat tea ega. Sem., ,o,
B ij wRB-_,,Ni^w^.^ ^^ ^a*^ i ^^^ n- ---BRkhlurdti f c^ kTUolxn Tkm

ror lul uuinornuimn amnl i seIper rn.eervaLInons an al n1y .gent Heabmand i
write A. 0. MACDONELL, 8. 0. BOY tTON, Jin.
A"Is. General passengerr Agent, 'marevnger Apao

Good shells in your gun mean a good bag
in the ficld or a good sccre 4t the t:ap.
Wirchester "Leader" and '. !c; :ztcr".
Smolelcss Powvzdr Shel;3 are hocd .thells.
Always s'rc-.ra, awny' giv.-,, an even C
spread of t-t tnd good 1 '-n, thrt
great superiority is testified to by sporIa-
men who use Winchester Factory Loaded
Shells ti preference to any other minake.

,11 .. ',1

Dc n a enersi bmnaklag balBes bur ant we1 f oreqta o l rd Domeiab o kxobmeee
it" "ccounts of fake. bank. Coorawourto Farmers, imerebusta snd athre
r auSr n o t or b rt ^ eSw m s es to ut uig; coItertc O s on mV
A. M. GUnANA, President Gog. W. HrMw. Vloe-Prsdet i

oHI 0- A TwT IS rT URT,T-L3.
Capital......... ...............$5O0,o o ow)
Surplus and Undivided Profits... 25.('0o oo
Does sat Snelly t mukts7 brl D, wlth faelUie equal to amm ftlk In ie PtBIte SaS
thie soeoutof V.ien.MNereubats. Corpo'aeuoS ee. I Ures swowS A
biW pelat hutaemenal AU busimen tranesetew ,py.


ST. LOU IS, MO., !

The Atlantic Coast Line

Montgomsry and L. & N. or Dixie Flyer Through
Atlanta and Chattanooga.

Round Trip Ratt From (iminenvillt':

$44.10 $36.80

SE3A. 3 o.
Ai- L'.,ne Railv
. ,'O ....
Savar nah, Columbia, Cqar
Pines., Raleigh, Richm.
ingtcn, Baltimore,
delphia, New Y

Two Elegant Trains

Seaboard Exr

Seaboard M

Only Line Operati
Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacki
iL'. # It _ A t .. ... ...

On sle daily. Uood till Dee. 28. O daily Good it i
t9Q FIRo OOi i




*.^ i- :*. .i-*


Ii 9:~


iden, Souther
ond, Wash- .



sonville to New Orlie ,

',.W% I 'r ; : L A:




*F' 9 thyi"flM' as rtbwly A>
"' Lh UV t Sy r V., '' lOI Vy In $t. lu>,t by
tl, wi frout 1 blfrIngl b iiillin latou
i l gipllin hu lt lby l fir tntlli.
S(aihtta, i..[. igi setting ready to en*n
..!$rwaj it[e Nolth ti g l>ia Conferelnc
Sg( the Methdilst I'Pi copail church.
Swbich mrell t(hIre \Vnesluday, Nov.


MNwr Tr

preid $thmili. a w',idlent of CornellHA
giverly,. if 1 ,w *he. parallel bar. HAMLINS
; is% tho *irsti.I'mi it'i iiAtatnbiti and IIr MItal 1
J nJ(jl-j ti" ,t will 1110 + h1 11 a "lth lra- if l l I

Thke sleamhIl1, $rillin Princef was
M ill t ilJrh t,.l:n> ,n It,* -and bar at
1lag ri '..' '. "i i t,. *- -'. 0 'tdie i hii A treatment which affords a
tldo tirlY !.D lo ;, l -'r uff lci, ..
td e .r!y !.!)y i :L l.r of ti positive curV for rheumatlam and
iWIK" A..l y 10', Y.n &t 14 t allied diseases.
"iis nit' '.,, y :. '"'a
io,', on, va., w- a I' ri'l.I y d'. troI- i Applied externally, it relieve
by h re rt'il l.M. ily oil f!+ yq lo"t the pain at once. Taken later.
all thirll ,I .' I 5 ,'.00 .
slar! c i : h" $nally, It cro permanently by
lA w r ifying the blood of the laoU
A a IN-I 2I i, l f,. ha-, re
p 1vCi .t'% ,, I.n L... (t '' .,.. acid. which causes the dieasie.
: ay tru t':' '4 fr fruit iror.a (te b Anthony Smith, of Mayril, Ill,
s' lant-d ln ' h i t*, says: had such savcre rheumat-
T ltoorder a : Ll4 (it Ie i t ic pains in my arm and ahouldew
SThe ofllial runwvay of the Plorldae t I mr or no lep
Vwt for president shows the following that I O1Ud Dnilwwr Wowk ep
Results: Tu4aI vote east, s,307; and Was fast laoin all hope of
epaMocratic,. 27,01; republican. 1,31t; ewre, when I heard of sad tried
S lomlalt. ,.337; llllel. 1.605; P 'i i W rl Oil, two botteo
mtl'n Wit" 0% t",
A bulletin wua sul by he 0 f WI prfmd a perfctp
A e bureau tuday that In 105 coun,,tl IMUam t CUte." 1 I0O a* d P.
ft GeorSia the cotton sinned to Nov, for ale aknd reommladea byl
I' as reported amounted to 1,1441.91
monlag bales thin year as against 70.2 A LL. DRU GGI STS.
S14 bales for the same countlee last
i: year.
Courtianl li.- .liet. a well known Thr S Gisters Wed Three Brothers.
b' ausness man aa I 1li., ,I lfe of San lram. (hlippewt Falls, Wi.. Ntv. :2.. -Rlev.
r lco who t vr ia nno 1 tho ftmes H. 5. N ". )II. Andrlew Nt '1so andi
at gas re-ertlyv wre' at first reported Chl, J1,.11 Jon
a be |aht 1%11,r^. rilai~ndt Al ti 3 ;. 1 K:. ,.a a r:n liara Johnson,
"* (f0louS:I 't.' in fN i a rChA 1C 0, (i f rFe t liri ihr r- i azid i hroe Isl ers, were
s n. r't 1 ,- t i,. ll .I Ii,' 1me Mondlay. Af
M* ri-.. J. h [Itit f '. wl l o the late ,, .eri mi au v a y Rev. C. J
lir1 [it U An 'lt li'i A o 'Lliuit'-d'hI. a "ey by Rev
, Jobu 0. It, i,: of i li.. i' .t p Nro l. N ;f ne arri
ent ,r.n"'... ., t e Z-wtrh. and whoa , t b
5. diod at ;t .,',,uO i., ,:.-;. ageo. ha idr., g.r,. ...... and C')
c b en r .-e i i i ,i .bj .1 'A ', go) lit a party t ^
dency" of P ....ege, il t1a l ttf r a ha yt a ) l pr y t r p.
SNfashville. T .nt.
OwinKg il .d 'o:: .- teW then l The Besit Liniment.
SUtted St a t .tiL, A.,rendla an; "Chamintrlain', Pain ltalm is consid.
Serrd the, lit liniment on the market,"
Orar e, the Fcittit Si ttev- erisel_..
OI.I 'StQ cr"rnir write Poso A. llism oif iorglia, Vt.
SOlympla has pI, i,' ', linr de parture
lp .v a o hae taken i No other )inimeunt will heal a out or
. n1b(n G n.( t Ito d c h i,4 t | have taken + .. .... .
bot; (;,- l i ,~ I rli,-tie go P'romptly. No other is sWo
Iphl& la-! n..;>'.
Jl I vsaluahle for deep seated paiin like
S John All. I Hl.1> Dillon. an old-tiUmq
iine back and pains in the ehest.
ad widely kne iul printer, Is d ead lnl t tri you will
1 ., tile. oteer oldled home i neto li. without it. Sold by
L s ville,. Ietin, aed 71. lIle was a all druggists.
SIrlued to Opi, I1 : 1i and the southern --dr. --
easor pnedl' ofI him as a character Brcytcs Blayrr Now In Custody.
s mi veral Ouf h, lhth Ili1,n11. la -, Nuv. :. -TIln. 4UU1 year"
.:i, The lher ll tffai anil Uir1dei n. *gn l'rh c, lnia 1,. of D)alt ., was
i. blch lb r high Sltl aun due gh n14.1 ti o U.' ..s.l arilk in Chattano,;; by a man named
Shave been f itnti I h i11,- i l. I' mllr u Jhnsiton. of Atlanta. Johnson ecaped
0aat from fiu..f;.>Ti,( lni, T;. Ini. and was caugitt saturday at Oxark.
,proIicmtel whtt rt:,u to tW,,n A Ark. Two of three etyewitne s are
4 board w e". w ell. and thi Iargs had dead The' living wiln(- s, John Buffling
|L with i i r ; ton. of )alicai, is wanted by the broth
S ei l tiu h.. W .. t r of ltro >lea. lie Is uimmnnoned as
4d1 fur Now YoLk. ha ing in chalTigi a feltral e*lurt witnhe-; rs h, in Rote 13
SP1of. lPo,.'n. w h, will Ino turned ovrr toay, and may bh found there.
Sto the A u.--ri.tan u.eonu.l, ('harg.d within .. -----
S conmplici. i. t ',, rit ry f tine poIK t 'i L ct t
o' o ac it lin ii. r. "' ipnu w'. amt' ii Stt.r',,,Blc tst and Ream
' Utted to op,'" Iiai ;nnk in Stinr.a. thi P Iast ha sbea ecomimmeaded by thM ealee
[ ste, wa er'r -.'el of this civ. shere has bee creal deem

Two hiunintl anti lfty-one Chi'ne,
arrived int San Fianrihvo from the St
Loils rair tilay in charge of an rm.
'jtiratlon ininieftor a4d a strong
Iuard. They were a f trans.
*ed from OaklM to the
Steer Coptic, w b s atlurday
for transportation to Ch ba.
Best Liniment on Earth.
Henry D. Baldwin. S tpt, (Cty Water
Works. Shullsburg, Wi<.. writes: -1I
have tried many kindeof liniment, but
I have never received nmuu htbiielt iIn-
111 Osed allard'i Snow liniment for
tkeumatisn antd ltaint. I think it i
the hest lhninent ,'u earth 2-'Z'.'
01 .L M1. Sold by W. M. JoIhnson.
Circuit Judge Is Attacked.
Nashvill*,. Ttnn Nov. 3.-A sensa.
tlonaI at tat, wi mal, on ('m rriilt
JudKe IOHio in at ''.U1n',i. Tnfn lhy
loyd 'tCecil, a pic*mnunt ci i/4-n,. Th-i
Blair ocrierre.l on t h1. Vric'lanl and<
a4 Wiltns,,ti )by a ninml'br of lwopl',
Tb* men were s separated before a4y,
Vflt damage was done to eLther. The
.4e of th,. trouble originated in a
6Wlu before Jidge Holding last Sep.
B"ter IU which Cecil was a wKnes.
Neuralgia Pains.
hlkOll**K l k.. l..U.. ^ -. I ... .lh:e..

Ia the rat ad mice family.- 10 ewar M
offered to any one who aesr Swlears W c-'
utic Paste and doesot o ind it scoedSal
Ia killing o1f mice, rats, water bug. ole. It
is eay to se, and is areedily devoare b
rats. mice. cockroaches and all vermia.
is murs death, and gives uiveuWal sadho
faction, especially aa she rats sad mic do
not die I. the houe. If you cassot obtain
this Paste of your dealer, it will be seal ex
ipre prepaid on receipt of price by the
Stearn' Electric Paste Co., Chicag, NIL
Small site. 2.c; Hotel sis, ei4 i tima the
qantity, $1.0O, N
For Hale ity J. .. Budif.rd k ('se.

MA t'iFA:TrItEk 0r

land Building Material,


,Ammunition and Guns.
A varid ssletlon of Carvn Triple
Plated mad Solid Sliver Piecn.
Larget Sellers In Florida of
AmerikS& WO ire e .k
Eliwe od W l m

Chattanooga Plows
The li r Wamn. at she Si. lauh UIpeotion

Baird lHaiare Co.,

I T. KA rEMA rn, .
Coaner Urove sd Cre streets.
Phose I P. O. 0. Bos.

re Everr Dor.
DUwred4 to AU ftru of OCI.
satlhedor e eomnees

The Florida

Fruit and Truck Grower

L. J. 3Xfl!, 15 Ier andan Pnr,
m>e Telr.... ........... ......... *,
single eoples................ It

A bandsomiy Illustrated mneusnle
devoted especially to the Inteoea of
the fruit and vegetable growers of
A speolal trial subscrlption of ell
month will be sent on reeilpt of S
moats. 6tampe taken.
-. ...... .... n . .. __- = -

AlaIhus county I i 6,400 sores In
area, has .l48 niles railroad, 00W
miles waxon road, M polstloees,
;23 public schwils, 27 hosphbate
plants, 20 *aw mills. 15,000 oourt
house, fire newspaper., and pro-
duces corn, eotIon, rle sugar,
onts, rye, potatoes, pineapple, or-
angee. peaches. pear. plume. p.
can*, and all kinda of vegetables.

ainesille, the County Seatl..
llaa fourth churches, two public
schools, the East Florida Saluaryt,
private schools, hbe newspapers,
United Stater land offlee, the beet
water. fire alarm system, electric
andr liJhts, two lee faitories,
meline shops, three wood facto-
rie, eootton gin, two moo fateories.
three railroads, two fertiliserman-
ufacturing companies, one fiber
manufaotory, one reetifyingl tur-
pentine plant, two backs, ad well
stooked stores embracina every.
thing li the commercial line.

Notice of Meeting.
N\tiiee i hrrthv siven that there


I one of the main symptoms of
that terrible disease called Rhes.
matism, which makes life a daily
torture to many thousands.


Alachua Pool Parlors,

4'. urrn'm, Proprie-lr.

I.tu ated in t Ii t l'urtvr i'look, sllilh
ides- uare. Tlre-e. tlrlet-la. table.,
(Good lights iand prompt and eourteoui
seervie. The public is cordially invited
and always welcome.

Pocket and Table Cufiery.

Stoves, Ranges
n a I--Ieatex.

e Largest Mail Order H
For Men's, Womeln's Sd Childrea's

Clothing, Hats, Unadrrwear and Furulshpla.
onR WOMEs.
Tailored Buits, Skirts. Jackets, Fun, WaiLts

Olothlng, Hate. Underwear and Fauramhkip.

Drese., Reefers, Cloaks, Uaderwes, Ste,
JWWe sead goods by espome 0. 0. D, wt
eamlane before Seepllng.

. ,h


' l,

lWe b-hertu ed t.woof thbi os t
mest rorn.leota.

Wrte for or empls Fl mM w '


ass 8


, T I .- ..


Hi-ghst mut. pri 'sm.


Magas a shM bI m.a w '
Genuige emlgtntalm, asmsgemt
Tf T ae i tan nl theo : .,: .
Most Successful of M 'IW
Its snob em supIs ef 4o. l60a SS nMr) wa
&hos of bos l hmlpbem. : ." ..
Its sonormi an. miare =a-lm I S4 '-, M
Ieportep sertageo the centre
It-sn o u popular peo mness.a tl!i
Ita JoIes, wl.ek.sms, shao.k., B. IA.
,- n_ _- ._ ^,_..l..L g.I

loo rages uelgnulu
No pages are wasted cheap ,
lag eeara aInd dle dlesONsiaue.
iey pale l w -aInteres, e*ar m b M
Subeeritae now-oso PWa
or relate red letter to TUE U I alERW
N. B.-Sample CopIO Sent I

* .*r**. V.'.

Galnoadloe a Gulf IaII*



7 451 ........* *****i ..* ** *******
goo -----7 in -- *
S06 .. ...*** * ***.**. j* *****
S. .... ... .. . .hlM0i ..........."
S16 .... ....... ....... .. .. .,a,,. el...

31 10 ...... .... .. .. .....; aoek* V m .......
S4 r ...... .. ""'"*'"

v 16 ........ .. ..... oeky tl t.......
to 00 is. .tr 8 .. ,..,

12 O)
12 44)
": "::

6 40 7
.11 71)
7 08 7 27
7 1 Ar, 7 48
7 a 18
..... ... II 00

.* U* "S ... a...s.. she*
i .... ***** 1o-i ***** i . *
. ...... ..._a 5 S .-9*-* ....
;...L B n r7, 1. !.
S. e v eJ.
-k. nma a* a. A

" hip.


0* .
* 54 **a**





". -- ..- - --- L y


I : '


__ ~~_~~___ Now



,O" r. i



T "7v.

Dr. hIe it Qorthell
aRlrilaa kee, rFloruM,
(pormrir at W. 0t 1 ,f. New laX It
Ja illte mbesrmwhr *.-ll-- Frl d.
dal Evealngw fnro b lu le.
Popitiv6ly Two 1:3.i <*I:.

Examination Free.
S p. tM bell wUlt wit <,.ln,*v<;t Ire- .
SisMeplV utdll Mu" lt., it.'xt.
aue rationtum anillu u ed
ALACIHUI., Fridy, Ie 0. flid,
1 .' l O' lek.



tm t Gearal Interest Oath.
,n by OurR prterm



Weal Haa Happened and What i Ge Ong
. Happen Told In Short Paragraphs
b_ That "He Who Runs May ReMd"
in The Sun.

e wit with ('antmaa hlli!l.
; Old newspaper for sale at 'lie Sun
K:.H-. tl
Bl nmonuon's WVonderftul Salve (or a&,e
i J. W. MoOollumn & ',.
f ttmaster (euorge Giass of High
S,"lapg was a visitor to this city ye.-

S' 4ptaln It. 0. Parker of LaCrovse
was transaesihi business in this Oity
for Reint-Store Royal Cook former.
oee0tpled. Address. Thomas V. Por-
to r.Jaskoonville,
SMM. John '1. Searlett of Hitgh
S"|rlag is In the city on a visit to Mr.
ad IMrs. Jeae E. Burta.
SOur elub plan wetires beat Cuba lands
at Ura east. Write Cuba Land Club,
alae0ville, Fla. datw t.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Dow hare gone
,' t0 Hglk Springs. where they will spend
ankhgiving with relatives.
Mrs. Ada Morris of High Spriansl
.W aa the city for a few hours yester-
day. She was en route to Jaekson-
ile to visit friends.
40. W. Baldwin and daughter, Mais
v1 lOnesee, of Melrose were In the eity
peJleaday, having come for consults-
S sa with Dr. Alderman, the dentist.
l hiks Hestou of Jacksonville, one of
h 1 mate etfillent operators in the em-
,. y of the Western Union Telegraph
I OPIpany, is the city on a brief visit to

r' Dr. J. Harrison Hodges has retumaed
5 Archer. where he was called on
. -05oatof the illness of Mrs. W. C.
I, adreo. He is pleased to report the
"W dllion of the patient Improved.
bit. J. P. Hilburn of Ooala. pre-
S, ilag older of the Gainesville District,
X. E. Church, Houth, was in the city
I hir a short time yesterday. He was
Sroute to Cedar Key, where he went
n aItted the quarterly conference.
Mrs. RoMa Waters departed yester-
dIy for Hickman. where she will pay a
1l6f visit to her husband, W. T.
e Watr. Mr. Waters is conducting ai
Sialk farm at Hiekman, and the pros-
Psts I are that he will enjoy a fine
l. Mis Lovey GOotd, one of taires*.
i s'5 ftomalt attractive and talented
,IIa ladies, departed yesterday for
pa. where she will visit her father.
Goode. incidentally 'taking iu"
S I fair. She was accompanied by her
SphOw, Mleter 9ay lDriver.
Ot. John B. Dell and his aceom-
Wia*hed daughter, Mise Eliza,were in
*h e ity from Hague yesterday. They to arrange fur the removal of
l: Dll'. family tt this e ity. The
""plde of Gaineaville will be glad to
S9lomae them ma rlaimn.. mminl

lman with Cuma a 311ill.
Chamberlain's stomach and Liver
Tabletso arv l6r-. Itl. I favorite fur
0tuolaph Iroftil)e-. hi, l constipatiou.
For sale by at druggiits,
After a brkf visit to this city. Mrs.
.Iltln \V. l-:tiel his roettirnrI to
\Vh il r "r gos. Mrs. Ettel' niumer-
tlul flcividS wetfr glad to slet hvr
Youtar- Fr itrd lto I* t., grr~d.dt
dis'pltiy of l '. e e. tibritlid ry wi)rkr ev r
ofiwwn iin yaraesviille, bty an exert
lidy (o cralor oin a While sewinlg ma-
rhiuit. frotn Nov. f to Io e, 8 liail.'-.
ti ll, SrW iwl Malelie Co., 'N4 E lit-
Se'rty strtet d- 13t
S Mr .1 .s llodlfur.l has returidt
from Me in tol, where hieJt hli4 hibeen
(for tie' p, t r-w days on ae,. inlt of sthe
ilnt-ss or I r istier. MfIr Ida bmith.
Mr. S1m9t1 I1oni' also. and will remain
nt tlfe ',.ii- . 1Mr. lodiford unlil she
cani r't Ver. M. wa.n aeeontpanied by
ir If C' Wallkip of Melr.tush, tlhe
faini; 1,0 > al. a ,
i, t', i.., an of (eals, the clever
r' pre.isttinve, of Hoop lrons. A l)arl.
i ngftion, IIe 1.rdwotdl nianifactiirera,
(Wlt' ft, ) ;rr,1,r-p ilt,.te yesterday.
%Jr 1; :Ahi.FI. At Lo-.1. lucrative and
renipUnastelt pusitiin with that firm, is
one of tlie minot practical hardwood
men in the country. His friends here
are always glad to see him.
One of the most attractive show win-
dows displayed here for some time ls
the big window of 3Marous Edel,
which was arranged by F. R. leawell.
The display Is appropriate to the line
-clothing and entlenmee's forailh.
l ig-andl pews as evidence of Mr. ea.-
well's rlfitdiney as an arlistie window
dresser. The window attracted a great
deal of attention yesterday.
Attention is directed to the adver.
tiaement of (r o. W. Hyde, "The lBig
Siore." w l;it appears elsewhere in
this Isti.. Mr. Hyde is offering aspe-

eisl values in sheetingp, ginghams and
hnmeoputn. as well as shoes. for the
remaiilr rof this week, and the prices
are plainly marked. Those desiring
gods In this line will find it to their
advantage to trade during this sale.
The paving of the streets in East
Gaineisville continues uninterrupted.
inme time ago City Civil Engineer J.
W. Patton ran the lines 'and estab.
liihed a grade from which the contare
tore have been working, and nearly a
mile has so far been laid. This will
make an excellent addition to that
seat on, and those who have occasion
to use the thoroughfares will appreci-
ate them.
The crack company of East Florida
Seminary, Company C. departed ywe-
terday for Tamps. where they will par.
ticipate in the prize drill contests at
the South Florida Fair. Tihe company
left via the Seaboard Air Line, Agent
Cobb having very generously arranged
for a speelal train to Waldo and a
through ear to destination. Mr. Cobb
is a hustler. and the management of
East Florida Seminary appreelates
his effort In this Instance. He is
always "there with the goods."
W. L. Beek, who for the past few
month has been one of the efflielent
salesmen at the store of J. Mt. Mal*
phurs. has become identified with tLe
business of Malphure & Shaw, grocer.
and inarketmen, West Union street,
and hereafter inay be found at. that
store. Mr. Book. who is a practical
meat butter, has assamed complete
charge of the meat department, and
will no doubt make a .good success of
it, He is ayoun7o man full of ambition
and energy. and is never more con-
tented than when he is serving his
customers behindthe "block."'

Redbone, Miss., Mept. 24. 1902.
Dr. K. W. Hall. St. Louis. Mo.--ear
Sir: In reply to yours of a recent
date in reward to the efllieincy of
lHall's Ureat Disavery as a kidney
cure. I can safely asay that it Is well
named when they call ita WON )ER.
I have suffered with a weakness from
the kidney a for years and have tried
all advertised revmedles for the aorn-
laint. as well as physielans. and Hall's
Texas Wonder is the-only thing that
has given me relief-I ought to say.
has effectedn abn lolute cure.
Respeet fully.

i)e t small bottle of the Trexa Won-
der, Hall's Greas Diseuvery, ures all
kidney aaid bladder troubles, remores
Mravel. cures diabetes. seminal emia*
aions. weak and lame baeks. rheuma.
at..- ..A aIll Imi llmmllan il aa s i a blL4.

I amer with CshesU k A ill.
Attention is called tf the advr.r.
tisemant of J. Ii. 4;.'rald. traveling
Salesman for t.0 -New Hlmane wing
i 11ehinh s Co(. ,itn y, wlii.*-i aIp& a4 r
elsewhere in this ipitir. Mr. (Orr!til
h'aa been for thirly-t n years ecutii-.
Sunusly in the s#t'Wig :aitlhuinVe htui.
lities as n awoleanl.r. tueiily.t.x years
,$.if Itinh iLave treeli ls8141t will i lie

Rev. Those. 4.1 Norwoerthy Departed
Wednesday for MisOasisppi.
With the meeting at Kavanaugh
Methodist Churoh lat nilkht, whisk
was condueled by the pastor. ev, W. ,
J. Carpenlter, tle series u aervIes
which hlav been onudueeed by Rev.
'T. J. Norsworthy, the evamlIiat. for

New lluime Compaey. Hli tas the the pSet ten days. was probably elosd,
agency f(r Florida asd part of Ala. and is is doubtful whether a meeltiag
basis. le has been remarkably eue. will be held this evening.
oessful. LUb sales Increasing each year. ev. Noswuorthy, who is a earamt
and fur the past month reached about evangelislt did not suenqd ia working
$13:0.o. The saleJ for the present up tlhe sitereol that he and his sean.
Year will run about V0 pvr cent over olates contesmplased here, which is to
last year. *pvd will be the largest int be regretted. The meeting has so.
the history of Ith New Home Com.- eomplithed something, however. siea
palny in this State. Mr. C;erald Is to about twenty converts were made,
be congratulated upon his wonderful though there should have been a hum.
auccs-sl. He is desirous of appointing dried.
agents throughout the State. "I cannot account four this," e.
-- marked 1ev. W. .J. Carpenter oIn n
ta Mayor's Court. ferring to the matter yesterday. "Mr.
Mayor Thomas is n'w absent from Noraworthy is a good praAnher aad an
the city, having gone to purolhae valu- eloquent worker, and did everything
able stoek for his stable; and in his peaible to stir up as lateses. l.%
absence President Broonme of the City only a coustable reas9 tat I Moelt
Council Is sting mayor. give is that the people of Osleeaill
Thqre were two cues before the act. tre not ready for a revival; thy ba
nla mayor Wednesday. W. D. Smith not got the Spist, and eill thy do
was arraigned for blocking the street g4et hl spirit there will belnethsi asw
by leaving a carriage stand on tbhe complshed."
thoroughfare over night, and was I-. Rev. Noftworthy, with hb hisafl
euaed with ih coasts. whe joled him bore, k depn"d lli
aa W right, a ehooolau.eoloed day for High Sprimag, whI last M S
damel, who, it is alleged, Imbibed we he delivened esof t? hh bsegS n
freely of "beg-jale*" Tuesday night, tem. Feem High Spie1 h- ap
was arnatd wh l full of eathuslasm. to pesns s n e bto I he r
and also arraigWed. Rosa said she 1si MittlNppi. w re e lit ol *
could n M really my whether she wa IwesholM gomea peatguy t ,o
Wright" or wrog when arrested, and wOvlaI to MNiaoepy.
did mot eves know when she was Mr. Morewwhy has peolebsd I.
placed n priAn, where she slept Wells plel a Io Nth GiaewTlWh i
peacefully all alg. She reqid deqld t.o loeste befm.
to pay the costs aad wereleased.. k THAK el t.
Chole Plymouth Roek wbit eosek.
rels for sale. Addrs O0. W. MoDon. Theo Who Dosi e tos H
aid. Rooky loWais, Fla. dL.w4. Opportunity at Two WhM w.
Th .. o delme sito. pa e thlast
tor the blesslns whisk t eO hat
Aw Y ORK o Trlheblerei p e ad -htWkh l hi
Jojed for the pest mu ay do a .
day. Thowe will bs ietmi ..
Biv eiall i-ias W rimt Ps
lam Churehas 11 'elet, w hil e p
Sall ame will be dgelvrnd 1 .I
W.II J. ater a er,4 KaNf
odla Chush. The
Aall aborea. tqpo t ewr Wilk
aea eordialy lavlad s 4o Ma.l

CHRAPSt STORl 01 U H IL tI i T Hl p w e T
.---- -- 'Owl,. ^.&% m, moig m' .mi sn i
10 l0sDoloe. ThIN eial "
lag ritual t the of p pii
SI ff be uew at thee sintIes. t? I
pal praStie ef rvlngThaatls
e a ve y *d, ia. Th* .kl eo t m
NTI wrv!ef or Tsea a I I

I A Thankagkag NeWay.
Today beltr Th lsivisp, he MI
MI R holMay will be obsernd by th ba
the Ulted Satesa land ole iNd ip"M
eoes. The three former hinstltial
We desire to call the at- wil be aoest all day, wsile Ithe mei
tentlon of our city and *** w illlbeobed
country friends to the fact |ai open from n eo e0 w m.p
that we carry on our second pable w be governed s*e* e *dfr g.
floor [which is 30x130 feet]' N .
Oxie of the most complete The freight department f e .
lilues of Furniture ever apUve liaes will be elgass She
shown in this section We ,0 .flsg Tlia, p,
have a line of Bed v.s cP. o .. w A. hA
Room Suites from cheapest f1. r.* Ca,,A eats A L
to best. N. SI waoss! 'A IA.C .
Reed and Oak Rockers of
every description, Rattan / I
Parlor Suites and Ohaira. W ILS O N'S

ilffonntier,. Book and
Combination Cases. "THE BV1Y 8TOR.,
Iron Beds--the best Be. KEEPS BUSY.
election to be had, in white
and in colors,. BEST LOfKS PICDM
T w e n t yvfive different
kinds of Matting just re.
ceived, and patterns and One Price to All.
quality are all that could
be desired. BKIRT. JAOKETS,
We sell all goods for Spot SWEATERS. GLOVES,
Cash, but tte price is such ROOIEtY, CORBWTS.
as to pay you to bring the PDRESS GOOD. SILKS.
Would be pleased to have wool m.a.I co rroN V Evi.
you call and give us a look, yATLr: LINES.' DOILIUS
We also carry a full line TOWELS. SPESKA I.
of Cook ktoves and Heaters Urn hs AllR1 m




' 8.

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' U^^p

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': y.+

.1. ~.


% at
it i

A *' _,' "* .. ',

. I'" I' '


I 'W ,'"

_._...______ II


,", -,--_,,i -

., '. ,

* i,-h


I m




Published Twice a Week-wMonday and Thursday

b Mrs.To bexan ,s an I ALL.,,D KIDNAPPMR

1 tigattow and discovered a 1:0 on0 TRIPLE LYNCIING
.., halt fore. Mr. Th1 ma4 picked ;tt -Reste in the .01tes
6.a lee it2 and atlam0 *0 1 mot brioe OL
0theW a Sme when a terrificc xsp!ol oC Balabridge. Ga., Nov. I
o the. of a versu
St Published but a fw feet from h e W eek Mondcalled Thursdayi n n, and

1M00 hI to" aped Injury. Tho front Feeling Oror Murderous Work day spe.l in heotps mo
a m lothe h0oU* waj bl4!*an I. dooMr porary tatiniaineo by do
ie attercd sd an hmoue hole of Negrooa Awful Bitter. oEurrEcr to 9ndctm(ent,
tora In the. gud. The interior oa were overruled, the trial
Htj bIoll4tog I wMa T be BLACKS GUARDRI BY MILITIA Y Nt S 'A l k
A i4A' of he. ll were on the icen The state rted laepr
o etoth r. ment P at throducton of erour witu.

vffeItimel of tlo eedeJ ould be found. of little Alice bkeltyo. h
Ro or hSt rtwdently sdo lnued se a ty of NegrWho Wre Charged with eats and G. Brackina.

4Ma10pO 000? lottlig the uev whilh ex- Killig Man-Only by the Hardot. The Mitle girl testied
Jel .a l4 the und. The interior oPo Sa ton selzed her while trial
e bg a wreckw. iLeCKS GUAKy. NDEv. 23.-IA mob of hr hmo and for.

S.AtiWWa Thomh bad be" setTe sft a rresatmngs to lynch the nearoVe held buggy, and drove witr
.1111ip *10 t lta th presonteo of a. la jaill here ea the charge of murder* the i&me girat, earryin
r s he arged wimth a rfolatioS lu a whitr e Pas nset Batuerday ight toe of B11 Rusrlm, In
-a audiee whih provide and atleaptiing to kill other white p*o a leaving her.

WBl U-day ee atoa otf pie. dliperwg as day dawNo d. The Ae ajo deshrhrlbed w

S' lll td also b active r tro and etra polNb hare also re- wyas and lbokldg voice h
W *t a e Irpsor la tired and the jail Is now guarded by lIapte&d erimial assault
41RP Ie pGre tse ISa Wh A deputies. It is believed that all dan. sa. hearing her clothing
"* i ^ sDbee hMue b soht to swuv ger of lysebinag I passed p the author The clothing was Intro
'0 gkte to Iowsa IN easeeta Withl c1-10a e manqa now be taken by surprtie. peace. After a rIgid
'O$4; Mlbek diamond robbery, and the jall will be well guarded at tion. which fatll to ma
,% A j |Theae eroemstae. Mr. Thomes right with the troops in reedineass for her teilmony. the little
p f to the Aseolated Prem, he attrib. ca!!?.. lowed to come :uown art
te t ie attek o o his home. The prelIminary hearing of the a-, on the Maind,
if I Idgroees tuoay was the eanset of much | 1 the coasn Aine, or
SWOtE PREPERRED STEL STOCK lheInet. They wes taken o he the eas Button will face the
Courthouse about It o'clock li a pa, chairse of Mttenpired gas
SWre opny m p ieye Abscond tr at uardd by 12 poctteien. 'trials probably onuin
p.H1 N With ieurlsuee. A large crowald ad gathered at the a- Wsll a wile renolire ste
-W Te rt, Hlo0. s.n-Belited the pub. and The ustrot were lined with shoot. by his ulie conistartly.
eUmtio by a detectlve aecy l Wl n people. The petrol wa4go WAs i ourtO iom hanutno the
rW.1S n. O motlee waroli~ broker and driven at Olersck-l L sipeeId to the by the public.
0101M tMlls e alginet on two eothotis e whIere f a brief hear-
1 A9 jtI- foMSW r i100 harea of United1 liu the negroi were held to the CHARGED WITH Al
h"i' ls 0l preferr44led stofk. worth jury. T,,he Fnm exelting aI'oNw market dR A
1 00,.W t and one cernlos ate for the return of the rnen to the jail. The Newly Married Man Ac
kN of Miehigand Lopper Miniag dtemrs oft th Jail were topen wh tl U rideea Piren
i mk Worth aoutl 5rtt ad be A Jmtrol wagn r lturneul. art. the neree Ij lnion. R. C, \NW. 13
Sbsk. wor tah -rrt that the tcat. ire Itrallyt hrdwn through the ou* marriage, which may ye
S s t ileo be a treted el ploe oi trance and the l, rK loo n. u tmed In the fortun te anl unpl-a ant
DBretitag, of larquette. e1E 0 of the ir, which 1"ird" armf0130 tor the groom, occurred v
I Is also Iiated that the esmploye o tte plac. Mhany threat of l nchlug ert Vaughan, a yI ng
n.e. "a eiompa, y asked for a v| wtre heard. yne old, lend nMiss Mary
Three wees at. After he had ArtntIeUe1s art Lettix made to 14, were married by T.
Mmthres1 teawee d that the maaIrav* ;11:w piI'mwei in vitneother 1i)U thle l..hotllt church at
H e1eiS?, drtlnsa, addr1me atd tohema for rnst ,.: h., ,. to The father. of th('e you
idefinis t adirheas mod tol pl. officers tfl nrt diveA'In the Jh F. WIllard. who is a f

lb msue, Susplen was rouorned lle'ti lnt on .. s.i. n y metionl *a II h. ab nt mlIs. .tfrma
medi as eatamlaatalq of the safety do the '' tm r wh'r'h ty KIIll m IS T in to t n t1:4;o andi ,wore
f C pf baa to which theb Ea atdruir cces t for I uo* : I th! qmint Vsrther !or t

l Sittj la the discovery that several t'e lull rTr,. i a !ntr f". by wtt l.l tl< a. I;-Iuritt thi
WS ktg|abu caha^ ere mhsning bnsideNitmr. pS(OrformI:g the' cerero
1 e1tl.eta mnentlonuial .lul A lnith r l.,r.: T b Valt ,,i) pih i:uh. wan fl!t of &t trod It
.14.11" Sl d all ltl3ao hm d th flr1m u wr i I .) y h 'ar lt Fo e;'( I th, Jn tir i- e' pe
bettong hurried isat a.d4 fundthl tI h,. i'i ; b. In o it
.(,M the maw airny had transferred someb th mat. I n r o
Sat o the ahares to his own name. Owling nCt nlhi 'l TuIiaTi
to the form or a signment which the V NO I EN down an he inn at cal

SI I as to who will have to beir the loss P P-I d Prt YOUNG WOMAN KILl

'~. Maria From Go ng Hunui ng. Shot at Him Three Ti

US THR MAILS FRAUDULENTLY l+i, li. -i .I I-' volver,
m .hs r h'ea y .--w"*' '",; . r;$**rt;1 l Itr Ablhev.', 8. C'. N'ov
a, ,hillagl Man In the Tolls for Vitlating 01 V:ir:, ll I',,t,, u. *trl. it aftrnoung there wa. a
*as WP the Postal Laws. 1a 1 rag 'd oil 1t ui:t chlie rr t the Li, rI, slen-t, ma
^m y y ja OI hicgo, Nov,. 2--4-tally complaints E,, f to iri vln ; .' 1. *,to hreter and ai s m
w alme made to the ri'blugo postoflc- conr ariwusly d.i(.or;n!t the I-iKgrapih Several men vk.hotrs
n pinged ertang the tme of the United Statee wlreit n I 1-a.- ly i fT r.nfrth part ers nd were
S tiNly mall fraudnlently have restlrted tI og c:n ] ad. they lefteu lryla
^ha^hl) V t the afrect of Charlea Bturtt. lltn AemWm the Aouaber ( complaints rom various ile

0 ithe to a parts of the cowutry will probably ap I1t 0t.' emuntry lt it i> and all nr'I reached f : rs -a f
:o gvlellg psftr to prosecute him. sli'I1. r eh--, tior ,t u tdor ar hit her vth e I
ap child Qharles Eberltng. of Maynard. low an li ny of th, p, rll Claue Add. & -t.a f
l* Ul Oti eet. alleged that he received a letter from In I,'nilmi lI' 4 l)o 1nha fall-,. irit Hlude Adde ni., i ylOt l
t fti e O. Start who elalmed that the presldn. .trp (at! n tll.*-rtre i ir.-tun I l huog pi.tol. On
the 6baIl4i cy of the "Central" railroad bureau .! aIng tii *I;.;r.' an".:ug 111, p111r, ins ta tpitol. Oy
i red. bun tChlcago wanted men. Eberting sl t id l ch '., :v r ,,...ealnt The ,I. I Cliub' Ak Eli
i as th ho was infrnurm that for $3 he would! 1$ o ,tlt a1 I'h11.ljsrth thai th RItena L ,on a ns a
"he ti be taught the various blhirals ani In. K';t of :.;;a1l ,an .'ierl flf mIltted to Jail here A
,t I formation nfefe.eary to become a fire, h.e, rar;, tt i < ,.,,n p.revinlt white
et.ia Sll I 1nr Jan ant ltor an Addllo.nal $1I he would fruil 'htpi'i:1rg
.'-." be given a poAlthon. I*, paid One me alt sall eralt > I4'nt iir w' k-! !d NEGRO NURSES WER
f l *. tibftmeSa *.' me*ry,.b failed to perei lO poal. I'1i ti the lr.'.:,,nt tn,,e l N.:ii,.nr h:u
el'MM of OlV t11on and flnal;y asked the jkmtal rt been futui*ua,,) m 'ht '1 ithe ut.i: superintendent of Ala
g pOsUe geparb thUorltier to uIneltigate the case. cljance in re !l.irK. ,k1.< 1i rnetry. Asylum Makes r
ll t Tl \ ry w.-aih r *:". gt'ira: in .1t) ngonlume-y. Ala.. Nov
Wants President as Arbitrater. Emrope. fr,... l;,.ini pi:jwf.Yd -i ftr hrt F th ltsue an
SLmdon. Nor. L3.--The movement 'out1' e N.. the Alabama insate h
I 'Y OMIh boot to let President Roosevelt to ar Vtern,., at .loti t Vt.rn
A.em.. bitrate the itdlerecce between Panama To Restore Flag on Hig;i Sea-. kmuejt. a .ult Vern
Alanst ald ia1e curptratl of. foreign bond (('. n., ( V Z A: ;;l I i'rtLg it vir,
a oh. |holers in regard to the (Colombian of ., ., ,-I -- n. heath f i. tuIn
i home of debt. A treeting with C(olombisa coWn 8t tih, W ui;,l' and thtre havre te n :;o
a et lawyer mittee ofr it corporation has been cantli. :' r *. t, i t ,
o ef the Civic suninnil1 !n consider r the 4eist enealtl N'el'tO. ] ." en Spt :'
llwtpelt .by a rf reco-ry frim Panama of a por ...T t :r :. i h1 ,.int ii,* I '
.lt pt porcb at 2' tin Of OP 1ti.t il lpahl a by the 'ni. :,. i' '4 r l ,, :
6 Mr. Thcmia srn i ,4 Kate-, ronnwet!ion wlih the canal. f . | 1 I rt i, lmi ':
i "a the I.hote at t:l, aI I 1 e ,rt *l t o catI a pnu te let- 1 4 *.. t


4 0

- A


Cams at sBaln-

13.-The cae"
i. tlton. was
I water half a'
ticn. for tem-w
Offense snd de-
all of % hlch
proper bLean

after the tn-
ies. coasisttie
er fulter par-

along the line
i of how ut-
he back porch
d her la the
ber 30 alles
I her to the
Baker county,

Ith dowSea
ow be had at-
upom her per-
hit his efforts.
duted la evi-
aterially alter
girl was al-
ler two hotirs

the kidnaping
more seaous
ualt, the two
i two days.
milfaAt and I
A crowded
interest felt


tcused by the
.--A runaway
t result In un._
when Mr. Rolt
nan about 24
Willad,. agedl
ft. Oweas, at
Lin bride. Mr,
arguer and re-
i CaillAli', tas
South a warranl
lduction, anti
babo. thalut he
it iilninter for
y. as the girl
Ih untdfr.,It r(1
dialed to hold
both in al'y.-
a41n ha& cooled


nes With Re.

* 23--Sanday
Ilsturbauce at
loet from bun-

i'came bolti t
y tho 'omlnn.
" lllted Rena
S mlir. Bhu
f r W<1. j+ l
sca lling ant
or help, and
I wtonan. shot
'ith an Ameri.
1e shot killed

princlra,. m .

r'. Werr inll.-
l pal:.,- are*

barna Insane
. -'.- .Miss 0.
4d <\2r!r.r of
pi "the
n1l tihf .lMontt
ion. jilst uib

In s sianw

v ilor t. tlit
' t'" t, t r i

''i *i fai'ltre n.

' t' t :i.'
i .. -




Search For Kissing
Enliven the Tr$

severall Witnessee for the PA
Are Examined--The i
Will Be Cleared ef Murge

Ne wYork. Nov. 23.-
mli6sing witness who uorewrly
ed the detectives of the d
ney's oMice and Ihe possibltlH
of the central figure* la the
dead man's widow-woald
fore the jury and tell hri
the polnti of special ai l
when the trial of Nan Pat
alleged murder of Caesar V
In outlining his case ye
blatant District Attorney
formed the jury that the
after nuithbA of endeavor, had
successful sl locating J. MoN
who, he claimed, purchased
ver with wbich IVounK was
hoped, however, that Smith
brought forward by thte, def
proper time. aIt r lit the
Patterson's rimurtpl, Mr.
the defense had no lIilentl inof
Ing Smith.
Fti'lowltng the annloiiullilietl emu
1sali that the dtlII tri anotrnepg
renewed Its search for tle ti
ness wih the ti' of (4'It
and conimptlling h in-t .i ai 'ipear i
before It l too lat(-
Only the *ntnotill-aii; -it that
fendant herself won1i ,i iLt ,n, the-
and te!l of her Icl'ir'n itaalef
Younix could hat.v rc;, I mire
Inter, ,l han ti ;P.irt (hat thl
hiwkmulmiecr' vwIdov tmiilht
the pase.
Sine,- the *tay )hir 4.. h-lilt (14
Votiug has remain" In1 he lJ
irrit wvhen she al,*I: at the
aitornty 4i4 omier an, itattidf
the grand jury I ';':ii the
haui not appear it i tlie cort
but- it is said she has fo'TflIed
proC4eedtns froni ali l; '.iingl Ir
A hig crowd wni plr,- 'rat it
roirt room whinn the trial Vt
.t'med. 11. ncT'ftlt0l"
Milton W'. lia 7oto nf i(eortS1
of the men who cilalimi ti limal
young 11re' thW'* si,' w.t9'r Ctl .
Several p rf niialt were
to the stand in rraptil u..ere-piu i
examined briefly re'-lard happid
In the police ruiir t wl'e'n Mlis t
knil was brought thin- 'moir U
'sptaiin swctenry. v tl, watsL to i
af the talon houl,,n' at the time, I
e (lie th revon liver whidich I 0" 1
found In Yioni_'-,. ijck-t. and 4
he said. he ubh.equvtin (tineh.
to his ia .itment. p1 i,-t .\ttorasB i
SIn, with the tlih r, :o,:ili art.
and the explolded h' '


Financial Troubles Are SuppSU&
Be the Caus ,.
Knox% le. rt'inn.. N''' fl-enaul
B. I o-kin.., an (n?.it'.iiino ''* mais
l trtitd .sliuli,i hter'', h1i. [,ead bollI
IPt f!iinlln $uml ia) iimtig;n ly^ a1
a e"ey .n i '. ltpin -'- ,l.-nl t, '
'!i? .: i u11i hi il iirat, f1at t
* *r. i'ulAlialf tAitl ait sid i
It -i i ;:. for the ra hli ( d I
Watsi f. tfel.n b r t' lthe fllrm of It
i t--ic s 1 r ,, s l ,, inina t ,
Awn& ItAN. iai"ili ans Y "
Aeina .I li.sii nt naix li 1 ulY.
bn:.nos. Lbrtie'r says Jt hiti* It
ftutI.d: Liroutbe that he 1knew

Bogus Silver Half Dollars'
('olltabM I, I). .r, "., fll
doni noi brt' :* 1 ) oft r w* a
IW ti( 1r 1ho makiF i f ofplp
1i ', I : h ,,f t,.' ar; l- Ih-, ; ." i
it, ,, i ,, *gf I, r wid



,* -" iI

, 'hI


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1<. -

auklmi &&I i stI

" % tI. It I




fl'iS 5 qgs hii0li ntfl it
me el 0N e

Sen Datarrh Thau

s.R ee## sensy desy ethe

the y witerllt io
| iW, !e irr-r_. ie*
iHie nm feputabta phy.
BhiWaai. eM di de. is

Ia sMtiSa no moUiary.
teealtly, sating direst.
ieds alafonw *artW*4

In le IfvlI u made

*gi.t,. Plef, Tie ptr

A ali -a mItn -

.osjpelia ud th* ladies
*..%ws holm as the home of
*t ltliieMeaa, y aflwnoon for
.o @19mf ra@Lt3 a bOnMrev to
S. iW. Wlmn, who felt that
IbI stis other liners required his
..i| tl alot t ine.
..... P %W eo !l.eetlion, but MrlU .
S1) a I, W r i41fll lonsueuld,
i-i itau n rqueist o.f shet

st)9ps.atatBrl. at. tr hel
Iha B40 sosuno)l ebtio nof, se
Ib j SOlp!nsbW d oSrt of th term n.
balqsn ssao p qoileot|lSo nne.

dlp *a freom et@ d other e-x
S bMih Ni O S ROV.7 ry $to ml.,
t V1:1 < PAIS O l*Mr ** reqeeted

v .;*c W e iplW k I, "..

', ." I *W.lqk Dai Sine..
W '.0l 1 *lit OerIlp slitk with kid*
- parim atIe lItrbd tll nti erioedl.
S~ toea, of whIeh rulilwd me.. One
rl swwa ad ofyoue lBetrlt Bit5
sm4.ad4-mimed to try Ass. Aftte
,-t A-- -A .. V sI . U .. i S

*ag<. li0 .U. Mi. Lte o ,.aw .1
buhaes W, 3t3.', he as et eqar
rhse ill.f we sved by Dr. Klmef
Few Diseovery. This street udy i
malaMeil fa I all*lsWI met l ,etdiso
mes si. t ml Uef.i. .PriM,
SRI. Tritl utwOs*fmr.
.- Ad- -r A,I.

Toliver Wa Appr.hendle In
Afed tActW SIh Arrested.
"Us IWIarsii etftoiih ee brtta
T4 by MNtarBhI CbasflhNltobna Bnd Of-
lee Chas. Warre sea late hour Mon-
The sinm alloge that they wptrln
toliw. w*lb ia two.gillen jug ok**
nrth fall of whikey. They elaim
that he had be p44ddlis tShe pt-ln'
smeg b14 fleais- and amsuelasse. aid
hey Oeauhl p with skis "walking
barroom" liA the vliiu ty of the tialwS-
fills A (iollf asernier staitbn, whor
he 4had just diepoed of a oadple of
drWks ati the pries of N) o ens each-a
fair prultl out Uha rods.
niln he uiay ragsed, whew Jf.I? Vartis and Arthuri
Thomas botb ewni tat thaiy l ad pur*
ebiimas lquauv from the delmfndlan.
Totlier .n a ed lIu ted eoms. This
ewae paid, addef4oendant was rnirrvet-
d *ald trmigilld lbeforeo .tdge Mason
for lsh dauslty. "whnl hIe swa iterd
suider a bod of ?fo hi fr hi *piwar'
ihep atithe spring trm of lthie eircta

O'Doesn't Respect Old Age.
It's ,!tmernal whe'n oqili fails to
hiow.prpeur rnpeet for old iac, but
just the puptrary in' the cafo o Dr.;
King's New Life Pail., They cut off
maladies so master 'ow severe anm lr.
respective pt old age. Dbpepltsi
jaunidkt', fever. cnstipatioa altl j1li
to this perr e' pil. 25e at ill drug
'"- -


Vor b$ ft ftrmai tion of those who de-
sire to have their tJim meet eatd it
our cqld atore Wre reneqd tbe
tollowlougtilbod of prepalftlion;
AlWWna Ijbonj l Ml 1 X iW a SK
lmvhhw base* 00 boooB %" pfrt ba?o wO
my piee. Itipie t_ -usral nC"4
aut. Kah Ispio i m" mat. MO oMI -
sorr IMr4. it say 4ki iiaMswl
clotesUr Il air o as ( o slWeress tteif

nwOid m eake. t b..ssnake. Woe dryse.akm
Ism Sam! Tck in boze, lsla 1 o 1w
of titWtv. Wem tu w ir m v

S*tnk nfalnae aotI Is w irosse itek ar wItai
1eil,0 t mate.r Iloitby_ fktl4r l .W Ce Ai reh
", 11" "tflr "I,~bj fCehJ1dt et..

h, 4"* I



,L'1 -- -

-irzjr4: -. 7.-r..... -..-,



''C lL Il i* 'jk ,l ll li" i l l
I.. I, ,: ,T '! ,

n arlow's r MiO*trlf.
w.l .or sw ft, ~ nr nitie.
es~p.ued she L 8d M yigr llht
wens ueetb I am wdetd house.
De lvet Ihq suitS. ,eq. n e i
ia* soelt BsWset -I the gaIlMiWs
bees o nwlal ibe sR she w b*amet
0 ssass AN Ike-NOW, a16 0I lrl
L. A.I Osbur d r Me show e. .
While s*me ofw the j bs wIi ar l.tle
@4t. t ll i Qn t l3 d I oth she ow

s.he Aeabsu nblyeaS to

The pe p.l l Oshel." san s ladi
she phlees rthbeis Gek. Lgsme man

,bpowevr, tham Mr. Lysa. did
redlU r a d l, bet s Mthi sio w o
heed Is the esqflfle4 wutesis
week nopod S sim o. e wes e lbhe

Ft Of thebs sedaIs while they were
SIgpud.eIteaesntelesble thattbe tIr.
b1ead sapstehels mos.t of
* lenlb inlse I1 ssoneS.' S f hp
.4WIN (N6*volio, of b ii g ,
ij^....... -- M t
eIs ale a lafe," to use t he

wen..mb hWe s nt t

fmTUsetheSptk StC Wag
d 9M e. th epwSumthgmass le So

OlohlgI, Hltie, laderwear nd Furnishlauig.
roll WOM, ,
TAlorSi Stdlie, Skirts. Jackets, Furs, Waist.,

COoitilq, Nate, ideuwear and Furnishing.
Mro 9o3 IAd tCNILSiUl.
Deems, U*iors, Chs, Unaderwear, Et.


I'WWe msAd pods by lxpre 0. 0. D. with privilegO t

W* hle ftiely tle dwo or threst yl*s of anyf
seat .elwmwed 2

S- -.

rit for setr Wmpt fall sad Witer Catalogas

ri >-. e i.NOWI*

-- -_~~_

.--DALfI I-1am

Whktsh, Wigs,'



nts t. Patd f Se iMEr
Expnrs p. bbl, l odo ull O dW, $1.d S
SBtlue Itbbon. p, r bilt, 109 do. f ; p" don, $1.50
hugb's OlmlatlI M heart wer.
Poer' bbl), 0doa, $-; per d4a,4.



psj freight or express charges
LEWIS 8I6, Away Above Everything ii
4 full the Whisky Line:
4 full quarts ........ ** ,
S 1t l 1quartfi ........ i 7 :
BLUM'S MONOGRAM; 10 Years Old:
4fn I liqiarts ........ I .
L 12 fall quarts ........ I .' '0,
SEAlYk TIMES, Pure Sour Mesh WhiskI:
e tt it*d ISB Id Cider U(Tomernat t4mlerie.
.i 4 frdlluart, dcl .... d0o
!, ; arts ........ 5 ,**
t 4a -)ljqua, s ...... .1 7^


Wtd fri

4 full quarts
I fall quarts
1? full quarts

Yer Old:
4 lull quars. 3 t
6 full, quarts. 4 50
.12 full quarts *. o,(

SRi SSg~q
let 4t **~~
. ** 4 tt Ce

t 75
4 00
6 O0

We a e dealers in evervthinu in
Lior line Whiskies, ins,
unm and Wiine"t from
1.50 (9 01(w0 pr, gal.




L--;-1- XA7*Mimpoia.
---- t. S a..



I '

I ' L T~ ~TL

. H BRO. & COmPA

The Larleat Mail Order Hot
For Wlin'"s, W men's arid IChldrien'
1 -3-o



. W



APotrikels olr THI* jkkW fUll -informgtiud I I ..
futhillhod qmAwLoAiftm Santis 03

,.. -A !k ' I :

. T


wwhat a d
r k of Ayvra Cherry
Petoal Ask your own doc-
tor and fln8W HcI.Pl! sl

6yofi "i It uites the ticklint
throat. heals the inftalcd
ItmAs, and controls the
hPrdest of Coughs.
Ayne i <'tr-r prenIvt( l 1t well kn] wt in
,' fHDIItR ojL7 Ink it Is tthe Iwl mI' .I sl.l

M 1for o .ne i .

Hard Coughs,



Ss depth
fI.whil o n route.

bM oein the habit of

tim IMp stnitsodmp
*%b abtt.t w.nthe

ht ba dthIe on M od..e

AWa lt.f W"ilii

kid a )iiU. 14t b,

sma stel the limb In p.
4 wqu.etta l sht
kilualuyt INedm Seub
tio ipwlJe$romi dbefh
(mIeaddence;fls pin ahard

'B .l stun Ih waur> toso
9caMp1.oand hsis aW
Old 84* r the abit weo

Migbh Saledi-ao sin.
El relos fto h be(t th e po
f t-Ifabtd s6elttese-
U0rotefr ief T rs. VDift-.

$* w bi' ho went to High
emblnto a leer .b in sun.
.llayl I 38> :etl n o! Vi

it A Rsteady that hRecv
,patlsNnnentp building.

states Llaud"ole.have

from the Treasury De.
to b1id lipn the Con

thibild il complete mayr

Matemipan led by i book

gaIn each to on of the
*Eselv b. irovarious
o btroster. aft wil be

*1.i Deeeoer 2t tthe Tress -

meanmit i Bpingongl.
A Saale for the postoffles

|A A. k"i t~_J f-

wI fiw' s *- i,, trW O
--'__ .o r O 1f I II III I I

aO w I-ta aIuI# f a.I -4 W a- ---
I , p + .' ,, ,
Youg Lady Went 'froah laineisvile to
I Wed Man ofM Her Choice.
The old adag,"Lore WVll Find ,s'
vy., 'wqj rqrerC Pors ,fcral 2y de.,
InpiA rot 1 tlUimn IN a4un&; t oqarrvnc9,,0
when i le..i Mabelle Smaih, aqhrp~ ,
lg 1 4ly of iita cqty. Ia thpy fasaetf
a IriJng ria, boWarded a trair ) of1b
AtlantaWe Qa Live a flw days .aes
maod pfVg eedld to OOlas, where *th
met 1k. W. MJoonr of Duaselleo. h"
m oat. her choice, and in slih Uriho
Oty1, a the Viorida House. the telloaw.
Ins day thly were made (Iman acnd wii
and bth milissier. sev. L. W. Mean,
nluvoked the lIivine blessing upo
thuMt. "
T lay the lease, Mili Smlitll Was
trte tn her, lover, which faet hie should
bad no doubt does appreeiat.. hie
ventured into a blinding rainstorm to
meet the man she loved, takling the
irata here, and upon' her arrival, at
Oasis the same conditions of weather
exlsted, as is sihpw by ja ts 4$lowlpg
reportrof the affair In The Ihlme.-IUnlo
of tonday, written by the OealA
eorrespondent of ahat papq r:
"%. \'. Moorrs a eoatraetor and
painter of DUmwsellon, and Mite Roa*
belle Smith of Utaelsville wert r*.
eently narridd to shis oity.
'6Saturday afternoon Mr. Moore was
see anxiously awaiting the inoomlag
train from w ialneirille. There alighted
from that train a fair rosebud, and
Mr. Moore Joyously greeted her. They
took a marriage for the Florida House,
sad notwithstandlog the latenes of the
hour and the stormy weather, sent a
friend to .iJdge Bullock to proure t
marriage license, but that aoffiost had
gone home, and always aecommodat-
ing, especially so in cases of this kind,
returned to his offlee and issued the
priceless document. Rev. Mr. Moore
was then sent for, but as it was now
9 o'clock and the storm had grown
more furious, he suggested that the
nupt4alts tb postponed until next day.
which waq reluOetatly consented to.
;'At 2 o'olook umnday afternoon the
two hearts were made to best as one.
4ad on Monday the barIpy couple left
i for their home at Dunntellon."

ri oppa WeGing,
II'uyv t e The Ladies Gave a Fine Intertainment
o. 2R Frh and Served Oysters Tuesday.
SA~~. Pop. were married on Ph d, Fl yh. ter
g eoenig, Nov. lth', at 7:30 T'hld ftso J.C .,...h
atthe residence of thil l!ritle'i ,tnlti.d l g r thf e(oneerscy.
I Mr. and Mrs. Thom oe.giveo an oyster supper in the POner
Mr oa the pres.tsie weddings building T'd *y night which wa ,
tappen P Te wa largely attended, ant which nette4'
J kned lUt.Ul. Th Parlors goodly i m tt the Chapter for the
9-l wh loer benefit ,of ,th t'lia-r' Ilomrn in .lack.
onren444 presented a scene .f ol l i
1. A flora arh spanned the oa tl. fur lih net suier
i M i.iA theeenterofthiswas ws t nered
Ure horseshoe skilflly The (< ,nnh ille Orcl tlra, one of the
S ieiasath this the couple beet muuieal organizations in the.
Nt I tahe R. i, J. 'Martin of State, (itrnilhed celihtful musicte for
W. .__,... .. ... .n othe' sreasion, whielh wi hIithly -ipfe..
-'U-Mt church tied the nuptial th-'ed amt on, whis t 'ly "p

t,,!i wS # gowned in brown North. aInesv-ie Ha-.
ttabied with white silk The. p, of*>rtai ill ha
W tl, w th a band of whit he sati factory pltaure Tuesday
'it brohair. ther
Iumonp the bridal party seening ufwitabing a most interest.
ndttel. r a nd a hont o lr ns play 'utiq.ald "The ttlnllnu
f, latnhedndo ahe dotof, Ptrty.- wi.ah was rendered by local
( i"p|toox-of the *":"talent in a no-tn pleiingl and niereIst-
h .*I1ll pertk.of ,t ing mna er. The little hall was well
I ." .ie psrosie. filled. and t 11*.ft rs.efnt exipre then-.
SI,. rd*dl fI. arer, melres as bunigR well p1.a.ed.,
ALP. thoI donittl*ki tt Oll t Ih|!ll Mil I 01 0 11 i dl!I


t Vsha Il n, 01


, , q.
* I; , I ,


a* 1.,

-*.~*V p. .. - : p

* .*. @1. PM
a M~ Ji~


if Uuficient Number of InMruments
. Can be Su-c ed the Company
Will Exteftdth, ftftinn, Which ndA
Reaches Rocky Point.
E. E. \Y :0igident 4f the E4t
lJorida Trl4phon6 Cnompasy, rxpeots
tl *bli depart n a aday or two
Wit~h ,.81 ot. 0, 1wsero Luo
w1 pr-sent to tle leading chitl.eiiu
and business men of those localities
.* tvm4atage, ;ovialenie noand ovn
eiitly of telephone. connection wills
(Mneaville. ae will no doubt so im.
pr*eu those with whom he talk. that it
will res~4t II the extniin oi of the u i0 9,
to those points.
The KSas YJprids Teohoswle Coan '
papl is purly la home iutoituiiot.
There irA nou'srea high oiffielae to sap
the profits out 6( the nature, and
those intnmstl4dae only deofroeIvof
making a fait interest op the Invest-
1int. The line, p ltch wais itart
o6r A fpew months ago. isano eza d ,
ed Fatibankso oq thg east qd4
Ar e;opa slw woes. In2u1414 Aro-,
'dgoo, Apapaba. almer, mad oUrep
Iarermel#144 poDints. w*.ere Iltr .
Mxiq fO 4P aWest 'atA be.o attn
arv isilled,. TheliAe i alsWo osteIad
e4 **u& erlyr a far -,s. Raoekl PbNil
ad te .s mnamsemss d4tlp to give
the people: of Traoma, Weeahoo,
Miamfti and other polate the advalf
tage of the servree.
The sortte'er the ias FiorMie Te-s.
pbme CoDmpony hu been a moct eaO
veadleanoe. It Is no touable for ths
guod people of Archet mad other plate
readthd to coawy theit eiuesges to
frieadi and boesln helt re as d. -
slotty atirfthey were talking ti l sl
Sp r ,boi, aod tiohe'ieee fi high 1f
spprnolt.d by thqee who have oeor.
SIon tQ Qae It,
It i, to lbe hoped that Mr. Voyl will
rel veU the e* aragleS s of those
With whebo h talI, iand thea the J!rs
mII t attended to M lopr,. for
aoLila la sommerelsal lrot r aore
valtobl hene a telephone eonueetion.
Mr. Vole latws thati the pjople of
Lenose, Meredith. Otter eek and
oQlIhe poiate are clamoring for the se-r
vies, and the lines may be extended to
Cedar Key before the winter Is over.
Will Locate Here.
Prof. Uarvey bas decided to locate
permanently in Gainesville. M ar of
tit buslhlnne men, as welt as the Onu.
sical talent, have become highly in-,
terested in the rare ability of this
young musical genius. With the eo-op.
oration of our citizens it will only
beo short time before (Gainesville will
jve a muwieal organization that will
be second to snone In the State.
A Runaway Bicycle
Terminated wtlh an ugly cut on the
Ig'K ,f .r.; trner, FrankHlit Grovre, III.
It developed a stubborn ulcer unyield*
ing to doctors and remedies for four
years. Then BueCkIen's Arnles Salve
ewred. It'. Just as good for bor.s,
scaldi, skin eruptions and pileI. 25o as
all drug Ptores

7. WA %T' 44'
a *'*! ~

A: 45
over-boughti. 'W.

to thatend


stock1 and

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*0 K
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to tus!In 1$t'i rt

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Visit OurWvr fl
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Title i what you pay for wyo
kuowwhat r'IwJ

.. Titles ord ll inuible ri ....

The a A U it i
*~~~ *t~ AftL.oi.-fA I*w

Pokt and Table Cot er
Csl..t.leq9 -

Sty-gs, p-o aAnge sSU
ad. ,eaters. I -'i

_______ I THAT IS OUR

Ammunition and Guns.
A varied lentlion of Cane TwIple
'iated. ad olid Silver Pieces
Largest Sellers in Florida of
AWrA ma WM.ven Wirp Fmnm

"./ .'

. **. -.;, .t ',i ^ ^: .xt ..*tft ., L

SI4OTT.A ,jljpVtU ,L4
MOTTO AND ,W, 0JOt*(t l

R" WMskejs

Copper IMstilled.. 1 o6
Que city a...... 200
Sunny South..... 2 50
Gilt EdIge,.. ... 300'
,Pedigr ...... 400
Ov~rhot... .,. ,.4 00

' ""'e 'iB l M a "
aa.* nr/UW~e~fro ft

A M I fI 'TIm II

N.-4C. Datter. ,. ..* *.C|rl|
, + ,I." o .,,,'S
1.N be S
L fr t,. :^sris, .i.**' *,,

DIDmO 'tPCE Iig:

.14. 1 1 A... n .rTi W I..- 7 ..i. : .
,wr, TyA v P. nTU P.RKt WArIr TTB. "


- - -.1iU *T n ;

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,,- -, - -. 4*%*

.DA. ..ttat TM p $t* tear he$ t oy. "
A .any o'f'e, W#efalb rs ..s S T0 i

i''d -l00n. Tile tooo fo l pisti or syrup
Wsthils W we kl* s O sid oroW Iad
,t ".9nl I wi*Jo bo nil Ihe iltiheon fII

Sdertive Caterpiar, that bi s? AdMS d
MAL__ ' of its mos t l e ective dObroyeroi.
.kisd amongthe birds te eGmmon blue
.j s a grea... feeder a.. n .terp,,aras.
SM should, the ilore, be looked upoi
.i,.eas a.. riond by all farmers. ,
USwbg me I ssell YOUhe sretstulI if te
,pp, i 0tetnh observationr Notr whIre I
lve .. . i B ie there I n smalw l pateh that wasi
lie, rg 9ii d Own! planted In cotton very late latspriner.
aBl i ..AilI *ll uotl the It Xrw Sntly alnd was h *avil o fruitt.d,
Shb4lt"ilhese, bef in the ed, and thdugh of siall area, gavre plomi se
peri 16t tllli htd to be iiver- of below very prlleablbi to the iwnr;
.l Rim SPln4v--bu% the but amots the o ionr blle theo open the
S'atgerpillear eade its appearance aniid i
a feW days there was not a boll left on
,CAL,. a9ONNOTION she poaul. About this time I hikp.-
.,."fr.. ,poea iend to be li n i a d stopped to ,
41 looA. I.. idB {A. O. L. Ilok iat the destruet ve work of the
.d jf iQMl elenle-l. n worm. I also noted a n umber of
SAi0 owme0" of' the Osind. Blue Jys. il ing about and hopplagi
of! *P4dS US, wkrd have f ro llo nd on the aene and every nooh
liia ONw *me nsseur, eand b t ilnthe to. down on %o ground or t
h.. ltel e I n of t lia rlns od the w tn auti l. t laiert roi nd tnit i 49 N MI
SW W@ lAl OOe NN iOibd the p tll h lhbo liute, to thi e tme-y wI hia tpr-n t 0 o abt so

S A. tL s te Al 0 L. O I et ino bll o ri, aldnd nowp ined i l t r i ovj !l m ll
X6 ,0 ot Igs eAll Ad h eon p mek ln l up $*mre brown or ieons. M o .. "M Sweee!p to &aeo, arm frilllml,
Ig I fteloo as o rvat.on then to dsrcie wrko an ter O i W
,iwta, A- JOE the I%[#A I observed It (probbly b 1ireas shei. he hte I poselassedae e, l l
asIh d elmb sion.e or tmn.- tt I tow It *at ix I. .n.sioed . .of

"s. $idaeon toolg rhQ in. n Tiklo Ja ofmi$ln I b oe thea oa ten -aso d -a te wixu. en to
1, 0016 w".aes wfo b to plleas b d atn the lwormn nC. ,amytnsed without oW "p
u.o hAs bees toreued al g btim o SbhrWe i 0 1e stal ks.y bid t o AM s eS beel 4e q e Ievhr It M13ett
AN 0 im.0 te Co Ats POsW t t mao sin. toi them so Mi sa deyd& be h m a

.,e ti.e, R ailr. them pin upom broln o er d W frAthen N b a
-4 reads afofJow~s:, woalwe to phseermd many leoafrmsm UFgA.fqettfat kSI be la
"d, !Aji tihll toe the g nw rs a -- 1961sdteb0 a th ti1s r7b15"'t('a bSfa ..s INK

.d. bt a ia i ea s..i law bea i g"a san, b Nrssa. .LK Vo I
l b I 1Mt o i Inu wsbBe w the' belug thoe car- AM "p mobs $tn5" uh abole to tr. t a0
s we ,.all. picsedl te cottonle, ad. W a aMlh . 1i aR -, Ibe, to
t W"K,.t,0 's wasss i es Oee naias wr ee it on I0 a twree ad, wbpr I so* a~m seItl. k bu- t ItV
4wISP:'u! .... *s.a se C o o1 a s mmad iepk IN I beady "Xri s diw Mvepf.hAdmdi botlen h
tbe a lbe.d WAer Lin g te-es T akimag i .N to. te he ,usi .,,, t s4"su,, tent, -ote m ter h o,
ahssb Air ime* Railwar observe anumboter pr jay birds YweS c$otldes: Ter It hasuher uepoba
Osinpan yll makeld phy. I thet woo so with we re to h "s ten flit nL, a aied, W r ye nilrl I ,
ssL eR l' mntl i theme tso litte old Re,\. T or, U 'orh worshy ..-Vbr t d

sblesi' dtkbe Utesi of ylorldj, tfarmer socoilder that there may. be up the interest that he a1i(l hfs iso- (lt. Smith
,* Bssbmn. their ao61, in the 014ty of a voy elee relationtilp between the tales counemplated here, which i to .1. I .M)lheon. Ieiine.ville
1F, 0 Flll er1it.r si-s 2ls day of sUllsty of bids and of the multiplic- be regretted. The, mectin lies am. IFrP I. iis. lowe "'
*n A. 0D. U M. I9ty of worms and Inwtits that have comnplishtd something. haiover, since Ch.rlier le
S*'(Sl edl) J. L. NOnaOA, wrought I palslti of dollariatpen the about twenty tonvers were made, Evans Halle
I, lIM "ntss ', "Aetims Chairman. ootKo osrop weN to market? T"t Il thoubKi there Ihould have bWen a ,huni i 5. (io. Palmer
.:'., W.. O. Elvs, Sienetary." the part of the crop that the fatimr ddre. (Io Taylor :
., ' .- antstged to snatch from the hordeil (. "I cannot aCeount tir thit." r. jE, Well,. Archer
:' Sm"l.. et Aitte sL. eaterptllar. m*rked itov. W. J. CarpOiter In re- .n. Mie i.'. iPetersburg
"NiwillHe, telln., Nov. l. A ss. There have been a few arrivals of ferRfqg to the mnlitt yeslerdy. jlr. (?apt. W. F. Rie. eSidney
t." attack Wa& made on Circuit late-M rs. Newhoun and her sister-n. Nurwortthy i ood preseh.r n an ChaU . Wreedhvr
'W. JYWHinoll ng at Columo bl Tenn.. by law M rs. C lay, both of India s, have eloquent" *ork t, and did everythli 1 Ro1 t u l, ,r^ .. .n
MSl CedR. a prominent citizen. The reeStly some to Windsor and expect tnible to tit up an interest. The Dr. i. Mass, iburL
nto S I rr t Oes the Vreeland and to spend the winter here. only accountable reawou thAt I could Jno. A. a ey, WIlam. Al
.i9.tmat wita"UMed by a number of people t. A. Byles has bought the stock of give is that the people of alinesville Mrs. J. (. Wing. Worntur, M
no -were sepaAted before y a oods and fxltors belonging to A. S. are not ready for a revival; they hae. Mr1. teeNtllne, ll lr.n
"~" ie"m was doe> to either. Tli .Wilkerson of this place. Mr. Wilker- not Iot the spirit, and until they do. T ols. Tex...
Of the thetMle oi tat In a son havlIng eiltved aid aoepted a get this spirit there will be nothing o- Total olleted
S. e Judi" HMoldl l'As 89p9 buline olelr in South Floridg. complishod." U.neolleted
M .1 .s whlSk" 0*1 *s & witlsa. Dr. and Mrs. Byre, together with Kev. Nprsworthy with hisl firmly
S uMr. and Mrs. Judah, are e peelql here who joined hirn h part r Total subsr.ribd a few days. day for 111gh 8tpi1gi, where l s aIght Invole fne wire d ei
A oo*efl 0ol o kof at grippe julo Iekham as just re uIrned he delivered one of his famous lee- 13 wire sitplee ..
IA likes Ime-theme- r combaIllt i from a trip to Arcadia. lie says Ala. tuore. From High Springs ho U I.Thrre al
e r a msee e are to ovO. shuas county is good enough for him. to proe.ed at one* to h fo h Pd ou tot lab or
ds i t. Bus few mother r l* this 0. R. Green and brother. J. W. in Misissippl, where he will akme 1 se po...... .
0" oewe 1wtlliag to do the *esmlir OreeL, are busily enaled filling a household good prepo re. T
eliit- *i squivl to give a good oldtah.- Ilarge oider for piling. moving to Minopy ar Bor toe e Tond.
a Iem.dn 600641tm 00t.1 hm old 0i. 0M Phlfer and" witf retue d the Mr. Norworthy has purehaed the -
'" .b t m leitN red, by tat0 lir d ohe day fom a visit tofriendin the Wells place in North 4 Im it ille, and c c. i o
T ; ', e Bee' n nob r of the ma decide to locate here.n . Y O Y
gup' fbiiw was always liberslly J. .Sekasu has just finished
ige" 1. nseesIM wish tme olme manufnaltuig wiome JaptfNe Mase Heavy Imports tfrem Jan, (ee. iDasenpot, Mlann
eoi$, t eu ld9 sad toiii Oilll grI lt- into etoellent grade of syrup. San rran',icio, Nov. 28.--The moie.
Se --e-owo b*eer thn say ks6ow Maj. Dome departed Wednesday for tor of the port of an Franclpe aI (a o.
emed. S 6e6 wita ho e ppil Tamp where bhe. gioesto visit lfrindsl e*oI lae of J'ps o and aI I
;it.: l tlm of osl -fathio ed Wsi Ger- a al.o take in the ait. e *. ar ong of. ta yde
la a mk b w illl *o au l sev el vt, ...... 1 0. In e m .. .?



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.ht $37 0
.... 3 0.



I Gwd~

.J A ... ...8 .. 2 4 1 ...

a. SOS! ASS of Cow

Akl Journal one year. 1 60 country. And further. for Iiiis rea ou
and the bentli-Weekly ourown foreign relations i; tle m it-
pIion one er.... 1 T .A o r ow f omtnre h ,I l 1ty
Uer (of comrneree have briin greatly
a will not sae-pt stamps of a damaged, and the people w.ho rvil
bslnation than 2 cents. hle're have determined to put an en i
-. - to this one-s;led question. A most
B ?US GIVE THANKS. hopfiul indication is that thi.t iuesti(
VTHANK. i to be finally settled, and stled
0p le of Florida have a great right. Is the fact thu this demand does
lileh to feel grateful o.n this I not tma from the Iemocratic party
ih Thinkegiving Day-a day only. whose policy has always been
tt befe *4el apart for the giving that t1 e tariff should be only enough to)
for the prosperity with whichel tee the expense ,ptf the government
bees blessed during the past economically administered ; but this
m bes. 1, demand etrmes from a large n inber of
has indeed smiled upon the constituency of every political
uda her people. Blessed with party in the country. This is a most
test and mnot delightful enun. hopeful and Patisfying index of the
Irtbh. with an abundance of the trend of public opinion, and will event-
1f God's 'unlight. with pro. ally force the reduction of .the tariff
md fertile fHods and ar. lo a basis of right. whereby/ our own

bhish supply largely the
f the United States, with
'Wedwoo4d and graceful
4 saedillon of prosperity
i !about on, why should ou
Mive thanks to the Create
Able tor this condition

aiatry on earth is more pr
aM this time than Florida. a
more blused. They are
s ahealty state. eopnmer
y *and physically, and
weld be asked?
MrIa riders pause for a mo
reldeet upon the fact th
il u uon utve years they
siOieed with any cal
wuM tend to retard their
STe citrus trees have bli
*teir glory had borne frili
have been green and prolifl
have been ripe. and thi
M the Cattle have furnished
which lulled the farm
I rest; the noise of the
centers told the tale of
Ilak manufacturing of all
has increased from year t
at the present time Florida
. l the irst of the Southern
m auafacturing, iIn proporti
A'aM9, we assert that Wse shou
[(Hi-wtand today Is the oppi
teaOk (iod's continued bl
Ste people and the comm

.. t-up*ndgit man is
i" 9does0 of the wait-for-eome
onm'-up brand.
-~-C----* -
t eipet to see the reug
tdrerttlung in a minute.
fe will be disappointed.

Stheboy who start out to Ile
M i about a business, and st
,4n'tS worry about "gettil

t WI Spalin a man who be
fatllher of a large family ree
"" 3But do 8panieh titles h
Proaery bills?

."triek Kerwin of Seward. I
t74f to be the oldest voter
Siate*. He.l 107 years
S04 tfor 24 presidents,

e* pentatlon of railwa
Wq the United States ins
IWNSA0,MI,861 during the flAe
tg *omeI 80, lW, to $880,
IWi Sthe laat fhal year, at
91b of Bnhik eanamma U Ra O4'

idletng of mutton. It is not the hide
that 0ause the taste or taint of mot*.
ton pr Rots,. bus the t st enmes fromrn
the rntilvll Try this and tlo con-
vialled that np t ast of tasat wil I.

|\\ i. tr tfat there* wi tS -W'mlrd
'd. 'maa l t 1 ,'4. lm'' ii lM f- r a lattl e
I r.dualti j1 l. 'I"f e irfT at S nIllw xtleslng.
and Ithat h. d-:,and is r t g.l bfload
I iftlly ollt f t ih.R tllii' \\ r** re
lthal (h olt d Mrs oSat ,lla.umiujPr s i
at iRst ar, tl4,d to tIhie *it'@p*.ia af it
Sr didtlest rviesi)ol tlud rf-dl' t ;1'. "11 i'
witil Il E l';at aid Middlle S.larte : h,
W'O.iF rri l'rtsyl tierA*v rn ol ,wti tn
lsr kirn in Phcir lrIin itls for ai r)i* r
Sf4ri i*iU" 1. '[hisi tit ( Ini< n? !0.-
-pr' aind! l)arg" itflMt,'e i ..o il- niat ir f
this ri-d l crtim iis ino f th. r.~ ,'a u t.f
the* auji Latin (i f f' t) I t n ) (, t- *0
V40t f il f illega'. eom !,ilin t m .o ir *'.-%s -
tal whle'reby 1the tlurdln,ii* ts tru-t i,*
evnabit-f-d ti thtriVp J; wt"mid ppear
. fril1n t1. %,' ; i tO r tni 'f rmi n% ,u ti nh t L.*,
rpetil"o .iLav r.,ii', t, Ii li* con;rluiionr
t lat in onlrr ti prv'reittlhe fnrertuatiinn
oif ,illeg' l r.rnl Itirrdeallwni rii rlit ithe
Stiff imuet lie rdt'i d',ed, thi t. n hilgh
tarlriff lin -rrv'd its prptose .mt l not
only served its purpose, but that the
present existence of sot hiiIh ai rate of
tarMiff txatou has re.ultedt It ii tl.rict
burden to the peopit of *.ir owtir

,.- -

Sus, sad Thersday

BY. Editor ud Publ'r.

h-or Snscmpirrznw:
Week Ori $l Ia year; asi
Jgi*le oopies, .,1
w'Aim nts, 1 ctnt x a line'
mdl 10 evitsI for teach adi.-
Madllirtisments for three,
pmItsb as t special mrtei.
upon application.
Mat lDe ah wnoticns Inserted
floe, c aents a line.

wr -lMonera-r ......$
t ihe Atlanta (n.a.)
tiOutlon one year 176
sad the Atlanta (Us.)

Iel' tip thi s ,I ti|J, oGL titry w,:l r 111 110I, I S.OS1Pt(-i shop.
tri* W ttiire *lr ttJjLtiel Ad ii \l., ktami104t. l s ah, he a 'i ft o ad
o.nvttrert'a bank on th life h 1 of :n UU7a o'tlere of. silasyr nature.
War Iloru&' tiae Confe-leracy, hy theswsed d aEtu.
.** ..,..t;i. thia C? 14 wrIttsi1. > 4 Many acquire *nMS ebhrae diasse
-.irit .14 freednlivtise to ih N4Irt,, rom which they ner nMXw.
r, Ion) rt. reti was br n .th Att rr. ?afn yousM y o.Ml)b g la t le
i-in Union, 3fter thi Ciinfud rmt. sr.,:. a1 u relu.lme ready.
K4e hald beomnl, the "iLo' caisi" ao, We bebv thatim wa ea mo a
A.mertcan history. She evik4intl.y had Ilt.lldm d Peo that thweihaieo
tie hr known what it was to altes any- r. Tabsi La E Im tisoslw
thing American. It wras high patriot. The in u s is wsuof:
itin, worliy ,l the opening days i, a -Ah-, i1 MaMd e, ov
new ceattury. tliat prompted a young Net ad f a
Wtuolil( Of tthie lew South to inivilte a a au
flkmow just What yOU -o tawisj. U
v..Lroius IUiorn ortlcer Li) write the it- Many other fom lmo a ml rmaud ii
trodliet ito to i lit. iraphy fit a dvad ar publihodu? Ash yn dlanMi
adIver.ry. thi It 1is a =SI paian b
.taken imam y
iTh' olfl.nini words of 4.enera;. eumSe4 S tin .
S -ek Ie' itrodutltion to .Leeoand ILoL sk*Ufmtalmaenoar.ftaaily .seroMit
it reeit lli th T'de." Lappiiy Ii.ct lenders .wde fnrparaothsr know. (Weals
all c'ritigni: mantfacturn a L Meivhr h lasw-
dulform.lwithiwaichuyg t"rum ;
If it ,be thought strange tht IeM ,ic y.
should write a preface to the mimoiri jllr Mldas require w ashMe.)
of a Conspiocuous ad verary, I reply that' Dr. Tbacbhr'a UwL & era ed
the Civil War lI only a me4tory, 4e it s piismaat to take does el leO g
at perities are forgotten, both armies a i s l ieUr hhe"ndsioa yi
were American, old army friendahipet VNoar w t f towfJVL
have been renewed, and new army prewribI taoUMaO better.
frienudhips have been formed *awtojng' BO T h sI Bl
the combatanL. tihe truth of history ttmWa .mlanaM
ties, or a et k toW
is dear to all of us and the amenities I t he
of chivalorous, niahood are cherished dota bilf the td-i g
alike by the North and South. when cIi.) You ea bae
justice to either is involved." pm.ruusihn bsugls
pickles "ts one of the mount famous of hi sbies'ie Uljutp
the surviving Lolon ofloien of the C,. 5ng a d 5t
vil War. flu hsa been prominneat in frM yea, auMi byl a flu
Dlemoc ratio politics In New York sanoe Iemdti- I ofyn m o iIP.h
thewar. lie has sufferedmunchoin coa-
Tsequ e. f. aV a
The L&.,*l :i ia Dal1 a.. ...L u- al a i hf l

o s- o.,Am t wgiK l twa Mrs. ,r=00. 6
mar- people wilt be protected. Such a re.- Longstroet for defending ;ho great I omsd liHEL
muas suit will be hailed with no little satis naname she bean. and now that thea q
pine, faction. _..-. stout warrior Is dead and cannot n. nUJ IMA 4X Yr A f l 41I M I
hor- GOAT. AND WH NOT? swer his accusers, a magnanilmous **0il e andSI AM M"
jr peo- G people will honor htIr for it.-Exr THACH R MIKI 1
or who Wea have carefully read ijite a di- change C-K --1- ill 4
ion of versifed article in The Florids Agri- to al i.
culturalist in which the goat ij the TO THE BRIGHT GIRLS OF THE -
osper- subject. We ard convinced that all COUNTRY. Three art She dart when the wlne Th.
intd no that the article says is true as to the ian providru i are dolig their Chrle,.
I' a conditions in the country from which The expenses for one year at a lead- mas shopping. The Mutrtuio almd ivan. d Ia-al l
cially. the article is written. We think that ir Southern eollige will be paid for a provident will wait until the 24th of S S Ml
what the conditions In Florida are more ad. bright, worthy girl of Alaohu county. December and h vantageous and will bring to the raler Fla.. w:.o will secure for me one hun- able present at great discomfort to
ment; of goats a much larger profit than any 1dred and flftern subacribersa to my timbre wn w.hers. They are the This i ga i
at for part of the country. The goat is a pro- t ok, --Lee anl Langstreet at lighl people wh will lne wishing there were Mryeibe e bl f Ie
have lille animal. producing in one )ear as Tide." The coll' expenils ,lude. n, Christma.. If you are wism you aewsp- h 6g
am'ity high as four or ire hundred per cent heIard, boo.. tuition, laundry tand in- wilt be mnr1 h ap;y f.r thrre eao be no naru tesl r. ..
r pro. ofincrease. arid any and .vrryone wht ed$nta real Clrirmt.5 spirit without thought amkbumIAs,
oomied Fo famUlar with the pit will ft r the double purposeof giving the devoted to th1 th ir.ns whic!i are give s. r wm |
t the rouch for the statement thilat th ani- I ople the truth of our Civil War hid- Thinzk tout/and tind out naw. what It s
c: the mnal is a vigorous reproduLcer., and no tory. and of txt.uding a helping hand is t;nt aili pltae this or that dear
e law. matter what anay be his sutrroundings to the strugglig ambitious girls of the friend, :.d Io and oa f It. Yout will saot A a
sweet he never fails. Now as to thl profits. court try, I am pleased to place n year is.ns itio min,>y Mid will make a wiserTfl
icr to we tind that with a very small outlay at oelege within reach of a girl of this choice. lhnd a ill add real harppness to Aih ...
CelCm- almost any firmer can hawe hit herd I county who dlesirr an eJucation earnt- the i4y. _
pros- and hr.t from the increase he can estly enough to exert herself a little. .
kinds, without any expense derive a profit Should tih girl availing herself of Ihit The city department stores have
o year which will mort than supply him with opportunity prove particularly d-. flooded the country with the annual
Sranks mact and bread. Take, for instance, s'rvin, I pltdg- myself to the en. batch if eatalogts. These house
States bny a herd of llfty head. What will be d-avor to open-the- way for her toe inz- have, formed a "trust" and sow wiuse.
on to the outptl in one year? We find, by plte the college course. to prepny the express charges on
lan intetllgationi that this herd of fifty The girl who is interested in this goods. This was predicted some time
ld feel will in one year produce at least one offer should communicate with me at ago by many country papers. It s
ortune hundred and fifty head which have once, and her communication should only a matter of time until thedepartI-
lessing coot nothing. These one hundred and be secompanied by the endorsement of meant s:or. mail order busiaes. will be
tun"ity fifty head are worth In the market for her county school commissioner, the a cnlsed chapter. The country people
meat at least two dollars each., mk- editor of this paper and the teacher of are waking up to the fact that they
bettor logs handome profit on the originalithe last school she attended. can Pte better goodx at a lewer prise
MthinR- otilay, let us extend these figures I would be gli ,to communicate of their honte m-rchanti. lBesides. If t
to one thousand goats. what is the re.-with every ambititUs girl in sale cou-,. the g.od are not as represented you
sult? With the ordinary increase. we sy who is struggling to educate her. are sure the hoim merchant will make
alts of find thae thS. protit will amount to at self. MI. .* L."SYReT. r; it wh. n' take a meinmh to do
If you lesat ,ten dollar pe.r head from the t _iesvillr, original herd. ---- -- G uaskg
Many people ,lOject to goat meat With all her vast territories and It remained for an Austrian to ren.o gaillea O .
aria all simply because it is goat meat. but l. .010i.N0f population, hussia raises der I|ptal eards of a most acceptable
ickR to there is no> reason why the goat as l*s* thrn half the wheat fioduced in service The. new order of the Minis- 4110. 5. h I W
ng out a food is not as palatable and notri. the United states. If thAt country ter of lPots and Telegraphs will com- Goarsate d yu d Mi
tious as mutt'm; in fact. we think that would dinmiso half its ondiery aid *mend itself ti all Americani. and can. gplo. n. 4"f5
th.e yo-lana kid is the heat of them. set them to farming. dismalaNt her not tb* adopted here too soon. Sums
comes WVly is it thAt nur people do not see warships and use the funds inpano-u. under -2.t'ccan be transmitted to any ANVTIL TBI
eives a and appreciate thrne advantages sur- facturing, cease spending billion* in part of the Au*strian empire. The (rIt.ldae 4 _
eip to rounding thern un every side? .No war and use the funds to ena sh sender alihnes tanip to the card to aki A.
farmer ,hiild te without his herd of school for the people: in other wort4 the required amount. plus the ordi-
goatP. for in them he has an ever ready itf he should abandon the ways of nary postage and a trifle for eommie.- (VVPD IBi
'.. i* and IpreSent smoke house walking barbarlim and adopt those of civil. ona. This card can be changed Into ByjJ. iElai s
in the abroad to be called upon at any and all ati on, she would not continue to be cadipt any postefice. or. if Instrulead, tI
of age times. Iet us cultivate the goat. with the object of contempt and dread the P'an who delivers it will alw
his majestile marriage and money- which make her a terror to the nations, at the at, im hatd over its money gal .
making characteristic propertieI. As the blant old farmer one said of value.-XewYot'resa rsU
y em- We trust: our people will well eon. tshe Southern people, they houold raise -i .OLD i M I Sil
reased sider this matter and profit thereby. more corn and less hell, work more Why do the women change the style .ate O.
oi year with their hands and less with thier every once in a while? When fashion
000.0)0 HOW TO BUTCHER A GOAT. mouths. issi Iues her decree why do the womes all EU!
nd the ----- -- aree ,m difference what her orders We badle all a
AJ* It La s*tie tls I Is P saetl* thun k ill him i h ,i PSl inri'da.;i ..-i..-- -.... - ... _L- ..--j. L i-- i i ad if RRfild *t=






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I" -19.4w'
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'I ~ ~ I Ztlk awM wuW
I15~fs ?n IM|*M

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Iii pP

TWO oPinlao DID WOsiiK
N lIstonee. Was Offered, eand Kin

SIre Let Were Ur -uso ri,*S*ve
.0111 In tr ew-th WHeeuaig

Mst mmfilha s s Skh ll.'O1 T. J. Pory n of the ll. and
low. a H, itra of t Ws e-tyA titan .Wa
; m4Peeet mA fot o dOC mleaw thuem- d
autw em, wuaae'" mnWet flbopsueth$vs ,' .a etblel
.4 s4. ASW$. kn aRmiWl6MIeon mom-
a Debfl.gqa "tr!sM wlE pr sd .u aslls
id s t.liyt ci,'. ', iiS .J ? I.. M, q ge 'leWet ibeltl lsy' i6 4 dew
[Gill Ir,!irt, h : .M

m ,n4 a ". 4 l *oags, h. s,
TO" bB 4 4"1* A. q441ho1; J1 Ime.s
thM>b ourpW j 4 Uvmhn *rI. iV*ia".
Wil""01wK l A 0 O

"OultM l'M w

MI-1 oosdm"48 at moI

Im"14 ip061 b

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i*R wubea L J
t'eva **bR0
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mS*a Sthe tfle whoa
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'hlimi AUIA
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^fM, lU

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.-,, ,.,, [ ' hules. Mor. fFmy-.holvh iin
i .,b tx CAi'. iSe timin *ny 3othfr machi nw.
_ _ _ -T ,1- --,.-,-*r~ ^ i. r .n. ilP 1 1ll^ ^ ^ lll il iII1

For KSile

I' ) I P

THE SUf Glinsville, Pit;
I I Pi's*


)'r M Vp fw. I'l I I I' '
i W*r fr lwi(wmeat 1,4l kd W-Slor a cwkvl I It Of hu *lddtd a nsaid
llAsia .Tll at" boaa m Si.ii ' w,, ,
bind L tw. Al *Fr .. ma l, OMt s o W iTHtt M *4 Me
iJC ow n A v
I -SWI.KU. 1'AA &1 u'



Tr B Whiskey.
_. 1 i f. t! I *1 -, !, e : i 'Y '' *t r ) 'l ' 1 .. . .. l )
TheB t DPollar Quart Whiskey on tl
Market" Today.

It l order r utiiimne the pb611 wihb b' t elreelTlnt witslley, we w
pell it for I imiflld timen l yi tI'CIAftfS PR PAIDI,

--W O il'* V Tr7 .Wt V' pryll i and., y wit j,' y.. t s has no,
h for trane ,spring the price. .ati an. guaranteed or yor
&A ( u .r qminl.u. ... m ey back. Remit by ,o Postoffi ,av mm
il eiMARYLAND fl li 0"ik to, .i ,. b .Natia r S "o U..i, ... .n or.eri.. "l-a- pi ep,,s fhb e.r a... i -
OW. liy.4, LAWS OF F -,. ^- u.p AD I
Neu"e is--r.-.yM001.
5A. w4%9 SR i b 4y Risin adel ppo -
MA_ t AW- W A
VM 0 Amwotne*'w It WSWmpg" Mlbk

d 'ate Inr u.mname :
awwy e ne iherete or
p -itthertontt.L1f
Sl 0d a 4 t l ir ttC day t of Osb r. A ri. uf4
k&Li k e '
^^^^ '^[ '^^'^^T^*^^*^' Crt V~olt onn lacUMC.. 9t.

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asd beln amuwOd at tbL 4aX1 of
meot aofIb oeritnieate It in al-i tI
tra .tse.r-.y.

Btt~rlS~ftfc~m *

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-i -A M eL A. ...........
4ashhida s gir a s 1n iL ,'e
',C, rb, & 4.!.o .A .L.KI%%
Clquia a ofS t he Cln'ult Court utl Y44hft
'1trul othe Statl o of Fl lbsh o r
hwr r li 4V r iiRTr)R wherein
Swe) d h'. r hI
,M;^ SVSS C ? tTL or L bej

wlt iS ,IM iaS P4 nVllK
S.. ai: l Ttu Ing W lin Ala ra
: *lf W '. 1. goiw f'-M,


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the pretlmsr austlt
S nte, wlk tA,

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Wit^^^^ 'P^ i S^^^^"M^^B ^ W^^/v h ^^^d. m^^

latake at tbhe rnoor ar anOf:A n AwaIAnWOW I



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11",." 111 ,11 1X S Ex .... 24., 1. .. *

M- Room F rn itre
HI'H;| 1. *^*,: 1 4 r I15) ni :Ji;
m l niqF uml t "e,

J OAt 0010
T at Rich, Inslve Kind Thti I
ew Fine, 04.m r. w mtA flh U. "00
"POW j4 I ,+ .
ad "* A ds Beaut to the DIe -
*nlm hRam
..... . ..., . ro. 1l h asi W. It 4..
the ,Tq40. W this elty Mon. SU n t^ 1 .nt tt[* Ic( twn \ Isk V1 o br-
Ia"N W MeAtti s ior, ti 4iIa Iq q.o i I. rVA lls Vi0 W rlm
raKLr ti i. I "s rou e Oid apdl n'luare: pli.nII op. -ft itWfI.j m ta6. "
a, he Fdhpwlr wig* me% to -res
itm. q e that huha that rich Pll- e ,..-' .. W t.
Is ro. UetlW. Iwar 1 J t rJmwba ef
nhere 1 U 11e i 7 villdeBoelle e du W. u.i 80U"m1(I I
.i..,: .,-+e^^ es wd hO S w it h ..... ,.
sCarveed de wii h

.that mp,.assive . .

b b wfl wow, he e4
she Rullish Oonemment


lWa!or low back va.
Tom.! ,,_.ywit cane a eat o
X8he e'. wi E deep rich golden I PA.PH
|he em niWithe Ian ome eeat'her
Be(B -.. im- 4.40 avidk A1l n mdeo in s leather, IL I I IL
'., .a.d inK toB sui. Alttate in styles Bto t, in'f,.,^ .
S1+ t Sflltl 4WMOAt.K oe: Isw*> o Ii "6 "i h g "h" m** Ile n i i y i '.
t ha b:wm Iso 1. bouL

oep. .das;h' Credit.
i wMt ihtu wha. slow -teeevmJ rO4 '14

Hete 'i Gaiesllle' furniture Cott Y-ieo.d A=.j.!.W.
't* lil ~ thmlu t he a p.,.a. ent t-m '** '. ',* Twin " are ""1" br -. o rd f ls-t
Maidha lieoray dinathMd 'n0aen" n:afll -.,nt, ,mm I ssione.s ,,r of AA.* l.JpI a, "

Amereit.a p la dWS*ri>.- stinn deat eI AmerI9.4 har ...-. .-...-. -8 i ..... ,od---- - .h m anirrasenow.i:.
emw Un co. a. dst.nce or i B.. Wae. ..,._._ .i a
s al t ohtehn tdred d m su1e Thehid. FPre In N.w York u'lding. Bt W*nto -- a t
" II flr(i*lft1h. the |uiptnent St. I.;-' .ll. N,, :\. T'ntyv liJ iiidarl by i t BoIrdI of fldui i^_!_ .......
whia~. Is o.. rate. ulteg*._2te in .he a hilrrd n it frotu , h e, .ork Autit for tH e r leaOv. _Ita nacser
fsor sth : te poor au for te qnouint
Ame ri canpie a igle)nr Aoeric n aua. r who r1ate" ), ldln at it, 'oruI,'. t fis tryear. :.-d rnufl obasbande d. to
tq1 i 0EnJ int he wold 'il / tyl with he.ivs .cr _avI. nl ork f the circular court toL )mtdr
efoe and equipme 1 Vhni l-d becan1<(. of an otmr'n of t T itait lo ym r. 190-. p4% ll0 t ,^l%,'4i ..
Ir. t lh lr. n. 0 blame> m ,ol elaf'k-llt l>< in lh~t. The Hloari reeurrs lhit siglht tote- He t tw. vf lsaen
ns A Amemrin.peclo oheee Ia er y looss "o)cne h o er u lith board sais 1s. N a t wt e v. b % f
- .".'a ..... rotl b-', f n r,,H..., h o- m"T I.. t rit i w Ch air WfseiM s
.M I sae. t, w Letter Brings Fortune. AttHes H. C. I a g.r.ant i sd I llo l oincr < .* ,.,,l.un.,l ',,ve ,,m a,., ",r Bids Wanted. i ;ltlb a uu uul isle'. lu ,
.1 .-.-wiv'ed at ,,,'' h.l, ,ef- ou" lt UlS. ,-,tti io..I b, she,., ',l,1... ,1,,.,4 I,, ,AV. B of rl'Y w r t

_iU 0o o I ,' iU IheCJy ag e em lng bInm a Letter bfrot m a amu.i t',may Com,:,,iuionenr of .Alaeeha N t"ee. ort W10- A, at ate I .
til Iis thle country forapoor m1an. town to .1thari Ila the letter wa., counif (rk l..* rrioe iwo mae l*itr S n of lhi
ethy a e r istken. "A-por hia, cwrtfl-.j thbek for $14.18. 4.90, tI the C rk f1 e 0er-. rha t a" r r a 1* i T r
S of in Florida very in, I d been left hlw by an old am"it. u. I it oos ort 1 6, 1r shhA M tty- Iot r r r= i'. 1* w; -. % .
Wltred Mr. M.Allister, ,a reyer wbho he d no heard for ycar,. I ember 5. 19H4. Thebsard memw FI., 'tu ion.* of 'eA g.. it M
tom subjmt. ". rich nian.,ajtt en the right to Iany and alU ijid+. e,e..'"19=M, r uit si"t "P. k S io .."
a .am of moderate mans. nmy Igo Notice of Meeting. Pone rdvr of te twat 1a1dlle 1et $ le .umniec ahe ouawitumxr w'thense to prove
t1 41f.itd take adhanf t .ay. r i' -. htt touilasuoii, l r, e e un p on cult iu on o. U^
to i.. ee "ubjdtke anoib 0f1 a e.:e p. N\ tiej i hIwrvby regiment that there h r h' t ;. 5. C'hal rman. of Il uTid '- 'jr -.'
4tsilsy sffosMM 'tb R1l tOw coun.l. t, II i a me tig.o thofi|ouard of Mted- Atte.n H. I:t FT. tlk. oam M ,A,. H.' G. Vr Ulk
l"I Vr4 Cerk6 Of,'M-11, FIR. J. C. 44 Wr,
ripIfld make money, whiMi a poor aL I'.aier t tIht Iit hth .ludioial --. - wr I vl r
Ni'mIsut work for 4 mteilr satm. The Ciruit of Florida at the udlje Ptf lr. -NOTIC iFUR Il* 'll: K uT. INA Wt lost PC UatNTO O.
eikllid working aten-or Jaborrn MellKintiry k MecKinitrr. inll (aiie.- La.'ni e. at nerJve.vI'i,. .kr NOTIC pt'A f CATlONs. '
, 'broutd wS#p tbhe -wi I notbgli waite, at 11 'clock a. it. O Tuedtay. Nte her i ,t the oilwi- -ad 0f00i@ a ma.tOst le, 11, fl:.
t.inspare witf tie 46 ages paid to So nber o 3f e e t
01101. V1. (I. I |residet, ol n make f1Ial niei' I'm$ "' -fW rs of -fi NYte U hereby given th 610 to101
MtWi iaJ sl of help il rh orida. and li-'I J Mt M iK|\'Lav, JK,, .icretare tattore bla eN1- terIu 'It ,serl 1 l a el e-. om i*..e aw I'0 f raiuif
ret a deal adt Ipe r;t e1 '1 .... .I.s. .U.. 1 ar na< i -ttr al pel/-
hst% MU ) e A li sti.r state q. th ir sh e Si m% tt l. r r m.r T, r a.L. vid L n m.. T.a1pg i n1 l..4o l4l i A
liatis is oie 1u th( ledtn I ldat t 1 1 1 '\II I "for Ot s 4 j; $sp.- -ti 1. v .t". .' V.)tfl
trie of the new republic. "The graz- f le n'wJIh Jtoj;h*jC A iMd t *r< .litew for t w tor, 4 erm -, ee.) 4A,,
0 In C ba ia is as fin have v.*r I hi ilo N reicrt:r ue, wl m ultivot I AU I'
.i. .my I'.' -d t ric P.t er anid Shh s I er .A J4it1 W T. : n 6; of lih i 1t i f.e a aM
I k A . IAo m)' 0 v1 P 110 .1- IV t o W.Iqiz n c w 4 4 'lrflnc J" A 1m Ir A i JIM .i, Mt 1 ;3,. 'd ,
A sli gt W t o gli ldgh PM ". p pM w t iv'niNi,. r ... I. "It..iie r. Jrhi lrh,.r.t John W'B. a t. a liAA
p i .that It .ti tipouiO to -e lt I -nII 1' .. .l r h t J -"Atnt VSO ".... .'
i a"r . i.t eeus to posIe.. a wa~ U N S F 0 R It E N r' f.lom ,: "u "'; .. - 1- "- a

ab i7d r df^ herchi allen the fo lowtnaf l ed, fo r L |i fanef I *n
"- U' at. a nd dollar s to ut a ,,n .q .. oer her. tli ,.< ,mrcii .r ,,. ,AL<, am b Alu T. p ',n-*hns J. Mt'IA, r ,.
ft% "~ri theree. i a nd iW e,....W ant Y.ur Couelmy w a w tt tter h'a, Wl M11t h 4 % t f f m e .r-( m r r A tw I ..
t'ttt"* t- 1* '4 .rif F E .l N 4
I IIf_ l . I" 'Vii s r u ., I f l *ti q ? l ,i ba I sb41 'I AIteW I. I AI I N i lilt t.
d + Mrt lAllist, n that 14 wr. \\, .. .1 l.,verSla.nK iI tl IUrIcery 1u u rlWta r -m 6 of 0nn 00 n W. .l A
: ziden*>inplulp.v. !.l'" aplrht dr ir Countr Vur o. w el4. I 9.. ,a .. 4't r s ott a NA M.
*S r al t nIttimtela r tes tha t i" w fW.* y .i- 'erj :g I A bt(6r r ,64 tnhiw-fe sm A 04 W i v t % swa In or el k*i i i.k. 0tb 1I. t W nsI
ol c o n c&o 'di t .i / of itrt' htr.' 'i 'h i '.t rr*ife1itil tAg
Will S.ll Late Ou.een's ffat. j--. I- "".,. N.,mM..T. m*, ; ..ta. ..w.rb.M
Wi ll La!!r te ouseems Igreens_ ,, + +" s:m a 0 **

7r i4

m a i *41. 1- h ., -4 41 11tat thie h oPA -

in m_..- ..... --+ .. ... <,,, i '. i '? ?' u,, t. ,, .,,* ., ,la". ,.4 h 4 -M.t. 'etH Wl B
,1 'I I'' r' .1met *low *8' *of'.. bp 'ees a a .--j the
----*' R* *Ett, .T "t t I e ts a 't S sb A by, 11000 .,i tbo I e!wg n hs h *.e

--Mg A- r Iti It ] i '' *, tI., 1" h'11,1 1001" -te III t,, .li.., #to# ,o- ,',

' iw, *i'' et *.'hI w*"". hr "e**s a be th *9Hdet m nuui e .tk.g'
I.A a thK isln', v' it* 4 anpro1p Aewak s selis it gekSenehs .

B'._l > l ^- " .. f i, .." " Ro "l" to gi he e pr e a* * t9 b I*fl ,hplwa. r. '
,., *mSWA L Afi SO C.IS t;" 'I, 1 "t' gtu l t '" iP an l f* the 1'1.wa Hee* toe *"i" ** t oo.aassg

,r A '** t s TIM e e.:a*t iq itit ,b y hi > iI ., an a1 a w. t -h l b e ig
pott dap.'I Jan ffl'',' '' ir 0d *#i ue 0 a,1ttie l. *IW N% W* o s4eop
hoef' "* t :t I Ia a. t ,,' I 'Is-I o. t Seee fl.** 9. a t 'snhas' ISeT me" O e 0 it the" .- :6 M"'
a' Vilulslle r frf I Ir '" ' '4 '*" .I **'. hI ol, b .o J tot e *~. i*~ *g t5l .plpthw."

.t. M- l..-. .' ,',,,f.l ], *, A h.,.e. ... ,, line._ a.t.._.lp, ~,u w md ~hsm e lhes e n.l
** at". V' 4 "s* 0.' q: i*' I* Ins ben I Ili *b@Ion t Ifl.e t he mmd in pinss p M

oh., < r on,. tml, i o ,i ,,ltrt>. 'p*tu .. f- thel
0who hs ft wsetimlpimsbeb. Mto chok6 tth Ap S
Jide of High a ora*e *** ". bus T ii' 4- ,:. b?:1, ate then let(ta f Iu odsem e MM $^SBS ^

.wa u i1 "ut1 i: i, o *hs' ': i1 I.A t' *a "s i i*een* to e .0fMN .e e nttimti t k. wr I. thatj gfhw h ean I'.'eft
;' j, w e tl^o ti' l e Ci'tfm t* .e I t0,'1ii i... a *V F l ,.. t* ikoom e the ieol Al dn F ea. mi.the 4taf t SJ S d ig Oif

te Wy, u rre I Is fluosf *t%1 i N, the that the tblee s am elnew Saad T1 UO0b S MA W
i..l r u.m n orlrid abounds and pipers, h*, ts in | that a ummy people tu. ... *MbMM tlm MA S S r
|i s, w,, a i.te to Judhi.,.i ) -- '.r.l '";.'o gu"e of "he merits of c'" "nt Os she Slas. a sak the UnUn M5m.* 5 i.$ l
t|.m e. '* s M them. he ew pshle w so mIeM**m M W i i impee is
a *. J..t. Hos hb* f to ltle MOw Cornehii airobhar. wholly limhMth|ko,^Il i MaI -I eP f!A m sm dll lj*l

.,,, e t !twh i Dsh fe hs t, saringfor some t 1me wh t, al l7 of th so t i t malHei^g
L, S. ,. fo. .r #]..*n.l ~II' "1 "1" 1!,- -T,. I.d.,/.1.l. ..

...... . .a .o.pelted ,.to he* l .e.ale a-aden--ml -, tS UbpU.
sfwsgs gomn perma]on at the 4d FeIlls' wt taat J1seesey, 4i1 qmi" JOeAN
0. W. Wells of and A. I $im l nd. Dr. J. F. .- !. 3. .AlM -. .. .S simt
i thry of Mespy we. among Ki stry.1 .ho eperf.m.d opetn. .l"s l U. UleStteblad S.l li m., W
e o thisolyiyet*y na- a<,es1 h h pi hd upt e sm rkm. bnemn is. 5 An gWo usl i
gC'ose PlymaOth M0t1 whit. ac ably IItll fh or ont. of her go, and Ie sa ot u .en o t dll h f iiiiii
e. Add C Mi- gratified t Owe nut that me I.s rewheag me been. a n th u-
in s a I g thev lo rt t eyJ her li as h e grtlifidt l b. tohe ti st ashe r iat& I i. ( um p. nhe 4hm0W hSS
is. sw.l entcems. and lo pe to ni her outl- ssst' a stSod ofoS MA'"'

I Aai in a fow days thouea d ke m S on o m pIse4 three ( ob"A S$"u a WWI si

day. He saled at The ?un office and MI. I* Bryan of Hague w i n town ,milnet mrn I" am.S, e. ite
T. J. Pope and W Eere of A lht,,t andrs of Trenton r- wasf n the a- oi te .hea SW ub Up
Trstem were agreeable callers at The city ayesrday. xUSg fvei theme o 1
aum oMee r,..trday. Mr. Pope ex. Mr. n.d M,. R. Emerson of Kirk. an f 11or hi s. ahn wi * 1
pes soon to remove to Old Town. wood were trading in the citry | & I o S. Mpd 011116110 S. m 1
J. Ji bsok or Campvlle, W Ii. )day :11. for "eet:n I.
.thride of Rohehlle and W. F. sad jsg I Icks and George .orri. MlA wh^ le M I :e
Jouph Beeh of Trenton were biNmon were in ty. city from Waldo yester. i 0h.. 1
thee who favored the county capital day. : M's i gin
with a viats yesterday. AiRes Goolsby of uague was among CHEAPEST STORE ON ELE ne Use U W 31 *VN
N. W. LlitlelelI. formerly of ti.s ahose who eame tof Oinr ille trading slidIq isuimp was 8e v"t44 l o hke Sip .
Iy bsut mow a resident of Blae kshar, yesterday. rda
Ge.. -here he bolds.a luer.tive pot' 4 -ren L in. of Treton a o the i I M. Aa RMee of nB w
ties wih the Bran e Company. w u ysierday o ine' connected |I Wie Sht s the 1&0 =."
registled at the Brown Hous yester. wit the Unitled tatte land offle. dah. S. at emlt t JSd OSe o -
T. I The home of W. II. Tousey. cornerro ll to vist friWed. fwd
3. Tech. representing U. H. outh GabHITI Ind ..E M.W. sad ghte, lM
_ge. oCnln is ab ho streets, has bees recently repaired. K lll I IlUE Lom of Melson wi* tW
for the holidays, after a sueofsful R being made to the o Ve lllle -M hwavis s e fenss. I.'--.1
p ugsitma, o ississi.ppi, of Mrs t r. Arh L obb. E st Liberty RIMITII wih Dr. AMerma stheeS.I
as... LoiS. T a o street. which will ry much improve n I r Dr. 3. Haniass Modge has se.emSt
Th. o. Bv e. gone es of Ahs illness of MrRs. wa. i. 4, asb
to aBrtow, where they wvll mae a! Aommodlous Iow Weis MeCormhiek AWtmm. He i per do Isoep s he .n. O
short vi to relatives. From Barnrow tree>. nics barn d table, Moh We i e t i .
Sash d stable which W e desire to call the at oosdleom of Whe patient mmpo a-

oywill woit to Tamp. whr ill be used for the store horut. tention of our city and Mra. I* Waters departmd loest r*Ba^- -
outh Florida in the sight of the reats Clara Poud ha gone to. country friend to the fact daj frSickm....where she will pa a L
S ou th F lord a F air. # Sti, C l am Po und h ad go ne to U si,, s. c ou n tr y f r ie n d s to t e b rit .is. oh .oo.kM.WT .
Armosn the visitors to this city yes- vile. Us., where she expect. to enter that we carry on our second vl. to hW r a b ndI, VW. T V$- a
erday was W. Ii. pope. formerly of co:hege 'Ithe numerous friends of this floor [which iS 301130 feet] irek farm a Hleksmaam and sth pe sM
Alachea but now engaged in tie mer- young lady regret very much to have one of the most complete pets are that he wi ePoo i a
. bus i ns .i lernandot Mr. her leave, but wish her much success 11 (eo Fit oeer .
enti+'e businesses .In Htle~rnlaando. Mltr. in her studied, uues of Funiture over yield.
Pouts friends will be glad to learn sh ofis h a.. .:V We ol. Johs B. Dell-and hw bb -.
that he Is e,,oyli a [l ., trade. J. A. Be Lch of Trvnton has aceepted IrW i mint thi, mSO HO I WC o D sa M seese*
ta he is eo. a position with '. I'. Brewer, the coa.- have a beautiful lineof Bed polished daughter, Mks Klus,we.s a
N. A. Calison of Spring Park Farm tractor, w erecting handsome Room Stuitt fro- cheapeet theish fromr R as. yaseeri Dt
has e to Mis.oui. whre he will home for Dr. Willis at Wiliston. Mr. to Inst. "a0e tso arrage for sheo emv at.
purehase a large nuamnbr of blooded 0. Dol'. family to this qty. The wA DO, t'.. *.'
stosk ior the farm, This stock will hBe is a firstIelass carpenter, d R d and Oak Rockers of "tp* of san swto
e-mprio the est in the West, and w. i. llno doubt ge fi si Reed an ti (i)ak Rockers of ople om e taiem. llud wui ber gla o
Mr. Cahlison expects to realise hand- - every descri tion, Rata e.. Atemy asd Mdnlames I.
tt~lYthbreed. Parlor Suites and E mrs 1. K.Aseycandi)kimrj. 5= 7
D.* r. omth e bored la-READ TlHi S. Chiffon niers Book and Wa y .4 H.o 0. Rothi atret A m
Dr.e B.l iclhards, eleas o et iedbone, Milss.. Sept. 4. 10a. Combillnation (CAss. I after atedig the sofee
tt'n back, has oner o. a few day, Dr. K. W. Hall. St. Louis. lo.-Dear IfO hed t-the et as Irumswckd. fade., a e heprs entai 6 s
P. oarrett i l employed in the bank i. ln reply to yours of a recent h t tf (orein. The
P.Gda.rtt i he ipoe- t..dat i regard tl o the eff1ie.e, o, election to It hd, "in white .fro to (cairs
Fria-d of Dr. Richards. recognizing s Diver s kidney and a m delightful s d beaefolal
Ships superior m earksmanship. expect toh 1Ha i a sea rt sary thas a Idnel T wn tco-os. deneing.
hmor grelt storfie upon his ciy IheutO 1 _n lc-. cash oe reo the ohoa fi4yhftm will wIn T w er nt wfi dHBferB
hear great tories upon his return. : naminled when they cal is a WNDER. It The paig of the I)em.Ls In 14As
The good people of North .aie- I have suffered with a weaken as from kinds of Mlatting just re- o inesvie ecotinms u mimterl i upted.
Will were treated to a tine sIrrmon iai the kidney for pears and have tried ceiVed, and patterns and om*e time *o city Civil Enginer J.
the North OGalesville ll uday l aidnt. d a well as physiolane, and Hall's (,Ualita ae A that cold W. Patton rmr the lines ed efta
evel ang by Rev. Mr. Crozier The hall' "es Wonder is ie only thing tha e a are h li. nlhed a grade front whish the N atemo. I lt
was :o rnurably tilled, and those whoias ives male relief-1 ought to say. tsi to-rs mate been work. and nmealy a
attended state that it was one of the ha elected an absolute cre We ell all goods for Spot mile has so far been laid. This will
nft Internting discourse. delivered Usi,. o. Cash, but the price Is such make an exnllent addition to that
in that suburb tor semine time. -e&' to pay you to bring the section, sad toes who have o" l$aIs the iultonti this ,,ty Sun. A TEXAS WONDER. cash. to use the thoroughfares will appreeI m iw. de
daywPore Mr. and Mrs. J. (). a Foant iser One smSll bottle of the Texss Won- t them.I
of Jack0oaville, who milde s brief visit der, halls Great lDiscovery, oures all Would be pleasedtl to have The erek rompny of Est Florids g g"
tn the former', parents., Mr.. and Mrs. kidney and bladder troubles, removes iticall and give us a look. Seminary., (m pa y C. departed ye s g"ig '
LN. laFontlse-e.. The had newn to gravel, oures diabetes. seminal eale- We carry t full line terday for Tampa. where they will par- N .
lHawthorn, and were en route home lMone. weak and lam backs, rheuma- of Cook Stoves and Heaters sicipate i. the prise drill ontsts at 1*r
leaving Ominesevill, Monday morning. 'tim anda irregularities of the kid: ... ~ .- .. .. the Sth Fibrida Fair. The eom lape "

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