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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 23, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Tbf Is An Age et Peaceful In.


e ODelaret Profecaser J. oC. churman,
of Cornell Univeralty in anr Addras,
Sfr. a Lpge Auw&de~so in Coaper
Union, New York City.
w M aw York, N o. p2.-la an addrea
Weoe large audmne a*t Ctoopr
Slt., Pr s det J. 0. kehurnaa, of
teeIl sitvenS!ty, bha dtWlare that
thlae who wish to pretmf the repeb.
Il aeadid be aware s ay tnleduey
Wwvi roewto of silwry spirit.
"eOvniWMat nmst be," he said. "aA
ltitkip g*der the a. and therN
S m o rat loeso for the IVlte4 Statse.
1i t" amsdy o ReOiae's story t(ro
0 y~er 18 B. C., to tW establish.
mat of the empire. 3f patlow se
ade d without somw ibh moral.
e1l 14ams. Og nation. for
bhas midured fvrrver a ee*.
mand made for Itstf 4 bhonrabl.,
.lt the isolitieai hJlry of lh.
0t1, baete t git stli .aa r the prin.,
ea4 0 AbOa Is la ibe laration of

AOm ikn of tle p! by thp
pahe l ipW somethipg h
Smembl a couros
Iqtkh 'ay live. f. ,i necessary,
saoithl#f 4r whleh a aten may die;
hit t8e away the and leave

LMY ai 0 a Ileapot over allas a bso
Ita. any Oriental depot and as lI a
the esae of the uRoman emperor, a MI-
Uiot will fau lato decay and gradually
ilappear. *
"it Is the dnat of all gowi to work fot peaco: to that we1
ate living In a wacrhl or pfwac; to re.,
ugMize that ours t. an as of i.- a
(Tl lniadustrialtam."


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dy Mll Mert Te Cring Forelcnons to Tos#
Their Plses..
b maat Montgomry. Ala. Nov. 21-A r" a
a' .d resotatalva of the Georgia Pine i
S -SUitmn e -, ber Company, or Jachlounvilt. Fia.
.,.... ... waxs 1 Montgumery tast week on his
em lan t .e Ia- Way home from New Yorl., whero hi*
rites. at thu'e had beau after tcanilnaviansa *ai
:)i^W R S d A Smth Swodea to work In the saw mill (:f
m a ortes th, eomapany. A few d(..x a&a never.
he pokmta., al mill men of Mill.x pi woe-t t'
1eautoru puts to arrungt to ninport-
$69HI1|M'. Japanese and oth r' lali;rerr to wor:.i
In the mils of Ma -, r;it.
H| Osale a The negro Is l xing hi girounld. c;i
oMen a movement has beun ilha will takh
l, .r-At oIae1s. away the bread andi meat before he.
mo mraUt of knows what has hapiiRncd I
m butA oso by This agent ays that it 1- lnIiupoas,.i'.
O alJs aek- to gpt the nu.gres to work regularly:;
w t as rd as that a negro will get $3 ahead *
"*WUlaN. ttt t Slabor throw up a $40 3Jdit go o an an .
01 0 thre O reotpe nt euralon: that they will drop off f,,r
Sad haglat the least thiag and have no romnplane
*Mtu t al d ea g eaMa.] tlon about laying the plant up several
latb they awe days while they go or on fro!
of he rights ad itber. lea.
"eters. After The agents of ihesW' I!; plants avrt
Sh wh selvemral dee. going to et rid of 1he. near*g an a In
what they termed borbre Ms somn a; Ns a bl'. He ha'
il the resolutil wooe loat. piuvved unreliable.
aMhlg kr beck pay htr
t W sraaet workmen. Senator Cockrell Off9red Place.
'to 1I63. was adoptedd. 'Wahlngtoi, Nov. 22.--The pre
RiLA legates I. vited dent has offere.J 8a.slor Cockr'l. a i
to hold Its most a. Mbmanurl. the isthnia cn anal colnlti ;
t "_ J s. aslonershi,, miadte vacant hy the rius .
ANI NnIM Ltion of In. A..I IIet r. of Mklhiga:i.
""am 14111N LF IN A PRAOL iaelsoe told him that if hI, feo.*s tnas
S e with- Whis eeilth w!.l not term't h-i 'm t al ,
Ma Ceeie Weww'e H nued p Ing th.'r. place. th< pr.-.!dul i,- 1ve. in, r'.
... GMsef i f Winpe ifitr Ma a itzlh.n oi thiInter i tat
aem York, NoW. 22.-Dissacfi e4 tMittiM ci1,OPitfl.
04 W his wife's house keeplag and
)I -ll throwtl htiself into a tower
bi rfgl beenap e dlner waa not. wred Corea' PFiancee Is Loyal to Him.
Smoenat be rrivd at home. John Washtn1;t.-i. NStv .*.--.Cltiater 'C.
e glt'. a furWier. has hanged him. rant ha. g 'n t.i \WVa1intotnOi. I I
atIf at ihm home la the wmnx. tated that n .: Corea rallied o teillllr told th. cinroner that, to,.'. In UG ,ag:a. The uAdertaM,'.
ih she tra d hard to conduct 'ag h' e ta that Mae. ifh., DUC(j

llH teerage Pasnaenrs Taken Off and
Lrnded in Safety.
.New York. Nov. .2.-The steamed
leillan Prince. of ibe Prince liae,
which wept ahiror 4 miles wet of
he life-.aving mistion at l1mg Beech,
.1.. at 5 o'clock Sunday morning% now
les hard on the beach.
This morning the steamer moved
wo lengtbh inshore The ship set.
led steadily. and the tugS, which had
Wen endeavoringx to f at the boat,*'
abandoned thv utt':.:pt fur the time

Soon after the twt' teamed away.
he liner swung hba around and now
lee with her broads,,le exposed to the
bea. All the .teermg, paomsengras who
bad been tn the Sicilian Princo;s
whei Kihe ran into tht' mud bank yA.3
erday. wern tlkien o irui,-itt t:p to this city in tugs.


Trial of Price for Killing Woman Now.
In Proresas.
Raliht.h. N. C.. Nov. 22.-At Selma
a se'-F:.unat trial tin progress, that
of Nhob;e lPrice, f.r the murder of the
wife of 1.'. c -'n. I.arnree Price, a
row tak't., "*l
Lawtir;.:t ktlt: N.'ir' went into the
hbori. :f L..:Ur% :i. thi r. I.awrence
Etoplpel ;', a ruo m::ni.. Noub!e went
Into u l r : r, l.< lawrtn e's wift*

No.,ile 1't.: a from the mant
telpltme a'i jpoirting it at tue womann'
sAunt "I will kill you now." pullet
the tri: e:r. the bultht entrti;g the
woIit'-, icf. breast and she vril dead.
tHIr a-lia( r rushed out. deotlaring he
did not i now thi pistol was loadedI.
The ktate contends that there was a
conspii rcy- between the two tuen to
kill tihe 0 Vtwnan, hbh of them havinS
recently : 1;u.rrI 1 v'.:h her.


Special Train* Will Carry Circus to
Columbus, 0.
Tarboro, N C.. Nov. -2.--Toer,' arn
ao further development e tugarnln th, "
theft of $::; in cash from the t1 i';et
wagon of the PrFor!uagh-Sells crit:.i
Saturday *I ening.
A special train to carry the em.
ployes of the show to Richbmnd ar.
rived here about 4 o'clock and It '.
said that it brutght nioneny wVIth wht'|sl
to pay off the attaches of the hw.
Full ett;em'nu with the umpi!oyeiJ
Ie expected to tie made. Thr-e train
carr)iOin the cirrus to winter qtiar
tera at Colublls 0, will leave alonii
I o'clock In the moining, and about)
the same time a iXtal ipaone,'*nt
train will take the emitnplre to Kich.

Escaping Gas Causes Two Deaths.
San Franclisa. Nov. l.---'oirtian l
B. Bilenedict. itreideSt of the IHastlng
Clothingl company. and hais wife. have
haoes phatlated by UIslaatuas aa.



Congress Members Meet To
Hear Evidence.


He Was Judge of the Federal Cort
of Florida. and It Is Claimed He Was
a Ne.Resldent and Used thme OMA
for HIs Own Bnefit


Largest lies the Burital of HeNy Cla
Ves Age.
LexIuSxtoa. K.. Nov. st.-The. E
amral of Col. W. C. P. Brecklarldge
held helro today at 2 p. m., was the
tlavzt alices the funerals (if Hsul7
Clay and Senator James I1. Beck.
lemAting citIxens from all over the
Bluo rass region anti lawyer aad
proftw.onal men of other rutle wera
proeiit. All the loral civic bodies.
confederate comrades, rayette coun-
ty aud civic bodie. to which he be
kmoed. attended in a Inly and furaed
ixuo the proce-nto whbcisjaseurted the
body to the e _metery. The services
were held In the Irat Presbyteran
*srch, of which he had ben a um -.
ber for over a quarter of a century.
City o0111 and all busaesa bouse
saupended bNusnes dating the ftuner
SI hour. One of the moot altraetlve
sad eastly floral Ilelgnso was sent by
Caleb Powersj charged with the Cok
bel murder, who le In Jail la LAcnLsi
Colonel Brecklnrldge had made a
Vinmas flight In Powers' behalf sad
did much Ias e dortal uttermace to
procure for him an unblased Jury.


!at tr th!e Il)y of Henry Hayes, a
-ti' nar:. itg*I**- ,. wax found lyi
aro Js a track near the MNlMntal


' 1

*. ,'*

Waehlngtao, Nov. 22.-A sub-oqa
sitee of the bouse Judiciary comalt.
te today reetmed the lavestlgaUiMt d
the impeachment charges agatl
ludgo Charles Swayno. of the ath.
em district of Ilurlda.
In the tast congress the eoamatt
made a majority report recoameldi
heo impeachment of JudXge wspaY
but minority reports were me
gains Impeachment proceedlap% I
sant of the Repuibllean mamtnrs S4
the comumiee. Shortly before the 6
bournmeat of congreaf a resolute o .l
aIpeachment was set for coesidersaUo
In the house on Dec. 20. the second
week of the re.asaembling of the shbot
session, and the juuiriary commaitse
was instructed to conilnu the lant.
tigation. The representatlves Pa
mer, of Pe.njaylvania. and Clayton, of
Alabama, the tub t omaittee, were press
ent today IWit Reprfeentatlve Gillett
of California. the other member, was
a naltl to attend. The committee. how
ever, decided to go ahead with the l
vettlgatIlon anid (i arlk T. !V'rbes. a
clerk. In the gnt ral land office, was
called as a wltne',. Hie tfestille
agla.hit Judge Bwa nor regarding a tlw
ber cae In For',la. In whieb
he alleged lth Ju"dto S .ayn'. had4 a
acted the tfle a ? 'cond time for the
Lres paw.seri.
J. N. Stockton. of Quiney. Fla,
testiftc I that .1. N. Stilpl'ng told him
that lie iS t ;ckl'ii cnitd l t anythbin
he wautcd in the way of reel rerashlb
If he wouid 'ip tli' roiicuitlos
aain- ,Ju.'ge Swayne. ocetirreJ
ten years ago.
Ecli FV. David. of .:ar;..a, Fla., tae
tilled In regard to an IatlempI:t to 0et.
LUe the iloskins ront,'mpt C)L s whbl
wai pending before .iW !F Sw ,ayne fot

Judge. E. C. Dearborn tstittCld t'
In I1t':: he waN a conkitiror and weat
with a private ear to l).Jlaware and
brought Judge Swayne anti hli family
to St. Auguatine. Fla., tlie whole partly
traveling on pansies ; th Florldi rail-
road at that t -lie being in the handle
of a receiver.
Judg. Swayne wa. pronpnt at the in
restigatfon and frequently ronverieJ
with hli atteurney, former Senatof
Higgins, f Delaware.
After hearing Z II. B r oyt., whosE
testimony threw no new 10hl on thE
case, the committee adjourned inti'
tomorrow. tt


Coaches Ran Some Distance Into &
Mobile. Ala., Nov. 22.-The' Mobilt
and Bay 81Yrp train, diue h o'clock was wrecked 3 miles from the
city through rome msacreant throwing
a sw!'ch from the main line to a s aS
factor .
The train ran sm,1 distance Into 5
fild lIryond the end of lthe' wltch. ThE
eLg!rr and first roach were wrecked.
but all of the cacrhes remained upP
right an ftnsan Vtre slightly hurt
Tue est !)( from, death an I! stero
In':rt Is considered remniarkalhe.

Two Men Meet Tragic Death.
Atlanta, Nov. 22.--Two men TO4
kill.I? orn the raflroad rack. near each
hrh.r fiaturday night e i'llifam T
F..mi['i, was rotmd In a d>ing co0ndl
MS'u n ar th!s new car bshed chle to
tfl MilrbelE street vianltct sunday
,inorn'n t al.tvi n'ekuk, and two hour4



-,' ,' "''A I." -* i'lW ^._-, i.0'-6T
r P 0"Mto"r V O, nft,
4 kmw ,ar wek uwrrm in wt ih
* fl Ma"* ph wqmew isWiued.
,v1wtN : At lprUke14. l1., Jmnes M. nMa1
SWMi *M shot ksd kil ed by Thobas
Vt a, Mal iMa the'ref-1ttioi at pt1rttelt oke
George assverne. a pleaner la tt"
!l 1,*. -wUI. bt4si**i or Chi ert. Io de i A
|r. W e 41* #l* Waldence after am lUkes oof sevr.
I vIst. Rwil *v
tIMI*l tiOM# Th oWont dtivioh of the RuoIt al
|toItoniT. MfnetaI Pu04Me vinadrfs h*s arrived
,t rfI eklhavin, i mUrarL, anj4 I
fre O,~ry eaebsvero In stmagowy bay,
1 bl Three wettobloys wor. drowsed is
wi t~ao* il e $1# pit1 at Ly. a Mass.. atur4ay.
s1i'tt ..:to T!h~y were ksulait4 un the thin |e. The
Jllbof @9wla Uidest of lteo lak> waa 1$

tt'lt~teweMi' t*
u ,*1 l .',
.~t^^^ ^l^ y.I





;^^u y...

a a "
^^^^W~l^* V^
9r *M t

, 'n ig .h, S3'. 1
" a .t^ |f^ i" w -i am s* fc
14 1""^^^^^^^^^^^ .^ ^^^

**mk youth MIS to
f"a id o,, d w Ot
'of Dt,

atoM wgp, vsepmnla,
,,' r, eo,,t,,Ia sit I tM
I vn pil opt2 at all d.oe
imii^ry W -ne by Cpnmm itn.
tffn ,Ala., NOT. I.-Tih
s .' of th 0aikn micers at
M!im rsi was blown up by dyr
14 itmtay e*venals and the
uif A4 coatnts saOt to the fout
lof the 0th. 4 tetgottbrt
I b wasted. asSt'My. Abtat
tal. .ted. Mus. Chie.

AIIQ i l. s na tiI of I1I7 yoeIY .
lris. JulIa i;,SourIM. probably the ol ;
Mea whito ltwrmtn un the cOaat,'a* del
,t Bt. J.otep 4 holpI!tl, In T1'eoia,
", H.. .11elt ta ha hen found guilty
IS tWb federal court at Blrminghm,.
:A0 of uslig thL meatt! fra.uduletls,
iaS will serve one year In the pul.
0 a il Louis d. Pje' coses, .
vor ad tm. o o. StM MSugwUta..
1Nse1 i r0 Art, die d Miaomay e a
hre as tte. ik .of M Aigstole. en
was T pronl old
U. .a f. ft." W, to e bne m
4q0i. bed at Clath hoUl bfo e
us. k M*k f w. i sSS
0, 00"a8 ,. wo, I

l .atM s mm .,w to*- -
h". w tt 4 p11d to u0
NOW ae y *tse Sm0PBte to WSfr

' Dhp* Mbuy. *g ** hew*ee a
W: % 0sMa. v,. 19l. :O t t,,
.4 R latmn pldM t M USe
-"'.. w.i i t. .th. .4 . 1
l taiieWaliw s 1 ponrhat al
Maf B hve ,beft

Wbs ttat. *. ,,ra.. t
TiIbt~khsl la obMflty *snaomned
*t 1 wrdni 4 qt esase who wa

Owe ltlps trleh, a negro porter
a, t$ie itsequ' isnotal bank of Chick-
,ba. 1. TL, has* bet arres et chaeued
with 'sfUes a g SFtk~*c csacalaleg
00 from th4 an.k a wmotb ago.
MOat ofer e seq wa re'o lre.
l. state bNat of caavnsser eof
RI Ssh fi. 1. hs bes- be ahd td
IOO t 1'" b 01_-_-o U I met w0 niO
maI e lTva ues la to the elecUon
tor t.g" s. M of the eighth C.-
twt bW 1 eR p eIststo Is Issued.'
Yb. bWwer oqpsny with an au
thlse esVpital of 350,000.00. all rom
fS tobk, as t6cohrporated In ('Mr-
p todiy. lhie 09flny I s5given piwN
*o to build Saw4,operste railloardt n i
It b utet004*O that the pirpve *r
the compf ais to tpaild a subway "'
that cty. '
A lRunawy Bicycle
Tenr I4 withs ani u 01Ay cton the
tdIste stubborn ulder anyieild-
WgO to Jo and rernedi~e for four
m* he a Buoklin's Arnlcm Slt*
*,194. i's i t J as gor for burn*.
snla do *ptlona and ples. e Ioat
ALeville La by Plus.
Anhev.l. N. C., Nov. 22.-Fire.
whikeh broke out Sunday eight lbs
wTsbht damage totaling btweea 35,-
0W0 nSt. 100.000. and the Snakes mU, be
fu rather swlledt before the Names are
*stllUfgshe,. although the geographi.
l losIoe11s of the hImrned buill4inlag
Is sueh that only Lwo or three others
Is the vilclmty could Motfer.
^*- ^ *--- --* ""- ...--

p.te a Wfl o_ S. S Sate-
A a wMall bun a bt that's "In
r bl". the Imes bat for men ha
JeW tote' ewer for.
hMledsa war e rowlac more numar-
ems every day. Msta Saks sesest
hfle gte a r theo- s wt ase
w3sk m the l from then roots of the
flel yoer tfr bto .lp.O ~a 5o
row S..ft. St e ._lea
..U,.,;g. '.'ew

4b*LSSWPM\). rMr~

a. 1, i '
*\\, 4." ;,' '.

A j;q'kid

Li c1 t' vrr virtue ior.r (rof
ji rre&cr & HMrtlI~l!111
thtl vo or a R s tn
<-J W I!TO'.t..

For Sole by Johnson Bro.. GalnesvLlle
i -iI -- .. :. .. " L- _'__'_'" _, ... _. .. . ... ..'. .

p.- w





The ol Weather



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Vta Vta [ VIa vi
Deppo L UInt jth ro-. O -, or
Sor or IIII0easi.. r Jm vt. s
JlNeorathte JaclavteV.nIllee 1 .S Moaterv
/ Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Table in effect Sept. 1. 1904.
Depart For GAINESVILLE Arrive Ftuw
8:45 pm High Spnags and Inter- a30aM
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Dalty Intermediate Points Daily
2:06pm Palaska. laytona. Jacksonville. i140rm ;'
Dailv North. East and West Daily
12:16-m igh Spring., ayeruse.. Saa..nnah, Brunswick. 31 pm
Daily Albany. Atlanta. all Points North. East West Daily



Hochelle, Ml:cauiopy and Citra

. ::20 0
High Spritng i
*e. Sudid
leapg Tickets, good over 18,000 miles of among the prIa*
thorn tales, are on sale by the principal ient. _
ftM>ea Port Tampa to New York. via Atlinti Oows
ftet Line and Southehrn Railway.
S DWIN. Ticket Allon
J. A. QOODWIN. Ticket Agrent. Oalnenvll*.


8 :Yr a 1H


'' .i

, ,p'i .

,.: ",

, I 4 ai -


i tont te ia Hard
SB MIw Rn public.

f ^ t - ** ,
p Are ine, end Any Man
i Th!Imsnnd Oolltars May
iaid lstiore in Wealth With-

visitors1-1 t' h tioi 0iy on.l-

T~ i t 'YI % it 4 IT)4f]'
,.i ~ ~ t'- I & vietr4C-) IVa~tl ti N,

) I!.-

The Cemetery Association.
A'?c'irdiitliu to cll., a nu'wetingi O the
Coeis'etr ArT ineiutiion aril ithe ladJit*

o Cb as allin emnlt% f 1it: oli-ro.d i.4 wlaeh at a hoin' i0
Van Horn," reteirked Mr. r. It \V Mliin Molinay afternoon forl
SSir William Van Horn i a tl purpose if electing a treasurer to
fs having b n torn in ,'ncMet %V. N Wilson who felt that
,Atb he was a shrewd fellow. hti dntf-q in vhr !in.t' Fiteirtd his
OhGWolerlniment gave hint enirse d t In I \
gil years ago toconstruct Therh wits no st ltetion, but Mrs.
ll Piftllo railrnod in ir-. Frankl.l Warner kindly consented,i
walfllp toufliWearr ii which upon thte unanimotis request of the
Sthe* rod, but with that lad ie pre snt, to assume charge of the
ArmerAela seal he pushed books for he remnaidewr o thie term.
delshed the Job in forty- The matter of ell ontiom was taken
The royalty waI so up. It was acerained that the ol-
with the work and the letaon had not aide qoitectioss nmeeil
with which It wal dole lsry for expenses of tihe s1Uo0iation,
S om wr w ai ttned to Eng- du, to ablen e from city ant other ex.
W ep xpisN of Her Majesty, cuses Which it is not neleqssary to men*
he eh *mplre. .While hen tion. These collectors were requested
W b ws s no utewtl and 1to urge the payment of all dues, ete.,
o he was hunoed with a so that they might mnke a ta ller r.
witl the provision that he; port at the next meeting.
allegistmee and become an No furih-r business, the m-etinl
"* b that was how the Iadjourned.
AWiked otto his name. --
*i Van Horn, notwithstand- Notice.
. he had forfeited his freedom The 4reTight department of our *e.
Ilg rights as an American spective nlies will be closed the entie
lmlsswof his ambition and day on Thalnkgiving, Thursday, No.
P;. He was a close observer vember i2th.
tll reader, an aknewjussr E.C. Coa.i, Agent S. A. L.
bw tad where to strike. He J.1. P. Hiu. ARent (. &A i

*itionm of affairs in Cuba J, N. rosli n.n Ag't A. C. L.
of the SpalnshAmerioan
Ships shrldnea ssuoceeded Cured Consumpltin.
mfeyl and conUtructing Mrs. IH. W. Evans, Clearwater Kan.,
oaeftil railway, an up-to- writest ")ly husband lay siek for three
bells highway, from months. The doctors said that he had
to Sltliaso, a distance of quick consumption. We procured a
h nared miles. The road4- bottle of Ballard's Hlorhound Syrup,
,he equipment up-to- and it cured him. That was lsi years
I*wI wal-arid in all, the road, ago. Sine then we htve always kept
operatedd altogether on the a bottle in the house. We cannot do
pIl and Amerean, idea, is without it For eoughs and colds 1
Sth e world in point of has no -q nil .2e, 60c, $1.00. Sold by
tSlll m the world tn point of iv '., johliiOl.
lii equipment. While It i6 .. . ..
the train* are not so numer- PresL'dent Ttank Chinese Voters
kAmeresa, they are in every New lort-. No. -' .- 'th'w No'i
il to the best and superiorto \V'i,4. !ai1 :o t' tw tl' nly t'iiunamana
in Nrw York t;alle who is citlixen
iha.UtIwer states that. while Cu- an il ho vot r for President Ruooe
i ilaOd and ilorloqa country, velt. lic received a card from the
people have awrongtcon- White Hitouse on which the pr identl
Sithe island. They hnimgine had perwnally written: "The preas-
lthe country fora poor man, dent extends hearty thanks for youth
AI t mlItaken. "A poor man coniiratulatln."
..lo in Florida every tuime,"
Mr. McAllIster, in referring if the Baby is Cutting Teeth
kbjeet. "A rleh man, or eveS Be sure and use that old and well-
itS moderate means, may go tried remedy, Mrs. Winslow's Sooth-
ik4take advantage of the op- ing Syrup. for children teething. It
l afforded by all new coun- soothes the child, softens the gumr,
mike money, while a poor allay all pain, iures wind colic and Is
St work for a meager sum. The the beet remedy for diarrhoea. Twen.
rM working men-or laborer :;-flve cents a botIle.
0itd Iterm the=--will not btgin -, ." Ear W mf.I
"' r I I urriJr r
, with the wagis paid the, ,.i; .i tii wife a
l of helping F'lorida. and liv-!I jIt< 1..1 ;hiin. %4 I f'1,.,, s'a- t
eastdeatl more expletive." his lii w*. "i .1' Lv'1 y : Itun't for-
Ii.lllstsr states that the cattle' it tit l tve. V, ~ 1o wi llW 1t'l ,11 y g t
111i ons of the leading iidto liwn iii i .rn 1. ill y . dtarT'
.he new republic. "The gra:- "Aiil thi '" iit ire ltriey- sof tly
ubsle is i s fine as I have ever disini :uiiaa li,,i ifroin l ir tuni
S' life," he said. -- e ric, eii`rd 'i t l nds ihta at
._gi t rows so high in the pas- nirI *iil ;if --t i ."
.'at it is Impossible to see the A -errh..s i'rempe*.
ed It seems to possess a won* *j.ut iliiljk *r viit int tot libave no
ltrition. The man who has as hoXme.," s.ti.l ilthe m lli it W anikling
" dollar to put in cattle tor :z* elif..4,
4ern, and I in tn years will be T'lhai' 1:. t .t I hit 1I iitaI tIliIIk f o
IS@tilt oan independent man." a swert-I'rd \ ,t,.i4 "oiy ~ fe i1
likhtate Is delightful in Cuba. gtoig i t, ,'. tli' ,* l oou.
i1 Imt the province of Santiago.
NeAllister states that he was wnntt 'Nfhr e 4nc.
teo ileep under cover every *,iv 1,. i,- i ,t'Vlla ulr
Ntiag the stimmer months in If.,,.M ,,i. a il. o tltair Yon
*hoop warm. 'tl'.t .1 ,ul '4f :*i' k l00. 'I'itilly.
011 LateV ,i te'ii i>NI rtuljisl|l fira'-
*ell Late Queen'. Effeeta. it >11 I).1 i.S *1 I he' L.d

Wolf Not to Mae*e Ptfrt af Rteegi
.Messtage to ConVroes.

*Pit~ .4 *A~j. h

!%uhiIS' in I.. ~ I~4

Li )i.Ffl 41.1
* ~ ? *'f'.~
* 'I., it'
it I
l'~ rt4

1'@ if,

iaccs, Kvl-i iip \. .,
anl larI k 4 v'i.I itv. \ I! ,1
enriching, {hl irn4lui i ng, !
nwldiine it nihlud.d iS
Ilt'It lukinIl gt, to ttio r'e

tin, trilh ils the binkuti1, a.l ,

it I the lv t ir t \.'i in1. I

*11 4 riudv, ItU 1

i I 1 1': ,'
4v'$,!i.t withll W I0 ltrtilut

Pridct End cf World.
Trc tt ;. i Nov h. -Iti, t:, ,
t( i 1 4 ,t ll f Il t t a ia "'*l r wt > 4
hp'- hen reci i%,0A 0 ;,'. intig iihe worn
liu t ,f (Crlr- in Itt 'll* l tii f itur l,
,Aer, a~optii d iii ti co t rtC Sev'ilth 1li) Avenltism h1ld4 in NIx
on's b1l! T"ie mle': ti. i t.s), il,
tIht hoe Ip*A,"le4 t, t he lanh nhtnld
bi r lr l lr rI i Il'he )i;l 'liiintn, AItitn
the Adi~'.Nistli iPt jtraigan a ipelal
pro tii ulif ilI,:t i run atl mncet T i> ( ti i dat,., fIj
the und of ithe w i iiti a l has' t e'i
prophtecy n t igikc t : tit0 ni, I ,

Mothers Praise it.
Mothers everywhere praise ie e
,Minute Cough uire fir tile suitferin
it has relieved and the lives of their
uitle ones it haI saved. A certain
cure for coughs, crujp and whooping
cough. A. L SpafforJ, postmaster. of
Chester, Mich says : "Our little girl
was unconsei u from asrangulation
durilln a sudde:i and terrible attack of
croup. One minute Cough Cire quick.
ly relleved and eured her and I cannot
praiee it too highly." Ont Minute
Cough Cuae relieves coughs. haies
breathing e *y, eut out phlegm. d rawe
out Indlammtion., and r nmorre erve
eause of 1a cough and strain on luns.
iold by all drusgists.
SUretary Taft Sat fte Peensae
New Orlesa. Nov. 32.-eeretary
Taft md his party ialel today mo the
tmlser Dolphin tNo Penseola, where
the secretary will transfer to the cruli.
er Cblumbit, both vesels gooing thence
to Pnma.n& The secretary was n.
corted lo the wharf by a detegat on of
represvntatilve citizen and wen I
steard the 'lphin In a driulillaI
rain. The guns of the vt*.l saluted
as he went up the sh!p's ladder, Mr.
Taft ani his party will Inspect the Jet.
tine on their way to the sea.

Headtla SBody Found.
Shamcnkln. Pa. Nov. 2t -lled!eeli
and entirely nude, with Alve bullet
h,!es in th' body, an unknown man
wat fond ti 100 feet from the road
le.ting from the Hllckory Rldg mol-
Hlery by three hunters. Apparently,
a haivy. tarp instrument had bc"-n
used to sever the head, which can-
not .iw found. The hunters gave the
news, niIt m:'en rarr d the body to the
collicry Hil*r house, wh#re imroner
'"*r. lrtlv-r v"Wh:'w d it.

Neur.nlgia Pains,
Klhrumatism, lambeg anmd selatle
pains yield to the penetrating infieluoe
of Ballard's Snow Linimedl. It pea.l
trades to the nerres and bone iand be
ing absorbed Into the blood, lts heatliag
properties ar e onveyed to every part
of the tody. and effect some woeder-
tnt cures. 2k. 500, 01.00. bold by
W. 31. Johnlon.
0:d ftatrcader Dead.
A.'stla, 't" N-I Major John
C. I.M!?, 1i.; .s;,I 'lam.,enlgeor agent of
the irot;% N.i!uniia Filroiail Is dned itn
this city aftrr a three wreks' Illnesm.
Ile was "4 years W. atre and was one of
the oldest iraylitH p iafllenRer agnits
Ia the country, having beea connected
with the Iron Mountain system for the
pat 30 years.
A Qood Complexion.
"Sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks re-
stored by using ItViitti's Little Early
I Jilerp." tso writ' P. 1 Moore, of
Nacogdocher, Tex. A certain oure
for billiousnesp. emu(ntipation, eve.
Small pil-easy to take-easy nto act.
Sold by all druggistsl.

Heir Refuses $3,000.
Nahrilit. Tenn., Nov. 22.-Mary
FSteven jumiid off the river bluff lit
this city aod 14 ijtfl h lir 'lf. Ier will.
duily witne"mil, ift John Cnowley. a
watchman at the city waterwarka,
$,000. Crowley positively refusnl 14
take the money.

r " I

%. , .... .. .. -.. % -it-- 4 'aIif

dew S Visv w

Sod "ive'" a

Ih Wuh l MA

eof met h an

Ike d es MAWh
us w pm 16ih llslin
7SI d' ti tm bw W dWlhm d.



Sea Imand

- ,.S

Manufacturers of ti.e Jau i
Sea Island Cottao G. ad

,' /,1'L t ,.


235 W. Bay St, JAconVu

fe M4B. At,



Is via Atlamta,0a tae L eatWOUI

(Double mnak. '" ,,
Two tmai dally, 8ia.m.7edaCop. a, aV tI'!So
from Atlant. '

Fot full isforiomais, m t s &W.I
MILLER, Tev. N AS.A LLO_.I.,tMO ,.
for dUkole via lili o pta1Mi,0.- e...v.NO


arid' Fli

Wa -l

s*le dal
tul Dec




".. ^; ' :"

*"*_ ; '_ ,* 1 ,-'., ; .7 ',i
Trip. 09
li,. (Joo52
*. 46 -j, .- r

Round Trip. On
sale daily. Good
sixty days.



I I I I . .. 1. , i , I. .*)
. I 'i.

Kither thronah Atleata Ul cas u S orcAla-COManm AAsd li.
sky" mute.
Only Hme trom inorMt with Its own raei into ML. Ue TW
Jsetntlwvl. Theagk esm elar. *
sIoCovefnt Usbs&saouraing atpetmelelmw amumpS M
c'aroUft and iMt Teaues. Weo eMe r eaL. AS e l wm
of World raias *eweS a vmosdioma itae UnIe wheiM Iloifh .,
through it Sapphilre CoMtrTL. Itliake TwtieM the lt .
wlltallen s*ad viliablle inorsomeloe. ma i fltAe. ee.l llift #S .t.
inlpsIctlol. *Q.I.Sm. i

:'P'' t

~U~r ~-

"1 .' '~ a~ A I ~ <*th

ikeW. M)Allister priul-
of MwltIre.
letr I well Ln iiant in this
iollyt In the East .1) ,
r 'alit hill btwautfl houm!r
si nlt I'#. Melroale. for'
SXHeirece ttl'ltr r, tt'irne'I
*Ith his family, wit re le
4le the pasl twesrlve Imonths in !
tl the ,' (tnb a uerat rail.
siturrl depar tlenut.

w .


f II ."'!: .i .il/ '

.i Iil l'l: ', 'li "n.


-. . - . ----- -- -. L- -.b .- &Lt'A '

4.1 Nix I NIIA

O W *orre t Clothes Nopl&

IaSd.Tred by S^\w Bro* & 3

a 4 k v4l0 J superitm Is style td workman '
si nhs mw. M e dyl we r T ppT e l. eub ra
S. be dgmlsl by ahe ehlihefg pitue yniou '

to supraeT wBteh the *Iff-* upon yaur opi.n -

lbs O p ela qinlitp s ually tuoro i.hlal gatmhne.
Sn "3B 'k's bus faiti

l e In ,n o k r

the tbehts se verate ./

I' 'TI(tWE '

flag -- :Corre Is Onoesf

.B.!,.P le GAIN SVILLE, FI.)R11A .,.,
,, ImMp 4 i"tiil hIol Io-Olb 8pp oo!,

l V m! de 'We co rl these Ini.ortmnt points and rnntrullr
Sthesoicit shLare of your bu ine .s

mar. Fire, Life, Aidet and lumltl Iomc.

-.l i h re.Agents for the- 44
Victor Safe and Look Company
boC1 &o nnat. Ohio

Th. "Vitor" Is th. bt v afe made, and pnls eonCmplat*
3r tlag she purchase of safe, or anyth ag sha liae,
,-- . .rom.a.. bo t .a bank vaut, will save mo .ey

Iby eonsuTi s. Call on or mdds
wdrwtt* L

be, l, .... 'atioa cheerfuyIfourI htOMe WGfulAI SVnIL fuOihDA.
:E,,A, EW IL &CO,,,......- ,-..-..
.".-, .The Montezuma Hotel

sw* .. .UmM Mse. EV.O7 On the A. C. L. and 3. A. L. Rys, V. J. SHIPMAN, Propdot
i. so ,,, wI ,,a -..,+
.*s s,,lm ' u wansuAssd None Better in the State at $ a Day. Porters
loudared-, .. ra A". "M ee t a l"

so: mo9blf sAParmus OB P R NTIN
.....= ,, ~ ,_,. .......... .

... 4 i. ire Ir ia, emm ..

-___- ...Be Fe J R A


||| sel^ l f raer

Was K ,iR E A'A- A'
flio, r1,ctT n -
Bp ., ', ,

s athe tU*Otta utoth
Wa *r ^ for*** e

Moti ol W6 Istt1 ttngtVr

P rll ft**it la fSn *
p t""r, *" luibed tt tr
NI1T.mab m aHwijc

fle 1e(1i, Sfl*e IW u ll n"
rl6- il 0ed,'10. stge freU. 10o Or
04i lat1 ojr itrCaId. faor 9t.(

MWsbotwe 4due aFter fras
SflhrtUmernCt. uniaM ,t>er witi
Sitret PastlUes oi1 hauwns Io
teo par for advet lo wntiInd .
Ml T9IEU AII.Yft;N,.


ahet there is a widc-spr,'ad
benfaji made for a late
, Other tariff as now existing,.
'1l demand Ia not ,unfined
r i of the Union. We see
itsoe of tMa.auhusetts Isl
to the necessity of a
San d rednuotion. So It
ad MIdMdle Aistes. The
r a se even more out
l demands for a proper
",l evldeere of so wide.
Mg influence demanding
s oeqq of the result ar
of the question of the
Ieel combinations of capi-
re burdensome trust is
Strive. It would appear
lei of revision that the
pine to the conclusion
io prevent the formation
bordenaomne trusts the
'be educed, that the high
Its purpose. and not
It purpog but that the
iof *o hilh na rate of
haa rmulted in a direct
. 00he people of our own
, 4$ father, for thli reason
mga relations in the re11.
see have been greatly
, -.4 the people who rule
ed, ntoed to put an end
Med questlnn. A moist
lhtto@ Isa that thi questlio
elly sittlned. and settled
Sftthat this demand does
I frol the Ilemnocralti tarty
ON polley has always been
*K# should be only enough tU
N lpOmu of the government
illy administered but thit
&M from a large number ol
Mtoleney of every political
Country. This is a most
M salttlfyling Index of the
klte opinion, and will elvn-
1then duution of the tariff
Sdright, whereby our own
lbe protected. Such a re
. hailed with no little isais

71 *"TooARC WwSi"

~t 4 Bt !S. i

\the I ~~ I Otial
r AIT4, I~Ci 55 1k thr

r.4 IVt illiIIII Per, .a ~ i
'0 n ia rr i 61 r
rih~iah rt I rIi t 1L i.r V 1!

licfladl1141%t$ '1 *thtr4 ir k''V ii rI.0
C 't7. h:P do nr i ~41)' I -'.tI

~ t I 1rtIg fr. I *%fl I t I I It y.. !,I4'is 1 'U

pae fS Il1tIr1. IitI f I m t mI+ "..!14 .. I1 n.11
(I vs. t 1ieit e x'1))n 0, r v 1 1) 3' ,
Oiafe I ''.k I I W i (r. ..iain'r, 11 r 111; 1 L 1, 1 PI ML'

nitat amd bieAd. lako fr r ty,
mSy S ifrl rf S fhti Lrt:a \Y 'at "ll .
the output in l nl yet ie W th l,. iy
an lii teltig tiii. that tiitorrl ofif tfly
will in o ie y ray prodiwe at los. inmie
hundred .and lifiy '1--t %1i1n.+ I heav
coat inthin0 'gl'The',o .1ni,, 1itLdre d an
Ifllfty h ea tr sort- in tli maz rket foir
mnoat at le t two ,loilli f each. mak-
lugot handtomte lr-ttiL utn the urigiialt
outlay. us evenld llhte igu'irce
to one th .qand goat, what isn hJt re-
sult? With the ordinary inrease woe
fild that the prutlt will aunuuti to at.
least ten dollars ter head frum the
original herd.
Aasiy people object to goat meota
simply beatise It is goat metl, but
there is no real reaso why the g41t as
a food is not as palatable and nutri.
tious as mutton ; In fact, we think that
the jojngm kid ii the wbst of them.
Why le Is that our people do not see
sad appreciate thste advantages sur.
rounding them on every side? No
farmer should be without his herd of
tgos, for in them he ha, an ever real
and present smoke house walking
abroad to be called upon at any sad all
times. Let us cultivate the goat. with
I his majestic carried and money*
making oharaeterlsti properties.
We trust our pepl? will well enn-
older this matter and profit thereby.

First, catch your eoat; then kill him
and at once split him between the hind
lege, so as to make an opening su.ff
cleat to allow the potaing or a biaket
of cold water (the elder the better)
into its insides. The pouring of the
water Into his Insides prevents any
taste or taint from thl intestlines of
the aninai. This also applies to the
dressing of muntton. It Is not the hide
ahat elause the taste or taint of mnut-
tnn or goat*. but the last toines froamn
the entralle. Try this and be conm
vinced that no tiiste or taint will be!




b J'for an Austrian to rent-
ml trde of a most acceptable
the rew order of the luinis-
Si Ud Telegraphs will coman
1t all Amerieans. and can-
here h 0e soon. Sums
*Man be trtmiultte to any
0* Austrian emnpiur. The
Sitanape to the card to
amount, plus the ordl-
,-aAd a trifle for commAe-
Mlaad can be changed into
iWIftoflme, or.lf Instructed.
ma who delivers it will alSo
gh time hand over its mniiaey
w Tork Press.

*he Women change the style
iln a while? When fashion
* df4le why do the women all
I difertene what her order.
I Iht she orders she must
must wear the same old
thika nobody knows. 11it
a,' chiffon and lace, they'd
F"** out of place. A V-
would never do, with
L-J ^ _. -' .....

A single pound of coal is capable of
producing 2M8 horse-power and could
do the work or an express locomotive
for one-fifth of a minute. In other
words, It is enough to haul a train of
eight car, includingg the Pullanan
sleeping ears and dining ears, at the
'rate of fifty miles an hour one-sixth or a
Every married couple should have
four children, says Dr. E. A. Rose,
professorof sociology at the Upllver-
sity of Nebraska, Some couples will
have to hurry if they take any stock
in what the do3ior say..

When a woman works two months
on a tidy for her church fair, and sees
it appear marked 50 events by a corn
mittee, the must be compelled to
remind I herself that the Lord demands
Corsets are heing advertised in th*e
ChioagO paper for a. high as M
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury.
A. mercury will surely destroy the
sense of saell aud completely derange
the whole system when entering It
through the mueous aurfaes. Bush
articles shoUld never be used except
on preescriptions from reputable phy-
siolansg as the damage they will do la
tvn-.fold to the tood ,oa r an poIbly
derive fronm them. iall's Oalkrrh
crei.msnnufaetutd by F. J. JChney &
CiC Toledo., 0. contain no mercury,




If you suffer from any disease of the circulgt n, 4
scalp; fromoD, C av, S4 n
will cure you like sulphur. It is nature's own' Ae. 1'"
the bosom of Mother Earth. .

MeM M aM A Ma&.a. a A a a a a Mi

is pure sulphur in liquid form. It brings health tod'
life to the blood, strength .and vigor to their q4i
Use Hancock's Liquid Sulphur and
Uleie, etc. quickly disappear.

The JtaMnr lqkS pt o. Y .,u t .: a''
al mi* ,, '
eeleaisnh". No *two

loot I

a wifsqto m a wa d ino yre a
'Oew LIQUID BVLMiaut. I used ItI chet ae
imeoth l wi4eth iime it care mse I t ?mtses ($
and Pimphpe e my btee I alo eobad 4i ewf
ewse tr prielti heat. ai tl pleas e I s r fIem-
Ainding Li somi SLIPUS to sayone istliMt
br o the above teaeee.

W. KI. (o)MU, ",
uamp.,cscra,,,U .S;aWm

Pis, of PF..o sd Htad, Ssy scams

ated hse %hsesm t.hes ma e rac TeSd i*Si

UAM.CK UQUp m n C.S, .. i,

Ifl0H .ie1IAl-
iMabftu A t b wo

A Tissue B1lr& Nfri T9-0 .
e Ac i ',of l*I
-._A n o _' I.




i what youpy fo

Titlesl Mti-l *n

I u im


S. ii,. .j1,X* lA MP.r ~. r ., I.' .I I

... '. .' .'......... . . ., ...

-I ,

w m
SI* e Clyde Newl

fo xt akor
... P. -I IOU. B tweeI 6
-;' OX h' '... ,soi:,o, at la ks. A

W ib r4. o M r 8 N *ro

SBlleronow Linrimet C.. Di nosanIb

.o*...'t b .'ea .6
A E- oe- aom a ml et
j 1~ L c HA DTEN* *I*ll .l* N**I I ....:.
oAD. WOE, ?mohboud->.n.r.m *, IVS g|

4^ .1Mbr.j "l'-'1'^-^^-'" 1^'' et w J AO* l u
r4r i 'h'r I I II st. cv t J'Ci^ ksti
I .t bht. 1 ,o. .7 U .1. . . a....... ..
I . Bi', or i ,fl,.!;:,:,i::,:::::irW ?.[; ,.
"t ",""M n nS ,'

I p p~m .....,.,...... ,.,, ., .


* .. , ,'L
.I ' I


n .. .'.'..' -,.'." r 9... ;,., :.;. "



,n r, R -

D A. e. MosLK.v
MOWN9 o0?lrjA,3I, OAel., ti,
O~p M pS*4*wl, Uss. r* It,



a" all Fw s' or to Ium
brm aH bead him
ft ~ ye Hege ao frwle. tl4%.

-" 9 B,, .
,. GIlTO r oISC OCEaRY....
fVtLL, AlaIIIa Co.. FLA.
0,. X" e W k.


~it' II

ar' a -


: .M , .. a

Sms 4W0 5ww"-- e .wOO
.g^ IW a .A - ". "


wane amr ewes

MtOtW t
mnwt MUD*

Sn W LImqoRs a 910ARa
S ..ea T. ,i.

VO~JTW b-t ~vl


'Ple Ontfer. Prov'r
inhstmllhe, Florida
SdIS ImpAted s ad Domestie LiUquO
. wesiessd 'ty..

SM i~t,

,' v f f, ,^ J

Spa miil .iesit
. Az; ^^ ,L; i, I ",^^ .I- ^ V
?F V **iPWMca
*.0v f.p,
m ..i -- ,a .a .

e. C BN, iA

wT Wise, LORI. wE


lAMBnum swurrES allA Ni.
IT W TO n, rowu A3D
em sloaw for tes tritj elomate., s ad. to
wflet -mwtetss ond. mast snistle

deue a mus-a
olal) and Us-

Uold by us co.ilnuoosly tIo
n -M TmITY4.Te TEAKs
wkbI t single al lwllu. if
pta$ for a ltetm
h myi buy i s r
l Mathushli lie L T
p a Lw es ou *ss to sets

p o t 1' t CD -

ci2 Luddew Bates
MsMCir Mint Earn
nlhem Welek l lias

A NOVYflS 1* t1W

- -we"

ER a



Air Line Railway
. F.'OR..
Columbia, Camden, Southern
Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ton, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.

Only Line Operating
Daily Throu|gh Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleans
For full Jnformation and steeper reqervstlon eall on any Nt easboasrde
write A. NACDONELL, 8. 0. BOy&TON. Ji.
As General Pmemnspr Agent, Pamenger Agent


Good shells In your gun mean a good bag
in the Sfld or a good score at the trap.
WVinchester "Leader" and "*Kcpeater"
BmckLlcas Powder Shells are good shels,.
Always vsr-.r:, atwayu givi:-,: an even
spread of hct a-nd good peCrt::' rn, t':':
great superiority is tcotified : by sp*r-u.
men who use Winchester Factory Loal'ed
Shells In preference to any other make.

-- J I I Hi1 i L ....

fH. B .D ITTOf& 00.

B..A.N Kma A

DeO l Ni taalkbatsplm, buay Sd e U eMrwon aSd Dome ctze tebas
The eea of b to e u s eororadoaL. rarsmen, snha a ma oLherr
rIes" n a I mumleta rw. mSpe elit folatll e te o elkJ ioe*0o o0 all
seesaMW. potsU In obe tuiud Stato%

G'.A.INf ST'SV -'rjTLE


JAa. M. GRAmA. Prmldmst Oo. W. HTDn. Vie.-Pnrident

Or o-AnI'TnS VrILLE.
Capital......... ...............60,000 o00
Surplus and Undivided Profits,.. 25,000 oo00
tcses maly es Sen wh fmla" eqal t maw ba wkt ot l awst SfSt
S. *nemssoer larmes. MerItass-. Coewmesd--. *__. teasImus flnoSe
hi se*S)i arrsanmsse Al Hta w-anes wn
1H. X. TATWLOR Oaiw.

Ofr Ar thel r lmg Fall iad Wnter a ell, lot of bedde a d graftned
MPCAN TREEMN o the standsl mrlties, su has have a good rwr be.
hind them. Alh Frults, Oruamelas., Etc. Catle mad "' Gald to
HA"RSfTl PRsml Culture" IV II AI S
GlBSYlLE ISRIBS N & GRAIT Proprieter, G-IESil 1

Send your orders for Job Printing to


IT %sl. a .ttedl
Abtrsets of Title. ad full Information furnished regrding leads to this
e County. Our Mang. has lived In this. Tot hir ty years &
I* sthnrnmnt nwAW,,. _a. &Sao--

iUrT' [ [ ,i


., TI : .:

g ia
. t

L.t -I .

C: ,,


I.' .





Aied Timber
fatlS Ow Syndicatef.
sn O pany, In Control of
geWds., PepeOaS to Operate
and Turpentine Plants.
of L0Pavatte's Prosperity.
loe. surveyor and oivil a-n.
tis elly, has Indedt unil of
Sontriets which has I eon
to guSy surv*yir in rtecnt
Scoutre it which c*mtphlys
$ o01t and survey aun un-
t of land in LaFayette
Meling, 0. )acres, for a
spya4lnte. This tract is
h'it is known as tlie famusti
-hwhsse. and Is rich In ule
r, It i the plltirline or the
sI Vreo; several saw istll.,
Sowdaiues a number of ex*
aetl stores establishments.
talid tobe the flnent in
spltarly ribh In pine, and
iM ompana will make a big
e xpeel to beffi work in
SH will employ several
da es eulisoe thet is will
i6 M ls momnl&h to cor.
we*t. In She meetile tohe
will be busy enutel Its saw
i, whlh will be known
River ProduelngI Com-
ite parnlelairly foriunate
this Men. Within the
0tke the is territory, whieh
mgk a railroad, will be tra-
lohe Jaksoinville anid South-
%mllrned, which Is surveyed
tRl to Hampton $prings.
Will Soon begin building,
M i:havin ailreald belB let
| lNligar. This will afford
o0ullet for the products
jhislay, and will prove a big
hIwItally for that section of
p wr0emit, so say nothing or
|bP keaus which will follow.
oftSe. eoistry and intro.
i labor means not only a
of the naval itore and
but many fairmm who
ad learn of the fertility
county soil for farming
ill buy land there and will
5dl4iiea long after the timber
,IFLayeUte county is on a
Slaged, Sbbeltanaal boom, and
lltml of the Jacksonvillo aind
WMeta and the openinR of the
*ltrl. new *yrndikae will be
N*%11 steps to her progrmhi.
Nt a Wick Day Since.
aklien severely siok with kid-
.blle. I tried all sus oft medi-
!ise of whioh relieved me. On.
an ad of your Electrio Bit.
drtraiuned to try that. After
thw doses I fel relieved. and
tesaafrer wa entirely curedl.

C *ot eqven a sick day sinee.
of mine have bteeucured of
hmi, neuralgia, liver and kid-
Ihl- and general debility."
PubS B. F. Baa of Fremont.
.inte Only &0e, at all drug.
,teb Oalnesvillye Hall.
sae of North Ialinesvllel had
litory pleasure Tuedlay
i wlInessing a most inmt s.
I titled "The Quilting
beh was rendered by local
hamost pleasing and Interest.
!bf. The little hall was well
jS thoes present express then-
S WInligwell pleaded.
olalousiou of the play the la.
Nfreshments, both sub-
l d delAmne, which resulted in
lh1 a *asum to the receipts of
ertaGIlnment was given for the
-fait of the hall. which peeds
!,O* and a neat un was real.

SOlsatrous Wrecks.
em is responsible fuor many
re"k ia*d Ihe al incauses
lag human wrecks of sufferers
C and lung trolabilw But
I wnt of lDr. King's New
for consumption, coughs,







I. .' ' i


K Buy Good Luck Baking Powder, cut out the coupons to be found
on the label of every can, and get the beautiful premiums we e. w
.offering. This is a truly great opportunity. Fdrst-becauwe in Good
Baking Powder you get the highest quality. Seaod--you pay lei r J
th an for any other baking powder. Third-because you not only get th bt
tzunmey, but by saving the coupons you also get numerous beautiful ii pIrMtsil
Tro find out all about these premiums, read the fully illustrated witt
inside of each can of
S .".r! .

I. **

Baking Powder ;,g
It is the purity of this baking powder and the positive cert4aify of
nutritious bread obtained by its u e that has made the name of Good Luck
is the demand that we are shipping it in carload and trainload lots throughout
Hot biscuit, muffins, hot rolls, cakes, etc., are all light and uourid l
Good Luck Baking Powder. Pure as the flour itself. It gives alotintW I o
bread. It costs but to cents to try a pound of this superior baking powr
enj(,y your hot bread and get the beautiful free premiums.
If your grocer doesn't ell Good Luck send us his name and we will soe that ye it
TUE SO-MERN WWM CO% Rkhem% Vbfllfl. _

Pocket and Table Catlery.

Stoves, Rallges
aXc. Heater's.

Ammunition and Guns.
S _ 1_".h--D.. -f Toledo I lI



Best Lime to S. Lolus

Srperb Dining Car Service
Stop-overs, goiiig and returnmia, at
Atlanta. KnoxtilIr. Louisville. Ache-
villo and principal North Carolina
mountain reinrts.
tee Hligh Bridge highests railroad
bridge in the world), Famous Blui
Grass Kegion, Lexington and Louis-,
Free reelining chair coar sad high
olaoi day coaches. Through Pullman
sleeping cars Jacksonville to St. Loul."
Folders, rates, ete eheerfully for.
nlshed unnn annlication to J. 0. Lsk Ii

A varied seleetuin oU 01t iarveri P. e i" .. ....-..- ..
elated and Solid Silver Pieces. Distrite PJansenr Aigent,
Bay St. Jeaksonville, Fla.
Largest Sellers in Florida of IL
Ar Woven Wire Fences ALACHUA COUNTYV111
.. lachua county i# 806
area. hba 248 m iles ir
Chattanooga Plows m .. won road. 5
128 public schools. 27
The l 'i/'V Winner. t the St 5.'a .' tioi lsnts, 20 saw mills,
house, five newspaper
dues cor, cotton, r
Baird Hardwae Go., oats. rye, potatoes, pin
(i lNER ILLE, LORIA ang peace Iar,
A \II.L, FanOR A s, and *lII kinds of


t. T. NCJIHAFEI, Prop.
Coroer L;rove .k nt CvITre strtei.,

, 18 West

,4W acree Inh
illroad 900
I phosphate
7r,000 oourt
1, and pro.
rice, sugar.
apples, or-
plum. be.

Gainesville, the County Seat.

ItHas fourteen churches, two public
schools, the Emst Florida l minary,
Private school, three newspaper,
united States land office, the be
wk.& 6A- &I_ .. LIf .* ^ _--a. &- INf .0 MA- ,A* -*__ '_1


1 1 ''


.I ,


LIghmnl Shift!
Champion Speed WiN 4 er Ii
U ithe Fay.Bhels MM th ko
tsi in e isnnlevill ls*iauayqeq,
+ +w~mwi

For Sale

by ...


a .1 *;. aSS ti

BRetIlhl sad

Stapl..e and Fansy

Orals, SaMi Bud S FwU I.u...
SOUTH MI, E SQUARE. a i u *M.OAP .. ti
Highest market prie, paid for Chiekeos. Zgp sad 00her O.,


... ..._ . ~



' '

*1~ ***t~i









^^ p .* - - . .. . _ -. -_ ** -
P CITY AND 0 liur wt(ll *lu Hill
S'. II. It. Il,.A ha returned
H iiring. after a brlef virit to
I I o ly h.rc. 3 1r. Hlodges Is foretm
v ; pain del-artment of the
SCoast Lne at 1 lllh I prings.
60m4 humut Oath.- After ,a it of ver-oal day'
IOVrft rtn IcityBiy W I'.sfor returned y
,,i, bto Abln,*i h to iextens
Up'AND SOCIAL ITEMS gg"ed I" 1 ZL 1 iav stores
% Mr 1riear f. flpgaded muI o
lappenelMand What Is Going ll1I'l -.c,,.uil "oIt wr tori n ti
TeT in Shoet Pararaphs I IJ of Inverness.. o
N*W Rn so ReIad" oldel latda niot highly respeel
e H*! Who Runs May R ead ht ity, Was A h
..l. f tH.'J 3 ,4t'r(tay. H e is *n
il celliaman 111. ftrfttte vret.ran, and has man
npers for sale at ,'h Sun in t.s 't i, whto are always
se'L him.
-rifan of Hague wa in town 'to, nr, invited to s0e the
oHi display ,,r fatcy embroidery w
,is 1how ili 6ainesville. by an
handernof Trenton was in the l1dy urorator on A White meW
ehinv. from Nov. 9 to Doe. S.
f beef 7, viI, c.ewinll Maiehine Co.. P06
,inh, fat b tef. o to MaI-l. ry street. o3t
oda .'. N. Mmarih or (Greenbor
Wlloderfl Stlve fur l.:e who' htias Ieen here for the
ollum & Co. work. at Odd Fellow' Sanitar
: i. R. Emerson of Kirk. gnne to South Florida, whop
Stdn n the city ,tr- relperat for awhile. Mr. I
quite popular at the Sanitari
P. 1. Illcks and George M1orri hiL. frJier.dA hope for hi* early r
bthe city from Waldo jester- W. T. Jones, desirous of o
h'inme of his own, has pure
ieol1by of Hague was amoen valuable lot on West Court ear
*dftrme tolGainegrille trading the home of J. N. Bone. andI
soon to begin the erection o
b--tore Royal Cook former. dwelling. The building will be
A. Address Tiomnas V. Pur- in every respect, and will be
obilW DMnenat and credit to that neighl
y Rob%. E. Davis od Col. A. The front of the Williams bl
went yesterday to Cadillae posite the Brown House. is b
Is ahe afternoon. terted, and will be made lnto
061s eigres best Cubs lands ments fur offices. This will
Write Cubt land Club. twtter opportunity for the law
a of Tron was n th ot hers to catch the public in
llals of Trenton was in the co:spieuous place, and no do
4 -.y on business connected offices will be rented easilly a
Vited offlee price.
Aft being made to the home lles Conway, a profession
6. R. L. Robb. East Liber y v he has been for some time in
will very much improve ploy of the idd Fellows' Ban
u has severed hter connection w
a of Judge Horatio Davis institution. She has gone to L
Blad to learn that he is out on professional business, but
several days' confinement to return to Jalinesville in
with fever. time. when she can be found
Sto Tampa nd return Tihoe of Mrs. F. MKinstm
lWrl. Rates on Nov. 13 tlo R A THIS
StaePrnating days. lee tick. -A I
r1.0 m1alhanr XIium Sont. 2X

Pria Pound haj gone to
b*. where she expects to enter
'Theh tumsrous friends of this
bt* Kreget very much to have,
ft,. but wish her much s ueeess
iogers uof J.lacknville ar-I
the ity yesterday. Mr.
jl formerly manager of Blu-
NOlW$ae here. anud made him-.
- popular among the boys, all
Me glad to see khln again.
Oper. for wnavy years a
thti e1t but now of White
Ks the Brown House yes-
,Mr Cp Is r e prpreenting
0o., shoes, lBoston, and is
006 S sueoepshfl and popular
S tlhe road.
AIR I Lt .... L -.-- -.


glad so

Tork ever
I expet
ring ma-
E. Lib.-
a, N. O.,
past few
plum. has
v he will
larsh Is
ium, ad
wning a
based a
Pet, near
f a Ine
I modern
an orna-,
ook. op.
ing al-
D apart-
afford a
years and
a mostl
ubt the
it a fair

al nurse
the em-
ith that
ive Oak
a short
I at the
. Jr.


l'r. E. W. Hall. St. Louis. Mo.--ear
Sir: In reply to yours of a recentI
date in regard to the effioleney ut
liall's Great Dincovery as a kidney
cure. I can safely say that it Is well
named when they call ita WOtNIDER.
I have suffered with a weakness from
the kldneys for years and have tried
atll advertised remedies for the com-
plaint. as well as physiolans, and Hall s
Texas Wonder l sthe only thing that
has given nme relief-I ought to say.
has effected an absolute oure.
0&o. llOMAS.
O)ne mall bottle of the Texas Won-
der, tall's ireat Discovery, oures all
kidney aid bladder troobles, removes
gravel, cures diabetes. seminal emis-
sionu, weak ad lame beeks. rhbeuma-
.0-1'-- -A L U.AA

SJ. A. Beba it Tseosm haumo
ma poliom with V. P.. s..e a
I W IU T 0 It--=***c *' _
reetr ws o t" is e hlr
hm s k for Dr.Witn.kpsWt. Mr. K
will mo does gi**e Iserei. ,
lACKET goi I a* I41 I6 ol
GEREJ S"1ON TISy L 4 f H8 1r fIthe km ashRIepS
edges with theahe the sumol*l WA
"**kmd rmembame" eN m ther of M I
J1 o9 .e s"e ll 00- "r5 l ,, 1
CIKABP STORK ON M IiI .m a --. -s o. 0
etonr llkes better sha aiJole l 1ts
momma. Js fuales" sad Mr. I-m|w|
tea. Ho k ew ie4lMi ad allvies
III al his frism d to M eame d help ,1

d I A. 0. Seblrig n e-s ed t aI i
[IEI U ta gram fma. I DaeLad at a s*
de d buria Imabs b lamgtlom t1a
SuI lta load of utile nso tly skitg:
fre able siti hld avrvSqd tlM ql4 t!
Ia pad eaedlmu., asS that they w t
be drivt popeMrly lo the rmnae l 7B
,mlleg Alelant to the wealwanl. M B
We desire to call the at- wa ibausr ew th* Mr. westwavflaw
tension of our city and a he has bee, anaitouly awaliI ng
country friends to the fact m ltm in 'ashar rit o t e
that we carry on our second Ipas two or three days. The battle will
tnat Wec iRYrOR Our 900oan be o ed it"the de J1* fl 11111 p11
floor [which is8 30180 feet] d ,hy .Mr. 8e burxter prw.e Pr
one of the most complete pose, which are sad so be Mmoftg ie
lines of Furniture ever fant in Cuba.
shown in this section We --
have a beautiful line of Bed T1 u mGAIBUTIs
Room Suites from cheapest PRESSING CLUB
to best. REIl bINLtLUD
Reed and Oak Rockers of It? Wast unton eiSit. I
every description, Rattan 9Ml,
Parlor 8uites and Chairs ALTEING, WillP DIES, PSI
Chiffonnierp, Book and &m n nes "
Combination Cases. -o A. as c _SNeMa.
Iron Beds-the best ,8e-
lection to be had, in white Au LL )VOR oVARANTSr 1WS
and in colors. .e
Tw e n t y.flve different You receive promp and good at .
l tention from people who know teir
kinds of Matting just re1 business. our monthly membeW W W
ceived, and ntterns and or piece work solleted. One iAe
Strmakes youga refula asutomer.
quality are atl that could
be desired. CEDAR KET
We sell all goods for Spot LA ,t,
Cash, but tle price is such Y T R
as to pay you to bring the 1 S T E I
W would be pleased to have SErt.e at AU Rmssbt Htwar' in Any a C.
you cal and give us a look .00P. Pao RSSAuaelietn A wnsltr. (G*w. Ia
We also carry a full line RESTAURANT IN CONNECTION IR
of Cook Stoves and Heaters a s... Served ..... or *.oi





laen with bohrm A MILL MNoaogrammect Sa tioaer sahes s lsm
Mr. and Mrs. M. II, Newhbrger have from"
returned to this city from where they ben visiting fTriend* A EN TIEM A N TO A LA IY.... .
fur the past Iwo or tIIr le 7d.Ias, q .
Alex. lHouw is har'iigr ttl ). ...rete '
emtnlodioLo; luo. Wet Mefoturm.ek Aiso liij engraved visiting sard i ms o
ritret, bnae :ar adelml, hch Mee Snd. u\ your orders now so that s hel wM
will be u**,l for the sure howrst
wTel beiusven urf s Ir. usr ,1i, ,owr. lime. anip.e and rHlees fuMtelhe4 j n
as tl-. Andrew. homente.d, %t*li thif tSTE% l.NS ENd(it'AVINI C.,, FIasii..eI
versity slret, ILI& t1-11n iunproved by lininery and Wedding uIriwklossl, 80 Whitteh5
g.en ral repair.. An addition hlis als
been made to the building. which will t;eorgia,
sfturj more ommnodios qua(jrters, - .
Mrs. M.. Tinuley has returned from TL!
"Tamp.. where she hai been on m visit V l.
t: tl r Sooth Florida Fair. Sahe s tates WIL
that the fair is a rand recess, and
that a grnst many reoplt from every ITHE IUSY STOrlE.
section of the State and the LtI'ted
States are there. Sime was particular* K EEPS BUSY
ly impressed with the exhibit of SMan. ....
atee County. which Is compo.wd of the -
hart iculural and agricultural products GOD LOEST PRICES ULS .DI

H. 11. Arnold. one of the rM1Ilent .
clerks la the United States land office. One Price to All
bas returned from Orlando, Key West to All
and other points, where he has been
on a wMtoion. lie reports the 8ooth 8KIRTS, JAOKET,
Floridammntry in a very pmroperous SWEATIRS, GLOVK ES
o--- condieslon. and syi from she grove of HOSIERY, OORUET.
bhis father as oaway. eomprling fBh GOOD, ILKS '
I to11 ih e0 m'tesm, Shem willlbe gathered ia ?INM O LAC'.
hias n fmi. b.nd eof ornM ad It r T.IMMNO. LAC ., ,
leftof tr ebeehi Iboxes of miperli KM OIDUIKI,
Ailauds The miMalas Sa Kavamgh NethMe. WOOL s NWTTON VW
od C Ohuni estimee to grow In IN. TABLE LINERS, DQILIUS,
s 0o this ten. R". The.. e hTOWeL. SPRll D,
restuday evmeplet, ems to be waiting ae BUGO. ASll i4t s
lively ea- people up iroM a apdTeplnI sRUG A RIAN e
business.Gs, mad hiathim realise that P$tusIIt. LIKUTS.
m of the r sehl su f a i peril. HMis n6 m WINDOW SH ADM
holtose a we gWwlg oeery l. blorlee ---'- ..(ty
he o Se. w be .hdallyddaig the week *a ONE PRICE TO ALL That
Sof tihe ad a am ?p m., sed the public Is la-
ted 01- vited. Aliphe wllare esetly we : tia the Lewet M
" fs oSOh MRSS R. WILw0.
riu el semtig ,for Asesaeem eO fChist.

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