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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 22, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Myeftriove A alr Cau~ the Omu-e
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A4d MaN: Discovmd Fatally
Nitured. Tied Blanket.


The @eounuts fl the AetomeIblf Af-
ftr S$rikin Man Prembed to Return
SWilth Medal Aslitasb ut Never

ateway night the body or a male chbld.
two months old. was buried In the
front yard of Qulnt Whltmore, on Magc
nft i street.
Not one member or his fauill saw
the trausactice.
Llvin disaonally asron from Whitb
mor's i4 Mrs. Frank Reynolds, who.
ti co mpl p with a boarder. Jo30ph
Woodrow. saw the three men at work,
se hbolingi a rod lasI r. 8uppoInl
tlat It was Wltmore who was at work,
Mir. Reynoid.. skl o h U fawlly about
sibl ---d S-- ftm ---- --.

'1t -, k Nov. 2. trutal hbl. t Is1t day. T heyy were greatly our*
"' s' e mMs S t ltat of Jer pied, and onla iVesation tew where
fl'*subss.. kvsdep Woeteoh 04e Emmedh bed boee disturbed.
0K -- oft* bWhis WoW' t.h reOW ephos t edM the pottee de-
...:.....d t. ohlly iu.. by a e t partmeot and he woa rsqued to dig
Snl w p. I* blean INd Ut Ibe gromd. He pot It og utUl
a at. 410 white mn wterday whn he made the eael
J A kil M Wt O* ties at the depth of 6 tfet, fond the
i h e la It la a wooden box which had
'.bini a te PodthP W beuf lined with faded wall paper sad
ay bohetwe ms Wlittawmwrs P*Wk with count,. Th baby we
s by Jobs Va wM Mdll* d ed and wa surrounded with
RaNSNA WIN a -| ftie Ccrinrr 3oerritt summoned a jurp
'MmB...aII. h s atib. ned ll!0n e t a t W iE the case.
B i .a at t The parents of the child found buow
d onea Magnolla street prove to be
*Mr. and Mrs. Janms Drake.
,,S a b e j. b~Maid which T he My that the child was bom
T", 7i3 to W t ted and that hey saw o h an In
*fl*$eitplpl am Lh.isku1 tt bryin: i t whcre they dild.

u'".t at thbls UtOe ataketr' wagon COL PITCHER REPRIMANDED.
bT "i':'. .ou n was pl
p It. a4 Val a"tig n 4 ihft beket Couwlmrtlat Dropped at Request of
sta tend to drive with Cp~onT to his Ol1 He jilted
.M.* be. A biwdrld yt* from the W1shlston. Nov. tI.-The cane oif
,.. ai.i i *t *lll body of the ns. Lletonant Colonel W. L. Pitcher, of
'Jill,,1-40ouo as, k od ~"m6nd a waw the Twenty-elshth initantry, who was
ws t5ooW dwieMI anay fromi t*elhlfeI d t6o hca6 jIlt, d M&ii Carolina
41 '4. the horse hi4d to a tree. larold. a clerk tn the war department,
,Tb.he WO had'beaen b.ra!y sasmhed, 'i few days before the date set fur
..4 ... .at 6 eW conveyed as Idea to their marriage. wai closed with a
the. trapper, who examined the wagon sharp letter sent to Colonel Pitchor
i umi." W W "4 d thel made a Careful lnvetlation U b Lieutenstat General Chaffe..
l lht kt ft the roatf nearby. Influential friends of .lls .laIrold
StIP' 'is a" i1 the ,allhtly mnrlddy roa the story asked that Colonel Pitchr.r le court.
Nkwt owt of the traplc happening was told as martial, 4 un a charge of ronducot un
'if fl ipiI asl tbounht in prnt. becoming an officer and a gentleman,
Co a;ng froin the west were traced and aite ha that hb bad Jiltedl se.
4. sip. 14p.1 e malrka of the whc. n4f a havy oral other ,fnl wtvomen in the same
tM automtblle. waY, butl Mi-i Harold akled that the
do t Mart ed t i6t ronm the other direct(lnm their track: I a5S' INh Iri(ppedl. a0s he wished to
adI 'mer the wheels of th mnA-( rl vo fr r tort
St'Othfarmer and thoen inthe mtm!nalh I n hl l]ter It Coloniil Pitctlr nan-.
V bo aTlk .11 twit .ets ft i a.erl l Cia'ite statl ti'at In deference
So. W*9 'trf e -try of the ecl!!sl<;it which ihrew to Ma, ii::':,i' recent ro further ac.
'InaUm"a a" d Chlantiia. toi. the read. ttaltng hips fa tion woul.I be takrn lie concluded
LS Sr PS rBow C lr njuarieh f with a hlaurp reprnr.ianrl for the lan.
". " The farmer had rvlIrntWi be'i itargu nuef by (.',mnel Pitcher in his
Im ?THOAT. thrown out under thQ heels of the re ply to an inquiry trom nspecor
.. aitomobi, I cnrGConral Irton. The hitter was dit.
WMawfe st h What fol:owe tIs p.:r 'y cir.cattluratl, tat1e by Secretary Taft and a copy of
hb4t it I* evidentn that tl. Injured man 'It will ,be fltd. with Colonel mitchr's
l 'I, weidn 1 W s pleket up. wr!p,.1: andi pinned In o cleucy record.
,t L- am&. i blanket itnt nd ,that> nlaredy hy tih

WW WCS U ... ,U.*61U .r --
O tPP it.y thi I Ide, while his horte w*4 led awa,
$ ..m Wa o hpek from the road and tied to a tree.
ta MWt r of That the automobile had been lightly
'i*I rw W|ssou, i4. Injured was shown hy ho Inmprint t:i
h II U ttt Irm the m otd of wr-nches anti other toulf
WWWOsa* aMd a small puiddl of gaollne
t s ii Nl-blt "Dr. John 9. Vernon, of Perrif placrV
0." i May I.,.W*t echester. could do nothtin to re'
At. f S fI*1d leve the Injured man. Ilis skull bhr.
sad a etArk lt the Iwea fractured and hit groat ase pro
WO: 1t ted an operation of any sort.

..WOiSe It bhis head us i Lifebect Crmease the Atlantcl.
p m.sw i iOr s ame ho wh i. St. John, N. F., Nov. 21.-The ltiH
4d and alAitted beih nat tradd. whilit arrived hler Frl.
f wbtst dialed clI VaeI day from Sairyund, Norway, Aug. 7,
1 .i.NsThe trial bad a mot wonderful trip, being m,
I h* .. plate WIth thrilling experlenct Sh
: aMts, ai W 31 yars of wa .rfire hby a Norwoeolan whale:
I : In mlt br a whale; wae fouled In
sie Lio h, l floe and r'arly enithed: was at
a ,twt\N H TO ra most auhor- ion the rarot Wslandli
lpT R l Wem Rv*,t through he+nt driven on a "Wl: .*a
a' g sp tMaer grta wl Uneiy itn by a1n orean *telmer ad
,JW1I4 11' v iagl Mir oward, the I Rele tile sitrat: was d itimastd1 hy a
Mrli.i~. i W .wa tl neameW. r s d fbr n hv w.'eks drifted
t ad the other i hbelpleasiry e the m ercy at the wave
orI hhni bi f cm eard ly endel her career a o the
SlH K 0 il LO ,1 di off this NIart In i sbl sard oc
Ut',,,. 7w, .7-r RiA ti"ht.. .

.. f146v', '..' ItJ '


Governor Vardaman, of Misalssippi,
May Use Troops to Protect Negroes.
New Orleaso. Nov. 21.-Actlug under
positive inpRruct!ons from Governor
Vardaman. thu Il. ippl authorities
have begin a "ar 1,f extermination
against whiteraping in the sMouthern
part of the state.
| Three of the whitecap leaders. V. V.
I Hamilton. Will Evan% and Marenu
Wacter. have bn-n indleted at Jack.
son for (conspirintg to drive away n,.gro
homrtender% who werp mur.-Il red orf
1oompelled to abandon their home.i,
fearing aiSaulfnation.
Governor Vardaman bhaa announced
his determination to suppress 'hrlt.
raping throughout MiIMt!malppi. lie Ir,-,
poses protecting the neroixs If he has
to order out the amillifa.

Str ie Paralysed WholealeI Tailor.,
Ctlgo, Nov. 21-81x thouandI gar.
meat workers struck In !o factori"p
i In Chicaeo today following a walk out
of the 0 cuutters. The Strike para.
SlSed the btulanes coetas whleh arc
I oealm of the Nltional Wholwsale

] lamp tow tiae petst ^whe tr he O(P

Advice From St. Petersbuar
Admit Activity of Army,


Artillery Fire Commeneed at DaytllM
and Lasted Several Hours---Russia
Arf Pressing the Japanese Left
Mukdea, rtiday Nov. 18. via Pekia
Nov. 1f.-A severe artillery fire was
opened on the Russian right commep.
leg at daylight today and lasting A'
s**vral bours.
There Was also Intarmittent fcga
during the day. The Russians are W
peetlag a general attack oa the part
ot the Japanoese.

Bt. Peteraburg, Nov. 21.-It tot a
ported that a battle between the two
armies at Mukden Is In full swing.
The war office does not conram the
rumor. though It admits that the at
tivity all along the line Indactes ta
both armnru are ready. The tus"lsti
according to General Knropatkla'sa I
port are preWlng the Japanese ktL
while a very sigltficant movement of
the Japanese is reported at SIntalatia
4i nillts east of Mlikden.
A special eirrelpoelent telograph
log tinder last fight's .ate ays the
battle has begun and thai the thae.
der of the glnti ls uncrasing.


Preacher Had Mania for Marrying Chtt.
dren Convicted of Bigamy.
fiininnati, 0.. No --. Four hbour
after going to trial at ('r.:tville. 0..
Friday, the Re%-. \itltami T. i'chbo
ton. a Itatust p'raclher of (liimbus,
wa2 c-n~ ictzd ty a jury iof bigamy.
TI v Rlte. Nilcho:'-:n has a mania fta
chihl dwl,'. antl he hsal .ure. to.ed
arronumilating twon more than the law
alSilwd Almost vr(y 1ni' hn moved
--that Is. asunimed inast at" chargo-
In iome other ri't t i ; i ) i unto hia
self nnfr-thi.r wIfe.
The ItH v. Ni oe,.,:(iJn tried1d in the
marryln-r rameo in A\r;nti. Ga..
w.hnle h(,, tr i h1m firtI char' Thenri
he niarrie l itatti. ie ifeue'.1-!, 14 yeam
on't and still wearing shirt dl<'.eSl.
Thin was In 189A.
A ytar later ho w9 as a.4 :,ined to I
church In MarshallitIown. Iowa. and he
left hil youtit, bridi- h"hlind. telling
her he would hond for her as ;oon 14
be bad provided a hornm. le provided
the home. Hlls wife did net Qoccupy
It, buit lenn p iilmorer. barely I I. whoM
be marrleid two W4'k.- after arriving
In the t i n.
Prom there hei went to, CrrleTville,
I where he married I5-' car-dlt Myrtle
Zimmerman, after a )urtlship of bare
ly three weeks.

Sen. Cockrell for Canal Comissionler
Washlngton. Nov 21.---laild ly a
nolinctment yet has been made regard-
Ing the president's action in the seo
election of a man tio suec'd Prank
Hfeclikr. on the Itthniian canal ot'o
mlhsion fIt I, lknown he is toniilderlQl
serliously the lial ppnliennf of Senalt o
Cokr)ell,. of Min- ulr fo the vacancy.,
If the, .,enat d of the canal comin,.son. It i eertalt
the presld.nt will rive him sonie ron
gnilt iwfltion hbefltlnin his charaolt f
i and services

ouren DieOl In Coal Mine.
St al. Mlnn. Nov zi.-A FrA
nile. -, iliMpfatch ways that 14 ml*
ners w ,erp kloNdl ag the 'sar1ofnadll
mlinil. tVer Mnrlisl'y. FridaY aftr-
no(n. R- the result of a PiolI of emnil gas. The dl'aisto'r on-
etrr j .n N I i ilnr I"i mlt's we"t
Of 1'i.llii," Thr 'iorr 0of resr.le WW1
kept ulIi oIl aftirn111m n unl all the h,,t1

iM.1 '.." ~





t, l.r
,' c

* ~7ti

i k4 UaIfal iodMwad. na w
wite SMpdtV4 hSnolt.ttfier

S4.aeit "woe ohw Irined*.
lnee sohe py ekpf*f o to go
.. t.. 's'or ,eav, as av
.of 4 ep fI t Ue Mos -l Wt, in AC ?UtiaurIte
alw ..l ,s N &d i mM wl t splied. il n tll irp 1'
4csiI b 1ut that., .hw4 tl4 1hoome.
ad will ? ,*W* e msip -for the
fAthmndre w pn sh*ir uetqm
gefle0 iflis sad M. ,Ms stS
'4 Sw.ire ak
l i: ^ -" a -epseWW -- jela' St

Csasflmii4 t&aSsq* i
lulf. lt
(H~~rT' P


'Ar ItKtalst of 6m= orm of t m h
t, ll.. o&er. 1 Olalrvia i
vi t-w4k '. JP j r lL I LI i ibo-, n(
nft'.wkifc~ca Icy i'Ul bit utui a~cu

io. aI nWPriE. tr.



For SaW by Johnson Broa. Gainesvile

As kjil ---- 1 **** ****"

I % 41P u,

1 ** *

IS~ Ugpo
,,4, "' **


S8 0..


it ptiart r
-..sw i



..., Make your home corn
:treowg yourself to a fe
,Drugget and a 1new supply
Sta or Comforts. "This can
;prial cost at

I II.s m

hLa IU M

%1 II

portable by
w Rugs, a
of Blank-
be done at


id.e*0 have a fi0e Assortment" from
*which to select. All Goods Guaran-
4ied. ,

AStet Shts Be ktkIm S, Dres
Shoes for Men, Ladies and Misse-a more com-
plte t in& cannot Pe. found in the qlty.

) .~ a


*.: ,- "THE BIG STORE."
Aw'toth rs ati
P"a N.O.tu I.. L . iIT
... .. .. .. -......-

E. FeO Atlantic Coast Line
) x r+ .' m FORl.LL EARTHLY P01NTS

r, r

s thW t On. mon tJ S. o
- tHIuiI akl 4 .
lia LAn.M Mow.ot, e:*

Rap transit and Unsurpassed Service
T imf Tabb t i eff e Sept. 1, 1904.

rrive ttrom

D a l ,.+ --."

High Bpnap p In ler-
K medist. Noint"


. t .. .

~k~g~&Aw, Sn.

MW1 Withsaeb *UIp

w ems in the State.

I%1VT' hons south tale wo
k. + t ,,. ,,h 4O.


I zWoUW ,

s' busi. rg d Tatamnta, s4 8;B'i
vln, oadwat" o" A 1, Pa t
|l*r oou-blliemi U >* ar Pstazks..Fayiona, Jack.onvile, I ltftpm
F Df Ntorth. EPst and Woo T P
I* IS ^:122 a 1 High prings, Waycron,. BaTanh. Brubpwtek, 816pPa
Daly At*Ay, iAtlats all Points North. EsAt West a)
-.. . . . . '. ..o -.--- l-- '
....p m 9 a no
.. m + .oioelre, Mieanupy aind Oitra.

": 3 Stam! Ht ligh ipri u uDaly

4UeE1YBg p.1 0e" t1 g o4 oy 1.U0,4 m esf'0ammn the *11.
1 I0'~UP&St0aw AN op Albp "*theittaget
,hin te tphorl 't p to .W Ecw York, vis Atante COoat
Sl6' At mantle Cmtnc Liq# .M4 8quthern iftWaty.
PcOem ritlt inWMa0eU. C0all on
alP 'l J.,A. OOODWIN. Ticket Aent. Oalw6nvi.I@

i i.t t-"M ,r-i

1a' A T .-W mPD iraw Pan. Art


fI -


,t f. .

r mmm""- I_

- In '"

**** ':. ` ** ^ .. "





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)i r.7 -: '- - i-- T --




s sl-sisd Ampultation-Sent

3atr l]r En outer.
In Galnsv*le .

f t 'l l {1i t I i l l he l i of ti l e.
YP e airiur.
k lch resulted in his deathl
bgevfeningl, while on route
& Waylomta
W55416 a* (4hq gipm an
lotftedd d t1 811, 01o0 at
OPPNN hba been in the habit of
ie suilt4h itIfe it- the#
j ding to thr blilsicte ipor.
BamlWt It*i trif ramile.:
Isspopof lien amad thim
a a 1) uo p0rfe ulF b*PedLOK
M t) whh.e ,iA motion n
ll Im confidence; but intahi
lt r ut slippei mqd he 1ef
Slape, the big: drivina
meot hi4 ilbt leg sad
lw te* aeldent onenrmed Whe
Al abos aed the e .
e,8 N mealoftor Dft Wliam
0h dImmenp phydeln. ,O
etlble. Upon xtleAinlon
luted--bat it would be
ildniatme" the, imb 5 iior.
"emum 1' -llf. rtf.
j1llM4am hirUl, that Mr

tMVerto tly Injrd, but
tuave'him trtm death
r;Tio heopltal at l|gh
|,|r N wrm s t6ed atbord
bbut 4te4 en troue.
al ,ee, and hie num-
5Si prIJugs d aelse-
o the aseolident with
a brother. of 3r4. Cel.
Sity, wbu went to High
H W t a te elqra tW*on
Pife Record at Bartow,
to bad at Tamps.
WM&dB of the Emut Flor-
OM l returned to their
St7 h om Barlow Suaday
k'AM settled down to busi.
Sladie Monday morning.
i older the leadership of
bld Major Wheelerde-
afforTampa, whiee they
IV. aton of the South
t the gridiron Friday
aP defeated In a sere of
,a mpa bajn were much
net, and not withstand.
I. pouened the khil.
poa boy did them up

PB? ys propmeeded to Bars
*. ~raurday they met the
Sg enith Florida Militr7
.l.a aterwklt fgame warn
rwe gridw rkllron Satur*.
We1lttod i a victory for
SIlMwore being 2 to noth-

bsll Cutting Tftlh
umetbn qld and well-
M ri. Winalow's 6ooth-

fI or children teething. It
| Jhil4d asolwtonC the rmas,.

Pi. "eS wind colic
rt for dirrhoea.
1 bottle.

and is

otion, K. of P.
r weekly meeting of
Lodge Mo. 20. Kdfghtf
W1 wbe hold as the castle
0NO', bank at. 8 o'oloek
*W* A full attendance of
Sdeirnd, and viatdtng
VP q'y cordial wel-
wil bet work la the ankuk
I J. A. PHuu.n,. C.
sxnm K. of t. &A.
i' "' ""** "

ll Breao nu inlea Tab.
to refd the moneusy
S| W. Groe's sIg-
kW--ki^ M*


S0... ,, t.r.. D U T T O aNd Tw
ir aitver J .," .r o.r ----- r -r iI tripB W.or 8 dson .

1 1 mi.' 1 i :.'4. t r lui" t r

t "utchkUi1 rd unl rbAl,e, i4Lr aA I4I:I I1 S i1ttRl rn t gi all n'artdil tI
"]f thi frea,, it 'aknna itd a hd hen tti t -; r c..,.r, f~v'42 'itfrt. IUIA.,a d Lh in t o

aijndi" Itt hifItra t hii #rl i u al l eC Gin and

Ii ,t w Sitthut a drop ,f u l .it. ee to l to r',,otl t. I ll T lt e a si t "

Nypi t liu t Volli.and r'uard its work. howl'A t t1t i rfunit B rtar nreune v--. dO ^1 ^dJ iliB
ando thj re l io limit to lu4 amount'n,.1t111 f ietI Ai t .i.v*1s, v 4 II I u J A
Ian, p'ron cn lake into thbir syt em clo N, howe d ve Hu aUr.eI1 u t on A: l e-
lett~ r that havy ousi come to our ait- f.r t (^, f, I t Li t riu r .0Aght not r
1'! hio n iaIt l'.. mn ir:itsuit n (i tb > r. t. ...s .*' .. ..
**& e. 1.a '( tIr of u..khart, Iyntn u. watlrl m1 ru ( tion worse Sa

l 1d. 1 writer tfor g k i time I erf* of udiud. wal u vei l to n othti bwt t. Jt
frat withiuI a druap al toubhe anto dit ato Irv4I t1 r In tit d le i .e : f ltI 'X j

yp to gew at ah ulrt frora.m cous h hose rw a rt. ., r sn s
and teoliiterto aOt40 t4(IfI$ S d 1* EhDG em -C siv t ,( Na tnt tgai'tirts.
v'OhIt(PIe 1' i w't ) Lii. n f-itowe for ft Ibedr

it Ufr.atS)1ih disease, aiorr. ae two rA.. edePL$ oe t ipl tr na furrmo

say shes was sore amhI rrltatrld V*-' she euipirt that Jtind the Ot ne S" aind eler wllno a ts thel oa f o amfoe -a ., ., u orA 1 r lI

'a', .. .. <. +. 4 I DL.o.( s W.*eck
S ire. Jh Hokin, Ilanvr of Ebbatse Pya Crui1eaeus ti f ulbe fr qtwaunt n x
ed.rite that Vinol re "d htcln ISol of rilwai dk and au% e $ime nat-tg bt" .

broehtstc from wptih ho han d sulered nre t0ikin h6tan wretkt o rf ntart 1
for N ear* afpr. everythius el bad, -from thtmat eo lun tU"uble. any no.r.t from 11
taile. o afoee the adSeMf oT Dr. ICag'stl Naw, OhI.
S"\e ask every person in t;Alatt ll Wi6 govier+ for ontumptifoq. o hs .. .. IsVI..?,,B,
**feing erm hronia cold^ sougha. nd colds. e th wra.eas s e.... ,. .

1nol on orguar autee to return the Doreheater. Mass., le one of mUFR
uyony iwas or fail. irr W I. V. io,.1o %ho.S 1if S X Z, ty Dr. ELa. O a-,
drAt1i t. New Dipto~s.weIr. *l hlte IraL mIdofer t Is 't
yfitoppvd the eouk@0himuie d ttrr n tteigtt etd oiou d.

r -y- - by a d. Prie. .0 'I4 T lMd.,,,
NEGRO MAKESO GRAVE CHAROtd and (1. Trinl ih frle. e--- ..'.. r |
PrI(Jhnhnt M rlse, Bangoerly Arr,0 A release Ts. *Us Vble WiAk* 6. many 4 if.

PrWeshers of Hi eI. 'he ard Johm It4w, knt owh s m ae ltl mnaSdt. T e
b tpathcell. front .. hi ov .- Atatte th .**Ld Anutlwqurei" me'or tre a '1
Annual conifert;e Arthign Methodis b" ,ld, l ofro thr"at ng I.bles. w T r. .
6 askiuaee' the r SwatqV. Ka 9fDr.xing'. New

p p al chr ,ch. a.In sesion, her, l ^^^1 .i l ey, Iml.',onunker of the m;nt,.U la I P t".
T e cof every vperonin r iday. a.s l, s ,,o , or .onmu .p op, i *:""" **eo **"e *,
President J. F'lian,,., .lrr;s Brows ,,1 ,o, <.,thn, not h waketue with i i* "*....*.......' ,..; ..* *:.| ..+B
ClleRng. is ch mirom n ttf hde nanag md p ehuid.. ,s r tr liinb whtt- 0 ** b-**e .. ****i
chairmanti f rhe w ormeie on Btnti ott.otc red a rapiten areye atul att m "I s **o .

of the country. >tL:htls e.r'r hi.s ndep t^ean. The ...... ... ".... .., mnd, dj j
The report n ducr a tin mdicinll be e to r04 thN 1'extraordnary lrea p o ........ ........T .& dV
tVnol vly do i o ur gu.r e to return th Iiohe:r'n. n. lltin i tle of U ........ ....... .....
Ioney. J. A.4)ial. pr tdlX g elder. At .J ob o 3"e *LI;llf" 'edll r After by I nA. A....... ,..*., ...,,e, ,U 01DK m
Now st0Ne Dinberpy. ur nmady Is

lantm al.strict, preached the anmm| er l Je.:rrut a :. In lved for fry ..... e" ..... .,.. .. *1*
mun last night showig the nfer hala,.l d, r ,iover ." 9 ... .... ...... . a 4d
ence almRO t to eS GRAtVE CHAmonRGS and *$*1.T r
other thpin be said i he nev ro preclh A an.llpation. I 0 g@ '..... w:li';
eA r al a Pa c where fl. InsrRace. health o a olu tsel impo{l{ble if S ft .
ad would not py heir Ga., N ov. debt onti ond be pA eet. Mrcir& t. i ......p..

Adnn atlhonte Ariycan1ietl ot d i ll ious ep of 4 liver and kidea eom- Lt T. o- 0 .T
dTri couleia out top rsy Gy wek ic!on ht 4*
President J. Fla i'i orsBrw3frplaint have prung from neuleetd con- .. ... ......... i T

wse retren t be ore and unprepared a i c n he ht ere ieua- w. .... t... ..e.. e. -- q ..." **
to handle ihe igrn ( asr of the erim- t.o m a il h r e w hat 0w ... i 10 a110 7 tI.. vl IMW
ir.djiHra lr i-I He ubune will spedily re dy ...... I i ..*.. *'1*

Rev. Da Is re ed as oe matters, C. A. Lindsay. I P. .,Broa- .T*2.... sM&- l9,.
Sth mo isnt tllirent a well < elm soam Flu., writes, Feb, I2, Io902 "Hwa* wA P 44' kX AM A *".
In life and character, of any African ing tried Herbia.. tiend it a ine med* .
Methodist. pipopal prWacber I. th.'ain for e." &0s bottle. r.4 ,'77 .-
Sold by W. Ui. Johnson.
e O a T opMhuBme.
Only Makes a lad Mafftr Wor. weather bear teoilbttsvuo in as
Perhabsp yot halve never thought or old Virginia c uietrry bears this ti n,
it, but the fact must Le bAuparent. to ,sestion:
everyone that conltipation is caused t awaity tmy t Ia
kWa r. It
by a lack of water in the ~jytcpem, ad )re I arm. :1
the use of dra ,T enthartier like Hlie Dec. IM ". .. Ii .i
old falhionrd pills only makes a bad A wag pwal If byLad4dd. "dlOt Se f.*r-- jfT 'u P *t;J i;
matter wore. Charpmberiain'a So;m- l" m :1 mast : 'g'
atcand L wr TabletA are muih more ..l . iA R" d T^ O' ,. M,, ,.1 l
in d and .ent.r in their rvfftet, and Neuralgia Pains. A daly. ood ,:, .
when tbh pro(wr dose is taken their hbeumatlap, lumbago and sciatle. l 1. .
IV rveiin AUis U1 0t4M-0Ofm wne di pqds yield to the peuetrating inleenee
,realise n^ s th ,r kc Qf a ae. , ..ift. d fTripf ' i
Try a i2rt bslttle i tit'uim. r'urBl oAlard's Snow Liniment. It pqne- $iGa ) SdilP. G e"
bj all drwaiptw. tr*ltet to the serves and boi.- and be- si xV y, daI,. .
Ing sbuorbl into the blood, It. healing .t
p.irzy starts 'r :n::. properties are conveyed to every part t
A .+, .o. 1 T- I... < oR he body.,and setome woe- SQ UTHERN RAILWAY .
FI 1 '- r L .^ s;', I n tAlbelml r f1. ureg. UMe.u e $1.00. Sold $, ' it iH ^ ...', '
da w e''r:t e:ul.s atf the or pa rt) WORLD'S PAIBn..4. ..p.. ,
that ik W $ l4' \V hiAtcWn to Iaspt 's A the un ulvelsity In hatm ,4f1 t. Tille Yomni t$pes.dim h1t. 't 4 h t tt be "I '- :'--" +,
Athens party, consisting of tChanw ellaM dao sm t c are for ftit .v.'" -t.,. .. j1 'i..'* A
Hill and several member of the fmcut- "6( CuuErP nct,. lien name t"( cart KMr Wbreako Autula1 a:f--a-t.eW hfl r-OMinU ...ltW-'_tlCI
ty w-0 a as the ko t) trustees, will for."- II)"t ro l'r,'r". ll0rrILr, .;)' .i. ; i .
leave ber atturday sad In AAtiant oly U from wtb aUows ran.l 1L.,1 i T"," A.
i.a... ha snart will be f Th1pP.a'.e tlt l r ,, .,r n*. 'l ia q bIttw f -1-?- o n 'n t6 1 o .


~1r~:rJw --9,. C III~r;~vl1wr7flr


That is s he dep and well*founoetd conrction in
S th4 public mkad reganrdin the

Correct Clothes

Co., Baltimore.



Bros. &

They are markedly superior In stilet and workman-
Ship to other makes of ready-to-wear apparel.
Dan's be dsl*ed by the clothing pictures you see
It the marnste udveleements. Take these elaborate
lllIusMSions and eompar, them with th110 AcIe O they
la11 to reproness antS watch the effect upon your upiA.-
'**l.' p1tSorusdn not make line clothe,"* Is one of
410 Selwo e lega. This make of c lothing stands on
W Pnalaef quality aotuAlly found in emih garment.
The slit shews in the Illuesratlon but faintly repre.
Nate Se I ateS *ospe of IPoubl e Breasted Hack. We
have Is In the pbpulr browns and fapey mixture






' m cLTIoi

t '41
L* f*
I~ ~

- I --_:_- ....

Optfer to nlartuw People.
* ; .iT",




::.~ j

We eover these important points arud reiejCtfully
Fune rs aolnicit are of your business.
S i Ua ed Embalmers. r [,e Accidenta and Health Iesurance.
Sa nStus o aftDealers Is
I Famnm s. ua..or stamp, Art --Agents for the-
I tii!i ^ X ~ K j1,,. ,, 0 .. ..,,, I[
-1 k'' .I Victor Safe and Lock Company
I- -.iy h't A-_,iO. nIo fl flti.a O .-1o..
Sy .. _. _o T_..h The "Victor" ,t the boft safe made, and rties ontemplat.
_, b o lr Ig g ln the prehaae of a safe, or fan thlg In that line.
i. attlsMtea from a box to a bank vault, writ save money
Sy. by consulting us. Call on or ddre..s,
Ift u information cheerfully furnimshed. GAINEVILLE, FLORIDA
aftitL2 st t% fl SSt%
IL As. WEIL 4 0)4 J
J1. WSLE ...w.SO iThe Montezuma Hotel
I- ,,! At OOA ,A. FLORIDA.

b qaMUAI Th T a. ,. On the A. C. L. and S. A. L Ryn. V. J. SHIPMAN, Proprit
i," .. wansd". None Better in the State at $2 a Day. Porters
WNW, --,- Apat M eet all Trains. .
we' e mSOAwu.EiS FATOg-e W-bt en in rteed. of
IBlr1* ^yy-" o. Net B I 4

wO Aachuai Pool. Parlor OB PRINTING".
v, or- ,,P, SendAr O r O de* to .

. T.a. ul P _. o.^ .l. .. .. p......, *....
,J... . S. 6 r...In Thre e ,-.. tab.e . ... .. ..... .. .. -
I--'_.= .'w-i-* T-Opabi4IoOrdIllnvlied l e... I f I flflAN l I
Is-; l-i The p be61664d".ly IIvited
Avlr .La. i .. -- *
1' AIR.1W ni


, I'
5.if "h,.". lL '

Ontu to Partioular People.
. II.1- 1 '.- .-

0 ''1 .O

4,' I

I- - ,,

-- ---~-~-`~-~~ ~ -~- I~~ ~-- -- ~- ---

. I

. i


r g l
IU tLrf

is mai| matter

sY vl*I. mird I'M' .. *rr
SCA J JhLLK A.oUrtie I ,lt :
,pp. nvnZrT Citt v it

SmpuflslWhe every m.,ra!r, ez-
IUvre4 bTy tarrt in it.* t l ry,
uwir of she Uo:ted htit es.po
%yaIr: ;iO sis months; SII.
p tol eat ut ltn it week --

tflp md ft onts me cereh *4
& Tdvertli!m r m~e lknomw

SrekSll un Ie an eltht-limbe.
WpiM. pul:bcled every 1non-
st sed containn ait: tbh
vo L t looal. &ttle tad tela-
bolllmi~ed, poaisme free. 1tom n
VISSS StSWS otfCan ad a. f- rr II-00

Mais beo se due afterr rms
II veI r im nt.n ttrl etrwie l
tJrUfWIt. Parole 5o, k Flwn ti
)glete4 to pMv fora dvrtlInrI It ad-
nfl, 3TBMDAlI. SUN.
I,, (Jka llI rLLS. rLI.

*lea of the walit.for-eomething-

jItIling in a minute. If you
iW be disappointed.

Swho start out to learn all
f$lS a bouslnelt and sticks to
*$ worry about "getting out
bn- .

r apl. a arnn who beswoomes
r of a large family receives a
i do Spanish titles help to
y bills?

Kerwin of Seward. Pa.. Is
ro be the oldt voter in the
lbuMe. He Is 107 yparm of age
tieD for 24 presidents.

|tKliad Record says: "The
gBep crop will brine eon.
oer $100,000 into Volusla.
ep will be doubled another
lr bsould Come to the crop

dpefrtment store minauager
to persuade their sales.
SE we In plain black. with
It will be noticed, how.-
to a attempt has been made

peoastioi of railway em-
Sthe Uniteld States increased
IA01681 during the fiscal year
J*o 30. 1697, ito $ ,300iA.O00
the last flseal year, and the
of employee from *I.3.47d to

arse lJIp American teachers in
lMIpplani centered In 83h
l Mrout Jo 931 towns in the
a UhlpelRo. Two thoussod

i lshools are In operation, aud
Iboy the services of 8.000 na-.

ftlIh Florida Preslytery and
B rlyof the Southern Pres-
Church are to found a college
TW The selion of the EUstis
baM drawn up articles of indoor.
,tdO will ask for a charter
paRral act. The iAtnae of
IIlona will be the l'rsbyterian
rI Florida.-Arcadia News.

IlUent of the cheap rates
Ottad from the East to the
uad to California since .1sy
oead. bhare done a coloniza.
ggreating more than 40,-
M. It Is stated by general
aP1nts that fully 2S.OuX per-
beon tnken Into California
territory and that most of
,1109. become residents. It IP
eertled hat 35.000 persons
l*ar settled in the Southwest as a
* he low rate,.
,Lder for 7.000 tons of steel ties
iNrea by the New York ('en.
to the United States steel
" The ties will be made at
Pbu sland will be used on
tl Vanrk Plaaa.i -a u I 0--m

With all her vast terrtlorin adgo
IiftW,rilllO(O populal.tivn, lI tue raIl I
ilrs than half th f 'eiiit iprodlced in
the i'ait d Mtriat ethat i ,i-ptry
would Ilt1i4 lh ,i tlf rSt .ipery aid 1
sar hi(H h .e il iRfa t711 i. i.Js ill 1 rI -
(ar hIT11 at *' ',.,i ,' ,' Il Pr' i.1

n iPr t .i ui',, i t U ftii.i1 r ia F t
Nho i ,- f rt h ei I ; om. r ,rnrr"
if b( I *.,r a it ni )t ,it L ,* ti r r
I i ii L I i a '
;Jli.' t ,4 t ..i : 4; i t . L dt' i 'i
' i".t-. i- .k L r :; t i. i ' ,r' a
. r In :i 1 It f.,rT r ,.* i.

th r ', r
I I r , : t l | t . I |

I ', i lr'- .r I da! t a. i -1 % .
n l ,r..t 'it : :; air' i, ti t1 th*,fr 't 1ri, '-
niflli Th iF 'i- .i, ; :*r iL ii l-
lrtre'i l, i-iti lb i i > t ,(.tli dir z+ltti tf
IPensiHl>ir unid thi y 11ll 1 ly isuiiit-
all Ilie |ifrit aIt gr it l iscoi11ofrt to
tiieni.. rt.maid td tii..rt>, Th-y ur- tt,1,
plil li, who imill le lti|, iti ttiMtr w.rt'
1o0 Chrittmav If yi, uart wi.' y.ita
will L' niore l.appyi flr therre can 1" ibn
real Chfristnmas -iril without l l,')ight
devotld to the things which art given.
Think out. arid tl AI out now, what it
is that will pleas tlis or that dear
friend, and co and igt It. oY aill a it
aisei tt. imunt eyaitnd will make a wi+sr
thole, anid till add real happintsi to
the day. _


city deparmenti stores Lave
the country with the annual

bataih of catalogues. These houses
liave formed a "trust" and now refrust
to prepay the express charges on
gods. This wa predicted somnie etise
ago by many country papers. It is
only a matter of timh until the depart-
envnt store mail order business will be
a closed chapter. The country people
are waking up to their fact that they
can get better goods at a lower prieo
of their home merchants. Besides, if
the goods are not as represented you
are sure'Lhe huma merchant will make
right, and it won't take a month to do'
it either.
If the excavations for the New York
subway were in a single tunnel six
feet high and three feet wide, it would
reach from New York to Chicago.
The track approaches are seventy
miles in length, all underground. The
timber employed would build 10.000
two-story houses, and the rock taken
out would make a respectable imita-
lion of the (ireat 'Wall of China, a
structure three feet thick, eight feet
high. and 600 miles long. Its express
trains will make 3) miles an hour. It
cost thirtr.flvr million dollars.

Hereafter there are to be no more
issues of "crisp bank notes The
government bureau of engraving and
printing litrv obtained a patent by
which they will treat bank notes with
a chemical preparation which makes
the Iaper soft and velvety, almost
like a tissue of milk. The chemical
preparation acts as an antiseptic and
preservative. When applied to old
doenments it seems to knit the fibre
together and prevent further decay.

It has been asserted that a square
foot of. uncovered pipe, tilled with
steam at 100 pounds prNesure, will rad*
late and dissipate in a year the heat
put into 3.7168 oude of steam by the
eeonomie combustion of S98 pounds of
coal. Thu. 1)0 sq uare feet of bare pipe
eorrespands approximately to the
waste of two tons of coal per annum.
-Scientifle American.
. . - .
Locomotives exported from the
United States to Japan in the nine
months ending with September, 1904.
were 68 in number, against 18 in the
correspondindg period of 100I The
valie of these exports for the nine
monthslof 1904 was $442.100, as enm-
sared with 117-1>,13 in the enrrv@spond-
ng niunthei IJ 10:, and $111.162 in
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surly destroy the
sense of smell end cuinpletely deraonge
the whole system when entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Suah
artlilees should never be used eseept
on prescriptions from reputable phy-
sloilan. as the damage they will do ia
tenfold to the good yo' I can puiebly
derive from lhem. nd ll'. Uatarrh
('ure, menurfactou rd by F. J. (hieney &
(o,. Toledol. 0" eon rains no mer.ery.

Sew mtete m4
ies us*wawmutwmllmy romenmailet
witllh eir fellows. Kvne if they Osv
eot 'tilk," liae) eve utsor vens of
CtoiiaUshtastJon 11,nt nrae I t41r u adapted .
to t(h I.r *e* \ a. k.1-w hlw readily
Afs 44 jII.'t.t: lwgr frl. t (I a nd aw
ii, L l.- iti,1 ri) i r *ep l tiim n lrt1.
*tf .r vawI r*orp. l. I.. d, M41nir-
tliit. .mw |ii+.^ *, < 0," tl,, BLTle r l'e, f I ii,. l i..i a l).
1T'. 1 m 0y i. !t. .N iy v fl M ,-
"' ,T,: .;i:i,.lW ro w iii (!,.'!r ftat s by
nI; .,4 Pir1tn4:i I -"' .'.: l t.rnou"h ilhe
of .it. ir ;;* I 'i,,!'r y urlind.
Sri" .' H f 't 1-c i t', tii" ,n*,,vll t iroIn

,, J ,, I. ,., i 2 I I,,' t ii; j
) : *t ?to' _4. 1 n. ..( i A 1 l+I. i, t;h|
jl-e +I Li, s,f" n:., ,Ii .'.!" I Iiuz)m. -Bt |

N it.t- i, i

%r. \"1iLlL.i- ' ',, Ii' Yvt think.
t 'y %r. ll.. it i li twice i:
1.l; :-,1 U 0 ,11"* 4 iy i I;' l.r Ni rs l t n
ih : i, t 1. I n,: i,, aI'ahig I t ''
PtIT ll !L.nliI.:. '1' .ioflrl rw I wit nt
tz, it' .e ( t!L.p "flllnts For IHouMe.
l. ji Hot1Iw i .\l::I e lIainty Il2lh0sw
i';.'m \Wuat W\\ts I .-rt Over From Ye4-
Thc n ( hue.
"'\ .v. I,rt .' .; 1 httr mixtreis. "I
1,01 .V, i to ; i)k 'i r fi n hour
git. :o :ill z.*n it. it |ii terrible disaor.

"YIs. miani. 'inil I dld."' said iMary,
"but the lwastter iname In to put on a
ek*in cullur, namum, and he et lthe

, 1 ',
I .I11

PlFrt In I
Dana. lil al,

Pirl in i

Bottles *olt
Durlnu 100n

The Lar-_t Sal ofa eny
A __m- a -

I inau sa WWW W#

The Anheuserw-Uues lw




The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is a disease prevailing in this
country most dan erous hecaus odecep-
S |live. Many swlden
deaths are caused
by it-mheart dis.
c asee, pneumonma,
heart failure iw
O arplexy arm often
Steresult of kid-
Ssl e v siflle. If
A kilney trouble is
.._-allowed toladvance
._ t .Cl hlAnxal will at-
tack the vital organs, causing catarrh of
the Mlaindudr, iur the kidtneys themselves
break clown and waste away cell by cell.
lad4tr troubthle.s ltmosnatlways resuli
from a derangmzieint of the kidneys ami
a cure is oltaimned aqicket jy a "prolr
tr-,tlitniifthboki (neyf'. If ymi nre feel.
illa i ladly you caln make InK mistake by
taking Dr. Kilumer's Swamp-RIot, the
great kiilney, liver and blaldder remedy.
It corrects inability to lild urine aiul
tscnlinK ypai in iteatsing it, andl over-
omimes that unplkasant necessity of Iming
comlwilleql to go oftcu through the slay,
aIl5 to get up auy time tn durinK the
night. Thie nuild and the extraorlinary
effect of Swa;mp-oot is 4 son realiesll.
It .t:ai4ls the highest fhr ita wonderful
culrt of the most Snsamp-Root is pleasant to take aln is
pWoll by all druggists in fifty-cent fii)l
one'-doilar size itttlcs. Vsia ntay liave a
iailiple tlottle ,if this wonderful "new dis-
covery auI a mh lok that tells all about it,
both sent free lbynil. Adilrem, Dr. Kil-
mer & Co., liinglianitin, N. V. When
writing tention reading this generous
(offer in this paper. lon't make aaiy
umisti ik, but rei imlmer ethe name, Swnap-
Rot, Dr. Kilutmer'tSwun--an Rtot.a snt the
:tlilrct!s, luiLunh4llton, *., .On every
Cream Vertte.

Cream Vermifuge

-1 11::- JLu+.='.. -.'

"The f ueefr T "f fl wa M
Tittle is what you pay for when you
know what you ae bm

.Titles ordinarily Ilvei O .No w 'It"

The- Alach- ty A


Oaf ur -J a KriW. ili 6 1
G .. So' __ St ~ t

G.N> 81 K!a~B


. ,: .:'.f'l
Yirll~ r F ''I
,Ls '3.t2r-

" 'VI .- '

R.esflqsm 7' A

lighees market prtie paid for Obhebme. T

A Complete stock oa? Hm Oasl, L r"
ud Ro. Wo MlW th
gtPRI .ll gM ga


CVS:Vl ... 'a as-au -i r r

fIMC WOMl D 4 iUAS L 7''l'***''
xf^ W 0 DJacklonvrart and' "':.l, i
OT w ii,,il .OAIoil,+&.iR

R MEDuY Clyde New Engand anuid6
TiE flnEgUla pAsPAse eOUY LTV
'em ,.';,;,;, .e ;'R
BallardaSnow Linlment Co.
61T%._LOVE*, U 0-S.' MO,.
IFor ale ,ITV W. Jebmse. aouthboad....... ....... '
> 1, Northbouoad.................. t 4
*rfl_7__ *. / .Y t W WOMEN.t...Sa S,;'a. mi'.^
l,.. bH I. .I 1 ip.... i Yp4.r'1i'..aU I, idi. J cO YS W
P4 m -i. '10.. s 1 l::t Sirt lll Jii oq-

P. C' ^ryrLj.s., 1, r ,stipping as tt e a- Palatk *

!,lr ldr. Comnet.. TueSeam. e n cnrIamb

.- are appln ated ito salt s fellow: Len J.astr B
8: p. m. Hesuoming leaFove iaiifbl d59l p
ase Iw. 3 a I .-
... 0i0 o 1.0f.................. ...Jollfli ...i*. 4*
i:H36 pDaim ...... .......,,. ...*.. -. ;*
!am ..O am S................ ... ..Ui ... ... ,
flee vk~ w~gtbM l~wS fhHena.4 rirml .*eaT-aS*




I -'- "' I .



, "

(I I I

,i . V

~~.. ..I-..-~1

LU ip


"YII1J.1t -1



W Q u bP. jb Qi ', P@e..,1h
ol~~ive" 1Ak~ftIOi t h e 0

*L l )o Hin r i ( l, -. "l.

A il6 . Wv % o .rt. I .'
IUUr we ] M'L 'qU &y.

2' s*t*o~
am .kaMvi


MuW ll


gnnvb.asacfl id
Ms be su eit | n
k W +,-d~1



a _

Air .Jre


Savannah, Coluumbiaj Carmden 'imw
Pines, Raleigh, RichpjT4d, Wash-
ington, Baltirpore, ; hla ".
delphia, N'w York.
'Y I "

Two Elgant 'irni .,

Seaboard express.
.a m t ."


hrgh POlnufmih it lf' i 4 r Jiackunaill 9 W
thil I rmttfvtnt itit Wlkejrt i T oisoi n an'uu a

iQPOW DP' r Vf l'W* 8st It
IO> .M t 'I,',,..I.A .AI .;,,m96 |
i;o Od itA Al*l oi m dw
in the Btfla*brl t luwbtr, tliekt'.tf
..Wlnoheow. Putt0'a &flI or'
isy "sfhes nare g reod N %>fT
*Iw*yi 4TiAre w' p.ays.igirntg ai, Wrai<

greM latuperitty i tcstificd :o by Lp'r4 -
mwh Who iatU' nothestet Paetry Jo19
'Stle ijttrefte"c c to any other rmae,
a r 'i ; 0 i : .., . r . .. r -, i a
A&*L Db A L R 8 K ED P T H t N*
Rdf f buln ai i -Ig

. 4

gi7 '- ":
O r,- ;.'-;;

Z =,Erm .

I. .'~,
~.t Ia'

A a-

I410vat, IS(


.. r A,' .

I i :1 A / I I ,t / 1 < t , ,r '



hnc~ sUE

InW 9h~r1 *6$dC 4

r~lt I




b ra *or JOG *
II h 1; IL* '~ simb!1
ait 69 b~~~kh~AWi~amrsa0Mtjoi eessSbes' 4
- ~ ~ ~ ~ w wpem u nh
~ ~ P SM *.~et *.* Ii.i f '
'' d ~ n: ~~h4 'in A i I I hpr

,J M-l ,,,, MtS'' in hiI3E3EI*t* Afi*** n* '.

Dflw > *o .lo 1, %j,.-'f CHATRlt Bt l IN AICHIUA fOr

Ntllq +h l I-oft. '
No i@, 0 0 :11,1
fi,) 71 4H *.'in ifi NI K I fN JUtC

t q. ) 0t 0 Ot
groit. . 4~oO
, tFAY19%ln9q*+ LM

IfltIfW.,t v: n, iwftr
0-.e"s 0 t. aa +. k .+,

1ff i. t,
t t K~nfor ak too I, 14
. diu01" WiRWbhever
a~ t flOdo" 62tP us 4 /~
.97 .Ag4*jntnngfqg)M


sue.; (' 1 +.'.

%M 1 IM *

J, -" ". $ 4'..''.; "j -- i ,' "
,"'.1 m J[11', t'^ ,+:'^ ,I'*-J. 1 ,.1' # -
s 'i'7< )L lL' ( i? wfJ"- a *.

* a, 1

I .I

I l'eir txlo Flyer Thmros
a* M ttin' a

rI a
I 1b-f9*$$

Alowtto From

l..*' ,4 QiIse dadly. Good sftr dils
MO'ai xa NI. S ,... ... '


vnt Saboard
P. I."
Nfl. rOImJ




k ) .Yk r i w W I

knA.8 Y.

* p.



a go

. I k.) 'i lyl A -W .. , p I 6

, '.+



c1 ~ It

1J' C1~



tlth- r I). \iII91 ar),
b .a ,.'t', i is ~ut ,it t the

pt 4 ', a' n tl ,

lastA bL We
'react to fli~s

Mt ;r an san
f cvs^ .a,will e0111t

eIV tl heyre s
thEflwl hMmP
j; vu LU safl

1 o 0 4
ilW .'lI : 'IV
(hn c w.irlHKlif t4t
IL N i .1
ctP otei l ttdh '
M; ttut >v'?rAoib-

I aourt ld
ft divorce 14
et a.


results un the quick rplief of
PAIN-wbether cmaisd by loli'j
injuries, or disorder of any o|
,the Internal organs-ar
0line4 by uling HAILItf
, ome of the paias whleh ItW
meet preoptly sa4 uccessfelly
rnes, are rhpumatism, seeml*
gJfis b bch, earache, tenthk-
ahl, prai4, bans, mUalde

* '~iu t euratie medl4eli

t 4antesafe, nd eertalm
re"#S or ltersal mA exAter
ma la widl m usr blis to
iev" d4 mo mNtbg elmI
Uke IL Atdrig1eS. PrIe.5Oe
. ii elO htd gssteei,



Ia Ai
44. t\



-wv -'

I 1. 1.


n kr4

Thu RIntr.S

Tlu N

YH I t s Tabnlaton

IPWA I Every 3ahino

p.'4p &UsafNAs lhtfen lIfAnieg t !the
C! l >' sritue of the WorM
I' *: ... ''. .* r. Wsg.ftlhohe iis
ifi iln l ,ir Th :V;; iaa Iny other ia maokiie.

*, .'.. .

THE SUI, OkilsI: fl,

&flAflrftanr A r-a a s s a aama a

V3 --


r ...:

W OdT&lflzAT R
1k". R sv:. CMouIsrTe1 et ,

& It

.AU i dwS '- ..m
i. u. .
* 'GARL O LL '.. ,TI
A. S4 :


Dea' ts. ""

dtl Il < ^ 1 ^
,ma 4h ,t : *', P

a-wallow. o
151 l.* "!^

" ,i. i at.w V .i~ -]

.,-i I' iih

4I L .. -... I

. A o ss m

*togrophs T Ten From Ballootn.

C ,l We L, M lr V.i a .s an a .
V,. N *!c I, k---

1."U L that the M lsr n V r1' d .:i n w, lii to it,
t t o (OWtllM emkaslti rr .,' htu,'It- t.. c.. '4. H. ,Wa. nt.. ev n l
I I '4 "tockrell. m t-M

S -pr bori nao 4,hrlor 7.3 qa lirahi- dI 1rQ a

so b nlas Al d ine d. l e the i t 'rg r -he
AM May to u gOfw.t I A..,,.4.,tI.II ; ,-I Si lt'I t I r(
I1 er, wa entenc ad t ro 19 .vc a
qv giethe pp no n w tentiari. hTt Hurt.n a i nj rt

Oft 'Cent Ansseseent. who. jrjbbed a! white man gam1d
m ,l bNow. .-at h e MiTenir d Khei wlai iv nt p1'or 15 i 'year. Wil- toron

Amlerila Faederatifot lbur rtmaeu, a tre boy burglar,
A alm t ously vote4 to r'was given i years l .d wai pllki J e 'l

tnow out l n strike at Not ia tick Day Since.
m., and to confer on th w taken eve l lek with kid
il p o f the feMderio ney trouble r l tried i ll sorl of med.
.. .ad n asse-ssfIeat. epeq, nor ne of w etfh reli Rev., VG
M rlA ti t t d4 4 p t rl 4
.. y li.ll0'l l o~- ll-~-t t f
) Wr afttHr l V'ared,
V.. 1~rsi bt e w u i nq r 1 yrary. W sine.
S ati F ate dn lur Harf a uro boy bpe en Ourlor.f
bh ir seatsly vot4 to0 rheu ia tli ,x eural I liver and kid.
Sh e are TI. JW11 t.
SeStbil Wti c ( 4a '4 ,i. ,, .

nor urted wt on tr e at C Not f iun nere. i omesa tc
I eetlioe fileng td .y trouble. h able tio d11 Ieo ofr suI-

ha At f l d q !.aiithave adihomes..,
m., 6, 6,tor N d.-,w o It, ti r ie e d .an

b 1 tfr t "A *u rhwur'Thr aee Areurted for Murder kid
.'i r ,iL n'j j.. a'Tvh.e 7- I %
a r m o r s A IM l a flgn c a- .Ana\t *I'.i ,m^.t t t 1 T

m"al rR ue'tr11- ,n..lni (t ill m ini r, tinl a J I .' ;-::1 -) "il i
j fo. j .r. ,sP.t 6a t.,T,.,, HUA'c uITrt' .. "e p m ad i5
Scasher of h1ie At- 'crh r A r a rrs 1iUH/ 1,l i M,, .Ia
LIM, Was indicted on'9t r.'&att YO C"hmSLe4mZijad
eourt of r general seisiong ", ., ; ,; lun l Far"bust:., lao' r e b sfn t "
* o for draraions aan M.1 1c liy 'lu' had bu ms S nor p i ,'
iThe ,.lrowesta pit.* C' " ,, s: "13 i w dtoB n I

he iMr- Wn an a lurba rn. I 1 h w a


- r* Al' .,

- m I , -,,

* ,

I I i:" 'it '069
~gi aaiA&e~i*'

Sll lic i- n
m*tC atLJ.. . .... ..... .... ... ..

I a 1 1 4

Frme Recimingl hbai

and will iM Ny

bell K'verythin inu the Groery
*e@:l ohg4ewuRsit~i il-k .A

I ;Y10. Ii ;

. .i ,

il .a_ d-Saw

I*I flti 4r11 i1#1 fl a
Hove, Ar'a i mt Qa1 4)
;.. iieseas Role',..
ine wall- Street. .efist 1' 1il '

ts, rye, pot ieW pneapples
*a ws. peaches. pears, plums,
e :. and all kinds of iegeal

lng (;, *:,W].4

WCoast Ulae for a period ,fi
Ms arrest last Jul2ramuAlfi
mot In Charlestn on an a
k3I' %

E3. a tn a s r
.... Raong In Illionis.
i M.--,iT>WrlAt qr ,,rk..AL

ILv ......


r -. -.. -- -: a n mwram

q a .1 I *

II -11*


p ~
n.h,' U


...... ...... ..- ..W wille aMd pribi ;
-- W-o 1.U' uridgnl -

W :,



- ---



1- W - -- --- -1



-- A a



rF'" ..


r *

i!u )a ie%, Newril V

go Oe'. t'140t and 104i -
S n ef4ir t4 S ld t*.
Sl V TwT o w Iay' 'nl!y.

I 3USE Parlors
b amlnsatioio Free.
Swin l t k (imli)nIc i fre.
NO it M IMl. .ext
Srrft lop* -1

nI Y U t.
1w fAND

$ basal latal fuoath-

sppmdad What is Oelt
Yme id I Shore Paaragrpls
I e We im Nuns May Reed"

iu lm & KilL
ratper for sale as The Sun
i lliams of Wade was in the

of Waleo was in the

- Wonderful Salve for sale
lueam &A Co.
nXI. Foster of Alselius was
t visitors to this city yester-
Sa" rys a clever young man of
sit a visitor to this city yel-

J. B. Wilcox of Early Hird
S*eish to his family in this city
Jioiih Howell has gone to
r eshe will visit friends for

l--Store Royal Cook former-
.1. Address Thomas V. Por.
l illle.
plan meures least Cuba lands
Write Ciba Land Club.
Via. d0tw2t.
sf H. T. Chester OT this city
to Lake City, where he will
Psabody High Sehool
Sheriff I. C. Walker of Bell
N the vidtovs to thle city yep-
"Iaving comne on offlial busi-

-Mathushek piano, used
months. Will be sold at a
, Adresoe J. B. Pate, lrown
lI1in's Stomach and Liverc
'r*e blooming a favorite for
Streublee man onstiplion.
bf all draggists.
Clenammon of Wannee was
ve iitotl to this city yester-
h5led at The Sut offlee and
hM esbseription.
.ibpe and 4(. W. Everett of
frN agreeable callers at The
yesterday. Mr. Pope ex-
0to remove to Old Town.
bunch of keya on the street
*.The name L. A. Greer is at-
the keys. Return to thist
be asltably rewarded. tf.
5*k of Campv!lle, VW II.
$1 Roehelle and W. F. and
hash of Trenton were among
Stored the county capital
'lS JYesterday.
iNe. B. R. Colso]( have gone
*- wheote they will nmake a
to relative. F rom Bartow
'proceed to Tamps, where
hike in the sights of the great
a Paitr.
410e of Washington, N, .,
Sbut pleasant vislt to Jesse
thiseity. has resumed his

.L --

Imurer with ,shmas A Hill.
.1 M1. l% 1,0i>' s 41 1 ih i $ pril l wars
M onig (It % \ iorti ti. .,s ,iy e0tirty
s' *il! 1 1 1" :.T I; \ l ). f, ri ld sitil%.4 1
,I lt r<' i II,l t*ll r ,,,- IIlir 4 ty -i '
ts-r.' a

t,, le in -,trday l th. er i brr, f i

rmunlo I r% t -U)h it' $'o 7k. s., P
lo or -mnl -. l All it k Fini ,tL. uI b taUt aba,.t Iw U ,,-,I.
t ri v h .,1tr.i, H' i -h.' e i. at a 'rOfr. lar v'y., willih the fI)ll orches.
lihargniirt %4dtr,. J. It. I'tate, Ilrwnr
I .-. d I. Ir l assisted lp )y Mtert, ':hase and
] .\ l1 .-ulj,, liltit. 'X.., ,i V ?I\ ., r. A l im;^y
j l ivierm this evening at leocilk it the
.1,. u ,In'ton ityc' itr I .t1f' Je to J 1. Fi lely Chaptcr oyter supper
this sly yv.Sin rd ht utiso li h side square, l'rter building.
th ty yilrdy. Fine music and deliIous ojietrs.
Amm1 t111 ; viitonr t o th cit y Snl1- Help a glorious cLuse.
dly ws Janit ?-ASmithson of ) rarklin
etin Jr-. iesentative of the Interk Te good people of North i 4ine- 4
ir n. ,i rn.l.r1 ll, rII-i n f ,, th et(. It r ill# were treated to a fine. rmu n li a
panyt wlit It tin a vii to1) C. War- te Norit tal ipwvilf It S unday
pauy, Rhi W,, ot a visi to j). (. %ar- evening by llev. Mr C'roier The hell
1111r was emfortably tilled, and those Who
N \ 1.,ttl.lleld. formeierly ofr this attended state that it wasonerof the
eity but inw a resident (of itlackhear. most interestinK diseourses delivered
Oa.. where* h* holds a Ite rative poi- in that suburb for some time.
tion with tli.. t*rai1.vv ( npany, was The Sun acknowledges an agreeable
registered at iw it rown llouse yester- eall yesterday from WI V. Tin1111 of
d.-y. Camprille, an old and valued sbsedr-
H M Teneh. representing (G. H ber. who renewed his sraberlplion for
(terber. shoe, Oineiannati is at home another yjer. Thi i easn amsMal hab-
for the holidays, after a useeelful it" wilh Mr. Tillmem, who delamsw
trip through Alabama, MliniuIppI, be enjop the paper toroughly. He
Arkantas. Louilaans Tens ad ofri ltews at the erops have beo. good
State. hIthrMuEbo t the t tEd SWhi e.-

Ten..**. .e*****. *n*ne inn*P e

To Improve and Presmerve

a 5


INuare with (Cot A Hill.
C W. Wells of Alt-hit i.1 A I'A .
Iliflrary of Mitoini; y Vv$ 9 un11*I' thi e
vTiitors toR ft,, Ily I 111
J3. I'', Itif,1 s i .' mI r ,ir! l ri r '

it 1' IC o m r ,,f I 1 l .1 1, l ir l* -
H shIter ag m lo r phl 't 1 1Ea s'ow '4

h lial (cin a P n atitny tIt pt ril p reteray
ror Pi ] i. It.I j p.. h f1 * u -...

'tM r mqrgpum 4
tatiral fl 1


-WI )

Mt Il salmntiHtle by J. K. BuWKlfli4 (I, S A
4'*meeo4 .*Seflg

"THE BUSY $tOBE.'. f.



One Price to All.

Fred W. King of Jaeksonville was la with the resl tha t the platiers are tKLTS, JACKTS.,
the city Sunday. He came to sooe*. happy ad wprope .Aroo. ow ,
pasny Mrw King, who has been hers W. M. n. oaof Bel l mwas among WATBL
a visit to her prvants. Mr. and Mms. the riseg oi t his ely yesterday. Mr. HOSIRY. 00USTS,
0eo. K. Broome. home. Friends of Thems Sates that himself a meaus. PDR8X 000 sLEA,
both Mir. avd MMr. King were glad to her of triedsh le week parti*lpated TR!IMMINGOS, LACU.
se* them. In a big bg t .durlag whiek they killed MBROIDBRIKS,
You are Invited to *s the grande two flee deer and as may dfle dueks WOOL 01" O TM N ,
display of fancy embroidery work ever as they eemid poeelbly e. The bhat.' W OO W1 V S .
shown in Uaiuesville, by an expert lg la int Wes a nd io Laaneste TABLE LId Ml, I UILI
lady operator on a Whit, sewingaln r TOWsLe -A.l.
chin, from Nor. to bee.. 3. lalI.* elmsy, motel hbe SwsNme flier, is TOWELS SPRlt,
villi Sewing Mehline Co.. E. Lib- espeeillly be* this smee, sad is ats* RUGS, All l.,, 's
erty street. d-13t rtresing a large number of iportmea. PORTIElRK. $ILANEls .
Dr. B. P. Itiehards, eshher of iut- ..- -" "- 11 t- WINDOW *lSHADB.
ton's bank, hles one on a few days' | g m V -----
hunting trip. During his absence W. I V PRICE TO AL- T
P. Garrett is employed in the bank. E PRICE TO ALL t
Friends of Dr. Richards. recognizing w P S the LveS F
his superior nmarksmanship. expect to
lear great stories upon his return.
Phillip Miller. formerly of this oily 1 1
but now engaged In the wholesale At, L I AL a i tKwte to fit -l.'
grocery business of Jaksoavillel, was trdw w. hp. tpofu i
among thel voters to this city yester.- MAslohap, boa sow g800g to I a0M 11
day While the friends of Mr. Miller CUAPET STORE 01 RN ITeL i- bule- ,..s.
regret very much to loe him, they t -- % wil. Pope% frieads will be toaw lea
nevertheless will be pleased to learn that he Is e *jlag Ut$ tNes,
that he still registers from Gaines- IrUanaIUmmtC. a the. seve r 1e
.i.i, D. O. Wl' eer. Ue *Ioer "taM 1
ille. salemea" of *0 IteraaMoitlo wm
Attention is called to the change of r-Vesmag MS0 p he
advertisenehit of the New York Rack.svsti Mah s O sps o
II k-his home In this ith h nWs
et which appears elsewhere in this i. I ITIIF I M a vit to Gen ve
sue. This energeto firm. which lsaimns Uad other sestso la tret lcoteSt.H
to rum the '"heapest store on earth," I his maebli. He reports a Su
are advertising furniture ass a d eaalana thts t'meSatr
ty, and guarantee if they cannot give MEaEe ladkEIIEio .1eea anU, Eia 1
better values for les money to quit eoElUmooEimodeEsiIn *amm J
the business. The line comprises IoIwingI sag hr.odemlagI their mne
everything in furniture from a kitchen. overyl emn. Thae stopg thi rbe
chair to fine bedroom suites, and those
who are in need of furniture would do We desire to call the at- good during ths eslen n u *a
well to call. tention of our city and sell everybody is happy a 'd p4"
WV. 1'. Moweley has returned from country friends to the fact iluse rmell trbar who
Tampa, where he ha M been for tho ps tha we carry on our eon4 hat bee Comdrlia 8for ar. tm wI
few dayson a visit to J. .(oode. Mr. that wecarry onour econd ibeskerigtoomeot i
M[useley visited the douth Florida floor which is 30X:O1 feet] eppeidleille, was compelled oiae. |
Pair. and says it's one of the nest col- one of the most complete so an opreion at the Odd. erlwt, W
elections of exhibits he ha ever sen. lines of Furniture ever Sal"arlrms Sadsy. Dr. 4,. r.* Ml.
lie was particularly interested in the shOWn in this .Aection We Kimstry. who perftond m e eWt, es,
live etoo-exhibit, which he deolures sates that the pathet heml up nasA.
wa as flue as could be found In the have a beaultllifull line of Bed ably well for one of her at iadt is
countrwheinga native of dinKen Room Suitw from cheapest rauned to so tht he is i.ui as
world abounds and prospers, he is in a to best. eMilly as wold be expeted mater e
position to judge of the merits of such Reed and Oak Rockers of lrmesametar w isteFia Maust us.b
an exhibit. R t hat r trill also be gratsl d at the last
- -..--- -every description, RattaB m atio tiat ,she e throh pb with
READ THIS Parlor Suites and Chairs. suchcu se, ed hope to ee her ou as
S. Chiffonniers, Book and aspi s at fw dayrs.
fledbone, Mis., Sept. 4. 2 w4 Combination Cames. Amo. ithe visIors to )I ths S.14 3(3
D)r. E. W. Hall. St. Louis, Mo.-Dear Iro n B -the be L 8 day were rndM.J. I.AFootlm
Sir: In reply to yours of a recent Iron Bthe, I oJekodytie, whomaide abrief 0 litl
date in regantrd to the emfficieney of election to had, in white so the former's parents Mr. ad Mrs.
Hall's Oreat l)iscovery Ma a kidney and in colors. L. N. LaFontlsee. They bad tSo We
cure. I ean -safely se that it is well w- I n t -fiA different Hawthorn, amd were en route hom il
named when they call it a, W N t:leaving Uainevilre Monday mormlteRg. S
I have suffered with a weakness from kinds of Matting re- ar. Laonlee iswho for nday Frs l. i
the kldney for years and have tried 14v ttaAn anr Ldontiee who for manyer I i
all advertised remedies for the con. ceive, and patterns and was ity Mand sselate editor of T'e T
paint, as well as physicians, and iftall's ic ality are a11 that COuld Su,. is now holdinlA de pl.
Texas Wonder i. the only thing tbat b desareli "don elo ly editor ot The Tioel-Unlqn. Wi!
hS ie. e reliefI ought to say. *ll 8 t. to th s per :
(fl'. Ho,.ra. Cansh, but the price is such *uoeeti of the loeal department of
a TEXAS W NDR as to pay you to bring the nVorkas great daily.
A TEXAS WONDER. cash. '- .-. ... ""
,On, emall bottle of M,, T.Ies w,,- W uhe z alpsipil to have r. ft ro Y1r=.][
der, hall' Great lDifoverTy cures all WOUld e pleaed to0 have C. C. VO Y LE,
kidney asd bladder troubles., removes you all l and give us a look. (u(le Ivarpor. tMaunser)i.
gravl. cures diabetes. seminal emis- We alSO Carry a full line n ra i
..i... n.aa a*r lame hacks. rheuma- iS fsvdr ilirwouz arnfl Tnaarc UAIftlAS L iftTtrial

* 'C.~'-~\' I.IIwITr1.;j~1

-. .* I

T. P2
.i ..,
..; .. ,.',,..


1 ... : a*!:
A 'p
I.n. .':. .4


.. .

,. ",. i ,'

rihes .

I *et 'a%
umvb l ,i*1 .

W'a rram L miae

': ,"'
.. "' 1: ,.'.
" .
-.I' ,I '


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