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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 20, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Follovin; Ot eamhip Comes to
ibr Reliof In Nick of Time.


Tit Mahawk, a eoat Plying between
New Lendir, Cenn., -ot New York.
tBurnd to Water's U de-Twenty.

WWW TWO 0 44on *sar"
S'A "r New YorNk, Nov. t-While bona4
a L 4 lim Be m 1 a O one of
her eNtlar paa eae p ft this elty
a. now Ado., Cao., the freight
Mqbawk. of tohe central Vet,
*a" rl 1Be, took iste, of al rtoa's
A I'. I .. vaS was bIrai d to the
i ", ed4gs eeariy i9o Hr wr w,
S** tho WSt*MBs. wua rescoed by
6 P0*l*. iteaUmuh sad takWn to Pall
: "" Mmt It is* b.lved the Mo-
4.1 f hIwk will be a total leao and that lit.
0 tMk, It may., of her ear*o ,11 be saved.
0 T Uhe Mohawk left 1r York last
$1W tsIRW Wit h a fll eatp of general
!* b nlose. She hadl 2 persons on
1.~.o... l0l6udlng two. women.
SAs bWe passenger ateamer passed
Sato n' Piai, th lltgthouse keep.
AP ew or am eds break g tra(im the boat
N P .u a0 few t malutte. late' .he was wrapI
kt M *d l- a.kes.. -AaulfUfee was near
!w VA 'A ttad Iha the foa.m of he all Rlver
tifler Ie ton, whhiej bad closely follow.
A ll.t~he Mohawk down tl4 round and
"I'' 'Ibd 0 QS board the b.II at steamer
lW lth the one exc ltioa actod, lre
W fl O taken off.
..... *l, "* S i a Kbad jte 1 beyond aI'
pIW Ic mpa control, however s a tlheO vessel was
S* abadoneSd t wo her fate.
A feiw momiau lnatcr th'I Baoton had
resumed hro laterainptd voyage there
IN~I, l #eWae the stoUnd of a heavy explosion.
nd a mattss of bla.lng dcJbrfs acomnpa-
f1 1 Abrat of flameu Ahot up fromn
SPAW 91 'the. center of the Ctnano:culd freighter,
Stwol tt* r OA Wer.cbmcn who wcs ,ii lin :y' when
SI the Aaes* Wtre gic)vtr rud failed to
H llBlan| M f~Me) the Btto, whe she I(lod W
' ".'igfti-,' .. to gire a&lsaacc, tud it Is mupp<+out
a'". :i aa--O # a. that he loat his life

Ipenk '.aSR Jteat

,a t s of th dther

$Vlhmka )usoeeban.
4 Ott^ bp te bigge4s poilticsi
W,4ist iWA,. , wTen.
W Ofl .ic r IN Sr ,rINWS rao

SWI N aoft nlw All
ben. S,.-4a.u
hat, ali T ur..
OW9' Yo0rkhbayv.iagbe or,
Sbthe eaoum.lsilosner -n.
a IqMFll0li ane heas *st ab

te esl blidLmIg am isa
pet, .t
bltirn to "#e oollk etor of cut.
t lll .. Is tihe pa'Mthe biitid states
P,~st f"as nai thrioly enfarc.
f' t1' iaigts^ o r, *laws or or.
SMPCv'ellgoMt will tok lutot the ao

^ ilT eit elofalel ens In this bpoa hader
61~a nd wil keep a 'close r atbch Wa
arrival at: llegitlmate alied tn
Waipln a river' trike.
S!ov, 19.- The atrlke t fur.
i r M rle r ~ wl whTchk ld. to

to othr fa crle n thl i t he' ftntm
,Iiival of Mllll ad e alt es.
msataonrr Oree, J'lek.

WIh ag *r.var a.kt i kL..e ..-

The Moha k vWas tiul at (Chm-ter.
Pa.. I lo, tti' She waS <.f 4;i0) iat t ln
and 165 feet iA lngillth

Calan that His Intsnticru Ware Hon
eat and Good. Fla.. Nov. 19.-Thr ecal'
ebrated case of t ie I'. Ie States vs..
Jot. K. Smith waA conclidei'd at Taila
,ltat teb ib I n 'tiin ;t, w ;.' .i (t1' j':ry
returned a verdlict of ta'-rintlt,
Smith was formuer:y dtlt or mwnd pui-
lisher of The Comnt!htwivi. oft MauIi!
cile'. iPla. ; at w#aI lIlut,':,l for tiderv.
tis a sechtuI' to dufraud lr ,it vitlattln;
the postal laws and tihet n"aI,:
to further the cheremr, In 11]1 Snmith
rent out circular ltt, rs ofiT-ring pr|i.v
of bicycles ant watc'f A1un11 receIpt
of 25 subscrlptllon aiu one dollar each".
also olfering ai' i.t s $ a month emil,
peusatlon. There a5 ntzs wv'r request.
ed to take up wori an-1 secure ap u
agents and the res'lit w :I that an .:,!.>
lIs6 chaln was fOrnait., amnI tdIring uti'
year Smith rece tvd tai lIstg'gate oti
$7;HIO. employiniK a la; number tit
maents and -tlti-l' iin Inlg *.0, woitl
of prmlu'tm:t., Ills r rt'ation was
bu!it up to 10,om). lElht witnet -06
esttitled that they w'c e not pail a!,
alreled to by Smith.
Smith dtl ,ki1 r rradl;ielt IItiV t,, anil
Mays he wais f'rrced Lt" sttimNpld i. l
intsa on account or fttac'st. of th
JuldgP Pear1m chargeit It'e f.ry t'i
base talvere-dlct upn tde'fueart'
InteutlnI"'n ti -ihefn1,'r
The former trial r10n ', i in ta a t

Dunean's Appeal 'Denied.
?11lAi* A"e. ..- sup>ren1E
toturt Thntrt.-, I' no i' li h .dt I I
rra k l i;)tr i t f -r 4 'I ,', '" r ;
ther reason tli tj'e 01.r x .n I. '
I Clcq+' i ltlrd i,;/ ,:j,. swa l Itat*0 1ti! t sji: h-*. IA .: .v In -lo Fe

-.. .-. -. .., -.. i -^, .. .. .^ a *


Jqmwee still ueay Semnardang Pert
Toklo, Nov. I.-i p. mt-A WIegrem
frota Mol reports the destruction of
another Russian ramenal and wmagaxne
a Port Arthur.
The Japanese dineovered. It is said,
the IcLation of the arsnal Ia the lo-
cality and they succeeded In blowing
It up.
The Japanese are wilenlng thetr
gape, and are uing ti .m to u mov
their inam forwvrrd.
The Russian. continue their spirited
sorttes. usingl hand grenades lu In ir
attacks upou the esappers.

MSOOO Japanese in Korea.
Pocisett Bay, SIIbria. Nov. 19.-A&f
oaNlug to the lstlmates made here.
*Olusive of the garrison of their

Yaul river position., the Japanese have
E5,0" men In Korea,' including 00 at
Gemas. 2.300 at Hlambeuns and de*
t4tmentt at liamk)ong, whenoe scout.
Is parties go so far as Mukdea. The
disacntent of the Koreans is I(creaot
la. Casoe: of armed realMtance to the
Japanese aar reepurted. A fierce north
wst gale Is ramgei:. oit this uoast.

News from St. Peteraburg.
St. Peterabunr. Nov. 10.-Tbe newo.
papers today dievoto long articles to
praise of Liettienant General Stoessel
and the heroic garrison of Port Ar-
thur and to a ge-ralr endorwmeunt of
the move.noht s artiel at Kleff for a
iatlonal aubrripi ilaon in behalf of the
families of the killed ndl surviving de-
feaders. "
The recall of prisolnrw exiled under
0the former rgtime by the recent ad,
milnttrative order iha- led many pw'r
aonsu to urge the raising of technical
state of slige which .xtti in moSt oi
the large ItuIAlan crtiet In order to
provetl the posaiblity or summary ar-
rnet and puniAhmqul outlilde of the
retgiilr !iroce ls.6 of law.
A dispatch from Gentral Satharoff,
dated today. asys that during I hi
VI"t the Japal U lit tatrckeld thi Itu1-S
alan posillon In frutnt of liont'off' hill
hut were reoilted.


Prisoner Tries to Kill Wife; Then
Ends Own Llfe.
Chicago. Nov. IS.--leld before Pu-1
lice Justilc< O'*DonoglUo. In the W1~,-t
Chicago police court,. for aintning hlI;
wife, ('har,', 8hy' :., In the presence'
of the court and unirroandl bly police
men, ihot twice, at his wife andi then
found Instant death when he stent a
bullet into his own brain.
lrs. Shyck was lattlug with her
aiutr. Mirs. Banuhorn. ten feep from
her hubsimnd, with her IT-monthh'-old
baby coolug in hetr arms. The fArm
shot aimed at the mother struck the
baby in the right arm and grazed it'l
right side. This deflection of the Iml.
let avied the mother's life. 1Mr. San.
born was not hit, but the morontl bI.l-
let went through anoilh-r wcuman'. hat
and grazed a pollrenlan's car.
Three policemen atioUtmpted to selze
Shyck. b;;t be' ,r I'-,y fould hbe puti
the muzatl' It Wi a:wq n in his mouth
and fired.
Surgeon say the baby will recover
although it lost much blt 8hyck was X3 and hil. wife ::3 years
of age.

Reward for Lang's Stayer.
Birmingham, Ala. Nov,. ,-. V R.
Lang. auperlnterdIelt of the mine.. 1
the Tennetee ( Coal. Iron at ail Hai!rla
company, at BlIW-ton., who wa. Ih-ott
from amtm,,h lat atturday nighl a*
that ptace,. lird hea'e from 1h' woT)und,.
No airt' .t have he.' n nsinl al 8 I 5
andI thers is no inta.til Ji'A" as I.,
who shot Lang Tti'hsh rtipnup' las iif
ferel a rewardl of $t.Qi) for the arr '-
of the uiltly parties. l.antig was, a
natlv of Pennti) lIvaiTia. but camlel tfl
Alabama some nmeithts ~,rn fuam Vil

Want to Move Chinatown.
Sau Frunclnao. Nov. 19.. 1it:1u a.
tsa) sWeck of $'. tu.0.0jt a local ,orn,
sy ha been ltinorporiate for the -,..
a '*1f kml |lan e s ....,.a .... .




Five Purilying Tanks Burst 1'
Heart of Chicago.


A Large Number of Bodies Have ae
Removed From Debris-AllI s6ineM
In Vinetnity of Gas Plant Suvspena
for Fear of Another Exploslen.
Chicago. Nov. Il.-Many Ilves anr
believed to have been lost, and a slu,
ber of men were probably fatally la.
Juried in the explosilon of five smll
puritylns takak leased by the Pew
pole's OGallght and Coke company at
Isvepty-fourth street and South 0Mi .
cago avenue today.
There were from 13 to 0t explosta l
It is reported that a brick buildlag
eontalingf Ave tanks and 20 workime
completely collapsed, burying the muo
and crushing them to death.
The exploslons were so forceful that
for a radius of half a mile windows
were broken and all of buildlgin
thrown out of plumb.
From fear that the explm lo s might
continue and the explosion of tIe twN
big tanks which hold millions of f'V
of go., no one would venture ear
the ruins of the plant.
Calls were SnPit for patrol wagotS
and nlibulan, 's to every station an
the s auth side anil a unorral alarm of
fire was sent In.
Ptrsous living In the vicinity desert.
ed their homes and nilotr-khefe-nrs lt0
their stores, all Ifl(ing wlth whal
valuables they colitl 7 h,
One of the warliuien afllr the disas.
ter 'xiyvmreed a iwi'r ih:. at la st Im
of hids companions ; :, il .,'Ir l'ves.


Broken Valve the Cause of a Fatal AO
cident at East Dover.
New York. Nov. 19. Ftur nr'n Ml-
ploye'd In the plant of lhio Dover Rook,
away and Port Oram Ga(.4 ronipaly at
Eaut Dover. N. J., wbr, as hypisxted to
the meter room of the company Thuw*
day. The accident was catitwed by a
broken valve in the dtrip pipe iitndi
the floor of the nt'ner room. Tha
William Bulmer,. Fla S. ('hambfr-
lain. Otto Rid hhum, ( tv ---.
Bulmer. who was 70 years old, aad
employed as a fir( manl. %% 'tt llroult
a trap in the floor to flx the- vaive and
heI wA, k-isrn i verconmI bDy the gas.
Chamberlailn, the engineer., went tO
Bulmer's aid. and hie, tto., B st ove
conie. Then Otto Eldsltihm. of Oar'
field. N. J., and a man known only aM
(u tav. who lived In Ptratrson., trIed
to re cm-t their coinr1te'!-4'., ht lost
their lives In the effort.


Prison Commission Decides to Grant
Her Clemency.
Atlanta. Nov. 19.-Ma-ila [ l[Cri
the white woman who has bernu servtng
a two-year sentence In the state penl*
tentllary for obtaining diamonds and
jewelry, tinder failm pret ,nse'. In Be'
vannah and who was knowtl as the
"Diamondt Queen." wan granted a par.
don b) the prison conumiultn on the
eve of the e'xt'lrati tIon of her ~sentn1lrce.
The romlni 1sion evlnklrti l[ ilf'rle
to take the chinc.* and bshow c(tpme
ry to th, woman nl the hope that It

wouml aid her in taking good fher ext
preed Intention of leai!inf a better
The pardon. wh,n rrr1.i l'Vld! Ii
Ith, 'ntrumlsion, wea promptly grant"
Iv'ATn in the orI' er FTA(o)fniSar..
ed hy tGovernor Te'rrell.

Lawyer Amiatted to Sail.
(;Cailiuvlel Ga,. No' 19 .In theI
Pr11l of $1h.ii.O, Attorney W .S Parli,
in P)olni'it lawyer of ('laytogl in 1I
hIln C',lunty, was admitted to bail y
.I$ul' ,!. .I Kilmney. at' the called te"l
Otf qiur at tliM inxmm oflamrofd fO tb' 'Jo



. .

4 ..e '&

"s1 0ta, b p htd m wn
S, u femlld to, b ik let lawe o
pp Pn dneb., muslem W A few
Owl$...I1As0s 1U lsteP# oWf 4,OT aItt Ar
qbfr,S mad ow *ome wHrry Mehich.,
who hasl Jon flelbhd a l*x-sonths'
in. e*~p"I iLbst1 mlsW for malleoiumu nl-M.
-# Wimei Who lohle, who will irw b oo empllMd ito
saij- L i- 1f;s. la It Jall uptil Ilse sprlio eirm of the
.406s er11tr upon p eh rgrl ort aatult
. 1 "ilt al bec as wils into In o meair.
* glai, 1OT,. 17. MeNIah, who was serving his ties
(MmNkN. WIr A. la the Putton mlao, was takek Into
* AIW* 1. MalhmI4 qu. oly .e mluteo hbi llme xgpirnd
h1 s mlotr for teb trIy Dpupy fnixrU6 Mo8Con 1and mar
Spay OCht..lM.- I raied tfor JTssllqe Smokes pt LA.
i Ol wmb ro upon the ebhare of sault witb
.p sm4,al Intn latni to mNoer, wbh* hi wa re.
g, (,frtim Sed t44 teo jain uada r bond to awaim Uth
N,* in *W OS h m1te1 of the oellealt eot. Ito l very
h mWab* UMP Iblr unilhly that he eon Nurn the re*
-.M T. two quit l beed.
ten hew al so ,h .
t Mr twsas, Mr9. Not W aick Day Slnce.
SI *Was laken sevemly ilek with kid-
p a rat espel Miy trouble. I tried all sors *of suei
-m. ~ .ba w om, aoes of whieb relieved me. On*
.* day Iaw n uad of oeer Electrie Bit.
)V, ,. ..* ors *m4ad determined to try that. After
Irf W MmPp iMag a few dam* I hi relived, andl
tsqll p*h tm hberhn was eN41ly uered,
.h -m _~,l s" ast ance a ,Sek day soel.
t*w I, S* Ncg* cet miscA* he eeoveaud of
dWN Ih amems, &m-Aig-, I 4 s0t k M-

, 7:! r,". . .

I ^"^^F^^ iP^^iifm
ul sh"y" i'

b.ftb..mkm. iad

,t all

sasle Nois.
Sqlioelem within WW F e os uvalnag,
I. al t o, tee twill b b.ld *I
th smteasg dik tode, whe h
UqPIMlff .0 UimuMpMt1o. Deod
qti .hO M W lrlI. o .l
be) b s*rod -b te."mcMnt lie oa
mi. On s ThAraty mwonig the eo*
ulee. wil mel ms *eod*u= as

t .aboo r.w. 04Oow. b N .

Item ... w0, ..on, a Is

h v*owft6hih nask w H .ome
aMMtIn o l oe ,n ot fpietlO
,mud eO, tmt oswtlploau all yrdel
we. i1.r iul pill. Me t aIll droi

rta Prtoftus Nov. lt.-The steamn
Meaehura, .isilng Saturtay wtll
er.y ,tihe At lutalmont of Clilnece
tepofrted from the Bt. Louis failr balk
ito Chli. 3.s of the.e who are det
portel er women. munirt huro on
Aug. Oth, with Wan Fvok. a memhct
0tf lons ".al6 company. In adtUltlon
to thesc. ltx o'trl women brought!
be6by Tom 'Yung's cumpmniy will pi
botel .aecmpanle4 by ",*teipn" men
'the atI lpted .to Join Lee Toy's vt!.
lapg uadqr the guise of merchants and
44 the, picked up In CUliformla and

*xy'1 ee hav ,:.- ...--....

em m-Is Weme wle ma at business o. bean-
Ui oa l a H I tityO W er women conm pretty as
Sngmkdau of OQUtnP w ig what will bring about the bhlt
omile(9. A. WosJ of g t4 L atare a letters from two, con-
Ii aW, kir stab. S S thmlM0d NXewbro'u **H' ,.
$h. eared m* per.* Oe" S# It StoppC my hair from tMift
S'o dutit. s' as a dressing it h a no w.
,":i" "lnd.) Trtht A. Trallinr,
T, Mt, l "Cop.ety iot DtltX ,ISIt,
"*6 MoAM o m llSt., Portland. Ore."
i it 1. l-Tt rM of M. -ne lar one ottfe of "~~erpl-lde
ai weptqi with b es t totes mW ha vba r stipfainout. and miy
aio hSU wIT fonud d Lta I mse1iwsaly t l* n from dandruff.
i a t 'u OCra .
Of 'w Iftk At.t fit Wrt tip 1 ,twenty Doctor,
th a tslt. mtteath t.. Portland. O.
t mbrM ed iat idru it.sts, bem t8. Is
L $Wesbrad, at DSMWLO its1= 101e4to1MHIratIIIIHOn06
to be a 'a.s of mwen aid
15. W Selkbrd a C.. Npelal Apatse

j~~ ~~rut f4. > rb1% ',~: ' ~ I- 4Wt


ljjs jB th4lr virtues--anon or thuir
dadly ciants. HJERBINE taken
Oldaurly nillfortai .la ht:,l.t t
thodircatIvoorri:aUli Ii:rf.+ez vuz,1!.
tan. ead o OrEllOUanUW. hadaco.
liver 1*, kep you Ia good health
ef ~~4 6 Nf AMM
us. am aT p,4,.Y

For Sale by Johnson Bros., Gainoaville



The Cool Weather
s Upon Us.....

.Make your home comfortable by
treating yourself to a few Rugs, a
Drugget and a new supply of' Blank-
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Shoes for Men, Ladies and Misses-a more cornm
plete line cannot be found in the city.




ntlnnnIII n nntIn^ *.




V ii vIA I 11
Nortf ol r ai or
Jenwnvltie JaekasrtheS

P. &O.

' Is

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Table in efect Sept. 1. It4M.

Depart FrF
3:45 pm
12:40 pm

High 8prnags and nlater- ju30 a
mediate I'oint Daily
Ocals, Leesburg and Tampa. and 8:40 P
Intermediate Points Daily

2:06 pm Palarka, Daytona. Jaoksoaville.
DaiVy North, East and West
ily ,-- A A--alPn -W
12:15 am High springs. Waycroe, Savannah. Brunswiek,
Daily Allany. AtiamLa. all Points North, East West

3:1- p ,

4~ ^^

,' ***,' .




Now Sold the Nation Over.

,IS to keep It at homes I like lhiavift the duator with you tlwa61. amud
61* beer beeausl .aves you the doctor's bill, For livr and kidney
stroable there i noihln-r toe qual it. phyicills rnoommnuting it and
SfeN0 l heilsatoR in dolng so. if you are ,kptieail itmt iLi writ. OT
ElI bIdy In Hlattleabtur a elty of MOt ouls, and ask them what ihry
Think of i'. We e lwilllng to le.te the verdict with them.


E ci a.._ a i a a W a.

8:15 p m

Roehelle, Micanopy and Citra

9:5%5 aT

8:60a na 7:20pm
Daily HIRh Spriings Dail
ex.Monday ex. Sunday!
Interchanleable Mileage Tiekets, good over 18,000 mLs uf among the prin
epal railways in the Southern Stats", are on sale by the prinelpal agents.
Through Pullman elej, er Port Tampa to New York., via Atlantic tCOW
Line -, also via Atlantie Coast TIn and solhern Railway.
Vvt complete information. call on
J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket Agent, OalnesvllS-

Addrem :
.tl a v Un..s ....I. 1

W. D STARK, 'Tra. PaS. Ar
c..n J. 11 '_ L i- .il t n

Take The Atlantic

I- ~---~-- '

I !___m



. I


2 ; ..!

a .



. i



t Bit First Hoose

,p.. to State There Were
a With Exception of F.
,mSld Short Road From San-
9begrominemt vieltors to this
RI. E. Rung of Tallahassee.
i gs, who has beeii nt a toru
i Forida on official business.
td the fortiliser pllats of
iS Fertilioer lManufacturing
an sd the Standard Fertilixer
Sls this city Saturday after-
reports that both plants are
? up to the standard in the
I saalysis of productions.
A Pioneer Citizen.
Boee Is what might properly
a pioneer Floridian. lie ii
and entertaining Kentle.
spelks with a great deal of
of the pioneer days in
i pioneer days he doe ot
ifr to the days of the Ind Ain
I Wie, for he is yet a eompara-
mi an, having not turned
4!miwt mark by a great deal,
Mthe days when the orange
glory-wheo the guavas and
MWd mbaanas and other tropl.
ildi sway,'and Florida was
I- a tew country before the
AMe world.
i$teon a Bonefsciary.
ti om Louisiana, my native
;1 181, remarked Captain
:luup of friends n the lobby
|||W SNaturday night.
9L IL. at- -_ .^..

tMautrae d by the induqe-
In Florida to those aho To lift
to accept them, and, Kodol Dj
Silded to east my future dell, you et.
Shi 8sate I accepted a pool- ontoms
e aglneer with the Okee- stomach
Company, of which relieved
DlMOtWo, the famous saw the ue o
Ir of Philadelphia, was P S8torer
Mr. Ileston, who was a New Brit
msn, had coneelved the pepela is
dainati the immense Ever- faltion a
io result of which li well positive
Te ot my talk about your de- this distr
am alwal
W ad fnaneler- *and million- my eusto
:i wMat oLasy with all frank. them. I
Wlithoat fW of contradiction the reme
Pleston, through his e.f- Dyspepot
years of
i exspendtore of money, did will posi
lIorlda proportionately in ble. So
t than all the modern derel-
Jli the line hotels, etc.. WI
been erected within the

n by his drainage system action R
of acre* of lande, fertilized The lad
Statute, which were culti- tery Ass'
al great profit, and are still in at the h
-a. From these lands annual- Monday
gSa of Industrioul planters purpose .
iga livelihood, and many the place
paJifore are being employed. signed t
bing Under Difficulttles. ressing
t time.
y i eaie to Florida there wa tiere i
,ll save one, (and that could with whi
S Mealled a railroad) south of exton.
a, at that was the Cedar polished i
of ae Seaboard Air Line. aind it i
claimed as its main line the tore of 1
Fernandinai to Cedar Key. good repc
pa branch into Jacksonville. N
took passage by steamer to IMln I
,where the South Florida rail-
kia made its northern terminus
wa eonustrueted by The Bo- lHealth
P,.or through its fInscial in- ('loStlp!it
l4lad was'then only twenty-two i"11u0 epe
lengLth, the southern terminus dlaint ha
ROrlando. The track was laid ttil"i til.
Sye-pound iron rail-a great tlon is 1n
tsr than the average street for it.
of today-and the equipment son, Fl t.
U4 a few box cars and one five- itig tried
HtIve. the 'Seminole,' which ieine for
is is 1ow retained as a relic at Sold by I
of Ihe Atlantic Coast .Line Evryt'
t. The rad was' a narrow LSan Ih:
"l' war constructed with a B ai-.l er
og therut rop from the ,day f;,i
,. the State, so far as the line Anierlica
to Satford. where transfer bolt, who'
to the *leamer. of cueistipn
.u House in Kissimmee. with thet
sioi was my destination. It etlmas of
SPropositlon in those days
alisdentination, for we were < ro
o10 leave lthl train Iat e.r... I


I 'S I1

ML.' LI' iN

Many New Famies Have Moved Into
That Suburb Rceintlly,

'Oa lt 1 1 i ll |U Iti" .'- f )1 ` 0t iU Ol-[ i'l. ',,l i ri t .' rb t1 il e (if th e
t fN'" roh (iiinrratlC, obik of the
CLure-alls; it d nlt ) most rogres1ive uuril)bi uf thi city
there. \Ve hardly lii; tl still in the lilnt of mltr9a wh Wlht Si
su rroundiig prigreil, tihrre, is m,a
the Word "Cure"' at allL Q v. doubt, siino that section is pec.ring
are hoid to say that i t ji blhart it hor rekars tt Io e ot@ to
aire N)()un( to)Sa)' ath- it alit_ mai slthere iS hea i sl-erit's ti t etl cit
uscedIor a great many tro ilj i, s ,; in the iu ltil,
v.iith great atisfactic,:. h Thte la rst additions to Northi Uaints.
p.cial fUlnction to ville are Mrs. Wetr mud sort< o Now
i f i i t n1 Ykork, who liarv l*ased ione5 thu Pal.
the waste (if the bu:A \\. Aftert cottegtl for a tr tu uf lie years.
the ordinary foK' d1s 1 al.d ihle purchnaed two vTalable logt
nourish, and this means t~ t adjoiin ig, upo. wih they may decide
it i useful in mIany q A r connected with the famous Wt b r
which are indicated by v.ast- C(ompany. manufacturers of piano.
Ti at e wtre hIre for a few weeks s liat
mig. t iain, anid >o faTorably im.
W,'T sen 11. a Mine e pree rdwt with t iainetvlle thai they de-
BOrTTfAtOWNt.a.q,1rr.i Mr lt. Na Yo Vrk eidd to make iteir winter home
here.otl.r expected adihlifor to North
was nothing there at that time bui a aint Ile is lhtd family f .lr, t.rth
black-jack thicket. btt our meni went ihorl of i sa. Mr. hawthorn ha
immediately to work io erect huts for leed e prory rrniry occupied
campini purpose,. I btilt the flrst by Wt A. htoe anpd farmilye. and ar
'weather-board' houpe in Kissimmee, epecte daily. lie Is a lumber man.
and it stands there today as a monu- uFacturer, and will :ix doubt settle In
ment to the founding of the town." this section permanently, as it is
An Active Agent. understood he i looking for a location.
Captain Bose was actively engaged, li$ family ezpec6's to continue reei.
In the capacity of a civil engineer, in dence here.
elearlng Lake Okeechobee and the Co-
loouahatchie river, and was on the Only Makes a Bad Matter Wornt.
first steamer, tlie slern-wheeler 'Ger. Perhaps you have never thought of
trude,' that made the trip from Kle- It, but the facet must be apparent to
simmee lo Fort lMyers. in december, everyone that constipatlon Is eased
1I2. From that time to the present by a lack of water In the system, and
ti route has been open, and steamers the use ot drastle eatharties like the
have been In regular srVloe. old fashioned pll&s only makes a& bad
Captain Rose manifests a groea in- matter worse. Obamberlain's 8tom.
tereet In lilking over the "beginning aih and Liver Tablets are mush more
mid and gItente hn their eBlt, and
of Florlda's future," and Is today oni whe the proper dose ie taken their
of the State's most ardent friends. station is so natural that oae ean hl ard

A Heavy Load.
that load off the stomach take
yrpepla Cure. It digeits what
Sour stomach, behlohing, gas
ich and all disorders of tho
that are curable, are instantly
and permanently cured by
f Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. 8.
i, a drujgist at 297 Main street,
emiu, Conn., says: '* Kodl Dys-
giving such universal saltie*
nd ise so surely becoming the
relief and subsequent cure for
essing ailment. I feel that I
Is sure to satisfy and gratify
mers by recommending it to
write thib to show how well
d ise spoken of here." Kodol
a Cure was discovered after
otlentiflo experiments and
lively entire all stomach trou.
1d by all druggists.

I realize It is the effect of a medltlne.
ry a 28-eant bottle of them. For sale
by all druggiste.

Taylor Delk In Dead.
Atlanta, Nov. 19.-Taylor l ik died
Thursday at Ihe at'ate prison farm at
Milledgeville, while the prison comr
mission wa ton session at the capital
engaged in hearing a petition for bli
pardon. He dropped dead, and hie
death has been attributed to heart
trouble, coupled with old age. He
was 62 years old. He was serving a
life sentence for murder. The sudden
death of Delk will recall to many the
crime for whirh he was thrice tried,
and for complicity In which him son,
Tum, wa' haiged,l a-"d for which hi
himself \iwas ent'nceid to life .Jrprh.

A Runaway Bicycle
Terminated with an ugly out on the
leg of J. B. Orner, Franklin Grove, Ill.

interested In Cemetery Associ. It developed a stubborn ulcer unyield-
equested to Corne Together. ing to dootors and remedies for four
years. Then Bucklen's Arnica Salve
lies interested in the Ceme- etred. It's J, t as good for burns.
elation are reqtietted to meet scalds, skin eruptions and plles. 25c at
omeof Mro. W. N. Wilson all drugstores.
afternoon at 3 o'clock for the
f selecting a treasurer to take No Alarm Felt About Panada.
W11ashington, Nov. 19.--No alatun Is
Sof W. N. Wilson, who re- ft at aton o.- the Panama canal
hie position on account of comltinth(n ;n a ccount of P he recent
business which occupies his distnrbanrnr an tae isthmus followed
by the landing of marline. The mem.
* only 22 in the treasury bears of the conimti don have been ad.
eh to pay the salary of the vised fully conrcining the trouble,
Something must be aecom- and today received a cablegram from
n the litter of raising fund. General Davis. commander of the ca.
to be hoped that the eolleo* nIl zone, saying that everything lt
the astuelation will make a now quiet. l Jp, e
i s. 11. I. MCa. mme, Pres. Neuralgia Pains.
. L IT Ho ., See.

is abiol utely impossible if
Lm In.* present. Many ser-
s of livr and kidney com.-
ve !sprung from negleleted con-
Such a deplurable condi.
itteepseary. There is a cure
lerblu will speedily remedy
C. A. lindsay, IP. M., Bron.
write. Feb. 12, 1U02: "Hilv-
Herbin .* I lind it a fine med.
constipatili .'" bottle,
V, M. JIohnon.
ling Quiet at Ban Domingo.
n;iingt. NSvi. 19.-The t'nhml
lW' r, iltroitl arrltvil here to-
I M.ont, li Carol, .lrrin ging the
I ll iiii ('lI. :mientt. T. John Ab.
!s ~iiper IL'Ing the r lltctiton
., ditiles there inI arrcirdanceu
a4re4rti* li resulting from the
* the 8anto Domingo Improve-
inipany of New Tort &"lnit.
rnaent orf rato Domnigo.
w prevails be

Rheumatism. lombago nod aliatle
pains yield to the penetrating (nfluenee
of Ballard's Snow Liniment. It pene-
trates to the nerves and bone, and In.
ing absorbed into the blood, Its healing
properties are eonv~ve'd to every part
of the Iody, nnd effect some wonder-
fil cures. 256, 5(N*, $1.0U. Sold by
W I1 Johnson.
Pnrupatihetle r Otiherwlise.
"Oh, Just lliti1n it lioae.' Vitnlly ex-
SclLiInil t ir.. I'liittirs self reproach-
fully. "1nin l.ylring you w lilt lt this talk
auliut Mrs. .Nv%,lren' slulnmeful Irent-
Iliaui of lie u l nil i!y other troihilet'W"
'Ni t it sill. my delr." replled ihe
man iriatlhr hTiiwlllil :ily. "l'it glad to
bher it."-PI'bllhidli;j1a l'*rtm.
A Good Complexion.
"Sparkling eye. and riy heleks re.
stored by using DeWitt's Little Early
Hiserp." so writes N. P. Moore, of
Naeopdodher. Tes. A certain oure
for illitouisnesw. cenatipatIo. etc.
Smm llpll--easy to inke--easy to act.
Sold by tll druggists,


-----L-E .AIR.l I.--.-


B.e ]- lt ,

a cnu1fac tuti t%' of the James Doit- It
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and BSuppllt


isla_ 1

till e in Strips or Side.
"*"".' 'L





23o5 S. Bay St., JACKSONY VILL, P
("a.rally teleatr, lbaghnip plnair ea g a M



....TO Jil.'. .. ..:.'

Is vi AMiamt, Ohbttaaop, LoRkt M is t,

(D .ub' '1 :,,w p v.
Two trains daily, sa.m.04 a p. w, wi
from Atlani.,
Tes ow" R, rteMF
For full isen*o l iia
MILLER, srae.P ,A A I.C 1.-
for tickes" via l IIW01e IL, it,, ,

Ganeslle Glf


-L.KA h 1"V

No. I

No. 4.

Mo. I.


.T* PIN, 'LPMf'A v

R10 ..... 4. -.4.S* *.0 f ll w
a a *i*i d o..go* * ,

8 8 ". ..... ..... ... "a 39 *ip ^iSC, 4*.s *"'1
S10 ........ ........ ...a i i
SI ....... . ........e.m.. I..., *. ,'
6S **n *... *e s..... e "i* i*

9 arS ....... ... ....... O *
lo -. .... T .... .... ln4ll s .. *,,.
issoOT ..*6T

12 40 7 I Ar 70 ......
t........ t IS q.. 11jt..
.... ..*-...m.. It 0Jt .
.... ... 6 8 16 0 .,....
........ 1 4 10 .....,
10 ii ..u. qs..qA
A''" P1 AV A r PW

J F. HILL. Agent

, ; ;r ,,i l.




sale daily
till Dee
sale dal
ixtiv dd

slut, db



Either through Atlanta a4 Chattuseso or Cor Mate-m- adabsft. "1.4S1 fl?
sky" route.
0 lie frm ,ormyuaI -hIts oaw riem6e lat e4L etwo i ':*b
Jaekmonvtile. Throu li l el r. .
Utoi-ovemO l tndei ai eturuaiiat pritieI seMftal e N
Carat iasiad ni Teatunemse. No ea*xwe em. Ase Saii vt*he

Fi e JAIhS.hVULd. I,

Trip. On *UU
Ily i. i Ill "!::!7;
1,. 005 I O I

Trip* On
yGo soi :
?*'ale$ $,duoi ai

We (lo't pu
k7I% tl '.




. .:, : n:


. '.1 I


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1 4 ,!



is.t 'si


I #p'fs.flwa
a pwT"* "N: *

?h istM
*1'?***^^^ "
'-al ^.'I^

s S


S Drop in hero andl tike
mMee by 8CHL 088I R08. &

T, beauty of the
Bobm Overolada isn I
ty fit of tat, seek and
bMUlde, grMeful lapel
and p ft ooilar, to.
p ethe4with the general
air of smartnea that
lifts them out of tie
readymade ctam and
"idenatfl them with
the work of the finest

Many 'men cling to
the ctly m e chant
tailor habit on their
SUITS, but rush into
the awest clothing
atore at the Aflt touch
of Wintw and walk
aw with an OVER-

What noee4 s here
t pay a fat price to
"aer.hant tailor"
YO me wn buy a
&hnssOvlwdad of un.
p I bl ahs style and
smmrhbo work.
m ftv a great

T h e accompanying
potue bota two eox
OsdhNdy c r styles.
i'-~--~-w------ ----w

e- I. ,c. ..

w Overcoat!

a look at (our n'i "ssS
Co., (, re."s tc lol o. .\!



4 1 I

'* 'nit i
:i ,'s.

' At'
~ 4'r

'4 3.



"qj *&* -

8 Makers


. ... .. .
ii#Pi^^U. *

Ou Pries Rlng From $12 to $20--Worth Double.


M.f l .~

Outfittr to Particular I

"Drep Ina andt kl talk it over."



-lpC lSkhla& n

wPae w o*a*
oee MOOe**.
.!i ** sm1-

IVWe Va Cushy red
S mpa %urm. 14

e a-su
lotarld l'aw' l ib: wt

AL b -I -'I -11 -.-- -- .-. -.-

'Y S T E R



mOnr Al s aNsse SM Houn, t Aarn sa

Mkl *W as RfusMt Bnas.
* WM Gar ewa le both nnk
- 1 sti1r ad Iwill seU mullket
ntU V orlI., k -eh, OltouSke.
c 'atf Muomable prIes. Ordered
hills$eI Fish Ceompny,

wS Slu ,U .

a fle 1in



SA. WEIL & CO, "
Of *Ail her-Iem, .

Seoe Aen forXOABCU sad IOVlM.
mU AUTT aMsho *siy
pIir warraktd.

J. S, UhUlig

w J| Jr U ,1 ,it 1 U C(OttRE1.Y WRITTEN PO~it'IEr. i
I P 01 N T S Rroi
We cover these important points aid riiectifully
olieit a s.Lare of your business.

Fire, Lie, Accident anild Health Insurace.

-Agents for the---

Victor Safe and Lock Company
! O.O:L= -r, -r% att. Ob1 0o.,
L The "Victor" is the bess safe made, and rtlies contemplate I
Ing the purchase of a safe, or an thinR in that lie,.
by e ohultein us. Call on or address,
Informattoucheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE. FLOlIDA
LnnnnFn&stAV t4nnnnsq


- Montezuma -

AeAt On the A. C. and


ilachua Pool Parlors.
ce. Sun, PtrhpMer..

None Better in


nin, ai, m

S A. L. Rys.


V. J. SHIPMAN, Proprilter

the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.




rAn I

.. 1m g w


i',, .

,, .; : .t
.. .. *



ap dip 0
4; ,


through fy s a hedfuit of votes, l like1

,' wi ..r a uttii. er

. W. I, elgNHA t l i.t.,ir '.
W. 1,PfaitK1KM

ff jbyr earvter Si t he lsi
pwsof t euetM roed state,, lo
oS TSRL;*VH00 uPgBmotr. (3141*
.r i6 rtia re ra week. -- '-

j iswtel h e 1e I enlu
|l .lamT a @ si for rweka -
iar advefttewI made know

ill Wee oa ui n eli t-tepae
W. it pual l te every Mon-
Stav. MAd o,,.taim A; be
a ws Ioeal. state s*ad 9-
b*lWS lS. potmae free. to sary
i 9fte Ssta or Canada, for 12,00

Ml b1 ore- due after Orst,
.en eruemretu'ls' otlberw(ae
goat 1es. Parutiesso know to
to pw taor dvertlntng Ia ad-
A (MINtVrLL. rfl.A.

psi. Repubelcane seem re.
pt am end to their tuarks.l.

ma" leking "enough money "
dlgaIl "enough adrertiingig."

I i unhappy. 11e has bought
itof Dielaware four times, but

thM. goode delivered

Sponoer quietly weep,
.ksihblef ma he roncedes
qJ doabtedly went for


r temaor of Missourl, will
iglsush if he gets any of
through a belligerent Re.

"slgIadvertising infitences the
inks a purchase today which,
be might make sometimemu"
a make all.
York Tribune says there
tlhP7e Il*ware ointment. Ad-
| thlsand lsays it ii the
he was over eale 4 t fly.

Uolle.t Ap tlie Re-
Paty ought to go for mesa-
fte. Well, if Spooner isn't
ea Sumre, Is't Pek a meas-

Sflor the red u'tno or Con-
t pfmsentati(n froLn the'
tMem to begun. 'lPerhaps
Atlleue the clang of battle in

tairbanks says. "'When the
people think, their judg-
always righteous." And of
h1 always think when they

p d to pass a 14,000..ut
Sbarbor bill at the coming
of Congress. SBeh a sen-
will heal a good many
Siad broken hearts.

SN no more apt to go to a
oo knowing what they want
st they are to go to a rail-
,a before having decided
V at going to traave.

h-w York World vouches for
tit that the Democratic
O f the campaign had more
JWWO, beside. individual
Taggart spiritedly denies
i-j ---* --4-^.
Wason of twei,.ono litepub*
tsen from the South in-
U l per haps even in that quar-
a re other issues bnidep,.
S Yle invite Booker Washinkon

lifted him and made him a
&Sta." said Rev. Mr. Had.
Wthlkgton. speaking of the
*Itld the utterance was not
PiaOd by the cir'enisance
16MeIIfe baa sertral reltatiwe

'aa which come from

Shsfroth of CIlor;io rrergare tir. .
teen $tates b-ja l r1.* -.Miaipl;
without soy I-lit.4ta.9 r rets*at4.
ti111 itI Ihe Na tati l l,,ro o. f :-fVr,
sentativev-N.orth u, I ." .'
NIOir!iio.K i(,st i.i, I. .*, r l ii

*'Al y d, tl!,y i. t us., t . ,
Wi'rmt in tl sm** t t.' ..n

t itq tI, f. .K id .' ..' 7 ,

tui c; u 'y ruiv o .v ,

AI.,L tha i :01ii; I'nr. : ;. .
tll f *, v, r.Crt! C. ; a ,"t,4 "
quitr .i vr..u te. t 1 t J,..nry ,I. 4 i,
(if .I l.sf1J. 'A.'J n1 14 .)nrg t.. ,
itmot tra, i: tLlr:r" r .%.5:; *. w i.'..

If tlr Presi n: +d,,1' 1: :i.*w
demand for a rerv;iin ol f t : I'i. ii ,-
pino tariff and Irrht hiqp;.irng, hr wti
inask himself very '),,pu jlastr in ,,nl1t
commercially qtuarttr<. Iti i. )fm f
Secretary Taft'l Chi ck-n. ti Lu -..
cessor, I.uike% Vright., gRvernor geni-
'ral uf the l'ilipiner. ietuege arn'mht-r
aatrnivg tI the p eole of i'this that
they ealunot be persnt d to 4icuse tlhe
possibility uf ullinmate ii'Je'perndrn.e
-tile samaul 's*upsriir clasV' w8hot)
hav' jtlt rturr.edJ home from a Tiilt
to 1i. tuilrd Stres at our expemni' I1
But this same ioeru.or Wrighl, in an

interview two year. ago. said t(hat
"the Islands ought, uf course, to be' i.-
depvndent as quick as they are able to
govern themielrTes, hid the whole pur.
OR*se' of (ny work there nuill beli u taiuk.
thlin tit as quick as I)puos ib ."

'resident lootuvelt declares that
hte will nut be a candiditab for the of-
floe again. But is not the spirit of
this pIledge violated iliern he flrrmns
that Mr. Root as his candidate for his
successor and that h10 will appoint no-
body to his cabinet except the chmni-
pions of Mr. Riot? If 11 is not ea'o
and wile for a president to accept a
third term, becauise he would be
tempted to use machinery of his
office to secure suih renomination. Is
it any safer or moro patriotic to use
his office to secure the suoeess of a
friend? To prostitute the highest of-
tl2e in the gift of the Amerlcan peop'o
to effect the election of a particular in.
dividual is about as dangerous a thing
p, a president VnU urdertake'.

"Masbe yuu don't know it," maid a
gentleman connected with the United
States Agrirultural department. "but
this. year of 1(04 is the threo.hun-
drtdth anniversary of the planting of
thfe potato in luglasnd, which has since
become known the world over as the
*Irish Potato,' and is Ihe inust reliable
and generally uped vegetable that
grows. Sir Walter Raleigh brought
the tirst potato from America in 17971
and experiments were made with it in
the garden of terard, the botalanist.
But its earlier popularity was confined
to the upper classes and it did not
come into grnerAl use for two huu-
dred yearn."
The president on Friday evening in-
vited to dine with John Morley
Mesaur. Samuel CompeI. president of
the American FederhtIon of Labor,
and John Mitchell. president of 1ime
United Mine Workers of America.
They wern buthl in San Franoslo for
the mouth, but that fact has no nore
to do with the invitation than the flow-
er thatl bloom iu the spring. tra-la!

If store-advertising merely brought
people to your store it would pay-but
the riRht kind of stpre-advertialung
bring the woman to your store with
her mind nine-tentih "'mede-up" to
make certain archnases: with the rr-
suit that she mnaks. at least nine.-
trnths of thi' pimrchase sthe had plan.-
ned whrn sihe read your ad.
:--.-,- -__--7-, .----
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the
sense 4of mell and evmnpletely derange
the whole system when entering Is
througth the mucou surfaces. eaab
articles should never be used except
on prescriptior.i from reputable phy.
siolans. as the damage they will do Is
ten-fold to ibe good yo I can esib1y
derive from them. Hall's Uasarrh
Cure. manufactured by F. J. Cheney A
C Toledo. 0 contains no merrnry,
and is taken internally. art ing direct.

u^k.., g*ne 1em I^J^

ome paeiam .1 Mif ma 0 4a
or p4abems Me ro NbIIfnmnim sa'
rmeeeIy V 14 h's r4Ad&.-Wsso e
tJr nd t he mP7mids r *Iss 4 b 4 4y
* lt*. t, o "trnef 'll d I t .l. t*F
f *l o 6h L. 5, f.9- !*-
l', *r ., . .. . L & 2 ..

,*t *. ; :Y J,.r .... V,, % ,
*.+ '.'a

Y y1
T : ; .
'^.e ,, 'V ,. \: ,..+ -...

two L mni tra +..'t'd .rf.are 3

lt -"V -; T. 'I?.- rr r ':.t ar" ,l..* r ,. ,
*I'7 1 n 1 .CALa,. ; r -
et!d *'.|l Ln ;I,. .a4t,. re -r
Sati&e. m ur ,,!: A r-.rr. . fr
ti* i rI tun f 'ir 'i *
tt t 4

I' .' t:-" 'i : : t4 .- ,. ;.
** :..L-. r. &avn rj ; .1 tir,..e i t.

tiiv te As'j J ,-;tpi *- *.. fr r .. MaI -
r:iia t.y i .r r .. t t r J a...R; ;
l* :ml i 2 ...'t. <'.4? 't i

-lb '.: fr:y ; rt':l:irr t pa ri,..lL f as
,f \'I i*I' r;r :tA iu h 't t flejgraiJ.rd 1k.h '
tr'.;,rnt': i it
ately, bh i n:ea;.. Never mind huw
:n )U we *iff r':
..i . t . tr i. oLn l tlite t .
tir' x : a. > a t i.val < tzi&-th II' ri-t
tati :.* w,, e )L,.tr l stlut girn
i. ; wn;t:i. nt i ., I Ji hirnm tr 'sI
to l hii l.t'r wrah ,ii -' ItNe JKind It
on ii ft'i.Ji tr, i-. iA ^Irl SuniI keep on
thruili:': t:uti har vrr:iii, IB 'fjS In the
br;>,,I s. I nid the nuumtier of attempts
is uit &:a.d to Indircate the number of
y:ars t. e will hule- to wait to get mar-
riedt. the girs 'rv thus engaged
toe yont l w Uti oj the villIge itaml
around (hlih1; g therm when they aif. a
The Ilrl wIo laindl her wlentlb ht lm r

The Alasurt are Poles who live la that
part of Prnsa which was oneo part
S PolaML.

=imp"n Itwo*-
r^ m. !W.~^^^J ^A^A^^f^^^^ ^^^ I^^^^^
Me" ImW-W "ML-W -*W-|

Cream Vermifug

S.^H m (uull
tiRE SIlhlfUl


*sawis" eor m1#tATIOeN.
Bollard-Snow Liniment Coam
6r'. LOUi.r MO.
Fur Hale bT W. X. JbhnsM.

.. ',. I a
^^ ^ 1 II. ** "at^ *'l ki. ',+4
/^ 't,"^ Z.s /'*;.',


.'i t i. t r r% u14 I. rs-It.he
'f .i6,t *I riti llle.
, lit 5%A.4' tli>U6 .
ao14 toy Pwuggam,
of ,WiSt oI sPla wurppn,
I .sV nae+ .' ,y ppIl4 for
f'ir .Iiir f al 0-1* i I

"'a. iii!
ea. fl -g
'a flgo Id


'At:i' I. 1 .- ifltehve n wM i l
= .* S-- Azo )Sl .it wno iI04
"tao AtIly eomvte"0 & 1i

DEn l a QTsmberr of 1oir A"iS
an EAL EnvAT :eu


-,. .1? a .. ... ...k,: m



.. 7M~ qyt NAPE

".tte i what

yea pay for wbh you
know what you w

.. Titles ordiuel inarly Iu* Ispuu

The- Mlichnu. CuTJ


BUmVI 3 i. I I UEe


S 'pl 'a 'l.

iw ., m i s, -
IIighest market prtle paiM f Oblklw. Xt -$ -,' -

A Complete took oa Hy, Corks, Osi t
and R W Weh She
pruos. gn "I
_-', -_ . -_N . -

^A^ X Jli ^1 A

Calln at OHAJRi f

PROVIDwOuc. sAR Mll gWtq U
G*an" p Oh.l 'a 1 .
33MWME r....
Southboo. ............. ...
Northbound...Y........*t i

are appointed to Sall as follow: LeandS0 ,
8P.CM.e de 1t Rkled u td
Bew ..nnJAUK.b1U a1d SA

W lp....... a ... a, n

... . .............. ...
arew appointed to sal me fdom:+ Leav *JPUS with..
8:op p. Ia. Klesurcl. lawv Snf. hll m .iy *F)

Lwr'l~I7 1. ..*. ... .. ... .J.ehav.Bb

4*W ...... ..*.............t *'IV* s
:. ..... ...


__ ___

I II .


. m, i _' I' W

P.1"', "l r, "F:" ,,Ir "" 'r'. ; 'I'
'T. ,

______Sl~: GAZWSVILLE ttOIDA, NOVEMBER 20, 1904
___- ,,

rTI"T;T r-. **W'.- I"l?* -V


A -. a

'g era S A. ni
. Air Line Railway
d ... FOR .. .
.. Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
a. t. 9 A a a

One Cent a Word
Avramtsmass atgor ss worusrw Rft* utd
be~WlrtWduforUnreC4 r ok i Won4, os
Th masSe. el, *s.b laiwrtroa.

T 9'SnSlad wsko Ifiallm wm be rnaps w
b mea vi.a &os bw u.tmn o liqWMten

Pines, Kaleigh, Ifchmondo, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia. New York,

Tw.vo Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.
Seaboard Mail.

KELP WANt1.-.- I:.
WAINTw-A lare menurfaturlu c.o.Ms.
4"at, to o"eA dibetti nfia 4epuit i tbtis s*-
Sml esli or rewp)jt4blje @aun to
( fr MI L -I malgr $l, iper husum
1d App lalt innW furaelth rnt.
ireaMt swtend W to 01tS. o ab MNor
lnt. ftult d. Addtre: Manufm ourer.
Le, TelwoM beaiman Colm ar. (hliiago. lit.
WANTK-I esoh s tute Ntbmen to sl11
OserItl e i Wortk C, ,lntak. V.,



Jacksonville, Florida.


$a. Evera d's Canada Malt
i -

Only Line Operating
Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orlease
For full Information mandl el ler reservations call on anly iaeni N~itMkAl orf
write A. 0. MA .l(l)ELL, $. 0. BOYLSTON, Jk.,
Ant. general Pa.menger Agent, Ps1ne1ger Agent



n f-As good e asn: and better than moos ood shells in yot
k-1 -, er. Made of Hops and Malt in the field or a
and NOT RICE. Winchester "Lei
hSmoktess Powd
S...,..... $10 50 Always ure-.irz,
8 In 0.... s spread of shct cr &
,-great Supc Lutity i
S'men who usc Wit
w m tShells in preferen
: 2^ 11 D ALL DEAL
lP* W $SM SVW NUS A3 I rl.
TTnor upir ZiutbliAaa

go **BiflU UUSS.a flms ABfilBsM
m aonuously r

a resa b busNinessr buc* **nM.d tI I
eIWO-"de.w fs ebW senpra l f.ett

UsiGi sa sl e failure. I bi ea
SKfsga nish piano for a lss fetimstmSa l GAfurl*
bdeas gem nj boesmaWai was aquty Sm. NM. GSnAU. President a m
st M^ VWt IN Owv' u' 9 DW OU theua.IZWES ta e

S.itk 15 0, pit .....eas m...
.... AVAN1AR. *GA. Surplus and Undivided P
S." ** MURPHYJX. U .* INSeaw*

unmtL aWe pa tr*. Wr Cs

owe, '.-. In im mBRYA-, __ _

KEYSTONE e i -o Ui.a~fsn Prsie
% H.oad., B -. Surpui and Undivided
a -- 'M .. a wa*URPHY, Mirkep. 3.LT.tHfCARp t i
O R *-- A. env AN, Stat A(ft,

attmom K ithetlIn iA
Y:",.. A,"i '. q niAJq nFtWA HRI
5S! a liSTONE BAKERY, L, ii f II
"a0i4 t. 61.'Tatwt a s .szs n -To-
l iwe haa w L To AFER, C tS a

S.bybo" H&,0.n0by, Montgom.ery and L. a N. I

u i. Mal.o. .X Uphat..*. n.U, .nt .. Atlanta and Chat
W. 0111C oti 'sour%
Ge! -bmti & i4 r em TO a ON-KA iNT.R
Wl 6p6M>, p0li psm, m _s aSu_. --io ja-tOunirm vkMi -. M
?U. tid,.. WeSezo -, tAo, .A 4 I A to

h teh Set.t

. WilbolM
ni& za


.t ly i
On isl da!ly. Good till Dee. S

toMn a. c-


ir gun mean a good bag
good score at the trap.
ader" and "Repcat:c-"
r Shell arc c,.-cd ui:l.u
always givir.; z:i even
I good per t:-., i .::, t: .
s testified t\ by Swr i-
nchester Factory Loc,'sd
ice to any other make.



L 1e70


Porei smW Do tle KZohbase
s. fumers, umebfMtBm a otbere
Item to m ahtna olleetio oa s P

-" -i ." .-I -
QGo. W. HTDB, VWe-Prnident

........ $50,000 o00
'roflts... 25,00000
qual w am tuk is i w Sate Sgo"
osto. ee. Interest mowed
H.E. TAYLOR. COuhsf.

UG CA..... R [nK...
** ma"""i.



Coast Line
Dixie Flyer Through

On flie daily. Good sixty dA$'


S, ':" ..'., ." ' ..
t: ,: . .. .
,, _

- I-,- 9b

11 A ..', f Il'n ,.r I.: ,

771" f rp


* II
* .1'




ColW Soi
f the Country.

SGnreat Deal of Important
Was Transacted-Address
4erm Grand Chief Fleming
0er Officers of Order.
)ifl-ee tirand !.odfte of ihe
vow f of Consolidation. of the
Florda and Jarisdictionu. cun-
illSThlirleentlh Suprese Randd
iwit1on in Jo on 4U'i H llt S, tci*
iteda, Nov ITih.
ks.m. a nl iRe v i vlf t %I in-
SSopreme iratid Chlt'f. rolled
-to order by t$he rap if his
Las the grand otleers oerupy.
uI rflpoeti vetitlot io, tI lie Iodli
ipmwd In t.,e fourth da'rrt wiitI
UiitSt pIT"Mr-ir of appro|,riIte
3 --

liSloew, but vell instructive, r -
the Supreme Urand Chief,
demei address were delivered
, Thela L. Gibbs and & W.
SEifreks Lodge in this oity,
l| to the delegates of thie
Lawsi the kind reception and
tof ihe eitistns of intal'
hh were aseeepted In behalf of
1ipi bty very bolttiag re-
i it i pome, by Mrs. Mary
larke, avid Dr. C. F. Thomp-
ft, Ga. The addrenoe were
Wi $te rendition of select and
amie for the occasion.
Spmmt e itrand Chief an-
w$ oos comrmitttees oin ere-
grtevano finance, temper.
h u'wsraltions and transpor-
ildr wbich papers were read
fsd Oe very Important sub-
IlvJ best methods for training
for the child ten of the race,
i lier the immediate care of
id -how to provide for, it
hl elpls members.
e al ddrei of the Supreme
prt, Rev. H. M. Fleming. was
wtst document, and bmroght
|eod Lodige much valuable In.-
Sof the suoeeesful work of
i t ...j *

1 l also shorw that there has
W7ry favorable increase both1
ll and flaaneially, and that 1
MW d prospeiity prevailI
imit the order. In faet much
flames was transacted
!h flrs day's session.
l&mss Cough Remedy Is
Pleasant to Take.
laes$ quality of granulated loaf
b hms in the manufacture of
ai'si Cough Remedy. and
ised in its preparation give
:Nvor similar to maple syrup.
It quite pleasant to take. WIr.
a Jel k r P.a l ti.llatA 1d in


t ..t
11 I.l E,
klll~LI '.

i scfl eriar1, k'i. .
~ i' owe ArtM.. I .vAt Utct: Sal

t.1 11 -it i.I.
M Lbr 4.~twP4 I l
16 ;*a.tiI 'h



AII flWilYNW,:,I


TIlf. X.tET.

II* a Tlullator
Kvrv r Machinr'

i. ,' it ?.;f.. I: 4nninKg T .
4 . ,, ., r l W riters of th.- \orld
S i, I. ,- '.. 1,, .%ltiru iy.?h les in.
,... i.t ; tlan aSIJ uuher machlirln .

-~~~ --e--nB^B

Ot'e owr Maven4 ks.Ie. 4R *

drs. cA ao pAu N

t4' .ntetI

J 3. V CARL1il.

Fr*l tale. Coeov i

". "" 'ii.. *..A I- I -l.. .-. AU b'm ls.
4";| .. -. |a t s
.1 l ale .n.. O..... a atati
NEWs OF CITY AND .. ..... .
,, ,.,_,o ,,. , ,,,,,.,o '..AlE8 LLE OT I Wi
For rent-On M iiicely furlished.SAINESV1LLE USTYLN WSk a
room, moa convenient location in -UALillaOW- er-
tow-n. Apply 303 East Liberty street, N i b lit, all a1, Bier Ai hi N IladDk II, Ci, II t .
or at The Sun olWe. uI I GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA.
South Florida Fair. Tampa.-Tiekets
on sale November 13, 15. f. .* 21 aod i write for tartW n Cais la MUm are mno eM. w te Mai bI
234. with flnt limit November 27th.
Round-trip rte 7t t5 or indii.als. i
Special ravrjittparties of twenty or
more. EC Cohb, aUlWl al ]M V
John Kit.' fHague. einue f the pro- t
""'""OPE1 "flOUSE LU I5,IIICr 112.
the eity yesterday and made The "San
ian agrestle call. le brought a numn-V-2 I ___._
her of ei srirnts which wr re raised I n
trees on hi farm. aand says he will haveRV ill 1
a great many of thiL delicious nutthis Mnday, November 21. ls d u k
leson "Monday,, November 210 .
The front of the store occupied by fl lim m d d ll
Carter & Aniderson. corner of East l COMING! to At p
Main anid U'lniu n treet. haslt been im- l Ai
proved by the Installation of awiug- GREAT BARLOW BW
ig how window. This willr M Ifford anN ST E LS '
opportunity for displaying such goods MiNR
aI ttreen groetries to a bin advantage. M N S T WiL m d r
and the chtige will nou doubt mean a J. A. COBLBx. Owner and M5r.
great many extra "nickels" to this en- 35 WHITE ARTISTS 15 Th rs di Puslyem Ja B
ergetle firm. o d-.- ---- -
After a pleasant visit to Mrs. Isate "r rry'oibs PeFfe A#msrJl"teom h19. to i
Levy in this city, Mr. and Mrs N1. H. Beautiful New Esmbelie Swetases Ch hid ew Orist a.
Newberger of Savannah departed yes- "FETE IE" *i* in ar Ser so *
terday for Oeala. where thoy will be o E E 311 LITA IR tl rm lMll
the g ueits of Mr. and Mrs. J. Starr m as rthe rProof Wilko SYne Prduoui M, RiiMe of the famoe s
Steailierger for a short time. Mr. PALACE DE LA CASCADES a d Florida LiaIted." DBent M1 .
Newberger is repreenting I. Epplcirn. I With o.W ..e.a cor .eets ti. eW S via L & -.
wholesale dry goud,. Savannah. ial and *is,| A;ntiA mwy *ar Pm meg. I s rsevSe p ol .
one of the cleverest and most success. M pUpyt
ful salesmen in this section. He I New Songs! New Jokes! Now mig . H ERRIX, Fi WON. AI M .. i
well known her, having been fotr one ere! New Comdlanl! New Spelto iW. IIBa i. ias ftift arvl
tie, Noveltiesl and VaudeulleCrea ..(r _________...... IiriI .i
season a coach on the East Florida io,,s. "'Poliveldy Fr From Ail Ob.-
Seminary football team. Jectionable Word or Action." R B I
Strong and Troumilan. tI of the Daily Free Band Concerts and Pal. U V*IsIs .l .1
buck and wing dancers of the (isat. rade by Our Barlow Mlinstrel Ha- d -
Harlow 'Minstrels, who will appear. I '
here tomorrow night. are said to be. he Seats on Sale at W. W. Averse's Fine Wius, L ors aind Cil gar
..-. Ai% i *i i li 11t.,i &.I A i na .l. i --s--s nrV ntl -r 2 Mi i.

RF a 01 o oou eville, =a., Sri very ae1t in their ne m minstrej--i
of te remedy. says: "l1'Paul Troutman Is conceded to be one Card of Thanks.
Chaimberialn's Cough Item of the molt clever and original gro-, T Card. o T ank... .
m c children for several years Tle Gaioesvlle Cornet Bond. through
tirthfally say it l the best tesque and comedy-step dancers l lh e uader.i le. de Brn. to thank r h
of the kind I know of. America. and the seemingly impol- those who were s kind as to .s
.... those who wa*re #o kind as to auime
M like to take It and it has ble positions and steps he executes are .
...... the response ability of selling tickets f or
after elect. For sale by an instant course of amusement to all r.
who see him. Among their songs inw. thececert Friay evening; and Ppp-
FRL t ioniln thepec .altyare aIOtnl !n.- eiallyt do they desire to thank Mr. .1.
NEWS FROM MELROSE. trdled in the pecisty are a d-,t I' i. McKinstry. Jr who not only turned
Church Presented With Fine the rag-time nature,land which is one of pruan ove .in r inn tbut aisted
Organ-Personal Notes. he most popular innovatio in blakthe etertaL. uch sinriy and
Nov. 10.-The members of efac team work in minutrelsy. generosity stihall ni.vrh be forgaoten.
M.ethodit Church are re- Thr ee Sain Lnd Feui. and thi, good lady may feel sure that
tl the receip of a very flue Thire -, i No l.n ;eur. she has the est wishes of every mem.
| SWn, the present of Mrs. A. C'r1 awl 1,., ,:-i j)n hin be lon ber of the band, tolleetl*ely ind In-
of Westoh.ester. I a. k-]* t,Ai i -'i ( ft itiy woutd- dividually. W IW Li H. ry,
II te visitors in town during ......... i...... i L'..,I nh, .,t,- Iireetor Conert.

P Wre the misses Alice and
! I*tler of Weldo, and '. W il-
& A McDonald had the mis-
i0 iena ane horse on Monday
i. It being run over by the
Sight train near Orange'
1ist while frrost f the eratonr
Son Monday morniiig. Noa
..U Wa done.
Arrived winter resident. are*
Sad Mrs. A. Tread wuell of Fino-
I J3.. and Mijs Harper of Ocean
F. A. Weeks treated some or
Ito moonlight trip on the
buraday night.
11 Could Shoots Man.
SNov ISI .--W1 il'-
ld wai iShotiin.g li .ds n. r
Ninta i.hi ..- .. .-

, an .
brothers on ut da large tract of land
d had hast ta ouble with squat ters.

Mothers Praise It.

all 14tI t hv lia.-t 1 ..bin whereI 3uther everywhere praise One
the Iurhtani oman litul they were linu 'teCough Cure forthe ufferings
flr,I upon Thomas cn rawltd 2 mlleI it has relieved and the Iive. of their
to hin hon:e unil (;"o. 5 tad when little ones it lia saved. A certain
filindi. TIw Ihurhani wmtin wai probe. i cure for coughs. croup and whooping
ahyv kfIed and )iurn rin recover iden. cough. A L. LSpfford. postmaster, of
titi. The i taNti,. ii ocriurred from Chester, Mich says 'Our little girl
her howi-. was unconscioum from trangulationo
her I-- *e during a sudden and terrible attack of
Killed Man Who Held Him Up. 1croup. One 1iinite Cough Cure luliek-
La(.'rn' s \\'i Nt 15 (korge ly relieved and cured her and I cannot
Tu.hi'*;. aa y ,li gnan l of goo(d reputa- praise it too highly." One Minute
lion, las rvn lilnst-upf lip i, the p Cough Cure relieres coughs, makes
live., RYin lg11m lih1ha lle 11illed a sItra' I bireatliing eray.cusui&t phlegm, draws
grT lby lil(ho ling the miian's hea d under out inftaiumation, and removes eveey
waitr until hI1 wBi dead< The police cauPe of a cough and strain. on lungs.
searl'htit for the ltoly and found that sold by all druggists.
of I wlan not C"q i )I iflid, over 6 -
fyet tllt and of powerful? huildi Tou TI. lmeeitIIt.
clthk rliaih- th tranger attempted "They may that laughter Is good for
.. .. ..... --I t .n i t..._h. Il Itll lli i i

wTAnaar, FLraAaua.

*, -a44I





WIt i iS jaI lionn
Prepalid topCumuti lun 4o v
Nil oM qurts SuplUir oSON w in&.
uylhadelje htr 8,m mma


117 Wes l Unio Street. I

ILTEiR, 1I.91M, m C, CLEA
36 33 PIfOIN
....For ladl 1ein lleu s ct C Mr ..."

ALLt nORK .'. tA.IVIrK Ii' RUD.

You re-ecive prompt and good at 'i
tention from people who know their l IA It III
busineMs. Your monthly n memberil I l l I l
makes you a ireglar customer. i R .SAI

The Flo ridar S LI" W AI ,
Fruit and Truck Grower BMrb 0 i6 a G hi

L. J. BRULlBT, MEitr dma Prip,
ue Tear. ., ...... ....... .... $1.e0
Himgle npies ... ............ U
A hknlanmalHi 111tta-i-aitad m.aiansma

Stop-vn. IoeI (uisnW
Atlasa. KnuiC
wille sal plrlli .l!I &
mountain Noerts.
See Hligh lidp (hSet1
bridge I the yomU, 1

S .,




ri, I I"

op .

I J rritt Corthell
Ocul lt,
iledarhemku, Florida,
V| W. .1t %t., New V'.rk I
Vle th a ud ti th-
HMliry }.vw'lnw tiely Two f)aIa '*ilY.
o it'L t "
il HOUSE Parlors
4,figminalton Free.
ii|hiill wli vtmti tl tnearili fre-
i1 abilli Mu tr0el. next
ilA. Friday, Si. Sa2 d,
;il i (b'e lrk.
l^ ^ ^ -- . : --- .



pMppened&#it4 What Is C(Mv
Telo in Short Parnqrsphs
l e Who Runs May Wear'

Cs aMs. A III!1.
mi lkiisg teniMll at 4iGn
ftl sMrts are winner Only SI.
9~Wonderful Salve for sale
Hum & C*o.
Ihlifi .. H. irtnge r made
vlsit to Cyril yesterday.
SeDsoald of Palaltka was reg-
the Brown House yesterday.
hat is the top-notcher
quality, $3. Maraus En-
,0. lMelntesh, principal of
lPdhool, was a visitor to this

orie Royal Cook former.
M. Addren Thomas V. Por-

j 1 promptly done by Mi's
lNIUo. Iat 1. MoClellau's
teiousg, the lumlbr minufase-
thiaImy. is spending Sunday
ly11 hbreo
Plan Oecures les Cuba lands
Write Cuba Land Club.
frig. d(twl2t
will give away every tinth
of{ matting you buy on
ST. 8, J. Thomaas Co.
XM. lordon, the Presbyterian
l Mieanopy. was among the
to Oiamesville yesterday.
iMrs. Ii, McClullan and
Ii(flampson City were amionKg
to thifl ity yesterday.
Qnkrthell, the oculist of Inter-
st r a brief professional virit
f.lE yesterday for Alachua.
,--Msathushek piano. used
UbeNtis. Will be sold at a
Stes 4 J. B. Pate. Brown
t Oset the oyster supper of
..PIer Chapter, U. D. O.,
Sight t .Porter's sore, south
lain's Stomach and Iiver
b. eomSing a favorite for
t webles and oonitipation.
4 @lldruggists.
dsof Mrs. W. H. Davis are
mmme her home again, after
visit to Illinois,4 ieorgia

in# Sale Md,
c5 election of our stock
SPllsant visit to her daugh-
Utma MoMilan. irs. J. S.
4Q1Pted yesterday for her
lto see the line of loves
I* .we are now showing.
Spei kwl, to come maid see
ille Furuitire0 Co.
*g i -0'l t .

Opp, ', .1 P ,
E ,AI Y : ,'0
-I - -- ---- '


eweu t mI ua uv 11 I lsl IIrito ,
W. A Shaw and daughter. Miss Nan-
ule. came to this city from their home
at Montlhrook yesterday. Mi1se Nannie
came to have some dental work per.
formed by lar. Alderman.
Tau high .ihi's for children Just re-
eeoved. They are the well known
"'Ienoi Line." In which we also have
a complet- stoek of bleck school and
dress shoes for boys and giris. I,. C.
The ftoor of the Continental Cafe has
bren improved by the liberal appliea-
tion of a couple of enstsof paint. The
inSnagement 4f4 the Continen tal expect
to make that resort an attractive one
for the coming winter.
You are invited to sO the grandest
display or fancy embroidery work ever
shown in Uaisesville, by an expert
lady operator on a White sewing ma-
chine. from Nov. 2V to Dee. 8. U4laine
ville Sewing Machine Co., 20. E. Lib-
erty street. d-13t
A visitor to this ity yesterday who
has traveled extensively throughout
the country states that sweet potatoes,
sugar cane, corn ele on the farm of
L. 0. Manning. near Hague, is the
liuest and most prolitle he has seen In
the county. lie congratulated Mr.
Planning upon hi. practicability and
succeessaI a farmer.
W'm. Littidale, travrcling salesman
for the E. .1., mith Company, candy
and crackers. Jacksonville. was in the
city yesterday. He was en route to
his home at Hawthorn, where he will
spend Sunday with hii family. Mr.
L.ttledale states that the country Is
In excellent financial condition, and
that his trade was never better,

Itedbone, Mi., Sept. 24. 1902.
Dr. E. W. Hall. St. Louis. %lo.-Dear
Sir: In reply to yours of a recent
date in regard to the efficiency of
Hall's Oreas Discovery as a kidney
ure. I can safely say that it is well
named when they all it a WON tllR.
I havesuffered with a weakness from
the kidnels for years and have tried
all advertised remedies for the som-
plaint, as well as physielan.e and Dial's
Texas Wonder is the only thing that
has given me relief-I ought to aly..
has effected an absolute cure.
Respect fully,
)lne small bottle of the Texas Won-
der. Hall' Ureat lDiscovery. cures all
kidney and bladder troubles., removes
Kraveg cures diabetes. seminal emit-



UlaRRDUMan i^^^^^^^*t. ^^




vwuj S tuiw eV aSI -m UnwwWlm M
Atlafsl Oaass Lasn seat isth
ForkiWasir. RaItwo XoasN. iw ie
mIsvel, el matlaI dlays. 6- U
ets eM t. .* .
*4WAU Itrload of hilsul
Stoves. yde.asken1
Jut bee & rsived. Weo it
tas' kblad e i w a t
wekly pmiseat i. o dSe .IS

, '..'r.;
*. ,.

sash. Uefmevill. furallsre 1 r.l
W. A. iSritload, ome of. 0thi $01
seast tiems of the Padlise ssONOs
was among the to othibldy i
serday. Mr. Stri*l6ad, who Iabtos sl
useseaful player, will begia
ease tomorrow. and aIvlte as o l
friedsa so eome ad "fIll up" on .jw"
A detehMbmen of the fSalatio
has invaded i oeity. a*d ywitea
held sway at various plate about sh
square. The aggreptios attestfw
Soo rowda, ad so debt gl
to thlakiag about the men sthlgamtheyJ
had done la binges d6y0. The spe.
ers wmre very eaest in their effotf Ma
bring souls to the es0ae of Chris. bId
the argumeats were both prastlialst se
Don't fall to visit the South Foh
Ida Fair at Tampe. This is a e'blk '.
lion espoeltion of Florida produce 4
well as a earmlnl. Atlantite
Line will ell roand44ip t0iket ae toie
oue fare plus aelte. Be e Is 1se
agents and gl f. ot laformatlia.
Three trains daily from Jbmkavill et
Tampa, all deliverlg pnaeugpre right
at fair prourds from the TaUpa lay
Hotel station. Dat miss this oppeo
tunlty to visit the Magil City at small
Agent If. T. Welch of the touotern
SEspress Company, who Is also ooltlluag
agent, his reierad from South Pler ,
ida, where he has been for- tho past
few days soliciting ecolsigameatts. He
states that the orange lrop in Booth
Florida, especially on the West Cot,
is very heavy. but that too much geeAm
fruit is being hipped, which caaesot a n
ruffle nl the market. For some r ell
son the fruit Is oatryiag badly, sMd A varied pa
reaches the market ih m any InsneesS Plt ated W Se il
in poor condittton. rtt i
The Great Barlow Minstrels are said Lg
to have the stroirget program and AmNlmS Sans I'.
feature sets in Its history this season. B 1I w et w E W ll
The Viekaburn Herald said of It .
"This attmellon under the manage. Ch M*-l
mnent of Mr. J. A. (Coumrn prtieested 5
onseof the eleanept ild sltronIest mil- _i_ '___i__
street perforn>anes at the Walnut g
Street Theai.ur ever given in V1ckf- l
bIn. Ti.. emtuinmine. sinuina and'

;, ",
,' I

lnqrue with ( nwa Mil. I lue* with Gasma & Mill. Im t
eaorro f, r met,e, .( 1 ,,y.& All J. Me)D4ald depsrtr-d esItrdlraym
Prod#* M ru.I *F.,I,.I.jI freau
'i .fir JaeCkonvillh.- where' he uas sliim.
i li0 .L +... '' ill mw a muned oJn bl,. A (ENTTLEM AN TO A LA DY....
pr eseiolti< it.t l .l.(onvitI,. I Jli ir1 suit es*3,.,, R I tt 4-S 1, i .i VAl n. -. -
...... on_ .......... "-+-.A14 IM.u .n... .ti mg"-id s an
Nt)I'I'" '1 .,oim; bs1,r;+ie t,, U.,,iit (ire lists. t* liyn i ,l ito L W ved s..ds make as

After a pleasant. %isi to he r plarreip,
Geor.It Bk .I1t Ly lo;nt ANd I M. Pser % ashIIItU. 8mtW. ie. Bend ius your orders now so thsl they sp he
A. BaowJen of Micanrpy wr' i ten i.e turned jesterrday to h1r hom u ill Tul tiue. ample and prices Iurntobd hS apest
ciy yrI ,. ,:,. I Ialnhhietob.. STEI' S K KN iAS E .VINI CO., M3amtafirinw
F fi r Sitv- l 4 l i rE TVn i oi,.iii it .ld R, UEC
V'tv r r \t'r .I nl .hl a'. A AC1ien51 A ,urni .i% u.. at w h, tionery and WeddingR InvitasIoas, Wo'Whihall
101y leet rkLa. I. w-thing ever before seen in the city, .andtora.
S(otce Plynmouih 1It*k white onck.. the prices are reasonable. ______
rV A tI r *-. or 0r b ,* \' 1 (oe t r -.' -. 0.. I ..J.U 9 **wrr
S.c, !., ,-, ,id,.,, R e,,.iemnant wio ,awe ^ & t i,.
a'd 1t cdt) i'lt. PpS dl*-A T IR t e attin. I

Household, i',:great va. yard up. The S. J, Thomas Co. e I
rIety ait T I. S I'.1 1.. iU.s iepinniea Monda Nov. 21t, the A
.1 I'. F -' .1 th.f andtrl Ferti. (ilimietal talb will lb opern after the ..
liz.r 4 -v is 1 return e from a performance e as she opera house, r".4ad THEUSY STORE."
with those famous oysters and 'xo*ei-
I)ujiiTi- ir h ,t lFor t Whi.t auI other lent mrvioe; ehoic. western tmv al B
oinii also, KEE S,,Ual s
R l.' ,r o i..i(Crt -( nnnfn W'. iOur new stock of silverware and eat
C~l~t>Etoif ?s ir ?V )I wert Soiuii }*plantoa be secat to bt appr~oiaed. BEST
ihose e%1 T. i wi Wllg a er h viat .BST GODSu, liEST PRIC0 FU L
iplly in them lines, and we hope 0 aos.
yesterday. will ive os a call before purchasing.
After a rief ImIv .! ...,t,. vlt to b0. Sh. One Price to All.
friends i, ; r ,1 .\! i: L StIrig- IWe offer for your inspeetion an ele- .... ..,
fellow huIs retuirnti ut her liomie ia winli of rockers in ratn and prtl.
Jarckiav8lle. e 1 ire e a lpn ratre SKIRTS. JAOKETS,
|- i ll mak e1hi aDly mppmialeod lN R8 d "M' "tP
For .ale.--Mabthulhek piano, used holiday Jift. Make yeaour elsetton lWtATRB. LOVWY .S
onl a few tonr.ols. Will t.I sold at a now. aseiil*k term lur 0o. IHOBlERTiY,, OOr
Sbargln Address J. H. Pate. Brown Mrs. J. O. Rbodedeparted yesterday D)Rm OOO SI .
Houe. d for lafst4M, whore she Joled her h T "
W. M. Dyes. and 8, F. and W. M1. bsd. Tbe wo will go o Tampe,
Minton of Oranme Heights were among when th pely t to sped a few days EMBROIDKIUlS,
thosw who paid The dun an an roeble .tahl "wig e sl g a of the Bf o WOOL a4J 001TOM VM ,7
call yesterday. FlFht idPr. TABLE LINBEiS. OILIE Si3 a
The oyster supper at Porter's store that swell TOWKLS, SIURKA40, 9
south ide of th:e siuear. Tuesday Br lle c pieo. RUGS, A t
night. is uieti. to assist the SoIdlern* te 0 ew OW x bitbl asil th G U A ,
Home. Pa lunizr t. Vit lFulitosre ie. aORTIUBKSW ULAll ,
Monday. $480 n4the*IttiSve. We we ONeIop onW lo.
Rugr Sale Ml. fll at 0400. 1."1 wv;. >,ADv ohl,
Rug S l r atThe Sevenl oar f Conseliat On E PIC TO ALL T
,$ 80 ruse at *$ 2MAll grades re- whlshkhasabeen In session here for Ow ONE PRICE TO ALL -
duoed The J. lrhomnas Co.h i ob I
C W lilin and daUgh.,ter of Mel. past three or four days, gave a e Prim the LovI e I
't et ai hviitorthyester a afternoon whbeh was very
county capital yesterday. vio to he eredlt le. The pnadeo was led by abe S 0
out pitTl e. rdyr. i ud- Galane'vlln e colored ba1d sad ait raed -. .
I na, .. his Za ,l i ,,. a il ..& Al IIhmnistl id i ldli


i *i ;m

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