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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 19, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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F I.


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I 'I A .k .....w

"-'4'' -- .... .... .. .

[1 pi# pf.'iw*ret to ihe e
wrtr dd a bhid to hand,
;. Tikwlmor plenty of libki'
ia -" .go A@ioe o either sth4n wa
I 'St+ .I b il' f 'tia Rusaina

Pi ,, t AritlP .
pygpyg t :g 0 p. m#.--Wig

i" Ai'thukr has takes place '
:K:eltbJpesmNee bes their THI

Sa llPt, who wav a Spa
i'Rlsim torpeW bot iC
. .". .t.r. T hRe Ja w a


*'^.m , o ao 4 u0 mi ihos
^^^H~i~---l^M& 'lMBH A^ f *T
^^^BHIHIRHI'lW^W*^."-w*ww ww $ A
^^^^^H^B--./~ek'^^^^k&A ^^uj^^f^^ TW
^^^^^^^^^~ffmAr^^r ^^^^^^ *^^Ww^B*R^^ Ct
^^^^*H~uyl^., i^^^t|^^.^^^*^__* -^ T



the rF._lt of a Conflagrm
ou In ..a Tar Plan;,

itaneous Combu4t0on Was thl
taneous Cambustion Ws fthi'

mume of the PFre-kThe Men Wh<
moped Saved Their Llve by Jump
g Into a Water Tonk.
lnver, Colo., Nov. 16 --One man ti
I and three miea eriesely Injured
I reslit of a Gre which has deo
qred the tar plat, of the Deaves
aid RlCetrle eompay.
he property tos Ina *tilmated a,

he dead:
leant I. Clark.
be Injured:
wai Vr. Joaes.
OkMrt Wter.
rsk Wstter#.

kT he Ar* was caused by apontanueo
Sb0wttalioa which oearred among the
oil atd plintA la the palate department
S-it Tlhe men were 'workft in the rooms
a t the time t of ti jp. eoplon. Theilt
M sinelholtb eaughit lire a*id two of that
Shared themselves by jumping into a
?tS PWS,.Kh Olank ofr water.
."C i Clark was we badlr ltMrand about'
the armi and bnoy -that he died soon
litbe, b tlt ifter reachrin the opes air.
Bra i t orl i a4 _

Sbes flit OMerts Catoh Men Who Committed
i!..i"tlh .m,.Crimae Loast ( y.* I
I sM tt te tla s Vegas. N. Al. Nov. S.--utool.
Ssland Oftcer W, P. Mliintosh and t wo
,nI deputy Itledl Stats, nmarshals frors
Sthe iIndllaa Territory. hbve arrived In
*it*.ert Or Rulssiia ij the elt wlit John td lJim Black, twin
brothers, and Johi MLurtwhy. who art
t hargedt with having committed th'
abes. of evb tt, robbery at tort l.,egn. N. MI.,
.$.P*i et'lt a1et aes by- ,last July.
".oIMct o m lhl ,. Meletash trailed tht- nmn to the In.
!glet LtO. din Territory and ih lithe aild of
phe .h'. ba dirsbt te ll tUted StateI offlc&l. iarreitle I t l-ai
W.i tSpSei. I there. li the la'ti.r tlarl of Julny f"iat
Or A te itis u stoppeii the lock island paswin
t- a Rusia a gcir train and bl up tite express ca l
bl b tth*mWii atsmell and Ott e saftiL. The Rtt k h island pecw
..-** t ttilag ol t ftor the deft' Ple my tle roher, g.nt little booty.,
t l ," lilPubl. anl d and aggUle T'he ttti t man -'+ stitpomsed to h '
.* .Mt be thelr 3ior Great B tIl Tom RBuwell. whol. Irtn iay ago. wa.
ist e llte overturtes to Rtu shot and LiJll'd white ltiadlng a hre'l'
U -*W a t>he ladisal border laatesd from the l'UnHed nat .'1 prison at i'
't li refut IbodGs Afhbilalatan. Leavenworth, whi pip Se '0__ -, .. .
B ., "'", ". .... .a sentence. for horls s:eaing, i
Ups I aw PrIght.nqi and Runs Away, --- --
:'' t Capldur. Work of Seturing Jurors Goes on.
!"w trk, Nor,. It-Mts Illa An. Public excluded.
.dil, petty, soa and dvhaclous New York.. No i.--Wfth four ,it
+ ,hea1.In h Iet sal d amateur th the 13 meni who nri, to dieliso her fat,'
l U hirOMe a P In Pateron. was bro* already e.'ectoed th; triu! of Non Pa!-
.r s*het0ked .withkt halt a block olt ternon, the fornl er ,,howv irl., char.1!
il AMe. Wi aeOday. The 5SA WAVS with the murder ir ('' .ar Young. LiL
m Oll>ed away' by the cries of the wealthy horseman,. wa. continued in
$1 M la -d by here rare presence oft the criminal rainitt or the iupreale
aS La si lg a ibl hatpin a K weep : court today.
i Tbhu, far thi: j Hwe m i e, attracted by the outcry, V'1it, sill aitir! s tri uie pirt r t
Sat4the culprit across eastalde park Ings. onily those havipg a dirrep etr'n
t9 t e biike of the Passailc river. neirn wtli lithe ell" a'01 ilng allows it tc
,ktlghtt to bay. the fellow plunnael in- iter their court riomn
tte U It 0y water. lie was bentnibltd Yt'estcrday lii i aTallaie spare wa5
,hi the old and was emeily captured. wll V I'!,d ly t1. cotrt ifclitals. nw,-
sii",. Whi mt hauled to the shor he he gave p,".:,r n"n ntiit id the Ira-nt aa:i:;;iu
mlu 'hit U 'aIe 4. P'ralh Spear. Ill friends oxatiluation ain i ir li r ftllctaoinl
!1A8 he hadO l beepi o a protrarted spreLt for Jury du y, and 1ho 'lffi s,'r wh-.
9l thet whn lander the idtlfhnce of all th 1 dors ha I tlil',e e'r',t
a: lq' aV was wholly trresponalble. iHI Is kL'pins hark the crowd whi'-h si'h
WA W64Il Is the eMuaty jail to await ered! n tbe i'corrlotir.
t "ftlk ot the lrand jury on charge
. 9Up#fErred by Mle Anderson. Cousin' Engage in Fight.
k The girl was etagratilatled (e liambla. S. (.'.. Nov. IS At,
S peer,.the prluoner, has a. wife and raniti Watter fltrn.'i,. 'f Kr-.a ii
:A Udlvre, WiI nowvill, of l.4"a-raw'r (mi.u! o rn.

P Palled to Find a True SIII.
l BRalbrldser1Mt., Nov. I---After hear.
S lag evidence the entire day the grand
jury late Wednosday afternoon falelhl
to return a true bill apinat Mlerrer
6 Saas., charged with the killing ol
Mil Johne hlnnrr In a du l between tit
q twoe tn thli s.t:khec oft l tnibrldge. Fel



Horse Becomnes Frightened and He
Fall But Foot Caught in Stirrup.
Ifunltingi it.i,. %%' Va Nov. IS S.cret'
of horriftld .-i 'wcttors saw lh nry Mic
r i'id. 23t, o4 1 ri i(- toi lil.t d4'SAth
on a fren,.i-tl IhorMe. Not re was
tlr,:t attracted,! to him when swtngluli
Into the siladlik he drew a revolver
from lis poike't. lbranili 'd it in the,
air atn fired etvrral si his.
rilghteneIt by, the shot. the heors
pluiand mally townr't a railway hridila
over Twelve Pole river, a short di.-
tancle telJow iTIninton Tho bo't-bor
croessedl It ii h e ii safety. lit rider
swaylng 1 n I hI' I t; :',. bub t ljIs 1 A It
reached the ot tier ile of the stream
McCloiid fell. liit right foot catchigia'
In their tlrrtp
The horse, now frantlr. Iallope Il
down the railroad trae-k. i'-ragtring M I
Clou l for nmi',l. th a mi. i l.,ntl
was malt 1 ti a p.p. p

Carolina Conference Closes.
C'larlott. N. N'ov. Is '- Tl'< flft.
tenth an i-*,sl .ss slon f the 1;4- aroliis
con f're(ne*- can'i to a conclusion rlh ,
aftn'rnsi at t tl'c'1( }lOtir. aijour fn
Wmelitt wt '' it hat hi1l t t ii tlt" -
alun of It4 ', ni" I.'.,e w oil i [iw he'i
La Ulr.t'nt-r0 ui1 Alntostt lip to Othi. h~-
of alijoni"rnil*'-' nII) i!aer had i is it I
the coinfe',t', for 1',%t .er r. and it
rent, n tii d i>: la;di). .M1", I lbl stil u.
of Ireilensmro, to in\ ite i h,' l Jy
Urfl t'in-' po FW1,'!m)fa r.'< loilP.] f o .'- i
sf to i' t li.xv bn ic ,, ,1


gnet' 1,, I rotting auil ll'OOtiC affa'Ir.''
I.n wh. rh l'. n' \ wt* ho! throui li i1-:)
itn ii:2 g li f.i.'a". r.'1nld, aRitl so b .'ve
?4I riifily Ili' "'id' 4nt, .tlt1. i1',t1 ats t
II :',t rruI' inl '1 ( l .' .'i '" v
cu'ty Is not Lno

M issis3ip; Toov" Ourned,
C 1' r !l ; ' i. '" ,. 2 I':t '' '



In Dense Fog Thoy Moet on th
Maiu Line



1% .


Tw *r -"- Changed Mind Ab% Wedding.
TWO M-rderers x ex. td, I ,,.r ." N ., terliSe the
\ in g n. N, I .''. 1 ,I. 'N r I iI"i ln.H4ll
S ,c ian.d ', itl '. '; -,,... i .. ..... ,t i ai



I".',. i INDIA..


' I..


Taken From Btorm-battered Craft Sat
Landed In New Yo6rk.
Ns a Yrit, Nc'' 1t Thait o hlio
wrecked cailtri', tio capit ali and 'cruw
of Ilhe I .-a l4 t',t s'hwinor Ilfei.loro
who were r'~ceilt'itrom t her btira-
battireild :wier-!l',g:4i craft. and aft. r
tIri lblu t ierierl. !- in theb .urrican'
tr in lit lch H,% 'ij i Mt At!antl< i**'A
board varly in tih,- wetfk., wtr til)rought'
here today On th *i.' llItlh l teamer 'At
holm. wileh irrn il >ini Yon(ohma
and oltier Far Knitern liUIrt,.
The rt -cu< wait mailt' in ihot 'Pa4
(iN 'ap n' lien1ry, whIile the w vi,%t. 4lr
brtsikiug ouut.w he itl|litnst craft fore'
and alt.
Oaice uon Ie Atholm the men wer
given food anl clothing, and they
showed little effect of their terrlbt*
experltene when they arrived hero to
The fairlshnro sailed from Barmabli
NOv. t. btiud( for New Bedford.-Mase..
with a carn o(If yellow pine. The
schooner enirumatered the hurricane on
Sunday, the 1::tlk ler satse were
blown to rlibonti, The trteiudon'i
asa. poundeC t6i, stchioner so in' "
sntly that sht' istuig a lek and ltled!
rapidly, ~-inItn unttie lhr dlcks weord
awash. All la'iawii sought safety *ul
lbe deck c(f : !!,it a te .hume.. from which
periltion ixrsit!ln l *r"oy wroe re -cut 4 IN
hours later by 40i. Atholsu.


So Declares Booker Walhington. the,
4-ilsro Leadelr. Ala..\ Nov. IS. fIn a
atdldrIe delfb'retl hlrt' T1- sdiay >"n I 1*o
openiJu tf (4 nire't :, an I rfaviiui
room. Il)' it r h 4 aI it:a t n11r. 'e:ate hI I
adviriv he ha i ,i'n .to hi, n-',ro hliar
ers In all h lpiti''l : t'' cure'. to ztaAi
evfryy 'rOtitt to inci .t L. 1h \I lain if
their ts-rvice lit n vnl delpartmnLtIil it,
Manual tolT. to 1) .e; to own thvIr,
honles and ily mna;l iite''-. of land 1o
cillltvale. to re'rain ( inm hihtilitng tht'
trilmnal and To ro-operate l iith the
guoid wh!te rpeo)le' Il pr'r i'ringR the.
law. lie d.,-'r'l re ld i. l ,h : f hi lat thi
nmcro did not s etl sicltil eqniu!lt'y
the whites.
liH Muin ll a note of a's'rtln',
against h-- xtrava'.iance andi '\ si
er to which h:i;. pij ;)pl mitKh lt I*. 1 tI'i t,
i l by thie 1 U.i'ila l llcrCt'i 1and 1 n1l.n
cial pito.pit ity ltiat t:ani of Ithem'inow

Motorman of Incoming Car Had igl
Legs Severod and It I serieved e N
Will 0D'--Both Care Were t s
Chattartioa. Ten,, Nnov iS -4o
bhd-on collliatoo o the iain lite *
the Rapid Transit electric rIr eg
line this morning at 6: .tl o'clock, Bi
persona were ierlously injured. Ti ,
oust merimiaslty Injured are.
oitoriman BhDrkener. of laeomlslag
had both legs severed, and It is btOte
ed be will die.
Motorman Harris, of outgoing esi
Internal Injuries. may prove fatal.
J. Woodale, tleg cut of and ia4r
nally Injured.
Walter (larlnor. ankle broke.
J. A. Stayion. limb brolli.
The iffiials oif the coriipany iay the
collision was due to tihe dnase he
prevalllng at the time the accident ao

hott <' urr v'rre wrkttkeil, the on*e O
Shtich Mitsaiian Ilurknr ,tood teutaig
al oi t iilt t lt .y ii':it ol l*!t')d,
llnirr)y cua: werr' nti to te city lto
ani1'ulanre. st14 Ithe injuri:d nore tak-
en tt tIth 1 hi ilet ?.


He Is Held Respnalible for Telrrib
Railroad Accident.
Knowixv, "lnn, N,n o 1 -W. B.
n'alliv '1l. of thif c% t ,W'i ;t lthe I tt :
aetiilrtl.e t .i r<: tMi .:il 'v for the tee
rible wrec',. n ,a- lt' Siush'rn railSrat
iear N \ i- arkr. Tn. n. early Ino ep.
tenil.Ie'r. in which lIve* were let.
ha- I- n' 11 let t .1 y riia UI aitd Ja t y
of .1. :t'r'i)oi Coi2!!uI Tenlln -see. for
criltinal Ilt ig k,*tt. The linditl leit
wai found at ilaindrti,!?,
('Ca 1w l '0l w a rcniitn'th r on the sift'
tinitId i 'asmlRngr traiti which oveIsrn
its 0t :r.. to niet ti., eastIlound pa "
senir at New Niar ,- aunI crashed
Into the 'a ~mt lunild tIl..,n a few iIlM0-.q,,
weIt of N-'w Market Hi mst engifnet
the tinly othir main wtiio tlid hbvi
lini n h i' r.' imniltIe, wva louriiled bte
neath hi. einllne In thie crash.
Tho pita i'l for criminal n'glIgtl'
In thlis ?.rut' ia .i .tnI, i n'lt for two
to ten year-


Claim* Conductor Porced Her tO Ritl
With Negroes.
Mlarq. in N n is --C1 A im'nl that
O (i t. t 1 Sli 1 1a. iis-trn r;ll to ridd
In th,' ipear' (ei ii;s f(or n"egr(S
a l8.t.ih Mar,n tcar,. Ml- Roa 1'IA
oeon. a nti e's, of Ii. I faplati. has Ills d
a suit for $I1ti,1 ith the clerkL of tht
city court
In th,' pirtl n t sir th' e14ti h :ittif It i I
Clamin 'il that .M1 ., I4,' .lm i .rt'il to W 1
plain to the cot'm bloo i'l rin'I thrinilgh hr er lin?. luti thll
hi 1 iiies ial. > si aigj forcel her t d'
'et( off th' itc at mtine titaan her r.,&-lt.n '
Pies l- M' iin .af 1s jmiu t It l'r* It n "0
a .Irl ; oi il 1i. 1', ; 4 t n, hI tr'r '111 ani .,5
That .;hv M' :I ,lr' lniV lu rin1,hi l*,1l y 11
lin.g -ass..,,l il'.-. a 'u I i .- blt'f0o'' a Ca
faUl iof people

Denial Made by Brownlow.
lWaohipitE' N, N'v IS. -John B*
Tirownlw,. iof Teti n-'-,''. whoi was dit
mlIvs. I rroIm Ith11 postal fTrvice by orf
der oif tlhw prti-lout. al niet that be re
flinrl tio fiarilslhi th ilelpartmlnt with
a t ia iathjl f, tat fl ntr of hi rreceiPi
and dillsinmr'in-nti whft-hI atin ali 5lA
bhtrS.- I' nki,.c r ol tlhp ,potar'a l t at
ithi' 1 ,nil \t st'ti


~flh I
r I

ehI ailst" Sli pm.iT RAd' and
Their Pries Se. Sag 1Nit.
Th*ie Was farI3W41 Udlser1 aSt
tve opIb house to *ret the .t tr1i.
061' silver Cormat Bad 114 thIpir willho so s*eirously slaed
meIn lt he *omeiir lat imihtl, and
thoem wh-O eoeinded **fe delighe04
wIlh lhe reuditiwo of tIli ir'igran
OwinIg i. ihe lat 0ien of the llour,
the prgirsm betig vr19 leui4tly. no
attempt s aa wrli*up will he iveu to.
day' hus The Sun will e ulnd or to do
altosthe functio In latl issue of
Gsinvilll Hnad the eltence, But Out-
aid4 In Weight by Competitor;.

Spegal to Thi SHon.
Tampa, FVi.. November I8.-I|q the
mae of football here today between
UPIs Florida seminary and the Tampa
sem, EIt Florida Isoe out by a oeore
of levels to sl. liwas a pretty game.
well played, but lthe Tlamp a*regxa-
eion had' the advanlao of F. S. in
weight, belag much heavier. The
O(lseville boys had them outelaed4
ia MmlAe, however.
A tueawy Sieve'.

tat i A t tl d rwitt an u ly t on theil
wr. l ogetiU. a.Otier,ramkils GPiro,. Ill,
t*M. flaniIt 4#*epS S SStSo bbU alenr ietleM"
"mOwn" q wnenle td a**Si< loe tom
MI~! mu.. Them Ree. Ass
iseed 's evt s- toed (tr boan,

. Rtlladser lShet ie n Tir ahe pir. Acunts
OUqptsl. .Athens. Us.. Now. No .-Thtrrv 1 t a
Je* .a1 ohg *hrgoitilte r t e rcounts of tUs, cah.
ersWq $ md tac t ie;ier at the depot of
sea ke th* Oeorsia ralrotd tI thli ci:y, and
Iithe ii' two yrun meUl n who htld etho. of
2t 68--J, t* Hanin'nd ChJf#-W n:;At j.
I ta sp J. 11icuncer-have left for part
......-w .a. .l.. Tl.The e'.uouunt of the shortage has not
yetbrm*" "lt a be mcerainertl01, and wl nnot be
S I ,*ult th ccottuta h1 .t t' l*" *l'tt
B ^1 . 1tbhoroughly. Itit i rumore.! that Clill-
.dert, who a the Ceashkr. 16 aor!
A I ayfthere fm :on i tIn thr tliii.islnd
dIils, -whliet ?%tnter'&s shtttage \Is
y' .an. ptaned at four r ftrc h rEiht ito;r:.r,,
l'* t ry Tavelng Aud!r l'. iS Ih'
Georg railroad. eto.e 1, Athhti.l al'.
-'rry 'o cfhck ti pthe f'coliniA tn t
o a'- here. He wort.'1 :n ti bk. I :;j
p C*i an all day Satunria, and% !:L rut COT-r.
W, wite *I plote the work. P v. : rac'. to Au
......, be. gusts a n r : rae l ..nt. A, n I. .
rwiwsaKasia e. dayI night.
SL ta"fma I for Tujluadty mortl: <.i..'... d wn-.
I z."lt.i It la ter fa toU at oih u ) t,. r v.rk, andl
sersIS i General Attnt C'x At snen- h0qan to
Sw. v. hin. lArtetigliate as i lipwitr wheria bouti.
'. He found two n at th office ad-
gw Is'.p's Ph.. dVre ed t, I m. at I .au pwntnag then:
Wi o fftsW .tutdd in atCoud that t';.y w.t, fi'1 tuAlCe two
itWift 0001A.l Ohio Y OR* soo..
S ri" .on-e, to young en.
'J*tm(,is, W hli uual ive.
.". l.tittlo .tmeai .ow- lFattier. what are folt
M b oa p ? tHlrb elnumi&'uePpt that we
fl".frtaslik.oy W..-. LP lehare gr:wii tirmi of., m7 sn.
*mwlek', Ga, Mr -- - -. ---
A.UMp 1 heno. jwver. A FACT PROVEN.
l. In the houm, and -
a.g his m*lu0 el'r IiU E r R ith e tew .t She
uWa vtU d early byi a s el. i2* Th.
ilyi t te Oe t Is uilightest doubt to the
fIti. Jmmediately 4.* aiaiSd of aay that Dandruff **wMm do not
."m 1.,.4..X rprt the t"e tiiber bfte i compeitet by tih
i"a epod itbo Ot a tX 1 abit Innoeulated ib th tO
nationn, rhleh was enl became bld In a s wele*' time:
Sad, houhl It s tbe bppeft tnt to any ireon
04 hd household eteets t~heMreto that the only prevention of
k ej .ee" stowed to Oak i set to mtruetloivn oahe iine-
dopaurewonf hIs family I. e hubnded per eont of eas s by
te ai.atlliom of N wbro' t Hr4lde.
t a, It W"IS l one of lI the dru caused by the sao grm
w!l* .sleldt that the lfre, v tai ; b ldness and can bl pke-
Sti--e Oi-in .s .unk..own lwit tlhew sme rnmey -Newbro*i,
paIgo Mshe rIt ewans cand Aep"t no nbstlltute. "Destroy thse
le U etleg & anatie eo~t in the ieiSUse, you enomthe eftct."
'010 Oi ho sing. tn "b ling drisi. Sn Isted mm. InW
. .... .O $ ." "prs,,. a .tr imp* to 'The ITerpitde Co..
. .warwaselih,. land will not De. tatt. ek.
.1. t.. DBel|rt A tu.s tpenal AAgets
.., ..I I . | .
aO"LL .06

Bit ter
;,,,? ,j'i :. "I


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Is"'; t 1fl* *.' nai it O:l 1,, ..1a .? *r. ,
V, Tfl Ivi l s' ^ c: ,' ,1L
%.4J..LL 1 tk'.jt tik4 .;t 1,, .t
b a ,i ; *ar tl.tus-nouo 3of th*
EO ,gULy' y Iilt forrosli -llN* m "
o 9 toaper t coa(i.
o ff t y o nh o
now% AN
LV5^!^S 33' fly* ayV

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nn Attt fl ttttt n






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I Make your home comfortable by
treating yourself to a few Rugs, a
Drugget and a new supply of Blank-
ets or Comforts. This can be done at
I small cost at





and we have a fine assortment Itror
which to select. All Goods Guaran-

Sobhi Skees for Rekless boys, Dress
Shoes for Men, Ladies and Misses-a more com.
plete line cannot be found in the city.



bfltt*% ^%t^ t tt 4^



Take The Atlantic Coast Line




Svij vi via v
Nort Jack'. ati al Soarutu 4ste t i.ltU:- :t
,.o,.,,,.LQ L,. ,.o,,,OUULH .,J!eWVZ.o s:!.o

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Table In effect Sept. 1, 1901.

Depart Ft r


ArriveF Ym

8:45 p mn High Springs and Inter- I" 3.'
Daily mediate Pointse Da
- -- -- -
12:40 p m Ocala. Leesburg and Tampa, and 8:40 ;p:
Daily Intermediate Points Daily
2:06pm I'alatka. Dnytona, Jaksounville. 1:fi'
Daily North, East And West lia
-- .
12:15 am High $prings, H aycross, Savannah. Brunuwick, 3.1.
Dally Albany. Allatas, all Point. North. East Weot j il.

8:16 pm

Rochelle. Micanupy aud Citra


Dail High Stirini g ally
Sx.Monday ex. 8. uud
.nte.hang.eable Mileage Tickets,. ood over 18,000 msUe of among the pri*'
eTial railways in the 'outhern Stite, are on sale by the principal ageus.
SThrough Pullman silePOer Port Tampa to New York. via Atlanthi Cost
Llie; alt* via Atlantie Coanst lin and itiithern Railway.
For complete itHfOrmatiin. rall on
J. A. (OOODWIN. Ticket Agent, Gainesville.
F IktAS l K It VIto 1.'.TlY '1.., l .t.. .L. .. .. ..... ... ... AAtA


(IN oMANIza.

77 h lS of it, by
I ,.. uwnle, fiet hi
!.."...,. ..

nW rri* not only
Sret Od seeSur'
s whis.ktl o doubt

atf *beem th. *s
ll,! 1i It s ifi.
.ri ., *ki. """

I 4


4'mi----- --.-~

I'ls r II -


-- -- .


r l,? :., :1-

4 *'~ n'rr- .9 s~'*- '5s 7"* 52 .uc5'y yf~ rinrIJg~Ir..y *r qq~ '.r'.'-.wrfsflS nr,*w'.-'wr -~ "r'~ w





$e Mlileve Such a Thingi
b,1n0 Various Denomina-1
the Bible Differently.
ti~t to Oalneville.

I t lr|Iisanllpa llaIrnh n pU kltib
meatl \ m,, I.rtmitrd,

r ,. ,1, r l .
O '.n < -l , nIv,.
T A, i

---1 'l.E8 IN-----.

Sea Islandlc.

Sea i-li.d1l


(:.'tton Se 1. Bagging and TWI '
LJ.u11ther in Strips or Sides,
_* ,^ '** ,

Mailufacti urtr or thle Jaiefs Doig Improi.:
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and Supplie for

- --a. '.. ... . _a*f. .l

| w rit utnerlnf a pvrioduf I flrf 1.1 In I .1 t. 0.M.1 i- -- at -t-- o-
Rev ,*ilt.l. f i. i I ',,i ri i ile
.age to Rev. 1I I.yneh d.
Ct8 R I. .ill J Kelilyt' y, 11iti1.11 I.''l.u wU L 11$,,. W lf 'i nt
A o i .ee s of S. Augt.ise, l' lilt frh T H E E
iy forOrlando. p n .n t!e ll ii Wh( of his 0) T
r *y is a plelsaiti g.eritle.- 1 'v t i t3i milt' tpi pits Q3 5 1 J3
and Jovial. anid Dcoln-f i- 'R Z4IA YE Ct a URElo t itiiiv.,, i. aii,-. il .la itiie *
gt pleas.iN inauner. ,, .. -- 1,--al"With l,.i. i.r u, n which th( iif. itratly lnated, the(
'r of iipectlon of tilhe INJ T.allcurablefondiati -rt i r .li< lit' ar rri. It t i* iiE -a E
ali 4e diocese', which l'co.- ir. Kauible of Mrs.W.Wa. W. La Iy- u r ; i i. a lr, A .e-
pti1r i Statle w Lest if lihe: Ne!d. .. wasl ier of tilliard, totit o.-t r.rtirIi
river. ued by Kodl Pa.. was cured or .. ..... r :.....t u ti.s
0. aleomach of Chronic w -. i r in'
th looiditis vewry iour- kroubSl which 3Dyspepala by it I 1 h l' lit ,rin i, th. majority of parishesl I had effected the use ot f r
S," remnarktd h Iti hei p. l, h ea rt. l0<101 Tai I"'1' t' '" j i ,.' l. s r
relative to tile m aitter. I :ui ,,I. i, i H r-c. "A. lsPia
Sfluvshes ina healthy I1nancici --
foit ule, but ieh. 1most en- LIVING S!LVER. WQ F
WIformation I could Riv for --
lte the faOt that the tlchur,,h 'The lecs bhy V hih ternuryp .
throughout the entire ta iras-tid *rras tIisvaubar. Is via Atlanta, Cha
every church, avilg au T t uret i r LL NOISury is its
membershipp. I feel greatly I, naillv iuillhi, .i'i,,iihr. i.e ZImt LNOIS
over the prospects of the J nutrtalt theI l.ltuu 'l Jo iu.-
tleh i Florida, and antici. !=Ot, arope thoe v)r .iiualen. lo rispain
Ib aoldtn ui .. P mSKja tindi Idrii>. In Illyaia; lit Auitwrice. Stoe.
s!me day It will rank favor- 1 of N' w ,n, i laI.lin' Cillfornlia. Two train stly, 18:
h, leading Protetant de- i Sold by All Drungilsts. Tlhe ilvvry twtal lI obtained by from Atlanta.
imjolast of number." I routint h ihtor, in spcilatlly construct. y To ae KI M
regarding the suggested ed o<- ( urn:i-cu, where. by the ac- soL.-
eaofall ehurche, llihoIp RED CROSS NURSES HONORED. t1 n of atmwooi)leric tir aloale, the suB. N o l
Im tit ehue he n Bishop ra i phur is convvrltvd Into sulphurous acid l For full lltermMl
leI tat ise li not tnded so Praise From apansee and Rulssian ni p:aes onil with the volatilied or ti kesl i Ing
I '"always be religion i for Their Work. mercury ltno oudensers. Thse aret
llSan ranra.e.N, ov.i 18.-Dr. Anita usually mninoury ibamhnlwrs, with wa.
smge the people," he re. McSea mandiher 1 4 It rAiaauel of th IN 5ff OIIpipe. from which the fumes
"11& 1mg as the cri.. Sdeci- who hahall p on thrunil eartheaware wmlA i
will be differences. It ui rneA l rI.'" .1a! *n "hr, they a ntlythrog others of wood aUUE llLU
to believe that l would be :.Ierrcl ith l It. ,, a. rnirse t o l I u mlass.
matterto make a Presbyi-. the w jlitl, .-i, at. ay they) Iet o f niblnd wtylt i ot. lqwhich renover THE FRU
Sof a lethodis; you cc.ttvd evil 7t t nii, itli andl were hon. 1by nlultalng tig'tnmixture in receptacle.
Iake the lrebyteriaa ored Ini c vrry way po-4IuIlep duirin of Ierfuratedl Iron. when the mercury
Swith much faith In the their u.tay in that o ei:try y the of falls thirur.lih. T'hie qut-kallver s1 flnl- Ti
antdi and It is an undis- fticals nn repi :. ;taaitvei f ithe Jap ly plrilld l hy Rtnilniug through denw.
ti that it would be as anese army. linen and l t 1un senwt out Into coln- No. .
SIlmpeolibility to induce a Derore they loft they wore glvrn ntnrv in1 leather hals or wrought Iron Delly No. No,. IL
-lW divert from baptism by I farewell rrreplton at which a lart t(*4ot'4 flilt wills erew plug. anh s 9te's Daily Dairy.
l(MNood-naturedly continued number of dtinllar(s a were present. h ttNid :mlt eventy-flv pou ndi 8.aday
i t "i1 would- be to make a The way they pTrformtnel (their dutici avoir:lt .*
tb e water. I believe that in the h oplitalt won the highest pralhi Lv PIMLv P NILT b A
MAM differtnes come nat- from t he Itiian at HIfroshima, the Disastrous Wrecks. 745 ... .
StheClihrsllian people have dif. receiving hto-pltal fir all ihe Ja;a- Oarelessness is responsible for many 7 l ....0.............
l srpntio of theu lble; neI e woundIed In the war, whero they a railway wreck and the same causes 8 00 ...... .m.....
.t latioui can view Ihe were stat odal. i are making human wrecks of sufferers 10 ..
*.of God in the ai was, w Dr. MCCe, tw. fore leaving. was SIT from hrnat and lunx troubles. But 1 t................. "
irelt n, linmyopinio, th en an audience ly the emperor. since the advent of Dr. King's New 6 83 1 .**- *--
1~s Masolmaion im op ininothe iDiscovery for rnsumptlon. coughs ... .
I1mt hiu ish a i- Constipation. arliJ colJd.e even the worse cases can be 8 .
ibe enretted that Bisihup K.n Health i abtolately impossible if tcred. and hopeless rellna tion i5 t .I .... .. ....
M bare srenmained awicon. constipation be present. Many ser* longer necessary. Mr. Lo Crgg f 08 ..........
SMti4sBa next Sunday, but im- ous caso s of liver and kidney com- Dorchester,. Mal., i one of many 9 ...4.... .
11aths1 demanded his attention plant have sprung from neglected con- whoe lite was saved b Dr. KIng's 0s ivT 6 W Lv S 1
SNew Diseovery. Thit great remedy 1i1 8& 6 40 TI
MI. While here he expressed stitution. Such a deplorAble condl- guaranteed for all throat and lung di-a. 12 o 6 i 12
ibelig well pleased with the tion is unnecessary. There< is a cure eases by all druggists. Priee, 60o 1 ? 7 72
Pil te' city. "1 note tile many for ii. lrhiniie will spveeily remedy and $1. Trial bottles free. 1 t4 1 3 Ar 7 1t
Sresidences *ad busie nastier. C. A. Lindisayl, P.., t. tn- ...... T S r
Pon. .i wr i tv0, Fe to l. I2.902. a- ...TH WORD OG ...t1 0
Which have been ereekd is tri rI Il.r, iri i n t Iifi n me- THE WORD BOGUS. ...... ..... 11
the past two ur three year. icine fe r entripawiin." WI otille. tIeb Arc Several PlasieM Te*- flee ... I 1;
Sito eungratulate the people Sold y W. M. -.ohnn. ors.,..l.. e oris,1 ........ Ji11 l10 II 10 a
101lie o" their push and en- Tlhe word 'ni is" 1* ld .by Dr. Oil- *. .........| 4 a 10 It p
frlmpiBhee@t-l r.t Rrit. .b i s1,oli i ) dlI l frlii luofhee. the .iitl,,.
italndiiat wonder on that hill. I am ;ko- ntt'rwu r 'fll t, tlhe M i ri nu Jwindl er A g nt.
monument to the prosperity aut:< ,; t,. l n ; -I w.ho shot the 1r I N twl th L, ] RA
taish t 1a, ".;;o;';d Matl. lilt ruth In wect'iln li tw.;tern strtes with J y.HlLL
. a of thn entire -<e. Ihn'.s thrat trouble had return.d. eu,,h ike. jtlt.n ru,,et the word m w
Prrswialm Mi *Persons wi A( re prcosent at C'hance). with IM"h)g']." r1 a%;.recurltv or goblin.
w' Famous Minstrels. or Von llgitelw'n reception Saturdayl ani ul uis'i'lied to nnythlin fctittlous or
Psber 21st the (ireat Barkiw liht sayt that the emperor took a chlniir'lI. WnJl
|6Wader the management of most animated part In the convert Low< Ii In the "Itlilnow I'-lw rN" 5a.n1,1
ua will present one ofi tlhe tlon. Nobody noileed a trace 'I lucre thiian stiltt ltBewest a id btst prograo.i hmrsel l aerit, celain enjoyable com- that hli voice was affected. TlIlti I! a:suM uc'tt 1: t' uliir une Lii
sad varied novelty acts to dflivue mi lei :it El i tr'la.h itatefr
Small ranks of minstrelty. A To Cure a Cold in One Day the nill. .ih th, t in 1
d lna elaborate llreproof T.IkJ Loiinvi Ilrrnmo Quinine Tab- moun V111h lMe-w rubbish. RoU T
Maestion of thle 'Palaceu D)e lets. .\l dra igtr relundl the nlnfliry .\.r;:'ii. r.rt edli, t: ltt.r. there 1 sale daill
iI," wlh electric and mov-ng I it fail.i< i cr.' I W (rwve' ig- ini, fl.meh nrgnt. a r tlin>t is sling. i i till Dee

'!Uto showing the caseades, nature ii con each tiox. .i. woril. I-tgue. wvliFlh igiittIes thie rind of i R d Tj
M irolens and palace fore- a agree n cliestnut or the case of a sale Roai
lakinl one of the mot beau. Railroad Commrnissioner Adjourn. watch,. and this al' brings us to tle V sixty daS
1pietures into which will Birminghaln. A!a Nov. 18.-The al* idken of nu outwlarl i eming without
pd ithe full istreo h o ile teenth atinll roiivfiton of the N any solid and repuilable foundation.-
i the opening number, wi' ltional A .,,.lmUion of Railway (omn Peeru-n' Woseekly. SOU'
n t l 1 inlne'r .aine lto an en* d at noon to0
lpiarture froni the ntim day. uitli te n:,tihrrS left hlre this Doesn't espectl Old Age.
Resutime ulsuily se e with afternoon on ani elegant ispclal trails t's shameful when youth falls to WORLD'
it en an i tLir for a Irip T:rillgih M.exlZ Knrmtll show proper respect for old aie, bui
ble number of he they will .strp at .montgamery, where jout the contrary in the case of Dr.
of Slllr, popular and ra.- they ,i 1. eromed wty Ah t in t or King's New Life 'ille. They eat off maer thrb AUlan
o be ftc trI *O ernor R. M.C t'unlnlham. antll, i. ^t
L PfliQUlar attention and haloed by he' (Commercial and atIn maladies no matter how severe and Ir. sky" ru1e.
Stlar attention and talked bay h ('unteniarl ande Tdi TIreipcttiv of old age. Dyrpepelsa. oaMTae from Purma
h 11iS n to the seleetiou trial aiv. cn nor enli)ngmery. ThiPe jaundice, fever. eannstipatinon ilI yield sasmomsil. Throwultsd
Sand chorul number,, wiIt al.r) -rp a# Mobile and New OP r0 this perfele pill. 25c at all drug sowerovse or i
F Croburn assures thp best l ,Rn lf ',iin i1lM. tores. Careones mad Mias Tneiam

"" """""""





.EASAW Tmflah

....TO THI...


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,~ .i,. I"^

ttanoogs, Lookout


Ia.m.a d p m. w6it

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sm Ilt. It ....

&t Gulf R

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,.t ab hbiiOJtilyS1f


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........ . ... . ..
w .i *-- ,, 00. ,

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S..u ...mgeeoh ..... tI
, ... .*
.**** *OBe * ek .(*
,. *"***~B~ dsy "* &*, > ''

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R WR, GManl



rip. On
r. Good
'rip. On

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with Itsw O ;r Ine Sti o a A:
*~im C "I ..,

lota ear.
Setsrolm ieaseasi Awh bai-- u i-Sl
ws. No easu es. As egpqfop Wv Il SW

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Hs and
.' ,l~WaRmea "s.


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MWSs bathes t

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I~l f ii :.L-'' hay i. boos sutS of

gtiAL3.l l f"l 116. .
,Oillll i no haMt. Aftor
hI O flt Mlletd, oad
wa elek day sbame
alan hIio bee ased of

F. F. Bsof of freinS0t.o
Otl6e6 a sal l drug-

6- 1

tf,. AsU OBcanOAls.

,. ; "


Outfitter to Particular People.



Seryr a A saDmbtle Hour. laI Any


Ctl farsm SmOppld Inl Any QmanUy.
i n

Meak Sqng at Ustsmnt Hour,.
We "M Or Owa Flb, both mit
wd fr& water, ad will nil mallet.
l-- 1Ssof s. ie toheab, for ea.
0w.r Blo as mmouable prieea. Orden
S6limv1lle Fish Company,
wag adi... Ph, ,


EL A. WEIL & C00 .,m"""
W All DmnriplUM.

Sto* iisst for MNARCI and OEU-.
Mu q0AUTiT sbo-. Evry
pair warreasted.

J. Mamasse


Drop in hero and take
made by BCHLOSS BROS. ,

The beauty of the
Schloss Overclads is in
the fit of the neck and
shoulder, graceful laprl
an4 perfect collar, to.
gether with the general
air of smartnesA that
lifts theit out of te0
ready-made class and
identifies them with
the work of the fln(-t
Many men cling to
the costly meb chant
tailor habit on their
SUITS, but rush into
the nearest clothing
store at the first touch
of Winter and walk
awa with an OVER-

What need is there
to pay a fancy price to
a "merchant tailor"
when you can buy a
SBobo Overmad of un.
approachable style and
oiomparable work.
mansblp for a great
deal leia
Th e accompanying
picture shows two ex
osedtngly clever styles.



I#)(t)k jat t111

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lo is'-- \ ;I




FU( )RhI A

S Curaterat :* PROMPT PA Y MENT ov ,OSSES
We cover these important points and resptectfbly I
dolilaoi t..are or your tbus.ine.
'Fi Life, Acident and Health sur

-Agents for the-

Victor Safe and Lock Company
Oinxo-i n-n n ,ti. ObX0o.
The "Victor" ie the best safe made, and parties coitemwplat-
ing the purchase of a safe, or anythaiu in that line,
from a box to a bank vault, will ave money
Sby aonnulting us. All on or address.
Information cheerfully furnished. QAINE8VILJE. FLORIDA



Aent IOn the A. C. '.. and S.



hm Pool Parlors,
C 3m*w, tflpwt^
I.,*r I..

None Better in

I=n, ALul An
al. m. an
Sn *t n umh ma

- Montezuma

A. L. Rys. V. J. SHIP
the State at $2 a Day.
Meet t Trains.

- Hotel

)MAN, Proprlrtf


1. .' ~--.::Erl-c--. .--,.-,. __ _~~_~ __ ~ ~ _Ii


Our Prices Range From $12 to $20---Worth Double.

"Drop In ad let s ftallk 11 *er."
-- __ .. .


_ __ -~--

Mill FOB


10 lot


I--- -,i+ ---,++.--+
""CUSANS AND FILIPINOS-A RE. dependone for whleh they fought so
Pl FLECTION. lonsg. th example displayed before
....... our yes In the aot *of Cuj o0I1 1' 1,
N L give U9 soe l ht l as to whet we olught
O es at Gafnca +. 4 ,l ,e, tigo of it: o, ,1" 1!9 .,..i.i 'of the to do in the Philippines.
A Mla : a .Mt tmiU er. ('t. b ( ngr,. f r t a i u t r w itl. Il tine u id". h ai! i .j jltl's to our.
-ttrtitir oa- rla le ,Iri t.illth iin- yo .it a-t ri, ior.. l:
R Cg rrr s. O a le r .j i'i u t w i .w j i : irib "ri 'a iIiat t. a

V: W. I. I 'KfNHAh i ,..*'itr f T't, l l r't'i. n l I,, fl ,rI. I C ,. ie It ,' SV, h ,L .m I
g l g: pO TZ "IA. K ., l tt. i l t tfltpList ,d li v (i8r 114i, '11zt .-

...:* JOK- 'J1 ,m i I td O 'r., l t s. o1 tl i a i, [l i t .'
e Pl putlijLttie oryn rc!r?. i k rr i. .1t w l t tOo nnIr.ti*.,0tj ra1tinta n ,.p.
,B t r4*L< t b1y l.r;rri irttrc.rig ill I t Iy tLr tt'.t WI' ,~,g ts rVI,,Inj J ,r
r arp (rldW.4 41 t i ; I-I,',l*t).I
~~pal r tofther1 1 UniRt .t r." pr .'M" r IP. t In ,i" ri.. i Ca' y l 1r;,- ai w .- ui. t iitI if, II tia '-i
1-- P ep t.h is tf l.m. n it t, i Iry pI ,''1 ) v.,.ir. It ,', -l rr ira r b ld ; .
a 411 V< ; e.s. nfo i ileMre lt s v rr iti . ,. ,,L r l t ,.t I., itr ti .,+f i f ,, 1 1 itad idjit'll)I i., i

g r*on. .db 0 i,^ts ft", ^ t r .. .. ii .rt...a tit tt 1 o f it' t. tI.u
B f he -adp s rtir- arg de krowr %r* lw b.4Iv & l t *i . .i r .K Pi.I T;r .1 rt j. f -tint.1 r tip

We.. li reek Sun o n et Lt gRU wiped t '1 .It, niii ;. y I:i' ,, ,iair d.ayr :',r tInI ,
jt spqr I'tlt.I'. ii t4 s T ormt V anld c rl m '.', B Itin .' ,
||M w r kf lh.un i tt' 1 lAif iin ." th 'I i St l. 11 all; iiuh'11*1:i ,' ,. ,) l . l ,'i' li t'. it o tin e .a rp a ulay inulhItl
iUW be partied. IO-.t e f rrre 1', any I' l'i i' ; I ,i'rti'&r I iyf i hip,. 'yl' ..@ \ *- i,,y n it It hrt i n E .'.I y:t Fi.
H^ United "-.ite ,or ct:t'..' Lurli. reuarltarnl Il .*iitrihtln', t 'f I'r ',,' ,ri- Aidi 3, *ur w w,.rtl.l I:li' a hl1L tt;ld
aig no ._ Im witiil ii1 4 o i r Ill I *1; : 4 't. r 11 1 ;'.' .' 'r .ii I| b iv'i pr i (dl-r .
nMau bllsU t'eent'- due Ir't ftrqt ;!t)' .ii~ i, ,l t .: 1 *i wit ''* w ,
I adverUsremer tu, IiCnleMntherwi;Ste throughlt It the, country 'Ad t ht.' iu.L .. Very C c rVyC
S Iaeiaitralo. Part: e n4ot ,.wn to mi,, e Uh t attairi.d ili.d etprhl 'u( I h:i' -"i I iV e
llqwtr*4 to par forladvrrtlt I n dt in4.,N
Ir TOIIE IAII.VY S U r'ilit..d t d,-gre'! r CJit4.11tltll ,,K : ;.d $.'t q!'l T t i.,I. I. It' ,uINl
Oa viIvi, iIr. VI"p rt'r>i tr iy never d It't n1 d 1 bf by liter ult it'?Ii, iI I.;i.t l it1i,'. .l t7111iEtif,- . a |
.a- l,'t111h4 A I, jpfpl-i hsi4l. within I .h shitr a It ian wonr nI Ii a ii,' mn op:tal, is l
A SAWS ttirm'. (III th day th e flar gof ilfln mdcleln Japan slInce ( In l'tue 1iiing if htoMill-

n rl., dent C(. bhan republitT was railed over
SlatpmenMt publlheid in TI;ue t Havansa Mr. lilrimswrtl of The Ifn.
ulle.Daily lunI of Noveminber di Du)l y Mail Sa. stite of the l'nglish
14t5 The GaInesville Su had viitorS whi" obe'rv,.d the ei.e.tiomies.
id to J, T. Percival, or *nyon'me (Il hi i return to Engnlad Ihe wrote in
|lbSolutely untrue. No indl- ihi own paper that "the granting uf
|4resorporation so much 1 a haM indepe-ndencet to thel Cibrn.s meant
eanonTheGaineaville Sun. The janar)'e nlid lt tit "AilMti tlhle
C1o1i was no doubtt made front montl th ithe slates would lose
ipotlves, and the public can all Iflu'ence ovtr C>nba." and that
*med that should The' Gaines. "other power. would hiav' to step in to
ever part from its present prevent, the Cubas from cuttiAig etach
fr b (aet will first be made other to pitees." Noune of the uklomy
* Shlrouh the columns( of this forebodings came to pas The sup.
L" posed hot-headed Cubans., the over-
!J will be ran In the future. whelming majority of whom are men
ham Iha L.a a in *k. tn. .... of duskyv thame d men whot htve ilnone

UW1 U Be p8i1 Plw tliE l*nt; rest oi
!s people of Alachst county-
ilalterest of any particular
p.Or rml state agency.
udteor and manager, as well as i
1*Mie employee. are Dnoorala
ailmor born, and have never
5 a Demoorate ticket. They
~katerests of Gainesville and
ItmuWty at heart and wish to
WIy legitimate enterprise sue.
14 they will stand shoulder to
Nr against any encroachment
0 Demoeratio principles or in-
ollt upon the rights of the peo.
ftlworof combination of capital.

Seast luon children can learn.
lorelsewhere, is to be kind,
S,4c courteous. This is the
)psesport on any road and into

ih present time over 2,4)00 woe-
Af employed in the packing
*0 (Chicago. They are employed
|la wrapping and packing soap

I ly live among the French for
,.4 never once meet a single.
*-that isto say, a woman who il
I growing old, without a wed-
4a1 on her left hand.

.hae juOt died at Deaver a ira
WO who has thirty children, and
i*r all twins. This notable
IW Was born in England, bJt camue
W1rlea forty years ago.

. luggeItion that the United
Rblmeid intervene in the war be-
i 4ahila and Japan "in the inter-
nualnty"" does not come witll
P a from a Secretary of State
bll ed two repuhliom in South
tote Priah frontm the face of the
1* r1fuseing to respond to the
Sdemlanad of the Ameriean peo-
tIter#fention. We believe "hu-
S40 Was more concerned about
PIWO republics and their brave
than about all the subjects of
r Ilikado.

tannounced by a ierman pub-
flthet there are 520.a95 mile of
g la the world. The North
a eonltinent has 288.186 mile:
follows with 188,907: South
pin has only 28.822; Asia. 44,-
141, 14M64; Australia, 13.03k.
PhRge in the United States alone
bt 3fW,O or forty percent of the
* &- i- t ... ....

of the vaunted "Angl- Saxon" in their
makeup, have cornduated their affairs

from the start in a manner to oause
those who helped them to achieve In-
dependence feel justly proud of their
The population of Cuba is little over
a million and a quarter. Of that pop-
ulation some 975,0)0 are Cubans of the
Spanish-Creole type and 245,003) ne-
groes and muilattues. The balance are
foreigners. Men who have known tite
Cuban people long and who studied
their conditions and temperament.
while never doubting the patriotism of
the people at large, had serious mis-
giving. as to their ability to maintain
a.i independent government. But the
Cubhans have 6o far given alt contra-
diction to the misgivings of their
friends and. the gloomy predictions and
milsrepresentatiotn of their enemies.
Cuban affair are apparently being
conducted with so much consideration
for the rights of every element of the
people as might be ezpeeted in the
most lauded government on earth.
Parties there are in Cuba. as in all
other countries, and bitter contentions
take place on issue, but each party
has apparently a full appreciation of
the blessings of the liberty enjoyed.
and the lealers exercise caution lest
they eause any unseemly or violent
aet which may cast a shadow over the
early days of the young republic.
Every liberty-loving Americaan hopes
thal the "Pearl of the Antilles," which
American soldiers fell to fre from the
Spanish yoke. will proceed along the
road of iproiperity. peace and liberty.
Bilt at the sainm time' it is sad to re-
fleet that wbiloe r can glory ove r the
triumph of '"goverrunent by thle con-
ienit of lthr governed" in the island re-
public of the Carribeau. we deliber.
itely deny to eight millions of people
in the Philipplint Islands,, whom
I tew'y Paid wetremore crpableof selft-
govriinment tlnans $1i (t'ulieans, that ill-

Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,

As mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell ant d cmipetely derange
the whole system when entering It
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never be used except
on prescriptions from reputable phy-
cicianls. as the damage they will do il
ten.lfoldto the good To'1 can poMibli
derive iro:n them. Hall's Catarrh
Cure. inanuiaetured by F. J. Chenry A
Co ToltEdo, O. contatus no mercury,
attad is taken. literally, acting direet-
.. ... i .. lItuAul a14t ti, kf114 $iirfuIt eve


tlei, Is hero ,)n hiw way tI london 1ic
read a ipaier Ib, for:' a socrety of star
geons there on hullel Wounds and thevl
treatment dturIg tlVO present war. He
expressed a"nrilrise at Ieh wounds In-
.flicted ly tht, small bullets used hb
the Japanese and the small death
rate whi>h hey cause. The Ruitilas
bullet w11sd i1 far more deadly, he says

No Change In Fall RIver.
Pall River. Mass., Nov. 18.-About
&a miuch na,.'hiltery as in operation
In the city's, cton millsl today as on
WVednviay. tintie mills reported gaiuni
In th1 numb. r of hands going in and
others a loJw. Altogether, the situ*
tion was not grintly changed, and
ithi-tr' waq lint, to encourage the bet
lief that he long isrihe will be brok-
,en at pre.sent.

Colonel Breckenridge Better.
Loutsville. Ky.. Nov. 13.-A long dhrP
lance t'plphonet unTIx.oag from leaxinl
ton say.: Dr. F1'. It. Clarke announced
today that VInn01 Ilr cr;letnrldge passed
a commfortalt.iilattst. iLt that hbl con-
ditlon I UVaalittcaly unchanged. The
rcoIonel's entire rlaht6ndle is paralyzed.
H1o isn unabh tIo ]speak. hut appears to
be conscioust of what I% going on abov't
the bedside.

North Carolina Man Chosen.
St. l.oiul. Nuv. 18.-The national
convention of railroad maintenance of
railway employee elected John T. %\'It'

son. of
W. B.

St. lants, grand president,
Powell. of Greensboro, N.
vice president


Oltei The KMenys Are
Wakened by Over-Woert.
Unabeality Kdocys Make Imp!re Blood.
It u1ied to bW conIidlerel that only
urinary and ladder troubles wt're to t,
traucd to the kidnlcy,
but fnow n1ltxCria
science proves that
nearly all iliseaNs
have their tw inning
i thle dirt elr t
these utwit i]sportamti
The kidnev,' filter
a a11 purify thcblotd--
that is thtir work.
Thvrcfrer, whelin imr kidncyiar c weak
or itut f ordltr. volt Clu taittaulirtrn11 how
quickly vour cttih' )mly is nfflccteul t.,!
how every torgua sc 'l to fail- to 1Io its
It voi nrc sick or *" feel Iut.lly,' IK gin
taking the Kreat kidilcy remedy, i)r.
Kiluter's Swamllp-RNt, IeCamuse as oonl
as your kidntvey are well they will help
il' the other orgaim S to health. A trial
will rtmvi'ie anyIostu.
If yoti are sick you cian make no mis-
take b first do-'toriug )our kildneyt.
The imild andIl tie traort4 imtry ffect of
lr. Kil*titrs Swamp-Root, the great
kilncve re vyY i% i4M1*i rt.ulitel. I1
0tauln the hl ivust for itgl wonderful cure
of tihe it riMressing ciaesw, antics tlh
o nA ils merits hv at ll
In TAggists i fifty- eut
IJid otne-tilillar File
bottles. You iaa yv
hivVe MSample lti %*ttle swatSem Wpa".
lby mail free, ala) a mpalhtlet telling you
how to find out if .you nive kiduty ori
holderr trouble. Metimon this u ImIr
when writing to D)r. Kilmer & Co., lhug-
hamstn. N. Y. kmn't titake any mistake,
Init remembiiier the name, Swaimp-KRoot.
Dr. Kilmer's wamnRoumt, andl the ad-
dress, $llghamtUou, Y.,ounevery bottle.
-- [ - .



A Beautiful Ciandlan GRl
Catarrh of thie Luns16





Mn hec t Kea b, Waub>*u -
resA Af ea, ..q I......
'I-natEt. mi, y- -e-,ls

tm IMlwM M I
,.*I M .- n ._2=- r i. i,

ION= shldM tetw I S wS

wmft s wmses a
Ly1ath.A qf- Om er -
I.. I .' ..; ....
i W llw it wT *

1OMrb h9mid 1-4 -old ,Wth p

ie ur. britss n rwes as +'
sfts the hue t W

OfPer tor ftlt aemiag Ftl aSd Wtlt s hubshi j
I'ECAN THEEM of fhU sthraiiad IetbIIM-
hild Ieu A flIe FrAis ft, ORMSaSP U 3p mI fl

a w %OPT". S f l l llS"
twinucet*il v i ( A'fWam+ I. i .... i r
AIBo M WURSoof^r1to. g*.S.t ..
,tT o

~lt3Z....F ,, : '

~ S


, L.,; r ,.,-'Sa

Jacksonville and NeW'IM
Calling at OUARLETONLM. ., 0.bCot "i; '
The Ffmt ShsFtLur In lb painhS

Clyde New England and Southo
Direes SerwVee Between JAlCKWNVIILE,B
PROUVIDENOZ and All P sert Ptw, ;
Calling at Oharlwtcm both way.
otithbound..... ........,,......... .... rm
Nurthboundt........ ......... $ProM Fooet w Oatlhriti *
,.... .. .. . .
ClvA. at khu 'im Us
Stopping at Palatha, Astor, Ut. 8th Ierl t) (M ),i.
Leadlap olatk Jms UttWe .

Steamers "C of JAKgo h u S' A
are appointed o sail ad follows:a ea Jam Wesavith
8:3o p. m. iReturlnfn lve Havled AS Fta

r aaea pm ................... *..*,.. .
P *45 pm ** *I** * *.* ....* *1*
iO aMt.................. S... W U ....... .**..

Arrive I80 am.......... ......... .B....fX4 .:.s .*i '







ft if p" ' ' : ' '' 'V' :
J, .'a,, 'frViwaa !., t0
S r,. Ff4 oVVWMBMR 19 (9 -to47

.i a 1A.* Line Railway

S2115AUD Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
,,o .Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ington, Baltimore,.Phila-
delphia, New York.

S" herar'. Cau- e latTvWo ElegavLt Trains Dily.
"& gversr a CaWeds Malt
URED STAaN. Seaboard Express.
A *I ua sui Gnr ha m Seaboard M ail
A I *r,. )sde of Hflope and Msls
oseen S*wh r Barrel......... $10 50 Only Line Operating
tr...4mVnvswa"W N Dozenton...... I 25 Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonvlle to New Orleasm
I ew SiW v
La For full Infurmatias and leperr r cmli on fn) agent & hal dge
write A. 0. )AcDONEI., H.C. BOY ITON, Ja.,
VMS 1411 obo Asst. Genrah l Pasnenger Apnt. Passenger Ageza
*1 9W? TOET ABM Lu
,ushekha,:"''sA. ....... ...............8..C.O

.isA fmor 06n stLe GaMe. 1nMse I PACATOIRY LOADED 8MOKELES8
~eefrns4 m14* q tu, e'ma'..ou
pi0Ii Il wi ns., Good shells in your gun mean a ood b.
,. .., d Uinsana s .n 'In the field or a good score ct the tr p.
Volvo! Wir.-herter .*" Icdor" ond "iRe, .-"
io* lt seouollglr eSmoke'ess Po-d Sh- ;' ,c" ,d .N ,,.
"*ia.. -et
UAlwayu tTr-,rt, SSA"li ll spread of shot r:i good p:"t':-;'i., t:,
i a Igreat superiority is testified to Ly s' tj-
41., 'r,. men who use Winchester Factory Lo'd
Shells in preference to any other make.
ushe I
O L m .00e s sm*ms Wa. ALL DEALER KEEPTHEM
:ki s. aea'sssmtsmuunNWrl 1- : .. !"_ ........... ,,
j a eesn ates....

ML We a mAp, We,
"m sdd. eo & Batw. e sn
DTTTTOTfl& 00.


C...... ... .. 1 .99G W rT ,m
G SAlTITHER BRYAN Stale Ag'te,' eeu d lbreSsrnsa Dh
tAMga received as favormbis termes Sflcta! foealibe to making coflectiosa ea ll
-Y ecemobtle wSlIta cbn Ume(ited Statin.

The ot0d Gflfl- J ES~V XfLfl FLOT? TI A
Ed~ iU#sfl~ O5AflIJI lAs. K. ORAsEAM President Gao. W. Bin., Vlc..Fnsidsni
RUU3. RWT, Uliter sad Prq'~r, yyg y
-I. w..1.*...... ...*... ., . TH.FRS N TINA B N
.1~I ____orB G.flIWSTS flTrTTwi

00 h ti to the blunmesus of.a

lahsHst lis U6.00 sebaes in ST LU S TAYOR.
as. tmsniy 1 i se swflm e ISeheoolshaht.raephaMtS
Sls, apital ll0, *see.. en.5 0
j; C.NO A h. .... ,eSurplus and Undivided Prorfits... ,00d o

shdoee ern !!!P d tr m, .rIetmo or lt. est SW
i t mPm eAtaoeaa, p hnwppl o ,

eeo 9l0s8m he Ms slorl diat. 9
rivter i Usoole 27, IIe splapo ,
alted Stlw slbsn $75,0 s rt
a.6dam waer s re, snai* s, idte. p leatlg e
aad ae I ts, sro sea plet-Tes,o-
WS"e "hesop, prees pods,
alWeterlal kndMs of esltabl"'.
11 511. h ,i the eCounty el ST. LO U IS
... s. M Rs Flria Seintlinary,

5.prIt. O i3e. men-pen,8
wster. are sAr system elsesane
adFit* $mks "t 6e nes utwo manos Montgomery and L a N. or D[ixi Flyer Thrugh
the ,C Fn""no two nn ".i ?v,. Man. Atlanta and Chattanoog.
ufsetuvagS eompeapssie s. n* ber
two MoA"wl
A dm tm Oi e. bro elu. Round, Trirp RatsI From otinec

- wll hon d tas daily.o Go u d til Dee. 26 d d -

1a Sk a! i!E!ii L a 12 9 .6 t5 t 99-5 3


V to


a cfWl



So returnsI f(num there
r ,e tori have not yet react.
pn ry of state,
01, whtle drayms.n of 1lei
,41g. Wednesday night aj
f 6a oUouW and a balf do, s
takes hortly before

sle M innU, smuttaunt trnafic'
of lhe b outilhern railway, ias.
,his ousitfon to accept the
bIp o4f Yale ('>lueg-, his "*l.

',:.lath, of GraitI Ilapid. Ml h.,
SlfnJurt last night tit titt
llluinte wor ck, noar Il.mdlile,
Iiy. lie, It 1ho their! victim

tilip 1.A afs fr n other ) rtar,
SAn no ra '., will oce lr Il 1,O03

.Ius H. lalu& liin. prie ,'Ltt igl! railroad, ls critically till
'Iq We tin tIout. V11b'y. N. Y. i1,I
a ii tfl v ltih lntllial trou
r .it i ,r '.i- -ix n i h .li ,. l
a tlt1i l' iuat will liortlly b4i
betw ei on Hwltotrlantld aii
d astatt W e, (nrelt Briln,
" Italy. Austria-Hungary., er.
|,d Swedenan d Norway.
SUsMaUry. I he proprtetor el
ilhotel barber shop, at Coluos
C., was found dad in bed Ibis
with a cord around his anool
po tight that it almost cut' the

p. seninara were killed and
p-or passeiigers and trainmes
Wtlured in a roer**od p*seegte
leolltlon Wednesday at 1iem
lalon tn the Pere Marquett

e, a nAtied li'ro doaporlado
t to datlh lby half a dozen po
iWdni ly night at 31emphlti
.i.eoped troni offcer- reelitly
.ilot ol' to (lh iticniicuttary at

n Vcits. of Garland. Pa., and
l*ir-.4l daughter, fell over a
at 1t uky liver. a ,uburlt
result that tlie yO)ing woma
id. Vancise was badly, but
Illy injured.
l0otel Olynalla. lone of Ihe lars
0le hot l hti1ldingts In the state,
lingtol. hasl beeni burned to
rad. The lots will agiregate
Switch 116.000 Iinurnc,. The
C eapedst a etly.
latehlk Irom D!eWitt. Mo., sayj
V4ht of the principal busilnesi
t of that town were burned to
Iih their contents. casting a loss
as 550.000. The tInurance
l cover thIe loss.
|n ire Sl Hay and Metcalf were
lity lleeitt"+*' from tih mne tlng
eIbinet Weidnfdi'y. Tie press
lV Iorthc romlnag het'swage to cn t
fa*tl diaireirl It will bh placedl
h.alidu of thi liilrit(r early newx

ider Frtnman. a noero 9S
s|d, ,has lhoiught irilt li Nevi
Sty against an xiprea4 compatna
4me damr;st ullejed lu hav4
lI!Stcd ly tW<. IoiH of sri overcoal
1eeC beltangd to Abrahtm lain

kld tia', Commi.iHninter Alesx
s|old at IHill asut[loti

i htilt of the st* tam alift (enera'
on wtilch icnearly l.Il i poirsomt
dek-, - *

bl last Jnlit.

AR the law rt

I the sale was hel i on th hult'
S eAlch lay in the Erie, aio. 11
ibt $1.80E.
Cunrd Consumption.
*b. W. Evans, Clearwater. Kan .
4t "My husband lay slick for three
PP The doctors said that he had
.lOaumption. We procured a
Or Ballard's Horehound Syrup.
him. That was six years
then we have always kept
la the house. We eosinot do
It. For eough, and colds it
1." 26e, 600, $1.00. Sold by

Advance in Mathin* Tool.
Tork. Nov., l8,--.niuerslof the
SMachlt& Tool Hi|lllerW a sro
Is convention here,. hare inl
i tay aulvance In prices uni
should be a further rise Ia
i~lltals. Resolutions wer#
Sftvoritag reciprocity treatiles
U ropetan companies. S.ev,
w cent of the macbtoe tool
i the United States are rep

"e raItlta Pains.
R n i.Inmh.lts n ..*I nl al : i





.2SHaa M hy O Nw ae m beauty shbe
be/ wause no akids ag thse. Jiar m 4u
dist in almost *way es besM female diast-
ave p.rlyd thn oran of ewomanubood.
W\ inn of .Crdul impart helth anl irtstmh to the demd pa
| ad mna inuAkaerhood imtiblo in thouanidi ofama where bmru
is supp .'c t) be iincrable. WIne of C al lati the hstnrl4
06ow antl flU prevents maisrriage and cn are in down n iw .
Winet of Carls moves the cause of barmenaes by uingt the
orfgism strong and beathy.
S Go to tu r ddrougit id sectme a $1.00 botte of Wit of Oldat.L
The use "of \VWa of Cilul will bring happlanm to your homrn.
in caA r Qurinf jrial dinhti. addrs living
.ptourms, ade Adv i t. Th
uxttuaooga Modidae Co., nzo to ea-esm.
Ammumrr C ., Fb. 94, 1901
Wine of Cardul li worth its weight in old. It does meo thea
you eliim. It hla saved my life and caused. to becomes mothC
when everything elso failed. MI DORA 1. R. Le FEVRE.



"t'sr- -.etion q4 'ifle i rM considr s in. for the InatmWor."

Title is wliat you pay for when you buy land; therefore
know what you are buying.

. Titles ordinarily invisible correctly revealed to you by..


- Alachua


Gta -n esa v ..llie,

- Abstract Company,


~--- --- __

I lxnoo-.utx*Ste.t

E. E.


Abutraset of Title aud full information turnished regarding lLeads a shis
county. Our manager has lived In this eooDt tihirt yans a*A
Is thoroughly onvenant with land titles.

E. E. VOrL.
renting a number of prominent American and English eomplaiss.
G( -r6 emrlrT r 1 'lortas a

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the Clu or o50$KlTle. .ikafl rtiW i iSM esterl 4tmeUo i ogauslrs4 l tees- 10 a
stake theme la iNorflhwflr 1 ll
xstir io fees to a str. sth l* 0 in,
wenteft dalreatIon ue blanrd o IK mt t i
mtake all the i ner of AMe Aver. ra l
sta satrest. soOhe In a sothouiefrl dai
tis a lontalet nreet iletr y4)t feet o
TWi other with all ad h4Jwular thbe te-
meatL. hereditaleat algd spi1r6MSilO to
thee s tiA belI or Io r Snyw1 o aNppeN
Ina. alid pmroeItUr be wal i sthe pioltr
or tshe ald defendni ueo alto r M
Uon Iand oemtw. l. W,. yNNA C,
Ortff ur Almoses tstY. NwOh.
OIIU8 T L. DA Vlit. PilsiN As Y.



117 West Uniona ttree.

COMMliss81OxRm AL. I
tsder and by virtue of a deew of
S'. *made and rsdorWt y lion. J. T.
Wills. J.ld e of the( Ciumls% (urt for
itl EighthJudill Circuits of florldai.,
i a certain cu*i S litetii thereiln on
ih ohasnorry side of suid court in Ala*
eli s county oni the lth day of Novem-
lier. 1ll, wher-in Lara W. malll and
Ht. W. Small mre eepi)lslnantg and A.
llague.,Jr J W '. league. W\. A. Striek-
land. (hile K. etrirkland. Iuhbim
Ttnilnl. li T r Tholiiia. Henrb Nur.
rhy,. iMolly Murphiy. aI.ura ,Nytle.,
lanud Thninus. 'Wilti Thomas and
(lanrin W l e ari delfpndans, we, J.
I. Pladgett, .1 l. Dell, Jr.,and T. t.
Kellin. its unit iisiolrg iAppolnted
for the purpo.r. will *11sell ait puloauo-
lion. for Oeat'. lwofore tli courth'*loti
door in s (iI4.svelih, Floraid, on Mol..
delay. t lhE sh day of Decembelr, 1I4,
during the legal hours of sale. to ii.0
highoti aslid beat bidder tterefor, nill
the followiing deosribed, real etat* ly-
ini and belng in tiheoUonly of Ala i,a i
and State of Florida, towit : The E*sI
half of the Boutheast quarter. sne Ithi
Northwest quarter of she Siuthepl
quarter or heotion bixteen.'rewnship
eight South. Riang Nilesteedn East
also the Northwr*tw quarter, and tbe
North half of the K&uth half. San the
North half of the Northeast quarter
leN fire mores in ihe Northeast narer,
and the southwest quarter of the
Northeat quarter Ivs teIn aerw la
Boathwes earner, and the Sotihwet
quarter of the outhueast quarter PIM
ten sir s in the Southeast nOraer-o
Section 21, Township S oolth, RNane
1t East; also Loss l ad 11 l tlr
gmat hbal of IoAt I jIi North of lhe
ewanuah. Florioda and-Wesemr Rail
rewd, md Los8,4, 4 nd 7 to Blok
Moulh of the aveisab. fortde s
Wtersn Rallied mad LasB ,. 1i
1S Ia Blok 4, ill atof nthe Tn sof
Hfllg-, aII!ordIn lo p)il thlmgo( gt.
orded Inl ted Ook "I""st i p 40
of the Public eseHNl of LeMasi
eomant. Florridp; talo iI of@ the *$Ot'b
wst quarltr of ir NLrthwels qIuMe4
ad the. Nonbhwe qrltwr of I a
Boathlwest quarter. sl all of
Northkael quarter of she blsl*tmt
Qoatore nd athe outhps gMpI ei
tilf 4inrthwelt quarter ite e Itq
I. iLhe Northesiast esylir, iJld ti.e
boathwnet quTarlr of -. WotbklI
aUsrter lying lwithil the Vi t 'ries
Grat of motion 2,. Towe shll tthl,
Hi age 19 Ist; l ao ll 0ii t lInats
side of the leornaUdeAs ali a I

Mn0 ait A stae O thea aIwh tM
dewy li.e, of she Slash woes qugaw ef
shb Northes i qnet 100W fIn BMs
th center of tMhe trnk of ih* klne
nab. Floria and W t er Brllso,
fbhe.n run EaM T *haIlms to a$
theme run Sulmi chbai sei am 1a
uo a atoke Othe Bst line of ihe Ul
of-wa0 of ild rlItha
se o B pos i e b la lis I
Rn Wax I othwt of owh ,
VR JotbWas mllI
thie kith qua m arr of
Towmutlp S 8ob. 0 Rang 10 ft. TBt
pkaer with all sid slagular s oe
meta, hberdltau imtb 8i Ml-4
ne o th. a bmhelo oa) a
wiS apptenatlaf. ild paOpMop ,
be *a in thepropefn of the hiti *f
Aneh HagQs. tr.. for psnltke Maa t
the own themEof anoo na to atM
deeen. J. B. PAnoar,
J. B. DU.L, as,
T.;8 Kmirw,
J. M. LITIM, Oommilnoseel,
OompUmlaat-- Iolleiwc.
-- - ,,, s. I vi. o


-a floutW:
-^ ^ "'^

tpil RIlae, 0
*=I volI



S gdillo



, I' 1 ,

ju* "'" .I

:'-^.* .- ^ '- t^ J~~

. wa^^^^^^^^B

,. . t ^ ....


', ,. ,. :. ;?^ t
flRi 'IAR*%*L3*

Dh^* r~ t M~l P
-- ----I-"";,'.^_

o v u .n a

.:. .-.' '

....ror IA4ttle, esutemea at d CUmr ....

L, WO K oARANTrmt.
.. ,

,' ii ,.,. ., ,,,

*" 'T ," r


' 1 4 o

H I as Tabulator

BUH Every MIhine.

l.Ighte t Shift! Lightest Ituniling! The
Champirn Speed Writers of the World
lI'e the Iay-Sholes. More Fay-Sholes in
usw min aintsville than any other machine.

For Sale b1....

THE SUN, GanoeavIlle, Fl.

G6 8.


fl. DaVR .

DK- A, 0,, L,
o o,8 MT, A:"'.

MMgel s

*. ,Li+


; ij:v

' ''""

%, IAm

. i ,.

- J'q'

dow twidoo


-----m M m m k m m- m- m- ff =

' A I,' '... A, ,I.,:,0
- - 1 4 - w ." '

Th use of Royal Baking Powder is
, ntial to the healthfulness of the
family food.

Yeast ferments the food.
Alum baking powders are injurious.




im Otal Interet Oath.
ad by Our Reprto.

hea appenedand What is Goingo
OpIn Told in Short Paragraphs'
hat "1He Who Runs May Read"
Theoun .
f with Cshmam A H11111.
heamoanute. barley.

Imn.r, with I .sbmak & Hill.
(;?oj flh. emnnked sltmon and smoked
halibut. \\. 8 bortey.
NiCe pork. and )uley tender beef for
today's trade. Voest Side Market.
Luess Black of Hague was transet-
lag business in this city yesterday.
Everything that's ynowl to rat satOar.
tIr & Anders i ,',. the tiouse that treated
you rlaht.
Conme av.1 *A*** tlt* rew line of fancy
cotlls, all -;yile ar;d prices. Mr. J.
A. Ammomn.
For Bai--reei.nd-.hand Densmore
typewrioter \Wi t i I uoll cheap. Ap-
ply at S111 .-dte,* itf
'1r Ma Iin. Cloud of High Springs
was amoh ig iLthe who favored the eity
wlih a Tviit yailerday.
Mammnth bronze turkeys for

'P F|! .Dis l.411 11 M P ,1 4M.. iY i Ire.n A n.o
Thiiakefivingat Carterand Anerson's,
euspaper far sate a The Hn delivered fresh from the farm.
t T. IV. I'itts, formeHly of this eity
mtmakerel. only 5 ecnts. aun.- but now rniiding in Tamps, is here for

A ,arle.
Holilae of Roehelle was in the
'a Wonderful Salve for saae
*,11-, MeCollum & Co.
ts otr. aham flour and buck-
ioar. W. 8. Dorsey.
*, Hulme of Hawthorn was at
a House yesterday.
Speke of choice apples at only 35
Wr peek. W. sI. aorsey.
Lyaran Hall of Iochelle was
in the city yesterday.
wheat shredded biscpuit Just
I a. ualnesville Grocery Co.
Joho S. Crown of Roeky Point
P01.l|n in the city yesterday.
W Tompkins.of l1ontbrook was a
visitor to this city yesterday.
stocks and novelties. 8p*-
S-a4s Mrs. J. A. Ammons' Satur-
ee e doe Ricard, an estimable
'IOcals, ia on a visit to friends

d of hams fresh and can-
MI the ew meat market of Car-
Sat--Store Royal Cook former-
4d. Address Thomas V. Por-
sCheser and daughter. Miss T.
r. were in this city from
tolub plan sources beat Cuba lands
0oslt. Write Cuba Land Club.
111e, Fla. d6tw2t.
Ies ham, ,head cheese and
ork usage oday at Carter &t
IM5 nsew meat market.
. Common of J.Iacksonville. the
1"presentative of Fairbanks'
Me, Is at the Bromn fiouse.
No. le for your seeded raiu-
other fruits necessary for mak-
'r fruit eakes. ilainesrille Uru-
Ptn W. Ettel of the Hatmilton
!S, White Springs, made a brief
Po this city Thursday. He re-
tle hotel business good at White

.1 M. Wright of Lakeland.
y a sueceuful and well known.
Man of thit city but now a
t of the grip. is greeting old
*, Davis, the clever represent-
of the Fay-Sihote typewriter,
Seeity. Mr. liavi reports fine
in t he eals it hit machine
4l~in 01*Ut *

a day or two. illk friends are glad to
welcome him..
Dr. 1), I. Cloud of Alaohua. one of
the prominent citizens of that thriving
town., favored the county capital with
a vitit yesterday.
Miss Fannie Cook has entered the
Odd Vallows' Sanitarium. where she
will receive instruction and beedme
a professional nurse.
Have your measure taken and a
comfortable corset made to0 order.
Mrs. J. A. Ammons takes your meas-
ure. See tihe samples.
3J. It, Pate has returned from High
Springs and other points, where he has
been in the interest of Carter & Dor.
ough, pianos and organs, Valdosta,
Only $4 75 to Tampa and return via
Atlantio Coast Line account South
Florida Fair. Rates on Nov. 18 to 28
Inclusive, alternating days. Beie tick.
et agent.
You are invited to tee the grandest
display of fancy embroidery work ever
shown in Uainesville, by an expert
lady operator on a White sewing ma-
chine, from Nov. 29to Dea. 8. islaes*-
villa Sewing Machine Co., 206 E. Lib-
erty street. d-l3t
Mrs. M. I)xialynski. formerly of this
city ttit more recently of New York, Is
here on a visit to her son, A. Dsialyn-
ski. and friends. Her daughter. Minl
Gertie, who is also residing in New
York, is visiting in Jacksonville, and
expects to favor (Iainesville with her
presence during Christmas week.

Redbpne, Mis., Sept. 24, 1902.
Dr. E. W. Hall. St. Louis, Mo -Dear
Sir: In reply to yours of a recent
(dte in regard to tinhe eitleieri of
ltall's Great Discovery as a kidney
cure. I can safely say that it is well
named when they call it a WOtNDER.
I have suffered with a weakness from
the kidneys for years and have tried
all advertised remedies for the corn-
plaint, as well as physicians, and Hall's
Texas Wonder is the only thing that
has given me relief-I ought to say.
has effected an absolute eure.
GU.I lHo1As.
One mail bottle of the Texas Won-
der, liall's Great Discovery, cures all
kidney and bladder troubles, remove
gravel. cures diabetes. seminal emis-
sions, weak and lame backs, rheuma-
tiam and all irregularities of the kid-






'dVonaytTIum jFridy, KEEPS BUSY.

HOY. 16, 17,18.

This will be our first hrsat Bargaia
Salo slie soviglm Into our new *tone
front building on southeast ornaer of
square, known p Phifers' Corner. This
only begins a series of Bargain Sales
which for low prices have made the
New York Racket famous.
For bargain giving this sale will
eellpe all former attempts at low
prices and will knock all competitors
out on-the fint round. We are busy
as bees now, but we waste everybody
within twenty miles of Oatlnesvlle to
visit us during this sale and me the
greatest outlay of bargain ever placed
before a buying public. Anticipate
your wants and lay in a supply while
you oan buy at snch bargains.

In a Great Many Lines.

CIRlU'LAR r Fully qu.Utx All Prirm
Will be Distribiuted elday
and tuMsday.
Don't Foruet the Date$:
NOVEMBER 16, 17 .nd 18, 1904

To Our (Couiry Frirndst We want
you to come and bring your families.
We have built for your use a large
hitching shed in our baek lot for your
hones and vehicles. Plenty of water
sad feed boxes for your horses, ad if
you bring your lunch we have plenty
of room with chain and tables. Come
to PIhlfers' Corner, everybody. You
are welcome.

The Only Store in Gainesville
Trying Especially to Take Care
of the Country People.


One Price to All.

DRES8 00008. BILK.S
RUG8, All Simes,

Price the Lowest Possible.

Dr. errit Corthel

lantrlaef lOerMa,
Ualanvllh N ov. lNih and I"tk--
Friday andlu aad Hat-.
urdeay o ll m *4.
Positively Two Days Only.


T. V i
r ,^'^ f
i i

* .'.,
* ,,.
9 1L

a' .-"

im e wUi kh**uak & Hill.
White Iolland turkeys at Carter &
Anderson's. fsecure yuIt a air.
I;. i. Voyle and W. It. Sitekert have
returned from a business trip to Jack.
Amogll tie visitors to thief oily ye s.
terday was Chisa. Daniels, a prominleni
cit izen of Bainbridge,. sa. Mr. Daniels
belong. to one of ltheu otd est ad most
in!luential familitei of t) eatIur county,
E W. Ward of llawltlorn and It. 11.
Ward of Fairbanks were among the
visitors to this city l sterday, and
made The Son an agrreabl0 call. the
former subseribiug for Alachius' lumi.
nary. -
oauth Florida Fair, Tampa.-Tiekqas
on sale November 13.1b. il 20. 21 and
23d, with final limit Noveiubter 27th.
ound-trip rate t$4.7 for individuals.
Special rates to parties of twenty or
more. E. C. Cobb, agent.
The low rate to Tampa on account
of the Sooth Florida Fair are attract.
Ing a great many people from this see-
tion to the South Florida metropolis.
The Atlantie Coost Line and Seaboard
have sold a great many tickets to Tam.
pa since the rate of $4 78 for the round
trip has been inaugurated, and tickets
to that point are being sold every day
the Mrte Is In ereS,.
The attention of the street ommit-
see I called to an immense oak limb
whieh i o Mapeded in a duageroo pol.
loen. dirntly over the sidewalk at the
orter of West Mlan and Orange
*sees. Tis.B limb was probably
weached by the re&t wind. aM le
New a masst" to th msfety of pede-
trians. If It not removed It may
result in a oas of damage agalt the
The ladies of the J. J. Finely Chap-
ter will give as oyster supper on Tae.
day afternoon ad evealfts, November
22. The supper will be given at the
vacant store ofT. V. Porter. south side
of square. lee ream, eake and home
made candy will also be served..This
is given for the benefit of the Old boll.
dien, Home and other obligatnsm of
theOhapter. The public is oordially.
Invited to give them their patroaage.


wGA flS I tJV .


I. T

.hose. 1*
GAIN mmm SY I ,Wd,,h'

nore" nsow!as.'.
,OM to tAo., .Al&4

OelvenTs.oAWPt ee WOV.


NOw Florida *Iyrr.. t0 cents. W.
i. ,lVorsy.
Lu#0eious pickled pig feet. West
Side Market.,
V. T. $truman orf LaCrose and Cal.
vin lBroome of Archer were4n the city
yesterday, having come for the purpose
of paying their tates.
Mrs. L. J. Clyatt and children hav
returned from iUmatilfs. where they
have been on a oloeaant0 v#it o [lheK
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. D
The friends of Mlis Nannipe Dickin-
son will be gratilled at the Infurmation
that she Is recovering from a sie.e of
fever which has coullned her to her
room for tho tt three weeks.
After a brief sojourn here as t 0e
guest of Mrs. Frank R. Seawell, Mrs.
leo. W. Moyers has returned to Piun. U
Aello01. lbe expects to resume her
reidene here a soon as Mr. Moysm e
returns from Virginia. This will be |
gratifying news to the lady's numerous
friends here.
His Honor Judge Mason y7tenday
inued a marriage lienseto SoloNu
Mosely and Bell Jaoron. The breaking
of the olweathlerw ha efud a tall R
in sthe marriage market, be Judge Mm- 1
E isupityimgtfora4dropsin tefmiper.
atume. Wood -e, m a- t ri
rimoalal cadidates 'payr ste" i." f
J. T. Colls 6of iResohs o a WOu
&IS helab80es6 andO ,im es mmeI
th atiy*^e. amw110M ofhblMpt
who ti maE0ftofh the Sm iw im li
the ** st of a large esw eote eo a
M1ok. The ptteat la ies sep ai
bealg I. a sertos o"pelu_ batt I b
hoped be willMe. navt .U
NOTICE.-A eeopetfU i
%lam fe the pUOf i of spelsi wMM b
tary agPt of (th. S as. S gg
Halth of Florida will. kt. hM P f
aooe of the State Sa"4 of 11
Shsoaflli, s oIa. Dq"e
relgastion of Dr. His a 1
didates must to Sthlow
not over40ee of .m
some reputable ae4
at least a him b ie a
ty medleal sole Wf ith
l 1 ''J0^saS **aslace ^Evl

"Im ed l ':r,'ii''

N '

usukal ukl^bmtm R^'g
a W i
^F^W ^^^ oar K ..,^' ,,*.{,, i

iMwe, 1^^ ^!e

I i

Saves Health

Royal Baking Powder



Lmiamam Fat at .. ARiifno W A nr..;


* . . '. ,






p ~


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