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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 17, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02056
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Snsin etefnlf suth4 -,
'Fl, 1 *tu Pt 1 ,te . 5
it. aher of.. taie con pal
patiea. 8w *e r4dM uer
<,*., ,,,.* th att' pt. .ut was late

BBeft eit1 ,i a t.S Lewais.
S"! tRe M"ii rt i, YViee Premldeu
#i."rbatsak arrived here today
~ 'Weie :tuapeu., over the Vapdalia
Nwas met at the union tatian bj
;II i4lt A'ranpis. of the expbatlion
W" tooi 'O. Bqtler. When SeI
ti flirblaks., hiaisc.mpanied, alight
.ke,mhide hip:Wy t.hrogtah thea eriawO
,til he rmet PIresldent Lries an'
tOd olel ile lef Wht .extdel heart
moiw Tlab-h tanaiw 1. .anCltd ..l a,.t


Attempt to Lypee Negro Who H$a d
JoI cCut cadet.
HAR 40 RI Auburn. Alt.. Nov. 10.-About RAILROAoS ME*
c look 'asuy nlghit the little towa n.
S' "wa ruled eltderably by the Spread
S sI t t i e story that a negro, ArthU Biringham iatertaiinag TWi 1
>. El Barnes, porter at th i depot, lhd stab
#Inf bed and fatally injured ClIade Week.
'.8, i /: Howard, a studentt at the A. P. 1.
Loo i, s tA NS M h 4nss rFearipg that a lyhinia wa baw MOT OF TAT RPReaS j
.i-- l. Preasdet Thrhi. of the college,
eity laeiiitoos about 11 o'clock and
Wast worm In v ye a m Only Metth 9aonur removed from M Presidnt Smilth of the Asbc.iaen
Aft a Were th to plka. whre e was put e a S An
Rleswers Able th llhe e oooaty Jill. en to Gov*rnment Ownerlshi f'
About midnight a crow of the* Rallroad&a
dais went to the calaboose and IrtlJ
sw toaor, Xrot. i C0 1 Collae fusillade at the building. iftenl Birtlngoaml, Ala.. Nov. iL-U
P WhriltM ,Is. is. a se o b hke it opet within the Iatanttl oat sixteenth anumal convention of tthe
wws t Ceepl I.. Co .a tUailla the negro: but they were areet Utioal as1oelato of railroad comin M
i1 6. O ta V ly dlsappatise oat fad ag lthe nero stopers began here today Ith a Wt
J00 1i the w lol.t a.datteseaceM 'present including it g
SC h TeW imoblie begen with th negro railroad eomtissloners and depip
Sat 1 4 the abWslg Hew*ard sad clling him foul lcomisiomwes from almost every sta
am .Sll hig bt awt because he asked the blaek q .I* the auloa.
Ssebt ihrW UM Spindle i match with which to light a lgarl. Scores of commiss loners came. ,
s ile bi0llowis, tte. Howard struck the aegro with last alsht and bths morning from tV.
tl owa "wig t. Ithe sol a stick. whereupon he caught the oadet south and e0t and shortly before .
tll about the aook and attempted to cut convention met today a Ipeelal tu
.e' o 1 a t110 pa1t0 his threat, cutting him behlad the ear. bearing about fifty commlsioners t",,
Of tIh ur market t Arthur Melillinany went to the as. western states arrived frm t. lewia
i wh tiho W tol w #cehed light asltanoe of Howard and had his eoat Mayor W. M. Drenuon welcome I..|
ea I t. An ofieer was in the depot buli. convention on behalf of the city of "
iarb irt aqi4"."4 telre4 word Ing where the d4iculty occurred an, minsham, after which Presildent Jo.n
.hI 9t the boat was called to the rescue of the boys. V. Smith. of Mtontgonury, Ala.. delt6.
i i red his sanul address. la part 4
P 0i$ MM her way to PIRM AGAIN IN KNOXVILL. *said;
ss!,! 's4u whbiose she "if the federal governmalt
,l q.1s si(d*&t44and Thirty- One Fireman Crippled for Life and owned the railroads a political p ;
PLut01, ld thence Eight Others Injured, ty with the ] ittrnage afforded by ta0"0
i a Knoxville, Tenn., Nov. 16.-The railroads and the appolinient of own
W. ....i.lWt- >10l-h Brothet LawsotnMcobev library, a 3-story brick a million employee colld not only peN
M .it'uSa between the structure at the corner of Gay Itreet peaie Itsel f in power, but In a fe "
r"iN t ltk s lhe r4aL. The Red and Vine Avenue. was gutted by ire years could build up a monarchy, sad
i .tilgt I a 11tte. to the south this afternoon, leaving nothing taore our now boasted free InslltutkioN
i Mt Itth*r lia and Bererain thaI the bare walls standing. I would become the laughing stock M
o. tae roumil floor of the building the nations. Gnovrnmicnt supervlsg,
6hWlu satif a afterward it waa double store occupied by the rasonably and jti ly dlmii'ti-red ad
ih woaf ste aorn .Long island VaU e s wraltire company. The se. not government ownership, he saM
10t it 'see : la I0 years. When 0ad fier was the devoted to the p4. was to hli mind. i1:6e olution of the
Ca Otilit, Me late. found that lie library, contailing about 15,000 vol. problem of railroad combinations.
h* ll, lir Ih& nwas gone, he tried aues. and the offies of the Commer.I ".Le the railraslds comlilne." the.
aird to tie l l. aide. It was too ulat Club. On the third floor was the sptakerw contiied,. "'anld comin e"*
lte Sad.. trftrerboat was swept on Knoxville Busness college. til every nale is inder me vasit sy,
th miiP The shook of e rashla The are originated in the basement tern. and I have lfftilent conadeaWt I
boat. strilkl the ledge knocked all from the furance ad -spread with ltlbt.' In our government to helieve that e
t 14 orlt Off their feet and thb pa- ling rapidity throughoUL the tlnictire.i tder proper supervlulon IhmIe comeh
iag4 .;. .m their eats. Piremen .aved the surrounding prop lions could be made a ble-.uingt is'nt.
tto,N police launch had ihat return-. rty only after a hard fight. The' of a curse to our nat ki;n."
4I the sub-station after half a day's building was valued at $20,000. and The railroads, he bal. owe thie pub
WttUl with the waves off Hart's Iland was given to the public Il 1825 by Col. le the very best service at the chop "
vbra. Ltet police, wtre told. a naptha ooel Charles M. Mclihee. of this city. t cost which tler financial coa .
l0S4th as l0fttln off toepplii Stone as a memorial to hix daughter. Mary tlons can ulihuln. but let its not.lo i 0.
tll1ht No launch was fonmt there and Lawson Mcle(te, who died during that eager desre for better service 0 1a$1
iLhe i epposl d by the police to have year. The property is held in trunt cheaper transportation. ly our bail
atil before thelr arrival. by a board of trustees, which Il self. so heavily ,pon them as to re
NO. &' as sent out almi n the perpetuating. I progress or to retilt In deprivinl t11
atot lby ,Seireant Obnr;e. She was owners of thelr property without dW4
ta charvP of Rounid.iuian Wettlauwed. A ATRSNO TA. process of law. "
the litarbur Souau iestrs at 6;. NA Thin afternoon 'the comniIlosoftM
o'dook started tbhruslite tut Th will tour the Bilrmingham dirtrct t S
Casm Set for Today-Charged with
SGatabetween Ward's island and Ran Killin Casr Youna. view the iron histel any i roilnd til d
fl1'$ talmnd, through the Sunken Mea Nw o N.1. tries. On Thursday afternoon t0 ^
sowe4 a dangerous ot NanPaeront will leave on an5 figant specla trnM
Whe. they reached the ferry-boatl chre o .hootlng "C.aesr YTwin, for a trip through Mexico. "
they found her wedged better two (
bighe bOi'a, her eo t the California bookmaker. In a cab.
hte, r but. there woru no holes last spring. i iet for today. Coal Mlners en a Strike. '
he uuoll. aa Miss Patterson has been anxious ti (Charleslton. I'. Va.. .Nov. Ir.--e
SThe as4to b as shotiankni that have her trsal. a ii Is cofident of strike of miners on Cabin cre
M*lln to be taken rol rid aequittalil. Sh. wiill have her gloomy1 whieh began yesterday, afflects the
ht the pal re' ell IIn the Tomb. prison aid face the largest mining district in the stat '
bnt nouldpat get nearer than 50 yards judge and Stury ailinngly, for she has Operators are hiring union men 5
Stot l ot t, no doubt that she can prove her hnd miners are making threats. Seweitl.'
SThe crew refused to leave the f .erry. n. .C V n.. ll fve peie officers are In the distrt."

bat. iaylab they would itay by the There, In considerable interest manI and a hundred more will be put oN
ptl. but the driveyo let their feted in court ciriele a a hard f Iug the nxt twenty-four hours to protect ,
hrea th erryboatro a legal batt I e xpeti. properly There in considerable had
'The patrol landed the retcue4 a- t feeling but Wo violence
s agers at the foot of West One bHun i--.
! Xd ?htri-l^r~h iituati. on istlti ll Gtrl ,
&4e ad ThIrty-fourkh street. Situation Is Stil Grave. I Mills Net Operating Yet.
,U N, ^Rom----, Rio Jeterl1 Nov, qui--The altull rFall River, Mass. Nov 16 -The Fall
HKIO ON ARSON CHARGE.. enter of tw city ia quiet. distnmrbance River Print mills were opened apift
l, tionIs still very %rave. Although tni today to give the striking operative"
Claimed Man 1 et Fitr to Hi. Place a center o the city quiet,, d0rban a opportunity to return, but ft of
Sugmnea. continue ini the suburbs. President the corwpratlonu had better luIk tha*
r Atlanta. Nov. I1.-On the charge of Alves has left hi pliArhlmintal rei' o yesterday. A number of mill
W*liA fiAre to his meat market at idece it is reported that there is l werq unable to keep their marhbl_ "
ol, Peter 'street. Jor the purpose relvoli0o1 ary imov ient on foot at the rnn, an soon shta dew .
of a lleeting the Ilnsurance, G. G. m illitary school and amoug certain ol mill manager., it ls understdM. wl.
Sreei a, butcher, wa* tried before The ernet eclar pure represent polly for a dy
I Recorder lroyle3s Monday atterntan able to rlntore order. two. and s houlltl their lefforta fall. the
' and held In $500 bond. p bw closed sIati for sa ll
' Merchant, who haid tores near Twetviudc Saby bead. dennit l erlot a.i
. ;etmaisn' market ttilled; New Tlvt., Nw 1.- b"TIn.v Tim. nte peri1.
4 hism. statiJn that somebody had pourot the little lU I-OUiur haliy ho lIn Farmers Form Turkey Trust.
Skerosene on tile floor of the inarki' 1 this world four Iontihs sooner thah .Alba i. N. N, 1.. -Warlre
d* ifiorik t Wa w i et o hb e,. iett'ct. Mother jatnr4 int d L tl, hart .tthfldt l that. litd tl vat.i' dsy as Zl ol5t(iuk. Al! day hi Ir )rr ii W .at r mar rn i ilk e t. re
rI ,eil sata1 to him that his stock wa, Jacob (1au wrmrkei v ter thie ll.ha. pit" lit pr lr i- .I ,1 f. i
S-. .i t..>. .&*. ; tor in whi h (h twrnn' lite tl.f i...e10.I.. . --------- T A


r i '""

i :


.'.** .::7 .

j 40 @roetsPs Pof*
: Pqnol Ohomstr.
*m $Swesahi P !i SloP,
'4 _~wtheir m lp ae

'i '*wMt oll. ,sso
Sk. ItW8o8o. rJa

!.haS hem be'
,! lbnh M s wei.

)vw Os..

mtpeSa uay

: S>illnPa E. aIItoli. a

.hs, 14 M.a. P.

.,f $ M. .
gA .sh A
^pR^,^^V-^^^^0 I^ ^^~^^^

Is. 1o11111W the. must
S iil he Re ub

U th. ap *ats inwhic

AiN*, to% tin "o this ve
> o sttwo Wthey are ls
S problems by the or
iiwfl tO, .Wkoh tow may
R .:WI th a eri ly hand, II
i :i a4murag. antd p
* @1 the kis-t order to meet
'eptUiw l aslve them. The
S,"l$k Mit be to,, ut It
- U the right Uper

B I Andr w Clark. who was
SIto Qlrto-^ pbysialrn0, mussl. tw or
/~~ McWi8g0 aphorisums during a
4lM*i 1 .:ilbh lisn Framns W il.
is, iathte ^ lU*.1tie of t*"." "Eae
'I. ,to dteoame. *Tbhe lkd)t.
.i. sor- a e.m in the fullent dii-

hihl *obq *K'*IW -
"__56k ,b, .. . ,.. .. ..


ml.[: .,.i:I; -.-,- ,
^ / .ir';";

B..-......., NOVB..BE.. 17, 1
Irna motuuNnovzn n 17, i#1

JL'i 4

a plausible. pretext, for it was found
that jelly was an exellent mndiclae
for a mse throat atld Jaim a remedy
as woed as Lnndou randy for a tough
r at cold or a shfortlniss of breil h. In
the bemrrm .lu, tlhre iWag no Vmiil to
the borrowing otf lr rain isll'ml,
oe loeldst a sa rent fa tiwrie to Mra,
The Best Liniment.
"Ohamberlain's Pain Balm Is consid.
re4 the beps lialment on the market."
writs Post & llss of totalsls. Vt,
No other liniment wilt hval a cut or
bruise to promptly. No other is so
valuable for deep seated pains like
I lame bek mtid pimnsi in the heliest
l re ishl liltment a trial and jv will
never wish to be without it. tild by
all d rugglits.
Illl I I I i l II II I I I ... . .



Now Sold thi Nition Over,

To keep. it at home Is like having the doctor with on always, and
better because tk iewes you the doctor's bill. For I ver and kidney
troubles there' to nothing to equal it. phystieans recommending it and
feeling no heeitaton in doinl so. If you are skeptleal about it write to
anytbody in Hattle.burs, a lty of ,O00 souls, and ask them what they
think nt ll We &n oi1lls.t ti. 1s ita.a sm. ...a...AL...l i*L &1 .

* i : I

I -, __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ _


polee Unable to Find. Arny Tims *
fow York., ,ov. tL.-Another of
those strange dla 4 ppearsnees which.
from time to time. inffle over pabur
of Inquiry, 1i now engagtin Ui# th sites.
lion of the police eO tbis ity alad, ho.
whole rouintry.
On Set'::elir 6, I yeonr.-ld Leo
VlIIwhm aenn. bou of well-to-do paront
and a student Wf iho city ,leolt. I left
hish' ih e tio tam'il a |i0(in with his prI.
vate tutor1 inarby. ftYutm the timo
hi" bma his mother gIoodby no woriti 0i
the lad him biten received. He disap,
peered without leaving a trace, and,
white very resource known to the
police, private roteclive *gt*noles and
newspaper energies lian bmn utilised
the mytory It uncleared, .
Leo is about 6 feett. I Inhes in
n elght, of fair eomnpleion and weigh
bout 150 pounds. IHl parents bave
giyen up their handsome home and
Sow live in a hotel, devoting their on.
orgies and means to the seareb for
their mfsalng boy.
tihe D*rBfeuwsn .1iwM thrn-
k il* alrl It mnse.
The female brain hia lum nan erriaturem
"i smaller than that of the tneale and
It ala o lighter. 'Tle h Iurmen lan
W ilst coi eakflt ble. The avmers
ann b's Ibrsn iW b4twem Air al.l
Ai"M suw ,,,vieror tha; the averas
W am p To. 11W oa. It Wpay l utlS
Si that tie women bem is nsmal
Ias the mW4 la IM *de S welsgt. That
a.moonts partly fSr the difW4nW. bat
Wei esthm*t.
the lmlsisted sias sad weight of the
W tal aSu.dUM to be a. itwmawmutainl s-
u 441 lthtnle la tb he kitau pelsm .
SI nout pnIleme to eIvllbtI wNmi tMIS
mag, bas o. fI* to l universally
Semm sa varge wherever ff mnt ot
irW"atons have buke -ma -e.
ther towd to be ab di.arec
SiPai bnv etween the rif rlo parts
tH t Mcoumwcd brala Tim oeMpilal
biPbh, which prnede tcbey over the
Aleia fu1u0ttots bof the organism.
en declared to be aot volumluMS in
the fo a e han inlu t i male, a physio-
glea Il fett which Ba .btrary to tm.u-
it ippesaro to e initu* stionable that
INl jreIl lIutelleetal eudowmuae t the
-Ua is sulrlior O6 ueo womaU, On the
otbhr hand. mInI the equally double em@ .
t1"al ijmnlrIty the womai in superior
to th p aluni. Home AdvoMate.
U9w Tfber "Ma *.*s Aft seair Cl...Memall y. .s $outlast.
IN (lilt's% n"AmtlM of litei Parish"

Miurne of thIsHe n'ticords Ih a 'nys:
"I shotul itot in may Uadtitloms forget
lo mlark a stew luxury uthlt got among
the t auimtusilty at thif timei. My the
!pa.lmni1 of new ratli n.l. b"y our
rbtbilf enw sailing tu tlie West 1'dnIm
buls of isugtfar were bromglst home,
while mlanyr aniosu the rialibbagru hal
theIr arrils htad platlitil pfrust snid ler-
iy bushes whiluk two things hnappei-
lag togther, the fashion to make Jams
ad* jellt. which hitherto had been only
know In ta he kitchen. of the gentry.
enus to be Introdnted Into the vii-
"All tbl; however, wan not without

Ar urto Ixdlicatlion cf (s m form of atoum
trouble; billou,,neor or a bl hior, 70tlnait wiA il
norlt .iv0rtku y)ou. Don't risk It, and bo-ae
4ou'tItakOcalosaiorq*'dulaa-bodlareda,, l

o, l% t aken

s ,. i i luMow
M 5m1)1^kM9 S~i~p~fa

For Bale by Johnson Bros.. Gainesvil.lA
'* ,, . , , . ._




The Cool




Us.. ..

Make your home comfortable by
treating yourself to a few Rugs, a
Drugget and a new supply of Blank-
ets or Comforts. This can be done at
sma1ll'ost at



and ve have a fine assortment fi'om
i which to select. All Goods Guaran-

Sini Sbs for Rethos 1By1, Dres
S ,Shoes for Men, Ladies and Misses-a more com.
) plete line cannot be found in the cty.




nfltt fin tntfs

Coast Line


1 1 al po P. a. Dupo, ot t
ri :5 os :~ ah Jeack'vtte S3'
1 11M or8Soo &v Us IIU si ee Maswtlotme"
L1llJ m4 o'aiU*Ull~i~amVl Wae i ~ cooi

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Table in effect Sept. 1. 1904.

Depart Fvr
8:46 p m
12:40 prm

l atly
8:15 a l


High Springs and Inter-
mediate Points
Ocala, Laeesburg and Tampa, and
Intermediate Points

S- i'alatks, Daytona, JaIksonville.
Nmrth. East and West
High springs, Wayeruos. Savannah. Brunswick,
AlUaity, Atlanta. all Point North, East Wedt

Itochelle, Micanupy and Cilra

Arrive Fraw
0 suo

S315 pm

9:b6 a:r

Daily High Springs Diay
e*. Monday x. sondaS
interlhangeable Mileage tickets, good over 18,0M) milee of among the prio*
eiral railway. in the Southern States, are ou sale by the principal a8eu9t.
Through Pullman h-,e.r Port TaMnpa to New York rvia Atlantic COas t
Line; slito via .ttanti, ('Cost Line and Southern Railway.
For rompletr iiltrlmilatim., call on
J. A. GOODWIN, Ticket Aent, OQaineville.

SAUi rMt *


Take The Atlantic


'I I F i
j. i. ,'I

- - __. __




0 SA164"A"A%41b"10&1614(l~lra

rTM -

. - -.-. b.-.- 1 P I NA._.
h a" I .., -. ^ -.- -
V1 "*-- iiu i 1 .... t ^ ^0


P WAS G000

Tiwusaad Bales WiU
at That PlAce.


e en Visited by Many
IgWl- Result That the Market
Livety-seS$on Is Now

0(. Robinion, managiter of til
IMlsenL, for II. F. lihttoli
'ii returned Ifrom Alaciua.
SiWpallut two or thrmo dils
i bqln; anli lundigli thll
bl. plmenhI.
iere marketed at Alachui this
ir wil be marketed before thet
ivr, about ,XV0 balel., vhicht
Wl9 pogreiive town tihe e'it.
of tike county. Ti1e priusi
riw good, avcrnli twentiiy
paid, iand as a result the
lave profited from the 'rup.
pt a great lnmlly bales to
bus the stlile is moving as
po ears an be soured nliit it

for several large concerned
l "esmpiag" In Alaohuia dur.
lllt, which made the market
S"b1he bulk of the crop in that
*bgrweer, it s aid was prob
by Dutton & Co. or
uwsd Brantley &Co of Black-

te i reloived 'good price. ill
this year. They feel en.
,adtf idications are that the
wll bextended next season
wte rop will be planted early
t il e with Mr., lodiuson'is
of Lhe early spring,

ift .llthGaInesville Rehearsing
, tevent on Tuesday.
'epgutl.i people of North
Uan* si el d nightly In re.
|s their play,whteh will be
to the public la North
HIll on the evening of
te W Inst. The east Is
61 Iasti deal of Interestl i
land I i i OonIldently
ai th alwill be the most
I a d mot effielentl renu.
H et premented by the good
Sit 1ithriving burg, many of
| 0somed of fine talent.
Jlfom this entertain-
be deotod to treating the
sW soot, which has been bad.
tfor siome time. North
EIl Hall is theonly resort af-
*sO* people or the suburb, and
iatlliy take a great pride in
Ihe building in repair. It is
ld itht a good audience will
hle venture and thus show
Italtionl of the efforts of those
ssaivin| to make the Ifurotton

aIStI will be served at the
l the performance.


tpeak In High Terms of Muial
Isk Managing Function.
r W. Lee Harvey, under
lof whom the benefit eoneert
llaevTill* Silver Cornet Band
0iven at the opera house Frt.
't. The Daily Chronicel iof
0oL OIS:
W. Lee Harvey, who has bt e
for the past few days. re-
tOhis home in Wilmingtoim last
While with tus Prof. Harvey
1 many of hia friends with
i uait. Hlie is one of the
led performers on the or-
1|W ever heard and his man-
lag is superb. W'e enjoyed
*"very much and hope to have
0* mt Wla in the near future."
P the entire concert program
Illof int atera the marvelous
Sethe occasion will be the
:I) Prof Harvey of three dia-
tiion, Di[xie. Yankee lPoodle
Il ituorpipe, on the, piano
!we, time.
t? the concert are now on
; Pioceds will be devoted to
of uniforms for the band.
Wust Pay Back Taxies.
N ). I a'ti l Infn ii
litd tt,:,., s ..-. _

2'!&rr, i:l.. pl: ; I., ( i. ubo4 I- t... g
blig 'i.,m Ut Il.i,.

SLt'..r,: fV,
I'" ", 1 I' 1
I, -L
4' i ," ,, : %
<; :.1* i 4 'q
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lightly disordered v r ui-esale t' y y
or overburdened. I \ odiver I ., Jr ilt .

'Kodol, l '
s*yplles the natural t
juesacIdiieutionand '
doeI the vork ol the ',,. iii
Stomach, relaxing t i ... if Iin .t
nervous t yuslon, whlc \ he. Iw :. 4,\ '.* t1 t n.i
the Inflamed mucle.s i : i. '., t. 1 t it 'vi-i'ri. t, ; w.,
and inembrsneuol that i I ,l ,-. I i lt h& ,1i4,i
Oran a re allowed to v t -i. il I;:. t I v .. :1,,A t 4 till ;lol lt
rest and heal. It dcures1! u It dl .* % 'ie- I'
Indiestlon tflatulence. l! t (. l l ijy;(t)
palpitation of ,ha h e hoart;. |I : : ,tIPC it k.. .t I i Jikrli. I, !,hlt
tervou dyspepsia and Allt '.t lis 1 :. v w',eln 0y
all stomach troubles byIl, il 'i tit*1ii', I, id t' I ii toL' ti.
cieanalng, purifyting sndt ll- 0.' I. i ,irill 1 i I *\ ul tl. iteb
Strenfthenlicitheglandi, A llili iniIv t 4t.t ;',t iI'eir .-, l i-ri. r
Memrlmnesof the stoa li;)il wI% nI. l,' it1nm i',x~st
abaaodldUigblve orgasii, I. irw eliath i hig Irltla lsurfare, l1iL
11 1 'o liihill W ,) Livilu troult 41 t Uli 4.1ll
S m """rwn "o theaidns o"r".me vit, .,lu,
DUloIiw 1 ho d lrul If ctry loltioL, ciit n
Innitd |.epta Outlo iok.
lowerourr aoflmhil pojletansatonsiso
ades.tihV"dso"ftot a Olestatrous Wrecks.
LNLw O IsMIG.41r"0 idn CeorelesueDss is responsible for many
sa railway wreck and the same causes
Sold by All Druggists. ar e makin hunian wreke s of fferers
..__ from throat and Jung troubles. Hint
sineedthe advent of Dr. King's New
DRUGGISTS IN SESSION. Discovery for ooalsumption, cougth,
and oold. eoven the worts eaes ean be
President Shcmaker, of PhiladelphIla cured, and hopeless mlatunsan Is no
Presiding, longer neeeaary. Mre. Lola Crap of
Now Orlean. o. Nvd lG. -Pre.ident IDorcbehter, 3I4., is one of macn
Claytoln Shooilaker. of lPhlladelphia, wbhos lite ws saved by Dr Kitng's
otend the Natinal A tic*ation o New Disovery. This gl reat remedy it
opened tf m National Arototato op guarantpd for all throat and lungldi.
Whole al, Druxggtsm today. 'hcrc waEE **se by all druggists. Price,. >SM
a goil attendance preavnt. Mr. Cap mnd $1. Trial bottles free.
devttlle delivered an address of wel-
come to the lslegate4, which wait rep. QUEER ENGL18H BELIEFS.
resented by Mr. J. C. tllel.
Ileports ero e read by Proeident BuperatItlm That Still Abi4de Wli
Sbhoeinkker. V C. F6dbold, president of the ('somtry Vlk.
the American Pharmaceutlcal ateoci- Then Is a well known wol with
sUo, and froim the warlous state phaer dark bluhhne on It, not unlike Mleod
apteln ro theearlo poater ltsilrms. I bnve been twile, asmued
mact, ut ical .soeiat Ions. wil l te utmot rloisi by M 011
Reviewing the bimtienU of the year, wot roan that "w ,re you flid them
.Prliden Shoemaker hald that on the there n- rotwiH there'a bi a battle
whole bulifness results Inl the whole lonig .gdo,"
sale drug trade would, at the end of Thle mine daee o t r memrn l rather
the year, be found better than were In n hurry when buying a etillu of
expected. He tirgeld the Importance e*Is ftrini me about ten time, alil 1
of the continu.d existence of the re. tuuutid 1t reiason was thilt Ile belley-
bate plan because oe of the boneftll ied you md no ict k with eggs It
,-lves to whoklealers and the protect. did ilot( Iet thelig before sundown. this
tlon it afford against dinaers to Is rui rlirur, though tie modern
their businm and he also urged the poultryI k eper nitlt Imake the ne9t
wholesalers to co-operale with the re. il 4:i. lote eig mhIn It during the
taller and rproprtors In a movement lhg i.le "hrotly" on trhent till dusk
to give relief in the matter of price thI .e bli hegt bare the lter cbuhan
cutting. o(f "ttIfng d owun quietly.
Thie tlither :iy in i nIelIghboring cot
Not a sick Day Since. 'tdl'n.' I u u idluitrllg a fine Imiby and
"1 wall laken severely ick with kid- .1 fl t nig tth I Its ialls
wrr-thit tfimo tlong It might scratch its
ney trouble. I tried all sortl of medal. t ailathir .n site woulki ut
clnes, none of i which relieved m. One t th . tle grandmother burst In
day I sIw a. ad of your Ehlectrio Bit- withi: 'VolM'l do nothing of the srt,
terse and determined to try that. After may dl making a few doers I felt relleved, anti t!ot't stiii to kkinw. sir, that to rut a
soon theresfser was entirely cured. thbils" mlls [ore Its twe!iwlve nonths
aumd have not s.en a sick day since. IJl :imku's It lIgh ttagcrwl. And I
f mulll I,'rfewtly ertuin (lime niilsll will not
Neighbors uf nine have been cured or ^ ^ ^ t to mild
rheumain m, neulralgia, liver and kid- thnt the cutt+itmger A simek of live meat
n-y tro.It*.s and general debility." euiumfils to I.nmidlon to se its Ilsigt in
Tis ti whaL it F Bas of Fremont. the aity.-L-oudous qionk'kr
.4 (C' uriidai (Cl rim '. t aill Ilnait.


-.- --,,j, -- -4. -4 "-n

N':.-Icil AstocIatoi Meet:.
M I.t up, Y ). '1. 1.;.. -,,- T ; r.! n i.alt
mnftint i ,f Ih" Triltai M;.1 al .siu
c'aillon, c ' ing itl t ttei of Ten-
nlto Venedl iit' oltwy for a liiree days'
session. The convention Is being pre-
aided over by Dr. Jere I. Crook, the
president. Many interesting papers
are on the program. The election ad
officers will occur on Thursday.

To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative ironio luinine Tab-
Iles. All druggists refund the money
If it fails to eure. E. W. Urove'ps sig-
nature is on each lox. 'Se.
Aged Man Commits Suicide.
Waco. Tex.. Nov. 1t1.- E. lehay.
a well known rillhen, aged S) years
killed hmnilft by hanging In a cow
shed.. iHe use welI-to-do financially.
e left a note saylnog: "I am Ji1
tired of living"

Doesn't Respect Old Age.
It'. shameful when youth fails to
show proper respect for old re, but
Just the contrary In the cae ;of Dr.
King's New Life I'llN. They cut off
maladIes no matter how severe and ir-
respective of old age. Dyspepsia.
j$undiee.,fever. ennmtipulioi all yield
to hin perfect pill. 213 at all drug

A fieam 1**tete.
)Mrs. Natgei-r 'erhipsi you recall It
wnm oin it railroad irila Ihtt we first
ieti ;nimlt Mr. .NelrTr TY. hut Its'
tonr late now for mar to lle te tlw nip"-
ny for ilamnag.-l'hlladelpbIa legler.
A Runaway Bicycle
Terminated with an uigly cut on the
leg of J. B. Orper. Franklin tirore, 11.
It developed a stubborn ulcer unyield-
ing to doctors and renmedies for four
years. Then Ilucklena' Arnica Ssl)ve
cired. It,' just as good for bairns.
sealdl. skin eruptions and piles. 26e at
all drug stores.


* ' *. n T Ll r t =,- ,
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; ,' ,.,' -,.I t !,| ,. *
4 '. t t!u.:;
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: 'a ~ i ~ ION

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"w-*-a--zm-n as ... .

H.F. DUTTO N-&'d

Cn- a -

Sot a.

S.:a I-LniIl



(tton See I, Bagging andi Twine.
L-itlher in trips or Sides.,

Milulitfactlurtes of the James Doig Improved E
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and Supplia for q



235 W. hay St., JACKSONVILLE, IF


t retrally lcttenJ, theresghly repinEt a remevaiei Sprp I

3I>. .MA.A.S03W, P..op
--OX )-in ,=..0


....'TO TH ....


It via Atlanta, Chattapoopa, Lookosu Mnuatats,

(Doole Tw). A -B
Two trains daily, 8: m. sad S p. a.. wih tb
fron Atlanta.
Te ar DOa bte Tbhbs oa t

For full isformatlesom4mwa
ZIILLER. Tuav. P e.. Age. R.,
for tikets via Ritlst VepI

Gainesville i Gulf


No. 4

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sale dal
till Dee

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Trip. O, 'O'Mi
y. (ood 0
s Jllmliii,

Round Trip. On
iale dally. Good

VV vv sixty day. Y, "ws


WORLD'S FAI ROUTE, 81. W throumb m Alanti a caCbstl w waoerc mbisa a iA
fol roule. '"
Only M to. olla vt. with Itaow rawi tke s. Les. Tw eiiS aIV' I
J lknRviwUle. Thiroug leeiaw ear.
KtopoevUalumt ow swnuimgatt prtaelosl enes M4awonwash -144
c(arollasts aid ltf Ta1isent No esit sea i. As OW AeaNWtor W" t-o
of Word's Pir. mid ited a vse aa la tI he aMsalat. whMea -i-a a |

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H. S UfPVsSt.*.
- nr i r
, y "' s l^^,was *
Uj||A .y^j^ k : ^K A~l bJ told l!

JL44 ,
Bll V > Tur^ It naIll




Drop in here and take
made by SCHLOSS]BROS. &
The beauty of th--
Sobkmlo Overolads Is in.
the fit of the neck and
shoulder, graceful lapel
Mad perfect collar, to.
g theofwith the general
air of imartness that
lifts them out of tte
ready-made class and
identifies them with hI
the work of the fineMt

Many men cling to
the costly merchant
tailor habit on their
SUITS, but rush into
the nearmt clothing
store at the first touch
of 'Winter and walk
awy with an OVER-

What need is there
to pay a fancy price to
a 'merchant tailor"
when you oan buy a
hobioM Overhad of un.
approachable style and
incomparable work.
mahp for a great

. The accompanying
ure shows two ex
iedlngly lever styles


a look at our l i) ::ssi
CO., <(~hreet < Jot' \;

___ __ __ a. I__ ~-~ I


Oar Prices Range From $12 to $20---Worth Double.

Shp stes
f.,t lm i
-''shu t
h' mb|m,

y' W a r -.y^ I^


ff3mL^J ., enij* ._^--^

w "llkaiI eas I
^^ k^^K ..A^' ft ^_

ttoe maw i
a. 1k ^--::_ ,a w

S"Drip In mad let us talk It over."

SOttfitter to Particular People. GAINXESVILLE, FLORIDA

-x A 1 e -- ^ "" ."
CEDAR KEY asus Ishrao u%0
R e asr f Aa Hourt. In Any Style Conideraum PROMPT PARY.ILNT or LOSSES.
ShrmA Supoetod Ay Quamntir ... !
b- W e cover these important points and reppectinl!y
SISTAURANT IN CONNECTION ol *., a..a...r" ou your uses....
ets sees as umetmur/a Hour.
W4! Ffi r Life, Accident and Health Isu ce.
IV uf "ouar *am will selmllet
.'lt less- of sie*,so e eah, e for so.
Si flaks reasonable priee. Orders --Agents for the--m-'
* BalanIvill. Fish Commanv. Vitonr SnfA and I nLpr Cnmnanv
-~~~~c o an--w -w--y--rw


Wed mia S.. Is.

0 Phee 11


jUndertaking Co.

I A t SHOES. Funeral Directors and
,,*8 LE_.L Licensed Embalmers.
MIAM0rn nrm of a "H misn
lfo Ea L M al f rMst r Fnm., Uubber sap,. Art
yak me, Sfl*.Uphgbtsry.beflhmaRe-

L U'mnt rs A


iMachua Pool

C Ma... re


a'w %w aJJISfL4JAAf AUdJ tjfl JtF LAlkjJ9LJCT
0-t n 01 -m n s ati.- Obio.
The "Victor" is the best safe made, and parties ciItemplat-
fing the porehWea of a safe, or anythXng in tha Line,
from a bto to m bank rault. will are moan
by consulting us. Call on or address.

In formation cheerfully Iumnlshed.


Ptfl t _t I sI s ss S


On thi

veStb w- by T-qwnb er TKe

Parlors, DR. P. D. HICKS, I


- Montezu

e A. C. .. and S.
Sone Better in

I1, LuT A
gw -U

A. L. Rys.
the State at .
Meet all Tral

U h ,



ma Hotel,
V. J. SHIPMAN, Propriti]
12 a Day. Porters
ns. I




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al tf W. 8. JENNINGS. The $se or thesmoke stacks o om-
S iIR C 14t iIre oAOak Crescent: The itrt time,. of t 11 smehip which leave N oW
we tvr saw himu was strly twenty folks R icmeoret. A cnvioing proo
s 1t QSe t a lasl a Vimia years. ag.. If. amsHlittle. r'mote of ti igsP Isoe A sonvei inhiti proois i.
le wtiater. ttown n..irth wt. < tit f ; ** *s:1 in this clmmis.
----- tho w nmr i....'..r.'olr. ,tt I .aint Wh: The new E'ist river tunnel,
T. i 0W ly fih ou,,, r r i ,se, ,,r t. I,r It, i",r 1 1 | * th I Pe.n.gylvan.a raelruad is
A9 catJlhE" A.e it' tt'ter why t"d I ,'a' abu -t build. is about the1 "a"sm
..CAI CC14 doa not kn ,i tintles. 'ih.... ar ti ti rm lils fInn-l4f i. Italllaga
City wF.i(l.A. I broughtIllay llllar 11ti il tn a i It aind it, L t
IV. L. Ito.r it.ohim til prom ps* t l i n t. '.hm t t bo. aIigat( t*i S ne i ao. !t t, -r ... h i
t .m h .m r. Ii t rta n o hr a ,i ti ra it! that
t ryOlrnSt bIaCK.It proeitt Ihe
CI l FORTa ll t wI train$ of cars eti'-run sid*by
*Sa u .S o aTuI ).Pr4Mil* u fairlt rest. At tirt us thdi nt It Putlt uide throulgi aih, stlackl if' t i er f
.. ......... .. .... )i i l tL, hut rein t il! in 1t ,, t: try th V lipllg if h tw" ha Ine t u i iu riit
5i lbIblishted eveir orit t tlg;ht ft i r t lt.bW nt,, a1 iarIe i try te** < i thrt were'l sL't it.rt.4 -.
4.jhuverw by cat rier in thiscity.
i f l sllt4 sAcrtlaesnespo- 1 t a1 a farm. t ti, fr',.a nr m lit* 0 i dai.' tir ei a A.. .. UIIITLII )A 1 .
10i earM.g Ale ls = m4011S: .11. ,, sunshine brought 1' la It k ),t* *l. g tngth, 0,n an don n akithe ir bim (,,
a10s elecs for arte weeta- health an i vneb r .if rorlth, i,.( rl rikes ti hAteic in ths aft.rrn n f
ae s hl toh atoit t Ul ofl.en lat hw ifleirt. litfe. J. Pierapont Ilorgan alhierv.d |li
.- . e. toon alta aI I-t a i* unto in el "Nil great siwees inei hi sixtieth year. l .phte.. th i
ianeSWolu 10l eeua iln fw S..r is 61 now and gttiug younger. lie m ,n pieed
D ill, b 46 If or nso bad rip IidJl lilt r1el -\" a"" th s to fail il i s nsre Uf his undertake. 0 t a y hv
S verai a made known SlrO t. plio r t ai v'nis ho ant h c' ieh lante built the elephtat l nt at C money I e
m. kt a 11w tretorw meift frl i h111e, land and los a tlot of money in his .. tio tieoville
... .. .. .-. I ant, h liarty s tai j ,f e Veer BuslpU tn eeit'n ea.ic rat, h rari tta tit uay nil A hard olla- I.ongl island d railroad, and lot another
l gagr pubtibbed eery Mof ident h'iJ4 wa y iittior.elephtant on h hi hand '. There isr no )I' t ~ . .
week, ocat.atr and enr tail in progresss' ler i. reinothing bril. reeoArd. however, of Iis lever hmvinig
dbe sS. posted ftree. to sO lillt ahLottl the lm. he la.i*wt'rt trilkeni mdlv the eine lmlistake twietl.--flank
11ited S!tateor Lon-ls, for S ne thus. but h. i a ditj tihluinkir, a Not .. ......... .
driver after f lacts IH vetl rnake. SoaP will gu twice as far it well _
WtsU bt eome due after irst p l his mind until lr ha s .. otud. ed a i r.ed .
S.smWnise umaeesoerwie dueItiO thoro hiy, lait once hi. has .. 1 I E SI I
16rumessL Parties sot known to made up his mind he does iwt. change (t.$ii.
%oS'- o ""par forSrn In GAI5ESV4L-
o opem todorerttntad- it, because h,, i- almost inuvar ahly T 'iva *. 1 I I t l,, A
T ^"Ig-I.Y-- .T- mad' UI , oArl i SLiLS..LA. riht w. (tewer ad nd t he w t o .'er %I ed at Ilrbth h r nr rle g llO I WWI
the littleA tewn atr a dit lft, writ teo i let ft l1 If ni t ry. PiA1' TURNoft he at .
.y I. one that enteoralns larger p laces,. eiame they tha ought t 114a- P 0leCAN T AbKet lrme f
e town expense. thie town r) sImall for their tal- One of the tnrnlet thli in Io final In j Ksnss ftMu (lhl be.n
In w et r." but Ite stayed on, sharing tide world i fr.nd who isn't hard
S- which re the m isfortunes with others, help-aup at the same tline you ara.-Chkicalo
ithe B wic r t h luhg hiwose lees fortunate than himself Newts .
tb he human face. all he could afford. Slowly he rose in --- ..
bees youwae eakpolitical life, until four years ago he T e Ln
Anew t otao mde mietakey ye- was elected governor of the great State
fl wavold them today. m of orida, aid all admitI ar1, ,.t hsl au llTl Itu h__ a d e -
I1made the best Iet executive Florida e iw rIa.. .,,
t1hee.are. 8,90 wives and has ever had; and yet he is the sallme Fill eorColas with your
mldemone year of ag. unassumfilnof, oolable, pleasant fellow waater and ltit stand tawenty-eoar hours; ,
chnot has ever elon since we irst saw awiamn.totse. Title i what you pa for
ri a young man is bright him. lust as loyal and true to his t 1lngi u ndcasay kne Ow ha
mother is so much bright- friends as an exalted official as he was ditionMofhek d-
as lan humbl. citizen; there is no u oeys; if it taus. aTitles ordimaft hMi
a change, and we know of not one act of your linen it t
wml depth of the Niagara all his whIle life that hawnot been that cridence of kid- L '
Ibtrlmk of the fall i. four of a hih toned. Christian gentleman.u roube, to gji *
oThe man of whom we speak is W. S to pw it or?""
large proportion of the.Jenbinls of Brooksville, and his. career I it. the bk l
pply of ckel is produced t demonstrates, beyond a doubt. that asnin l cige roof that the kidne ys .
iIhonesty and business ability will rel reot o O
eelve recognition no matter how far There is rcomtfort in the knowledge so
.....r Kilmer
g to census figures there away from the busy world it may be often czprotiI, that Dr. Kmer's
Stlaltd States 6,10.000 per- hidden. Mr. Jennings started witboutl fulfills every tiah hin curing rheumuatimn,
sars old or more who cannot anything, save courage and honesty: pain in the )ick, kidneys, liver, blahdder
ihe Is still a young man, alid few have uind every part of the urinary E
..* ever ris in to moreuecenul plromin ~i i passing It, or bad
*sMieMt manner wint Some eanl e th he., effect fllo ng use of liquor, wine or Aibedti o of Title sad don1 bi
because they speak lies IIIi life cnl career are a lesson for baer. and ovcroacu4 that unpleasant use- e ltl. Out fbr..N
Sthey were truths; others all young men who value suenessl, enid i.yof eting comtpelleti to g oten Sh sIn
aItr they letter truths aslookuponitasathingworthattaining. ur tiugr ntKeht. Th, an d tomltU
-- -e- were lie. .. the eKtra or inary'ciect of Swainp ROSI
....... It warn a pitirtil mistake, an trror iA m1 realized. It stainalit the FI R CTO
iuiouas in the East are tryinK sad and grim. I waited for the rail-*for ( tY wtnS iit f oCIttalcurl of mtlicin R sE. tin, ACOVD te BUG AR
tradingg tamp with every way train-the light was low and dim. yIu rihamit haiutlle ltngat. rnthudmgbe
Perphaser. are urged t, take it cams e at I ist, mud from a carriage gi"t in Ciftv-ceit si' onedlllar sateS' GSj
hatps home to their wires tn *tepptd a dainty dame, and, looking You may Vare a itm ple bottle and n .. .... II _
Shemnelves with. up and down the place, ahe straight it it, bot tsen fraee L t
unto me came. 'Oh, Jack !" she cried i AdrlrenDr.
.left creekslIIlurs.. t'iieequal as she spake; then looked aKain, and bImton, N. V'.l When thment Supte'
or educed ietoea paste with a fri htened, cried: "Oh. what a bad ritiig mention this paper and don't
s lter, Then fill theoeraeks when mistake !" Iaid, *'Forgive me+. maid. arn:e. Dr. Kilmer's SwampSRoot, ad

kS it cool and it will soon en fair, for I nm not your J ok; and the adldrcs, Bingbamton, N. Y.
Sas regards the kiss you ave,. I'll
.... straightway Rive it back." And sneels I A I
Japanese minister to tui. oun- that night I've often stood upon the J A
hben operated on for aprpendi.-platform dim; but only once In a I L D
1Tis completes it. The Japs, man's whole life. do such things come -mDear la-
jNe Now fulty entitled to b. to him.-Eehang,. Fine Wins, Liquo and Cigr
I5oUg the great civilized peo.F WTEu or FI' d
A. world. Mrs. Adair, who is about to depart STARKE, FLORIhA.
From England to this country. owns Jacksoi ville
htumlae rich men are going to in Texas the second bigst raneh in We vil snd jon Express asA....o
..wn of their ol,, near Ceve. the worldI, tover. .2lth rs.fe i i
pemitOnly mllionaies o. i a printed sigoboe attached to Prepild to Gilnesvlle, Fi, 4
It They will nived Anine vig- tb' apparently endless wire fence o.1 CyN
wll m"" 'k p leeets t l eye oiltraveling fill csi qirts Superior Old Clyde New Englau
Itolmel lierooth pe froie through the aianhandle country is the.- v f C Diret erv Bet
Utone .across the lie. ce: "Eihiy miles from this fence r 0ind e fl PBOVr0.
' -- to headqutirtrl." ai g a
pMassenger engineers arc all :-z.- a ggnr X M -W3W
allomobile goggles. They are It ha ls been proven time and time i 3 M 33 -=
a now and are lsaid to be a again that when a man monopolies too fl. Cr aouhllbou .. .........
int to MTSe injury to the eyes. much of a g;rl' time tha.sshe may be.
"fl it s nugly around the eyes abl to get rid of hut n by lbeomictg ha is am Verm u e
valp ieadere and grit from them. wife. -. I i
L. l--dt- comeBeware of Ointments for Catarrh That A EBt t JACKC" -
Wsoran f0 permitted to come Contain Mercury. SMtaopping as POltMf. Alor, 11 M
1lght of Mar Sabo, the furtres As mercury will surely destroy the MWtap0
MI7I on the Dead Sea. which the sense of smell sad completely derange ommell
xArabt call fhe Prison of the whole system when entering Ui D U NIM T
tumnd.0 Not many year a0o through the mucous surfaces. Such ';o 'MDiV a am
-etually 10.000 moake liv- articles should never be used except laCllapWa AeRITE T palas foloau lS a
Wrim and mournful retreat. on prescriptionrs from reputable phity- FA RT TO 3. p.a. u ur leave a
today there are more than ilian,. as the damage they will do is mTo assu e smtll *ev SI
ten-fold to the wood 5o0 e possibly B aJ -.nSow Lwll t CLi can.............
S.-. derive from them. Hall's Casarrh T. LOUI. NO. **oo M.... ....... ....
1$i4e Woman in this city told Cure, manufMetured by F. J. Cheney a . ,..
CoTooman Idn thi. city tol .To. tSne n' o inereunery. rr e bi W. JoIbL 4:S0DS................
sgr irl friendsthat she hed and is taken Internally, acting direct. -..,. .. ... ... .,.--..-. ... .......... ..

7 Ian


V n.

.. ....... .

a I+ * *. ....... **.... .
1 ii- 1- I l i^W ^ i ^ i ^l'.W I ''

- T;

A: 1''*,

. ;; " ': I ..

- wha ls

"sif Ili 1 I


a m nmannall, ail mUnUan IImu

*' -;, .


IAND 10015Savannah, Col
j,1 1. "1 1I Pines. Rale
SJacksonvile, Florida. Pines. Ra
SJeH. Everard's Canada Malt S e
yE REED STAR. eabc
As good as any aind better than moss Sea
8..r. M3de or oHops and MIual

O. Per Barrel......... $10 50o On
SPe Dozen......... 1 25 Daily Througb Pullman
t.a, For full Information am
Whi,[ ^^ write A. O. MacDONE
ll 3 | A tAnt. General Pa
U'a JInAlmnlamntn I "JACI

ly Line Operating
Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleius
I slerper reeervatioon call on any agent Heaboard or
:LL, 8. C. BOYI.bTON. Ja.,
esnger Agent, Pamngiler Agent

N ails, li E Ip, K ipe Fit-

hikk A in lr l.Pa. id ting uy POWDER SHOTGUN SHELLS
S- Good shells In your gun mean a good bag
in the field or a good sccrc at the trap.
Winchester "Leader" and "Rcpc,, 'r"
7alrd arare Co smoiclc s sr cdcnSs arc goad reto..
SBaird .Hardwar CU Always rrae-lrc, always gi,' an even
sOAIpIM UL FL.A. spread of shot and good pcr trstt:i:, th' r
-i!m .grel t superiority is testified tt by spoa..-
__________ v men who use Winchester Factory Loaded
S* w SheiUs in preference to any other maoe.

., Ms S W fITIU Am Ah lUj tabftanfel 1s3e

va.Sn. ILF. JUTTObW& 00.
aggi^_ ',w trol As
W" mW. -, ,1 "'T*@sweet"

o Doa general buking tk w ses, bu aMd .i U Pee a saN Domsnle Rxehamar
.OWd pill""s seot inuously for' "Te mmof.n t o bathm ers. b .. onwratios., famem.mer.eessam, ostbeam
receired De4 SaVOISbM terms. Speaela fs t tles 0 nma kit eo Uetlom. oss all
a ps TUTWKcesbe eo oa l the aed Ses.
ma e at wi wbessissb guan. if we n G.&IlES iS E lT FLQIETX A
NMtspha s I for a if-e --
i@ a 5 U S1 I S.- E
toiJA. W A M.oua n of, Preadke nt Goo. W. Elvon. ViBe-PresidauM
s3LS H luathauche l T 7 "'a".....'...n .. .. 2.,
.. tsmns..GA a.wwi m lh e wes was o a batk th

"". aba. V"eI au as emsC TAY. e3 es State
S>*it>: Mr i WSwe S AVAtNAH wX.I3.Y
MIDyM RbPHY ,r b Capital......... ...............5o,oooA o
BUE I N St SuA plus and Undivided Proflts... 25,000 00
o a"*" O At tlt a bGMA ,t%.wth fUM a j toam m tb* s the Sta e O
M4tIi ltrS TI GAVANwArr, GA. GST. LOU** frsNIS .c M O.,
Mar t Det te id nn r. Ot He. TAYLOR. Cahrr,
I.w I. URotadlFvw
am 14m t o GATER A BRYAN, State _A ts-
-ke n-b- (10 It Tt0II (Tili...

I AM"V8 The Florida -TO-
Ul HE A T Fralt and Truck Grower S T LO IS M O
h a'01 of .t.M wbod- 4e.T A ll i
Sti meS euss u s*.o Tuapr........... ....... : The Atlantic Coast I in e
-- -- --0 & S ww

I Nev-s

A haudo lsay IllunraS magusie
dvoed epeelafly to the Intertsof
ie fnlat ad nvgstable rowen of
A speelal trial eubeerlptllc of six
umoeth will be s*ma on reelpit of S
fleb. Stfp5 Wham.

Montgomery and L. I N. or Dixie Flyer Through
Atlanta and Chattanooga.

Round Trip Rates From Ga(inesville:

$44.10 $36.80
Onmale daily. Good till Dee. 20. On sale daily. Good sixty days.

Vt.. 1..

diaN rl411as aier wlih


10 S#S03Ld



Lipe Railway
. FOR....
lumbia, Camden, Southern
sigh, Richmond, Wash-
Baltimore, Phila-
phia, New York,

Elegant Trains Daily.

>ard Express.
board Mail.



* .4~

-, I
.~ Li

* .1~1




- -- - ----

*t 1 ',



Elm cw1i



I ;'T In n.Li'. j '

'r~7~bId ~


W l Girle at Salnbridge
*e Triat.
oat Nov, t1 -. rlor Go s
Monday, lut after
grel jtiry Judge sM c I gospel tttoay
V il ulue untIl Jan. p tr to t
.Lohat a. Itt belnS mo DISEAES such as rhouma-
meit Mondlm. ,v tih h Ilie* ..
Sllton caM'. After 4traigla. billousns,9
b "the grand jury r* Olleptold.sortgbrnMskaha%
t wittnh klalin ti uittn boil, bowel troubles, skil erup
Alice t kelllon &l. l
fl uh t h ari i ssand all thosecauedby

e tor 0rial h1 ,,' ,. Ii
Sa ready lth at <*'i. riml iUd AB Ol
l d i10 i t Jin il iwmaiti i
e .nw It gets right down I, aroMaud
it the law il., i :. (-. 1r1n. ai i the BerTve aBd blood vesl b of
Stand tial lh ap beaffbcted tisues, where thie
ublic mind.
---.. trouble I, sad gently soothe
~ od SC OOL. coaxem them back to health.
*al.e Coansel for Kentucky
iele in Test Case. r ll
Ky., Nov. 1;-John G. titep, It Is *a m arkaible r -.
secretary of the treats,
Il#st alili rom Washing, S, s o equal La mt1t y
as counsel for Bercea Md eflmlveeu uin h Medical
j" Ial of a Indictmentgwa=
ienateotI n on. m *I.*.
.. se"lon of the Kentucky I Fully aru .

hB aet known as the Day
Iat eo-racilm educatkou,
H MAn indletment of Bere.
Si attended by whites
SMilowed. The case will
P Nlebolasvllle. It will be
lbe itate court of appeals
',* the supreme court.
bt act. the rcu1lelno as an In.
(eo faculty and trustees and
may bli proseiutid The
mie I only aailnit tho ir.
ill serve to lestt the chn.o
of the aCt.

p*Ilapting Death of Promt.
h Texas Druggist.
is Nov. li(.-The police are
lN -the deAli of DanelJ K.
kwislt of Galine;ville, Tex.,
iud tdead today In his room
ntg'house by Forest H. Ram.
Wrwin Ilarron. 1>o drulgistas
S1. T.. who seenn met on
b It. Loul yestelday.
ile found lInig across the
Shis bed with a large rPvol
a hit h band anti a hole in
Was fully dressed and hail
& $d overcoat. The room
SOreen adjoined that of his
ib, but they say no shot was
t they retired early last
If" Tilting the world's fair.
,,. i

FIr "GM i ramea by



It is roeiHite l that .1. 1'. Morgan has
sriwtpe.l the C. 11. & D. Ily. .
'our and a half million dollars Il
plihl il In' l shippedil from New York
to ('llba next Thiurday.
A Jiltle 3-')Jaro..t child of Mrs.
Fliin Rted, of \w o -t Point. Ga.. fell
Intio u oratoe( Monday and was burned
to death.
Two white convicts who were serv.
Ing a term it the county chainaangl
at Wasillnton. (;a. filed their way to
llbertj Sunday.
The .loplin. Mo., Independent Powel
company's plant. 10 miles east of town.
wai boiin lip ttodia. Three men are
rrepo tfl killl41,
The conruitrollrr o(f curreary has Is.
aetid a call for the' condition of nation.
al bank1 at thi co',e of tiuslne on
Thursday, No. 10.
An anit-divorra crusade is on In
New York city Blingln the Kptaopalitan
ministerr. who dleclai-e the divorce evil
Is nrlning the ration and the home .
ihorace Ingferoll. for more than hall
a rentiry a nimeii.r of the New York
Prothlice .Exchange Is dead from par
ralyh lHie wa. 7:, years old.

SOUTH AFRICA. O6n account of their poverty. Mr&
Sulnloe Ale.i 42 years old, and Mrsi
ot Using Chamberlain's Valerie Filrher, 29 years old, alsters,
.CUgh Remedy. committed suicide In New York Mon
inor Chapasn, writing from day.
a0tal. Sooth Africa, says: Twelve neureoeb are dead at (C'lat
- ilat Chamberlain's Cough lAk1,, a nvcro hettiement In the Nluh
leaUre sul table for old and uise ofDf lratrr. Ala.. front the effecti
ion y the following: A of pol-cinet ice cream which they ate
rtu e had a child Just over it 1 al! at a church raily.
old It had a very bad Thtomas E Watison. of G orgia. hat
their parents did not know i anRl anl a'ldr',,_ hi party (oltow
(f t. I suggested that if ers that liti" in the1 fight for 190S
W*it S bottle of Chamber- aAlid expt'oi to 1nitll ip a big following,
Jlh Remedy and put lome oft *I. er' of the principles he aidvo
iSlMiy teat the baby wasi Cr.
t would no doubt cure the Itelle', a e hif of dil% iton In
lilt they did and brought (he' ortlice of tri'asurer of the t'nltei,
Cn k relief and cured the Stntrs tdlay rommmittd ntlctd- t'de :
remedy is for sale by all sh'tu)ina httineIf In the head while at
his dol,. Relica was chief of thb
.Im rele niption dilislt m.
*..siang Bay Rum. Will:anl I.. Didley. oine of the young.
lI NL)K. Nov. I;.-1- Etii est me mberl 4 t he i'onu-lldatid iit4.
Sbarber, is hehi fo r thf, lid Exchange. is ileal from ty pholdl f r
Jury on a charge. o.f having lie was a great grand on o' lf it
U bay rumi alltlged to hlia S Stuy\',.ant. th,- famino (iutch i r
Sled into New Yorl aud ernor )oT New Ai.tstgrdaln
ulh lty billpInyt,. f a 0MrP M. So0upany) toI Savannah and f'r ai'4, w-I, lil n unlar Morrik -..
K rates to dealers. W .-, l'a. w;i- tired bt) rutlbrr M ,1 ,.
I ial alti4ant to the 'ril;,'" ni)t WIth thope sh' wouii g;'
m lum y gqpipra. 'a)ys thoe ,;'i. *. h*' ''y T1 lt V'.'.' r l,' '
I vel7d. will 'qilI n it tnt. -t t na vani.ia .: CA i, h n talnai"- .'
Npw^ the cbar uni11iI.igL! ,, h' l I."'1 .;it
S4 yiCer axo
-.. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is
he a Bad Matter Worse. Pleasant to Take.
'ou have* never thogilht t' ')'f' thinest (piaity of gratiiittt'd lout
f t t f1 lilt LO ailparent to ijpvir ia ptd in l.the manufacture of
ibJat olnttipttion ti caused tChnmbirlmih't (t'iujlie$med.y -iand
. Ster in tlit. s~ stem, and ltth ro'it! uttit in its preparation giver
dIRtC Aia ethrties like l. e i a flvir inmuilr to mUapleL syrup.
mlill nnly i .,m... a k ..aa iiakini it fit uilt releth t lo take. Mr.

W*acr r 1e 5t .rC...r la li.'il I.. It
It J 1 l1|i* ot tI '. I .. s ti .
tlit. Ii. It I ,S I l -I- .... I ali %,ll i,,, ,iiS..
arit,. i, y +1. 'i ll,,rt in thit u .t-
I, ', M ti' I lt ,l1. i :, i I .r i i' i ,|,l li.
lt.'i= L. h unt ( i 1): u li..l 4 is > l'viini'. .tl t,!
i "" K r "oni t, i' n ;i il" "'. I n
N'lll iiiili iii< 'f it 'tll i g i r ;. ttt 1 ;w .,, .
itel. 'N Ih ut I iJr r. ,, i, i. ii
Af I. te'lu'ri< 1 lU . i I LH i.1it
'I.-. 'i isy, l're the' i.i'4 i b% ;tUia i s a
cilep i i Ti -r,.il't .-, t i i ,l' ,it ll till
t.' i.-irf l it S. lU,- ri, ;.;. ,t 1 li.
I.r~aniire of :.: tl.;n-'i, i.e ii e'rV It
tllStv bltlhiie of il t j i's it i ',r bt''tn
I9'.rLefl wariner.
MiilpliEM thalt i ;it r. I ;. 4v ).rythi1Lg
t*141141 ii t| ui it i* ll ii a I't;i:. t i g .1 t1
cih liel unti iIt r'n l 1 i1t' fr1,, ing
P**itil. l ltt-ll ii tfl, ;' \l ,llhl |:ib
iilk !L to ,tiltw t I i. ,t, iiti i tfrt' lt .
cie* hl i .AllloiU iT iiK iltl' thlt:
:ll llipti1f i na ti.ili- 1,. ,lr|,' hitio li| lait
of I',-. and th.wrerf.,r li'lTrw'ie Imat.
al iiintl *toVi" ml t i' hllrf;lv i ill "ihbtti
of Il ,ir bulk. still 1hal lthle waiter when
at I1h4 tIl tiuni tuiilni lt' 1 r1 J,1- the
slonlies woul dbive linked it in their
Laterstlie anml hldl it thre, andl tftor-
lhe winter wasL ovtr the wholtk pool
would bectme solid ice. and all the Iltr
fish wouM le enuonilmd In clear, be.W -
Utll) metal.

Cored Consumptlon.
Mrs. B. W. Erape, Clearwater, KIn .
writes: "My husband lay alk for three
months. The doctors aid that he had
quick eomamptlou. We procured &
bottle of Balumd's Horehound Sfrup,
and It eare him. That was si x eaer
ago. sise them we bah aelw e kept
a baotle lI tke house. We east do
without it. For esoghe mud i sl It
Sasso equal," e 0s, L.$1.00. SolM b
W. 31. Johaon.
tlkel Toee Si..
pnkJe i mg one day of elab asolabli-
Ity. lly Mayer, |lba cartoonlat. told of a
d-i1 Itn whkh htie was Invited while la
Itellh. The d-lub w'is composed of
elJerly (ertnntiu. whoi met in a back
ro101* to driuk Ltwr il and soke. At iu-
tervnl ote uof ti eilubenmi iutnil re-
move his plie fromu li I6 tuntich, u l his
head tiigrelyr nl rvii:rk. 'uV':h." After
a I1ttle pIOe iian-the;' tof tIliS amotkrs
would Miy, "YIh." Th:at was the ex-
tent of their colInvriit!tI. Oui agllijt,
sald lMr. Mayer. "-one tf (t he meIber
brought hi.s ott to thl ctiti. Alter aov-r.
eral of tlhe older ones had spoken as
Sal the ynogsller spoke. liHe ak,
Tall. yakb.' They expelled bim at
Oace." con.lu4edl4 Mr. Mayer. "for talk-
lta too m uhb."

Seired ElectS Rat ad eBmh Ist *
miC uidhob adn Saleteds e
kaO hse.. Pash nbesi m -dq
ow e ea himieh hn aMw Iert
se rm, mLUA m ^ika -i i
- raw mkse -4This Ianfe
dr&v h raus ad mie eat a d o eaeL
m dlo, ed th -pea. Itlswe. d mmdt
fivei sanwraml Oine DOeiOM
oratly hbi the IM a t f$ aN itI W ilo
aFm espt.bpJ M4 receipts a
by the z Sirk PANOCo.. To=
CAIr Mial IVLS I,"- O f- -d -
ror Maslo by J.. S. BWkd ith k Co.


R. T. MlAlFEr Prrp.
Corner Urmne aj Cevlrest are la.

Phone t~b

P. O.18om MI
A ;h : V t.l., .,A.


resri Lverr Parr

Deltivred to A:1 Parta of City.


.tlacIuta u outity i y lA,40 acres In
ares. Iu 2146 mie s railroad, 9M
miles wagolln road. 14 postoll e.
121 publicc school, 27 phoephate
plaints, O law rmill, s 75.,X0 court
liouse. five urwepaipers and pro.
duces corn. cotton, rice. sugar.
oat. rye, $otaltof. pineapples, or.
angeti peaches. pfars. ploum, pq-
cans. and all kinds of vegetables.

Gaine ileI the County MSat..
ieas fourteen churches, two public
schools, the Eut F-lorida Seminary,
priviatV Wchool.s thiter nVeWIpenp .
United State. land offer, the best

, ,




Send Your
Order to the

Orders sent to us
receive prompt attend.
tion and the class or
work we turn outt i
bound to please.


DR. DsVZR B. iOl

...' .ar

oN .*:-,

D A o. G A T, ,

"! ll
O Mlep, Mgs a Dm4

/ ,: .'

..I.u tEW &
A" "o

?"C", A M PI

: *, :- -
.'* . ,. ,(
; :. ^ 'i

, ,, ,,, ',, i il
. . . ... .y~

4v .

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Fastestnt Time sod Fliet S riIce o
to All Pelts

North, Wnst
ind Nohwest:

Through Pullman Drawina Room
slh'pina Care daily from Jaekuilem .,
to Birminham. Nah illei. vkaflle,.
Chibairo. $t. ],0pi., ianaseol.. Mobil*
and New orleans. . ','.,':
Finest Itinlni Car Serlviw In the -
muth.. Elegant rpR#., e 'lo'. h ir hSp wboi
Cars. Route on tthe fminawe C -luleo
and Florida Limited ie store your '
tlekets read viA I,. A N StepIove. n.i i .'l
For rueti ,eh#.dule and sleeping ear Aitis K.owvlll. lII
reservatiots ap;ly to fille and pr#ists a jadti
(0. EO HERiHING, Fla Pas. Ag ou..lg. S e rte .
3S W. Bay St.. Jaekavrtil. si e Hii. s, Fte *twie

- ~ yat j5p4~4A pf


; _~~~;~ ~~~_1 ~:, u- ~-.-.-,....._..__ -r. I. w -- -----





,. r ~-
V *~ ~'~' -.

cerritt Corl

j IV l3thn 4(t. New
Eowval a4hnd I

ttnlg; two I)yis 01

| lIlSE Pai
mination Free.

40 Friday h106t n
ai i it ('YtIwok.
/ lll-ll O ~ il



Goe a.d Int- .
by Our 05 ort
IMappendand What
Tel in Shert Pa
He M Who Runs M
'it a('humas a & U1!
rs for atle a m
-A olerk. For ps
.1 Cook. Bt
'4 Wonderful Halv
iWOollom & Co.
Mrs. Butts of itoc
9oer the birth of a
p1 J. A. Carlisle depa
SLive Oak on pro
0 fiem Holder of luoh
kwbk to relfatives in
Si-Bttere Royal Cro
Addre fiThomat
thiph of LaUroawe. J
i1 *trst, wa trassne
i Ity yesterday
J. Q. Peacock and i
iudoer, were visitor
,SZy from Willieton
r A. L. Glase of
isne has return
ViU iito points sout
SLA~p Bruton of Ba
Ii he eLty yesterday
S df relatives at Will
:wkerk went yestenda
SSWperIntend the lo
tsm for H F. Dutton
plfiteon of Iunneli
P|Mterday and made
gPym la she united St
^*tna to connect 3
aAnderson for groee
;napt urvice a:
SLlk of Chestor, Pu
Mb el*oburg Clotk
aidelphis, le at th

iMr. C. C. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs.J.C.
IhsS favored
* $fteWrday.
LMt-One nieely
wh eonvenlent !o
Apply BS = et Llbor
P hiW's Stoumah a

T--tAO I
mr wbh e tbaa uil. W i -m-him a"a'i. -iH I l :j rs' s "a u j "
1rida,1v1idYhl it-head'cheeseI tibn W,...Ms.sretn urned4,of Nhana +0wser ,h s .,,.0 .....
f porWlk .s t d ruir i WlUtoni an other puiDn, whe re I$n b t 0hs ws Tuae.o y. M sn. e jami
Mr. he has beia a l business, nime forA4l. pUpoi of eairida 11s l .j
Syhmsay i n th the ristai obe'igoodotXpo j of The Unary,
. y tintile wtte., hla gone sto take 11srolW Arnold one of $ ethe rqks M
a it.* I. e Krrlk in '.1sin Crtiy and other points o bulisr. In the United States la d 4eo,' is
ANro A rl',r,'',ile lPerry M Coleon, one of the busirelt sp ia wll-farned lvasom at h.
hForll n '". i In mn in Florida depart*4 r trda Orlandu. H. epet to r. F I
[buell ,.ewr< t Will hu t d chi.. Ali. for irrys and othertpoin 1 in the Wes- lurn lto time to rlum his dillse- t he 4 J
ply at 4u, *l ... tern part of tihe iate, where lie Is es. lirt l the comingg week.
A after ia lr.of viot t1o tlis eity Mr I tOenalvelly inaterratud i tilmber and Don't fill to vela theI louth Flor
S, Ti.A .. Norswitly and children uf other lands. da Fair aI Tanspa. This I a e 1abi13
Svori l Miea 'Sy returned ,, tLE.r l, f Ardly u solte Nonvinber 18. IS. I, Ni. 21 and well as a corival. Atilputle Coast
H,,, A. 8),414. with finTr limit re t y ar 27th. l,14 will .lit round.trlp tiekls art rat Pms- -
.rYidto p rat. e4.45 for individualt oan fare plus 2 seast. # tietol I, .U *
*t- Fort Wh'iit., Min tiaj vle i;ay itf h1I1th Speclal rates so parties of twe, ty or ensa pe felt It wuwu
place he 1,6I. h tnil tli dtoS, UIT ntr lore Co!b. Agent. a'ents and lt rfull lffon;om. i i --,
1 t i t itt1.. t eThnstrtninsdaily trom Jsksbmwvlloto
ly.a 1 jItn ^ .d ,The painters ore now at work on the Tm ra dels eei
A 1 .nIoR tit visitor. to thiA eIty y01s. reeidene of Mrs. It. Wilson, the ear- b' fair grosits luneime l pma ight ay
r t0r. reay wasJ i .) Ar ntf tr okvile. center having about completed the iH1tel tatio., Poe's tmiso ll obpp
whoielm.' nt 1 utiin evs-I cneltt with alteratioas in t he building. Tb. tumy to Visitthe Mlo C .ssall
S the" Is..did iates lamrl iktee. style is Old Colonial, and the effe*tl tn h
t re- hnly $17'i t i Tinpa and return via arhiteelrem very attrnetive and will ,I
SAtlanttic tasit aS,,oniat *tuth naturally be an objpet of admirationst Thie ipSoWee en Cspaen o .
d Vi iori ia isr oitrge .n Nv |a a) 23 to tho** who love pretty homet. 1to4g d nepareat, has mI aortsse
in.; I ,e..fe. iick Mrl,. W. II. Dravi of this eity. who 1 eW. l hti Dla of to thsh tiy htto I
iile of thei puble ohis k e kle sThle de
et sg'r> has speat the past few weeks delight. tiofhwobielI ailed. l i i i
Carter & AnderAon lave opened up ullWiting friends and relativreg tota!rdh e eslwE n
S 1n or ihi. mnuit elegant griery stores Illinois and (eorglA,. Is now In Talla- mmitttop pllp"aj p!ily e 64 gm
in tl, State at opera house corner. haee. theuest of Hog. Clay Crow.- t as the ells y Wp -M1 ,
IN They are isktog spieotia pride in the son!. Her numerous Oineavlle *eos a!he ss M i at g
SNa iad epart men .friends will be plesaed to learn that1 @e*l 6 Ii tl lM ade tna"
Mr.Od. aMd Mrs. eoore Frteseme ad ashe es ets to return to her hoas in a r e m-l-ele. O i
three ebildrem of Bo ton are spending doy or &e. wm iNt s
-St 0tha few weeks aisthe city, guests of Mrs. dm o Wet Oa ad thei l am, 04 S amI so
Fortemus brother, it. .M. Look.m. 1 wTh i depress aon on West OeMW o egolh" tmrm tho. . ...
IoI. East Orani street. -teIet, S tko SaSe ponht 5e esik aol Mi*- 1. te it, b its
s so the nrMeuss al that l selhbbac haip -nan n Wq
AmonX the prominent vislttorso ehood aph.* a uliane to Cdil of esly ew ml e ert i ase
ITIMS this eity Is Hon. Jas. Broomo of t*mw.n .s belug il1.4 i with Nlhmb
quinay, who Is registered at the Hrowm roek. whisk iis needle isto d will Soe esf t apt
t is golng Howse. Senator Broome's numerous make abig Imprvnmeat. The week O 91amel g maIt vld i0s..
w pha Galnesville friends are always glad to is being does under pervlsioetenl ifo o iap gbmp m s Ia h asls i,
lay Read" a hCoatrator Edwadse. a w etJes. e. Bias1 P tb*4
Th, friends oof 1Mr. iseo. W. Mopres w. R. Thomas as not esote with mS. T he tTrees e tw`1
are. gld to welcome her home agaan, the aeq'.lteIuon of real estate, *ts with deowst wlb feels iSt e o iit4 fabls0
. after a lengthy visit to relatives at commeadable ne.rgy he Is somn4asty Oraham ezhibtled ElThe nMi
The Hun l)u.nnellon. Mr. Moyer., who maddiog to his live seek. ls eltest TspdS a a single plusere-s
a I ed to Virginia several weeks aoon purebase. i this dineilon was lhel fnl* thirte s malls atgIsp fl .~i
artleulars and mission. has not returned ron hose blongingl to Col. 1. E. frmi the grlve. The up fugs s
You are inviTted to tem the nrndest Webster, wbhib will make a raltable are aMl bearing heavily, apt Ifg
* for sae: ditpiay of fatny embroidery w6rk ever 4dditou. The aniilt Is aid to be e raham will realie al ely i
shown in asilnesville, by an expert ou
lady operator on a White sewing ma. one of the flnest i W this eoolio. produsst Ikhis lr.
helle are chine, from Nov 2 to Dec. 3. (aines* -- -
fln boy. vill. Sewing Machine Co., 6 K. Lib- GR AT LMma New a M 1i
rtied yes, erty street. d.13tTIt will pmlt bf t
fessiunal E. K. Anderson. D. M. Davidson, W. p rbe to h m frih besNaf
M. Davidion and M. -. LKnightof Hi1gb ass uI Me n-. f ma
llet mad. Spring, L,. 1. 11.11 of Orange Hleihtsh, mIt of th dt,. ib as
his city Tho. Lewi (is Camp ville and C. M.0 EN IN Gavrmgwa ASPP l 1. mi iOihM
k former- Sor o n Aitm wereamong the BAR f AIN SALE oe. UTi.
V. Por- Nicholas Burs, proprietor of the i has irkbbi wtl m, blawt Mll w a......I"
Alaola Pool Parlor., departed ye-. *...S Mv Tn se uastl to sdegam bUS.
usilee of ,trd.y for Italm .each. where q has wlulS Ij, TII-U-J, rru, peelt Olaseille m ,
ting busi- been summoned on business. Mr. Bu- him spti with pll ae .lN ,
ro0 is the poMeesor of a nicee yacht ElV 9 7 ''
daughter, and it l underutomd that he proposes IVI 1U 1l I* 10.- Liifa*fO r *. Iee
* to thi to use ahs boat for charter purpose. at Hoe. Wi. 'hem. masmr sf
sPalm Beach the coming season. I ii. He. Crewp U1 s
the At- Mr. W. It. Carter has resumel Sale sinei noving Int oer new stoe
n.d from ebhar of the elebrated Carter froot buildig oa southeast eerr 1of Mi ibNuM iita f W.,
h. Creamery. ad withthe abiatanee of square, known Mi Phitfe Corner. Th 18ti i.. nimt x a.os as th
H. L, Owens proposes to bring Ki up to only begins a serie, of Barain Sales 88e.s nip si she ubi :
tinbridge, the high standard it formerly enjoyed, whIeh for low price have mnade bthe i ul Int i
She is While under management of its owners New York Rakes famoou. ssfpblJnl s m hisJ lshd w be
on. thk datl had l. the ruLnt n in .... .... ci i- .-it i
nns.e ~~.~w oiau Eaobrai ivnbttesale wil gaS *Wem Thle .blwh g1 P

y to Ala- the be;t equipped, and furnishing the elipe a former atteptat wi ins S em lt.
mding of highest grade of milk said promptest pe and wll knock all eompsonle v. a. Passe. oi
&Co. service in the State. prkce and w ill koc k ill ompoUSitor .X.Do* 29. P
Co. ere 1n out on the fints round. We are buasi
on wans in 1 Grady, for .ome time employed as benow, no w e weans everybody AMetiee. U. P0.. '*
a home. Iby Armour & Co.. Jacksonville. and within twenty miles of aianeville to The J. J. Yinley Okapt'r, U. D. 40
Itee land one of the best meat cutters in the visit us during this sale and see the will hold Ila regular b asins4. q iug1
State, has arrived in the city and will greatest outlay of bearains everplaesd at o'ooehtk, of Ma.
you with make his home here. Mr (tradyhas before a bayig public. Asaelpate W.T. Cheasetl The afa teWsm. ..
riet and already assumed charge of the market your wanted and lay in a sappit while L ,
d tresh of Carter A Anderson, and will eerve you ean buy i such btarains. kNa. J. L. .Ks tr, a _e_
the customers of that firm in an up-o- ..
,+o" rpre- date and buslneoo-like manner. He PRICES WILL BE REDUCED
lug Cam- some. highly recommended. W I ii. ot'uio
SBrot -- In a Great Many Lines. A
of Fort READ THIS. CICrLARS ..u, l ..- ell ...I .UBUY STORE." I M
Newber- iMedbone.Mie.ept. nl. ,b.. Will be DIstribted M8a4y7
a(neeille Dr. E. W. Hail. St. Louis. o.-Dear ad T. K EEPS B U SY. A
Sir: in reply to yours of a recent t
furnished date in regard to tle efficiency of Don't Forget the Dates: W
cation in Hall's Great Disoery a a kidney NOVEMBER 16. 17 d 18, 904 BEST GOODSk, W BST PICS A, P
ty street, cure, I can eaely say that it as well
named when they call it a W NI.lER. s N.ll
S.ive I have suffered with a weakness rrom T e r tr try ried We w trice to All. rT
-' te kidneys for year and have tried you to come and bring your families. One I All. C T i.


;, .n.J.'+, .P W M ^
*;,+ ,'fr.n.

rn ..
M,, "', :, ff

mm n a l usaraonttr
.mby t and eaonsti tion. all alerted remedies for the som-i We have built for your use a large .e. he .
by all druggists. t as.hysiu. and itching abed in our tak lot tot your- SKIRTS, JA OKT AAC
all dr s Tellxa Wonder is the only thing that hth in SKIM, JAu fo eer
!Eimulphny of Live Oak, W. E. has given me relief-I ought to,ny. hones and vehicles Plenty of water wKMATesw OLOV ,
OUter Crnk and W. L. Lamp. has effected a absolute cuAre. and feed bacee for your hones, nd if T' SW -T ESOVK
'iovilloe were regiilered at ReUpeetfolly. you bring your lunch we have plenty HIOSIERY. CORSETS.
ta ol r oa eskeday r jlot room with chair and tables. Comeo lHRESS OODS. BILKS. .116
Ra, of Hawthorn was in h.e A TEXAS WONDER Phre Corer e body. Yu TRIMMINGS. LAC
I f.w hours yesterday. He out small bottle of the Texas WoL- we eome EMBR411DI I1 I."
to hu yest eloridayh .eure nl& T"heOily Store in Getnnwlle W(*l. ai.Cnos vsT9WI
te 10 West Florida, whedere lialI's Great D.scovery. curet o k Cur WOOl.L a. COS VET,
to be attsoee on buinm Ikidey and bladder troubles, removes T e y Store in asvTA'BI.: LlVNEN DOILIKS o,
#, ra-eL cures diabeit. seminal emis.- Trying Especially to TkAo Cir TIV.LS. IpA IS.
bltlk of tie meehanieal de- sione. weak and lame tbeks. rheum*- of the County Pepl$. ReGS. All Sie '
Atllantie Coast Line. igh ism and all irregularities of the kl-id. Ses10, 1-S
ab,,- .. --..... J .......... ...- -.. .....,_4e a in

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Vi ed Twice a Wook.-Monday and Thursday
.M |A-I. *. q r o


opw tow cTUR i

,i .9-T Aso
vt at Dhui, Dr. floO
JrM04utrutl to p
frrss owner e
of e the ri
II asi$iU whpo have
eanh the KtuIah
APsers. miTioa
.a~w ho w a -a.kli
bft t. .ONpeMtdu

M 1Aas ep ios
St,3j *1u the Ay

L w.i .. . ..l. t. . o h
V T the ma
S. .. ..!. .. .. .

It i btaMt
HW^KLJ^^ ~ ~ ~ gy i^^'^^^^n^^^" w
H--NI~~~~~~~~ 'iit~ k'Mttm et

h Ig-


^rupd nJtame w
P .A ebb.., to

flfr.e ,




At Mercy of Wild Sea at the
Eatra'au of Sound.


Worst Storm in Fifty Years, and Only
After Several Attempts Were the
Reesuarc Able to Reaah thea IIIt.Pa
New York, Nov. IL-The Collelg
Polat ferryboat .frt Morris, In eso#
mead of Captain OorgLe 1. CoUlat
whku left College Poat, west o the
reek off Betraln laoeS to the oath-
wed of South Brobthr lad.
The store was at its worst and the
waves were dashlag U feet high.
The light klows ai the Red Splaidle
lgllbt bad bee doUaid by the billows,
and It was owlng to this that the awl
dent happened.
There were on the boat 11 past
CsM, a crew of alt, and four market
wagons, to which wee attached egkht
The harbor squad rekeolved word
from police headquartee that the boat
with passengers was Ito peril.
The Port Morris was on her way to
Rast NInety-eventh street. whence she
runs to flat One Haisdred and Thirty.
fourth street, the Bronx, and thence
back to College Polat

.ll MV' lt--thie' At the approach lo South Brothew
lll Pult l raeaehd taland Is Laurea's point. between thn
.' Utmg h Cfro oC mad banks and tlicka. The Red
bmali proee to 'Ipildle l!iht Is a Wtle to the south
Wi !te th" Sitl' w*heb of BSoith Blroth4*' land and Berraite
.... .. t a at i Usbon tIsland.
IvWtota. wo W oe d Captain Collr.ns old afterward It
biu'watt'. Teft, was the worst ,storm Loang land
lbelts ahe Britisth wer. sonmd hat sen in tO years. tmhen
ltI hpo'Ig woelome at na, Captaln Coillns. too latte. found that
Swhere thirty or for. the famillfa. liht was gone, he tried
tM htsi* dr4msed wvl. hard to turn o oea side.l It was too
J e m Iled t. f hair bor. late and the ferrybi t was swept oil
ilM pagi t has bea wit. the rocks. The shock of the crashlinR
q ni-altee the eoroaioa rye boat striktug the ledie knocked aLl
"l oyals yaiht pspproached the horaes utff their feet and the pax.
..r* ard aides were moaned son. gers from the!r Atit.
"o la *eat joined. with the hArts No. 6 polire Jlaunrhhad jIaq return.
o. ,Wale., "d e to the ub..tatlua after ba!f a 4day'a
l r of Wales, surrounel battle with the wEarn' off Hart's island
$ W 4wd of o aval and military o0- whero, tl: police wore tald, a napthla
saleWbtd the royal yacht at the launch as F!ukinr, off StBeping Stnno
**vstd Jtlty aitd immediately after, linht. No launch wa- found' there and
Se es- moored he boarded her in be) she Is Sitp ned tby ihe police to have
f at, Kig Mdward, welcomed Ktill sunk before their arrivCl.
RSW mla d Quaen Afmtlla to England. No. 5 w.s sent o,: vamin in the
Sistatm hy SeriAean; 0' orse. Shl wUaI
Ii ch'rrth irl I lt)1 1d2,,'l ll We;1laua't.
/PR OM T PROM PRIGHT The iuIarl ir o uitd r.eiuetrs at it .i
o'citck started thrr uih Lllttle I;i;;
WiO Sathing t Sn Mis lia- i(laoijt',etaw Ward'. iAland end llaa-
re Sn Oe. 0. WeI' - p De'z laaftd through the o Sunken MuaM

I ulN, C, NOV. JS.-Mlia Is l oa. a an, rs spot.
'ft Ba. he a0tress, leading lady When they r reached the ftrr-y oat
,"',tteorin GlOorias" company thy found her weIgeI, betwcn two
Whish *e to hbare begu as engage bI*g rics, but there% were no holes 1 n
aWt harA Moaday, 410ded of heart fall. ,er hall.
t" .Wllq.thlt Iso the surface ans The passenxerrs liean shouting that
th Ms Moday. death being daue tol hey ated t be tak .,uoff.
Ms hte ihaek r wahn a Immense Meanwhile the patrol had arrive T
t. W at ber and earned her out but could not get neuer than 50 yards
.te a 1(to the ferryboat.
we a oe9t the time In the surf, Tlhe crew rerm.- to leave the firy.
w e at the time in the sur boat, saying they w.hld stay by the
W 1hwas utinsually hlKh, captain, bhut the d lvrs left thuir
AMalatane was at once rushed to horses on the ferryboat.
Miss RuhA, .but she was unconscous The patrol landed r d p
ftea berouht to ahore. Phaselan lsngei r at tihe fot of fWest One lilun-
e called and every meana possible dried and Thirty-tourth street,
usad to revive the unfortunate woman,;
Aanther member of the company, i
Miltoe $prlot, who endeavored to eow Claimed Man Sat Fire to His Place to
cOe bis companIon, war rendered uwn Busines.n
oassloa Ii ththattemt, tbut was later Atla:na, Nov. l Wt-Otn the char$ (.0
tvirdM. setting fire to hl meat market, at
UV l'Peters sttil t, for the turptN's.
beateor FatrbanKs in St. Lou(i. of ccjcl ing lhe )Innr ur.i W', .

St. IaMls,. .%Iv. 1.-Vice PreAsdent. frenuanu a butchcr.r wa I trle lw f.r
elect falrbanks arrived her' trodayj Rt'crder Ut>%'- i Monitay afMtieitw
from ladlisapolls, ovrer the Vandatlia, anaid t0id iRn $:lu iont1.
amd was met at the union station bw o1.rcha2nt who .: Y orlt near
President Francels. of thfe i teexpoii.. Prtsha '1 t a-
and Culone tl. Butler. When ena i hi 'i (nit .' 1 ,,, :. had ai j
tor Falrlr ann,. >inac orn niant l. all ht 111 In: .. 1 1 1 f I t .he n ',';
4. ed lsi' t it % l wAy thromigh the croi d j F''" it 1 :. 'I I '


Attempt to LyISI yegrpe WthoS Na
Cut Cadet.
Auburn. Ala.. Nov. ft.-- AbW)t *
*'elhok Monday night the little town
'wa ruffled eutaiderably by the spread
d %be tugory that a nearo, Arther
Barues, porter at the deputy, Iad astab-
be4 and fatally tajured Claude .
Howard, a student at the A. P. 1.
Fearing that a lynching was breow-
Ing. President Thcbh, of the college,
bad the prison removed from the
city otlabooso about t o'clock and
taken to Opelika, were hbe was put in
theo ousty jail.
About midnight a crowd of the 1t
data went to th estlaboose and bred
a* pulled, at the bmtl4lug ama then
mrieo It open with the lte stteo o
kUllis the negro: bet they were e "t.
ly dlesppolated oa itadlg the seRO

The trouble boegu with the mero
absmlas Howard and saillan ham foul
aS*es bomus hbe asked the blik for
S match with wbill to light ft opr
tte. Howard struck the negre with
t s*Uck, whereupon he caught tho aent
about the aeak and attempted to cut
his Lbtroat, euttlng him behind the eAr.
Arthur Metllbeany went to the as.
distance of Howard and had his cost
cut. An oSleer was Ia the depot buill
lag where the difficulty ocearred an
was allied to the rescue of the boys.


Ois Fireman Crippled for Life and
Eight Others injured
Knoxville, Tenn.. Nov. IG.-TIW'
Lawson-MeOhos library, a 3-story brick
structure at the corner of Gay street
and Vine Avenue, was gutted by fre
this afternoon, leaving nothing nor
than the bare walls stiandlntg
O1 the ground flour of the building
was a doublets sto oeupled by the
Vane frut nlnra company. The see*
isd Rer was the devoted to the pub.
11* library, containing about It$,00 vol.
umes. and the ogees of the Commer.
e1al Club. On the third floor was the
Knoxvlli Busilness college.
The fire originated in the basement
from the flunace and spresa with light.
1ling rapidity througohuu the structure
Ptrewen saved the surrounding prop.
erty only after a hard eight. The
building, wxas valued at 20,000, and
t wa.s Ilv to the public In 188I by Ce!l.
I onel Charle t. McObhe. of this city,
jas a ru Law~on M11whc.e, iho died durtug that
year. The !rnI-mrty is held In trnat
Ilr a board of -uees. wbehich las self.
perpet uaItinl.


Can Seit for Today-Charged with
Killing Caesar Young.
New York. Nov. 1C.-The tgial o.f
Nan Patterson, the, actress, on the
ebarge of shooting "Caesar" Young.
the California bookmaker, ;n a cab
last spring. lit et for today.
MIas Patterson han been anxious to
have her irl.:. as nhle is confdeoat o
acquittal; r w:I leave her gloomy
cell In the Tombs prison and face the
Judge and Jiuri ,illlnKly, for ahe han
no doubt that she can prove her hands
clean of Young's blood.
There Is reotalilerable Interest manl-
ftested in co nit rIrele.i as a hard fonihi
legal bat l k1 A' xpictd.

Situation is tilll Grave.
Rio Jentero. Nov. 10.-The lhlna.
center of the city is quiet, disturbatue,
-tion is Atil vry grave. Although lth"
center of th, city a quiet. dihturbanct
colttinue in the suburbs. President
Alven has l t0 his presidential rates.
dence. It is riLINrted that there I pi
revolutionary movement on foot at thet
military hshotl and among certain o01.
.eer. The government declare, it
able' to retoIre order.

Twelve.Ounce Baby Dead.
SNew YVr'. "N{". 1. --'r:ny T4n.
lhe little 1. h

Ibisa Na, .-: r rett hi r tian
t1 'it li'r N ur''- i",' ;!;


I --- ---

Coal Miners on a Strike.
Charleston, W. Va.. Nov. 16.
atrlke of miners on VCabin e
whise began yesterday. affect t
largest milniS district in fte t
Operators are hiring unionlu mea
miners are mauklnhIg threat.-. Set
Ave peace officer are In (h1I dl
and a hundred more will be put 0*
the next twenty-four holirs to P
property. There is con.siderabilet
feeling but no violence,
Mills Not Operating Yet.
Pall River, Mas,.. N'v 16 ---The
River Prial mtllis wore opened NO
today 1o give the striking operstill
an opportunity to return, but fte
the corporations had illeir T1'rk tili
f* yesterday. A ninib'r .of aI'
were unable to keep thetr maehtiffR
rimniln. and joon shtitI dows. Tl
mill managers. It l inudrtod. e
Pursue the present policy f'r a Ykn0
two, and shouli thlr ffuortR fall, tW'
lant% wtll be closed aainlu fr &In U 1
teflua.; ivriotl.
Farmers Form Turkey Trust.
Altba.1 N. V.. NI v. ii arr

Hil l':" I '"

L T ,IK ..," if. *." ii
7. ,


- - - .6 - .i- - - . .

.-.-- .? .~.~~...., ----- -.~




rminlngham Entertal
Body Thia W 4'.


President Smith of the A
llvrs a Strong Addra o
tin to Govarnment
Birmingham, Ala.. Nov.
sixteenth annual conventklo
UoaIl association of rdlirqae
aleasr bega here today hl
utteadance present seld
railroad commissioners
eommisalooers from saliwt
Is the union.
Scorm of commaisslonem
last night and this moraU l
south and east anal shortly
convention met today a
bearing about fifty commaisa
western states arrived from ,'
Mayor W. te. Drenmwn we
convention on behalf of the city"
aminlham, after which P
V. Smith, of Montgomery. Al.
ered his annual addre.s. slas'
"If the federal
owned the railroads a poll
I ty with the uatroinage afforded
railrumds and the appointment C
a.million employee could not
peltuate itself I power, but to.i
years could tulld up a monang
our now boasted frte In
would become thl l.'.it iM
the nations. (ovI i runent l
reasonably and Ju t t adninlWhter
sot government i o'- nA i'i. he
was to his min.d the. intlon t
problem of railroad cowl iumlnaiiee
" the railroadc c'tiblne.,,.I
spracer rontlil'I., auti rcmbhia
til every nl:;e Ii iwnl onet' vai.,
tern, and I hast r uilient 1 con1
In our governiu'(t to betllve th,
der proper supervi.ion lh'e oaM
tions could be rpade a blesiug IllL
of a curse to our naxiins."
The railroads,. he i ow tbe
lie the very best san' ** at (he
est coat which iliclr financial
tiona can s t1taln, buit I" us not, la
eager desire for hbrr ~rervIce i
cheaper tranoal rtatlon. :ay our ha
ao heavily uo11 Kn (lhn as to r* t
progrEt s or to T.-'nIt in di.pjrirtlta
owners of tlhir ipropeI';:y withat
process of la,..
This afternoon tlihe enrnri'tlK
will tour th1 IIIriningmiham diidriM
view the iror, a.r tl aund coal 1d
tries. On Thursday aflitrukou
will leave on an e'.e inrt iweual ll
for a trip through \ex :4o.

Lb~. . .4.. . *40 '.' M- "' . .


i ki" a l ke .

Ik Si to dt in

.i..' th'tI chO ldt n
hnssembtng that IA
ortt hmt lih U.
hr way Scut t

b i, I titi i
phoudllt Pti ap"
Shy tsy 11lkv it
hoyk bw it nmakc%

.'. ...i 1" ,

' y ih**m lNo T
Itel Me, K Vr^.


"l. l! afle eluio

hiiT. H" i i .t..,e


eakmto ass.a
't.eiw. em
.L efl t.

-ad 0a W

1W t twI t.
I** taro t

b who

pit *ig oin the
bahet alegell

6."M--L of M r.a-. ',,in.
PhSW. nh *ear

t h.. hue bilenred

ee le Mtmi tof
.ili ywhuuq to lltmlprov tso e *d thoee
HU s timed twn having s*
SMeW et Iseh a tweaer as
U iqeS le seompllased
seal awis h.p ss pad

f le thairdoIC tihe
and ah H esur

F '"'. "' ''," ".
,fr 1. ,,
w usqul^^^



ChfWS^te MOW #0W^^jj LhMOMS
""W",oefvw LUs-W."

Arhlo ?.^v, t. -Fvtothd of Mr.
lr Mn i, (n< ttmlR t **d* tp,1
ih'tlsg with hilem an the ditn tf t twir
I#ailt tl, *llThe biody wee takvn to
Laks Oily e tNif lsrmnt
InI. N r,. hfalii anOd lfdrhtl hvow
ftltWbu, attr a itemiemnlt visit tio the
trtWIPw' pSWthiS tn Mlemphl,. Tem.,
ThA A.. 1,.tg. Early luid ei.hne
*f'e1 f i te ai heir 1 f 4 liAth w ir. ''lT iu
woth !.0 tlnh doeA byT Mr. IHaImilark
SMOOi ll4 il4ih hs nttuentld ei n
shi*r spn41ing thl e .rnqmer In t I.oir 1
with MiAltve.
Miss Ida Obithblin Is hotel vli,
teir Vistill tiitvn itoi lulilaht Cartn.
liMs for- uterl meont m
* The etlepherin onnimm g Arlhmr
W1h (0iluunltle is oAmpleotd s ld the
aWo heor will be In C. W. Btilahtei't
tlIe. It will prove a fest eatnln.
lean to parties all slmog the line.
Thee sr*e a number of stlatlon whieh
see o the litbe, iFRludlPi (Uinmeville.,
Nhb Oreihlard. Ptmer. Kenapaha,
Arndeado iad Itooky lFot.
MH WOediver lnd dseghtor. Jete,.
of Newark. N. J., aft vtitag the for-
'il Alstoer, Mnrs. W. C. And who
It ls quite poor health.
Dr. a. L. Jeilia of White Oak, Os..
"epe~s ao hoale In Amhke very oon
as peeWe his potlelwha, The 11-.
SW fomNi a resides of Asker,
4 ta well kftewii hIem.
O"emrPFie MesrMe uMm hen See
entd a Cwrtw LisM Here.
Tlit 00 lodge of Beaolels sad
Poeeetlv O der of el.! ob to bl-
*ited la this eity will be s of th.
sWeng; iln lth latelut oa Florida
itb is so deobt, stnoo evnty-flve
mamti hav been w ld to the sbar*
lr 1i. The list, with all proper pa,
pen, be benu forwarded to Jaqkeo.
wills, aId it I1 antlelpated tha s1ome.
Alhxg deamie will be beard in a tel
One. otiweable future of the Isl to
the feet tha it I e composed of those
eomtd .Oalevllle'. best beinwle sn d
pistl0eslm l ie--en who will take
prM Il b* sawho will sn'
that le lodge i ap4o-drt In every
em-pm. -
Sewns of onGnmMs for cahnas That

As merecry wll uoely deeey the
*Mr oat ml *a dOme d m laFtely drnp
.the whole 1stem whoen tl*erlmp is
thrgIh the muoesU surtsens. Sueh
antlde should newer be Uiend xcapi
a pw*Herptlions from reputable phiy.
sdlas, 1as the damage they will do is
top*f1d tothe good pt iy i ca M tbl
deriv from thwm. HaRl' trhi
OCre mnutretmord by J, ChOpey A&
O, 1oto. 0.. aenis no onurery,
sit is takin swrneally, stung di ct.
po nu ih" blood and iuuoonsi flsowt'
cl'trk Cinb.r Ino bei t He1l Cs.
I n. Is Ic taken lasrnsily aned mitad,
in Toledo. hilo. by I'. J. Cheesy & Co.
Telilmsonsilm free...
$lid by dnaggits.. Prio.t, 7 pl r
Take llel' t Famly Pill. for eonli-.

Noltice of Meeting.
Notite 1i hersbj iveen that there
will b. e m'ltRg of theltHoardl oi Med.
esil tiuamian of the Eighth JoIkItal

mu t .. Fl orsl a the omce oL Dr,.
SA* 0oOURT. MeKImEtrr & NeKiintr, in Gaines.
", ille. as1 0 1i0llo olie1k a. m. on Tuedayr,
.e., t.S a Woman Over a Nonvtem r I, Lsi.
,^g^ t ti eptn^ Out.. E. WKt-.i Preeldent.
tJW. F. Mckxvav, IT n., Semnsrp.
li wi a ralsid before ____ _-_ ,_,
Mayer Theme. Monday I X A A Y
la i a hargq of disoierly PRODUC AND SAV
Deiale s ramilsia, a colored
il liag. him amested upon a
o .p h o r IpS aw Iher na a chair.
..4*%low so .lx|th to pubb me."
' .heals istnently, "anI V'orthe information of those whodo-
aI ,semi' ight to you Mr. Man. lire to havn their hog neat cured in
* ti11 de 'iitemp it" nor cold storage we recommend te
OY Ijatg set right le pushlig following ramethod of preparationt
te "Itmeti Ml iti in pwahifts
vAins ooetrt hiras, ,, behd Mutmal has woolS
dkmeftlar a ocr i or f -anythlu" 4Ovi.t uu|p and "m to irri *ralve, 0av-
maor he d* de- O tubrfet h. ali
S t ",e mow the tlly will lge in thn IoSuds salth e unl browI t
i 'pub. for we are seeding m SM to )as o meat. t ee I
. pi, the esutew. ine. ph' n Toi ltr tn. t.
l.Rlfty ad ws io.t to The marI. after rAwS toi. u twe upwill g 4i iit, 4 L
*Mhat. r yio will be compelled to i l. tor tin trots eamvd m. b
a shovel als treeI ro* t he "e asia' t 1,m' -lr wr* P
i*, *." I Oil-*. *wiofho ir i watr a1S ig. *lt h iFt wkil,0 ir0 iie
-X tt.l(forir itsweel ts rw p ail alSumoke at
The t*e we paid mud Sth defendeust itnle ihr tin we4.1 1Ih ,i> LrWke vGk*,
n.le.d. wootke tbhbet mtmnoke.. Wheo dry. talk I
'* as* Mi nd l in X. laprer a t irau aWw.
Fire atI ocky Point. tw i Of wet.l, etc.. l61 y0o wil ltave "
o n feat a lcant it it:tLtl Uintill fIl0owIni I
Information tShed this cit TUm, i..l.
S.ta .h...n..... n *ka a-f.n. a*..I .. a I'rwteio_ l auta fini_ reil ritlAlA ,_r m r with,.

-~I .anj t -" I* r A Il


LEWIS 1866, Away Above Everything in
the Whisky Line:
4 full quarts ......,. :, i
12l fVl (qQart, ..... 1.. 81 7
BLUM'S @ONOGRAM, 10 Years Old:
4 Ff1 quarts ........ 4 2''
4 f t ll ( iU rts . . . .1 I 4.

EARLY iM!ES, Pure Sour Mash Whisky:
11itted ii IM lner tiermlnw i NaprlS iin.
4 ut11 quart, del .... 4 M'c
it ll quarts . . ;. I
,i.illquarts ....... i( ,,,
Years Old:
.A fill quarts ;3 20
6 uill quarts 4 :w 4
""l full qu rts 'it* (,


i Fay-Sholes



1. 'iIh 'It Sh irt : I .1Ritte*n it lIIi nrinu h

I. 'Ptii~i'ii.. _" S s %'rhter of tits l rl.

MiS ell

M .



-- I--l--lu --i~~., ..---uru ,~u;~--.rrrrrr*~..L.~... . iy

,, . .

. *. .... ..... .-- -- -,.
j p .II IH ,, "J ei' '. '"r** I "O MlilN . 1 I ', 1~1-' li ) -i 9


[Servkce Will Now be Held Iolh After-
, , I


. . I - 4I .4

i p.' /i -- "q p'l ^J.; .. .","r *<^". i J
$ OI o tAdint Y f (1 Chiaroh 'r' yt in ttheir Snfan'y. th.y fit (IM i IM A (U DUR
Ike itk i vity. You at depend on Ayer's art s 1 gw o ii*I.. and nt1 i *w v 11 1* #-* 1- 11 ;.eA..i
Kair Vigor to restore color to ieetills 1 stteuill :w il, twrfeseD jy
fai RO 51 0 ANOTHER your gray hair, every time. .' ,S ,,,, B torsi iiile,1v410 11 worke I
Pllow diruelions and Ii neverM ' Ua .r n MN I r
ap.O ...irely Through His falls to do his work. It s.ops Ne ..a.2,onsr.,.|.. v, l 1 ,-1 .1 0 M,.V 1, H.a.
I. Vietim Survived Until Mon. tMan-i0r.11 l0ar,1,;.edeg,1uii,,,,, :, lTe *" LarKA lhil O io
Im Arresed Sunday nr V Ir .tl oi 'i: r. omen and
ought HNe. Y S tsW ,ir 1h0'rk '' rarkahl .rCr .1i i -t |k iR ti4ASR E .
S-,. .1 ,. l . il .. intere. "nu1 l w4 want aill whi, ill to I
lWa n.okr.Id enival it it .. frr. falllngoflhe hlr.also. There's ... if Uh.y d.,.ut ent: .s. I N.., M THE I I R S S T U
atwrdayu nilgt 'lhii r,euirted great tilsfactlon In knowing l.rd 'ohJ4s they'nr at liat rly te !ht 1 Iit --
I slual. .*sa'I-s h ,tig *lroay you are not going to be disap- with isthe hirch ot their 'hoiev
Gwnd' 1w, denth Nli.Mo,.. y morn,- pointed. Isn't that so? From this dtat, ianLil tfrte:r noelv rOn MEN. i
s i )' roNill, f'rr'n the he. t ,,0to. tw ,,id,, .,. n ts, u u r"hien. will hG ltid at :3 o'clock anti t'lhibg, liot. Pndulvrwear mand, '"
A IbtIinltt ih it fIti Pari that tHt'k ut s )"m '"p lll m if A i'e Ifr VItdr T .,. il l','Fi

0.0arN il t IIit,, Ji.' Va. AN. .
at lie' tariniiitsi in hFincidlI fOr "ti i'd i miiany tfaminho. g I
Iede chiekei crdRred. e' Nel Je V. \orswonrthy i it toreefl,
dd Iltoim, (i his Iond.d ini Ia rnest speaker and to hear hills tolOhing *, drwar FurnIshg.
ism drW SaP iditi Ilna Ll redn.. t clo'tse appreciate hiim. 11. has pIrne.d f a mia t iFOR h 11E p1Mand CNILJBKN B
lthe ball ltneering eih t ar- ---______- s- *'itful w.ork'ir DPre., Ite.fer Clnoh. LderwesRro l.o
ris nIplI* *ndt aused ,nt direly
qhthe iletim. Nuwiltntt.>tiig MONDAY'S FOOTBALL, SUNDAY MORNING'S FIRE. i W" semd goods by WXpIS 0. 0. D.whpllpgng
b however, O'Neill survived nti -xamine b-fore oe- p-tig.
eh Monay mori Stetson Boys feat East Florida Quick Work of Fire department Saved "We oherfolip nt two or ia*bl '1 i
pv" Sherif 1iramgr went to f'air- Sueminary in a Pretty OGame Odd Fellows' Sanitarium. meat nor:selection.
Sunday a id learned that l- 4 41 toridi semtnary went down A 10:46 Hunday morning, at the - .
ind Ione.. le hadt ressotl to t,' ldefr, nt a t r thi.e Iu E of 21 io n'c.thing bey eighth of a hea y witndl, an alarm or W r.rf l
thi at the neyro woild return ti f.,r, tif tile giat, St 'iraon t 1 nivr1.' ity. fire nalted the department to the N. Write for our comspt Fl M, Wid oai
tk Sunday night, however, and iThe yonigK r )ldiers made a magnificens tonal Odd Vellnws' Manitrium,
il hidlug near th t place ~unti light, but the powerful weight of tho The velocity of the wind was the
when he procmedvd to ltapkins' opposiing ele-vt.ln Was I(K) much fortheir cause eof a lreat deal of exeltement by
He was not disappointed. as: line. From stari to tiniesh tit.- eadetL the inmates of ithe aSnitarlum and the
the negro sitting In a chair, fought fiercely, at time-s holding the neighbors, but by the quick response i
.the door, lelisrely peeling a Stetsi n linte for it fo weet i*fti,,eir ter. and elegant work of time department
potato. Theofoietr w*ththe ala-C' rilla onslitights. Nu %itiu ang the the tfio wAs extinguished with only --
flt a Uier sprang upon his man fact that or boys were under the av. about $160 damage, which is fully oov.
and soon had the cuffs upon evage weight of the. visitors l)y twenty p red by insurance. a
tulow. He was brought to thio ;ouidis they .ever allowed a greater While driving rapidly on Alahus *
piA placed In Jill. where he will disteanih than ,ix yards toI bo Xinedal venue lines Wagon No. 2, driven by
pending th pr lrtiminsary trial oi, them sat any lise' rush. It was sol.- Waller, collided with a telephone pole,
B y.' ie tnce RAgist trmenwious weight and badly dmantaidn the vehicle and re- n
eell pt of information of the' strngth. Tli upponeuu were aot leugiot the horse, which ran couple
of O'Neill Juatlce Colman and only powerful smen in physique, but of blocks and stopped. The drltr i r
Sheriff Cheves went to Fair* tiey were In every |uarsiatr well Was uniDjuted. Wrnavte -e7- M oa -
Mloosy morning and impaneled trained anid llseipliUed athllet.. Tile The IAr originated min a defeotive
jury, the verdloi of which Beminary line averaged 140 pounds. flue on the iret flour, ditetly under
Ashe etes that O'Neill came to the Sketson line averaged not less than the operating room, where the fire ao -
I frma the rsull oi a pistol 170. Six of the Steson nmen would ourlrd. The work of both ofliers and
Smu, the weapon being in the aggregate over 1,(C pound', and when men of the fire department was first-
:41 ONear lHpkLii. thile we,.fgt waste hurled agaihat the a ls. *M" r fe" Wt
men have been for ,*ne time I pounds before thrt th e l result was & Not a ick Day Since. V AJm MW WNo
o the nava l stores farm of gain of several yarJ. I was simply I ws taken severely sick with kid .
M aid at Fairbanliks. O'NeilI, ilnposible to stlopl the charges, though Wa truble. t a-rll ed. its d u edi A,
always borne a good reputation, the cadets met thlm with course e trouble. I tried all idrtme of ml.a lo w -- r0
psaslaful and law*abiding., but it and di'terniltation never witnessed day I saw an ad oyour Electric S it
that Itopkins has given his before uponl the local gridiron Da te doh. It wasAter
ei eand neighborsll frequent a clean, anlny game, anud the Stetson taking a few dos I felt relieved, and -
ductd th ves lioon thereafter was entirely urd,
lasu will be given a prelimi- tieenii. Not a criticisltm can be of- and have not *eon a sick day sinoe.
pherigl before Justice Coliman They are a liue set of fellows Neighbors of tine lIave been caurd of
y. It is said that damaging and the Semtinary boys give them the rheumatism. neuralgia. liver and kid-
will be intruo4tced against lonorA of State championship. Next ney troubles and general debility."
year we hope< to wrest the laurels from Tbh t what B. F. Bass of Fremona.
m*v THE-m SEON OS.11 i. Thi tr91to"n has won nhIa *- i., w rtes. (Only 60a. at all drug*

Wk .n" av d, Vgate a ,c dirciplind stam o" their weight ......
mean frost of the season visited
aton Mna ouig cd in the State. Agiiu we feel that iith ' fl'
,Noo Mondy morn I IinJ, .td I ._ -,
who were stirring tirny declared flu detes t r o college iii the cute. .tra:re. In point of grit and endurance
b. b sh.e ..l ptto we claiml them to be the eqlul of an IIUUII UU l
lllTe that te oiieleven me1 t ...n hin the South. University
killed, and that btians and other e t colg a, n11 o ...."gte n
etiblee .ereli srhed. Let ...i...Vi.n ,h,,..le l....n. Were over^boult. We most i
o"t .o h r .m bon. .ud ,., foot ba.l ou h nd. FULL LINE OF stock, and to that mppsypwe ha'e
I ,,. i a.. .. o .o. they er saw oh a football iiroud. ..
Ih u_- O* ..o b ve. r 1 i laeh Fuch. and Capt. Lynoh were 'NE lOODr ." .. ..

aIts ;y or NMicaopy, where the -loud in their praise of the Seminary J.a J --JY M.
fear the lts hardy of irgeta, boys. These gentlemen also state they
il~llsn4 allsetbak . 'believe Stetson to be the strongest fl pl ,tP
IM reported in South Gaines,,-t ,tlA StG c .... i n ,l u t I
It II.te. 1. Peeler., rulna.el leS to a ls all mitten i 5il i
I lR. D. Peeler .. ., .,, ,,
SA Strange Hallucination. this lIIe. Matil a d teleraph order
SIWS NEAR ROCHELLE. io. ,Vow n re H-years o-' an' pmpily *auard ta f PW i .f,
of A. ruce Zetrouer Burned r still r in' lt I kin lhk11 y aineville FloridaI
l i o ,.o ,,,'buakra'.in di .an.'" is the hallucina. Oainesville . Florida '
iGy--Hou-hold Goods Lost. 11 t* l. lnrle ..1-. ....... --- -.
option of rIavidt Tuke;. si unfortunate
friends of A. Bruce /.etrnier will colored mIn w ito was brought to th is
S ar t his home near rromI iig Springs and iadjudged GE O.S. ACK VER & SON As an nducement to the furg r y-
i as burned sunday, sird the insane tiey aemnitl,,, corn.,risimi D' rss IJ.eL1 a inducement to auyuau-'i
with contents. was a total 1. 1. Colson liA .1 lM n[il and .1. t. MANUFALurL-r'RS OF assist us in reducing our stook--we will t..
The building was valued at about b e t w t h Ieac B u v a tot
d household goods will prob' ind ,en t ear at.m.. with each Buggy bought a set of Harness a
ieceh half tha ouwhen sudqlr, l i;y he ill imagim that he lL solut C 03t.
I insurance. is just ilo--u moreinro, no les--and that 3 -"RON _i_
0orilgin of the lire is unknown, ntwith w tainkug this he less the
i hr discovered too late to save strength oif a young Saimson TTlhe
i Penlrty. especially with the pre- unfortunate victim will b taken to '
high wind. the ilasylium fir Lhe insane at Chatta.- V \ a R S h
""" -lhlohee '^ ''"... .Visit Our Ware Rooms and Seet
lUILDING BLEW DOWN. Disastrous Wrecks., A I i o li
Il.#,n T^ni^vet St Stock Dof B
..Not 1%,6fCarellsstefe s i* responsible for isny ...est 84001 e U u8 nu.
No elt the High Wind of aO ,,a o riI for"...many. ..'
and Was Wreckd. a railway wreck amid ag same flumes sre
are Wmakingagons Ever maBrouht towrks .sfferrs
on East Main street, front throat a,,d jur trouble. But Mat eril Ta n 0 B i
thk e rear f the opera hoiiin. si U.,the advent of .r King'. New B..i 1. I t l
Mi (pr many years served as a r a, rar ngsumntiion couahs CR ll lUETON. N C.l ....... ,. '

- -- -LI CI- -- I


wasmaw + sa...n a ,. ...

1--hls l:l* ,~ ,
has'imretors sad
Zfrwd &nbtlmer&.
b^MSntawelmS i abSern s.

- al St, fl

AhS lbm lliie bi WW
ht hbMstSllha



Al,. wee se. V4e by Mey
Supw With Rellul That he Market
Wae S*e Ll*-Sien is N Mew
NHeAing 0a O e.

--.---W 'alter li Rnblneon, managi r f thI|
Ilk" *oMe@0 "eaItna department for H.t- I'BtIIim
A Co., laM reaumed from tAlsebh,
*W 1$ T4v uh TalpThybse whenr Nr Iht past two or three days
UUVSM FSS jm helke has bonn majing and fading tile
staple for shipment.
*" B AVE- O u M S A FUt Th r m.w r i tharkseld at Alaohua this
~"A USOAPBAR. for will tL marketed btwfore ther
m..eason eisaver, about 3s L) hais Which
Vav mOna Touches Piltin umakbe that prulgrntlve town the nt
3A thmutMgvi g Messse.1>
" -,d5 Mist NMow v lkw-oeru to renter of ahe*ounty. ThI' price
HIniss ue4 h s thangvivnu have bwen flood, averaging twenty
i 06i ing atpart Nw, asU ntes pound. and as result the
wf n dayplan.te, have profited fromI the frop.
tisNlatol h Isafte the W l There are et a great many bales io
u fI p to the great property be shipped, but the staple Is moving us
oMf id Woom iwk thle bI v r Ily as* eor ean I too uaret and it
ithuakhtL t b leoSe4.
if t M AdtIr*S which B.ayen for sevetr large concerns
.a theb lat. Repob Iave beom "eampii ilin Alaehua dor-
I ti S I pt Is whicb lae l te mPe whoi.v k made tih market
i l iL.AsIP- &L- &m&Lm I l--

t eat tie pe.
**wh mo

IWm amwtnl tha wn

a d i gM t
- Rqui~n Thb
*^^^^-B^'S R-s^f~ V^9^V ^f
fiepNs avM


uiw 1. TRI Mo of the*vap it ithat
MWle, however, I s to Md was prub
ay per bhad by Deom &A Co. of
Ihbl 6ily, and Brilnleyd Co. of Btla.k-
- 0..
TIe atersm Iee'lved wodo price on
*f aveMWe ths year They feel en.
seqsg4dad ladlatilons a e that the
a p will be *xeeaied s ** eason
ad that the e#ap will be planted .artj
tI empliae with fr. HtoiImaM's
esiM i eof the srly spomn.

T~ lrestw g Ptesal OChwrerw.
i, C.o eex NOT.Co al m er eb bee,
O 0tWhe peop nae mted atm* it. NH.
I me t anbe p g their egUrl eame
b. g -O meae tew mqp
r R peoql ar otad .o Welmm
k. Miak ito ermenm FMPlrd, Ms. Oia.
* d4 tad WaEn from Nw Hae,
.i T. t amn plMees4m, dial.

Sld 'a their winter home horve They
I heaMS kP p .to tat so lovely Ifn wit.
sNee. "wl bUlf k I expected amy
miim a Wut lmea God in.. trir eds are
SW to hear te lIspleasantly hOtated
lte_. U i AMC leayl, .takintlg ea I to
l osif AlMakI Or gTalal morehant. J. L. Town.
Sbelnh t seed. I visltlag in Jacksomville this

bwueip MN. Mary PhillipS and liUttle n.
N l Baridao thbe ueste of Mni. J. I.
"ad g .He dofaHy. w. M. Hollotay Is
I t I kthis mOletW al t w ejoiklN eOver his
I M wiaOm O e mev nielb
Was COimMtll In td eIce Vin Noes.
W1'. o1 ruUen ChOrg o*f Asault.
ko7 Web. NP4*., a white man well
s I knaeMws la the aut Ed, wo as aWIee
'U Is Jebk,, eXTomx S' .cur, at Mel.
rasn Teaeng upon tflaarger. of .felo*
ew m imalth" he barge having been
.OR whasm the alleged assault ooeunrd
th...Sson- Friday of the past week.
vaset eafrer Nobls we requirWl to give a bond
ar i ? te of t fle his appeaneem at the spring
lOoe tim t of theo elils M Cooun. Foe ome
SaI r veseom he was unablie to semar the
abtnd bd .In l Metro, or did not do 4*. ad
hrssiaweswasb bnsgbt y Dputy 8heri11f ti-.
Sas S Wto this dlty, where- bond was up-
otehl vdI ant the defendant rleksed.
Sls e Is. Noble we weprsenatad upo k hi atr
a Ues OaWt six rival be by Attorney Evane Hale.
esser a a.
-0 lath.* GeitnwMNle e8" Comnpltmented.
pB i ebaa. Razli neekatol h rleternwd o his
"of ofShemol) this.4 from Ocatl. where
Sm F *l a May abs of the put week he m.
4 s *.a slt.he 1.otle0*1 B Rles Is 11 qIv their
31111 stastrel show. Young Fateh i salt
eo d 4Sli kto bea emoftthe asot amateur ads.
*L l hgti st lh ln ste entry, and with the
Plower testalvg woIt rank Wange th


he ahe tee*
IU 'MI!A iii^L


- -

puu of ne. Tme Oalin mnpam.F
the inTe l anhim thas caS
Imt% i .t bAk mid wing duaeda
Vestbeo M ot M o*ver eem la
.%lt alt bromiuht down th
ho-1." dslusTilvi Is Droud o her


hemned hPru-na to All CatIarrn
:i~ ~ -


Ho. La LJh. J i i tho oheoof heIslate eTrdy Johmeon w hou a. i
StWat ss-ter from Maryland, sln Attorney Geonerl under J'rrsidrnt Jh" M
md Ualteld Stake Miutt er to ialatd, and who wars vas 4lest asi tae iVN
emn laots lawyer that ever lived.
m" "a teunt letter ifl l JP lt., K. W, Washiageon, D. C., M r. Johnsoa
9*l se Mfashowa 0 h huseuly am nE Per as
& To m, kNslehMe (i tfsai se rt ro ma/y a n
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UlitVIlg ensmtioes of the body l St
eMtldln uhaIs, whebh dest oy sad I.-
$an every part they comeie it eIn~iee
with. Applt tlnsm to the place, s*ffect-
ed by estarrh oan do l1t&le good Tave to
0oothe or quitret disagrecable ymploman.
II1 ,'. Is %i that garglem, sprays, atom-
;;;:: rid li1halanti only etrvo as tem-

I Thee is bt oneo r-niemedtly hat
desied *setf aid that remedy oi
ras. This remedy mstrlks at oml
the rustsof eStaUr by remtoring to
eapW ly T Dls their healthy do'
WHtly. N Pna. is not a temporary
llauiv bms ta radleatl c ure.
fead for Dr. Hartman', statar bo.
0est frw for a IhuIrt tinme. Adtdreum Tt
Nruuast Drug Uaaunfcturing Co, ab
lambs, Ohio.

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Oern Whiskey:
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N. C. White ...... 81 6.

N. C. Better..

N. C. Fine

Laurel Vally.

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S. . 2 .o
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g4 gsr-' .. t..t.1.t 1.i l o t hAt thI f Zoi t i i*it I-.. ir .' 141 r $ I r lftrt t tsy hls w 1t
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.Weh St y 11 a 1 yFr0 i *' .il-her inllterv'e,. tlti Mr. l-olk's vie*.
ingla vle coples.l* i .1, w l tve n', ,, *.. 0 t I Y1 *y. a ttitl.;y 11i0 rdi# l.l It. wls
S a4Ip i ttl t A IIABT I ft I V i t- i ai f ,r alii i 11 .1 h lits ltck t whr l ar.
0i"tr estl 1111.e I, *A nt l 'Ntl' SA'' t 'it'' ,'t, t V !i. 4I ci rr i.d it r'ly
prd inti) i i ldi r ,' I'. ib a r 'IF iofr,,11 '4 1 c b 6 l 1h.I1 r'' fl r(,, t,1rol on t n l lt f hi.
ly k o. !i Y by14* 11 1 a ".' .1 at tj r 4 F i a e'ner'al inelinatl)n to
adverttlS t-ihtitS tir thr [tn P.h 1, ft 5 w fro-. I r :i, I I.t *'i+eo i alone. lJ.earred ii
Wi mo nilt a aeli al iIir rites, .
b he'd a I poir .p" i lil ty I d th r y 1'* ** ..I,&.- .'C! i1 tV nriittr i y of ih prin.
Iatiand a Dleith n tIres inserted leat., 1 l i K 1 1 I t lry', I0E.i fliti'i e -,': iJl Iladers of hit owi plarlty hi
malll Aents it line. tf-oP iei tf. ''i c Pir~t r ii hotl -ri as. ,in t ele a 'ta s a reformer who hlid
- l .'t> ISPfi t 1 rfli,* n 1ttrf)lii i -t kb Ifk 4n tinily reformed lhiDng-A p(r*1e.
"'OV O xm Cl.ato Iaml*. tit litCiiwrSt* tlir, ghnm tlt., ,A n1rvctl ei;at iryltr ho l hitd senSt pubilo
a" d t he Thrler -.Wee. wlho finIlow td Bryan, is I mDc I n 'ot '. ra'p.% toI Ii the tphitttiiitry
,) World line year ... $I1 $ ehvi l1.4-h'ii9 a y 111 Itti'i i i 'i l u 1 r t NI;k*. ei arv r s atln Inspiring d'-
ad the Atlanta ((in.) air-w im ii h ,is fr w il r tlir'tmi rsna., :nontratlonu i heiit value of uncoml-
and the Atlanta (0.9 nAstl on ihi prFt 4 hIi pronieing. NprfleI' nsty to pub-
Weekly Journall oti year. 1 5) I Id ig sin tlll ust t .spl ttl' orgttIie l .ie1 it. i i,lk personilvi ntie n of the
ia and t111 0t'tii-1t'kly of tih' lIh'utcrAtio party arL, ^rntIltisi d ovrrhtadiow1ib isturs1 of ptrieent and
l niononne yJirt.... I il vti wIlly uncailird fer,. Thri r, is f altre iolities-or-uh corruption.
Sniliitn in tlhe record.tit if it 't r thri triumph oif wtilliaam I.. 'ougllas
l wi ll iot JIM pet!tam of la, thfe KaIh rir'nlC of the pr's i'il tL WAr- in MViItcahutts s eve n mor *pne.
A ra. nt t ihe false claim. tiarular than that of olk although
.k I Itnt e i applt y a little reasoniingl i.ut qulte *so otrietJi personal. Steow
o4o tl gay Is oone hllt entetr-aIt'i jlilli natetitira with an effort to I teerr- ming a Itepubtllea landslide in aStatem
.Mbourown expPTs tihi. ill causes I lof thoe pliRlht in which which even In normal yren li a s -.
Irme" """ em rary find is-Il today. In do. publican stroit[hod and which gave
I er Is the son whict drives ing so t should orly be ncessary toi Roosevelt W.ta plWrilllg, Mr. PDoi
from the human faee. rofer to the history of slite campaigns Ias wins the guoemership by a mi*
', ,- o t 1 a t0. In 1J80ti l)elnmoo. jority that would be a headeomenpee
E-u. know you made mistakes ys.- racy f ith country. by an overwhelmn-1 .ven for candidate of the doemian
try to avoid them today. 'Ing majority at Chicago. declared in party, and by this triumph commands
.. ......... F vor or true remiiratio piinciples, national attenllon. Hel to dldvidually
iaal there are 3,901 wries anid It furenulateJ the imn( deoaive dela-. strong with thle mases, and he had
.Wl ws under one yearof a e. rations against th truists of the eolan* the inutenees to ine upon ial les
S"- try that have ever been promulgated that MaassIheiltts etearly appeomn.
Ame,4l iolan youngR mrn Is bright in a party platforn It also de. "Myeleetion'."aysMleoheguraeo-eleet
his mother sie o mulch bright. elated tlt fore silver, against overn- to The World, "Oteans the fist ina Is
'meint by injunctio., for an income a battle for relprtelty i ad tariff rt.
-".- 1. lTtax, and other prinelple whkh com. lief."1 And that Sa flrd In Mame*
j| gepemli depth of the Niagara praised issues as that time. Upon some bhuottsl will be heard rount the*
asthe brink of the falls is four of these the party might have been at world.
_r failt, but this stilt remains to be N r. Douglas explalsI:
proven. D.d those who took the hand "I made the tight solely on the prop.
t large pirportiok of thel I. reconstructlln the parlor for the, ositiom that we should have miprel
Supply of nickel is prduced tstandrwitht ad that ll trts whih sell their orampin tland firm wh moo pduct abroad cheaper than weo an
._ .7 racy a t hat ltme? Not to. They wore buy them hr* shouiodt ot, be pe.r*
WLIl now hope. tno elean U pas false to their party as was CIee. mitted to0 ley protectlM. I give
iho p Ier Wl l. itrs a land. their idol. whlrne lat adminlstrs- th pmelieti examples of ee etoh .
on the ful. lohablWell. it's a in agof the tarit. I liastailneed a .imn
thlng to be hopeful. the had been elnt R blin of the p rhes of $n 0)of1 leather which
,r Had they -lood by the nontnee of the bouhlt from the ltrusst, whth there
abI .|gorrote ha be brn tti party in 1 l( ne13!es would have ws duty of MAD,00.I gwm optetret
Lss fair. It should be lined by perched on the Demooratie banner. Illustrations in the woolesu, osucs and
p e sls fair It shld be51 deere iy other trades.
la.gement for arriving so late. t hedered the party I the tIt was an Issue that tonehed a pop
t imee of its jna6 chord. They said in th- national
Au n to eu I strikinag eontirast was the action cemralmn that rwe had no Issue. We
,din|g to ensue fguirei thler" of the Bryan ilmocrati in this elrm had the greatest. the men vtll of I*s
b tike United States 8.1^80,0( 0 r For 0ome reaowO it WM suboer
iB~~llii lho c.1! 8 pr. ign. wheftn ihI"y orne lyllly in hall r- dinated in our national elarplp. It
Nyercan old or more whio Cnot ness and worked for the election of wa the one islue of all oberns to
.f write. Parker. Blryan himself took off his have presed. We m ade our people
.. "-: co--l aid Io ht with hisold-tine en- understand that the tariff land trus
time ls notfar distant whein th, making one. ofl the hardeist lk os olvln the trt quetin o
bo will be am promsd of his canmpigns mud o during the year. He loing as wean, sheltering these "glita
.!ithe young doctor or lawyer of wa re.lous, watiehtul. and worked paiwper" under our proteoHlon system.
piee nt day. hard for the sueeess of those who had "1 told our people tha' Miassehu-
-..-.. .. kntfed him in the past and who had cttdaoultW Int kro tilo htpool tl
the United Stastes suprne la court deals Democracy the greatest blow that Oo0 Vomews osestribeted SS.Wf.lO a
,i5he coloring of oleomargRarine by had ever been dealt the party sine ilts year to the tr sts that sthe SteeI Trust
.l that plain oil cannot lbe used organization, alone reaps d",&Xl,00i) a yar out ofi
S .iaa.factur. in the facr.e of ll this is appera in .irn eotio anph u wkqt ut, fsi
S'_ .- .: rather bad tastc for the reorRanizler it. And yet threy have the asuranee

USl e you seen the goody gotd young to taunt the ltryanites. The Bryanites to tell asthe trust qution hasi north.
WT yell nine times out of ten were the true Democrats, and they ing todo with the plffR."L
an so awful good because they demonstrated this by the loyalty with Two million' plurality for Roherelt
ltehesper than being bad. whith they entered into this tight. wilt not hide the haudwrilUng n the
S-- KEven today they are not disposed to wall of trust proeetion revealed by
'A old dAuer worth million or attack those who hare done their part tti ie.',o, asschmsett for "reel.
S. loff the followili: 'Push" in the Parker oampsign, though they proiey and iht. ~lIf.' In Folk
"Pull" are the heavenly twins are really the men who are acOount- iand Dounlas the Deemoerats have two
's1. a man located on lEay street able for litmocratie defeat. fine examples of the type of leader to
ti ,But all this is past. The .Sun wold whom the party mteR turn it it means
... not refer to it, were It not for the fct 0to t('rmi 'n opposition that will oppose
i *il in Japans hli schools that Ihe ones who italia the Ilryanites. -to rally a Ibenooraey that shall tbe
nl an hopr or two after slhool is (as they are phased to eall them. and true to the historic principles and tra.
S*OSery 7 dy to makingy bandage we are no' a.ha n.d of the name) are dltions of the patsy.
otir things tht 1i mflIy It" ie"dd todsy adding l t the tlmnes of discord -.
P6hebattlefields. tby ntmisdire'ted t!unt agaliint the W. a. JENNINGS.
lyall wing of thl- pirty which wo hold
lieonfdet manner whis. Ni)ni dr. Live (iAk Cresent: The lint tina'e
W'Niwed beeiaue thcly speak lies s fir as tie' future is flonerned, we ver *saw him was nearly twenty
Sr.t haw __ .-L . ._ M_ .. ..- I -..I -

q' 5 t1iory were bruins; omers th.Iat il take rare' of ilwif. lomoorat- yMn 2gK. E "aM6 n a uitie rmow.
because they r titter t ruths as le priliiplesm are not dead, neither have tiwn viear the W1est Coast of 'VF WI*;
they were litis. thley it ,,n forgotten. Their grand old there was no railroad there then, aii
.. party will risr agir., ia It.did after the why he should have selected that place
k appl.ltk on for S glver.iA. defeat of (Itrleer in INT.and as it did we do not know, unless the wearinowp
Pitlom now dsa your photo' ip the 0 it ,pr .ldrnsial campaign. brought on by hard study in a law
1"1t aecomnpanY gour aiitea, elent a pi1ident' of the United States. school promnpted him to eek the Ireat.*
athe photograph va$ not b' There sill afrie *uthir Tilden to et retirement btoause It promelad the
t three years old, paid a good direct the ,drtinles ot l party. fullest. rne. At tlrot he did not settle
.it", in the inentitlmd he i6h e ioen In town, bl t went out In the country
I w .'& i won I as PDembcrati prti.lple, 'he puttIng about four miles and sewured employ-
Aft i Ideay Idwl of the trist *,l. At..d t .ot mbe nt on a farm. As the fresh air and
W.isl tlie Wt dayio ir jail rorn lt sight of. It shonid be a sig1an, sunshine, brought bok the strength.
.Mtotlag thlarettes n other hildresn nd when another Democratio nominee health and vi*or of youth, he moved
l h eilaretten I their prel is named his namne should not 1t pro, to town and opened a law olei. WIe
T nonv-etl ."ft ,' "' .1..y.n.i Walli Trl. .ii snt aedn'irihould was a quiet, unassuntie follow, and

, .,1 '. .-.



,a nlM 4
we^^^K ,:

MO&I n'M

of the m ue Lomp
of the M ce- yof ur j-tvfl t& i

I- W

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5 nn. :m

one thuas bat he l a die p twabS et
deliver afler fee. 13* 0 eio me
up his Mied natil e hi .a i
qirstlo tlhoreaghil, bitus Mas i he
male up hi mtd iihe do"ee i M
It, breauws he is almost 4p
right,, Other men who et WI
the little town after be 4d4 left l
larger plaw. belt ie they ol
the tio too small lr hti .,
.ale but h* stayed a,:" sa.:
the mliortumss with elttai i .
Ing thoe leso fortunate bt. MQW
all lie eculd afftord. Stoly he m
political life,. util four y es I i
was elected overnorSe the teet BaA
of Fiorida, and all adult that be
made the betl chief exceultvl Fl
hu ever had; andl yet hko Is Uth s, *e
uassumia., soelable, plIe0i6 w N 'w
he has ever hbenu l f ***u 0Ufl1 SW
him. Jest as loyal aidt tree t hito
friends as an exalted oSellal a t leep .IhA
as an bumble elttfeai sI a hortT i1s6
change, lanl we know of ot oe ,a t of
all h is whole life that abe not.M b a
of a high toned, Christais go tleamm.
The man of whom we speak is W.i .
Jenalmgs of Brookrrllet,ad his laten
demonstrated., beyond a doubt that "
honesty and builmes ablty will re,
oivt recoIttslom, im matter hoft Saw
away from, the buty world.It "ma b
hidden. Mr. Jenings started witll t
anything. saw e touravge aN heati
he ls still a young man, sad few ten
ever risen to more sueoestul ,pre .
nanoe than he.
Hils life and earter re at leon flt
all young ron who value aUsemee, d ..a....d.
took upon ia thing worth attsalal.n


Itoosevvel carried the State of ies M
sacihuetts by, A.0(Mplualltyl,but W.1-
liam 1. Douglas. the Demooratsid an r .eml 1
didate for governor, was eleted by
36,000 plurality. Mr. Dougla' e*x.
pionatior of this extraordinary remalt
ishulimmd up in the following N* OANVIl 33
1 ndces: 7eoaretdg
"Pabllolty ;nid a real Issue. Adtew' siliM
tiling made my business pay -Wad I-1 i'''
used It to the limit In aroiNela and dl* W U 11'.. ,9'0
toting the sentmisent wbleb I knew to *
be widespread on the subject whish .WI
wae our ehief iseu-r-telproosty and OL UMhIU l

Mr. pougla' buisess adwrti w. I
Mente have numde his fate, h is name
and the article wblih he maiufaritDmr t .
known froit one sed of the omatry to
the other, Mr. Dougla*' political ad*
vertellsente have made him geveror .
of Maseahusetts. I i WelhjQNtil ,
Never h tash aher tbein nl !a mor i

. . .. . .. . . . .. . . I .- . .

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this *qqMd o, VMinv;.lt'o"..
..-,. . S. ... .FI k. ...m.. The i t Dollar t.rt W hiske.y (.<

soI o of hy iesnA h ,for no Mane r
. m ,,^'.ij. he.,wsU ., in ] e s Dr t 8k eyl
"of e" e,, n ."~, the he 1. sep M market 1od ay.
tt.1b aaaimi&L..n Dvi wmnui ewed by Jias^At f WdI hlee SlmiW th' -
s osmpy a e s three t h lej u r a mi I timalie onlytp CHtARItk PitH PAIN ,
"s -"""'""wohe e ton afo, and $a* u ms i n, V3 ,
aWse t4d t lbw'e moutStho Is the eonasy
mP a psg. the T veiryh hour his time on this
.. 100s a 16041Wi I Ma In esp ke li hi w i ntoa l iao I' $
"t ,rn fl by epW tFitV'.. 8. Oour l* at srltet befo e Jo atie onhm. y tone nal ym will always buy it, as I
"W b insoAmbere.
U"..9. Ishsloa ASh,. e Jaop n H Pd a c equal for the price. ati(fact ion grla nteet
IS*..o, ea 1 4h 0 tand mOs or thimmteuma mw oy back. Remit ly Express or Pntlfflin
.s nd la t&be aboeaee of the "filthy itre" Oyrder to
'; hlas a la beena sewste Jolj the phiot urn r In W0rDV A 43WKt i
i : r i.W040,MARYLAND *. .T wi .n o,,h. W., .lliU. H 1 DI V*, JACKSONVILI

*,hhPU Sq r i re of helt luoe) l MllmDopy, end asl J 4 i I4 J)m T
i -aik evu sh euopmast of the pro pna ce A Mi l i
Rk t -i." A* W*vR1.h is Is more sha likely that he will J II .
b t I g lls' h on 7Gl., "S hIe be r rained before Juslte J
SUe mlienst Is hal.o t% way of the tmasgresor is 0 fiP ,r'/t T r rM i h..9 e ,u
frb ... .,she aims, 111 + Title iw what you pay for when you buy land: t
keMb.yeauMMue xwsUm aaa.nmW know what you are buying.
i mn us DR DaVERE MORRIS' Titles Ordltrilly alvilible cmtly mvelo to lot

Ii.h eP W r wi t AMachui Couty Abstract Co
S O^f* ovv M aOrcuMeo 401t AU waork saainrew-rille, krorida.

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7.. .. -kL H.a* e y
ia*f. Aftw. A%--

SMoa. *-oltSo.-,Sp.It, b; Abemaws of Title and full hldovaomo furanlMhe l sag lands to
......- ..e.. I onty. Our manager has lived aIt mI ts M ty Sirty 3etrs at
OARLISLE, R thoroughly oeoavrsat with lanud le.
And OIWieor Is Eq thy e q
stm. A I builam promptly aO Sa member ofO lRlems Aimobs mM W "-e-
t to. ODlnob asxt door to Sun RmAL SmATS ANM OITY LOODA
C,.-. i-'Loi,,,,. I. I-, v ,_ -
ATTOR4EY AT LAW', I Send your orders for Job Printing to

l.. o' M eouor oi ity property, (i=.
'1 -_"" ,Ban- proW am andmp ), phWmphate,
Onea y aM e!i a. tl Zt1fb ou orer lfor sale. 148w.n
l,#. O," N4 l 0 6 '. 1b 0 6o .. .
Swell S g da W, K. BAKER.
"I ll' --JMind wan.
16.P ... ....4R. 4.B. Hall ..SOLICITOR IN CiHANCERY....
D.mlsg OAINB8VILLB. Aielaua Co, FLA.
,.. .8 iht. II.l O oe Ia ENdel Blook.
Ito. Threea
s$ ,l Hrn Roa. R. J.r ALPERMAN.
S. ..... ..... ...... ...E D E N T I BT.
Wi . ..0eUhnm (oe.e. osetr AMerimial
Iarlkhim, 4at Baukl Aesom- Over auwss o& et. oadsin "
,.' "i S1. e elD uemesil to 0Crowu 's tian wore.
e . LOi Wall&ce Dying.
S Skvllett, lad@ .. no l1.---Ienrra -- --
rWXalao, .atrtbel-.t "Mlen HerT" gy K 1 TI5ON4
wIv God" and "The Prilnce o DMnTIST.
Sd4 yla l at his home In this -
s .i llae s is due to a surgical G ratA BtltlUe CoM Dental saWwe
Mod pft1ormed rome liae ugo *m e fe aI tNeow Vak City.
* S ,,le of the 0tomarb, asn ALU. WOss LAOM Asaps
S'It. I :Sal tht the ilstlenlshehd p Oan lD M0neU r oLaw azurOu.
, t"eata li*j but a short time. The ru.
i . -to v -ty weak. and realizes
Shis toodlUon. but ha occupied HE WEST END,
itq tle lie c his lilns. began In
,ao .bi. memoirs, whclh are now FINE WINES, LIQUORS & CIUARS
JiM OH MNK tNS. Proprietor.
,'" 11 I W. iDm .at. JachkoavUlte, r.
A ftwow 88ct- le -
Tlut" A am aly out on Faust beer, bottle and draupht. Don't
oi UM J. wi. Or uglya rou on the fall to call on use when In Jacksonvill
$3. it. 01,#7l roit -- -- -,ilmv--III.
b1hpfl a shtabvMals oes payield-
t delwumat rmieedIe for tOr DR- HARRY LEE JARVIS,
ReTl kie'N Araltes Salve <(WIh u. 5L. Tmon).
Mklll ? o as Htd fot buno.
pllfluadll0. IW as DENTAL SURUEON.
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*e th ite g tibad vtnlhusi-.
4-4 At Iths, trust metaitn.,

wel*lli beow is eoampliamee
det i attede ormf ebyt i

Hl a pisew elb thur i tio

ai Dr. F. Bu ne

moonmd tf ukoml

WOft fe hIi" *c to fr
NOW, Wity Mam ln dlab-
ams tM41pat al *s lor this
bawi bees deslWl t

ekn1lom, R. v Thos. P.
*asst ieslot i Ret. W. J.
zesthketm-tloi. Roy 6. 1
Senhutsw entiwa, Rev. F.

bhe.Mai the m betleg ad*
a the o rt Tueeday in De .
Piet a*' eeatism will convene
Sll Ie Holy tality.
i Pass a -eserving Com-
3 0to eSerae ng Man.
%itell of T 1e Times-Unioan
thel filoian deserving
Ito a desrmiag eidiA :
hleasmklit Htampton of
S| la., l in the* eiSty, ad to
SaM the Arnon., wherw he
i himhlf to stop for just one
M might. Mr. Hamptoa
easW4 he title of promoter
1 l who kiew him. a title
lemisnily dennrrvn. Hut in
eA. J. McArthur to aM ptlon l ost his chief and
I today floting nearer
sofs praetical things. But
M torngotten to talk about
O an0 jast aow is telling of
tlmpeevememta the town has
W e t t memos. One of them
m|tess of sew at substantial
lsk teand hadeost rmidenees.
ll Ithe nenream in population.
the least Is that the eitisent
!Iw have actually cleaned up
hoee square, so says Mr.
lEP 11I84 made it pre.ntable.
Lelateim that ihe people
goveP9r the improlveient.
tea- look *ohwhere Fotr a
eb. they on .hunt rabbits
p s l of seet. The euttin i
S.11t tlllgras and weeds hha
l( lainejville rabbit to huntm

Man Meets Death at a Rail.:
read C-oasing.
York. N, t. A n an '* '
Sending in *.tweI; anI .r
I titl andlnx lIa ,++'+, n wh pl ,, ,

the 0 ni4 2' & 14 ei 1
roll t He (* :.:^, i i ,r ', "I ,,],; .
1r1by sh train ot '
PK UtllthI ral;r,,% l *nt ,i' Ii.y a
,' .gg \ s ,v\ .,.o ,,,l ,, ,

ta It onr h(.ti1 atr
ta WtANt frmg N tr Ar Ca?
RO 'pe a l e houn Setrar
Mr. trialwick ^n- one o l
] qe got off the 11leulpteai car
4,a& r aas, standini on the
i th t rael, anRl tIt Wa-
^IIte*a to ipt to it that tenst

o %ase wr in nRrevs.



The Jackomn others Give Up to
West Virginia Om~e.
tIr; rettn. IV. Va.. N. ~. --K.
aud iUs.ito JaCt'kt thi ito br,bther,
itr M3tliuit'ry. (or %hini reward.
hal ~',etena off.e; A h1 btINh states ant
Crlnt) a*uth l ,ri '?. bill retltel d to
da.i. antll are notA M thI oe nlat) jt
at Chaitlto4 t Thv mntl had been
Iecrftn l in an aiaitatined coat miitv
just otmlId' .fM.tmtmru.'), and wet
drtten t, utimrrntter by hunger ant
NCl, 1\\or4 %as 1mnt to Mtmtngomery
b) a iuantainerr and on the arrival
of 'Sqiuire Davi. and a cmnt(able the
aMen g L.m e hernatni-ves up without a
Snme tht shooting of Shertif Dan-
1t* Thttiata) and their iautuequent
tisatppilmaitict ththe n.ea spoMt the time
In the coal mine and bloodhounds
were put to thelr track. The oM.
cial. Itok tilhe mn' around the town
of Mnlrtgmtutr) anid by a roeind about
wa. br isht the l h )iim're to Charles.
town to avotl a riot sr lynuching,
which moiil4 Iha've lq-curred hhdk the
citt~sca, of Mtontgomery discovered
that the Jackwons had been Impliea-
ted in the Muontgomery ahoottnl In
the t'harlieton jail.
It I1. not countered safe to hold the
hearing jif an) of them at the precnat

Electric engine Goes Seventy-five

Mdtcs P:r Hour.
Sicen-rV tad) N Y Nov

ta~i ,, a tsI'vn 4 i 'I ::, ;*m!es
NIx Y1rh tOnmaa; ra-lr.1,l

In i l- tt f %% i rl -t |' "'4 .
Tht mi ma iit'- made ,over a
prepared'l anulet racl, It Is

that th'"
mIlet n1

for tli"
,y fhn
has# M-'
an howur


htrwomolivp can ntrul' W9
homur on a loniter tsitrtch oft

i4.'tera, r 4 r c~ it -Th'1t-1.1dIjetu%, evcI.

miii1 mo(Itb t1~i. 1jI.-tiQefi rt
~'%V i? 12 a i fl e L'' !I % ~ U
tina I IA itA'".-e ~ i

tha' I Il f' Ii .- ThanI III Tii-

tlTe %t N liI
to it
Maty; '1...
li. a i .

wh- wMo e subje to attUoi
o et l dedsfl db.Ms should
w p Imp. mdy totr i
dethm am bottle et



f0l awmu pa nfl d
will "MNoy refe the spasms
which Wrack b toturnd arumw,
aS. it a n lanaly. wIi pw.
Amiy lUthe oase of the

fS "y mniy lb woud 0",
.- rIS oo XIkt Kd Sa1e M
waotwo MUA fwted a pma

aw sa w







Of the high or low back va-
riety. Some with cane seats,
others with the deep rich golden
oak finish and handsome leather
seats. All made in styles to suit
the Fat or Lean pocket book.

Cash or Credit.



A WpII Known New Or*l0a Phy*L
clan Attacked in Hle Office
New Orleans. Nov. 15.-Dr. Walde-
mar Illle, a well known physician.
was beaten into incentibllity and ase.
riou sy injuredi today in him ofces In
the hustest part of St. Charles street.
The a".ault was made by a burglar.
Dr. llil:e naw alone when a clean.
Phaven young man came in to tak
for a prescription. As the doctor was

Bidts me iiled by te Beold o
Omnsty Cemeasene of Ahleb
oUaatou t t erewle f a m'aMte
for the mr. form the
yest. Bhmma be h de to bliw
eterk of the siewat best ot sltw
tmm Momw gdiberm IkI10ft
The =e 41Nhl t stAe tRAs to I*
Jeet uay amd all di*
Doae y ordeof the boasi ths tt
day of Nonvmber, IWON.
T. F. THAX., OlChelunm.
Attest: H. 0. Daxnox.Ctbrk.


S' a


Dining Room Furniture,

That Rich, lasalve lind That

Adds Bauty to the Din-

log Room.

1T'l els oinuinl ana i i' uara lain


= ,1T


a* ,:^

* C..

I"7 0

m^- o r '. .
Ma~in. 6.i-:f>

alnmt to write It the man drew bl I"*i WOaneS.
revolver and beat the .- .Bids are vited. e DAi Sw
phy.sIiab o m r ft lie l Occupants Cuat Oommeetorem of Ablees
of other i)oir,,O, of the building county for the srvies of (two d
heard the ycomtiiuilon When they overenr for the em *eilag r. SliM
tried to enter the office the burglar U be headed 10to she da*k Of ib6t e -
appeared audl auid the doctor wus oa court not later them .efay,
ha ..iry ith a s.a.ent. After beating I '-emberS, IC. The boa rd rvs
the right to rej et& at med all bids U
Dr. Blt11, into ut. nItoHwinei n the ahe eo by 6nder of the botd tll lt
burtar rUled hiN ockete and his day of November, 104.
desk. getilie ni .1; $?T1 In cah and a T. F.TUOmAI, CSiarimn.
tunilwr ot chc'rs lter the doc- Attest: H.0. DanO. Olerk.
m- r -h ., l. t;t r -]"7

tor %a t,'di';vq !'r.. l. 14ti 4sclot)lI
lpoo of 1l pital. lie i. T 0 'ars old.

in a

tTICEFc R ntll Pr1i.icATIoN
I.;-nl O4t-e a tit IenlriIvlllen Fla..
Non NoU.* i. l terr*oin vt en that the roloitowlam
natsirnt -ettlcr miha >i^1 ttmileer of hit* Inteftito
to make" m ptiii iI o it -n lipbort iof ihk claim, and
ihast ".l4l jrn)rf will h tu;lade before Register
.mil uthe e t IUaine i l F.;rtu on DeceImber
j I i, I Fa. .
JuMr% 1. nggmem eaf Hell. Flu ..

a thu A i I" '"' l'."'' lI.a 2!.l flor the Ne'> off ek 't. Tp. t S., R.
lie t.Anw- tthe raidotn wli-tneueI't '. 1prote
MONUMENT UNVEILED. ii t'*tnlinui i%'vreliteier elmnul taet OuLUasoao
t 'f id litsI % tt
S1. ther T Walker. Jot,n iV. lrmtaat. Jobh W.
a d OtVer Statc Offic ials n Je. 'oa A. 'i ell.
1i W I;. rfHtIXSON., iteltetr.
Ga,,. No' ,Go. rnor .

ta)sm- Ill,2n ii' u1f' I cT ate

tilts M i, u ~r i ace dr
whi'ny Ti, -1%'111W'1)IS- MIii 1a rl' gra
Itt' anvd at. in .' t he'il, Il" ,4L111111

NovTem f, t .
Noce t% hereby riven M tohe Bol~
named ettler hau sA ohed of M bis lams
to make 11I (woof i mes iu
elaismn. and Umt uM Wproof Vl w eemds e
ftw Register and Recever at Galmnevtl. It..
on llecmbler 16. 1l0. vito .
.LTMKK TT. WALKER of B1l. Ie&..
Hid. 14- fror the he' f it Hn.e. 33 T. Ti 8.. R
14 1.
He sawir, the tllnowinr wiltlmn* to epqo
hlb continuo4z re'dence upin aid cueltivatUes
of ai d ladrxt.via
Jame ,. ( GriMn, John A. Ilrtant. I Prt W.
Rerktn... John W. Tumr. ail of lti. VIa.
ift W, U. kOiIENS olJ tegttterr
StIracl: "-olt I'HL CAT'IOX.
Land tMAoe at<(ilernviblle. Va..
Novoieber tIn4.
I Nm 'tie L hIirebr ivei bat the fofilld Wg-
a Mnet t witer bhan iaed aSoatire his ll 'ttKUM
to make anal roof In bmittort of his claim.a n
t list %ild kpoof wilJ t mai1i' before, Itlktr
and leceler kt UtgltMovllte. if. o i e n tae-
tier in. 1it0i vi....
JOHNa K. It amvA .frli! t,
Wti. "'A 14r tIhe I!.,* w Sr'i ,tid Nn s of
'$ See. t9 T|I'. U .. It. 14 I;
Hlie naic* the foIloui(r* w..M-, le9 to pmrovm
hl of.ntiumi, rekidenrte ktitt atil cultvatIoa
if ?Ild laW,'
JtawA I' t.i.rti L.uther T. Walker. r. S.
Matthe w -. 4 II. all of fell. I.
,tl lW.. G ROI NSO.N. Revilter,

U Mii rius Nru aCed eta.. Pt fa B t NOTICE.



MOcM Odo r 0A. ug.. '. .5

te t r A. cma
ameg- tog sewr,
Ldo A14 % 7 1 -a
None*Is *e. .p



X Xuter Rye* @**o* **ea5........ .a

o kld M ail. .. .... .........
Old Raker.. .. ............

Furniture Co


0.61. A I

_ __ __

_ _.L


' 'I .


* ,* .





ones that have that rich pol-

ish tinsli, handsomely

cr'ved ones with


[Fj~fflr77-,*'I lfl4-'^L -*: 'W ~r" "** "TW -:---------7 7r, ,R. M1Rrrw


md by Our Reporters.

HMa Happenoand What Is Gait%
wis'P OP'1 Io Short Paraegp's
Tuhet 4He Who Runs May Rtemt'
it n TW Sun.
nr" ,' hMtt T f' "

t." i AImn's WooddeIU' 1i', f4-r PhFt e
J 5. W. MLolum ," ('u
A .. Ai. elaler ?of Vwi. Idgtln Smw
O Wad1 i> the city ype*t rl.ty.
t. W. Small of ltlue. we. trra.act-
at bh inell s in thlid eIty tV,4'-!*'s .)
Ohio M Iel if laguo!i 4% I rna.sant
molbasee In tide eity jemhtIrny.
Mr. anO Mrs Chas IIddyj o Otra i:'
Heights were sh,> pitig in 1i*' I ity l'o.,
Jamis thvrh-t Of woo nie
of the pomulnent visitors to lhis city

S Miss MariBam Sith has gone to Dan.
shliom, whe, she will spend a few
day s the fuIt of friends.
0.0. 4trlekland of Hague and Moi-
sm Vaeble of Keanspah were among
6he visitees to this elty yesterday.
0. J. Hars of NPradl and eonrge
JOHN ofe Arredoodo were amonx those
' who paid the county capital a visit yes
After a plessmat to her liter,
Ws.. J. M. River, in this eity. Mise
Alma Blitelb returned yesterday to her
e, Som t Itanta ye.
Ivsn Holderof Hague and Jerry T.
Maw of Malphurs. on tlie u(lin eville.
W d adolf, were among the visitors to)
tlnaeville yesterday.
The uniform for new studesits of
Rest Florida eteninary awve arrived,
d the students are now all meat-
Iy unlforml, They were made bty
Jamob Reed A Sons. Phlladelphita.
Mrs. C. C 81edge and daughter,
W 0Je9le. and iMre. A. R. Scruggs
S parted yesterday for Tampa. where
they will spend a few days taking in
the, ights of the great South Florida
Mrs, C. F. Merritt and baby of Titer

, '.

lniPrt s ii noremi. rn rWrs oin*.
able. Ad dre. IL. F. Cooksey, La-
C'rone. Fli. wat
Armsnol the visitor. 'to Uialneville
yesterday was F, J. Hamimond of HIaw.
thorn. a ieetefulftl merchant aod
prominent Democrat, being a member
of the County Demooratle Executive

Bay, after a visit to the former's pa- ommitltee from that preelse:.
matse, Col. and Mm. I. E. Webster. < B. Crawford ha returned to his
North tialaesville. have reptlmed to 1-om.e in thi. city from a brief but In-
their home. They were oeeompanied tt rmisiu virit to St. louls and the
by Mns. Wobster, who will spend some World's Fair. Ifi reports a delight-
Oiwn at Tiger Bay as the guest of Mrs ful time. and said hli would have re.
Merritt. gained longer had it not been for the
After brief but pleasant Tisit to her low temperature.
pareats at Rochelle* MiNl Atnns Zet-. Thou. my friehd. would like to know
eert, the aeeomplished teacher of the WhyI far twin rouse blush and blow
Arredondosel hi. has returned to her I They'r ouehed by 'l tell hin
daties- 3ise Zetrouer to becoming See !
quite popular at Arredondo among "leethiam" (Tethinri Powders)
both patrons and pupils. She is one overcomes and counteracts the teffets
fthe ates e lent ei.. chore in i of tihe umunter' heat, lids die stion,
of the mol efficient telehrs in the rtgulates the bowels and relieves
Soubntl much suffering and dread,
Hoe. Henry 8. Chubb, receiver of I rank Melavid, a prosperuus farmer
the United $ttes land office. hi rn-- anti mnerehalnt of Monltoeha, was in
tamed from Winter Park, where he the city yesterday purchasing supplies
weat to visit his family and east his for hi. store. lie states that the
vote for oosevelt and Fairbanks. He farmers Live all made good crops this
iS naturally very well satisfied with year, and as a result are happy. Ills
tht result, and says he Is doubly glad farm yielded nine hales of cotton.
that he will bt enabled to greet his corn and fodder sufficient to feed his
friends in ;ilnevyille for at least stnck, plenty of sweet potatoes, eugar.
another four years' term. cant. etc. 11e it now grinding, and
J. M. Thomas. for some time the vexects to make more strp and sugar
tihll lh will need and have plenly for
traveling salesman for S. J Thomas. w need ad have lekety for
and who made a great sueess, has mc- ..- -
espted a similar position for J. 8. seo-
ield. Mons & Co.. founders and ma- READ THIS.
4hiaiet1, Macon. Us., and has already I.edbone, Mis.. pt. 24. 1V.
et9red upon his new duties. Mr. Dr. E. W. Hall. St. u is. Io -ear.
Thoman will cover Florida, and friends Si)r. In reply to Yours Mo -a enar
illbe pleased to learn that he will date In repl to the ou ofillt a rene of
aot remove his family, but will con- tat lit gd to the yftn of
t1nue to make UIsneville his horn. hlail's Great Discovery as a kidney
ne to ke n ie hi cre. I can safely ay that it is well
J. E. Futeh of Alachus was in the named when they call it a Wt)NI'ILi.
4ity yesterday on a short visit to his I have suffered with a weakness from
family. He departed on thi. noloni the kidn:ea for years and have tried
train for Wauebhulaand Fort Ogden, at all adverit.M wel i s ,yiietond i1'e o -
whi0h pla4oe he lhm two magnifteent Texam idunder is lith only thing that
Orange groves which will yield him has given me' relief-I ought to say,
hadaornely this year. lie states that has e0Wed aln absolute curt..
hIt will get from the two groves about b ltiepetost lly
0IMOXboxes, which will net him good M
price on the trees. Hand have been A TEXAS WONDER.
e1ugal1 in gathering ahe crop for the (no small bottle of the Texas Won-
pIt two week. der. Halll* tirat Discovery, oure all
Attention i direei-t In t chIlre ge kidney and bladder troubles, removes
of advertisement of th iiUamesville gravel. cures diabetes. seminal emi-s
amrniture Company, which aplpeanr sions. weak and lame backs. rheuma-
elSwhewr in this issue. This cotu--tialmr and all irregularities of th. kid.
~~~ L_ 1-. A a I~~ ffi_ L. -




patmia wesuategagsgwt g *a
sli to peomperly sa Nos a
atel.s toheo- xa%* tfoo

***** ed is eI
aet is bo bet ,sins w
earnssoswteaed. Anus shea

erd their meatsa this pest
delahfl_ with me RlaLk

Iednltaj, Thlaimy, Fu Sh S Wi tb
calyems saes per ease.
OY. 16,17, 18.FRIDAYS N IT CON.
J Papers Spek t High Teavirm t0a1
This will bIe our flrs tieOf ,tUAS .4.'.
Sale site moving into oat ,ew stone Of ?r W Lee
ftoat building on e uthe"t corner of dn-o te 01 e W-- tha .i
square. known as Phifevq CoW er., This of the .Ulim lle 1U QRI
only betwins a series of ia gain Sale wlll be gives at he ne" s' s V
which for low prices Ne made the day lght T.he lly Chtvetle d
New York lRaeket famous I"n N. C., ps:_
For bargain givieamg is sale will Prof. Lee latr w has bee
eclipse all former matteflats at low in Iowa for the p e"w k dal .e-w
prieet and wili knock mal 'l46" ts s termed to his home la Wsla M a Iho
out on she first rwnd. We ari ifrttr.dlb wigh W be
as bee inow. li we waat every e eltd lscat. frien
within twenty miles ot WAeviille toWA, .ie e i
visit us during this sl awe e e polished penfor0m0
greatest tuteup of baflal r placed we have ever theat te an
before a buyiMi pjublie. Antielpate hSoi plarlag ins sper e nl ed
your wanli ainud lay in a supply while hisvist 1in to .e,
you can buy at tuch bargains

Iln a Great Many Lines, playinmgby Par, trye of three 41
---- -. -.& tiMit aeleetions. Dixie, Yanke Doodle
CIRiTLits Fullyu QeUag A&ll Prima lnd Fsler's Hornpipe, on the 91o
Will Ie Itmirllbuted nlday at the same time.
and Taueiday. Tickets for the concert are now on
male. The preieede will be devoted to
Don't Forget the Date*: 'he puIrchase of uniform* for the bead.
NOVEMBER 16. 17 and 18, 1904 Lynn Now a Minstref.
- It will probably be a plmeaaIt Sur-
To Our 'ensilry Friemd%: We want prise to his many friends here to learm
you to coew and bring your families, that 4 urge i.ynn. for some time a
We have built for your use a large resident of this eity, is now with the
hitching thed in our beek lot for your famous Harlow Minetrels. and will ap-
horses aml vehicles Plenty of water pe rwiththat aggregaLton athe opera
and feed bt xe for your horses.,and if house next Monday evening. 1Mr. 17ye
you bring your lunch we have plenty has a rich hass voles., and his vooal e-r,
of room with ehaire and tables. Come vices were constantly in denftnd here,
to IPhifers' (ofner. everybody. You The people uf (Uaiteevillh wall hear
are woleome. Ihim again with pleasure.

The Only Store in Gainesville Laying o (C #nUr ne..
Trying Especially to Take Care lion. wIt. IT3S s maor of the'
of the Cuntey People. ty, lion Chri p r Mateso and
of the County People., t.Rev W. Carter will witness the
- _,^ .. . . . .. . . .. - A ._ v t s 1. ^- A W "-_ 6 .*-- ft-- f I %l 1-k it 6e.



. ... .., L .. .. .. -I ,-la,..q,, v
*TV:n- An1: M- ft. H -
r / "' was Mer ad Mrse Ihutt. .f HIoehelle MnhS otofPIf SIos th. i11 l
ow'* "%' rji tmges1 rt .x inir ~ amn fIte t.a tm haN* et Timeedy. MnI b
L* I .. 1 t'r ,vN 1-s1 MNwe .lm told Iof lioehel10 mado me.,* *w the pa9rpw n1O e lt*elg Me
St i % .. ,0,.. .y br.f it$ t Olauves an thi a ,on SI a ta.dnl in : ; IPrtoii e.

'r' V ' ,*; i I r e d .n Mnnoth I trleadln in the eety I* h1I *it Hoe. Jam e 4*
1 1 'it t rlt r in tc rt y 4uti ly, w ho is fr tele td IIt I the Itr w
S' 1: .t was '1. i K"n "ht f La Cri s.l a House. esqtler I rler U m's maemoe

>, ,tf t es in ths h ly *lt ae h*rhim,
1!hr t .I II'" ptq, ln4d~r lis. Q. Peaa.k mal deughlnr. 1V$lMV 4nd"n A Li. KU- ihis1o igh
I g \ra : ,rr AMrs. A.11 anj er.m -ere vigior* t Uklh Sarilo, 1. II. tloO lleihts,
S\i a I g r.r thi ,. .,usg e.rti ttAeof f tt~ii. Th of ('tmpvlle md C. 3.
.a tt.. .1y yiu r)l. It NA lieker went ytvterday to Ala- Brown of Arhaer werw emo the vie*
Ct Pfoi I' 1:a 1:. ;,, t' ,. p or chuaN tt Suposriaend the loadlig of itaro to this oitly yeaeWde,
A -** \,, ll l ,, cotton for II, F, Iultion & Co Th. friend. of M. U W u
S.y I James Peter;w oft DIunlton w it are gl d to weleome ker home etel,
C 1" .,n e;,t of, of tho eity yesterday rind made a home. afte leimaty visit to Wiksitl"* S
il..* letdi. c *nrl ,qt$ nit ts.v meti,. stead entry in the nited Sates land Doaielon. Mr. M ers*l whik
$ A. AtrrasfIII4. 1, 0 "tL / 100. a ealed to VitoIasameem il weehspeO
yert' r* After a brie* vieit lto iht ely. Mn a ad melu. huee eAt Settrne4.
I ofn l i ila st .T L.w s tf Al- Th#. J NoNorwvrt hy and children of To pinuater ai0 spei sohI 1 I Ihe
Il(l.'t kld I ti i',Ak-.t r.f la'f MImon Micanloy returned to their holne ye* y eMdae of Mrs. R. Wt, she o .
I m'n7 ii:' g lt, v'hitoi t It.r county terday. wtoeln hetlig ashul amptebi thi
t mtj l I AL trrtiy 1r. and Mrs. C, C WiVion of Fort ailterllke I the bitMiug.t he
1 M 1. Ii' ..',,fllh.ih S.rctings hiteuad Mr. Ind M MnJ. N', *ewbe- syle sOMld O llMl es tabl
16 a1& it. t y'i0 y. ShIatIyJ s.- u MSn ry of High aptings ftvorsd U4alamestll* Mavkisee Whly StttHv. ven wil
routie t-.oti, frnimit a leaait viist to with a Visit yseNltay. atbUrIIy be"a s*t of (e mil
friends in Jackohvillle T. J MlRIe of Hawthor mes a t heo thes i. 0 u Io ePMWy 00hl-.
Mrs. Brink of lKli1k Springs was tn oily for at fe hours yesterday. He W. 3. Tbhmto s Ol mW Mgf
the city fur a few hours yeerday. W*M *as roure to West FleeWa*, whee the smq0miem11 Mls o b Oa
hhe was n rouse from Palatka. were he espe l*to be habes -s bomn b h .eM e i iMl
she haI been on a veilt to friads, for nseved dal s. ala g et Him1p an. ems
t11 Wethelm. W. II. Tison satd J. Mr. asSMli. t(soele Fortsem m wd pt Ih pdltta ( WSlOl b
Fletcher Burnett departed yesterday teiw k lMsi of Mtoe sre epe, as m bsM b Oi gl. lL i
for Tamps. where they wll "'lake i k n" tfow etes i he i&yI oens. 1t Mo. Wefte. wistk *U 149 a ku
the sights of the great South Florida FouweI' bother R. M. Leek, a. a Mim Te aMleti b Ml
Fair for the exlt few days. sut Omess aes. e eof the lesO !m the MIites.
W. C. Hague and his secomplished Ohs. Frisk of the me wheaias de. Mt W, Oto t
nleoe. MNi, Mina l*Amnpier. were among pnmet Allaemle Oast Lis H. i th hs i --heleo f0S
the Haque Iopule who favored this eliy SpFia*, peM siMMltuk b lk heity 1pe O lsesFs 8adl .w..Ith5 .Mi
with a irlit yesterday. Mr. Hague terdayl e onle to JaSkeavlle, whene H. L. Owe. ppse tO
imuid The Sun an agreeable all., he will opeAd a hobot ime. th e4 hiw4h iI, a
Dr. E. lartigue hkas returned to bis Mre. W. H. Davist of this ily. *bW mat U* Suh
hbane in this city from Orlando. where hee spea the pOet few week delihth- thle dly hbadthw re wetat
1.- was sumtioinej uon account ofr the fully vlbttag trleBds &ad relay tiblte d IM a itqppq. f t
aid death of his father, Captain C E. Itlihote satd ngai, sto ow in TtteI* OIhs elMde of mlk "d
Lartige lie has athe sympatihy of hasse. there gu of Hoe. Clay CI-raw oe in the .t1.
frired.. ford. Here mueen Oiinmtsville Tb* Dtsen ISe C1|m p sd
fried s willo bef pleasedtols tb tm W e d .a k mea, hi e s Me m
Idt .aslv--: me gAd frmig e pee to Mreura to ber hoime ua as thIless tew eu4
land oi..11 (ruino r Laro.e.; i)doy theie .

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