teo thi tern they atautti Mills Pait to SUarl arrest at the hand on! Pollcem n a rIllon i ttn marrt ri'. (rap
sl'et h-ut tb1 r bo.t ral iter, Many .. Novk 'M, Th. T .s WaTer at Pratt City. was sle aot atd .o't i .i nn?: ;at fAt ;t,,.in ia Pri'
"i t te i, 1 sas, whlech i mp, t start (h r cwtt 'bi^s .iher'i will probably Ale. Word and other V E1'. n4 I + uln. i *
d ,l Watchers h h rlt - cto ^aM thu ,ItI2 minds SehIGtr to py day were t .u':1. i : .s.:r: .'., "r
1604"u t dayS W0
in". g11 l toiM I'IuPt~thr ore,.|., itr+ t. Klld hll tslt.0 Arel. h+IL + ,3+k.. llh)l-(ill, A-al

"." '..r ,, .'' ---' 'v : ,. . .
, /'Wn. t".t' ,.. ...... .H. : I_
V4 "k a V

m ubewa

ne'... s..;,ill
*Wflf 1.

pRm^. ^fb.Akkf

mimet *0T
anO b' a-
. ---l K,

S bhs~



; .* ,..: .

aikm* a f nPh
Wa si mutg h Resto
ftib Sit na aa tweskiasa
i*. mbe m Twem
ltwu up...t Ase .t aat

sentald Dettea indiamU n

St men oe a .Mbt or u
m>e" neihs ih nyw wi
h! S',l,I thalll e lelait
" 61P tn# "* -,i rtft

ohl. @ an will be smpo
t' a shovtl r the stre r
iwtnlt l tIR Il tl l
4f Hl WIasgl |trnd thr ide
aMini m aaa ia^e an a am

t WILL. "UUL u ourptO
S K* smith OMegs.W WIN 0
to Ma ft OMe Tefay
TM,! l illB w W 1s ift mith

ll le to ea e s
I ISe t, bem

11. St1 PW. P ,

nn in.msi t. st, aei

i t$ wa el a ma
,i. ., Dfrob of 4

if -, e Vs Waue 'so

fl *t A- an

sItk a isap"
f -ON -, I ad o -
i! he .eil fti / wii
.-l~ ', -I ,ili _.. i , roi ,

Se4 sw- DA"et sldtet
i i % OW. s ie. Wiso" b
t*. VA" 4101,

^"*** N*o -w

bf. lhq
.. .-


it' iMMM-
^"^y^^^. ^^. ^ a S^jk

1 fltttwtI^^^^^^kj^
^w' unW^^ ^ise^H^^B
heS^|^^h bn_
bp^^^Tfle..eee. ^f
4 r-^k lost. k'k

hN % tml kd milk *
A. s. ilaget *

M isag hte 0oas Gev
"Mite P.r Hour.
temeu4Sr, N. Y.. ,Nov.
HvM. Tt (mtral rasklma

b Ba Ocltal tet herm.
Te l" asm made ovr at
ta m koci oh.ive can w
sitn as alr a a longer I

M rateslo ottu w r lI d

e SeNtla d paeait up a t&iea
no. YAW eow lon prtnvtd *
t4 ee t lUs th a equal oI
With a tral of 400 e ho
MUIS tWe hes attWchel the
boeinOtim beet out *n s'alt
ow Yorkt COntral company
atoms sad plek4 up a b;?Ced
Oa W ftiqaIs t less thau
"ft wflatsi utr of 0 to"

I"- "- ..

treteh at
aue, andJ
Its rival.
avy Pull,
me of the
of mnoro
two ml*.
attach i

Take The Atlantic


Vima Via

North s-'o JEast e-' South

Via -
P. ato

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Table in eSfet Sept. 1. 1904.

S w.... e'-u-- a-'-- -Lir-
"Ohamberhains Pain Balm is consid.
Sl tO -et te besbat liatmltts oa to the martkes."
tpss dafl n Ma of write Pfst & Bliss of vorgla. V\'t.
lid oet f at teliNo other 'almhent will heal a #ut or
b ateme.N at 4 1 br *o promptly. No other ts so
.MI!' titmia ., Is desktf llt-fo to t dei _a5 palmsIlk.
h s w; aai-n-- -lw In bMek and pains In te M e t.
wi=ON "Otll n hh |llment a trial and you will
r1.. "|' i*** eblibh to b* without iit. old by
Ua.vnn. ISSMatlry. all druisoMts.

* hilt t______ I IrW mtyi. .


ftt t*t It s hem

mil .I 1 t W i'


Nolttion Onr.
thu doctor with y1' alwa,s and
e bill. lotr iver and kIide
iphyslealaS commendnIgl tt lnnl
"I 4o4 a1 ~skIptIcIl O ikist it wwie ti
.OLtslo. atid ak thein what they.
sl the verdict with them.

Depart F,
12T:4)pm iO

High Spnrgs and laIer-
mediate Points

la, Leesburg and Tampa, and
Intermediate Points

Arrive Fral
Do :I=


tp n lPalatka,. DIryons, Jaeksonville. I :0 pm
Daily Nonh, East and We t Daily
12:11am High prina, HWayeres, Sarannah. Braunswick, 3.lf pm
Daily Albany. Atlaaut. all Pointr North, East We I Daily .

Daily Rochelle, Micanuo, and Chim Daily
ki: af i 'it'
Pail Iligh Spriangi all I
ex.Monday es. S, 9w
Interehanteble Mileage I Tieket, IgOd over 1, w miles of mong sthe pI '
elpal Iailwayla the Soulthera States, are on sale by the primeipal anu ts
Through Pullman sleerer Port Timpa to New York via AtlantIt' voaM M
Line. also via Atlantle Coast Line and aulth.ern Railway.
For complete information. call om
S J. A. QOODWIN. Ticket Agent, OainvSllv I
AddreLss: .
F RANK C. BOYLSTIN, Conn'l Ant.. Iv n u1m ri r Pas. Alt'


Ir ~ -- ~ f

Coast Line

Sst V>
Inot jw @. n ro
IT ,% t llt!, lldm~ *

,,, .



-'ii!' ,' ,
f,. '.

7. -7


b' At:% nv y tr l llev onm rof t rf Ila t 4t
pmn,,u- orI I y livlr t v lil lv 3 1u i, Sl:a
m..hil I yoz. In t rlk i .I ti.Ll 1J4* b1
Ilewldy es l n b ioed
a "a

H1. 1sah'S deadly oiToc. HERBNEc Lake
, "a O f-.w-l.l. ( a . ... . -ly' ..wil or
0 hc a lvoosJgimln wrt, vtCudl.
a' th0 t O46 1 9adaecbs
r W6W H Y" oD bEak
the d. A a T t
ll l gr. in_ .. .. ..
S 'psh For Sale by Johnson Bros.. Gainesville
e mar.
for ea
.endat 4t

Honor W HY


SThe Cool Weather

jIs Upon Us.....

Make your home comfortable by
.rTon. treating yourself to a few Rugs, a
" It" Drugget and a new supply of Blank-
.M *A ets or Comforts. This can be done at
SIe.w I small cost at
I gymp and we have a fine assortment from

"k which to select. All Goods Guaran-
4 W1- I teed.
Soo th-
" B SIgo Stes fh Rokless Bosy. Dres
~* 'r^ Shoes for Men, ladies and Mises-a more cornm.
plete line cannot be found in the city.


"'o":; ^"THE BIG STORE."



bt Isf eKind in


Sld Sabbath School Su-
Were Present, and

Skind ever orgniiiliz'd illn
the *.oeiati or uiinmed
montM In th" Flrulry of
lpltoopAi Cleqreli, this
il oraoiatiton f ornied hy
'af*ns and Sunday scholol0
Mi- of the oily for tlhe
*ll.lmaging the church, SMatb
.ad religioni interestAlgin-
he i Olly, and i it i i Lo be
the inteitrest and rnthusiu
iis this first metling,

was held in compnihliace
l, ad was attended bly the
taperinteundeni of every
Sunday school in the city.
C having been called toi
permanent organization wasI
he election of Rev. Those,
el mand Dr. F. P. Ilullodk

eay matters of religiousti
*he eity were earnestly dil.
rimulled in a diolsion to
si eseas. The city was
Sftr sections by the regu.
Illa, West Mlain and LIb.
,and assignments for this
made as follows;:
section. Rev. The. IP.
l section, Rev. W. J.
Smout.heaste motion, Rev. S.
w1 southwest section. Rev. F.
business, the meeting ad.
ah e rlst Tuesday in Decem.
uageelailion will convene
of Holy Trinity.
Musical Aggregation
pI he Season Here.
l ktis well known organi-
Great Barlow Minstrels,
altImealle as the opening of
OMalday, Nov. 21iii, In a n-
M uoders minstrelry pro*
but the beat in up-to.
mad muie, beautiful set-
*sbmefate cotumln;g.
She comedians are Joseph
Ihr, Will Burke. Charles
U O.Hayen. .M1r. Hayes
ls a favorite with all
l efforts to subjugate that
an, d that he succeeds ia
tlhby his instant popular*
I,'Iht shoe. among whom his
.M familiar. James H. Stu-
|PS5 a remarkably high uad
RO voie. and as a typical and
1-s, inmer, he becomes an
favorite of patrons of the

J. A. Coburn, the owner of
5. has made a moaL notice-

lang Improvement in the
his ntompany which is ap*
all who are familiar with
pemaioes of this same at-

Mothers Praise it.
5.0 everywhere. praise One0
bglc'Cure for the sufferings
bved &and the live of their
1M0 Is has saved. A certain
I Otihs, croup and whooping
A. L.Spafford, postmaster. of
ieh says: "Our little girl
Smsilouo from strangulation
*5dden and terrible attack of
Ps )Minute Cough Care uiek-
Ml ad cured her and I cannot
Son highlyy" One Niluite
relieves coughs. make
fals.,utsout phlegm.draws
pmiation. and removes every
00 and strain on lungs.

Srane Hallucination.
l4 PI'ee er 110 years ol* an'
lwin' but I kin 11 k ai,-
ethlan'"' is the hallucina-
FId Tukes. an unfortunate
baa who was brought 96 this
lighb 8prlnpg and adjudged.
f committee comprising Dri.
sas tadJ. M. Dell and .1. C.

Because it is either hun-
gry or in pain. Properly
nourished it will usually rU)W
up right and be comfirt.,1I,<
-tha1t's the principal thi .
for a haby. If its foo d Is .
-trength an(d nourishiwnt
add Scott's iE1mtlsi'n ;t fit i-
ing time. A f(w drops \w.
-hovw surprising result-. li
ba by is tlum)p it is r -
ably safe. Scott's i.vinli,
makes babies plunmp.

W4'l mrlt you ia i anii.A il .
S Aot ltuwnil., 409 l'cAri St, N. \ w \'irk.

Services Will Now be Held Both After-
noon and Evening.
Notwithelandinig that the revival
services at Kavautiigh Methodist
Church arm yet in their Infancy, they
are being well I attended. and with each
meeting the atteitdance inereasis.
The pastors in charge of the work,
IRevs. W. J.1. Carenter and Thos. J.
Noreworthy, desire to seate that a cor-
dial Invitation it extended toi all. re.
gardlesu of denoirnliation. "This is a
meeting for (lWd and not for any par-
tioular church," remarked IMr. Car-
pewuter. 'and we want all who will to
conm. If they decide to omrne aon the
Lord's side they are at liberty to unite
with the church of their choice."
From this date until further notice
services will lie held at 8 o'clock and
7:j o'clock p. in. There will be no
morning week-Jay service, owing to
the inconvenieace which might be
caused in many families.
Rev. Norsworthy is a forceful,
earnest speaker and to hear him is to
appreciate him. lie has proved a most
successfol worker.
Disastrous Wrecks.

The Jackon Brothers GQIe Up to
Wet Virginia Offcers,
('harle&wn, \W. VA., N41v. 1. -_
and (hltriTe Jack-,U. Ihe two lhrnthtrr
of .lMlongoiy, b.fit ho.u re%arib
haove mt 11 olcffU.1: y ij ijth Ntait. aind
c'iu )y iUth'ir1 I' .. itt d.4il, t. -
Ilay. will are l ,so i,v (a i,' ia.'iil ) JA&.
at ('T!, ;i'.-stuj A tI. J .Lt Luhil hbvt;I
MVI *ai jU *l l an at i.tai'L,. oI (ao l i1s1it
just oH ,fle .1Mon gnA,.:i;', uld ort,
Sdrivn t suirre'eiir li) hungl r and
i coll. Word wain at I .t .tu .3,ibiufutr)ry
by a m flUttAlst r asii ns itt arrivlI
of '.Suitr Dbavi., anil a tonitable tht
ni I Kiue t|hetnimla M up without a

t th e ir hdiay ait heir uti.ji:uent
I lliiwaraMee tht e Limt spent the lathu
'In tti coat intnsitiil bluloodhounlg
weru put al their track. The oMl.
ctals took ithe wiei round the town
of Mo1ntgolmery and by a round about
way brought the prlboners to Charles-
town to avoid a rkio or lynchiaL
which would have occurred bad the
citizens of Montgomery discovered
that the Jacksons had ben Implisca
ted in the lMontiomery booting In
the Charlitewa Jail.
It la not considered safe to hold the
hearing of @ay of them at the present

Not a Wick Day Since.
"i was taken severely siek with kid-
ney trouble. I tried all eaort of medi-
cines, none of which relieved me. One
day I saw an ad of your Eleotria Bit*
tr* and determined to try that. After
taking a few doses I felt relieved, and
soon thereafter was entirely cured,
and have not seen a ick day s*In0.
Neighbors of mine have been eored of
rheaumatmsr.seuralgia, liver and kid-
ney troubles and pnerl debillsi."
Thl Is what. F. Ba of Frrmoatl
N. C., wrise. Only 80o, at all 4rug-
glet. I
Can. Low WallacO Dying.
P;,,..\x... InTi., ;tv. l.--Generat
1-w W\iilla., c utitr of "Hetn Hut:'
"The "FaIr Gev" and "'The Prince of
India," i dCissg at his home In this
to n.i llt .lln, e. i due to a surgicllal
( per't! i pjer, rn.ccl uaome time aso
for an .ilr..er, of l'i" stomach, and
1 In +itl i t t"at tlhe ditingitshtd pa

Carelessness is responsible for many tient i-n live tUt a short time. Ti,'
a milway wreck and hle same canoes ren,'ral is vvry weal., and reallxse
are making human wreck* of sufferers fully his condildoa, but has occupied
from throal and lung troubles. But his time since hl illness began In
since the advent of Dr. King's New writing his me-clrs, which are sow
Disceovery for consumption, coughs nearing completion.
and cold.. lvena the wora eases can be
cured, and hopeless resignation is no Be Lnlment on Earth.
longer neoessari. Mrs. Lois Cragg of Henry D. Bldwin, Supt. City Water
Dorehester, .Mass., is one of many Works. Shullsburg, Wis., writer: "I
whose life was saved by Dr. King's have tried many kiadsof liaiment. but
New Diaeoorrry. This great remedy is I have never received muek benefit on-
guaranteed for all throat and lundis- sit i used Ballard's Snow Liniment for
ease by all drwggista. Price, 603 rheuma Ism and pains. think I i
and $1. Trial bottles free. rheumatlimad pain. I think it fa
_- the bWet liniment on earth." 9c2.
Benton Has Recovered. 50c, $1 00. Sold by W. N. Johnson.
J. P. 31. Benton of Fairbanks was
among the visitors to this city Monday. Baptists to Meet In Celumbus, Ga.
Mr. Benton up to a short time ago Columbus. Nov. 85.-The Georgia.
was foreman of the. immense MoDon- Baiptist convention will emvene la I
aid naval stores establishment at Columbus on Nov. M2 and will be ht
Fairbanks. It will be remembered session about three days. The Bap-
that in a chase for escaped conviets on read of the c vlt re allee lr ettl
ready for the event. There will be
June 13th of the present year he had radot ee present fr m ill
the misfortune to shoot himself in the the tate Colsmu peo-
toot. Inflicting a severe wound. He pie are prepartus to entertain them
has just discarded Isil erutehes, and In true Columbus style.
Monday for the first time was enabled
to get on his shoe. Friends are glad A Runaway bicycle
that he has recovered from this pain- Terminated with an ugly eaut on the
ful misfortune. leg of J. B. Omner, Franklin Orove, 111.
Neurtlgia Pains. It developed a stubborn dleer unyleld-
1Nu da # J.agi ai&.Ji aitialla tea *ia

Rheumtim. lumbagor and selatle
pains yield to the penetrating influence
of Ballanr's Sniow Liniment. It pene-
trates to thel nerves and bone and be-
ing absorbed into the blood, its heallang
properties art eonivyed to every part
of the body, and effect some wonder-
ful cur n. 2&5e, e. 1 t0W1. 'old by
," M. -Johnson.


Governor and Other State Officials In
A t!'-' .nce.
Mactn4 Ga.. Nv. 1.---Govvrnof
Fru, i il n i ,+. f iutm.L Iii ofl
Mlain,. ti tulaniit y wi'th hisA cC ,:',"
tary of stale and I10 me ubers of state
counsel, passed thnith the city to
day eLi rti'te to, Anilders the monument. to Maine soldiers who
died In prison ihre was unveiled to.
day. The monument Is of Maine gran-
Ite and aids another to the collection
of several handsome monuments ded.
Icated by different northern states to
soldiers of their state who died la
Andersonville prison.

in iU uo utors *n remeIw l iur Ifur
years. Then Bucklen's Armiaes alie
cured. It's Just a good for borns,
sealds, skin eruptions and piles. o ast
all drug stores.
To Take Liberty Bell Horne.
$.- .nuls. Nov. 15.-The committee
of the Select and Common councils of
Philadelphia arrived today to escort
bock I Its re.Ing place in Philadel.
Iphia ie' old Liberty bell, which has
been ion xhiblitkn In the Pennsylva.
nia building r ttinda at the exposl-
tion. On \Vedneiday exercises will be
conducted In the nature of a farewell
to the old bell and It will start as Its
homeward Jqurney.
Thousands Cured.
leWitt's 0Wifth Hlael Salve has
cured thousand of eaaei of pales. "**
bought a box of eeWitt's Witoh Hasel
Salve on the recommendation of our
druggist." so writes C. iH. LaCruix of
Zavalls. Tex and used ist for a stub-
tonm cane of pile. It eulred me per-
manently." Bold by all druogists.


TTDE ....

Sea Island Ctot

RSea 1lwd (IC attom Scot Bagging and rwT
Leather in Strips or i8des,

Manufacturers of the James DoI g Upm
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and 8uppli9 SO

se.em m s'i

S"' I

;','."' F,t





235 W. Bay St., JACKaoNxv.IU vuI
Centrally locat*d tb uhe ss

II. M.ASO fl,"


Is via Atlnta, Chauttao e, ale et a I


T For f"i mI fIWO "amellft

MILLRRaI'. Pm.. AM L %,
tortevI1mialmS 53. ,WOM ISva^L

Galnesrillol &


TI.W*V~ 'ISS.Ml I**aw

Hie Def


a 10. as. *

180O W..,, ,,00
t 0 .............

a a*s .... ..... ..
I as ........ ........
SI ........ ....* .

SOAr ...,...... ......
"A N ..... *, *.,,,,,,,

10 l0L0 IiLv T a0
1115& 40 Ts
1139 T ITOD
I 40 7 ISAr TO
***. * *****T 11
........ 0 $ e1
***00**** *( eo r
...,.,, U I 10 io.
*Ar****** 7' 40 *
i.epqC*0ee 8 4

no* &.


- U" - II

SF. ILL, Agent

l T.


t*IiP*g*4S 4

*****0 ii


s......n Won,1!
I ...**. **,

- .llll iB [j!i ill
! s! ^'fe^L IttI+
ak.|L|^~ *&



Round Trip. Os
sale daily. Good
till Dee. 15.
Rou dTrip. On
le daily. Good
slily days.



- ~P.' 'd~~9VI

I) k,
* *..


........ ;- .' ,

Joek*seavi Toeehokwboseem er.
Caroallm me a.me ttnsmnW sto seu mena As
of Wo.r.. rvs. a4 a TvaqatU- tb metakt



r r

I ',,


.. r rn.


r _..


-. .

J ,, .., .' ... . ..... ..' .
A:Lt i^Cj#fTm>jA.'. NOlVINBUKER I, WOE





Drop in. here and take a look a; ;l:
made by SCHL088 BROS. & CO., (,Er -r 4l

1,ti* ;a.ss'Tr men, t
1 tl* M. 11a- r -*f .

'4.. I

.n- ann
,u M '*"a.f,
,'.BP i^ ,.^^fl H ,:y ,

f ,,t ,..'. ,.

Tha beauty of the
S~*0s Overoadsis in
e tit of the neck and
boulder, grsoet(l lapel
Wd perfect dollar, to-
gthvrwith the general
air at sm rtneu that
lifts them out of the
ready-made clasm and
identify them with
the work of the finest

Many men oling. to
the coty merchant
ilor habit on their
BUIT but rdsh into
the nea clothing
loe at the S* touch
SWiunter atd walk
t5with an OVER,

fbat need I. there
-to a ft r
topyafany price to
p amerchnat tailor"
w es ye a buy a
AO a f unm
a e and
Intblo w o rk.,
i f:: or a gremt

F ,thws two ex
isgly devl& Atyles.
A. ___ INA
Am flia fla.


ur! fl.. I.

ine Caor


ue Prom 112 to $20---Worth Double.

"Drp IN al let ias talk It er.'
. . . . . I m I I,

Outfitter to Particular People.




,.- T. -. *' I, '",,



6 1

* 'a



" T |M LIT A I Br
9* wewt.a.aste nttokr mes

ea -


-P oEiaI@1MW*4 k 'WEITnitfla

,' .1 "" n.' I

10 -.,- jIIV




Iw aosaem Is Amp str.
GHetVWOWsO-*** Io Ary QRUsse. .

n* C ar OwN Vfl, both salt
iN rWOWtrad wUl nsll mullet.
tUr ~of f, a o""h, 4tor Mo.
,eWe p iaeon. Order
.1usl. Finh Compay,
f s.t heme. aS


a ~


* rFal A

Opu0s Sot mber 1S, 104
" 11 ,
aI I I I

poll- Jg artr- "--. Anm- qM



Worthy of I.IBERAIITY or I'l.ICYt'ONTr,.AOTS
ComidneratLo PROMPT PAY.1ENT or L< ).E.-.
We cover thsw. important points and repeact fully
molieit f aLare of yor business.

Fi, Life, Accident and Health lusarace.

-aAgents for the---
Victor Safe and Lock Company
OtM.on-13n eatt. 03b-0o.
The "Victor" Is the beat satf made, and parties contemplat- *
Sino the porehas of a safe, or anything in that line,
from a box to a bank frault, will save money
by commulting us. Call on or address,
Intonmation cheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA
n an.-S--S fls tf1 -St.

- Montezuma -
-I.I ..I- I

On the A. C. L. nd S.

None Better in

Ae603m IR

A. L. Rys. V. J. SHI
the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.


'MAN, Propdtrit


W-,-- na





C' "- I



:: i .1

*r14 U5110.

..b u ed iVe mora '*

6a, OB clK ON arier to Wh cty.
;' "year'. Koo monhs. Is

eC s for at. e weeks-
jft b luISAU tle:ats ar
' .

Wiatwa MW aata f r ad-I.'O t
= a .... -.-. -. --n
!j|)i,l).Ut every moralin ei-
!,AUhvl i cnrtiula. riolty.
S!i pm of ttta Vtted State.po-

tsailm elral coltiuam 10 Buts a
-wekms. Bu & tnti for each ad-
hs&al Svenrtlur Imnds known
S. ..

New York World: 411t of th
ro( of ihlIr.r4ltc disaster rlui
Gomman ling flgurps. ovi,i+ with a

seln full of in runction nstil lhopi,.
Jos.eph 11. I'ulk has r,, nt, x
'IPridsut a oustcvil, ti., i tn it"
irdirnary prrsonsl triurnm;h whole be wilderiig t*i';t on..
I i ii rv is ri'Jtr I>'i' r t et
Rtlhpalil is Irs ire. tn reait pari tiy hi#
impulArity, Ir, tItl wisg 1i)i
tthr ii. ,t rist<,. H i M r, l ,' !+u
tory was purely iIri'tial. lL'-
thie oly 01 *1 i ,,n "lisi ticket who
ried lais St.at. lie cariind it tii
on lhila oWi rr'irJlI, not n t lim' iLo
party t o 'ir grw kier'il ihcl d 1itii
let wo'*; i.'i ,. b a ev ). t r1 u rr:
*. tir i ( e t I ', lii. rr .t nliiy tof !l.
Ciaxil lsndlrr oft hil uwn party.
wit *2itr 'I at re-fririu.-r itto
ei,'c ll'ly raf'rtirale 4 i: ..'---ai p
aItilnig at I rli t'Iy who W I .* .
Wflafss 1 41 t e'nli.

A a i.osi-

Em. ~I
ill. I

I wflk, loet6 state sad CenOW ..W t"... .. I t . trJ* "3
Sw.-lled. postage free, to any Mr. F'ulL's car r ii (ll inpi ilg drl v.
uilasi Ste or Canada. t iret mwonetrmatin iu the value < Juf ciiom.
Ipromilhing, agiperiveh oniety to a pub-
lP WAiOtmoS ue deue/fter rIBM lie man. Folk person tit' ioe of Lli-
mfndverl ent.malewsotberwlM ooverslhadowing iinem f ipre: l t.. al 1
raVreek, Parntiesot known to future r olitfie--ertih torrupition.
oTpaiv or advertiLoisIn ad- The triiumphof (of nllinit L. l)iglas
uawmvtu.r.s.. i MlasMachusetiitl seven mi uore Iec-
ltaeular thaii that of Folk, although
Dow hope to clean lip not (iiite so strictly peoron;l. Stei.
min illtRepublioai hlanidtlide l a Sta to
on the fNr. Well, it's a m aiipdleinSte
Sibe hopeftlr. whilh even in inormul years is a Ite-
publican stronghol4 and which gave
e r Rooseveltl tWOU piorallt, Mr. Doug.
4Ert hao b"n born at the 4les wins the governorship by a ma-
fr. lt should be fid 1y jSority thAt would be a hadnsme one
aWt forarriingo late. +even for a candidate of the dominant
%. Se s eiparky, and by thi. trititii>h colunlulildS
tiad 8ttei supreme court naitiosall ittieti.n. i* is individually
log of oleomargrine by strong with the misses, and he had
plain oil cannot beo used the acuteness to isel upont an IL-sue
that. Ma.ssasliehctet early approves.
i. -- -- "My Election," ays the governor-0eles
Ige tb.o goody good yo.oia to The World, "mean tllhe first gun in
1 mIne times out of ten a battle for reciprocity and tariff re.-
'awful good because they lef." And that gun lired In MaRsM-
r than being bad, chusettu will be heard round the
a- world.
sla Japanese high schools Mr. Douglas explains:
eta ror two after school Is "I reade the fight solely on the prop-
S4y to making bandages I ositlos that we should have reoipros i
Ir lmap that may be needed I ty and that all trusts which sell their
Bikiigd, products abroad cheaper than we can
.. C them here should aot be per-
.,.. mitted to enjoy prottetlon. I give
4*1 dae4r worth a million or them practical examples of the work.
tea following : "I'Push" lg of the tariff. 1 instance a recent
are the heavenly twins urehase of $00,000 of leather whioh
Sn bought from the trust, on which there
t *;p loqqted on Easy street was a duty of $56,000. I pawv eonrerte
*1 illustrationi jin the woolen, cotton and
- '' otherirsde,.
SYork Slate a woman has It wae iiedUte that touched a pop-
to- 0 -aysin...il. ular chord. They said In the national
Sto 80 days in Jail for amlgn tat we had no issue. We
&b*the lives of her children had the greaten, thit most vital of is-
*tlgaettes in their pres.- sues. For sopie reason it was mubor.
lrSiOlotiob Is the tlit of its donated in our national campaign. It
the New York State law. was the one sssue of all others to
hare pressed. We made our people
S---- understand that the tariff and trust
Wi ho has examined into the question is the same-that it l Isdle to
tel that it is quite. a co, talk of olvinthe trust question so
1Wr bakers to mI" 20 per lonl as we are heltering theme "giant
.tr Mkenr to mix 20 per ,panopors" under our protection system.
im Slour, firo per eent of po- *I told our people that Masaehu-
SA4 78 per cent of wheat setter pit $6 In the protection pool for
ker, and a. one baker x..-. *ry dollar It took out; that ouhr r40,
"ittoJ ust the thing..) 000 homes contributed W,00U,000 a
S"It ii Just the thing." year to the trust ; that the Steel Trust
1 -I- "-- alone reaps 80,000.000 a year out of
.Tork gambler made $1,000,. protection, and pockets It, selling
-a- while he ws sr.ving abroad cheaper than we eau buy from
te while he wa er it. And yet they have the assurane
4p'b peltentiaiy. Some peo- to tell no the trust question has north.
*illo moneymaking instinct Ing to do with the tariff."
6 s1iueh a degree that they Two million plurality for Roosevelt
lIr go right on adding to will not hide the handwriting on the
Isa when Satan gete to ring- wall of trust protection revealed by
Ih*w for them. the vote of Massachissette for "reeil.
. proclty and tariff relief." In Folk
to statistles Just made and Douglas the Democrats have two'
Se0mployee of the United fine examples of the type of leaders to
0Nniaient umber something whom the party must turn if it means
The estimated popula- to form an opposHion that will oppose
United States i 80Ijo,0(XXO. -to rally a lh-mceracy that shall be
h employee of the govern- true to the histore princepll and tra-
*ery 296 inhabitants of the dilions of the party.
f*l Sieount being taken in tbhi :.. .-
$ the million. in the Philip- To make ngapilication for a govern-
Porto Rico. nimnt position now days your photo.
__ graph must accompany your applica-
.4did you ever overhear a tion, and thee photograph mset not lie
iltleman's remarks wheu hle more than three year. old. and a good
,8 date with his wife, and likenen. . -
lpt him waiting for fifteen Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
P ."Where in the bliokety- Contain Mercury,
iaou been? Wny in tie As mercury will surely destroy thoe
Mi? re, I havebwheen ywai sense of amell aid completely derange
iLn hor, se beenr o t wihen the whole system when entering it
en hour for yo w through lihe mucous urfaoes. Suoh

F"wI M111n3thligsgi to do articlesshould never beused except
iw that My time I. worth a on prberiptiotts from reputable phy-
O f all the1 .atley mi; "*s silans,as the damage they will do i
al the measley. mier. w n.fold to the good yo e6an" possibly
pod teats, unrelliable trials derive from them. Hall's (Catarrh
1you are the limit!" Cure, manufaetuired b FI J. Cheney &
I. ferl*r remsah ti a iml. (Cu Toledo. 0. coaonita no mercury.
few ak~s a- :-_ t _. za .aI.... aIa,,millf shW main dietlI


Miss Lillian Ju)~ell's little dog is
'eaily the imot aristocrtie animal to.
day. as he trots proudly about, .wear-
in1 a St41Oerhlitir. ie liuao tiny Jap.
ane spnauloet, with long fluffy hair,
white and black patches a small pug
nose and briugt eyes.

W11l Sltret-o your on Is studying
law. IDo Yos expect that he will Sttek
to It? Speculutor--Oh. no; I Just want
hi1n to know enough alout It so tlit
he will ]w able to evade It uuccesfully,
.etirolt iree Plres.

"Bhe la a very sweet girt"
"Why. the hbeartleMm lt bad prom.
ieq to marry four d1terent mil."
"Well, that's what I moma; hlear w
ns are mot oeagstlg."
-- B i

J1. D. cRABB, Agent,
: In-

Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars

~ I


. .U..' IS ':.I. r *

use auk**
ou is a^g-l-"

For Sale by

- '~'- N..-

V win md iO Eprm T
Prepld to Gdlnflle F i. 1
fdl cse quit Sperior Old
Earplyd Rye for Pi LAND Ti

Cream Vermffug Title i what yo pa

p The..A cO

*eGasms$e se nwmua

W s. I I I I"1 I I I I. .. I I. M ..
------ S. .
1ME DAUG I WOP MEN. ALb.:VS f T'lp at bub ut
0I '3 I r.iinaor sk ... p
,tI ... $.s y ben bbd his. i

r a ~ rml In pm ".. "
i rit e Fk IIRE, ACOIDUT. U R.
a.ulr sot -* se seN tig a gnumhberW
4 -:po

Alebaha county is 80,
area, hap 248 mlles n
miles wIg oa reTd, aM
ES pabH echools, 27
plan, 20 saw mills, $1
house, ve aewspapen
dueas coron, ottoon i
ats,. rye, potatoes pin
asge, penihes, pears.
cae, asnd all kinds of

ht OaArMtamt of
eart P IlEIPneU
prow. bl ims. Ie ot
*ar. vmMa has CS
. . or-


ire *i06, 0 *^
,, r r 1 i i ',A-^^ ,^ ,i IfW ^ B i W '^l
-Vt~l 4'

-- -^ ^--. ^- 'S-.. <-w *^L -w.!n-- w V -~*** r A'iH H etilH M
kin ille the County et... _____...._...
fwebhsa. 3.aordl fel|- 3
private shooah. threnewsppe rs, '

uuteala coman


:t tl

ir i y

rd it
ill Iti


1, wee.

Suln s an erdl-riqe.
rubilt hed elry tolm-
aind coillsi 'll the


lto ne" i "arriad the $W4 of M"%*.
e *ehusOUs b S0y000 A pluliy, but W l-
11am L. Deuglg, theo P me mii. ap.
dtdae for pruorr, we" 1aoetd by
36.f008 ) plunaly. Air, Dougleas' e*.
planatiorne this extrsordilary t sslts
I nsumed up I the following som-

Publiut and a real issue. Adve-r,
sing made nimy buuinaen paI and I
used it to the linilt in arooling sad di.
reacting the sentiment which I know to
be widwepreld on the uUbjsct which Do
woa our chief ieue--rcipromity and
tariff rgl* l 5W
Mr. lDtull,' baoiness m'lvrriL. dAlbhrUi, hicor a l a
Iments have made his face, hil ntme Vine of Car4ul table ae
Pkh1d the artklei which he m:auufactmn.,s S
known from one end of the country to tW t te
tte their. Mr. PoilM' political d- hmotshrvToldbeatiS t
ert,."mentsavemUld, him governor wi lgivea. Evwm tb, B b.LM
f M(iAniehusat tt, "
N.tver has their ben'it a more sigualI
proof of tIhe value of t advertIing,. -
jlhetre i a n erolutott in progress in k
tit mie.thodpl a(n.flltitig eampaig nWae
A'vtrrisingis to hi enimploijed to a Ill il ill
r. al.r extriLt than ever before, brhtd le
l'rintcr,' ink is :t take the supronfe *e ilnvte
,laee hertuofore ocu ipied ity the
.,.n,,.m mr L


L m -

_ __ _I__ _


.YV. ,


p .
* /, ';: ,.


SAir Line Hallway
i. * KPOR. ..
Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.

Two Elegant Trains Daily.
Seaboard Express.
Seaboard Mail.

Only Line Operating
Dilly ThreMgh Pullmean Sleepers frn Jacksonville to New Orieans


SNBw Yo*tw

&i dd Southern Lines
IIj^^^^f., so'oan. f jL

v.,..,,.,,,.,,..]C twU*ol Whart Boto

,;*oil, I.I tdIOucorlaRI.JNKemT Ulte
*i^Hftd~ltftliHNIURI lUFklt Bie D ^^Uk

*9'ee9 S *w943*a. *I$ '!
: UB.....s.... .. '
k ,i ee I'/,l "' u
. *. ..... b.. ,..*
Sa.......O.. b,
i 'i*t mt*-** *~
.********N f ;

. V W ..- UI
i-.'.l .'. "* *4 '' .:.. '.>1*-f-


4 A
S a

Sub ien

* . 9, 1

,Bsp.,'..d : '"
rn.'($- O '
" ,L ;." ', r' '"

s bfLB Soldto so.ay
!" ,Im,. O.

.W Hrdlware Co..
flY ^^T'^^^S ^^flW **.

'.k' I3



full inforstimon and slper rortalions eall on any aste. Heasboerd-
Aet Gienral Pasnger Agent. Pan)er Ant

- i


Good shell, aIn your gun mean a good bag
in the feld or a good score at the trap.
Winchter 'Leader" and "Reperter"
Smokeless Powder Shells are good bh:lla.
Always our-ie.rc, t6waya giving an even
spread of shot ond good p'netrst'n, their
great supcrio:ity is testihcd to by sportn-
moen who use Winchester Factory Loaded
Shells in preference to any other ma!e.

_*-ttwr' b -\--- 71~'i."..~ q'~nv 'UlC:I~r rVWP F- T

G 8.

A 00.

Setmlen sand Jobboen s

Staple and Fancy Grocerias,
lrail, larids Sed sad FedlHris.
Highest market prlee paid for Chienken. Eas and other Pridue
A Oomplete sock o? Hay Cora, Oats Floor, Bran, Meal, Oonetou Sd Nest
smd re. W. handle oSul the VERY BIST goods at the LOW.
8T PRo0ES. and guaruat* n testebtlon alnrg.

JZA K. GRA sm. PrensdeMt OGB W. HvTn. Vie-Pr eident




or GARLq3ras E VDrL. eA
" Capital*......... ..*.... ...*..... 50,00 00
Surplus and Undivided Profita... 25,000 00

De eas -lvewy a ssma bMlS. w"
0sseteswf 9aten. rsMWN

Wr ASOPamn*
e A oiibor ClwoIC

Im O f bl i vablmuiate. meOI. in
--|-|4-** ia -vkr *
a das- mnf oST.Ld

_.Z e, The Atlan
f ine adagih us. ii Monttomery and L
"M l1 a UJl i dlu m. Atlanta

hifathush k TRound Trip
.....__...... o
iA *ft af e m *Of lon Goa W

On's] daily. Good ti!l Dee. 2P.
Ludden & Bates $2965
U ,I. 9m.
|if ******* 6fll t tliiltM MM ^ ^ ^

Sr eat.seop ,o s ausste sets eU
H. TAYLO Ofh.or


)UIS, MO.,

tie Coast Line
. N H. or Dixie Flyer Through
and Chattamooga.
Rates From GOineelille I

On ale daily. Good ei"ty daNs*j


:fr{K w::. -

* . '





~ nP''y. 'i



pI q were badly hurt la all
iof a l oiele tank at Am
lslli0d, Salurlay
MBll Albal fis berma, n Ir at
L., la di from th be roMull uof
Joke played ulmn him by

pisdbaent has mtiued an order
JIy civil service regulatikm,
K mnployes of the lhthmlbigi

say that Germany In fie,
worst famn;ije of her exxtatence.
Ual drcisth Und heat have
totally ruinted the crip..
Leonardt Auqt.i us lTay,
Of e'cretary of taiWt John
1 dad at his hun.,' at Keokuk,
lMajor tiy) A,, 'o ytars oldt.
pgsllll Aeroves ant ic ol'rk of live
ml edair, .lMaurice. leaner of bot)'
an extra lTite;.sat, wI lr blirima l
by a cirrenit ofu ~.:io olt1.
t liowdoln. mewut. r of the
0rm1 of Alexander,. Irown &
*a4 ane uf t!-w richest uiln lin
S AdmitrA l Charks O'Neal, U. S
l has arrived at l'riente and
the Austrian areiinal, war.
10#., there and at Flumv and

gaeoAd strike against the beef
m w be ordered before Chrlt.
Irblrer strikers who returned
t s that their wages are be.

t Nottock. a chamberlala of
of Russia. died auddenlyI
His death occurred In
Swrriage anad was due to

Ward IRandall, widow of the
agWI J. Randall, for years the
tic leader In thu houie of rep
ifVt i l dead atl her home at
t Hill near Philadelphia.
Mary Ximmerman. a hand
Ol"V 9r 2 yvLarm. committed
ii In New York becatwe her hbt*
lhaded her. he It.kl cyonltle
asta. iHer husband witnessed

lfws has been receivetl in Ma.
mt at o ne scoIs of the Thirty
Slompany and uone American at
U to tho hospyal curp* have
i 111ed li ambul'sh on the eaMs'
H@ Bsaniar.
4J. Imnunenocrt. a welloknowu
lalt and river man of Clacnla
&eomamltted silelde today at his
ll Neither his family nor1
4lransasse iarts can give anj
Slor the act.
hndr Braachard of loaulsiana
l8aounced the ap|itntmenit of.
p Pa.l capdevllle of New Or
e be state auditor In place of
.Behrma, elected mayor di

I bW. Haits of Decatur. llsl
rof the Wabauh passengel
|flceh was wrecked while leav-
SLoui Sunday. i. dead as the
iof hlh injuries. David J.,
*tlu. Fireman. also of Decatur,
Was Sealded, will probably die.

MI Democrat to the number it1
SI thousand in New York hetid
hrfetiom over the large vote cami
.Wr Iatdidate ln la4it election.
l sioutced that an active cam,
r w.lil beIsit at once f rr the IIIur
PI sttlmulating still further in-.
,Itl the election of 1908.
Ftary of the Navy Mortou will
.tgo press for an aet Increasing
glullsioned and enlisted force
Ml atry. Recent estimates phoiw
Ihea the ships now building atr,
Uismad it will take about 2.4"
U Ua3d 12.380 men, more thaoi
. many as the law now pr.

SFruitt company's steamer A
*ew.*y, which reached t' ,
f rom Jamalean port, ot4'"'
SSllde by asooting hitnt
l the heart on board b -
I Thuray. The only vau:w a'
Sfor th' act Is temporary .
iirration. .

A Heavy Load.
that load off the stomach take
JDlipepla Cute. It digests what
Sourstomaeh, belching, gas
Sh and all disorders of the
that are curable, are instantly
S ld prmaaosently cured by
oV Kodol Dyspepsia Ctre. S,
adruggist at 207 Main street,
t. C'onn., says: Korol Pe-
giving, such universal *atik-
Iid mae am... n I.al ..nde:mau ii..



Vinol contains ALL the medcnal dements of
genuine, fresh cod's livers and their oil; with or-
ganic iron, and other body building ingredients,
in a deliciously palatable and easily digested
form. It is everywhere recogz as the greatest


known to medicine-Vinol is e only cod liver
preparation which contains no oil, grease, or any dis-.
agreeable feature, and sold on a positive guarantee
of "money back if it fails to give .satisfaction."
W a mp. fl i
AN MW 1 WK f tj f l- 1

Try it if you don't like it, we return your money.

W. M. JOHNSON, Druggist


A Well Known New Orleans PhysL
clan Attacked In His Office.
New Orleans. Nov. lt.-Dr. Waldo-
mar Illll', a well known phy.iclan.
wai beaten Inio InilenibtiCllty andi O.-
rinusly injitre' today in hin ofllcM i In
Itle iusilet nairt of St. C(harIle street.
The aaiilt wl i a Ianilo >b) a burglar.
Dr. ltiill. wau-' flnime w ,hen a ri.all-
shaveiOn )oitg ri:nti came.'1 n to ask
for a prcrlt;lpon. As tlt di-torn' vwa
.liiot o1' vrite It the mIan (Irew hibl
rt,'volver ai':d mn'tiis2,y Ieat! the

, pith 'iciin it( r 1r i ,* I'<1. I)'rupants
1of titer o gi+'tntl o. t4 Ih' tb ilding
he, I ar'l 1. r'. ;lt'n in 'n tlh Y
ridl, to r the flle (lhe burglar
1 appeared a, l I t l1 t i 4'i tur was
%iur y wi [ n p;a i'nt. After beatIng
Dr. itiilte itio gtiilmllrmowone. the
tbusgiar rille? I hs ie'cr(ts ansd hid
:';ldk. gfttin4J' ab11t 5lO illn ca..h atitl a
Snumnb''r or c.theks later ithe ddo.
tor w% s ,tl-r,'A"r pool of blootnd tui ti n1 11 O the hos-
1pl)iLal. ii' 1 To) y''ars' ldi.
i ~-- --- - '
Doesn't Respect Old Age.
It's shameful when yoth falls, to
show proper respect for old age. but
juRI the contrary in the case of Dr.
KinK's New Lift 'Pills They uet off
mnalad ip no matter how severe and it-
reSpective of old age. )yspeplia.,
i jaundtie, fe'r, e. stipition all yield I
Iso thip perfect pill. *ke at all drug,
| stores.
.All fllad.- I P.
StI \ i'h,-.,I r'o;' "'1* slie asked
f .,r ;11 l~F t1 1 ?1 U i 1 ni. p ) l' 11 p r mind,.
] ; .% q' C tp. -.', h, intake t' hat tlip. tcw ?
t- -, .-.. .

Too mane r ta ela es
EtIn,-tev -. lI tl'eitunre orly In a writ-
er'm ,,:irTr mir ofrNn faA Mrois tifator.
itt t.', wirilr Jtllus ('haulmers In the
I'itt-l,-iry IN pitilch. I dt1llnetly recall
n ,i' V:ri:then ith Frank It. Itock.
4t1i r'", .' ~ v "Tlihe lIAdy or the Tiger?'
Int ii111 t rul-,'-. '11~1 ill 11. "'.Neverg Was
I K.I 1it'4F ni ;-. tt,i n Mi* I* I b gMn to
wr;tv, i; rifter t'w jpublhatlon of *The
l.U.'y r t he, TirgerT'" said Mr. atock-
til. "1'*r iianiy twao yearu.everythlng
I iffti l for sit l' wais sent lck with
the ,*artl expl*dtanm.i)i that It tid not
compare with that story. rThe lady
or the Tlger'?' wni made a standard by
which everything was Judged. Prior
to Its publfitlini 1 had trouble in sell-
laug ny matter. .ndl that very story had
been offeorl to "4.'ry publkaher It New
oark twfore it wn3t avtwpted."

Cured Cdnsumption.
Mrs It. W. Evans, Clearwater, Ken.,
writes: "My husband lay slek for three
months. The doet rs amid that he had
iulek eonaumption. We prtu ered a
bottle of BallaWd's ltrehound Syrup.
and It eured him. '1 hat was Six year
Mao. Sinee then we hare always kept
a bottle in the house. We enot *do
without is For youths andw eokld I
hes no equal." 2' 6. 00, $1.00. $old by
W. M. Johnson.
rairv. bat" Sat.
"Fallther, nr' general brave saeay
asked Jihnny of his parent,.
'"-em. any son. ta rt nilp. I think they
nr'," was tthe n1mw1r.
"'Tlhni why do irtb is nlwnys tnnke
pliture .( i'm ntiniidlinig i a illl Nuthltl
awaym. looking at the battle through an
opera grtsi' I

Nov war .09 Prlllmsl I.
Mr. .New 'miin (who has been' t
Nothrbin sinie of the twnbthlaery of hPer

cr efrw Wae el Ctn .,
(Crtalu lripi(e o ratr caver that--.
*'hi withI Mwwted Is n ter to d '
I #.0 (114.r f1tvt. di`i. lte b Is lOWi u. t t i
.;* i.ttitrlisNt iwiu l IN I Ntti i pi(
utlr :uphykw. ithise plikAllle uI anJ
IL4. 4,4*ia \tihs grvw un aletle sand
istiin ld ol six thl lti llt 11 pe l e
asal hairs of haI shll. A atUI ll pW
rltallnh -t if hef.isilve Inclellc to be
forlnill lit t1hv nq of I rte-ltlaet b
tclmti. They live In tsie Catolf shels
of whedk, uail cratil ,oiiutl. Iee
btk., te cliw I. bllfer tathuhe l tb*
er. a ld tili I i at adaptive feats 'or
whnu th* 'nis retire Into its hoaen
the blUIgrlr ciw ti lucked mierlo the
mouth of the i.l I to lr the wa I
8aglrut a II lible intruder More c t*
oua still lt the habit'of ow. pe t
whlich.toll altng with a a nioesoep
fixed to his shell, like lndbOld erMgYta 1
the Old Man of the *e. Urat earle I|
taken of this asuamone. It tl e1d b
tie rmaltu anl Itf lh latter has to e
a new shell by reasons or his groth
bhe tenwerly lshftU his tenant f tihe ald
abode and Ipjuveo him on the new eo e.
Del.n Iteo Wfe.
On one orsalon lbetn 11 tr he VW i
kopwn Enailtlh dergypW., with Ms
11oe, landed at lkaver, mch dstibamt
eL, after a oMrsh cro stal et the
Bilt channel. V/hille vai-g he. t e
train the dean pored wer t lSlta
reIulatilos. "Ah," he Mse i
.the statlie iumpeitr, *"t e
atm after w eh a a emw mm =..f
utleaowae wait thatt we ie st ti
ieteW "I do"1 't MlaeNtaiL I1W O
Ohe iu's epy Is
redOMlttoo." "Oh ee, thk W
ts rdleT "I've Just heb rws
pyor imltke. and ye re f tM
take retuwed emlspts 0
ate." Once whepu ten" e i jll
anl whlum for th .I ft
pel to ba rt we
Ihrlepeuq bl(. "4k." him6o4.
wr* "Whbet, Mrv" ia wl
OlN yo Per abno yew ir* wteelon*.

,01 4'
Upsetng r-ntyi, w ih pt
frsn ith slate no Mar aIl I
"eve that thoe a( adt "MI
are A1ttin ad A irn$ Mni
1R1 .d il0,,WO).: amk
Ofist as< from I the, At'
lees tMai MO it., f e li. W
ofta ago.
with simie apOprNeh
may s~imd a. >inll a
the ntlunmto that wr,
wich we .11 < Wv
ane stataem4 w lth l
Usftes Us. dkWtenie -et'( (^,; '
tilw. tip
Mranting that a.l the lmu.
NM are cowtlali wA H .1.i* i
samy Urp mot bes a b sMob n
without l.e ltit wh ari
onlO btsS tbl awl toap s*f l
.4 .

[11~D 54~
cair a~. ad Likn tnS~
Gauss Visa n.a.

Onemsas caums we

me sel Aian iel Cae






Fastest Ti** mod FPmloa tw l
to All Poite "

Neil, wet
*A Nosrlhwed

Through I'ullman DrawlI
Bleaping carm dallyl from Joiets11Ij
to BOirjinliVm, Nvlle, smuilli
Ctlen. Louale. Plmeis.ola Mb
and New Orlease.

',, "i........
," '{ '* ^M S l

.' . .' . .....
. u-^., g 4k
.. : r ,.
,-. "' , ,


* *

D AB^ 0 1

.. , j.i..- ... i 1'
3'a. .

* ;

. .'
(,* ;2l J

. I

'; "* ,'< ;. ..,,".,?t;,
i u N,, ,
-o es see w en1 a-*-"wi ,-
Te asnA

^ttlj Af '-"-a aimag "ll-'-"k i-"
.*n l* J g* '^ T. g ^ p^. ." ay *' ',,':..,'.,*.

- ~.~... ...--. --- ---,-,,


~_~~ __

- -r .-

I ,.i .A ',,*. 4 1T.A4
.. .. .* I.i., ,. ,'+ ,:' l

.. * ** 17 1^ ^

7-7ft t^^N

,' '+

. I

^^^JL JU^^ p___^
4.9 j .

$4Tfi *.*. II::~ -

t ,


AlbMflM Puita


CPITY ANDi mlsorp with tasks J11.
T A F IN i. Pa'dgeist made a brief business
miM r triv too lIit elltee erday.
I CONDENSM rs. Win of Hifgh spring. was shop-
piimg the city yesterday.
StGsmsral atorsst Oatha R1. H. Nisackleford of ladison was
at h I'rown ousie ysmteudajp.
Sy w, NlMW. W. L 11111 and son have re
;" IIurned froemi a plreaant vilsi to ela-
INAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS sivel- atS tLchelle.
For Male-S'eond-hand Denamor
lfMtapped nsd Whet Is Goinf typewriler. Will be osid cheap. Ap-
STeIM n Short Paragraphs C. lE a pr ires merh
GHe Who Runs May Read"' a p.l m

wth cuamam & HlI!l
panpapen for ale a s he Sun
iM5. Price of Milcanopy was in

i-A elerk. For particulars
al Cook. 31
XI of plkles In bulk. very
piasm" A Karle.
'0 Wonderful Salre for sale
SMOOollum & Co.

o or .'itchu. ast traniauetio DUI-sl
in h i. city yesterday.
W. A. W. Carden of Chattanooga,,
thee o.!ever representative of the 8pea-
nrr Medicinel Company, is at the
Brown House.
I '" ;vr.' new Irish |otaloen. frerh
and fine. Just from the farm. Only a
few.. ow eoi had bne order early.
Saunderni & Earle.
Only 1 75 to Tampa and return via
Atlantic Coasi Line account Bouth
Florida Fair. Iates on Nov. 18 to I8
n IncU5IP ai til 5. 5I 5

k.slarkey of Rochelle was shop.- i nus aternatnnt sy. Me is-
ib. etllyyesterday.0 ta t.
enon of Roky ont wat, Wertheimn, W. II. Tion and J.
y. CIon fy yRoterday. Ps F14,tcher Burnerlt departed yesterday
,ll sh*it y yesterday.
hsoiid has rqsr d from r Tampa, nliere they will "take in"
Sh fromthe igKhts of le gat South Florida
Strip to High dpring.. Faith for the. next few days.
SetMuer of Roehelle was a via- r. E. Lartlaue ha returned to his
teoemunty capital Munday. home in this eity from Orlando, where
,Ball, a prominent citizen of he wam summoned on aeeount of the
!i, waI in the city on buli- sad death of his father. Captain C. E.
e tay. Lartigue. He has the sympathy of
-Iaspector of furnace eel- efriena.
letsin church. Apply to Among the visitors to Oalneeville
yesterday was F. J. Hammond of Hawo
Vi0mt-Store Royal Cook former-I thorn, a successful merchant and
Address Thomas V. Po* r prounanent Iemoorat, being a member
vil*. lof the Codnty Demoeratie Executive
I Plymouh Rook Coeknelu for Committee from that preelnct.
ddMOrem C. W.id4'lNLO
AdIer, Fl. dW M ( D u You are invited to s*e thbe randest
ias, Fim. di-we Idisplay of fancy embroidery work ever
wIateMdent H. A. Ford of the shown in ainesvitlle. by an expert
S ast Line departed yester- lady operator on a White seeing ma-
iflits South on offiiel| busi. hine, from Nov. 2Bto Dee. 8. (1Galne
via bul e sewing Mach ne Co., WO E. Lib-
erty street. d*-13t

W, Blknight of Archer, one of,
Slng. mernhbats of that section.
%"ting business in this city'

iI -From my yard. Te an game
l fId. Information which will
UISery will be appreciated by
lud-- .

Among the arrivals in the city yem-
terday was Chs. E. Criepin of Phila-
delphia. who travels for a Chicago
crockery house. M r. Crispin makes
visits to (oalnesvIlle at regular Inter.
vals. and has many friends here who
are always glad to aee him.

P O ahnd J. M. Hhaw of Ala- READ T H S.
tft. Pickets of Half Moon A I .
the visitors to the county Iedbone, Min., Sept. 1902.
yM~I day. Dr. E. W. Hall. St. t. ouis. Mo.-Dear
PIt' W~ tatchell of High Springs Sir: In reply to yours of a recent
*he eity yesterday. She was en date in regard to the efflmenGy of
aseI from a pleasant visit to Hall's Great Discovery as a kidune
SIJacksonville. cure, I can safely sa that it is we 1
S One nicely furnished named when the cml is a WO()NI'K.
*ul~~ely furn have muffe~vd whtb a weakneu from
SugSt convenient location to the kidneys for years ind have tried
Apply Sw East Liberty street, all advertised remedies for the com-
t ua oee if plaint, a well as physielans, and Hall's
h f High Spring was in as Wonder is the only tInJg that
nk of Hligh sprin-s wa lin h given me relief-1 ought to May.
Mi for a few hour yesterday. ha. effected an absolute cure.
oo tou*te from Palatka. where RplOmLU. I hloAN.
h f an on a visit to friends.

, 'k Pfeasant visit to friends InI
4 Co. <0. 0. Cromii returned
4 to her home In Ocala. Her
0t (alSne0ville friends enjoyed
Sere. o P k tr
| J ogero of Palatka, travel.

Ono small bottle of the Texas Won-
der, Hall's Great Diseovery, eures all
kidney and bladder troubles, removes
gravel. eures diabetes. sminal emis-
sions. weak and lame backs, theuma-

Map ,.l teas, ,o t r i ,
lpeoal tr r t. 1 paIs for iwesy or
more. C. Coh.bb, aea. .
S. il Orawford has returned to his
homs la this eity from la brief but In.
teftretiag visitso it. Louis and the
World' Fair. He reports a dlightl.
ful It ad said he would have we-
nialned longer had it not ben ftor thb
low lemli ture."
Do'%t fall to visit the South Flor.
lida Fair at Tamnp. This is a eombina-
tion expolsitoh of Florida products as
well ast carnival. Atlantio Coast
Line will sell round-trip tickets at rate
one fam plus 25 ent. See tiekes
agents and pt full information.
Three WIlas daily tarm Jacksonville to
Tampa*, all delivering pasieager right
at fairly gronds from the Tampa Bay
liotel tat ion. Don't mise this oppor -
tunlty to vias the Magio City at small
AtUetion is eatlled to the change of
adverutiementof 0Ge. W. Hyde. "Thb
Big Stow," which appear. eobewhr*
In te 4s ue.. Mr. Hjde remaind rod.
ere of tbe ks ithat 0old weather Io
now on, Bad wisely dviMe them to
treat themselve to smethilan appro.
pristow tohe oulo-. He ha. 4 flee
lime of rugs, drogge, bleaket ad
*omfoa he lates m" t best,at prism
that sems eoMtam n rh. me qual.
is of idoom eoa be p ased sa*
Mr. J. A. Amme bMas aeemd
erl.p ofte bslien eempled bj the
New Rme Sewl"g Mam"le OC. aia
will, la a few day. opens at Ia of
ladle' qeelallle and me AM s l
she amu buildii. A elwealaing II.
brary. empoud of -he -Nos Sad
be In t eemr es, will be Ma of
her biobees, I* whisk a hope a 1o
rmmw eamel pabi tsenlMt. M .
Ammese el be Soumd at the Ce &
next do to MUn. R. Wil.sst aid Will
be plead to meet am-ene lateweted
in her le of tailo-made ameatos.
She has a full line of mis, ijbketo ,
tkis mad wastt, mud jasmiaes lio-
tasHio. Oall a d laspt he samples,
ovea it you doet's oder.




HOY. 16, 17, 18.

Thlo will b ear flret iirnatl ]auoa
Sal. *mims aovIl Ito our mew satme
frost bilMdng on mothenst rer of
square. knows as Phiten' Oorser. Thiso
osly blegis a serie of Beafala Sale
which for low pries have matse he
New York Baskt nes-.
For bargatI givil this ale will
eslipee all former attempts at low
prieD and will kooek all oompoeito s
oat on the flnt round. We amre buy
as bees now. but we want eveTrybody
within twenty miles of Galanelle to

visit us during this ale ad e tIhe
greatest outlay of bargains ever played
before a buying public. AsOoispto
your wants and lay to a supply while
you esn buy at such barcalus.

In a Great Many lines.

cwcrtu LtA npy qetu An Priem
Will be D]sMrifted IIday

Don't Forget the Dates:
NOVEMBER 16, 17 and 18, 1904
To Our cometry Frrids We WMa
you to some and bring your families.
We have built for your mse a large
hinohing shed In our teak lot for your
hores and vehlelee. Planaty of water
and feed boxes for your boese, and if
you bring your lumne we hlve plenty
of room with abairs and sables. Come
to Phifer' Comer. everybody. You
are weleome.
The Only Store in Galiesville
Trying Especially to Take Care
of the Countwy People.

S .- .

w-i7- # t_^^. r V-

Also IO0 en*esed vislies i
-a8d s- yeor ouren eo a oa tea t
time. aimplwe s primt fumlbl


ttonery and Weddlg IslnvltaU
i i





One Price to All.

T. 71
.r.iL ifl
m mm mH, m2 '~o mli-eamm a

r. 3*4jL- J

* .J* FW



TABLE L ftgans, noI
sueot aii,. .

Ne tthe LoS PW
MRS li. 'W ..SONff

B. artes the tsos
lag eppsesetamieve q (bS 4
..,O B-- ajM .' Va^B&tb^-m
Os. aa retnsi item
Rems Coast, sOWe a Wffi
Ful Diese*l ^ .,44
|| IJ fatI

S"Wrow 3iii
ohe Sy gasay nag

erw ad a re le k am h.

- sad Ik-rtasi ra8e
teak. plty saiwme peas.,
easm eoe. He 1a pi e In .g
m*epe* N* mats m deop sad
mopwwl wo O re. oib w qi(i A
rAs wlU r Mrl v -lriar bd 1w

wenmt ohowb Mr .WOW '..- n
The Oanlsaseale rewlag Rmbl;e ;

Company .whishheas ftoe o .pa S .%
paatdy calnts a meet esusuhi&
btalbes. The bhepa e is b e-1
.aasmgemem# of 0. t. Yh psss* ss:
lag Mehi moi me of bu .., .p .
experiek., *ho s amhisw,
,erads. As .1ll be wee Iee s-usu. ;
meat aelwhewh Mr.e la ? pl *
ngaed tol give a gad s*ibI ImBiB
eabrtlMey sort hp a ldy pal t
* Whit sI*g m1s. t masf
=d=ays, amNbie m
eof iay'{* ed. ': 'iit

Iatofsla, uath, .
<(lierta S w. Nik St.N. e Yo.)
Ualsuelb Nw*. t1Ob d" IIN-
PFriay BEnmlr md Il*
umrday UVl .Si.
Positely TWOo Days Oti'.


' .

. . .:
* .' .R.

,, . ,,*
e.M, Lrtad.
*.' *, I. *; .
Y- Ann

I f


I -m

I ~

aa di&
i i,-i. iwl'*





I *... **,

t > :' ,


Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 16, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Full Text
I K Iy jtya
S ..W41 A &


peple of, ,Mmbri e wool ,. .
....*,?. .*. ..... I A UL

heAme 190"arlly knowrp that NWtAry
bliailtsp had ma,%owle btipd. for
i. s. ~ thedicaoew hWSf of 4hsee Neatly Fir. Hundred beleptq
tt t Or ',rmleted asking Judge Sp. I Atendac.
iPllla speedy trial oh the rcoSYEIt--
S PQ AflLS of a oort in ewulr to psti) public SOCALISM A sOTSNT P
flsnrnl, whieh will brook no d.lor.
hi I'-A tele~grame waw Bat) IIIt Judge
1*W~ ISstilegg Peisgto Was S40ap Rup. *' $ '. ni uIm~ Ask tg hnt ogvePeeuidens Samutel (lempera em Free
t eNe of Ciik ela WoaIism to $Ve
nkR'I .tstruetlona that Sutton 1W hold g l nk and Gi.s Out en ines..
111141 Go*)!! oh9 IIrdplo! tow l0uRo toIshd 1

.a S toi trgW is etu. :t, ,oe.N'llt wiNthUm bond static the matter ha IntviewHe ays That p
@11111 SOL been nvestiate b the grand jury,
A." prooludino tho ..s l.illy 01 1111110111104
...L .d. .ot I-.OW ally -T l m. aking mnd and lgaveSr o
tPe haS Te d and citit dalgaies rm preIt
S UberIe EaS 41 th perior ha d l'Alowed etll he will del wi S.0G mbe of elaaor WitA
"t Sad M!1 thO S~omet dlviase *hen relptU't from joll & a od met today im Lyric Halt. In she t
MM17t 40 460 g*eM M go eo' g4 Made are doelrons. ter the pitul to ty.f0t aul ovnino
01014" al. lt a Wintout shall ood of hving b held Amera edrato Laborl n
as4 l. ter is mlited. Presut at the beginnins of the
S hM .t t. a_. .4. the so, t, Jtdr BpMe* arrived Iol the eo ity *eedlg 'ee samel
'4gY4ah OW is uS i de. lt nht. A nsmblr of Ston's d of ... Amea fd
It he MP prOp to strig Mosres and atives at M Uld of labor; John Mitebulli pv iteavn p
*111 MueW the ie.r ii 418 o1r also b xfeflted tenight and ted Mime Workers of
thy see sInm an .wort Ito tle ca; Jobs R. Ois, presIMde*t tr ,
PKN Mlo IVoS. t b.*-te latest IlkI the bond and rel n a .e bIS, It g i be Retaierkr InerNunat' .s.b
Aim th Iems. t P o t hve under- the ciremtiasteam Ie ion, antd l4 d mIt rnam
_lot opiur h eas o will b tah ,n liMp su* hbyema e ro ll
ss n M Mr le R lwaya Pmuloe; ".art
Sia$tP Optawi has1 t.*s betn,';l!mwel eH4 rmj~ returnolue.i I In, fIyrstvc-prehlle, of the tll

t hliM NOW COg &ad SUITOR INSTANTLY KILLEU. trnite Bmtherh.4 of Carpnaterh ap
0ab$ fp wage bat.j to Joiners of America;t J 0 Walsh
*1 tbh bePA Mse at4nhn. VIst o Heme b of His Sweetheart preusIent of the San J'ranclseo Lae '
no Insane an a brtuctslar Costs His LifE council, and Mr I m
t tlt Sak, as it ordelo. Ga, Nov. 1.-W. J. Pate general organizer of the e 1l G
R"@ il turvind of ArabI was shot and instantly k(Iled lat(rainl ao
'#i' 'tttreoai. Gen. last night by Trom Voard at Dakota. The coneL.ion w S called to olii,
IT Kpa be .at d hise po. a station on the thorgia Southern by JO. Wa prIdnt of Athe
tie a lhoth fiberiver, IAt sand Florida rallruad, It miles mouth a
i~49Franrisen Labor eriiell. anti dde
S$Wiai$t ltoris r.*per- to atcept ot corO ele,
AS h. subl.g? WbO wl~r to aeestol (1ortle.nd Paite hasI bet. h of welor me by hin t and 'ipp
*to be o dewtqnas k 1h mad. dia- It la4 ld khat PaKo p eW been Payt u
*.Ylut ss~hI~ terlagofmbiwas.hn an itSlyKile nt prnet iens! unon.th Sade'deri
mhtila obbk algoea 5 t Atent lon to 11,.rd'o olater and
..... pouli s W htl a bmitn. o era lug A i o to V .rtd itrlti and of Labor and P. o McCarthys
flee, had frequently betn ulorbidden to call prend a 1
preiet o h id ~ l158
a g lat t Lo st aglht Pate drove to the B il er'In rrel '
H.'Je J pangew ,Be. re., AJ. IoUSWard hose and lertire reaching the the was dlivri by rosiest
Sa001s. No. ito W boulse wr sten SI 30a, warned not to ae
Bamn,, omperot
t m *wte ,lsga ala n-tn.
.l lakliag place w tI.it the onext I H ot vrs followed. Patio tried to, The r tI 41 cenu s"o
"Wl. iu J f save fa .cr"ag Th lT e t*ch him wy ltib t3LO housaes ,ain of i tmr' to ad
416 o Jlt, dis~ployrin S M grea t s was mot by a volley of shoto -from I
Ity ed. We are hnnin Ward"#p.wre host of si hInm rand labor L
I1* ny satw rd. is re fegl~img War'. psto and ful dea! j.,i e.'anti :I t a's lutnomy. These qu itatios
pfl mm ki i on.m~i In othe shode, aol anoter in(;l n r.Em ~mM

ho ne aexp. ed that IIN5air +,u., f fore be reached the door steps. will be .Pethtorghiy tir'sheI out
tOdthe ouar. Tim uttercrrent of ti
;..L p' o.nMN4 m + ~!i a en int h slh ol der ,m Ward anohe Dk a he tcon e -.tleton w=:a+ seat s t A

$0 ~~~~~~~~~~the haud. (Xiruner (Jraham was sum t'rnrlisC .''~1,et E
.rA. L." M bo d al nd he i;,,rs Thoetern I ,ey keen and the Ie factions h .
,E l NA~iONAL CRUGOISTS utsver, pd aol li an inquentrlrl Tb. riles wIdelvy Ji( lvrgen. ro.. vt as tI the &4
SdIt of t jury was that ate cae of l i M
Annu' tansp giatien Ust aein ld i to his duath by a ihitol ahbt by the visa-t itylt of ol te la .'.
rae eUv9 ioe eomn fo l r zti p.eL% II. it

-.. te l a e cs w e 4 to d a y ,t b d e le g a te1 If trom gt.') tIhue fu t w oni r.de..
a '"hn *' samul convent ki, of ti Na r IN WrECK. S, Gomperr
is t e bssts' *s FOURTEEn DD IN nCPreaueld mper' interviewed.
tie, The noeveutmn et to tet a k-nr'a+"t cho dot 1-" -eshlegi
sad th.h bsinesseuiona are Th e More Pausengers (aidJUnmper. of the sie.+athn tIbebotr
L I,, PLP ,ltorupbreed with a atrium aot @ntlit Drenver to Ba M ossin.j h.peaking of tho work of ite coma i
tal"'aIea. s aiy *re yL. c I.-- ~. .:..- D nv Nov. 15.-lste iretiurs from senao ,saica ad: 4
*itt. Tteum petn oLl*Ad I,4't rmaa t he renin Pachfc wreck near (Zrau* *q cafinot give (xpretpiun to St

*Ma tont with Ounih Amerlca. th I
*Y .-'OI~tlou with b America. al t g, ).. pee- ae u bo ntuer of dead l ofelat vieul, but p,.n.,tall3 Id ad
lbilty of ttIng a op at I1. of wh 1 hav boee recov believe that ithli Itfgdralton i 11 N
u I Dag of prIces. advertia, Insrancu Ired and identined.l Tbqh remalns ,it committed to any special party wha*
.,, t.h h t IHad other rattcra will mcose belor. an nko uwn woman paMsenaer are eur the name, whatevr it 1ltt l
I t oaentton. Cincrrtly wi ll, under the pile f wrckage, or w ;atver tl ue pr;eten,o The oat '
es,.Ro l the national asoueatio, the properly w Three sir fonr )ar aengers are smiBI saf' cnu.o rr ,ult:,,,d labor t.
ti MIAeI try a@Assftlou. made ui> uf the man o msi i ad.npt In one of ahsliru noncommol SI
a turerp of proprietary idtlicnae The coroner will begli taking tei al to any political party There mV '
w$ t""tlea'd *fha souwier driets,. will meet. Umoy today t iA the ronaelbllityi be fl or lx Idel'g te with pollol |
"lawgrtln S m Calyton of the whoilela r the "''k leaning. hut any aibsoi.tlnt inkn hi
Il..,.- l 'b1.dru'gitats reached hbor t (ay and wi, ..nd to the adiptlun of ,ortalInlic ltnt ,

Pe ^alstho aid New Ingine ti travel 3000 Miles constltto n.'" Ia dead. ualY a irale atd Ii$CtIMIOU of
lat I. ld* Without t otopplma. Pr I l was e rly tralIe jurisdiction n afl tlation of
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