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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 13, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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StID, sUNDAY, NOVtMBuI 1 1904

S. -4 A Priend for Own with Whieh
i".. ".. .. iiiA.mUPfl.. to Kill Mad eDo
H A I N Y'UI ,l erstown U.4 Nov. 1 .-v r-
"- lek BaMton, a horse dealer, shot mad
r ,, , killeded Lorenso Klein,. the home of
*l elN FQ Rsop]&aio of the fonarr, where Klein was a boahS.
er. wasiont claimed that he found
SDeo ratic Party. Klein and his wife toetbher. After
..... te shooting western was arrested.
E. _ _,.. ON LtTLT l FROM HIARS1T ito eioadtsc a l dlagi ho
M. W-uFS and Klein boaI "-rded with the family.
"se tl Nedqeurtere will S at I. lie had been l e. aeortlng to Mr.
-14 B !isaton. and several of the boatrders.
BtsaUv nsllfi -det Y m Timne to C .* Mrs. Iaton laid Klein called her
W, ,. to Talk $4 ltesM A Candm. to his room to administer some tab
^ t S rleots and attcrwards f linl drowsy,
,,,l ^tllhi WP it fIt i~ she had reclined on the bed and fell
4mMw i n YTork ,Nov. 1t-Tholmes Tag. a4l p. Her husband who ocupled at
tb i 0Sk rsa of lhe 9oegaroe *&. Sfot room., on awakemln mand falling
t", MeaMittee has In ltettonU of. to Sad his wife i bed, west to Kllt's
E h.b.ii b poett. ewerdtIS to a oWHd find the two 01le0p.
aUdi taqUn. He went out of the house quiutl
,,rl Sdid 'the o Ikt as d s tie street to a brewery
"aON" S Ute e im t ers of-d asked Wllliam Andrews. the Arfl
.j ...Iittn mad e i a pg aS, to land him his pistol, sAylag he
lr rnesiMss t we wanted the WRpon to *hoot a sad
g,5pv ,H M a u *$ Nioe to e fto40 o1. Seuering the pistol, he weat
h r Mr ikeIg atha e4$ he Don. b ik to tht hou e, and terinrlg the
4"^ i Si. i." .hkl,. Stad belloves anm oclupled by Klein advanced to
,..,, .M "ml1 t 1h .ss thel o bed and leauilll over his wif.
Owsay-I N Alpamt m igli a aot' Kls In l the kead,
.100.- $10 Mrs. eston was troused by the rem
tha. l*tel4 to Nw ork thell prt of the pltAol. Jumped up and* ra
.i I left iawa Irat" he f0M bthe room. fEaton did not at
,,iN$. ",No sa, BO pol.p o Ir any tlmpt to attack his wife and made no
i 1. 1, ot"k4 the cy. frstrm to her,
., rt ,1,, 1i is no tc-
.. , esg11 i1tha1r party GIRL 18 ROBSBO IN STREET.
i* wt. et*E Nr dMi other haveso
S. stmt irioy ex itw eens of Ssymour, Conn., Hunt for
Sn1 the U lokt e f c som. Her Assailant.
*.e "sa.then iU n for ro. Anionia,. Coon., Nov. 12.-Miss Mary
.,,, r. .ria There 4 t-o hnrt burn. 10es. who rveldes on factory street,
".p. p ,eeimlaos n slttal n ting the Srmour, was attack and robed o
pb'.''1fri e 4E o. te f.. odr Main street at t o'clock at might by
liii e r who left her unconscious and
B -M UO thtton olt tfcignin. escaped. I
V4. t itlogi heduarfteor will be at Miss ies had beein shopping and
#IT sapllls.l. Indlanspolt ls my home. mas within one hundred feet of her
i l.'ow. hate anti under an electric light when
sI g t.i eal f yt to talk polltlies, nk was stopped ty the highwayman.
t. Weelidatittkl .olrblllteos of ourli He put bhis arm around her neck. 8he
Ars 1 hloe0." foglht desperately. When he de.
*,* '.... i"msanded hier pocketbook she refused,
M .i. .What W. .1 Hearat Says. and he dialt her a blow on the head.
o ltw Ywr, Mov. ll.-I have no Then be took her pure, containing
h0e 1S 5lol o 11 meetlnq.i between Mr. 810 and riai aws).
Wst'..eo^ i !* 1to .Mr. lr an and myarlf. |1 John Knuitman and a companion
L gi 011011k0.. the DOmorelmio larty will rear. found the g!rl and called Dr. Btrapp.
O m loto!iy elf ont basit of true De. More than one hundred citizens had
,!i,1. otlWt ina th Wall itrcvt aptbered when he Kleieepm consetouN
..,Wt : w... 4 t, eb pJ so dlsastrouas In and told iher Ktory. Poues were at
this md mpaisn., ad as a loyal Dmo once wormtnwl and. sent In all direct
aSts efatt. will be very happy to see that lions.
*O,' *" I sm always ready to control.
baet* 11 41 l era rvices, and thu e pI BOY RVVERLISS TESTIMONY.
".-u* my Paer". to the Democracy for mr>
-oamlatlio .,or an y other purpose, if As a Result His Fathur I Released
.i ,y shall be required. From Custody.
-. I shall be glad to work with all loy* Chicaox, Nov. 12.-Apparently
aStV".juwt tii mocrauts for the aucccu of Daei. atralahtfrward testimony from a boy
,, 1 cratto tprifelples. but I think the loyal convictUning his own father of*.murder
i I=ftp 1d t',*i,,"les U De ocrati are ivtdp capable of chof had a remnark able sequel today In the
**"'',l.jSi t their own leader. andl I intaglx discharge of the alleged mturderer.
i" 1..*. BI.ChIa. thip p0l1t will now be conceded by John Wiltrax.
,Bz WH 1.0 tihaqua who endeavored to force leader The boy, when taken from the In.
4 siv' 'Jll^-,ttl* ipon them. ,lence of the pole, repudiated the
S..' Apo .t aths iteitlmony siven in court and stated
M. mts'alm <. B.* iREPARATION IS DEMANDED. that hl accusations against his father
*laS. N, l f pop >I were made under a stress of fear.
,H.,th Ml tf The Sultan of Turkey Must Pay 1f The re .rsal c.C t1h' boy's lestimony
--mmB!i01 St"r igan rl d Hildts was due IA;4e; ao ihe Intervention ol
.0S* ISS eS 1 OMtkle Conastalnopie, Nov. 12-The Amer. Peter Van Villinen. a wealthy <'>
." e 'resl| -atotmakni ona legation hero has addressed a cago man who evinced an interest in
.. h.'.ssIga,' H9 ote to the porter demanding renr the case against the father, and be
$1i-. thee..sle s we* Mo tor the repeat attack, near Al. lieved lhe charge was groundless.

41O.u.l<>'0ie'e p*lity*. A; leppo. by brigands. upon a caravan Mr. VanVIlsalinen personally took
sI l to: he S1pit b* to beltoalns to the American house of to his own home the Wiltrax boy and
", "..r0"11M1l40 ad hk. MaeAndrewzs & Forbes, of Smyrna. gradually learned the trith from the
viag uvll t over the The raid resulted( In the killing of boy's lips.
t* li*, whert heo had been, six of the Caravans. camels and the
S. ,.h 3fl 144d ttilty. a rrylag oR of by t(he liandits of ilxty Sutherter Favered as Prealdent.
I lo hit pardon moved' eamels and a onrshicralbi sum of Birmingham. Ala., Nov. 12.-Th 4 ,ilN.. money. Is quite a sentiment Il BIrminghain
U."" ", A ---f .The lexatlon Insit.t upon the ar. for the nomination of a southern mlan
i.LLON L.LAR ODPIIi st ad ipintishbment of the outlaws, fo' president when the net Might of
.- -0 the resttultion of the camels and the the nation \. made. Many Democrait,
--- o f -Depar-tmetI @ aoney and the adoption of flcacloull take It that. as the South stoodl alone
,t..a. Ta Ina lBoms, M Seasures for the prevention of a r the the Demoeratlc party in the last
W laxta" Nov. 1.-The sanmua roncY of the outrage, election. It should no longer hesltter
I 000Ot tom, editorr for the pota to use Its uitmost for the tominatilio
lA-lthatl the uealt business trees New Warship Is Launched. S a candidate. who. by reason of 1
* sti through the potal and a. oeN Quincy. Mass., Nov. lI.i-The battle., mee habitat alone, Would be fur I),.
Sfarbftnlkes of tho d-partaet ou4 ship New Jri.', blitt for the. iltdl *ocrawy The sentimentt Il voe!i i
i4. t(h last year were: Statem government by the Pure tPre % r Ia a number of qiiartirw and so in.
AevnDues of the postal servIce,. $143., Shiitpblilldug ompAn., wasi it'',, to bate been sincerely utti.r'.
l ,itt; epxenditures for the post ilulty launch-,I ri l:1It Ip. t. Thur..
OSertee $161.362.lls. Total amount' day in the jt, ::,i.' : a It"re nn., Achooner O* Anore.
Is ,Money ordeal issued: I her n? J m- t, P'.'i..h (lot ih,.t' Cape I Pnri'. a.', ... Iut. -..'

- -

r!vod from l ) to: i. O.
placed on the trall toray

TIh;y were
The of.

facial] in Montgo:er, y e-ar furthbf
trouble as sentirnm ni iga;inst the
slajt'r of Daniels i very i-trong.
Ilefor. the murder of Dalniels thM
sentiment was with the Jackson
against Policeman Illot.i The lat'
ter Il in thei citoidty of Chief Ilundley.
A relative of Jacbson appeared at
the hotel and attempted to reach the
room of the pollreon;n.I He was pre
vented by the attach oi.
Reports from tbuhe ps today are
that Kd Jackson was chased into a
cave last night when it was decided t0
wait for daylight for his capture. AlV
though the plare nan surrounded dtr.
Inl the night. Jackson escaped sad
was reported at large at noon today
when the poslA had lb"n Iereasced to
' 30. Meantime the friends of Jack'
son are reported oi be opt-niy organ
Ixinx around ":ontgomery and sweaI
Ing vengeance If Jackson Is lynched
or killed without being given a trial.
Bishop Duncan Opens. Fifteenth An
nual Session of Body.
Charlotte. N. C.. Nov. 12.-The Of-*
teenth annual session of the Welt,
ern North Carolina conference con,
vened Thursday morning. Bishop W.
L. Sherrill was elected secretary; Rev.
Harold Turner. assistant secretary:
Rev. Harold Turner, aiMslstant secret
There was quite a aensatlon caused
by a motion made by Rev J; W,
Clegg, asking that a committee be
appointed to. take into consideratloN
the divorce evil In Norlh Carolina. It
was announced that Bishop Cheshire,
the Etiscopal biohoip of North Care
lina. would addrfe thi ronfereflf
Friday on the subject, 'The Divorce
00V. ODELL WINS $300,000.

Many Othere Won Big t1*0, Whltl
Others Lost Heavily.
New York, Nov. 12.-Govemrof
Odrl won fully .100,000 in election
bets on the itate campaign. accorditll
to O'tat.'tnlitit of broera who handled
part w.f tihe ruilnry to pay
Fro'n thre. same source It wIt liwra
et thri f I laitrlan won morfl
than ).LIE mit,.io
A ....... I . .. .-....... I t ) bf


l,.,,,,^., ,,,,










Polioman Kills Constable and
Trouble Begin.

Brother of the Dead Man Kills the
Sheriff and aEsapoa with Fliloweme
to the Mountain-Poege with Solw,
hounds on Their Trail.
Otarleston, W. V.. Nov. 1I.-As t"e
result o theo killing oat Constabe Wat
tar Jackson, in Montgomery, by f.
Mcoman Dilott, on Wednesday sad the
subsequent capture of the tows by
the tour brothers of Jacksoo. at Ue
head of about 40 of their friteed I
aipn of terror exists there.
The mayor being helpless a ppai.,
to Sheriff Daniels yesterday. Whea
Sherli Daniels and John Rolf wee
killed by Ed Jackson yesterday, t .
saloos wore at once clos0 aWd Gw
emaor White was asked to and troop.
The governor replied be would Mol
troops In readiness, but advised lArt-
lag a large posse. If the poose shbogi
meet with serious rzesltanee. troop
will IM* snt to their relief.
The Jackson followers soeapedi
mountain stronsholdi with which they
are familiar.
Brnst and Bob Jackson wore arrni.
ed and broug.t to this city by Dep.-
ty Sheriff Davis and thdres. Tiey
were Jailed here. A posse headed by
Marshal Hlarrilon Ii. Ash. of Thea
mond, is scouring thi nmountainas nea
Montromery. Two bloudhounda a.

.. ..

$ .

S$vetoa w of
Sk4 mhiel fi ,oi m.ero l
0 o~S s" I ofa
4. i fatqil'tip fo pde hre

Er-ut :bye m ilW in their
".emfFlb ra i. Neatw.
i wOMp S New (o.w. is bt gn
M IWy diWenlt tinM fRot tlhouo of
S.. C.o.e lS. it Is tw sjrl wio
tI- lbtdllire Alt'id of ut1
Wion. a y oesa rmetl 8B
w ath P ptinp bathO he does not
,t. *ae Md whlmoer poft
77 .- h ,w mscom q. If td* mapp s
at sack difhti- ti multer p9-
"wRme- wmbut *s leaW nwh
Il O ite o to whteNk M .

Noi e0tllll I lne g omt t

tt t aMat. At t trptluas pse
di will oat the sat getltear USd

AmerIcr Pupl are d- d waway With
',e i c msemesW .hm use.
nsq^ Sto the sost a* w S t he iS

'PA knocLMkout rilg." sa me tectlv .
lSek at it well. It be4esi tol tm-
111U .X4.le waO Matw0m4..
,,tAm 4 was rt. pad. SML It coitala
a # se dm b to aitms
wet ".4 hq ps*esald wit.t
,.: : X *1mI auorflt. Oawhile, tha. a
d. te genld p pposite the
t 1 I1s91lrm thes mMlale the st ne slip.
S, bet I10 a lidl dmr, and out
1 SO iL. tVbm Iw detarve eemed
Sas the #Wpring the stone I Olee up
:m s how it w taror ew nM "t at
Iwth ,psu. and there amt two glasses
of lquer beo ta u. Talking away, I
oj 4 0w the heWd withl the rig on It
ts ut o., a e and w1th ma7 thumb
1 pire ti. 4rlnz'. Then Into our
S.thee fails enough ch lA rl to put
SPO t of bui o w.-" New York
llin^^^^^^IWO t o.*l(w n w l


' l .


b ,, Ortem

n s.e-M ofaw. o
Sothe' w re e Isa
afl*fl ookagwo in
~Mk hsmt mset Ur

ek% IN "316 6T o fiKI Ccabim.
A Aukrifflrh m :.[>atrI. Mlit. Jamew
.6'eei. l-f t oi't u Ii hlum \ w'wn he died
4 W rtutit of M.(j)oxXi.L i)ne of the
*any' stQ lre courernin;1 hihn tells bow
' ou0tt owmislon he wtas a pasMnger
oa11n QUtiu-slnl tatte.tlac nteflwr. As
*WitL, wI n trlavel:IIfg i dees4etl I's
Wwl r "t I0a1Ls siuti hy III h Ibmnk
ftlly eitbid. hIoot, :tt nill. Ai| hlnd
tU n I thltLer with him. etoreover,
hrie lo .f e of l rad il iuon wtilsh to
:aterlt for rorty-i thli hours I order
t1 "" tthe exzmiwst of went lai. The styw.
at p ciplr31tdtl ti the p urnt of the
Wuahl which the u mlllonalreO seth-
ldW niemed I8 the callin. lint motbing
W" Indue l Tymno to Weant bI lTM
ElW*Wlbwr thUin hI l bunk. uIL rut was
nwi wheM at te etnd of the wqage
M onLyr fall tt, but
n*fartbh i ta for Ihavia "takaq his
m"b a his etabl"

,. *,se -e sp I
Wt reset at the bottom of ell
am oeo ef lift. IMsn our relf s.
t anm an to willing to throw his
mb away Is In b Uebty adS the woot
aISt cl dilute living. Mlt reet
b t boed that olda all his.powenm
That mauke him able to act,
S mdtS. Now,. notbhin but
Uwfel striving for contd4Mt. for moe-
vtey, for prlodple, can give you W'lt
l UTvery man who dlellherately
l4e wryi and does not trtlre to put
a bath his foot hbe would an as.
Mmis mieking to take hbl life loses slf
ipIMet. and hi. power will pow away
*to h little.

Watrt-e t::--4t mLiv i: 0 f;ih1ou nI
Othe year n a ta N-r1a6t'L7r, and on
that amou:u nnt l tIe *nle of the;r !i,
e lar shape they were io k iu i n.4 "NtI.
InMwmbrvg Was." *lTh'y nere rt ii.
s shaped. liwever. ,soime of tVIm be.
a* aode l Imltation of pears. goimrda.
a l hiMe' sknlit c. .1 Ahout tir


An A tmWCllC++anis ci 55a3 1 trn' cf ,Lri,,A.
sroubWn. b*iu itI.m .<* I iI* c;4. 4JC.. win
1 S,,:ub;,'&.Uv? .I' : .J A)'"t, rIut: 1t rrti lbor:a t
g ';,*; 1 ,4k&ura-drdso- : .5 : a .

S - t aMlo




Mb INm





-a - -

m ,


laey Saving School

Shns For Boys

1 lStylish, Comfortable. Manlash Shape ,
built with stout Sole sad Tough Uppers
Th eely kind of Oboes modern boys waOt
and h.d eds of widesawake boyp are boy.
tag their Slues here. They like the style,
Es, wear a d price. -
$__ 1., $1.51 $1.50, $2.00 and up.

We Oiny All Kinds of

Good Desirable Shoes

For Men, Women. Girls, Boys
and Infants at Money-Saving
Prioe0 every day. Give
Them a Trial
TelU Flad the ilHee We Hell es* Ihavers.







L>nnfi f

-Tke The Atlantic Coast Line
Take The Atlantic Coast Line


North lbfK East.i ,ASounth
ii b&WNLM 4"JoImouiat

P.a O.

Dusivat. W
West 't)

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time tableo la *ffel Sept. 1, 1904.

Deprn Fuor
D~p I, --_- +-9
*as1pm i
Dally i

HIgh piuap sa d Inter.
Ame*iate PoluU

Arrive FPr
1 0:40il

-7-w- .I -' m
12.t0pm Owela Ls bursMd ITaps,a sd 8:40pm
Daily latermoedate Ptolte Daily
06 p m Palaskm, Dasytona, Jaksoarille, 1:0 pin
Dailv Nornh, ass and We Dail

ISI:aaMI High 8pringp, Wayeroe, Savanau. Bmnawiok,
Daily Albany, AtLanta. all Poin North,East West
..-- .,. . .. .. .


ohbell*, Mlekaopf sad Citra

Dall H,

80 Oa in ( 7:20 m
Dutl High Springs DI f
l.t.o.a. S i. Sanda?
Iatehnalh Milage Tiekewt, good ovr 18,000 miles ofat among the pris*
Sipel llw lu ito Bowthera Sette, are on role by the piniaepal ants.
Through. Pullma s1peor Port Tampa to ,New York, via Aslantio Coad
Line 10alo via Atlanent CoQst Line and southern Railway.
For oomplo information eall an
J. A,. OODWIN. Ticket Agent, Oalemvll.
Addre s:
FRAN 0. BOYL8TON. Com'l Agt, W. D. 8TARK TrT. Pas. Agt
11 WI. BaY st.. A niau Itnwl;l.n aaLas..all* ?\

*-' .4,

- ------- --- -- --





r -'w.Pr ':'AN W '.. r~. vwrw 7 rDO
g___'__ TEE JijJsT SUN: BAjUFis.IJSY 1 muI 4
___ m flOIDA.NoyaD~i7

*I CaI


e..-a a.... r.



b e Wet in IExcl4ent
h!tplbvad Great Skill on
The-i Game Between It.
St"ews Monday.
I warriors pf lest iFor-
Sreturned Saturday after-
Q lat, where on 'riday
ftoterKd a lerrilfto drubbing

p ponts is w&S another Bar-
The big, husky giants on
sl)svea were not loog in re.
t he were up against a
Ilin tlhe way of football
*,rtllak, dumfounidlu aind
to the kifAe boys whiet the
wMle"0 r opened up their oat.
ieao moment it was a charge
the speed of the wind and
g of a Japanese cavalry,
.end run would leave the
heating for a search .war.
i quest of the ball. A
paso and tricks seastered the
is every weoton of the field.
Ial tee the osdete were
Mleing the ball and run.
the goal lisie for touch-
hea the rest half was called
stood 0 to nothing in favor
:oalde soldier.
the entire Rame the Ocala
met advance the ball four
lie thi s a outweighed our
b| ed the secret of breaking
e ome wall line confronting
lW etl on the other hand
sthe opposing line at will and
e we were spectacular. For.
S4senveuty-yard end runa
W gequently.
pfitb alstee of the second half
the aurie being called on
d'darkness. In these five
WeW NOem more pointe were
tAis oe If the full halt
l$yed the seore would have
m b entunry mark.
Sthe Seamiaryr team so far
0018 polite for the season,
T eord made by any team
fMllery of the 8tate. Every
d his part well. Only two
iN s ade by the oadets.
nw thbey will give Stetson the
$ their lives. They are in mMg-
beid. to meet theme splendid
n fPo oeLand.
S Ito see tomorrow'i game,.
i ktam are about evenly
M Od It there is no fumbling
!ls Seet exhiUttions of fuot-
igiave upon the local gridiron
of the the two teams
o lelown: One game favor of
SN nogame favor of 8Seteon,
tie. Tomorrow deoldes the
b n them. It le to be
hai a reoord-breakina crowd
k e. ~The game will be called

fbush, who t making the
ieam one of the fastest in
fieol hopeful of winning the
S1ie training has resulted In
lhe soldpmrs* interference up
rd oan a par with the beest In
.. Go out and help the boys
r1etory for the Orange and
' hel Btetson leam sixteen
IL0 hasky looking athletes, ar-
lnight and will be iquarterWd
Rhiiaiann House during their
S Neuragia Pains.
tM, lambetan and sciatio
to he penetrttlng influence
a SSnow Liniment. It pene*
the merTem and bone. and be-
Into the blood, its healing
are conrvjed to every part
'b and effect some wonder-
!o., &X, 1O00. Sold by
Mn .
i IMalphwr Injured.
a runaway of "Arthur," at-
e the hose wagon of Com-
S, Friday, the driver, Wm.
W, thrown from the *at
pal la1f ul Injuries.
9s0hoa amnd Dell were sum-
ild fond the victim In an un-


The liver of the cod fish
produces oil that i. a won-
derful flesh builder. N"ofat
or oil can compare wit! i.
in that respect. To t;et ch
best out of it, it nmst ).:
emulsified and mailt lh.-1%
crcani. In Scott's ':-
sion it is prepared ii- t:.t
best possible form to i r(-.
ducc the best possible rc-

suits. Thirty years


proven this.
We'll G*I4 ),u a tia ,r .-,i fir .
sccTTr A tOWN E, ,'MuI lreet. New York.
--- I-l -- ..

List of Various Places of Worship
Where Those inclined May Attend.
Services will be observed at the va*
rious churches this Sabbath as follows:
Kavanaugh Methodist Church, Rev.
W. J. Carpenter-iaunday school at Preaching at 10:30 a. m.
anld T7:I p. m. Mouting Epworth
league at B:30 p. mn. A series of re-
viral services will begin at thli church
tlis evenlngr. whiah will continue forl
two or three weeks. Mr. Carpenter
will be assisted byr ev. Tho J. Non*.
wor.hy, the evangelist, and others.
First Pretbyterian Chureh, Rev.
Those. P. llal-Stuindy school at 9:30
aM.m. Preaching at 10:90 and 7:30
First Baptist Church, Rev. S. 13B.
Rogxeru-%unlay choedl at 9:80 a. m.
l'resehing at 10:30 a. m. and 7:I0
p. m.
tHoly Trinity Church, Rev. F. H.
Craighltl-Holy commUinon at 7 a. m.
Sunday school at 90:3 a. m. Morning
prayer and sermon at 10:30 o'elock.
Evening prayer and sermon at 7:30
Advent Christian Church, Rev. Joe
Sheroue pastor-3loroing merviee 11
o'clock. Subject: 'Tro Be Carnally
Minded le leath, llt to Be Spiritually
Minded is Life and Pease." Evening
service 7 tt) p. m. t8abject: "Paul-
As Perneetor, Preacher and Prison-
er." Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Services will be held at St. Patrick's
Cathollo Church. Ker. P. J. Lynch, at
the usual hour.

New Way of Using Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. .
Mr. Arthur Chapman, writing from
Durban. Natal, 8outh Africa, says:
"As a proof that chamberlain's Cough
Remedy Is a eure suitable for old and
young, I pen you the following: A
neighbor of mine had a child just over
two months old. It had a very bad
oough and the paresis did not know
whet to Kive It. I suggested that If
they would get a bottle of Chamber .I
lain's Cough Remedy and put some
upon the dummy test the baby was
backing it would no doubt sure the
child. This they did and brought
about a quick relief and oared the
baby."1 T his remedy ias for sale by all
Reuult 8sati:factory In Alabama.
:._onl,:o''r '. .\!a., Nov. 12.-Ala*
bU:nn !s w- n;, :. ;e landillde to Repub.
len :.,'i > p ,.,:'Sit'ircly. Glory has
thE t wh..'.i fl I t inn: trrifled In this
?t:to ,ayr.nyp:3 : '' t. .It ect:onsi which
hcvo Lc r .: :1!.,, v.o',ls politically
for )so ..' i: ;' .' .v e mne out intt
t. op :i .. : '...,r 11e the staris In
]lit i,-!'!.:; ,'' Tlimo wat when the
io \-eu!i '-;rrf ,t'rnt a Re ul bllcian tt
co irea s ri;1 i.J,. niitny C'tunty otSceA
with ilpu!'.:rtr or foTl!twer of RooIc-
vent. T.O '" it I a thrown them
out asd put ft :re and sane Demo

Heshh is' absolutely Impossible if
eonstlpation be present. Many er-
ions cases of liver and kidney com-n.
plaint have sprung from neglected eon*
situation. Sueh a deplorable condi-
tion is unnecesary. There Is a cure
for it. Herbine will speedily remedy
matters. C. A. Liai4sy, P. 3M on.-
son, Fla.. writes, Feb. 1I. iIM: "Hiav-
ing tried Herbin.e I find it a fine med-
isine for eonstipatiuo." SOs buotte.
Sold by W. M. Johnson.

The net sn14! 4 f the Gqorgia Pr-e.
byerictsn will L b held at Urfa t'

The Sorial!sts claim they have Lpi0
ed 70.(00oo votes tor their prntldeosl
Thzr De'tocr ns of Colorado Oantede
the 'cct:(ri or I;:r.' tie iblcam eon.
grr :-in leIn tin .tt l t!,
John B. ectraU, ttRepublioau, hu
been eleacd to cougmts rom *the
Mintl i district of Kentucky.
It .\ilU tlakc untt! saturday before the
rvaiult a i,0 tI:,t.ctlou i known Is'i e
:.ate tCA J ,''r)Ii:jt.

It In irepcrtei that two Gvrmaa
riiMpi fh'u&itrd recentitly In the North
tea and tMat iPl on b board perished.
J. P. Morgan has heen decorated
with the Inhltita of the Knltasl of heb
Cronn of lialy, by King Victor of that
Emperor PrFar~' Joseph, of Ame-
tria, has tletgraphed his coegratuwia
tfon to President Roosevelt upoa hi
Prince (Godlan Froshilnt. ooalt o
thue mikado of Japan, Is on hi way to
Washington to pay his reospeots
President RooAevelt.




Manufacturers of the Jo i th iami
Sea Imand Cotton i and 'p
|, .. ,. .. .


285 W. Bay St, JtJe Cu

C(.tra le d,

Mazr R '


On account of the monument not be.
Ing In position, the unveiling of the
Clarke statue at Athens, Oa., had to
be mistponed Thursday. W
There was a light fall of w o% n vIa Atlas
southern Kansu and Northern OklWa
bomr todmy. Growing wheat was | L N
badly In eed of molture. I LLI
It is reported that Governor Oe"ll
won $300,000, or four and a half time Two lea laed
his welght In old, aon the irelt from Asbaw.
the state eiecUoti In New York atl
Cablegrams from South Amertcas ay t tIy
that there bha been several eath
quakes In the various coutula there M
resulting In much damage 9bto l
The Pederal Stock and Gralsl e*n
peany of Boston. Mlau., a brokerage
eonerm having 40 olas la vadtoo"U IU
cities of the country, assigned M G ln
(or the benefit of Its creditors.
A. P. Gorman, Jr., qon of the Marr
lead senator, was arrested by alataK
la New York on election day and waR
forced to spehd several hours In the
police stat.on.
The avy departmUat at W hlas Wa
too today received a tlegr ma taft g
that the cracser oltumbla, which wot Bmad
aground near Penaolan V a., has be
foated unianjred.
A m nby the same tf Peter Joel LPINaM w W
son was caught lt "bSotteUi S .....
swamp" quickasd near Hobohl g ......
J., and his life wa saved only by the 9 .,......
most heroic measure. 810 ....*.*
Senator Proctor, of Vermont, ma sit
ounces him Intentions of giving 010o' s .
000 to his home town. In that state. 8 4 ........,
to establish a borne for indlgwmt ad .......
worthy public school teachers who 8 ....
bave passed the age of awfu..ale.s i s..s::::
A strike has been declared by N1 9 Ar .....
women in New York employed Ina 190 0L1 IALy
Orand street shop. ih tumauaturlag ll s 60
legxgngs for the army and navy. The 12 W 0t
strikers oppose a reduction e waTg ie 0 UA
and want to enforce the eIght her ,..,,...
work day. ..**. ** 6 .-,.*
Colonel W. II. Detnom, lawyer or ****"
frank Duncan, the Alabama murder-
r, has filed a plea for the emo maed ....... I. -10 a
man, In which he states that th m .....
now convicted Is not the reak Dun. AT I Ar A
can who escaped from the bimtmlu. L
bam jall few y l ago. j .A,

By an exploeeom to Iit1ua riay at ,
the mine of the Peabody OM .opa-
ny at Sherman. a wan room aad tip-
ple were destroyed mad two miners.
George Mc(lee and Ivan Myeru, were
Injured. None of tie other cO mine-m
In the m!ne at the time were lajure i
A Runaway Bicycle
Terminated with an ugly out on the
leg of J. B. Orner. Franklin Gruo Ill.
It developed a stulbbjbrn ulcer unyleld*
IrPg to doctors and remedies for four
Iears. Then Bucklen' Arnilca Solve
eurerd. It's just ns m ntod for hbrne,
seald), skiln eruptions nu l piles. Iat
all drig stores .
not the Ld.mleOem Uetll.
.1 trvl.ling ntUi found a hair Ia hI&
ort'. oft honry at a Muscotabh hotel and
coniplainie to the nadlord about It.
'"I nli't help It." the landlord rpl@edL
e61 boashit It for comWbed boney."-Kai-
was C'ity Star.
A Sunwiiv Delmmse.
"Did Jones have ppmndletlir?
"be doeto esasfrwmL Some towM
be had messy and sose thought be
beadn't."-P kt.

-- II


rO ,". .,?(SM
", ,- ,'tl ,


ows QENT~g!it

ally, ai
|mlp^a. -ma
*HeI--B ^


Io 1& w""i

. ^ ,.:% ., ,F

0 A 10

* a 6 6
.**** **
q* sees*&

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*********jB ~ l

O&De s...el
****** ~H~y

"** -H E
o esjl
** ei d-^*^^^^ -^j
.+ i *kji-.

..:....,, ..'!y<


K ..~.,t

S,.' ,, '



F- es

SA00 Rowed. TuO

ale daily. OWi
salty a8 .



Dketer mbewb Atheata e 0Sa~seuae0 -thulMb S-
amerVterestWith St eNS iS WSSb Iaf
35titYS'eflenesmab aoie S550i W .>
aew ienio-a mi aAew SASSso
oomeese -be OastsmM naa <|i OM61.
as waes'. ream man emas a graesmiat She a ahf

~r .r ~c*13r

: '"-reCL~





":" ,.

W, 1.

.I At

: :

W. W 1w





Sverco f!

4* wt , . .',.S,, ,

. .^^ ^^ .' i
,-* W ;"!. ,
^I~l y. ,

*. S I ,
- *iRr. .
.* *w^ ^' ,;.:. i^^ .^
,, te ., ,.

Pbs les Q W

i'#r.*Ua* NW .


Drop in hero
made by 80CHLOSS
The beauty of the
Soblos Oer in
the At oft 6d
shoulder, graceful lapel
and pertAt collar, to-
gether with the general
air of smartues that
lift, them out of the
rady-made class and
identifies them w it h
the work of the finest

Many men cling to
the costly merchant
tailor habt on their
IUTIS, but rush into
the nearest clothing
tmorfatthe first touc
of Wbier and walk
a with an OVER-

What need is t here
to pay a facoy price to
a merchant tailor"
when yo can buy a
F OverclAd of un.
Sab tyle and
wor k-
for a great
fl acoompanying
aun hows two ex
oeedIngly Clever styles,

9Ou Pries I

anBROS t

CO., I (,) rrl <'l 1,

I ,



. s.

.t' .|' Ji

r di,
-i w d

* .i' .~*4

~ ~

Vi ~']

I '

* S





nge From $12 to $20---Worth Double.

"Drt In dad let us talk It over."

, no,

'4 JI a *

Outfitter to Particular People.



|Biiar~nr~a5;iriijgrqwjw U


.* : I '

"I T n: 1

lost, k o. w

61ASw "A- t **I",-

.:0' ,S.. At
^^^TT1 ^^^^ 'a., '^
r^r^'^ i ^W,^^-^^^ ^^^^^

',Awmniu. VLORIDA'.
aDtors and
Licensed Em lmers.
n tss.,"m'sn' .. "t ,

rw Asl ,Sbs. Hons. Ib A Stirle
A*llow.*Ua i IAr QSaUsr.
- . .. ..' .
E, bO O@M Po, both -alt
fe aiSWt.T wl dt-l smullets,
sla.0 bea Ofor ,.
masll m aFbi. pile. Onl
WlSRIfrSO Fish Np0o.y,

w 0t 6S., S.1
W-ft'f,, tt,, s,
,~.^^^ -. ^^^^ -.^r~ ,. '

* n-h, Inm





"Opwis Sptember W1, It4


We cover these imrnortant points and respectfully
6oelsit a Mdare of your buefuen.

Fire Life, Accidet and Health lesurane

-Agents for the--

Victor Safe and Lock Company
0 n .o-no ln -rat. Oh, -t o.
The "Vietor" Is the hw safe made, and parties eontemplut.
ing the preuase of a safe, or anythllg in tlr t line.
from a box to a bank vault, will ave money
by eonaulting us. Call on or address
l Information cheerfully furnished. GAINEHVILLE. FLOKIDA



- Montezuma



On, the A. C. L. and S.
None Better in

A. L Ry.. V. J. SHIFT
the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains

MAN, Propriti..


.1 I -

I, =9 uri a
su aAIT Inm
-W At W *oas


II. 41

ms .



.~...._.. _.__ ___ ___ _____ __~_~ __


--- -- ---- - --



kidm iLIY ~rLrr L~


SWARNINO TO PLORIPA O.Mwo. tr uWhvIdel, to obo bel w.
CRATS. The Repbliamn party ha beei e*losid
Klink w ,' -tc r ul, t.' *o oet this ti*me not as the champloa
'tL L C SU1 9. 14 plAt o capl spinets labor, bust as the
o .*B n m s.awe ..L .. aIl. ft,) i, r*,' l.,l. 1 I .lhid i truete for the IndIvIdual eit res in the
IBmilrl -"* t .it> CalCondit.i.-hRiet .1;,j 1 d t hft? l i t r lh !#.
S-- urN. a v 1, nJ1oyunct 1P hisrights.
gy* attr ad 310. mai tt r It I. a great reV lipas I.47 And5 a

OK T ---..... in tI. thr+i )U,, .u.2. .;* n +. .-t ,r r *-r. l r trad t II,e.ovJt If it i.
my l. wL ItoyoP 'U-W^lot Dell)t s'l;^ k t 'q :rtt,, r|'t: .., trJ 0., .

CC, : r*Art H],ir.t. 1. teI tQ the Ir s, 3:7 1,f in iit hands
U di. h f i th at i oAri^ It f i i .,. C iol l

t m, . Tor L E S Vote il tIhe F.rI.,i t f a tow r: ,i. .* by th.e t.l.ra it may eu.ti, n ir 41
,l li o rf .e 1 t-4 li. '' I[r ) I.i t i u oil e.r eI .,t Ito A W-

del nred bi *m rrl ertn teeb ,. *ystem o'r ,'u e -. ,. itlh, tarf t ti ts,' t hmie. Ite.
pr ar, of she r ttd tastes po eetio n.t I o-5 t .v o i ile u L ,-.s t H.
gaayear:Stee sts months: 11,15 "n is '+l- l to **lbl^i^*l | .l t7 Lfu ,l, J t .l the Istb, 1
s r ar KhO si wo .t s 1ttl .i, 1,1yy , v, t I L. ^ 1 L l t L .
Wr mitte for tie w eeks-. bilit1.s w h n o.... u r gM!. I A l hI i Rw mtain itj 5a n ra h arl sr-el.
.n S Jab a \It h Vt'l i n 1 i i r -o rn1 IO t h I r a k s ii I t t 'x;rt s u t h e R ei .*
Fig..7W!49. ... emI Vrm'rate party it tia a. .
XTI Itl- it V6eel ., r i a':bt g pan rty Lu root o t of the utb.
I -S oa 5 oe for n ft0 i id I t4r, tra il: n c arr er1cKe Igraft an eorr option whe r-
msn w mad ktno g 's l.'',:t a i A .Pi' t' "' .* "'. r it be fouu, II the Ro epibdlil n
S dlvertansl ade I ws rapur tlhe ::X: i' y tf' t' e v-t 'r, 'A t e r party rail, in thenp thing,. the 'eopg e
S.i..- li .r1'ta i pa rty : r( .-rly tr.rk will ot be nuA e i to blame if they det
tW eek Sun st n ri i,-~ 'e8 11t11 r1'.t. r t, s ,at r L iF; '. c ie r o the intervtAe of liberty to give
al sp r, pdb:at, f'ee;C )b.o r ria~d tA ut a At si f. r radicalism a chmnte. There i no mid.
r- tlI a.t conirstr, tte it s 'etIt il, at t!., art di e
.t e *M itatr a.1r e s n ~a I a et titCturIse Sny longer open. Failure
le wtek. plo. intme S r lcti 4en th at the itetl biVetL ,r bg the Republican party in the teak
em'tatI1ff'lnSe tt*b a e fret'. to Ihe d
a es u saor aa .r .y colred. was .d e;at.. 'p to iow before it will eutai a terrible
1 re, lo1th11 $dlntL of iroerl) r-. :c a:., i reckoniag for e ter, uine."
'L'-tui.g h:is baiIu .
$ %a bp 1eeo spe due t af r t plt r an nl t as Tr lo m id-t
$ ae, t demeat. hunle o 4r thewil e AVt oI. Prt o kown that at the last election bint i.w I b- r s:'t:e. t'... e por tl --i tlarng
top st thow Svcr tn ca In d *4 lot l were rwjested art acco -ia t t ( 1. n t O r ~ rten Sih l. t l rct il te,
T, OTHI DAII.NSt N. being ropery m:arkerd, suuh r,.ir or tfd .t' bt S 'o arur t ;tmng. from
,. Q U Y L M, b ailloets l) b elb tlo t. r i nu 5tr Cnio. ('a t.. ln ( t[ dI. O n ai very thick f g.
SeITheie facts show that the vtera oft the rar s so re a Point White Purl
!4je et India I. about half thar Republican party can be rdueated to ArcL;ard narr isp, 1. ntes out of the
1Ugl.i d S1ptee. properly mark tand cast ballots, P algt Soun na; yard. Two places
.......ado for this reason it is 1te tto w e re rr l J rr.";. cantl !ng a leak
Ssphyslein figures out that everyone that with ites ireRa t ut, ce whIch floor tt t com partments. The
othe whole world w'Il be in eduealting ie voter. in the last cles. vesret l u tf after being hung up
'.. t laon the itepublian party will In fu. for hos t rre hours and returned to

U D Y kn th first ensu reexert greater fort to u1t and pre tlhe navy >art, She wlt. It Is said,
otkia pare a lrge nutmbr of its voters to be haiC to i l. :he dry dock.
I er0" one e gsoferhen roeablbe to pwojeriy mark their ballot.
__ t enIU Fn-urthermore, there is in the ranks of cflp Rendered Disabled Ship.
-*".-a ..... -- ss Wthe Drmocratio party throughout the New York. Nov. 12-A small schoo.o
siing or a snWal) lumap of --tate of Flrida a large element who er nare G. uI. c. with a crew of 12.
snaked into a mouehnle are'eok ard tired of the grafter and far out -e her c rSe. with ne other proi
f the reappearance of the machine g'ollteioans within their own estny before w te gadle o rurytane
fl effeually, pasty. Th~is clement composes so tfaore, was sighted and given assistance
... .reas e .tent t t bone and sinew of te by the Atl s !Ine teamr VtlencS a
la le is anthi from a land, many of whom are outspoken in her at oetra voyage trom th
ll i .l L denketion t hse thnns and woho.. .
lad.mcyo wim r otsoenI b boAas!Ieslate -ln aa

i N iwe ei Ut 9 mil nu tiiree
Mordl NK to the province in
I ylh kppen to be.

.aN mea In every town the
Paenme tihm the meaner re.
b will give. i often does
iMmtern good to get after
I le them 4 good Jacking up.
tlmsol respect you unless you

piusy IW frequently cited as an
iln other nations in the care.
it of her foroelst; but the
gfltf of two hnndMrd *qnu~e
A timaber, involving the de-
olmoble trees and the death
l r, Indleates that even she
L A-M &../

w $SerS ago six jacktases were
1as011e from a pack train in the
NIselr country in Idaho. The
Llad the coyotes seemed to
"Wet them, for they have so iu-
Iii ItNomber that 1,000 of them
altly v founded up and sold to
hiSUW government.

IS. Wlliable old family hone
1S the most valuable animals of
old horse the children
ltaled with and grandma ride
itMust fear-the horse that is
tf steam traction engines,
locomotives and the team
Swto pass him on the road.

happen to find two ten thou.
bill. lI your pocket at the
o0 0 may be certain one of
ftlnterfelt. United States
Ellis II. Roberta stated to
Beakers' Convention that
bat one ten-thousaund.dollar
M4,latiopln. He also said that
.il 2I,1 one-thousand*.dollar
.lualation, and we will have
b 6W ord for It. as we never
Sthem at once.

W that ample preparations
Miade for the isilt of the stork

S.mMaehold, prominent women
have imeo1rprated the
iltBhlh Irlnrace Conmppany.
mnt IoeMrs. telle M H.
Slesoan, and the secretary
ir, RMis Emma Menter.
tiof Ieem ( $8, the annual
,lMd there li a monthly as-
601"-. After the teirnth pay-
L Wf a I& ..iaS L9i A I .

with their sense of right, will not long
submit to their continuance. In our
Judgment these questions are erpe-
eially interesting to) those of the Demo-
cratle party who inrst desire the great.
est good to our Slate. and enoondly,
who believe in the principles of Deuoec
racy as banded down to us from our
forefat here.
We give this warning, believing that
those on the house-tope should. If true
to their trust. give timely warning of
Impending danger.


The Wall Street Journal, the most
oonmervative and ably edited financial
journal in the United States, refers as
follows to the election of President
"The responsibility which devolves
upon the Republican party as a result
of the election, should sober the minds
of Republican leaders. The story of
the election is simplioity Itiqif. The
Republican party has been made trus-
tee, not for the principles that have
heretofore constituted the Republican
reed, but for the substantial extend*
sion of some of those principles and
for sabttantial modifleation In the Pp-
pileation of others. The country haa
divided I elf on lines of conservatism
and radioallm, and hasu done it for the
first time In its history. The old l)Dm.
osratie party le dead, and its place tois
occupied iby a party standing for ideas
in lhep main steialistic in their char.n-
ter. The kepultilcan party has been
re-elected to power not on its platform
uf high protection. but with the under-
standing that in the matter of the tar-
iff It shall takel occasion by the hand
and make the bornnds of freedom wider
yet." It has been elected to power not
as the fatter-mother of the "trust
idea," but with the understanding that
it shall compel each and everyone,
L -- -. -- - -- -- -- -- - I
BewarqLof Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury.

As meretry will destroy the
sento of smen-ad completely derange
the whole )e9tem when entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never be used except
on prescriptions from reputable phy-
sleians, as the damage they will do it
teo-fold to the good yo i can possibly
derive from thinem. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manurfasetured by F. J. (Chenry &
Co, Toledo. 0.,. ontains no mercury,
mlid is taken internally, arliing direct.
I ....... L .i atIA t lia*.l am, a Irfninal




sptgd Wdleft of th
F&S-9-holos. 34oft. -fay.$
Is b"

___~_~__ _ ____ _~______


TU gloom*
li.Y A
is w h a t . . . .......... . . .
mow a'

sit us

0 Impup -Iw -1-0-YRRE

we al way& know when sho ofter rm t Accril*"s
fel lowi Woll of.

Fo~r Sale

by. a m

port. The fat* of the 11ttj4 IL &IV
craft suod. her crew was not known ta
Ibb ONCOTO Of thP, ereW whOO th*7 Of-
rived hwo (rpm Hayll today sad rw ==Now=

Ban Francllc,,). IN"ov. M-Ilvo Jap
an~. tbe.-*dvanct cu&rd at a Cobw AB.
of fboy or Ofty (Anifflek "" OWT",
by the alc&nrr 31suchuria, on tbo vray
to **, i*herv tboy into" to Abume
Culthate P-430 acres of land. The
eoloey will raLse silk. *Atou. Uftc
eo MW via* apples, uW experiment
With t"Ift.



_ ___ ___ _ __ ii __~

' ," :r ,', ..


*I. ..:.

.- r


'. IL

d" of Tityl a". -.1
OMILO. get, =$I

!I Imr-
COHO....- mr.4

MAOU IN= 0. ft wi'~~i

THE *~xg romp*"* oftV Pq
88114rdasnow, ual coo Th SM
OT, LOU1169 800-
ftr sale for Re JaMM&
& "A W- k-I MeXasia" 4600 love it UV111 doUdd
of Tbo $war$ does tho:

I most successful of
(Vivs Ito 00"Is (a emplese me In so&
r"Mul". &W SWOON%" tharo of both beftleph"".
or wit to Plaita WMPW. Us short s
t.q. ft-spre-19.
61 A. 3 IWOR
tw (Ift-lopar "I tows$* am-is by the VM6 ar, P0400 am
Its Jokes. Witt
ALACHUA COURTY,1'11 16o Pa'16Vs"D '-Ig U)"..
Al"bus sounty' it M6,400mrse in 0 Mea are wwwoft absep ul- . . . .......
ama. has 240 miles railroad. 900 tali essays iuw idle 401"UN*M&
Every pop W111 h116001 sad lob
m) *2 9 "J, wb V1- = q. '267 Pp"b o' 0o = # SubseMbe new-0.
plants? 20 saw =III$. 015AM easn or.realsteftd loktar to TO
aow*pperve and pn). X"
doom sors, MAtono rW. @nor.
Lawfts Abe
j P"We Placm. I*- SOL*& MOO
I Wo 0i
Cwn4 kat.
How foajttrn-ehumhvj two public
seboolet th,6 was% Florkla &Minary.
private wheels, thrips Re"Opopers,
United States land ofilloeq, the best AOL
wai0r. ore alarm flownt. 0110.trie





M WOO an Awso
wifte for rrm", 4mam soA 1110 1



lib -*, ------i*
1 1.

K '1in /i ..~R,,.
kAir Line Railway
5JJJ1)Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Souther
ianw.k P-sIaa Pines.' aleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.
I-.. - Two Elegant Trains Daly.
I-rt 60nda Malit
,II A -IS eaboard Express.
04 sR I Or tSYM Seaboard Mail.
SWads Mofps Oa" Misal
Ni 01*rl.........1 $10 50 Only Line Operating
ae,....,... ae 1 25 Dally Through Pullman Sleepers fraim aeksevole to New Origp
A&VIlUlnnRU 1 y For full information and slnper t orettion emil on an agent esoa-gp
write A. 0. MaCDONELL, 8. 0. BOYLTON, L,.
iDUUIUBIIR Ass. Gemeral P wssspr Aes, n.Pa e

IWO8 IfA[ ROUTR "II .. .... .hIil

., __.; Good shells In your gun mean a gocd bag
st"ra s tin the field cr a good eccre at the trap.
., h lJ! ~Winchester "Lccdcr" and ""
,, 8mokeles: ioawdcr SBhc l are goed shells.
... o .. .. .
:,Rll 3Ss labibhset ShadhIe Always ::r, e ir., sAviyi ,pv:i.a., even '
e ), ,amtO ,lu-pred o:: c.~.: ex.u gocd p:-.c.:,:a ., t:,etpr
great superiority Is testified to by spcns-
#. ouI PAd ui.l meon who use Winchester Pactory Loaded
I ubrme ai In mtShells In prefrmnce to any other make.
o, So w'.
S1 1k. sad J"bs Ithi
1IWSt AIa n8tple and. Fancy Grocedes,
W wn sow.n
sp"I'awn. Drab', lardsn SoSd ad FertHIIzers.
IN Ilnw gem a .ta. ... ..a. I.' Itflhesi market price paid lot Chickens. Earn amd other FrAuaee
.1 kblM hS d &A Complete stonk of 1IIy, Corn. Oats. Flour, Bran, Meal, Cotton 1eed Mede
fsme'We- SevOb sad R,.. We hMadle oal, ,h. VERY BST goods i thb LOW
Upa wise menu, *wT PRICEs. .d garastee emtifsetima .lmg.
by as kUiube,#lpafo Jae K. Guswa. Prealdenl Quo. W. fins, VIee-1nelideml
Vn~ m.MFIgSTg 10HSL A
Pb uI~mtaustage failure. If von
u isa piniw Iae llfesimf O
boy,. .. -- _, . . ._ _.S.. b. '-,

& i' Iflb Ii iI I i m ..I Capital....... ... ...a@.. ..50,000 *ooo
a4s0v mWu s.f not flw.wm wS1am Ros Surplus and Undivided Proflts... 5,000 ..

,. maw Ludden &,, B. E. TAYLORBa Ct e.
%p. widtht a1 t
,a (10 It 0 f lM0 II101u(yHI o u I
S S ft aAYA.NAR, GA. T -
lm JOftN P. MURPHY, itgr.
toTA,PA -,-- V IA-
S.. "O'' W t" -: 1. The Atlantic Coast Line
Montgomery and L. & N. or Diie Flyer Through
Atlanta and Chattanooga.

Round Trig Rates From GminesyIllet
Iflw jtmRweV -$44.10 $36.80
o,.:...dail. oad 1111sale daily. .Onsi aiy. od sitti dMe -
se,' ,,s t ra-.a= IT"c.-1-eri


ttUp Stn.ted
l, Weds"day

|| c r CfIN ONAROK

r W 0. Oril Crlsn hef
a oIs C dent That Otan
Suia, earn One-eaw
tiUp be.'.

g0eal of soMveral monl, t,
o1tf which lime the alfai
IIwetr *intrixaslto, ltl
Sepanula Lcmbsr Corn.
ft 0Creeks near toehe)ll,
rsaoed operation, tMe

~utpday. The plant is now
3. I. Cr11 of Palalkl. he
ihe ahUre through Dr. J.
h0e foreelasure sate stw.
aego. A that tim. lt is
i ipatnuoa Oompauyl owed
I.em.r l houuad dollarr.
w4rd by mortgage of the
he s i 0084% l t w h the
m efb of she
WSedIO. H0Mawll Kel.
Sthoomuhly potted in

Als that only the vs.

iesemplopim aboutSmr.
th o now In opm-
l ylln about tblr.
thm average or whoem
bestmuir wl til the
f m the tfora will be
The oaty reao
lathat department at
SsIs aeonaont ol the
Piale for lumber.
A Pim Plnt.
of th Eenpuola Lumber
me of the fioess and mass
SState. It was ereted
My & Some, who afterwards
MeDosald Lumber Coam.
Ssad later all laser.
M i to J. M. Paiterson and
temed a mtook company
the capital took be.
The flailal affairs of $he
psy afterwards beame
Swith a rsul that is famil-
wteeg of The Sun. having
iMd uale to satisfy reditonr.
is Peortune Smiles.
Oi sll t m desirably located.
eakmg Newa*a's lake. the
IWft aboud Inl the finest
r, wbthh ean be rafted to
at aomparatlvely small x-.
Sbe other hand are huan-
gm of fe pine traversed
la tram road, In eourne of
HIs at the time the mill was
hsompany had an abund-
a working teams fop trans.
htepiee logs through the for-
Ib sill, and in all It seeml
Should have mulled upon
in1a Comparn and made it

r ielley entern upon his new
Ih a determination to make a
id the owner will no doubt
Wteo feel that in his new pos-
lhagpcod thing from a fl-
Ma of view.

SA Heavy Load.
a tlead off the stomach take
mIa Camr. It digests what
frh st5ath, belehbln, uas
tat all disorders of tho
ane curable,are Instantly
permanently cured by
o-of Dypeplsi Oure. 8.
tAfgit at 297 Main street.
CGaBa., ays: "Kodol Dye.
Such ualversal sail
h.I surely becoming the
I &ad subsequent sure for
ahilent. I feel that I
Slto satisfy and gratify
by recommending it to
Sthi to show how well
Fpoken of here." Kodol
re was dieovered after
itfl experiments and
Ilre all stomach trou-
all druglite.

Vote In Georgia.
No". 22.--nturns from
of the state phbow the
"eellved in (.teoria by each
leadSn presidential nom*
"ophlete vote was: Park.
oetee. l25.8: Watso.
were 211 votes eat
*a Dba. makhag the
F the etate o1.81&.




Now Sold the Nation Over.
'lU i pt i l- at io It 1k o havIng the dootf with you always, and ..., it saves yo(u ithe doctor'. bill. For liver aid kidney
trouble i.eror- i na thing toi equal it, phyielueag reommending it sand
re@ n tall 'A rn-4GI, t i IIIn In 0 ditualG so. If von are aepiIlcal aInus st write wo
anbody it -Hsttiesbjrg, a eity of O soul, edask bthent "hin'they
in lik ofr ii lW' are willing to leave the verdi with them.
All IruirMis Handle This ReaS4.y But If
'ours l% Oat, Write *,.
Sold by W. M. JOHN8ON.


Completely Unnerved. She Falls In
Dead Paint.
sava'nnah. toa Nn. 1l.-"!f i mwet
you, I wlti shl t >); ."
The e i vht a rlttu 11 a
piece of m.Asila rarr that was found
clutched tr. the hand of Mids Ws Imee
Ljash this morning as she lay on the
floor of her roonD in a dead slait.
Last Monday night the young lady,
who Is a daughter of one of the lead-
lug famllls, soelally, of avasaaab.
Was bhad up $l the point of a revolver
by a burly negro who thrmeaed to
shoot her If she aereaed. She did
not eemas and the nesro then made
his way out of the house He had
bee ensurtsed by Miss Ismah s the
act of burglary.
ver saine that aerveshatterlen
expeuiesce the younI lady bas been In
a distraught conditions. This -
aIn wbeo she opened her writlag desk
she ftoad the mote quoted abor. Ut
bore no address or signature, but It
was too much for her overwrou ht
serves and she fainted away.
The case has been Investigated by
the police, but they are non-plussed.
They cannot abcortajn the identity
of the ncgro burglar, noe determine
whence came the note.
MAs l.ynaUl i In a state of nervuuS

Mothers Praise It.
Mothers everywhere praise One
Minute Cough Cure forth suffering
It has relieved and the lives of their
ltf:le ones Is has saved. A certain
oure for coughs, eroup and whooping
cough. A. t.. Spafford, potmaster, of
Chester, Mih says: "Our little girl
was unconselous from strangulation
daring a sudden and terrible attack of
croup. One Minute Cough Cure quiek*
ty rilteved and outed her and I sanmot
pralse it too hilghbly." One Minute
Cough Care relieve.I ooughe. make
breath in easyeuts out phletan, dram
out inflammation, and removes eveeo
eautl of a eough and strain on lungs.
Sold by all druglists.
Men Held for CinlaneAtt Crime.
Clhoinnati, 0.. Nov. IL.-Theodore
Salmon and Harry Reardon were at
rained and held to the grand Jury
without bond to answer for the muar
der of Luella Mue!ler. the second oil

the tlhreo ytin women killed laj
"I,/vr- -' lai.e They were in JaUI
a* itfltcts at the time of the third
ti.:%,.t r. This fact damage.' the theo
ry tfat c;io mnnn rcnmiltted all three
cr, :e'. Scv'r,,l 1ItnlltA.sesu testified
that Ihey .aw Wilson near the scene
of the murder of dUlA Mueller.

Not a 5tck Day Since.
"I was taken severely sclk with kid.
ney trouble. I tried all sorts'f medl.
cines, none of wbiceh relieved me. One
day I saw an ad of your Electric Bit-
tern and determined to try that. After
taking a few doses I felt relieved, and
soon thereafter was entirely eared.
and have not seen a slobek day sine.
Neighbors of mine have been oured of
rheumatism, neuralgia. liver and kid-
ney troubles and general debility."
Thio Ii what F. Ban of Fremoet,
N. C.. writes. Only NFl, at all drug-

Sixth Attempt to Wreek Train.
Richmond.. Va.. Nor. 12.-The sixth
attempt within a few weeks to' wreck
Train No. 1. on the Baltimore and
Ohio railroad was made Monday unght
near Kearnstown. The train collided
with a pile of cross lies and was only
saved from derailment by the ties
not being secured. The road's de-
tective force has been tacreased and
a determined egort is belie made to
run down the woul-be wreammk.
Thousands Cured.

Leoing interest In Anarchy.
New York, Nov. 12.-About 500 pe'
aon calijtg thenmsoles Aiarcbhists
have assembl4 to an Last Bide hall
to conimmuIorate Ihe death of Ray.
market rioters In Chicagu. Policemen
were preiaet and the chairman wa
told that If any Incendiary speech
were made the meeting would be
closed, The cbtirman declared thie
to be pro* that liberty is dead la
America. Several other speebea wee
mad, Inlelsin on* by a well movaw
woman agitator. who bewelled tbs
lak of litrest and the htlltf o
Ia attedae a tM amareBlat most

M R. B. W. Evens, OlWerwtw, as".,
write "M haeabI la stik for th
imathO., The desoMn s ld ta he
quiak eoasmmptlb. We prnastd
bottle r irdm HeobAdyue
od i, ,$ndIbis. Thai w r e if
i o he. wem have ai mnbj
a bole lto hose. We sNmet t
without It. Fo e*uo sd eoMs t
has no7alV e, B, $1,UD. lold bly
w. x.7J bA'sm

Loes His Life twfiOf W"b.
Amemtda N. Y.. NMo. L-t-Wile
Mward Bimonas and hbi wife, tf Rot*
terdas Junction, were walking -esM
the Boton and Malu brdge oe
the Mohawk river at that place ear
this morainE, they wre run dowi hrI
a frebht trala. Slmmoms. railroad
man, sadeavored to swiag up the
truan with hI laterr. but to so e.
feet.. Hle uaceeded t plMu g his
wift n safey o a"bu etC but
was himself oud to pilne.
A I ji yi/flu a St

.4--WH^^-- A

117 Wat Uniloa trt-.

S.... For adlse. Olentlemen and Chldre..


You receive prompt and good fta
tetion from people who know their
baeinse. Your monthly membbship
or pieces work oleited. Oe tIrtal
makes youth i rgular etusOrer.

Int sam for heu Coamr. Q U-
Wbol. -s Irne m for AMd WMi&
e te. .
Td W IwM for Am
i sad *t of WOO c bhI mak
Rppea" t, t* of a)l Wlest.
=ale 0 yo0 sa bi Mab e r J.
Ast tio I teereWIse e Mti sleSer=ipema
. m1~0Aek rh la1 t1ie Iaaa a v thask laI



8 alaOS'1V
Jeckronvl and I. l

Ike Vra *mu* t
Clyde New n d g

,-^ PwO L i
Konkland......*.o.......S ...1ia V
0ahned- ,0 ,h 9 0 t" ^*e

Civppng p lilam ,
sev -n JJAcsssvSb 9

asa a"OITY Oar'm
Mggg ,Mm
l.r- 0

15 i S VIT 3 3* 9*apt* 0
0 /0e,, am ****II' I " I *
A UUni S aUS us., ::* *.p Bi-.. l
lOMShm.... .et*....a. ..1....

u aiwr

* .


D1C T1M :"'**ltr"
e *. a s as 'e ''' -"
S -" -.


DL A. 0. MOS.3T, i
0 8 T8 0 ATA
08*: NaOCT20 iS.
O~aa: Magnelia Bael, Ge

Aad MWnelrsW toE qUg

eal s ue. I i,,ome
wooded to. OS et deeoorUs
Ce*. OArxwfvuta. Vwmaa

0Aenus.u, 4** rV'ew

cas sell gour *ti pmypeQ (IIio

- neamp i, gh,

... souoLnoIR N OHANORT.. ..

Oe 00In 3l B lek.

DIn 7. B. AJ.D3RMSN.

Mtee Wssalfl AesmeW

Ovw ass"a s0s 1a.'


. L i 'I
: /;' vl

o ,~ ~

'- il rf .* "r~"a
' ;" i. *.:.
,, :.,,*" ',, ,
.. . ... .* r' * "4'' ''^ C
.. ... I, -, ,'-* 7"
.. l i ( .i '11
S r .' ,' '.. i

.I ,n, i ,i I Ill" llll I'^ 1 ,l; T *. lA


Lp OCEDOMn a Tmr

oraduass tm av e Dens s nSI,
torws.usWe went -e Er iP*
As.M&Wes sa

JORnW nvutas. Propdfter.
UM8 W U* *,. oi*to. *
ftat beer, bottle and drsight. Dem'
fall to eall on me wheo in Jaskooievlle


i,. .-


I t.
' ''' l
' l

Sl**. .*~
a I tz-1*." A-r'-



/ *






I *** *** T

* *74,1 I -ITU

-.p---- + __-- .. . .. ... ......_..


grritt Corthell

o, flrid..
io w. t1ti 1t.. New ~,fl ,
'e4. Sthil sad Ulkh-
W1l3r and 19at- .

vely Two ljays Only.

B OUSE Parlors

S ta he-
tiitition Free.*

Mrday iter. td,

tCON mpt n
r., .t Vt h .

U .
Uf~~~ J-U-


t ned id What ais o ig
T TO SI hort Paragrapha
It4L Whoe Runs May Read"

Ci*mua & MHill
iall jeet. J Manas,.
he10 at' New York Itaek0t.
:pds and price .. Ma-.

impers for rale at The Suni

Wonderful Salve for
Uellum & (C<.

bwhlIdow for glassware dis-
York Racket.
s Mi Nkamopy was a busi.
Sto this eity Friday.
tI the town red on Novr.
IS. eow York Racket.
pI1pton has returned from a
tims trip to Jackeoa ville.
_tlou of matling jst lre.
t low. New York Racket.
em of MNiesopy w ams s ng
im vito tto shim ciy Fri-

l0,009 and Lawrence
S ,ere in the city

Royal Cook ftrmer-
H. Adr Thomas V. Pot.
&-to-wnr skirts. Full
Sweat ves, styles and
"nftod-hand Densaore
;WIIIbesoldM cheap. Ap-

Obese. of some time in
S'GF. Garrett ha. returned
i 1 t( city.
AbP`yic s a handsome line
IyeL- is Ja mnese de Ifai.
re o. designs
e, aharrming young
lipN Junetion. was shop-
9 Yesterday.
pVtar wauts and lay in a
atr Bargais Sale. Nor.
ow. TworktRaket.
I0 of the Abstract and
p yhm returned from a
Pip to F'ort White.
".."M of pictures to cocer
S*u1less electinn ever
UshaTeuilse Furniture Co.
Ilaspet the new stock of
fli1 ehiffonliers always
0 0 G(ainesville Furniture

,I hank us for the bargain
ota wear a pair of our
I f or women and mises.

e Tsraer returned to her
-flvTIlle yesterday, after
l*etat visit to Mrs. 11.

laseri with iushman a illh
I itanI ata4 oit!r sty:ilh winter.

'l.t-'t riT ot' tI,. r *-hl tent of
earil. N i " S 1 l1ve t I.t* if t1h I, K. l-i]be'e of
VwriOC in t' -I.ty Ntew Y'rii Itackrft.
I lirt'ir *htl a tile In7y t.rifit
0%r ; |lai. <(airi-vaate F urnsturv

. r . t --;. tt+r '
K l^.ll~~~l..^.^(.i ~ Ctii. n i c.L tf *

I a t tij i I, tt I i a*i. Ithe price is
! r. ht .. \l ,rs.,i .*
i 1. %Wiiamn uf I:t vileville was in
t ,* 7y yAenterld y tndi rei.*-wtd hleI
; Icri mt h t .~A l s v aciuS'e l:lkIto lary.
I JoY-rrph '*n th tof o licar,'Tvr. a ;nem.
bl er of the t '-u of "S1it:Ii .1 Joh tuiu.
nIt *ry, .. tra:taetiring tiususe in
I l.i e ly yC 'i er ay
('.Lazuttrlh r '. -'. t%5q a ii :t';| iv.N r
Tali.t a:",' v.tOnTIn a favorite for
ot nomaih Ir ,,l** drut.. esi.tipation.
For :;lt- t,,'l l dru((Rifti.
),*1iy 1 7.' ta Ta'mpa and return via
Atlaritie i C'at L. n- acc-int South
Flori.lq Fair itt'.s tilsehstive, a L:rr na: i A.i io)t. Sele tick-
et agent
The numerous friends of Mrs C. 8.
Lynn will be gratIfied to learn that the
lady is rapidly recovering from an ill-
nwse which confined her Io her bed for
several days.

Among the prominent West Eadem
who visited this eity Friday was H. A.
Piekets, a suefeaful merehaot of New*
*berry. He called at The Bua osee
ad renewed his subseripltion.
k A f When In search of
S hoesI -, Iood mfortble d
stylleh footwear call o ee us. We
handle mnobby line Is the latest
shapes and can always pleae. J.

1% D. Morton of Eve was among
those who favored 4(aineville wish a
visit yesterday. Mr. Morton states
that shooting is flie in ttihe vicinity of
Eve ntow, and that the fields are full of
K. )Phi:lips of Meredith. a memm-
ber of the firm of Phillips & Mew h-
ern, extensive manufacturers of lom-
bm*r. was transacting buines in this
eity yesterday They have one of the
most modern plants in Levy county.
4) rI Tlhigpin of IRohelle. J. H.
C,,ffe of Waldo. H. Poleman and M.
C. Melntosh of Archer. H. R. Stokes
of Miesnopy. \. L. Dav s of Rowky
Poinr, F. E. Cellon of Hajue and P. O.
Ramsey of \acshoota were Imoag
the visitors to this city yesterday
Captain T. H. Riehardson, formerly
a conductor on the (Gaineeville & Gulf
and Seaboard A'r Line with headquar-
ters in this city, but now holding the
r ,spoasible position of yarduaster for.
the ASlantie Cout Line in Tampa, is
spending a few day4 with friends here.
The public is cordially invited to at-
teud the services of Friendship fBap
tist Church this evening. when the
rite of Baptism will be administered
to a number of candidates. There will
be a special sermon by the pastor
Subject. "Immersion Essential to Bap-
tism ."
Inspector Strawn of the Southeast-
ern Tariff Aa uciation with headqour-
'ters in Atlanta, has made a thorooch
inspection of the wiring of the Gainaes
Yill*e s amnd Electric Light Company.
He pronounced the work of the new
plant firt-class in every respect, meet-
ing every requirement of the asso-
ciation, and took occasion to eotpli-
ment Manager Dois and his men on
the excellent workmansbip.
III I I l .

Redbone, Miss., Sept. 24. IWIf.
. :. W. Hall. St. Louis. ~lo -Dear
In reDly to oars of a recent

telase wh tu"bas* A MIIl
Just received a ear of bedroom
suites Nw York Raket
Sreasst pening Bargain Sale Wednee.
kay,Thonsdy and Friday of thi week.
New York Racket.
L. F. Moes and faitity of llollittrr
are visitial J M.anning aSd family.
West Uailavill.

llroadelih for ladie.' suits. alt
everythiht elst p you nr.ld in the dre,.
goods line, Manage.
311M* XNat Jerhiganu has retired
from a plaeseau visit to the family of
Captain B. W Fontaine at Mieanopy.
The moot eloquent talkeprf wy hare
aire t1eaqe-qalUhs-priee. You will
f Iid all thesr in our Lennox line
of schooled dresshoe forcbaldren.
Try them. L. C. amith.

W. P Moseley is at home aaain,
after an es*nded visit (to hie old home
in Owenboeft and Calhous. Ky. He
also visited the ireas World's Fmir at
St. Louis, Is which he was greatly in.
Friends o(Captain Wingate of Uutlf
Hammock, who had the misfortune to
become paralysed a few months alo,
will be IgralSed at the informtaUso
that e Is very muhek improved, and
the ehbas are favorable, It ls aid,
for a ompket recovery. Captain
Wigate is the father of Mrs. VY.
U Farla4 of this city.
Thou. my fbled. would lke to kow
Why fair etwt w* bl wsh and blow
Ia b 's see? 1 i' sell tUwe,
hTe arIA by sTaTnkm."

sof ee ad .eaw mwas hts e else
'T- (T e Uld l4 le)
mus asea bsad mdi ed.
AM sUes b safled to the shage of
edetneems4 PItbfe B e .. LNew Teet
Ikets, whisk appears a tihe n
eord pla In sis th ee. This eaes.
prilg Sirm sanmesM Wedso4te.
Thursday sat Frddy of the aeiag
week as basrpl days wkei will lg
be remembered for the nsm*-
ishiIg prIm whih wWU pmril,
and extneed a weeSlal l svtu.
tion to their o atry friedsrk o me,
bring their luaeh ad mk theum-
selv as hom.




NOY. 16, 17, 18.

This will be oar firs threat Bwargain
Sale simoe movlnq lto eoer m w" tems
froas billaMing oa outteest r af- known ahfifen' Comr. This
oaiy begin a se*rie of Baralit Slke
which for low price bav mae 0 the
New York Bask bmmOe.I
For bargain givi tl is ale wiU
eelipe all former tstempt1 as bI
prices and wil knock a ll eempi t
out on the fir road. We are bw
s bees now. but we want eveybodf'
within twenty mile of OJlaetilet "
visit us dusian this sale ad u Uhe
greatest out lay of bargains ever phe4
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date in regard to the efficiency of Don't Forget the Dates:
Hall's Great Discovery as a kidney NOVEMBER 16 17 and 18, 1904
cure I can saf0ly say that it i well
namr-d when they cali it a WNSIER.
I have *uffered with a weakneo from YeT Oer Cemery Friendat We want
the kidneys for years and haeve tried you to come and bring your families.
all adresed remedi for the eo We hae bll for our use a large
plain!, as well as physeiian. rand Hail s
Texas Wonder is the only thing thbt pitching Shed in our bask lot for yor
has given me relief-I ought to say.' horses aid vehicles Pleaty of writer
has effected an absolute cure and feed basee for your horne, sad if
Iteppeotfully. Hyou bring your loach we have plenty
j,0L'A ro t. of room with chair and table. Come

A TEXAS WONDER. to Phiers' Corner. everybody. You
Ar o~eleme-

,l-. S tali$ of Monte- ()le small bottle of the Texas Won-,
nt[ in the city y- der.Hal's Oreat Dscovery, cure allI
Ntill is a progr eive kidney and bladder trouble., remorec!
Si on gravel. cure* diabetes. seminal emi- I-
Of ioga. superintend- ainns w.ak and lame backs. rheomu*;

The Only Store in Gainesvillt
Tryil Especially to Take Care
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Mloorgrammed Stationery makes da ll

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IT. VfiENS EX.iPAVlNt C (o. .MsA ,h e In
.ivry rF and Weddlng Invitatlons, JU Whtlltll

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One Price to All.



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**'- * '


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