Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 10, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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3*0rt fie tkqe tShae WSriver Msoy athe uqer.n Tethodin tha
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spalag. I:n Isia ueS thr t Atlata, but iso auorll Mr. The origin o lth flra ciitnkow.
i-_ for qester Ailmat mowtls, PsrroI. Alderman James Wpdlwsrd '

i Meale"T__o are .ou"tpo II touch WILD LAND CASE DISMISttf EDe nrto
b .e.. _ot to e the is slias to aai-', take p wci thosion Rendered by United Statesr V tlni of Cart ,natl Dhenerati Wed .
0l the enatgs poentr. I ber of thres Supreme court. cultural Tired and trted om
a-.WBhb *efor ef om the of river sy, sI atitlyon. Novt. 9.-1irn h pldlng the ;i nm,,N,. an Qn im. lS
.h ae. :r'tetl.i eS ar steg thenngt r by Chief Jutile f li ter l the ttair in this Iteing e, teo .l hplwes operta
''.. ....... l.. anh" o t er .t bq lq i o c I and h:tihiea y ir lrel oStwt a treert mis
'.;+"t. 0' en In "er.'butnI Ctnk no the case of Stev- by U.n.itl Saes, tiV.tu I ihe l t a tir ld "I

U 0ofe1ri ea gagemo -5t P. tr e The casp grmw ,it of a ntroversy t
1 ov. 4I5 g p t..'h Wasito~n N .~ c~i~nlar ppli concern the ownership of a o stl r ll e o sts
,Japa. .e asg Prt Arthur:i. W 0,t WbCild Juands lying.t on the h lr tntrof an.d he r t I c ito
*iU a ti .ommsn. erof theou ofh tnm4lit r .l lad lo ilO !o-ro dnut honr. T lh t re stuhe u ii ,!l t bm
..'. ferreat1 e re~haveotered ermso~f s th caser ofi Stevenb.on i- Fain.d fferad ti' i he r ab nr W,., 'tLul Riar
$ N Suf rin Is Saleagoere Citny. nesTh* ans grow tit of a eiyraarheartl a Ia'u t he I era tp oainkIMP
n .. nte ho.. Nov. t... .0 u. .. the .ce nthg tt ( h le o nershli of a rtedy setrll tn"i .1 l.vcr?; '"" eiilt.'
.. : 5 0.otivt f .Art ofn wlhl rendst Iling onthn eho ,rie r ,u an d he .girlt t,,,,.iy ,s,,, to het0
*.. aiotas LI Tnant (leneral Stoeuse the states oe nesle .. .e and N" .rth e dat, nh.

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",; .4 spll aeorathe fe tr,~the watccTrd the nian ds l ay in inrne_ coun t y .Te wlunduale l and Me.- I.ail;a .iuler Is .s
I** tn .:. ..ilitary the landsla inr" Molfoe T eenatv. hie l, aw th kla bne'j .n' i men pord tS
6* *gA 1 1 7.,I: *. yes terday. Zna i r mne:, hlOe the r lam t t tt. F hlh in a' erted" thrs Irh an obacur re itlit a, whhin

i. ... unliuua. .Thc Japa irO gradu, North Cris l nmi, bd were btuel ndert the Iallre now -ay ther ha''e lutt
a lly ada ncringeln T i.,r tcber, o fh ic a grant from thai a in taTs NOQ fur dmtrInga Tin e faetl
wij spell I nebo ra1 e tan the weictcnab Tal lilies States circ it coirt for WaiSdIK Cat oall W( rc ,m ul. head. cnisf .

, rt-'nIr wttleas srnnr;:t;:kil NEOROES ATTACK SPEAKER. ;"u11 hnI hedE'si
Cieteo fi be ing ,as shecta e thie m a bar ,t

SIkooBr ae vict1,ory waa set5vr v"e see. P AreC Freely Used.d 't I MURDER CHARGED TO FA tlLY.
Sathe e ost*lst Arillery Firing Contlnuously Now York, Nov. -9.--N-gr.s la West ,
4.6 Mul;lb. via Pe-un. Nov. *.a-Arti. One laundrod and Thirtleth street have
beW 0 1446*' of the ha. 19y djr g WL c.-lnltlnii. all aloh attake.1 a truck from whicll J*mes.. roth sI L Accue d.
'b.'.itg 155l t"S pl68 'of the lines on Mon-'ay and luternlltte:il R. Surgeon, a former minister to LI- i.arfore,. Cinn., Ni'. 9 r ix
i1".11i1m ob8 *"filty, 1t"ildimIg this morning. A battle might con,. berLa. wkbs haranguing the crowd In sons were charged with t, n mrntr
..hw qul.'a Vitotla. h meatece at any hour It All be a quei.. supportt of a Democratilc congreional, t war, foPit londy I* a, grWh
4 .tUd this eOmtry (hbe tio of many days if nit weeks. to do. nominee. bod .. od Mth ctdy with a
Ibru1tme WWU al k pw. a*g@ e elde the position, which i. the me.? The crowd.. ** ce .rd at some re- pft ti tohe rf th e sty hial
L.i. i 1Sa sd *i.flars, moat of whleh lateresttilng stne the comrieacesenl ol iak, p,, I thl np z ker with varleoui s er nt hiso n-h. n t. hs.. s b
$';" t W SW Ia llpptlIp Fbist. Ne.BWa the war. Rach side Is waiting for lsiles. ,and itia.' set fire to the arough his et th, ,ullrU b
4". She travels In a I"Pull-ma" f. other to attack,. biting with which the back Was de throul. hllT h ead tii hla sk'll or
aenikveie 3 etorated. flames shot up around the Coo. Tesy are Wiam Sai itk
. l e S labttly Itted with every .sa, R iaes Arrive at Shanghai. speaker and those on the truck with Cook. Ernen ia.lir amuel
n^4 #pleeapisg CIfBlt*lh. taghal. Nov. 8.-The officers and him. and they beat a basty retreat. ry. M. 011. an ciar
1,*..,.** 'm *rew of the Rausiats torpedo boat de. Police reserves had to be called o ..t. n .
IS Cavelesa Ostt Fersigers. stroyer uRyeshlietll, whieb the Japs. and night sticks were frely ,.e at, William (or than Kr'et ander0o
CM..:.:. S1t. .. No. .--tll Un. nose cmt out of the hrlbor at Che Foo, iatirv&ls for Sa hour and a half ib wll k ei Krln!h eaher
S~,' , bg lS Iumi" tloi agent of New on Aug. I. have striver here on the tore the negrOes were perstladd 4t were served n j"ail ending b ea t s'
'"4'. k dit. is 'i Charlestox. arranging Mamjur, with the exception of the roman. I to their homes. release. Etmor,. who bha ..,en liW
.:... 14i ." t* tumlgrAllon of .100 leanddl- mander. who escaped at Woo Bting. -In ever ince the 'Iny" Ith l*lY 0
SA. ia ft SO th, Carlls abrtout t h s He I s probably now homeward bond Ba etlrsn was found was arrestTM
-0* 4l etl40Yi to wofl .d In *red op a mWorld disatch ho U0.nnden that RA
,I,, several i large trseta in Alkeli, Faawd at Tomb of Sister. Miss Nancy Leather, daughter o the RAILROAD GET VALUAL LAND
..n ities set borehaer cua tli, as Blrooklyn. N. Y.. Nov. .,-Kneeling late (CIca tallonatre, Levl Z. [ilt. suthern Pacific I Awarded ZP
It the hland Is' fvorably pi ed o u pon the trave of her loved sister, er. will be married shortly to Captan Mile Right of Way.
A.ihr experu luo e be bught betse whose sudden death hail robber hedl Coln C&Iell. aide-decamp to Iord Phoenix, Ari., .No 9-The
,I ther tpdn@e, the dels will be of hapiplmes, Mrs. Katherine P. 1lub. Curotu. The ceremony Is exy eted known pass through the RockY 5n011
wberd had the pooper btiongbt ovef 8t bard. a young matron of Blooklyn. for to take place in about three eek. ain system has been awarded to thE
g aa b soert tateo w her buabd mud. twodttve Southern Pacific railroad lay JnJV
Iml. Irailon CommIsoner Watson had searched vainly for tb-e dao Dr
ai d the CommercIal club, of Charles. was found just after midnight In the Farmer S t o ath.I an t her
Me. and his project will probablybe The Jiistnent bet,. the Son
iStaessfdlly tpoem t cemetery a mile out of Plint eq; N,. Nashville. Tent.. N -. 9.-In Claii Palcfic e rontr ,trd right f wi
neatycmu madJ. Her clothing was torn. her hands borne county. TenOnesse. stock Wal for 18 iles brwen Kelvin id id'
Cotliapse of Scafehd KitlI Min, blekdlWis, as she cl .ped thom about toN. Wrulfr, aR4 a partial Democrat ley. etill thti tana r!er, immediattal
rIe headstone and' presult hr lips was shot and killed while t1arel $I I ers ri
Ch"".- at..., ... C., Nov. 9.-T< o o,_ to the grnves name of her S.ller. This Gid where he had Xone to look after Ie ,..,r has n don

** 1amsbot OM the Seweb*

"" r re "sab t":e 'm:
old M0 R Tt 4til wt. w

ahetule as lat .aW
l iR I *. llr, it J sh t tieTle. a

a Wa Nhl 4, t1 Yo4 i. aR. aitl Newi
gBg8 Ielilkbp*n train No. S willt enrc
IewYefsabtI"pm.atm% av 1fritv at

Ihte* p.5mw taoish VFlorida. alto wlmui Lo a
SP0e ,wkmt mimt b opreillb soi,4
UiiS5Tu*with urs*iawnb irnd.y s.hes ,bew,,e,

w.:l l Mmesmville ant mWisklso, and
hieust dmwlmg*reem sleeping ears
blenlll Jlllkoat lle sad NW Yrk.t
s tel g atv will $t tp. all eslls .
ASiii h'41 cft heleitllmnnmr ishe
,fld V smiMt ne* 1,6. faad stlt
w 1TuM ISfb sdI WMaotlltou. nd
lNo. S wmhi sNow lteentos Jkn e.n
il0' faVe. will be a mlhedS t
3aa ,ow. e*e4* rsom ea mltas."
ents# 5S P0 0r S1p Sa, vtl be chasjedti
WoW!lat.smv.llso 1 a Jm.

m. N "hW iam nbhe pae m o
m:. Sa Os. .e.s.. m s . .s *s I
iAo./ ,,, ,,/ i.__ baaaaaa aa oleaa im.
BT~~~~~ wewww- u~il, itH-0ottelt

bandtled m
SIMwoe, At-
mphit, atd
I ear hrvtwe

itr '* *I N *'- I .
b-a. ..
\ ,Hr'BI. '. tN. t. E.



For Sae by Johnon Broc, GahIuville

,4 nntt4b




lmny Sulang Schkol

SStaIllh, Oomforlabloe Manuish apesb ,
bulls with stout oln ad Toegh UPp"
K g Th. only kitd of Shono modem boys was.
Sand hudlreds of wld*ewake boys ar buy.
l g their Shboe here.. They like the style,
it, wfl ar dt prile.
S_.W, S1.25, $1 0, so e aso dp.

S.... .... Jee ll0 and RKsa s We Carry All Kinde of
:.l mrlpl wte*ill. a Misen I dlladoul ml A
.ALL *God DesirableSh oes
4* *a was f leWfiT. r For Men, Women, Girls, Boys
tiMaer and Infants at Money-Saving
VFW e M a @a dee after wesor* e i Pricei every day. Give
tELshes rha. anr thoht or Theinm a Trial.
Is bet t* 00hei most b pe Asto
4MsOS SathToSfi S you'll rind the hbom We mei fleeay Masers.

-.BW%&W. --- .... ,Tlblm are m-eb h mar o Styi sh MI LLINERY, -
bps `sOMAnd wrater In their syst, and
o f w deb rwoper dos aieei t ir -il te ---I K -tp io. -
as lte'' Is so asnal thas on. can herd- -W
je601s- lit s ile r l is o the.Ies 0 a l* m h diein.
.j. ,anub h.atle, of em. For sale -
Uby alldrupo.. L.I
.o, "s W l. Ifit

a flagn,. $,idn '*,s,. 4vt' .r z. "THE BIG STORE."
- i that ut? t :: Vt II, nr i
HHt 1 know of. watte sWted -11 w11m r-:tW1yv lb N i hetIs km to get nmarrkld I wLinim t :I't .. '
WwvS4 for a.. "oby phia Record.
Vfl r1hpbd Iot m a"n "stake tranta ,--" -- -
MT"* ti ese ft or ete a fact a nd so a'" Tk T h o-* Take The Atlantic Coast Line,
8" asI'stVi mes h~sess wTt bthu e nas Tc 1 '. .:
B&Wt Wd ofmpt m b al m a n Dipogs A.a PAoanIr i O O:NaW *
S.I. o e bs ie, a. io f o 11111 or A or i s hip I .A i l
*mnoofamt Sa"ethw N. We. a-t Da uly sede'ri.kaMtime irt. a l.r
b.tha. t at heat I... 12 Rapid Tranpit and Unsurpaswd Se-ice
noW it Fe Mk od. 3. d .. i .TimeTable in efm dcsept.. sdla P 1a
b nnll.the S eit ItWe -a I h
,It btt ltnsata fil USr VU Dip d 12:Iasaolfm i. 8 aP m NM Hifgh 8Wpria, and later. i nBr w)ek, s

jH^ __1^ .... Iasa amr X sbma fl.0mores. Daily Albany A Xsatall Point olank, tu t Wet 1Milr
1 0,w* cMm, h t o s tewheu *c. Sma4 t alk. Mo m .... .. ..
i d oti If iat gallant ha. M a 24 t aIm ltoquttllrod.i s Apm Oeal. eburX d Tampa. sad a:40pM I
,as o s p ibek I lie mao gat' r.d poto.i eAlC Daily lR term al e Pola ts Daily

I fl. i hot do on" pFr nsu, saw il.e *,po eourt il
h holiveilNorthmetsaprWestMilrl .
m tybev qbuethes e awu Is jIUl flta cUUotIIoll ric12:1 aHigh spriuar. .ajero. saaTnah. Bro.nwlrek,r 8:15pmi
1A1A Mh eNO "oun Diail.400yr.lDa iy Albany,.Atlasto 11PoinspNorth, R ut W est pail.

S115 6r1 6 m sun'^ I"" 10 AB* suites W 4 m ad as p h 1100l11 B oe e 119, M koe uw py a nd C it mr .
hou*, ffvV me kpa id, and pro.
Ste aem el duem oern. mkton, rise, saimr. a m y 7 aa
SOhvt-My dear Mia KOt* 1 oats. rye, potato"..plneepple, or. Dalyl Hith Sprite D ly.
Sft' "i600w0 q000 eig I wish t,, ant pemches, peer, plum"n., es.Mondal i x.B di
La U 1-Wht b It. pray? ea6s. and all kinds o1f vrvtabl. ----_: -- -- ---_--
,. --WIl_ y m Mis n. *.| n I nterhanibl Mle Ti.eket, Sood o vr 18,000 miUe aof among te -.
--I 1 1J ial t 6 IsUr m elpal ilwa _a*e _&StheV States tm Io ne ba Ws pnelpA! apew.o
i .r. t9 O. aI h tnk i llll i i Through Pullman sleOer Port T"l to New Yo v, via Atintie
Sl .. Gho s h. Eat tFlorida 1n k m st yAI For ompeth. Iuform atAon. Railw a.
"WavIgeu Pl. private schools, three news rmp' J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket Agmt, OlaIfvll.
_ 1A g.b h- United l Steso lnd erMep, the btes Address:
Ubammwams. lasgos sat abtle water. fire alarm syatm. l*lmetrlo FUAINK BOY LTON, Coml Art.. w n aTr T Tw Paul. Al

I '


I . . .i. ,.

*i6UP UAtl. "

phe i S gl In Pusth-
SW Fok Forwmrd,
6i' appoint*' fi''mrltilpy
Igo lithe wietsens for tIhe

I11t the i hortnoth.
INpesma ble pruhlditim
s*moed in the work, wllit
4i their eff* rts r l' Ws ady 4' h

..bPb of th4 eonmmlti'", wRn
IWroeIl Main strrtI ,
aglf aiad Mitaitioi street. (
Imd res s t d tolitr r.ill
p d away, which i uctitbI n
iopit n thli t, app*araMlr' t
are. A tiiKw I 'aix *
I p l t1' Wem iA tfrouit m 1ti'

S natinfr. id when e otil
.qet. cili pr mot at intr,

of .h CKl y ('siit'il i ill.
tbOdetr Pet l'mt lil t i', I l- '1tlo l
Street fruai Unioni to Ii
and to ruintr na(ucr, was n
B ud Iigm in' it t tI i ,l're %I I
it gene rally.


,t Names Secured to Charter
,Lit of Ba P. 0, E.
|||A I 0li bt 'olrgraktill'-trd
lZ asmae e a iountlur, .'r ire
Wl In securing ifty-*-ight
t1lte charter list of the Brothl-
Paoteltive Order of Elk,,
i"ll soon be oritganized here.
qWflve Is all required to form a
,td organize u lode, bul Mr.
h beioane o enthusiastle that
to '"swell" the list as much
The classic of aiier. are
best business and prafre-
tl ithe oity, mnd there ha no
ht the tain- rville ludge tof
*I k amoog the beatl In he

hk l been forwarded to Jack'
id the probabilities are that
l ill be Instituted here with-
two or three weeks.


. Orphanage of South Carolina
Ssbaln Serious Loss.
it ohe Ollnton Orplhanag of
tIL 0., wi l tarn with rgreLt at
of the mess hall of that
Orphanage tisa Prebyterian
ad one of tho largest ard
fel In the South. It is
the loss wa about $lo,OxM,

UDsastrous Wrecks.
ie responsible for many
WfeIk and thle same causes
human awreks of sufferers
and lung troubles. But
Advent of Dr. King's New
feol consumption, coulhs
even the worst eases ca n be
aopel rmmilt ation is Ino
WOis1ary. Mrs. Lois Cragg of
vI Mass.. in one of masn
war saved by Dr. King's
Ory. This great remedy is
for all throat and lungfdis,
ell druggists. Price, 6&a
Trial bottles Ire.

thel>itle Public School,
llle Graded and Htigrh
lne Institution of whieh Lhe
tlIthIslity and soetton hare a
t feel proud. Under the di-
SOI Prof. J. Kellum, the
lad his corps of able assist.
Ssfthool is eatjo)ing this year
A* most propernou te(rmsn of
and a large nutTilherof
ft taking advant'igu uf the
ltforded there.
attendance at th1e scthol
been the best in many years,
Ofs and students seem to
LatMeat interest in the work.
Spllment is increasing daily
Saddltions to the enrollment
Gamele BevTille and easierr
Sthe Stokes school, Earl Love
te0 avld Clis. Albright of
SW. Va.

OrOe a Cold in One Day
ItR IvO Bromo Quinine Tab-
Irlgilsts refund ihe money
boeure. E. W. Urove'a sig.
r lseh box. 5e.

SWilSuild a Church.
bVOl5oand W. T. Z*trouer
TMiala1y for Rodman whtie
bIaaI taken the contrael for

n *ittlt' iittatetl ir flirl |'|tl,

L"th % irl t' U
%td- jIm C't1.I k *y t i L I,| dn^ ,|.
1't ., ,.t \ .I ;v .I t ) :.., ,.t

1In I 4 ,\ A, .' . i +,,, i ,
t1'hsil i I *. \ 4 '% '.,
trie1- \ I, I I 1 1 ,

Itil-ti I ,
III.. I 4
~t:1M ~ 1,
16 l~
a., I
N p. j
I I~h'

Supplies the natural 1 ,
juict: of t istion aal
doles the worrk of the
astenrh, relaxing IL f
irallOUS tOet&so w', l s '
thl Inilamid murclca t ,'0
and membranimof t".t ,
orCgan are allowed to
rltand heal. It cures nI
IndlfOseon. flatulence,
pstphafion of the heart,
Rervous dyspeputa and
all stominac troubles by
cleanrto(, purtfyin and
stre bonlnig the lCn da,
msiw iesmM of the stomr- H
sob and diatlv oran. J .

Sold by All Druggists.


Clai.v's Sha Fired F.tatl hot In Stif.1
EI. i; t tu, \ : e., Nv. iv ---Mr.. l.N*n1
Ik % la .1 ..,, '1. ;i ; 1 1 W ;0. I 1,> Ih r ne: i h.
bti', ',-.. *.;h'L,-, i, nrri S a t'ilatd.
(O 'l1, tti; 1 \i livtA hUd com it
to l,'6 ,, ti.> ,.L.-' irhat" warned the'
uth*' i'.' 11 ,':.i "' o 'r ouMiti he with
v. *. 11 .. ..acrh. noar P .
Ph'!;.' . ti.' : onlt'rc l away,
' l : ' -g r M Rich.
a 4 ls ii*'"1 '.. rI' C% '5 weaiwin In
c eti an o; ii u ing; MWr. I)-Marr.
31Ir.. i:h i.iZ :I. ja :11 Mrs. DeMarv
fired f. t'. i ,' I hr weretO no other
witt(w"'r At :, ~A, erond shot IMrs.
l)eMar ft(c11. \itb a bullet In her
breastt, but k pt on firing, emptying
the revolver., Mr Riclhrds almot
fre! silx .hotN.
Uoth areT wiv"e of ranchers. They
are 430 years old. Mrns. Richards wr.

A Runaway Bicycle
Ti''rminated with an. ugly eclt ont the
lg of .I. B. Orver. Franklin Urove. Ill.
It devevloptd a stubborn ulcer unyield-
ingi to doctors and remedies for four
years. Thenes lumklen's Arniea Salve
cured. it' Just as gooId for butrn%.
scalds, skini eruptions mnd piles. '250 a:
all drug stores.
an 1t'h* Retort.
In llk' 1ty i hii4 I>uint'rement at
the Winlter a irdln In New York 1:dwin
ILtoillt ri.e!ivld a letter froan ia clIer'v-
man sKiln.: he wished to *ee
itoutil In ih iirlnitail auirts. but dte-
strit. If pif .il'l. to be admitted luto
the theater' 1y : Mildoe door. as he did
not an, i.s* ruin any risk of being nsna

Ivy [s nai !.il rs nteringf rom the
front. 11'd ;:t t;)n li mnae answer In
these ivontrl. ".itr. thew is tno door In
my thito-'r" tlU.Ou;:t wt:lkh 1 odI cannot

Ee.romr-. In It', of Arable u imerlmhi.
It t:l;k' .. tel .+a)il uit thlrt an
ltv : 1 s: ': u *? l | a it;a nuImneralb6
froln a"it' t 1. :' 'etl ilte Arbilc.
a;n1I i 'r + :';n' r,' .Taor l1.4 twelnty-o

ftijl' r, :. I .i l. lithree thlmes ts
lisi.s Id it ,', a',' .f lT1:n Inumeranl front


to :i a i. shn iie A.mblc. and
lii'I,' oif % i'.: r is riglat times as

al'itirrI I p.
"Thl'y th'.. I.: Ii P :~. eiad. nnd all
the p;I:e i- r I ,,'1tV1aitry nottict."
*'.M lI 'h*s "
"\WIhy. tlan'i li I u.:14l up, nd sluve
he'M ra-:ul ilIie'4 n'Itir-a he's too proud
to npCwL tl .ity onea."
leI I t nvoer sltaqk nilems I hnve
soIi,'thiln v, n-rh iyliIg, 4hle-- Arei't
you nfrinldl tasniunge, t 'Fraw l'r s.

Bra) K l '1 quitr & nny Irattrett atten.-
tion., but uhl'*t & Quick al'cuIulatLe thIe
lwedmmonots. Commntonr^.

1' 1 I "
1. I. tl.
( I' 1 ,
ItH \| ,< jq,
<' (, t < q I ; I ,,
hII I t- k'[, .
i 1 .. +,
V' 6 .m .', ,
1i4tl ti
tnl\;* <.s1 tmi ,

'4 Ii~ I Iii' V 1 ii

I I .. t i
* h Cl I. tit~% .
ii -I Lilt ii 11'

.) ... *n ii !1 h r +it
., ,1 .1. i 1 I i, tlau 'rrl

., ., l in lIt '11 WI ,
:4 1 1. *I .,. ( ) I I I lll It i
..'l \\.i il 1+I4 fuS ,'fl U 'l +

}Uitl 1 t,, t e r .. t l ti i I* k~l~* t a;L

%Iiv. 1A m t I l' l >l s l .' | i l

-w ere ri; in. ,i r" ili tlni estw t steMs,
1stra e4 omrci nil tler*i neeri iss. .1y
miolhe1 r rer.elk'nil I ulauki thei wife it
a liJtLir., aud fro'ii myn uiuther I, too.
ri'e ture." 'tih 'e .rsitn woi linpre*MstAl 'hy
lher uimauer mii jer ;.rtimnee. Hbe Hutw
her power. "'ilve we yo saId. let mtt, rend there it I a11ll
Lave l 1n) y4,4'urn orf happinles will
you.'" lie 1 thi forth li ilnalud. ish
held it until it sligbhly treublmled l her
hilblrr." Tinlen he burst forth will a
cry of 1hirrur, "Oh. luy master, kuow-
t-.;t thou that death awane the., per
rthakm lthii very uight?' lipjaar BekM
tretmilih*l Uw. "IThou wilt die by the
hand of a malt ithou bnat this day of-
feMided." "s It by As a i)houlla BDat'
be aikits. "%We qurrelul today, s d
about you. lie would bave boaght
you." "Oh- my master,' exclalmedi
saulonn. "to suae' thee I mu t have
soune object upon wbkic bhe has ookte
today, thew I corn arvert thil evil and
sanke hist aruwi u'tIei agualts thea"
"What! You a'1n do thbil"' oxclalmed
lJIafar Imw ntliusly. "'\lot certanluly.
Give mne ruur tyguTer." lHe drlw It and
haludn it to hier. She bh'ld It up amid,
looklinguap to the blue lhtven above,
murunalr a prayer: then banding It
back to him said: "Now It Is au kw.
It can slliy no one." Hlie looked at er
umbelievingly. "Try it." she exlasim.
ed. "Strlke here."' lie truck the blow
whern' her tAnger rested full upon her
hlu'rt. i he ke"n ilade went swiftly
h n. 1,1nd she fil4 at his ftet. excatiM-
ina-. 'I* 4;od. treerlve 1y 7oul!" Them
she lty decd.


New Way of Using Chambertlain's
Cough Remedy.
.Mr. Arthur Chapman, writlng fotm
Durban, Natal, South Africa, says:
"As a proof that Charmberialm' Cough
Remedy isa cur* suitable for old and
young, I pwn you the following A
wiilhbor of nine hadl child juet over
twunmonths old. It lihad a very bad
cough and the pirenti did not know'
what to give It. I suggested that if
they would get a bottle of Chamber*
lainl'e Coulh lli"enrdy aud put Wome
upon the dummy teat the baby was
sucking it wuutd mno doubt cure the
child. This they did atid ot*ught
aliout ls uick relief andt owird Ihe
iaby'" 11u tis r-city is fur sale by all
dr',lge;t, .

S- t . : '
k i" ,r . r W" i, .'
left i ,-.' 1 i.t I, t t g |,..'tl thi g 1
always. left in l'ilI e it sf ai n t barn-
ing l a sauer ua water la ay Ibld-
room. This was nrranuntt msothat it
would splutter out about 10 o'ekock, Just
ma It 1 bad exttguWabed It and Mtintd
mr the sltt. Thi se I did bM I
theevnd that the kpous V" w itve
*s wateiing my home tr esNM et mi
iovni, aSd it wau a keg ae
thy round that a cendle cold gso t
without buammn agency."
ot Linnent on Barth.
Henry D. Baldwin, Supt. City Water
Works. Shulleburg, WI writes: "I
have tried many kinds of linlueat. bet
I have never received much benefit un-
4l( I used IWallard'l Snow Liniment for
rheumatism and pains. I think it Is
the best lilnment ona earth." 925.
W8t. $1 00. Sold by V. M. Johnson.

JSa. W




.ir;lr it a'* lvm! U*rd WI tv 6w.
L.uASa i

*"Vo U to Uq1

% as 1.1 t.)i t'ls ,
I qi k' 1 s l IF blta r
I& t *I 4 A1 ; 6t6Jts4


Shtple andS.

OI'TI tI)E 8QTAILFt, s b
Ii);tnst market prie, p aid l Ir'O%,K 4 P. ....
A '. ql rllee stock o' Hay ,.. .i ... .l.

IlagsdR should haes
uu.GAINES .smmi i

of The Sta ds. he
JfaN TRleuu nt r tald 16 *':

Its n.MuM AIo 1liA (au ON*ee l
horln of bobh Ibsmh.pblre,...s..
Its shen suorbe ire mlmtehi
lid g"8tr Mne The eS a
mNW-sb by me pMo1Yw pam
It w jokle, WitaelbewbaeW

16o Pageos D.

lug hsps tgad b ibeds
Eaerwi lle will b, .. .am

or relo ted nter o1 u

v,- ., y" 1 "'..Ai4
ha UA.nps4t


ALtk OCtAtE |,

e...C C or

SL . .' .. . . '
.' T S..

The Atlantic r iCo,

Round Tir Ir*at*@mo fr Vii

$44.10 $

On sale datly. GOod tilIDee. M.
1) ( 1



__ ____ ____ __ I~__

--o . .

, IIII I I I I ; .. . .. I I.. I...L.

... .,..;.~.










Drop In hero stili take. ,t 11
made by 80111.08o8 O11110* & o.
Thu Iusty of the
athlos OverTold4 is in
the fit of the neck and
ntldet, gmcw1N lapl $
URd pfent wilar, to.
either with geneoalslml
air of niartnfes4 that
lift them out of the i
resdymads olhs und
IdentifeA them w it h
the work f the tim (t '
tailor. ;..

4'lt~ 1*
ajj_^^ ^



*Many men cling to
the costly merchant
tailor habit on their
BUIT, but rush Into
the nmarit clothing
sOeM at the flrt touch
of Whiter aud walk
Rm With an OVER-

What need Is t here
Io pay a fancy price to
a '"merchant tailor"
wh ,you a buy a
cils. Ovurclad of un-
apprvachable style and
Isw bl work.
aep for a great
h e acompanying
pitote shows two ex
odllnly over styles.

P0~k 1-o1


i< \L i> ti
'! li< \I ;

Our Peas Rutge Fm $12 to $20--Worth Double
.. . . . I _ . .. _" .. . ,, -. . . .



Undthft ng Co
l!t"'ihi nebe mwe. One ,A
.-.nen..Directors and
,M t...amkf,.,. (10 -m0

Sn .. 'd m Embalihner
,.. d at m,"s'- ""t " O'
Hn, risa, Enbhr Mmp, IArt
tshI Ueash. t...... m

*t .f orfltal as aA
a theOW he Waedib pmmp athmte&
the' a a hteo w s ell WtPalin
ll m' a"all'V n I The l J loridaU
..=.. .? .= ,W Fruitand Truck Grower
'iae 'vea s f1 3it,53 Ur, torw &.W P1I,,
te atty a- -sta-lA. OCALA, IM.
the bit l betwe m *r ** ... .... ...........
,r,-. no the w S1qh p 9....... .,. lt
vwA hasuamely lllesraed maguulm
I., n.--es.
all L A tt st pt of sBit
t waso .... as be p of.
l nson& sAmo. *as hNtAr.

4, woo tme
HMSk ttSS au It k e t
s o h4" en es

B am at e *tro tm em tha
e.tM _ens MIt. 1t fam pum am. Ma- tlll

"rMp lm and Ilt ms talk It ,ver."

UMfl! IrOM2& S.D.k..AJMEi a

We ever the** important points and repetif lly f
s .olieilt a sare of your business. s

Fire, Life, Accident and Health lusurace.

-Agents for the-
Victor Safe and Lock Company
Ci Lxxo nxa-kti. 0%Lio.
The *"Victor" is the best lafe made, and paIrtIe eontotmplat-
ing the purchase of a sate, or any th in in that line.,
from a box to a bank vault, will save monhy 'I
by consulting us. Call on or address.
Information cheerfully furnished. OAINE8VILLE. FLOIDA !
-2 -AMIAV 1- AVl I
The Montezuma Hotel 0
On the A. C. t. and S. A. L Rys. V. I. SHIPMAN, Proprilet
fnb~~ Ba sLO.&. ^ b

AVoneD etterO In

mte omate ma ,, a iay.
Meet all Trains.



;-- -I.- - -- --- I-- -

.cu mis aLn



* ''l(
, N.

Outfitter to Particular



-- I




. I;~

2u< -.,,,* *i,.DCT ..'Wa.. t .4!,,,- .1
THU SMOCUTtO OSIAt I th Mae 1 sul


I, i n

* I
I *,



I, '~I'I h, !e ISt lkAll4 I N ji
% A,

~, tJ4~th.

4119 Sq
1 ''0
AL. 4

I 1 6 ,

IA UtIlk

l \ I t 1 t

W ftl,194 tilt

is ~ P w~~l r.p ~4, t 44

oilw aure 1

*we'st *f*' t1 i lt t t

i S. W IS, bS i t' 0t' %ll '" I t
Sest itoilp t *! f r a r t i* llli mI It

B^ ", ,(J Vikl It, Fi. A
P ttedid lul t h i n! Wheat.
biNew TkPeDAnn.Sylvn,

60 1!lllsnoi tlLs, li hian

S-0 1wa, tlwa4)mind lltKl
U wr pr ltuces t ilit e tore
siltu more ftol shnn the
a mr time iierfe than whenit.

a1eN now rating as d factory
lb New York, Pennsylvania,
iti. llios. ll, Michigan,
a lelawarei and trlhode
the work of these inmpectoar
hampered by irmperfact lgis-

Il St Saul. Minn gave a
t* aober of her lady friends
the evening she nuesed $li
*moey. She made her blush-
eAMteh the hosiery of her
6 4sell he at lIst located the

lb 1l4 that in some portions of
husbands are selling their
sad wives to men who take
Is ldtb Afltea and Fell them as
She average price paid for a
oman fIe 00. She is sold for

he the critleison leveled at his
I P ap timate of 2.000O.(0,000
*amts J. Hill. president of
era Se erities Company and
Of&in Northern railway, man.
0L0 erop will not exceed that
thie the hardest is finally comn-
ft --
S ------- .. ---
.aI produce more sugar than
tvole of the continental part of
1l6d Sta es. Lths output of IHal
H42,000X),0 pounds. Louis-
SMeording to the twelfth cen-
td forest among the conti-
htates with Texas second and

II somelbihn very sad in Ihe
.l0fa yoSng girl endeavoring to be
pleW woman, with wadded-up
tlntag siklrts and oldish inln-
The loveliness of youth and
loo11 is the most wonderful
of all. and since it Psays with
H rt a time It should be keenly

T Statutes Just ls.sUed in i0ussia
women doctors nn practically
t@ looting with regard to edu-
L, ansd practlee as their mate
'Women ray now obtain ill-
puprsuing their stlidies for
deg4trees In the universitlel of
try and in the military medal*

i* W. W Holloway received many
S_ yesterday congratulating
Ltu hhis vtle did victory in the
P of last Tuesday. IHe won
P l t odds, and the people
jdefltomatrated in the general
.*U aM they did in the primary,
are siek and tired of czarism
. State of Florida.

Sleaoor Wiekham, the London
der, has a crate for wearing
iassnuakes for bracelets. She
I the reptlleso to wine them-
to nd herwrist, then shei
Lan L...-k . .


fr r q 4

I .

'I ". I

, t

. '

N Ii

.1' p

' I I

I 1 '

I Iv.

r s. orit.fl1 t4 t 0 41

I rw l i ** o s "i o r Itv i, il rokliti r ..
n r %l tl I, r,'1iW 1 ,.i ,r., t. t % t .I f
ti* O 'iflist 'm 1:ir'lg ( t l ai' I 4
,it; m 'n% i i d 0 1, A ,'4 kirkr.

'tr:l tI l t ral il y it sit- 'sut'ti ti
r fIt &l : t;.' 14 Vl ,II.,alWh haII~ Ui
b*.rti 1 i9.i ilal lnifet it *IAi Idtnii tli-
ilratip thts! l!it iial l' ent)tvra t w tia lu, t
agiM llwai ia pl itcal r'amll l V i)nl in oi -
pol upoplisti1 pilley of lUt' tRrpulbicant..
PrrPronally, Pl'roid!nt lRooseveltl has
mainy attribitei wlhith attract thl aid-
mirationi of the lptpel of the Smiitb,
but his enforcement of nelru ot holders uponi our people has caused
them it) forget his good ialsit and
lnrk uipon hlni i ean inemy Itt th. pee.
ple of thiu section. N'ow that the
'President has antienoaed that he will
not again be a candidate for re-elre-
tlion s is io be hoped that during the
next four years of his administ ration
he will not pander to the neRro vote.
which holds the balaneu of power in
many of the Northern States, and be
the president of the whole nation.
The n moorats made the best fight
possible under the cireumstaees. bust
the people have seen flit to endorse the

present administration, and nothing
remained but for the minority to sequl-
eoee in the resi.ilt.
The white people of the South re-
main in control of their respyetive
State government. and all the powers
that be eninot forge them to renlin
sunish the same. Tils much we have
ant will retain so long as the nation


A dozen insects will cost the United
States $3WA.i.lml this year. say* The
Nfew York Herald. The chinch bug
will draw $100 tOI,000 of this amount.
the grasshopper will take $0).(X(X000
and the Hel san fly will call for at
least *, ( .f0l0 more. Three worms
that attack the notion crop will awees
the farmers for $.O,000.t0, and the po-
tato bug will eat $89,00,000 worth of its
favorite garde. produce. Ten millions
uf dollar is a moderate estimate of
the injury that will be done by the
apple worm. The eaterpillar, that'
makes eabbae its spellalty. will de-
stroy o$8.0,000 worth of orisp green
The estimatlee which are onaserva-
tire, are as foullows:

Chineh bug ....
Grashol r
Hessian fly. ..
Potato bu i .
San Jose cseair.
Rain weevil
Apple worm .
Army Wormi.
CabbatM t norm.
Lull weetil (Cutlon)
otill worm (cottou)
Cotton worm.


....... $100,.000.00
. R .OOO$
... ... !o.00D.
0010. l oi OW)
I tO!2Ot.Ol

.$3N ("4l.4)0

Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
.As mercury will surJly destroy the
sense of si ill aud completely derange
the whole tlstem when entering It
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never be used except
on premcriptlon from reputable phy-
Oeiati a tlhe damage they will do is
sen-fold lo the good yo-i ean possibly
derive from theme. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manu(setured by F. .1. Cheney &
Co Toledo, 0 contains no mercury,.
aued is tuken internally. acting ilirect.
is, .u tn ih t li niul atiid idnhitloiflS stirfftP-

1? p.
I' '.3
'II I.
& I. j'tt


I. 4 ,

* t

I *
~ r ~
*t ~' I

4 ft 'I '

4 I


I 1I~r '~.ft' it

'0. '

, I '
* 1't *' Rt '.

ii. S


Umt m-

* I 't "1
i' * 'r
ni \ "* *'

S 1, 1 L A 1 .,1 i t
"c 1i d ir at !.a ti ^' t,'rr t .r ar
ri thu I .lA T 4 *t'.t,;1 l(. LCIt..
I: ilts tf * lu'l, ,'l'* i, A,.g! i i \)I n.
I ir.ft,


V -,, i J L' "
W '.,,

HI 'ftin
i^l I""'ry

\ nt %%i tt' i tutes Rntt lb
. S qt li ,o*.OV WtMw, 04 the a
1 the IlAoito4 MA Vws^ ht
-* iA MSa*itIe thtM4p.e

14 %
I' N. It,~q

1'i\ .. .



ialpw' Ir ensiur* t fleas r t -S- -. .. -..
*' .. ta A. Tl'q itflt It
,n t s" t',4'Is",
t I. ,, i. .i* i -- 9,..tSl ---D I , i'; ,

t .r 44 tt.l v.,,, i .- .itIr ti. la I r It 8aea l
rrw' vcr 4s *j. i k'40ff ttWith sqetu. 'IIe
ritkill varieow t jiirr whiltj. Istfas atImt

flor, Vt, i' ilWi a ml li the wall a a e... .
maie ofatd uplattsjtt. rhern 14 a hb"y
de4 r, ni i-r ia,! i steeltM. I1 itn Hprioidlit i G uI
4oI u-I n iart .n. Of tin G lk ll
that in "Mi to ti w burltnlr pmr fFt. Thea m .
gold lt and.ivr arlm uIluatuiy sl aI bi et
-MaI 4i illty s: uantity ieti 1mIIa s e bw

Sudden Deathbs r h wfta
I toa ii E di Ntl por rvllnit r I n this
un bdan evebame she ep
Stire. Many s ka'IdI Plit P M13A
deaths are causal ? a
by it-heart di a.. yt

h.istoeart r dCfaIilium .o ,

t aluftI,, ,- NO,...... 6,.. l kbb t"

Tti 1 ll pwIelllNa'*4 .........__ 1 . __'__ ll
UMaddril trti lln almottt ra 1,t result |tl o1 S _ll .I I i S.
fnmnl a idrungrtment l the*kihdlic dn A1ai"l t I .
m cure ji sdgtinetl uicket by a prper i S t2 1. T i
irntrati t t4 the Lki' nc l If you are fetl. i ;0 T Si
itu hllv v %cMal imIake no >aimpe by 1) ,i I SlAi t k *

grat ildney, llivr .lmod betIir rem-l edy. .. jSSE Em !
It cor rects interl"t to ohi urine sni tt St W a I s
Imral lim golla ih pasiit inf t i l t St"SII
conmunlile to go often thsmigth the dly, I .!A, IO1I l A V e-
4I Mil, sa I t1 e t t11 tt,11* 't.rt. ,I I* I AI I hJ liliBP^ ^^^ I ^ 'I.l
nt ht. w Th mptnsl ri 'tre iz A,* Av A A
It laaula ths htgnt for it. wonderful A s
ue treof tie pM 1istrentln f*. CS. flhn ? h 9s d t ''n,,e'
Swamip-Rixt is plmhaut to take and is J V. UIt l,.
osieollar ie hll You misay lme a aa aaaA
Mniple botut. of this wotnterful tnew ills-
c11ry 1W a to Lkt tliells i .11 about It. A h i LE EAS , 0
clt Snt ftre tv m ili. A r iess, lr. Kit-. .
imerA & Co. linhLaunton. iflL OeU Un IL Al
writ in e m int bob reesing th * *g rateo t
offer Ii this pntr-r. Ihns't snake any
iitikt, but rlmruarnalmer liriaum.rSwtip-
RKot. ri. KtimIr'wSuwnoiK-.nWt atthe W O R L D 'S ft
ntit re Hitingh ailaton, V.. m every
otftle ti *-- r' m al '
Is via Atilate, ChatsmUW, Labs Ubmlss,1

Cream Ver ilus a .. Afl .. '
-.------------------qr.--,. a murnu rm Amkturnisv &AWL s a am u s r


Bellu Ioow
V St 10
*e l h
er SaUby W

mI amist 5 d S

l MOUTltI N from Atlanta. ,
TPa O y ty cuerbDe aratew Tht I
ovembet wNfh TW$O
WOR For foll lmformamum,. atee sd e t nS i'
lEN EDT rMILLERU Tra1. Pas. Aat, 1. ..til Pu.,' a
fir A ikybeITs iN Illise48 OMI 11. .

Re ea ts G .,N
Limim eut" C ''o 'L L I' ,W.
es ee 'e i- ".. -..',.

urn .. '* , n' o".. '
1 ' .4 '"
r. s ..&.

ei ritat al6R t iWe Oea ilattm tIiiefit/ i

rrn n
o fl% 41 6 1 ri IIa
AS 9CR P..-t C


el. rl.,


- I

F .. .. I


I ;t ii

. ', 1:":

TW TIBQil."i &M aU a

bcA; I

111r i I r . .. I

S ... ..r -.
11 Al
-I.-RA --

~ V
/ p
I, '
~1~' K
if KA


,, I .. +.iir
', K J,: ,'
t L S


"* B. DW8SO0

NOW...... 4 logo
A t J* w fveird'p s Canadai Melt
|bl -w.k RRED STAR.

'ift Ni Bhrrel.... R $10.50
b....k ....... I. I Dmnw 1 25.

.*' r.'' l .U

RPM W Usiit IlrPW oe w
weeus M
AN a a*..
=",/'u,, -mUiifit ,rM ,
| ,fu ,.,mip b.

S'insq, Ie i 14 fh e-
M au.n, k' ., ,
,E nh a.f-lu_'se_--"_< :+'s, ,, w n.^_
* .S Ift usM ,, U .

F Luddeno& Bates
Pi a .... _m m m"._._' _.e "


Sn3A: o A nI
Air Line Railway
*. FOR....


Columbia, Camden, Southern
Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ton, Baltimore, Phila-

delphia, New York.
Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.

Only Line Operating
Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleue


full information and sleeper refrvmtato call oa ny R unet Seaboard W
Ant. General Pawinger Agent, Pausenger AgeOt


~- -
Blt UrNs tf St. LsalD

S Spwb Diting Car Senls

Ile lt4the K lO wlil LouIv Ille. Aehlu
v1I ead prinlpal North Carellsm
uontal weons.
Spa High Bride (highest railroad
brides Is the worid), tases Blue


-If the Goodq Don't Suit.

Rye Whisdtey

Copper Distilled..
Queen City ......
Sunny South.....
Gilt Edge........
Overholt... ....

$1 65
2 50

Ors Whisktey
i'.It t Al*

N. C. White..

N. C. Better......

N. C. Fine ..

Laurel Vally.....












i _WO



I 'I

. . .. .. . .. . I. . ,


. .- .; ,



, 0 $1 6

.... litrM0

ik i Ido4 < t ei- <1 %
S* ember ** Matters.
at AatntA a ta?
K- Tbtt a US oS l
k tbrr sews h,r a % A
ill i heist i .

il| \' !t 'i Ih q d i !
j9 Mi t r. Ij- 'ii.t4 t ''*' i i'

in &k lh .k ' i (
ibi, no wre a tW
1m : *'
i Ifii ,1 i r .

r appr" ..' i. .*

| thn Nxhibeitt New at Wi
S Pair at t Leuis
. Isls. Nir S Arranrem
is mIa*4 for traonmportinn
*i0 uSe for tranqpeortatl
met the eixpoiltion of I
wltlbis t ei fwrein ed t h b i
Yt T Artf ex sitnon. I
Tdero Ift. Bauct. gei
f lth New York expnot
h leatand d to make thi
Ia usamel feature af the
|rIagemest of the New
w lll be directed by Pr
l. A. Unof florne.. .tt

Ita tilFetly imIoWibl
lie pmtenl. .tMany
Wet livr "ad kidney e
H eptrung (romt netlected
Stul i deplorable 4
||aqry. There is a i
SlableU wil speedily ren
I 0e.eA. .i'dqe, P l., b
Ib., tle. 'ett I', ltt: "I
!i Herrble. I fhld il a fle !
M atwlic/ol,' bo
ko.i. V. iioeomm.


iOh Asked Neighbors to a OH
Swal ing Cuts Threat
AsRt. Nov. I.-Edm ard M
SPle Township, A Ieg!
b, uaght a farm with bthe
I ei -t, ant nI lbilt a I
pm it It. Thtv timeti fr ht' ho
ih wa& ,'% ..1nrray lnaltrie
blburhjr4 in for *k.i) Sr, the
he1 hie i h e.,
S ttiinl ht -?S at th;
a ray et.u-i'd hit:,'lf for a
Wts le iet di nt4 return. and
1 W11t I1 the 'iaat tin see i
1 him. iShe fnald his 1
SHe hatil rut i throat
ir. His motive Is not know

The Best Liniment.
ImtbAlualm's Pain Balm is ton
Iki ft bl linlment on the mark
FnP & H1t*e of iieorila.
a lilinment will heal a ou
aM promptly. No other il
S.for deep seated pain
IIk and pains in the ec
4I1 liiment a trial ani4 you
.*" to be without it. Sold

tea lr ails to Flatkes*.
thlit to til rrlit i in tflki"
Il M water oilidieh'l In lt.I
fite b suowftlik' ni ist us
of hr\erat Iry1t 'Is, which
Itllgtt o t .''unllt of
atity or air amiting the fr
TI' sh ow 'crystnis arl*a I
pMBlage of the water v
Whil the teilliperiture
lth.nlt point>, itl the' wmolil
tWe fairy like trnitsfirina
plaei by tti tiny imlwtni
of water grouping themes
I tmosat mutheinaiiHlal rov
difrerrrent rtviars.
Uutala of a now ,01 *id nnyl
therefore, a titan or lesP
triM'nl olmil. The nluit
ieW vrymtala aIre foranwi
ti[Ophbre. where there I i
LJMard ti1e' 1 lrndtIs I|rixle
tlhin or iiilv-ile von'straul
ie other literal. iw-1ni ia Ii

kll lt Respect Old Agl.'

Mrant r R q I

iTLun acheo flitT ,C dwtb sh" IT

0WIZRon be 'iu'kly relievid2 41i
h. t- +r3 it Z .l I .
i\. !lt !HAM LIN* cold ''' iT *

, i lung Utouble y egl y lyaj And ..daPiit r.. i
l,, c a, Cty., ,,.,,g a.. Jackonvill and, 1

Sth s t, relieve the pa,. '. ,il, it. i,.,,,, N:1l:!It ,orthboue d...... ..S.
'faatonV loA toI .eg Ft i I I.; ,,f

a .oon Acu.s.t.h.i yd e New ilan d lad .'.

N My eittMe gM wbejflo ok ATT4IUNEY AT LAW. Difet 3 ACK OMYILJA
lung l roublo m easily eA o Ad lieitr it, ..i,,t y PROVIDV tOR am
i" W TPa or 0 orf u0118, G atat itaIt, (o lav l miAld ion. p p gM l a ils A st s g .al ."l
s .l es r W W it ra l raeiea e All alittlsy proper nr ptly, (i .

p 0atro sded ut l Ofie e)xt door to e, Leoth,.
"L a fl Mpabe amIl ultl e kt ien i n:1 1 1%Northbeoud .n.d..... ...... .a .

'n *. ^mu s aka n al lp is" o fhayu,. sle.. ,,....................4.3.,
U% a m &L ri . LIIATTOR IN CHANCERYT '.. LAW .....A

". "AL DU GGt Il ST. GAIN.SVILLE, Alhu, Co. ... .. ... B1|
orn -- -l Eetween Oot.vrA ils ik

N "redi WhMuua- Tf-i. f;iM-ml- 5.3 LUM AS, WGM.
m In ta. i iou hirt, ty pro r i ll l IT OF J

tas p1 d io"biM* ami' it DENIT A. -ivirmwe),p-AMj,

I t i. .i 3 N.s. I tlilt. 1tS W w4 i.r&W0 A% im W
* *'ii **iI* *** h*l*n l h"1 1. I k n d h il* T i* **intll ) n_ _i <* .* *l i l l l I H

lly.! *.g i d i' Tumd n l.!rf aoal I_ -" ra l TI ^ ^f ^
sm 59, *4*a :r"-no ATWORNiY*ATrLAW, i)711i"4S"Al-
F it OLIO.. irR IN CHANO RY..r.

*e rir 1* .r mu t -AI...IL -A-lo, LAa.., ..... ......... ,,'i

t-i~ .;' '. .Kt id 1. 1:58 ": o ln Olsaw ..,... ...,,. B..,,, ..iu,.r.,ieT
''l i. u 'mSels.t .wak. r IP A ,
6 let The wT""alsio Toad. I 4i
iptiloti thtr i r" l A Wo QatauvA
O DEe Im Mi~eroLaw0M:ebTIST a
York At,: ,;tLr; h. Kev mwl "u0119 *nlM AD I nb I A
ok e i tl ... .1 "trio%* tol t n h t i b a "**& sa ew ll o w n " own.

t i. n I iwlt r li;i-. +1"yt ,rl In th. I c tor i ovTer W ES T ENSi),
dgt l hll f (: nd I 11t E rwin k SheO
s llya ,1ti' il r at, it.,-l y lie. Iwhihl, FS bltttISdW eg .,"s'
' o upit Is% lNVg' neion whee asi falol t o he v coaw Is T. mbaew
"ni h,( Iu M Sa l't i.l. .. Ia taSy that ....dr k
i i" l .,. no I' 1 OAUCw..Jpi nL to I two Irr l a New Yeyk -hJ^ . . *
enm am r .,' Is,, a ".,1 "" I':di ,,ih or Dtop HARRY LEE JARIS
*or lp toulr er er IL &, o, re l ut AteI wl as one-

Irn- st"an -L-a.Is |a J Miller Law Jmuruae.
smed- MAiXOlk.% KwR StSn -s e*emtH .' : H
title, nev, ar3t ., life. Imity vin the moist i lE LeT ED
easily di vit U,40 tleso theI moAn hi. FINE WINS LIQUORSA lCIG O ARI'
dWelibleorr f,,al It ltwipt whe
E take warm. .lt w iwper"mas ,lare fiv oW S s.Pr-x...A.:'....
whart It I CO.Wt t aLe4 i'" u, bt aSim W. Ta L, SaLO, LADaT.

s,5wly. a h.-61'thll at A" im In which etr-,dr -, --A. -.'

yt All lbuserir'i lnt D Imo iRR d our L i quror
ne=w H0L Snt aob A Se Ho 0ae Ew th JWukbor.Gillt,, - Foodn
0 toah -Lld's HoseJrtnia l l I DErTA SndliRaGEON lol"ilillk !'Ii

and *in in theit. ey.iswbt p h l
sid-. Sole Agents orVN0A(RCH andV -. ......... . Title i what pay
et." F.It'OQUALITY Shom. Every k'ri ,0
Vt pair warranted. -.
s sor I" llllll'e .a"^ s "11| w fii ill itin ef. ner i 7-.Wo

:t 13. QIA1f Sos E V O AlK A F ko wha
h Mm as.. m
S ..& NViL.L
T. 4CHAFEI, Prep.
Coner Groe and teream treesi. Exeur lon tiekets now on m le dally
rs ike Pos 1. oo from Jacksonville to St. Louis sd We.
u- l AINSVILLK I.LA. I.-Tinokets litmted Degember l. l
I t rt. i--TiekeLs limited sixty i S .
1th11 27O 50-tiekets limllted lifteen ay.
CHOICE IBREADS. CAKES ad PIES low .rate f .. ...
osen Corarr*ondin$ low rate from other
froin PrVu Everyr a poinTe. The L & N. is THE BEST F
Npr .LIE to St. Loul s.
fall. Deivered to AU Partn of CIr. Stop-over privilege allowed at the A
.con .. SaUst"ou e Un.Sd world's famous Mammoth Cave Romad Trip. Os
ilion _-- .... --........ ... ----- either direction witlhouoetroembare. *l D Ie daily. Good
dent F~ or rates, sehedulee and sleeping ear V iwe. s.
r'lve reservations apply to *a a d Trlp. Os a a '
ulhair GEO. E1. HIfERRING. Fit. Pass. As., QII daily. od
ti l W. k 8t.. Jsskswlll. fix t i. .'
[per- L. STONE. U. P. A., Lou sville, rKy.
mlnth- '
"of ttigs, ehltIg, Aft alL EMORT. WORLD'S FAIR BOUT, .
. o D l
Bought in Car Lots. Sold .a nAy
9 l A ChU 8 P 0 Par8 it 8


- i

V Ii !mn Pa .n.mroa l

ltChnr through Atlnsta beS Chtases 0a.4 Wof
ky" route. I fn.t i
Oi lime froM arNMs withoIts ovla r aet. b Mh f fWMVn




: , *" * _V iln

'tt- .- .. .

fffffM^/^ """I,


errhet CFlortell

wit,|. visit'
lik rt ill \' :"l l S 1 N ei '* V i llri .!
ifcle v. llqb al4 ltirih-
T~~t|M.ijt R~iir ail Hll.
$ rday I .lil St .
| .igivly Two Iay' Only.
tf orrncK
pMi mUSEv Parlers
Iuamlmetlttii Free.
Ystfla nulls Mi~v l- nrn
iSti., Fddayt, Hler. -idv
--tElli 3'. kwh.
i' ait$(etr.

p ..



..d ~esnI InkTet Oath-
-n byr Our Repoute.


$ Happened and What is Gotng
Teld G Sheort Pararapha
,! "He Who fltuna May Read*'

with C('emam a Hl,
papers fir salt ak 'S. e Hun
'* Wonderfril Salv, for ale
Me~ollum & Co.
J, L, Kelley departed T.ler-
|e vlslt to Jaoknviile.
I. tU. Brink .of High Springl*
pimlg In ihl eliy yesltenlrday.
htRst--Storr Royal Cook former-
*. Addrss Thomas V. Por.
ville. .
t ollls. and L. H. Hook of Rl
wret transacting business in
- blate-Sconud-hand lenuimore
ter. Will be saiold cheap. Ap-
9Smo~o..o if
P. Enitel and C. E Parker of
l illl were registered at the
SHoue yeseiday.
JM. O. MeCarroUll and daughter
aday to Roehelle, where they
the Murrell-Adams nuptials.
t11 Sheriff F. 8. Curl of Archer
Through the city yesterday en
Sto Stake, where he had been on

UH. Martin of Trenton was in the
F pasterlday. having come for the
of bringing tle ballot box for

i M. B. Saunders went yesterday
Psaeelle, where she attended the
ihpof James A. Nurrell and Mias
ll xiabeth Adams.
L btdaili of Newberry wai in the
) Itlerday op bueinessi connected
h- B. R. Colson, of the Alaohua
htg Abtract Company.
Salely furnitshed rooms uor
atsh. ]hoto and cold. eletlrie or
lto. 8lrws. etc. Apply Mrs. l
4W01 East Main street. N. t
Mit W Bto Tampa and return via
|iti Coast Line aeeount South
rtfar. Rates on Nov. 13 to 23
alternating days. Sete tick-

Georgia Jacobs. a charming
Jitlady ol Paw Paw. Mich.. has
Is the city. and will be the
ofe her aunt, Mrs. J. 9. Wilcoxo
M Winter.
Pauline M3ixion. a charming
.lady of Williston, after a brief
JINaiatvee in this ctly. proceeded
y lsterday. where she will be
IW of friend.
S Hall of Orange heights. one
ftosrt mlnent resideat of that
WMU a in the city yesterday. He
Ito brigh the ballot box from
elghihes preoliet,
l* iHalle is happy over the posses'
I t pair of handsome grieys,
it. bee just prchased from W
al It. -. a ,I k.. i i

e1eL a -- t

Iumur, wit i ape
"l(o" linkraig
Irtdi,,)g in tl e "'iy
.1 .r 'T i. r
N1tl>liL' thie v, l or

.t W \' ;n,
liit li ." ( tt
r a * i A, tt .,r .,) ", I
1 iii.&z.* 1) 4
Sl r ie y5 lt';' h.
', r -< r l ; i' l n -- ^ l ,. r ,
\\y I'l.if-r i re
I 1: L t ; ;'

I.. ('. t(rA e. i
7', ri .'<. tt:c trai
thii ^ itsi ye.1 rdi;
Novealt r t ;
tine' Iiin !'. inknl
C'rewfarld ,t s> 1
i. 1 / ,u i
a~inulii^ ll ()i., t ).,
eraiilal with a vi
A t 1%l. mlitn<
a *li of 1- \r i ti
rival atI th. Hr1o)
l'or rint-Ot r.
lr il. p1li,*t "* 0
town. Apr y *"2 "
or at The itSun il
Tablet, area beeor
Ptumaaeh trouble
For sale by all dr
Miss Maria C
from Hague. wha
days she has bem
mind Mr. .i. A.J.
W. N. Wilton
Weir, where he w
looking after his i
has one of the
H C. Stevens.
of High Springs,
paid Gainerillle i
was en route to J
hmd been summon
ear of fine horses
from Tennesee.
them before I1uyi
i.. iLa

S i+..ii ..

C. Tyson of lHague, one of The Sun's
vained friends mld lsubecribers. was In
the city yesterday and among other
bumines renewed hi eubeeriptilon.
Mr. TJsoa is one of the most practical
and sucee sful farmers in that seotio.
S. B. l'iifter of the firm of Pbifer &
Philer. New York Racket, war in the
eity from llih Springe yesterday. He
repors a flie trade in that section dur
ing the season, and says a great deal of
cotton is being brought to that market.
SMr. miles, formerly superintendent
of the aineswville Planing and Coffin
Company ham looted at 'Palxton.
where he lhas aeeepted a lucrative posi-
tion as superintendent of a large saw
mill. Friends will be glad to learn
that he il prospering.
8. C. Collin., a prominentt and sue-
essaful young traveling man who
formerly resided in Ocala. but who
now makes Columbus. Ga.. his head*
quarters, was registered at the Brown
House yesterday. Old frieudd were
glad tooee him again.
The dun acknowledges an agreeable
call from lion. Chas. A. Finley of Lake
City Tuesday. Colonel Finley came
on the sad missiion of attending the
funeral of his father, the lamented
.ludge Jesse J. Finley, but neverthe-
les The Sun was glad to have him pay
the ole.e a visit.

liedbone, Miss., Sept. 24. Ii'f.
r. K:. W. Hall. St. Louis. lo.--ear
In reply to yours of a recent
e in regard to the eflioliney of

' (bireat Discovery as a kidney

cure, I can safely say that it is well
named when they call it a Won lh'R.
Shave suffered with a weakness from
the kidneys for years and hare tried
all advertised remedies for the com-
plaint, as well ai physiciane, and Hlall'e
Texas Wonder is the only thing that
has given mue relief-I ought to lay.
has e fe ted an absolute cure.

One small bottle of the Texas Won-
der, Haiit Great liscovery, cures all
kidney and bladder troubles, removesl
gravel, cure. diabetes. seminal emis-
slons.weak and lame backs. rheuma-
tim and all Irregularities of the kid*







Have just put in a full
line of lil the popular styles.
It is conceded to be the most
plopular Corset on the mar.-
ket today. Would be pleased
to show you.

The Celebrated
In all styles and colon at $2 G.
Why pay $8 samne cla, or goo)de?

Beautiful Line of
Fancy Limps and Glassware
Now on [hsplay.

Just received and the same will be
sold at Racket prices.

()ur store
with good

is running over
things at low

Full with some fine values. Call alid

* 1*-** 4 In'U



hmau A Hill. I lisra with shmuasn A Hill. IV. I, Anderono has retumed Irmn
ti t..f M i'up, w* liI a earol honi esnilinig in *o(fl we tiadte, wheNr e IeM bees t look rflter
.-****'i,!:, ,will haIte a ier lo of stidlure and hs ltiercantile incresim.
t dtreer, ('rAnfort *V larrs.
Ir ia. ..l \ tt, .f t Ii Among Ihe prominent iiillorg to thile
*t t tr After a flm dayl spent It th*s city. miyyesterday was Ho nW. M., itoh
it l l tl.msin r'tlurltd yhtrrdFyi 'S lant F,"Who WA aredom;anied by
'1 b ims &on i Tailu ht .,ie. if > i ni l .i. charming dau .htrr. M) e Alman .
,", V,,e, 5rnlrgi.l frzeI|le hei'r" were il
S. ut) .ital yM" here w ert glad ttl se hMi1 S. h i'a! e r cl amr for t, h purp4 o* of
,, In order Io inure change of advcr- coiuliting l)r. Aldermani In regard to
('ir'. : i? i F ti remeai s copay imutl h* in thli alilc somne denial work. While hkee a1s
II.rLh,. ,: l a., t fi1y I I- ms. t, ca'pit ^e at rtinyt 'im will b th e gUr Ot Iof her stter, Mrs..1.
which day of the week al'py I:5t be in 11 litret.
a r r 1 crtMiI the otfie, by 3 p lt. Al 'ritisers will Mrs. Thog. M. M.Carrull of Willii.
i> ,,,r' ++'Il~ ~ governl thmslvelslI~~ act'rdingly.
.l ,r,-, .Mr. ger ha1 slr I cret lyon i in than city on a brkf viil to
The friends of Alltn Iraharh, lhi relatives, he exzpe e to make her
.- It t;. ,' II);,w ilM oTerated l1p1m for lappendiemis at deparitre today for New Orleams,
.-:, ;* .. t. r.a, in!the edd b'ellow.' M ritaraitni several where she will Join her husband. Mr.
ydlays ago. will Iw graitlkd at the i.- lcCarrrrll hold. a lucrative govmra*
w I' I aA *R it furlaation that hie i* RettSlK along merint position, being in the eaginols
'1. f>r ua.l turpses. letly. and it is exprmend that Ai will ing department of thl United Mlates
the out in a short timte. govenrmeit.
r or ih..l, i,. w A W,. hazard of South Nrwalk, John Cheanut is shipping a quantity
f'., .r. i: coIaty C(nti a nephew of Mt IL. aunders of of cotton in the seed to Rlve' glinaery,
it Jtrtrdrmy this eity. hai aeepird a posiiion in the Alaehus, where it will be turmid laio
l>, ia t eitl. draithtlmns's department of the At.- int. Mr. Chemmut ham belnquit u*.
k. was aniui he Iar. Inile Caasl Line at High Springs. Mr. eaeful this Ijer in the buying of *ol.
wni Hoi r y!+trday. lilard writes thait he is well Ileased eon. having parlhasd between Efteea
i ye ay. ~with th position, alid propose Soarve thousand and sixteen Ihkouenad
iii ir I y turulshe.d
i ' frateii. hia full term at the profession iii Htligh pounds. He will nos preserve the
S,- ^ ii .ir spri seed, but pnopens to have the ame
t'.ai( Lidrily street,
e. i Justice J. A. J. Striekland of Hague, earshot ad usd upoa his frms as
an iterone of the prominent farmers af that fertSller.
Stoimmehi and Ltirer -- -
ning Z 'favoris for *eetlem, we among the visitors to ihIS A OSLOIHTFUL UIRPRSl.
and eonstipation, esty estedlay and mide The tiun aem
uggie, agreeable call. t'reads of Judge Priceie .f Ste Psl ed. i VeWM
atlistle has reurned Mallt ad will bktiobe pifisl to learn a snd iam -
ire for the past few that hist little seM. Clyde, who has tema AM g td Arlns-. mL*a m
n as the guest of Mr. suffertag fe some time with typhoid R dtre mr e w MI. wl i ,.
Strieklan,. ever Is msas h ber, and t eow m .e Pen)ll, s es lbvll. *s ,p
has gone to Lake lder e o eveelag, w0ee shet twqpty t St
rill spend a few days AmB gtheievalertoll<.aieavlilekye.- ,eoa ieiea Mri. S Mm. .
orange interests. He tnr**4 waOSa.OibboSofSAfSser.eow s ell "amked la" thder liae s gd#
nneet groves in that rev.oianell eMrsrWti enCtivee-p esm e Mr W. O ptor,
msintee of AlasiUi anly. wo nm myiavhM.
the hustling Jeweler for she pypee ofl britnlagl the tbllS ur. aSd Mr. ftowlIl w p. "
was among those who tbo matd turns. Mr. Gibbas ste tes laubly p lrrtod, baa were etl
wllit yesterday. He that he election at Archer pass the oaeslop, ad *sarIt*ll i*5
aeksonville. where he qulely. thier beiln nothing of an a i. geut. a I m royi wfe l 1-
ned on business. sltllg nalce duedin the day. CoUld,- soemr Wal wIa itle as1
N teer 10th erable interest was manlfeated. heow. me- r, ad rnfnshmns is the ts
ay wr 'thave a -ev s*aM & larw member of Ropobe of ftulls wenr erred mad It s tNot
and muls to arrive I10am, meetly anenwo, had beto add highly ejyed.
Call and inspect qualiflged, The Republican rote *t -....
nrg. Crawford & I*t Arlher we quite heavy. Mwrrtalea1t Rpsei .



S II !
." r ,,.




There was em Impi-lO w~dl~g ff
Uoeboll Wmdq*,. th-e S-n..
parties heIf ina.!. M~mJJ ni|M-
Sarah KUnqbni AdiUM. 1|q
Tb. groeds i well hwu sa thf ebb f
tioe.. He we fI a re in eml qS.
at Raebelie ma tas e wpedic' b
loatle Cows Lime. sad ts sew ISUW
larroa teia,i ,i~t ..Rlm

frIsade. *' t *. l*,
L sw d&~ i 'qm~r Ie

esuerssolalg. -.
Martlinge, wLt nea .iii! i

w The Noibferd.. M aw u !
wltb the eslit that te Jtuip t S
emillieg all eaer himeif, The IlH
for tUe pt in dit atr* M telliM l
Jams. A. Mimmll ad Smtah 3. AI
asm, Joest WlISlI sa Jsits JlM f, J
J. O ieKlmMseand 'Talliha lBiwL
wile; Nlofh "lftwIs mim Jtes le l
Cloud, H. W. Whilr' ,a Ui
(ltasepl ad Fiank Whio ead Ks
Mahoney, colored.
* Meleng Hotpital AeesImean,.
Notil* le hernby givea that thNe U
will be a meeltag 6f the Olilmeuvl(
sud Alachs cRapi Hspl AS d;
ovation lasm etheoBichamber wartom ,t.
A full atteadtnee defsred.
W. W. HAMrWox, Ple..
Da. E, LAaaUec. S3.
..... .. - .,.v ,., _.._e .





One Price to All.



S ',.'* ,1' *i

1 "' l '''^

PC L Wlie mt

., ,iim

EMBtl aDEIfli.. -
WOOL and 'COTTON VESTS, You rmate rei-
TAKI.I: IiN;NS,, DOIlES. jlsteasi ry-
TOWI.LS, SPrtlmAD y Si3S, i
lgUiS All sixes. iakan *etn H






' 1 *' .. .. W'"

,I .' '
.i.v "i -
ml i l!,,;:N^

'"^ "," MW' 'Rf-l"
eth 'm: "
a s : ...i. ^
ir-^rt SS 1

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ff ,e1 !i'*T d'"
e t. / .. s" s ow 1., r. .,1" .

Hoblea ho T c a.a
W, IE I -ow

I4 : Ii ,. a .

A teSleEVELT to The Sun from Jack- I H OWA E
Ph T oe "evil[WO ks M fald beann Tute Iforms

AnnennnO W ASf T OHfUR DAMMYt* I the rt*ui, VIearis tata Oy CArM
avHble (Wiles home w asy) by a majorWl.tswt.
P-GW S IN .PLAUMC By of shous Rye to aem, wh will be ......
w-UME INROADS IN f SOUTH lae in uly ever given a tSTA O

npd DeM S lte at the Demooratle pmlde- for

,.SltMrl l Mr. n.s s-Bry' pop Fro WedIeds's Daily Nun.
i .. a"lar a, a ma vote for ble as
Sl* 0mpu m ea sh Pro. . Ho.l wa,
armP q m est .& ef r Wr m5 m sam m eato Sf ow us doubtettp A
Ii l met Sl i as MlMadu hi t Mr. by 'rhg major
b-- -l.. th meh of waie R/ will eeive l t ghe ort of a"

PWi '.e!pU Iel l 0lioof Whete o Into Nl, Atlal i ll ow6A
wgf, eeP*1' iA I. idEtermo eie Ove Ishmlllb I A E COUdTT. hi
"'..*' i i the, cmt te G |S!na* tsit. Smt. ltwu, sO el sN
S tp Ssi s a. ldpmilldent Beae ptoTO-.
WhUSel 8 the W kn e e tne d ah wo a aas h is we 0 Wittig Ir o d0Mt inss so tdi
__ii* Fl.- o I f Ik aslking to the. peoileo i lsil l -ol o y of Foia
g I i I e ta r .-.... l y ilaiN' pttei iers t ts 576. Opel ni. .. ah. t l
kbw BES, *yflSte eli* t a b1h loo t ouvteofworvelAM biy "P mAKER COUNTY.
.M f!- mmus Itle wemk t.heb II nw W9l0 2wu. l e Osal 5te a o s O-ue se-Hollowva 1, Wolfaed
-.e MM f bwlhi Ei hI to Sd la iL f$oO bo s tmi 1. 4 jO O'Neal .
n^^^l v r M. ~ ^ ISS.?^ -^^ M. S Odhopvllt 2101 4M yet So CITRUS COUNTY. v
t~urb beS S or SW d rom. a id'mnd owa Wolfe* t
el 0"o I* for. r baPr lowe al Ath_ these pr alet. will *wlt Not. *

h. r* ,e Sa. plu ribg.- lvol. Pftim way. o I nvero s-ltolloway. Woiei
"ple":i e.a p 5y0) f Waldo.......a19 4 3i Su O0'.10

a aa Mo. lowtw .. .. -"-- 2 l a U ek i1 N.. olumbia coueti will uivt'ii H llowa.

............ T 4 2 4 t estoone.
S Ai M lllino... l. 27 ewberry.... 12 4 DADI COUNTY.
Sliew, agStbS th Iowa ii-.. n.. ,-%_ 18 Hawihor.t 2&' 14 lot
htgbl thatbe te. i.o.* wa slelta GIoWe . .A .. a. DESOTO COUNTY.
i- i M S....... A.riea .. 17 i;d L O lue!--Holloway 44. Wolfe
a. ~h. w'et Uipbd (d'sful .*.. tH Arredoudo. i- 4 h O'mal.4.
'"idiI. K 1a.... WO l) 14 Mesrun 8 8 1 ESCAMBIA COUNTY.
ar et.&ima. 11 WII dsor ... 17 17 iP Baren-Ho owIy 1 Wa.

".' ,.. .h n.. Iebusy. 12 u s.. .. 4 . I ileDavid-Holloway 3. Wolfe 2,

Ig Pi~iislnSIIeftabt Kills MarshaL ew York \ )lo Ii t ahtvlorllea--iHolloway i, Wolfr 4, Averted. 30th Det .... 2.,i 4 LIVE L.CK ,ACOB O eal 8.
ty P .o.. .W... .... noa. LAKE COUNTY.

bai. d coa tla canmp ot thbo col.j Oison .......... 8oW 4 .ypel4 Travel n Carriage as Pe a lit Dora-Holloway 13 O'Nst 14. I
~.tdi lltd CompRa., rl Peasyltl .... 30) 84 a Private Pullman. Okahumpka-lIollkway 2. Wolfe. 3.
j'* .tweewn import4 apegro strike Rhode a.nd .... 5$0f0 4 New York, Nov. O.-The wealthiest Q'Neal 4
4 4 the whites broke 0u0 loutlb Jakna.... tI4W 4 ypsMtes that ever visited New York Maltoll-Holloway 4. Wolfe 1.
I.Whmle clty Maylral Hiram Ujlth .... 8,. 3 have pitched their tents In the Bronx,
who had been ealled to quell Vermoes .... .. . 1,0) 4 om the Boston road. near Vywe avenue. LIVY COUNTY.
.h a.&t *afto dnseo was shot West Virginia.... 7 Their trapplng are of the costliest Will:lt,- o;, \ .,ie 1
A ftat ThoMbipon. a r as Washlapon .... 3.uu 5 kind. Wllitn-oooay a |
S..i. bEn, .b.l" Weensoln...... 0.00U 1t Mm". Baker. tho leader of the band, ('Neal 4-.
'.." sleia, rlai d 1 90P1s Wyming.. .... oasts of hblang read thfe palms BroOnei-Holloway '4, Wtlfe 12.
Mask thompesa. Nearly every This gives Rooeevel a total f 325 many of the angllsh nobility. Including O'Ntlt 18.
ift -- e p is armed. About Eltorl oe. that of the late Quiwn Victoria. She Cedar Key-llolloway 13, Wdfe ?7,
pIWn tht emet etft ) For Parker. says she returned to this country (her O'a 11. .
V ivo Bs s are Wl1 loh ) r native nr-1:t wkl t oj after, Monthrook-Holkoway ?8. 1Wo f:e 3,
bsg iauted prmlaasiou to stay Alsbma ........ 37.000 11 an boee I ,.ir most of which O'Neal 2.
thUy cOlleet their time checks. Arkasas. .. 40.000 0 time wa. .,keia in l:%ilg. Fbrest. near i MARION COUNTY.
white Wllers gave Thoapo a Irida ...... 18.0X 6 London. She travels in a "Pullman"
^0*M -before delivering him to te (ieorgia .. 45.000 13 carriage a houselike vehicle 21 feet (oles First W' rd-HoiiowaY 19'.
Threts otinachlig had b*n entusek . .. .0 13 long and laborately ftted with every Wolfe 01F ONal 1 2
4 but the cooler heat' contrcTtld, Loellsai :.00X 1) eating and sleeping convenience. Fairfield-Hollowmy 45, W'fe .
MiseleIppi . . 10 O'Neal 8.
P...llsel Plant Crwevirr .+iC'1e6. MNierl .. f.0) 18 touth Carolina Gets Foreigners. Kendriek-Holloway q. Wolfe ,
New York. Nw. '.--Sr Wemyn North Carolinal .. 12 Charleston. 8. C.. Nov. P--Emil jn. O'Nealt.
Sehai rman or tile Reform lub ot South Carol... berg. an lmmlgrmln agent ( New NASSAU COUNTY.
M~ hGe shp largest 1gtikcal uorgan- Teams.. ... 25,00I 12 York city. Is Ir Charleton, arrang--inw W e
Ie ss Dialiand, Wit i. now Dw Teots ..........0. 108.00 I for the Immigration of 1,500 Scandl-l
i : SHly, bells the .polttl al plane Vigia.-......... .... t 1avlans to outith Carolina aot the ORANGE COUNTY. Is gradually powlag. high. This shows a total Hiertea vote of Irst part of the new y-er.. He has ndo olio 11
A -teime obser r onf Aert.p 11 for Parker. goMe qitlety to work and secured O O'Neal 13.
.*hsAilli ..h said, eaot help tious oan several large tracts in Aiken. akland-Holloway 22, %olf I
l'rIk m"at'bot1 h41140 6aotl a have IELECTION IN ALACOHUA. Iltrkelpy and Jorchpoter nuntles. andO'Ntl 10.
quwHsa mee h.ooer staada ----- If the land it favorably passed m pon
"e0e r _bm tth Holloway Will Receive More Than All by etierts who wil be brtight here KPOLK COUNTY.
S waI e MIi te t. i h. Other Opponeqts Comb d. for the pltrp"e. the deals will be oNeal .-
ill "" W $ IM 1W 09 Ib* W I I Icloso!led and i the P ople brought over.
11SI '1 f ohtaale ut thee s The vote oi the State was especially Liaberg haa the co.opraton ofr Setae PUTNAM COUNTY.
.tet m .t.....to_ higher platform_. m gel m title year, the interos being Immigrati.n commini,,nr Warin Iluhrabome-Holloway IP., i'Ne'u I
4ViWetry fa Self Plat. orPated probably owing to the great and th' comiierrnil c;,. ,f C('hil,.-. I' dmr-Holloway 30, I 'Neal .'
a llWemeaea. Vla., NeT. s.--ne Brittlh l1lih waged between l ollowly, Wolfe ton, and his project Ail prl lleyW- l%.rwrsehdin-Ihloway 27. Ncl i,. *
*u.. 60t 01P I m lp Autat blimst. onS aS ndiI)'Neal for th.1 .lee It State n t u. cresftilly rronsummmlte, Irrrl.ahun-Holloway 10. s

f l n.. .,_%

S '

aort ;0d

the con.

At' medic ne alone
(j> .".". nourish*
"" the pa-
ht WWde toward


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K^T' ~ th T^^^^ *


c Wk,""""'' *a'


0 V.. B.
*t the Gets Msaw
S a W. Wana,
l b Laut iul rea l-

toget at eI Ibis

A. OWIA will

Sbe P ilipsK i't


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bush tWWIq

-i Eu,> -r jessaShe
w .. ... entert"g Is
**m:i fW be s.d r~s
S,-iSm g Mablo phy
46000 SUahwillldo k
eg sel| Me peu bly
by 0 J. OCwesy
..0 .h .f. .lr..*
Noting d ifle i
FJICA y A e .
W' *tad r mTadr
i .rJe.C sy & o.
n Priw, Ttt ptr

A : 4.NIVagriT At ATlANTA
Peplo of t wrgi Depital. iRegard
s oVnOai.lmeWe want UOvr.-
sity T7h, and ThSO Wi be 1'.

iF ueqnt u( The Mn, th, follow.
Imp l eroIIngeoommell0 ion regsd-
bpg ts@ mUeSf of S he rrembylIrlan
ist ,of Florids, hua b.eei hsed Int
fur ptflIeatlud by one she. dl.*
S*TlM naurt of tho Prhetprins
Ohurr, wbiseu somtasan mmnbetn
am qry s r ad a, ruling elder
fes esae aowb om *0e4 8aaw of or-
Msa, ions toh shi e itf Onis Toesdas
aeinmg. wr. 1, lsed Jsowe riday
*asitg. The sttedlarm was um*
weill ta0P. Ms a. 41l*h4g1 ss10*
eI to em...aW as natsms of te .
*hem mes maued. Quite a manse
pmp*** W *"* ai)m **
t-*bselsrwme sMe *nMre *:ms

___r 6M "Www;
btow 9be1 d, 1 1.
b **e of g an m.

"the ag Mfew me La

*b gI t i a-S pfulAs

ae IOm nS nmeras rou i
"Aeasn sw besset Mebaw*s a

a l a.h lor ime gw i Ihumahe

605 "we fall.o fte wumielwl
r.1 NIn2 U lbw bs is
manmusea se nwitIAM ta masell
Iuaemas lere mtalie wate I or
Mrg bash, bq Stmb sppmud to r

Vl hS S t s ~pas*o teah ise spri -
wirI musmpusbebm musnle or
t* filMMio ****** J
*'Th nsrps oS ib work of u.
huA s a fpil wto oasims sad
plmise. The ms inAlesols easera
what pwse sad SAeful sad *Meiss
slattsmw am bqg sasttyeted so ths
web ftw .ther pares of the shunt.
Ia 4tige Woll ihis the Saod has
tstesevsmaebngel. wor. One
busM pg his labors sad mousher
pl a- 1s asesen. A. elMer was em
blaS*| )easwd with the meet, wis
Er tad Ieeln*ao? skis *specal *el
ur ssM hne aefr.ed soc ive a a year
stweseseusllve yuan. it she Mgm*
SI will ratt* the smine *monem.


"Tlhe aSto. whtek together with
ate IPoi of et th Carolilna, (eorgii
Mld Atsbaboa, nsroltst thb olumbila
(t. 0.) Theologiesl Seminary, gee
he'. OSMiS to the eomsolidsaioo
it ltI Imlteslutlo with the eminary
st OlairktIlle. Tenn.. In the great
Pmebyttrltu univenrlty lo eto slb.
led *t Atslas. To this work the
etelsa of Attents, nrgardlss of do-
aemluUoa, h bave .obribed fM.oO.,
sd a I1d Imtmtnmenl oomapey ot bhat
ity has offered to donute forty snm
-i a dairmbl pon or the suburban
euOrltoy. This plan will givr about
lOW0, s a carter for the salver.
sip. whisl will bo broamdg and
Islm n iS every rmest.
"The Se d will hold It text m*
meal Meeting s Polackh.
'illRe. Th. P. Hfly mad Mr.ChkAbto.
pbs Mathien aIstasim the mIetln
Dlmhtra Wrecks.
Cairetme is wepousible for muay
a nmaiway wreek and the same eaases
are malin human winek ofl ufferems
tem thi ts sad tWlun trouble. Bus
slo the advtem of Dr. Kag's. New,
Dilsovery for eqnsumptlon, o .oha
tad Mlds. even the wont e sesan be
u0jd, and hopeless reilption is no
IMter necessary. MIrs. L OCr M of
Deseheter. Mse., I one ot many
whom illfe wa saved by Dr. King's
ew Dlimeovery. ,Thio great em*wly Is
gUaeratsed for all tbrust and long die. by all drulcsse. Prit, 0o j
sad $1. Trial bottles frei.

Waltters Frr Woman mid.
New York. Nov. I.--The five walt.
ers wiht were arrested In the Mar:.
borough sfthbkellr even.
Iti were dl c'hrged1 by Magistrate

Whiskles, WIun
ad ndLlpw
Nos. 617.519

Alnts In Pak#st hlvkm bar
Exp r, spr bbl. 10 dos, $1| 3 per dos. $1 25
Btluv Ibbs. per bbl. 10dos. $12; per dos., $1.80
Jung's SludiM iS hart i r
Ppr hb. RI dos. I per doI, $1.
We pay freight or express charges
on the following liquors:
LEWIS 186, Away Above Everythinig l
the Whisky Lism:
4 full quarts ........ 5 00
19fufluafl s 1275

4 fall qurtS........ 4 o
1 falUquarts .........12 o
EARLY TIlMS, Pure Sur Nah Whisky:

4 fallquart, del.... 400
6 fall quarts ...... 550
S1full quart...... 1075
Yeaes Old:

4 full quart.
6-full quarts. 4
19 full quarts. 9

4 full quarts ....
t full quarts ....
12 full quarts ....



..... 75
.... 4 00
..... 800

We a-e desalrs in everything in the
Liquor line Whiaslees Gins,
uum and Wines from
1.50 to 6.00 per gal.

"' Te recess q f T-ie a $rM emoeldertM fo Air thor"

Tatle is what

you pay for when you buy land; therefore
know what you are buying.

.. itles ordinarily invisible correctly revealed to you by .

The Alicha- Co ty Abstract Company,

Gai3 ees-v-je

"lordLcia .

Send your orders for Job Printing to







--tf the Goods Don't Suit.

II ami ' "' 'I I

lye Wisks.,i
PER (hAl.

$1 65
2 50
3 00
4 00

Copper Distilled..
Queen City ......
Sunny South.....
(4it Edge.... ..
Pedigree .........

om WLpkI.

N. C. White...

...$1 65

N. C. Better......
N. C. Fine ......
Laurel Vally.....

2 50




w, m

&.~ & -^

-T---(~-~'. ------ ~ ~i? =-? -~-~-~--;--~-~ --~~

4 .

~ ~ac

A "d1



I W .YPr" -, n.vr I I A."rJ-7T : ; .. C --


~IE ~2Y ~~ --~__~~_ .- -



SGavalry in Seminole
Artwards Performed
in Confederacy-A

#0 ley fi s dead."
afcussation which ant"
& ot gesNe, and tritnds of
hero and ptatcsinan
Wo wfrl-aS a late hour
an* sd It caused the
m n to sink and the
nay a silent tear. for'

W Jn n (n' Judge Fintep's Career. ag, cuantlve msheellmg.
Shis section than General
"Mat eonsl.erable of his '.. Jesse Jiohinon iitey was born Used late ly or externally
bees, auld who has held pn,- I i Wil,,n* cotvity. Teri, Nu vimber l,. I
a4d respect and conti- "812. ie was the sun o4 iah t gee like llktial to ist
M be was town ai.. a nd Mary L..wi. M 1. l e tre bkle, b allayil the
bath o rearnd in Lake Citywas edated at Lebanon, and early i in m mma tl.. it Adriv o t the
Bmn a the home of lieate rd upon the tuady of law, his ,
iE sueelA. Fipley. a few studies being interrupted, however. by irosM ofalltpsI lsIshaeu
it 'lock. (;eneral Fin- tt"e tteminle W |ar in this State, in a y
$ a few days of reaching which the l ienerat ltrvetd as a captain, --d qicl sakes ye pslb
ld year of his existence, having recruited a cavalry company., I W ries O easts m 4d e1 .l
his death was not unex- I 18 he waM admitted to the bar,!
Strri,,ble blow toto.. and two "y,*' later moved to iis- ll Y im tee.L
to love him so dearly. sippi county, Arkansas, where, In 1641. F7or use aS
Ife of usefulness to hi l' he became a member of the State Sen-
his fellow man, and his ate. Later he became a citisea of A LI. DRU G GISTS.
I lend another chapter to Memphis, of whieh city he was elected
of She statesenm and he. mayor in I-. H1 is removal to Flori-
Ooamederaey. da took place In ihe frl owing year. MONDAY WAS RUL DAY.
i srrouadlng the bedside since whilh time he had, until over. Little busin Was Transacted With
lof hbl death many near taken by old age, bhen a prominent the Exception of Fitng of Papers.
-ad oling friends who had and native figure in the political life of
I i moment for hours, but his adopwd State. Settling in Mar.l- was rule day and legal sales
e refrain from being' ana he became a member of the State day in the courts, aut there was little
Senate in 1&iJ; in 162 he was made a doing with the eteeption of the filing
m elm.nilnA Arrlve. Presidential elector on the Whig toa. of papers and hearing of aeetloas I
4et. and the year following was appoint. the o0le0 of CoultJ Judge Masoa.
i of general Finley ar- ed judge of the local circuit. During Among the most imporltat trms.
mo.oing v4ia ss (isin*- the Civil War he also served as Judge, actions of Sheriff Fennell was the male
Ol T .F wele yecompa- but resigned in 1462 to enter the ranks. of eight partially lsled barrels of
.._T .A. Finley and Mr. being speedily promoted obe captain: whiskey. remnants of the old Fryer
* anddaught of and on April 14. 1, eearme colnuel stock of Hligh Springs. whielhwero bid
Mn,. 8. Y. Finley, a few of the Sixth Florida. Hle served In In by J. M. Fenneli for A. C. Hagan of
o lorida. The funeral Smith, in Davis' brigade. Heth'i divi. whiskey was of the grade known as
SW@Aa atdofionofmyETJ.uJ.K rbagefo, e ri i e. Tr e
0Mtiat o station by .I. J. son. where he oshwed himself to bea r ee and it lt said ran ed, from the
r, United Daughters of natural lader of men. i eeat to the beet. I he aggregate
MOO, J-e Bi o- Untural leader of lmen, le wu a owu n imaobr of gallons were not aseer
pw-.. members of Kirby made a bragadier-gem*eral. being as-, gained. bui t i is stated that the sle
afwr of the eame soceity,. signed to the command of The Florida I was a bargain to the purchaser. The
ppay of cadetr from East infantry in the Army of Tennessee, i1 goods were sold to satisfy a elaim of
wl.ary,. From the. .,lon *J. t. Beebles. Snos & Co. of Saran.
tary, From the tatlon frBate's division. la.rdee'. corps. i 110 .
oiss were taken to the court ___ I... .

hlbrem they lay in state ontil 2
sa.k were viewed by a large
tf sorrowing friends and citi-
eilt deeply touched. Many
the features of the General
rfietly natural. and a few
of the division who are resid-
bow bent silently over the
WOllth bowed head. and wept.
l in the court room where
lay were Indeed 'ad and im-
K Sorts of Honor.
Originally intended to hold
I services in the court house,
afterwards decided that the
wol Id be entirely inade-
SU inodate those who de-
Sead, hence the arrangement
and the Tabernale wa
|Ut 'this commodious build-
Sa espeity of seating more
tbousand, proved almost in-

9 obllek ln the afternoon the
PlaNe lon formed at the court
the following order:
ille Guards, enmpany of uni-
( Aets from East F loridA S'emi-
Sll bearers, consisting of Con*-
l4ad4 A. l. Veterans, lheare,.
'if honor from University of
Bar Association of talineso
amibers of Stonewall Camp
PlOnWderate Veterans and the
Post i. A. It., battalhia
cd cadets East Florida
marriage. At tw"e Taber-
l he Daughtep ithe Con-
am the 0at'0lion of young
l"' East Florida, Bemi-
i|4 eetd the funeral train.
lees at the Tabernacle were
Ive. Rev. Franels H
Of Holy Trinity Church of-
The choir rendered some

F 'bral Decorations.
i deations were profuie,
beautiful, one of the

was ine c mni n i o this origamue at the
battle of .lMiiioiary Ridge, where he
won signal distinction. At the battle
of R'aseo leKnt ral Fililey was severely
wounded, aild at Jonesbiro he was
again wtii nded,. and narrowly escaped
capture. pion the conilusion of hos-
tilities he et ;:d in Lake City, remove.
ing to Jackrinville in 1876. In that
year be was elected to Congress and
upon the expiration of his term was
reelected. Hil seat, however, was .on-
I tested, and given to his opponent. In
I IN7 t;overnor Perry appointed him to
fill an unexpired term in the United
States Senate. In the same year he
was made Juidge of the Fifth Judicial
Circuit, retiring after six years of ser-
vice, because of the infirmities of old
age. generall Finley was twice mar.
ried. Two children by hise second wife
survive him, Charles A. Finley and
Mrs. M1. F.

Rites of Circumcision Administered to
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Endel.
The rie 'of cireu'neision. which is
one of thll0e io enored rites of the
Hebrew relation, was administered to
Marcni Endel, Jr.. the young son of
Mr. aindl Mr. Marceus Endel. at their
home, North Pleasant street. Sunday
aftseroon. Kntbbi .1 Mereky of Saran-

The occasion was a very pompous
and important .olle, many Jewish
friends betng present, Pro. J, F. Me-
Kinstry. Jr., .1. Harrison Hodges and
N. I). ,Phillips wer also prlent a t the
The ceremony of naming the boy
was a most impressive one, and his
solemn vindication into the religion of
his fathers was an ooaesion very de-
lightful to the parents and friend!.
After the ceremonies the friends par.
took of a sumptuous repast. as is eCue.
tomary on such occasions.
The premises were decorated with a
Lt__L .... Mt 01,flW 0d

Not a bick Day Since.
I wa, taken severely sick with kid.
ney tioutble. I tried all *Lsts of media.
eines. none of thieh rt'Lerej mwm. One
day I saw an ad of your Electric Bit*
lers acddetermined to try that. After;
taking a few dnses I felt relieved, and'
soon thereafter was entirely cured.,
atnd have not seen a sick day minee.
neighbors of mine have heen cured of
rheumatism, neuralgia. liver and kid-
ney troubles and general debility."
Thbi is what B. F. Baa. of Freiont,
S. (.. writes. Only 5Je, at all drug.
gits. .
Perry 0. Ramsey and Miss Godwin
Were United Sunday.
There was a happy marriage at Mor-
riston Sanday, when Perry C. Ramnse
of Wacahoota, the popular and effl.
cient member of the Board of County
Oommissione tfromn that section, was!
united in the holy bonds of matrimony 1
to Mlles Annie Godwin, a charming*
young lady of Morriston.
Both parties are well known aid
have many friends, all of whomn extend
the sineeret congratulations. Mr.'
Ramsey is one of the most progressive
residatel of the county. and it Is nreed-i
less to add that their home will be a
pleasant ofe.
A Runaway Bicycle
Termninated witi an ugly out on the
leg of .1 It. Urner. Franklin Ururoe. ill.
It developed stubborn uleer unyield-
ing todoctors and rtnmediesl for four
years. Then locklen's Aruioa Salve"
cured. It's jiut as gool for burns, I
sealds, skin eruptions and pile.. 256 ast
all dru store.




* - -

1 wer & arrj

I I,



B. H. LEVY, BRO, & 10
%ATANiiA, SSS '; ....,

The. largest M aill 0ir.,,js
Fir Men'., Wem's a d MM mm "
:i; r\I 1.TO-WEARI GARM5.

Clothi n.g, la ers Kojerwear at t Fo-ap...
FO WO .. '
-Tailored Suit, Skirts. Jt ke.t, rhs e, Wr lMo W Its ,

The Stores Were Closed.'
Tb 8.,,.. w,.,. C.d., It s ho 1et tiko ofe,
t 'it nf rl;eet to 4o neral F.nley. all
*ltorrs RIMfl i.dtcr* loud v b, iP#o we're elotd fnin 'de, I la eur. a1 bece
,during the funeral houtr. T.,e at-nd. I r""r fal s
at or at the Iaber'na.c ,Ra, pmobly teyI dO't Vknow or fall Uo
th i:4rt e.ver *' ., :a.lAr i.- HAMU wI=AD o tI
cati).n In this co!y. i ala Ia a I.
TtI t:aut,.:nI.t-. I: i.At .-6, s: ufeurl msd pat veenr out
SA., :t jry, lhr. tl.. I.d ..T,,, *.. thle brasn sad ervus isysta,
!L -,.? V ..;, l kd t I *r l .!It Oear.r, .-r. 4' H d Iud soon wrIks yUr R yslaIl.
liatton. ', A I' :Al'trr,.,w, w tr ..i ,i it lol eya Llil

*io. Tie n *d to saert If tryor wi
) i. fi- .r .ri w : a- . ir iion of ly O W this great., Moderm cu-
M.eCi.a," .r pais. aboelat$ly ue, soth0



lnulism .it, omln.-r


bla tin. A i, tgiai

_.- t _- -- A -- --L e
*.--A* J

1. M



Tied Up h

*k.!. W',w '.
, , 'w lgl Tl

aid *6g.i< .IN'@
., q. y "

; CI ~ .11 ~

6 .aIA

We've over.bought.

4' %

stock, and to that end we tavo


Regardless of I


*1 *'**A '1
* 'V.
* ~ *~..r. t. S I

~ I.
5~~flU NJ

As an inducement to the Buggy Mzya
assist us in reducing our stock-weill !t
with each Buggy bought a set of HaitH at,
solute cot. 4
...... ..* : . .

Visit Our Ware Rooms and b.e
Largest Stock of Buggies p
Wagons Ever Brought to
This section.

~.' i~X



0 '1;

SEIND' 1, 1 t Dorf ,lt BY B MAAIL. i -
" '-" * - rir--" -... r '
', u *.*

Clothing, Hais. Umlnwwer 3 Vjrlthba ,
Fro OuIRL a"s uIuu.L.
DUrses, Rnrers. CkUS.a wr. sw. *.
We. seed gne by xbMw L. 0, O(atl
ozalmen before septig. ,
W. erfaUy et two ULM *
meat forsc*leo. t. u.,

Wuts faow"mph SFINiW



A Special

_ ~__ __ ___

... II__





_ __ __





Ro4*10, IN* Anaie 5d.
WA $ mn wiofsh a
sm.hvAgh 1m a u o
ast, .lVr t Us. t S 5 h

u* sturdan ad SundaI
! 01. G nal h.. firom SISTERS OF CHAR '
bN*W i g ad Santity, A rt Ue P.-ru..

'gA Alle Ovv 4n t$
t w Miss tb nha ~teryl. Pnn
A-i e vte aflhp b$ a ar-- ,tn ill er the Snt wold It ramined lur, apt
of Pandri. begas on sonw A
SrIr S of hgood. Chey b
,M:b sogbesh CmaSs 1C.Jat lent
.*of 6Oh i, whola Is W1 so se s wht

1: in "Wa vy "001"o ft" Onbo ilautiion in In-trolt, ongested mnso. m6"mCran. restortag
S' to i normal state, would onqiu .
i .M a., 0Oc. 8, I. ly c re mu thew disease. ('tarbh .
i:.iig':. .... Oet esctanrh wherever located, whetlher ,llb
*uk I! teIV 0fe b was s1wli d oi g nfram tr. in the hed, thriot, lumps, utomaeh, ki.
.g 'sH afe a #aset we Wi ## 4AP WM eft we hope will eue it in one loation will o
i beth a the a CaU lSITT ino all Toestions.
.4RAN-1'"S,.. ,.' e l th. aboe t1eutiflln. i Srfe PguaW It 8tre. i
l A Mial*1n id-s e tlhole I*n botlesM I found mysmlt very much tm- Perus 1 seuh aremerly. TheBis
eA *e~n f t '.Wa i4 bM4 p pMla roved. Th rem of y olddlMase of OhIriy know this. Whln oaentarrhj
uui9e StqbshP* O SsN eVmeS* lo being m"w so slight, I consider myself Mese make their Plearance they an
**^b iws estd, yet f r a while I Intend to eon- uotdiheoemees, t ow exactly what
WaslNnB ang S now lr*s u anMother patient. n havoud Pnna I.
s..a4mA 010011 ewe h w d oer with your moed cnte. She r has b siek ing sa egwd. Thpey reallue that whel
W l $w R be a i~hip *i ed sae. with malaria sad troubled with leuor- edisse.e lot atarrhal natureI Perhe
20- b. I haveodIs the dumedy. Vyapept. and female
g bstdnnsJ o qd.mdomeea.rh. I h i. so dobt ehat ue weiklna are consIdered by many to ha
I aSkb oo MSUE RI R. m Swrvyd to a* laOlt MOTsE R SUPERIOR. ttrly different diaes. That dypep-
."a an ehep t sensest the I a MQteEEo laar reciv. si. estarrh of the stomach and female
mw ...b.iwWR. T mUweRaIOe. er. HMata tmn thfriouerde u weskn is due to larh of the plvevo
p&i.SA Ap fhst oti^ herSupepreya o Cathollegistersthrouahout the United ogana n r ywa, n.
"Noadry Itos. exprlea. to the the very ooTmor ad anoying die
.U-0 retlu NO T oh of the very The names and addreose to these e .
j^-^^^i Is mussl.ia.. wveslll Um me pleuare letters have xeen withheld from respect If you do not derive prompt and satl.
a^ ^ ^^^ MtBBfin s r- n s U .V to the litr., tut will bo furlihed uponi faory results from the ue of Perunh,
p1 in w, e hnpiSI_ qwqun~. writ, at once to Dr. Iartman. ;giving
IsB 1, fi slt yaPr Ka -sI u mt with estonh of In every country of theclvlliled world full statement of your case, and lie wlU
k sIt I't amd *es8 tsoslesprov'nv valuo. the Kislers of Charity Are known. Not be pleased to give you his valuable ad
a a^^ ^e s bt M>tf. Iaflhlng I wentoto(ale- only do they minister to thesiulritual and vrice gratin.
^ bs^sKat. t ina'hepeag toe be stoed bym change IntektntuMl need. of those with whom Address Dr. ilartman, lrrchIdnt of
"as. 1 iSA .sdwhilethem tfrnfinadvilw thbrycomeIl In mI ,ta't, but th.-ynit.tier 'The Ilrtman Hanitarluz., toluninbua
nu"'vSat SuB'uhau',.in W Sq pura." After using tiw a theft b Ioilrly ne-di. They aroassklk Id Ohio.
:MS vt Io* 0 "i 6.o ..................." -,. ......
A m rsiI,..awl,. -- -- t0 tat. ....'.. .,c-

.a_,oW. aiopqo
LI1v Pure Rye Whik
..,,",,.,,y--, W _.k -
q~ll~iaL. Iee|,, ol W~hy.

.... a. ... "Amnw OW INi o conoRATio or TE.E W -
tJ-- .@ ..,T UO&.5 . ,oThe Best Dollar Qu;rt Whiskey on the
.7.......m- .m ae r ,. ., Market Today.
-. f 1min6 .sslin S ao r a'l .n, iotpvnt ot I In order to familiar':*. the public with this mofl excellent whikey, we will
A, EtSS S WISdS itA at. u el t Iot a limited time o.ily, CIIlAR;Ei4 PREPAIl.,

--.-nr src -- s zz"--,i-.."". Four Full Quarts for $3.20.
A fl*S to make ow o a Lnatz.a Q.
,B .Shste~17 lafOMe of the b blm y aog Try it once snd you will always buy it, as it h s no
Ws 4 'md .siSwo Israo a'S *,, f. elual for the grifo.: Satisfaction guranteed o-your
to old 1Wto bu* r* %*aa., money Iack. Remit by Expless or Portofiw-e money
SItay. Ws 6 oftr IUS mnineht tiai 0 order to
.""LWne.,.; bWa. 1wi b M&KYLAND WHISKEY 413 t Bay St
i. ,a5 ea Pl m se mh. eL t. th .W JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
em.sass e rt l > Nob It 'aI4 ^'llAu ai Iinnb 'Iu ordrrin: p!eae: mentio tihis paper.

ig w tiksa .k- ARTICLE IV. Notlloe hlli heretir gtlon ibMi tisur weeksa-trr
T iuerishtioniaBnlataine aaae r) ARTi Vil. the flrt putl4bstIon hereof. lowh:d On Lie I9vth
ib M enes la shall or eene mtet bee day of tkoejje itl. I. sn guantlen ut f rt
S* te SOxnIrl am Wo to Ian entS T bor atme and r enee or t re Ki enedy wL ) apply o the county budget
.. miweg ear s t ee o taamount of e rital wu subI Alh ena.r. Florida. for ea order t"
s;nernuHvdZ ARYCL I iu V. V.t i ThoUon tbsl bme uc lTl or Ia:;K ^ %" thowt: ,meNwk of.Ke^s tol i Onatil
-M ""'A"'I .. .~ o I W km a.fleha lge .d Iar.
i,/Pt so41|g| pM pexe eky I ta* eohm ooK traiews UNSt Tfe namea and revlieno
Sw ith t-M dre-hesnee a eM r ht mM e ioalNsm. f tee .r r he *n of .e orl f~i Ar ia" %er t,, fl.]

Iso t !Armea a W *r be F TH $s . fIL by t ast aA Y i' PUPE.
**s-yf b-eS a" .. t STATE 0or tL %utIDeA K- l b0, 0e t t t aord Sie o f U ire W.ndIy
S,.Mif f l 1t I A tim m V.. ,, al l l i, coW untl'. 11
-., Ir:,i um' ftpp illiy bom* of"* earw i u beal .t IL V., "1'1:i,% ., v^0. 0- _, a
L Utz b .e me. a moar; Puba e duly author Ied a
silkenT 1Pl.S k agsnagjnt theHt.e The Florida
..I. .b. tf Or .2s ik Fruit and Truck Grower
40o 6o sil. v.t I noiseer i n aek wwfsor tIwm th:e of Jpr,>^

the- Irulilom ye isam In witMe where. M buve herento set my OCALA,
se tand an fimlcs se1 t.1. I u)da of October.
,, 0 go.. ,. ,4,.-. Asi ...- ,,>- 44 a .,,,,.., r ita r c G o e

It, Sdltor and Piibl'r.

Ci3ecatr'fioN I
ekb Sw'w*layyar; mix
gle oopl5 So0.

iiena, 16 lens a line
0 cents for each laddi-

llveriments for Ihroe,
the at *peial rates.
Sulp )l lej Icatiolu,
dieah notteep inserted
5i pents a line.

the Thricee-a-Week
o e ear ........ $1 866
t he Atlanta ((i a.)
hMitatIononone yar.. 1 76
ste Atlanta (Ga.)
oit urnal one vera. I 50

The pollIlsal contest wsblhe has ag*.
tated lh people of the United iaste
for the pass, four months olied4 Tues.
day night by the eluotion of Theodore
Roosevelt as president. Except for
he ia le issue enlgrndmlred inito the con.
test by Mr. lRoosevels, it is safe ito ay
that thI South would havu felt little
interest ini the' result. ltsit his enter.
tainnmnt of thie negro Booker Wash.
liimlolu rated ilnmoisity It)o him whli.1
till t i l)e hiox'd during th.. coining
fo.r years of his adtmnniltrat inn. lie
has (denrnyied, so far as their SouLth I!
ejicerrennl, the of the great.
eat mann )of the i negro racrt, nd it 'will
reaqire another MeOKinley to sh51y t he
Ill terliig which lhe ha- -ort-uti'd Le-
t tc n th ivn,~v r '-s a, ndila th, vhiltt II"'-
pie ft th!, Sollth. The .South hoped
thatlie white theople of lthe Norlh
woubl join hands with in rebuk-
ilu lhiii uncalled for attempnit tI forr
icvfial equality upon them, but it
enms thaiLt our Northern biretrlen pre.
fer four year inorue ofl "lhe Main on
Horseback,"' who is liable, by his l I-
.prudence, to foret this equntry into
war with foreiilw powers, to that of

Give nature shree helps, nd
mrldy every case of con.
sumption will recover. Presh
,lr, most Important of all.


Nourishing food comes next.
Then, a medicine to control
the couth and heal the lungs.
Ask any good doctor.
I sl-t ATrmI Orhw.talp U T
is, 'I hlf_ ftku 1srrible rma of WINu.I Aall Ul.W a.usR Ou .
S for wIv. amo

enaandes ai yat ot
towels. Aid nature with Atyers la.
" __

"." Jr.... dth-of access so dinzu.g th..r
sh te Semi-Wetekly Ihe eminent Jurist and man of cool rthe ti of s*ccees so daling thtir
one year....... I judgment. J.ude Parker. vela that they anay, re they know, be
I, --. .. The power of the trusts, which cont- tunmpted So put the pride of place and
IIlI not accept stans Itof a tributed so liberally lo the campaign th lust of power above those simple
!lionS than 2 eents. fond of the Republiscanp, hai again 'and Spartan ideals of lfte'handed down
-.. givenn m ade, niailfrut. It also demon- to u by tIhe Fathers of the Republic."
Proven by many a *aI- stratls that the I)emnucrats need not :- --
ih the fairest oreatire ot again wage a political catnpaign in op- COST OF INSECTS.
,*e ufailfrest. position to the Imnperiallitio and mo.
t nopoliltic policy of the Repubuoans. A dILzen insects will cost the United
they at least make Ri Personally, President Roosevelt has ,ates O$360,ih,00 X this year, says The
won't break as soon ai many attributes whieh attract the ad. New York Herald. The chinch bui
|a am air ship? migration of the people of the Southb, will draw $100,000,000 of Shls amount,
.I but his enforcement of negro office- the grasshopper will take *90,000.000
lwe comfort In being poor. holders upon our people has caused and the Hessian fly will call for at
fikely to eat things you them to forget, his good traits and less ,00000.0 more. Three worms
et dyspepla. look upon him as an enemy to the peo- that attack the cotton crop will aiess
. .; -: pie of this section. Now that the Ihe farmers for $0.OOO00, and the po
Sto the census of 1900 the President has announced that he will tato bug will eat $8,000,000 worth of its
flatmers in this country not again be a candidate for re-eleo. favorite garden produe. Ten millions
eitr entire farms Is 3,149,. sion is is to be hoped that during the of dollars is a moderate esitlate of
next four yealt of his administration the Injury that will be done by the
he will not pander to the negro vote, *pple worm. The eaterpillar, that
tipiness world hangs on which holds the balance of power in makes eabbaep ts speelalty. will de-
ltht Is the reason why many of the Northern states,. and be stroy $6,000,000 worth of crlp green
li often a panacea for the president of the whole nation, heads.
The Democrats made the best fight The etilmatee, which ane eonsera-
possible under the ilreumstaness, but tive, are as follows:
SmpaulN e not Boston bare the people have seen fit to endorse the Chinch boat ...... $100.00.00
"d a 00,000,000 trust. A present administration, and nothing GOaWhopr............. .I.
e0 oI consnidered a light remains but for the minority to sequi. eIa :.ebu... ,000n
ease me In the result. sen Jose seoale .. ... 10000,000
The white people of the South re. Orain weevil. ........... 40I30
,Wad is making The Peneas main in control of their respective Apple worm.. ........ .O,,00000
te of the best afternoon State government. amid all the powers Cabbage worm ... 000 W
11 South. The News now that be cannot fores them to rellc- Boll weevil cottonn) ...... 20,00,M
I Aew dresi. quish the same. This muoh we have oUll worm (cotton) ... dA O
S*i and will retain so long as the nation Cotton worm .. ......... ,000.
.ojestvenstjy's "fire when exist. Total .............8
My to Shootsky" order may -
Mm as much credit as Ilew- GENERAL J. J. FINLEY. Theelection of the Republiean No.
Il Injunction. T election of the Republean Nat
l- Florida's moet noted and beat be- tional tiflet is to be regretted, bas as
on lp the West say that eat- loved solder and statesman. Gen- the same timq I. is a soree of con-
.. ..rk t litin a th le nnia At dain-a.-

.heap to kill. After
| the hands of the
.aet too dear to eat.

gilve up. Ion't yield an
MI0 rligt. Remember no



pIre till he Is dead or loses his
Mld that' the same thing.

StfHiard Oil Company poai-
% that it is running Amer-
large majority of the peo-
It denial is based on facts.

bWoter's church saloon Is said
$Waren financially, and that is
ISletan be said of any sys-
SNg*late or reform the saloon

Jk *9 yet to hear one individ-
mill of the recent lJackson-
f Ial. Visitors from (Gaines-
lred home thoroughly dis.

ldby the United States treas-
there is one $10,001 bill inI
lS. This Ie undoubtedly a
itW here are who have seen
frli g.

U, 76,162 persons have been
t. e United States on rail-
th lose of life last year on
l were greater than the

eral JePse J. Finley, has gone to
his reward, after a long and useful
life. This noble old Roman was espee.
ially esteemed and beloved by the
people of Gainesville and Alashua
county, and the itizens of Gainesville
esteem it an honor that his remains
will remt In Evergreen cemetery, where
rest the remains of hbli beloved wife
and several of his offspring.
To the bereaved relatives The Sun
extends condolence.
Referring to generall Finley's death
The Times-nialon of Monday says ed*
itorlally :
"At the height of one of those po-
litical campaigns in which he had In
years past so often borne a eonspie*
uous part. that gallant soldier and
loyal gentleman, General Jesse John-
son Finley has laid down the burden
of life an.I g'i: to hie reward.
"Few men of Wi4 race and generation
have lived loingr than lieneral Finley,
and few have lied more to the pur-
pose. lie was ninety-two years of age
at the time of his death, and for the
best part of a century had been lit-
erally 'tn the l firig line.'
"As advocate, at jurist and soldier-
as cOngremnntun, senator and citizen-,
in every walk of life, and in every ca-
pacity In which he was called upon
to serve the people of his adopted
State. General Finley rang true,
"It may truly be said of him that
while he held many offlses, he sought
none i4eneral Pibley was preemi.
nently a man of the people, and It is

umnu was sentence to not to be wondered at that throughout
* rn'tentiary for steal- I long and useful life, he was :ontil.!
dlorse hlef drew *; nually called apon by his people to go
. They would proba- to the front tn various eapaloities.
\ fr stealing a pig. *"Sueh a life as that which closed so
.--... -. nm,.eefullv in Lake' City yesterday is

*u ie Smtwi.. w ville to know that the State organtlza
tion is in the hands' of such men as
Hons. W. 0. Robinson and H. 8.
Chubb, and that they will remain in
offlooe fr the next four year. While
all of us would prefer, from a political
standpoint. to see Democrat? take
their places, none of us would prefer
to see other Republieans take the
plisaces of W. 0; iRobinson as register
and H. S. Chubb as rweelver of the
land office, or Judge Arnow as post.
The ages of some of the Union com.
manders In our Civil War in 1862 were:
(tiren, thirty-nine; Sherman, forty.
one; Sheridtan, thirty; McClellan,
thirty-fve. Horecrans, forty-two;
Thomas, forty-flee; iBuell. forty-three;
Hancoek, thirty- seven ; Meade, forty-
six; McDowell. forty-three; Pope.
I thirty-eight. Among the Confeder.
ates Lee was fifty-fire; llrag, forty-
six : Jackson, thirty*-even; Hood.
thirty; Early,. forty-three; LonRitreet,
forty; ieauregard. forty-five; Stuart,
twrimty-eight; Hill, thirly-six; Buck.
nor. thirty-seven.

1I 'tubtless but few persons, even rei.
dents of Chicasto., are aware of the
fact that the Windy City posensea a
freight tunnel or subway twenty-six
miles in length and cotiang $8000,000,.
Is is really one of the we*ders of the
world. This tunnel Is forty feet be.
low the level of the street and lower
than the sub-basemeaut. For some
reason this xreat work has been pra-e
tically completed without its beinki
exploited to any e extent in the papers.

P'retiden. PaFr nc nf the SI .- TmilI


William Rockefeller has been peoM
pulled to pay over $10,I00W for a side
yard about forty feet wide ls New
York. As that rate even a BRoeefel.
ler might run out of sle befie be
nesueeded in getting tie earth.

Statiatlelans and that something
like 2,000 vesIls of all eorta disappear
in the sea eoverr year, never to be
heard from again, taking with tLea
12,000 human belmlp, ad. lavolvlag
a money loss of $10000.0.OD.

Cement is now being ued for roofs,
in addition to the many other sees to
whieh it has been paut. Among the
uses for which cement now comes
handy Il for building fenee posts,
building blocks, etc.

To tb able and willing to do some
usefdl thing well should be the high-
e*t aim of every young man. It beats
being a "society ornament" or even
she ability to. wear good clothes in
the best form.

There are 4.965 independent farmer
or rural telephone lines In the United
States, enough surely to afford oppor.
tunlty for a good deal of conversation.
Imagine a girl at every one of them,
all talking at once.

The New York rapid transit tunnel
is the longest .of all underground
road., having a total distance of
twenty.three miles. The London "top-
l A _.- fi 1 i--I s ft6--6 -. ---

ti*e Me* t. l t!11ln*odd r !
vail ls Itessia thai stage life isa *W
nepto womae, for there are so od
maiden except in the relllgonu order.
If the parews(e asnuot arrange a mar.
rilg. for thi daughter she nmakesa
journey, nd is this rlot ut the iossip-
lsg community. riioon re(iorts re oair*
eulated of her InarriSlal to a fortegner.
Long aolirnne ltirings fIritlfulin..e
o thlut when tie'story is told of the
death of thu forelg(ll hotbtnd In a
strangA land thrre are r f w who oar to
inquiry further. Indeed, it is a breath
of ellqirtte to miKggrest doUbt, under
such eircusmtiis., nid Ithe woman
finally rttiurio a* a brokefii.-harlerd
widow. he hai melt ths coIuditlons
of the country aind shie i no longer a
siInleg |pwreoi in oi0lSty. Th.r the
fiction of '"iio unmarried women" Is
preserveld in tihe Jtaoir n uf thIa C'air.

'Thr i1 inn who will discover an ever*
lasting rouuflits ompiound will nra a
fortune. Prqgreei has been made
along this lilne, but the.r lis room for
inAprotvenlet. The b*l. of lhinglesl
IHegin to decay when exposed to the
O emneists for fifteen years, while other
material shows signs of failure ia less
time., A leaky root Is a *somtaat an
noyance and patching a hort-lived

Jud e Martin L. Mershon. one o the
btst known and most aseeIrful lw-
yere in the State, ded as his home Is
Fernandlna on No.vejber 8d, fiter a
prinful Illness of several week. He
was a native Ilorldian, bilam born I*
Monlcetleo la 1l, but for many yean
resided in Oeorgl,, where at o stime
he was Jude of the Bruiewlek elrall.

Hon. W Hollowayr 11f0nd niio
telegrams yesterday eogIstlliafg
him upon his ipleadld vestory sla I
eletotio of tI Tue*lay. He
apiatte great odds. ad4 the pwse
have demonstrated It the ga1o8il
eleellon. as they did in the primau,
thao they are eisk a4 tind of eutriu
ln the State of Florida.

The Chicago Dabylollan sexpldti
tes ezoarvted a statue of KiMg H4w,
They report that the f'e leiAs SIt
that of 8oastor DpO.W. Kfl MKm
lived ,A0 ylsn ago, whl to Iilebt
theU vlmsia of. of Mr. o Dsw
jokes. Prha$ tbs p ar fasltheli
A lady lI .1, Paul. MIas., gss
parltyto a number of her iay frietah
and dertig the evemlag seM mANl" 0
in paper moa boShe made er bl
Inl husband auik llSe boiley @1 hbr
frleads tilal be ast lest leateid i
almlng twenty.

Late ensus retunme sthow th the
Imesee la she populslem of Namee
for the past deade haa bte oaly 440.
000, thee lme Freeh kwhet lot
eased In Caaoda or New Eaglead tlis
the biggest famllee In Amerlet.


he b* lo

- .... Ito
eg^en sa whw n nt

them tlit ta w
.wll bel imH

uleo tonse6 aEina
MOO l*ad '4"1- I*
you nto" i :ngi
taMstaaei. et SeM miSS

aI fl a ,L& nou."W
savrs fem Q Ai

MAI N*8V LIA llfiw-.-,H
Mas-s ereme a D u^T.*^^^^P-y'ii l esli^W~H^^^
b~iabaii~fH *Wf. .






S.- .

; 6.W," 1

nu .1.. C f' *rl
fit :ft~ '. . 4 u b %UI **l
I A t ,ih a t..t

n~; e th e w. ri'" h gWl.' rI
Ti h _'.A he't r o t .'-
,1tal':1 u 't I 't h..,i i #' ll C^i.2

.:4.f Cs eS A* lt: I'la .. a M
vL::ow :1'.9". i.Sp,

hats b: ; .,, .;b dh.. ...

l tters tha cc iht
not hhmte W N111 bW

fnw r....le ar leratleig |
I,.'^iidc s f e .. : J.14n(piya
andl th ileetuc.! cv.4.t4 by tvii
th05 futnctei to perbrad
wa k. : ,

hr.i ben a1 have, :i

. * ,, tr & l. T

ke .. _!gw
.la. mL
1114 .

S7 "- I ,.
[ ', ', ';: ... u ., ,w 't,, '



I7y k r T rr

.-z .-.~- ..'.-i'.-- rr~~j~ >r~# ~
~.- 9pww1r~7ri-ThNnn~E
'p 1
( -'2


a ,1,- -

MA xUrACTrltl.b, or

and Building MateriV

Sash, eights, Card, Handia

I .' -HAC ER.- Prrie'

4 .
*; I


'To Iea successful wife, to retain the love I
ad admiration of her husband should be a
woman's constant study. Mrs. Brown and
Mn^ Potts tell their stories for the benefit
of all wives and mothers
M&. Pwiua t-ai- U. PalVUlma's Vegetable Com-
Jimei oab *efl, mStnug, healthy and happy. I dh nrtged
Sim le iul sa., worn oUt with pain and wiarrintis.
a s,> daweam t.oumbled as I was, and the wonderful
id t- r VegteaeCoamponmd. and decided to try what
hm i sao 01 S ISt fi ee lmatlm At the and of that tlm 1I
i,, woma Gaodghbo rm marketd It, ad my huabtud tell tn
mmanO l h It rnmd lUkems new ntateuce. 1 had been sf*
SlsammttlU -A faltlag of t he womb, but our tmedclne cuned
Sir m y slMI tillO Iu was ldeed ka nw wwonman.--
PMm. Bas 1Aeda1 Omr Terrace, Hot Spclrv, Ark.;
gd p*9 ftSP to pro 0 tby My% Brewe' *x
!O du e if eo wf e~~c d to tIlrou les enumer-
So aelyl wi L d[dls I Plaklmsm's Vgeetable
\IZ boamen wieo uffter from womb troubles,
t o kkidner troubles serviss exeltabilitl
a r rd the awory oft mrs. Potts to all

dtablLbhed In ia8l.

The Oldest Whiskey

House in Georgia

i .' J ,. \
uar ntld 8 years old. A the
gallon $8.00 4 full quarts .60.
9361. J. COL MAN YTE
Guaranteed 6 ea r old. Ity the
gallon $2.76. 4 full quarts $3.00.
sarsateed 4 easn old. By the
gallon $2.W0. I full quarts $2.75.

hus Ma N raa wa i Dumrn the ery IhFFORD RtE
,r of my married life t was wry delica teC hRll 2 fV
Health. I had two mlarrla and both the allon0 $.26. 4 fil qartAs
mybua and and I feltverybad weywewei $2.I0. 4XPRME PREPAID
Sanxlou to hbae children. A nel hbor who OLD POINTER CORN CLUB
I""B, l ,*. ,* I i-hd& be. un unffg Lydia i Plnkhanm OLD MINTER CO RA CLUB
.Vegetable Compound advled me to try Guaranteed 4 yeat old. B the
It, and I decided to do so. I soon felt that gallon 42.50. 4 full quarts 12.75.
Bleftor'ay ayppetite was increasing, the headaches EXIPRES8 PREPAII)
,I .g .,.,:gt n fradiually decreased and finullydlappeared, DI.D KENTEvKY wrI(t -
fad my general health improved. I felt as
a I ow blood courted through my veins, the guaranteed 4 ears oll B the
.l-t i I ti tired feeling dhppeazld, and I e. gallon 8 (30. 4 l j m arts t8 a.I
ok su Iwal ..II s t ....d wel ,KEXPREMS PIREP'AID
""Within a year after! bee3me theother We handle all the leading brands of
These Tntitf I i a ofastron healthycehld. thhojoyouryhome.I Ryead Bourbon Whiskies in the mar*
t arg You certainly have asplendid renied and I ket and will save young frosn 25 per ciln
i l101 11 44t l, m i I. I kernand will save you f rom 25.per cent
towish every mother know of It.-J ncerely to 50 per cent on your purchases. Send
yrsro, r A o nrk.", 510 Prk Ave., Uot for price list and catalogue. Mailed
.."IMe' Ii, S you feel that thet issan ythingat Al free upon application.
s:::gie N 1 i annuall or puuzling about your. ,or THE ALTMAYER & FLATAU
,nLar f1 If you wish confidential advice to' he LIQUOR COMPANY,
0i0. t mo st eerienced, write to Mrs ink.
e e*t.. TI tMM a, ad you eWill be adv free of *ha Lydia l. 408.508* a109 HTH NTREET,
B.4s ct a0 Sab Com antd has aucsd ands cung thouanda MACOX, OEOlIIA.
i4 aRtannl i efmatse troub -couring them Inexpensively and absoutuly.
i. s m l r, to wr thil buwiM you go to your drggist. Insit upon getting

s-rwvTt PRIRAY. MA
4I',.. Weman Cocurtd ODvorce Lazt rMcnd:y His Chin Toemhed the Traneamitter with
~,~~anldt Isp ad a K ,icJ.. Serious Results.
S~'1 m' tsib Nu.hvtillo, Tean.. cNv. r-T-n Indianapllts, Nov. 8.-Jamres Adams,
4 i a maO cl tn aratrt arlN vl:e,' :Ji.:'. L. ;:.i lat-"r member of "be A. A. Branch coal firm, N
iipi,;,.4,S pfll@ was holat ~iad aidl:,t ln.,:t'y killed was severely hhockled while using a
I.,'' by Al!r e IIla:cr. from w:;.;.M she l; 1 telephone that he was paralyzed from __e
.f. G@W" ..b.. M seewnrcd a divorec lalt Mou1i.'y. the hips downward.
(f ft5 T Mrs. mlaxer waq fit the kitrhtm oi Just 1w0 4tthe olo ficao e!d Air.
gat t Io meobw" her home with Jameptee, a t ,le,,r. A1am used tHie telei;h<,oe to traceT F N O A
OfWV .gh when Blazt" *uddsnt entered] and at. some wcoal ear.. First lh ieo ed thi
"A"aa otmu E'taa ekadt Agne, beating alnm te tad":' old 'phone, and. not suacot:dtig. t ttx(o
A#UU"Wa t"e sad probably fracturing his skull. the receiver off the boop l the new
N W E h G l The womaw ran creaming Into the, 'phone. allowing lhis hin to tmuch thea
lrdsad Blazer pursued hrA llrlagtranamittior.
'" i'' thWe shots, one of white strtutk Mrs. ber. whIn usiudd.nly a spark .flasboh
_^m4 TiS ISA Pa t rf UAwr In the bead. BMo dl4e with- before i &aid Le waa teuderod un-
e s. l" ~a tma tatl eat mkla a -=aem""' con"":r.- FULL LINE OF
U VMm at Rota i1 Blaser escaped and has not yet been
tW A *Massua apm f beaded. He has been employi Wome find quick e lfn Dr.Thr tr N T
At aMMi tbaterms as lewe l m am, la ry. Liver and Blood Syr p NEW G OU

A"s"Of thsl e. Miad to g .....
t"a. The resa l

S. E. E. VO)lE. MGR. Gainesville, Florida
Abtets of Tistle a fal glb fam urtabho V leasInd la this
,7. ,ea. tOur DsUwr. ha. lIvet 1*a sOOUt# .is.. j. a... a---

t, .* '


, ';

. v T, ,."

'1 r.


e r -



w.'w-;. *


:0at Have Numb.
of Ordluno..
Think to Have Dogs Run
With a Dispoition to
SPleae-Orders for
^ jI inens..
I s.alil has waged war on
iskgl if they will enforce
I met ln regular monthly
Si mallght, and the grinlll-
i ais the deposition of the
i- j mald the *iveet alstter.
brouglhi to their ailention
ia"aer that it was impoesJ-
sheom to another month.
of allowlag dogs to
whe streets without muzsle.
at a oe lnglh, ainoee
of the animal have gone
Slg!, The eounall finally
i M~Tein iMaslruasen the or-
gmmilte to draft an ordl.
Sowem of doq to pro*
trials wil moaslee.
B i ISteem waas Intreted
Srvepair Wet Main street,
etsm to the juneeton of
Oud s Line sad Seaboard
at to place Mld torent Il a
gmdisloe. This eonmittee,
k thl e M sltary committee,
Op so-opeate with the
ppomlelt by the otlmsems
of elesaimg and repair-
qihmaae requiring the As-
i e T end Seaboard Air
$:oo fa are light at the juon
tmaS ea West Main street.
tO lae allle sad taul rail-
$sls1 M sare light on West
MWOee iat tsam orosi of the
ld tha astret, was rea*head
-.m' Itsfnst readnlgx.
00 eam0metle of other bust-
the payment or bills. the

|fles WIN Arrest Al Offend-
S o ef the Trash Law.
Wole has raised such a fuse
hbelm piled on the ainret
e6v determined to arrest evtra
eiOles sthe law." remarked
P Ilee Ohas. Pinkoeon Tues.
paskAlag of the abuse of the
pg1tneralfg this department.
is aS ordipanee which pro-
t m othing is allowed on the
a4d al*ac the public is mak-
a etNeuoos "kiek" regarding
blioa of the streets, he is de-
to eaforae it. In this he has
t eo-operatlon of the council,
es of whieh declare they are
Sthe "kleks" whteh come from
ievof those who violate the or.
Meveery day by piling trash on
of Polleo Pinkocon requests
Sto put the eoltiena on guard
| Tppaee to enforoe the ordi-

ltfdIets of ponsequeneee, and
7me1teW will be governed am-

S itrdl Leek.
L1ly f lurk:" IA' exclaimed .
her little fmot n.grily.
.' the nmetter?7" he asktdl.
a pitn." she returned, point.
e0 on the floor near her foot.
know the muprstitlion, of
Sia pnl and phlk It up, through
'ar you'll liav e ood luck.' he
Metly." she said. Through., nil
A,' and here It is evenlng when'.
*-t-ittlbt.ura ,ree.

Bids Wanted.
Sim S ted by the Board of
lemiaesnoners of Alaohua
It the aerviloe of a manager
farm for the ensuing.
a N 4us6 be handed to the
the cetrall eourt not later
December 5, 1904.
irevrves the iight to re*
tUd all bide.
JOlder of the board this 1lt.
member, 1904.
T. F. TIoxMA&. Chairman.
1 H. CDKNirox. Olerk.
Bkis Wanted.
Lic Ihvited by the Board of
eOommnnl(onen of Alaeohaa
le the services of two road



lttitll( II,

1he inventf'r 1f ii.. fai.;( I liC .
itlLL CAI( .,P''." ft:an khuWI wiher-
ever plows are su k and usde, sa
"' h'iyn. u aetI MlJL;.1, S 1:. A 'N
lKIAX1l for It ,or J >0*ar i: L ..
itamok: r,'r ti':* Iiant o i.m :1yn t nrirl d IL-1
be nf. utn4 tint It h1 the b0e0t r I
bhve ever umel. 1L I* ,,.a o;e N ,l.e
OUlu4 Ifr , In the I i i or u d r tir
shautdr,. I livYl rew.ommoendl it u:
1lumItrl4I r 4A s Iti my wt o rllimeln, w'behi
iltk at aiti l fi Iln to W rkA, ar4d t n fl i-
w y.' wieti |ll erfe.'t i'utlthtcttl.r H 1I)
Tk;1lll3 .!-. L'0 -ILiUL ALW.iL.. LP.'iw
I'A- i;l,1




Unable to Determine Whether
She Was Murdered.

She and Her lister Had Quarreled
Ovr a Man-Letters Found in Room
Show Her to Know Influential Poe
pie in London.
N w York. Nov. 5.-With iAnger
print on her throat and under oet
peculiar cirtimistances. Holka Bay
Smith. a handhoomo young trained
Purse, was found dead iunmiay la bet
rooms and the coroner ham asked the
police to look for a man with whom
she was acquainted who way be able
to tell omunetbhin about the endilg of
her life. ,
On ItL face the tragedy looks like a
suicide. and thi police at frat sf
cepted this theory', believing she had
killed herself by turning on eight m.
llsht jets. Lator. however, they do
veloped facts that make them unwill.
lIg to set the cale down as one of
self-deatruction until they have devel.
oped every feature of the mystery.
Coroner 15chfcr beg a an Investl.
option. The finger prints are not the
only thing that caused the police to
swerve from their original belief, for
a loaded revolver was found on the
dlninn room table, where it bad bees
Whether the young woman had a
struggle with some one who throttlod
her and forced from her the pistol, of
if she, In er dyin agony. clutched
her own throat, the police were not
prepared to say definitely, but they deo
clarn- that If it was suicide It wae one
of the knost remarkable and cold-
blxooded they had ever known.
The youIlt woman, who had received
letters showing her to be on terms of
farEillaritly with Influential persons liv-
log at the fa:,hlonable Prontenac In
Quebec an1i WVe? t,1iInter Club. of Loa
don. wa fouid deaad in tier bed early
last evening The ending of her body
followed an alllday search for a leak
in the ga s pipes of the apartment
houte. After seven hours the gas wue
tracel to Ml*; Smitlh's apartment, and
the doors were forcerl.
It we.. fninl that from eight gas
Jiets thi ga- wa. pznring She was
lying on t.e bwt with an arm under
her throat, hite the room was nla disa.
The polteK were tl'n called in. and

they learned Ihat uhe hald only been la
the house ainer ,lagst Welnesday. when
a man who u as known at Mr. Nflia,
had rented it for her. He had vieilftS
her. but was not seen since Friday
morning, although Friday alht .there
was a gay company in the apartment
that drank wine and made merry. That
swa the l1st sign of life In Miss
Smith's place.
It was m)a learned that the dead
woman had 2It Ing nearby a sister, with
whom she had quarre!Pd over a young
man. and from this sister the police
learned the history of Miss Smith.
Miss Bertha Wolfe, the sister, ad.
fitted freely to the police that she
had quarreled with her lister.
"Yes, It was because of a young man
whose affections Holks thought I was
trying to alienate," she said, "We
lad been living here together, Aa .1
irlal to nritvlnrc her ltht I haidt ,mt''L

, -n tt j: r.' r .. .. I ". ,". | "








an ilIi IL an1 a1

Struss' ejl e eari

di dlt ,

How to Buy

A Glance zt Our Stock Will Convince You
of This Fact.

Quality, Quantity.,

and Complotoens

TAeAr what we consider whe wo Wy.

Z5 5OUQIS ,l

Come and "w a. Our stockab
evething known In theb FURNTU


'-I ~ 4


VO., I

~W~*~P'U 7"i*"~i2Z


Srus' 676.

$3 4Mqst,




U s

'U -

/ .. I'


thWe are our peelaitlea, lad are Lheo BT goods on the marb
0a ilKn.

S& N
t! '^

V S. k '-F'rTl/.Tr



. "d.J

,l il

Amb lkA AL Am m ML ghk ak w

-- -1 W="r




lw lw


',,, ,


......*IX --V



,.. ... ..


I' n 11 >AI I JULLE &IL 41: NM L3101lSU 1I I, 04

-r IAm I'e.. m tAl vit.itire t ,aity yes. aWn. R9noU and,. W. Hook of Ro.
r vn 'N) ,Ira. It.i *a ,, A l Merd, f'rurrly of c'il'e were ttramiingIE bues esi l a
%tb r',1 .fl aV .lE *ich.l.11t tw iou l f hii fj diei ei l his oity yi"ti day,
.T. ...CONDENSED 31 PAA,14C,,,rof,,, < .,,. .. .. .. .. .....6 .... .... In .
W41%'tic*? l 'm tl ,, Ist, t i rittly. Mr. Mur,5w4 il have, a We lote of Ow el ]
I.. t t i. s q t 1 to wed ayhll A arnFI lii Crawford Il s
of Ottt- Inirt \l- ( u' x.. -rmsaraiih r.. ii gl. ran.k ying lakdy ut Kthetlle. *^^*^utr of MoehUt 1M
t O ne.. ntr, .t i Uab r W..., I t,, '' .'.IL ity .rday i.y sill maei is t.urt bridal trip, ainng ithvir ~ the ooaDty
!a O r De ertert" ,.iJ 74 1 i ,!tif.l r. ,,uf 31 ii (, ,rfy af er whiellh tly in etle-. ti. Trilhy. pital with a ~ ~t
WNuuDA L MIdIrMSr ) '4trmndwid t, rm a Ij dq j'y Stitt s'si-e.""f.
-*--. i -T*^H we state in t< *trlnir. Friends wish im *i lhartpy and su i Mrs. Ii. U. McCarro r Aungher
M. AND SOCIAL ITEMS . r, u l,, r ;a. r;l.. ti mrrie-d re. j went yesterday to Roehellierq they
Rtt l I (n *. I.. -. t ti (. >as itrdt y. "i dh". Ch ,ers, fri o -rly .f ihis city attendedd the Murrell.Adams a l .
pen-d and What Is Goin r T. ,r..,,,rt ,, i j 1. Ihr wa lutt who i* now *mpity)l it .lIckson-. Deputy sherifff I. Curlof Areher

Wiupsu Told It *1i 1ararSaPS re r,-d ,t 'a.** 1r.w:n Iu,. y Tht "*He Who uaps May Read"' ,li
? ha, S. un. 1 T1 rtrer na :! l '.Q ,trr "1 .* ,* r ,r
i1 ,- e ... . iL 7 r ,ter of r tMicamor y w, s i the 1ie. .. . c 'har ;
' .SehdBy. 'l a,,l .f \ 1..',.. ,' n iia. i .r u I. Ih 1 1 t ll a
S4F r.onu ieof Tnma .e >i. ., i M. .
AAli$* Tvi na ol" m1 it T11 111
.es.rday. .Id... l ti~ir*. ) t

Soil -. 31krehant ic I 'i ,..i t jew .el- I anl ( f r.
i .4-nit rmawnj .f \rlev -rry.Pwau A r a L-
S$ iie 3J. A. Tucbhr of ltnchvlle warmd. *n I r r ) I.*FraJ
Sgthe visitors to thii cily )ym.01 r- r
)r : nisi %IT J '1 'I r b A.C r
be./ -- 1*.. -. I - .- - t !.' -. S ^

vilir*. is ill '- city ,I a brief visit to
lhi. fiimly, li'vil;g C ;tmn I. in*e to vote.
"T',i wai lucl'* tI!.t lU]n i t, sil lii im -
pl(rihltiter fitay lh imanashed s lie walked
into the buotlJ lI lowtve(r. hie a ce'pted
the tu otion as. g(old-tnatirtvdly as porn.
al0,1r under the "guiq" dance of his
frinudl. satid voted what he was ex-
pecctd to do-the straight tckrt.


tLee f-lhbs wn.amnigtheI (l-ra- srir. i r r ; r r, vr. i S |

.form.rly 2 ion I
SberOt we will have a lot of .r'nr to-. formerly c.I Albion
lNs suitable for all purpoOses, bWit nIw rr',dig tin Jncksonville. was
& Davis. amor a those thio registered at she
f. fteb, one of the leading* mer. Brown H one yesterday
of Alaohus, was q visit to his It. M. Chamberlain of Tacoma was
ga this ity yp4WdaIy. trading io 'lie eity yenierday. "Dolph."
'.ii s4t-proof ned oats In as Ahe Is familiarly known. Is one of the
jFaisty from one bushel to one best natured inet in Florida.
behels ast 0. Merhant Mr. and Mr. W\ H Vaim Netta of
NBorth .t ilnesville are rejileing over
IL 8Chltty of lMeanopy. a member N (n l a rrJ'.leln over
S~, ( hilof Ntnop, member he advent to their home of a flue boy.
si OAm ofE. 0. Chitty & SN, ex- Friends extend congratulations.
Iamerehants, was in the eity yes -
erhants n the ty Our dried fruits are now in. sueh .a
seeded raisin,. ourrants. evaporated
n.$ boet ninety-day or spring seed peaches. uprients. ete, Git some of
ear offered by any dealer in them from G. S. Merchant A Co.
wi now on sale by S. 1 r-. J. It Williams of Alachus. one of
en of Newberr ra- he most widely knowji business mepn
ST Henry of Newberry was trany- aid prospectors in the county, was
ea bsein. l n twhis ity yterdayh transact ing busine s in this city jester-
Hear expes spot to establish a day.
lie cantp aid cominmslary near
bii op ad oonVmir ear .I Iferlongr, lhe extensire lumber
SSale---MD tes ood farmina nnufacturer -f Bellamy. wa a busi-
ten mile roum LasCrosse; "1)a ness visitor to this eittyeterday. The
iln aulivation; four tenant family ur Mr. Her:ong is now residing
o0o promises. Terns reason. iLere.
Addt I t. F. Cookee. La J. \ Rig ps. formerly of this city
S ,la. 3t I tbut now residing in Viayero n, isa vi-s.
C0. Summn otf High Spring$,a itor to this city. H came for the puar.
baltr of the firm of the Saintners po of casting his vole for the lient*
lire Company, was trauslting pose of testing hi. vote for the
in this city yesterday. Mr. ertic nominee.
aire Is one of the leading young Mrs. C. I. Knox. formerly of this
men of the county. city. has removed to Plant City. Her
ia Insof D r. n J D. WW.ll numerous friends here regret to lo.e
U6fAens of hr .Watkinswill her but wish her much happiness in
p.mSad to learn that he Is recuperso her South Florida home.
allter an Illness covering a period
Isveldasy. He came up from his Among the pro .inent visitors to
| sat Mienopy yesterday, and the this eity is Hon. W N. Sheats of Tal.
mbI ][i111es are that he will soon re- lahassle, State Suoperintendent of
hismormal health. Public Instruetiou. who holds his reel.
T. M. Kinesid and nfant of dence her and came to vote. His
I T. Kieald ad Infant offriends were glad to see him.
berry were in the eity Sunday, f
guests of the former's parente, Mr. I'. K. osborough was in the city
PA1 Mrs. Lalontisee. She eame for yesterday and made The Sun an agree-
lthe purpose of having the baby Christ- able call. Mr Rosborough's home it
WM" at 8t. Patriek's Catholio Church at Windsor, but he is filling the pol*.
OMW7. which was a very impressive tinl of traveling salesman for the
r s, whih wFlorida (Orocery Company at Jackson-
tateny ville in a profitable and admirable
S Walted--Mothers who'll not wait .ane
i Umail after its too late. mnr
J, "Teethina" they will try (Christopher Matheson has returned
teething babes who pizn and die front canopy. where on Sunday
n tand countersetle the effectso4f night he preached an eloquent and Im-
.br' beal. regulate* the bowels, pressive emrion in the Micanopy Pres.
the babies robust and fat. byterian church. His hearers were
oat eens. greatly pleased, and extended a cor-
-Me. J. A. Ammone has returned to dial invitation to Mr. Matheson to
.!r home in this city from the markets, come again.
tt5 eke has been to purchase a up-. ..
,. of ladies' furnishings and patterns yAI
iepaat Mory to opening her furnishings READ TI S.
mit in the Porter Block, East Liberty ltIdbone Miss.. Sept. 2. Ik9.
4U11es. The lady is well known and lt)rd. W. H all. St. Loui. 19o.-ear
P.IPlar here, and will no doubt enjoy Sir : zi reply to yours of a recent
ae traddate im regard to the efficiency of
B A. AMbright, who. with lhis family liall's Great iscovery am a kidney
SrM!ved In ialineville several days ago eure. I can safely say that It is well
,|#wiTerr Alta, W. Va., has become so named when they call is a WoN'Ili.KIC.
S ? ~pleMed that he hu decided to I have siftferd with a weakness from
5 .here, and the family is now the kidueyu for year. and hare tried
MyIt domiciled at O1.L West Main all advertised remedies for the coin-
,N,, This family will bu wel. paint. s well as physician., nd Hall's
,Sswe it is to be hoped they will Tes Wonder i the only thing. tat
to be pleased. has affectead an absolute cure.
"MsMarie Richadlson opened the Respectfully.
i ehool on Monday. October 3Lst. O. ,. boHoAN.
IA pupil., aid several more were A TfXAS WONDER
S i last Monday. ThIS is Mi. A TXAS WO R.
dom' first school. but she i One small bottle of the Texas Won-
9qlMiled by education and die- der. Hall'* treat Discovery, cure all

-jj6tIAo for the calling she has chosen, kidney and bladder troubles, removes
1 e Iher friends predict for her a sue- gravel, cures diabetes. seminal eami-
pttil falreer as a teweher. sions. weak and lame back, rheums.

IjZv. .I e Srtousfr rof the Advent
Christian Church departed yles rdaly
for .laeksoriville, where hie welt for
lhei, irtue hi iof cauting Lis vote for
'arLer a ind iJ ,,.s 1.J.. M tt *)e,%
t Ihei N4ifilcat e ticket' Mr Sher.
1tmse. ha t ieen unly lfew weeks ap*
Iointed to hi pastoraLte here, and was
desiroui of casting his ballot for hisl
Choice ies expects to kW a fall.
fledged citizen and voter of 4isalies.
nille before the next elreoion shall
hare "rolled around."
R*om Thrsdty'j Day &DSun:
"ODoe" Btlaknlght of Riaanopy wee
trading Ia the eity yesgerd y.
Mrs. F. 1 Brink of High Springs
was shopplag la' this eity yeeneday.
J. U. Turner of Lake View wMs
among the visitors to this eity e r*.
J. W. Williams of Wade was imong
the visitor to the county capital y -
L. C. Gracy, the still man of Highl
Springs, pas transatinol business In
this city yesterday.
Ii. Studstill of Newberry was In the
eity yueterday on business oonaeeted
with B. B. Colson, of the Alachue

County Abotroug Company.


K, T

-^<- w s*~j^^vj^




Have just put in a full
line of all the popular styles.
It is conceded to be the most
popular Corset on the mar-
ket today. Would be pleased
to Show you.

The Cetebrated
In all styles an d colors at $2 65.
Why pay #3 (X) when $2.85 will buy the
amine class of goods?

fleautifl Line of
7enMu I amne anal PIaenam A

passed through the ipty yq7terday em
route to Starke, where he had been on
.1. II. Martin of Trenton was In the
eity yesterday, having some for the
purpose of bringing the ballot bol for
that preeliaes.
Mrs. M. B. 8aunders went yesterday
to Roehelle, where Phe attended the
marriage of James A. Marmell atd Mti
8arah Elisabeth Adams.
Misa Maria Carliote hasu mtut4
from Hague, where for the pot *
days she has been iashe ouet of Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. J. 6Strlklsal.


lady of

JaPobi. a ehamli
Paw aw, MO*.,has I

A PR&47W?.W S
Pr..nd.of t ........ .

ThPerewasl t
Powell, O.e

Mr. a d Ms

gues tsis

Theow wee.
^IK-B^^ ^^R^^^ ^^^^ki,1.^^^^
?begnf "^^^Bf^^s0 fl^

arrived In the eity. aMd will be tM he Of'
"ays of her aoums Mrs. J. B. WIle, g
for the winter.
MiS Patulie Mis.xm, a *augl q
yoom sip of Williat fftrr bas
to Guilapiiuiga. a w mhe e'will t
the gue of Mends. 0".
L. H. Hall of Orange Hea. uM
t she mams prntIaeeslsf isllRo1 ltm*-
ma0ton, was In the dty y dl.
rMe to WarU t bloUe h b tfS
Orange Heigini pr-Iast.
B. C. Baeee. the kaplslag g ie
of Hgh Springs, was m amg *a iS
paid (aism le a visit S i.
wa es roae to Ja Two~e illh, W
had been summoned as b m. '

I'n '


ear of flu* hore ais Q silw S
from Teanmsee. aiii I
lhom before buying, Oraitd
J. M. Halle is happy over Ithe io .
dion of a pair of aadagmims,
whok he has Just parebhmod tI.4 WZ
A. Thoms. The pasir iastNEpIO
who see them, ad Mr. Balh kbag
right to feel prou.d. .

C. Tyso et Ug Hqgn, of Tah f All '
valued friends and maeburlbt, fa
the alty ypetevy snd a g no i
si tiis neewfl hisk s 4 *
Mr. Tyaeois e the moeo wtlel
-ad sueoeeatml ftt r lawmeI* uto l,
8.1 Phiter of the inM of Philtn
Phfer New York pTkt wa la,
city (ros High Spage yesterday. i*,
reports ae l trade i that esas4a.v
lag tbM eafsa, ad amy. a s great ealm
"ettomlI blag brought o tha mlaruke
Abo the promilmeas visits" M ths
city f-lterday was Hea. W. M. llta
of Iaita Fe, who wa aeempeaulet r
his charming daughter, MIs Alai,
The latter eame for the purpose of
consulting Dr. Alerman In Nrega to
some dental work. While be e she
will be the guest of her sister. Mt. J.
N. Rives.
Mrs. Thea. M. Meoarroll of WIlUli.
ton is in the city on a brief vitl0 Wo
relatives. lShe expets to mae*. a
departure today for New Or1i8eS'
where she will Join after husbea. Mr.
MeCarroll holds a luerative petsa*
meat position, being la the .agisero
ipg department of the Unied Staslas
Justlee J. A. J. Strlekland of Hague,
one of the prominles farmae of that
setion, was among tae vlwitos to thi
city yaterday and made the u uas,
agreeable eall. Friend of Jidge
8trickland will be .gratlfled to learn
that his little son, Clyde, who hass Lon

rUtJ Jamp UJ UU IUIU NWRLsuffering for some time with typhoid
Now ont lisplay fever, i much better, and is now cob-
- dered out of danger.
SJoin Cliesnut s shipping a quantity
GENTS' AND CHILDREN'S cotton in the seed to Rivea'g sarr.
CLOTHING Alsehus, where it will be turned iato
lint. Mr. Chesanut has bees qutet 1 oa-
Just received and the same will be eseful this year in the buying of oi-
sold at Racket prices, too. having purchased between Aftiles
.--- ..- ..- - thousand and sixteen thousad
Our store is running over pounds. Hfi will not prewrve the
Sd, but proposes to have the miea
with good things at lo' euhed amd u.d ,p*n hil farm ,
prices. er..tiser |
- ---- - Amona the vilur. t ,t tai.esville y$-
RNRITURE DEPARTMENT lord yWt ,f'o.t lbbom..ofAnher.fl-
Full with mne tne vaie. Call and r'taryi of Aichu i ounty, who xestre
Full with some fine valke' C/ll and initlee of Alaihun oounty, who "Mo.

r .


d Iilb


j :', "fj ' ., ',U L ".hi,

DLZ .-'..' *'','
B^H---flH^^BDR^^H^ ^^^^
fl^WO^f^w ^,j.^^ r^^

Da N,

(Sere W


I i j I

f ir



la -Z . . . ....

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