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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 8, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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'.:'+L '' ,' ** ,. ,^ ^ ,it
4 1,d 4 4 -' ; . I - -
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.li il #>I:^ .-* -I.+ ^,p.., ...... . ...._.. . . .. --- . .- ..... ........ .. ... ... _. .. . ._.. ... .,......... ----.. .. -...
11 ...OTL' ..'L'I
+''+:'.'':'"" ;' OYU!LEI, FPLO H i DAh, '1IJUEfr4DAY, E IL',I 10
, P.,! _. ,- -',

0 'M< to- pt o GUILTY OF MULDER
00e 'ttabnr aNDEGREEr
o" iup i. al dI riA uine fFRS
SI t euadre hn *

sN b .MNoOnue wi Probably Hang For


im lPi,,vs Tges i While He showedd Ne Sion* ft Lmte
9W f m.* ** t t.$@et of wl ties at Vsrdlat, Tears Strmarned
Bdb bMpmblI by to 4alh'rs ad
A |sue> fi hnef ta D DOW His Cheeke-There was Dm-rn
ofka ward 8 di eaerat d i Court Roto.
Charlottvesovlle, Va.. Nov. ?.-Dr. J.
iiasel M oOe, f r two tewns mayor
a# Oharsttaville, asd or asy years
w y y ~ Ta latwyWar t I bar abere which he
flaa~ t qrVed toS t d was found guhty of
*Issf*wow tit he st 4dsm ow the
Bm 1ty t l arae of havuis kllWed his wite. This
^a i tho r s awle. the dath pilty. The Jury
Sto le WW imntt oto V4wtlot at 11:34.
sas'hes...W "a SI0 w As the la1ry too Mt re was a
tja%"IsI h tpi g*n Stisne Sm tohe t!t room, and
jssqseie .whm the dc U daMint uwas asked to
-- -stead up be eos eaimly. Whea the
ue* ven sars d"W lasote lR 1 fate were mt*
te1tr, heibwed f sMso of emoiloun.
"I th Rn b~t twhe his little lighter. Rueby
Swa0k the Wvil th *asrdds by teplag, celmbed
i,',. / .ta his lap ad be his eatir. who bad
nntI tladed him thresufot the trial

6,11rl hks an the op agish he felt wa
I'deplted0o. his face.
The Otrti s strict adimonteio that u
Lno"thnnr oim t e 0 d* m strationd was

WPPeohily bait the spectators rematien
. ft ill ips.
of. Maw .. eme i nume after tbe a jury was ts.
4*rlas de cha e v ith theaks of the court.
mnM, 1*wqSeti b Idnrel for the idelese moved that .
.. ". the rdt be *eo asoide on the or and
iL t r, the t hey orsha had roeade tapapmrd.
*3 *.tt"e vggg p The eoart alole tl iJurrs to the wlt- '
BFlwe Obs m ae atad o e by one and qtestioned,

"m, I se" said bad read the newspaper. As whole.
aK at ob bspieb they m d th hail not bee un t n fterned
:bothe treated .d b art i thn they. had read. Thea m..
Apooaeas., who ar. go .ie4a will be argiped later. As MeCue
eueW 6 od s hospit. left the court house to Jgo to jail. s-
OeMpanlhd by. four guards, a large
AiMrc a siget etowd was standing on ahi outside.
7:tpoiit of view apd but there was not umnaward act.
wb tiieRt.4 onla lon Whonacourt opened this morning.,
'.",th0Yn o i 'rotIure ComXmotwealth's Attorney Olmer rem .
tog the AtustrIA simed itb closing ra(WlrP s to the jury.
41M W %* 4Theoexblblta. remindcrxof the-trago

..AT GIRL ASSAULYI Mr. jilimer closed at 11:09 a, m..'
when Jdago Morria piel the r b aseiIn
t ato. Heinous the bands o( the iulry. The verdict
't," was rendered ait 11 34i a. m.
Cs4lMsaI Nov. 1.-Deyoad the diii The verdict rame as a climes th
,Ipl tfhte phyalolas wbhq I assist one of thlw mol timportant trijl that
*6m' l l O f mlleotes blt flt1 bas been tried in Virginia In urcent
.* tht Mae Stsiaew .' the tr @uis. Nos bim. amros fed deeper In*
::B_0"'l whale dead body wla ternt or been more iosely followed
hrslda. Wa9s the V ictim of by the people. Or e partluerly saior .
ri oasllt tihee l as bees mo tae. future or the trial was the fact that
m ioldviug the mystery MeCuc had fre years bn1n a lawyer
1' at the bar before which h4 was tried
thlis dvsgoVery potale at oace to a and convicted, an.d bad t. e on friend'
W Sm0406, sad imteassles the pub. Iy relailosa with most of thore ide.'
RJill'.tsg alastt the perpetrator of tMled with he trial. The Jury evinced
tI Ilel edWe., M Tthie grqrtest llterest. n.en qusttoflagt '
lH meet ssaleiMag lIpulvy, stimu- the wltaest. The judge sabok hands
8J I wgil g the b.le Ose of tl@ with the prisoner amd the relatives
wIts| O1 dbour al by the who surrounded him Jtust before hea
'l !! he rwalt GWredn. i SlKtl kept uP wasa taken to jail.
Sl-ke !oeI ot diseoverlmg the erim. The crime for which McCae waste

Stried and convicted was committed
t'emrmn ---- fh, L i a. on the ighat of Sept. 4. Mr. and M. i
A 4.Wshstea,. T.-.ettas.a g Msceue had sone to church. returning
Shtiyi Maray, of the department ho m e abot p. hnty after
iM Mrr lor teepmet ode ward rs M. ecte's body, clad in a-
W ii b f 0m and lar made public today sight rob. wtas found in a both tub
we Sp d Ites o apeopr I tk e selor 1lld withl water. Mr. Meeue tIe
ltle Jep lt.eal ior tU. hel etar thole who ceIwe ia thMat see one had
abs UlSM amiqazey *14AtS.7 lTeg- entered the house and that he had
,415 InMs thait th estimates the bee knocked senaeles asId hi. wife
Mla Far ibegliala July 1. 14. The prbbl killed.
S lJ 1r h4 a Ar A lnvestlato)n led tto the a*rest un
s es theias for the fisfa o leer h *t. 4 the charge of murder of the man who.
h4ll mw SeM tthe abp puo 4*.A for the c only rour ,days before, had rtlred from
&MI.e t wwi year. by $4.318.444. 041Y l b h Mitred. from
,hub4th-- he highest ofacet in the citjt.
t thelophiOnae in Daltoun. CemMittee toe Visit Panama
.tt ito. a..' NO,. 7T.-Dailton fIs th Washlnite. Novi. o. T -.Meml-r. oi.
*#mlmtdo SWtat ot a talephono war of no smas the honer cmmuito.' *ut' ln'rstat' asn i
p opprtlIotsS. Some lime sine the lo4 forteln ntuinrre' LiU e arranlI to
:Ir t;l lexehase promnlated on ord'fr male a trip th thP r I'uanimI. r'anal -xonei
fl fth Watgln the use of tslM on10bt0 nucD s tartling fr"n N"ew V 'iL n the l4'<
4f S~hbm asiadt&La .... s lk a ai a ..nm...h .1. 1...1 4 - d ..




VIalter He.ining, Captured in St. Loula,
Wanted in Ghattareoaa.
h 'uit ..a. T, it. S.Nov. 7.-- Walter
M. l :l i,i;n allIsr. IW itl. fiurn;li'ru)y frum
\,!ii ai tl lch igedl w 1'Ih ( 'he mRir
Gt.," orI .-", 'i I. hI ciii ; 0ll .luItl 190o.:
wa,. ? ltvn a pimlilllsiary iIn ring and
tilinl 4-over to a'ttl M t I) e iani of tht.
Ria I pjr>), Afti r in.::.l: tliig tlhe a
h,4id 4ti ; e,. lottltiioir' tied to Califor
nia, wha it he wi- gurnit r'l by Siher
Iff IHiay. bIat waa noA apprehended until
lit ISaturday In it. Lutis.
liensihil came to Uthi rity two years
Atl from Atlanta, where bin people
still realde. In february, 1903, he
was miariod to Mlss Mary Hallette
of this city. On the 8th day of tbh
howinung July he carried bts wife. 4 to
ebarged, to a place of 111 repute mad
commitlted a criminal operation froe
which she d419 next day. sad was s.o
3retly bItrled. HIlennlag ed to Call.
The father of Mrs Hoensing learn-
tla that hi. datshlier was III, lhurrled
to the place, aud on reachiag the place
was Inforated ih:.t his daughter war
dead, and Ienning had left town.
This aroused the suspicion of Mr.
Halletle, apdl the detectives were at
once put u onthe case. They arrested
the Hwafford wonin, but as Lhere wasr
so clew to her allegsel gilt., she was
released. I
The body of .Mrs. Htneing was dima
Interred and a pn.,: mrrtant examlna
tlon held which re.rvsntl ihe fact that
crime be4 been comnnitted.
a crinmte hbad Iten couimmlted. The
eaqe h 4 created a t. nation. Whet
It gv p to trial it 1i expelled facts
will ,tb brought <.it that others are
prominently connctfI. In the case.


She Surrendere Threo Years After the
Crime Wan Committed.
Dalla,. Tox., Nov, 7.-Parral',e John
son. wvo. oshutl sid IIlled Warren liar.
voy in Dallas on \ At. 5, 1)01. and
show; whebrrvaltuh waas a m)sicry tla
the pollcr. surprihe.d Jitl tet Edwards
Ip wa.!,i: isl ito th- tourt ro'in whik'
court was In wirakslon and surriwdering
Thb %womUai5 said thatl she had herst
In t .iLii 'evpr %lic(. sab kliH41l lnotr
'ey; that hKl haid worked hard 7'ar
more Ihanlt thrvte y:arl to earn rvoney
penotih to pay tur a d'i i'In of herv lt
In 0omIt Ub ien shfI hnOI14t b1 trIed o 4 (
tliv kill|tn had retaznlr'd a i,1,tIv~', under an a s
silune-d lhine1 a-l liNi I lun' for that pur-
poIu. and Ithat ,he is now prtpureid to
slanl idlal.
.1 lnhiv t l'. lwari t I plac(ied ,\h\r 1n lpr
$l.4(tit iond to appear fur t hal.
Thin woman' htory of tlhu killng ir
thMt he- lw rd 11 lntr..I in a wagon
which liarva claimed. Ihat he camo
to her hli<*ttr r:43 at1rt!Itt tashing
the wagon uilth an ax. and she' Hhct
hiu iheid in his trlucl on her pr'mtlb -
for ml< srroylng htr p iop erly.

DetectIve. Unab'. to Find Clew to At
tenipLed I rain Wracking,
Charlotte. N C., Nov. T.-Deriec-ve
T. N. Henry. of the Bouthern railway,
wais here, returning from B^emme,
city. where. It is learned, that he has

been a wek at work on a ease grow
luo o0ut of an attempt to wreck No.
36, the Southern's fast mall train, (rom
Wahbington, att point a mile and a
half thi aide of HResemer city.
Two crosnRles were placed on the
track at this point where the wreck,
era aienrpledl to wreck the train, b.t
the engineer saw thp olT)rutiron In
time to prevent seriou)t ronalecprncra
Blntolhounds wer placed on thr
trail 4 i heb cotld- recLerw. b iii
nOthin lg developed.

Forty Persons Injured in CoJlition.
L.w Angetiw., Nov. 7,-At la.1.t 4'l
IpermAn r Prinjtrli,.l. m'nine of t heil'n
serb!o t:-, In a r'-si 'i nd ;'l::; ',,l It,:.
on t"he long ltach "~M'l 't rAil, d.n 1
ftR. A car buitd lor til* t;. frmn
i.uh Ito Ikii. .'.:n* 2r1" 1A-; u r
0ha %i It- C n1t,';t11 i',nI f r, i ( i f iiA ,,i '
wel Itv rr A ntAitlng S 111 4a 1 1 ,*






rented Convict Attacks.
mant InD tate Priso.


Prisoner Wanted interview with
tron and Was Summoned to Her
fee-Timely Interferenc e o
Saved Her Life.
Auburn. N. Y., Nov. 7.-Mr- Arl
M. Welsh, qatron of the state prt'g .
here. hbaa been beaten almost to da
by am Infuriated female covlct. ga
latter Is a woman of great stre ,fl,
She is believed to have suddenly hM
her mind.
Mra. Wela hbad been request
the woman to grast her as lanmw
la the matroa's office, and at oaoe,
moned the prisoner. Without a A
of warning the woman picked ipq
chair when ashe entered the room t
shattered It over the watlra'i s
felling her with the fOrt blow.
The infuriated convict thea b II -
to beat Mrs. Welsh over the head wtah.
a club. Another woman econvteL wh
acted as a servant. burlfed to the
scene and also was knocked dowLn.
for the tlliely arrival of the eaglagtsa,
and the gatekeeper the victims pub ',,
ably would have been killed. A'
ter a terrific ricigle the two sme i*
ceedeti in overcoming the fresai |


He Crosses Dead Lins Only Te o ..
Shot Down.
A"hFville. N. C.. Nov. 7.-WlamS
Morrow, a noted dti'trado, who h4
been wanted for s'eveui murderrst
many other crimes. has been shbot
killed at Bzrnaville. by Mrs. Johs fW l
lips. a lilgitly remerc'tetd white wona. '
Mrs. l'hllilp says that *he killed Mao '
row In self-.defense.
Morrow had b5en persistent lnt hs
attentions to MrA. Phl!I!ps foAr a loaw
time and would tiake many darlag
risks to see her. She threatened Wo1
deliver him tip to the law If he l.idst
cease hbIh attentionso. lii' 'lver earrS !
her thruaf out. .M1orioin, on bhis last
vhait. thlreatenet .Mrs. l'hllilp1. She \
i*tnt hint on his way, thi-.Ithi. after >
Ing a short distapce frtomii Ihe hoea S,
he tuIruld arounnd ld 'arltrd back.
Mrs. Philtips gMyN thar Ma1rrow 5ai
pofiK lo kill iii r, She ran la 'he
house' anti pro irpel a dololle.-blarr*td,
shotguin Pointing th1 Iuni at MorNW
ahe tolt him if hin ern her feit ,
that she would fire. Mt)rrow facr' tI '
woman and the' IIn in Ia elntlemptl '"
9*)* lxlri and pilntedoi to croi t0
tend line.
Mrs. Philipsl fired tw'i, It' h 1 lads
took ffelet.
Morrow lved only a ahort time.


Negro Sheets Inspector, Who, in Tur.

Gets the Negro.
Memphis. Tenn.. Nov. 7.-News h1
reached this city from St Clair. Art.
of a double tragedy enacted at a Ilev
eelcamp there.
Armed with a revolver. Ranmell BDI
linger, a netro taborer. supposed to bW
from Mlarkaville. Tenn., ran sntlk.
it in said, and the ramp officers called
bim futo a teat to dilarm him. T"
negro reslsted and opened fire on AI'
fred MeBaln. a levee inspector, the
bullet inflicting a wound near iUt
heart, from which he died shortly 5f
ter. MeBals returned the lire. killiM
him Instantly. MeBaln's home w" I2
Memphis, where he was promTieatly
conna eted.

Investigate Charge of Partiality.
RItlhmond. Va., Nov, t--Charles S
hlvrk:.. orf ]nichoend, ,tiprene chatn
,tllor ofr he Knights of Pylhian 0
hei wrb.1l, t.iday name a m'lltary or*M
ltis -)[iP r<4 iill Stin~tl the charge ol

ii' I~




'_..________N.ROVflLRER s8.190.4

'I ,,35t 4a, W dw,'u.,

liy fe Vip.l is Due to
tri.tis Merit.


u*( *. . .

,' h~i I. '1 .. ,~: .kj' .' ,k ^ A
>,.,;', ,. ", ,
,A! Wdr .M ,ip or
l| m .re of
flBffry^-.*W^. i^^em, O

'M I
bfllf #rtw*

X4g1f OWml#-JuJ

O mesP laUter s.

4A *b e4peasise.

C. o.. D. MAnfy O.
W VL#p we, Job 5.. Whlia ms.h
.rll , W^^,, L lr&

t~ap, si ,wlr uo .
.W t p *. .. ....... ..!.. ..

ft CA. m tM sh ditd.,

hbythem sad other smbserib*e
wl .fAsd ad epreied, sad
A& el ales iMfer lt**or .byu e,
A lpecl., Js that i, LI. Wnleded
*St ith o ay oMt w he purp es
.hL s"t" forth Ie the sid pro.
SWi end ebertm led to before me
I the 17th day of timber, A. D.
ikt .,.l l If .l. )al or.

Oitwt adeo ilf Alahut cou t y. putoa.
*Mig *ml t
plg 8. L. II,.LJIAM,
oblT (khi X marL) JOHHMX.,
e, B JmlyX .PIiairT
IDiastroeu Wrecka.

CartleanaM is responsible for many
a umilway wreck and the same 1 uses
an amtmkin human wreaks of suIfftrer
fom threat and luan trouble.. But
iuo the advent of Dr. King's New
a. -

, j '- M

. ,Th'e nllrlntlu iWrs rt ft !6%. new ood
lier nitl r preonr. Vim if," ,d1 Mrr..
*h otn~i, 's ,brgliiasug It be re!lzuhvd
1 thie pe ~,i of ()Iilt ill.r Ill.
Stilse In mry pwltioin in a drtapnist I
1et atcri *tier.lulfle rnwdioiawi and
P!opMtlry lrtloloi tLttIdtivied, bWit
,,, YU We ii a .iss ilto exa i Rm1d* hv1 Itha
.,, r llibnW ew or bn of a media rlu, that
fM preds.e uuswsre tnoXtleail rttuics
:1S iVinot
1 st1s Us th4 to the aost that
t V lcutals a naeocrtnirated rforn
s*k n dlie ,nslI eleena. moonitluaed
i't d lltr oil. alutlly takep, fromI
? K h liea4s llve. baut without a drop
1f Wl, o0 IMm 10o laupmeste and upset
estpMit. aud isi contanln no siktk
so.., Mklo n s
4 pvemleat pilktswn weltes
'Vil i be. 1 monst slatbto prepare.
4s tl Hr ail ktnowvnto idl.
"ill i hI t as tei alMealoc e
.Shit ople se miweail ey.

-6. rine iii
Rs se. '
BfipMIln, Vt 9l .

H Hth,
i : ,1 -h H
f '* w ,.
li~nM'Bflff,..^ lg^^r^W$,Nw **v
EIia~fljt~&& :.& -**M ki
^^^^^^**^^^**l^l^f ^BH^ I'^I A rl^^R -

D lla:76L VviO a Vim a. O
M Tm IMmejia Am I1 11. .o ....
"No h s or "4 Jnsknip am'.'
-lack' **VW* JaAcson illK Wesn t owt;
I g i u g i hy m ur- sdV Jo. brar)t'i l. 4 jtJc nto mv i ~e uJ "Lfe H a 1400990
nstalthy KMaeys aX M lapar Rood. Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
It uled to be comsklerld that only
liuary mnd bladder troubles werv to 1; Titus Table In effect Sept. J. 1904.
traced to the kkluevs,
Iut now modern Departs o OAINESVILLE Arrive F
wienclle proves that - ---'--- - ---
Hearly all disease. 8:45 pm High SpringJ and lnter- l0:30a
have their bepima mtia ie. I
ilv'thte eKhli itl 0n-emdiste Points Daily
these must important 12:40 pm Oeala, Lesburg and Tamp and 8:40 pm
S kidney filter Daily Intermediate Poiats Da'r
_- and purity thev hlxl 2;0S5pm sPalaska, Daytona, Jadkaonville ,:W0pS
......- that i. their work, Daiv North, lass and West DailI
Therbfore, when1 your kd1"4liare weak .j y
or out of order, you cal umlerutian how 1:18a1 m Hilh spring, Wa=ero, favnanh. Branwiek, 39l5PU p
quickly your entire bod i affect al DailyAlbany,. Attlata. all, Po te North, Zest WestDaily
how every o an entsLuwto fail to do it. s .. .. ... ..a. l.
sviou are Olck or fee1 badly," 1enla 1 :16pm Roahelle iosuoy and UlN
Akitig the gret kidtey remey Dr. Dail oehlle lop and
Clilmer's Snwamp-Root. ber ue an s oon
a your kktneys are well they will help
all the other organs to health. A trkd S:t'a mi TSpi
will convince anyone Dail High 8prinp
If vou are sick you caln make no ttii%- eI.M*da m yx. i
take' r front dortorislg vour kiluye., . --
T tir .tcXtrmorfhiltilrv effectyof
The ants effect of Inthnl able Mileage Tickets, good over 1800 muses of aog5the
Dr. KihnSer'es swag rc eel. 1 t r elpasi rail anns thSou thern 8sae, are on ale by the rimeJlo agela.
Itkld ru e h I rie It *i Throogh Pullman sleeper Port Tamp to New Yort. vitPAS4tle O
q the m*t fe lwi crise. nld lu Lie;.alsovia Atlantic Ciist Line id Southeran Railway.
of the luRrst I trI ,'l' For complete ilfOrmatioi, call on
lrugn ilts n wri" 1'-c *t J. A. (OODWIN. Ticket Agent, OaiilMviilS-
and tne-dlvllhtr M/i.C' Add"rm .



,,, .7 ., 7--

. .r I

ri, I .; ;,

*OU rMSRW! RAILWAY. w?.is.r., ,- ,., s.\... ..
Marifient Oob*. all. M.l *.. D a ib a'Sm ., l..9FJ ,
twmen daekonvlmt anl Npw York.
tiundey, Kovember lib, th South8 :
er, Itallway 14Sauurild double dally t' L :
lini. ,orvi' eltweS n Juaksonvill t *
stad eu York. and the Eul. Tranl ".. t. '' ut / .
N,. i.83nd 8, -I New York and Viorl.ia I
lICs4reo." were esatiblished on l*alime
schedl ui is lNm t year.i+ hLJ :11 :t r VIrqt.op, j
No. AS will level Javeko.yille a. t dd ccy. I Ift
;0n a. mn., wakiing 43ii>.ctiufls from all l9 r\ularl v iif~2onulihJ a .,i
litli Suh Floa l i thodl tivoorUaIn *,.t..
a.d p,.intls n. te Eoast Coast. arriving U. k1oj y aff ilou1 a,
at Wlhillgton at 9:4a11. in., and Niw r |r to J Vy, "
York 4 15 p. m. a i
Southbound Train Nv. 83 will leave A.-M1 eNi
New York at 3:2t p. i,.. and *rrive a s
Jacklonvaille as 740 p. m. the follow-
log day, delivering eonneations for ll mFor Sale by Johnson Bros.. Gaintvitle e
points la South Florida, also points on .-- .- -
$he Zest0 Cors.%1.A
Th e trains.will b operated solid, l
with frlnst*4el day eoehes between '
JacksobTille antd Washintton *n4
Pillmanm drawlng-room ae*eping pre
between JakseonvllJe and New York.
Diling car will serve all meals en I
ioute. _____
A alilght hean* will be made in the m
schedule of ,rain No. S and 30. "THE BIG STORE."
*New York *id FloSrid Limi ed." _____
No. whisk now, vesv Jks. --- .....
il'o a 1 M 45p. m., will bh ehsmged to
saW JoseiUolle at7"I Ap.. M \
a- ,SueWdae to warrior as Jask. *l
asseftlle sae. m.,m*IllII be t baso
Ias oft" a .bs basShoes.41P For
olwtwuil ol!le be pemt-** d ej
TWls 3es4. ud 14 ,. "Clilua d m ad
waftU isLt." bet ims3 sV a plish, Comfornable, MaNDeish 8h pe
t 0 il Jeep, srl bglskbtes btidl with estoat 801oe sa Tough Uppewg
M whbsead md usppor morhbbead4 The emly kind of Shos modern boys was.
IN lI. whil mew J0b ue. |hm *"*d s hubldrlde of wlde-awake boys are ba'
kik as t74 p. im., wll obel sod t o lag telr boes here. They like the style,
len*ve Jst villeeaisI SO p.w. 'a .l, welld prlee.
Os Nbnmbn lb a "Jeeksnwvllme ^ wl a
OMW EasWeM Oli" PUm*.ma $ 1.00, $1.25, 1t.50, LG00 and *sp.
rom slnplusaor 11. will e e sb. e
iskeld, an 01IU be I.ihaled w .
TWi- VEo. Uu OWd 14, via MaMO Al. We Carry All KInds of
eabts. SMe..a* m p, Demphis, asa
a Good esirable Shoes

This wil slaes en ss. a s u.ddls For Men, Women, Girls, Boys
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meatni peaseapr* ear, n Plr n I s Them a Trial.
City atras Atsslka usatil ** A F b. le V.10 Nsa.M. .ac
.~. Tll rinFled t9he 1 h81 We # ll oi H1awrs.
Oily Makes a SW Maler Worse.
NPrhaipsoo hale never thought of .AItlUARTERS FOR
It., bt lshe lsIt mue be apparent to H
i1eruo1s" ibis eolsipalloa Is auteed Stylish MILLINERY.
by a lask of water in the system, es d y
the me of drile caitherties like the ....
old thlmwhield pilll oiv mlaks ba d
iii sd Liver Tablet ate mien. more
mild ad ra*te in their telect, ad t
whom be proper dRlose I tken their
stto_ t0o Mi uitral useat* ea6 hardn e * *
I rmuts*is is the li.wt of a medolee. -
?r i26S*en bottle of I I.eB. For ale
--'""'"".. "THE BIG STORE."
Sen. Pairbank;' special Detlayed.
Weat Polhti. Ky., Nov. 7.--Sonato:
Falrbank's special train was d'tayedl flflf lflflntn
for wore than three u. iirl todau by 1a ... ........ .. '
froeli t wreck near litrandoalhuts. A.. .. .. ... ............ ... .. .....-
areult, the eh*ch>'"t which tatel C: Take The A tlantic C oast Li ne
wpwtrds or f Indianal eniUnl with a night mpeMin;,:
at ladianapoll, was cSidleralIy cut FOR ALL EARTHLY POINTS


"o iylth Annual i


thowtS, !M.W. National'
of Leavenworth, Knn.
pOffcial Visit anti is Ru-
Grand Masonic Honors.
atel Pi'rooe iId' )
io aell, the 11 W .. r rtdan
iP, A A, A. V. M .,.M>
~~ort) Ior thu m tit if(
ld thelfr Suv'ntli A. it
Mnlqation if n il n111ni *
fr,, A. 1 60904, A. i
MIyI of i.inesville. FI t.
piW dodge wits opei'd in id
pf im mig i t T'r'hird i) gr.'- if
il, i l tl ev. Jl amU s 1 ldi
f., n llthe iralil lt.-. :iili
elrsla in iliir rel. e.n e

ing rules governing il1h
were 9 in to 12 tiin
olpn m., and evening at pl'aI-
i raft, were adopted.
SMaster announced thi,
w ites andt Iletheim it
wikwoleom e Intruetliuii.
LoAeX being thoroughilj
bI the dispatch of business,
weel mIade to receive the-
Oat rand Master, Capt.
tjewilhel of Leavenworth,
6ll legitiato Free .lssonyl
.U91e United States of North
qbl- was present on his an.-
rll fand visitation of In-
lthe varlous nasunin work
OUt the United Sbatesl
IvenlTed with private grand
ihllew brought greetings to
H . O. L. from the varionmP
of the Unite States.
pader the Nationl Compact.
ladeed encouraging to the
of Florida.
itee of the M. W. National
lMater, notwithstanding the
twelve months, during which'
bard battles have been
-desirly showed that the cause
seastily ought after and es-
Is the tenets and principles of
Free Masonry among col-
Swa moving to a higher as-
of established prosperity.
brought l to us the encouraging
IrlA Information that the 31.
Grand Lodge of F.& A. A
(Compuat) is incorporated under
of the several States< and Ter-
Sand the laws of the United

ille were received from lion.
1 binson, who has for more
lty yeirs been a leader and
Master of the faction of thle su*
A. F. & A. NI better know.i as
Ritle," of the entire VWest, buti
Out that the urdtr which lihe
to was buiue anid had been
frowm the uiatioutil compare, of
A. A. Y. Mlasons. he petitioned to
ulational Grand Lodge to be
St&id he and his associates were

0. R.3. Itoblason was appointed
ailssiloued MI. tW. O. 31. ur the
Hiram (. L. of F. & A. A. Y.
paet) for the State of Colo-
itd Joruldietion. The following
Is tis the grand work he is do.
ISthe F. & A. A. Y. M. in the far
hiceh is an extract from one of
J" img papers uof Colorado
P, Colorado:
C0. R. Robinson. (iratid Master
State of Colorado and Westl,
Ki Konlhwest and Southwest of
aIled State. of North America,.
ti legitimate masonry among
Ion4 people, known as Ihe Coni-
iorganised a lodge in Colorado
ff ith twenty.elght members.
Lodge Warrant haills from
,atloral Grand Lodge of the
B taUes of North America. All
It Masons are cordially invited
the meetlniing.
Mbiaaon received n letter last
Item Orand Matter Joseph Dee-
aDupleay, at Port Au 'rince,
*l grattulating him upon the
l be has pursued in Masonry.
r4 -eblso i, one of the best in-

aoi the United State*.
president Colorado Spring',
a been for thirty-four years


No ppftite, lose of strength,
emrvOnim., headache, constipation.
bad brhlk, general debillity. ur rvl-
Ingp, and otalrrh of the stomach are
all due to Indigesilon. Kodol curse
indlgesltle. Thus nw discovery repre-
scets the natural jul -s of digestion
as they estal in a healthy alomach.
combined with the greatest known tonio
and reconstruotive properrlis. Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure does not only cure in.
digestion and dyspepsia, but this lanous
reinedy cures ll stomach troub'.o by
cleansing. purifyinr., twetenlng and
p'rengthenltg the n ucous membrane
lining the sto:nach.


i lllde Ithe tofte WteS at
realtb ti toU web. We
nsutbe oft. i.o Sire ollsi 214 f es
the Wdsl us, *wuh Mis for 0 6
PEtpam I by I.O. Doewtt & o*. .

Sold by All Drggists.

and family. He hai been identified
with the local police force for the put
several years, performing extra work.

lie is also one of the best known
smalJpox courses In the United S8ates.
having successfully attended 102 pa-
ilentL at the pest house without losing
a case, onet a baby six weeks old. This
was an incident unparalleled in his.
Mr. Robinson will devote his time In
the future to organizing lodges of
Compact Mlasonf, and thinks In a
short time to have a strong organi.a-
tion throughout hip jurisdiction. He
hal been (iruid iMaster and trand
Lecturer of thl A. F. A A. 31. for a
number of year. and has several times
traveled over thin jurisdiction comr
uprising Colorado, \Vyoming. Utah,
New Mexico. Arizona and Mintana.
lie is well known throughout this ter.
ritory and hs therefore well qualified
for the dttieti which hav been en.
trusted to liA isAniianagement.
The oirdr could not hlave secured a
manti better tii tid for lite position than
,Mr. C i1. lol)inponi.
Tri nddrc.44 of the M. '.Uranid
ter of the Al. W (1. L. for the Stlate
of Florida. Revr. Jas. S. Todd, was
timnly arndl ncouraking. lie spoke of
his vigil to the National Grand Trien-
nial communication which was held
in AtlauLas. I a., October 10th-16th,
190, and paid a tribute to the mar-
velous growth. progress alid lofty
achievements of t>he National Randnd
Lodge under the able leadership of the
Most Worshilpful National Grand Mal-
ter. Capt. W. D. Matthews.
The Grand Lodge wan in session live
days and transacted much important
business forhle future development
anld' sucre-s of the raft in the State of
Florida. The .session was largely at-
tended aind its deliberations harm.


I h I, i ,reltion i f < fit'*rr wai ;,.'.,i ,' to.
a'tulrdiig to tHi,- anltiellt eo.l 'u. iii ;l ,
iiriges. tf Free Maoonry. aS egtl tilishi |
by th0e luit'ral regilations of I'. & .t .
A. ". Masonry ut York. Eiogla3id, anid
still practlced liy thte (irand I.dge of
lr'ixland, froni wojimwe ret'ivt oiur
Masonic birth ald bting, with the
following result as oilicers of thei M
\%'. -I. li. I.. for ith rensiingl year:
liev. James S. Todd, NI. W \iMa6s-
lir. Stephen A. Hifget. It. W. |I.
tI. Master. *
Rev. \'llle l (. ,)l ,Iton l W 0i.
S. W.
Itev. Marion C. (lark, It. W. 0. .1.
Rlobert Johnson, R. WI. (. Treasurer.
Lawrenee E. Clietnut R. t GV See.
(irant B. Wilson, R. W. i Tyler.
Neumau 31. I'rophet. It. W. C1. Hr.
Titus Brool, It. W. G. Jr. D.
William 8, Simmuons R. W. Ui. r. .
George Ryan, U. W. 0. Jr. 8.
Lewis Johnuon, U. W. 0. M.
William James, It. W. U. P.
lei. Ueo. H. May, Rt. W. (I. L.
Imeo N. Milton, R. W. a1. 8. B.
Thom, Gaikia, R. W. U. Anit. 8. B.
Clarenpe Fleming, R. W. (. 8. B.
Rev. Jame Rft. Hlarrif, R. W. (6. 0.
I1vv. William Singleton, K. W. (l.lst
Ass't C.
Rev. Joseph W. Posey, R. W. (i.
2ad. Ass't. 0.
Rev. Robt. Drake, R. W. (1. 3rd
Ass's. C.
The Vl, W. Nat. U. M., Capt. W. I)
Mattubew, eommisloued Rev. John
Spebs 31 M. W. N. D. II. U. M. for the
district embracing the States of Florida
and North Carollua.
The annual sermon to the ranftsmen
was preached by Rev. S. A. Hughes in
the Masonle Hall, which was very
interesting and iastruotlve and afford-
ed much inspiration to the craft.
The officers of the G;. L. were obli.
gated and Installed by the M. W. Na-
tional (irand Master, Capt. W. D. Mat-
thew., who expressed himself as being
higRliy pleased with the condition Uf
tilu craft.
The M. W. M. due anid ample form.
The .11. W. National IU. M., Capt. W.
1). Matthews left Sunday for Mont-
gomery. Ala., where he will visit the
M, W. Iollive Branch ('t L. for the
State of Alabama.

Of the Most Worshipful Natlonn
Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted
Ancient York Mesons. of the United
States of North America.
) State of Florida.,
A lachu t Couotsy.
Know all men by these presents,
That we. the undenigned, a majority

iOu. Thi reports from the various I of whom are residents of the State of
suborinati onig'e. in the State showed Florida. desiring to form a corporation
an increase an a numerical and not for prodl, under the general eor.
financial strenigti. Among the im- portion laws of theState of Florida,
port anut l-in.te transacted was do hereby associate ourselves together
that the (ira id Ltge empowered with other persons for the purpose of
the Trustee r ineorpuratiou to corn forming a corporation under the name
plete the ineiotiation for the purchase "Coctinued on Third Pa.)
of Johnson's lail and entire flixurei C ntinued on Third Page.)
for the headta'iartirs iof the 11. 1. - -- ---- -
G I.. of F A... A. 1. M.. National A Friend in Need.
Compnlpt iltorud),. in and for the )Do you know of anyone suffering
State of Florida. with consumption? Then tell them
The Ladities Court was inspected by without delay that Dr. lBocehte's
the M W Nat. 0. M., Capt. 1). German 8yrup will oure them-and
Matthews. and placed in a healthy you will be a friend nto need. German
and active condition, with Sister Ala- 8yrup Is a reliable opecifc for the eure
bamarns Johnson as Most Ancient (irand of conumptlon. It has been making
Matron, working tinder authority of marvelous euum of consumpUtio
the M. LW. -W U. 1 National Compact throughout the world for forty l ere.
i, and for the State of Florida. The Group, coughs. colds. bronchitis and
iwr, su- le w.. sui tao. all throat and lung trounhles are peed.-
shid Courts wre sutpplied with suit ued by (erman hyrup. Trial
able literature. laws and regulatiotis bottle. 2ke. Big bottle, 7e. At W,
which fully equip them for their work. M. Johnson's.

_____i_ +- iV w LL,
-III a-.. ." '- = .. --



.<2~.. W
Ir\ t~

J11otll"lon, wre pes ed thanking
the 11. W. National a irand Master.
Capt. W. D. Matthews. fur hls timely
advice, fatherly u,'tiJmal rt4 't. .ient
Service to crutfImenr during "le wel4; ?:.,
and iltos It the titiItlt of (iaitteRviit>.
ftr the ho|ijti bht, im iiuiFr lii Iwi,.ii
they 'nterirtal-l d tlihe i rald loidg..
'i'1* fodluwiOiig hrt ,ihrn wlk* r ap
piuiont, on <.iraid (CIarity INi.d; lr,.v.
J.hiu ?tl eight dcI'a frman, < > tin vi ].
l''l i a mlrin 't. t'li k, al. lIl rr.,,
St. Taint a. Fila.: l, m %iI11 \ r t'f($rl .
1i r'en ('tye .Sprriun VIj ir.jn', l;.
Wil ( I. tru l .; lIsao V. M1 .
tonI.l.iiL ity, i l. ; C i, 1i. ,per.
I.ive nltk, I la. i.,l ',?.;; I Ul T\ .
It.,'k Springi c .at.
Election of Officers


Mrs. Anderson. a



. "

a ,J

r A' -.

mkt won"b
|a~t awkj *k| w -b ^^^*Aj6 &

^j~jrmprfw7 wBrti

-Am --T-b i
N@ other miOb a fr wnbWS
pncoodmA onf has hnhb&6f

fiodatm m idae


Privilege of Marriage Denied anl Ia. l 4l 4ed 1 0A
prisened Sdlder tie 4e40I U411r
Columbu,. 0.., Nov. 7.--The sats epmaB a .t'
commandment of the Ulnited States alab"ip wl ile
military post hre 4efused to permit bIli/adursae Sa .
the marriage of Pred Marvin Har- daoe Me0 ts L.
grave (io MI.f Nelle' Irene Rid!gly. of .tSlOh bt C t.
Columnliu,. IHargrave 1I In the uiard blis ip bsal 0t
hou us for a minor offense. ant Misp boA, R 00ol ot .bat
RIdlty rtorurcvl a license and pmo t theS ir mrmttmda WId
sentrad herself ready for the ceremony. wa1 Sled, AAs its
Hiargrave comes from a good family fair alght rewslt Il* it |o
at North Adams. Mass., and Is a col. out the boudia O thebs qp
lege graqlniate. How he cause to eo. Mr. Galleakam np odlel
list Is not known. He has a month 0Un at thei0 J ll i .
yet to sNrve. 'fl's wlte~ th 0
._..." !bes its, Mr .. .
Cured Consumptlon. | i .l o i a
", "m~po" tlat umlws head bMa kS I
Mrs. B. W. Evan, Olearwater, Kea., -
writes: MaI husband la siek for three f i
months.R The doctors Wid tha he had t s b u w
qalok eoasomftion. We presnred a BM aWAAd Li
bo.tle of Bl d' Horebohed SIrep. tied d, M ll i
and is eered a. That war slx pearsawg pw. bto
uoo. Hie te have always keptl..-n-L -a t i
a bottle in the houme. We ensWoe do sh -hil.W
ba w o*qual." 2e. flt, $1.00. Sold by he best m t-
W. 31. Johnson. I*nf9 isL*L


*4 iiBf

WOman of Jacksonv
Recorder of Deeds6
her signature to the I

Lydia Pahklua's

I* 's B, 41

. . . . ...

---_~-~~ ~ ~~_,_ ....,.~.._ ......--,_., ..- _~ .......~ . .. .-

L t .. !




Lt ~

^^Q^^H^^~~i.... y. -





rn. I :


K4he meshem *

. ..n ....
wem puse,

i wI e*m


.1 .**~ *1
Pt .:

lr .' ," '
,'...,',i '?' .'


Drop in here andi take
made by 8C1OS088 BROS. &A

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Schloe Overelads is in
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shoulder, graceful lapel
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identified them with
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t he costly merchant
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Outftter to Particular People. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA

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A" lfneral Directors and
5 ICensed Embalmene
of!am DOOM in
2tiia. lam, Rtoer stamps. Art
altoslmsm, Io SNt. Upbrnyt. heamt k*i
,.. i1- ei kt -4 l

'A'l "'b&S yI1 Tq p ah or Teb hoea
r-f f l .1 f w : ...s e ., ,. :.
S18'! teplwo f stq appointed* him o
!?- *4 usuIll nalp. term In the United
=. 1!,Ss .te* Usatl. In the same year he
9 IS iSt bsP modege of the Firth Judilcal
-W 2 f Oll lu S, esri nlg after six yeats of sr.-
S,.. Ol el.bomausee of the inalrmlties of old
ige Ieral imnley nwe wvlee mar-
.tie. Two children by his second wife
urrive him, Charles A. Finley and
Ms n. o. (t.hrlSl
*New Way sfUi Usng Chamberain's
"t eIs 0CkmOeh Naned.



Mr. Arthur Chapman, writing from
DeUt Hafi, sooth Africa, oSas:
"As a proof that CbamberlisI's Oogh
Rme4n t la autre auliablo for o and
osngf p yoa bhe toIlowing: A
Sbelhbo of mine h6d a shild Just over
two math old. It had s nry bad
soulh Sad the parent did not know
w*It to wtah it. I sinustemd tht if

Worthy Of


We cover thee important points and repeOet11llr
solicit a taree of your businert.

Fin, Life, Accitdent ad HealIth IInm

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Victor Safe and Lock Company
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tStStSttt S t St St fl

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Rut N

- Hotel

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- mw/

....... _

\ /


.7* i 77..q .; : ;
flu DAILY Gas

OI l ai w citter.

A bIIIJK Al sewl tIe F-tiYt'r
i.w, I aler.

Hi* p1C. d
W..DENHAM S 1 llclOr,

tblised aversf moroalmses-
i- i o il b arrier In ibthe eli
perit. emUntied Stawae.poe-
& 6 i c t. t lur II w eekiL-

Si19 f Mlni enotuma ID rciiw a
irtlS. and A en2tb Fur astb ad,

adverUdlnJ a4de anows

B6- --. - -
l nfetS aNa ts ln etght-iage,
p PsprM. Iubllmted every :on.-
l rey. and e6otstinm all tt~e
w week. eais. stat ad ron-
Ilfteaied. patsae frree. to eay
tl SteaWs or Canada, fur II.ti

i Wt become due arftr firn
a -l -mealnt oualei onherw le
Ml'S!'00> PttIlsIOi known to
iO plo pv ov a udverUtiW In ad


V, Vr Plsdlent,
t' New York.
PIWeat Virgilnla.
attes Senator,
Conmrei 2nd District,
tsial KEletora,
S. I. GIl A Y.
l'l eiry eo State,

f.rILLIAU H. El.LilS.
State Treasure,.
t of Pubhll Instruction,
MEN"- tier of Agriculture,
'- S. B. McLIN.
"rallmd Commisatoner,
7ritwnie Court. Si Yenrs
aSunpreme Court,
.L~ Uspresestativeso,
-' a

Cierk Cftrcit 'Cortl,
I IL. a. W1xE.II.

Tax Assesor,
Wi i D. i ). K
STax a4olleetnr.
L 'nt of Pubtlh Instruction,
.Countty Treamuter,
Comity RSurveyrw.
,iCotitiy Couiinllnernns.
t. 1. IDAIrIElR.
.+. J. G. OSTrE+N.
, ; C. (.. l'EDRICK.
k r.r PAIr.LINo.
M Iemnhers of rhool Board,
, T. A. DfOKR.
j it. B- WKgH __I

S Clark, hea*dwl gni ma-
lbpany, eonaei ithe Idea of
m9G oas the lalsimens plan,
worth $1,o0no00(A. HiS
10Wo the wife 6f Bishop Pot-

A% -i, __ _

I loridan' mot noted and bwit be.
llvedi old4ir anl tEats'iiiiman, eral .lvids J, rilrsey, t1 ,on" It
his reward, after i tijig slid useful
lilfi. Till nol lid liniiniin ait.,t -.
latly esteemefl ant l teil,,,., ly e
people of Uaini0isille and Alali,,a
county, ant I the cilia'lm of i n'ia ..;."at
ieste*.1 Itr ni tnLInir that hil rinaii..t
(will rest in Erergreiem deii ryi. hterel.
rei t hIne rei' iia n f LI l ilbt i, ;: lia
unrid **;trit of lii tiff.ptIiu.
T'o Ith*t lrr**arv d rl.itiv, i li, t' n
teXirlnds c'illlialrle',-.
I,'jf rrit riz i) I, i*,.r&! I *, '2 ; ,.r t
T I" 'rt 1 .., ( :l ;iit of 1 nili, ^ ' ,','.-
il.rinly M:
'.\lt I.4' hl,.ighl t nll ll ii- .il' ;:. u. "
ti R'.l 'd q i'.t l nii n ;n hi j )i I 0 l ,jt ,
lnr lr pkin i P often Ioirne H F .tiie.
inu* part. that Rallanit iildler nielI
Ilyi l t V ) itnilaai, tinei r!l .I,.,.i', J lin.
iun ItF ilt'y Lat ihta l ii< >U ilte Liurdeni
of life at; I gO'' itn hi reward.L
".-' w mIen of lhi raste alid Utwi r fi-m
have lived longer than i general F'liley.
and few have lived mor to the puir-
pose. Hl was nlnvty-two yearn f age
at ihe tim-. of Ii i death, and for ihlt
best part or f einttry had been li-.
erally 'on the firing line.'
"As advocate, ar jairlt and tsol,;tr-
as congressman, *ellator and eitizen-
in every walk of life, aud in every ea.
paeity in which he wai called uponi
to eeroe the people of his adopted
State, General Finley rang true.
"It mi1y truly be said of him that
while e he l hvd many olleos, he sought
none. ioeneral Finley was preemli
neatly n man of the people, and it is
not to be wondered at that throughout
a long and useful life, he was a ontln-
ually called tipon by hbs people to go
to the front In various capacities.
'"Sunh a life as that whioh closed so
peacefully in Lake City yesterday is
somethlun more than honorable, somen-
thinf more than distinguished. It ls,
above all, useful; and chief among tihe
cases of such a careershould be eounted
Its value as an example to thoee who
are now coming on the stage, In all the
plailtude of their powers, and with
the sou of saoo ss so daasling their
eyee that they may, ere they know, be
tempted to pot the prid" of place and
the luot of power above those simple
and Spartan ideals of lift handed down
to us by the Fathers of the Republic."

Major Alexander St. Cialr-Abrams.
In his article published In The Times-
I'nion of last Sunday. ays he has teen
advised that criticism and abuse of
him "has gone so faras to threaten me
with being ridden ot a rail If I ever
return to Alaebue county." This in.-
formation is no more correct than that
given him on the day of the contin.
uanae of the Ifolloway ease, vi : "That
jurors had been closeted with'Superic-
tendent |iolloway, that there would
be riot and Itoodshed If the jury panel
was attacked, etc." True, there was
some critilesm of the Major for having
given publicity to such libels upon the
people of Alachuaeosntg, but no one
has threatened him with personal
harm, and he can rest assured that
none will be done him. He is em-
played to prosecute tbh case for Mr.
Sheate, and has a perfect right to speak

for the interests of his client, aS have
also the friends of Mr. Holloway to
speak for his interests.

The Nat;onal and State elections to-
day will decide who shall hold the
offices for the next four years. While
we are eorrain of the election of the
entire IIPmloeratic ticket in Florida.
we are not so iure. of Democratic sue-
oeas in the pin'idential contest. Let
as hope for the beat. however.

Be careful with your ballot today.
It I Io lot and cumbersome, but you
will Iled the li .nocratie candidates at
the head of the list for the respective
offlee., the itt ive Iinmesl ut the head
of thle ticket 1t ig tih- lark.I r electors.

I Have hrn "uf.eringfro:: Impure Blood
for miaa years, hvin j3tlKs and others
Rrudtioiji. livingg he.irt of S. 1 de-
culLi to try it, ani am A to ay that it
has t4io0 0ue b grt.t dt at, i xdl. I.intend
to citintirtie to use it, a&t I l itheve it to be
the bcst IUft !l Medicine on the market.
C!tlautil, Tit:i. W. \K. J,
For qlvti f:-:veII ye ars I have differed
More or Is,. It, Impure Iltod. Alnwout u
vear AgI i hIad a hlil aj)pjir o011 my IV ;
bel,,w .the1 llutte, &ish "at, follovcd by
three mre on my it-k. I saw S, 3. 8.
adverni takin thilrte buttel *tl Wiil)s dlippearml
and I have not been troubled any since.
Ono. (i. lVnRTzI.
114 W. Jft in St., Iuivilk, Ky.
Newark, Ohio, May 23, 1a3.
From rchildhooil I had been botWed
with hat! t lood, ,,kin eruptions and boiled.
I had boils ranging from five totwenty hi
number each season. The burning as
companlyi g the eruption was terrible.
S $. S. seemed to b just the miiedliki
needed in my Cae. It rove out all ipau.
cities and bd blood, giving me perma.
i.ent relief froon the skin eruptio6n and
iboill. This has been ten years aio, andi I
bave never lad a return of the dleIse.
M J. J. AD. ATirom,
Write for outr
book on blood a
skin disete.
A* Medical advice
or any speelal in-
f maton ali bout
your case wil cost
V you nothing.
Te Swiftm Spells OmpsuW AtNuta .

The aeilon of the eamplaln coummit-
tee of the State committee in sending
out Instroetio ballots with the name
of W. M. Holloway omitted as the
nominee for State superintendent will
be rebuked by the people ast the poll
today. It ip a dirty piee of work.
The nominee of twenty odd thousan-d
ltemooratu should at least be given as
mteh consideration as the nominee of.
a minority of the State committee.
The oommitue has squandered the
money mulched from the 0eedi4dalO
In effort to defeat Superintendent
Holloway s and the ConstitutIoual
Amendments which were adopted by a
Demooratio e Ltilature.

Judge Martin L. Mershon,oueof the
beat known and mot suoe esful law-
yers In the Stae. 41de4 i his home In
Fernandina on Norember 3rd, after a
prinful Illneje of several weeks. Hei
was a native Florldian. being born In
Monticello in 1I39. but for many years
resided in (iGorgia, where at oi time
lit was Jtudge of the Brunawtok circoit.

The report of State Treasurer Knott
for the pait quarter shows a balance
in the various funds of 101.052.90, of
which $18,007.S7 belongs to the ge*-
eral funi. This isa very good show.-
ino. considering the fact that no taxie
have been collected for aevers weeks.

We have yet to hear one Individ-
ual speak well of the recent Jackoao-
villa carnival. Visitors from Oales.-
vtlte returned home thoroughly die*
John ( i. Ward is making The Peas.-
eola News one of the beet afetaloa
papers ln the South. Tie News -W
app 'are in a new dregs.
-- -. r

Admiral Iojestrleniky's "fire when
you are ready to rhootsky" order may
not brina him a. mu'h credit as lDew-
ry's similar injunetiogl.

Vole ear!y ro!a,. and
straight lfemnoeritio T iket.

Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That Tll ai
Contain Mercury,
A. mercury will surely destroy the 1i_
sen5e of smell mud completely derange
the whole system when entering It
through the mueous surfaces. So1h 1 hal,
articles should never be used except
on prescriptiolt from reputable phy. WO
sicians, as the damage they will do is
ten.fold to the good joa an potibly
derive from them. llal'l Catarrh
Cure, mnanuacitured by F. J. Cheney &
Co Toledo. 0 .contains no mercury, For NMa by J. 0
and is takrn internally. acting direet- ,

vote the

,^ "^ r. '.^ -'- '. "**^"^ l
7T 1.77 .!

7- m 3

-iilhtUt hilt! Lightest HRpla! 4
Champion Sp 4d Writes or he W .I m
Us he s-hollMo. Mo F rM.Sho lep ; .
* in tI (ite#illg 11than say othw ea
------- -------- II* **

For ale

" a. *


A -I

-- ..... -

TO THE.... *

Is via Atlantal, O Cattaf agTo, ni-e


Two tilas dailyr a. M A t d i pi
rom A ana. ..
Tea Day cubk Enerates Timi a
November, Wb Wkw*
For full Informatiol, rare isad
MILLKR ,Trae. PaNO. Ass. 1 C .3...'
for tikeete via ltiien OasetUl i, h


Title Is what you for

s ion
.. TIU rumIny IWwih

The Alachu uily


Abtrmteas of TIitle aS4 fI Wtoi -
st. Ois.


$entine saia '

Pown0 swamt

in I sEmd o-r a W4

Spra of Shot and pi

men who -M W Ia.tS..

A.L L O. A L ,it.t+

fltmflAebfl ~

I, NmdiTd & ta.
I I I I _" -

fle rel

tea we.amin) .. fl-t. &Midi




- ..._





' '. -T" "'

1' 3~3~2'~ lu`~Yr ~lll~llk:k


m.mIni m tI



w.ell Se A.Isala .
* *r (ir ,i. a lBlh~T

71! -IV l

".. p-F

p **-


IaIIrPr Iuk *h I*maa


,, v- *. ,, : i -,- .- *
,*b @OlwI lU,.
,c iaB l''"
[M --ii~IBkj
'p / ., KW I ;N^*

i Vla., O


W, t *fos., wea
bele, A. V.
i ,. eo pf w^ n

i expires
a '.

Bea Island Cotton Seed, Bagging ind Twine,
Leather in Strips or lide,.

Manufacturers of the
Sea Island Cotton



James Doig T Inm prove Engliish
(in, and inppliex for a mnite.



rld's Fair Rates..



Round Trip. On
pale dilly. Good
till Deo. 15.
Round Trip. On
eakl daily, Good
*Ixty dAya.



Hounld TrIp.
.ale daily.
itftftni dlay.

() ifk4

Bound Trip. nod ten
i .t *1On Ti, ruwlni i
u1 Il illn V J..,




i '" '

SMti th!oru Atlst A CbhattiMooga or Columbia and AheviUle, '"I.4d of lU.s
W' ,
0W l MItsro oiert- wih a IoWn rals Into sa. Lquls. Two trales dauly from
Stc'Obl'qo M plIb MOtM at pr$iUlal iu ntMain mand summr rernrt rotnlirtn
COuli amlSe bTa W No ntW eafl. As opportual yl to visit tf, ri.,mt
of WorUS's Wl 6 ftfeav om oLa is mouptM tm whose .Me tseu can be s.mlait
therththe SwaMnpn. Lake UirStax*a. the Highland.. eta. .
sad -US vlato tWeom one16. am p. fo lde, to.. obesertUy furnhed un'
WWtM otAa W sa., J.C. LvSl.' Dg.eMur Anmu. u WM tay iU,. J~etavlu.. Via.

I -- .

Air Line Railway

I .. .. FOR...."
Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
SPines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia. New York.

- .......


Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.

Only Line Operating
Dally Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to Now Orleans
Poe full Imtfonutlon and sWpleer reservati el on any *gent SCaboSad or
wuie A. O. MacDOfMLL, 8. 0. BOYL.DN, Ja.,
ANGt. General Pa near Agent, Pamengr Aeat

,GalnesTle & Gulf Railway Company
fl P LOnlD-A


Jacksonville, Florida.

Everard's Canada Malt

As gpoxl as any rntl l.'Iltttr ihan moll
He-r. Madi: MTII NO I' I1 ICE.

Per Barrel ........
Per Doze .... . ..

$1I0 5
1 26

Maathushek Piaos,

sen plane for this trvwim o1uatw. atandls h
tune looser than uther lufh1ruCt1d
best aterils. anl WStoi Artiatlo
wurMuaathli> obtainable.
L'ptodate t every
dertil arid Un-
Sold by us c(ontHi:(touly fpr

without a sinRgl failure. If vnn
want a piano for a lifetimeal
service but the

M&thushe .k T
Prfen as Iw Is oo.Sfmrit with uWs "

Ludden & Bates
Southern losic Hoose


National, State and Congressism-
al Ticket 1904.

....w".u, ....... ly ... Presidential Electors.
Time Table In e eet July 196. 0. F. Boffum-Franklin county.
s o. K. Robinson-Marion coutIat.
peaspeaN I;-e-so-- 1- M No. *. Geo. H. Molmes-Brreard county.
No. 4. No.3 N., 1. I No. Notli On. Molnwa-Bruvar county
Dail7 Dally. STATIONS. Di iDU. Dll,. xo p 0. A. W. Wendell-tsadeden county.
,,_ n A. M. Cushnan-A lachta county.
________________ For Governor-llon. 31. It. 31cefar-
lane. 11illsbor.
y P.i L Ar. MAr AM Ar P SererofSe-John F. ort,
S.......... ..... .. 06 a.. .a t e ........ ......... ..... s .0r0ry ofHor,
S............ .....0 .......... a ....,................I ....... W40 Mona oI.
S.. ...... ...... ..n ..... .......... ... .... 6 A corner -Fr C.Cub
l eM too ........1........ ......c ... ok.mae . .. ........ ........ : 4: ly. levy.

e*rtrr. S !S " " ..."i "".* **-"*" *..*..... .-..-*-.. *...... .. 5 36 Comptroller-J. L, Skipper Polk.
ehu.16r11. 16B. 0 ........ **fle*** .94 JMC* UHie AIntBlm t ...... ...... *** ...., ... Traenr. .....S t Is Dade.
8 B .... ... .... .... .... ... MlloI opy ..4..... .. ...... i.......... 5 0 Tr ur -E. At. Breleforod, W .
;. ........ ........ .. . ....Tnooma....... .. ..... ... .... ... 1 BSuperintendent of Publi lnstrue"
asi 4 .....rk d. ..6.9 .....06*o.... .. ......... 60 o tion-W. It. O'Neal. Orange.
*i a........ .e 4 9. *" 4. 4 l lat-*4"..... .. 40.4 ....h. 00 omlmissionerof Agriculture-J. 8.
1e l-L...... 9 ...0... .... 4 ....Wa hoot0*.... .... .. ... ....... 4 46 Rowley,. Putnam.
S............ ...... o oy Poit....... ... .... ........ 480 Railroad Commi ioner H. *
i ......... ... ........ ....... 400 Ritehie, St. Johns.
.is LV..nnvu0..0.I t A S040A6 6 O Justice Supreme Court for term Of
l 40 T ......01 ....0 o.... -- ....9 ....00 .4 e90 b,.M
me b^ ii....... .Lv Oi30 "" '"*SI...I R ...... siSheppard,Ar fam bl
U*'dItlvw.rMt anvnj t o T 017 ...........O Gtabha..... .... 8 Justices Supreme Court-0. Farl
t i=? v1 ofJ u kwu. 10 12 9 i Ar t. 4"5M .. S .. K QI 1 40 110 Hil Aboro.
oa i.. ....... 7 3 615 0 f14*'?, i.....(0 0.(.Adams..Duvml.

soat wlbl a
a : n l f ' 'I

c om on.
M I5 8
0 11000


I:-. L ~_L __ ~

~~~-1-T .. ..

~; '

I I _.. ..-.


,.. % :



* ,. K -?;




a fine Odd Fellows and
I of'P. Sermon Sunday.


i Work as Seen by Those Who
iSen Through, and His Dis-
i Was Received With Much
re and Interels by Them.
i who attended the service at
ge i nd Advent ('hrlstian lhuroh
eveniiag was treated to nil ve-
Iservice anid serlition by ilyv. Joe
who delivered a special ad-
on "Friendlhip, lov* aind
to bhe Odd Fellows.
ter Lodge No. II, I. 0i. F., in
with anm order frumn Noble
W. HIandlu in asetmbled at
blode room at 0 ;4A o'clock iSunddy
sad atmerded the service in a
The Odd bellows were Iwenty-
l eilnl, under command of Col. I.
letter. ad prenated a flue ap
la they emarebed Intoa te edl*
sook the eas I phIlh had been
sand **ened for them.
ld IU Adr*i sll o nh on EKra
lllli., whik has sa miaes
sd two hurdred. wa probably
ga ed before a is was o this
Ial- a lile so an was Oon.
id er-d, thete were so extra

mueMe of Mr. Sherose wIa
f hies mot eloquent *forta.
Kle belag a. eloqieas speaker.
4 oes *aMS sadl ambilious ae-
'lNeity manta, stadingd wIll boeb
Esl4t t Pythise am d she Odd
& While hle subjer t waN sup-
h Iaon bIle ieed todo ihe dd
b the wu a &great deal of
VIfmlsals1m saatStld through the
Wd ItMamueb as msan of those
l t wer m bers bo ooth der
iroIms Impresed libm doubly
the glorious work of Pythlantem
Odd Fellowship, and those who
It fell a great benefit from a lit-
fi. rTemuse a fine ereaker a min-
of plelrlal address, and is des
ta bomnme quite popular here.
bo re of the mon t widely known
ant popular "lodge men in the
A .. ..- -
The Beat Liniment.
S. aO mtberlain's Pain Balm in consid-
ai .l best lialment oa he market,"
Poet & Blish of ieorga. Vt.
lthear lIniment will heal a cut or
a promptly. No other is so
le.or deep eated pains like
I bk, *ad pain in the cheal.
lMtllsaimenat a trial and you will
ish to be without It. Bold by
Mai Business Was Transacted With
n.xeoption of Filing of Papers.
Mflday was 'rule day and legal sales
hl i the eours, but there was little
Wlswith the exception of the fling
palersafnd hearing of moiioni in
,tre u es of Count, Judge Mason.

,AeUg the most important rans-
': .ItirSt of Sheriff Fennell 6as tke sale
StW eight partially filled barrels of
..hit:key. remnants of the old Fryer
'S"kle of High Springs, which were bki
.' 1 J. M. Fennell for A. C. Hagan of
SM stka. the price being $50. The
IWi'._ l was of the grade known an
MAdW it is said ranged from the
.,'. l to the beet. he aggregate
S r of gallons were not aefer-
S.aad. ,buo It is stated that the sole
,,-abargain to the purchaser. The
gh. W oWere sold to satisfy a claim of
.B.eblie',nSons & Co. of tnvan-

Neuralgia Pains.
h. eeumatismr. lumbago and sciatic
,lwV yield to the penetrating influence
I ]tlerd's Know Liniment. It pene*
90.- t1o the nerves and bone and be-
airbed into the blood, its healing
IftIl are oonveyed to every part
:.j boldy, and efect some wonder-
S. tsIRem. 25o, c $1.00. Sold by
..W ). Johnson.
Steam e r er service Resumed,.
MUlbiile, Ala NNo.v 7. -It is announce
I. today that r-gular steamboat ser
..t Will be r0ii"med on the Alabamat
"l Ththilb.t rivers Monday, the rev
S*sflpenifton being oecasloned by
Water. 4A iMNo will pirilhlit.iY
ba, 1 i.htle stl o ilir- olh t f t riy t n' l
.1it 1lng forr the tiil ll r river p onl',
^., .- tn f^ ^ ^^^(~ oj.

Don't Jump

to eonelualone and think, be-
eastNe you have suffered so long
from chronic PAIN, that It Is
Incurable. Whether you call It
rheumatism, neuralgia, back-
ache, earache, toothache, head.
ache, a sprain, Indigestion or
some Internal trouble, of whihs
you don't rightly know the
nature, the sarest and nmot
reliable relief and cure' I

This medlelfe aset direCty
up0o the nerves and blood
veels In sckueh way a to re-
love I21MatlOm, rmdae
swelliBnp, and drive out the
exat ease of trouble to whikh
those pas dua. PrIke sO eto
an *iU t lhy guaraBteed.

3wash10 d reman-_d d tW


CGowlted of MurdoP.
Irwtinvlle. Ga., Nov, 7.-The jury fat'
ter staying out on the case about mix
hours, returned the following verdict
In the murder Ca*e of Johb Smith ho
the murder of Abe HIeaderson, lat
July: "We, the Jury, find the d4
fedalt gntlty of murder and recom,
spend that hilm seots"ed be commuted
to life-time ImprjSoameat" The soe
tace was passed by Judo Roberta
upon the defendant for life Imprison
mlat. It is stated that his counsel
will appeal for a new trial.

Chamberla In's Cough Remedy Is
PIleasant to Take.
The flneot quality of granulated loaf
uesr la used ln the Iltaiufaeture of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. and
the roots used in iUs preparation give
it a flavor similar to maple syrup,
making it quite pleasant to take. Mr.
W. L. lioderlek of Pooleaville, Nd., In
speaking of the remedy, say;: "1
have used Chamberlaln's Cough Rem
edy with my children for several years
and Ian truthfully say It is thIe best
preparation of the kind I know of.
The children like |o take it and It has
no injulriousafter etfleot. For sale by
all druggietsa.
Studying Church and State.
San Franclco. Nov. 7.-Valentine
Brisawtt. of BrusselM has arrived here.
His mission to this country is a dual
on .1. Brlaint wtas delegated by
the King of Riginim as his rtlrt'sen
tatIv Ic the IntdrfmtluTal nrbtlratnim
oongress and to later niale a tour of
the niTtied itate* for the j1urpote of
studying the legal relations between
church and state.

Not a Wick Day Since.
"I was taken severely sick with kid-
ney trouble. I tried all sorts of media.
eines. none of which relieved me. Oneu
day I saw an ad of your Electric Bit-
ten and determined to try that. After
taking a few doves I felt relieved. end
soon thereafter was entirely cured,
and have not leen a lick.4ay sine..
Neighbors of mine have been cured of
rheumatism. neuralgia, liver and kid-
ncy troubles and general debility."
This is what B. F. Bass of Fremoot,
N. C.. writes. Only 50e, at all drug-
gits. -
Uone into Winter Quarters.
.liberton, (Ga. Nov. 7--The gners.
oent geological niarvinylng cor, un.
tier Superintendent Albert Pike, which
has been doing considerable work la
this county recently, has gone late
winter quarters and The officers hav.I
returned to Washington Several ob,
servatlun stations Were erected In the
Health is atbotutely impoiibie i I
constipation be present. Many ser.
lousy casemof liver and kidney eomn.
. plaint have sprung from neglected con.
stitution. Such a deplorable eondi-
It 1. -.n pas.. 1ad m S *i 0 a ae


D i. A. U. Mti I.1,LY.

0ilies Uadgiilolia ctol, iiuevillt,
AIdl dIbetae biOcrnUi,'! treated ln.irut
drugs. jonapUsIxM CII EZuuiMl tluno li'r.
(1nile Hour. lu 1t i. w .i to 4s i li, orky
1ti Atll Iltt L. ila i. .

And fIolicitor In l':quity
I!el es! tate, Cooveyanosig aid Gen.
wral Praetice. All business promptly
attended to. 011nce next door to Sun
office. (.OA I Iu .K, FoIm I1A.




Osa slil your eily property. (Im*
Emvd and nlmproved) phos~mae,
realinam ad farming lind. Seed blh
a IS cwhalt youo feror al. 914fkt

W. Is.BAKta,

GAUI.LU, LJIo A s 0lM oA.. F.
DRO0... tR.A T eeo


D XTI T* 5ii

weTH E

Dao WnmXut OW. 285.1

Gtadametin e W iti.
Fle eem epW oesIse la Mew To*k aM .
tows.wa ige wese aS 3l Upseaftfin
Am."Woes Ovaswa ..wi v~w -
O- iln NUft Law BimUae.
GnuataaU iPia.



JOR NXmamas. Prewisw.
stI m W. fy Er.. Jee sHle, ia.
Faust beer, bottle an dmagt. Des't
fail to call o- me whe mIn Jaebonviltl

(Wlhl Or. U. E. Towbi).



a06s In MUler Law RFlucae.





stea cGlta r P 'rWr


a 0

T -W f -,, an-
Jackmonville and New fl
Chilling Oa CHALEBTO, 0,, W*l k t I:
The liMt Stfas ta In l
(lyde New England and
DirectSerrvie twee JAOCKMrZ79
Olidi c at Oharlest be
Mouthbouad. ..* ,*I... .... ......, ....a
Nohbmo d..:::...........,....r im tom lo

in Sto Jat m r
BetwopM JAciaolv fl,
StoppI n p a Els, AlStOJfStN

I see igates Sa s. a

.e~...*.......... .p.
POOR g oeswe U,..*f **

f **

to"' i. S a l. flm Ii a

B~ I .' q f ..; ..^ ,, +. .'-..:.' ... .. ....+

hll--ia ^-Mir^|-n-

"ao :

*- -w -w w ,'eo w IW 'm


. 1., ', l,
,' I 1, '^ *^
, ,,,'':,, .'i i;1.

nI d ; -


TN U Wi --103.

Hes Imported d Domestis Liquon 5 YSfTOI BAKER?,
and Wine. In the city.

--4 .... .. .-.... nn.--. .'..-- a-.-' |

Ahmem Vannmmwnar

XI T* ,IC3IAW| V lvpt
le OGrose uS Crgesse aSSi.


IN 190 1 oeIIII IIA eAIX=VtLLaj L. v. SWI


StIett4.owU fl Ob A. WunlL A COs t
OT llUIS& 100-t e l t WHAOL .SALE SH S *i
Fr M ae fby W. M. JA mei. OrVAUhll281u-I I .

DUWD UNID fEih aKrIN oV CHAPTER KI qvALUT f how. Every
i41. LAWs or r LOIA. par nwarmf d.
Note to hereby given that ,ieu. HMyha, a
putier of Ta Certieate NO. a ad
day ftd day of July. A. 0M I>S1 has 0ledsiU Ji 55 1M l R
halc0st= i 6 my oee. Wad bum m ds uopre
kua for ta deed to ise Is toeotaee with
law. SaidM eatldeos embraeV .folltowlag
de 4orti prorny dtusa in Ah asla hu o-ft
Sty. uasl T:oMIt :*. AE
b0e l*nd iadei*.r aw6med at the date of MISS TElWAU
the Iaumnee ofr Muh eertJiletie In the name of
.Neo. inibe .
UIlemsmld sertilBeate hall be redeemed o- iOARDING AND
enila Ito law. as deed 11U tnSe therren on ..
the lS1 dai of Noveembrr. A. U, WI.
Witeis rm yleiatl aWnature eamt sealt bis Dn nSCHOOL
the 34ti l day 0ct'br A. I. _134.
H- '. I*t r I ?)N.-
Cltl 'tluIt u (Wiourt Alsr hus Ceo. i.n
.I Pkr. It Wl .h.aer It' IlU tJbl *W II tA


". w.. .

, '. ,' J

[ tIi 3Abi Utip N

Sesghtrla va LeM. beldya4
q musy.

ae b e Of ar twh -eI a

IBaird Hardware Coo,

.1- -- n-



"'~"I~ -- -- - -c,- ---- -- .e

' "' "-"'- '----- -



I .,

--w- .w -



F ,



l v~

p ,<, c':


,Y .L I "

,I r '
.<'5 ", ,'


I a


: .

r. Merritt Cortbell
Ialerlrrarm, Vlurldea,
iuertt I aW J'-l J 1 New Vi1r,
elllet Noe. INIh and liillh-
Priday Evolam aind at.-
rllilyt 'iM ll.i .
Nositively Twv lPays Only.

oOUSE Parlors

Euemination Free.
Iie w ll y U y In evlii t .-
,,, fi. e o i.rk x 1'




i by ur B &t .


M 6 1ppenOdand What Ise Belng
to wi Inw s o rrpX Io
S"b mHe NmW May Readr
the Sum.
wkb Cukhman A ilL
ellpapese for ale as The RunO
.. Veaster of Mleanopy was In the

SA. Emeson of Tacoma was In

SWonerfut Salve for sale
Si~woMe(ou1iM & Co.
J A. Taeker of Koehelle was
i the visitors to this eity yester-

. L* Haoghe was amoiIg the Mic.a
S ike who paid Ousineville a vlitl
i BeRt-Store Royal (ook former.-
Puied. ,Addrees Thomas V. Por-
Li seaosille..
r be Second-hand Densmore
oM Wtillbosold cheap. Ap-
,. IL Futh, one of the leading g mer-
e of Alaebus, was on a visit to hisB
Si this eity yesterday.
'.. R. B, Ohapin of Tallahassee is on
let visit to his family here.
adsl are alld to welcome him.
;day being election day is a legal
Ofp, with the resalt that the banks
idalted States land office will be
SW. C. Foster, the Baptist dl-
ad Alohu., was among those who
Itlalnerille wyitah a visit ye*

laeer t leo. T. Estabrook of 111gh
PhOk waste among the visitors to this
Sdtensay. havianl ome on a visit
wife, who resides here.
IUdtp Miller, formerly a progre.-
Shielnea mana nd citisen of this
bet sow idling in Jakchonville,
"t SOvday with friends here.
ee nliely furmlsbed rooms for
fthe lot and eold, olettric or
,M area.ete. Apply Mrs. M.
M rw, I.4East Mal street. N. $It
11* 4 76 to Tampa and return viae
11 oast Lime seeomut South
FPr. Rateson Nov. 18 to 28
i, alternating days. ete ltick-

, T. Henry of Newberry was trean-
businesa thi sla elty. yesterday.
Retry expects oon to establish a
st efmp and commissary near
*+l 1


lnsure wlth I !kiias & Hill
Nivemniter tHi).r w ill hanv. a lot of
ft1 "itleas anr le for all I urlposes.
Crawfo.rd k Ih.tih'.
I-lr Itei t--'tiru fo(rn riv'l
tI- 1ifer lir dtdrr r, M *i. ,
ru4nk. cry dint
A. II. t'i1',) '4 1Micru.c;y. a numberr
of ti w fir of I. (' ( hilty ot ~o -.
,nslive mVert1htC., wt, nl. 'it city y t
C'v ri, t .n

Cheenr w'l e it o rilin th0ir )ind
friends At tle Ion,. ,1 ?.Irt, Jlaile
Wit* Main Strret. N Tl.ur.dy after.
Thursday 'ii, '-tu.
it' 4lI i havr. a8
Par it fl,.*. h.i,,. ~ a ji mullt. to arrived
frin Trinm,.-... (all aiwd iif.ret
ltte before 'uyinV Crawford & )
('. ('Crwitrd is Ixrwcted today
fro:n 'inem'l, ,,v wi ."rer Ii* t~ w h en to
aimrthn.'i R 'z r fr ft ltlr e iiurape and llnul-l
for S,-' rn.z, of Craw(,trd A )avis.
These hore., will h on exhibition in I
few day .
Mr. T". 31. Kinraidl ai.l infant 01
Neiwkwrry *wtr in iti. city sunday
thti guesla uf Slhe ruriner's fparenti., Mr
and Mrs. La&Fontisee. She same foi
lihe purpose of having the baby Christl
ended uat St. 'Patrick's Catholic Church
Sunday, which was a very impressive
RB. lrvis of Atlanta, the elove
traveling saleman for the Fayg.holut
ypewilser, "the bet In the world," lk
In the elty ls the luteree of his mS.
ohebine. He has Just returned from
oautb 1iorild, sad states that hee na
joed th*e mbe tatde he ever xperil
*old la hls lin.t.
W. K. Dow, the hustllna travellan
eollellor for the Now York Life lsum'
sees Company. ha returned to hki
home in ibis eity from South Florida
where he enjoyed a moat seeseful
arip. He visited Tamps, 8. Petlem
burg alnd other points. and deslarem the
South Florida country is on "oMl-tllse
MI1 Marie itlekardsa opened the
4 iray school on Monday, October 810.
wish 26 pupils, ad several mo*e were
enrolled last Monday. This is Miss
Ricbardc'as irest school, but sheo I
well qualified by edweation iad die.
position for the eolllin she has eboen,
and her friends predlct for her a sue*
eeseful Mareer as teacher.
Among the visitors to this city u*-
day was 8. H. Benjamln, thk merchant
of Mieamopy. who eame to attend she
ChristeanIn exercises at the home oW
Mr. sad Mrn. Mareus Endel. Mr.
Benjamin stleas that trade hs beeo
good at MIeonopy this season, mad tIh
people of that section Ire In zoexllent
condition from the standpoint of pro.
Man Shot at Political MoNting at
Johnson's Hall This Mornlng.
The meeting of the 'airblankls.
Roosevelt Club at Johnson's Hall last
night endedd ein a ruw. with the result
that one man is shot.
Valley Brooks beeame involved in a
difficulty with another negro early

this morning, and in an endeavor to
shoot the negro, hit %lanchie Haile.
the ball entering his left knee.
Night Polleeman Warren heard the
shooting from the square and went
promptly to the scene, when he ar-
rested Brooks and placed him n jail.

Redbone, Miss., Sept. XI. 1012.
Dr. E. W. Hall. St. Louis. Mo.-Dear
Sir: In reply to yours of a recent
date in regard to the efleteney of
Hall's Great Diovery as a kidney
oure. I ean safely say that It is well
named when they call it a WO(WIPER.
I have suffered with a weakness from
the kidneys for year and have tried
all advertised remedies for the eam-
plaint, a well as physielans, and Haill'
Texas Wonder is the only thing that
ha giyon .me relief-I ought to say,
Ljf Aj**f i" *flirnl lli**

Fr.O. Summer or High Springp, a Respeftrolly.
"lar of the frm of the Summenr Uo. HomAcXN.
he mi thias ety yI tertay. Mr. A TEXAS WONDER.
1M le one of the leading ou a One small bottle of the Texas Won-
MNl men of the county. der, Halls Great Diseovery, eure all
b 8S. M. Orewe of Starke, who wa* kidney and bladder trouble, removal
*Sed upon for appendleitle at the gravel, earen diabetee. eeminal emia-
I Psllows' msailtarium by Dr. J. FV alons. weak and lame boks, rheuma-
tlnrtri, Jr., Tuesday. is reported ais and all irregularitie of she kid.
Oilnag rapidly. Thui will be grati' neys and bladder in both men Wad

Im aie withe Cusmas & M. Wilfk 4444 nl
will hva, t oe lot of sddlen To Improve and Presev 10
drivers, Crswfard Illvia.
T(iarlVai' NI's Stnach and JLiver
TA iel r ire bremiriugs a favorite for
mIrnatnh trouble sitad eonstipatioii.
For sale by all druggists.p
S The friendL of 1. II. lI unIs., who l
lhu i Wen ill fibr wveral day at l his i'
holme In Eat Wif Il.,v 1 kTf, will be i al*
ia4_ as he at in maijulo that lt Is
Out 1laii. 1
S Attention is drelrr ,.d to the adver-
Stisemeanut of Nadine Face Powder for
the oenmplexioms, whieh Is aid to be oneI
of the U nesl nrelin t i of tor h e kind ,
mnaufaetured. It is for isle Ii. slineS-
villl by .1. B. Builford 1AVo. and J. W.
teacollum A Co.
W. A. Ule irlII. formerly of this olty. I sl 111 miller .i. 4li d Ii
where he was employed as a pharms*-e flnfeoflflfl9..
ceuieal elerk by Johnson IBroe., Is here ..
for a fetw days, having Come to v ote for A POMPOUS OCOASION.
lu r k e r a nd D ea i s. Mi t i ir tff is n o w lll..'I' ;
running a drug store at Wsuchul. Deo- Riites of Ofrsumclsion Administerd t*l
Soto eeunly, where friends will be s. of Mr. sad Mrs. dl.
Sglad to learn he Is prospering. Th rite of elreumseleio, whik iI
A. .Albright, whOp,with his family one of the mot earned riles 1. tihI
a arrived iA Inm1eevillo several dars so H iebew aelslon. w*as dmlnl to o1i
r from Terr AlaW. Va, has boome so M .l Jr.. a.e louing ase1
well pleaS that he bh delded to 0 r. eO MKE". Manes Moade. ltr thi
Loanteo ho, nad the family Is now e, mb Pleit a lt, h..
plkasly dmidild a 1il W, t Malm aWhems Ra.bbI J. Menlky oC ofs i- i
street. This foamly will be wel. .s t.q
sr eoeadd Ill s Stobeb hopsd shyq will gh h3 9ia 1 .
Smliumto, o phM l,.m ue l ll''wiL
SW. 0. Bae of Hage Ad W. A. frkes" beils pnes. t m. DJ.
Stabl. NofPise wreaasmon s. e Klmjl. 5.Jor. WsM 1e e
vistaom to Shis eitg edoy. They N. D. Pkillp0 woert e p umes M S
de Mb pUemise ams i es MaS pWo. meiy, ap
p ei Mes. s. M Mr. ois the smo of MsIg

Ium sem al b. ;S ^M villit tatS 4V hi ihn us em a
4. gatedlom ael iat16Wne0"for dahee e "p e* i. p .t Mlve l met 0
I M imise te les lw.a> l Wi l
b mbS flue SI pNp1 thl '
a sorgp W. Hyde. The B.ig Stno. heo Af mei th ow" Iw
. a ebbaa of adverlskemenla shbl se iwse
I i whisk be om oeIaidem of The Soea
*ase* -. seslible 9k4th aJese *on i-- He naa ifi pit a
has kbs aaeu.eIrg eeeas sbos oe r
bop ma sidki, rd godeskable hI 1 WSt S S4i
shes ote meIon,w s m l e t sad
itasbn, whslk ae n 0nli t 1 Moe1rms W a tS 1$
i pr ILr u p.It will Them who emn d4il e ..o
t maa. lie .. ^,,. ".-. e....
NEr W W WYou

AE STORE 01MR "lS.ha. ee Mso ve. hems iaw
11 Yfn 0 1 ow or wes- arag iI

---thhe rusesl L
but Ie P1 T h *I-h

Ame ican Lady 1 M w"eI II
t he eMr w b g tvr. hoIs s h
olf' SlR01lT or w itre ll Irwtandhel

Have just put in a full or rUtafil, A l 0.B
line o l the popular stl Att Mls.K.of P. t

It is conceded to be the most wenmS. Missarv SweI.
popular Corset on the mar. The Mo I 's Miu I".rys NWS no
ket today. Would be pleased 'the 09at oDeue chu O wiw h ill
sregelir uan-ttll at he sk l U 1 "itm
to lhow you. a srUe a 0s o -am. A ft 3
Sedasee oi member s k nimequMe,
The Celebrated )At N Vas. h .

Why pay *8 00iwhen *J.IM will bia UW. TILSOI iA
same elas or goods? "THE BUSY STOR

Beautiful ineKP of S B U S sM
Fucy lap Oe KEEPS BUSY.., a" W

Now on Display. LOS PRC j

n One Pnce to All.
Just received and the same will be BKIRTS. JACKBETS, wo
sold at Racket pries. sWmATRS, oWVBr,
Our storeais rmning over ,mS, O ., WSILK.s,
with good thing at low TiRMUNMoGI. LACOs,
Full with some fine value. Call and TOWKLS.S PRtKA ISI
see Ma. RUOS All Sims, .,p m.I

f ~lt IL & w et Srti m~j w t ,-.- i -L '1 *' ;' '.,' :, **i;'r ' \IK J:> ,.1 *.' V^




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