Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 6, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02046
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Ii ,f .l$Ie..whkp4 hesww es o k Steamer Cue An otor Sld reat rmtus all res deaIvy to k Crushed; Corpse Foak v
a"i", .ll Id Jit l lr hhol 1 b. el r hlea e d, by J. T. Cr owran. ufr thtt, ,erar to ..pri..''
,i p t Uhe theset "tU .... A: A Teaew.. and are d.asi.ndtant of Ark trewh
;)* S*l stpittd Oil thN WAIl LOAflD WITH ALGERIANS liarisiield, who, in IT4l,, isod to the EVl
0 "i a @B1 o ft *t ci te at Ne of N orlk, io a d creT west ofboo
C.,INaoro Ohoset IA M.dltwrrav Central park. a rtweiay for a nidrato *rs eWadon Her Way Hrn los fng g

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Vt'r.' ;'".W ,AM).oe W rn thm*. tehei)r A m Sr e of lawy ers ba boe retain ed
SS W* a JIM" Alots. Noe $.--A blinded her e ad several well known tore yel or pncnnaty avlt -The body
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mkk.t d1d Q, Okleft k a wth ISb 110 pof. l eters wrut tut uree through this oar the Ureet card track ae
mU1 b e.!' isleWS o f WhM I" Ma Algi S SeSStorlS relative lo the tro andu co. edition of a deperabe ftrilce r,,
r f ed lant d was nd re fordd ae berlo e ar all a bout h er and oher par

8. III II lllll .11 to'. s! the chi c' '' however, that thfo will not be her cohles. She was cut ove t
r,.' o '; .,d M w- h i le "ireea and a day for a cs and are now te t of her ul cru oth iad 3

-....e usetd for mu ,0lolja l puoIes,.tiue- to the aaoner of hr dea th Iu si
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A t the Whpntg 1am e Isaut Wee bei g tro re'sve Bitain weg. tShe teluhone operatmtr who;e
Sms + g ivie As0 whech the lorNao lid lmity moved bo way was doK llC fatmily y miln to WvMi
freeH Atse M t ea y 6.-Aitorstey l.Wake Coueat, North Carolina. urd nowrep The only thtl yet d
*Dt.G.tomm Atitmlfom t" mag to the heirs ae (ftad Ia six of tb. south W n oe w waylaid ts Iw the

"*'^e^ wit thd *ite. ,,es Idtorstt Commis-o Wn. Not Yet ory td bmt
s b eates. Among them are a neralder Fromr o ssaulted br OM I:4as
C^pta.t l COneiie CASad has laNOtiW ctIie Coprtde Waehu" ton d a S.-The enart e doctor odn whe cantr .aae isls.:.,n
.sPI ri4ef 11, e111l.3d11 g ter am 25 or 20 wealthy men. Sprng Grove cemetery. Tei W."
a o ..4.1 w;"* M r k of the Aleas m r .Isy.t l he esr nearly c comment si aru ha s be fpuned. da y h, abld trahirl fo I b

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VitoIl$ bw khgve up the that It was rowil a. The heirs de- ae well ha her a a hert, ptS
I M elatre. however, that this will mnot be her ctansb She wa e t ovr tW
", to* ma dMe*s while, pn, n" cessa. ry to their c ease, and are now temje her skull ruhd land M
h.av,,e ,aken te matttia tryingH to prour from the state roe ., b" w ero t

m^pertap4blstw* w ldest. Thpi se t hat. rialay byhda to be field ot At- Tt awlbul deat af Almae ehi o
*wo st4 4, O ib peroW. 1te original grnat front rat ttian we;. the telephone operator whie Wi
". ,|aa 54 NJU I^ j'r. wl a w ,hre. w r-bl t aai blly which oritl elart bodt as u d )- ntaer.ay in b"tue
,- . l 1 a ork tobw Prl0 -with Mex ian come the owner of the land. em t
,-oorkt ,be plan wioezicantrance. still rnnina a nhyhtery, tiI.,
0 .. - la0 o ui. T ey weto taken by fo o.e crtans ta t girl
tnuU...." relle co'n esracon by wbiltes, the lt. CASI ARE POTPONED. ue d the n a thi e elt i
V, *soil th t .to threstemiag to lnch amlaent of mu
peoiw"tp" with 4, the IS ta! Te governor Is mmlld to lIntbstate Commllesn Will Net o covered In the nuloire of a clew 'Bi.'
$uw I I e aoble when he tries ttike the J Constder Freight Rnive, story told by Prank ].lt', the 6
!"6L eIbllr m en, said hali nstructed Captsai WabiuhLomrn. Nov. 5.--The ulfotesatate doctor on wht.m car Miss s otem"
bu1 Iae gathe At.Ise n be.ranger ,he aind hao pttpUned. we ti vle on tir wari*ome WSSo O

rt r ....I. m ",sq i s'ui to urn J i n --- - NO I AUi 1K tH II itav ~ .

"1116d toR tite to the in- Nov. 11: Lauratiq IKArd 011 tradvt
.ells at 0m6,high boots Dean Insatle Thi against the Clyde Steamship company nftIay t,!it, the man alighted alS
t :.. taw0QPJw. thhnoe ltatta ekeedb.lnvshlhsba hime and others. Involving diacriminative t h itlm. Th infe
*. t .i.4 e c .htist as close halves while hi back was tumed. rates, scheduled for Atlanta, Nov. 11. that the pr(,'erc of oth11r pMas .l
Ottsi thes began ohe murirrer to dIlst aeil?
faWgt-000 sthe J eal te he wGriffin Grocery company, against the ftleni ih rr t o l
,90iise thet Je* s S. ebe O tis was stetl killedtt as Southern railway, involving alleged n
n . fatall wounded tand ith reasonable rates from Chicago, St.
,,, ,"ULY MUteDER." ere dead taln Lo and ew Orleans to Grii, OGRIFFIN NOW IN CAMILLA.
MURE swamp. Dea. it a mad. ~ G. scheduled for Atlanta. Nov. 11.
,"." ".", :.. ", C-s-let Zhte In or J, JI S- 8 Crnnon, against the Lest Man Drives Into Town With MI L
.16H1 e s see MIKK HAGOERTY IS ARRESTED. Mobile ad' O ,, InvI;ving alleged un Wife. n
Me." Nov. -'The body o I reaaonabai' rat oun flour from Mis Camlilla, a.. Nov. 5.-K. II. Gri ,
Nae btistt. alged A yeirs, a One of Qulantet of amblers Charged sourl, Indiana and illilola to Gordo, who so mystriloiisly dlsapperel IS
WOW."senwtt girl of this. city" was with Murder. scheduled for Birmitgham. Nov. 15 Savannah a ihort time ago, ud 1d'
Ua dio m .is t be suburbs of o tb Memphis, Teg., Nov. 56.-Mike Hag. and also the case sot the Davenpor located at the house or his brotheJo
S It Is a pasture. g airty. O ne the quintet of pga. Bros. & Co., qf Helena. (a.. and John loaw. T. E. utler. Thursday mord l,
S t t~oMbetly, u h bep irder.~ rs ehoged with the murder or two Compton. of Chauncey, Ga.. against drove town Thrday with
VlF W : 'H thramt. had' been eut with deputy shqdrlf. killed while ralding a the Southern railway. Involving wie and went to the home of
S stickct, .a piere of which still mblim hose here last sum""mer,. was lqed infractlom of the interstate o. wife's mother. 3rs. J. Butler.
SS 'aleud S t the Resh. NHe left ear apprehended Thursday ao a t 'rise e ne law. He greeted them all cordialyJ
0i* hM ie.t t offo and there was a but trallt estr Tupelo, Miss., sad brought sent his team to the stable to he 10"-
A *i he 'r bead. There" was evI, to Memphis., where he has ben lodged RIGHT OP EMINENT DOMAIN. after. rtin I ill sON.T
.I s .'t -iar. l Td er. RsO=M N DMI lame from the rall he reIeinel in Al
4YW lIN.her Willegl, ha a *! Haggerty had been releavtd on stablished by PhilippIea CommimI abetms whbn the brid, fell ht ",
S 1b04dy breaks leadlX from lhe aplt boad, but the action of the cuort In on the Islands. t bee ut esm the
.1 e.tAe body was found and a knlfe grmtang bail was overruled by the s. thve bhen affected, seems to gt .
i t hee l.bmly elews. preme court of the state. Papers Washington. Nov. ;.-Thb1 cabld good condlt on.
'1lM we a e0a Wedaeday illhtbt w*"e issued for his arrest. bst since statement from Manila that trhi PhiT- .
at *. a6 weaor. to her st,wl y Oct. 'o0 Haggerty had elsaded arrest. Ippne commIsion has passe.! an at haid Shi Returned Worthlea' .
"*MeS, -- laeo Who h, she cat yo ertablihing the right of eminent do Chicago, Nov. 5.--Ailegilng that4
ai WhfI lu 'B.'.1OOKKEEPER COMMITS SUICIDE. main for railroads in the Philippines, woman to whom he had bePn eI l enrt
Neither Of the uil have been locat- Is explSined at the InMular birea i htre three year.. retirnd to him a worti
.... ..... .t e g Mobile. Alm.. No. G.- Hunt H. l'harn by poi nttining to h fact that th, Ma. le ring In place of a rvalais
H !"to .tk, ., berlaln, as, I :, l. 1 ,kl;"**I per for a allai nb ltpan rail;uad lts pro ',Jri "rj mond. HlInry P S piw ,nfl'd., ha be'
tltuels Prbher Returns to New Verk. wholesale try u.ds holuti and 1(prom branch inoe frout Manila o moer .,,. iin t.l for $2y,'0 im alia t Mrt. ,
H.....1 0MNew York. Nov. 5.--Jtltge Parkiet, inent awfully disa.pprared fronit hl* ward to Antipolo. a hunf:l l ,.,rt ;ti F, \, W u Iw or~ ohn II. Wiwd a
ad4 llde tarnmhl to New York today frimt hl hborne m etr a1,. artn'nu n, lavlng hii the hill country form~ l. i;-a l' ry, of s
'tei mcticutt liittr. At the Union *ia m moAtty pur, uo l a tiih ''an li p t Co'tIhlrnhlr' li m lrtI y 11.. i,,., ,' 1 tl,. I, K.
Am tiet int 'lIartfuErd.a latro crowd ~aili hils rnixut. A ml-ni. sl rolvt. atn perlenced in becuiring rir no wav ol f Property Value. Increased.
"d. s t a re to bill hitm .rnrI )I am I ek.,., ci a h.itr- I, tin. Imt i' m r. i this braKnch linto and I h, I Iltl;,tn ..t .. - .. -. I

. . I .

,. ,, ,,, r -4 -i u,,-. .ii Y

I v


-- ~tsn a8n 3warj th t J. if. Chapmme
Augusa, G., N' ,v. .- The Claie ol
llCpma auG.W.HY. DE-:
S', ...a,'sth with, am. rturri ;I, Henr v::p adl m l 11 ml 1' lm

dett;, was *:,.' Ll the a rlo) ,r o r "
Thuru4ay tuvr:I;, and thie eat lall
4 was' lbns; : w4h people to li t ,,. z 1 1fIE 1 16 S'E
A.1; ,. evidence. whI t crt ry wie to Werts to .. .
b 1 VtYy sogt.atina), Z
fam s ,' I4 i. kut wn that the duln tte will
Opp stow.a anek to show Ia, Vialetto norst it the a g
aor lion, tlUiR C'flp~wiatcr 1iu willecutv~
bm'~ t" n will ed ast w-d; The La rdies 'We 'Delghlte d
-In Wn. to dervel p the fact that VljIto W04 OPs.'
ed *M- Imn the hat4t of making advances to
APE $ eset~ev-m With our Fall an, itr pn
4 "W Tho ,Onflttun expected camue withlr.wr tn t
; tho bearin of wit.ess., ing of MI"LLINERL upon Which
ff. ilScn. whto c.aimal to tn an eyo)
,occasion there t ,ulb'n ('(,
at: Wlf$4'$ to ho kiling. 1*SOI hr W.sipite
I. It will be rme em@x; wd thnt tilmo ;,, F, ,I, l1 ,.-1;.
A:rw bet.e the ranud Jury swore tat .1yi. 8, i t n l,,
-thapmam, a brother of the acausod, did 11th1 hat' C1 lld (10 ul d
the shooting. Very little credence
Wus gives to this affidavit at Me time,
but I the court house Witlson repeat.
his former statement ad gave f Come to Or Store...
so sein- 1"9a0dItnlto weight by liestllytng J. H. W-,,
Sap ia in open court from among
b be T1hdo lbre te Cbspman brothers, all of If you want th real ting in Millinery.
a bm loo alike, as the one who ired 'this department is in charge of compe.
-i s a Ea s'hot o% the sight of the. kill. tent miliners who take a delight in show.
rm ing good C
mpe b dem ed two esee
ilt, a. Ls shet 44,. 1 Weather s I
,;: frm 4sr em atsm el. z
-- 3 my a M ue MW drutk -- Remember we are headqmurt fr Rugs
S ..... .. Drugge ts, Blankets, Ew., and the prices
I'e aeomula Warns's rdemsap. '
us gT"v SWor. Won el 4tablh- air) un right.
.= .. ....O ..... -. _I. i "bow SA .... WO HYEk
bmWahehool at baeas Osp, Ot-
Sbrothers by th 6mue of Mor.
7W a remiss a Tift Gsa. O a n
thaearafter estate POWr sepa
w tirewol has lion Idnal.
S sisy nMelecse 0teor S St. A*
a. A ~ts olverultp of iestersbh, Seat.
.7_ 7 '41- "THE BIG STORE."
,,rMat ESte a mama 97 wan
1ohi. M ai .s s tpre his houe
Iiss.The poin seearhlmfli

r [*
A4 WWs's airship. Which esaped
fts the world's fair aroads Tue.J

Of the safe of Jbaes I. Blodgsett. ol
appw i 6o Hrtage, N,. Y.,'ii private banker.I ood shells in your gun mean a good bag
4lo was blows open Thursday mio*t and .I the field or a goot' score at th: trrn.
PM* @ stoles.- Winchester Lcadecr" and * Rec-er"
00. 1., ,Josi K. Moore, ot Atlanta, died Pri. Smokeles3 Powdcr Shells arc good :hl:l.
Ih. hall Gay. He was aoe of the must pwomi. Always sure-Lire, lwsys givi:.z an cv.n
.:: ; ; lant lsnd eneedleful bnetness seea oI l a s s r-ie l a s gcn n e e
sgeb,. tam s the mute citl. b spread of shot and good penet. atVcr, th1 :
-hle anlise t Charles Ihtatrom. of Philadelphia, great superiority is tentilicd to by rpcn...
eees. Sib) has pled 8tilkty of forging the same men who use Winchester Factory Lra;1dcJ
Augg, ll ldjof a'o.Pres !eut Cleveland to a bch' Shells in preference to any other make.
sswt s 0 for a smal um.
pqmb lp she morl0-! 7. fourth manual meeting of the AL ALL DEALER 8 K EEP THEM

l 019s 4 tlhW s "Thae 6ma grand elapter of the Order of
W Am lIn sa4 ls the htimr SOtr is In ses s at Noe
is AM, ase$vn, DOtur, Al,.
soammn NA the Two negro chaldrea were buried to
WNa1I UiteN11 d to dath' Thuraday In a Are which do
-i nt Mtbed' ja warhoue sad cotton gt |
I oN0 Rtev. S RRoL at Trbo c ** I .
1ast *o .* I ,le bas destroyed theo, entire we
1W a. as.'8bjl, sM* ae the little town of Marlon. I -To-----
MAeMh t 7t I Tueett coutyr. Michigan. e*italls g
S.: -kmo I ST. LOUIS MI 7.
ahq hge"nk, ftev. T'e polrleal organIzaon In iaco: L O
oWheel .S .owys as the Choetaws have fatteil'
i 1t 0d0 a. a, to work up asay enthusiasm 11p the corn VIA-
US Vins Aeelese" 11ag 0 mlucipal campaign.
r *W^k Low* - a t Too men. who were convlirted of
1.4fi B at Ti 1t5p. I lymehinl a neKto at Danville. illia.
sa deah ad the must serve out theIr so011nenp of fire
oY: earsl eseb. ay0A thl* pnrdon toard of
i itr Tulsty MW aS. ea b l .. ,nr o Montgomery and L. t or Dixie Flyer Through
ia e hsee atj Dna .L l.f.on. ioiimuter f s.ItI. Atlanta and Chattnooga.
,,, o Ibore. Ga.. a lb pubicanR. anlnoulnc 4
hi. candidacy or rcongrcrs from 1h4
g uhe at G IOtl t dfirtrie of 4etrj.u. "aias, (jn Round Trip Rates From (sInuville:
I )ggi4H*M IsSOMIS Grove, II1. g ,osan 9Le. te.r.
R*hisskeer wweld .
edl l 1 fo'r fir ",Attentemn Odd PFllows.
uL Ct Isn f Rner. Joe Seronee of the Second Ad. $44.10$
.all .s .mm .se ....s W Fellom to a htead divine worI Onvit Q e daily. (ced till Ne. 2M. On sle daily. Good gisty days
meip am his sharkh Sunday eweniar, the
jt I. a. 5 fu~ meana to. kav. rn quested to=" ag the lodge rooms
$OWN"^a *e to tlAividul mI*aure over Duttofns bank imtundaty eaveniu. ali $29 65
*I he N bhyoa" a tndo -woer oaot i48i*etloek prompt. Tbo lodge will On sale dally. Good flrteen e On l Tuei .d Th3r**
U a N okless h o e. M laes Zn- ts- ad is a body. and it d that di in November (nod fr 10
.Isldvelkng today Sehlobes over- all members be prompt in reporting. aje and in eoaehng only.
4M" t4 prices n01ngin from $12 to o. All ilIBlnE Odd at.nms. are cordial.

I 'wass wt


/imsmt Wi Show
L Sb uM bW Dome.


Meof B., !. Narr;-
Mr o*n Dodge Dec :as,
9HeNrW Sd Show Wb
* '5m"-94 *. 4

-' ": L ,'t c r, s I :,
II 3Jos. 1tit
lo t ve ta:it. w
eb Mr. Mac-i *. v t.

-Le rI. %


wA Feat.

11to Iiio7@t 42*f Aw K
iavs!IapTy to t*'t ne
Qeveafttt in tht wari
t. oas'e. They make
-' T; our r npte . tke u
he maria pys wi. ust
PrIB-eath' .is Tf*tf
)bg!. f5. re fFa

ao n: lsho a
ras satisfyt La ehkrgj
lurThe w pbe. .r. t
-f Sao teas psv1 4 iii 0 +3

PO a. jar aP-nc m- Lai
OWf Icar itnter. as weili a
B Washiestoan wna
Et, .ag with a pvri'n-
r-.9U gtels :$kc c frmtehs
op iely rtti:a of owr bir
iw rWinnt are nr, fLZt3*

;,. "'ta..,j.
b to be bu'ls is tat 'a.afe-
atrtes. ca a rmlt --. te
htmn the CLL sees a""
i. ezXe rt. who iwL, n..o-
heme fbr thIa p:rpnr..
(S" eof Trade tegra: .a-

Ssr w i 4 c i.* : > r. .;:.) ::-

Vi-tAJJ bW& -.,r. ,:' 3:. w*.;
*-m l'astam t' h.satt4 of
PIt as e is:oo :,a:t e eaucy*-
Snill of tard4 raef wl.. NO
of ft 'y'**a :t r-dt
tHAr ta:.r- -:.. %-T '
fleas--w* are the .4r '-a.
le7 :nly.
PB F- Hj.w*
I mry Bord -1 Tvs Fm R r tp s
g"-"'_ I ra ....
-. "lto T"*
Ma AI Ic !: f .ca-
i C'a2'tt !esmtey tax
and ta re p*Artianktn r.Te
p!' ar u) .snlepi^t r.
|i D-it4t :c UaS- jp
rIntas ate -jz. .*. N. a

tk* tr ter z3and A rSl
sltur qfeet -ae ea f l

w rTO LAKE c&Tv

LaM S-i Sent e N
b ar iinCtere -
.510 f 14tel t & *> :'* ?*.: _
tm.*nq *wM -aw.trvie r.ata c

Campea .. Fi - h** zk nnrp'att mr :
~S a a :ott.zlasiO
efWrO O iw- Va ,isya

Ge bagiN*w mmu shh*
bbboma LaweC lay
IM Ana

LAW- ,. l it J :u tM "Ofl' 'h1tr .

-tu9 aitWt K Ysrwrt. Ta rfear


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1--- ",, '_,_ "- w w' "- i v- -y Oww v

A.'I: :A p n mo'b c P-, 1 .

n t"l .... W";".S"a'+--.- --Z C
'.1 1 ,ft tz L vLr s ,

S4;4 r
.. ,.. i;.. : """" -:Z" : .- ', .- ,'- Bf r "

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-1 . .. .* .- ,itA F in" St-
-' " -I ." -' V -
, ^. ' *. . . % 4 "- -A .*,t . . ...* ? y

: .': *::., '"- .sTUD DT14
-. ". -, ,- I t; K- ., T :.


Gfars e B^-r PS* Ucr Fr L-
fo-s a4 P-r- se* F d v

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C ti A3 t 4t e A
t t L n C -

a I r,-!t .- 4! **t ;z.
iaw n- t: *t-. e.aC t.'
* ie :a* !.m..,r-.4 dl *rtae

tea *arsL 4 t t3,1 t K. i-Ma

*b ; :'t s 't-it t C4 : 4. 24 ; a:t
be ; . ur. it 17 *a, 2rr v-ce we z:.
: es ';, T .. r 'ie C .:st7 ? ..a :: m
c.'nrat . L tt:n :.t y t.a .4t-ft
te ',. r. -- S *-i t E nr r
ta 'v.1 tl r :r f *ip* ai4 e.'.kan
CtC F Mf -S Z. 1: t :*.a.* ^it e. T
af r t. *' ': -* -? ?,- I.eJL ahjrd war

sggs r v:.-u ^ t.:zrne.s4 1,a a. be
1ttt f$*m : A *t. t-.t ; ra3t. aT.
aggergs:-'a "* to-2-.p'^t r.( &ii bees
people .:; t he f t ic-1a th ty ha4
"p l'd :.^( the r s. *navi :5 a masses
Th.y have t.-**.e V')*?TiL*1J coms;-
t1a. Ua L&eF w rt 'a .eerenl s0 t-
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9Passig Homex Pat.

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oiderlakD g Co.

a..Fneral Mretors aand
it ttied Emialmers.

r i m...,....e as, as,,,.,m a
I Heda, wom b=t,, Art
S1 WFremp lumer o amps,
S". Upb Temtr. baea. eo
. '. iftbsfsor Trheoueh l
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li::O XX CKS Now OPEN.
Samish e s h Redy to Re-

SDis mkeno wlth that)
wi l h alwawn miade him
alt olo ofa ready lt reM
liM let. s~ts for the farreso
$ u a, a stestie tio o hie da les
19 wee sh wry latdayof
Sisq"e we esmpled to *r

fill bfl~ Ma',v O m ..isr s few
l aio wl ten a a WO

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Sbv moq Uosdau .evmlag, Non..
.1w dt akm11.
b er7 at S o.%lak, or till. Come
m, tyunr apig. .aliornm. Per or.
,, 0. O. LArVnw.IpL.Coam.
*J.PL..lB fa lueurT..8 o.,

*NKtlW Ovr.
debtr with oe a)twr, and
bill For liver nd hdl*
i O -e8l4onmadiK It and
k.. e u.,sha't its write
of a a"dk them what
tso IWy verdict with them.

_,Sit A,,"" adit it
Ui iJr' .t,- A u 1 h .-. ^ ^W A-- _


.. t'-, -, -. .1 IY , -





Drop in here and take
made by 80CI LOSS t It OS. &
The beauty of the
Schloss Oy rclads ie in
the fit of the neck and
shoulder, graceful lapel 0
and perfect collar, to. l
gether with the general
air of Pmartnes.- that !
lifts them out of the f
ready-made class and ,
identlfles them with
the work of the finest -

Many men cling to
the costly merchant
talor habit on their
SUITS, but rush into
the nearest clothing
store at the first touch
of Winter and walk
away with an OVER-
What need is there
to pay a fancy price to
a "merchant tailor"
when you can buy a
Sohlms Overclad of un-
approachable style and
Incomparable w o r k
manship for a great
deal lems I
The accompanying
picture shows two ex.
oeedingly clever styles.

l I
&F K



look it oullr licitl
., (C4rIt Clth ..


1t- tent O tumm
/ V c..J. Ow







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.,. -1,!




'r '



Fine Cleoaru,


Our Prices Range From $12 to $20---Worth Double

"lPrep I and let au talk It ever."


Ontfltter to Particular People.




-.1 IF ...* --- .........



L WEIL & .CO4 stZZ
Of AU DeseriptleM.

Io A te AgeltofrSONkABC ndoTRSOYR
SIe qt Tlrrf Shoe. Very
pair "wrmated.

J. maus # Alget

Vter Con 3m Challngd UneIs They
Have Comptled with La*.
Richmond. Vta. Nov. $.-In response
to ap inquiry from the Peretary of
ULe commonwealth, Attorney General
Anderson tolay d lvitl :hat the votes
uf men who ha't > - their poll taxeb is setintrid by the prei.
eat constitttIo)M., can lie challenged
andrJected by tlhe jiedscn oor election.
although their name% arte on the treas.
urer's lint, provide Pitlisfactory, ev-l.
done imc tirnilshed the'dttges of ele-
tlon that such taxes were not "Per.
onally" paid by such citizen-that
Is, out of ,their own means."
Whalt'a In a Nane.
"Intestinal (ndiestioa" Is the neW
name for a multitude of stomach
tnoible, It Ie the re mnlaed ed ia of
hbeart disease. kidney roublte, eOtustil.
patlos, flatulenet, inflamSmatlo of
the bladder, neuittlgia, headaehw.,dis.

Wortmy of. RIB.ERA,ITY or POI(CY i C'NT'fIACTS
S Conhderaton PROMPT PAYM ENT (if, ES
We cover these important points an4 reslietftly Jf
soli0it a si.are of your business.

Fire, Life, Actideut and Healtl insurance.

-- Agents for the---

Victor Safe and Lock Company
Cl 0 -no nn-r ,wit. Olb 0 iLO.
The "Vietor" gi the best safe made, and parties contemplat- i
lag the purehase of a safe, or anyhfng in that line. ,
from a box to a bank vault, will save money
by consulting us. Call on or address.
Information cheerfully furnished. OAINESVILLE. FIA)IDAE
Lnnnsnst t fgffI



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On the A. C. and S.

None Better in

A. LRys.

a Hotel


V. J. SHIPMAN, Proprid

the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.


- .-.-- - -.-.- - -- .- I-r

n. um. um.




1. --.-. -- 1..




- -- --




-=kb. .000 I

s:l.,*^^\^*''l,'*.*f *r




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S. ". W illTrI. :1.I .
I~ spresltfatlivt.
, f*|L .i RO"ostoraiy*,
Counuuty Jodf*.
S" W. ft. MS ton.

.. i. W. F NNELL.
r f r(in'utt Court,
g. it. WIENGF.s.
r it AT ." Aawnor,
S. V "W. C.OLsoN.

i 1i1t I. I'fl' i I' istrlIrtion.
l Ft. .1. 1.- KE IEi ..
Cioiut Trretis"rir.
S I'. 11. !llI ClTSON.
County STrveyor.

.Mo nitouuir S'i xn.' r ,.

i T.A. IA 1OKIR.
Sw. .1. MAt'TIN.
n. H. WFIRKMS. __

*1who ii's1j SItliciitI matter of to make him way, or hIr
Ithe world, unaidled and alone. of ('m 111! to, rief sooner

our national intent. xnhe emocratio
party ueeks to remind our countrymen
that their government needs no larger
mission than is found in the develop.
ment of the domain which American
independence and American growth
have made the dwelling place of a free,
prosperous and happy people."
In concluding his summary of the
Democratic party as it stands tod sy.
Mr. Cleveland says. "It presents
again to tthe voters of the land a dee.
laratlon of clear Ibemocratio faith and
a candidate who embodies Demoeratic
devotion arid .tlielity."

Nothiing can ieseli the American
craze for clubo. oCwietieo, orders, as-
sociations. organizations, circle., mi-
ttrhorni. mniothrrhoodp. brotherhood',
fe(hl'rationhI, union.i league. amnalga-
tntationi-anythiing that can be joined.
The organization of General Slicvmn
Surv'iv rL is n','v I.'tlting busy in New

Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,

people of

S .,....-... ... Th,, ,,, ,, ,. . wt '* f Krwn-ui ioILe
..... ..... ..--- , t ' r. CA' "ty t h. l;' ,a c'an. tris-i -L d, tro 't (fro the -xi-loits
t .: : e7.. a. .a cou :Iry n.ry tyf: ,, r f Admiral ei.y. rn has rev.ntly
Word *-; terTai 1 ;rurli i niolrm isi use a in
7. this ua tya ttr' t R 'tl t" hiugra y I tlli h t ha D .\pl.
; o,.,A '-."" ,,,,r :IE ,, lrn ,, .. r t" ,~i .. an .mi ,er. the tI .le of
4. A ....... .. .i ,, ri I V ,lti -t l erlii-r I i r thei Flag-
pI L -.'l ,. i. : ... ; r, It h. .. ... ;, , ', , i ~ .A m.i' rit. ai a .> ll .I, I y i, l, .
.. _. .1 % .. ,h .i it y to (:, pI rfeo-I i, r epr, titl.

ItI& hIe !4tat(e.ih L t-e 11. t tle .W Sstal, bi g o
p e el,, *., 1 1 v \. r V:1 r.. i-.1 1ree .,: ,,,f i, r4. i. 4 l, h.. 'am a
4..L.. ... .. d ;* I . i.a.e iti rII

.. T j .1 .' .,ILt t I 'O i ri t! r. I I t .qt ft i af t r. 1t** trtken
g .. u v t t.f,\- rl, f I f .h yor is., .r. r *-i l the eld.r.
.lsIsW diss/r, r * r,,t -c,.e tron n nd pe d nt t r .l ,. .a'- '% 5i, r'. y ,, : l. I; l .I'Tr I o

* y'leat-rni 'e- i'n K 8e e .. ti bt. I'll' ,r. UI .*In3 1 f 4h l' rh. u, ttni1 sd*mh* 's""o
I 6s-- .- : .. ,:,t ';;: -1 -. -r r y .k i
IdI l lnot o' 1%, &" j t ,.' l '*." .T f, .It'*1y n % i . I ," ,n tr i i .1 uii l.h4 i tI
iin r .r.1a tMI.1 '.l [. i.:.i 0 F 2 ....e t a r r *' u 1 ,: yira r e .r ,l 4 1. Isa n IO.Ul an .. t
S Twur' 't a ' 1 t I" i T r .a iira t," r tt Idear.

ior the week. loats*'. at' a a' e SIrc dtnusatlL 4l lhirFIL,5tI r :, a The t iral a'xphib' ,btfo, h l
t soe United .ate. or C .a'.a. ,1e rn v1 .,,, h. ,, ,. fr i A.l. lt : To

t........di .. ... ip. r... rain -iy 2'. r (1 b'Eha tte ,1 a,
F. r, oa ,e. t a, ,, d e. i, ,,nt, ,s t

@lIrtItolS bill s bec NwMe due sfter firO s I ...e A t l. "I i- .A1 .' t "'- HI 4ti Wi ho voteJ for hn i in the ;prin .try
msOt udverdwUwment.utlessotherwlse lacy w th'1e .lr?7y n j' a:iiiu.ant o cast his vote for N II. Hroward next'
mit r t ttrat. rIi nrti kt-lnn ot kra'rwe tto are -l 't? t, ti*| i. plr I t wIlit d a I ed 'd,j.e.... l .. ip, ... . h
I S nthd s opar for Swcrtitlm w I d i t at they are *uit. I *,. V ry er l* gi oyal,, a u .p- wh,d. hi
; e AbAi lls. THEco Ae d Y aft'Ne fncs of .mmet an Ovt. er r so lo l *** or" ..*C l him of

.ad.. THmE I.Y SN.. ie eia. 4. -- .... i."i,, capable' s. iommItulng almost
racy .... t.a.,y l 1t O 1), L ^y F): t i r . . . .. .. ..
O S....a.ily u.derto.o' by i..ei- prt 's raa ati y rime in the decmloguie during the
1an1 1. eII I,%t Ithe14- lradj4'rohip1tll t aL ob.l nesht1 for the nomination. What a
MO TICflVTICKET.vilres t n )rF stOb. cr1ie ithe nto ity that at Ieast one othei candidate
Pir Preihlet,. Istew awnl untanilitr Inctriniewill al. who went down in defeat. cold nnt
AJ.TON It. '-AltilII s f il "f a united rd ( fufctire hIavetaken I hi defeat as graciously as
of New lork. iful.a'wi. UWhate.vrr Piwei'si**- other ('coigreessma I'a vis Some poopl,
r -I.-lr[-- r'ttles al"y }have gaind by hify (et- Lowever, think the Democratic ..arty
S fNH Y Iv. .l1\1S] vsor ? rm.niat.rgtheir sails to every was made -pecially that lthy may
of W\e n the D.iuocracy ha it achieved Ia vic- otherwise they resort to anythingg In
M It ed tt 1.1iI sIr. tor 'pt ,y bold and oultopokcn ad-. their power to defeat their suoceessful
Sr-.e its oI 0!1 'hefs an d an hon olpponeant in the general election.
lember Cr'-n.-- '. T T'* ' t. t.t &l.nocsey of its ditlinctive prlilt'. -- -..
.I.ANK < ..:::o. I o A, magazine writer auggess that the
I #: 1 1" RAttAhd 14 my arty for the man who will be president in 1940
P. HAIrh :Yh. re n that it las an endur..ingepern now a lad somewhere in the United
T. A. I..:NNIN.S nny that wiih-tndl t'll attacks states, and wonders what he's doing.
3. E. (4 I'. upon its lift tfrot open enemy-and That may be diff-cult to guess, it
A.D IA as h i rm Ttlt maywould be dafleol to bethat isn't
P. R. WTONENIAN. ment of conservative steadrastness smoking cigarettes, for the cigarette
-overnor, / which restores it to strength and court. oiker of today will probably b-. .
NAIPLEON B. IWARD. ag een thuh itmay violate he lately good for nothing thryyears
--- / laws of Dminocratie health. No better l hence.
S mScrry of Qta p, proof of this co e'd possibly be fur- --
3. CLAY CRAWIJIID. nished than li afforded by the present Vote the straight DemocratIe ticket
Attorne.r "r .situation of the party. It opposes to next Tuesday. Some 'of us may have
'WILIA.M HI. EI... Isensationalism and a showy exhibition a bitter pill to swallow in dolng so, but
of overreachibg e x*eutive activity and only by voting the straight ticket can
Conimptroter, Insistence upon the observance of the the party organization be maintained.
A. C: 0011. reatralate of the constitution and a This is the eret of the success of the
ttte enffsurer, scrupulous regard fur the divisions of Republican party.
WILLIAM V. KNOI'T. governmental authority ordained by --.- ....--
the fathers of the republic. In the Don't forget to make a cross mark
bltemndent 1 ,l it' lInstr>tton, place of apprrehrnsioni and uncertainty opposite the word "Yes" on all the
St i ui It i proumistes pace and restful conf*. eonstitut ioal amendments when you
0mninilso Or if .1A;r ;ulturr,e dutnre'. lnitrad ,of conqiuest and un. go uito the election booth next Tues.
IB. :. .,i..N. American initri,.n an ,ld world coinm-. day. Theme amendments are for the
* _AI-- plicattiin it promise wathful care of best interests of the whole people.
Ralhro. e.'oe...c1'.:r, the Iteoi p,' w~'lfar, at their hoI'_s I
itte Sp IaI.e lirt. sir Yenr.. .nd in th IftThiTr of life, In 1ST& our national expenses were
B. PFE. ~VI('CK TAYI.I. .ts against tl;.* delusive and pervert- fl74.000.i), and the people clamored
S-- ingdazzle and glitter of a foreign ex. faorareform. Last eartheyweae $52,-
JStv' Suprn e Court, piani. n,' hicl allure the unthinkig t ....
R"OMA .. .ll^^'^I^o .while it undermine the strength of n us
IO A. IA.('.N hl.):I'. II -~l) ~. ..-. .. Chess Is taught in the icuss ian

Is it any wonder that the
that country move forward

it Iha been fAgured out that a pool of
water 100 by :2 feet can produce 63,.
((A),W() mosquitoes in ten oI.ys

Cream Vermifuge



-aamaC Ur eMiVAySAS.
Too seNUIM PSPAUraS e *gL v6
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co.
.ForMr abte bTW W i Jmo.

.s .mercury will surely destroy the diet**,tp rU.*hmrsn.imamataio..
.*" ,* F* s Inl.ttomcth fr tu or aIon. f mr11ll al.d completely derange ot o ,.****..ia, te....
PrO OM 6n m ** s. PrinIlnm. %i0d n't ttlim.
the whole' sten nt when entering it Ess O. Co..-It or. p.(
through 1ti mucous surfaces. Iuoh rt*. or mes 11as" by.isalesa.
artic le should never be used except isI re I.or *..Is. fa r
on prescriptifonF from ,reputable phy- eIruls. fifr '"
siciang, as the damage they will do is
ten-fold to the good you can possibly
derive from them. Hail's Catarrh The FlOrida
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
Co Toledo. O0 contains no mere, ,ry, Fruit and Truck Grower
and is taken internally, acting direct-
t ....... .,t1.nt nd,,I s tnl lim.and imm m rf.t. mes 1 U IfIII'MU VA me I.iaW nsI

Its nnelse (a complete onae In eebacnm ber) an e
thore of both hemiphere. .
Its short torle, are matehlies--eleI -ad hll of
Its poetry entering the entire egld s.of
ness-Is by the most popular poets, smen ad owSei, ,
Its jokes, wittloisme, sketehes.ete.. ana iti aI '
a a a.. /, .. ,


Yoti-ar Order to .


- Promntlv and -Ari

6* - --= -- r-'TA' !??

* ctf11O

!. l ,,t .$ihfr L .Igihtest Rqilagr l! b
<;: ':.i)i,im "ed,'d Writen of the Wotif
1. 'lip I .ly-Shles. Matter Fayelitt IR
s i) Ail t-svvllle then any other mn* lqi0m
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TA' wlg qarte NM pW

Ttle is wht you pay for when
know what yo
Titles ordnarIll u inkbl et ll I.

The- Alachbu a CoUti








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dl ^.c.khdpiPGWII OS 7^4)-DEALERiS 3$-.-
.'upb:Sea .LS1aUna._ Cottion. 'IIIL RIILIVUUKJ
w bi wh beoe tperit-
was propoeds s put Bea Island Cotton Seei, Bagging nd. Twine. XVAtIu Jacksouville, FIdila,
MNit MA pth ponda *(- Lether in Stirip- o(r Sides
:i (* m litd*. nod Wthe iw
to, e 0 aflq a4i r mWYWI St.- Manufacturers of the James Tg Ir:,jirove, nlii'
p oelas er f(tW.-Lomdon Tit-i.i C
ie -. .-- th. e bamaseko lat RED STAR.
-W orOln. Is dilts w-as-
u l;i;S l w~e leg of gas U "m go.e *y anod thtet r hin
o''Afth e.l e Iair Neonnl l:eer. ti,,, iIal and ,al
S N ly eared by m ld lOT d s- ar
x.ll 4 > l,*.** Gare. 8. ...... t
li"t I SoE C ire. n iPer Ilrth, ........ 50 ,
*g. .l saps a "tedSr Dye. NtP *vl'Ort. . .Ill ji i i()
11.,Mw uu ai auto- Round Tri On 'ju Trip, Doe........,
at.*-r,..e o Is,. 90 a0. r+,,.+ ,ri,. the 11,e
s bmw11s b summ th4J sale daily. Good . .lai dly. O'AI --, I -
t. s ebsa' eeqess eurs for till Dee. 15. fifteen days.
iwm m maus, I feel tha I!
si liy mdr granry 90 Round Trip. On u$20u95 rd Trip. oomd ten
d ing WM f lbh= l ft *A aloe darlIF. tGood M'$11 1S, 7 ,,1e ,k.,%
:meow 1,"Ial. $Th20rm.95 t. Mat sh
ft r ooww IIasixty days.* o
en dleo aen !ie .OTED FUR NWEI1NE% 4nD PUIj.

mIenA~onousN., -
"s ., IPWU F .--- _________i ni____ nBo1t piano for this tviIar el:ate, steMds t
tune loraer lhsn other, mcnntruets4
ggg,.+^-^...^^ M |^I W^he llotelah Atlanta Chbttmoogs or Colun-ble and Ahtkevtl;e. "Lazd'of the beit gaterl., a Si m .I' & ta a Ski u worlma.h .iIt'd o botala e.
OmiR M from Vien Wsl with Its own ratls Into St. Lou!s. Two trains daily from rv to ,tte I even
9." 1 # e smsve. Th06e0k Nuat ar. a n ca.
S e av bow *wprcOv Ooms aS Miurmils ait priueipal mountain ar.d summer rehf,*t I alI t toc .i ac'
ia. . Oat kal elms by Oerlu d I.N a _s f -omse. No extra eson. An oportunaltr to vials i ur .t esi t I .
S. ( qi IuagWil d of pla 1vt1e uIt Wolr a Sltrees sstUo lathe moentasa. where akde ariur cmn I, :. M 1old by u on I in:to usly tfor
gg agggg hOwn r h On Sapphire Coastry. take Tesaway. ate 1ablandis, etc.
t C",Ded w vas a Zbl n.o... .ra. ... moi. lt. ec.ed u U'4 IE TKIRTY TWO T ilS
WN911arl Panefter Avent. 100 West Day St.. Jaokinv4tll. PFla.
____without_ lal__ raile r. If nn von
J0ShIW the ina meUsuintt Pamsmgert Aei gee Watt flag SL. Jachannyfile, Via whant a piano for a lifetii*ra '
ren service buy the
'S 0 -,.za thushekT
*, ie i! prm lowow u 1m eofisene with e
S4 bLWats"
Air Line Railway c "b;t,. t. ,.e.. -mha
Soedelaes e p .or rewil TODAY.
b ism b e ....FOR....
Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
a Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash- Soutern Music House
9l' ington, Baltimore, Phila- *
SUSeSn. w ...AVAwuAI, .- GA..
s o delphia, New York. JOHN O. MURPHY,1,.
osMO.f EwTiUE New i,
e..e_ Two Elegant Trains Daily. GAITHER a BRYAN, State Ag'ts,

Seaboard Express. TAM""'""

l.Ee. Seaboard Mail.

m 10 e adoIn oth Only Line Operating
untes lth devblod @n the

rt al1MiUtr ofr that Cisu Dally Througl Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleans
-bsaw Ueroidag for the _____________________________
-.lbf l m 4 ^ "p. a eSitlIs For full Informatlon and sleper reservations call on an mafnt Seaboard or
--* i!e? and t wil write A. 0. MACDONELL. O. .BO LSTON, Ja.1 __
b samee Clamasaw Ant. General Psuapl r Agent, Passenger Aget ....

p e ile & G l Ralwa Company ationa, State and Congression-

GaineeWsvirwltl FAn.. THE FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTE Ticket 1904.
U t s-ak for. hne OF FLORIDA.
tfhe dte ak tham he had Time Table in sfeot July 6. 1908. Presidential Electors.
id ' Horehoed Srap, Go. K. itobiuson--Marinn county.
U. T n alE JsE' ItNo. IN ,. G(eo. II. Hlolmite-Irevad county.
we. h I 1 I y' y D STATIOt. O.lly. D.ll.. Ki ,. A. W. Wendell-tiadl.den county.
,_soi. We s dol S udy n A. M. Cushmta--A l nha county,
'IFor Iovernnr-Ion. !. I .MwtfU'
4~Lv PaMiLv P M A M r. P 'Ar A Ar PM eretary of SXate--.Thn F. HePrr,
.......ii~ ii .... ... .......... .......... ..... . 6 (t.
S ideanttled as M. J. Maloney. 765 ............ .. ... ... .Irttl ............. ........ nroe.
ESv TlYork, ~Nov. L-A body idonti 8 0 .. ........... .. Dunisarvau ............ tin...... A rne-Gnral--r.d C.Cubber-
J iI1 Maloney. fortnerly of0$ Bob...... ........ douthb lde..... ......... *'"ly L y
Sa U6. M bloney. found rmerl o **, ". ...... i an .... ........ ..... ..... 4 5 ComtroIer-J. L. Skipper Polk.
S O,1 P n ee foud Inl g ........ ..... ...<...... L e Olf ontn4..... .. omT roer- .kp er ol k.
m dlmS a. It Is supposed Malonel a g0 ..... ........ .. ... Mluopy ........ .. ..... ld,.
i, Tit a tefr utmer passing up 8 uS ........ ........ ... .....Toomaa............. .......... ... .. Superinend.nt of Putlia Instruf*
e m4a wft i, hts ilnte. His 8 4l ........ ........ Qrwoed........ .... L........ 5 0 tion-W. R. 'NalOrange.
ith hen^t^ to light the feet of his 80 ....... .5... .. ...... Ie. ... ystt.... .... .... Ceommitaionerof Agrieulture-J. S.
ay SS ... ...... o** .... .........F leIesn.......... .. ..o... *
l 7 1cd rwic Ye"an ae W 9 .....;........... 3 .. .....* .. 4 Rowley. Poinan.
Sto ................ .......Rey Pont....... .. ...... 4 Railrod ommlssoner H. J.
Scit ll. 9 Ar ........ ... ....iille. * 400 Ri le, 8t. John.
"10 00 Lv 1 1 L* 80 ....* OA 3 4Ar 00 Ju e Supremeo rot o Iter
Oegmipation. 11 S 7 440 7.0 ..........B llamy... ..... ... S e Juee up Court or
ls a o 73 ......C,.......yrl.......... 8 40 o 00 I 60 six leare-W. B. Sheppard, Eensb
Up b Is busolmtely imposSible if U1 M T 08 7 T7 ........,....GrhaiUn..... ... 6 82 8 1 8C Juiles8 Supreme Court-O. Fir
s Pbe praeant. Many me 1240 7 Ti Ar 7 465 ......Ba on City...... 8 0 640 110 Hilboro.
eeet of liver and kidney om- .... ..,.. 7 51 Ijlak .I BD (1, o ,. 7A Aa T ag
uml ,ba vanmfn,.ama,---t,,,.. ...... ....... ..1 00 ..Jscksovtlle, .J. & SW. I 0i0 p.......-. Adame.Dural.

!.T *.r ' ,' '

.,',-y ^ /r't."-".. T ^,;' w; i, i

NOVE..E--8 .1. 4


V ..... - d e m --pa- rd t, F SW

Ut improving His Place
ALbihua-New Buildings.
at is no 110lost his In ll-
a farmer, nuti itl.tiandingK
been conduotiii a fli.-
qp bulineiS amid rujl y inuga a
for sonlm ltim. John was
O )In tarist, 1 ( iand L h lt
Stihei faitOinalls atte l'd-I
memlwituutei farm life in mall
i f hasnot forgotten 1 lhe
gterumlitk blistill spnd tho
lo whieh tin was hbrot.uhk
the ltns hlU t le lts o..v-
enjoy them again.
bllAlUt has betiin nIKigetid iI
Ji9p his propir'y near' Almchi.
Il ow few days. lie ha omi of
plllerlle trant iui tl'at l ctlini,
fK=mlIneto tu mrsk, it a a3yitng
6it by plaiting Oiire extTli-
3..l hat recrtly e'mnpleted

"i son 1111 premislt-e. and is eit-
L heplsJe by a *ubstsntial EI-
1 tfenoree, which will etnuirelv
rty caiirrises two hund red
whikh will be under fence
r eaxu few days. The farm
ier sho management of 0.
llgh, one of the moet praeo-
j oIn the State, whieh
ii of profitable erope.

of Using Chamberiain's
Ogh Renmed .
0WOb Chapman, writing from
1"til, Booth Aries, says:
that Chamberlaia'e Cough
a eare soleable t for old and
pm you the following: A
of sipo had a child Just over
old. It had a very bad
Mhe parent did not know
g1 it. I suggested tissa if
Is Ia bottle of Chamber-
ggh Remedy and put some
!udemmry tet the baby wa
11 l ol d no doubt eure the
lsW they did and brought
|. isk rellef and outed the
rh:s remedy is for sale by all


mfmps from Train In Effort to
lts, Ga. Nov. 5.-T. R.
Sa white many about 35 years
SjMaped through a window of
a moving train on the Georgia*
.f Mouutain Thursday morn*.

|s, who had committed a mis-
Mr lt Newton county bad been
ISl Atlanta upon instructions
bt Hay, of Covington. was In
Sy! aof Deputy Shertff Clifford
J1 Policeman Powell Skelton
Made hl.s leap fur liberty. As
Was not ronsldered to be
ebaracter and the offense
e'.lalsnt him a trivial one, the
"iAM Ot think It nece eary 10to re.
Ie toUsl prerautlonary mt h-
,,a ses. and In an unguard.
Ith es saw his portunity
!fid through the open window
w while lhe train wam run.
speedd of 30 to 40 miles an
f"tI tslo was quickly stopped
l boodbundts the otrfllnr. af-
of 20 miles. captured him
!*4 1 6bear Lithoula.
M' Oght he appeared to be
Srihtoenei and almost In a
3llV Vousa prsu iion,. Iut no in-
SCeould be found of hls having
by his perilous leap.

The Best Linlment.
mo's Pain Balm is consid.
ltaiment on the market,"
&M A Blt. of (Georgia. Vt.
lllment will heal a cut or
Plomptly. No other Is so
Slor deep seated pains like
Ad ain. In ie oh eat.
almiment a trial and you will
to_ be wishona i. told by

, Weman Commits Suicide.
l. u. Nor. 5.-Mlis5 1zW .
A yflUna woman frontm ID
U a found dead in her apart
SWlocal hotel at noon tnlw,.
a fouindi maylas that f tud
bank had been transfer, d
SRudisell, a sister In tha'
.hk believed the woman killed
polmon, as an empty car
httle was on the bed.
SeuAhrali Ana Pains.
*Plfn. lilmhmen mil ita'aits


chl] :ntuus, Ohio, M.aV 20, lan3.
Sinx ye,r.. r ,' I2 hit ii C.av att.,,i of
hi ivlc f :iT 0' .It'ittt l iN l thl 4tU n l
haid ihl ile nIi, Th4eyV 1aIn' ,vnd.
icitirM every v t I. t a:td llthigg tlhry pre-
isetin'il ,ilrt .l i., h e Ip me I fll It> I
Ran theilt t ., S. S. S. My kuitc auntll'uw
,tlit, v rc h .utlln tern ill, QtatI at .."Fn
flmie y lt i.,ttCn e .rr & A)!t ,.~ i
I ljSeI l I t illj* 1)t4* Lthi t. i t lt-w lnot
nio Lin e or f i)t. 1 itI t'Ai l 'M our-
agl )', ,uu Ie' lr. w trM I I1 $.. hut A, I .* '. 1 maaM hclpin. ie I coutit-
Uel it., nilt, i.- I am a .uinit well man
and havv ic i; hal ;I rctlurn Of the disease.
S. S. B i. I1..,,tMl ny hl)l of this a err c:( of kRleu t .ttima after
everythi*,: II e hadl fall. I have rec-
coWmnxlfli<,l it to othlerS w'ilh gnol re.
suits. R II~. CI.uma.
1355 Mt. Vcrn::oAve.
" The jois'ton.s acids that prol.r. the In.
farnltiation an t pain arte shairljil intotbe
blood suil Rheurnai.iji ctn., never becon-
quered till these arec ne;tralized amid il.
tercd out of the blood and system. 8.S8. .
goes directly into the circulation and at.
tacks the dJicae ieilf. It purifies and re-
tores the blood to a healthy, vioro
condition. It contains so mpotab, atkali or
other srong l mala
eral bet is eaU
anteed esmt n
egetabie. Write
dia s will d sl .

the Swift Spele Ce ey, Atlasts, M

Farmers Holding Cotten.
Macon. Ga.. Nov. 5.-The warehouse
meen of Slacon are talking of the re-
luctance with which the farmers are
selling cotton. Some attribute It to
the fact that at tho last meeting of
thL Nauir.l PFarmeru' Congree, (hr
farmer, e'ro asked to hold he4r cot-
ten for lo (cets, an&d mtu-w rulji t
due tto the independent j. ulgment of
Lhe fartrer whirh is rlakin,; a rise lIn
the market prire.

Not a Sick Day Since.
"1 was taken severely sick with kid.
ney trouble. I tried all sorts of media*
cine*, none of which relieved mi' One
day I saw au ad of your Electric tl*t-
ters and determined to try that. After
takinR a few does I felt relieved, and
Ioom thereafter was eantrely cured.
and have not seen a Nick day since.
Neighbors of mine have been poured of
rhe umatilm, neuralgia, liver and kid-
ney troubles and general debility."
This is what B. F. Bas of Fremont,
N. C.. writes. Only 50, at all drug-



Served at All ReMjnaible Hour". in Any htyle
C('It lbmtron 't Sull'e1 in Any Quantilt.
Mel." SServed at Reltaurant lhiurm.

We watch h Our Own Flsk, hath salt
and fresh water, and will sell mullet,
regardless of size, 5c caoh. 6 for 2k6.
Other flih at reasonable prices. Ordenr
Gainesville Fish Company,

WeHt Male .. S.

P hme 19i9

lj the Circuit Court. ivbth Jud'ItlI ('lrcult.
In and for Alechua County. Florda. -Im
Cbaatertv J. 1M WSn,-iU v1%. William tL
Wilbotue. Truwtie for Annie Wilbotse
4t al.
To WIllusm M Willlllnte, a* Tristee for An-
nie Withltt. WIlllstM M, Withltie indlvktuallyJr.
and Annie WEhlAte. deptndant-, re-idiln at
1,0 ludtan$ avenue, Chicago. 1111noi
V',u and Seh ,of yotau rr hereby mreuired to
alslear t, the 111 of C',,mplstnI exhibited
aiillst aYou In the alNtvp rntllett rat.u r by J.
M. SwnwQon *,n orf ln,'tfre MOdarY. the sh day
of te twcbri. A lD. IJW. mod herein faili ot.
Arid It orelrred thatIbi ts rderhe publlhhNed
ine r eath week ror four % cUcetArVe week In
TheU. aIletvIlIe Muo. a Dew % 'i*l'triublislheI inl
A lac hul county. florida
Witnr. Dcmy hand and 0the tl uf said court
thi hu dl' of November. ItN'I.
I'ler k of the t'$rcult Court for Alachus
C Seetli rl S. I WiMenge. I). C.
A %rue coj '>6f billl4l4.
I. C .KNJ.TUN. Clerk.
Per .". H. tienreo, D. t .
(1VW N & &SMITH. Coumpl t a ol'r.



Alachua Pool Parlors,

-* -- --~.---.-..- ...-- -.-..----.



Jackeonville, Florida x X-- .. j

Best Impor;.d and Domestle Liquonr B
and Wines in it city.
i- i i L T.o- -A-f, r" .
*- 0 0Core~ Grove asS CvNweNefeew,
Phese so P.O. Wtsfl
Illinois Central A.R M
PlaftMROUTE 13COICMOS 011"1 .CAKES e Rfr

St. Louis Exposition. ---.
TWO TAIINS DAILY. IDelvere sw Al Pas or fCu.
la eemumlenl with W. A A. 1. L aL MadSMie oGWm
N., C. A nt. L. B'y. rmA Atlamim.
'I. Atlanta S ni. Ar. St. Loust . CUA' 1NT I
L^r. "" .... Ar. t. Loel + : m. IIlli
THROUGH SLEEPING CARS os ty. mIs m sa0ests
--FROM-- ares hmas 41 i8 les railroad a00
m ileswagon road. M pos ma.i
S ergia, FIedsd aid 13n pub!ii oot, T7 phoate
eor a, Florida slants, olaw mill. $71,OOO ur
mue. five newspapers, and pro-
T a IO 00 doe f as, eotteo, res. u**ar.
T uae oats, rye, potilose. pineapples. or
OUTE OF THE FAMOU E fl 0 perse. plume
OUTEOF THE FAMOUoSuns, mod all kinds of vegetablee.
D i X I E FLYER a t
Carrm ns the only morm1nt tleepinl atr fro.
Atlanta I OSt. Louis, Tis ear levejI m eftu- Hasl fourteen church.', two publle
ivte daily FI.O p. m.. Atlanta ;S a. . altt schools, the Eant Florida Semlamry,
you the enreday in lSt. Loait to ret soaUfl. nrplvate shotls. h nT weRS aper,
iPr rates from your eltr. World' r I rUwiide pi le hl p 1100't. ne IPaSefto
Book rnd M1don u re eli cWsr r mrvmttom. Ualmted btat- land ffloe, the bea
alo rur book shoWinr boels and boardoun water, iret alarm iyeta. el rieor
houses. quotiar tbel* rates, write to and pa li(hus, two lee etorles, I
D D Ima hine f hope, thrme wood feato-
F D ILL, ries, eotton .h, two mo -ftore;..

o0o. 3. 33Ut


' !, to ,ll pimal-i
o.. USo ... N. U N..

Ville 0.Mnt
matala eeu.
See High BrMe. (hl.WS eM Isthe vaM.,

eplmgam Jmssifll
V.40m, neq, Gas
abOY *p2 afl mi
Beg $.,


^^0^^"1^ CIYD E LI

-UZ- CkU .

.us e os 11t..* l+ I T.... .^ 1 C r,

101141C 31agnUb Man tolia lteg,t tn ro tilh nir,

Seacksonvlle and N IrS o
a,. ito ie 1,S,,.... .uo1.. ... .e n oon did"

DI. A1.,A,.. Clyde Now England and Southe nJ 4.
ATTRI..Y AT IAW Diethroee tf wn JACKOOV VI ,1, 0 i"O .
And 11 icitor iiy prty. mt PROVIDMIXOR ld Ad A. illl ta Pfis
ltri lEla h Estt, on. vraeil all n. d Gle-. CalliI at Charles ton bot
eral Pr Ail All b p pro ptl
tendd to. l e t door to un ouhbond.... ......... ....t .. ......M L
ille. tle s ,S ,. .., orth.boundI.... ....... ...,.. Fou I ool Otulww .to,

3.XCetweensi J Cy Nw n ondV and Sou ernM
ATTOR OIL.$ ATl LAW. Doppe 0 A PBAleg A e J AIOt FOmVl L WSIO B a&,O
o^ *nasUSDA. = 18 Fio0san w. lapes

an sell your eitl property, (amv nlSvs Jdke tv lla mtI0 p.
proved at iatuniproved), phosphaMe, Loeat hBnatmold 91V I. al.lw
ruetMhl 6Wd farm1nl laud. Bdead him a!l te to all as'"
a list o what on oi mev for sale. 214SO Jh. RMIDi Mu
lea1e 'a pm..................... .li'.,,... ,., -... H
N ND BAKERIq B wnn*jcs**.oovd nt lVQl '
m p~ s* "C """F 'J'

proved eatunimproved),~ phesphasL B *S** **S** * e.* Lr Ump
raltofRwhtYooVer1forsale. iti$. .
S JO I O OR. A V S ... ... *.**so t DI 0 a 0.1
W .. j s ,Hg!l,
Ote is ModelBok. S. Ak k. Web

DR. J. H. ALDERMA,. 28 -_5 W. __Bay St., lJl .o
Graduate k law"e 0o9ee e stala S3ge
five 3reat,' eeerW e lTa. tNew Yot . A '
CImOW a vAe ,wi aaSa FnowSpeealats,
Olee Is M1iler Law aebasae.

JOHN MRXfl.Propdietcr.
saS W. Haiyr. .Jacks"onu0 Via. brsUTNO"Le jI
Faust beerobottlesand draught. Don't
fail so on me when I Jlkeom0vile bliwSk

(With t. .. Tho). q.atity

DENTAL SURGEON. .........-

Of le la MIUer Law tzcbae p .

rWank Osnneer. PTrogrr -, lli


* 'K


"L '. -- ., , -i r --

WM a .g q on





T DAILY SU..N:.. GA......IN LLE FLORI, .NOE, 19~;

F. Merritt Corthetli,
I Mterlarhten, Florlda,
rl sI i W L'N, t New V ort,
Ville Noe. 14ith I d lttlh-
.'. y ri h mi d l tdsm.
Ev,.Imnr aid ,.dt.
srmday UJtl1 3.. n
roltively Two tlays iOtly.
(,'FIo, t'
I MOUSE Parlors
Exomlnation Free.
O.1U wUM Wiht wi tnae*vlle tie.
p until Moir |W.( netI
factioun flsranteedi.
JCUUA, cF riday t,
I111 0 O'Tirk.


a d Ge S I mitwst ath.
me by Our hEpertn.


H Nappened and Wha 1i Ge6ing
T*M In Shwi Pmket I mip--
r Me "He Who Runs May Roed&"

with Csebmau t Hiul.
aewepaper. for sale at The Run
.'Ir Hill has returned from a busi-
trip to Jacksonville.
'a Wonderful Salve for sale
VW. Me0ollum & Co.
Y. Vs Taylor of Rooky Point was
Il the etty yesterday.
A. Mitehell of Live Oak was reg-
at the Brown House yesterday.
LeOaard of the Southern Pro-
*Ompany is spending Sunday at

bhert Padgetl made a brief visit
le on a hunting expedition
Ibe"hbbit and go to Burkhim's
falll sit of alothe. Only the
k1 50 W have a few beds
let at $1.60 each. Ihe
R* Ibo Cm oo.
Kr Rett-Store Royal Cook fornner-
7 i Address Thomas V, Por-
Vier Sale--Seoomdhand Densmore
Friter. Will be sold cheap. Ap-
,,iatnofle. tf
S SIry R. Stokee, one of the saneess.
is kters of Misaoopy, was among
Viietois to this elly yesterday.
o Char for laying'
0V CharBe mat inn
t from us. The. J. Thomas Co
Set and cold baths-porcelain tubs,.
SGrant's barber shop, West Main
8. S. Everything up-to-date. d2
C. Strlokland of Hlague, one of
blet and most sneeesful farmer
that Section, was in the city jester-

et *. s W amnd sateh.
4f7 lt lhe habit and go to lurk-
S M. Iamyee of %Vacahoota, one of
1t ikal widely known farmers of that
810th0, was a visitor to this city yes-

tMae eate from $2 up. No
r., U ltElW obarge for putting
ftooeo bought from us. The 9.
X Xifai Jernigan has gone to Mica-
SI1., where she will visit for the next
w days Miss Fomtaine Friends wish
r ba pleasant trip.
S Moran of Campville. one of
M lt widely known citizens of
i n stonn was transaeting business
s; elty y.geteroy.
it R. Emenon of Tacoma, postmasn-
l*, railroad agent. etce.. and an all-
,JIt il tood fellow, was a business vie-
Si to this eity yesterday
Thf.ree nicely ftirnisthd roomn for
f Itt. Bath. hot a)d cold. electric or
Is ll tfie. re. t. Apply Mrs M.
AMerew. 40R8 Eant Main street. N. 4t


.anr wilh Im abima & lill!. In Mre with esbmam k ill.
8tetsenm h11, liowrtl hatl. Marcus The new constant tremhib.r scarf pin,
' i. eattreltivte novelty for salt by Mar.
.1. A I'trri -i. J .' ,". . minsing oti Endel.
lth v>-iti)r. to (>(ila'tvF i | )l. ,st. yrd y. 41 hell t Itne oif trllierrs In i e. city
l. l- l$ air itf .... |., p t ... F ti I 'elvet friltl N na bt i ter fr t lI.
ir ,-I,., A rt. IV , ,, }utt I" .t, ,

S r' -"-.- .... ., ._ ,


l.graviig is nol a matter foroonjecoure. IIt lthelr hornet 1:

rFc ThIe lAuseu which keep you in a slate ol smnnhtly
IOt 1 rdeu i tof.u c aiL all dia

r r t R ur ellV \\T, ir of l.. ri ,-- r- .re. rr
r LTUc. st Ia rer Ivingh 1116a1 aull Ord
r l I'.Ia 1 r- awre f-,ru -rly (o)it*t -i the proressive farneri of t t rcti i rect rgra inyl i a l form.
ily P, I 'M-, .i-iddr.d it. Mry .1. J M. was v isitor to (th coinity capi ial yr-n .
'' ," . ,
lr .,~ ril. ;.ls ,t of stationery itr stow un a
[i ti. ,, ,.'.. ,. l. I .,. .SI _.A .. il.. of wedding invitations and vimiliung card
hv m yrr 'itimi o*' y i riniteil. Ist. hitting SatC ei S l oI sTii NS V IN -Co.. M-.ufk.r 1of
,,. ,.,,, .,,, ,... ,,,,, +.,. .Tm t in. lla ,., ,t.A,,l: , ,,,.,.
elsit work at ninlrratle prier. HrRennlnt Iat h10'*1 t Vrd Ua'. 'Hi p Thehall $t..Atlanta, t,
r d Edad Elber 'n. toms Co.
I Mr l B Xlr r dwnd rElbert Mrs. Dr Islar and of I aa we're
lI ,'r lft(;fo.. ir, in, l.-it ',. + M ~'" I r li~lar nd *o, / <,+ r,?iI w tre J
erl of Mr -il Mr I 1. in tllthe ity ysteldlay Tl'y were in i, nteem-bnr we are argen: for the
tu'u'o of r.N m1r a .iri.1 A fr it .ltI *e ielebraltd Kirehlbsum suit.. Fital- ||
I f ,t.orn ae ,,wh ,ra- Ithey eW tradflu wir. .-te J .
Mne',r rM PreI ,t wl.,,r they rhavere turthe pat few dAys vi w S All nwi,
rM. r. M i'rew i t a aod tl..rKtrr ing friendly. W k ^ lndg ||f
hre rvturi I from aido, frie nds .Ne Stock 1o ad E '
have len fr the astt few days on Th Zeigler Shoe is the S.. for all; You et the i tst and on asy terms.i f
vii to r tl ir fForI ad Ie short and ldiis- tall. Iee Us. The Gasinesville Furtlture Co. U
vii, It) rl.,,rea, eFor school girl., too, 'tis thE very Mr. and Mr. L. L. Sanborn have WI
us'* thing, M d M L L bo
W infdOW Shades Ans comfortto all it will surely bring. turned from Appleton. Wis., where
o.f all kiidI lhung fre uf cl.arge. The I, c. SiTiL. they hare spent the summer. Friends
b. J. Th.,ani uo. Captain (io. M1. Lynch of l:eat Flor- are glad to see lthie here agin. Mi- FUL
.udlv lHoratio Davie ha returned ida eminnary, who has been ind-sposrd Edith Ames of Appleton I1 with Mr.
from, where he has been at- for the put week, is greatly improved, and Mrs. sanborn, and will spend she
lending the tallt r,sin ,f the circuit and friends will be pleased at the In. winter here.
eourt for Citrus county. formation that he *epects to resume Captain W. P. Mhetllewonrt of Evws.
absolutely the his duties Monday ton, the bee melo grower of tats I ___
W e Have lae in ha Rev. Thbos. P. Hey has rearned from ession,. a visitor to this Sety *Oi ly
You an find the style and price to OueIA, where e has b en in attend. teday. OCptiln Uhelt" woa sto a m
pleor you. J. M e asse .ih e up the meeting of the Prby.- that he llXpOtS to ples6 a ,,p ,-l -1e
For ret-One nleely lurnished teriesM sed. He repons a very later ae the ei* o mm s m, M It p*m
room, moet convenient, location In esing lloee. aMd pemises to give a withlsllit ylg that h e wll egee a
Utow. Apply 808 Eut Liberty street. qsoph of the meeting for peblatUlon e Ai
or.a The Suno f i" -I|. Furnltnre b 65..
Chamberlain' Somuach and Liver WIlUm Mills1 of1 MIaso was s U U.
Tablet. ar b lg a favorite for -k--m w --
suonsebh teablee 6v enealpaUoa. m$lag la Ue di0 ye s y. Mr. M =p_ W so se01 see1d as.
For sale by all rugglists. Milkl esmay frie ise OInbl edue, e min
Toilt StA The swenll, beS oe ef tshe *e4t-6me tele Mist Bteh I o U ih l prip w l
ToiletI Set o *el e. lelaws" very sMel breaiA away eea iftu it a 1111 to
tis a ever ne isa the eity. Ces to Ion the bapplae a W es$SI take IoUlt Mie M lewlls es te bo
se os. (Iiasville Furalsure 0o, of his srmeoaddlap to sm so th vA an em a vist ,s st e The
A. L. Randall, one of The Sua' esl el ltyl little I0 his bsb le lsllk health O
ored submeribers from Hagu*, wasm A. 8. Spl.f ter sad Lea Kalutn of tlh psot ftw weeks, a dis theg tQ55
the elty yesterday. He called and had Hageo wen In lhe ftay eteday. Mr. that the U hage wee preo b bn
his subscription renewed for another 1ylveter spaMt few a dag at Ja$ orm-. ltell to her.
Jyear. illse duing tti WMarlval wher he tJeS FV. U. Iater of W seeew.l
The W. C. T. U. will hold Its regular "look ilt' she sghb. He did not sm (a.., who iltioer gradMe ed with l*
monthly business meting at th red. well pleased as he might have been, ee at East Fri. ba a s, he .
ing-room Monday afternoon as half. had the atiraetlos beea of a higher gramd to the dy. ad will swiy Im
past 2 o'eloek. A full attendance of order. under the tutwekip f -Jdgo No ee te
the members is requested. Davie. Th Ileed s p qa .
Broadcloth 'hi.a1n' Y R v e *pe1 whs me e da
jackets. Let the ldies come ind -asea
for themselves. J. Manat. Se1tt that be will dtdoe leMtel|
The E. F. 8. football ,lom arrived l(t
lat salght. and are now In poMesslon U PI a. J. 0. W* *opoi o i e
or the town and all that bhereln Is. i hi M blli s ltko diy a i e Sme
They are a fine appearing and well 1m Jl Wt t lil
behaved set of young men.-DeLand Raa i C E T T. Heoo- b eAa IMa e
News, 4th. Sal ls--srsse e .r.t Wo le,
James Dell ot Hague, rone of Iheshegh ses were q
prom.nee y "ounlg plante rs of tat mmA-S 0I IAIBT SO RKOl
tion, was a visitor to this elty yeter. 10s ell 1,
of"tas ie, mImss as
day. Mr. Dell has made a ine crop to vOt In primary r gem l
this season, and is onsequently happy 1 s 1me.

over the harvest.
We have the shoes for Tom. Diek and iHii
Harry. A I riUUII LaUU
And they are made by T. D. Barry.
If you want a shoe that will last and
look fine.
Just ask to ee our Barry line.
.. SM.. TH corsets
Miss Agnes Zetrouer. the ellelent
teacher of Arredondo school. was ,Hv s . ,n
shopplng in the eity yesterday and in- Have just put m a full
oidentaUlly visiting friends. Mils Zet- line of all the popular styles.
rouer enjoys the reputation of be It is conceded to be the mo
one of the best teachers in the county. i m
C. C. Hudson, the successful travel- popular Corset on the mar-
ing salesman for Baker & Holmes. ket today. Would be pleased
Jacksonrille. who makes his head. to* show you.
quarters in this city. is spending Sun- to JOU.
day with his family here. lMr. Hod-'
son has just returned from Lake City Th0 Celebratll
and other points, and reports a good
--- --- ...In all style sand color ati $26.
READ THIS Why pay$ 00 when $2.6 will buy the
*L A 1 ame elass of goodB?
Dr.edbone, Mi.Se. Hall ptou. l. 1-ear
Dr. K. W. Hall. St. Loui. .Mo.-Dear
Sir: In reply to your. of a recent Beautiful Line of
date i. regard to the efeiseney of Facy lLamps .ad Ad la
Halls (ireat Discovery as a kidney fW j 145 11 tERUIN
cure. I can safely say that it is well Now on Display.
named when they call it a WON)DER.
I have suffered with a weakness from
the kidney. for yean and have tried GENTS' AND CHILDREN'S
all advertised remedies for the com-
p ltaint, as well as physicians. and Hall' CLOTHING
Texas Wonder is the only thing that ast received and the same will be
has given me relief-1 ought to say.
has effected an absolute cure. sold at Racket prices.
U24',. Ho.. .Our store is running over
A TEXAS WONDER. with good things at low
One small bottle of the Texas Won- pri0c ,
der. Hall's Great Discovery, cures all
kidney aid bladder troubles, removTe
gravelJ. ures diabetle. seminal emil- FURNITURE DEPARTMENT
sioun. weak and lame backs, rheuma- Full with some fine values. Call and
tiem and all irregularities of the kid- see ad.
news and bladder in both men and


der hews laIurn. M

Wedd ing SBasi *

-' -
Fe Tak

L IN,2

a *-^Ni

- .2y*T* .

t 'I




One Price to All.

HOSIERY. oarrma,
1RRse OnD,9 ULKS,
RUGS, All Sli.e,

Price the Leut PmIlb. I
DD---X-, M I T --

117 West Union Street.

MG NuD noi
For Ladl4e.

''*''*'*. ,.MM,,
r ,^.^,:,t '.M,
I l , -* . ;r *:, .
r1 I .t"- ^- 1

mff:lPII jI|

. .. J ,4

One Coent a

MW--... a. eestflIhm

In^ t ..< sliesea l m l
rM. ata.til


eeml .e utmss -ot,
4:WN:IrM- Iv--

,;, -f,

I ,.


T P- I



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