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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 3, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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.,,+ ^;+, ,,:/ ",, .(" ^....;- ^^ ^ **y;: 'IT ^ ", ... ,'". *, ', ,,-' '^ ,
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t ..,.,' ,,.., *',: ,: .;l.: l 5 : *,.

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.,, i,* Wh
BM. l' w All th Worm t WlkinA "the out

SMie lmes of im tM Thls Trial-Ovnr Ois Thou.
R WAU a r1 m aed Witaens Prent-Jews WeWr
4 ,uThe iAet ig. hlt y Oraled, I
Si 054r Me e ShUomel. R*ans$, Nov. .--hoe trial
L. d o 0pe tar oeWrged wiLh belan re
IW i. etable te the antlJewlsh riots
** OK woob*' to sSeptember. 103. Is proceed.
fl F ', ^T slowly w ad with op"wr aQ o and i ,rtq.II95IUP f, aessgy mtam lm es latiswt.
A therai Mhs llmi.sil and 46
e l4kw w .o loas ah ot;r the sme
.i4110Sj iA Siage0 rW betlMg bldt an ball. Nine
tiid *! 4drA prs m ty4v of the 1.101
PmON. it r w aw ae prqMt.
ls Inroswavratn wI wat e are at.
si ir tlMl to prvt that the diorder of
o m rSean spLt. 1i 90 were la e .nature atof
BB4Oh m 'sk*M sa '-Cbristian riot aa4 at of anannOat
bt h mn m UP. nJwh.k eharaktctr. It 1 claimed that
s flBralt rot Vwas orwanted by Jews
to take 'Veameann .or'the Kl8shlan
tir-. whio the, rotitg two diay afterL
Ns a eMtatal'e.a niii.uplo the Jews. The
..tI.t t so'tii1 ralment rodlooed evidence to
#ad: 1l prove.ha0 the Jews were thoroughly
BaSne.g, ,Alx hed And armed, lod had pre ar,
l n reag l iSRsi mA, nlar signals.
1 nql 1'4 RJl- adopted a p rodative attitude towards
W.. 0 4a n5 the Chrl Oristmas and acted ovr u belrlog.
m o e1 lout celeO elI la.iltlagl pesaait In the street and
J g 'tl them out of the sidewalks.
IThe afair of S ept. It, it ii added.
grw out.of a trifling quarrel between
flifsg that CristiFUaa Forter and a Jewess over
Ibn. s'M d'"M1 0 th priuirhase .a a heria.. ,The Jew-
*;,.Ulim' Or. a ran up and belabored tha forester.
l ti"sit'1 onlIome COhristians from the baamar hur-
mkuO AM C 1 WttS lo to the-. reoeuc of the f orpeter,
the redf fight'becniam general, th
INP':INAWNA Jetih Skigal l Waas given and the whola
" Ji'wilsh population aRtaeRmbled. attach.-
Rt_ h*m llag the Chrisatlana regarilr.s of six or
l*W' o.i$ r ape, a girl belilg draggtat alhtng te
LB03. Mtarte h trl W dby her hair. The plo tS Ut aan.* -
Stour dned their goods In the bazaar and
Wb, a to a good*X fed One of them win I tablIl In i
." ',. whtre he i.d the neck and killed. The polef i ,al
l i a t. arge gathlerin Ileutlentnt and four HIodliersi tr;l
.il a Autlbra Angola to restore order bitt tonoe.4 were show.
Wed upau them, and th-y were fire-l
WI Ideal, said the ofn.l at from windows f)r Le"i*n!blII f
i, ll his full power. houses, the Jews sout lti:
4t S rm wia bliteld to In "We are going to be avenge.
'to ok oteepotak o on e point Thilla s ot Kinhlnrff!"

S. 'I

be 0
1 ..
l ^. ,
" . ..* '* '' *' '
* nt


Siro.a the 'Ite la the
qf MiStlehia. At Au.
l!rbankams ak1d atoag

] The police and holmlers finally es-
aped owlag to the Inter-polailon ,of
a rabbi. Two da).ys later some rail.
iaq wu.rawvumt- is LI rIId a.* W... fliat

.,.' aeq .' wormeun i atlie ibrhig. who hait
t le t6dey.*e must die annoluneed that they Intended to tkke
o t forward winter Re.- veeaince on the Jews came into the
S oiila or to overturn them town at noon. The police had been
,O!pt I t*elr place Democratlo warned. and a .company ofr ,oliers
OE 0 Demoerstle friends waa brought in and halted the work.
fl itoe i pedot poltelse. aen at that bridge. The Jews as-.
*mpms..., 6ieoammm Itetr., fabled behind the soldlert. the two
t the ila. 44 eurs they aathematjiling each other, finally
b .s or"uate because they hurling stones. Appeals of th(t police
L s A4e f any paoleld that chief to the rioters to disperse were
A.. v 1*0 the advaaemsent a: .o vain. At last a police was struck
Sita. people. It challenging by a briek bat and the workmen shout-
". Si. ,yof the Demoeratte party, Iig: "The Jews have killed a Police.
l. o mt i abS.ll e lividluls, and lsa!" surged aeross the bride. Then
S wo II Ot oritsllelma of the there were revolver shots front the
j *w' liho b Anre.a with me. It" Jews whereupon the captain com-
I t Diocradte polled s peak handing the soldloer placed his corn.
.- y will work our common' psy between the opposing foreen and
"1 4 .not think It wlse to the workmen Anitlly were dispersed.
t'll#yer who has an unbroken in the dliectlon of the suburbs. liut
it f lt .aft." the Jews would not even listen to a
S. -- -- rabbi who was present and the sol.-
< SW ltl sfir n Otober. diers Rnally charged them with bay-
STti Slo.. 3.-Now corpora.' aeta and secess to the wealthy Jew-
m ila Octob1er la the eastern tIh quarter was closed.
t-.- M. a gStaad wtoal of $316. The total resulL of the rioting wasl
WMS .lOpam4le. aSlptallsan at' three non-commisaloned offleera, two;
*W B t morerK. Of this sum the souldlrs, two Jews and two Chint-'
.WM f consolidation furnalshed tisan killed and four Chrlatians andu
*,O4.*, Othewise, the total four Jewt wounded. A number of
ei have amounted to only 133.500<. policemen were also killed or woiunid-
SThis i clost to tie August ed. ALoutI 5W .1, ant l shops of
llges of *t.kO8,o00, the low water jews were pillaged.
Its k to a Slumber of yehar, 1ow' The rioting ontilntted all thei after.
*or, not snlce May. 190t. when the to. noon and only coal 4 at il-tihttall.
.tal was POT.6,l.e00 have last, month'?,
*etursa been exceeded. '
''*^ _. .. t I *-, 1 -thtrl t\l lt>-C!!o1 1t '4 ir'" '.";


Watson Hapes to Seure Aid of Hoelt
and Bryan,
Statmlhro, tie.. Nov. 1.-Thoman I
WaUton. Popullist candfdate for prestl
don't, spoke here Monday. Hie said to
"We are not afraid of the agro. are
we? W. have him In the hollow of
our hauld and are going to keep him
-there. elive we not done everything
to him In the south that we wanted tot
The Democrat. have dlstranohlsed himu
everywhere except In GeorgIa, and*
hero they are afraid of the Populists.
Ite Is a veritable helllan on every
other Cay exeiptt op election day.
In an intl'rview after the speeh., Mr.
Watson said the this Idea was to or-
ganise the Jeffeson Democrats.
'@The Hamilton Democrats are now
ia league with the Republicans. That
elass of iwople is n power now."
He said. when asked about thb
lmovenient after the election to unite
witb th t Bryan anil Ilharkt Domocrati
that there had lecn no agrtcement be,
tween the threu rmen. but It ti hbl In1.
tentiun to cuantitut. to) work along that
line. He Ite. -oxipectr.d to become
president hims ,:i. tiut believed by
holding the o' ..".t Arees together,
he and Brya;n r.i Hlarat could act to1
sether, tholiiih 'rfi blily moving as
separate utit~ltn hdbring a waterloo to
hbe Hamlsn .,'i:Irats.


Prompt Acttiot of F remen and Km.
ployes A'vrtod Panic.
Atlant. Nov. 2--Py vig', 4natc of tiv,
Atlanta liremien un! the precaltionst,
a'upt'.d by it .v:,. t q'T (thi e thei;-
ter, ti;e Gr::u I o r .s li. i-. narrow tly
Pi aliedl 0 v r '! ,. oire and (ifiastroiji
panic. wIa'n1. am ii ] j ; 'I.rnga.l ;o< of Sl1.p.- I
piard'* tit'm :L !:i r-,s t ti _Lre brot f
out in '1t, 1 iui',1,0 w :tih< l it,
O n i,-"tr.ivti t t ,: dam a. p t, t-li !
Wilimi. 1 i h k t.b l t \1 rt 'it .-;:iu i '

Th iw,' '.v, r r il and r'thr*n. T' h h1" 1 ;," 1. '
1. In Uli.l' l ~ V':v tif I1tit,:i ,
tlie'. ar 1 o t 1 i-rniotio f of 11. i t
0 a. V, q:, 1'fi to i ( iefa t t :> a
th ,'-, v.- R f a -f-" I t't h11(ti-t i. I ...
> 1' la-. l f r .)1! t:Iat: ra': I I
;i 'hii '-


Dianord Q.'-in Will Be Rel;aaed Onr
November 21. L
A.ttrantl. N, - amtoi D,'r!ri. b,1.+
ter wtli. w- as t, diua .llii'.i ti t w1h
ha-t 1r '; a rhr'i.- 5*,ar sin-
tte'nf'- In I) i0,-t,,a a' .ii p i ry' andl
whli rur111. r'4 it ''nttilon tw
year~ agni', in, ',i.j, oif ti*r bving wlhip
ped lby Wa\\'i' n A!ageiotld, wI; ihe re
!4 -*, ', ; Nov I1, her It iT 7 x r!i ,
SI:, wa h t'l; utip fVr r 'iali!:ing n li
ntieruutis |Luinnil tti in : vatnn h unil;'rT
faine pr'etnspe. l'ion wa rre~tedl .i
Atl'anta after fiiv had called in see.
eral n^Ws)prar r 'prlorl and told
them of being in a runaway affair
which resulted In the death of a man.
Noiody could leIarn anything or th ninaway and the Savannah officers on
reading the papers decided she wa thRi,
wom1nS who took the diaInondI and
sthE wSa arrested.


Democratic Candidate Sese Eut Few
New Yoxk, Nov. 2.-Jilldg Partl't
spotnt the day preparing for the spreer
ft to be matid dIritng ihe week, and
few callers were admilttedl to i apart.
months at the lHotel teville.
He will arrive In Newarh. N. ., iat
about 0 p. si.. aniid will be ent uailncd1
at dinner by fornner Senator Jaril
Smith., Jr After li, meeting In NIew
ark. J:r0'(e Parker wil go to Jcrr -w
City. where two ) eetinlg are to hi'
held and where hI naiy aiL.k In I

@9g MHtel Projected.
boen prepa fola.. N' Iv Al.--;an .
t, ;iTitl ;t f a. t, l >r:; ag ; ,,
:v2I1 e'. ar.','i &. fl ... .. -



,&Naina aulbur% SuCo0uo
Kuropatkin, on the ild&


Little Fellows Return Fire Whiah
Enemy Ha" Por Several Days ,ag
Directing Their Way-Other NeIa'l
Prom the Front "
lt. Petersburg. Nov. 1.-5:20 .p, .
--Accordlng to today's advice teeM
the theatre of war no general *t
gagenment has yet begun. There -a.":
some skirmlshing yesterday, but a,,l',1
log serious. .0u Japanese oteag4
haa developed so far, the oMelal
pors sNhow although advice Imrom
extreme east are belated. ( 104
Kaulbars, who In to succeed .euhnd.
Kuropatkin in comalnwd of the I*-:-
army, has arrived here. He
the entire (lay closetel with their
eral staff and with generall Al
director of the bureatt of uperap
studying the details of the campat .|
In the light of secret dispalchea
thu war arclilves.
Katilars1 is a htrikling figure, a
stately auohiers, wl'kh a Lroned il
act off l'y naewhit, mousitache, His 1.
yerl alit llightly lipti) hiL vigoel A
frame. IIt is to be .I
man of gr aut t'n'ry amind retOes :,.e
and wai conininditr oif a corps dalraf'/;
tho $iippr llin in ('li IInn, lint i nojt pil'.y a o .
spleitomma Trt. ;
When p;l'4-'nt :;i:: a are reallsed,
which will not I.e ti'r than h *
sprinI:4. Itl; atI wi: i-,. o *,.* armle0,
each of uix corp.!. :.; h, r half a all-
itli men. In tIh Fnir 1.... i The rite
baittaNllnm., wi'h : > ai'm litw hPeialag 0t
start for the front., v.ill provide tW*
of lhi, ront.- intnti., for the first am

Fight by Light cf the Moon.
Cenera! 1K'ir .th' .11 0n i'l aitr. O0lt.
'l. via. Futinn. Nov 1 -'the lusStls
took adilanta t ( or ;: ., brihiht mi ..-..
light ilatt itlg. to r: ;,iaille the Jap
anuwe from pu.Ii'rms ..:i ir, left winlg.
of the cit- ra' arim., bi i w i,r reptlT.sed
after ar, ntieCon w h;th hi j1l aSevelra.
hours. (*t'r!!ig which <;h bifiantry ad ,
artlllery itre wa hsi ilk and co&tl. i
nons until daylight. Tl71 JapaaN ,
today for foit IIr t C'rne ri lled to the.
lti.r-ilan hll rdtii' tiunt, whirlh has beea
frepqeitnt for ,. veral day.-I past.

Russian Marrines Leave Chite Pee.
('he Foo, N(v. .--0 p. in. The 0ol+
cern anId lr'w of the tlliuslan torpe .
do boat dltlroyrpr Hyesltrlnl. cut eelo
or this harbwr Aug. 12 hy the Japael -
departed tonight for $langhal, whe ,;
they will join the cruw of the RI ,
elan cruli er ANkold.


Savannah Port Shipe N0,000 Salem DP
Inlg One Day. .
Savannah. (ia., Nov. 2.-Several re ,.!
ords have already been smashed bV i
Savannah's cotton trade thble seaOs

and another one went Monday whe.
a new record wa. established for the t
largest hililpnnits f this port *
They amountell ton more than 80,g0e
bales of upland and sea Island.
their valuit In rouid figures Is l,14.
Though this new record Is one
which the menmbt rs of the cotton t
are prone I. it rdoe not equal la Intor
the fornier record n matte In the matll
of receilpts. this port having receive
to dat r mo-re than e7i..04) hbalts tf t'
tonll. 21 1.0 halit, e more than lt Ith
c r .. '.r; liy I t Setl'ai(n and thi4
slarci- at.! ift in over recclveiv l for t ,"
saime p i i, Ji ( inTg ain Y> 8i aO;n

Lanier Shot from Ambush.
I .,; i I. TI ..., Nov. T a
i '+ [ h' ,r ,*i I r ,.e i im t \ Vi f l !r a .'l .,



, r-, .- .. .'


" I

p 'lfllfl -lif swtiMkflf
1111 ~Us all ^ Afl *'
JU~tftba solUCs,

it a--

^ p fhevalen t

wah -m
Os the^s tt

..s met to a

we u* ...
-, - w

Ima1. ol. e,


.. w u 1 '
," ,, ,,
F,, t

i...t k-'m

1S eveL, ,*"

beEis, Sq hS, Wreor
W a sorlo b

b eua ses In

SG olly. I en 's looh as
S ,bis Shver ips, iwhit

iteniawM s nsfpomislbd for manp

*..t0 sad aea nremke. Buh
ueli of Pr tug's BNeri
^"Wly 10f00 1%ltook lt
i..i-ss, iloo e oble mslan

f iwle weisaed by Dri KIng hg

H o.Ier. This great remedy l
for alle thrat apI londi e.
rm.Ns" all drtgie Priine, io

4M!. 1talOba l fiv fpri ee. l B
"! *;..^ ", i betin filre.

117 Wat Unoa titt s.

1L1119, INDMN 31WI0, CEIl.

sa..loV Line [ i la_ e mmolt a ..... tit-A... -

- i:
""ii ,'.

No0tic of Election.
to Mhe Sherlfl of Alaolhua county, of the
la le of Iortdm:
Ms It Kbsowm.rnat 1. I. Cla Crawfort. See
itarr ofi Stat or thioe sti olf fitila. do
herbor itve notoe thz. a
General Election
wiU be *eM In Aoleho *tun e'rn. State of Tolarl
di. oa Teawtr next una; editnv Ih fsih t mMon-
ftr (in November. A D. 1Wt4. the said

Eighth Day of November,
,. l ve w( Ptmemdotle l sl eeor.
"RprmSeItve or tb atid Cowmrre
oMinRUt of lords. In tbe lItyolaitb
cow otrr Mue United utae,.-
FtilUoverorof the s ate of ofloida.
SMcretiar of State of the Stae or rio
tWbr Attomr SVouipiroler or the State pf Vlorlis.
"" Trnmare of trb state of lnra..
S" unertlWadent or Publicl Intructiun of
lbe aSte of iorkla..
-For V'M oit ,,er of Arteiulture of the
Sate of Morms.
For Owe Jum le at the Sureme CourI of
ie Silew of .lOUMia for ill yeAr.
i*r Three Justlen of thq S aureme Court of
the Stte of rlorida.
wor O R sUrd Comlzsilooner for the State
Tfr Two MetmbeoT of the Honase of Repre-
entaUves ol te Rtiate of iarlks ,
V CoumLY JgUte.
** MtlwrUt.
Clerk of the CLirculLt court .
cutinty AweMor of Tnxie.
Tu x Collector.
o ant v Tmearer.
County Sutertiateadent I' Pubhi. ln-
Nw County Spirvt nr.
M" re Countyv '1oiiiw%,i.Ii'i-
Three Mei ae -tear the ii. itin:1 >
P'ubnc Instauctloun.
Vaor Jaitla is di rtthA 19 it l tin .al '.Ar it t f.i'.

I I I L- Y JN IJ L tJr .


,, k i' 1 [



'mi-'vt.WJkJM3rmLr BSA.I LZWGas

JackonvHille and New York,
0 Calling at CHARLEBTON, 8. 0., both ways.
The elat StsaSly Is the Coastwe Service
Clyde New England and Southern Lines
Diret Serviee Between JACKSONVILLE, BOSTON and
PROVIDENCE -and All Eastern Points,
Calling at Charleston both ways.
83M1X-VW J r.iE3BMrIr A$ TTr.TnGC3S
louthboand ........................ ..... From Lewis' Whairt. llost',
Northbound.................. From Foot of Catherine st., Jacklonrille


Clyve St. Johns River Line
Stopping at Palatka, Astor, St Francie, Beresford (Delaid). a idt intermedil"
Landing. on S. Johns River
L-eave Jaeksonville 8:30 p. m. Sunday, Tuedays and Tlihursdlay.
Leares Sanford 9::au a. mn. Monday, WetdneMlay and Friday.
Southbound ap oint to ail as fultows:
Rteaddown. 8UVHEXDUItoE iLMI up.
*lw*V S;Sa) m ....... ........... Jaekon ill..* ...... .. Arrive :+
8:4 p .... ..aa..a............Pa..latkae :4. P
8O0Aait.......... ... .. A..... .... : )p
4:10 am........... L.. ..... .. .... St. Fran
2. .-. _,1 *.p,- i


BEIH6 EXTENDED ,,._, _,...,,_ ..
fta*lo**w to 5o i With C_ AWW USSef<5 W w
Zlaaspha, Palmer, Aroii.t

Mesger Voe i s Lute1dls His Lines
fr Anammeeeatie of the Public* t
Who FPid t a Orea Advantage-May
GO to lrolton and Cedar Key.
The 3sts Florida Telephone Corn.
pwV hiekh hal beet in operation be.
WSmn IlaseiHill awd Fairbanks G W.Y D
4411"Wille and Rocky Polt a;d
Gteetiullle sad Arre4ueio for the pess
he moetlh, 14 eXtendingl hI lines 1
Iam Andoeado nou to Knap..s, "THE BIG STORE."
Pllmer and Anrbwr, and within the
smt IWo or three dais Galnaesille will ...... *
hsv "btllo" onmnesio'n with the
hltling little village of Aroher.
Thise ls. it under the dirt upper. R*omem er for,
OlWtn of OhIe. Voyl., who bas worked
She qOtem with advantage and on.
Ss"well as omep prFt-. Fall and W inter
-S --:ems +.. w hich t l phRone ai
s loes aforded, she merchants and
Stlesnof( Palmer and Archer hiae
uspmbled for the servie.I and Mr.
Vale 4"llyi decdWd to xfteod tb 'n
lli, HI has bree busy for the ps t y
f *or ,hi. days stretchiongh.. ..n r TiU SStee Is UpT. s.
MA inulaahlm she lmtrumente. and
the werk I shboet easpleted.
the metal 040 of She ast Florida
L..pc, oI a."nville1.s All the Pretlest, Newest Styles
M he or of oi. 8. Nerahat Co., & C
whet those who dee may speak -- -
Wlb tie various poain at ai reasonable
oell. Instruments will be Installed as
.ebomimeiery of Venable & Jone*, OLur regular Fall and Wiuint t
eseplhs, thie GaIeavllel Peach Or
$ d.ouapeny, ftlo ie Taylor super. Ope:'ing will take place
lw-adess, at .lPlmer, and in the store
9q0. W.IBukalghI as Archer.
Maager Vole ls. greatly. eMour Wo re ber 2 i
S. erd the pre t picem ol the
Mbwhalh ha pai Ilim farl well m s
beraid ut0 the people or
,emoaee, aLt an od ethrr polnas are
os of a servlee It may be poible .
abas he will xtend the service* to
MOar Key.

Adaas G. W. HYDE

", .at m inmbed aosen S han..t "T IE BIG STOR E."
a- M -Mt where sMthe wau wa;r,
tiM i M .ir dth. Ilb a

trivia t im out0o th houe to di. D.- ... -- .- ...-.- .....-... ..-L ..... - .. . I.. .
lll (h bastt as pfre fsd o. we.
hies elshe Staa r' 4 le, iam te J II
iwM.Trl 9l1i ss, Chicn. I|ll 1.

klr i by j. 2'. BedIhud A r. Send.CL. ro-a-x* Order to .

Jl it





rr r r-w .
GAINIi___ PW_ -,N -PO -ll-

IONABS E E"Coton Seakson is5 Of and cint Are A

IL! NABBED Busy-Personal Notes -- RON...& -

Ii Have Been Steal.
-Ar AppMrehended.


Soon Captured, and
"linary Hearing Sent to
Await 1t e Action of the:

'Norumatr 2 -Sit liag tby
alj lint 4 i tai i; .4 il r

9ileckham. ioon aftu r h h i- A* I lF I l ,'
a'ath of l hr ihubaiitnd, su-pliles the natural
rgia to viiit relatives, idil i ui:ca ldgestiaona l li
!n fotd her ho h does the wcrk of the
Im| found rr t,,in, laud stomach. relying the .
of sl lmot everlthlinlI liI nAervous Icesion, wlt:e
or this ti v. v '. \Viii.te, (the inflamed mu5cies \
4ll, wl.i; lit and membranesof .
organ are allowed to
Pte. h1ad, ith, lir. ite fe t aend heal. t cure0
histclothlina g, his w tli-', M ,l Indigeston. flatulence,
i niueriy and a lu iiuua"r iof palpitation of the hart.
D. )r. Aiidrw Joi;,.)',. nervous dyspepsia and
W 1) i r d AJ stomach trout lea by
W*.P. btigl,'r'. stru and ckianing,. purtfyLng and
ligse had been robbed and ltreonlhoenhi the gaLindas,
were insisted from prein- of the stom,
,well buckets aund churns. handdgltalve organs. J
ste. Harnessa had been
horse ilurinu divined r- l0
out of a barn, a iaddl 1.,1
pements,. etc. In uonse
lb community has been mIntt I. SiooaI h aes
out teomuch stealing. t"rfN o.
ago* negirodiscuvereudl an tmSmi 8vLLbfltW 4C1.CgAws
bid away under the ceul. I
imt church, and iuformied
am, who went and fuund Sold by All Druggists.
log, crockery. clothing -
of other article taken CARD FROM MR. THOMAS. p
ous e. A pillow among I
known to have been at He Deplores the Action of Democrats
rorg'sl house, and some in Flopping to Wolfe.
J which wero known to Editor Sun: I harv -never tried to
bti Nby Wulhington, who get myself before Ihe people through
lag with lacr. Thisa lid to the newasg apers. but if you will pardon
t them both by P)epuly liii, 1i4l I will promise nut to trouble
L. Kennalrq, A.'tr beilg bv u Again sou,.
ll awhle, llie womanll Tihe ele~:Li f i near at hand, and I
lod off*rd to gto home hear qu;l, a few say that they do not
hert other things were icroprtpose to vote f-r :11 tihe Deliqratiol
ral went along, and li nominees, and I tlionhit L would ask
large truisk was dug up, yrnu for enough spanet for expression of
yard other articles were mny views in the niiater. I was born a
4lW d a wagon wat required I)enmocrat; raised n I'nioerat, and ex-
thei, ipect to vote te he '-reratic ticket and
al6esmft named Mack Neal, stick to the regular D)emc-ratio noraml
pillealed, and he was ar- nees as long as I '*a.i 'wabble" to the
*.po0r searching his prremises polls.
oljlotthings was recovered, Mr. Hnllollwy ii thl; regular nomli-
|hber hiding places revealed nae of tlie party for the ofite of State
tly,Quntil, when all was laid siiperinteiident. e is the choice of
"ib"and's Hall. it looked like tlhe l)Dmonerathi people. a# overwhelm-
of a family just m6vtd in. ingly expre.ed in tihe primary. and if
l and bedding belonging we are not g.inHg to stand by the p-l.
kham and her son, Capt. Joe iimary ainiiiim.e we had Just as well
VAlid wife, pilhi of hrness. abolish tht- primary and put the re.
*glaswaire, smoothing irons. 4Iponlibiity of running the Democratic
til, o)ols, stoves, a better party in the' hands of ihe State Exeeu-
*ie- preacher'd valise with tirv Comniittie,. I think if Mr. Wolfe
l eoontents, (the watch aud ever becirme SjtnvtesuperintendentI the
t, however), with other ar- governor hlonl!d appoint him, and not
80 imelrous top mention. The the State columittteC.
iS .the finding ofso many Trutiing that all loyal Ilemoerats
Ud quite a sensation, and a will rally to the support of W. .1. Hol-
Solored maid whitl people hloway-the regular nominee-on ?No-
Splriouers and the good., member %. I am Ynurs truly,
a lid M i T. Tilr Io mtm.
OS OB Sunday and Mlond ay. 1Vil]eford November 1.
'Jlterday the accused were
S In Justice T. B. Tillis court. To Cure a Cold in One Day
*Broomo of (;iueivllle. wAS Take Eaxativi Bromo Quinine Tab-
by William Washington and lets. All 4rggitui refund Ihe money
k ,tCrory. Wituesges J. B. it it fails to cir-. E, W. t.rove'u sig-
, KI Kite and .ohin F. Sim- nature is on eachi box. 253.
fE Ixamtned. The valuation
. found was given at a o00 Notice of Meating.
SkP waived examination, and Notice is hereby given thai there
Sas tlixed at $&6O. The MI- will be a iteetiltg of the Board of Mlied-
.aC'a bond was $s:u. and leal I-azninert or ihe Eighth Judicial
Pl' $800. None gave bond. Circuit of Fnorila at the office oel lre.
lte were talkei to jil at M.eKinstry at MKinstiry, in Oaines-
i to await tlt, action of thie rille. a:!1 ,' k la t n Oun Tueldal.


Baby Is Cutting Teeth
I and uje that old and well-
U-dy, Mrs. Winslow's Sooth-
lP. (for children teething. It
Le cbild. so(ftens the gunms.
palon, eures wind colic and is
btOmedy for diarrhoea. Twen-
Sito a bottle.
fe" Call Meeting.
r a8B announced before, C(,n-
So. 11, 1. o. o. F., will hold
,lltng at the lodge room
%l' bank on the evening of
,. whieh will be Friday

-enruolled on the roster of

h hunnulri landil ln. .I

.'ovem wr _., ij i .
t ,. 1 '. %Vr i, i. President.
J. F. M'KI-TItJI Secretary.
A Runaway Bicycle
Tritinlatid w th ian usly cut on the
leg of .1 H. Corner. Franklini irove. 111.
it develpedtl a stulbborn ulcer unyield-
ing to d)oct'ors and remedies for four
years. Th'n hiucklen's Arniea Salve
poured. It's just as good for blirns.
sellds, skin eruptions and piles. Ac at
all drug stores.

secreitarY ay and AmbassadIr .1 :
serand bave' -.gRld a treaty pr)ovld,.
the settlemnint by arbitration '.
any POlu'lial" (lipitte"^ n -
pnitl Ht1a'.- an1l France.. It I 'i
on thp 'lins ,if the1 Anglo)-Ft r.
hltration tra':aY.


tratey to the nerves and bone and be.
ing absorbed Into the blood. it. healing
pro ertles are eonvered toi erery part
of thI body, and effect some wonder-
fill curas. 2C. F. *.1I. S4ld by
W. M. Johnson.

Important Election Law Ruling.
Lexlngtnn, Nov. 2.-Judge Parlker
haa mnade, ar important ruling under
the election law. It A as In the case
of I, J. .1.IcMirhal 1, wio complained
that the )tnutraltt re glistration oft)
clais by dilatory tactic had prevented
him from regpatering and he asked
for a mandatory Injunctlno.
The court hrld that he was entitled
to relief, hut waE not yet ready to de-
tde upon exact form. Similar appil.
ratlona have heretofore been denied-
Doesn't Respect Old Age.
It's sharmeful when youth fails to
show proper restpeet for old aglle, but
just the eoatrary in the case of Dr.
King's New Life Pills,. They cut off
maladiles no mater how severeand ir-
respeetive of old age. Dypepriia.
Jaundice. fever, constipation all yield
to this paerfeet pill. :a at all drug

Aloehuia, Nor, 2 -l\ev. loi:.: ., fir-
mer pastor of the M r!'~ liit ,lir-'i
fitw daywitt ui ',r1 l,
liavd l-iiagin :l t a -.-A 1it' .itl 4
Iii faml ily i \ at A ,',. %-,r' '" r.,
Xir ,.unldail l lti L. 1 ti,.- .i, ii V',,-
.ily Saturday.
M r. :ingalan anii dayl i s,t .r ,of <, *,r-
gia ire lendingg wmb il .' :i, .rt-
.1.,i Trile i iveL hase r rt a -ri.l atftr
it -I, t uf *aev- r.i In tL t rei'a tiv*,
ill Soutlih Carolirn.
'Tum n l(410 o.j Ir:t v.],.',, j* *
a vasit to his ,irent, li ,re.
'-diKell Gui ,. i, AiK lin i ,1ii ti!,. % .
L was ijaurrild i .iiril'ltv.e >i tuir-
'Ily iy stri inL; a cros.ti.. j U1i ilp.
ing from, hi train. 1I. eAaii holin,

Mr. anid Mr- C. I. .May o. Nrwba.rrt
are' in \the ity.
Mrs. i. titriiig elow lias lit ni n .te
ill, biut is suni, t-tter tloiay.
Cotton continues to ril in rrapijy,
gfifs are running fulli tinj, and mtr-
ahants are ruijoyli>g a nice t rade.
Mr. Skinaor of ilawthorn ha nipe d
a restaurant anld gruery buslirts in
thle Thomas block.
J. 31. Hlodge of 1t innitl.zi 1.i on a
visit to his parents.

The Best Liniment.
"'Chamberlalin's I'ain alm Is coinsid'
ered the bet liniment on the markett"
write Post & iliss of No other linliient will heal a Ut or
truise so promptly. No other it so
valuable for deep seated pains like
larnm bsek and pains in the oh esl.
Eive this linlment a trial and you will
over wish to be without it., old by
all draggilts.


Insurance Man, Recently Married,
Sheets Himself Dead.
Vable!,ta, Ga., Nov. .-J. l HIarr!s.
an injzuritie scllrtir. committed siul
cide by iholtingl himself through the
head with a revolver Monday morn
The tragedy occurred at the home
of Mrs. J. R. Fenn, a mile touth of
this city, where Mr. Harris and his
wife boarded.
The deceased was threatened sever.
al times during the past mouth to end
his life and bhis wife has kept coM-.
stant watch over him to prevent the
He walked out Into a woods paa&
ture and seating himself on a straw
pile. fired a ball through hi head.
Mrs. Harris heard the shot and run,
ning to the scene found him dying.
Harris came to this section from
Fitlrgxrald and was marrltd two
months ago to Miss MamIe Splvey,
daughter of J. I. Splrey. a prominent
farmer. lie wuas 47 years old and ha.
two laughters livtng at Fitzgerald.
The rtauonru for the suicide are not
known, though the dilead man left let'
term stating that his troubles were
more than he could bear. His mind
had probably become deranged over
Anancial matters.
Neurailgia Pains.
Rheimatiim. lumtrbag and sciatic
paine yIteld to the penetrating influence
of Iltallard'u snow Liniment. It pens-


* 671

Capital...* * ...........

Surplus and Undivided Profita...

Does esr lively a slaktr
byrspo llI
bit ll 11

Ul I

them. he VrubIU

ftI ihrrantemrihblf f

m~M m W- ~a u
IZ UIhISinB. I. I. &am.mri

. 8.

SBt~nu1 1n
m a- iiM^*. ^

ipie Sal

market prie paid hr ChlisebU m. .il !i.


Complete loek o Cora, Os I
and ije. W z tal YtZYU
BtT PRUCES anageU~ if

Take The
Take The Atlantic Coot


or of
Jambbamiem ialhegvthe i t
Rapid Transit and Unsurped b
Time Table In effe SeptL. 1, I
___ __---+. -j- *- ulmi

High Sprilp at4 I tf.
madstsoe hit

12:40 pm

Ossla, Lesebuig a t Tanps.s
telkhedisiatSw& a s

2;U06pmi PalasaR Dt-., i l
Dail, North, msaS .

12:16 am


* .
" ,, '


High #priap, Walroa, bn, i. BM k
Albany, Astlanta, all Poslam Norto

Boehelle, Ml uul a ites

/ ,
I', t ,,,,
; , i.

S:60 ah
3:( &High Sole
ex.aondayi W *
lanerehbauable Mleage Tioket, goe over iX ie
sipst railways in the Souathem S, e -as ie ll3dfi S
Through Pullman sleeper Pr Th s to New J. M
Line, al16 via Atlantise oast Lilem and Solheau U .
For omplese InfotloA. sails
J. A. oGOO WIN. .T D Awl
Address: '
RN A 0t n ROVlTOWN. Courmn Aat. W.D. AD. MAt 9tA

IM W. Bay st. Ater mBa la
WllmilgtaL, H.1 C.'
1.-_ __ F4 -_ -O /

V6 710


4ir & rIq, ui" w

For Sale by Johnson Bros.. GainsvJl ,"

' ""
"* .** t* ', 1 .
1 1 ; '.'.\ "

_ __~ ___ ~ _~


L2:40 pm !
I llm


I I. (GauiAx. President s W. HW n,



W-7 FW


I I' I r 1 [

. .q


=sB olu

~,~N'RArN, M.]

M; 7.7.; 'kin

-- --. AL ..-. I- a A lk- -







Mri *- matf.
R ,. i b
Wd shadow
ashe ashy

i lia.. lJ e.1

be Mole

lif, '0
p a.
;Z;:., **.' w ,^




~A b~-

oueg Men's

Is a distinctive feature wit h ti.
We sellthe

Correct Clethes f
Hand.tailored by SCHLOSS BROS.
& CO., BaltimoFre.
Young men of discriminative
taste are familiar with t his make.
They know that these famous '"il-,
clothes have all the latest touchlis s
that mark the well-groomed gent lhe. 0 .

Theyeset the; pace in proper ap-

They have completely revolution.
ld tihe ale of ready-to-wear cloth.
tos and the man who has "the mer.
et t tailor habit" doesn't know
,whAt he is taking in uptodate l ly
qa of material fault. %
fit,l economy, If he has g, M Jt.r
w Invtgated Sohlos clot heALTI R
4tb. puit hown in the picture is a _A _lton_ NAW
paStMulaly popular favorite with young men who dIerive satistaction from
swagger appareL
T8uh a iult would cost probably $50 at a merchant tailor's and not be as
good. We hare your exact fit here at

From $12.00 Up.

"**r In a l let as talk It over."



Outitter to Particular People.




'h,. b. mw

* fl-, ..

.i tM WeiM to the

Wibs.,.peos. am4

srttwo suoqesflsg
Ojas. Is the mediate
SAlt ImPS who woo
t~t of the i ml te
m. a Cha

. .. wk,-.
Wik WthemelI*

nis. use it

I =I 4 -, .-----. ,'- -- -. --. -- --- - -. --. - .



t A IketipUoe.

btWhApLe forMONACH MandOT .l.
pair wumatd.

d, BH mi 4

0 a

5 ...,7. i ._ - . -.
PfmiSefM Young Man of Mentgomery
NashvUle, Tma., Nov. 1.-A dispatch
to The Baser from Montgomery, Ala.,
The body of James Hendricks. ageid
nt. one of the most prominent young
men In Montgomery. was found on the
ased over the American National
baok this mornlvs. Bestde him were
burglar tools. a stick of dyDamite and
la his pocket was a ptltol. He was
killed while trying to cut anelectrie
wir that ran lanto the baa HMen-
idr ek had a splendid position, and
here la great mystery surrounding the
Rdlade of his body and the burglar's
tools. It is beltred that he was used
as a tool tad that other may be ls-

. I ieted


- ltl abIsbolueileu impomible It
*Wtlpatm* be prw t.L MMN mer-
loueowesof livte and kidney WMo*
%-,b- 2 - --..... ..aalaghdii .MANA

.. . f ON.11; -1, E Co ,MPANI '.-A.
Cu. idcraUoa P ;.MT PAY3IENT , .LOMtES.
We cover ttse imnrtant points and reo.p!pe fly.
solicit *Lkare of your business.

Fire, lie, Accident and Health lisram e.

-Agents for the--

Victor Safe and Lock Company
CO4LOn 1n rt Sti. 01Lo% .
The "Victor" Is the 1twt safe made, and parties oontemplat-
Ing the parehue of a safe, or an thfuv in that line. I
from a box to a bank vault, will save money
by consulting us. Call on or addrev,.

I C on rfl f


- Mon
At 00O

On the A. C. L. and S.

None Better in

&N & HILL, 'A

tezuma Hotel

A. L Rys. V. J. SHIP
the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.

MAN," Prop'


ICI I_ 1 -- .- -:~~~~__ -_ --T__ ,.J---

-umm m

n. 1

- 1


_ __ _~___ _~__ __

5 .4





pmw partof
Apo tokm

pM iUabeworme due arftr troh
ialertilement, unleh otherwise
retft. Pirlties not known to
ph* to paf tlr iadvertikln In d-.
"Ae (N Ir TL. VrI.A.

l not depend so muhe on
trM and attintinn.

aid t' vui t it inii O t i latest prirnarie .
and1I th0 ft,'t thpit litko 0inii 1 h tartzc1es ot r
favuorit es i ~re drf(,falted only :makes
tI:h tll)igln>tii l to stand faithft)ly by
[.lik v .r t the Irntu binding. The
pr:iiry iSatfit'l ctan tuily be preserved
t fy'(lifti:!y uptiholding tho exprt-lced
wi: l, I he Ietoplei s evidenced by a
count of the ballots cast by the people
at the primary election. When this
result is so asertalnedl all the Demo-
crats should heerfulIy and enthoil-
actiaIlly fall In line and carry the
party standard to triumphant victory.
While I have unot the slightest doubt
of my own election I desire to urge
that you give me every possible vote
next Tuesday. It t1 of extreme Im-i
portance that you do this in view of
the threats openly ma I by the IeR-
lpublicats to reduce the representation
of the south in the Congrrli and inn
the Electoral College.
.oe llititan seventeen thousand
Democrats voted in this district in the
primary Iaction of ,lIne 07h, lIat. and
If I can gi to W~Vhiington backed by
this rote. and the ostsvr Florida dls.
triets record themselves in like inan-
ner, it will silence the Republican
threat of reduction of representation
so. far as our own State Is concerned.
A large vote will aicormplih another
thling-it %ill give me IL the very be-
ginning of my congressional service a
standing among my associates which
will greatly augment my ability to
serve you saeceptabl.
FRx.iK Ci aRK.
Lake City. FiI.. Nov. 2, 1KI4.
We notice by the report of the olerk
of the, circuit ezrt t W the comptroller,
for the month (of May, 11*4, that he
remitted for the redemption of lands
the sum of two hundred and sevnty*.
fourldollars and flfty-three cente, of
which sumii only one hundred and w*-
enteen dollars and eighty-nine cents
has been returned to Alaehna county,
the State reserving to itself the sum of
one hundred and flfty-six dollars and
lixIy-four ient. Tile faee is patent
that the county taxes are mu10h more
than the State taxes, and we desire to
know, and we have a right to know.
how it li that the State retain a larger
portion of his redemption futd than
is remitted to the county? The coun-
ty tax is at least double the State tax,
yet thle state ge't., In the division of
this fund for the< month of May, aI
mu1h iotit-ry a the county and thirty.
eight dollars anll t cint
lmore. Thii matter should bhe atis.
facturily x lailtrd.

If Th'o0hrv RKne evelt w1wre on the
stauip what a juiy campaign this
would bt .
It i. ii order tw t begin to prepare
for it iitr

Beware of Oiniments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the
seilife otf ,". ll id cunpltely derange
the whole oyetem when entering it
through. the mueouS surfaces. Sluch
articles should never be used except
on prescriptions from reputable phy-
sicians, as the damage they will do is
tenfold to the good youa es possibly
derive from them. Hall's OCarrh
Cure. manufactured b F. J. Cheney &
Co Toledo. 0 eentas n no mereuryl
.... i intrnall,. acting diret'-

Ill his epeeK'.i at l-:, t.1 Mr, Parkn r
pointrtl to the etvil growing out of
o(irporationcLttridultioiig to the cam-
paign fund of the Repubilean pirty,
asserting that such contributions were
made at a business investment by the
corporation and trusts for the purpose
of obtaining favorable legislation,and
that experleuce had taught Ihem they
would not be d Isappointed. The IHepub.
llans aittemap to reply to this state.
meat by pointing to the f64a that .Mr.
Patritk MOCarron and Mr. Cord Meyer
$** aooeliated with the Standard Oil
Company. They dodge the lioue, how-
ever. for Mr. Parker expressly ex*
oepted the contributions of private In*
dividtials, whatever -plaht be their
connections, and condemnSd only
those contributions of corporations
made by the directors of the corpor.
action out of the money of the stock-
holders, and which could be warranted
only by the expectation of a return In
the form of speelal legislatiqu or im.
munity from violations of the law.

Mr. Parker's recent speech at
Esopus denontlcing the trusts sme-m
to have structka popular ehord. The
great Hearst newspaper syndicate has
long been urging this course, aad now
that I it s been adopted all of the
fleant papers will cordially sapport
Parker and Patvi. Mearse. McCarron
and Cord Meyer recently broulghl ln
some very handsome contrlbutione. to
the campaign fund and there is reason
to believe that, with the sinows of war
at his command, Mr. Tagwars can be
sure of Indiana. which has heretofore
been admittedly doubtful. Senator
(iorman is throwing the entire weight
of hil assistance Into the West Vir.
ginia campaign and Candidate Davis
has contributed generously to the fund
In that MHate, despite Republioal
statements to the contrary. There Is
every reason to expect the election of
Demnoratio electors from thai State
and MIr. John T. Meltraw is euinting
on a legislature whlch will send him
to the senate to succeed Nathan B.L
Fire members of the president's
cabinet are now absent from their
desks, engaged in stumping the doubt.
ful States in the interest of the Re-
publican ticket. Naturally there Is
very little deing in the way of govern.
menit work in Washington these days,

Probably no one will blame Senator
Morgan of Alabama from saying, with
regard to Panama, "I told tou go."
L C ** "" ,- ., :. ...

Cream Vermrnu go


senS e' ** m uua'rse* T
Ts. ease seCwee eS e s
BallardsSow LimBlent C.
O*. LoutIS, So.
Frr "ale hb W. W Jhaswu.

. I Inl -- --I

r, M W

FRANK CLARK To DIMOCRATS. lIrsidqn; Jooevele hs tjn on the
'.t ,m .o y*4Tn r of taking a break" int the ey",
1%-th-e .n LoaL. y '>t;i. te |eil o4 of his csm"aign n *anagus 1yk n -
(ti 1 t >v. m ,d| ls 11ri1,1: of i l* th Istrlldardh Oil 'anpainy as op.
59 1 t> fal. r lh* 1 5trit. Ioir m,,y' n ci,, | l,,.sre yof potij j* his cam paign. It willI he re.
t didstl fer 1h r.> hi) atI ;i: rs'rc4 t t oe -ver s1ir> r the |rs..
, h a r '. h .osudidt te fu r ,h *''*at t uu"d to f* >r t adi .h ii 1 the t l
SIp has h l I h r', ',,,r' grin tif .'Au Iliktf r, .Ir., ask-
S" ... ... . ... ......... . n ,- .u fi..... .. i |;,w ,. r.[ rio; n
". ... l.l I'' s 'r i lt i i" 'W* tt' Mg' tU I .I
n'.l*, it 4 .mru r b teintg, tt4r a r ak. in t he

V1IF 'NB tha 2! i I f Iv ine b;i mj' 1 t"C 4 Ij ii as i ii I w1 ho lives n ad;;,.,,i;n from
SIe t% t 1r ( j lm reis- e A t i.wiea r llmde1l r tij.f ji' I t' httitr source itC..a lies, li natirU II(

I wo n.rr'ur in h jit.I ;'itr li I I it il rha'' Ie !i scmpany.. Mr. lllievelt'* | 11.rIL I IJRL
StheU .,:te. ,. ISI>... o t ri n i* M 1 ia mto,, l.a,.r,ir ser. ho e 'y 411-
;:se 41; anotar; $1.# 've act sadh 14 \to i rth 'y;' lthat it Waiu'tI unwise for h t [i at- I
1a. Y' .ll'! Ic Lit i ,r* t i thi i t izi te llT if i
u--- I 1 ii uk e tay a>urvr :' Mr to ]1sts a di thiy are t.. .^ %it 1J
!o f it..1 1V 'j V 14.;:,. ior, ii,,,ri;. r i ll i i^ r^ OK "* i it itrio n- i I* ih.

aft) *NflU n h e I SH itf ~'21r i ''n it rrvhdtiyg power ,o or
'ER jl 'K.n , tI1,I lun II i ,mir ,y, fhld. 'as',6 '
1:I rln,,pis 1 nd 1.t hvin ,too, 1 lwv $I, ,I ,',ti ll li ve$ (ill a .. .

pd ft cents for aok ad trl F l he ii ni ''tIi'lity 45 tht opub. .
slb.ii l l ;inr :ny '.f t for i. f it i, a, r i-eni l it 0. ate TI
  • ve tr Pi ade kno ws t .1 ; t' n i P t rdl'nt itLhe i t l .l' i wist or inrl
    andi i ls.' r ; ty h way. was tI prevetIt the
    uI.n i l art es t I a ge h& tlI> rfy Ieo, t, .11 Le d, tr a t tent of i.he law arrat iig the te, 8 ,
    , lubU t C I ll".. "ti. 4 t duty 1on t 1 i 14y r. r ,rl-ra'.. ... '. .,ori ,. -
    trn t l c llre itanwa.v o 1?sin a n' it m lI n. :rdInt I t erti 'it d sirtd"",.'i ...r

    iou) csttari s ir. f lurllmit) [' lt ,r p ull s a t ir 1f-r -i"i-.te-rnii mier enrporate lt
    (TI t 1an P.4i' ry t tallnyrTtH E1,tL .%T

    ite&or t C : it"F1 j ""F"a I O", I rIr '", otal. Til i,, nght he abl to gather rgr ,,ing TH E
    oiln: 1: i y oif e't very mnian who ,artiti t1 a14 thri liretliods. ____

    lIlIE xSli
    UMUIPU -N to*
    lh o HalT
    LII. I Bvry



    ightest Itlulia Tf77 ,
    Writers of the Wol\rW
    I. Mr any help i \ o
    ithn any olhe mtlashIe .


    S i ., I

    ~At4 *t~


    'E. E. VQol.t
    Absttets of Tit. and f ll h lbIpI
    ennity. Our ap bart
    la tboifltu u nuS


    4r'1 l


    -. ... ,. -: ,,,ll '^^n*l ^^^l tnn_ ,
    i "- .- .i

    Title iV what


    know wt 7m

    .. TiUo ordir!rity iVWihIbN

    The Alacbua Cty I


    285 W. Bay St., ACno

    asil3 9.y leaXteK ,d "

    ..O! Or TWO



    ,n i aaia

    ,, w r

    . ' :, . C. ...i. : f 1 {'
    t l a i.. r,' ,' ..' '.' .'. ,",^
    AlntV ,,,a i'i
    Alanti Coat

    Montgomery end L a N. Or DlSl' 'N N1
    Atlanta aid oatt
    ,' , "

    Round Trir Rat fore QtliftslWet

    Onaule daily. Good till Dee. 25.


    On sale daily. Good filteen days.



    ;I.IL.' ,' V:'r


    r- F

    .. k a,',l .a.. n '

    * '. .' *
    i" ; r ,', ..
    . ..' ,'.. - .. ... l.

    .' ,, ". .

    For rirtvmttior ad inflormastl aplyl
    FRANK C. BOYLSTON. tle. --. A0.
    Isots Wat ,fa a &t -gam


    t ailede
    q weak.
    le slstee


    _L _ _I___

    *fl -*mi*

    n "' i't

    _.'. ..._.r... i........ .J.._....... .:,~


    *I ] .I.




    . p"I '! ",; I-,

    aL* I

    :n'elW Wi' S~T~~n

    ~~ru,~ Fi~l~rr 7'FThY:W'4

    I. .'

    'U N &O
    "DU TON&CO
    *-*-*DKUKH llE IsN--- s

    n Islanacl Ootto
    SIst Iland Cotton 8 Merl, Bggli nl.) Twin. W.I'n
    S, Leather In'ttrips or bsir-.
    Maa Maifwtuers of the James lit hipr o 8eI land Cotton lin, andl Sippli.Q for n'le.
    mlE W rLlisF iae

    .. .,


    ill DO. 15. 1 15t e~n day) ,
    e^ @0 dRound Trip. On *fl7 f, t urlTip.,
    SIIIIU l d o i p. Oa d ,., ifll 'ki On T C'.i Ni .4
    Y W WI WW s9' d5 a. aV9 6 d : l r ; .M I
    a "


    -4IU4W :trm b A'fl A ama Chattanooa or Coal:uw it aid A t-ev *. ,\ of L .C
    Om Ilp i me InmVeSw Ith sown ratli Into it. Lanui. Two tirlre d ila: rrmii
    A. AMIMtUe Whtniwh llisiu oar.
    R" p a bO f0Gl stI m la at Prfillpal) ounata an d aUntui er rwm a rt e t n. I n
    S -. M- Tm-O O. No- 11 *out. A i opiortunllty to NOI it te I-
    u P W .O. m E WM onU I lathe m nl tall where side rimn can i. i
    *teh b SaSM i um %t7. Lakle Teozaway, te Isblandm. eto.
    S "IM Bd S- -O IWorntt Uol,imapm. foMier. etc.. oblerfully furalfshe .v.i.
    SsBw|* ts .', ,J. C. LUSK.
    pkQl W ftplaer ASat, 100 West y Ms.Y, Jackonkvtile. Ft.
    Spi,. '

    Air Line Railway



    . FOR....

    ,I. B. DAWSOR

    . W i AND LI0U01S
    S .TJ 'ks(onville% FlortAia.

    A Jaa. Everard's Canads Malt
    AS >),1 l as a:I y ai, II t r i t hvr ot i M s
    Itlie r. M. adl t Ir I li pt i iiil Mait
    arid NoTr ItI.IF.,

    Per B rTi . . . $10 o5
    Per Dozen ......... i

    Matbushek Pian,,,
    TV OF rTON;, qOIMFI Ai.

    eit pliano for tbis Itr.ij liruJate. stkndl i
    tfle lunoger than oLlitrh', 'iontruOtted
    bent LtetrlIatu. nd muost ritasl
    worktailnt4i ubsliliir.b.e.
    t 1 Loil tite n Cevr
    d eltall nl I'u-
    t a'Iwlt'. -
    Silid by us 'ntititriiilidly for
    without a sl*al failur.w It f tAn


    Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
    Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-

    ingtoon, Baltimore, Phila-
    .. ,delphia, New York.
    liJSn. ^ ,. Two Elegant Trains Daily.

    Seaboard Express.

    Seaboard Mail.


    |n. _Only Line Operating
    b llhr Thrmlk Pullman Supfrs from Jacksonville to New Orleans
    *KiSgneu eWtsad l- Iro fill lafonmslon eand iopper reservelone Pall on any agent Seabord or
    *llt* al t' mud will A. 0. MCeDONILL, 8s. o. OYLSTON Ja.,
    si sinl lotmihlas AMi. Genialit o Psger Aents, Piawnger Agent
    l .ds ahisy etalm.n- JACKSONVILLE. FIORIDA.
    ,M e ,' lih tUltUW p- U, ,, .__ .. _.. ..... .

    Gaanesville & Gulf Railway Company
    ,:. Time Table in efiet July 8. 19W.
    ",:"ii i i i l l, ....... -.. - ... -..... .... ..... -..... .- ... ... .. .. -- .--..---

    i' RoM.S Rnmlflnn., ,o. ,. N. .. No. PI,
    S Iuvy Dlll bTATIONH. Daily. i Dal,.Exc'pt,
    ^ BAm VILT4 M
    ",N, *Y.rY .-t."-_________________ |I
    ,/ ,I i- w & A 6i. i. L .. P
    ASC .Ly.ftmAthate. *P L AM Ar.LPMMAr AM] ArPi
    7.^ ,,- l;,.. .. ., ".,. ? W^ ...,.... .... .... .. .....,.. a r el .......... .......... ;..... e 6
    .."i&n a. AM AS lltask e 1 t S ........ .... ...... ..,,, ire,...4.... ..,........ l........ 65 0
    ,.A.U.... f. l: Ar...l.m.. . ... ... .......... ..*..t..Dlru e ................r...... 6n
    S LEEPM 6 CARS Sv *..*. : ....f::.... 1. iwaUX. I.i:R. .t........: ::. 4: :.&
    ^.' .l .^:1, :;\ rt' .j a l ........ ........ ,.,,.. La ie m ,to ..... ...... ... ... ... 8
    ."",.. -, ... . .... .. ... .. .... ... MioM iopy .*.... I ......... ... .....
    E, nIa m .:: a ..: .... : :....... ..... .....T nom I ............ ......... ... 1
    W V'69 l n ......... ........ ........ Ki wood...... ... i........ 50
    SI .. w .... L .... .... ........ t,y tt. 0 4.... ...... ........ ... 5 00
    S. q ... ... .. .. ...n.........1fw ill nu........... ...... .......
    .g 0--, ...AM....OU. .... .......wee oot.... ... ............ 4
    ,7, OF THE AiOUB i ,.....q ......... ......Rot ky Poat....... ... ........... Eel
    I I AFLYER BR n*, *S oe ..i....I....Ajt6ti::...... * t, sho s a ife a ............O. un......... B.. S So 1oIC
    A *fte abit&Y rlsntvsoee 1 a 40 T Il Ar 47 ...... O a) t...... 8 2 40 10
    t*. k I_..AUASit Ss L A. _.4i .6..,i...f V A I5 ...Ike & T M .......
    I'SiMtihwirttaLtea tlont S. __..... i on ..JlaekenUvlte.J.t .W. N00 p', ... f ..

    want a piano for a lifetime
    nrvoi bui the
    lMa tthushe k! 7
    Psen as llow as l itsecmlatl with qtaif
    Cub or oa *aMI werm. len on a dans'
    trial. We per frelbs. Write
    for prices iOAY.

    Ludden & Bates
    Southin Halc Hous,
    JOHN D. MURPHY, Mgr..
    GATHER & BRYAN, Stat Aglt,
    TAMPA, FLOitIi.

    -- - -

    National, State and Congressiolo
    al Ticket 1904.
    Presidential Electors.
    0. F. Buffimn-Franklin county.
    09o. K. Robilnon--Marion county.
    Geo. II. lolmes-llreward county.
    0. A. W. Wendell-taldedt ecounti.
    A. M. OCuhman-Alachui county.
    For Governor--lln. M. 1. Macfli
    lane, liillaboro.
    Secretary of Statel-John F. Hor,
    Attorney-Uenersl-Fred C. Cubbter
    ly. Levy.
    Comptroller-J. L. Skipper Polk.
    Treasurer-E. I. Breleford, ldoe.
    Superintendent of Public InstrWe-
    tOen-W. R. O'Keal, Orange.
    Commisuloner of Aglieulture--J.
    Rowley, Pusnam.
    aillrod OoCommllioner H. J,
    Ritble, St. Johns.
    Justl.e Supreme Court for tOe of
    six lysra-W. B. Rheppard, Eeambi*,
    Jauilees Supreme Court-0. 8. FaMrt
    0. 8. Adams. Dural.


    * 11




    * :4


    *2# I






    p~prrr '*


    -' ;~"' i37


    tJ3% t)" I t,1 O c- Ml t it

    F With Partlalpating in
    Streuitin(g Schems.
    * 4 N.'1 "i4't 16 14
    ! nndt n i I ltlt L a "
    1 in w hli rhr I ic t>' ,*r,

    1Sh11 si

    f'ilg ki4 ,.'
    lolli 411?



    t.l A Shi fr'l11 (ilh w lidh 'raii alair
    e *vein6t& ai%. i thilt hil y lyhow
    $s pago l 41 ,r1 pia l -, %. lurirtril
    ;0gr5a Ira al wh neill o 't Atlanta h111irt
    jWtr', it)' V i1 vih'i' Iiifis I1., iii4

    Adto b. ix4t'td 1 i,'..fiitli hm41tiri.
    hl tI r ii i ei.'. tof i h Itlf;l,! I: 4

    i Il 1Ifee i r.II.4111l l'l !i r.i t lf ni;:

    et cf4atiral tlii dlay'i !,o.MI,li.i I
    y ltntj e t l'e lin,?fhi S,,' inir int
    eiir h.!,I li'eIt t 4'4 ttflil1'tel v. 1.*'i
    lVOs .ti l'. i IIt0o f raniL. ltir
    antll iinigi liii rM lit, bad l''lin
    : women n of 4nly apjeiR irtn'
    'attired antd choe I towhonm hin
    o at, An lie iioved 14 ) lhf
    i was per otl'ltly naltatW.1. ind
    t 1ippd into h1' woiutrn nt chair
    at tlhe ile cttlitar dia itillied hid

    f M ody Not laxplalned.
    a U., NNov. ? .The flndtna
    ,4 Ml W it In Hroal river ornto
    i wl ti areat a t lyal mystery a.
    the rela arti of tlli finding of
    ai d lhia y in Inth river and
    og tADUl I hile witl men prove
    iut foundation. Nio arri't N
    il nmade It ., ald that a
    likely the i dad im1an. dld|
    U, ntellIns, near the river,.
    Time It was thiou.h thL e deed
    lUItted. buit Mr. lufellngai cdoe-,
    ilUty the body as that man. Outn
    talag Is that if the body was
    4 CharLes A. LeGant, no rela.
    ! 0lriend has come forward.

    In's Cough Remedy Is
    Pleasant to Take.
    %it quality of granu laLtd loaf
    u-ed in the manufatelure of
    nla's Cough tRemedy. and
    ased in its preparation give
    .ltr tlmilar to maple syrip,
    Ilquite pleasant to take. Mr.
    ,ldortlek of Poolesville, Md., in
    of tse remedy. says: "I
    sChamberlain's Cough Item
    imy children for several years
    uth(fulily say it is the best,
    of the kind I know of.
    ,No like to take it and it has
    after effect. For sale by

    People Arrive In One Day.
    tlrk. Nov. 2.-Store than &,U004
    arrlveld herit I'lay Lon
    .rma Iat. an-lth' Moltke. fri i
    tg_ and the ilaer Wiliwilm II.
    S. rd 'rlr!i d'ir Gro?..'. fruomt
    Of thli.s numl S Arat rabn.,' hlilt :;.4 1 wCerT' in
    .-ra.egc. ilims; t Ihe p;atn'n r.t
    SKal,' r 'itlh.,?ni II, wtere Iarion
    fh lBuehe- ilad'lslii oin.i coun-.
    .ad Artin croEitary at tho (er
    3lbaasy at \';aishinton. Andreaq
    iMlladanme Ga,'likl. Meldatie Zci-.
    lt'O0fdlututrs (hut~av K<<'I an.l a!.
    ;ritz. oft .M' Mrtitiitllan Opera

    COured Consumption.
    ,l. W. Evans, Clearwater. Kan,.

    S"M husband lay sick for three
    The dootoil said that he had
    "Ofi, umption. We procured a
    .t Ballard's Iforehound Syrup,I
    ,Uttd him. That wasu ix years
    *iase then we have always kept
    lathe house. We cannot do
    It, For coughs and colds it
    ua. 5e. 5e, lI, $1 t), Sold by
    eI Joiinon.
    Killed In Memphls Wreck.
    ta. Tenn., Nov. 2,---Only onm
    att of a nexn saloon lxm rter
    .WIntrTS Parker. was lost hi
    nBkln rt i o e thp Vtorv lillilin
    1ii A1ladlh4)n street yesterday
    tlyt of the negro wuw found
    a I th cellar. All of the In. i
    Li'i doing well. The unds.
    Ot ltluental Savings beak have
    AM ered trou o the debrlo.



    navtgtMe ially delight li

    Ieing rl I'FFERIN, hut the
    highel t thought lofC ivilI |ntionu
    14 (to rolli e all pain. Thlji ran
    qulekly 1e doue with lHANLINS
    For Internal aand exterslj
    curative atioe, It haa no equal
    In the entire mleclal world. It
    relIlve the luflmmaition which
    I Irritating your serves, rneg.
    latex the elrelaitlon of the
    small blood vemel, and, by
    scientific means, patly bkt eer-
    tainly restores your body tb
    You ean't be nick, If you wair
    oi the prelimluary action of
    Inease mlerobes, with this
    greatest of all medleins of
    modern time. Price fte an
    *1.O0. Frlly guaranteA.
    lPr s als rsooameadei hy

    SSMI.r* i ne .1 Wuse^
    A hlils nnval *dfreilI, now dead often
    rlteld a %e1n i',nmnpih of Khrastly liimor
    41 lt 111 ln(1 ihl t ibefell yo4uittg wu- tiiin
    dltrinl, ll1 .1 i 4A il w 1 .
    l "' %%;, uttl tul kimu.i Int e vn. iti
    .v "; nnl i n^ i!.' w.r Vt vticl
    1141? li ,.t. 4 ,i' .. !t' jtini l li 'ng t '
    u ) i.n ;>"' li ll *!i 'VI I' ;,

    'i**i i or i, 'l ; 1;, 11 4l i l r tInis n i %I ;l
    1. It s. m alrtl1rs 'fIftr r jula

    l .>'. ,,', ll, I t i : I f lr *-|t r t ill ) : lit

    s a ,t 1 o'. .I .t a it% % ea.% *

    1oJ 1' 1it l.. Il t ll nai lt : 1

    V1, K; w tileI I n 'o

    4t i *IifI l ie n l v V.:t)1 1 to legs Ahot
    off.'" "- iililni'1 p- IlienItil.

    Only Makes a Bad Matter Worse.
    Perhaps yo have tnevr thought of
    it, but tlhe fact must Le apparent to
    eeryone that constipation is caused
    by a lack of water in til, system, and
    the uList of drastic eatharties likr the
    old fashioned pills only makes a bad
    matter worse. ('hamberlain's Stoni.
    ach and L.iver Tablets are much more
    mnild and gentiC in their effect, and
    when the proper dose Is taken their
    actiun is so natural that one can hard-
    ly realize it is the effect of a nmedieine.
    Try a 2.scent bottir of tileni. For sale
    by all druggists.


    Alachua Pool Parlors,

    C. Bunrs. I'roprlet*r.

    Located in the Porter Blook, south
    side square. Three first-elaus table.
    toojd Ighte, and prompt and oourtelu
    service. The pubite il cordially invited
    and always welcome.

    Al.aehus county is USI,iL acres in
    area, has 248 miles railroad. W(X)
    miles wargo road, 5 postulltees.
    123 public schools, 27 photphate
    plants, 20 saw mills, *75,flXt court
    house, five newspapers, and pro-
    duces corn, cotton, rice, asugr,
    oats, rye, potatoes,. pineapples, or-
    aitlges. peaches,. pears. plums, pe
    cane, and all kinds of vegetables.

    Gainesyille, the County Seatl
    Ilas fourteen churches, two public
    schools, the East Florida Seminary,
    wrivAte Pchoolhs thrt', news apera, .ml l an l a i, ,tie. ti Iw~ t

    . .. l* ar sri .

    I '"l'P Alu. 'i
    -Itr41 )tt

    *. ,u ,4

    tlae NIas.,lia I lnt'.t


    All dlWleitta isi0%i,,'e i. tr'iuite4 wi .,jlt
    Offltt N*ourt l to i it i. to I ,n ,r lit
    ai|Mitintnt. IIaII *
    F lthiNAN) IIAYEt,.

    1 Al 141 ss l.I.K;,

    - 4 I ( pit 11) .4

    oan lell your city prIoperty, (im.
    proved and unimprured), phoophlat,
    truekli and farmlnia lnds. eaond him
    I lilt of what you otfer for sale. 2142n.

    'W i.. i.AKEk,

    (IA NKESVILLE, Alsohua Co., FI.A.
    Office in Eadel l look.

    DENTI8 T.

    Over Dw a ooIau. aif s
    lustS ataslos to Crows MA eW WOra
    f eas I"l

    Dt. UODON &a TINOm'

    Grnduas llItmleore Conee DnsaJl Survern
    Five rlsa' epeMle Iae in New York CliW.
    Crews.tME e work td mVilltS 6peialtle
    ALL. Womu (lAsaeassa
    ONe la Miller law Kltbame.

    JOlN MZfa. Prowilesor.
    SMW W. Mrl ai. Jaemowvur. ea
    Faust btar, bottle and dranuht. Don't
    fail to ail on me when in Jalckoovil

    (Wibh IM. U. ItTlhou).

    UMeIe in Miler Law Exchaole.

    Frank Ganlerr. Proi'r


    - a Florlds

    Best Imported and Domestlo Liquors
    and Wines in the city.


    k I ibron Its, PipZ, FK.

    Bonght in Car lAte. Sold Inany
    ) " -
    %et J0. *Ouar Ctalsgu.

    Baird Hardware Co.


    Via L I N. R. B .

    Excursion tickets now on sale daily
    from Jacksonville to Mst. IAuis and re-
    H4).650--TIckets limited December 15.
    $3.90-Tiekets limited sixty day.
    $2760o-Tlcket limited fifteep day.
    Corresponding low rates from other
    oints. The I. & N. is THE BEST
    AN to St. Louts.


    .\ t. ,1 ,



    - .----'. ... -7

    ItVelens the aNew8 aind Facts 10

    Stuit*die underlying auges of MnrN
    MVtlneilt&. 'l
    Reviews, analyzes and criticise0 Pat
    itu Industrial reports.
    Han complete tables of Karli
    Quotes active and Inactive Stiti
    Bonds. .. .
    Records the last sale of BondsaS qd:.
    yield on Investmente at the pr.
    Autwemr, without chalg, liu Ibt.I
    cernlng Invetmepta.
    Ons whe odaly ne W60 Vk M" A
    JOURNAL b ktP6 qaitl -l
    eably sO eMtay to *@A eat

    ---PBLRHLIED DAILY r- : 'l
    DO JON 8 '

    'TU ON l 3331 AS RNIf W a

    *,"' i' i;'. ; ;i,';i in


    :IAO:TORY LA.O9.i

    SOWD7h a.0 yar

    I4 the Ael4 emo aod -Ml
    rat prWche 'Leader'
    imobdas Powder SliS 0
    Aswa ms s lnot, 1w111 g1f
    spcSof swt goat -A p u

    nsa who us WIai I'


    The SMART

    Maqaxlhes should have a we >lndA, se e1
    Geou *me emrtarsaismt smugememS ale!tWS
    of The Smart$ la, the
    Most Successful of Ma
    Its novls (a ouplete one Ia se0 amber) a -,t a1
    thorn of both hemisphew., .'...e..s.
    It. short stories are math lese-olelsa Sat i .l
    ItU poetry oOerinrl th entire sld of Tl
    neor-i by the mast popular peati,, ntme .! t
    Ita JokCe, wittlmia, iaetflseo en., O mltiM9li
    i16o Pages D lightful R

    No pageiM se ate ld -O ehae iloi- abms Sisto
    nlg esiays at4 idle dilsiakless.
    Every pap will teilkfwt, cihai asd .ii ,," : ,. :.
    Suberbte sow-P- 0r 0rp or
    of registered letter to Tle 3' SW
    N. B-Sample Copies Set re on AppL

    - . v

    The Florida -i
    Fruit and Truck Grower
    L. J. BRUI)MB, iltmor ad Fswp'r,

    One Tear.. .... ...**...
    stlag esles. ..........

    A haudeomely illustrated I
    devoted speeally to the iJa
    the frait aad vetable o r

    rl Mr i **lll ,, li i. ,-t At- . AM I

    S'1 *'tosp .n,.s

    * 19

    So- p. .,o !AW
    At "It A
    See High i
    betidge Isalth a
    awl O rnht One Region,
    m"_M 7pj. amusing ohmic elt



    ,. A. 'a. M ( ',II 1,
    N T T 1,; i 1 l ,

    * 'it
    . ^
    * * ^.^
    *.'* ^irffll

    - ---I- -----.----





    , I
    I.... .. i ... ..
    -^-HMN LJ-.,

    r 'IA


    l rI*WUtht, Mema s tiltl.
    r P I 1 l % I t l'r s,%.
    S, .. 1' .r 1y r',.
    I .& 1 ,Li4 "

    I . 9 f

    CIA .I st

    '"I4 1

    ltt Coitl hI

    Wilt. vBwT
    _l. 41l and s:,tb

    pb Tmn l O m-*oI v

    ToRnS Parleras
    Sino Free

    VH day hPr. unMal
    rhe 3I O'dewi .



    w SmeTrl sutIrst Gatdh.
    6I by Our Ritporters.


    lsFppenelland Whamis Go ino
    Told In Short Paragraphs
    aHe Who Runs May Read"

    SU0 (u stshmast A Iii!.t
    IPo pits ftr .l@ at h, .i.h
    WoVdertral ?"a-,k for .le
    eColhomn a (,**
    i. Harper nf l'alatLa i. rr;-
    tlh Browen iliuse.
    tvill* of Arr.dundit wrO
    b heoeity yesterday.
    sll Knight of llighi Springs
    Sla the city yesterday.
    rH Matheson made a briefr
    jI lshl to tltarke yesterday.
    Warlicek of Otter 'rrek was
    Sbusiness visitor. to Itlis eity

    RL.. W, Fennell ie s'tendioig a
    at hle country home near

    gaHlon has ac ptedl a position
    wish the liaineuville riu-

    .lColson ihas retlittirt fromti
    nMass trip lo .Jaiekonville

    f r-8ore Royal Cook former-.
    Addresm Thomas V. P'or-

    bI--n^ond.haid eleern ore
    t. Will Ib sold ehetap. AJ-

    Mrs. E. Chilltty of Miea.
    Md relatives. Mr. and Mrn J.
    Pill, nla this eity yesterday.
    Aitms of Windeor, more fa-
    Iowa among his friends as
    *. trading in the city yester-

    .t W. Mlilltean and child were
    ill y from Waldo yesterday.
    ifpe ftlstered at the Brown

    tlhof High Spring, \W. T.

    Aof Alaebua and R. W. Tur-
    iCity were among the visit-
    ity yesterday.
    . .eAW on and A. E. Summers.
    WPtive young business men
    6L1prin1. were among the vi.-
    t~eeir yesterday.
    bMrs. Sanuel H6dge of Ala.
    trading in the city yester.
    9ile The Sun an agreeable
    lpprnlated call.
    Ree00t 11111 and dauihlter. M1i e
    rimediy of thill city but now
    I, here on a brief visit to
    Vs. IV. L. Hill. Friends are
    to See then again.
    af new sign hu been soU-
    It front of the ataiueuville
    MOfapany. The letters are
    Sixth a blue back-ground.
    SO 5 very attraolive effect
    Ai W. Ielf(raiide. the milliner.
    ' ill opening ynterday, when
    pretty styles in headwear

    it I I ..
    *v: "i ~ I, I
    - Li I. I; I 9t


    104 6 r v*Tkm lo, i bit. ,. l 4ll l0t.l y.on .
    I' ," t eq'' t,,w t$Ssl( to riun.
    Ir .- ,.1 'r 1r I l I W l uli t -t
    I.. .t i !\ Ilib | Hi i

    f' ' i t rl f iial. t I ,. i h

    i 4 I" )

    -' i i. S ,,, 4 '1 tl '. ,, r,wn 1|oine
    )*o'. r.i'lti t' warlr" I g t'ndwigl a few
    ft r'' ','j ip ei. ,'r ,
    th 1 I *r- ir in I tmrnda. a -d
    *' r," a11 il,|-le .iar nit a sini .t
    .r a ii 1i,

    'l~ iui, f ,r t,,.,+ x,tl derl lf itr>+ i!l),rwtiiil d*aiilltmei.I wam at
    llt !".M tl-li l lt' yesterid y M r.
    ium ;.'r ia, k l111s ll hiatd<)in rters in

    A he rit I ., forunrly a prIogrossive
    theiiiiis m oi f mlf thl eity, but for the
    past fw ,.Pitro a luilier and furnisher
    of Jiat'koiarvilsle, isspending a day or
    two lere* ,iM tiii *ess l i old friends
    and aculaintauest reg !lad to givel
    Sini akaili
    .1. It Pate. t,1ie elever traveling rep.
    rest Altiva of Crte.r r A l through, pli
    an lnd lorgansa, Valdioeta, departed
    yr t-riay) for 'Palatka and other ipinlts
    in I1. interest of his line. Mr. Plate
    it r.gardld alc* oie of the finest pianoI
    sRa&.ltnfn im tlhii t'ote irii.
    A1itsn:t i r prominentl traveling
    *.t*i ;i,ti. i i Ill' roiwn House yester-
    dl y 1A I AI Ma.oulioch, represent.
    ii:t i1, .,i11 l'arions Chemical Com-
    i.,ir.y o,,( l''iCe t manufacturers of al*
    kali water purllers \Mr. tMoCulloch
    ijY*, a lll'n Lralde in this section.,

    \moni oib oVi
    ('iptitin C. Ti
    wlit as si pending
    family here. C
    of th* oldest aI
    r.siJdeuts of ti
    fr.e:ads hire art
    I. ilii
    L.+t a0 rd I -l..i
    111v itrrivvil ii tl
    1l..1- witltr w.t>l
    lie 'expeeCt with
    to go to 'tOlW i

    ataLu ville friet
    grret himi aaian
    'I he Siuni has b
    nftltiI' that. ow
    lRev. Those. 11. I
    the sst-Stion of th
    W. J. Carpenltvr
    odilt Church wi
    tuee'tinrg tprvic
    church this evetr
    ance is dsiremd.
    F I'. llendteru
    a izlly-aere p
    place. was sniut
    oily yrlterday.
    trees are In ti
    booni. and tlhe
    will be a tine cro
    lie shipped last
    expects the eomn
    the yield at leas

    r. E. W. IHal
    Sir: In reply
    date In regard
    Hall's treat I)
    cure, I can all
    named when thA
    I have suffered w
    the kidneys for
    all advertised r
    plaint, as well as
    'exrasa Wonder
    hIt gilrven nie 1
    has effected an u

    A TEXA
    onte sinall hot
    der. Hall's trea
    kidtney aid bladt
    gravel eres dil
    io1n1i weak and
    tisin and all irre

    Ituift AlW#1 ti06 A AN I,
    n ly*! i hei U hstttitthtlunt wrs,
    6Litilit fr l i iP oie t ih e ,t, *.

    WILL 60tO SAmWuft,

    fe, J Hiinly Ma1 ii i4 ti
    bvth Oeaeiia Ohnith.


    lk I # : i 'o i

    ' .!
    .4' 1

    .1. ,..

    rut i

    a -W,



    1it.or Io this eity il -- p1i ISmlI NmesllMR Alia ,l0ad, 5l.
    'cker of Jacksonville. NU W o h sid tio lt Wta ll "AM. ReIM* -
    a few day with his I II 1 t empr o of te .
    plain Tucker is ones "'oliW bodes of roeS virle Uui e)
    I most widely known i she eoua"9v 4a" will ha eless
    is section. and his to ru the e plan or m, lt oglo.
    e always glad to see It has baeen r ieLd that- 10.
    W ftlli amion of the Am of WI
    nd of Siou City. Iowa. ll
    iw city. and will send hal ilafIernled.with Mr. Atel i
    hi, got. V'. E. Ke DLatd. I sa m l, M r. WI> i ';i
    in the next few day. CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTH, *es aP "*elra isl ain Is
    when he will spend a he h apaMil of euperlatndeAnt ad
    atin.Mr. Delnd'" --- -manap"er" flor the na r eneern.
    FrIends of Mr. AYsoek will be I
    wr dlihtt The Cool Weather... ad r tea iform oU th- e
    S rdeque stet ilatln to ie o up Floril.a;
    en eqeted So an- 18 now upln u8s, and we hi home. Hi U atrftla ll stll .II Mo
    inR to the absence of to 11 whte te hl *ave a ll* l'U
    lay. w'hois attending hre colnlllel ed to sell whm e re t c ave a eau ti
    * nod i atey.n Heay Goods0 in ern home., and whers it I said they MIu
    e synod fitoeala, ia v. Heavy (o00 In earn. eonii tomitde , IIi fte
    or ( Kavanaughi Meth- H r aoodi I ... ..... -a I tII Io miI
    II conduct the prayer est. We havl some HYp PINING.
    of the Probyterian
    i and a full attend- Speall Yles l Ldlies' Un. A Grea tia L..,adi v E io. P ,'
    and Admired the Sise.
    ion of Arno, who own s rer t 1*0, ud Wedmelsay was ta day at spat e
    each orchard at thai 0 i Bt the grar fall s ad lrter wne tllryl
    ig the visitors to this oplenin at Hyde% Bigl Bltor ltea
    lie states that the 'e was lpseipalteda late mumberef l '
    ie condition, full of n M n' lnr divsieia *bs ste a mirM e ax
    ,,. ,, In Men's Underwear.. 411" :"Ited the stem s" 64"Im *0
    ,rospects are that there l UWl* maly betlkifut tyl a h1 tr
    Ep the coming eason. We have some goold triamNlas, miT Of whom ma e n no O smas am '" .
    year 4.ol orates. and pr0h"ases, w l e b whlilt U tUllrl Omi mM k
    ing season to Inerease Ones Rt $ 20 U laid as ide he porwlhs, withl te meant
    t one thousand. $3.30 per Suit dae or tw, .llI
    S. ....._.. .. Motwlhetaiillag tlie lsel re' ot
    thea etherl he aftefresa, many
    1)ladies wh ould e l"%ewa their
    STH S. Capes and Jackets.. ho dhor for *ee odons5 5
    Mise., p, 24. !10! Iold del, or for o lpr nwotM l a l
    i. St. Ioui., o.--Der For Ladies and Chil. me atte th. opelne i. it. mouse
    to you. of a recent dnri just received, and i, Swatd Set te Imce ue
    to the efflieancy of lor a e the eWou Iw of he stao aIs
    isoverm y as a kidney Ou maust see them to helrlll ooi. pleidm their ermt il
    elly s thaiit It s well appreciate the valuemei. brella a side, and admired Ue
    ey call it a WONi1EKR. beautiful astles which Mr. Hyde 4 WAMg
    rith a weakness from his buyer Intodmae*d for thli eems,"
    yr ears and have tried FALL LINE IATTIHNS S"nai'tll. theop.ulagwas.o of hoe
    remedies for the oom-* e*esse whloh always eharateleide
    Sphysioias. and Hail's D Hyde to ,, and all who attended
    is the only thing that 1D RUGS#BAL'-.'",
    relief- oghtto y. weor well pleasMd with the fanteles, o.awe.
    bsolue cure. J t Out wilt (i Up. Ru Attention Kirby Smith. I i
    tUK. Ho;ae from 25c to $3. 75; Matting. The regular binewlu meotacl of '
    S WONDER. from 1tic to 35c. Some Kirby Smith Chapter, Ulited Daf. MOAOkDiA .
    to Woff. t xo mc ia Vf r t ers of bhe ConfederToy, will he held
    lie of the Texas Won- special Vale to offer. at th home o Mrs... Wallwrightll 01010Ai OAS 0CM
    t Discovery, oures all --- -- this afternson at n ) o'celook. Theer eIsa 'a
    der troublts, remove wil business of Importance, ad a
    l-tes. sensiual emis- ~ome to the Busy StrNe full atteldane Is dulred. It ovW1rs4As sAt,.
    lame back, theuina- and we guarantee satisfac- M.. H. MCii ATP. cM..v, Pis, i e
    *gularlties of the kid- tion. 31 K .1. N. WroNw.%a, Bee. ee. ""M


    ' I


    lt'm d '.' rT4 a ide'4tn in this ily % tid
    h II "'b ,ll I n d "tatP m i tgr!y lh thi peeas, ktt aied
    t h ehr lt n lr. 9. iithi j It lt, lItu ,, feet itluri tft Ur UN
    14'*l hq ii in li 'tett lan olth tanpit whe't t,'* trtw hht
    t., the ., 'r ~tt"l 0t IIi t I t, e i lr! l lel taiitllf o'lte th. i w rrr
    :'':,n\r ; '' 4' Mr ilolitry Isle t l nwet I' h i.f W ]
    8 imatutest l se e hat < 4it* sl eip n.,d **an t s nc In il 'i. '1,1 ,,i, n *,%I liiso lari as h i l, t tMl' Kt l e, t .I l tpIr al Int a.tolue.
    jilt 1n" aso he l.,Ils lit, ie irl, hie Iwill tit h was "altrd i ts the l tal i lip.
    h" saf fiOr aCoitie ftr tair rg list UhlIre of this ilpy hntlP -thl f
    I i all br ile t to i l d tN IAvo. and duliMehis aldamlis'rt.
    S trtill n114% 6i s ei1, 4ilpt)ili"nti mad. lM eueeonsa *g,**sa,11111t
    wlirh *ll m fe miIpwrm 1110 111 st14Of l0 O I'lwevrr t beliepqlthatb hi o
    lin1. W ilter ItI It l s ntm I. 16 it 1" eih, we`. We" !i dmaINd. im1d ti' 0I 1
    'hoth md Mt, Mason lepa thi tpeflh lt'lwor .h e he o blth The
    d fmor their hem til. 1'tvid*nl I &***sergaptst is w hish he p eblieho
    I lai Vlsilms., 04T, hr former e who ehteeiroe tima, mbs1q0Pic t p ..Gswo.
    is iar lrft Oel,t, obiwet9I, I stim**l o I g imointhe s0 #laitl pslbtlleato s
    ite leaiWg Oilis I ti'ltVIdne ellJ'he alo., and later mtMmng Ili
    while iMr Me on i 4.le oof the ni o mI en hisl ste with that of rhe .Flo 3llt a
    biatsite imanufaeu"lreos o f totettht goamSde11P lt4Wiess 1 with itar, hlD. eob-
    In the world. Th pelstilenwen a stia. lie a itrw rds solMde Dtor. HNb.
    well pleased with tial.emtrvlle. u b l *. al sthe pei sl iner Sld t
    ( t. It obertson 1( the Atlnuv Car blowb tlln hloI hea made hi hk eadqler.
    I.ine has relusnmed ito his eity. N Mr. le bers,
    Koberteot has hbeit for the p0 staim- Mr. mld Mrs. Hollgf thae many
    iner is Mlehilan., I llinois and other friends hioe who will rogsef nmee. ,0n
    Imints looking after the shipnem of iamll to y es iothm lem1 u4 1!witWill inl*g
    polatous, peaches and grapm It lhem mush happuisea Is sho ts so
    *tla tat thiIe pea ad gi rape ship- home. Mr. Holier I a *qsas ."d
    menal from MiehigOn were heavier the lImpeite speakerp. s ve weebs Min
    eMase gjtl closed tha ifor many pyaN. llbad it hhut of mbeen g 1e hI e
    and tht loaod priest were relied. As namtmlated thakt he i ehp ed *
    a mllls the grower in that l is are o all.
    happy i t pron ro s d M hs. ai mty hs Mr, and Mrs Hellleo l pS icSte 3
    been pleatiful during the semon. their departure for wiest ll ee Oo*.o
    Among those regiwered at the Brow. SicOrtw.,
    Hlou s yesterday was Thoe. II. Walker, AVOOCK MAKIR A MOVL
    the sUomeeful traveling salesman for ..___AM__ | ,
    the ThomIas W. lpurr Coff.e Compaul. M* Turpee.theP eMi o P |r' .
    Botelo. who was working the trade chants P inee Pla ib A..... b ..
    here. Mir. Walker was groed iby i W. IL Algoek, who ter 149 'IV"poM
    very agoeetable surprise here, meeting hb been s aped *meIiotnlo Is she
    his ootuia, W. B. Anderso. of the firm *manmnum of naval meo as01mNI
    of Cater A Anderso. The w b m Hl d Meehewe h
    eers. Tholey are both natives of 8outh dispoe hothhistea re I heegh1A '111i0P ,
    (Carol:la, and Mr. Walker did Ot abhased a large nsval steise lthem
    know of Mr. Anderson's presiene htre Pollard. Ala.. anId Isew oa ts1,.
    until he walked Into the stow' yester- working Ite same, having sue6
    day nponrlng. It lI natural to presume charge several days age. Isi sae*
    that the amti.n was a pleasant Moe .d thatll th is I e lMf l the .
    ... I- . .a & T a

    L I '


    o n .' .;


    S" IN, '..".

    ..l v' ,-.r -."ur ." , ,...*'
    '. " F ' . . I .
    7 i:, -."r

    , ,, 'l, '
    .'. : .'. *. '.' '. ; ,I i': "" *
    i, ,:i",' Ji ",4
    . ..

    jG. 1 1 \

    Publishd Twioe a Wek-Mondsy and Thursday
    .l. I l .. i..... 9
    flyawnea1M TIE URShAY, NOVflKZi 3,319194

    **L* Uvusse o h" tber Q ilOWAV" o
    n o.his. ttt ll4 for te *m.
    hi pe s pat ,ty at, keen, ssaf d liabet side.
    sruee hd bys aew sfopmmi3flmn,
    "t. saw i t lbs Ste Dle0, some ot om e lheem.two hive aet.4 ie
    v. 5 though thtey rept -led their lm eilon
    ^ y8 te'ly 1* 11 ne 11 ine o th A111 of s e .a0 :1h mov nerem S than sbo unity of
    Ifthe D.moevsler spny. I h o ther o
    i PSA N K I rml U S Y N W.OLe OWAY t a in of e
    ,. .. . .. ..... .. .......- ^ f o r 'e .R ,1 W i l h o f t h is M i n
    '' eE Vp The %sil ru at y$ do s *wheh -er
    P!j^Hfri ....- ^ i, UMIM T U eW bio T W 0W4 rho *awi by ,onuttl in, or primalfry, .
    01 U0^ 0t0 of. W ,. Oro. L poto. a... Ht 0 houlam lWolfe. he is4@o9*tenm
    p, I 55 ps W.eaU &owes8e54p *eV S wh0I Wh ek C thaie 5ht llsab4 m of lb onlw eoratltmnn

    "twi, Fi t the. im l* t T Il oh is al or selirt s Aiiterez xisthimttenditIone,

    oW the t asi eta el he te. eoa iemn.
    ,.,LiMa. SA -w soe hlaao f ,Plo ls sneugi. Il t. r hfoe is te aominoete of my
    S* oeele,6S 6I0 a0W4le .ithI paf (ty .' for I elder should either. of -

    ..,$*I bpewl, b" e o eandibewt W less
    QL*3S pu-SS, Ls b two ta meod bo leeld. the ti
    Splb thk e th ta lt will be al the door eof the exeln.
    b a the' b "W. 00$I. elbllph W v S th* a ulmlit,e I aNm t e a pi sonl) *
    sI" S*S t ". lpoftii re e of Hollowal I tave only a li
    "-,.,trtSib" i i,vlw. ol lihe Vl t 1ugtnitnsn with him, but I i

    n. i' wii td.ew&me" blars1t1111 %W t lUIon deug for "i thevfo *dvis Dlo ienrm t tos I
    S. ll srtsIr ttse l.t th e wOt for him and .ve tthe party pie
    .,,,^ *ot, w'* t er -I i..0 6
    S wast sh1flio a t. Aiq we diqdoerl n tilttdladi rlby Iheo"u iuee6.
    uN O Oi that h k"d So"V he aom w, oe neatly "larlio d was accused ofl telianlg
    a g ,pMg fls"11~ 4 4 tIIw'e !rsaoe h We tiM heW. oI sseisrd nt bm hundited and Iwent-nlne dol.
    .I*Wmls hs hetaus m t *otnWJalArntw o-theiroWN t"ars ita. ye ie war eleite preitdens of '
    to. Xa b s l hoa s a tb wrtal, pmutat"n hou the liu the Uunitd .Milt, and mod. g oo4
    to hei .eoalkma nl. Dars tbey arn of illtlled ly the bloodthirsty wUa-
    g ,I SO... ,. Will osewp It mtlWe, but, to -the Ia' hand.
    '111 014111 KI W, ssytak. dOi te name eof HoNt "Holloway i atceused or Interliniog t
    144t UnPual, ae. .OT. s-,pt touls.s piar ntlee by iIly Whit w ebtchool uilttorunl.'out hansu
    ;iu vs stwy etSal. : otil vot, ihe main 5 d ben enlviTfotd, tid I di not believe
    i d kile sad oist 1 Inlnlnlialm B is Oenro li5trt will be.| ltW' a I le'e him. Your* (or t
    SRopgn4 i 41eblow. his : *w1hke whool aillomu.' Md ut she unityy oft ibs tarity,
    Siht wh9 eI lis iP lsell l miltftiet libeler J. 01l* Oc. t. A 1l).,, ikt" t
    i oeav l oSWoA Sweme W oltfolgoryI*us. eL.u wa- THOMAS.

    k at be o out 046- l 4 ICmAR* Ho@O t oft MnMRTOAt t r w n.
    Sa t tr ...,. .t. H til Mit i4oof otbt OaDn i. Dplores the Act;on of Democrat
    S.., ,. ed of te A l4utive Colmit- In Plopping to Wotte.
    l 'S 1* to Mi tll h their l itor u a:,, i hav,, 'r tried to
    ... ,MWs1a1s ,.lM 0a ilemsetlves- IMgret power than the h tls
    M'te. '" ",I I: llom i min thal p ledl ihem, the n1e1l i pers. buti ou will lardon
    atiMf ,i Wti a nldht. 0' A aotoe eat.e thantp the i I thill til I will romiste not to trouble
    Si" t kat le .mkowa m. ; ough the primary speaking, they .i5 agin eSo, ,
    The eblectionm is near at hnl', air
    *10 1,ke dd own the a is. of Holloway (ti Ther quite a is n sth aay iKI an
    AIRSA >i1 N>.lANA* seemedlitterelatoti and putgup heirequiteafewsayhttl Hey 111 not 1
    WolfeA(tAe sled isiepo it end l put u prpdose to vot. for all tih Demucratie
    i alf (the ifonld s tpoI llItIer L and
    0 s to the pres of the State. 'WeU o ih pr f Ld 1ithtought I touL d ask
    p. M PS.l want a *eli m'-t-ako down Hoi ou for 'ouh pe for pres i.n o il
    1 'atd e toI l put Wolf i. is i r 1 y view in tl e mat r. I wat lrn i
    W "'. h a i dO y of his tour IewtrediL d that Sh.l did i emraenvitd ea emri Li(|( ex.
    a ch toi .1,1*'. o Booker wasbirgtoii i4negru) tlopeak peet to vottIe h li' Ilenliorati ietL am
    S. J at 8tler. whero be had stick to t.* regular I Imocratic ou-
    took Ln aWIla Gal0ftlwile |i the annual. convn-' i.
    as h wktaat. large gtherlgi tiont of the (white) contnl seVol.t ew* I. at1 l al, I calln "Wabble" othe
    9944411A. C Aubaru Angola p016s thenearecme &a n poll!,
    l at Ab rAnoli plrlnld.; e ero e r. lialloway ii the, regular ogi,

    .t we-thir was Ideal, r.nd the e. *ous. Iolowaly cotead that neeof te.i- parT for thi.eL .i eo State i
    o .l t tatald his ullt power heats invited the negr to speak in surintIdet. 1. is the choie of l
    Ss t,~ae.rar was liltlod nto n the 'while ehool atud ipriumn.' shet1s 4gj.Zlpratsed i ollthe.rIary. ndif,
    wilh thikeltioB of oneo point dys he did not. ndrr the sting o iloexpred ifll he prim nd
    b"inmha pan of MitchLas! ,At Au- ILry. he' hiad tollwy arrested and we had just as well
    .' !stei Flilrbanks ad .io..ln d unda thhutothng. H abolh the primary and put ti e re*.
    w "r' lte aaaee uad b t ntng Hd h sensibility of running the DemocratIc

    "da whkthe to g.o r fear t der Re made no 4ileIeioe whether l he negro ite Commitie. I think if Mr. Wolhfe
    Aw ether to gforwtard q er' educaor had been i>it*e4 to speak il tbeomes State'uperintendent theo
    1u! 1is e 't white school auditorium,' the governor should appoint him, and noi
    i oilue D rille euratlte.or on 'th oeeaihon,' ll *e Sta commltee.
    .i Des, X erate frioda. would have been wll with him .and Trusting that all ioulI Iemocrtoe
    *w pet lte f ,ongood polices, hs twill rally io the support of W M. Ho.l-
    111 .plK imote0 oar egBmot tuter, hae 10.,1, )vIoway--the regular nominee-on No.
    ... w, l ths nmt ioa a4 nea titey "'Vold aot MeNemee hlve had Spairk vember H. I amn Your truly,
    Ss ihuste i en they sea arrtedll for ehargim io with T. Tio .

    M act stood fl r any pleicel t etaim skihp while s member of the W illet orfo November 1.
    Swaislature Could not. Barr. under J
    SpIneglmd t fad; hea h h. Brmnh. Ait.. Nov.. -Th.e a

    so L asg imlts. ante ..lg to be the pstople' friendand poinlment of Sduel L WavTr It Il..
    S ts a word of ertle sal of i these'daddy' of the primary m.and j tlo o *s Ciate criminal cu rt
    S' .. in ... L ...

    H. t

    ti '
    :.... ...',.. .

    000 mmlatrt wio' disagree WIth me. It at t am time h nrinr intoho -"""" ""'"9" '"""^ .t* rIt'ved
    1af fthar as thlfocounty is ncorernil. .aielg,
    'qsm they will work our common aston to sell a tranehise to the eity of a cornte se o raW.g .l'ul r
    S do t thik i wile to Jackonvillie for a tonideration of a ti ueo reen, .senlor re .J rg -
    asla lawyer who has an unbroken per ct? Could noi Davi hb had re o aonie ,prbte Jd..;
    wrd of Itlt eaes" Boiwalvdsrrmstedfor the publicationtof Juw Dangel A. (re n become< :Va
    --m'. o It C._-.-._ khi Illustriousl () land map. which I Judg, aucceeding Judo la;
    Stew CorprsMtn fopr Ctibr. virtually seenoed Davis of wanting toi Grne; nJt. Wm eav er uen.'
    i P*W York. Nov. 2,-New corporal. stee lthe Everglades and gve to the Jule Don renn. Al the Imr-dria,
    t durtIg October n the eastern reiltoead; also, that noted autoblio,- J. letd chanc r of te l,', ,_" ".
    9 Ite Weiledl a grand total or 13. rt mphy seiuinug Davis of leaving Can.' dis.i .wI* torl e the pnsoofa i
    'SM0" W for co mpelae. oapitaliau ati gles with a salary of $58,'0) rr annum "eora wCr tarle he wph a (of ir
    1.Sti PM t. s ore. Of this sum th to goveiw rnor of Florids ati a slary creor Cilchal. who re.
    r se S be eoiaolidation atirnishe1 o .no r annuim thoulby luferei. important Eectin Law Rulit
    *I ,.0000. Otherwise. the total making th4,exeutive oMeih a job. a, lA Xil J
    SIld have tafntited to only *:..ioo triek, a dirty, vle. Intiquitiouat*eheno. ha at'd an im rtt r z i .
    e o. .Thl I. elsose to the Aplrulo make ro.ney? I ask in the th e the r e ton ';W. a itir11;
    " b Aures o( W.MG00. 0 th laow Waler common sesn.e .lu jtievt. did .lat any 1 I. j Mc liCha l I.
    mark for a number of years lIO- of the above eha'gs 'i arl Pli iet' g. that the lmocratic L r ,,l
    sew sot .Ine Mtsy. 103. wh,'i thto .. litude and petvuitl injury *i.|d t0m. 'aial by dlatory itaErtl
    talv ws *310E4.,o0 have last Imth'?, irnI$V. Klte .igl& 1i llttW Way, '! 1 6 _10 him from Rt a t h
    M ~~ .* ^ ^ -.- "1u"ba"^- **'tr !, "i* i ftfiWfiA i"*C8t~rintz and hon ,41.



    0 -


    aneral Elulbars, Seal
    Kuropatkin, on the

    are proud. It doss not equal in Intert'
    the former icrd maeil In tho latMW
    of recripiSt his port, bhaatings r' l
    to t13fe nt i4' than OT 6*75. has.e f C."
    t'nr. 2i:, 0 lies' n oreV th:li i t
    Sn' l llhflaT da latte 1 tlinit ever received f ia ,'ia iie Cirlinflg r> -s''l n
    S Lanier 8hotrhrom Ambush ,



    , ,. !'P.

    I __ _


    I I _I



    Jttl, Pellows Return Fire Whii
    anomy Hat For Seviral O pe
    Dirfeting Their Way-Othere
    From the Front.
    Mt. Peteralsurs. Nov. 1i-1 3: 20
    -Accurdiug to todilu' taillesi
    he theatre of war ino Ateeral,
    lage0twilt lat yet b ii, Thei,.
    onte sklrishlatn y berfleay, lbt
    as serious. ,Io Japallnei
    iea developed I) fart'. tli Mi
    Ports show although aIvi.'r trm
    ixtrome east ar' i'llatid.
    KCulbars. who In to ticeceed
    Kurupatkhin in conmtiiand of the
    irmy, has arrived hre. lll
    he entire day clo-ebted with tlkb
    oral staft and with (;n.sral
    llrertor of the buitrau itf opi
    studying l thel li ,aill. of io i
    li the light ofr tsecrit liatch"
    the war archives,
    Kaulbars Is a tr i: n. figure. a
    itately soldiers, with i lbrosset d
    bet off by a white lmoitiabit' H lis.
    year sli lightly upii hits v
    rrame. I' *l cns.idtred to e0
    man of great tenery and rei
    ind was, co)manIder of au irps 4
    tile OupprstIon of t11 ir I tlN
    llon n (iChina. btu1t .,Il l t play a
    irnoutias part.
    When pit nnt ar t'r realS t
    whhlhi will not ,.' .ri' .- thai
    ('pri V IrI la'3 ItUfii t 2 e S
    acli of :i x cori i ii'. : (. f a
    lion a i'n. In their -;' i'. The l
    ha( !;ti.a s wht1 .1M tole ili-l'nifttr
    tirt forr the fr, %v''l '"iOvlet I
    of 1li.h c i'r.. nt ltn 'It fior t', firstll

    Fight by Light of the Meof.
    Coinirra; KrKitril' kI' d I trs. sM
    l1. \la. I'ilan. Nov 1 1 itii, ll
    took adlvnritnte of It t!, .;' l
    liht laM >I: ht t1 o c .I -i -', the i
    inc e fr of the ro'n il army. Iri,- n r puptll
    at:tr au: netinn 1p ch e n-'I'a .I. *
    honur-. dI F"rit ,A :ci h h i irfantry
    artillery fi rt was lrri-1. ;alt Rcol*
    linilS iutil lda>illht Th J s ai
    towlay for the fir-i tlit r .'ld rI tt
    RIu-*!sn !'14m ardrutint. mfi ih has bas
    frequent for .vte alt
    Russilan Marimes Leave Che Fe .
    (he Foo. Nov 1--I' i. ni. -The
    errs and crew of tlie l|ii--lan torp
    do boat d<'trvyer ll. wis'tinl. cut
    of thi. linlanIer Ang t12 lby ithe' a.1pE
    departed tonigt for h:lil:tha. lll
    they wil join thp cr.' w if (the US
    Slain crulrer Akolid.,

    Savannah Port Shipa 60.000 gates 0V
    In. One Day. ,'
    SIavannah. (la., Nov, 2.-- ,virt *
    ordi have already been ismat "ud
    Savannah's cotton trade this gemlS
    and another one went Monday W
    a new reordi waF. cxtabliheld Ofo t,
    lariept shliuinmeits fetr )any e e ImJ
    thl, port
    They amount late to or)e' tlhn 80.l'
    bales of upltandl and oeA iaind ,
    their valein t r'u ii figures is iO. '-
    Though this new rcnrd ul JR** ih
    which the ivftubwrs of the cotton rrs#



    h1W~A4 ,'.l ~ 9 :I:

    k In o r
    at t hisb a7M or any
    'M)er $intst's Emulsiton
    $ld*v. It out quickly

    hp It .t aw
    |p ri^~~~ w~v ^ fc'^ajJ:.~ ~ ~~~~ f.:LJ idi *t t j i ^

    vlW*.tG,.me Tn*l.
    ....U, |. h k k *,

    9p tIMhe hem Me
    ai s sa *., of the
    vsa Is he mtaTe,

    h t w M aS


    fb~oss is %s h
    Iw411 iue !iur,
    V%4M6skop will
    ....v --p-will
    paiw. -
    R.Spy^T^ .11 1w

    wh sk tll bebasews_

    MIAs Aig mmscydem
    b. w . .wk. at. Emodi
    Wh g a keen a
    gIi S1 6bilT aid* ,

    OI ls J.W; tcall-
    l 1 e l f the eeadkter

    Sk ( mhe weiAg, ton

    ^w *VWw "

    ki .i. i .norw-is mi so
    ftw sy as Oai b '.;

    fltttnbw.U h ftIs foersy
    0M.", ,. Cb,, In th, Unit

    s waswesy .~wa
    .e. "Mm i N.o L- OeA in. orvo

    t hftk wo. oftki I srth to

    |^ -~W~M b ot y kMm I
    st i io.f,,,ll -killeo .-
    ak *Jbi a*l OI t e h-

    MOO 41 t5 t0o b chomnthet he
    ^f0, tigpt.. ta, ^^ to1 a.

    e tat14"s,&
    V. W' Tllork, Nv. "I.-r poeal mervi n

    WOt bta held in the old John Sitre#t
    ithetdist Episcopal church known 4sA
    ti0 molthr of MiSthodisli In this coin.
    try bil the o4ldnt MethodlWt church in
    the Unlted State,1to commemonrate it
    one hundredth and tOtrt)y-lxth smil'
    nfnrYp/ The s 'rmn wa prtvached
    Si 4shnop ro. of i'htZdphis. An
    aMwl h'e' chmrl s*rte van ren.
    d1red hy the Sunia Rhl. .
    * W' otlgiune church 1buildinBg tw
    ttAh and #ruptle the altet
    S w.tlctilus parent 441fie .stanlds.

    If theai lw i Quhttinwr esth

    thrget n a4nne to

    f uing *an fEr o114 .woppm
    WON* ktitmo it1"I t. u~p0nt iu d
    the0lR t, vfl I ,'l i lo 9 t*vc.ii".W. 14.
    *****tl h *di k***t 'n tl *
    A gato maitg "I spavI0SI lsstidr4
    10tl, hos, ltitt,"1s4 010 Nt igoldi
    4*u a41%d Potn",d, ft(.rmofiti oom
    #fQg" to de aii tht ihe Ulia wiO Oith
    0610tbeit sq. enj-Id Blip daY 1 e1 I
    wly ailv oltpa amidt, mppr nisted
    A isbcofi hounwet*w" earn In 1Tlre
    401 eftlol wtih itst irip of
    !o*. with ik sull tIht ihoel wrt.
    ,iaQ fe16tsa w l0d 4uRw fur tlimIr
    r&,IsstIt" * aa th$ t she he ttiwgti( HllI
    p~al-rui t Wea o6lt4Si.


    SWo Tro f eo lmS"Sil very to.
    ll Wa ,*vI VImtratlnu .
    Alttsts NoV. 16-1i h i notthi to
    86Y On p0 the hot n t beProt to the
    ls order ivory phase and tal ,!i
    thl stair, with nTIdf10o &d rpcortS,
    had the carefdl co Meratiou f( t.
    a1tueiet (enoerl 0*ad *paylrE I -
    proVIn tb l uadgtns o the itmris n'
    twal and LI -nwlt)t>laK or lae.fing lbh
    taftene 19M*o-rd thereby. I ilnchart-l
    et my duty' as Is aw It For 0e to
    ktter ito any ,dlloaslob of such mta,
    torm with narIns wbho fe00 aggri*evo
    mt my oAleal acts, waold be nanlfuot.
    out of place."-Oovenor Joseph I.
    bonW the 0at0ti146t that every rme
    poet aad Ill the evld neeoa t th Hiltch
    wrtnmsrtial ease was gives careful
    Oftlsderation by him personally. OWv-
    *sr Terrell doelined to discue lthe
    opea lelttr of ex-Captala Robtwrt M.
    farther than thea thiJ the Seo -
    wOor merely sa*s: "Fw mre to eO
    tWr Into any diseUaliok of such Mrat.
    ters w*tk partlls who feel aggrleved
    at my oarllt etes, would be mast.

    ftely out of plate."
    The governor's fIresa,. however,
    wee outspoken fb their deunaclatoon
    of Mr. llitek's course. They say that
    thb goveror has done everything con
    eWIt ta with his duty to befriend the
    torser ficeer and that Mr. HitchI
    should have tbhe od graTee to appre
    elate it. As an oevkIwe of the gov,
    Tnorts attltidid toward Mr. Hitch the
    fact is cited that If the mndingts of the
    mwurtmartal had btwn rarrled out to
    the lester. M1r. Hitch would have been
    deprlved of all rghti to tevil prefer-
    This phase nt th," jtudgmernt was
    lmlmeatoed by the puvtrnor without sup

    qijlartr .A le

    thought Mr. lII'eh htd been gnxlty of
    Ito Otfease lnvth inli;{ mral turpliuIle.
    Theb govetltor'. Irien a' albo point
    to tho fact Eiit the letrl dh l not at
    _tuipt to d!t.o'-:ier,. ny offltcer of the
    oMurtflar'l*I, alt 1 i fby mamI.
    it Isf tuitr'r r4'A the 1 tvetr-
    *or's onlducit lV the, titi of the iStatew
    buro ffiatlr was ipro:un;ti t vig iaint
    &bit that. t, hI I;.:trurtcon hatd loIn
    oheyrsi properly the 1) netinu woulil
    hove bOicn uinqasitronlthly prevented -
    The i0wrrntr I('ft Atlanta on nllp44
    bufilte.s o;ly after rtiiualltBed assar-,
    iate from Judtie lapry, who prmesrleil
    at the trial vt the nearon. that all
    da.ngr of mlob i lohnve wai pvat,
    water in the couit of Intquiry mnd
    ooaurLwtdal matter. the governor's
    fletds aOy hI Weteoduct was marked
    *O cleas. Impafrtlil juste and desire
    to to his whole duty. but nothing
    *iwe than his duty. The facts bear
    thLW ftatemcnt.ut,l they aOy.

    Made Record Run.
    Chicaro. Nov. I,---A dispatch to
    The Tribune from gllrelt, lud.. ntt," s:
    A special train carrying Pre*144kvlit
    Oear (G. Murray, of the Italtimor *E and
    I Ola 1ailrod company and party h&a
    nISde a rdo n run over the htcagn.
    diviaoe, covering 13t miles Im I
    minutes. The trati was drawn ,y a
    loomotove ato the Atlantic type.
    Seware of Ointments for Catarrh That
    Contain Mecury,
    As me wury will surely destroy the
    sesie of sitell aad emtipletely deranged
    the whole system when entering It
    Through the inueous surfaie.. Such
    artlile < shoildt never he iled raxc'ept

    .on prescriptions frin rpiiutable I'ipy-
    siciats. so thO' damage tlwy will do is
    tin.-fl to the ntdal you ean p0s0i0ly
    derite from til tn IIstal Optarrh
    (ure, maiutucltirpd y hr. J.hesiy A
    Co Toledo. 0 contains nio %irre.ary,
    and Is taken tinternal.ll wetint Wl'
    ly upon the bhtd an it ntious sitiiaie

    W Ilkhs, Wines

    msa Lip
    fNi. 5176 1 m



    Agents eor Pa bst Elpas hMe
    N por p, por h1f 10f' lds 11 t per dti. 9 l,.
    liw Itibluii. pTwr bhl,. 10 dUI. $12; wr deIu. 1 l
    Jmi's ia tsIml U M ldrt lr.
    Petr ittill. 10 doi, 9: perTdos. $1,

    on the

    4 full
    6 full
    12 full

    quarts ,.
    quarts .


    2 00

    3 t00
    4 (101
    4 (li



    (ilIarta ..

    . ..

    4 75

    We a ve devlsrs in, everything in
    Ti11uior ine Whiskies. Gins,
    tumn ami Wines from
    1.rk to C (o0I per gal.


    -If the Goods Don't Suit.

    Corn Whiskeyi
    I'l; .04 Al
    N. C. White ...... $1 5

    Copper Iitillkd. ,l

    tQueen City . ...
    Sunny S iuth.....
    (ilt Edgv .... ...
    Pediatree.. .... ...
    Ove olt.........

    . C. Bettr...

    N. C Fine

    S * q I

    Laurel Vally.....




    J T.wI. A.M.S,

    211 W. Bay St.

    Send your orders for Job Printing to



    E .nooratoY a MGR,
    S. E. VOYLE. MGR.

    Abttraetu of Title and full information f'rnisihed regarding andis
    county. Our tnaliiar hase hivd in this r untw, tlitv I, is..M il

    11 IU

    p ty freight or express charges
    following liquors:
    LEWIS 18i6, Away Above Everything !I
    the Whisky Line:
    4 fall quarts ........ .5 oo
    1 fall quarts4 ..... I 71
    BLURS MIONORANM, 10 Years Old:
    4 full quarts ........ 4 '.-
    12' full quartta ........ 12 o
    .EARLY TIMES, Pure Sour Mash Whisky:
    sItwtl mIsa sd rWoder Heonmma t Supnrisl s.
    4 fullquartu, del.... 40o
    Sfill) quarts ........ :S' :50
    2l full quarts .... .. 104 5

    Yeers Old:

    4 full
    #t fill
    S12 full

    Rye Whiskeyl
    IPER G


    ^*y;^^^!'^ 4.


    P 0. Bx 401. JACKSONVILLE, FLA.

    - '

    -- 1~ 1 '* L~1 C




    N .

    I awlaus rmm shuy




    FF w

    r,* -. ', .)1I

    THIt uAINKMVIIK r \<'EiKNItKR att. 4

    .,r ; .

    S, t ,_ .n >
    Il,'tski">esk. En u """ ||| h y

    LOsS "To MI NCANt
    Jones Aggregated SO00.
    ienee Mhe-MarkeIts of Chit l
    ier e Fe ur &1 F ,Of Sri .
    Wee Sand. .'P "

    eiIheI r ,
    byl o limt,'r i j.m'dreri M hiss o .Nettle BLalk!n.t, Mti-
    astt la, opy,. andit l It.i : nc o itSv, i lls how any .
    1 l, a *sri,, 1 t2 4; 1 4 1 %(M:ttglt may be permalletlly
    bit 4,1tir 01s rt ofr I t f1 ( it aol. I
    .he i f + Ii+ litI,.!... cured of monthly pains by lak*

    ts te .,tau'red i *.g I h er l.g .ydIll I!. Pinklia sl'S VegC*
    g Vploh"; t y itl uWd Ir lanert a~brimlndq
    "" "111fla mh shel li rm a* "Y,'No Wtvr'y-TI 1h i :,.em,''ht
    ed not tnu il it had d Itr Ojy d h w laches c f t a v vt' ," i.,t l.l>iro, C rIt
    n* were. the 'sittrrls withOe PA, bfl orufl rlyi ,t ,I NIl
    ti r t., t. r r. e- o A mem ,.'r of the I.X e 0dvi ,4 d Ilke i'
    )soket briagh' at". to check th try IJvath E. Pinklham's l -egv
    tsilt Ieittpoilmult1, lat I ,,uly "ornedt
    iles. origiattetd, as a14r i tit tva gt flvice nut ft It tIit nmv case waq
    lemrl ll, O!rootf le 1~Opeher.i bunt lho k.' t let 1i 3 until II
    to learn. u Oupied by Peter Jo. a it. I aMom had the bit re 'WA n In tithe
    to and protp'rous colored world to chanil my opinion of thi,
    SThie store Rid a greater n-deiodIa n cali .v *ty hovthli Ix-
    proved. andd tinally I was entirely within
    he,,. coentes were destroyed, outI pmI1 at w4 vry Imientlromut r wrih.
    $lamste mwepst down ont to the' am most rate u."'- N-rirrin iA
    tet of sl. R. Unitty and MIl. ioUoN, f &mtral Arw., Manswuaolki
    Fiiu ,u .In adjoining, It is uo inn. -- oo f* st if re w f 6iv orw
    t hat .Jlenia loss aggregated it ith o n waiting about Ye"ns
    K iO, wilh no Insurance. The as *i t wIhIlh you wiamllif
    of the markets were removed like apmtlal suivre, write trtely
    .e fire reached that section ot to Mrs. rPlekhatm. flhe will hol
    lm ur lettrlr in Irket con*tllein
    illdln was the property of l rlot n ""* Amerl;i 3 fetv i r tio
    |I was & wooden structure, .frm tiaA rirlct en trsate-
    !maluedl at bout $1,000. in fr1tcale llle. 4he imea hellpe
    with the utmost dilloulty that Iiittln rIn iofif thoiivatsds ie^ of.k (is nlti.ab i h lihar eulirraslt I
    Itho then of S ltenjainn, corse, Lynn. Mann.; her advice it free.
    rint from the mon@ ,if the oon 4.- ...... ___ ... ___ _____,,
    l.a Msted. This building was
    iseer l times, and only t Ih IN THE MAYOR'S COURT.
    111et of the ctllizene kept the F C.. -I.
    m weconasuing ths bWilding.'Four Cases Disposed of n Mu pal
    te great dantor. however. Tribunal PMonday.
    pfart of the xood* wvre re- Th, u*u*tal .n*i1tmer o an'se were di.-
    pSlfe quarter porsed of in tinh munalicipal tribunal
    .T q Te Monday Tiuntni; io. ronfe to relate.
    hOTEOT IT. MY BOY't" huweTver. .one of thtmi wrt for drunk.

    IhWn H

    Sthisb ol
    It befoi
    y kareeop
    kas the re
    iom mndn
    6 boan ,19d
    the old f
    Itm of A.
    U Vnl
    Myof whom
    to the Cotn

    1lon, uyu r
    l it." repli
    0be feeling
    wisth a co
    r ma nd Jo
    ilRU it ,at
    |ues ian th
    tn return
    i. The co
    lot which i
    oa March
    Iflerate i
    lotion I.
    anid uiol
    I. Col.
    Was r
    SAptain, i

    teaof thi
    it wai


    psad otn
    some I
    the vis
    i 0oIlts
    f- Om--

    UAT4H At WALUt,.

    Ms Mrtsh P e.s AatA ,s al H,.'e &

    Ithe t t r te t H It -1 k
    ll tt e .,F \ ( r i. -

    (lyi ',,**^ ,f ,,. 11e T ? ,".
    sm j t*o 1 iM h 1 t ',' ., ** .t 1

    wliSon dl',ttl tLrutt;,.1 + ,1 r ,r .
    It I *ht i ,tk. ,, V -'f i0 'I i '.a1 -.I

    R'i Nli %% i mi 49 ik, --.l i
    l'hr rit,,'r.u + t ye 1;,' ;>1 i1 \\ t ,|, t. I .
    tay aftrn oa. et, tard w 'i Att .(tit d ) ,
    larte in mi'r wh .,W*h r, 't1 ,t .r I 1 .' I p l' ar e I tr.rl ,Il
    At Hy n's Attar
    Mr. .Ma N, htIrgtr *tl.* tiT a di y d
    tif two ti a aI l iterdlAy lhit .:ter r' e-
    e'vivtd a a irf. frm lit im ,itnveyilng tle
    vt-ry pll 1anlt nfotrTmation that e htad
    joined the annrmy of ttnrdits. 4t wea
    married Sunday in A 1ugusta, ( a.. to1
    IIse Itpsebul Letv, daughter of Mr.
    Imao Levy of (iaineaviltl, Fla a
    charming lady. Mr. Newberger is be.
    ing warmly congratulated by his
    friends by wire and letter.
    Mr. and %Mrs Newherger will arrive
    ins Oeala some time the later part of
    this week.-Oicala Hanner.
    Disastrous Wrecks.
    Canrvleesne- is responsible for mabs
    a ailway wreAk and the samrot tauees
    are making human weeks of *sufIrene
    Irom threat and lung troubles. But
    since te advent of Dr. King's New
    Discovery for consumption, coullgh
    and eolds. ereu the wornt eases ca be
    curd., and hopeless resignation Is no
    Imner neeeiary. -Mtr. Lots Cragg of
    Dorehesterr, lass.. Is one of many
    whow life wUi tat ed by Dr. King's
    New D)covetry This grlS remedl is
    guaranteed for all throat and lungdls.
    eate by all druggists. Price, 60a
    and U1. Trial bottles free.

    "ie bvenn tol. o si i itri .swethiin m nusual C:erks and fiction
    liven by Col. Robert- i for Monday inirairg'a court, fven in NovemberS, ,1!04.
    4e Let Flag Op. a "dry t x ." The fouliwnlt named persons have
    Id tlag, any boy : you The flrst 'at' cnl'Il na that of Ar' t.esT appondt I nslentor anteclerks
    re under most trying thur ItandIoll. ita tIired bt v who was of the ientlon to be held In the sev.
    ad I amn going to give arrested uipon a charge of diionrterly oral precincts of tAlachua county on
    nU again.," aondut'. 1: a nslliged by a ducky Ttnday. Nov. T, ol4t
    mark mado by Col. damnil that 1i; inoll)|h used abusive Attlef: Ch'n., li. Co. Comn.
    Tuesday morning. a I lnnguiagel rrlatits toli her character, and II, C. D:xTroN, Clerk.
    er his coat, near his the deft'.nda.i" havi'ie fail' to ir'nv listric1 No. 1, Waldo-V,* S, Tilli,
    barred. dirty pice of 'otherwiin ui wvo a:tesed a line of $1 and C. L. MKinney, II. C. Atwaiter, it.
    lag of Coumpaiy C.'cot. spectort ; .. C Dioan, clerk.
    Volunteers, Confed. The rolored tack drive.,i and porters, liistriot No.2, lat'rano -Wm. 31
    merics, and passed it notwitstandin, that there is what was Blhtgt, iuetol Cao, F. Fiuthiam rlrk,
    was ington, iunpectors: J. F. Futeh. alerk
    landinallanm, intl thU known uft a "'dad linl" at the various district No, 3. Alaohna-\W M.
    it was given to bt depots throathiout their ely. some-. Ttoanas,. E.l Lewis, J. J. Dubose, in.
    federated reunion at times tiertmn lo,. ambitious in work. speeotor T. '. Mtaynard, clerk.
    ing for trade,. and unthoughtedly or Ilistrict No.4. Willeford-R. I.. Polk,
    niay feel Tirel I will for sonie r.eaon etil ltwyond the limits R. T. Thomas. J. A. Slocum. inupec.
    ed Mlr Vanlanding.- ,f this hlti. wlhieh ieans sure trouble tors W. S. Osteen. ce!rk.
    gly wiprd a tear from in thoe ty cuirt, Saturday the earn* ist, N. W o.' Trn to-. A. Hudn, Mn.
    tin, N. W. Horn. HW. A. Hudson, in.
    rlier of the drar old eot moliiltatiuns for busineMl gotl he s*etors; J. U,. Everett, clerk.
    t may fuel sure that better of the juildgtient of Ed Martin. l1istriot No. 6. Newherry-l). 0.
    ely home as I did Simon Millvr anld .Jhlin Corslan, hnck. Roland. BHoliver Kitnaid, A. C. Reed,
    e bloody days when mni. with ithe result that they were inspectors:. J.. W ile,. clerk.
    its glorious colors." detected on "sacred Iground." were art. urttiet No. 7,. (ainetsvlle.--D A.
    iham was the color rented and arraigned t-fore the mayor. Robertson. J. W. Inch. L. U Lruych.
    inspectors: T. I1, Ellis. Sr., clerk.
    any C, of which Col, They explaiad. however. tht they luri o. Hawthorn-T. J. liem.
    ed to Gainesville na wer. aware f! ,e 'mroaIhmvnt, In mod. Fdred Strk, W. H. Hllerkstreoser,
    mpany wa uorgKnizedi the excitmn nt of the moment, and intspetorm, A. L. Webb. clerk.
    is now the court house, with ihi stat nIlluS His Honor let l)itrict No. P. land rove-W. I.
    8, lI M. for sorvice in them Idoiwi. 4,sy, r*e'<.irlng them to rice. J. It shaw. .J. Whiltter. lispec.
    trmy. At the time of, pay only tli' i'jtp. but warning -them tort; IH. 1. C0on, 01erk.
    11. II. i)udhy wa i to lie. careful i fut tur. listriet No. 10.Mleanopy-J. R, i: '
    erv un, A. B.R.htitly. C. N. Merry, i.
    I' It M.el1 first, eie- IN MASON'S COURT, tors ; JI. r smith. lerk.
    Ioon Warreti rond N MASON S COURT lsoL No. It. Areh.r-0t. 11. tib.
    IobertfOuli va, eLu- ...o t. IW \l. C Andrew,.
    , it later, when .. th Duncan McMillan Toted a Pistol and in)seeor; J. E %\\ell. clerk.
    reorg4nizej, h, wasI ,ilt to Pay the Penalty. DIistriet No. 12. Arredondo-J, HI
    nd ruturn4dt at the n PIanuil.t MI'~llu. colored, was he. -Iolly. %. Ramseyr. C. Amos, nspeo.
    1 wifh that rank.rl lor ii. I a Ir U aJdge iMaso imda ton;0 It. tville. leork."
    q otm of the Florida. ulpol a elmarg of carrying a pistol, and listri.t Na. 1:. Fairbtnkm--Frnk
    saw actual ,service, was tient*e'ne' tit pay a tlie of l10l and opeOlorn; J. 'T. Shaw. cterk.
    e members has plainly Icost ir s d l. hret .onltlh in lthie Ilistriet No. 14. Melrose-.lno. Good.
    ;i- 1 of a lot of it." county "a'sn son. .no, MeAl|t!ter. Gen. Starkein*
    s *etit to the trout. Mclillan twa brought to theecity by spesiors; A*. A. MeHar. elerk.
    der teueral Kirby I'eputy 4herifft Perry of thRohelle. le lstrict No. 16. Winisor--. 1. Phi-
    d, Afterthe death of started that when he arrested the negro inspector. J. A. li, erk.Rolin
    hey were t"anaturrNd,-wth the ltl n il Ii.pnses.ion, the man |litrict No. 1. iLake View-J 11
    tof den.rtt ml a i.d clAidted ti have foitd ths Wreaon. Turner. W. 14. Jlackon, T. A. Johuiaoni
    Ilood, and- -ir1-.. Thil. was- ,,r,. o use for carrying t in
    I Georgia, Tennese ,hl jeas," howrr and rhe' Judge stos Pauling. clerk.
    her Staies. iubjeeed hims to the nsual sentence. I.lstrtlS No. .17. llalie-A lFague
    Jr., J. Benton. J. '. WViler, Iinspece
    Fine Pecans. Not n bick Day Since. tel!: 0. W. Small cerk. ,
    +ck Da ,Distrlct No, t. l.e(ola-John <0e
    Itore to this itty Tues. "1 wa. tak, severely ick, with kid. teen. W. L 1n. W. W E. Johnuon, in.
    . Hall, a progressive oey truluhe. I tried all sorts of mnedi. spector: E. A. ).teen. clerk.
    t Heights, who made c(ite, none of whiTh relieved m. lLt .Distriet No. 19. )rane ieihts-f-t
    e "~W a Ah- -h -- . I " k .. I,3 . .. ... -.-,L 11+

    , ; ,. "* ,m
    '. _
    * / ,p I
    \ + ... ..r .... ,*,* +*'^ ,,ii '^m: ilV

    rWInWd'-'VW*4Of 66lpO flWVh

    P. 4* 4 lt E

    B, H. LEVY, 810. & COIPAl,
    4 V 414\^ itepeath

    The Largest MilN) t I
    I .r \4.Tmu,\ Wonvo 's 4 e h.t .
    I ll *,% i4-NI T 0 A MKNTi

    INIn NIA.

    I diort" % klts. Skirts, Jahkrr, Fart. W iRt.

    Cothigl, I late, Under*er iand t'tahlnmp.

    PORl itLRI aid t'HILDI"".
    Drs, Rlften. Clokt. VUPadew, .19
    WWr send goPad. hb #xpre C. 0 C. wtth py .
    exlmtie lIrfre seeptitg I
    W\'9 eleerfully ed tW ee tt lM a I ks*t
    meapt for setec0llo
    . . . ..n..

    Writ. for ser ..Is.4f iFitatiD
    .-,-,,-,-, ., ':'.".',,"

    ., ,, , ,


    VWCAN *uM Ofa*v .-thd -a

    IIW INoterE. I ns WEa hWS lm


    Tied Up IBugies,

    " '.!.. .

    We've over.bought. We must a

    stock, and tn that end we have inaug. n





    Price 'S:

    Regardless ef Prefit


    * 1)1


    L* ' I

    As an inducement to the BuIggy bIuy t
    sitIst us in reducing our stock-we will vit1
    with each Buggy bought a set of Harness at ab
    sldute cost.

    Visit Our Ware Rooms and See the
    ; Lar gst Stock of Buggies and
    / Wagons Ever Brought to
    :" This Section.

    ad N-N


    ~~__I_ ___ __ I ___

    I _~ __I _



    , ", ...,-J ;.; ,, ";%

    ~~L~i 4

    -. *_ q W

    I h th.
    Him 0u, 00rim n-

    a. e eaeblwtw*I

    S, i t, N t.
    lbMthSM49 ki* wOat.

    Wt n, blu wll. wish
    .ilb.... ., Ir, H. ew

    hW I wwpes Ithe

    R|JmN he set0 C1 woatc to.

    -A- f
    ImR A MOVE.

    m^ MA buu.: m I-. I

    Cagimmnan flekIon Sutffhrd
    Hlis endorsement of Pt


    i^,Bii^B .jO ,s ioCalar h ofh.' elolrmah is usnalII .
    lot shecalled dyarputii 4Ci',o, tltha idyspepsi s
    ,,luIo be cared by rpoisn *I iwdersoi
    SSPtit h :iIan y other temporary reitcf. "The only
    SstNhAmuewr MEU Wfl* for real dyspepala is M remortl of
    4"W"M wthe etar k (uremi the mucous moimtbras
    of the stoaaach. This Peruns will de
    AM 'ates Bum aVes tUltoa ha only ~n howi totbut thlirughoat Th I Perums lass done thousia ds tA
    Am. ,*.Sb, Be b tsVp earWl tw oi ul Maer by serving four oonsueeaive terms am thbo mdla so Uso m.
    F',, of ,,6,r y*I Ses wlI wblkh hbe lIvnsdrtsa whIhh tm. .he became widely known ha was
    .. ..... . gthWf ofs the fl Ame 8e"k of Napoleoa, ohlo. HI was elected to gtheIro wa
    i Atla.S y4fth C o gresm by vwy large mAjority, and. i the aknowltedd leader of cured of etarrh o the sounach of maay
    ` W ,*. w The b party lahisa eta ofl their late. .. years' standing. Inundretis of ulter
    th Miggept i (OMya LSaw marked the otherwise complete, sueces of this risltg statensman. WElSs h. an@rw tthrted o us hroe
    Sit. 1 UW CSi 0teilan .With ts t ildIt Sppro h and nkalou grasp,. was his snly unci am- Ieted ttnmonills. Irun the
    - bel h ge quWes t ithoW. Ir thirty yea .he waged unmsuceenul wrfareaelas.t thIennfl only internal systemic reirnldy for ea-
    1gg J m flay. At lW1 mia@ esa* to the ues-, anm d be ui S s 5 ODr..Mlrl souWleahr.mulSl with sclarrl in the llight.eul degre*
    -* J. I I--------ought to take a coursetof 'rruas.
    Sw~IG I fba evwui bala a ad i~ ftf grabS i if you do not derive prompt and sAtis1
    0 84 Wp # *I roI be &fralory results frum thie us If l erunus,
    m. i -y cw a* l the h I l *OLv write atoner to Sr., Ilartana,. g l ing a
    Me.OI* at Ia.flamIf am o rt time loweri Iwillb full statement of your case and he will
    d0411 E- f t0rtoy 7fl at aMdl. ""DWVW b* pleased to give you his valk al o ad.
    S' -----r- Addres lDr. Hlartmean, PresIdent at
    atx! Mi. b ws Will be Over nity menitlrm at congnr eandore rPeruna as uecatarrlisl tonie. MtVn f The Ilartmen maitarlum, Colunitisi
    0"p IIf h" tf defomlias Oth wrlid over praise ,rua Ohio.
    SMcCLELLAN NEWS ROM ALACHUAotic of Election.
    V$b RI hMi. th will 1 Coton Season is Sti .On. and Gns Are
    Busy-Personal Notes.
    ,. Alachus, No. 2,-Rler, I:.':ni f r.
    i" I ,l OLAkr mo r pastor of the Metl.! .fi ra h i .or rion < '- .,,,r.
    U II^.^ AIES 1-ILLE. Fl.alsA h-r P few u rutlie rad -roo r i ,,r,',, a s. ,, he tit r ii. o
    '"" ada ti 's 1 id Fliganll 'p* V tt a t
    ,ts! bdluMh Funeni Directors a .nd ,k, i e. r i E i e ct:i1 0
    "ce'*'w I 1:n '''el) Ltensed Elidibalmers. ',m"'* i nl 't*. s n ptn "1 .l
    ''*^a ,. ll II ,rl'L^birr,,, 1%1, i. llie"L,^,tLnl
    *o**tan. W -- I4r. lela',l and au,.,hter of r r. tn t he
    ,pS. IIII41S . uw tr ur, of aunt l e rdng som, th,, ,ere
    Wstrh was e s te heat- Ffte-s, Rabbertmps rtr ,%Tri i, Ia r. rnedA fter' Eighth Day of November,
    tAiwo NAhiOA Ud .ieod0 Upl betehry. "I.tlastm e* ' oXr T"ral m n:hI :.. r.:tirs " (.I l'ridntIl K. rot
    li.. hi"Ma were **bs CameveMsa aid Phetegra. i.n ~'th rolion. nT Eare-mnstvfer i.the :r, t'r.a-*
    m em lek c. d, aa l. m, dt F W uppi T' Caut. cf Ttona r I, G-., L S T- t e t S te w tn ht
    o"t"w am l S r i vO-- l epbjne art .ti h-te. i *Fr ,I& svel .,r ,o f the SMtte o ri, 'orkt.,
    ,,.SSe(',hy tHcgr or Telephph z, I.l Piim. -.ln i ,h t" Secttan l M atle ol tthe I ate Pr i
    "ii':l3 i n ?11e kS Sp* aplqeMtItt Slfie. I. ias iw; trtd int.. I ala e.-Ke -Ate1r- For Attornev-4.nerB2eifthe, ,al iIto e' orita.
    iBof ,an d .-.. ... 1 l. l 1y estri.rg a tem *. ituii,. o flttr rir 1f the ate of I ri t.
    twB*Bause OFF i H 0 it STS0 front hl'o tra'n. 1.' lipm* tomet' rnreaMrtrr it he eS or n.Ths.
    it?$ w^9 c NMuseulntnadpnu sit tf ml *ti 1t at ^" o
    y4p:'m t*I bruglr the Statep of i'rkwa.
    .ISsI~ th e hisi 8 wa ise P. 4. Will Go to'Det.ed Today to Mr. antil MrS. C. ID. Mny or Newl..rry F, r otmnluventr ,,r A&:tIn.r of t I
    no g *'* b h-. Ar te eity. .ta t rorkf a
    .h. .uh.. m e 'm Play F mOtball With Stetson Soya. oys ;I ,. l r ,tJe tt of the sirrcr. of
    t *,e ll g lf wt tlor lgell r t t tiit the ate lor rurlitor a -.* e.rt
    Tt. a m.".1.9.o ,. ,i Tnlordatei' lf E st F orh i ll, but iom .bettort i For Thr T Jalu.tie..r ior -S,'.S i r t
    SmAtt, '1 hn pe tuo make thldeppar Cotton wiontlinllLi to ro'l in rpilJIy t. The state o f Ftrida.
    7. :kt ., Au~g t arel thur morninR via the tisinsgilJ i Is ar running f011 t im**. nd m,* or ione .Iairui r.on k er r. the St
    ". united ell tet 0ion maed Golf ramturd for lisLand, where e|1nts r enjoying a ,iie. trade. ,r 'r.o ,eber XW the m ta..t e Clre
    As Aid t 4o tweq othey will mnae the eleven 3 Mr. kinarr of iltwthorn has openIId l t.e**ntu,,fhe taf, r4iorAlt.
    W a ilg.. ,ithi'at Wlo t"Mob V.t.rnsrity. which 1 0*aid a $nare ant and. 'ro ry business in, For County Juge.
    t Dat it, t b one of tki etronlh .amest the State. . I ui of Clerk of the Circurt
    *"MS A .ie bas be d sW The nitmalary bo.s eeouralea by vri t to his "t". co:unt.y A"e...or t Tae,
    w a ,tIi* Ith!e SS *1 IleIesd: their tes tlietory of the South Florida ._I T x~netor,.
    itwo gr l itWt Milltl Istiute, hoieveir, Ai confi. -- --- Trea.urer.
    piuv't w D s ? dSa4il'Ut tho they will win the lTonors,. I strongnuNr prne., st or I
    'W, te OdoM .'t lha 1d* arn golng to DLan4 for that pur- MISS TEBEAU'S r l ...,S..
    MISS I Iu rive ou n :ltOu q.t',mljuone
    41 ,,'e o hpes. Sam ,f .. ,n.ut
    i It l*ath d.ISdMI T.he et a oleoposed of tbh follow. BOARDING AND JuC" e t l. n,,idr
    s mnpdigltep lathebroot all ta xI uARING ANDo 1ue inmnrrrthm
    li' tq ut Apes ,Iwr ehU MIjr.Whbler. manager; Wilson. DAY SCHOOL R'. ."'g.','..,.".,.. "
    ip 'ihwfsid of Me Wilt-iv yaptesl Sparkna, e.. FW Ce. o table in na. ror the forhowrI *"
    f ,tlRlhg te ht lie llIg m ailoess of irl. Be s and BIoulwn e. gaurds; -- ,90e t r N ... -i-. .i ...5 *
    St h emmpliiItb-lsst.eneo. *Joieesi tid Rkobin., takleos Cone nd4 |tath tM otejai aid ta Its eop. Whi.hes 8elda RiJh.m. quarmera p h ;. ,S a Inst MSi ,jf t

    ' ", I



    YE:'A.. -F

    ith Catarrh-.l- -

    'tii rer e *s ,i ksrttlt' re*e *,I tetd
    the IetleW towot l te1st4 tei 1 lies l 11 imt
    whe katartiV 4 I prvo la is,,
    lar tqM l!i* toUNh tet'10h biie I t l
    to lieu rmi It*lary Iliriule I ,n a hit, t4whi

    Ulum the' m11*0' h r tie'*lirst0 ltT I w
    lstin that trike It t t t ir aoll a il
    larrltIl iffWtismi*. h! N,'i Ute t t'i)
    minutes hlIeIn vrusrs Rid (I lii terminal
    ilerver lll ra,. t('Vtrrh 's1 nn. eaS *lt lSio
    whter Irunsi tol um.l lilntellIprUt
    Perunia ki tiout latsrrh ini all i h4i
    den pft lltisof I 'v.
    A. M. Ikenil,s ai .mloy, ., of hie ', ,,.
    a It. I. ., WIVu llurlir tt:(t, ,la., wrltsu .
    I had esltarrll of theI P11ina i.h 4
    satllt Inii lin[ rs r a nunil1r o yi '
    I went to a numnwr of dow itrr a41i p.
    no relief. Finally one 4f any dlItm ,,
    sent m tlo tChiago h ianil I fl4 tik illM
    atle. They asidl ihey could do notling
    fclir m114, lllat I had aid lther war li ao cure. I ituilesi hftu g 4
    the samt, for my breaiIh ia as pditlthig
    awful. I eomld hardly staiml it, |I wg
    sooessive@. I could not rat anytllitg
    without great jumlary, and 1 gradually
    grew wore.
    S Finalllly I otoane of your tkmiJksaj
    eoracludd I would try l'erunat.and lI ta.
    Ilodt I found a relief and a rure for "t t
    dredrutl diavero. I look live hotxtlhn
    prniasaind two of IManalin, and I o
    feor like a lnew uan. There is I nothlag
    betllr tlin lPerumi and I kerep a bottl

    ~u .i~winin.ri. .I.
    * w ~ -N-W ^.tMa t^g a~a~fi ^iiy~ma g..g4 - t -- ~a. **

    t Ld i *,4 a -4p- "'I-- .* ...
    Ir41,iU Aif i,

    (BS'J.lal Iflr
    |kK lrtlrl

    Bq l'ot 010 "1 1*'1m* i a

    It IiIw ,i'*0111 11 til f,- oor

    PirI 'E.1C e;' & a lin' t'

    jqUn t ,10. ,Year .
    vthe eaUAnts fir t,
    the at .eci a; ri
    119tim1 l;t. tole? 'r

    rie S Crents t is't
    .LOt C I1,* P 31
    i g thfe Th ".trir -W e+ k
    ofld ofyear N

    Sthe l 11 1i ,at' s n )*
    AIO .iJ J tu ali t tlne year.

    tiln.ation tla 2 t''.frt*.

    Srt I'reshb 7t.
    EI.T N l;.1 KI l l
    of New Y,'U .
    r or \ ,',-l'1. ,
    .. Hff NKB .;. I..V .
    of( West \it ,; ..
    United $tWttrs Ma nt'r.
    1U gN g P. R .Tl1+1.I':1ISO.,
    .,. N K :. ;. ':1 :
    F"E L A ti c" ;.
    it pr * EI et.r*,
    T. A. Jti:NNIN;S
    ". E. (I:. 1,Y
    F. B. 8t1.NE\MAN.

    APOLEON it.i WARD.
    t1 ertbruy f Ptt.,
    3 CLAY CRn.WoI,'OD.
    WILLIA.M II. 'L.1.1S,

    " A. C. ClirtUM.
    State T'tt.tirer.
    L .I-. -

    44 s,4I . -.

    l b
    t ,A. 1 .. -I
    i k) O L 4V .

    t or% t r
    I 41 I r . 4 9 *f t a '- e r
    Sft, t r 1. -a.

    t rader 1 1 m rat, part re

    *A .rm% t-o lq 'inior 44d the situ*-
    tion a rty was

    t is he t st atio ofthe D me ,

    Sat '. 'at t1i .l ofI he' a' paiSa
    :I i t t om 1 L .

    *relg' i Yn w- t Ad1 :I a, 4 I -S -i
    6 t ,,1 ,' t I tr 1i I i im as .
    tr go. W' U R., at L t r ,th.
    1 e r. A< ' ad ,tik :t r '' :

    "* t.t.Xis" lv'*i ", s lr t as* ( i:s a 4

    of ast",1et. '.'. ulstit:de u! def.'..r aud
    P*pl l- I1i^*i n is preesrsly Iii' ,i1l whzeh
    t rr-adtrr :i'1f. cI+rocratiptaruy fre.
    saw riu twh. h1 git.nrig mu4 thr' *ituo-
    lion uf the .1.ib'..laban p5rly was fly
    *rt Le'ijatrl. ty them .\hat on the oah.r
    .tid 9 t1he 9i1 Utioll of the NteitI?t I.
    1ikarFy St thhu .tRo of uhc eatnraigt.
    f,,tmf ,f *-.)h mit cmar and ad-,quate
    itati i^ of the gubeml Iieftnlcnil
    i,.' >Ttld'i; ';i t lay OmW ,'S frot La-'

    n:agia.'.i:e artie.':e 1.s1 >av his ra tsT.
    1 !t has rr,.,,'r,. it ,, t-smye ag4-
    't ei .....tar.. i.t s_ '. t s 1hroag. .

    -w -I

    Use A-r It'air itgor and
    restot to l yr r gryl hair all
    tte dccp, derk, rich color of
    early hFe. Then be autisfled.
    W 1 I, % m
    tk 6 L *r< \ y* rP y
    9 ...,_,_,,\, LI .WIbO II Y

    Dark Hair


    "' I .** '. ,,f Th'" Ja, ksI' T...- r S .
    tr | !. ; em r A *.' wr ,Mnd an ar.
    :->,0r ; A S.'e t I C (':tI -Atrams
    as att rt[r,.) f..r \%\ N >..ea ,. er \\ .
    disrr ei"n tTl.c :tnt inlatic manner
    t say 3I- vAIt Il that artile the prop:n
    'Lf'- :t 'cnilatw tr'Ta btwen put in a
    ftate !i': a.J the' jtmrs leauunoar l
    an thle Il. .',Uy case hare twen nmot
    vtwy ;.* 'r, j. It il attlrmpled t y
    t!: e orr*I Ir t .te y I ih i:nprtsI.m'
    t; at I. ary ee twin or tad teen
    k'1 ?at'it Uth tr. ItHolioway The
    ftct iu. t't.t uhile the writer does not
    ltWuly I'arCg that trhe pary had4 bn*a
    :lxqd. ar that they hal tisitedl Mr.
    ba.han'e .sa *.M tat tar a. ikm a.

    k CAH < TO OhiOoRAf t. p

    'tbet 1t F S *IN ,S I
    1 '444:lI *oo I ovte of heo
    th. iit e' ) 1 ALA rel are 4

    , m. ,ore, '.4, *lRemlt, St 1th Ve
    q. 11 Si a Poo nll .mloof.00 IMslp

    .- .ebtg t.he suthe it. F aW V'.
    '4 t V U0, y. t tely I -. *,was dom ne by. She
    AT -' ,. t At. iv it ,. t . ,U im l b l tl hil '

    S, ,,and thought wht iG 4
    t ,,%*t tfl, n oti 2 w % m throuaih be fs at lo us
    the . '.' tU : S1 ,IetA* Tupbl e of thih aso H
    .n 4 t... k y r~e fr i".>noerali- slate the out4lat poetl 3.
    ; we.,st ai not so ardent as It should be. E'Le oa f 'the poMMt
    'i V for tetif f otr strintheo of 41tvl. for te he kdpofhi s i

    to do ,i -ill duty on next Taesday by h" e0llI4e to t i"
    going l th pol l and voting for envry lngi t he bg ii
    iprn-ary nomilnee in the tiket from.
    g, 'vtrTnr it e stablel. This is tlhe
    0;(1 1tnn d tiy itf evry man who Mpatil c. th t l
    pated ty voting in >ti late primaries, l W".
    an4 the fact that in soBnminstatesour intn ObsesS JK
    favorites were defeated l oniy n makt
    th" tliiai.,: to stand faithfallJ by w wlmve
    Wt.e ri.tonr the more binding. Thd ,.Uap t.. .,
    'pr.mrry system 3can only bet preesrveld ..'.,''.P.. '
    by fa'thful!y urpholdir. the expreeuld6
    will of the reoplt as *rideneed by ai ta
    eantt of ihe ballots cst by the people pag gs'!s
    at the primary etletion Whom Sbis Was ViItI
    rsialt is to asc.rtalned all the De e. lqe tsh m tlsj
    ?eraterhoild eheerfulty afnd e1*hb-l a t t i
    aetiialy fall In line andB nitry the1'dat *.I .
    a4rty standard to tivnaphaat viettry.
    W \til I have not the slightalt doebt A lb
    of my own election I desire to fisr $Ml
    that ot gitive me every possible votew i
    next Tuesday. it it of extreme le- V tAI. hi
    porlktce that sot do this la vView oft ais wm

    I'Wte r'iup'raivre niiisraieallus t its "..""y. 4 'V. Sy % .... mg ""'r "y- s lSu the t opiat U W M TM AUb IDy t t .R
    i'nwrvatiem. It plo r,, r. cm a, *ai m1u0vd)o of madam rumor pubtllas to redtoc the teprnnt*tlsm l elt
    the at rsof th e'land a declarati oi u the sit r 1t lh -)rt 1 of the Soath In the CoatreM and aI
    !t:ar l'enmeratic faith ;and a eandi-. hink the facts ar& as tol&6 --*n4 th Eleloral College. atm
    date wh@ Ilutd tion aid t!delity It oirev. to so sn.- *s thear mor !as I iaput oQt la .m orat votd in thio loetd Inti t iAtho ttt tEm
    sttioualtm and;j ,htwy exhibition j tit 1 N. ,tt whio rep~wre4 to the primary eloetton ot Jn"e 7th5. lak%, sa
    ovterareaifunl eecltiSi~e activity, astt t* c! hr dep-iO hid if j ien lt 10 WitIiagton btoA by
    insi*tene" U1 on t:. 0flSvane ,,i hof brJk in h ix- "fe aud trrmie twm ti, ate, and the oe Florekl iFa it* M 4i6 I2
    rntraints of tnhe t tnltdtion a td o* to H4iilliwi's j, IUponn the WfpotI triets red tieamulvs in Itk e ah001 MOaMwa
    !sruptilouts regard for tihe dis&rk s ofIof Mr. h eats toathe sher, she mttte 'net it will silencee the kRepelteaI imtt tl e
    governmental atih.r ty orlart by wasa at ,e muesticated and pro e: thatt of e4wtction af oP1p mf es. bLi
    the fathenrof thel rei Ui'. In to watout aay foundation.. Now, so far i our own State I 4 eoaser sd.
    Inl the la, o(f .m rr hen ion aId i Major Abnam. wneau seah a state of A Ia .t will secomplsh aseother I. CiAn h
    N neertatnty .t prl~* s rian Lka ftat, has raitaik I that attitle he has thimg-it will give me iL thoe vry thef b MellliO
    restful tnftdr ee; instead of .one miatt>*l a e me. he has libld and titjing of my congnomiatl senrig ai I
    itiestso and un-A.merian it;truloun in slaudeJl ti.e jann luuam:emd in the s itKS,.it gaong my seotlaWtee ilh etelktt
    old world comnpgliaitions i pronmisver l(to a ease.r u wr1 as thet wl e will lreCVty augipent my ability to
    wateh!ul care of the Ioirle'I welfare peo '1, of A lachua c"untmt. r y'.a a eerptably. .** .Ii..

    S det. ir In-trti-u.1 a' their Lome's id i t'~e afair s' RelsettlAy t
    I.- their daily life. .s against the djo. ON MHI OWN PETAROD, FI..AK CLaIt. K r-m
    0mali alonr of Airtixltture, lu;ve and I'' di've of a for-. -. -- Lake Clty, Via.. ` v. t, IKt19. mI
    LB. 21. t1.1N. eign IisRtv. I, kt: allreas 0l.c un, It n i 4 appear trom M&i. Ab rasn .- -
    I *:. M,-. lthlkia Ll.ri, i unt-drmines the ic la the Jacksotritle lIetropolis. President Rosesih hMs be1 oahl Ratil
    V. hlnd I lh,;rI itta,.' it the I oX t. -'vtithat hast =
    U o. Mtiiunls. strength of. ,ir national intnh. th of lt. %th that owintothe eodiJ eve of iakitg a "break" a ti e en ti itef
    JO ttfourt. six Ya r, emocratik party seeks to remInd our lion ,o t afi in Ala'haa unty that' o his eampaign msna tgent deeamfe* oa ta
    I. PENWICK TAYL.OR. eountrymen that their vrertment a i aryC' u dnot t w obtained to tr lIng the Standard Oil Company as Op- tW l
    needd tno larger missioS than is ftmnd aWin.. 111lloeay at the last tern of* pIng his empaitn. It will be -
    S tliE" tT.p eourt. in the development of the domain ourO'ktrit eourt. and one of his (i-' mea*bewd that ever *I1*e the*
    MAS 8. 1iAli.t .I:ImmHtD. which lamerican iidependeue and iWlinl was that the fjTry wn tam* dent eausd to be mIad public the tel. -
    J. B. WHITl-'I 1X:l. J American: growth liav. made the perd with. The Major uses this Imagi* egrame of John Rocketfllor, Jr.. ash-
    -,-- dwellin place uof a free, ptonepenu ninl to jAstify himself In age*ing to. lat for interviews with fvrioou 1*3-
    Sa Sit'a li ld 'hall people. The youini mna l ntinulancl f the ll lo&ray ea. ati or f hp the compauy's Mr. AmblI-
    3. AM. TRIMOI IH who llght for ltImocratic sueC.s in We awe sorry for the belieose Major- bald, the preeldent has bn In tlhe
    ~. piI this thiime %f political eeltict will in he tI on1 oe fenew 4oslLA bad graces of this eoupany.s ad as e
    f eCuutyI Judg later years have the proud saltslaclioe another tomorrow. He says hi at red it man who nrn 8 oa4dulasIoa from
    3. 0l. IMaonn. of remembering that they fought for to ) &atIIaStt we ouf this cae beflUm i whate r soaree it 6oies. ho Isturtall
    I' safe contunels i the administration, of the rumir of the ji4vy tbeiit lmpered hates the eompaay. Mr. RooItvelt's
    L. W. F"I.NELL theiorRoernmeht. los the. proteotiou with. and siq in the same breath tried nmmpalgn mtamrrs, however bel ltee U
    S--of our national mission against Inter to lpat himself tn a favorable psitlion that is wuotd be anwise forl h tek t*
    l9t tr-nilt Court, ruptuon "nd wprve rsion, for the in- T14 saying h reftd to tiltn the aT'ee* tek the trust at this time. revt if it
    ,i*,. -r.*N<,m atereaJ ,f1tuort of the people In their meat for a eon't uanu. "- Itmaleny is antagonistie to him, and they r
    Tax Ameswor horne. av;d further defense ol their in- thou art a jewelW W'hen doew the doing everything In their power to re.
    S W. COi.LON. teres ts saint the enerlechments of dlstinetion arier? e11 admits that hstrain the impetuosity of thie Repub.
    a,. orglie.d ,ill ahniM and rvird." agreed to a continuancet. btt did a1t' liean presidentialcaldildate. Thepuor e
    Tax 1 'tolnr ..... .. sinthle written agr mlent of ounl.l.!pose of Mr. Architahld's desired latIer this l
    W. N EMPTON OF L-AND. ,tie nseit *s *uffitlnt anyant iews'. by the way, was to prevent the prom
    IMbtesdent of Publie Instructlon, / Mnformed in the iea, about t ceh trat-' enastmnt of the law creating the Ba-s
    SDR. J. iL. KlI.I.iY. Wewtite' by the report of the sleek tees 'ill know that ases ar ofttn cun-' reat of trporatlions and authcorialg
    of the circuit court to theoomptroller, tintu by e'nmsMnt. simply by agree- th% emumlssioner oft orporations to G a
    County Trea surer for the month of May, 19I4. that he metlt in open ftor,. and by an order of make public such information as e
    H. _ROERTSON. remitted for the redemption of lands the M urt to that e0e1.t upon the dock- might be able to gather repting l
    County Pwirvetor, the stint of two hundred and seventy.- *t we think the Major has holot.d trustee and their methods.
    3AMER CROXTON. fourdollars and fifty-three cents, of himiself1-n his own P'tardal hr ua s G. E
    Onuy which sum only ,n I drd amid w. ally tos when. he ews into print, l. it hisapeech at jsopus Mr. Parker
    Sentoe, doilarsn and c. ent pointed to the evil growing out of
    J. l. IAN.PI..R entn dollars and oighty-ninfe entc
    (.hs r E NA. .erpomtion contributions to the ecl-
    f.-. T.P1. has been r..tured to Alachus county, We. arc not a little perplexed at the Ie R o the R li pt
    i 'Ir. thi State nrvinm to) itself the sum of article of MaJ. Abrams I The Jack palt uin of thet ep abla party,
    P.F .ILIon ed nff-xolsk,%$.hasertins that such contributions were
    I .V.. I'.I'.II(I, oe hundI and fifty-six dollars and' unvilhe Metropolll of lt. Yth, twr made asa busineles nvlstment by th|e
    I. -.-- xty-four cents. The faoet i patent we see that the atithmor has signed him. eorporations and trusts for the prp2n
    .iMemnbrN of R1.h11l jaHtd, that the county tas 141are moth more elt as at111the for W. N. Shetls and of obtaining favorable t lo
    .'TA. AD.olKF.,. than thile ~4tate taxeirs. and we desire to counsel for the State. The artl01e that exprienee had taught them they
    S WI.MARTIN, know, and we have a right to know, (erred to souands throughout ias de- would not .! di ined The Iteb I i Is that the Stale retains a larger mose. his bott lit the ease of Woo1litan o attempt to reply to thi s star
    I. .oo.b.m. portion of this redemption f ud than M. Etoloway and nlt only his defuee* I meat by poilating to the fat tha M -r.
    h poor. b nr when the rmtted to the county? The eomn. bht mom particularly as a political Patrick Mecarren and Mr.Cord Me0t -
    oor, ty ta. is at least double the oStat. tax, Iarranw uel i behalf of hiselilet. We ar s lociated with the Standard Oil1
    B odoyet the State Ii-ts .it lhe division o think the Meajor would have m or'. C company. They dwite the issue, hoew- ad
    Eiw1dos mnot depend so1 much utci tili ftuittd fr -.t 11101otLh ofI May. ast. aLm..a.mI Lat a....... L... a-_. -_and-I

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    mSAW1me res m*a "

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    We bd ledda :a t

    Sthe wel ha llg k

    NawT ort. TherIkh o th

    wil -m him through

    ,rhllts, elh w&r ~ Co. l
    ST -today eagagd tl.W.000 to
    W hu ea the amr eMe tar astp
    H9 Thuerday. Th
    Ssc eu a ls*to osap#e
    9 bipsel t. lB tb urd in

    adis teh eaa t .it ...l
    lulls *adS 0Co0t I
    I .d Reili mmbatendor.
    t 4te idmw tis. anor ug tahe
    elstIeo at Thet taerntoal o.
    *wk Jwul a tde ite tato eth
    othm.%s a met ttim f toh etblaet.
    S A Now York db p stat that
    .t wep thatu MairteNe Barymore.
    A Wtr. to 4lst Is eftS4 by the
    fatW the M tllgad home.
    Sat 1* s!*- h W e o t rIeovery
    tiagU beem maiWsmO, bt hi. con-
    at priLnt bi the sm s it haa
    lHI- sw wMaMjB*HP L
    3. P Srpft Mkae will Sead to ttt'
    SitMhp of Catermbwy a usiae souvr
    Sh otf kls rnet Tvet to Ameries. 1
    Mat. of two eligatly bend ,v.
    u St eliflgsg fti srarisnors r'
    Sserltips th menm of the arc
    WlMOW uam Am. St M be ar tv,
    4 tNO r tior t Or L 14. tlb dat o
    *b e ainaIs tslmlma, tils rtu:.;

    STfluas VM PVtlUCATION.V
    LaS mOO as Uelaems aM.. Gawk

    raw LW
    IS to to**be

    980WA16W Ia. 1!1".'

    iloph lerring. expert ttralte r of
    aftr has* ro)me tfrm New York ,
    llTe th hioRngmtry offltettls i
    lhmsttor of puttll In l w P amtr
    Works. A,
    Yrt.y smllei of waepr pip. w;ll 1:
    aI d. can now rel'erwor will he con
    atrtcted, two staged pl pes wtwld OaMl
    S one .I)0,00,IH) llallo ump iMtallL r
    i Th whole wll coNt' **S0,*W. lMr.
    H etrrrinl rIeevea T75 a day and expen.
    "ea. lie tInkalled the prennit ant-
    tary sower yvt-rti o, Mongoamery *ev
    S *eral years in e.

    S Ralelghb, S. Not. 1.-4 far the A
    | amtrh made by vartoun vessels for
    * the British cthooaer Symnaurs, which
    we SK set fire and anaudosod by her
    * etew of the North Carolima oast, has
    bi n futile. Bhe was lat seen noar
    ape Looko t.

    11 Tbfoe Rusitan naval ut,'er, who
    o iS@ ls euwalt flshermefn havo proved
    M M h~' e~i are o alloesler too ruily I

    Uzi I.IL ,

    I. TOM 44 COMPA34.
    YWS& r Te Prepay the Cilargs on the FlohI g:
    jt 'ISSPRMING bA DAI.a Imleors |ty. I years LI, I Mil quart *4
    OLD FAL l IT LY CABIET, lt.., l 2! r.i old. 4 ftlIl quart.
    Af e a L'l L I 31 eylan iUTI XarlId ly% tl i t. add, 4 fit q|arts 4
    tS Lr : b t he MONOVAHELA XX XllX 7 jar, id, 4 Nill qairts I
    W,,a, er We sAip promptly ad I* plai ban t Remit by bsr. wr Iltoalte
    wy %* Sa m'N wer Io MARYLAND WHIbIKE (a., t41 West Ray t*, J*aeamitlle, Fa.

    e :liteAN D Tbsn
    m t L by A N ND TITT 1

    dwll* -or" nM ni,
    YTi tmm t t iAe opd anr &hte)n 3be
    HIgwtqp %a o mNOetolhe irI itse-.
    bethe 6 wto hbaMeromtl

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    66a emnaaeoIiobis fo rot
    .l O r ab r Lt the ommenmewent of
    A. YICL V.
    W*M of SW earporation tRn: be
    olOtbatr I pIMltl t, aietvireMent. a
    C-fsa stireo r aMS thry dIreetorm
    M~of aans 8sy s*d trmurtr may
    i a"*Uwe h pmmeipo.on. tW .um-
    Sf ftenm be terqamAd bty the by"
    W mII bw er seot e nimAltat eevtea.
    ute AMU e ooeese bgy e toit.
    sam l 0M m kio o ersk' s*taci
    do-. lUWMA. et tAbe nhelpal
    besMM. of the ourporN W Uiln the
    Os JSMU or osamb re & orn-
    %a em. TheManuu:
    Mr Om4il i the first eedaIon of
    fwMa nAm"b be the oeber. or
    V -Ml' P. THI. 1%
    r S nwuorv-t-L NMI. Jr.
    rwSo- e. ,. Thomas, f ,Thomr' natl

    Iriews mai be m*.ted by the btotkho1derr
    peerowif %he dulls of % be onerm
    TMe Mset m moms of ebwdn or It
    U to ,a i UtW e-o r as ar Lay lthie
    boe It-U.. un to U bwMWw.,
    AIRTCI V %11.
    The sesam d wr Wanee. or the leorpor-
    sase aUd heambS oteWl itait sagoe sub-
    .. Ot|k lny., P*Twfar, l |a. 110 halrm.
    T V. ToM. Usamsvte lorutSa. PQ sbarei.
    k. L. Hli. Jr., CalaeuW, t3m las, 10 hre%.
    1 I. THOMAS'
    A. tM iU., IL
    STAkT r Or FtOU*DA..
    Areb ou *"tr. *
    sa metorrImbe duly nutborlied
    04 1 F 1 a Is cr lbor s Staoe co hor-
    iIt aiT.lmw asoly AWareS4 aS. J. Tboms.
    T. r. ltem. M am .IL Itl. Jr.,tome well
    ktowm. aW fows to be tib* tuo#n 4e nrlbd
    Is. o who ba t pedIbe ulK Artloln% of
    I morpormthom of The S. J. Aet Cortior.
    uma tf -met e inowlded tlmt they I1ld
    tNme Iefhor lbe Ihpme. thetS.M Xhpro pel.
    I witat whesot. 4,khe berezuto et my
    bhaa sm,1 iamlal eal shi tih d&3 of Octlber.
    A. ItWH.
    teal-I c. R. LAYTON.
    Oug P1bUe States of rntas. at, Lmre.
    cum eolmido elxpren etober 10. IsM.

    Lao 0oee t Uuaewnw*I, Fla..
    Oetoblr aS l.
    Motto Is bheby iTea that the folowuIs-
    aom "f t I ttIa n MWStW of o ht oImtm u
    to mii 4ml proof to sup(pon of hM elom. Ma
    t lmMt weIr m WA beloue U etimer
    iWMd lrer 0t t U le. 1t.. oma Decm-
    ber S. W,. vLs.:
    o0U0se P. SMUVe-or Ihnate. Via..
    t N am0, rurse 0NtNw%4. Sw4 Nw4.
    Nu % ZI 1 Sw, .It I.t li. 14t.
    He te fotiow witm v e** to *pove
    rmMeseeO pon aS eulsoatUe
    i 1W t.a: ew. PaW. a. P. r. oen, a,
    I0 lMarer, l0 of DsI*o, Pt.
    du W*t. l. ,iNmO.M. Itecta ws.

    Title is


    "rThe fuestin vf Tito' (v flrf rai onsinlrv , f ,, ." mnls..r."
    what yon pay for when you buy land; therefore
    know what you are buying.

    . Titles ordinarily invisible correctly revealed to you by..

    The- Alachua County

    Ga-I ri- eeBv lle,


    National, State and Congression-
    al Ticket 1904.



    * Company,


    Established in 1881.

    Oldest Whiskey

    House in Georgia

    Presidential Electors.

    C. F. Bufftum-Franklln county.
    Oeo. K. Robinson-Marion county.
    Geo. H. lHolme&-Brevard county.
    U. A. W. Wendell--Gadeden eousty.
    A. M.Cushman-Alashua county.
    For Governor--Hon. M1. H. Maefar.
    lane. Hillsboro.
    Secretary of State-John F. Horr,
    Astorney-tienertl--Fred C. Cubber.
    ly, Lety.
    Comptroller-J. L. Skipper Polk.
    Treaourer-E. SM. Bre ford. Dade.
    Sperinutendents of Publid Instrue.i
    tUon-W, K. O'Neal. Orange.
    Commissioner of Agriculture-J. 8.
    Rowley, Putnam.
    Railroad Commniseioner 11. J.
    Ri;ohie, St. Johns.
    Justice supremee Court for term of
    six yeare-.-W. B. Sheppard. 'E"eatibia.
    Justice Supretne Court-0. S. Farr.
    C. S. Adams. Dral.
    E. P. Axte(1. Dival.

    Congressional Ticket.
    First Colngreional DiLtrlet-E. RI.,
    Ounb, lHillsboro.
    Sieond Congremlonal Distriet-J. M.
    Cheney, Orange.
    Third Oonqgrsoaal Distrles--L. X3.
    War, Washlngoa.

    iff13'M elt. IN ALLa *au mnassa

    guaranteed R yeran old. Ity the
    gallon $8.w. 4 full qualrto '43 -.
    (oEU. J. (OLEMAN KTE
    Guaranteed 6 years old. .y the
    gallon 2.7,. 4 full tqu rts +' W o.

    l (aron 't;d
    gallon $2 .0.

    4 years 0(11. Ily the
    4 full quarti s fi h.

    By the gallon 9 2'. 4 full qujrti

    tuarmntia4 4 ars old. Ily the
    gallon $2.60. 4 full quarts $2.75.
    Ouaranteod 8 ean old. Blthe
    gallon $8.00. full quarts .U .
    We handle all the leading brands of
    Rje ad Bourbon WhiskiesIn the mar-
    kIt and will save you from 28 per cent
    to50 per cent on your purchases. Send
    for price list and aetalogue. Mailed
    fte uDOn arnlneation,.

    , .'



    m %4StoJI

    :-~T; --~ -. -`-....-,.I ~~,. I,,~, ~,.-; ~.....- T `...~.,..~- .... ~._.;... ,I

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    S-Y-_I -LC - -, IjILj -~ .-.-_

    IT JiN "CO i

    brwers, Will Hold Cotton tI one of the mAai symptom of Se
    Dits t r that Wrible lase ateid hen.
    maturim, whiqh makes It a daily
    5Is NOTHINC DPNTIII rtUre to 5u0y thousands. H t B

    he 1* NLIbCA *1 Bls .HAMLINS
    hi WIN b< Produced, bu t e. K. H
    b e1.l. Bevn f t0 s.wW the Output Will mow
    Is Squal to That of LOpR Year,
    "i tS diwian at tills tIme to M -. WA A (1 Actce tit Our Stcok Will Convince You A
    B >aS; what the p.*: ndstlio of Mar- sit *n ms it .ea tjuU i O0 Yo
    4 c ourtwl i AtIni th s l I trwtset whih %it st of T1h Fact
    K- togo I lobison of pltin cure fwr rthentlum sat I ..
    fs one of the mon thoroughly aeIi sew I
    p.w" olon t he .iRS ioft in i hat ppl u y, r

    p.fl bo tofha ttn W
    g*a noW," he conginueJ, "for if I tcU Whidlch mus the disasSe.
    4 may B igour. might come far fr Ntl Atomy lmith, of MayiiU ,
    i I M rW"so.l for wsayin tha y II had such m ,vx rhenmat.-

    Sr, The, pt hel vy apam st er g r That's what we consider whom we boy.
    uMvy bih yler is a pgnat deal bt tertI B Bgtb r t1 O 4 et h WWbp
    t sebmoillsy, and a great deal oN> 54 was faut iling all hope of
    pemient it iN the way of produl. ^, Whkm I heId Of amd t14
    i Whe a flw I ars *"0 and a s %' i
    p at maty of the pleated are ar go ing
    I bIM their amton bee k with the an- Of Wie ui p It. pusI
    a I smpsltned to edi hir theylarpe Nto sale, ft 1" ,
    |itwion of better pries. They are m aem cre. P a
    mpehennto sell vaeir fuare be- a WAL e DR -GGIS S DO a
    Sthey have plenty upon which too

    9J Ai tla.t coi ti nnted M r. llobinru s to, ,' T, .",.
    '; *f. 5grnat many etragglialn' -AlMSANK TOIRl

    'umet who eswei r t meat cotton his p N. J ti. t ,r.,ly. Wr- ,',* ?a C e ioo
    l" eeq the balowib t 1 u M t Sl p e k. : I n t i and ee u O r Faveor ft'l.
    ior eatonl uow knew nothing b.u. .,s ,: ,r I, oi (' ( nt e e thing known o the FnNITu
    rfle oar a gnat lmany of this ( laze 1i \ a11. X;riI tinw YI n
    hftmenr in Marion county. They "- .. at rtxt \\. West
    athe the Ceotton, and inasmasch as they fit. .. i inugitn hntrettis
    Sat have todispes, of saner. hold or tri chv a A a
    \bulasou making report; hene is is "Vl it to assertain just the status of bank" "no i:.tirumentallty miorm eTo TFe SOen i
    ris I the e ilton situation." Cietil It' avnS ng the school and TO Those That Call on the Opening Day I
    M r. Robinson states that thte output hom'e 1 tho :17 e g a7-t Republtran par
    S Marian county. so far as the re- ty It w a rn t advance thit. z2
    a pM are concrned. will show up l f1ul l1Ft It hf lso(t fI )
    fleas equal to that or last year. but it 41k 611Z r i:t!4o1l Ga ines ille Furnitur Co
    bes dilttle to determine what the 8stas : s rait ant ni V
    SitofthAe nasn will show. frc F n u Ch It i t tlt
    ^ r n1rr .; r>.' :." b in ti ntts 7lM dv
    [ MAYOR APPOINTS COMMITTEE. II -. 1e- -h lui n.t. c WV
    Thee. Who Will Solicit Subscriptions Tro'Ile Over Wags Scale.
    fr Streets Have Been Named. TrV"t&n. N .t Nv. 1 Axlty i 3 ii jPIJ
    n s Maordance with the rsuljtion tte e thi (1k ovr th -*;n of %r 1 h.
    Ij fi at threnr cing of the caizene it ll tl t 11w14 11 i lL I' nmaI It on.t j
    t 6th. court house, last friday night, ftl ce tcY? 'unit n sl t:tta ^<..E. (" thW O
    StsI provided that a committee of ** 2T*'l* in t? hi"' nt Tue u WHOLESAL'
    Bv. e appointed to solicit suhl rip. 'I;1' lf l ^ .t'i; art Iit)lt've
    'Ulmettheiiurpoaeol trimming the ThA ta:" :ntn d.C arI that t.ey will -
    streets and placing nit' ,"" 11 n 111i L l.'a g I | -- l.a repair. Mayor Thomes. who i 8 i :. a r. |4 h e i U O I Jb I F

    Mn. a. P. Richards, Mire J. S liodi-. rnatl:uft ": .4r"' ;1.:- :hecaus' if OSALA. FLORI An
    i B F. lamptonr. c. V. J'drick thu4 a li-: ;1 ,.! opinion aming the
    B fl 3. T. Percal. ljnttihe'r : 0t.'1 and a ronlpulsor> 1h.1141
    fi osmmnlstsec. as has been heated. .own of aV: thre ptteries Is expectiet. m n n^n

    A Oem appointed for the purpose of
    Seiltiag l( um4i for the improvement
    SWi"dM tstnt In the matter of clearing
    . semaistrueting. The committee will
    Sat onte to wjrk, and whaltver
    Se.yp may be sitnbr'led will be re,
    , dlil to the City Council, with a re.
    I t for co-operation in the niatter of
    ' illmll the thoroughfares in a s am
    Spi ad4 presentable condition. It Is
    . h. opeld hai tie couueil will con-
    iA lth the committee in lthI matter,
    41 t that there mtay something good
    Sift from this meeting.

    e quel to Political Discussion
    In ever County.
    '.,K*.%1jit. Tenn Nntv 1 ..har0,
    ,. Wav wst Ihot nilt killelo, ly \'Wall,
    l MeOtrl age, l1 I % rtvl-r tvti-
    floerdays, s a .*ia,. to a |it) cnl
    U"" a^er Is Sto141 to have alvla're'l
    S. fld4 'qltakill i itos 4-4tl North t'lr-
    *.m *UDemocrats *nd the left ih1 par
    W Upo" r' trirtti. ie engag. d In a
    Y'rtaitihn with Moirow, who lilt
    Sb SIM1 a 1 lwratI Substeqlent Iv
    ',,ter fired, h l)tittg himl thro mh
    carterr waived examination, and<
    ,; *1 Jail, at Sevlervillo.

    1 A Runaway Bicycle
    1t'alnm iatedj with an i tly 'ut iun thi .

    Strauss' Royal bsem

    .t..- r .. n. A..S.. .II AI "-i.1 OF
    irt.\l Ht AN, ** ni hei ',l 4*al en that' di ttum b |i ct.f*
    tel tlih rtrt I ut: atitlon Iof 1'I n itlie. the tIn-
    t'lv hv t 41% trll>aHn utt itOS tfr lerb'hrt
    Sitt t [' 1"re enht i11 I, i em :t autun0I at itS vini
    etmr% to the 11i30. It ) 1 1a i-on t'uht3 l uwde
    within :n)l '>, .Al iql.''n C'ut lt K'Flonridta min
    w ll t Ntid Iml rIierre- a ,'Jiy f r aiill dI-eharr e,
    ,tAln rirtlr- audiniiktratli n inwl winardllnilhilt
    uPon te( e.tae otr 1 thi 4tal RfiertSta. Smith. hi
    twiq' ati, l'i r brrt iiut,. ''; ntilt. littIlririd the
    ilr 11 I k 1 ie 1 ,I' 4tl rcAr%
    Th1" 4 vt'lt 'ln'] er ti'tll A Ik I',*'
    .ARtlT t W T\ 4i.S- .sTI.ri.

    .s~iH.:ltlf* t.1.\U:
    1 Tit)l ,r il a- i' ti i C f iliI, 'I 'xrl tl ilhna h -
    -.,i) iiit l Ifl hi" tirn' 'it e' ir 'uiu tlth 'lilihlh
    .It'i.l',i. :'.i..! f 4otrilc n. ,1 im l d t in r .%Iehqm
    .[iv i ,.1 i tco Il )o a'.. ari t1nigulIr the
    ''t r I '1 tld '1Lte of i ittl do''Trfln J. It.
    I ttr,"" ,S -, A I *'d I I tlf,' an an IIr ,.. t ( *i% '(.Cotl
    d A \ fi Hu- I41 .n!4- :eitM.i, itinl
    +,1 ,' .. I.". Re'm i tii! I tnlilt *i' tiN U oi an li
    B t '-"ii .tJ .hbe en:i hI r%' r in the
    4 I' ,.. t t i.-,i .\ i 1hi iiiii *il'iii% Flnrklla.
    iit' M 1.I lI,'e ;t blii'% ol N i.s riuil'e r. A. I.
    S i d #1 I A.4'4.l %thI I. ili -.1 th('ll tui m ll dIvi"l't' T hi''l |li lia'i.
    1 ltin' l
    iliKl t '' tO Wt'll





    Straws "I"



    U s



    Th o are our peclttl a ud are the BRIT good
    ea flsam

    a a

    S.!i^^^^ ^^^

    ,f .:

    I :

    .- ',


    NetOW* is hter*
    Sokkm I ashtlr h eti"iN

    Kuh n fl vwm'a s *et eflv
    to iake st fM

    K Nd aWbb k KMbW 'dI

    gprya bteJ
    .ri ta v at'0

    -IM. No. p310.1iwr& 4 $
    Rie soon Ut hfomwk w
    I!O1, amiosreul0mis nm !
    ao *btl milan nd. .
    M Wt Webb. 840on e OWbr i_

    S PREPAIh E-
    Ifun r e.. XeX .. ... .K'."
    Is on the markN I (oMldMedtl.::1 : it... 1


    ___I__ ____ ___




    V %7w"m m


    ,* U,?,, +" * ;, "
    by l o n!.


    dcm e r" Ismnst Oath.

    l .e.and W1-et01 Is Gag
    wTaM ttuwet Parsgrepks
    Y -I4 WIso Ma I Read"

    i* rt 1. *us.
    al ats fjr sat*. W. E.
    )ImesMld of srove Park was
    Bk bis eity oeterday.
    I L Hoter t Sunday with
    ail relating at Rothelle.
    *~1' J. Blrr of Micenopy was
    f h&el sa I.PIa city yew.

    b i ll'eI Chitll of Misanipy spen
    p l n tla eity as a guess of her
    Ms. J. Fteoher Hill.
    i, P larmd ha trtumed from Sa.
    t, whber he he bhe engaged In
    w rk for the past few

    .. W0leri of rove Park and Wade
    'wifeaosetildnen of Monte.
    l"re ateOls the visitors to this
    tlip i A. R. tmoreof A lahua
    mO g SihoeL who favored this eity
    a brief visit Saday. While her
    am greeted by a number of old

    itil, b to Mr. and Mrs. Merau Endel
    metaiag. a lite buy. Friends
    eate t Oteogruartlaltions oo every
    and Mareus is the happlelst 'boy"

    r I le-kl erel m M P farmunw
    mes mile from LaCivwe; 1l6)
    a In ltIvation four tRanut
    Coap remiss. Termn resnam-
    .Addr s It. V. Cookyl, La.
    .Fe,% wat
    l'b ftfilesad of W. B. Phifer are
    thi lag with him In the death of
    hl atil daughter, Elisabeth. who
    NSuday afght. The fuoeral was
    :yeel rday afternoon. Rer. W. J.
    etr oflat1ing.
    S't. J ala MeR R of Hawthorn was aI
    I.b.l too tOhli eity yesterday He was
    o ei a to Pensaeola and other point.
    f ies he Roe Io the Intemrts of the
    lof T. J. MeKRae Son. mmaurae-
    etims agents. furniture.
    Mm. S. k. Prewit and family, after
    Rwes weeks speat in thit Eity on ae-
    iiit of the illness of Mrn, F. M.
    Pshewltt, returned to their home at
    Oryesllterday. They were accom-
    rIUMld by the latter, who will spend a
    *ldars at that place.
    :F i BEsther Mathers of tMicaopy.
    S ta the charminK younu ladies of
    'Ut town, pased through the eity ye l
    l'.iuiaa em totae to High Spring .
    ".a Wlll hera has accepted a portion.


    i alaeslady with Phifer Phifer of
    igh, Siprtia, and will no doubt make

    TU dog's head which was sent by
    Seb) direction of the City Council to
    d. i Pweur ilAtstue wm not sent to(
    jAW tl as tatled in The Sun, but to
    004. This make no particular
    Wwaee, inaumach as both iastitu.
    iare the *ame. hut for some reason
    1SEiBn parties request the statement
    SAfter a short but pleasant visit to
    is bully ito this eity, P. H. Baker,
    k *SteWlsve naval stores operator of
    tini elle, retired to his home 8un-
    Mr. Baker states that his family.
    *V" *aently removed here. are de-
    '" ted with (Iltnarvllle. They are
    flItably domiciled in their elegant
    4ems.eo North Evans atset, ae t
    ' Gatlsm ilie,
    T; T numerous friends of Mrs. W. L.
    SiPhdg will regret to learn that she re-
    Strned yesterday from Jacksonville
    I The lady went to the metropolis
    VI istl frietst and tend the last two
    4 il of earalval, when she was taken
    thd ni became necessary to sunm-
    51 aernhusband, who went to Jack-
    &lif k and returned w h her in his
    I4P Yesterday. It is to be hoped that
    El patient will oon remover.
    9I46"d Peter. of lfke Nasty, also a
    jMhrusner warning the Jews to return
    01'mlem, was in the city Wednes
    W Spo ding "(lid Glory" upon his
    lid warainl the Uentilie to llee


    -'l.* .. i

    SIo iT i t : ; te Volet Hanri. Johnale .* John Chose west t--doay O
    Mr sTt .i : a .: : r tI JOie Palmer h,1!e tP n ap- haplha, where he h t4l fa fAMe. o
    S*&) .- I : 't- a. g i t ,'* ^n ir and inside of homer iprvmin hig piolpey rtand laefp Elt
    t .la .: .. .; "y erv r ellI re fl atlatl. the tfore mother seas n hane e fgi
    t.r tIt.i t.trt * i C. i ,, r- . -rat.- r -ri.r. 'a tlalts isL the ht be et r it a l t elles. i
    )a : %. I i ..i ,, .t, .1, lR..3. Ly. sinofeaPO l hi e,
    .ieIt .. U t. irtr ('ty f liernoopy 01, W. Thompem md K r ushmo w
    *Aet. .I ,, r !. ,. *.- ,) y r.erday. i ispoure of Uikh ll 1W re in-a *Lit y y' a
    a r. -vr :- ., rv,3t t t- p,., ,, J !richer HIll he d y fotr at few heote ,i wen i
    s r .i .., .., :r..t f. *. e.t:. seer t ,f to ,rius C:loa. roult to ftlela, wihee they will be -s
    Stu -' <., n rt I -:.,,f -4I 4tte PII,9phw. m. the son atteldace at h. Spet yn of1 the 1,
    for lt -ieLr:is r o at... t e.r' I e.[ .1 31rd *Mrs. 11.11 byse tle esu ehwhi Iih wlU a el m I
    a Il isa vt ir , liWithka U tI, ll'tcg .'iyt
    *ras l )tdr'ie 3 arm. t.av:g !ti Iat. T. .A Pukv l , tit Selty todty. I
    trayisn Omtiknt k'art.. t a ,amg ber ,of the mehon( tAbNd from tha" t 41e. Amog the e 11ol to ale SipOy S
    irotg hnSr. lle i..:; '. Iret. wa l the siy piterday, havltg kldty mws JeMlO J. A. J. lsMii
    ,he hiutetd iodetae to latter the reoiame of "*e of Halw, wo broglHt alo i f a Wo . eountly fhire iro .ut r ..r4 b*, rd I He port. tshe farmen ins b poatob s tomroetsted eg St m
    Eest ar trt,,tr i -IF* with nnsn Is welelesoadif. 51 6. ga t Ju tlg abm33
    grfalSS ce-O This tr.r) i, w on a C aW N* of Hih sprinM e. e aeMs do .h ....... -O, J
    hrirf ph~rsr*' trip trsg F:orida. 'o f the leading jewlesn of that see olMt.-wlOs U b m e-a seisag g
    arnd wi; & i f is at we ps; st in ,thewaw tramlsetitlIg blxiws is this d y aippeM Ar, l lp ta 0II IOkh baOi
    Stalduritrilts-.w..,.r lr r' yesterday Mr. Ste obe hab oa"doet a f*l SUi ft aWh nw*mj
    friu. r e ii r r. ,.- J WK .r. :.. km tfte line o.r goods for fall and wislter,. frti I
    Sag;. an d epetse to have his operla ableai The gd psedi--plevkt UItNa! se ,
    A-, rl; ,V.y6,10 ., t : ine t. pk>*y &e$ OfJhel ytolg "tao s deo.
    Sr and M. L N. I.aFultie* m al**ne l me W J. I. 0"iLy, t 14 I7
    I. J. Kr. fit of l.t'ro,, s i a te at sLme again. after everal mOAthMl s ip mmb he 4
    et It,-rd pel santly spent amog friests as rN i p h*i bMb d1M in M I '
    I, 7-,-, c..-, *: ** -..a. tid-1 Harirold hbom-. i Meisia. Nrushees ftv. r. *M rS .e w k s o
    i gin tl.. e ty )-,..r |N"-ew X York. Th7y report a deliktmtl PE4 to he nt, MinM b lW
    ). T. English of T.c".a was trad-. time. but ae l4d to return to their ** aSM Ibirh MeW i 1 W
    ilia in the ety yesterday. Floridds khom. eaWI, OhMsk h pop M R l
    Simoneonn' Wodnrfr,:l ?aie forea!*e Among *O pronmieat vielten tothis b m. W soInS Sw h SPlldIN
    by 1. W. McCollum & Co. ,iy t ,, day was s j 1. Kp of al N Smo .d em I sas
    Jose N1 Shaw, a progre.uiTr farmer Barmea ofOrsma Helgu, *Wleams
    of Alachua. was trad:l itu the eity on offlehil bylites. Jes-i .ame si
    esteuday. fhamM b bh pbio tlesm ins gr Htnhee o. Spy 5T. Webg
    Jesse Vallaudinghnim of .Montoehe for e- vqs yj t f.and ham premed hi W., M
    was among thte wLo v.sited atisines. elf a IMet .ppIVr Sa t *nedimswase. Oa. 1h e rl lpil P
    Vill. yesterday. Ame the whitllon e to his ly w **
    F. 0. Baukilght of Archer was Ina vlday was mom, w e asr ; lof Waf6 w "Is wi er
    the city yesterday and uiai Ti-. Staun I, meemk of to e ia 4 OUmR1,06 i"f, at IIke nudr
    an agreeable C;: Colammastenr from thatslm at=, **s. ad* ioe s.
    Mirs L.andr, of Fairbanks is spend"- cue o she llag elsl
    tug a few days as the guest of her ;um the V Mr. Bemsthls a Ui dlo. 4b:.nW
    mqther at Albehut the rell. r *lesthlymel "*ow. i
    Pr. S. Clyatt of Jadeon. one of r t east. ds's trgfs,
    the progrtsire citizens of that seaion. Ha;s't In SM h :dal wb40by wee a
    was traiacting buine,. in this city A fried of babes Is 1s. M. S
    yesterday. He cuMes their lib sor little pltS.
    F. P. Irwin. the enterprising mer- d"thwi. e" Iallase trIhe oS, S E A
    ehal.t and postmaster at Fairbatnks, e=ome sad esemtemnw m h o po i :f.
    was tmansating business in this city luf-er% best, sM. madn inteSllqiotri
    yesterday. easy and emste only S easts. Vite tw K
    C WV, Bauktight of Archer. one of "---- SI al sein sS**u .
    the moit progressive morehants in the 1 V W. o.a eh
    .tatei. was transaceiug bu.iae i in Mr. an un
    this city yesterdayy, Kil HN O 1 44 lf ,
    Mr. and Mrs. B. D. HVe-ks of Bell f
    were in those ily shopping yesterday.
    They made The Sun an agreeable call,A h m i M m m
    rentewing their sublnription,. st Hldhe t
    Deputy Sheriff.Jto Fugate of Ala- -
    chus. one of thi" most efftitent offleers Ms. W Ire-.ela sd sWza .e .
    in the county, was auong the official I4 h W e w
    vitior. to thi eity yeti.rday. CHAPEST STORE 01 11TL. 11 6 5
    C. 1R. Melton of Mieaunopy has re- *
    turned to his home. after a pleasant M---- -'-e. s atAhehu US-I lap, 3. W. Z lus
    visit to Mleon and Moultrie. GO., Co lWUlGUWI. ne W
    Jaekeonville, and other point,. The Waska .88 a6s.e Lobea C1t sm t O1 pal
    A. E. 'ummen of High 8;.rig. io.
    member of the Hrm of un.mrh rp.. Is8 now upon ts, and we same*l Esi ad eater e ; sS.-
    and ane of th. leading young busn>,s have COMnmenced to sell ltagle w.m Seng- h the elt pe
    men of that town. was in the city yes- Havy Gwoos in earn. m prease a i .

    Deputy Sheriff F. S. Crl of Archer C. We hav some S N ebl, ala i U h
    was among the ofcial washers to this pel Val inj. ht mma.1a W A. Htrlshlssd
    city vnaterdly. He report. matters iumuwas I 'U
    hi line rather quiet at Archer this -. at A1.6 i h vutS..
    t, $i.N I ii Mrs5 HeweSt HIlsd daughter, Wi

    .1 ~^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    .'i^ jf^^^^^

    *iI- -

    etone ni t' ead ng youag men o that Mr'. ad MU, W. L. Hll. Pra e
    business. 4*1 ightt to we them af.
    Mrs. 1o IMLoe ne on ir of Archer IIn Men's Un w.. Wsted-A 6 ws m 'as to
    Ira.of Archer Is at na.'pinsad q pm hlnsk ssh08W
    home again, after.a pleasant viTsi for We have some good uast. l.slinaseo aMWs ,l
    several weeks to Memphis, Tenn., and A at ** t 0 Address with ,ntes Mlly.Oa.
    other point. Friends are glad to wel- alh m W bh eA Co.S, Wiyllp F lf w ,
    come er home again. $8.30 per Suit. M rs. W. L WmWde, tew mime,
    had her tall epemlag yeeteed he 0bdsine
    RE.AD THIS a d Jac |ets& --
    Iedbone, Miss.., Sept. 24. L0W. W ,. r a 5IftlN madtti
    Dr. E. W. Hall. St. Lois,. Mo.-Dear For LUdies and hil.- a q a 1e1siCIt., oa
    Sir: In reply to yours of a r mne reB just received, and has arrid eothr sA,. Ia nrwielp
    date in regard to the efficiency of drn Just reeivd tham arived t'.he ely. rad wil sped
    Hall's Great iscovery u as k*dlne YOU utt t s8e them to e wi iter withhis o. 0 3.aDd d
    eure. I ean safely say that it is well appreciate the value & o go to cuts. whrh v ii speed
    named when they call it a WON1i*R. pmovthpaueaCt hn wiLsed%
    I have suffered with a weakness from . Gdesvlle friends were delighted to
    the kidnelsa for years and have tried l L IN ATTINI Gtinell frre delighted to
    all advertised remedies for the coo m. ass auvwu greet him ania.
    plaint, as well as physicians. and Hal's IF. P. Headersnon of Arno, who owns
    Tex's Wonder i the only thing that D RU . ., a slatyare pek otnhad at that
    jaa gwen me rellef-I ought tonsy, thestors stkhSU
    has eftected an absolute cure. plu, MwasAmong Illte vitl ton tho
    Reppeetfully, Just opened Up. Rugs olty errentqey. He tM hat lh-
    Ult. HOMAN. (roi 25c to $3. 5; Mattia tree at. l nie e itios, full of
    A TEXAS WONDER. from 1,iec to 35c. Some 'Otwi : sop i aarehmin t teie.
    One small bottle of the Texas Won- Special Values to offer. H. hippedd lUt year I 4.1I crazes, ePmW
    der, liae iOrvat Discovery, eures all sapetoithi oaoming season to inleres
    kidney and bladder troubles, remove the yield at leant one thousand.
    gravel, 'ures diabetles. eminal emie O Come to the Busy Store Aftera brief visit toibiilltydumrig '
    sion,. weak and lame boks,. rheuma. and We guarantee satirftc. which time thoy wer the guests eo
    tism and all lrreanritles of the kid. ton. Hon. Walter (. Robinson. L. E. Rob .




    .W^i^ I

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