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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: November 2, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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, Vk____ ___I__-__ .

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I" 11S Ap 'v iBM Phhpbablhy N aty Pep
0 MOWer e bSId Is t SDebrle lof

lM ""!.dIu o...I"' WR otSinaoa Sa vingsu
ot^tl W Wt.10 MIadils.. strt$. collapse

a g ul people were brIed is the

BSS *zM a elek ew es l persona had
.. .tkoes fMn Uthe wrnl:as.. One
Se~a~ V er, epplo*?"p a real
.o- plat0K. wns yt aMe lk a erm
p Itcllem say that probably 12 per.
We burled. .Sevfarl. have bee
%esd IshudlSg . Sobras, prwsI.
*pt, o the CoptIeU tal Savin bla ink;
4, 3 B s, caslter ; Clarenee sea,
1' i "M',tw tuli, sad W. I.. UtosIW, a

..''b ...,*,. ortlv bent..l 0 o'ec k. It lai
bqeb..a ,a sezvatItou reweatly
:StN t gb. 13 aed 1S Medisoc street

A a J" It to be erecte4 oan thip latter site.
..... ..... lail4tg at 15 ilMadsmg street was
,,Unep, by the Contiental hbatk for
ithe betta IM. D &eCo., real estate, and
t...:*' Hie, treal .tMe W, The third
$O0t WM u"e. S$or sleeplng apartments
h' t ItBs bolleved nane f those were
77-1d 'eec"'4 ple. the ereame
~ &+~~ he fis nloor ccc tM e rearI
a1NeW Of h building. Allof Its occupy ts
''h",excewthe ngro porter, who
e lltV buried In the debris.
,Ambhenes nene hurried to the scene
SWO" two f tbe ,te cued were taken to
i T j ,O ,psuitals. Preald#et Schras received
$ 1401W I.jnrafl t
fls:wrk-of cleariti away the
.' te "-kae is slow and th,- pAlle uIe i1
lesi6A wrrs I RQ* w ny o et within t
~3^ ..' ttI j otv< ol (l

Inr dstries Ccr nt.mpla ted Throuhout
S Sta"e of Georgia.
*''ort il. ~j v. <(' .. Nuv. I.--TF ,
S'uth;'aii, To ."1 anld I.and Compalny,
r:I' ..v:t!y c-e8.1;:. 1I at this pyh ',, wi, :
(i n a i- i. v t)ow n t (;(orl. n In9T,.
"tI. Ped'.tI cr: a,.,1 f,'r ., io etary and
troea.w rr ;cv. f.l( II. (>lp'ppi r,. tIr.l
Pef-dut, rd ii pu.-t u.l'r at F nort Val-
ey' arui is nOan ranuaqger r f t -,, Stand-
ard Fruitt Parm in ithli c tntly Re v.
Mr. Culptpper is a Methodi't minister
and was for ten years a enimber of
the Soutta GOetrga confoer'nr-. The*y
have assoclated with them 'inme of
the mn-.t jnccessful nurneryuzon anI1
orchard:ta in the state, a3 well as
bustieis men in ot0er line1.
The company's main office i locwatel
at Fort Vsllh'4. Ga., and the now town
will be called "Bouthland."
The company's plats for opening
this town are new and at once etom.
mand the attention of people who are
seeking homes *or places to Invest

usy Week Ahead.
New Conn., Nov. 1.-A biasy
week was ahead of the Meth(ltist ppla.
cops!a hishop wlhn they started their
seami-annuual conference* here, today.
There are many ma"'ttrt of importance
to be considered and rettledl before to.
morrow night. The bishops Join the,
general church fxteiikh committee
In Worcester. Tl htitAbop's board con-
tilttnit a part of this le-tfral vn mmit.
tee. thv other mcnttnit-r coming from
church extetn Jon zt-rttie. in all con
ference4 of the country. TIhis womn
mittt r will formulate the buttsitnes to
w b
Dorn sla Dead: No Clew Found.
MilledgevlIte'. (a., N;i\, I.-f;an
Dorn., h wt;W a allI.i "t hi ]. a -c..:.
at his mill omel days ago mn ,i
La9ke. I tllnIi on,: o ality, diei atoii t
noon Sutiilay.
j \' prtrn '.,T ta.. *-n r., r, .t a-. .
JecuRi i t a cr elw 1.4 n shn *rimm....


Twenty Miles af Weed Sumrnj t
aut of P hrnAelvnlp.
Wind Gasp, Nov. t I-Porwtl Te h
beeq rising ies WedusaeWf 1. thol
timber of the Blue Ridge MountaltM
sad in four days hare pread ov
0,o00 series of timber and brush laud
and *sOlw a tract Ito mila lua ngo
ward from Wind Gap. Pa.
It is nrportod [rtoan lolvidere. N. 1
that there wis no esatlon of the om-
rush atof the fire and that the spectacle
was beautiful as viewed from that

town. lmmoenmse clouds of smoke and
e(ndors were being wattad for miles
down the wihid,
SBret of farmer and squatters
have been forced to Be* with their
movable loisslsstoes ma the fire has
extended toward them.
The timb r I* as dry is tiader, and
the Or*, onveo tarte4 aIn the places
&ad the denoe covering of leaves., has
shot long with wonderful rapidity In
spite of the efforts of tbo relideat of
the locality and the state fire war,
denk, who began the Afht when the
Sr. friutvtarted. The wind Is drivt
nlag the flaaime. to lhe award, but so
dry la the naildr,.,rowth that a column
of flame han wvothed Its way several
miles to t1w v.-Atdward. amouldornlK
through (ith. ihon dry zats and leaves.
One fore, of ;:.', warioun isa at work
stamping on,;t i'tv- ire to the west. It
is feared th'i if t:cy do not finslh their
work befrov the ..i*d changes, which
is loIIotle for na;y i.:oment, a fire as
dimatrcai is ilxh onet to ihe east will
extend west.ard. /
Thousa:nd.a' of part rldgs. rabbits,
aquirrells an fleeInit before the rush of are east.
WVarit 1ak whoi havt' pea'trated to the
Int-rthor of t'(> urnie dlftrki t ay that
the of th,; wild creature-i
has been :intsi.z;e, lWvriy pt)(ol anil
air maie, at1 o wv;irvh 'eret Hly Istr.
rotunds.ii t,! b -riil., c- its ini ul. tiu .-i ,
of dead Bnima?-., tmiy of them buirnet
taf a char,
Tho t.:;rztf tract Includled ,evorant
thou: raind rc'r'-N eit 111i timl:b.r, a i th!il
phase all (,.0 Vi dI -* IIyL 41.


i.; w n m bleu to ,

to tOI". Supet

rev tur add ws s4m
J.IMw. e A ti

U "bytpy nia


il e4; .fattia d Wthe trat

llsibt killed He aboy'u
A hm weet tnehis tK d of l
WLKthtt bead boK y silum

ihat's tre sdtoryl

B yWs the pl ta death athi
t.Pi.t l- rie a bea en
t aOf*ladwtli for more than eight
th at aC w1eek sagSo hbls conditlo
NW tr*otie. Sunday the bttrendI
hytaielaus stated ttpt be ctuld no
t t"

aaya- ~~~~ *.-
ood body HamauSn Recovered.
.t.i Baltimore, Nor. 1.-The body oa thl
Z |av. Prank ,R H,. Kettell. who wa
s' 4i.townutd on Virldiy evening. In tthe riv

GoM ef Nan Patterson, Actress, Who
l New In Prison.
New Y a, Nov, t.-interp-t ha:s
bea revived In thle 'case of Nam1 Pa
teinon, the zatre jwh.o has. bet n .,
p ason several months awaiting trial
0t charges of fatally shooting Ca var
Uf019. a well known lrtman,
Two ysterlouts poeon., assorted
Sto be a mois the first citikeons or the
eo *mmuittlea in which they reside. are
t ported to have come forward. ateorl-
Sna to The Press. with written state-
Salatq, that they saw Young kill him.
af while. riding in a cab with t
etmEtmp his way to a pfcr where bhi
wife waa awaiting his arrival to begin
t voyaIe to roe.
The et gltineas of the story la now
madeU investigation. Quite as remark-
ale as the tragic end of Young Is the
* iOT anew published. Hardly had
SYoan drawn his last breath thea the
. twb witaaesa, it la alerted, pledged
Sthe thr to acrecy and he himself
e took a tow to reveal what be h bad
seen. This was done. it is explained,
. beau the men 414idno want it known
that they were In New York at the
tnme. Both men returned to their
r homes the same day. At first these
pledge warn e ay to keep, but when
Mlist Patterson was Indicted con.
s alence began to press upon the mind
of one of the men that there was a
duty to the youni Woman that rose Is
a Importance far above consideration of
i, 501f.
at As the weeks of her detention
* lengthened Into months., the d t of conselepce became a torture -and
* trouble as to the beat way In which
9 to make known their story. One of
t the men Arote to a fr%,,- of reputed
in New Yorlk for adviter. thi '
I rommIunleatil(i the tat*.m'nnt is ni.
equivocal that Youag took ihIs o1n
Off r e
Off;lesr Kite ,gqr..

... I ....J I -O.....N


II. .' ,. m



Aaouut of Ruaniug Bales
Have Been Oiuned. n'ne


epeort laued en Number of Ag S
Cetten Ginnad in the Varioeg 0.
teo Prducolag Counties el t
0tlk. ,

Wasblonton. Nov. I--Th, wM'.?
oUoe today ensued a bulletin is
that up to Out. I, 1904,I. .776,Pl65 6
si' bales of cotton have be
Ia 6M counUes lo Med in the va rl-ftj
sottan producing states, as aguil
3,465.0 running t41le reported to ,i
Mme date In 1903. .
Counting round bales as half bal'
the number of running bales for Il'
la reduced to 5,704.670, and wfor
to 3.345,702. '
The number of counties ain the aw
era state in which the gloning to
ported and the number of ruaM
bales from earh state l as follows:
Alabama. 56 counties. 01,48a1 bMbui
Arkansas. 61 counties. 21G,47 baleJ
rFlorida. 19 counties, 210, 457 Taie
Ueorgia. 124 countilus. I ,AtU
bale. .
Loui:iana.. 42 countfte. 305,153 b&l'
Misnistpi, 08 count8eas. 5.itG b*wl,
Miomirur. rountli,s. 10.531 bal
North Carolina. 67 coumntlo, 110,45
bale. "
South CAroliaa completedi. 641SA,".
balem. .
TieiOhtnse, :;i rumiuntes, 7.21.lJ ballet.
Texas. l'' e9 comut. I .9G8.S4 batsi
Virginia, 9 coutnl ,i, 5,.145 iales. .
The numnhber of (re intl reporlla
priv. to Oct. 18,. i~NV w;s 812,
The nunmit r or rt -inul bi h.e nep etr
d thl.i yPari I6P l(, a" cohmp .'
with 218.7'1i9 lust year.


Democrats Hope to Ccntrol the NoM
Net Yorlk. Nov. 1. -Ilo'th Dmloemrat
and Reputiblcanus agr ,e1 that New Yot'
la not only the pivotal stale In the Wa
tio1 tal cyntetFt. hut (hat It will de* .'l
mine the imdiltical rp.i -oA of the ft* '
ninth crnigres. V\'liile much impoP ,
tance attaches to the resilt of OcN
greadonnal onte.stt in other sItatt.,;
it la the opinion of the etader that If "
the Democrats can secure aOy gala
in this .tate the changes are favorable
to the control of the lmver houl by *,
the DIenorrai.
To Becurre the control of the lo Wi
bouse Lthe Denmicrats must carty |A
districts more than they now comnaam
and that is what they are trYin tW
do. The most important lhattle; .i
COitlestrt dtiilrlcot after New York aSe
In the states of New Jersey. Connac*It.
cut. Ohio. Wisconsln, Rhode Maild."
Delaware' West Virginia, Maryl!id
and Indiana.


Opposed to Same, but One Ht W0 i
Like to *8e.
Hartford. Conn.. Nov. .-In td h 1
course of bil sermon at the St. Pa .
Melhodist lflacopal church last night .
* Bishop .1crahe said: l '
"1 do n want wars and I dn't .
like them; Int there ii jult on t .
I wu rld like to bC(,. I wotid :ik
to see theUnited Stalas and the Hrit'
Imh government form an atlance 1n,
make Turkey stop hter Armenilan mu"s
He had been speaking of the C' j
largement oc the Chrililan churcIh d.
scrlbing the work oi ltiaonare' .
abroad, and concluded with a reft
ence to condition. in ArmSeal- '

Actor in Dying Condtion. ..
Ne, Vorl;. Nov. 1 ,-Maiurlte tasryrl'

moit.e th.I actor. Is said to be In a di-
Ing e ng' IIi&n at the sanitarlum i
Ain:F ~1!t. 1.. I. where he has bek
for a T:OiL.L--. of year,. IIt is earned
Ital whe 'ua I, oi ly "a few d >- (ff. Hi(ISs*
Val (t l"A. .. n. .,rt0a1on2 iUt il ,l




Ji' ,'

4 '1



I$" w ? VINL. MAS
"| ^ .- .'*.,.
Slwe. O bl ineviNll. Parents
M. .e Sm nsid e.W

iv. .r. ,or snl lv opv
hae ovr and over

ltI^Iad why it s io

*SNMte p S0treg bal

7, W

b e la boet r
Sl!! W for e sak. I
s.o iVM ilhUsh this 1, thel
pies ton W iW stewe will

IIl i
_______________hi I
/flt~rlHD^ Diiii~IHL o ur

e4 tb.lot al M the
!MAU, l| .la .-4 -drop of
A Ae W;imh .I retard its
a uti the imleatiomels
t .lSIest,, ehltesoil
ee tl o i si a e-4 'vr oil
000 urn14s0. ohm
Abe, ga e *meAe k
vi tas. u they
r ~,.s' ..e1 as all
OvAfotelnnmss. T'
"las b qthe mad4elal els.
hdl t er1 r niet b.ll oil
g t nto i'ehuk of iol.
slotr in be iio other 'ld
p ppsvstU Sjus as good or

tv S ;, Is. *voin emi whet.
W10ue s iat V1ol i far "446
l I (fo' w* efrly affair to

hi..oI, rglqetot.

) l merh Ir Setwing o thei
0e" l m day of o.
9i H e0 Boamd of
Ss~4aom held their
sifb l mesiUng4 alllt board
tof;the board VVs not of
t ry Ihlolamhg nature, the
W Img he StUaseOWtlo of
low", l. tledin the pay.
Salaries sanber of bills, from
es ii aup. p
l ,l NU epOt or lhi pm.r.dhlaW of
biti wll boW published as loon as
is.I a reorwed offoially upon

of' ,w" layI lsa COulnt Toeth
e a ore nd uM that old and well-
WS; -ad me Mr. Winslow' '8ooth.
S tot skildrnf teeathli. It
ge H aslhsA the Child. softWas the gum,.
S l iall patsa oeis wind eolle aid is
tle boat remedy for dlarrhoea. Twen.
ile s Mo a l.,

V,>'N r*vW -

hyt will
i. ^^ ieVit

Made Reeord Ruin.
Chitago. Nov. L.-A dlvpatci to
"fte Tri~bne frm tlkrrett, inl,.. ,.;:
A ,pecial traminca trying Prwsi.t;
Oeatr 0. Murray. of the ltltllmore andl
Oa nrllfrod cumapeny and party nib
wde a recohl rmun over the Chleag,,

- .xv~ .jnr~j~[.. 1' "' if I 1 I. -- k


A Heavy Load.
To lift that lad off the stomush take
Kodol DipeptRa Care. It d ietls what
you e*. Sour stomahb, betohing, Ms
Oe stomach had all dlsordsr of the
stomueh that ar*e unable, are Instantly
relieved sad iermamnntsly cured by
the ause of Kodol Dgapppsis Cure. 8.
P. tSorn1 a drungist na 2t lMain street,
New Brisolv,Conn., lays: "Kodol Dyi*
paopia Io giving such utiiversal satie-
aotion std i so s4urely becoming the
poilslve rllf taud iubie(iiIIint eure for
this distresin; kiulllnt,. I feel that I
am ailmaya ure to stirfy Rd gratify
my caiiomwecs by reconiimtendisg it to
bthem. I writl this 1o show how well
ith rtemedj is pokrel cf iwru." Kodol
Dyapepia COure was usieoveredaf ter
yeamr of sientillle experiments and
will po0tively Q ur all snomiach trou-
blt. told by all druanists.
COdet Methodist Church In the Unit.
ed tatn.
New York, Nov. I.-Spfclal uervtce.o
have been heldIln thto oil John Street
Methwollt EplAroal church t known aj
the'oither of Methoiltam in this emoun
try and the oldest Mbethmli, t church in
the IUnitil BState, to )-~tmniuiuorate it4
one hundrodtlh anid hilrly-slxth oannl
Versary. Tho sr.'minln as preached
by Bishop Fo.;,. of PhltldeIlphia. An
aiursm*ntet clioral service was ron
derid by the Sunlday chliol.
The original church building wau
rentedd In 17S8 and occupied tU1 sit
oe which the proMeat edlfte stands.
Disastrous Wrecks.
Carelennes is responsible for many
a, rFllo wreck and the *ame causes
ite making human wrelks of suffered
from ihrsttuid lung troubles. But
sine* the advent of Dr. King'* New
Discovery for consumption, .ought
and colds. even the worst cases can be
cured, and hopeless resignation Is no
longer necessary. -Mrs. Lo Crsgg of
Dorohaeter. MIass.. I one of many
whose lift. w s *ved by tr. King'.
New iiscoterl. This great remedy is
IIa2ranteed for all throat and lunn dia-
~eis by all druggists. i'rice, 50e
and $1. Trial bottles free.

I(' tl- . '.
I a .1 : .it ll'
al rt h,. *... .; utini. .1 ;h 2 *' t-

abhl, to il,,M r I... :.. l > n iui f;atitlt
larilty with iwe I'ralkt Ilaiiiugm Th*n
pleturi booWks Vontin il rt'l rvtatllit
o.f .*Pltat .a .re.L.i. nl nd thi Inimilrer

,A. f l orn" gM g

asauii L n, the prialpwJ ttractOi
thie prry Lain Pantomlam, i,.
l, for wany. yaro aM thge nos
ed naislo hall coaedlI la ti.le
iry. died today of heart failure.
. dispatch from Cmoel. Rusla, says
t evidesee Is beinl adduood to
Ie that the whole Jewish poputla
i of 'tftN. hais bern organized 19w
armed 'tuntrife, the city balng d1.
ed up inLO quarl'ers and arms di .
Failk Erne, tlihe well known light,
lht p11ugili, is Iserlously 111 from
bold fever. to it. Vincentsr boa
Wl at New York. The er|iis of the
ake* hasn't beo renaced, but it is
IqvWed thb lhbter's ptertdild physl.
condition will pull him through
'ily. ,
leidelbaoh. lelselhelmer a Co., ol
w York, today uinaged .$1o.o,000.u
d bart at the assay oAhfco for hip-
at to Ruiunpo on Thuraisy. The
ral Bank of Canada airo engags
MiO00 for shblpment. Both are l
SLondon dispatch says that Forteign
rotary Lansdnwne and Count
ekenudorff, the Rusilan anibax-a.o:rw,
other d(lcuisstd this m orilag thi
ipoeltlon of the Intermational com
tee which will Inquire into theb
th sea Inlcident. SubsequMntly
re was a meetlnm of the cabinet.
L New York dispatch states that
report that Maurteo Barryuors,
actor. Is dying, Is dealed by the
horltles st the Long laland ome.
it the Is a o hope f his riewoery
log b- umierntood. but ha lom-'
on at present la the am* as it Iho
a for msthis poet.
SPlerpot Morpan will mead to tho
hop oS Canterbury a teque stou iv
of its recent vibit. to America. IV
ilita of two elegantly bouani v'i-
is of clippings from pewsptap, r .I,'-
blag the movement of thie a ,-
top from Aug. "7. twhe lhei ir: .-t'
New York, to Oot 14, the c, .1,,
arrival In Einleadn, on hi1 r'Vr:i




Rbmmlbr for,,

Fall and Winter


8 8I
sTMl Store s Isp Tso*a

All tthe Preffd, NoW81s Styles

Our regular Fall and Winter
Opening will tak- placj

O( 3emr"bev 2z3L.d



t^lhvf-lflflt nfl 'Vt',



Se:dTL.. Y"o- r OrOdler






Tfl- nuzrL-r SA.IXLIZrQGS-
Jacksonville and New York,
Calling at CHARLESTON. 8. 0.. both ways.
The FlMaet StmsbId In the Coastwise Brvice
Clyde New England and Southern Lines
Direct BerviW Between JACKSONVILLE. BOSTON and
PROVIDENCE and All Eastern Points,
Calling at Charleston both ways.
832MI-W l-i :'L-ar FaA- TT.T'rNO-S
Southbound ....... .......... ......... From Lewis' AWharf, lIostou
Northbound................ From Foot of Casherine at., Jacksouvill"

Clvde St. Johns River Lne
Stopping at Patatka, Astor, St Framois, lBerefor (LeLand).and intermedte
Landingp on St. Johnu River
S Levet Jacksonville 8 :0 p. m. Sunday. Tuesday and Thuxrvdy'-
S learn $auford 0:30 a. m. Monday, Wedn-days and IFriday'.
is apipinted to sail as flows : o ..1
ReAd lowa. SCUHEDl ,Ul Itl
iLeasv!r taI' .. ..... ....... .... .. .,Arrivir'ik:vm.
S:44 p ,i ..........A ........Pal tk .. .... ...
8M ram......... .. .. Astor ..... . .: P
i: am............. ...St. ra:ri, ... ... 2 ;00p
.. ... .. Itere*,foni (I .i h jid i .. ... . _t pm

. . . . . . I"


---- -- --- --

- --- -1 ~--~- - -- --- -- ---- '~ ~` -



A jL


' ,

i ,

,i. (, UTr \\.1. Sf tt"
* :-.I mnaks l ,hii-ii
a, .. ,1i I I

atl t 4t thi4 tim t.i 'r. t', il tKt ih tl
,il t the prodnici ct i f .1 f-' ; .w ill be .bei i tan ti ) o-ir,"
warns tie al i t'ttI.t 1 1 ') r ;, '-'- v. hl' tIl'\' U k- it i',
Gleorge i ip i: ibiisti of k it
of thu. niot thl iroighly i lu)' k) i l i s
on the iltutatior ill ii ha t leit I u, 4KI.
reply to e Hun mmin ll- \ ,, ,,
i belng SlTAeTt I& Iits to TT X NI'l 'l L i"4.q -ta; ,,, N. k
output of (hat ,.l. o'A
It going to talk for pillihea. l..I..IllI.... II I
11ie b o ninJUd, lur if I DEATH AT WALDO.
| i l fi s u r *t i tg h t a u ii f li l ... ... . .
figresinfor iayiig tLaL. it Mrs. Murtah P.sses Awy at Home of
Ic41lult to tell is .'a.ily Her Parents-Punral. Tuesday.
flerrerage pitriter of Marioni Thlie itli.eronl friends in his city
year Is a great deal betItr anlid ectiont of Mir. %lurtsh will learn
l.allp, a great deal more With regret of her death, which oc-.
in the way of prod uatu, curried at lth home of her parents, Mr.
i few year. aa'o. and ia and Ira L. I'. Miller, Waldo. Monday
p( Of The platter. are going iftern?un, vif cnrs.lptivit,
it doUon back Iwhtl ti n an. t. Decease4 % a buit (wentytighSl
of better price.. Thy are "liArS 91ge, and w. q lite popular
tUS to sell tht'lr staple, he. tmong those who knew her. She has
Have plenty upon which to been suffering from lung trouble for
,ip they are waiting for a solie tnime, and the disease gradually
sato liher life away until i %li Impos.
li continued Mr. Robinsion, Oible Su withtiand the train Jon ger,
a great many 'struitling' when death caine to relieve her suffer-
g.h.bout the county. Ply the ings. She iis survive, by a husband,
glullng,' I mean that a small who resides isi Jackiutville, and two
Wbsdoesnot make cotton hiii childrt'i, to whom the sympathy of the
p will probably produce a conmuliiiity is extended.
i thrne bales, which the buy. !The furiiral was held in Waldo Tues.
0bo. men knew nothing about., day afitrnooin, and was attended by a
a great many of this clai large tiumber who detired to pay the
iptin Marion county. They last respect. to t heir departed friend.
i* elston, and inasmiuch as they I' .
ve to dispose of same, hold Mr. Carter Very Ill.
N Making report; hence it I0 1P. Carter. sion of Captain .1. \W. Car-
jitlObmertain just the status of. tcr of Mlicaanopy. h n been brought to
ll the cotton situation." 'hi home at liteanopy froin Tampa
Mblason states that the output sulering from fever, and is yet con-
itounty. so far as the re. sidertdv ery low.
n neoneemed, will lhow up The patient has been suffering for
sI to that of last year, but it eleven weeks. Hii parents went to
Unit to detertilno-what the Tampa as soon an they realized how
tleason will show. serious was his eundition and ordered
that he be taken home, and in comrn
fCTEOT IT, MY BOYI" pany with tIr. Ioykin as medical at-
'tendant. brought the patient to Mice-

mmfanld iUven by Col. Roberl- opy. lie was met aut ieala by Dr.
. When He Let Flag Go. 7.., ,M. Pride. the family physician, and
e this old tlag, my boy; you is now being eared for with the best
it before under most trying medical skill.
.F101o, and I ate going to give MiMr. Carter is wllI known ill this city
ta$ir keeping again." and section, atid hit serious illness is
MV lhe remark miad. hty (Col. reretted. It is to be hoped that he
SblitWon Tuelday iiioriinig, a. ill son te ilrigt again, and that
fmlM under his coat, ilr hi 'lie will Loi grating Ili hi friends upon
kbattle-scarrd, dirty piece of the streets of 4 iairermville.
the old flag of Compary C, --
Fl1orlda Volunteers. Confed. A Clear Skin Necessitates Good Blood.
of America, and passed it About fifty per cent of the people of
U. Vanlandlingham, i ntl the the United States have some ilmper-
i'ofwhom it was given to be feetion of the kini-due solely to ir-
the0 Confederate reunion at puro blood. Many persons are lIno-

you nmay feel sure I will
it," replied Mr. Vanlanding-
he feelingly wiped a tear from
Vith a corner of the dear old
'"tad you may feil sure that
Ing it safely home as I did
H00s In the bloody days when
If under its glorious colors."
Slandlingham was thl enlor
ln Company 0, of which Col.
returned to yaineuville am
The company wan organized
iM1 which Is now the ciupt house
'i- March .'18M2. for service in
lelrate army. At the time of
lon 1'. 1U. II. luadle y was
llptain., S. i MeLn first lieu.
ad tSolomnon Warren second
0t,4t. 'ol. ltobert.on was eon-
0Ma private, but later, when the
MY waS rtlorniliiei. lie was
.,'Uptail. andi returned at the
I hostili;i4. wit h that rank.
PlMuy C was OeL! of the Florida
hIa that saw actual atrvice.
ie of the members has plainly
It, "ah--lof a lont of It."
I Bny was sent to the front,
under General Kirby
itiOmaad. After the death of
hlre they were transferred
and of lieneral Bragg. and
L aieral Hood, and experi-
l oe In Geor iat, Tenneasee,
an0 Sd other 8tatei.

rants of the great purifying qualities
contained in sulphur. Ifancock's Li-
quidl Suiphur, nature's greatest germi-
olde, is so compounded that it may be
taken Internally. or applied directly to

WWaa.- *.-*--- U
X '\ m)thIr wrote u recently
..t:- had to kevp Scott's
t.I'i'-iii lh under luck and key
tr I(ll(lrtC usvc( to (drink
whuc.\tvr her Iack w\
S.. "",. Strange that children
yrtHki k-L MiIllithing that is
S I ', t< fir thtlu i. JItN l-, 1l i-
-. .

Str.r.h Proves Futile.
tin]. lgh, N. U., Nov. l.--Ho far th.
n.arrh main 'liy varii ve? ll f<,r
Ihu Irlil h archoo(er Byinanrar, which
was set on Are and abandoned by hier
crew offt thet North Carollna coat, ha.t
be n file. Sheo-wa lalt seen near lcukutn,
Best Liniment on Earth.
I(enry it. l malJdti. Supt. City Water
Works. Shull.b-irg, WAs writes: hI
lihave tried many kinds of liniment, but
I have never receiret-' muith hbneflt un-
til used lIallard' Sntow ,iniment for
rhliumitisLmand pains. I think It It
tile bst ljmirreint nin earth." Ae.
Ni3. 1 W4. Sold by V. M. Johnuon.

bstaLk'. In SRrlis* .
'hll I itre-ivinlt'!y a rttn'y Kiuilt tO
lee a litig robw 1 t; t io i k iin ft nA lt ind
uniform lliudIisg, like oildierN <(I tp-
rude.. the',n :i la il ,tn losns of liidl-
vdinilly. Ai- youm gl.iriv iov-r iyour
Iook. li i(it ti' ~,ltwihel 4 i Ii pli|oll.ltt
to r tcotiz ce It- n 11roII their outward
41:rei. r'1liry 1.'i tli'iiitIlvel Illtter lit
Iilil1 I1If t'.;irh ,i s, iiv 4 iolot 1X11 tly like lt
n-glilii 'a. i, i. Y'u aire' even Ilikely to for-
l':t W uitt A'o1(1 VI t' If t1u y,'inniot know
Thlt P fw n1i: u 0 oli-i 1e rti- ilt .
W oil ti' i ga I i f I t 'tl. .;ta tiv n looking
P:riilY Iy rr ", iiif.lhlng to rta;d," iad
then itI t 1ii 1n 'lttiitatl e :l k k ioiw e ih
Fi.oXk at tle ItI h I atllile. (o'f -mrse this
oktw* niit i illiy ,''% te n rntl"y to the worlds
of a sll lln nlloinl'. 'Illhe tbelollg lii a
iniforml, i l 1" know what is among
tlhem.-- $t. Nh.Holha.

A Runaway Bicycle
Teinlated with an ugly out on the
leg of .1. t. Orner, Frankli OGrove. Ill.
It developed a stubborn ulder unyleld-
loig io doctors and remedies for four
years. Then uckklen's Arniesa Salve
poured. Ic'q just as good for burms,
scalds, skin eruptions and piles. 26, at
'all drugtstores.
rilrtrie lIn Japan.
j. .lijih !ih'4', aIE.I i Illrlr -:is-im fnr am
S 1 kLiVi tA lit' ii'Anii If tIe wotrd -
vitlh li ir ftihe.vis itul uilln und inot will
her ai n 1snuiil ilii. liy the' flifferent
riiov'titiiiurH T tihe, inla of her kimono
pirl'.ime" lijl mPiitalge4 tio 'otiNV'y to her
adliilrrso nil itrlt- of iinspiKikeii maw-
ugew, tanid toy the ioitning nd shatltUns
of her t an 1 ti me right or to Ihe left
she ri-n riJetct or mecepit the most
welghtly offers,. Ier aitle tidnmalitn
with her sie'vrl tiald fun is quite an
elena of tihr Ntlai e(dt intin.

Thousands Cured.
hoWitt's Witch Hazel Salve has
cured thousan4le cases of piles. "I-
bought a box of lI Witt'a Witch Hazel
salve on Ihe recommendation of our
drugiglt."s o writes C. ft. L.aCroli of
Zavalla. tex dad uaed ii for a Itub-
born ean of pild~. It tired me per-
manentl." Sold byr all druggists.

the skik to be absorbed through the -
porel. Wrmeh 3odirra* Hua4ikenblein.
Here is what l;i Evalyn G6anr of The cotton lirmilker-hlefa provided
.$alemn, Via.. thinksof It: for French soldiers htve pIrrinted upon
"Three years ago I had a rough place them it nImtuiulr aof inilitiry pe"pts to
on iny cheek-it would burn and itch. l n lieru'e4 l ln the n iarh a ind lirig it
I was fearful it eightt be( ot a cancer- rpal n irt ln iit further lr ioratil
w w'hlr rie'laiilelliq -unlalutiinlighlmtlr'N (of
ous nature. I u.vd different prepara-, off.'ir of all grnde tim different unl.
tloin, but nothing ever helped it. One forms being o4 distinctly portrayal
bottle of iquid Sulphut-r has cured me Ithatis a French private c'an tell at a
e.tirely. I roominmeid it to every e' glance to what grade any officer le
having any skin diseasee" may see tlongsn.
Tle lIianeock lquid Sulphur Co..'
lialtimire, Md mails free bookle A Good Complexion.
describing sulphur's he'aliing *palitesr. "Sparkling eye. and rosy cheeks re.
Stored Iby uslng Do-\itt's Little Early
Some Fine Pecans. ltioer." 0to writ i. S '.eL Moore of
Aimonig lii* visitors to this city Tues. Naogd< alter, Tex. A certain cure
frr, eonsthpatmon. etc.
day was Lucit II, liall, a progressive' Small pll--easy to take-easy to l.t
ciLitimt of )range Ieightsl whol made Sld by all druggllts.
Thei Suii au agreeable call.,
-_.fw Im-la f1.likwsm #.

Mr. Hll brought to the city a quan-
tly of fine pecan nuts of the paper
shell variety wlich he gathered from
his own place. They were ex-
o0ptionall.y large and of fine flavor.
and inasnmuch as he states he has about
one hulindred and lillty Irre in bearing
it goes without saying that he will
soon e on the independent list.

A1 i ltl i l4 rrfn ii> ,lilin of qr-im Ilnn
Ki* de ir1ill't i*nni task i by 1I."' Fn'i'-b
io 1)T- ildurino whllea uiithlIt'i l wmn"oDi
Swere killed by tile ex4i-.MlInM 1 t s
mWhie. A moldler'-. wlfe ws thrown
the dlstnuveh of an acre. She was not
hurt, the chroikler adMS quaintly ,
tbut she scolded terribly and was In
a very, bad humor."

Ar'At re IndlcrJloin of eom fera ofe
i i; oulli J1ll .rlo itslio or a bi d I u, -
cr t "r *iak you.D t rIkt


For Sale by Johnson BriO., aina ', '
-- -- -y4- ~ -
'. J e

Ja, M. .O,


w -

ASAM, President G. W Kw,



Capital****. .........,...

Surplus and Undivided PFrots... ,t

UW11 a st lI velo 11 0a ) [jii

hi Al. db' ,b

ml lf i l~ i I i mL i Ml

SgoBe N iii

Iralm, SarI Samia

gllb et mairkt priw pWtM or. bet-em-s.

A o.mpi. stoe k o O


,' .,-

I *.* . v i , *
Take The Atlantic CotUi

iL ll^ i., l'1t ,Ln i ;W

U9FIu for l Af Y a IAmovuur=

lapid Trnst am, lrpd I
Ttme Tabloe is e bps. i* I.
Depart For IA3XlV4.


Dl:p ,

ts.-t pn


3:606 m

*A (' .-'y

...' "* i; A

High flpr.l tl
!>d> h tt ..**, l^*. 1\',/";

QOl Ls-bo- sat'
IfmterrnddI o las

Pblasts, Dat, JmsiiWi..
Norh,M gkg #a

--'- --- a'-s

Higbh Mprinpg. Wmarnus, Bpath ui
Albany. A tlauta. all_ NPolate Weo XM

Roehelle, MIeuaopy SA Otan

1 v^ qV.


Ir -

Interehannable Mileage Tiktel o eo, t al00 *ofl
palp rilwaysin the Bouthimr taMs e. em by S: pnl
Through Pullman sleeper POrI TuNE to 0SnW w TofrtI
Line; also via Atlaptic ot iwL ai d moutherm aR6lWI.
For bobplste informitonm mllal
J. A. OODWIN This AXnt, t
18. W. Bay et. Astor 3fitM Isl
H. EMBBSON, Trt. Mr.,
Wilmliston, N. C.
S-44 - Va r



xrfkZbx rr!.


J6 i



New York Expert Enginecr Now If
Mo ,t omery.
<'li;t '.; ;; r-., A i, % N tv I. I t( Fi-
"di' 6 "d g.,**s I [ k rlT' r i \; ,'
% '* I s

SI-4' 4 Ir, 1. i or t. t (i

I I a 4 1an

am Will Hold
letter Price.




I ExuCt Number of Bales
is*b Produced, but Geo. K,
SSelleves t he Output Wilt
)!t That of Last Year.

--- -- ..



'~ ~^" ""

1.11il TO 1ill)1 IT WILL INSTALL WAT'rmwnmws ..'
-- --. 'Vw''nw




~-- ; -- ---


L .



, ,,

A An .,3

' ''*

I A PE44 .'

1 4h1 U

~2 s~

w, . ..- w


.."i:'? ,.;, . ,, ,if^ ^

T* I -
w -, ""' *.: *', .. : ,>
-^. t :


Jt*11h4~ .tM>i
pime iak

^f^ ', ,^^ - ^r ^ ,'
& seem m

ii:, wa tltir-,f
"^ ^ :.*-3\i* :.l.;.
IIJ^^^^ ^ ^m''*, H|j
-. asMBan 0.6^ ^*^^



1i I1

Is a distinctive feature with up.
We sell.tle

Srren t Clothes
knd.tailored by SCHLOSS BROS.
& CO., Baltimore.


i 1 .
'*' k

Young men of discriminative "1 (9i
taste are familiar with this make. : I
They know that these famous
clothes have all the latest touches
that mark the well-groomed gentle. d
Theylset the pace.In proper ap-

They have completely revolution-
ined the sale of ready-to-wear cloth.
Jag and the man who has "the mere
chant tailor habit" doesn't know -_
*hat he Is missing in --
tle, .exquielte workmanship, su.
quality of materials, fault-
fi, practical economy, It he has a d Jc
fet* owss clothes. AhIMOR .. Ma .
The suit shown in the picture isa BALTMORE NKW vow
particularly popular favorite with young men wlho deriro s:tt.sfacuton from
awagger appanl.
6uch a suit would cost probably $50 at a mn.rchant tailor's and not bq as
good. We have your exact fit here at

From $12.00 Up.

"Drnp 1a mad let a talk It over."
II ii M i i im i iioiw n

t to Partla
.L r. r ".%. ' ..

)*$%*> ~
V 4


V KER AU.881
sp e esutim ,
,, X pK lntln


' I.


Ot All swcrlthts.

btb AntoftforMOSAJtC a 4MOVtER.
DSUXI quiXTY Shoe. Evecy

Out is-Chute s

0. '4 to a -eelarei
'q1I laUalhuo tbe dpol ar
.samB4t he itct the pa

*ltl s. beeipi d rouIl

riy^BiL*P^?n' yelS oshs sa

l---, ,--_. ..... ..

a.Msew msot o

S. Srh o 9M3ttfoprty sI tfay W
*-: fAsu- imtW Imolt tha. 1, am
i" 1111^ idid *iwttReMa l or l[ foiyf

Bair warramtd.

Lm SlMse.

- Ageut

;r-arlW uwsii x r BI I V
HN Sppkea In Indiana in Faver of
C .ngs man Landis.
.tspkfort. Ind.. NVtiv. I,--Senator
FPirbanks made hi first speech of the
4day at Carmel. where he earnestly
advl,'d the re-lectlon of Cogurtsaman
140ls. An unusually large crowd
wa gathered at the next stop, West*
Old4, ae audleace lncludin hundreds
'. school children.
"Y en m fod,' said Senator Fair.
tbaka, "no lastrumeatality nor' efl'
toet 14 advanets the school and
bmoa tUn the pseMt Republtea par
to. It Iaa barn to advance the bois
of hunsma liberty. It has stood tor
. th- thtags which stake for the ad*
vesseem t of power In the United
states. We talk.of trade and eom
Mme ; they mw but Intrmuea ofl
tUi' higher tfaturcm of the bWet ely..

0@wn Rapek ow4m Age*
It'se shameful ithoe youth falls to
akLams anme a ailmta for ald as*. lnt'



tn n n ns tar- Iar i

![I"o h:otcfri.pB, PLOMP'T PAYMENT or LOSSE, Ii
We cover tLew i'nmiortnnt points and refpu eLfully
oleit a al.are of your business.

Fire, Life, Accideit and lcalth Irance

Agents for the-- -1

Victor Safe and Lock Company
OLnc-aol n"- a Ob.Lo.
The "Vietor" Is the best safe made, and parties contemplat-
I g this purwhose ofr a saf, or anithb ain thit line,
from a box to a bank vault. will wvemoty my
) by eoasfthiig us. Call on or address,
Information cheerfully furnished. GAINE8VILLE. FLORIPA

The Montezuma Hotel
On the A. C. L. and S. A. L Ry. V. J. SHIPMAN, Proprieift
None Better in the State at $2 a Day. Porters
Meet all Trains.



.I ...'. J .'

Ni iI
il,. ,;",, m i.:

*I. a

I .,



_______________ I W V -WVWp9ow11V *

Pepos asGISfla 'me.,Tle.
mA mIatter,

*t, IEditor o ilr
CAMI.IhLJ A c.IC kit' tir
i Vt i itor.
S W. .. I.NIH AM- 'i ;tor
----s-r -
.rariPM! S. TII.mfluai u aI
pJ o p iu4ed every WoratDs* a.
gEiter4( by carrier In the city.
t!art of theeUcited tt*.,we-
p 'sra;lar: ix aontbs; a .Lb
r4 t otn for iv weeka*-

ada4 *eta ftor eob eba m
uSllp avenrtlflgnr made known
P .. -........-.^.. .. .
st(k Sua tom so eltht-vij e,
: ppr, published every Moa*
r 4ay7, 66 onitatns all the
r w b. loal, state sad gem-
Ft i arlled. postage free, to my
SUs0d states or Canada. for Io.00

bstul bbt ke b ttesf iat :Ur n to
| adrvertsement. Uniotherwise l
hearete. Parties not known to

to pAt for adTertislia in bd-


ftr President.
ALTOu B. AI'l.lun '
0 New York. .ar
HFer Vice-Presldent, + ,
,Wf ett V iroIlu,
ad Sta tes senator,
Congress, 2nd District,
7,, IO tdential Electorx,
2 3. P. HAILKIY.
," J E.3. GINAINY.
State lh'rsiurn.
lnt of puldle instruction,
IIloier of Agrlrulture,
1FB. I. MlI.IN.
.iOkesN!d Co-n mnluiloner.
h mtpri. Court. WSix Year,
sttceS Bupreme Court.
353T & ICOCKII'tlJ..
,. A. ROStOIit'(GH,

Co4Mty JWdVg

Chit CirenIt Court.
S TX Aseemor,
Tax Collector.
.nt of Public tuactleos'
|0^Count riserr .
.. W. H. It|n itRrsoN.
v Couint.y Mttrveyor,
SCounty ,tnnileltoners,.
... .. i. h\MPU: .
*i. E;. OHfEEN.,
C. C. I('iI) tC '
,r. F P. AIT.LIN.I(
hr l embw'rs at p$chool Hoard,
; T. .. A. K F.
S W. .1. MARTIN,

1fal Miles does not think that( a
Of Frederick the Urpat is a
Ifmluuenat or object leaon to
4 Ohe Rrounds of an Amerlean
ills waltf .. I. I --

tAWYR'S Pag Poo lt on.
II nI#fAOar a1 .41 tthe hu lident that he will be e!etepd. li
io n n ir ig on a diLseuo hur naigtht as well get all the joy he caan
taels of OrnIn wrk, r' .iv the b the e e borNo.m.
largest lmontetary ,-v;amta; tlln Its
labor, and it has beet r .early demon. MrlRter (orwmhl aI t!at the tlIe.
atrated that the itJu ..r a t(.h. twa4i, t;,h wili bring 1ur4W great surlrifeW
Th <. t < i' .ioEi brot'4 t out .. ;nsl ?ii r. ftr *m jo s. sri ;. inut 'es luat ilay
vetui facts in regard tlo I ier fro. pad nay inot a1| be fr >. I irt.
to :tverai enu11i t 1i'. ,.Lw' rs. 'WiVt.. -- ..- ..
(itthrie. r,.eive d a ni.ln dllnrs T'r ,Mr. Cilees la asd tuake l a it el)t
tIr.sakiW t h w ill .'f l thrry I. l trt ; atLthe vlephant aid iiLw tiJ.' i: I. ~ itlicaan
.Iames l 1, 4 1 as a1til a 1m lifl n ;na tlR r arSat ,rntrettuig it0 t t,' .0sti
dolJar1 h ,r s.ittn g h P Il.,, hife4 I T2,tI ,ti.frfde Ca;rt<',, f.ti
i,,-nry Frick. W 1lis-l Jtij,.1 ( ,. ]Rakelafh all thi We'o t Nsy that e t*-
Srt v twtL i .. r :i.i t' arm tocel a kill. A(,ftr they
I1r1 11; s re rli o: ,f i!w 1',i,:' get through the barnds i'f Ltf 0 t. ,'o r
co'n panly t I the iT al i el. t l _rto. frni ris t r'it they arUc t' j Jery t J Iat.
Lynde .tt "misi ii ,and n n -n u r, _
tain,,r a e flt y thotuiand dollars by J.e inu d to ,d ~, t
lierjp nt 1 *rair. Thl'eJ st st Smi & t y of lItnlulIa( ,I14 1trIei yt I ll e
to I.. .x ,rL,',, r ,l, t. Y''tl T;i hearty supl.i rt [;A ,c l'ark*er ly
almet.: to c'nso lde.r tt e Vi+lut4 (4 t he hr it lrs'an a;1 'Uee!x.j.
property in liticgflt ,n it ii 'itI" y t (0 .U1.
derstand t he praollaIlo i.rvico u.'h Fr the -''IIt warmth f
mt, give' I l tlher clients It i<11 II. I- r m" l t IL i. n ot l ratey i+lath I ly cll i
tereating fact that itin li1 thor- was 'l:dlai w llli nt l r.i. that alIy t tt n
on0, lawyer to vvery 06l ihbtlants of rLatllnot, "v. ae] by et.tuI day.
our c,;utry. r)ast by eitltiou day.
ei to trads
.So-e dthres, hundred annd l eats c ewt \yreal Wte s for a lar.k to turadant
are maintained by the United Staes w r otfr

governmnrt, the es being carried as a' regular item on the
acco1i 0'ts of the postoftlce department.
Thee eatl are diutributd ar.nsong
about fifty postoffitc, and their duty
is to keep the rats aind mice from eat-
ing and destroying postal matterand
i::nvT ,f tk*. hPir wpirk is of the
tiot umniporian.'* wheriset large
q,1ili'tiei of matil are collected, as for
example, at the New York postlaofiee,
where from 2,'0( to 8,ti0 bale of mall
matter are commonly stored away In
the tnulenenlt. Formerly great dam-
age was donu by the mlsehletous ro.
dents, which chewed holes In the soaks
and thought nothing of boring clean
through bagts of letters n a night.
Trouble of th!s sort no longer oocur
since the oMtial pqmsles keep watch.
Each of the posimaaters in the laryI
elties is allowed from 0i to 640 a year
for the keep of his feline staff. lending
his estimate for "**at meat" to WVash.
Ington the beginning of each quarter.

If the usslian naval officer were so
soared that they wildly shot at inno-
cent fishermen before Ihey passed the
British Channel, what will be their
condition when they approach within
tiring distance oi th*. Japanese. They
will probably all (have died of heart
kd lease.

Secretary Taft. it is announced. will
make a stump speech every day from
now until election day. That is the
way cabinet oilicere attend to business
these days. Will the secretary forfeit
hit alaryy as .-eretary of war during
this period?
"No one takes the Demoorati cam-
paign seriously." said Senator Scott of
WVest Virginia as he jumped on a train
for that Stalt to try and put a damper
on the enthusiasm created by Candi-
date Davis.
Another similarity between Parker
and Jeffereon has been discovered. A
woman writer. solemnly announces
that "they both had red hair." Park.
er'l i1 almost white, now.

Candidate Parker'.deliverwd a mas-
terly address on the tariff. That Is
one of the candidate's speeches about
which the hepubllean prees has very
little to pay.
Those Russialn naval officers who
shot Innocent fishermen hare proved
that they ark ,ltogetther too easily
ssaned to te t rusted with firearms.
-- + - -a U
general Miles and Admiral $ehley
are supporting J.udge Parker. Would
either or them support a demagogue?

Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the
sense of imell ai.d et.mpletely derange
the whole ipltem then entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Such
artieleles should never be used except
on preartiptlons from reputable phy-
sicians, as the damage they will do is
tenfold to the good yo) ea0 possibly
derive from them. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
Co .Toledo. 0 eonta ns no m1reIry,
a&tn ia takn I nternally, eating direct.
,* ...,,t h iii b Uttl it1 Id ilcouts riftfars

.) 'riN;isnt prospect should pply to
Chairman Carte4yo'.s.

Cou:]t Castellnarne lass invented a1
gamblil mna hbine. \\ Vuder if hte Is
fmart enough taJ in"''! a way of irin-
nI!', with IIt

Eve tC if the! P'htllppinel larto uoat
only t14.000Mo. and 5 l.(x) ltve the
l{tpublicans have very little ground
for boasting. a
s l

To call areas eontfrende when It us.
Ita 1I to bully engaged in the Orient.
is like uplng the Czar's big stiek to olub
him with,

The Republicans are so anxious to1
*inact a ship subsidy bill that they
cannot keep It out of their campaign
Hearyn Gasoway D&vis has traveled
8,000 miles on his speaking trip In
West Virginia. Not to bad for an old
Wonder whn )al4 the cable charges
on Governor WrI[ht's long cable from
SlanIla to Qovernor Taft, In Washing.
ton.Cream Verm



', r I Ikflhb 5
sw sollular ptHse IaSw imv
Ballm-aSaow .Linlmemt Co.
orT. LouS.N M.O.
For Male hV W. X. Jhaame.

-ASU. t t a f ?.Oglut .
I I'M o -a i .na, f tSILOfill bfP1 iatI u 1 3l .1
,ka.~ f' 4 i 1 riIaI a e I ft sMw iPr ot,.
9l Y .rtl.t I i" i "i B n.elal'ralt*.
icu41 ,.,'4l, lr., ard ;, t io.l
Vft.lI 6i pruta4
;_ t* W#.t 'n .t" a

Noloe is h ereby sven that W. WITkw.
purcbnerof Tax tertlfeste No. N*. d4tm tLe
Sday o( July. ADIX. 10W. hamsiLmak certUil-
gase In my ocwe, and ha usMlae iaston for
tax de 0 to iu0me i aeeordnee Wblaw. Sead
certiflecte embrace, the following described
property ltuated In Alcsbhus county. Florid4.
Lot 10. esept 4 soere on E. end and lAt IS
and a itrip of 4 cre 417T the 8. ead of Los it.
W. of Victorla Ave.. he. 4. Ti. 9. R. U-l0
Tb said land belng semaerwd tk the date of
the tlusee of sueh ertalmttit t he cme
of Martbs Batleruby.
Ia.lessw n ertleate ashi be redeeled me-
eordti so "w. ta deed wUtlue tbereon us
the s6day orf Domber. A. U t W.
Wltmnmmr moe kilM irasture Msad seal thl
the 3Sist 4al of Oetober. A. le.,
IiH C. G.ItTVO.,a
Cletk Circuit Court A1acbu Co.. V.?
Sr l. U. Wlne l b. .D,

N, t .t*. Im ,',, k
Sp ii f direel r *4 l1'r. -U l* C P ( cew.

'Is- I.,, ____
.r~ c-i





by &imWd

s |i DOaert

I SAlNMt-a


E. E. VO'1..Vol

Abstraets lo Title and fail fas Hmo.
cluaty. Ourrm hasi

sautitl a.-mbr 0 p

Gss . ,,, 'i '.T
- r .-. M aflw


285 W. Bay Ao rN


5 P - -- - _


'TA. gsstwosm fr"'


Title is what you pay for wh 'i
know what you ,

T itln ordinarily Invisilble owr I ,'

The ltcut- it unty I
^ r -#tt~n^F^ ~ i '^f';*^.^^ il~ffl l

...eemc or Tworn



. Louis,
./ '** n

J, ,+
' . ,' .'4". ":* LJL
t '- .', ..' .-
.,A- -, -' ,
. 4 -.; "

ontgomery sad L A N. or t fl T
Atleatta d -Chttsn!0W"

* ~ r
N' it1~p


Round Trip Rt eFrom

On.'iale daily. Good till Dee. 250,

.$29.65.. d
Os iale dally. Good i-tin day.

For resrvations and ImfonmatIa apply to ate A. 0 ii
A.WS". A Mwbe_ 3tBy 5 ts m.i,



i-mm.jw, vqsaS C

. 1 '.
a '. , J ..'' *.'



--- ~... 10 0 ,-..-.


,r. i,

- --r------~-------~I ---



11 1

i * .

N n.I T ','" ".'!""
p .. D at, e. .

'.,,I r '' 1 ,


5 :1I

.,. '- ..''. : ..
.. i ^ ,. M .,',,' .*'
i-c l^J';.

.,. ,- F .. . ...-. -- .



Islc nd


ea Island Cotton Seed, Bagging and Twine.
leather In Strips or Side~,


Manufacturers of the James Doig Improvei Englii.h
as Island Cotton.Gin, and Supplie.s for 'inme.
-- ~~. _.N,

- -. - - ~ r- "-r .-c~ --.-. -. .. 4*

S,;8id" Your

, QrdIro the

s Fair Rates..




Round Trip. On
tale daily. Good
till Dee. 15.
Round Trip. On
sale asly. Good
sixty days.


Hound Trip.
sale daily.
fifteen days.


$20A A 95 Rni tnTrip. ()d ton
da Iu on wee iiruevik
Sl. Tiurml) (oxi
'.-.y I n co, r.-s.

A". *'

'n '



.t. Ii,


.Ih. 4:



I Sb
1~ sh~
I pet ci



1 ----------- -



,, ..' ..T H E F R

Lob, No. o lo. I

S. A, IL ,adl
& S .L.y.* ftM AtbW. LV PIV1Lv Pn FLv A
L44 StktWaea.4. Ar. S*.IaCIsa 741 s. 0**00 se**
Lte. *6. Ar ILi st.4L .m. 7 a1 ..............
e11 ., A llsBkt nig. t ... ... .....
e lm t q. .. *1*. . .: : .
8 ........ ..
.....'... .me.....
8IM *..t.e.. ... S.
O UBTE OF T FAMOUS$ " ...............e
'DIX IE FLYER 'n.u #-iA -K-0
,--- _._ 1 60 T<
120S fIS I12D
I*& S v paL Aus.W n0 ..1flg "40 7 iAr 74
W aft .0 V t. .t.. ..- -. *- . -o. e.... .I ( D 4$


Utbur strereb Atteata eaM Chausemoose or Columbia mcd Mbeorile, Larno oflte
MWbfleflsuh$eg wtth Itaowu raflh lnto Be. Lsous. Two It&IDnC daily I Mrow
Itptese am6 ~maters m* raelmaa mo aaaaala anA r a,., : g -

& Gulf, Railway Company


rime Table

.9 -


In offset July 5. 106.
i i' o,5.
No.1. No. ,nilly
STATIOSX. Dally. LOai,. Exc Fn

M 1 .Ar. P IAr A A1
p** .** .**S..lSr ldW., ....t...* .*...*... .. ......
.. ... .Du arvan ....................
........ .. iui brlde..... ... .... .....
... ......e. L eb .an.o to"....'.. ... .. ... e.......
..... .. Mlcanopy ...... ........ ........
. s, .. t4. . ........
. ........ irkwod. ........ ..l. .j........
.. .......... l noptt ... ..... ....... ..........
.. ........iFlowelle........... .......
. *.* *.4..*W ho .. .. ...... ..
.. .......oky Poit.... ... ... ......
$.,.......SWiml,...... t8 i e
............s. uaa .......... a Io,
,............. hm..... .... 82 8
...... ah eo CIt...... i e0
..Jlae Bm le, J. 8S, F. 63
...JftekaOnOll J. l. W. 6 00 ,........

6 "
4 6
* * ** *

We. B, DA

ri5 AND



JAs.' Everard's

As good u any asid
Dleer. 31640 of Ii
and NOT

Per Barrel ..
Per Dozen....
33 Ja U 1

, Florida.

Canada Mait

Z'eCter thin i mat
loi' land Malt


Mathushek Pianos,

But piano for tbis trylvg elUn ste. bi
some lJoger than other. construeied
tbat zsterlIls. and izoat arilst
workwmashilm obtatllabl.
L'p tudate n eaveI

Sold by u cr lltir.l lic lly fir

without a single failure. If yon
want a piano for a lifetime's
ervics buy the
Mathumle k T.
Prlee as low ms t 0colutste with qulb
Camh or on *ay tterm. bea oni d&n
WilL We P&7 frei.h. Wril
for priee TODAbY.

Ludden & Bates
Southern lskic oose,
GAITHER t BRYAN, State Al't,
I - i ll-I . ..-I ll-

N N ---ow. "w ~9 Sr e s9 ines%.wwe atic use usa lam my.a r I r*,P.1 t .0 n oIl n
,, ..40W1 -- tE M s f-Sm S- No ea@Ss 0S. As ogportuality to vistL tue rentedt
Si . Wl.fWarm ssgot "A &a eei e vUm the momatalms, where le trips man c *
Itanw ntk ue uae wM LTake Tma. the Iniums. tc.
sS. A IUW rBvalaaMe Mromeio. 3w.M toa te..*e.i.. obrfuy fuo rmIsed ul.n |
l"e PmRe Aseunr Aiest. IW Wet Bay Bt. Jacktsnvftle, Fla.
K ro 2vM-FY -9--iw e --- d9

ot nSa. n o A a r

b, lla FOR.9,
Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
Em "mPines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-

*. 'ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.
rde r
--'_ NT_ _-_ .' Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


____"_l' Only Line Operating
Tly Thrh Pallman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleans
For f Ifaetomn and sleeper rervations eall on any agent Seaboard or
l I A. 0. MAoDONKLL, 8. 0. BOlYLSTOY, Ja.,
", E Amt. Oeomral Pam engr Agent, Passenger Agent

9 I- - -.

National, State and Congressiol-
@I Ticket 1904.

Presidential Electors.
C. F. Buffum--Franklin county.
Geo. K. Robinson,-Marian county.
I eo. H. Holmes-itrevard county.
I A. W. Wendell-Gadeden county.
A. M. Cuuhman-A Alah tiu county.
For Governor-lion. M. II. M1safer
lane. Hillsbon .
Secretary of State-John F. Horr,
Attorney-UGeneral-Fred C. Cubber*
ly, Levy.
Compiroller-J. L. Skipper Polk.
Treasurer-E. M. BrIleford, Dade.
Superintendent of Public Instrue-
lion-W. R. O'Neal, Orange.
Ooamisionuer of agriculture-J. 8.
Rowley, Putnam.
Railroad Commissioner H. l0
Ritehle. St. Johns.
Justlee Supreme Court for term of
mix yearn-W. B. Sheppard. E esanbl.
Justices Supreme Court-0. 8. Fanr.
C. 8. Adams. Doral.

U- ....

-- -now

- -I.~ Ir II I



I .

; 4






bM-#. r~dl6


. ...... W .- ---- ---- .AF Ir SI W" 4 WPA MUTl fIJIiX A K I1lUS0
avvigmons WS

I ~
4' .L'nIr*~4~.tJfwn*r

6@URY AI A Notice of Election.
orWel D lear*e Every Do.
~ giveCon Cmwideration. DR I:VEICL B.MOI, III
NOV. 1.-"1 have nothing to tt a h u A P LIL r
l. .. ,, ".1.ENTI..T.... THF WA|| ( l"i I
eveBry pha t sanl tsl of tkTs I. I t ||| 1 | H .!
wit h evidaMe and relrwt ,rel1 . ..,, s A:
gsRful cosiderMTiou f t he"* ue,.:i.r. . rolrs ad mysF. Il k General Election -THE NATIONAL FINANCIAL
16 ill ndllgs of the owirtmar- .
ps Adimprte or te ourtmA. -eu.bM. I)Lat4. 1. A, U. lfishLEy DAILY NEWSPAPER. . .
i., n t ij l fif rllg o r l iia'in t theb o 14 4MT 1 4tii $ T rt ,61 A T I I
SMposM d thereby, I dllicharg. d1 Vi IU nNuP '-r A ii In. '. ut. Al ST a i' A I II.,
'wr am I asw It. For we to t111wli tt d 1; sMa>)is Hotel, Gaineavil4,
y d of sh t. Eihth Day of November, ria.Revealsthe New ad Fact
Wile. woo ff1s41 ggrieved|
licill et, would be nsuifm lt.- V ri0e tla Presetu of tentur%., A( 4te tas "eS? u1 teae f was hout Value.
ple*n."---overor Joseph M4. 'io ke*vAeauofra .I hefra.WU Sumae 8tudis underlying causes of
Vtogre.*of Ow UsVolt"ate. IISMovement
or thlotrtent that evrye re o te o r.or
l ithe ueidenc lt that eiry re .1. Metar ot tate ft JL S of V tate o.- FERVIANDI BAYERa. Reviews, analyzes and crttiose Raib'
ali the evidence In the, lieitrhkls.
leI case 'as given careful r*w Aatorne -.nersstofathe stmseumnmw ATTORNEY AT LAW. and Industrial report,
*lpn by hlin prnlly. Guv. CouiltrJer uf u* t of a orl GAIMoLLU, Fual. Hau oOmplete tables of EarSi
Trendlner of tbe Stat.of Mfe.Prpris
MROM)) declilond 'it)dciis si tM tivorintenduentof o! Putsi Idc 0ruotion olr per
er of ex-Captlin Robert M. the State or orida. s "i|our
S- r Cornl %toner of Adriu:t.tre of the proQuma uaesa, aoshas ad IBactive Stand en
than thea this the g Fo r v-e Jor of the Sure o or truki ad farmr leds ,ihd li Bnd
y wsay: PFar me to en- theistic of ir or i rears a liAt ofo aYou oaer i.r sale. a1i. R L t s o
say diserulion of s*uh muat. or TMe Juncesitoe the StreIne Court of - r the lt sale o Bo
h paIMrties who feelo aggrlvwot w.the r fior hda .BAKER, yield on Invntments at the priio,
EWiealm are would be mrani.o of P tr nu e o N Anawers,without charge, Inquiri*
I a of e a v wen4aUvem of the %tate & Finorlia.1I n Ce ing InVMaSjoi .
eruor friends. however, Count Judge SOLICITOR IN OHANCERY..
qgapoken rn their denutmnclt*lm WA
.|flueh's c;auroi. They sy that clerkof the circuit c'u JWEAL t w bil bo
hm b e *a *vrythlnu oe.e aCuut% Awofr ut TC.e, GAINESVILLE, Alaetua Co.. FLA. mmvr eb m Sits 0s
Sit duty to befrid the Cueesor. 00. In Eds cel Blotm s O.-it. e sa" *W
S hilli. duty to brid e CountyreasurerW
oaer snd that Mr. Hitch Cuuityueateri oi 0 ubUc J A-
bave the oad race to appre tiruaror DR. J.UD. ALDERMAN.
As an evidence of the v. Ie Coua urreyor DENT-PUBL DAIL
attitude toward Mr. Hlitch theI F v* Counly (toiafntr. P e'owl wLA6oAr
ts that if thie fndine, of thNW i me u on tDOW, JONES C ,
had nte rrried out toI or JuAsu e ofthe leserin tuand f or the la- ONe mumas a oa a1. sanMewae
lowing JusticeNMritet. Oia No. 1. 1. 4 4.1a. 6,
Mr. Hitch would have been T. S. I9. IJ 11 13. i. I1 1l. 1U. I1. 1so. X s. se meaueno VCroews saitntebLe wek TE AMP S W WA
of all right to cfvi prefer Vor Contahue mi ad for the folIowIog JuO fl 3
Ie UXstretoTsif NP. k. *.. s. ;. o se. .1.
II. 1. 12' IS. 1 i. I' I i, i.1 1 9. S.1i. S. r n.
Sphase of the Judgment was in Teastwu Where I e ereuntos 90 ITIO INVE OS READ TNE WAU
E by tho governc wit thot lug. r rhand and aMiedo the pre: a sof0a thei
state of florida. at Tmblabaahee. the capital.
from any qutari r .m he thi. the aflrm d of )Ses. tebe A. I ,:S
Mr. Hitich hai l en suJlty of I11 1.' H CLA V CR AWmfIhWo QresawsSWU ore Co iee nmu 0esne1 01
vlvng< moral 'turpItude. |L S rery of State. ,ive rem.. i..IesWee et T o s Cate.
p.oernor's friends also pointer A. SB.. -or na .F. m "m- i - -
-. i . t .^ ^^ o ^--L ^.A w o f s owu p
bet tblhit the letter did h1 t at a*l...o Asiller law .e.
to denounre any omffcers of the E IE ILLE Gi mus. n .. r / i
l .at .,at t by name. DDP
p.rther stated ist te y rR ooINU D THHi t o. Eve TrWiT END,
ut at time otf the tatsTO Y LOAD
Or was prompt ad vigilant 117I West union Stret. FINE WINES, LIQUORS & CIGARS F O 0*of T, 'V
Sif lt tInttructlone had been J0 IMXNl. rtewtewr POWOLE @W*TI
pro th hi w i I.oul' I ALTE IPUIGa. DIl CL *mw .*e*--, *, li -- *
i Unqueautlonsly prevsntejIE 6REPAIRIGDYING, CLII waW.S.e mftlYowl
plrmnur left Atlanta on public l JIG AID PRESSII Falst beer, bottle and draught. Dcm's t
l only after unquallft a.ur fai to eallon .e when in Jameomeville
Judl j l5 Dley., who presidedo f....r tLaI.e. e-ile oi ,d Chidren.... -- - --
trial of the negrnes, that all -- DR. HARRY LEE JARVIS.
of mob violence was pst pAL I. IuIt1A ffl\IIANTrEi. (WILh br. G. L. Thm.
Is the court of Inquiry and ETAL C R sot a"K
al ttes, the goverYou ree ive prompt and good at- _7 IE
*aW his cmduct was market t.'ttion fron people who know their -- 10
Impartial Juatice and destir business. Your monthly membenhip osce in Mliler Law Ech ane. a i
P 1.A whole duty, but nothing or piece work solicited. Oue trial l 0la mBa Is hN mBW611
I than hl. duty The fact. bear k.. you a reglar customer. UAIKSE.Vl.. ORAD AL C A L *
iMtement out. they say. -
Not a bick Day Since. flsa lar er Pror
PU taken severely sick with kid- Jacksoarille, Florida
NMilblb. I tried all eorts of oruei. H. T. HOHAER, PreA
.* oof which re,.lieved I. One Corer Grove a Cnre.resa. Bet impored and Domaei qr LiqSoM A i
W.ianad of your Electric Bit- foe r.tom and Wiln in teity. i
determined to try that After ____ ____P_ _,,,, - ._1 ....-- ,aala
| femdoe. I .felt reli.evd. and UAr[s'V.iILLcE. A. ,, *:u
fser was entirely cured. ^- -, | Mha sglaea hM ,,haves -,U.d t i- p. +,
mot seen a sick day siner. l Oealuu emr.nmnamraint, mmt aIsels *I
iof mine have been poured of CUOICE UBREAUS. CAKES ad PLU ,.Tl..I.A of TSimr t.l ," thi
*e, uralgia. liver and kid-- Freost Et ery .-.
,t ,, r ,dr del.t" U,, Fa n gDlpl Most Successful of Magm
Wins. Only t,, at all deiru- Osoerad to A' Pr ar t. ( ..c Its wls< (l olett o Ce is trk .b) am A
-. sastaEuon Grsaatm*d alSJ. to lltr T I It tho. nof both bemcpler e. a,. i

I HTATE WA - Its sh ort .orfe r* ma s-l ah OsMw
GI N ITIWAI. I..W-J ne--btyo I tes seair ,
DSvmlipments Are Exppcted to J eagswte t kta s i*., se mi
Comm Soon. Bo1gh6fin Car Loa. olda i my asking,
.t, No. 1.-The final develop. quantity. 160 Pages Uelightfl
, the frOlhtratei iuation ar Alachua Pool Parlors, q ,. N._-po pw s.. I .t li .s eUl &.I
Soto Come this .eek'. Influ- lug sa d idle dliMiesa o.
*Q 9At worL for a settlement ot C. BNo rm risr.l .beweenthe railroads aorr tee leter tvm t ra. -* VA w 1B.Bl*i
Atlanta freight bureau, aud. thle .o, -_ BairdHardwaren@.
are that the efforts to end f d HardWa eCoU. N. R-ftmple Bent Tsw AP
Wti1 be ucre.frul. Located in the Porter Wook, south GA I.ESVILL&. FLA.
tb of cuncias special corn side square. Three first-class tables. ,VeS I M,- r, ICAT-M-.
have been at work upon the Good lights, and prompt and courteous
s. Wd they bave btited that they service. The pubite is cordiallylonvited Ls", 0414-" ~L. ._ m .. ll
Smutich encouraged Saturday *and always welcome... W D..t n" byr ',S .. 'si m
Mo0einWi was made that the -.. ^---. Aett er n d Sv e
L stated t that It Atlanta Is m a. rionbe.60
""m[AA"against Inth ALACHUArT 111r"vee*WbWIs. VS
49 freight rates the di4crimina. ass hasnna 5o %ebert.Pe..
Il be stopped. Alchue county is .6,4WaJ res in na ._ag ore the X1a e". S. 1 Is s..
the past week members of area. hasM 28 miles railroad. WM) M Is se
miles wagon road. M poutoer, .s t-o. eVMee s samsesNce
SMattee have held mu mer- lnpublic schools, 'phosphate7" Via L & Ni 3 3sa
e.w with railroadd men andViantA." .N Nl saw mTi.S. r.5wIf. court a In a.e J W .ir.. fJ,1,,ar. Sra _an S-e
b btoroiibly familiar with that house. five newspapers. mid pro- ___W C L. RMN1. SUww wmm(q w N
ath case. duces corn, cotton, rice, sugar. --- _ ___ - ' Lr"
SiMttter' will probably meet )ats re. pottoess. pineappis, or* nowG n .. daily Asaw. Kuvb
Wsg.Yr or.tomorrowh forthepr Slv. ech-. peers piunar -euou Thea'tiek8tn now on fe dal ly
._ or tomorrow for the pr- ean,, annd all kinds of v-egetabbe. rm JMkiS nville to USt. Loui and r- The Florida vu K. asd p i.
, ,ul _tr-what has been ac- Vl a, -- ,. 0, . n prilM-l
So far an .ito consolidate ,n ll s t l-Tiek limited Dee. .ir la. Frult and Truck aGrower ...- I
and eurt. inesville1dl $33 9-Tekets limited eoatty dayy. ad Gr w er e in _Idi
--- Consump, D -Tickets limited fifteen day. L. S. BR itU Eitter sad Pr&'r, brWe s the ndi)s
as -.Fourteen.churches twou ublieraso Sto kell.
ed Consumption. schools, the Eaet Floridateminary. Corresponding low rate from otherCALAFLA*Ville.
W. Evans Clearwater. Ksn.. riat hools, three Tew per, points. The .. & N. is THE BEST OCALA. FL* *
"M' husband law rehr. nitedState land oc, .' o S, Loui t e Tr. .................. a
lals ear. m7sL Wl"44 1

qer rr


.. M :,-

h K __ .. ... ofr A ODA I
Ihu w thn huam As4NAL ;pV OL-
Depety Sheriff Joe 7`e8t, of Aa16. 001 t. O 0 efIhm 1 eeeieso tas *L hen! l en M.B
"""i e N @1m0, w1 along the 01s146 E G AVIG-ROUS
vis,.i14t,. to ihis city ystrdy.I
D Shefai 61mriff F. BS .Qrl of Archer I gIsunTheasy tohee asho S W Mflpbs 1
wil among the offiial vTisitors 1o lble used are Perf;ly t oGet s W" legs
it; yesterday H. report .atrs tu
his lime rather quiet mt Archer this 0a business o n- only to hate the
SMMo. to w thalt the proper style termw 4 s0ssdoeqW
Among the viestors to this .eiy yes Wedding InZviatlls. I . ST.VE.S G.RMY
terd ay was Homer Lov. of Treanto. ln Stationery. 1 Whk.teall St., Aleft ft
Sone of the leading young men of that K
Iv. slwelelelo. Mr. Love sameaon ImportantisB0
a, .. l H teT of Ather is teds of Ale lenlm 0 o All, Graham, w11:
hire. tM.H. eaTe aof Aiher t *I h fhas bee morned li the Oi Fdd 6 S W*
Ieh erh wesflktoMe mphis,Tei n., psa satle l ftghe Sor etIl fo tI -- ...
other pains. Friend1 are glad towel e- pedle that the P e itires I st Ie
coaer homes again Soter, a wit likely be el i
mFoSapojaetr bitch. 5s13o0 eit* w um apos h stiem$ wiehla the anO
'.,o m W tO nhe ral di4 ave ou m* N1'dai
,eailing on W. A. Striekland. PonIsloe, t, days.
: ea., dfrbl property a s4 paylog Amogikste vlaltes to thhisg4 y '1.
for tWid asater.ent. esdy w*es Mm. TS Byas*t" of Wa2 PT
Mr. asI Mn. L. N. LaFenthewr m s., bamhel o Its t ad of
at hoot asin, aslier several nmose Imlol slamsr fnsm atet 411lmt, ,S
ple Masly pent among friends at ee of tehel0 Ul g Sfeifsem oof he
SItheiroUold l home la Messing, Nortiher W at End. Mr. B fyan ie te S0

I nM or homs. Ampieg wthe pnmm slas oltw f"wmt
,'. --Ammlg tle promlaeat iratters o this Lftt i se eltll ys"thIa O w
laser lkAD inashami A HilL i:ft tOram U44046, whosameZ *sb w b9" nfsppeea 4414l"a.
S1 T. Eugish of Ta.omau wstr a-d. onm lal I milbe. Joesle Bae h ol ass sdUwmO fl h4 ifs a
6r!in tihe olty yesterday. Mhas heM lPdtbpo InOu lua mOrsag g bl e premiset Oe1 s Vi or. I..
SUUCONDENSED It -me'.mwr hemillin ryopealog of *r mmm4l ym, ad4 has pwrod hie- ajfe mls for o f masMi ei
__ Mr s. W. I.eGrande. Nov. to 8. .4 ieft Ia et poplar and *ltleett oter. *lamIs le Peof teo M bhe pq n o
Sl iiilhaw, a progresmivo farmer Oo.IT.V. Povit of JaekAoeville hasy. JS.
U .tS Qth--.of .%a!rlhia. wike trading in lhe ellty go0 tokNew'York, where he Is 1 Joea Ls lWa l hil il p
Iy Ou r "pmta. y.e dlr'ay. smvael olM bimels d Ipleaesy trip Mr. Lyam a i les i
C ----- -I I E. Wbter is pending a ftow for th ps thSe wks. He em s e aMu He.eath e w lUs
AND SOCIAL ITEMS days in the Wes End In the amteresis T he f Mat to his aSN at S* n Bly l*j of *
o, the [. tion Phosphate Company1,. 61. OS" s.eaN, ow Yk, ho eo I U. a et a- hism l
PPee d What is Ghoin A ,). .Steenbmurl ha> returned fm i.nI y k-poed on she oappe lap oI twes L. Cip sauft
ToM In Ihotl Paragraphs JaeksmnvllIe, where he hasm be on oa M i.i WA iI
Ws Who Runs May Reed., viet to friends for the ptas few da. W.v'. Le. I aM d of r PhltUd BieW. Is alnenS t o
.F Irwin th enterprialini W xme-

pyaapers for sale Lat he Sun yur ttfr tedtynic f.ey rsm at theU of wbs rm T pepM l. ,, .Tjht
attea4u PA the Speod onef O Prwe- Tke g6xd peopte4M
Furh I rtlrefuri=shed btgeraeh esb, mwhis will eew eneM plolm a liaW.oW
s5 of0I JrAOfeg w as In the ri:, risti .convenlentlocation i u .,.a able memos y Rev
twft.- Apply 80 1East Liberty stes, S esa mebr a t1 e '
r of Rochelle was trad. or at TIo Sun afo tle.. f J u -aawsesd
Vft. Irday.I. Rev. Thou. P. Hay of the Fint Pss. f f W II R St;Is Mr l L
Mi's Wonderfitl Salve for sa;e byierin Church departed yesterday V
; MWollsm & Co.. f,.r 4-To buy econd-hand roll- ynodW. 01 hie will convene Ina heBriek m I 11 1"f llli F
.. HarperA ... C. C tiy tod ay.lft K l g.' !Roe i AWit V.
tsM(l a"taif tf. St suitable for lght pin,eo. eo. I U ioa ft
ta-.ndlngham of Momnteocha TilPII 41 .inary A oly 406 Il A .
flh.o.s who viste_.a.e. I.Nli5ter streGt. or W. Telegraph t
Roa(o o k om, S Jhn chesau went .yesterday to K.- CHAPEl T STOHE 01 JRH I..j M.t w.. w. oe lout
oe Royl Ck forr napaha, where he has a farm. He s potte' J ,ewa w Shafoiv4,
&-. address Thomas V. mprovin l property, td M. They e me wel p
ft .i.. cLiefore anohtr season to have one of. osinevlllf 14 I* Frdk
eadkaight of Aher ~a. n; the beet farms in that section. The Corl Weather b allplq qa + '
yesterday and mad TIu sles Violet Harris, Johani Lid. I n uo us and w m b s
4 o i kdon and Jese Palmer have been apI.s OW upon us, and we .
4em oa Ftirhgnks it spend pointetj sponsor and inide of honor have comuepoed to W14 P.i. wi.. awn$. G .wrJ.W
S the uet respectively for he entire tt th e i ir g
**i Cofdrt 2^.". e uni i( Heavy Goodths'i' a W Tunky flSeS bWti
m-d.hand Domimoe week. eSt. We have some i be h t
Will be sold cheap. Ap- deieher. -,'
'V mlIot t leranide will exhibit some of the O. U. N.UW Spm aw eu.T. Wradi
Vey.e.. magr of the Ab m i beautiful creations that will be ... W. TWe70h dn6Mepii roifie.ed







* *

Sslty Company. md a shown his season. The bewt ideas are (0T S.N P I Oels. wem she wm-ISeaSo
it to Waldo yesterday, modeled from the mMost choee ep*t- Pesalo oofm he Qsemdeat*t
S. Olyats of Jldson, one of erns. All are invited to attend., $250 PL whh will sei to s rMl
p easyiv t ozns of that motion, .tit sCorre Liddon. a charmlag young r miilg sda. they UP :-
MStiNg bvlnse in this city lady po Oal&, who I* t aking musts a Ow Stud eui mae o 4
Io. .lessonU whit Mrn. A nkl P rker has e Me' e .
SI mu nen of gone to her home for a brief visit. In M ens Underwuear,.,. s m t P L
e w$. t.dd. T. "xpe to be absent until after the We have some good "mo n h a ws hew .t.~
and Thursday. ov. 1. 2 reunion of the Confederate Vesto eIs W e ." Neotom
Sthe Brik City. ones at C Stit SW 50
hISeaat H.n Ford of the -------- $3.30 per it. suit.ta" ap rpay'.
C Lie departed reRE D THI Iwst gre
.ateS o Re MI.. ep. no. 1. pes and Jackets.. "'Cape a. ,cM'
sukalgsht of Amber, -e of Dr. E. W. Hall. St. LouIs. 31o.-Dear
pmsrive merchants in the Sir: In reply to yours of a repeat For Idles an6d Chil.
MS truaaseaai business la date oI regard to the e.mleier of .drn jnst received, and'
6eM6rday. Hall's iremf Diseovery as a kidney *1d.
i MI, B. Weeks of iBell car. i ean safely say that it is well you must iee them to
bie city shopping yesterday. named when they call it a WONIfEB. appreciate the values.
d Thoe en an agreeable eall. I have suffered with a weakune from
*,sinub ,riptloc. the kidneys for years ad have tried I
tha mar of High Oprings all advertised retalde for the dOml FALL I u ATTIua16S e .A.
Smme of High S;'m lt, g well as physicians, ald Hall
Of Shb leading young bustnte hau given me relief-1 ought to say. AND RU6u * *
tat town, was In the ity yes. has elected n bsolutere.
SRepee Hy. Just opened up. Rugf s'f
Sie MuMillinery-Fall openi from 250 to $8.75; Mattings IU.i
O Tuesday, ednesday A TEXAS WONDER. from al ic" to 5c. Some i
6', Nov. 1. 2 and 3. tverythbiagfromc to 85. Some
i shown this week. Mrs. Oue srpall bottle of She Texas Won* Sropi l Valiees to offer. (rmer ir. st aS. n voik.)
de, der, Hall's Great Discovery. eures all WISL. VIStT otfe
Say friends of Mrs. J. B. Cut. kidney and bladder troubles, removes alMsavitso ll v 4lt ,id ft-
Sity will be pleased to learn gravel, oures diabetes. geinmi* s- Come to the Busy Store Fsta famIS ,% o .tl
I M returned to her horne iu sons. weak and lame backs. rbeumas- ad mert nteBu saiSt oe~ a
hia pleasant summer spent tlem and all irregularities of Ike kid- we Positively Two Dogs Ouy. W
k Carollna. neys and bladder in both men and tion. omclk oiw
A- - E dllh Af- hf a - aob, M a-A

h l



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