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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 30, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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.. ... . ..... 0.
rr r ,' I I J. I I

1 "I to Me bur* A I

''?'" I FrE LOSS : bound't .a, w, t'o VF D AI

Aol .*wa 0i 11i 0 f nag piert Md throwlaf or the-
t I'IP 1t latase best1
-IN NEW Y8 CITY *Cushaing leot is life. It to believed.
7 "m when It made a rIe 4$., trou'h
-1 t RaviT E49a or Iacono alarm to *ay person who might be h
-.-"o- di Oriird the ..hip.. T re cut of h........

k sm H V The damYted veLSlS 9ereA" AF now .
Sexep, the Citta w Paler. of the Ital- TO L PATH C

are1ty e o PllH IHI IhIIIIo 1La rgm Warrhed ne Belonging to lhe Amerlcan-Hawal lA Lte t h r and CL 4
($$^*BAle0 1* Am *wotoby inamt ar, soing ion Steaulwlp company wort the
S m A d by F A h Nebrkon and the Arl m to H

Deli. .. the nI *fn teI-iamem ount the pier to Atlnte tned Hp*-- Prt Arthur d M
da javy01o s eM alarm o rane p raeon who mght e I- u non nurl
^^^^^^MM ^l!lJ i',!l ,|a_. .__aboard (be ships. The ect of hi _. Bads, pa

bW M i The burname pveor were the l!rnest
16 bare, been of lateadlary origin. ln New Yorkl harbor. ahal. Oct. 2t.-A private le
SIept over the piA Aro0000 eseft the Cir Pl the t.. STOSL PATHErdTIC AR.iE t (.
,.. 1.0114 a t tme B*ush Ter Wminal colo- ITUATION te AmBRHTeR. colved t e r .: a .

s P-eS nat? Brooklyn early uo-
r. Awet y s, o pite the Chauvinistic Tone if the slan Generor and coSeem rtc-y; i.
L The i I1 matte atg more than. the Nebrkan and the Ar. now ud yo all to Ha
SN 0. lf e thaat oon pollr the Lrst in the Aln p. m n e-ort Arthur rtn my Aravetur I.
*F pw," Pla4es, Pa0ta trade.O .r"

itsW'XSS' ,'!!,.-.. t to n lost and -I>...llito the Yor hait-rhltnrbore f the a4ngrall, Otw ha prinatlle l teb
S-r ea, We .ound later. A orn and the from Port Arthue forlre. th. dprt at

L ;' ..was b-dly Injured. wild talk whili Ix lilng inilged IIn to co t u death i prefer 4
Aouv St a*M golog steamnhips regarding tne owvtibility uf war. the toopitulat oa.
gii Wo b, ,I g aavits been A MocTlated Pr. I TON I o a poTilton to The Japanet ahelloa are nilotth
.t aM-j1Dplts ft eo bow to stemh ad hC. tt3 xithll -hat the i fat on haS groel damage a tirte reeuian ly:
*it'. of .4atG of Pdollars worth entered on a I'l tinrcly better phase. t harbor and to hel fortlooatib .
M gl t be a ad the general carp and that til s ( an agreement The ar l a co ore.
i'pt C&sia absw to elg t ose hrd between the th iwvernimntt s now ap. th on lrl nbusmel ar. nstllh bee dS th
attMl'e.big .s. tobr sa pmti. i n le. y dA'troyedn. Rpear*s 'lil. iurni d the garron for the forparatons spirit b ,

W.. wdAfttl a battle ofwir rh, tr There 1 tli4 W1'an-Ir, howI-ver. that mcot urr thea Iloa dea truhs l at b
,- laI by bad* lo ltrook ya depart. sonm untowlard Irehient In view of the Tlo e qptlatr.

the ae tesa-c wr pronounced uu. excgll statr dl o ng opina In both T war ly havintwn t
'14*. yewl.. bAt r et the aremee counmlrol may i're .- I;ntt another cri. Otl T The ae shells are ProvItal "

4s01d take o headway. The asmoh ke nrals to e a u.'!#tncti britt. te arb Onld tanned mls at o ael a
a. e Ife- tbe b.rbl l hoew p prevented tbunl overnri veis ie ara the ma tld on a relt el tmae to ie Itul sala feet ia
I a'.pro"eh la one section tre to promptly 'rtai com mon grouudt The arse it llln tey eLi ohlls.

4W,1 Wo Chiht oel mr to the eatton bo wenluth th 1 can ti; tand in order Lo W l a tmnosff. It s asls bele
Sla thes oldo of t a tea.utsipo. and obtain the iulle.f ;: n the circum., but I ovMried by Genela
-iAter a battlof pOre than three There It alItOangvr. however, that d.fu the atle daly' struggle ,,

Nd alreoted by the water, ta or lp. icidl it, hli ar lh. elS tllrael
N Is heW 4d: eotge myOiutiwo-i r sna rvtr by vl o Thl e "Toprtam arb rolkd bed ty-
:p eat.K te Patrick hwer il of the sta eertl ti t n1. in A istrhl Tat c ,,ial ftyi O treolk. i, Caubt at the remed of oeUitrov, lmay rtp tt. A pnp:hr crl well Thar boin idun.n at tProvaks
w,"d u.~,.t e sob aw Th m o tke i l t1 he Ishj 1.1 Ijin oid Hrt arr wear e. Only toned me t hel .,

teals a Watsh, fireman, atnitlt to an tlrual ,h rirro
IHa tti fa doi a w A tchwaty. TIe ready have ben tak/n i;.1. --"k^ ,.,-i frmWal h lay In the hold of the CnIttadt dirertiIn. la l yond r !ndit .h)a 'J'eft un : ers I h >l tla ir arti ol
,, ae. Drk p oprehba e ireto shire me to irenly rnaiow rnmtitofl grouu.d bra kie b l s.
i ps agt ,t hin ab .efik n tIn Is the nltenn I n w l Ir,.th tanr t(.nti in ordr L,.r "O tilra r, uronon, Ir is. ; li,- to ,ra
"r" Is teht holds of the steatahtpm, sad obtain thi. iule. wi'tutd, thte circ, surrender, but Is overrialeo bl)' Geneal

# .* A n'ild tsB co l bot eaf be t het blolanr ) atmInea or >. h t lts orf, Innn" eti veNe 'n l- ti a 1ii s min .
-beS i i- a dSTew o d ead:- Mote lat'fl tac?, rhaii av.dr hy Ihe The hsllptl are demr', d and b-t 1
.*v ,:iiI!,'i i *..., e ei na pati ck f. the r,.. .,ny a tlalrtielg qtt.o',.frnQ1* , ,,tnIi' ofIn tirl l' .ta citdtlih i a n',. heue,,mgml Leds

i 4 is-- '.,o tath J rted m@ lerloi htly.. ibt b destrped of Roitlh v rt.Lt re lritalp will 'prr r.t b ,'n, rrt,.l4 at *tme
ith"" A"th sthBat Seaj e*e ts 7.000 wortm of antton e cmpIle to off. r the o, hum.l. .IV l'. w. n t"e blocked
the : ,,e^ a.+I 4i ;Wa-s hl laU ls tfhi e bf l id ofthe (aitlaoi l d lrbn ., aipl n is an d. mak t, e fii ltli rea it T nhi it at ill F(o.

hl^ ^ltasBI slte from-be charge tqtwee the Terminal company ai e...a.B..o. iel ti c_ rmg ~oaMe of the residents of the neighbor. comm.ilon a,',. SI he worked ,,t will nt'il ,Isni n imn of ,hk city witl
u .rite, a !, ,led by Brlce., khootl because the company desired to be determined as soon as th- gnerul a blanch htu', at I' ,, !11 Wet Third street, ,idoie oertal South Brooklyn streets. bani is l'rached. t is almost certain
P .:S. ,, o* AfterJW Tuesday's fire the company em. that two elmultaneous Inquirie, will Force of Men at Port Arthur.
lU StV' .I...I. 'ltIt p tled pnvateqetset ves. be hld hy the British at Hullal a ti C-h<, Poo. Oct. 28.-- p. m -Japanhs
jn.^p: see^^dk'qt I-tI *. A few mlsnutes before midnight the Russiann at V'ito. each with repr'een. I Dalny report the cottnltnt arrival
,hes deIath. 4 tetfHlves* and watebmen were half. tatives or the other. Inquiries will lb of huge Iteigu gunU.
ooe lt to 0 o'eloker Wavt m t oa Plte No. 1. 134 feet long. submitted to ma international commle "A Junk from Port Arthur will 11
^.e .e wer e plyOg 1 .A A ,bert al f4 test wide. Alongside this pier alon. Ordeta have already been tell Chnese who left there on uct. 1C9 0
,verO pylaW In et% ylard y the 'Amerlcas.HiwatIon ships. Be. graphed to Rojestveniky to dletain at a rllhr with food, arrived today TheY
u. 0ARMS nlme @o Wet FPifthw tweeM them were lighters laden with Vigo all the warships which took part say that several of ihe RussIan waP
..',,r. Now tI I 'a i hIemp. On the pier wa in lthe l Northb sea Incident, shlps have been hit by dropping hbellJ
b aisI 'wliti a p.oS riHe tn spo t1f of merchandise. Nearnt Rojestvensky' full report Is exct-. bitn none have b Ssmll'y, JI he elmims, die. the men lay the Nebraskan, on the ed to reach' St. Petersburg lay mat mate the able-blllted oldlrs r, ther
t w p'" the ball s1trlikils p1at o sailing for the Pacltle. From1 Bunday or Monday. Almost all thi now at 0,00). saying a smaller foeri
ea kMilled am alIost the. lighter Victor, according to the .per discuss thp affair In a spIrit of would ,, insufficient to garrlbon the
men '. "1 almost on the stroke of midniRht bitterness against Great, which varlous ipuitioni
-II cam***Ba~gegg ae shaft of Are which shot-be. Il not shared nla foritin of3.'' ,,rrf- "Scarcely a night passC withoUt
,iPAR," KER THANKS SRYAN tweet them and the end of the pier. where the greatest dt aire to reach an *mall entagemenwt over monor |i5!-
'S.," Ie l al e t aI ultaneously between amicable adjus.tenit Bi manlif ld tIons and artillery fire The ChinesE
# ,,ke. 'Im Camlpaign by Nebras tM and the shore came a-otber bolt. ---- ecotomrally inclined, ,at op-t, a
... *lC, i n~,eMl41 It.s an 11stast, the men declare, th. lbraltar. Ort 2'.-fltom defense smoking rOPuiT'n muc i larger qtaf
'I.011.. K. 'V.. Ott it. -Judgelt Park.: lames had spread apparently in every are being rigged up at Iboth endh of title. ......
00 O"pflledP high appreciation ofi 1iretion. Useape was cut off and the harfr. Thi of Hi, "laws winner' rnriforIs ae beinll
he b 0t wmlam 3.1 Brian ham taken withl Lve minutes aert giving the channet Ileet are *1il! in port with worn by the hdirrs who ate 211W
jb the peeses pepulgs en d todfay SIAr' the watchman anhd crew aboard steam up ad decks cleared looly ppMed with Chines h
beat,* hi the different vessels. the watcliman u
i tiesi. W2lltma J. Bryan-I wlh J11mped Into the water. Bt. Petersbu.rg. Oct. 29.-Theemelea
** ,etback 7P for the .plendld serve ~bo spread of the girt' was% die"crl rot has approved the proposal to Sub Vla o Oct. 9.-Th
.., pr-po)ad itali ''oV ock. Octi. 2r9.---1"he lirl''b
4 ,0!1 hi.!, rendered to the Demoeratic ed to he astounding. I Tn mtuntiS mwit the N.n1th sea incident to an in steamer Allanten Sni t'alela. hlt
Sl Sana. and elsewhere during lot fr was bing fron tertational tribunal eizt Iy the Vl ivostock 5iQkrtmlu
',,irl nt eaibPtgn" (l8ned). AI' ed s. aid the flt:. e, Iad ca4ugiKhi has' IIp In !'asu'I A dpSit of
rk the Nebinsan. Their ca. r f 1 First Serous Subway Accidentn lehalf of 1 fa
---.- me-bor r rar1 I New Yo'rk Oci. '.). ---"l", i.i r s-r; r,. oI a in' ii
n na!b ti ,,were he r,,tt t tl (Pr V lu (h,.v 1 {'4)il I II
SSougtht COW0 Mulet, not be trcrh -,1 frl:r 1:intl etn r I l: o 2lla U t"I -t'ci tl fClrmaltl o- tlin peal at S. Iqt'r-,. rg .hort .,
0110 New York.Ott. t. Adispatchfro:i flame art7 7i2" tu h .1 of? (l sr 0 v t6 -t2'1 ti : .NX wh2.T t .. I.....-1
bl e eos Ayres. Argentine. iSay, ar"c '; '" Olt to The,. H rald. atresrpondn t a* aqi over so ',-r N('. G. wheTreo Oe f .1L ' ;. f "'t h., bet ,"P h ih Phia lhi0 (, 111o iPa
.,~~ "" I-- I' -e~~ -- -) T;

I~~~~~~. 9 I LL1ITa~b~ l~aa ~8:kq~: ~

* -. 1A

H, Fnw p l u who wnt o#sl
th wlet M er omps W eslMf
S .um aamonk .e,
( 1w .. ( f :or f X 6 oldo,.
wM$ Cs.e ~si.Np weoo
.~_ ~sh ieOw belm
*. 33,m met- his
.:". '* am
love Inm Ibambus

"ou tbowb 4i gwie

** *tr fapprwl to&boeI
SF -S **i' g***
mp ofoM. Tur

!*fl bw. M ghus se .
gtl pwill bte ma'

* t soy i
~sW O* wa snw t

jt b"d mAB .L


young Men's

ClothingI 111
Is a distincthie feature with
We sellthe


so At7


- 'T

S .a.BamEIa ~

Correct Clothes Iti"
Hand-tailored by SCHLOS8 BROS. 'I !,
& CO., Baltimore. .%1tf
Young men of discriminative i
taste are familiar with this make. 1 1
They know that these famous
clothes have all the latest touches
that mark the well.groomed gentle. -
They; set the pace in proper ap-

They have completely revolution-
iSed the iale of ready-to-wear cloth.
Ing and the man who has "the mer-
chant tailor habit" doesn't know
what he is mixing in up-to-date
style, exquliite workmanship, su.
jor quad of materials, fault. Cjj, M tn
Sfit, pr economy, if he has Me
new Inveetigated Schloss clothes. 'I
Theo Mit own in the picture is a BALTIMORE' NiW YORK
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Outfitter to Particular Pec

7"" met 0SB,,1

aIm ... IT tn A MO l

R-tneis to 1nvms.
b-t f th e M le lioM

k**, biaf r uuoil s wll
SumiW Magq Te croa-
Dit t 0 l isnu
1qle4 s tovS evteo
St o td he olidatiou
't aoclo Willl a10) be
but oO&AMaMIoM will
NNW Mose. Tbe coo0
ta Wahmb aleoaa as the
1v give 1 lte nu

Aui IS
of n aMley im.

m Ha A.N 1- L)SO
"< ..... a"wL. Nia n At. 1, ?

t-Im Taam


a~ff i rnBsais'a mst ^jimj

-,. Ov., LLA--l, -, l- -.- .- -
BR McJCLELLAN Str^^r^tsts s t t
cUmU1terskuttn PROMPT PAYMENT (i -OSSES.
We cover thee imniIortant point and reslpeet fuIlly
Funeral Directors and s iicita toirofyourbusai,, .
Licensed Einbalmers. 1ife 1l
d a ers. Fire, Life, Alccdent a Health Insurance.
Mawnta"Um rw uefa4 m at __ ___o _
ideW frNames, lbber Steph Art
6a. u 6Cte. E --Agents for the--
"1 .. Victor Safe and Lock Company
Iom by TYwmpa or C no ,ZO-r at1 0'-.
.. i- at--. The "Viotor" Is the bent sate made, and parties oontemplat-
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fal.e Theome., of Lawmdes County,S CHS IZA & HI JL9
Dead In New York. Information eheerftlly furnished GAINESV ILLE. FLORIDA
New York. Oct. 29.-C. nranct -
T'oias, a prominent broker of this Ls"rtsssrts tsts s"s
eity, aged 61. who came here lattel9 .. ...
from Berlin. Oa.. and made a fortune -- .....- ....-
In buslmeam, died suddenly In the vll AT I.ANT I HAVE IT FOR TEXN EARN.
large of Bakldwin. 1. I.. Thiunday, while a a i m I
driving for plka.ur with his wife I. i e M ontezum a Hotel
S.tylh qupa. n the Merrich n IVI
road house. At OCALA, FLORIDA.
He had been II for some t oe fr o
liag trouble. He had recently real I
ed at Rockville center. I .. I, On the A. C. L and S. A. L Rye. V. I. SHIPMAN, Proprietir
handsome suburban home, hoping u
remain beth by country air. None Better in the State at $2 a Day. Porters
He died just before a doctor could Meet all Trains.
gt to him. His rouag ad ha4 __________
some wife beme hysteral w i---- -
'*er lnre-..ief. a I C' ino n A,
M A Dr

Many Mothaa of a Lke Opinion.
SMy$. Plier of Cordova. Iowa, says:

rM aur m AN
Acm3 I


& VJJ LflIN r,

. 01!. ENDEL,

iS ;,'


- -- ---

**- 1. 1 _.. 7 .- __ 1 - I -. L



PIi 0MlM t RIQlnen.s :..,
w -o.les L i=aU ll mllattr
|HkAlpY. Ilor &14l VP'14e,, !tr
: CAR IlItLK As-1;Vl.t,|.4l:*I .r
B V ,Tf CiT o41i0r.
*vt.I. l.NtAW. 'L..l Iur
*mm V-i.ft T.ilPlllNK U!
S6Up r.lubiied cvrrey wIorlt grx x
l. der4Lred tjy ,rr-Ir I: tLecity,
ai y part of TleT L't.tesi' Iitl t.,liA
b lf aiar OItM%0 Mi mIortth,: ,L I
a t.a eid it for tk e or ,te.a-

IetalSc. t1 ceI'th uret^dtmd

H ir'll y &v. l'ertferr arn lie irown

bwD felek Sum ? anm r.t-i* ,,
l-1 Plk'r, |uibll<-(l ed rlry Niit-
lu1r tla e-nd e(i] tilr S m;l S ie.
tb. week. local', statIe a. rep-
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lUntled Btlle or Car.m'a. rorIl 0r

bills beoote due after first
1i4f dvertlsement. less oherwise
b1s fMISret. PIatrl not known to
jSiMr to1 gf rot f or ? S4rtstins In ad-
[rijllll THE DAI.Y SUN.
4:''. O11AleMa L.r Ls FlA.

For Preilhii, t.
of New Yorlk.
Por Vlee-Ir'P*thInt *t
o, f Wcest V ,lil l.
United 4tutes tI Senator.
XXI P. TALIAI 1t1111.
Conirer .Zi, 2'ml Ditrlt,
i nktittll Elo, tors,
P. B. 1 Tht NEMAN.

LEON l. 110 WARD.
/ 1Petary of tate,.
. ttA ny ,e,.(rn l.
C ow 'lrtller.
A. C. OO11M.
S Sitate Trtnsiurtr.
T Pu. t or riiilloe Inltructlon,
,% W. M. HOI.I.OWAY.
-mlsaloner of Agrl'niture,
B. E. Mrl.IN.

r.a' llrolhd C-ommlkel(onuer.
I Supreme Court. Mix Years,
,." ten Supreme Court,
bDR1I it. U#H'KRtI.L.

Coaty Juiw
W. 0. Wo0o. i


Cit Crih,,it Court.,
S Iw. WIrNyEcrg.
Tns .tnewsor,
W. w ( OI4,SON.
STax 'oltti-tor.
n(de(Mlt Ptf IPhl' Iustrnctlon.
DR. J. L. KEI.1.:Y.

County Survpeyor.
oulnty ('onllllInpleru.
3. 41. I)A.IPIKIt.
.* ;,+ OnThEN.
SP. F. F'A'lALNi.
I. F. TO(WN.I:.D.
b tMlemrh(m of tli, .fona d,
R WnKK. .

t ni woman living who would
PWbmgs the wealth ofr money for
itlthi of youth and fair looks.

be. the New York Stock E r-

art,' ilti)rill, tlb ia t ,iltiri :, I tk.1 i ;I
eli ali c t h l ai hliCeris Br, m 1re L'r
Sliuitf butter tlih n to h he ifir.c,, t* 11,
li etnt"r1t1,, I)ecaue it is geitr.Ally cnI
ei cti c lt l"4a 1 teitho t I iee t tv Lurl %w
of lLhw State of New York it is lrn|io(e
WIe fr the Ie lmneratiL partly to win.
wlira~ nt ist i t etn liiail to thil iutctessl
of tIhe i'publTlica, who art appartri.t
ly trin ly int reviled iln a majority of
t til a rtceot StLitra it n ths.. i T' ..I .. .. i-

who could lite New

uII til" t. I |il IIUEJU
York ard tLill have%

a largc plurality iu the elect ,ral col.
leie. HIence it is o(ibvl:il ihat the lVe-
lptiblicain plahn of battle is to concen-
trate all the puwer. mnnney and energy
of tliiir organization in the New York
llbht. beiutiu it Is reaotinod that if the
Democrats are defeated there the vie-
tory is won. arid as the Republiecaus are
i11 full contr:ul of the election machine,
Pery of the state, have at their com,r
mand an lIinenme campaign fund and
are suptipurtd by all the great corpor*
atiotns, it is evident that the Demo.
erate. who have no friendly crpor-
ai (ion to furnish thlie with the sinews
of w r, are blittIr: r agaiixnt tremen.
d me odds.
However., t Ii wall to recall the
fact that tile cam iitIgn this year is In
nearly every reepee imnilar to that of
16fl which resulted in thesecond eleoe
tfun of Grover Clevelanl by a Dem'
oe ratio landslide. At this time in 1892
the betting was largely in favor of
Harrison, as it is now iu favor of
Rousevelt, but a* e!ectlon day drew
nearer the odds oi Harrlson dropped
eansiderably. althtiugn he still r -
mained the favorite in betting. Then,
as now, all the features of the qaii-I
paign were claimed to be Republican
and to foveshadow a great Republican
victory, but on the night of the elee*
tion, when the vote% had been counted,
it was found that Chlveland had car-
ried New York by 40. majority; that
lie had also carried New Jersey. Con-
nectient. Indiana, Illinnia andoWriscon
sin, and Cleveland was elected prem-
ident. We do not mean to say. how-
ever, that the same thing will happen
this year. bu-t we do say that the out-
coni, of thi campaign of 1S9J proved
conclusively that betting in favor of
oneenndidate as against aiiolher does
not indicate how the people are going
to vote or what candidate is going to
be elected .
In 1 02 the democratic manager., as
they are, nuw, were not disturbed by
the betting of the gamblers and the
confident claims of the Republican
newspapers and politicians., but kept
steadily at work until the polls closed.
They are doing the same tIhing now,
making no Loasto. manifesting neither
confidenee nor discouragement, but
devoting themselvesesxeliusively to
sawing wood and laying nothtinR more
than that they are pleased with the
prorv'ess if the Democratic campaign,
The election will not lie decided until
the Wo11'i liaIv' Ii1eni Cast alnd counted.
It certainly will t.ot be decided by the
elaimis of lrelpueliL1. partisans or the
wageriof Wall street peculatorp. The
decision will re-t with the voters.

togt,.t we nimust gie: to a&eumnu-
late. we twi nll'3 tT'r; to msake our-
*rl I-( )iau'j'y '' miust miakte other hap-

S1.' n l't N V. .
Frank J. (ChJteney iakes oath that he
j igriior iarlner of thIe firm of F. J.
U'hen iy ^ tI'., doing btniness in the
t'ily uf Tid;do, county and State atore-
iaid, and that >nid tirui will pay the
sum of 4lmC Hundred l)ollars for each
and every cale tof Catarrh that cannot
be curcd by the use of Halil's Catarrh
I ure. FIN.K S. CIIKEtY,
SworTI to beforeme i and subserilbed
in my presence, this tth day of Dtecem-

her.A. P. P A W
% A - 1.9 %"4 4. |

.s.. a s. "... k.. q.

!S t rtiqrfjaj onmittt' is ikelyi
N .+w ; 'ra.g ,m:mt,, s |%' a =, e i l'Lu te uj, r uli e t< t, e rmulL i
tui) .110;.4101P061i i h t| o t othe.Woe bu| theta
h'W ,i ,,I I u t tbtr of e r
ker tiIl!ni'rry tlie -tit ,,f \New York, .IfRo f It.lhe i, Ia r potnrua ll.--tl m
-' ,,rk el t of Ihe e atl r riu ary l ml.
wrlet: hi e htie ti. 4 t', ;u '.stnr f .f
I i<,>, v,,lf. with f.- t '. .. .- ith I n Ihe R.tirin 1 dl* coth3nm ittfet is
Sufl .',reI. Thr,, a.. . s,,tr rte4 by I )Iuorati all over t.11.
iuu,, h . .J : .i ir,. I' .i lt,'. ait PHIally di t(tl r whlO wt re
lt|li. P 1t <* u 1 it ta ., ..l h'i't^an 4r. 116,1low y jrirur I)thr
Itl VIi Lr L.t i t o tl e ,y e hmas ih IS Lig h t luyal lthrt. y ree.
i'> 2 i l ,i'i ,e ,, i ., I.rela t1 tthe doff ILde eat of the latter (who
I l : i 1rl,,arq pt.frt i1s I1 Thhal & iS)nllnated in thie primary by a
m id aRti v.:e.r e t. ltJ) ritl f il 4,42 vouet ) by MA r. W ulfto
', r1* 1 )i 1 a t k46t 1b [ n l i i@m e d bj 'y &a m in o rity uf
r '. i' r r ui ;'i,'t;t: l 1S; ti,,r v) oi. iitll IIIt#t'coPum i iter inelud 'ing pri.I*
fr-il timfi l e h l,.,ot i .r t I.. ", .,4. j u-al %tie rl r '* i weugtv

rhe or
cirp es Cases sat spotatWS MS 504 000* b The Atlantic .-.Coas
Tpke The Atlantic boast Li


, .s.

North pas Da l h .LTZ i
INo t .. .-rH -, lor tamt

f,)r ,ittiilng the lnivmCratij. party and i e JaksavtuiSe UWJaeltgu/Viy Ise- H
!;ol #4ehing1he primary inhtLh id of ntaPk 1
irlg urliins.I faOth M a0, Rapid Transit and Uwpmm
t. le placed oln thilt ticket besidv. that TIme Table ln:e It $Sept. 106 '
of Mr. IHolloway the honor should Depars For OAINBeVILLB "
liave been conferred io She -, .. Mr.
and many of hil friends will result al 8;4& pm Hih pi ,. h"00
the polls the inj slticedone him in the Dlilly medite lti8
homnlliiion of Mr. Wolfe. Mer. 12;40 pm Ooals, Lees org sa Ta. _T, -at
eats acnd Holloway had spent their Daily IJwhlBMi PoIlm
gt contest was to he continued to the 2;:upin Palaska,. IJttone, Jtalbs.lJv p
czineral electioit between two Demo- DaIly Nonrh, lsamd W tl
ern.s it should have beteu confined 12:15am High priug, W q.*,b ,T'. 'th
to them, both ur whom have spent the Daily Albany. A.itait. all Polat Nol We t
best part of Iheir lives In eduallional -
n ork. Mr. \olfe claims to have 8:1b6pm Lii, t"
taught school at some period In his Daily i l '
li f. but' htnhah d no experienao ilA is --n......- ...I. ..- '' '. .'"...
line for at leatl twenty years, ad In 3.;0:an
the last primary was overwhelmingly Dail Hih plli '
defeated tor a judicial offlein Ese ns- e i .Mo .
bia county. lie is a lawyer by pro --es
slan. not a teacher, and his nominal. SIstewagsellI M
tion by the eamoalftee was .imply to Trsgs Pl"-.M
12y the political debt of a certain f to-.l ale is iAle
:ti I i.! .;
-a ---- -ll i
-.- -. -.-.i ..... I
Thanksliving Day comes neat Add4e ss
:nonth, which suggests turkey, oran- FRANK 0. OYLOT O.'AL t
berry sauce and plim puddlang. By I,, 7 ,
tte way the huantIng season also opens K M. Ms,! K "
nei t inontb, which suggetll quail, T 4 V1' . .'A
deer, wild taikey and mallard dock;
then, too, oeursan bWome mot
dellicous In ovesiber, and someone
mear our elbow, with stnaoking lips,
mks what about spare rib, beetkbone
sausage. liver, pudding, 'possum and
taterst It never occurs to the aver. MaswtM nsA
age Florlds Cracker to ask the quei. Ge*atalc msl.ermaea, ess tuuu.'
ion. "Il lvlfe w0h Tliving?"--Oeal of The StinSemtjS hU e '
manner. -- Most Successful of'
When a woman is so careless as to it. e ne Iiab ,
spend $10 for a pair of hose ehe ought hors of _bobh hmlel-.>b .
to be careful enough to pick out the its stinhbtter iiae il UbSI 'Sha
moddy eroessig. ,It. pm eswerlut 70 el08 i I ie
nonw-Is bythe am*et ip es.e, w li
tlow, w1sWlus, skewbnew.. MM
it is positively wonderful what enori voting. .. p .
gy and enithuslasm some people have i |6 t lf
the exciting occupation of doing moth- 1
lung. No pages ae wasted on ehftp f.lset isw :
g Ing ea aysd idle 4otlupaio. u e
It appears natural for some people Strery pge will Intergs, *ausa dsQ
to10 act the fool and then go around Subariber nowe -" S T e
bragging how smart they are. or tole d Ol e o t...a..ia.. .U. f...
N. B.-Smple Copis St o '
With a spoiled woman It is always a
question whether she would make a --
man happy or miserable.

Wis \c'onsin man choked to death on
a dollar bill. Hle should have coullged
it up. ..,.'
w~irBiB H^ ^^^&9




EIU U I.U .; .. ........""

WORM ackonvilgljo A w "'

t M CIlyde New England and 8outhe
cHE CHJLbEn VAVOITtOIC. Direc rnlee W irAJ
...sawns omor mI -rro r VIIDWB i
PIke ,. 14 C m
Ballard-Snow Liniment COo. s3u -w ur*r : ,MI.'s Me
UT, ~ousm, ~N. W* ,Both.
..Wr l etE* Norw-hbodI......--..........a lm -,p a

... .i . ,Ir--a t.e Sa f o difl a UI et. ..

t* lLeavreS ,..t ple *OP bv I snOF. r" .. ....
6IKUi1t, 11iele +bp sjJmarik tNel ,ckso .'.'<'04'

rJ a M s, .....' *#* 4 ie as

IsGO p u..... *.t,..6.. 4. ......ah *..#4a*Ab u s..'

Arrive .~ i.. Aa i..... ....*. .,

eaAr'ifia.-Lt |' l.t F. 4 -oI 6 J6.. AS ea. a A ee V m

- -



fN U" it er, ll Flaiw, Ail, R Ai US at1 awr,
, ._ .. i, .. A .. -_ .. .-.. . .... .. '

rw- ^__

n I





ypy.w *. -

Wr y,
nSA .


an & A nna te


B. DAW80


ea llair Ootto WlNi D 110010
Ss 3b1od Ootaon 8s4, Bans anud Twine, Walrus Jacksonville, florda 1
,Lether in S ripa or Sides_
tsufaturMrs oef the James Doig Improveol Englih
s Mand Cotton Gin, and Supplies for $mme. --
?' ~ ii ..... .. ... .. ..RED STAR. N
__ ,_,,_ i E s v rads ndaM--

..... w..
SA BRoundTrd
sil ey dae .

a ea t

S.U-ue th e t Ate -a-
anM w. wino an _i ",...
satda wae Ir-m- raL"w

f WStW'p ^was "eO": a
"e""oneO N",

P. fqFr Air
.4-^ 'fi ^ ^..^ ^w r^f _.- n r^~


- A .

' Fair Rates..


P. On
p. On

Round Trip.
ale dailly.
fifteen days.


Round Tip. Good ter
4a.L On ui Tuhedmrs
S Thuandw. Uoond
only In ouftobO.




d CbattsMos orColumba aud Ambevile. "Land of the
tb ita own tale k to St. Ltula. Two trains dall from
~,as 4t ras twlMJe mntUmlma am d mum re owt olint-ina
. No e*xra eou. AA owppannii to visit the rea e L
a Tse tm i sae *mentfim, where se t Ule i be a wile
IT. Lak* Tmawnr. the ialai ete.
mautme,i maps.rofnders et.. ebeertullr furulbed uin-"
j a LURK.
. Pwina Alt., 10 Wet an D St.. J..moauvl. Fla.

Line Railway

. FOR.

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
'Pines, Raleigh, Rich.rnond, Wash-
-ington, Baltimore, Phila-.
delphia, New York.
Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


En Aig Only Line Operating
Ay Throgh Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to Now Orleans
w .& A. i t md tall afonmatUon and sleeper reertu l antos r apit eabaod or
V6. ArMWl uw. e A. 0. MaoDONfLL, 8.0. BOYITON Ja.,
I., A, 010,t Anat. Oaeal Pmlaleir Aeat, Pamswer Ants

0... aIntes811e & Gulf Railway Company
*A09111- AM A TimeTable lB In0 JoBuly 5. 18I.T
-, -o. tr -
i. FLYE No. 4. Not No.I. No.
oftDty D4 'ily. STATIONH. Dely. D1U,. xicopi
wamye sun

xfls ww u* L PIMILv I M vL A N Ar. PM Ar A M ArPM
~41 .*4. *000* 00 n * ***~*...** e* 690
iii S SO .... 4 ..*.*....! *... N.I kint o o...a.... *........ *** ...
fB Bw, G ........ ............-... nt grqan o...., ....-....... ........ 646
SI ........ ........ ........ Mloanopy ..... ... ... *.. ......... 520
8 0 .,... .. ...
Exygxl, g, ................. ....... weed.... .... ..... ......... 6,
0ILLER.. t -.._.. .
.*.: aa.^ i 1 ........ ........ ......... Ol ystsMo .. ........ ........ ......... 630
s as ....... ............. Pl e od............. .. .. ....... 606
** r ., U A, .0 e .......... .... ......... .. _w..Wo ..h.t...... 6 ...... ........ 4 5
1i O ................ ........4k. Pdlat_.......... ... ......... 4 5
S i..a ...... I ... .... .......r
$$eit ..r..rkj..ue i ...*0.. ..... .0n4* 04........ .. ...... .
.. ..........aN. .......... 4 * .o 40
*15 4 0 0 I S g *m IC e**** S M I 8e0
S. M ,. ,- T .....-..Glv......... 40 ,0 -
$4u,,tumq amnv^ ff 5 ? ) O...nmip. e...., I t0 ,o
VS a'T4I ,i
,,.f *. *.. u ,, ,a,.- .... ..$ 0 L.....,. n1 -. -I


As good as auy and better than mol. t
Beer. Made of llupim and Malt
and $MT I ICFi.
-- ,
Per Barrel ....... $10 54o
Per Dozen......... 1,

Mathushek Piao,

Bt pateao for this rvla.r eltnate. aaa' 't
14ee l grer than otberm, coiratruod,
bt sat lerals. and most artasue
warlman hip obtaIlable.
Up to dkte n every
detail ndl 't .
nua, i*e:.
Sold by U. eomntl:.uouly for
without a single failure. If vto
want I piano for a IUfetilm
serve buy the
Mathushe k T
Pr"e as low as mleAo las waith Ilp
Cas meo **ss sr. Smis e at Is da
rtIL We py frelab. W.iie
for rkes TODAY. .

Ludden & Bates

South n lM c Bo0a,



National, State and Congressl*
al Ticket 1904.
Presidential Electors.
0. F. Buffum-Franklin eoonty.
Geo. K. Robison-Marion contJy.
Geo. H. Holmes-Hlrevard county.
0. A. W. Wendell-Usdedea couat.
A. U. Cushman-Alaehtia countY.
For Governor--Hon.. M. It. Maar,
lane, IlHIllboro.
l realtary of State-John F. Hoff, i
Monroe. i
Atorney-Ueneral-Fred C. CubbeP
ly, Levy.
Oomptroller-J. L. Shipper Polk.
Treasurer-E. A. Ilrelford, Dade.
BSperlutendenu of Public Initrou
tlon-W. R.O'Neal. Oraspe.
COoAmiNIoner of Agrioulture-J. .
Rowley, Putnam.
Realrad ommisloner -- n .
Rilshle, Sf. Johns.
JMtlee Supreme Court for term n
SIX yIru-W. B. hbeppard, EeAssmbb
Jmstlees Supreme Oouln-0. S. F- S'
0. 9. Adams. Doval.



777T7 7.77



C:) mw I:R

" - 7 *" ,; :*. 1 c ? ?
P 1. 1 ., I [ '

T DILY BU: *IEYII FOID--.. .C 'I 7 m .4r

- y e w,

CI $imrTna onrs -h -
linmonson's %l onderfil Salve for sale
S.... 1 y J. W. hckCollum A Co.

rB0l14 su ean ttieniens location in
town. ApIply SO East Liberty tr*t,
S" or al The Sti oice. if
i STALISMNT Isa cS. Levythe sues rui traveling
l Fine Trade Sine the ales n for Saloos10 A Co., whole.
p Tslle drgists Bavannah, and who
Say, Which is Increaitg in makes his headquartenl in this eily.
Voturne-Plae Line Now departed yesterday on a brief business
ioaw ood Arrivlng. rip to New York. He dos not oe-
pheto be absent lroner oathn te
mimrning of Tuesday, Ow01. days.

sie door to one of the lar-. United ontde rlte 'eterans in a
Ss I urnture and t. u early November, lhe klboard Air
lsms I alhe lte Furnit li Liti. will sell tickets from aineville
t shne ai daylle Furniture to Ocal and return on 4ct. 31 and
g a il mshat day thefimrkble Nov. 1. 4 returning Nov. 5, at $1.10.
e ig a most laremarkable An. excellent opportunity to wist the
SWhitis i iaereasling every Brick City, 2w.
Iiahsers mnd stockholders of Among the prominent and saeooe.s
soeernsa re W. Ii. Thonma, fil traveling sa lemen who come to
IIand W. J. Denbyp of this Liainesville is Duncan MacDougald of
J. A. Maulisby of Camprille, S.. Louis, who represents the Peters
owpor oatlo is tor (0,00.0r Shoe Company. Mr. Macl)ugald is
rNere W. R. Thomas. presi- registered at the Brown Hlouse., and
5, B. Padpst. viprepmuiden; will spend unday here. It is always
.iWll, seioreary and treasurer, a pleasure for his many friends here to
oMs oesopled by the new firm greet hil.
recently vacated by H J. Hark. ye mothers! don't forget,
i"Teethitia's" lii the market yet.
hardware. The planm, which A friend of babel is IsI. Mofett,
llh1 most commodious in the He cures their ills for little profit.
Sbeep thoroughly renovated "Threthina" allays irritation, aide
to bottom. Is well lighted In diesoliosi, regulates the bowels. over.
comes and onunteraets the efinit of
by skylights and light- summer's heat. and makes tesehlusi
walls and ceiling. Five im- easy and costs only 265 evts.
'Os lights have been placed in Attention is called to the change of
l which makein the pevennas advertisementof the Continental h:es-
SInvitingEIRs she eveniangas taurant. East Iain street, S., which
e, Soend the 'tore has been appears in this issue. This establish.
of ent anddmiration ent. which isone of the naetest and
who love beauty and tastelfl hest in the State. will serve choice
IWestern meats mnd other delieseiles i
i lSianding that the stock of season. The service ti first-class, and
ile VTurnimure Coarpayr ihe public appreciates It.
Spet ballt arrived, there arese.. Hall the ha-lan who Is well
tlOdids of tastefully arranged F k Hill, the hiasann who is well
t, blankets, ruge. matting, known In this eltion, where ih was
,art squares, lamps, ine lace reared, was at the Brown House yes.
-n fact everything in the terday. Frank has just "got In" from
S*and furnishing line thai Jacksonville. and tte carnival, and I.
.e1 desired. The variety i now busily engaged in telling the
',Mmee alao. bu lan merchants how much superior his
oldefe also. but Manager g s t ef sonie of hs *
States that this assortment good are to those of some or hli com-
Sithing to eopipare with the petitors.
kaew on route, and which are .J. B. Pate, the clever traveling rep-
d almost daily. Among these reentative for Carter & Dorough and
will be a carload of Grand Lsdden & Bate, pianos and organs,
furniture of every descrip. Valdosta. Ga.. has returned from a
;.,imprising handsome buffets. s"e essful visit to points down the
Shets and closets, sideboards, East Coast li statlti that the peo-
adressern and dressing tables, ple iall along Indian liver are oin a
tables, ehltonniern. etc. Theae nost pIroerou eonditilon, and that
li be inlhished In blrd's.eye ma- the hotels and boarding houses are
Plegony and golden oak, and are prparing for a tremendous rush the i
p46d to be a fine and as mod- coming season.
L shing of the kind ever seen artow Boy Home.
|_oath, being of French style
nur. The consilgnment will The football team of Boutlh Florida
iirile complete chamber suits. Military Institute at Barlow. whleh
I has also en route a olid nt the Ian Florida boys n the grid-
f haook alsto en rangoute and iron here Friday afternoon and went
o ook s s rn down in defeat, returned to their home
M, whieh will be carried on tlme yesterday. The Barlow boys accepted
Sloot. The fim s determined their defeat good-naturedly, and ex.
35the demands of the public in being well pleaded
Pietlon us well as in furniture prewih thetmreatment beingved alt the
M fu.irhtnfm, and with ueh handsof E. F. 8. They are nice, Jov-

ohtmet iter will o no ia fellow, and declare that they will
O s lle Furniture show E, F. o. a "thing or two" alout
ille rniture Company football when they me to Barlow.

So substantial men or
S-M Judgment. C. C. Pow-
0 manager, is a furniture man of
pleant' experience. having been
h4 In the business in Ashlaad.
I. I about twelve years. He has
sad experience on the road, and
18 ao branch of the furniture or
Sltnitalaing business with which
LN thoroughly familiar.
Itrptem of this company will be
S NIN regardless of quantity or
"*f0t either the eash or instal.
* plam. By buying in large lots
F laOyed the advantage of good
t0It, and propose to give the peo-
Sthist eNtion the benefit. Any
.'S moderate mieant or inejume
lkil% l his home from top to bot-
@0 credit and at prices which will
l ex ess of tash.
61sr Powell is assisted In the
Wepa tinetit by his brother, I ID.
W land W. .. .Denby.
Will Go to Orlando.
k4hu8merous friends in this city of
SMrs. J.C. Bolton will rerret
it that they will soon leave for
O.d whieh place they propose to
ihear future home.

Twentieth Century Club.
The Twentieth Century Club ist e-
quested to meet Monday afternoon at
the residence of Mrs. T. F. MeBeath
promptly at 2:30 o'clock.
Mum, A. R. HARPIER. lres.
Main .1. L. KL.rKTy, Cor. Se
Petition from all Over Kingdom fee
Recall of Princess.
Dresden. Oct. 28.-Since the death
of King 'Geore many women in all
parts of time kingdom hare been c ,
culattlr petitions asiing the new kIlai
nrederirk to recall thy former Crown
Prlnces LoUise. who eloped with lhi
French tutor. Giron. and who pabo*
quiently was divorced from the CTrWU
Prirnce now king of Saxony.7 Th4
women i, t' thio'O'il th many peti
tlons to rouvIce th. king that warm:
*ynipatbhle- -tll exist fou his former!
Al1 the larger cities of the kingdom
bare become centers or this agitatiton
Almost daily when the king drives out
*omebody shoitst to him from thl
orowd demanding the s eail co tht
itrlleee. Some of them threw petI

r( |~l.ii| tar"WnM Was "me
PVencgl by TbIvr Demuep. _7p7-7aJag Dash-n!,.-
Iolo rt 13 ..< 100. t'tl Liwl 0aiie lo ... f r"
.t urt "" ". ias" atd "rivers A. WshEIL 0 & 09 V "
'if cur (.,le a s ;,: "A|l| w'est 1i ak 84#41d t,.o tit ni .,r fnr.n bfkei W HOLE8 ALE 8SNO 8 noeu.$im
inian mini l aiard it i.. ,Si v-%l the sPs
(1ti 1hlnm n1 lh IM',i I. r the nnTme Of AllRA m..
'* to li. 111.* t i. I nil ,.p r'cel of the 1 A.
La ll y irl 11, l . A 4 albon Adam o Tiftli
Leit a*l vii l t iln- a u. :ti Istlme t ra-o @
lt TlS SirMIl 4t 1 by iw fnrcy.Hr, at TIbInmgSAL Ieg Xm
wts tie unasi. A i 11. oh*.r Cml re g W"
fAr that alhiiilti river nod4 diislplbtve. einS.Hll S...
'Nolle ceitt fot frir literlIaure In It- J.a
rit wbe Ms1l not Inke &a e.K1l1 pleal l-
inso pnst of tit e worhi sherw i eon-. anA*IMIVIL In FAWf
tlatur tI so rich. i.wwth,. hzinewroua
n1tl plctureqlueo a the Unitil Stat es"T "
at Ainul.i All Allue. ron,'e aiad a-
auages; bitru tlrounl. th ir coatrlibu-
l' it. I'rn Is In th nne stat ea P P ri
wits aclid. with Id lI.hllefIotlb i *an' awd.
4$alihsky; I helsua wi ll Its London
asiw; iAlttn of reli brtick. Klo:i.n a|u Ls a.a .._ _.
anild thie IK1in'1 ,onad is own nl.uu rb C u.. .tore..
stately alld plrilmerv MenI t lltis.
*"The manis of the styles and lerri- t e
tori s teuselves torm a rbonrm of o i
wwMet and Suot romantic vocables-
lelaware. Ohio. Indiana. Trl loaw. Wryoualsig. 3innemta and beS *sde ata. Th ees II SBIU
(ar;llies; them are few poets with God I lS t
a nsuhle music for the ear; a soifl, ---i. The shJ '0h
tuneful land. awl it the new Ilomi l. *ww u
shall areo from tbe western enmlamet .
his ters will be enirkih. his pages
ring speatmneously. with 1e news e u nion0u miO
sta t and cities' that would strike tie
fauncy ti a bulsins a clrcular."-Mavasaw &,IML
,al, Non. .gwW
........-.... ... 1 a,..

r*P PlaNt so ****u Kreaer as m .- GAIITI U V."LA.
Sem t of he een.
lPoulltau Biffeow. writlag before the
ilor wilr. siave ver Iry lntertinimg "e. -o" M -AD, OlCAM la
preuleto t esx-Presldeut Krugr. *"The W m
inresilet of the Mlouth Afic Ba sp *
lie." be wrote, "**is llea a grand olda e n -n _t 0
savge from one poidt of view and a ." : '".......
noble tst"iman froe another. He Win 4
thorenticlly the first citizen et the
umost deckratic community, yet a
practkle he surrounds himself with a
tawdry spleodr that would .shtk
many a trowndl held of Europ ..e..
When I flrt hait N the honor of meiettg
this "u'ichrontic phlenoimenon he w* WIfl
drinks iun cTt'e ad tthrowin: out FAIR
vclol of slrrosi tulbtaco smAoke, but a
still stnrni erw volurne of violeut lan I
w Ml\, emliphuS!zed by the thumpling1l Ln a
his mwae list upon the Uible. Theb*
root in wbk-h lie re 'elved was crowd- __
w ith long birel. full bared ad
st611.l f.emturl tMr)lw burghera, wbho S uh i C.
rewtia itll une p:rtly of Russian priet,.
lwirtly o llalUornama inuers and partly 'a g
of certuin al ld. portraits of the apo- A
tiesl. I feared tb:tt I bhnd unwittinly 'u." eniat putasUp MMa
InTerrulpted n enlinlet meeting, but lat- meiSS sit- 7-s i
or it turned ot that thls was Mr. Krn- s a im.l.s limf
glert ua ut at h5i omee he de1tw p Us M ihn
ntllhang so muich as emtefanltrangn" his vk 1 M "^.g'
political prnverbs. 1Ie harangtes his i 11ni
rhltors wih t iovw of a bull lS e*sl an J o
t1rM, n,,m they llte it. He govrus by eo A.,d 1 1
pelsunal coniitt aval spoken parrba. Slider 1.. *. ab s....
nul it Is his loast that he knows pe Ule r A I M IS V '
el,|ilvy every c itizeu of hi. repubtle." Ba t. Jskrms v 3. I,,

Quantity of Cotton Ginned. ,.,.. .1. ..
Washington, Oct. 29.-The enus TIE SUlU IU lI ,
brau on oeId bctasn PRESSING CLUbB t
cotton ginnuc ia reported by lL aneAtm .a F r.i

- 1

up to the 18th Insiant; to be 1.49).675 117 Wea Uptss Smw .'
running bales is aallst !.273, 157 .. ...'
FuMsin balst reported to the same 11 1, Araims. EM S, 111 g '1 .; ,,;1S3S.
dato in .1K. The report cover W SWo
ounties ot the various eotto produce
Ing states.
....v ta. (,alemsi s a S ... M
Jackson Wins in Marenge. -
Monlgon!ry). ll&.. Ol. l .-Tb 9 o,- ALL WOR G'UAJ4 X ABTA.. 5 s t
eroer has appeoiltd Thomas J. Jack. "
son. of lindon, to be sheril of Ma- You r lve proSM m4 asS S.
re go enlrly in ple#e of A. L. Hasty, tetion fI M pcp IbWo l i
resigned. Mr. Jackson win, after &basin Your m
flght of eC ,eral days. and which ol0*l e as IW Ol-,le7,
brought many of the best elUilzas 'of ... ..
the county to the capital. W. P.
Cooprr., wt.o r,. held the poslte irU
was the other applicant. LIA llU1 MII Cl1
Price of Yarns Advanee. AbasaU el Smty I aM m nsbA00MimI n
Cha',ttu, N ('.. (c.t.- '.-Retesa anse, kmM' mie fil '
fatlves, of the h.ard" yar masnfae. m11les1 1a0o Pin U
turitr., who met In thl city Sept. 2"; ISp2oh)li mlh l"o -7 I. "p"
and ferompd an associatlos, have boe eone ei e papiA pao & A'"
In rconfrence here. It i claImed dooees rs, s ott"* Moos
that i a result of the orgaaltloa o iryte, potatem, i.- .
an adIherence to the sale of Sag. s S. peahsl ,ii Iaw31,
prn-* :-ns aolopted. prices have ad* ys
vae" 2, .- Gainewill the cent.

Rainfial In t" G i Newtonoby.ul ursl0 r "heelS, teawo
Oxford, Ga.. Oct. U.-Ior the flnrt schools. the ht FWloridaIG hs e
time tn 13 weeks Oxford and the sur plivat.e eehootl thire miwnpm, t.2,
roundinDg country was blessed with ano l1mid Slatews land o6 toi
-. . am. .ao n. A... .f.leA a 1m .ea aam a an al ..

__ _1_ ____ ~ _ ___~ ~



I erftt Corthell
Sterlarhen, Florida,
Si W. 1tis it.. New Yort. i

or. 4th sad lh--
eIsay Mral I&4 1at.
.tIslvely Two liss UOnl.

I NSt PEviers
7 ugmletlonu Ffre.
W Ib I99I I Orlaie. U fr.
wA wA t mmmdl). |re


SG eral %Intrest Oath.
44 by Our Reportert

| KappenedaendWhat is Going
i Told In, hot Paragraphs
fTip "SH Who Runs May Read"

j solaihl' white wo0i swealt-

%m'a Wonderrful Salve for fale
I* NOollum A Co.
i nts, c eel0f1r rtar ell*
s0hes for weary feet make them
e amen dand nlai s. J. ianas,..
Io lrg et to **Eure free
oa E graghomlhume. Mn es E Mel-
Ies al-w white wono
I sweatsc ro. j. ga-

'p d J.%1. Jillin of antS FO
rlIawrd at I he Brown House
l. VamrnlIevumter and Miis 1smie
ile returned from a brief trip to
b&eat-Store Royal Cook former-
*I Address Thornas V. P'or-
rviille. -
SSale-Second-hand Desmrore
letr. Will be sold cheap. Ap-
li,, ofie,l,. t
i T. 1tiilr, a prominent eiti-
Oesla. was transacting bnusines
oity yesterday.
4el confiodent that our shoes for
will atisfy the most partie-
r. L. Smith.
ll4 Mrs. Hague Siriekland and
1VhPrist. were among the vis*
;iths eiti Teaterdal.

SalM Mrs. C. C. Thomas of tsarke
I brief visit to the former's
In theisety yesterday.
L ID. Penberton of New York.
as Mellvaine, Knight & Co.,
is at the Brown House.
1. Holley departed yesterday
man, Pulteam county, where
II an appolntment today.
baSdlb ladles' goods and can
pin&a astonishingly right on
you seed. .. JMabase.
iR the habit of coming to our
Srtatent. You ean always
you want. L. C. Smith
1ie of up-todate hats, lies
(let the habit anld o to
rkhim's, Dell's new building.
it Costello of East florida ttem-
.M Bermard lIodiee departed
for a short visit to High

irapes 20U, eyele uear, sand
of fresh frnit always on hand
the best. John Chresosto-

lInre with ('lmaman NMIlL
'itce,,im, th,. mnilliniry opening
1r, W. 1*e'irae. Novf. I o
J-rrjy ItiLIto.. the laindrymain, h
retmri'nd franit a visit to Jl kt'solvii
and the 'c-iriiul,
bist litin ,f tI tl d l,.it ijl ngo to ],. J. |Iur
i -, 1 'i.1'. lin w building.
i y lvine ..f trunA and suit oasesa
t- o n l l (ti t'he habit and igo
I.. J. I:urkhim's, lIell's new building
Alrs Cilms. l.eyvrea of St. Aulusti
is in the ,,ity on ik vilst to her parea
,Mr. mail NI rs. Woods. Eams (Ualnesvll
SMlrs. C. Ii. Hodges and dauglih
Miss llattle. returned last night fr
a p1erssnil trip to Jacksonville and t
oarn ival
Strayedl--1linter dog, lemon a
white- f eniail; name on eRollar. If
turn and .et reward. M0-. Union i
L. .A,. Otuier.
Sam Leonard. formerly of this e
hut now traveling for the Southe
Prud ues Campany of Jacksouvill.
In the ciy, /
alv^-to-wo*uar skirts fur &
LRead ladirs. All kind
style. and r Ies for you to aelset fm
J. Mlannsse.
If Iruubled with a weak di estio I
Chamberlin'** 8tomalih antd L.ver Ti
leis. They will do you good. For a
by all druggaisls.
i Y. Feltoq. a prominent mal
stores manufacturer of Mayo. LYaF
ette county, was a business visitor
Gainesville yesterday.
l'rou. It. C. Molntosh of Areher,
(i. Ramsey of Wanahoota and (tGeo
rleck, I icroky Point were amoea I
visiitrs to Oalnesville yesterday.
Mis Elizabeth Campbell, after
brief visit to her parents, Mr. and M
W'. p Campbell la this city, return
to Windsor yesterday, where she l I
tending school.
Harry 3. Harrman, a promini
publisher and eitizen of Atlanta, is
the city on a brief visit to his a
Harry E Jr., who is attending Ea
Florida seminary.
lMiss Priscilla Kennedy, the elilt
teacher of the Santa Fe school. aftei
pleasant visit of a day or two to h
mother here. has returned to b
J. WV. Palton has returned from
visit to Alachua nnd other po01a
where lie has been on business for t
past two or three dayr. He repol
the farmers happy and prosperon.
Milfinery-Nov. 1, 2 and 3 Mrs. B.
L.(;rando will exhibit some of t
mont beautiful creations that will
show this season. The best ideas a
modeled from the most choleo p&
Sernm. All are invited to attend.
Mr and Mlre. E. II(ray ofr eorg
who have been pleamandy located
this city for the past two weeks, d
parted yesterday for Osteen. whe
they expect to sojourn for a month b
fore returning home.
and in sizea to lit everyone. e a
thie exclusive agent for these eel
braled hand-tailored goods. Coneu
us as ti'e price is small compared wi
the quality you receive J. Manas
Ilon. lHenry S. Chubb has return
from .lacksonville, where he went f
an important political conference wi
Hon. J. N. Coomb of Apalahtecol

He states that he did not have It
time to attend the carnival, as the
were too many important "politic
problems" to solve.
Notwithestandlng the lateanem of t
season Dutton & Co. yesterday shipp
to 1t. A. Turner of Alsehua osn
the latest improved gins. This is aO
by experienced ginners to be fare
yerior to the English machine, whi
for many yean enjoyed the repustti
of the best in the world.

Jackson, Tenn.. June 4. 1901-Th
is to certify that one bottle of tl
Texas Wonder, Hall's Great Diseover
has cured my wife and myself of ki
ney, bladder sad rheumatic trouble<
and we most cheerfully recommend
to the public.
K. G. i t ? A.o Wlris.


i. One smali bottle of the Texas Wo
yd the millinery opening of der, Hall's Great Discovery, eures I
I'. La; rande. Tuesday, kidney and bladder troubles. remor
din and Thursday, Nov. 1. g el. cures dibetes. seminal eml
iot aisu. weak and lame boeks, rheum
NI tepheon of Widansor. M. A. tism and all irregularitlie of the ki
it of Bennington and John B. s% and bladder in both men av
*M. Dell of Hague were among nitmen. regulates bladder troubles

*C ,L

"' 7 7 : I
"" J I., II "
, / 'be'

Iw With Cm aa A IillF -T O OF AV W "
f I 1lyowantl i1oo004 sult for a little TIrS0. 5 W-.. -
usl ,y.get the habit Slid o ti I L.. J.J
s liurkhlim's. Dell's new fro I
lle Wanled-Manager for bramh office qivg n tr
we wij to Iooaie hre in Cialnrille, reet. The iouse whIlh akqps you Ia a I ast e si
Address with relerenoes., luorris .
I. Wholesale louse. oare this paper. order Is ter *lsiatisftlory. Plaalla an osfdt o"r g fo NM
Rev. 8. It. Rogers sld family have rteot oeravingm-iyl t1 fos. '. f
removed from Nulrth University street Our il le of r o
to Ue Klag resildenoar, 1(I hoper Our Fall stles of staoaeq a DO On es ehihluts e le t
Siavennt, EMst Ualnerille. where they pies of wedding lnvitations sad vliatlg *id wis. H" 0 w
nare now pleasantly loeiled and will be STKVENSOZNGRAVING 00O,, Masntaeslmenog Wdd4-g
t glad to we their friends. hll fe.. Ati sua,. .,
t1. The Atlantic Coast Line will -
or, round trip ticket to (loala, Mecount a" ----. '"""-.
om Oonftederate re.unon, for $1.10 rzeod We ean It eou up wish s i4f 1 9
he trip. Tlakets on sale OetOober 3t to 1 Sw mass elt of ohU. T r
Noe ... ,4- '. _kf ueIsbrawd iKlrsehbaa wilts a SIV*
Naovea* r lot, oo4d to mreorn up to laity. J. Manage.
and md le(dlg November 5. I ly Bo -I M to be only skis deep
J&. H. M. is.ek of Lake Simonton, i. b buthi sa who wao o"Te Barry
8t. S. radley of Waehoota and Jepk I o She. w w ill v Wa the 3e pe
md Rt. M. Chamberlain of Too f4e ti 6,m--.Ai,- --I-
Ity were em prosperous oetlseas of ithe o p she hes" L. 0. S isa
in BouthiSed who favored the on. ty o
k 4spital wih a visit yesterday. 1 oteCe sveml es s
J. C.nd Allen Halls o4 AAl ha aegaso, as termed fes I Jaue...
he were ame* the prominent folks .who l. whbe -a ab wt e..a eo pte. eof f ae
i vialted (taineIlls froi that ieeteo spo sMe atitalle i et as sae hl
- yesterday. The former istat. that hbe lity of his r. ThOtheOsesw
&. about through gather lng his cotteo, is o of the SlartWns maligl aer
Sthe i p oelf 111 oe l y- wielding fort IateSeeS atoujn g, eume
ale five bales r, lrs. T. P. hiars, iho be h es
A. M. Diokesn, one of the eleverat viltin Alabama slar seveelmeNsti l'-h
val traveliag salesmen "what ever hap. i-lrntd o this atiy Friday. S* is I
ly. peaed," ha returned tfro a Itrip to s mp led by her iter, Mal 0., I 0
to the eralval. Mr. Viekte m ake hte imle, of UHa agesle, AiLt. t
mte e, n relied Btie tl"o as "es. Will sa "Gosle e i
p. rest up frou "dolng" the % arnaial sl the party will remos S a- t I". I
e time to serume hib dotes Moeday. Mr. at Mre. B. T. ti bIS helm PO
the W.K Doworthe New York Lifae eedil to Mrs.Cle Oahie"' Omel
Issurese Compmaq hi retirneod fro Towm.
a embled business and pleasure trIp Pro. R" Desaim, li te twtO
Ia, to New York. He reports a pleIsatU all, Ud -el i of M l
ed time. isd says polities art Ste tehom i a the meailty, i
St. warm la the metropoll, with Wsi ay w1th hois ft te : at:
ladlatoess for Iemooatle amemas. be". Mr. Delm ism ship-
nt W. B. Keanedy. a pnrogmIlve plain. Ni MbNIe-Nk H e.. as
in ter sad eeker of Evlmiest, wa tSA-. heM oohl lia o. very M I
Mi. lg in the eity yesterday. He atse ad hat before t.bem "t t
isl tat aso" are doing well In his see ime good work will4hae
tlos, atd the prspoptoa are tbat tbe pisheod. .
t farms will realiseo nisly this yIar J. Marsh of Ashele3, l.i-
r a Vegtable also promioo a ie yleld. arrived Isn We qisy i I

a "s aid their leaeadlap thi
1he Monk stopped on l i

be -T ty e s a atata 1. 0. WI
ire CHEAueer feMl ehem, pd elpas., i
Mash stopped aP rof. e 6

is nOW upon us, and w te ?*nrIt i fhi o .ea

' have commenced to soll appe d mitat iihis urns
ll- H eavy Goods in rATu r oH l t .s.ub Prof. l ..t..

a T, Au litf enhsmAtoLlN thaea

ar eMt. We have 80some ofader aalom Pl0i ,
i CuaaIaT r nd s i York Baskel, which appear Ol .
phiewI Ve 1a lks Ulaniialla l bt ke
Seumvr at .JO, $1 mud gashste undm aeer-.
o rti malri gme ***e ato bes mldpfle ,i
Pth| r, have j aoslved a fell ie ofg i l

*s. amd Jakewe latl atylek, whlt-
he pnoposetoallasrlP0tpufee. A
o In Men's Underwear.. u.. mnant |s a .
We have some good ,vl ,e a" sf ."
he ones at U, $250 sud After a br ef vis l to frlatt f
ed .30 per Suit. *ely Isr J. (om of S. Pemhubsg ':
of for hi hte Ijeetesia. "
1 ba s peat the p"ut ue days *ng h -
c (rindou frisd at 01ar Key, whe-e he
% Capes and Jackets. ben 0o M e t of a O" |
on For ladies and Chil. a .sr tely a. Mr. oee, iGo hm na. Il
oral eane poMisher of The i. Puss.
dren just received, and bugI T i mehv p u nsede its v
ubonu Tims, lhavies **u dha****wis bl p
you must see them-to eam father, ia t rmatly dispotl d
appreciate the values M |bb.toar prpa to aI 1 kl
ais the eal estate bialame. He Is a hu 4
he lor, and if he does nos make a s ao
v.t; ;; wassuuu'o wherever hb Is plan d Is Is simply he A.....m.. ......
ra FIL In EBTTIIVS "'"" ""
id- FLL N6 esous ehao tI Impossible. '- 't---- ht..mulb.
A. iU GS... Among the many graphophose ro
i AND RUG S. ** ods io poselon of Mo0aseh dia SN
is the Seal2etion from Romee ad a i lMi lW
Just opened up. Rug Julies, by Goaor. entitled "Valen.* Ss"ihm V
from 25c to $3.75; Mattings This operate le seleestloonl wm -- tie.ns.
ion this rew was song by Mad.
n from 12tc to 35c. o8me ee 1Susanne Adams, the fameso n
ill Special Values to offer, opera siunr. who is weil koow
re throuAbout this country and Europa,
is. from which she eaoinisads an eal*n i
.- Come to the Busy Sto)re len t salary. It is one of the Ba es
d. and we guarantee satisfac- veal sieleetiun in Mr. Edebtosei's big
nd toin assortment, and he will be pleased to ea
in r eprodmee it for any of his friend a who
J *n Lam tlalo efinst WmYia.i.tA l bh- If i '

iL i ""

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