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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 29, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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r= 'T i' 'Y '* T " "? '1'? ,, ., ... i' i"- ".. "ln'. . .. I '"*** T ?iT .*n ll' i I I i" .... , 1 .... ,- *.
"^ ; :' ,: '. ,, ; : *^ / n, . . : ,* . i a "
, ,'" ,^ r *, .., .. / .... .. ..* i . 't" . .~: i
1 '.'",f ' ' t ,.' .' .'* ..* '. n . ' i .
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,.?i .* / *5 V .'. ,q ., ," .r,.il | *;l*. J *', '. : ' "
,4 ,,', '
'*dm ieii 21

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I, OCTOBER to, 1

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a ,,'

sad son ho hitea me war which
the RAiem resetswl ermnl a
t b se m a wws vOea cC
hS loen r to the f nsls
1804,8" tuoo Ut 4wrftlA *


..o. a .-. y t o awe@ s@ tele sW M
xl, 5R f E x that the. swedis s AIleWma
,rm O. el reapts that OW. we. in

ag t ^ bin' l rs Hav *** .. A ,
gat hr a M-nseS Room*warshtw in

WOhO" ssoswt01.bwe &

,Ma! IMSANtrUtdto Hold Themse*lea n *iONvY MADK PFOU STATi.
B IH. S pe m In Cas eabinet Pebimne Me*'g e"
1'.7.,oI , ilndh .' o bt e WW* of Conv ict I the S'*te of Ala
1W 5.......... idal,0P.bc .iT.-tJ4a p. m.-Up tlo Montgnmery. Al.. Oct. U.-ls ble re
i *h tI- h$ur then, I ,s m0 of an ad toort to tlihe ovornor of the operation
J" the t*dQh O4ft the g uetles.ot the oet the oovioct, department for two
0 a t pB isble eto n so. tragny, so s Otea so laIntemstiag facts, beyond
S t! JAlBtd* Presmideeteadsn Aa the very remarkable showing ot earn-
*4B I *qa .4 pr tlikh t0manda for UM Ohis. No ,n.e ever thought, several
uIS I, hlms, I trea"s ago, that the department could
tsw41 .0VOOURMP-p0 4. rights A* be mad, to pay its owa expenses, sad
h e ,r iSMSaadorSia blt latqrww. tmni nearly halt a million dollars late
4R ladwLOW4koday, oete-uls. tohe tra'sry In two years.
S that t eh wit M l hitn met be tak. The total roer It, from l s ouref
I, so4 **. toahe UStIRW titnltive of the dirtng the two years eadirnx Aug. 31.
mn.U r e*F M Svrnutus and that 4 ft d* wrm Ii80.9S. which does not la
... i ltl foroisw wre that Rua. Cllde40. $f.8.52 blnoe earned. The dif-W
S s :hmllJ punish chamlours eaiot buripmepnt weri $37t!,l41.M. leaving
RiMfl teA W *utortaeE .. ebalnce, wile thf $JU.S82S4, of 3409..-
t medt hay In otaf *tet. It was .or f 3.61.
*tth W a ed the Russiga go maimnt to tmet o0!t The report gos bark over several
SI laltshment wiWtht having btfoire II year of the history of the convict
SfNOWthk AW s statement of Utts as prmeseted by system of the state. Trho first pen-
tl, tat. *w4Ud It Its own oflcers. ki tiary was establishrd at Wetmimp-
tu46 1' i CouBt Dekehitdff *lo pointed out hk In 18ik at a cost of $84,88. The
k" ,W uw t that the rmpe ror' telegram was re appropriation was $10.0o) for thb first
d' .. by tul uwtaa less as & per t d second yWrs, &ad $16.,00 the third.
a CO m : latiog to Klingidward though the warden spent $26,000 the
Sbt.a eOPtWesao o#f the A nt imet of third IS mouths. After this the re-
'" :"rb. w ia m port states: "Because of these appear.
1, liF Pb 'a i #Miftt SLord tans. eat loaes or money nla the dmitistra.'
0 doWMe withdrawiht his dernid, and tiol of of the prison, the f.atl enter-
\ .......*I thoqsh the dispute has not yet rtaheb, d upon that dlotrunua polIcy ot
0-. *4 u, ultimatum stage, It is likely to '*lee' which, In its varied applications.
i 40 49 it tod 0y pases without some through many yepra following. thel
C t.& bl0pIUos.t 'punnishment in principle property and the convicts have been
y. by .t emiparos government. one of cumulative loss under the one
e. Rslae4-'s OO4tlUnUed failure to comply head, and the disgraceful inhumanity
flh l with the detppids In tlit respect r>. of pacticeo under the other, until the
,t4 i ts gltl an fellpfps in dlplnomatfe wit of man seooed helpless to reic.
Wh elrmci1re whiek hbared with Lord LDna. dy the evil."
iL J '~, O61w2e y-eetday the Impresslo4 that The report shows that gonil returns
W Rt* WoUld event-ally agres to this have been r solved from the farmn.4.
"Now* paat qThe farm at No. 4 paid Its own ex-
Ui wkh. Tho ontafrerce of the three dipl pease ou thet crop of 1903, and sold and
Otide MatOits lasted Uoarly an hour. sebt to other prisons $5,022.83 worth of
SHIp4 *j Weir Salfo;ir, who p wit Etbe higt products:
..e u bq". #4 ,4 W ,t tihe exst of Lord Saitsbury t Eel. -
-n setiay .* flEd bhoi, Ilereufordshblr. returuel to "NOMINATION DAY." ,
:$d e sts0r;.t fom!gu office at noos. It Is now
'rh gIs me ;eapo04 i OfOBiderod certain that the premlei Liberals and Conservatives Are Named
.. i sumamon, .cabinet cottucl for In Canada.
i""ht ret to iso tomorrO' prior to hab doparturse t. John. N. ,.. Oct. 28.-Today wasi
tla-idtoubmStkMt: Bot uth apton, where there is rea. "aominathln daf* throughout Cana.
.,.I^ pwtrvat.ltqnB son to expect he will eltlwr announce da and candidates tof oth te Liber.
i Ark doit it kt arit., the sabstapee of any ettllement ar. Ml andl Conserrative ytli were ot.
h 4!as Sad Cumbfrlaud riv d at with Rusala or il the absence clally named in more'han 200 Wlec.
S, 1 the setUament will atnuounce the toral districts which select memalrer
s re .. of the ieps to be take. by of the parlaenout Thursday next, iid
_M.sN fOaUNO ROAD. the Brlih gvrrstemt. which will decide whether 81r Wil.
',' .... ''n ." ..". .... --. ftrd Laurter, leader of the Ltberals,
T nInl a, New VYri LdMes, Oct. f.-All the cabinet ha to remain la control at te feder.
Si.:iAllea *Slallttrs have been lutructefd to hold al government or ive way to his op
t '4.-$the, Stirt 10* thaemetlv In mladlnessi la seu a ncab poseant, R. L. Borden, of Halifaxs, lead-
Bhr*i tt lhto t Iteo ': ott Coondl should be acessauiry. Thl et of the opposlUom foree.
towards VQid Oesit, led to a report that cosacitl had bee At the absD* towns of practically
-gl3B4@I spoil ad ,iMd emoaosed Med, naturally, laeresed every eoastttenoy, the day was large
*,,|. Tb last sb4ive the popular eacltetmet, It was h ly h holiday. The majority of the
ttaraea, the hat, terpretid as au idlcation that the go Ladirer goverameat Ia the late partial.
ehS td. tills Std" aearet was about to take a hal meat was about 64.
.r Mim hA lbwes in' Step. No e-blimt meettang hau bena The Liberals hoe to retas most
'A.ie4l pewdrfa entche dSately Axed. but oan vll udoubt. of their ph toMtal s trength I Que.
h .rt, U hd wathhd l diy be held before the goverumenl bOs, but expect to sutals some losses
I h atabw,! from the bi tlba action of a deelelve eiharacter. i the propowld conatructtlo of a trans-
-t ea l. t |" Amhaiiador Bmleckeadol was earl elsewhere. T:: of me esapiln
tle.,0s101 se ted, wlthl thbe stilr this moirls and aftter dealtn eatlaeal railroad by the Grand
(ii .' ltUBi. Whid were, *set with his eorrndpondeace drove to Lans Tratk Pul. ocupasy, backed by the
p^fel, iIn the, forenooe were dowGe's boate to see the foreign see lovrnmmL la this eMUo Portland.

Swrton wi .tarw. wi w tll tl th Me.. Largely gurr, the Coservatives
...I" held inta the city ball;, Preb ambassador, M. Cambon, ell- and antl-ralroid .Liberls charging
4*tddstW were to be detlvweie d. thus etoalrailng the prevalent be that the new road will build up that
Pl 3nifClellan M Wmet who' l tlht Fraiee ta dolag her utMost to city, which is the steU rn terminus of
Siw pl ~ eWarryagt outi promote a satisfactory settlement. the Grand Trunk road. at the expense
,- .od h the ayo Canadian ports.
t, ,ll4 i d tle lr.t( tu St. Ptersburs. Oct. It 2:26 p. a. -
4, aSmsatp PMI"& Vicew Adsire) ltojestrensky's explaaP STATUE GENERAL PORRKST.
, -: t he trawler incidet Is futly as-' -- -
t t A. ft f Yeers. sLsationual as the' the frinrg Plats for Unveillng mp at Memphis
SAtltta. Ot.e S.-. MrsSarsh Adir. a the #shine flevt wHlet St all RI g Are elsyled.
Wit of thet te tJatnee Adafr, aid 6on% laad adat Heq declares he was at New York. Oct. 28.,-Plats for the
the best knoii wuimi lI orgifla tacked In the .dartlwe by treo torp nsu illag at the statue of (leseral N.
il d Weddedny morn il i the in 40o boat. whtck eie piem the squad B. trorait Mt Mqapbkl Teao.. Novr
SIy-fith y ear of' bp ag a; the 6he.' r frt m the dorrcttI, o the aislag l S t"at a .tasdtill ofee te
of .t.Utighter. 'M .. t it N or , . ., t., .. i adr.
t.rew trei lit r. Adr hi t S .I a th -



QEleal of Mine Workl
Out StatemslOk.

ttIement In the Cool Cs
0* thi eneoese- Mill S
Somete-Statement o f SeIl


K1aoxvlle. Teia., 0Ot. S-&
Didl of the. United Mine W
district I, today pav out a
hen In which he denied
this district wishes Ooel C
erm to go to Alabama ulaw. "
ed the union clAmils are
to keep these strikers from
the Alabama Qeld, n- "at
been made by some of th
break up the milors'
secretary McCracken
tatment as to thel itiiati
Coal Creek sketion of
19, where a strike is stillU 1 t
"A settlement In the Ogw
region emons to be far away'
operators still hold out hr 4:
cent reduotton. AbOut half
nors haveys left Coal Creek 9aa'
ville and have beei |gi ve
otter minwi In the district.
fve hundred miners, or pt0&a "
remain at Coal Creek sad *Wtn
The CoalI Croek opermale di
cept the 7 per cent nrmAfMA
recently sgre td to by mimp 1t4
atars, having proviomily wl|thi
from the jol ut outferouee.


Fifth Term for Max yefN
Grand Master.
Macon, Ca., Oct. 28.-The
tereat of the second day's
the grand lodge of Mason
In the election of eafflers, whi.
held Wet ub6day morning la
sonlc temple on tMulberry
Grand Mlaster Mleyerhardt. o"
being elected for his fifth oG
term of o.ile as ithe head of
sonic ord;r in (I;orgia ,I
Out of a total 0o 727 votes
grand ina: ter .tho present grUMad
ter rtcel *,-n, 4Gto, t1he remainder
widely scattered. As evidenas
popularity among the Masons Dt
Bin, Tl.on:s i. J- ffrir of A
reetved 4G(3 votes out of 592I
was re-elect, I to the ofllo ofl
grand niater.
The following Maiisons were
elated: Henry Bank., of
senior grand warden; Georp aU
pier, junior grand warden* J. M.
Inl. grand, treasurer; W. A. V'
grand secretary, and Lee Wega
Came *f a Good Family In ti.W
of North Carolina.
New York, Oct. 28.-Ms1llS
48 years old. who Is amid to
L pood family ia tbe south. a
herself in the poorly furalshed.
of a boarding house here, wI
had lived for six months.
8be left no letters except one O0r
from people aIn this ety to wh1m
had applied for work as % O 'i
She Is said to hare been form
Stood circuthtances.
A friend of the i1ler M t+
North Ca linas, of w"Ikh Worth.
eoy, the yo4ng ensigl who wM
em the torpedd boat Winlow, i.
spallet war, os a member, vlewr F
woman's body bt w a- t IC.
identify her a a mniebor of the 0

Fatal Automobitl AcctldC4t
New Ycrk. Oct. :8 -counte f
Ilemlna 3i0iconi has met wih
toimobl!e acIdlent. pays 5 .eIl qe
patch from Milan. Italy. hew
tlmlaus borne with hfr two d4 .
it.. the drivet iade a l





* ,'r.


1 -



I~j&^^"ii," t "^ ' '" ""-
"sX .&'...'....

'"~h '."n 'M ,A

be~a bA ,mW ba fal ftoa
TI *ad.atS.
'ADM 3 ,.. a..A, '

m ...........
irdW< ': ,. uw naiai

teaurad t^ < r

rtiiii j i n i . *
H l m' :m]1 (| ...T" n n '^
t~a a~t~Uifr7 f~rmoo.
.1. ' % ^ ~

I U /.'.' N ta&,",. u a ii ...a t
....; i-.'lr'* .-.*/ *^il:,*'i' 11- 'r**' ***^^^^^^^^ ^^ '^^^9^^ M^M^w ^ ^ ^ f ^ R ^* al
SLI IhI' .^i '^kL. -lLjc *Ua i S --. *

,' e;rW Oa ....... .-M,--_-t me...
St* AM 'OKr G ERAXrmIrD.
Tie rlvew"pap p. sad good t*
Sen ple- w hob; kaow their
mak.ll Yang' n tplar sstoeahip
!ff, -eot ,-jl i., O-e trial
S Ie a-t rowam Sat eA ouos ir.
^ l' .. KEY,

AUspRPsnAsNsTsMo mrIs AmAn
esh bet e a aeaareat BEtnu.
yesp Case hr OwS Rs, both sat

T. F. Titouas,
M t. Wa.,Ud.
S.iBo, 8,kiwt..s,,i..
Ap. 0o U. Agl asrer,.

SiAu .. iits *lsr.
4l M---WM. Mo
utt,. J. I.

I 0RIewery-"P. PoU.
,wissiaae, ji AlO.. Ire.d,
uW n 0l. whIe .ltrk.
Oslneesi.A D. NA
M.9 rl Tu, Ahob,010. IabI

-, ( T.. .. ll. 3, Mr., e, .ek
IlS It. Heo, l,or-T. J. H
f ;, 'S torkF W4. *;. srk$$u .
sapeme; A. L. Webb, *lr.g

ies No. 1. Awron-J. M-
WIoI 4Lr Is 0.LAmw, eopss
I .!J4.J1,NI T Mo--. R. Jim.
Mi, II. W. e Ceuy 0, I. Elri, in.

q wtees 5T. kew, sterk.

t.L Melrmn-Juo. H4.
spuw 1, XSv, (oi Strks, It.
r, laldo-D. tPhle

WO. a aAoll Hin.
N i i, B W 0rk.

i W. W. l. Xhaeonp, in.
rdeto h o k. tee. elerku.
'No.'1sa ao, kmn, e. GUe-.R.

.lJ 1pia f Oso Ia.ll, JhIR
QL Oi e. olek. rk
INii4 M., M m eSpriao-BD. I. Ph.

SPlesIn t. SI, B.ll-E. o. ath, i,
L nImm. mI t, 4 '. Lewis, speo.
DIO No. 2 Campville-H. o11,-

e SB. ok h Nelois. n.-

peeolrot M. Nn0m, slok.
p ors; X U nubi, -it

it. I 've '. Oba ,loi on.
otimers ui Congress.
It. L0ii*, Ont. 8 -The beg!-nine
ot today s eInAx of the trWs-3JIhnsi.
sippi Commercial canfr11s IA detv:-u
,d to general dli*',:iit'u of oi itor
seatei Iin AfrJ rT eAil duinir yeter,
day's *MdlC. Nrc.'ranry the gentr-
at t4liw woa IllnA. owins to tht
numtnj la :aieI -. 0 .t to be l. hard.. but
it rai'cair.c .t Ar\ ^i1Kato:i. smbrae
h l. irrigst0 fLi.tu) u1tattm.n ol
aUNl r bet,. ':e c ') :;IiSral ae pect tI
thei country. latr ; 0 espital condi.
thoa., g5Ate.nninur protection agal nc
DMods and lindred p leca. 1
Cures Winier Couro.
J. E..Oovet, 0t N. Mains St., Ottawa,
KEa.. writes z "Every ra) It has ben
ay wita treble to eatl- a sewn.
cId ad Iaethfore to couh all winter
ag. La tfall I gos fo her a bAitle.
SHoreheod f lgn Seusdh ndk
ha b-ra able to sleep sou 41nl *a
migblt Ierg. Whenever the cooagh,
smobles her two or th.e loses stoI

the oough. au albe Is able to be op uan
m*ll Me, oOos, 1.00. Sold byW.M.
Opsllka, Ala. Oct. St.-The jury In
the Campbell murder trial after daellb
waMung three hours sad twenty min
wita, returned a verdict oa acquittal.
Capbell shot sand killed I A. Thot
Pord. at Pbheix City, on March 23
last, while at bls. place of business,
tor the purpo oat arrestinl him. Thaet.
ford resisted, and In exchange shots
following be was killed. Campbell put
up a plea of self-defense.
Physleian Under Arrest.
Birmltighalm. Ala.. Oct :S --Dr. P. 1.
ITagier, a pract-!cng Ihy)" i'an. Wai
put under arrest here on the chlargu
of bavuig p,'-rtIramd a r inilnal opl,
Mion. Dr. llas9r deciated to discuset
the matter i we-u airvjt.d. His trial
ha not beeon vet.
H- '" *. ^




Rmmbhr far..

Fall and Winter

M illinery
This Stbr Is,

All the Prettiest, Newest Styli



and Winter

will take place

Nlyo vemnber





Good shells In your gun mean a good hi
in teo field or a good core at the trap
Winchester Leader" and ,, Repeats
Smokeless Powder Shells arc good sheu
Always sureo-re, always giving an ev
spread of shot and good penetration, t04
great superiority io testified to by spodi
men who use Winchester Factory Loadi
hiShells in preference to any other m






Ceatrally leated, thberghly rpaiir ed rena ated. Xewly hirsialn
aopran Valea. .
S. MA SOfNl, LPro-p riet l

They restiof Tq Ite afirt r onldera,&w u fir thA !

Title is what

you pay for when you buy land; t
know what you are buying.

Titles ordinarily igviaible correctly revealed to you by..
The lachua Co ty Abtract Comal
Ganes-3erile, 1oxriLcLa.-

-. -i .. ............ -.,l

IflOOrporated .I
Abstraets of Title and full iafonrMation turniihed reprdini lants i
ominty. Our manager has lived in this county thirty years aUl

liaP of 1* 1,o *!b eseh,, tr Us. Cures Chills and Fever.



. _.111 . .. 11 i ~

~ 1- -.--..-- c~' -"

I a

a -1 ._...._~ I II 1 a

Our regular Fall




F," "'


Ga"U Too One.


Plorida Wetr Too
Opponents, and Had
During Game.
r of .tnthikeilits, as
ho were not ,enthusi-
i the park *Frildar at-
the inrst football
a on a looal gridiron.
between the Sutnth
Institute of Ilirtow
a Scinluary, and reo-
of 6Alto nothing in fta-

siIani g it was obluervted
were in no positionl
sp. with last lFlurida
Iad the Kgane wian so
It was devoid ur inter-

feature of the gamne
to Rogers of the vili-
siuampted touch-down
-lue in collision
ei, with the result that
fully Injured and he
h9 retire. He wasat-
*J',. J hell, and was
u,la where last nilht
as easIly as eou1 4 be
r the ireumsitances.
SmlInary exceedingly
mac4e, and the team
hvstat will rapidly re.
( 'the X. F. S. boys
pat4iet iu the even-

P:florlda boys expert tj
liare today.

mihehee of High Springs
k4W Luck on Water.
S. Shehee of Hligh
S ears one of the pro-
and business men of
decided to try a new
Sill eogage in the sals
ish business near Cedar
11oored all necessary
od doting the buit-
to begin at once.
I am particularly
b business that I am
," good-naturedly rq-
SI iehee Friday, in re-
matter. "But I have
i S*moui' rheumatirm
teelded to make the
1 feel that the salt air
e1lal to me."
J. F. 8behee have ar-
Spring from Chicagto.
who Is a son of Cap*
ftlpeot to look after his
the coming winter.


'o Canada and Miss Ger-
of Mentbrook United.
* happy wedding at the
tllbehuroh at Monthbrook

ifalfoag, when R. H. (isle.
P1.'fng man of Province
0iaada, and Mia s 1 Ihor-
iarting daughter o( Mr.
t Read, were 'united in
that made them man and

mll that the ceremony
-r simple nature, it. was
ded by many of the yotiing
Of the surroundingcoun-
to t was Miss Jessie lod-

Gale will make their
0bee. Thle best wishes of
will follow them.
>; '- --- ^- -, ._
Mo a Cold In One Day
teiv Bromao Quinine Tab-
istlls refund the money
Oft, EW. GWrove's sig-
eachibox. 23o.

Unear Ieavyy Bend.
.Ala.. Oct. 28.--Tbomau
SMaeno. haa been arrest.
UMter 095,000 bond on a
imp r tin the murder of
I fs Robert Powell, son
p owI, sld to have been
0 United States *ranii
e- charge, will Marw
iM apply for bond.

Women as Well as M.J
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney troutk re ,a i.Fe :r. ie rr.i;',. dis.
courage anoka an Am .mitcn; beauty, vigor
-* &a S.&d chtergins &oonr
di-aripear 'hn tEe kid-
tes are ut c t Uaw
kc re /- ;. :, vah rfl

Sih n p II InaeLnn Io" A

0 : a. 1t tre u. :' :j
I /'' aII***.c *tea .,,4, ,t k

0"'.-% r ..0 1 t k &5 s f ;tg r *.
t, r i* .I l,,,.v r is,4, -
I U (,' A m fr r.s. ThP f cari.. sVe
tid..* ar. L; lJder aj.2 (.. t, a S 3h t a#
o46 .*' ('spr.s.3LAWA
Women as wi as ar mae me*
erat'e with kidnev end t;aUer troubi,%
aj d bcth rted the sair.*e rcal k rny.
The rrlid 4nd the rr.rne;ciate tlef~t o
.Swamp*Root Is soon redI.ed. it s sold
by druggatft, to fifty- 7y
cent a:d une dollar Ycu may have
.-uarple bottle by mail
free, also pamphlet tell- naS O fwpire,0.<.r
ing all about it. including many of the
Ithusands of teastimonal letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co.. Binghamton. N. Y, be sure and
ansn.ton this paaer.
Don't make any mistake, but remem-
ber the nman., wamp-Root, Dr. Kil.
mer's Swamp-.oot, And the ddnre,
Benaihamton. N. Y.. on every bottle.

Prominent West Ender Gives Good
Reasons for Sticking to Holloway.
Editor Sun: The eseeutige com-
mittee issuppoed to, and does hgve
the utihority to till vaanoile, when
any ocaur, and to manage the earn*
pain. I find nowhere, any oustom.
usage or procedure that will austala
the State Executive Committee in Its
satioa ta la informal meeting, when
Its members warfe largely composed of
proxies, when W. 31. Holloway was at-
tempted to be removed from Ihe til.k
et. and this. too, after the Demoeratis
party of the entire State had ex-
pressed its cholee by 4,42M majority.
The defeat of Mr. Holloway will
destroy the autonomy of our primary
system or making nominations, and
will be the entering wedge in divldiang
the Democratic party, which may land
O'Neal lately In the superintendent
office. This would be a shame and
a disgrace to the loyal Demo6racy of
the whole Statte.
There is no straddling the fence on
this question. We most vote for liol-
loway, the nominee of the party, or
vote for .I. I. Wolfe, the Independent
candidate. who has been tarred with
the same stick, but who stands uas a
selfcounfestsed libtler.
I have known Mr. Holloway for
twenty years-tfrit as a public school
teacher, and the past twelve years as
County Superintendent of Psbli9 In-
struction, and he ha as atll times been
a true citizen, a good educator, a
loyal Demnooeat, and a Christian Igen-
tiEnman, and de'ree the support of all
Democrats at tha olis in November.

Trenton. Oat. Ev
He Likes the School.
The numerous friends in this oily
and section of Harry Pearne, who left
a few days ago to enter the Atlanta
Dental Colleae, will be glad to learn
that he is well pleased with the college
and its surroundings. lie writes Dr.
Alderman, in the office of whom he
was employed prior to his departure,
that he is gettiri along nicely, and
finds the faculty and his school mates
very agreeable. Mr. Pearee expects
to remain in Atlanta until the holl-
days. when lie will spend a short raca-
tion at [tome.
The Broughtons' Return.
After an abuse nce of several month h. 1
which time they spent with relatives
and friends at their own home in Ent-
I nd. Mr. sad Mrs. U. W. Broughton
have returned to this city, anl are
again pleasantly located on Alachua
avenue. F:
This estimable couple exprese them-
selves as bt ing gretly benefited by
their extensive trip, but are glad to re-
turn to their American home.
Friends are delighted to Pee them here


i ttBreak In Prices as Rasult If IEat
org War.
New York. Oct. 2.--Tlhe acute crlme
Ia the relatloaL between (;reat Jlrit.r
atm and Ruiala was respousibl efur
the break it prices today on Wall
street. Stocks were thrown on lthe
market of all the prominent issues.
the, opening trautiathions running from
1,000 to 7.000 ihnarrt, the later in
Rock Island. The weakns sexitnded
to the whole market. but the leading
InteruIJainaiplly lr iId 1tOcl(a were moot
coii jillinou i t Ow;( to the added prea-
l ,o I. ( r J iing i. r roelign eacount.
VP, of thi- pro!iiruiit stuck escape
rd an l i dint !,- of a ,i4int and la
FoIeO t.- i t !ccline extended to
(no tr ,. I', sio$I Car was
for edcl < n i 414 the added weight,
of il ..t,' t over the pasilnl ol
vle i;r. iit )i. 1. ig; trtings f a thon-
atld 'I'-,.4 anuid upwards were
detuli In .111i) tcks alftr Ibo opening
lo-e ,' r in.I 'nrably extended. I
Tihe t.iarhet ;sowed considerable
divordier anti exeiitment.

95.e* ('uift)ernSe ('rtL
I, 'I a, -..? n ,b :,. ,:% ilt- 4 h'te dile
rue.'I r I.i tPi ur1- I i' Crailing money
1;- -IA 'i ,i-t ,i' I t, i Iof Aims rila
--ll l. It II o : l .1 [ !** w hlll is w ast
:s.'t' tv Iv *. M t, U' r I'tL udt'4i1t **o-
ravrr., I' .t A'ftr I' hi::d unli ed
ltl.' d I .n r. t..\vt, i. ':nid thlit lie winl
unlr.let' tO xi'.4 t .i. too the persons
wl.,t wt:.t 'Jrk dJole. aI,41
i mti' intl ;: ;lar:wd';.i, lit struckk ofr*
twe I u1(tl;*'4 1t!H inttll then carefully
RA--rtfL.L, l,, t it14 1 niit tlle lFor
twa le l' n,,'g .air.: hie engraver kept
lii semT. v.twil hI w-.a0 inlly revenled
Ihroinh n 11 it' I',+'nt. 4One tday In 1t73
be weit t'. t itI' iit,; 11t lr.rce of the iare
cInIs itlt e i'' l 4on( for a iocket
plece 1.1 wit'iil" tlt mnth pas" It
out 111,(Ii'i.v.ilE ly to lilnrrltlne, the
ll'I.I ll I ali:i r,'.m,1 run-r t kc'lierl This
mnum. Lni<:;^ t:.u I'1ra e to I' Iovett's
worlh., tet it to J. I'. l4Rud1l.ll. the coln After niute little trouble
i[ki1a*lti + o tl l'lrhlil sclrel de'l In
buytlt'ig !i* 1te, cin! froln It they stnc'k
flfty-aiVe' ''h'?" i (-. tw"l I lve in silver
h:il1 Me'% CI i tl., 'nI. il d I neioimni h'l,
thiy iili; l..t~,* the eIt'e. urI coeu tduii ers
i;ny ]i&,l 4" .dtt .trte ttninttI at a very
jj ;p% V t ; '4rI.r

rtard Cents.
It i, ntt we'l fr t'el.nitnry worker
to sli 'on ::*,I:i '.. In U mn. owing
chh'y to I !: r'r t a astrtoiui ,il',el :.':iat of the luscl4es
of lt.e ptittis nid the thighs, which
aithmnt ront'eily bont., of du:t reilin. It the seated
poliltlon. to ,;:bvlate tlundue preeure,
nature has n provitIled n proper cuabton
over these %on'M. Ilyrtl'n saying Is
well lUnown. "We Alt on the fat of the
Ieat ie on t ntuttUr ."
In sitting on a smooth and bard
purfur'e tl:h lbly rents upon three mlwB
iXol.i:i. tIat in silltlil on a soft cuanlon
pn1r,'lre is Illipbrt'd to the lunacile
and interfreC wilh the cireulatloI in
all theIr inrts.
(|riat attention has been paid to this
matter In tl.e constructio t ot bicycle
sadliles nd. speaking .generally. with
very btun'flc'nl reuiltl. Nothing can
be sidl ucalntit a certain amount of
covering, If not tx )'Ielding, but the
omlie stool. properly shaped, 3o as cx-[
ctllent seat. I'eVaroo's Weekly.

A above Letter
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Uto snder.
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wias .jItnt tno swr't for nothing slnce
their i i r:;, .'*
"1e\:!. : t.e w- i:-tiltedl. of course.
T"'l' vt :,. rr:' l: '.F U 1 ti stly s he WIV t't
'jiit t rp, .4w4vt fOr i:nyhing' ialwayi."

l:.Iln thie 4lProblem.
"lk:, .,i%. lhen y:; i Ivkbhd those aIve'lm vith ympur little sister did you
;!vr helr thrw;?"
**No, is4. I thl night they wouldn't
conte out even. so I ate one 'fore I be.
gan to dtllvid"--.New Yorker.

Maim Peldrt efled.
"*They have called two doctors In for
*'And do the doctors ogree"
"I blt41eve they have agreed upon tbhe
If you neglect your busianM and
hnve a rival who attends to bis, look
out. A t-hltson lmol.



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H. M. .MERSON, TWeM. s hr S. .

flters.a.s. ...S+

1. IEk




lpa eaa .al --aa.n a---- ilB i ,,.a d .... ..|..l .tt .
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0 4



Idlttiti taure with


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i EI Rer 3kw', 4,4

r- 1.-
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#M..l Ahl. OtW. *8.-Late new of
t*e blkI.O that tstrck the H fa
das em t mm days ao, Is to ta
eNt :tmaht many interests sutffe
f*l gny. Bot~~ la Hoadurma and
a fn thusmda or valuable lop
i waeMGd out to ean, and will a.
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imal bt jufst belag record. Thb
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N fIrslre made known -

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'- i

trom aIloner,

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n .

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*i Collector.
of Puhblh lstructdeo
iml Tr.surer,

Ifx Burveyor.
,: Commistioners.

hboer of School Board,
'. A. DOKE.

j.!lho !oelets of many ga-
maids at a tes party.
'had turned on the
by the Lnd'A Physloal
it the At Lat

In a little 'mor I titan a week i n e.e
tion wi0l h.O held to chm,@tt a proidaeut
of the United Stiata. Iv,,ery votse et
on November R shoihldi b directed by
eon iItLon. NXh )-I 1, vO)t r VA kttird
to appraoh thu l.'lhi uwl0It" 1i ,
made an effort to etitsfy li$s jdimel.,t
94 to what Is best for .is Cnuntry s &li
ihiniotlf. In theo wiole Itistory of t11i.
counttry, perhaps, there hls MILot bi*n a
time whe1 l the vuour should mnIor. cale.
fully consider lt h r lt nt of his .!t,
Let ni i youngI voter tOi ftll .!,tl .r ,,
inlIPUite by the Hrpub!tleat lniii 1t th
tih 1-' iurF ul t ilS Iri'k twevW i !i.j I r-
t1 j. Tj' re * l t rr mnoir1 i 1 k't
or widerlai.e# lt a(n th1 i. t w ;i.. i, ,,.A
se attr ti l tlo pwrt1 I ;trage io. tii,
IlT nsaUte.d l. a n. i ,itt tfn i (., ( :..
at' roleisi: g the It',uplo throw Iug tha1
power whiih to given to ithe tritts atmd
eomhines tii itvy Lriituit. The D Mir.
olllt. ipropt- a r'iile4ign uft thi' clhod.
ulea. wherever they are mii:fir. The
trusts themselvVA haro formed an clit-
anee with the ltootevrlt administrator, a
astd inl return for a license to do bS
they plesie have agreed IQosupportI tte
republican natloual tickvt. (On-'tie
other hand the l)etuocruat promise to
*uppress these tremeidouus mnorop-
The extravaRnnce it liepublloan n!d.
ministration slioee Ro3sevelt ha a o.-
OupClet the White Hoilua hIa beeTn so
great'rns to be sOenialo's in Ihn in.
ereasd burdens thrown upon the pea.
|ile. It is pledged bly the Democrats
that thi evil shall be remedied., ncd
the record of the Demoeratic parry is
that it has always reduced expenses
when In power. Mr. Rtudsevelt be-
lieves that, following the example of
European goveornmunis. we should
hare a colonial poley, etven t to the es.
tent of making distant peoples our utr,
wilbig lubjects., 1ad that we should
nimddle In matters whlelh concern fur-
eign countries said not our own. The
Inemoorat believe that the inhab-
Itants of tie P'hilippine, where we
have ipent so many hundreds of nil.-
lions of money amud sac rIfIed the lives
of so many thousands of men, should
be given assurance of ultimate lnde'
pendenoe, and that we should keep out
of all foreign entanglenments in which
our real interets are not Involved.
And then are not all the df1feenne*
between the parties la which the
Demoerate oeeupy the aide whleh
makes for the welfare of the ounatry
When the candidates are oonsiderq*,
who is there who wilU say that the
country's peace and prosperity will
not have a surer guaranty of safenes
under ,Judge Parker than It is likely to

have under Rotoevelt? Youulg
consider jour vote carefully.


Tampa Times: The duty of Dem-
crats to rote the ticket straight from
top to bottom was never stronger than
it is this year. The triumph over
black Republicanism in Florida whiaoh

was so gallantly won lun 1870 must not
be hazanrded in the slightiet degree, as
would be done by any sign of yielding
In the Republican direction. If the
Demociatio voter happens to hate a
man on thu ticket so strongly that hel
ean't possibly go him, the proper thing
is to vote for nobody for that office.
That te a sin of ombtlon, and may be
forgiven. But a vote for a Republioan
is a sin of commllnion, a sin against
every interest of the State, and il an*
pardonable from a party standpoint.
If a man wants to change his party
affillatiouns eid become a Republican
outright, or take rfugleain the halfway
house of populism,that is his individual
privilege while no one will attempt to
deny him. But to pretend and claim
to be a DPinocrmt and give aid and
comfort to the eneuly, 1s not the right
or privilege to any than who desires to)
be credited will the posseioron of
manllneus and good faith. An oplia
enemy s Intinitely to be perferrcd to
a concealed traitor.

STr ITS Oi-'OIe. CITV or ToyItO, 0
IL'n Cor xTV. a .
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
Is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co. doing business in the
City of Toledo. county and State afure-
said, and thatlsaid firm will pay the
sum of oneo Hundrpd Dollars for each
and every case of Oatarrh that cannot
be oeued by the use of Hall'a Catarrh
Sworn to before me and subserlbed
In my presence, this Oth day of Decem-
ber, A. P. 18.
..., A A _i. o,.

RT V . *p t " i ' -'


Congressman fleeklson Suffered With Cal

His Endorsement of Pe-rumna,

.*' .-
-," .30*t

.am.m.--s-immMnss US

O ,- w sii

,WwhaISt t a 41M4
umB, th .mli..m0-j^

mlalamsite ii

ia Q.slN. s

lysnt wee
alioe b
MW9IB* fl
*fhw. IM- 1
A. "i elln4fl|


am. Da. vidMokleon In well k*&r",Stlyalar M bkrlopW" a4680
Amtrles. He began his polilasle outer by mrtuag hefwr seaneUw- ':l
Mayor o the t ill which be llve,ldilng which time h Ihes hM y hetf loW S
u the Ibeu r of the Meleklm BMak of XiNpoleoa Ohio. *e w e leeto i W tI hI
Ifty-lrfth Coag by a very luarg mJoertl., ud is th. l. al-t -- -"ld( l SeE
hto|>ftryi faB )Uor (Ultaf. .i ,'
bb parly ihi semlo Of the Mtatle*
Only one awi maned thetheherwie complete w seme mi tW g 1e *Ulg
Ctairrk with Its Insidious approht tA se sd tomap, wep i Lt b
quered oe. loet thirty year he waged *mosmsWftI l I wIAWUls1 !
enemy. At last Pvans ame to trh mrse, aid bl aUN the l
to Dr. Hartlman y t.h result I :
^R~hkJ~tft~hrf~kjited- - - - - - - - -t -W -t -l -fe Jft -M --''9'.

dot have uiet wdetAf boe W Nwsa I of dad I
so...mfa-threwJvoeM sty cwrrh 0o lbS x I Ad
- t. relief thatltmd sf abt mwjwIdtie SWit to\
^~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ + d.iA* i .._ ,& .A I^ ^AL 'ff *j *J-

S. ..... O

over fifty .nemnblrs of Conaress edorn P Sa ...,tarllh toNh M* lb Th i
promitnlaienthe wfrld over pralieua Ior
, '. _ i : *. . * i

we love the mn with roose on Hi
tongue. ihe 1 iniV heo *evs l6la bpy'i
dirty face, hbil in u.iore iil bright
eye-who nutiw*ymiU shabbyy c'it,
butpralses your studious labits: lhe
man who seei all the fuitilt hut s quick
to praise sand slow t'- blamuie. We like
to meet a matn whimo mniile' will light
up drearinert, 'uiose voice i full of
musie of the birds, whone handlhalke
is an inspiration.

If the lanids of the tnited Statte
were as carefully tilled as the lands of
Japan, they would support more than
600 nmition people. There are a It !of
thing that we can learn yet from the
little Japl..

The Japs are the month thorough and
successful farmers iti the world, The
government of Jaillan ilves mor(' at-
. tntitn to agra lttirt itl an to ainj omh-
er trade or Industry.
---. ------------

It is not merely a ilsi ltiin of how
pvind,. buti also hiw lie gets
Lon.ey, itat makes a boy happy.

To hall the people In any big
the pnorest of farim fare wiuld
liko a banquet.



The man who mnerrr ive ulp Is the
.mai who son elImes gets Up In te'

Some ponder' long lbIfre *bty act,
otler act finrt and ponder even long-

Do right, keep doing rights and you
will prosper la happiness If not wealth

maCe u I A wwLf


. ,, B . ...m' ,...

cLlr z a
II^^ I^ ^ i IB^ .I i^^ r i III '^ : :i I I* I^ III.^
i .., ' '. i
.. L. .,
.. . + 1

Jackonvll e arid P

The it m tee
Clyde New gland and


'42'thbdUld. .f........ .....*..., .. e63*.
Northbound......*...... *rl0i l

1 IBStwnn c JaulUOMIl.J
. topping aS Paltksa. Al. ,rMtL

Steamr "CITY OF J4QW
LErver ltheninllie 8SS.p. a. VWSA
Learn Safog 9aio a. at. XMta, (we
ft~ais- & A MWk

Lea 00 a m ...a ...... .. .... ,j
0:40 ap ... ...... .. ...... ,
I O m ...... ..... .. ....
S******** eq*****te**y
Arrive .,.. ............,

oznaa nA.. an nT1n* 6!




." fT


II~uiIn ,

f la..k iL ,, I, .,.,.i' .
. *** 0 *.*P f *^ .st *# *'

w. uo'*
w e n o m l






. '. 1



willbb& .



I.oan on.a





S ,,I,', '. in n W W
i bltd,,&Cott 8 Bgng and Twine. Walrus Jacn vllle, Florida.
Tr1- 8t 1dtripe or idp, W_ .. .
)Isapsoff tin James Doig Improved Englih B2J3J
4 Cotton Gin, and Snppleti for Same.' MI
.ui.t, FLORI D, UJaso Everard's Canada Malt

; Fair Rates..

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Ir^^~ '4W'

u ,T:.


" .",
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Round Trip.
iale daily.
fifteen dIayo.


Hound Trip. fload ten
days. On *e Tuesdays
tand ThurdHZ Q(lood
oZi' In amelte.



A iaville
Leafor he

opw MpWOMW .-w w wn wwww-ww n --Ywo 1 MBMNs^MVI &W3 m wswtI
ftM $igVA &ith0t "wa *il lamtw S. LaLs. Two trans d.iy from
i--a- ea$ ta SM prtwielest mesatata and earner rnfort rainis In
SsW em As m ansulsy to vISthp gredts
flgsa aa lm to Itshe mot.tsa. Where eMd triM ma be tsad
tab. 'ftsewu. the Niflas. ow.
mne" gWoo..fm8, eA. hbewyr Wur mrlshd 1
flwiN a r eAs, -, M W MW J. 0. LUStKm ^r
DN~re~tt4Mw~im>.HMMD55t Jaqhiimsw.eri

,A lr Ln Rl 'w 'a
i, ^ _._ r. . ..~l ,^ ^ k .n' 1 ^ 1 --^ ^
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Iainsjh, Columbia Camden, Southern

Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.
L 0SAaim a n U 1ivtaVI

.' avnvuu.ra .LYLtI1.


Only Une Operating
p* 'I Thin h Pulli. Sleepers from Jacksonville to Now Orleans
o t.. ads pe reeena amons s anlon s ai t Na a or
t' S eb oi i ad or
W ill. I.I, :B.'S a TON J',L

S i le Gulf Railway Company
I' .Tinme Table toa *eet Jov 1908.

a'. ' ,


717. 1 WSE mI

Arq bm m n
= RuMt


_________ ____________- --r ,- Not,8,
t Ya LNo 1. mo. N Pt
______ ea

..,. 85.
..... 86G0
..... 540
.... 8,aG

..... 5)3
P.... B6O

.... 10

m I w
a -ia
0o 110
3 *n*O.s

0 P** O**
wA dS S a 4
. * PeS*C

'* t*S ***P*

7 IIAs

a.60 seats
*of, 00d

. e ..Goos J gIrv e ugat1ma ... .05.8&a 4
......* .. DO r WdV..... .......

". ailll *
,.,*.. 000 .... . ,,. 4 *

,. .. .,o Wa..SY I* ... ,*.....
.*** as****** *****.. ....

, ais. iMf i. L T .

.....* Ot **..... 8 *
"Oesk s e. a *

Ar. P U

C. I


h ,

If S W^^
.S' .^ .

S ,


Per Brrel.........
Per Dozen.........

$10 50
1 26

Mathiibek Phini,


pst pwIte for th trvLre allans. etauds la
amwe lmer th"u otlbr. eomtueow4
bet matrloa. MSd L aot awrJU
wprktaWmip obalable.
UD today n wrj
detail ad Un-

Sold by us con tInuusly foe

without a single failure. If aon
want a piano for a Jlfetmti*'
nrvise buy the

Mathumshe T
PrM asu low a 1 a omwInte with QuUA
G'ao w' ona iwmse. ant O is dyr
triWa We paw rret Writ
for wriM? TODAY.

Ludden & Bates

Soludt tic Bown,
mTBlmIaHiD 1 50


National, State and Congression-
*i Ticket 1904.

Presidential Electors.
0. F. Buffum-Franklin county.
Oeo. K. Roblnson-fMarlon county.
tieo. H. 1Holmen--Brevard county.
0. A. W. Wendell--adeden county.
A. M. OCwahman-Alaehus county.
For Governor-IloD. )M. B. iMacfr-
lane, HilUsboro.
Secretary of State-John F. Horr,
Atomrney-Oenerl-Fred 0. Cubber-
ly, Levy.
Copptroller-J. L. Skipper Polk.
Treseurer-E.*M. Brelsrord, Dade.
Superintendent of Poblie Instrue*
tton-W. I. O'NOl. Orange.
Sommalssioner of Agrldultore-J.
Rowley, Putnam.
I alrod -. J
ftahie, St. John. ,
J ut(le Supreme Oourt for te rm o
six yors--W. B. Sheppard, Esetmbi.
Justloeee Supreme Court-O. S. Farr,
I s .1 AJ. n ... .

i '5

IF -

. It-


J j



Moo by PBseants to eNe.
Mte Frem Prison.
*iil, Oct ar--iserlous Iiit( heewe
alt e 1 Pier V;ir:.tLC,, a vii.
I' tWAo a llhbtlllttl, na.,4r i Ae
MlntuS5acsne wro eaumied by the
o.i the bad of the riotirs. The
lLIurrounded lthe priion I n
fte aeoutbed ian was conflued
attempt to libtrate him. In the.
t0i. relntorcements of carbilners
been enlt hurriodly to the scene
trouble with order to transfer
plmoer to a larger towl. Learnlnu
i t, ti* peasants built barricades
when the carriage ontataniln the
swindler appeared, threw theai
In the road In order to prevent
Searblner, however, uciureedd
eMyovin g the prinsers iilthouth
Mad oleahr mlslles were thrown
-.em by the mob.
captain of the carblnera and two
'ia ern were wounded sand there
several resualties among the
tI ue hundred soldiers were
1d0tely dispatched to the disturb.
diAlrlct and order was retstab.


In Butter County, Ala., Sid
To o Have Made Threts.
SomerY., Ala., Oct. ss.-W. G.
l(orI, mvf Ireea e. ha a Iett
l son, who lives near Owessn
WtlW county, telling of the threats
by negroe aIn that seeutilO a m
eon. Young HIrrison writes
he and a number of hisa ntlhbers
motes ou th61r foueea wvarlag
to get out or uff or th eqOnS
notes stated that the negro ftIs
to vote Nov. 8. If they bhad to
Sry cities to do It.
th e sme letter young Mr. Harrt.
wrote he had been told that thro
S ad boen shipped lnto the counu
illsts with guns asd ManamaNo.
ailo*r lid1a M thtllt a mo
g*mt. ugly, std tmmi to fuwy

P" Saved His Life.
VW, Dveaport, WIago, Ky., writes,
is14, l31: "1 want to tell you I
a lard'. Saow Liniment ared
lS. I was under the trmleatment of
Sdotorn, end they told me one of
j loap was entirely xone, and the
badly abffted. I also had a
pin my side. I don't think that I
b4 havge ld oover two months
p I. I was Indoued by a friend to
,aHllard' Snow J.flnmeat. The
,pltattioa xIMv me renakt rllief;
.elt o-Dbottles eard me sound
||ii. It is a wonderful mediolnes
1 | ou send tt to suffeingd hi-I
f ," e, 60, 11.00, Slid by Wi


Convention of Daughters of Coe
fmoleracy in session.
et Ona.. Oct. 28.-Wednesday
tg the state convention of tbM
of the Confederacy was call-
to order at the First Baptist church
the pkesldent. Mrs. A. B. Hull, o
ash. After an invocation by
Brewer 0. lloardman. an address
welcome was made by Mrs. A. 0.
Thiu address was responded
SiMrs. P. W. Godfrey Ian a happY
eloquet manimner.
tr ~soime mnasic and Introductiod
Smats, the president mad bher an.
S de4r.e. It dealt largely In the
of the tause, and was full o(
ttosaUo and thought.
Saves Two From Death.
"Ot lttlU daughter had an 8mot
llattoek of whooping eougnh ad
Itsi," write Mrs. W. K. Havi.
of Arumouk, N. Y., "bt,. when
hel r medties failed, we saved bhf
itih Dr. King's New Diesovery.
aeles, who had consumption Im
aissesed age. also used this won-
fed lo n and today she is per-
Atwell." Desperate throat and
dleseyleld to Dr. Klnat'l New
,i ty5 as to so other medicine on
I. ntlilible for coughs and colds.
sld $1 bottles guaranteed by all
to. Trial bottles free.
saw Milil ums.
.iteolds. Ga.. Oct. I2.-Ricks Biro.
Wa ill and a quantity of lumber has
1 destroyed by fire. It is thought
high winds blew fire from tUive
pit lato the stacks of dry lum-
.,. The Jlos I es(*mtt d at t $,00
Wi.nO, with no insurance.

1Broke Into His House.

'mta Pcipe rAN ,' r
Pew It aome so C soC 1eUe b te
MlasaoM Miwele. Ul.
lamollon, practiculY Thi e iBrut to lir-
Ctimt il laie the world, set out trolrn
4stlhi In 11. Ito iit ud ai wtern rolits
to tlt l i *:, Sttutc. (, or 14 .e l it .
IV.., ,r, i ru Of 1 4 r1f a t t. it.1 4o- u
. i' t'ill-,,r I.l, l IurI. *. 'e<
<; 't I lh vn rt I I r i'ivJ* t he* r
Ihi i iiis i.,'ii. urt l ry t tl lrall' of the
litkt'llV Tliiliw Ilrginu, tiSmI all
ti tlhlln oll.ft l .l i.t itelpotllOus sea.
E:l1ti lug 11 hl(i i,- ihrlniad wall(rs on
t11 wevmit. he aillm niirthwlit for thlre
ustwhl liiat Id wit)ty lday oian a pi i.,
almost uirufltedl is. whhhilie |o hris-
tel lI then aniud lheru lMar i'ueltte, or
I'niclic orCu1ill, lh* fpim. it will now
furemvr lraur. Nmwillatauitdling It.
allio tylthnolMei i Ithe wst ail *els-
where make this ocee-n s perilon a
path ua any other to those who tempt
Its vast sxpau end mcomaram ve oll.
Magellan himael tell Ia the Prhlip-
plines, but the Victoria esme home to
tell the tale. Drake was the first *l-
lnishman to eil on nll widl waters.-
London Ilatniiard.

Wet the Hemo s KILd. bue the owrub
Thal T4esel EIlamsa,
Hiade., in his Interetling volume,
"Tle Enenilas of lookk" hbas hown
that wveral very real bookwormp arn
undtlelralAe tenants of old Ubraries,
and he ia stuillElt chloely Neeral
sacvimens lu t him nud described theWt
Two agrtab lin particular rthbly Go-
sArve this unae. the anobium. per&t
asx or erldiltm and' the oecoplorn.
The anoblum, a small. light colored,
brown heldei4 grub, with a body like
thin Ivory or tIranplmart wax. bns
it close re prnhlance to the white nasg-
gool of a MIlilon cbeese. Wortilg
with a pair of strong Jaws., like a sti
bit, the grub begins at the woode t
boards and If allowed will pfnit
lie whole volume. The oaoptoes,
similar to the amoblum, except for the
posM lhmn of six legs is oot unike
the so called deathwatch.
31. oeltgnot aUrts that be ftad
twenty-seren volulaes la one row
percent from eut to end by a sItnle
worm tunnel. Mr. Blades dabilt thi
but has himself seen two volumes aM"
treated, with no fewer than 12 dIe
tinet holes on one cover.

Cenfeeslons of Priest. -
Ite. Jno. 9. Cox of Wake, Ark., Ia.
writes "For Iyran I saoffrSed from
yellow Jaundlee. I epasalted a mHum

of medleilses but got no relief. TheTBn
I beSnU tuho m of Wofrie little SAM
feel that I am now eured of a idlns
that had me In I grasp for twelve
years." If you wanut a a relblea e md-
iein. for Iltr and kidney trouble. TH
stomaeh diswoder or genera debility
t El&etriS Bitten. It's guarateed
Sall druggists. Only 0S".

.Ar rum incntlcnca of n:,sit fnrm tf amwue
i -i, .. 'niws or thlavtr.. Malaria wilI
T.t. lu Ietrill y0o. DA'f rlk it, ast Above al,




.P iV


o o'0r Nsa W
_ _^ '.*( *
Alt WQfe


For Sale by Johnuon Bro.. Gaiville

Take The Atlantic Coast L

VIa v ian
N ertL as-sou Wh

Rapid Tranit ad Unrpamd berio
Time Table it *oteS It. 1. MM.

$paim ml i pti d Isis.
Dflly Sdgie PMON

ISiap m Ola, Lawbuw. i-,-- Tfmip, sam
ily lotenManle ile____

Body lInte io WOt



HIg Bpt'a, Wao, ksmat hk, Irh,
ARhMY$hAMIai, all Is'o NMes, im W

* R0akele, Mieawy S OCha

W-- -t PROhm metMUI

.i .
4-"B .-- .'.1..-- ... 1


.; ; ;* e^Iw ~

U .



It- I


Blgh rifp

-a -

J, A* aoocwm. el Anmu
. eAtOmildNu.. iM0t.Y Wm. .
Ltlw -u. AleWO WlG W iii>i l.


^^^^r (t A^_ r N ^^^r^_^^^^^^,.T.,^^A^^B^^B ^^


Cpital.................... ,. ,ooooo
OUAJIIUS a i, U MdRY ,AlD P MI.. *a ri M


,.; ?

UrpAU U UarVn. ... , n vv e0 Woov



Having Alachua Pool Parlorst. !OGL'SIIig
bought the C. a res, Pre'wr.
stock of The -a m Un t $L,
Thomas Harde- t e V o ~i a *b SDjiii r C a
ware and Seed .l rt as e _ThuusSlmo e ..S. '
warer*e and dp=e 4u SaarA --.
Company, we ,...A S.I nI:-.. SS1J.t.t iuwv. -v. p"
will for the | rmerlia eone.
next Thirty IIBSTONE Bgmbeis09..A
NDay sell KESTn !, oZrtz's.r
3-,AT. UC-F3,-I',ep./,
Any Goods in the Store at Cost. o..GMTrorIW..,acprm..eue *,. day snaes mexwaS
... - -aM.._. t,,,ats MitiOl M O am. Jma- -o S o
ThG steek mod be ANcR. w N tOW GAeAVILU PLAZK. *S** *-
time to hby ForirtMae, Hm DIrs r ,l
Palub, or amlmg9 la our u it. J r UhillhSa

T De F. THOMAed i An Pauu of Cl.w mmfii


The Florida E.A. WI
it...W. .. Fruit and Truck Grower WHOL
h.," ,. Fo af l 'o," LJ.l BR'NB I, Ritor adEru'r, Mr
.t I


.IL & C0, .-"
l1 Donriptiesa

"i', ,

~ --


--- -~-



-.( - -m-N -- I


~. I-


- .4.k..


- ,l .\

T'^w Ilp



Widren ecial-
| wdtie howekeepi
Sotisr food.
As good cake can
I od. emgso M auo a
ul a well as dainty
a pure and perfect
Roya Baki Po
in the preparati on
d fooL It impnru
Sew, s lweetne and I
finest cake, biscuit, ck
|adiwhat more in
food wholesome and

nov11 set io

II I ft"

{',* a.

dof Onr Iltmsrt G th.
A Lee Am ..I 11Dana e J

,. wa ny% vu. j6PWyWUM
W sN Happnediand What is Oel
t Ihppen Told in Short Paragraphs
Tm T "He Who Runs May Readr
bTm The &N.
a~mwith Cammat A Hill.
eWspapers for sale at The Sun
lot fine imported garlie. 8aun-
* 5baH'a Wonderfil Salie fur a.le
W. Mesoallum & (Co.

I. lhobo.e of fligh Springs
qpmg in she city yesterday.
gu.A. 0. Lamb of Mleanopy
Il lt.In the city yesterday,
",a-fmbh country eons.
Ssyki Prodnoe Company.
l. Lntdsey of Grove Park


OSstmling businel in thiseity y ester-
X E. M. Walt la i spending a few
the guess of friends Jn Jack-
It Rheta-Store Royal Cook former-
Il Nied. Add"rw Thomas V. Par-
I e. a pla, Ippls. bananas. orange,
ni, oite.. Ftreh at he Osanes-
,. Oweevy Co'1.
, Iaoe--Soud-hand Doasmore
eir.. Will be sold eheap. Ap-
Mseambee. 1
ID. M. Tomkies and daughter
Yesterday for Bmwton, Alas.,
.. they will visit relatlvrs.
. W. L. Barton and Sacghter. Mrrn.
i Taylor, were in the aIy ffr
SP 4eky Point home yesterday.
TL 2. Demeriek, a prominent eltisen
A bIBll man of Perry, masSomme
e.rvial at the Brown Home yes
Sbeais, cabbage. turnips and
eger tables i swasn. for our
tday. The (lalnesville Greeery
fl* but Fonad-Fruls of all
16ti kinds. eg4. echlekene, po
=i, onions at aIslalyoski Pro-
ra t--One nicely furnished
ato* eonvelonet location in
Apply 80 BZa Liberty street,
4 th Sn oBee. tf
W. Wells of1 Alaha t was a bail-
. Vtsitor thiei yesterday. Mr.


"mn wIU mue Iu a ll. -
Another ip lof Teucqe*. but*
hsllaL. ..A e. popawl.

lobey In the
"-Il fmAI

* hKts

rr. ww a-a v ,ln W wuI..q JWW..... -"i-a-auzyo mu~
l at Q. V. NMOeImtKltryhon IoiM. WolesUw H Wo W P ,iW
"U. ) SIRDISS El m e r F.1. 1* qS01 "of WWuW, "st
e sIIs .e*"Id sm1eter for Jwkemvtilek, L Ulsatlle Ma Oitl Mllkw
Wh wren thyr wll makeo vItst to l sr its a s*mepa, t-S. ."
i!b!~,, tms. a tmeo s is sli -w. i
W "he" a sthe_ Isrgt iand ple ..t. .. L. Iil bs -mmnld ..
h ed line of seay n rackweI oW 00", whe0 he bMe s .e e
"s ho' ', et$ e a der"' A pgI "t*ag o a" *he e'l t, l "
dr en I!10mube1,:..m.aea..i.sgm. Re.._ .U- ,& ,
,Kw. Qotet* ofM awoao6Ifd w. 3m isat t A
are hond fdair&ic, "ati' rf "* P. Hilbe etf OwlA
Smunt look carfUlly e e we tu .1, m, .,. -.
tempt *n aa.. .* 31h p|
i be made only with wawT."y. la 1 Lk es
gcake W a thet. a ", -nd t nly tCh. a li s.. o4

must be raishl widh I. ".. %" ^"". '-."I' ,. ,
Aaneg Mow0r. 6. tao A.r of ow Spdapwkoq
f the D e quality SI be w m itst, he o
aOs r i Lo. whets on to hasbe e e s ul e
mot be raw*,, ,aM- -orn sMase. slew

Mgher emteoem Sm***** la DIs eSve4t ae uep sas
kigrwable to young r."e'
W.. D UlhWumioof84ghlGiesim wlasiWsowept

ri N H Is seo wt sld to W be h I .
ba~sos. tbgag whi664 s Ito h e

f te .qual.tysd wis.o Mr. R,** n isk. M.*a .. *** *shW
1.".L. Usne Mae pg loops. ofwulM .omt A. Ot A I90b.

Mr<. A. s. Morris of Hlifpriua s a et tthee 1 sat n el pt th Iowa.
f.t t I. sIu .. ,',OM or.nbw. she es.... ... ..S M eS &..i..... .

por'mt glxim j g erlodls aan mad oni0. la.nIt wh .aag s ,'
I. pi vsImIqpM .o 6,a ILS, ,

o- o"d' w us'pping la n- eAei y* 1
0iromt o, lo. l i* .w nM, w iUt iiVf 'hAea

---ssssEuuhpmn. & A v & jPro
nI.O ,Br mtD et cee. 'Il sl. o ,- l.l ne stss ffwmliallr,
a .nd comi.Ery man of Grote. i P iark, a e -Iod M s t

s My bAaslnes vtitoir to th i aty y. wgIbe Toed slg w1 Ts w h'

o. parkmd.n of Fairhtel wpi in s he sy11101 l 6
l any ytrday-T h ie g ome forni thurn Vishld t Our 'C d '.rt-," o"a
Wantperfrmedrr. Z4. l lA C

U,. A. 0 D Tow, of Sunmif w a.ere l pastt* t

mane amd cmfna o ( from WE ARE nSHOWIAN aome wmnmIB. M bS
Hampton and other poist lpy UXOlIU VI 51a r Bu dfob4 Mi ISM
rco menty, oer- h han bm den t work for p 0a Of
Cr. A. W. Thorris of Singer e-- .....0. ......._ I000".16. g
malhie ftame niM returned foml Wai11.seeobnbannersWInekl bsg'e4
,apo.,, an.d 'Z~tZIwo1rkingl0.. t0oI, .n g WA
the past few days. Iie reports a fine sip-- "" "d *I M*
Itred e. SAatM! R a ,S Euwam a,
colored mUre mule wish ring around U RV Wf o
neck, also one small horse male of -h '-il o, he *iL MM a
Wsame desa sippin. Intorm ta s to ...a .. ., .... .f... ..
by C. V. NeKinstrl. SVU tin l ls*s b w
Mr. and Mrs. John E. La. on sod w (i h 2%IK
Justlee A. Beley. wife and two a, '*.
ohidren of High springs payWd The display will be grand MLMoAan
through the city ynterdsy en oate and the g Srt ritety Of na a3 u5ew .
home from Jaksonv o ll where and tpattern shown ocua jhavi-et')i
hae etaki in hania. be worth a wraet tO ouWr .AsRe2sEis.

u.mb.. iS.U.o s rno,.a store, The. prie will be ,,. bem0e0 h e
th. viItlng football team from w cheap for the poor ts ;' ta m. ,n..
atd a few young lady friends as he and tho 8styl rich enough k0vle". .,N
armory last alht. whieh wuas sunU (or the rich. L 0. 0.c .
enjoyed by those who were so fort WW, 'I sih-s. '
at* as. to be PrsS. A butiful line of S ma" e is m0 a E .hgapr
ad U M0 #. Oa. isa i
READ THIS. huCbr yrd won.SSn
Jackson. Tens.. June 4, 1901-Tb -- .
is to ertiy that o botte of~ p orettlfr lIeR Of 61-el8 i The oit et o pefratg th
Teoas Wonder. Hll's Great D'in eoverIy, Ieas nlb 0 O *
has eared my wife and myself of kid. w_'I Non IOk Oat sam. matinses wit
ney. bladder and rheumatle trouble. s t, d 10 ltYd. *. A. w*M bd ls.le
and we most ebeerfully rnwomrend it --s T a. M, mt |.' '
to the public. A mamiflnt line o f L etha 0ow epes
K. G. thICxis N Wars., die,-Of.' tiol InIh wu f the et a i
dies' up-to-date Qolarw, Ac. < t4stge sad vtt$bse
A TEXAS WONDER. See our front show came. tso4' ,s, 1hWW
One small bottle of the Texas Wo-* ,,.s .. the ity,. .sat ii .n
dire, 1is Grea Digeovery, eu all AEIUC AD! COSTS mwois9 fRa ob
kidney and bladder troUbleS, remorse ._ spr. Iaten. have 0
gravel. cars diabetes. seminal eais- In all tlhe latest style. e worK .O f
lont, weak and lame bks. rtheume- Price $. The best dollar i-Mao.
ts ad all. irmgulari of ki- Oweet made. Call, and e Mlarried, at Methodist pa s i.e
."l..... rfm.e.. them....I..y aftern nat o'*los by no


TUi Fi L? 8;: PRIA, OCTOU 2%

+i ...w ,^ ..y -' .* *
,.: !>,. ^ ,, .<
n* i

I . .- -I.-- -

I *I

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