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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 28, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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- : A


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I Y____ ______ __. ', I 1





irtl Throgh Line North
lbL-46'L A. - j*

qqnUi an Amenc


PreeldeSt of the Propoedm
Semham and New Orleans

oil!t AM 4 ht M A u^ *

S Ei.ihi. is.J. .. ele e atl Rawo f gepslgn.
M1 . .''^ .-. .. ,..i , '. ., .. -.. .
SA wvam will sapoC oX. $4 adO 3*s&
S:f Ca mmh, *f TeSasO.. will speak
," -y. s td ab wek bwasla O t. 81 mId
1 2 's |Nov S. ..L ,m teO TSlmsn of
Sb-. .a. oll a .wl MI ak* m spehx *
Mur s SPRttOan. a mrks tkhe m we*l.

MOW.ia aI--- O A Mo N w f reTRIAL O SC HAUMANN.
.. in.b. .. m.. U_ .t fm.! Arrested Cho. ..Having Kos wli
gSf& lUa I O N t be and g f S rm
,--i; ._ .' FullS A s. .. .. Ab %iMland, O ft l.a.- t trial
S S -O't, --iAl l t. Smer Seastor slhuamllla, father of
Rn --" rGnly to Oreat Ntttt, r o. aSim Waltloe1 r Sbhaumaas, the I
.0 ,s y hla Ww ,m. . ass a of. the later govie or eormal.
e ts b e' littk M"alp ranpnm r. kt1brhoff, arrested on July 2 on the
a a*rteIW at h. owaraaIO"Me of bavus knowledge of bis
S is e les .eime, is arouinas aot popair.
Sa v ln r olved laterest. The ladIlet let earges bli
' Y .A---Ai m -.ea_ .l y with c' asplrAcy asalist the. govern
V5 i wd by ambas.
.,t l #A the tia-ghtI Whe his b-lae Was searched JUit
Ii 111040 11 ?. the day alter obrikorls asa.w ssin
".' I.M "e 8r 8Atcl.. Po Nolse a spector Moloaktu found
i.i. ~ M*l s eal b A w, plas ifor a general arming aud traIn
iai,..ikes-ikb. frftm t ohe whole population together,
S* ^ .* ihappeals exhorting the people to!
"StWV itWlI add-l Pserve political alertness and be pro'
phpIN 1.~ =aMs ovie 4n1p par d fOr 1many eventually.
0* Usoo qs j flp "t."l Bo-E-l Mu.Sauas in l uis aoer does not
b SWSa aWI. 'o tie C..p ,. _a th t ...



Special Service H,04 All O.r 017
State for Deliverane.
Ralellh, N. C., Oct. 27.--A no9t1 to
the stare toard of health upon the Oat
break of typhoid fever at the S p d
tlat orphanage at TlomnsoiltI, nt..
which there are :!fo chif!dren, s#e .i
I that the Infection wan commi",uioAI
! by fite "
The number of es,' to date .,
been only 65, b iutl of ieathis only ltw.
have occutrrod. .
At the rcqutit or tlip offlmtils 1.
the iph m at. r uporial services a.
prayitr have hlt tit heldby theO I.h
tlits all over the stali and the litllo .
have within the patt lthee weeks ssNo
$5,000 to the hoM JitIal an an emerts
ey inmnd to U n(I thti ticavy speaai
cati e. l by the 'ulit rs1. "

W. J. Bryan's Tour.

Another Day of Speech Making In lOW
Suth i il', li, Oct. -ilIi
J. Bryan lItfL here early In his sp:J
clal car for anoLther day of rspeee.
making In Indiana. Knox being the
frnt town where a address waS Ot'
not need to be made.
r The proposed visit to Notre LDa
university at Notre I)ame,, waS as
donned this morning.
Thomas Taggart. chairman of th&.6
Democratic national committee, Wo
expected to meet Mr. Bryan at LoI'a'
port and accompany him to ChicagO
this evening.


4M.j eaawu oUMiRUI ) l theplans bou t
',s tl;.e V eR 1_ S Hqatests the reo lutbeary Iterpre ,
.t *40 W4Wi that It wisht ,i g00 ve" to them.*
qvq IS tqret and t aHe pleaded not 11ilty.
: d "I mw.. est. ta fbiona Langeaanoeil, conamel for the
S ...' .. *.".. .P* le ifmadent, asked that the case b
4 0.0ed s I j twq ived. -The- ph0oaemd until the wltnesseq for the
MO nttos epSct e aeeumod could be flamomned and that
44*., i5 tO S f lordiarn la the mneantalme Behalminn be y-
. $.'. e"... T ".p. jtIdaewd om ball. The latter reoqeat
t.rW as. reltu but tte case was adjourn.
lt0 t hno pt atNLo t he.
10s *l, I ldatiol 0ofthe Im- Rigbht of Students to Voto In ColleIo
Sthe tW, ptIsof ab ihb D1i8l4ets6t
.ip wle as the roximlty New York. Ot 0. 27.-f-aed on a re,
r ak* It taposlible mt decision by the appellate dIvllson
.2 lag a r. o f iht ihestate supreme court ldn)ing
ib .il TThew si the right% of non*reultentl stud0it n t
"t.. s are stralgely aI) rote io the diltrlcta where they at.
'i'. t.the _i4 develop tiend collco. et1al proceedings are to
,. the '. 0 1mvemects be Ittsltute at the InMancr of a
IU4 I^ItttS tIiittliw nolt political child at Columbia univerNtty
S siti it Isto mandamuss the board of regtry
Npar Itn that General wI andt compel them to strike every at.
"i, a1 petly flreerl hand ac- dents name from the offllal .11. of
m'4', .'"" by his elevation to th' voter.
femamanderdn-hief. muand that There are 2.0.-f0 voters attend!ni
S& :ot to undertakeL a offensive Columba. Half of then are legal
Mmsb Gam Is r d ly empowered to vote lby actual reri-,
rshol Orama ti reported euce in this eity; but the other hall
l his whole lie Mouth is likely to be derileie a vote under
t tIh. river, showing that be the appellate division ruling in which
Spri aring to :met bhe Russilap o all the justice of that court oneur,
Wse. Not a WM of lgllht a Yet ba .red. If the mandamu campaign is
be as. Karopatkin's plans. extended to all the colleges of the
. Aiters order a the d a state, many thousands of votes will
SaMiu!ielag Ceapral Kuropathla's ap ie lost i
t- t la i the same graudlosa
SKWoMitkla't o t et FIRE AT THEATER.
s nrde thnis' der attey llar Fire
"b lahS the authorI&tp of that t" 'eetw.Pive Thousnd DeIs1r Fie
awne 4l( at. Winle A tl.e l lotw mt Tlerts o,
a paMrtlar pals l turalgt over Todo. 0O. Oct. fT.-Fire which
the --pr- emmaondl of ,the land l tarted on the stage of the Grand the.
ft to M K rpetkim to Iph4 the after eJrly today. completely burned
holders a .d the world of the earks ol out the playhouse a4 d amaged the nas
imperial 6odeane repowl la i *sad tics sales building, la which the the I
I anca that he will remal sU anter iS situated to the etent of ST7.-
,iew", the ,order eI co ealdrd am on.
ktuslly ijo farewell addr". ld that [iasmuch as there was no fire of any
it will enm be ftolowed by his return kind In the building and the watch
4a SL Petburg. Rits elltaaUto mai board sounds as of some one
as a ftitr w ithe miltitry ltuatlto waking, te state fire marshal will
has S6e .ed a ih of ftilr- lKwtlitle. "
Tb. pper all eommeit ea K-repat The offie of the board of elections
k1'4 appeolatnm t to the chief com-, Ia to the buildlnt, and the registratlon
mad, as a vell-merited recompeNlAe books for the year were damage by
ior the asusner I which he disebarged' water, but not so seriously a to regn
the idicumit role Imposed spoa him. der them useless.
sad. rmedin between the lies. as a.
promise of better results now that Martial Law Continues.
AltR4 Is ollaimiaated and there Is nf Norfolk, Va.. Oct. t--Martlal law a project of the elvatiou ol continues today at Berkeley, where the
a 4re dke 4 to the supreme oom. naro polktlcan Blount was taken from
a ill and mulrdered,
I flnlaa..t k.- lt .. .

,.,an wiealsl weiy rFm wi n
kltm-Woa to elgin in Tona.
Chicago. Oct. 27.-A dispatch (4
Tribune from iouston, Tex.. *se ,
Mdward D. Stoger, praWidet e
Dealeom, Bonhanl ad New
railroad, has Just returned .
France, where he has been for
months arrasging with oe of td e
at babikln lastituttoma of the,
seat r, the Ananeing of what wi
the first through railway north t
south In America. It !s to i
Duluth. Mina.. via Kansas City ft
veston. Tex., with subordinate .
Tbh oustrunctlon will amount to
The road I1 to be completed It'
years. The contract with the ruq
syndicate Is for n Investmeat flt
OO0oAO*. Construction will iaqta U
Texas within 60 days, according t

i' ' ; '"I

i ,,t.S'S

a ,.

, ,; .... r MI
'-42 a us '$

*; 1'* '1 ,'L * .

F00 *\*1

...-".," ...' .''.. ....... .

t h '.I A .w *

5n1 t0 StrMwge O,
wit thiL war f

R. to
w 'toh i r eryi elty
., .I... a i

PI: at, Is wroparlsg to

*rpts hlaanst htn.l aprhe
j n' i^-T T8^^e a tar ti h et e xlit, I
fl ei lt to anrtbctbe

l* to.W'h eppitre, tl tAuk. ethect
jtbes aO .lthemsblhit la havery eity
S* t. tioe lo their qls ,. prti.

ile is a mark .f swbbiatim in thi '

Fearful Tragedy Occurs on the We.
bash Ralilroad.
Bloomington. ill, Oct. i2.-J. FrM
ctioo, a clgarmaker of this eity, 4 a
four tramps were killed In the wredi
of a Wabash freight train at Slid
rue. Champaign county, after havinM
been put off -the train three tIme.
Martin Tracy, also a clfarmaker.
of Boston, who win suspended four
hour with his head hanging jl n c10
proximity to the jdead bodle of bbi
eompamnlona. tried to suicide by strite
gulatlon. but was discovered by (th
trainmen and released.

Conductor Killed In Wreck.
Tennill n.l.. Oct. 27.-The bcat fM.
on an e .ra frlIght train of the, Al"
6gituti rnIhe'.;n railway nmuntNI th*'
rails a f'w milei east of WVarther'
Tul .i.. .i rg ionINi clor .MtinihrW y *
and ':-Li'jl,) firj.irnit a bra1k iL n,
No Rain in Months.
lea i. (. r ii . -- t1he 'f 'tt
been nu rain nnawherp In thie W"t'
%an -

Prominent Men Ann'unced te Maki
Campaign Speeches.
Kew York. OcL 27T.-It was state
at D mocratle natihtal headq arftr--
today that while It .was AtMt Sntit 1
that iu4gle Iarker would wiakt ai
anmaaa mrl5. Sf'llainS tan.lar1a m j sh

Viuvnlar nu liUBi, COmmiandirg the
local troops there, say ihey will re.
mi ala lonts at Mayor Allcn feel.l
there It danger of an uprialsnf. bThe
inurdererl are stlll unknow, but there
Is a behlef tht they were famillat
with the Berkeley jail.
Wealthy Oliij Dead.
a IM... nI ** *I*-Ia .. .








fIIP *Ait, I



I I, II. I I

ngmesant bet

& I,"e"wIa II ,'um ot
ttw ii i tl m-Nerr Sal .

I o ha y I.I ,a t em Jt oubro wI
iyi'i*Imw .lbs tvh ci losetiiU t as*

"P"f9rC AND OA*9" ,
0 s awflab. Sa, ve craos, .I
I Mtilflf Viw' talJ rr cfrln< I p tliuileflaltgppnont
~w t th tip lyp Ii hok ownl by erook, gIT*
twoers unl t).ateW, (tyewrittfg
1 I ifitioni o tilkItw given to nny
J"tI.nal pts who r'lal tri tteuI-)-Uwn
tSl loja Octi oe0illy i pprwu' to "lat
i~ *Iuse t kip lour "ilnlueqnc-w at vYor. wiks.
o. ofry on#. OU4 to Not on -U
Otht arop as many rmdtmiestwts as pose
" l bi I1, Tiy "do io' paI." ITha "n
SMa toI u eu it It uSafortuit l
1tm ,t t .k, apush mi. iab are Uhiow
thIs s eetItsI to l ewena *In4 If t he
lst b teut i og the two, toeM aren 1 i
i ii. r t1ot p g ttingt. "

The aerltwniey uI onI wil the upper
W'4lIIr cimo lou, pw a ,
a'uos. Reoe ,nIt n not dted
a Om. I m but )t ls overabdoweLd.
"Mal sa d "" iMs pO*!pS *S slaeqnd
S i b t froth r11 tOat oea em 0shobt
r thw U f It rWlly Wusilit eamgueemt
Sto I g dwnte It would he JusMtlR but
that 1* Glt 'ot Io staply erdleoaw l by
the tlhWt*sted. artflaelal ftet u.*
e tle bwhrribly pretty hate above the
vs eloberey SdrieM.R. eetor
I W0 .th iw l comI. better etal ot x
I i 11W, Ll iA th fthI 110in i rfe but l
the aea who eAt. the, 4rum can
drow 0 ato"in s of tis viota. Joust
M.o the dint Is vory lWd. Iat Is
-Sows our t, ** and walt.-Lodoa

..i. . .st. h.l.... I
SItg itts$p. 18ll NSI AMMe With
IWhif l .aI well known with w itb
*Ww6 ion PIt. not unlike blood
S"m I gavep .hes twice auduri
te uut Att serlnrnm. by as oh
tlI at. '0w .yo IttaO the been a ittle
R Gme sew onus emeds nther
^IeV~ whew Wt a sttn" g ofa
n Iilm about n ti, aS. n d I
i *ietag was that she etE lr.
06 t14 a.4 Ina; with eesIt. you
S0for, tO sound the mown. i
l lIel aght;., ,nk, the not
se^ I r i t during 1the
wi* iMpi probably defer put.
atb,4es.Aius till dtk

the eitber lay is a oighlboertg c*t
$ Ws aadelrlig a Ose baby ad6
W 4itd to *irttugent thbt if It om ll
lo up lg I It might scratch Its
^B? fle Ut S a b) she wovoul cut
m.buttnoer g nadmotbor lnurst In
tiM ll 4. se ottul pt twhe sot.
Sar. ktaki ypr panMon, sir. You
W a f l toe sir. tht to Mt a
M*h idt'1 tweln months t
ha ee f sty qrtain the salls trill not .-
t at t b.9tt. It will be P intemret to add ^

Pao*a to Lkoqii" to. fo tL l tightsl In
&b. *ty"Loui~ulun t'hrouthlo'.
t'WWSd Too fuaeb.
Utp.m t 0o1 tl>y or Club ~oelabibl-
Sy)Th M iyr, tlh cnrtontiat. tol of ao
#thb to while li* wnit imuriteil wihile oa
N5lIlP. ThE' VIUII lub wt tImpol of
Ierly OrtaManu. w.bao kiet In a iback
46!ui to driunktI r ani Aok. At in-
tokr ie o f tile ilntiaiicu would rh -
i'i o bi pll (roii blln montth, notl Ilas
Stely and, r mairk. "Yabl." After
?i4* oveUl b oi(iothlr of tbe smokers
Iw0Md ay. "ahb." That was the eo*
W$ o(lht ehilonrseltiou. "Onle alIght."
amA ofr. May#r. 'one of iUi meiwborf
btohgt bhis b a to th* ctub. Aft r wv-
*1i $ tm older ones bad spoken as
e'dr OA ywn err arokt H said.
iab..* a1. They expellA- him *t
Oe0" cobelhale MrU. Mayer. itor talk-

ItItt ver took DeWitt's Little Early
IiMoi 1 r buwomens or ooustpattlo
ol haew wias pill rleasun is. TThe
(t Hultl P116o e sw.w he llvr&ad
r t s ywam of alt bile wIthout pro-
dhoI Wuntopfa 9team Thor- do
i Mri i t or uW I. lat po
aty oei ito e snd itmth to ihe tb.
sad tase. 5ol by all dsijag.s e
" '* "" ""__

Am Det*1In fltl*.
A popular r gKll b nUtbr was Iwhol-
ly Incnpaciitul trom wori by a &dy
who lilrd next door ant i trumned
tbrontl nIfile's "MessMIhI." HIls iles.
of te l Inr olablity of an n-Etigistini's
howie did not nlhlv lilii to swl lud
tay mm s ,gi m nd lie W"nI nt 110 wIlts'
0"4 tilt lihe saw In fa tiallyi lnpwr that
steIm whifatie. could Ie le tumght to lit
Is I 0 kettle ipouti. its prnivhll hliui-
self with n,1 1i141 1,'.t .-thie kettle tn
the fire In the ro'in t e .im t h iOtnxiger.
As soon no t la l) 1t0.1ei lei.0 nu heI went



a Wemu
. .Ap& pffmW
A gg^^ i |


^^^^^ i llI^^P ^ ^Iw

Jurruau'Jc rlow.TA L




. . ... ] . .-- I III I .i I-

*Iommhr for..


M il inery
Th is iSt IUpT*sht

All the Pn


Oet, Newest Stltyl


Our regular Fall and Winter
Opening will take place

bNo-vemnber 2 d .L




Oftr hr the mmlsdgi Ml ad Wlntwr a eblek t of budded sod gratId
IPICA3 TREEM a the stamdirl urltaIes, smch as have a d remd ob,
Md 9m. Alvw Frrlts, Ormeimntsm Ete. iatalogue and "m dse to
Bsteul le Calliet "Irelf re. Ia a a a a a S
lIfUl IUISesA, I. s. GRAVES, Pnprietor, GJIKSYVII, FI

Seltrairi loetead, thereily rpainr sad reira ted. Newlyt hirals*
lurups.. Plan.
fla M"A .0SOl, Prjo-pri-eto2
-i ^* *

,P ,t,, .

"The quesWtm qf Title aefr ontideral o fr thfe Ior t
Title is what you pay for when you buy land: therefore
know what you are buying.

STitles ordinarily invisible correctly revealed to you by .

The- Alachu County Abstract Company,
G(a4rLtes v ille, 5'l.ord d
AI9 DTm-A T ALTV Pnil0=1


Abstrsea of Tile and full information faruluhed uwtrdtQg lads thi
county. Our manager has lived in this e ountir thirty fFrs wa


- al -

3 r 1

I Ij__ __| __IL I__





U** 1 a



of football Prom.
' d Game Todaiy.


'from the South Florida
ute, and It Is Expected
B i Conte1tad Gams Will
a) 1 11ll be fought 1Ij'Oil
iron by the football elt'v-
Bouths Florida 'ilitiry
,be east Florida :Seminary

warriors ftom the Barlow
Arrived on the 8:40 p. im.
my and immediately went
r seratU at tihe Magnolias
a. looking body of young
if appearance Couiits for
F will give our soldier
siatrugglo in today' s .o
White, the inanager of
bia i -graduate of the V.
be won laurels as a mem-
t*bmous football squad of
He has his men under
i y boyi have won in
f:ouht battle, and of
t frieds pfrdlet a great
i.A EIght members of the
champion team of 1902
IN the line-up.
first game of the season
Itad i ls hoped our oldl
at out In force to show
ieoa. Live the boys a

v mlen for turning out Is to
in meeting their ex*
will esxeed $180. They
er realty and our college.
them that we appreciate

I11 be called promptly at

lauryi colors are black and
Us T Soouth Florida Military
^kis are royal purple and

llel into His House.
ls of OavTeadish, Vt., was
Mhis eutomary health by in*
|6Nmfe oonatipation. When
New Life Pills broke Into
,bi teiable was arrested and
e1m titl cured. They're
to cure. 25a at all drug-


PFtoenell Took Five Prisoners to
t Mines Thursday.
eanoell departed for Dutton
prinhers, convicted at the
'ht of the ciroult court as fol.

.Wells, non*support, ninety
*. Hobghe, selling liquor in a
,li ten months; R. H. Tur.
)lrsnmy, three months; John
*Imlahg and entering, three
; MSlwnuel Johnson, larceny

'iaosers with one exception
*Phmed. When taken to the
they appeared to be in excel-
Iste as though they were only
ia on at little picnic. Hlughe
.tly puffing away at a she.
Mad s the smoke cleared his face
Jd lato the air a mpliiag ex-
Was noticeable. After the

Were taken aboard the train
fltads congregated about the
tonvenred ith them freely
a tor Carter gave the si-a
the Intention of Sheriff VFen-
take Hughes to the mines
ey, but owing to the prellmi-
lA of A. G. Lamb. charged
mory to the murder of Gar-
Chanberlain, the sheriff was
uctil too late to catch the

A Love Letter
Snot Interest yoa if you're
for a guaranteed salve for
raU or piles. Otto Dodd of
,o.N write "I suffered with
SIMN far t year, but a box of
90 Arates Salve cured me. It's
SSMIt on earth. 235 at all

M"AntwUo, Odd Fellows.

Feed a cold-yes, but
feed it with Scott's Emul-
sion. 1eding a cold in this
wvay kills it. You cannot
.f ford to have a cough or
c,,hl at this season or any
o thcr. Scott's nimulsion
.1!( drive it out quicklyy
. .,;iS are strengthened
jiA aill wasting diseases


checked by Scott's

v eiiulsion.

It's a


flesh producer.
1V1s7c end yM u -mple fvg,
r.IT i&t UoWNK w*09e.. Niew York


Interesting Meeting Woman's Foreign
Missionary Society.
An Interesting meeting of the
\Voman's Foreign %lislomnry Society
of the First Presbyterian Church was
held aI the church Wednesday after-
noon, when the re-eleeticn of the
old officers for the ensuing term was
made, as follows:
President, Mrs. Uorgse DolK; vio*.
president, MNr W. B. liftdon; tetore
tary.treaurer, Mrs. A. W. Taylor.
After the election of offers several
papers were read oI foreign mission
work, when he meeting adjourned.


Colonel of the First Regiment Out0-
lines His Ideas o Duty.
Savannah, i.,, Oct. 27,-Colonel A.
G. Gordoo. commading the First reg-
.Iment of Infantry, addre"ed the Ba-
vannah companies of til command,
who were massed to hear him Tue-
He spoke of the duty soldiers
when called out to queal moba, or rotks
and what he al.t was cheered by
the men.
Colonel Gord!o's talk was anent the
occur: enee of statesaboro, when a
large deftchinent trui hiii regtment
failed to ptevetnt thte gc lfrorum s*6
curing and lynchhiK the negro prison'
cr;, C f) ti n ini leveld.
tinl LBji tint h 1,,. ,nnt).l I it nnd wr'.

Ne ind to Cabinet Crlsei.
Sew York. Oct. 27.-The elhinet cr'.
*I seems to have no end. c iay) a 4..,
patch from The lforald's e)rr'F p.n.
dent at Valparaiso, 'Chile. l'tlt!ial
M &Ia A c 4 a s. .*e u u D '5 i i.A ' IIr n r pI n m ci v r I. I


Sr *'olil t iOfllse t'a pe of dimed lss* .
I -' point, vlIi- i tTrmin :,atct the
I ,tJ.ty I atlt.slit i vt its tl i ti ('ILpo
iif t itid II w,4, t'i fi.isIti of At towering
lroiuiiimitry or i:ittn,hlIt, whi h'i rtiee
I'rotl t liIt. Mt i to il llllttiet*e of P 40i t(at.
At list haMt of lthlin stnIls it big sil-
ti ry '.lI1un which iN known sf VIasco
d41 ianta's lih.tir. 'The lighthotuse
whilli here o vlitiluates the matting
pine. of the Attiitie and In41,tl ocaul
is iPno of uhe mu.t ImparttJnt nId most
useful of Its kiin. It tis visible from a
dilstuaic of thIrty-mix alike. The c'lit
ce'4iery ti wlkI nuldI sullli1e, the rocks
are nsgnlfitenit, MO.11 the tfr reUaching
son, with Ue finert surf beatnu on the
Iron xiand.4lawit, le Imprmelve. In the
waiter directly ble:nth the cliff shartlu
are nbuniwlnt. A tmvoler destcrblng
the cePle ays thliNt h o1 the ocnaos of
hlit vialt ao mllturouC were the evil
looking moutnmtr that the alabS as be
descnided the cliff was pjoat neplewa
anout. A slip sild a fall Into the etA at
this iomlnt would imean that he 'anfor-
tunloe would IW torn instantly Uuib
ront imbn by the nrvening brftes.
(l&e and a saftlellsp.
* Admiral 'hlinris E, (hark, Whoe took
the buttlelship Oregon around Cape
Horn and lute action nt KantlUSg,
owesl his atuiintmleut o i eoimanldier
of that littt to his skill as a chbes
player, Captain ('hirk .was at Sap
Vntiui t. li ciuiiimld of the gunboat
BReiulgwtoni. When ashore he agent
nincwh 1tiue u thie chose rodnt of the
3Mlehnics' library. where be met soeue

5 ",.w n"' "" I "l l" "*''. of tile bewt |iaiYeCi In t S Cvit7. uel
stood hereafter llhat when the ol- tile tule cne to appoint ia man to
diers wctre aalitl out It would be wi. couiumnid the Oregon, a friend of
the udrriudailng that, If necessary, Clark's In the navy department nt
bayonr.'t would i.e u. .d anti orders Wnaethitgton Iut Ls naiAme forward.
to flre upon a mult would htie gen. "You should 1 ee that man play ebem*N"
This was the ldty of soldiers, he said, Oild Ie tind went ou to defertbe his In.
Ind they ,Mh.6-11l xpvct it whrn the tenlse n"i'nettion lnd determination,
uiitc,'i.ty hoJuid nart. i. amlin if. "And tutt's why I think be
'11t ta,'nii 'id1 that he would ex. ceni bring the battleship around safely
If Iany on .e (cam." Three hoburm later
pect every ni.aQJ to re.ntniul to thi ('lark received order to aumi ue com-
luty If any oneo of thm felt that nand of the )reotin and ltel her at
ho bliouilid Int fire ujwlm a mob, o or oi to 'ulumin wote's.-ArgunnuL
chariKp Uth the bayonets when or.
d lred. he s:buld apply for his dis- rmoeeslmmatlem.
charge and hli. the colonel, would OP "One of thle grutmt evils in lfo1,"
prove the aijllciitlon. said the elderly woman, "hi proeertl-
If any manii of family thought that nation."
he conldh not reouian in tho regiment "1I think so, too." replied the young
with thai undtermtanding, he, tno, might married woman. "I don't see the mass
make his alpilleanton for discharge, of putting off your golden wedding an-
and the coulnel would! ee that t wu adversary till you are sixty or seventy
sent to il1, adjutant general with fa years old.
vorable Inidrsement. These, Coluo Good for C ildren.
nel Gordon saI wr bi views, and .
if the regiment was not in symplAhy the peMsant to take and harmlIst
with him and did not endorse them. One Minute Cough Ours gIve lastant
all that was necessary was for it tW relief i all eases of eough, erop and
so notify himi and his resignation was lagrippe because It dee not pan im.-
ready. As liog. however, as he wa mediately Into the atomaeh, but takes
their duivy. iind that there should b effeet right at the seat of trotable. It
at the of the command be purs draws out th ilnllammation. heel and
pos) e doing all in his power to ae- soothe and etres permanently by
that troipm, if called out. should do enabling the lang to contribute pore
no recLirren'Te of iruch an affair a. and life-usslaining oxygen
that at iatasbXxro. to the blood and tlssuee. Sold by all
Colonetl o;Ijrdon was abroad at the druggiste,.
time of the Statesboro affair., lie for. u% lS k t raeri"
merly commanded the company that A rihnt if 4L.ttoii wrIleN Mi fol-s
Captain llitchb rommiaeded, the Ogle h low liult minisg mic : "Wie hlia
tborpp Light Infantry. INever heurd of their ex fstene until

If the Baby is Cutting Teeth
lie sure and use that old and well-
tried irmedy, Mrs. Winelow's 8ooth-
ing Syrup. for children teething. It
mother the child, softens the gUaM,
all* all pain, cures wind eolic and Is
she best remedy fur dirrhoea. Twen-
t-filve cets a bottle.
S 'Whenll i:i'jii 11Mie.s blin widow luinwt
to look fir vinluwble pa.i*rN. Tli. only
papnmert the ivW'rigE main la are r .-
reil|ef l t e m nid coni billsl, -A(thiei,

we Ilrrivftt frtii the rcoutlniea$ alnd
went into lodlilngIn in ni okl house Just
off Oxford c'reti. The t irt night we
were awakeedl by loud singing. On of
a number of birds, and our Brat mim-
piretslon was that some one kept night-
Ingalhm In eages. Tim next morning
the landlady informed its they were
sinlgih wirke we had heard. When we
einpli'd our hands we could bher the
mire running uway In the wall, nand
when nil wnas tmil they lnn thieh
concert. It wis not squelnkling or eriltp
lit,. blut igiitiiledtl ainilqg. as (of tiuli
riet in a cage."

vitue us in uiir fforttol 10 K(civ I t.4
situation are re4Irting to aI) k1l,'6
of Intrigue. Ilnd.fnalton over t' ft(.
fair is lwingrr frcly exprs'eCId by Iail.
ing citizin.. Presheint lithRon anid Its
president of l!v Ila. have echrlangedtl
cordial meongi.4 of corgrattilati un
follow in the siiinfllation ofr the peace

New Thought Federation.
It, l.mtiu, is t. 27.--Th s*'v iun. sl**
slon of the fourth annital convention,
of h,' XNew Thnisuht F.',d'rtllon rn,
%pened Inoay In MAluleic Hal. A co mnitti n resuolitltonm was SpI)lntift
to condIder rtvc)ninimndstlons of the
exeutivo e commiUtte, the most impor
tant being relative "to the passage of
a resolution aftlrtning the right o
each Individual to employ such healed
or therapeutic agencies as be may

"Dewr Mr. Hk ic" she tO 1'iU4
awry that what poe Ast m 1 ot
grant. I etn"ot benwi* yeour wit.-.
Yours nrerelyM, Ethel Bukrrows1" 4i;
sho' itd1ed: "P..--On Meced thought
dear eforr. I will marry itin. 'l.
conti up tonight nd Wee your own ti

Mtl4luniu--I can tell you about aburid
treaiurp., 'smtro--Ple e don't '. M
INsbiitunl hi always tooting that i n $y
earn. Medlum--Does he know any*
thing about a burial treasure Patie
-YpM:; hi Brat wife.

Why Not Learn to Speak Spanah?
You can seure a espy of the ew
edition of booklet entitled, "What to
Say In Spanlah and How to Say It," by
sending two eonsu n postage to W. H.
Leaky. division psenenger ASl
lane Ooast Linie railroad, 8aTmnab.
... .. .. ; g .: H .

r .-*.
I '*~'iN'rtr* I Fr
I I T1Yr.47~?.!TPrwr1 I I

* t t
I ___________________


* I , '

* I, * *

I it 9:

Moto AMC



-.... .. .....


, ,, II I, I 'I i q

I -il
1 #1

* . S. *** I !'
* I

Ilr- ~n

s jwz
4 r

. . . . . .
Mm' Ron',

Parkdale Tenuis...,cl.

lixnence W

3nsand &i3im

I k ",f

mh a
She bW. NO**

a fto o"o mu.

. . . . ...







ra mp


tar Y- MR



SartMitn. Phoe .
- .:- ... _ _.: - 1 .::

4f ""
,, ^ :" "::,i

IIl 11'

4.. ,

V j '' -.',, ,". ',.'. ',. ,.,. .
* 1. ",,, , \
.*I i, : '. /' ..t..
.11 ^ "" '.^'-
|p ':^.

with us.

.Iorruet Clothes
Hand.tallond 'by SCHL88 BROS.
& CO., Baltimore.
Young men of discriminative
tate are'famillar with this make.
They know that these famous
olothei have all the latest touches
that mark the well-groomed gentle.

They set the pace in proper ap-

They ha completely revolution.
I4d thW sle of ready-to-weer cloth.
"d the man who has "the mer.
taor labit" doesn't know
he is maising in up-to-date
el exquilste workmaship, su.
ror. q ty of matoria, fault_
t. afll n eonory, if he ban
seiver Boln Ihlo clothe.
The 0Tl o in the picture Is a
aiularly popular .favorite with your

men who



bit would cost probably $50 at a merchant tailor's and1
aRe your exact fit here at

not be

Frnm iklA nAn TTn

I ei


Outfitter to Particular


f. .eer *.,

S',- i'" .
;tj~ i,, i .* '., ** .,
I ^'ff .I *' *'VI
:. m.f-ABl1

*, tar
iF .i a
! *


SStlsnaking Co.

aL.Aifet-w. .nd Amr .k
b h t-t--J iiNUahe k
a C.mg7, -4 ri-
.~ U.qpb. *rmirwifs.
O*i |tMimft r ~

tb -- s ,w, s., e ,, ,
bt It l n"tomary to prulis Chrlstoph
P t olulabb I at umny noble chmrade
toRo btIM, to may 60tU114ng of big fau snug
Wis. itWllilsu bOut ithe south owe him a
Qb1 ,elal debt o t grattude for the pr-,
ate* U ce M that tid han to brig tho wa-
ea- ternueton to America when he first
aco- The lrst'watlerntloa seed were
turned lo0 to hbatle for themselves
on Au Shlvador iland. mad thes the
hungry spulards took tbheo to Forl-
di. Who one the succulent meloat
was started ls Amerief It took ear o f
.Itmf in the istrqgl for steoc.
'Tb. watermelon 1 malfto be thb
most nalesOt of ll te edib.t vTow
ftablm la Asia. where It b swppod
to kbawt B tt orlasted. Ti ',eoae
Vw eUTRten som PmraN entw y a.
artr aps fd w a t vdte dtb
i via th Qo117 Otfbp S o1M*O bm
Si b ft. its actat nM"r. ts PeM
at heet i d br hUIant flpW ofO
wbat S"ii *do* eo .l 6o b by lMOO
attmftlo te b'in -- i"- chWWmo
* N1 .-

"Drp I im lei talk t e11ver."



We cover these nmortant points and rmspeefully
Soolsltm a star of your businee,.

F Fire, tie, Accident ad Health Insurance

S-- Agents for the---

Victor Safe and Lock Company
0nco -r-n #%ail. Qbo. ..
There "Vitor i t the best safe made, and parties oontcmplat*
Ing t e'puliio fa f ,or&a othin in that line.
Shifrom a box to a k vault, wlsave money
by coMultliig us. Call on or address,
Information oberfully furnish. hedAINEVI. AINEVI FLOIDA


The Montezuma Hotel

On the A. C. andi S.
Nbne Better in

.I= asa AM
AOuunS n
mee meamani

A. L. Rye. V. J. SHIP
the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.

PMAN, Proprietor




00111 1 .1 101 .., ,

K..... f^^^^
y',.1 1; "



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:::r::: :: :

.. ... W r .... ... .. .r.r

---- --- -- -- ..1....


- ,. ? r y-



, ;,

..... .. "-A"V" U an dvireae Ii4. S' L,.iWU wmqi
-lip__ I

I Ls i as ..-

!pe 0Q9e at Qsa.lSeFe.4 .

7, giSor ii P'.,r
*iYA, YIt.u AbI4Isutk-d flitir

Citlv Ilotr.
W. 1., Lit AM -ltcltor
oanms. gjA.pvpep
#', p publJhed every rr.>rmriP el-e
*elivredrS 4 Vr c Irir in the elty,
stnof she UVi0e4 Sltaesiot*
p rsar W W $,0 lu rIofntbh: O1..1
0 I ciett for Cve wewee"-

sll liob ol cobjn n lt cents a
an h ecitt fur esotb ha
ua1y advertl&irt made k*cownr

Wese Sl un Is an floht-spae,
paper, publltihed every blou
sy. a nd cotairn mm tkhe
week. ilo e. state ard tet-*
mliinted, postame frree, to mny
tmVla ld ~u or Canada. for *1.00

WlN bee oiem dt3e after first
idverUimment. unjet other wise
gl!rMet. Partie nt krmtown to
too pay for s4verthalng In ad-
Ttft rDAilY trsN.t


,,, of Nr w York.
Soro VIce- Prelhdnt,.
tI tNxR ,). PA.VI'
St' "f Wet Vhliln..
1ted States $'-intor.
C onAsI. 2nd Mistrict,
Pnedetlnli Electors,
| efbttry of Ptate. I
State Trensurer,
at of Public Instruction,
loner of Agriculture,
L B. E. McLIN.
PI tlroad Corn mm sioner.
hfpreme Court. ix Yearn,
stl4ees Suprirne ('iirt,
BBrT 8. COCnKltLLx.
'<'' Reqwenttlvew.
fr l. A. aOBBOnoIu.,

f0t. (i. V..LMAN.

L W. 7uNELL.

SChvk Cirrult Court,
T'ax Aeuessor.
Tax Collector,
lhmdbent of Public Instnruetlol,
County Treasurer.
County $urveyor,
Cottnty Comnitldmloters.
J. I(;, o~ST N.
P lembrYn reln tol Board,

?941 a well-bred woman doe
So the theatre until she is old
*,j Is Is not thought proper for
m ndenttand muaeo. ff she Is re-
hI se I termed 'iflirh.ty."

I(' didAt, l i;ri,nlkg hi s faleii into
t habi:t dtir,:t l i. *p.Jill) train trip,
oif eakil b.tfori hl, t lkiit. (Or per.
hiap. Ih bt.:t,^ 11M K- hlreg lidO
Not think. At ir: r.,t..*. .the West.
orin orator d1,Irib.ld by 1iram In l.n-
0)oln, h" Qriki tan alizittie; 'i,v04 his
TlW tlth and l e s-e i1t I ',>oi$t, <; I ",lt,,t iT
II.l Tn owi. Jr lat we.k, fromn the
rlar end i( tle etr. Itu tuld til farm-
ters tLit tb.y were ? ',tti brtllrg
1prt'.'1 for their erpi thalnl f.,r t.rlT.
Sir la -pi);ian party ijufll e thi tigto
du uR 0 l i0kin th1 3. r., ,ct i A1,liat aindl
corn atn I other fr,( lunc, t It i' he1
tmuch t tido within **o- loof
ever)il haig the fitrilr+r hali tp &.,y. thu. s
ruho bl.4 hl);n i o tit, bl,.';h i ia -- er
market ftor th, 1 i w* !.. r,1i t s.* .
Hut 31r. Fairbanks KuVe to thCe lcw&
farmers, rltvi ifuormnitioni which they
Uo dout Lt iIl ask i i:n t vritfy. lie
*1. .1
"\ hlave fuu,4l rverywk;err aming
tl,2 farmers of the cvuctry where I
have b-ten that they have been able to
pay of t nmortgag~ s Inourred during
Dnioeratic admlni.itrasioni. wit Ii the
frilt, of ltepuplicas prospe[rity."
anlme time ago the press printed
stlaltiLtieL, .owInt at inecredlte in the
mortgage indebtednt'es in Iowa. Thist
is the real fruit "of Republican prof.
perity." Candidatb Fairbanks' state.
iment as to the paying off of mortgages
"incurred d u ring J)einooratlo adminls-
trations," Is puely demogaogie. !ort-
gaged ari- alwali being incurred for
one reason or another, but moar prop-
erty lha been plastered with them in
Iuwa dining the present administra-
tion than ever before.
Your neighbor will always be found
to have some peuliarllire-wnll look
at things and do things differently
from you. IU will d' much to promote
Rocd neighborly feeling between you
and him if you look with kindness and
dharlty upon his pecullaritIes and give
him credit for good Intentions and
honest purposes until compelled to
think otherwise.

here'ss a lot of fine women folks."
said a colored preacher, "'ast comes to
ehoreh to see every hat in the congr*
gatlon-every hat but one-the one
that de Lord passes right under yo'
noses for help in his cause and to save
your pwn black souls!" We suppose
many white preacher have the uame
cause for complaint.r

Tp paint portraits of American so-
Clety women, says a writer, li an
achievement seldom attained by an,
American artist, as the grande.dames
of the 5"$J aristocracy oFl the land of
the free usually ineilet upon a foreign
aigiature I their pictures.

V'esuvins i in eruption again. A
piece of roeek weighing about two tons
shot out of the crater a week or so age,
and lava wae flowing out of the enrater
so hot that it ham melted the steel
rail, of the road that runs up the vol*
"Shie came upon him unawares,"
read the teacher. "Can any little boy
or gir! toll me what 'naiwares'
means?" i'p went the hand of the

youngest pupil. 01 knowI" he cried.
"*It' what we wear next so our khin."

The ordinary marriage customs of
the Orient are reversed in Tibet. In-
sLead of the men having a plurality of
wire#, the '..tievn hare the privilege
of a plurality of husbands.

Next to the dogs. the Somen are the
hardest worked creatures In Belgium.
OUten a woman ii harnessed with a
dog. Woniou, in fact, are employed
almost everywhere.

Men arp a p ool ,deal like eabbases-
wheni thf y get the bilg head they bust
ad tecoiCtle worth ime.

T%T E; or O.111, ('ITV oIr T.TOLKlO,
1.1 q tCos(NV 5l',
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney A Co., doing business in the
City uf Toledo. county aud State afet*e
paid, and that said firm will pay the
sum of One Hundred Dollars for each
and every ease of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the u of Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Fu s.I J. .CnmnwY.
Sworn to before me and eubsertbed
in my preseetP., this 0th day of Doerm.
bier A. 1) I> 1l
'1A. W .(I.J t 1li
/' kr, t It "il i'l a. .L I

Miss VFnny i, Ilerthe, who super.
ilitendq the tee and honey exhibit at
the it., Lousl epiN3stiln, i one of the
most eoSeCS'iii eplpouJiuriats in the
A great many Ieople consider their.
teun an unlnaky utimber, buat not oine
of *hTt fe ref rres to take thirteen
epjg0 or banaiiue for a dnioen w he of-
SWe eCitict tindilestad how lEve
could have tetn tempted with an ap.
pih. It shotl4 have been a Paris haut
or a bottle of frvek0e bleach.

Think leeii of fIyotr toruitlesalvd minure
of your jij, aiLid jol won't mind at bit
if theu isuu gs t hind acl iud ionce In
a while. -- -
Trmoesg o!lqns in Australia have rde.
guided that no worker can be employed W
unless he belonged to an industrial
If, a. 0 ,le nitwpapers would have us
believe, all bride, are beautiful. where
do all the homely married ladies come
ro- Stap
The penomn who makes ohe necessary trouble or worry Is a nula-
ance for which there is ad good ex-
Highest warl
Insects,It is aid, will never attack
books whih are dusted once a year Completo u
with powdered alum and white pep. "id
per.. t

Society leaders in the large oitles
who are slow to pay their dreemmak.
tre will be put on the blacklist now.

A young lady in a neigthborlIg town
hao outluassed and amud all Mae@.
She spells her name Male. .

The death rate among mine from S
lungl dlese If much higher than la
any other ae*upation.

People who do the best they aa toh e
day have the way open before them to
do better tomorrow.

There Is so oratory equal to the
fluhiag eye of a woman who thinks
she Is indignant.

A married woman wants protection

at home and free trade at the dry
*oode stores.

About *vrytthlnI a man meet on
the road after he pasee forty, Is a sig. Onpsall daily.
of age.
Some men are not afraid tosay what
they think. Of coure'not, they don't
think. m 2
Germany hason Qa average 806 or- On ale delll-
ehard tree to the square mile.

There are L,~67 pupils enrolled in For Neer
the Chicago evening shoob. tR APK 0. 1

You spin the thread of yogr own lifte. t
Fate Is only an onlooker. a .I

Uuuallj a good wife makes a good
iii"ii i" :'" B ^ ^

Cream Vermfue,

S. "i Yi ,' 'A' '.' .,
. H i DAILT ,r: '" OTdl nih.'' i.'':.

I, ,,ri

POWKlR sN@764N I
Good shllsto your gun. ," 4
In the Peld or s ao4d ieo 5%
Winchester .'Leader" d.
ISmokdeas Powdnr S..uI "
Always Surife gfI '=
oproad of sot sAd g pnmvs
great supriorIty Is n$saw4 p
rmen who use Wo6 6


. 8.

h v.ea.ns. .. ..
,i j,, mi J':?

.. ,,M


.5 .I '

kot pricl paid for CGhibbim. -

Se i,.Jhf


~ a '~fit~4J.'.~

ontitmsry L# 4 a

ARveS -5 #*

Round TrlI

Good til) DeOt. t i





:, 1 , -: ;: ':,. r '. ... "
' "" /'. I ;"
., ' **' !. *.' n ^
, 1,,, l"
... P.: ,,,

Go Steen .65 e
Ooo fla 4a.

4**00-1 0

V .,0 i, ,,.,',i ,
,1 ":. ',
. ......^ ,w .,': *^' I :1"' *^
"A 1 ,'11 '. 1 ^



seMa r of meslusa.ok
v1... ue tiins et mlydeNow
Ballard-Snow Linimnt o. lde New ad
OT. LOUIS fl* Drs so
For late bL W. X. Jeames ic

ta .....i r.. fear E -h Odst d '' it*r-l
V4 41.1.. rlaV ,I40 a lo afozjowIf.3.9ds I
t'bs, ..r inr ilus.e. albrflt lor....,, ..,..i
.s 7r---7i Ie m l. i, ll at twl rll- eent J-A-oMIw.u.
a stttns i t. ,. sr ..wa4.mS Stopping atisth. ra a Bat .
nw %F sa -.tppins as 1_wtr
lr.a. 1. ti' *ei0 1f pnlu I wlnrsppe csaim f.
t wsrnq, jl ad-for
Iz.-. ., oas- *r "urne*OF
y .-a *'hwkr N Wiiie lso47
e Sanford fit l a ia meL.
S__ .- p S* SM WW


AM.L2- &..J L1 *...kA-It # S t2

..... ........ a q aS6 . i. #

.ve : U0 m ....................US w*, ** ...B
a e~l~i&StE a ls U *; I. i i,

**e *** ** 5 *** .** ) &
Arr tveS aOm........ ........ ,. .. .*.t
Se . .. .

hit AMARM ih.A
rriTI 11/1'.;.'.

*' P, ..

9- /Iun :, ,,

1 .-+

r I.,.'. '



A ~ ~w pr~.r~!7.4yv.i ir
hftahMSe~tfl~aS gAAS I
$ UVIVMSWfl. 'run 7


sa d oCotton. WilS ANlD LIQUObI,

aland Cokn arig and Twine. Walrus Jacksonville, Florida
Luther In ftips or Bides.

Uan arwa of the Jame' Dolg Improved English B TB
Urin 9otton Gin4 and Slupplie for Sime. -, -
S. Js. Everard's Canadi a e
i ---~ ..-,-, ,. _,_RED STAR.

ttwom. 1'.
r: ' i' ',."' ,



~,iJ I*. ,1
'if M4, *r..,t'. -

j ,, Ui ,


world's Fair ates..


Bound Trip. On
ale daily. Good
ill Dee. 1I.

N RouodTrip. On
ate4dnll. Good
itl41 dMa.


Round Trip.
fsle daily.,
fifteen days.


Round Trip. Good ten
Oais. On sWe Tueieula.l
mhiL TLuru.y (moI\,
ubly In oUt'fl's.



OW Wle thrh Atlass iA CbasUlaoameor Columbia aed AieitlUe. *LAnd'or the
SISMe PSMO S wlts h Se ovw J ras latIo St. Louts. Two rtnas daiUy from
p1v a01' afwl U it WralWsl aib meatala Ad aSumounT resort pointtaIn
WTOR OiS lpN01. o eis M as As oppousihy to v da thIe lrernst
W.M' M WI fleW b wasasa a 1 mass s whole te tip e an be make
...R Pw wp m_ Qg" Trw. L TO owelrO,, t Helhia4S1. *Le.
,, etVas Na I..m..u, Mfleas et., oeWuulir frliAed .ulon
Sl|Masas e J J.C. LUioK.
fltuhs sPMamWW Awses 16 WntS Isp 15. Jsoheosvln.. Pl.

71A,.i :
an 0* a'.^^&^MIEK1B,^^ I~^

I- Air Line Railway

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
Sington, Baltimore, Phila-

i. delphia, New York.


Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


n Only Line Operating
3u il Through Pullman Sleperw from Jacksonville to New Orleans
Ul ialomaio sad steper e rations llo agent aboard o
"AsU* .,n O Pmosl PMar Agot, Ppmengir Ament.
ittRft. I a
. '. 'G a i

.1r i tlle & Gulf Railway Cmpany
Time Table la *nee Jauly v. 1908.
*Ira S U, i- .. -w- -- T - .WI... %.r-- .a



lAr. PM
a*f a s
... "e.a.

* as.. *
* .. .. .4.

8 2D

m..... ,
*e ... **

* fl0* A**

.... ...
8. .. ..

I 10
5* .

An good

as any and better than mog V
Made of itliopt)l ad HltI
aud OT ILIC,.

Per Barrel........
Per Dozen.......


=------ --* *..u |

Mathuhek Pa ,


t piano for this rvianr .mat. *U mia lt
tsea loler than otters. conatrueed
eas Bmaterlils. aSd moss artne '
w orkmashlip obtalnal. e
t'P todate n aver
detail and Un*- ,
Sold by us contluiously oet

without a single failure. If won
want a piano for a lfetimOe
lnrlee bug the
Iatlxhuhle k. T.
Pree as low a Is *oMtSaat *Wb qusil
Cat or os ay termL. ient On is dC'
tritl. We per frelblt. Wrie
for pweei TODAY.

Ludden & Bates

Southern Music Hos,
GAITHER 8 BRYAN, State Ag'ts,


National, State and Congression.
II Ticket 1904.

., 1,i,

,' .;.
,. ."
. ,* .'.|;

*' ,"i,


* 1,


Presidential Electors.
0. F. Bflum-Franklin county.
Geo. K. Robinson-Marion county.
Oeo. H. Holme-Blrevard county.
0. A. W. Wendell-Uadiden county.
A. M. Cushman-Alaehua county.
For Governor-lion. M. II. Uscfar-
lane. Hillsboro.
BScretary of State-John F. Horr,
Attorney-Ueneral-Fred C. Cubber*
ly. Levy.
Comptroller-J. L. Skipper Polk.
Treasurer-E. M. Brellord, Dade.
Superintendent of Publio IJntruI-
Slon-W. It. O'Neal, Oranle.
Comamilioner of Agriculture--J. S
Rowley. Putnam.
Railroad Oommisioner H. *,
Riebie. St. Johnas.
Justlee Supreme Court for term of
sit yearl-W. B. Sheppard, beambil.
Juaitoee Supreme Court-O. 8. Fart,
1e n *. %- *

i" ''',


*, ,


-'.1' *'




. **.e ....ei hIltlEid s ,,ea p
....... ..Irvylno..........
SO..... ..Ms nt, ,,.....
...... .. *i,.... ...
.*e**9* c.II S OikIs.*a..e.......

....@ .. 3 smogo~ *....*.
.i l... .... W.t..........0
. *.. ooky Pot. 0..g
... ..,.W.nh..ts......,..

...... a n e i.... :

... _e--lk--- i
*** SEW.* U. *- U SE****



7r 77,,




t reunion W11 Ia
*/ Held Ins Mb11ie.
*ry, Ala., Oct. ?7.--Dr.
Scomvlutnder tA the, Alatlrn
.Lf Unitd Monm of CI(llfuliral
bhem iuuet4 hli uril r or ti
M reunlon, to be Ihld N',v.
JT Mobile, at theu amou tl
weralto veterans are in o
0 o ab camp is entitled to t1
for every ten active rum
edfoer every traction tber

Ma ry Kate Prince, at Moibil
pipolated maid of bonus
Mary Rich and Loulise '
hI sanme city, malds of hone
l O4r l sligmed by Com )nwmur
d by WillI T. iMhehan, adj
chief of staff.
.e rtling of the division wl
I Temperance hall and. wl
over by Commander Owe
*int budness on the moral
I$5t will be, after prayer t
yluoa chaplain, Rev. W.
li Ouateraville, reading ordet
t Shehan. Committees wl
heard and appointed and tl
declared rMdy for bustnes
Idward M. Robinson. of Cam
1. Dixon. Mobile, will dellvY
of welcome. tl which Ho
S erews, of Monltomery, wl
Am nual oration will then he d
Ib Hon, William B. Bankbea
vlle, on "The IAte and Cha
AI0 Jobhn Pelham."
Sa41 freoroon lesilon reports t
will be heard and ofllc
On the second day the son
W part in tbe parade.
spieral headquarters for the d
'will be at the Battle house. I
concerning hotel rate wl
by Captain John. F. Power
There will be a public r
On the evening of the 15th an
the evening of the 10th. I.s'
lay select sponsors and mal
reunion. Trie railroads hay
d fte of t cont a mile .
er Owen la quite entbus
Satbout the Mobile meeting. H
II-Ms hard at work all the yo
pla's1 matters of Importance an
ia to make a number of ne
as In his report. Amen
thilan he thinks that "the tim
ose when the dividlon asiould b
Into brigades, anil will re
ai orgapination of three br
I, and will recommend organist
d| three brigades to e: race th
Uthr, middle and southern se
i o fthe dtvlmlonm"

* *' ** .*. .". . .B-.

T. Trenton, N .. t .-' a resul
iM of the idau IaiitLe4 frfmi tbIarsut ATo er'h ul; &e t1 4. rni. so ifo t ; c bto a
' cal t nagres 1 h l. i, Quiney,I .ll. 1 1C Lrt' co r, Y 1 .-.';k.I a a eo m
hi 0. OsWore. heti keeper of the Now
Ii Jersey State prisn, In this city, haa & t LUN
A4 aniaUnceo bhis Ilerminatoun to tn nau
3 surate radialrn rformns
WI One of the changes to be n adro the
Sthtl abolish Ih4u 141,tf ,inthfer'on, ars pun.i
wt IWhmnt for infraction of t e prison
1rule, ,and the slifh.i.tion of a w1IiN -a
lighted llA well entlatfd cell for I k .
r, such offTu.der. The p rioneri placed .e-
lt in ulIsary confinement ia this way
r, will be chained in sul h a manner that
e0 they will lie) ti stianting during the
u bours whu 3I nwbther priuonwrs are at For Sale by Johnson Bos .. Ga5es'le
ill tification tl n will he attopte4. TC

Saves Two Fron Death. nAtlantic Coast LL
0L "Our little laughter had an almost FOR ALL EARTHLY PINT
by fatal attsok of whooping cough amnd
R I bnrehltis," writes Ms. W. K. Hal.v viaJ T I
'r land of Armouk, N. Y., "but, when Dusa apos 1 t ***
all other remedies failel, we saved her o.Jr oJVa Y OWJww TWM
b life with Dr. King's New DisovWery,
.Our ee, who ha d ousumpuon I apid Tfn t a nd Unu m erie
'3 q advanced stage, alsoh eedthis wocTime Tablele *Iegs.
' derful medielse and today she Ic per- Time Tbiea o .1O ,6.
U .eatly well." DpWa hoat R and or OAIBVL
ill loan disease yield so lr. Krins' New - - -
lDiWsoovery as to no other medclne on Bu4Ap Hah prap i s Od I.tler- ao
Search. Infallble for soughs and colds. Dally mediate PIta .....
S50e and $1 bottle gurnmteed b ly all l
d druggists. Trial bottles free. AOpm O O. LeabNn ad ip, t WA
&r Daily sLtemesb o PlrS 1*,3
I The. th1l. Iaawrmph. uiM himw, Piah 1in,
(W It 1i a in'xt etraithrdlhianry (thIn that i$hm D. q r
N somut t(t our uA ost ugwesful novellates Dolily soa on ad West
ni cannot uru out a mewpaler paWra- 1am Nl I Nghl Sp tlp, Wsgemlm, Iisa sha lmw hIh
graphic to suave th ir lhtea. In most Iyi Alban MUiAlta, all. ~o11 aO111 Nl W
di novel there is Isoiww 'e or other on 0-----,--- ----
, a 0uKhit H ltltitinS lltlipptig (nltm a Uews t ilpa!
i pain'r t,.'irliig Ulon the events under Bohel, M ipf ud Ol
i mtrIr itlo, jitm lu Iii m10ty asm oulit of a lly ..
%immmlradln t gla ln tter lihat niaki ilmu t the .






Saved His Life.
V. Dfte.porr. Wino,. Ky., writes.
14,l110o: "1 want to telJl you 1
SBallard's Snow Liniment saved
b. I wa" under the treatment of
nItonro, and they told me one of
h'apT was entirely gone, and the
b adly affected. I also had a
I.t my side. I don't think that I
have lived over two months
I was Induced by a friend to
jlard' Snow Liniment. The
lflplation gave me grnat relief;
ns eat botloes cured me eound
1 I. It is a wonderful medicine
Ureommend It to suffering hu-
eWe, 0. $1.00. Sold by W.

Sighted fhwmian Uattlesh'pa.
niod, Oct. 27.-A steamer which
arrived here reports iglhtfng on
4 mOrntna. 60 miles northeast
-ant., four Rualan I battlehips.
ai d a half hours later the same
or"r Ilghted ihree other batlo-
some cruisers and a transport.
4t 4:30 In lhe afternoon she saw
torpedo 41bats with a transport,
t alWirlng o 1011tuh'l2.

White Ordered to Leave.
UMtgom, ry, Ala.. Oct. 1.v-A o r.
comess from (Irent llli,' that Ii,
country near Owatsa. a number
SWkhite people' have revwelved notice
leave the country. Note'. wore
SOg atep p4istW sgivin flthe warning.
Mother ncalghborhood right of thlieo
were left. I, iN also reported
Stnau haie been received by no-
SpaIcke! in cofMin. at a" many at
railroad stations to the neighl

Can You Eat?
S. B. Taylor, a prominent merchant
Chriesmian, Tex., say. "I could
tt because of a weak stomach. I
all strength and ran down in
9t All that money could do was
y but all hope of recovery vlan
iiiid U..-.-.... . ,....ja fltt

"clljppintj" in uwot unreal. 'rbe truth
o(f Il inI.itter i. Ihnt all the training in
the' worlM will not entable< A man to
write. In this masiginer unless hae
leeni ilthroug~h tlhe will and lhad sll the
uitnI ilJ4' dekld il by ll*t retuorselne-
nitlitliilor. r 1Ova1~ ists nlOut have
tlhi r rwl nium'rilit likicklI anud 'houp ivl
mbi1t by tli nmkillfii exeitutioner,. ind
i lhIr g eu.l. Iw'mlailwi-r c llpilingP are
i a.e' of v. hat theu real thing Is not-
Joutrtmialt.i .
Th. T*ure plik* re.
IJttwe'n u Ih" your'' 1tW4) nAI 1940 -In
ntuw r:nr'Pe lm us v er' isaIle fit)r the
ernatiniii i f turlp!k,. litt tite' 1nt11ed
Htpi te Tt. r,. h-tel e.n fv* iv renl nle-
ce.4, thi lim .-si tihir4 turtispIke Itn Pelnn-
sylvinliii., ntl 111the n lS911 to1iiaitle oth-
er projects. Inl I11 Nei"w York hnld 13T
cl rtered ruiads, with a total Ii gth of
4.;mMi uitles, anil tfit' nlu ruaa iluirtid to
build the'it anuimn,)nl to T7.1J.000. An

S .D.vI S. a.


' oSefl. rMeter
m t ,
DR A, 0. IT B.4

Alt l

p '*


,.Tl 'I. i

R Pleae
eIpft tfallW iis la th Sathag

J.A. 0 w0. IWS AWsm. lmn I.
0W l,, WSmLaabSW pL
Sf Asttor Bi~lur at utKX.





erm of 4iitinnl ijggirn eIiif HMI ut Ul1L1U11IN ZCralA C-
nroat uilMinig roliweil tahi jiwri. but THE ONLY CH ARTFERED IN A V. 0
the raual promoter* nd milroad men
hadl lt uimrithy advncn thit Capital. ....... .......*.aigt...** .. eoo 00
slheu'ma. They w.'re cooaldrcpql Inmsai ne
whfea they inlusted that the mountalM rpld d o 00
and phdin coitld Ie conquered by thSupuse Pr.
means of trantsporttion. ure.s emsMlvey rl al s M
Cures Winter Cough.
J. E. over, 101 N. Main St., Ottawa, BB=.tT1ARiu
Kn., writes: "Every fall is hu been
my wife's trouble to catch a rseveren AIN TILLS FATORITE
cold, and therefore to cough all winter RESORT
long. Last fraill I got for her a bottle
of Horehound Byrup. She used it and .--- .
has been able to me, soundly allP
night long Whenever the cough achua Pool Parlorst W RLD'S r
troubles her, two or three dome s o
the cough..and she to be apan$ ____"____

touled in the Portk DI89, u&L 8 b Isg m s
aide wa,. Thrme Auln ,bl
REDUCTIO Good ad ompt 0am ereem
i ervioe. The pulbpae to eoedillay ravlsed Vtop ef, gam- m
,,. -,,,and al.ay w e nd
,uV V' fl and*ik ^i*tit~- t& t~

au a iA

1. . .

ain. S RANFER rn .
Haing CerrGroe sad CvprWtrNee
bought the r*b*ee* P.a.i.t sW
G ^ A IN jA VIn.l. FIAML.A.
stock of The O V L
ware and Seed : i EveryDar.
.- iDe-1 DUvereda to All P su of City.
Company, we m .
will for the S | -
next Thirty The Florida
Day, sell Fruit and Truck Grower

Any Goods in the Store at Cost. L.J. SBUiBV, ier amrad rr,i

p ,



'2 j''

* * ,,r~

. v ..

*7 I,

4 wTh
I j



Smo atas msurta: I q

uam Resigk, lezlagtom d
Free mMilnSg bar le ism eahn 4b
leeplat earm Jaekuaovlle to SI &ro, 1.a m N 'm mip :
Foldeas, rti tce ., Ieea rfal "ti '.ii'
mlia*ed pas Mpphales to 3. O.a soth ,
0lstret Pmeugar AfaMS, 1Us WeAt m
Bay st. Jto-Whos Via. L A"



Of All Duerimpt m. b .":'
Sto~m tll o *1m

.* >, ; i6


***e with ask .a & -I -eT wt me Ml
S(-iul ge p ants for sale. W. E. Ater a plemap visit to her sister, ,l am mi a
Nis1 MI~ wrS of Jackoivis it ur gin,,dyA, 1tOle h.Miser ome C P.r
1, Q't rn wh liuu,. I Mlk. Mils Cooze ham many frierds --Cl 10 i, Us- UII IN
I^I 4u Jn i. Cool: of New York.a well herewho are always glad to weleomen ( uq
!wti. ravnlIr.!g mar, isa t the Brown her. A T I N A
wi 11 r1 -eW. W. l'emnble of New York, one of
'as lrtrw N. u eharmljig yJuUh lady the est widely known travellunxg mten TU ULEI 3
r, U1 N si -e.tu was shopping in ithe oily in bths lase and the oraanlxer of that Tl (*5PL 1 m1 1 T'
ff Gorthell urday. fatmow order, the ^irng.O*Ta
STrainwstv r (lae departed esiter- Nh"06re0d a Ouceh Snuemes"|
Si-day fur 1t. Ilertsburg and other polite hrIlghkout he1 eaonIry, wea at the
c .il at oil- offilelal builnes.. Brown How aYserdsy.
ft A. New York.) For iale aere good Bimpson s. Op epocat ofi the reunlon of the
In jr canp mulmbl lfor sed orgrlodims. Usnisg Ocfesdese Vetera$s In Oatsl
wey. 401 And h- a im* ea ly I oNymmber, the Seaboard Air
an M* madSwWanted-Three niuwly urnlahed Lime wql sell ikets from O1alseville
nir__we rmoms, on. en enloy aB i by three go 0a sad nrstun on (t. 51 mS4
i Two Das Only. younM. P " . .Nov. Isi edsetag wNov.. I, at $1.10.-
-----yr q -is W. H. Powell at for abl.IeIS An endatl opponuly to vit the
of Arcber have returned to their home griegy h
ni after a brief lust pleasant visit to rle Cu
isivest 31 r. and Mrs. M. SB.usiedn., Se sOs.a.Obb,' the isMle t sss tof thei
i this L ity. a ed Air Li e Isthishs ely, hm e re" 1 F. G. $asnpsom, the big orange .grow 'Mae, oa S. 14alsi, Pe ome sla sd

uwlu nState.wastranesettax p bsines gv Ithi weeksamd Isis ..edess so add that eswte reeve she voes
relny yesterday amy hm elpo bhise trip i mmeasely. He M usi eal.I w9 v pes a s l, 0 5
lytahas ealfS to wr le a .s.ries ofa ntOra me
Mrs. J. it. Whit of OMts, after ele r$ blidl aim stf. Om hissif ^
SF CITYV AND ysit-P- o tr. Gad Mn. Afbh ojounIM6DoOlMu C sek the ass s,.a..a. P400 SSwms $ w
CGIT AND ...... I ,
Jackson In this city. departed reser- Fair" Sad haal 6"09dtoero .b. Ses ra^ss. w ma Mieas 1W
MOE do for Wade. where she will spend a mit the ptatblte n It s The Son. Ts UfATWfAL TOLUT 100 fla I "
S N E 1 U Ufew days with relatives. friaMide this pfialt ong man are te 1
Mr. and Mrs. W B. I. lviere *and so glad to woole him heme spin,
"Os ljturstq Oe. Ocar of High Springs pi ed through h se Bes m lobby has been
Lhe elly yesterday e route home free father qute der iag his atabeee. C :
Iy- vur W Jsoksoaville, where they have* hpe
on a vialst to the carnival. They wre hd to Mee Mr. Ce*son rwNTITH OBNTU wT
AND 800IAL ITEMS well pleased. T... e w. den. e of he
The' ** I.ry s eplMandn of Th e | eti4 eeas W tas PU ow
S, After a couple of days spent in ibthis Timeceae, edr date of the ith f
ppNm*d andWhmteIsiseleC n elty on oftil business Deputy Sh r- tast. .sps iyIasn Coon&Co.Mir a a. have - m ."- i
TeMd I n Shft Par.graphe II. J. Lee lSokes etunsed L) his b bought the larwn of W. L. Taylor A& th e Ca tig I
He We Runs May Radw a" Mle-anopy yesterday. Oer Stoke CS ., m Vol stores opiaten at .Stphe-.
Et1 *^. proved of valuable assistanee In work vile. Whey are ir wn of e- ofwa etm- li,
S1ing p the Chamberlia murderer and hesr las Ilan Taylor e*mmy, sal aman lape l 0900 the e4
Wtl CaSmas & NaH. bringing him to Jlst., suad deserves esItuosmly lbio. PWer M. ol
D. Watkla is In Jackson. to be congratulated for his cleverness ,, te general ladt k rbal, ,uwI.
In the work. mate with a hearty weleomeas he a s i
papers form sle as 'he tan Hon. Henry 8. Chubb, rieever of slly tenUmsloosegn*odeO m of moy d i
g.40 the United States la d oce,. is on a nd metes bauisi a .. .." 8 ness1- e0 "1ame 4 me H
% Wonderful Salve for sale brief but Important political visitto to fa he ha s ele
Pl. N0oulum & Co. Joklaosville. ina that siy h. m e t A 1 l Iow!.
labekbum of Livf Oak is r g. H0on.! .C. Coombs national 0m0 I I f YO1K a ee!.fr*nw
S sthe BrowA House. mitteeman on the Republiso ticket. pwdbyai l
Nary Strabhar has retained Mr. Coombs makes ib home In Aps. M b tMr ftatOw
|51ghtful visik to friends In laW locla, where e-bhas lrge milli ag i w l *
tf iand mercantile interns. iof& C K F TWbook '
J. L. Kelley and Mis Williams In lreent issue of The Son it was |
Wi d from a visit ito friends announced that the Earnest Workers' V by toy, xift
Sik lle. S 8oecty of the Presbytorlan f harl h ChMuumub* 111"'t.
eat-Soore Royl Cook former. would hold their entertainment *oIn-t. e fw
.'-AddreRss Thomaor sv o. Ieeomber 22. This was an error,- as Majepu- S RADsy
ille. the soelty is arranging December 2 Wi nga Ie4 -bo
_ale-Seeond-hand Denmore as the date. Inasmuch ma all enIter- ---- W- b. t- s- b- II
her. Will be sold cheap. Ap- talaments given by the Earnest Work- .a wil ma e (
sleoloe. tf erns prove most enjoyable, aih o- Vilsit Our "Celdy hpertmlt." meroe mi.m eo e la
IX H. Slaughter, a promlment camion Is being looked forward to with The bMth
or MNeanop. was transactlng a great deal of Interest and pleasure. Meat the
J a this eity yesterday. Mrs. J. A. Ammnons departed B.tI a 1-4, ,,4 i
r Joh Lars on of High Wed eday to seine- a stok of goad. WE AnRE SHOuWING I w oo_ ..
Ii spending a few days "tak- for the store which she expects to open Tif*an^ gf fiy adep
tbe ights of the earnval, about the middle of November. She .An. up.todate line of ..ob thh St IB i
to fail. has game to Jaokwno expect to handle ladles' ady-to. 5 0e. ^ s a tles
she wil e h gusof wear garments, novelties and speetala tMfarti. ln f M tM|1
M Co. darin the .p.ree t ties i,, lade. weara she will also rleal.. lin f lM w "Wf n- *I rs
olem "o- --"-- t-+ ----bring bak choice elect Iton of holi. iLISU D DUIlUI 3U ek rte rM iss- as oIted l 's l sp|
t--One n y furnse day good.. She will continue to take s lM
. t-One aweely furihe measures for ltdi.' .uits nd JackesI iiWAoeIohl Mr. Ibra.M at shle
ms c..o..eale. locio l. ,when she will have opened her ele-, gant .UU isUlB l. IeEm"a t
[Apply 88 East Liberty street. new store on Eeat Liberty street. ilure e lS e p Mies *A a

L : I ,'T
S ,. 1\..', ,

. ,

lsee oee. tf Amonig the visitors to this eity yes- p55r, pWepred t mi e Mpi.: .
t Joll n Robinson of KeWt Flor- terday wasThos. Johnson of Micanopy, The diaslay will be ,a"dw, tEl. *M" o fh P illN -oS -
ItaIry Is spendlln a day or two one of the molt widely known rel-i. T hedislauy early (erees ule. MB ess.
Is parents. Mr. ad Mrs. M. E. dents of thateetion. Hle has Just i. and thoe gPil V j *k aueaums ade-t ,
e, l Jaeksoeville. turned from St. Lool.s where he speat sty le and patterns shown A p eg i ,
0J6:1 ZaEsieer Thos. On of several days taklng la the sights of the will be worth a vlsit to our ,theMe ad.o, W," W
ta Ooat LIpe. with head- great World's Fair. John has. ore. The p4roe WiU be elab djoun .e ima se
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