Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 26, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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iS" 'i, ' i. '
I'.,, .,N~ a"r~t Ui't ,R I! ..a
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bSA two* Swefbt
t eels'. ban,.. .-.

bUbeh 4 the T"e
P hsa. aW sp yee m
aum," -" te

AP0,'S qp.o b'bern,

^ ~ ~ ne J m m-or o
B^Ur~ 's.' ,* 'g* 'e im .0.

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H i,;' 74 : , ** |; ;
---- .. ^.. *, Mt *,-- . ^ .,
!w_, h._ l M ,,tRa

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at tle
AW^W st *
ag' Jt-llf

....TI i':r .' r, "i' ThIr .

*to 4aU or itry *to
WP .A ,faiy ,, ret:w, an ru
Il ot&. rm elvei by the]
B,,0e 0* Ni'w YTok hotel, Oa up..

~t. b hostelry, one of
mmh oatry. .Wre.
..tot. W a>dr aotlinal b,. an en.
*5@S' .ltrmlrwi were to0 that the
'1* .* e"isiby 6 the A brtasttg of
Sieif light globe, but ,t new do.
B ^ l s q. a fitSA tb The Herald, that
--h..,oel .u,'-b blackmailers having
nl ... .,tW" Out their plan, aet o
i ."* Ut flge of sloe exploilve out-
-,.a... ,..ei priewitor's apartment a otha
.... ahtIt oor of the hotel,
i.. ER I T.Il r~too@ puollce theory pontea to
titii ,the i l l ttalIt as the work of anme em.
jgib" o et hel pers or the kotel. Hall
Btn esem i lty detectives bavn been or
n wor oa the aeo for om rcdayp. When
s j"S.t of glt.- the So0ed letter was recel*ed they
le.i.a .man to appear like the
M00.a4 ed t e l proprietor and hid him follow
S iBl' he le ttet writers' tatructlosa, drop.
Sag a pac!ag supposed to eontalin
E Sfl birtt m % v 1 0*ta 2 lawt The detectivesa
w'Se w arted for several hours where
:" i ',, iie tal theMy qoult oebsert the neighborhood.
but S* o t appeared to take the letter
..--, the .-at day a ftah threat was
Eu e a mw l IC stating that the e waa
Rpen to the writer.

Committ ee.__
,.* but a vgnM daysa New York. Oct. 25.-A statement
' o hapy. ..Owl was givea out by the Democratic a.
iitte tr1t 1 toal eaftimttee, after a con ultato.
.b a ntWr mier 1 ,btwioa Thomas Taggart, chairman;
u9l04b8"4 Writ 8heehan. chairman, of the
W wi-ll hen a blade *. eative copnijttee, and l eLancey
O mr'0, iad the ilokl. vice chairman of the eSal. It
real lty ,u -the i.- y
"We have made no fortal statement
concerning the political siltuatlon be-
I I** taib- a-.--*.. t

C! ees w *^ costia
i itsa for ( se ontrue
t W* at w bietw Ariesa and
S"n Ithe* Heraldds Ltpa'. ta
m. ,iMdeit. It it provided
0thi 0ao empemr Will act as
t in ae of diftcultiy Iinl.e*
S..liaea of the trety. General
lon over the agreed tt is felt
Ii-.e govetrowitnsit .r-iOlve
te inidemanity of *10,00o.4t*,
I'.casxil Iia the &iA utrtwt itf.
HHMMil~ikta IAf Rho*MI*Awt*K.&K a Aana.L4a.. 1

iwY lUU hUit ubecuIW tie ER WI-atrIEI
06on which alone a correct judgment
OOad be formed were not at hand.
"u0r 1elSorts during the past three
month, have been devoted to the task ,
of organlinlg and harmoanisnlg the
party In, tboh states hllterto rmnstld
ered doubtful by icJaoun of former dis-
sesikons. That work is now flnlihrd.
4d it lai po&tllle for th fin trt tliun
to reach. a CoPt(lloll inu 1 H1 ti11)1i1
systeiatic .fCtv b' wlirh can nq: 'r r
be satibracie ily i iad i nisil t s r t
'igailatlon .A complitrd and th camrn.
palms has wqll progrned.
at A- ... -t _- -. a ., j66 *-; .



pruubabliplaces wlere gau ore in) Iht
be deposited,
At present the lagle Rtvr~iilnlngti
company own3 valid title to nine
claims, arnd ac tically ans four more.
Theae thirrfl clalmn cover an area
of about 2i0 acres. A crew of 3. men
Ia constantly rnmployed. night and day,
the mill of the crumpary being opeat.
ed by water power, and will double itfa
capsaIty Jan. 1. The company do"e
its bauklng hosnnesix in Juneau.
On authentic authority oiarmn of 970(1
per share have been made stockhold.
era of the company. and the stock is
now rated at $1SU) per shabare.


Convicted Murderer Hangs Himsolf in
His Call.
New York. Oct. 25.-Frank Gustaf.
sea, a convicted murderer who today
was to have been sentenced to death
In the electric chair, committed sutl
elde during the night by banallg him,
self la bin e4l In the tombs.
On the night of June 1, last, Gus.
tafseo abet and killed his wife.

Freight Train Kills a Man.
Norwood,. a.; .Ot. 24.-R. It.% Nelo,
cashiler of thie Bank of Norwood, found
te body of a negro lying acros sthe
ialtroed track mangled and bleeding.
The negro had jumped frum the train
and his body was hurled beneath the
rapidly moving cars. the negro only.
lived a few. hours, dying from his va-I
rious wounds. The negro was idontil
Red Sunday woring'las Florence Mat.:
titiws. The corloner Jury found that
the negro hail rome to h!s death b i
being rutn otr by the freight linesin
Norwiidl at 7:45 p. mi Satu8rday.. T.,
tl"y was hbrrilly rnMnnll"d. bot)l ;V,-4
bIetang cut iff at it"? kne,. Ther, wa o
a large' hoi 0 hi his .d. w hrli w in !
probably Love caiued hais ,aili

Heavy Proat Hurts Crops,
tvingston. ;.a., o, Oc h ,nv;.
fro.t, Was Blc'1 h're tuilti.l. ',
atlletent to iinjure to i n a ril e'ci hii,
tentsit all tm Ilate tropl. Couon.I
n la ia ik l ramia . .. . I

bile Lumber company, which was SaW
of the finest band saw mills In Alha
baaa, was destroyed among with 00
os and outstructures.
Nearly 1,000,000 fet of oak and l...
prfes lumber were consumed aloag
with the wharvres in frant of the coam
panysa property. S:x workmen's,
hoses, a school house and other sman
buildings at the adjoiplng mill of Hub,
bard Bros., were destroyed, and ti
Louisville and Nashville railroad track
was burned for hundreds of feet. WhIt
heavy lead of telephone and tele
graph wires. Three nearby mills
were repeatedly on fire, but the coast
gration was successfully fought by
their employes.
The are commenced at II o'clock OS
Saturday night and burned for 8V4
and a half hours before It was unde


Government May Change l*rection O
Preoent Action.
Savannah, Ga., Oct. 25.-bWhe the
Innocence of former Captain Oberlt
M. Carter. of the United States army.
hka been proven, as his attorney, Hotr
ace 0. atone, of Chicago. now here
to take evidence, declares it will be.
the government will shlft it*. ult
against thl possessions of Carter and
seek to recover from the estate of R.
F. Woetcott, father-in-law of Carter,
The action against the estate of the
Inte Wencott will be based, t to saimid,
UPon alleged relaiions between WO6Oa
eft will be based. It -in sAi. upon *l-
leged relations between Weatcott and
liable for the amounts secure d frok
the government by fraud.
It Is sahl to bp, certain that. i'arter
ewtaBli It tf [ l innorense&. an Mr.
8 (on < :*itnvi aedl hie will do the ps-
prnn, i- v, 1! pric< <('d ag naInst the
W'e-teoud .ta!e

Father Kills His Child.
{' i] t t, i ., 'i *..- t r" : 'irl
tihel 1 rii 'r' 4,l., 1 C.' Jli,. wl t v J:' r'
aides qtiu1it 10 miles from here. while,
-_ Al ... .. .. ...' ... ... i -- i Lh.-l.- ablt?

I ,


. ... .W M.




le t
fr i












t0R abowa that soareel inyweft VML UIMN AO UR S
here a trace of dlisesio, whiob, LL UGllGO UUUU '
the piut elt years, has ahapl- .
Ivided IT eUlc li v '
S&the mata oflNew York. Ne HI HNORFULNe Vi
Or Co"aelolIt, l IdiIas, Maryland,
war* and West Vlr nia, ad I Nob of iTy 1 Tb Y
r ofthe mweeni tte ar oS. o o T V
a. is Mow Po n mpleates pes Os Ngro.
1# than ever before In the blaory
e party, Candidate I*r iWe TYAK EN PROM POLICE STATION
who iand for the very highest
of eltlmskhp s*ad rfprelt po NegrW Pr pre er F 4 a O
best Demerats w lell lose 11 %1 0Xi
* 4 caW state are pet y a&d- Shp Is Viite0d Ly a b D ef
the Unatinl ktilk by their "o*f- *Rd""* M Who Wreak sma...1
Sspesig VengeaML e.
Pir eauvse shows tit wn *atl
anly emarr yby o mjorttUes the NormtAk, V.. Ott 35-Oeorg y-
n or New York. New Jersey, Cm ouMt, a eTO poprletor oof a *
leit Maryland. Doelware Wet 48n oyster shop la the suburbs.
Il" lad tadiaNi, sad that In* d. Urkele, wa taken early tlu gm ,1
, to the" loetorl tvte wi tI from the pollee station wfpr. w,
I %ave thi majority. itf at all otf WM SlMd, by a mobk of S maoes
platepal vot of the R y om. mea sad lyehed.
tae It se inpossible at ,th Blount had been arrestnld atq"i"
tre to ril1t the outeoe la ssbpt for striking T. D. Holomaa
anD Berkdley policeman, Ba the fce with a
hliDto guat alom be eaeaed a the lighted lamp. badly burning him.
* ohft. Aw although at this T otcar had gone to BDlrs
our ate a evase them sla pr Plo to arrest the n aro, ee *X a O
l is saGuclalU advaoeW to la refund the officer perm s u to I
a a m0l4tWakable Repubhila ** tlr. The attack eo' thestatisa
oL." made whoa but one oieer was oa dal
i- ad he wa compelled to give up the
OWN ALASKAN MINt. hkas at i6 point of a pistol.
I .-.-----.. '*the mob slxeid Blount sad arril w
ms, Sma Cmnsy ItereO Iee S lt Imlnto Hardy's field, a sort NL'-
Ute Kiedikeq Regien. tasce Rwy, where be was beat" io
ulme. Ut, 0 t S.-4everal stondes death with some blount ltruiment
adrift Ia Meen centering armoud aid then shot.
street return of Prosident T. The mob dimjpraud, and the adther
ary, of the U agle ARter Miaing tles declare thiy knew noAe ofl ti
Pary, and Dr. H. A. Johnso from pa tie ioants.
ka. Blornt baa been for many ean a
liaklng that the gold of Alsnka nago -Republlean leader, and at o s
not' asl buried la the Klondike, a time held a position in the Kforlk
F of. Maofn taeuUemei formed .the, ay yard.
le lver tiu 6ll company about
IVr 50o, capitaliled at O110.O00. MUCH LUMBER DESTROYSD,
r the law, of this state. for the
oas of mining in that strip o0 Large Amount of Property SurNt
Ka whichlies bqtwcn Canads and Loss Not Known.
Pacific cost. Agents of the Molble, Ala., Oct. 25,-Actual .g
pany atudled the general mining uresare not l obainablo of the lossI ,
lion of that section of Alaska, ures are not obtainable of the lo m
s vfere bonfht up near Jneaii. this city early this mor,,lng
a prospectus was taken of thu Th whole of the plant of the Me'


C' ll:

' '' r'a .. i |..r '
"A Vi
,^ *,. *1

rT II-7

& I 6-"m 4 r


e t..n'-liat ra,^ t w
t i" 1 'A

ow, t The t .t' .
inam l6t h ak
m for the
Wo,..iis ald.wap

...i ...r. .e . .
04, t i t i"It h. .

atod to .o doww
!i I~ ~ o r.'nO S' t,' '.p'
li.. /ti I IL~ml~~~ pwanl mil i '

4 ft

niwm We' A| Wb ,' *. a"
f ,. :.a.,..... .... 1' *h "" iB

hOfto "a to which, *

vowa ".aw .sp
1 sJt t 19frta ltat h og

o ap Ts th I
el WU.w o s "a '...f

*..hwv 0)wP." ,

M 0 "'.n RQ0l wan ds m
VRSdO i!ar41 s4 heio oIs
i': "' n ,.tl- Ises ', t "he b i

t '.f P.1 w eM .

iritoset bener &

7 0S As tachiW

",t *51 beooo Wlry.s
both sew"
bLAibl SWIht.. Lther i, o
-n .ltt ial v Hirif ,;it i als- b i-.

V, phhw, Vie ,
nina aw.
t4' -m t ts lsabe, wtte
pI6*:0 Oi mt e Wt. y

,,v:ii, niS, they be with
t wa 'sh

,',,et k bi l aa tdl dte
*r^l'"^B^^'^T ^* ^^ ^ r-^ w w ^^
X^ .~^--J^c-^ 'rtiM M ^ Jhf~t J 1' C1'1




7 r~-3> -



r for..




TbI $We b PiTSmS.

All Preffles, Newest Styes

Our regular Fall and Winter
Opening will take place

fN'o-vem'ber 2 n.d

I -



hs a._w _r_.ow mUl _an I am________._ __ _ _I
- t- *" . ...w ..y .d o s m. lL f- "- 'W , S, *,, '4*W W--m piF Wu- r - frWn-V--'-- - 1 - v^ a -
oMto el ir tb 4 e T...for. . ..... .
N 6 Ing raiwelb thasthey. ,of. 01br the amepapFail! sad Wister a .el lelt eof bSd a"nA graftd
ift% Ale oI to ta inm to U"All TL el stmada vr ea suet as havesa -o reeordV he
awt boals &l tobearm bid t Ftmi. .4- Frult.s OrnaIentIals Etc. Ciatalhe nad "Gaide t ,
.. W. f ,MInIer kMlad Nue Medh irWl Pmas Cultune" ew. ai i I a a I I .
snr uor... M0 l ad Q.A lSLUE Sl BS HI. & GRiVES, Proprier, CIUIES3ILLE 1,
Less ,4 a .much as .,ee. .e __tr
l r th ert ar e V tokl -- -
",rtswo sewoe's or /ar
,B. iyl.,s prominent marrehan 235 W. Bay St, JACKSONXVLLE, FLOkIU A.
.of dOrt4ssa Ti.. s s: ** "I could -- ,
a* tw "emnw a weak stomach. I ('elrally ated4, thleroulily palrel amnd nenvated. Newly ftrarlked.
let lit *Usngth ind ran down in European Plan.
wlht. All that money colM dow",: .A o S3-o-P=--et
d.s, St *hll hope i of rncoere y ....... 'LO.a..SW, Proprietnr,.
Hlearis of ofme gonde rful .... m
64W n..d_6 by u ,e o( Kodol Dm W 2.en in3. leed. of
ppepA reO, I oonede to try Idt. The L
.t4 boUle bleaiold me, *and after
Wtlin but bottlel I am fqlly restored.
to a slluat siM6s6 h 86 gbt e adt
ed edo! PynIpela Oar* digests 1 I '
.ea, s ead Sei. ooI Ord by alle
... e........ ._ r O wc.ez..t o. .
b, th of Lady 5low
.S"r.-.aeke. nwi. THE SUN JO B O FFICE.1
.et a, Hon. t irCharles Wentwirth .
Dit, died suddenly today at her "-
Mate la Woklin, She was born
.iblp S. 1O. Latdy DUkel died a the L AND TITLES...

A WaMLt. i
*0Ms3" sa the man who bad nTently The o q T le jfrrat oulelderatHn for the ieat*.
Mdh bh to urtih pt!. age to the at-
.miahl altar: *"I cat that mar- Title is what you pay for when you bay land; therefore,.
Spo. a nihure. know what you are buying.
.O6f etores at." 'joind his bae.-be
I(. f0l$d. **With you It is Mwely a
haWbt."-pfiliatph inquir. . Titles ordinarily invisible correctly revealed to you by .
S '.(at .t!. The Alachut Couty Abstract Company,
wt haItlt? h.i Ethel ( 0 drawing -
roomaIt'p a quarter past 1 ftier. a 1le., 10fCaa.
Pather-All right. Do't tforgt to 1
tst the clock agaIan after theU yound
arn goes out to get hbm bi reakft
m -- 'a
A certain New York rIwtaran1t ba1ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY
bee faoni i for t Its blibh price. At ,
the w"tn a "an just eavig, h' (teAl
l ,paid hias h.lLn wan. iswel olear- E. E VOYLE. MGR
a Athn t r o Abstraets oTit hand ra ll ifomation furnished reng l ds s tl
chrge anthing tot tug o tr n Our manar has livrd In th r manty rijry ears *4
I_ r .tahonhughly e onvt fitl with m 1 title

meesmarl 1, 'uI..wwwuuu
Raps7Tattrs-Sa.y, boia gilme
. t ee a.'1t ea mnl l. lin ,I arts th ,.I

. "T-x:trn trr _-


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..... I su: eGain
nl .m 'V"-P-



Uty From
'1 Vation.


Slace of His Paster.
iya on a ReatL-Up-Re.
l, oule to finish up the

Inteimp'ated a visit to
flendls.of othor e'sya,
spial and wesrrn io r-
,j Having worked
wing the e ,tosi!lun
would make my vimit
seeing the sights on
SLols. I left the
and Alto1 railroad
Sthe ieastion of my first
I bAw that train did
the time I felt like a
lady .lwho aild to ai
on the platform of
gh 9ob she was trying to
p omn, "hold me; hold
L thought the train would
of Creation. I could
the old negro who,
s der stand, failed to
footed creature as it
upbraided for his act
IBMs I shoo' thought
Wtli histelt rumnin'."
has one of the best
West and an excellent
,I was safely landed
in time to get a
Ssedme dear friends.
that there are so
ad so many people
aeada. The average
loue to get there be-
Wbow, and the public
do their bet to carry
SOne cannot but fuel a
as he speeds along
sharp curves, down
et switches, through
Stowns at the rate of
my as I
Mule city, a little town
IagoW when I was
1 90tor0. and noted a few
pB wkleh had taken place.
an set out along the
towering maples and
H their limbI almost
tl he tret. Familiar
F torn down and large
bill In their places.
efleld$ had been built
i relidenaee. But theS
were to be noted
kle. Most of the old
aw then had gone into
. their children had grown
at had families of their
)ssident need hare no
t su ielde in this section

oxeeedlngly fertile. The
Sgoes to the bottom of It.
rp o the largest plow to
'Uesally great quantities
p18rin are raised. This
N an short on asecouns of
ln and batmckward ring.
claamplalt of hard timee.

i dle for almost mix
year. FIre* are kept
H: or lea regularity for
Maod, luash, snow.
rosend and such like are
unfortunate drawbeeak
r. When one adds the
winter clothing, the
ry to feed stock during
tie0ther with the addl-
building house so as to
"sold' he will find that liv-
a much cheaper. I
of groceries and found
Sbuy here as cheaply as

ri l a great State-rich
! lead, ine, some stiltver.
St flnue timber, and thous-
ty of feril, land. It
lkh two great riven, the
iO the MIssouri, a num-
tIes$, some strong men.
lovely women as ean be
a. The State is also no-
of the mnet eorrups poll-
..boodlere of the entire
eeah interested in Mr.
for governor. Hie is
b1 ele fight for honesty
In the administration of




SCOTT'S EMULSION .$ked if Florida was not I land of
swatmps. alligators and 'mcqjuitoas.
Scott's Emulsion sore aIrmers even wondered if JI
Scott's Emulsion wfr' spolsIble to raise saorn down here.
That'uestolon aroused my Ire and I
Scott's Emulsion ,xpatiatd on the land of sandspurs
Scott's Emulsion "n ihiue, thie home of the mag*
t uh111oin and the muoaking ird. where the
Scott's Emulsion p neapple and palmetto grow l0 iii
-the old story, told times hr alory, till they were glad to stop
and admire our $Starq. There are
without number and repeated thousands of people 'who need our
over and over again for the balmy olimate, and who are abundant*
lt th'rt a i y able to comer here and spend a part
last thirty years. But it's of the eano, i they only knew of the
always a welcome story to lraivae power of our auushio. I
those in need of strength and 'rounl peaole@, and others who ptio sub.
health. There's nothing in ijot o various maladies becauub of
the world that stops wasting ti*e oldt, hat were amazed when I
.; P told them what Florida had done for
diseases as quickly as Scott's others similaity affieted. The rais .'
Emulsion. Our state ha out been advertised sut-"
~WnMoYafluletRtly among these people. It
OTT & OWeXk N4 tSe .Kmv ouldi pey a GinvlltUo to gend liters-
t OWNS os k. toa e allt over the North and Woes to
let the people know what Florida has
ts uin. '"This reinliuts me," as the for the imwald. Many who are not
spider of yiarn would osy, that when able to bear heavy expenses do not
I was aM the "tXpositio,, I aw af $exhibit think it poible to make a living here.
by the it. Louis police department. hene teyr etay at home. I found
Among o:her ttiings of interest is a families willing o come South, but
large parlvas tre.tched a biit ten feet they had ben afraid of starring to
broad and ptssiibly fifteen feet high on desai, or bdg sent to the peer bose.
which are photog rahis of prouiinent The business men herb should nw that
ariminal.s causiit byi the department bhis mtioni i known by those who
and either hinfg or sent to the peni- eooldeasilybl induoed toemigrate to
teitlary. A ilrgeu toice o ufier was at ster sentry. There are many
standing near. I atked him if EJ people living In the mouataie of
flutler'. picture was in the group. I North Caitoll, 0Tenst ee* sad Ken*
was entirely inawteent. The temper- tueky, whem s Ito almost Impossible
ttire of that ofmier wet far below toskeout s living, farming oh hill-
xero in less line than I ant taking to sides so step that its impossible for
sell it. tuih a look as he gave me! I four mule to pull a wagon up them,
did not h nw but my handsome face who eould e y bo Indaeed to esttle
would be on thatt anvas if I did not In Florida d add to tho wealth of the
betw a hurried retreat. That "oop" 8tae. fleda baa o*oaglh OUnatom,
was probably one of the ging who felt eoough watr. plentyopf sand, a suB*
his nbligations to the grean boodler. otesey of poties, buts she has too few
Well. I hatv gotten away from my people. Thefforts of those who d#4
story. I noticed quite a contract be-. adrothe Stae to be bells op, to In.
tween the We.terner and the South. ereeN property values, should ahrys.
corner One is a pusher, full of enter- tallap anm the point of gettina peo-
prilep. willing to work with his own ple to omae ere sad live with us.
hands, and does a large amount of is I shall ot tax your readers with
too, rises early anid retires late, Is sat- any moretofly deliveranese. I am
Isfied with nothing but more money glad I saw the explosion, the groad
and an opportunity to usake It. He prltrie of the West ate all the up.
does not take the world as sMy as the pl0 1 wanted, was fed on ehiebn till
matn in ihe South. He buys up-to. I gut tired of it, shook hands witb hoa*
date machinery for his farm, but Is not dreds of friends of other days, we*
so particular about the eonvenfeaces mewed the ties of fetoies whbeh
about his house. His wife and daulh- bound me to many dear and tree
ten do uiuela of the house work and do friends. and had the opportualty of
It well. They arel healthy, robust, red eontraetlag eoodltlona between the
cheeked, f(il of life, fond of the et- two e00tlo10 of ou great eo0atf7 St
elitemnt of getting on in the world, the advantage of our Florida. To
The West is not madJe pool by having those friends of my own tewn who
to hire all heir work done. They have made it possible for e to take this
paused beyond the period when they trip I shall always feel myself under
mast pay monmeone todo the work that lasting obligaltioas. Reepeatively,
would benetit them more if they did W. J. CAarxNTR.
it. and it would be better done also.
They think is i. not necessary to keep Saves Two From Death.
up appearandvs in this way. The hum- "Our little daughter had an almost
bands und brothers do not seem to fatal attack of whooping cough and
suffer so much from Indigestion. the' bronchitis,." writes Mrs. W. K. Hail-
reason probably being they eat their land of Armonk. N. Y., "but, when
wives' cooking. Yet I knaw some men all other remedies failed, we saved her
who, if they had to be subjected to eseh life with Dr. King's New Diseovery.
an ordeal, would soon hare to go to Our niece, who hbed conceumption l
the springs to be cured of a malignant an advanced stage, also used this worn
ease ofdypepsals! Theme Western wo. derful medicine and today she (e per.
men know how to make soda bisouit festiay well." Desperate throat and

and fry chicken. I think I am some- long dieaseesield to Dr. ains's New
thing of n e xpert on theme two srti Discovery as to so other medIelne on
thing of an expert on thesi two a earth. Infallible for eoumhs ead otids.
eles, and can bear tetlmoby to the 0so and $1 bottle *uaramnseed by all
ability of my friends of the Western druggists. Trial bottles free.
I must not be uodentood as being To Inpest Riqe Fieldsa.
partial to these WesternYankees. I New Orleans. Oct. 24-Accompsaned
am pas ionsately fund of pur Southern by Governor N. C. Blanchard, Hon
people. These ae areno people in te Manuel L. Dist. Cuban secretary of
world with mude rare culture, deeper public works, left here today to vii
feelings, power and more lofty ideal., the rice sections of Louislana am(
and who can make society more lovely. Texas. Mr. MDa will Inspect the rter
The disitir.iv feininity so common mills at Crowley today. He wll Ioo
In the Soulth is not to be found very over the oil fields In Texas o; 8nn
where in the West. Certain theories day and then go to Houaton. 'Durinn:
wLich hate been taught out there have bis trip to the United States he iv':
visit Governor Verdaman, of Mlisonl. .
tended to make the women more mwas-vilt Oor Vrdam.oof Mlr:l.
sin thn they ae in the 8outh. pl, and governor Peabody, of Colora.
And it ne than they the men do ot do. and will also pend some time a
And it seenis to w ethe men do not the St. Unisl exposition
hare that hIigi regard for their women the t. epo
that is to be found r, ,this country. It Conftesions of Priest.
a ex.ldim sg rare in e a man r re Rev. J no. S. Cox of Wake, Ark.,
ri lardy tr ait. Hl i.n mst take her writes "FoE fyeare I suffered from
railway traih the must tlin e gender in yellow jaundile. I consulted a nam-
hu stA l for ad risiu plc bee of physliuans and tried all eonrt
the strall for a resting placeInlof medilsnes. but got no relief. Them
these common carriers. This I t inot I began the em of Eleetrie Bitternaad
in our Southern country, whire a lady feel shat I ae now eared of a diase
has the first and the best places. that ad ae la Its grasp for twelve
1 was surprised to find so much igno- ears." If yeo npt aa reliable med
race about Florida prevailing among leSe for liver and kie seoS ble,
the people. I talked up our State in tontseh disorder or general debility
genera and 'Iinerille tIn particular, at leetris Blters. lt' sguaranteud
everywhere I weas. I was frequently all druggais. Oaly 0a.

I4 I % O -w


Jas. M. Oa


sag, PraiMoep


03 .A. a .- te

'': $~


Surplus and UndLvd
-em... w .,.as.s .,
BJeS a se A-Sfl^


pr" F.



of The la o hi. s he
SMost Suc

16o Page h6

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Takq The Atlan

Dput t or
lapid Tnld:


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Am.:. I . . sure dfmdlhatmm a4
wtlubt UtoeUMag
HiaF, R
;u' ute itlt


li a I
Dally |

lly M m. A%*D p

$Lisp=I. l~lirfllf

ISwls m
- -o

. .

Line t also via AtlmatieiNS
Fore complete ntoemais '' "Ra
1. A. G
Addimt : ""
FRANK 0. BOYIl t*, AsP.
Wl W. B n..i
ff .M.MUS0 3, .2% ,
wI .0

":^ - -^ T ^" ....^ ,1,: .* "
'" :,;". : 'i ,A ,
' -, *' . ."..;.,m*:*" *. '..f ''*t .J,

r ..

*JI~ir 7.

."m ma v i s.. go' wow
r e, m' ,a,.um.."

For Sale ly Johknn


kh- '




_ mlmmm

1.1::' P

7 "r


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* '. ', '. '* *-siw :1

Im I

- 4-y

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:4' *, **

F wy C

. Men's

r, ... ,

WHH11 :
#e ^r11^ "

I 11 I

with us.

dtatlrd by BO0IA88 BROS.
4 00., Baltimore.
a pg men of discrimiuative
Sare fsmillar with this make.
oy know that these famous
have all the latest touches
mark the well-groomed gentle

set the

lt ,

ii^'' ,"

!,' ""i
.',' .' ,.

pace in proper ap-

have completely revolution-
Sof ready-to-wear cloth.
a t msean who has 'the merm
t habit" down know
*", e g in 'uto-date
Seto workmanahip, m -

economy, If he has
listed Bohes,. clothe. i
blS iowE Ian the picture it l a
ou jplar favorite with young men who



- r000


as m DC


derive satisfaction

$SiI Wouito w oul t probably $50 at a merchant tailor's and not
e a ounr exact iat here at

irn Pm 0 tlQ nn TTn

aia a a.

SIDr s a b as lbt as talk It over.9
i. .' m nvcse
^ -- ^ -- ^->iin ii ii lil n i .ii~~in 1.1111111 .. .1. 11 i


Qtftte to Partcular People.




^a@i eatiellTB Wa!E



M^^^^^"^ *61 W
r a',
am^d i
fl^^^'^;^^" ,.

,S' .

t Pagis CmL

1, 17 We Vtales Stembe.

O eI e promup and good at*
be peple who ksow their
o t h asrltfttO

______.___ A. .

PO. A. tilMing impeded
thqMpflh, Osk. Oct I'-T. new
rI btl!dg e oft the Thomaaville Young
S Mea's Chrietas aspoclation was ded
O es0S fSlunay with Impwslve cre.I
prda a lS. The addess of the s*casion
a. 4deltler4 by W. B. Stubba, presi.
m4 taof the Savannah ausocfatom. The
Telagl Mer s Christian 'tasolatlon
n evwemt in ThoMasavillt was carted
sme 18 maOths ago by a. $3,000 gift
S, by Mv. John Whan, of St. Paul, Minn.
- WT. bdldlI a two store ighb. a
1WMh-etut e w*rna lum a d sepe
S sI dmiltory room e takin up the
aentod story. ThM lower as
| e^ed by eo renadlau ad ela tmw
sN a IWorsn, with a swisAl 0l
te OiUa *l ine of say mto .eriga. I*
the rntar Within the enclaer oan
Se outsm.i o a tnnie. a urt.

0.64 for WOLdrms.
The p4MSat to SUo and IhrUSlmS
O MINutu OOugk Our give bIW t
aifto is 4l es0m of enough. s*ap a m
stlwp9 bAmers It 4do "as ps9 IWtm-
ib-* A A1 -*- _- & --^d -t' 16ikki A bt k a I

We cover these important points and wespectfolly
solicit a share of your business.

Fire, fe, Accident and Health Insurace.

-Agents for the-

Vietor Safe and Lock Company
Q-i rt qI ar rtst. ObaJo.m
The "Victor" is the best safe made, iand parties contemplat-
lg in the porche of a safe, or anything in that line,
from a box to a bank vault, wilt save money
Sby onsulting us. Call on or address.,

( Infornation cheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA



- M9ntezuma
.. .. w

On the A. C. '. and S.
None Better in

A. L Rye. V. J. SHIP
the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.

- Hotel

MAN, Proprietor


.. .. ... .... .. .. I .I

&omn rm




I,," ,,.'"
h,f ,1 '. ...



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I rv


--- -76
71 "ft.-momb CO-

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*';" y11' '

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. ~' "... ..- em m emm i. w Wipv 5 .ro 9

0011 UaS ueineBvl1e, V.'.,
H Jm mall atter.
o itllor and Pul..:. er
CAuliS.LR Ai.NdLatoe Idltor
City. litHor
W., .UNIIAM, lt-oultr
I.S Tmaenuumi *1
,pebUlbed every moraineg e*
iWoerd" by earrtl ibm heallty.
ponofel 4le UntIS4 a8Lies.pot e
*searKlil miOlths: S .C
*l s0 forr five watii-

is Wot oll 4uBln i e14tei aa
i InAl 4 etnsl for emob ad
d vertrriir made known

r oek Sun I n am eflt-pWage.
pper, pUnsoltbd every Mon-,d o euntaln all the
w eek. Ie6L .state &PA gem
*tadl. pa nage free. to any
Slates or Canada. forat1.0

M to bnome due arier aflr
igrlslmeus. utelma otberwtla
I.ll Partewmott khouD to
So eI for advrtAlle In ad-

K rPresident,
of New York.
V Y -lreeldent.
West Virulnla.
Rates Senator.
C eni 20nd District,
eiatl Etlecrtors,
rl7 of State.
| Comptroller.
'kfte T TIeasurer.
of Public Insltructon,
i er of Agrlculture,.
8. I McLIN.
Mft. Court, Six Yenrs,
lupreme Court,
r uelf entotltves.

All Crult Court,
Thx A eenor,
Stzx Collector,
t of Public Instructiol,

1Omnty Burveyor,
'-P. ,TO()WNtEND.

ll~brs of g.-hool oardn
;, A. DOKn.
Wt ..

Piper is an absolute

"ny household.

parl is to do with might
Syou can do.

the table and you will notiee a ring.
Wear the ring yourself or give It to
a friend, send the dollar to us and we
will apply it on your subseriptlom.
Another nice experiment counsitI In
taking a new dollar bill and folding
It several times, and then unfolding
It you will notcee its ereases. Use the
oreases for your Sunday trousers and
then send uw the original bill. This
can be most easilly aeomplished thirty
*eeonds after threehlag. Wheet you
have tried theee experiments we will
cheerfully put you on to another grsea
The daughter of Sir Chensang Liang
Chen, Chinese minister to the United
.0at1e, will pnake her social debut in
Washington some time this winter.
She will be the first Cholaee girl for-
mally to enter Amerlean society. She
ls 18 year. old. and Is accounted a de-
cided beauty, ecording to oriental
Ideas, though her feet are not de-
Since 1000 the number of motor oars
taxed has Increased from 2.W7 to 12.,-
9 4 In the same lapse of time the
total number of horse In the country
has decreased by nearly 21,0D00 the
present figure beinX 1,M6.000, while
that of horse-arawn vehllesu bas di.
mlasihed by no less than 34,478. Bat
there are still 1,876.M4 of them in use.

It is stated that Mr. Kemp, a cousin
of Oeaeral Kemp, the Boer ouilu.an4-
er. has discovered beyond Spelooken.
in the northern Transvaal. the treasure
removed from Pretoria before the en-
try of Field Marshal Lord Rober*t.
The value of the treasure Is ettimat -
ed at $1,550,000, of which the govern-
ment will receive half.

Aeeording to recent inretlltions 1it
now oeats Amerieana an average of
$17.42 a year for clothing, as egaslu
s18.80 in 1897. This doubtless le large
ly due to the present style of women'o
skirts. You know the skirt ueed to
be so tight that the women walked as
though they wore hobbles.

James Callahaa a millionaire phil.
anthropist. who died In Des Moines,
Iowa, a few days ago, as said to have
bequeathed $20.000 for the establish-
ment of a home to care for the widows
of drunkard., and that he has made
provisloni for an annuity to support
the institution.

*It girls would rat more onions they
would bare fewer ell# from phys-
ielans." says a teientist. Also from
other younir men.

ST \TE orI OIit, CITY or Tot rii,
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co.. doing business in the
City of Toledo, county and State afore-
said, and that said firm will pay the
sum of One Hundred Dollars for each
and every case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's Casarrh
Sworn to before me and subseribed
in my presence, this th day of Decem.
ber, A.. lUi4. A.
A, W .(;irz n ..

(trminy ha.*lcty *l*iyA In the
11144: Frest oantaiuing about 7.OwI la.
1'I t siiif whih ret sWong without pay.
inig my taxe ill nmuinolipal expenses,
being ll vi4.d fur tli. earlyy fnet re.
venue 4f t h0, t'tPoPrty. This
consists of A.X0 atres f forest,r man-
aed tinder the bet fariaLry ulethods,
and the annual r'turni truin st, pretty
reruilar in Amoutnt sufi ltefent o) meet
all retfilrlments. W1he1 a trer is cut
d 0% In otle or lmoreF i i lait.d, itl. thie
y'I*d is coisetsently tnli.inll.hbrig,
N.o re iis cut till it is o(r a igriwh to
yiLtCJ tlie maximum proll ;u)
aIl tle 1lty'd4 e iPrsia.S with a1 sirp.ia.

('lii is IS the* rcat ilkti country of
tl. ioarid. O 1' i ipopulatioi ..(f 4.(,..
({'ltIt' there are slaves toi tho t M, 0lnloer
of IOU.u(o,(X). EveKry family of in"I4s
k eps itsi girl slave. alid a 1ian 1's .O-
tiliun is usually guagei by the numi.
er he keepr.. At ary age from three
to tfleqn girls are sold. seven or r cht
being the age at which most change
hands. The girls are purchased to do
housework, it being cheaper to buy
than to hire. Slaves vary In price.
Ten dollars is about the average, but
much depondi on the girl's appear.
anee. A Xood-looking girl will fetch
$20 or even $40.

TaLe a silver dollar, lt it drop on

the world 1. thai which leads to the
*tower of the Philadelphia City Hall.
It has iM nstps.

Money isn't everything, but it must
be something. Otherwise so many peo*
pie wouldn't be trying to get It away
from you.

If every ras knew what's what h*
would be afraid qf girl's goo goe
eyes as he iof a mules's hind heeled.

Many a boom is bora to boom for
naught and waste Its noite ad din
upon unappNotlatio ears.

Bome of the redwood trees In OCit.
(ornia sre sat t be O ftes high ad
16 tns In clrmtenmlr ee.

A pretty yrd sad homes euroad.
lso ary b de b In wimaesr s we 1 s
is summerm

Next to a ftallll100 Is I a serlow
matter to t inek of your Job.

*"Wel Jack" Mald his chm after
Jack had proposed to the molt populIW
irlt In the town, "Is It all right?"
"Well." said-eack rwefully, "I can
hope-- thnt'. li.L"
"What did she ay?"
M"be1ftid4 aid a my proposE with
nil oitr Md co.uler It whee
she *ol dotr to it."
M& Larke wt. |I
Parnem-- lowe In pretty good sort
of fellow, iaIted-Yes, but be hbas't
got any tact. At the rnstawat the
other dny be asked me If I was fond
of rats. n4 1 was setlnX ratbbit stew
at theo tine! The Idea of aMhiba sch
a quwston nt uclid a time as that-
Routon Transcrtpt.
Ealmsautlr4y 40tt1s.
Practla-l Aunt-Do you thllk yeo
are quallOed to become the wift of a
poor man? The Conadent GOit-Ob.
ye: lt*' all settled. We are to live toI
a cottage, and I know bow to make
cottage pudding already.

sewams op 1MTseveSr.
we e ""mWs ""W laes ey vI
Ballbrd-Saow Lialem t Co.
eW LouIS, MO.
Ver Hale b W. U. Jo3a*e.

1 CL'. tie flwJ fr Btrsuur't
rzrl.. .I*.. rr Hhenr.b
barns riiirn wR'4r.tlii

l- l f. u lele iarl
b.y paprs*.. ran d Io
.1 1111t ei is ni m|e.m

"** --SN-- SLL MAl.
dasm^ SwE i reaufuM aurV stem,

,, i r.. o..

An iU1.paij p1ra.orf weMt to his!
deao to salit an l ea e of salary.
"lasry eried the deacon. salaryy!
Why I thought yon worked for soul. !"
"And so I do." meekly replied the Im.

PeOunlous minister, 'but I cannot eat
0oull1siad iltloutd, It would take a
good many soils the size or yours to!
make dishh" i

New York City haI just ornipieted a
t40o.uOco subway aud i6 spending
$lP0,..000u on eight enormous pier' on
the North river. A bulkhead wall tn
eont .tit00,o. is alo lhing built.
Evideally the rity doesn't exptoet any
receding ofr tle tide of comuiMere.

The modern bullet will pigeree the
oareseo of three horses in succession
at 6W0 ylad, of four at half the die*
taoe, .and one will kill a man after
paulig through the trunk of a thick
The business man who is too modest
to blow his own horn should realize
that modesty has niO face value in
modern business affairs.

The longest continuous stairway ln

w mlM blw d wwllni mIP
el m- walk ~emb!
Iw wig takeIebfoelnlld Vigdg
Ubteftyfm. t I
n I .r 4 i ", I

. r


!.4' .

t :

wOuTH 81e QUARi.
H sftee market pre paM

Ja"* ,

,,,I , , .

1 '. : ., ^.. im. ssa
AoTOl ow


.ns.KI a. e
'^^ ^ "^ ~T." .1'i'"- T

ft--ht, .. t.. In ', i wlkM^I f

pAt npevld~ Is a~
,3013 .r elifl*
ALL~ CRA ..,*

t T


6 4- ~i


The flhut
Clyde New England d
Dimea air t Jo

Northbosud.......s.....e .. ... -a l..eof

S. O.. .. .

Stopplis as Pfalaks, AsMoro, t. It (F
Lesve Jamkaimvlle 8 0 Pp. m
Leve Sa&ford IAd a. m. = i w

a :1 0 . ,,'1 g
*(tf a .............a........ ............ .
8,it. .... .... ...... N, **** *,**.* ** *td*y ,.
.m.. ... ...... .b..........s ....'
Arrv ........... ....... .. ***
ArtvRiz8Wam.......... .......... q......*.Swb*&****r7 j:'


- r-~-

mmay i m is -

-i.Whb d OW b
* d-b dge dWlvpm

a in a -II=&

-...... ,,_+
the ho (s I nepaol.ta A hh
debes WhdrCrttj
pvu-sgu Smas bern Sm
'a- hain mato lMJlaB
bfl^ -^P^^ ^^ '^^^^y^^y^^^^iT
^^a_^^kJ 1 ^^L^hi^^^^^f ^' k^^iB^^^d flf^^A

'we i


"I1 i'.


- r -- ---

t. I ,'

P'V 07 47rW,%#T p v K



Wau os otta.WI AND 110I

Coe Bead, uing and Twine. Walrus Jacksonville, Floi
later tim Eerar or SideC. n

'a and Suppl for ftme. . .
.'II I* IxBAFWR U SA Jis. Everard's Canad



* ;. '


I nbv win.n,
As good a any and better thln moos
Beer. Mad pof Hope and Mall

Mii. Fair II


Booo4Tp. On
eM Good

R*t ,tp. On
-lMl Good


p4( ~Il


Round Trip
ale daily.
Aftsa days.




WUISewa) Asiaes mad Choae-osV a CoaMs. sai Asfefle. "fan o ebhe
0l0 WM SNMbNWhI I owu IS 0tM St. Lome. Two tatus dAUr from
a ps be"l metasa ad M ema rewon poastea
N euts M.O As 4mflpr o nt viMWs she *rea e
glo v *iU etem s l'he aue. w Id"e on auw emad*
Si ahs" I u-e, t 1 ma c c. a m
U.SweeIfr A me I- 6we -r m.. Jeunnta. s.

':,".. ....... .. :

... Air Line Railway
,., ,~,. *.o ,.. '

SSaevannah, Columbia Camden, Southern
Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
.ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.
' 4. r 'i

", ,

a', '
aD. &*

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


Only Line Operating
Dib Tkhqh Pullman Simpers from Jacksoeville to Now Ornles
ki tall anbsts sad Sa" Q$ r mefios eacll n an apt Seebbosd or
r. A. O Ac L, 86.0. BOYINTOK J.,
Am& .Oa ,. G fte a Amp Apest, PMagepr alns.
? 111 "I1 1 ** ^ *t~ ll. L_ ---- ^ ----IWO'S

4I '' '. e.

'owe,.1 0 0 vPtM9aPN:4AM 0
t A S........ ....... ...
Owe .6 46 0 4 a a ?* 6 a do 0W0,*,****. 5
6 O . ..0 0 50 . -

vat. S 45 .e.eis.i ....O... s.4a

AM I. ..
,.fneu. . o ...* .........

Sr Ar r T t

GuNlf Railway Company
able to *tes Jruly I 16i.i

!Oo. 1. )o. to
WTATION DUly. Dal,. pit
I sean

I Sun qo I see
.,,... ... ........ 66e
S........ ........ 8 46
o...... ........ 6&4
. 0......- ........ S 86
I.... **.. ........ 511
. ***.... .**........ 6SO
S4........ ........ 61
..... ........ 606
........ .... ... 660
. ...... ....... 446
/.,..,. ,.,.,,*. 445e
... ... s.... 400
* 0 A 4 *4OArS
1 22 160
840 So 16 I
8 as ass 'I
limo 641 10
I So 840 .l
00 p......

.... Ir*laIe...** a...* ..
O P D*u Ois m.....

6.0 0. . ..... .....

*ee....RBby St..
a 0 0yalr0 U sers @***. i

.....10y .ftt.......

..., nmi M ...,. ,n
** ,;.alUUBr. e*w




Ia Malt



1o so
1 95

- .. III =

Mathnsek iuis,
TV Or Ti11, POWER Ali

aesl plu f toer" s. aeSi ar.ate, sta toi
Ume lowr the. etheam f4
be" nwulat mad Umos antmus
wotauWIWp obtainable.
Up todaMt sevy ,
detail and UK-

Gold by a econtlnuously for
without a asagle foiloe. If yon
wus a piaoo for a ItfeUlmea

Mathlushe k T
Ptse M rt e ea **bemboest with quanM
Wer. We PW f tft l Write
ti mtee TODAY.

Ludden & Bates
* Soitlemn lisl olow,
WnAUjiJsE ise


National, State and'Congression*
at Ticket 1104.

Presidential Electors.
F. Boffum-Fmanklin county.
meo. K. Robimson-Marion county.
Oeo. H. Holmes--Breward county.
U. A. W. Wendell-Oadeden county.
A. M. CushmIa-Alachus county.
For Governor-Hon. I. B. Maefar-
luae, Hilleboro.
Secretary of State-John F. Horr,
Attorney-Gentral-Fred C. Oubbefr
ly, Levy.
Comptroller-J. L. Skipper Polk.
Treumr--E. il. Dreleford, Dade.
Superlnteadent or Public lstrdO*
tonm-W. R. O'Nnl, Oranse.
OoNmmniasonr of Agrdetture-J. B.
Rowley, Potam.
RBaIoad Oommlsioaer J.
Rlsehle. 8t. Johns.
Jotee BSopreme Cort for term of
@i Jes---W. B. Rheppard, Eseambia.
SJustle. Bupreme Court-0. S. Farr,
k S. Adami. Duval.


' I

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F .11! Sir; "- -1 .

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i ': .
I ** -.
4L 7,*..'


r-~ -----r~~ --~~ry-.~~. --r -- ~-----~----r -~-- I-----.--r- ---r ....~,~ ~, ~_~

--- '



,[ ",

Smo~d TlrW "eoO to


'- J


IM a4d on Ofler Badly
O,, . o f .-Stunned and
f am a blow on the head,
Shosme of Iss hand broken,
fGri l, of the Macoa Dolice
shot Joe Davis. a chaln
from ,N wbora, the ball
wt above the heart and
*vward to the small of the
sgd at the city hospital a
Ster, and the oeroner's it-
a verdlet of justiflable
completely ensoeratlug O-
;il took place front the
teuat of the union depot.
.g ld to have been drinking,
t t white waltnlg room of
ad made It very unpleaimat
psPaaIws. When Special 0!
t, empoye d by the Cn.
td terfor Davls ae.
Hgsiso of Burnesaa's club
pveral sharp cracks he frae-
pay y'S hbed.
hr afterward Ooeer GrilZa
she street, aw the crowd
. ud. Ia msawer to the ao.
'am m to the case of the
e, Darls struck him as the
l the club la his poseeiou.
"IMd Oocer OriOs, then Do
Shm another blow oracms the
s erushlae three boae*.
roag beck, Macon's plucky of.

1 drew his pistol, Ared


fell with a groan.
Ga., Oct. 24.-Joe Davis.
white nma who waau lied
in MSaon was a as-
county. His home is
His father, Baa Davis.
of that town.
.Davis was well known
this aectlon of the state
amateur ball player. Al.
ly known that be dripk
dsi he ham always had the
beWag a quiet peoseable and
4One of Many.
sitoale of Summerton, 8. 0.,
fhr twenty years with the
tlas were employed and
lee used, but relief and
p d was found only in the
|WISttt' Witeh Hasel Salve.
soe of the maay curee that
Sffoted by this wonderful
ST buying Witch Hazel Salve
Smeeo ary to we that you get
DeWitt', made by E. C.
C In Ohicago, and a cure is
Witt's Witch llasel Balve
sads of plies, route, burns,
m okaS.. letter, ring worm,
t etc. Sold by all drug-

Attar Woman's Clothing
Is ignited.
Oct. *5.-A dispatch to The
from Opelouats, La.. says:
egagedl at prayer In the
eurch here. Mrs. Donald Gall
110 years. was burned to
a horrible manner.
bowing before the altar.
a number of candies were
*s e arose to leave the
lea her dream eame in contact
Sdle* and In an Instant tbe
Ufw worbihppera were in the
Sth" e time and their attention
0Seted by the agonized eries
jtenarlan. They ran to the
aSistance. but too late.
. In alony a fey minutes at.
Oval froux the chuch.
SThe Best Doctor.
O. Horton, SulphurSprinap
te July 19th, 189: "I have
n lly Baslard' Snow Liu-
Uorehoumd Syrup, and they
eIsi ertainly satisfeactory.
SIat is the beet we have ever
I headahehs and pains. The
Shas been our door for
an." so, WOa. $1.00.
W. Mo J son.
STrial Trip of Cruler.
SOct. IS.-A clear sky and
*Mte northwest wind proved ci
lodmlltions (or the olefficial trial
Sthe new armored cruiser Col
flW was to be held over thn
r cournse today. The gs
the Colorado. whiq we but.
Crinap & sonsa. of Ptllade
ri for a austad p speed <
Sto hour for suvr ooaenec

.-.,. ~
a -

aassas .m.. av swan


, e, bwg ,I&.e
- |,,,- ma

, tALOLA CO.. Ar h me A la.



Man Turns on Gas Then Cuts Hil
Chicago. Oct. L.-Vu.'alaco Bell, ol
touisvillP. hib acorn iltld aulcide by
cutting hi. throat with a razor SaJ
then turning on the gas In his room
in Indiana street bere.
Bell was 2: years old, and was tb
son oflr Mi. L. H. Bell. of Loulavill.
and a grandson of the late Dr. Thee
dore Bell. one of the best known phy
sIcIans in the south, lie formerly wat
athletic lastructor at Central unlver
Sty, Danville, Ky. Allure to obtata
satisactory employment is believed to
i have caused the suicide.

Saved His Life.
J. W. Daveaport. Wiago, Ky., writes,
Jose 14, IN8: "I want to tell you I
believe Ballard's now Linimeat savnd
my life. I was under the trtmeatn of
two doleors, and they told te oa* of
my lunge was eantrely gone, and the
other badly affected I also had a
lump ia my aide. I don's think that I
eould have lived over two moathe
longer. 1 was Induced by a friend to
try Ballard'. Snow Liniment. The
finrt application gave me t relief ;
two flfi sent bottles ered e eo
and wel. It is a wonderful medislae
and I recommend It to sufferlal hbu*
manlyy" 26o. 650, $1.00. 8old by W.
M. Johnson.
Lamd Ofle at Ualmseys, e. ..
O slober&
Notaoe n hereby riven that tl foowslbW
names woter 4mUed notice of hi late.aio
to make low proof la IatX 4 of U
oldam, and stt aM roof wWM made be-
fore Reswtter .ad Reetiver at UalnesvUle.mia..
on November 1, l tl via:
NATHAN HIlPHprnHDof Nelbenrry, Fa.. "
Hd. Xe0 for the Nwv! Seo 1o. Ti'. 1o B.. .L
ue ones the foowilr wit.mss to pIrov
hli oonUmlouo reddesee upon lad oulivatlOs
of said lad. vi.
i. T. bumJ.J W. 2a&le J. lleMr. Ftbhk-
is Lanrford. aol of Newbemrr. a.


Is. U..




stock of The
Thomas Hard-
ware anidSd
Company, we
will for the M MOqk
next Thirty
Days sell"
Any Goods in the Store at Cost.

The sleek must he rteLd. New the
time to y ranureles Stemr,
Palinat er anything is ear
lime, Cheep.


NIc Arnd's S a d e

Jackesouille. Florida

Merchants Lunch from 12 to 2p. m.





L. ,..

Reveals the News and Facts governing
Studies underlying canew of Market
Retews, analyse and crtome RMihod
and Industrial reports.
H*s complete table of Earnigp of
Quotes active and inactive took and
Records the last sale of Bands and the
yield on Inve6ments at the prie.
Answer, without chr, nquriea con.
oerning Investments
Of wIra .Ma em 1t WAI uALL
JOMIAL k bek*wr quiMi 6 lt w mpqo
may amePaup* fd o avbe -AS w*m
Mon thterm -aw S am,

.i ^ a t a s I01 L 4
44t RA Tat WA Jnt.




i A,:

7t *ti

b. sb p

r ~ TA



'U... @ 17. ',

jafm m l RUli^^.^,


U.w." "*'; LACKWImUUE

Export, per bbl 10 do, *li I e yd #1.
Blu .llibeon, per l. 10 dou I; per dow, 1 0
Jum's O ttd 'ml olm lUew.d i
_Poe bbl.tOdo; pe rdt,,I. 1.

I We
on the

pay freight or expraj cIar5
following liquors:
\ LIWIS 186. Awayt
the WMsy Lin:
4 full quar....... 600
j 12 fullquarta ........2TS7
BLUM'8 MWONORAM, 10 Trs O m:
4' fall quar........ 4 0o
U fll quart .........1s 0
EARLY TIMES. Pere Seer st. Wb m
3StI M US mu. Upm

4fuilquarts...d.....4 560
1e fulquarb....... .10to

Yenms O
4 full quart. 8so
6 full quart. 4 60
12 full quart. 900

4 full quarts
o full quarts
1 full quarts

We aie dealers in
Liquor line
Rum and
1.50 to c

"eocb obese
.e.. .@...
....u see...





everything in the
WhIskte, Gins,
Wines from
(.W per geL

A. L- 1 aW



n.... .. mm m mmam




go% ---- ~


** I- .-. k

- -1 *


_~LIUb~ b)t~r. dI 1=0



S' I with 0ah i-L L ,
I R, *hard, o of the 0r4 A 000D ENGRAVING QHOU
4", A"haf^ ohante o( Wade, was hem nwtediy A U i Ii U
i r for the purpose of klg in tahe iow. show...* r
.. ,t Mr. aud MI. Hamilton and two It is jut as .s to hae ithe bes .svlagw. j .i
S' daugherfJonesvlle wer among the lood. Theo. there to a AL ann a ftin )e
vilson to he illy yesterday, hal;lng used are perl-tly eeorrtme--Msou4 il theb
come for Ithe purpose of taking I the gr buel esIs1 sot oiilySo thve ** le'ss
i.r, to qe hat the proper style ( 1orm V 4 sAtlAow m oa
'"." bMig Alamle Hill departed ieordsaery Wedding Ipnvitallo* J. P. ST YKVWI NORAVJMI 0C
for Jflksonille,. where she will spend rine atilonary, WhIaAllall St. Altasl s.
the remainder of the week taking in
",., the sights of the carnival and visiting
H*eav PFelst, so ol he steesewful C. Andermouumah i rof th Sen 9 pe
buelasms o ml f Jomnwille, New txrr Or Riley & Andeomnoft Wde, $i Is The
Sad Palmer, was li the ity yesterday ly. Mir. ANde s wlli sll etly be I*.
He Waso soampsald by his daughter e la lN u hN b61e19 Wiatmi. b to
aend twome. bean0enISrftas f ei MlesuIe. -S
Dr. I1, L Noelpmery weass eo Thel iNOs of t OemeNs Wo tVerbR
*h nrath beaNt MaeusOpy folks that aek e Patsrl.a a
t. N SUDS flVor Itoe of ala most eldsl,y apg '3tSrJd. .W.,lb. .' ,S* A ge
Spbils tllairs nthhe haoaho als, haIe I eA oiieamp boes Is ulk Iumw> -
is; hs a nge .m ho4 umbe of Csb witd she91 etppN P1m4wiI bea lo
ease th ekt an semlly pGmNaWi d for~ 9 nlb ser pWlIfml s ,i
Ensue l shams AlKInSurahble A bate ae u61lly bomnsb al. m-t.. '
Ntp e rf M I vmrbblus era d hiss ktellal eat.Smell. On ia on Co f rwft of tb .
berrq g14 Gan1 ii IF*0slbd INr gbeul, the wUstes o en tru. NW te mss*
Ma plemO S BeTle as The ,i easa.V. LEs wi Sie Se ewh.el
.. I kato nu avviml4ap e ob- u p$ose lob M osW *4O lA,4i t '00"561
o-oe of thed i ests rbsetad lfar mmi ibA leoslsg a,-.l4 to lm IMw
Vse o Pame w ere i n-e.sla y ys- te 'eh g skr.iM. sfse s aft haltpemaw *5153 owpbe. C
N Sl I Deputy horiff Ll tilnvin of New. bhave b9 e0pe01i6l i t iet Mr. lad All. im. MT f t
a M lbterry pold, Galaceville a vieytrrstep. ti MMuto heads lr gathrl-g UM ey r IN so 1 4"la g01ftt
S dayF. fo, wa it l k d T t am a ol ee sesi* Mrsl. "W.s'M. itM
....- What.T. Riahaed and son. Oerlisters. ofs oarnd ote semee bS$b a0t ,
6o1111 ".Sk1 PAn0 tleWlalnd l nwere d Oul the vhllitosto this 0lsof e t
R il WeunIt iw Ma oil. 0tellI. I"r r MaspaS em Iwelear s elnoat of g Te Pi5h
SMr. and Mne. O. Taylor ad little sie PSio Ohae b l fldIaMsboh 4 fas ..W.
... --- ~o of Palmer wor lan the oilty1y et1r- bohM Il al ly ml! aml2 an a -
A AND 800IAL ITl eI day itlln pelatlrv h li see ot oi ea t-tl .pAa ,.".. :"".*.W."p
Im" Dr H lOth m emau pal ei^Uiele All lfda es nogdally TNHo p Ans ma w p
s f l aF. F. Paulln, of Howmhod b s tai WTThe avatelsp.ion ofi T -" s* i hm
l iand What I 0sog *iemonsshe r lai number of tisitort to yeitsy w4 i bAh M eM ,.ijl
ITOM I in It Pararph% tlmvaillo on Toesday. d bools uwbl ts for yf. wtu pisht, p tht044
i1eo Who m 1s May Rd** HI O. Lu.rre.y, pompfe rof plaet- e dai Who dm;lma to i'W tribe i 6eo M I l9.,i
oum er of Gmba*Aon theG O. & A, l 0 rlM, wed amt wrA d m tA buet e m4enXnSh InST'K
is 4 city yestry I )Mrda* l h settate leM plai 4t04.
Ch 1mn Mle. l W l eHolder, the m ofit prigy ith mae ..I Go. Do1, 49,i p' ii
gw forolel i Thn#e San of Rohelle, seeompanied by hl ea Mo*. A. W..TAYoa,li lTO, to pi Trovke
Sli were wilt tO the i t y h iy tol. 1 i i
6t" for sale. W- E' L.511i01". Gooeof the l14d64 01 1 S ao
Es of Alb woIvat stone and lumber no pof Will Y e t
l, as.n o ril w lta li atoli was tra tin b ele a M ..
*I- eoil y Iterd'ay.

tore Royal Cook former Inhn Price of Melrose was among ___>___
i Address Thomas V. ir- those who visited lalsilole jester-
1_o day. While here ho showed his apur. e'
Mo d-hand elation of a good thing by re newing -__ll li I aisis
SWill be sold cheap. Ap- hi o subscription to The Sun. l
toee. ot Visitor from Hawthorn report t.s Visit Our "Candy heprtssst" *as*e*d Is oh Ases.-
Sone of the pr h farmers of that eetion he about
im.nof Waldo wau a vt finished cotton, picking. The i IIa .g nd ill t Wi. to ,
'My yesterday. are daily receIving carloads of cotton to Mieaspf what *fs
Of Waldo, th. venerable from South Floridal, whth are shipped WE ARE SOWINg 0.. L. rilwray ce of shea ossol

to thelly yestd ay. Water Notice. A up-tod-ate in of.. .d Semr i o eelu 'iE'e
e ito ntint section, was r. r Water patrons will take lnotile that^le e
*shwstalsSio will closed dow. u mlSe '
qoimtaneee If s the ntiy f~or e ven hours commensrug at T
*1 o'clock on Wed.saday morningl O-.

5B W)OXci. the well known 26th. l904. for the purpose of aaingSS
reof Eervoira lyt prlng. wi. wa llr esrow ird at. i. -l7lrguI
Wi aerbln trip ofBrd, B.s MLs, p. uuu Iwo the M"ine thee M ,
anae- l uec a wiitd irip o(rA 8.... u ------ i (Mh, ,- _
"i e'*M. A Sure Way to 8ave Monev. -- ,
Snisely furnished it is now a well reoogolSd ftat that O 6 W
neaveienti loomtion in man ean ave considerable monej by The display will Wbej y ,,
S k Liberty sItret, buying loathing dlet and the great V iy of
iamee. r airjests exactinu uiti and s.ti W ilel- ls .and patter. own qf lhbmt b.....
I, i ntessfuli T water Iftion w ihe had phased from A be worth it to ou w o r I.....
was a vWsitor to the city merchant tailor. In Maeus Hate*"
allla upon The S u. sspp il suit that oers a marvel, chesp enoui for the eea
ndstrious os vale or he small price asked. ad the styl s rich enough .es a
A.Ahma, wuas i the aly lWe do the good dresser of this @ity a for the rich.
6Id while herm called at positive benefit by calling their atten.
,eweins his subserlption. tion to this opportunity. . .a.uftfd tm of|S|ham
mo, 2. A. Flowers and and. Chmbry at S 1*i
v:.e s READ THIS. n utsper yafrd

l-s the popular salesman Texas Wonder, Hall's Great Discovery, Chabry worth 2 1.2
OtaUsolIdated Grocery Copm. has cured my wife and myself of kid at.. .lt.yd
.,the eralnl. to the public K. o. ll i. A1 W A pmagificent line of.1 a l p 3 M, IIAhdI
'O*d Uiiuth the ct-y Tue ady n
finter, the genial editor of dies' up-todateCollaro eI W 'p
STime-Demols t. A TEXAS WONDER. See our front show case. t
ll*lf county folk$ visiting .... Itirt_
oS Tuesday taking in the One. small iball, of the Texas Won- IoInvC M ma iwm s w.w. .a ..MewVOW
incidentally on business der, Hall's Great Disovery, cures all ma uu,,
kidley and bladder troubles, em" In all the latt style. f .
WBlker *n dn wameet- g.r a -veemlIn all the latt esetditykat. ese ma lemU
lke'r of Bronson was meet- T ons, weak and lame backs rheur a. P108e *1. The best dollar nm Friday a t I eM. k wNa
I riSung one of the mosL tism and all irregularities of the kid- Corset made. Call and wee w wiiftar at 5.p. p... ,,
1i that count hall ever neis and bladder bo th ena nd them. Positively Two DI Os .

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