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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 25, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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'IT -r 1 17 w9'E E T .

19 ''2TV 1 I s:" .:. :METVESWW

4 ,j, f,

Iata Hitch. This was held u
1* ,r : ,


I!.; FII ND -tllIT? Ini th "*s to itraw IC w I
*~il;". licas thef ihings. wore unfavorsble gr
';: i:~~~CPW H fp~litcih. Thisl was hold al!' p
OFC NEG CT 9'"' "t" s"Im"n" of Capta Hitch MAY OVE FAT
OF cout14 be. aucerta Iced.
It iis certain thi he will disapprove
any smch outr&e. The discbargo of
of 'o" 'al Ne tCaptain llah withoulit modiflying
*TalLaa A n wordl dollars bip from holding state eiud Train Rbbr.",
L .or municipal boflcep The !lspenlonl
M~AN HITCH IS O08IS~lkO. Melt, who Is employed in lijq etly I
vIS S T doPt li s hut I An Tw iW .etflunalt CULMINATION OF A LONG OH
I i wAi *s It dLipartinnt an clerk. 'hquel to the Pight Setwon
t, - s-pm ten for Lieutenant HIS MIND UNSOUND. Detective and Men Suspeta
Mw eOn Rteprimand for Lieutwewnt Having Held Up a Train et
., Summ(t, Ga., Man Who Disappeared thole Central Read.
1,~ b'Locateld In Augusta.
i t ." tbeG. OL, a,.-n ve rcllowf Aiusitata, Ga., Oct. :'4.--K. B. lul, 5t. U1t.. Qr. d.-Phys iiaM
S. IM antd verdlets of len, Vwhol) tllappilttared frot his lione tie ril) huspital stated LU(1y Utat
lb" *SrfIit bI3 Wore *ilelh were Iat tmmmii, GA.. serreal months aglo. c.ndiltuu of Uutictivu Jaui
tlS captsI Rbl*rt M. llbi sand the and whose wbiervabotiis during that key and Wili ats, mes
= i .iUnn,, whqi served at time has engrossed several of tLe bpil on of tI, ii ,tcttd train tubbem '
a t ., Ati.Ml Is awld 1I last un- I aurlce companies very muich, waEE 1r eriIc.l,
4ff alen1 bt a.. StI bb violence FI'sed hr. ril ay. Ac('IIN ky was abto In theh '
ii M le pr9t0t two aegllroc l. ied and Mullen carried $28.0I0 0iIe inmuraiecl S Le ad Murria Iaa uundeI d
'J flel lbag lach.ed and from and when he d.aPppealrod him qtle times, two I4lg In vital osrgans
0 boo he* amP were 4itn by the tried to collect ti amount. The lg the light betwcun Nw d
: b sad buumSd 4t the j in. GoT. Insurance compautes. estate the" and thrja meu suspected of hilug
.., eer Teie etll baa approw the 'lld. claim, bOuatie o pro (s of his death robbern, il which leectlvt n h!
aliz,,,49. fltStW of th court mad were submitted. P'Inlertona wore pal Dwyer were killud sue Alfred Rwg
.. i.. .S I p t* at elf i will be on the case, but thy faIled utterly Ut oe of the uisptcts, reivsd woma I
4g IG 4t pce h' Adjult I (lnelsI locale the mlising man, from which he di'd ilatauntly.
I. Nsrrilu It Iu telievedll by mlany that Mullen it dPltIped tudiy that the it
4 iSs now" M. lite comjpsW had been mnurderedl, and six or seven was the culiuination of a ebsa. ".
.. tMha WRtu, @. T. guilty ansd neroes have been arostod from timr bad iastt.l four antn.f, the doeIetits
@4#Sibm gas W ftIm tl service of to tUime NtIIIeCted of tbe crIme. having inforalaloui that led them ( e.
sl3.,ie4 .Mullen wrK reeiguIlxIl on the street halteve ita she siapc ,s por |iml,
VM." lIMe0 t i Oeor A. Mell, here by Sprelal RaillIf Jnnirs Strat eated i, the robbery o0 am Jlil
an as!l i r.V0 ilnnt 0 T., ford.dw who waii ralhed In the nanle At eniral train t I'enrli, I,
4M.$Sat 11if estE pftjudi I to good of Jefferniu nuy as Munhnn dltiuu Cu orler erie. committed pe6
.49 i.P.l tairy 41S1111tl and or. MniIh tn admit his liihlentiy, but Is vIouM to ntr lne th hol-up
giu4 at suieatd f l i l Siia ty for ono evildlentl Wit Olf hi. Mind. li e AY Harry Vulihan. 'Ihe, only 1apet.
ree sad to be pblitly reprimanded. that L he 1t ,k. liast cent ut m~'ny--' w, escape, ili, hiults and who 's.
Aqs e l* Al -ot Her. LI. (Iiner, $150- -i iilekOiNt l1oiP. HO cnn severely inj' rui by the detestive
,.a. firt kfntrftt guil of ltv y ,athiatc trry ac',ltt of bti- when h, :at:, riP_ aid hii rofta.
!iiag his'b e0/glsd ewitau rd.r, f. his talkl buin of a nraiiili" es Ifir i' pnr. u r
S. ill". d illO .primanded, charart4eL,. du,
...*ip sue lnprplale.. alrrent. i.ihod otl ithe 1,',r ('llltnert
:+sf w* Frst Ijeuant 4. Clharlies A. Come, I-i, .arolrn have htn detail.
e h fillpaiqy A# First Infantry, 0. B. T.. CLAIMS LILY WHITE VOTE. to a ors at the hospital.
..1"' '''.a. Pit Ue4tesuant A. A. Morriso. I
,4g, up. gatillty. Alabama Congressman Pools Assuret: KILLED BY WILD JUMP.
L ,th, CaptaI t e tllith was or- of Their Support.
..g~qah 4vei. Ia Aliugst 15 last by th l~gov. MteititL ,ry. Ala.. Otct. :4.---4. 'i Left Swliftly Moving Train and 'Itw d
*be a.! Wr tO ( l l oM )aten from the rumlpa. *im ;.irl J. J. IoR tellin, of IfmyItII Its Crushed.
& .i..;1 1* $heles of the that infantry at R aranans. and i1',i. .Ihin tV. ivuhton, t)'rc,.,::It I L s(;W., UJa .
)M... moAy ai4 tWo f tecra, snd to rpHort toi I1 *Pitt'or T.i. hbe lifth 1,llth. iV. it Hewitt, fur ., rai a-arl" e U,, J. Kendrick. of UiJulloCi lIvei a:. \\'d.< ,' n t1, Iin thlt ChL the I n 1kW $ rrtr NervlcC 5*
',i!r i ~. I', Ih i all a i t .anei for te i' lrh!a'. c der ('apaian Jihn it. Vrre. warn i
$he ai. pu"poSeaofscortin tao State-tshr wo .1Ya. Ii".i ,I ) hei ia beln len N:,nr stanIly kirl-d Frridlay n idht by stflp
.I h Mad killed .l*ee,. Ken! vil ('sea, who were tc. ed th;,e t:]:" ,+l, 1, ,ia, ,f IhI ipl fro> rii ly voii trala as
w '.. gf ..t!i tried for the murder of the laidgn ,ts dt .ir!tit 'i vIAte (car hint and all til der the illr, 1i:it lie was
'% *fmmly Roer the Ilulloch county teat. the PniiV h :.entmn adtnrot ttedpt
llilS L5
"+!!' iThe CIap talai |t.h Ioo'k wlih hilm 1.teu. hInto t':c 19a +o .i,! lev !I,.s i> r," Th,, tral.i wal I,, b.,<',, rtal excesteI 's '
'+i~ii- Miii tebtlint J. W. Mllnityre.. Jr+. and t he last (tot 'ingf <:.ui~:,.. L, re,,,, he goe s anin,' poor+ heh .1\lantili n Wiii, \\Poin I)alll .ll'
ltl.._ lbar i lthe d' men as dk led and thei prisolners will o",n ".,: m ,i.'ret. i'.e ,,), o ttn, b a ,roa whideh \'.a runi Thurdlay inl!_ ;
.op wab I@lt *SCOrtI'd to Stat eoro. T'hcr.. obei'h.-::hl: ii eil yt o lhlt.
It w e .ter, (aptain hitch took commaind of l. *.I ,, ,i ,,tryv I) f;lr, etj m, to ugh tl, toren+ gh show. Mr,
the ii id troops, ialud ronpmny A, st. I will 1 'iriv." .iaj ,ir. th**l, "a Hewiwar u ping mhon this pitS
.- .lld at Ststesbor. and iut command tV,) C .-, i:-, u. iI be a v'lnaienhi. was caeir'. It ,e,.ni, t:at he we.t

JI .B .I the two mea.*f Firlst.Lieutenant Charles A. Cone. of .> 4, '. e ,I t i rcilaikc l LLt .et to th' ,at' r re,,l' r g 1t a drink 3l "
'.tbe 'e '.tm'.wIagof b ,o The history of bow th> two negroes whb ur; : v 1' hio f at me." iwaer ant! wkn lU got ready to at
SI.!,iM,!,W- 4 0. 110.- thie WmIelaken away fromn the troops ar- -- off the tra:.t ii wv n'ire.,ly under wfl
".i' Ma Wat di tices ".bft t ,hey had been tried. conile(ed and TO UILL ON ISTHMUS. and'gin r"'dtl., t'* lii not aappi t
;*S ^B., :" -e a t rem for aenteared by Judge Daly to be haneid to havl nongeri thi', hUe dipped ofl .
s'.d. t a butlrd at the stake by the MoHt'lit;,& Thraat:nc 6 Against Pan in the al~,ins& whi'n thi, crain wa
_.._._._.... 'i t.ob, i everywhere well known. ma Government. pasi th, ,"' 7g,-ltpy a cnn.aletbiW
K^^ 'PU SUAKS SHOCKL1^ A court of tquqlry appointepd to In- Volon. Oct. 24. -N-wIs has rI.ek* <(tt,. (rom th' stiaa
I^ I utigat. the conduct or the troops pt laa1' tut abott 20h armed mn h l He wn1 h'iant.) ilb'd. hi. skull
W HMtalpkIs t.Ulnivelitty CSteliboro was followed by a court- rt, art,~hPti" to hi' mat'e'tll nt PIaraanUi being ri :.u.
', Ias.... l'.. !IAt ApriL. Martial appointed by Governor Ter. DIanlat, than (Calnmbtani hiav Mr.. i irf'., i y ll ihtppsd to
"Md Pet". A! iht."-h m rvtl. whif sat at Savaninah during beEtn sili.e; in the nitbbohrho .i ,), t hoe l hi.s pniint. .Mr ul ti' in
Save $ftl roeerm dl on the Week btlinnluS Oct 10, and be. ('lilbr, threat. i ting hstilltle, :agins Andrlw Il witt
,i| *i-earthqtake a. fiore which ill of the olfteor who par. lhe lunina ovli'frIltnnt. At the r il'e thiu another iman WM
s I lloh p t1pklla sulveralty Utcipated la the work of the troops St Ams U MI .t i0 ', Amiorlean alivthitlr: lo1 ihTi in ihe Krini way. bhllie t-
4# Iw. Tis Is shown by iStlsIboro, with the erxeption or Ile.- of tho l4 'iq .ftirot' April to Oeto- tenant Mcintyre. were placed on trial. the of tthi foire- r.,Ai. tsr i ha. a,.r,. pa-r ti.he im4tI. Hli.
.9 BiTuJust beet developed. Wls tahe presentation of Its find- vr," Mt lt ar, .t!s tnuMttuiealt euceed. lagi and sentences to "the governor. he'_
f&l.^ Wilt aubiter, hbut the. l.on throabi Adjutiant (lenral lHarris. the i rum orid that a Mliri n MUT STAY IN DARKNEii.
mt .*Wver.shown on the islerso. eourtmartial completotl It work. and rI Inland. in which 'voril! we,. I.I M
7tS1 ;glstcre during thaL this haa been approved in evrry par. w d, uth irir ii no ehotinrutV n ice-Bound Stearer Cannot Deliver the
oticulr by (overaor Terrell. It Ow h supply of O.
SlasITit th~Lr was record.- umsais only Tfor the ladjltant gthner. \ n-7h a' i Th '.:,nsft
*a fthliiutate that 4eiguu at 4 V. It to carry olt ]he elbnten.e by the Treaty of Pa:e o rhed,. ar ,. .i "2 1i-e oil .ttc.
aI s l"at I three bs at4 lote. Issiance of the requisite orders tnil, i' ,, I, ,.' to ,. ,ievi..i s : ,, ,iJ hI
t.wsheck moved the regletet i. Amur r1(e h4P 14 1'i..'sla
twohi, e 1of a inae. 'l.Twe la". Sa-ivannah, Ge., Oct "I.--.CptalU and .hiv. " . r 'ah in "iin ow 31 tb Tr'. sh a
..e pNVidEWIy fekl was the me' Slach Il Ilijnnaunt MeN rru.:ea, ti nii :" *" i+ , .i .;tri ur itn t o 1 y
.I t lUle(. S Sat 4alage In 6lmsto. distas the findings of tlhe courtniart r r. n '. r t r fi q, s.4 f f
Mar )I h If 1I 01. It 'continued USil. erateb fl n :r no *,..' , .. I i ..., 4s ret t1', V' j .
t t r hours. *I have tvib l ig to say at pris:ent *. 'fflr t '. , r t ,t+ ( i l ta i, i ,t i I Ut',, I '-.
The feeling here Is th at th- t n f iI: -im I th"
Preparing Reult P ll. lI i00 Ca's, Oft Ca.'a:tl.l tllicI wa i a -
Iw Vorkc. Qtt. 24.I-&L. Chairman harsh. Tlher- sr' I .' l A tirf cofl'
DiiSIty Njiell. of the' tetcvstie .,' rl.'. ing 1' t!1 r,1gh tD.,n e v. I Jap Gpici Arrtned,
SI*|'JOat l eo trnrI;*'..' today Stated that .Cour-t, but Ju't. wh.-t --a n' % ,:. I- '..r, blait h ei. 1l.4 EnI n r Die.':
tJlH*iw ".,tte. WaA preparing 0m4gi taken wae v wa t ? 1 a.1 pi ;t.-- Mt I 1't, I Cr nu' ii -. b' . i, *i Ecg 41 D tt*
jI tl d r fl t W ~. i i lh Mle ttdtAAY A. ll tt i -ij t MnltI f On ( tl 11n ul e i " 1 U V n i .u 1 h I h. r *. i'i I

I1 I *' '

, r 6 it, ,] '.. N .. Or


t "mN oW-*ba&s a to

S fe po s se had himgelft
Al s I, Dyal A 00.
,Rls,,a. to be prmoeatltnK
ft Umorty Co pany of Me.
Us eOW ,wNdMryals lot of
*. e 4L .4 po St Jkeft noatlUe
apet y mUstory, does she soods
eit su*a4tor aes mistake beolg
d, sel Uitberully to Mr. DIWlas
t^Mb VI*- p ods shipped to
& opto, id aMoording t o th ffion
ili tof thy stagnt at Hampton. an or-
det slgn4d Nathaln NMayo was reeelved
b, him. diretilg that all goods ooan
ssiiiti .. .. t. J a-.. .

________ f'P
tTt4S ~.

Over-Work Weakens
S Your Kidneys.
eteati Kmqys Make impMre Smet
All fts blood in your body panes through
Ipmu idnya oN* evy three e ninutql.
Ia s o kidney a your
blood ipnlutrs. they fit-
) ier out the wane or
tI V i mpuritif In the blood.
I[tI they areslck or oul
order, they fall to do
Pain. access and rheu-
l mttrm come from ex-
s c#3 cf urtc acid In the
1 .-4 AJ ..- - - __ .1

....-i. blood, odue o neglectedS
k"dny trouble.
KLney trouble causes quick or unseai4
heart bea"s and makes one feel a; though
they had heart trouble,. because, the heart tr
over-worklng in -punping thick, kidney-
poUtcned blood through veins and arteries.
- It used to be considered that only urinary
troublna were to ta traced to the kidneys,
but no' modern science proves that nearly
all conslitutlonal diseases have their begin-
sing In kidney trouble.
lI you are sick you can make no. mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swap-Rtoot, the frett kidny remedy is
loon rilined. It x'mnds the hiehevt for Its
wonderful cure, cf the rc t distressing cuaes
and is sold on its nerits
by all druggl.r-'+ in fi ty+-
cent and one-daLlr t*:-
z. You a': ha"e C

Strictly a

Family Beverage


I! 14

Se wMi s, aOpp lag,

S I 6pp0 tOa. tiam I said to
.W- 1flm' *nk 'by the artogle
twl$I we*. F. V ws' Con A 0o,
5Ua M y en A Co.. O. I0 Kenny
Ssfserv of ta Freud.,
SThpd m bns, fnallyr beeanm
an hU thy wo6 being wlindled
k iealttm anS riue US o maett e d.
Mewed to akM I*Ro. BoRewood.
tls, one a. .te as!uann ICMAOs
S Mnwed 4 $iqur o Mr. aso a Mum.
Sit, mrvbg. sheR paystMs of hi.
"bMUitipeo, nt to Reodwd. That
SM r.. Mryo knew' tbat his,
d l ba u4sedo, -Itdid not lake
Si, Iloa Sl learn abot 6heother
S MllW rho arpposed be had bought
111 It09agood* from them. and ho
00 4$0 ftTann tme OUas n4 *..
-y uesmr DM im h manom who lihd
i Ww imsek(Ifelseoalthenuine Ne.
shau Masui had lappeived, and bthe
,I WsIe have bn looking for him
l* sle 1io FO Isrosilo0 Irnspetor
5' l ,. Poer o Jek@a.ville belong
06 If sas l loepting him,
StlMlowl kh mn to the de-
SpJlli, storr Pr Unly In.
MKl wil ft Ora aor Jos., P.
SCasawam lfmiu.M oG.. o.
tslug th ~alle to week his
10,M 40lOwnls the Nallt
I*R1 s o. s.t0A-Mi n mtd
pspue wae made
m *l4n i obrl *r tr fr Im
as I new.flrl-U rnqmss a.*

*i3r1 te ow Yr e k Gour
m uo." Hewnalo
*ths giftTred letter seat
Ste. us tOy his wife.
fmit i mia Oalnville.

I be wot, '. Mai St.,
ab.. * "R'.ve r. is hu been
.1111 wfeS $VWWStoo saih a mtevr
- i ,i aS ir ewfin to etagh all winter
L ~ M$ftls., I go for her a bnttSl
A -bwat 5erF9 Sppp She ned it sad
Sbe4hw is~ to eleep soundly all
sh4a1 1i j Whbrnever the cough

iw ,oo. soldby w.m

Sstit ad or thr* des rte
i tip, Spit rates for ohi~ke t

i, Dew aof," setc per mite dinoe..
fti ti*$lV ldtMupp4 on. mliseo anor
l bea 4 rband. O Ore farepluiform. 6
ikise 1i 80ze gedle d tmionte fior

an g$r bp the lit ratp for Ohi.dre
6R Oii f Ml Qnder. 12 yearn of age.
;trabr l will appl on military and

#. TIel will be old October 17-7t
a. lulaslive, good to relon to and in-
* ,r S*oig aovmber ,s. 104.



ntb for..-
Rotommor forms

Fall and


M illi nery

This She Is Up-Te-at.

All the Prettiest, Newest Styles

Our regular
Opei ing

Fall and Winter
will tak. place,

florveTrn be:r

2n c d



.AtC..fl... n- n st t. tn


Title i-


V" T eoiuflfn ft Tithy i flrnt CoI ShwI G fi fl./ oo
what you pay for when you buy land: therefore
know what vou are buvingr.

S- j.--
Titles ordinarily invisible correctly revealed to you by.. J

The Alachua- County Abstract Company,
fl. A -r= in&=% K "I1 FI lI-' 1 r" 1


In rx oo ro rstte li
Atetrats oft Tille and full information firnirhed regardingK lands in th
e'mity. Our manager hao lived int this county thirty year auJ
is thorouphly c (Ivmriraiit with land iti<.

ootting a rit mlwr tof prjAnill:tlt Att.rien I Andl Englrtih ctV'mpanifs
It _% t1T ' A Ts.'' iV Ii ,, i- l r I I ,V


Bottles Sold In 1903
a of thi thr-.Afth. wa
used in hoom. A ap acst
* showing, proving the wandig
popularity of the sideboard
decanter and promoting the
cause of

I True Temperance
I| wM .sote -M St. Lewv Ortet Atutace WirNwes to 9w
|So Abemsrupauk Bwery while ettag the W'e p.
*Order* Pwuomsy Pliued h M
M^ fl- 4.- 444*4 *



: i r'


*.M a1I

"d bilk

oifg i ofg b
WI lI ae -r
M^^^^f fBUm.
Hv^'l as'^^^^^ ^~

- --

411WIF -


7n JR-


V419WNI f ;P= N LA--=



M IEN .. ., ,/
.i' T ., .


-'- Aggregatio
am HeaB~otd


arited to Orowded
are This Beason.
and Setter is the Sa*

.Ten fig !,.owl will
Watoday. Two ptrlorm-
UaW w)h t il' giv1e5. mind
'le tila primgraau. W'hili
Atl strioly on i que':
parade i due to rench
business dlinsrltt.
ea0nterl havys been es
htely requested to sith.
S or hliave sec'. r co'u,

.Iv Apen air shows alid
taller departments of

ealog of lihe maino t'ep
in riet* and big ihow,'
|0r to view the animals
l meande band ooncert
Msal eomblued band of

King Solomon speo-
War eireus program.
b the big show.
eo spetially concert af-
wl, when Chief Little
marine band of t oux
Seb Pine Ridge, South
etlon will appear in war

li,l, Aimee performs and
lNoa la a massive den is

alug of the main en.
sIaageries and big show
"hlb tion. One hour to

might show begins.
l iba's Visit to King
by the eleotric
in by ire display, add.
flv i and realistle hue
Stournament pageant.
pir program comment*.
le0S daring al. "Looping

te (Va.( Pres says:
$i'a show entertained at
le ye terday from Roa-
ihity. The show oame
City here in (hree sre*
oar loade In all,
through the principal
,.0 feature of the circus.
i people from every ob-
point watched the
lhe parade were live brah,
Elephants. six camels
leages of wild animals.
t band wagons were ex-
0 49ta workmanoahlp.
b ow began at I o'clock,
hour to see the meunag-
Spart of the inmot inter-
M were the lady performn-
'til, the wire-walking, the
lSmaasahlp, the marvelous
|LI the jolly elowns, Lady
|liw, looping the looIp.
.usle rider, and a hun-

Wvtormance was also given,

10 o'clock in the evening.
aMd* tad lelt for )latins*-
'"ry hour thls morning.
together, John Robinson'd
Wlblted here, is one of the
kind in America today. It
Spatronized and matidlled
ilho witnessed the enter-

to.the circus, which pre.
Lik daring feats of ei'r'-
%Ppee and slack-wire per-
the menagerie i worthy of
dtios. Animals from every
Sthe globe are repreueiited.
SRolbilleon show has an im-
rie and in hlle Oagesf arre
Ltry interesting specimen
lil. Three. creus rings are
t of the lime by c I lvr
S5i aerial artiult of rare abil-
iholders with their feats;
4t, jugglers, strong people
I of varied kinds are there
II which they perform are all

eele of Kinig Sulurmnn, with
footed maidens and
6l1eri of the neat iasaild

rmults i the queik relief of
PAlN-w gfthr eased by leyiW
inJ0rlt, Or disorder of atny of
the Bltersal *rgas-are ob-
tained by using HAILIRS
Some of the ptaln which It
met promptly sad usaeemssflly
cures, are rbeamatism, m ral.
gla hbea he, ea he, teeth-
acIe, elpratis, kur, mm
cute, colic, etc.

This great eurative medlesinl
i i pleauMto, safe, and ertaln
remedy for latemal ad oxter.
Ml use, whihe 3ver fall' to
relieve ad seur. Jetlh s ohie
like it. Atdrggisit. Priee 0e
ad $l.00. h ly guartee
sold .Bd ree-meu ded by

Chief Little Cloud and several of his
warriors were actual ptlelpants aIn
the las Indtlian battle, that of Wound-
ed Knee. Another interentin gold per-
songe with the show Is Chief (One
Feather. who I, n-mw reconciled to a
civilized mode of existence. Hisl on,
Big Tree, was the tribe's historian,
but he stopped, saying the Indlin was
a rlilo of the aest.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
No one who Is acquainted with It
good qualities can be surprised at the
great popularity of Chaimberlain's
Cough Remedy. Is not only cures
colds and grip effeetually and perma-
nently, but prevents lhese disease*
from mre ulttig in Ineumtonia. It la
also a certain oure for oroup. Whoop-
lg cough is not dangerous when this
rmniedy is given. It contains no opium
or other harmful substance and may
beliven as nonfidently to a baby as to
an adult. It is also pleasant to take.
When all of these facts are taken Into
onslidsratlon is is not siirpriing that
people in foreign lands, as well as at
home, esteem this remedy very highly
and v.ry few are will'in to take any
other sitr haurid g once used t. Fur
satle by all drucKgits.

Souih Florida College and E. F. S.
Will Engage in Exciting Game.
Captain Wheeler of East Florida
Seminary football team has received
Information from Bartow that the
team from South Florida Military
College will be here on Friday. the
3bth lost., for the purpose of meeting
the East Florida boys on Ihe gridiron.
This game promises to be a lively
one, as both teams are in excellent
shape. While South Florid4 his it aeI
seamo the first football team in its
esistene, it is said that the team nl a
strong one, and our people may look
for "something worth the while."
To Cure a Cold tn One Day

Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab-
lets. All druggiist refund the money
if it fails tu cure. E. W. Grove's sig-
nature is on eaci I.ox. 25 3.



.MN.. HaxaY FnwULL,.
Saves Two From Death.
*Our little daughter had an almost
fatal attack of whooping Oough and
bronchitisi" writes Mrs. W. K. avil.
land of Armonk, N. Y,, "buti, whet
all other remedies failed, we savd her
life with Dr. KIng's New Dleoviry.
Our niece, who had corp-*mptie la
an advanced stage, also used this won-
derful medleine and today she Is per.
featly well." Desperate throat and
lung diseases yield to Dr. Klas's New
Discovery as to no other medicine on
earth. Infallible for coughs and4joldp.
We and $1 bottles suaranteednby all
druggists. Trial bottles free.

Machine Was Struck by Freight Train
at Crossing.
Philadelphla. Oct. 24.-Horace 16.
Richards, his sife and their son have
bee nseverely injured la an automo-
bile accident near thetr home. Thirty.
second street end Abbotsford avenue,
Falls of Schuylkill. All were throws
some distance. The chaffeur alone
The mayor and Mrs. Weaver were
to have Joinedl the party and the auto
mobile was enruute to the mayor's
oflee residence wht-n it stopped on a
railroad crossing. A freight traiJ
truck the machblne, which was demol.
Isbed. Mrs. Richard.' skull was frs-
tared, her husband bad many bonae
' a uA t he lm tanna itli I& ti iarn e

Hatn Li :tr i Club Goes bt, EIrtinU.S8 tu %W s
S N. y I so swrere that his conditions ar
S. i gardedl s critical.
.'I ,, ,!, *L. .. t.' ,, il.' F 1 -!e% i Confesuion of Priest.
1 ind Rev. Jn. S. Cox of Wake, Ark.,
,,t .. ,; ,.,. i r.t- writer: "For Liyears I sultered from
41 i'j- i *". 1... ' the yellow jaundice.,I consulted maum-
Ti .,' :,, .*...." ie a uYi l hter of physIelans and tried all sort
for t ., n. e r 'r roeniol iot medielaes but ot no relief. Then
gttIuiil .;. ;- flat; .;, a n4, n 1 1 I began the use of Electri Bittern sad
he ,,l ., :." r.. m-r .i eth ei that I m now eured of a dease
That had me o its grasp fir twelve
itli w1ro. i Mears." If you want a reliable aled-
'hlathl:> n iat r.i r c;('u to t'flJ1u. ein. for liver and kidney trouble,
The, I|r-r, e-< .,1 K arki'" .'el l s ntomwnh disorder or grnerall debility,
:,.:itt .1t:.': l'arker' BlesBlntrlituRera. It's guaranteed
honme C y all drugliste. Only 05.
home, ________________

" .m 1. ** ,*iI '..rr - I N"lj, . ."' .
o II i
irmPWO, H _O.1"


After An extended Illness Pamed
Away Monday Morning.
Otis Elroy Dletnd died at the horne
of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. (C. K. le-.
Land, on Oak Avunuo, )londay morn.
l t 1t :830 o'eloek after a ltinaling ill-
neas covering a period of several
He was in his 1i ih year atil was Just
budding into manhood when that
dread disease. consumption, claimed
him as a victim,
lie leaves behind to mourn his de.
inle two brother, three i sirs and
fat her and mother.
Thim members of the high, school, of
whith he was a pupil, attended the
services in a body. following the re-
uales i t iheir lat resting place.
To the bereaved ones The Sun, with
other frldend, extends sympathy.
The funeral arraugemetls were in
ohare of the T, F. Thomas Under.
taking Company.

Saved His Life.
J. W. Davenport, Wlngo, Ky., writes,
June 14. 1902W "I want to tell you I
believe Ballard's $now Liniment sived
my life. I was under the treatment of
two doctors, and they told me one of
my lungs was entirely oMe, and the
other badly affeeted. I also had a
lump In my side. I don't think that I
could have lived over two mouth
longer. I was Induced by a friend 4o
try Ballard'i Snow Llaimiet. The
first application gave me gmt r eliefi
two ifty eent bottles eared e Oad
and well. It is a woederfat nmedilel*
and I recommend Is to sofferim ha-
tanity." 2. o, $1.00. Sold by W.
31. Jolason.
Mother's hands have plenty to do,
Working mud working she never get
But some dayer other her hands
Will be folded on her btrses
Then poor, tired mothe@iwlll fnd sweet
nst. I
Mother's hands have plenty to do,
All day long they are goinq to and fer.
But some day or other. 0 1 then
0! God, then poor mother will
Be put beneath the sod.
Mother' hands has plenty to do.
Tollinig and tolling ahe never gets
But some day or other, we will miss
lier at home,
But we all hope to meet and gret her
before (


For Sale by J





JAs. M. OGAisA Pmilds



Surplus anid adiT P t..,
I I v
8.1,w 1,,= /.'"


* .* ,,**,*.',- ,


of The Btm:. Ml*to.
Most Succmful
Its meas (s _ile -i la Me m
Its shtm sotlsfl l .hIs r *.f

16o Pig.. Dell.hftd
No pM an p ll A ftnd p II
INu e a Wye a MIe dlseha .

or moest m wd er ..o.

Take The Atlantic Coa

via..L.Z.-- oA. .

RapidW Trnit aS U..w
a bsa Fm
DeprTVoim A WV &


12 JS 1


* eish, aMi,

ace a a- ~ -.-..-- ~ -~------.~--.-'

alw ,pra I. wuN *:

' :!


lO Belle ,iualO giaim
D daily .- ...,,,'
De4 ll0 a m ..,. .,f,. i"> ",

Thr Punman alper TIu
Limeoal o via A. seise 6 a
or ompleisfo ml,..o
.,_J. A OOVIN, 1riTWO AO" Qd

I !.


S. '1

FRANK 0. BOYLwBON, Con'l AgL. W.1
in W. Bay t.cAer BA
H. N. EMERON. fTi. MW., l
Wlamiaoe. N. 0.

.B t ... . .. - -li l
- ..- 1- flTsb1rtT01enr $23

,f e' F. e D' ."Urro"
Mletk'HamentSS 1


me. W.e.u.d.. s....

I. I,


ii&Riim6 I

1 u,;Bm rarI cma ht dof sIe a
S1 e o-.t.-.r oy aow-r




+ .


$NA miol0 Ill AM

be has you can cure
hIz of it by bringing
bI* her and letting Us'
itim with a nmit ot

Corre" t Clothes
Rad Tailored by
*CHILOS8 ubs. a CO.
thabtccst just half the
pioq the merchant tailor
o44 charge fort no bet.
ite At, style or quality.

TNtUS on a suit that
your bushtnd has bien
paojiug i for, you can
e av, abot half, and
$1f.o will buy a lot of
od things you need for
or ownV wardrobe.

I ,tp.ur lady Friseds
t w. ill eppre.

The illustration shows
two reiigni favorite in
ltU Appard, at

: 1

Prices Ranging From $In up.

Th ,ta mp of S iority on these clothes is more than a mere name
Ot10 d ll.- vwtry stitch, every strand, every curve show utnmi.
table videsce of the master-band. Each suit is an eloquent appeal to
SXan wh knows the difference between a claim to superiority and
the proriy that is BUILT IN.

I 1
I i I ,

"r heu i slit lt w talk It ever.

SOu tbW to Pa t.i lar People.






ra k.

mUH*f dt k
:EfreW^^^W.V k^^fl'

rW&^l 'j.Fb'
M~ii^fa^W^-" sties o^r

. Eh t irowl tilas
is ,, wts Wllo
y::*;, 11. .*. s, ^. ."

" ,'



~iiebmowho "bath a*


Undertaking Co.

funeral Directors and
Licensed Embalmers
Mattermw of ad Waeistik
OeSI 0m.. b ser stemp, art

*onb y biWraph or Tdtepbme
,i n t, piu pa a111mtkm. .i -
!kh is h a Cws to t M. U 4"I,
r J. A. a ia bi ts:l
iarL esfasmud l k
fg M smtate dmln Aoe ls thb fo Owhif
W-!.V-4 r dvmtea- In Alov& tatoun-

r mmnd at theb date o
eniaeste hi the ba*te of
:atetaU be rednomd s-
k*g w.ltew* we, a
Xr A ooI.
MA WANOP11-Nd "Wlftwol M

N kr *. t. We.-.. ns.
S Annex to Cotton Mill.
Ubrto., #.,. Oct. S-.-Tbeo SBft
aot te 11ts are addlag as naose to
thei largw pIet. Thoy ow. 6sa0
iti~Msritfthe *#Aw quality otr oods.
Iad havsaddd this, anSO for the mpur
Om of imrasingl the capmelty.
Ah.Lm t.tter

Balteanisesfg fsjaajaggimig
--sw -rn
1% M~l~qLA"q AV A

Worthy of
Cotite ratjWe


We cover thee important points and repoetfully
soloiit a share of your buu[sine.

Fire, life, Accident art Healtl Inura

S--Agents for the--


ictor Safe and Lock Compar
Ci.X -r-n ati. O .:Lo.
The "'Vietor" ie the bet safe made, and pa rte ceontem plat-
ing the puchaam of a safe, or anything in that line.
from a box to a bank vault, wll lave money
by consulting us. Call on or address,

Information heerfully furnished.



S--I E---I ..


- Montezuma

On the A. C. '. and S.

None Better in

A. L. Ry. V.J. SHIP
the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.


t.. tr'-t..
' . ,
,,y :i .' ,




* A
0~ ~
I 9


- Hotel

'MAN, Proprietor


I. I j -. '

in .urAn



----: ---

"ICn ~~rr~


-- -- -: -----~- ------ --~- ........-~ .~-, .. _.~........... ..~. ~. ...~. ..~~~..._._ __

I '' '~ -- -' .

, ,,," ,, ,


q; sae es OalnD.te. ri..
S'airat )atter.
.- -
*l t W saW Putts.ter
51USI LE, Aiciatite illtor

W I, L.L AM. N"Iohltr
,.A. TaBPmOIre -I

paltted every morslus *i.
by earrler In seeltr.,
ofr the LUr.ted BSle.psee
year;ftoA sl seethU: l.$1
ase eoata for Av week*-

ta tpo*s cooluti to esta a
ipd & seasi for aet ad-t'
sa idertWJIW me* known

pte:k fRlu I aso el*iflt-pRfe,
rl, ptui|ubelid everrr Mu-
m ad cuuatars It ithe
lfesL locs'. stte tl aid en.
wlled. onsi tree. to tr y
f( t tkn4 4,r C'imdak. tor$t Io
ftbeseonme duoe after first
ent. unless otherwise
Pari P*l* no known to
to pae for IP ad.

.New YorUl.
I' 'le-l'rrM tlih nt,
fily (I. ItAVI\'
'eft Vi' VW aln.
*iat'es enator.
*. 2nd District,
I olectors,

Of t 8tat4
iM II. IC:.1I8,
:C ptroller.
te Toreamiur.
t of Pblich Intruction,
P Iar of Arleulture,
3,S. 3ic .IN.
M dCsntu:t iron;'r,
1. Court. Six Years,
Siurem u Court,.
WilUlTFi tIl).
lt .ntoattvn,


fl ULL
Crtrcat Court,
flt AuseMor,
..,,W. COLSON.
| ik Collector.
t o( 'Publih InstruetlO,
J L ,. KEiIEY.
Miy Trensurer.
ty? Burveyor,
f Commlsloneri.
b s off $rholi Hoar .
.j. A. DOKK.
IR I WEEKP. ______ I

ortel you l of a
Fr his ears must


lythng the Republi.
LAIlmmk-_ o- -a a- - --

Chairman Corselyom musty we.
Citvd4 a14 urrent ualI to the ttlephoe,
Thsl Is The Engineering Nw," said
a .Voiee. "What can I do for you?"
mke4 tie chairman, with visions of a
1ew recruit to the iRepublioan eam.
pain. +se want to print a picture of
the Rt publecan machine'," a u the re.

Secretary lion Congres.ioual Committee mSy.
that every thie he Colrtelyou he comes away with hii iars
frout41itten. Porliaps Mr. Cortliyoiiu
uakiindly m'rntions a certIin postotti.e
report oun "C'hirte. Againtt Mt'mtoiri
of (lngrryst."

except wlhrere local uItttons arije tu
artnie interest thi' e u;lpli appear to
oart little whether any campalttin is
made. Thea torchlight prcee-dao,.h,
tlauibeau ieltb, ca.mipain Igt lous and
ot hIr .rta'taoular tiaedsnrliti of former
prolidjntial cIeBtt; ar, altrithelhr

President tooitereflt cauued t'iuir-
nuin Corte'lyou to weep bitter tears.
when he deelded the tobleeo label case
against th. Tobacco Trust. Now the
Tobulacco Truit won't contribute a cent
to the Jepubliean eatmpaign. So inn.
e:niddirate of Mr. tRoosevelt.

The C(ar cannot tleep nights fur
fear St. I'elersburg will be bombarded
by a Ja.paneG flees. Therefore he has
ordered l1ve submarine torpedo boats
to gaurd the Rueian capital, thile Nero
being too swift to permit of the use of
inibmftrine ineial.

Mir. Bryan has told the people of
Indiana that If there had been one
more DeRmoeort io the senate in 140
the Bacon reointuion would have been
adopted. Pos[ibly, but there were
several Demoorats who voted against
that resolution.

The PresideitC has dismnised three
steamboat inspectors because they
were laxs In their Inpection of the ill
fated excursion steamer. "General
locumm" Not even an election ean
lanterferre with the play of Roosevelt's
merry little at.

Great encouragement is felt by the
Democrats over thp registration show.
Jig made in New York on the first dqa
of registration. Demooratle preeinets
showed an slnist invariably increase,
while Iepublican precincts showed a
falling lof.

The Sun is in receipt of a communion
nation signed Easit Ender." but as
the writer failed to Rive his name the
same tis not plzhlished. Tho name of
the author muttst accompany all com-

Ve musst rhooue whether within
our borders the basis of government
shall continue to be idealism," says
Judge Parker, "or a materialism
which is the sure precursor of disco.
Pomsi people credit Senator Clark of
Montana with having giLven a million

dollar to the Demooratic campaign
fond. It must hsve been the eeetay
of the Senator's honeymoon that did
Twenty thousand "quaek" doctors
are praetiolni medicine in New York
State. The number of "quack"
statements pmet'icing on the American
people just now is still utinacoutetd.
- ..
It coots the government $187 rdW a
year to keep wound and oiled the 140)
clocks ;n the l'oetoffle Department,
but the man who his the job drws not
consider that he le doing time."

ThingE sem in to have tlueted down in
Panama. ]tiL then Minister John Bar-
ret han left the iNihmus and come to
I Washingt'n.

,Sr % a' O )to. CITY OP T vio:In,
r' o | t.,t. ( p't- Y t. I,
Frank J. Ch'ney makes oath that he
is senior partner of the firnn of F. J.
Cheney A Co.. doing business in the
C(Itq of Toledo, county and State afore-
said, and that said firm will pay the
sum of one Hundred Dollars for each
and every case of Catarrh that cannot
be oured by the use of Hall's Catarrh
Hworn toeror .noe and subteribed
In mty pIreieCI, this th day of Donm-
tier. A. D. l$ ,.. _.t, .

tha the, p 0*i!.4
*IT~d o0 ntervn betwa lRooc
and Jiap- with a view a (foilli
ple If thke greoldest is not oareful
hie offer may meet with so cold a ro.
eeption as did. the Jewish petitlui hie
kout tu 1Itnas.

The Itiepubllea press I @Iplolitag a
table Which shows thI the axs on
i1r.l drinks pa]ed the it ire Oet0 of
ilti muiilTary ft ilishllhmenL In ilWt.
They oRe't win may temperauce votes
in thit way,
,2 -. .. i .
*tnme propo th ink this it an |apt.
thllC eltupaiiqun jusc hetaraIse the
iew1iut 'rsO arc 11tL pubii.lInn< B*-
cIiiuitg of foot ) el. ctioln tii. Atia
"4om,. people" may b,. dJnpsoiiaictd

If lth nuin',r of iwople q hq call
Ve-Pl'resideniial Candidnate il).vfl
*"tncol" Isany n ild.1atlon he ougt to
hare eUougIh hileihoww In Wess Vir-
inia to k)arry tile tate.

The UmoicOratio ttanagersu art prr(-
dtluing that whirlwind campaign. Per.
haps now the RItpublliens will.b rat.
ttled ; better at titleid ha111 they ill
beaou Nov. ibvr 9.
.__ '.:I- .'. .
News from England Is to the eftfoot
liat tlohard Vrdke r woaldi come home
aud cast his vole fir 'Parker iand Davis
if he could only dodge the Interview.

The night Senator Fairbanks reached
Troy, N. Y., every weather moa la
thai pert of the State hoilted the eold
wave flag.

Texas standA first In railway mille
as' eamoni the Statest with 13,1.64
iiles yards and side tIraoa ex-
The lateet and wsit fasteialati
method of teaching children so ra4d Is
to put them at work on t typewriter.

Isis Imposeble so live without work.
tax; even those who ate asppoes4 to
do It are engaged in working somebody.

The Philippines have cosa the United
State $19,OW.000 and the lives of
16,000 Amernean oldierr.

The servings Prloblem.
"lmWit hl:ns Jcen the Krrntest llB.
culty wi wit h y .voio have hail to eol-
tend, Mr ni0tTerr. In yor AtrtiaIle
with the sr',1,at girl problem?"'
"Prevent lng theio vo uhse getting
7wmad. __
=- V 111 1| Mim i"r -r j;-

For IS by U. IL *D OA&

Cream Vermifuge


oluaae es amsv*t sM$.
6oii I t *I V IIITATl in.
Too saftUpas "atPas *N UT
SBaIard-Snow Liniment Co.
*T. LOuis. INO.
For Male by W. X. Jobhosa.

S 0. i . ..* r W. I .T t
In* n I stb. te .;'l 3I~ h^tt9
sDT4 _ ,r .,b n gSiaali
.- t.I.s f t ',!a n IIa p*Ii swt*pwr

aS,,i .asr+s. ;'ei~j4g I
Si I Z .-
^^^^^r^ r*moo ^Mti

Me!nD..0a o Mfoutr ~",YJ'


1111 ~ 5.

Tb S~ 0*




a 4'

WIUW! SUE 'cn!


I. uSe


Goad aU*bU In your gun m
I t or a good ,re
Wl.centsr L**z ir'W a *4
obekla's Powder S4ells arc
Ataws uro-fire., always iVit
spim4 of shot 4ind good pW tl
gtntt ipulriority 4*s t id t
om l wb us Winchenar F

A, L .A U;' +

S *



J aeeaonville

The Finrt swiamap Es n*
Clydele New England
DireetSeurvi t os*0'AO

Bcwnen JA florS 4J *

.. e. Jack es
Leawn imUR eJaO a us.
i, +. t ~em ^B *^ .^^ ^^PLOI

6 64
I ah -a a 0 .a1 i '. dt 6 04 0 I ,I i '

Arr v.e.s A s i 0'4 0 0

,. ,.,i*$ *,,i,@ ','ikI
44 -. y '
l', .. .* .l .i,: '. : .;|
..*^*^l.*' t +# "'11/-1


I -- = ` --M" 7 7

'* .' . .. ," Y' tf


pm ,.. 190 .
21. 1904

"r 4~~~;wi~"~ ~

Zen Cotton.
f 49

IqAmwfl L";

* iq

k't '* ", '- *
aK .. .'
[ i '
,.. ..- ,
*. .,"..

ed, Baing and Twine. Walrus Jacksonville, Florida.
other 'in Rllps or Bides.

the anmes DoIg Improved Englibsh B
two Gin, and Supplie for PSoe.,
Jos. Everard's Canada Ml
,' ... . ... .. ..- I






ft .. ..t Trip Oo

,,, * *,


Round Trip.
sale daily.
fteen days.


n OoT nt
ol, I *Mke L


a" of a Or r t
' ' .I I I*
^ Ibw e ASf l COs teaaees or Clewsama sad Aserbtle. ia*ot the
l ^... '^ ^ ^ ^ *. . .;. . .

S Slu nir kts ewmo rus hbw> 9a I tL Two tini dUs fro
ftAsams PSInb me ash mmr psurnpel
we a ee. A espe vise ws sea
ij-* *ImNWn h she onwsO. lhees ws mime toe ar d
rZ Wl MofmwWmr. As W tWlWa rWW
,,l r M, , M I i % o.

Line Railway
... OB.-.. -

4L 4titnhah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
S'N"nnbleih, Richmond, Wash-

I- i. 1-'Ibfni, ualtimore, Phila-
:.I -..delph)., New York.

i: Two Elgant Trains Daily.

Sabpard Express.
4:^ -I a'

mai, mii m III a a a ri a uIIrIm a -

E' R! ru E q i r I n txI
Only Line Operating
SI, Thrlghlm Pillmnes S pers from Jckaonvelle to New Orleanm

S*OtnaL e$7rVtMiiosol caaiam boM or
Se A es. i uaDOLLsage Agt 0. BOYa JLe. J.

v n Yr- '"

W.. T
-,! .. ..i .'4
b*S:bAS earn.L

nsille & Gulf Rallway company

STableo In *eet July B. 158.
- -' "[- .-- n--" .- - ---. .. *- 2L-' -


"Ar.P U

........ r van ....... ........
...... ..,le4ld*..... ... ........
0..,... .. F a........ c .......6
... .. .~~. M ...... ... .....
....,... ......
, *. *t* ***O's, * ** .** a** *****e *,
.** IV *a*.. E eeooae.... e*se....
S...**....W*kWe i........ ***e..
*. 0 e*& t~a 0*04000. *6.*.0 . Po ...... 04.
.. I .... t -..... A.. ..

Seass t *.. a 6 S .

......tmeI u...... U
30w,, tar, us


rAma f

...... 00
........ 650
........ 640
........ 686
........ 04G
*..* .... 0
.... ... 612
........ 606
......4... 500
....... 446
S........ 445
.......,. 410
o s Ito
806 10
840 110
** *** ..

6No. GOIo se

........b ........e

lI 1 ..., ... ..
FR1 a",. '....
I 74 ........ ........
_ S ....... ..... ..

.I S ,................
as .........-.......

ISS UE S. .S ',-***
.. ,. .. ...c .ese

S. IAr

S .

good as any and better than mnut
leer. Made of Ilop mand Mali

Per Barrel........ $1050
Per'Dozen......... 5
.-. 0, a

Maihushek he(n,6


bm u.laM. Ieshm sun cMaests, rsa.s ,,
weM se- er bsa sheus. nUuassse
bass -telrst, ones mo anialte
wormanuaipf obtaeAt&.
Up to dese aovery '

old by us continuouly .

oInTHIlTY.1TI 1vi

without a sIngle ftilunr. If Tno
wr& a plm for a liftitmnw
awntebay the

Mathulshe k T


CMoow ams semww S eo mt as
il. We pr rrftbL. WAls
t0r Pete. TODAY. *

Ludden & Bates

Southem luNc slo,
unAmusma ae


National, Stets and Congrnuien*
al Ticket 1904.

Presidential Electors.
0. F. Buffum-Franklin county.
GO. K. Robinson-Marion county.
Geo. H. Holmes-Brevard county.
0. A. W. Wendell-Oadeden county.
A. M. Cushman-Alabhus county.
For Govermor-4Hon. M. B. Macfar-
lane, Hillsboro.
Setary of State-Joh-t F. Har,
Attorney-Ueneral-Fred C. Cubber-
ly. Levy.
Comptroller-J. L. Skipper Polk.
Trasunr-E. M. Brelsford, Dade.
Superintendent of Public Instr0e-
tion-W. R. O'Neal, Orange.
Commissioner of Agriculture-J. 8.
Rowley. Putnam.
Railroad Oommluioner H. J.
RitwhSbe. J. ohns
Jato Supreme Court for term o
six yan--W. B. Abeppard, E beaibla.
JSbono Supreme Court-A). S. Farr,
0. B. Adams. Durl.



- I


~p *i' .9k!..
~ h~
b4~ ~



- .'r

seaboard Mail.

PBTT""' ( "' i
^f~o .. "'
, r^ i o ', L i

..,,-, ;:,. ,



: ,."

i. Pl
', "

-i& -. ... I I ..I .;- kM Z- MA 6.

n n

-- -

,, W




... -- -- .I

--- -


" -V *; '; ,

A. *I ' r*IS 'j

. 1 I I


.T* :


The Bun, lMrs. J. N. ltiver' 'un Art Ifill. or you can satisfy
erllahed the following your appetiLe with a barbeouiet bu.vf
p leent trip to thu, sandwioh and a cup of Bllanke'sc uffer
a 8I1. Louis for :10) cents, or a red-hot sausage g and-
lgi fliftee days in t. wish for five l ents in the Philippit.*
whleb I spent Os the 1ex vlae111 For people who get tired
I workIng on an aver- there art roller chaeir for sixty cenit
heOn a day seeing the so hour, or jinrikehas for seventy.tlre
Wb have bem lent from all ncute sa hour.
I, fIel that I ean safe. The .leffrson G4uard, under Lsetemt-
*i Leullanat Purihase fx. aiit-Colonel Kingstburyt of the Eighth
b far thoe moet colossal cavalry. lisa 800 men carefully soleoe.
u has ever betn brought ed4 whoare on duty at the expomitian
t r i. Without goin Into grounds for th' assistance of the vis.
SIdes can be gained of the Irsto to the fair. They are Ilways ai
bl sg and otilier ex pool- hand to givir information that might
e following fligres: The be wanted.
. of the Lousilasnas ltrohase It would be impossible to do justlee
at Si. Loul s la 1.4 o sres. toea description of the exhibit that
Fair covered 6831 shares, are inside the blsildinl. There is
ir, 100,. s Meree, the enough in yo' one of Ihem to keep a
at buffalo 300 sores. student bosy for a year at least. The
plaae of the Louislanaa Manufactures, the Varied Industrles
sleoa have a roof cov. and Liberal Arts palaces are all Ike
HgeI. 1 he Palace of Aagl. giganUt department stores, where the
. whleh sovenr twenty- 1inest collection of goods and wares are
enoalas ans area equal to displayed aud every thing is for sale!
olloalls of the Buffalo Ex- The "Pike," whielh is one and a
Stognther. There are 100 half mile Iong, haa forty amuse-
to o&udoor exhibits. ments which cost M,80,000, and there
fourtOeen exhibit true. are six thounsed "nondewripL" ohar-
ye S*ate and Territory actors, egiaged in this "bedlim,"
!agte of whieb represent turnedlooNe!
historill asmelaiUons of The Fine Arts Palace. which to sit-
eo Louansna Purehae In sated on the rest of the hill back of
Bra forty foreign pavilions, Festival Hall. Is thie he-d-.oevre of
n prodooetions of blstor. the exposition.* In this buildidsg the
el the countries which history of art for the pest twenty
. years is told in the exhibit of paint-
a are by far the hand- intog sculpture, architecture, moral
Ep tof the previous expos. decorations, entravings, Illlstrationss.
llUUa Whieh rise to a height ete., from Sweat4-eight ountrles.
fat have been uset with The United States has on exhibtlons
r the deoorstive scheme. work doae by the foremost artlets of
OGardens are one of the oureountry-Whistler, Sargeit, Obase,
of la4e exposition. Howe, Brown. Fowler, Benjamina C.
| Emfrom the thirty-Ire l'orter and some others whose work is
Smedwvay inside of the as good as amy of the modern artles of'
grounds affords senaery other eountrles. In the "'Loan Col.
be bard to produce in election" there are some master-pieees
The "filer de lie" from the Duteh. French and Knglilh
of the expoeltion and schools that are feasts for an artist's
His blue and vari-colored eye. Rembrandt'e "Standard Bearer"
the borders of the green and Sir Joshua Ioeynold's Duhesb of
Mhg Festival Hall. Marlboruugh are gems that are not
1waieney has been ar- found on thia *!de of the Atlantie.
the all-day sightseers. Thu pietur in this collection, loaned
i lameroes reatssaurate and by Mr. George Gould, ills Helen
Osaad counters which have i;ould of New York, and Mr. MeCor-
Sapsilty of 80,X). at the mick of Chele., and other Ameorean
SWithout overtaxing. The art colleetoro, Is tangible proof of the
I operding to the demands higher education of our country and
@poitOilan crowd-you can what suah education demands.
t style at Faunts' or Mrs. Matnu. J. N. 8raoanIa.






r i n.' ,

4 I','


L -I * "" .
ft Ir

*Mrs. L C. Glover, Vice Pres. Milw
.e ,. ", i
Wis, Business Woman s Assocat
another one of the million wp0m a
have been restored to health y
Lydt E".a kAl V

a i asp b l s i .....I
sad I mm be a"meII "I" r
41,i6 -- w" my het 6w

o our lb a hML mee

ean to ti to s Ml ems.r
.thahmin tlLa Is W S S -* O heW Slk

Wme ome aM m pane

....... ..............
An Udk h51t tft o a 11-- go


.P, Defaulting Cashier of
jlamam, Tenn., Bank.
Tenn.. Oct. 24.-Alan
altiai cashaler of the Frstl
k, of Tuillabhoma, Tenn.,
.Up this morning. He ls
t, and says others led
) troubles.
;tayw he lost the bank's
Clhiesgo bucket shops.
I "U deputy revenue collect.
** Tallahoma district. He
Jr suma s of money, and an
I b lacng over the govern-
0tMs but If any seort$ge has
hered it has not hben made

Unknown Person Cuts Threat of Mrs.
McGee and woy.
Athf.s, LA.. Oct. 2I.-Mrs. Ike A.
Mc(Ce', wife of a larmier. and lher l.
year-col ,o n 1lian. wrtre killed ri.
day by an unknown Im'ran who acut
their thrnits.
Possch are otr htuning for a negro
who is 'sipposed to iavev committed
the crime.i
Tihr sheriff haL arrested a man
named (halight*mil. the half-brother of
lcGee, wbo was on the place at the
time. Cralghel isi tn the parish
Jail at Homeur.

.Cause of Lockjaw.
SLockJaw, or tetanus, is caused by a
The Beat Doctor. bacillus or germ which exists plenti-
0. Horton, Sulphur Springs, fully n streetdirt. It Is inactive so
July 19th, 1890; 'I have long as exposed to the air, but when
bsmily Ballard's Snow Lit.- carried beneath the skin as in wounds
Borehouod Syrup, and they I caused by percussion cap@ or by rusty
enalily satisfactory. nails. and when the air is excluded the
at Is the best we have ever germ is roused to activity and pro-
-i1da1hee and pains. The' duces the most virulent poison known.
has been our doctor for These germs may be destroyed and all
S eahs." "Jh0. $1.j. danger of lockjaw avoided by apply-
M. Johnon.\ ing Chamberlain's Pain Balm freely asq
ince Ag-enr* Elect Ofricers. soon as the injury is received, Pain'
toitl. ( \It 1,. tw,,r.Cl i. i B1 aln is an antiseptic and causes cuts.
Min r ii i : h s .... ,,i ibhrIiss and Itke injitrij e to heal with-
rClSa A ',i, -oi o (rc tIre out maturation and in one-third the
be ai ,. i p'l, t<-. ,,n lle time required by the usual treatment.
h. fair r *, ,,. ,,. ft 1, in g i It is for sale by all druggists.

re :et- ,''i n l:rt r.nt A. 1v
I | ; tarf If
) ts c i.n [ -" t**ni ,J *w if
ir, oil"f Tii k.tLe";e. nan
.lOf ( inciutitaII I 1'%. C'hiil;|
1k. Va

Nic Arend's

Merchants Lu

Saloon and Cafe

nville. Florida

inch from 12 to 2 p m.


Mrs. Lcftley Shot and Kitted Joe Weed
Tampa. Fla., Oct. 24.-Last night
Mrs. Lfley. who lives near DeBote
park. shot and killed Joe Wood. who.
It Ia alltegrd. was paying too marked
Stentlon to her ynmng daughter after
having been repeatedly warned to
keep &%ay from the premlses.
lie was found by the mother of thet
girl. antd she put an end to bhi lifet
with a revolver.
Wooid was tried for bigamy some


Avpn I I- *4M Rad ,&
New Yorkf OcttL-.-Trnuk N l
east o4f fBufalo have atp aa
other advaune In Iparali Sa ltg th*
Atlantie seahord., It wll
effect Nov. w. a 4 amobats ty SS$
seat per buohel an wheaLt, av, an
rie sa4 tbarley. Tbh msew.
will be operative ftr Ie 15 a
a 'oen Nov. 16 a further avtsO
half a cent per bushel will be o i
wheat asd flour, emor and ry& &4t
oaly a quarter of a cent advase o
barley. '

two year iago. ronvircted and served SBttr Than Pilt.
part of his ttmP, whun he wa par The uestUe hI bi e t eke4
done. I what way am O-asberiala's f-f-
_sad Lifer Tablet. tupeurl tothe St.*
Many Mothers of a Like Opinion. nary e athrtle tasd live pille? Oar
Mre. Pilmer of Oordova, Iowa. ay: answer ies, they are easier lad en
"o Inv of my children was subject to pleasant to take and their l-16 h
orenp of a severe type. and the giving '0 gentle and so agreeable that
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy'one hardly realses that It kl
promptly, always brought relief. Many duoed by a medieinc Thea they a
mothers iu this neighborhood think only move the Iowels but IMpom lino
the same as I do about this remedy appetite and aid the *lgleUom. lef
and want no other kind for their chil. sale at ", rents per bottle by all dria
dreu." dFor sale by all druggiste. o i|ies. ____.,
-r u inr- r-tVIrn r'rr%C'tI



' .i ':



. -. -

rritt Corhell
ljitor~a, Viviad,
SW. malli L. New York.)
w. WLL vtiur
S v. 41th .d4 il-
at o *i'rlk ua.
Z at Sill p. m.
Uvly Two Days Only.

| NISE Parlirs
bslution Free.

111 p M S 0 6 0r I.-
Lf a .n at.


RtaaI Ilatwst Oath.

pmand What is Goins
YToe in Shortftragreph
toL Who Runs May Readt

I Cusama A NI!HL
wpen for male at The1


Splnt* for ale. 1 E.
SWonderful Salve fur ale
HUm & Co.
I of Fairbanks was trad.
Ille yesterday.
bOalaberlain of Taeom wasee
o|(leesville on Monday*
Wl. Johnson made a ilyingl
klgt to Mioanopy yesterday.
knWell of Melrose ie In the
bV% to his son. Morgan Ven.

or, mayor of Micanopy,
to the Central City yet.

aore Royal Cook former.
; Address Thomas V. Por-
nud-hAnd DL)nmore
Will tbesold cneap. Ap-
See. t f
lish, one of the leading
TaMomu, paid the Central
yesterday. 6
Isurm h returned yester.
visitss t or the system of
ieh hla acting trainma-
SA.uOray and wife of White
t the city, and will spend
L with his brother-in-law,

-One nicely furnished
St onveanleat toeastoo in
*SW East Libertystreet.
Urn ofole. tf
alth and family have re-
* Fairbahe to this aity, and
plaSatly located li the
ROose, corner LasIoter and

15h, memberof the 1irm ol
aeteh Co. of Alaohua, was a
vtor to Gainesville yester-
SfIPorts that cotton is still
Bat is lively rate.
Lqiy departed Saturday foi
0% 8prins. where he lpfeltt
Nt friends.I Mr. levy i. the
id9oueful repreeetitative ol
St Co., whoJlesale drugitite
tehic Coast Lisne will sell
b teketi to otala. account
Ieu niot. for SLi.O round
14 on- asale October St to
it51, good to return utp to
,0#g November 6.
atik 9the merchant, railroad
erl, trucker of Clyallt
Sto the city yesterday.
the farmers aire experi-
i trouble in Retting the
IMP t*.hat&. *fall rki-_Ota

ando, Mrs. H. 1.. Hotchinson and mmg
mother, Mrs. Wheeler. returned to IK Jo @ ato
their bome in this eity yesterday.
They will be located as the Chap-in '
ere they e pleased to reo The disp y will be d
their friends., and the great 'OraritOf'
I His Honor Judge Mason has been Styls and patterB shown
quite busy for the past day or two nla ill Worth a visit Our
Sthe latterofiesuing marriage leenses. dtore. rie will be
This Is probably due to the reient oool emp enOUg for the oo i *. i .e ,/ae
weather ne a col sap bri a styles ri enough* *
matrimonial "snap" to the Jdge. and the. s ,rich.- _g rNo ,0 *"m o> ^-
Five licenses. four of which were to for the riCL he era r e e *A
f colored people, have been issued with-. ..e loar. e, Ml t i peai*
in the past two days. buiful line f i|s. . r eea" ea nM t s ts*mtr
.and. a Chambrp at 8 I W
READ THIS. centsf.r yard. .NAYXOALN OLE ,.1,4l,*
r Jackson, Ten.., June 4. 1901-This
t in to certify that one bottle o the A prettier li ne of 61 UI ms d '. a's ---21 a-o. L | l 0
STeass Woder, Ilall's Great Discovery, Chambry. worth 12 And ..all Leading Dreg..* | 'sha
Shas cured my wife and myself of kid. ;. ..a 10 Ct.. yd. . . .
, ney, bladder and rheumatic troubles, . .
and we most cheerfully recommend it
Sto the public. A Imagnificent line of f AA
CK. L t I1 .-, W W K, dies' Collars, &c.
See our front show case.
Oine small bottle of the Texas Won- MD I A *"
der, Hall's Great Discovery, curaes ll AnIERICAN L UlA[DYCORST l .I , n
kidney and bladder troubles, removes In all the latest style. u
gravel. cures diabetes. seminale Price -. tr.
sl ',0 ,. w eak and lam e back. rheum a. B ic. T1. Si T h e b et d o la.r 3T.t, ,t, Sol- i 'b W i
is and all irregularities of ite kid- COraet made. Call and see q -"M"ty. "
i ney and bladder in both men and them.
i....nn n.,ulates bladder troubles la ___ ___

(Rnr r l1 **

lamre ilthL mas Illr I- a ",
A 0. V. I10 of AlIaqon was among the If t oubled wish a weak dIrhenntra
visitors to O sinetsvli on lownIlsy, ,em dren's $to aa andyiver Tab.
Mrs. .1. L. Kelle" departed yester. b y wi oyouno. For sale 4 o' Ilia
day for Jackekl vlpp wh e eihe will p. A ul lo ok pent n
sund setyrral day. taking in th. erni. in06. A Paul, atar two weeks spent U
val soid visiting friends. tIn Talor nd haleel tountle In e s laud Uhsb s l
Itobert A. Ballot sad Thomas .. theInote lsof government lad,, i U o. be f.
lson. two lties of MeCrabN.en were Sle- &ae ed to h ar erod taninW Ausrul 4.". ( us.M ^ -i L *
Sthe city stlorday for the purpose land mlef80r sosmo .r-od iful a/ Ma maWi b d ,d bdf ,t Ii S o
of taking out hoes tesadenr tiis **ia f Wsmsss41 016 om491r I naM M wm.tK KSe ei FT1
JamesN- M orehetd, *ouaml scr.p hoan* spjnmiuee. Toar enemo. j/=' -.w.. 01 f 1h 140
able. rem II. 000sk La ...'
yfer of Morion oounty, as. iia-cre I w- S Swoa .0_ -..$ S 1 -I0,
visitor to t is.rswille v7eu410, hav#hei- Ao t tt om t emI a hsa f nti
Inbugahses, with the 1Uited Sltates S Sothe d1ep0Val onton t
land o
of Capt W. Tion of hs eiyt. arrive several d d beards i n he walk Wmes Sl
yesterday and will upend a flew disfi nj la i nagsd tesy have wloted2 !4"
bae. He wa seocompneled by W. W. a npleometely... he he ./. .---A- _
Water-s of Bradford.. s ... L
Herv. ,. o. Vater and wife of Ala. Card of Thanks.
ehum wilhed friends In taivsnilli We daire to enfd sto our frilA "e1
yesterday. ltv. Foster is well known and algobors our hetnfrlek tlhqk
in Goine"ille, having filled the pulpit for the many eourtestes steaded as
of ria Baptist church here on several darieI tbe llneos and deth of our
oeesioneu. sm.0e, OUi lr.. We will ever holdi a
Property owners are busy trimming Warts pisIn our heart for the.
tres adjacent to their various prop. Na. AND MHa. 0. E. DLanX.
erties. This makes a big improve- A .
meat in lbe appenrance of Li. streets. ,M s Another atmt.eol
aud will have a tendouey to give visit- lietebr, Waton, the nero who ha
on a good mpssion,. confessed to the killing or ren rs V.
Miss Lu.ll, M. Cook, a noted artist Cibe*"., es 'y de ., ,r VK l' i
of wide experioseo from New Haven. itatemes to several partes who ilS. .o "i
Conn.. educated in New -Yorka ad theW1. He now claims tabt MU W T Wr.E
Paris. has opened a studio at 4M7 E. Lamb hd amothlg to do with th4 kill-
Main St., N.. whoer she will lTve In- .
struotions in Ue different lines of art. L,'e Case Up Wedoesd.
Deputy Sheriff Walker uf the Woat- The plilmrney exnmiiatla of A" ,,,-r i i4
era Red, yesterday brought to the *f Lem hgd wi. *Lm b Ig f*meusq
Sam Btown. who was charged with foetShe etA of the killingof 0. V. "
violating WUre g e law. After hearing Chmbemla., Isu b fees b m sr s i
i the evidence Ia the ease Justice Coln men ei Wednedawy morning at 8
man sentenced Brown to thirty dae o'eosh aek fre Judge Olpan. MrI r W.
In the gunl. .--
Mrs. Ww. B. (oodwin has arrived Water Ntte.
in the ity from Seafod Del. h Water will take soMe that fi
will spend the wint r he Ms. the i stlasmo will dssd do" dI W pe
aoodwin has many friends t re who E itoro, _.o22. ib#as l *4 l m t w Mi
. are always sIld to ns her, and who ub. 10K for the puIpa' sN et
will be delighted to learn that she de* rne-rf it p p gr ..t
folded to makd her home here during 3MII.UI., os Sep. hu *ge, ggii
the winter. ----
Puach Wheeler, press rprem ,te ut. AD ti i i
tive of John Hobtason's Bigs Shows. art. V 1 1K oi
rived in the ity yesterday mad made a pae, 1, e W
pleasmat Call as this oe. He was fl 00 *
seeompaliled by Capt. Goa. 8. Cole, | / i t Mr
who It also sonnetoed With this mm. A I K* S to a .
moth aggregation in the capacity of
On sOecUna of the reUilon of tha e .,, ....... .,,, i i
United Confederate' Vetoeras in (eali 0 n!aI
,...,,-,,,, ,,.,o::,,, CST SE 01 BAT. ., f i mn I
to (oalt and return ,n iot. 81 and -- ---- --. -; *nii i
Nov.l.. god retuinog Nov. 6, ,tv.l0.. Visit Our "Co.d -- 0 i
An ~~ellent opportunity to visit the KnH
kiek OCty. 2w.
*W. M. l*aughtrey. one of the nt ca S
sucessful truckers in this part of Flot- WE ARE SHOWING Ns ',-
ila. arrived in the city yesterday from
Williston. He expects to plan u.. l
heavily in that section. but says thbat An upto-date line of .. *K /
the dry weather is greatly liaerferrlag
with the transplanting of plants. Jlaji IWal--" --J '
After an absence of several months.JA l u
in lienver and other ponlate in Cole- -, n


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