Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 23, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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^^--* r^ wvrru^ SP7T'77i ,Ir V -- V" **' ** .**
' i' r 4i *i i" [ n+ ^ i i 'A i Ij' *", I ; '
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a ,, *, t

'I... .Y.-.'. .............'........... .... po w I.r.- ..


Ute rUnUJUI O Centrsl Train@ May Be AftftedY S FR w I
to> 0e.C NR cOv.lutols. Us', Oct. 32.-Oo t lESUPPRES REVI
i O~rU Iof low water In.Yollow river at Per7
L torda| tli hig plant of the DIbb man-
Iphe jitpfctturing company at that place h Threatened Uprliuq Ia A
WDss.satro Bankr of Pit W n buo treird to rin on abort time.
i N ~ wii httanding IIAth the OlrNl awi
.... ,.in t d En saMun. fl10ow of water Is stopped Jg the dam U

t durlonr the tight. It tI ujossible o
,i ibi LatEFPT A FORTUNE TO HIs COUSIN tacm uitnlai ufllfrntu ly to keep
"so- :* ,---.--M... ,. lh j l) ,nning on rullfime durloag
's 4I2 'W N4M Knew of Her Sxistence Until the ay). The operation of the Cor-
SVOW A--C-n1 M.apipgtol lill ,which is run bY stams
h t Z Zrz e poMer, hostnoit, beeno aflecaed by the
| ., !FrTh itm Prends With Relult ftere drly weather,
"di itoe. The Sources from which the water
ittsfeld a Oct ry tanks of th ntra of eorifa rall-
PI IS.L IP Af- 2 Taft, president of the Third National Maclien It is stated, are gradually
bk of this city, believed he was the giving out. and unless the preneti
B !W! l.."t *this ram.; tbst be had no blood. weather conditions are relieved shurt-
NSM1W rlatton livig. Hils sffe diud asIW ty it t altogether probablee that (
101"M PN*% yar, Ad at tb age of 835 the bank- running of trains ona this division of
IW y4 r e lOployed a gnealtos|tu to trace bhi the Central may b6. seriously aeoct-
M 11 wth sw alestry. The reslt that his will ed.
6W or probate a & 1 after hbi,8 Althoutigh thre Is considerable cornm-
a.' WMW death, leaves the bulk of his estate, plainal alout patuires drying up and
IS 'N' d at.$134000, to bee nd eoul ,,oil late veg0ta ,tol being e*ut of1, the
of l 0S1 hsautenoe e Ad known oth gkinnen or thio uretlon are perhaps Uhe
e Mau-w i a yanr agu. greatest sult riro rom the elect of
itty peresatia nd vernal lmtjotu the long drought.
ts ar. l the diatlbution. But The farmers generally are not corn
Stihe bWIt beaelclary, aMrs. Prancla T. plallang of the drought, owing to the
/W.'' I i l, wite of Albert 31. Nlel Wel ot Id In condition affnrlrd for gatherlug
LOf7vIIe 0., was kow to Mr. th crops.

I A4rding to Mr. Dawson, Ate
Minister to San Dominge, jate
Preparations Are sing Ma
Suppress Probable Nevolutllae



WahigIto.n Oct. 2 -- Accordin
Mr. Dlawson. American mljieiter toi
.)omlngo. the government there 14
t1g zxte'tirui preparatloUn to sIA
the threataolng revolution. Uiader
of October he reports to the t1aS1
department that the uovetfment i
tinues actively orannizing. drillag a
arming Its troops. 1
Au order wea given a short tlne
for 20.000 rIfles, and a coasidst
quantity of ammunition.
No recent reports have been
*d as to probable Importation of.
and amahlunltui ion the part of
Mr. Dawieon detals a conve
he bad with the minister for
elen affairs. the substance of cl

1 TE 5511til she was discovered b it -!
410-ly relative after several moothl' PREPARES FOR VITERANL. bah already been rneoIved by cable
arch by the asealegst Mr. Ton published relative 4) the aareeAtS
y aof tboDoi..,;nlclan government toi r
s tW.o hW a and their 0ortfepondnee Old SIldiers of Alabama to Mot inf Doi an government
S, ilah edal IGraS friedshlp. Meobite. the award Ia favor of the Sflea i
Ahor S beuestq are paid, Mrs. Mobile. Ala., Oct. p2-Bveryting go lwprowet company adl t *,
N0i.1wbe ill remoLve about 75.00. sad to be I rhe bet *lpe who. the apart 0 per cst 1 f t customs
s r at AlUred M. fNichol, of St. Loul, IAlaban Confederate Veterans' nme c*wpts t four ports for that puro'
AhSW. Utr Hnebad t imbequeat.ld to Al o, Nov. 14 and 13.
WONAI n 0sh 6b sa4 two4ftbs of the jAt 5 metng of the reunak com- THRICE MARRI. '
164fwWw. of te e-iate After a the be- l It7 it was r" e 4*c that ample -
.|hiri V Sf 0W W ore peId. Uflandhad bL.ip raltt: that three rev. irld of 14 Takes Husband 7 YVf;t
uoSamg lr e Tet left somethiae to each of enue citterr had been secured by It q f Age.
4.l q, PnI* bi peiva ltt, ,000 to veral frieades; obtet raln ment commit e to take their
S $f.. tI s0 asiautM t eler, U1,000 each vlaltora .ut on .mrnr(to>.o: that the I art [rd, C'on.. Oct. 21.--Pretty II
~*4e i-f-o$10bt W 100 9t0.h of tU Miobil. Auto club hal tendered I cars e Robbins 1.4 only 1ye
lt 1 1 'ble ble. nad made a tnumbel for 9the use of the sarn .trs: that am. hid, l r ae hldn the martylao e qK
oI lprtt't gifts to crherb. col ple acoCnihQtiUtUlons had l.n lectured: ord for her age in thetate of' ich
004Sqs w r stous lastiltutiqusl. The that th rail:-adi had ae a ratd' eetnlt. Under A iene i ssiid 1
....are.Mvht bluest a ;n 1.00o to a AiMrs. of n, e:nt a rolls: that decrations Town (lrk King f Sooth WineiS,
b. te .n iled frshe was mnarrlieev to) John MImur. ,,
.F 'H' .h.., i 'Duitag; of Texas. had been provided ,or and every one
,, .- wuu;itl l.M a at..': uhat a revwing- farmer of that town, 'this was
i., SYNOD PASS RKSOLLUTIONS stam! I that a I third trip to the hy urneal sitar.
Story of art liery from Fort M.torgan lklen was married at 14 yrars
Re-1gatdIq e thwwestern Univenity 4t wo 1Ul he oreir 11) the city to paral a sut ht hfure her t1
Ji Ciarbvlii the brat mritfnry: cut birthIay. She believed tibat HSr .
^.SC,.du" _'.j.lo are. vllnt. Tenn. I- T Roiblins, her tlrql tnthand, was kil"Wp
and ct% i 2 oulolit be in i buqdlanceh
P. hoavi e. teao., Oct. 22."-'e T . phy, ) on the third rail of the electric irfhn
*n0z o ,he. a Predby. : al- a m. u-ilnes and n o.-pial *. near Now Britain. Tlherepoi, 1aft
tartan churcb, in sesk)n here. pa.sledi co i:uladt:O1, w wutd hoe ul)pli e: i some brief delay. sht was married kli.
eat aa4 resolutilon by vote of 37 to S3. :on, a.t' that v.' r.thlnt needed to give John Miner. c1rllbiny returned *WM1
iM as th lemlea the action of the dire'turo iAe old ..4:,dIr.* a eappy tin:. had the tn tlg after th a d rmony and gmdh ,
fte Sout I he'rn Presbyterlan unlierstlo woud be provided. trmoble.a 11 e had th o ir l ndlet lS
w *A s t Clarkstille. Tean., In clainkng pow. for higamy, nbug it i iidcrduood thAt
I6rto We to *el t newA directors and to a f the district attorney will not push tN1"
Ot W a. o ltttly control the university. TO DEVILOP TIMBER LANDS. eas.
I- s Anlpl l felloe Tl. resolutlous *also claim for the John (;. Miner, to %hnin th ie gt I ;i
ibti Npe ande of Teaneisee, Alabanma. Mi Yellow Pine Lands Company 0*ns now married for the second time,1'it"
.k by lMs SlSippl 0ad l.aflanst the right t41d 0,000 Acre. 70 TO par l4 and devote duo her. '
s- .at... hml to lstrol the affair of the InUatutioan. Urmnlin m. Aim,. ) Ot. .-.-Th -
lo Ii 1i l TMl acttom of the local TenesseeO Jtdat i of prqbazte of Jefforsmn county SMALLPOX CARE.'
M-P4 is ah." synod ln I I effect, an endutaement o1f s ant carter to te Yellow
"iauue alev A thbS plRn to remove the unlveralt from Pnt1 4111 $d WmD ny nudar the Ir Chtago Iis Threatened with s6ri4 1.
the wait ing Citkmvile to1 Atltan. se equation 1poration act of Alamama of Ibic. Ti pieic
e' trol, etc.. having grown out of at raton is comp1eOd ialaly ot ChicapoOct.. h dp
.|~4 ad oea- Jle .eio sured by the diretors of rsian. W F.lon roe ad "; hlca0 e . ,
and hi als, the alirvertlly, Inhibiting the ayeo" L*ewi. of Valdlosta, a.: Charleh. J. bent has caused n.l ternaton li
is X ayt ot taking any acUoo In regard to laden., of Atlants. Ga.. and J. It. sendlng out wurnings that the crtY
me awel g oWval of the university from tttiders. of Penacirla, Fla.. appear threatened with their moat eortli
CIatkavillr. It Ii propomedl to eonsol- the charter as the principal tuctl-* smallpox epidemnile In tn )ear.
^ f.lg I, e dMatel the Clarksville institution and hdter?. teeh caselt in two tdayo have beei dl
0a. Bla t the triet the theologial seminars mow at Co The purpose of the corporatfrna Is to covered. All were aumotiK well.t-
i ti c r to,, t t.,r ,e lambl a. C., Into one grand nalvep. i ra ( I anI lttI'& tima- Pe Tple th guosnd' neIKhh or ttrs.
PIP..'ill i I '11 11 He fm.s y t All t brd lllds, and il comtla.rt wal.i "'Thi In Dithe itrangit( ,uthreak u ,
SLp,, be s we,' 41 'S ty1 at Atlatita.
t$br o&.'wait,*ing e r o m 650.000 acres of ehli rlalnt. Til. : pr>l. have' e-v.r kIown. sin tthet orst r el ,
...-cmusemhi o ffcl of t' rtMimny i, tix\ Thlwomaik1104 Fatal Streeot Dul. I i ,'h*e
S at her home ,l Hob rt O s,. O t 22.-in a street by the charter as lHirmilizhima J t i i fair here ar Spalting said.
j. duel tsy *,T e. a g er. t nnder.tood that the ComLwU)' miill disease is making stride, Cterywhbr4
Kladisel tody T. 131. 1.0.a rueer, shono
OldeAi.r n' o a .d.klled Charles G.t4111. haevO!r. haeoffice4. 1t Atlantia and Valdh.tuw., The high-rla-s. neihborbmodms are too
swSf St raGa, and at some pulpit nl Flirida yet Wpareld. %p have 'e'it unable to tae
+*HIt..i t hi l wilth Lea was shot in both arms I bt will is e ', tod.t .r,.. to any" Inglh ..S.
,'. recover. IDomesti troubles caused hbe, Therpt atre ,al)Y ill1 rl- caeS
A shooting. rTh"e Leeas were rerntly dl..
SM r. WED IN AUTOMOBILE, down the utate. Two weet ok5
A~ UG ',ONreTe*grod'. WED IN AUTOM01. rlar I'ina of thp, tate board of
%..I to 400
Denol Lees wO. Earthquake Felt In Missouri. Chauffer and Clergyman's Wife Act au beash, toIt DIP *tte a ?1 t
i, t Mill. UT. Lotus., rt. 12.--A ,.light esnfrt- Witnelles%. nlai-p03 rasc' n a, t ii Ih1
$ 4 4.4 Oct. t.-ritI was quake shock ttav.tling from .hrth et Clhen thtt t_ ; I, r' e. Thner a'r' thusan, f o' t I
ar I te cotton gina ery b. Ito southeast. was felt hf today. The II| lla1, i .I ,'' et .,., stiw tr C, P lS.
to be 'tittagJle mills. The srthquuko eun.t a light rwtungni carried W'n dy fr 2n Pr n.1got1 i.
edil:W4 pthe ulanery, the see4 or dishes in vritour parts of St. loui The miathint' wA o[.C a :11 Ai Officers Elected.
44 ,tbe all 1 sill belonlting Io but did ino dawmago,. .e atar* .l .tv le. wy W \ ca Ne. v ,rI., ft. 2. T[h Ametiae i
I, llih. Inueldlrig seed cotto an t-'- -- --- lmm, ..t ar Tad a r .,a a, tp in TAii ,tiar.. ;n i lsd l', l t ri l .,
*tx; e ind a h..dred bele, or Trains Coide. Three Killed. thr car in' r aAr&. W!nj am i 1*" 1.ids:iw, w :1.. ( ar
^ N +.tet t dl' th kI'I wlmt4 t wral aGtetn' Dra .. .. h., C-..s.m lt.aT ifirnteghnf wl. tn t',M. York: vet n ithe- .i iit h :
Irnim atmoh. hannr~wshhta iritna a

Jp ;,: vi4 "'| rr; '-" .. r ... ' "

tRe SV*I B A~AA OCTOBER 28, 190
-- ~ ~ ^ i l -- .. ,. , + ..


q '\r Y

,,qi wwt. ,
flfl.,s h
.... .,: ,,
,. ." lN

wit the enlist of
s.epm~t 5, Thalsms

tf eliteie wasU
iass ww tIoois ,for
1,n. to he t hone
4k pllais t ittiu4
aa n0tuMrped frootm
00"! *1 4 York

: h ae,, opleiiito.
~ It-al oti m wk la o i
Mifril4 O **

1 (Monrgo+.'iy..A;.: *.' ;, .-- h+ c,;-
pMtul f or Ji'iit t';v<'+. CC',,* ti;," I, ';.
wge In thi [ ; r < ;: .,:: ctt I i li
bo n restl llfTly l "'' ;:.. ;, tLr I"'uiji
1d State court of appeals letting
-'4 wili be eclht'ed later Should th.,
Wtart otf ~pfall ntiw iltmit htm. I1
IMTrb i5Srg srino for oUntee $am,
* be pl4sded gulity to a amber ol
alrglOw. It to said tha there is a
t1 iadertattimlul that tos ee the
e t hld 4 *malast thi dOreallht ha
Will b *'pardoned baSe, o of bad

Thoe Set Doctor.
Rev. .C, orton., ulpbgr Springs,
TIas, wwrisJas ly )St h. IW, "I bare
Ond lay hmftlyl:Bllard's 8now Lit-.
te|nt and Hontthound Syrup, and they
ba e prowd eerianll satisfactory.
The linlment is the bent we lave ever
used for headheh and pai e. The
enough trupa hu been nor doetor lot
the ltel fht yesn." *,b60on. 1.00.,
Sold by W. M. Johaeon.


T'-1W 3Tr"r 8.AILfWBTG .
Jacksonville and New York,
Calling Ma CIIARLESTON, S. C., both ways.
The FlaNt Itaiahip in the Coastwiss Servioe
Clyde New England and Southern Lineb
Direct Service Between JACKSON1V'LI.E. HtOSTON and
PROVIDENCE and All Easern Points,
Calling at Charlestou both wamys.
S.lMI- w ;u j *C'L"r S A T'LI'NGW -
Southbound...... '*........ ........ ..... Froa Lewis' Whar. liattA.
Northlxtand...... ............ From Foot of Catherine it.. JaeS ,onviLe

org S rair. Clyde St. Johs River Line
DoI'& forges the great Georgi lState Hetween JACKUONVILLS, nd SAN IFOe' ,
Fair to be held at Maoaon. G., Otolber Stopping at Platka, Aetor,.St FraeOls. Berefonl (l)Lanld). ard indrmeni4St
i.k, 1M101. Atliaute Coast Line offor Landings on St. Johnsi Hirer
low 'eeureloa rtes, One fate plus 26 steamer "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE,
eeOts plus. 80 entO asdil lou, for the La4;ves Jaksonvflle 8:U30 p. m.8unday. Tuesday and rhtirdSay".
roend trip. Half Mra* for ehidren Lees tnford 9S:)0 a. an. lMondays. I'edziuetays ard Friday',
over Tive t d Ander tS jia of *a. w.tb'. i Fappolisted to all* at fonlos: .;,w:, S
RAle of one. ent nper J lle distance .asdows. StWFl0,1.: .^
traveled wil apply on military u 1,ae a n ...... .. ...... Jacksonvilv. .. rr
hbsie bads,. .or more in nlfotrm. :1P .........- ...... ... *.... ..La 80
0 M ......... r. : or .. ... ....... ......
NopimeObeernvOmdj. tn..asrmng. .. ~.-. t4.lFrancis-.............

I ,,.., ,
, ,'l ." i'.-. *,. *' .-
^ .*-* ^.it


_ ~-1-. ~I ~....-. _. .~- ~~----I ~T - - ------ --~-- ---------- -

m. W&t wtv O W l MUnlltry to I *
Aesept npwO W ueiqen. ..WY
j__ Roo. iN.W. elm &l, w, khdt willl
iapp er ihr Tvldity of the ona W
his the Tlhe paoof Roev. Wal I I
n M 1 ..i. -1 k. t l, s is 00- I

n m I n ate ne mevsp guiew<."a of .. "THE BIG STORE"
4 -Ip'ZZ $ n n d W..inte
l W. M W Bru W lint lt al nvro l.ter......-.. -
!e.f Slb .ihe dplprimosie ob un e
W$ wasi order to bwep tshotouhly F
basdl0a1uit4od, with the balinoe. e it T
a:d il ii'lr I 0 h6l6telr I eonsilderd t1 tO
Fp!tiBd -W4l lMi4n faor sh P" 1 0 r
AskeO Wis tf the boo la ueamod Siuau

ia lsn' A tJr hiullry studies, which i n NS y
he' Sp1 Hver lootlmight o11, he hIs 7t "
i: '*. M*^,. .tent.,b, This Stor is Up-To-Date.l

nrHAll the Prettiest, Newest Styl s

Our regular Fall and"
Opening will take pla:

1, PON.. f$0 ne" John "obineom _iOX 0beir __ I aX d,
A .4.-STO M rk Ohio. He a .
m a mea anaeae** In at OhI* M
ijellnt Osociqi ooloiSaFr _______________*________________'__

Wiiill46 ,41"Wil ll8tosvo WN
WsIg as qatre ut mapetle power,

a lh wstIan slsi r*.TIor I I
tha t IS has hitno
I, S i' b i',. VMr,2 notr i the Lst or. '
i wM tot rom )Us pas ep "THE BIG STOR' ."I
b ly e slt sp T hl selling tforr vsrioms
....A iHe 1 4able to point
niptqpul pnrebss Ia lbp ease fr%% % vstt t'trttv%
S(, WliO mld for quite a t e
,| ,, t!,tie cur iolced mdci one sau-

S... t You W O t for thNe asnl FallU ad Wliter a rchele let or bndded and g
bpg To., a puruluet merh t EEa o the F atid, d O rs letdIes, o th( as have wda "W
$OhK t msstm T i., sa slna "I is rco ldAls1ramean al14 DE. Catalog e and iv ,
sOt.wi oIfI a weak stomakIh I eaelr." P001 Culture" f r e 8 1
b maI ss*gth ad raw down .in GAIISIiLLS IRISKRIBS H. 3. BRAES, Proprieto0 GLUIESTILL,
,,hitl A as mo" oy e"k" do was
d he, b all hope of meeoery ian.
t 'es. gwiuK of om. wonderrial W .-OfL in .teedo- of :
....r. etteqted by use at KodoI DP*.
: "Il.llle lateCrn, e noofrluded to try it. The
SB'eti boitthle bn iced me, and after
I / taking tour bottles I m fully restored
h..ltb." Kniol spu Cure : Send- -Y onr Order to .
||'" e"" as"+d "'oTHE SUN JOB OFFICe

." :,T .-', .


1 I r

Tr f ,I "Alf r-I ,IFW E'. DBI vW I -

- - - -- -

|pr -*



|lter started to the Jail -r ...-- -
IP. Lamb In tho prem.-
I flopped by Attorneys -
ad Syd L,. Carter, who
who stad that at WIFE.
."Lamb would hare While I linger on thile side.
rMad that the trip would Very moh asinet omy wAill.
i'll not forget i've a spirit brideP
Suewm developments in That you're my wife still.
a imb still insists that I'll always e aod hear you

ta binel ireulated a- And beart-erubhing rief-
Ma a slpeelal term of the Oh! Isa not years,
Sheld to try tihe ac And let the days be brief.
er or moL the request E re the loud of death rall break,
SII 1S dieult to amy. The light of heaven appear.
R a adjourned a three And I in 1n1ry wike.
S ,,, ant,, r aThy sweet voice to hear.
w he rantuwr. istal


Had this court lasted
IJ might have been pus.
tfaied the grand j ug
the ease. As matters
a special term Lot
assused will be con-
IN Jail until the spring
Il not be held until

be the general desire of
.apeelal term., inee the
1filetle meted out quick-
of the opinion that
b to guilty or lano-
have a speedy trial, and
in aseordanoe with
ehi bha liberty.
.dolbt of the guilt of
the negro. who has

ifas Cough Remedy.
tI acqualnted with its
em mbe surprhied as the
i@tly of Qhamberlain's
1. It not only padres
eleatually and permnna.
pvesven then diseases
l pneumoonia. It is
care for eroup. Whoop-
dangerous when this
It contains no opium
f l shlobstanso and miy
idently to a baby as to
S eo pleasant to take.
oets are taken into
Is inot surprising that
Mld$, as well an at
*eb rmedy very highly
1e willing to take any
once used it. For

Adds New Desks and
For its Utudents.
relal department of the
S seminary Is enjoyinlag a
risy is exeess tu
history. .. *
past week tIls depart.
lied six large well mitde
Soflofmauodate the whole.
W1h have emb doable
o e lides for arm rests.
the best work of the
Wring Comnasi. This

. 4, I .

Had Her Hip Broken.
Nlrs. lcese, a widow lady who re-
aides in East 4Ginesville, had the mis.-
fortune a day or two ago to have her
left hip broken, hasrinp slipped and
Dr. Lartigue was summoned and
dressed the wounded member, since
which time the *patient las been rest-
ing easily.
While the injury will incapacitate
Mrs. Ieee for several weeks. no se-
rious results are anticipated. which
will be gratifying to her numerous
Twentieth Century Club.
The Twentieth Century Club will
meet at the residence of Mrs. J. B.
Oerald Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
All members are urged to be present.
.1mw. A. It. IlseArPt. Prei.
lMuJ. J. O. Gznki.n, lee. Se,.
Conf"leeona of Priest.
Rev. Jno. 8. Cox of Wake, Ark.,
writes: "For 12years I suffered from
yellow Jaundice. I consulted a num-
ber of physlelails and tried all ports
of medicine*, but got no relief. Then
I began the use of Electric Bitters and
feel that 1 am now cured of a disease
that had me in its grasp for twelve
years." U you want a a reliable med-
laine for liver and kidney trouble.
stoinmchdisorder or general debility,
get Electric Bitters, i'S guaranteed
by all druggists. Only JA'.
Trading In Pig Iron.
New V1 t*, (.r *...-. il*sHi t govern
trading in pig iruon %ar.:aid have hbCen
adopted by Ie 0 oftli' av of the New
York produre \:.ha4tige The ;roltt
business will In' iiitial'd on the ex-
change a~ somI as ertaln agreeumste
with financial Institutioni have been
ipned and the rt'es formally posted
tor ten days. The trading will have
for Its basis certifltlete issued by a
trust company calling lor stated
amounts of pig iron with a warrant
company. Upon delivery of the pact
of the trust cornpany ,it will be can.
called and an order Issued upon the
storage house for delivery of the Iron.

rik and Inspectorg of
Nofmber, 8. lO4q



cJass In the world. Baeb will be
about 600 feet In length and cost about
$1JIO0000. One of th eship was as*
sigoed to the Mare Inland navy yard,
San Fratncisco, and the other to the
yard here.

Overdue Veml Arrives.
New York. Oct. 221--The New Tormt
alnimft of the sieareer Hue.on grr"
received a telegram today annotinvlcig
Ite arrival of that vessel at ilavat.'
She waste more iliap two day. overdti
and some anxiety was salt for Lsr
Better Than Pills.
The question has been akji" n
what way are Chamberlain's StShb
ad Li er Tablets superior to the ordl* I
mary catharsis and liver pillst our
answer Is, they are easier aid more
pleasant to take aud their effect is
so gentle and so agreeable that
one hardly realizes that it is puo-
duoed by a medicine. Ti eo they Ms
only move the bowels but improve their
appetite and aid the digestion. For
sale at 2 cents per bottle by all drug.

Arc tuAeI e
tro blt 0.on
nuxt ver O. Di


IMvS 3w



la aind Were Dis.
SNotified That Noth-
fit at Presenl-Haile
Doefnd Lamb.
1 hat the preliminary
Lamb, charged al als
Murder of (-irrett
I, !ear Taoinao the
fesslont of Filtcher
who declared that
~lhe gun and directed
peberlaln i, would comen
msna saturday. but iho
IppetpoanJd uutil iutaL
0lomiug wee k.
mberedl that Mr l.-inmb
SDeputy sheriff | in"'-
g from hiM farm to ins
pa Friday afternoon and
6 elity, partilulars of
ready been published
Nouings was running high
ad MiCalilopy emotion,
aif eident4 of Tacoma,
ik ihe murdered n.ea
1esmie to the eity Sa -
Sso attend the prelim.-
L They were disap.

It itn tine of sudden mliniap,
arridenlt or aichkneit that lia.
linms Ward l () can be reii4st
upon to take the place of the
f.,inly* dix-tor who ctinot ni-
wael) 1 foull ual UIln1 the "Im.
mewnt. Then it is that Wiaird
Oil is

Dever Found

In case of sprainn, rut.,
wounls, tbrns and scald. WI-..
Ord Oil takes out tlike uore eu,
drives awyv the paImi at ione.
Its sppli.atiion rauniw a w(.1uit
to lieal T ithlout hanger of hMwx
poisoning or other c mplictn.
tions. IPditn cahliit exist where
Wizard Oil is applil,.
Ofly 00 Seflut.
S'matute "Hlamtis rc{." M Wrappei.
Ssi l Biown in Bo1tl.. 1 Pri 50k.
IHunl ins Cmigh ITllim quick.
. y rerlieves tublMrI; co)lh. It
conlitali Inotliing injurious.
ThAtes X(ool and children like
it. Pf:ce 25c.
Ilandlins Itlool and Liver Pills
cure crmntipation. They are
pleasant to take and do not
Krim.w pli! 211.

'The followlns named persons have
been appointed inspettors and clerks
of the election to be held in the wwv.
eral preuinctl of Mlachiua county on
Tuesday, Nov. 0, Itu .
T, '. Tjloiq ti
Attest1: (,'14. IC. Co. Coi.
H. C. D x'ri, CIlrl.
Diatriot No. 1. \\ldo-V W S. Tll.
C. M. NeKilne iiL. C. .waier, il-
spectors; 1i.. A oaise, clerk,
District No. 2, la(,ro*--Vrw M3.
Bltilh, J. II. Cani(,, itrock.
ilixtun, inspectoresj. V. I utuh. ch'rk
District No, 3. .Altohuni -Wm, 11
rmiiiina IC. H. l|ewi .. J. 1- 1. btts in. .
District No.-4. Willefi.rd-l. L,. Polk,
It. T, Tihoua.. J. A. ielrUIu, iiepec-.
tori; W. S. 065,(). nII. ulrk.
lIistriolt Nio.6, Tr, -nii-J. It. Mar-
tio, N. W. 11,r., \W, A Hi adson, in-
spt^ iisMtrict No. Nswlberry-lD. (i.
Roland., oliver K',naild, A. C. 1ieed,
mnspectuin; J, 0 '\ snite, elhrk.
Dietriot No 7. 7 atainesville-D. A.
Ru!ertiaim. J W. 'hith. L.C. i L ynihcl.
irnspetora; T_ Eill- Sr eltrk
tilatriel No.t., 11amtlhtrn-T. ,I Ihm.
monii. FrFed hLor, \\, Hi ltirkatrh.ber.
itspecturs; A. L. W \ebb. alerk.
District No. 9. .la (l Grove-W. 1;
llrice. J It. haw .1.. .Whistler, ttupee-
tore; B. T- Caon. ehvrk .

spectors; J.. W. Sniali. clerk.
Ii-striot No. 11. ArThr--i. I. G. ib-
bo,e. \V, L. Jaekson. W. C. Audrewt.
iupeturs; J. E. Wetll. clerk.
Diltries No. 1-. +Arredoudo-J. Hl.
Holly, F. 1i. Bamvey. C. Inspec-
tors; J. U. lTvil,. letrk.
listriet No. 1:. Fairblnkg--Frank
Irwin. \V. \V. Bruce. 0orrett Fill$. in-
speotors; .1 T. Shlihw, clerk.
ilistriola No. 14. Mesrose-J no. food*
man, Jno. MoAlIlieer. (leo. Stake, in-
*pnoton; A. A. tIeRne. clerk.
Polstrict No. 18, Winlor-D. M. Phli
ter, M. J. BNkham, J. it. Kollins,
iospwwrs; Cl. A. ltess, clerk.
Dtistrlet No. Id. Lak* View--. I.
Tarner, W. 1. Jackson. A.A.eJohnson,
inspectors;i EL. L. Paulin, clerk.
listriet No. 17. lIague-A. Hagfme
,lr.,J. Bentom, J. W. Wiltey,. Inspec-
tort; R. W. Bmall. clerk.
District No. 11S, O eola-Johtn (0-
oeen. 8. W. Los, W. E. John In-
spectorw; E. A. Teen, alerk.
District No. 19. Ora7nIIer f ihtiR
P. Lumpkim. LoOlucu Hs Hall. J. B.
aret, inspeions;, J. A. King, clerk.
dIlstriht No. 10, Hirh Sprulna-B. H.
Powell .. P.. Fatebh, Goeo. Gle, In
pe*etors; W. N. (irumblig. clerk.
District No. 21, Bell--K. Mathls,
H. L. Perryman. U F. i Lwis., nspes-
tors; RK. app, olsrk.
Distriet No 22. CampTille-H. )m.
Moran. 3. 3. Stokes. Che. Nelton. in-
speetiorn; J. H, I'lst cerk.
Rallefadl Biing Extended.
WIlllaoochee. 08.. Oct. 22.--Tbh
Ocilla, Pine Bloom and Valdost rail.
road, which Is belui extended from
Ihere toward Dougase. ande the Wadley
and ount Vernono railroad extension.
which f.m bing built from Dugflas to.
ward this place, will mtrt In a few
day;. A regular schedule will be per.
feoted then that will conaect Nabh
tll.e. Pine Bloom. Wlllaeooche. Dogr
lau and Broxton. This comblaniloa
will give Wlllacoochee direct coeunn
tlon with Douglas, the county seat.

shipbuilding Contest
New York. Oct. 22.-A *hlpbulldae|
sane between the Ney York sad Marn
hlsd navy yards haa beun over the
constrnctlon of two eollir.l authorized
by the last congress. They aro to be
the largeat and fastest boat. of their

. **" Y il

A t q if .
EsuaainPeusbeeld hanee Ib b$,-:
eouulm em***tWealUmoi. S M".
of The mar Ss e the
Most Suooessful oftM 4

thowm of bosh emqkS..o :.
Isu abos Pte M sao m*nI Nd!,e
I -hee msuvnn>

i6o Paget Dl
It pa o Wm a I" ..wsWdmeu
ho "imalM .,.-.o.... "*".

N. B-Smple. Copies nit S r

Take The Atlantic O"

1 i Via I. a f f' : ""..

vtrownt. wo
DNope"i, Ml seN

t l1.4' "..


LIM raniait andUop
Depat For

sDaltb =as k *A


Dall m


8408 m
** U~a


- -. .t ." .' ... '.' .

High. i
.* I n i. '. n w.: nJ+:; I '

Inteosha sbl Mieae Ti.helg
eps lraloV Item
Ttimugh Pullman deper l rt
Line; als via Atanittle OGs't Uie A
For eomplese inafslml. ,,,aB
J.A.AOOQ owomWS.t
Addaest -

il eW. Bft .Ar t
H-. EM. UiPONt N.. 7.i
wuuiavn.oi, x. a. t
^. i ..-' LI". m ^ r i r "' "('i i

. -r"

.te.a .I .S '.. i
.1: , , i .

0 ma


'V. 'y

* ' h i b*' * f ^
. T, . **. -I.^ ..

Le ai
,im mm* y .gM!,. mmt nnIm!islnsn

W' iWM.Sa"urW&.Ji


l ll;

For Sale by Johnson Brl..

JaN. Gaas.., Presidest *Wi; r


p ,o :, i:

Capital..... ....
Surplus and Undindod Proft.
"- r u. .



1 ,1r
~ V3




, *Ok*


;~ : 1 lr-w


3B ~ ~VI:

Jw flQ.fl.' O 2CTO'R 2, 904
, 8. f -,, ,OCTE 3. ,.,

r" ^' .. .' '

...,--~---.-~' 1 *jt~ ~-ai ~ I- -.


.I 51AD Til nmICm T TAILO ITR ?


aO NMMmOaSAGOMMaa o0"one I

rBir~rS n rr&t

- -
--4 -.




pp I

AI has, you can cure
b @'of it by bringing
Sbee"and letting us
Sfit him with a suit of

Correct Clothes
Hand Tailored by
SCIOs BRNos. a co.
that cost just half the
pdae the merchant tailor
wod charge for no bet.
ter $ style or quality.

mRUS on a buit that
,your husband has been
pflyag $96 tr, you qan
mve about half, and
*|;50 will bay a lot of
pd tiu$ oU need for
2own wardrobe.

Ti jw Lady Frisud
Npy will spin
^I~tAo^ P

.I '
ktA b.

46l IC60



The wNr.,jv .. v !.
Stwo rtpebg favorites in ..
hu App O, at

Prices Ranng From $I up.

T beJiu* p ofr Speriority on these clothe is more than a mere name
md In the owllar. Every stitch, every strand, every curve show unimi
ak evd of the master-hand. Ea suit i an eloquent appeal to
tin~wo bwthe dfen between a claim to superiority and
tiw swp i wltvs BUILT Il. at

it .M 3 ms ,kd et m tt% H. iteer."

Outfitter to Particular People.




. .,?'. I ;


. ,i "..' ,

B'1^ ^ ^* T
simmm.m, .
ip a n '

ia M P,% ip
-^** a1v't Put-ta*A.
$A0th0..0, pa*14
^p ," ,o .go ,,

enh in IwIu
:...... '. . .. .. .. .,

Ul b . b it., I
'.,ath semsh,

^^^.Halr "t] o wm

L.., _

mL emBi'tters.

futo kep up with do-
whemhe bed e


7 I-mm Iiii I m i &iit *- m-

S" Company Suys Coal Company's
Property. .
InaIsghm, AlL,. OLt L--A deal
Wf Wiesmmated by which the Ala
bm Stee mad Irem pampuar to.
lv-e _sonesicn of the properties of
bhe PadWurtood Coal ompapy, losted
a Alte The porcheo price a
sMty MO.Oo at amk esi. This
rets the AlabMs s ftl med Wire, co
Iga I% poueomlo of a eomeilag link
b'lwef their Immn se bding sm Al-
thLs. Their steel m and tfur
M t ae located at GOaddea while
tew, mer Btrmgeam. T mnew coal
peovey ia between the two and will
am"rh fel for all theM pats.
A roed in 1eed.4

ifo I Do you know of lanyeoe suffolrin
,%M with eonsumptlon? Then tell them
re without odlay that Dr. Bosehee's
P e rnMan Syrup will eaoe them-and
yo4 will be a friend l need. Germsn
lea-. ytup is a liable speelic for the eure
, U.of tesoumptlon. It has been making
liver marelos eures of eoatumption
i throuahoea the world for forty yeaN.
1 Oroup, eoughs. olds, bonuehitles nd
tll Shist .d lumn trooble are speed-
Ily *tnd by German SItup. Trial
bIWIN. &o. BI botnue, f. At W.
K. Jehmse..
NnHe Re| leted President.
Raleigh. N. C. Oct. 22.-T e North
lTroflu Airleultunral Sa iy, Is mn-
i.n hemr rlseted Akhlq Home.
*remdes;: Joe" B PoM secretary;
CGtade B. DesoM, troflur A co&.
mattn was pointed to arrange for
he llfts a pontt two weeks as-


* _

Wonb or
^^^un F^^^f-^^


SWe cover them important points aMd r pectfully
solitt a stare of jour business.

Yi,, iUrf Ackwiit. and Healthi lsnan

S--Agents for the---

Victor Safe and Lock Company
GOniXLOnnA-n tt. OH 0,
The "Victor" Is the beet safe made, and pnrtire cotemplit-
Ing the poraeha of a safe, or an syhiug in that line,
from a box to a bank vault, will 11 ave money
by, eosulting as. Call on or addree,
IktO lrmate eerfuMlly furnished. OAINESVILLE. FLORItA
Lctstsest S tS t stASVflL



- Montezuma

- Hote


On the A. C. L

None Bet

and S. A. L Rys. V.J. SHIP
,ter in the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.



., .,.. I l I i --n..-u -- --. . ,, n ..

n swumaM,




W "V.

-w- T -"
.i ... . ., ,

>r .* r


--- II

1% v- - -A w

--- ___~





i fl, l4f



.A I/i
.', i/

g ttt

I O sOab*usme, ri ..
S eall ma~ter.
fllur W e Pubilkter
,g tSlJ.IZ Anvolate dilhirw
Cit IMIEltr.
SI.. L. VKNMAM Soliciteor
95. TtaPTUmoNE I
I iWhiaed o*ory m Ioraln ex-
b carrier In he oily.
rwt tVshe Unted Statesm.p
s1eyur;taW,SR months: 1l.3
IJ **oes for RIv weee-

b leestl s eeam to censta
as a O a for each ad*
flnrtMlw mad*e known

roeek sun It erlht-|l- .
mr, peubUte every Mo.
eek ll toe1. at e and gem
mOan. p"t# fre,. to any
Aow1 Bt or Canada, for SA.00

Wmb eso. du after am
it. mes otherwtio
0. Pftieasnot know. to
to paf for vmdatlUwg t* ad-

HPssarnr pr.dmt.

Vke- Iresiduent.
SVie- Preeid., t.
i West Virl.lJa..
Istten senator.
Op" Ogrne 2mld District
tlal Elector.
1/J E. ORalY.
SGov ernor.

tart of tenat,.
S1B 311 CAW"OlD.

m[&M H. ELLIS,

A. OCptrOON.

$l^ ltnat Trlasurw-.
t of Public Instruction,
onter of Agriculture.
i- (Court. 8iJ Yearn
Bupreme Court.

^ 0. M. TILLMAN.

E. (. Mama.

&' L W. rUNNELL.

'I L w- n
'Thix eae uor.
N4ent of Public alutructIot,
County Treasurer.
SCounty Surveyor.
naSty Commnilonersm.
J. (Q. 08TBEN,
Members of behool Board.,
'T. A. 1)OKE.
It W. KR

pt from Washington sayj:
1 it believed that foreign
kire teamlinog entirely too
lag the iugide working of
y sawo are piehlg

- I

a tyrant want behind 'him than the
unlimited power to tax the people tn
the Interests of the trusts so as to
make them a powerful ally whenever
it was considered that the "business
Interest" did not want to hold an elec-
tion because it was better to "let well
enough alone," and in this way remain
in office agairts the consent of the
people. Such a condition would mark
the beginning of the empire.

At a lhnrie stal in Madison Square
itardin, New York. recently, the en.
Satire racing stud of the late William
(. Whitney was put up at auction, the
famous stallion Hamburg was bid off
by Henry Prsae Whitnov for $70,000.
Other horses went off at $10,00 to $14,-
tto each. -... .
Sr tPru O" f1ll (, 'Ta'V o fT.iv.iK ,
I.! ( ('**t 'TV.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is S*fiior partner ,tf the firm of F. J.
Cheney A Co.. doing business in the
'ity of Toledo. county and Stale afore-
said, and that said firm will pay the
sum of aiOe Iundred Dollars for each
and every ease of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh
Cure. FaA NE J. Citnasv
Sworn to before me and subseribed
In my presence, this 6th day of DeMem.
Fiber, A. D. iM. w ', ...

1 he t rack of sniwprialism is seen in
the i*tpublica i trail everywhere In
his litltr of mOte.ptaneo, i aj The In.
dianapolia Sentlnel. President Roes.
veit said that the llingley ariff law
wis 0o uld in principle that i should
t1i loingr be subject to attack or re.
vision, and in his judgment the time
had et'ml whe1n the American people
should not be heard to complain of the
unlawful burdens of protection. The
tariff is simply a law to raise a reve-
nue for public purpose by taxing the
people 6n ,he nwecesaries of life. Thie
power to wake such a law rests under
the constitution with the law-makers
and not with the executive, and so
long aswwe have a eonstitutiinal form
of government the tax laws will be
open for revision; and when the power
Is denied to Congress the republic will
tease to exist. The stronKest power in
any Eovernment is to levy and collect
taxes. It Is the exercise of the sov-
ereign power and the sovereign can
only be heard In a republic through
the law-making branch. If this power
shall be denied to the people and e-
erelsed by the executive, as is suggest-
ed by Mr. Roosevelt, the republic will
live, if at all, only iu name.
such a suggestion coming from the
president is full of danger, but when it
comes from ouie who has made and un.
made laws with as mue uneoonern as
if he wore a eatr it is calculated to
arouse the deeptt eoncern. Who
knows that Roosevelt, if elected, will
not before the expiration of his term
issue an executive ouder that the tar.
iff lawe are fixed and unaesilable and
that no one shall be allowed to diselus
thoe |iqetion.
And along this same line Senator
Beveridgee'declares that there e is no
need for an election thiI year; that the
business nterms of the country dome
not want the trouble of an eleetios,
and but for the eoustitution it would
be dispensed with.
Such a sentiment Is purely vicious.
Is is but paving the way to govern
melnt control without the consnt of
the people. The statement itself In.
volves an attack upon our form of
Government and, if It had been made
In the better days of the repeblio,
When the coastltution was fully re.
spected, it would have been treAtd as
trasonable. The conetltution has
wisely fixed the terms of offlee, and It
makes it a duty for the people to hold
elections and refill the offices at the
expiration of the term so fixed. And
the plea that any class of eitisens de-
si're to do away with the ele*-
tioes on the ground that they are sat.
lifted and want to "let well enough
alone" i. a reflection upon the esche d
' of our country under the conmtitution.
These are threads that undereertain
contingencies the provisions of the
eonstimution will be suspenaded by the
exercise of arbitrary foreen and the will
of a dictator substituted for the limi-
tations of the organle lw. And no
one need to doubt that Plresident
IHoosevelt entertains views aUtagoa-is
tie to our system of government and
would readily anmme the role of a
dictator if he foresaw su.assafal re-
saul. And what better support would

Cream Vermnfu gs




A number of American olldtorTa -
havp fallen Upon the happy idea of ex.
hibitilng ide by .ide 100 of the bees j Z& J
Amevioan with 10M of the beat Klro- t T. oni
Pona ietu9M. For this purpose an u-
kol1ation has beet formed, Inoluding a A PnM IAMJ i
remarkable list of patrons of art. The
Fine Arts building, New York City. a
has been hired for the late fall and
winter, iand a provisional list tf nine.
terith century masterpleLes has been
miade-. ,,
All the gold in America-the great- A TT
elt honrd of the yellow miltal ever
gathered in any ciun tr -eould not
buy one year's harvest ao our corn and. _. .
wheat. To boy one *slsaion harvest *I'hli fA vaf W m$ta m
of our corn would take all the gold "
mined in this country in six earn In Title what you pay for when you
the past seven years all the gold mines know what you areb
have uly produced enough to buy one
4ar's yield of our six leading ereals. Titles ordinary I sible
-... ....... .. Titl0s ordinarily invisible sorrletly !
Those who seek happiness fora pure- T A lnl
personal and sealieh end will never AicSul l
d it, but hr that gives happines to
Others will always have it. Through
giving eomes rteeiviing. Humntnity ie ...... _
one; therefore, when an individual
does anything to brighten or to mab N M I IA1
happy the litf of another, the true. -w o
generous action has a reflex on mfhis lleae- ;au .
own life.. ..
It h been discovered by a wise man
that It isn' $e things w need that
Muse us so mush worry and effort. '
bau It is the things we don't need but b W
think we must have. 90 H tID3 6QUAR3. :" :'

The lank of British North America. Hgen nts pri hi C blblul
with branohnes all over the country,
has made a rule that none of Its elorks A ,oplet sem k I
can marry onles he i earnmlng at
least $1tlO a year. ____

Recat forest fires sear Portlanmd,
Ore., have dleroyed timber to she
value of M,W DAOO. Most of the timh
ber destroae4 was owned by e mses
I The Realm lomseo far have been E.
about M.0000 men, and the COar prod. Attree. of Tidle uaS tI. .i
declared that he has merely been a g
send them to the serilnfie e.*__W

4 Chicago now has politllue olubs for EH .
ld.headed mae a"d for midget. Th AveA 4 &
ow-leged me have not as yes been
able to get together. tn a m
Large Theft of Jewelry. *.
Chicago, Oct. 21.-The theft of Jew
wiry valued at $4.Oem has bee rort.
ed to the Chicago police by H. p.
Hirchb. of San Franisco. He said
the Jewc'ls were stolen from his wife
while coming to Chicago frum Cl-ve* *
landl. O. The car hit which the two ^tO1lw' "
were traveling was searcbhed. but no POW D OK S N
trace of the ,gcms was found.

Police Charge Irish Mob. td r f I
Cork, Ireland. Oct 21.--A serious 'I ^ 0LSS4 ,,
conflict between nympathisers wit: Ibmi-_LJ-
those who wure arrested for partleipe.
Uon In the election rota at Fellaport A a S k f
on Oct. 12. and the p lico neeurred at S- i-Sot SU!!(
h,. l,,hariK of the case at the River- gnat s swht Is Is
t<,fn ,',>rI; :'i-*i, Over sO, people t wh w 4
were injured. some ,'rfoucly. a l i i '

n1 -wC

- .,r .*i: '



*: ",Wm
"<',_*'*'*\ f^ ''~ ,
*i^> 1 {^^^j.ik f4^!
*Bi *^HHj i'flH
^^ ^Ww'" 1
1 **I'^l' -W^^
.^ J.^^JH,^

'.:. **i.^-'^^*"^
fft lWl> IqirkM ^t
'^"*T -T7i- ***^*ia

ALL hALA i.1

a ~~~. ., .

T-- r I" '.


ewas "r U0vraYeSU. S
Tro *nwusSl prfafsSet **v *v
Ballard-Snow Limimet Co..
'oT. LOUl, f-.
For bHa. v W. I. Jeams
l. i II I I-_ I -- r
hee I k dE .. d, bo *r rt fi faia*lSr.m
FRI*a kr i r* ur Pat 8r4*i.
Plat o aa **r. i > i''* s . I.
aWen, Pin ema, aid pe t se a *.

*r S. tin pls s ranr,
r en pre ., repaid. fs

0C eIONWS "kis aS r3.

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Montgommy and LA I or lxl r t t
AtlSt atd itiMspa.

Ro ad Trir Rhn fl
/t\ ~ ~ ~ ~ f 1A*.rf

S44Good till D. 1U
dally. Good till Dee. 12.


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a Cottoxn.



*I, Xtng aand Twine. Walrui
SW In "tnpa or Si!dca.

Uth$ Jinmea 1Mg Iwproved Sng|Uih
.(*m &nmd Supplie (or $'ume..
i 4yC, ii.. ,. I ) j u Wi i- J a m .

r Fair Rates.. a

im JAKSUM .LEi Per
Pr On Round Tr
T4rt. On Anu ea Round Trip. O e

ols 4p y. Uood
hI1 411a IA

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alei dally.
fir^af mt-

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,a ddp. On u Tr. Gj


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W W eMdup m- %PmERsUmWi 5r N IuWiI aWs AeUW (5eW, ai. or iU I
to b Je fmma ,, b iW Sb mk t Two al ae t re

Bio eats east. AS egrenequr S@ W@e ersion
m..i ... . a. .a m s.

gt I4Md t WYork

Two Ti*-Dil y-
,tntoSpitimore, Phila-

". idlphia, N6w York.

.. ,iw *^I"p 1at Trains ^siy.




;,' .*. w .**,1. tm--- '
( Only, ne Oeperating
Milk Thr Pu!lim s;pma ft.m Jackeevwlle to New Orlson
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- 41

,I tr rmm, jrellon he amt eao or
L-.e 8mo O. MBOWJlO. .
up PrAmt, Pmnpi AnWs


Smi8hriB llo & Gulf Railway Company
S<.;,, '.1 um *SO RlIDA.
I !. ;* ** 1 Tool ab m t Jal *y 8. 1M,

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.. ..,., .. )iuprabn .......,
.. ...... ..a L. lM|....... ..
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,., ....,.,.. h4 S. ....0h..
.. .e.. "m. ..--s.....

*..* .I*99*S *....Q4.. . *
S** ** *
W-SAO., ,M 1M..

...,.. ...... oo
*,..,,t..I. ...... S10
........ .......b. e
........ ........ !40
........ ........ 3i 6
,.... ,, *.. .. . 9 0
.., .. ,........ u X
.......... ..,.. ., l 0
*........ ..e...s0 2
....... ....... 4$6
. e.... t.....e. 484
. ...... ....... 4 0
did i940A 800
40 too0 lie
, a Iu I8tc
8 40 o 1to
7 H >** k

Jacksonville, Florida.

Everard's Cmnade Milt

ood a a:i and bet ter than most
lRe. i Mad of Hanpi and Mifal
Simi NOT ItCE.

Barrel. .......
Dozen.. . ....


Iita i... I nKT----


Nas won w rians 4


bw F TleO. Enm am *n i
woruuh awio ob Y fmusele. ,
Up so dite i every
detail Man Uo.
euuak4. ,
Sold by 0 ooninuoutly foe
wltlhot a mliglefailure. It Iwo" T
wieS a Plmao for a lifetimui4
mwrin buy the
Mathushe kIs Tj
rdea low as lwae eosilas wish l4wNr
masor we.en iow6mSeMos aIS dae
VIal. We sat Tlw. Wm O
for pat- eTODAY.

Ludden & Batesi

Suthn Msle House0,
UrWIAn3R s ,


National, State end Congreossim
I Ticket 1904.

SPrenidential Electors.
0, F. BipIum-Fmnklinm county.
On. K. Roblnson-MarIon county.
GOo. Holm-Brosad ounasty.
G. A. W. Wendell--ldedesn oantl.
A. M.Oshbman-AleMboas county.
For GoveOor-Hon. M. B. Maear
lame, Hillhboro.
eeertary of State-John F. Hotn,
AttomepOGenerlI-Fred 0. Oubb0
liS Ley
Oomptroller-J. L. Skipper Polk.
Treaumr-E. M. Breiford, Did*.
Buperiuteodent of Public I1ntroe-
Uo--W. I. 0 1tl, Oranie.
Comminleoner of Agriuolture-J. 8.
Rowley. Putnam.
Railroad Oommissioner H. J.
Rithieble. 8' Johns.
Justice Supreme Court for term of
six year.-W. M. Rbeppard, Eteoambia.
Justloee Supreme Court--O. S. Farr,
Hillsboro. *.
C. B. Adams. oDavtl.
3. P. Aiwell, Doval.
I C resslomal Ticket.
finst Coanrelonal Distriei- B. .
(hmby. Hillsboro.
Se-ood (OoAreslosti Ditsoet-J. M.
Third Coasteional DINtriOt-L. M.
Warf, WmhTas..

The Florida
fruit and Truck Grower
SL. BRI MI. itmwer &ad P

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C1. 1,.A

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1 -. .. mW .-- 1..

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tp aOseetatldn-NesmO

x, Ormandl, Osmp.
Iphiu bslhu ir *sst.
Or has orgaoled a
the bmiol hhousw for
t so far *Is pupils are
Others to follow.
kSt V Sday heool Asoo.
P W ltwsay.sad was
tbhe daysM. The runly
'$enved much with the
pt ha ascepted a position
CtIy 14. C., and will leave
a visIhtor to town are
s .oi'of Alleadale, Mles.;
sp64 d4aghtr and Mvs. J.
1p or Miunopy.
UM. 1, von Nosky have r*-
a very pleasant wek's
Wo Aild lSolety will mest at
alobond's at 2:80 p. m. a_



VILLE, Tu dny, SOT.



10 Big Shows Combined

Presenting the Ideal Show of the Whole World
- -- I

'..!.-."S -- -- ^ II __


The Onl BI Show to VbU This

t ,ArroTT rr.YAT.L*W
of LocJjaw. ../ BOLIO ITOR IN VAMIOTY..a
sesanne, Is caused by a
run whieb exists plentI. GAIfS VIL. AViwu I.. ,. V
dirt. Is Islinb'tive so Ooe i D&del' tl .
to the air. but; when Lit ,
th the skin Ms in wound. r v Imon aps or by ru ty
ns the i r is excluded the D it IfT ii
to activity an4 pros. (h'er lAm mg .1
Svilea. tpon known. 8 00 PRODI6IOUS AND PHENOMENAL PERFOiRMEl 3" ,
mry be destroyed .nd all
Jl, a voided by apply- .a.m...
Win.' Pa.arn .'ree. E L EI ST O ma w
SS0iseptl e sad eTo0 c us esiibY j ,su.
Ssinu tie sad oe i* at-The Wonder otf the A rin i lia, Senlatlon8al
10iqm ad In onehir-th 1the Aive-Inspiring, Death- ing Unparaleled Aot
IA by Ae usual treatment. o(f OCfirlg the Loop in an Automobile.
*lby all drugleut. _w___ ,.,
fq --- ADNA, she Only Led sromermult Rider oem Eath. 40,O Heod of Poererf- imm .
KISLL OPINS' FAIR. in, Ell phae Mk oy Millionmire Memagnk I OnGe0s and 0._il "," M A
D )ens! AMX cltse! 80 ldI4ns!0 10t oeaoit Posle! TheOreat -
-o Present the First Day a Biblical Apecteeolar P Fm son, KING OLOMON AND TISRB W WI ,
LQUIEN OF SHIA 1,0 Men, Womesn sad Homlrses in ose Chs. -,'..,'
nm, Toma.. Oct. 22.-.-jrbe iGrandFree $00ODStreet Parade! Five Bao* of Mt le, Fife adDrmm
aria P rme. r' Th aser Corps, Chime of BelLe, 80 Usrs and OiLd eons. l Tableau OCas. 12i Wm.
i rmer Iair Thoroughbred Horn. 0MielaurePosias, Steam Osllope dr b o m .
So)n the gates (r thhe and driven by one man. EverTenTofBrillieasly Illmiamated iKleerie Lightl ,
idr at Chlkamaiula (4 and Thoroughly Waterproof. Two Perforpamee Daily, aim or Shin FU U4U9. . .......-. --- --- --..- -.------. .--- i-l M Ios a mewbs IaW
ope sing day of the fai. LOW RATE EXCURSIONS ON ALL RAILROADS '
b the governor's day in D --- R. --ARRY LM- SARIS
lolTrnoi Terrell, who wa lasl -i g
ilahqied to h "...e at.. tAINESVlLLE BeTTLIN WOR ,'84
his nU1 line, who heartily 0 I--Ul4tP J nS le nU l W--- la '
ar Interami.r. Politics t Pag ka lIater, all Fl&Ms, BlAer e, IM ad nbl hr, sftr, It a
07l, &% eb an exhlbittiona te fM ueM Cases d botmtes are mnot o. but uast be retu1me.-
lt In front of thet grand. CR.a-Y STAL ,p
tanig wilth Homan rae". __._. Jekomvll. .

litDtletI or the north lOor
|Mlatlon to ild a fair as.

I Two From Death.
daughter had an anoest
of whbnoptn euugh sad
write* Mrs. W. K. Havi-
k, N. Y., "but. when
I@@ed failed, we saved hqr
King' New Dsoovery.
' who had consumption in
ltagU leso us*d this won-
mane and today she is per-
" loesperate throat and
yield to Dr. King's New
to no other medicine on
illble for ooughs and colds.
bottles I guaranteed by all
Trial bottles free.
S-0d Sct tucc.msr.
0k. Oct. -2.---Negotlatl ms
A5n4Ttr'dt Paccorielgy Iti thoM
the tU Iret:on or a successor
ScraMto1n who resigned nwmor
5 0 as the presiihcnt of thi.
laeel 'cumipiauy. KF. A.> t
r of t, ,e Intrational,
ralpnany. well known in iron
-W rctI In thte WtAt, has hleen
r the director it i tfate
wertainal fornia itit-, fi'
f ht el.'t n hll fl 1 i. n
Mr. Clark. .'!! know
- *Ieil celsrci in the w(i1.,
titmy the sene.ral mnanas r
Ia atei company.
% d| His Life.
, I I port, Wingo, KIy.t, write,.
i: -I want to tell you I
hIart'. nSaow .iniment savet
VIaM Under thp treatment of
IB ad they told me one of
L. entirely. one, and the
*nPted. .1 also had a
f1ide. I dnn'L think ;h.t I

* ..,.";'.,'.

R. DaV RE. .MOW,
6,. fDPI8'1 t
S-, -

-- rr.\

OfOifi mapaowlia Us Ga1amUlb,
.. i in..

Ma sell your sli9y proeny
proved and umita p
aekihm ad larmeagrM Sct
s lit of-wkaty sEi r .
We' MiAKL S.


________ I
-- ~~MAX R&U1
Cnt rally ateald, theegltMreaf Wred mad ranated. Newly tbra .e.
SIPlll1a.ri, aia .....a-sllg '
-- MA SOIW, Pro-prietor
CEDAR KEY Ic Atd's Sal al Ca W HOLE SAE tE SNf
S m, okenvoiller Florld.
OYSTERS! .....................i
meil t I Gat .4l-aulashlie f r in Ahn Stl mInh : A o 'w
' 0cir Patro u Meii'piled In A4i> ruantlli. MethSrbe Luneh from 12 to 2p.m1. aimfr im S .'sa

RESTAURANT IN CONNECTION I*e"helleraShhas ''L**o s .
Me.s. ,erid as. .a.rnt.u Mrf.. perieuw WrW merger Deer em ral" lae s
We catch our uln FiYb, both salt
and fresh water. and will sell mullet. KESonA
(other flah at reasonable prices. orderss to older. Pool, Ulllitsed, Bveq I. u. T NA .
solicltedl. Alley. C W. Bay tn.
Fish-_Company9 Ouer G~reo* aS Cvp C u sa ,
Ginsvife Fish Com P. O .a
W+ lta"""" a 0 pAUCHUA :IUT. .C- a. NT"
We lainh NI.. t. Pema in A UU GAo Vt.nE*. fl.A.
I THE ,AI.I Alatshua county i. 6W 400 aeres in
THE AIEtSV(ILLE area, haa 24 mil rhmiles ad 900
mile's wag' road, e posted, cuosoB maIAD. OAK= at Pms"
PRESSINGCLU 1 2 public schools, 27 phosphate
B L;dn tansc, 20 saw mills. rm,,ooo oun F UBe*rf tb.
wep .t' treIt. house. fiveti ewpaper, and pro-
11 \\et lnion itrt' ] doeds corn, cotton, rtie., sugr. mDeesti oAl arm of X tm.
,--- *'**-"i o"als, rye, potaos. pineapplesl or- I-- ...
ALTUEG, REPAIRING, DYEING. CLEAN-; ,t,.BP, hes.p m, pr bpu --- '-
cetia. mad all kinds or voegeabl -. -. .. ,r .
i Has Ioe..a n he County Seal .N
SHaN ourfeen eechurchs. two poutble
AJ'- H'in'AK (U t/.xrrrn. schools, the Last Florida Bkmitfy Alachua Po' Parlorse A
S- p..- te nirstla c schools tree nhua Pool Parlors
OI rt vi prompt and oi t Uni Stated lad oBffio, t t e
ou rciv prmpt and water, fire alarm system, elietrtie 1. ae. Pbiermr. I


+ .,,'.M ,f, l



p. .*f."*?T l^ f
, '* ..#w


' ink.


T.jar ii~ ~


4gyg ag ^.j4 li~
m f lVai
teJw^ zipJJ^r




__ _ __

, . "
S (.: t ",.
* '.. 9' "* "^ *- ..;,
+ ;." , ,: ."+.G
,, .+ .' 7" k '



erritt Corthell

SW. 310ti at. New v ork.
*a Nor. 4th Mad hSib-
Pds a t I 'rlekt MI.
imturda liat 1144 p ,
ivirely Two Days Only.

S13USIE Parler
;p4.Instioo Fro.
M wiUl vlistsG Allvlltu ire-
akU(roaubout th re er.
i sijfStnllO 4ti)uaramW4-



dGeneral Inerest Gath.
Sby Our Roeporta


CWappenedand What to GoIng
Told In Short Paragraphs
"4He Who Runs May Rea1d"

1ith tashman A Hill.
pIapers fur sale as The Hun
habit, go to I.. J. Burkhim
flat Iron hat.
U1 Wonderful Salve for "l;e
F M ollunm & CO.
aHrribon of CI(atl was a vis
l, city yesterday.
t a t $t :irs day. The
|S J. Thoins Co.
W. Bonner of Hawthorn was
St the Brown House yester-

line of black rinthing in
Jato 1t found at L. J. Butk-

at $2AU alr
tresses.d y. The

who eare to dress well.
found in L. C. Smith's

Dow has returned from
where she has been on a
to friends.
bi llSeonesod.hand Densmore
tot. Will be mold cheap. Ap-

3m11n a No. 1 hat. get the
to.. J. Burkhim. uast aide of
ill's aew building.
Ismgmmn of High Springs, a
la the employ of the Atlantic
w3r in the city yesterday.
Ioda syr p-"the tlfest yet"
lied at Saunders & Earle's.
hve some before it's all gone.
e Ti ket s. with
wrahase of $5 or over. The
SNat--On, nicely furnished
"i 2St convenient location in
Apply 803 Erast Liberty street.,
Su n office. if

. Littledale of Hawthorn, the
traveling salesman for the
ithh Company, was workingW the
this oity yesterday.
018*a1 prices oTn everything
IshowI won eirt ir day. Frete
Skow with eaclih cash pur-
S O. The V. J. Thomas Co.
Sa brief visit to his family in
aI V. Duke returned yester-
iD)ualeltln, whero h iaI ba''ll
rita business for som*in timne.
I Nora liasking. a charming
1idY of Glendeane. Ky.. is iS
'l. and will be th(, gthgest nf Mr.
1. J. Bolton for the winter.
L Roeb(orough o r indoor was at
lRWn House yesterday Mr.
'Slf fis th. traveling salesman
*ihmkonvilh. whol.sall grocery.
WomIn'b Guild of Huly Trinity
haasdecided tu hohl a CthIrit-
Mat, which will oe'uIr on Ije-
l- Particulars will he g ivten

Oabbifgepnts gof ,isale. |W.X.
Bruwas. 6d.(sw
Bedseat $2eachreai day. The
8. J. Thonmas Co.
F. M. and P (i. Iteme8 y of Wag -
hootl were visitors to this city oester.
If yno want a flon valie. or trunk,
get the habit. o to 1.. J iurkhilm and
get it,
For Ir,'nt-Store Rojal Cook former.
ly rceupid. Address Thlomal V. P'or.
tfr. Jauksuaiville.
J. W. Pattoin hai returned' from
Hague. whreher e hi s een e surveying
lands for John U. Dampier.
Now everybody gets the habit and
oe o L. J. .Krkbhi'a. Ioll's new
building, east side of square.
II. I. Carry. a farmer of Cherry
Sink. wae in the city yesterday on bus-
lane connected wih the tas ass uessor's
If troubled with a weak digestion try
Chsibnilalin' towajh and ltW ivTab-
leto. They will do you good. For ale
by aOs druggists.,
Free Tick etsAto1,; r
eaeb cash purchase of Co ,fr over. The
H. J. Tho man Co.
Jesse I. i;rIffi. a prominent farmer
of.lonesville, was trading in the city
yesterday Mlr. trifltn is postmiater
of that thriving settlement,
Oaptain i, W'. M. Totbert and fam-
ilI have removed from Arrrdondo to
this eity, and are pleasantly located at
the Tillis house. East Mechanic street.
M. I). Bryan of Iallue. J. T. Prie of
Wade,.J. L. tokes of Mieanopy sad
R. S. Bradley of Waaehoots were
amoon the visitors to this city yester-
day, .
To my out-of-town customers and
friends : 1 cordially invite you to make
my store your headquarters duting
circus day. 8eats will be furnished
you. L.. Burkhim.
1Prof. U C. McIntosh of Anther,
principal of the Archer school. was is
the city yesterday. He stase that
the school bi enjoying one of the floest
terms of its existence.
R. H. Ward of Fairbanks was trading
in the eity yesterday. Mr. and Mrs.
Ward have just returned from Haw-
thorn, where they have been on a visit
to their on, E. W. Ward.
Friends of Ior. and Mrn. R. A. LaU-
aster. formerly of this city but now of
Columbia, 8. will congratulate
them upon the arrival at their home of
a fine baby girl, which was born re-
Free Ticketsf:.
each cl I purchase of P6 or over. The
Ft J. Thomas Co.
The members and friends of the
temperane union are reminded that
the weekly prayer meeting will be
held at the reading room Monday af-
ternoon at 3 o'clock. The Neripture
leaon will be the fitnst chapterof first

After a brief business trip to this
eity. E. C. mBaith returned to his home
as (cala yesterday. Mr. Smith is she
general aRent in this territory for the
New Home and White sewing ma-
ehines, and ie enjoying fiBae suecew.
The GainesrilJe ofee is under charge
of Mr. Thompson, a machine mian of

Sheriff L. W. Fennell has gone to
Tallahassee, where he will take into
custody George Bradley, a negro who
wai arrested upon a warrant issued by
Justice R,. Barnel of Orange
Heights charged with highway rob-
bery. The prisoner was arrested by
the offers of Leon county, when
Sheriff Fennell was notified. He is

expected in the

city with his prisoner

Jackson, Tenn., June 4. 1901-This
is to certify that one battle of the
Texas Wonder, Hall's Grealt Discovery,
ha eoured my wife and myself of kid.
rwy, bladder and rheumatic troubles,
and we most eh erfillY recommend it
K. hti'. U li iK AMVWi

Oi.e small bottle of the Texas Won-

gravel. cures diabetes. seminial emis-
sione. weak and lame backs. rheumsa-
tism and all irregularities of the kid-,
neys and bladder in both men and
women. regulates bladder troubles in


ry r L .Y-"-P-*"-. -

Engraving is not a l atler for eonjeotut. It is either sorrect or laeor*
et. The house which keeps you In a state of uncertainty with l
order is never satlisetfory. l'laelg an order here insures you the eor*
rest engravin-aisyle san form.
Our Fall syle uf stationery are now on exhibition; int Is heiow you anm.
pies of'wedding Invitatilon and visiting eards which we** ed fre J. 1P.
TEVENt ENGItA V IS C( >"., Mianufacautrrer of Weddign tstlounery. 80 Whis-.
hall lt.. Atlanta, Us.

- m. -- - .. '% ,i w r

lamge with Caimt A k MiL
"Enipreo Uetah" shoes for tadise
cannot be excelled and other flne
values in our shoe department. L. 0.
Free Tickets @:.'"
each eMah pnrehasof M or over. The
8. J. Tbomas Co.
The adies of J. J. Finley Oharter,
united I'aughter. of the Confederel ,
have deeMed to xivre a lallloweos
party os the evealng of the tlh 1t Is.
The piece and particulate will be given
Prof. J. Hlenderson Coffee of Waldo,
principal of the Waldo school, weeas
among the visltorneo his city yester-
day. He stating that his school I In
eoellest condition. and the *enroll.
ment Is lacreasiag every day.
(Ohs. M. Dell of Hague, one of the
most extonive aud suweesful oyoun
faraers in the county. was a business
visitor to this llty yesterday. %r.
Dell state that he has just employed
a large number of bands for ooltoni
pieki, sad expeeta to bare the re.
maloder of his crop. nthered within
the next few days.
Amoeg the visitors to this aly in-
terday was Thad O. Bryast, a pro.
tseat etsien ot Yataer sad member of
the Beast of County fOoaommkdolM
who eam to seeand the meeting ofthq
board. Mr. Bryant staes tehai lrp,.'
with the exeoptlot of eontoe, ha e
been godln his session, and Ibat 14
farmers are happy.



Visit Our "Candy Deprtment."


An upiodate line of..

TriIIed Hats.

The display willU be grand
and the great variety of
styles and patterns shown
will be worth a visit to our
store. The price will be
cheap enough for the poor
and the styles rich enough
for the rich.

A beautiful line of GInhams
and Chambry at 8 1-8
cents per yard.

A prettier line of Glanhams sad
Chambry, worth 1-2
cts., at 10 cts. yd.

A magnificent line of La-
dies' up-to-date Collars, &o.
See our front show case.


In all the


Price $1. The
Co set made.

latest styles.
best dollar
('all and see

High Grade

Shoe Makins

is an art
ability t o4m.-
aft smut oceans
or mea in dumbn

popubFr for fior
the "FLONSwMH '

vast dlr-
0nc81*oo ...

-We aft''

eat__- ---

T ..

* ? J**;


- ",. .. W'
- *_.i-lJ d


S t


Free T ic0 *3 '
B.J.tlw a Of 4,.., r",,
Aftek a plasmas t W tO

aere tKrala. Lim lla *
o-sfat U. heHh ar m1 eIgato

day from Waldo, H. attea *qo
maeeUmag at bwmI -l" 0
Kniahts of Infow"s ha p pla ed
day Sg*Ks, ast b behas de4tvneta .
ausem Frhlnl, m Cs. q

d ube sing ol aaom Is tgMblmmI
ad Ite prpopes, bh o eombs aw.
loaned t sa bheaon la o eat l.a. I
leg way.
THe O C lE OMPANY, o anile
aremn of I e eobse d Oemover. 9thm,
bes.t abo,, Ktor eus or iel ells I
game. the (AW Oemysq meW ew
thex. ratr. ea o Mamss & Ml-iatuL

I. B, giep. om e s Slm.
tory rlaafore"b or wraiyoMay -qm

~riir* Wall It.. Was9, US9
lr lau Io.i s Fla.i, phoas IW .

sat th tlae CioatnUte with baes

visit to thee itya en buelans Mr. COit
lar Isn ow raexteivly iealeed toa sh
amanamfacture of lee, hariag plants 0

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and says the entiv* output of the va-
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