Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 21, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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byt ASP TU N Annual Ceivenitioev Has Opened at
. ,Ck ,. I' 0,t to.

1f io- of AS S$200j,000 FIRE a="''"" .s DSRYDS I
of i .o e mi op e ye. iy. Th

rxekbt f Of X-0 00 St. 50411411 wa" d'.ve a.'oat entrely, Pal
"-4 ~; "' I i"1
NIA OVTO' kR 21, 1904

t0 e.hA n eonu Ceventlsg appope and

sea. ~204 Dte M h v'yeol routtri work. leIlnos
S ". eretary Albert fbert ro.rted
i T HA S 20,NO IN RANC that condition n t txil trae ES RE L

**'***- h 4a malo It ll, n *.1,O1)t. to create a sea" ll
feetly 014ety'Leam on Faighlt stored In the timenit in favixor 41 r~ginixation wiIII frig*BoeOtWil hlrnW
mHln rI of the Fir is U the reult at mmberi a d- As
r toesed The rasinF of the per cap
'M it .,es* Get W _l oChl A xheria pul.oui ju.W&t rdiy. Th o$ -I T

4 10.00te the t oss. bC t ho held The ingr ate wlAe. and
Wiait hsbttlSh ds of n ., c. 20.- ire aWt The ImiOr of unI o onrly, Fatl Ble Oa urs at B l
p ., o 600 LOr r r d rout Ing Is work. a Wifl Ilof 2nO.
mo Air pIn fi se o th Th'rretgary told of -lebcrt to sete ,-rr

14.itle t1he trouble, Tokiehisig the Fall db fr t& .Alhu te ton
Sfl4ChattaH5R3 and St.0 INSraNi, at ondit t textie trae TWO LVS ARE EPOlRTD
ii Ii. had mmier Ii ilpO4IMlhe to create a seu re- ... "I L IOW

Amn rl~as -who salliess a loes bet ewe n t200.0mtni P Ooh
SI VP tipt0,or on ga .Or !ge the ir"TIis strike has beeml on aw for 1. weAlo eu Al Woueb aydlll t-
$W.0*sp0d, ttl w nigt athn Chmtidwnei crkeh and the Pneople are pjust Ae do seed
Jos Its. tObWla, C fttr t edhmang tasrminet to resWbI this reduction as eO o
-but, We gtethey wero ss tho firbt day of th str Al a n ea
.. b, e Maahlluo ,t known ow. much fO.--ireit gi. rbelyve, #11r. Oct. 20.e-Tar o j I

SbUSfl d. TMI hou0 rn frT nrht hnlfl) ta
th mwrngt orlmg1,iqoy! T "he uw.rosry" told of efforts to set. die~wuri, (t.i*ii, .', li', huiu wa.. dlst+royp

t;iw Jt 8 f aLrht he la of c t h N telitie, sai d t hae t to lte, T ohl tr Fall h by fior. tA#J .ith u itm ..
Char' 1. BNtt anoog and om ok le of this ct l ntry but of everyworrailway, on-r.u
10"!*' -Nerlea.ho. taytllinge a Ion between n $2lu ,l River lr, he l: wer dkl wh he ct
_asnaahs,,d i4sI o nwthn, lCon a eunnt of ure "T. strike ha en on now for wIere ta Oed atd ahltpo ar bitt JwO

AMe It bad beca al"tagNste bY 6004t mantsracturita, i C07carrd on, has been arousdb h mllo mk n
that perhaps the flatn"e reoultae% from
pass ing through ne of thare Jugreats t l v d e wr teared.
o1i not cmnwu h uhurrlew PeVtorauiu. y lears .

.;. ,4 .... a- we abs buIdinD, baut t wa de.pres:o i s a ver exprldent Jo (nd. Thre hweren ru sleeping I s 't
M h tpe d h uunfrihgilW ave as3 that reloe nxttt, !n his opiniontry the w pasr roqitif of the 11(em which
p,. sow- ru hev. SO tar rio one seams to know ro of b ira tifalterlat mlof cvwas a tory Fruw ant brick bulii4
It i claMd by ralrhe oridn ofmen that e aty of el a urlr o W,
,, 01 141M I NOS" Srm. It had ~eta aflggtlsetIm by somue countryain ml,, wol, whrrlet on. tobn lug.Out'l of' ] utdo boswas~e111 !

$; Sa_..t pehwas no stahe thefam re.uli P ltrl rd rhs e t ht fm h p
a',., ...t!lovd int ue cenrarli palrt of th, bUild- passingl thrtwgmh one of the great eat gave Ike ual~air.'oJhe51h
II .,+,I M 'be sn.; llr a pile ot "old hoea" freight 4opress:ons+ over oxpertolened end he1 T~he ehlidrami ru(.heaIt teslls ''
r '+ +'' MM41111 II gave as4 the tehIM+ )z:s 'i. i his opinion, the wnay, but betulr.r all 11h41 eScaedle th,)';.
Ms, s .n.j Seu on nho second foorhar ant im l m t
i_ I. t le cln~md by raflroatl men that *herr larl)n i a .ttrl' t~ boond wrw dti, fl Mrouiid hy luaehigtfrlm thet up4

S, maud fur the present the manner In andta:. per ittry wIndvs to the rut of au
Il I whleh the destructive blaze begsun Is ;I c Ig.
'umuppgs tt ever y dire t lc wa r it uved th the two chldrea
k~ut~y~ werexi awrreom or
*:aThe. ro was d1ioatel sh1o rly r. Increa. theh ho, e labor. ratsa fip who ., bur., we re vom by
go 41" nnO'clock -thiC Mlorning. Whtleh
uirmlewmrt-n cry t.f etenrn n't'tt n" e "u t hatio mn the
. .t. . was to promsrs, N-ht Wriate- yTa
RiMI Cr dwell to l tbol h an av c sT A P UNhe. gre't trH EMJ'., t Hey have not dH. i l1. t u ,cap .
Ootr b'er a elly to ldo whthro th ma- Wifde I tr ck 1Oo a.t:Jh. ha th --
.!1s tea rgd was lbenaured about the head. i t, udig. afer
!)lle'oul 'h._ OERMrANY AND GaORGIA,

bo &W i .Tes cea. 'irlv ntji th s nra eaao' AtX i 4A1 1t, C hollp'1 *WI IS i(' U i 4QilT~ i
MI. i MRe. PlTonION TO s1POP.. yr, a 7,th yla -: i m. Sr mai r
pt"'t i 4 t A cle I p'rp1arapt f,.)r h :r'r ing (Ptit. A 11.410, *Entent' Cordile" E1tbl1ih3d
S T tm e & nattCa r t l Ie iTt&r(t I.'. r ha.g h ,lt, twen te Nations.
Oi d o rPre4e..M. Eleptl, s. y p :r t.a ..* a: .- An. Dt.. Zcr *I:':onti tand
ft",Ulme*Is WO Otut R kme. Oct. 20.--8everak h!I s of trr thea: racitn,.ry and ch,..; he", Geolain atro eablishe, un "'enteste

' ~l Yt 'Il at H y as ta iir"ught no advau ) *+' ;+ 1i 'I" 'rtar 1 ilc ~V 5ae 'tlt lV
l~:',~ upEd to e dl n11 rtha s Italy. including C:ardin al erra b car ia ," tIr ual ,.I! iori.e I at:o's
4 l P dm lmOteed re it, a rebbtsahop of Milan and1 a clo is TRAr.:IP 13URNEHRO .d xgmrn L l OV.,L a'1 'Iwlhp
byLa i theola g )l t nd of the I.ipe, havr potitoneli h.aimR A P i' J : 'eai ct.':aig,' I T,: Cit t:w en the
wa t s the)- pr eoally to e oualdor whet hehe oor he arc Tgfe 1, r1,1,I! irur,. t d hy I tn' th
.~ipager that camued suhIIo haii not arrived o al ow C'atho+ritdow u Down : t iio of Ttar th i flhInI'e n yr tr11
I ps itathl.a r Th lstun t o d irdactpate tha the geon. ral ,leo.. t Ig iu dding. ,.l' in Atlmotr,. 7., tvtJrIr.r T-ri
,rg t the d w oudns r r'Io.necu, mn.. )(t, a,.-..1r j t~8 r IlI, tf ", 11.ia
,f M t 11ia itrlo) Ae Cordlhe o, to the po a ,t ionro they (tw O,"ti 1 h ',.i V L bl a ,- CL: rs, Th vin in. "ecu"': p Lo. b 7
tthe) time la~dl, iib41 from3" ;,tnta dturing the w1a.|:x l, v'u; 91. 0 at,., li(tte:r hou ,n Nh hand. Dr. Z,,"|:' ga,'+x noI,,:'.,':. c-+()
L.;". ,"l' ,t :>a e e ta*:o t i
~ ~~~last 84 ,yearl hal oronlKht no adean-' 8w ,- r wlne,;+.|. a|arl ,;,J'tary" .11. Nord..+, cal+t~le u? Tht' g,.ve
,, ]ItaIMe peCris tagle io lhe claims.of the vatlcnn, whtti l ,:. tow 0 .. )o .* l ),,,, n 5 ,,> a .t _r:p v iv erntor's ,)t'Y:._ on +Mon.,y ant aked1
"I ",. ponl belu! ,.t has serimtsely endringe),s* 11 *d"~ th "+r '.'+,t+~:a the Int er-'f I f i th,. gov,,,i:)r ,v,,, .;I b,, lu "l'u'.lay
S 1h+a i "."o thv e- pa e of ,re nl Un gy entrhte pt- ge lWer to IZ .na U': Li i Jnt: rjith 4* r of ua0 m)rnin0 and n!ato:! that thI *ciirtal
iF*4 Jdatihe ovtaov to ,r the opea enemla.i of the hurdlg n Th . . o h -..., en w< Il ,y hI a .itt
ill II)F,"41 Of, the Wlrdea. the9" lIe,.e.. .hat. t..h, ('a..ll. are . o. .. *I II the -,v. ,ns r w t.' t, in t o'
FM.,II 41 t caused aueh allow('d to vote the real! delrical ran.- l : ,+ I .,+ :Is;J lhaTi < ,n It*[ that lilil,' und~ ;eLr'(',z++ :) y.),t,.rday
ii~ ~pt..ilt*mltlidy departament didatew, at .;ast.--hor (',n..,really,+., ..h You,;-; "",, 1~l i,'ar fro)m mornin.l+ lr. Z,'+,)""(.I.'+'",:' mari-n,, la
O41< +*,., .. ) r iiio. At the would ensalre+. tte lpresene,,' ,- te champ m.,,e a, r l:a ,:,r a t.. ,nc., t h,, ratns + ht.., ',P, ., tnss .a n ,fe::" -anti w, -+: ':ns his
:,,,,.=, .k lt threagh a reo *- pable of preventing the pa.sag,, of+ fir'< tnI" J ,:10 n! ;ITm: a' mt:0s r tn a:a his ,.ortr "try. ent+, a r a th,. ,'x ,cutive
l.b.te iloverbor to pa1r, brits.lanm d asz.aint+ the relision. The+ 11,.- -, \ h.,t \?rs ('h)I,' ; f- c|

',* 5 blt It ailedt of Pas- ppe ham not )o( made a deCIstlon, but trn m trnth va1;r;t aa ; he Dr. Z/,ipffl soltn., '1 v, ard.
jOf IrfuA pettions Sm takInjM the question trndur advise- 11uj1. I -irr:. r !uown ard a.d iahIy g. rtel. thI n' 4O. ad a
.*, O m au ofa the state tflt. ,y I t. wr(n:at r*.*R.. ,i pleasant :sartor ,t ni: tic w!.' sti'UZ
,6160i"l W's 'rt ta-- :r II :.. 2. wre 1' .c in ta*6lng 'aver t0inr' In g..,rral. Th. 0
'I w sae eeom meding her tO RECIVES VIlITORS fh'.r-,. bt,, '()1 142 an; av: Cermana smn, iiL'A is,- toan,; a fr.
,,.,her :V. i ', il 'tIn n '.arly (- ral rail r 4 % aytllr ll. w vll. tr r
S,.. .m .Prelminent Candidates Pay Visit to. vourtrd b i:e fluaon, Terrel and .Mayr JlewlI v. III or.
jWl1 P DsO htMAN. Judge Parker. M h ,ht gave a -rlspritinn of ','f mall return hte, calls at an. ary
INew York. Oct. 20.-Alexander C. aIlalnt to Sht if l'ebro.,. .. date
"IO WoMan4. SBreokline L&, Robertson and Henry A. Bishop. can. Win\a',t. ,id his 'Ipitl l, and a j,,,% ,
u, Rsvd' Ne Heou hs. jdidates for governor and lieutenant sor lh V'it' most o-f 9la.t Ir Le.
S, kn. W .. Oct. to.--Craed. governor of Conneptlelit. visited .Jutdge anid today. but t4und no t.a, f lato Reclaim and.
pbya driuk) lHarry bowles today at hisa hadquarters at the Hotel man. thoinm ar. 'ir 'ant I 11) re
,sI., *hlhot and hatally Seville. PB)th Mexirs. Robertason and -- Saves Babe from ng.ew .I rl
hig $frO snd killed Patrol. Bishop conferred wit hthe presidential sister Saves Babe from Oog. caimel whnt l -ras! I "tialn
gla ilflbF' Patrol1 [, 9II
h M lMuvray, who attempted candidate crcncerning the Deerat e 'ril ( '" --A :-'ar prwj Tt n s iiitr
Mi M. Baltes ilved Imt a prospect. 'In ('on11t'iict and left his old in the fam!. ,r Nir ana rv l!or, ard,
'8ttr the a..ooting: the Apartments feeting greatly neto nra ,- thn, r, -d 11; 1. ,' Ir .L' ., Ph' tog state it ' n ;.* ,. sho avrri'
3, ?~a)iO~!tI lhe khcor~ ard irjun ILI 11io~tWi' 1
.expift almost imtuedlat.ey d at the interest taken y. .uttdge I 'I inai'Ra.. I tIt UOrar 't h t.o an: b t rr eL
a bullet wound below Parker. t ? ';,'d It s' ase.; b rasl k )r \ tg u th now
,S i hart.Ge ral Nels)in A. lies. acl:e',d on r w the "o ; a I ad f it aritause' ra "
Sj irp i tg Idm wife, Rowles bar- the J'tldge today. lAttr he sabl: eral inchi $ if s 'a "as rtj,', %Pfn, 1 d I hII. d v! t e t re l
'dte 4o*' anrd widows of Is "All that IP pots1Ile 1 ai being lone for: %0 that w'ight flrr 1e'4 n b11. t|wIi n '.: tUif
4e. and the poliV man had broke, Judge Parker and whn the voters ro werr h',,'ree i to (> %the .,:t :: "t ld by the wa t.r 2-m Nrt
I' a' Patil of the front door wha.n tlut the hcxahs they will vote the ("h t' ,t. V, a:'. :,13 \ r '* air river. ,'tk nt :ti-t ~ iatA
Wis, kllie.' Later, a sqttjd oAf on )i Democra1 c icket. 11oki" : -f * ,- 't,- iAt. rth'. "' *4
Sfasttd E estrame, And after a IAmonu the callers today were ReItp' u fM tag aa41 t' r: Lt a
.S.le Psecurel the murderer, who r.sentatite i. Bowers, of Mllials, s. I tt sa n .U I tU b. I,.. t.'4 I ,
IT ildden sunder a bd. sippl, and A. Zitndgraff. of Dallau. Tex. h ~. a j( a vyA lItrict In .. in
' Ptroltnn McMurray was 45 years t aail:TfLI' eapi*snea
A&EI., lCarri4.d. and had aevertral chl. Meny Buildings Burned. i r a ,h a... d .wa. sht Sever' Storms in the Welt.
im It, recently he was giv a gge, ~Starkville. .P., (act. 2? -iwi.+ -- j *Kafst I -.. 2'.-. .. a
Stee'nahlp Sla;onla *gpg wldtit)i'aat.
Watch for herole morttee', e *w in bulldingt s w(rie destroy eit by tir Tn-s. Lt i t I t "he ffliI, her e C t I ,, : tRt.u 1 .1 :fin t ,
" M nIW IenII t uinAe tr i bhi own -i1o, -,m. day at S tti e. .1e,. TheI n re t tr ,' "t '* "...F 4 -' *n rh '.:I .C at:,I ".ii.,,e *M c ,
e a rtinaway tlean atat p la ol ,-v busine .pa ,at11 'ofj t. t|'cep. el :ui .n,- : 1 Liatli t il 'T :, ; ., ,o,-r t he .ri .: at
$~4trhv.or i %,v o %,v h. Si.* *aLI.l ~a.TItA
il .~ i t 1.0lit':" ia I tr,"I'' 0 pn .t uoy I tore 1. % t : i II S l ., -*. i('roa t.JIb u:. l
,i i ters Ni,,8 :l b : "ki(n tinm:!:ii L -'" I 'h ay eln The Sia tuVl)ta to ka. si i.r, it wi., aRcm .pa,,- a
a IL,- '. ; .'. ... .. '.. .. .. ."'I. .

L, i

SOF!0 woSI c.. W. HYDE

tv r s Ot eo. hmwusl.ra.& AI *ap f I.

4. ...' *THE BIG STORE". f
*:^ A *eIMIW. a kr .'
iRUN$d. Fal ar dmi Wainter euy ted 1,
drg *t.r::tat:uu and Mzwwru* trap *.d

.I tm M i l t in e ry
rm.. S ATT( 'RNE AT LAW,
with no topd at all ""41MS. ^ W Fo.
***t Cal usa yuu cit pI hty a --

vwomat wo wrad.
*^^^^^^^ |ifN 00 Ad U H pod a unid I-
ha4e.o9enWmg Thi I. 0S SpT Iate.y
sk4s7,- say __ .il-t'Klue I '

-,eAN the Prettiest,Newest Styles U
1 ),itlc in En.i Jn 1 nk
1 -il- 4e. N t"o vh
O* A.ewwlwn .**n j Our regular Fall aunt Wintr An u.
r.. l pl i= )Opening will take place ENa
.4.6l ss06Wr ois er a :4era
Oer oNoAvern ber 2.C.d rr. n. i

Sl, i U 1. ,,Graduate ,attIZore, Co:ne ,,eti,.is rag.s

S410 OA1ee in 160%r

,. ."t ill i FIKE wINFs. I.IQUQ'tS CIGARS

II,'. i nll -_" --- .--- ...-"" "' . '-- .. -.- Faust l.ter, bottle and draught. Don't

I. tto. m ."epa the OWr br I Othn m al MI U and Winter a I ler lot ofr hadled and gmrafte4d t 1UL n 1' .. I >,
*9 womrk tOhe. tis ti. ?lAN TEIKIrf thestadard varieties, suh a. have r rex rd PIE. a1 \A1 A stiie-N
. pu wet yur theW a hI M thems. A"be Ptits, Or as mtals, Kir. 'mtalmrN m d 4a tulde to
Wil rtl li .e S!ednU I PhM t Ctltmre" free, a a a a a a -
,+..s, s i!STO 8 pO!! I,. H. L GRAYES, Proprietor, GAIIESYILLE, FLL "'*""" "

Wb^7B1'^en. in1.. DTeed. o C'RYTALA. SALOON,

.".KB'a J O B P RINTING T k:. a-i l'o IC
inIwtpuh fitS ,erL. nu .So-u..r. OrderT to twie inv.>i.,

ejps tiih ato onr S__,t1.......-. 6L--3

$or oeugh and 6614P ..A. \YEIl & CO.,.
Bias uanaabJ*d bm Wll
O. All le crlpln. "".

I saw
I.I $01dole Agent. firTQNAIII t,.&I'U)ELI
.-. ..., -.tElIN QUALITY $hoe'. Evt'j
ii illA M~ mets er I'ir warrar4ted,
Jacksonville and New Yorkl
vs S Calling at CHARLESTON. 8. C., both ways... D
**---. r The FlaPst Steamsip In the CoasIVwli Service O E BAK R
S.ONSTIPATIO. Clyde New England and Southern Lines . .,IIA,..I, ,..
MI.AOACM,41. *- PROVIDENCE and All Eastern P'oints. crr re e .re
Calling at Charleston both ways. .
,ItiL~,, ,, .. SBP.1(Ia' h 3i32ar'I'- i 5 A TT.TcWT3S
A, an s. 0,- q*u eISouthbound .. ... ... ... ....... From l.ewisa' Wharf, I 1.t, ,. I.
',.lm utl" orw I'.r Northbound...... ............ From Foot of Catherine st.. Jacksour, ,.*,
', tew| 4 ops. Lo Ilo t
KAGA ,.. Clvde St. Johns River Line coic, u. I..,: dES
'sn ::y i -t BEletween JACKCLoNVEI.aCnd t4 ANVOtR4 rrefl F+erT ILV
'.-a -...._-_ d~toppinlg at PIalatka. Asetowr, St. Franois., BIeresford (Del.and). and Intermediate
.".- .. 0 a...Landings on St. John. River oaered o ,uA l'ar or car.
i -t A00', and C teamer "CITY OF JACKSONVI LLE." raron "
L-*ves Jacksonvui lle 3:80 p. m. Sunday. Tueuiday and Thsirday A I IiI., ,fni
SLeaves Sanford 9:3) a. i. Monday, Wedtwn-ays tt d 1- riduys.
Jbehnv1Illo. Floridt ls appointed to sail as foliowi N;ruaiEuILId'. I AVollIC
Mobddno*a Ilse iEO1
..t Sndduwn, SCUJIiEIIUE. II:d:,.t, u .
Leavke 8eit*0 pm ..................Jaeksonville................Arrive 2m. an'
:40 pU .....................Palatk ... ............. eave ..1 pn
Mo.ebants L,, lh frm 12 to 2pw. .. .. . .. . .. : ,.. Alaclua P001 ,..-0ASj
.44:&) ani .......- StfMr L .. 1 ,,pi
,. ,,i101 1 14 lD .__ ....... .. .. .. ..1;.rt'sford,_ .( lk,__l.a& d ,h .. . *...t C i'r_
1~a -1 ... .. L. s

p. .. ... ,......,. .. .

amia a *lta i -II 'i a, u 'V n I f ..... S



UT m e From This Col.
.W l Meet on Oridiron.

aIt Bae (ng Manifested in
by College Students, Many
m Have Played In Impor.

she' hardest fought haiile'
.l|upon tie lmtoihl arillron
flged between two teain Fri-
rgoopa as the msoelall park
elst will be between twi
'parly every niemnbur of which
service in contests wii other
Eighteen meti are ecadi-
the vanityy eleven. Nine nof
ill be placed on one teent and
he| h uther. 'Te lwu extra ieni
team will come from first
hesei teama, well killed mand
d, line up against each other
Sshpeople will have a chalice
plr me equal to the belt ever
IA thil eity. The average
*i 160 pounds. The referee's
will be blown at 8:3P.
Sanid black are colors of the
sad purple and yellow of thu

p have been working hard
asnt and it is hoped every cit-
hte town will show hi or her
Ion of their efforts by attend-
admission fee will be 25
She regular rate. Judging from
p and the work of the two
Isis hard to name the winner.
I, (leo. W. Futeh.Jr; Chief
Ieeper, Capt u. 31. Lynch;
I Lineman' Guly Zewadskl;
I minutes each.
The Line Up.
*I, College.
....... L B ....... Ollark
....... . ... . M uIl aee
... ... .. ..L ... ... oulware
.. ....... G ....... .. olson
*...........R E .......... Cone
........ E ....... M orrist
S.. ... I T... W illiam.
... ....LT S.. hirkie
.. t .. Zowadski
..... It f . Whiltaker
F H...... ... .... W ilcox

Miller ntlced Labor Away, II is
A alleged, and Was Fined.
was an allday Interesting sea-
I la Justloe Colman's court
Ay, the defendant in the case
Hamp Miller, a colored nan,
tl is alleged has been guilty of
|itlabor away'from the turpen.
.amp of E. W. Mlillican at Waldo.
proved by witnesses that the
atsdid induce two men to leare
lllsan's place and accept poii-
its turpentine farm at Lawtey,
Slat Miller had attempted tu in.
others to leave
Ernt hearing waa"pulled off" by
111rial in the forenoon, but the
lelld to agree and a mfetrial was
li. I the afternoon a review of
evidence was taken before an.
juryw, WiLh the result that a ver-
Ia Guilty was rendered, and the
st Waseenteneed to pay a fine
54i l oita, or spend sixty days In

State was represented by Attor-
E. Davis, while Attorney C.
defended Miller. At the
IlON of the sentence Attorney
gave notice of appeal, and
was released under a bond of

the Case of the State vsT John
charged with* the lar-
of $O0 from J. V. Smith, the de-
was bound over to await the I
of the ilrouit court. While the
li only elreumstantial, it was
a eharaetr as to induce .ls-
.COolman to holly the defendant.
1 the Baby is Cutting Tneth
t ore and use that old and well-
|M rmedy, Mr.. Winslow's Sooth-
r311p. for children teething. It
itfe child. oftens the sunes,
all pam, cures wind colic and iI
Mi reedy for diarrhoes. Twep*
*enta a bottle.
Will Carry Uip This Case.
Naea, Ga. Oct. 20--At a meetInU
ithe eity council of Macon a r'porti
i ~ih --. .. ... -... .

We'll sted o a saiimple fre upon request.
ICOT' & I.tuwNJE, 4 Pearl street, New Yewl

Dyirg, Telephcnes for Doctor.
F'.i t \ .\ s..,. l I .. _4. .. j( p.. rh
0. Lo( g., I llS li thf f: r t 1: fTh .
Vli'hlI y ('0111 11ty, nl-d (it ; -I tiii -o at
tihe avr o f J 7 '1 r nilltIr milim nA cir.
i'tll ani AIi 'ts. holio0%ing io Ii' l a t Ihe
nE'til. of a lmrav' t.1ilt!. Hi'-ing affect-
ied wirh a weak hamrt lie kift i it
tie or aconli0 o, iv iiln 4 i) i 1 n soliytion
In ltrvntrih, hlt hy rnI.-lat.e r dope lfr i' iifniialiiti-il poison In Ia h b t-
tie of ih' .aniw Miwt li O th t same shelf.
With the prumonltion that It was the
last of earth for hint, ibeng alone In
tho houh l. lie witnt to 1hi1 teli'phole
anid called hild liauhtlilr. saying:
'",I am tort."
The doctor caiei, hut no nlid death
in about three hours.

Charter sluued for Bank.
AUlanta, Ga., Oct. 20.-Secretary of
State Phil Cook has Issued a charter
to the lank of kiluoam, In Greene
county. Joh v IF. ilden and about
*20 others of Tallaferro and Greenle
counties are the incorporataura. The
capital stock of the new bank is $28,

One of Many.
H. A. Tisdale of iSummerton, 8. 0.,
suffered for twenty years with the
piles. Speelalists were employed and I
maty remedies used, biat relief and
permafient goxl wasi found only in the
usoi of De itt' Wiih tl Iael) Salve.
This is only one of the many urea that'
have been effteted by this wonderful
remedy. In buying Witch Hazel Salve
It is only necessary to see that you get
the genuine DeWitt's, made by E. C.
D! Wait & Co. In Chicago, and a Jore is
certain. De'Vitt's Witch lHard Salve
curesl ll kinds of piles, cuts, burns,
bruises. eczem., letter, ring worm,
akin diseases, etc. Sld by all drug-

S* G reat Power Plant.
Rallgsh. N I'.. ('rt. 2A -The grca*.
etI enterinrl., of the kind ever ar.I
rallngid f(r in Ih.!s state is the *eIct irh
power plant at the Narrows. on Othv
Yadklin river, not far from Salisbury.
The plant Vill cost$ I5, 0 000. Within
leri than 90 di)j ayll its prllimlnary
work will be completed.
Broke Into His House.
S. Lequiln of Cavendish. Vt., was
robbed vi his eaustomary health by in-
rasion of chronic constipation. When
Dr. King's New Life Pills broke Into
his house, his trouble was arrested and
now he's entirely cured. They're
gnaranteed to cure. 2'.Z at all drug-
giste. .
Taft To Go to Panama.
Wabhlng(..:i. n )t''.:0- *Tt T ih r> s:l, nt
has In'tiiri r .c l to prliwe'd it i.'. : earlyy da Iit I't 1ana.
ma tto r'u r t 'th II .' Iprildentl
that r!,uil.;;.e t t1 ( via w I l (o om pro >
miming the diff..rncici h(at have auri-
en bwt ween Ihe Iwo rountirle.

Cures Chills and Fever.
G. WIV. Wrirt, Naeogodohe, TrIM.
says his daughter had chils and
fever for three yearS; he could not
find anythiug that would help her till
he used iHerbine. Iflls wife will not

keep house without it, and Oannot tI
too much for it. Ouc. Sold by M.
Officials In Campaign.
Raleigh. N. C.. Oct. 20.-In North
Narolins It i alway" the c ustom for
the state offiMers to take part In th-1
eampaitn. am4 every one is now In
the field except the state treasurer,
Lacy, who tis In ArtSmna er bhis health.


Tha Best Doctor.
Rev. B. 0. Horton, Sulphur Springp.
Texas, writes July 19th. 1680: "1 have
used in my family Ballard's Bnow Lin*
iment and Horehound Syrup, and they
have proved certainly satisfactory.
The liniment is the best we have ever
used for headaches and pain. The
cough syrup has been our doctor for
the last eight years." 2Mc, 50, $1.00).
Sold by W. St. Johnson.
*3eoriga State Fair.
Don't forget the great Ueorgia State
Fair to be held siat Macon, Oa., October
190.29, 104. Atlantic Coast Line offers
low excursion rates. One fare plus 26
cents plus, 50 cents admission, for the
round trip. Half rates for children
over fire and under 12 year of age.
Rate of one cent per mile distancee
traveled will apply on military and
brasa bands, 20 or more in uniform.
No pains have been spared in making
this one of the greatest State fain
ever given by the State of (,eorgia.
Tickets will be sold October 17-27th
inclusive, good to return to and in.
sliding November lst, 104.

CA .r
r "

U, ,

The life of food is the fat
within it-the Imure [at the
more real benefit from the
food; that is why ucl liver
oil is a powerful builder of
Scott's Emulsion of pure
cud liver oil solves the
problem of how to take cod
liver t(il. That is one reason
why doctors have been pre-
scribing Scott's Emulsion for
all wasting di.seahcs, coughs,
colds and bronchitis for
almost thirty years.

tP6 Pmng 1tud 1 E.iiwe f "sah. ||be$
I limls.1t '1 irulil L .i,
*lnl, .',,. ,,' ; 1 i ,.I| ,,, j ,: ^, (i, i,,, .
inrt to 1t 1 ,i!;,, '( ., I % i, Io
i rl. r 1 I,... |,, i ,l' i i. 1 F *t

iith bm r% h l. to letiwin,,
wIl.t i ilii n ti s r i, liti1 it r ;,( mitof a
lit l k 'll' )1 i V . 11 i -,- 4 # 4, t i kit lr .

Ii1 'inLtiIt' ti. l,-i. i 1 i i, y In it hit il.
k ti t I a vI . w,.l ik ;il ;1t itr NV l

nI i .',b i, 44 r e' W i thnm s 't.i j c t
* tl tltir h rI'ltr'i, ln t14 5 i%' (lll *I't i ,le'r l).
w i ll. l i ll, r In'h 'il I fl",lit of a
'+"k lt..,p 0 ii l N. I .I; "* r Ill,, 1!n1 i,r, .

.Ii ltr r ,i r ilri,1re i' I n' ll ii ir pritll
fir t It lr jii nti s' les i Fi,.-,.r l itw
takl iln tk, I'lien' iuliw i' it a ), ertil daily
certatialy. i-1i kupw it' .\ramret" 1The
1lrN11 ftote-jiwil t'."o \ 4lo ,l t w i.l nt a
tll'saisly' Inmuaiui 1,1uuitale naa Ihauidmil It
')lto 'l-e i ltki) li"g ,r l .' i rlir>riw I $.'1

il eil itioki it v li.ervi.s.l iy, jt. l h il the
"Ar title ,ul il read in N ortnit print.

kItle're4 41t9 Arrn iip d Witha All 01..
Jectr I'a" Iur inaiet Ex il I'lWrii
Ineiowiflei. IEl lntq i l it sie W tt1 1iltlsF1 'r
herliiilim,' -'T ki iresiw dei rIuiau T
uialu anm41dii t. a lt lii1 libottlok. Fied
Uilanl Htup uo tski otits,114, l -o 1tt
there the v.l ryiou ni vliimie nil i Nliaidit)l
"1l'ld ttakeit," aiio"tly, olnuintly, proh
duclig the monry id coretidel rainte
was nlhil At his tliel Wthe All o0)d
tilhait IehaduNuit Ilft, Sllayi that ri

wnas ug t nto *Tg1Ilg ltkock, lDkota.k to
keepm a wl apl len it tUiil |ltling Hull.

A nAld Uimls Ill piSe Ulp t loi n .ak-
$0s Is a "eed Thiag.
lor ai'al n t evrli lir i under ftity,
and for great tiany o (Ile over fiity,
lexerc Is," iile nearly appnroacly to a
padulias fore ily ills that has yetI
Ian deviied it nlla g tIhe blody to
move and stretch Inft, putsl i i pull b
aVnki's the blood circulate. the liver do
its work ania fte nirvem 1)1*U p their
dnrpwed at lblths. Aa exmitlent time to
exenrise In tstfre br'nkfast. Nellher
waun notl twalt.o atsi la rule, sne to slep
hungry. During sleep there is little
waste of pehliii. On waking the ills
no lumtedlate demand fur repIllensh
I m r al4of lot tissues. Furthiermorey, te
turliie Isq l e the rinm errs plsea theo l
4awm'tlvv saratimul dull anitul leculet-1..
in fiftoei yur twenty autlitutn after get-:
ilug 41t 4 ti.ed means that tie stomneb
prretive food whichly It du tiat ha ye
ande and il not reil l ly digslt.
A little shaking rulep ko t breakfast
aro liuul the vitality fSut r i*puenblh-y
Tint iunl liotttter wolk done durl, the
work lfii tim.' to take additional neid he
co iel d ui g to ]lt'vy lrtikriit willh.n
la b flfl el or twety irliUlth ev after get-1

and i Iow itllly dgest lt. That will
A lttle linsf rp at night. Many abrkf
an roisi he vlully e in e work i with-ily
iout iahii any attenti on to his body-rh
bJoseph IC'uyri. Ifr lust nan t. wy froat
wsuchrk Ien tni io tke addltly lave sue.r-
cle'd nlr thre ily aftrtn er wtailnly with e
o trt> ii more d wui toi (la healt hyi. Thal willthan
outin a slnkly o. The bt way to keepdy-

thle Ibty healthy 1 lto use It.--C11tnge

[ ,, ,1 .',

For Sale by Johnuon 3B1,.
: -- r.

JAi. M. O(


A NAI President ,



Capital. ... .. .......* ,,
Surplu. and Undivided
shw e a c a W"

The SMAj

Usahl ee shoUip IhV*
of The Imar I eth,,

Most Succeussful 4t
Its novel (a.opmple4 see Lta |a
shon of both hetmlphee ", ,,
Its slien sa tor k#-slho-a ,
Is mee popmla
i .e .,.w ., s.efl w, ja

16o Page.s.DIg

very pages wIi llemIs, mishrmi
lu ubrgessa now-- *le 0 d l l sl em
or regltterd4 letter to tUB "T .
N. Bea-Samp ple Soent j

Take The Atlantic


e--p" East --
llllIn or m l
& lsee sia ru ll/'vlJsmei tsl/fl'. .:;..

Rapid Transit Ind UL
Time Tabl We Isi



Depart *FoR -

Daily j'wws / : '.,
D@311__ '' iI IIIlIi;~iI ~~i


2:06 pm

12:1 a m

Gabl, Lcsbmug aM!5
lat. j l .

Si !' -

Palska, bsflm. *lw7
North, I -- f* .
U -

I igh pritap, Was$s binl
Albema. Alasta. all hiptfe Rdb

:15 pa

-" ;i-.:- r iv
Ri. M luS ..1 I#.1.t"
,ohee '.u- aa4 ".,U. "', ^t~l
"* '. _.; ._: ; ;." .",' :" '


Th Pighlllmn ap 'r '

Lise realpgso via AileM "C T --

J. Ao 00.DW. .IN "
Line; also via Atlausie C Oat lmelsad InMU uqwmi ..
For complete lufon'atioe eall os ..
J. A oooowsn, aen Awa fl
J .* .... .. ,

Auuree: *
1M W. Ba at. Asto. IaldMu
H. M. ETM 80 ., POW
Wilmlagtca,i C.


=6tmbltaaem loll*t.,

I i -

lF. .fDlTTTOflN

f . ... ..
' \ ~ ~- ij -n i y r



* : A ... ,"

aL J

E*&*,rdsoiCsqL ksri

Ii. .. . ,, .W,


', r. rvo IndtlestlonB of s tp h

ih aNl& / L di/


- II r


S, ., ,;

A' *JC ''
~Ifj~:.Yi2.'1 %* 4



Is wlan
wwr Hoft

I^Z; seftI 0 *t0r,
b' Tam

2L k
tnjn Hsadtfle t t
Aw.r"e, s. did
.. r. F

'. ,e.i VW

waom" -I
-^ ow


..' ~. "*~' "' "

It he ha, you can cure
him of ,t by bringing
him here and letting us
fit him with a suit of

Correct Clothes
Hand ailorei by
that cost just half the
pries the merchant tailor
would charge for no bet-
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THU8S on a unrt that
your husband has bten
paying $25 for, you can
save about half, and
$12.50 will buy a lot of
good things you need for
your own wardrobe.

Till year Lady Friends
ebst Ytbis. Thqy will appre-
slt the lovo,,ry..

The ilftstration shows
two relgnink favorites in
Fall Apparel, at




Vh U

PawW tt. ki

r .*

I .

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Prices Ranging From $12 up.

The Stamp of Superiority on these clothes is more than a mere name
sewedAn the collar. Every stitch, every strand, every curve show unmis.
takable evidence of the master-hand. Each suit is an eloquent appeal to
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the superiority that is BUILT IN.
Irep ls a let as talk It over."
I im u-a_._--- _. .


Outfitter to Particular People.







M*- -awita


-ftett6 0* t

plues. nwa- .Do Ae
I,"I mettret wi
4* 'Bet, be a beo of
t nut mes. ISt a
-l wi u. s* ess an


omusyp wi n k. -
loltalf she mewuis imaik
INB .t *P aith do.

sMisihesasb~mbe bhbidhean

____________________________tF0I I I'ImJsiR...J U

w-, "--- -,-- -rw---


Undertaking Co.

Funeral Directors and
Licensed Embilmers.
XMaWmtnrr of ama Diealers In
ecinFreb e., a.kwnr Stamr, Art

rFnnnnn st nn n '


We cover hoso iml,;'rtannti point* asid relpeet.ualyI
': licit a t.are of your Lusinsms.

Fie, Life, Accident ad Health lusuraoce.


- Agents for the--


cw", r Victor Safe and Lock Company
o "C O O 'n 7tn Ob.o.
tMe hby Tigr** ofr Tele The "Victor' Is the bett safe made. and parties eontemrnlt-
WIN gg p .terUm. ing the purchase of S safe, or anything In that lin,
from a box tO a bank vault, will ,save money
S... by consulting us. Call on or address,
Tt t "stagC I:tr SH~! r.
o'ee tot l ayphu lu^,,vq npifireptlu I CUSjM4ZL, & 19., In
*debn la n pa bleatvq p firetu;o i Information cheerfully furnished. OAINESVILLE. FLORIDA
a s or a ecibln.t one Is r. t
stun to Ihar omebody aft his or bw r
mlighbor why the slash has been .mSor-. 'A
*e with whiting or eap or something.. -
that dll.its surface completely. All AT LANT I HAVE IT FOR TEN YEAR.
Warto o rsooa are hALanTE or IT- W
. sa.-a..tiue*at" The Montezuma Hotel
S Mt otUftwd to .tm r s rty. The T
S1xpla n m s pe At OCALA, FLORIDA.
ir fni aw ta te"O now p t -e
Zt itl.W tthOn the A. C. L and S. A. L Rys. V. J. SHIPMAN, ProprOM
Staesor.woa taZ. t WNSdn None Better in the State at $2 a Day. Porters
_tk of tt peo*d .I d oWMW"m- Meet all Trains.
., f ___ __o o-Chil....

Ifou eve tookDeWIt Llttl Et
Bles for bIlloemnes or eoemtlpation




- I-- -_--~


____~~ _~__ ___

_ I R __om o _





B. A--- .. __ V
*"' 7,, TAXING AMIERICANI. m k i -----

i1 %t. ,the mum im luible and run.
-Of t* at ..o. c n vine| 1a ,a l tioWl eof th!e kind tv er
.oqm4'.a c"iji r..m:..a.t. "rlitih.- il|"'A mpaignM is considered; TE W haa U I9 -d r wirWit ia rThorolighnig ns that 10 ~ -I ubp
A iiitoo rfIl Sn ar the a tariff r u l s I ite P what you I pa
jUiMrT4C..r tInlr. atenltioln, th inust' ad iu JI$ aJ I waknow
sm W. L..L;LI lt ieusf tt* Ir eu lat I \i*mi xi *ohcdi i e I Win tdr Suf fe s. Titles ordinarily i
r "" 5"T. Tflaru"* t s PrvredI" hyo;>i -- -............i..t ,,t )i ht ,ra t!.ior rates oi whi it!e ie In ly woes dTnw. oweh Ms b u
1P i1ut'ihed veryr nrjrg la s I prytthe tu.. 1 f S o aini e
f, delvetl tr b carrier tr. ithe elt.I' party ai ltnin g pa a ;e i- tht leos a d stnalrtikhe o tw aa
lla tI ipt l t'1.1tee i ases,po se im i's for n l. htitt oLI.olitltf the t ti ,le M SladeroraM aln Ihlwinrlptlm 3 'M"LOi
0 sl SUCEaU W A rns'K lul tI e X me. _______________MM *
l r ter:.0 as mouthle; Sl. ofr thiw ,o(titry. (:,I ',f the *artile,1s I2 so their WAijo fuaretem .,ue l
SoT 40 sot t for Ove weeiks-' -bvfor.. i vays thIt durinBg thr 'ear i lues st harBeom l aeatsTemM - Mjub061
Sdins 1, the sale of A'w`e1 W6h11suble t w he 1 14 a11s
teiaue|, "olusn 1o eents a ci"n mnarjnfji. rtiard r dtuets It.i rrignl. U-1ifdta Wr usrtheWillha1 A BS I
mlmew'toP. bad4 1 :r urtolsfor- a i u;a.Idl)n .l0 t' o i .I, 001b of Otc tIN 4UMw-e mtMt-wg jIW on
t fly yr cert, according tO Nthe
iIo ar VdIertS.yr madenn, i !n w fSiY urirrKtrlI
g_'^.,til.t. of w,,I inormed ex pio )rtIrf,0
I wa aI tI aht ctnhel.-r iprfee t1 than *y E. E
*% qeek un !i IT. e it rage. i. fr Irtciy il ).sam, o E.'
In Sv ar te Je 'r wi A ri,. Te ,r,, 4bstnct Title and full
a week, i s', tarie a- d et.:e l-sric f tl e goodsi in the forri. U.i fe nty. Our manag
S is wshuroug
wL moiled. latale free. to rwy market t is1 1er Ceit le. tihan i. sl huu
Untied ll eatLe4Crr aa ft1or9t oo ig1 pries in the io:-tn mar ket. i WA F E R S
%vinffe. _" ( sut gooud, i ; ch as11 pn11:, al l
bISt lls beconse due after rant varniishei, the difference bet, weu l 111,A
oef a vertlaentunalessotherMise price to foreigners and to Ainernca isi re a0as-l- -4%--l. R IKK ACCIDENT, BURG
faei etraos. Partleo n ot unotn wn10 only, r .. e,., it, ut o, .agrio,,ltural IN s4 ,t i ng n mba rtiof|
sutured to rV for adertise to ad- 1tlr cSt B n arolturl a Bidiles Bal CIarailada HEAL
Tt. tBKAIIlY IYUN. implt'mntts, tools, machiues and hard eE" I msfe"i11111S1411114w14maea g -.
S(JAINmVrr.r.. ruLA. ware, the dillffe rence In he price to tlhe I lUseM s WleSa SiNO e fl at <
. forir iitnr ati to the American varies mNo4 i11 as r sle 1' usW Waf e
MOC AT1C TICILET, 'ro:n rit 1. tLI tiper eiit. Onv wire, car go on & a s
Stridgts, ilayig eards, ete.. the difr- iWWkt Wt emmani n So S Is
2 For 1'rtilhlennt. ference is more tihlan MIt per cent, and t ei a in., GuW emi meS !SS
ALT' II. I' I KEIlR Ion such articles is wire, rope and borax OWslMorwe$m$OW me bM IPtVaIM
f Nw X:''. 'the difference exceeds 2n ) per cef.i'. IiM U Ulo
ror V i't. ero there 'nothlizg else toycoindenit,, i f l RUI ca Q a
HN+.I, ,. l .r'IS i-e Iepmthcllean 5IuV y of high tarft ff *
of W'ut \ :r.:iL.. taxes, this one fact ought tube suift-
eVn!Id P s...tortient to eiuse the Amerlean people to J. W. cCollum kA Co, Drutgg ists
AME. P. .11'II:ItiO. ri pidite it, for surely nothing eanI_ t ___
l4iE lp.; A siO i im're unjust than for the American o rrUA
*r Con :-A ul District,. government to tax its own people It of rritoryn a- OOTH BID SQAU
FIIANK m'IAI:I. 'the n that Amerlean steel ralt, tot that he visited as hisans asylum gHI igrt lp
Pvl'ehletl lctors, ,eow, shoes aud oAtherartlclesol prime whles ,* t. Louis recently, and was
Ui". AIlElecorscts ity s, bes d he to e mistaken by a lunatle for a fellow tuf-
H. P. BAIIEY. nlzeCe,,eiity may he sod cheaper to the rerer justArrived. B ecrnlug oo"fl- .4oamplete suwek on o
T. A. JENNINGIB people of Japan, Europe and foreign ferer uslt arrived. Beaming oked the edl tors W ehR
J. E ORAlY. countries generally titan they are sold i* t
A. B. NEWTON. at home to Americans. It is absurd to what made him goi ruy, and to humor
F. 3. STONEMAN. speak of "infant industries" like the him the ed itr retd-li- Trylng to
Go or. s hrust, ich is abls to eumpete make mnney rnut f the newspaper EH EY
Goov.eror j.,. ,,, r ,,businss.'.oI.a',.., s M, the lonati., 511
IPOLEON B. BMOWARD. with the so-eatll-d pauper labor of for- i, not. n Itae, s i the lJ a d-t
SState, ein countries and which makes enough not r285 W. Ba i
3. CLAY CRAWFORD. profit on i.s export salev, even at pri-
SAttrr.rtces far below its dtInstie priee., to An exehan, peaks ol a man who. It t ~mnlr lm ad t
*AtiS-rl. iable t to pay dividends upon mil-. is said. laays paid for hi. paper a
WILlAM. II. 1.1.11S. :on. of dollars of watered capital.year in advn As a result he ha
*<' -:;t r ring the tinrt thirty-three monthiof never I ., :, ; .- i .li.n.Ior had- h dZ .A S
A. Gt. :<; ItM. exitence the steel trpet made 11t corns :i !.i toes nor toethacte., his .. I
pi)rotits of *:*27,A,I,,,. an average ofl putastoes ntver rat, hil talbi*,s never
Stite f*Tr-'il-rer, 1 -. . a year: or l(s,.w ry at n~i.thi. wift, never scolds and
WLL.IA.M KNuTT. :.u'nth. $34,h)> a* day and #30/,) atn he ut;0eededl in serving three years on
t f uton. hor fr a dy (fr t hours. I:t for th.e .hho'il lar4 wi ; aIt being onesed.
W. M. 1' Il'I.*>A'Y. the :inrji't tariffon steel produ' *l there --------
.fi,,,,,,r .r,.,,ur,. tr, Wmll11i hav s, lr.tI I) temptat;on to Li[n g,.I''iu:n, is to ha .an tiltter. P AOT
n >.r> M ~.IN. i, auitfa.tuir+ts n l ^i'Uit |)F oh d:erS tO tiati-,nil Il '.,bti+i ntu i t fr 1' year.
organize. this [gitntid monopoly with I PO .W ...I
Ratrlll nd i'oTp I ..!e.r, its thousand million dollars o wa rd ;:,,o ,r '..rtd men ha- be- < I Il
JO H N I.. MN I'iUi A.N. stcck. W hen the voters of A xner ,a, o;ii. i re ;'r:,.:, : i l -,hl.. '... ..
ei|Sulreur: I '<>nrt. Six Y'ra, the farmers, miitchamIep, clerks enld -. . ........ |a the O
R. FENWI-KT. YLOR. professional men, realize the extent of Ch;ri.s' ,-:r: fa- -er in I. I g
Jtstft'r SPuprumie rourt, the differunet between export a:'.l die t:.a: t'.. ..,1,1ii I I OkOl
tOBEe'r t. CWKIltELL.. home prcr s, they will speedily with- ... A
OMAR R. $IIA.Ki.KFOlID. draw "iprote 'tion" from such "infanus,, .. ...
J. R. WIlIITFIEIIl. a the steel trun and other enormo :o <,:,r,.l. :, 'preot
--tr;s:; a ofn this country. \Vonder how ;.!lsk i h', ;1 .. 't ii:e the olor of gea s*
J. A. Ict( SiOIoi;H, ,mg th pevo;I, will ltand thil ia*Wr .+f ,t YM:" V.nthlng--Ion't lot
0. A. TIL lM B AN. thi? -l il- a- that bother yut. "r y dtear. It can't be lls
O. M. TILDI, I, AN. thi::l '.' ......... ............long itow tI, .re it lre turns. smhyll.



f, ..





1- lemberm of 14bool IBoard,
T. A. IlOKE.
SUaltod SBates army Is to be
rho with t new rifle which is the
ofl It kind ever to hare been
by any nation. Besides har-
eA ber improvements it has a coy-
Ihtf ouni mn annrnut kh. ISiirpl. It

TF 'I Iiit Ct-: v oF T ti o, r ,
L,%s % CilNTy. Y
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
it senior partner of the flrm of F. J.
Cheney A Co.. doing business in th#
City uof Toledo. county and State afore-
paid, and that said firm will pay the
gum of One Hundred Dollars for each
and every ease of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall'. Catarrh
Sworn to before te stand I bairlled
in mt y presu,reC this Cth day of )eeem-
her. A. P. :--bt.
' ~A W11'.O E i.

ill'ital *a ie Ir irutak i
il tT;rW H h.itMhbItmkan.
&itIlti. hid Iot lrll-a.
tr musi a mS sa.l
=ts- a

~Ie C .ib. hI- ,- -.


pet 4oftlC0 N, t al.l N ",' b.
JRIO ,d o -,,bub tm w tb llt4MI A Ia,
70nf. Cm, *.. IN AL1. COuk$TRIaS.
Ps ..'. i r."- ;.'t i .* ,ai.j'I sO ,f 1 *w,


- f 7H t&iLYI&''-}F aB '~ VI''**'-W""9* 'EW; fl W1IIB B
-H -AL -U~ tinera UJVT- -,' f5,hi 5
dl~hvtLL WW.bA p17r

- -I-- r~ elms~'.. ~.....T

IN.,* 'elf NO/ r ( rn$sk 4naI r ,P jl

ly for when yo

what you are buyp ;
nvlsible corrwtly rvoelS

Couty Ast

II nformale n f n nnnlhed nMn ,,,n
er hae livd la this na
hly oouTant wq9la-tj CI

prominent A lB i
LO V t .I

* *'* '** t f-'. '*'d

d.Fg k
l~I $'

a , ,

** C, .

\ .. "'i. ,:,.fl
-1, i'-t 1a' ;- ;
0Or, atyatL

st., 4JAcnonii

DERu S oT@ U

bAid or a good sow M

m Powder Shlls WIG
*ure-O Qro, |L
of shot 1ad o4| r1
o u ityisnmbSw

l r

I ,




intie CoastL

nd L A R. r FlI
lata am ChMbt,
,-t '. i

* --- **a

Oc sale ef Gs*

Round Trip BLate Fro

dally. Good till De. 21.


I .

County Judge. Chicago' fIrs passenger engine '- -- -- ALL
HR. L. S n. w..i.lghd tweve tons, and its largest s
.e. today weighs 3,8,000 pounds. or
L. W. rENELL. i* tins. Forty).ix year. ago the firrt _
-L -.- P.-, .pa5sen:er train started from near the U U
CI.rk FrT.I t Court of (the, Norahwestern ltatiou, and 00
t I. w* rois. i about an hour reached the end of 1UE MU1TEE3 HI
TnMx .%11-or. thc railroad nt Harlemn, nine miles EE or
W. W. COrSON. sway. Th, train carried thirty pas- I W U
IW. -- ., -. Ienger', having but one car about
W x 'io RCEM EDOLtwenty feet lr:g. YestErday 1 32
W. D. DIlKrNtON. pasteuRer trains rau in and out of R EED
tHemdent rf Publih, Instructlion, Chicaugo, carrying more than ,A0,,0 E-Y \
DR. J. L. KELLEV. persons. The Iurlington system ho'di Tht CHILREM'N FAVMITE TOM.
-C--tnt Troasurer, the world's record for a single long ees o **ISaree
County TreIEsrerT distance run, from Chicago to Denrvr., e tw IIMai *p te0 V
,W. 1,025 miles, iU ,1,(47 minutes. BallN.dSnow Lilmeat C A
County Plurveyor.e F eOl. by WS. jL JoeaL.
>AMES CROXTON. The ordercf the Modern mWood men Fr a W. L Ji.n A
County commnilsloers. of America now has a membership of WOMEM. M
J- G t DAMPITER. over ".' 11, MEN AND OMEN,.. ....,ity a
r*qbfva. tr Ut&.a Autswal

* '*~'1

_ _

,, .


- 1



acs is 9----- I- -

- ~

'. 7- I

.. Wrasrs mw. r-130,i00.


W. B. DA1

I ; .'.

EmO lt

Sea' Ielanzd


els Island Cotton Seed, Bagging awl Twine.
Leather In Strips or Sidea.

Manufacturers of the
SSea Island Cotton

SI. h,~


WVtdu 1

James Dior Improvail Engli.b
(in, and tliiupplies for name.

SFair Rates.. I

Jack.sonville, Florida.


Jas. Everard's Canada |
A. good as an:y ati fetter th
llBor. Made of ir'i and Milt
T)lIt N(OT ItIC).

sa oc te.t; a stuab.
A 4l, ,hTat evr the
V Iard Oil Qdrives
0S1t 1 toMce 4d
tedliei quickly.

hl ie,." u a
,." as*




Rctourd Trip. On
sale daily. (Iood
till Dec. 1.
Round Trip, On
eate daily., Good
sixty days.



R< ;l.t Trip.
,i ll daily.
fifteen days.


lioum. T ip. 'isod ten
, ,r '. >r, t 4,4.0i .
* i'-- '. . td .'t.I t






* C : :


Mathushek Pia


Biher through Atlatct art it.attatoona or noun --a ,tr,! AhevlIe. "Landl of the
Sky" route.
Oly Uine froeleorids with ltv own rail. Into St. Loeni. Twoe tra'iq dtal: from
JMkasomvrl. Thgougt .eepT:n eoar.
St wevrs OGha and Returnlning t principal mountil an ad hammer report pvo.nt fan
CallssMW aftd l Teammwe. No extra *oat. An oppuortanuty to vt l tile greatest
of WorM's rPulfs f sta a vacamiIon t the mountains, where 'lde trip, cann be made
tmouab llmhe Sta re CouLtry. LaIe Toxaway. the Kl4hland., ate.
Detailed ad lquable hitocmation. t asw. folders, ete., cheerftu. furnisbed :upon

A tP ml J.C. LUSK.
0...4" *v'ivid o- Distrlet PaiMsnger Aent. iO Wet Day Ai.. JcksonvIllo. Pie.

wt n'diw cunU ft *t _____ ____^ an.
'"e ..of so .claw .b. .. CB .I
,,!A'M--_.. --e,- --- I at
I it tWL MS.n c r J
7M 2I-: a" .e"' Air Line Railway

tw4' what do you Say. ... FOR....
OWtN th" jpl"ft&
V S "nwt-,%W- Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
% . I, Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
tsl 's ""could ington, Baltimore, Phila-
/ i~ft lM' i if we-k Am --,. 1 i
dews 15owI delphia, New York,

asriB^es .Two Elegant Trains Daily.

., Seaboard Express,

*S Seaboard Mail.

S ,. ,-- :Only Line Oiperating
SW .- c.wte af *. P Dally Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleans
clas kU. st Crawfuud.San
i' ite. nam o.f Irst. oa For full Informltlon atd sleeper rerseationt aell on any agent Seaboard or
*.i*eii ^write A. 0. MacK)OSELL, S. C. ]BOYLETON, Ja.,
Sa t At. General Pspenger Agent, Passenger Agent
sahqtiBm Aambw. w of fs* A- -Nkmon06W.10- O f r

.fosTo"mer, IGal8estille & Gulf Railway Company
id i it W....... ... OP F LORIDA.
Tia Table In effect Julty5 8. I8.
.r l -- rrrr- n 1 - -- *- *
b .simream Sf of the S *tan orI .. No, t.
W 4, No. SO. No. 1. No. ,2.
g1 a.^ Deiy DSaily. WTATIOS. Daily. Dallo. pt
pqll IT 40MENNfPta e Its o I i------
w9 Asresmtse of taLe LvPM 4LVPM1!L A' Ar.P! MAr A MAr PM
hio'ur o 4f 1 **6 ...t I.e....... ...* .......Ir,, a ............ ......., 9 6o
a wo ..-o...e...... .... oid ... .. ...... .......6 4G
t ....rlr..K..niorlesiiii 11 it0, .e.o . ..... ......... lehm n.....-......, ....... .....:" 86 a
N1; i rIt- 801 ........ .......... 1,..... MIae mtop t.... .. ...... .... ........ 5
ei the Weas e t 8 1 ... ,.. .*.. .*** *.. ,*,, S5,, 1, ...*.... ,.... ........ 6.0
a 6t sormm e $s .... o........ .... .. .......Te _....... ......... ........ LI0
l gn...... .................. 44......... .... ........ 09
8 S ........ ........ .......... Olysts.... w....... .. ... .......... o0
2i t"e tOM,_ o.... t I .... ....... ....,,, ., .,ell eat,,.. ... .,,.., ....,.. M
..... ...... ......... . .1.2 ... ...l ... ......... .. o
* .....f a o i? i 'ii. *****.......... *, *, 6 vG~ SA *ioAr
S ., oeOf,. 1 o* 6 30 e ............l tIa.......... B40 S Q, SO
. 36 .... 1? -....:.:.....Oh...l4a. :...... 2 s me i C
* Phiisw 11 40 T i. Ar 74. ......lag. CO y...... D) 40 I 10
S Wr JSpe or ta h lftevlee bsoeertso. ****** I .... .... e. e, %9 g. la u ..a.....2

But piaLO for this itrw l elit,,rc As
1tue Congetr tha others.. ontnruemw
bet materi., and mton artisl4
workmanshblip obta'i.&bl.
UP todate n evert
detail and Un-

Sold by us continuous6i

y tr

without a mingle failnr. It orn
want a piano for a lifetime'
nrvIoe b7y the
Mathushe k


Prices as low IAs i eomistent with qtlalm
Oah or eo eis rlnm $ent o tl dI '
trial. We py rrFeliI. Wrell
for ricees TOUA Y

Ludden & Bates



Southern Music House,
GATHER A BRYAN, State Ag'tl,


National, State and CongresalesW
al Ticket 1904.
Presidential Electors.
0. F. Buffum-Franklin county.
Ge*. K. Robinson-Mariun county.
G*o. II. Holmes-Brenard counf.
(. A, W Wendell-ei-adden eouast.
A. M. Cushman-Alachus county. I
For Governor-Hon. M1. B. Maelhrl
lane, Hililboro.
Secretary of State-John F. How,
Monroe. ,
Astorney-Gneral-Fred C. CobhbP
ly, Levy.
Comptroller-J. L. Skipper Polk.
Treasurer-E. M. Breilford, DadS.
Superintendent of Poblie Imtrt0e
tion-W. R. O'Neal. Orange.
Commissioner of Agrieulture-4. L*
Rowley. Putnam.
Railroad Commissioner H. 5*
Riseble. St. Johns.
Joetiee Supreme Court for term i
six yeart-W. B. Sheppard,. Esalsnbtl.
Joutloes Supreme Court---). S. Far, i
0. 8. Adams. Duval.
E. P. Astell, Dural.
Congressional Ticket.
Fint Congireesonal District-. 'i
Gouby. Hilliboro.
ondot Congiressional District-.* J4
ChObenery, Orange.
Third Couigrelonal DiLtrWet-L- I.
Warn, W Meblgo l n

The Florida
Fruit and Truck Grower,

L. J. 33LUmiI, Eiter ad iwm

Sm-' it will ver Sit,
Q t.f Intb 'oti a
hI 1 /-* .

,*!* "

.rr -.: ;,.,

,wy *.


- --~

o10 in



I.~ -- V -1 -- -.

-- % W -1 .

Raps that Admir.
Sdead. is was ors
ad rilrd nla 1nIS.
j' prosre"sing ao f(a.
,ra tirer only one bal.
Sollt dally.
L mAodoU. .ay at th.
pt the Randd Trink rail.
stud Pret, !ai Informed
4rigth in the report (piulp
ricaj) that Charles M.
i vice preidont and geon
of iMhe company, ham rt.

.I V Nin ,riv .i' strike 'n
101-, l*, Iat two wIN .k"
r ;lr i an 'nil, artd
I. ,.: ; 7 .t yI11lic hch e td .
a '1' e tati l.tzia ry
Ao 1 1 1 t .l'er rrafts
crt,. "' '! n ln'r v rr*

la .n. i : .* .r I I I,; ;a'(
" dri e'r ".
lpg ansi *,'', l! ,,r ur

_ .c a t*1 '. ,. ', ii "
T hie I N. i v .. .. '

be of lnctn.;t;-,r < :, "'.,,


9 To Be HlId In Rich-
mond, Va.
1lt. OU.-lIttli the hI ,iit- a if
atl general ritifi Ial !
ftpI di Oct. 'Ath ali V t'h. ai.j
, a adjourrnment Tuscday

' t.lll more business to ha
b ut tomo of It will not ie
u-ss0l tie next conventIon,
Sb hold at Hichmond, Vi.,

..,hcnll that several reso-1
g oa the divorce queI.
roferrfl tio that con ven.
some of them will be
during tlhe next w'ei'.
I to group Li diuce~ei
with a primate at the
.h new district, sibmittil
hasa many opponents on th1,
Sconventton anll It in eatn.
the matter will be refur
Rilchmonil conclave
$e k hitie of deputies re-
eration of the,new canyon
courts or review to whietls
dicoesan courts can be


if Counties Bald to Havl
I courage.
S C.. Oct. 2 .-The scre
i statWe board of health rtn
SIt prartically five-sixths of
0i"a in the Rtate( here is ty'

number of c (': '- Iilrilng
lo ith w s aiu)4 Pt 1,:.40'
gl tesat pr ossuro is being
i8 bear fur th wat'r. aMid thi.. 1ia t re-
disease in the iast. ri part
t to a very notitr'abill< having in Ithier ways add.
Pneral health

Inter iatlonal Union.
-brk t 20.-Two fraternal
i.elu th.i lritlish Tradlei
1 ti the next convPltiOnl
erican Pederatlon of Labor
d from )ntrni andi upon
at plan will bo dticus ss
lganlial.l if (lhe Amerilran
l long ;hiornion Into an In-
uniohn with about 15o0,0-1
General Organizer Robtir
.ls American F'dnratlon "0
'Ma@s that, the movemeui for
Oni a l.a been In progress '
Years, and that a mas.ttmi-
1Y will bI called here wtla
Wlinall, of the lnternallonial
len'is nion of Great rlitali

Ro1 t a111 n-fci~ri
hl elih t ,'l lis, 1.1.4 ,arty dl.Yira
PihS. 1it ii ,rull' in Z.tnuiil iti

Stn-l n tin lt lt'-, !, ..t ; n

SJ|_l i ;'u, i, : s 1,.4 .. l top
ki htgald. Il-' I, !uritui hat
W O li i k ll 11' t I- TI IM1u til t111'

iirtollm.l iniii lo ei a m t i,1:!;
ilt h n tic l ri uil. inks tit
*l in niii the hIiinrtlh a 114 lLIX
i .nm lHy (,n the .,i' ntil ,',< ,
I at $mi4rTV 2. t ,h 1 r ail- 1Uild A.'
S111 the 1 ,'s 1' ,'. I? t I '
WI6 ')' tli- r 1 '. t1 hi h i l, I,..-

Syracuse Attovney Tock Laudanum
anfd Trecte C'iloriform.
t yrnri ..- N, .. 0., -I
O Johnt' ,ii an .,' ,rny L !, ,tr, n
r i"- 'it I l.s2 -r. j), in 1 t h '
b 1 4 ..i- 1 ,( : I ,':. t' ,.i N v^ ,

hrt l.ln U ll .r,, U' .,r| p ',( ;' ,.

.i I1a r
t I un t! r i ,- ;li 1 t 1t t It I ., L j j -
b<'l n i< nin' I a, llrties In MR ut
r | r ,lT ti ,,:. .,.. fI T iy li- t as ty 'rel Ix'I
rof u ,s .Pat,. in Ir. r ;tl c(' irt. \\'hio.i
( i n v11- 1'111A I l .t w k It % a-. r,
p I'e' i :l)i< .l 1na,arIn had faill n ,io n W
slair+ un ; t ip ,d .n tol ,,I. i a'
tio ll 1 ,1 ti ,i: r i i- IIA1 h ht,. 1
Iff , "< l di', in tvh.t'I i I'
*tt i i rI.,
l :' ... ;** ,,+ '* a art i r ofr I .1 ,|!.n
h" I' ; ,.ttni:-: actlC, a : 0. o'
nif L ii ;,

A 'lA',*. l i a15M of LIME.

S. ,... i.. i. .ijii f yIt

bL *. i '' .l -, I t- ,.i cl a .it-

L it t .' ., I I t O, 1. Ie cii tll

hio ll s I NiI Iurtli 1I t ik t. 1n ilt'
Is 'll .*, f ..', i i a i t. l ii. f i iih ii utjl
or it l uiitUIt'i yi I I t i, tu ll'l ts i aut-
isri. I ,, , lrt hde a:a, ml uwbitioc
l>ii|d &'tlk '. I1..' tilriaif tlint Jdy o t> i
iit'!ii.t .\.i i hl )i a li t ank..t n ith izatlua
t.imi.i l' ,- ; ,ui l. t..iI t il|>! he l$ tub-
Slii. 1 )L 4)LL. wi lt Il 11 li- 4 wn s io uIt
u.jlln I t' t';i,>l til l It it hi | h lg t

The Mlolrlmh U'ima at llmo ,
\'Iii 1.1 i 1ilup ftor visitors .he

bil',. l-,!inii, iIumtiit itl tliday In a lI.WO M
' l,.ir': j 1' n1..,. :ia iihgliinow n. rose or
ylalow bt'I, t.Lri favorite' liade, her
ltirv fell tliruk NL lUtl l' Ilrll very
Ila l:ti itow 1 at l*I I': | .'lI u.. a flower
hi LI. iii h,'r i'v>:) I ,f i a 'sroiilNled hatir,
wl Li rr11, i *i "ni'tkui i I iM i li htiDna
d.' is 'i; l ll;itak o UL ll IllatchlM Jf
y. i;,. ''*";i ti' l si:\-.. JAilrbrushsli
at i'' uikia awn i va3wry raran rainiul
.1! n1 Ltin% ii-dt' l. ii lia y a)icoliit
Ir t'.r ii l. it tl:' hair Is ut-ver
* I 1-:i Letl ISt. h lie has a di e-
\.i' .i if.. .... i ( r InLlt po Wilder.
ailu l ii i'l-Lt.L -. ,tl r t:i f t, ." iiil laU
tl:i: i;tl i-'n% : li1 s;)* I r liiu.

rt -i p i )utllIo-ry.T
O n tl i t >. -: y 'i '; :s +t ', s i l -
t. :;li il '. ,I I 1 ','I I ill 't ,'h
p. r o, I ji < l- I ill It s1- i. 1 l t t1 l

S ', t i. i- ltl t ;t Ito f li'lt l

L ,i ;'".'i liln i ii r ;i', : 4 111tii., Z'f 'l l+-"i

\r-', i, ui l \ ,.tt o l:it l ;;in-l. tvrr I
1. n. < I: p t .f *Im l t'h vIrii (l i,

;,.l if i ".ni.' !i'' !, t : Lial thie tire-'

!} :r i r il l l 7.'r, t .: t 1 tI tt i
1 1 * V I I ii i ; l t 1 i ' 1 *i I 1 l ; :. l +.- +!ir l t
; +>l' e* I n "
, ,* ., '. , , '. , S .. .. t
I'' i i I ," 'W', I "'-'P%' II 7i

I i ; '-i. q d u' V '

Good for CIildren.
'L'h l lea-ant to take nnairt hartnIle,!
l ii' 31iilutt Cotgitgh Ct'ir- g iv' instaInt
r.-Lief in all e1astn sf 'ooulgh, croui p li
lagtriape becauit)e it dl u'w 3it I'llt iuin-
nllJiatttly itoV i thi stomiwa.'li. but takirs
'tii. ct right t t he "!Iatl of t routit'lt. It
drawi* uit tll'e intil:iiihuatl.on. htnal, ;mnl
, ,it.,t1'w iaul c rt-t' r-a twrmain.-c't y Iby
,i',nblinii tih lil i g I zoltraib'it- lpure'
;iU .l giving lt ]il .- -'l tI im lity 0oxy 'n1
tI, th- blooild uilf! lt Ll'lf .'.iIl [ij ,t.
il r'i t t

(l; I- 1 p tr 1 -
l ., ll -t.
*, -

S,- t ,' 1 1 t-i '"" "
i] l 1 1 1
a' * **' i-i'*
1 . 1. , ;. *. :*' l 1 ; > *'
S ., s ' i *, I ** i'-
;,.J~ t ': >. ... .' , l. : ,,' *- 1 -1.,'

-,, ., 1
., A I.. U i * < - *: l >
I1 !;-' l.t',,. i,' " i l'li ;I -,"
t " II '.
r" ' -:, I *. +, ,I *I i
f ..n ; > i. ,
, .'1 4 .' ." . . , ^ *
! ; 4, ''' '
\+ : ' : 1 ;. r> t, . ,"*

* '~1o

i I H MU lllqkll, ,- 'I

Renshast law-. V BS
I +"* .l : I .'.'Lt |

n"...,f l u

.J "' .. ,

.**4 *

HOr:- .. ARE GOOD.
Thry 41gt ""ir r irgttiili Kcr-s*w,
a ,. L itltp Ilrenlth.

+,' r-ii l8~".i*~~4.i$" I1. Is1tr t
fl' , i., + : p ." ,-Tir Iy. It. I tlhe
teT. 14 it ",,' r r::r'', Ilinl) tp r*.-
r :i 1 v ti l,;'4i pii r ,'inmiiitn i,'il
p lif riuntiter-
S ti '' 1. 1,1' ,it'l. "T; '1 I rtjlii
" I- ,. f.iii i l" hl' Ih lli
I I I .'f t .' t, *; + i^ ; 'r l oI + 1 t i n -
t, -' l ; .1 I '.n I t', l i o misor
1 w ni :! iiir .- p. .\ :y I: :'-liI Itit r-
C -t i,. i "* ... ,'" i i 'i! i ( 'tit r ia u :1
et *! i i '' I ; ;'. T ; b i I" li nI

] - .:, -/ ;* r .- *'r: i'<-Cil i'hI *IN

hlr. ; El'

]f."- i-- >1 0 u *i ,r:it f)r li.j4

!lf r i l l w ,i Ji'o': l i .ti i li:-I '1 Ili

-. -"i'!l i4;-Ids- 1, 1. f, t. -'u'l,' r It
ittf-r.:. 1r i' .- art I],.l t l f ,Il li (l rrf -l ?li;*i;
' url u.l < ui til \wf air0 etllol hlio ,*."
1,,1,1 ;,, ,'ll* 'i.. ,i r fi riii1. *nirri.+\
. I . .. .. i s _. .. . i

lirre.- .'r1 l iasi Swaord.
il '. ,. 1 i riall
b :;;,a ( .Iilt:0'm ;rt 1r l :trr', the T,rys-
titl nt11 tI o it vt', i ri, arid tt1l 'y inre c rriel
In frrtmt rf Il m i.p,,ror on all state *E-
cuili'ius. E-1 i1 has lb slglrtflrannc.
"**l.k at the mirror aunt reflect thy-
ielf." or, in other word, "Know thy*
Self," 's the mnissnM of the mirror.
"Be pure amint hine" tW the crystanl'sa
junction. while the swort is a remltnde
to *'"Be sharp."



1lacshus county li M ,.& acres It
area. has 228 l mile railroad go)
miles wSagon road, 7I Imetcakele,
1:'3 public school 7 phosiphate
plantss. 2iaw mnilli., 10i court
house, tfiv* ralnewp..jr. and pros
i'r p curnli. Cotlion, ri eP, gonar.
)mi, rye.. p'otattwo., piineapplei. or.
lunige. p**arhoe's. tnpar, pinms. pe.
I T L I- a R

:. '.



b .- ^
Znyhg #1*.w i
-St- VA-

5 Miss Rose Hennessy, well known sal
a poetess and elocutionist, of Lexington,

Ky., tells how she was cured of uterine

inflammation and ovaritis by the use of

Lyd E Pikham's Vegetable Compound
Thas Ulm Pnuanm: -I have bea unMblemesdlybolp edtho ogo'
of Lydia3.&Plmkham's Veetable Componda that I "see
acknowledge it, hoping that it may helpsSe other W ot imL
do" "e -rs I enjoyed thOe be of health d t ht thsl I lws
do. Itten"ded partlesand ceptionathinl el*ed. a wa .be
chilled. but I did not think of tIhe reulta A. a mht a 6 ad 2 g-
months ago while menatruating, and this aUsed Iam- ,ao liat lM
and t4feMetd ovaries. I sutfored exoruolatlai pals sd kept
My attention was called to your Vegetable Compound uad
om e It had performed, and I mAde up W alatd ito ty It 1r etwo Moth
see what 1$ would do for a& Withina n* aoth felt b4* lttr,
at the elea of the second I was entirely welL
1 I have advised a number of may lady friends to It, and all eS e
themselves as well satlatfed with the result as I wa"-Ma-m BmN Weau
Hlixuasar, 410 H. Bruedway, Lexingtoo. Ky.
IThe experience and testimony at uOme Do thi me
wean of Amnerica go to prove beyond quelosi t ljm zaivc
Plukhauml Vegetable Compound will earct all a tdiI
at one b removing the efhU e a&d etoerlNag o1e* ega a
r:al n sI healty conditionn
"D)AR MRS. xxciAx:- About two yearsago I eumsoltd a bki.
sielan about my health which had become so wreted thl I was n
longer able to im ahout. I had semvre backache, beArl dwn
pains across thet' allomen, was very nervous aind lrrablethiU
trouble rew iorse each month. The phy olan presclbed for .9e, but
I oon dacovoerid that he vas unable to help m and I then deoed4 to
try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compo and on found that
It was doing ne good. My appetite was returning, tl pains disappear
ing, and the general bene fts were well marked.
0 You cannot realize how pleased I was, awd after taking the uedl.
clne for only thie- months I found that I was completely oured of my
trouble, ani have ien well and hearty ever since, and no more fear the
monthly period, as it now paas without pain*to me. Yours very tly,
Miss PARL, Acxanf, 827 North Summer St, Nashille, Tenn."
When a m medicine hAb been sueeesstfl t retol1 to hetl
more than a nillllon women1 youe cannot well ma withelM ttir
"1 do not believe it will help me." If teg ai ll, edo S
to a tittle of Lydia B. Plnklham's Veetable Omnpi di
write lor. Pinkham at Ly4nn. Ma. ftor ipeelal Sflee. Hise I
vice is free and helpfuL Write to-day o Delay My be fat

F9VS w w tl of iabesEZrtrwbW. ieeeWOa ,
"T1 ]l.w~ i fooe"fe"

"ans. and a i kinls of vegetables. { tOUTE O TIHt VFAMO *T

nesville, the Count Seat,,, D X IE PLY

lin f,,.rtl nrt churches, two publile carrn t ihe r m eve iMSndee lar
pe(t.'I., I East FloridaSemninary, AtitatoSt. Loot. Thisearlemll
1iriv,.- sehoole, three newpaptIsi, vi llst. ,. Alast t .
T i'ntd States land office, the bhesto Uietuiredair Inl at.iA _SS
waIl.. firei m la l iamaftm i a llme t io -


_ rwx!11Z711

1i:~'.JSAW W.S

wIirpjl es Awlm



OC0. N 0. .*

fin l" a I.

Not .ANli..3.fte ft
Lv. Atlant Pi. as. a.. Ar. St. r L.5
Lv, "" A lf. An iAr6SLIa' f
---FROMu-- '

leergia, Nors






#'t* '

p t411 itL. New York.)
tL f I.t fItd-
Pi at t *e.w a.
SIt 8t44.0 mm
Two Days Only.

HliSE Parlors
jIsio0n Free.
whi V i (Jnelivlte fre-
Sp hoossl thet year
|glarday AlftQerm.



sia lutenrut O A th.
by Our Reporte.



dtand What is Going
TodM In Short Paragraphs
"0e Who Runs May Read" A 111.
an for AlaP I Tile Siun

of Douniie was trading
a Wonderful talve forsale
0olltin & Co.
of Dunnellon is spending
'with friends here,
turkey fo offer the
I. O. S. Merchant & Co.
1eeiklonvillo stop at the
location, best meals. tf
M*ldwin of Melro.e wna
wvitllor. to this city yester-

0ev--our cook knows how
Malphurs & Shaw'. ret-
Aile chickens, fat and tlne. before they go. (i.
L Co.
nd-hand Densmnore
Will be sold cheap. Ap-
pe. Owner can have
tinmg o1 Marshal l'inkoson
Ir this advertisement.
lor of (Oala. commercial
Atlantie Coast Line, was
es offial business jester-

ane nicely furnished
ao nenluent location in
l 8 Eas t Liberty street,
alotf. tf
ILpk of Jaoksonville, the
ent district passenger
Southern Railway, was at
e.ian yesterday.
l Jackson is at home
Sipleasant vilit to friends
I at her old home in
,madison county.
horse power marine gau-
1$(12.00 delivered Ad-
.J. B. Orange. 1106 East
*. J!eksonville, FIla.
of Willeford, a promi-
?rt and member of the
native e Committee froin
Waq a visitor to the city

' MIr. H.. I. Montgomery of
Sn rejoicing over a fltne boy,
1 to enlighten thieir home
loruning. Friends extend

lame of BHel, .. At. ..ten
B. L. Flowers of Wilitford
t "rasher, .Ir., of Micanopl
.tl Ihoe who favored the
~l with a visit yesterday.
p s of Allen grahamm, who
upon for appendicitis at
lowe' Sanitarium Tuesday
pat the information
hlleknt is resting eauy. with
Iaea fof recovery.
Iilt ak e *t- ___._. . . *t_..

Par. ..a Mu ri. J. K. Feaster of Ito.
telll, werv in ith b pi ty iesterdsy,
Titey came to bring ine of their chil.
d dre:, which was i11. for medleal atten.
\I-i--' e and oak; ring 'phone
180 ft 1r..' lt $1 luoad of woed you
*YOr 1l.iiuigt in Gailnelle. Four-.fat
woipd to iirdinr4. ',1. Doveneag, Ed.
ward,' Iattble,.
Rev I.. .Moore of O iala, formerly
a rtiidik ,f tithi City, where he was
edit r ofTl l" Florida Chrlstinn Advo.
cart., w'. here yesterd y attending
etourt. )Dr. Mnre*' fricmtd were glad
It see I hit 1 ag iin.
J. Mtirt h EveTrett of UDonnle, member
of the County l)etnmeraiti ,xecuive
Committee from his district and one
of the p:-milnent residents of the West
End, was in the city yesterday atterd-
ilg court. *
J. A. Ward of the W\rt End, who
for the pait year has lwn eondLeting
a profitablle general rnereantile and
flih busiueag at Hon. Sehoe-on-tie-
Gulf, LaFayette county. was transset-
Ing husinres In this city yesterday. He
now also hai a general nierehanditse
store at Bell.
Among the visitor to thlle city yes-
terday was A. A. MeRae of MIerome.
Mr. Mcltae I a sueceseful merchant
of that hustling town and enjoys a ine
tradi. lie is nlso a member of the
Lotrd of tristere of the Melroie school,
maul says thLt institution, under dl-
rect ion of Mrs. C. W. Baldwin. is en-
joyil in a most |irope ous seon.
His Holoir Judge Wills yesterday in
Ithe circit court sentenced William
1luglies, e;inviett d i selling liquor ain
a dry county. $75,) or ten month in
th co eunty jail, but on the payment of
!* costs balance suspended on
good behavior. Thomau iGainey, coin
victed of murder and recommended to
mercy, was senteneed for life.
Att'etiiti is called to the aduvrtise-
ment of ihe Gainesville Pressing Club,
which lia.s jupt opened for business at
117 Wett uni',jn street. Inasmuchl M
the- etambiiitmens i4 in the hands of
lirst-clasj ni d experienced workmen,
who know their business. there is lit-
tle doubt but that the rventure will
pruve highly successful front every
point of view.
tieo. W. Mluyers was in the city from
D)unnellun yesterday. He was en
route to Green county. Va., where he
was summoned on account of the sad
death of a sister, Miss Jennie M1oyer6.
The Sun, with other friends,offers sym-
jalthy. Mr. Moyers states that him-
self and wife, both of whom have been
at Isunnellon forseveral weeks, expect
to return to their home in this city
turers or the celebrated Conover, fchu-
bert, Cable, Kingibury and Welliagtonn
pianos, and the Chicago Cottllage or-
ganu. The Cable Company now own
thie great factory of Ma.on A Usnmlin
pianos and orianus. We offer the above
piano. and organs at absolutely fa*-
tFry prices, for cash or very easy pay-
meltS. Mr. Chauie ive speeil mtten-
tion to expert tuning and replrlvg.
H owi.rAt CHi K, Wall .. Wee, 115,
I ainesvllle, Fla., 'phone 190.


Jai'ksoi, Tenni.. June 4. 19L1-Thim
is to certify that one little of the
Texaq Hinidtr, H a all's Great Discovery,
ha* cured my wife and myself of kid-
n.'y, bladder and rheumatid trgtubles,
arui wte most chetrftidly recommend it
to the put'.l;. K. U .K A "' W) rk.
K. lilt.- ANI) W itl.

o);e ,inall bottle of the Texas Won-
der. Hall's Great Di.'overy, ecures all
kidney and bladder troubles. re mores
gravel, curet diabelwtes. seminal emis-
sions. weak and lame back#. rheums.
tile aid all irregularities of the kid-
neys and bladder in both men and
women, regulated bladder troubles in

it CO

-le-T -t

fhaestre" iia. "es at 'lalphurs!
ill or tn',ilht..
For kiallu--4etire !tuylt Crk f ormr.
i uemaisid. Ad, ten rlho ns 1 'or-o

I Or Iti(l-hlarn arl ri rat i hmhlt
*s a'l'u1 'tr"r Addreas John I .

tell A, A. t .rter orf WindsorJohn It.
111011 dae r, IA. l.
a. | itl W. .. i' .wi.( 'r.. of 1ill were
Si ia~s the arrivals in this olty yeter.

of John W. Pace, who is eharged with
peonage, continued In the lower sur
was submitted to the United Rtatai
elroult court of. appeal Twesday, The
fate of 71 aases depend oatqhbs tef

Mentgomeery' Phsanease
Montgomery, ALla., 9Qt. 20.-Itn hi M
report to the council Mayer Camn
shows that the lancome of the city *a
*M-_ _.^" t _i __ *_ -.:. f B




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An up to-date line of..

Ladles' Walling and

Trimued Hats.

The display will be grand
and the great variety of
styles and patterns shown
il be worth a visit to our
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ine Yw JusIL cioseo wu as 17na
with expenuditures of l316.75.

Saved HMis Lfe.
-J. W. Davenport. Win.go Ky., rite.
June 14, 100: "I wans to tell yon I
believe Ballard's Snow LUninssat ved
my life. I was under the treatment of
two deeton, and they toad me ea of
my lunge was entirely cme, *e.d a h
other badly affoted. I also bhat
lump la nmy ide. I dmo's think thi I
eould have lived over two mathll
leasge I waslndued by a friall t
try Ballard's Hnow Liniment. The
first applleation gave me great reUlet
two Afty cent bottles eured me aiset
and well. It is a wonderful medtelas
and I recommend It to sffelrli hbe.
tainity." M5e. Mis, 1.00. Sold by W.
hM. Joneon.

7s TatNsMnILLK

S117 West Uniso atee.

LTIRIM, 10151% M I Ua j-
\ 'l
....For Ldlei. GetilRemW ad Chulre....

ALL, roar orARANTfaln.

You receive prompt Sad aOd at* |
teonion from people who know .their
business. Your monthly membemahlp
or pleae work sollelted. One trial
makes you a regular customer.

A mlagnlicenti lineO Oi A - --- -. -- ---- -- .
ies' aupto-date Collars, &. CEDAR K E Y
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it _ 4 ' herve" t All eMonalb*e toat. In Any WOle
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Corset made. (all and sFM RESTAURANT IN CONNECTION
them. Mem$ .erv rat Rt ours.



llawn with il a A HIll TO u I Ov I
W. A. Strekliaud sil son, Hane, of i
ParmiAi. wer. i. the 'IIt I)nterday. L 1ral 'Dm t
The Wilerpho Is a proaresivyou Id Pi P
hlIser. bhrdught siisy bushels of corn,.. -- In 10 Il0), IL--e--
thbi product of his own farm, whioh he 111.11
.oag.dto dispose.of at a nice prlee. AT A I C L A
The friueds of W. T 3McOrvary ofr I -.. ,.- .
Cedar Key, whu was Innjured by falling THEL
througIhs4t k at that place sa TNF. COMPLEXIO D TT .TTaFU
year iago, wilt lftgret ti learn that his ,
condition is' none tonl favable, and
yesterday IDr. hodges was summoned
by telelgram to ls bedside. i
Funeral of Mrs. Waterbury. I
The funeralof the late Mrs. Mary J.
Waterbury will be hold from the ho use -
of her daughter,N M rs. Trues. lenby, at
9 o'clock this morning, RIv,. W. J.
Carpenter of Kavanaugh ethodiss
Church oiBellating. Friends of sh

The following geSatleinvn are re. 'j llNi
quested to st a pall-bearsrs: A, J.
li4aCose, L. W. Fennell. L. il. 111, u*,
H. l., Taylov. J. II. Vidal and W. N. *ATl WOL-.L A w diawev .
leais. Theo. geintleten are request guamassd. a nome- wlU be refuioed I t 1
ed to be ou Laud promptly. fut so remove be nwort. ase of rhoeka.
The interseut will be held in Ever. 1m0ple. Ta Uver SpotU. 5ml1waw. M.ea .
green Cemetery. L hea. or anls tsi erunitlu S to adots--se o
_. _- the ,ibe *,ie e1r. a. ha,.- lthy aS reaerse tie
...-.. t ;- eautr rouoh. Tofuseamis s W eI I lS I
Attention, Odd Fellows. merits or sUiteso. Priees Wei sd SeAlS a M' :
The regular weekly meeting of Coen. S drnigte. or lOriL Pleai odlr '.
ter LodgeNo. 11, 1. 0. o. F., will be NATIONAL TOILET li., rift, b nT FIR
held at the lodge room this evening at bold s atnnsle br
8 o'clock. A full attendance lis do. 4. Do 1 fcr aV ^
sirud, and visiting brothers will re-
cele a tordlal welcome. And all elida Drugglo.
J. W, .BtAsnDx, N M.G.
3. 0. Tonuv. See. Tur f W. J. WrS'y.. '. ..g
-'- WBabhlton. led., Oct. .-I-T-he .
cures winter Cough. tal o f William J. u B aI arrdv l
J. Gover, 101 N. lain St,. Ottawa, from Bedford early today. Mr. l
Kan., writeli Every fall it hus been wms alt beaklfaat, but ease 'e.t ,
my wife's trouble to eatch a sever the platforms and was" reete wt .
cold, and theefore to cough all winter enthuast appla e He *okni
long. Last fall I got for her a battle alil the iIcrease o y ai
of Horehovead Syrp. She used Ia u"led the otee pot argumeMt f 18l5
has been able to sleep amoedly all stor Beveridgo. At all ,t stalWfaU
might long. Whenever the eougb from hoals here, crowds were at the
troubles her, two or three doea stop statlone to see the train pass.
the enough. ald he a able to be up a
?o^.a0nH 3se et #00. doml by &.1 1 ae in Federal etrt.
Johnson. -oo.t.e-ry, Ala., 01. 3-he itgg

_ ,Se :,f '.
US pj;.

; 1 I ; ',"..



't ' j.

, I k
.I. . .. -,;I.
"'.r .*^ ",L"<^r .' .'':***-Inm.,,* 1
A ,,. .4 .
i ',. +'. .., i+ ,O _, N J.

.' .' '' : '

In .
Havi' Mt

y ' ... ,.. ..

Awk of1The

wil for the
next thirty.

Days s 11
Any Seedt& s t m .i

Them i6 ew l-,,
haw o in

Tsii_ fKt
l hP .ft^ k -''' *'

i E CL

mill i'MM.- ..........
"palliw, 'ya-

'.5 ,, '

- '-I

' ": "%

I.1. ,.,(
r "I ** l.i .A


,,, il.; .. ..


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