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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 20, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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UW I 0M0, 1904T1
. .. . ." ;r

ntenelty of It# Sltteneq Part Frksft
EkE 808IEDk .Oet.:It.-As the Repub JM E T ET
I 110 fit WFsoasln 'ror& It
Sdaly s more bItter. A.

ggggg *effrts to settle it have failed. Pro&eyatW~mbugBig
101141 Roosevelt has failed, the lnation.

AptBMS~ ~~ C0104eneale has failed, senator John W r.
Spooner as failed. it is to be a*

W 004 4 GEN AIHAROP Agtbt to a finih. extein-lis fair beyond DSODNYCUE SII
e....0WOM 40eio a. The 11talwarts do mot
Spai 77W- Attm* bwp to earry the election. But 1h( MAMpr nPelu tns
Dur "Ism$Gg of Det Aht 801t 0o 08- JLIMMolee m1111t apnetOeNoscssnHs
be xtermlatts"4. Atka 0AHlliett Is
ii iioS equally determned and
2' 4 o"" "There will be no peace." ho sayi. adi ahe oDah
34, '- ."ua'ntitlot o t4 0 Ptrt latr rew 4 n o sang .a l
how ;Zev;l 4* foliowins 41*g easeh a ald omk w

Co.eral &*ht"eR dated tq After th, elyelon the Stalwarts will
@Sght Lalrollette in the legislature anetithcutyafw uah g.P
bRsalaas repg6e a Japanese they WthcnoeteSb hl hyGdraPec xeti rdw
i dmna, O O2WT CET A WEE

llurWe Waritlaes for The next raml "inn. It
*$ er I Mad pesed thewill be carried into local conti-its, In-prahs ftenwWilanbr
St -~~~dx. *a 44 1u -o

,to county, ity. viase andbdh o
-4t0lty OW nt SWPom Pro Pritter An

0A wr. dii ,e dd am Dvleads are Pailed Parted. JmilhE A S a
tolthe'. ae Ln e T fot Hildl disma~tOa, a nh in nIny o istarogres buse s o Ithr dA aI
A te tta h ill Srelatio ns a re a itecte r. Ar.en t I
*,.w"ktm by Klh 3e Pod, pro who d ser ton t t e erd r Treed fmt Wile an onsce n eaac
'4>oi$ psa e. Dud. ett eroiotsule.n Ai thgoolt "6lNit r.
"ll it 0.4,' Iigl try bo a broomd"l, o l edr .deflnutto man wIT not deaJ I oleh
'*O pSo o;erbae fil dead.n ste a

4 a Stalwart in a busin w
*PW. w bhg of tht h eMan avltl it. AIt %.Ice versa.Da A TOver N
-WrOept bee taata ottLn Is Sse Taro.m observe
SJd:i, ~ 1"ev owThere warl bany w:ul!ar h y co.he ah

t"Atmw O sater There was adutl t 1at oan New Yrk. Ot R .-ks mie-s
ai e n rday we er or left Bank* te al altoae sue
m PeerS baffai t@rfte the ectm the Stlwarts will cons of his buuint&.s sinro Laul tom

ItAL Jh Laolie In the lugature anUti bl country pt nw novth TMM". PaulO
Ibe Rsmm.ns1re1ube a lq Japuese thiIey will contlonie the fLube while they (3anard, a Frcvrh tcx~irt ill wrectoaU
l' bh, ,kiag suduringed the are waiting for sue next rameiln. It 4oeue today Jtrnpel fri fltb of the r"'"

wiOtoe th e lst lPrecat ried In to l oal contfts, I apprachas of thea erewW tiiiaybur

.177T77.7the drooklyni Dridge Panic.
i Om t. AL-* v the msessons New York, tct. 19--in order to nv-,rtdona w uahean ated
0i0108 "t at convention a repetition of the fatal panic cwhih the rtop" below.
A-Wp ..d........ap a .6 attend od the opening tit the #Brooklyn V *n n M d h u ,b o h ro u g
Cf ady.b ba k~o of toCbridge t e a d towh brldle and was lashed to alth on

a 'Trilty thereb. Ins'on the rapd transit leeony at miduint.
W Eb 1e feast ot $e Lakea the Elan. e O t 3he n rtouc pf avement 12 feet below
e ie bombarded and ireuds ar t pe he pra priletor of te "boardin
the viJ~liagel bU did act ad CISBNe anti In rtaly Instatbce bus. house where LUidirl hail lived sal4 a

AII eat'adlgates at Wihr bt. l i e cerela monies r affor the fora a wll knowturn
gLdtoo VtInn ovyr of the road to tbnit. a
Wilbd Courts of viewo. b differ o land l oire held at I fe ach ro a i the l r arha y. Ines a
lork .o tiou man was pMetdralre other aftvrnotn Iln tho. A o r "alt-
apltd wsvtkjIa, Mii tary boae. breed" or Lu*vi'ttion man wi' not deso thE tr d.
Ser P5:4 $be d Jaupe dado. ith a Stalwart In a bulnntnSa wft). AUT TeS PLUNGE.
*e !nable clinpattr o of thteb he can a'nru, It. .d ilce versa. AUTOcTAKE PL ul
eloes h tRr boet erence wa T heatre, ath m :meaula r an! cm Falls Over Bride to Rocks low-4ev-d
SI# yeserdevyho u on Mfth a bL4 rla iorsn eral Fatalit Inn.

Wle..i p 'ila 0 bo d l o a ro th, ty prsd mmms g thec :v:a t r d .u~ r:5 a. h a o
laglph (B M"to, an B"lh James- l Fammtn, te n l. pringfle&,I (Jt. ll.--An atatomo
p' St P S SOIOPALCUAVStNTIOrq. OPENING OP UIBWAY ble biesu;ged over an anbutwrent so.
,.----- esa anl u-n r as ,e aIroh.
M eleon ti h Feast r Presatlons to Prevent Repetition ola f an ew Lrkmber ad rm
$S'S.e e ooii.. 2 mI! +. nuribeast of here today
theiu'ookiynBridePa.The e Jahiatrnd upside
5 6e mls.i usal convention la b r eva, of the ittal panic which on the relcof Pehlnw.
4 u.vpwed today eVihp n p'Igo h~roln~erljtn Midhil,,'t), lrntitler of Jud~j
Inell*64qsa d braitlpU oft S ictI bridgel has been traded tna. w. C. Mrddktnn waI L-iled otutrlghL
uphajs atnTflun Nyn i hmrbe Inltln lhe rapht trant, -.u-wAy at nii t.iti P L'S.0 \'iiiinN ha.1 hvi rt narm
Ip c n fas o( a.ta s.fle Kvu broken anl Is, badly brizr .I~t+J lWirn
~~.. .. .. evasion at a bnislursa hour or the 8. Vigna funly ha ytr, ijr
't.hel houe 'ol *gf Cqlmaesjl at ilicir bns 'T'he ceremonic for the (urrnal turn- %rleacl tra lzdey gkt (lart.i. Mr~a ntphy
mm~ ".. .I. a h fIgW| o,,e~r of the ro+ad to flu+ drty wil [ a~ u ie '!.: lv+I.Mtpy
MI ~ eebI~O I sgl~llill eoma at blevw~. be simple hnd he bhe!d at 1 ,,'yln.rk Ion iV~tatrMa~y ua
I m "wor tegeswarn praceticallpe the aftttrnocn In the alrrrununi~ rhari.- with sl;g!ht In]ur~ea.
Itn ARn M umumplts pen rdn'. but a nhin'.n of bar lnvftattons w-ll] he +cnt to th*.' Fought Monster Wildcat
.q em$ qnata rqmsae to be atetd on. jPrcstdent or the Unite.,l Ftnr,., n,ri. Wi;rdar, Jt 1.;-.e ubi
ahows RoI"m 's axlia|Jry" of the board bert of Conglrea. ho -',vr'r+, r ?h- '. Wll'.ov&;f+nIsrcr o (-t"rg rr.-,oni, WItHIb
+ "ill~ k~l+ dmwssld 'by Ri. Re'+v. Lcleen Lno. j'e~tg .' or tll' (ir..,-N n',.: he r, c+lvtwlt in 'r.. -r r.'? f ,lJ' -1.' wit
t 11 i shopIM i&lflam II. 4oode). ot Racra. oftbe city. preddt ut-,r, :hn r&:.,,.,.+, ltug id~n. iho w.n:'r+,., :. li, .,ne twin,!+,d,+ that ft'
UtbS!le tim M~tto, sad h bcp James 13. flnnitou, the pre~tehts of fun, htt*!11,0,% a$ftl atioa t-ee 'y,+i~C~rw
OPSSMWSS1 C USl.e. Idaho. ation.S foreign 4Lo)t+wlis one! a~t I+',,.hhhe ;+:tb ams+' |
; cat a841 wounfted. As. }),o :elmjr.ntch*Sl
be OOIt. A, eoafer~ence lutof diocesan Stlnday blndents ofteIa)llhrallroaiL4 ati? Co:npiarleu th' u'tt .-prar+ g u!t ]Jiz burying hal
'Imih icholan4 ratue was hehM at Trim avigt d ihrae rast a'..v- ITI 1i. I,'ft t.tritiitklr and arm.
fltt* dlaes, Mvmak houseethis forenoon.
'4istun -*- INJUnCTiON GRNE.HIM fAtlir arrivE..! during the. lI1~bt and
/..'1 ~, .... DEDIiCWEC .GATD k~lleJ thb_ W~i&,!CLt

AttYTY.G' vents Removal of University From Trial of Philip Welnaeirnor.
...'. ..'*. tanlnld tweod in United Startes foe Clarkgvill0 to Atlanta. revhr.Ot i- i h ra i
'i~ ~ Mesatl First Nine0 MOnths e @104 5'.Loutvi'e. Oct. t15.--A specIal to Ph,+,, d,* ri, hIn.' ,,r te,esn. r ,..r..... .;anF.
4I* .."] l h rl l O

*iea1, Oct. 19,-8|aep Jan. 1. 1901, The Pmt: fom CatYsv:. 'rnn o : trd a on t
d I *'Slaughter SI pte rsons have bees killed In rail ays rha of ,te ext.
lE!U 4boft I yles Md W-ceks in the t'nlted States and ChanrPll,,r Stout today granted al nal 0 \.d ,, .or wa. ann(ronte
lasiaslty .10 ne.9 o 1I.T, have been more or less %. Injunction to prevent the removal (of toda it J E the com
3j t Tof. b Ter7lu Atfrg4. iow many more latew te nuth western Pr'byterIn l} s a.l aoc to
thisn A ft. d l4i4 t eir injuries there ti no means versity from Ctlrkarslle to Atlanti ca. sta t te "'r.rir;F several mat.
Sn' lm a nnI 611n tAiUn"g These csualtieo have The ca(e w.II go to the state smupremne sr wtlh Welnzeln".r ha l poket.
SWlabt"a ss caused by thirty accidents, courThis e the teiuny and the
s "e "I o A. C. Miller of Chicalo. draws the closing !Iresses were thvn delvereJ.
U lhid Pf frtitgf IltIOWvIg euvrloa from his years' Corbett Venus "'tattling Nelson." "
1 a a ferl ol f c perlenco as an Investigator oli New York, Oct. I9.-TYoua Cor Pirates Attack ritish thipa.
S Stei *b Muimtad nevoIks: sbett (William Bothwell). the pugilliat. Shanchai. Oct. 1.-The British
*t A his bread, "UM hrdt thing with which the will leave for the Pacific coast. He steamers Pak Kang and Hol Ho werE
B u I tlM O se meI hre to g tead la the has been matched to moot "Battling attacked ay pirates in the 1Vest rivel
S to wsih r opelWred Of their sYstems is the Neloon" before the Oabland Athletic near Canton last night. A British
m ~ B pemeaes of emslaeere to disregard club, San fPrScisco. next m cth. The guboat has been dispatched to th
^ EB rfinmll. huiss It *9tsWl The bes man who over ra1 weight question will be sttled on Cot scene. The Pak Kang is a vessl ol
Slank the 0 ain ill bave bi moments of! bett's arrival in 's:lforuila. it iN 434 tons. owned by the Kwang Wa
hs l^ved It Tiftol9 mentotaRl aberration, when bo will fa6 to thwu;ht that the men will scale 13C steamboat company of Hong Koms
^S~ l MIX9, wsee the danger ahead gal It is tn i pounds, weighlltg l at G o'clock a g Tho H Ho of 601 tone and Is own
bu es pre late to provide against It. That Ne the nlght @f tbe eucouter- ed b the Chl Wo Steamboat company,
M .te 4t 1 ia Det b deao iely by automatestly stop -- e Hong Kong. The companies are
S prm unlpingoe the t Frmers' Ateelat"en. Briltsh concerns
.E.. NTHUSIASTIC lGEPlTION. St. Louts, Oct. IS.-The Amerlean -
S M.' -i, *-- -- .A-o-lftta of e armers' ]astitut M-an Plumbere on Nrikoe.
4hL1 falea in, -'beens| Reaselse and RedMord, Vas Workers covoued today In the AMrt-- Macon, G., Oct. In.-A strike is -,
this co* I a Heary 4 Davis. j eultunre building at the world's fair. lI Macon, and for sit the journeyWe
t ht'p saw viltl Mat Dketd. Va.. Oct. IS.-The two During the essilons, whlb continue plumbers of this city care, the pipeI
M h te. e asW ftrllnte S towns of Itosaoke sad Rad- until Thursday. the Improved math. e Macos can pop with every treee
W wth he aWek elutfte Wd displayed great enthealatsm ths pde ot laereasing the products of famra teurteea journeymea plumbers of this
AEd W iM ar lar I tire ag malg In their reception of Henry, ing and of arousing a more lntellgal elass In Maeon, went as a etrlkO
t behlMa Ift. TblO stress 0. Davi ard his special train of ors, eaderstaadlag. especially among chl- MNeday when tbere wal a meetIlS
At e MwhMc* s. h ked Iowa, to I drei, f thef vale* oe f armn will be hetd at Fidelity halt, on Cotton av
bt U a the head aad kltag The trip Into Viratlnta was made discussed. Papers were read by del. em. They demand more pay aad
fly. dOrla the tight. that the tratu might egates from American and Canadian shorter hours.
..4 e I... Wit get lat the i"iDtlit-Id" rtyca ,an. ltstitutets.
0R 5 Intai n Wrght DL tbhroab to the southern section e. Steamer ista Goee Aground. .
6^,4 .t, .e of their odest and Mr. Davia left his breakfast to tal3! W ar ,,, Y r _ ,-- --... steamer lila from Huelia. Spain, with

SaWABli life of "ra

..-" O- $ as toM
N^ t' f kild ort *
l eM4 **4
tobashed wr

!bSaM. Qasp

tsel ym of the

tus wl.bbu, bps
*ih*t Mlsehtb i

low blot I
^Rlr lff^^^^' ^^^^ Epsom '^ ^^
HB~l^vl1 1^-w"l *dwa*
liRJW=^WTtM *IWttf
EM^&I ~o poop i~fB JMkJ^T^K^k wuk L^^^

^^^k*t^*^^^-^^^IBL ^F A wm^ ^^- ^^B^^^
*^^l~~~~~ L.*~lWw^ry tar, vAy ^G .

V. .I s snas cai .,

DI). ),VKE I. MORltRs.



U(JtIeover Marcus rude' At. wrk guap



illirery Openlings

We will have our Early Fall
Opening of Shirt Waist Hats


Our regular



Fall and Winte:"
will take place

lTo-ve.ber 2 nd





---% - ------ --

The Only B Shol

|f Of~ l ste tobs h

t iwii. d the n 10 Big
It Is under-
'trel Presenting the Idea

lti O l39t.-A match r t
ideb tot was arraurd4 tis
bm4taa Th at Oprbett (Wil.
i i-WJ sad .es Wh ite, the
- 5uptm Wf champion. The
Ui4 s" teo. lae s Lndon a
F. Chute MItWhmul. forhtr
hi Sifl ah bhthlt f White.,
*0it et*. mhAeteh is that
qIua oelaw It w agreed that .7
hrS W4 'iteM by hi. Iaterpr

ImSO 14I mmd
-a- ar t. --
amm...wett i

i -"" b

"="o m
^^E^C?^^^^"^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^Bt 4 30.^fB

7W nA l MI;rt;llM =
A maw yia

r to Visit This Sectiol

- -- ~.~. .. *_,

me u

Tuesday, OCT. 25,

Shows Combined

l Show of the Whole World


The Wonder of the Age, in His Sensational,
Awe-Inspiring, Death-Defying Unparalleled Act
of. Circling the Loop in an Automobile.

ADNA, she Only Lady 8umerault Rider on Earth. ,40.000 Herd at Perform.
ins lepthDnt! ilhtiy Millionaire Menagerie! 80 Cages and (hilded
n e. I AW Horne;! 00 lndians! 100 Shelland Ponies! The Grand,
biblile Speiaemaar Prodution. KINO SOLOMON AND THE
qlEEN OF SHEBA! 1,000 Men, Women and Horses in the Caste.

Urand Free .00O.) Street Parade Five Bands )lusle. Fire and 1)rimt
Corps, Chime of Bell. &) Care and Gilded Dens. 29 Tableau Carsn. 12 Trape, 800
Thoroughbred Horsee, ) Miniature Ponies. steam Caliogt drawn by 40) Ponies
and driven by one man. Every Tent tllantly Illuminated by lj -*:;-ric ,Liqhts
and Thoroughly Waiterprof. two Pifrmtanen 44ity. Ittin it ei .ti,
nT .... r... .Y.I'R. .i .. AT.T RAl1 D 1 r s

<4V hi0 ;-:.t; "."' *

Ciltlov i !-'%,.. cr La I.- 1 7A'r

.. Il.\t.11LiL. FOuHIDA

( 'l YST.\AI


Jack -innii d t1.

.1 i, rida

Betst l 'iti rtei' at tl I 1 tn tc L [t.k' L lj
andl in tl>. "rty.


Itepret. -:.til t

r.A. \ EIL & C). .. :,



Of All Dewcriptions.

tnole ARgntt for MUNbtmll antI M uEILE
EIGN QUALITY rShtes. Every
pair warranted.
J. Manasse. Agent

It. T.NHIAFER., Prop.
Corner Grove anP Ct'rem tr..sre'

Phone l

PC. ilck ,Is


t-rh Everr Day
Deulvered to AU Pars of City.
stafdactoo Ot .arWn


Alachua Pool Parlors.
V. BSrnt. Vnprrlptr.

' 7
4' *1

Olites: ManiolIa Hotel, Ganeluville,
All dt.eses suou0sWully tiretS4 wiiott
drf. tu otaultaston drid xiwalint tian It,
t f e our. t.o 1II u,. 3 tLu 6 . orhjp
spLoulnwntnt. d SwIi
(AA~tIIIMVtI1. 1, .* F .C. a,
Carn sell your Iity pro'lerty, (iM.
Sproved and uninmprouvetd), i.lhsliaa,
truolugn and farming Iai ,. eud his
& liii of-what you offer ftr malm. 21421

S Oltice in Endct iorek,
a .. ... -
S (Siacoemomr Adteraaaj
Over 6atwm A Co's Iftll. ( a
Sp600al attecUon to Crown ad& lir.4de wor
Phote o&
4 rauate llaL:Wmom Cox.e be De:ttl Surgery
lire rearm' zxperlence in New Yoru Citp.
Crown. IUrida work and FlItuti Secialti.a
MeOoe .1 h eit .r Law EXharire
lINX MEINZII'S. Ir)lh' lt,,o:,

n T tI. HAtI.Y I.EE. JA.\E' .,

-- --- .. _I

----- -----;------ -- -- --- -Now

.~- II I n Ilr


-~~'-- - -- --- ----------~

I it. 1. !"t, i: )N.

I !-:I. ., I !I I f. . i '. .

" ~~r-i~R



[ I

riad Couity rfuiitus.


rest is Centered in Th a
41Un. e Both 8;de of the Car.
Have Frierids ---Hughes
vsf.GIs Liquor.
nuernrd at V !.', *1-7
gagil. II *rs r ,; ,. \ , i
When th eoi't e ,, r t .'e ,. ,f
(jainey and J e A -e'..'".
Smith mnirdr,r wa' R u.'.
lAbinitting "f t' ti [, |i
wituesies aud tL. iarg.-,
pl0 itI of th'* Sc at. il lr 4. r
jury retired aitdl rt',irt'tr j a
..( guilty with a rectu am H aJ.h.
m-rcj ilk ttLe ctii I$3ad a vefldc 'f io)t '-.N -i
*l(JLen d \Vliia:xi-.
telliase called was ihrL'! { ..Af I..
Fltoridilt vi' \Vilhliti lj ,;.
wi-lor in a dry county le'-
asl arraigned and ;pleadrd r,.>
Jary was called and sworn,
itted ni a verdict, wia rt*
fl guilty,
S followaiig ar1eit'ersct were iin-
I the court, the defendsrnt
ady been found guilty :
I) Dacy. breaking atnd enter.
roarsl in State'* prison ; Ar-
breaking Fi:d itteritig.
SOenier VWalker. grand lar-
iOn leanr; Homer .lihnion,
'u nd retiring, tvre yvara6
Ws.wlnelton, selling liquor in a
y., 4 ) and cost of cou rt or
SIn the county jail: WIll
elU Jas. Johnson. breaking and
thrin years:; Colonel ashli.
b .ealklng and entering, ei x
R obert e rltickland. breaking
o, three years: Joe Brown.
hone, five years; Joe Brown,
O, five years; Hlenry Shaw,
"ad entering, two years ; )l
p,gad larceny, four years;
selling liquor in a dry
*NO and costs of eourt or six
aeiounty jail; Lawrence Hit-.
6 liquor In a dry county, .#It0
lif court or four months in
aill; William Duval, selling
bIO a dry county. S aid costs
a ort or four months in county
sley Hall. selling liquor in a
ty, *10( and costs of the
i ilz moiith ill county Jail.
hesllentence of these prison-
olrt s adjourned until 9 o'clock
QSiRnioig when the celebrated
yease will come up fur hear-t
ibleease will no doubt attract a
pWy9 people to the court house.
&ie4reated a great deal of inter-
i uthe begiiinning, both Hol.
A- heated friends manifesting
le interest in the matter.

iTs Cure a Cold in One Day
iiLauative Bromo Quinine Tab-
,Alldruggiit refund the money
ilelt to cureE. E.W.' tig-
II on each box. ?2e.

.il by Micanopy Lodge. K. of P.,
Usapact to Departed Brother.
Slmowlnog resolutions in respect
XfStm V. Chamberlain, recently

Md, were passed by Mieanopy
1o. 81, Knights of Pythiai, at
t Uetng :
tiea, la view of the lots wv
.ltalned by the decease uf our
Garrett V. Chamberlain. and
IPsater los" to those nearer
dfmlrr to him, and whereas it is
f1t that we make known our rec-
i of his many virtues; there-

SoSlvSd. That while we bow with
bllleus submission to that power
l0 nree all thleis, we do not the
.. V for our friend and brother
Sbes taken from us.
JiWhed. That in the death of r ar-
' ldep lameots the lon of a
IWho wa ever ready to extend
itl of ehalrity; whose utmost
"WM ever exerted for the
tAlidani of Pystblan Klnht-
As Kaight. obedient and true ;
Lheelor JQit and kin.
it That as a token of
eopy @of thee. resolutions be


4 .. p 0

P -

I ,,- ,'"


S1 .
.l r



iri.1!- 1 ^ ** ,:, : ". :: ..... -r -,^,",t l. :' "l;.ll-;i':",, .. .. ... '.,
...... THE DAILY SUN: GAI. E Ja flIwIA. 7
e. ,m x- . .. .,. -. .. .." "- -


s Giveu Stutences in
-n I'l a

frtt es Nt( wr

" ics; ,

.,iL d



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12), 4

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* -U.-?' -. ..~ ..u
- ,,.V 9
* *, *+ ~
* .*: ~
I ~ ~ 4
:7-9 .%L.Mr ~.CS

'I. E- E OIL

Sold by All


On. Wasm

"*+ ., 'tSt

I .- : '

ha hi: ." t, L ;al t o
+*.' s' l :x' e. t tzU a

to'rt s of the *. e to I- rac* M e
Vicker iai! .-f.t u th. ~u Dr. L, C4. IL

$hooting Near Cerquitt, Ga
C~. .'( at. . Ot, i -Arlbur St-
ton shr'. ari k 1 C. A.. Bush at a

point 1 m:r~ from here. One bal-
let penetrate! BuWi's heart aZd t*e
other entered the left aide. Re.-ormw
of the cause of the dilculty are cwc-
fictlnr. but It Is saM BuAs was sto:
with his own p.stol. and that 6Sutice
helped a ne;ro to put him In his tusg

Many Mother of a Like Opinion.
Mrs. 1'.lmner of trILSrv. Iowa, is)y:
"*ilne of :iny chiidrsn was subject to
o,<,r![ ,if a s.'v r ti t- s di th* tivi.iri

lS e*t r t

tra 4N!
-1 .- .*. .

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trU .s -.

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For Sale by Joblanm

-. ,- "" i .. . f -

Ja.- IL Gasl. rlrN



up *a nd,,Undtvde ...A ..,.
urplus amndtt y^ ?

4 son am )-tfl'4s6ta

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'* w tat V ,c yt-a tut:*. ii* Ar- T h e *
S. . M.
-r y .t. -m 1 ; ta w'eA Wft- l se
t-anrd a. o ^. k nl
par r a ta-JO a tsun : Lst lR p i
La!i La tA. vm. a ten Ma Paraj- t G sote n a@ttlSlam ntt answgw
An :*L3 hi a ats areItE aThe Sat I n. te_ ._. ,'.

)% ,.tc, < ilt as "I, tl t ts.4 .t; Las it au*, (B ms.e u.s lte elati srtsg)!
-au ,*. B, =a-! U Ie,. rt, t, te s s ,
tas rr Ft ts..a asy hnofban abCis
tar.:4atR l ? r. ssg ia (ett0arl -0Ng-J1IS1n m.-1
La 4rft r A ta, &,y a the ti.4 $igins as -kwtertseat aS M
fl J4 z A as INr-4L4 g 54SuLnm."

16o Page Dlight
CQW Ckft.and fe"r. 01 na IM MMft15W
6. W. Wrin, NnMsdohne. Tess,. tl ag e l s sadmt, db em,.~a
sayl his daugtter ad h i. am,4 A idlSu a agt
foer" fmo tl 7*yeal: be td N matf
C Lod yt ."r- that w.,Vmd ibep her u ll N
bt aped H"soe Hf"is*" willt844 NNW.
kenp betos with it. imad easeo ...
toe aaeh fw it. Vv. boe fb fW. .
- Take The Atlantic
,.- Sa- .. -fFl fll S ,,, !

If. l si- A et tkA new

.. : .: I, t t-,t h.. Time i W S .. .......

,, i ',,..r: ,., r .-,--t ,w ctt uqr (tberr [)e gsfl GaI ..... J
a i T9f__nd

.,.' '
,II !1.:.1~

FD S I.- t. r ;i-, r'.. r i"- u... - I ; .
ro'ptly. alway* broughtrelif. Nh A. .tt f m & n
mothers in this uriighborhoodL thinrt
the same as I do at-out this remewdy s m ,Un-rst v .na"60. t 1 12 tf l1 _"-NI L
and want noi other kind for their chil- .. e. r l- t lt -ta i t a
dren." For ae hby all druggists. ty tf A -ei A-, tL ~W bat r I i
----- r.aiti4.*an ."a *.W'-,e w t W lCmLs4 u I AA 'a...
Woman Run Over by Hors. I ltn'rt.-iy I111:Vt rtr n . ,i. a t b
Ehert-n. 6 a .t i--Mrs. 3r J.P tt vza *h 1)prnn, e L.a
of cmlert I rw tl* S E'Cs.d fl
Jon Sr t.. rn overby ame 7 l 0*A ,h l. 't e
bore o-a r l. r Lkom Monday after.i 0a aX *xs - ts e
noon. Her arm a a broskea a3d hb r 1.utt.ty whi n -un ft, as aaI :ip ll
face lacerated. Sbe wae uncenhciouS I d ,,kr an) < .y a r t. qw w R s ib a nws .3 .'
for some time and it Is feared she w-Mi car n r'm rut. Cr ita r restme ,,
sustained internal Injuride with bt'.r a m-T- It wa tb I ""I
.A4nliCt. 1 : am H t
Broke Into His House. I as e-Mil
S. Letnn of Carendish. Vt.. was tiu :s t a waa w e
robbed of his customary health by In-B wvu jiJt bale o .ie w la maan tl Ie lateleanlb Mi--ge e umT
ration of chrome constipation. When world who sewo ., t. tof Dr. King's New l.fe Ple broke into r the man wt to s.e mat c-i about Thin rugh Pumnsllase _in Pie -.
has house. his trooble was arrested and a tiatridoiy ae iarstt viy ta tO ee t: For oIpialisUtalo et s ll* 'L e
now he's entirely cured. They're t terl w om w 0re F to tm am op o plow -s. enftoael
gnaranteedto cure. 2 at all droa- vorunIty B .---.w"' Trawtr"p"tJ. A. GW000WIX I W 46ii
Georgia State Fair. **R *AK lC. B O W. Ba ,sa. A t. "
Don't forget the great Georgia State Mra. HtLm' ailk 'h GS d Wit)- H M -x.EfhW .Tt. kgr.,_i
DTo what am I lodeted for the hef WI..lmago,* M. C.ot
Fair to be held atNx MAn. s october f ibis via? tn cted l. Uer-5C
9.2P. 1l .4. A t.lan t Coist Line offers your rl.- -r..o.. " .
low eieu sion rate. Onie fare plus .13 I dare my ser tf(ct that you weref a T
cents plus. 60 cents admission. for the st home.--Chlckapt Tribune.
round trip. Hal! rates for ehildrenu ,m-
over lfie and under 12 years of age.U A Lv Leer L
Hate of one cent per mile distance Vould mot Interet o if you re',
traveled will apply on military andi d t e o i,_
br.bands. ...rororeIo n ,llori . ,. o d d of -. A I'j K M! l ,M
No pains have been spared in making Ponder. M.bu wrie: i les. Otto Dodd i of
this urc of the greaes Ste. Mnders fo., writes: uoered with
ever given by the 4'tate of Georgla. an uuly eor for a year, big a box of
Tickets will be sold October 17-27th tckleon's ArAies Salve eared me. It's a8n"r"W--ai-- t--,a,-m.n--ra" a"1,sut, -s-
ineluive, rood to return to and In, the toet salve on earth. 25? at all esr- .e
eluding Novremtwr tt. IW druggists. r emnt"al a smre t l eSi.










. '.


. s .. .. .* .. --. -.. v. 'W- ttmdp. VswpmdL

' l ',.


S- IMw', you an c ure
him.*of It by bringing P
Shers, and letting us
lt bint with a suitO a

Correct Clothes
Rald Tallozed by .

that cost just half the
price the merchant tailor
Wou d charge for no bet.
StefIt, style or quality.

T'HUS on a Luit that
yOUr husband has bcen
paing 8$95 for, you can
#1aVe about half, and
R v l $12950 will buy a lot of
good things you need for
your own wardrobe.

gt #~

Tell jer Lady Friends
skhet 1. They will appro-
els th soveory., .

he illlstratlon shows
two relgning favorites in.
W)i Apprel, at

Prices Ranging From $In up.

Th- Stamp of Superiority on these clothes is more than a mere name
sewnd i the collar. Every stitch, every strand, every curve show unmis.
takable evidence of the master-hand, Each suit is an eloquent appeal to
the man who knows the difference between a claim to superiority and
the m priority that is BUILT IN.

"rep In anmd lt ms talk it over."


Outfitter to Particular People.




W* I .

p RlsaisEa

WI aes flamse
WI^\^?^?/ K^9 W^I ^



h~~h~~ amal.I~ SSA&

Anvrican Guild r.!eutng.
Birmingham, Ala.. Oct. 19.-At ilt
Oebventloa of tlktrict No. 2 ut tCe
Aterncas Guild held here 8upremer
Secretary 8. Galeakl. of Rlchimond,
VT., opseo tbhe .melon and made a
0dOlf akdm. Gus Kane, of Louis.
VI Was elected president of the dis.
ltM Mid 8. Meyer, Montgomery,
At, was elected Seretary. May
S lM were prment from Ken.
tkp, North Catroltat'and South Car.
Oofnessions of Priest.
Re v.So. 8. Cox of Wake,, Ark.,
Omlit I "WoI 1 yern I s suffered from
relow Janelwe. I oofssueld a nuon
bet of p bpllelas and tried all sorts
f medeIleS bet got no relief. Then
t Mhpa t*. ae of Eletrie Bitten mad
feel t I am tow earend of ad dl ea
0th atd I Se t Isla p for twelve
=*." It you wont ma telliable med.
S ,fr liver and kidney trouble.
s s* disoMrder pr. general debility.
a eeItris W It's guaranteed
dr. ao e. Othonly el.
Comtton nd Outhouses 1rWieO.

SbeOby. N.,C. Oct. I.-As outahull.
Itof ,' the farm of LaMtear Hamraek.
a iemaerom farmer mqp oere, was
vm teorq by Bre SsWW erealus
esht,4 *.oe e Tiv*e dem abhet I
lMSof 0A eo I od ad a t"m at
SIeo s the iw s blldu s WU asu s .
in wed. Thee w a osruaNe. TIe
lla of the Bre i m aka .w
Ours Winter Couh.
L. J. oer, w1R. MalN SLt., Olte.
Sts.. write "vrye fall It he bees
% *ift s*** ble oU steSS a t m
uM, -ad shtor te go 0" h I all .i, r
S .. t at htl I *ot ft her a bIotlU

ev cover these Important points and respectfully
S o; eiit a Alare of jour business.

SFre, life, Accident and Healti Insrane.

--Agents for the-

Victor Safe and Lock Company
f OC ;- nt c n % atti- Ob.O. $
The "Victor"' I the best safe made, and pairl e ontemplat-
ing the purchase of a safe, or ansthng in that line,
from a box to a bank vault, will ave money
by consulting us. Call on or address,
S Information cheerfully fumniuhed. GAINBWILL. FLORIDA

--.- -'



- Montezuma -

On the A. C. L and S.

None Better in


A. L Ry., V. J. SHIP
the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.


'MAN, Pro


I.--- -lv -.----~ A, ---

C ta =aIN






)tel I




hW j
f1;. '


~ ~V ~1
l~e4. ~ I

-**0- 7w'e
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- ----








-~rCkzlr '-" - c~'1W" *f Y S CP- ~ 'n v u ir~~ly~ qr~
019- ---7% w -MIM I

WASI4IN LETTER. butthey arebhoping thatthe e ss'g a
amngtc 0 .. IA-(Spc haltinlg Mr. Add4loke Intern* himself
S,1 Correo~nd, ,th. T .- e. i;I the elect lon of l:oosvelt and Fair.
*atU..*ar.. l vriwnrpiedoypro he ISt-reo t in) th banks may mor.y toakn is., na ot!.er
4io1 iiat!war. e n,..a E aicn lil beum II..hellres ir.ten t quarters, tlle t.ree ,leturl ve'eS of
4J uaitwIr, 1'1ti,4164n br umvg line ia;tsne.T Sl|.
'lults t'I Lt psI 13ies is heird4 in lJf:1rMrlo' mfr 'Vgi jgone to t.e
l". 5tr S Pi.'.r Wamh:liutnoll. znatr Davis p3si efet t.a Ex(,overnr cL o:.ld, weo
thrQa4f4 hif, WVadrgton this week and was received thel nmt ition fir gorrrn.)r
cit r wisor. grreted it the railroad station Iby a from d bth" e ,alwart Ui at a.ef ,, w,:
W. [ UL I.4AM. A, ,,.ietur umlber of prominertt IJemoetr atsit r witl draw, as her l.b.e n urged to
t.U oI lt iC the usual ae*ompa;imrent of a bra.s do lby S,'natrr.r losOer and*l ar,o
s TsICIP aaBj. liat.d. T.4 v uwrat,l e* x-senator wid i n1trlretd lhere a good sews to the
- ookmIu hii heat alid s0(:ke -:1,al 'vflatr las 114 ltedh Ike l o w s to wth.
M pb.lritmeery tnoralare- fully r'aardl*gthile political usitatio m, rawtr hti thire r glwrS hathre
l ivar dtelU t ert.iuiser s 0o *ILei0rWl, i ihewo huldi not llow thli nJ wf .
Sp s arn: sf moetk .. V rajS.w la r u .th IP wi,' ,ite I u i n: H tr.' e uo f r-'l hg 0 0 Year- @ftlo IIII 111, 5th .ls141 ral~lelfll lotejL |im. fill Was ;ac- lelr.?ira *itt, maly t'-e. R l9
41 oetAs for aive week.- companrird by Senntr .Daniel of Vir. -artie ag I a1 I i th te oLippub.
gitila ex-*overllor h Whi)t, of Mary'. eiica tl ckie an itae ilsd lthullo lr-wi*pet
Sl st lolmn is ats q lad, wI- dried i,*elf as a fr arryi th:.ate for .'*rkerand
WWh.n. t4& see, for ehb d -youngK man of eighty .lmn>mr., i" e artiare see: lent, anid Wioonqi'a
,ea ersntir llill add *er.ral luoal lDenmo- thirteen lotoral votes may be needed
S r aderate. as ell is a corpi of inwspS. on nierh. IL ialso blleed
----- er n1 de ii. Thetriee.prruestal a that the q'zarrel between LarFllette
Week Sun li an etebt-sslre, 4tidato W naS ,tii way to hthe inraituemiSa the bioonur. ''iarles fMatiun is
paper, pub!I mibteeverfT) Mut of Weat VirgInim," w erl h tis to fol. ,t e toelmSOCrl t i -
,aJ aSand ctais a) the e**rtain to give th ie ocraw an at-
week. local. &state *ad'e- "low lhe same rotit., that taken lj ditional seat in the Senate. It Is
stalled. ptsaeM ree., so uy the vi.e-presidential candidate of tl. whiupertd I i igld. circles that el-
Isis.ed Smaismor Canad&. forat.00 l0'IutelleCan party s1:1e Weekslgo, bL, w-einator Vil, will be returned to lhte
YESloethe I emneratle special train will makeise:dSenator Quarlep, by
bills benomo due uter rst mnre 'top. Much good islooked for fusion of she Stalwart Iter blilan
4ir erUtmsemrt.unacPets rw1 towarJ urning the tide to the lemose and the i'ernooratio members of the
wasrut". PrtItnot known erysta in Wee: Virginla, and well posted l>egitature. lr, Vies was a staunch
so paw for adverttn taurn d-Vi
TRIE IUAILY SUN. Democrats assert that if the vl,,e.pre- Cleveland supporter and a man who
,t OMPSa.ILs.. A. idreital cominee ill follow his .peak- commanded the highest FrpeL from
1 -- >.tin> t,)ur wP a very bheral contriblb,. thartie sh h"le, Ip fr
mg tou thl a i f t e ]ib.i both parties. He has always stood
WATIC TICKET. t'> t,' the campaign fund the Iepult. high in Wisconsin and is the only man
Sliiart will be "snowed ur.der" in Vest who cudonnalld the sappert of
SPr lt Vrinia. who aoud n
'l,'TNBH. A, l R News of the t Denioerati National both parties.
of New rk. The Presideut renlmas in Iiashling.
f N. Committee reaches Wlasington chiefly too. probably vainly looking for the
f Ior VI..Prel-hlut, through the Demoeratie Congressional marching clubs and campaign organl-
ENi A VI Comittee, which has its headers atio which, earlier In the year,
I t vir .ations which, earlier in the year, h
I vo t I in this city, but such information has declared Oyster Ray would be unable
ft1ed 1tjt.t IEritor. thu far provn more acourate than to accommodate. but none of them
IPU I1. T".IAIFli tO. muls of the alleged news which hs have come. In view of the fast that
nrtt appeared in the New York press. The the tepublicanu are In posseeIon of
Congiree., cond ttrht, course of the campaign of William J. all the "mauhlnery" e ffordled l .f -
FRANK O .AR K. Dryan in Indians will be watched eral o afe*holders, ete., they are malk-
'flesidentel Electors, with the keenest interest by all Det- ng a very poor show of enthuslasm
R *. P. BAILEY. oerats. Chairman Taggurt expTree for their candidao.
SA. JEN NINGS the utmost confidence in Mr. Brydn' Almost nothing is bling deon by the
L B. K -KOO C'Lsincerity, and Metsre. Hill. Sheehan. various execute depatnimnts in
A. B. NEWTON.rdp
C P. B. TONEMAN. lielmont and other believe that Mr. Washington, aside from their routlae
S-Taggart's confidence ia not misplaced. duties. Even the eetimates for the
Governor, There are those twho insist that Mr. comin.gyear re* being hold up "a*tl
LEON B. BIVOWARD. Bryan we disloyal in admitting that after election." and most of the meMn-
goCebry of tte. Parker and I 'at i stood no chance bers of the cabinet are abetnt from the
CLAT CRAWFORD. of carrying Nebraska. Mr. Bryan's city on spell-binding tours. The PFel-
1 friend, on the other hand, say that his dent has filled the va aney In lth
'rAter ue'General course was not only warranted, but cabinet made by the death of Post-
LIAM H. l:LlI, was wise. They submit that a d.olk- master-eneral Payne by pomoting
Comptroller, ratlon that Nebraska would lueriably First AsHlstant ettmuster generall
4 A C. ClOOM. "Io lteublfean" was no inore disloyal Wynne to the plao., an appolntmout
thtTr r han lueh au assertion regarding Ohio which does not prove popular with the
iL. sate. Ke T. would hp coming frtmn John R. Me- politlelans and is the oecaslon of the
,W-LLIAM- V. KNO'7.Lain. Moreover, they insist that Mr. undisguised dligust of many members
.ent of Pulkie InutructUon, Bryan was wise in thus disposing of a ofCongreswhosuffered from Wyne's
I., HO.I.IO)WAY. futile effort tu carry the electoral "obnoxou tctlvity" In the poatole
abis|f etrter- I EL E. !-LIN. of the lhoal ]Demorsel, might Ib con- only a temporary oablne meabor, u
|, centrated oni the, effort to carry tie he hi to be *ucceeded by 0eorge I.
llre Commlnr Ilature a*d thu reowr the e Corteou whn the eampain ohalr-
kJOHN L. MiYtGAN. in the Senat.' now o:ctupled by Charles man hse recovered from liI efforts to
Supreme Court. llx Years,. Vietrichi
3 PENWICK TAYIOR. L ierc* elect Theodore Ilosereit.
S___~ A certain division of the work has
Atfres uipreme Court, been made among thi, Democratic If weare worth nothing to the peo-
irsEBT &. COU KltL. leaders. Mr. Taggart will le held re- p.e at hem, we need not flatter our.
r. SB. UH K!'KEFOICD, qlonnstble for Indian.lla, Mr. Davis for selves that there is a big niehe for us
S-. I\ItE\irginuiaandhie New York me- in the outside world. The son whom
aw reentatltivcs,, ber of the National and Executire his father trusts with his buslaes wo
I. A. IUToBOiO GH. Committee.s will bend their energies to rie, and on whom his mother leans
0. .. TIr'LIMA wresting New Y ork from Republican who he!ps plant a high ideal in the
S Coatty Judge, control. The cry of "(tdellism" is mind of a younger brother, who feels a
i, . Maeon. proving the greatest obstacle to Re-,repunsibility for making home the






Tit'e iW what yon pay for when youbar i
know what you are b
Titles ordinarily invisible winrtily rowwlt

The Alachna- County AbsrMt.


E. E. VOL K g
Abetreta ofTitlet and r ll Infom tfi i
ennnot. Our maisper has 114U nw
io thoroughly 1eo! g 6.. ,-- a ,

etnl nUMber ofWt iNml AwS j
I tALora LVT* 8A I

285 wh

1- jI -


,6 .. or ,

ST. LO Ui .

The Atlant
mongomery ind L, 8 N. w lls Pin 4r
Ai mi and Ci fiftlk. *N i

Rouad Tar Dtes Drom aMs r l ".

$29.65. $223

1 ..V putliean effort, the governor-chair- b ot and most attractive place to be
W kNEL t mnan being a greater ineubdf on the found. Is the very one whose life will
L W.re7t "r ev' neck of the Republican0 manager. be an influence for good beyond the
Clert mrenit Court even than was anticipated. Betting limits of home. But the sons who are
n. WIr.;xNG:ES. Nvw York is 10 to 7 on Herrick, the anieties to father@ and mothers, wet
-TnXAsssir livemocratie candidate r r governor, blankets on the family gaiety, dead
W, Wa cO lON r, ih aflords a striking I stration of weights so far as the houehold duties
the view taken by the .ew Yorkers are concerned, will not prove any par.
Tax Collector, themselves, tiealar value to the large d rele out-
SW. ). DICKINSON. One of the important events of the side. Their value at horns meares
.tsndet of I' lll instruction, past week has been the compromise their value to the world.
' v. .. KELIEt. submitted to by "(Gasman" Addickts __- -- -
of Ieleware, whereby his opponents
Z; County Treasurer, in his own party are permitted to HI T
, W. H. ROBERTSON. nominate the governor df that State,
I Cointy Pnrveyor. and Mr. Addicks is obliged to content ICIU mil iri iu-
AFMIEA COXTON. himself with naming the lieutenant-
governor. Possibly this compromn
twenty CommI.lonvre. will lose the state for the Demoerats, l
J. PAMIPIER. STAT or Ou CCi'vuv.|ouu.a| W RM
J. 0. 08TEEN. N
V. F. PULLING. LUc., CotN T. I e
5. 1. TOWNSEND. Frank J. Cheney makes oith that he R M DY
r Mmberof Phool Board, is senior periler of lhe frin of F. J.n g u
T. A. DORE. Cheney & Co., doing businen nla the FA T
J. J. MARTIN, City of Toledo, county and State afore- T.l CLSEU' rA I .
II' B. WBEKS. said, and that said firm will pay the rue ees S ^ ae
sunm of One Hundred Dollars for each B|ilefd-Smow Uniment CA.
Pee. Treaty legned. and every ease of Catarrh that cannot T61. ,LOVEu MO.
TOrk, Oct. 9.-The peaso be eured by the use of Ill's Calarrh For Oale by W. M. JSossI.
I between Chile ad iBolytW Cure; FkA.AC. C mXsv.
b"* Just been siged by the Sworn to before ntoe d uuberibed M M
iwa in my pretence. thisl 6th day of t)eem- MENAN W M1 .
mtnisterq for the cous mr D. I.. tr. e.ksw.ibam,,Sr--.
btsewted will be submlted Ic A. WA.,rD. .116nai.. oe vr"esla.
b e lub m ltedA .,W,,W,,sso,,t s g r solo.ft,



'I *



2 *.* ***.


I .


'P.1 I

- .i_

S----DEALER S--.-
Sea IsBlamd- Ootton.

0 6

Sea land Cotton Seed, Bging and Twine.
Leather In Strips or Sides.



Jacksobnville, Florhida

t'L j-, *'-.

etl Sq shIser. 9- a.
Di ,mdI ds em1
a:, *Mtf.l .a
^^tT^^^^ ***l^^^W^f* '^^

Manufaoturrs of the
Sea Ifland Cotton



Round Trip. On
sale dlily. Good
tlU ee. 15.
Round Trip. On
mate daily. oood
sixty day .

James Doig Improved English
Gin, and Supplies for Fame.



Round Trip.
als dally.
fifteen days.


Rourd Trip. Good ten
dnyI. On %*:* T* OanIyS
suA TturdsarslinJwne.
Gokhl o:.;y In eosebe. -



L tbUer sroinh AUands Chattaaoara or Columba atnd AbhevUlJ. 'Land'of the
oft" rtroom
Omr Mae lfe VIefStr with It* own rate lInto Loul'. Two tralrs daUdr from
IeiUs. 'ta h teiDk S eS oar.
Sampoen Oeks sat MIetwurf aatr p nelpsl monatsln and summer resor poil ina
OCMe9Ma sat 4lWsManeMe No estra eOas Aa opportunity to visMt U e creates
1 WalE'S VWS a me0 a teoawtlaom to ibe unotsl.s where s4e trips an be made
kMetb0 5be Oeml0llwtr. Lf. Toxawwy, tbe qiabtands, e*t.
..e... i M.A wtMe ifata iUons, map.. foMer, etc.. ebonrrul ifu rltbwd :upon
DiStries PMMenm A Ns. IS Wet ai St. Jacksovlle, Fla.

Air Line Railway


Savannah Col4mbia, Camden, Southern
Pines, Raleigh, Richmondd, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.

mUER N rULLREAN quirmt i
w... ..I- Only Line Operating
"jv^.. o S ~0. hail Throglh Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleans
Us.). t Ue Cac .8 .e
i o i dv o Ior full laformation and slteper msrations eall on any agnt Senbardor
Wat ,7wise A. O. MAcDONELL. a. 0. BOwVUaTO, Jn,
AwLt. O*ael nePaeger Agent, Pasneger Agent

me Galnesville & Gulf Railway Company
Tim*eTabot la *aoes Jly 5. l1908.
e .._ _asWNWttoftr f' a -e. r. .-. ,l
Sa NO 4.1t. sea. Qo r t
s Nlll ll; f~TION. Daity. IMArl
of Iwo* famtx so .. ,-
of Antims ofr te LT PIMILv PM JU AM Ar.PMA Ar ANMArPM
..4 ........ ........ .... .. Vji ed......... .......... ...... 0o
$ow ng wn ofo"6 , .................... .. se ............. .... ... .f.... ... 0
S i- .e.... e... s ..4 ..*.. d. ...... ....s ... .*..*a.. 668

_...*..... ..*.4066 2 ...o*s K. e .. .....** a ..t.. *aD
f l. 2 s r esSase 10 .... s s...... e -,,.,.., *kmsn..,... ........ n .... s... SaW
asa ........S0 ...*..-a..,-. e0 A ee s.o. .. ...... ... ........ e a 512
53 a SW s........ ...m..... s... ... F l ..... ....s ....... .......... W
1110 bst...s..... .......* 0 ... t.. ,, l V IS.. o. as...a.... a... ........ 0
.. L ... ........ .-- ., .-0 9..6 0 ,..0 ... .. ......s. ..... 6" v -
I6 'g o e-.* a *e*# eW acho 60 f j El--it e 0 es0 0 040
* SSS'-- -,I ,::..=_se R M .-* -*- ......:: -
i ^ ,5 "5r.- L~' ~* **** I* ef r M ., ,. .... ..._N lk ?iulnt............ .. e ..*. 43o
S,.,.,., .......J ... .. :...... a ...,, 4M

S i ---3 lS I^ I T .. ee e* ***** **. .* *I.. ,........ s
Comm- "--- 11 M 4 7,,.. 8 *to JO
12-0-11. fiShaTO 70 .,....aiO ..,.. SZ O 110
i ~m r. .- ai .-... .513 ,f .. ,Kahe 3 0S -, O ?^ T . I


A. gi



Everard's Canada Mf


as I:iy and better thlnl
Madev of g11p rnd) Malt

and NOT i:ICE.

Barrel ........

Mathusbek Piam,

Bemt p la o for ilJ irtjal eltmasm. w
$(8 lower tbal others, eoIntretI
beet snmatrlJ. an mowti artislE
Warkviship obtaftmbi. .
Up to date An every
detail and Us.
Bold by us continuously tee
without a ingle failure, If tm
want a piano for a lresiwn*la
ArvitHe buy the

Mrade Me low as Is eoe dswat wih elh
Cab or oan ow wr. beat on a is
trial We per f reluhi. Wi t
for prile TODAY.

-Ludden & Bates I
Soutlen Inic Rouse,
GAITHER & BRYAN, Stats Agts,


National, Stati and Congressim.
*I Ticket 1904.
Preskdential Electors.
0. F. Buffum-Franklin county.
G*o. K. KRobinon-Marion county.

Geo. H. Holmes-Brevard county.
0. A. W. Wendell--Oadeden countll
A. M. Cushman-Alachus ounal.
For Governor--Hon. M. B. Maeo lt
lane. Hillsboro.
Beeretary of State-John F. Hor,
Attorney-General-Fred C. OCubbw
ly, Lowy.
Comptroller-J. L. Skipper Polk.
Treasurer-E. W. Brelsford, Dada.
Superintendent of PubliclJ Istr.-
tion-W. H. O'Neal. Orante.
Comiissloner of Agriculture-J. 5.
Rowley, Putnam.
Railroad Oommiusioner H. J.
Ritihle. St. Johns.
I Justlee Supreme Court for term el
six yearn-W. B. Sheppard, EfmaW.
Juotioes Supreme Court-0. B. Fa7
S. 8. Adams. Duval.
0. P. Adxall, Duval.
Congrosalonal Ticket.
Fin t Cogre sloeal Distrlet--. L
Guaby. Hilloboro.
bea-e OCongresslonal Distriet-J. M*
Tbh ilt QoGmWoal Distrite-L.- ,
Wanm, Wsa tom.

The Florida '
Fruit and Truck Grower
Wa sj. a rno M W V'





$ro ao~i

-- ----

'; ,", .. .




p SVI. T women as Well as
-4LY ymoinl tuo $3,I. Are- Mde Miserabl, by
;r,,,laed b La. .Natlugaat Are Md e r
It Aslbationn of AmnriocI Kidney Trouble.
twelfth annual exhibttlon ,.

take* ptlaen in Madisso
onm, New York, Nov. 14 ti
i. Sfovural new classes hav4
for coti pe;ititon thia year,
SIncrtase of $3.000 in th4
gla Tanuirlea of the Amor
and leatler company have
the 10-hour day after work,
a nulo-lujur bats for 1.
The rhaule affected I,1-
pl ttion, oflcurs of the corn
pll4e the longer work day

sO at No. 28 lMast Twelfth
York. In which Pretident
wis born, hlas tpt~ua leased
llan c'amrnpaign club. Th4
organklzoe only, recentlyL
d membership of more than
has been Informed of the
PIe lPrincowm ior the AntLrlu
pot ,condolunces to her broth
$r1 t-inig forninlatil for the
iNew York for a large mon
maomnimmorato the Hague trat
lons among the nations
Inld the scheme declare it
$long tho largest, and mos:
pllemoriah in the world. A
pM.w.lely woman il said to
to collect the nbcesiary
which has jfJst adjourn 2,
IlnMin In ,..e,, o Feb. 1.. will
i ooK nttaltlm for the nexi
,B*yf a New York Ioerald dis.
*.,I Managua, Nicaragua.
(ton. will bIe held In No.
*45. Thoe country It peaci,-
l dlinrltch says that (7harlna
she fat'er of Mui.Hc alil. in
iltbough 87.' y'ars of 3s .- he
.b|| actlyi mannageamnt oif thu
IW until a f'w tried A farewelt mathrv
-llII the leading artists worn
was In course of preparation
A-'s benefit
plain's Cough Remedy.
wbo is acquainted with its
ilesti ean be surprised at the
laity of Chamberlailn's
edy. It not bnly cures
grip effeetually and pernia-
I'" prevents these diseases
ltlg in pneumonia. It is
ib coure for croup. Whoop.
,Isot dangerous when this
tlvEn. It contains noopium
barnful subtanuoe and may
$reonfidently to a baby as to
SIt e also pleasant to take.
.Of these facts are taken into
lton it is not surprising that
foreign lands, as well as at
,11m thiu remedy very highly
Wk few are willing to take any
tlrhaving once need it. For
, druggist .


With Lively Encounter U'
ten Deputles.
'O ct. i' .. i iaim :t l n,,.....
I 7y Ig t. irii onllIiary .*,4..,,l.
ainlind th., X1011-n11-. a: i 1 ;ol)
j the chlianI 't of ,'1:it It., ut.
N8 that l ,p, aip ai, dah a''
'- out of thK- 5i~ertnceo f (i.-
llo rtlaiton. i-twivall raln'co
hiftylran w,mld bto inti resting
i iteldent (rutirrel In the corri-
twe1n M. l 'gIlesl ( Const (Re.
&n) anl M. ('olesstn lt s,c a late
lJotet candidate. Tho latter
I1 PtrNgu8i ('onte., res(.pond
) blown from iHA III ). *'a. T'bS
H ere ev.n awlly m,'mral'd
pson pwresidil Irtn tl r, chamber.
l.taty int ,rp+.hlatlions w-er: re-
L. Pruini,' (' lMnatry p|;.,a, 41 lin r Ithe the am-
1dIlci.x tlhe i:t-rtwllatl tiT. r ,r-
Sthe rutlture itli lne,', an4
Ii the Ma111ars&1t1s hi rike and I
I agatth li ar.. tut rt ra! hn Cof
r offi' 1 n pr)osa! linmght
..ritfi c.n" 11(1, lcry.

Cause of Lockjaw.
kmw, or tetanus, is caused by a
ilgelrm which exists plenti-
*1t4etdl". It is native so
SipoSed to the air, but when
..maeh the ikisn in wounds
r preuselioa .aps or by rusty
S whenm the air Is excluded the
bN ad to activity and pro-
to mot virulent poison known.
1M rmaw .t It. .ia.be4naA an i all

1.--. -
Kldniy tro'b12- r rI.A upn lthe mind, die.
couragesniualacnis aMiUin;h buy, vigr
V and cherfulness soon
,atppear when tho kid.
n*ys ere oit of order
Of diwased.
KidAcy trmue ha,t

*_- a fless to ehe. U 'be
ucomcm e prl telWnt
*.aa( a.I en at abould b be aort

dtmrol the pM it St.y1afflc We*
bed-wettt*n, upon it, I.he sen u
IT dahn..~ty1 .1 k4tyeroabl as4 the fvw
Nmap .t,.L tn nlwardah Il' tIrswite t
*thes uriportin oreanm. This unphsaart
Utoubte a,due to a iaseld4 cna ,.,-nt .tIhe
k4rave ani bladder rd rnot to a bait 2s
Sposl pecpe S'poso4.
Wotn on u well al men are mods mt.
eriic with Lidnoy r4d bdlader trouble.
at. i bcih rAei the sare great remedy.
Tt. mi *rJs the immediat, llsct o0
$wuppkoot ls ioon reallozd. It as sold
by diugrrisI. in tIPy-1
smCs, Yo' may have a
sample bottle by mail
free. also pamphlet tell- t1.. SwaMp.NA
ing all abaut it. Including many of the
thousands el testimony al letters received
from sufferers cured. In wr irt Dr. Kilmw
& Co.. Btnhamilon. N. Y. Be su lAnd
mention lthi per.
Don't mtke any mistake. but remoem.
her the name, Swamap-Root, Dr. KII.
mer's SwampRoot, and the address,
Binlhamwos. N. Y.. on every bottle.
- - .-- p-.- -
Those i'eplE Who Icrml or l.eire *
Vond 'Tber mirms.
l)rssnlt or liv'nt Icymt4nltontt<'iaBtt
Lin ltthiing 1, l I~a in l soh itoe )wholi-
est;. Ir o..v oil i tryl liK1g to do rlat
)'ijll u itjiit llo',t i to l I, you )are living
A lie; if Ou l tilr v t\itriiu clothi s tliat
it I v#ii. 1b IWO r n? 1 1R
.,111 tY '. IiL ag' .r~i, ths.,y wr im rp t- ll
li'r,.., na .di, t o,,tI. They vr. P n
I t'li* l all ,u r.-. Jill fil.tmvl)Iail. I your
J,\' ;.'*.v'. v r t cit'iI: es, iy ir f~u Ni n ill
S- W r.t tly go ml' I trll I11 tthit ytl nret
rl ?i v1 1if. .nt li '| iina ov rty "ttrick-
oN l, II,,c jiv ii. 1 fi t I 1nr mtxrillw ': It
I u 'tmia,' V l I I i .il llids I;l1M, tilt-
p 3l'.y, ,iuI lit' .i slt ;tzs n'Iy yutl
li t ill i r 'l ."'- '!I l iV to tilt'oelvo Il
', !: i ., ,;l.! *I o- t l' m jnlf vr*ll
' ,, : t r It, of rolling

ftti 1, ,n |' ; s ,,i ( t'. ; i, it 'il', tl m ';1 : : I ; 't.I 1i, ; i iiI'1
|*lti r'"li 'ttn V '' ... i I' r' l lt t l OI a1

tin ral '! 4Ii. r r' i: I i h: .4 t t' ri
ti 1 -Ire, is '; rn,,] 'a !ii ti t rNso ill uo, l,

it t ni. ,r l lu : i: ]: w\ith bl Ij ,Itt1 ilii
hont'st. lien .1 lt" 'lt : t 1'~ fri-< s 1 )li* ) -
es ; hI' I, **. It V >:iti:iini r lii): of lais
i.t.irn,,t,,'i. atl:.L li^ <'. int ,t I> I, rf ',rt ly
IOll1'it -1%t1 I'' 1 '' l' i' ltv frei f 4lI titg
really rr'.t ilnthtI'" ] tloll rla. n t ly werll' -
li, (' t i 5 41 M 11ot*iin or lmy e ltra a-
g:nit li\ lng laen hi tticUJLt iifntit It.-

Nic Arend's Saloo00n and Cafe

Jacksonville, Florida

Merchants Lunch frum 12 2o p. m.
Barthdlomay Itchester, alse nm.
ported Wiarberger Beer o Draught

Steak, Fish. Chor, Gsamb in oasom
to order. Pool, Billiards, Bowlia
Alley. 1,W. mBa et.

Al.llhua county s WO.4 4 acre, in
area, has 248 miles railroad. WO)
miles waeon road. M poatoftlees.
Il3 pubit schools. 27 phosphate
plant, 20 aw mille. $75,000 court
houe, five newspaper, and pro-
duces corn, cotton, rice, sugar.
oats. rye, potatoes, pineapples. or-
a es.. peaches pearl plums,. pe
oans, and all kinds of vegetables.

Gainesville, the County SeaL,,
lisA fourteen churches, two public
eho)ols, the East Florida Seminary,
private schools. three news ppers,
Inlted State, land offlee, the best
ILA-a. .a.t..fl anbia





T3'RT-NV .8j01EXX -.` AlXZXTa G
Jacksonville and New York,
Calling at CItARfLETON, H. V., both ways.I
tohe Finest Steams i la the Cutlwl Bgvloe
Clyde New England and Southern Lines
D:ruct Service Between JACKSONVILI.E. BOSTON and
PJ)OVIDENUE msad All kastemn Polnae,
Calling at Chalrleston both wage.
Southboundm..... ............ ............Prom Lews Wharf, Bostoa
Nurthbound.................. From Foot of Catherlae St., Jackaonville.

Clyde St. Jmohns Re L
Stopplns ua Palatks, Astor, 8t Vemsele. Bemnord (DeLs 4), sad la timMlt
Landing on St. Johas River
Ilw.S Jacksonville 8:80 p. ud Tooedays and Thbndia.
Learn m an$ord 930 S. m. Moeldays, wlnMHs and Vrtdlys
As appolmted to fasi a foll a w
iflsvae. CcuIwuL. K
t.4ve 3 Pm, ....................Ja kmmv lle,........... ...Arylve 3 m
S te pi ........... ...... ... lJatka............. ....... 8etepO
mO ts.e.... ............ ...m....Astor ....* 9 ...* ... .... it
4Ki nmm.....................8 y 8ni le,................. liO**i
S .. .............e grefo (Delta d)e,...,......... eqg ot
Arrive S am....... .... .......@. aenfod ....... .......
._ a0.00 m ...._ ... ..... ...... cnt rpr e,............. l...69 ,
F. M. aWONos tt. JL.. A0. On. Pas. Al. W W 0LW r
W. 9. ooP l r.. fhelbs A.g e LM tof.AIo0l
A. 0. sfftY tearE's Peam AgL.ANo w W
TH O. 0 T ER, LY 00,
GeneraI Malaqner. .Gernil Arpe,
Chaeebnrugh Bu4llg.190 Stamlei ut M :',w .


'Maw A .,
.-R. AAM I 1:-

Whioskis, nWlo

and LiU S
I'No,. 517.519 ,l-



Agpnts for Piadt klm kee r.
El':port, per bbl. ludos, $11 per dos. $1.25
Blue liIbibon. per bbl. 10 dos, 12; per do. 41 )
Jung's Oinlmaiti Red hart Meer.
Pe'r lilh, 10 doi.B, 4; per dos, $1.

on the

VYers Old:
4 full quarts. 8 so
6 full quarts. 4 80
12 full quarts 900

4 full quarts
6 full quarts
12 full quarts

..0. S....
4.3 *'. 0
goe O tS41


i We a e dealers in everything in the |
IThn,,,r line Whis il Gins.I

(li tfhr Ike tming riai 0a "W Inter a eherAe W.1r h4bede snd grm
PE'AN THmt of the sta *d tarietnsek miweb as havTe a pW mornd be.
h a ihni. Al Fruits<, Ormamenta._ 'le. .alalo i ai d 'Un e l *
tnhbtbil Pman I culture" ftew. I a i I a a I

To~ .,

w q ,,, "'

Ita ,la

DBoogthslaOrlt, .ftow
I qmaslj ( **** 1 : |

P BaIrd Hardwqr
k' "^ u ' *" , :

k , I .'' l V

-. ~. ',..II.

* ,1

",,,'J ,*.' 1' a*-dl
..',. '

s' ',. ",.


. .... : :' ..' .

I w .I .*

V. 1.. 000

I. u u.u... .......



AsotrSfS she oe L LasL eaOk*llt
VW"pdo.* mam"...AMWNa61 ..
yLk sa*.to tr dartomNWflWoar Wal
Sum a .be m

, : ',' ..

1. i -I

. We ,NO mI

pa.y freight or express charges
following liquors:
\ LEWIS 1886, Away Above Everything la
the Whisky Line:
4 full quarts ....... @500
0: 12 fullquarts ........12 75
i>' BLUM'S MONOGRAM, 10 Years Old:
nr- l4 full quarts ........ 4 20
ii 12 fall quarts ....... 1S 00
EARLY TIMES, Pure Sour Mush Whisky:
D MBott la BDd tUr Umnmamt M uN penstea .
4 full quart, del.... 4 00
St6 full quarts ...... .. 5:
/.. 12 full quarts ...... .10 75

_ _



. 1 1 . .. IIII I


* 1Wr '


* "*"'

, .....DA.-T, ,-,r r-_. n_


tt Cof ell

j S. ~ St. New York.)
A It a4%Ik U".I
y alt 8a t .W m.a
Dy Two Dyc,. .

!iMUSE Parlwrs
Imetlon Fre.
i wl vtdt (Jm]imeilIe fro. i
W gnos t erorpo.
Uas^uday Aftermea.



emw"U Intwnt Oathd
by Our Lwportsr.
ed and What is o;ng
ITld In Short Paragraphs
r.Hg Who Runs May Read"

sh human a Hill.
ref rurisalt at The Siu
,Ve roni Bildwin apples at
hin ah Co'#.
lW Wonderf ul alive for sale
Ioum & Co.
of Rochelle was shop.
itly yesterday.
of Yuleo was registered
i house yesterday..
Ifts. B. F. Duke of Dunnel-
be elity for a few days.
Jeksionvilie stop at the
loeltion, best meals, tf
te Holder of Rochelle was.
5 on a visit to relatively yes.

mesworth of Haynesworthl
StIlUg business in this city
*8 ud-hand Densmore
, Will be sold cheap. Ap-
of fraito, such a grapes,
ple0, persimmons, etc at
A Co's.
eilaen, the naval stores op.
illdo. was transacting buli-
slily yesterday.
amload of Hawthorn i. in
8alnig been summoned here
lt a the oirouit court.
pMihan has returned from
"l, where he has finished a
elStern for Alex Daioghtrey.
ltrlvaer, a prominent *iti-
u .town, LaFayette county,
s visitor to this eity yes*

BMUBopy, 1I In the oily for a
t he guest of Mis Evaa

SWlliama has returned

WyT, where he has been do-
britk work for the Tyler

-M*me nicely furnished
f *toveolent location In
? r8 esUat Liberty street,
N tr
Mles, a proereirev farmer
W, yns trading a the eity
g'* Hie elld at The Buo of-
wd &his stubseriptona.
1. ,ogelg of PaMlatk, the
!M Stweful traveling rep-
Sof swlt A o.. pMken,
|to*! bt he Bire hoese.
05l cand VW. W. Fealle of
t have bea attending the
Iilla tikbi ty for the past
StMnwed to their home yes-

nl Chead of High prings
SIa n the eity yesterday.
bo Ina 1 J *a M 1bs



Among the prominent visitors to this Kirby Smith Chap er. Uaa4qle4 I
city from LaCrosse yesterday was The display will be grand tnrt fa oCueier will beh M
Captain IH. O. Parker, the merchant, and the great variety of 'Se of m. J am, we*
who is one of the most widely known les ad atterns shown M ol so whisk a ll mal
a good rain visited hs tion Tueda illbe orth a ttoourd 4,.
which was welcomed, asit walbly store. 4110 p rice will be Mac IL H. M, needed. The cotton crop has been cheap enough for the poor man.s. -3.w. xwao, besAlw ,
almost gathered. The entire crop is and the styles rich enough J. JFI, Cap er
open in the tHeld. and if hands ca be for the rich. h J. r. ON MOW,. 0.,
secured the crop will be gathered in a te iho l Chaer be..,
short time. lA utiftl lln Of 61I MS the sl uwisw of .e ew. Ixs S
' and Chambry at t attin af-esme s s I
READ THIS,. ....tan* .,.i,, ..* .,.
READ THIcents pet yar. Ma ,ee re eseclay eqasedI T
bepreeset, a raepet of tsheai*A
Jackson, Tenn., June 4, 1901-This to tlhet. ,1"1 0 el e s s l
is to certify that one bottle of the A prettier line of Gla himsM *wd ... MM. x. a.ooM3, 3S. g
Texas Wonder, Hal s Grat Dieover Chambry, wertb 2 1-2 Ma. J. L. Kamy, ee. t,., ,.
has oured my wife and myself of kid- ct., It 10 ots. id.
ney, bladder and rheomatio troubles. V 1mOsNes l Wedsa.l am "lbreak
and we moat cheerfully reored It y W. Xollm 0.
to the public. A magnificent line of I *.. I
P K.o.bcK.cs An Wa. dies' up-to-date Coars, ho CEDAR KEY
A TEXAS WONDER. See our front show case. 0A n
One small bote of the Texns WoM- S m U SI *AN rE
der, Hail's Ore Dit eovty. S ula"n 1 AE A DAy l ift E!EEWMW A
kidney and bladder trouble, remorve ia'tf WtRlDI send as Al aae Un. a A I
gravel, cur diabste. seminal emt- In all thelatest' stylW. kW was. s A tr.
Ions. weak and lame b.ks, rhe m.- Price $1. The best dMollar
s m and all rulariltl of th kd. Corset made. Call and ve RESTAURANT IN CONNEC0TI
*ays and bladder in both men a n them
women regulates bladder troubles inMeals arve at Sotarae eas.


L* ~1'~

I n" .with Cubma" IktW t"Aiaht;0U
White wSilegth (1**adas-I.6hF o flS.1 I. lU41l6,1of t1e MIlhf$ 0Kl &W10i
chiant A i., r;' a er. On ont of bthe region of laud tIrMec C" OOpl J tlife,
aort Utr k rn4 Unte4 Coafhderate Vteiaes in (A"s M i th.oeity io the last@l of $
lyocouPr tld.t.-kil.e l t : .ok frmer in ear Koember, she ieabtOrd Air 8R vFeMduy. Mr. MaiU0f4 tfresrly
t er.J AckUo.l r urLine will sell tlekets from OinIville reWided h*re, sad hWA mWs fi4stirls i
J. Jc ko f and, to Oeala aand rturm on et. 81 tld t4sll ctly whko are always led in -
(iv. I. Imr ,y f tlEar.d, prsgiw. Nov. I, gd returnil Nov. t 1.10. him.
traeldi i.ltr cit .t t z,,rd ,. An egeIulent opportunity to vsit ths e Dr. ad Mrs. W. Portepr hte lw
Iftrad l iv. iI-. wity 0ewtkrdIston. tyBrlok City. w. turmed from lit. Petersbsg, wh y
ifr trui,i-ld witli aweak dl.ion try "
Chamstlb.rHit.'s Stu&.ahsand Liver Th. CarFeateru are busy on the Luster. hey westl "erel wlee eMg to Pb
lets They v dl do you good. For sale loh retildenee, corner East Main d4 former's he1t4 h. Dr. Peerr mI hn.
bj tll druggeis. East Orange Osteets, w ,h was par. ,I m lm fei sMthmas, rftieds
Livimlon Superintendent If. A. Ford tally destroyed by fire feow weeks ll11 *res 1 to leavft abt I0 W e
of the Atantle Coaisl -ite departed g49. This structure was a so story a praov eo little me e btlltoM ai ,b
yesterday for Lakelantd and other bitf buildnla, but Ioe owner has de. The *leok of ith q.we iftl Pr (.-
points on ofleial business. elded to make It a two-storyt whiek tuft eQMosap Whlk W1 0 als
'ood-Pine and oak; ring i hone will afford mueh more room and aMke 14 J L. Thea tone as WSit 00
lM fur the best $: load of wood 04 o ne of the most delrable resildeaeesisa m0tr0 9o. Ise rlsVng dly. WPtsvwa
.evr bougb t in Gain.s vile, Four-f oo' l. the city, firm ha11bee1 1118111 e ISIai1
wards' stal. . Amons the visitors to his oity i for bsiesNe.omlg so she o u Ia
w. D. Hi;eroof LaCrossn*e of the Rev. J. L. suart. an eminent Preeb. goods to aroree to othe mll
prW n. ndet reidetrof tsef tno of the trn dila. of Nashville, Tena., w of the s eteeo we Is k1 g s,'ls !
was In tl.,. city t'steriay. His frnsndt i. theg ue0 of tier.o Thee. P. Ha. amVOkasWtMsla; wt pw4p1.0ct
will regrt t learn Sat Ihe is ourn Dr. Stuart ls a representativeof Sht ed *e s le Shi 0, 9P
foreign mflos executive eemnmlte for bim. e a? T? n the t a,
cons biera iyfdro a number of boils Prehytleln shureh, and is her or J la"l llo1 '.a
oMr. d 0 s Ta T o business connected with the omalsl e-esit hs a"M fg *
Mr, ad Mrs. Thadlus Tillman of lte. ie expects to make his deper. oo rfe e h
Boardrman wor,e s ,pr;g in the city lure for oeals today. on of td it o Ift 1Ma i' it
yesterday. 'Ji,-oq y.inK l people are tate,d wl-lm ol lb je aiims "
only rtntil married, and are yet re- The store room recently vseated by slmd e.glae lwsa .SI b0 S
ceiving congratalations from their nu. I." J. Burklims north side square, hbeo ed largely eyonO IMS 1 Sinll he1 '
merous friends. bee. neatly fitted up for an ole sad - I
M.iss Li an ,. ant. of Jaekso.. tore room, and will b oeepor M MOUOT P OANS A .
is il tLe city on a brief visit to her Singer Manfmtortong Company. A d. I
parents. MIr. and NIMrs. Joseph Shai. partition has been Installed il the lb.. p
non. Mis 'S balon has resided in plac, 5845 neat racing provides nd Apan the vmitei e
Jscksoville for several year,., where fale rom. the work was dm*eauer W-meas"wa S"
she follwsthe prufatslon of a tainedlcontrast 1B0 th Eddims Mrnlnsustnrlag L&a.Sm sjop"s '
nturse, atid is said to be quite tfIoleol. ( ompa is-fe y i WM "i
B. II. Chase, for five years expert m -. .. .
piano tuner siz repalirer for the Cable H. Robilese, a s.eeessful breaker of iM E it*1 *4 ito
Company. hits decided to locate In the Waeahootl, was in hel eity yrefaleN4d f l of iu e1144 b .
(it.. Any tuning entrusted to his ea s for the pauposeof pylo g his taxes al d Adilliile,t ., It ,Wi
Wt Ile property and honestly attended trnsaeslmglbther imporsat boes.ias benk Whippl "i
to. and all work guaranteed. 'Phone He reports the cops ... his m,-e Oit M al kd
19. Ienp nrder a f iNilynjki Pro.- er l I n
d uer Co. W\\. Union (Wall) street. good, and belieovw that the. ros+rwkem BumnSI. t eauiltle.
| WV. M. Cmltbehll of Alachu, one of a*reolng t ell e se in tonhln.R em- ft 11 hi h *@
the leading citizens of that progres- leoe the owning aeon. Mr. Nob. 4 A qee
v ,eCtvwas tranosacting business Inson has Jot ntsblahed a stoar at U wbd tie hr
hlert Ieaterday. Mr. Campbell has been Washoota, and liasmebas he I a M iM
fur many years a valued friend and popular yoaogsnd wlll m odoubs woit aft ar. s f 1e !
,IIbtcribe4r of The Sun, but while here up a proltable trade. tt S te.. hA 1twg asu
had the r:ame of hi. son. T. M3. Camp-
btl., played ,upon the list. Io0N W V **rliti
E. I. iulie of Hawthorn. the I 1 W Y
clever adl etccessful traveling rrpre- able beel* lfeMl
Smlnville. is at the Brown House. r. 9 es lltlt he Ptllllll
thir : l:as jut returned from Ibunnel- fl S 4 I l lat Ua Wia ks
lin. Crystal Itiver and other points, l uK of t0b1 W Ito t eb ,NioI
where I.e has been in the interest of a;ao A1 hl I i ii.
his !1rni. IIv' report* a fite trade. a
MNrg. Hattie Veitch, son William and gtsakm
dag 11s' s Mael ad t'nne CHEAPET STOE ON ESAR SNe S .
have arrived in the city, having been w -~&*
summr.led on account of lhe death otf -^ ^^' ""sa Wa "Pgi t lH'
Mrs. \Watrliry., mother of Mrs. Truis Visit Our "Candy DepartalsL" The p sa em shetl Astpi >
I)enby.a sister of Mrs. Veitelh. Friends Line, moet tmU ltliy b st
were glad to see thorem, but sorry that "bead wanea" b l14 raft4i$l,
they were compelled to come on such p-id lae 5
a sad min*ion. WE ARE SHOWING ac mad h empee e
Deputy Sheriff J. E. F'ugate of Sulhbo lg th eva lieM alarl ,
Alaohua was a visitor to this ety yes- -te vli of 1^ *1i taJf
terday. .A was announced in The Sun An Up-to-date line of. .l a dall lnalB
a few days sgo, Mr. Fugate, who was a luge member of ass sere pM '.
sateiding court here, was summoned j i a1L herm. 3m the mtariy of s l
hone suddenly on accountof the ill- |J I ItI1ore mplfo dp hoeM immeateea N
nes of his wife. Friends will be Dlea.ry, d N sval tho ma t
plearsd at the information that she Is a..g,, a ate left ato Skis vilalay.
greatly improved, and within the next i ui 111.
few days .will ha e regained her nor- Attei Io U D, U. .0:
u;al health. Th roe gulla hiteowit iiti lHg

,* :,H---

, .

, "..... '.

* *1.I '

I 44

. -, :c
. r..

'** . 1i-. *L
*^. l*T'
X'I t'*

*AIrr~~. ~


T., F T

i .:

L _L

l'" r
', U
+,,.,",. l

....L I ---, --. ........ ~,,

a- "

. i _'. = w . . .. "

~,, V

-~ I -



_- "*

t1. a -

'. r
' . ,

U 7




1. lot'e m

S.... G "" 'iN, sts*' '

p tas a.
P.y ua. I Ie. $SI 4: p. '.

*arm"I1 af ts b wng
b tI Sa '0 amte

lWbankr' Sbae rewa10
I bt a ,asrb e mt*,

I troops

uM umMOMsn eesImo

J~ll^^ .'f^^^^^^BHf^r^,~W P^ -^*^*t^

ana O d 0 Ue, re ot

v am Auand a uks ,
4-- Be S tsala of

,. bthe Shoabe r e r..

t t04 4
a t extreme friht *tl.
Fm wU qsi p cut the railroad be.
..Onut 1ver wav ftile, the Jap,
S a ble to get byrod Sin.
tW hifs a wst of the lhakhe
*a pTrFeld Marnhal Oy-
S a.&i M to be ma*atu mops
II q htha e be*la* better and the
T Wi t' eaw te trUaet h will make
wlae dAert tolght or tenor
3;, ,*telM the two vital pIaltles.
l e a:i seal staf believe that the
gg Stle oa L Tree Hill for valor ad
. eg ut.w iUll occupy a plaea by itwlf
18 ilt-,i Mainls. KaropatUhi, a
.41a WbhWi ~e the assault was made,
4 -rtamd- It PoutUloE hltl, ta hboor
i ftte sia who led the attack at t
ia it the Secod brigade oa the
taSlhaele rlAe djlo. en4 who
e va ftlaKtly oratee o
S l with the t. Georgse's ro.
TW hbil li a preelpittou rocky
Mig ht, and although the Japaee had
M" upaled it paly a short te, they
SW tmsrows p a Ter strange defae.
Sthe rivtr, rannlag at Its tot, taerea
S 0 the M41iealty of the task. but Il was
sald &ad carried o *cettanflly
1 iAplt the wnprecedeMtad oppoelUon
. oat a Japanese division of 14.000 mea
O with many guns. The Russia loaans
tha Were terrible. The AIIhtla on te
btr eart of the blil was altogether with
li d steel. The Rasstas oMern %s
i Of aWserds aloft leading the scalla tool-
obt rsins. we% literally lifted It the air
I by the Japanese bayonets and the
;Ja paJeae then bayoneted tie Orat of
lthe bUasia aoldlers who pled In the
rtreacheo. The dead lt the utrMchee
,a. we baroeted, their wenpaim bear-
Iga marks of dreadful c lbat.
While the war office holds ot hope
ang- that Curopatkin may resume the gen.
ttitt eral ofenalre. It I privately admitted
Ap. that the rhan-esM are aga8ist MI urnw..
hait eas theru It sime fortunate develop-
I6H Seat. It belun tx!slaIned that. his as -
Btth oW option f the acresfive at Shakbel
Fias, ad alonur the railroad was vital as1


_____________ I- -- ----~~---- - ~_~. -c~-


AnmleRuala raeptiationa Maktin
Uttle ProMreaa.
lando,. Oct. 1.--LThe Angslo-Ruelan
aiUotiattosa on the subject of contra-
beand of war are maang little proM
r(es Jtudlin from the correspondenee
f q-th foreign office with a steamship
1unjspaUy tradfag with the Far EasL
The latter before aeeeptAg consign.
Ments of locomotive, fish plates. etc.,
to Japanese railway connpanles and
raw cotton for private concerns In
Japnn asked the foreign oMeie If this
clasI of cargo could safely be accep:
od. Foreign Steretary Lansdowne
reade two repilci on Oct. 10 and Oct.
14. Ho said that the negutlations
witbh which were still pro
c1edllng, bad only reulted thus far
lU. the admission of the prinrlpte that
rglee and prvlslons were consldtred
eamtraland. and, thrfature, he couhl
not unfelnal to. sy that vessels car
rylnr a cargo of the nature dln.d*
woul.I bo iinunc f(nin. capture.


Fatal Endunt* Between a Merchant
Tliton, (Ga., Oct19.-J. E. Slaughter
a well known far2,r, about bou yearn
Of age, was shut sha Instantly killed
at Ty Ty. mille wfst of Tifton, by
A. L. F arl. a merchant of this place.
A few dayi ago se prd had soin
words with a young son 4 slaughter's,
and. It is said. cursed thi. It Is
thought Slaughter met Fort In front of
bis store at Ty Ty and after a few
words Ford Drew a pistol and shot
him, two bullets causing Inmtant death.
Accounts differ as to wht her
Slaughter drew a weapon on not. ?rd
has thft in the mercantile business In
Ty Ty for twenty years. andt for the
past three yearn has lived In Tifton.
running a large general store.
lie was closing up his business pr,,.
paratory to moving to Atlanta In Doe
comber. 8laughtr was a promfnent
farmer with a largi- family.
Falling Tree Kills Man.
Moultrle, Ga.. Oct. to.--B. Hancoelk,
a well known yotiniK man of thin rc1un.
'y. was killelo lt 1 Iartlett 's saw Ul!,
near here by a fatlUf tree, He wae:
In the aoods IlIth the stock cuttrse
for the aill antd was near a lars-' tree
with was being rolled. This atiruc
another tree which was knocked doan,
striklng him on thIe head and killing
bim nastanuly.
r. Frman'k-Ded
Dr. FranklIn Wright Dead.
Corinbton. Ga.. Oct. 1, --Dr. Frank.-




Towne of -leanofke And Radrord. Va.
Resolve Henry 0. Davis.
iast bedford, Va.. Oct. 19.-Th' t lv
Virginia towns of Roanoke anti Ha&d
ford displayed greatt enthusiasm thIO
morinKg la their reception of I H'nr
0. DavIs aitd his special trali ,tI ora.
The trip Into Virl;gina :- uad
during the nlght, that the train rJ.i4t
g'0t into i4 thb "lHiIeluel" region and
through .to the (outhrn sect tin oi
West Virginia.

j tiiflY, bcrou a vuzi4

- .- I - - .- -- - 1-7 . RMO W





pjIa sr*** sie. .hte t

"c. ,
"Krpethia Has Creased lb *Ca

I o5g UseM AW Me s-ad 3.
Silw AriP. etaie

trWia drjatir the 1 iht ibt t3e mir
of artillery did not cese or 6 mOm Lt
The day broke ad. witkh a eUt
Wina Te roi odsave Wee tied
1r the atL
Pages JFrqnsl la0eqpanme.
St. after r ot. 1L-4;0 p. a.
-As asimueepeat feI Was fn
sa41; tbhat the admnitraties belie
*d that tbhe te for ldiat ko ti
the hrr Xsibtr war wa asppweIu
tl created un favorable ImpIWet
la ove mtms clles, wherl the Is
am $Iellrlon to lsoclatr It With
l* nlatewv!tw f the Asmouisted Pftn
wiat a diplomat at*-Tokl4 ierMntii rropriety of rOewlag lthe *stw
la bOt at the mteratcs of pafe.
Ti Ideat of Desace It Is assertt bu
onmfd ardly eomse moe sIopportum
i, wilU thu Japanese la the fall luk
Of vitory. It hs aroused oly *s
aitebat and there i sso doubt Ith
I Pwtiden* Roosrevelt should etaftly
attempt to ojiwn the question at Ut"i
Ua hbe RouI4 meet with a rebuif.



If.lai Pay Mtary
to Japa Dead.


Peb kaSvIS Japanesp ,ea
1 Ri1f Wift urlag Night f
17 aen t a t the Villrage i

St. Petersburt. Oct. 19.-The
at tEla has received the following l
path ta General akharuff dated
'The Ruiatalne reputladi a Ja
attack ce heir right wing'durlatg
might of October 17 and seed *U
vilUlage of Shalandltar, on the beak
the Ihlkhe river and east of Bhaktfl
The stemy strngily bombarnded
Sipret d the village but did as
vance to the attack on LoAe Tree
now called Putitou hill.
*"TD work of burying the dead l,'
seeded all night long. Military b.
ons wer pa:6 the Japanese dead.L
"C'(Aom table concentration of thk
esms's trcteps has been observed
Iaglast cur e-nter. There wasu
ightIo yeattentay on our left tMLau


Co*Ubratilo in Honor of the Feasl ei
Lt. Luke.
Boston. Oct. 19.-Before the sesaelo,,
of the Episcopal general conventleo.
were rtsumed today the blshopS aid
deputies attended a celebration ot Hof
Communlon at Trinity church, in oo '
or of the feast of St. Luke. the Urva

The house of drlegates at their buo,.'
lausC sesiton again took up the sew
canon estahllshing courts of revierl
The work of the canon was practically i
completed yeterilay. but a number d
provisions remained to he acted on. g
The women's anxillary of the board
of umitsons at their conference was
addressed by RIt. Rev. Luiletn u ,41
Involving hlihop of Southedn Bra l
I BIhop Willam 11. M.uodel. of BacTr,
mento. and Blishcp James B. VFunitof.i%
1 Bolise, IdaIo.
A conference of diocesan SundaI
School andr inutltute was hold at Trie
Ity pariah house thIs forenoon.


Railroad Reserd in United States f0
First Nine Months of 1904.
Chlcar >. Oct. l.-81ner Jan. 1. 1994
3l; perina haveo been killed In ralt
road w"cks In the t'nited States sad
ove.'* l,7t have been more or less e
barely Injured. allow muany more late
diel of their injutrlies there is no meaMS
of ttiling. These casuiaties hate
6C- CRuflt by thirty accidents.
A. C. Miller of Chicago,. draws th E
to!towi'g ccrurlon from his years
of. zxpcrlenc as an Invettlgator of
railroad wrP Is:
"The hardest thing with which the
railroan ient have to intendd in the
operation of their systems is thE
poseess of enOtineers to disregari
signals. The best man who ever ran
as engine ill have his moment, oi
mental abiratlon, when he will f'll tc
men the 'anger ahead until It is tI.
late to provide aglanst It. That CaI
be done only 1y aetomatlcaly stop
pIlng the train." ,


a. A. '''
I, ii ii '''~,

l,- I C

rt- -- -,.--.4 .- ...*,,------ -



oAr tIr hen WFS o r mad., Winter S1rr noM of buiddd A. 4
PSSPEAPNSAi Ts of thl .am4dN vsarletkyn soh as ha a vea rueW,,r4
-" ind tem. rrmea s, r. &m 4o
mn enSS ai k-- O hts ts b WsrfS ttuI'm *nW. ra ('ti.e a 4 a
SAla irw7 Dayy. OAlilIVLLB IUISA ES, L L. HRVES, Prprotor, .* GAIIESYIL,'j

isfeep gstrenlt is Their UaA LEd DBLUE
i v tiMlNNl WIN be MtM ,Beoneial A I
NewshadI, the u e t silski Wss
emqbh adueed as Mo have reached n e
so- seoellemxs umm ejao*dtemaw* n sd Liquirs
o lp, sad ame"n tokeIs belng .. .
...aLs os to m l e me flhmene m an
1s0Wa studm e lab besooked ftor BAY STREET,
BiiSe anmsomedent Joe AI. Pound ia WIS-. JACKSONVILLE
prieag a earns "a"-d eltus workC. J"0 L
amwe omew say be Mmid of hi. ON FLORIDA.
ablet halts who have entered upon
the w grisly memeou d san with Agents for Pabst MllIhk ee Usor.
sat e rmlamt loa to make tibs pse-nt E .,1irt, 11ir thl, IUi dos. i11 per dos. $1.24
s1eheets tgli nerome of As moet 5u Il'ti, 1,, per hblaU, 1 dos, 12; per dox, $1 C
mieulul and hbasetal m the bhistorg of
,t.s ge- ift* I. 'en Jl;g'sI Cnlolnnat 1 d Heuart BUsr.
Whilo she barmeeks msd dormitories i'r ti, Io doa. $0; per ae, *1.
oawre new comfortably filled, SuperItn- ___
m e 1 mdeas Poond assures all who desire
oe-A oove*nleaSat m comfortable ,'W Iy freight or express charges
p atu mlluary deputmmet of th eCol.
T s ,ars, uAd, irth 'supe"iion LEWIS 1866, Away Above Everything in
bn p. I, M. Thoi. provlaR thW Wis1ky Line:
ses m iVAshe, ad kr I 4 full quarts ........ r,(,0
bees emp$ms.etased by the aperl*.. f quarts.. t
topws Aor a. elepas snvire *" full quarts ........
p ster qi)isg of shefoeed. A glawnn BLUM'S MONOGRAM, 10 Years 0Od:
at ths iieto u044e the W *Ie 4 te.full qurt . -..
th t SUpalrItsseidet ed h a" fal quarts ........
mlmplasudsks t somplleses, 12fh lquarts.....A ui
in owms a atrellwot of b EARLY TIMES, Pure Sour Mash Whisky:
Walerry will Now o ed 22l, and settled I B ad Lader Pi.ermemn suimrti~lon.
Mpow Seodmts are sarTg almo.* 4 full quart, del .... 4 4:
wo OW me. Mairemen msgPS prop Ifullquarts....
sever fth4 u oipen le Institution .
yter nipas Iu wohips .. 12 full quarts . . ... 1,
4.0& UM a.. SS-- -Years Old:
oftBoSewsSot eSWof siep. 4 full quarts. 8 s20
s, ha Jd"Mag on, he ea which I s be. full quarts 4 6"
e eP 104 eolgwlen d by tbe.WalterU ob n. 12 full quarts 4 oo
"tBBo,* ee m ti''of, cotton depart .. *
a, t a.r. Dt,,D a co., it would SHERIDAN CLOB:
'" s|pperhet ft thmbt AteAis determined to 4 t U (1Qarts ... ... '2 7
hSR. taIr pde e the uo s ab grse of epatoen ; tua .uarts .....
S It* wM lehi asa o w o bS In this sectio,,. p u il ii rts .........
bse D spee ntes state thastso mset 8 ........
pi hlk* e the staple In Aopen in the fleld, ---
thn. s aM* Amuses for *uoavoto m IhAe \'wob. "e ,'.tlr.ys iu evtrvthinir in the
mia 6 d h s er, beda ad ey to somewhat b lJ r i ine Whi.skies, Gins,
Mhs .. d*leoglge the grmwer, as pickers ire ld
pA 9 UR. very, sad th. loner c,,on iu \ 1V't, r U Winels f 1om
S'^^ttr.;1t a lrTed permlltd to Sr4main In the field thl. 1 n Tl> i 0i per gaL

"i"<1 -m,- a tA ted *ta The Sun of $tur- '... .. .
eelmed' ,dasehmlm, day. for tIe week ju,, losing DPqiqn
fBtel A1 damel.,n l Co. handled abou eight hundrmd

g ed shere .ll teM was SavesW Two From Death.
-S S a,- e ip e Morn.- "Our little daughter had an almost
ii U Mih i, s3ii-s fstig mttak or whooping cough and
tS b lWisghs hsv bo" bordiil." pritne Mrs. W.. K. H rl. ,

hwuBt"' ,tlhe.e. a nad 0of Anronk, N. rY., "b'lt, when j
.nnteed her so p .y a fin. or all other rmidlos a filed, we saved hr
life with Dr. King'. New DIseoveary.
?iwthm--e.etorelod,%L a Orul r mel, w. who had consumption in
.,.. f t' 4a n-k a- advanced tagKe, also used this won-
A.hs fwjor beng. .a derful medicine and today she Is per-
10l1_jw .U kW .1., n'- ,*' fully well." UMsperate hm t h and
ed im ds ate of the uct. lcugdltseMseyiuld fith. Kaq'i N w
.. "W"-r Dl on e to no other medicine on
3spoOuuOu. Ozo or ToUL$o3, **)arth. Infallible for coughs asd cold%.
,c .C.v..* isn. $1 ot le n.uara"mnmd by asil .
.k J. O a-makosaSh tb ha t drists. Trial bottles I ee. sofbhe ensoftu F. J.
& CO.s doing beasine sthe
e14l9, ee sty and State afore.
d. stWa idM firm will pay 0 MISS1 TEEAU'S
W Oielleadnai Dollarn for esoNh A
esn fot buanrrh that ean BOARDING AND
.Vtmd by th wt ofi Hil'se Oatarrk A
Mfsat J.CM.,... nOAT SCHOOL
i 0Wto brorae sad eaaribed be d'
I pa preien., this h day of pes*18
l wm*, A, P). 18. Ai TLIU, F ORIBA
'bA A, A. WGAse SI TL*
Notary Pubbe.
Hafth 0tarrh C Ie ts takes later-
aIll sadweitdm s-wabl on the blood
isem sm4eiCsf1 o s k em.THIRTIETH YEAR
Ife te* imen te, frep. %, -.,-
bS Todo. o. Opeas September 19. 1904
Tkhe aide Fs ly Pills for coniu. -.
t s-9- New Qua-rters" ofFATE or AtrrIorr.
W. H. 4pseoambe of Oea, rpre. NO. G&
aitlg thte Ser Ma fmsrlg 1. A. C. Crooil. Mroiwer o1 The htoo of 0
OlCpneuy1* has stated the store we- Ser tm eame of the Hank of Alsohu. .* P. .
e SOW at Alcbum, and orrkhlied >wuier the
-l 4 ~by L J. Batkhl, laws*ol nFrid. ka coau.lied with the 1w.
Mr id61 eq18 aUe. and will remove i ukt,,F ^t"r"to I* t'Ot'S wt1jb b th p t-1-
H....... .. 4W4 o-tihrStateuI fl.oIatabedsoreth. iwl



&T r'77 r-_ I

~~,9ru'~jyyl '9 jC.i -
______ S
I -. 'U

. rR


harge ofrThe Hamilton at
White Springs.


the Most Widely Known Year-
d Resorltst in the State. Where
Accommodations are Made
large Crotds of Guests.
a. FtA. E -1 k ( s It the IVrown
Silhis Ciy. lh te R se % a d.;iAl uf
erable im.olttJan.4', liarviuig pur-
fronim.Join S. Bowen of White
the famollsi Hamin.ion House.
hi one of the luadling resort alsd
rtelal hositelrt,'4 in the State.
Hi lamilton hia made most aSton-
growth, which. under the LCe*w
weent is deuilned to increase
a ti'au y iimproverments will Tlt virItue of the aiimiues
ofi \White Springs have tetme
wide reputatiunthat those af-.
wi plt ihetunalsinm and other
co eomefr hundreds of nl me to
pelfle. Thu owners of the ipriing
a!wrrd to rreat a wall 06 feet
by 26 feet in width at the base,
will cu:nplettly shut uut the
P, from ite awsaee river and
$ any possible overflow, which
formerly been a source of great
ee anJ subsequent financial
to the hotels. With this im.
aent bathing In tle spring is as-
the ear round, regardless of
et and o thhtr disasters.
hhb the co-operatlIon of such a hio-
laMessr. Etel At Son will give,
J Spring is deitind to become
iltshe leading watering resorts of
is understood that the considtra.
ftr the Hamilton property was
and the new management pro.
to expend 46,00) on improve.
The hotel has its own electric
aad water plants, which will also
twmprved. John W. Ettel will
the Hamilton, while Joseph A.
-will assume the responsibilities
h. management of the Brown
kere, being given entire charge.

Devoted to Securing Jury In
Case, Gainey and Williams.
eluit court convened for the
term of the fall session Monday
lg att 9 o'tock, Hlls Honor Judge
only ease coming up, for the day
has of the State vs. Those. tainey
esse Williams, charged with mar.
Tbe defendants were arraigned
pleaded uot guilty, whereupon the
proeeded to draw a jury. This
a diltlault matter, and a
U part uf the day was occupied
*,indireetio, but finally a Jury was
and the taking of testimony
rtequest of the attorneys for both
aland defense, IMlla Jessie Evans
SWforA as stenographer in the ease.
lowiug is the 3ury in the se:I:
ClOheser, It. F. lgesm. L. L. Hill,
5. McCorrmick, J. 1. Shaw, J. A.
.| D. A. RnbertsonC. J. Mi mson,
h.Taylor, A..S. Wilkeronz, Robert
Isll 3. L. Shepherd.
rI fttr heariiid a part of the evidence,

tour adjourned until Tuesday
lug at 9 o'clock.


sing Officer H. E. Taylor Re-
SIves Government Documents.
ti realury department of the
States government at Washing.
hts forwarded to H. E. Taylor of
Filst National Bank. who has been
,ted disbursing agent for the
government building in
vie, a number of blanks, etc.,
are to be used in making requ-l-
and vouchers, as well as die-
this, for material, labor, eta.,
Ot to the ereetion of the build-

p1bi!s what might really be termed
SiSt definite move In the diree-
IOt the proposed building, which
ilpg 8the people of Galnesville In
for so tong, and Is looked
9s. an timation that work will
Sat no far distant date.
A Love Letter

.. - I-


The life ( f food is the fat
within it-t;e nw.ore fat the
more real benefit from the
food; that is why cod liver
oil is a powerful builder of
Scott's 'En'u'aion of pure
ccl liver t il slaves the
problem of how to take cod
liver o il. That is one reason
why doctors have been pre-
scribing Scott's Emulsion for
all diseases, coughs,
colds and bronchitis for
almost thirty years.
We' .1 tc rd vs ad mp free .pne rueq t.
SCOTT & I;WNE, 44 Peausl trsel. New TYnt,


Strcng Plea Entered by Pastor of a
New York Church.
N,. V r4, )(it -l' In a tirmon at
i tu < .. i; : t A r L ,l. Rev.
i< r > o; i,,, t <'A nterrtd ra
trt,.L, ;, f,. m f.. op. n l,:il artItra.
tit.n jvn; ,i .. I a- t I.a .f re tuany
rt !nirtii.!, I \ l. ,i )d .' I sa'.03n will
i:i,] war. Wit i!,, lln.t- ti 'y incrta&k
il'. (tU 'tl ,f 1wa) ..s tI costly

a rl t f.o a ,. t tl r ', ir i vrtlr;'.a tl t;n.
ntl 11 A E?., l f ;1: (i y rd ![ K 1 1, t t

nat.lmh tif i,.' 4 ,L01g.
'If I t i : rs t I jI ihat t '!s w r.r
itrni. I w,. i;Al 1 i. A' 11, My lifted.
'"l .t t. i p.., ",*. | I ;s: h t,;* l~ fe te n
a ilt'.' b ,hi : tIiru;, r e;izire. E.ven
n.a.v iltt .ir,+ er ( ;ii!'tg i hv ctlh t of

for. natlJn1. M .li'c+ h '., Iteria l ,Iwar
hai e 'd<.r.e p ? v,: : t ri,,Jng wh.,ru
wure ar, g,.ti to hi 1 I liOf f t 'n..t, rl e:ttc.e before 1 60
had lcigh1t the i.-<, paying the
(.WerTS *l. fo0 lor eihi. ildo you know
how inil i t uli is tion would havu
saved? The war cost 50.000 a piece
fo,.theni to say uthinK o)f the los of
those io ir-ands of gallant men on
both sides, the ijck anil flower of the
land. Suppo^eh iese. brave qnd wvlr
oroas of bo y, whitl courage sad Intel-
lect. had been tpared to the country!
We ean't help fctlltg that the united
latest would have been a different
-- U


Foreign Chriutlan Missionary Society
Christian church.
st. ii. ft-. s -Tiht Fk rrsttn
Chri tnn 31;- o, 'i::r:," r nc( ty ( fifth,
Ccr-!.+,'nan cr (, .Aned In urr:1*!
CtInvi mi io'I 1 ,i-y ; at Ithe c* ',* {'i
l tili :;iz.. t: .u 1i:t: t@ act ac rt in .t
l:';' (01i.\ tITn. '., Ii AIh a111 t1 I' In 't -
Ion t ) v.i ,'v v,, as. i ap lt:ttd auni: IL-
anr imt remij res of tIhe office of the
soi'4ty wtre r'.eil and approved.
IU\-. It. It. .Miller. of Buffalo. N
Y., do lver.d an address on "The Pro
Irian, of Jesut." and the remainder ol
the opontnxg Pesion was devoted tU
llttening to talks by foreign mission
There %a no session today of the
American Christian Misstonary soe.
ety. but the ,e ,lon will be resumed
tomorrow and will continue until Wed
neday night.

Justice Colman's Court
John William.. colored. was sarreet
ed by marshall inkoson on a warrant
sworn out at the instigation of Virgil
Smith, charging him with the larceny
of $1(t from a trunk. Smith alleges
that during his almence Williams went
into his place, broke the lock, opened
the trunk and extracted the money.
U'pons request of the defendant, who
stsaed that he desired to employ the
services of a lawyer. the ease was
postponed by .lustce Col man until
this morning.
Card of Thanks.
Judge J. A. Carlisle desires to extend
through The Sun his sineere thanks for
the kindness of many friends in assist-
ing him and hit family during his re-
cent los by tire, and assures them that
these kindness will never be forgot-

AlIed WVh;tecappers Arrested.
.IniU'.t '.n i al i 1 TAwo mur,

INlE Bint: O BER 0,1[-'


SBecretary of State-John F. Horr,
Attorney-General-Fred O. Cubber-
ly. Levy.
Comptroller-J. L. Skipper Polk.
Treasurer-E. M. Brelaford, Dade.
Superintendent of Publie Instrue-
tion-W. R. O'Neal. Orange.
Commissioner of Agritulture-J. 8.
Rowley. Putnam.
Railroad Commissioner H. J.
Ritchle. St. Johns.
Justice Supreme Court for term of
six years--W. LI. Sheppard, Eseambia.
Justices Supreme Court-0. S. Farr,
C. S. Adami. Duval.
E. P. Aztell, Duval.
Congresslonsl Ticket.
First Congresional District-E. R.
Gunby, Hillsboro.
Second Congreaional Distriet-J. M,
Cheney. Orange.
Third Congreesional DiatrIet-L. M.
Ware, Washingtoa.

Nic AMd's Slool ul Cf

Jaeksonville. Florida

MerehastU Lunch from 12I o p. a.
lln --_diL __ .. .. .. t ...a. .-- .-- .--

- -


Notv1l txhibitlon at World's Palr-.1I
81. Louis, Oct. I -. WJIilh 1H retrle
prtfnlr lnnag ni-rica :n:an and Ja-
pan, ;., finrt kilt fl) iis (o uimhts of
the Lu, t| t #vl hell !, 'rin wl'.ay In thal
ae1il. 'la? a' e ii e' dl . 4 r 1iT 1U I 1h a nd
olhi. :'tart upacet at tI \ WV.rldul Fair,
Ar A the f ni';4.! 1[%it. \ e 1 JDr.
Al, -.a .,! r (Irahailn l i nventor of
the :, ,iln'i tu ~ItriL I at alin n ; Pro.
few-,r I: :dljMil. Ilnvsi r I f lthe E9ihel
Lite i, ;..1 ( r C aiptln i i tl.l'towe& cl
f-" 'A t' .h1,
r *"* 1i f 'tt n'" f'" li,|;te *.4tn IB
f i '.)r tn- id ma r' ihown atit
t", 1 u.its nn raI.tI curmnideratde At-
tenri,.n. i
'rn .~ n tiiln e, rtling competition
wii ho ii!!e-igh content in which'
Pa n IV. Aell anwl EIi fwle wkit -tn. In
this r iult..I the' helighi were deter-
mined rini nomerrlcally. and4 no kite
WiA m s't'. e' firr.t prize whieh dild not,
attafn I'0., heght of at least a mile.
In thet ;,.0-n fn t ratinle'table height. it
was do1 r.laicd by means f tf he qaud-


Body of White Man Found In Hut
Near Peoler.
Savannah, Ga.. Oct. 18.-The body
of John 1lrown. white, aged about 46.
was found In a hut near the Central
of (Georgia railroad track not far
fronm Pixil'er.
Coroner Pooler was notified and
made an Invest:gatIon.
lie came to the concluslto that the
cause of death wan larvation.

Neighbors Fall Out
Spartanbiirg. B. C,. Oct. IS.-atur,
day night 8yd Kimball and John Ber-
ry became involved In a dl Aculty o.
Main mtrei. Aa a result of the af-
fray Kimball was cut by Berry and
les In a critical condition with little
hope for his recovery. The two anS
are neighburn, and live It the vicialty
of Bolling spring,. Be1y l In JaIl.
Sight Heuses.Ur ed. .
Montgomery. Ala., Oct. lS.-rire i
the quarters of the Adams cotton fta-'
tory destroyed eight house Sunday O*f
lernoon with a lon of $4,500.
MoNey sa Plentiful.
Jackson .1MIs ,. Oct. ls.-The baht
of .IlJ o. ~p art filled to overflowlag
with tnmn>') and offi t are belin made
to loan farmeria who wan to hold
back their cotton in Ilberal sume on
reasonable terms. One bank at Wet
Pe'nt has $250.006 to off the rum
er _


National, State and Congres881on-.
al Ticket 1904.

Presidential Electors.
C. P. Buffum-Franklin county.,
Gea. K. Robinson-Marion county.
Ueo. H. Holmes-Brevard county.
G. A. W. Wendell-Gaduden county.
A. MI. Cushman-Alachua county.
For Governor-Hon. M. *B. Maefar*
lane, Hillsboro.


-. J.

The-Largest* Mail- Order
'For M1's, Womea's sad Ru lMUM%


un ?a.en .
Cluithing, Hats, Underwearsand PrlNshla ,
Tailored Suits, Skirts. Js.kets, Prn, Wal d,
snin.,.*< -a

fORu BOrg, -
Clothing, Hats, Underwear 1ad Fporlbalp. "
Drem lt, iRefer., Qaket, Uderw .; '.,
t We send goods by txpir 0. O. D.le
faminee before aPe ptu ...g.
AW o ehWeh falif send Itwoor thlMelf
ment for selection.

Write for our completely F a

'"^^" M~l~l"""^"^M""pl"",>B'j' ,.. +-, ,*--



copper DistITh d.16..l
Queen City ..... 00
unny South..*.. 50
Gilt Edge.,..,- 8 00
Pedlgree........ 4 00
Overholt......... 400

. ., *w



P. 0. Box 401. JACKSO3VILLE, IA.

The S te 1
:-" . .. W

A8 iWOuM."n

SWheeler &WhNoal

- .. :- .t d t -' +-


"Trah yeuhn qfor/ Tie pa w t M" &

Title is what you pay for when you ba land;
know what you ar buying

.. Titis ordinarily invisible corrWetly Mvesltd to yes II ,

The Alachua County- Abstract. CoA i



..: ,. :




~ut~c~ :~'*~.~

SRIm, -o whr esW b
:. "p viss, ,. b*

*a.' awTl**)tw$
ll lsln IA ftt-t

Mo"W S^ W-V ,

sMr t&Mleog os

I^Fii^^ be^ <^-
eaieh vt. "
San,'ol *

go .ei .eLA
-- ']''' I t i I I

se e he m m ,i

I V ."6b4 l1 ,Tm. A i

tvifw1 mw at a

"a' Tyl" to AMi p 0" O w
S--Ms*f Ta ad. is e onk' lm
Be H|ted~,rf tle IRANil t
get t All tie.' ,m e > *|

M fit fta'boui *W .. de
,:,m9 l Stb- a te d r; m
BIl TeM Cttlc o t (Wl ,

S o ,~UI,. Whit t
i.|,M aM, M T. e .

sie a l,

Vr *WIsvy of Lak City Is in the
ei*y itb a srMad of honesto s ll.
fl1Z 610Mha hi ton he eodaly,


and Bailding Material,

m Vt. VIS Cord BMru

I K N4OKUfl Pro~riuie


^*^^i^^*m---- ----- ^f~
Mb _h iSna I I

Te.-Oldest Whiskey

S-loeM In Georgia


Omwsated 8 earo old. By the
ilon Wo. 4 full quarts 8L0.
S4) 5. WL.E MAN lt l
GOsateld pen ol4. By the
Ilm .. 4 full quarts 0o0.

g3oal ot0

4ear old. Bythe
4 fal qartre a.7.

#arrw BIt
y t c"Illon a.. 4 illqoa"
O manuteMt 4 eas old. BL thb

SOImNMid sl s old. 1BY ,
We haiNle all the Ioldl bands of
Ry9 sad Bearboo Whkiie te iMr.
_A, ._ _...MIyou f., sPn l Mrani

Th Only 8114 Sholw to Thitit his
I I 1 --. L"- -i -s -.-- -- OT.

UsgI,. l.sI* ay.. sbow
"' EWIN so, s e'tasT t' t er of
LEigh Oipp shele, spent Masur*
,, t ,dSuSap with bet peonsa.
T el4S 1, the bs1s melon
SI, Is able to be o6t aga0 n ai teran
| ol0laOn me.,-14 t Mnr. qes**
Opm is reVod4 t lowly.
W lwsNI nli O. J. selol r will.
,me eke printingltait of -The Eagle
so Maigh Spring asd elt I in his ogl016
Otto n Ih still tooming n rapidly.
o The glel are (sed to their utmost
ftr room mand ios lnufg d a sand
mIlS. The eottea erop eIs so mnueh bet.
tOO tha was expected ,that is iJ sur.
prying. .
00 ursideuts my there were more
Sople i Aloashos Set4rday than sthey
bAt ever seN here as one time befom,
po I m T thsounaa dblias bhansed
,04_ t G lood p gave tup his building
for the bank, *nd will up is ofltoe in
e tBhel Gwell bul Milg.,
it Henry LeRoy l baiAk si his post aft.
d t several miat IUlme.
tr tan. Willias has returned after
s ra d av s visit to hotel brother at
p, WalletrsL,
il d A.d Osteen aud so, laohn, of Hine
rI o the eity Nolld y.
-, i lk of -M it wa indta
19ft itvV~eiM


10 Big Shows Combined

Presenting the Ideal Show of the WholeI

a" "

.. ..S cu.- s,


The Wonder of the Age, in His Sensational,
Awe-Inspiring, Death-Defying Unparalleled Act
of Circling the Loop in an Automobile.

ADNA, the Only Lady Someault Rider on Earth. HOO fioHerd of PNfa
Ina Elephants! Mighty MillionaIre Mengevrie! o Cmes and OlGoM
Deno.! 00 Hones! 60 Indians! 100 Shotlond Pouin! The Urn '
Biblial Spestaealar Produetion, KING SOLOMON AND THE
QUEEN OF SHEBA 1,000 Men, Womon and Horses In the Cun..
*rannd Free s8000000 Strnt Parade! Fire Bonds of Musie, Fife %ad5i
Corp., Chime of Beil., 50 Cars and (ided Dens. 29 Tableau Cares, 12
Thoroughbred Horses. 00 Miniature Poies, Steam Callope drawn by ;0
and driven by one man. Ever Tent Brilliantly Ill minated by Etee r il
and Thoroughly Waterproof. Two Performanets Daily, Rain or Shine.



lI~uatratlng the Boundlem Reeources of
The Richest Province In the British Empire
Its coal, oil. and timber: its lIsherlee on naR. lake au4 river: it nmilneral and adrd
re*ouree 1tseltlies and town :It river. :ake and mountain scenery. e peclta'4 :lutrtAlgN
great mtnina development. with view ofr il the pri~ltpiJ mines. mtil, imtiter et. t.
Knt Post*Fre e Renlpt fe Pridr, $1.00 and $1.40
Address, JAMES LAWLER, Rossland, B. 4;.
The :'ar:eat advertiser in and for Brittaih Columbla.


The Big Four
I(onsolidated Gold Mines, Limited.

Capital $625,000, of which 35 per cent In shares is now in 80
Treasury. Shares fully paid and non-assessable.
MI HI I IN n i ., ...... n

Mines dirretly west of the Le.kol
and LeRol No. 2, War Eagle and Con.
ltr Star, four of the latest gold-eop.
per mines In the world, all of which
have paid large dividends.
AWSame identical ore and veins
now In sight on the BIG FOUR. Large
orb bodies.
Aays from n to$800 n gold, eop.*
per, sUlver, *t. Very rich display a.
now on exhibition In the city ore Ix-
bibit, eauelitg wide eotament.
We have Mearly two miles of rail.
way on Baig Four property with water
and timber in abundance.
Roeland ore shipments for 1802,
S,00 tome. Shipped for 190M, about
410Q0O tons. Total altie of Ro~elad
orse mined, $#7.000,000.

Roesland's large ore bodies lS!
great auqees with the eoneeatrti
system 61 ore reduction. W00*
now pays to mlae as now proved
the IStet reportand d ividenda.
No lem than 100 shares old. BlISb
oan be had on inasallment plan.
meats monthly. Twenty per
ash, balane* within a year.
Company has no debts or liabt
Rpferenese.-The Hon. Mayor. I j
Qommiseionlr. petsmaster, or a-
bank or businows man in cty.
There i a tide ia the affair of IN
which taken as the flood, lead$ aOB
fortune. Omitted. All the yoW r
their life I bond In shallows ad

.... ens SHARE glrn C.MalMtid ... 16.




S .', _

m 'lz

I_ a_ i_ _ I


,31JaIM. Its 011 O Sia . r P 1.
a ur. WM ef At 1

EInT Esualy and rTbur4aj'

cO&tARY. Editorai4 I'ubl'v.

Trae.a.Week Oru %1 a yar; six
u,.; single col'ieu, e.
SAPDsmtfllo Rilll a TK
Sa|dvertieImnt*, 16 te li.e
first and.10 c t* for each sd di-
dtdvIrthilet V t'a thr e,
,ii months at eial rttf*.
gnlabed ut1 iw al B1p1lfatluiti.
and ld death not icesier irtd
aisrlu nC, ent sit line.

OU COLVsMrxo L:. cx.
nid the Thrice-.-WWe'k
L) World one year.......*. I 5
C onstittuton one year.. I ,
pad the Attlanta (ta.)
Wek7i journal one year. 1 50
Bad the Semni-Wrekly
nlon one year...... 1 .I
will not aempt stamis of a
*6enomi Uattion than 2 celits.

R' Per Eresldeit.
of New York.
For Vler--P'rt l.lrt,
Ri^ (of Wet Vi-'
S United ltu tte< A'itor,
mallber Convgeore. tnd Diatric't.
S Pr!ldeinthul Ele'-tors.
~T. A. SENNIN;tl
| L C. B. KOONC.

Se rtary of State.
"1 Stat Tleasurer.
imtendent of Puli l insTtructlon.
Lt Olsmillorne of Agrihtuture,.
K; B. i. McelN.
Ra BIllrotd Comurn lt fon.r,
; tMee Suprvne Court. Sx Ysars,
',.. i~itlstre Sfuprene Court,
Ctunt Judge,

Clrt Crcnult Court,
Tax Assessor,.
ki Tax Collector.
tedent of Pubhi lInstruction,
County Trasuirer,
W.13, ROBERT80N.
County Surveyor.
B.., Jl. 0. O flyEN.
SMember, of Pchmol Board,
T. A. DOK E.
Ii L. 3. Wsm5.,

Slmaben of the Buffalo Board
U have Act Indleted and
a othe charge of saoepling
for awardlag*e moulelpal fon-
In the naroort mom the smnsed

11- LttW.. > i ^ 1 <

untrue and lbeloiw, m ud we o busby~

"'"'ih U S'". i "., A .p0'A. us WoL.w 3 4
hil Co4rrs ;~z.uene Th, Sjn. Af l CR. McOWa. Au
el tilond 4ay appromahe inster-fi in lbthe. Peril. miNu \ WaLr,'
campialgn bcon es inre interned and Late Proprleaon Commiroela ,
little els Iit golitihs ia lo ard in lly .LANtuN.
WaIh:1I1gtodI. E-x.S.ituA Davis8 pased And thereupom upon motion of the
through W\ashingbton this week and was you like your thin, rough, plaintiff i the above case. skie sad
gretted at the railrolta station by a short hairP Of cour you aoe stand disnmtned'
number of pro:iinent Democrats with don't. Do you like thick, Los It be remembered that tlM did
the usual ao.,imnpaninent of a brass heavy, *smooth hair? (f not make the libelers (I. E. Wolfe .m
handr. he veineae zx.ienator was course you do. Then why *l.) the lEss guilty, but *Imply we
tckii: hii et ail, spote mnsit nlipe.*- in litigation of damages, i r. Wolfe
f`11y rf alrding tihe I uoliiu l *li1lationi. il stands on lthe reordolte of Ia eits to
altih viAgh h w>j!d nct a'l n the news- 1'orlda as a ee*If.onftened 4d mrof
I aper turii t. 'ti'lte imi. 6 Was s'w eh lrsoter.-Lake City Inde.
c~nlaniiiid ,by sriatr laihii qf Vir. not becpleased? Ayer's Hair -
gini-. i.x- \Whytte ,'f Mary- Vigor makes beautiful heads It wear. worth nothlii to the
Ii1.1, Wv.iO de.,Cril.ed lf n I a of hair that's the whole ploaI homn, wea nd 1a flu0r ourt.
"yu'lrk man of mighty ouncier.." ex- story. Sold for 00 years. olves that there ls a bil niobe* for a I
$.Si;atur 11.i and Iev'Iral local ic,'li- 4** 3 have ud Aveerilr t, vtfor ar ts in theoutaide world. The soe whom
erat.,. aswel a aa corpj of zwwspaw- t. i a indict, a whsui a? u i his father trusts with hiq bu essw
r 114tm l vi.P.rei.l.ntiili Ml, wrt lintas l.'amiX41E -, rmio, d on whom hin mohi tr l)epW,'
tdidat 1 w on I.i t weay l, "tl. invsinm ni.. W. .eart io.. who helps pleat a igh ideal Ins a
f Wnt Y':r,.nia." ~~h!r- i.itI, to 1f- for mindiofs O ayouner bl other, who feels
liw tht a:nf rmonttf a dIIaI tnere IT |W y reepunslbllity for asking lbms M
Sdt atttt.Weak Hair
,th. ri,-rii:tiaI L'n:.d,.it, Ne ftl a 5f Mfll3 best and mllost attMlve plan t4o be
pl',it!i'an party ilme wetks aa. Ul.I t tOind, is lhe voy o0e whola l lwM
thliiean !iiraiic si.pcial train will make __ a lultes for hood Bbud he .
more *irnp. Mu'ch good is looked for -------- imlts of home. Bust Ut 1 io$ e wo ea .
toward turning the tI., to the Drmo- on November th. It is also believed ahxleLi eso tothn ad mbeseo n
orats in \\estN Virginia. aAd welI pos td td!at the barrelel between LaV'olltteo blankets on the farmill giety, l do
Ori1:. fat aIsert thai if the'. -ifres- alj the ipooner*'s1arles faction Is wellghts o far a thethe.hoiseld dele
idr:tial wiJl fu:low his cpeak.- ertaiin to give the ltnlmocrats n ad are eoneerne4, will "os provegq pp
ira ) r with a very litwrlid emtribu, dliional seat u ine $Lenate. Is is licular value to lko l all l. nt'*
t;n tito L.e camrpaini fad the ;epub. wlhisperd itn Ilside circles that ex- side. Their value M home wingss
iar.s will be "snowed nz: er"ifi 'West Sienator Viles will be returned to the their value to the mitM.
Virginia. Senate, to sueseed 6Snator Quaries, by 1 ' of the 1)emneratia National a fusion of the Stalwart liepubliea Admiral Wlkeoeraamaee ta a. t
Committee reaches Washington chiefly nd the l'teICoaratle memrbei of the carsl oalmlNi wilt keep 0M. Wo.
throhli ti.e Dt oeratlo Congressional Iegislature. Mr. Viles wa s stunh freo port is l sea l me, a
Comnliitee, which las. It head in this alty, Lt sicleh information has comnmanudd he highestetrespet from questloa whk theush.Sj oedlt g ..
thius far proven more inecurate than both parties. He has .iwais stood Colos a4 Pand ,t'aSdimp l mI
much of the alleged news whih has high in Wivsconsin and i tihe only man in their. tewt oW set. YTw .
appeared in the New York pre*#. The who eould command th support o@f "rep*blie"will has. iomevbte a"
course cf the campaign of William J. both parties. United 8ftews stripe sd1t 1 .l a
Bryan in Inliana will be watched The Prsidtent remains In Washing. l*. _______
with tIe keenest intertet by all Dem- toon probtblg vainly looking for' the
cerate. Chairman Taggart expresses marching elub laud campaign orgalm. Thene a seom peoplOe w 1.jh.
the utmost eonfldeice In Mr. Bryan' rations which, earlier la ._* year, h*e let tha wham Pise4a lg sg
*ineerlty, and Mlesrsi. Hill, Sheehan, dielared Oyster Bay w d be unable *pok@ Ia the MR e e11
Belmont and others believe that Mr. to accommodate, bps noie of them lt lakei Cly heeP klelw lg
Tagmart's confidence is nut mihpisajd. hare come. In vi$ of the faot that gsMtog this fngoteb lo fil
Ther- are those who iesist that Mr. the 0iepubleaeu as il possessilo of bthoo d mihr pt ." iT.
Bryan 'as disloyal Iih aiitting that all the -'mMehlirp!" affordd by Fed. ulSuMAt bW ihbtoll"t wesi
Parker and 1'arsis tood no chance eralffie-holders, ete., they re mak. But it ma i asM iiou mste aS
of carrying Nebraska. Mr. Bryin' in a very poor thow of enthusiasm lI so dangsO of IM -si mtslel! b .
friend, on the other hand. siy that hisfor their endidate
course was not only warranted, but Almost nothing tbelag done by the Out of fl 8 m of silde Ii o '
was wise. They submit that a dtels- various executive departmeiate l 8 were eUM sed1 W tbhe
ration that Nebraska w i Lid ievitably Washitnron. aside from their rouilse aidtbein monsthamdlpeu ee. I Sf
"go Repblicani" was no more distyal utlies. Even the estimates for the sailtar ode of i w York City
than sudh an assertion regarding Ohio comIng year Ire beling hld up "until bes amended ito pervi4e thS
wculd be coming, from John R. Me- after eleetlon."and moet of thbe mem. altd lall not be soM n vas l,eit s s
Lain. Moreover, they insist that Mr. boeM of the cabinet aee abment from the on preerlptilol a sti ronge esipta! h,-
Bryan was wise in thus disposing of a city on spell-bindingl tour, Th Petl-. than G perfiet .* m
fut e efort to carry the electoral dent has filled the vaaney In t he
tidel, in order that the entire force cabinet made by he. death of Pot- In the Wt llhe Deumeawi toZ S
ofthe oaal Demoeracy might be con* mester-e neral Payne by promoting have a Ereteato aaem of uvylq a
eentrated on the effort to carry the First Assistant Postmaster General the lateuamontafm States la M
Legislature aid thus recover th ieat Wynne slthe plae*, an appointment only three or les eloetsil eli
in the 'e:ate neow ofcupied by CharlesI which does not prove popular with the eaeh-ldaho, Nevada, WVyomitmg. 0
H. Dietrich. politicians and If the occasion of the rad, atd Utah. The sue utnplu0g as
A certain division f he work has undisguised disgust of many member agem-ehoo eOqapalhn. '
been t de mon gf the weorkchat of Congress whosuffered from Wyosa e'i "rtt *
beesn. r .ad Tg amortg ill e mohed "obnoxious activity" in the poesoee i drnflou oeng aanegald sgesgw
onsible for Indians. Da for investigation. Of course Wynne Ii Abraham Luaooim: "lamael_--as t.-
West ireria andthe Nw r.York mem* only a temporary cabinet member, as man." "Thean, sir,' empenod hems a
ber of the Virginatonal and EeYorkmtie he is to be exceeded by George Abe, "that relieves the Almighty S Il rr
boe of1 the National and Eeutive Cortelyou when the campaign chair. an awful repponillllft. g .
,Coiiitees will bend ther energies to man ham recovered from his efforts to i_ t
wreuting New York frgm Republican elect T heodore Roiosevelt Jdg C deed t ..00 o mn*
control. The try of 'l)dellism" I elect Thdo el. J all ha decided t m
prouirg the greatest obstacle to Re- -liene sax meet be pal two satang aO
publican effort, the governor-ehair- WOLFE'S LIBEL CASE, whiskey outside of ma Mleepoatt-M Mflke th
man being a greater ineabus on the city in FloridL. The ae will 1. p hen 4
ne:k of the R prublican manager. All of ae rememberthe bitter cam* the Supreme uyrt. i. e WI

even than was anticipated. Betting in paign irn which Hons. Wilklnson Call S N
N-w Yolk ie 10 to 7 on Herrick, the. and W. D. Chiptly were engaged, and J the whole Rssian empire those,
Demo-ratic candidate for governor, which closed with the Legislature of ar, only 21,8 physlpeks., and mW e l
which affords a striking illustration of 95, when al wa hon.themar women. oThe war toi e
the view taken by the New Yorken e 95, whee Mr Mtllory waebho m. medelstelerv emomedteol tooblf" 00
themselves. Colonel Chipley, during 180. pub. than ever WO
theofselet. wished his memorable pamphlet aId it its i ever
One of the important 'vents of the was scattered over Florida. He did Dallasi Houston and iSe Akoltesl iS 3
put week has been the compromise this alhuast the advde. of his friends. stand at the. heed of the list of br Ps
submitted to by "< asuman" Addleks As that time Mr. Wolfe, the lndepend. e1.e. in poita of populatin--. ah
of leleware, whereby his opponents eat eandldate for Superintendent of having between 6L,000 ad 75,00 l1!.
in His own party are permitted to Public Iatruetion, conducted a news. habiustant i ,
nominate the governoe of that State, aper in the eity of Penaeoola. He -
and fr. Addloka is obliged to content abaed Colonel Chipley roundly; a A large majority of e otewsapel" S i
himself with naming the lieutenant. great maniy thin beinla said that siW of Florida are ntaslsi by W. M. BU.
governor. Possibly this compromise no semblaneo of truth in them. The loway, the Mregalr Demoeratl seal.
will lose the State for the emoenocrta, reMult of this wee a slut for damages mee r itaWS Uuperlaslesdst of
but they are hoping that the stigma of against J. Emmet Wolfe, and othen, ebhools.
having Mr. Addleks interest himself the *ublilher of this newspaper, byl A eleaer i r of bbe ei oti e
In the election of Roorevelt and Fair- Co!onel Chilley. The ease was etled Japonee does met exit. T2ey LentAs
banks may more than offset, in other at the fall term, l00, of eeeamb air. lelst one bath eterye da. In tae pb w-e
quarters, the three electoral votes of euit court, and he following affidavit le bathiSl .,000 peopilitoe laohdoay.
I elaware. of the defendants apd order of eourt j. e
Information from Wilco.ein to the wae iled (see minute book "I." page CT ARLE S MITH,

received the nomination for governorI "Cireuit court Eceambla county. First l4ttl, la,
from the Stalwart Republieans, will Judicial Cieuls of Florida, fall term. -
not withdraw, as he has ben urged to 16W0.-Friday. Dee,'b. 100. Present: PEI'UL' PRIIC UITT,
do by Senatcrs 8pooner and quarles. The Heo. W. D. Barnes, judge. Hunter Rye XXX..............l 1 W
le interpreted here as good news to the "W. D. Chipley w. J. E. Wolfe. S. W XXXX.......................... .0
il.mrnatls Had tho Stalwarts with. Landrumsand C.R. Me(iee-Llbel. I _._Medal....... ,... ..... .... 8 00* _

', "

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I - I ~
MOWS Off Oitxmw

4 N u s
*M l mmilI

We've over.bought.

We must

redux ce

': 4. "' ,'

rtock, and 't that end we have inaugurated

A Special



kg. ardilss of Profit.

As an inducement to the Buggy buyers-to
amit us in reducing our stock-we will give
wtth each Boggy bought a set of Harness at al.
aolute cot.

SVisit Our Ware Rooms and See the
largest Stock of Buggies and
Wagons Ever Brought to
This Section.

. R.

^ L.- t -- '

B'^l hfr.'trV Ampnetr

I?' ^^H1 eal wtim.
*r *'I f^ Sat t.he M
I& .Jbf. s$ will the

S eN! MaS' e
.b ,- W.SW at bp
*rrT^^'^^^^-^^ ^ ^^rf^^
I^HWbeket skitll brioN

7. n "I ", '. .

|,il #-;:aMbel--. e.a- .d mas
iltf u~o. a-tos.i -t woo
fe*M stiesnWaS amaer Isle
SImb *stt Sm neMeest at Roek
S SSaSlaItes of this eity
ar.ustaslagam btwmag $ -a

l.,i,. m. wm s.., **,. r ...1
| i .'t _iic:. "* ,
*IU .US. tReUac t uew n .i4
t|1 slimirtrmf 6*a
v es ahe, es Watt nowet
whear westh sensesa. ST en
UcKthst tint aS ttwale KU

auott a km~ Atani wuu


Send your orders for Job Printing to











Sma' loyal orcrr.

Strass' "6."

* .

IM hesitm am to ii debtdD-r|
btr* to brhb thiM ocoupar oan at Mu|
higt llf hen amun qi IS.w Itm
Stallc itsl hali be IS fl0tt.00
Tte CMR 00 e rSlseaSef of the (a-
algu, and the asaont of ptl taep a
soribfdror by e-l, are as follow+
H. J. Osevlle. FlMadrI. i1|
T. fo .Onlesetto em. ar~r4. r
I.iu Jr., Gamloalle. !lot ai
T. F. TBOMj.
Alcha coumtyo t
Before gol seta r toiuft duly 4Mlail
tels ft tare.pleotfU knpd ft4. J Tta
T, b H ii R, F& ll. Jr to-J
kIown. snd haemwm to b he merm i on ensi
tn. ~ ~ ~ ma Cu tofefAtoiroofdA
mad vysrally mckaowiuliael that they
the sm (or the purpose, therein expw
IZ wtnesw wherofl. I ha ve bhereunto M
hand md cmele iaieSl itdb tih dan of 0Ma
A. I 9O04.
(4AL.i '. If L,1 Y TON.
Notary Vub&, Seate of Iotida MIl1
Mr ooautmdlw4ua cumreN October i.I


UnL dealing Ci


prnptly at


attentl. to all mattw' I'
XAI and .t lcvrab snilf
traded 1o.


i.M 4 I l l,

Ste IMI2"S"

U o t6'


tXPlre PRIiPAlIo


. Florida1




., Oh, It Makes Me Smitle
.... TO t Sj .. --
-n a a ot. Le IiL I


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I NKbto I- glven sri
" ~Melteld oi Spts to +1
Wl#lttn h Jnals.ti. Iroverrn Mlt
.alyiuUl. *o the kjuh dt> us Nai
lH. ftor blete Ipoentr t. b .
i. J. ~bo~ml n.l, .lil 4S
p ARTli~l.KM 4W lfl o)R1U)IIAIflQ
J. T CTIm)Mn. IpM I'A
We.rtr ote wkSilt ii., heqi ay
-.o:r tuSol w rl: il J.tri
*OW ~ ~ ~ I tau!, srMtmuwHm
- ATT* or IA4TI)Cel I AT0.i
(i.aanlw e. AI
We. bt u bTindrt.anch h .l.y.
s!ves twI|m,r f*r eia lhr|
IMd bee lte a hady car b aril ^ei/

IQlrw o tue Sh l r of rUse tie isf1
imaktk. 4m't. rIelare us1d em.blm

AlTflUI4C U. ""
The rener nawn arf 0t.*
m. 1. TMAtr eM.... rAN. urst
abuinetr shailoalt l invlUe. AlmktS
i a, butO uap brtoeh of+eeKisil
A RTSL~t4 >I.

ieth bs mrewr. end, Iarniture,
grat *ad lwt mtedah maNIt al do f

TheI. capglal htook or the ,,mtnwprp
i6WtAle dlv 145 iratllnier N>tin, req
eih 0ardwahe. .u ha ailt furnieu-,s
tuti .ad cashrie of a" kindeLi "
there adto: me ai uerethur inh |wbmi
bm nlelmarn for. eliend Intie, e.e

i IteoorlArflCIt I V
3uLtltnlIf remakt flud)aeur. aT

The N eptll iotk oerib ;nrsiu ra
ontdW0udc i ed e bY it.o 4i sare.
foh0 t b up lr fll n three i
itur- *nd arih fnrn Cmaind resurle
the berohdlrahe arn Oeturs tu bft
talurd orl droeortea br the MIncreaok

T I etrporklliy smr h t eoinue al
power to exerch@ Ifr cortrate Irsa

iftlr.aetei y ,upears er 1 te i ou.eheh
the e AT14M.... metnl. Thev

i yftt shelnw heeki u rthe mrtuub
rum. II5. mudr wsi the frt

dl~ei0sh9,o1Iwwol dli sla be the
P1?y'MU. J. Tiiomru..
oVlnrsaee--T+ Vt. Thos as..
Mbvmr u u- Trsror-L KI. iNW1
hU br one *d I1he 7D 0a th. FO th
i r oireo 41 u to oi b oread o,*
wet to ftny anuber not extceedl
8iretvrwm m hall be looted by t
penhlMwst e duattes i clbsholderes.
hIktt tao Oaftewane. Mriordf. us the |
place orabtt4Mle o1 UKe corporate,
*n TU-ev tt inJanuar of each jre
wl a the fer IMSL The iither oAeg
be ttt br IWe direwoirs teasiediatel
Jiuu~n' il. wl matti the flm *t
Pn -t J. Thomair
nir~w^M. J. Thopes T. r. Tba
., bomd by the steel
p -*the U dutil- of the omncers



sum: v

wrr7W :77*'7 :'.


st. of lant ave


^Uov M ens North'
DflbNthtSr 1, When Fine
be 4 PealiU -Vlews of

iip vlo t'o l 6t city is W
of ZSvtiNto, who is one
I e lufral melon grow-
S tite. Mr. Shettleworth
i a speolalty of quan.
iasity in t.he growlp of his
*, whleh suoeunte for 'the
Wtree wrhieh he h as l.
from his erop. ie is not
nlo)1 power. bat a good,
lapitial farmer and trucker.
*5l1tom ome of the rtestllet
illie furms n the county,
t alls to maike his orop pay.
ileworth states that he ha.
of fine beaus which are
slpidly, and which will be
aIlp early na November.
SIpeNU to realize handsome'
*.rop, his "hobby" Is his
Swbieh IWe has two acres of
Wu ever grown. This lettuce
Iaely, and be feel con-
It will be the belt paylan
It ia of the ohoiceest
Iandy variety, will out and
,ad If this crop does not
slomely he will be dloap*

seems to be about the lead-
jo the Krlantolo s" cton this
Sremarked this enterpriaing
i Reallring that there was
h the production of lettuce,
o l e ar leading farmore have
jlVily, with the result that
IFo slbly ten Ilr twelve rea
tnlis. Wo will be ready to
..'hip this lettuce about De.
j|, when It should bring good
Sthe Northern and Eastern

gotleworth states that he pro-
.psil i tn e usual acreage of
'te eeomiXng eanso. and Its goes
t sylag that this will be a pay.

SOhert Fable With a Sound
ISl-Lettuce Crop is Fine.
$ao: Will you give me a little
ipMr valuable paper? A few
itad a little dog. I never
jstlU anything but rabbits, but
.Jiaped a rabbit and run him
i, then left the rabbit and
a poleat. Oh? how sick he
lhbeot over it, and after that
*SOnDR to run rabbit.. We
Pi up here are going to stick
aibbt. We hope the Democratets
IdB will stick to the rabbit
IOlloway) after they jumped
la so far. Three cheers for

thk weather Is fine up here.
Sfrost. We lit by tires at
0 hew bome-made twist to-

l tal k about Newborn going
I wo0der where we will get our
arollna eorn."
sad caterpillare damaged
crop heoe. In eastern
Dellina the bulk of the cotton
We hare as dne lettuce as I
this time of the year. Will
ut three weeks.,
er made over five thousand
l1 less than five acre, the
He is the bosss" lettuce
her, but we will make him
year. We have the flnest
*ay now, and expect to stay
K R.E. Lwr4I..
rim N". t~, October 14.
I IDuke & Truby.
B Truby is the name of the
A just opened in the building
Osle( r of.tEat Union and South
1 treete. The firm proposes
4 t, extnaeive line of dry
i s, groeries, and in fact
he to be found In a tirt.claM
merMeatlle establishment, sand
ielbt enjoy a e trade, the
being well known and popu-

Osinesville Fire Depaptmsnt axperl*
once Charge of P personnel.
Chief E. A. tO'Neil of the (taius-.
ville Wire I)partment has announced
the following change to ihe ofleren of
the department, effective do0ober 17T
A. iA. Cushman to oe first msaistanl
ehief; N. r. ilenton too be secowol s-
alstant chief; W. It. Holder to be fore-
man of Hooui and Ladder Coompany
No. 9; W. J. Jolly to be foremans of
Hose Oompany No. 2, Tiee Foreman N.
E. Benson, promoted. This will make
a complete change in the department
offleers with the exemption of Foreman
0. It. Layton, who retainI his position
as fonrman of IHose Company No. 1.
Chlef O'Neil haI determined to keep
the departtineut up to the standard,
which is second to none In the South
In proportion to population. and hlit
exercised good judgment In tthe ap-
pointmunt of his officers.
Franklin School to Open.
I.. A. Osti-ei of Osovola, for several
years an stditlert trustee of Franklin
school, near tlat pT1e.e, irihnoun es that
the school will 0o-i tit'r the fall term
on Monday of the coming week, with
Miss Mary Hague as instructor. The
prospects are that tLere will Ibt an
enrollment of about twenvt-flre the
coming term, the institution opening
at a tintm when the greater part of
somine crop have been gathered.
Franklin school was taught as a stni.n
mer school last year, with an enroll.
moment of twe.nty-three. lMis Alma
Oateen wac principal during that term.

Chicago Theaters Install New System
for Safety.
Chica'4o. Oct. 18.-As a precautlou
against d!sit rPtius tires. automatic lAre
alarm lin.s rmunln:I direct to (hIo Are
dopartit' lit ar. hlies installed lan
the 'hicaign theaters. The wires are
connect.e't wlitl the sprinkling system
and whelt tlhe atrypophere becomes
heated lo a trtlain degrees, the alarm
is rnunq In aIImoinaticaily. *
Thirty).iix t)eator registers are being
added to tin; tire alarm inutrumenta
now In service of the city. As soon
as a hlazo ntnrt, the alarm rings at
the city hal,. Without walling for
any other announcement, the are en.
Linea tart for the fire.

Melville Stone Guest of Honor.
Nd, h'lih. ti..Tnz Oct. i.-.Me'lilt@
E. Stone Ai.eral manager of The As-
Wmciatell l'a,.s ;rlvtl Ivhere this morn-
Ing and V Ill ,. t u ili i ts of honor at a
Il;ilnqIuet of th, Nu.-'M iVLiI PreS ctluit
this et enl.ig. when ho wI1 del lver an
address. Mr. Stone visited the Iler
mttiatg*, the liFme of Prcsident Andlrew
Jackson, near this city, this afternoon.

Broke Into His House.
S. Letuainn of C(arendirh, Vt,, was
robbed of his cutstonary health by in-
vasion of chronic constipation. When
lr. Kinu's New I.ife Pills hruke into
hts hotse, his trouble wat arrested and
now lie's entirely cured. They're
guaranteed to cure. 25a at all drug-
gi t .

N .c is t ,rev), at ti tiltet r,'trr Lhi'- mI| tltt1
hus hIll tiltti -liled a rnlimrd lit Law. for Mix
nmontli. 1 IwlI irrecmut Onv aetou't'ln 1to lion. It.
G, AM.on., 4-4lunltt *nud of Atiaehua ountivr,
Viorldis. ntml hlt hlht : nmt'c* ertnO atfi approved
al 1' i-k OI |ull1 d (aIi '|vtZ.rir.
'.%, Ad inlii t.t:"or F'.tm tp 'if 4 erj (ra it

NOTIt ; k D A )I'TIt N.
: 1tt,': ltereto gitei. th t four w teek.-. after
the hr-: !pwilii,'ilni iLer',t. I VIw IJ l l)pi y b)h> *e
tlll nr t ho the Hklil .1. T WI . tdget* of the
ehvt ll' tIolirtJI. jldj!th*ilei t' ircult of FIur-
iit b f0r- an >ut' e; lhA t l'itr4C n rue I le ally
atlit lanettr t Lr itii,i t r ai min or t hkd l4 o
thet ; :e nr rf luiht vi.;r .. ianrid e-itliiL ing In lnaehua
, .' I,! V. "oflntl .
']'h '* I i,.'ti))* .l 1
1. m.v SToKHat
Nk.'II 1 \k AP!].I ATItt.N i0 't TAX
J..U> I'NI~lt SK('*TON U 'll-MIt
)1-- 1LAWS V FI V lItDAi
N.,ti'-t 1- h1% ereti, ,4ivetTthat -; W. MIigtain,
tir'e .uier of Tax 4.'rtllli'utl No. Io. ttlaedi
tile Ithsd.s ,if At'Nll, A. I), Il n. h&% tiled ulal
ct.erti'l ;ti Ian wt Ohit. ;a~iu hat made auliLtt-
thion fir tax tdeed to t'-~.a ti lunetordasiie with
ll w alit ertifcilte Vti, l:,rat'it the followlinr
de*eillied tlririrt sliimttCd In .Alaehutm eoun-
lv. OrkIda. to l I
ot f Nw'# of S f SeItSv. .T, s. .It. 21.
The wid srnil thIhr,g it.,,<.ed ut the date of
Utie IPMLIitfle* of mqKtb eertllentatm In the a&neuof
Unlleo'. tid oertltilate% haiIlt \ereteemeld a,%-
,ordlng to) latw taux deed tt1 nii i-ue taereon on
the Mnth i v of N.Ntemlnber. A. 3I. IWe.
Wi ain >' tv a lti tl aJntuir til andt-el tlthils
th)e .'"r i O t)'tolwr. A X. 1. t'1.
t'lerkL I Ire it t'.,irt .\ ht)a t o. Flu.
I! *-Per S. M. Wlenace. I) t .

N'i,'lt 'F: V-H I*'Ulil.l ATIt)N.
l,' t l Ofrir t lit ntiT -esvliC. ',F t.,
Sk'tobrr P. l*4
Not' li<'re'r ,- iv ven that.t the ftlowl*lf.
istUntd 'tAt.. It' Iifd',it tlthe o f hit Itiention

L vr ONE M

Hafl#. esee the Dbs

ThouautaAs have u w th ist reliable tleedy with perfect confidence and
uccpssa fot.r Aj y~ettr, t k4au0e they know just what it contains.
The i., coasits of liuctu. il, range, lNMditaks Vu low Dock,
Dandelion, 0trs4ptrillI,, Oentiau, ant lloeide of lAt.-..upa*I
Any diwor or ,drugist will tell you that hlis iss a seentiNin ad m llble
comnbiNationa of grct4 merit for all dIcsease having their origin hn UI iver,
Kidneys or Itiwnis. After years of ezperlence and patient captrlxment. Dr.
Thacher so r.(evtt thrt s prtes** of mnaufartta, t h it It never famiWto aigi
expw-eted relief w li t'iden accotrillng to irectionas.
Thousands of sick *nr e., whom life has been a bunion have written grae.
ul lettereaof thanks. trsl M almitrp, ot. i iS
"I have sufcrt 4 rrtulf with indi gent on, ut*p lat esn l tniqU Ie
Wth li Mspet*1h. CtI olrit".1wilm niht; n" amtcl. ad I w.IrHwnhu
walk aroU Ite lt il i waL Iw ckim aa hcin |tear 41, mI ward asi 1 .ell fi Mn i
took VIr. Thacte's Liv .i't i( Lt 4flyruvp, which helped a. mmult howa 1ust
Wiew J h1 taken one an't oat t,1 taottielrnj jolt ad I asr*7s a f
itw use entirely to ytou M edicne. I used in allthree li.otl ausi
tly curnI At this linac Myay apptita t1 good.1 leep w a
ht aed at ritsin itn ie ousruSting. W s
Y -.,! <- '-. r n qua. .
ThacHke MedicinA Co., C..hatsng Ta ..

-- .. .. -III I l I w I IJwIIrs w

SWe Know ...

Howto By

SA Glance at Our Stock Will Convince You ..'
of This Fact.

SQuality, utty,

|and Completeness

That's what wo Consider ld we buy.

And More Coming!

j- We Will Open Oct. 25 |
Come and see us. Our stock embodies
O everything known in the FURNI'tURE .

A Free Souvenir "r
T To Those That Call on the Opening Day!

GainesvilleFurniture. Co.

i mn orpoxetetil
Abetracts of Title and full information furalhed ngadinga laads la t
county. Our manager has lived In this eoat thirty yrrst st4
I. thoroughly conversant with taditle.

eating a number of prominent Americas and English nompsalq.

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For QOait*r Je
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Five Ce-awgly Csefi*.Sinuth '
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Among the promISeOt out~oflowu Su
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.O7A. ITto 1o,.. Burnst% of Alachua.e Free Tic I ket's.... : ,,-l 0f tb *.1. 1.010 4 ofo ..S 0 &-.
his subscription. He stage thst the psUIJ o wai oI
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AN 1tip to the Sold. of H. FV. Duast 46. Vien 8 co
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lag thr e fo M5 of *I o nerhip here with A. UR. Harper, she of Coonty Jodge MN e. but owlg jelroay aglge 'I,
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dpmgo the tiltors to Shis )er@, there will Ie little doubt but that little done In ithe county eourts ae ame s AHe N JtA
Nd0.* they will enjoy a flne trade. she ftlin and exe04tio of smeve! pa- thhsng 4bl be
allat $9.0 tr Meodames H. H. MoCreary and Geo. Pets he p i so base eu
6 .u am dayr. %she Mer hant returned S onday from S t.eii kts wi
SLouis, where they have been In attend. ane Ti k o re rt
"fHf T. J. Perry of ho. canc as repflbsenstatives of Kirby Smith $ wtS or over. The.
a, those who paid Chapter to the National Coavoention of 0. IL0
hviti e9ayf. the United Daughters of the Confed- The frdee of Attor11y J. N. RBl
on an sympathIlas with bhm In tMN
of Jomesyillo was i n the cracy. Mrs. J. N. Strobbar, who walsWf hW eJWSyW w l Is 9jij
sad had his mame *n- also a delegate, did nol' return wish lsofhi So eeme bo ie ,
the sberiptioU list of The the regular delegation, but will whed as hws bars K (Ig.. JAias.
main for a short while loenpr The night. She was m of tbShe mot hIgh.s s d.e ,
ly bred and Ems valuable animals It *
erist 0. W. Livingston of ladies werp delighted with the on. his a"s, ad Mr. 3v9ns sM l N J*3h Ua -t
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tlsi. ltr contributed by individuals for the ad o dtistoa rqU latest t bowt lt
Ol sto of Alsehus was In the construction of hard road on any pub. and *alag Mfst
and among other busi.- lie road leading into (alnseville. In-
at The Sun ofee and re- amuch as, thh road from Evergreen zr
wbssvlptlon, ,Oemetery connects with the road from ,,
chols hasb returned from Misnopy to Oaineervilie the ladies of'
as an Arbor, Mass., the Cemetery Assoltion propose to
*s spent a delightful sum* take advantagO of tae resolution A
Nieshols will return later in are olleitlng contrbtuans for the i
construction of a rook road fromO the f
cemetery to Gainesville. They have e S
a ad W. W. Feale o so far met with liberal donations anId-j "*0
..o among the visitors to a ti nt regular mesing of the
yeterdp. They paid The commesonese w o fo,. thes ,..
e request an appropriation equivalent to CHEAPESTUN ET

were amon o h ,,1', of Gove Park wa. Visit Our "Candy Deprtment."
)h city psterday. The for, trading in the eoiy yesterday. .... -- __
S a stammonm as a witness *h
Rbru. Stoves & J.TomasC o. .
her ReeMTo b .the aharm L. ,odguon of ,',llI to wa WE ARE SHOWIRS Iress .
r Mr. nd Mr A. nsating b e in this city yes* Sc at sed haS
of Windser, has arrived in
bt" Ste purpose of entering torday. An u"-*t''te line Of.. W. .
schooll. o T. Hato of Alaehus, one of the ,'ualer. who b an
*s S. T. P ott of Aabu, among lbs visitor. to (Iuineuuil l i yes. t ndi aW, ast e t, S
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th plaoe. He made The u. L. liles of Island tir6e wasin vi. f M. Math w of 4a 6.
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lke a id J. R. BRwl an or agreeable call, renewing his sub- Mre. Oled has jM iets e
tWO of The Bun's valued scription. ,_i__llat whoe 0"Mo I) ta
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to this ity et wed to Albert iler and E Jo The display will be Free T ok t
The Sn an apprclated oall. son, and ill Porter and JanuRM y and the great of v .
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to St. Peterbarg, Tampa After pIem vis to d w e wor a vplt to or oMeet MOm e*
pfer oa. He reports that n teer, N! rs. .1. M 1. Riven. in this city, Mrs.
most eHurishlg condition at M. Bliteh returned yesterday to store. Tho wil b jmady HWWI
hwith prospect for tremen- her home in Santa Fe. cheap eno0 for the 0ill .ehtoles sta.t w '0
teof ot rm frols. A. A .Hilleary of Alianmpy was In and th ty rich .enough osm iy m a abs of. ..
3. D. 8Irlmogeflow, w. R. the city yesterday. Mr. Hilleary was for the Pich. o boea hands.
A. R. Hrpnr and J. W. en route home from Alahuna, where 10. s M --elt Wi t :e
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Ay have been attending the and Chambry at 8 p. fay. Thoe po pp.
Ionvesion of the y. D. c. R A T r ealy eeatly tmaris. ad e et
in the World's Fair. s TeHIwlag esgraitlashino fua theIr P.
Pit Wells of Worthington Jackson. Tenn., June 4, 1001-This erofe :flU.
Apoock of Melrose have re. is to certify that one bottle of the A prettier line of Glai msa and a. i. .ba for ,o e *
.t deir bhmes after a deigbt. Texas Wonder, Hall' Great Diseovery, Chambry, worth t1 1-2 uas tube r,
1 e S0. Lou, where they went has e red my wife and myself of kid. CtS *t 10 tot Vds h.U., SmSn 4o -
to the National Conven- ney, bladder and rheumatic troubles, ri* t be oproot r.s atau dto his
the V. D. 0. from Kirby Smth and we mot cheerfully recommend It 4- ea4 fi g 14k nmdt a.' %
M*e.. ",!to the public. A magnificent line of La- s. leMse olden 4t ufasi4 Dfly"
^^K ,...k .. _ K.U. H4,Kii A W&. WI(jk, ,i nn .-- C.A Wda o.. W, Union ( vell) strmtkd.
Welse, the newly appointed dK. H A ies' up-toldate Ua, gs Co., .. Union .ll sims. 4 ,-
"the Bouthern E e On- A TEXAS WONDER. See our front show caw. ,. Clasmpbe ef A. o, !UM
rid on fielal business. Mr. one small bottle of the Texas Won. sive otio.., wals ansms,,sg be.eess
W111 olblaed as a commercial der Hall's Great Discovery, sum res A RILADY CORSETS hen yesterday. Mr. OampbeU has -w ,
Old., while he will bave the su. kidney and bladder troubles, removes for any ar a vlued fd an4'd I
ad _mpouabillties of the gravel. cum d4abets. seminal emn In all the latest style. subqriborof The tfua. but while hbem
le See upon his shoulders, Sions. weak and lame bncks, rheuma. Price $1. The 6est dollar had the s ame of his son, 7T, Cam p
required to spend a great m and all irresularities of the kid. Corset made. Call and betll placed upon the list.
hrmime utherdi and Rneys and bladder in both men and thpem.ters I be"t imr on the met Nb
lA utb erlnd and _. : .......A ....hiAas .mA n-- .In theI Ink mnademe. armer taet Main WdA

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