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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 19, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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te ','1^,^ 1I"^. -: '3" '.? "'
A w"; t ... : .I .* 9
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, T. 4 lo,.o.P. o .pN
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a.' 4 : .u. The

4 lists the treat
o" shells onthIe

410 aaI i

smabw Ip pos calon
S.1 'i. ,'P ed that

l '."l.V ,, ,liWi l li the retreat.
"itOlitdi 10 toet ow,

A, PI ofr hllaoh on Ule
^^ ^ ,S. ad 'On' hll it

!'-!H It "ila umow thiat

lW QoIC .lt :
!i Nll 1f by ,Ue wa
-,l iW th battle wi



T" I3N WTV Kil d and. Two


lN Attemptiteg to Arrlt a Dasperate
Negn, Armod with Rifle, Fatal Al*"
terstin On00ura between Ofiran
$nd Putlltve.
Memplis, Oct. IS.-A battle on
IMoby strict today between three pu
ile* cfleprra and a negro fugitlvu, two
son were killed and two were lu'

The o*.d:
Robert Jaumleson, pqlce off eor.
JbhR PeO., a nelgru.
The Injured:
Police Captain O. H. Perry, shot
thrngth the hbnd'.
John Mor.rletb, shot through the
fg,. serlouiay hurt.
the oSaors went to Mosby street
to arrest John Mop, who was regarded
'S 4 da44 aroka fuAgitlve fromat justice.
.ie nIegr, armed Whih i ritfe, retreat.
0dS Wel on Mosby bad upon beins
tiiaed by tic oeflce, opened fire.
!The rest shot struck Jamiqson ls
the abdomen. The other offers thea
hegan a fipilade with the result that
.op w. killed In hbi tracks.
The a .o, however, made every
0ot titl. Patrliran s'onerteth and
Captain Perry both reeling wounds
frobo hia .aloly fare.
JaiflOn WA.;w Itme4attely remove
t a hepitatl., wbree h died shortly
'*ae? tIPC kmtot:ing"'


Fim In Tenemetat House at Williams
barg, N. Y.
few York, Oct. t S--One more name

boo been added to the lilt of the dead I
At the Rre which gutilcd a 5-stiry FIRE AT THOMASTON.
tenement at 15 Moore street, Wil-
Ulamsbari early today. It wan that Stablas, Stock, Vehicles ard Resdcncet
Of May Delsiky. 5 years old. anil made Are Burned.
the total of the known dead five. I Thonianton. u Ga.. (.et I --F:re In
The Injured were mHsItly women andl the utalb'.v of P. C'. I\Pt,;. tor:illy !l.-
chldren, inclaiIliz s mix mnenl rs nof stroyei the InliiiU,. t, i ts'eher witli
O6in family. Eleven are in a erllosio six hors 's and i;i;,.-. a nill cow and
notidltidtt and lt likely many of theumi siiie1 hu1Og. Several v.aWagoi li. hi'is.
will d'te. harness, cotton .ed,. c iln ait aoi,;r
There wre 120 persona living In feed stln ff.
the buIhllng. Pive familites mn th Mr. IPark'is 11 areidA'ic- with nearly
top floor suffered tht greatest loeq, all her hotto!J'l g

Sguilts were CAP scarcely a single one eiscapin; uin. buiirned.
S. A6lured. ,One rottige w',,% w:1 by it. A. ('raw.
ford and o tei' d l yl y R. J.1. Tay:or, wasf
Bqggi TWO MORE DEATHS. burned. Mr. Tay:or aiv'I, hl lo)ise.
hold ilt"lh The .r> j l, wThiri, was i
WOM.d's Fair1- UPoiesoned Whlaky In New York Claims a wood,4.n btric'tlreo, wias comipl ^^r)^ Additonal Victimas. drtroyr, d
atft.tb O l.& I-W.!t'I 18 entries New York, uct. 18.-Two more ,. Whll all the properly was inir.d, .
*,Aflcsa. bland ad JA* dea deaths atitrthetl to wood afoe It ,wa ,.rrIp.i ,i ty v'rr+d. TWt!
Si' r tla Efltag .04Seti ol ho or botlia whlaky, have been re origin of th( fire i- unknown.I
il e hilidg WnS tte la the, ported by the police orf the lower west F---.
nm2nix, 4te t Madidl a side. FIRE CONSUMES COTTON.
i* r diMeat the Worl6'0 ailr. One of the victims died in the back
.... Uotstnt. were Dr, room of a saloon. His employer, a Loss at Augusta Will Amount to
n beIl tt,. avteor of turalltute mover, said the man never $35,000.
'.phmsns h ilf g that name: pro. ha been 111 a stage day during 15 AIugusa. G(a.. (It. l.-Sunday th.rn,
Z' Sidl, laventor of the Eddle years' employment. A sample of the was quilte a srtriHi cotton Are itn on.
i.4 Captain BadeasPowell, of whisky he drank was procured and an of thet c'omp rtmnnts of the lDavlsozi
8u topsy will be held. & Fargo warehouses Botween t61>"
of e sof kites never before seen tl A second victim, a painter, was and TUO bales tof cotton were uon fire
i 1t1 off the world wereishown, and' found la his lodging. over a saloon. when the departmnliit rrlve.d on the
*I0 W *.9 ttrpeted eoaalderable at., e is said to have been a heavry drink.* *tenei and began ork.
ore. and had been on a debauch fot' The contiagratimn was ituiateid iIn
lOWst Iittttug competltlon iveral days. 'the midst of the cotton district, where
ho f lltbb coatest in whleh 40,000 bales are stored.
l a dd1 flew kites. Is FIGHT CARRIED TO CHICAGO. The cotton btlrned was worth a but
th atit the heights were deter- $35,000, anai there willI be eunlderable
ih tttt=ofltotsily. and io kite JiP and Rulsians Have Lively En. aslvage. which wiIl reduce the. loss to
tikilwei grst prize while dd not sarement There, about *15.,000 or l(.2.4io to.the insur.
S ttt.. the heltt of at least a mile. Chicago, Oct. I.--Four JapanesE dance compiule,.
wi t the sWl-oot oRntetable beilht,. It students employed as meat Cutiers at
a w ,; mean of the qagu the stock yards have had a band-tow Neighbors Fall" Out. hand engagement with a number of' Spartanblur!, I. C., Oct. 18.-atiur-
l -- Russian packlnR hbone employee andU day night Syd Kimball and John Ber-
CASE OF STRAVATION. suffered a complete rout. One of the ry became Involved In a difficulty on
students was taken to a private h4* Main street, As a result of the af-
e fy ef White Man Found In Hut pital, severely Inureda. fray Kimball was eut by Berry andl
Near Peeler. The Jaipanese hadl started for a w '., lies in a critical condition with lUtt.le
S'rfianab,. 41s.. OtI. 1I.-The. body I Ashlandl aviinut, nto the he rt hope for his recover). The two men
4i John Hrown. white. Aged abol t 51 the Rulstan anll l't.l nt*o' It'llI'- ar* nignlthlior, and h n thn the vicini;I
iila found In a hI.t near the .'etntrjt' At the- cornti r of rI'-iv-elhiti T?, t of Rolln Spring.. Ilerry s in jail.
Sit (etnqgfa i'ra!riakl tracl. Dot far Rusutar, tolnelr.v in ftint of a sal-o:t;-,
iK ^ .B A- .L i I I M -6 & A-. -


Oft K111"4 6d Aethe r I Mertalip
Woun010 in Walton COenty.
CvlpgtO. Ga. Oct. lt.--Tleplbone
mefle from Walnut Grove. Walton
county,. miles north of Covitnton,
SttbS that great excitement prevails
In that community over a double trase-
dy which ucctoired theri t saturday
Ijlht. resulting In the killing of one
man and mortully iounuling of a-
C. N. Thmlionpo., better known as
Bud Thomison, Jemse Thompson andil
John Thomisoun were. the iprinelpaiml
to the tramiO event.
As reported here over the ieldtpiunie,
Jesse and BilU Tlhtin:pon wtait 14) thet
store of John Thiopsuibon late Sutrirday
afternoon and all t dritn'ri' to-
iltber, wht.n a quar',l iowtwen
Je'.se and Jtlud n inu'ilftf4 adel. Johnl
on the other., lth ltruil I l eing ta tr!V-
lal family malttr, which had its origin
LotUm 11tilw' a go, util which was suip-
'potoId to haVe It-lun amTi'tlaly atIiistedl.
Wit'l 4A_ *ii s luC et't,' ih' I II btl)l in l lthe
dilmculty In the store. Wheln John
Thoimpson ti arteit for hits liini. (Jnly a
short distance away, the othor two
Thompsons fItwllwing hlli, overtaking
him about one0 hilnalred yards from the
At this Juncture Iid, it is alleged,
collared John anStd lasliied hitui across
the lace with a large-bladod knife,
making a dangerotis and ugly wound.
wheretupon John drew a revolver from
his pocket and hogan firing over his
shoulder. the bullots striking Jfes.e
Thompson, who was a few feet away.
Then turning on his assailant. luind
Thompson fired two shots l to hil
body. After the shooting John Thomp.
son ran off anl has not been cacnledl.
Jefse Thompson died. Bud Tliian p-
son i toiil alive, but there Is no like.
lihoodl of' hi recovery
Bid Thompson is an unnle of John.
and is about 45 yclairi of age, having a
wife and 12 children.
The family are all peio.
pie, said are promninently Ctoniiit'tedi
in WatltilL county, Sk

their irms, otherr.. Ith little boys and
gil+ clingtnfto th i lit clothes of
tL"l,. i mothers. ran i til h illway.
'CTiere they were< imet wllt great
rilo." irf ch kii.L:* .r.nii.r, while the
flamins wtre raphl' y cli.-Ilng In about
them Hleforo thel ftremo n arrlve,.
r)il!iC rtes'rve? froim a ni'n-trby nation
ht;( r i net- tind O 1 .-iin front the
bliu:ttrg ::ilK!::. \' t h- hn re, liremen
Parnl 1.tiir:.n llf .r v re' former from
the 1ir c <>rape-> ;i;(i Ti' :,(i'Lfamifllni
Wi'-np tl f ri ch! ht n!: !: %trf IoucreA to
the Th'- fllwi.i nuTr-r* frniin wllowm all
ibjoil thilt ;i, ;. i l ;i;:hs'. off r11any
of *'in i.. I rt i I Iron l.Ir i tkbod*
i*,' I'i, h:a 'r ; :iu ill ;r ind lel
Ihnl; ; -.
..tI it f i no I ;' fir'nm in t ith seal.-
lint i;il r- h 'i n .i'[" '1 .hr roofs
amii' '' frriy Iln tZn Thf Ii .i rfy the
flin t r II? ,4l i. I 41%. :ml. fl, from
it i '.- ; .' 1 : i l. : 11 \IMv wi had
a'* r: ir i\ : it i K.t 1 . f r' n mi).
11 |1m T, i1h r inl. i'- ila : rea 1 Oi there
f re (,r Ilt < I T ;i \r.r i?> ls frai
t -. i \v. (u'N t. j n r i ttc wlame*
a',>,,t,*, vf, |c l,-:titirin l toi poiir. F 'e
chi !r.;r : <-, 1'*Vn : .; :. t' nly. who
nr.* s("lfici4)" ;1i.11. i. n1 found ht d-.
il'Al wgigt thlr in ;a r!'tin, -omni by a
Pi- pnan. Tlah.;r r v't riuth lt's werv
ijurning, tt. 'r i.,-, l nlirld frim their
bhe l,.-i :un,l T h r t,. i .l.per l i l Thl y
Y:,'rte takitti t it I 'pI I'. 'Their res-
CelI' Ai' ,f.erd ra! ,. rI 'y fronl lh i hteat
arndt ni fo f i Wv ltiiioti(ent later

there mnor.- (,ci4ltnTi all f them un-
s( I mi... a 're' ltuntiit. t i: hi' uppl r part
of tlh< lid'n' ai1 ci ,irvi (ril out by the
fir mir` e .S', I the .c io < r nushe- to
thi ,:r' (i., it1! 4 tiher firnemen, each
lejinLg thE. ctad Jbcdy ul a child, came
do'vn tik.' li.' f.nt up(:.

Bryan'a Speech-Making Tour.
l.aFayeue, Ind.. Oct IS.-WUlai 3
iBryau tarted early today oo the Aflft
day of 1h4 Indianas RcaTpaign. Speeobt
are Fheduledld at Le.bauon, Frankfort.
lPe phi, ligansport, converse aind Ma
riun. .1. 4; .JohnsoI. of Kansas. Joined
the Bryan partly here tSxtay. Mr
Bryan hnl a m .l-ht vold. l"at lih VoftI
is *Irong. The crowdal t lehannuln
larp. .Mr,. rll t '.an his d addrsA tisifnl
th'' -an'~ r a g, in i-ut 'nv r',oy*'d 1In tI
lip+.. hr,' la,,(t < ,.i ..,

Daughter Born; Mother Dies.
'. I. i




. '

&. I~ff*.



Fatal Tenement House Blaue
Occurs In That City.

Seaidea These Who Lost Their Lives
Nearly a 8pore of Persons Were In.
Jured, Most of Whom Wire Children
Monetary Loss $100,000.
NA Yort, Oct. IS.--Four lives were
O14t, li'Vtly a itcon' or persons were
Injured aid the lu-L.A of tuore than
$li,pii0it was th1e ie-4tt of an early
morning tien-'ien'it lo'ii. fire In the
'Witllaniitlitirg .,eetion lit llrtnoklyn to.
WV,'t1h onl. c'rt>liii, all of the death
are chil'dron, anil etght wa're so badly
hurt tl:t they weie removeId to a
Their oldesth a I1. l-yer-old girl.
Inct r.tlarlejs are though to have been
roepona.lthle fr thor fital fire and this
thei.iy lis stroingth.lred by the fact
that w'lile the firenten were at work
on tlihe blaz alarms were turned is
for two other tiruis l i Lhe immediate
TTihe ieid:
oilla ;laUse, 0 ye0rQ.,, .
IHen;ry Ulasii, 2 yvars old.
Ida S iltotsriy, i; y * r.1 oitl.
P,'r. 'tin Warklsmky. 11 years old.
Twel families, cuiniririnn 120 per,
aons, were asleep In lthi thisg story
t;ouhble 'tnemnt hmise when the Ore
wAs i;l!e*VT'red,
\\ n hithe alarm wans iound.d many
of tl z, iiniatii.s, shii, with babes In


F. ,,,.. I, I

1;swam^f~^V B^^^ ^^Jfrlf^
*I^'~f ^ O ri^ -- w r w'' -^"^^^_i

'dwL. L Aa

*' : ." a
r ,,I

fc . I1 ..; '
' I"M
a ,:;. kL



--- A.W t..---, A:

I" r d

Fillirory Openings
. .. .. i ,j [

DB', DY l*V i B. NMORRI,

Oee over Marea adel 4& AUL wA

R. A. MO. LEY,.
Ottlie Malolla Hofl. OGain
AU 4mLOw neomwuatully treatd
ceeal"tionmadd Mftdxift|i
S ours. 9 to toI& .M. I to p.i
mppota~nt. .


hlls, r1
I b *ro t,
J.Uwob S';


SWe will have our Early Fall
Opening of Shirt Waist Hats

Can sell your city property, (im.
roivl *and unimprovetd) plhcbhht
irualfl and farm ing land. seund him
a list of what jou offr for s*Lt. 2l42m



1 9th



ATI'UrN E Y-A'-LAl w.
S. )i. l cIUIt ItIS L. CiIANCLI:Y., ..



Our regnfar Fillu and Winter
Opening will take pl: c

, Ze m..rber



UAINEdSVILLE, Aluchua Cu.,
OfTlo in Ludel Block,

DH. J. H. ALI)E!tAA N.
D E NT I i.
(ISuecewr tobeltflcr& Alderma]

Over Dattotn C"o a a iuk,





,?Ae.n a.

Title is what you pa
Itr* ,s*'' know

Titles ordinarily
" clu- Ae'lachn
v il ,el.It h

t f. 04OW a-

'IO N .O
yyp ,^y ,.. T ,.YM ^..



io"h f Title af oirO rn denfft f fu ,n /i ;*re-tr."
ay for when you buy lan(: therefore
r what you are buying.

invisible correctly revealed to you by ..

County -
BiTyNr e7

Abstract -eCompany,

StelatectUo t0o Crown sW 1r'.d4Ie work.

Graduate ItsaLtlure Cu:,:6we Denti: burtery
Five Iyear' eaxperenea In New York City.
Crow. Brdros work and rul ite So;ite.jle
Ulfte to Miler Law Kxihaitrge,
UAIaTlLIU. , rL4.

JOHN blEN7JLI. l'r.I, !t'tI)L
lW-n-ai w. Ly lbt.. JamL'Motvi..c I~5
Faust beer, bottle and draught. Don't
fail to cail on me when in Jacksonville

(W ith lir. Lm 1 4 ni.

.ANt M i .x ..:. i A


Jacksonvi ic.


[-'n I ;:Lrd~tIlt I, 1*1 411 CL

ltdst lnported aiid )monzetic ]t.tiiers
snd Winem in thie ity.




E. A. WEIL & CO.,


*Vr,. ; '.,1 .* ." |"1 '" T "' i;' r. "
r', : *;^ 1 re
' b I... ' H

r, the. ,.

t ', 3' ,' :, ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ I
Utti' "'"I BB

.A. the l ,



Of All Pwrptlone

T "W ,' + ,-fc-C3;,Xj.T LNLIN
Jacklnonville arid New York,
CaUllng satOHARItRSTOl, S. ., both wgm.
Tbe Fant BtuaM y la Ine Coastwise Service
Clyde New England and Southern Lines
Diret Service Between JACKSONVILLE, BOSTON and
SPROVIDENCE and All Eatern Poinsa.
Oallng at Charleston both ways.
1s3Eda -WmB I ...CX'ar STAI IrTG SB
Southboad............. ....... .. ......From Lewis' Wharf, Boston
Northboewd............... From Foot of Catherine t.. Jacksonville

Sole Agents for SONARCH and OVE.-

pair warranitd.

J. Minss.,


a Agent


K. T. M HIIAFER, Prop.
Corner (arove and Cvvrew street%.

yClyA St Jna Riwer Line
applagt. Pftlask, Autor, St. raels8 Besrford (DeLaad), and latemediat
C 1 Lhlint on,8W. Johns Rver
h ^ LTo JaMkomI 3ill 830 p. m. tuadp, Tawsdajs and Thunsdrays.
-,w S m aaafor a9:0 as. e, Me Wduaeddays and Fridaym.
*,,.b. 6S,.lS-,_ ct ".. : appolated to mll a folhws
T UPULE ,TMA. K .....
L f t S fL....... ....4 ........ ,Jaekeaville..... ..... ... ...Arrive
:P S m ............. .... .... lat.s ............ .. ... Lea 8:00pm
1._Fl TII( S mb .................. .ABLor ... ....... 8... 2 P pm
h e 8 sl0 a......... ...... ... aerlsl. .. ............. .... pm
.----I'.... .. .......i.sBee Oefcwt Iedaand) m -.. J.: a- m, a
ni 'fM N. noM Q. JRt. Ant. Gea P&M. Act. INO WM Mtr a*. Jaokenwile. Ea.
LW.() Sw-rT1s Ofgafedn. ci.. Janwv barPLOV xaJ..Sa

Phone IC.

P.O.' Box t0


Pro* verr Day.
DeUvored to AU Perts q cIty.


Alachua Pool Parlors,

S a i"O iiDj.


-n7L~TI .n~ePITIT~;7?1L~.-"IIJ~-~~;~~..-IT~~

- ~__ ~~__

---- ----------- ---------- -- -- ------..........- -


r .
^- ,


WIJ.L ;U' P':



to an Being Enrolled
SBveory Day.


ily and Student Manifeisting
Srilnrest In Their Labors, and
i t Will be a Most Beneficial

litatandlipg the torm is far
advanced l4 to have re achlic
w11est and systfiltatid plaiu i
i and imiuchl guod is being no-
Wlhld, East Florida stueinaiury
to grow in enrollment, an
s nlil t being booked fuor

lriateiident .Ire 1 I'ound is
IgSn earnit and i-ltihlent work-
the i iimay be salsaid iWf hli
uly, 'lwho lihavo united utllor
li greatly enrlcouragcid aiad with
linsatii to make theli protntt
ilae year olie of the iatl stJe-
gl ld hunPielal inll ti" history of
it l titutitton.
the barracks and dormitories
Seomfortably Iilled, Superin-
paPound ainures all who desire
go oonvenieot and comfortable

q0mlilnary department of the col-
year, under ihet supelrvisilon
tron, Mrs. Thomas, Is proving
lsfactory, and the lady .as
plimeniltd by the superin-
-lfo the. rlogant service e and su,
imality of the food. A glance
Iadi'ts will suggest the idea
perintendentL Pound has not
this uompliment.
present enrollment of the
will now exceed 22.5, and
lieats aro arriving almost
il More encouraging prospeces
lied uponiI this inititutlon
t t'ereeint (timoe.

Sranklln School to Open.
I.Oaten of Osceula, for several
p .eilelt trustee of Franklin
m Near that place, announce. that
will open for the fall term
of the ca)ninig week, with
l Hague as instructor. The
are that there will tie an
il9 of about twenty-fire the
.. te ho institution opening'
when the greater part of
p..t have been gathered.
Ill school was taught as a tiiin.
oo last year, with an enroll-.
So twenty*three. Mi.i Alma
Sas principal during that term.

SGeorgia State Fair.
*6 forget the great Ge.orgia State ,
Ai be held at Macou, Oa.,lietober'
1i04. Atlantic Coast Line offers
relon rates. One fare ptlui 25
pilb, 80 cents admission, for the
trip. iialf rates for children
i and under 12 years of age,
'@t one cent per mile dileance
will apply on military and
Ilbaod, I) or more in uniform.
have been pared in making
4e of the greatest State fair
Wlwe by the State of Georgia.
will be sold October 17-27th
good to return to and in-
i november lit, UWN.

C. ures Chills and Fever.
SW. Wrlrt. Nacogodohe, Texas.,
bli daughter had chili and
for three years; he could not
AiNything that would help her till
Herbine. Ilia wife will not
5ouse without it, and cannot say
Wh for it. We. Sold by W\V. M

Seclutive Appointments.
tgomery. Ala.. Oct. 18.-The fol
is executive TaPOitoltmitniits hiavo
Sflannouned: Notarkirs publ!, '..
ogerr. Jleff,.rson co nt Archie 1i.
Btk, Colhert county; W., If StokeF,
is County. Notary puillkc and
l of the peace, 1. C. Wakefield,
iior cowinty.

If the Baby is Cutting Teeth
SISles and use that old and well-
l needy, Mrs. Winalow's Sooth-
rl'p. for children teething. It
KM the child, softens the gums.
a pain, curea wind colic and is
Sremnedy for diarrhea. Twen'-
"Gnte a bottle,
Il~a ., .. i I l i m I

SA heP


9,,.r fl a! ail "r.Af

Scott's Emulioli is cod
liver oil made almost as
palatable as milk. It is eal.
and swothing to the weak
stomach; it checks the ten.
dencies of children toward
Scdtt's Emlu1?,i(,n gives
strength' to weak mothers be-
cause it creates healthy flesh
and new blood.
Nursing mothers \vill fiul
a special value in Scott's
Emulsion because it insvures
a flow of rich, nlourihing
milk for the baby. More and
better than a medicine;
Scott's j mulsion is a fuodl.
W re'I ,nd y.Ju a lamp.e free ui. ; ..,t.
SCOtT Il \i.wN:. I40 ..iL s N..%, N. i 'rk.
1 __ I I I - . .


Ilr' '.l: i:r pi' ;in e.n'lnil .r u i
SIil [ 1 1n ,' i'': h .. r :i,!i }> il fruit
a lt d r: .i + 1, I,,-. A I t
Il a tfii tIo :1 y. I il. ar;eL.L l tl (

cInl L .1,,: I i nI' ,r1it'.i t .k 1 it-a.( rt
thonl Phut 1andk: tI' h hI r. >PA
to r ;, '(,uib ..;< +
A -[lani;i. ( ..].t:,h .*.' a thaitr see
u indl I.ti tt .i nilnt \'i Jl. ;'l I! i'rit,'h lr .l
In ;, IIa uf r'-ulnly.-iK andl killfd ,* "
alnd I.fI, 1 '.iltilt Frttd.ol.-! k 1). Ilai. iH t
then ibrat and k ftflcl'r', % ., attalht i;I to the
t'i-nth r. g:l1,nut otf V't:t.d Statc's cav
(iry, -stain ; I :,t (XiAmp Ktoiienlierg.

Th,, Am rican I ltamba ador,
Meyer. ha ., itrrivl aat Itorio'. ie
ditalnerl aI '.y at Turi'n. v.herr he
th.e gtiv-it of ithe idi!, of .Ao.ta, a
liu of Ki!!: Vlt,'r tinu~arutIl.

eli u

Eh.. zvr t- (.ch, r, A well known
match tianiifacturi-r, and a Don uf A.r.-
hol I Lecch(er., tliot invention of io
macblne iiupir'nvely revolutionized th'
match-niaking Irn itry, I dcal at No
aliven. tConn.. at ihe ager of 74.
The chanAm r rf deptiflc.s apprfov
of the nmvssag.' of the governnl i;i
c'rtainting th' .ranss of peace, accor-:
Ing to the N' v York Herald's -orr,.
spondent ait tilout lvihlo. Irutguay
There was n popular ldemonstrailon It,
celebratiln cif the peace nitsage.
The crulsur ('Cveland of the Arnrtl
can European squadron, has sailed fo:;
Portsmouth, says a Gravesnd, .ig
dispatch. ., -.
*" One of Many.
H. A. Tis(!al or Stnumnerton, S. C.,
sufftfered for twenty years with the
piles. Specialists wre eminployed and
mtn.y remedies iuse, but relief and
permanent fo 4 was faundl only in the
us. of teWitt's WIteh Hazel alve.
This is only oTn ti f !te many cures that
have been eiTfeted hy this wondeNrul
remedy. 'In trying Witch Hazel Salve
it is only necessary to See that yot glt
the genuine leWritt's, made by E. C,
De Iitt & Co. in Chionlco, and a cure is
certain. De itt' s Witch Hazel Salve
cures all kinds of piles, cuti, birns.
bruises, eezema, totter, ring worm,
skin diseases, etc. Sold by all drug-

Child FatbIfy Burned.
, Auiu-iAta, (. <). I 1..-- Angustaa had4
a fire Saturdaiy n lr.t which co~t tthe
life ojf pi-tty :lt:, E: ard Griner,
con of Mr. an l Mir. -t K Oriner. A
lamp cxph :l.h',!. cachnle.g a bed on
which lthe t111l wa.4 restlag,. The lit.
ie fellow was l.adIy lurnea d and died

soon after.

Can You Eat?
J. I1. Taylor, a prmnineiit mfrhAlh'
of Chriesmanl, Tl sfy': "1 e<.uId
not eat because ot a weak stomach. I
lobt all streng!'h an.d ran down Lit
weight. All that moriny 'uldt du was
done, but all hopei of rt ov*try van-
ished. HIearingr of mt'" wondJrfui
Cures effected |by uti of KkI;,: tLlOvt
pepsii u'tire, I ecitelud ld to try iL t'ith
first bottle beae-titd "'n". and itfter
taking four bottllt I ait f'.,) r--stvtrtJd
to my usual streliagth, weight sid
health." Kodo! l)YP, 'rta ,'urv d'gt'
what youi eat And w rS. ,d b,) iJi
Altged W .,.t .,si. Arrested ,
J;<'.- \ S u ),.
allest l h 1'' ',.' 4 ..' it. I ia e il.i
of the haw '; I ititTl i , ai' ?ln li
and Sam l '.-*1 'I' i 'u .i .is ,,a
and iatlled :t .1.t.' *t. Hi u kitaL a .
the cbars e t -,.hi- r i nito 'I of ProIewf a 'i / '. .iti U4 jiovit
se1t citLkVu liIu1% A sii 4iM ti.

fll Wa.limmc.c. booi killed si s
T*iehll h iM^i4sadt.
W ild i' .. .,-- :.,*.s ..@ ,4 ,
Ia'z.e . ,4 ,, i is-

Ma"iodl4b & I..

t t

* '~r'~ *,~ ~ ~ ~ fr
b *,
* -
* 4 I *F it' *.t-,-
LI *i*~ ~
.~ *~, *.'
14 a..' r *i.''~
I *L.~ j11A17.;ls)
~ 4. V ,. *'4~ I%~J?:.I
~ .... : : ~ ~
%.. ..4.J
'. LU;-

.% :. .. 2 V.. a..t
* ~ h~ ~ 1II~.A. V.4% 1.
v la..
4 iv V *d ~t ~

A.~ .~'Iu. V. .1~r. ~jh to
- I~1 444 r e.\~:CtisI.t r

I ~ 'III.

+-. 4 ab Q.Vall




For Sale by Johnaon i
4 -I

( % it .1 A liOt ii,.t '-
Ie i'.t < 4I .,t.! I ..: i. -, .-,:, t .i .thl 1oi, or l t
I n t i. 1. -. r ,f : *- 1 M K an dll .
"i.Wl It. r, r > 1 ,:, t>.ui" o t 'her Ih.4 i
j 4) '* I ? iL. b i .Iin i hor1I.I ,'-
U'.. k. l '.04-1 i i O, IL... A whio wfrl
ali, it, *it y c I I .. :,I;.e around ithe
<'' fil F I n :,i- L. .,;.i. .* tninu lly ir.**y
1 (..1 1 ,t :.v, . ,. i ll tI Ivy

S.;i w t'.* .,', ..< r ;ia rill t ion ite
i 44tv ',Ldi J.l I ..A' ,. iL, '.lu' nr itl
i ;ig rt. i ;i t1. ,i. Al i .'11 th, W .va
Ie,:rly l,;::. i. 4 4;.. 31 pI (c tl.ey itid;:s.t l.i.:; ., c:.. r t w:ilA a North
1 hMi.t.o:l.t ir.... r. 1. W ildh 11111 wl i
i.iy J .hg l.e ,.1 ;. U ailjlillo ist l aid
fr.'is wno 'r, .i. ;-l I 1 I the tI'U ited
UIant.n. ',* IK (t,.iLa crowd was
Illi.,linl t ; i,. t v :'.i iA n O s vefrail htn-
li l ti l > *'. i i, i '- : ,, iU d u luitli-.
'lhe)y ltAi ,1i 1 1, k k k tIvy woutii
tatkar ti.' .,tl. k. lie. : 3i4l'.l thit be
woi,! 1.4 til iC.
Whfeln tley .t uirwil4 lIhit IIn hip even.
iag ltwo .ll.)jI i at tflhe 'orralt. l ivo
Wtit tlI tlt e i t i:At i~lf tIo to lt.e tl'; k
doir of lt4 e.i il ior ibut. lih'lkk to!d
tt.h : llh -le 1 ..Jclt tie tirvt tianll V,.ii
took do*n 1201' : :.irs f ti he etrrA Tlie
elder lc :;:d 1.: tlt-r J tt llti'k k. lPut
uiinA.k-l lli:.. lluii h riturtii il the ire
willih ratle i. 1:1 s0t Mcl Kan1ldl' In
tlf, L.iirt. 'llio, i.ext -l,.t fromn 111,:;
killhil lie i 'lu, e -wV, at'i.i tlh tr vu, ftel .it
t' front oitior. Just t ltn the two tit
tLe beick do4:tr uple1il ifire. One hlit
fr, 1 ti a slnoutle hIl rrn i'tl iflU l.ti4 ,-l
'ev'ti (tiltl grovn Iucktlhoit into 11chk-
ek's right hide aitid breatl.two of whhici
enlert.4l his liini. Tie two inen whv'l
ItliJttil aut ilt. nirrt vnine to l the m-
ssltance of theI two mueun at the bhou w.
Ulckok wae tbthe in a handle to hancl
Eight 'witl four men. Ue killed thrive
of them hai the lhoun and wounded the
other so badly that be died on the
prairle.-iDenver Field and Farm.

Cures Winter Cough.
J. I. Over, 101 N. Main St., Ottawa,
Kan., writes: 'Every fall IIt has been
my wife's trouble to catch a severe
cold, and therefore to cough all winter
long. Last fall I got for her a battle
of Horeho'nd Syrup. She used it and
has been able to sleep )uandly all
night lour. Whener*r the eoigh
troubles her, two or three don- stop
the cough, and she is ab!e to%e up and
well." 2.rS, &.o, $1. S :d by W. M.


Wendertul rhrsv l lernwatk tbs 9 .pa
wtam a *t a" rmowba ( Flm'
Sir WlllAm MWaranGOtme Wal dw stf 're .-- '
ft tmu-. a" advV'It.urv a. one tp'tSt'
. onlttaly to rtad .Iioott usiay in t;&u: DmWi5 -

Thre stvumilip Syriu., with !ut la ii J v lt iv r t l II)) rl'it .t ..-...........a
Svrt Labout twvlv !baus f1%uia *v tpt, 'tilt 4iC(it
vus-ital ***f tEl t l .'1^
' rvI. Ul L pi,Ir.girm l t t .~ti le u4Ml4 atl .

1 t o, am y;a uat t-i 'b L ,to n K ra a 4it,* 1 4 Isei'.
i .unItJ !!iad ,ui ), N h rtJ$Al '.ml W it 'tMs '

t IttW-2t a al I

t t'4Jq 'v,.

f,,.W L Wl ;. y 'U ', '.: '" l
tI L a I %
.kl ..a. . .

*k 7w,

.9 Tate U
* tage" awle fl St
a tmmas*
MA~ ^P

.tU.~,a. L. Li.



Abtmraote of Title .od tall bt a t
mnaty. Outr aiager wB li
istalbrghly @ago


iotinfg a num/r of


lU r*b


Donesetza lvi el snahtajai, ,

Take The Atlantic.


Rapid tMltamd

D;efl roi <(Ma

'~ ., .'* .,






4. -~

-Al- -

l'.i -O

., :.

Ab. .

,l ',. :' ,, !

. .: ".' ;




-P -- --A
St~ttSt StSt t Stfl-

2 '-7 r-ty f
6c C r rraV


WVe cover thp. inl lrtant points ald resiectfulll
aogicit a sfare of jour bLsinels.

Fire, Life, Accident and Health Isurance.

-- Airnts for the-

- l ir ., ,,

a T I .,


I 4



O C tVr t aa e*fru a
00 l the Asmmauv6a, Rey.
I -'by tOntMuuI srblus
b oat fo" *any
E|roswaaiy Cross
h (or e l wftlb.
I tism will,". sr aid.
It and mmore bralMs
I lMd, the mala) rlauotet-
t*. f.s bonad to aput
butweew ta* gtat
% *Ib ihtbis wee
(Ilaqlnw it\:s.1 *ov *1 nn i^
o $oetwoeO u Fl o i.

iuus. l0e a e rvey
K *E bo wet a mur t
S^T^'B~t M at,,'
^Rfl^^^i^^ rl^^~W9w^^ Usi ^ ^^^
B^H tar. he s elK*BHH-ir mesUR


ul.-u a

;b. I: t~

it ma Ty- tsll lmmg

s.h *we --eti

si sa. mpt on

widb bnmhtAs od

phmaot thought tbatjtb.
thM Me ., Mpap wMcHb r r
ni*MM .U may hbve Ia It the
thes tithy gotrent oft ome
a**it it ha sP.mM
b hi mtr f It mthe mm at
fl tp n tows, tad yt It to
; *t iaf*ds of Sto" of tpB-
I m NO rwvy ye r aito
*h itS ^Zw waWp At
BIuuIqa tbVlIMr hth boe AWk
* flsdag e pa.tebtd tpom an ow
I Imosgotahteld Lvant not
aM wm wemes and cbfl-
V pur to atm a better liw*og.
after day, with wet poege
g*~ be sUpawet to NeOWTort.
Owb~ maimno&.tteeram
Si u "ao wood pulp
w fi- bup"am sm. ot
wi" O wnbil wai

^ Sla

the ste
the 0"er

: ildna M Uarlie inis

--rr --- Iwrl-_ --- .~-. -- --r-.-~- :-v- .---5 h311uL



THUS on a mit 1
your husband has 1
paying $25 for, you
save about half,
19.59 will buy a Ic
good things you need
your own wardrobe.

t of

Tell eer Lady Friends
'about thi. They will appre-
. ate the Piscovery.

The illustration shows
two reigning favorites in
Fall Apprel, at


Prices Rjnging From $12 up.

The 8tamp of Superiority on these clothes is more than a mere name
sewed In the collar. Every stitch, every strand, every curve show iunmis.
takablt evidence of the master-.hand. TEach suit is an elopquent appeal to
the man who knows the difference between a claim to superiority and
the superiority that is BUILT IN.

Irep In and let no talk It oer."
-- I I .. . lL i

Outfitter to Particular People.


-ll -A---
lie A d' Saloon and Cafte
Jaeoawville. Florida

SMeabasta Lunch from 12 to 2 p. m.

pteed Wrbergr Beer O Draught

Steak, fish, Cho, OGame in season,
bo caer. Pool, Blliards. BoDwHg
ll.. U1I W.a ts fat.


Plereln Christian Milesonary Society
Christian Church.
Pt. Louis. Oct, 18.-The F$or !g1r
Christian Misalnmary society of ih,
I Cehristlan church convened in ancrul
conventlton toomy at tbe exp(iftioni
Sballlngs. Conimittees to art during;
the tcovention, w which will be In !-t.-
ilon two dlays, wan appointed and thE
annual reports or the otrfirer of the
selety were read and approved.
SRev. R. 11. Miller, of Buffalo, N
T., delivered an address on "Thif Pro
gram of Jesus," and the remalader of
the opening seatlon was devoted tc
listening to talks by foreign mission,
There was no essiton today of the
Alerlean Christian Mllsilonary oc!
ety, but the section will be remame%
tomorrow and will continue until Wed
" dayT night.

SOGood for Children.
The plesmnt to take and harmless
One Minute Oough Cure 'ives Instant
rellet in all eases of eough, eroup and
lagrippe beetle* It does not pass im-

( Victor Safe and Lock Company
) IA mOi -nro -n ntt. O iLo.
The "Vir'tor" is the bpet safe made. and parties contemplat-
Jng the purchase of a safe, or mn'thimg In that line.
from a box to a Lank vault, wall sav money
by consulting us. Call on or address.
Information cheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDAL

Lnsts nns snnnn



- Montezuma

A. L. Rys. V. SHIP
the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.

- Hotel

MAN, Proprietor


On the A. C. '. and S.

None Better in

r --- - ~.. --...- *0





aww!ij^LJ]rii ^imSnm flBf lESU

. A...i

L.. L

W NW.-4M@dlll64djjM


Id A


WW Ww*


T *


hIP e has, you can cure
him of it by bringing
him here and letting us
fit him with t suit of

Correct Clothes
Hand Tailoed by
that cost just half the
price the merchant tailor
would charge for no bet.
ter fit, style or quality.

uO iJ.Il,



....___DAY__sm skis vmu Fl.i....
i'' 1 I .. .... p ,,.1


Ie l:eil ean press, fltding J.udge
I'arker i.,v., ,.-rl ., are taking it uut
by alb *;i:Tg Mr. Ct' I.v ,l-- h1,...
3 chi .he *ird



in n(lt 02l 4l04 t:t tm their ,n tl id.
,., a, p: t t). rep '.b, is in ,'d bt,,d for veto
I..: ?1t if.t' *,r ,,f*r ". a JA law r.liall.d1
I.gAutV. .t.t i. I' nil *ain rig the '* irrt-n.y fru., diblel.
A CA lI.IuLE .t i ..t a -rmo ial i t:. soi h
<.y !5 true iarrm 8 weit j bal been
",U11 t1. dtiy i'it, .'l .4 f :n, t rii.
1W. f.)INI I.AM 1 .1

fIK H PORTER IIOCk. 1 *:ti re ;i. ;tr, ,, t. 11
T uruuw 3 43- 1 !1a, H 'it 1 i>:]l:lirazir its ,.
hi U A Pub rult.'hed evry s orrirgat l ":, In. i 1 'il !a'e t. i n, tll y
del.vere by ear lerln t.eelty. 3, I' t I J t'l. d r o t hr I riridLh i O!-
Asy il* of tAheUr.ited Stlltes,po- Onitie. T h' .L cl ii (' irinol.!k, rt ::iarks
*.lorlg rt .' r U Mornths: 01. on this "llit IIri Wt,. i x:,.1 h
S s1o1 siertm for fne weeke- ;Ine hil TIativ, l't,. a;' ,rent y
Sike at tVI ',riti.t l 'nn ftiO atl.
"Itw. iUI ocal o:ev. : to0 eet 1 together."
IJt$ mIrijlaE, mii at, cett rfor aob a4- .......
|- nio. ,,s .t ,f s:s, ,, f i iij, l^t yar
ve 4twIar aS vert.! ',' wade arown *'r. r.*r :: .*:iited hy '.* uft. t1- @.;.r(,'l. .
,Uo L, _'. ..- acid,. I eitg :mar lhian l 41 i,.r*' t.t. T[ie
q*) s ee'rk Sun .s an edhtlm-, ec. ,ifltary IT '$* f \i N.r r ', t' ty tas
' II ~aer. it..:st ed rieery,- it'n atnT1eidd to IiroVid, that t his
S piurtmv. aued Co1.I*!L.I t., aSi ,ILSJl not b. St re*ta a'. ex ",pt
W @te week. oe.'. nsate arid jere-
lllt~ie malied. yobtmge fcree, to any iln ,ret cri4tion in a stri,n,'r r J, ifni(
It dt **~C .JB I rL 'tl A #+,' l ., '., all tlt 71 ye,, j yt,
i'Il % Ijkt, .

i advainoe.
taa bils beome due after rat
.|of adurtilsmew lut.;rn ,s therw is
slaerLtraet, Partiel rti known to
Mpqualred to pay for ad eirtivarn in ad-
.Elr1. THE DAII.Y bUN.
0Gawr ir lY ,iA.


rr Ur,-%1t111t.

L, For V ', ,-l t .1. :,
H|, HI: :" '; I. r,\.
r of \Vrt "r ';: :.
n. nItv'l Ptit!, @,-";i't; .

ber Cou FRANK I.A LtAK.

H. rP. HAI:EY.
7t. A. JNNIN'S.
T1. C. B. I'K NCE.

Scr' wtary oft St:ite.
Attorney- ;tf.n,'rnil.
WILLIAM H. Io.1.1q,
A. C. <.tu.\11.
/ State TrleIf rr,
te.udent ,,f Ii, -'- Ini,.trti't!ou,
W M. 1101iI.I..%VAY.
oiB lnwalmloioner A. Tr. ': t':r,
,+.' B. E. M1.I.IN.
S Itllronad roi'oinitt.-',m r,
S-upr,.,, ,',,rt six Yentrs,
i,' 3Judtic n $1 r,-iv.,, E tirt.
ROBEiUrT st. CtcK:I:LL.
J. A. WrIITVi':I.1i.

SJ. A. sultO ,lR;Inil,
0 TI t.I.MAN.
Couatf Judge,
W. W. Hteonn.

g; C+ltt Ctreult Court,
8. II. WIEFNES. "1
Tax Asm~'isor,

Ta" x im", iI't.'r.
W. I>. I 'llKIN'*")N.
ItrInfe" of 1P'o2' Itr tru+Jtlon,
+ f'C.nutv Tr*-.:,, rr.
, W. i. llIIOIEl;TSt)N.
Co~inty' Sri yr.
County <4 i')f:- 4itk'er4*.
,1. G;. 1AM'niIt.

,!'. r". I.I ::t K .
.. *. ". I'.Ml l.L.iX f.
rpr M Tenh'.ri ,1 l f.irT
1 T. A. Nf .
LL: it. B. WrEKS.

A* longest of all underground
6 hav Ting a total distance of twen-
rtnmilleo. The London "tuppen-
Sube" Ii only about half as long.

Unite nsates or ana a. c

C'IA' : ey

,1. (t'h'ney ,:aks, oath that ;he
; artner or f tri e iti-rn o: f F. .I
' t'.. d

Sitiy ol 'oldr, cauitty a:.d S(tate afore*
said, and that said tirIm will pay the
iuni Jt 4ne If indrtd lDollars for each
and every ease uf Catarrh that cannot
be curAd y th'u1 me of fall's Catarrh
rt',r.. FH,,'K .T. ( ,:'E .

*:e and *suberibedw *y yrg**a IN ALL co@wTRIKS. P r -r--w*- -*-
h *,, i4 >J...f^ ;tar s *i l *.< rP E R | lowb`a g t -w
PWit1k1&h&.., a k* euk.gks u.m.. IS Cents SHAoRE iow"'beco
.. W (iTuKa... W''rlwile ,,it nwwi^awlt vt ,, I I ... t
.s ..._a .._._ __ a s..a._. _a....._.'a.,_e V as. h.. .,k b ld 'L P.

in !;y r,. *. ee, t
t r., A


,. .. ..., -j ,V I A .

Netvw Vork is to have a tt,-.-t .)ryt \,a.
lie ,I!'..O ;l l, ni niii(g whi.hi a ,;i ;;o uil nr 7,61 t, r, ^, Nt,, !t id ,f **,, r ,,
to Lh, l s.utied in o)e ,f itOthw I urt parts
nf :lee+, "ity. They 4li 't :;.tt i10hl ol
I .ijjlingii of that kild j:i ti e' i,)re
fatIhiLh.h 'lttarri.

NIw 00:1 1's oine of thr-, .e: p-to-date
Sciet:.i s and .d'l-ar*- thil a steady
dint A r Ir::es will] tro.ngthen the
:niral .*'.ararter. Th1 is :miply ra -
riatioin i t it? uld 5aw, "ie gto('l and
yuu'l bt0e ,a.;y, but Yi',I won't have
:rmu. h f, in,"

A (".isage man has Jtti rei-:'.er'ed
after Lit s Ath uperCatJt for appendi-
.*iti 11** ie r.ow etlndy ing surgery with
a Vivw to operating oa himself when
:n,.we*nary. ,n order t,) cut down ex.

It is t 'o h'd, t1t i tmay as well bo
infrssed, fi.,r the secret can hardly be
kejt malh Ionger, Thnm Taggart of In-
diana is not r:uiiiing ist fDenmoeratio
camrlabn at all to su.t the Republi.

S~t'.n wme'z)n.el retiii Ofd ai of an 1ir
etTngitf,. They j"it wit.d at rrguInrly as
th}e a!uri mrc-.ehaunitm, and tIhey never
::aiT a rjl .atiun t-ti lt aijuone else
gt t in a w'ird edgw.wite.

.A druziien eclngretemn & ncre said to
Abtrahani mI.13oln: "I n am' e
man."" "Thenr. sir" responded honest
Abe, "that relieves the Almighty of
an awf'l responsibility."

Judge ('all has decided that 91,,) k
lici&uu tax must be Iaidl fir selling
w i;sk*y outside of ani incorporated
city in Flori la. Thle case wll go to
the Supreme Court.

In the w!o01 0Russian empire there
are ;y .'1 ". ;hys:.eitni. and T57 of
them aret wmnen. The war has made
med;1.-al service m'nre difficult to obtain
than ever.

Ia!as,, Houston and San Antonio
tland at the hiad of the list of Texas
cities in point of population-each
harvign between 615. habitants.

A Japa:ne does* not exitt. They have at
least ui_, bath veryy Say. In the pub-
lie batt):s 3 '. '.i people bathe each day.

,t4 r.'tary a y loudly ait;:- ;e,.'l that
he ai rTeniait in the ttbinl.'t if the
8.4pl,, ,,. e'try t he eliettion. Mr.
]u,j2j + v'i'. ' tryit.g t, ktvp it ,till.

1,, ,i;; ti ? A t .- Lou r- that con-
I*.',- d4i.*'e e carried by pet catS
ar.d '. Bi, tl + ,1. 1

i it

r -

I,, -. -

I lsne with Oashua A Hill. ---
Sam m bsines trip toasper.
Ja cobTrEd W FlArTpjw, yt"cts out A GOOD ENGRAVING HOUSE 4
S T '1 'W W I US Uf A .1 IiWllary of Mlidaimpy was In Js ,.
A T city yesterday. %r. Hilleary was Ital Jej s easy to have the b ut a ing asi the s hs
|l route hoine from Alaehua, where good. Then, there is a irtsaia tisfaetlos Isn halup i
I he h been ol business. used are perfectly oorret-seeordingl to he l at s1141
S. S. 1,ore of Hawthorn, propri.- ur business is not only to have the e# mvnig mwasls ...
elor of thLst popular resort, the Coin- to ll that the proper style, fort and stasloer Bl S o aedo
.nereial Hotel, was tranesaoting busit- Wedding Invitstions. J. P. STEVlNO EiNORAVINGOO..
sneus in this eity yesterday. Fine Sstilonery. 80 Whitehall ti., Atlanta, OS.
a laga graIpes. pIeapples, apples, 1
bananas, orange*, grapefruit, lemon.' i'
andI limes---an endless variety of fruit- -.. -m..
a iciim 's Pho IAmong the h visilotors in this tyy- T T
Oin iaount of the reunion of the tefard wa Prof. H. E. PeNoel of T*
S.1nied Conftderate Veterans in Qeala Lake City. who to engaged in teaching
Sin early November, the Seaboard Air for the present at Rooky, levy county.
,I, Line will sell tickets from sInesvllle He was en ,route to that polat froi
, to Oails and return on Il at. 81 and his home, where he has been ladle
NU v, 1 good returning Nov. 1, at $1.10. posed for the pat few days. ],...
An e cellen opportunity to visit the" The friend of Attorney J. N. li.m
Briek City. 2w. mer are sympathisiig with him In the
Among those rilttered at the los of hl line Jersey heifer. "'Daisy,"
Brown House yesterday was Hore 0. which oecourred at his ra Monday
Avery of .lacksonvlle, the lever corn- night. She was one of the most high-
lOlll nmercial agent of the -Mrchants and ly bred and most valuable animalstl
Pue %I ners' ln Transporailon Company. this section, and ,Mr. River wolld Dot s
S1 Althnughayousig.nan,N MIr. Avery have parted with her for ajamo"4 w. iN F
IM S NW regarded am one of the nmio efficliet able consilderation. I is supposed seht ei" "w
smm m emm.ntrtpranspation men in the steamship died from etlag poison. p"Iy5l"
"_ .servie. Elmer Robiion, for man yeIn a ai
..' - Amnon the recent arrivals in thi residents of thl elty and for a lIea .
I E R V MR I'"** "*h *l Jcity are* %rs. Luella' -I Cook and hr arn ime aged i t he bSepel b esisees
.'OFfI I JiND Fir :i.nit-iStior Ryal Cook former- charming daughter, Mims Lens, of Oli- here, iss*lelt old frOleds. Mr. Rob.
,lCY A HwD l." Addre Thkomae V. lPor- oinnati. Theme ladies tie at present iison h!as bln oleId l Jilkise
ter..J.,k mnwrilh. theb guests of tidClI Inn, formerly the Ville for iL pat tw or hribme peel,,
F. C1. ,, Frguon of lalika passed Kaufma House. This Is their first greater part of whtkh mlme he ha
,ntra, throuki, tle 1itiy em(Iterdq1y tn route to visit tnO Alinellle. and they are so been employed by StrligfellowM, i.s
Gei tral Iutaeret Oath- Cedar Key, .t h will spend a few highly plieod th iat i y be possible Friends will reglrt to les that he is
Sf Our Reporters. week.. they will main here for the balanooe sufferli from rheumatllm a d b Is ee
pt es '1 (' t, of Alaehul, one of the of the season. pulled t se erubes. i
L AND SOCIAL ITEMk leading eitiz n" or f that section, was Enginer (lore Lyons of the At- John Wlllia, a deles ly pse g
A SC ITE mog the v*i.inrs to (Jaintavilve yes- lante0 ULinewaa In the city from o|ored m ewholers n s "w
d What ioi erdllay. Mianopy esrda. Mr. Lyoes laM Ia hIe employ of Dr. J tIF. MO e bssQ,
y, ip peedad What snp bGoibbne, turnip been indispoed for several weksl Jr.. r,,, The ga to Wsb thW0 11
Told in Short Paragraphs i iis ar.i amnoing the vegetables to which lIapslated him for dtly, but is not the mae John WIUtlw w he'
**He Who Runs May Red' be faod" lI mt tI-Kinstry's this morning. expects to esumo his ran on the High yesterday arligem t *la s l- Ota
uMSh. 8. Wiln SprinBg-Mlesaopy-Cltra train na day mais'O an$ upee ia s M psfs0"t
S. N. Wilson departed yesterday or two. (iirge's friednui are alwaymg iot. Th imitaiy he @.
eCash & Hill. for \ eirs'dale. in tte vicinity of which glad to blehim, and will be pleased to smosne has eoud Johbs it m fll At
today a L.Orawt.oni'. plare. iti range he has a pro- learn that he ls recovering from his embarrassing trouble, ad hIe ( I
lper for sile ai The Siun lilt! ,ra gie grove. Illness. the poblie to b eom.. aeq1l ted ift
After a pi'isant tisit to her daugh- ----t elrUm t' ieil am
's Wonderful Salve for a'.e ter,I Mrs .11. iver., n thiscity.Mrs. 1DB V A A i
llum & Co. %.. w itcah returned yesterday to fi 1 U TH PAPERI ARE HN R.
.Wailts of Urove Park was her hoe' in Santa Fe. _--
we city yesterday. Perry i1 Colson, of the Wade & oi buIng Qmsee N. 3. Tvlsr Sr
Jeeksonville stop at the MleNair Lald (Company, has resumed Ielve aIer dea utt s 9 0m.
.4 location, best nmeals. It fronm a bisines' trip to points in Wetll st ie m dsam .t @e ".'
Fresh euutry eggs may be i,. tl interest of that con- Uilt*asd StaseisgeWnlnm aslW i ., """
na4KIntry's today. 1Phone cern has forwalted to H. 'lter o
of* W sto wa--Pin s, i ok: rin ii tiekPlat Natleak Dash, whel he M bus
Hodgeon of Williton was fir 1h. i-w, t $1 load of woo ap ou i ed L bsnl s law i
business in this city yes- ever iI,,,gt in Gainegville. Four-foot A P proposed ers met bhedlag
Swood tn inler. M. Peveneau, Ed- C REAP T STORE ON A lTH ( rill, bla m, l.., s dh,,
tried Puckhahcr's famous ward" i,. wbl a reS o be mt la mhigI l,
Is bread? Fresh every day C( \\ Itnuknight of Archer, one nIf ultioss ad yoeeers, s weli dl.
*a thie liradisp merchants of that section. Visit Our "Ciandy Departmentt" irsemet, or lsteul, Itb, Mo. i
--al d-hnatd eI Inermore was inl the city yesterday oi; business lcidltn to the elstion of the bui d ge,
Will be sold chleap. Ap- connected with the eotton department (lag. iII
oliffce. tf of H. F. Duttun A Co. Tis il whllat mighllt really ble tmelt '1
V. Sadler has returned from Monday w trial day in the court WE ARE SHOWIN6. the tis delnlt e met ei the di- M .
aojourn with relatives and of County jludge M\son, but owing to tlon of the pspposed baUding, whisk
High Springs. the session of thu cirouit court, which has kept the people of Glatville laI
RilU of Island Trove was in kept the lawyers occupied, there wa An upto-date line of.. su.pene for so long, ad l | eekS
terdlay. lie imladie The Sun little done In the county court, save upon as a ilbltitloa that week willU
9Sble call. renewing hi, sub. the flilk and execution of several pa. louse' Walegndi. as norfar disanst date.
,pr.U, J UD U1 11U Death of Mrs. Waterbury.

en d "",d El ohn- th "orsn ths cit yesterday sub- o s em byi r
S.olowd brother., N. M.. l.1ester, \inlow, i;a. ilre of h.edlta, whil.b .... a ep.l ^

ir .... " e.r d as her ihoen on North Uel r I .
-On. n[ebly furnished ie rpor the croup as rule good inre shortly before 10 eel
tss convenient location in his saetion;, but cotton has suffered The display will be grand les night, after illa es of se
Apply xiF tla tLiberty street, matterially r, rmel ruLid aterlpillars.
Sun of1ce. btf The cura crop was el ecially line and and the great variety of days. No partleuila can be obtwld
Wun0ot e. t f i styles and patterns .shown at this time, neither have any fn wrs
it fat mackerel, pike' feet and . .. .. on of te wfll. IMS WnrtB A VIPi t CO or arrnagemente been &&oafessed, b
lst of that elegant pork I\\ iwrinhht, lt. of the elA- will be worthavisit to our tmenll bpe.r la Ta moe of to. *
I It oil will be opened this cient clerks an the United States land store. The price will be morrow. sineroe lmpathy is exted-.
at MeKinstry's. 'Phone 18s*. otlie. has returned from a pleasant cheap enough for the pOOr d to the beresde Ir fs. m
.. l, progressive planter visit to Jackonv'ville and friends and t hea styles rich enough KY--- r
roe section, was in the relatives at Starke. Mr. Wainwright and the si CEDAR E e
lday, aud amon g other busi- is e1ijoying th e annual vacation which fol the rich. C.DA R K
1wed his subscription to The is extended to all employee, of the 0 x
united States land office. A beautiful line of Ging hams
RI of Palatka, after a visit ----- and Chambry at 8 13
SH... Riles, in this ciy, READ THIS cents per yard. .ervd .t All 1Ue blo H mour, Ans $"Ie
Itohis home yesterday. He clty PAatros Supplied la Any Qumatrit.
b, and manager of a fine Jackson, Tenu., June 4, I I-l-This A prettier line of anliMs end
1p arlor in the Gem City. is t certify that one iotle of the rttoier line of 6injh 2 and
btefr of Itoehelle was among Texas Wonder, aill's Gre;at discovery, Ch ambry, worth 2 1-2 RESTAURANT IN CONNECTN.
bt to this oity yesterday. He has cured nimy wife and myself of kid- cts., at 10 cts. yd. m. t semo*, ,*........ .. .
i In the liishing business at ney, bladder and rheumatio troubles, ..
Ol.ek, but for the pas two or and we most cheerfully recommend It A l magnificent line Of 1a- *ad frbKh er, d rwe ill both sa l
the Winds have been so high to the K.. W .. dies' up-to-date Collars, &c. tre td a of size. S e *h,6 for me. Jsgs
S1e6es has J been poor.( Other flh at reasonable prices. Oides
, for years expert A TEXAS WONDERSee our front show cae. olicit. OO
dreM tPrer for the Cable Gainesville Flah Company
h as. dee.dedWlocate in the dne small bottle of the Ter s CWon- M I--**
9 e a..+. t ....oh, A1E1ICAH LADY COSETS .....r ..J _e t
.ork gniam oled. dtwl kidney and bladder troubles.llremoe In all the latest stylnef. oF AL*THo .Y. U.lmmwlfisi r
Sbuslanes trip to &his city, grael. eures diabetes. seminal emis- PrIneallthelbestNdollar Ao. wu& vae *
, tr relied yesterday iony, weak and lame baeks, rheuma- Price $i. The best dollarNoor ,W r o Ml1
e r r ktulled terda wll m 11 irregularities of the kid. Corset made. Call and ee I A C r. i o nnitr. ie oRf thoit l steof
WM" a Jaiklaonville. Heie ll tiasm and al11rre a i1 C made. Cal and uFee r do e orti- i hoatea a or iaw sewM Pealteily
- the prores made bi and bladder in both men and them. fleord Ac.. aru 4L orLh aM k iaer ti
t the progresA made by A i in sw o r. ahm os a with tue pra Oi ;
-.....m ladder In IsE_ *O .law.s- r i-d ha ._.t. .. with the pro-
*aviiaaLaf s MwifftCA h6an*a S... IM.Aalot*%. &W i




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