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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 16, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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, W* ata In PAlng IAle
mot the lati hrouat,


liPtei' raverg I PLlamd In sGoesm
Svl AepeRt of earal Kurepathin.
.. Ssat n $* Wighet Pia lt aelStement &nd
I$ OWN as Aeelety Preyvlls :

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S Oft b

theM wesp, Btred at the object
4r see what Id sho h
u' d :w w rii n the ash

ii4w l vr apo n tr hi

0 tesE hi'm. ad ely maid
aJ.0aete meoafl

I esNv l.tsl sie Crrnlllty Iel
t !: ne of the rbeldet, I
i tbh drwk Kt wu
impU p both his

S4aqwn li., at bhi country bornei
asir. n yers of aun,. os a
Siaod hael red ate to obute

Sb atobwrlthne c in the was
of Iebthb, te iUtrs obarse eof
WW 'ot Mvilg take diset In th*
later t'ft Nhi ethd lad hil left
He ver spoke aftlr bhi
rsshed i m. mad oyal e ie

r'ileaWI 9 ii oe CritthiAly Ili.

.eOle Sof te Presildent, Is
Ini Fst il country homeo
ill i. aMr. Roosevelt,
me&.. ers-o fgo.f oe, is en-
jgMt. ke"iT devvoed to out.
4wg OpOrt4 iwW Ots Illneat lo attrib.
'ito to S "e codd o40tracted dur
he the automoWliO clp nie. He was
*ftltter 1o-the Netherlandsa during
16 3Mildeat Cwlteland's trit adinistail.
i dro .

eseratioe Ceferred.
t I la" Oct. lI.-PreNldest D. R.
FratUl a Drector of Rxibit. rred-
eik J. V. Skit. O the Loilsiala Par
abase exoslttos. were today atd*
g1a3d oeer of the Order of Crow.
of Italy. T'he decoration were com
teed on them by the Klna of Italy.
Oad the preseatatlon of the aniigata
was made by Baron Mayor DesPlaa
eaes. Itali ambassador to the United
Sates. Tile oeremouy was brief sand

Held as Highwayman.
Atlanta. Oct. 5I.-Lo 3letrIes. a
vanm nman of :1 years. was bound over

Too. Det. 14.-1 p. m.-Fleld Mar.
thal OyuaI wportsw hat flhting las in
povuWa along ala4t the whole lige
a the folft, and that the Japanese are
lngj satisfiactory 3progrs.

Ut. Ptemtburg. 0t. I.-Th esmpe
W hb a reslvetd Lhe following dispatch
'"m Georeral Kumvphlan. dated ye.

"wo relenla of the Rusalan right
4s OtL 3 2 ataIted heavy loses. Ti.
euinaader of oa was killed and th
btipo eommaUder was wounded.
K t3 llmestsa woer compelled to
wtlhdnW. ea4sdqlls their artillery,
I -suibquietly .olmonel Vazausky.
who temporaly imed commasid of
tt triadas, after ad" eerau. asauult,
rlned posesailos of the guns with
h*e exepltM of 1i, whlch remained
1i tihe -l6 of thq JA"aes Thte
laI assei of the bAtle Wednesday Cu
h if im waas usaoeesaful for uis. On
Messet of a alght attack of the Japa.
no. who aem uted a tlralpg' move-
.gat, oil truopa were forced not only
to hbmt Am thbel posllion.s but again
h0t lbUM ntf previously rFcovemred
free th Japanese. Our forces retired
to thOe polUoo previously prepared on
SShalMbe tiver."

ILadMn. Oct. I.L-Adviees to the Jap.
nowe legatio n ay that the report of
,larquis Oyrasa giving details of the
opwatlons below Aitli (1. Tinr'sdaym
Mad Wodw Iday. which werft prPriFunui
ly described in the Assoclated Pre ,s
dispatches from ToLlo. seems to niak'r
the total of twlanii gansa captured :..,
and amonunltion wagons 24. Cener-
al Oku's-army was rrodittcd with hav
luag taken 23 gun,.
The rrapot regarel1ng (General Nod-
Iu's capture Is not quite clear. It
SayS he took "tIwo t (oltl Ugll an.l eight
animulnition wagxoni- oln a hight a few
mille east of tfeintl. a:und while purr
suifi the tLeniy,. iaptureit awlno lel,;
guns with altiiiu:iiiilon wagon:is mnir.
bring 11. at Sanhiatnshlh mountain,
besides 154 pi-oner.."
Tlihe .lapai se leg' gtionil s not sunr
lwhlther thi nirans 11 gtns anld it
wagonv. or whether the guns anLd as.
oan together total 11.

New York. (Oct. V,.--flrrat excit-
meet has bem rcau-cd by the 'x-pectel

paai*Se of the Ru.,slan lIaltle fleet
thrutini Lbe DIanilh waters say a

Time' dlipatath from ('oplenhagen. The
Largest shlps can uon'ly gu through th,
Knat' lt It,. weeni Zealand andl Fin:I ,
Islands. A number of Danidh pliol
left several days ago for Rveral and
LUbau. their service hbavying bren re.
quested on behalf of the UlRulan DnaVy.
There are rtmorr that Japanese
agetsl have harter'l neutral vestircl,
and are crulli-gu in lDanlh waiters in
order to watch the Ru-rslan fleer. I l
oartirder to ectura'reitpect fr iDnnmark'-.
neutrality. lthe Danish cruiser Hllnimal
and nomrc torlido boats have been or-.
dered to put to et.

St. Peleraltitra. Oct. I U.-0:OS p. m.-
Naiursal}. the city 1 filit d with count.
leom rumors of defeat anI V'letor. The
public has been arouteI to tht, high-
*at pitch of eticlttement and anxiety
by Kuropa kin' : d t; v;iti of last night
reveai;iig the terrlift c'hiractcr if the
combat )c-ttraray anl a';quaintlng the
people oaiclally that h1 i'a son lth,' ,,-
tense. Tiat, t. gerne r ith the ti ol.,'L
dispatch ,l t ; nl ll hat thli i- JlApan ,,,
iorcest w v ,'t, %'!" i*uastn glaoin !
AnId K Tir., 1;.' i 0 '1 I.) I' Ih ;it;g cstat'ni':'t

% bollStay erowdi s gsgP In *lt.
bUseTg lhe fatival of lte "Interen-
aes of the Viria for Humsaalty." o
the eestols they WuMIlly spend their
UMe n meery-maktlag, eleas obethtaste
1 to the bulletia bards, huagrtly
awaittng new. of the luaue of the most
wlUcal day.

St. Pterburg. Oct. .-:3 p. m.-6
General Kuropatkhia' ofldal report
gives out at 1:50 p. m. denultely Con.
allrmlg the loss of artillery attached
to the brigade on is right Asank, as the
reult of 0eeral Oku's attack oa Wed-
needay nlght. only served to aeresse
pubtle apprehension. The number St
goas lost to not specllcally stated.
Each division is composed of two bri-
ades, with a brigade of artillery of
48 guns. It Fsems that the Rusiafnss
lost 34 guns, which would correspond
with the Toklo report, .


RuSall, Cabinet Possiblity, Makes In.
teresting Romarks, .
Montgomery, Ala., Oct. 13.--Clonel
R L. !iun t-lI., it,, peahl!Vent a4d cilt-r.
xlecsuttve uf Ut 1Mvubile maid Ohio rail.
wed, who istlopied for a few houri t i
Maiftomerj with other oeflsat of the
road, wa 4 in hi happiest mood iand
gave every one who saw him the Im-
prehalop that things are coming very
maUc bhis way at hias time.
Dilcusin na tonal politics. Colonel
Russell epri ''ed the greatest confl-
dence in th1e i"zcceobs of the Democrat.
to tlckvt anit rena\%vd belief in the
wisdom of iI!cct:ng Judge Parker to
lead the flight. Of the report that
be li to ihave a place in the cabluet
if Parker is elected. Colonel Iluusell
only smiled and said ant ueiterprlsing

young iciswpaIIecnain down in 3ilawi-
Slsppi aSVL't111d to havt taken that mai:
ter In hand.
The talk of ',,:,m.-i Rumsel: rlirk
Into hi Ji'gltnet -l il Jug 'airker In
Caelu that geCn Jmnui shall hb l id.rse,,;
Sat the po!',S is pia m ing h)yol'I1 ti'ei li
Sldental stalget iii) has asailin ed ql itL.!
a tseriotis turn. LMany :r at i if t'
'Wll not I.e fin.t. :naW nsd.i; 1.1 Cng for
5a j ;iXI mal t C hi 'r t rei frjii t'i "
su0 mh as. a tmLe >r it tinc ticn' t.
S11) of the a:' :-..I II .JIl .'f- I'P
er b*comerfli :,eh. a..:,; a t::.o n Tiii of
i\c, i. *U4l 'Itu : %!' .I ll; .i ],:l\..' :a' .t' -I
ulp to in a p l -t. z*iiruri': '.; It
Swill lie renl tzit t .l t I h ("hv 11i' : -t11
i ell canir u 'j i tr[;tc tl ,' stateU Dnuieirwia C .. nrlL in 21'a'
and express i l opuilon that A:*.
bama, being tirt .on u i -the i~ f;l I t.: ".'nin
lttinal ci(onvetnH;.,, hr l, l il uI tU i'i J's
Sdjelegat'es lor th li 'rii.,t nman,. wll)
wa"i, ho did not lit*-he ii- at su U .ut -
It wa? the itb't :,.;... t to ~r, e ,
ne lu in sted, I rani ik- 1 wmouli la a,
g' ood Pffrlt rti l'. I I tla n follow tng < .:4
the list. C iZia iil..tlty. ,Jud il--
aell has bhea n kni n incn tlh he cam.
I pain o|il.etd as an orlita!l Parkl'er

Internaticutal Missionary Congress.
St. L Liti. Oct. L. ---The international
aIl Mlisionary congrtsi of ttfe Pres.'
byterlan cinurchl thgan today with their
flrst meeting ot C! t i hristian Wunmanu' '
Board of .11i'ionii Thij board i-!
sues several million pages of min ion' I
ary llteiraitre each year and many
Bible chair lan univcrsitlea are n-',
dowedl. The svewstin wase called to
order by W. H. McLean, of St1. luit,
chairman of the local commitlec, wl.u-e '
an address of welcome. Mrs. Nancy
Atkianon, of IndianapoUl hid.,. presi-
dent of the board. *lel!rredil her annu-
al address Aft' r the appotntmnift of
committeev, i. WIVlkins, of 'Porto
Rico, made an address It which he
told of the muluinnary work In that

Baseball Umpire for Senator,
Rocbester. N. Y Oct. ]5.-'S"tIk"
W'Loughllo. the famous umplir uo theft
Anierlca't hiagule haM* received: the
Democratic nonmination for state ienas.
tor from thv ,disttivt. "Bilk" Is con.
soldered iooe of the Ihet umplru la In inL'
county and l nalit h!m'elf rnLm; ,im.



Vie Prnidentlal Candidate D.
livers Sevral SpeechM..


Henry 0. Davie and His Corps of Cam.
plgetls on Speelal Train Visit .Mel
Towne In the Ohio Valley on Spe h.
Making Tour.
Martilulmlle, W. Va, Oct. 1.--A day
la the Ohio, valley tor'itillg thu towns
on the West Viralgnia bank or the riH f
or from Wheeling tj Parlhburg was
the program of Hear) G. and his
corpa of campaigne, i Meet '
las ofr an bourt anti a he diratloa
each at this plaro aI l i.steruvill. e,
were the teatures of tt',!a)'n Iiinerary
which is to canclhide w.tli a rally at .
Parkersburg. where a sgtecial train wilU
side track for their 1liht. .
At Itenwoml. the flirt stop this
morning, the Davis special found great
favor. An old., mooth-horo canMS i'
had been unllmbr'ret alongside the
track, and an the train was comt .
to a stop., was fir.,d. Six windows of
the forward coach t i tihe trUin and one
is a special car went in with a crasb.
The special praceeded. Mr. Davis is
asking hiM atludinces a few questions
about the IRepublican "full dinner pall"
of Jour year; ago.
"You don't hbar tihein ,,ylng a word
about that pall no.%, do you?" he asks.
"No, the pall Ni nor ill!,. and they are

ketp)ing quiet.
At iteticaxxl Mr. Hill talked of thi
labor prdoetem. refrr~dl to the Colo-
rado lnaor tronlleh auil advocated the
restrict Inn of the use' of the Injuinrtll
In lator dIspM,'b.
A varlatlon of tI *, Kct t Ju.' Inade It
nDresarty to alal;nl ii.tln rm'etinlng at
McM .-.'l in. as the, p i l( w %r' not at
ihe statLion whun ithe Ialii cat' I
aheail I CL HnM:!h.


Millionaire Callahan Leaves $100.000
to Tal!mdela Co:1 ge.
' I) 'O .\cui ... 1'. I lol r,, tlhan
$j s . chau ll i'-, tual'. nil i.'iT '..' i the
lato Ja. mes Callali:t n,; I: ,M,'*nr
lwhwt l wili hn -. J'I-T ,i op'n ill I and
rem l,, .t tlhe liti, i t? lift llIt s
T1'a la l .- ,;:' i ,.< rerelve'l
$1mli,0 i t O thr :;.'.:;',,'t r \' w .re:
1 Inwa lli:ntane ip, ir t ['h .lwt
of D[rutkardY' \\ i, $: . ,, ltows
lf(qul l i' ffL I. i N l rn $:e:. i;"

A,0 \:t r.can r i i'm. -o S itiy. of
TotFiti. 1.t SI *'i K :: ,.i ;i] T<'tUiHSMUncO
anid l'i.Sc(-itonii la,,n-.. ,f i:to.-ruon, l1 ,-

Was DiStinguished Prussian.
Col umb:a. ('.. Octi 1.-- tarni ER
laont AigL-tI Kar T"isti'.%o oi Trrite*
kow. use-il 64 .eatr.4. ditkd at hiks iimne
00 Ilotiklik hill, Cain1d' n. thi.s aalt'.
Thiurwday. HI n a 4 an offrier In lthv
PrusKlan arn' wl.i' the war wRa1
declare-d In h3*. InI l ; ca lilue
to America and fil 11\ yar, ]I tur titar!
rated Mis s JeariisIt.I 'Wa't1 mian al-
derilde. iof Now YVi:: Tihe liaron
and haro i, r .t'l I l < Au't ria,
where tll:"y livdi unt :: 1)' I, hln tho'y
came (i tSour Cith :iro!ina l .ri:'
in Cam.'!eu li. famr li tin onl
of the i .-t In Pri-<,a r!aing back
to 1200. 1II* fattr a-. rnilt rcharn-
berlain to King l Fr,;t r,.k \illiam IV.
of Prussia. lB r*qut, t he winl be
burled tn 'anr.tlrn.

Organizations to Combine.
St. louis. (let. 1' --yH.v irjr,' of a
repol:itlon at the Ngat.nnal 1.lpilr
DIealu'rC' aerifatllon co nr en ntii. ha.-
buen lderided ift amaganlnsj'*. hatt a.-
soclatiln with th 1 Knigh'.- f' t1he4
Ri)al Arelh anthl l i h s-Knltti I ',.
Ity. th r, ni i.' of t he roi mt.i:r*t iir' la i )e Iliht' N i iili.i1 i -1i' 1i
league R l tl,-,litiI tiNs i1 ', (,i),,I' 1


L: '.

%M. 00




pl M -


"."' ".'. ": : *<
F.J J,-





.4 j





WiNTl m m55



Ad other seasonable goods. Styles,
upto-date and prices as low as on.
'slstent with the quality of the goods.

. Remember


That we are headquarters


for Serges

for young ladi' Seminary Uniforms.






A i "THE BIG STO[I .1"

W' 'r ,- -- -"- .. .... "-. -c ... ;- ...'..... ..
'M"TA.e queltl m q 7 'itlea f ir, IAV t,,d,', o f.dt, ,i /f___tr,"_
qi. Title s what you pay for when you bay land: therefore
know what you are buying.


Da, PaTE Morals,

;v~ ~** ~ rLJG.'74i7I
~ I fl '~ J~%
~ '~ ir~
-V I~
lilt, &
t. ';':~ k


Sp *n*si sitleuaon to Cro in al lir!dge wfl.
nlme I".
Graduate Baltimore College Lminta slul ar gt
F1.. mr' *experleneoo In New York Oil. ,
UGowa. Bridge work and ViUlng Spil&alU
Offoe In MiUer Law Eflxehatwe.
GAIUalWILLu. -L. ,

JOHN MXNZ1ES. 'Proprietor.
Si0-sI W. ISay it., Jakwatville, Pia.
Faust beer, bottle aid draught. Dol t
fall to call on nie when in Jacksonvlle
(WIth Dr. U. IL Ti*)on )

Omee In aMi:er Ert w x'ehitnurl. 1J
St-IA INlv;.V ll.I.l: oRA)IDA

,. Tftlls ordinarily invisible correctly revealed to you by..

he Alach County Abstract Company,

t I-t bc.
Oh p o flat: lo# as
4 is buhillu,, g iurtt$ n:
;ie18, ThO Ybte or
iM llees muohe larger
ac at O'ne!nk.m


Wshehem e o u- A

.......... so & t
nw* wauwnsagii

S -iAl.en s *o ane
rr -r

J 41 w SOL




GaE_ ine v l1le,

rlo idc-La.




l.est I:mportoid and I :..l . I,." iquniir ,
(tilI W iZn' ill the vit). l;


E.I A. W EaL }C ,, ".

L '



or All 1D%'rriptlii4s.

TIfR-'WziarT-'Y A TT Tr'qC3S
Jacksonville arind Newv York,
41' O1mling atO HARU iTON, b. U., both ways.
The Flast Stlsship t M the Coastwise Service
Clyde New England and Southern Lineb,
Direct Srvice Between JACKSONVIILL,:. PO.STON awl
PROVIDENOE and All Eastern Points,
Oalling at Charleston both wagl.
Southbo ad. ..... ................... ..rom IaLewis' Wharf. kBosthon
orthboomd.................. From Foot of Catherine st.. Jackronuiv;le
Clvte St Johns River Line
Stopping at Palatha, Astor, St. Fraimls. Bereeford (Del.and). and Intrmediate
Landinga on St. Johns River
LesTve JakMsevlU 8:0 p. m. Buadays, Tuesdayt and Thursdays.
Lear es aniorid : 0a. m. Mumd u, WeWdneway.s am.d Fridays.
eU appointed to isall a folows:
VaUWa* iMEDULE Norfu4,
MLohV-e ................ ..... tl.Jac vlll........... .Arive 2 a8
SO pm ......... .. ...... ..Palakia .. .... ..... . Leave 8:00 pm
100mlmn... ....... ...... to ................... ....... .IF. :0ipa
)a m ..... ............. t. F rti,.... ..... ,.......... 0 o pm_
I.. .............,Bohe sod Deiand)i .. .... ...... .12 '%
ArriveS I m80 ..................... B.terd ................... 9:80 am
_Oam _.......... ..... .Entrprl ........... ..... 10:00 am
r. U I 3KONUEM. Ji.. AMi. (etU. PS.L AS%. KM West OqN Y.. Jackiooll;e., lJa.
W. O.C gJr.; Ftlr A.. C. P, LOVELL. Supeitlmndean.
W. e anam. te *-_ fla..e. fl... *a s san eat t QrV. tat kAt 04t w a p- O. tet el

Joile Agenti for llt AR'lt H and MlOV

0 pair warranted.

J. Manasse.

Corner Grove and
Piotne .t.



FE.I, l'rp.
I Cv rei starts.
r.o, eo ril


Fresh Every Dar.

DeUvered to AU Pari or Coty.
SaUtlafeUoo uustawd

Alachua Pool Parlors,
V *-anL Pmamripatllr.

! -ov er Maroum Madea AU Wno.-,



Can sinl year city properLy, $1
proved and uniuuaprovod).j wpa
0rueking and famuma lands. dea
a list of what jots oIffer for al
w .E. BAKEL,
Cn 11 our in proper, ii 1
Otollct In m~li Bhlrk, !



. '," ' .

r-- 1 :,=. .- -- -- T~ I I -



'1 r m - -

--~ -~-~-~

DR.J. H. ALDEM.%.N.,
(SuaDoemr toSelre ,\.dor
Over DUlloa.0 Co'6 Ugla,.


a. D. O ....

'Fraiiii Gwilior. 1%-ov'r

ft. ,, n.
"lll .....



pI '1A3Tstie OIAJX vj

tra tt

S1'. ":'p

'w W W



saad nppty and
Rat. Vrnsury.


kf S60. Offered for the
Sh One of the SBet and
*mit Oltlseas of Tacoma.
Of Ilnportance.
Sof e omnty Conmmillioun-
miday pursuant to ad-
of October 4th. Present
i omes. Dampler, Ilryantt
Lpy. Mlnutei of previous
altered approved without

Books of Assessor Colson,
Maailnailon, were accepted
is lassed to Tax Collector
ioeoulleot the taxes assessed

Vd offered a reward of $2&j
ot*, with evidence to coan.
Sperslon who murdered Dep-
'Osrrelt V. Chamberlain.
ibred that the ioor f rnm,
'dW appurtenances bit si ,Ld
ppeg placed in the ouiIny

Imuation book were duly
IfiOl to law.
pii to 3 and olkrks for
ioDn to be held on To
OmbIr Sh, 1004, were




Ilhwit persons were paid the
,t opposite their names as
I th ease of the State vs.
PWs Sused of selling wilis.
.,gtited: A. B. Simmons,
atlker, IE #o. R. C(olen,.

t Oolo0n was ordered
fith the amount of euom-
for making out ases.
for 190I, amounting to
i 4

The cough that holds on
in spite of all remedies needs
energetic and above all thor-
ough treatment. A mere
cough mixture won't do
Root out the cold that causes
the cough.
How? Scott's Emulsion,
Why Scot's Emulsion?

Because it stops the irrita-
tion, soothes the tissues and
heals the affected membranes.
When? Right away.
Scott's Emulsion begins to
help with the first dose.
0 We'Uw lend s. unm*.iph b ..iee
WCOTT & IhowfW.a Nvrisuwee, fls sMa

Mrs. Hagetr Forms Music Class at Ro-
challe-Other Notes of Interest.
3Ml0anopy,uit'. 16-Mr. C. 1,. Mrl.
ton has been adding a kitehen to hist
Mra. J. P. He.ter has t mItiiil ',ls 1

I .a 'I~ ~~


Well Known Young Man ,f Lake OCiy
Pawss Away.'

Robert W. Adams.. on of the month
Promlnoet young citlesisof Lake City,
died Firiday afurnoou from the effect
of a i troke of paralysis, after an i
leM orf abnut two days.
DCeelad was wll known In this sre
lion. lie was a brother of Hlon. Frank
Adams of Jasper, and was at the tiws
of his death prildent of the Statle
1axehlnse Bank of 1lake City, and
alio the Lake City Eleatrle Lighti nd
Water Company. lie also hldl im-
pirtant rial estate interests ft Co-
lumbia and Hamilton counties. The
friendsof this young man thlrouighoul
the entire $tato will learn of his death
with muoh regret.
SBtter Than Pills.
The question has been acked-in
whalit way art Chamberlaiu's S aloidhb
and L cuor Tablets superior to the oirdl-
inary cathartli and liver pills? Our
answer is, they are e*ler and more
pleasant to take and their effet Is
so gitnle and so agreeable that
one hardly realizes that Its i pro.
duced by a niedicine. Then they Bno
only more the bowels but improve the
appetite and aid the digntion. Fur
sale at 25 cents per bottle by all drug-
iits .

at toehelle. She g its ,ip there on LADY BROKE HER ARM.
Tuesday and Fridays to give hIleons,
Mrs. l. I'. auikulghilt and daughter, Mrs. N. I. Molt Victim of Painful Ac-
Miss Era. lhave retturqed hibmino to ciden( at Her Micanopy Hemn "
U(ainesillle aftermpwnding several days Friends of Mre. N. I. Mott ol Mo-
here visit lg friend anopy will be pained as the lnforma-
Dtr. II L. M niigot'ryi I 'd1 i ng tion that' he haliebeen the vlotim of
todarshal C. H ll, an aceldent In which one of her arms
Williamhal ( is Cderileid lt lrtestr was broken a daylor two ago.
Saillam Cahnt:, lal deeieJl nht a rest From the inlormatlon obtainable It
is needful for hi4 health, and thereby ppear that Mnr. Mont, who il veIr
a.ppeara that Mrs. Moat, whot.very
his presence Is int to bo seen on the fond of ridiug. was jhrowa tronm
' "streets Lan Iore. lrhap 'when"" horse, *uutalning the broken arm.
William returns there will lie other She was immediately taken to her
work for him to do. as uir genial mar,- jhome,, wheDr. Price ws sioaned
tha. sl 20 mMWt have things ffledand set the wounded member. AS last
right about town, O ouuts the patient was resting as
Dr. Newt Johnson was In town yes- easily ascould be expected, mnd it Is
r il to be hoped that she will be out in a
Meveor J H. Prator went to in aInes-.

it CHURCHES TODAY. ville yesterday.
Mrs. Maggie imminons of Maltland
trnlisa Places of Worship is visirinag her sister, Mrs. J. B. Si-
't sel Inclined May Attend. montoni, of this place.
will be observed at the va. D. W. Tompkine and wife attended a. follows: ilia wedding of IV. A. .'eott and Miss
Is Methodist Church., Rev. Johnson at Jobhnon'4 station M.onday
nter--SBinday school at morning.
.t preeahing at 10:30 a. m. Mr. and Mrl. Se*ott will make their
"*tek Uospel four Every Hu- home in Leesburg,
SMleeting of the Epworth Charlie Scott was in town \ednes.
4 o'clock this afternoon; day.
iat 7:0p.m. Subject. "Why I Mr. J. I. Stokes went to Gaineirille
SHmself to Man." Speclial Wednesday.
be rendered by the chair at Ni a Ruby Benjamin is honie front
Iilg and evening services. New York.
iiptlt Chureli, Rev. S. 11.1 lr. Price hal into the John-
aday school at 0:30 a. im.; son hone, iaext to the Carolina house.
tll 10:30 a. in. and 7:: p. m. J. J. .lappy hIa moved Intn town
Trinity Episcopal Church- and lives in the liue where IDr. W. C.
't0. the absence of the rector, Johnson formerly resided.
'H. Craighill, from the city, I J. i. 'Peace ia spending some time at
be no early service'. Usual different poinFs in North Cariolina.
|M 10:80 a. m., conducted by Will Mattliews and family of Flem.
P. Bullook; Sunday school at inaton werte in town yesterday visiting
Ni. Neveningl ervie'. Mrs. Matthew.' father, Mr. E. C.
Prmebyterian Church, Rev. Chitty.
H lay-Morning service at 10.30 One of Many.
Subject, "The Magnet of ii. A. Tiodale of Summerton, S. C.,
.We utmnday sterhcol at 3) suffered for twenty years with the
ok. tminver Legue service at'piles. Speciallst. were employed and
itk. erveon ng the past r.imalny remedies used, but relief and
nCnlsalmie of Chriht."pt, permanent goad was found only in the
i us of DeWitt's Witch Hazed Sa ve.
la the o itly and the public n This is only one of the many cue. that
Sheordially invited to attend lave beet. effected by this wonderful
S rtian Churh, ldr Joe remedy. In buying Witch Hazel Salve
StChrisotan Churh Eldr Ji it i only neceeary to see that you rot
pastor.-Sonday scrhooltndei. engine leWitt's, made by E. O.
E. Akley, superintendent.i .)eWitt & Co. in Chicago. and a eure i
11 a. in. Subject. "ifela. certain. Verilt's WVitch Hazel alive
Preaching ate 7Rurrect m. cures all kinds oif piles, ciut, burns,
rJ s and the Resurrectio attend bruised., ezemA, tf*ter, ring worm,
ordaHy invited to attend skin diseases. etc. Sold by all drug-
isl. Services begin prompt- gis, -
m.e and last just one hour. git .
Students are cordially invited Georgia s tate Fair.
their church home with us Don't forget the great Georgia State
Stihe city. They will be made Fair to be held at Macon, Ga., October
ndt receive cordial treatment 19.29, 1. Atlantic Coast Line offers
Se. The pastor wishes it un- low excursion rates One fare plus 25
that this church is now open cents plu, 50 cents admission, for the
tadeliay round trial Half rates for children
IriekL's Catholic Church, Rev. over live and under 12 years of age.
tineh-Services at the usual Rate of one cent per mile distance
L traveled will apply on military and
I*lurance Was 01.400. brass bands, 2Nor more in uniform.
SNpor of th Carlisle fire %No pains have been spared in making
I report of the Carlirle fine o this one o the greatest State fain
lht, whih ourred in Therror ever given by the State of (leoria.
ay there w a e rikets will be ol October 17-27th
NI the amount of insurance inclusive, sood to return tou and in-
i by Judge Carliele. TL eluding November lIt. 1904.
It4eio l have been 1.,400, in- .

.ew days.

Cures Winter Cough.
J. E., over, 101 N. Main St., Ottawa.
Kan., wrisll: "Every fall It has been
my wife'e trouble to each a sevne
cold, and therefore to cough all winter
long. Last fall I got for her a bottle
of Uorehound Syrup. She used it and
has been able to sleep louidly all
night long. Whenever the oough
trouble her, two or three dose stop
the cough, and she is able to be up and
well." 205, Wo, .D 0. Sold by W. M.
Archbishop Enrouts Heome
lfrvni. Oct. 1I.--The ArchWtlop !o
;i..t L eifry lf lt i .'i, toIlay for New
Y:rk o hlt iL return home. In ihe
Ir:>y \r.' thl archbishop and MnrM.
i &v- n. t '. ivr. Illa Holdtn U .ms
J. J. ls i ,, .. v nr of WIIr.di lr and
1. I' r;cint .Morcain. The srchbhts'en
\. 'i 14 ~et N'w York for England (.
! ' I',.!I"t(' to :r'rro' .

NKsw Court House for Early.
`.- il, rf^ I I _-

l, .1 1 .,ti.. tOCL. I L-Th conItltrY
tor uilIdtinE Farly county's new court
iho.lUS v.sIMa :v,tr(itrl to W. T. Jay &
(s'', for $tlden ,
Good for Cildren.
The pleasant to take and harmless
(lne Minute Cough (ru gives instant
relief in all cases of cough, croup and
lagrippe because It does not pass Im-
mediately into the stomach, but takes
effiet right at the seat of trouble. It
draws out the Inliamination. heals and
sootihlis and cures pmeruianently by
enabling the lun g to contributor pure
Hlifegiving and life-uistalning oxygen
to the blood and tissue. Sold hy all
d rupists.
VerdcEt in F,.\or cf Atlrnt,
N ui l.e i!<. ',, "i 'en ,. I1 !. 1 -'+. ('haitla-
rt$ )a ..i > V Tl:... nornn u
tt -, J-Tiry in 1 i, iihe C. liot < tti;,4 n F'ga liin ry a )nd l Ip,
i.nlI ihe Siouthi PitTshurg PFie compa-.
n:et r.nd(,red a verdier of $1,150 l darn.
aiih and $2,000l attrneym' fNee in fa-
tor.Of Atlanta. The case involved the
aslogel pipe trust In making over.
charges on pipe material.

Cures Chills and Fever.

G. W. Wrirt, Nacogodohes, Texas.
says his daughter had chile and
fever for three years; he could not
find anything that would help her till
h9 used Herbine. Ills wife will not
keep house without it, and cannot say
too much for it. 6W!. Sold by W. M.

I I .. ih "i


Ag Doom
Jankw a

Florid aS
, .. . . . ..


Expen ses modTrat. nti A,
1 40i6l4O i i d1t1 ouLh. I a g .. .
S 'vxcellrest a-eomoatlations for yon t l
'ehr damrgh1rps1to.h. mismary ku.ti*
d Jalte s tdudent will be nder me Il
dent. are -taugbt rtln ill and*s a Pep.p...lfl*, .
lJdieNil will not, be pers;tined,.
A tiiumber of eouresn urq mistalmed. t fir
eal. Nearly all of our Oomnneetm l ,at .a,
* ielelni positions. ,
Fartlty of iwelvelab i inerwtore Moh p"
in the United Sltate hasf a better
emnlary. .
Capt. HIemrU. IS. A., says of i r
appears tihbe perfnt."' ;
TUITION pUEE. For aeustaeIq


* *
*I *I >: *' '


PECAW lhUIS=.... "-SS ft
GWO.lWL E fU 1 fl Sl ,..
P AeesVTe 1 ti

, ,

apast o( shOt ntg9*4
Shel utll!s l'Isp ,npn

illI All

.,g. I4i


Rapid Tranit and Uv.,wpslm
Time Table Is efflect bSl, 01.

partt For OAINMVIi.U
8:45 pm High Sprap a lfaft
Daily medlaw PoWI

L2:401 pm

2;0Opm 1

12:1 Stm

8:18 pm


. *. .. ** .. ,.,. !,.

- ' .

oals, Lwesburg sal taiips, *i.
lanrmeradiats fiat


Palatka, tDamma, Jelmfl.,
North, R Xt aid Wa
High $kprincp, Wayrenm. Smlmnuh. inmm
Albany, Atlalta, all Point North, XtW

. .:. .fV .

, '"

RIhelle, uanupy and e olt

- ,'-f -j

a:80 in h 'n
Dail High$Friagi
ex.Monda 08 '
Interlshnjeable Mileage Tiekee,o good O M ll O m ed
elpal railways l the Soutihe1ra &tat, s a tan t ihe
Through Pullman sleeper Port Tas Ow u tn
Line; also via Atlantie Coast LieW and CeWamr Balawq.
For complete Infomatloa, el oan
J. A*. OODWN.I Tilket Agat, l
AddI r .s s ..'',"

FRANK 0. BOYLSTON,o Coilt Agt.
188 W. Bay sst.Astor
H. M. EMERSON, TMf.i gr.,
Wilmngtom, N. 0.

. 8.


Retailers aid Jobbr ui


I '"' ,' '
.* ..i',. i. "^

and Fancy


Those Desiring to

First-Class Educaid
.. 1l., l4 Atten,4....

Take The Atlanti


amalim *niam @aai aS VaIv a n'

ll . .


. .. I 'qi"ii

.......,....... ,_ ;- T

I- .. ^ :. -

_ _


_ ___ _ _I_-





I I(1I


it Ii


a J

IF he has, you can cure
him of it by bringing
him here and letting US u
fit him with a suit oft

Correct Clothes
Hand Tailoredl br

that cot( just




lM .
-4,,f ,

half the

price the merchant tailor
would charge for no bet.
tor fit, style or quality.

THUS on a *ult
your husband has I
paying *25 for, you
save about half,
$12 5o will buy a lr
good things you need
your own wardrobe.

t of

Tell your Lady Friends
abiut this. They will mppre-
Olatt the Olsovery.

The. illustration shove
two relgnin favorites
l:,, In, il Apparel, at

The Stamp of Su
0 iBvn,, sewed in the collar...I
takable evidence of ti
,* m l the man who knows I
the superiority that is

I,. , i .

Oqtfitter to Particula
a t. belam

Undertakingo 0.


R.mIS-$ m-erchant Licensed Embalmers.
cis ei0" p AYter. -.
Ia snew to Wouohl Ista Ma.urr o of o Dealers -
he will marry p.. napE, DBVlEr stampF, O IDA
0,a4r ies. oa a, rphioraery, Eartmat iK-

,*, ,y p ieat their f .

:"(fhi La helmth by county, was lnsthntly' killed in a verP
ew** them IS8Bfatlto. Whsi soage lr way. In one of the mai
l.e Life Pi broke s to pouches e wv carrIng he had plAe.
St&ibe ted dp acervolver, to get it ot of h
eCtl.i.0 ..ed. TeMyS u ru

$ s~enist. W1 at 6l drugW Wha. it* foraof a t benl there m
b-rok* iat poce be wr cnaIM m KIRhe ouhaplo Ar
^*a toft.A sunt and o

Sand as he threw the pouch on the
was discharged, the buePeM pasing
through hi l ak nl
ti, oin. WINiDS.... HWanged For Wife Murdmr.
atk.. a lla r au.ti e ft u r talmat ais ae Un gte

..H mik. .*j, ^^ ~ iH K^ -m^..- ^-.* alflk >,# -i X IK k"Apaw I -

* Ik orhtevy med leoa ms
phad ,to *w4 with at thi
ell' t lardly believe a t
b hu bad nothIn of the I
vPht li Hettteeburg Its ho.

LA 1f & A


*iBPUV'v, L/Iri. il--AlirWT I -VU
hWrdt wa& hanged In the )alW yard to-
day for the murder of his wife In 103..
A Friend In Need.


Ranging From $12 up.

priority on these clothes is more than a iswre name
Every stitch, every strand. ewery curve :si. vwv uniuis.
he master-band. Each suit is an eloquent appeal to
the difference between a claim to superiority and

"DIurep Inad lt 4


r People.

s talk It over."



worthy of L llERALIT Y or P,40i.lCY CONTRACTS
Cun'deslboun PROMPT PAYMENT Ior OS$ES.
We eovTr thShe important points and rcslwpecfil:
solicit a stare of your buinns.

Fi, Life, Accident and Health iusurace.

S--Agents for the--

I Victor Safe and Lock Company
On.otxra.- -rY% -. a C ot O01io.
The "Victor'' Is the btst safe made, and parties contemplat-
J! ing the parmhamte of a @are, or anything in that line,
f from a box to a bank vault, will save money
by consulting us. Call on or address,
Information cheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA
L s ^ '^ SS Wt.t


On the A.

- Montezuma-

C '. and S.

None Better in

e start IDo you know of anyone suffering --
iO I wIth coasumptlont Then tell them
n without delay that Dr. Boehee's. |
German Srup will oure them-and I. II* P AND
lyo will be a friend in need. German acc n a

A. L. Ry. V. SHIP
the State at $2 a Day.
M*et all Trains.


'MAN, Proprietor





- __ -

-- -- ---- -- --- --

I -


_ -- -1


,: I nb "

'A I A. MA 6 -i~ee_9W

.DO0 YOU WANT ROOSIVILT?s As rapidIF the, ehag en be
SAr ithe \ ianreI brought tout, t he mnaagemens of
P44. a .ft*trmorprthsin an t n o the Chleo. irrlington an luinoey
of0e at i .. .., r mwai o l, t a t ,tury (if 4ij. rajlruad hal determined to st*btitute
t slrt... tltr, W i toIt I) te ti ItIlhur, fur tIlegrsph in dispatching
t ;eraLr.P> te.r i ii rkncle dq Thr*rratdLr. I os 'e lt7 ai opueraliaig trains. Tht;. announce.

Bt A e 1:i1W.1 W it I unA .3 Or i ,t :.,r , .ggithe aisr rua .kin ig t roubln e r t eri .. itofr.'
C .AN T1(. nOItryIn i y.t.t a r vt ., n i ,a ol t- i i of i mp rehensie
I' ?Edito tlr it, ;ry o i s:V tot ~. fr, Y. r eare in rario ls l arti f tha

gsi; POIITrTI ULLOCK. r,.u i, i a,.afj e.Itry, it ----
S. T..ruoNi:s -3 t r a r a.. moving h .t It lt.t !;n.,ut. ,.e .11 rm n paygat-
-pbter ._., i hadr s i ar e 1 oni si'I avetw n to ou rai r, 6 st r i* IPh fir
.g u pbtswbed e Iertnr r ce k. r. ,re v .. The w ,r'd i:o.l ,,evr .lt. 1: is ttIrttt i.J at WVashl-
PM*lrte se t'Vr.tsed S, kriw ltt wt* hav* tiet l.p wer andi re. in .lital that thi 1e r .eidl.nt *')m lime
$.asyear-;. so ala neo: d source. to do everything necessary .at ao madle an algr men wlth lt 2
e e tt rof o ee weeks-! protect th.+ intt*rite ,f .)lerran citi. n.rnator, wL.erty ::oot A to te l ft
zels, p whether of a lpers ia Ior l. twI e7 e .> ll;.e t er te ,; : '.* 'e :it:I, thaI t this
-telo edm I e< chara tgr. o for.i;u g yi rn ,teii t 'w t il "iua of !rT. i L in s ild Con-
i t. adf cen.. foresee ad a-Is al ie. Wh it ,tt h t 'i i try .i I tru oi for itt,.j e;. it..i-ani ;iarty t.,e Mor.
kgh;for"4"A. 'doi 10 ttil l t Wi w iw i v i,- :.( .A the I" tin laa e-.
I I s lrt:g .4de known; Neither Ith h **1 1,.'" or 1'1'TIth,- "c, ... -
on the sitICu.Her'' :'" wy is :ietcsoa rt \r .+; 4" ..g
S, -- i nl f w..a Cts.v. ,,r ;aal
agreek Sun it n a sr.v u wtfs n ogelo wulfarr. Mr. Ho.o p r lekr ublisbetl very l.t- is the e l re r re r.tative ,of the w ,ir iJ tr i t:.o. \>11C'akes th state,
sly o.t,;rhtA I2' %VV 4 Uit Wtdwars. We do hot .ut. a a, ti n' apaind, ioas *Mr,
1. oe, stait AEn- want W.a T iom rao why vt 1.f at P- t ar tag' of . J y.
Laged. postage free. to say iav
a S tate. r Csartdla. foro Itlould are war#. N ""* ,'1 n:' am- Th. h' jt in',,artaly -imoEg veteran
i. hlt:on to go thundering down the ages pVtfn i)nvTr ii rF.e ting in ai int.'rese
in s,.hooi storiess or in nny n'h..r kind in by widows anid J11ines.
Il1r1bnsome due tlr Artst off histories should 1e t1aowe4 to and wil init ,,,soo n )r.idkOUe Mn, rIl I-
e tretw r ot aeIsrknown to change the policy which ham made this :tion in the n.l:!nwhr of peiszio:s.
s r1 a- fore dvortilonT ta bd ,country great int the tr tne. seno -
T15, TUAII.V' SUN. do isot beflivv that there has ler> P'r.usiitt L rtef Of the lR)Ak .!anlnI
qOARNI TILtB.rtLA. such deteriustion ll the American railroad refrgitdl recently. He re-
:*-- j-eare.:ttr a rwi;l leral to t!:e rlee o .*
________________________ t c.a vrr 1Avi,. Ia itta:er section eivtd rf.S,wu a He was former.
pCATIC TICKET. i t.t t.'pi retinr. i .y |pqilr role, of ly enimplIydJ ty the Baltimore & Ohio
a rrnt ean ll: '? Todors lIt'svetr t im as ireident and wns given a bonus of
-IbLrN Ir. .'l.tlil it re.:vab'L. The favt !a<>should le a*p. 5 y*ut. to quit the road and accept the
SNew Yorkl. ; tret t o n!I that i;P is lit l, les lhuau posititon he his now resigned, and
O New ; l al(. vtt r, Hle'has bn- whlie' he only held nine months. He
-.Iea!vnt. aseA t e:erIjtr e- Luow hsa he e n aS* t-' lu iest salari-'d rai!rod pre"i-
VRYt,- MIAbTI-. den ed erv:E( :g for wlih: he 1en ln:f i :e9 worlht.
itW ;t [Arg 'IN titel I btwf r t!h. reridinI y eme ...--- -
t'.eat Vr-g-la. at,'xl cxtedly into view. What the W f,,,.1 orry fur the nan who does
S1 P.tTAl .tiittO. Or.l, edrvjlt flo mphatie troie not rd his h m e paper. He is no
Sr T.lA l O. it. u rv t hatic "otie t better man thant a man wnihoumt a eoun*
S ongr-.- 2 ir;Trlt, - - .. try. I is' :ike a ho ieless cow, that h
FRANK Ct'IAtI4. .Mrplsy has no rteula r fasturoe, but grans pro.
N- K :he Jack^onvillo Metropolis a l$s: micously on weeds and thistle. No
deminrnl 1E::' tori, "lMany of thod e colored Re;,ub;leans matter what other papers he may read.
P. BA1I.1:Y. who regtiltered and paid their poll tax the straightforward citizen always ina
A. JEKNIN;S last Saturday are still put zzled about lists o(, hatina his home paper.
A.' B NEWTON. the inability to vote on November Sth.
IL'. 1TONENIAN. The time for paying Io rate on the 8th The largest preaideuIat vote ever
--- expired Friday." The editor of The polled was l4.(,7Tu.I east In 189. 'In
Governor. lMetropolis should read the election 1O) the total wan 13.(,:7.0. Is may
rm*ltlb(V.W*j this )Par, hut proba.
..ON B. RIOW.ARD. Jlaw. We cite him to the sixth pars- bly wil noi. at iudu'ationa tn some
mtbry of tate. gralph of section one of said law, qjuartern point to a rather quiet earm-
L&Y CIIAWI'ORD. which provides that a person otherwise paign..
....lI l > L .- ______;,_.__ __, ________

trney- ;enetrnl.
L Coniptrol'lr,
3tate Trenwurr.
t of l'nhmbl- Instructlon.
ueor of Arkiculture,
S3.'FE. 3r1IAN.

IN L. 3inltGAN.
Z wle( C(omrt. tx Years,
Supreme Couirt.
U. tillACK LEFOII1).
B. W1IT F11: t i,'

*A. RO BOIO' it.; II
Cuanty Judge,
3. 1. meson.

L w. NEL
"rt eitit Court.
STax AR9Plsor,
i W. W. C;OL.S(ON.

nt iof 't ill' In t ruction.
B. J. Is. KE1.I.EY.
County Trrniniirtr
County Swvevor.

(r J.a .rl Fet.
IJ. 0. O.T I NU.

F. P. PA I. 1 illN';.
i~ bempr* of PI'ulei- il1,mrd.
R. a. WEEK, K .
i I i

Illbotaeentence in the Re-
ipltform recommending a re-
O the *xpenditures of the
nt; nota line suggesting that
tee In the cost of the War
ft1 from *34.000.4,i in 1 43 to

qualited shall na e pernicttt to vote
who has paid his pwjlI taxes on or be-
fore the second Saturday in the month
pntceding the day oft section.

Lth Amenrians are great banana
eaters. Every year we import from
;25it3,(Kt.O to 30 to01.t(<.t hbitncLes of this
nutritious fruit, for which we pay be-
tween $7.'tv.4O and q% 'A)O,tO0. To
this sun may be added annually about
25.0kA wordah 0I Itlnint, a fruit
:ot4sly roe.mtling the banana, and
teie'd fir cooagi pitir*n6c in the South.
Next in impor:anice to bananas in the
inliport fruit trade are Itimons, for
which upward of $3 tI',4 is expeTd-
td abroad an'inalty.

The world isa thoroughfares anld al
the men and women merely grafters.
They have their trimmiring and are
trimmed in turn, arid each man in time
pies many plier. on the unsuspecting.
onime are gentleman grafters and oth-
en mniere bludgeon wielders. Some gtet
their nie,:wy teay and live on Shady
,treet: other hustle and hang on by
their eyebro ts-but it is a great and a
gKc;rous world for alt that'

(itnorge Meredith. an English author.
Iti ia intilt himieltf utntulutlu ar by advo.-
L'atiiiz a limited period of marriage,
the,. eoract mpecifying a deaicite Ili'-
riod ,.,f marriage., 'either for:y
ieamr, forty lasy sr forty tours." lie
is 75 years .ld. and probably married I
lift, !iha liJen a failure in hi c3se..

1]', ron- from this rily who hare vip-
itr, tlie Wnrd' [Fair at St. Louis tay
it ie the gr*-;Lt#trt show -ever Fwen in
Ai mnrc r l'.Iro[i **.i: u-r for thai
matt r.

V' (". <' .4 T V 1:. .
1.', \- (', t rw 1
lFrar.r .. henryeny nmakhp tath that hfi
is-rn:r ( artnfr if the f!rm cf F. J.
t.'ine'y S' C . doing titiiinesl in the
i %ty of Tuledo. count y ar.d .tate afore-
said. and that said tirm wiil ay the
,um f'' ;e llundrord IoIlanra for each
aid .ri.ry cave of Catarrh that cannot
tie c'ired tLy the u'e (f Hall's Catarrh
L',, s- t .i J, ('CiI K'.
S'*ttrn to ltfire uine midnd suli-rrilwd
in my ; r,.i i.''. 1.* "th day of [ ea4m-
tier. A I 1 _

1*1 twist all bkinds fof S it*'lieswhich fu 11
-Iare an4 ftl hiis ft flbl rt |4 " i da me s'4 ht I a frid h r C lt
bt1m. a a I Anr
rotttlrs as* ir* **ki ftB4 r**mmefwa k
tbrm to fblids. f1T .enr ubm I rts.* i il
Ont u. to hem, a caasqu So mn.m ea4.
In4'n C. Wla. Lem .s N I .tweMn J.

The Dowel

DCOMe dtatg
IW W lm N I

Plels en PPal *bl. Pnteb t Tlte0 Tw Po4MG
Never tiekaU., W*ekrn 'r tiril. k, | Sr-.:* .
*14 In balk. Th gtranntnr l bLl s toMbed 4 Cl0m
Usau tewolse to eoe ofr )y. 'r o n ry taek.
telling Remd4yr Co., Chleego or N.Y. s I

Cream Vermifuge



gewniA 0- ealVTICAS.
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co.
rFor salpe hv W. M. Johuanen.

K I 4; A U.

r Ps. L.' i'r1gl 't .

)& S.' ."JR 'T: lr..5Ltt
I 4 *,t .- r... .e


Ar r ,:'. ir.kP.Htinn of Ieon
iv t. ( Ai" .:ol r.Catlcrqiiu n (4fl


Sak t a


For 8ale by Johreon Bro.. Gainemsvle

JA. M. .XA a I. President


Uao. W. 8m0a. Vapi nllMli



Capital ......... .........*..
Sarplun and Undivided Profits. .. .9
Does 0it 4: NO.? S se 1.Ylttht '
Ly &I-40etYel or mom


A MagnUM. 0f"Cbv.p

31agazines should have al well4delme. prpss
lecu trne entertainment, amuseamis Sl
The .margs ro, the

Most Successful of

* ;
* 'w ***i6

Its norels (a compoleIte n o( ee h auAtwe) pi
thore of both hemisphere.
Its short stories are matohleske6 aS he 6
Ite poetry eoverlng st entire .
mes--I by1 the mosa popular PnU, w .1
Its Jokes, wittllelms, skelbhese, ane.1a

-16o Pages Delightful Ra
No pages are wasted on cheap lliSss iU
lug elssays and Ile dsouesions..
Every page will latest, shasm e '
Subse ritbe now--4S 0peto a
or registered letter to TR1 SNAR
N. B.-Sample CopiesS t ? na


LalmtraUag the eoSiam UsMiu ep 'S,7p,
The Rkichest Province In the BI frl iA s
Ito coal. oil. and lumber; Its arhetes on -as. lake and fiwL I wa Mi
reoureest; kIteties nd towns: Its river. oAe l a4s aaItdmIat ee r sIIhIII' IIN
.retat MAntier eveotet, with wvews of all the WatsVpal S1es. UlShoateaS* ;
' Mii Pl(.Free ea Reeelpt 5 Prim, CL eM -4 I0
Address, JAMES LAWLER, Rousid, 'L:
The arrest advertier la Ma for b14th a*lath. W N

15 CENTS, ASE6 1
i C u '


he Big Four

Consolidated Gold Mine, Limited.

, '7



Capital $625,000, of which 35 per cent is ashirs isw i10
Treasury. Shares fully paid and mon-msspmsbIe

Mines directly west of the LeRoi
and .leRoi No. 2, War Eagle and Cen.-
tre Star, four of the largest gold-.op.
per mines in the world, all of which
have paid large dividends.
gjr'Oanie identical ore and veins
now in sighl on the BIO FOUIl. Large
ore bodies.
Assays from -5 to W00J in gold, eprp-
per. silver, etc. Very rich display as
now on exhibition in the city ore ex-
hibit. casing wide comment.
We have nearly two miles of rail-
way on Big Four property itlh water
and timber in abundance.
totsland ore shipments for 19i2.
850.0,O tons. Shipped for IWO. sbout
410,(t) tons. Total value of Rossland
ores mirned. 527,(ai,OM.

Please Ne.t rtre at
A r fl a Drt

fl L I a .a

r r I

Itoland'E lage ore bodies .
great suecoe with the *M llll
system of Olr reduetlo. 0$8 0
now pays to mine as now provlt
the latest reports and dlvidMde.t
No les than 100 ham sh old.e
can be had on installkeat pl anW
meats monthly. Twenty per
eah, balance within ltyar.
Company has no debts or llablbtIin.U
Referencese-Thbe Hoe. Mayor. .0GW
Commisn loner, postlmaastr, or A,.
bank or business man l ll y. .0
There Is a lide la Ihe aaIm -of aI"
which taken at the flood, leads O
fortune. Omitted, all the ,eago R I
their life is bound In shallowi Sad .

Any atmouNt lem than Sioo seat by peisea
or e mITreS moue orWer: over tl samtes i
bttk draft to se"resar




___~_ _A

r I- i'


, I .

) I 1




p ,



,, ,. ' '

--PDBAtLaB E---

Isis.*r, vi


I i COton M d. Baging and Twlne.
e Inther In brips or Bides,
"' ,'n ,i .


V* trem of the James Doig Improved English
i" Sland O6tton Gin, and Supplies for Stme.

r T '



'S Fair Rates..


Round Trip. On
sale dally. (ood
till Dee. 16.
Roond Trip. On
alSe daily. (Jood
sixty dap.*



Round Trip.
M"le daily.
fifteen daYs.


Roarrd Trip. Good toen
divn. Of &i:e Tuudlyu
nr Tlil rdw- In Juioe.
t.' fl




SAther itbrouh A" t ChattaDooNS or Columbia and AbevItle. "LPr.f the
sky* f .M .
Oi IU -froam, i with its own rail into ft. Louis. Two trainn Tsdaly from
,"SmaR., ~~0l d aiik prihMlpal Iountaila i nd summer resort point In
qni 'l ad t&i 'lRsmsmnli taNo r ats. Am ohmortunity to v'm% the areawtet
Wil WW Sais asm s a vaaOtsIsI O Bmostal t. where *e tirim can be miad
h si t- S-ppMre cmesltrl. lae Tosalwa. it lrbMandls. ete.
VON", s" ain il ltbfonarM an, relei, eot., e berruliy furtlheed upon
I SfPateg A* J100 Westfay St C. Jck, Fla.
I PW' *? ;. Macin~ Psaw.f AESfI: 11* Weet Bag St. Jseklisonwlfle Vla.

w' C' A.- i* 3D

Air Line Railway
S4 0. FOR.. *..
-Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
S Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
V ,ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


L'' a Only Line Operating
aO nn. I M Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleans

Soar For full Informatlon and sleeper remrvations call on any agent Seaboard or
a s write A. 0. MACDONELL., i. BOYLSTON, Ja.,
SAsI. Oenmerl Peanager Agent. Passenger Agent

WI GainesTille & Gulf Railway Company
m ...... ....'"t OF FLORIDA.
S'1 0 '10 A. . Time Table In effeet Julyv 1908.
t............ s ee I
N.o.4. No. N o. 1L
o. j o No. 1. No. rbiiTy
....... Daily DMlly. STATIONS. Uaily. I il. ExUpt
a 166 ...... ine
SPINm Fl g..g AL v+A PMinM iA Ar. P M Ar ANMAr PM
a "* .. II 7. a... ........ ,..o...... .......... FSil Ja... ....... ........ ... 6 (U
.Go...l... .. .*........ 1 ...o 0
.,w ".' ... .. .... E .. k... j e . .... .... ...... ... .aB*n ........ ................ 6 8 |
S!.. ......... .... ........ ....8 0 ....................... ot ide..... ......... ........ .. 54
. ...4.............. 0 .. ... 9 ,......9 ....... tble lm a............. ........ ..m...... 0 6
i ,l assiase, o oe 8 18 ,..... . ................... eo. ...... . .. >.. 6 CTm
wafc(ans s ;g ...<.... ........ .... ..* Mk1a opy ......... ........2.......... 6 0o
i q .to "........ .... ... ....T mom t..... ........ ..... ... 5Go
W." a a 4 w0..... as. 4,..e y...O. l r0opeaa. . ..a. *..... 62
.............. .. ........ ... .......... ....... .. .......... ....... 60
. ..... a0 _w ho ot s.. 4 6
S. ... .. .. ........*..5 ....**** .... .... k Pot.. ....o .......
... ...... S t ...s.a eaj6 -a o oa P && .... *.. *....... a042
........ Ar. ..... .... 1 0...0..... 400
S ' ... . .. .Ba* *-a.. .o g*o .ml y ... f. l*t'a.* s o. S sl l b 2 3 0
."' .*... *.. - L2 w 180 1 7 ..0.... I"Ohbau..... .... e 6 a S1 I
S... .;' 13~ 0 At 7 46 .... .S Cit .... 8 S 8 40 110
.t ......, .. . ... .. i *p...IS ......... O t f 7 AS ..****
S ..... ......a . 11 00 ..J k p i *W 0 p ..... ... ....

- S-- -~

I r


Jacksonville, Florida.



six yeare-W. B. tSheppard, Eseambia.
Justices SupIreme Court-o. S. Farr,
H Iillboro.
C. H. Adams. Dural.
E. P. Altell, )Dual.
Congressional Ticket.
First Congressional Di)tr-et-E. It
Gaby. Hillsboro.
Second Congressional liitriet-J. M.
Chney. Orange.
Third Coilgressional lDistriot-L. M.
Ware, Washington.

The Florida
Fruit and Truck Grower

L J. RIUIBT, EdItr ud Prer,
jb kagF l.A





VpT'T -

- r.-- ---~- I- ---r-~-- Iwo...


~____ r _

Joe. Everard's Canada Malt
As good as any and better than mo o
Beer, Mde oif Itip and Mail .
and NO() I ICi. I

Per Barrel .5..... 10 50
Per Dozen......... i 2

Matbushek Pianmi,

Bet piano for tbhin trvlja etr..ate., a4 l a i
tlAe Jalier than other., cotrrtrkdt4d
beat materliis. ai, d inmot a: t0ile
workmurabip obts.nsb>.
i.I to date r; e ery
letill and l'..
Bold by us cont i;.uously for
without a staglue fa.!ure. rff von
want 4tIanu lfor it tf.emne'ons
nirvce btuy tle ..
Mathushe k T
Pricte M low as tl conBlstent wtlsh quullha
O .ora 6 g 4it. M. n Soent on.IN. Iftis
triaL We &. r freight. Wrtiu *
for p"lcos TODAY.

Ludden & Bates
Soatmher iosic House,
GATHER a BRYAN, State Ag'ts,


National, State and Congression-
*l Ticket 1904.
Presidential Electors.
0. F. Buffuni-FrankLin county.
Geo. K. Robinson-Marion county.
Geo. H. Holmes-Bre'ard county.
0. A. W. Wendell--iadsden county.
A. M. Cushman-Alaohua county.
For Governor-Hon: M. II. Maefat-
lane. Hillsboro.
Secretary of StateT-John F. Horr,
Attorney-ucneral--Fred U. Cubber-
Iy, Lery.
Comptroller-J. L. skipper Polk.
Treasurer-E. hi. llreliford, Dade.
Superintendent of Public Instrue-
tion-W. R. O'Nesl, Orange.
Commisioner of Agriculture-J. S.
Rowley. Putnam.
Railroad Conminionar H. J.
Rtolitp,. St. Johng.
Justice Supreme Court for term of

: .I,' 7.. ..
,' r , 1 .
"' 1 P a !



n ^M e

ehset tal
will be sm
Tho A, Lot
,oveled mmd
I s almost I



I Ismerallon will
seWh expoelton.
bo too great and
made upon the
Milsi to ever be
SOdedtmiead the
I msr, and doubt.
tad espoeltions,
Ailer and les ex-
IS Fair is so large,
I oompmheasive,
tbewilldered when

I l. Oae feels like living on
poor grevy for years, who Is
dine upon 'some state ocea.
course after course is served
his Inadequacsy to the task.
how unable he Is to eat every.
ble. lie lacks stomach es-
,d soonu grieves because of
appetitee or space., So it is in
Is fair. Its is true the "world
"and each year gives birth to
invention or method which
plasure or profllt to society.
people will not be so anxious
are to see these things. As I
s6 the bewildering number of
I wea impressed with the
with whlels we are moving.
years ago at Chicago there
aan automobile to be seen.
..oneless wagon wan oca-.
'e en around the grounds.
are amazed at the display.
Ies, isei, and purposes tend to
growing active spirit of the
Sure I would never see an.
ialtIon I looked hard for six
part of the night, worked
I were hired to do ao-
.|1ll 1 knew the full meaning
|.word "tired." It Is hard work
fat or lean, male or fe.
or young. See that two hun-
ld sister and her larger huis.
1! bow they did pulTand blow,
Sfume. swat anud-as they
gllong bent on getting ahead
Sone else.and determined to
thing one day. The ladies
gted on oloet fitting shoes witli
pies had a fine opportunity to
Their folly.
s soimewhat amused to see illus-
a trait of human nature-the
opget something for nothing-
SWfestern State would advertise hundred pounds Is used In
this display. Many others aru equally
as odd and attractive.
"Did you go to the Pike?" Indeed
I did. Glad I went. If one gives
much uie4nt0on to seenlog during the
day, he should take in a part of the
Pike att might, for then he will have am
opportunity to est. I saw Call
Halganbaeh's trained animals ahd
found It one of the motst tatful at.
lractiots. Should you go to the fair,
do not fail to spend two or three hours
at this show. The six trained polar
bears,. tigers. lioses, hyenas, elephants,
uorses, wolves and others make a most
lasting impreC5iUI upon uone's mind.
The most amusingsl performance is that
of the trained ho s. I think no farmer
iii the word ever thought it possible
to train it a ig to walk a wire stretched
sit fet i jb've tihe tloor. Th, btyj*
laughed and shuutred, and Yeen Cthu o,l
maid* litad tosi mile aloud over their
glarris at thle aniltic of theite uwivi..
"Jiim Key," the educated horse, is then.
m ouder of the world. There it r.ot t
another like him in any country. ofW
course every parent would see the
baby incubator and comnv away feeling
well paid for their tit'-n and money.
Yes, I saw the Boer war. and in tcoin- i
mon with the other 10,xm) people pres. i
ont, felt like I had almt isseen a real
battle. It is thrilling; exciting and
in some measure touching to sea thLese
battles. Horse are shot down, men
lie over the grousid. rifles arem speak.
ing, cannon roaring, machine gunis
belching forth shot and shell, and
walSons are blown up. while nmn shout
and horses and riders charge and re-
charge the lines. It is a magnificent
I was delighted at the Indian setcoul,
which is 'kept running every day by
tinhe government. The children of the
dusky warrior seem to learn the ways
of an American buy or girl with per-
fect ease.
The exposition offers a fine opportu.
nity to study the fashionsof the day. If
One is not earietled with what they see
worn by the thousands of people who
are always on the move, then varied
iiidustries ballding will offer to satiesy
the taste of the must modern devotee.
It would seem that all Paris hadl comn.
biN'd to show the mnostt exinisite and

bAft T.'.

I ..uai siu. ITUHI WUC..
-xPUraSum *r- V ruh auh .j

Wrtf wforMt aesa blu manoweMlMb tutmlw, 1,...

*I, V 1.. t I. VV ) an k %

285 W. Bay St., JACKSONVILLE, FLOT-in.

('etrmlly Imaged, theres*%ht anved.gat 3.wtg bifli.

f. 3Ma AnSO1, PrOpri brw


Abstracts of Title and full Ibformatioa furalsed mpedint ladi tIl me
enunty. Our manager bas lived I this soou thiery yem 4uo
is thoroughly eonvterna wilh ltud lM

a a


I I-.' .

Wy W

A l- f m8"fV3L


Four New Yorkers Drowned at At
lantic City.
Atlantic City, N. J. JOCL 16.--Ther
were drowned off New York avenue
by the eapilzing of their boat four
young men. supposed to have cOme
from New York. bt w040ose names have
not Lbe'n awertained.
Thb aecldent was witnessed by a
large cro iwt
The men were first notticd on the
beach making preparations for a ish-

Day." The people would fall ,.( t!y gowns for thli. ole purpose (f ID trip
RIemarLing the fury of the gale. the
sad sometimes wait for exciting the ly of those mem. crowd watched m unh their boat
get one apple free. It wam no } kT4 of thL fair sex who ar. not able and streutuouly struggle to go beyond
lOat all to buy four or five for a t, [.urhave such ai oitlay. But h the brraktrr.
.; But to stand on a hard pave,. fhion it t ean e.aily o to the A hl the craf The
. the hot sun amounted to noth- i lar:te. viilgte in tht. l'Lilippinv e*x. men sirug l.spatly for life
(aa one cohid get an apple for b.t and he* will lind less attentlioin only for an ln:r.t. then ,auk.
ag. nMade to l'ari.ani tyle-<. and particular- Th; bot:, to-si4 about and rapidly
pethibits by the various States as iy note at a. Ito the elaborateness of drifting from th.e Iot. wps carried out
`6 by many foreign nations are the c utt:t. .Ma y f 0(thesIe 'O iple are to sea.
ilborate. (rermnany, Japan and robe ii msunshiner aid elad in climate, All da lng a large crowd of peo-
lead the foreigners, and ftr the nl(em part eemn to be very ipl ws:,.el a'en the beach and board.
Wt, Illinois. Iowa and Texas lead pro il of it. I saw large crowds. if walk In ti. hpt i.ndi the bodies would
States. California had a mag- p i,);,pe. men and wonen. V ewiig be wash' d ahore.
Ott display i1i the agrieu:tural tl-, :) ivs of dreFT ltiat miough for Every effort Jai. birn made to asce>.
BOg. One would think citrus i- t.;. 'L W. J. Cr::>r.\ .- rain thbe namc-(, ti the lctims.
I are rallied nowhere else in tl,
MY. Poor Florida is not to be Cha nberlasn's Cough Remedy Pill Pleasure.
l but one building. The Times- N one- who ii acquainted with its
Y ouv e, l ver tlok DVelit.t#Litt 'asEarly
h, with cou mnendatble energy iand good iuaiit iva cat lhe urlpriscl at the Rime,.f*. r biliouole orconstipatlon
Wple, has a booth in the east great opulari:y of Chamberlain's .
h ,
ft the horticultural building.' Cogh i~eZn.edy. It iot only cures younow what llleasure. These
Rmlvely. only a few people see colds and grip effectually and perma- faro ts little pill, cleanse the liverpd
e stinginess, of the last I.egis- r nt4y, but prevents these diseases rid the sysei of all bilewithout
Shas done the State n great injus- from resulting in jIeumonia. It is ng unpleasant effet. They da
ifty thousand dollars wisely also a certain cure for croup. WIhoop- not gripe sicken or weakrn, but pleas-
d aveddedt, in sfw r, i, ll nt d rtu when ths antly give tone and strength to the tisl
Mld have added, ia w year, i ugissu organsnot dangruu of the stom whhn th er
huadred thousand dollars to th,' r'me.dy is given. It contains no iu and bowels. lf the by all drugchist.ver
Sof the State. Ur o r t my and bowels. Suld by all druggists.
Sof the State. "or ,ther harmful substance- and mnay
SUaelea to attempt a description tlB jrveTi as contidniltly to a baby at to
bu l!dings in an article of this an adult It is also pleasant to take. Canterbury Sails For Home.
There are too many of them, When all of these facts are taken into Ne" Y ,. (W ;.. -Thblshop
alt, n* I i u a .*nn n .a n ', ..... .. .. i ,! anri.in7 that o ('a nt "rbur an l. part.. who harv

r V4 osloI n r I G exte x .* e-
Ihlateur writer. I am sure that
rl muebh of interest to be seen
learned at every building on the
. The crowds seemed to be in
t Industries, liberal arts, agri-
and government buildings. I
ltfasrgest crowds in the agrieul-
NbIbding. The people long to see
Skiing to eat. The various States
1*4 with each other in an at-1
Ito get up the beet and most
Wedisplay. Oane Southern State;
t litMsee Aflgure of a man, some
bet high, representing a king,
60of Cotton. Kentucky has a
Tobacco that must be ten feet
W*4 twenty.five feet high. Cali.
hI a bear omade of prunes.

tconpiuuewram i. 14 i n *- **- p- m ,s--
peopie. in foreign lands. as well as at
home, esteem this remedy very highly
and very few are willing to take any
other after having once used it. For
sate by all druggists.
G z3n!ca..s .ter of G'ann Bhtrtnedi.
NI t .3 i N i ,
tr : I .. ,. .I Macy.

n ii'' .\i r! t : *: e: ;-aM ,
- rai i. \ : La : N he art
riva; .. .,C *i.. V ,t ar..
vT'fl '''- :' ;. 1t. S- nr.' rr (a :;f r
nia t,, T .';,' T n .'.*ah
la, ro' t-,: i'. .. : t a sa'd
It :' '; ri f nin h 'her
t 1h., .,. t.l,.i n i\ akL Yi ar' af 2

been in :his ec'cntr) for several weeks.
sailed for honi- today on the White
Star I.ine teamship Cedric. J. P.
Morgan a&. the party off.
A Love Letter
Wo.'uld not interest joa if you're
looking for a guaranteed salve for
sores, burns or pilev. Otto Dodd of
Ponder, Mo.. writes: "I suffered with
an ugly tore for a year, but a box of
Buckle's Arnica Salve cared me. It's
the best salve on earth. 5 c at all

Cut H'a Throat In Jail.
Uriil~' vl' K, 4 )C' -- l )rKe 3B.
Wsarnr r s t mur t;. r*-e Pu:a;.; I-1d-.
-upeirtat ment o: machinery of the


i amin


I, 'I

Ask Amp
"Iamp flere, Tr e a se aU&h Vew
& at. utor s 6asb le to
WALOL0A t0U4 SmfMmoS


Hav C aiig
...SALE.., Mtag

stock of The S
Thomas Hard- FfULL nY ItA,
ware and Seed a
Company, we fff r
will for the *
next Thirty Via L
Days s e I I ,
Any Geods in the Stres at Cut ,rom JaeaoI tl" so BL
The sdeel mubte EndAe@. ew a the 0. w --Tnkfta l If"
tims to bey trWbturF. Mwl 8.n--T4,eSll4h i
Palat, r sayttd g e r u s.m-*T
\le cheep. OMSa4W '

S. eldiwer dires itell wieat e
Nk m I l ,or rsF,whedrla mad
roervatlom apply to
Jaeksourille. Floridm oEO. E. HERRING, Fia.
Sw hay 1.9sft.. J is
Merchants Luneh from 12 to p. m. 0. L. 8TONE.0. P. A.. L6t4

7144U I"WY~V
n, :,. t .1 U 'LflIUYXv-*.,l^l1^

itines a number or prominent Amertea a lnd lgllle eolpaaO -

ftuabeflsaea 76

B Ar wMi ST.......
aesteraam-q IN I- er a s f s Md -A
Th anemal @ E, b amrp. e-nt-. fw -
reelved o* favorable win SjgeMi f =eum geoeeuwinsu
noeatAl powta o ite UneS d m-.



""**" *"*


.. I`YLWi. ;. --- I~-.i

-~--.~ .* --T.~1IC~iirJI.

flflAj b t' ,. '.*-'F I*i7'*.*** ^ "^

r' us
'l .In '
I IS. : .

" Io W. tia aSt.. Noew
WILL sort
Ot. 11a4 1 40 w
Ullj 4e hrk
itatlv Two Days On

bemlatlon Free.
u willTlowbs Uslimmul

ko lNatsrday Afterm



B911GMLal IterA
S by Ourb prt


Happenedand What is Going
Told in Short Paragraphs
"He Who Runs May Read"
IWh Cashma a Mill.
$Se today ast J.. Crawford's.
shoes for men. Marcus
petr for sale at The un
matting and rug Justi in. New
Pointer pups. Apply No.
aSt. 3ttIs.
of bread again Monday by
bakery. d2t
'a Wonderful Salve for sale
MoCollum A Co.
Hidson is spending Sutnday
family in this city.
r In great variety at racket
owe York Racket.
Lledsee of High Springs is on a
l to his family here.
Ifta Jaoksonville stop at thle
bIat location, best nueals. t f
Sladies' and gents' umbrellas.
ftale f9. New York Racket.
.JI M. Wolfenden of Sampson
shopping in the city yester-

Rorenberger of Kirkwood was
tInl business in this city yes-

I' hats in great
en sale Monday. New York
ale--Second-hand l)enumore
141r. Will bt sold cheap. A\p-
am office, tf
f line of neckties anid hosiery
Sad In the city. ( et the habit
t1b Burkhim's.
itd and Mrs. 1. T. Arnow are
Over the arrival nf a line girl.
M extends congratulations.
Meb Louise and Mary Moffatt of
j p were among those who fa-
t1lnuesville with a visit yester-
Sae linen dollars at two for 25
Vt_iV line ill city, Get tie
. So to Hurkhim's. east side
I a Mi Claric Walkin. daugli-
.Mr. and Mrs. J. I Wat kings of
0yt, Was in the city shopping
bled with a weak digestion try
sPlain's 8tomaah and Liver Tab-
. 14 will do you good. For sale
I aggisso.
rage lieeise was yesterday is-
06 T. W. Tillman and Mabel
lit White. The parties are rei-
H igh Spriongs.
Wat--Two nicely furnished
is tost oonvenient location in
* Apply 308 East Liberty street,
e Boun office, If
Stline of tlina and up-to-date
.We have no competitors. Get
tand ao to Burkhim's. eamt
*tr. ]el hnitline

axn of that place, was tranoacting busi-
ness In this city yesterday.
Hunters, attention! Call and take
a look as tiose celebrated Flursheir
huntalg boots. G(iuaranteed water and
snake prnof. Something now and
handsome. Marcus Endel.
The Sun is requested to announce
that there will be a meeting of the
Roosevelt-Fairbanks Club at Johnsoo's
Hall Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
A full attendance is desired.
Louli Artson, an effoleent colored
school teacher who is now engaged at
Mleanopy, was In the city yesterday
and had his name enrolled upon the
subscription list of The Bun.
Phillip Miller, for many years a resi-
dent and business man of this oily but
now In the wholesale grocery business
at Jacksonville. arrived here yester-*
day, and will likely remain for several
days. Mr. Miller's friends are always
glad to see him.
Nicholas Bures of Jaeksonville, pro.
prietorof the Alaebua Billiard Parlors,
is in the city. Mr. Bures will make
his future home in this city. and will
add new ttbles to tla parlor. He Is
aluite popular, and will no doubt en-
joy a line business hero*.
"Kate." thei linu pinterr belonging
to J, A. (iowdwin. is laid tup for repairs.
The animal was en route froin Ocala.
when inousi uni accountable manner
her shoulder bladle was disjointted and
the probabilities are that slit will be
incapacitated for soine time.
LkTi )' 4:'rct i 1. it ra nd titikn1z u14achine
, .- th o t. I*e glven tM. 1 I Mt( r- Icdeltein
ha 4..1, .ltrr i'hil r nkt Al .1 itir :lcrt'- ire
t'n:'. Iici t* > 1 h 'lit n I&' 'L ei r'h IiIrclih "'c' or i1,
.% hi w l ior t h t :tnr t'honsi tu'r h.
%% !V'V', lI ., er. l> S 'tur irad'lAI h K.1 -
1 e: to ii!, t.:'-; tLk ,n. u]Lacbtne
1. O aten of )Micanoipy, minember
o(f thi Iirm tif I)itlrn A Herrin, manu-
facttiurer. of naval stores, was in the
eity y eitday. Hie state that t01%
Oirm has just Iurclhas'di the interests
of Sessions tCo., a large naval stores
plant of rorty "crops" near Cypress
.Tackson county., ad will at' one take
charge. 31r. tlerrin assuming the mane
ageniefAl of thl new poslesaion.

Jacksoni, Tlenn.. June 4. i tl-This
is to certify that one bottle of the
Texas I oider, Hall'si Great Discovery,
has cured my wife and n myself of kid-
ny,. bladder and rheumatic troubles,
and we most cheerfully recommend it
to the public. K. G IIt AP F.


(Inle small bottle of the Texas Won-
der. Hall's Great Discovery. cures all
kidney and bladder troubles, remoree
gravel. cures diabetes. seminal emis-
sious. weak and lame back*, rheuma-
tiam and al irregularities of the kid-
neyt and bladder in both men and

man wv 0. Uolruer o misw ioMawm
evening, Ootober 17, at i o'elook.
There will be businows of Importane.
mad all members are requested to be
Rev. aud Mrs. Lynn paued throalmh
lhe clty yesterday on route to their,
home as Palsks. They have been oa
a brief vilt to friends am Alachu. Mr.
Lynna who was ftormay paleor of the
Prmebterlan ehplh at Ri Hh 8primgp.
now has charge of the choureh n 1Ps-
taks, said leproving quitl popular



Visit Our "Candy Department."

We will show
a- W


An up to-date line of..

Ladles' Walking and

Trimmed Hats.

The display will be grand
an ( the great variety of
styles and patterns.shown
will be worth a visit to our
store. The price will be
cheap enough for the poor
and the styles rich enough
for the rich.

A beautiful line of Ginghams
and Chambry at 8 1-3
cents per yard.

A prettier line of Gin hams and
Chambry, worth 12 1-2
cts., at 10 cts. yd.

A Imagnificent line of La-
dies' up-to-date Collars, &c.
See our front show ease.


* e'

all the latest styles.
&t The hb~t tlnllar

and malne stslag y. e y
The of Mares Wadil! IRS to fl .,
paper Ir late t d epe iay r ti e
die of Oatlmesvlle, Is lI well Weoth
their kile to aoet *e eNm p
pnaeetld., Thety am lllItg be hIsa*-
tereoed In learliag skews a filals
and eas01ble way toelm p Irket *
san mone on eekola. U th
saOld vwp M. Laiod ale s 1 w .
vetigas for thmasUlwMi.
Atteltion is elied to thike Am s S
advnrtimomt of Phlfi B Ss., Re
York Rasket, lan aethooleaoms fb
lrem SvadvrtWaiaa up to MtU .
of walklang sd lasumed bal8, MA
tho es tirlrug thie elas *0 p9401 vwl
do well to all. thery am e ap aiao
islng ohearll li a es ls gighams whi
will probably nlatern thou wt a*
it the market for 1th.1le l of pei .
Rev. Joe. sbetroea paste t ..
Adver ChOsUmA OChae4h, hem J04*
delved andt a4epW twto t!to tIs *
b prewut atdisris musetis o wrls
Knights f Ppthlae-ost Ndi MSp II
next Wed nel"ay evealag, t4 oe i0
O).lanWdos Nov. ad. Mr. l.hvomep
knowledge of Pylslatlsm sad Wbe abiM-
ity as an orator kehp hisse emlo .
stautly In demand with the Knirhts.

After few days speat la Alabush
attending to the shtpmeant of e'ottm
(Oo. K. Robinsou 'passed theooe thke
eity yesterday en route home. Mr,,
RIobinson, who is representing 3I. ,.
Dutton & Co., slates that shl sirm
shipped from Alaohae during the week
just closed about fie. hundred and
fifty bales of cotton. I he eason as
Alachuaiis on, and several hundred
bales are yet to be ginned there.
Barrell Wiggns of LaOroase, one of
the most progressive funers of that
section, was a visitor to this eity )yes
terday. Mr. Wigglins states that a
marriage ceremony will be performed
at his home today, thea ontrallla
parties being Mr. Hurlbut of Jackeoo-
villa and his daughter, Mir Holder.
The happy pair expect to make their
departure for JackWonvldle Monday
morning. where they will make their
future home. I
t. T Schafer has returned to the
city, after a vls;t to relatives at Port
Orange. Mr. ftchafer has been ulffer-
ing from fever, and went to Port
(auxge with the hope that the change
would prove beneflc*al. He nwa cor-
reat, and recuperated rapidly after
arriving at that place. Mr.'tehafev
expects to resume the operation of
his wagon tomorrow, when the broad
that has made him famous will again
be delivered at regular daily Intervals.
In Mayor's Court.
Jitm ordon was arraigned in the
mayor's court Saturday upon a charge
of being drunk and disorderly, and

Cort made. ( l and was fined $10 and costs. It will be
remembered that Uordon was the ne-
them. aro who was out up so badly in a row

Meatse a
utuh x I.-m

4Md MM



the bails of good eitliasilhi ,.
Addr ms TEs r Pfulfa i
Ct, F .aMe ;.

Card of Thamter
W A. Joma, who weldta b h
eialy of the. oarlisle hobs.
Friday nlght, desire to iep U4 i
shaaks for She heo aemate
friend and other wobe asIate4 I
lug his property tos t aMes,
sayp he will asverfoefetlUthe feV
kindness. -
The Sat Deaeor.
Rev. I. C. Hortoa Slphor Spl
Texas. wrte Jual lath. imla "(km

, ,


P.- ,,l :;,1 .. .... V I


ishem shes for meis. Marus I, -.OF ENGRAVING..

pk eorll lii er towels Minday at Engraving li not a matter for conjecture. It Iis eihr correct or nloer.
New York scrker,
II. Thomras of M onittuci.awas trading rnet. The house whieh keeps you in a state of uncertainty with as
In the city yesterday rder is never satiasfaetnry. Placing an order there insures you the eaor.
Th"e t W ter t lat-gi4oj a s anf- reqt engravlag-etyle and form.
at 42.66. New Yolk Racket.
1). IV. Barton of Rocky lPolht was tor Fallstyles of stationery are now on exhibition; I us show you sam-*

ar $ehse bread waIn will1 t V t N6 ENOR AVIING CO., Manufaturersof Weddlcg8tationersy.a Whlt-
aroiund with bread again Monday hatl S4.. Atlaudta, (i. i==. ,'S iuib
Morning. dlt hall t. Atlanta, O. ,
New line of rain and belt ovreot. *- -- II am I-i -.. --r ,- i '
York. Get the habit and go to Burkhim's, mmo lnt Ch 3 NIll J .. Kesom. the m hams s pul-se Ba-
east slde square. -w......h"
as s mqmrk r dNiroe line obildren's shoes just i, of Kirkwood weoa busat ilne lote toe _
adMiss M aria Strikland, the charming Netw York Roket. this eity yesterday.
m*. daughter of WW. A. Strickland of Par-
. disc, was shopping In the eity jster- Doe" Wigginsaf campville was in Msn. P. B. HIfter amd daughter. '5"B
ly in the city ter- ittradiqgesterdlay. Miss Lsmmle, were in the lity m 1
)daJohn t Sheionorthc of Evinto For Rent-Store Royal Cook former- KviNalto yeterIday.
John eeo h o.," s SMAJO W
ers Johnw1 Evinseons, oeupied. Addoess Thomas V. Pow- .Ityou wnti frnishlng g.ood us-o
ier, one of the most extensive melou n te avl le To now g o It* hawls d soos o so**
growers in that section, wa in the eity Mrs. James Robert Duggan of Lake- him's, aM side *qea. e.
yesterday. land lt in the elty, the guest of Dr. and 0. W. Campbell of Falrbeaks waoM Ia sd i
.r tre. Fnnr ine hose, up-to-date ties and Mrs. J. H. Alderman. the oity yesterday and renewed his 0
.nbhy gnt&s' furnIshings of every do-l$.-ees bserlplioa to The Ban.
seription, my store is hadquarter. Fline of elegant t Pjmas-beetn s oab.ipulom .o The S-s.
1e. Mareus Ende. the ci. Gt the hb and o o There will be a speolal celled met..
M f, )L Bryan of Alsohus was in the lourhi sat side quart. Isa of the W. 0. T. U. aI the im lc ti
city y.rday i a old and al. Mr. and Mrs. Hague Btrickland of oom Monday afteroom at R f
uableu ubseriber to The oln and aradis were amoug thos who f- o'sloek. A ll membons Intersted lal
D called and renewed his subscriptiona vored (ialnesville with a visit jester* the selection of a desIng for the dilak.
while renewed hdauberip la fountain are requested to be p Fre
NSED wmd-Pine and oak; ring n hone A Rabbit 's Footi"-
8 ftfor the'twst l load of wood will brim n ood lk, ana l willbring You. who are mothers most kw r
ever bought In Gainesville, Four-1?o wilyou bgodlust to boy a your shoe Olfuse this:
wood to order. J. IM. )eveneau, Ed- our falls yle are Wprtieularl fin, Whe beb erie hre. su
it Gath- warts' stables. both in shape and umae. 1.. 0. Tw'4ih, .il ,..,like ..04t
* F Clylatt, agent of the Ualnes- The members of the hook and lad- A wonder-wetlgeare IIn'-
ville and Uulf railroad at Clyatt sta- der company are requested by Fore. "Teathine Owvesoee sas, te.i
..... tion and an all-nrund Droressive ot-l.. nS .ta., M_ .. the *Reats of s.'8mu k81


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