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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 14, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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LI li ) I li qI~tW



"Stbe pn el ts Eatimated Loss of Nearly '
r'**+' '. i *,. Million Dollars.
. .... ..l.ft .ath. .-Altw "e Io

UtMh m1 rn ofd brs privt Fire Prrared Rapidly, DOetroying
mi..i o bf hig prlvat q urt
l"'ipm bl jo)Mey lthi Property In Two Hours' Time-
N .Thet WU a fair asij4 Lives Were Lost as Par as Kn(
S .4 UP .aI r spoke bot 0 PFire Is Under Control.
S, a Iatwdsw ed by oo
tAd said: Winalpes. Man. Oct. 1;.-InI
1 iMi.Sot sare thrt I wo to take bosras last iltrliI t w of he monkost
mi lt y,' Howver, 1 asm lurtant buslnjie blocks In this
Nrt.. *y that fact. I were destroyed bly iret. nlailin
kM ** RlIbt dleatgalnl n loss estimated t nearly a .iilllok
'. ll' i!, there i.s S o re* lars,
l W"g tseW take up the dil No lves ar reported let.
M : as' I let out In the T'he damage i1 sumtiurised as
Sepublb n priAolplo s 4ao low:
*out. NIw Bollman block, with Mtock.
Agra!.i ged lowA <0 tW Ued at $200,,00, totally destroyed.
f l tir ,,dhle 0 to RM, J. H. Abhdlowni block, varied
p .*ttridbOtheIIa, $ 00,000 totally duotroyal.
40U s.. MeJ told the D r ia black, partlatly damaged.
t ". a' I N pIPl4le RHalto blockW badly damaged
.lemusethey aremfor water, Smoke and becat.
*k... thisr blMswl saea The walls of the burned blocks h
"ine1,) "te. beast all lA flle lan. and although the. fire
have' the fire tender control, 'It

1"h1 S00WM0 ARIar
b -mol4 M se ba
.,sai te hum.)

bM plhWon* io
._ ill .

Nee, N .,!raqelr

*1t. coldat b gst lmM o
,!!i,,MVrOW^ 'iliirrevoomble.
w.ithise e his.

t. Si iW ard perm.
i .. w t B'^.oful'l state for h.
i rfainy pretlouslr of
......the d Moth Acn1e4"lltkely to gpt the
.F V . . . . .* ..

Sereat a dmlista for tile

."Al I11 wholly dloonaeeted with
,.'soo "poltitl history of SBotk
f hf appolanteat wouki stg
S"Utaloa4l, which might be
b the taomlnatIon et a bettet

j.I .* ,** ,, *
.. AT Mi v Or sTO.M.

SU e 111t. With People Swept Out

STNw Yorkt, Oft. IS.-While Uhe
h.avy stora which broke during the
Jl M Was at Its height three coal
lads. asals baot, each with ,a family
m htboalr, tore loose from. their moor.
i0 Is oAt flyver and swept down
Sf i Hell Gate past Bltckwell's
Il4 petlt iad lato the wider stretch of
SOip $Vw :whert all trace of then was

l 4. t pl Tsl after vainly tryIfn tao so.
)it MS -Some ttNpboak or other craft to
a to the r1seue Of te t Imperllfed
t bts slOled thee fery lines, the fet
17 bst atand the railroad tiug boat
hf e hto watch for them.
tral *l* -.
b0ta Two Weeks' Respite.
L (blumbiaB, 8. C.. Oct. 13.-Hoyt
St, S Haey. the young white man convlcteft
S IS Ocone county for the mirdler of
Wil) hlU wirfe, asd metiteneed to be hangeil
iltell Oet., 14. baa been granted a two
r. wmeks' reprieve hy Governor Iteyward.

?. Cotten ,Crop Heurt.






K u5





marim, peruha1pi ir 0ay5.

Cae of the Commrenwealth Tobacco
Trentdo Ni. J., Oct. 1I.-Vice ('han-
cellor lmery, In papers filed here to-
day has appointed Jerume Taylor
temporary recelrvr for hbe Common
wealth Tobaeoe company. A rule
for casie to be shown why the re-
eelvership should not be made perma-
nuint i t 1 "vl F!.1 r CU ..... -. IV 1- I.


:amplote Count Shows Amendment
Patied by Over 10,000 Vot..
Atlault, Oct U.-Ut4borfta raUftel
%be atmenututuut to the ctonatitttIua Ipro
rliting tihotbd < eticuring lhwcal
taxation for public schools, lby a 4 uai
Jorily of nereo tlain Io.0iU votrw.
This li6 the timlll- reuilit as4prrlved
at by Secretary of ttate Phil Cook, at
tar thet conesltdatlun of the vote from
130 vuuntius, anli which has required
two dlays' herd work. Secretary Phli
Cook comptletedl firat the con tlh'ltilon
of tho vole oon the constitutional
amendmeiitn Iluraue he, kitew that
Was thu matter sif ret'ltst Iuturr.t,
and the people of the state were aun
(out to hliw the re.uiLt.
This reaialt in favor of the- local
school tayvaiolton altlitdulliflnt will be re'
celved w th rejocling throughoimlt !' c
state, pat*r.iitirly by th mnary a~dit
caten or itubtlle education, by many of
whom a hld caulpallnl was wage to
favor of the amfnif rulni. Slate Schkisl
Commi^lsA: ner Merritt illil some lirrd
work lu t[rlalf of ths amendment,
backed as tIt lias b y an able campaign
commitllti'e. aind thet result will be a
source (If profound tratillcation to
those whu so stlrenutintly InterestCdi
thoemslvi In its Ii.iitltf.


Wife With Babe Protects LifE of Her
Atlanta, tOr, I'.--Wilth a double-
barrelled mJioltani. loadeM with iquilr
rel shot. t. M51. Allen. a farmer re-
SIding from Howell s Stuluon, bright to make
James l,,i.'r .1nd his wife vacate a
house near hids hiome Tuesday morn-
tng. Iot hbarr.'i of the ign were
fired and l4. l"tur's lt.mly was 11il with
Thret' was an Inl iintely dramnatic
scen.'* when ibh' ,~blnlii tool Iar01 1l

,,1rm,, r' i-.iuu sIaL .'it iii a I l rit t r*~ t -twe"n hl i ,".
Vobr-* band iwli \Ali\,t wlitl her lhabo In htr
Ta) lor la requilrd to give bond In I . a I h O
the turne $t 8 QlBO rn e re ver B P anal bh& the barrel of thw
Is appointed on apillict.leion of (eorge Stl t 't 1 ,,A rii %' arc i r;' ol.
P. Butler, who owns 27T;.00o worth eof ahby waving ho t m.-I: iitr i h, At
bonds of the company and to wbom in the rIi t l'aac h" 1* i "ad
I. cfllaied the cotipany Its ndebted toi wih ihr lhhit !a',. ,..iy
thO extent of $5),0000 on demand note. I t,'r a r ia Il l uni,
The l1abllitis of the omian)iny are. lv. his ,,*'[ er, Ii,.W..d ii th rly
t* at $772.0,I011, ntCf tint principally hmI all .\lion i. ar .ct, li)
ot otllstandilng demand nolti, The (,n J'i uir an l
aSets arc etlimat dl t $73,.4104 Iunir and O .
a p Ihe' "'iwer on ti,. charge, of &
-- .i* CS a. uA j .smit with tht trt to a ii lrn er.
9 1 t l i qd'q lP PI r'/ l

Steamehip Goes Down With All On






I or


A ". 4-- "P I -




Special Train Carries Vipe Pros.
identical Candida&.


Besides the Democratic Vice Presiden.
trial Candidate .David B. Hill, Sena.
tor Daniel and Ix-Govarnor Whyte
Constitutled the Party on Train.
Oakland. .MJ., Oct 1;l.-T '1 VIr
gin la ttjowns rere1ive d via;t. firing tue
Davis peciLal lutJay,
Candidate HIttiry G. L)Davb, the, L Lu.
ocralltc choice for vice pI.' .unt; D.:
Tid iK. ]IIIl, d8 i.utir l)nilt u l an x-
Glovetrnr \iWhyt,, uf .surl.a::J. (,LcontU-
tuted the calipai. n<."'.e iftl tie tralu.
Itefreilireti after a :iI m r >'st it
Plerdtopt ,theli ipaan inul anii arl
start for Ih hai .' ... Ohaland, .
Md.. was reajelid iit *i ',,Tr,. This
is tho lant Ma laind twni e to 1 uch
ed In tth itlnt-rury f :,t Ili!. anml
deslilte a (dr-47iinU i~;r1I. th0re wasi a
largest crowd and ontolitu-lani to greet
theV candtdatte and II's co,-woflrrs.
Thliu day's pritramn linclf ,u l i ie fito
lowing; l' \Virgriii I 'bw(m-
Terre Alta, Itaowtlshlrir, Tuinultor.
New lurg, Graft on, Sihnnston, In iter
priae. Wirtlintgton, Moniontaha. anet
Fatrim int, th.o l;ilttr the tiopl,'.a4
plar e for tile igiit.


Remarkable Case of infantile Crime
In New York.
NeVw Vork. Oc:. 1 ?. <.1 Ieii, 1An (b.
part of a tIe,: r ,un i :iil ti'.-half year,
old n;d iiasi hli !Ti;ly .s.- ter, tiume tuontli
old, lias led to rt4' doeah of thli lat-
tIr at the hsal ot lh, ik-y.
The tragedly or'r-.., I in the family
of Nichiola.s lloiilnmIon at Ny ck., N. Y
Since the litile' ;r.rl came a nieath
ago, the boy pxhltibited titany tniloms v
ide'nces of Jua'on rmut. When at.
aemptn wt t ol mad' : inter.:o! b1n In
the lil tie one he fi,,! ':,":if rain away
er :.!. and r'-' ; i;.-.' ,., cradile
finallyy he ifwa- :;-ft 't :r a. few
minnto., in ith.- r no:nit i ra thi ha')y
lay asl.'i Tiri h)y wAu- i '. la flth
a nail bhroti e .'t;Si;: 'tif. S' I *Tnly
he cri-ed to h s i..t! tw.:
*Wif-n r I.N*: a' Irh. i i. y!"

ij ii r inio I rni i l fl.ii n Iri Ji l'l '
Bo ard,, .. 1 T a Cotton Gl. Shut Down For Lack of the IsitaiItr'T rnr,,.l ,1 *h th;,,I Th'
laltlx N. S.. Or. --The. ,a. i Water Supply. bahy' .~:nll l h 11e n 1 1, .ac d ,,l
(all. Ilnnlid from Tracadto, N. I., ('oalmblaS. S. .,. Oct. 13.-The he wa~ dead v h.:. ih, d lmr ai-
r Now l ononn. P. IX. 1.. ba bet n drought ln SoUth Carolina rcoatintan, rived, At lTta ,r I,% I iiti-'., wirrt
Ak mear New lrmnt onl. w inrmbroken. Nu ilnerou.. relporta hai' foi onl thn i l,,i t. ai; (f whlhii wrr'*
Smsaae recelv.nd from New Inl been r et'4eivd pho'wing that the ailr .itrie' before ii,,-* n:'*' r 3wai all!l
n by John Pagmr. one fth, iI ul%-nle ilrs Ing up of mal l S tr ll iid %, i'., Alkr 01l I ,1 .... t t',0. <' + t r .6-1:
the Call. confirmed th report of Ing up of small ,trins and V i A t r an inut t ,eno> r
th~~e hs oh mhhave caused cipti it A u (ln "[t ua1 a : [). s hu h1w1 44 infr,
Sltiit of the l'ea mer with a llon r lack of water s-il)q.;. lt riit. Thr- I. n !- :y thl '.=ht
itl. Mr. Fagar' P I w1 WBS tiL lhi A) oi the river chen irapr ^, !,:.* hr Mnl ;,r.* i ,!'.w.ia"3.ot".l ln t htt,, c*.
lamr aInd It tllttd I to haI, amrnKi r low sta~c~g. the Cangare. at toh in, ii lns of the pare-n I T<1 latter tI-
e It. There wcre 1on lMarrl'the bla not finnai.ii thlS cfry wtiit an serv. great .yi vy. Ut I n iirnitr',e
itl. Intoudlni 14 pashongerr adsqfatl iA '" i,';ply, Onl) tw the. only v-ricit i1.. Ifble hat th, baby
t Is tholht lat momi of Mi Pli. cri.nps have ten inj.irie by th., lon wa.* kill.'d by hlrr tiroth'-r whi,,, t-oln-
er4 lwvtere, ti,'n from flthina vll- dry spell. turnip.i' l t .rl t pOtapoit s ider anr' makes him irresnlh.e. for
Kt" at Wlihlci th, (aJl troppeil along. The forage. cetti:1 ;%i\o all ltbon si v 1 I the ,tlhd.
StcoaAt and that mllany of thllem had and are generally ;;d. aidl cottonl i When asked .here htb' wa~
I2Ul, t', r. r, after the funn,'l r it the l boy rvepll '
I Farnier.s ay the top crop of atoi, r 'Baby lai giuneL' away."
Collisfon on the Missouri Pacific. bas br.een rinal:t' cut, but there .__
KansIas City, Oct. I:'. T The mc-ncnd a conflict if iIllint(m nn that m)!iit Savanna: River Low.
r'ilon of ith ,NI sm rl r i l'cfil l|pa n (.i- On account of the lnliio ial dryn .i.n. i Agu ,a, ( 4, 4.) i, 1 V I0
r train No. whichh left Kansi :., latrl!, ihe atiwing tit oats, rye, etc.. m .days ine.' t .. ti ')t
ty for St. Ilikti after midnight. and has he-it rioul lyt ilerfertd wlh. I,riory ftas h. 3:1A gltj r:. 6;. ln In
'stl Iand po.a.wnig r traIn I. In (;re nvtlle iti Spnrtanhnr the, lim only, ,- : m e r as ; ri,
11il:h left Kan r~s ( irt for Si. .L i!i t!s. tIes there has he n, rain leni iti to ppr BS vannah r l.vr i t- ,ir :: t h eb
1 1:14) ia8 t nliht. wuer' in cil!Tolis n eiillt o ar omr l pi win:, hilt Fn 3MarioD. h n i, t' ;\
Callfi.orl ,M10. early toelay. The Marlthoroti Ia.l n1Iri, i. ht-i rfIie:. the I tty thill .,,.T.,' l
t, w^ Iight and aeeordI t) Y iork ad oilt r Il rfllrt r-s. here' nin one wiat work has li* |lre ii.h eara; r a'nea!el'et upright
ap tr mrek the umhor from the Alabama Corporations. Cruiser Chattanooga Commissioned.
ie at ^ ch while tnining at a Montgonmer2. A;*- Oct. l;-.-Tr.- New York, O"t. 13 -T-- poJi t I
iw rate o 'd.d Motlow Dis111liln, company ha, '1en crultber Chattanouna ai&a lezn pu;! i
organized al Htlrinuhaim with ap.- commis1inL at Th Ne. York niayv
Ital of $ZUQst I. To l yard itS%.IlilI)'-tl
Parker Ho f.ew ra1 Tahoi nrMnitoI, A fore she is rh for a( :1 ~air '
New York Oct. 1 .-.-J i Parlkel tr Le r ii T .lthn I Aloxanier Ia. o< r wi-tl ctnlte" 1
Id h1ut few eal r.i r during the for.,. i' I.ra e of ttmhe u rjirt In inr Al.r a ; rili, the vedre !.
tin today. one* of them i'ng 1 -. ( te a of tIle %'$ook l i rewih int eA Im i a -
icy Nicoll. vice chairman of tlhe y li been fle'i with th1 rV'Q'' .A.
eilmocrt'l It' l ia i al n a itt,. of i t., (. l. Km't ItirnmT.i .i:l:. ,i To Fill Hoar's Term.
'arter I f. lIatU n. o, f ta ie+i l .i . the Alaltama am'nt Th- M n' : I i.tol. O)t I <, rn,,r .0hy I-
-. .. .. ..-. -- M1iI nilM Tnil 4lhltliit 0 t'sill:l t Ii h I_ r L ...1 1 . i .. .. . 1 ......S L1.,


I-. ..



- A.o



'*1'"-- "

w-------~~.. w..- '-.- w .yr~~r w.v: w ----------

M inol
Wll t **),. wit, vin e


ut#of inati the teWo aowll*
l @ WhI 'g mo. t."A I f lin
fpI I S RaN > 0mWaf O
Sh' e .. ..'st .o,' ren1 their
tlns0pl.aos-aed beesq e
OheaWeug S iest are sft
faiti!y ^4d so we"
palBIagwt *Mcaste; eoedt*

pa Whia$ u season ors and
yIq MGnblg souisrentact
pace Asvall has hem iseo.

qi I f y s bu b Viues
.s pI luage4 taithe, dw Sld
BaM9 s ^Pto sWeth m s emra

14 to? fil pbly agre Mto

'"* 1 W ,,, ft en ough for in med
n it.66" tol lldl t bu "montoo

in nehN we "n when
VmiSl. Ifor we blw Vt no
*0. meoanlvenally. o A
0 Ws dollars was opens
l ,numl.Iag Vimola -skis
S4tim41 llmpeoot bnft
1Ie#, 4wip of r t. o

b rl lsk sto the
BHawRg c the aweu .a

w-i A,-nntea ror when
t 6t Viol e tis an-
tdt forrm of one of
ir ll. I gives oua
b-lbedbtUdlag element
eM*mid idyl Ia slhl
o Id dleIeou form, bes
r rea toM upset the
P*n 4 iets work, making
bet t and popular, both
S.Itlo i and tbe people.
4f4mo dM~gI*L

?wae* P i t prati Ticket, But a
pfmS-_S;_i Oidton Exists in Ola-
i WThre Oandidate

SA ~ p of the Board
Ser held in this
a addison to thd
Sboks from As.***-
i retd the reitraetio
ppultai lespectors for the No-
s4l1flum, and weniBed the
a of the *eebs primary, dl-
taiear amee placed upon the
9hs will be no opposition to the
o la__anty Pemooeatle nomineee.
it fpe having failed to place
Stkinhe*fldU a they had in.
I ded A oomplieated eondlslon of
1ill east la Ditrseict No. 2a. La.
however, where there will be
S eaa" dldaties for the ofoe of Jie-
ine of the peoe. These candidates
SSJ. T. Stokes, L. J. Knight and Dan
roe allof whom were played on
M Shbesi by petition. The contest,
*l W Ifrtendly. It ie anticipated will .b
A r ht lily lv t that district.
. 5 The Pit lrc 'Trme.
SBBtDlrMlDgb&as. Ala., Oct. lt,-A. atras
I IV=ro manufacttarert rarn sa.ll to be
trefulag business at prlcen wh'ch pre,
.0p. veiled before the 50 cents per ton ad.
S Va a went Into effect. There Is a
,* S pod demand for Iron even at the new
i pt iMee and Naoe of m ja e furnace have
* w s-old ahead. The production of Iron
bhl. I Alabama Is to be ftioMer llureaed
* p by the blowlag In of another furnace
ais tehlis weak atk aI matnarfIm q aa..a I




Wil thve P0,000 Capital Stock

Incorporation Outcome of Consolida*'
tion of Immense Hardware interte5l
of J. and T. F. Thomas-R. f.
HNIl, 4r., Admitted to the Firm.
Osaenville will soon have another
Ine6rporated firm to be known as the
8. J. Tboias Oomrpsty, with a paid-up
pitalof WW,000. Letters patent will
be asked for within thirty days.
The company will oomprise S. 3.
Thomms, T. F. Thomas and RI. E. .Hill,
Jr.. and the general purpose of the
concern will b to buy and sell hard.
war., seeds, furulture. and all kinds
or merohaudlsi; to buy, sell, mOn-
gag* sad leas lands, and do a general
sreaustlle and contracting business in
eonneetion with hardware. seeds and
furalmoro,'and supplies and materials
of all kinds appertaining thereto.
The espital soek of the proposed
oompsnay will be divided Into five hun-
dred sham of 0100 eaih.
The oueotne of this corporation
wee the eonsolidation of the immense
hardware interests of 8. J. Thomas
and T. F. Thomua who several
months ago purchased sth stook of the
Thomas Hardware and e8sed Companty.
The new frrm, whieh already corner
mauds a flee trade throughout Florida,
will earry probablythe must etensvei
and varied line of any concern of its
Sd In the Stat. That they will in-
*st thelt already ltar$; business
here Is little doubt, sin*cI is their
purpose to work the trade thoroughly.
For the First Time In laevrat Years
No Prisoners There.
I Jailer leteher treats his guests so
Stood that they all have an attachiment
for the plane, so muah so that none
iver leave until they are carried away;
but tbe eoely Jaill was emptied of its
lapt lamate Saturday when there six
county prisoners were sunt to the
ajmps at Wylly. Manager McKay for
the Wglly-Gabbett Compiuy took
ohare of them at the jail.
On the same morning a crnzy colored
woman from Williston was tent to the
anylum at Chattahuothee. Levy
Good for CF iloren.

The pleasant to take and Iarnslese
One Minute Cough Our-* Rives instant
relief in all eases of cough, eroup and
lagrippe because It does not pas ha-
mediately Into the stomach, but takes
e5est right at the seat of trouble. It
draws out the Inallammatlon. heale and
ootben and eures permanently by
enablla the lonu to eontrlbale pare
Ife*gla and nife-stuaiiDla oxygen
o *he blood and tonea,. Sold by all
Sosggish. --
Franklin County Jury Could Find N3
Atlanta. Oct. 1:;.- -Th, prc'ecntmeant
of the Frar.l:ini rut'r- grjan1l jury
contanl a~n a xt.'r.-l V rf:,;rt ur the In-
VCrat1iat.a In:!, thl I,.aihir.!v of the
nfAero .John W1ar', ma'n1 wit ihihe view
of ln1!ctltirg the l t1l'n ',. as rtecm.
mrpndull hI) Jiut'.,' Rt'.-,'l In his charge
to Pli@ traal jiury.
Solicitor C. HI. lau.1, or the western
circuit. took a ,vry asti'le part In th'e
InvestiKatlI(nst and tu o trtii examinlinl
the witnebse sminntnmon l to appear be1
fore the grand Jury. 1.4 L.PAt effort.t.
however., and those f tli nimonberi oft
the granl Juiry. wer.' tanAvailing .tnce
no evidence was atdure on w'lcl to
Issue an indlietent.
if the.Baby is Cutting Teeth
Be sure and use that old and well-
tried remedy, Mrs. Winelow's Sooth.h
ing Syrup, for children teething. It
.suthes the child. softens the 10ame,
alia aill pain, ouar wind colic and is
the bee m redy for diarrhoea. Twen-
t;-flv eot a i bottle.
Silver Dollar Brin :r1,t,.2
NrtV Yum;;. Oer. 1.: ( u!.r lit ; ;
to a <'i1 ;'t;r fIrton l'rr'I '. ; re..
have ber.p st nearly $7.0o. ThNre wereI uuny lti
pieces In a11., thi prize of the .l!ec.
tio being am Amnrlran silver dollar
AU. .L IN&l2 .A-. - .

Ar *rr ,f !nv, t:u Uo
Irj .n /l .r '-:!"' I' ; or lxv% I v 1aria will
,, L J; r ,4i-- o 4.,-. .i ; r, ,,.. b ,. 4

t11 er" vimtuow-nono of their
l Kyffoct&. HERSIN taken
\ reglarly will forcstale nlh whep
the41on vo off om.siuo pnrfuLt cicl3.
flo of- wloussesA houctCwhs,
rUw kooup In ood hlul4.

For Sale by Johnson Bros. Gaineville








ri All AoND iWi NTR DS G00D5

And other s a.sonal)l goo)(d. Stylee*
Si, .-tc-date and pric p s as low as <'-o-
Ss!Atent with the quality of t0he g'i !.

*6 Th. At W ve ar hI`.4, if1:u,, tt-n'. Lw St vtr*.s



;4%60A0 iVwev^/ 4-*" Awt^^ 4







Jackionville and New York,
Calling at CHARLESTON. .. C.. both wayv.
The Fnest Steamshlp in the Coastwise Service
Clyde New England and Southern Li eS
Dl)rect Sterrice Between JACKS(oNVII.L. Ii.-T-' N a: 1
Pi'VIDENUE and All Eastern l'uint.
Ceiling at Charl -t(m llmth way
South nd ..... .............. ..... From l.,'wit \1 :,;ar., '
Northbound................. From foot of '., .,cksc<:. .
Cldve St. Johns River Line
Betweet1 JACKUoNVILLKE and SAN > > SIi"g at Palaika. Astur, $t Francia. lhIrestord (DeLand). anud Inltera ,d a S
Landings on St. Johns River
LeIses Jack tnville 8:.% p. m. Sunday. Tuesday ard Thur.J,'y<
Leafe Sauford 9 :tIj a. rn. Monday, Wednealays and f riday.,
bound is appointed t at a follow :
Readdown. Ca D .
ave 8 m ........ .Jacksonville......... . .. Arrivr i 1 r .
8 :0S am .......... .. ..... Astor ..... ... .. .... .. pm
4:)am .. .......... St. Francis.............. .
1. . . ........ .f l rr mfnrn If_.e il I?_' :t 'C

I, *






' r.. ,", I'i r'

- .o-



1.0 Was Anxious to 'Post-
Reaingr Until 24th.


to Quash Was. Overruled by.
QOurt, When Both Sides An-
They Were Ready to Pro.
Oase to be Heard on 20hll.
lgooertroominIl wIa croWtltd it
Thursday inoring to lear
luge in thue fatiouI ollowlli)y
i having beeon 'i bl? 1:ed that ii
istlmenti had bemien rttuirntd
slhe defendant lnvfor.e ti.e tii-
iiqush the original indiceiin,,it
ruled upon by J.lkdge Wills
si o'clock, uln hour ri-fodre
for (thol e(urt tit colnvrI lit-
wp were nuticed 10h.4t thit
as. M and in lheectrr;,dors, niud
Ipal topia of rnvlTrltioiln w1asI
,eIlbrated case anFt Ri tes$S
it the outeoine might hbe. Inl
time thIi dl- (1fjlrirra iH Ki titor-
were oouuiiutInig togte-ther, w!hijie
i oer for thel lrto,,q!t i i wr i *
egf and reviewing the State'sl
of the situation lT groups
thie ourt hou)e werr Ia;iiri(l offi
adI of both Itolloway aill
while those disiinterested were
Ito remain elliet ai'd listoti).
mourlt onv ended at 9 o'clock,
eye for thie (defni* presernit.
"I|IMton to quash tlie new indict.-
,pturned We\r iiesday afternoon.
$slion was presented witLhoit ar.
5, when lII. llouiir JLiidgel %Villi
the some.
:l5olloway pleaded :mt Itilty to
liStment, whlien; b L1i sides an.I
ready for tr:al.
sl point the attorneys for the
M nl Vored to poustponti ie Lhear.
h ease until .Motday. the 241h
lpoa the grounds that -Major
L.. ClaLr-Abramer was compelled
Miami l on profetsional busil-
STothbis motion Altiorney Frank
tad others for tlie defemne ti:. te
protest. iMr. Ill,loway also
to further delay in thu msat-
Inplted 11'IlI ;ln im rediate
not later tiln .MuL)dmay, the
Is.;. Mr. Clark tiated that the
ftt Major Abrams could not be
at this trial was by no means a
tloson It should bt i pistponed to
convenience. A.i far as that
neeerned, a poatpont mtit, to thie
lalst. would *erioisly interfk're
Ships professional, arranrmi'mitsL,
bhe had buen ee nisu.yed in thi Alt-
Smurder caise, L for the 2M5th
atnd hr wis t'rnM '!-.4 ;' bel pres-
St thai trial. 'hrre w,,L eousmider-
Bargumonit ove'r tllt iunu l whirh
tklien under tadvienmunt by the
S ad a decision reislretd lotpotli-.
the ease until Thliurday, i ictbler

is celebrated cae hliAs created
fl tre1elhas cem'ier[.t thlt it is
Salfu! whether a J ,ry tun bie sc-
In the county. I'tn that tTent, it
Pbeon te 'ncediry to ask for a
|# of venue a'id try the, came in

.,er county.

Bought a Fine Dog.
7puty United States Sherift liamip-
S S Chambers of i l:ala, after a
official visit to this city, retutried
home Thursday.
f Chambers purchased from Shier-
Lt. Fennell whilt here "Lou,"
blood-hounid, which hio propoiet
ftWin the matter of running down
laptoring oriminals asmu escaped
Rlet. This dog is said to be one
.9t flnett in the country, and will
L!r prove of great vl'rvice to the

Georgia State Fair.
't forget the great (ieorgia stite
to be held at Macon, Ga Oetober
S1904. Atjantia Coast Line offers
ixursion rates. Oine fare plhs 26
i plus, 0 cents sd'mi aioiu, for the
trip. tHalf ratle' for children
ie and under 12 years of age.
or one cent per mile distanier
led will apply on military and
bands. 20 or more in uniform.
ii0a have been soared in making
0ec of the greatest State fairs
Siten by the State' of Ueorgia.
orwill be told October 17.-27lh
eo, good to return to and in-
November lst, If1iN.
S.Attention, Odd Fellows.



makes pale, thin children fat
and chubby. Overcome.s
wasting tendencies and brings
back rosy checks and bright
It's surprising how quickly
children respond to Scott's
Emulsion. It contains just
the element of nourishment
their little bodies need. They
thrive on it.
Even a few drops in the
baby's bottle have a notice-
able effect for good. Nothing
better than Scott's Emulsion
for growing children.
Well'tl n(l yo it ample fre. upon reque.
SCOTT & VitlW,'E. 40 PearCil Stn.t, NewY4Vf


,Jas. Edwards, Victia o0 Railroad Ac-
cident, Has Been Sent to Waycross.
.Jitinlt lE:.twatrdls, tiI,' I )al I a e ro who
had tl.t mii#ortmioii to slie iith his
bainds by falling" ider a train uf the
At lanle i oast l.ine il Mi'.lanop June-
tion a day ur two reentirl, aitd who
wans broliuiht to tii city, has suttl-
ciently recovered to be removed, and
was pent to the Atlantice C(jalt line
hliosptal at W'ayrcrus, Ga., where he
will bU troipe'ly A.tred fir.
it v:ll L b rnii-,iliebred litht C-dwards
was a s In'*'i0fger on the train from
( eano ti M i4aifopy Junction. I, it said
that lie -tas drinking. \VWher the train
reached d rIh deltination of lti piassen-
ger li safely alighitld, built as it was
moving outi he again at tuipted to
board and fell under the car, the
wheels passingK oer hot hands, ex-
telnded on the track. The unfortunate
man was blrinhlt to this city, whera
fDrs. iodlusi. Phillips and Dell ampos.
iated the badly lacerated inembers.
In speaking of the matter Thursday
Dr. Hodges stated that Edwards would
reenver, but it will be i>ceessary for
him to spend the remainder of his life
lianadl !hs.


Gteamn'oatneen Diiril A/wty with N
Si. o L aor.
N1 i C \ l I t I;

It ,, T to. if 11bi :4
aw '' i n ,1 ; , :r; vi y f:t l ; ii gv 1 1" '.
foil ,n w ,1 :, h, f(re'm wr ,i ril nc t,,
W(i : :t ,' i,; tIh tei i ilaeo t lan!i
I inf "' Po. '.,. i ,
r''r p >;:' the< -. a 'ir.' a '.nl t' -n hav4
sut<: ..nt 'P .'arilui o af nianrl
ran-' >!ut^ 1 1'' I -n I n the' hat,
It ii V ." ='-: .1 a hreI I haI flim t vwa

roi'M ;.tave 'w "1 l mi t Matr' itu! :: ; in

".O r .. . au ter '' t' i lmr a st
wer at t Sowin tines lAiy hav
lotctii,S e n 1it h Ar. $l .r a mon.ih.
Tha sla mi-e ou Inw; -t Kre ntly all
acil ode.t r i tei i' \i r i, nt of 4al' I her
awife:. with Ki 'a or ..nt hieng whery.
dnun tll ) ldi ie a ThAy ''nit awaS
for new la in nol I ie' it triongt ant
of at: i vv'' t w\rtt to *hy. A

thlong ''. L. .'ld to 'Lr.i to n'i N tw

to t P i i t v Pi I~at ally

Saves Two From Deathdici
iur lit$1le daughter had an Iy almost
fatal attack of whooping freh ae.nd
bronchitis," writes Mr.. W. K. tahi-
land of Armonk, N. Y "ant, whiei
all other mrenw 'iet failledl, we navted her
life with li-r. King'. New Diliovertiy.
Our iiee,i w 'io) had cotiiumption int
an alvanml'ild stage, alo ued this won-
derful medicine and today slhe is per

lungd i'cess yield to Pr. King's New
Disnovry ia to nl other medicine on
earth. Infallible for couihs anid coldr .
fites sn $1l bottlsf auaranilteed by all
dr'gpiats. Trial borttes free.

Suts for $15.000.
Atlanta. at t:h -orn r thof datb ol

hera anflI tell Oliver faganl whoan
MrI. Klal. th Riagan has fil a bull
for $1 5,tie" damat nagaIinst rh lit t'*r
gia Railway and 1 k <'ht rfmp)nIy.
V Iai fllo:wan. it 1'- a2l v.'' wa' fx

less MtartInr of a car nl hch he we1:
entering at the curner of Srwh I place and 1the l)*.(jt'ir liHn on Jan,
6. 1903.




Station at LaCrosse Narrowly
Escapes Iestruction by Fire.


Other Bales Were Piled Hi;h Aro tSi1,
and Cotton Wet With Kerosene Was
Ignited-Discovered Just in Time 1o
Save Buildire and Property.

luadle lat ti^'it t& btir t io ri ti -taln rl
Air lirne dlpu ei t ii i ;l:ac.-'. T" yre
was A rostnl-' poured ion a bile ,f .ot.
ion, and ohili.r Uitles tilled nil arl'l n .i i
lito l14 tile oiie on tire. Tra,.at ',.
ke rownti were' plainly round.
T.h entire tratultro with lots of
otton adll frtighit would have lirned
tlup had inot the fire b inn disorred uby
lartiets i asiing their depot J'ist at day-
Thert isi n elioe ai to the guilty
plartiue, though an effort is bulging made
to find one.

In Remitting Subscription, Takes Oc-
casion to Compliment Florida.
The utn is in recelpt of a letter
from Jabes Spiigs, a, prominent far-
mter of Kanaslvillo, Wis., In which lie
ticnlosed a dollar r renewal of his
l)psir. Mr. 4prlggu ownsconsideimble
properly in this section, and spent teli
greater part of last winter hero. As
evidence that he has confidonre In the
future of Usinesville and Alachua
county, he writes the following:
"I don't want to mis l single oopy
of your paper, as I should feel that
something was wrong if I failed to
hear about what was going on hi
tsainesvills and vicinity, am I cannot
learn through any better source thau
uThe tsinesville ton.
"All being well I expect to visit you
again this coming winter, when I eaR
agatn beak in tie health-gilvingelimate
of that fair land. which is blessed by
(iod with sunhline and flowers.
"Fair Florida, I often look back
with feelinigm of pleasure to my last
visit with you, but any nexE visit to
your fair city will bl far iUmre sorrow.
ful. lSome thalt I counted amoilng my
v-ry best eartiiy frienids,-that gnve
sue their friendly hliuds at parting andt
spiokie them good old words that come
from the heart, 'Oood-Hy'-will not
be there with their friendly smiles
and words of cheer to greet niet. No,
they lave fallen niteep in the arms of
their Saviour. and atre now safe in that
blessed land, where pariting I no more
imlt I till lhavo feelings of pileasuro
vwhtbn I think haint I hlifv y t many
gooud friends iiin iiineSvil e, that \ill
netleOuIno me back tol FlJorida's hlopi.
table shornrs.
"I lheatr with pleasure ofr th' many
imprvneflntitS that have li iey gorliK on
in ihaiestville the u)st )eftr. I believe
thlit at Ino far distant day she will ranl
nmoiin tlhe irSt ciliesirof Flurida, (if
she do,.s niot now), and why inOt? Iter
tizelins, as a rule, are a sober, htisilt,
itil I ligent iiid l trio s, ( nxl-l aI ,0-o-
pie am hr clihurches and serhoolsi will
temiliry. I feel proud or bt iig out of
her tlax*payer."

Confessions of Priest.

writes: "For 12yanip I suffered from
yellow janudice. I Coniulted a ntiom-
her of physicians and tried all sorts
of nmedicines, but ot ino relief. Then
I lbean the ume of Electric litters and
r.t.l that I am nlow cured of a disease
that had inm in its grasp for twelve,
Ttars." [If ou want aa rellaale ined.
icine for liver anlt kidney itroiible,
stonimh d imurde'r or generate debility,
Fet Electrie litters. It'e guaranteed
by all druggists. linly 50c.

Boiling Water Kills a Girl.
Chariott.,t N. '. Oct. I3.-~7 lie .
yetar-oIl daughter of Mr. and .tirs. A.
N. DoIniilson. of this city, pulled a
kettle of bollinl water over e bher,
causing death in a few hour

Broke Into His House.
S., Leluiiln of Carendish, Vt., was
robbed of his customary health by in.
vasion of chronic constipation. When
Dr. King's New Life Pills broke into
his house, his trouble was arrested and
now he's entirely oured. They're
goaranteled to cure. 254. at all drug-


CBr ',;

,i ,c



, ." 1 .i

Miss Nettle BIaclcm
tells how any young wo 'n
manent cured of montI4

dark am" beoA a7y amys,
untold r1. A ilatW i

HIt th am y amiW se

eouftll at rthe arn ul t
from wilder experlrintse _
thoAna ilas of wnome beet to hi
Slwm Lirfr,. You.ntqb7Mlih of -
lla .


Im iw enjoying the bet of s
too pleu sad toeier, *ueh s hrreetM lw.--e,
d 6 Ist, N. W WVWagtoc, l. a h *:
dti. Pekam, wslMcanm us lilL
"I it
fruta wl ropea ,d foruW
Ofs, 'wmnW1

GMi S' 1 onte~

Majo What Teo Crao.
To How-lured bIy poverty or to bel
hanlrltnTId by it in a misftake-an error!
of tlmiutrlt. Intniiil of enjoying our li Ift
we illre eratin'iligi ouirieivtsi. It is as It
Wo wv'ri MNut it n fe'ist andl sulkily re-
nfi-it 1t, ,i,} yv ;a f"w d)isll,4 l 'iamxlHe We
roull nit v...whi evI'r r'thling on thi ti lntue
11 T i :tiihlt '1iirnlr.A lfl'k, l k )n ioilli h
'lllir'l1ii t o't \,a' lte. ilit I'rrmauiin.


Cures Chills and Fever.
W. Wrirt, Naeogodohes, Texas,
hif daughter had chills and

fever for three years;

he could not

And anything that would help her till
he used lierblne. His wife will not
keep house without it, and cannot say
too much for it. 50s. hold by W. M.

L I d a1 W'$h l
dlue i 'ia uighg IliSiH

to i, r'M':ht hltimtltt E*tI
qirt, tikin,, lne q t flt
tlire- urtllrs lnly. in jul
liH florimer lliimiit was
;.iUed thiriy poiqudils S llH,
niOtt'vlhtitiindhin. t pretewSlonl mii ottU 0dy day
- ChlcaRo Ne'Wvs.

Am Esperleaeed
Father -- Iuightier.
Rpook wants to marry ye
-What? That mul Whtj
wouidl't bare U.. S

mto You don't e h
,to et mari ts w w
yomi-DetTv. Pai- ".,iS


235 W. Bay St., JACKSONVILLE, YLo*E!

Otltrally loeted, Itheshly wpall d a revsate ey
Ehpeam Psas.

S. 1I *I,

Bz: ~M&SOfl, Pro-prEf

' ~


- -- % I A 0 q --



- 1 .

t 0


el DIrectors and
Leieused Emtainers.

Il Dinr tsw Nmp- artnd
Wins', Ru btwUtsp* e,
Vpbsle. t am I g

[toi 's ,Idlephese
PiBup seiks .

kts Tfmpts and the Quewa
.f..A $iblical Upectacle.
J,, l m'beft'i ever popular and
IWp pte shows some to as tbis
a ml k Iuhplhpoant aese.loue
W ,SSloSs so to u veomhadow
-r wsIumusarv SmuWKnS- v.-
.,. tq hav iS0i o1ly Materially
they'll r'lug and hippo.
..T pass...' and largely
B *h..V a.... ast ..lshlng new
S ;,.b .ant but nommeoi4
*of pman. We
Hgupta Bmb*lel spewt*

I' hfithfu iw' IsNw
C. .......e. .tew t.pmailv.t.
I applasmmet, ea*.
IWiml sE astrs, bewiteh.
I;ltfsS f~ esel:fl ; Iny

S Gslesvillle, via., "e.

VSaJ Walker eseAded ti-
glmg!ig.Is killipe she blgge
V Ieim e4o* ver sees a
waf the degsd"asU his tow
,mi Mupt thlnak s a commesdog, awW
*4OSPSU he, wVONtUm"daddy of
M iftbeJmlkmriSgOu oeroms
l t trher l talIk ofa a oar.
t IM the oats oat,-
._..tift~ftoiato M a,

!r W. H .bron, "l
SqS mea bish4 by W. H. O'Brlen, chair
am of the Desortle state eommalo
r party leaders of the. lfth distrid
s _e ay newspaper men left here to
i d e' a special train for an eight,
dy s pealkin tour of Indiana, during
wlleh Mr. Bryaala scheduled to maki


twa. -^~ ^^
UUj-e a
fj~il'' te ag'gag f
^" *"^^ f^^^r e

K -

" '? ,

Crepe Burning Up.
Mao. GOa.. Oct. L--flhougbh Moth.
hog bette cokd be asked for the
opelagi of cotton than the dpruth
whkeh ba prevailed In middle Gor
fta or some time. the other crops
Is season are burning up. especially
sweet potatoes. peas, sugar cane and
ll .gardeM vegetables of all sorts.

"a proprietary wedlolne manufae.
NOeyl hd to oetad with at the start
who would hardly believe a thin. ift
uer bs ha hbad nothing of the klWdto
l/r rilk|t n Hattlesburl. Its home. It




SWill You




I I---- ----- -.-- 1 .__._ ~:~_~

QR will you find it nece.
sttry to hustle around-
St or mlis--and buy your
cool wottler auit, after ev.
erybne else has pickdl out
the ciniceNs pat te ns
l lrn't make this m stak.. Select
Fall Clothes early. Your common
sense tells yon is is the wiser plan.
You get the bets your Imoney wl 1 I uy.
and you get th! full limit Jf .eaaon's
wrar for no irester cu st flesides this,
yout fortify rurelf aRgaint sudden
ohAnges la weather that coreu in the
Fail. Wd sell t&4

Hand-Tallored Clothing

Therv's nothing. Iswttir-there's noth-
Ing as go4xd. Whn n man ptts on a
Ialos BSult he feels and knows that
every datll of the eait, make and fln-
lIb is correct.
The ploture shows a particularly
stylslh sull for up-to-date young men.
A "merchant tailor" would charge 4O)
tot a sult of like quality, character
anri appearance. We an afit you tIt-
ter wish more swagger, snappier
clothes as M1. We also 'have lower
gradee-look equally as welt-




I "llrep In and let u, talk it f uer.,*
_ '" .. I _ill~_ I I m ll~g -_ I . e- anllmll


Outfitter to Particular People.



F1 ( ih I ,') A


Will Study Conflict on In Manchuria. i if fl f T I I' N ,I;I.' <*- "M '.\N 1 ]
Says Japs Facing Crisisl l01 N TLY ,L . '
New York, Oct. 1.1.-(}ineral "J.'7t" If S l .
Wheeler, veteran f the war between '
the states and the Spanlh-Amrerlean ;i" T 1 .
war. will leave at an early date for r '.'vr ,-.P **n; rt int 11oi fap : "-i .anchnria to study tho Jap-Rusilan .o. r.- far u of yur ... baue.
_rratl Wheeler says the JapaneseHlth ra
awe now fienigltheirlfrst serious cr1.l aeiiletIt id Heth
S., and that their true metal oa to
be tried. + -_ - _.
--... -Agents fur the-- I
Can You Eat? nt
I. Taylor a prominent morhan Victor Safe and Lock Company
not eat because of a weak stomach. I Ci3 lc Q irbLo..
lost all strength and ran down in The "Victor" i the h. .t arfe made,. and parties contemplat-
weighl. All that money opuld do was ing the purrchate ,f a afle. or anything in that line,
done, but all hope of recovery van- t rom a l .x t1 a bank vault, will savo* moneiIy *
Isbed. Hearing of some wonderful I1y (miAIlltiLsg us. Call on or address ,
core effected by urnse of Kodol I)y.- C 3SX M & HI
pepela Cure, I Ooncluoeod to try It. The 0 | i S HX1AVX^iAN & C. .-- ... I
first bottle benetled me, and after Infonnation cheerfully furnished. GAJNESVJLI.E. FokRtIflA
taking four bottles I am fully estread %- A'
to my usual strength, weight andaL r rtstrts sts
health." Kodol Dyspepala Cure digests
what o eat and cures. Sold by all
druiWll*l. AT LA'ST IIAVE IT FOR 14N TF S.Io

Vaqul Indian Troubles.
flerm'nllla, Mexilc, Oct. 13.--The
I recent Yaqul lIdilan troubles, at So,.
o.ra, have been very much exag-er-
ated by jtome newxvla. ,r corresiMin
dents. Only. one district was In-
Oelved and It Is now thoroughly pa-
I trollte y rangers and troops so that
tral pr p msers and freight i1
reS atfe. All other districts are
tree fKmw trnoblL
Thea BUt Doctor.
| Rev. B. C. Horton. Sulphur Springs,
Texas, writes July 19th, 1899: "I have


- Montezuma -

On the A. C. '. and
None RBetter




S. A. L. Rys. V. J. SHIP
in ile State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.

MAN, Proprietor



Yw. wq

-:' )' .

* *-,,"
Ati ~

be Ready




a Mr

a l_ a *

- --- --~-

- M I I I W. 1, ,-


. /

.&'% %J 4. u4114 L ILL

I-. Mulm

S A I ItR '" '" I ' '1" f I r, .', r
D---- -.----- ----- - --'-
-U -, -- ... .. - j...I.. .. .. : 17"

'BAA. Y V.

a|st 1 Xou'i Ote ast !a;rnebT..jl I.,,
e 0a6%motd-ci u ssat UA kr.
CCRNAIY. E41totur r '. ., or
J,. A, tAltll i : At - i" :..:

*B W.iU.TA. I11%01.46

"f& r 3,i I. li. n ,iaM t .RMr-2

eut,1LI Scw r-ut4;edl einry w.ornlr.c' es
ydel.vr.1ered 11y earr'#r!tr Ihectr'.
leiypr Dir orl theJrlited %teai Ioe-
.for Ia y rear, k0 z L* slWI.IL: I(I Is
paatb a: or t o 0 -. fOr wer:-d-
ta dveOWe.
^^ftflWI Otfl1 ItOcCL COz'JUt. E P e: cs
ilirt laeriou ar. cd .', et i fort ekc ,4-
m e *itatl adroit ir math Ltowu

Tlvioe-t W'eekD Son !' aT" e.cht-0 te.
MIRl paller.,'d 'tl e rryL .% l-*
". 'btT UTl sV, an t ,rh i." lti<
of tie werk. c icatl, iatt ari .-
ws ill be malled. Iot'ite free. in lr.
WtMhe United hbite.sur Cra~m, forl OC
.4i1 advuBee.
ll taibtcl bltsberotn.e due waiter r~rt
of sdvertlelrent. tirtirfsnthberQ e
l le-rntrettt. i'arte not ktr.i o r
be required to par Tr aisv r1!lltd r, iot
Addmlr. TH. ]AI, t I.
-^ 0 NK^ -H1..,').A.

'4For ,P'f .
S AT',N It. .iAKl-tt.I
Sof New V'Yr;.

Sc*r V:. ,- .'v .i,t.

n II TII; I;. It. I: I
f1. t W,- V linlti.
B '" l+ nitt dl t; .. 8, ';,, er.
J, AMJl: .. T. i .:.' s I. : : .
al be1Im x.r Cofir,.'i. 'it: ,1 .tri lrI'ANI J,..\IK.
: PrFt&4 li':t 14 l:l*tTirs,
T, F. A, .i11'\l;s
J'. j. r I. K(i A. 1. NEWTON.

AP(il.L.vN It. lUIlN\VA I.1.
r eprtiary of State,
If A tt.rtt ; 'rf l I
"., W II.I.:..I 1 II, II.JIH.
S'.IA NI t. tr<'I Ir ,
,. '. 'L iOM..
SState' r 'l i r,
litend riIt ,.r 'i tl,;Er in s fi t titon,
V. M!.
t. i:. <, 'I.IN .
,,. '" i f+ +l "<'i F' \i t,.rr. ',il ,,
Wttcq iii',Slun t I't,' 'irt. SIl oYears,
,,,, 3Julntlre',, StupliI' e I rt.
)i ROBtEllT ci(l< llEI.4
t. OMAS 8. sllIAt'KI,.I:Clou,

J. A. InitS irinf ;ll,
0. .11. TII.IT11.AN.
Br.i __ -

J, iAouty Judge.
w^ H. rt. sMaseon.

,.. li W. FE-ELL

r .Ct -< PCr-i!t ('urt,
S IB. n. WI N<1:S.
Tz1 Anmi W. W. (COLSON.
I.; KiTax t"olle-t"or,
-pllnteiltrtndlut of plilll' ln trutietlon,
.^ I. ,I. 1,. KRL KI.IY.

IW. II. Oll IlltTSON.

3uA3(1 c1nn*: XTON.

IF.1 u' .l I I
--. 1
J, ). iMiP !i'.i.
,." J '. t;!lT1:I-N .

.+ F .I.'. I'_ i'rI .ING;.
F 1. I. )I'WNN|F:XII.
r Merl r n slt-r Sl chmi, ltinard,
.. It. 1. WEICKS.

' Miast take no stock in President
"WT:ltl'l: invitation or the p(owers.
"tSold another world's peasv' ctifer,
SISt the plague, at least while her
*i -t war with Japan iiContinu'es, in
tthill .. ona.a. l t ..a r..ia irlill,1 ( li

I it. rj t n: I jaw a s*,.riml t 4
-SIr.TrV h l ,i,' w tomen ia'd .f,
ortily n) li, asingll their pleasure in ta
;.l,AwIry plain, wSl.her" oilp1iie's and rrel
n"M 4lonit, i1a41 ifalr:y another li-af f
,.*raiijiy) Iliekr,-d about u thi r feet
tiiad Rtrve their stain to htcol of iron ,r,
wt ii Ll lhie t rain of lilken KgrilPiiiel
flintliiigfar andl frt, as in the ttLanice
they Wit'* likinUM'eivei or ttra)ed t.y
ttito t iltilhr.r or ipiltly *iina.l' atnd
i, wed ir C:IrtIV*leV to earltS oQt r, ,r
e* ',* ( -d at 1 iiilms- of iiirth and latt-
tiuie, unafraid in their dil. light. nAd
also LihI i lh nd pr ii l thy ,spii.. li
ojartr <:; r ? mnri whereof tt:-y

"I 1..l.M',d i;ain aiidl aw Utha Iltlw ry
wi A"e stirring. a. if sive, beinailt lit
treuiit that r.eted 4l inW iiiupon l r ill
Ill li'li t aitt. tlt1 llll W Upon a tl rti)'i
tl p.lli fate., or miiith r's tihetiin. or
tli-, rim iI dil grae' tf a iri's thrl t' ;
IrAtl had t'nill.d Ithe red oif tluw.
*'rw was lihllid. in oiiits and gust s
shed droti hi4ara ti;tlt hrok under the*
frolt padres'. Anid ilw anil. then fro'-i
out ( adtreadful loor il anaili r riS w
Vwas lited f ruin Ilite ret as il to trikie
i inmiadi'ie, or i rilor.' for imrty ,nid
somo oiIltie suffering breast heavedl
triii Ll .- iia' and i ank ; Raid as lelfore
thw rn.vI's!tri liii\V them throAiged aind
ir.,ed." Wi'illi. I 'l an HIowell., in
1 larle r'.

!t ii ',ttij'1.'y tboe, stated tliat Ad-
lmira. \'iii.,Litd i)tt e Vley did not
write "l-oriy-livet Years Inider the
Flag." T1'te rinor originated from
tl,. fact ti hat he caitsed aln aRcount of
tlhe (irrelty .expedition to b( written
bly ain;liTr at. hthe time of his return.
More thrlii a die/.n papers have called
attention to the fact that the .Ad.-
miral'r atcount by far t xcels the for.
mnar ine. There is a wealth of Inter-
nal evidence In the book to show it
is the work of the Admiral's own pen,
On almost everylpage there la some
personal incident and warm-hearled
acknowledgmneit of an Indebtedness,
sometimes twenty years old. No
stranger could ever learn and write
the admiral's s life in such a fashion.
To ,.very man with whom lie has
worked and who did his llshare of the
duty duriiig the Admiral's career, the
writer expresses htis hanks. No mania
could writeta book as directly from
another 3mnn'A heart as "Forty-tive.
Vears 'ndler the Flag"' copies from
tliat of the' Admi ral. It is on account
of a Ibrave inman's modesty that the
rullior Mitarted.

Work hL alreniidy begun on the LbigJ
exhibit liuldisisgl of the South Flourida
FIiir. the niRiui *1 i bit building will
be It;IU fet i tengtlh and 15)h feet in
widlh, and will be nit ctiltructed As Io
allow nt tll, aitldllion of 3L fet, if
iiceflary. Ev.rny county will be givui
all th, romd t'esirted for exhibitiiKg, a.
will individuals. Your exhibiits will
be taken to Taiaps without charge by
the railways and pre coipanifels
and will be well cared for.

The Kgovernmenit recently iitc',d nn
'order f or t hei protection of smnn' ofl
the li nlian tribes against fraud and

robbery. It amends the rules for the
sale of inhliritd Indian lands by re.
,iuirinig thel proceeds of such sales to
be deposited with the, most convenient
I iijtId S(ates di'pository to the credit
of e-aeh hvtir in proper proportion. I'nr.
der ith old rule many Indiianso were
Sioin divelted of tllhir inonPy,.

litiii Nutm'lii r all clergyimle'i>
jir(e'itiinig -rroper crtdiintialt will be
adlitnsitttl l theli' World's Fair fret. A
rrsolIotiin t this eflectl Lha betr
adltoi-t'! ty itliy e teXlo)|itioll cmipally.

.r.T n1:i y ilooAlS city polities will be,
dictracti,, g l.v' inindt of thlie people uf

g;.I I i ll", rI TV t T' i *.l1', 0

Frank .1, Cheney makes oathl that he'
iA tnisior partner of the firm of F. .1.
'liheney (Co., doing business in llhe
tity ofi T'nldo, county an;d tate afore.
siail, and that said tirm will pay the
stmni of ifin lunudred Dollars for each
anid evvry ease vt Cakarrh ihat cannot
Int' 'urtied y e" I[e use f Hlail's Catarr
(u r'- Flit'A-.-K .1, ("ii' ,V.
S torti tPo ,m-for n tii nFuil r ubdtlerihisd
in my 1pr'V'T'e this 'lith day of lIeetin-
t.*r, A. lk jt.% (
I r\ L I < \

"I write tit >i y bn bnkt lw I apprl,,ats out
C acwa-. ,I is>me.m 4 *t ing the* asI ns Ku.
bI rn kn4 Iw'ri Iesql eon) %avil rand pat s4 laps
W ill li *ld Wt.ISi"4 4 Atl, i A I f'i4 -.,hr
la p* ,r, n 2 t1 4f |i an O et4 t i ft= id It||
ow r MI, t ii N.; t wrk at' l -lot '* ,r 1 lllD
W~-I, i. ev, siM Fru USa.. roobla, U. V.

SPlmnn. Pal labl.e, Peet Tei aem niLd,
Ve*f @ieMk Weaken or Grip.. IS. ,. ly
.old4 in buli. The rnuine Itablet tM ia~4LC
FkAUruil nu uen our firor mother bac.
eating Remedy Co., Chicagoor Nit. sap

Fm~m It

rto fill r ,'it*, t..iuti
I11 t k el S',, h >t* .il'ta llitiin i t 114.
-1.1)il.4 lst f. 40l 1 al* it-' a I' lM
rlne.ii neir mi ir ii' i tr**,u, .
IIASmhISJ< r ia if i .ui,
NeId by 0"6sw06
KI.A. i. -or i0it l plaitn wrptr.
RI, r l pRr tc. npmid., fur
$1 O .4 ,rR I .,t*ll67-7S.
(cr uim* aa reflut Ir" l
> l--- t|--..

F _


I governor Luke Wright, the 'Vice.
I;,a i Ja y ;ti:t:' ig lihim llf forr his IhitJiii i
11., I it uukt a. i f thi.* preidrd il, Ii, wW
*- r r f I ii iii )ly, i mal y ma ,niiTII elled to
at) at iWlstittr tiar him. li* imadie
li i ireit s .Matllila t hu thI delrgatil of
:a-ting native es Jst returned frosi the
i'nited thatre, slid after disparaging
atldf-glverinim et, and, ianriringh liil
udietloe that itde piernlJitu was of no
fln(l'l.ei~ni*he, I saidT: "The oh800h
\ itnrleial r-publies, wilther rerulutiol i
ar.e rife, aIidt where each country is
Sturn coIt'iitially in ft ltinaril trifte, re
failslitia d l itFirr the I'nite:i St tes
ut, ,t.. it they have demnionstratttd
Itimt tileu people ave miade il n failure it1
ot if-gi'ovtrniient." Th* t eimaisimsadorsr
fropli ArVtiLiina, Itrail salid Chili Uri.
&reat!y uijtirageld at this eharactri't,.
Liiln tf their prosperous andd pia:efil
t'-ITtfriels, all i they nmyi tnilte in olni
lioivernor Wright went> on to say:
" iHw u of~ n d Jyo llitink It would be
1o41pibblo for the' Federal party to give
liani.ljl t wherit- tlhe gurti ts ti otd talk
freely (if indTph-ndonee'.'" This iniio-
l.Int threat tight to cause Govetrnior
\Vrglht tulh* suplrerseded without lde-
lay., '1o tell Ithe Federal party, whote
gue.t lhe wasi at table, that they couid
not indtllg'h in banqu its if th Ie talked
ojf inide ituhdeni. Has anything much
worife ithsn tiis been done In the P'hil.

te'! Washington correspondents of
l'it-ublican newplpaper seen to liae
entered into an amiable conspiracy to
represent, that the president i rapidly
acquiring popularity in the kEat. It hoa
been assumed for monslh by both par-
ties that hlie wis not particularly popu-
laralong the tliantlo coati, but was
more In favor as one traveled towards
the Pacitle. Now every Iepublican of
prominent We ist waylaid and Induced to
repeat his customary euololles of the
president. It should be added that
most of the Itepublican spellbinders
ar: utaki ig it a point to visit the White
llouse.,at least onew before election,
and many tif them several times. (Of
eon re they ling but one song,' It was
thus with oflticeholders of all admfnle-
trailorns. Ttiey rush feverishly baek and
forth tetolllng the exteutive head to
then skies! as the most wonderful wan
America has evtrr had.

lllinoie prohibit. the rniploynient or
ehildro under sixteen years of age,
after the hour of seven p. mn., and
longer than eight hours In any twenty-

*0io nM f

.. Titles ordinarily invisible oo tly rfmveal toG I

The Alachia County Abstract M

-. .- r ia ,n *#ir -lln


Sea IslanMda Ootvtoa


. ' .' .'P I 1
So many people who have apparently reeo.n4 rijiq
are stricken with Poeur ,)ia. This Is due to lthb Stn"
bronchial tubes and lun.i are in a weakened condl't I4i
to resist that terrible disease. OPAAC, the greatest
remedy, will kill a cold in twenty-four hours. Phl b 4
Stintly pTescribing and recommending Opaac to their W k
ts purely vegetable, never causing that nauseatli"
follow quinine and other drugs containing opiate.. .



This wonderful remedy was sot dIslS I
s the rsllt of Ilealltic inlati l by
aftr many a o study n 4 W Abr. A il l
se as drugs amd opatWe anre isted. ii
of OPAAC act leaedlately ad isb gunnd i
hotrs say old io feverishl mptems a t iq

Buy :at

ith. d u yewSame m.sddm b i
1l **, :' ..'. g ^ ^ ^

..... ..
Ja i9 3A3IV, 'h s .- K,


Capital..... ......

Snrplus and Undiridd o .
, '
,, g gg ag :'r ": '


Cr nil"' e mawW
R. 1D NLE It. 3ta t0hI

,,,1.. ,R. . .L... I. .... .

y'Ovuiz* b this os , r ^..i :n arWSL
bi.lbf, s-b r"L'Ird toh W- .- L P -'
No ,T to still, amiq a ha
SP.sees swith l 161e46
Lu *16iin.Jncksouvile, FlorAda.

'" 1a0.:- 01;e: .ai, nolls jlotl, CIsinoville,..
S RT AND) IND ITY I AUE A NC. Reprt. CJrd .. l
w wlrn !nsnup riiab anld ,il. A .h otipae. ---i -

ca X. L. *


,h -|P(ftP4 O C the British Empiro mto cung and parim.g n e.j re 1d L im ^ a lrrl s3h ll
9001 lhepG WH I N A lam bi00 in ofMa. hke SdW river: It-%nfUera an pu-- tt <-, t Il . k . r I
S',O4m .'g:. of FVa...L I $1,100'.ni ,%a n i ,- ( $1.4 A071

4,W AR.... J T LAWLEM, lnd, 0. CU ... 1U1,1Wc R INc!. N .
..A .u.n,' and ;gii h ornpavze Is. A. e i, A b 4 %%to C

e ll. 5 -ii f! I, JO. L t'R r di Mi
GOLUIBIA-1 S t SR t N I lashgoo .ua . p tzan

QON 1A _IKIN o .tV IEWS...

our IX. olQ si ,yuz.uortr.. vIts.. 2,

*LAM L Ne Io-j-4 Ur: 0 1
^^ ^ ^ ^ J Ji..g^ ^ ... ... ^r I""i ,,VIIll e e Denta l t.F.Ufhl,-Kra'.l.,>^nty.

pird end amnotssesnobl 0-1 Per
S m0pvm I am Roews 4mw.landm "s larde on weiotl s are isEat'g4 E.- s.rvI.e-I. -

~u~w 4 *a*. whhlage& rMprts& dividends. JOHt MENbe tt tjIhor.. ee eero
....a atma a s rie OFth#2i, 654F1it. old. Shares 1 1 = *... IV.ath s e Pia ir

*-he IB |O10. Is1lle so" be had on asaltment plant pap FusC. twtr, ot0tl and d'a T[I..

to l ""e PM* e". *who bah"laf ,, ,- a y.a-r. --- -
W W 4 omp has no debts or irabilitiesi. If Y 1 1. JA V IN I S,

a. 1IN. f*m aS* -6fmth. 31hyCri G tdhI
OI,'s".r,' p m tlr. or any l

f niao-r Mak at o i al orms mIan in BMW2
Over D stdoa Cuteaasoee A e AA tHa '. t-wi- rueAe .

PEOf teo 141 la0.nd lare oe bBo41Ns.
*a+ SH as' ga s er--m waish'the lcn esnatlo THI VTn a E',, M atuhushe k T
i MM sRI lf SAt a ow pp tso mine I m now proved by PrePr' tshoiw a.. ck .wr.
l a. b. lp aa1ed dlvtdend.. mOHN ME .NZI.p. P''oi, c.qrrr. C or ocn. .-, Perr,+ b-aEleron is,+
leasu pout. L gse sabe hammrb.o,. ,. ., .. auph:. ,1. ,.'-at.,,-

_._.._....._-"_'' .. ..(I. F K. u:I him-rasn--Mario, count ty.

Sen Md your orders for Job Printing to WORLDS FAIR ROUTE .""-rn,.
SA. M. Cushman-Alachlis cmuny.
H oN JO OIC For overnor-Io.. M. I. tacftr-
O B O FFICE Bs Line to St. Louis 3 lsfl.or
.- ,retry of St --.Tol.n fort,
fO Superb Dining Car Service Attorney.enwTrai-frcd C. Cubber
', :, * $* topll.-ovwrs. giving arid ret'trnig, at Comptrrller-J. L. Skipper Polk.a
Air Lne Railway Atlanta, Knoxville. ui Trearer-. M. relerd. ade.
ville and principal North Carolina superintendent or Public instrue-
... 'FOR, rnountain resorts. ton-W. T. ('Nes. e range.
... " IS~ee lHigh Bridge (bigh~st rajilrnad Commialoner of Agriculture-. S.
1 bridge in the world), Fat"mou e towle ,Punm
Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern ... G segio,.. n L....ous- ., C.m..m.
Ville. R ila m"" -
SPins Raleigh Ricrhmond W h 'ree r'clinng chliar ears and high Ritchi. 8t. Johns.
vp riNS, al niurnuflu, v asn- clas day coaches. Through Pullman Justice Supreme Court for term of
flhH *. Usloeping ears Jackmoiuville to St. Louts. six years-W. I. SheppardEani.
IjfngTOn, Baltimore, Phila- Folders, rates, etc,. clierfull tur-. Justices Suprme Court--O. s. Farr.
p -nished upon application to J. -. .ukk.
New York riet Passeagr Agent, 10(6 West
delphia, NBa York. ay St. Jaekmonville, ula. Cu S. AdamV. )ural.
-._ .. --- E. P. Axtel, Duiral.
es Congressional Ticket.
Two ". *First Congressional Iistriet-E. R.
Two Elegant Trains Daily. unby. Hillsboro.
Wu. hFmingI.leen
iKenThd ConressionaJ Driot-J. N
0-M Seaboard Express. F n lWT n
Seaboard M ail. ,lair, ePigs, it. Te lorda..

SR N PULL ANBE g U I P E N T I n Car Lo. ,oldrut and Truck Grower
MO PULLMAN EQUIPMENT quantity. L. BRU Edirand ropr,

S-" ..... .........- --- --. I- il



Noting County Comm is-
Held Wednesday.


esa in Matter of Registeriing
ilng. but Republicans Are
and, Hope to Carry Levy Coun.
Ondidate W. R. O'Neat.
FII., 0t. 13.-The county
ter mel itn *isecial season
py to revise lath registration
Mint lospectori and clerks
lion, and to make arrange-
haviong tthe bailoti printed.
members were japresau. The
iod by the J eo.ioratic com-
iappointed and the Repub.
re allowed h kit ipectur i.
let when requested. The
Of ballot was re(,rred to Sun.
f Ilegist ratm I'on ltier
raliIn th k Siik owr tiht but
at was manifested by tl.e
the books were opeind in
r. In ix of the election dis.
new names were added to the
howeverr, it Cedar Key. %Vil.
I Levyville considerable in-
taken lby the negroes in

lbliclans of this county since
That two Detmocrats would
names on the offiel I allot
Superintendent of Public In-
willl make an effort to get
H full vote1 in Novembera, l l)y
oeratie vote being divided
to elect their candidate for

Sre 1,017 qualified voters in
,asfollows: Willieton 1B3,
W40. Oedar Key 109. Morriston
i M, Elizey 9o, Levville 3.
T70, Montbrook 73, Sliell Pond
47. Sumner 39,. l glie 211,

Saved His Life.
hlvenpurt. Wingo, Ky., writes,
l9012: "I wati to tell you I
Hiallard' Snow 1.iniment iavped
_IVI. Unider the treatment t of
1f6. and they told me one of
was entirely gone, alld the
ly affected. I also had a
my side, I don't think that I
Shave lived over two months
*I was induced by a friend to
Wleard' Siow I.-niarinrt. Tt[i'
leation gave iTe great relief;
eent bottles cured me sound
It is a wonderful medicine
RMlommend iL to sutITerinig Iit-
*. 2C1e S. #1xt, Il. d by WV.


15r In South Caroirra Fight a
, DOust.
ibla, S C. O) 1::; .u ,-,lay
near ichatiard-.'-3Z ; i in thI
part of Sal'. i a eon'.v y. M
F W s hot antI itinaantly I ll:'
VI|I ImeniZ,.r.'.nt was wv.iaurl.'*l in
t hand, left iarm in d .slrinoi ',kl
)hot in ,tnier parts of hi- loty.
Stlu W, rt' ht' l iit< an IVhe

r W sh Otrij
Show the Offt. sartlqil and who
A shooting w. |nld> nKvtr;
[Ot'w It l. i.'p'. t i 1:,131 IiJ
Sad ei6l, tI between M(or, and
S and It i. k l, I ach lhail
t.rrying a Shotin fo)r thth o'lter
Ite tilmno
~I- what, can lie ga*'!hr.'i th "
Sof mthe trouble sNms. to have
Of a dome(tie nalitre.

Pill Pleasure.
o overtook \DeWitt'i little, 1Early
t for biliousness or timntiipation
l w what pill plesumir, i. TtUsit
M ltlLtle pills cleanse thr liver ad
brsystem of all while without lapro-
pleasant effect. They do
,0r sicken or weaken, but jpla.-
Te tone and strength to the tie-
orgItan of the romaliacl. liver
t ell. Sold by all diruggiets.
"tenesiee Va;!ly Associatio.
ftur. Ala -T
K Valley .Mt'di.' A.-. r :en .
ITUesday foir a i t la;.' t i -
t'. few 4do1t(o iat. i r( .-*.
i: t d but lit tl bu lsili. ofr
IWa transarted Or I -
S*Of New D 'fitr. rint f:rn '
So "siUrr. 1 of the fln!
A Love Letter


Corrm:r.o-a 've cf Anniversary of the
Lanrfl r ouf Colurnbut.
S 1,' )c ; ('uni > noraflve
of Il1 1 . '.l ? u'liTh anni.
Ver 0 .:rv l.,. iV4 tl;iu i rf r4 ,!tiaimn mll
Oil '.!. ,<: S at l vaitir. eyer
l.,.. '. . 'i at t h I- % '.- fair to
da' in J, ,'i ,f Ira :lan ,lay"
Man.; ; t ItaIlal.1 w rPT hbore
frriii 4. I,..2 (hf t. l sfltI Statni
ant, tl.v \,' Ii' -i fet' l in cr',,' irat!ng
th 1i 4%: 5 ; ) i 1 ; tani i lfci ;r, of t.
\^l,:: tL It '..i .n nhaIt ilt;t ador at
%\'a-.ih t:i i .- :n I ifflc.i]. iot iho Tial-
Ian ;w,, ir:,;: iV. A pnra,lo (hf* pre
fnitaio: i of ; handomre Italin flag
to thi' c:t, of S3 Is liis by Ambaissador
Hattn 1 i>"- mlie, I'lanches. and a pro
S' '-n 1 iWn '.a- through t!p grand!
Laban LU I L : 1 ann* vwere lealures Sl
theio cv r.tit!n
Cr6.; icd Between Cars.
bL^o l"i .~, ti 1, A .ittIL h)I)i> *le
ffru i t. j% : i IL) 1 ,5 & it -: IA
haIl !, I. '." N '?a i;. o. New Or
Iditln ,o .- i .-'.;['. .,- t J:)da iL W
in 1V 1 s1:1 i V alt.,-r he IL'ft Ih, Ira ii
at ti bt i .L ;bltlirdi In att'eliptilt.
Lip t(iT' *- *.' ,:0'-'t Ii ftrul 4t f thw t-l.
tioiit I' v.t h' b wte'i t ou store.
can an"! ,r L'C
C~l -- 3 5,-t- ; ]'-J
Cures Wimter Cough.
3. 1.. (ovr., rII Main 11 t., Ith awa.
K an writ'i : Evry fAil] it tins ts '1'I
My v tfe!( to eat ch a vt'rec
eCii, ain tl1.hrtfnre to rnk :la! winter
lor'. .-i. f:il I got for ht-r i boattie
of lii r.t, limt l Syrtui. Shr e it-tnd it and
ha' in 'i it ) 1 !1 to '. soundly all
nTigit; L:. Whe never Itie cough
tr to, I4 hetr. two or thre-* dlo'wi luop
tlisf b". i' Rntl "hI* is alI to t it,i and
well" '' ., $1.4'. .olld hy W.M.

.1 0 1ri ( .

xWrIIs w'

a r II 1. I113I I
atwagVA or oelavlllltt.
*g* Ut K 5W itte it> 5tT *.
-16 tlIi wtglNI PAlPAiILIt ONLY VY
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co.
*T. LouIS, MO.
For sale hr wi. i. JX Jzlhn..

lit Arend's Saloon and Cafe
Jaekrnvilike. Floria

IerXantI Lun\I:-ct frame 12 to 2p. m.
i.- t.AL ea..... aiskJ U12n.

Take The Atlantic Coast Line

L v. i n 'i T
uhom..:... R.-. "W a
^^.L jaekwalme Us*> (I1


part For


12:16 am


Rapid Transit and Unsurpaeied Service
Time Table In elteet Sept. 1, I904.
High Sprap anad later. 0;at
1 medIate Points Dally
OUals, Leesburg and Tampa, and StiOpi
Intermedisse Polat Daily

Palatka, Daytona, JaeksouviUe.
North, East and West
High $pringi, Wayerons. Savannah. Brnuswihk,
Albany. Atilata, all, Points North, East Won

Rochelle, lieauopy and



I Citra Sa~

: & I" li I T ia
DailU High Springs
exs.M flayn *. 3S
Interchangeable Mileage Tickets, good over S13, 0 me of maag the prlm
eipal railways ira the Southern States, ar oe sale by the ptlli alsis.
Through Pullman m.leieer Port Tampa to New Yor1. Via Aitlstle Or
Line; also via Atlantic Coast Line and Southern Rallway.
For complete information, eall on
J. A. GOODWIN. TICket Ageft, Oalevllh.L
FLANK U. ItOYLEITON, Com'l Ast.. W. D. STAR. Trv. Pass. Agi
188 I W. May at. Astor DaUlnldin JMae aU.vrIi.
1. SI. EM .ERSON, Traf. fgr., J OAIO, Q a. Pias. bAt.,
Wilmipngto. C. Wiliaste. 0 O.



Vt'ti LI


Good shells in your gun mean a good bag
in the field or a good score at the trap.
Winchester ,**Leader" and "Repeater"'
Smoheless Powder Shells are good shells.
Always sure-fire, always giving an even
spread of shot and good penetration, tkeirr
grcat superiority is testified to by sports-
men who use Winchester Factory Loaded
Shells in preference to any other mawe.

STake IC
MaITyass. Cauem MW U ee Is
A Paim if .....-SAWGWMSYpWaliwanmae

may S U- n; I=



i- $lTee Lo:P


-L r o-nLr



W---o 'O"3r. lic crStoted-




,, a g

- Promntlv

- and

- Artistically.

lose Desiring to Secure a

st-Class Education

.. ..Should Attend....


IExpenses are moderate. Instruction and discIpline not esur*
iasued its the South.
Excellent accomuiodations for young ladies. Parents may send
their daughters tuo Mf Seminary knowing they will receive the very
best of eare.
Male students will be under strict military diselpline. All sie.
dents are taught regularity and prompt obedience to authority.
Idleness will not be permitted.
A number of course are sustained. All are thoroughly practi.
eal. Nearly all of our Commercial and Shorthand graduates have
excellent poxitipns.
Faculty of tweliv' able instructour-eaehampeeialist. Nosehool
In the I'nited States has a better health record than East Florida
Seminary. 0
. .. V' L 4 .. I .. :..mi . iriTL tl ea: i..tiIa

MAt t "M

MAi wR. "-'l *Iw

J l m M e sss.771


3.,. MSAR*RJ
Comflenm fli


""h"W mu ,
4. .feh

ago!=1M ~


IU. a '. .
im ".se .

.-. r?. .- ...... ...

DI ,Xli

ar toe hfl SeWl4


N.. ** IkwwmSi~ *R



c .. l

First Cass P

BOD~A so~ul

* *''1

the balilrof -ot eiIaah .

rt lll Dl4t
40.06-TIeket l1lt01
.80--Tuaketelimitu SA
Corrnpodiasg low vote fp
Siot. Theo L. & N. b -i
NIE to Bt, 14l;.. .
Stop-over prfIIW, ahlowSd at

VFor raflt fthedle and tleoplagA
eaalsamihe a adtiltm Oinll l




ILF& dFm

_ __ __ ~~_~_~__ __~_ _~ _

- ------- -- -- - -- -


, w 11, 11



*. 17' -. *WWS S
.... aap,, T..a ,T

V- t' the Frecles and PInpl ,, w ,,esl
tie. 11')'~ Tt,'r lay r.attle dealer, was iI IU. city on blus- Uiuua
SwMr hi. r, Nund!varuak warn in nce yesterday.
A tt. ty ,I--'I. IC II. .,Mallard of she Miller & Mal. ---lu 0i L* u -c
+A I t' y l'. 1 If 1 ,l' ,Jack IOn. lard oretry Cnompa'ny Jacksonville, I I A
i, l r .,'trd altlI. .l;)ruwt-I House is the hVruwn House. ATI IN O .L A Ov''
S --e' tr. ) ar1 t in a In l Graham Carload Tennensee horsfs and mnuiles
11,j .r;.i r ..,a. l. Aijd.r i E;arir. tiw on satle. May be Steen at old *n' Till OMP1 ION REAUIt'T TER.
Mtteo s stabi 42-wlt. C~ JJ L AFI S d I
lerrltt Co rthell L 1 I ) ofer (Choice lot t'i i"ilh n uw for Psl
rl tit;oIhl, ii.dtherC (ro 11 be skeel from to I 4 o'look at o ld
Jackson J lace, two tilocks west of
lcliai t r 'i t '-t,,r, )!: al .,r, fonrnm.r. ,sq are. r. J. lunler. d42-wlt.
:ly .. \ m V -There will [ s it ln f te
3sl!erlaheru, Florida, i,1 r "41.ui. ~n iVufl .u d 'id of Holy T rinity
l" s* % 31Ctit Neow Y, o ti .ry t, h i In the city a a bri, Chtareh at the hone of MX1. B. Pa.1 .. $,
WILL 'VISIT vnit t. La, parents. It i ttdergtoo4 Richards thlsafternoon at3:30o'clock,
i leOrll h 11l4 2e tra1.ile ag for a, when a full sattedance is desired,
Fidayle Oat. .1.i uA.l 1i .l AL: it IlW' 1tilnLtiral concern. .tWillie Anderson. after staying l
M yatal.*)P.Il.1-' I. tailii f WGaineville only a few days, wept so
lively Two Iarys QJ rt,. I ;r.'. Usiei'tf wI, Vur-lunt Iartow, sLe free oeholanrhip having
,oip, Or,'. win (l t, tr',-r. J. M.1 l'venesu, Ed. beel i awarded to him from Levy coun.
PaIr0 yD lors wmr.l' ,stalk,'. ty IriT the South Florida Militakry Col. m esaB
S*U P rlo I. 1i'' .- p rinteridn.t i. A. IFord leper EI*@ IIWR1
Examinltion Free. of tl \.a^mtie oat t l.ine ha. re- Maljr and Mrs. S4. COlair.Abm ramI A I S
oil wl v6i it usin'qVre Ltru. -t .r r nk ILtfl'ial vit to Wil. departed yesterday for Jacksonville.TISOt.AOWroIw ..tA. a mew verr.l ill
Ib rt, hruiout I tarr rt i l-rti. rt, t f tis froml whence thIey will Vsrooed tio Mi- ituarmeede. aned money wil ble rrdoI4 t 11
%sotlEmuh(mrgiarcItet.e grat it.-;. m&i. Ilajor Abrans Is l employed here 1"ntoremuve the wont cafe oFe mls : .
S~napmles. Tam. Liver Spo, satowa*s. M aelp
t1 ;rr.ti. il--: :. !) "* c :rt lenirin of fair as attorney fur the prosecution In the head.. or anyi mtln eruptio iflo' as rmlieve
ede sl.tar: t) ravt. f.jr a firm of $25),- case of the State vs. Win. M. Hollo- the skin olear, mult. ieaTlr isM rsear I lA. :
Tilk, e*a IltI. 1 Ralary S1.,2 p er year ani way, criminal libel. Imauty of Yoruth. Th o ian-fSe e t t
F 3ITY AND' -. d wDekly. Address M. meri ot lassal s ilo0e l MS0And lbrle hi
OFI C ITY rrDiI ,. ainesIAvinle, F!3. 1Hon. Frank Clark, l)emocratle nom. I ndrus6W.or m. L Prere odei b, b
Prrit. I'.(aiesIeI is. 3a i]]!nee for Congress from the Snoun t
N CNv i '. fewell of Jacksonville diltriot, who has been in this city fortNATIONAl4TOILET9,fl-eW Tem
NT dCND aye i .t ww. en ryuewhome fro the Mpast few days in the lateren of oS akaImevUi~r Jby
[I ersehmeii Prof. W. M. Holloway, charged with 3. S Sodr forvd. & CW NE
f Oeneral Interest Oath- r i r ii een criminal libel, departed yesterday for And all Leading Druggists. ,
lwd by Our Reportersl. a,1i M, a ;I,: i lrua n. fo, r te pasi rt w 'Jcksonville. He will deliver an ad. i
Bdai Tdren on the political I.ssues of the day.ob
AND SOCIAL ITEMS ** rw Ire the lrruat lie of dini s. Agustine tonight. of the eumtertlanlset eommIttef t o 1
r i i t ever carried in our Rev,. C. A. Cooper, a lDaptist divine Gala Day that Cheek Neo.74d 1 W
ppedand What s Going store. W tl i t, l. 1 r; which maisy t who was for sui. time pastor of the prise of $10 In told. The duplis h.
H pen and Whort IslParagraph urchased il ei;tire setsg or tep rLate ive(ak churh, hs resined his reg- number moe t be aS In e a or before s
*ed In Short Paragraphs J lrly a e get y aur choiev. Caunder-nular patorate to enter evanpelletle the 25th lnst.. or the money wilw be
"He Who Runs May Read" i ar. work, reeling that he could aeomplhah turned Into the treasury of thi B d n
5tB0 'Ui.J W. Lnglish and It M. ;Chamber- more good in this direction. He has of Trade.
with Cashman k Hill. lain .f Ta"leouas were minong the visitors removed with hi family to thbis ety. W. T. MeLendon of Aluasha. W.,.
tee today ai JL. CrLaword',. to this ity yesterday. The latter Is a lnd l pleasantly looted at 8 Emus Adams of RoehlleH James lreas e
)oleot t- d L. 7 ia h.t rothLr of Garrett Chamberlain, who Union street. The family will be Melrwe and Prot. 0 M. TlU`lma of 1i
prper. for sae at The So r was 1 Lm r tally murdered a few days gladly welcomed, and it is to be hoped Orange ileights wen s og thuso
age, sal( yesterday he received the that they will be well pleased with who viIl ed iths lty yesteiy. Pot., Iif I
Jarphy has returned froim sympatmhy of many friends here. their new home. Tillman is an efitent wihool lkebr. 5rIi4r
n to (eal. ri. f Train.1n*t.r A. L. Glass of the At- -- ----- a" d is now principal .of the IReddl
i'Wonderful 4alve for sale lanuit-Coast Line departed yesterday sehool,,in Marion eunty. wbkh he*h
for CIarlhtte. N. C., where he has V T te ln fn e odition.od
SP.h his fami y at edicneday been smmounmd as witness im. An alarm of lre was turue^ p
ih hs famil a ianov. portent case in which the Seaboard Air itendoy a 12:3r ot'eloo, whi e sh e. 1.,,mm
SIn Jacksmville stop tl the Lilnet ii nvalved. He expects. to visitV moned the department with 1 yse1
4 le location, bWeti eals.f if politiint Viri anila lerore returning promptanss to the oroer of WeS Maw
J. R'. Willis of liranson was hofl 1 and Court streets. T h teak q i
pely on official business yetler- P'rof,. C. Mointosh of .ex was in mammoth doe.syd oak kteM wasd. 4.
t. M she city yesterday and made The Sun ovlored ato a beo on eI. -beo$s a a
N. MeL. Grady of High Sprie ysa agr-eeable call. P'rcf. Melntosh is fr m oan of the houe eofto -es1
,lfriendewitha viit here yes- now principal of the Archer school. put the famel out of bellno. T1 'e
s and r.prtl that institution In a most U th attracted a large number of poe- I
Sheriff T. J. Perry of II- healthLy state of existence. He is one HAETSTORE 01 t T p> -_
was attending court in thi city of tie most trhlcielt teachers in the ..CHEAPEST S ORNE .. BARTH. i .-- nIket!a
1*. CaOL:yI. -- r. CEDAR LETY
'p Byles. the merchant of Wind- W. I. lPow. the' gsniai end traveling
transacting business in this repr sentitativeuf ih Nex York Life In-l ..
day. suran. Coomany. departed yesterday T r T f
.E, Owens has returned to High for i;.:ddick, where he goru in the in- '
Iatter couple of days spent tere.t of his prureasiit. Mr. lDow ex-. Verve mt AnU neasbnatue tour. so AI silek
Wen here. pees tn mnak.* hi. departure Sunday caity Patrons suppUed la Ar tm it. Qu st.
SESeond.hmnd Tenfor New York, when' h will remain SW t I
_r Will be old cheap. Al. for several days. ETAURANT IN CONECT o om
r a brief business tri' to this ths iy yeterday Ua lionr. iobi. W. CMae.,R served I Itaurani HCNN E' CTIO i :on
hoofic.t to h is t a r ti rrhirtarvl nMa evda etuatNg

V. W. Williame of lell returned Davi of. l patka. who isr engaged pro.
rhome yesterday. fesionially here in defending Prof. W. We Catch Oar Own Fibh, biath lals
and fresh water and will nil mulla .
mater Morrison of the Atlantic 31 lM. thia ry, charged with erlmirmna regardless of sile. each, l for Me.
iUe, Hligh Springs, was a vi. -ibe'! Thi' friends of Cngressman Gone lito the Candy Other fish at reasonable pries. OOrders
this city yesterday. Dav is i rte i lad to toe l1nhi looking so ,. soilleted.
well. and to learnt that he was pros. )bus lln ess on a bi G
eiy W. S. Broome went yea- periig ii. h s profession at Palatka. Gainesville Fish Company,
to Alachua, where he, had been W; W. ,htAlehlI dlartvd ysterda; (' C 0 West Mal Ste.l. hheme It
olid on professional business. hr lI.aTid,. where hli will enter the .
i -le-Nine-room residence and law itipanrtmieni of their Jolin H. Stt. .
a blocks from square. Terms n Iot ivi-sity, Mr. SehoulleId will Im Just reCeived a big ship-
0 Warre Gainesville,l. a edidate for reading clerk of the ilint Of. . .
r Snowden. more. familiarly Ho0114a th next s1ioni of the Legis.
Sas "Sonny" Sniowdeni, the hore Iatur,, Mr Schutolld is a bright young 9 R E D U C T IO N
of Micanopy, wai in the city manl, : will no doubt i ke a ood
aFdy. rae. Tor thatli honored a;ild reoponilible
it R. B. .ek.i of llawthoin. lo.itl, A1 bj
an of theoard of Public in- + 9M mo ee
AItS was among the visitors to P Alb T Ie
Vt yesterday. ar a( mreBo ps.
i. Mattle Cloidl of Iigh hprings JL.1 'k T" *nau.. Jl et I. Il-' 1-This f a v i n g
through the city yesterday e i t rity t thait oie ttl of the -. 1-i-m1
to Palatka, whee will spend i'xa- ndder, liall's tiratis tcuov'ry,. HIav :%S different kinds. bought the BJnUA IAt L rIA
dRy with friend. har ert.d my wife and myelf of kid. r W -i, Woll oin y have two stck of T nr. *
etg the prolinllent visitors o ny ).ilati tc anderfully recomimend ilt rice.
ty yesterday was J. . Prater .toltl. e tUw-fu ,, .O. ()ne. dkind will be io cents Thomas Hard- Alachua 0 Pl
,Nlelnopy. lie reports. matters K. U 1. IIA; N'W i.. On kindal- ll]u t and r d d a
srquet in his town. i ---a poiinD, equal to -) and 25 ware and Seedi w
a -Tnt-Two nicely, urnidid, A TEXAS WONDER. rent candies. Company, we .
most convienient location in in,. U i mall bottle of the T'ex-a Won- The other kind will be -* -
Apply803 East Liberty streetder, iall's Great Discovery, cure ill sohl at 20 Cents a pound- will for the * j -
.,The skn OlMM. kidney ai;d btladder troubles, removes on-fourth pound for 5 cents next Thirty t ^*^* i. the Jrr i
SeXtavations on West Orang gravel. eures diabetes. tmiinnl emis- -0eual ti ;l;to atid I1 Cent 0ide 4t re. Th" M f t ,
*i between gardenn and Itleatant, tions. weak snd latne backi, rheum*- an N -1 1ood 0 'stDaysd ayeI0P --, g filled in. which will tend to tism and iall irregularities of the kid- Canlie18. Iy s 0rvi e. Theut1
l 2-t. ._,_ . M.. e n ......m-- .d ... ...... i I I' I i" lidh "inio aid* o sr.i i iM 1rnd and b uIi A-.. ----.*--i-m- -L. .* km.m.a ntd& in *WMeM.* ,

hAB Alt.. b A B e a a MAs..S.. Sanaa *.h

Applyn 803 o Eas Libeorty stren neyj n ~atisorycuealsldt20ensapnd~.wlfrth
Whcronghrarqe. women, rrgulatea bladder trouble. in

your candy at

y Any Goods in the Store at Cost.
k et





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