Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 13, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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'V^ ^ v flp C e*^ ^ ^ t h^^^

;U~ IU th A~hf
^^1 .~ ^^ ^ ^ t h eist^^^^^ ^^
k-ttI'teHk ''* J
i'^ k Bllui
j<^ T) ;^w a le,,
fl~ljL^U^ JM S*A-'

., ,ut o, S, s

but 09. ct. t1.-Mrs
'*#7 bbride of buht fou
pens od TeLda
$fl-T with i alomel
*fiittt or Imtetioal 0o
BBher hIwahad romBnlnim

*ii onp 'ow adjourned uIti
ii ,,K iUln nteacene wa tntro
ffllthe husbeid though hb

W!RiiWbt lh at the womai
..,Ae., belit aa e gradually gre.
"in*pmla, i quet s son
Pr ny was brouLht oui
3B lw ,i "wt i thol t. couple
fin itI* i5 41b theif aiarltel
l" the y a o hauband lE
F 95ft "Iphiug the SbUIclto
l ,a d ltaght otl t Moait thia
SWi. o etohe oiO poemrsu
sr.toitlms aglaost ldinills I

og ,, wi

; *t ulhtam.M of Ktil Sher

bAtrlot. f. C.. Oct. ll.-Anothe
yt ieertn la aillot io b
*i q 'ds ,Id the loa list of Charlotte
ri 4nidmavueacturltn Induatril
1. 911t to be a plant unlike an
thor Is Sou ath io.
iy tI o very Vuable that within
; 1 t Sart ItI thel( rtu of the Bamit
e -. r irhed r of a.ti ktnds
", and weolgan pooda, will b
l teed trota Phliadelpbsa to Charloti
I 'he xily. thing that re..alas to b
t decided 1. the selection of a suttab
4o0eIatou and the awArding of cohetraci
I PbE the erectioa of the butldlug thi
W witl be required, 4

| yn Congratulated4
e Wasbitudtoa. Oct. ll.-- t
Owintatl Wyaia* today received ri
filbher of congratulatory leicers a,
*ilenme H also received for
MiSaIeal l rIrlif l '-t A .t. Irf i n a i.



Oui of Usol 0011 aN Most Pow*


he la the Daughtier of Congrasean
1wte of Geergle'-GOverner TrreIlt
and Other BeOrglans Promnt at the

lath. Me., Oct.' 12.-The U'nited
States Ilrsat-CIsa bpttleih;p UJuigla
Wa.laulthd trum, tthe plant of isL110
Bath iron. Works aL 1:63 p. m. today,
The big battleship wan gally doceo
ratfd wilth la1s and busting as were
glae ibe. oic and yard bulildings In
k40Pr of tbe oncaaiou,
atiUat Rllse had eOsme to witsesn the latinch.
.,e theb* party entoWtained by the
8t6wI a th81b9 opauy itctiedoed Gov.
P';io J0lop.l N. Trell), oT eorgia.,
4 Mrs., Terrsll; Juday and Mrs.
Mlltai MaloWbrter, Mrs. Amelia
ftWerter, Ooigressamas Carter
:lti, Mias 11Oa. Tate ati Congreasa.
:,S W. C. LAdAiua, all o tluorgla.
I tA TaleS wa.s eorttd to t he
W OIlenl platloraM by VI Preildent
Jll' S. Hyde, wo ..Inatri tedt her fa
i dutiesal iapiOss or, llydo also
in porsoeal suportIlstou oftho launch.
,l. A methw sl e atwh t dtfforen
flrot the tapUtl as of reasling the
hull by severlan a cord w! employed
today when sawyers startdmn beneath
ibti .amwtel ievrd the.w nn'strous
s'hoe ptiee* wllh a Ciro -i nat- nae and
i the Tael w ..s stayed towards the
wiFter, '
When the battleship beoan tn move
Miss Tate broke a huttfl or cham.i
'paae0 8Cras tIhe low, naming the
Sraft In lanor of her own state. Aj
the stprn prtesd thi. t;arface of the
tantebc. the (Seorg:a w..- hillnitdi iy
numoroiust raft aid nmianfact'rrn,t
plants aIong the jihre, nil of t'Mlch'
were atfnoledgOsiIt by h.r iren Iand
wI hlttl, the b atltlehipuntrt li aii lirun
Willa steam,. up. Bot1h i. ltlry ni.-at4
werr in IpOhit!r.n as nil ~! tin rom
r ninK tower. and the thr, w:not;e fiN.e
y nels which gave the vecslI more th$
, apperanep of a completed bttitcsilg
i thaM any previously launched.
gI ilowilng the lauinrhlinr a luncleon
- was served.

.w The (Georgia Is ont of tln' three ba1l
- ta h in. v U l ii t l ii-t l gui m .- i S_ U -1.





al r




%llw pnllip oliUk I 4IIJj IIIIIL' r a l a UT
coaitresT, Bapproved March 3, 189,*. anjt
is also a du(plicato of thae two author
lard and appraed June 7. 1900.
In PeiW inary,. m1, the Itlath Iron
works was awarded the contract lor
the building of the icurpla a stites'r
ship of tho V1'giinIa. a llithode Illanl,
New Jerrsey ani .Ne1lnamAl, at a con-
trect, pric of $2f C.'9t.iO00o
Th ficorgin heolongsi t t li' ni0ot
powerful type of teha!tt i'Lhip at!oilt
and alsu to th Inlarges:; claits. Sh
has a trial dt.iplacr-nti'u ofi' r1.1o41fi
tons anid 10 4:15 fret long. 7E fee' it,
In'he~ bela. an til idi -r trial coundil.
tions will draw 21 f' ,t. w'lilt sli ) l,
an extreme draft t ft; it'I v'hl win fuily
loai0tll uItnl eqPiI1ilp''I AtH hli. tor, c. VA
anitnuuitiui tc'.
Tlie h ltIl 1e.. a:. r(eitilat.'. lii! o- i? iand
*1i di'.-ldrl Into alunit 2'.',i v2 i'v rtirl-.:
con1lart qti' t.. Thti' 'raift ta Ii':ly ",.
te itecl iy I he hiest, of' n- minor. bi.a "'ig rumnhihntn; wrfI ii t of i. l t Irm o., s tioni-
and which :ncti&ls i tunin belt pix
telnd..T the tire le':nt:i of eaCli ,ide
from 11 to 4 lnrhelio tlihri T'i i ~
per casement :.rlno, atni Ithe nitbhAi
shlip arnior. C Inches ai .'.. Tb' I"
Inchl turret. and hardi';l. ;r' i nv
ercil with a IA-inch armor, the~ 8 ninl'
ta'trel. ari hairl'i,,t tii iCli narteor
The connj si t4u'.,er i, 1n t rb'h, r[t'i .
.the s tI.iaal tower ', nrI'cl - lthl:,, alil
th1e rin pi.ot' '.ei;s n.lI p'iti r 1t I',
hi td'fl ', *' atl, I ;. li;'h l.!. '", r
t[ a p te9 '" ,' .''. I re?. tl.i w :.'i r Y ',:
a '. li l i'ir f;,, lB I 1 a *t *i ' Ii l' | K'*? tt

" aut .I ('.i "l'"' a. ic h.i' h nii t
J,. i iJ. i it.. I i .. .. l9

operate for irt" r,0
The banana crrii r' I !r ; ., .'
It is (.,t m at.I d l)te l P 11 ,, I
ciredi from lii lmoi n lid for ;: Eiint
thv utip t m i l l itii h-i,. t e n ttAr.(in
S h run hch'. per month, 1:1 h' I 50 per ett for fn'o wrnit.
No inti rihr' A!f tlii.l 1 RT '~1 ,' ;t any
r enait polntw tn ratcli '1ih He':'ur1v. in'
diateaing that the i' F. *i r hlal .s frd
quite as mrirh as thli, r ast.

~..i .- - -. . -o 'F. . . '. -. - -. '



slats of nivr 12Itnch brlech.oadiuag
rtiles. ci)h't S" .iuch ITeech.loadlng
rllie. twelve fl-luch briechktadling rifles
of rapid imovoemnt, twelve 3tinch
brneeh-lodlng rapid fire rifles, twelve
.pmounder gumsi. four -pounder auto
"atic suins, four I-piundor angle sthot
asu. two 3-limel field gian. two ma,
chine gUan, and six automatic mino.
There are also four sunbmerged tor
pedo tubes. There lh a bunker ea-
pacity of 1900 tons oft eal, and titrP
Georgla ti equipped with the following
machinery: Two 4-cylndter triple
expanslon engin e, each driving one
broiae thre -!s1aded propeller about
18 feet In dlamnetr. earh engine ham
a high prosttire cylinder 35 Inches lIn
dianmtor, one Intermediatn cylinder 5B
Inebes In dlanmter. ald two low ptes.
sure cylinders o 6 Inches In diameter.
all having a 48.lnch stroke. Tb hem.
nlues ethatit In twd eontrdnsers, each
bavinl a coollpn surface of about It.-
000 square feet. Theie are 24 l .
elauuse hollers Installi'd In eight wa*
tt4lgbt conipmrtnents. having a to,
.t grate surface of 1,440 square feet
and a total heating stlrfac of 67.220
a!iimare fueLt Tilus equipment will give
speed of 19 knots an hour or one-
knot. faster thin any battlililp nlow
In the acrvice of th t Iitlu'0 Si1ates
Two 100-klowatt K 58-kilowatt prt'.-vatoit wi'l furnisl the
electrical equipment for six O i-nchb
*archllightus. 1,.30 incaimdterntHs and
for every pturiob' fur which etictrici(-
ty will be to.tEl. Important accetsnr-
In ou the crntt .include an evaporate.
lig and ditiLllia plant for cnvert(
In; salt water into fre-l.. et. plant,
laundry. maciJluit shop. 'eectrie m&g
ialiag comrni mnJcatlon throughout 1 th
ship. telephone,. tIrolyal ttvl*'grupihy.
air conipr( .ring p'."u, roinpl'e oAt'
ing gear, eltether ,wMrlie etc.
Both rtwl.larv rnu. 's w ith il'htliw.
tops and tigli:;:;!ri Prar are uio'v in
poelton. a8lm t ilr rs *S..n iL1.* ifltn i .a.'
g0o tip, ,dI thi' (t '. rt i has a 1ilbti:sc-
tlon of rliu-li-; ih- rl I, 1 -. :'o
launched wilh ,i,'iLi up.
T h U-t'orai t 1 fil, i a a -' ',I ,
Quarters are p:s !! I If r T a z l 'a
700 mlenlt <('n !...itt. ,. i- -ne a
r on rotnitlmaIilit r''. ('i o .
Sof a lt f. :0 ur," C.,1 ..'i I. -
Junior tiflL'r-.. I" \ .l" a' t! ':.. id L!
a c 't'W i ;t;." 8 j ,'i i { i,' 'I' ,' F ; iinr l ':,.


Honduras Coast flw-pt and Grcatt
Damage Done.
I.oti.vllIo. Ky., O()ct. O:,--A it
front N;,w (rleans, Mn.):
The (rillt tleanier Hlo\,c.\ I s to-
riveAl frOnt i foudii1ru.., aI!l (oinn i ia.aa
ports with the flrA t niwW of th, t.'r-
rihti storm which MwS jat thr lh i nlcm rag
rIast (t'n ta.vys a*R "The It. v rt'..
could ntut get a cargit o i 1311?;r.( ui,',
came tIn Ilisht.
Tbhe Mtrin hit ti' Honduai'an erna .t
on Sept. 2U), ansld ci initin*'d thj Ihr '4.1
and ightsl. It watis ryrlonie in Jore.,
the windl at tiI e-U bIlliin R" nil sl
ran hour. and L;L.. 8ia ',Jniuip ii., by
Puerto 0orte frf& 1 gtrat a n! a
age. The Ilosut ir.if resir t w\i, 1 ;r.r
1 l from Curl*.': t, ( ,Iba. T"K- l, ll.
duran ranwa? wa,, ..mashed aint- iU
Many pjdtrt*, and .'T, w 're i"' ,' *

~rrr~C ~

Ispauee Are Betiring Before,

Advance of Russians.


While the Curtain Is Down on the
War Otage and News la Scarce, It
Is believed ussilans Are Pressing
the Japanese
St. l'etertiburg, 0 I. i I. 12: 1, ;.
Oa.- A putrihad of ati t> i, iil..A ,
Thu il.n iis i pbliu' lis :- n iiar...
ed lhait. nui ihe ll iai~,. lil inti l a i t
lhe uunidln army I. ai.n.,i tlheyi
cannot i.p rtl I'nt, i a\ ., jillt r -
veal Gen(o ral Knmli t.iJr .. : i.* K iti thlJ
Japanit'i Thye mallie 1; :' har.
ac t.rixed t u lJapunll u.q. ;'.:i. andl
lble ttiltir ijtntIci n w <.u k vtt i .'lI utilv',
will proIM ably utin'iil ii '. *wa' ;I wItA
moru infortmatii of I I t- lIt it.,la:ia
iuvenlient.i thau c Lan ) u[ tLl. (t ro:u
theo RitislittiHI t d .
W ith th it' cutiia Ial*at many will l rliii,. 1141ty Ibe ex.
pecev.I. M31 itary crlilc, i, li iipla-
tln ithit Kuro ut t1ll~nil rina'!Atl lhancl
of 1M4t S l a w t l hi;.;.-is at tha
Japatiestie pi(.s ii iiorl'i oi the Ta!-
tie rive, which \ountl 4riUtvo tI' caain
conruslonl luni to l;.i rI vse li,'h -l t'hey
haid a Chai e. r1i'r ,r r llii0 aU. i d
dra walI
Als urn pall..'n'W.i li' .r t of lie dh ;
was not. it olt imI1'.1 !i daly
after i ;h ieadvat :i;'eI, hgaiin, :t oIldJ not
e li ll.l, lii t I i h -av y ',it .it ;,h i'i al-
Sr. i ti pir(o,;r s. l, i t'l Cit e e ;
nl'ew-pajit *r dlijIh-ri-lA' .iy 0}.ii1 a n a
tilo ,r t'I l ,ittl ttj i. ; iilikhilS' 'lunl iay
o"n 11h" 0- -tter mild til!t Ialtk aa l l tial
S h li ''tI t a 'ii \ ,1a L a i"-.. h ra .t
ilring Imfl a pi, hi' lIn. i.i i .tin ;itne1
T he i I t h;nlai.'f n' :ft l\ i i;a t '.in ii
m ov!t r:i on J e h v.2 l : ]' r ii 1al
In <.! I' ) ha >r ,J ;...,. \'' of 'xl*"

lt 1 :i 1. 11 '"I r IIit .1 1 '.i1 1.I

lY.t ,\ i:' i 1 1 4, i ," -
"It aI.t : liti Ti fit v 1-'l.i I
P li i flInA I L .: I. I,

' r ftI'r Ai, fl.,l t I h.'- I ', ',> i.
Iar Ti): t i *a a iiin' r I'r a'l T

ha p h it Ir, -nr .,i r en-1
tv r(h 1lo l] \1 K rAl xt !, , ., ,,a- ,

Sa -i'l ..s t, Tlif T'" l',; riv r"

Killed by Fast Train.
i Hotit0on. 0h,. 12.--,Joh1n It",fi-;ey
a, a %d Illint1 iht-alon, IwI pro_.r/ ., t,
, farmer Illing nI'ar i'': n.i il; i4, iT x, '
Swere, run down and killed b) ti'1 "kiht)
, Pl)er" on tli., Slisfmlrt, ianisac ,and
,*', a.s road tIa$ Th<.tl l,,lles \\pr,*:
* hbi-rthly mannl!e ,

infected Director.
w Phtlat 'ela. t,', 12.- ., ':, Fr',.
. .wao dti ay- It .,| a ldir 'utr afl lb.

'be Fon Or I f 1.
loft l tAIny Ot l1, '1-i 40 itl Ct. i lh
inenT of a.1apiin "w i, atta, .. 1 <, i: ; N 9.
a hi lian l )p ( i >t, it, ill. I (, .. ,r flr.
ItI hah Tall The a p41141 ro? .w-1 t:i
niralli l ich th II# ,;;inI hai. fl','
In Siim pan. T eli t-.!ai.r oiff Ir" (
ll lit r1n1 li-pItance at lii:T. 1ii i ,v r
thP .Iat1aIM'-1,V 0 \VWPT- i p o iC:t te
ala *tini t 1i-, l. ih til !ll t i\ mr'. itr
ig nrtillery fli ..,' rerroi- th mwo; ni-l
ir tir,, o lhl'r -, T.h :
"T wi frPP 1l4 ... .. 11 r11 i
Iu V c(, ,Ib I d i n I' 1' :1 }.- : l k
w itll I (I,- to r .t i. i 1 '
Ity ,. a rf ir Il ,.. '.. '' .1 '. '1'
tign. Th. ., .. .
Ca'A* n p!r,61 li. r 1h'4 .lr .A '.'
sel dec'Tari' (d tb 'I, !'f o. tl

i, T o k t (i, !! I ,, I : ;* r "
pr -'te't tha Ti, It ..- t. :ia I
th IIHim river in heavr rrrce an .it.,
as r .-ivly astruil, '-, -i .,1'I;11 '
forces w ich v', ore 11 kiZ. .i, i 'I II ,I 1
A is(- r arj1 en,-ig I I )
In ilniT- eql.

St. Pvte-" r rytL ,. O( 1 0 ,
Kuropmtkin la> t4 .r.;
em (-;n -r that th l i t .-:a i '.in,
uow in contact \ ', t' i t,:-
whoiL ai 0 w'iti.n 91ir l!b 1 '
are ki r'iti lili tlol ' "
Planter Kille Yco,-i \g o.
'ol min i, m a.Ga. ?e 4 e, .

;~&s ~

S |liol( ttist. As i w. e I s _4_

,) ng bi slht Ip o him befot I keew _nm-
Sh i ia gh I was 01o man. 'I n
AM- S W "It.i cln gog9 on ek be on$ "THE BIG STORE,"
Vm p to epeu rmon sanw *n aste l der *
I siainle of O rsni .dripk. ti ws a
gibes r a' i.trappla ioun lqw. with .
kiB I""npepainu fbed ibto the fopI of1
hi, tbo.. 11. was,.sa of a me [u aim I0
..pb, inty -..- ad eM c.. tengh of the
'4sb91 dw I. hism to b.sls all mes

S1 ipas reoti f$,,s wa WE HAVE A FULL LINE
hpb H. knbtihat Ishuhad OeF THE LATEST IN
M- i his o do with b* fall T. l *
10S. fip (60 isthe report P
Se~uulise W that IS bad knoked
Sa i with lli ltrnsk AmThow, he '
__,.,.| lt thiUi l phatfo r atm moment I
s#. jlmh, "sI thnas sal.ktaghi t elenIhed
p i- h ssk, *,Looky her*, ou And other seasonable goods. Styles
,+l If"10u6lA mwndrel, If I ist kenored
vimk*ed your eai was on I d1 i kek up-to-date and prices as low as con-
nwh t'ideeld bral o on'* I.' "' ki
m ...........'..' .... sistent with the quality of thi goods.

ILA. WEIL & CO.,., Remember Also..
VW S L ES A.Lf S HO ES That we are headquarters bfr Seges q
All ~mtss. for young ladles' Seminary Uniforns

.' *.. ., A ...... .
I410Aj rsr". t f.014M an d MOTUm


.i/-. -- ..W, -- p ,'-

r RENkl UT ] Those Desiring to Secure a

S. IFirst-Class Edeuation
l~li* in B r nlllhodAalmtt Cee .
..ill ^^ ,. as,. Zmw ....Should Attend....

KTmsonIB BAKERY, East Florfa Sillai y ..
ii $l1b, I L T&'IIAlrERi, reop, 4 __ _
WUte o Oensr Grove m ac' re, stpre' etse,
illlppito wll i Expense. r nw nixoerat. Iuitructlon and discipline n it iir-
p lxl .ta tlt rne ts P.O. BoM s passed in ihl Soutih.
"l.) .Ioig Oi E exellent acco mindatlioin for young ladiei. Pareuto mai y rsn t
e ldr rlrsor OAINE.MVI LtE. VLA. their daughters to the Srninary kr'winrg they will receiciv :e .'fry
IO wk oui oI bet uf calri,.
Workout of Masle ttudetni will be under Atrict militaryy discildirn,'. .A ,"u
Spromtie toss dents afre taught regularity aniid proimpL obedaenc t> ;-tikihrl yi .
tiv tlile. for QMoiCK BDRADS, CA& a and rlla idleness will not be permitted,
in I et tlltS Frr t l Every Dar. A numb r of (Iurses are usli tinrd. All rm e thrnmigl' r pr^"'i-
It he whe yealt Nearly all ut our Coimnm r.itl aid Shorthbild graltuitle h :v>
Iil tlen Whed A iUeelleAIt aa1yitinr.a
id the Mlinted DeIlvemrdoAUllPyrs ur-tirt. ^ I Fl(*tely of tw .lve ahle inuitrni'!,rs--fa



Tw as*i B; u e. .i

wOleg. J Te f k th
ai r tssh I r,

uI in oe i n
k~ ea Ib !

"o rea bt the

e ,- elH' sb et s

a~b lhiueS, buh tht
he im opkl wernm
' uI i a ei ifatral .
Satin *ouatry

F ra etl Us',at*ed in tlhe liiilted States lhias a btter t.ealtlh rerI d timn 14 >:,. .
ae we Mhad _iRobAtri_ Omd __ S i_ lnary.
SK '.- ...^.. -. -..... ... -- -...-...... -.... Capt. li-earT, '. A.,r nis tip m in ry l 1 ., t,
WlIlnotisoent. ral appears to tI, per fe.t. "
had bee to, TUITinN IlZiE Fur catatIgoIS.:,-mldr.*t
oef s '" "iawas al JERE M. POUND, Superintendent.
day a*p t so RAIL ROAD. i i,4A i 1. II
eourrrd oneat
I auptd out SI Ploi'T _OUT_ TO TH_: "___AE
ve them St oois Exposition.... .....
it not cfnly co-__
Smenagerie as TWO TRAINS ItAllY,
seated oe one 0 e|a1n etion with W. & A. I. It. and IA J A
1 e* wereL yrn ('. lNt. L. 'N. j a fnYm Alliala.
Sl.v.A Manti:1--A u.,m. .Ar S. ,it. ,I U -. ei. N AEWr i)lERI"Y. FLORII>. \.
iame in that In.v '" l. 1 s.iw. Ar. st L IhuI :s. a. u. 7,i IV__

I:P T: nVl ll M.,asim,. I think THROUGH SLEEPING CARS
4 Ml"l thati h i way lII order to -- RlOM--
, .,the b pry rowd oe ,he o o Flridutsia a
a. e-Sawtto. I do not know how It Ge rg Erida and
itth ed, but th fIres thing I knew the
vo4d wet afroubd through she crowd '
tla4 iomo one aW Ivel tithe elephant s ROUTE OF THE FAM31 0 S
'ihaiw of ltrbtket.' Toithe miountain-
rt, e..mithe detruelon of th. D i X I E FLY ER
*.ltktts lpup lel ot tle place. for
sthei wse somehow or other a leiend
tat the elephasft would rtelnt a 'ehaw t'arr liu the only ira ratw l.teetFLne ear rrotn
of setrbacker* to Ihe deelmation of the AUtlanta t it. lxui.L T1icar icarleaveJaCkkwon-.
4aUtir country. Some of the old fel .,vle dltr. p. m.. Atla N S. i.., i'tI
l~~~lili~m thal sni e t atl i nl/ Mtl Ji fll_ I~til LU) mlet kra~tsl.



Iry < dt.S t' itliil z, Ftlurishings,. lHatl, 1, S.
1 )precizit- th sUil;,ip t 4f his old frliell'l in tl,,
,Wet EF -d High-Class Goods at Lowest Prices.
AMAgsent for I'lienure Wagolnh liv also handle i r-u.fihII tli.'
Nehiol Itih k. ln%. l] iitl.- M te, at 'o Paper. Fti.
Hihget I'ali 'Prlr IePaid for Sta .IlaIl Cothtn and all riiuntry proliith. Ir
you don't seeP m1 o"rtl Ioth lo', mule, .
I IIA .1. 'CARTER, Newh'err., I lhr-idl*.


I '


-II"' Ii1. 1% 1 .


. p .



SloqMRt Argument ai
ray C WM Wuted.




lwlUoudge Wills Had Time sto
'i(s Ruling Upon the First,
1P Alorney Calhoun Asked That
r dl Jury. while Iiis Ilonor
Illo had thi motion so uaiiish
,t0in the iollowaiy eals under
,Iil yesterday afternoon re.
either indletment upon the
that of criminal libel,
a Attorney Oalhoun asked
original Indletmein upon.
reO dayi had been waited in
I and oonsideratioi, be nou
The attorneys for thin die.
!ted, however, that Judge
,his rllling upoi the original
whilh relnulted In an over.
iThe new indictment, which
eed by the grand ttiry at a
erlig" during W\edieitday,
Bieised by thl court ind
Sl and dooketed In regular
*oom to quaslh the new litl
will be made ithi mornli.g,
event that It Is hiot su.
trial of Prof. Holloway will

"ge*oming before the court
day were as follows .
SWeley Hall, selling liquor
uty, Defendant arraigned
not guilty. Jury called
asie ubmiltted and verdict

in ,

A. Waters, sellnig I.
county. Plea of not
an and substituted by a

2. J. Johnson, selling li*
*'p dry county. Defendant
I SXamlnalton and pleaded

l. Glas, selling liquor in a
Defendent arraigned and
guilty. "Verdiet by jury of

vs. Wa. Cromwell, assault
I so murder. l)efendent ar.
tnW pleaded not guilty, when
...was continued by motion of

San English, selling liquor
county. Defendant waived
stand pleaded guilty. Sen-
pay a line of *60 and costs,
of which to spend six
#h the county Jail.
'I9. Lawrence Hiazel, selling
tl A dry county. Defendant
examination anil pleaded

vT. Ueorge SmitIh, selling
Sadry county. Iefeidatit ar-
|Uad pleaded guilty.
Jory came into otipeniourt
redflive true bill and two

..adjourned until Thiurday at

d jury ha worked very
ftearnestly during this sessioii
rit, and it is expteced that
S Will finish its in.ii n IntI Ay.

r onfesslions of Prie t.
80. S. Cox of W*., Ar%.,d
.lOFor 12years I surltd froin
jWadlee. I cor.nsuld a tinuMn-
i sliciana and tri alli,
lea, but got no rd f. 'Then
ite use of lectric.ittcru ansd
lam noel cured lZa d iss.t'
*e in its gras for tw,-lve
If you want a a laalde rlued-
Sliver and kidn Itronitilc.
klordner or gene debility.
tie Hitter. i'sqarftrAnvwd
isis. Only50c.
IS of Alachua Sectqm Find It
Il Itu to Secure pljAers.
ito tell you tha, liii labor
1i L hard one," tiarkd T.,
Slprougressive rar.r of .la-
WI in the city Vednesday
4 0We have exipr et d e w
ini the production our cot-
4ear, but that a I)not nl er-
to the trouble We haeIR had
hands to gathe th* ltaile
hoadred o o r 1ttoln
and the fleld'5 nr white,
lthtatdint fal Jlt' i i -
hVl ebehen nftr,..t ini t .' wl"y tf i

Japanese Girl oDefy United itatese
Deputy Marshall.
Stl Isai,;i t q, (I ri ii il Ia pa-

tr ,. t ~i i ,1 't !' ,'- ., a .' e s .tI

t* ( t tl0 1 1t ,r: ti :., ,,* ti' .l y .
[('. l *i,: in,. ;,, i in ; *"" A t ; r in

HiY l,.,lj ,;n v *,4 '" -TI.
l la' rr> 'h, ., V ',h, 43 lal,.I Ii i r
E v' r ,, .r.%'1t J ,. IT ,,tp t 1 4 i <
Phil H 1 i h* b : Ia r'r!r
.('iia I ;.1 i .1; i .1 ii ,s onti or utl .. 'a
i', ;it o ji'b .-,liIt. Alli r uni u>ntUI;.$
c 4-s. fit I il ,- itl 1 4rig r 'itiP ,i th.l girls,
itC o !' ilI ,! ,il.,t' ii !;,: iltv! ordered
thil h t4 i it un4t ;ir iniarl if lis;
l wl 'i i jhm l ill I l-1,ion,
C('4oiP t lr [.so: er Itppin stated that 11
woll li 1 I I Ii, 'h. It t- i i ho-r. 11 goV.
tCr11 1 lit I- liLt ilt, h girlis ia ni am I laa li lareil h ait IIthey w Ila k If noll ltlrfr,,nl with. He said
aIRI i Hanrrday cornmiahioner generals
and th ommi nininslone*r in their capar.
Ity off.ri'i Ole girls mnimey (mt di
their own pockets al evidence of their
sympathy and Interest In their wel,
fart, but tIhf girls refused to tako it
because trIy thought it would place
them Uinder ohllKattlns.
Saves Two From Death.
)Our little daughter h9d an almost
fatal attack of whooping coutih and
bronchitis," writes Mrs. W. K. Havie
lasd of Armoqak, N. Y., "but, when
all other remedies failed, we saved her
life with Dr. King's New Dioeovery.
Our niece, who had consumption in
an advanced stage, also uied this won-
derful medicine and today she is per-
fe3tly well." Desperate throat and
lung diseasesyteld to Dr. King's New
Discovery ai to no uther medicine on
earth. Infallible for conghs and colds.
e)o and $1 bottles guaranteed by all
druggists. Trial bottles free.
rAVO.3 CS UP .J: FL;Trl:G,.

Novel View Takan by Chicaga Mctho.
dist Minister.
Chi;ago,. o(t:. 12. Fliinig can hl 4
earrletl on In 1chulrrhi to good advan-
tage, accordiiw to ;a SftatihIlnt issued
by th .ev 1 II. Wiil!liams. chatrmnan
of li.' collliii II't Ionl Habhalh i obser-
va i t (he i ell<'k Itiver confer',n i. of
the, h.,!,,'u! si "li* -c-;i'd lp l ('hi rlrh.
f "l'i;, r i, ia ru o vtn why yo c'ii pi 'o-r
p]l' ,,lu .?'t n ,I 'nilli\itate ,ai i (tliher<
t, kn l .iilr' 4 l; iilii ,. hiijll li.vir n
IrfO ;..- ,1 < 1 i;rt M1t \'ii!' uns. "\ y p
art Hlaii lt 1.,, u ill-l n cnli<' to church
on ;il\ rl',,,,\ i 'Iril;: : is as :+' it
Il '" '. ''l"'.( ri'" f ,it.; i- 'rv'w he
' ." ',, i ,t \;n ct' l "if A IHI'( ;can *.,

" el I Vi ,t ':''i' t'.1',s I Iin i lliIo i, h ll dril
'TV i **iI ;:;. 1 f .'' pinh a) e inntf
' woib;i L',,i,'. i:" ort orfIf ht many am
?SUn\ '.1 eh'rn-'! fotr Ith first timeit hi
.1'1!. ".Arn Tf:il- T e el-m liline (here
:'I r>ri i ' for r 1 I i 'ts i ri'll 'n. tl

To Cure a Cold ;n One Day

Take 1.'xative Bronmo u ^ininei Tab-
I 'lt, A ,\I d(rupgisits refund the lnioncy
if it filil to cure. E \W'. ;rove's fg
na-ltIur. i' r)nj each bti. 2"N
r'nirban ,,,s Ili t .\3.
O t ,," ri f 1' 1 1, < t .'I. 1_ f- .
s .ii il- i r '11 !n. ini t :. !

br';aktt H i- a t fo %Le th e
rlin: n b ai iar ,- liinubter of rT
in.!l. tin .t of hi.K an'!n'(K'e bein- men,
(' flPi'l4 1' l hiP l' 1 11111 p + II .ed a ntid pri .

Davi onr Campaign Tour.
\Wa i.'i^',n, Li, 2.--'' lI> n r. (, Dalu
V -. [i,. '., I ili pr' +.Jiit, i a1''v it In ir,' tiialav from
ittl ii -.n 'V ,ai r t.i Italtitnort aint
()lii ii la: V t I iilil l'eftl 2b minutes Isate
,li til I ;il, trip through the
dtw M. yl~arnl and Into West Vir


hi house, his trouble was arrested and
now lie's entirely cured. They're
gnaranted tto cure. 253 at all drun.
l<-r lUnerplisel.
b .e 1 1 11 rV Ii 11
1 Ii \U l I J' the il
I' ni i 't j:-iv. "1ii l 1 )iir igit i L-
Ir Iijt ; ,i' .v iI it l.' )tl J u tIu mltj ll." -

Cures Chills and Fever.
G. WV. 'rirt, Naeugodohes. Trzaie.
pajA his daughter had ehile and
fevt-r for tirep years; ihe, ctuld not
flid anything that would hlhep hltr till
th'i used l ierbine. flii fi ewilln, t
keepi house without it, aiil 'anliot say
ino much for i1 4k*'. k. Sod t y W. M.
Jo hit nson.
EtSrr1lr I *Irli.
.Mr. M l sin W, t lin th lI .l dl'ur o I tVtnt
it htn amir:lnr rl;mar w elie niy 'rife
lier* theti i'ev'ry i lght withr(O t on0 ,?
A Love Letter
V'iui;d not inter sl yoa if you're
loL(kiLg for a guaranteed salve for
sores. btiurn or pile. (tto lDodd of
iPonder, Mo., writes: "1 suffered with
an iily ,ure for a year, but a box of
HuItklehn's Arnica Salet cured me. It's
the fest salve on earth. 250 at all
d ruggists. _________...

/ ". .* ,
'* i. ; .. ,r. ,..,ll

WAs CxI L KI1:iAFI..?
Daughter of Weattif/ North Carolina
Woman DIsappeirs.
New V1rlh. Oct I. I.*-Mr*. 1MilIred
Treraltinet. a wlilhiy wvhlw whiome
home Is In North ('ar ported the, mysterious dliappeareane,
In this city of her daughter Gladya.
14 yvars ohl. The police department
will be akoed to solid out a general
alarm for the mnilssing t lrl. who. It I.a
feared by the mother. has been kld-
Mirs. Tremnpin hLas liveII part of thai
Seaillon in Nw York ftr .onip yteare.
\Vlth Ih r ilaiaglitlr hbil rt tiorled hitre
a few ldavm ago Intenillng to sail for
Europe* hiring the month, While out
shopping hIlIe n'nt Glailyn to the offteI
of hr family ph: ialclan and instructl(cd
Let to rtnrn directly to a dry good
rtori< in Wiest Twinty-third %treet. The
girl exo'irted her errand, hbt no trace
of her maoym enits after leaving the
physilean'rs houso have been found.

The Beat Doctor.
Rev, It. C. Horton, Sulphur Springs,
Texas, writes July 10th, 1 tO: "I have
used In my family Ballard's Snow Lit-
iment and Horehound Syrup, and they
have proved sertalnly satisfactory.
The liniment Is the beat we have ever
us4 for headaches and palm. The
cough syru has been our doctor for
the lsts etit.le.," i S a0o 9 a 00.
tgold by W M. JblMaO.

Lose of Fifty Thousand Dollars OG14m
at Cordele.
Cordtele. a.. Oct. 12.-Klin's plan.
ing mill. one of the largest In this aec.
tion, lwateoldat Inadillsa, 1t 11i.nt
north otr (corlete, uo the Georgia
Southern andi Florida railway. was
totally de..tru;. i by fire Monday morn.
Several ears, I- ',sls all lumber and
damage to the track, makes the eni;.
mated lo# gr50,o 4. with little or an
The wires are all burned down and
meMssaes from this point north have
to be seat via Jacksoavilleo
Passengers, baggage and mail will
have to be trmnsferod.

Many Mothers of a Like Opinion.
Mrs. Plnmer of Cordors, lows, ays:
"O(ne of myehildren wa subject to
I eroup of a severe type, and the lSving
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
promptly, always bruught relief. Many
mother in this neighborhood lhimk
ihe sam a I do about llh reOed
and want no other kind for their ohbl.
dren." For sale by alldruggists.

His Condition Improved,
IArit'Tn, ('mn., O(i. 11.-An impirove-
menit ih ntitt'd in the cmndltlimn of Wit.
I1am Zeigler, &ctording to a Mtatement
by a rmember of the family at the rc*
idence today. The patient !s differ.
in ftom a shock frliowlng hie recent.
carriage accident. Thet Internal in-
juries, then feared, are now manifest,
but the family do not anticipate a cr |

Broke Into His House.
S. LeiJulnn of Uavendiih. Vt., was
robbed of his eutomiary health by in-
valsion of chronic contilpatlon. When
Ihr. King's New i.ife Pills broke Into






For Sale by JohMu oa B ,


ima-w -----w--., a t

uMCNOO LeL 40am


285 W. Bay 8t, $M

... .i 'i ..

I .. *1-."
a '** *- **'*i'

Ismi wbo, a" '
!- L u f l
.* ,* l D ''* l*.;;: .*^'|;*
,.' ,1a w *': .ll., ,tl

S ,. 4 ,+ . l ao m

sa* At* a i

Sea Island,7i!


Let heri,,46
Be& Island i *I IV AW

Manufacturers of the James ,Do0 Is
SSea Island Cotton Git, .and BSuli

.(cn( or TwOT
Mauatuiso teJme of Inld


LSt ii

Montgomery and L. A N. or Dixie Flyer Threlh
Atlanta and Chattanoop.

t inb~q

Round Trip Hatee From (imlnesrvlle: '

$44 .10
Iln Iale daily. Good till tlee. 25.


On$3 6e 8oo
On iale daily. Ocodil t

w -

U wv



"' '"" '' "D'A'L'Y'r" +T'7$N:.... 6,A.I

-.. ..... -. -., ]I i ri




S2m s sand

d EsmedS mer"s.
-' ,thevtl'

Yb... me.~oa g
...i .......i ....

aswr w, wla,

SShe utes"o
d** NONWt'C

outm r "u

,PreSd m imar, I


..W.......s. w.e. a..
Sions premlided.

siecket, o Dd.
k^^iH'^. Is m., by striking a
SWn*.All the 'usMesig

tw wet i. ow I by
*an' o t .Nashille, bu l

WiWl4 to tUe Packt company,
ribW* P@lA. She a. bei

n ***^ .t .;. ,- . .
a is b eaitd by a
bwsi O 'r ah exfait pletl-e s
fvll togelt Sh Iskis oas In wound.
eaead by p lee is eapa or by rust
Malls, a" M Is t etr isaxd4 the
germa is M$ No $sel1ly and pro*
imee tb* ea a vireleas potion know.
Thee afl-a ma be dt royed ad all
damsr ofI hbjsw avowed by apply-
INg ChmslaA's Pals Ba m fwely as
ee Ml w lenjuary ls re lved. Pain
iimts Mai dlelaaisud to Ieal with.
s. tethusua a4 In one-third the
S ll l the u sal treatnmet.
hla S BS iel dri gltea.


litters has bdf* W oalel of the klay to
balm i right Il Hattlsebu.rg, ts home. It


Kidnev MedicinA

Will You

", Go.



9R3 will you find it neo es
uary to hustle around- K
k t or mits-and buy your
oordl weather suit, after ev.
eryone et e has picked out
the choicest patternmu t

]Mon't make this mistake. 4Heleet
Fall Clothe early. Your common
sense ltell yn It is the wlsnr lan.
You geL the best youIr money will buy.
and yi g1 iesh foil limit of season's
wear for no greater aost. ltsides lthi.
jyou fortify yo sru.lfsgainus mudden
lh0,uages I weather that coinu in the
Fall. We sell the

* Hand-fTallred Clothing

-M N BiV-

The r's nothing bettear-.-therel' iolth.
nl gas old. When a mian uts oI n a
hablo0e Suit he feeld and knows that
every dewill of the cut, make lnd fin-
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be Ready



:X 00

'"UDrp in and l l t alk it over."


Outfitter to Particular People.





Tith morning bulletin regarding the
oeeOtto of Lady (curzon In: "Lady
OumMro pqved a fair night. but in not
g0Iet SO well this morning."
Dr. Loo Vogel, a lawyer ant setre.
ta1n d the Swiss legation at Berlin"
has been appointed minister to the
United States.
Albert J. Adam., the former policy
kin of New York, was released from
Stag Sing today after having served
nearly 18 months of a one.year and
alue months' sentence.
The pope has been requested by
tha. governments of Itraxil and ullvla
to Instruct Monsignor Toanti, the papal
muaclo at Rio Janelro, to act as real.
deal of the arbitration tribunal for
the settlement of territorlaf questions
between tho two countries.

Frederick J. Keffery. of Atlantic
City, Indicted for killing John Iliddle.
In a quarrel over the latter's wife
la New York last May. has committed
suicide in jail at May's landing. X. J..
by cutting his throat.
A powder magazine at the fort on
Cochou's island exploded, says a New
Tork Herald dispatch from Pointe A
PItre. (Iuadeloupe. One man wall
killed. Fortunately, a numb4'r of
ebhamera containing three thinm.and
IMpound shells, did not el)lodf.
Tax N olKe.

In pursuance of Chapter No. 4115,
Section 86, Laws of Florida, I give be-
low a statement showing the amount
of taxes collected by W. Il. Dickinson,
tax collector of Alachua county, Flor-
ida, for the period ending Sept. :tA,
l0ot,1ashow by county treasurer's r.-
eelpts on file In mny ffice, towit:
Lieen e ........... ..... .. $
General Fund, ..... 17
iae na .For. Funid ........ .. 28
U_-. .-9-1 1*2


- ---- -- --- --- ------ -- -71

J!1'S14 VNSIBLo CV(MM I' I'.SI 'l-Q .
P T C O t NItR ECTIA'.1 I' .'N 1' 41.S .
** n L l.ItIAAITY i i :* Y 1fiNT!: S'TT4
7 r r 1t 1 .n PIO.% iT IAYM: ..S i t.
Srl *rrr the< ir.n.4portait points aniid rnt P ctf!.' i.
C t Ioicit a sare utf Your Lb uiiii A. .

Fire, Life, Accident and Health linlsurance. I

--Agents for the-

Victor Safe and Lock Company
OLLc-t4 r -x 1 ati. O.t-Lo.
The "Victor'' is the' tlt safe made, anid parties ing the purelhasr ff a vafe, or ani thing in that line,
From a bot to a bank vault, will save min 'y
) by consrulTing ur. Call on or addree. v
In formation cheerfully tirnihrd. UAINIESVILLE. FJ.OhJIDA
Lnn n aa an n lani-rqA



- Montezuma

On the A. C. .. and S.

None Better in


ipl. Lrf IAN
a -M -


A, 1. Rys. V. J. SHIP
ilie State at $2 at Day.
Meet all Trains.

- Hotel

)MAN, Proprietor






ad evry
Ow agOWLal
2 -
:, .,"' .',:.'. :

_ ___ __~_ __ __ ___ __ ____ ___



-~1-.-- -- 7- ~;.~~:= -.- ---- --- -- --i -_ 7;: ---- ~~-.-

j73 T'jar
ok MLJ -ff



phe 0o mataelvlie. Smt..r

WORMARY, Wditer s i ld.r. er
L J. F. A- ,'-.ue i 'dl lir

I NI1A NI s e'
..IE. I tb
VfI sbmtSEb. w tJ ir to r,
to SI I 1.Is. CIL t I ,r itr' I

NaPRY. Ct' ,rel. If. "Lit I HI 1t .,
gligeL ir i6t l Of iW t*t ', \rr 1. ii ,r-i 41-
lB i ffora e br b esr; 63 .x I. *peml eb nr v o Iter.'. ,..r ta .f i.. --

m ao missst lsooasi aolun 1t0 oinse a
-J ut Itasertoa. sad & cents for aeb d-
fl S 4oiay adveratunn aude knows

Twie** Week sun is an elght-pagire,
a paVer, publbaed every Mom-
'I- TWfalsv. and eonltains s 1 iIs
of th week. loal. s*ate and rem-
-m wUkbe aileld. posted free, to ayr
at the Ils d 8tee or Canada. ror ll00

SnWrltmlus bill. bneoume due after first
etf verlermenta.tUl)em oUerwlM
ilasaltrlet. Prteanisot known w
e rliren to pay for adverUialc In ad4-
-^ t It i N it I. It t'1.4


A l'T'I N 1. I'. :1; i
: of .Ntw \,',.

S or fvWet Vrjgjjl.
UP United Pat $lepauntor,
am iber ConRress, 2ndt DIstrirt,
S Preeldentinl Ile+tore,
T, A. .IENNIN,;4
L V. C. HT. lKO<.N:E.
S F. B. TON'EI..N.
i"A (IIIGRvOWrr.
ISAPOLtUN 11. |I',; ,V.\'ail). I

SH". CLAY < ItA W.F ltD.
.. T AtternUy-S;ltitrnlI.
S WILLIAM II. 1:1.18,,
-'+ ~ Compitroller.
,.A, (3. GItOOM.


lntndet e'f Itt," 1*'" Wintion,
,... .1. 1i' .hl. *\JA VAV.
I m'" Mnll slo rr ,of \!ic. turlt,*.
B. E. MeLlN.
B^": allDOad Cow mlloDer,
S JOHN 1.. .Mlt lCPI ujircum i'tirt. A\ Ye 'ari,
ft. 'ENWIiK' T1Y. LOIL.
H:'' Justicest Sulirtl n'ti. 'oirt.
SROBEUT S. cork ill I. L.
R TBOMAS 8. ilach \- l.:' m" .1. B. BWHilT-IE.I.

J. A. tRis HIt I';H1.,
O. M. TI .[MAN.
] ',r ..i.
'. '"o i ;. fa 'o .
WrH. ..f I

it- L. W. .ENNEI.1.

(Clurk C kM:! *t -urtn,

T*- ( PI. r.
OWL. .. IN.

L rintfendunt <' I'Tfill in.-struction,
D'. .. I.. KI E 1'1. :Y.I
rlb iuntry Tr nTw4Ior.
W. II. ItolEl:ITSoN.
S. Poin( ty Surv'-.or.

ii .1. MAR OTi'EN.
C c. P. EDRIC'K.
r F. I. PAI'.LIING;.
SFor .Memln ,r., ,f sc,.li,,,l Ilirt|n .
T. A.. IOKE.
'W. J. MArTIN.
6b- It. B. W F.KKS.

amemieber the election occun on
heomber 8th. Democrats who found
W to eome out and vote in the May
Sd June primnries can -!rtainly spare
tslach timfE on general election day.

Is Im adsi~ttd by Itepubllcan digest
It the North, aflys Th, Atlantt Com.
,tit s iati ha, the re I, #o longer hop*
JI lhrekitiu htih* "i,,ltd louih.D CxR4pt,
p. ,l) ty. thr,.tig!h a third party dir r.
.;i,,. an I tlhIt it 1iring again attempitd4
tisl yenr. Had ML.Kinley lived, lt.1seg
organs d -elare. decided progress
wo:,i!i lave I,'tial mtiade in that dire.*
tion; tle lecy of Roosevelt
has more ta,n undone all that Mo-.
Kipley .'in s hhd as a peacemaker
and unilher of the ,eetlons.
Terem is more reaon that the tiiotl
should be sol I today than ever be.'
fore. Let Collier'. Weekly, a disceern-
Ing. fait-min lted nd oulsiuken public.
cation printed 1I New York, tell why :
"Thet th- South as solid, aid t.!at
the aIti.Rt-.publican feeling ii sit rrt...-r
than when .McKiniley dlel, nar. rtn-
ditions easily understood and aymn..t-
thlAed with Iy Northeners tih h reI
suffiqiemt imagination to project th1- -.
* Ivoe outt of their owner enironm. *,!.
N. ,tmii.nder there, is hot on1ig ioi s l.l
tin wonder the Soutth vannd't 'vot fr
the party if recon.trmeti i t iatrag'e'.
force bills, bloody shirts amil negro
e\p )oi tat lon. 'Vla, ip s going, g t,)o Ctiri
aider tariff problems when I.a mi vie
and drmighter ar- in daonr'.'? Wh iis
*'!ing tIo iput'. r rreln'y hjaid i nitrial.
im a*laitd of the survival ut his own
ra'-e? The. ItepublicLan party ,earned
glory Iy fretnulg th. pilamt. and giving
te linal aRitwer to a disrupting tps.os-
tim1. It deserves i obloquy for tlie
nurrcweems, tactlessnesS anld rutliical
ehiLanery with which it has handldl
the itegroes and the ouc'irnaerd ever
If the South is narrowly seltional In
Its 1 olities and ha* i ot materially
ehangRd its national viewpoint since
the days of reconutruotlom, ihe fault
lies not to much l the southern prej u-
dices as In the proscriptive policies
of the 1Rtpubiican party. For forty
yars, that, party Las held over this
sectilu their legislative rtenace of a
liorft bill or kindred subjective legil.
liti itn. ald to.tay it is menaeed by con-
grees.irnait diifranehiseinent as a ltnet
of tiart ar? y's platforrn. The Repub*
iejan i arty Is a party of reaction so
far as thi hatred and bigotry of the
dead past is concerned. It has never
tired iln its attempt s to fl;st the polit.
ieal negro up;n the Southern body po-
liti., only slightly changing Its metil-
rale hteause latfllt by coiiistutionale
inhl ii ;tion ) r the public conscience of
thl orth.
The South is grateful that thisi is a
conitutilional republic and that tliel
North ham a piuilic conscie.nce and. loI
a redeeminug extent, she enpacity o0
put itself in the South's place so far
as the negro proletariat is concerned.
It wam thIe hope and prayer of the
South that the Spauiih war, so rich i 1
its promise na.l possibilities of s+c--
titnal uiiti Ati'n, wouldlead tocon-
plite fraternitly andi a new era of goodxl
feeling Ibetw s'rtijols. 'i hie feeling still prevails in
tlhe ~otth that had president .lceKin-
Iy lived thie section would have been
drawn nearer together and the so-
called negro problem settled along
the lines t( lett resistance, to the

mutual goo4 of white and black, and
to thie mutual stisf.ctio uof North
and South.
A.: thte.e fair hopes and promises
have been incontinently dashtd to the
grolind bIy Ihet present ineumbelnt vf
the liresiderait' chair, whose ant.-
-.itlthernI pli' is clearly retlected an
t'.,- Chicago platform.
With the South it is a simple fbllo'-
ing otut rf the' lWi of setif-.Irsaervationt.
The Southern people ate .ot actuated
by hatred or prejudice. They are sim-
ply trying to saver themselves.

i he i.ighth Judicial Csreuit hal a
judge* an! prosecuting attorney wh',
ar<. tle, reers orf any such oticialsi in
anl i- orida, The people of thi eir.-
'iitn .ar, intly prau'i of Judge J, T.
Wills' uI4i Mate -olicitor B. 1. L'a.-
"C ( i 1- F 1,

Frank .1. C(heney makes oath that he,
i4 s..nror partnerr eof the Ilrm of F. J.
Ctheney a Co., doing business in the
t'ity of Toledo, couut j and 'tate afure.-
said, and that said firm will pay the
van wf "e tiundred 1Dollars for each
atl irery ease of (Catarrh that cantaot
be .iirtvd by the use of Hall's Cararrh
Cu re. FRANNK .1. Cs:S.v .L
.%EVorn to Ibfore m iand utib-erilitl
in m1y, this titl day of Iecirm-
A. W .(iT .,,.
t I 'til r* 1't~til

Mr. H. M. FPlaglr, pmldent of the
leorid East o-t0o rallway up The
cal t tIaner. *heowilnfl more
tivlty thley ear then ever before In en-
deevoring to induce immiltrale to this
Stase and in pushing on hi work of
He has opened an Immigration bu-
reau in Cheiago and in other Westerni
oitiei ar*d is telllas of the lneoMpar.
able advantages of Florida, and is try.
ing to set the railroads leading ail tof
Chicago to give 'pedial low rates to
prosp1etive asi1ler., sd1 hais hie eagl-
nleers at wtrk oI the projected eueeu-
sion of his road from the mainland to
Key West. ThI great utidertaking I
pronoutnRed feasible, and before the
iend of th1 year it is estimated that
*..*4i mvnr wtil be Batively engaged onil
i' etisstrsiction. If ii he conmlf4ted it
n ill r4 i wifli the greatestL aehiere-f
mit d -s of ni (dt-rn ltinies.

Fra':.k Clark, eolnreLsiinolil roluminenl
frut thi;4 district, is without doubt the
iv'e'r of aiy .public inan iJn tlhe South.
Ilii lD.Inermcey Is untalhilable, while
so r. Ina%3yr hlie ha no superior In Fluor
i'stitor (ieorgria. Ills argaient before
Jiilbge Will )last Tuiteday in the IIol-
itmway t -e dt.ltmonstrated that the See-
ur.d dietr'c-t o( Florida will have Its the
liest Congreis a representative equal
to any nmergenCy and able tp suceea-
fily colpe with any member of thatm
body. lUs political star will not soon
art in Florlda.

!Thre is no accounting for the ver
dliet of a petit jury. The very ease
that a Iwyer is certain of galning is
the one most likely to go aalnst him.

The people of Galnearille may be dl-
vided uponI tmany quetluons, bus they,
are a nllt regart4ing onr-GOamesTvlle
should have Letter street.

A convention of real eState dealer
hais been emlled to meet in Jacksaon
ville on October 24th.



John Robin

10 Big Show Cob, a A.

Prsling tbhe Iddeal Show of th
... .. .. .... -- rm

is anPI~

if~ i/,






Oorpe. Ohi

& B IM and Tim
.n s- _! ^iEt &atd Thkom
Ma*y ol tfg eayrr = ae -w
gratlym aa bd ebk lat h ora l OWt
am mammal mshes of no jA *j m
both. Trap have bWse o e o awaj
ilddla thee orMthese pets. Weas W
to tell the that edelce has dime-m a *
mea"s odfvis ratr sad le mse h do
hos to dia. Tilea sStea t rwie lM
and Roach Paso. Its sale has bws we
markable. and iseverfalls. Iftyeo est
th PaStad. of yo "rd.ale, rite dieft t HE
qSadioli Chcao, 1.. .d I itC ibo T
to go ex p repaid an sipt of 0fe

Hotelmsie. ight lanmtM quttaty.La.y C
For Wale by J. N. S. Bdlfbrd .
__________ ____ o... Ii'
fl~mU laSA 4'lWlI

*I ----. -
C M 11MAi)01 l.ey0E-N.

-.( . I- J .1 ..
Sr' s y
u' ii'u rr ,t .. b re t 1a.
',,, 1. 9 ,- ,lI ,r...

I. J. iu r Xtl, E d Irt r ad Prop'r,

04( AI.A, FLAG
..e Year*. .., ...... ..... i.-%
ian le coples............... ... 10

devoted euperallay to the inte reta of
the fruit and vegtable growir of
Flor ida.
Lcen. StaUmRp take.r

if l t.
SRei ne-,W i



Osausm. Pturas

:I::: I'


apital....... ........ :.,- .

urplu and ndivIod P, 1
r^..,>ljl~fyjttfM|a^M *
sel^^^*^^^l ap Sa?! ^^^WKY ^thI^^^J^flW^ ^^ f tAWI^^^^^y^^^^^
kBaser^^Jw^j~^Af^^aa..L* St^je^^^ si v^an n^^i^Bij
^W^^^f-^^-^^^^W ^ ^^^^^^ ^In^^^^f^

.Ae ueerm eo l nW a'
"TA.e- uet 74o 0*fd eM

-s. o s.,

Title is what you pay for when you
know what you sTe

Titles ordinarily invisible ceMruly i l wI

The Alachu. Couty Ab


Go 8. MEHO Nf...

Staple and Fan Br

Irl* iM MM Fdl*. .ma
highest market pri paid for Ohiekens. We MA othe Pt WlsM

A Complete s tek of HayC Oom, Oats Flour, wsa, Malt Ot i
ad R& We had ol the MY j a te

Hf l. FD U On &OC


'I treWS C'ARD
-R. I -VE1E II. IM OR ,ilhI
DR-. DI')VEIE A11," "'OlIs,

Yl,'"."' ..---- ia-----MWU l ..u..DENTIST....
... '. /"',4 . ..r. x M. M' i q 0* A
.U. ,... .... . V QX.u. .. ... ... .......
... .. .ki U .1.0: 1 1 .
. t . a Offiade: aM iiigllh Hote, l, li.leirvill.
I.77,777.....c mAll d lm 'USb. .2i LAJ I IWA rI erl.t JtZof,,,
'D 4IT Y .' :t ,i S t, UIL.iU.J u j.j a m5'+,lt l tren .
lltama. Ienirm o 3 J itil. 45 .1jj -I- 4fll'

XAft 0 t At .I J AW.
(" ( 00 IhTAIN~iN1 no VIEWS AsVI.r, "
#s 90ms130a.4Do 4 wSewMaw ofCan sell your ay properly, (iu-
'.s'..a .^ ., ' : .. .. R,'s om improved and ul improved ), ;lhuspllAte,
Ri viPeu m In time British empire trucking and farming landm. "SeLd hins
..,. ,mmInlteBriw ishE r ei a list of what yuu tffer for sale., 214m
1 .^ ,.t.. In, No i. 6s gft & aoe OW 1 r;1 ve. ntad iralt and aorriculti.r . ....
4pit i mit StasisoA Wt. MW m@=i*a n 0,Oeet'j. *tipe@tyllM husitrsatim Itt ip l I1 AK : It
.. 40)m iebS wei en tbe edWips9, tlaU. !eleru. owe.
.,t b*, ia bwl$V Ii. or P tm S eSico 0Ad 0.-o ATrrTouRi.z. r-LAW.
M. JAMES LAWLEE, Rosslend, B. C. ... o f IN -C1:141 LIuY. ..
A ;'h .. I ven'w s for MralWh Coam. ---
'"., .. .... .-..( AIJNE 'V1lil Alc'ichua Co., 1LA.
Y GREATEST GOLD n l<.,,rl P l,,.
,,, ",N T A "IS IN B C o i .
"B' ".. lbtonie.woz .Lt).l,:er& A,'ermanl
OverVutwti A.4s U1t.i, Gatinmevq
SFt4e1S atter.Lon L) C rouw and lr'dgi e wt04.
iig. FRo u it.. O TINUO4
Is ~9SweR404Gaut -
".irda UaLti ,ure t dgeL D1entl ur erT
................ ...M I I n0 , ., ,.,,..rive e ar.'e.el. rleli e in Ne: w 'a rk t Ci .
@ hSsk pr hIst I4nrs is now in our eCrow. bridge work ean FlJ;.vK inmeei.
AiLLtsWORsaL4am AaasAaeNmht1A.
W a *IIWW'UYWW UWee'11 Cite"W 10.4r 1a 1-w ,E&a1.
. .' ..S: ..... ... ......, ...i ..... w.. i A .... .,
:.Ie1 io. t owlaess larg. o.s bodim are a .a -
.t Ben s with the oonmentration RTE WEST EM',
.wp. flb o q ntftI. 93800 op PFINE WINES, lLtoRs tt CluAi:S
i l pr to mIe go now prIved by
IB" " laO tlatprtspaud did/ndied. JOE 1mEN1E^i. P -i,.or.
2.1401 W. liar t.. J- eisor-6iie, laFa.
m sa lm eI ,lies thim 10 0lo se old. Shares
S "taue a .n be had m lsialllment plan, pay- Faui beer, bottle and draught. Don't
e a. monthly. Twenty per cent fail to call on me when in Jacksoniille
t i ft e sk, busses within a yr. - -.
..w Oospay htis no debts or liabilities. DR. HAPRIY ,LEE JAi:VJs.
a se Oft @' Z. Referocem.-The Hion. Mayor., 0lAd I W1 Pr. (1. 1t. Tt.4.
!ombllsloimer, postmaster, or any I)ENTAL sM;i')ON.
itak or buslam ma n Il city.
T Where i a tide Ia the affair of men
*bwuew.i il foUw whis tael asl t Sh flood, leads on to o ce ii M'.:'c r.' .. ,:-vi. ,'.
o rtene. O itted, all the voyage of I.,N'-;S~ vI.iL:. i oii)A
J ij^ their life Is boaud in shallows and in
f,*rie. !CRYST'. AL. SALOON,
.I..,ree) ,..rrL.,:'r. r:,,,r
tig A" R1ln len ,han SloP scu by posole 1
PERa W g S S~ee p er: ofi r thelibn unouSL. t Jackpnvili Z oria
"5u ..ljl SHARE 1a teir eMuliated Gold lties, LE. hets Imi,'rtfl i lot,'ie l* 2:u>ru
^ : i';' Resalaud, u t;, Osa. a.. ..iV.i m litil i, i'lL y.

M--: t *----l---l v liustrted Propectu
.00111001" t ,-t r o lea iwith Ma" Wd eoit'r frood 1n1n & enaml-

Syoer orders for Job Printing to WORLD'S FAIR ROUTE

SUN. JOB OFFICE E.S Beti U o sL. Lomis
lrrawwWrrr fl#.........AL -, -. .. -- -- ---
A fl Superb Dining Car Service
I Stop-overs, ting and returning, at
Air Line Railway AtlantS. Knonville. Louisvill. .Ashe-
vill. anid prici pal North Carolina
n mountain resorts.
S* *FO * See 1igh bridge (higlhet railroad
': '~ / A -- bridge in tht world), Fmninos ltlue
eSavannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern r; oen1. Lexinaton andLou
_.. in lai Ri r mnl DALa..,J Free_ reclininK chair cars and high
Prices, Raleigh, Richmondl Wash- olass day eoaehei. Through Pullnan
sl ping e arlt Jacksonill< to St. Louls.
ington, Baltimore, Phila- Folders, rates. etc., cheerful, fur-
s hed upon appliealion to J. (C.iupk.
Ii Diltrie P'assenger AentI, 100 West
Sdelphia, New YorK. Bay St. Jacksonvi.lle, VA.

STwo Elegant Trains Daily F-i Implements
. "FaInBlmplements
Seaboard Express. i iron .. 7 I
,t I, Nin, P1pe, fit-
Seaboard Mail. I, M.t f.Au ei

q umntm tmaU
! ,. -- ti


. h ii i

tion an
wol4d tw
bound ti



Jas. Evenr
As goqd as ai
Bi'eer. MA
Per Barre
Per Dozer








S* 49. 44. *
bu. n . 4..b
lb a 0 ,



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11 101

ad Your
der to the



_Ilk _


sent to

prompt atton-
d tile class or
o turn out is
3 please.


Send Us Your
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nville, Florida,.

rd's Canada Milti
:y aIrn better thau inn0
ide of I.n,.pNa lMalt ,
I M IT' Ili'i^ ,1




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A -- L it- At4%,V..


X.Allam"& Ljo "- IN




a Ialf.iUUon in Excess
V thW Past Tor.



Opmissionersrs Met in special
Wednesday for Purpose of
Tax Books for Current
mhool Districts' Items.
rd of County Commissioners.
l olal sesous Wednesday for
of reoeivingK the tax booked,
ln.I, train Tax Assessor
were present at this mneetingg
Orn T. F. Thomas. TI. '.
0. .Ranitny anid John t(i
Owing to tio indispositliom
loner ThlomaU, tihe regular
l, Ounimissioier lIanipier had
of presiding.
rC.4I 1n prsttied hi l ( oko,.
Ire retire fully i aitilltle ., foitind
ipad neatly kept, And were at.

rt of Assesor Culson is in.
0ea.ouraging as it is clear. It
the valuations that Ala-
aly is in irnt-olascondi ti i,--
for several yearn-which i thile
inle thit the countryi i pro -
6i8d the people aru In a hevaltihy
tar as commerce and agricul.-
manufaeturiuK are con-

nation for the year aggre-
.024, divided as follow :
... ........ ..... .. ,;3I5

...... ..... ...... I.3 90 .
it lIn valuation shows an in-
ov;tr OO4,OXO)-nearly half a
4Silan-over last year. which
for the reduction in the rato

ber of poll taxes on books
piso an increase over Ihei pr-ir

I Sub-Schoot Districts.
er that the various special
bltriets may know what ap
at to which they are ein-
Slthrough the courtesy of As-
.Olon we present the follow.


ihbelle ....
lirbanks ,

roe.s ............
gh saeh r .. ... ...
odwraiy.... .......

SHawthorn .. .
Alahua ........... .
, W aldo . ..... . ...
,aita Fe ..
oQslneville ..
ktroble ...
Oranf iu Heights ..
Windsor ....
SHigh Springs ...
Ca mpville.
Ta on a . . ....
Ntewbrry ...
.Itmocky I'oint .. ... ..
* Hayntswortlh .a.

$214 SK
2141 34
186, 30
38 06 (
107 019
177 S4
52t1 77
443:1 X
IA2 417
2421 76
317 77
147 49
54 617
211 7ib
1 21
4"m 71
2'.4 tv
151 '1l

Saved His Life ,
tW.Dlavenort. Wingo. Ky., writ s.
4, 19: "1 want to tell you 1
Ballard'S .itoIw I.initment uvttd
h.. I was under the' treatment of
",.ton, and they told ime one of
was entirely gone, Hd t1 li
Sadly I alo i. ad a
th my side. I don't tht.k ithat I
have lived over tWOI months
I was in.du..'d y a friewnl to
lllord's Snow iiniint Ti '
peIcatioL gay.' m te great relief:
event Itottle ciur*d nm soiindl
I is a wotnderitul iIt116ltin
co'I Omeld it to IsmtTerini lni-
li7." 2f2 e, .ok., a1 0 ',td Iy W .

ank'a Doors Co.:
aahhl ton, i .I ...- o
f h,' eqB h ,.ni r I i .
' e'4 proi ; ,,7 r4 ,. %, ,. \ .
%l afk ( lf <" ,, I fi '.
] Its i1( '.r-A i, I v '. -' *!'
I a nnla N:%--t\ mM >1,na!

I lted rt4'C v'r,
11 4 1 l
, Cures Winiter Cough.
t (. *over, lhi N. Main St I;atn"n,
Writer : 'tF.T*ry fail it Ii h,.tri
e'sIhO tr-ob!% to matc.i *..,r.v-
m h a ...... .. ... i .. ..

hI ant compelled by a Ttur of gratitude
to tell yw tie great 00o4l i.r rvnsed
has 41I I e tlin 1 coi o1pisii Dkx
Poion. Aiuonig other ikuiptuisnm was c.
Wrcly afflicted ills ih eumatisin, ait gaol
*lanul past going. The diescuc gui a firm
hold UloUn itly system; mvy iltui was thor-
OUKgily poiMsned with the virui. I lost ins
weight, wasrs ina down, had more thront,
eruptiotns, plotcIS i salul0itier LviIenScd
of ihe disease. I use truly hit a ma il th
whinl I WKan thle 1C of S. f S. S ., but the
perilktent use of ii tiroulght m utit of amy
troul lAftate auri mil, and I have the
courage to publicly testify to the virtue of
your gteat l lnxl remedy, .. and to
itimiitenrl it to Sll lil Wl| iM)I ituffer-
r. aiuccielly belliving if it is taken ac.
eoarlin to direction. iand Ijiveir a fair
ialt, it will thoroughelyeliun tte every
partick 4 f l- .. virum. AMiP CLVMlAN.
1tearkl: Hutl, Green s|urg, l'a.

Pninhil .xttigr e In tlWhe grinT red emnp*
tons upon thte hkin, sorcs Itn the mouth
atIl (I; (if Lt. ii ,til( t' 1 .1 are a c t f
thile ,t1,!1 .. 4 t1,,,-,t e"i ase.t S. S
ist Itn iti', 1t I'0r 1 i, 1 ?.ii', virus that
attacks atil (tletroys -even the It x)on
S9, S m. otittin Ino'ercun', I'olaslh i r
ohllithr fn:IrTdl intgrdiet. W'e ol for proof tbat A ist Ia a Iul;liittln veget-
aI r'l. lert 1 treat-
"*lent h S i the symptos ans
other interestiUng
and valuable infor-
Ilation about this
S i slitasen mailed
L L ,L *free. Our p1yi-
cias mAivI.. Ire.e
tituse who write us.
lbs Swift Speollo Company, Atlanlta, .


Georgia Has Plenty of
Atl'n:ta. Oct. 1 +.- Tin-
ury tiin% hi l 'i im r' ilG i


Funds on

tifi. tr'a-
t aflo I ro.
$ 1A ,"I ) 4 11k d10

liun'l for MI i ';l ;tl j) ir] i It l
mino e tt Iha r 'll I oIa' tIo it'i t all 4 dO
hai dri(.i t iait 1111u ) lo iit. S u nii If.
Thrl ion Ihly ilia-,. for (UL rental
or teli \ % rn init Atd A tl j i alilrouil,
.::'. at1. i ,'l \a tSln In byi tih' reir tnlnt
or fmi. Nurtincvl. mniiianiuga and St.
islit I a '\cek litflure it. AA'a duei. Thisl
wa fldo llit leaat' or IhI1 pubillshed
statietmeit tI hat the treasury was short
of funds.
In at it(in to t 1w rental of tlie
W e, lorn .n i Atlantic, t1' st"ftu treas.
tir) ila- rvt'o lv lI $N.l,u> (i'in tin- F"n*
toll t',ii tt .t t i f lt c( 'i ii ;. i ;il 3t l'.
( 0 t i < I.,i) fru onvit 1 11
Ti .h I. [~>~ ~. %h. w ith i 1w i:."'I (onI
hand U' t 4. i4 lot I of ,i-i A.,'. l. vm O
thb ti. .i-:ny na ';i:al Inn ii of iure
the S,;,',K).

Better Than Pills.
1!I.1e iutmion hlasn been asked-int
what way are (hanmberlain's Stomaclh
and Litter Tablets. fuperlir to the ordi-
nary cathlrtie sand liver pillm.? answer is, they are easier and more
plj'asatit to tftk ariid their effect Is
ot geint l, siini so agrvenble that
oni1 Iharaly realizes that it it pro-
dtn'medl b y it mtotdii'in. Thcn they not
only lt, va rI.'* h iwet.L b ut itprrove th11
appetite and siOt the ldi.'',iorn.* For
pale at 2.' cents p r boItte hy all drug-
gi st

SVia L. & N. R.R.

I -.'\c ,rr1,-' i; ti 4'K t or.n on t l% t ldaityI

S, I i. tt T y i 1 i y. ,
f, r- 1.. i- t ni l t ait d tnyt.

! '- t- d' r tr \ n :" : I n 1 att l t l t e .
v. 'ri fnoiijli Mar:nnt. i 'iiave in
S.1 r r u4.t i ItI .o.lit recharge,
r re.t ''I:i!d1ul'u ni'l L tVl41jing ear
r r -. r t i y It
I. t ,l ,I r t. ,: \ t, a I .f I', l \t. l '
S *. '\. I1.iy i Tou.*k (iivllkli. Fla
F i, -' 1' I. i I' \ I..u, i !;u ', K y.

Nic Arend's Saloon and Ca
'r i . i', I- i r ,id

.Mer 1a;.i' l-';eh ftrl: 12 l1 2 t m.


I itrthrtlhuma lla H.mi'-thlr. also im*

Mathuek Pians,

TV or ToNK, rowEM A!U

-. .. .

M sL piano for f l th lrvlag Gl1rate. Utbihdh Ili
Mune luiper tIit oiIher o001oLruoeti
b@inI m UatnaLt. *ad matd arti sUe
wurikm:ihip obtlanshle,.
o date a. nairy
', nualed.

Sold by us oontinuouely for

without a mingle failure. It yon
Want a piano for a lifetime'
service buy the

Mathulshe k T
Pries som w am Is Oonalstent with quality
Cash or on *may t lerum. S on I A days'
trial. We pyr tr*olaht Write
fo prices TODAY.

Ludden & Bates

Sontben Nle House,
GATHER I BRYAN, State Ag'ts,


National, State and Congresion.
al Ticket 1904.

Presidential Etlectors.
0. F. Buffum-Frankin county.
Ueo. K. Robinson-Marion county.
(teo. H. Holm-e-Brovard county.
U. A. W. Wendell-Gadedea eonuly.
A. Al. Cushman-Alashua county.
For Uovernor-Hon. M. B. NMefar.
lane. Illllsbomr.
Secretary of Siate-John F. Hort,
Attorney-(V.neral--Fred C. Cubber*
ly. Levy.
Oomptroller--J. L. Skipper Polk.
Treasurer-E. M. Breleford, Dade,
superintendent of Publio Iastrue-
tion-W. O'Neai, Orange.
Commissioner of Agriculture-J 8.
Rowley, Putinam.
railroad Coammiisioner H. J,
Ritehie, St. Johans.
Justice tSupreme Court for term of
six years--W. B. Sheppard, E*sambla.
Justices Supreme Court-0. 8. Farr,
C. 8. Adarns.)Duval.
E. P. Axtell, Duvral.
Congressional Ticket.
Firit Congresional Disetriet-E. R.
(unby. lillsboro.
secondd ConKressional D)istrlot-J. M.
ChUney, Orange.
Third Cong reswMonal Iibtriot-L. M.
Ware, Washirngton,



IH Irving'


t ht

stXck of The
Thomas Hard-
ware and Seed

vill frl

t ilt*

next Thirty
h)iN-:- s e Il

Any Goods in the Store at Cost.

The -0lcrk m111t I w m'at11d.. .Now h kthe
lam ,e to hi) lrnirlltuar, Nlovwe,
a .. .t.. l . ....

STake The At't


N rohfL..oEast


Depart For

12i pm


A __

Oatl, L.aerburg aid Tia p, a
Jeermoadias. rolat4

.206 pmm Plaka. nrwn, pJ* ,SY"i7

12:16am lHIg Pprim i Vuro., Uef.ahw,
lisily Alny.g,, Ateall PNin Pwtos BelS


Itoehll. Mlrauuops w4 ittRs


. I

n., .. 1i
, .:f .


:A0 a
Dail Highpri,,
ex.Monaday :,,:.

ltenbautsable Milae TIteuf, -g evr
iPaM railwas a ithe Iega m aBt" a eOR
ThrLIDV Pullash sleeper fRan
,Line &alSo Atq-,lanUe a CIase
For esompare talara tis a lles. ,

eip AtWmNs, ft! "
Address ,
ItN W. lB, Isee llllr
.- I. a.m NO Ii


-", '-



': ,.,

$0.65 ?as



Road Trip, On
ask dlyn. 0ood
ilxiV da.

,I I i 41;d


Utber througrb Asutma aadChaomaaeowa Cwasasa eW
..i..... ,. ro.t'.. i ,',
0asIsl tA Irma ae withulSowa rwta lao5 m i. tMw"o O
Jmosoavule. Tbr'wh w : ,d. ,:, c w.. ,

or World's V s a weed a vsesim It a miln ,wm la
throua the Baeebm COnay. i Nte Stawa iat ashfl
Detailed mad valuabe lteimMasa. ms apI tele. M
Mietame P aeewLp. u Wt .p hrv

A .'
.^LZ J- JL ,E.
..,,/ .

rrwatr li-'- ,. t +: j M
Jacksionville and Now York, j1
Calling at CHARLESTON. 8. 0.. both .
goS Maul Steim. tE M. bs1e is he.l .
Clyde New England and Southern LInel,
Direct Service Bltween JACKSONVILLE, MOTON and
PROVIDSKOE and All E .aers Poias,
CallinX at Oharleston both wayi.
f t lhoun ..... .........................From Lewt' WhI rf. h0w ':f
:N.rtIIound.... ..... ........ From Foot of Catherine *i., Jae s avl

Cldve St. Johns River Line
htlpping at' Jtlatka, Astor, St Francis, Breerford (Del)andj, anl Inate
Landing on St. Johns River
IeTpves Jacksoville 8:80 p. m. Sunday#, Tuedays and Thu ldays,
Leafts Sanford 8 9:0 a. m. Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.
is appointed to sail as follows:
s Altd,(I,. i 8HEDULE
Leave 3 :a6 pn. .... ..........Jacksonville..... ...... ..Ar
a :3 ) m ........... ........k Aksor ..................Le J B
4:40 am.............. .......Astor 'rci................. DO
........... .... .... i r ........ .. .. .f
Arrive S:W)am .. ..... .. ........ anford .................. ..S
1:0OX ama ... .......... Enterpri .. ... ..... ...... 1845
F. M It)NMON;iKl;Jt..JR. As t. Ge. Pa.&L Amwt.., S Weltl yt J otraprsll. .
W ; tl)I'I I, Jr.. Frelsihl A egnt .'j. LOV ,. ai
c. A rl of lt*tan %urn t Jearksow vte. i
rA C I1 A 1:147*'Y G n '.'i A t.. X r urk. t' I.N lW U tmsIt. A ..
'r~ir itU i: wi& r'lr Anra. .IN

TrMant and Un pa%"
Time Table In efft Sept. 1, 0N.
High apaj111j a4gla i

-... I.-

vwmdw --


r I


. .. ~~~.?. .k ,' '



., .'i. . I
^ ~, ^ :,- ,,:l:i' '^ l ; .
'' f" 7

* lr- ~ r

Irritt Corthell
ShIwltarb, Flerida,
Si a> W. Sth hi. New Vik 41
OWt. S1Wm atd itudl-
i atl i .'rdle'k gln.
sta u RTafl.3p.m.
jWeg Two l)ys Only.
H OUSE Parlors
txmlnstion Free.
Sa Is will vIdt uQlnesvffl rre-
S tr bfhout tbe seAr.
HL10 Uuarauiteed.



) Ofteneral Interest ath.-
d, by Our Reporteron.



;Happened and What is Going
Told in Short Paragraphs
Hk "eA Who Runs May Read"

(wth Cuahman A Hill.
,eOe today at J. L. Crawford',.
Wepapers for sale at The Sun

IClrk of Bland is in the city
's Wonderful Salve for o,:.e
e MoOollumn & Co.
0Orecy, the mill ian of High
Was in the city yesterday.
l'e lant Maxnolia hams Jiut
pa aunLders & Earle's. d2
Iln Jsakennville stop at the
betlocation, beat meals. f
litey of Dunnellon was r-eg
1a the Brown lHuse yester.

Coune of Jacksonville was
l business in this city yes-

*rown of Hawthorn was among
t favored tiainesville with a
a le-Seeond-hand Delnsmolre
ter. Will be sold cheap. Ap.
oflee. tr
Tennessee horses and mules
Itle. May be seen at old Ten-
s|Mbles. d-t-wlt.
SOChenut, the merchant of Ar.
was among the business vis-
Ikis city yesterday.
rMillican. the naval stores op.
SOf Waldo, was tranoating busi.
this city yesterday.
S1lle Smith, a charming young
fHopeville, (a., was registered
hBown IHouse yesterday,
Pound departed yesterday 'for
vll*, where he has been num-
on business for a few days.
Sale-Nine-room residence and
blooks from square. Terms
eaOl Warren, Uainesville. Fla. 6t nicely furnished
most convenient location In
Apply 803 East Liberty street,
he BSun office. tr
lot of milch cowo for sale.
ene from i9 to 4 o'clock at old
tlhae, two blocks west of
P W.J, Hunter, dUt-wlt.
Ii E. Webster of thie Dutt'on
tise Company departed yester-
r.g points in the West End on
he eonneetvd with the company,
members of the Board of Stew-
the Methodist Church are re-
1to meet today at 4 o'clock
SPinX.s,. i .hlYni,. secretary
satlee Timnoty bailey of New-
.'tUrned tou his home yesterday,
having spent the past two or
days attending the circuit
SHe reports Newberry ob a
declares that everybody is
-and happy.
6 &%1-A_ ..... 1 ,1 .. .. ,f...


lansre with (cashea A Uill
FUrr Lent.--ture Royal Cook former.
IY (wooug.i-d .\Adi4re,* ihoma V. l'or-
tvrr. Jaw<'k*etmrlt It.
Mt.r 1in4l Mro. J. I. Tiw'n of Waca.
htoolt wrr aaiung tiuie,. mhi,, favored
0ain. ~itI" itlh a vaiut yIterday.
M .Mr M J ('enatel|!y l.;u rtllirmed from
a dolehr ful visit to) t. l~ouis and the
WVLrdl'l' I".t:r. 1.4i, l.. 4 t',' absei nt

SIf i eied e th a weak digstui rltry
fIhanallerluin'T SO f in.a h and LUvs.r Tabl)
Ih't 'l ,hy will i tol you Koo. For sale
by aI1 drugbii|us.
S11I. Ward of 'lairblike, utiti of The
S 1n',s "i4 friiaddw ald subicriliers, was
in the city yesterday mad renewed hi.
su lmer;[tion for anollier yvar.
('a[. 1'; J, '4. DuPuis of Bland, one
'of tt'. ttLV propiresslv. and most
widely kntioh residents of that see--
tlionl, w, a vititor uto thii city yester-
J-1. 1-3- ti. ,ack of Hague. Junior
member ut tie firm of Padgett &
Black. naval stores operators, was
trails ott iu:; iuyinis in this city' yes.
ter t
W.. A 1^!,;. ..t orf radlise, men-
ter i t tohe ,Couity l)rm1ucratic Coin -
mnitte Mid one of the leading citizens
of tlat uatittion, was a visitor to this
city )t-ntrday.
Mrs. 11 a re anld Mis Pard*e' of Mica-
nopy w,,re in the city yesterday.
TL'y were tn route hoite from Ala.
ohna, whlre, they aive been on a visit
to Mrs. T. 1'. Maynard.
Wanted-l.adj or gentleman of fair
edtaeation to travel for a firm of 0150,-.
OM) capital. Salary 1 ,072: per year and
expenses: paid weekly. Ad ress M.
Ai'erc(vnl, (aim-sville, F'la.
W. I'. L.eo is I the oity from Duln-
nellon. Mr. Leve I now enogaed in

contract work with the Dunnellon
Phuophate Companity, and friends will
be glad to learn is enjoying prosperity.
Conductor Gilimer of the Atlanti
Coast Line was inll the city yesterday.
He hlis just returned from Jackson.
ville, but he expects to make his de.
parture today for Charlotte, N. CO
whetri, he has been summoned as a
wit te*4 in an important case.
Deputy Sherir J. E. Fugate of
Alachua, who lines bain serving In an
ctflcial enpacity during the present
session of the' circuit court, departed
yesterday for his home, having been
*nnitioned by the illness of hil wife,
I'riends trust that he found the cotn-
ditiu(i of tthe patient greatly imn-
Prof. M.1. I, It Lailnd, formerly clerk
in the, (aifi"' of County Superintendent
of .-h'oolIl Holloway. but now prinni-
pal Iof th" Al]ahirla sch.ool. was in the

city y'-st rdtl y.

lit states that

I he

school isri a lMOt Tt inu.rishing condi-
tion, havirig Al ,tfrolliment of 11i. IHf,
is ably u ilteld by Mioaes Iossa May
and L'iey NewIomn.
J. A. Mstultshy, thli' etensive brick
manufacturer of ('ampville and a
iMnieiber of the new firm of the t.aine.-
ville Furniture Company, which *pro-
pose4 tVwe gin business here in a few
days. was a visitor to this city ye.s-
tenlay. HFe reports a line demand for
hi.s roduect, and has a large fore, en.
gaged in the manufacture of brick.
I). M. Clark hit. ret nited from lar-
tow. Arcadia, Punts birdss and other
points in South Florida in the intter-
eeti of t II. 11. IV. LuuindLte Trunk
and Bal Company. for which h e is gen-
eral salesman. Hle reports business
the best he has everexperienced, and
says the people of Florida as a rule are
prosperous and happy. The farmers
and workingmen seem to hare plenty
of money. with the result that the
merIhants ar' rempinig a harvest of
good trade.

Jackion, Teln.. June 4, l fil-This
is to certify that one bottle of the
Texas Wonder, llall's (reat i)iscovery,
has cured my wi fe and myself of kid.
ney. hiadder and rheumatic troubles.
and we most ctleerfully recommend it
to tK. U. 11t K- AM Wit ..

One small bottle of the Texas Won-
der, iall's treat Discovery. cures all
kidney and bladder troubles, remotes
gravel. cures diabetes. seminal emis-
sions. weak and lame back, rheuma-
tiem and all irregularities of the kid.
neys and bladder in buth men and
wonmien, regtiates bladder troubles in

'. "-', '-, '." ..Y --.....

Ineare with Cabsma a HMill
An alarm of fire was turned in
from boals 81i Dm2 o'clock lst alight
which iumaiuied4 the department to a
small shanty occupied by colored peo.
ple in South tiGaliesvilled in the vi.
einily of the Seaboard Air Line de-
pot. The damage was slight, the de-
partment hbaing performed its duty
with uech pwromptneus. This wMas
Chief O'Neil's first opportunity to
display his shilty, which was done to
Afler an abW.nwo of several months
In Darien, (G., Fred King. Jr., has re-
turned to this olty. It will be reihesn.
bored that hi6 mother was Indiseposed
for several weeks, and it became nee-
oeeary for the family to remove to the
old home in Georga. Hlie states that
shie is greatly improved now, and ex-
peatels with the remainder of the fam.
Ily to rettirn to Galneville in a few
weeks. Friends will be flad to wel-
come them again.
Among the prodltinut vision to
this iety Is J. N, Hale of Williston,
founder of The Florida Crahker at Bar.
| tow, and one of the most widely
known newspaper men in the State.
Mr. Hale sold his interest in The
Cracker several months alo and start-
ed the publioastion of The Willialto
Advocate a bright weekly. He is now
engaged in publishing The Dunsellon
Citizen, which he has suoeeeded In
making a very Interesting paper.
A letter from R. T. Sohafer, the
North Iainearille baker, who l t reo-
perating from a recent Illnese at Port
Orange, bears the Information that he
Is greatly improved by the change and
that he will return to his home the late-
ter part of the week. The bakery of
Mr. 8chafer, whilh was eloeed down
during his illness, owing to the f(at
that he could not eqoure a baker, will
open in full blast Monday, and the
welcome Jingle of the belle on his ba*
kery wagon will be heard aspin.
Friends of Mr. Sohafer will be ilad
to learn that lie I so rapidly on the
road to recovery.




-011 "4 n%. -Olwork

Candy Candy


Gone into the Candy
business on a big
J reeIve a.

Just received a
meant of ....


Have :')
We will

big ship-



different kinds
only have two

rice .
One lind will be lo cents
a jpount, equal to 20 and 25
cent caddies.
The other kind will be
sold at 20 cents a pound-
one.fourth pound for 5 cents
--eaut to 3.5 and *., cent

Come around and buy
your candy at It ac k et

Paul Cooze of Worthlngton Spri0,
one of the oldest lhabitant of that
seels, has bren asteading weut s
a witness fot the pau twoo t th ee
days. Mr. CoQe, who Is very popular
among his friends, Is also probably U
the most unique Charaster in lks see
lion, or perhaps In the county. Be.
lai a gentlemas advanced In I e to
half a century ur, more, he wens hh isJ
hair gresfully Rowing about his
shoulders, and as evidesee that he
Is "true blue" a rattlemake skin
adorns his hat as a band, and a bell
of the same material enelrele h is |
waist. He Is as pleasant and wo
1al in manner as he is original as
his Ideas, and be has made new
friends every day since his arrival
The great carnival at Jakhoatllie,
Fl., Oetober t-29, lalusive. Atla.m
tie Comet Line will *ell rou4 trip tiok. 3
eto at rates one firsulele 11fare pl* 0
eents; tickets to be sold Oetober S1
28th Inelusire and for trali arriving
Jacksoaville before nomn Oeber Mhs,
The carnival this year will bhl gIvDa m
a Brander ealet Shan ever. Priseli
feature will be the atd leal fi
rade and eoroaetlon of the klaq Iadl
queen of the oaralval on Otobea her N,
Military parade and exhibllsl drill
by Troop H, Seventh 1,. mOvlq, i
the eraek eompsay of the Ps r
States army. band *0oneroe, esta$
ISee and ai anobesle ps'4sm
needs twite daily la the stadfut. The H
"pike" wll igeln a gres *N
of astruations whis kha"e bea MG
ed with I St farf aG ofAl -&d
the beet tat ever me Is latt00
Don't aia this opportamliy to IvW
the metropolis of she at ahoI I M
great show. TIe as em0 AUM
Coast Line ean tell you bati It, it
Priends in August., Ga., nt"ei. h

NIns LouIs Abram oatli.tlsiyS a a.
ter of Mrs. 0. H. Bell, t a ew pow *
lax a season tanag relatliv s
friends in. Auxusta. O.., as jeglagf
from the attention this yoas 4m y t I
reviving by the sman set e
Georiaeity, sheae mss be pepm ir
there as she hae made heMelf eamr
her Oainesvllle friend. The AnLgMla. S
Chronicle of rent date a1ge
"MNr. Loule OGrifM eopllmMted
quite a number of ahi fsriade last
evening with a delightful e tolrtale*
meant at his home on Wailto Way. a
honor of their gute, MisN Leslie
Abrams of Oalnosvl's. Pla. Mary
intereting iames were played, afer1
which deliihtful refresnhmnmt en'
served. Theoe present wenrt
"MWi Marioa Tot;, Miss Agnes Ba.
rest. Mis Addle D .p, Mil Lea ie
"Meson. Clyde Brineon, BDeas
Tinsley. Olarence Day, Loaue Oriam
and others!'
Smith Still at Large.
Deputy Sheriff J. W. SbOuan of Le.
CroNe was among the visitors to skis
elty Wednesday. Deputy MeNOan |i
states that the negro, Will tSmith, who
so cleverly auneeded In *eludlng him
several day ago after having been
committed In the jualie cooe for la. r

soenay of money, tis stlll at large, but he'
feels sure that Smith will be appre.
headed In a few days. "Youa kow a
rat will hunt hie hole," remarked the

officer, "and Smith ie sure to come
baok to the vieipity of LaCrosse. I am
laying for him, and when he does I
will recapture him."
At North Gainesville Hall.
Rev. W. J. Carpenter of Kavanaugh
Methodist Church announces that he
will ftil his regular engagement at the
North Gainevrille hall this evening.
These services, which are alternated
weekly with the ministers, have
proved ijifitp interesting. and are large.
ly attended. The public ei cordially
invited to attend all meetings, which
are undenominational.



Lerveti at All Ie!athoahle rllmr. In Aur o1ty
City Patron% Sutmlfe4 In An Quantity.

Meal SMerved at RestauraiL flowutr'.

' '' - . --: ,I


''". .'*' ,':'

" i.M .

Ft.. 4 ,~!!1 d~k.
~'**~~ ~ *~ t*~' fl.. 7.. C




F ~a.


/'. ,./^ B r w ', .- "-

Fiswbfi.ed Twice Week-Monday and Thursday


. .Ck7-Y vt.,.




athis PI90'SI

aIs This TWm, v
I"n ,lo,. lb. pm ,eb

Sim k e ,wasgur

*09f S ;, Isml eu
-.0,69W o ewls$7

SstaIn sets. baeDO

1i4 Sikltia U Bs
$604r1bil tilsA*
.ii4l0,bo gti fti

....... l a .
'Hffffi~ff--.1.0 ..w**w vi-
HgftUfcftohott ti *kAny

,'. lI

rei. Qu
00il "

$tpu"wv ,be s
LWW 14


i:.paI,*'B1a ditt

of tnhe e

lie u ld Wtuort

is111601 tI
C .Ba bwg hst. d
^Htegn for I

t 11 ir i, t la
s. sat sakllm malT

,' f

00" 1Aqua ei, Ga.l lente
O llr r 9a1 T00 min lteor

*b fi iAisii belof tls ty,
M.1 1. De. Is now p
6e0pl*m awn g wolatives
is Aqu ll. Oa., sad Jed
$h. .pusolsn tlla loieump lad:
t. She ti p lfrt nt of
M t liy, ilil alUalt be as pop
i hasIIu made) herself au
ohptli filodild. The Aug

**lr. '1iLte Orlb ompWlrae
S*lllmber eof hic friend
*flaS$ with a delightfut eatert
mt$ st miome oan Waltson Way
o thelr gdust. Mistes L.
M f O~,laail4a 6ia. .
abain jas weve played a
Sn is pEfteea f nat aa
Mlaoisi tfun, Mis Agnes
rtt, HeI AMdle Dai. Miss Lo
SCn. 0lyde Brisson Be
Ti.a Oaean iay, Lqui. ri
I and 0li'"
.. 3l O eted Director.
-, ""'. a Aa -

,i-i" ", f,. ,

S*uprintendnt wy did he not step Io. 73Newbrr.. 431
Ssuprint dnt whNo 76. eooky PNn.t ,o. rIN
Fi down a.d out, that younn men o our N. n. i Hayewort.b .... 1,1
ulh eouotry might so that an education
utir meant houon to sos. who labored for A c. ; 2 :Apa?
Itn WAS i, .
It mt not in favor of mud-slilinl, D Daughter. of Wealthy North Caro. *1i

ted ol in this Iase it the kettle calling I Woman Di appears.
last Lhe poblacki, *oHollowayl asl Dmoe- New York, Or- 12. -.tI .I red
ala. eloprtesthe-primary made It. I was Tremalne, a werlt" !.t,. h,,.,.h.
a, ina te persuladedto give Mr. Hollo- home ts In North Carolina, has r"e
* Wyl up, bus after seeing the selfish ported the mystpriots. disappeara ,j
Sh motive of Mr. Sheets before the com., IS this city of her laulshter Gladysl,
lay mitteef li Jeaksonvillle. in anoaeneinR 14 year old. 'the pollee dopartmienti
lrc h"isWeandiday for oIle, I will step back will be asked to semn out a gereralt
In the Dmoinratli make and sin no .,alarm for the milFinig irl. who. It Is' the m.ther. hasbrhn LOA
Ber. It healthe had iated towards Mr. feared y the mther.has bn
Mlse Holloway as Elijah did Elisha he Mo .,T
would have lhad ihe aila without Mr. Trmailne lha lived part of ths,
itie so mOeh ein. W. J. W.ITs. seion lit New Yorkl for, some yotlr.;
Ul.n. Fairbanks. koltoberlO. *:With her dlaighter she retlurnrd h?.,!
a few days 's in IntPndlni to s tl for I
Killed by Fast Train. turopeP durIng the month. While (ut .
Houston. Oct. 12.-John re.. t''; shoppi hoe ses (:adl. t o th., ofil.l

4 A 1 4!1

___1 ~~__ n___~l _I rl~


TokIn, Oc.t 11.- I p ri -- r
ported that i .ii 1 };AV- crd) ',I
the Himn river In hPavy fore,' ain l A-t
aimgresi ly alttirlh!ug. the Jlapan-lI
forces which 'were moving f ior'li'ward.
A gettlral lnigagn~, tn'lil 1.1 aill Iti 5'
in progress.

St. Pltersbuirg. Oct. 1. -- t
0usropatliln i,- t ,14l l~onC1,, t i
emijtp:ir (hat t Ri ll-:.ii an iL ii
no0w In contact ili ithe .Jali''
who are witllii. 1 nli L f ,. 'i1,' t"l
arIe slilrnahl lilI al !,iln 'r: .r*i,.re it'
l...o L11. %r6 .- I il iA .


u). ".M1 ..



S-teM W" Turne pe inr t Neary af .rio in --y
?I"' Th1rey-of lut W ..L of t Pmt Tear.


Whisah Will Keep the PlaAt Occupied on County Commissioners Met In Speclal
Mrs Fult Time With a Lage Force For Session Wednesday for Purpose of
Ih* Several VYear-War Pormarly En.- Rltciv4lg Tax Books for Current
"d iapad In Minig NWear ines. Year--lhool Districts' Itlas.
Bpa Captain 0. A. Neal of Wade, one of Thi Board of County Commisuloners
A she mont auooeestul phosphate opera, mot in spwelal e*ssion Wedneday for
Is lolre Ibthe sounPy, we Iw n IUlnesaille the purpose of receiving the tax books.
0 ftor a few hoave Wedee4y eon route to for the year 19C4, from Tax Assmeor
em 0Gesl, whlr# he had bete summoned Colon. /
b"om OW beilte. Then were present at this tmoesil g
p., 0Captailn eal was for many years lo. Commissioners T. F. Tho *,. T. 0. 4
0*4ne)aer Hain, West lcd. where he Bryant, 1'. R. Ramsy and Johi 0.
-bed s extensive plans. Having Dampier. Owing to the Indisposition
i wodd out hke p laphate roeek a klhi of Comomlaloner Thoias, the regular
pln leeviral month axo, however, it chairman, Commissloner Dampier had
i.* besm.e MesarQ for him to make a the honor of presiding.
o w "'*hrlke," with the resulll hat he AMsseor Colson presented his books
u$* eurd a rioh depostof reek at Wade, which were carefully examfnedo found
for where boe has abil4d a iOneaid correct and etldy kept, and were so.
Smodern plant with a good capacity, septed,
Thiseleai plant hasu Jst been eor The report of Assessor Colson is in-
ihe plut d Asteaim wassuriped on for deed as nountgiraxu i ast is el*ar. Is
She flrst time Thnreap of the pl:t shove from the valuatIons that Ala.
Stweek.' The owspelis eenodnt that chia county i In nfim.olaseondtlon-
S Ihe has oeU orfthis fleets deposits of the best for srevral years-which Is the
phoipasel, eoorldilg 6q area. In the beatevidence thit- the country Is pros.
6164t, ad a deposit wkkIh will keep a peraus and the ipople aft in a healthy
gr tforneibs for seiral years. isate, so far ase cmmeree and earioul-
"I have tlbeeahout the busiest zin lure and intaniacturlpg are eon'
be. ia mpy etlion for the past fiw eerned.
omonist," remarked She genial -Cap- The valuation for the year agtgre
of lnl. "After havlnseeured the de- gates ^4,8Q.,64, divided as follows:
ie, posits as Wa4d i1 beesme my duty to Real estate ... .. J,1
r a beltn the treaster of the illii plant Ril1 ... .....
,m I. ...a dieteTelegrph .. .. 100
Old, i11 it 4 d.14anofe Of nlue mil Personl property .. t. l,;2,S
.erlf0d.t Id want' to lell you that
Is. a ojt.@ We finally suoleded in Tstule. ... .dlln,i
yu Ip kllng the transfer *ad establishing This report mu vaillation shows al Inl.
the plian to Its mew position, however, oer#w of urer )o0rl),--ietrly half a
g, an4ot map teel .ture I feel greatly million dollars--over lait year. which
l Ipi e'llelt*' secounto for thie rd;etioi in the rateI
Capial Neal *tatls that he has not of ftLtion.
t' quite tleddown to business yet, but The number of pdl taxed oo I ooks.
lIg whe a the plant Is In good ruIunlu or- Ia 4,017. a!ao an inCer-:me over tlihe ire.
n; der, whilh h ecaleulates will ot1 l etliU year,
1 be lona, he peot to employ y from Sub-School Districts
hwr forty to Bftyn-s .
S to f n. In nrder that the various speiall
Ma I A FORMER SHEATS MAN. school distrietsi ay know what ap
ortlionnent to whiclh thry are ei-
". AlwaysSupportedShleatl.lMis Ac* IIiCed, through the courtesy of As-
I se 11ltr Coleon we i4re0 n he holow.
lion at Convention Disgusted Hin. .sor Colson we n t th
how Editor u.1 t Ple*&e allow itn ta Apportionments.
short spaie In your paper to "holler No. 1, Arred nilo ... .$.214
im hard for Hollowiy," the regular No. 3, Rochele. .. .... ... 2!81 3
. imootlie nominee. No. 6. Fairbank .... .. ll o
till Itelem Ithat the State committee No.8, Lair .s. 1e 30
at elalms all the power. Now, I have No. 11, OGasy .. .... .. 83 fB
blee a voter for thirty-six yeart, atnd No. 18, Molose......... ... O7 69
o. have stood ty he dislouston of the No. 18, Island (irove ...... 177 ~4
,. primaryoro eeaventou beeause it was No. 21. Hawthorn .. ... 21S,
Dmiotastle. Now, jusi to please a few. No. iS, Alaohus ... ...... 21 a.
my Depoer tle vote has to be throws. No. 24. Waldo ... 443 3
lute Si wasted basket I etllm rota- No. s. Sntat Ft, . 1:A2 47
-alon I right and the life of our coun- o. 6, aei l.1..... 76
tain try. I have totedi o Mr. rSheat for No. 31, Btroble .... 317 77.
temnty or State superintendent every No. 8, OranRge HIeights ...... 147 41i
sineol Iea reeolleet, and yet he Is not [No. 48, Windsor r4 27
sit" -lisd n ts rute ort ruin No. 47?, HIgh $*Prngs G2 83
lsd. is or ruin. No.48. Hague 21175
and Whn. Mr. Sheatsi found that Mr. No. 0,Ca> pille .. 117 21
_ Holloway was golng to run for State No. 69,. Taeolia ... iS. Ilt'



Japannes Are Retiring Bf
A&uce of Russians.


While the Curtain is Down on tt
War Stage and News is Scaro
I Ielleved Russians Are PreimS
the Japanes Vigorouwly.
Ht. Peturwburi, Oct. 11.- -12:145
m.-A period of ai\ie.ty1 i% laid.
The Htiu.-tlan pu11I hi'e 6e0!U WH

theI Uali atrty is .1.hatncin ithnle
cannot pXIct nVtew i, rli ight Wsq
veal Goneraln ( K0r.l-*,..tI '. iuns ito ili
Japanese. TheIt mtittl I1 irli'lcl,
actrlzed Li ou.laipan .*
the latter ibuluig nov tr th ilh 1ea
will probably lirnkli i! hr l wLt)r
more informatittin tI i Hie Itua
mnovenienta thanrii ti r ex uIo 'tt\t, ff94
thie Russian
.With tite curtain dilti on (he Wa.
Stage many wildt a111i1. laily be I
posted. Military tii r: ,i theI op i t
km that Kur)patkill V~ '-gr,.! 't chune
of sceesI*ls a qnicit hiia4h at thW
Japanese phlsition.-, li,,rth of the Ti'
Lae rive, which wonlti diliv' them i,
confusion bachl to the riL'r lik'fire tbfr
had 4L hanav tj prepare ftir their with
dra wal.
As Kiropati.n's w 'lr of the dal,
was not givlln out 11nitll Ivtnl dqayi
after the advagre twgaun. It wouli aod
be suirprlKinj f b hvvy fighting wasu i.
radtly In p&tgre N6 jIuded the latest
newspaper dihhpi ti-n Nay that an 011
tillery duel? lasted throughout Bunda$
on the center and right fluh aind thal
the JapanLtse are' 'ter.wh,'re r*.
tiring ,ifor, Ihe stl ',:u i:i.lviane&t
The .tIatement that KinIroiain II '
moving on each slite of tho rallroUad
In order to have an cra-,'v Un ofr co
nmiinLctie lto iImId 1inclraTeP his Inte,
tion to man e a front! attar:;, wl!
a ploi.A lith tIurnitg; niov,,ni tn front
the welIt. whelrei tli' 4rund 1. olP!+
butt thero the r ver ;0. I!* \t..y aM
no dl IAiVIe- \t'r'tory I.. ; ");i y l'.
sible hetinl.s hI' ,ai r1 an li .1' .*3 l8
Ifne of colh-nTiiui.;i iii 1 .w Uial
VYan A rnzt'lary expir!! r,% ':
"It Is n lIWcult to s:;a h > l I e:4
MSarshat Oyaims wIlt ;"top hatt&A
Per1hap- he winl reIlst I,.r a',' ,nlc aS
various positions nr.rih orf Ith Taltil
river andl thel n tdet il the' r.-r,
aRecording to tt:,o lt6 t in.llrh c l rI
porit malr trooii. art' anl\-aiin COtu*o'li
Iht whole ltni n.' n U ri I hl;'a i vea
acros tihe T ire riv'r."

Chet Foo. Oct. l'2.- JInpa left Ilalny Oct. 10. my thint a i '.tlacl
ment of Japant'rn atlnkeIl oi .ryat. t
a .mall pij:;lt ion in Ir li i h ,i i,. r t'i FPort
Ithsan. Thle Japaneo- cr ,%s-4' th
Imoat which ill Russlians hail flIeA
In Sampans. The uIlti.lalI otr,'ft .
slight reslstatnro at tlrht, blit later
the Japangs w.rr.( conipelli.l It
abandon the po Ini artillery flre. ro ros-t tihe' nmar and
retfr, to their trenches .
Two fre lance (,irr'ilniiit '
$ctleoilrnd in 'pterinig Port Arhiltf
will be depimrto.i at The lra It!wiT-ori'.mnO
fty. according ti !c ;ee hhafll; W u fo 'rnna'
tiio Th< i t '"rc Il i .% I':>1 i tlt',t '
ration papers, w hi'h i; ralrT t loci"
eI? declared rlo be tlii-'l


,. r i ";.

Il~;Jh- :Imj

1*. t N\*t(t(. n I* ^ 'i *"' Vt '- ,1 ~<^^ *14e*^ A W
'.ll 14''.' 14a 1.t i1 lf v ri g V Ir t thf'i t, Ul Pi,
14 *, i6 t < t, f ;.rst;,r'le

ome Made

Have your cake, muffins, and tea bhi.

aiit home-made. They will be fresher,
iachner, more tasty- and wholesome.

Royal Baking Powder helps the house
*wip to prduce at home, quickly and eco-

nomically, fine and tasty cakL, the raised

hot-biscuit, puddings, the frosted layer-

cake, Crisp cookies, crullers, crusts and
I muffins, with which the ready-made food

' found at the bake-shop or grocer' does

not compare.

Royal is the greatest of bake-day helps.




ofGem Inrmt Oath-


Has Happened sed What Is 0slGn
*HpplM Told in Short Paragraphs
Sh$t **He Who Runs May ead"'
b The Sun.
JVAW's D~aiy Sm.
Moran of Campville was
In the city yesterday.
Sy sheriff R. Bush of 1High
Is In lhe oily attending court.
IkO. Grsme of HIigh Springs as
the, business visitors to this city

T. M. King, an estimable lady
kwimdsor, was shopping In the olty

tHn Summers of High Springs
ntmag ithe business visitors to this
| W. Smith of Newberry was among
Swho paid Gainesville a business
Wheeler & Wilson sewing ma-
-eheap for qah. Call on or ad-
this o6ee, dawtf
SL. Shaw of Alaebus. one of the
IWe citizens of that seetion, was in
idty on business yesterday,
,.. 0.Browsl of Newrberry is among
p~V0tors to this city, having come
Mtend the *esseon of the circuit

L8. MeComb of High Sprinlgs was
be city yesterday. He called at
i iUn ofitee and renewed his sub;-

Minuionson's \Vouderfl I falve for sale
by J. W. MeCollmn & Co.
If troubled with a weak digestion try
SChaimberlain's Stomajh atnd Liver Tab.
lets. They will do you tod. o ale
by all druggists.
Among the visitors to thil city yes.
terday was Hon. J. A. Itomborough of
Windser, represeutativ*.eleet from
Alachua county to Lte Legislature on
the Demoeratit ticket. Mr. Roe-
borough is oune of the most widely
known men in the county.
Mirs. Wells. son and daughter of Vir-
ginia arrived in the oity yesterday,
end will spend some time with Nimrod
Wells at his home In North Gaineiville.
It may be puesible that they will loeate
here, since it, is understood Mr. Wells
has purchased the Becker property in
North Gainesville.
A. J. Shuford, for many years a resi-
dent of this city but who is now reid-
ing in Atlanta, where he is extensively
engaged In manufacture and sale of
Shurord's wonderful veterinary reme-
dies, is spending a short time here. The
friends of this gentleman will be pleas-
ed to learn that he is enjoying a line
trade in his medicines, which are gain.
ing a reputation throughout the South.

Among the visitors to this city is J.
W. Williamson of ormond, who is here
on business connected with the circuit
court. Mr. Williamson resided at
Mteanopy for many years. and is well
known among those who have been
here for some time. He is the father
of the young man who was out at IRo-
ohelle a few months ago. and is here
looking into the ease with a view of se-
ouring an indictment.
W. E. l)ow of High Springs, a promi.
nent life Insurance man who repre-
sents the 'New York Life, is in the
city. Mr. Dow states that his wife
will -rrive In the city today, and that

they propose to make their home

during the winter. This


lady has

.L B. Gardner of MSAll in was a vi. .many friends here, and the Informa-
*i0 this Oily yesterday. Appreieat. Lion will be received by these friends
S god thing, ho had his i nam en-! wit ipleature. Mr. ,ow i also a
upon the subscription list of The iprO:init iL mewbtr of the Knights of
Pytthia., bn'inrg the district deputy
Ln W. N. theats of Tallahassee is grand chancellor of thi. district
hecity. While here she will be RIev. and Mrs. 1. W. King expect to
glmt of the Taylor House. Mrs. ma'k, their departur, today for Tanm-
has many friends in Gainesiville ps, wherre they nill in future reside.
1l11 be delighted to see her. 31r. kIing has for thl. past two years
Iputy Sheriff J. H. Konnard of been pastor of the stecod Adventist
owas in the city yesterday, hIav- Christian Church, anid has many
ee oiun busiues connected with frends here who rgrt e'xced gy t
'0ittlont l-im in that caat .l i wa
NirKUi court. He reports matters
lr quiet in Waldo at this timt., lhmpelted to, rtsign Lon a.cotlnt of thet
cB. McCann of Mulberry. !'Polk l l Ith of hi i. tele tlWit* to -,butit W
ya brother of l)eputy Sherito J. wit i rove Iwctihal tC hgtor lidvr
' Mean of LaCrosse, WaS il thi' King ha.s 'ceIted a call to thv .S-eond
1"Pf'tsay. lie was e11 ruote t0k.3 i-1ye'. I t(C1uLreIa at i;Infm. an. n! d rl
Wosme. where hv will spenl a few ^tuth h.1 .tiv at ouc,
1 JamiieK 1lui'J r of lie!.;' ti-, a liromni-
tes wtlishi. g <4(I cheal, work t m'ercl.ail ti an1id l inmHr o the
Mnowdules or horrro, will do well. lto .
I snowden & lEdwardnls' carload. lira f 'iidr i 'oa. :nanladturers

a i- iF < *f rii itis $'
Ilk ,

t s 4 t I I 'I
"Ir'*' v f *. i ". mt r f,1i'01 el" M- ts|e
i it ( .t rn aI r r a p i "(aa'

*ftn t rW 4 t r I g)I Ci it ytruthtA
I -t m tie IM( ttWl* 1UtiukI t
1 1 ya N41AI i K"IA ItI I
' 04 lf %T101ta 1104 11

).l r hant rt
\r '. r. wi Itraieaclitls bml4p41F4 lit a
Illit tyfe y'sterd*y. lie raur:. a very
uiH l trirmdh
t i.I) S +l,. riff 1. .!, Perry taf Ro,.,
ohelle was In thlte ily ywstPrday. ha.v-
ing oniltIf ) attend the session or lie
circuit tYourt.
%Mi*. Moody. a ohermnlgI youn lady1
of Mlachum. was in the city slterday.
Mths Moody is one of .Alaehua eouety's
e.meineti toaseht*r,.
John M. 1'rvatt of Lervlvile1 Is in
the elty, Mr. Prevail Is the father of
Mrs. W. V. (7olon, and is the uEsS of
that lady while hereo.
Mrs. J. W. Hewille and children of
Beville were among those who favored
alinesviile with a visit yesterday.
Mn. Boville honored The uSa with a
oall. renewing ti her subeription.
Grant Player, the barber, moved
yesterday into Jil new stand on rees
Main street, opposite Tthe es ooe.
irant has now one of the ment up-to-
date tonsorial parlors In the State, sad
will no doubt enjoy a fine trade.
Miss Joseph MeCoub of High
Springs favored aimestville with a
visit yesterday. Miss Ueomb ts one
of Alaebua ooonlty' *te4os teachl-
ere, and has been assigned this year
to the Jerome school, sear Lexing-
J. R. Willisaps of Alachus, one of
the leading business men of that see
tion, was among the vilelors to ibis
city yesterday. lie was on route to
()ala, in the vilinity of whieh place
he is largely nlaterested in timber aAd
phosphate lands.
W. F. Barry of High Spriaolp, oe of
the substantial friends of The Sun ia
that section, was among the vitItors to
this city yesterday. Notwithstanding
that he was quite buys, I found the
time to eall at The gBn offloe and we-
new his subeoription.
After a pleasant visit to points In
Maryland and Virginia, and to Wilson,
N. C., where she has been an ouet of
her parents, Mrs. W. M. Johnona has
returned to her home In this elty.
Friends are glad to welcome Ibr gain,"
and are plead at the Informaton
that her trip has proved a benefolal-
RIte. W. J. Carpenter of Kavanauth
Methodist Church has returned from a
pleasant visit to his old home Inn Mi-
souri. He also visited the World's
Fair at St. Louis, and was very deeply
impressed with what he saw at the
great show. The letter on the expo.
sition from Mr. Carpenter, which ap-
eared In The Sun, was read with a
great deal of interest.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sulli.-
van of Newberry are sympathising
with them in the death of Miss Birdie,
their beloved daughter, which ead
event occurred at their home Suniday
morning, September 2i,. The young
lady was posnessied of a most amiable,
sweet disposition, and was n general
favorite in that community. I)Deceased
nn .iglht-en years ofl <.
SMr. and \Irt A. W'Crushman and
(Mrs. Iay ti. Edwardw have returned
Sfronm anr extended tri; to California

land otl it'r points West. indliding
*'.k' 'A I'ak and tlS great Word's
Fair. Mr. Cuthmiian titut to attend
timh neatioinl encai:nptnit 1. ii. ,I F.,
at Sat Francilsco, uitd the ladies.
fortictl Ile.asan: Pncert.. I'The party
also visited poillis in Southern Call-
furnia, and altog'thr lihad a most en.
joyable trip enlhracLing a period of

I .l'r + I q v i a we';si tWtl -
1' A S l.d I'VjI. ldgtInp essl A
I i' ti 1, 9 s .wn t of Is( I tnet as
Ito$ 0 11 61 >9It t jlf lti u' t #nJi lt i

tt IS t i eh I ) 1 t- l i M *iInett OlW
l .* U I 1 V'ir6itt,rs t r l s I ';tnp ,p .

il. Iitt 4I rM J i o. Mtnk o of

thlis ity yptrlsrdy.
MeR t 1.. Puhst has tt Sltwi d to
lipe tfily alie spowlil si w oks withll
rtlditei In tivorgia.0
N 1 A tllotnf lprlno Pain g P et s Fr ,
ltrtinltlion, Ws alteoted in lhis 'ptt
vn business lteieday,
J. tmroble and (C Istee M of
Hllh lprelngm wrr9 r4glssend e ashe
Mrown Hous yesterday.
W. P, lmtlwsre of Oilhs Helghie
we asntong prominent EMts 'lt4 fmol
who visit this cipy etie aye .
r. U. Ramsey, she eo"t6y n .o.*
flone from Wasbmtos, we taSiM
fll baheslm ths I lt y clty Imoday.
Mamwno Vestbl. the Imbs Mea
naval mom mnuaftetam er eof Kmap
aba, we s imOaesln bee la kth
eity ystertay.
It. 8. rndlqy of WMakbeOt, a pro*
areeve teser ol ot *4 umt. e w
moama tl se s iht epd ri-sh e soit
espIal with a violl yesterday.
X. Sflsithflow. a mac811livery.
smn ad4 5Ullnwod olver y t flltw
of Anlash, *s o~ n U6 the hlMMn
vilofs to this eity ystedyf .
M.* Josep llh m Ma a he mt"wn
from a dellghtfol, tripto Mepi
Tens., a Sd te Wd0% Ust.r at it
lIat. She we thM &b t fI riSys
St Memphis.
Postmastor II. 0. Altwater lMof
we m Wite Oity yeesiay, havag Heto
astrted hemr by i6e' Me tMle
spealavl lie Is eo d eid uor-1
widely known Republisame oa shl MO
MIss Jsa e Bodlfoed has etaNmed
o bher hoe In thbs sity, 7Mr" s de-
It-ghtsl Tvist to laralfte, Nw YTot
City ud other p1l0a. 0tefu c1et
this pounm lady a m 4Ulightd to wl-
ome hoe Itr hme swlu.
Theo 1a7Id. Brotherhoo4 et Ou
tos., who have bea holdlMn r
mutelap tols a eOn over BIts0m'
mSom, Ihave Naod qMetae n a t IN
Power ek., eve Cbhitty A& C., Ad
will belhfir make their headqar.
ten then.
After a plessat vi to reOlatives 1
thl eility, Mrs. I Slaghjter and thi
dewrted yertwday fo thber home MA
Miami. Friends of Mr. Sisughte
-will be plemed at the lkfematOws
that he is holi b i a lucrative pOsIs1o
lmthe Maxsi Otty. and is dollghted
with that Meetlon.
* "*Bil Jones" of Foremadl has aff
rivl Is the ityl, sad wilt play foot*
ball with the EIal Florida bSIaluy
teom the coming mona. He m here
lst uear, and made a ese reord -o
the riditron. East Florida SBmilrnary
expets to haye a eae seem |hIet Uon,
and Is now gradually orgalislag.
'ProflJ. II. Ooee, primelpal of hel
Waldo High School, wa among the
visitors to (lnemTille yeuterly, ha'-
ing come on business conneoted with
the school bod. Hle states that hie
school, whcleh is in the best coodetlon
is has ever been, continue to prosper,
and the enrollment is ianreasing every
Hoti. ). M. s.aundeirs of ltons~n, for
many years treasurer of Levy county,
was ini the city for a few hours yester-
day. lie was joiwdI here by Jamne

Prevatt of Iteryvilh. fatllher of Mrs. W.
WV. Colon. and the two departed yes.
terday for point in South Florida on a
proupectigi tour. They expect to Im
absent several days.
After a visit of two or three days to
thile ity,during which time he was at-
tending to business connected with the

court, J. W. Williaison returned yes-

Will arrive about cetober !of naval torcis w a itusinets viiitor Iouut tuwo wetk. terday to his home at (Orlnond. Mr. Wil-
Ten n tee s.l.' stablde. WVt to thiis c'y) yesterday. Mr. lioltder M.ising from Fldward' stallt, since I liampou resided near lMieanopy, in this
llret, ,S. ( feat~a fr th i : l, rpoe of pay'ilgK tI1h Friday, Sept, 3, the fruluwlug ide- county, for many years. and his
taind Mrs. ,, C'. Hiile of Alachuaw tin a rtleasIirg from cukt-ly *eribd horse and buggyl Illoodh ayt old friends herd were glad at an op*
J olueing ovpr the advent of \W'l,on and Walt4.r MNlcMillan horse, about 15 1-3 hands high ; small lirtunity to greet him again.
youngster, which came to 'f 1. Colored tI'll) y wl% collar mark or rigead. Horse ink sgmurk- tv Jtoseph Sherouset hi returned
Their home hannv at an parlyv i.,.,..,.1.1 1,,,n, .tAamo o.,,f n. iti n I hiii t ib tnt AnS)d i .nrt wa from Jaeksonville, where he went dn a

Z -

-u.'"" ,' "', :, ""

..r. ., t.r W..t. st%'*,"-"'r 7 "' -li . .1 .4 .
I '"I. " ' .' '.* *

INN(*AIPM9ILS fttWz!(wToIbifln1$ 4



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Mathushek, Iv.

era Pond, Lud.

den & Bates.


Estey, Crown
den & Bates.

and Lud-

schema to g ym Pthao or Organ Free. All you have to do iii to guess the nu:nher of
B i 104, or the neatt the number, and you get the Piano or Organ you
ONol nts are p up to date Dec. rI will IM entitled to a gues Write uw for a card
mean a c l ltrument for you, ab',lutely without costing you a cent!
: 9 l 1.

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th, Ga-Ludden & Bates.

.... OwnMNAN


ub WheVh- s! A"ls ol" W" as a .
Oliv"0*_ hO Pf.i tOwes ft-- P-.t iy.
B B g ",sevem "%Mo to"l w o T-ond i^on
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winth nt lnse Uess" X Musea haste. via
I h she Atla te oeos tUe., h yhis own
6Smbassat ew omomis to all le"d. we Whe vtw.
SSationf in oesial*t Moed1y shole .em
S whis eas him hbok bed., st will
Sthin** m sa of stsmble.h
ohm" 0 0a swbt t m Mi Ue MlJetS.b When
the siO Ms"ted beth etlalthkea man
athbted, bat jmt as 'the treSs wea
eOintON"w polillg out he attempted to bseud a
B h p fell. W, hi& arms eextended, whom the
BmIiteit a theo Males whel mor above sand mangled both
#stpqaenot hi. primmer The i mamtumet* w a was takes
iai where hbe will aboard the traiu ad brought t
jle.ll Ba o5the boUt ll OmiNuevlle, whek Jn. II., HodeS
big46. salted by Drs. b mps and ill
food It ineel014ty so aniputate boh
Ma"....,. Duket hands.
S ite1i edge Mums oonatlnes to quarters were secured for Edw ard
&J."a IpfIa WS t"as I the mat- at the home of Johansna 1al1, aNorat
l HsW eket s oiS'erwMId. Withit Sixth me1 m. Drb IIod e stated Mont
t1 Gme tap he has InAe lieR* day sight that, whale the tan sto i
la t4ie* V.O hSulliva e snd Altes bad cdlWtilon6 the changes for his r*,
it iSta l MlIer Luelmda s- e ivery were fair.
LHe, .5 W. lned mat Li.ds Dsc1. -
V. Wllms sai*d i'* lawmn, sad l avm Two From Deoath.
Ms R!was and Its14e Ora4oR, all 4 little daughter had an almiol
SGaled, m he Sblsad-Douglas a"p. fatal ettek of whooplan edulth an
SIe the genial Judtie ws eailted upms bnebtils," writes Mrs. W. K. Hal
to perfmortihe eremony, whinh he led of Arlonk, X,. Y., "but, whet
did with gce sad 4rt1l""y. all other remedies failed., we siked he
Stif with Dr. King's New DIscoverl
Stoke into He Housee. Out Ole"*, who had consumption i
a- Lra.aini f .af tva.. a.., .s. N. sno i dvaMe d a a ud thise won





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. j

Tampa, Fla--Ludden Bates

'hND I*.-; Y01.01.: QRIERS Imy NMlI.

XAVAfltNl. (ORtUlA.
The- Largest Mail Order House
For Mne's, Womew'. and Children's

Clotnlu. Hate. Underwear and Furnishi~tae.

FOR wours.
Tailored Suits, Shirt*. JSakets. Furn, W ai!S.,
Clothing, Hate, Underwear m d FPrnishtijs.
rvMis,. Reefers, Cloaks. Underwear, Ete,

IPW*e send rOods by express (C. ), D. with privilege to
oX*mine btwfre accepting.
Wtm lWc chrerifully snud itw or three styles of atiy gar.
mnuit for Olect ion.

Write for our complete Fall and Winter Catalogue.


I Inoor-poYmrt e.d

MAbests of Title mand full ihformtion fut.nished re danltjg latilIe LI i
entity. Our ni .rger has. liwvd ti tW county thirty years ai
to th fiuhljy vonverenit with land titles.

t *.rni h-



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may yet hw in uthr if y vi hun\'.
worldtamtouo Chlckerht Math

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eI a- W r, 1 it,,,s't & '.
it O I0f* i' thl Mi ti
Iftd Jls t i fl N AT' ,ll -, .

W011t y'lM1 4,1' 1 1 ,, ,

si kaR cI h i q l" t I 4"t % itot
VItyh lmwg werf 1itsi* s a'4s t *'
la 's itthe 2( I t0 .O4 1 itI

bHi 4 t i1t1 h i ttlt l t mtI ktlt t 1'
gsvwtm t otf nt t 5 ti it 'tu*t itn'

osti0l f1 tl tt 0 't l tt O' R 11' I ,* 10

ill forw ltt'y ni ,Ilrt it
otaln t l o quetioun ir
r ets llPalll itml th rtink tadrk t
St uily We tri*otltmt (tie atIer I
SrPAt 1 i the, awind' I) is
t adpidt it JaLMei t ml

ties soderyone present t dreaill
SIt. rlalirw-AbIraln jackson' l!h'
W tIalttarlrwtio' tth nllt nUPl a1Lhtie ,

Ao be hlenrd i opepotllloitn. I
6adket (hat he attorndye rtiiat
P utlrifd for tlhi prtiuitsnr ni.n.
| and evTryone pretnl reelisedt
Hilowr poible legal pol l wo ii
illl4 on the lpt'stionf.
i. Robert iW. lavla opened for the
*H. ll he made an eloquent awp-
ta Its lbehal whleh touThed the
i ceapd Inpressd his hear-
i0M0ply. At lthe S n oclnsion Cil.
M1 *spoke itn reply, tnd i Isa
ito add that his nmareks
tseWtved with munoh interet.
an 6 point of law we edited, all
Ishb spp.iad l lone not up in the
l protnMlon to be well taken.
ps klon oeeupied the entire atr*
WIN, mand about b:30 Xthe couri ad-
,0d stll I o'elhk this morning,
ies. Frink Ciasrk will make tue
appeal in support of the motain.
big fourt froet will no doubt be
pAi11 berore the'* hour to convene
h a morninigr two e*sAn were dia-
Io by the court. The first was
t of the Sloat, of Florida vs.
Lhaits, allas Jim Johnson. break-
a|de*tering with intent to comn-
.ll ml4lemeanor. l'rioner was ar-
nm and pleaded 1int guilty. wheru-
J jurt was called eatd Iworn. the
flsubmittred and vet'rdict of guilty

n.m lxt ease wai ta ,f the r State
hi Roltobertson, ohatrgtd with grand
|M1bp. The prieuner was arrmiuuned
II pleaded ut tguiltr, lis a(tte trial
ray averdiet of guilty was r.-

C RranI d jury aene into open court
ubs the day and reported live true



or indictuments, and three no.
Mthe j4r for the cutrreit week is as
this: W. 1. I.uttlhie, teorrg M1.
She., Francie lClhlm. J. ,. i'hifer.,
LsKite.T. B. l wi. C, A. C(.l,
gh, J. IH. Jari. F.Met'cCook, J.
SDouglas aniI It. F. llampton.
y BatnsqTy, who was summoned,
Rfalld reasmns wam vetxued by tli
S1t, which will it 'o.Srn little itheiIli-
Mito of another juror.
bftlt Will Ckttvenue t 9 o'. teh*k thai
alIgI, when thl. irguttinilt in th it.
Sbway e mo. t-i 1..ta |ash ill-
bMm ,at. will I* take-, ;.I by l: 1 n.
Itk Clark.


Sprigs Hornet. 'itl Alachol
Eagle Will Comwe T ogrther.

l hIII th[ i't fi' W' r iL 'i Sitl i1'-
ot oi t :n 7th ::,? .! i t II .
Wer f that ; \i. r Or i r tlv ,
j d ;tt .'1ss in h '*I \l -; i I I

n Ot liHtd t 1 n ; ;i;., r l.i1-tfr,'
i P rotltah Hit .ot. 11, r, i
he! Iayp -
Ail r tlhi w, k e i, .l,.eritIliion
[*t The A]larlua l'hi le will bie'cn.-

IHornit. All expired d oub-
iolo are; payable t I,*hi hiiap ra
hle unexpired will crri..< out.
iloKM$n for th1' thalltg ii tlat 411
i hpltli ..... o.. -* 1-.... t 6.4 1 .... -

X I ~ |~', t < ,1i t mi ', t '
I1 1 1, ttt .

1,bjt4% Ott M % itt t'I ),Mt0'1

14 14. '11 b; M. Ih 9

1 a t,
*~ 1 9
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.IA I'A >' IA rIP nA 4 P

~4jq9 h
I ~''~ Nm'i *n

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4". 1 1 ,., 40 4kq hA.

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4v -, kI

"iti I

S I 1 I I It l 1 I r y l I Ir T 11 1

Is 1 i p if g. I tr F .-' I 4 C '
H 't 11 it 1 I
I tl I t ,i , I ,It -
ItE ,0 1 MtI kn. 1 1> -n 1' i 1 r
g iti't gI r Iit; *" tt '' r '. t I i In
in .c .' ,' a t ;It ' i l- i ea e *
to"). ' I ,1 II .. I l !t, 1111 11 411 ( 9t 11 i 1t h i., .
I* ll .1' ie 'irter > .s ul* *t t iw l| ,

S i a Iy wl t it Ir n i s hii im w hoill I lla'+ '* airt 'l 5 t6 'H t, bl w T
111.41 fAr II'oil14 A11 A I It ilit thy t i AIajr ,.[I, i I slr. hm rall Uw f n ip.
j'ttsed the m I utiotn, 1id. who sp kt i
,, i, i It ti t i n r ti ,h i form r I T. ri enueldifnr
t ,. tia 11'al' m 11m r4 11 1 f1r .Ii sa41 Y *itl re w o 1 ias '), ,by ion Frank ('larkt
, fr 1, ,c, m, 'ut, % . h end l '
'mflr,,, li Ii, edr I l T e \%. i l and whitl l U .t1 1a1i0 t doubt one of iteh mee
Se n i firhim, ifr if, atur l artastMi ld (tel grent lawyers in
sill i,'S uit s ao, n t ll- tlte uth ol.Clark spoke f as
l lk ir'.' il ur and a half. m G d his stguuemt was
Ask r,,I a ueiMItwis ,rqii t onvI ,eo tuthl
t'ii, tc' t111 0 ,it Y v but, vote audtiee. It wis by aii the m a IRgio1
iMes re t t il and mit eloquent at the entrut me.
for l4 towuaJ yV if r y titi w fn f tt to k p th .t 111 a l ?101enli l.
410101r1 ,h.lla ir.,.,,yrf, o wold k t**Iha of arguniente, and Col. Clark re
S hil r pmiy--fr who w ld eeived 1teogratulations of his
Cnht ralthr vtsI *for ha lte blltieax t d.a
to vl t t for a seared ilp WolI? "Seared. At the emnlus int of this addrll the
tup jt t f day y a few llll e was subtated to lh Honor
bo.,es. Judge Wills for a decision, whieh will
I 11,slic.e wil roll tip ,ti th'e th likely be rendered today. The ase
fur ilelloway the largest vote ever cast has 'stt.ratted such Intense tleven
fIr fa scna" in thoi State. md1epndent that the outr mom wase crowded dur-
of the comniittee and their nominee .
I 0p O so a..tI0,S.E I, II ,aKwdN. Other business transalted by the
p .'l. .. eaurtS was tl* trial of two eaes oas
S..... Stakite- of Florida es. OU. U. Cirler,
After Having Seen Commtlted Negro selling Ihetar without a lileese. De&
At LaCrosse Made His Ecap., ferdant arraigned and pleadedl uos
After having been arraigned upon a guilty, whereupon a jury was ealed
charge ofm breaking and entering and and sworn, the se. submiled, amd -a
eommltting a larceny before Justice verdict of mO &guilty w rnneadered.
Stokes at LaCroeso Monday. Walter StatIe of Florida vs. Des er Wash.
Jones. a negra made a ouenetful el. Iito, selling liquor ain a Idry eouty.
oape from the ollicer to whom he had Dfefendant arraigned and pleaded not
wben delivered for transportation to guilty. Jury called and swor. eallst
the jail i (taineeville. many taken, and verdictle turned of
Jones. who hnas been about the La- guilty. Washington is a Sne-log.ed
t'rowseI ieligLtmrho d for some time, it -gnrl. ad notwithstandisng thas he
is said went into the honmeof Abm Irv int mght have been guilty, the sympathy
Saturday afternuosm.and was in the set of the' courl and the audience ap-
of relieving a box tof $2 in cash when leare'd tobe with him.
discovered by Irvini, who ran him Ii tlhe cape of the State of Flori la
down, captured hi and brought l in vs. lEll Misuuari, chariel with assault
to the authorities. with intent to cunimit murder. whiath
At a tale hour Monday afternoon thelI has beEn ltauditng on the docket for
ntegro was still as large,. having sue. 1M"' tilne,?acee was Il0 passed.
ereded in evading tihe fibers who art The gra' t d Julry came intolopen coart
looking fur him., anid rep|ortel four true bills and seven
no*lills. T'ihe grand )jiry will proba.
A Quiet Marriage. lily complete its labors today.
Sunday afternoott, at the home of Ctourt adjournmd about o'ctoek un.
Judge II. ti. Mason. West tirange til Wt'dn@llay mitlninai at 9 o'eluok.
street, C. ieksy and Mrs. Jessie
W. Mmttdox ot High Springl were- Confetsions of Prilt.
united in the holy bonds of maitrimony,1 Rev Jp10. S. t'ox of Wake, Ark.,
Sllis Honor Judg Mason oatlciating. writes "'For 12iyrars I suffered from
The ceremony, which was ttilt' im. Yellow Jaundice. I oniitalnel a num*
)wisivie, was of a rather retired na-. er of physimcani and tried all sorts
ture,, only a few witnesses lwing pres of medicines, bu1t Iot no relief. Then
et. I began the isei or flktrie Biters and
'rTho y lln prol'e are among the feel that Iam nlow oeued of adisease
etiw pn,.pular an lHigh .prings, asd ht.e that adr Ie in its graip tier twelve
ytar." It you waits a relIa1le nird.
information of l'tnr anarraign Warp leine for liver and kidney trouuhle.
irn)tibtly r'.eiv*d ely theliir friends .ii tinclh direi .dr or general delility.
thers iith a cr,':;. d atl of suIrpris% O. 1.leClrie llitistrr, ii'. gelarranlt d.
h, t in ;'" ;inir re.turni'l ,n the tlrst ti, :ili druggists, only t,'.
trai.< i -, I hrr l,: nr. lJOTTINGS FROM JUDSON.
Tra n !is silt l 'iIk 'r frit !,nd ,. t>'i
Mr. nDiul .\r. lbat4,3 :t !Mii.; nd, iaag'y Oeparlure of Iw* Young Men tfor
w%'r th 14 ', Atlanta.- Cnttton Picki"nR.

SQ ,t'k t -t ti,,' i 'od
iv't C p,.Ioi ) 'k n ,, m iik I t i..s \

u.,l 'u 4 hif gkildit twar' dca

thinn 's.
SU tt'\ lS'iu l-i,' gives
strength to W ;iak mothers lx-
Cauet it creates healthy flesh
anncw I bV hIMKI.
Ntr r sing iltthers will Iiful
.1 sM)cial value iln Scott's

11I rk 'A I h h 11.!. iv r

t .1t p haIrtit:t y.
.1 1. Cartu r sl i, reti:rni ,l hmrq- a i l
rwil tlrv rk for 1 : ,N .,i t r ii'ill ("'riat.-

11 .. arI r1art. ,tn -
l'til tIl he tine'. I I,1:U II l''k in g
Rinmiat ovrr now.
NMr. Mtltgonnmryi It rttu rnd an lI ri
teaching the Ihartrin school.
4 11r. I .. S. IlymIa t hil Ilvuag1it al ill.
lert it '. %'W. l1 tsh' slor.t iin Put.t
nelhon, no nour eimrrv. i.itldnt lip Ibeen
informed. We with him imach ,ii,',-,'i
in hisf new enlernrill.




r Ar !!' ',: .' <":,*
lf/ l ..., ..: ."; ,.- .
.. .. 'iti
r ri,",,,,,,, :
1 P r i ni:
st... ""um!;

A prominent ehb w

north, of St.
was curd o


a th^ Wseenlt &

Maamne Sq
^A ab I-
dd -tow
,WON"' hf


eswn It A -'u-
1dk MA -106L
vemm a haebe
- Sm .3 hIexpelmnft-whai
thetoo on-es'm% ad @no

Sessalon Opened Tuesday With. a air
te I'reabytery of the H owane.
opejird its re1ftular session with the
First P1retsylerian C(hurh in this oAty
'iuesdjay, a fair attenrdanlet being rep-
remcnteil from th' variouI cueursch's of
tht l'rseehytery.
'the ,rr'olei Tu'ed'y il',rtiving was
Ii "1 'r. , .T.t,~mo,Aitl.%, ht'tt l hi y h y inifter'r.t.
I vl l t' I '. *-l.. 'iu l. i tl i%' t.Ptl l hto t .tr-
S.f t jlr t',, t u tI* e sirn-. i th '-irrt

,ie' sIpi* ak< r, a i. rtim fu Ilot to t ohi
thoo vlio -t ai ntini uf L.,% hvarvr-r.

j Th. P-Iwb-fu, &Liigil--B

-e, r have bshaave ntM
,wopenn t eieWaISe of hhe
rniriing, std will ateud th
t. 7y. .

bit it il q ewt'Vctt ithItttlOW
filti ir twfureo the
th. *rrieeP m lbaw ,,

ffnor hr Ikernmin. rlalt uand Winter a rhoaie et of hob se 'Ait
PEt AN TII ETN of the standard vertll, %nrh as h e a* al d
thind lthm. Alme Fruits, Ornamenlals ir. iCafthtol t Mi .
s ..r- .c l I'cea t'ilur."' free. .I I S a *S 8,
I. ^ .i g

I .

't Il

'.~1N ?~'.



! k I






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'I. *J~~4~ Fl
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4'i~ .,. I.,..
'Y I 'L

...M MI


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,,flu, '

i tAIts

Atatfltt flAt





Si J-a .a-.maonba. ad b. .s ow a O. ha, a the meo -

~~-l i:

, h I ipbk.. t .o t

DR. Pt D 1110

I ,t\I~hrC

\% A, 1 I I t

S 1 1,4

I Iai9'.,,f t. I It I j

.4 1 .*'

r- Oann.

N4*1Ai f l *l i1%,

I t 'll

I ,'" '..,

WIRtSU-l at1Mt %at^s btw1 11ik

10, lslift 1644ti0. -wiflPithe *ensa
*te bi *ls aStn% t.srow.'
Is Advanc*.

'i U.wnn pr r 'win p

i T. F. TRA HE

Thi.L-L I. .OULTrl. IE OF
pI: kidslqdp

.u meg** NEW GOODS.
tlil -.006-
fIneWal attntide 6 all matter I'm
.a JiU!iptiIM tr.m d .d telgrsph oalrs
aSW t..iw !U .es of Ar1%r, % pthtd
wit p ? sm S. fl Rafma, giflag a'
S"os givew 11 ra.his vsua Hat.s
.iae .i.. '",OGainemville, . Florida
, ?tUa .. tm .atu eu m.C...mtIe4n Mi.
+ 1 St Mabi d 1si il8i,

s & The Oldest Whiskey

SHouse I Georgia


strauss' ,. "

,iuarutmted K yare a>tl. s y the
gallhtn 8At. 4 f1ri uilis 3u t .,

I 6EO. S. (Illl.MA% % K
atMI. t t l1ftfl (iirr t 4h! ltm irt, tt iit

S b qhl nMitel 4 y s old, : ty Ihe
I EXiRIt:sN4 rultKrAlt

ItB the pllo 10 $2.!, 4 hill quarte
SiRt,. EXPPiN4+ PIt lPA iii
(kstAftnued 4 gram hlI. Ity the
gallonr.f I full. quarti ui2'a.
Ow 011 XP 't01 1PRPAD
OLD 5SI'4 VV141

tinrvanitMl 1 y6t I o ld IIh the
irkllon $i. 4 full"quarrts s.2.
Wfo handle oall the ledlint bliawld of
Itlreand Bourbon WhhitkInt the mar*
ket and will niv. out fn m pir wetM
to go per tw on four pureh e. Head
for vioe 1 t0aA aft. t wou. tRale2
free upon sppilealon '
I.WlIM1si, rURIO1H iKTR .T,
MIACS. f Uiltll.

it t o lithe r% ic1 i M 10%.Wt 'fl tfmii
tichotiivim0 te lee thwrolimimieluirtit h it 1 5100
11*16 kI vtittc'iqbittow 9 Imr ll' ct t'qi1% IhtS

htkcpitA' al $ h owhtti w. it ht %%Z i itj nl
illihs ~tR.'1 vt% 11w ts' ai I I wt %AltI~
thejjif m lt'h ase t; tnf. I i t.'-,
bor t 0% a 1
tteffbLta tI4 Iv 1 4 1tt4

l~q~itt' % 4 '1hI 1-I%.I II wktntt 4 it
VkRtI 0.: 41NA. Sta *h '~i I ri I '1I.'l ,I~~itt
I-'Alit'IqI ttj hato e t l004C % vt k O iI' flt '11 '1%.
A 4 lAk'~iK II
MAW% #0 4itwhith thi' ~n nR itti i Of ~ 1.5
j I'itA'tm 'altI5' 4fl\ It Mt

pwtb tlt'A' T mtitw-
SIT AtT Ktlo I s
II oir"v 1"'ra V11its 1-%~ 4~tb 411,
1%W11itAI@W ISnsIN M'.'.Iqir i s m i ot F #6t 1 P 4q ra0',AS
hitatleaeitnmttia1i r a qmtod l'
'r. fr l'eImeIt$" 'I It tr.4r tl' t. I
11 ithik% w ot~u4%itw 4ak ORi.rt-tt
that liii
NI kbtheptra a~tpW Ltt rtt4t11%
It4tmhvl ,ubA, .
I t at wt 4%It .Mv oil .
w1s' %a. lIa'S)Ip oi t kt
MittijAs~his tlrt t tfsi'di kI It
4-au.h..k.. -k

NOim K"I I ; r tl.l-A T0 %,'

*1 ha mrl i attkl bUmt 'o '*I' it, i -"4
tk* sw i o witlltua i'rle 4I %4110 tC"
,..,~ ~ m ,es,.' ,Otis .I; .,i...,, ,".'"

Ii 1[ f 1,

FJ iuJk

c-qIrW EW 5q 5 1v-N

's I.

kta lSIa k~t I it. w

W q m.oll 1, II'%tlgqki hlbI jj

Go .. 4h* nhr~tio'41f.%1"J )RL O
0%1e l wn w S ki 1 '44l I 1 kti. I N111)I W
ett %%lob t'itik1 wii

fi Iri~ 1we114tat fhI,% 4t"U-cIb I'"I lulw

,lhP vtitlu to vI%iii ist iKI hai'v i
11110%OA0 *g1wt414tttort46." 094% a4-

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Tho *as41e1 .ty 'b atto, '1w .'mvi a11 th~
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to t.,41I* m'aul p ot' ro~uIII~
)1tau wervllbd~ ldm ~S taLh %t* t'o i'e414*016
wealcit mist Iu'oeg1mpi I~t'% 11141.~ ik~t

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Mh oithi ,itehntMI, -

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.," I'IttiV 'I1 1 '\I1 ,

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|' estw r *t' t t *i "i A I ttrhs t,
LtHANK < I \h

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I t, r B. KIsIN .
S A, 1,, N,"WTON,
P Pt i NK\IAN.

liov-rit tr.
WAoI.KON >, YtItKtAlu,
MeetHr l* !tate,

CL.AY 1141' V.\ rft l .

C t t.u.I vof 11 1v:1.1.lI,
t t%%rol r .'!'. l,
I A. I'llltO l,

W tt t l i ,t ', l t' l
T %I A B f ,I 11 h Iitt\.

S1. I:, 1fT I1, A. ,

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LJA.N II M% i )v\itEN.
J tt'W CUtt r'itt 1 itat: t<\ V'% t

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JutI', thnatnvi Cmirt,
.. K itH1T it. t'!0

TiX A I' la t H.Mi,
,, .,. lAtttii l Nit t ll,
II. M, T tl.l.IN ,

U I', (I. bWINK .
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AN N- w rNNt.i.
N Mcmn, f oNhiitn
,*"'. .1 L i t .. ... ^ r .
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lt ,i, I., lt KlS.,1' Y.
.. W II. I tll 't.I INN. >

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B.]i lM, <', ll i rK,
, it W^,ic MMi,
|" !t I, W~iK li.

a t1E tiers lte c1W The ii. tore.
so ha to a Mr ill.llet, who will
iOft*er oMtaet the 1pnor WO,
lb the new ptoprlstor sunees,

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fit LjII.%Oki.,

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1j14,lo t9. Am ... 'ooI o t''3*" iti

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sld? Mat)kl 'e Btaten.nti

S I',* 1 it h i i I lli P t, l ko tti
i0 ttl .1 h , f i, ,'11' t tstiqv l 0t 1t i 1 1wi
lt a itgti l. y Mrit. ,ol o t, l his
tw,, (IaIri ?I, pirMlttmt g* 1I* tI' gi'ws
'rrIp known al t *P t'VOmtaMoiml. I
rT'It SsIt ltle d'ilnjantea nott that
l'4qIPr sel l i nliA i Iy thest tn "11 y iad*
vlie. hi tuantiillpitin ito th 'as pr ls
larat'ry ii trial. I wa ul that theI
rtlimrt 11i whia'h the lttsl itwoit ti cr, turttd was n t on a ly not writtnil
Iy' M \v!tlf, btl Wa s~lo ti cv, eu n
j hiutn until sfti*t cptpbliatllon smil I
attuih h*riti midalIt to that *10t "i1
*'gaJ bty II K X lCe99, wiho at that
ti(le wasI the losteal reporter of The

"' rth tw ,d itnilr ti otn w lhch
the third alid fourth counts wetr'
founded Mr. Woalt wau mrponslthl*
for. \heln lhip trial. I hlad etIi11sl myPolf that a veIr.
dimt would be rndellrrd against the do.1
fn11datlm't I donot romiC r 11111w whesce
mit111mael it- pro14o11iton for lie do-
fetid ants l t ,onufss the litll, but art.flr
tii noIIptSIiAtin loy tMr, 1mllmnt Iat
w Mr.. I|mtil *Ibmnilltte lto n' the prw
I'? rCoUtNftlig tih lilWl whhie was atf.
terwarile signed,.
S"'Mrt. W\ l wasl tuwlllithp to sign
itl. tiWlu as ho tmnteind4(. It ultlight
e oieit r ilted I ItsAt he ui sid tie pta t1t'
had 1itht0dtt> t11O t 10 A11t 1N0T1ab tt \ thl
hmrooeofr N1 Mr0 (hipta complitiiml
Af, kitwllmat thtit tw lw r Ale )at, hlet,
ilt tinth iauid (it fact, 1th11 uoly oan liht
ho' was or~ally |11111ebhl) for, viO a
that wri forth in ths t thtOt cmni., him
lltlieved tto ite' l lt h*A he tlUletthd
't ai itst wlth himt that while th
0Ht01rtfe 1i 41ithe lilt4l nttmight tw 'tiln
Itrted biy ose destirne of doitsg so to0
ratin hatt lhe lIpblishers know the
mitter to be tuhtle when they ubtl1itshrd
it, thma it t4ilerthelesa 4il not Ims in
tha1t oN its ftan and uo uld n0 t W t 0!
Interprlt6d b1y a fairMutliw44 leveA.,u
1 further tird otin hMt that Ih him.
self aidmiti d tthalt Ithe iharis aptn
'11il1't published Ii y The (t'.ommninrlt

wsm the' nittoly ontordt Intuin i jdamnt,
for o0' nti thte l% s1 Uwitti1 gly r runjuisi.
ly ilj'itlldl snlotlrhe4i K1ottl mtliW. to d.
Vnit lit injumlm*i wheln .stlelllAI tther'.
of. ithd to ttuk Ihe l l t ilHllIon as ui|i

I haiv not hiig to add to litM. MlI
htrt'm ssttstIntot hr tells eraklly whatI
"I hil rtl h ant0ti why i wo1urn 1.T '

T'Itt ItratM ld: r. 1.. tt, tlnnrih.
tonof .Atlatla, Ith well known Irer
late mi nitster, ner m lto have re entil
allowed his nli'0s to ill in hIlard pslOW ,
Stn.ii wk i atk- he w'_mt to .Alka-.i
ti., notd imade undlry vligr oit and
"eoiftlilal sharp.) agah ilnil thIttf of
Plilee WeIrlmu lk, wh(ih tsltd iu
the mlInltrnltl frle lane ettlng a
olwhllding. Thisl M follweld by a.
trial twfers the polling. omislslonn, *e
ealtltg In hthe otetf being eomensted,
.veetal eaft ago James (t Woodwait
a maiiyor qi Atlanta, std 14l. lroughil
te, aIade .Aeatonsl atiteh, upon,
11s.aaas J teadl sha manal khis alak *Ia

w ni-omI 4

ts sewe .

Mr,. 11 M ifnler, 'r 1I t4nt nif the
itorida Keel Ctlst ratllwi, ty l Tht
iatsI iHtatitr, is showliag mioie se
tivliy this ype aikt e deatvoring to induc Immftlnts it 1this
$1tase au4 ltaIId o oiltn t his ork tit
It. has penel tN oImleirsil tilt.
rtein t t'hlule t mlll in ttwhr Wswt9i
its ant ist te 1ltinAt the 4|h 4 t11#011
0ithIw. im itulage or .lhida, atidt Is Ir).
I't to ,rl tl h i r1a ltllt. lv ti0 R mttt lit

p t' a t 'i sl r lert mlti l ia% 1 i 1 pit
itor r at wlrk o thi t sto je't 4s t "Its'
*sht 1t his 1al|I frtsm ths msatitlndl to
K*'y We t, this it thl ti m tlriklitg
Klh11lni. ti rkiitti* 0"i boh^ ih0
1'hihlltltl' !ttt t e.'ieib, wlil h.einre ttse
l tit of this wiac it to sllAitil that
iV wn m 111e i imI ati'lvly istykti t ed
its oonst n liho w, i.ft ie wtio1h t it
w*ll rak .ihth th"e pevAtnt ellImv.

Juidgl l'arker'sl 311ll tiet)it land
liss Iethe l t eticptaiHn ht-. Ibteti
nioteitthy untl hii role s1 a wa11 '
nmiker he twoi mntor t iit'tktiholl to
Ih ttiltimtit t party than either
litsasta rut tMi i6iP4itled butl uireet
Iiim'rst'en the. ftIs atliotk utter
umin u todayil it theI l nws'y tit,' NuwV
vIork, hwiloitti. Wilar1llit Westl \'Vit
sita,. New itcroe anti Ibel v i'tNttrIti alid Mr, arylud 11have
t tl thitPnls tI uIlth as*ll' itktia ll rA
taynt ho"1s shakes huhsis

The Jaolentk ill, Nurpoli says thk
ilPi'htt111 lAtw this0 I t4tI l ht'iir-A tIie
11n1lted oit 1 udhittv., w ithlus Ogadlil
Ih PilW to is plalel, I 4pOtN ho 111tlisl
taikl alpttintxittly Theo M0t. it
mistake, The outlty cmmitlo nl
ean have i. sttasies printed 5ls. the
aotis ao ay*oer thery s* fit. This%
I( sot the ist time thu, MIet has *end
ln quotlnA law, attnl we wlnt0 a4nvI
them to emply a new l1gal advilr.

The mmbefter I he J sksen veiteto r I
alul Aemi ltle are llit neItupelt
me.i Thiti leatmi fst the ailt that
lthe its get watti hmuoe st tseiese
where others ll. 11 1y the wayi It's
time to get ready. The satrnival datam
arf <~4etab0 e Il, u4d it eijity it o*e
Sa i m& maL. S a .- -.. sL. .. a i ....A


151.44 I h t t


., .., '.1, ',M

I .... RAVI

IT %T,*
3 ... 3 : ..

I P.kS a. . .
'. ,S!!



We Prnwy die Chariw on tihe'
nI'tl HISi AS1 Utleei p, 1 t IkslNl 4 IM Mweb,.K .I
lso -AMIlt CAROB? ftp tyteaua4I

UXONAtlAtWLA XX R t, I mnlIWMS.9 "

we t Ah AI.'-NH WtTl iitl ViSl 'tt"e

Int liet l m oat mf ptse ie."
Itles ti. ltvit, liemlmratle usdidatiso
itr ul .p-rldent, doe bua m-liNs
mih. pa$s Istletlsm h .ss of I t
041110 Meon etuii ittui tnritifn OI

cams subagg na

CMI Msmhwet t
a Lm.. a. n i iiil
.ir ._. ftf ,,.Hk

, .** '::w ,.



TIN 440001,14-14 Wrot N .Al l


4. J ~ '* 4i~~iq .

:U. !, :
~''" "
** '*' ,


lai w '*^?
= 4|j|k' &


-* t n Ir 'i i "1 ... .. "l k .-' .* I "t e I
^*[c&'-^K-tHMf Mi B

tm the rettwJt

bum the ttP

^.. It *.' .. I* t
I Iii h thII up 11 ltwoL ite ,I,
s444 a hM att th thah
|^Ui 'fli; ^k& 1111|,"11111 I#k thfk

iat te p ,e of the itt est ohik ,
*4 4 DW.I doing hisw eu n itss
1--&'' Wh% Matk aifni taN ttuie kI'

-- ~vr1

M bw* Mv

~ A4~ t N#
0;* ~
I ~ ~'~tW A $1

441 'I; Mtat ~ ~ i4q'~t
i~ L~ItI~ %iri 4A%~utfl q~ft'

i t i *H'il t'. .t ^ **A i*Lft

| *t tit -01yt< a ^ ImiP
t j A 'no to ladto
IliihMha, \ \t, .

H0 ,h ... 9 ,,,., r '>,
h isi w^of1 s =0tit wh oAi

men VA ~hime bwab4 nl '"
) tht' a pt (tu **of ft

111~ M ft he s t h v Mth.
tWMj t~ A I fteha
tuneS br WN t tw b ^n b9t

t alkl t & atvi)thol t e A
4t 4 00 0A I ts91 h(0 fth

tta elite e.wey chennn,

I &^f a s% tpt HA te sie f fitew t

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tg >me mw tp# tnt ehsA ttnp 4itt,

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A tbill,%hI I . viuish%% k~ t

'A iI t' : 1. NI%, k
I km I 1 k '

l1 it,


It a ~ qi ill,. A',,% F. i 4

thiu e II, 9l$I'l~ I tt A w ti I

First-Clan Education
6.t, n o(t A^ 1

. 1. 1 1

Floda Nqnintu'y.

~SMib~~L In~*ilJi~~ ' ~'-, 0*.r t -m' S'' '' lL~~r 4

(14. *'fit#l


M I 00..1

-4 4~

'f. I

\ a~,I
4 I ~ I
',, ~
I , ~iij
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lMIl M. POmUN. lupIltttmnol.t

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S MM A& cO.,




Agate fr Pabst IMiy hwr.
U i?* 1,1i t ,' r itI. aliOk. 11j lit Itr do, t In 91 tiw

JMius ChlInmeti Rod M eat,
', hitA.l, .it?.r, *li: p0? li t *t,


\'Nt t'ri4ighl or express chtrgcs

ItWIS 1886, Aay Above Everything in
.the ( W ky Line:
fill| (111i1t1' .... *,, *
I*, litill ui irtH . . . ;:.
Sfrtill quIarts ....... 4 "

EARLY TIMES, Pure Sour Mash Whifky:
1ih4 If ill l Ilk oo I'Nda r Iotrensuui "no,'',iui.
I full (gita1+'t , .... l" ,I ,

SvYears Old:

full 'jilnrta.

yi I t~ ;ilI1,
1" lt lll ,Im n,-'I'

* 41 th


8 tIl
4 I|!

0,L~ _

\\ '

l 0 i i .b Vin It in

puil gal..

t I\\

d..w~fl flqr Ia;, .. #* _ -

lr ~ -2~l" -- ---L __

F''. .
4.h~.A ~i ~
4 I L.h~.
F ,.

Three Times the

Value of Any Othcr

On e-Third Easier

, a 'I~ I I i m I:'-. I I iLI1



,ahl'It, the I iI htr t r li r 1 iii l i t inAllI

rA ',l'it* WiIlt' II tti l unitw~titItl'l i i 'rrt

* "l ", .
'1., : ,
"lI I '


a -:--'II ~ '' 1"

rYIW1~~r- --- - -- ---- ~

TO~IT~g~: f

: ,, ,
f '..,,t. ', :-

.- A -

:, k,

;4, *16 1 -% oi lk I, %, 11 414t

m q .%4 It% I v -it ilk I tj III I I I 6 0


wbodkIm 1% *m -, rqA

I ., "I' l 1, tilt

00, L (LICL91 l~

~ Ir s

' ti. -

.i44' ~Y',~"%vq~f
I ..

p, i

P hrt r I eM M o
V bnt. isdsu



.4 N't Ho onm i Its
stoo oi I It m ,,0#4 i l -
040 1s0A M11 94 "

el 0ft 1, n it' t, it ,ii i

i t 11 1 10%411#1,1 *. ,,,t 1ht1 !

*iD 1 t*, hI twi I mw' Is,' ll
MOO&li 1it l t hl i 4 iti tlit( I t

1 m( li ht kll h W l-tl fitit l
I 4" 4'11h Ito to' ita l t l ,'

lllkm, ws .hawont 0tM M.
O*w tsh tadl, | writ tetent

m wlot. I thI at4'si ti" t
*Ii, ia * thl qlti .lt nii Ithi

H id i nd adI Iasht t l i ful
i~Is b till i il lnl I butt Ihe
i lM Arlmes iend hstr ep y

0l P busyh. Iotm i o
H tl *elnet wrtets er lipts

e to esti af la*rm. bhs w

el A nlhon o, t14 lllMforIon,

ilh hi twas Ianound hedma
bb %Mau*' tecitsh*!,"TK* irI
. Noewpulortly throu n itnpy
oltl y Th eti th pr eeud
i slues tneful rTvmivl, hvit

M"h Citt 0willo topen lh e .
IJ Utnitn. He is do ing a
tlhr u houl the Slatl, and
area pprmited.

of "MA P*ti Coo k o 1"A
is O ef a This Work. Th

6w lUh e I..,eerr tio proved
lo Ii hI bini opan the wor
itnti llHte at 1 1 oi last
pthoughou lht theem. and

lilyS Stat. Phi C-s o Stou

ditM t .i. Sec>tiaryll of tha*
k will bie inrd Elt y todw wor
lispl m st.' ellni reurt miit w ll
Wp th twrk ort n'crlvriitth te
LMd it seiwutd, atill or the

Swill hfb.rt nifornrb l>toda..
fti a strin mll ts, rlIP rn It will

Iq K Isee 'teKtt wilt rly.It.lre aft

r stal an" e.uiapy. as welt as

SIat wlih n .t'.ll.,r.l, hll thrt. I 1

lSlt of thpi elel tllen asi to thoL
ittiilionlu *namendilmen'"t. Three
ito 11 t0i( t 1nt1 1 that l .MMIf dnlf t olm t. mhotto r(*lilltng li f a
g fAir an lter:'sq fot1r 1. t7 1
l Ii iif 17", fit 1 i ti t ,, ti

Spl., Ro BSoth In Troge
d' Ayii 'd Coanetu

1*m 11 )O l9l WA A'
.ilk 1k. b% a .


*4 1





livery1 Sale & Feed Stables




Wagons, Har-



otal IIUIlt o lE Mairisi,
Ai Aii. tt It i',




I: ,e vt1' ,1tItl'id in tiis tia'u rket,


hAl otI%


lhIy'y ) .o y III .wit own It gy
O(' Wagon, 1ld l(my tbor it oi
ealsy terms. Watch /
thIis space.


. R.


r 1* .. : r1- lLS-~N m,- Ki n

The Gainesville

\ Furniture Company
Announce the opening of their 4
Mammoth lLousehold Furnishing 4
Store bet ween October 1st and
S 10tit. We will display the larg-
est and mutost up-to-date stock
ever brought to this market,
Our new stock will consist of. 4
Stylish Bed.-Itoom Suits, Odd 4
S Dressers, Dressing Tables, Chif-
bfouuiers, Iron and Brass Beds,
/ Sidehmurtls, lutits, Chinat Closets,
p Extension Tales)l, Ditionrs and
S ItRockers in all styles, Hook Cases,
S Secretaries Centoer and ,il'tiiay r
I' at,leN, Maltings, Art 8iuarres,
S Ittugs, Eltr. -in ftact, everything
to0 1' found li! a t irst-vaHse fi'lr-
Snishiiig ithouse, l'rics guaran
tee, to be correct. Parties con-
t'luittingt the )iil'ebhnsig of'
iny tlito g \ our m\t \w willanve
A. __1h 1 . : .. r .. ..A IS . .. .I

O tu tt U SS


ma us -
^Ww ^ I-M




^^^ -wm 6AT Or, MOWi*~^^m^B



LAMB^3^ b

IC d
T.nWo m~ri 0 M,

MlVJltllk, rwktd

NMV*heW ImtMk l at ii o I ps
pfl^^^k^M^u^L WRAU^WC SwiS

Ordler Your
Whskiesk Fmai

etylt, I wante ho p _t hm s tmmwi
'lAsA. mI A. ,
il Am i hiIKStti ('.SMIT i i,

IISIt1'IAI. PIt I's li tI. I
tl t,.rRI \XX ... .... St K
x x x'd i.t, 0 .. . ... Ita
aktI M4d0 ., ... 8 11


lTk. kl+d WMlk
81 ^ *^ i ^^^^ +" 1: 'tH "

^t.^ h^^.'. &^^k^^^k

" Se0Sww f le w IU

n. ' ,uueth
&me aa W M .

.. stie. L't.U.t
t robt*ti

i aIr+MOi r tI- 'Pa

h e Im La 1 .. thA t.." i as m .s
'm. ,ll 1 <^mtmtr i m r^ Q-^ m **lm :h~illi ',:'



iU.I, %

Its '44,1 N t III

011,14P Will I'll sol(I 4111 tile

|.h r -.W+,; ft? '+,.: ' 5,' +:. ../ .' ,;. ;. '. .T .I: .... ^ ,
i#i ^i ^^'aM ^,"i ^"; :' -l '*l i( '+4+ !:$Wl Y ^ l 1 .; .
|W 9 T Tt ^ .' ,, n n <.'.., .'-' '... ... . ...... .
A~~ k*44


. .'. .' .. . . .,.. ,
., A.1 1 .i..i .+t. i- " *'.,. .:

Mnw v IA
"4""m., lia'' .,
'.:. ,, .. A N. :; 'l I
at~nafnbst 5

w. w w ri wwt., I: t 'i "
,. , , ,
'. 1' lu ., tt _n .' .* ** ,
vot **"m wo . . A

41N N I SOP t'f9 '*. W+. 'U, -

a 1t#1 9$ AMAIt o O

H f t rttAt oell uqt.
10 4 1 10 r It"0 1A "

1t Iqjia.w m4, lg h el ia, I
'i t ,'* t. ....: ',
i ,! ,ftt h ,%t S
iii++II-+ tt % l|.i *i A *i^t [" t <, "^"'',', *

YFqA 9If A9Al~m r' u tIIt 4

|'s4 T1f *m *h 1I ii. ,h1 ..* I A t..4,,,

* $ (!llbt w iili tt i I thl t Pti 41,. t .L
ft ^ n*te(t eit tie' thju ^ lb. 9

k *J h 5 t ,,ISN*., kk ,,It. *. I1,,a
NI WiiiiI i tk ll 1, m^.+. :,..." ".

~ t'titd AleOsha 1

Atm 'i A t. Witkmte.
eg lttlestt.. et Whiwent,

A. K< "te

ph. alme to (ihnasIlk o thut
ptewid with hlle *anSltS .tlt

SOiksty nlt MieMlnttIy,
Itke Oet I. l It'ie
IMtlkes liettr t., thli

A K4rns,
flip r*eo

PI Ande4tms f Wadt, It
tft tiw days I ithe elty 0ot *bte
p. Wade t* etle a it haw natof

ft* lhtm ttlittd 1t luit wlas it
uynteiay. 14 hbmhghta ha4at
6 !thk 1 er1at, which was di*.

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sthe eesafl plants of the
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by .) W. MAIoI
Mrs. K T Fil
shopping in tile
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llty, 1hvItng twl t lt iimt*t t ht i* .t a
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1h.4 f Ait"M a" t. I |tt tm \It ti 54 1ith tttt .S4wh" "
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hiIis slip p vIv daip, b n itr .-n bi twthm w e mie k, ........ ..:". "
1emitrs o thi sim t h+ 'Sh w it aw t)a el.*i ith B .I*.
shy a.innitlng t w tos tlell pw telm 44ti .. H,,.
iI9tv. m~ t a l. Ally proiti.t, Vat mmtwg he t~ i n ad '


u. J .'. ." "

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