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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 12, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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It Isa ated that Rusllan Commnander
Has S*gun Offenslve Mevements
Against the Armles of FIid Marhalh
OFtaiMaogatern War Nowas e.
St. Peterabur. Oct. 1 .-The an-
sOqpaeement that General Kuropatkla
Is' at lit strong eoughb to assume the
"fastilve together with unolclal re-
porta that olenilve movements agalust
Three armiles of Field MarshalOya-
Shbave booeen proressing since Octo.
heW 4, bai seat a thrill of joy throoash
oat Ru-as.
The ekaouacement. which bas bee9
awaitd patlietly tLroughout the long.
Fr 44 otbhs of diacouragemeit and
jiest had an Ilatantanous eeffct.
Te Jpublie bullln boards *t the
sieet corp*ra upon which are pasted
pWlh of Kuropatkli'aV order of the day
Wire urroundeJ by crowds really
i000t"l Tor the U't time afnce the
war began.
last night at a Rusilan club Gen-
otl Velitchko. the enuglte who for.

YaSd jau Vang. delivered a lecture In
ebame nof Kurbistkln's aba4nonmeat
of that place. The reading of the or.
de erected a aseie of eathualasm,
eaM a telegram was sent to Kuropat-
kin expressing the de e and anshaken eoaldetce In his lead-
ewhip aad praliltsiga chivalroua act,

"UtJke the Ritusi warrtiors ofldd,
you blwe waned the ene* y that you
are advancing agailcat him." .
* A
Naples. Oct. 11.-The C6.rrlere dlet
tatUtol today published aS Interview
with M. Verbilusl;y. Inspector general
of the Rluso-Chineo e navigation com.
pany. wT I escaped from Port Arthur
ea a junk And who has Jitt t-arrlved.
her?. fI0 reiteratoa th stpternent
that Port Arthur will never fall
through hulng.r. the atorer of provl.
Cions 5ccethi&lated bosre (Ib war s e.
In fImmense and priacttI"y not y"t
totlchd. while C 'llnce juinks are con.
tlnuing a daily aorriee thu.i repleniit.i;
tlg the supplles.
. The junk!. aM. Vcr':lunt;y adds, e
oap? the- vigilanc of tnle Japaness
leet by following rhe frn gilaritles o uI
the coast. Port Arti;ur. w!.ei h, left
there had a garrison of 23.U>)0 soldiers'


and 1G0.10 siflors.

ilhauhal. Oct. 1I.--Ch!ncze govern-
a*ent officials are reported to IK, pur-



luropatkia Strong Enough to
' I Amumu Offeasift

an hour. TI;
ed In the it-t.

iree fatalities are Includ-


serious Troub.le Occurs In Lee Couws
ty. S. C.
Cohtlumba. S. C. Oct. Il.-A riot
occurred Satuarday night at L4ic',now.
a town in I..'* rotirn y. anil a* a remilt
Harvey Lang. a yount white man. and
Ezekiel Ar.:,. a IrneIi. are donil
Lang, who was a ltrk in isr lornih.
ers store, wnt to A all'ss hoiwe to cotl
lect a Lil from his .laiightr.' TI'll
woman denitil the n terir.l and hot
words wir.' fria ,-il, I!.i r tihe
matter was r.'h t'., t+o :'.'!.icl wi with tn~i'"r nlegrtn.,. w :.,'. t1 l41n:",.
store atl rl n- !We,'i 31t ; -vire-!r .
S ;'trha thant ibe wa ?:t in -o crowd
*lune. Lal i pullel < i a -ct'.inh anid
shot ,: It ie, Il (I f(ttm hi.S
In the mlik-i p some Oine silrnck Lan
with a tftlieI which r.,"il, I IIn hMi4
death. At tlhe corut'r'r inqtilt ith *
jury foirlrd that Aral canme to 11.4 doath
frnm KitnAhot wtiunds a' tilh' h'ndsl of
Harvey Lani, and'tihat wa. kill.'d
by Aral wilh a heavy stick


jSub)jct of Divorce Comes Before Body
at Boston.
Boston. Oct, 11.--T'v ,bect of d:i-

chasing her forrelig plrovialons, whirlh vorce was on the or.1i'r pailr wh1eii lthe
are to beo shipped to Tien Tt n. The Episcopal Kfneral c'mnv"-:'ton r,' -niml
purpoiv ofth!l-, t ,irh e of o virn se onlo today. was honji
ja unknown. W i'l Infourmi-d C:4ti,,i uncertainty as to wheth- r thin aittfr
express the .pi.n'on that they are in abould be til!.en t: a t,:lce' oti ifr-ri,,
tendle fur thie it.41 t:n 3 nr y'.: A Itl until latI r iln the , "Tht,'l l |( .an
etram fromr Kw&ila In tIn province' olffter f .l1 tinanil ar. hi.d
of Kwtta S1t In Sunth rn C l:;a. sayIq session in !l1' !*il1";1f! i.a]'ia.
that Chinee lvtiv-O haVt'' fatce d a ThI archb:.fh-> flT!.l',r- l!
large ody omf 1 i..4 at l '- ngichweli make his h;as pbo,, i,, ; ,,,e'. iiuI,, In t !it !
after a thrr, ,Is .' flqla 'r't" T: ilx r city tonitghi h i,, t .,,,r, 1
moYvPTh(. 1-. ra.r.'Al to 1i sI.. r : .r:i..) gtat nh;I,|ftiar% na':i :n Tt ;-oTint
In the p" irthern prnnvlnef. T nin l. iI-, v t '. 1 .. !, ..

St., P tr f'onitm nt" -; r 0 .1 n'',, r {t' nt,: .'t !i, '
ft r .1d by i ; !: ,, .1 : 1 .

"T-: 1 ; *' a at '. .
r ;r.a; of ti ; t ar.'l 'P'ar ,

itr.aitdt 't'l l I'" h' v ir.
mo t eli iltima la ', Il,, 'r:.' : ,
ward 'p': no i no i
wor t- 'M K ,.- i-1 ".,. rn: t'.r,& ir
tIn ar-f ri r6n, trihur

& I 1 t I % - -, , I I I if In
bers of tIe i. : ,'n' .' % n n'i.l ;; nIa n i;i-
fIor auil i rip'iInn :; < h
ea!'v In ith 'a ninit .
"'lm orn,"w ;i ;*, + 'r i,,n. e. I i
alt tnd si. ,*1.- iventiom
antid 't ;' l n ,ah u ia rief .' .' t ,, l'res,-.
On thl iir'dl;.' \'. ' *,r T wv

for hiamr.

Nugr' Farmer A'-tse natnd.
oNash x;. T 1 l 1 ? -i"

to tlo fr' r. : .fL, :L.. iJ I, J 1 .

ry ;%.!k -% Ili'13' I:.,1 i i1 q&iL. *j F i rI I "- 1 ..1 l-CL.h..'-- -1. 1 ..*. .- A,
i, they r .a:. 1 ." r .n- ..* and G i4 p -t C *a i ", I' '-' -; l

ran hIapty." I
Sun- South Florida Fair Furoa G tow rT
D One 1 .. .rC -1 'Tam a la t. I IL .;

thi I 1 assoc'ia ' r l. .: ,,
inter (. :uf : 1 ga a *" ' I *. ." '. G' of vaen ar:.,! i i*': .- ht ,..


0 *' .

q~ A


not perilt the vIinel t lam. toI1
remled a ltow day. In the roadstead
and deported. The Japaneao are con.
R4eit tbe)Russlanu will never be iabl
to take Ntw Chwaug., and they arI
maklag the port lhi hadlkr of subui,
ionce for the whole Jipanese aruilcs
In Manchurla.


*uthorltlea Will Stop Rtckless Aut%
mobile Driving.
Chicago. Ort. I 1.-lleckle atltomo
bile driving is to t. bltt)op'ed by th'
authorities of Chica-go.
Warn(l lby thie tpallii increaao In
seeldents, Iliat iof ltheri fautalltles.
City Electrician Rlllcott timiorrow will
take *ui wltit t;i L'e-i Park commal1
sloners the iartlr of enforrling thb
speed limit ordinance, aud after so.
eurlng their co-opiration will lraft S*I
special pTlicem:tn a4 a scorching
**qnudlPon" ito arrest lhe drivers of all
uimchlie, that run faster than 1',
iltlew i&n t*'ir on thIe wet aid. Ai, ll
the part ltonrdi have been arkued to
c-ope rate.
A IlHt of archtlnts ro-milil! lby Mr.
111rolt thul.O that ialce JiSaniary 1.
1014. S8i lfl4ianli have O(tr? red in ClIl
Ca4O. Nearly evvery one is attributed
to rccJ;le. < eor('hiug. In uuame cases
the machiln. that have maimed* or
lajured iprsnins in 1hwIr course were
apeolitg at lit rate (f 30 tor 40t miles

n so)$4. "saru to a I
B t; a"M very gratify
thut 6he cmnditlo, o
peivio are mow sue a n
in trentt resort to cc
nedurl In order to am
li the wMlItary 0m

-lh "ad. that o, ily two
v uttlei by milliary commisue
l %e thia. lW te proceeding y
_S Uug this the general tso
't Prp- derso, In trials
iwe leat we&as due to
that peet existed during
U*. .e.r i the Philippine Isla
tt. fitals poflious latshsbtteq
'. ..tribsu"
blt *uualmlsioued omcers.
bY sbaerMl courtmar
W.WOWOWe 1*lmg disapproved In
i, d', four were acqqitted,
a i '. AS tlurl men convleted.
teams *Wre isapprovedtl In 46 cA
The iljstlt m01e0 acquitted a
trM.) Was 11. Nine officers were
lJeed by sentence, and on touir c
the sentences ofat dimissam l were c
tteld to le0# of numbers. Thi, i
1r of tmen *inceed to 4ishnor
@idsrebge wts !.06.
Was qf
5 i N ow Saape for Pasuoenlrs
Spsartnbura, H. C., Oct. 11.--Pai
7.l,, .. 'wIeafrPasn.r
Stral. No. 14 from Asheville,
a wayn 8oalmlIa Mountaln grade
'l abrnig and ws switched to
ide or .the safety swiches onf
p"de The evg me ran beyiand
tIr 9M wat turned ie. EIuang

,/ I





eMsational Tragedy Occurs In
New York City.


rank DePeystet Hall. After Bringing
Suits for Slander Against OtheP
Clubmen and Demanding 6100,000
Damages, *uiclde.-Unusual Affair,
Now York. Oct. I -Frank DePay.
ter Hall. a member Por >., il lrVitn.-
leat clubs, today shut an.;. I.l;uJ hi.,,
A suit brought by him ai,n;fltl two
other cluliuen alh-ttlng in..>r and de..
handing 100.0OU dami-4' was to
are come up in court hisn.
The fact of thi rllr;,.t -i|?. onty
weaite pblible dnrli 1:: pa )- week.
kithiough the first i-i i r' begun
ast tMay. Those wru :lgAinrt AT-
red i11. I nd. ipre !Itleniit orf tint ('alu.
net club, and (ieorg.' A. Corinuu. as r
etlry of the Now 1 t 1. Vahlit chin:.
iall alleged thai both tent, in con.
folration with other-r, halii! dA'Ulett hinm
if disgraceful prti?- .., wThi!, lie wia
I mtneiber of the Cahtiuv: ( it,. The
,lSWer filed wLs to the er oei that ths
tatenlnt s madei were liut"n and tha
onversatlou privileged. liHal dnelel
Ihe truth ofsther charge t. unil on laJt
Wednesday from upiront .Ilt-,tle E
1.eventrltt 'cured an unortr requirlng
hir. lonld to give a hil ol fa pti culars..
)n the seillemont or thas iui ion w
the papers were flld l la e utiipretu
Piart and the faot of t' nuiimllis loan.j
bll) Itc.
Franit DrPlysier DIall awas a niemt't-e
of an oilI N ew Yior lanily iuil unL'
recently was president if rthei firm of
F'. DePey.-st*r 1llal & Ct., w!ae tin-
porteri. 11l ro.fgnal i)on a unlia-
ber of tho ('Calnm I ctlut V.wa reqiitie4 I
in July -I. 19* :,, and wa- inini lllatl''
giVtl la:1 wa4 a!'o a n T 1 l'er of t. V*
St. Anthouy eltib,. the ?Vt York Yac'it
clulb anl th" Trintly Aliin'.i In a.'
h m v.tilt Nlr. lH ill Wt f' ',l that t1.!
atatelnllnt made wtot fIal a lll mi-.
litci ni ly tila !,, Ihil.A l,,- !, ofl tho4
latentent,. hoe an.; ollig!l to rel4ua
the presidency of Ii'*.,, r Ila!l &
Co.; that his ll ltn -e..s n.n lI lmrial ac)
quaintatirn (-, refuni'd t.i o !., r tran-
act hn.ilnessl with or to r.r cl ict' ILt
him and that hlie has ir',n i't.eid tI
abandon entirely hi ,A r ln''!,,
Mr. la:; wa axl)tur t l y' aurs f ail*,
was dovotejd o ar hill -, l.\ii s 3
goatnd athletic rn.orird in cl 1.! hljere
he wn.i r. ninmlibr of the -'t:a P;'


Filled Important Roles Bott in Trage
dy and Corredy.
Phlladeljhla. Ort. II.--('Nmr iNl.r
forms rly vidply known 1in the S.ta114"
at Oto Ht'ller. is dtaid! Tn hi i, homii
here. of heart diI;asir.
lie* was T, y)rSs uld., iHIllr waiI
born in Saxony. and arn' her.' la
1iS7. uLill f n14re'd on n ( -11 .'!i lati
career. t11, filled nir rlItant rrt>-
botht of rmidy anti!tl rtr .I IIn Sin,.
iP' a rV ii pinv. Hi. I,, .i In ian rt'ir "
chiiara t :'; ,> re S.r .'nu,. .r r "
'itiritard il If Al.''i ') ;f I T :
of l il' Sthr, i :: 1 Lir ; :
"M i.'l- in t 1 '.lir'i


'2uarrel Over I-t '. of \.' .- / Lea;J
to Fatal Results.
Na;i'ivh;'., ( .-r I -- .1- a reC ult of A
(JliA I i I 1'' r a plln "'(r'f ;u M10

P':.:.j tid T* :;zi.. *- e..I.rn;t Frai !:.
Cu in r II va h, t ,nI i f -.: ! ff I
by b1- 'lihem .1 s t '. O l' v ;' ;

Ureglinal Manuscript of -Hyperion."
NPa % orTI (l t i t -- It I .i ;i,,iI 1
in a T "'li*,1, li.! it h:u t > : .r I ii. 'i i"*
the I rili.-l ul ilt 1 i;>j i.. I ;
ori at.. mr a t. l vi .1! '
rion In t l i, .1 ;: r' -

U ., I- -


- 'n- P

'C --


.. ^ f'

,,_,.1. .n,. ~~. _..*.-,._... ......c.





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E~ 03




. .

L: U .

.js i.

aowW s.. s's_

hI4S to &or&
Uo br ,-a tohe
to""m to be g I
^tSo appear before the
,ito liebdl al
Wi narOdt dm,,osses Its hIs
iitlr etp ma a 4the of jury.
mw. "em pti ed with the
i .ln aftel r ear lul eox.
t. 1.OI Lr i bk kll amd meelpte
l. It was amertained
I sqlyhif g wl e orrnet to the
as' nued the rneords of
im Tithtr dt aoblerving that there
S iia mn ry way, the Jury
i 1 1o mramemd the removal
a ste I hu r he the 9l@e.
'* $4hfbyis Outting Teth
r,* msv ad usethat old and well-
|) Iemdt, RM,. Winslow'. iSooth.
1apSip, tp. r hildrn teething. It
the r llM. obftons the fgums
Stl ntipelu oreewinld eolic and Is
h be"s emedy for diarrhoea. Twen.
h .aft a bottle.
SEtoutment at That Institution Largest
In it Entire History.
M 'e. F A. i9esdry aof utlierlsnd,
g lent (or Sulherland Seminary, the
Saoleg of the Methodist Conf.rence,
ha been in the ctty for the past two or
0 6i0 days working In the interest of
Dr., Hendry de'elar that Suther.
Jand la the ptrehlest and most desirable.
as well as the most inspiring location
ia the S'ate ror a college, and both
Ifeultty and students are well pleased.
IThe ealloaeI ia nbamiinu o at ns manlT_

al, T.J ,WonW byo6 A of MX488opy
in 1 Shoily TuIety. He hae sosiNl A R IA G
disfA a nV wr eu rl mrevI l o s
mting at Anibosy, wIling for e.I
4a16, iad wasM n te u Wa4. Y
aOt R which has bwees red PLES AND PRICES
0151 soa moth popularity throughout
Rl. No.worthy ex...ti to proeJ, .h. P. STE VENS ENGRAV INU CO., Engr erm ,
to Sossli .alr, .Tai her* :10 WHITEBALL ST, ATL&I'TA, (IA.
lmolrrow lght b will open the ,b ,, ._ ,,, ... .
I"el m"pmetlm. *He Is doing a----

iMasonIs N. go. "
.hemwill bea regular eomuNte i s.
0leet if pasilv Loge No. 41, F. &
-. to44tInt (i MaWale Hall a 7:30 Go *W HI IEB
'0el. Tht will be the fiest Mteeting
Mt0owllg wr summer renes. Work -
Sat bhtos. have seuoulawd and CTHE I T R
b ibe S0 up.I. sI i therefore Im. "THE BIG STORE E
lpfrtl that a full membership be
piret. All vielitng br.otfl will be
soSt illy Wlmeod.
W. a B. How. W. M.

J. W. Daaport, Wtiego. Ky., writes,
Js*M 14, IM1 "I was to tellI you I
bheie Malltes snow Linimenst sei4 WE HAVE A FULL LINE
WVUfOe. I ml ader the treatment of e e ,
mp*lnth Isead ther stold mns or OF THE LATEST IN
Sl.eagi 'a entirely mnse, and the
ttly fsi. aso had |a
"i mye Mr. i dbu'i think that in
s W a UT" over two mouths ll A | ||000
I[. I AmIdDeed bI S Sriend to
|'Ify ,MudlfN m Bhom Litiment. The ^ _
^ti i e o mel grematrlief And other -eagonal)le goods. Styk.s

a fS el and prices as low as m.u
o. me. $1.00,. oild by W. sisteut with the quality of t ha gooti-.

O*m Te .SeGI d's Widow.-
New Tork, Oct. 11-nes. Jno. Angel
V ,m ft eedassation.a few year
.6 by bringilg ait Agataat the heIr
*the mltlillenRutire, and demand. A lo .
M a sh. prprty, desd That we are headInuarters for Serges

a s l1E.sease t nrastont, Vt.4 for young ladies' Seminary Uniforms. q
0e wV. about TO years old and had
lo Ba R...o. Point fall her ltf. The
pit wa dleatianed f lI1, sa one
WoMan wbo hbd partlelpatede in pr M
t the plot wMCoaricted & atX* I
tM she b Uevero nj JA ou Y '
Savw Twe From Death.
"Our itle daughr had an almost TH E BIG STORE."
Matl aliuk of wbooplag eough and .
bewmhlsib," wrls Mrs. W. K. Ha-I.
]lacit Amksh N. Y., "'.t when' A
Ill ether remedis Iiled..we send her ^ tt* *frlw W tP'%V **-^.
llef with Dr..KIls's New Diseovery. .- -- -.- i i
Our ml., who had onmmptio in aa -. a.aa.._n a -._,^
drul medicine and today she I peThose Desn to Secue
los disemUesylel4 to DI)r. King's New
Dory to no.other medicine on i education
earth difale for eoughssd colds. ll' -I .1. Edu aTion
druglgits. Trial bota l.s fre. ..... o l
....Shouhl Attend .... "

Congress of Mii;tary surgeons.
It. LouIs. Oct. t1.- 'ra hILtrnatlonal
oogfress of military zIureuon coa.
weed today at the wold's farll
grounds with a lar;.,atn.ndance of[.ill. | 'dE a lorid S h1n1ary1 .
tlnaulshed merulbers from throughout **UgUll, a 1t lo Id 1U UV IILIlj 1T I I
the world. The objrrts of the ont- -
grTss are to unite all nations in th Eostanddiii
cultivation and maintenance of an in. Expense. ire modrate. Insrtirucin and dicipline rot fur-
ternatlonal community Sf interest by sEx illeit commi nations fur yoing ladies. lPar.nt may st nd
which thve -erv!res to the lSk( and their daugltir.s tu.hta Seminary knowing they will receive the very
wounded In war may le (Nquallxlze. best uf eare.
elaborate and perfected throughout Male etudvn', will be tinder strict military discipline' l! situ
the cIvill-ed world itdents are lAi-uit rtgiiilarily and prompt obedience to auithritty.
Idleness will nut Ibe perIitted.
A numnl.-'r of couriels are *sitamiaed. A.ti are thormighly practi-
Broke Into His House. ca. Nearly alul of our Coninercii ant. shorLhan[d grunlhates IhavV
S. LeQuinn of CavendislI. V .. wais p3 I',,lhiit :: .,: ,n. ,
robbed of his customary heallh ) i Uv",'il ty o ,f ,Iv.,We inAtrimq r4-tea!1i % *acvii t Not.10m'' ,
rb the United "l' t'w h,71u, a better he-alth record thin IFat I ,-I a
wasion of chronic constipation. \\hen S,.minary.
Dr. King's New life PI'll broke intiC ('apt.r. 1arn V S. A .! 41 atof the :mi, ary :
, his hune, hil trouble wa* arrested and to[i .'rs .- r, rff*et ".
Inow he's entirely etrd. They're TI'rT'l'\ l i:r;I For eatasWg:.,r, ;ddre*,
Anaranteid to eure. a at all druig.
PiJ1, JERE M, POUND. Superintendent.
Georgia State Fair. 44AISNEMIII.. l 11- I .ICI Iti
| u L't ftorgt ithe great U:orgi'a Sitte ^ ^ aasa a- ^ a a..

1 air tu be h66ld tA MLICe,o. til t(litOber
19-21. 1914. Atlantic (Const line ofTer'
low exxeurklon rates. *Ine. faret plu. -.'
cents plui, rAI cents admissionu for thl
round trip. ialf rates for children
over ive and under 12 years of age.
Rate of one cent per mnilte distancee
I traveled will apply on military and
brass anDl. 20 or iipre iii uniform.
Nh6 pains have tiw.n spared in making
thi tone of the mIat'est State fRint

--w "-r ww w-r

- Eta hln I*ne 1878

,. FJ. DUTTO & C00.

BAnflT EIR 1]S m






- --


L!77 %


P. ?.



SConcluded Tiueldy.
Deoian Not Yet Reached.


blity Is That Judge Wills Will
ave lthel Suspens e of the Occa-
SToday-WhIle Man Acquitted of
of Selling Liquor.
eopl n convened at 0 o'clock
y morning, ll lionar Judge
argument of tihe mntlotia ill the
sof W. IL Holloway, indicted by
Jury for original libel, was re-
Attorney Syd L. Carter open.
argument In behalf of the r.o.
st quash this inditloment, and for
time In a most eloquent m*ainier
Sheo ourt to sustain the sam,.
ling valid law and reasons for
Judge Carter was followed by
Alex. St. Clair-Abrami, who op.
the motion, and who spoke in
r to the former. The eonoludling
was made by uuon Frank Clark,
I without doubt ono of the mmist
Uen% and IntelligenL lawyers in
Ho. tkh. Col. Clark spoke for aln.
and a half, and his argument was
qenst as It was convincing to the
oep. It was by far the most logi.
a ed most eloquent of the entire te-
of arguments, and Col. Clark re
the congratulations of hisi

l. eonalusion of thi address the
wee submitted to 111s Honor
Wills for a decision, which will
be rendered today. The case
Attracted such Intense interest
l oourt room was crowded dur.
the argument.
ir business transacted by the
was the trial of two asses, as

of Florida vs. i. L. Carter,
liquor without a license. lie.
t arraigned and pleaded not
whereupon a Jury was called
sworn, the case submitted, and a
let of not guilty was rendered.
of Florida vs. Dexter Wash.
*.elllnl liquor in a dry county.
Idaat arraigned and pleaded not
1. Jury called and sworn, testi-
taken, and verdict returned of
6y. Washington is k one-legged
and notwithstanding that he
$ have been guilty, the ilmpathy
the court and the audience alp-
19 to be with him.
'hlbQsee of the state of Florilq,
hlla Missouri. chlargeiJ i Slt aAuatli
Intent to commit mll urd which
been standing on the doket for
Stime, calse was nol protsed.
gl'rand jury came into opii court
i reported four true bills and seven
lllts. The grand jury will prolha-
*!fomplete its labors today.
iurt adjourned about 0 o'clock un.-
"Wednesday morning at i9 o'clock.
arture of Two Young Men for
i" Atlanta-Cotton Picking.
eudson, ot, lli.-l. I. Weeks und
Milore Kidd left here last week for
!lta, Ga. Mr. Weeks has gone to
It medicine and M31r. Kidd will

lSl pharmacy.
.:. L. Carter has returned lhre and
I clerk for R S T'ucki'r until ('hriit-

tl @e gins are running about cria-
Slof the tinme. ('Ctiton picking is
eeut over now.
Mr. Montgomery has retur!. J an I it
lahin the iartraim school.
ir. 0.Si..Clyatt has bought an ili-
1at in C., WI. ltushi's sltor in Dun-
libn, So your correspondent has lie en
rmaed. We widtl hinm much li t.''ss
rhi new enterprise.
Can You Ealt
B. Taylor, a prominent mnerlliant
K Chriesman, 'xTe., says "I could
I at because of a weak stomnachi.
at all strength and ran down int
ightb. All that money ut Ild do was
(*M, but all hope of recovery van-
aSd. HIearling of siome wonderful
tris effected by ue u(if Kodoil l's-
lkait Cure, I concluded to try it. The
It bottle benefited me, and after
hIkla four bottles I am fuily restored
l. my usual strength. weight and
a1"k w-.1.,11 Cu're digiets



Whin is a cough more
than a cough ?
W heln it's a settled cold.
W\hen it hawtgs on ,Il spite of
all you can do. Lou th mix-
tures won't cure 'it because,
the are Iuere:ly f(or a cough
an this is something more.
Scott's lmuldion cures the
cough because it cures the
onlomething lore. It heals
and repairs the inflamed
tissues where the.# rld has
taken ro t aluI( prevents its
coming back.
We'll 'eCrI., rI l *artnleA Inf A reque .
bCUrr I 1.,WNE 4W P64r 1 Mrst Kew YorL

Session Opened Tuesday With a Fair
The. Presbytery of the Siwatnee
opeintl its regular session with the
l'irlt Pirtibyterian C('urch this e city
Tuesday, a fair attendauee being repi.
resented from the various enutrches of
thee l'revbytery,
The sermon Tuesday evening was
delivered by Rev. Dr. W. E. Io. hggs of
Jacksonville, and wa highly Interest.
Ing tu the delegates. as. well as to those
of our citizens who atteunrd. the ser-
vice. Dr. Hoggs is a fine and Wipres-
slve peaikevr, and never fails to hold
the closet attention of his hearer,.
The business session of the P'reby-
to-ry will be held during theday, hlien
this evening Rev. Paul Brown of the
East Jasekonville Prembyterion Church
will deliver a special 0terinon on "Sane-.
'ite public is cordially invited to all
evening serviees.
The Presbytery. through the kind.
ness and thoughtfulneiss of Supgrin-
tendeit Pound of East Florida Semi-
nary, have been Invited to attend the
opening exeralses of the school this
morning, and will attend the sane In
a body.
All delegates hare not yet arrived,
but itL i expected that there will be a
full delegation before the closing of
the services today.
Walter A. Parr and Miss Ruth A. Cold-
ham United in Holy Estate.
At the home of Mr. mud Mrs. L. II.
Long, Sunday morning at Io o'clock,
there was a very pretty andt happy
marriage of Mies Ruth A. OCldhatu
and Mr. Walter .A. Parr. EIder Joe
She rouse ofmciating.
The bride looked very pretty In her
dreesuor white, with lace and ribbon
trimmings. She is one of the pretty
and favorite daughters of WVn. Cdld-
ham, and has many friends both here
and in Tampa. where she has been the
paity.ear. Mr. Parr looked very nice
in the tusuial suit of black. Mr. Parr is
an electrician and is eniployed by the
)Jll'b Telephone Comj.any of Jackson-
After the ceremony the invited
guests were shown to the dining room,
wltere refrshilments were er'ved. Trte

decorations were very pretty.
Mr. and Mrs. Parr krft in the after.
noon fur .Jackronville, their future
home. Frit'adh wIsI them a lon g and
hn1 py life. A ( 't:-r
Cures Chills and Fever.
UL. W. Wrirt, Naesigllobels, Tvxam.
.ays i:i daughter hal chill, uad
fever for three yearn; ,lie couid not
find anythigii that would help her till
h-- used letbiiine. Ilis wife will not
keep hoult' without it. and cannot say
tino mr;ic for it. ,'. Sold by W. I1.

The Marriage Docket.
Ii oiS o iuiir ,3idgt* MaisiIn .ontinuti to
ijIy)' a llrie IIusiries as far a. the imat.
rtohmtial dok'ket is rooscerned. Withlii
tinl. 1a41t two dysl hie hoo issued licen-
i-... to wd ,) Gieorge' Sllivan and Allee
Smith, Jamnle Ml!er 'itl I.d Lueintla ay-*
Ion, C. W., ullan And l .i ida IDouglass,
W'. Wiliianti and li,1la Clayton., and
J,,llm lrrowni aid Hattie ('ra)tuni, all
ciilorrd. In lithe tliiard-lDouglasi nup-
tial' t.. inl J.ludge w& eeall'ed upon
it, ,,'*rf-or*u theli rremon)ny, which he
tid w1 tilt rrae' anid dignity.


IIH ny A. ;< rit., well known am an
ivt;:.P.[ i f al'aratiis for heating raill.
ru;di t'u+ ,' ... I.. i ti ad lit lim htine lan
New Ii ,t..' .. lie wats a chso friend
of (it. .iat Jai:ti 1;. lalline, whom he
acomni'u jai I oi munny p|jeakingl tjurs.
.I>'!ln iflr.'z;J.~ato, or lAn)ifdn, awn
thor arnd Jz-mnal.lal, i6 lt adt lie was
iorn in 1b.7.
( IT'.' Allarnamu, qiitiatterliack at
i i j t, itl.i. il ih ch1o1l (ftiut hal)
leiani, .is it n partially paralyzedd by
i iib'iry t. lio tiiit. r il dlurill
ai I an;t. e.i t iht' PIti dle li stitute at
Hight(.,:. N. J. While hii cn0dion
it c::*ii-t, li i. h'llsvtV l he u im re,
cover *
T'h Whit (.$ir 1!nur (-clllc. from
llvi tl.,4,i (. r Ntuw Lork, will have
atbrii 1.,.r i]lai.-'u1i',rs Mr. and Mrs.
Antd:vo i'arnetgl, Johitt Morel,. Sir
Ii. 'ait, r lFit r.r, .... and ,ir James
A di, aI-h from : ortland, Ore., say
thAt s-\ .n ecrre_ of liatd has been seo
apalt fiom til e preservation on the
island ofr Uliilt'.i Lake, at the Lewis
and Clarkv celttiunial grounds, for
four Piliij;;it villages which will be
people hy :',40 natives brought here
dire'l firwin ti he'itant province. GOT-
erjor Hunt avid other persona laIne
er'ed In l:)iular affairs will obtain the
ren.ntn of thie government 1B bring
the coloiny ht re ivext May.
A Misioula, Molnt., dispatch says:
With impre. silve servitee and with all
the ceremantial of the Cathollc ritual
In the projjhnri' of fn ,ltlnitngulhed gath-
;ri (ig of church dlgtlitarlea. Rev. Math.
laj '!enment I, nihan, of Dubuque,
Iown. ha.s 14bn I.tniledr as bishop of
ile newly creat('d dlooese of New

Users of Hancock's Liquid Sulphur
Secure a Life Advantage.
A clear, fair, brilliant completion Is
a personal charm of highest sooial or
business value.
Protracted sun exposure and the

smoke-laden air of cities alike are pro*
Judicial to a fine complexion.
The modern remedy, Hlaneook's Li.
quid Sulphur, enlivens the facial skia,
renders It active in discarding all
waste material, Imparts and preserves
to the countenance ite natural blend
of ruddinnes and white-the standard
of healthful beauty.
Hancook's Liquid 3ulphur ctres
diphtheria, ecxema and a large lames
of prevalent disorder., as nnted in free
booklet mailed on request by lHan
co3k liquid Sulphur Co Biltimore,

3 1,f .y .......
Pireaien Had Hard Fl0ht to Prevent
Serious Conflagration.
it. l. I ls. ()c. 1 I.--As ni re rult of a
tlr, lhh'h thuiiy Ut)l c i i ),etly rltntroyedl
;an aini.t rit n''ort inear t1:l world's
fair rnuilin anr cnnmin minratell to the
roimf ur tlhe uiret Park liotel. 340
g*l'ts In the atnttu r wqre arclsed from'
their ,~1evip anid llirrltd from .the burn.
li1 i l Idlinc.
The, narl, n.1o fell In *Ve livestock
fornir n f (the,' r)li's fair and It was
onl by pr,.i:pt work that lie e firemen
iuirClc't! 'nil pirsventling a srneral ccn.
flag rat in.
The" l to, ho the RIntmernuent resort
wmn tl..loH.I and tri the and other
billlilngs cintininral, an (he flames were
easily Cihe1.


Nine Cars of Cotton Were Entirely
1ltthuls ,., Ga., Oct. 11--E iEatbound
exltirai untl J. i, l 1n thi. C't'niral
rlaitay, ill c.iar t'it of Co.'u ductur urulie
and It'tii,. dr vili., wais \ citked
Jus it < '.4 1 tit d'ItPut h' IVe,
.Niei6 can m of coultit were41 draikd,
eight ol wh hnl are a total wrick.
Ihoth tli. niornlnrig pa'sengvr trains
were delItlauid about twu hour while
making lltransitr.

Pill Pleasure.
if )Iu ever tnuk leWitt's Little Early
Writers for bilimiinusie or cniptipaLtio
yom know what pill pleasure is. These
famu*is little |ill cleanse the liver and
rid the system uf all bile without pro-
d nut griwe sicken or weaken, but piras-
antly give tonet and strength to the lit-
lure 1nd organLs f the stomach. liver
andl bowele. Sold by all druggists.




For Sale by Johnson .Broc'S..

GAINESVILLE NUB er r tW e am glas o,- Wila .a g
PIW'AN TuRhEf e th le.ald a.. iagh ki$i
Miad them. Ali Prait.g O* Ate Ctll W
MlsmensftR Man (ailskm i ei. I .".

235 W. Bay 8, Jacicssu
wr'-rv A


il^^ L, ^, ,D i^* li ,,rI

..,*** ' ... ; +,..:i'r1^ ..

S LE '' *
Sea -Tn-l sn, t i".,.
M^T n .nr^ m

Sea Itland

'S A A

Cotton Seed, I

M1anuilDturers of the James Dot
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and 8t

...cnwOc or TWO EO N;


The Atlantic Coast Li

Montgomery and L. I N. or Dixie Flyer Throughk
Atlanta and Chattanooga. ";
S*" '

Round Tri' Rates From (Gaineerllle

( On

sal' daily. (iood till lie. L2.

29 F65

i ,,
"* ['t>

On eal.daily. Soed



a sA.30

L -OUISTOa .'* ,*;


I I ---- ,.


Ps AVfl44


Will You be

the First Cold


Snap Comes?



flU wM you find It neoe
I s ary to hustle around-
hit or mwi-and buy your
oool weather ault, after ev.
Wyone else has picked out
the cholocit patterns t

DIM' make this mistake,. Slot
aIl1 Oilothe early. Your common
ane tells yon It Is the iser plan.
TYou at the beostyour mosey will bay.
and you lts the full limit of seuon's
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Fots fortify yourself against sudden
obsnges in weather that come fi tihe
Fall. We sell the

Hand-Tailored Clothing

''tA3 3VD~-

There's notblup better-thenm'* north.
Iug 00 U4. When a man puLe an a
SIhOless S&l he feels and knows that
evry delatl of the out, make sad An-
Ishb le ormt.
The pvitt0 shows a partioularly
styiSh sat! folr up.4odaa young men.
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ftior sol of like quallty, harmster
nd appease. We e aat you hot.
let with more swagger, snappler
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g' Stn-lp-ek squally as well-


**6rep I enid let us talk II .ier."


Padwht hew

Stswa lam then
'Vasba bump nie. q
r ItlE hen n, a eastn r&

b ee' w dop for
ft ft So'4 IC. SE.
Hihtli! l p, I 4the

WelMaiMke* b wlal ve over

LI "

*MCetra Metingp Defterred.
ah.GaQ, O" uot.- .--'.e annual
*M( ' o( the Ceetral of Georg.:
i johltAn d.y d.d the Oean
*busIMp company, which were called
S du. have been postponed ow.
Ig the beMatce of Preuldem t J. P.
,SE wISo Is In New York. It la
Itt te metlags will take -place

;""ppie sBitters.

thiselagthei verdlet of the thou-
n leda w robust, contested and
.iN th aItt.Appie Buiters, wri f, any eitl.
is Ii J-- r L L d.--J I_ 1 Lml--&ll-


Outfitter to Particular People.






US --- -------- --


Seetaryay of Stat. Phil Cook to Start
+ on Thshl Work.
Atanta,. Oct. U.-Secrtary of State
Phil Cook will begin today the work
of oMnaolidatlng the it;iirni of last
Wednesday'. matoe election from the
vatroua county returns which. he haa
just received.
leeretary Cook had received the re*
tuns from about 115 counties on Sat-
,ardmy, and It is expected all of the
omtlUes will be heard froM by today.
It there is a *traxtling return it wit.
oertalnly be in his hands before he
oopleotes the work of conuotidatlon
whlch. It isa expected. will require at
least a week. lie will take up the
coantle In alphabetleal order, and as
he has to consolidate the vote of each
candidate, state and county, am well as
that on the four constitutional amendt.
Moats, it will be seen that It i\ no
small Job.
Chief Interest centers, of co ire, In
the result of thp eletilon an to the
four constitutional amendments. There
appears to be no doubt that three of
the amendments, those relating to a
limitation of the tax rate to 5 mill,.
providing for an Inerease for 137 t,'
145 of thle number of rountles. and for
an Increase of 175 to 181. In the tnum--
ber of representative In Ihe tInow r
bouse of Ihe general assembly, wIrr'
reailfed by safe moojritles.
A Friend In Need.
Do you know of .anyone suffering
with eonsumpltion Then tell them
without delay that Dr. Dotehee's
German Syrup will eare them-and
you will be a friend In need. Uerman
Syrup Is a reliable speeidl for the cure
of nmnumntlnu. It has been maklan

'tBAV ttttstr t S SA !SA fI A

COIURE(CTLY I : N"N:- N NT'i.'i :S,.


We nv:. r 'h? zi n;nirtant points aind respeetf* ty
slcit a .stare o your bui:rn.'.

Fire, Life, Accidlent and health Insurance.

S --Agents for the--

I Victor Safe and Lock Company
CinLoi 7-n btiL, Ob.LLo-
The "Victor" i# the bi-.t safe made, and partsih contemplas.
ing th** purchae 't f a t afe, or anything in that, line,
from a bxt ti a Lank vault. will mare mon.y
by c, u',sltiig is. Call on or address.
Information cheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA
fLnns ts ia t s1 tists s t t



- Montezuma

On the A. C. .. and S.

None Bt!tta r in


A. L. Rys. V. J.SHIP
the Stateatt $-i a Day.
M3et all Trains..

- Hotel

MAN, Proprietor




' .



r 4W7
I j fit I
j .-- I S" [4,11-
I I 6Lkiml" -





-' x W


- .* *. .


SWIf DAILY31: Sfilf lsvug

AMI 0 i The Suni blng male mention that
J. mme Wlf, the coiniiute nol.-
hr Pusf O i as .JSir.uv ..',, 1 nee for State spteIriltiendnt, had nle
s Ceiie e tail &*styr. years ago confessed to crimlinal litil
A ". Wt-or a 1 er- against Hlion. W. I). Chipley of Is. n
J.7 A. CAUlEr A.-r .me laools, In justi, ,fif htilt ,andidactc w
.. A. |Aie Ed tnr iu.slii his 5trtemInIL regarding tir
II& RUTtm, cIy Et1o,. ame, whih Iappirarend in The lPenecula
*s wR w r. lsNs.M. ,;, i Journal .ofth (tber 14th, as folows!
Surn PIIotrER WItCK. "htul ailtt the oharpe. published d
I bi as i -SST., TS,.IirPiIuJ-* 11 T Sin flelpfle lmin.i, thliathou at
..-.... lmEl pi,-tdd guilty to Oriminail l;bel,"'
ly 5p.pbIsll.d every moramine- asked tlhe reporter.
er, ailw i loteer tn telw,. "Well," said Mr. if,. 'that is all
ia Frv4r:M.l ie sl momth; th. 014 charges ieocertilg( things that
of o 4 11e6Ut for Avg wooke-- happened nearij fifteen yiars ai,,
i4.* g"" end it show. how far beak polltie will
a -is e omno n drive o:me eop)e. Thiern wias IA
ae**Isln w ool dolUao 10 eC ,, t 4 1
as re. iseUforeabas-Iestion of criminal libel, which in.-
oll l- ,,volvestheelement of intentionally atd
*eW dlWn!4x advert's!nf made known mnalioiously itUb)lishii an untruth.
dame. Such a charge has never been, and
c W sn e! co1 never he-, made against me.
lsa pwer. ek JutnIsed e ery it-a Furtunattely I amt not dependent vnu
p Thur sayT, arti conmti m a. the Illy own memory for the facts, biees'*ae
l the weeu. knat. Iste er. e* lth* saunite charge was ;re-sented, wiith-
MUbemaftled., oste .efree., to sY ut effect, to l'rem, ,dtt .-.C -nd ii
sle T tatm r 1 93, when I wasl An appliau3t for ti'i-
&&Taw* td s*tat's attorney, andI HJan, It.
tlibUl become de afite- l1t IAIlury., then cuirtiilmnan, now their
lmof erthamn'.ae. t.ertise -v;nior I nied $N!trt senator irons
iltbeatrsfot. *Partlei r.ot krnowr t, r. d r ra
,W qutred OpTf (fr Ivert ,rlr. in cd- s ?r ds, prut-td to %fr. Clevelandn
aura 'A TH:,AII.Y St'.v. 1ltn ir't't. I <1;:'4te fromD Mr. Maiolry'V


FoPer i''4'*1l<-:;t.
of New York.
For Vice- lPreldent.
tnlted $ttert S.''nntor.
JAMES I'. TAI. :.k A :1).
ber Co:*r"'. t.':1 iatrtlt
Preu lttill Elevtors,
T. A. JF.TNNI 4eS;
J. C. B. K'WfoNCE.
Neitaary ,, .'rate,
Attor8 n yv-i; ,-" :':0. 1 .
W II.I. A.M1 I, 11.1. f
Coi; it' :,'r.
A. t3 J ':;OI.M' .
Stitt- l Trs- At!irr e.

tenldent of i'tPultl I, ntructlon,
)',b minsltluonololfr ,;' .A r! t;lture,
[ R. 1.. M.1 I. IN.
i!- Inllrond <'nins, l']torh:n'r,
Supreme 'nrrt. Yix Years,

1JOBEIT S. colliltl:I.L.
4 J P. TI. nV WIITV.I i:1.r.
H1r-evmr '. ei'v '>
J. A. KOSfI: I,
0 0. '. II.MAN.
i u ty Judge,
I e. Mason.


m Clt. .!. I: T ,'i r t

n. r s.
S ,V. 'I . .I,Sl 'N.

W. I. I' SON. :

(1iP tr n 't l I tr t i

.T 1

T. A, lII (

eFl .fay new tAirgs to lhram
ot you. Keep y i'r 'yei oj'ef
h them.
. /. -

,l:tet*,U':t t r1ia IiL thatL tille to tihe

Senator Mallory's Statement.
'In the' t t in the s"tante circuit
court here, which oanlminased in the
paper signed by Mr. Wolfe and his
two partners, proprietors of the snew..
paper known as The Commercisl, I
represented tie defendant and that
paper was signed ly then on my ad*
vice. In examining into the case pro.
paratory to trial. I found that the
report on which the first two counts
were based was not ouly not written
ly Mr. Wolfe, hut was not even seen
by him until after publication and I
attat'h hereto an affidavit to that effect
tltignd by II. K. Coleton, who at that'
time was lhe local reporter of The
-The two editorials on which
'Le thid anid fourth counts were
founded Mr. Wolfe was responsible
for. When the ease was called for
trial. I had satialled myself that a ver.
dict would be rendered against the de-
fetidants. '1 do not teemember whedee
emanated the proposition for the de.
fendants to confess the libel, but after
some consultation by Mr. Blount, at-
torney for the plaintiff, and myself,
Mr. Blount submitted to me the pa-
per confessing the libel which was atf-
terwards signed.
" 'Mr. Wolfe was unwilling to sign
it, because, as he contended. it might
be construed that li he and his partners
had published the apperaions on the
character if tMr. Chiipley complAined
o(. knowing them to be false, while,
in truth and in fact, the only one that
he was morally responsible for, viE:
that set forth in the third count, he
l:ievted to Ine true wh en he aoblished
"'I argued with him that while the
eonfestion of the libel might be con-
itrued by one desirous uf doing so, to
aiean that itt' publishers knew the
matter to be false hihen they published
it, that it nevertheless did not mean
that on its fare, atid could not ht so
interpreted lty a tair-minde4 person.
i r1,rlhe'r ,rg,.d in |Him that lio him-
.t-:'f adnittved, tlat ih* Chargese aglint
(Chipriy published ly The Commercial
c( lI'd not Ill t u1sitaill'd, and that it
wa.s the manly 'ourse' ini my judgment,
f(r oe-, Luo Inad tlw ittingly or unjust.
ly i.jjuretd tiother's good name, to ad.
muit the iujupst ie'' whelfn atitlied there-
i!f, ar.t: to ttl a.'- tlie ndinieiuon as pub-
lit f It I t hi' mR CE. liP* tit, '
i I.Ave .[ thing .(I adli to 31 r MIAl.
lry' sttat'emenlit ; lie tt'-li exaclly what
Lrl! o; r I. I why it o(C'urr'd."

\'.n, t ar' er ur' (atienit with atiua-
*. r .t r i. ; thatI n tin. Ml n %ill*ay:
"t's: it ,i;,' us it wom iti nil' 91M :

l '. U T'r g .
rni ,I. (hnl'i' "y Int ktI oatl that he'
.,..inr ,:rtt-r < f rst firm of to F ..
t'u"t.'y % ('o.. dunim1g hueirnatam in th*
itrv of Tul,'do. (rill; ty a.d t"late afore.
Rt1 nthat ad hnis i'rill ;fty the
niru u f ,','e i>mndreel ltlllirn fur each
nia t.vry ease of' Catarrh that cai(nnot
tr riirtd t.V tth' usc' ,( liali's Catarri
.i( rn ti Lf\,r. ;u, oil sihsritneul
iil ill)' ;'r.9''h('"', thi *Lii liis tnf I licein-
t ,I r % 1 : ,; l

I.t I ;4 L I..*

-Wwml O wl W'W*

- I -_ __ _ _

Ne kt o t he e4dlitals of Politter i1t
The World and the remarkable letter
of Carl Sehura, wlsu wo a mqmbor lf a
Rtepuhitcan president' cabinet when
Theodore |;lKoevelt wasit child, the.
speech t, tienator Raymer of Maryland
is attrcihlg great attention for it*
Wtartling frtnknes. Hse ays: "-Th"
president promised to give Admiral
tilry a fair hearifa., It broke his
prointe4 ant was guilty of dupligily.
$Lthly Wra deprived of hit eunitslu.
tional right to confront, or eIfrwn*-I
amin a single witnee., and upon the
s*t-parte tatvemebt ofI his malignant
emitliles. thP ilprelitdeit, whou Was a mere
1yr1 aid apprentlne Ia he tirt of mill.
tary warfare,, aid hi ef-erelary. Mr.
Long, wlhot was at metaIphysolian, and
whose great naval battiles had all been
fought with lead peneil and strips of
India rubber and wads of blotting pa-
per, prcnounued a sentence Sgeinst
this soldier of the seas, which has dee-
orated ifelr lhrade with a crown of
immortal infamy." Far eanutio sie
verity this will probably not be sur-
pasted in the ia4npllign.

The Inspection Uureau of thh Depart.
,meut uf Commeree is in a creditable
11 a xreat number of life-preferTerF have
born as.l to steamboat companies
weighted with iron where they were
coUtracted for as to be buoyed by eork.
Inside of each one Is a solid bloCk of
compressed oork and ooneesled within
this has been found an Iron bar six
inches long--eabetituled, of course
because Iron costs less than a quarter
as much as cork by weight. Then so.
called "preservers" will sustain only
seventeen pounds when in waterI How
many of them wet olasped to the
breastsof the ll-ftated passengers of
the sloeum? Is anjy punishment ol be
mamed out to the murderers who sup-
plied this mookery of safely except a
aivil suilt for damages? Here's a
chance for the pretIdent's big stick I
..- -
a Perhaps the most nlsplring and
memorable utterance whioh the oam-
paign hu brought forth Is the ringing
letter of Carl tShura from his mummner
home at Lake George. Itdoes not at
all Indolge In vtourperatln or inve*.
tire, yet it is very largely a personal
ehsracterlzation, and if the president
read ,i'munst have strongtl inclined
him to either profanity or prayer. The
mirrors held up to the president in a
rekntless manner and it would be very
Interesting to kaow what he thought
of himself after reading it. It t sso
calmlyy dispassionate nd so unsparing.
ly frank as to make a enolstive man
writhe, or an is.noret t man indignant.

The Jacksonvrile Matropolls says 'he
elhrltion law of this State requires the
n.ames of candidates, without regard
to party, to bl plas'd upon' th,, official
ballot niphab.tically. The Met. il
miiaken. The county cotnumissioere
eMrt haivt' the namei printed .upon the
ballot in any orJer they see lit. This
is not the tirst time the Met. has erred
in quoting law, and we would advice
them to employ a new legal adviser,




"I have auff rd witi WsW fr f ile *fl-tl s nets.
9u.i as oe Ali l P-1 tMan to- 1cu,
tor stoirl>em. In tlh nmne of swe-t I vojU
s p'.. 1yW41 60 4104W &" 6 mM4 4 the n" of *:mIn
* tither ld 414. trouble me s tll. 4'ae*wle
hlV- "weun tdn forp I e I tnslrq' r l lke *ew Slan." Uorlfl.Xarie.Auu. 0.


,, I.

at ktom,,l
gI ewba
et v-iMs- ui i
te JltM tMud--

.1 : ,


r. It eka ds"ew Ife,
esea.Ioma fely WIe.. .
hld Mwad l-
y-_. ltahad.. .Vw
eoMelemally, e, wlae ,l

. nr

ST, 2:.^*^-r.i <'?*lM- -

"T gwesffsm.4E,

,. .'

Title ls what you pay for wh j
kniow 1 Oq

The A"aohuip
G n. uasLUgi

Staple apt p

B ,at.,,..,m..
HRihest market pries pait for ChikeXfl|

A Complete sck @t Hay Con
ad Rj W' has" am

S1as M. Onxuts, Pmeidet


- ..["." \>.

Capital......... ... .. esee.... .Iib$
S *** ***r; * *, *, *
Surplus and Undivided Proflti...
DOes sue wsa a mubt b'lsAm.wsh amteqal vim 1W0914 to
she ameota of Mamcbm asCpoa ..

-al-- A llU

sna^^^ nj^^^^ o^ --IB^ S^^^^ '^L ^jjjmjki

Air Line Railway


.*. FOR....

Plewant Pa i1 t st Plotent.Tact-frl4 DenOoiml.
fetyer li, ken. We ihkrih or6t1 W ik. IRk SrW .Cvfl y
Vold In Milk. The g.nlilne i M-ll tLampd4 CO,.
BUaranted to cure or ypur t iiti. y beek.
BStrliug Remedy Co.. Chnioe or N.T. S
i im i ,


Savannah, Columbia, Camden, South

Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash"!

ington, Baltimore, Phila-

delphia, New York. ,

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.





-- --- -- -

t. i-

. 1 ',

.6m ~r~~i~

-' T p. f. .. .-
r W ,.:,', ", CX_ aa_ - >w te A1 *

.".7, $ ': 'j1 "1 ,lh"as so

-'in. rnna ^ SW

f, flLmBAI- AT btDI
, ; ~ ii~ q i~i ^hk .fkfjh nim d--iftkleRA ,ttf ,,tBf


I -i

n4vWN A itt tI

Ib' Aft .e me a e .
., a. __- .P.6. ,.A t .



0.==r w-g"=g u

Oaaw ofl r -lr- a e.ef t A. wa ork lus-

ID.A. U. .O1f .LLY.,

I) L o 1'r A II.

MOMimNs: 3Magnolla Hot'l, GaineSviTle,
RIf INSURANCWF. Repn. Flnrisa.
SRp111 %Oorampaw, -l-
S1)AN* All doenaue sneasfu'lyv tfreatd without
r oadrsa. Ldngatiin ;d La6iahLitUon ftree
_ B' too03sXCa.a iD aJm .nap .. Julo of t Jaose

(J).r *s* er.i^.s, JiorA;i*. i;

Can sell yuir city jrperty, (1Sm-.
ourqof p roved an ild uniipruvTed, psholhailt.
Britisuoking atnd fannrmig landi. iid him Per
Britle Omple a lit Iuf what juu uffrr *,roest,. t1 M Per
I riyer W4 In Mniafal nd l arle'ttuj:il e ......... P e
.~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ w I .. . W I .t &f*l M-




Jacksonville, Florida.

Everard's Cianad

Mod RA "bny mlId better than m"
evr. Made of Hop and Malt
and N(T I ICFl '




et M q W mp Ps it whw, laus SMM w ui n ,enterr. *wtcia.ry .Jsratf t. m ... ....
4eief.i t viswee at i the p WIepwI n",ma, MiMei. agetrs. eA-. r i n n a;
t af l1 aAidt rSsluttW r 1.eS10 an $1.U ATftH"Y-. A A
A s m JAMe LAWLEi, RIousand, B. C. ... SOLIluI t I IsNC.IU .. IIIUl G entrli.
It 4 VON *oft 6V fotrwitt~k ctwsts. RAILROADIP
li.. .. ... ...... ... ............... ... ....0._. _lo i 0,
4?ltfR LATEST GOLD ti eMEndvl kljuck. jI1EMT NOLRTE TO Tilt

.... ,T. AGE IS IN B. C t.'s. .. j TWOr TANA i,
O uttun, O .)suOe.o, tk,. onBvIl c Im rte4etls wlih W.* A R. L~
Spe6al settlx Tn to Crow a&4 afrlda.s work. Atlas
*J1hos ^ SLv. Atl anta .6 Ar. S. L louls ,0%t ,
J"Lv. I ?' :lp. w.d Ar. ti. 1. ,. ;iz a
Minsk(Alin Gradt ate laltiLmoire tC. s.oe Dental Surs ertr
dL 'M lem Ie l st in r C ao.t experiencee l Now ,Yora LCity. U ,
Cro-wn.-Mn Ig& wctk s & I .*i .i ad %Pltg ao et16e%4"
whisk U pe seat Is shares Ii fnOw if our w.... ALE ..i 1
ePaid sod sasesoble. G1cee In M ter L.Aw Ezebarge.
Slowt H a elmed s hlal or* bodies ar&V WE TE .s D. D i X I E FLY ER
gati i -1etied with the aoeentratlon F E
-b_ FINo -r on etENoL. $800a or FINE WINES, LsUhI:S i CIGARt i l r ,.
. Oto, o snow M proved, br Jo lnnIA S, IfProprIor. IAtnlioats t. Mmt lTbhprcar leaiYveJao
Ahe i sd s eqimwaad dWlvidemds. amestia w. Has ti..tJak'wiiile, rm. lle datL tr Sp in.. A tiantIa S.. 1ibl
dwide w en thol 10am mbars sold. Shares yn Ibe em tre ds M. uilAlm, to get Anest1
8^UV3. Eusp jb hab d utons tallment plan, pay. Faaust beer, bottle anddraught. Don't r rrate from your ty, World' Uer 1u '
mutnstmthb. Twenty per seng'tall to call on me when in Jacksonville ook .ad n -h.uiiete. eein o- r r-eseraUm .. ,
S. wny pr -n lso ror book showing botels a o
p3 ) h* b k L."R.HARRY LEE JARIVI,
;00- IRSt -a Oiapaey has no debts or liabilities. (b .L. I FRD MIL E t
t Bef9t es.-Tho Hon. Mayor, s.ld <,.M RED D. oMIL ,
B lOommiuleoer, pumasater, or any ENIAL4 St LGEON. Travellig Paseamger Agent,
.,EaJi bokr busiaMS 1a In ity. X -- eo. 1 Drown B1lllWir, ATLANTA, A.
The les ami dtte lo the ffalrs ofmen Offce inlr r --1 --xne ,
S I f lah subsn at.k flood, loads on to tVI AA MAX KRAUS
H B nirt"s 9hS t^. d, all the voya or tAIofSVIJ. rioIDA MAX KRAUSS,
J_....i S$heir life It tbo nd In shallows and In .
m^ ^ ou. CRYSTAL SALOO.N, ne r(ent nx

*t epwim iS~. order gi over tan e soust.,by
S beHAR E itg h e m uSa kid DMe u Best Importefd atu Domestic LiJijorq WH 0 LESALE H 0 ES
-71f SHARE he .1 P CGold 1= Is, U.* land Wines In the ity.
S .All...... .f Aripto .
BB-O ,.miisuonr ead, mplsse l lestrated I um Prospectus owE ATITU V ole Agents for.MONAIt'll and NOVEl*
bd Sie wishle W M atptand. wih Map ad IReport roeam Min Ment- 11 I -.. aeE RN.. ... L U A IIAI RIUM Q(ALITY Shoes. Every

S& Gullf Rilallway Company ,WORL'S FAIR ROUTE -
o tHe RUITOa VB G5B DAL ROUTE Best Lile to St. Loi s
nTm Table Ia *Ser* July 18. ) C
STime Tab).L 'E ...... -,- Superb Dining Car service
No. NL Stopcer. going and returning, a Via L. i H ,R.a R
110.LI S VTATIO.I. oeAtlanta, K oxr lie. l ouisville. she.-VN.N
WrAONSDaly., a nki) ville aud irincipail North Carolina
mountain resorts. ---
Se.1e High Bridge (highest railroad
SIfiN= PUM 1AM Ar.. PM MAr AN ArPM bridge In the world). Famoes flue Ei u r on takes now o, I u]edail
S........ ....... ......... ............ ....... ....e ie tgrn.
V S S56SS*BfU 94b55 55 *,.. J....lrvlmo.....f .. ." ... ..*e..I .ilie, turn.
""".......",... ...*. .... ..* *. D. a a....... _..f.. ........ ..... .............. 8 Free reclining chair carn and high ll 4 .&--Tickets limited Il)cesber 15.
.*.... .. .,... ..,.. .dos ..... ... ....... ....... ela4cl day ci hs. Throui h I'ullman 33.Yo--Tickete limited ixty Uas.y
.... ........... ........ R e a ............* ..... ....... . 3 sleepingear Jackmo i79 ........ .........a::..... l tke lmto tm ............ ........... 580 Folderst, rates, ele cheerfutly fur- Corresponding low rates from other
S........ ............ ... Mion- py ........ ...... .... . 30 nihed upon appliention to J. (. Lusk. point. Thu 1. & N. is THE I-ST
Mil ........ ,..... ... .. .... .T~sOOiU .....,....... .... ... ... ... 1 )istriot P'assenger Agent, o8 We LINE to Sit. LouInts.
.,....!,..! ....,.... ..... Ei*. ............ ** ******** Ba St. Jackonville, Fla. Stopov r privilege allied at the
riopietef M world*U famouIM- Mammoth Care In
Woiue r o aha........s........... ....
,n W:.............. ....W :.....:g:5 I I to U ................ ........Rooky Polat....... ........ ........ M 0 For rates, schedules and sleeping elr
,,,,,,,, .. .- .. i.....--....-. .............. 400 numlna fmpdemnntn reservatI,.s apply to

TL3-I S T ST ................... .O b ... .. 8* S 1 C 10 L. TONE . A.. JouSn ville y
T. ,T ?1 SAr it4 .. .........S TOeE.A......... s' A. o 10 K. i -
AT, 1 ..inwuB wflew.i. wr. j ......V e s, i o1V tW I 3, L, i--- ,-

na .. v- ...... .. ..Ja vt 3.W. 1 00 p............... a S
* Wta mn ....... a a n s ...Iake OtyoS.AL&V... v7 pi125 ....... UB, hiUgf i tc. iEc Ared's Saloon and O
Aw n.a tw 1 ............... 9 I p ..... Bt.A ..... 1 4 p l .......
W : .: ...ele 1 10 11 10 I ..... B. r ... 4g a I S..ol.i Jacksooville, Flords
.ba.... 8 41t 5 4 10 p .....tIL. 0.t P..... i% alIB as ...... Bought la Car Lots. Sold in any
b a p 4....A"a tm, C. of % Ga....... o ,f a .00 nt
Vhs^ W At ^AM 4v pa Lv A MLE PM...... quantity.
SL. -- 3 p Merhants Laneh from 12 o 2 p. t.
.. . . .aBA R K R G ener u- ap.ete dennt., ._ __, .. ...


---- --I----lnC~YYce




;n,'-,*,!: ',J '.' :- ",'

'f* :- ''-*

. 'r '

illt|y Oaure 1*twin
M in At That FPlace.
,o.. out. 1- -A didleulty
'jbu out.'klrts 't ijwn be,
Su and kI. I, Muri is, IMboti
I men.i* In wh;h 31 1Mrthi
f'weco ic lni uievlk aslici d.I.
i ll rtbor'tl, WAe koIIr% hat
a Es nstl, reunUtiui fi&(ill
AlaritL is l ni iiivi nvwi]
at erlidw l lltrllt'l tlll, ;ioit|
lv1111iii rltd1l'ted lfit. il.
NO' H ip kh1' t wiiWO ihad I tti.
jitI|y "lronif ,'tit, "li,' I .+
all' *lw'k plartin, utL 'I
ttUit bwhII'., iturniuid ali

M 4 kr fgullt for Use on
Part of the Cooas.
A., Oct. 1I.-Th- o neW
*Alila.aa' whch rI ah ;Ut~ ;
,ed. bhere na it trial
*it'& the I' 4i .' I oi l
,Arer known. Thu boat iu
bven bill for (lt4 end ofl
"', I backed by Uaddtlen
rw*li iLho runt in tiie interv*l
A0'4d hlr laBrchants..
iJer trial trip, aijl the
,orkled liM lucloekw1ork,
i0 un as the river adllits
lI malke regular (ijls eI!
doe. and lioniu arnd lhi

; One of Many.
i bf Hummertrsi, 8. .,
SOntly years with the
to were employed and
Itn nd, but relief and
"pWId wo found only in the
1WU Wiseh tflasel Salve.
rl0lsof the many earse that
ef0eted by this wonderful
6b0yligng Witch Hasel Salve
ary to 0ee that you get
DeWitt', made by IE. O.
Ia l Ohleago, and a curo Is
Witt's Witoa Hazel Salve
I of plies, cuts, burns,
il, letter, riagl worm,
,eso. Sold by all drug-

Sfor Vice Presidency Speaks
at North Platte.
tte. Neh.. tict. Ii.- Sunator
and puir) arriv,.l hI'le,
O'iOelol and. w .Kr g'eletd by
IF ('rtw si
ar altb~ai.s Hpokle chlelly on
pof t (iL cilenilR Way)I g that M
s.uch that 1h1 It'lpuilicaaus
) hto apiolitgiy.c 1or thmini'
l Sl I hillnutoir hiil:
lhere I have tone, I have
b leolo e lii'rt'*,t sr for Reapub-
,KNU. Thyin)' r far. thi, 1 I'.
9in)rty becatiic (hit' liltolKpiis'an
'Lfar Ihm ansl tStandls for prone.

" Kentucky Tragedy.
plu, Oct. II.--A special to The
I hoIn Owingtillte, Ky today
'la (,Carter i Feriumno uil n ,c.i wo ni '-

Park: faniilv openei. 'l i
IU UQLt so ., litillngs il L, k4,,i :;
all )tiy. (.Itt* ]1, r; ,1 ,. ,
,' K 1 '4isit. iia e M I lA. % t. :

' Oures Winter Cough.
9er, lot Main St. (Ottawa,
t"lo: "Every fall it habe een
.t'le trouble U catch a were
thd erefore to oough all winter
it fall I got for hir ft tiibttle
Ilkond Syrup. Shire nmed it and
*Aable to sleep loitly all
MX. Whel fvir thet' cough
* her, two or three doses !ltoip
iakand she' iN sht i in ie uIll and
2c, Oe, Pl '. solh! \y \\'. 1M.


... ...~... '7. I"'

KALOLA iMahllu Pianab, Take The Atlantic Coast Linl

-li tfLe i- 8alt WlTle
_________ Prllnid,

iA mr6l1, "3 mohols Bit
at,... i.:
Natar's Retsey r r
A ?Issni Buldur& Nr o Trtic.
._..V.h'I i i_ ~.-A,,, .

fln, vIi n or, o)r i .s, 1 , .,I
* tt i 41 x .r h I,; 1.4,, A
KALOL.A CO., *&vAANA. f,
rrrgTVa I 'il I 11MUT


Unknown Whitb Man Found Dead In
Broad River.
KlIn rini. ; a, hit 11. Tue bIody utl
SII f ,. . !. .; K I hr'. (ou-id
talin,. i : .., 1 .t i it tt rtoc'i licai
to li.
Thit' ,i. 1. , tiv ,. l! wa., cru hedo

foul I,.:,
lit: x',.c A ', >l ,ii ,1 l. :itt4 runrl hie
tian1 St bShiI .I lilt'nI l iitll, '- ('A. ,( a |
tO t I0 :i. ," ': ieb Irgi (roli the
noiarbi) > cr .' ,a : ; l, r int i' lka
Or EIl. rt i i l MI ti 'i.v to bhi
idt ittl 'y liha I,< i' 1 t1 i. -'l il' ,
A 'ifor m' : '. Ilihti'. Jutis blt''iii rder-
ed. 1vwlt l It thu i ,iiv (Iortr wiIll be
madl t, l t:.'l (t iall tihy tIll jtry,
IDr. C(It'oin'. wlht'. 1t'A1ciiit-d ti bWody,
think+ it L. i i i on la ite w'atLer a
weck or teii .l;, ..:. 1.i 1, hlia there It D
quel(in o tittim! pllay.

Good for Cl.lldren.
The pleasant to take; and harmless
one Minute Cough Curs gives Instant
relief in all cases of cough, aroup and
lagrippe because It does *ot pas im.
mediately into the stomach, but takes
effect right at the seat of trouble. It
draws ut LeO inflllainamtlon. heals and
soothes and cures permanently by
enabling the luniijt o contributor pure
lile-giving and Ie-sustlaining oxygen
o thie blood and tissues. Lold by all

Iriitd tulolle at 4;ilnemvlille, Im ,.
O nWher 3. 1I)I.,
Nuiottert liecreihv given thmL lbthe oliow If-
bnuretd ,' Itlor ki4,t Dtle Mnotie of hlk Intention
tlo iake Il tinlru f l rt rapport of hbit
clim, ahrnd that uMkti inrNIf wilt iM msude be*
fore Itetiilter andl lteetiver at talnenvlllelit.,
on Nnmemtelr I. Il4t. vi,:.
N inN Sinu KlIIn orf Newiberl'. M"..
tld. :~:' ro< li the Nw '. w, t1''. |a >.,, I.
ie E.
He lairfild 1. 1, m lhi wl' a w> I ne% e It n to ip rolve
hib Aftilnjtk ipntlre. t ence ul an and cultlvatlnii
or sMiai i ;61 I. iL .
I. T s ..rf, J %V. Itiillie J., ltlie Fr"l"-
l im:a I ,turdl. all t Neo w i rrn viat.
IlI W\. t.. itluIlst iN. lrlgiter

wXmH IT]

Cream Vermifuge




atIamti r P iiTiVT40aNE.
T1Ii IFutJ#l5l ONLY Ul
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co.
rT, LOUIS, Mao.
alr' SAh li t M. Johuinou.


it. 1. < 'N ll vi:i, IE rc .
, : , r ' -, '..-

NOTE, IIl n WllT.En n I P1m IKI

- ..---


11 ia v il ,1


t ll'

l'. He, 1 stock of The

I .F.' .

SVia I Vii
i d not bhpttIe
Nor r or
JackBwErtu- atsoDll"

DIpart For


12 :40 p iy

2:05 pm

1216 am


eSt psiano fur lit,. tirsla i ol'wate. staisl It
StuSl i suro r ittri uiter,. coruitruoia4
%batl iierla ,i and mout artmisi
worliajiaaup ubtainLbi4,
L'U to date n ever
Ctlah *nd a1i %.
ti ui. 10 .

Mold by us continuously for

without a mingle failure. If ton
want a piano for a lifetime'ss
service buy the

Matlhuhe T
Prices oh low iso Is oOeUalatemt w itsh 14u
CMas or on eay ter msr. sen oni d4a'
iwlaW. We ar ftrlfbL. Wri
for prioee TODAY.

Ludden & Bates

Southern m sic Hois,
GATHER I BRYAN, State Ag'ts,
-- lAIlA!lI


National, State and Congression-
*I Ticket 1804.

Presidential RlctIort.
C. 'F. Buffum-FranklIa oomuty.
Gon. K. Robinson-Marlon county.
Ueq. H. Holmes-BevardM county.
U. A. W. Wendell--Oadsden county.
A. M. Cushman-Alachusa county.
For Governori-lon. M. B. Maefar-
lane, tllliboro.
aeerettry of State-John F. Horr,
Monroe. 6
Attorney-General-Fred C. Oubber*
ly, Levy.
Oomptroller-J. L. skipper Polk.
Tressurer-E. l. Brelford, .Dad.
Superintendent of Publle lustri*e.
Lion-W. R. O'Neal, Orange.
Commissioner of Agrleulture-J. 8.
Howley, Putnam.
Railroad Comialssioner H. J.
Hlithie. St. Johns.
Justice Supreme Court for term of
six years--W. B. Sheppard, Esoambla.
JuktiCes iSuprme Court-0.. 8. arr,
0. S. Adams. Duval.
E. P. Axltell, Duval.

(Jainby. Hillhborlo.
Second Congressional Dittrlct-J. M.
Vtwney, flraige.
Third CongKresslonrtl Diitriot-L. M.
Ware, WaIiliigiltoi.



Rapid Transit and Unaturpased Benlo*
Time Table In *ele Sept, I, 1,04.

, ,
' t

High sapei ad ;atep.
mudlau Polne

O8ala, laooburgs ad Tmape, l
ltenrmindiate Poltat

Palt, Dpaytloa, Jashasvle,
north st ad ltWa

* ' .

High iiprtngs, Wayeres.afimaa, tw
Albany. Atpta, all leWate Mon, t VS ,

J r

High Spriag

InaNhaeameble Mileae TIeoetl, food.oe v Ii i
*ipFl rallwai_ the mlom 81it1a, Sn>< hS.jrt',aa
Thrdu gh Pullman lrPort alLt Y l
Ine alsao via Atlandti_ Liod iMK,
or sompIete ilatrOmttlo4 oilo ,' ', .
J. A. O00DWIN. lteWM AlS
Addrm .t..g
FRANK 0. BOY IION Qsi Air. l l. BL
H. WiiMLe itA.O, .,.;a inj




R otd"Tr"p. On
.8D s lly. Good
tll D lo,

$89 at4 Bol10 trp. OG


.. : ., .M. ." !

lthaer Mhreash Aslsm aid OsA 0 -Ws a t
Skhy muse
o0 a tlwfrom asrWi,,tOWN .a a Ito, ,
jOskmtyo. TMae wk oI sow. k N .a l W Sq.
ameworeeas ,pe.
CarietMa e aSisis mpease. lea A ll lli i
Ukmwb&M a U w s; .i.aa.. ."1" i,: "" '." 3
Desoia sl*ad htstat eLafrn.katte sleas Salt l lli
m pNiatiokM. Tt
itetate PeIet Al-t. m W .at



1 , : ; :
' ./ li l .. ". [

. . ., .* , ,* *
B :;', ', ..' <.'. .' I,.
i^k >1...,, ." :,!: I*T'.

Jacksonvllle and New York" ,
a-lll -at CHARLEiTON, ..0, both h. ,,
The Flaa n t Steafml i the Csuglase 5*r
Clyde New England and Southern Line*
Direct Service Between JACKSONVILLE, BOMiTON and
PROVIDENCE sad All Eatern Points,
Calling at Charleston both ways.
Bouthbound...... .................. From Lewis' Wharf, Boa1 qa
Northbound...... .. .... From Foot of Catherine t., J koavfckl o i
. '.. .
Clve St. Johns River Line
HeLtween JAciuoNVKLL.., and. 4SANOt' ''lI

Thomas Hard-
ware and Seed


S(Class PI'visi. ii

-P0 Ic-ill
Dye e~.(yuu~suc

1n UjI FIS

* -;1I1 .l .

4 1,.

*~~ ~ *


I *2 ttrlr n C, I

#5 ,
r Jr" .1
4 11
..a8 h,-ii

11 4I a, 'I 1 1 t. 1..
Iext i til-'t v
1)Da- se I
Any Goods in the Store at Cost.

Tih u tt k ilmutl i' 'relducel. Nuw i' the

lint' li 1e>o tlillnr t ,iir lovese,

Stopping at Palatkha, Astr, it Fraoies, Beresford (DelJand).ain;l i lntelR
Landings on St. Johns River
Levies Jacksonvill 8:80 p. m. Hundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. .
leares Sanford 9:30) a. i,. Monday, W sednesdays and Friday.
is appointed to sail as follows:'
l U(r HUH II)ULi Nurthhmti a
Reid W dlt)w '.
Leave 3 ~J pm .... .............Jacksonvill?........... .. Arrlvea
S:46 pci................ .. I'alatkm........... ....I..Lave6
8:lo an ........... .. .. A nz or ............... .
4:;3t am ................ ..St. Francis................... i
I............ lieresford (Pl'Land) ... ........... 1NO
,\rriv- :oam ...a ... .... ..... anford ...... ............ 9 l 4
1(P:x am .. ...... ... : t e t*rprls ........ ... .... O J0
rV M. IROlMo.1N .:i Jl .-t JtI.n i'., P Ai e< West l ar at.. JackmOtliUi, t.f '
G% U. t'LK l'flt. Jr Fr. wei-t Ager, C. P 1'. 1 VELL. Stils rIh:el
"ootHof IHoigan uretrP Jarks.villle.
A C'. IIAi'.RlTi V Ge.r1 Iit.t at I'nPo* Airt.NiL YVori ( t'IlV:UlMILNR.lf .Frt.Amt .NitWa

ell., Mlsaiupy I ad Oism

SIT ...




v 4


* . ..~.-. 1.. L i

I I I -- --



* F q4: 'rf S W






k ', 1 L, 1 r.-




I ,

, ,, q




I/MFm with i ulmasa M
Among the arrivals at the !lrown
SOFH miN Huuse yesterday was J. A. Enslow, Jr.,
0f ? t. Auguiiiius, one of then most
a iJely 'know:i tIrvetiing ml n li the
I S ta .t,


Absolutely Pure


F ITY A n ailre with Dunm' & "".'A'
SCITY RNlU 1 urly Hi.I ki 1. Stringer of
Y CONDENSED r ti city attending court.
T CONDENSED '"1Jf Sparkman of Fairfield was
tr,.ltr n ig'tiinig Iuiin,, in this city yle.
erd I ath-
L. De luty heriff J. Lee Stokes of
ry Our ReporUr. .M,., iy ti"iude thit ietI Ian om11al1vis.
i it y nt Lardla .
t AND SOOIAL ITEMS Ier 1l:..t-.-turre oyal Cook formetf.
i,.ly i.* <'ui-I. Add reis Thoms V. Por.
ftplned and What is Going r. J. .bwonvili,,
Told in Ih%% P ra hs V. F. Halrris af l.aCrosse is in the
O Told lIt Short Paragraphs IIZ l.sen summonedhere ma S
city. iL.aving 1i0 4 lsummooned here as a
P "He Who Runs May Read" witnesslih,.fre the circuit hourt.
lh.l 3' T. J. Mel:me of lIawthorn was in the
h6N0(41s1haA ill, itly for a few hours yesterday. He
Ie today at J. L. Craw'ordl's. wa en route' to Alachua on business
bans of Bell is attending F(,r sale-Nin,-room residence and
lot. two blocks from square. Terms
,asLy. Sol Warrn i. Gainesvrille. Fla. it
hpape@ for(i sal aL "he Siun II. iall of rangee HIelghts, one
of thi, prominent Demoarats of the
wrunof Alaehua was tradiig East lwd, was transaeting business in
p ypWterday. this city yesterday.
e l el t $alve for sa;e Jim Adamtuon hM accepted a poiltion
withi the mnarking a ld weiMhinan de.

Qolwemnuaue a business -........- ---S -
beryjetetaya i p martin a Duttoa's ginnery, and
beFrry yesterday. a asuned hlia duti's Monday.
T. Flaklei of ltobhello was John Etenux went yesterday to
th city yesterday. nIigh Springs and other points in the
nat Magnolia liamse t jus itrtrlet of thln EEl Toney eigar, of
under & Earle's. d2! which he is the mnanuifacturer.
Jaeksonville itop at the Rl{,. Anl MIr. F. II. Craighill and
location, best meals. If ildreu departed y.terday for oints
ells of Alachus was trans- in Virglinia. wh-r.e they will spend a
mlae in this city yesterday. rilontl jh' aanziity wth friends and relt-
Brd of Tacoma was among ativ,-.
visitors to Ihis city y10- T'1e Earnest Workers will hold their
regular u ntiiihly meeting at the home
W. Mott, a farmer of the of tMr'-. (i. W. Hyde this afternoon at
meltion, was trading in the fotir 'L'lock. All nru'ibers are- urirgd
day. to !he prf stlt.
Second-hand IDenumore After a brief professional visit Ito
Will be sold cheap. Ap- this i, y. lion. It. A. Iturfrd of Ieala
Ofce. If returned toii hii, home yesterday. IHu
onell, a phosphate 1111itnr of rIepor the HIrik City in iexcelleit,
was registered at the coriditioln, nconiiiercially atid otthr-
lloose yesterday. ws.
17 United states s Marshal A. \ l. tg if .,tarke. ouni of tle
S8. Chambers of i cala is reg- hiadinig ;uu>ag atlorneys in the .State,
$V ki Brown IIouse latera !raTf..ioinal lvitL to this city,
lisle Adaits, a cliarmiing returned to his hom iinyetterday. Col.
I of Rochell I. favored frieiind l.0o1n t.:ai matny friend* hert, who are
at brief isitl yesterday. Ialway glad to the hinmi
WaUn of Alachus and epliuity Caplt. .. Loling of Arr.duoind ha
ZS"Ao of High Spriings were just returned froul a inlit Io his old
he visitors to thiii city ester- horni in New flteahis asid to the
Wnr;il'si lair at .-. L.ouii, lite reports
James Holder., an i'timnable a ploitpant trip anid the fair the great-
Uwhellp, i in tl.e city on a, t l t 4Pverr Tee n in thi ceoitu1try.

.L ',1 -, i I TI,' l -II . i ,I e I l f itif -T. i
i, 1i ,'* r -y JI:)' otil. orttle' of the'
*,' \ ,'tltt'er, ii ltl' i Irte'aIt tia'rov .ry,
L.:I- 'r t 11 r tl- ., ill) ynj- il of, kid-.
i. y ,a.lmil ir a rhrl.'iria t 'w- trout< l eit,'.
a wrl u, ln ,,' 1 ', .

t." snZ tnti' '( it-. 'l xa# wotzu
dl'r. i1l'il rrf :.t I 2l-j % ry, r-dTt'n all
* k id:, 4 i. I,1 r troil li4-, rfeniov' a
gr lu -, "...';re- d ni !t ,t r .mini ai l e min -
*iiii mta i ai J I 1 a*'. et k-, ritnum a-.
i t rn :li l 'l 'rr ii!aritine of it., kid-
nvyp alit l ideI'r in iut il t i land
wi, ini:a r, g .. at ti ulda r troublpi in'
r. ....IFt-* I s' : tn oi i lriaiirn lu

U. .L ]h-ard, several year ago State
Ia.j se.lecting agt'nt in the 'nlited
States land otlfeu in this pity, is InI
town, t.e pur st of W1'. I'. Lee. ie hlme
many friends here who are Rlad to see

ifon. 'V'.(I. iuliinLton. manager of
the culton department of H. F. Dut-
on A Co(., and Jim Adarison went yes-'
terday to Alachus. where they super.-
intet;ded the loading of a quantity ot r
Cutt i,
lis Emminia McileMllen Is at home
agaii, after au extended visit to Nie.
troit and other points In the North.
west. Friends will be glad at the in.-
fUrmatlon that she was Rreatly Im-
proved by the trip,
A. l. Ililleary of Micauopy was In
the city yesterday. lie was en route
to sWannee, where for some time he
conducted a fish business. Mr. Hilu-
leary has just returned from Southl
Florida, where he spent several days.
Attention is directed to the adver-
tislment of the ialaeeville Fish Corn.
pany, which appears elnwhere In this
issue. This company has tiee recent-
ly established on West Main street. 8.,
and is under the management of J. L.
Chesser, an experienced man at the
business; which aumrea *nsesea. The
company is now eeelving Cedar Key
oysters, which are reoogalsed to be
the finest on the cost, daily, and are
nicely prepared to serve them at all
reasonable hours, and in any style.
They have a restaurant la connn0tion,
and will servemeals at all hours, mak.
ing a specialty of "shortorder." The
company owna and operate its own
fisheries, both salt and fresh water,
and ean supply absolutely fresh fish at
reasonable preies on short notice.
Send them an order astd give them an
opportunity to demonstrate what lhay
..... .......... -. -

CNew York



Candy Candy

Gone into the Candy
business on a big
8 (ale.

Just receivedI a big ship-
ment of....



llavy.,"' ,diftere t kind.s
W\V will only have two

()n- kini \wi!l he 1 ,;-mnt&
a lounl. ifr iial to 2. and 2-W
tout can The other kind will 6b
sold at 210 cots a pound--
e O4(e-fi)lrth poundi fir cents
---equlto anlil it cent'
allndll e. 4.

Come aroundI
your iand at

tt I I'd



)A, OCTOMi-t-

J. U. Howard of Fairtkaks was
among the visitor to this city yester-
D. T. English, a progreslve planter
of TaOoma. was trading in the elly y*e.
terday. Ife state that the Taeoma
settlement iis cast in a gloom over the
recent tragedy there, in which Garrett
V. Challiwrlain was brutally mour-
0. W. ReaRan of li oala, the *fficent
lAl clever representative of the
HopcesI B1ro. A& larlinglun Company,
hard wood manufacturers, was at the
Brown iouoso yesterday. I i wasi en
route home fromin Hague, where he had
been on buiiuness or hi tifrm.
F. i.Sbelhpil of Lake Kutler sla in the
hlt. a deleIate so the 'resbytery of
the $uwanee. now convened here.
Mr. Schell was the founder of The
Lake Butler Star, and was for many
years county stiuprintendent of public
instruction for Bradford county.

Ambao the visitors tothis city yes*-
terday were I.. de Yampers and Ed.
ward Ifoury walker of Tloas, two val-
ued emploe4s of the Union Phosphate
Company, who eame on business.
They paid The Bin an agrFeable eallh
the former having his name enrolled
upon the subsoriptioa list.
Conductor H. M. Peahe of the At-
lantle Coast Line. who for the peta
few weeks baa teen runin la the High
8priags*Cni r train, deplrt*e4 Ieeter
day for his home in St. *Petelrdrg.
captain Peaske prved himself a pop.
alar man among kthe Itrallmag pubite,
all of whom regret to see him turns.
E. 0. Cobb, the *Rllles$ agent of
the Seaboard Air LiUe Is this oity,
departed Monday for Penesols, Bir
miaghiam and other polIat, hl last
dtimlatlon belan 8t. Louela sad 4t
World's Fair. He expect to be &b.
Sent several weeks, uad IS goe ihs.
out Maylng that he will have a ftsh
upp7ly of ofrigIal "'pat" a d hits
with whisk 1o entersalis his tfeed
when he returns.

.' 4 ; .

T.* rF T

Undertaking [





tefrwsal anlM. to .4
this illioMRl d0 lo.
premptl aitlceMd b .





and the


FieFdtt f


* *' ."* :rctKL.s

. '. .': t 6. l,
tW U ," *TI

- a
,." ,.IB

H. C. Cato of Alashes, tor m 1
yeas eounSty tax coJltor but aW a-"
aged In farming mear that plils, wwi
amons the Visitom to this ity yUeat* S
day. Friends of Mr. Cato will r dgli
to lear that he hua bees sufferiag h.t .
some time with rheem tlem, whisk h W*1RW*
hs caused him eoiderable I *Wm.
iTaience. 1, i
Hoe. Sheltoo B. Phillips of Bit. T I
for several yraes the eileat superlai
tendent of public astrostlon of levy
county and a member of the Deso.'
Aesle State Eleeutive COommlsmee,
was among the prominent as vi sion to
ihis city yesterday. Prof. Phillips
states that he has Just refored from
an inspection of the m"oolse Iha hl
county, and was gratlmed'to lad tho
so far visited in Ime eonditio ad
working order.


Served at Al! Reatomnabe Houm. In Amp stylee
Citv PaIron RuIled t! AnAy Iusatiiltr.

Mealt wrvad t sRaaursmt Hours.
We Caleb Our Own fa1i, both sit
and fresh water, and will sell mulles,
reMardle of alsxe.. 5 each, for 265,
Other fldt at reasonable prices. Orders
Gainesville Fish Compuny,
Wt malm 11t.. M. Pbhea 1



0133 TEun
DAY sOcu



- FL

Opens September 19, 1


Alachua Pool Pa oren

t. Bmre% reprie. 'I

lat ed he Porter Bloek, sS
aide square. e h lt-elm taMSl
ood lights, and rompt sad oM
* wrviee. The puble lceIsordially l
and always welcome.
i- ---- -

'Dr. Merritt Corthell
Ileirrlarhe, Florida,
o'r-)rj.- I'. 3Nvi St., New Yorkl
4ilnllethl.. .' adlot ud ftad-
nrest Friday at I 'rlerk ug.
Ill Saturdlay *I l3& p, a.
PSitively Two Days Only.

W.O.-W wwwwom-ft-


, .. .








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