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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: October 11, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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UPcertainty Is On the Increasw
at St. Ptonrsburg.

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$hts Le' C. e$. $

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W!its a t thle pita
t tthe pla ylg ft

01pt.pted a mtambot
blicNO T Mairwas
WWW soreiIat wMItl

d 11tedrO "al ats

t .' i*tlas cta thil be.
,M mal smtal enter.
rM* eltedw the oatititaIM
. . .... 04" *OsktdI yesrs ft, sto w
$ Qepostlo timdatletratios
*4l b Not, the assurane io
Siee. uht*eet Ropublcsa -rule*.
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..u.mor-tuasu.. u s -t m-

MQu .y"6um.

m ,0.. It. 10--A m6b of sat,~w um n at Marble C(11. nest
1':10.safter a negro who today at*.
Ss$ to assault Mrs. Obarles Fish.
j .,r Ift t thie thmekeeper of the Ca-

Si e .atn4 th*e FIsah4r yar4
skl for1 a drink of water. When
t %0tWtlt for a cup the negaro
1.0,0mW -the khithen and Auding het
toe ga tbbed her, sad tried to throw
b t4 the Boor, tearlag her elotbins
"e broke from tbie aeas grasp saod
irted for a gunm in the qorner sand

l. leer jumped Into a buagy
Ma driTvig to .the quarry, told her

A oame %t snow puaraing the negro.
The pollee from hisc oity have been
.Pt to tle come In a buggy.

^ r Kfe C Urtl~kfteT o theCp.

ade by Law and Order League at
Lexington, Ky.
Lntsgton. Ky,. Oct. 10.- aL the rq.
ait of. crusade Mtarted.ilere laat Sin
I 4 by the law aind ordt r league te
Stop all labor on the SabbaCi. Thorn.-
as R. Bode., of Chicago. superiten-
t*et of the L, lsnton Isranch of the
Armotur Packing rcmpauy; \W, (Ftar-
i er mad JJ ,. ProTper, buokkeepers of
the same Ianltur on., who wercr eaulrht
worakal on books last Sunnla wer
SBed 410 each today Il thie pollcet

The fie was aseuveil under the law'
f. of the cmmonwewlth. Thisi s the!
tlrat punitlve revuit of the erut*adte
ib whMich tbreatns to spread. '
Trp o y a i ge
l Tramp Horribly Mangled.

Coovinto., (;Ga., Ot. 10.-A negrI
tSamp l'0iig tas>-p vin the railroad
track rpear t.1' 1-ta'lrin at odnl was wna.


There Is Warrant For the *1iaf .That
General Kuropatkin s S4trengthenidlr
HIs Left Flank to Meet Japanese
Tyrnim g Movement.
St. Petersburg. Oct. 8.-1:30 *. m.
-The meagarnesa of tM news' from
he front i increasing theo uncertainty
flarding the development. There t
good warrant for the belief that UGenr.
at Kuropathin Is strengthbnlng his left
Bauk to meet lie J.aneie turning
Imovlmet, blhs troops occupying a tri-
angle, fro PFuabhun to Mukdn aond
rl'e Pas. Over 3o0 guns have arrived
t te front and the activity of the
Itueam askrmtshers below the Hlon
Aiver states thae Impren on that Ju.-
IMpaktha may. contemplate amsuming
the oMailv*e,
The war oqffce, however, glves no
eoauagementsa of this idea. though
taturblly. If stch a movement la con-
kuplated. the war offlen would not be
ispected to aiml( It.

Chief ef GeAdamnerle.
ft.. Poteraburil. Oct. 10.-Accordtng
to the dispatches (General RlIdumvaky,
uader secretary of the Interior. has
bee sappolnted chief of t0 Kgendarmer.
Iq. whio wag divorce from the minis.
try of the laterlor.

* No Compremise with Japan.
8L Petersbarg, Oct. 10.-Replylng to
the statenfelt of Colnt Qkuamd. load.
or of the Jap.nese Progrnmsive party,
tLat the war with Russia would be
long. but that Japan wold win la the;
end, the Novoc Vremya. this morning
dowlated that the Idea of a pomsiblf
coqpromlie aith Japan haFs been aban-
doned und tl-l the war inT bho prose-
ttced by fltsi(.L. In irich a way that
there can be no p oIm!bM;:!y of JA.gpnw'
reNu o Inu tie iiT'* In tI'1' Far K.ajsrt.
Tl'_ Jaip&Tertep mnt bo "trtven outl of
the AsIntlecaontinent.
It ;int .,,w a(- :)te her-* that the ro.
ported naval figlsli Po':' Arthlu- v:as.
purely Imsairat:v,. r:The naval Px-
pert. of the ns .il k:il dwe'l on 1t'.
dtafirUltti whirch tn Pl',art Arthtlr
iquatniiron mutr ,,:', are'li in
rut after th. tViC-t ttItA s-rtle Iof Au-
itY t 10 T'" I r Ti .-1 r .l > ( tfliln Is that
the ,qI>ri: rnti roll: not ventIurie uut
i nt ,.*s .-1m, ;,:n.l( hnail h ia ptoiutn l to the
Jl.pannfse tto h:.:, t)f w.;~: lhl thi i .e I.
tu11 kncw& ;' ro. In any ca .', ibh'
Ittuitlan tshiips cutid nnt >go to the npen-
trA; part f I m F1 o and imustt head far
SVlad iu.t(I:,.

To Caro for Soldiers' Relatives.
81. PYtTrr1ira.i ) Or,. liP.The mnl!ji-
pali)y ,' St I ien r.:irK L11r d'ci(;l:'i', li
c 't, for the r' :,tl o'-i if :1(t,'r.4 et
I? fron (" t. '-alt Fin'en. thet ir,-
!k t I 'f 3 to,.'i-,. hr.', l.iie, in such reliatlivls aipe) ito l b otIiledI with
lodgln; si.,! fuel a:il ::;w: twrilnil of 'fl nr

an.I fi;.r p.-i2.ilA of grit.- for ea l )pt i-
sin i.r nr'.u1'.


Albert Adams, Millionair-. To Be Re-
leat d frr Pr'c'.
N -. r T r' :;. :;
L Ada 4 i! f r a ,., .:
.+; N V . a.. r ; . r' . I: '

'a w+' t 'o :".' [ i. .. '1 ill ,H !
nut c':o', ,P yi n-* v e. :.! ,'
maont;1'. '. H '' ', wtiY I it I
ptre tn, 1 .tl i:7' -' I. Ui''\ -! n -
in a? tilonl f i t'-,' *1 1 I. J' \ > ,- -
on To ...-a)
Adarm-, !, 1.1''. i t 1 1 ,V' .",'1;' ic rW.
! ; r, '.A i iz .1 ; a ti a l: iiwe for
Emi ri q v%

Ki'r-' V- ? d H n t.r.
No. V 1'': 4IL~t


Internatlenat Peace Cct.,gress at Boe
ton, Mamsachuiett. .
tumon, Mass.. Wut. l .-The litora.
Uional pleaC cuntrtJi 1 lunul ti 04e0 -
.510 of it Lhltt: ieatlh atiuull milotiv .
Paslddent .Paynu, NS)ID1i that rineS-
tatlve. of all U11W A&,.jl uailoui hal
been gIiln aun op~irtnlity it impound,
ItltrduCted Jiiu Abratani, of T'iou.
to speak f(r Japan.
Mr. Abratatl, In the coure ti f hl. re.
marks, said he wan i killing to admil
that alIlitarlji waw on talL0 lcL' eae In
Japan. bItt he declared the-re was good
ground fur expectlation that whun thu
present conditiomi were Lbrught to an
aed, pt3ace would heu the moving spirit
of the nation. U;r. Joi ttShlirug. 4,w1
gate for ltust!n, asked for a muanunt
to.corrost a sta(,tintit llMtIadi yesterday
by John Burrows, of Eullandl. and tbhl
was granted. Ai[ Dr. Shirug piassu I
to the platform wheru Mr. Abratant
was seated, a woman dle!':;ate ardto
and said:
"Dr. lhirut. It would gladden my
heart to aerP yun i haku hands with Mr.
Atbraanl-lii;s:Aa and Jatan.In friend-
ly claisp."
"I shou Il1 mon nat happy," t!he Itull-
slan Unswurel. aS he moved toward
the Jap)anr-e and warmly aclzed hls
hand. saying:
"I am glad to greet a fellowlnsan."
When Dr. 8hlru liihad ctmonhttidd hiL
statement li cun nilltee on questions
of the day r r!?tted r In fa.
ver of an l1i ,..tti.-isOmn frt th- pre-
*at goveerni.L:'L" f the (.',)rlngo 'ree
The reicln':iin omho:ie.l three qusa'
ttoni. which 11:.'vy dt .cired should bW
referr-ld t1:ir toi a ienOlewdl cint'.r.
unce of tht pi:"w..r-r onmaerned in the
formation (.1 there ('onl o Pre* Stalte r
to The lln,,gi" cr ert of aritlrations..
The qute-illo: j.. (In (1 :
"la ti e t.*l-rnir, it of the Cong,
rese Stat, 'I to b reiarilwl as t i-"
truston 'iif i- i1o)t w1ilhi rreuc z*n
the, flag of liiangr!nat(ihnal .a.n:ialiie,'p;
"'Is lilh' Il'l-lun g'i% 1tinnm"i toi I1w r*
guarded am ifrin-n!H.i for tihe nrltton
o( thrt gover:in :t- c. ".: (',,n!r,.1r f(lj,
"Inj fc'thr or l. ,Crt,'. \,t t lt b
the i .:iion 0nf t-i nT i- 'i S r a' i
int inWt nt'l'':a, liaw IiIn w-'-L I.:.i-
ner mayl :;w 4ra-o "i!L';:t. C4<,- fl-
itu UiS sl( *!l sAB I 'l l uItfu9 la i;
andt L Al nt I l itt r lt'lo "


Georgia Order Gathers at* Eastman.
Five-Day Session.
Eastnian. Ga.. Oct. 10.---Th.
Smtcting of the iwenty-.% ,onid anniia!
I ata* c('n,%ent'on of th1I' viWtman i'hlr-r
i tian Tni-l'raon',' I'nion of (ifir;Ui ta
Shield here, in the .M1Ihtli cl rcli l
S The convention will T Lit ..-; ;i for
th( next flv da' e-
SThe annual atlr.'s,, f h,, .at'i pre .
i dent. Mr.;. Jer ni, n S]it,:y. W-:;
Sbe made this evtrntrc .IT S. M. .
I Fry, national (,rr**,["fnti, tg "r'rcta :y,
Sof Illinois: .Mr 1." a .3 .. N',- v'A nl j
(Comtn arw of Oli.,. \1r.. IJ :. T;>.T1i:.
of New Vork. int iiui nw'nL o f;: : f, r. n
n tional anid ;i pr'~ n i'iiei .i> i'.v'
I murder will b. i, t+ "'nIi:r.c. in the'
medtingl I*r. .1. B JI '-'n V w ; pr'ac
the convionlie i nu ri,


Soolety for fleformw; Peitr'. Styles
of Dancing.

for reformini'i '. T .,' i of
dianch! t.n- 1 :1 ,
ieiad in rit ; 1 'f I. '

Former U. Senator D.-Oa
ia 'i -,, tr' hl lV N i

1,at1 .inat'. .\ I 'W i.i L 0 1,I ft!' .
t l' >tiv Stat :.'" :aI '"- iVnia' ;
to th: v .;1' ;: ne:: Ia

ti t cI lI sita I A '' : a h r \'.'

N.r'thta' }1 r' at n i -






Btated an Audienes of Fifteen
Hundred People.

Fire Occurred Early In the Morning
and Hence No Casmaltie---Flam.u
Started Behind the Stage as In the
Iroquois Fire.
New York, Oct. 1O.-Ptro ;:ha de
stroyed the theater at PI.t 't, iAyS a
Herald dlitpatclh from (LIt',u :i. It wj.I
the finest iptayhoutsehi I. '--!trwrlanl
There wai no lo),,t of liflt, u. Irt nLtiiat
ly the fire ( t.olrrL'tId : 2 ,'co'tk la
the morning.
Modeled on NetuSo II .'i.'r In Vien
ua, it seated 1, $> l I ,tp'- w-, c )ItIa1 Ind
the latest fAreproif nppit!l.iit c ar. 1 p3
s esed exit every :.. r
Aftr the- p,;rftor.,-u lP Tihrslay
nlAht everything w: lift in order
and Iup3pH1aI I hatrfly, il,* !lr., yrirtal
being lowrted. 1 hI' lrl: v 'gai< aA to
the Iroquoi Ii tI.t t'- .tt ('IIcita ), be
hind the SIte i< m ii ai' i u 'i it t(-aw
the' safety curt.aln inilih',! T:i.h~' t.'.
fi **.pri : l to the i .t ', i't. gatl-
los. the roof fa;3:it !g in w!tln ;;if a-
Two firemen wrt, Injure.l .rl-H.miy,
atif werp carried, to the husp!ial
The walls of thIi tha'ut'r wer' very
thicli othit-v ilte th- fintanrial !s.A wout]
haVe hemn niu1'1 mpL'ore< iti a.
Thi? theauti r w 'a- ina t*l' fir $1.f't..
but the seinery anti Wlvardiroli., 'if t
artists were nit A vahliable library
anrid 1ni alrnl instratFit-.I and c(,).sttunei
were denttroyed.
The cra of Ithe fire wn< a .j :0
Circnl t in sn ile'?ric light w!'.


Contest for the Vandertilt Cup ToW
by Bulletins.
N,,w Y< :1. ( e 't i, '-t I. a 4 iFhitrt"' 1 P '" ; iran;''t '', mach.lll r*
1 fln l ); ,l thlnr :-i; tlfni( .," l i I,'.-
to.r fu I.o 1 -'.:; I; 1't,',1 -<"' 'i% '> 3.
wa. tho-,t J r sm t1 ,; i 'Z .
A\reu i, 1;, .: i I :. u' t1.: ,
thrown fro.n '7, zac-h :i;' i''. i' :
as a r' i'.t f a i t .to>'u . It -
men ivel L,. n t ."'-; ; '.unty
hu.-' lIa .

At thu' (! ,i of tl-.. r.:
w as iIn tlit :-:. t !
151. i.l:t, in ;.1 .

r.'i~s- i
I I- I Z~! t!t4

An uacinflnrmerl ; : i I I I'I!
judI I aI I- .
tIator v. .I'- i r a '! <.
bi 2e.0 niu in 1at 1I).''' u- r.
It wa3 ta II i 11 L I; -
stan.1 t. ai r ,i, *f I!
that oe ; on 'r had ie :, h.2 i .
aulnmoI.s:e :act.-

It atth in'- tht ; <. i I;ra t5 '
W illiam K cV;piri.'1i:i; clip li.' niti. 'n;
iute ar. l href (e'en s. and l tI .
liet,%\ t(.:1 ijii n \ Ijtt -r0 h v i-4, I .ro ,'4-o
114- a i t ,' ,! 1. II. (l it ,l >>
roitinl in 1i nt irii 1
A :hert ( '4 r ., i t '
third i1, i, ,


Husband ot '-rnted on Very G'Qv

W Pu ...-. m '. "
Vh ':''C Wp't. llt,.l! I ;
ino\ t' l' iA n* T t' I"0 v .

JiAI r:i t'n nr -,' i i '
S n till y n 2.' #;, ,,'*,rp 's -
h9qie of of (i 1. 1 I l. '' '
e il fo r t i ,"' '. . "' ( '"
PCIf R -. t!:hr' fo- ]p ,. A'
gIven him
tir.n lhl
Tilt -fa i
lInon r'1 l m i -)- t *'*'T-' .- I i i

on soctnt r-p
d'eI nr*^ !, a. 'L ,4!, .<:i
t i. h -n O_ ,. ,', 7. P '1 *,'


i .. .

P *

".., L..




.. = 0. ,* .. .' .' r ' 4 w
'" Budwe ler

Ois i TOrrgvd upon G OED MAN S

9gey1 andii enterirn and
0.0;. laypk before Jussle. JAms Edwards YOU Prom Train Id e
awa :if-6a.., and Had Both land. Crushed.
s'wk S Rl whom he hW The Standard of Quality
1`7fl'd for r aport iOlluU to AMPUTATI.N WAS NECESSARY by which all other Beers
W1*4wh1 i1"s n uss III t s Unfortunate Man Brought to This City, are Judled.
'6 b 900440 fLorW 4oe tune, is Where Surgical Attention Was Given Highest ha price, but
:Ns the Ult h.>m.r e h.ln.u Was a 'P,.an er From. nOcl to *1cb.*t w Pr6* but
w" 100 6 ***0hnt inLr',i. enWpy anoPa-psssn .ser From a, leads hi sales. 100,402,500
P I 'r I ht u M n u o .. .. bottles sold in 1903
-A.ier I tL rah WhPim J*ihPI Edwards, a eCltred ;aeug@r
9wo rs'h himy from ucalato blicanory Junction, V14
.. tshe Atlantle Cos Line. by h own "KING OF BOTTLED B ER
Wwbos r Maadus af.-.a.oM lbs emlnsmtes*, UI h alleged, was t *he* Wa tes b aga o.
", *aUP *rp" ksv lpg *-: Sim of an alde.nt Monday afteoroon *L eo wnho wel eost his bothi hanade, and will AnhWus-*Buch Brewing A 'n, St. Louis U.S.A.
Sa e.,,exuso hlitm n6 end of trouble.
Wll--i I IstaWd that Edwards purchased W"o8 V tas 9is=lApn sstnro
a K. ticket to Mleanopy Jnceton. When
i lorr $e- It- train reamhed that station the man OrU.r ProWwIuE Pl LAd r ny
,. , ilhed. bt just as the train was OCALA HOUSE WINE ROOMS OCALA, FLORIDA
a's o'bla m e Mplatform of one of the ears when be -
$.T'- --w-- t fell, hI. arun extended, when the
sad vuisuid brh slw .
4l Wel.o g The unfortunate man was taken
*,. A. Pasbua.O. c aboard the traits and brougbS to
WW Zwat, A. o1f i. h A". Galsmeville, whpre Dr. J. f. Hodges,
,5,,s', esK. a leed by Drs. Philips and Dell.
n t .nl S~IW k.HO, found It ne.ssary to amputate both
W ho v1., ha' nds. .....e_
t e erteur were cured for Edwards
"'""0''"""' 'T i HE BI STORE.
tim. Whom as the home of Johlianna ilaile,. North THE BIG S
bbs tso' 50xlzh sStl. Dr. Hodges stated Mon-
.i-4d6 4 aSw4 day llght that, while the man Is in
T .7.hrenM bIad Veonii4tlon, th ehanoe fur hNo re- .
41, i ll66.heo o ry wre fair.
iso Auto.a Csuse of Lockjaw.
t 1 Lookjawl, or eoai a n, le caused by a
oo ~ bleyct t. bsslues or germ which exists p'erutla
W I e b. bo tufall in street dirt. I Is Ins tive oA FULL LINE
tott ant fetA* le as posed to the air, but when WE H A V E A FU L LINE
P0010 Mlb lutrdol beneath the skin as in wounds H E LA T E
m" e thmat te by perousIon ap or by rustF T E LATEST IN
go eoft that tho sallt, antl when the sir is excluded the
Opt, to to tr to sott la roused to activity mnd pro.
t"'K ....d 1 I de the mino virulent poison known.
SbTheoe gerims u be destroyed and all
R e .Iaue *ltda. danger of lo1sw1 avoided by apply'l
Ings ; t ).--fle OhiE mng bhamberiaia's Pain Maim freely as
ilSt. Peel r.i lw os p the Iju'ry l r.eeived. Pain Anol ethelr s(,:tOnalte goo Is. Styles .
A i ms B'lm sa im amt1ie.ptio and canes curts,
ruinlo s llwand ilke IUnBJurLes to 11-41W heal withII.- aw
1..-- year fdilng tswu o mida l--the y4-ilate antI j rirn-s as low nas fon l-
0pm s fW ovr qit tuSim requirfr by h usual irratmet.
134 qIO $4i10A .Mr t is for Iqredby allh druggistu t.t'l"t with the quality of the I oFA.

Y"&eollr Tore Shelter Ito emlnterA and

Gorlnglnn,!Gai O. t. t.--At Gordon IBL3/ea IF *
S ainld. nl ts r., exploded, fatAlly reinjuring t" i'- \ re Iwea'1.jitarters f,:. Sr't '.1 $
.tegolrema.. ad' ,,_', 1 ly u ne:ro A.remia and n;lduuly Injur-
tetheq_, stge: i l a"n..iiufero iai negro toy. t','+ y1tn;' 1 larUie.s' So b Ill in:t'y L'til .i' l:-,
i:pih l mIsbes lon fstl stomluh The exploalson made a t.rrtifle noise. ________ _______
4 that I 71 pounds In welia. takin houSeS for several mile
eli hallsI ee rlnemedles with. around and greaty rrlightijog the
iVIa! was seenmmesded, inld women ,ant childr|In.
tt4 tory it 1, eon commemoeda The force of the expsion wan so
f ^ltter. m, asto1mah trouble dl*. reat that the shtllt 'r tinler which lthe |
lsH leno etin helrtil1 wtll* engine was slatl<;'4d wa. turn lntf i I
gtjILea. li distress,. My eper* pT. lrs an the p ih ikr 4--- a

dis.i ol.e of 100 yard., striking a i

pts ",It is no Wonder Vinal ouree G. .. W rfrt. Ntae.,lo:ohes. 'r, .xa ... _I-._...,--.- ...... .... I .. .. I
404 ..h r i. dh.. wr h. .o, Thse D iig to sl da
W I ms. to beM tr'.e which ud e Itn. Ilt wit e will aon ur'l B"i.u (J t'
O fakeep fsl nl it' oubth t it td eaInot BeSt
dstio. It tontoo much for it. ralk. rt old bt j Wi. ".
Wbll-JoAeSlomn 1the appetite and

TheX01ltfi1 out' oet druggis.Htih, I to tl . .
W strth." "Cihl: ntnt nflne l i'l 1
18019 "is Ia W wonder riftA o .ures Us WV. Wri.rt, Naesgrdob,, . TuxLs. **. pp p
fover for thre yean: Ito cuiuk not

v1 f a. t.lhaollthl h ,tl
*. ke.,"p tl o s. wtboutitmdcain ,no.> ,,', ", . ,t r
f 4.1. 1id,.y W.
:-ii nd l ( oll,'rt'+ ,( t i u- l:iI 7.t u -l_- .AilS-it ,i' A t(. S

In4 S K a highly eofeeNt form all of ll u ; 1I. n 1L X iti th;f ;:I.ed triti t -i in iar k i n-th wll :t rati II 1 .
1 8, --r~ih n p oe~V s- f -I - 1 w nULt 1-f imrl.
lii t te 14 n : F Irt w- 1 1 b, iod*r id riot \i uinr d t famous old re>#d. or liver o il1 Y I U uv wluu vc a ri. atr11r ll o di t r
INW Without A drop of- oil or a (reae 1 s. n... .... .m

,A 111 0 w to!
r oUa tl s ad upset the st of.h, and thiou e 4y t 2yi l Is..t ,. *i ; ,n i .rth .r k, u. ,r

1whe1 Io scores when ickonin s E-) i ra Cy *or 1't lfn Z Io i i? S ( 1 ''i PI, i r }i dr gs 1!r, r v., t I it kAn '
u i It ll the stengthln y helhdigo merd, it' f lI o t h O '' t t. e ': I- t hea.l "st ,1 rar,,
of hee and tone ati t) qold red. w ri erres oil, ti t ,; hdE rnjo 4 r lfe very. r i"I tm ne T I i

th e stonea c h aredte ue h e a lth y s a id q i :t t l ''. I ll eln" m {:1: m f mr st ab i dure1ut
Iand makes iuirn, rich. wre jm ,vso rrt. I II ,.t'she i Istti. Tsothe eri ms . t. i I I: I'




pit Houe Crowded to Hear Eo. IN THE MAYOR-
4 .r i of e nIN THr MAYOR'S COUlT.
pwnt Argument of Counsiel. ... .. -..
' ---. John Wilhlram and Willie Smith Are
FOR THE PRESENT WEEK F.ned for Potty Off-enses,
It, e.. T we r.' two i'., f,tr ilie u4s.
S0*e Were Disposed oi On' i~'o of lia l)litor MnNyor T'Ihomiu
final Docket tn the Morning I C.Jir: i,livn'uii .1miidiy .noru .
rfd Jury Came Into Open Coiurt ?l
Made Its Report. '" l., ill 'sa thatt .
th the co rt rv i Irowdel t I ' I ; r. t\ dii1rd ry r, ir ,t iu .
4 l Band rlilOul s t-prtIatiturs', i. itt t t.r all :tur tlhe l-. 'i.ltiti.* i ll tht. lii.*
g lllshud lawytri of lil- ric. i Et jviir I 'tl ilit i n ms l i \Viti;itIIn w.
gwlrrouuided y- vltlui m io f l.t guilty, ide;i' l, ,1! ,rlrte, i of iimn,.
,high Upon|0i lly il or al I ii]ktlie, '* :. ;t, l. 1. i d i ,j L 2. i' and triin-
rti m en t of a li ult io i i t: 1 t . :

intea t of ,rirniluu] i li, a p.unn
W. MA. Holloway, returned by H>-
I ijary after a streo;i sit iritig
arIge lmurriiIr o( Witrl,%e' SAi';ltr.
wta bidgun ti ondaty inftruti m,.
re vs.i arrayed on I I Li !.P !
& talent. ii a i. i:i. rt W'.
*of Palaitkla iai l rai' (C'ltark ,if
City wtre: lr<%e. Lit hi arguei ill
VOr of th l ts lionl, t l I! 11llu.
it. Clair-Abrainm of JIa.ktu:,1ile,
gideterminatia i hhh oulJ ii not be
but ultId inhiis Citiitrianie iat
5I|tqb i 1JI I4t'I'd id op js.itirn. Itf
eVvident that th antorneyti cauel
prepared for thii particiular .-r
and t voryor' lir!vent' rvalit_-d
invry possiblti ltgal point w:uld
illon e liestion.,
i .lobert W. lavillui|noied for the
li, I made an eloqun .gla Ie behalf which touctlhd the
Sleand Impresqe-d hiN hear.
deeply. At the coticlu.i Ci0,l.
Me spoke Ii reply, anlid It is
so to adl that his r.slark,
received with liLitch interest,
tine points( of law were cited, all
ah appeared lo ionii not. up isI tIhe
profession to be well taken.
speakers occupied the entire af-
nd about b:30u thel court ad-
intil 9 o'clock this moroinag,
SHon. Frank Clark will make the
Appeal in support uof the motion.
big court room will no doubt i.e
filled before the' ih ir tu convene

the morning two ueasA wr, dis.
of by the eourt. 'TIh tfirt wasl
flue of the State of Florida, vs.
|Smith, alias Jim Johnsoii, break-
ad entering with intent to corn.
|iaisdemeanor., 'riton.r was ar-
and pleaded no t guilty. where.
6'Jiry was called aid sworn, the
lUbmitted arid vrdtct ,If guiilty
nest eise war tlihat tJf t0h1 Statte
.llol Robertson, teh:rr'ed with grand
0hmy. The prisoner w .- arraigned
, pleaded not 'lit: Init a~iu r trial
fury a verdict of gi'lty Vae re-

I grand jury '.n:ie i:i, cy1e'iT .ourt
Sthe day aitd repIrtI t ve' tru<
I or iliictlilli1ii, niitl thr'Ve no-

0 jary fVr thi*' r r%,
: V. II. tthri,',
Francis (tlo tin, .1.
,L. Kite, T. Il. l'wi-.i
h, J. II. Jlarris, I'. l.
SDOuglItai and it. F.
br Ramsey, whot wasi

week is Rfl
(,'org,' N1
M1. I'hiif r.
('. A. (;-I-
McCouk, .1.

*alid reasons was lxcut'd by thet
f, which will I :,, '.'I:,itatIl'c th0 e e iq ali-
0o of another Juror.
ri will convo'ine' at l* Pi '!ob k lthi;
Mi when t' li my caaat. iliitil tli ,1 iitthi i-
i lt, will he tbki,:I 1 by I1ir.
k Clark.

Springs Hornet and Alachua
Eagle Will Come Together.
iludging fromn thet a e4si. wEitlk h,,C
i l the hissti,, if The tHlighl Si rin tu
pilet of tho 7th iiz.t liiditor '. 1'
Jr of that jipal er, At' re. tilly Ait'-
polueasiol or I he' A lahehus 11-aI
Skinld chaKged it ticant to The' ':eit'',
It ot Htnd the nli.ww;-'r ihu tii'L,.
A*P profitable at \lach4,a. Hcru it
it he Uay:
iAfter lhi wem-ek thi- ib.erilptioll
I of The Alachus Eagleh will be .o1-
K ted with that tof The IHia0
3n8 Horaint. \ VL x1txpredl 't1.
lptionB are payable i t ti iap'r.
ithe untxpir,'dI will crarr:o d eti'
lreasllons for lp t:.ic ge' i, th, t ha 1
ted help lcoilti itL I.1 hai4l att .t (
(. (2) the iitni-adver $.+ iu L, -

\\: it, S;itilti ; s,,!.! ,.f 1 a 1ag it
r i ('nr Ini tl'hl, iilti ;rr(i' i o ii Ithav I a L ai..l
it ::,, vl ,I v rpitirt--a;iI his i rit ud v iid i lnt
S i il, lt ,-.tiaitl,4 iiifHii ,itr whi, 'i
1:1lu) .if Ihi ti tr'v 'rod.' it W1 illi,
4li1 lnt I-lie mv i 1 thr 'll1 uldaige.
I'I :rly it, obedll." uI ., nrid rlmasint'd tip
I quit.' Al. i'hhe r,,ult was that tlh cop
I ik a hand andis iiilec) him fur tlai;
tilriin,. ',The mayor read him a litti
* haiitt-r, mitjtiithig ti big u ) $2I T?. and

'<'*et, IiIe? 3hel n i ail weat his way
.t i rcntly satis tied.
Si ti ordon aSul i orIge Alderman,
M',,i1ii it Kill be re' Mu:iimberid got Intoi
a ditht'eilry in frnti of t l wards' atea-
bhi SatrJday niaih9t, wlihen Aldermanll
prote'd'(c! to ilasih Gitirdon to the
Q(-1',i s* titIe, should liave hlirn ar.
raigne ii, tnit wing to iordnl's eand-I.
tlin li" wait riat enabled to appear.
Tih;i ea~ was postposled mitil Friday.
In the mirlet .Alderman made his es-
C(lias, iut was captured Ister in the
teraning. Hi, fltlh wai not Jacerated,
but )his t;athligK was considerably di-
lapidate.d from the effect of UorJon's
knuif blade.

This Religious Body Will ConveneWith
First Presbyterian Church Today.
A. was announced in Tie S ail of
Sunday, the Iresbytery of the Suawene
will conveine with the First l'resby.

ani iterrtestiing and instructive meet-
iiug ii anticitpated.
I'Le I'resbytery of the SuwaneelIs
componsed of the couitites of the North-
eastern section of tlie State, enibracilig
a iiuni(hrr (of strong churches., includI-
ing Jackisnville, P'alatka, Ocala,
atliiinesville, lHigh Springs, Live ,ak,
I.ake City, StarkL. and many others,
muid elder, ai;d minister are 'xpemced
h1rv1 fr n all jectimil.
Thi' 4icriloni this evernsg will be ide-
lvV-rtt by l:'-v. lr. W%. IoBggK of
JaekotouvilIl, and Io>liorrow eftlining
oev. 'nul 1-'. lBrowni of the EatoL
JlIV.,:nourill- 'PrstILterianl Church will
d$liver n sI'pecial sernm i ton *"Sanli.l-
C*atio t l.
Tli tlir, ougilhut thi. day. while the eveaiing
.ihl Ib, d,,voled to lpreachiingi anid (4!*-
rntionti] ,*XtTrleSt, to which a cordial
inviL.aution i extetlide' tlhe public,

Saves Two From Death.
air littIe daughterr had an almost
ftuii attA tk of whoopijig cough and
bronchitis,"' writes Mire. W. K. Havi-
lInrlml Armnink N. Y. ,"ltlt, ;hlien
nil ntlir r iemi-disi failed, we' saved 1her
life with Pr. Kintg's Ne.w Iliscovelry.
(t ir ui cc, wtloi ht l (i o ttiliittioll iLn
Aln ml ac lled stag ', lsiio u led Ih(isi wlul-
irful ti wPdtli'i and tiodtiy ili is per-1
f'.'*ty wtvl li' Icperitt throat iiitl
1iirst i ..'d yi'il in toDr. Kiiug' .New N
I etieiv'rya rs il tl n l other ti' *iniiii ion
rir: h. Infallitle.' fi-r aitu i h,4io l a d olil..
.'r.t "l ant t i tl. utiaranteil d by t ll
dr'iio !-i ., 1'raill t.. ie f Ifree.

Georgi, State Fair.
lti't fri,'t thui gran, t 4fiorgia S itt,
l-air to I e' ib-l, lit ..Snliouii. 4n., I iLtnha.r
] 4 -' b. I -' .t \ i l it" Cal t La.ii inte oflr
Iic"v St.'lr.i;sri r te' i lit, fare p ilii. -",
*' pl"u Iti :t4dm i-nitioi, for tlI'
tini'l trip. ilnl( rat,, ftor ciu !(rt'i>
ei1<-r ', tic t l Aud!er 1-' ye'ar-r if ft '.
lil:t' ,, irt,- ie'iit pi'r iiihel distancil
t v-r !fl Iill iajliy onl :ziilstnry amtvi
l't.-< !i:LtiI., -'"' "" n i r' ill uniform.
N' 1.iiiu" hats' bhrui NiaresI in making
;l rn-i of lhi+' crcipt*-'t statii f. rn,
,. r t I' ii i'y t'l.s vreatcti ,"t J t, ior Nl.
I t,, ,, i i(; by i.. i .-tla f t, im .
i. i ti' to nl ral i' ln to a 1i7. i1 t
. -:k: ; \ ,.L 4 'It r Ir. In* an i

the SUtteebero Lynching Affair.
Willt e Held in Caurd's Hall.
iava.rar L,n (, .. 0 '1;- 'itlt riRtn t)ob
*" &l. NjIt W, t~A."8) Aiti ithe. first
cAliAj l 'Ur -) %N']. th, '! cwi t:urtiar
I RMsUtk1I', .ia hr l hail fur tht
:tla1 of i q ici'rm wl.o i,, .LarV54
With 1!f 14 : it( it 0 f 4 1. a1in
wlh 'l U I I i'qii ,( I' ,. .t1 (.t l h amin
lit r t: 1t .t i!. .t; .o at
't: 1 i I '... ii ftlitpr land

S16, i 'it ier al
S' 1 .. r , ;.' 0 ,.. I 1i' tried hat

I l :;r : d It lt

*. : .^ U' r J''i. ;i adl.

., i:i t ar e.
*; : .. . i ]i,';!li t i, |I
, -. n ,ft' ll: f. : ,: ; ;e[ a lJI
+ :,> t* i',i ,l x'. !,* fo >, llh ai r kI .*
i1 : C;I t S'rr(4lt
il I tit, privates nw r a

T t r I. , ot marr etI .i 'll t Il 't hor
t i i. '* !li Ct -u:. In the
'J Ct.," !.. !, .';1! l ,t. i Ito experts
It l kt k.I' i.. de(r i :,ilt( ) Iw '! h lie reach
**n'1;' iIin Io 4 f Ehaeh catie.
S i, i'' ,-ij v ) r l;| lot .t rnt i on to thi
n 3Jiiuant i,' i itii in AItlnnta. and nf
l;t< "r 1ilL !,. Alv'n wut. Morning,
ille ; .vi.n rit nii,!>(t w -SIofs will bi
li ', i, d, .j ti -r.v fort 11 l he nia4de to
failitati hi, woi-l -I;and abilre there taLt
10ll the lt' I,, 1 p4k. )li hibln .. It t ,nJ
n hiaveI, lI1eln in*imrIttivly oettled now
tlihat Major W. W W. I ilita1p or tbtu
eiti, Is not a mnemlilr of the lourt-
iaurttal, i bt hat Captain lDavis Ifre
naiti i .-s .iiust Low th error of puttUing
Major \"'!amlon' name In the lll1
was nUi']:. !s rit linown.


Miners Who Were Imprisoned In
German Coal.Mine.
Dlsa. u, Duchy of Anhalt, Germqn),
Oct. v.- It i1 now known that all & e
thJ t1lu iiiinavs iuivrisoned by a uudlde
in-rl h (Jf water and mud In th& Ja"&
poWil i rowi coal mnine near Roetheao a
Thun'Ilay, are Thet boulies vt the mlii cannot be
Cabinet Place For Russell.
Jackiun, .litH., (O'. 10.-Mluch li&
terest Is uIaniftsl ed throughoutii Mitsala
sippi in hia'm rulmur that C(Ilouel I.
I.. IIt II. l; pit-J b*nti l of ithe i oblle
aali lho li1;1roil. n0l)y lm e tandelred a
pusliltan in i; i ahbinet in event Judge
Parkur I i:cvcted. If the Demnocratio
titl it -i i r ( fulll, (' lion l Hl ussIell
o ith - .l( .,il likimnocrats for a cahl.
nOt ,t<1h, 1 its 11 iM highlly p p) iuanr
th rr' .; ,i lt 1 1;-.- t i t ,,

Elected to House of Commons.
l.AI, ; ,,. i(t '= 1l'. I I I r. nlar .s. rhici
,iai r t 1;, i-'uii!aiti l ,,\' n at. tlhi
0.)-.t id ;a ldot a in, .icr A \i'< l A.Dp.44iBpj
w:izn, hla' (ihen t Ctsd lto r lrcT-sent tli e
*,*i 0 'o i n u ri, .J In ,' ltLh l. .* 41! C(.)ll
li.oil--. tlhougi h iy I grhliuI riliuroid
iii.' ,;i it amii, cmi, tL g i itt Ja. gil
I.Iw~ 'r. Th,' or,., u.'z':
.lark s, ('un ii rmt-llti l1,||: Kin(n
LilperT l. ., t2,,.

To Curo a Cold in One Day
l'1tf- lsitive iromi *uiinin* Tabl-
li' *. All dliiruggist r'fond the, nimnu y
ir it fails to cnre. E. W. (irove'g sig.

lnrtuir isi on acli Lbox. 2~'.

Chicago Day at World's Fair.
I.. l. "i O ' ';i t .,1 >l;
(til v' i'I \L' ,';' til 1i t ri -y b
i T(,- t il l I -'. I l .; l ii .t o ( th ill
Sr.' : : ,' ', i INy t h .i-ltinh Elof .
1 ,'ii i f-l 4'.e I f ; a v il %il c ii. ; e
CF..' :'. i 1 '" fli~t l ': i. of 1.M;4 .

1tl r l ., < ' y t 'l 'i I' i d .i
'r'.1l : : ', ;-' ll l 1 ; i :fl I''i; .r-,'- lill .,f ad !:.,
ft,;, '*I ', I ';: 1. .:u: ti te I'r1 .. ', .:il
I'lil ,V' f hi' e, r r!,' Mf' lie1'M< I fL.

1];itii ,- pa T'.a ,l .' i l.' ft orn'mai \
IAerci I rI h aI

Cures Winter Cough.
.I I; t&iver, 1 N. Main .St.. littwa.
Kan .rites: "Ei.v-ry fall it lias beenl
liii wif''' trotbli to eatch a e rtrve
culd, tiltd thertffore to o jgli all winter
iUb nA. Ltnt fall I git for hier a Libttle
of lriirnil ni Syrup. slie used it and
ha.t .been able tis phO pt roundly all
eight long. \'lenever th le culiRh
trouhlb', htir, I wia or thref' does, stop
tihe' iughi, and Ph'. i1 abl'f tto lit it,1 aind
well ,'.l, kr,!, $1 i) S11 lby M'. ,M.
.1J ulhnio .


Ioua Ipurdhtaed u rimt
mmeradthe S

ut _ix more bot d an ow l aew
a be without it. I bap that y wi
that your Vegetable (inp amdn I tI o fl
or m alIntof therebYewther aRita

tand. Her addme sy ,U m. 1
E-lly r-s ntogragTiing

Saved His Life.
\\I lAvt'.nport, WIingo, Ky.. writer,
.Tur,, I1t. 11.2: "I want to utll ytiou I
brliiev'- thllllird' S now .iniment saved
tly life.. i wan tl,.' tnreate'int of
two d 111.y Ilqgis ,wa gone, and the
liter haoly affc-id. I alko had a
ihn pi li 0ny Pil e*. I dfun't thiiik that I
..... 1 1 .i..... . ...-.' .- L.

-- -- -- -- ---- -C

__ _1 II






IWill You



be Ready


U Will you find it neces. ,
nary to hustle around-
Jor mls.8-and buy your
cool weather suit, after ev.
eryone else has picked out
the choicest patterns t ). J lh.



pa---- w--^----.--


Ull)t' make this mlltake. eSlect
Fall Clothes early. Your euoinmm
ins*s tells yon It is the wiser plan.
YmO goL the bilst your money will ouy.
lnd yjon gt the (fll limit of season's
Welar fnr no greater coBS. Betldns this,
ynu fortify ytirself Bgalnql ) sudden
ohbtuxn in weather that corner il thie
Fall. Wef sell the

Hond-Tailored Clothing

-Y:AIP 11 i-

Tlare'. nothing h ,tter-tuher,'I nTot l
lag aUs goo. When a man puts on a
Nahloes ilt he fuels and knows that
er, detl of the out, make and tin-
ilh Ie eorret.

The plotur, shows a partlaylarly '. q
ielih oinls for up-to-date young men.
A "*msrhant tailor" would charge r
for a suit of like quality, Oharater I'
madt ppearae. We can fit you bet. us e m
tee with more swagger, nappier
olethl as 0M. We also have lower jf g
grsde-look equally as well- lto

"*lrop In and let uns talk it ,o -r."
,_ ',



Outfitter to Particular People.


F OI'% I Di rA

* . ,'I

I *lk, e of P toan.ob

t* sAppAs. e1L
B li h Ipt m I tll int f
-fl, i gltes im it a r

s,-p or all of the all
AMTjul otteao. a.
*... A w t u. ,onssas.

S ai i patent ae elentlAe
S-MrWake the coSlmeUrei1 poe
SWsallytl done.", nmwed
Iant tore of then, o
i tetAf s o ^ Plita y

k' . "- "i ' . .. .
ti 'u'?.,.,,.,

^ ir .*^..wi^t M. n

s&4Tb7 A ,'i *.

i w i e I I I : 'l :, B ittrs
g g I i .. l ," A i *' .. . -- I
I .....' I ll" ~l~*

tI tI'Ite IIstid t of the thou.
W bj rbobeast. enated sad

i Mjar ApIl Bi n .lln, write any oltl
has -a.darl handle ix. lindi.

34 0h t



Undertaking Co.

Funeral -Directors and
Licensed Embalnmers.
Manu( urer of and leatts in
l Frsms Rubber .ampe.., Art
s, EUstatrry. Ealimn Ko-
afl. miners, add yint-q

Orde by Tekterabp or Telephone
ill reeele pIrmps attomlet.
a 1 II Z L .

Wamt4 Rome stE Eni Art^ i
At) a dinner In l.ondoit. Tlieolore
WattsV-Duui.ou smabl: "It lah't Igneral-
* M ty known thnt Turnir. thoe pltImnT. atie
* Dr. Aitfgu~tuu I'rltcltdit eoiw lived to-
ahl. rlher A~ yar In the liy t row. Tieo
painter iandi the ihysttian had a fle
parden. putl they look a gooxd denl of
u pride Wo their dfowers. lut the garden
gate dit not work wett, and one day
I Turier. wetm' it t woIln't open, It*
S tlyIlly gave vAnhrs that i t Io nailed tp.
It w%;t tlio:tgit that imala odd act would
enrjimget AuSiutuis L'rltcn.rd. but. on be
ltn told of it. 1ill e saki wale. *)hb. well.
I don't artff' 'ht Turner dot to the
S nte, so ena aisn te doesn't paint It.'"
S Btr Than Pills.
The questlto has been asked-In
what way am Chamberlain' Stomaneh
sad rLinr Tablele superior to the ordl.
I arUouthartle and liver pills? Our
saIner is, they are eatler and more

rtststststr ata t'S

(1: ;:C%I'PO NSI11i1,E flt)'I ANI;.1-S
BF.1A1 C'J~ I~TU Y Vho I ;'7''AC 12J
WA .'%HI 11r I A y S iJI*j. .

41 P01NT
r.'r"'7 of

Yo e.rcr th ,n im:! ,rtant points iw:'! r.TieOtfdiu.,
I..('it a tLar* or)f your tbwu'.0 A.

SFire, Life, Auccidet ad Health Iu ane.

S--Agents for the---

C Victor Safe and Lock Company
Ci-n oix Lati, O(
The "Victor" 1 theb ti wt anfe made. and parties contemplat-
i::g the parelas.e fof a safe, or an thing in that line,
SIromn t taonx 1o a bank vault, will save money
by ew:otniltinig us. Call on or address,

Information cheerfully fIurn:hed. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA



- Montezuma

On the A. C. L. and S.

No e Better in

A. L. Rys. V. J. SHIP
the State at $2 a Day.
Meet all Trains.




- Hotel

)MAN, Proprietor


.--. i .- ;; ;."-- --'--~---I -. ----r~~l~.---

Fnlu. Il3I3



-- I - -~-I


I n ,,! ,,..





' THE DAILY 8UY:** G 3 v flIl 1 LW I

K0 '0"" p" 0. Bro"+h,

lanw4 ui sister, hetnse to have tetylyt
L w tA B lt hi IJ lines to fall in haril la4e,
psclPasOeis tO l ler. J S r. al,.~ol0 st he Went to Albany,
M -0 aI l mtt a tr .n a: ai a ua r rygn r viN roI s an4
Mllir IWitor *I,$ and *> a1ltV al hrl *railat choiaf l
S. A. CAlLWLY, At ). ;t 1 :itL.r I'.P Wdtbrotk, which resulted ill
A. ;nf..u lu f itl riral frie lIKe| gettliag a
h W.. Ct. mi .. .-it',ding. Thi. was followed by a4
I^. ; trh; ?If(.rr thte poliu eolmi(sis,, r,.
SyICS: PORT;RiLOrJt. iliuliIIg it thue chief being ex'inertr tl
t isas, Vs IIPIOI.n.i 3- .a' veratl TarN ago Janrioe i. WLoi..lwld
............. ... Wa ltor of A lanta, sand Dr. Hlrot '..
-W ICM pubtllhed4overy mornlr ex. T,,il 11Bt1t lesatIcrtal attacks i,
Vit.dtivad4 br farrierin nhe l'r, t,I olllla sh"tionalratte k il tor an
11 ai part W theVtrnted date.e 4- 'dwmnr *and coargedbl hi "iih l lA
gotlr .year:1tt2.0 11 t.OrthLE .1.M xii)ds of Imnitirality andi blaste utidn:.
4iit q entsv for eve wehs- 'tdntdy Wocdward ILe1foated futr of
litvs*trnlijeLt an li tbet krinLrn niti it'
a it.esam toon; jn1n eto lttoi.ta fr tisayor, a-i s: there $'Su
;- ss-erule. h i es fB oe-ch c t nfv ob 04 A.
g r dm av sAdvert!ic :r m e .:. : i ,* ;,(er of aft eptlt.2r 0 Ilo .

wle*4 i 'eb -n '- ':. r -rc. or foeer- rse tttlut, doeu v otL lai.;c -
I'Llr.; ,d i ,c w,;,. Word. For tflhtn.,!e, he says of t r*
i flurut, and tui..tA t L.. te analt zone aqutlliti t; '"Trritoy le i ,,el., loe!. state n! 4er- kneighbori g republic withhickhA wet
prtibemaLed. itPKe r-ee. ti SrJ TW ,
l twue maletlte or Car.use.. rat ir wore at pea'et wa W ei4 te bt t by t 4 of
-40a10 e, revolutl onists proleoe'td by tlhe gulls of
S- .- -. -..-- .. the I'. S. Navy, and? reL'itld over night
lM :.beconr.c (:.e atert::. tilto a Stnte, w iKh thv l rsid nlIt
of advertisemeit.ur.cso thei sp I
oEft tIe tJl Pcenr .ot k. .,+ promptl rt.ogr;niz.d ni a.r id,.ipendd.
4l0etltraca. lPt&t e r.ot kr.nwr-t, toU
ll aked t fo ) i, Tr a vrtm! v i eint nationt-i ro-4 ofTns e nagniit ta
se,. THr IAIr.Y U.N. friendly reti'it l i .:l it ash L p;sI
Q.4)6 4A l ILV I L A. I (A r' Ut.'

3XMOCRATIC TLCKET. J:A(ge 'ar,.r' g,:4 trilegra:i nand
S** '" -er f Rctcltjanert hliave been
For L['r~ 1tl . ,,.trrthy ltul, j1.i rol.e s H ptae-
SJALTON l. I Al:Uit < )". L, Ie more i drvea.; to
of Nf -v Y .irl;, >. I^-TK .,:1ibleen rr.ore iirvice hi* to
of NewY 1ork.
t' J* x.m erati 1.arty, than ,.it her.
S or V2,,-l1'it -' t, .-,; ,,f h1 ji gri tied but caSrtisg
HLENlS *. c'I'\;.S i !,.r.Yr'tiun tRliirt& i 'inmust hitter
o ". :". tlay I iLe Denmocraey of New
". United s ta t *** r. ",r.<, fTr.diani W\iseosfin, Weft Vir.
MBS P. TALIAFEIRBO. Oida, New Jerw-y, and [Ieltware.
Even Colorodo an 1 Maryland have
Congress, 2nd rDistric felt his gentle t;ueh at4 G )rman and
FRANK CLARK. tHayner have rhaken hands.
Prl dvutlil aEle.'tori,
H. I. IAI.Ll:Y. The Japanese soldier would rather
I* A.. JTi':N'; die on the Lattlefleld than live away
5' C. II. 1 L. ,* ,N .
S A. B. N 'IWT(N. Iri It. Over in Nipron the parents
r. F. P. t'rN:.IAN. of ftyoung nan killed in battle are
-- promptly tendered the warmest con.
LI;" et.o' r +*1'!: r gratulations of all neighbors. Let us
idOL.\ l. I'l ARIP. irejofe that it i. only paganism that
Sticitruy f Sta ft. eormide1rs It a glor;ouis rirIlege to a
M. CLAY cl:1\Wl'vtD. butchered on a battlefield. Will man

Attorit v-'-wernl.o
W WILLIAM 11. i.AiSl, .
"- otiiom tre!htr.
S A CIlC. 1OM.
'" Stat h 'lrr-a. tirecr,
vlnt nt itf I' diilo, tiv trun SW. M1. HIl.1I.OWVAY.
n tulfb h'e r : .\ r'.,. tlt.ttti *
S 1:. X -I.-I N.
S Iar. ollromil ,R !. r .r :,r.
SJOHN I. N., ;.A '.
Si r i.- i'u ix\ Years,
IL FEN WIC( T'AY%.I lit.

UMAI F. SiL 1:11Lr.
j. BI. W inT]'itIe .

J. A- (t .[s r ,T ;il,
O. :' T I..1i AN.
CounI4i Judge,
H. #. Mason.
;I I I rtiff.

i. T H. -A. F 'c.;

It. 3. 1 ..WEK 1S.
l l

'' T I "ljf IVr" "1 s ..trir .
W. W oi:F N.
+. C tyX r i.. n r.

"Oh In 1. TI NsEji'.
P, WT. 1I. I,< N.iON1.
Stellft ,ndent ,f i' ,ii l In!tructlon,
, D . ... .....

CoZnttt Si orida' ldr.

County .T. ;. I).\r o irl 1 l1.
j. '. |i'EI'll('1*,
F. I'. PAT' t.LIN.N;..*
;hi Mfleantwr of Srh.l1 Hooard,
; T. A. IPWKE.

STlmes-lnion, Flioridat' i.adin
,emw|spaer, continued in mprore
|,eh Iaue. The nmdtlay tuitionn
N pwer of any paper in the 'Union.

ever become elvil'z'-d? Ever lfern re-
The deliberate attempts to wreek
thi- batthlehip Coi.necticut during her
Ia'.iricng are ani)Iuig the most seni-a
ti;Qd- : events recently reported. It
e'n :In in tltuble nitmystery why any
:nan.tven if !:e Inad abundant oppor-
t inity, liuniid dA irt to destroy such a
vepQl, in IAIucIh a way. It is tubit hu; ed
thatt tlie -'otntlrs r 1 will lie f iund
IAtd re A'ert'e a |unslml nttto, to l t the

eT.e me: 1'!.' rsi uf th'e.Iackion vile UCar-
r:iral .APo.intionl are all n#wspapitti
mn1it. That accounts f jr the fact that
they can get wc.rld famous attractiOune
where other fail. H the way. it.'s
time to get rt'ady. The carnival dlates
are 1 lt1otber .1.t-''. and to n joy it one.'
:iiist '.ter at the op"riing and Ro tut
at the clisiuK.

W. K. aile .u'rinttudttit tof the
Southern xiprir' C('onimpany, has been
eliete'd king rf nt!.t .laokeonvill Carni-
val by a plurality if 25,),'9, v 'es,. lit
Ce olte of thie ot popular iten in Flor-
iJa. and hid Liaintsvllle friends, where
H!e a is raid. are as proudly of his sue-
Se ] l1o- o1dl p>I I Ibly b te lhimpevlf.

'el.vent)y-flvwe ,~'arirte attra trnionns on
!!e JItackltoinvile Carnival "1'ike." and
adll f them tarp Iio't that starring
',.nf t inPle N,) ity 'ist Jack.sontVile
can d!n it. PDn't f irc.'t the date*-

t laude L'I:ugle'.f Jacksonville Stir
i8 now published an Rn evening daily,
with Associated Iress telegraph re.
lports. lie is getting out a good paper
and de.trvr s ;., I *, .

I Ij^j ..* ._ :
|.ii. N<' i T o-. v
*.', ;" ('U. % l"*. .
'rank .1, ("henT' y makes oath that he
i ieniotr Iartnnr o)f the firm of F. J.
Ihseney a& Co.. (doing business in the
( ,ty of Toledo. county and State afore.
said,sand thlt laid flrn will pay the
0tn )Of ieI f Hundred Doltlar for each
aiWd every ellseof Caiarrh that cannot
h. eu ritd by the use of Hall's Catarrh
.'u 1e J. CuchNkV.
Strt41 to before mie and uqtwerilwd
in my ;,, this ,;th day of Deee'm.
her. A . l 1.

in half

railroad. have cut1 the rates
for th1e Jacksonville Carnival.
rg nwaio thing.


' -- -_ -

:I tN AU[: "Ac.EU.
*. A t I r.N Itif l iV t;I, *4.
I' Iirmtt i*r 4 1 f 'I I i 1.1
* SdY bs Drfnfgtfl.
f. etre. by earaid. s.
$l.i r2 tu, r i tml l ,.
Vircaior iii '*.* sreun

,~ ~ si.

**piioounII AMO D rAor'. "'! -,6-
l' f.a low, hv w ., t', h i ot Jt ti a hr?, timex 1- I+ t
pla)ljtht%i t, t.. I N ALL COUNTr llEr .

Luke Wright, uoveraoV.gsesral of
the J'hilippinea, who was In ht. better
days a IDenocrat, *as., in rotetitling)
Palitist any talk ao aiwt lhillpine 1i.1
tl" rpeie nc "The losst iau11i it
IIllVti 4l with intellHgen,., and 1n 9.*
'ji likIrm whklih make fur goud aliixei-
ohlp. the minor' Cailly can he be p er-
PJdtd i that lih 1i t1he .5p4seit 'of .lC
th i o (utialitlre." Ah, tl.eni the imor.
lattIligAltiit a man 1i, tle more dilleiftlt.
i' is |t persuade hitm that he i (it for
eiCiZentafhp-Jori the tieerort really
nwan to 0ftltu tiitis? governorr
'right is i.t-elligefnt ; does h there.*
ftire tl.i.rk he f~.,L ti to 1overtf hint.
ilf? .(Arekortiug Ito thi. s, t r R v.Olt.
tifleery foeilfatlihrs. must have' beeVn a
IClof ol )li itfd idiots,

Our fldretsy anid nieddleutoie til.
t-r t., Turkey, 31r, .Lei smlin has Iwten
t int ri-rmitfed tuaitlek his legtill n-
dter IL m ulTi's illnetrious mnihugal'ny
aild .tM diniher off oue uf his gold
,ate:r This pottering official is now
ltpavtild. The Commander of the
Fkt4lfjl may l.av, to iupptlitenat thl
it inter with a supper or breakfast, but
1tere \'ill probably bit no more book-
raM ZZjsiefacref In Armenia soon, iand
no more tumifoul paradiig of battle-
ship. lto'atuse a ftireracker explodes ot
a Furkih holiday.

I:.',putilican Chairman Babcock
hatin't prophL) iii.d thia week, Perhlasi
he ltal ha l tiit full of anxiety eoneern-
ing his own congressional district In
W'isconsin, where LaFollette i very
hot on his trnck. It would be a ad
Joke for the U. 0. 1. it the campaign's
chlet *ngi nhcer should be host on his
own prt'(dition derrick.

J. :. Pound has sold his luterest lit
The Killnumee Oazette to his former
partner. W. '. Harris, who is now
olAe editor and proprietor. Mr.
Pound has pirehased a half-interest
In The Live Oak JDemocrat.

No errant Is ever p*smitted to
serve tea in a Japanese house. Is is
the privilege of the daughter to make
the beverage, while the guest who
list last arrived serves it.
M.1li Margaret Ingles of Lezington,
Ky., will tour Indiana for Parker and
Davti. In 1&(0 she took an active part
In the- campaign in Kentucky and made
si; vcleh for Pfryan.

Illir.oil had more rural tree delivery
mall routes on Augumt la than any
oohtr tate, the number being 2.191
routes. Irwa wan second with 1,1107
r 'ilt*s.
'klahoma as now the greatest broom'
e;*rri rr:rl irg district in thle United
,"itIl., thai year excee,.diK in Iaainnunt
ti'e rrKlduction of both Kansas and Illi-

.T. 1 ra Gore ham sold Tlhe 8t. I'eterl.
lurg iJun to a Mr. Gillelt, who will
L.ereaft-r conduct tle paper, We
wish the. lew proprI tor aI'acees,

There is not the Ieralt doubt about
the l)etioerat. or Florida being badly
s[lit on the tuperiitendent qutilon.

. *., I.... *. "
*;. *,

ma, ns" nu maes,-A':
, .,.. ,-.,.,.,,,, ... ,.':' B,.':B ..,,. f BBB ;,t^>'



f .

Ja oCllulem a C.,, Cn*,



Title is what you pay for when yo
know what you i

Ttles ordinarily InvIsible s oo II

The Allachn CMo y1 I
Gainfes R<2mJ*-,
ff" e 1h T* "mcB~iJ 1 ^ m

* t


ssei n3 o- .i

Air Line Railway I.

Apo. FOR*G.

annah, Columbia, Camden, South4

Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash'.

ington, Baltimore, Phila- ,

Good sheUt In your pun i a3 4
in the field or a good s*en 4t 4
Winchester Leaader" nd i
Smokeless Powder Shells a t
Always au0e-re, always iv1 (
aproad of shot and good
great superiority s*tes4fl4 to
men who use Winchter
Shells in ptrenues to sq tb


delphia, New York,

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.
Sk,, A .b al



PON-,.-m Mwine weuppowl


d ,.-l*&,a an -., ,at~t a .L aI_
No^^ I^^^--At^^tBeft ^f t ^_^ ^^^^^ I^

^^H^*~3LTC mmmi m b hoBmmo3LwB~ %mLwi^HR^p~


Tficyj know~ a 1:004 thing..

",,'* ',i .'+ I + ^ .^t

ji~tK. Ni'' .**.


I 't& raL

r ? ,
, !. ,,


"a by ha'"'ono Bro'0. -Gainesville

lUli Val Winter aa el aw 1 of biddied and grafted
B $ tiM *nlotw warSoi Mb as kat a ood record be.
r f of a fg, q slaith, te latalKumu anil "luids lmi
L Gtt i N I i a a a

-'[9im/i"i ./ !^TK-I" Y ... fr^.L .- .. iir -iii


.. ... ....... aS U.a k P r of ... o
".,. $ iMF,'TO t.',.' .25900000

* 1$'...
I ,
~ 4."'~':' u*i~
4 ::tA'& ~) H

Sto te S stae: pouels

5 B. TAYLOR, OtamnBr.

..'.. .,n,, ' owM Side

'. ---DEALER8 IN---

^ Ifa a n Beeld. Baj[ging and Twine, Walrus
... l, Lather In stripe or Sides.
fm rof the James Doig Improved English
'4bban~d Cotton Gin, and Supplies for Same.

.* -

, a.8.

RetaltUn ms obbisa in





41 *~~*W~ !W W3 WW W S neoW

an' ta Sanoris lud maS Fertlxzer&
S-sl "asIb priwe pldd O f Ohlekem. SaUe amd other PMunee
Sltook of ui. Cor, Oats Flour. Bran, Neal, Ctton Seed
a 1 wong y tha VnY BUUT goods at the LOW.-




Ahtlste of Title sad fall laformation furnahed rerrding land tn this
Salty. Oor manager hai lived in this eoanty thirtears ant
Is Ihor4ughly eoanveNat with land title*.
S- E. E. "W VO r L" "E
hbe hMte s tlag a aumnber of prominent Amerieua and English companlee.

S-Art. -- -
u 7u .r .. *1 ... 1'*** .....o ll n e.l t 7B....... ... .... ..

n:F. J.DTTfJ e C0.

:1< A "i W"l hll^i',L


su7zn waa 04$ DS

- n u'a r -, uru

fIL VuVLUl U. 11OU$.II'
.,...DI TIST....

0 c tl o IM.u .,1- 3'. J :'.. A1 -v "v;rW difd(a-

1i. A, U. LLV


ATI)ONLY v' .I 'V,
UAi sIt vri.I.k, J',oi:!U) ,

Can ill y,)iFr ,'ity tIrh,;.'rty, (im-
itruoking and fnruuink ;aie';. tim
a lit ot what yr otlr {,,r 0t*o .'l c n
W E. l:"viI-:,
ATT" Nt..V-. L .
* .*. )I)IJj I j : JN :J AN. t'LI . ..

CiA INESV I .I.I, A ~n j't ;a Co.,


R. J.fl. A 1 1:; 1 ,
l8moirvNe[n ,,.Se*!.crA Atdemnnj

Over Iltitur 4 cu a liSA.

Kt|olal attlnr;n< ti C: )WU sr. !-1i'.qo work
Phone ,0-n.

.(J DO .N U, ,I N '
tiradusto Iti:tiU-re ?C'o:ege Detntal Sur.;t'rp
i've elr"' experiere ir. New Y'ns ( htjr
Crown,Ur.#ide work oi.a d iL'r. s d'ec4;' ted.
oTlYe t I f.iw t'N.

JOHN I ENZIEM.P'). .:-r.
fig-2i \V. 4Uy t.. J a,. .; 0.., ..e ';4.
Faust lber. bottle and draught. Don'I
fail to'uall on me whsnl in JacLksonville

(V;.'.fa ; li. < It -I . 11 ).

'~)ENI.~J, stAuLoN.

Offl iI M,..,,i I..\ ;;^i i:.'-.
;AIN .iAI.!;,1: i.., IH !)A

I'l a;% i, ( -. -.' e '"" III -
Jackso:iville, ;' a
Ihst Itmnorted ainl lIon-.stie I U-;p or,
and Wines in the ity.

n- -'


Best Line to St. Louis

Superb Dining Car Service
Stop.oVers. going anid rt itrning, at
AtlantA,. Knoxville.. 4.,uJ viljt-.. \*he-
villo and ri:rci ipal N,'th 4tr',lins
mountain retuorts.
Sel High 1.1ridge (histl't railroad
bridge in thi n worldd, Fmoltinu',s i;flue
(rasm IRegion, l.vxingniunm ri' d .
Frs,' reclining chair er mid high
ela's lay coaches. Tihr sleeping ears Jaekonurville to St. Loiule.
Folders, rate, etc., chiK'rfully fur.
nished u|pom applieaition to J. C. Luik,
Dstriet I'assenger Ag.nt,. is Wekst
lMay St. Jickslonville, Fla,
- .. ... . || __


Ails, iron, 'Ire, Pipe, Pit.
tuigs, Blting rpt ,ngtc.
) oUgh i arLos

Bought in Car Lo. Sol In any

: I ,--$ ~I

Jao. Evreard's Canada Milt"
As gj'' lr. Ma"J f, anIH 1Mope Ialt
a'ul s t'r 1: It:.. .1

Per Barn-t-r .
Per Dozen..



St. Louis


. ..... $i Hi
* *.. * 1 625

",: TO TO l: "H


In return tlon with IV. &kA A* K. I. ml
N., 4. t St. L. It'y. rrom AtlaUa.
L6. P, M., Art. 1t.I l s7: m. a.



8eorgia, Florida d*

'airryilf; the only ulorn tiWt ,iJe'iuel ear or air
Atlnti tt Si, LoAuI.s. e. it r tnr JkveNSjc SkIgj,
1'11e. daill1 IAL ,. it.. A L.tita t W a m.. gtvwi
u~ U the entire lay Itn I t. I% ul t get feitift i
For rateu from iour citv. World K Fair UGlda
IkPon and cheluleh. hlreeping ear remervtitomn,
i:,to) for tmJio hhol win bit)t* i and boarding
?:ut',s.e, quoting tIhelr rtle%., w rti to
Traveling P'apenger Agrnt,
No.1 IBrown Ihmlldjnr, ATLANTA, 6L I
MAX .... KR-tTSS ,
i.,reBentinf n

E. A. WEIL & CO., ."'
Of Al :hI rrlipt [0ts.: .
Sole AgetitL 'n rV. l

ElfN Q'ALITY S:s. Every
pair warr.:. t od.

J. Minasas.

& w Alet

WORW 0 '5 AID Q.-.-

S& N R.
ViaL&N. R.BR.

-- -a -

Excuarpionl tieLkt now on ale daily
from Jackeonville to St. Iouis and re-
*4(i.61-Tiekts limited Iuecenmber 15.
$3.IUx-.'rTikttp iimn ted sixty days.
$27.0i-Tickets limited fifteen das.
Corresponding low rate front other
points The 1.. A N. in TlIE IBEST
.1INK to St. Louip.
Stop-over iPririlege allwedl at th
world' faNmous Mainmmoth C(avTe
tithvr d uvieion witltit lxtra ehar.
For rates. aehedulvs awnl di*';lin ea
reservatioum apply to
IEO IIEItUHlO. in. 'Pasi. At*,
W08 Bny St.. lJ'konvTlle. Fit
C. L. STONE I' A L.oiaville. Ky.

Nic Arend's Saloon and CWe

Jackor vi,.e'. Florida

Merchants L.unch from 12 tto 2' I.m

, Al'q




Wvt. :I .

* f '

r I--Tr.T

s,,n> ". "'


w. "


WIlNS ANllI i U01
Jacksonville, Florida.

iiAnllvl t



19 4-


: I


of Sihootig Gar.
itlaiwn B ol8.


t. and He Asked That it be
SQichv as Posible -- m-.

iose's Mill,
I.Oomplte AOlb

Ralilgh, and

,a near.)> em tloyrd ai tl.*
f T. Jeanings* t .iue Lt
1g br beaen informed ttobl
ptled of inuurdeprig liep..
srrftt V'. i7aabt.erltain at
v aftArtioon, s:4 titat
Hwo looking for himn. Iro.
libe ll lI alirday at .
Sreprted to S 1J -.-
hl that hel ard i. ft:.
.fr b him up u t is L ;. Al ,e..
mething Sbiotlt thii' :.(lfr.
iothher it n .111 a t I I I. .
part'ud tMe negri.. a:.d s
informed that I was sei.*
Iminerdiatelr here, walk.
ray I. 1 IamC n t t iity I
ialifbi, taud want tte of.
JAme it custody aMi. ave

Merarrnted King mauit gat
iePtMtody of Deputy Sher-
OMl. who brought him to
pinDday and placed hims in
) Moody morning, before
iull lt. he euceejed its
gs ne0s4ifully stit alli ly
tConrs mnil, who testilfed
iong worked all day during
I Wa.i-thefi released. The
llanxiely to clear himself

I to be commended.
mn regarded as a had
kaers or those who


has always been a hard

>A RATa-
a T rr Im

Tl mI -la tMahr rek tsr
ft t. b tans with she

kitbr fro b Oat
It and Roch Pt
alM It beofto u rathe

by J l4kd iftaird&A (o.

l-'. : .L 'IT


.1WatP egfIor : rIn, xi' i' r
C'Narve. ir Ir Nb-ed a'.. s 1'i.
T It SN'rIINid1. 1 Li)A
U.I I 'I N'.i'tI L I W.
of the N Stattot',I1'..11ds A.1 m 2. 'ii
7- 1. I, i:gm!nsr It I. 2>1

a Stte M )s e ti p o Arr'..V.

UslIIg %! I alAi p.

beu" , --'. '. I '.

L St l ot n o s s
1O.U 14'2s, -k. I e...

Won-. ,I. ''
W Ltreto


" i I

4' 4'

ves mwealt to no aslb s f aI
str eseth t th 2Wcaf
te~n m !al I0 100. Sao. hJ-cg2%4um
So b . Dwat l l i s .

Sold by All Druilasts.

a J.L *t l. ,&- it 1. S.'.I

laeti'l Vt (.1 I rcan Ia .1-t: iN A t'O-

q1 k* fti1 :Lfl OAI Ia.-Nu k*1' 'N Or

1hi -0 td 'A IrjL .:J w I n C

4)U t.% 0 TI l fr..ILI U, .1~w411iI, hs C
417 r!.:v I T aticrto ianeo1I he !4.'reg. .ad,3g ,,L
p wet &7 e"4'. iPi Anr i Am.;t h io

4L % IN'>.'I ~~ ac* t'%L~aitA

Ik, f ; .' 1-* r'% 9.* :4u'JJ4lnt*R'la
'I*' ~ j i I f:,9 e I' . Ir 1r.lI
4 1' IL, rr '

%1' ~
N.,' '. *'~ ~ Ar I! LA:.c '1'~
'u.' 41''it *rr ji S

Oh, It Makes Me


I' I 1) k I C K S




LPED iRn tii -ill C




No. sI,. u i. t rtrtri.
rvOusua. & s. :a c '4: .:. : .
bad brtA_. .-rt : ;.., ,. r -
4rg.c aAd CAIL cih 0 u ti. :.-iz su
41 d4A ta ts M .lt. :. K:.;i c3.r
lA-cfat-3n. TIL. Inew w .: 7 revr-
ST.ots th% Ratung: e o a 4.:*a
as they X44S In a hsatsLy s::ua&
cOmb:hend twitthl ts grultes nz t3r..a
and cmeraciv ps ;vnMert. K04d
Dysppsa Cure dOA cMt or y cn f la-
4t'tgsn and dyapea-a. bu: tALl ;a osm
flrrey CUM &t *tmaiL= L fltcs. a by
cleansing, pur-,fy-. ts-r.arL-g zat
Srerg(ther..: g th- r.r..L3us rmbrnmas
kliCg the ltA-r.a&4

Matlhushel IL
P'Inces a. .. m a. s enot.1set wla etu&a
Cut o: i& eaL tat. be=*La I "l t> ars
r; We try fltriL Wrwie
f. ;T en ITUAY.

Ludden & Bates

Southern Mluc Hens,
E STBLli1tD 3 33
GATHER A BRYAN, State Ag'tl,


National, State and Congressiom-
*I Ticket 1904.

Prllidentiat Vlectors.
C F. Bugtom-Franklia oounty.
Ueo. K. Robincon-Marion county.
tiro. 1i. Holmnes-Brtvard oonety.
0. A. W. W'eodiell--fGiddea uaiy.
A. M.Cushmaui-Alahuaecountsy.
For Governor--Hlon. M. B. Mefarr-
lane. Hillsboro.
Secretary of State-John F. How,
Attorne-tit-arat-Fred C. Cubbert
ly. I.'vy.
Comiptri-er-J L. S kiprer Polk.
Treaturer-E .M. ltreIlford, lade,
Superintendent of Publie lnstrue-
tion-W. H. Ei'Neal. Orange.
Comnmissioner of Agrieulturr--J. 8.
How ey, 'ait lanu.
Railroad Commissioner H. J.
litehie. St. Johns.
Justice Supreme Court for term of
six years--V.. 1. Sheppard, Eweambia.
Justiaci Sl*re,-me Court-41. S. Farr,
C. .. Adamr. hDutal.
. I Alxtell/. Iuval.
Congressional Ticket.
F ir-t ('on:rv.iomnal I istrict-E, R.
CGunlty. Ilit0htort,.
svcoid (C'Ingreasiuinal listrict-J. 11.
OK mty. nranig.
Third Ct'onigre. iiial Iisitrct-IL. M.
Ware \V hasi 1,ton.



IIr~ -i i

I,, ,'I.L I

I ItI ,'

stock lt 'l'1 .
Thomas Hard-
ware and Seed

I [ I i




S. i ,i


wV I

- .-. Sc

Ca, *


lI\ Iy- c I I

Any Goods in the Store at Cost.

1 hl .Itn Lk nmit I ,i ndinedl. N4. u k thr
th Iti lbuy I'urnitiur. %SItmm,

,mnrM 1 m ,.IM, IN____-- --


Take The Atlantic Coast LUi


mathrkLk.. a II


a 5 < *. ,. i c . -esed

L 4 c

S4od y sj e. Lt.;,2.uiC tot


TuaM Ttlhe *Oi m 0. 1. 1.

-I .- -, 0- .

12V I. GOn. Lsesbup sam 55
D lylatnemedste ?Psiw ________

1 pm .ie

U:3 p

NiMA. H*ft JaawUM.
ntIa&. Sea aS W.
Hifa itpnwap. Wrneaue. Sewas. Uwiniwek.
. AIlbAy. AtS8tl Nll Pa&ate S l hkMfWfl
i ..

' iw

. J


. T


RaetelI*, )eaauf sadm Chit

i -b' &1i

IawRnhaaguebl. Mileage Tbtewo eer -wnhlS
ipal srily. ia s aillem watm, ts.o -is ml .iS ilia
Thrngta Pilan sner Pu ltla m w Wli
Line; alm sovi Atistie Caes Lse sd a sR
Fo impt. lams ai a"l a


w18aeW. .a s.A




Mt1 dai
slil De
el. do
sity d




Tlp. Oc

Trip. G.
,11. "d
a's .mw,#!



Muhe tr LovhrE A tiiU ai cMhai"Mesoe OflSoei t A
"j ro u ft e = .
o0, 7 i m fnorm kits wibw Itsov ac ft e St. Za& !SW T
Jachasontue. wraes wtSwntagnw. ea
**of Wld*. l, nd a nai a metal -mm" S
'unu*. REa sinmse, No e eates eas As 0W
or wark'is Faitr. .e wS S veiest b the insmelewe. as -
iibrouamek tb *frim Coel. fL* Twthe M k U0t *
Iltaiied ad valuable lafonmart. a tOes. I fl+. iS0lO ei
Iatrlt lsmVnLer As NUS Wee kI Stid|j


I I"


__" SM I ''"T

Jacksonville and New Yoirk, ';
Calling at CItARLLTON. S. U.. both wars.
The Filest Stamshp In the Couetsfe Sene O
Clyde New England and Southern Linea
Direct 4irviee Between JACKSONVIL.t.E. IIBtONt and
PIiOVIDENCE and All Eastern Plints.
Calling at Char letunit tol wiy. -
'otir l.Ns und~ .. ................ .. .....o I" r a!t L, W t' i ''har ltOu t10
Nrt ikllm.tand...... ..... ...... From IFw t o Cuths hl lnt ; 1., Jaekti mTonvHl!

Clvae St. Johns River Line
loet\VWeil J Ast(tAONVILLK tuaial S AN*O)H5 ,.
Stiopiial4 at 'alaska, A.ta.r. t Francis iherutfordl t i. land). I.t I term di ..
landings on St. JohnRs Eer ,
l-tie-, Jacksonville 3:3i p. Sunday. Tiiusdays and Thundasl.
L.-a. Santiford P ) a m. lMondays. \elinlmday at rd Fridkys. i
i ani pointed to sail as fuliow : '
,>,, t.. r..l .H n I 1; U ,1",Nortbbeeini '
Ile iAd (II* 1 hI V" .ead II
Leave a ln .l-. . ..Jackirenill \ .... ..... .. Arrive se
b ":41 pil ..l...... Palatka... .. .... .. leave SaiD p;
3: ,; pnil ..... .. ..... Al tor ... ..... ......... .O 2 :
3 : iam.......... ... .. r t rini .................. A t'
4:3 Al ........ . . .rd 'l eutnil ........ .. ... .pO
| i .. ... ...trsford (I l.and) ... .... .. ..1 0ap't
A rrive , il ................ anf rd . . .. ...... t
1in :l.i m . .. .. E l**rlrir, .. .... ... '* s010 -Is .. .
ilI;N.ERI ,. I'A ., A N I'T'K; T t'-TFF1 k.4 W. HA Y ST.. JACK,)SONVIIJ
'Y M N1 N1 M.Nt.-FiG .l AUmt iGer l1' Astl tu Wei 11t 1 i4 t 1 i Jac wnl.le. ,m
\ '. t& .l l'l.ll. Jr F'reillht A er I'. '. IAVKII.. Runtrtal*lw S
t ,f lmt r i .treeplt Jset ,loitlle .e* .
I I L I .1 I I I t 1 A .. . ,1 %.. l % r L I..L I IL.1 It L ti V.' IN% : I A ma Wa k Wl6 iM


Iary mu: V 1WY l-r r~

S. v r o I
Jorab LS Sifnt-rm, 3 mV

Rapid Transit and Umurpemed SwTIe

suti aa .g;.'s. fIailsr. If von
Wan &I ;ai.f ?or s lifetime's
errfle LJr the


I -la.w



'X ;'':


, f .

r :-, y

NDran Fr r

. I

I -T



, ; 1' 1. i: N 1 1. 1. 1 -, I

Iv II f( I- )it,

1 11 I si I I I F 14' I'b' I '1 -4 1 1 .

- ,- ,I :. -,




_ 1 . .... ; .- --7 ,. - .1-, .w .

orritt Corthell,
culist, ;
1Wat aVi, Frida,
S)0 W. i;>t St., New V a'.,)
ie. l, sad tItntd-
aut S S'clock an.
*1ltmry al 3i; p.m* m
rely T41o lDays Only,
(iW' OyCR:
SIUSE Parlors
minitlon Free.
wia visit (Ialno villo frr-
SIr3u~iout the cYar.



B ald Iaterst Oath.
by Our Reporter.

flppenedand What Is GoItn
SToM In Short Paragraphs
."No Who Runs May Read'

tuabmi Ai Hill.
today at J. L. Crawlord's
poel for sale at The Sun
idoer of Bell war trading
yesterday, ,
Bineol of Cyril waJs shop
lity yesterday.
's Wonderrl SIalvte furr sal
iP um &o Co.
amn of Hae made uGaines
ellt yesterday.
SJaukoon"llle utop at the
Ioation.i beatI neals. tf
A. Tucker of Itochelle
1 vliltor to this city yes.

who visited the county
oeday was J. If. Hlorton of

formerly of Willeford
SJkrnoinville. li in the city

Uherif J. I. IKennard of
an official visitor to this

Soand-haand iDenamore
Will be old cheap. A\p
lwc W ta
j, Cloud or Alachut wa
he.who favored (iinesvlle
stomeand A. S. Wilkersorn
lug citizens of Windsor,
Ir In the city yesterday.
f of Atelaa was aimuno
L ane to Gaineiaville on bult
ed with the court yester

* at the iTeiraLtiotn t i> L IQ' Consider- a i*. l V the ae of the StAit va. W. M. HIol.eCTI I
ably improved, aft.r itn i nlis.isition (l l lit t11 Ln i y loway.eriminal libel. Mrs. Abra cts i
of it'vepiturnr<- the tusn ess il a i well known and has many friends hert,
Amoid th,, vi itor' frm ti, Werda lwuaSill0* I 1 betin rfotmerlg Miss Diatly tlih,th* M 1
A End of n l nvl, l.* yt unt courda wa ty. (l.l O aoeonpllshed daughter of Mrs. Lillsl
SA. tny of itl, t1.. f romnt coti -.1WOleigh. Her friends are delighted to M
corninitttllieeianl from lie di.(riet. and see her again.
r[gti""" I irtole I ,urv iths t received a11 big hii"- The manufacturer whose product
ru tl., of i itratigi t Sokir. Mr i.munt Of. ... .* shows that he slurs over the minor de-
r Uh l r-is.ueelr.ded 4 Col1itte Mr- tails of construction is not the neab. e AINT
ii man, 1y 'flad 1rant, at rele a IiH facturer who a.luirelt a permanent
Sn,.n t. Tai' lrT0 rt et Jlordfo ntllly ('(- prace in the estimation of th.e 6onsm.
i i' "rfntromut the j d i tetount. AU EIUtA UJ 5 ili public. In Mrau: :. adels iad
Siie"'* r. frn thl .tl!l ditrlI T (AN. I elsewhere in this llsue the fact 1i .m. THI
S. ph aird thlt the ehloss Clothing
REA1) THIS handled by him is mad, with *q OpensI
', REA T HI "" =--"i,=

, ,

Pir Anderson of Wade iN
[ few days ini the city on bus-
r. Wade I alno a merchant cl
i lve town.
irtikland of Ilague was iI
rtWday. lie brought a lond
Ilea marker., which was dir-
M lair priees.
St-Two nicely fu riii.lisr
I conyveiieniut localioT iT
ly 03 East loibery Atretvt
Bun ofliet' it
leteher ofr oranig- Height.
S UC00ensfil planti'r. of t0n.
i was alnoiig tlit vtiitors I.
Ieapital yesterday
H S. tokes,. ft a rnilimikiin
hBlair, Bradford county, wi
91eJ3. Stikpr r tr. f

i0de deparcdl it'rtlrday f,;r
| the viein;y ofr ti !.ii ,ty hi'
fUlehalsed a tiu' oralie grolv.
l*tobeanbent e'vrral days.
Brief visit to I.;s faili) iin
P. it. llaker rvturaind yivs-
Oraie Hleiglihts, where hlet i
, f I _s *, o k. ..I. r.,




r I

11L k r f lLW EbCiotii m roueniiu osir MIf, R n*i tur
j .J 1' ,* 1. t. -' there' r'- a Schlous palt, while eating.
is t1 <*< ',' that oni lIti' of tile ae''ually 1lsa than ordinary eltthini,
Sxi'a V\ il,'r. Jivali's(trt'It l'.' l tA'rsI litl :s ( 1 ift'elilt kin l.s wears twice a. ng. It'* a Ipoint
, .,a, 'tif) 4 1fe :t:A i; ii ofl id- 1'1 ] 1 h t- worth cosi eri ag.
nt !,' l I t Tr aintl rh,,, msat tron l,, '. w
dl ii,.*i ,i-.rrfti; rect1 l '. 4 it j ri 'c .-. A Quiet Marriage.
t, ot -I, ", w*. ,,. i )n, kind vwil be lo cents ,j af rnmor,, at if. homeU o
l- ,t oilij, 01talaW to 'nnd
.r a sartrt. i'F. C. Iliekey and Mrs. Jesie
A TEXAS WONDER. r ent candies. W. Naddox of ihigl Springs were
S,. 1:a: ,:tle of tl. Txa.- Wonl- Tilte other kill will be united in the holy bonidsof itatrimoniy
der, itall'. I;r,,t I ,.r,v ry. '..v a. *solt l at -iJ Cilnts a poundt- li His lonorJudge Mason ofl lating.
4,du,.' I al ad tr, it., remov'i 4li'fwtrth pound lor cents Tlhe erermony, which was 'ulte tm-
4ra-. r4 dl thitt. I> al mini- i premsire, was of a rather retired naa-
aL ts dnII (.. r i l ai 1 t* C lcent ture. only few witrwasesml tinpr ..
tiiai u al l irr '.* ':ar nr, f rt.' ki. 'k ca lles. ent.
n.y I iialadder in both Un1 and 1(o' me around anild buy The young people are amonp the
w n,.n r ... t ....addi r irr.i. It "ond tt In a C k et nfot popular in l 111g KhSprng alnd the
$ ... .... al. .1 information o nf t hLeir n rnvralP Was


1asb withI (pshmaaSU Nu" Ia -wiAX.8a Mt T10 O a .77T
It 'n'epird, .Address T-oailo V. P ul- nFm with hard,s to emtluapBn iauyd
gif, .,nkgoW2. Wife or two rNnsloen.nn. A Ipply 00S o ka ndflfUtj
J C. lm.,1g aiJ .lJt.u lmith of Iout- Almchwa A.Aree. YIri.. Y.. MelValr andf, tI i0 Lo l
ton 1rr, r.',:w.!l t i t i t r $IMr. and Mrs. T1. Jenliings Cone,. aV.mA' EuW
ji ,stl yrt rJ.a. P. SmtitaIdi TiTlrimah lWthermpoom Qr nATl A LA
.1M. .. r..,.*r Ir r;eir.C of tt- departed yesterday for tit. Louil. rI I
[ (m) lit-l;,. lih l' ri 'ri J i trnam* where thley will sake In" he World's .- -
auilh. i,;-,iq'* tni a city yesterday. Fair. Friends wish tlieii a pleasans THE (oILEXIO'X B LEAUTI'IE. ERULL' I
For aloe~ ..... ii l red nl et !andt trip.
Sloiw. tIw btrki fkirint wqwre, Ternma The VWomani'i 'Vorelx Milelonary
a. at. UIIrlr, (Gaiitti11lte, I-la. ith society of tl.e M3hihiliust chullre will w
A I: C'ui y ,f Mieario|ly, iowinter meet is the lIeture room at the church
oof0l,- I' of :. C. Chitty Sonl, this afternoon at 3:30 o'look. A full '' i'
Wa miiA.S viritor to thi ulty ye-. attendance is dt*ilred. and menimrbers
day. Are reqiue1.ed to bring their Advu- ,
If triabled witI, wak digvAstlntry Oates.
C ,i:'1.l.riis,'d Sua: .i aid i.,ar 'T'To. N.; K. .haw of Jacksooville. one of '
'le [e rl dou For ihalo tu.e most *suessful liMe t suranee o. a
licilour in the sitat, is spending a few
I.V. W. W1l( of Mlicaiinol, 10ile days ini this ilty. Mr. Shaw was form-
of iL. 101 Ale thtdall diivive. 0the erly of juiney, but recently seleeted
Fior'dat IX ufrrnee. was a vilitor to Jacksoinille as hi. headquarters one s
(lniea rs'isI ,4 yseterda., count or it central location.
JOhriiiErtLi,zs, tiu cigar manirme. H. T. Welch of rlandohas maeepted s 4
turer f \tWaldo, was a vit'itor to this a position as agent of the tSouthern e.A-TZOL.&A. h a new aiteow r. l
City -terdity, Lhvia ng ItwOei *nnitnned Express Company ait this point, and ruarnlIteed.aid maer will be rftended
here as it witness before thue grand will atmumrn his duilet In dlay or two. Pl to riOVS lther wort ea.k of rnIA.
Jar)l aimume hs, dtTea n a dy or two. mpi,,e na. yer sp.Rt l owepan pin _^
ji*,. lf eiI sanold 0 and valued employ. of hem4a. dr any likli eruptilt la t day-lWa veS
I AliAJ,,y LL .*visiiur tio this city jes- the company, and it is to be hoped he itse skin elear *sor. bhlibeair l n6i riesu i
terday who favored The Sun with a will be pleased with his position here. botsiy ot youth. Tiwmite imetry tioi e
caIll ri\ W .W .Fea le and R W merind o ltr lla l. PrdIa to 1 o.rt k bymf
calir iV. W, Fei V.e and .. o'f After an abenee of several weeks, l*adrugimhM.ormall. L ,plwnrdoty by
'lrk of riler ad L. teen of during which time he bhas been ru* NATIONAL TJL11T (UL PaWl Te lm. F
Iih %, rin. rn;inig between OIel aand flonaom w, omh to GiOFvisbrir- y
A \ Miles of Tacoma, colored Conductor Chas. It. Carter of the At- J B. Bo4tod. rO & FO 11
ma. WI. i wall li ed in that, coM. latic Cout LieM arLivr In r the ei And all Ln.Idp Vrn iaat. B lf i
Sinuniry. wts In h )city yesterday. He ,yesterday. Hiexpnle to renme his ............ ...._ _m T
called at 1h1 S un office and renewed ran between High Springs, Oltra d -.- ,r L.
his mubieriptiun. Micanopy today, relieving Conduetor P.n Padett, formerly en*gasm I
Peake. the nati t ores busiase at Pa leN.
After a pleasant Sunday spent with leake. bu l i now l .te the a lA
his faniily ii this city, I%. Hodges, Hon. Robt. W. Davis and 'Homr. .in.JtyWU 1 UI
forenimai of the carpelterb'department Frank Clark of Lake City, Conagrem. ld fri st. Inhiseaty stenday. lW .
of the Atlantic Coast Line shops at man and Congrnssmall-eleet uf the o ld
i 11g>. SpJrings, has returned to his du. Demooralle party from the Second Die. N i-I Pad viIb m*
ties. triet. are among the promineas arrivals Bleak at Pflardi.
J. M. Mtchlell of Valdosta, ta., Is in the city. They *ame for the par. Prneuar a tor op'a Ia t ts
In the city. lie is canvasling tealyit pme of defendant Hod. W. X. Hollow t. e o lk rof lraltulr l adls ti"i.i 1
with a view to establishing anll up-to* way, defendant In a eaoe of criminal the stre n tlyt `4 t 4 4 b 0*.
date pressing club, Slithe r to be libel braniht by ain indltment of th0 Thomas, the Osianevll.Ve ars4.r *R
n known as Mitchell & Prosley. Mr. grind jury, and which Ja too familiar Compsy lhi having eai4te I. ,a:we
n..tomrequiio mndc In the treat of O tls, i
Mitchell is mieetingwith very fair en- to require explanation. wih will ma e. of t he
couragement. .- ttractive store In the olty whe1 momI r
T. M, Venable of Arredondo was pisted. E P
samlnug the prominent folks from that With probably a desir to ei* ;" '6k
se t imn who visited ainesvIlle re- to "the lay of the last." %Ieoe DOP.
Strday. Mr. Venable states that S. A. port, who lua bes tihe .*elni dir
teeve, and family, who have bean re.- pNnYrr at th6 fishte l *of W. W. A"909
* siding at Kanapaha for some lime, has aceptei a psl4tlo with B. OW
have removed to Oltee. VopXle, manager of e fthe Abstsad aW
N 11of. Owens of the Martha Perry In- Realty Company., sad expet to be*
stitlute. R chellt, passed through the f in his na dtilea this meoalag. Jok N
city yesterday en route from White arllel* willsueee d Mr. Dweaport t
Springs. where he was called a few Ra Arera. ,;
days ago tin account of the illness of pir. mad Mrs T. T. S. lad '
Skhis wlie. Friend will hin glad to learni g T T A g mly arrived home las f
that her condition ii greatly improved. lIAPIISl SITOltI U01 EARlt Hot Sprived, Arkn e N ., lasihis fme
S Hammand other points. Mr. Sweaie gi
I froli Meiati, whe.r he 0a. allied a f vw -" extended hll visitto )St. LolIIs "ad h
.day. a..g o. ...,t of h., ad death d Word's Fair leaving his ml ""
of Li_ lbther. Oliver, who was thervh- MinnmU I'Iphe. Wrleads arn gla to
r tin f btirning, m.entwo of which was | om thelm siml ., will bi plnas
I miad in "Ih. im. Frirdw of thi. al to lean that the trip proted vry es-
young iiianui sym:tii7" with !ii in Joyable
th; trutl. Among the prominent visitom to
. thls cityare Col. and Mnr. Alex. t.
Snl, tH. nry .v Chub,, receiver o |Clair-Abramp of Jaeksonvillie. who a
the itl.ed sLatesi. latd otfle in th.i h ais the Brown lHouse. Col. Abiram l
City, I.a returned from a pleasait v*.- I one of the mott abl ad widely knows w
it tc) hit family at Wa.utir IPark. lawyer ll the m late aMle d a hwi dly Ib p
-rlends f Col. CLubb will .b p.atsed. resentiltRa part of tbhe prolelution la i

" .,1 .t 4
I' I

,I, .in




S .

September 19, 1904

'i 0


AlachUa Pool Parloi

C. Bam, Prer, r er1
oIated In ithe Porter Iml, wi
side suare. Thir Art. el W b,.ik
00d llnhta, pad prpt romtip I si
iswrvice. The pubhli Is oltlilt
and always welcome,
u s .. - . .. -k -- "- -- W. . .. l:l



___ L __ __


k " ." .


k I

Iiitj 4

.... * 1..1

..F , .j ....

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