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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: August 12, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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VOL. XXI, Not.




at the Frout' Caules



Japanese O9supation of the Welf Hills,
Before Port Arthur, Has Increased
hs Unefatinlse t Russian Capital
SR arding Safety of Fortres.
St. Petera'lurg. Atagust lO.--1 pI. ma.
S--Nervousneani over tbhe iustion atI
the front vitmn.' to be increatin. nilno*
the occupation by the Japanotse of
the Whit hbil". before Port Arthur..
I'. II adtitfted that the beslegers
love an elevated positIon whence,
eup tress, Iaid while .atill proftainlg moafl-
.pce that (enuiral Stoossele will be
able to hold out with his compara-
tively snaill garriorn eIplant thab *nor-
mous number of attackfsr, and hbelr
etident disregard IJaouatd by tho
dlrnigard lndinatud by the reekleus
manner In which they stormed the
iuter posltlens. the state of affairss
Creatia malore appreholsion than thi
war nifie or admiralty care Io o*.
Rtmilar nilogivlini fxlint 'regarding,
Qonerlr Kuropatkit's posntlo1,I thie at
Vantatest of the new Japanesie bat.
at New Chwang In greatly .lmphl
tying the problem of provliusilnitS their
aray belong fully rtalized. lut it to
the report.that thp Japane lag up wost ward of the' main ItuHianu
army. which n rnadlone. the greatest on-
uiaens.!. The rurnitr i'lt they are<
workirt utpwardis toward Sfndlntin, a
hiort dlitanee .ewrst o(f l1ukdun. from
New. ('hwaing. t believed generally.
Te, Jatatipn i cordon. Is tlightentpg
south ind east and a col umnt threat-
noring the Htuisla line rmlmnuicat onla
In the rear toward Mukden, the ap*
pearanpe of lhn on the other l
side of Mtakden. wefild almost porket
General Kuruputkitn. If lha has resolve m
to aeprt, battle with his whole armyn
at LIo Yang. Shrew-id military at.
teibhe- are oxrernely doubtful whetli-
or (ltmnkral Kitnopat in roult now with-
d'raw eI enit het i l etlrirl.
i Atloth.l r alaritlug L,.at ire of tic sit-
Untion II lt.mnn'tloni wltli tkh' Japa-li
iolw te sti wl culmtln1Q It !hv report
tali It iInceIl.0ds 44llty) rhinesi. who
art, JaaNiil.' i ihjctltr fr(im the Island
of rfolrn, Ma, whosipte infitince on the
IL t: 'iltl, and the sold 1i*rs of loen.
-era! Mi und V'i'roy 'Visau, Shknl Is


Daughter Handed Mother Gun To Slay
14ur Father. ,
Gelvu. C!lo Augusit II.- -.lMr. Id4a
Stablta.s, or Pueblo. Iiasa shot andl ,I
el her hitAlaii(t. Al'hert Htabblas.
They had liren separated for. two
years and 1l1e htiband nought an ia:
terriew with hi woman at the ratLch
inear hbre. wher- sho was vmnployed
SOn being refuiedl adllitittatce to her
room alia. -r.'iAtene, toi break dow i
t:h.edcdr. TIhe wdinarn therupoon flrsr%
thritahK' tI/h di)r.r thit bttill*t lh itjn '
in Stab.i. '. tbr,6nt A yo '-i d4itgli
tsr of di t' ,('ipl,, h niid-d, th1 l ,nfttir
Sth'e un with whlirh nshI i1i(T tie shoot.

T'.. he woman wai. ,avi0 ted. *


Attempt Agalnst Life of the Preslitdent
of Uruguay.
New 'Ynrk. A'.'in ? It Ntnerousti

tjzla~tt?' il (l~f~tI Al. .ah M v. igf~rl

'' d Vl~fluu 1W ft~5 i t &jot'd I'i Ib ~s l

. V T !'' 4* r -' Iew 'we '.' i
I-1 -. - ,' e >-. ,. ,_ , .
2.' 7 -. 4a -s.. e. I. ~ ~ = -. ,,. h ,?

f a ... ....wett.n .-.-v, ,'.,.,l i orlt.lono.-hAr t n6 ne dwe te' teo .il e a ,ow..d .. .a.a

-rom 6,00 t- 7Wn wil B. Or-r,." *' Parker' prne l i but it Was later dened by "some I" a
Prom 6.}OCA to 7.C wOt Will U r.s O aci h tnual ti ,'^r,. fhi ra!t wa^ ,'4umvIn d.wn s"tr ng prohlbblitonli.ts a d the r mttl ,I< l-" ,. .'-,':.,'.:,.Ci
. OUt1 ' ft At < mr f r i 1' t t. '* h 'U ht drop l." O ., t The" ,bl S a *t. ~
1 in a ^ .\i ',,,t I1 --'tht e r. .c, .' .T e II 'o ta w.""ti r atWd thy Sp' wling t.... b,. for new ry .oo.W pi euots, tt'
board ,f the' GUarcrcnt onrkcr. utiin ennmmenwts fh, , and flests a tour iyer andt there are nine ltoonu Capi tite foTUI i 41-4,,''g
ha,.s ao iee I ; inh t,the tr :km r!t.. t" Ib" st tiitci w re< re. h ,rl '. thf ju 1e ln (I l tftTh At the last sectionn the o.. tati edtI' a, .st .s I i ,
cittr. ani-ralot.nli the uintlonm enm bhimwtif with a .mtir,. and4 'h went1 as w m by only i +e ll. marl t, Pt.' ..
Dr6, wh0'ohl r trr'n orwrtMrnt toida B trut th, houutn .t te day wilh his thoutt 1 votes- and t t mtter wa *
S TS4 j n-n m 'anI t hat *;.' to ,t7T.Oa iudi m 'iry prit. hotly nt s ed I'. tOla Ouarta b i "leq nate ias ti .. l
tallorn will hi tmnart I1. %Whn thi At ..fl 1 thiere 'wn non." nadi t nnally dvci',d In th or tf l1 s welt i l '
CelIut R quit on ft t h atelt i 4tniirp of bt.eak 'In the t1nrn,. through tbhe Se,-to'oqutt to UnlversntyY ,, P.EA.
mienllt' o'v r h,.r' it as. .ot n hot ut1 ht r.dtor*.to sa 1,tmi (f i 1 ith at unl." t he w irther riar hi>' t i AinrHu Altrlaihand lt'Huartiib t le In Ae et M l 'I.
lQ)t f fatt I(~. a*. t 4li rt-ll, s'- atn aneism, 1hl nt ititi arh n r rncr bro r w ou4i oif thi cWty" w ho flew rf R irliIW lE A sl iil.'
few large ir it -1 wer on hautd, .t' taTe pa'e Upfn tth e r't mb, tt Rl.* I, >is 7, )12. thows thbt Ie ilt prt ;- 4we ), Cole. A dgtfu r jI '
Te aihrtp iqt of .al tt6 l mrmr i;t t ,tufrlE I aI pptrfrdP i fIrit t at t h t waS irtt wiirthit $l'qe.aOn' xrfhi pM tfrw pA.* gltler iower halii..~.0 m: ..ite
oa'liara. .hias nit i flArI1 eui ta.e-k a1 i m' na t[ im t it I tl hU rmt a .tia l, t h J hI a ..... t ....- .. .L ..-. .. '- lLf tid illm u Riv lNl lfll li"i i ,.ll .:,

sam r *l U l s sr.I ..;. A LFA. MLRA i GE iTY i .ii'
LIIOIPfLAL NEI rlU* from Alll0!rTl embe e rly MtrlA rasI.
LWrly 6mn U*ntwomn Fr eklln *ad W M tie.r we mcnaomlijsaed bi M
Mapls Orethere I unu iEIItbEE DAI es oei ler of t moa heAl ,
4Flt. August hI.-Ghura HOtiE JUdDE PR S tS *t AlGtn sad *Ra Jt ; AT
h 1d i,.000 a yar added to sal. W__ lop4s 4 atloo by o '4b OhVOt .";
arits yetr rdil by 1f e vot t f he M, Hall alM drire to i' :o
beaeof re.tire'intt tives, but they er. IoUtIed of HE lNomiutIon A g etmrrtled a bu box at.owirs i
J.orbldden tip a-ccept or rhie on fr' . atour 11111 fr Jud Prh"rk r'' 1
paiSes ori to reft-,.'tV It.1lh,i t fOY Mr. Ill a sewtar bPou t 'wMr.n :'O ry1tm
graph or rkprss. franks un pPenal- that hlb. ontort would IS1oe Alb
ty of mp'chmt.It, 1 DAY WAS QUITS W4CLBMENT o the 10:39 3 t0 l atn# wAN ns 'g
Thie houiu pa d by a voe of 121 the slit t Jude P:thr *
to %: thlI 1illi ,iy pnatur ('amas. which Many Promlnnt e meefrat Were the twaoeb. the l. to me hi bleP P1 ,41r
passed 1 tl,, tt ,> 1,a twiohirds. ma- ust of co.tQloi-i All S m or e y. t..
jortty last >AI' itla d wB1 teh 1proviv4t the Meillet il.en b. a..
for an ,.I4'na.. ,Mn !1,t 1, CenvY AI*nr aO. frmhr, W44 $4,04 tape.1 were Co61n6. (Stiu q. i a ,"
in thil .erltr n(it lrpmv c toirt Ji1iie !pe. ll ,d aughter. Mis MUTr O'UIl* ,
and sti i romir 'frim $3,M1114) l...91,m) New York. August IS-4.With' Aags who O9 It, 14 *Orle too 1 r... ..
in the* .ur ; of ; -p'r.prnsut at the motiestiss.
in (LOh. ti-ur 11 tf l.i lr rutmvt nI d k rflyi rg And bands playing the semer lh lv of 1 pl t01!l .!-
The bhin thus rte.ivved, n t he Msllmre h left the 1WWtl4lOtio e rwesi odMP i pIpee u$i *
fornr V'til:t aurv !n the wo-thir4m
uata r rit > e ;ry )th l e i s wlir street pier t i Od my. carrylmla g 0$ pr r oeoss b i. .ilo Ii .
1e lns Ito.u e o tp ori lly. notify eudge a s es',a .
Itehd yetrhdia Iha gen iu e I11,:, 4 Alton I. Parkar that eheha s ao m nqi- 1 w a m I bp1 Pw4
urif> in .rble the paicrl i aipl led for pr I udw t by the oeam acraitl DS 'F5 e
cuff f .>ilt In which the; tesppmts
wer* hiont H 1. Pranklit. of Wash* Nfallopal conveasion. A drissatag l'5 vosaaeerwd to rIag a fe d.RU
Tvhar h,. hZrit part nkln. of 'an wa faill ng and bs ga iety of theto % sa have #i t W *A
Bluhi k1 11 |p r A .l bi..o.rtf jMra p l ,,s i I u n w snd n.u n . m t h a ? WIS.m *& *a k$ h tI Pi i .
Ao,_keeper A..... ...ples..awn h' e e ws omewhat marred by uhe tie I **MN ih
father, 1on. L lmple. of Mitcheol.. the, ntt watleom. omlttn tie e r w *
parties of the .e e on t nar ae w ase s t b e| nat to atii coummttt* h t the re
.e l - ,_ .e u ( . ,>t J t ,i U.hl w h'me n a t p i Phs 'mm o c uo e u d. a t C M 44 -.
As the result of the fr.ala NiMr. ati am "t "ther --aIa i" "mreta. Aip il- .
WH a xklins Ino hiMe oI lou sly while lnt m.a. L.Other r l e m.... .. th ae 6ttfmt. e lve tt i
were the ig'11tat o fthe' oO*A1W :t1etIy
the ather ielvger nts cam e out of It w$1 ,r m mtna t w ho rst ,. h an r .' or &. slle.ttv us lb, i n. d q .
apl. trmly without a mark..-, What lVe mui g wa Chi f AtVp0 h- '& t. .
further oauplth!'s lmhe. re riht huver rwas Itiited, .ii iil.,|
fItkr ra suqnoti rus e thert Wh hare All did not avail them esi ves of thNe b York O tmr vl i E
[bean b hul nli brht ters oi t he hxontvp prvne t, If gor1 on lb. boat b h a wh m toRe
Interfered and topped the ' wa-n b t-agoi n as the tatbut e o r t 4 amo.e r,'.
therq i ho, way of ttliang, .eatrto snd so .mu.h t0 of the .I.t la o the it .ad atr ,.$ '
The trouble i am abonit In thls waty: r ove, tu ning o a o I iieq e ia *a .
The hoiue'h was In the aillt of a Vote rv a. ts o p b. ,
on thh bill to Inm cret'ast fle j, ,ge,' 't al- w .
arte anid ar *It' Wa an' rl. prtw .
itesuri*i, $psopker Morriw had instriu" PACKERS ULTIMA'TUM
i*l the doorkeepers not to let any, .di.l ft ,41,'..,
men ahflr to leave Ith hab l l unit! thx a f it x e ., 9i6, ,
vote P o been c u oteT ro ll
nall hal 'got .nii to M r. slato .l i New Yo r u at ti a 1 .
w U *tf iH Ug Ilia oto when thine -it the ultlahnatu l l*l the pprk1 r. b r W
Ilp tip I i slht of thhs wlpolkr's chaIr *the .Amslam0ted Beef Ct 4tery .' l,
iwas notdt'r, t.1a1,d t ing was .upn4ded S.Itcher Wurke of Ameriet Vt ll
for the ilrnt bt+n ing, tsr.ay hbat a sseral trise would ,'. th
It AN emi 1ir,, Frankln i went to tho n ra leff t .to t y, l* oa ,e,*.'. 1 t ie U 1 .,, 14"'
door on th@ right and tarlofnd In t operative at the tinje "et 'this mo.j that '
out Into the romrn adjoining, he seakh- It "The plantsts a fett are t.'los ,h t
or's roam, where emtnlbwrs Irequent.. &Uilited by the n ocalled, bfee trtlsL f, flf.
ly congr3'fat0 to smnok'. Doo rkneper trunt. "
Al|frt .ajIpleis refgbidt to iet himn go A di treotne of o i* a le s e tXltat "
4,3l. Thieft wat a o ifte Iabout itS n adM amy to the. tmber of t m i.n"s If rMath oier .
Miatir., which ledl to blow, ando)l h trike. the ntllno opDnot being 1 4 .pery j
fight oad aineld rinshlrblrsi headway strike I tocormplet, while the MelbS thihit i'
whn oapcs.s, of 111lhellI, l athi' A state tbtl o only. bsiout l a tt t I
no Oiw, )voti doo*rkeeper. ru1lied th.O, een ave left, 'ad that tIil l.. i
anIt' 's11.i'.k r. I url'iankt i ra e4 ) 1 .low S .ome of those who ,.went to oopi n plio. will I4 .dv lls Slles u teti .
In th ftari. whIch bri)Iht Intd fVrouL today were Champ glark. Cord Meyo, fTbi init ad Pre led Beet cops sttelspfl
I11 t".. .Thbrm~' Tarpart, William P. ShMhn. lams to hair about i noluti'a swQ th. pr $tl,
Mir Frallia tuht to A.rik hact. Charlea F. Mr rpby. Senator Joseph of heel S .. refrgir taoreo,' ieil .ls
trut by ThEiT tl' some, 20f or m re h. Rally. of Texas: i'alrck II. le'. this supply. Is albollt..exth.uetE4 PT r00 -9 eit.0
ummltli,,rs of lth obtuse. who were ,w crarrom John l trile Mar dent issutmtal .ald there wold., ath,
ting rear by, rIbhI41l into the( LhartF A. Smith, of ArisIoiiii.ns: Norman h rise l pries, t'y
snd WioZ .titrp-iatd lat, h .ie.rents, Mark., (harle-'- W. Wolp:, of Iowa: Per. Bchwartebild A huliatsger Co. II ty awu
pryts orr waslle whelet ntlo 'Daniel J. (tampal,.-Of ,was saIJ,g was ,i|ng prsteatll y aw -ri'd
pg 1., 1rortitwas s mta r l-hlchIn: Jinnisi Cummings. t Co. 'bn- lanes, a,. the mea slanest to S mua' The,,i
4tte before It was restored, i ". r ..:.t,.
A. soon a. o i, t., ad blasn risitred thr nalhll|a. t l xtrgtits P ommttee: ,' I ;0tleat o
iand 'the mvnmbe'r td rha .,isl thirt Th... Isyan. ?Thiothy K. Ryan.' of Wii" POt WET OPR DRY,. '' m st' fr
cyt l e, ker ,ltarr1+. Wlt l pri. ... consin. R preope toita ve Timothy ). ., ".-- "...-,, 1 ,mln
dHiN. R pi r p ar, tr" t i-h-m., t." pr,, i.." S.llivan. anti large ..oatln.t.oef I*t of 1o Liq .er SIlet e Te 9 .eISbs i Itproes4 if 1

esl f ork.Ie er M SIle, until (t e p Iai. dalb mgale aeet'. ..
ter keould he Investigatef t, thflopeu.,fl#.1.As'rus', -, I a"im Ia.1. August bIt-qu. ,, el0 lbOtiN a
Mr. Kin ,g of Wanhlnt ,[ statt q Ijbopq- i, the greatst day 10 the' a tl we a s h hr b t t
ihat hil cr1llapgut' In the event It was Il. da,. the gre.test dar la the Mt "-,+te, 't
rc'iumdertd hy iad viol ald the dlgni. modern history of UTh'ter o t ty, apet. Me of ani sdvert leeutre is a bead *, matte.
.rnay ed with a pouting raln witch et hi npwr of & itltser aOtla Wo kM wi.,a as
ty of th, ,s) ota.e. be w .i Just after daylight and entitamdrd Is thll xoflty oc the 19t. 1' "ep NO, ,
to. ik I apol. the p rophecHe of those who htd fith, her to 4s.rsla the qUmthUas ;'
La-.e ott I.n w a. .. .. pr, fully promised Judge Patkn ifent wSether Spaidl g will ho t. oC, dry A.fl.. ,

-, ,-l i.-" ,.itt a nt ri l. w weather cnn l htlo us 'hon be w a to r the. nest four years. T he ele''"e w
hel n .,' l 1. .. ....- 1.' "+'+tint -an- Po-' t9lit'- r.rmI informattQC of b *e. was calledd by th~.wir4ta tm n' 't 4t !i. aga Et

I..- ..... ...


. V. FF_. -...T .1 1;
11 11( 1111 ni|U -l01ri V oflM. < |ILl.l 1*irill. <_./ ,--^:

H Aa
. 'S X



I,' '

AMsts *s' QpesW'*iav for
king Tw. st Cits f
elwe 5..'

I I...j. ~


.,' ,...!..' l i|

.. ',-h.- -

Areo, Ove lidtlglo ofn fort. l s cat
trsut" bUikwumc aaO ttIr. l wi
Tol. (r trW i. t 0 1k I, l




i: I\

VAI ~ In"


svfts "esalWte" witha

NOr "W, .SA" 1I y
,,na ,,,i0.,,s ., ., u :.. * -

u of lb.
t '. .aS.f h"is i t t, ly g
W, l in tte l uteld o

ke eiMW T""B
i. 0* fot eas .
gnog ., n a, e. 1 *.

U n- I II It

!bw'a ,.ana.
-i ,

Sa lt n l

-All of'ahi ta n eiimtlv- of .t
wt$4 Army 9 ,rO Reppbe a Poir,
isbe e.pstompli vSllag 3ws.
he tmhe U 1iol cumpmeu,. Ampen
tk, too Ih hSb,v *I ad iha thi Atl
ols Coast Use epsiet the qelek-
tp heb o whUlta mi s wn* omFl*
dl Mi MOMses, *f osely l oi hap
"1.I4" for eoiw 1. 6passeaewso tar
P M'wF In *. oISmU sn ews*
ispeed4 el-ea siht0l or the red.
atog l T altain l gon S Ai t

* sll Vloulebm viiwo *Meapisi e
Wid Ms thi Hub iad The m nepolis of
4 Vo w lelpM,. $oMse .a4d Nw
ewmle iln of tgb teaslpest op.
pniuty, wiS ee eplsss top of
l nte York, % -ep has eu It s of.
- se S.bpis vb aumiil main.
b's. JasheavwlP ft.* SwTin sMa ve
'me, 9M. Bate *morrspomdlag
hl free all ie paitb.
Bealinm mne wo 0 only O away
esr orant white, sad who desire to
uAgt .to belee i asl sy of these
pelt10, an a-il hmeOlvne of t-hi
Tp"e leave I..ustvllle over the
*sle* a*4 eery e isng as$ SaM.
....... _* .... f*. l i! i!
.. ol asok imeulq maBi. hiowver,
i b* far the qei sad be Smtritn
a* %iM9 or mylhowr lis. Ticket*
will be on st Aq 12, l s1 14.
*i win bhe agSM pumag up to
sa- 1Inlmdalg mMIgbt of Algst 17,
tee she inlg sip out of irw York.
TMis will be odst to reto mtoo leave
.Se ee f eriler tham Aguast 6t, or
lar shea Augest X. Homevrr, by
depeltimi thln tieke' before Augs
, Baeo wish sh j oast mad
she payment of a fte of 0) seats. theb
tisbtb will be,.teds ror over a Is, ua til pimatr ft.
The ralt ds mre givig as addition.
at aeomdniilo o6 mhe publlt tkis
yar I n lilmingl stopovr I n Nw
Yort, provided ithe tickets a depilt-
ed I3 New York with the, oint agpnt
ast le depot mad a pfttent of $1.
A Summer Cod.
A bumimee ld Is not oly an.oy-
l but if not rliiv*ed pneumonia will
be athb ble r ults by fall. One
Mimow Wough Oure tems she phlegm,
draws ost the inflammation, heals,
s*oothe" sad nremstheas the Iu sad
binelal lobes. Ou Mtilu Coogh
Isam l dadel remedy for she ehil,
ise. Ist pleaseal to the Iuste and

fh OWW y MarmmiS. A seeraip eure
.. .igtlo, 9r swee ough and oldo. Hold by
S'fl1" si--emeInt that a allI dr __
S J-lAefl A. rn.de4-wn' Will Contet A-tne..
. ....-...*".I ..1 SAadU sis. W1 M.. Augus 11-The Wi% .
lavatel.p "o#an apreme' court today leased
7 li mhasIWO" a. so r quet givi ng the ftalwnar fsetoai
tiha i l tilb2e tti of 'the Y RitIblican party of t edate
?MMtlt...t. At th iaW6orty to hrii 8snit ap alat Secre-
iBi/* .lliii~i lta Metry of llat) lbscri. tol reurain hl1m
,. i te .PI p tip n M the nouM neg of th -1
1' 1i*. F:ttt 9latie ctikelt o the olffcal
.4 kvde kiid tnde lr the' regular party ticket
0i 1 .otf f The Rart grated the r iqucet without
badu .vning thke IuI'h. The d4renldant
Is'. INv* :mn. i 0 d"I which to snwer
l"" KIf .1Ewa. 1keI Trip. 'aled ith. cas.e 1Will ume up for srgt-
ledon-. Aut 1. I'.-. KWwnuw meat Sep. S. The ULitttel tar-
Soted for MarIenbad. Blkrmini, io tios will entev.t the acfUoa,
aiy take ble lantiii cure rit th ..
aths. "H tr"vla lteottto as Duk r *ympathStle Strike.
tet~flr,~t. The bilos ais ?at S1 WI .Pao. Tx. August .l1--Marhir
i a wll le e tt oi the M hin Cetrsl ral!road
Sltt ceas W at h P.hbnbi hal'r truck lth !rmpiity
p Weaces Joseeha visit to btim ith those anit Aiu. 'al. went
._ ._ _ . .... ti t a R.rr.a. T i r rk tri r sIt
d r fg 0Mn 'At .t.'rk' .. mer the r.oad
aleigh N. C W AgsIt .-nR. I ut* An End to It Alt.
nlaad, of Ahme l*, oven of A ee
Pnwilse (K-. I.) oJersal. today Bled A o wal, o din Wom, as a
it",. re a bid for (e f:reulk of anbearable pain from over-.
im el t AttltiUsad Norhtls aii s ed, D)lisin, tmekashe,
U m ny 0r soe. years. He left thisliver .omplains and eonSlipallson. ut
ehge 1Wi t of bta.h oof thha nks Dr. King'. s ew Life "lls
t*4" i cmpsae h* mene t- f heoe SJ pul a end oi It ill. They t
.i si led uy i .ator F, M. tlls but thorough. Try them. Only
...... 3..... Oua.rantn 1d y all rilu stores.

For Sale by

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- @1,1SiT
t- 333?60






TfIz-WtzrzX.-r mJLtmG3ST .

Jaokmonville and Now York,
it*mgn ORAllLBTQoN, 0., both wys.
the tu Stm i Las t oe m e 5NM mb
Olyde New England and Southern Lines
Diest soie Bt'e JACKO V tIiL, BOSTON and
ROVmrox. sad All USier Polim ,
killing at Char -S-oW bth ways.
AflM EWS-WW..r S......I. GS
okibeba ..... ....................,....From I wiss Wharf Bolesion
Northbbeam.... .......... PreM toot of Catherie st., Jaoknvtlle

CIvi at lobs Rimw Li
Stopping at Pil&ek. Astor, iSt Vaseo Bemfotw (DeLand)., and Intermaedia4
Landinip oI 6. Jobs. River
ISvT lqhaioeviUli :e0 p. m, U Tuedays and Thursdays.
Leavo Salfoerd i0a. m. modayisL, WdnmIays and Fridays.
Is appoiited to Mlil folown:
SnlmS. SC RHDOULK foribbWood.
B tl io v .y d u p ,
LA i-e a pao ...... ............ Jaekemnville.... ... . ... Arive 2 lMan
8:40 pm ...... ............F. llth....... ..........leAve 86: Sl m ......... ......... ..FrAstneo .........t.......... 2:80pm
.. ..... ...... .B m ford eLad) .. .............. .. 12 o'
ArriiS ......... ......... Ganfordl ..... ............ 9:8mas
SO am ......... .... 1n Pri o............. 10:00 mI
N. MJ. At. Get. P. AW l.. 3M WI n Pay a.. JhanweIUe biu.
W. a. OOO 'Jr.. t' f teV. r.m.csvrlfmAlleMA
A.i .L~TL l'=.I Aiw ork. CLY E Neo
.Go. ml Maar. nerale Agents,
abraB %00w. 1 Saeteoe. pew YEr"




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The Atlantic Coast Line

Montgomery ind L tI or Dixie. Flyer Through
Atlints and Chattanooga.
-- - -- -- r -----

Roqtd Tl'r KRaleS From (itlncuvilie
a F

O).nlke daily '(roI ilt; dip|i .


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Jobnaon Bros.. Gainesville

Oin sale daily. G(od till lbe. 28.


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s UKt.
!1l 4W AM O'o iw-oet Youf
L ti e Away.,
h. Wkl ts0* Md lmesae was no sur
iM up t0 pnople (seiNevllle, new.
*plhonlM the Ilormsatios of the death
e lite MaWid, the youngest daugh.
Wr Mr sed Mr4. baul V1. liuke.
edepertfd this lIle about 4 selkek
flewday PmoRning, came ,s a shuck.
Deeased wea in her nineteenth year.-
laving bees bortu and reared here,
b'd endeared herself, by her awe, tl.
Wsleble sad genemrt d4tposlulon, to a
rge pvirele of friends who learned to
love her for her goodness.
Abput l weeks axgo d4naed saom.
,pead iH. P. Lanler, a life.loIug
friend of the family, so bhi summer
boums iu MerWlth, W,.H., where the
latended to remain until autumn.
At she. time of her departure her;
Whaehk were -8gloing with a happy,,
.paIthy rimOen, an1d a moss enjoyable
summer outinl was a6t4Welpbd, bu,
ah' bad been abeent onlp a little
while whea the parents received a el.-

egmrm announoing her serious ilane1 .
sad immediately proseedtd to the lit.
tie New Hamuhlru town. They were
gratittld, howner, to flnd bthe ondi.
tion of the patlenst somewhat improved,
and as eoon as there eoneluded it was
eafe to travel, the young lady aooom-
pealed her paentus home. For a few
days After arriving here her eonadiionl
seemed favorable. Ins unfortunately a
N.lapl ease, and the SituatIon rad-
ually became more eritloal, with the
result that death eam* to relieve her
& Onr sufferinla Thursday. Hbe died
of hoert disease. NewilhslandItg
everything possible that loving hands
Aid skilled phyIslisa oould do for her
relier, they were without avail, and the
ptilent sweetly and patiently sue.
eumbed to the Inevisable. As the hour
of her death she wa JrroLA.ded by
members of thea family, relaivtea and
a few friends.
Deeaseed Ie survivrd by her parents
and one sister, ]Ure. J. 11. Truby. and a
number of near realities, to all of
whom The Sun, with other friends, ex-
teadie inOere sympathy.
The funeral will be held from the
residence at 8 p'eloek thlis afternoon,
the interment being in Evergreenu eemi
etery, Reva FR. Oraighill of Holy
Trinity Episcopal (hturh oMelating.
Friends of the family arr Invised.
The following gentlemen, friends of
deceased. are requested to aot as pall*
bearers: Sandie Graham, Draylon
Avera, J. R. lierehant. Harry Pearee,
J. Fletcher Burnett and Truelrt Bulied
Dr. T. F. Thomrnas will haveeharge
of the funeral.
Funeral of Lee Johnson.
As was announced in The Sun of yes.
S teday. the funeral of Lee Johnson
will be held frqm the residence of Mrs.
f. 8. Bailey, sister of the deceasor at
9 o'cluok thi, morning. Herv.W. J.
Carpenter of the Methodist uhuroh of-
fleisting. Friends of the deceased aud
of the family are rc(qutsmted to be pree-
Wm. Hughes Gave Bond for His Ap-
S pearance Before Circuit Court.
William Hughes, the colored hack-
man'who was arrested by SheritT Feb.
nell Wednesday night upon, a charge
of selling liquor in a dry county, was
Thursday arraigned before Justiee
Colstu., when he. waived xamninatiop
and gavOe bIsd fur his appearance at
the fall term of the circuit court, The
lrisoier was then released.
'the father of the ddfcndant, to-
tether with another colored tanu. are
bundestan for tl uhles,
,; Will Erect New House.
WW.M. hurch. the contractor of it.
aointswil ha. recently completed ill*.
hatdsose hiome of U, 3M. Chamber-
lain, plates that hi, will * erection of a huome for Joueph W.
' .han"l>rlwusi-. Th;is h1(>,.S w~.ll lt>. ii
dimirtriw IRtrcfl iiy forty fe.eie, tw',
storie. awd will sOIiIn n et igtr rooni.
It will be a.moni.rn strti'Ir" in every
sanime cf the word, anmd a crdi. to that

Stop That Cough!
When a tcough, ticklinK or an irri-
tation in the throat mak'. you fel
uncomfortable, take Iltallard'. litor-

hound. Syrup. ron't wait untii thet
di'iew has gone beyond eonlrtol. Mr.
andm b r. J. A. Atri rsoinn. WA West, Ti
St., Salt Lakf City, Utah. writiv
"We think -1allard' Iflorehousmt $yr-
. i 1 i 'i .. . ..... a, u |


of the district mting. These two theiri .aml.e of' a, S er ste t s the eo eo&mo .or
connt S arI, ai, to be strongly fto, itne., cerutlUcai #.ilt be emued. se
ward. Mr. rdward claims hi-Ct.I'eUr t0 t~t.totagde'twUiAMNeeth O-l* .In
l th e td ,my of Aulit. A. ImA .
bPrTlon by .I 000 The rlwenth dis. Wltus ImihotsI lt(nireput amS S o this T li r
tiet Ie v'phibllran and te nlationj*t M 4o. Jul.A, . TH V '
there Is tequivealent to election. Ck Ct Al Co..
Railroad Havingd d fdfli W. 2y ,.
AIu PAa.a T"x AuHust II --Thran MAX K IRA *.y
rmais in 1 outhwfst ar:Vng haeis brt a
terrfbhi l tJe with wahoiKts, Rpatr Rpen flI :
are fiat tli< inade. but rlta Ir". WOeareLmAi O
washfug ait ml' t rlhe thing -in lautly of W,'f & P S" '' ss"'
the place, a'- fast a.S ift I put, In.T1.. TIn. AE 'VJAJ t" .t .AdELeRa Wse
is "ho t'r''-" "'"ar'fl .n tEtoW YE ".. .
,a, fi.r..<,,,... i g i WHOLE S.A LI S HOES w.o t
tion, a A, :.' T ''s a P re running late Of All Derlli. I ie M o te Ua
DeWitt is the Name. ALA.P FWtID& At '
When yoli 'Io io hby WilKh TI .... l
Halve look for' the name De Witt o, Bol Agents for MOARCH ad the A. C. L and S. A. L .
every box. 'Thi .V.iire. iundulteraied 9U1 M qrAUTT. Shoe. ver .
W sa.h Utl s n.d i makingn i;.* pair wramnted. No Better in the State t a Dy,
fwlttli Witch Ilazel Sa. e,uhicli. ,. M.t Trns i


E. t ., ,*l i W ill t 1 ; I'wic hgr Coer ; rr tTd 1' 1W .. 1f . ... "'"V'T
aourep. 146 etused lulmerott wtprthlesA
uL-nut' o to, placed o enthq a marM TT. SCHAPERt, p. (In. omp__ot.-n
iket. T']'he "gelltilh t 'ln thpe el ie namu Ofx .f' ,I.I ; '. ..
E. C-. lh-Witt I to .Chica o Sold by cotorer (;rre f o CfA, t.I AteA f E. VO La.,.
fall dr. ipg t '*,S, V* ,. ',
-,l dr, gtE. peo P. o. Abstret of Title and full tinforematlun(s la n s "r "I
Why Not Learn to Speak Spanish? AINIQvi.r -.A county. Our manager a lilea4 *1t is asg
Is thoromuhly eonersmnamt Wl . .
S Yo i can securei a a py of the ew .. ,.-- '''

iU^^^^maJp? Whsteb lm tayM f str .
of n otd f0milow wrbiai ad Nfor wo .a'
the-1111ilo farm nl the oiet beeow* V .M
t Flo ae woi ae ,t hst tl, etsqul t* t di440% t414

111111 plls'azli ,ho "6t111 nM lml4, 'Wail, The
.g (e nii I n me pPiku49 3 -" 0 e all" ti"ldns N "
.Gu- P Mtihll.' rI "w,,ll.I, tf **a odlal r': a : i.^
LM 111114;=40W. jhjBv'athSa a yt >l*" says (ries mortaH. "aed 1,
p"M o ulA iti v ntr l! Il lhei eAftnubtly. 7 1l BIG STOR "
% 0w V t fact, he. nil inutwi, to kill two or It ) '.
141 T1 N0AOWI onlihry m111. 46 mv 3e, sgoitly hintt s..,
l ad. 4tlilts*lt I'"." :'ts --oM u lir U4A,1""
lLURC ., urtnul ly oilntnrl to as |assa5. It remad IT f
1 Tille Blluto I RemTSTtc. Wbatow-ver r ley hat smllob to io. d|
a . As 'q f II wI it ,11 thy might." '; '
Nf rt.Ir *. Ai w I o' sa a f a w nr I 't ll, is W h t h e F 1 pt1 t' n ''4 8'6I
aALMo A oco. avaw"ma ft0 I iur, a ycearoffer ti %* with hPk Wha t (
Jup1314. 1 ditn>eroua for 4'rCna,. a bitb a Dyg Goodb StoN V Bv t
_________________ 'elilnew tHial. who had iWVsr en a 8
in j shot firvil, (Hwmeoid a sifinwal. to 'th* E* -II t to ite 4%4 $ in*# 0er M eat
S BAaSEALL TODAY. throee to prove io tar Chian' dataqt eharn"ter. .' ,
Waldo and Galnesvll'e Team Will 'chermdg lue 7io w wartire .
Oraesa atts Lecal Dian6ond taught y thle Magi fow newrantled *'
Then will be ase lntereslm as well. m t ls a u1 eih naem. A I i
as eslting ame of baseball at the ordatiw arn th tbhrennd wim. I r, s YV
park this afternoon, when (Jalneville matl "ww ohnta roeeits ptraonttl. . .y .
and Wald aeeu will roes tbale for outside tho walls eaof ealia with bows c F to B
the 4eaimplonsbip. Bo teams re. at an adrrows. -Valentine C4irel Ie ,
good praties. and sonethig border* e onl Roleview nd c n
Itang on exlting coates is atlo- ,-- .
The gaime will be esiled ast 3:30 "', 0. tror d e to att toe J'
o'elok. The admileslom will be s8 a d aW SA of1 oke
16 oents, and the proeode will be de- wt S We l '
voted to she propose, hospital to be o0' onUUMS.r 4t, ui -. "'" 'U9
*reed in Gainesville. of a q VIn LL
Following is the line-up: om mit a s ow lles IF unl5lD a a W
Oainosvill Waldoe. et t
Usas, ....0.. 1, Caushem Il at' n w.
eun ........ b. ... ,. .,hTis An. .. 1 ., e a ea
Deso ...... ... ..........parkman vO t Aon o r. APPU CAT ON TAt
Dooflas A...... ...... P nrewi4 LAWS O DA.'
Doulgass B ...... .e .. .... oley Wst h,," thts "'" .
ll m, ... ....... rf. .. . Williamsona ,e l t t

0'H01u561 for tax 0 0 oL:
A STRANQI TORYV i taw. HaM i .
Per Fifteen Years Mother and seg ;'"is.. U AW S UIEb
Lived Hersmit Life. e.l h .. . .. ,
New York. August ll.--rs. Thep mlar LA I. Sd : :
resa nrm. 84 years old, and hera Bo *INsa.Avoreseeii taere a eeei O
Pateul. 40 yearn old. have ben reared tbe 16 aor Au A._ IN,0.
to a ho.pltal from a back rem ina i Witsfm y A bAt 5M e1,1A
0t e IMY, deA of July1 11010.
Bleockr sreet house where they bhad ft.C.. .
exilsted 15 years, without having set 4,wic.r oa6t.A LI rfil I *
ftent- In the streets,. ' i',
The won saw a trolley car for the NlCK ,*V APPLICATION To AXF aD U7,
*raI t ime. on hi. way to the hospital t cL w9i tUNMicR s (BTIa or cra O Tf CNI n'u--M=tfSI EZI
and became greatly nelited when be 4iW. ILA W for .. DA
was carried to a room there In an ele* Notice 1 0 hereby iV .t % tJ. Hiaymn.
Vtor. PurohMaser of Tr1Ws Ne .1 3 14.9= d3 11 '
the hM b ,ft Ae. A.D. IIt. h.eetMn *i
Prteen years ago Paul fell slek. v, rugr se m sd #ha mMe tM .1
was att.iviu'I by k(a mother sad whea I .tinw edrtoete dlotp ea irA T n nr fr
their n:rans failed they were suitai la. S M auMi Ateeee buWeer t n JO *#o
ad by agents of Vrrlous charitable In. lt V. HKn. U. Tp IL 1. ', ..
*tft(tinn aanl by nelahbors R *I I. b na lela lab l so m.n est a et dat 'e -- + ,'..
"."1 "' "" "'.i 'CIIJ|he lituiane* q sucb teftlecat "" eofs In .'t amesttt
the nt.l hyr wan striren with pauerly. UEL reo.3U.W rs1 r mC Ot n
si an*i er conmetllun rapidly tew pitleig Io law. eas deed writ IOe ihnrese. fea Island CottGu tn
worse. Ntghbors notflfd the author t*he Cg ay at AUpeIt. A 0. *2.A, ..Y .. ..
f eor ."n m i nt ,. ;.ture *Rd e I thi A.L
Ifs.* O!n remniJver the Invalids to the t ineitdar etof Jult, A. L !RNV i' I 1- l' l':: :;4
hospital (.ilerk Circuit Court AlanU I Co.. i.. n : oI___

Edwarde Defeate Hunter. NOTICE OV AI'ILIrATION 1nl TAX ... '
t"ouslvit;^ KV.. A/]na1t it---tt. iDrFaJu t'Ntin SoIXTI N P o 'CH A at'Ke || 1 si I'*B
patrhes tIu r!F I':v'nlng Pol up to I .. i.AWs or rWIIWA N .O'REA'
o'clock iny i.l.icae tite aolnatitan NoUeli"r.rtbvI"ve that J.HJ. "ynan. J A m1
o i. c ,ward,- f r congress ove r t!he a sr cay of Jub, A. a,,,r at .han ". .
Dr. f t,,fr,. hu,,nter, h .the Republir. niete. uti.uoon ,, ..e.., .^e*. rPtSSa K. 00. ....
an primary. In the elrventh district. 'liaw. ,s ceriW o1 emtbranm the followIng 50 per.,, "
.Mr. Ed rsl.,l ,l ,.,i4t't" lrI atlr .'.. t e erhd t 'hrd w edAn Aehbus coum-
with w*o counties In a. remd ao t .otl. flor.:. ,w.trp r.v t b. h D Vtn Xa iImr -U Hi..

--, L.".I %.'! "
''li4 I .. "r
i "I1l' 4,

.~ffilg ffiB^ ,. , ,, ,..... .;.. .. i. i' t,

2 peed op tr oktod os
iB b a
BM""'^to their *etz wti
rnim 4imsa p

r,, '. f ,"eton
WWBF'nlj..'' iR. -f-- W i*r-- rjf rw wlf^ij ^*^l^^^^H'^^^^ ,./^'il^^, ^^^l l^^Hi *

wi I M.
.Pf.s 41 wil46. ,p rnsim
I SB "!dm sI.. o "p b l.^, .. .

SNa p1* #i4 tQ6*
pgMii lsdi l s o k1 abI uagtw ti o

bWhat dosu I f
#in^rll .*-.^W ,, ,.. '. n .. . '

., ', a' *p ,, t th nL p i" t w'' l ho, t'

M.wiisi!.l-.i iM i ftlh k .in n if l Mt. -

S .Sava, nnah, Co
.....' ...... .... ... . *. .w ' ^, .

Pines. Ratl
......l W....I ..o yo. do ...... -. ." .'. '


Ili r" 1iil .(^ I-llIj^BB^^^B ^^f^L~ ^^W J^^^

*r fag

sad .t
. -

ove..wor .o..

bncocw cl
frequently strib the
, trouble to comrp sie
the real cause o their
iney disease.

ENS. j or

I~~ Fl!!!

- f
&M4*9 go yMUM I *j
MOJJ M ^^ ^&^y^ --B



106 W. Ull st., Gaine

sville,F a

Line Railway
... c FOR. *
lumbia, Camden, Southern
eigh, Richmond, Wapsh-
Baltimore, Phila-
phia, New York.

Elegant Trains Daily..

vSeaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.

.... .. . .
I~,l Is t7 ,i .lm. e Only Line Operating
SIw* i ~ts I. Daily Through Pullman Sleopers from Jacksonville to New Orlean
IwxP.i+,: D lly Now-O. --
lift I v!*4OcnIa
i," ", ....'.... ___________ ,____ _."____,____. full fnort m on and Ae4pr tnervatlons eall on any agst Seaboard or
'^ 1M I i ..teo w' s.$ .i..,.. ..i1-. m- U.i..., At. .o MAC ONR LLmt. C. .oyALsTOm JAn.,
... " "" "" :. 1A i' .,.' O '. .,...LO R ID A Pr
r *, C retin V ernaffuge " j, --- ,$ --

WO0RM .. .W ru s rFair nates..

.l I r ll (l ,
271,sb* Ii . imi JASI, IL*
B ,4'. ',V ,Aai . ,, d. """ 'I rip. <-"
tournie W$;31)31 SOU AT o
Ssaie d Ni ly.*i io* It I ,g daily. G' r
u'Pa *selM,, Ci. Qi aA Rnuhldin Tile Iji. a I GA : Two OA AR 'td i1M
a p m m uio ....t$ 3 FIJ ", t y; P s. '"P R I tn O. *rT iith.Ie Tur~d t
Ila)Se :W S r-N k b W. r a JNh1T. *orV W c 41U I'l l
... ''"'4, SOCUTHE RN, RAI LWAY.
-XI Ve A.:, orJ404q
S. . .,, . w . ,
s b n p .... .a.h V, ... ,l. J.Sk . . . t..... ..fl : . .,. L )t,1s.# .r

... ...$ tovr a'n" "i n g a,1o w' lR tumrnt ti'f r 'i ; ** t' 1 m aist n' a mr.u r'
Co 0M h3&., 1 h(' Me at T.013 x I'Ma .. s .... .etra. 16M. Art "Ron rtunitv intokc i tV too| r 4
,So im f r *. ell i6or I t ye uI . n .ASS. o . .t.i ', n n.a c
*Nst ow L ,#1111a y H Itr Ca foler1116, |tc h. ehav r u hy rramdht .il
K n Narw~n :"... I. ^"O~wy *co..Toi~io~o, I ^j~il | :Am towo* n ^4WestIy JW nr. i
., .d...... ..... .i..I. P, .i.l..n. .. '. _____ ... ..__ __ _.. P ,


[CLELLAN "tab""
i h it W7ing id og u tw b00 Mod thIt
,,- by ld D k i t lllA0III Won, ho es All r.U, li N
e-il bl vbp4)s of New. IIG6 I IID t.5 .""it. m.
hqasu t this W".f 4010. o." r 11Cvrithe 004 ir
i op WillaWs11 Who 's. huanLu gLI, 3 t alkp 'S y whom. Wll,
. IKI. . . . a was' ,
Ar' stod for hoe stea, llIII. d t ,w?", Wta.,. i., -,,r 17-
pp lrslgsms -in Julsh. Forue's mn r..'s
n, d o mlset e to th ounty Fune l 0 and .
Sawlt she slosn of thi lrat ued E bal 1 tr e rlt1 d etiani.
t as be fail term of. the airoul miners. Vr "I titus not P *ro+e1 "
96 1J^ I^11 f9_ IWI ,*es tI t lik at -e Il indear. wl
S11will be r qmmbsrud tha Brown mIN the ,41 mUvr siviX,
g~s) s home blonln 11io d4. revr nsd Ms ulsturerto d sa le)tn na ju yUt pma .ll your, uth irt debto.-
qRif Moon, and a busgy and hr* m Pt ure F, riles, Meter Mumps, Art. Ih l.i' l ,r.
a, the property of Jois 1, rlimn, ti iL. Vl'ph ltory, ZUAn X* A Sweet Ert-a
t;. dsulous farmer of. th JuoneJ illl da' mi . .. le- Ia le.
s *, for which he was arrested. phINW' umpphm4. le a nO r falling sign f a laelthy
f wle sr. hin th horm of Mwr 0 fh. % PIUh isn b1s is "h e s6te
on Mllsish Is ilso of eGter. The* 0 ISO
bwa. stoleton at Archer and Itrowp Orde by Td w f TTh iheae remeh i- uo ,world Tha it Ku
m ue he admhied 4th guilt. wlI rewlth pflW, rmedly n uthlu world equal d .dWot
*slea wan"s will also tHo iaced for ,v ..e. Bts ter., M pa 8.d Owl etoWhue tleAe,!.
'PIP. f "1'h oriagk of White l%,100
owin upos. the eharI of stealing Thte vntiblg e rk l sithirs trnwl M. wrlteo Ihave o e i dsp a.
Wlth', bone. when he will hane in. Ib the ui 'which woveru tise miaine *ir liu yorw; tri all kinds of seme, I
tlr eharpge to enntend with. iPants drawn up ftnu i tn tiatllua oft dies but continued to grow worn. 10
the wie. As sbown by Ith matilrnw.* ser. tieP use of Kodni I began to mpnnw at I
*THRET NEDS. REPAIR. 9ythy are sIee to ) istIl of xiriU tii lli onvel Sand afler taking i feew.bostle w
or ,MaMt ttachllliml mit Ileir writers. fully resored in weight. health ad
West Maln Strt N., Between Mechn. T>" vegmaio fos ) int, I I ta n th and ean *at whit, lik.'
Whew erah' .smu itui i -i Knelo diests what gnu eat and weak..
I@ and Orange, in Bad Condition. b Iurliah Isto t'll-umn lre. iv. he stotish sweet. w ha d 14 all mdtg
". .I- . the Iower of .ornt-111r the pleelliitl iths s.' i
Pedestrians have bon complaining flint or sllso tini tie walker to
of .he fearful and sloppy eondlitun of whidll lae IIe.. Th y are very r id' *
West Main sltroet N. beweelm Meohan- ounsly iuirkel. ani there are many vsi m
i asi Orange street, In) wet weather. ritn'leg of h0tin. II will li f In iliat In F a- *
This tbhoroaihfare is one of the inuit tllwir utriutllre the li nes of eulty IMave
largely used in the city. Belaig In the lno't lit f(orpatunon. 'h citly of UIk T *
iltnity of the Atlantle Coast pas* Ill w98 built H(on a'is1 la m le o Ul 0o-tD. the.
atmpe station, and one of the main amIl>s of llam Inuti.t v emetbl.
Seeu of th e alty, I isb isa -oin i ns uhse, 1o4wti. n1i lit tabll finAtious of
hundreds of ..ed fr IIa tnel is i0is ito this feet. They
els of ", s f ir & 01114li that o iill ei of tihema Is but
the pest few dtp it has been Impo.. ni .rventy-aiilltotith part of a grain. I I
Sible to make prosrei without' walk-. Tiey. Iuernme by iiilxlvMlvdmi one be- I
Ifg In qmot ple.o ankle deep In nlty liu e.intil,. of Is.tsn'aingn to a milllluo
sad "at slush. l.y I hil jirdivow in twetity-four hours.
Above all others this lstre should 'l11'Ir m3',th1,! rf ill llin la I slplu hily by
be Mpat ed, sned It is to be hoped that lii41n peti tl!nrt dy i'g us1n lettv'ng their
is will ssOO reelve the attention of fl1le wkl.4n1ons it) form the iMlid us'. j
s strel t eoimmllest. Tir, iUh:k up rlvers. gie tlt greem i
.- - tiugc tfi the A.rle ir eaB, for"n a white 1
IS LAMORNA LOST?. tl1one which tllns IPen found In mas se
thlr niltrn ls tf dust f ic ki ati blo
Cap. Un ar of Long Overd 1 wil.. ue t te tlhe vie0d ," *<"t t |hk h n blo: ii"
F found. 'froni slie diart nre innd tip of them. Pi t g
SVancouver, i. ( Auiust It --A cap. A
9la8 bar with the inamS I Momri i I i ... .. r A.. ...
burned In It, and thA Identity 6f which al *ns o na
almnl be qr ubtu. so tbli w'erally tht-N
canlnot be questioned, was brmught lhi-stran iger quickly cinesu to a really
here by the uteanmer Danishe. In 1 1e4o of the' liabNlw of all mental
The LIManrna wa-A a Brithlh ship. rilt-.ulatiols in Ihe illpire u i lieu of
the dlisappearamee of which. In %Ma z tonjwr andl pewIl ayur chAi or adu OSend Your
last. enclted general lintere-. will at once tuke up the nrmtobn w ee A
Ihe lin now S little out from Tacoma for r..orpuol. rnttIli its Iwulds uout as tboulh be ..
..- wrenr l nisil.uK it)(.lr. The prinetplel
Porter Accepts Assurances. f fit' lMtle itiltrunattsl is hlis: ho'sh
Connstani.t.le. Agugs it 1-Th r t h1.' live "itIu i In ,w t"d lower
Portle h s fit l ultit. Isutl eq',ts soiulary tinsel Ian iamthe S.,
anreo of Rufiia as to the '.sirartor )1, ow ull111 r l hiwt'|.il r*pIruWtl s iT v
the voluter Ieet 1mv..(I skig lo i t.w .l' i~i l rpreset Mu f'nt ns uve
un.tls, tl'l v:eill re'rllr.| u|lnln 1f thus l
travers the f)arulensI!'.. In S nt'. wori team imnit E:zsh vertical coh*mun
to a ius lan 'embassy, airw in* to the r*,ua^..Iw ,, tel l1nsl g go tr ina
exit'or the sl tmers, tuhe plrlte emphal tihus Inr the ,.noltunn smeilately to the J s
lises thle fact tWi( its uandtertandlng riahlt f it. **\ecttyv as in our own sys-
of thp Rusilafln statement i: Thai' tri of nottione ly auriins of thle .Arna- .,
the vessels of the vdunteer shmtl auu t1' nusimueralN. Any asum to arttbltilc'
carry arms or ritnilnlons of war, hi:' r'ln I*"i dQine on the urobapn. even to
they shall Hly tih, commercial l tbthe extractin or square mnd eubi
throughout the voyag m*nmi shall wra root.
orse thi* Ntratts aPp rattely, at fttai t |l-ed .... I ii ..
inltrvals. The frst v.l u exi *g 'Ih :oe u 'lre 'l mia. read. likte ... . -. .. -- -.
pointed tomorrow. 0h writt. churnet~w. from right to
left. nd Ian1t th. Ir Ise silt ctl --le as
,iega votes Change N.esut. different rrmw ttse of the scale adopt- Orders 8ent tO US
Osl|tborpe., 0., August I -After ted by the riillons of the west TI he .
conuolrasting thb returns in Ihis prohl music Ir nat very hannrhounkes aunt receive prOmpt atten'-
bltlin .lectlnu M held here th) of n ounlds meininglnls aind Jangling to *;i IeL ca o r.
HicRa illstrft were found llegal wstalrn ears. hut it has a pretty, ml c. m lu1k UU a 1h clas o

were thrown out. mlwaking 4 on ronu ii I eadov tbht ma-ike iMt cipilo v r work we turn out is
ty dry by 21 malority, It is rumorN and interlatt" nin spit* of Its fluent 8 U 11 n l 1 I
thr" will be a contest. Th irnnty ..... .. bound to please. I
went wet on the force of the reotirr A Perfectty Pabile Pill 1
by I majority-
m t the one that will elanse the Iys
S Nervs Tension. ten, es .the lIver to action, retnove
the bile, elear the oamplex ioo, caare
A foe to health Is nrvp tlen(n'n
Afometo hea. th Ias relerryisnt headache and leave 0a ood taste In the
_ometiits dut to harry and worry, hot month. The famous little pills for do.T HT.
rie times out of ten due to poor indi eah work pleasantly and effeual
grotion. a Oad stomach, s torpid iver ly are IDeWitt'* LMttle 1arly Itisers,
or ponstipasion. Theet conditions all 114ot inre.of LIalaele, ad,. *ll:
r e a s o n t h e r i p d nnd. ti n k e e p y o u r l, . o o . L h -t. .... --* . .-. . .,
t ... she nmind and a I k e_ your "All other pille i have i d griMli and "
erlves on edge if you do inot remove liek'n. while I)WlVit's little Early 1
them by using Green's Aulius Flower. Iiterso re simply iperfeirt And by Send Us Your
,,e Is no better ,anmnuah ,,e-d.ic In a r""". Send Us Your
,the world than August Flower, and no _ "N .xt O d
warer eure for indilstobston or dypr*psIa.
bori t btl 26e. itg bottle. T7Ar. lt Next 0 r d
'PW. M Johnon'a. ___T_ I_ ; i U _ _ <___..i N x 0
Forest Fire Raging. Ut1
lander. r W \' r|'r 1 .- A forest
,.I tt ,a nly In, i% path, l rl,, ill I I l lf

Itant b Uthe t ,1,- an re1 hrmpv ii l .i 1 1 .".ne
'e.i".6 the .0,,;t- BODY: pend I y IO u I "''he*'
est re d I a lar.2.'* area or lae kTluhe of

,'jf:-, , ,' ,,n ,,,- ,"Mi ND: 'aoot Scholarly Piid
e Ios i i thi a"t ol id rn ll- i w lt ro ision
er" rance- W!" %nk i l.....-. rirti L a f M I I I 1ILl U
It iarol:"ly In, itao-th F-h- ,GUADANT.t Inm--i
itb ut o, the fre: tvon,'t ita y trute 1
S5..a o the flat. BODY,,,,,ewOyau, ........ .. -

i" n* Saby is Cutting reh MIND: A Jarge Faulty of
bear cand use that old and well- .o't sc11 orw. p"e'
Agns .....8. d ats. ma a a .ish ifls M k ru',r inSnrvt

Fl, ,-.iMut
Inw,"i H i ' nn
_~ ~ ~ *N Of 1a0rir|HO





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V>Rp I~lv*., *, * ,,4,A,,Kt'5
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amife l es 01s siFoS "eMw%
I n th tshe'O I w ". aie
O*JI IRBEUt p. e* A

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TV nt IOlte ablehM i

a tH,,, 'M "- .

Take The Ata

Rai Trsn t md.
e. .7 M lo *l S Sl

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Mask, t. ,*:,
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.. ..n *_ .... .' "n n n f^f.^ *.. .1. I J. mn'.l P t r

AHsag1 Atanqa. uaD oits Veib. Sn
Alb- A- -f alt .lan -o t 4 Wan

teahebtle, Mhcamofl en Ohm
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-' .. .. .. .. .. ........ '.... ..-* '- .-*. -~' -. .
l m- o lH: -W K_1.,
Throu.A Plu_ .r lmort I IMI ,14 J, 1i.
111" alo via AtUatUo e at Line .0 wss
A uJ. A. & W, m 'ta 44 "I

Ru 0. RiitSWIf omtg. ..l.%ir


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;"'Wi; .


1 7-117 i

p.r. .Sl'W 'yr
'*^ ,n' ",, ';* '. '*f ; .::

,*S. ia.i 1 'w i. o
t,"ii to. have end
, iiioi '. r ? I i m i n
, .i .t~he i e th* :


.-isdgIoo P reptvrt* mW Af
um*S* h"n I n Aa 5 or TO. "WI A"
Or*r" AW4 Vg* lets iml D oom. IT OF "N14 *? i k A .A
44. o -r..r.,, ,l 47 -
w'rtohmuadyobmfy n"

O;i ., o, sp, p'n m' A 1 4ri... O p uiit. P d.wio
Lphoow 4.10f14-1p4

c^Kf4w.t Ra, at r'w IlliQ4 )1 us ptIInottwy I
,,,,,1 'r....I.. NiaC *
lihios.lO U s TINTlllTWOYe
110 4 *I9bu& *lt sijg3N failru rIt v
S s o d IN OIANOKRY. .. a e WS- piano for Hatitel
cbazns flsj, Alaedqa Ob. FLA UIREt? T1LTE TO TUB t h s e KI
s2 ,l .. .. ExpoS..LUI.IB.J.JN ...oUII.UDUu-ui...
au ., s, D '0 aT AE* MA. On A b', ow. wSa. teiri. Swec ld
D6 i' jf *, pFrto TODAY L
S iSTs ,, *.A "n .wwA -u ) Urn ern lrl wit i. h A t .0 8 and

A". Lt w. pdwtliitahs teiM sea ., i. A ( U. IR'. frem M s u AtlSft. I ,,n D
L., AI... .ork L At*u t AAtiL.r t ,., .. "i"
gi, )Wd.sSW ....S Li. i.p '. Ar. ..u.. L "UUU'U II U U eULU
-bvjPb". os-oh a m THROUGH 0 SLEEPING CARSn S0ofe niT R se'',
E0W.i$ Sh.pblA 140111 RudewS 88 -FHHON -
0,a nsAi ,u. T -- W IS r. Fs ord1m SAVANNAH, GA.
.. W v. e..S... s... w .ras, JOHN 0. MURPHY, Mgr.
IUiW 1M imU ** o'.lin nis. n' i ii iw Temmessem ..hTAshSUii *a i
000af-LaRT HS PAL MO* 16 IJii L" GATHER A BRYAN. State Al
:: i i! _ **.;" a,: .. ssai a .. P. ..O.TE OF T., .. oo P N,.,

6 *# i SPi, thIe WISfh. LIQUORS &p. OIAR' U twtu the onAlyS UoItt or w. E F.. Ir fro
vexOU N.1p .. P-proar. AIan o M t. L1oul T0h1 oar tvnd JK IAen
pmZ ^ ai^ '"""" ou th litye day t.l oult tlt. In e l
1 tI W$.. Vpt elPec bm t 604 drsauht. i b os' t raw (rum our clt World s Fair Gulde
*ISVilfh6S- toNpall wo i Whtsn J JshnvlITlle Iook tAnd Whebdulew.tienmtre ar reservathunw,
S,,,, o for *bWt W sh-wing hotl on han anlla |
.i t? eS DR ARSV *E JA. VI. eS., u s ,their ter. writ 1 i L.. a R N. .
!i (. I)tALUBo. FRED D MILL R,
T I- P.-- p rm- tExcunriocn tickets now o. sale di.
Paulain iiat s't Wu otesuiUoeot e BD wa BIsitdbw, ATLANTA, 4A*. roun Gainel vil to ot. Lou l and pg.
.i,, S. ,! ,a h ,nos 1, ' BrN , .
UAEKSLmL&, iA. .0 A.t. REmUNION.. NA. It6urn 2ts hn6b .s
CH;YSTAL SALOON.V ecial 'ecur.lon
JltQ, -. ir.PotMr. Sturn limt 10 dyS i.oni date of O ie
Jtt lltltrhotk.n e~Tr. ictr Tiket soid Tuedyw in July. u
r 0 M ist n i Jma)nim vll, * Florida Corrtsponding low ratB froN ohra
..... .I point.. T.he L. & K ,is the best lineso
...B Iported and Dom lle L.q_. or_ est. aoul.

ago o u Annalin a)t APUARI- AIRA.W... s.. ,nsbwAt. ViA
mt .ak tu.Sit !, F RALWA ,. Lu. 'TONE.A(I .A. t. "ultH h' "
ww1nq OUI'Db". OFIIIArL mRe Bne..i'.the E
"imSi.i ~n --- i"'" n'n n s ; :-' Shortest and Best
,i PlS. mt i t iIASHiNGTONu V. ery Low Round-Trip .
",.,? !J iM,, Rites From Gainenville
U. it m"tial ,,,a || Via All .,il, throopir ........l,..
p. I WENESDA, AUGUST 7 1904 $30.00 Wa"htu1AUto and
n "' to ote bwartaaW u his ps --vA-- 000 rf Via Washi

0' 1w0' "'s .e..w. b*j . ork l 4i Savanmah Line ii.
SA to iiw de'ekt p e t enl-t Cto Y m- r 1k,
Aztit zi a:lmS O E Dt Y V ia savannatllO randsad REPUBLICAN
Alm Q,0fto.p ,tf itbaS,'k'ht- erl or via Norfolk a ndi 10 10" w r 00i$ae. ietumr; nmtmi amnd Wvth
ausy htend& hetM t. *Na toaot tso rt included. d
h as ish on at show ,hi. t ,i. S "es Frotm Jaeksonsvlle Nationa, State and Congresimn .
II -t ofY-TW 1Z ojale--Augu.ti 1T, 18 and 14, al Ticket 1904.
iAh lf 1.U ... .Us0 ewian Limit-Aunust 0W. l90,
-Aao il.JW. 0 0 Eutiadn of ,Return Limit-Sep- m. Prs ntial Electors.
ni te tf t A ,o L 0 1 nI 30 .. O C , (* unty
N tItop.Over-a at Ntw Yo rk on. t
lllI had a ag sa' r ed' '"''jouth y ' .... .. 1o K I obiu o..O-- ar z, .
:'.";i. ,'n, '.s m y 6lt Ak ..U .:.. Thwroqt eoaehe Sa okponviIyIito Bor Aeo, H. nfaoldi-- Hrrd "u 'ty. i
.i 3. i J F. loghh at of OGflTI,",te. C ... 12 10 Ion It*o. t hq..-, Th togh Pull- (U. A.. W W n tdef!-li. d* "a. y me up H" Oeu unvyll, NO 123 man *lnpTer JSl i envtl e tI. oIl.o n l. ,B. .o '' IOn A .'
bdhgtmdimiIa n sO00 with onu0 oe change, A. bhat.14-I,-gl 3! 2 M.
mtmn.. "m y nmi y t. "s w '. o.Ll ,L .' ,11. 00 ,ro',"rt'l otarintr iml'hPrpoinuni For Ii.. a. .r'r- ., .ir "i .
As l ils t On l St dr.i a' i New Lake lToawaiy.N.. 14 30 O thplete inf omatlion mtRa pli"etIon laini, 1i' ,1e 4
bD(o .te i h a0Vopmtmpsiop The ene*. len o 14 0138 toCE. Cobb, Agenti,(ainev iiFlel. ,Fi..; rv ,- t 4 ,
. al t wa erhig and L h olson. 18 L. ( yletn,, Jr P A., A o Mnae- Monr
l)tI tllollkqi ICdilnt mNrnw"' n I.. i I4W ^. Jm i i srl""10.I *1 C ....
tMit, nfteJ t i u'd i i k t nlit .. I e . A. -i Fla r
Wes sR baeoe ds ad throat and oatan VAe0 V. It nT hly L tvy
Du* s {Saln4 byartvs The Florida co1fillr--[s'
., i,* > KRutheitlaonirm, N. C. s Treaure-- -, Ir .
"_ ''.'_.'_1_.f s l"da. IT 12 fl uier:n llE it Dl ,'.t' ,
S., -p ,- r ---, .4--C- .' S T .il Fn i t an' f ruck G row er ll.f-L n .
Rio Armn' s kiwi a. d Cafe- Sl.b, 1 pI l ,- if A.Qrc fl'i.. ..: .K
adV01ab a.L. l ingt'nea tof.
rru, .. .., ,.... U l. 1 it, d r,! I'llt an d Prop.w l y, ,.lit i, r .
lal 1 i. .C ,. .... ilr .orri r
us. F ,l Wiftt S p tngis it;ia 9 (0 L 'LA, Itchi, htL# h *
W er0oout4 T eiar%. )i ir
.. "pr at I 12 h .. '. ... '.u. . a. JustIt .... _'i-r .I f.. I" 1
": ,W .i* ....... "./ ' ' ', .el,( 'i 'l iy i. '/ '^ '. ytar p swia e. srp.(+ t ll ...'1 2
6 f rltlra 1 lktoohp.m e S C V Whietanr o i tsp lo I s S< .rme 0mO rt- -0 Or"
' I .tt 'Ie' I a fiq l obt s. ,T '1I u a l 1 il : I n A u i

ts'sk t i '' ,.The , T bov, taltes are for lh ron d., :. txi h '
IW, or W ie r Elr ml tpA ,. klA will b' 1 id Wedtte. A ...A. l. .- .. . i


' _l

S Prienlidir lirer Wolves.
I have uevir ilhad any lhilm'ulty Ii
making friends witllh tJ gray wolves
1 hipgwiedl s .iw sketching, Maya J. UM.
Oleesin In lt. Nf on Iuy uplWEiratiM',, no martetr what
tbey werti ti1liu.' thiy cate UA1 t oIll to
the IWrs to tie wrrA1t'ht and tilted tko,
uand whrn their iotia wire h'auihiiglng
and their skins si, mnillve thy would
stalki there aiy lenlitfh of tlhv while
I pilked away tit- homp tufts of hair,
their every nct'loin xipresling a sjnsl-
what slemlls frtieldtlnvsa. tiut with the.
Coyotes .it wna different. They i never
inmai Iruniln with. or hlie their feiar of
Msan. generallyy siXWuklag. they resem-
blo tho pairire wolf. but ant much
smaller and of a browner color Tleir
fur is also' loi ger ai3 the tall llorq
l'austy. They vilry inknirklaiily li col.
Ior, crhngliKi with the onaious. In winl
tar their icot il lighterll' W Intiinuer
darker nnd with more browit. Black
coyuot*a willie not common. sare e niie-
tiiaes ew", but those are only freaks
of nature. .
Do Ir W*Aler Their Own SlimteaS
It usay well be dloubmied if hinlt are
mushicl clui nilimaur or lnave, unyithlun
like hUmntia alpimr'latluao of their own
or of ouel other' o)lnoI. %ly reson
for thinking wn iis this: I htae' lihui-rd a
hoholink wills a hlf.(ertiv'' listriieiunt
so that ItUN ollg wai broken nimd hin-
aritlullate in Iprts. qaid )et t ItUn with
is much apilae rtYiil oysd ali endlon as
..any of Itp '0ltiwg" I ha ve iltL tward
a hternilt thrunlh with a sinilirr dlefoet
or aiiltlltaIIt, mnd yet It, too uHilwar-
ad t1 isli entirely to Its own, i.illifn
tlot. It would itb very liil restllni to
know If then. mir singru- fulmi imutei
as readily no tlielr niort, gftid hlrth-.-
erw. If they dik idth IMitrwitilan theory
of "sexual stl.ectlun." tin such matters,
cconlrding, to whle the Itner Miountter
would tnry olf them fcialeh, would fall
to the around, Yet 'it la .ertmin that it
I.e during thq matingt and lirtliint seau-
pon tiMat thOese "ong (unetin" twvur,
and the' favor of the feanulc wunikl
wMne to Ihe the matter In il dbite.
Whietbher or uot it t1w elxpre''ive of
actual Jeolouay ior rivalry, we live no
other words t it'l.vy tI It. John Bur-
roughsli Itn Iniirper's Miagairltre.
eievr PIkemim ma at Y mattlli WedM*1.
I loiil table it i atLu 106 iart iotiidim
th'e i' nitilJr lprt'eh of It iltI oe or ahi-
.r helilvy ly drItthl'dl from tl ltop
rf ia ltit` tower. lib) t its twverfthelke
i curloiuw f(ict lthat midch lobjecIti l l rii-.
ably tlIt S0)l}.tl to1 th4 141 tst of the porV(
pelllllh,.ihr lihti l'rsoilins hf ImilllnIni
turn Atr.niiiiil w i.i nhm.k why thi is to .a It
I. iaiiy mthl n! 11lt in t'r in I flllhowilng;
A llll nlliiK I ll rillurtukr,af ith1 mac rtili"
inatiititirri i4tUhion to iA greater or ktsia'r
ext<'in T. tIn a''''p ,lsring it ll'e tilo ocU-
'Iilti I II 4t1141 in rmIllinim frain tlie
toil uf i hi t to lir or thlier ilinalnct't
tt'e' ,a'irth m:nr'yi'r nlU+,i n lihias tr' l t I
\ nit l 9; l'( .." ,tls' ilisitili*' lit fti ll.
1lh1 'i p.' .,I ii, i ,.,t i rf ritit'ni hir
:.ttrr .t1 i ; i j '1 u.ill tl lt, th4r.P -

vf rti i .r.i'..s ti u i l it I' il
l h, tlt! i1,0 -! '+i '. n" .j i .+rC liits il tiaifk'al
Hi^.n, "it! i' n,, It 'g h ti i ni'(l I 'iMh li
S tiln L \i .rI'tt.a the. lr.

tu rigi 'if .t ,l! '> ',i ) "l. I riL it> ih-

.. o1o. tll-ulf iii 7.rt^i.r t", 'lin'! lihii li! !"tii.'

I I :t p : ::: .. ..... .:: : :. .. . .Oi:o I l p 1 1 .. ... ... ..... ............ .. ... ... ...
iS! N l ........ ............ ll ..............
Sl. ... ............................ l .... ..... . ... ...... .. ... .
B ?l. .. ..... .... .............. I el b urne .. .. .... ............ A
p .... .... ....... ....* .....4 . *S i ti ... ... .. ..........,.. ., ,
,, * 4 *..... ..... ..*, . .. ..... t. ........ .......4 ., 4
-- I =U .. ....... .. ....... ... I.e.r e.' .. ... .. ....
a, : :,: .. ...... ... ,..... :.. .. I t tH .. ...... ...... ......
1 ? ri .. .... ... ... ...J n ,,. W .ileJ n ,. .... . ..... .,..
..... ........... ... .... W ulllh .... .. ..... ...
i l I* I ...... ,+ ....., ... ... l . ....... ... .....
! I ...... ... ....... .... .. ..... l i ,, .. . .. ,. ....
.......... ... .........W. m m if .. ..I.. ...
I l 3 1 # .. ......... .. ........ .. i An r, .. .... .. ... .......
i 1 1 4 .> A ...... . ... .. ... ki- , ... . . .+. - -,
.............. 1... . .4.4 -444.44

S. r t
f ..... ... ll ....,..Ar l l Mp i 'Lv
I t .... Tit 4prll .. .. Ar it 11 v
W h iar ...., 4* & r ..... A. Dia y W, ,4

*Iua Dlllw. ktlly D.lly .ANiOR. S :: .I
asr mn

. Anrr,,. Iol*

rt RUtI CJie tI



Suto Commodious, Home-Like Hotel.
.0ROOMS VORt 10 O 6. tt"Mc,
*fwkloir enlirns were
k@WI to b. tia atrrha l It hlii- glan
Wa r made n Snoil Iimer a lnskt, Table Unexcelled. Every Attentlon to ueests
hml of whiti wer4 tworo m ilu . ..
.s ,~' J '.I MRS. E. 1. PAXTOK Owner and Prop., WHITE SPOINSS, LA.
knlWt oe on f o tse' s kcs t Vaue out awl -11 -K----.=--.-aHwn..1a. -0 -
yWgag*t with crrowa by mntivcs. T'i I
getr cour1 t* 11w aj;warmatd i AwluV- 4n g av. H
,., to ovrtu rn th m. .,liewrt ing Ft> ,o id., L t .JY.
t66 IncLieft the writer Nsya : "T o E C ter. l o C.
Sg hniuwkt Iun.n re LOCAL TIMECARDNo.56. In Effect Jun 4,1904. Ac
"Olt It it should overtur ie b tbetaket?
,e #trtUi4tu at hirtein o er oi uituele S nHIaMA9 R. l _so_ ".. Iup WS.TWUi-IAP UP
putil l .lr ll fh Iliii right dirc-wton k oUld sim) oii vM4 e.rlu i I 1 11
up pull t I ii a vert What wouaki ti ac V 4 '' 4n' k '- I'' t A.
Ppoit? oUrtanit detit for im, I (A ft -l :.i .i. '" U..'*i *"'id 1. I. ...;; ; 'T- V
gae ASalit thl whim of an urrow and n i K.I- "" USU ........I... t gl
* sew s g lapll-g wound tourn t;Ile k '.t:. : q ... ... 44 1 '*t3 : .... '
of the fierce brutu as it quitted its hold -. "w.-o
-, r ....< ,. ... U P ,e ''.. .....( _
llook for thi l rw fi i- xin t y i ii mLv .. ..... ...p k ......Ar too* p
R on twhe cord, I iow jlaat I ths I.- _" - "
MS .l af my of .y.. M Xu Jv t hr i. ugh *aUn fen ...... Ar.t fai A M
the square olMniings Ino thIen l taik*'t nd, n ..d. N.. ". i
limnin at tlhe hlist. tirwi i hnt. .hrrel ..... .. .....4 un .. . .. ... 1
la rp'id u luera nuld hal d the attl s h i .. .. .... ..'
faction of t > see ie horrid brlute 1n1g ....... ... aytn ... . ... *
up thl a"ve pu dus tl in itlt tbseo ,|i |N. :AA : 0 is: o i
I nth e I ... ... .... ..... ...t ... ............ ...... a I I
.- -, ., ,, U0l ..... C ....... T-l,..ille .. .

)omp!lyoo twk of. Has 011, 0

. JI. ,


:. Ala

Mi ~4.

NA~l hY1L5. P&*IRI

OUr balis le aritllly coalmed IW
hip ofl l a, o Od wte hOv pPl
ts1zb sUsbl!, We i.$..I, I
smwn62S1h "4!"


I e "i

Mapal a sitould have l ii
of The S .. :.......he
st $S
... . . i. ..l . !... . . ..

.9 p, 1-.---r 44 1Nip 4
ha -- . -'- - ,' .. ,- . -' "
SOLO oMMTIOn Mo Aa a itMW Sl AIw BP Tmi P. i 0o, i. NiMPAMY PM

Unamil lLw iil w Ii_ nlW .l iMih trftirr **e tp t$ 4. (anlu -IpLr- tillsA& f (jjf
aa- b deity or ,.amuy 'qhammw s Sag

e- Ge ete AL O CA --11O Dor Ot er laurm THEiFR T
X V. MAC A UgS Li. Lt. A G U.h '*' '
--- w-.-- ----- -' NL N: ..
S t:- ,r 1 fi t lt,, S Dour... c a ll. f'
Dow*. L 50. 'L w.M
ol-Q I ti I %i It,.Iv UI. ( t il Mondoa, July 1 &t.h 194. the lCty'
i.thi... a n ,I '.e i,, gl," .' rI~ h, l'i" ,f C' uneoll of ialtn sville. Florida. m et ',
nttl vs. fJ rt *v.v'wht'. required by law, for the purpose of r.e* '
.r. i,, ;-.' il. .in N.w- Yiork. viewing sand .i.lian lth. a 1M4Um4st:I Ly PisMuLy M IL AM
iir' ih, \, i.' l i~ w ii r;-ll hIereT in .ofism for the yle r 1904, od lhk 7 46 ..... . .. . ...
I.1,. U, I. i t [! v: s.1 ik rI .rf It. sasments *pg luit the following tWWd i 7 I S ....i....... .. '
1K:;.': my,' -wor ;14'.r', *, h9,g t t'$ 4 pelsOn weS raised aI follOwP1 8,0 W1... ,. **.S '*
,*t .r r i I rNllr J . r . -** * * *
t... rs. l *. B rooA e i '00 'J .ip 1 * **** ** **..'pupSif; ^ti'e .4'
Aim. J, s' R. nn4ka l.'
# 1 ,11rawford & Datis.,.i.iN.1.. %.l l i. 1111 t o .il "' 8 ** ** *
Iiw' '. toi NuO.E' Agnes Ullto S e..*. m*
StErl .i, ti l 'nr' lli l 'l r J, .Os ' + Oi i '..,. .. . ...4 o.t.+,' 0_ ,". lJu. *sm.+ *.* ** 1* *l,
1I.ti; < .iiv n r ',, . lia t eq t. nasuu a 0 1 a '*assas *a ** *gg i ** I
-. .; H.... ...A.. iS l.... .. " "' Ig"o'

Calirrh. c Boek.Moieley. 74 0 .* .... ...* ...'
The east.elehepeit and best ruined 4r JIO, Mithat ,S.) 1000t i il ...:.....4,.4 .,oh. .
for emtarrh. cold. asthmas and ll dis- Mr. K. J, Phmlllp 600 11 6i 40 ,o
eai'iof the throat..elhet andi luuit. It oblrt 'and LuO Pelrry i" 10 I 200 6 P .***C*L
ttuikor Ol the Inew dismovetr. It is PEldeIt & Thomas ttf" I l W T 0 1 S IT .***,."... I' i
lertfetly harmless even to children* Rf i .tuption i S 40 7 Ar 1 Af .
and is guaranteed to give perfect l sat Hile iL. 8a inhe ix) .. ? ,.lb
Ilsfaclon in evWYry OSC oru money will tVio Thommpsonn 1I0 ... ... 11 0 ., ;. *
be promnptly returned. It reni ern W. T. Thomas i ..t) 4 .: I 40I .* S
Kgrpi ip roseilhle. .quitkl'y destroy l T, 1. Thomas l"( .p ... i ..
diirMe germs. and -i suree full. per* lin Willaias. ...... iil 10 If 10 .. ..
f,,. ind natural hTestiling thruigh the Mrs. I. I. Wilsont ** i ., *i 4 0 P
nstrii*, For sale by H. W. Vante'. Uuwhi. oucll wiJi nel at hm- ..i
blahndsrove., II. t .her nAug0intIIh, 1i. atidh pam. A P Wr ,4 M,4' r
to',hear an d detarmin' i alloa coi1phals L &eaztt
after which '0atl pqtthr he w. P, :0.11)L ipR A
changes can t iw mmd' In ihf .4e J sr'HILL.A t-
N T ...
V.Be.'DAwBON _
I uli I r l. J. M Dm.E1. '"-'".
,, 0. ,r k ,
Send yoiir orders fiJob Phit

1D oId farmlngIiPlmeueutso T H E SUN JOB OliFrFI
Sa kson i I t , Orid ,
...... ...... ......pi.. .at. .. .... .. . a

m. i t
Jas. Ee ardS'. .' ... ..i CarL .),d...I M k A,,.,
A i E3A x'

." ~l

. .. . 4 .I . '11 'l I


TH O .W N SQ V, *iy" I f.ztI p #4*

Ar1, Mu n n M,
iho 'I K BUAk o." W, .' fo :.. iw ow

-. T.

.: .,ii,! / :" Iv, ;,:',,

L.A1uGt'iz .- .,. .,
.+,,-~~~~~~~~~~MN,,,, ., ,', ,. ,.,, ...
,''P, ...,.R,. '. .

. -. I,

w ,. ..... .. 4i- r.---.... .1..1' .--. - '. .- 1l-.

p X.N MW.enW# ia40 214.10g S
(loSup Coaner depend tse.dav fto E
__ Asgnil.,e, where b he willn .eer-R
ise" i ot a few dsp. ""'-t-"
74 e ,min emb A vMienk Asour1, be 1 ruiwe"dAT
** b ,W O v'ai''nhe t0 i'e frome Wade, when* she eben oila Ai
0epM no-e was Is .hsrg6 of -aotgia brief itto tire. rhedRhphF Aati I IhT N 0 L.L
Igo, 4- W"I hiS- ibee.In% the repair W Mi1sana. she *sssnlve n-aval
.P.pp at u .14h pil, Bad wasM taking asto operator of Walo. aD to |
im1 p e iPmel I lStinri' OWemav Ille ns u leW t os. mUlday THoE ..LE I ON
C. L M s s, who tf eor lh pest few M Nr. MI I is l .lMq proprietor of she ....-.
0eui0yb 00 1aemployed a slhe plant Waldo'Houw.
OfPdoS Oe GI ^BHH^B^ ,$,s bpe.i wMnrd his soenwesoo Osl of l4eCriwe w mres,'dngi te ,0-vi-i
Vwit*h *at mesrs, lad will skee his tors to htblh ity sltysrday. Th. ltseer l
qqs hsS Mop Nsbrok. tI sed hilmtlfusoau m e wagon, whish
Ir, t Mm H. O:oa&Mor Altshu he. purchased from C. V. P.dNdriek ,
sAm t i L _. *,"rid i 'l elmjg slotrjdt. Tiq* Oiptsln II .0 Parker. the merchant
1as,1! ,for the p.apoW6oo o ited I the of LaCrow, iod Hague, was trss*t,.
4jBEl -tf fum losfeJokbsen, whih will be |w l bueinus in thilp retet yes *day
1. 1held from 111itbe remMeMn of s. 0.' C He reports ibh rinl very damagims to
USy.S 0el o III lohk t his morunii.l *eoati in his eotuna. bus lth pepero*t
3. J CM Olwslloid sa of Haih ltprleai for the eort ep ls #ood.
IRI 'A wart e r la the la oy Wednedey. They Noble ltrobhbr departed WfEde de.S
we .as i kll.. a K, .b Weer on l outw home fr6m St., Agus- for Punts (lords, where he will pepd
iUe, whore they have bee on a brief a few days as she guess of friends. He ',- -*
.lslS. Mr. Owi llo hbe M a lucrative has ben employed t th PoPtal Tel- T l ATIOLA Is aW e mIa DMo Ar._
*e s 'iew : w.on .dflta+rt 1*b graph Company of Birmingham, Ala., np. r
I shls dep t et, Hh and le .spendingiD a few weeks' vaestion,. wa a '.r ineuior
.7 W uM* Obll rs. 01 Wie"ple0 ^S. fut nmwan4islera bow I~w to.
e aipl wWhi. SI Attention Is dieted to she adver. tinrtoUVd After tbhow deenamtia
"Ob"rp ral s o Wh pilwri. Daani tIsement of the Unlversity of mu0ed S %e t Is boo soft. .cear. tWathy
l s via 0.& A 'U.tL Rilway.Dilye mutioe Si otPIR it dr'tMlugu gt
eses I ai i daWeek adgoingFlorida, which appeal s in thee il. rm ,i of nt dle. t.evtlf to the a
bsase. The unIversity. located at
'b.adah d b ndgs, returning Lake Clty, is .oe of the 1a. mnsl ,)Mr s. tith irown write.. let iul. it
Sl a m :l p.. on. thoroughly eqtiIpped and unst models .lr em ie, .ap .o a
,Galsti.llosns.g Mni. a s ltuon Ith outh, and e mo .VoweUr aCl nle &em a. veo" moh.
*1o exantlotil nIpone dollar. lasve inst &ieot"A) in tha Southmbtat I
., l ,- 4swsvillg el t* .In.$ INjpftas Joyed a smoes sueseselful earner, been without feokme". I ist 51 'ear o4
S$l l89lt!! 11b1 l. Jilbe AtbUiS 8t have a better eomplzt't tIlac wati a gLrL
$ 4R pmia Wt 4 O Nm k saume day. J. FoW ar le or Bent-H-ouse and lot NATIONAL TOILET <(L, Paris. te
Rui t., aein ut known as the Jaekson hboos; conltane pos s ine.s I
11 H. abel. Htwh naval stone Ope- Nine mom. 11ituated earner Arredopa. O. inO(alu s atr of OpmplIIe, was a bdanels visit. do and eo bhanl 8St. AlsoM asoes or And all Leadi.gK Dru&rts
"""Wt'rsee.' lh0 1it jesiordY. Mr. MRBaker lmid two mlls (rnom eley of *o O0lnes.: l- all IaduI.
sf j ib`,Ik r41 Is il pliam with linesvil.e a.]-wTillt, Via.; h0 'S'
E p MPR S. mey pead "Douglas prop erre .ssu-ny watr Inqu T. F. THONMAS
SMh* efp sOPrsalwasills. anVd iis having f .. neor IeasT
ei"pai plead .is Urilase repair. sten.,1 wa south Third street, Oals
RWW i Wha egspletad, he expect to re.
M IS ave hisl tersimg amily here. 0. W. auknilght of Areher, one of
B :' the leading merhamnts pof at tn e Is et1i n,
EW41-.0"Was itnnsatlanK business in this ally
st1erda8y. Mr. Baninibg states that 1
memo.MIW'bthe Aroher section has suffered from O
too I wi r ain, whhlobha hald a t FL..
_01Wdo l J Jto retard the maturity f t. 6fE Wh
&mgIm.I a.ketmt. Is is al o fe armed that the plant ..,. NE v u GOO .D
B.has onaldBi.rably'lojrd by ihe -- :
01E9402" i am e astalesm toasll mf a tte Il
ailk' l I oll M o T It. Pekett of Tuluth, member of thi (H,. MaNil l n poh *rder-
Pepm. ie thbe fIrm of T. R. PIkett & $i. manu- nja L ltted si
,sb a U be Is paed tss fturmres of yellow pine lumber, W4 10
smolo the progrelive Westo And F i
R.nS,, CU5 Uwho visited Gaineesville etlterd"at *. F i
S 4STST-1O station b. has eetl hashed ts -
Pes W. MIFb F -W 0 1 VRQ II ACRID, from Half Moon to NDilah, a*4c
R. wE W.h'i p been ordered a tags station by the r TITA
,' l IliU I!' ?i ,oad company. This will prowe qayl
ila5. jw. "Ut^ a eonvenfiepu to she people of e CAFd-RIZTA'&RA T.
L. He iley an 1. 1. PIadget has reitnned facm
M fl l winosts asas White Stone Lilthis Ipri l. N. 0,,
m4--1e. Amrwios a.e -i where, he hia. been with him family for
tike i Mr. Mar*. the pas three weeks. He left Mn.

4S5i eits ..os w we II bore, S. U. The fenire family IH
W*S*..p ,laie joyed trip to St. Louis and the ft.
,,. m o p on. M r. Padgeo was a.ed
p' s. w.I Ir usf rrls isg *
SDr. Ole i.turn o North Carolin in a fw day.. r'I..I-'

:t -e* j
seesij misitdter ||||J W ,..rW ik .os.o f hk.,t<(.o ^. ,o,.,, pL,.+,..,
SII W, 1 0 1 : at listl salesmenn In the store oft )lrdei e,I a
,I., .. .. del, has returned from A4IaiS. % ..a aaa ac'Oe A, t
l trbdr B4 falM y I r idinity. where e4 has been fa
l, 0s n ashen tn dltl r tinforS th p t three wee Is - ........ .- .....
pi'p ,1ptalS A4lCIL b, rnmcmbSrd that Mr. Wathink' VUW An'd (r-tJ- UhI@
-"' 1 a *_ Jha" __ L, .. ... ..... And -'pI-


.0 O 40sOe n o is atiI

i rde amnin.east fr bl dder tvoc.
opt wl a ts ,6n .id b es pt hot.

t th i. It ti WOatrfuTl.
Atia, Wo...o. 0
.o apt eole. EoX Ely
tfOla, ,k. Post- r.f *te.
A TVase Wende.,
6nft DIheMewry, sres all
m4 S el ea&m ble. reives-
-8 dlIsene seminal esiato
S amaA t a La.-l&. M -.... -.-

vacation should have omen to an s ld4 U RU UVUUD
in two weeks, but he wrote Mr. Einde
that he was "s-etting fat," and asked anitd r hi s- test $13
for an extrusion. whieh was gsrateod. i F '(L) E RS
He we very much Improved, having
gained about sixty-ftle pounds during
him three'weeks'sojur.. -o his.frieBnds 'N|THI S STUD!
2_6 ,, I "lI



The Gainesville Fine Fadeless Fo: Oafs
IThv as bn aln r nil 'ttc J1 W
"C o. H111,

Carry ,'ClmplrO Lin n if
Caskets and Colls iMlFA

.m Plaiest to Finest rices ti sll
AXr.tFNETAL. D1ait.ugAlachua1 Pool Parlors.
aon ardoer. u'd.urip, I p plareei. '
OnW- USw.-Me le. CONoul e $TO tlq .n
"alotiIW ,OoiEtm ze ilt e .of h 4a-

" 2

" ""

, I. '


= 7T''i -

"iNL :" ,

.:-1 .

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