Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: August 11, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02015
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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WlF W W r :r w F w Fr W wI" M l -9 W r w '- .

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r+MW t r -*' 'i. ....... .... ....... .. 7. r *. I- I -r ' 4 y

REFRIBERATOR I'kn "o my.6 to 9"sa thsE UELOh COLDOA|,'

PLANT OF RE d betw e that pi'nt land Mukdstep, T
PL A Ni T aP RFIRE.l ]arte proportion of the, io, bein .IN 1
-.--.- 'PolN from irolnep. The theAter o i '
the plrt ofr the, battle witasted by
Whe LoSS i NUMst atd t About the correaponia 4t the Afociatem irty Private Homues Datrkened
lo 0.Prw was in a valley begeia m s Sa Uo .i
m1le0 from the Yee pM. Thl Mi p Moss$ihis.
valley, which It about 10 all.. obg .. .
T PFLAMES SPREAD RAPIDLY now he re more than a mile wid n ad RESULT LATE RAILROAD HORtRORa
running north to mouth Is lvel. onm --'--

Oprlous Leeu Wae the Destruction of 0red with sirgh cors, gving the troops
One Hundred R- eftgrirater Care, fin cover.
Werth About S1.b00 Rash, WIhieh In the morniK lthe two armies Itf
Front lln earlh t her aeroos the valley
Were en SideteksfMr nko Yti The Japari~eo army woa stationed on
ra ng's or hlli.i fronting the Peas. while
1t Lous., August 10.-The plant of the Iu.lnslans' had a higher rounag
the Ad.rieasn Refrigerator Traslt west of the valley. A artillery en
POPPA7ny was alJmoet aUrely d4eto1 gjagement 'gan In be% morning aind
eQ by fre today. eldtailig a total losI lasted until 5 p. a, during which.
gl *bout .$250,00. neither silde appvaret to 8al. any ad*
The plant wO, valued at about $50, vasntage so fir an .up.ntators eduld
*. 00, the mot serious los belag the judw The Rulssans had New e't'
destruotlon dy too rtrigeralor car. terles in the high hills tbeyoud the vi-,
,worU 61.600 each. wbi' h were la the tag of Towon, oomaoanding the Uanl
repair shop. and on Uthe MdStrko In Yng road. which the 'Japesen shelff
lhe companyrs yards, heavily all day from the Ir, t and, lft
It Is believed that the WI orllasated withollt all lngf.
by sparks from a posing lwoMt e Thie Japan t urtIllery was hndlj .
A rstA alarm was quietly bllywed by enpped in mndoa by soft roeds, which
Ssecondi and ilmon lmidlatlly l. S ores, them to bring ap ommunftTou
trwwwrd by a third. by hand.
Th. flame spread with arveloua The RuIslais mood 24 runs from N&o
s*pMjlty, and general lafrm tbrtituht tieu pas. The Japanese had two oa
tll (l14 Ore11ilbtlng apparatu. In thoe orie atterlem Ilt the hills and one s
center of the ctlly lto oration. two batterlps .n the valley on the platain
In addition to the cars destroyed without any cover except thei hllb
by Uth flames, there were more lh1mn orn. which the ftiaallmes never disoov,
100 darmaid, lavolving a oam of more red, focr us4A all their tltr on the
than $*00000.. Before the are was batteries on the hill.
brolht. under .cottol,. It b.Id *prad A spectaculadr nji darling feature* o
over an area one block wlde a11d fourt thb day wis tbe advance of the Jap
blocks It g. ritlrely occupied by thi aotese tifantry across the v4tley which
Ameflca Kelriorator Tra4it Com" beg n at 5 p. m.. and rested Li the
y' plnt. ocupai,~ao of dli the RuNtpn gun po0
sItions and theIr Infantrr entrench
EASTERN WAR NEWS ments in the space of two hours. Theb
Russitans. as .uaul, told not witl
MuseIn Newspapers Relieved Over stand the charges of the Japumas
Port Arthur Situation. In fantry and fl d to the hill The
t. Petwerbarg. Auept IU10.-No appearance of the field this tnornilfg
ftem news of tho fighting or army' Indletes a complete ronte. the Rue
movements comes from thu front and alans leaving much clothing and e6am
pinhoan is UIll dIvided e to' the o1 pTraphernalia hehlnd them.
lag battle news of the beginnili ol Abattiery ltatlonred jilot to thi* right
whclb the phblitr i i xp'ertliug to hifear f a lower In thO. Villnag of Tnwan,
.ourly. Will It be a general n~lage. from which lJciteoment (leeral Sak,
aent or otily another rear iuard as. haroff. rommaneier of (ho flrat Bibe-
tion? j ran arumy corps wiltmeased the iEnKgag
All the noowspImpr today express ip ment. dakh4l c Owa a hill In retri, '
great roltef over the r#*poits from Port oil gui war overtirned and left at,
Arthur. The Army o(rkan .ys that Ma thb foo o1 the declivity, where it fell
though (ne ral Stou< ,ls' report gIVeM - --.
Io (t,'ilth, it Is etvidnt the JapanU, Japs' Los e. ..
ha iffril., a viry severe reverse, 81 Pe't'r-bur. AustiXil 10,-Tbhe
The paprr atfo Imyn a trihtmle to the' Russ estimateK that the Jape' knse
u, avy har,. in theo ldf elee firtoressrtt. Htvi.owling minerall Port Arthur. agtregat# 23.000 men
'Knroa t i.n' rTmo.nt, It conInue: nnd s"aFys the mnlkarlrin Inl)imtihelthn wlt
rTtkv t.,h1it lIs In accordance with a! to waste Item, must hbar bee fro*I
plaM luil. dtown for tih firnt period ofi kle,
the can;om~ign. wlillrh In to weaken ltha
forces Af the enmny ty contest,ngt FIRST MEsRiAG SENT.
strongly the. drfesitlve portin, 'r nt I m.
pending Japanes. proir's ant m. co Ita u n Goveinmit Wlrpleis Ad.
peliln, the enemy to wa t ,laroiP rni*. egraphy Frowm Nome,
berm of meen and much war material HBeatle. Want.,' August 10I.-Oeneral
on the advances. Thft r.4ti,t has leen GOreeley. et*4f sIgnal. %ifflor o( the
that is three ant one half moie ths thie United, rate army. h recetior th'
Japanhe4e have only' coved A few ftrt telIraijhic tessag. ever sent
score oa vert' drect frotm ornme, Alaskts.
..Oeeeral Kiroki's farlwnarterIs. tIn I( tItxhki lh#be Inauguratiop of t(he
%b PFiuld, via' 'oiul, Au.ra jl.l -~1 l 0o vnftintt wWtS*Nl from Noro, 107.
layed),-YestelrhJt'" baiile was' the mUne u Stl Milhselu Tbi Rrripti
M .a.t Important whth nr.Il Kur of thKe ur 'aI, O i il1deftd that the wire
kl'R arnmy has fot1n idit, cwhtl rdn, tU rr'Iiit i**r w' A.Sit
' the Yat Mit'Y'W FlRtim q.,ii r,'1 l lr'min t~t 1lei iI. the im nixwe
,ngageil tha I inAny form r f, l..rtie. r kt!1 b1' t h to ;loe up tihe it t oII
.,, .bh y ecup.t l' an vi|'tily Artrng r n lM to lMa' ,i.' aiiI tIuitre to .e'ttl' I,
tion hadrt much mor: alrihll 0ry ani. wor tra iv. 1iin ,. T,'iii alto .lht,' .
bdttr r, mct'macq t hi ll With th,' 'r ineTr" y TT t' gi '. .',r cabledttp i'tt:it N 1d,
having for' Ir t lri g ( m l tc('ii el ai ,- w layinu t', ia.l firrim Si LiLa, r'.
rea ov14r whirh tlihe Tn.r'!n.v- tttaneu. p',t Is Hit I% r-..inifo of ct 14
Vered. Tho Japane s V:c't~'.y uporun itbr. l jui..r -, i ,,>n ~m et n l" wit
his u raflln irf, nt re imr pir tia be doubt Htb it s t1 t y Arg 10
thn lhatt on ihe Yfus a won<' agamit, Maycr's Son is Killed.
Itrater odds tid was rou m1u tTh>A' a
ht atr L'.L of t in1' . ?r of their tr,. Narchesa M1 A'>rneM 16 -% W
s:d more rredhial, I, vati. 9teiart, a4.'.'I .t y'ars. lan of Mayor

ThI trmsltt won that t Uh ,EIAt -. Start. of Cet rvil-. M IR was hot
lhfte If) r0 tll or ?fmorr oro ttiLIr 'e ti' i Vlt M1(a2, Ia nafims the rivrr froqm
1 Hflow for Ilie Rnsiin" hbm,, tht pilae. WhA. .1kak)l ai rptorl .r
t ~v tod (s not kn1n n, but .n > ,. ~'tl t r. 'i l .IA i L al'lt Is -1 t'il
S Mfattgic and4 .if uilve'i). t; *' 4 T" .' rig" at I k. T1 t 0 n it '
We"Tpk between fi. ral htirr j,.; ,ar : t, a rry trv at' > r volver, p,
AtA Yan. Yai tha. tng' .- thH s, a W;!t Erh ls m i.ra ket wit.
Sil sotith 1,f hat an thie *.rr pbf., n a ..' S".tew tr
I. f IIt ni uO.n A ihl i'.j Ia* Ip t t n I" I ne V Vf Vet n hiT m*id n in,

Whioh tnuffed Out Me*e.'Ttan One
Hundred Lives. MeM of Wlhih Were
Frem that City-Immeono Pfneral
Pgeble. lil4., Allgjtt 1O--A -cost
ot deep u,om( was setUed u"oM tie
city llds., the day fllIowtlgl tbh raftr
road ho'trr, which islteid iout 1t0 5
muure llve.. Many bulueis houseem
art cloed' out of riepeetl fo the doed
&iid more theo 40 private bel ate4
dartoiur4 and In mourmASl.
The wreck victims of yetooday willI
probably not be thl only on.e or the
moes to be pilled;, m aolreatdy raes of,
)toIl loss of mind as.i result 61f the
shuck when told of loes of loved one
Iar reported.
All the oititems have $oined h I OB
imnmeins frueral proeplmok windtng
unceasingly rta ope mortre to the
Hearmry na person ft the eity wihe
does n t sufrir a gerwrtnal loss, know.
inag mnle unS of thb violet as- a

T'ie calamity is the theavliet that
bhan ever fallen on the city. Thq Brat
eniotlo,' tlist' eizetd the city ysatarday
niorhtipl Aii the wnws. mppeaowid Wal
'i. of rIneredulity, Today it hap set
tied ,i')n 'to te a horrtble e0tlailty.
'amtlies nqme twben wild o 1i am I.
nrAlle, i tIl that of J.' Thomlas, oom
rderrizl grnt of t'i Rtteta PeF railroad.
Who. totgther with his wife, lost thbrlt
Ivt, r in the rusnhinl waters..
N1l night luon the search wms kspt
il>p find an orealional b6dy was licala
Ad. it Mi tih d arknes, work war nee
- onrIly i low.
TTri ?3oi1t tre(rheonurn of ircaami,
i FPuuinlan river, lIto which all the
1..1i1 )'nfilts were wiashd, .thibs mnrn-.
Ing had fli I n Rto nEnrly it formal con-.
dHlliti. ann l the winlt of rieuin will be
maiFimI.e*r. Tihe dvafr' list as con,
filed from the beatt obtaioabloe sources
nf Utformatkin. *bows a tutal of silty-
Iix IdenIilf'd< dacil,. known mtaIlsing IR
."nl mnlidnlitflitd bt1odies six. midrst j
ant tven T100 I vyp lost. Thii listt widI
b3p more, i lli likely andd.d to,
TlVh railroad altatin llhas mtnrlal
ly lnipro ,ed. firwfff resumed thio.
morning nver ,he SIlo (lrampdi tracks.
Many or tihe nfrialsh riturntdl to the
wr'ck se.n., early Ihit morning whi,
wrecking rrew., and t(iay will pWISPr
'ly 5tpt niO M.11 races of the horrible


II)ri i, ii rii, .i sr tia u' 'r a. ....W *
innt ,rs tt'.T"r-T.rMy Xi- .a-t-T ioTY-Mp4a f lfWl iiltby the strike. 'it le
It'l.Vl, .tIi it'Lo; JSoi,, s rP ,. o'! that so ies than 15,004 WoVrkirs will
I wm' i^ : in i itward lJ't.Il I b thrown it oft *mloyepio itf tsf
RKu r'1i ',: "iu.Ik4 blis bix parking holuos are foreid toolupse
i's, 7.Ir,- y'i u -, it,. F,:' ,Pulebi,; iThe ptrilke orderr prvide tmor t con
f.~ I ,;i4:i. t' .' rr.. ,1..-,' fnIl i *t pIe te.,ce t inn 'of work at ', o'ct cl
S. 1 )r. \, ,. I'le, tomorrow morh lg when ti h-4 p.onra'
'n it,',. notice hatred by the ,ualO wtil. a
VAFi'' pn' v1as

I 'i" 1 ,' ' .' * i t | i i ; '*. *, i Plr 2 *o n .' l *' . .. .. .. ".
.M..',t, t~arh.r k ",,(t,, I 7 ail shr, l I Body a Fo ,und iin CIrtern.
C"leatn., 8 . Aug .tO.-f.,
Clooutiurt t wbycroo body of Jacob KInd, who ha& b4e
W&yr< 'r. h Augis At AVtmbi t't-f iti bai rt i r"ity s7r,. 7 atln abtii nt l fon lb ,lterr oin C n hils pre lse J
'cT'k.i <'t .t onTrml,'*W darninl t filnK stret Mondky watiNg. T eew
i ;.i ',,,i. ?l for I,',.. r anT ltirt i wap a grat thaih l the tlr t, .als
l''.,t ,.. I~I J '.*..jt'/ t l t In slTam 'y r 'tl ta) I th breasUt and the." I.~: i
,1 4* 'rm *, .. i,* 0pI wi 3 n as I a frightfi l f ti t otf deepapol

r .* :r ... t'na-i- *i ; i t "Y s I . ' '' r P ,t t in t b
or* n ,011 ;ti 7-' r T -70 0 yal t *1k o th tS&

I '


';: :: ~-

. 1I

CGUIST 11, 1904
. .l . .. . ....._ ,4 _'- .. ,
419011IA I11A I01, AtWOW

I 4*low , w,
keUwta Autgutt bmws S
lb we i e. --r r te 0esi
S(ti vflsqrdnt SiNAt to W
MItti, ant 5netlioay the oalt ft i
I. lakerw,,e with it ,.sb by -l.
Tinper. who wIuted to brig p the
.bill fduclaN Uthe akbs of kours o,
labor cIn onito hcturin 16 e f@ 40y
We deatfted,
Tbq eit4e a*tltor bill. bp Pr. Wta.
pmisealt 'went .don, t 4 defeat,
eats the house v 04 WO *akeo thW
auditur slectlve byr the pq*pl4, "4
Them th bill ws tbled oat Mr. MHaMI'
The h oue 414. over. pea Im
HHi'f bill reqIlrir th(a alll to sf.
tStal who rntvi Se p lfl Si, .
shall make weekly report b the* st
tlrh-urer.'0 .w' *
tire AppropritoeM bftk bt4e

gIve P10.00 1 the TWck (f S 9*m r
teal Iaboray prpT IdeUS 100 a
Is rfM d byh daieia; (00$ t* "
,ttO mulverly toA pa' r r i,
nWls MU. whith weae d ot.*
IS. .d ow t. t ,h.t
odl etla dll utea. it;,wlti
1i4t11, to reit? kMqae
se orf the M9t swe 4I K Sb
pNixdby th .thinw f .
pwial by etehoupspbs wedr b~,.
to lay rpnitar orphbg "fNm by q]

rTi oirt orQpptSIo. p.v.1 .

satc1twons th estlmtiae to 96l

.9 0 i.ra r o M I

IA ,I by Stator Jei. r.-at,,.,
the speed aI simpuitl was o tu*0
Thos hill akones it a wit'aM semr .. j
a pol "toi rua St asItO*Mhls r a (te
than ow mlthi. I s hoqr uS "140trsIN
rued. 8 l miles am ot r at oMua- e. "
nziies-aui hostt 4ia SvappeIln a eVW
bitle drawn by a3lim. slial or uto, ft

to 2 iltosil lMr. Calvibilltof 3 it
modh to reulatke prtet e teem iMharpe
by wio frle a public Under. the or
eat tw v thertie l. uto uatttf4 1ate
char'gi for prtrotesitg eessad h
omm mretal PEper ad the fees. nr
at SInt., pointa4. I tie elat o'i
SO cents to. l. Mr. Calvim bUi m .e
ly provide. for a talform fee of S1IB
for protatil mutc not *ad ts l sinlu
st t onnstl1 wt| *laufm

BUTCHEtr& lTiKt.

PrTperetiqne Undet Way Sc M(aig
otW York, A, sU s0(lphw eiou
are rpidy apita orarMd to4ay t
wart ,akim *.entvte be thuto '
tflh oader ineud last mzt by !
met D. Call, *seratary of Apsi A
mateld Mleat (?tlter i4 .'ble
Workmen's aslUoelatlom, wh h. it ti'
expected by the Ution aihde, Will S
fectivelw rioe Uthe plitat of Ihk o*,i
ptite affiliated with the ocul *l
'. l tni l. |pj mtiosnob o..w' '"

eCt r 'rop*n. ,
1I. rfollow'n" Is list of addittnnal.
t ad, a ril ml)'ig : ,
Ite'ntirM(d dead:
th'e SiMts. Pueblo: Iledman, lNrank
PIeltlo;h ira hrban,. Turner, Inmver;
Panipbil,. John. 'Publo; Davts. M le
O1a, Puiblo; nurmon. V. it, P.ebo;
falinla', A .R.. Insutrance tuan, Dlyr -ri
'ge n.. MIalcunm S. Pnetble: lImuni
aTis E.I) 'iTvh. Denve"r: rartlandl, 10 .yLari. Denvr, ; -rtlaw*a d,

"PON~i7~Q 4 h,

i' .
I" r",. : i t ', .
''' , '


* U .1
I,. *I

*fT.'. :i::*.:
:$' t',:
*-'.i:' .; .:, '
.' ',,. '/i,(*


Mk, mk w*hoe akMb v

.*S .. iC.w .w a.. .-t ....
.r ., e .. e a.
m gliUates$.. Te.

i istil : 5), i m o

o.~ s dwnie eie sae

al g.mtoee swepojtW werem i
a ."4' l *1 nmwtwe.dd their wm

.r;464 n "d, LeTd 4

$qgoN OW a iles

a was i I shast I re y e0
U'li t*b. hietwe itt hwrte. @

ta p s, s au isaby
hI d i ,. vid tig bnh W
'a si wa Mtamsad tei
BfffM1!gg$81.^^ g jpq !~

I. .. .W '.
-"me. wth aet.I.*k..

,sesd t-, sinh aew be qutI
gompu fa$ tilpming seemot
W *It,, ., .wt --"-
V etos l ,h 'plo ,
s o.., ". spoelmh sao.
n morg s4 b im1. M shiepM M.
g ,l e~ ah "p
bSolLrtmsl h0sslo m Oplst

Im slda tLa so a"n s4011
Tm, reqpwly th v,4 ilW of.J

W hp MA* wnp ,ses ee 0
so "HWgi ym swi io tIAo ofA
e, t ,s atle. sarn en* ,

'e, eb ,iwWq o as.e ,n
P 0otf" vho a 7onlsy as awai

ww kkf.wi -, ad who e.wn .to
pltm e slt thmo, salves f is
ale*sW I $,@lei..ll ever the
M oits WlithI tin o alsI sla O
* aSgek s4 es eveing.. *-t 8

wll as T washlMAla s (tu 1.
fl tlb tVe -t the fpebe a nk.

r Ila-. ft i ri e wb, lt tegjin 8ki l 4-I
*) m tss wie lelns o muwntl sae

M "tw. 1 tbo iohMt mak ems souteen
SfiNaJ.b b oaW ept ember ah
K 1- atesd ie A .1i g as addi lWon
*o ear sn lownla a stopovero in New

* aMOth dep han pISfot o$1. an
- Whel s ogh1 t a seklieng or amaIrrl -
*tsties I tab throat makes you feel

l :l lte. Don't watll euti she
, .t hB one beyond 'or Mnto r.
it DMy.J. A. A*deneso aU Wess th K

e VN .ltftnison.*. M I po*, S ( .





Whte amin *e Parkt bMe Ma is
i, Lerts. Au t 1 -WS1Ie sitting
.s a beach in front of the band pn
vtllm. at rorrat park. Richard
v ,reWtt, an Insurance agent and prom
lmelt club man. iddenly fell forward
and dropport 14 the around In an un
eaoselous undtiItk9 "
JudWg I arl Moore, of the court ol
criminal rorrnclnan. driving by In a
earr$ thel,.me. saw him, ano
onlg over toi .there the mai war.
pleked hbint up and took him it his car
flage to the ,merreney adnoplial al
tie world'* fair ground.;
rse.tt4. dlld at few mIantes aftt
r*ehiths the, and the body
was taken to sIhe morgie.
di .i"Tw 1
SPut An tnd to It All.
.A grievou wall oftiames o .ai a
reult of un*amble pain from ove"
nsxd orphans. Duiaism, btokhaoehe,,
lv esoimplalat sod oouaulpipton. But
.lheat to Dr. KIngi New Life Pills
th lt an end to i ail. They *ee
CIl' hbut thorough. Tr7 them. Only
SQua ant.d byT il drie maov.

'" .,:1' 1 .-;

I; '-

asSa a a

i *Br11 1 1a



I !

'For al. by J.ohbrs Bros. Gainevill

-UI, UlXA9
,Imn S an

-n, u






-~~~~~; ~~ ~ p,...- ad.P- i_~ 4-: ~~~LL -~W ~ ~ ~ - C~l-I ~ I ~~- -dII 4 Pd 4~ T '9



Trxxaavw==xMc ars AxZ' xxG ''
Jacksonville and New York,
thiEllngts r ARLt'toN, & O., bob ways.
Vto HIau Ismi p ii lt PesItvIsS Semi
Olyde eop England and Southern Lines
Direst riSew Btw JACKgVKSONV.LL. BOTON and
,ROVID Mi All. Beser Poinat,
Sno at OChatlMan both way
sIaMIrC ezsrLrD S L. TIwS-NS
Ileithbm ....... ....... ............. .. ...Fro LewIs' Wharf, Boston '
Nonbbooad........... ....... From Fos of Catherne el.. JaMkIonvl

ClITv St. oh iver Line
Betwenf JAcaKUONWVILLS and SANe&omD o
itopplag at PlsbM,* Atsor. St FraeIls BReveford (I)elaud)., ad Inaermedia .
LaMings on a4. Johns River
Leve J4akMoarVlle 8:) p. m. Mhsla4 Tulday and Thursday.
Laswies ford St :0 a. m. Mondast Wednedays and Friday.
Is appointed to ill as fohow:s:
*ti ; 8B ISD 5 SCHEDULE j
Leave o ......... ...... .. Arrive 2 a
S.46 pm ..................Pa.. P............. ....... ave pp
S( iO aM .. .......... ..... ASltor ............... .... *p2 : iS
4: a mr.................. ..t.Fralnli ........ ....... 1-00 pTS
"................Bern fold (De> lnd) ... ....... .. i2..00 n'
ArrIve 8:N........ ... ............. x::0a
:O m ................. E erpr. ..... IO._ I: :!
F. M. IlwUNOONfIG.J As.AC O. Pea. A&. IN WWes Ht f.. Ja*~Wekvm. mls
W. 0. COOPRM. Jr,. rolFth AMkt P,. WLV EIL. Superlatem.,dlb
.t a f y Ilnt..w Yk.Y, AYD t A o
General Mau r. General Agentse
"T ".b .-fc Il~d. TI i Ut.'99 Vortd

- '"-- **--i.



The Atlantic Coast Line



Montgomery and L. & N. or Dxie Flyer Through
Atlanta $ad Chattnooga.

Round Trit RatW From4itinegville~

(On tale daily. (ood 1 til ire. 21.

Onslsle dab l> (Jfldfafteei4. d3i,


Oh sale dlly. Umod ixtyl dlai.

$22 354
O"n sle July. 19 md.

L~- r- 'i~- fl* -S Ut- Us S an'- b-m -ffa

1 31 ~'


.... .-.~~

i- '

/ 1 .





,, '[I



' -I--:-fl-- 5 ..1. -___ ._77"'-



0 NA1 A nO T OO
n r n''n"IOF LAW


01Man00 Which Was Ooneeeled by
,us. Petulre-5-hpr ,Hle H'l*4
'lls* Ir plhiWto, and Seis He Re.
S .W0 Warned Hughos to 0Detit
U 1emsll las night srhvited
Huulseq, a egro hask drlrtr well'
t Iials eity, pen s suhesg of
ilis whlskol in a dry county. When
rted Heghes b su as r hli home on
i'rh PIei striat, aind notwith.
gapdlms she fte ibtha he denied his
$1t vJlgrocolu. the hterigff ompelied
hlisi to retor to lhe hou.e,
A oerefol armh of the presime r"*-
gatted in almost a disappolntmeni to
tli shqllt, until be discovered behind
a plesocr over the meanil a nores
hoem, whee thirteen quarter, in rall.
eou sited bottles ianuina from half.
pile o quartm, wore 4deovered nsti.



Ierll wfl tfle WL
letA, .ugust l10.-'eeMr@y p
c se T pwar4 TurUy, aqordsmg v
tIe cmirl slew 'here i fuelUly Jiets
aimtlirv orf PreeIBoe forelg lthi
port* to setIlle clalm through a U*1
demfnstr ouS case, tAud the nflefals hbr* .Ipeti
thai the Wiltan will promptly yield
the ln7ited Staum IlMeedt iPfforte t64
46mnowa 'rat ion at lmlrruio wbe a

Qernmany. pmJlkl most sturopeea
nomntrif M, hap no qIlnmi against ToiI
.key. allhough Turkey still owes money)
to German abhlpulldlas and arms
conmp aswil. The very e*Meprional Irp
istions (aermany hba with the portU
will, it Is assumed, bbe favreable U
Amstra, should the ull4s M a
Qeriman's advice. .
*nten. ConfnrmnedL
Manila. AuS suaL ft.-r, I.. lunrr.
1. P. O'Brtio. formerly thae OWvn
and edttors of the "rr ,dom." a pepli
published In this city, waer sentenced
some ItnIMe ex by two of the Philip
pine courts to si maMtlh' Imprisol.
gent and toa uea of t1.000 for litbel


mlla t, Autf Tim le i d

UntlU tholl nse HeaVIy md oe ntlr

frequed nmin-s The Ap .p R ort l.

larxe optleo nt-ip was.lOVer wbelrl
rlch setl*, RPeI tal Alno loiAd .
Mauls rF, August 0wTam 4i ois

torn sheldfad tu. fruit, ensued by th

b Injqurin n. The plrtpomt io n ies

enr. The *ora erup was iever beItlr
raise aL ih ItPu. is Mao Spswss Sa

than i ib istl 1etr.
Those shrl exlpesed so have larg
quantlllt of pork to store In the suil
1m1rge setI winter are diaMppolled,
s the hog fever or cholera has almost
mad*e a slei sweep in this ad ,ur*
mrundlai @eommunlties.

t I 4
:,' .n~


. *'. : .. t .' : . 1 iS.- ^:,.
+;.A' q ,r..

I ..t. . .

** ( .. ;.. ,- '

', * *.' ". ^. 'l ,;* "' .'","',*'w 1!

m tb. i m .e u, U. -.
, 'l . , , i ....^
';.jrnS W W A' V. ,"E."h"irJ ,l '
r, ,*I 'r 5W E
sE .U ij. I, .: S" W w,' .A .... -

... ... , .. . .. ,, ,:. , '
I **Lrrkr .
mEio twa tq o
, .- /" .,! nzi1' !^ ; ,
_ .,...t -.-. . .. "- ^* ','1^. : "' .

ly peolkd away. The bhest wa bidden tlg 4, Tave, a member ofr tb Phil. Mr. A, P. Lol, the devoted w ife UofR O0p9
from vtew by a pltur. which was sue. Ippine commtsilon. TIr iateac bs Lthe awyeJr a the Baird 4W mi hor,.
- ded over the mantel. now*' een onfirmed hb the supreme is rported to bie )uit elik. Blb h s 113ttSIWP W
Sherifl Femell stated last nights thit courtt nf the itafted state, where a those symptkhy of the eolntmmn, ty
he had heard several reports thai appeal wa lodled itd t plriomew Mrs J. Punteh and slater of Al*. iW.
Hughes had beea slling whiskey in have bee llommittle to the prison as ehul were vtiwitn'geltitve hrole .o
violation of she law. mnd that he had Bjullbid. y
apmamhed him ol two or htee o me- M itn A llheb has pealut from
ll** amad wre d him to dest if he ittbr t- at" ed. n otl ht sh Ot. Lte3 ;ptllIo R1
4 WAo desire the strong arm of l. te 6 adoan N. J.. Aunut ITo.--eastea Sth Plpmsed hernml, bais .i *o. e
Ii drawn about hlrp, butl) il a h In- tar I-ded t h1* bo se t tttl pleasd, an'd thik. it le the psetes i WN f il
ste*a Hughne dlareid poitlivoly that iy aged. N yei n Mr..1 Start wl of the i ns l fir :
sthe* stements wer not true, Mad that t be hoade of the Stan Isrl hoadry. M ro. J. i. Rivern ad hildtr, who ..
he was not guilty, aw te O t 4l i elo Wri, 0el have been vlisrltin thel ll e Ioms ;p
Hughes was looked up a ihi county S liSrm t kIMlI t tO tr, rast, here, retuned to their home ain
fall. He will be gvren a bherot thle she 004ssl City saturday
moranil, aud liasmuch al is l said -Th Dleeh Pnlti. aiy andfmil hlly be" "
thee will be plenty o eonvinoing el. A little thing sometimes results in bOik to his farm one mile Wes of i e
denes ailnst him, it may be assumnle death. Thus seinW scratch, )hinigil. depot. We welwem them behk. I nl
that his fae is sealed right now. *ant etnt or puny bolls have pall sh T rl he Intr i giban shool, -. '::"r
Sheriff Fonnell states that, if evi. death penalty. It is wis to hare taught by Prof. 0. L. Chbariehwll, .4. T 5p
detioee ai eorne, Hughee hs been do. Buaklen's Araies Salve ever handy. nlomd its flst rm le ysoeriday wih S
Inm a land-olBee business, selling from Ilt'a she bt slve on earth and will picnle. The youngli peopl repon a :'
40 o lu1Wworth of.whiskey every week. 'prevent fatality, when bum, sores, d.elighsful tim r, 'I i
$40 $. eeeulcr adll piles thrniten. Only O lt, K, J. Baird, our Menial mill. man.l Is
COUNTY 00E$ WIT. all drug store. viising bhi family In the Cealsul 1.Ol.
-.-- .. Owlis to the lsikOlse of ti e sawyer's .
MMen County Anti-Peohlbitionlsts Wip A Godd business School. wife he had to Ouspond for i few d4c. ,
Fight. We want, to Mall Lle attention of our We are pmrod of the reoord made by
0lgietlrpe. O.. Ausrut 10.-Macon, readers io the advertiement of the J. O. Crews In the onset for the
county hbas goue wet by 3 m)aority. Florida Commercial Colle e Tamps, Bartow soholarshlp. He I .la o o f
'The fiLht ltwet.n the prohli. and I Fla. This inatisution lra lenn in ue.- Skts deo's brigheres young i mw, *nd
antle lha lken wl Age. with the utimos0 esasful operalion for everrll years we prediet that he will make a market i
vigor asi not until the last precinct and has n 'established reput- the fuitre. Hle roelringmany eon-
was bhard from was It deflntely lion for doing thorough work. iratultlons by his friends. .
tpwn It ,t 1 Ih "t1" hadad itwn Th e salaries, of *tenogralfphers and Mis Juol Walawright oflh nlrl 17the entl
the ronterst A large volt waS Ibk.kke .lprs in Tanmpa arte excellent Oity is visiting here this week. thi Poittons or
polledl nid 11l day) tbrotuhout the and the F:. I pces a*ll of Itigrandtlu- ll1e of Mr. ard Mr. T. A. Duke. Shulhand. Touct T hhi
county thi wore&re at the polls exert ex.t intJ Jl. psition,. Write for ihe ma- nd or our pSlrdase g W~Si .
ld every effort to carry the election speIail low rather they mr.t now offer- Sick Headeche. dle. IBe ure sud edd rl asMm 4
Me) women usk an alive part! lu. For several yIears my wife was &tal IPtro am a&
fa the struggle and at times there'. l witi
wee 4Vdvn#,- oifrd with what physialans ulled slo..
were the part of t nriIpans m g o t tt headache of a very severe haetr AT L A
She doctored with several emas ic
It ti not known whether there will Ianteyardofa&hlocalrl tnejhyad tm res m, o .
be any rontvi).t iov.r the r ullt as f.t- ilt w`4as 1eb hl other laorti g.N oaw lyysingr and at a rsset exIs'se, on o
Octent 1imn t ha not apsed forth the wSer u wants a a y of drid r. ,' ny kind of work. Aut a,*IIa
forces to line up again. Ty had eaen St arns'Electric i byIn bkino Caork. M rlaun'. aAt ALA
Reosch Pamt*dan sedmoothes iboulwteo mach e nLiIA"ver Thblc w aind tum A' .
-. the nearet Imat where there was water. is mach ti lA ver diTables and betodayre
Wh tm atiumg. "dgave nup nlife ag ther. Seam lis' il mud sre alo well," sasNut lithe ten. z 0OntAd,.
When paior irritatioun xiton any a l Itoac Pasulte i mre death. Is isa rih Onthe N.. .Lndd, .w York
.oart oti the tody, iao application of ilcockirches, web r ,e.or For sale b sall druggiss.. in h
Ballard's Snow Lhiiment gives prompt driving theI ourio tbe house Id. iDes.' Il
relief. E W. sullitan. Prop. Sulliva rs generally have the Pastse for sae, or Why Not Learn to Speak Spanisht _ __ __
flousp, El iteno. 0. T.. writes, .Inne. 6 packagewill besent.**Pse prws dore. You ean secur' a eopy of the new *
ISM). ."! ILakeph.o.rlerin romi d-nd ^pcelot it sbyhe Stleiearls' ric Paste e dltion of bnkhot entitled. "What lto
S I ur in rom Triba Buil CbhicaO, III. Small ty in Spanish and How to Say It," b
ing Itallard's How Liniment to ill site. c; Hotewl le, eight tIad s th sending two Sients i postage so ,
who are afflicted with rheuumlnism. 1it qatity. 1.00 U LeahIy.division passenger agent At*
is the only remedy I have fonil that' LFer Nale I J. K. BIdtfrd a& to.( l (ti oastlnle railroad, BaTAnh,
iei immedlIe relief 26a, _,b .. oo, #orlitGeorgia ,
old by W. M. .johmnion. t .t. _t.u__t c. tJ,- ...,V_.._
FlAW sl14%t11 11ot r1 the Hltro f.4
R c'w L"n- 70S JORDAN. JPuibliclrlrlrtn. Alack.n I. MAX KRAUS8, Abstrmse of Til
tj, Flourid., for the Memth -I reentnlg ,,,e s
App r '.- CItin r b of J.i, r i1 19 I 1. -J* ,' _-'_"_"

,lto .* .t r lT r ) 1 V1P11,,,h A w s.WLa & L e.- i.'+l -
. tf-it + .'' ;,, tt, rl rillr '"hria1in <';tr ia ' ,rt'l ,. ,'tt A,0.* lin4e11 a A 'S A
3rnwn of 1 ,1.4 oi 1 C mlTh e tt Si'Ir In;tuIjiltter .'.teL. ( hap Ett.,
i: I. n *- S ..r + 1" i "I Cb- 4 1 i'4.?.114tq1.r 1 ._ WH 01E.SrLE4H........A.. SHOES %:..OOD S.B.BLAT ...
"oi I; .. lNAit nn ,4overt1 lUsing.tY l 'u M ,t1rl ,lt S sutelia a*inek rut.. _w u_
r n.r 4 *-i l r ofar!r^ 4. .,, r. I Tf Al APm erip lse I
.I k .. T r! P I hL t 4a'( fl A l S f Lp.IS YtL
f The r.'iL'tlon. tf ( B rd e tNi. M* er i emi'uentI - -- --

eo r.' r,t, 'i 'l i r B row i sue Ree d or 1
*. 'et i tlr k ff "
A. A the i 'ti 0 1 1 Ai 4t 'totiir Liordetn' lt ,"
ter of rt aCg tti msn 'Fi i* ,nlve'r:not
.Tfrrol on Mar 1t., to.tat1.a Uff4trt AIn

S 4=6' n', a xnr u i rit l .o The ftc'
; Bflrt tuni Ilnwn whel the vt .
'lWr senct h tp0 Ap'.i91iment of Joseph Sa
MI. Browa to thi fPelete.
.-"- .... 1, arrm
Curma ScltcS C,
Rev . W lli y, 1.. 1.. 'It., Cuba,
'Rw York, wrirt* "After fiLftven dayis : g
S" eori0olating pai frnm i eisIte rui e -i
. 'theumstlsm, indr ygritouj a rIeat mitl Am; Mllul
a -. i 6 A 4 i 1l ii

& ', .
I N i.-klritft. ^ e, i 3m m'si Hl?.
.. .' I t ~- ne isO; Vt1
Lr It Ilt 101.6t
t i t. I laus .l I"
041<41tT itX
H t, tfl .IK. +M \
lIe?! igt l' t 'er .-. I: W,
*i' I'rI.'s ai*t' qit .l1 ct'lt

hm- ,%urreireIPrt1 .

f !I

S12 twA

-*7-a --

W~kM.Y.r~ J IeWL~~l,

. Itinow 'aipesI tntidlrnt
11il1 ?..ul. lob work
t I V da. ufset iknldetftl
al.l> Vile*.d. mv Ilc hIuT1AA iA

3 4d~
Jq us.

SoelAgeuts r triUNAJLtaiid MIElII,
.i$lQUAlTY s Bhoes. Evry
petir wrrn iedt.

H. F.

P :-

mP a


"l F*Hi.~~~t

6w 44f~lJp
-"..^ ^t L~~
S^ 'dI''l ^Tf

i. .......... .


8J, gAteID -DEALS 'W -

T. TH.AFEHPre, p. heather i trpl- 6r 4
COner Urov tOW Cse t qvn -mes.
+"'" +"", i Mfwuacturerv of theI Jaust "o1
,AINPL, L,. ,, ,ea Island Cotton oin, an& 5l
I 1 ... ... .... --.. ... . 1 '. .. "

L ;1.9:

,y l: ,.-- r ia-...

'l'I ) '



q W q m w q I-111I I

Aw Cv. 'tot", MPITYo No. 14

I' L j ~~~~~~ ~1L


.' .* r

Sl .4. .


T 9 *I i'*
l 'No.L L
n^^-i---- -- kiko-H


.^ ^ ^* ,,' ,'*'*
.'iA" 't '' ',"
Hi ' ." I t" ,', ' '*
I''. I "' l; 4 i I '
ltr 4~ 11,'Vy 1 l il

.l' ll*,* '1 ; :. ++ ** ,.
"4.. ..... ...

0, '


~ 1

i ,
. '. , I.
> .". *: i i i',',

rc i. ,* -.t ..****

7,m .,&OEMtahamo w
nsw f^^^ .ea.^'9 ^^^^^ ^^~ ^

L~k^^^^1 k~ "4,.tfteh

~0f0I pst~
*3* 1.
P stat
- on
Ste S.

wIe$ es wme m .f o -J
N- O W. ,.l'' of' .

.w'lhw the pkl i s. '

Ql.t isfl aI .
.......'J.. ..- .....
th lvE t,.. sad.; .e

419.m4Lp vINA" SurU* Is

JoS, aft s mu "
foradifiiI str. o t h

i*. .eIws*upew p00 eri y

tt "INA' 1 0"m I
imie' R. i i- i, ,n i,

,. -W. fWo ,.a wM.&t ON
We thiW aa .Mass .w. km...
sees *1 4Mn a w

Wholesale, DShaaes. Toledo. (I)
yli^iVh '^ns s u ttar. .x~trt .. kft fM \

fil ?,m4 l .
FiM id be-
b glelog a *by 0"17 % e p.ea- giv4 e WhOm the
*ab msI -Isperet muehi a61
f*v In" aeW6..l ha m*O,
S p/t* sma Ut a1** 4 ost ly thsbM
*ne .ol led -.
Sr fl ~me -- ftor po I e Osthu

t wi~St p.iMkmp p"y.
.l ne. lc lWa s to tr ".
m v the tibepP". a thee pe s
do 00shua she pefhe. wPer
dessgeeftsw ap4fth m lp every psr*
Solar, uruher shs wileone B-w *oos

neo semM a i who waots pas
o the time ie spent l Msantiag as
AM who gfull tymed him dos. Re.
ftftn~w of IM on.. de0 m0m
eWm emblMitrWS? a sm W I tshey susid
'da per W ho t kiid nf work and
hWs teold. bo me l IPkI for l,
awi -l I. AM .

oe ls ea Ioms wia be pet ai e


faedt Teeme -w bis efftent dep.
a --n s".u" lg Wmeig t"-own
lemlNts Is Ablshe euty .. .No
f n u*ae f mdt pWedlasrsherw t ,

s lu. hastedious
$ft belae- botroM s of DmMel

Sheets sht fawn R eppliseussComr
or a a a i d
I,.ut eGt S m* WIW- eoP-tS

,' -'U .
Xi ewu mn, be'.rIuhe and
.. w P* Mt oral dutO '

WfTed41M y tuk.
lO'I'' PIN.i \
itll I i tifc

Sres. Vermifugi ll4elp

SrWeensl ue,, lgw*nle e 4 &a
S u i4 -wL .,Il..m t 4.0 .
h h vW. OU leba pi4.f

Ir j t. 'Lo o s &

un __ Q-IFU*W="U rim. UbU* b 6* jq 5 m

'..JK,, ", W. '' W w '' '' 11", "',

Whbe t h blood bi Ia ed eo4ditUoU bruise tut,
match. or any elilht injury to the 4esh, is opt to bcum
a* 1gy1'oo.king lore or uloer., to'metimes a IUiL. uli sor
or pample J th bginiting of a lurve atling ulcer or "pen.,
discharging sore. Often the b1)o$x la naturally kiul, a nd
it that way (roin birth. and such people suffer withN var.
ouis ikiMs of aires frum infaney thr6Ngh old age. The
bloo may becomes* e s wuak q b s .
nd wuter f r Ir iothe eftiof*.j1" f ks f t ptal 0is 1 l rr I9
mslart i,4nv.ti. dc, hvlittyo ,.Aph% eij-Theq res"slsnit 1US
soSmeCo ldtrotij" trouble. that wme an. I mlH_ n*s
tIII IMpiptiifI 1br*k out in lores rapid 4trfa e oT.
tad sore.n ti ttuI lower s.' s W nwn y io s"lri e o riAS,. I
t vmuitin or other prt < ti ie oe amnetely la" r;vsr btit ousre .
body. There is always some Osset P. Ms t.w ra t .
r.41rlb4. unhealthy matterIN A.WI lt UfllY
the tblo thnt keps the sore dischargIng. 4a muut in gotten out before it
will Ihel. Wuhess ad lsaes, whi to cleaning, sokh.
Sng a4ed helpful, will not ldo it. I eatiwe they do not
reach the riomed hblo!; *Rut 8. 8. cleanses and
purifis tia dis eaIed bloodl, and when this i sccom-,
-i^^ polished the Ouct heals. Whose tilee Ialth, haslbeen
Imm is t restora treulth and viot to the system. i rove, the appetite
and dMigtimon, ad ltoes up the msrvos. Purifying the load is thi sure
way to -t rid of a old veS or ulTer. Medical advice is fIa.


* 1'

' Proprietr


a6L- '

Rites 2S40 v dUy ,nd up. Rooms with
private bah ,froin Maiy 1it to No-

.)veml br lBet pen day.
vom.or p_.a,
I I~ ItB . ...-ts ..AL JVi Il (q' ..



IIamM E l BeO, tnmr rqeln uwevSd. Newly crashed.

S M,8 A R07, Po-prretor

s m fl OA............ f
oMM^, B^B^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^f^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^

Air Line Railway


Savannah, Columbia, Camden. Southern
Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York,

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


Only Line Operating
Daily Through Pullman Sleepers om iJacksonville to New Orleans



full Information and sleeper r, watiois etll on any Kagent Seaboard or
Aws. oenertl Passeger Agi:,. Pmasseger Agent,

l---'= l l + l, '. .. ... I ",, __--t

Isrid's Fair' Rtes..

I '
,' , ,



Ituund Trip
male daily.
fftpuhn dayp.


lturnid Trl'. r~ U1sl toin
iv s pin s r Ttst,7 '4
olitt Th ra-it n ute

Round trip. On
sae daily. t4ood
.till Dee. 6.
knurid Trip,. O(
male daily.. (mnd
Ixty days. i




Either tartught A tinatA rmNl Chm'harijnW or ('oh,.1,g 4n) Aitihe flhe. falmtfof thPe
ki "r Lt. ". .
tihly t))i from Vtu orta with Iit 1 wn rIat n il. St. ll.iK TI% Jmfutlwnijer. T.frouuu s.d er$nii4'a3r. r
%toi-n'elern n ki ng unqi m ld Rturnltc.+at |Irill|inal ful htla l fii il ein.n1 mr resi t* urniILti. Il

; .. ww

. I

, l l




bt* BopRq Fall
**,: ll* Os is, .


And Knocked The Young
His Horiontal Bar. Wh4
arlh, Dl01tance af t
PFet-Nhck and Lig Boi
'igarditU the sudden a
of L Johnson, the' (Jahi
maUs 'who met his deilth
noon In MuuplIe. lidiana
lppoe opinhls tbe infoi
, Johnson was travelialr W
fIlr *ausoltion, t.n Hund
, e woo preparing to Mhak
when he remarked to a I
Ford: "This will be my Im
I live to get balk to earth
to my home in (linesvivI
stay there with my people
Aooording to the news
there were about two thou
surrouuding the balloon i
the woasloin. The ascei
beautiful one, the young
balloon rising iraoefully
fhenBl aboutix hundreds fi
whem he wat supposd to
here was no apprent eff
since the leap was not ma
and farther into the dieta
air maehise until the ib
Ittle ,larger than a flour ,b
etupain cutod notl i, ie. i
donly lthe nachie arlaen
to desen4d, when she sil
lng tha$ there was dngei
to about the spot W*hre he
balloon would fall. His
were aouratel, and Jusl as
the vwelntty of the spotI
was within one hundred a
of the ground,- defend
When within about eighty
den gust of wind blew the
treetop, the occupant w
fram the horisonial bar. ai
ly to the Kround below. U
upon the ason it wo ds1c
the unfortunate young ma
broken, and that one ole w
three places, and he wa
mutilated. "Death must
stal ftta m ol s eous .
The atentodau stated th
ehute realea rope fail
which seooantedi for the i
unfortunate yoing man d
the leap. _

imployes National Clothier'* E::ehangg
t('tIcmR. Itt'., Augstgr f,-TrimmerTs
eutlers, butihlitlan and examinerq em-
ployied hy 14 -clothbln mannfactuerer
of th e National Clothimets RB1clbag
struck today,-
It was estimnt'id that 600 men quitl
Anofficial of a large clothing house
said that If the strike confinuea, with
In a short time 10.000 tallors will b!
out of ,.mpluymient beanlle of a lakh
of supply with which to work.
.Action of the Union followed at
nanotIncoment tbat hereafter tlhe em
ploayer intended to rma on the "Olp
ahop" plan.
Charters May Be Retvoked.
Atlantic City, N. J.. Augut 10---11
hsarter, of sifWera! we:l known moitt
oal c.1ifrgl. of Pennsylvania may hib
recv.kv*l ti (Aie slare hoard of medical
*ealrmiVeru u, the charge' that Wohe ol
thea .i, tutiitns wrrl graduating stu.
de4.,. ho r. nao emiilietit to be on,
lrnne a pdeslidotli. thl'. board. The nMmit'..
aioasnitri at. ~low In session herea
and th>e tr'mtent was eiaed 'by an
xaninatli n lof the paioPrs, riecentl
sent In hv m"ilille(ints for state iliIense
to practler insecitl. fitIn Penay Ivan is.
S Tob. acco Crop Oamaesad "aIn ,. Augit 1O.-taj
eto t41 ( toliacrSi crop to the aweniotl
of over $100.000 1has ben esa edl ti
this victLniv b16 a hailstormn .hrlflast
Sst ibout it, minilute Thfe c. r1o WN
one of tih ineat growsN he r s nt

The Best Health Culture.
SNox 'pot mail esnt affordd ti bother
with any of thi zpcriiental health
fads. 'li is tou 1e malikitl a living
for himself id family, and whien he if
L( cited iith, a bad cough or eldll or
develops catarrh as tie direct result of.
S, .ld. ew aimpty takes a fbw Adoe. Of
'nT L.ak..i. 4 .. nilu .tmnTrui. Alidtl it

Token With Cramps,
Wm. Kirmse, a member of the
bridge gang workllg oepnr Lit)leport,.
was taken auddtlty Ill Thursday night
with cramps and a kind of oholera.
His aoe wasso seere that he had to
have she members of the orew so wait
upon him and Mr. Ulfford wast lld Seond Your
and einsulted. He told them he had .11. -
a medl blne In the form of Chamber. U Ol 0 t lI
lala l, holera and Diarrhoea Order to th
Remedy that he thouhti would help
him out, and acoordingl even ral .4n
were admislstered wi th. i result that a
the follow was able to be around next
day. The Inqident speaks q quite highly
o(if Mr. (liford's mediolesEl-Klkader o
(lows) Args.
This rtmoUy newr fails. Keep It in
your hone, iit nay eave life. For sale
by all druggi.ts .
JeffrIgesMunr* COMt*tis
Ban PranelSen. Aittantw 10.- -The lna'
Installmlth on tho forfeit of 51 ( 00n4
hove beevn potp4 of Ito Jlffrlrg-Mon *n
ror conit't wlnich iN if ftm Av'ipt Oh
24 nw or Atp I n'ti am P :iiit ,if f" r
felt J.ffit,, his ;. a In ${ :n ... .____ _. "_ ___ ___
ror *s; jgr' IwiI the .r a'T't',tt p,
thp an'.bO',Wif nt O ',t 'r whonie an
*eicP:4 thp h'1f1 V r( i ff 'rn tt. .
o -- -pp .. Oraers sent t(
Died of AppendicItg.o e
New orlTIP Axt 9.- Rt. J. W receive prompt at
Mo re re.tlj r .r $o Ct. rorg._ Rpaejops O .
church. st'"l" hr today oIn the Towrj tion and the clai
Infirmary frnm tppendilltie. Mr
Mnor lwas a native of UntXan. when WOlk WO tUlrl 01
his par"nuI ride. li e was t"te 1)ot f di
t4 on m. fnRi at BI t,. and cue te l & b)lnt
shotr tfwr- y-ars ag. Hi wfm 41 _- "- iIlll .
*years chlMiren, twi of whom a s ew .

Violent Attack orf DOarhosl Curd
by Chamberiain's '6lic, Choleo
an DlArrhoea Remedy and PA I '..N I I
Perhaps a Life Sved.
,.& short timOW aro I wat takin with
a violent attack. r diarrhoa aaid 1w-
line I would have died if 1 Send Uot You r
gotteno. relitf/' aysJohn J l'atto"n.. en Us our
itadinst citrvti of I'atton. Ala, "A A .,
fri?1edc n nim e rti C'a Net,*l V xt r dc
C,'io. CthotrraAtnd l'iarrhaofs RImvdy. +
I tihi4IIt a tweut3-tlv. crnt ee tt iid 1. s a d
after tak iti'gliAroe f.'o 1fi R 'it was 0on. "WON
tirely uioured. I conider it the tbewt
remedy i4n the world faint sbnwl ni*m ,
plinnle. For afle' by all drTugitfs.,
lime lruslu. h il AT tCW. N .'
*We.t. GU ,!I ANt 1nidd or tuittll
the*ttnr*," t*iKg ftllnl rNt
alle' 'lll Lrrvi% lo I, I Ilitt t ,- r ,1.6 1' I..
"ll'nt.W" ,'-ii, fl' Uil III3 'IwliYiil il.U RUt
"lrhl ; *i sm it l ii % I th t it it it siever
htlh inill d11 l, ol tl ty ai orC11ea" --De- ,M.
truit Free tre.
if the Baby is Cutting Teeth .
Jit'- ure land ieo that old Sndl well-

1 .-, ,' r w?1 9.thu .i ,,UP,,thres rt .L).Ul iitlm
k.1 ',rket Ple it pr"f tbo "iblsk l rmed the.
, . tT a 1a t4110 to',pph. Wasal a.ld w '
i t. Work 64ls sa.SVILL. iL, R ,A. n Mte-Ai .taon, t be
ll GAi. rid th tr a. Uiuler at liie tj same-.
0 Ila,,,, a- h 4.*. ii

1D A T4.1 Kineitli, IectorsaitS nitt A is*ofs ouwrien and eroutwy was
3C~mifVK A TRaw iaf o ll 1Wtte Ntnm fs as be
i nIJicensed E!tINtll lllers. W"'"" E" '""i "i u '.""
"MA" Pro"m / "on IalwaFys wulvo every new
in He oll t -.--- yet thus t- .wll begilt *ad rwwu thlw
Fh oiM turs #togu aind urmlih blh* tinuinsh, hut I swe get,rvry ftr,
bout Eight44y re W . o ur I l,4 I.alwarse have to malk s4
th Broken. iflmaN w f rrnm nblWer M Mmpi, tArtl n t, ilteI."
fleds It'phlrtery ReilltaMs Ko- .--
nd sad death dl ('mtnrs, m ad mPtoraC se 1p lel .n
ion'dlf a u -,ov-- U vrythlian l| of etollne' Yen the vOer
, a Muoneie "f.ldpas ky Trlegrami ir VI'eloq f eleri* orl 1 tIn1kbi on the housetops alt
ration tiil n will mwli prompt el sttlw. ston twe.. Hin thoi e rtony eltIvh the
Nith a $gvstrFwl stolei 441i 1ut stop with the Itreet lOvr
Sfth treti. ," -- el. The dwelle.- 4edtod a td burrow
* the lenot,, T rrjied, Harry New k. AuWust o leSmber of. the Jorar buM and ltblethe build.
at trip up. It Saraai, its HRcIn amsotalIon *r, nsr there urv buewents. uublsem
,i n uu'nte, cr rpts.lisl bttYPI andW dunsn.
I am B g po ned tu have .madee up their mtunda tOis 111 I wvrftl i Taws..Io
1i,, Fla., antld uild on. of thu Ir'eanti n fe the inwlp "fm the earth amid the damp.
cas. msin n the l nted Iltates and ifl Ime send .illme. whewf. Oqe tolek on
6per rprt, have it. opoed N net sumner. Thm the slit e siI., ArgotAul,
sand people m, ov ienl wa brou ht about by l he .. .,, 1ii .........
ls the timeof eoelll has:t aWson of a well known
i the hi of 'retaurant llaut'e the card and moW.
"1001 Was.lett* roorml tllltabed to it 1 r* not f F
permitted by the suthoritlea to rui,. as
smod e01,. t 6,y ball for .vetal years All Tl" ._ t
etin th wealthy Ilrelorm ofa the maltonawisV D a U @'t0*
., ..op-to-Date
ut loose," bayv besomeu Interentd I In, a whem e
ort to do so, ad plans wilt, It is said, take do
ide. Farther lite alape within a few days.
n wept she .
llbon looke.l Old Flag DOlsevered.
barrel and She Monfgomlry, Ala.. Auiust 10-The
ias at. sBud. old agS of the Watti Ctadite sill I be
id and began ros 4int a storeIn t this ty. Thi V V
mtant, tMils. was a company of pmr s me of.
r, started out Mon|tomery raisM1l for ervle lia h4
ideoided the tonfedllrate army shortly bfMe t
eawar closed. t wasasse w W
he reached Governor Tms H. Watts. T ||he
the remohn command never aw active seans b 4 .
nd Hle Ing organi ed "'" too lateto get t th I
lin "011CW.f ront before lre srtnre .
lim ail la

.wwjig a at aifmd
, '. "' i ... "^ w l T Hi"" :


THiB ONLY ..............
S* ''
Surp^ usa s4*'''''I. 1 < l^<.i


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Toa The AtiatO aL

FO *, ALL g..A St,

Depr For ndU" B""" : U *4''+

A ly e. .l "e' ,. ; ..

Daily .

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S 15 m Ppini,, W-mU, fmm,

S. , . .

..I* .^' A j~i_ LA- ^ l -^^-I I -- k^ u ~ f.l~i'm |m dk~

Igo Wis. At


S .. Address: -
RR A'K0 K 0N Aot. llIA n ...
.-- -- ,m, s Iay $SeriA@40 lMbM l !ll.:., :,."

P!' U lIi

WiUlk 'M

'! ''. '.: [ :." "d']' '"

Ing iqyuia.
frtot a sud-
balloun into
uas knocked
nd fll rapit-
pon arriving
covered that
an's necok was
rie broken in
as otherwise
have been in.
at the ptrm-
ed tb work,
aO.t that the
id nout make


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'S'. .i:-- 11'" -,,-^ ^ '1,-' ......... ...... .,--. r
^*.'" Wr f ~ ~ ^ :,.' " ;Ei. "- B,, '" '. | '
. , 3 .'! ,,n ur i : T- .' w .
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SubM 4kw. fl ou
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.9t 19) ttWISTmS iA FU.

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WfteMp e obItelSklA.W
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IMs HfIMtTwan Two TWS
*witht a single fallon. If an
I0? -" -IpANOI0eVy....n i fora, i1tetipe"
.% iA.KIc0nss Caim feit My p t'e
hW*SVLU moso LAS. MO 2%t T09a M athush. k 1

Ixpo .tllon-. WM t ,.-t With
M A ' "P PNAIL!, s m pe l Wro.
S"-s .,se. .. .- assml I tselTIs wia W. A. .. a A ..
01. .,.....lowa 'tm V., vA. a ft. L. y. I. -fmh Btat k
S w',-on uaIg.t,4 IF.neMr AImbtI. L. ArM W 0l t L ud0 i.
now.. M*d alB raWe -,A IIST. U R-

p,., . -_ AU, GA.
fl -.0. ;. S-eeI O rgle, Florida Mi Jn o. MURPHY, Mgr,

on" ft .jowl&** ..0 ,.LAITN0._ABR YAState A t
i"u tlN. stoat'sl.iI IENO'S" TIIAI*I tABUuERP 110
TAWnA, flIRW&.
-.-- "'"DIXIE 'FLYER'.-
1-VON W1ii, 1UQUORS A CIGARS verrylmg ste &W Wo.ulyVWO cra eoear from W RD AT
-"^, .m -'"' .",. A t to at. ui .a Ta. ear Ja I & o*
S. .".,' : i e tiUre day in M6. .oas tWo i f1 o te .d.
W b oMw, b Sbo* WOid Jal ps. k s. 't V i* rat from ow yfrpy. Wortida yrir .4"1,de
Wi 7% nook &oadseta(l Jweon ills aoek aBd ^btduie. t-1wI ear re-rviuous,
i1-" HAnuY n JASV. br r, W- Via L. & 1i. .
SN. .......S. FRED D. MILLER, -
-" Yeur T rIA -,onteko t won. owl s daily
Fss i. ,lta wie Vei se swenssaiUa or k. I UOrws WIMdla 'ATLATA %A. a from (iGaiaetille toit. Louis and re.
t**i k I .. Iaw tsmse. 4 10 Return limit D. 15th
aG UAIUSMVI1ALL. fORIDA Return limit *).day*
-,a e!,.- IU A. Be. RIU iO .. Return lim.t 1. d a r
SCRYSTAL BALOON, Special coach excursion $228. Ite-
turn lmis 1 dlOdys from date of sile.
im "nl0an k Gsu.m Progwr. lTicketa sold Tuesdalr int July ,
5 i tJ uaavil * Florida II. Corr oding lo* rai v from other
---to e 1.. & N i the best lin to
bat Impted sad DOu.Ml. e -IIq- on Fs Lor owk.,te hdulest a -l stlping ear
; i s l4 Wine I te eity. Te ervat s apply to
!oJ 7.' 40......-"" S!AANARl AIR Ufl!r t
kJ.W ft. PLB.ytN.ea.upailAlt.
rw t Il Foefth Annul Exureion JUI UIII Jil LIIIL ,*w. o, .. ..>.om,... ru.
n -nntiI nd -THE
s a L iutaln ad OFFICIAL ROUTE
Suborel Resorts Because it'C the i
Shortest and Best

: lpY SIIIITOII D. C. very Low Round-Trip
B B .Rates From Galnesville i

WEINCSUAUGUST 17,19 $30.1 H 00k Yo"k.
M" i" ,. |--- -ittO i Washin ,ito. New
tU Dwi.' .., "u '$ 2 .7ork iand .avnnaah line. -f-, ., .. ..

S o i.B *" 1.- ...hiSe on bbnr ,,el d. National, State and Congression.
St.; ,.e Fw.Js, Doks, ,flsA ... 12, 18 and I, l Ticket 1904.

SJ Ash Ti'.C . : ..... 91
jibi lie *. 11 W0
r r", i and A t w '. 11 4
, ^W ,... t mu il o o ..... I
V9 $OfttSis 12 10Bk
bh t.w, Sb, %."ian "5 'u2*. le. N. 0 12 30
y %.Im.ehMW *om I. Indlan.,pria ,U 900
..f. ,t A. ta. tw. mt, ilef N-4. ." . .4 '. .,
P.. .iSp b ... -,p010 The b. Lo. .r?.. N. 13 25
sh4 "uhIWhg an d I w LIlne lton, N. C 18 00
0"... .Tr_,m3I M.e eMu dVi -o n' MOnt Tht s .h....n. .. I. iu
!.. .' ,8 ..... 8T e,
0. lf l t" v e"W alVh. n "M o. Maront v C ew00a
tl 1 b all OMldV aled ComOrt Va JA1
i" I R. btrf tloM, ..U 13. !
Sainda, N. C, 12- 10

S lka 8l ... 12 2 ,
I.. "o. ".W ar m' .- a wni .. . I
W turelio. B U (Ilarra lSIibi
4N 1 W l4e Stee, 6. Wi oe
I. "Lsah frhai AS tio Iso.t Springfl 12 10
Was. hinton, '). 22I I0
S P;-..L----i hI S, The above rates are for the round-
,trm Ti. .,. .kets will be sold Wednpestda .,

ReturnaLini1-AAutul s. 1904. eentialEIectos
EutesMiaon of teteurn LIiil--p. Preslusia lot'--on
member a, 1904 U. B. Butm-PFrankltn county.
StOVerw-,10 days at New York on G eo. K. obinsn-Mario ount.
ret an journey.
Through cuadbohtJalekonvillhto .- Oo, H. Holmes-Brevard ontaly.
kton withOut cha Throhugh: Puli. A.W. Wendeli-Gsadden county.
main ietpar. Jaehli$ letIW o IHMOf A. '. .u,-.-Al v.--, ...t. .
wtllh nly one Jchalnge.Ai "." A. M. Ouplart-Alot1 eoutaty.
Proporitonate rat e fromother point .'or i(ovrr dr--tI. M. H Maiefar
CMompltq*i. liformvalhin on appiteation laneI, I ,J,' i. '
to N. C ( obb, Agent, ( terillp. Fit. i S*cretlry ,r .tat.---.,o. "iorr
8. IC. oleto*, Jr., P. A ; A. O. Mao. ,onrue
Ooii*, Ja.hwn -ilt tea.Lir"
S ,, J i Attorne) -.*4'enel-I.rd C. Cubber-
. ... ...... --- ' " I' 1>C ' '
The Florida : C.mprltr,,lrr-J. I.. $ippor Polk.
Trajurer-K- f. rIllirotIr. Dade
T ..:- I m . 1 ., n ,! Syltol rnt^e d.,nt of Ptu [ hli<* 1 litr*.-
1 1ruit and Truck 'Grower S n-wu i en
(irowers.,-. .,,)N ,,,I
Ont.nmisio,r of Agriult-rI.--.J '
L. J. BRMT, Editor and Pmrepr, owley. u PotAtlta
S Railltuad Co.tinupipsitnr -- 1 J.
"ALA FLA. Ritehie. tt. Johns.
T-ar .. .. J. .ievt.i.r' Supremllet ('rt for trui of
u I r... .. ........... .. 1 i yeti r--W. I. heppal., E.cauftibI
Mlagil, pl ... .. ..... 10 Justinces $prefme Io(irt --0. Farr.
-. ..- 0. 1S. Adams. Duval.
.i P. l AztelllI.iuval.
A La..a. _.. .....i... -_ . .

''4'i' :'Str:.5


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AL .

I I 'ti "^ J 1"u "i'" '" .>'' _-l ' ,', /<* i*i* > i
* 'xkni' f, .,t.. .'o
S | ,ll!T iIj! w^ ai
lm K*^ti. .*lft^f'^^liJf
. -*HWff "^"f;:.*^ :B* d ,l,
IH ^ Ii, '.c,. M
*Mm .... i^ ^ j.-" ^l, ."'. tof. uj
I~fs'i:. .^r '. .- '^"*f

: I.' :.

Suw , F -'f c 'r r''PI ,a ..

A P VT.....



p a pip#l o1 ut W d i, Itki, t. tii ho u t . .l t'a.
rpeMd 4Ou11 pfill VUU ampVjeIs *mar uoom s FOR 10 o UESTSA .
U. 'n m v-,rti.,o m|i |I' Il, OMN .. ,o
"(lwe tiqitHo t rrzuhlu I -n los hiop. of- I I_ ' 'i
ihe i 't T "lrlsi l ta "'lin cr" add '
0 weterp olili i until lian ba s crisun
m, Thi'v wu Vry trv"w l!!it. s E. NH PAXTON, O In eAd Prep., WHITE $i
, r. tJtst. m"fpirtir vem l littl. or thn ii.fW .r. -Mep ___
lad to uwerr rilt1latoiou, p1at wanlr to
S"t" Rw iOt tih' etii "itIty Piorldlia ast Co
.rny ilrmtlowa ishlnan in slap th, Kor U"U> "
thi eyt e esx tm t a, Irack is, tr elos
nste whihti iAs lwaa1*d t1ly t1y sII, L AL TIME CARD No. In effect Ju
lwnlpar sky., .1Prarie dogls mrv the
0lt0f d4alni* ol tai0 lli rWtO, altil a. AMluv Ami-ua* ..0- 4wA,
the VUin wrlt. paimt tlwy wperit tha em i: "-
00#ves on (tItr blu. li t iss4 inl si it -i N trlt.! AT ... ,
upurlt t as A l .*tfmais an a !stlne, ...... .j 4 ... .
These "1i a few Il mIesI, tut h11m are ........y.... n. I ....
t wi n r T on h e a ................... ... ......
vantage that ni lUoni plUstrianim ham. __ll*, .2., :....
li ta at regilt. l1 that by following the *p .. _7........ ...........
rillkwfd 1t"llr "alinisttr fr will .0
roach a town nam'ipt>. da Y
n b .. ... .... ...... .....
"It l I'orilttvl y tironiom to the I e ...* ... .. .. .... : t ..a o ... .. ...
to r lle arr oom tl @ pralrlm Ie i com fiorl-. 'Lo . I"'fl
........ ............ .... .. ...... ....
able Pullmen car Nurtmu hd by u11 the ourI N i......;.;'" ,....:im ol to. :
Iaizv rt i l ft lifei. 'Thti iiytaBImag true. It | *..... .... ..... ...... OnS ti ...* .. *. ....
It ta s lwI est to appalling to 0have to P ......... .....
tram p nrovor 1i rv.lli.n w lthoi)t (iol or -. .. .*..... ............. .. t ... ... .... ..
water except wilat oe begu at the few ........ ..4. h l| ,.. .
wey uttious amlung the rottle I have *.*. **"."4bU*b*** ......,... u I **
never b' able i m4 anything p u ............ ,
u In I l i t................ .. ....... I .. ....... ..
strwetek iw ;lain&. -iIrIsmta glhaan News ,...,:: :......,.:; .;:::.. ,. ..t: .....g

)N 8i.
Skot l .; ..... '; ,, '. ;'..." t
AW N I ', ,., i .... "" : ," : : .,':' '

n to Guests 555, :' UW*9i
MWN8,,FLA.I",' ii!
in IOUTH 60 fOtS
lRy. r r

ne 4 1904
f 'ls s' twt. -,l.,

. ..fif,. iii.

.3 p

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.a p
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aem, 8

Shil. V*#4$, h'
.' ,: , . : * ',*'. ., *':':. i

"'.. ' " .. . .,, ',,.." '. ',' ,.' '
.r - _- A/ ,,,. '.i i i

/ 'I

r- H f < * **... . 4 ... . .. .i .* *
S.t .... .. .... ....... .. .. .. ...* .,,
W IN STORMS. P .. .... ............ ,.,
The la tim.trsu. rre ** **Ptwm* ***a Crem#* *34
The trim cycluato alpptlwt to a t w. *.. *.. .** W IV s61 ::
Smade ot IInitmI tluameter Aind lestrue- a I .. .. I b. |.
tie vilearce. All struma, threfore n .i . .....I.
wb the wi. n lel m ci rcu ling aote. .. . ....... ... iA tj . ........ '
sairut about a n.trul .rea of low bar Ar... . .. . ......
oin.t.t. u*r. .s.urtte .uy pro perly te f n *** a l4 1 . .... . .- .. .. .. m i .
tonuied ctyclows. Cyclonet tvur mont WAORD xAVo S TY ,4
frequently hi t0h1u parts of the wor ld A.----t- aI. r
which are iubject to 1mnoamoons i.u t. l_- _S .
take place at theft wasion when their Iu.,.. ... Tuie....... l tS e t
siamsoons' are clnlinlatii. TheY some- 8 .At
?,^ ^ ^ .t^..r ..... S^ii1.,...... L. -ii
times etendtd oar mnany Iloaiuands of a 1a ... f m i.... . LA soi . WAr IF
Troplkal *tormUs are known In' 11,0 4ATPos J Y 14
West lndleo ru btirrrlctni. Tbhem Vo. r ily. 1 :lM, .t0t, ,,aoSa. Pot ly M
lnt wlndatornis are of a diameter or f 9W4W7
from lf.ty to thusa t ile wher' *0 | i 'P i" I ":
in the air ovres with ft verlty of i i
central calm. ,I,. shlt. ter is a p-- . '.. .. i, --
plied to anay torn. tr templi.t In whlh PENINSULAR AND SOCUIKNTAL STIAM1UIP CmNKEOCtIGN AT M'I"I. O. 'si$lQ.
the win4 blows with terri-le violence. . .
In the Phlilpplnln llinlamu andi on the Ootk %. u--Iu AT Is AWt u t m HiWA *r O Tte P. a t. t is p t 0 i
mouthietrt u- to t of Asia ch troAND KY WBST
I104 storms are.' knuwn a.a typhoons.
The general di,.ttrrbiniewu of the paldtle
ply stoms or uirne of low inaromretr PicM i ri frot tatr ai 1e@la or say 0...quefl.l a.2il6"s 6ie .
prait-.- l'1"" onal wo. -M .. .. ,,,- . .a o. srillo -- ,_ . o | || ... R A

SCOTLAND'S KILT. 01Mg T 'Tiotar Aolr. ,
The Oruia at ThIs AmIemI mnd [ U . 3A3rX3 A .t. O h. fM Aget. S. A WURU, Ti t '
81ome0 sy lthat the killt was the out- W.
coWe of numptiary lawn enacted dur The Ees Maid sad the Auth., LJO TI.EL D *. .
bgi the reigns of Mary and of her son, On raish I vt you have ray novel, tie Blly ALlOwt
James VI. of cotu ni ad I. uf Eag- I.'ll leEt sou 1I to look it the last On Monday. Iuly ft. 1904. Cihoty B y I :.! ,
la'd. Theme l"awn more or ln. directly |imeg to vnc- how It ,rtn o ut Misa Counetlof uGaltesll, FalorI. mst'
suppresed the uanilu*nt tuhtiW whida Sniidr No. I lokltl l ti he tl anlit of r quire by .4w, for the purpose of re. ."
fl from them shomiders to l*low the tle. piliskh.'ri nil the O th* iollew to 4ee4 viewtig and eUtaltling ite 66ewment Tub PiM UV P 112 AIn
lknes. and lind In the remoter uartsn of hJw It Nr0n h .I ninl T o. noilew I cnet xiles for the year 1 0,ad th 1 s ....... ....
Great Britain anld InIlad gunned ii ti l e i rsl 1sl hw it wan. lliuntoi Tt memento agsiantflb folowwa aams ........ ...... ..
ooo'.tef wemre raied sa l :ollowsm 1 .. P. 6: a'. 4 4".
outer IIIPI of lit from U1onmn tiAwres. o$ -$000
Whlen this ws "ondenimn.d, the woeUN VW Srarn T. IO S0 .. .. .. ...... *
evaded the law by dividing the tunic utr s. :: J t 2 ** 8 I S t .....-* .. *..*i
at t he wa lit. thpe uiper part b Dlcowna l inPitla- l1'gart.. t.. i- ti o1v inrl a4V C1w1 .r'4 & l f V I a d .. ... .. 1
double and the' .itw r the' kilt. the' Iiise hefor Qh unt rril that aum. Ag's. Ol no *. a ** .
The kilt, lhowvori, nttW. havo twon IaltrAi hme did. akilir;. bit hnu RO11 Cook l. ..... **-* *f'.
of earlier datie, for it,. lo show an a kuow 1 i.mrrritd her to reform bni.-- B. G asking 0 *
sj-li"ratv tgaurneit, iieatli y ,quilt' d i rrnm Yonkers States!iai. M. 0 ishatim t ? I " .
walshm to' knee. oi Sauny m'tdqitaeval
oernom ant aunintith mit IaiaOiting O. .Vh. a Wedo Mes ley O ,n ISY '%
th' o' t Kilkerrm and Kllmorie, with "Th ea act. hppet and beet m .di EJ 30 eMeh $ .. i u
d ,t ie rs .ei yie '; tn. fbnhlepI b 0. M el.san I. ... .,.,..
d. t l re t hr ia ol). forse i W rr old.s athm- and all dic Mrs. K. 3I. Phtti I .
It in truml tl n ho.l hlti' r 1"qlUilting.,! fpnof i lOslli, flh l rt tnd lu lle4 Roller"t ad L ey P' rr an 10 Is id 1a Per ,. 'iI
Qhat itti^ its iUDIe aul si doubt Q01kor Oil. 91p n. w 11i04 very. t1o PW dnes A Thomas ( St **
e cilt lomupdtmi i. n i. gurb1ntedi h r teelt -li. ld .. Ps W I 0 .. .0 ,
istotion v1 yeery eaxe or mon>y will iaieon Thoaon. 14,
w promptly h ret lrned. t t i.' ..rende I. .. .i20
Cin i .. .''r rppe mPo hl'. quickly 0f6ttrop11 rt. FP, Thnt e a mu 0t .
totl. 1h tiF 14stf its iulUght not 1on diebset aorms, and, isu4re6 hill, per. den WTlhlioas ,.. 1
i 'lp ti'r. re 'y ic *4 k ainhii m 1 g ripop h r l dFt' .Prmll". icY I t u ,. "" 1 TIht A I
lil In l ii! l,.liolnO v .... Whl =og no I-- .atn. a- ,

u to u .11 -lt l.' holl' a suiK and tt erriT ftir whigh dad nwu ra 1 bo I *
ha h at: i s r ot up. d s .l.. sre on M iAu sn .. 1 1 1' ..1 a . P. 1. .. At A ...
ei 'ult w o-t T't h t;a man wtio faII -rhod -t 1oheart si' te1 al e Ai t .l ... V_ .f. b Ibt:l*ma '

ha r.o'ral e ndl' for! 113him Ubat t 0 4 lfJ i' fterw door. h. dat d h l a'*,
' T . r t, i-. ovt ..r to t---,., P ,... 11d A.d o .- - - . r fb1. s
tiAivt@ d o-@ 11 I h iba r hang s IPn ti made Il k 0i I" 7. fL D
wi v'pil t t it i I.

T .e 'r "O i l o h t ,' a , .li e ', Y o

k t era :.l i ,4 ". .. 'of REWW AN&r Mrn Cw i'lll, hSndyorllor sf.otJo t .i ,+i ...,
'' >" 'l l d' i' *. -:1 'r s'' h ' tI 1 ' '. 'ht y -' N
L iI le 1 L 1 LU Fi nglie n t.I
I ,' gn. hI ei fl it Tilia-v i CIANI ? is J *tI.e,. ;J, ae k r n i Ie El r i.(1ft -
.X .^K . .,4
o r ,- mi lhi. i:'r.! ", ir. i ou t t iN w illo f .- .. . : 1 . .I 3.I 111 I .. .g. I. . . '. _.I .-.^ '""".il ;-

; ,-


66 .' .' u -l i *\
r k
I" I
.* .'!i >;," f

": ,;, .. ;"', Y+ ::L' ^",. ,
'" ," A iijj~t.

""'.^ : ,. ^ i.",, .,.::. ,,t:,;l,. ^,'

....... .+,
.I 11 1 .: 'r.

. ll .

'I, ,i. .,A

7ot phIn Poels
AN WAS KI D 1 fof rs en fl t.
,.o,.I l. Aug. 10-W. If ,ee h,. v.
$wm# W, 401. ho. * 4 s lurnadd tOhn a fraightoavinit ra
88 #*Iq, inr,:0se1py in u d I Xadt tives tita,. Mi o Mli,
:ag^iAL wIll irvin via the AS* i: who-ftd 1 b1 e enhis nea
, t , 'bo ie retunr d with him .
A.D.. totl*Amuupshe vielior. In Sownere r
the Thems, Un.r HIS DUOTN CAMS INSTANTLY, Mediu sad fami f tn .
,,.t .,. ill. of Mi1 011And . I.. hieh*
11J. O ,p tor o6 MP.W4r Oawpt to **obgrep rosUm l t||e oand brotlsr of Orange l.k.
vmwi &M edsphss eolOhr# oael. Udr GO6v (Oef DWknsse and Fird Q. Hufftmn will for ht n,
>t eI' kIowiq p:."11m. TwaLaMdi llto Mi MHad end nual trip Norh esomelimn rthi. week.
Weoll4spit e N tb, Arr1ted M. 16tidwin gha returned from. h e.
^^obi to Nor .""ek ,.. 'Ia ,w -els' vitsi a ,4Whie icOf wl ,
^^^ ^ M! 5ftWu"wiThe.. Mesas, Newpery Aug. l0 %Iderd night 1W '000 4hSuperal from a m her
SM.i"r. ti l Wo)sir ado Wail- as pom the lne of, the Du at sitk o t mieaslesS,
li Pbh-phea Comp"any ,Pm unknown I rft lih recent hiwy thudar-
WiMUW tRW fl4Uqn ii $11 he I4 fromo *h party Ierot.up'so the home of Bm4pr **tm no ln* than *44 elPItthA< rot.
0 of too r 0- , e ap--, .i .a. tw'a M',ro*, and OMn Hfeihut
u" sb. sle": ill'. b'hro~~~a Ad hirt#h quietly were s.iitr k by lightninag and rNl.
-plaping ired two lbeade of 0o. 6 shOt t hor iesg wood.
,.--l .. D WADO WAS t.LISASO. into his head and nluk. killing him iu- jI will be good new to the triendt of
Hstautsly M-eMrs. Grimes to learn that H
Ve W..' Ww rt d 1 With W M Judge Fortson il holding an In- Orimes is able to be about and I o is
Bt 0.t nyM Wibe Nwberry Noe1Oit|y' qtestted ayai hsa J, V. .lo es, An. over the worst end on the mend.
"WW ""-wb'"0.1Me Wlethlhi* negro who wR hliio Johnaouand iMary Wright held -
t S t Ws M qldO Ws Arobir a few days ago by pOs simplelon. The prtlsa are all ne- OTC.
(ItWWUSIQ fle Newhtrry upon a p, - NotS. N twherety usi o tn thul e ww a4jn
,* 1.. ...........*.......... ..-... .. '~ ~PLIS sgd Pr tq rtv of the bern sit Lut4ber "
S-n'S n Qp ndan- w nblb sple ltag rw roe l1, A HIGH COMPLIMINT. tmk.f RiimrP. oalet on At fUo V
..B':l M! :I '1U fiNelt ofr 0410 As *lrirwnv dl o %. oalS ohell.Por
.," -will tbe o*M. at wt P I l at Iblbe ,o% orr
^ab ....'': y Jusse Fordoln at Lieut. Blandilng Has ,G Oc tailled h ufhts o. A sU n pAbu UK *0 Mr W04s*csd athe. t t tedo0 in oi ti t or Al s w.. s o al ALiaUh
y I W Ai te ovidene in captain of tlordl Rtflo Tam. e to va ur RU t4 n. r aUtm
vokho.111*Lieuteant W. Dtmni of the .bet 1et onS, et. Wor turbtqr hl" or
p~Isein, .avil r* s Wde did l rde should b o-npl. X~.' Pnn MT. OLN
UN;,6*r bettng wblppe 4tim woman, tmead po t a tst ha h T Au A. U.
.d*,.lh dnalse4. deni te* Ievr1r I 1i dettled n em paipIn of the Florld rill... ..
0Ii shutshe .a'lVed, bus stated. tesam, whohlh I to lek pett In the 0 oin DPISSOLTIONK O (.PARTNER4NHIP
4" ;".. ealy "pp.a.ied.. a amttd buher *hl" to 0p4ltIl I flpsie U. 4. A., atannri lrIDe S La,. tbl d'.-
; "t"9 ft ed .... s as"ens." of lea" ll I. Fort Riley, the lets r p rt o th p d p r Sumu meo*t tume s I tiddll ru.gn4a
;" hS Wh",.!med K. 'sted that be *p.t mo1nstt This order alEn fm.O Ad' bVT.WNuron.t.wi auoitb. .r '*.btn4dA
t* S bWi.#o*fcu.u US St4at"ft S teie M fwbm Tt ll, blillbs l&duot eir lun
'.W Sta tiohtding4k :andita sued trid to dwas(.ttfn ..A. t 1 1 ; e ner !
S"9 Vb ,p ti i bet" tt his hi" wif* U u .e osenst Blanding' of his appoint" f.. .A WRI IN L.
.. .. .. 9-vn "we 'h t s "1 0. Vi .. A i. l4i. 'i. i 2t )
T I at^g so eu**ue e by pliupi* The. sIeavillw'( Guard, are al. to )hrW rWl aPlto to '
e- eg rasi u a.t puisoner Calm* be songreolated, sine o@ $ 04 f theo,
.. i. wefe t that did seam of .,to be .ees.f To THOMAS
$be two vit1 "of -IhofB liorida State
... .ip the hsband.up b npto tr ops twop w me h wfAv be.n seloted to
.t a. btu a. pielIl'sst go to Fort 151iyc v beitsr Ieuienasmt
8U ndeaakiogdBndi .d q,,nt ne, Morris.
.,..., ,!p4 ni W"'l ilew, ',The .odiot, dmprted WideIrsdey
tes :' :iiH! 1fJta gIn St. Aulpttintewhor they will jonl .
'' ". .the an."d go Into pro&de for tm FTTLL LI INE OFa
Hi . ,' day. before proeedilg to, Fort Riley .. .
Thq Fort Riley eaoampment will to. N U O S
Sli on August $ tbh and lusSt for ,'x E N W 0ODS.
dwy.*, inslusie. Some of the finnts-
--* nn markneml i n the United States Artmy sel all al alr I
PerOnl alleath sto all Maotil la
will 'be present sad should Florid&
Im an trophy at this enmtest we should thi. lis ail amd telegraph 0rderM
16p1pAtL to ,giv our toy. a royal re pa
,wepln. Gainesvil

1 Sir Knights From Plgrim Command-
'wH4i! O_'_____ __id_' ST"EON BH dir Knigtsl Oushmaa, T'aylor, Hyde.
.H!,'.,1 '.e' ~li g ~ 'Torrey, L.tillev ld. HMigdoc. T. L. AE TA RA .
lloodgsoun, L. K, Pierce, Cobb, MaIm.
sler, all member. of Pilgrim Corn-
., ,meno=~.,rmurdury of Kuight Tempt.. located
inslhil slsy.deppaned for Live (lak.yeo
a commendery at that plus., and to
co'fer the orders of kuighthood o,
I- it& m~ ~~.- e. '. i k.. '

..l .r I '' : .. I sme thirty sandidat'. The'ny will be
iB Pt Qw .1 Joined there by oilan of the Grand
*oehe eI and Sir sKight. from alt l.
IB.A0 V t over t*o A .. '.. : ..
Suicide Prevonted.
4 S tb sTh e grilling inoguewmrns ht hI" trhs cornerr Soutb a"t i'a:.e |
A. t WiO ll CHoslitI4 or Mt lIr. pirevenite i ui.ide brd been di6s a I nI,. Ar
a7bo% I A' releiblb Barguins. re* d will (nterear many. A 4o r
4sgpat ow, rdbgoqdenre i nrmibbiy: re
e hedesa suicide. andssn b.ka *a A
4iSA fnd that will prreve(tt coIht endlo Ai llto 'U T
pleulad W Sr Reduced to CI wIcth waousht tuloitde hatmuin Asthe
1g7o ,ghttosusbmdcun take n th Late. *Qi hUi
Sh h *morrow.* i ..1t t n ,
Sw. L- t rrie Biltter. A! belng |l rt l Ri tt Itbtieat tgl
S :. ,toM a.d n ervine wIrll stvlgthe r iU FOLDERS
II I . J a a nervesves a d build 't thie, tem. I' *lA t '
fth ashWt Alle0 a reat tomch, lveI nd hkidaer TI
t ist arta "w:,m byall ,,, rti.dy ll d r sSTUDI
i a h u.,s.I *.e mWft. *b_. .* . .*.... .. ,a your h ier g o. .. rk .a .t

1 Pbhb aa4.bove aWt a acii eivl h u ,t,4i'r 't "iig tr tll Fo th r ,i ~, a
w wawlasb WllS tra:d ) Lk i it
S....i. Cri ,. I,. tt o th. un er ( h ', '

LLs bddb;de OW ford Tioe; a big lot to Th I "FAeV0 111
close it All t h, nii ce,.Nli ,,.
it inte24iz U ertan
,o .. IpiQI i0Unfdll 0. t
40"Mt bseaorf he Toma Wor a

e "o.out,,store.. O1anrfrom a0
la". bic Of Caskets anfd *f t Bur.
t .".' '6:1.p.-.everydakid.m.y In "ve- -- Coldn
,ia botnL4 a% . the, week. inPlgt (el, Ist M ris ( t0Sit .
M tcea bitdder troab. tuin

S, ' , ' ' '
".ih '. ,s;' ;.!.: ,," .\ r , 7 ~ 7 1 ""+ "' " "... .'. .. , ,". "


Published Twice a Week--Monday and Thursdi


7 4 r- ~--- ----~--~ -N r



Mount Vernon Lodge Entertained
Visiting Knights.


Nine K. of P. Lodges Out of Ten in the
District Sent Representatives and
Visitors-A Fine Program, Termi-
nating In Elaborate Banquet.
'The largest and nlutst inte'relintg
session of any secret fraternal society
ever held in Gainesville, with the ex-
caption of grand lodge sessions, was
the ftrat district ineeting of the Fifth
.ltstriet, Knights of P1ythias, whiah
wMl held with iutmnt Vernon Lodge
No. *.0, this eity. Tuesday night.
Three are representled in thil! die-
trit, of which W. E. how of High
Springs is Distriet deputy (irand
Chancellor, three cou nte, comprising
Alaehua. Uradford anid levy, and of
the' tien prosperous lodges n this dis-
triot domain nine were represeiated at
this meeting. TItpre were present, in-
eluding representatives of the various
lodges and visitors, aijnut noun hun.
dred iand twenty-five. Among the
most prouminitnt Knights who Ient dig-
ilty and g rae to thein locasioi wero
Urand Chancellur HIallmnark of Jack.
sonville, Past Randd (Chancellor W.
H. I I'Nal of Orlriasdo, arid 'ast (Chan*-
cellor Jtwe Sherrouse of Jaekisou viltf.
The following lodges wre 4ftflkialy
represented :
Suwanniee No. 4, llrosonu J. 4.
Fowler, D, Z, Cobb, 0. .1. warmer, W.
It. Aud erion Mllt. Verniui Nto. A).,
tisinesvill ', A. M. Cuhm'nlan, .. l..
Turrey, J. t'. Funch. 1.. J. (Ilyatt and
W. I., D)ikLinpon; Micanijopy No. :12. J.
Wv. E'nligh, II. 1.. Itlrluw and %W. t.
English ; Stark, No, 84, W. Kllery lDa.
via; Waldo No. 5, (i P. Morris, J. J
Kunm and J. Ii. Coffee; IHligh Springs
No. l1, W. V. SIurntrir, Jag. lDay;
Newtwrry No. 6h, E. B. Duncan and A.
(. Reid ; Areher No. 62,3. W. May, C.
-Ii. Wood; Alachua No 2, I.PRoy NK
Pearce, J. A. Williams, C. i Worth.
Ington and J. (i. Kelluml. I addition
bell lodge was well representedi by vis.
iting members.,
'*he meeting was formally opened aby
the regular convention of Mount Ver-
nnn I.udge, of which J. A. Phifer is
chanoellor ooimmander, which was fol.
lowed by the introduction of oftleers,
rewpr uentatives amnd brothers, the lodge
6eizi>l at ease. After caKling the lodge
to order Grand Chancellor Hallamark,
District Deiputy (raud Chancellor Dw
and Past irand Clanterlur N'fal)
were escorted Into tihe room by (iratid
Mater-'bt-Arnnt 1L. C. Ioynch, who lad
previously announced their presence
is she antlte-rit. rin The>e o fti.ials were wil iine l haurner due their
Following the weloaine of Ihe grand
oloMers, the address of weltonW on. be-.
half of Mount Vernon I.u'lgw was de-
livered by Mareuis nUdel. Mr. l':ndvl
ii regarded am on. of ll,.' uuoi inlrmpns-
*te ir the Statir, and. while
hi. address to ths visiting .Ki.:htts was
brief, it wasi titld wilh elouitirce'. eC.
roimpanird by a sincerit which wIs

The address of .Mr. Li ,ie' ha ing
been c'4o p ,,-I ,.I l th.i -.* 4mrvt 'i-:trk t..i
4takn utlp, th teuam u from Mounlt \Vetr
Auu working il tl 'Third rank. a.iFpe1-
'.fled urm. For ti* tfirt tn.' n untiut
Sbetr of the uembli.-ro as itiel,-ts t ii.-
te. tsitug work. Wtkhti. thos-e whlu w ert,
familiar whh thAe various iart m*f
h attly drinking of l th etlelilnt and
, lanpre,,ivi i tminnr in ,hich i t w t,. -
Sin dne upon thiit -oceaition,. Tlhe.
.. d ei. tl talks "Tur lti, dw, at terward re'eivivt'ld maniy ha n-d
St" in, c.'iupliaiuen*s over the 4'tlI4 'eItL
and inire it h iiianiT r wlii t ME t'l t
. Work wast iprfiormlnd.
":" ..At ah- Pif l i !on i, f uI ,r,, u, ,r i 'a't -n.

itre-&* M,( ", ILho It of ,iL I i L l
Work M' r. .Shrr'lf o:-. i t'l'i i *. i
1 s104 t r ptia ughly |Ipu st i tlrmen in P lI i*.

liilla in 1 .I Stai'. lald k tnoas tfEI i rit-
uAl frIi mi,0P' .n6ld ti.e i otWher,. it t us
a very rfIueti p worker, tloing a fles
speaker, and irinai oas *suggtlui. isthe
brother ls Iarned a itrr*at dal and a
*fat many "writnkler" in the work,
lie* address ert'R t 'dd a okIqI iimpriv*ioa,.
and one whielh will ns doubt las1 alidi
prove benetlicial to the lildges in fi-.
Past tirand Chan cllor W. t. o)'Neal
itf irlanrdo was stcheduird to dJliver
an addrrsl oin 'Pythialiaium. and it
is :iterdias t amild ltat I, in ade
a fine talk maid did himself grrat
credit. 1e is ione of the bust busted
and most earnest lythians 1in the en-
tire domain of loruida, and a Itter
speaker for a better sutbjecpt could not
hav le tien selettled,
Orand Chaueellor tr. 8. hallmark
of Jackoiinville was nest on the pro-
gram, mad delivered a brief but tine
address on "Our Order." ie said a
great many things of inljerest t)o his
assembled 1brohforr, and hi tAlk wasi
thoroughly absorbed and enjoyed.
The eveniijiK's evretmnnif in tht;
lodge room wore cuncluded with short
talks on the "itond onf the t)rder" oby
members and represienativel of the
varliou loJtk'e throughout the district,
and wrtre chilly enjoyed.
It was a quarter of oe o'telock int
ti1 miurnintg when C(hiancellor ('1oin.
nmader Phitfer aisanet)iiud that rffreish-
mntils Were awaiting tIhe merntbers,
wheIn tu* 1 irocJ'ded to cluwe th,- I tHIeM
in regular furmt,
.At l.e cloiiing of thr iltl4go thie
KInights were iiavited Ri the etCumJoa.
dious room in i- tlEnderl book. where
caie hundred antd tweiity-llve plates
had beers set, land where there were
two loung tales, iierly decorated. and
which grroas insider ihe weilhit of
the gind thing prepared by the coni-
miltte v m refreohintitt*. M. 1. Ma.u-.
ders, W. 11,. Hlder and W. It. EIdila.
Seldom, ha. s uch a 'e read been
r'quall'd, and uevrer czeelied, on any
similar bveaseion in ain illei lie. There
was chicken. ualads, pickles, oindi-
itev.t, nti endless raret r of deleavie'r,
eake iand ice cream, aid for an hour
matter, were merry around thIt festive
The coui lttee on arratguentiihe f.or
this mem) rabi.* oeator w.'er 1,. I.
lynch. A. 1. CuS. hi111a it. T. s il.arer,
J. F. lhnich and W,%' McKinustry.
Thie comi(ilitteu4 on reeptiini were 3J. .1,
Pliifr, Ge. o. 31. Lynch sand .Marcis
Endel. AJI couinittees did their work
with suue success and jorret.trs Is thIat
they are It be congratulated, aiie l'w-
fore the guests dispered they made
a unaoimoug rote of thanks to li i
tn*mb~ers of Moutl Vernhou Lodf ler
1 rhe .zeellenr and hbiahlet m manner
i In which thy had brrt entertained.
i it was decided by the rn'ressnta-
tivre in business mrsuiutj to hold an-
other meetmCting before lthk olose ul' the
present yIar, nnd r so hospiiably and
gKenerously had the visiting brother.
t -1.n treated by Mount Vernon 1.ndg.,
1and so'us was Mount Vrnonm
LJodg(e so idi th lhionor againr. that it
,as unenimouly voted ti hold this
mectiing i, tiainrt-alle, the tritrict
lsputy tirai t C''a*lli"er i., annIuincCe
tle- dat' lter. ThIk lu,,.tinut will no
I d ti l ;-,ll. i .irl)y in l.-, 1.eini..r


i Ri siins Wilt Arriv Today--Funeral
I Wilf be Held Tomorrow'.

Stu it riiu, ti o I Lot.- .Jo'aitr,- i, the
nu (trt Ui Iat t i" inig Ini:&u w ht. i tI.r tI 'i
lu'atti at .Mlu[II' Irid., I u id)1 it) a
i&ale''< d',''ii'nt will larriv vie ilit ,\i. I
lan~ie IN(,.t~l Linr at o'c'I'k rl i is at
lrliet. H,* L itn i at'' (i"ral ,w'ii I I lu Id
WrIn,4, tundier dIri'irtmin of in' ti'unm r I'nder-.
taking ('CnOPspay tomorrow mioruirtii at
I n'elt,-. 1~ "V W J ('arj',.,ter of
aK an i:tu .h irii.t l; I 'thit,- ij til, i-

iTh f!'ilj ni mn untltion-n are Tre.

-- *



Forty Private Homes Darkened
and In Mourning.


Which nuftred Out More Than One
Hundred Lives, Most of Whcis Were
From that City-Immanee Funeral
PmtIvlo,. <'(clo., A gtiust 10, A east
of deetp Iq* tlo waln nettled itpom thies
eat) torla), the day folluwinS (the ratl.
road honrer, whtih snuffud out 100 or
more liUt-n Many businvs honosel
ari clod.IH tUL of rumpaciL fur the dead
arid mior than 40 private hueom area
tldarn .a'il and In mournlt t
Tl'ht vicilinu of yesterday wll.
peobhably not hie the only unes or the
Io40t tio Ih pitted, as already caes ol01
totMl Ilo., of indili as a reeilt of the
,,hck wheu tld of loas of loved oant
tio i poprtlil
All thoe chli, ni have )oitd ta oone
lmi'Ii,'e fu Nural proIces.lohu wiudingt
iIuQ,.aktutigly farom neo minor to tho 1 e
t4 t i niot iuftr A pirII sinalt los. know.
rif un o11 jii 4 tief Liio vetli ma aj a

1'in .rmianily Is (the he'vlrit that
hIa. -'rvr fnii i on th*I e I ly. The flr(
fnatr)n that l miac .'l thti city vt'sterday
Uirnlng tXi. i ,tr I 'A. asitpiarerd. w
*,',, of itner*eILalWy Today it hao set.
repil down to Is a hornril ePrtainlty.
',Ailliv., have ij-'.n ttili l odAt. an in.
rsLatier t.*'"tw i 'w t of J. Thon i:s. c r
rtIaul g ,III i. f o it' Snnfta t' I;Hlrolrad
ah. ,. U'gKttln'h r wfIht t 'I Wife, lost their
*1 I In h- ruish!ag wtitrru
d :'n i. t'114i;
.*.jp siianl.t i mt ;tI nal hatldy %a, locit,
o'1. 1itt in% th daurknes wolk *as a n.,-
,.-- rfly I .) W ,
TTi" ni m.tO irtanheruis of htrlam%
t-' ronntain r river, into which all the
ida 1 hdit'< were wvashl,. this morw
Inig lie fa -ii 10 n tarly its fo innal. com
dit Ltan aI, 'to work of rrc.ue will be
marI- e a.s: a, The d,'atih list as corn
pilfl from tIhe l'*.3t btainlablte poure .
4of IrorZnatio. shows a total of sitty.
ilx imdntifil l ea< ,. known mining .1,
andl teuntllotinfi.i hoolus l. 1, mlaklna
in tven 104i llvo. ,tI. This list will
ta* wri than likely adiled to.
Tf rn'lroaild sliti'Aon has material.
ly trnprov1(l Irrf' resumed i is ih
morning anv, r the ,ll, idrande tracks.,
Many wroek ren,. ,.rly this ntrnilng witli
v'rccking Cr. A and today w ill proi^
S.i wiIu' rut i'l trar.u of the horribld
T7,, fslinvi a in a lI1t of additional
. nd4 and mI sitn:
I.T,'ntlfll ,.*ti's '
fl,+k. MlS.. Pnhbln; Romlan. Pranl'c
Pritilo: frachmun, Torner, Ientr:;
rtiup'.'ll. John. Pubino DarIl, MInta
ola. l'ebltn; iurman. V. Plebleo:;
r) nils. A S.. Inmranr' msian. DehNvr.r;
D;fu'n. Maln'*olm 5. Ptaelt:i; )*;nn't
%fit. Khllzm!.oth. hrnv'r; PCartlari.
Wvanflr. Il yards. Denver; OarllsnL,
Italprh. 2 y..,rM. ,.fvtevr; Gartlanul
monthni- l,",,r (rork,. T J., F'.r,
S.. '< I;,:, Kit, 1.. 1'u..,ob : NVr4
11.? t h'I.ira ,' S Ti',: .Tont'. G rgu oft
PI,,...." ; 1i.'. i. t lw art., i'i:T'bln ; t%

it puoi U :NmOj
% TI I I \ lIr. \ I l pt,ae

4- s'.. ,, '.., ; ,T t ,. j aM is ,
,,1 a t lt ..* ? 1 1 Ji l I srh,',i

Cloudburst at Waytrea.
W eAAr'i, I; A'.'1, tt1t A 'ktlnd-
hiIrtt (0t a" I .. i,'t tw ,A i 7 and 9 I
o.'r ,.s.k t ('lca'im d Ill'.iui'ru lei damage I
Itmin .i,,rei, in Ito ia-.t for asn inoi
,I.T fl 'D 1 I ,i'. 't. Il .m... I

0..- D.LLAR : .
'" ..."' "' .'. .



i bkmss Sm hwhn :T i i.

S. . q i
Une Onvr of DwOn -P
TwoeLndsMIst mq -
Nck-Sutpeo Anne 4 1..0
Newbrry. Ae, 14 mVud SSM
at orn of Uh u1ogp
Phosphase Conp qpy
pMrty eMpt op to Ifm .
Robbers, sh whibt i

mow i. ha ald (4& A 1v 15

so leimit asRW-:
MtlNuw !aeeMLp3Jl

11111 4i .. ..
tt', wkiof

sl. nAoIsistbe
ohelilre of MInAW iSt
tio P.Um4 lmorp *14 t

hNes wsabl to mups as19
U Mk t Wa- '.W..N. -q. . t<""

storatome lamthja asi

they Owre. T.T sio $a ""

ldarke*r, s ..,.e

aton b od oss mt. L s,:
Mandto atH041q

smer a wee U *
f. ig 't" '""i*sa 4

etorp, Ga.- Agss it'l0,!,
wow .ard,'. ,.fa t, ,.
*, Mo. ars ...he "tets" ,.:.a|.

lfe. ihbWI f ,a ,i i,.,.

the en. t. A Zt!.: t ;

dealer adl l day Sheroug
mesous, tasly hi Orind, a t
mmd eir do iort to t&6 7 eliwls

What, they m itli AtIm

athe part ofte d sMepartiiat

htoi not knowli -ho thei)r W i
eandy rtau, t io ver ve arsft 'I -t

ieiona.I p ume has not te sillspw- Iw:64

wrei kto I111np ago *41 l
Mts. .Cty A"tJP.9htl t *S.,

ecu.ty h agne. wat b Sa't

a *. . . .. '. _..
,g be t _-. .t h .a.. ., "." .. ;- ''

rigontr id nu t unt l a the I. .
wato alird froe .t ta b iw

the rnctzt. Au tare : ft :'

a ..a.I. a {a



e HEd Been Ill For Quito
SNumber of Weeks.


.Saeoter's Family and Many Warsm
Friend Wore Arnse the SeSlde
When the Angl ft Dheath Claimed
t laoul. Auetut 10.-A peell to
Tbhe Poet-Dspeatch from Swlea
Sprnins, Mo., says:
After lying for weeks between H11
and death Pirmer Mhnator 0, Q. Vestl
passed p*ac'oefully away today. He
had been so near death for the past
three days that ethe mat Iam without
* strugKle. 11 was ounseIOUa
Uagtitl '-h""* H -. A0940 morpliag
when be sa k latoe stla of otSO ,

gIN & loftkVIT.
rtem which h never aroused.
' At the bedsild whuen the end came
was his wife, Ir. Jarvis, the family
physician; Senator Vest's son. AAe*
anrJ,,r; his Jaughtr. Mrs. tioeor4 P.
11. Jackson, and her husband and Mr.X,
Thomp1son, a nleece of Mrs. Vests.
Thn remains will be taken hw I '
Lounis for Intlrment in the private oa
of Mhr. A. A, Allen, vice preni'utr and
getieial mailager of (the i.Ilsour
Kmasans and Toxas railroad.


Mrs Oeden Goeft Victim f $2000
Jewelry Robbery.
New York. August 10.--kre. Ogdoe
GoeTt. according to The Amerleoat iI
the victim of a $200,00 jewelry rob.
bery reported io have oeeurred a
Newport last Juno.
'Although all knowledge of the can
Is denied by the Rhode Islaad dthopo.
Itles. it Is said Mrs. Ooelet has jast
come to this city from OCher court%
'er summer home at NewporL. and s
actively engas d Ia aid414 the 4o
tire "
TheI poblhedl Hast of 'lhaling sn -
oou talned a black pearl "dog clla'
suhe as Mrs. Ooelet is known to hajv
owned No dupllcate of this magilk
cent necklace Is known to e*xst amonn
the anclety women of America. It is
stated that the detectives are work'
Ing on the theory that the work wall
done by a proftrulosal thlet and 1,
publicatine of a list of the mlsthgl
gems has been made only with a view
to preventing their ISale.

Charge of Aren,.
ClvacinkI, AuKiusaJ j.--On a wasr
rant Aworn out by state deputy Mao
shal Ahmbro*ej chargun, arMai. J. W.
Delukert was arrested today. In hil
aflMi vit Anibrose hliartp s that Do
L o lh: t night set tire to his ,aloom
with the0 liiin-ntion of il,.Stroylllg propg
7erty ,sreari ,it Vroit aind fTne streeU
by td Rofihl-raTn ltallway for it nlew
tormintal, Tho fire wall 4sov'reod
at li, ht;irL ''.-, ptit '.iut in"' W ta i tlp
loney. Pk wa f',"Irnl that a iot ol
ermntue!l.'Ls a 1hn : prfac.el In th61
durmbh.a'.'r tfor In-etilary purpose.

I Ia*'' W t lr lii IOr- 'st IF. was a I
a a . a *n .wiwapsenMn. ail for Kurna.



9. ne f I I A tiI f i i)A r v 113 man

*7 1 't!'^fl %'h*-J7%., *1 ; . &Y ( ':7Y 'i* ;1 *
_i ,t ,, ,K I ,
tj i:sea .

'F -.-rY Y. 4 *+.F.~, ~ ~ ~ -- r-..aa~


'i^ n U "^ ^
Tyr pm


. m ji'; : i I. ;/.

D 7^B! ^~hL^L^h
In^ )L-HBB
~ ci^^^.IY^^^^^

BB i^^. ff^*



,.t W .

Jujla^ Ap^J^
pwy~-i *M

I.4oMs A o.:wm **i dP*

AIW M~M i fPor PYotW.n

"e' J le oitaf f aoieipatdl wIll open a
Ot. flw. 4 r el Wel ses. i The
~. iea.Dlayfallo b*ei, adis now beaid

1 (oprly M0l1daed :afn o vr l so leo,
se.a, St ., It i WPIlBI Vill opeN .a
it!iee Sept year.: The

agu 4 ft pbelabl.ltie aro thae the
steam will beiurled ion duilg the
*nI j$ioe panr sf fMhprpeas moh,
* thfi llisution dartig the season
gltv emplepieamto a lareI mumbur
of lhads, prihilpslly women npd ohil.
* t n"a, but the aumter i luo grsat, de.
pN-. spie she eompsrativly suimall salary,
*. s the pros. of hs. ledlesry l roltl.
M HIe., W. 0. Roblnesn, who is spend.
mimf ti g a sho vaseation al lhi* old home (i
"o lehded Isil*d. eiapet, to. rturilt I,
,S9P5. aple time to "eIt t4s. wheels a
: In t' '. HI es the nmasapgr of the
b WTh. ioa department, and will be auslt*
W ed this*al em by his nephew, Harvey
11 Mo*ueon, wowlwilumeed .i W. W t.

* IM *. mIsa s eOsput of the pJttan
S, g8pt0Is dem hiasilng eRDofrmOUs, run-
To- OiWilito lte heads of halm. It will
, to 40 e imralo te aominni s*on,
06* bluk a smlber of nuew loup of the Dtig
l w1 l type bat bows latlled..

i0T tLgpiwng LINK IXTISNINo.

,a Am," and KasnapfMh Now Oon.
m Wth GOashemvisa by 'Phopne.
S"i #. m.tIli., ASdSd pd Kasa
S-MAap saw arrny o eaesnatios by

10 -s '>hPbe @e.pfavgaug bega so.
..4 WV .te tho e planes. ossonmatloa
i6. tWea at the .i lto Is work*

: 'plw. a "w"Alpedly
IW ulm.sp lawrml pOlat, will

"u. plowng.*L a

Is6CuWRMby0te buters kpreq Caom
pa, with heaq-. M arte ia in Hai la
. Mr. iatlh m. Wodig la ad their in.
l.' is VSeingshNMAlle hwave been mreid i
ti OamsMlWe for t. mverl years and
SpaseMl assiesll lavodrle here.
e .h ?b .will .be greatly m d, but
106 W- go wfl lh a khek, heapplaess. In
r r 4 .... e .ie,,,
I,. their nt eBm..
I PeaWsut Ulrthdav Party.

d es
m A*in.

th he we mas

il trolsit o iled

b e UIw. "n.&twao
he flas bee,

hT* nd. a family

-So ibaqmapy in6 kiks. oTr

4Oe Alt I laiPA t NQPYM
tet. ert,'e0 0 in ,Sat t aW,
','rI tI I aqs onnll-ig

f .fi i d-1 o, ;ood in the rauoe.

i i s abR. P. 0 .h. Mioa.
b ult*sWhao61reho ams o. fTer
e: e't. le tm' atout twneatybive ad
h; 1. is thky various chu ehes. Thed'
ae ,t.aleie .M deiag f ine work, aud
!e'i."r eS.*sle ao appruiAaued bl the
; M .pe ople of Me e ie lap '
;'R:'," h,.h. : ael t transfer. '
" Lolw bana purchase .from
r.'. W.. Wae a bhandanaa pins ofprop.
afty tl Nl Ualiuilblle. The lot is
.tji0, 7 pon Whih ib s a comfortable,
W b' ; llt eontSe of eight rooms. The.

Upon these Oalon oflthe ninth year
of htr advoes Into this world, Mils
Berusle sDId, at the borne of her
pawm eflerutalned a number of
yarDn friendly Moieda afternoon in a
mei beoomii ang clever mWanner.
The ateooos wasM passed off in a
mater appropriate to thie ocessiau,
IelIdeaally le refrethmets betwin
served. At s late hour Miss ltrmlioe'
fripeds took their leave, wishing her
many happy rnslam of the day.

-- wkl Plwttledt
The startlila naounceme'ut that a
prevtative of ulsldp hbad been. diseor.
*id will littlest many. A run-down
qtem, o.rdpoadaney Invariablly .p.
lsd-e salolde, and something ha been
foted that will prevuenthat eoadltiou
whike maite sileide likely. At the
rnoa thought of *elf-d1isruetlon take
Zletrig WittuN. is being a groea
0it aid nlpervlpe will strengthen tbe
servis and build up the priyem. It*,L
ali9 agrllt ilonuaeh. liver and kduiai
nhulasor.. OIr BW. HatiraiNtion
airaoned-b b l idruggistai.f
Death of Mr. Glass.
A. l. Ola rturnied to his home Li
Lthil eity Suaday from t)hkland, Ill.,
wherp he was olled 'on aecount of the
seriously llness and iubnequtnt death
of his father, whieh sad event oeeurre-d
on 8atulday, the 20th init in the six-
.fty-on"d Fyor of his. P eo llIeopd
was Oie of their odent and soost, highly
,respuited Oitiione of Oakland. Hte t
survived by a wife ian even children.
to whom the slYmpaghy nf friends is e,





L L. UUmates Tidd of Cit.
na Frit At Coming mSan.


X 8.60,000


Veteran OeineoviNe Fruit Man Gives
Result of Pour of the Orange Coun.
ties-Orape Fruit Yield Wil be Deub.
led Over Last Year.
The lit. Petersburg Thtese o r biatur.
day, the (th lust., hals thi to say ro.
garding the reseat viali of L. 1 MHill
to that sotion:
"L. 1., }lill of tUtiailille*., the vTt.
*raes orange buyer, has been in the
city this week on his rounds of the
fruit countless. Mr. Hill sewse to Ties
Times that the t.Ott,(Xw) and 8.500,0W
box crop estimates of the New York
market Jounals are absurd lie has
eovered the territory thoroughly and
believes 2,240,(i a liberal estimate,
and 2AWO0,i0A an rutreme outside fig.
aire. Mr, Hill finds, this year Me stial,
the b at orange coditionsonn Pinellas
Peninsula. MIanatee and nlteriir
ooumties have about the sane orop as
last yper, while the Peninsula frouta
St. Petersburl to Largo Is conskierably
above last year. North of LJsrgo the
crop is shorter, having bee. iwjured by
dry weather. Whether this section
had the more rain. or ean stand more
psnalhmeint Mr. 1111il is not prepared
to ay,'"
Mr. Hill arrived bome Monday from
a visit over the ginateet oraURe pro.
d(uiml couistry of South Florida, going
as far down me Mnalee river points.
ft siWes that not only the prespret&
for the orange crop are good, but from
a lose Inspection he believe' ihe yield
of grape fruit will be double that of
the past year as a rule in the sections
Not Candidate for Governor.
New York. Auigust t --irmer See
r ntry of Wiar antiel S. lamont, Is
quoted in a World spicial from Mil.
brook, N. V.. as having declared that
he Is not a scadidate for Kgiveraor ti
New York on the Iemocratile Ticket.
"I am not a apndldate and I believe
this is a year when no man bhoutih
senk O lie.' hep aid. "There is an
excellent opportunity, In my opinion,
for the election of .lJudn Parker, andl
nothing should be lone by any one
which might jeopardize Democratic

Made New World's Record.
New Yurk. AuJnlilt S---Prend Win
terms. a mem r if 4the Wi i 81.1 "
lertie edlub. hi#s mniad a new worVTI
rcord.. at w-Ightllfttipg With ,isn"
hand he Wtned ai d Tihbboll w
111 limlrds4. nl.sha,\ 14 hrad from t
ground, beating hy 3 lpoiunds. th '
prts lons ri ;rin :ui l,'in fi r. W v Stern.
InI Madlona Sqioart liartlen I t.,
1897 .

Died of Appendicitils.
Noew Orlaan. Auiust 9 .- (iv. J. W
Moore. pautor of St. ';norir Vpenopa.
church. dted hre tolay In Ihe Tonnr
Inftrmary I front Ti-odlcIti. Mr
Moore was a native of lgiil. wht r.
his pr."nts reside. Hn wa.i lucatel
at oue like at Bnlize. and came here
about two years ago. He war .
years old. and leave a widow and fivel
children, two of whom are now lit

G se Her
Wmiin:i Iair,.

ken. (4 i ,A
at Sl i ilvarn
to .av' bh'or

Life to Save Sitter.

i'.t 1-r .ta gqte1:4 "f Aohl
A4 U 0 u litf Atn
,. r.nlii mt pi(itllth
. "rlt ( 'r i0 f.,r rhr,

yo'tilli,,r 1Itn; 'r Iii. i 'ini' l i i'nr
brouM hli' aih<4rI. ',r A ro0'.ti ,,v nt,,i
aft **r 'ir-' ft11, \1fj,4 Ifti.,
wep i1 'Ar.'; i' ; nt'lslI'r 'in i I
Ilan., ,i ed a al *r r>i p'i arit" 1in I high I
ly ".-i'.It' q it .' mi '.2 t ''tair,* ,

.... " [ "
Strange Weed Kills Cattle.
7 Ill~i. qa. A, .\,tit- I M ? ` Yan l ,It
tle anvd lior"'q' (ayve recently did It
the soetlin J., fljnt to Vnallta frnmri
poliotn or .o f S l. *tn' Affjilou4 tJimeia s
which ir niew It th.,t tochk own-p .1i
0 tRernmi i, f ll sh'ra. :'. I .'vorfl! i t.
his finest epita anti ht is nlineld tr
think they 'were iWiswmfond, hilt whu1 ,
er designel y or hy eating ome po,
o011ous weql heibll'e not know.

Miss Nettle Blackmore, lMinneapolis,
tells how any young woman may be per-
manently cured of monthly pains by taking

Lydia Pnkham's Vegetable Compound.
"TYoPlm WoMxxxi- had frequent headaches of severe nature.
dark pots before my eyes, and at my mentrutal periods I suffered
untold agony. A member of the lodge advised me to try Lydlea .
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, but I only scorned good advice and
felt that my case wa hopeless, but she kept t ine until I bought a
bottle and started taking it. I soon had the beat rrte in the world to
change my opinion of the medicine, as each day my health improved, and
finally i was entirely without pain at my menstruation rods I almost
grate al."-Xarra i B.AOKuOR8, s8 Central AvAe I polls, Ml

Painful Periods 4..
v I anZ d pfalenuL overcome by Lydia 3. Plkha.3
.ataad CoMhXd. The above latter i La only ona huOndreds f
l aiid wth prove statemet tohe aftL. Meuntruaula
i asevre strain on a wmaG vitlty, alif It Is painful something
Swromp Do 't take narcotics to decade tihe pal, ,but reamonT
the eamo-perhpas It is ceused by lrregularit or womb dils -
mats, or te development of a tumor. w atever Ito io yd
. Pl k 'a Ve table Compound as guarateed to cure It. _
If there Is anything about your eaeW about which you would like special
advice, write freely to Mr Plnkulhan. She will trrat your letter as strictly
ooufldlntiaL Shbe ,an siirely help you, for no person in Anfri ca en pa
from a wider experituce In treating female ills. She has helped hundred a of
thousnds of womwn hsrk to health. liar address is Lynn, llau., and heir
advice is free. You ar very toolith If you do not hIrr kind Invltatiom.
-' Dtalb of Another CaL..
S"D)wA Mu. PrnKUAM :- Ignorance ad
carelesmness Is the cause of ,niut of the suffer.
iug. of women. I bliOve thlt if we properly
wumderustoa Lhe laws of health we would all b
wesI but if the siMk women only knew the
truth about Lydla E. PinkhamEs Vegetable
C ompsouMd, they woulld 1i havedl much suffer
ing and would oo)n he run'd.
I ued it for ly ll months for a local diM.
culty which bad trutibled me for years,
arid for whi(h I had spent hundreds
of dollar, in the vuin endeavor to reo-
tify. My life forces were reuing mpped0
md I was daily living my vitality.
/m ."Lydia E. Pinkhanm's Vegetable
Compound cured iie completely, and
I am now enjoying the heat of health, and am nmot grateful and only
too plead to endorse such a grat remedy."- M)I J:NNIEt I. EJWAaRi2
Ot1 8I N. W., Washington, 1). C.
Mr. Plankbans, whose address I Lyniml Mass., will answer rholP
tlwy LM without h oot Uall letter iu rem e to her by sick woilM
-li% W

It Wil Prove Great Succsea During
Coming Fall. &
rrytrss, (A. Aitegie( .-.The: dier.,.
tor,( of 1h %Wayprrns* 1irTr nA!tetatTcni
tare hinnihnl to piirpare foir the' opoi
ngn idf V1' enuth Fere ilat f !r. v'h i-
vI'!h b e hol in thl rk \n.V No 1 r4
7 R Shir!i, ittrtrnt .j p9 is ai'i
ren.l y -;- '.1 nli, b f ivh *, f f, 1,:
the main ',nli ^ ;ll an,! 4, In ,.11rA.-.
atlloilf'Tir h ti ll it r (If -' 4,! t
attra me ion 4 TL tital va.

premtl im .!1i, ir, e ni .-;r i p. ,i.
and the I lr-o4 fir ravi-' i-!f1OiT, t I
1.'200 Thi" rprflt ti llri for fth, i '
has h .en :" .I v.rnt. 'no nth.
tmo iir '. ,-yirn aT p'(ilon* ,.f ,, *
" f t-,f1" .n n unio. "in !, I

Firm Recemiwe Heavy Order.
( -1il)i .l ,-, h rtrm r'1 itlhi 1,-lin .. $s,.h., |h oo
" i ir1 r n ipa n>. 1 lif jias rot l ,OI.
oi it: ? 1, ; r frr,, a ,: (1ia flnrn fot

i .. "1 ,r ,. 1 in.
rep r T * > .t o flrui


I ~t1 1 .~ 9
9 ii I' I ~i *'r;:'~ r~, *i'*! Yr.
* *i~. 't 41 *'
Yr:'.I I'. 44 I*Y
.7! . I'.
ti.'' ~ r
1 I
414 I h~
~* *~ I ,** F I

71 4~9 F 1 i1'* .4

1 r' l I ![ i ' ., 1 ..
1i : <" " ,, i- \ ,8 "
1'4? J' ; tI TOO and %$
Decrease Is Show

Oa, fnt h "

an fl : i, 'x I ;, ( I":,,--

to 1 l T* 4
to 1,..' l.,l2

,'*, ,,.. 'fcpl ..I
>' 1 .! '4' 1 .
"lit"* i

4 * *I

* .4 '4 \

', * /

i I l "
; * .,t ..... *

,, s.q .
*q, ?

^ i ' q i *

wn r *' ** | ;

-. -. Zn L~a aaa X4 '21' ~t'.


mi lwwwl i-Ah.M"

RA. ,t Y Iilp 1' 9
*Ahy- A*t''L1 ,r'^ **. g- IA *-.'*"'** ,#Ai^~*w"1
.:; ~ *:^s ai;^l*~r ^ 4w*.wm..-h. -




Followed Woman to ,Rome of
Friend anud Assaulted Her.


Husitand Used Uj4ty Kntir, lfi'ctlihng
Five Woutnds, Ore of Which Was
Very Patriul--i-ewart Has Not Peen
'lThro was A t'Oi,prt' cl.nreh; feilivsl
hi 'North Usi ite!vi! *har, !, (1,%Ln
('reek 5iaeiefully iant *il(,ii) lwrlei
its *Wy through ti. h.t, tifui iautod.
la. id, on to lthi' ititl y l p r irliei. 'Th
festival wtas very orderly niiid enjoy.
l.h', 4i i said by htlbo who um t, dh rtf
but riulted wilh i great elilmaa iw, wl ii',
Jafit- .$tewasr. onei t 1tho gIlt'lt,
Jui1AiIP1 all i hi yfounjg wif' with ill lan
lookittng lt kes 'kinfe anid tlrialts tio
lear'it hlr Into *u I h l tW wii til ti,..
(ore ha could ite takehi away aiitl itn.
aislUrt Io iirkv'u har illiit,. hir Jild liaii-
s(ued to veit her in lthu ;tim.e, lhI inlitel
*erioui* bIizg in thi' k'lt iream tt ,h 're
the knifle lailmtd plinetiratilid IvI thili tIp
a dijtitner of ti arly ain iut li 'ti!
did l t, iWC'ik r at i1h.' fellt v;ttl, howrvetr.
but ILL 0ih1v' lilt it of Iltw h li-ady, it
friendti f thlie Sir warlL monii.
Aeortding ltu i11t ilry lif Smt Wiiart'
wifi' l ii. niMa li Pi 'ftih's., Aild w nit lir..airly lirtivid' lior ih r. About
sii WaNt'k, L tif l i n0i iil it ',,r l. 'lie
deserted I her aht Wentii to Paraidise,
where hi' ,lit*s sitice rimaineid. While
st1h was ail hler wraylo the festir&al at
an early iouir Saturdayy sighli tl sht' et
Stlewarts on the bridge sparniieK llig.-
town (.rWeek. lie stopped hit'r. sani
said W "Where ear you ii?''" *1
am g4ihilf ;,1 ifl t i.,. ,nitil, ?ilv re-
plied. .
'"NI, val, for I 1am going to 'Its' you rigphL
hert," the WOmIaUI deai.'tre het sa at
ihe 6amlle 0i3m grappling her anmd tin.
deavormI toK throW h1*r liver tthe iail.
ing ato thel cretk tbeilow. 'About this
tims*, the wom4ani1 aiiy", a trial alppio-red
upt[) tIta" SC*M ty ETlili. I' rtir et liii
glrall. Sht. iteltl 1ruleeded witi jili t
otherip to thea fts, ival, but saii no.t il
ilg oitf e Itxchiir tig fil pIrnt*eliei .
"Th'i. vatltiin Whawol att hi festival.
aL lit4ah lidiy's houseli," colntiiite'l Ithe
wuliiali, pP Mti iLly very iI,Itt1I a "t.
fected. "I weiit homine fr it the e'sti.
val iili lttdy atit liis wife, ianid after
.we arrived there" WEa imeatd ol, it bedl
itn (lhi..tilf Ih1' rot limi My hilsbanild foi
lowed tue there, lid said : 'Are you'
giigK houm' with mne tonillu'." at which'h
I repllid that I was not. lie thiii
olliW' after ine with io orien k itife, aI)
I oriil Io tho tto ill tih litiuse. Alte is
ginsg to iat meit Kady and hi. a vift
both Upnill to imy a, itiicta t tt.L t not
nLitit slL r E iial bgm li 4i -it, lt,'6 .
The Stewart Womlan tiati ilhat
whei assistance arrived i er Ilualtndl
deisirtd and relired iuutl,.istd. lie(
iias nh il Ile n yt'ti nita'.


President of Meat Cutters and Butch.
er Workmen's Union.
thi vjll.1,. Ari' i.a l i -. it u l,' -

lilm '-1 r'ioti. ;, Ul i *: tl'.l
"Thin teditin l'iP i .., -t ,* .. t
a lr .tt i it 'l ritu bIr i ... ''' ia.l +, I .- f
|*ha t r .*,it 'n. i 251 U. a;
rel ,fi3[ l f,'4 1 I" t ' -i r ii , .I, i,
'., rfA Hii tif d t4, Hl +< ; ', +, i t" i % *, ; :r it,1

pa' iA(t oif Ih, .. ". '.

i il F 1 1. ,iti, i ." ;', ; 'I:' ,' i'
-h.- 4P

l i:t 1 I ' '
f l ,T.. ', .' *
i ', 1 ' ; '

I '
M r T *:,* ; *. .
'I ' l 1,i ', :1 "' .
S t ;1.1)! ii' "
*T" 't[ ., *-. *

09.111 I

' 4'

t I' ~ IP'~'i
I'.' S. i jI I
I ~-
lj 11.4'.,.

I 21 i' 4'.

Ii ''i P

3 P


* i V ; .....i i '; \ '- [i i f .t i .
*' h '"l II'""'' I NV!' \\V',i .. ) r Ph:..' i..
'' e r j
RniK S tvi1 tn -ben I i r.w V 14'
a,. -. r i s i u, l i| t,' lf t.'iilt .,, < ,.

I i -.. .. . .
- tAlle

Id.rt.sttioiit- Arrest ft T homnAs WaorI

Si i A ,

' i . *t : 'If, I. ;t '". 1'. i, !'* II
1il 1 M C (11 i 4 ;1114
II % rII'

41q~ I


L -
:.:~m -t
l* .:u
~ 'ii'
4it~ .4

I. *

.15 I?:

ii' I lJ i I, i .

t I t I 'L
,. ,i ,, , . I* : *, .

' 11 %- i 4 !
S ** '. *. r i q,' t .I.j '. .i S ,
,., I' ." 1 i 'i I!( l i. 1< l i h.

., -, '' 1 .,. I' $ < r

I t I *- i : ;tt .% l l iit. l

Upon iorious Charge of Wife Mur. I
der-Prisoner Taken to ,Newberry. i
Arihrr, Aguui.t i -M. L ived.l a
'rolmnllrt oird 11 man alii school
leKa(' Ir. irltn v'ry .aiilddeily Iriday
evitvg. ,v I^l ad jitthithd illg at a ilt-rti g i t. thefL .,',irrld Ta l. ,
IlvIr' i l ti'o 14 0' hi I *an ii ck ri I hlis
*eal l ii'" ivi('i'. tiy i % in iall nit three
IlourA. i
.Tuines, Skinir Iand wife alnd Miss
Militii Snavl)y, .rether' pustmlllieS
trei*, wil trv. toi'orrow for Boston
lial New York. to lie po|!0 0lhAiut i.x
wcks* Mr Sk itlitur is an old veltratl,
aild 1e. to thel rt'ntuiiuln f thet
ti, A 1I. at llistott
.Jiv .. M.ell i*il ill aitet., thei4 ti. o f p Iotniitil' t,-ir diillhtK ihe lbs nliLe
of Mis i ti% tI'ly.
TJi.llan 4 IW ald I.,Olred; of lhi plaoe,

wasll rresled It l' 'puty
today onill t lgr t froirt

.^ 1 ,T ,ai> t :: ) ' ii ft :1 ,">

;I r : ,*L l
L a4 fttIlf ll i It T t I Ti I t Im

) : II- *i 1'i '. -AI I2 l' I Is aIIa .I!M tn
I .' l' 1 '. 1 I H ," ill' t ,' l le F 1)

I, , A i. 1. 't o ,I.i it 't.; ,..,
I I t ,l* 1. n l i : l|* :t.'. 'i 1 p4
lli I f , n l i t-s itI lkiIy i 1 .>. 1 li>

1'i tR,., L? Ti' ilr ;j w f .itiitf l at!l this M
tji f i It s ai il*hi tn ur' l at w;t iti
i,' 0h1-*1 V1, ii. iirdW v i l'sit iion iMfore

!t Anur 1a', .1 ,I M !\r Fsldr *ay#,
IIOw r 11 iie iohty lhc i tt bl
?!li t1. .'e. in i )n n:ii l'i,. i l r,5x h l t ti lh

i '*il t- .. r !t! If tt t i

l fita : h. :ii ,' i iaalir to w Itch ni
r<'iri *.- *'(.it a.i ; i ,t l nt ven, r Th r
', i, 5.4, i' l ( n 1l 1 [o t t.l afl u with
it 1u. "~Jf ,r fa nl n M ,ct on l ith
4' -j$' #AI .'), till I',I hI 1, b'!1', : I..,, t 14
t I d at ajtnii I ,i an F' io erit*t r tt( l
-I at- a'at i t. 1 1 it t 1110 U A I l-.- lW fI r
'1 -'1 ht ii ; all) I o Pt b bills that
.3rPa -l' 3 I t |h t -.ft Ht hondaiy
in !t.l A10 C, t ai I f or t lt
titt'. tli, tlll. tiill nI .d ntlA t w ferl rt
liT', fi fill) |is iP' C.ft lill*, thyts

:;i r;b ,a! i \ Ti, in l ii,,' ftr i u t h siiy

'a 't v1.1 V.J24 H V4 r~~i' d Ir ':

ti l', ,1 i', I, .i. ,.i( it l. ,1r* alw ay*i it'
0 1 orl'' .i i<'*o n1! '1.ow1
Ih 1',l; .'1 ri ,u fl lt :t .2! li"'?e I tl

1k ,i
' ,ii il T4 m ti t. l l' i t ir 4 Il 1
i' .hlj t-i- ,- :l.'i t i ,l.w y h ii
I'. I .1 r'.I :I l id t .'. si ; : IT Y 5

'i, I ,, h .' th, ,wr U'ii f V h, hil< l.,.t

ilU I T' l .I I'.-k "y r i If 'ii
IIIp ta' n 1i h 14 Pi j i !t'IAl Ia r r ( i'tsy- tii. i 1
b', 'l .,i( i-: .
T 'i,' -+,'*t,,1 ifkw.. ,, Tia,, i har i

a ,v t.. it is 1t rillha i tiLoe nva lied
tiron, .h l. ,T a' -t.I 1o m til- t i, ii ui ns1i1. f1 t
a l] il.i i if-u tIirk an tp il> ioillor&1w
34i .l'it i "ig t r I i I ei .' I. i r,
up ach lh. m i>() 'hil irdli." r iA thy, thi

wA' i t.ll 11. or W i Ri, ]n.t tlw? ac*L
to li r rt Tl, n 1't ttiA F
t 1rt i'* li t! i,.! ti.>; tti I .rclh of :l;.li'. t .e r Itt l' 'o 1)r. ctall'ed
thi.s l'JI ,! r'Pilrtt I . ttll I piul priaLr
tlon.s TLi. l't' ,rin ;r .h l .m hillw f
tlmtp rtani, pi ttlit in i t. '* h n r
clud!., nin,

tf ' 'I' -. q* t Itt,
T 'r o elf ti' i,.f in i rt.Hr t .
i' l i r I1+,. .Jli *li, 'i i li.h -'iirw fh '*

t n. r h, ... : ,' '. ', i 1 i ', 'i h "

I ll, l ;' ". !,.$t ..+ ", ','t.,f" '' ii .* i

Lrilrl..e, ,.' .I.i, i 1n 1' FI .,,,,, tl ,.r!

"i 'T . ,

f\. '. . St ...i. I .. .. ,i' H h "

sheriff Curl
Ns.tIerryr on

tihe liarrue of l-itilurderiiLg .i L 'ife, iund
was lh'trt to NS tii, rry thi ev*ItiillK.
4-'rv. M r. lliaga tit Hiltgeraild, ,i .,
rwearhitti twso MP*'llt'I at 1lthi lPreby-
thriau elt.ureh Suiday.

Cabbage Were Profitable,
\tui ng thr visitors l (i aliilemrille is
, Ii Wtiid (if I':visntovn, who called
.at ThinuStinS otth't. arid reitweJ hi. .sub.
nr tiion
Mr. lVnrd ii st.u'o! the prrgreotijr
anld ,weesftl Irtr;icirs of the Evin.
4li%.1 peiuon, Iii, iirnp wa* s varied
ot., the pai t silaoli but eahllbage
jrova.d the i must irthatmb evrop. From
a iraelti if twiiIty.iSve arer of0rabelWag
h1, liarvewttrd 4,&i' CvraSte, which uetted4
himn ain average of $2j pr .Mr. \VuWo Ij tatI th t I.e ha. planted
fIu a.mI-luu., b#ts .x)e1(te ti nelt leaeon
tI, frIL i:; i K"oId .tani of 01talillup,.

Road Thes.
l.exrligtol i. 1l4 ai J1tlr e ,i4 1 )1L.
'thiS 1 Ito certify that about 'MItrc
!at I t ,ol-rt d tl n lt',.i) *.iitih my tiOck
tit d ktilita 'yt ..,4 ;'r1<.r toi thli 1 Lt ad
urnt rgtipr :refatmiefrrt fr lraddlder true.
1i4 an d Wuu wi I rtreloiid, .110pt t hLe
tirenntIOt was followed *y t(( above
troiw il it was r.trorno ,dtitedj that i try
"Texns Wi',i-er."'' Hall'i tra Iov.
ery., i took 4n' diiut, i. retiring al
IiKlilt, rt l ni, myiy agrr a*l n iiaitish-
ist.i t. I li.i d il niTtr rI f ercd.
onie dlto did the work Therei is no
h oti lt0olt this. 1' 1 wonderful.
lll*pfciis.. .. C. U CI' Oti,
I'rpriair ,l $ atllt ilIm,, formfrrh
'(Coutty (.Ctie" Clerk. j',iitlswstr, etc.

A Texas Wovder.
(tile ,imsall tiott!.' of thIi' 'leas W'anr
iln'r. Hall's treat Discovery, e,urev all
kiiln yti tind dder Ltrothle. remuves
gravel, tur,';d abtltlv. rattihi tFint*
.ioun, wieak 4til lamti3 hiuicks, rhetirina
Linn and all irretgulurilvis of the kif-
nieys and 1 t4h 1.4 0 r itll both mlien ild
wlin Den. rtKtiiniut hladdir iroubi(*s int
'liiiLti. If oLi i'lh by jyour itdruligt,,
will be Cnit h) mnail on receipt of $i.
Ot1 Anisll bot tle iA .twl Wlinthat' treat.-
inf'1i and 1,-l.,I'ii V.eo "' perfect a
; SM r. -lr. ri' v*: \". JtniA 't, ol mmtnu
tlleurer. 1 P. boax W-w. 4 1. S, ouls Mo.
endtl for titiiiboi'as, old by all

(Qil,* t (ity . . $ 2 ,
Muniiv Mouth.. 1I
Pti V lge. . . , o
(t)e ni ...... 40
O v olt-, . ..... . 4 0

N 11White... $,

N C. Bktter..... 2 0

N.C Fine ,..., i

LaurelV'ally..... S O

P' .


5M. 5I ILL .

P. 0. Box 401. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. II WI, Pln.

"" -NEDR0 1E0 S0UD-',


.." ',After Concluding lSpeech HeSauk -- thitte OI( tiu't :It
',: :. J'"t, Back in Chair Uncopscious. THAT IS OUR MOTTO AND WE LIVE UP tO iT.'

,i 41 1i. < 1, y DIED WITHIN THR6E MOULRS RyeK W isyl llp. WIisk,
.il'..) W ro hool T hWhisk. yj on Whik iA
Wts Promnw 't School Teacher, and i wit .

-.,-. 11 .4.* ,C e~a .-.4..-.e -hi' m v- ..n.- - -






* I II



.. .l '" '"
*,'. ', ,"'' : i Aih,
I ki q~~


4 r., ..- .'. . .... .. ., . . ,
We pay freight or exprb ch,., 'c"

following liquert:

4. i quart ....... n ..o. ...... 4 4,i S

1)f ull q arts ......*. . ..S 00
.1i ENl soVIW AN 0i LmI VasMP i v lA.

BLUIm C J LArll W bi ** E*
4 full quart ,"
12 full quarts .. ....
12 full quart . ..

4 full qua.rtst
t full quarts
12 full .qurts

* 4 0 5 m 0 9 0' 4
S *~ uses a
SC***.St S

We, han'l1e everything
atent. fnr Pt Fal1t 1Milwauket
Wlliikik, ('ins, Rulai from,
Cali(orni VinVtr from 1.04)
I lir.edI %inf. .'r all descript

k. A A O.ij l I

Oh, It Makes Me Smile

PED k I k C


- ""q '" $A atA,"' i.' Ai A

I in u mIt

" t... ..q..l 4x S

e, and Jug Br0
Ism to 9. "s010

to 50 r a'eto

three Times'.th' '

Value of -Any ht

ine-Th sd Easier

.. OneTh.irdf
", ": *', "

Sfili in Ony po L vt. 1
I P. '*"'* *.

su Ith m ljt @# iu&'fl9 i l '' 1"

4. *i d.:to o0 tal0a ^*
. e An y Othqr. .



* -'- i ".
^,;, .-1






,I ,wndp nl'm. who A o, tor .:

s . Will b pi.d t ilurn of hiv "'l
m, 's be s9e Rso why wh10, occurred fS ha. ,,m,, i w' ""
o .sl, 1u."t*S N. or of anp other W Peed your hpir; sourish, i i ibasse thw .ter ca of .
$ shW oq WM. doso that be is Nds g j eouig to lIve on. pi h.
,,.giXs .......... ,; ia heSt igsi. aag&s t. bo 4, so lTem is will a op fillins, and John .. Ilnderot w8 (oS, of
^ hoeMHpbleM di h &$anibl. ip red n 1bad1eS tAn b 'Will grow longm aend heavy, ane Ilvur;'j *. .W. b It -.' ,:10 4nRVA 4rwI. s.JI.,,,a .,
4W S ... 'O" 4"*e I&blIsm of d yer'sn H ir Vigor Is the onlyI P evm .r 'i, I.. i e w n(
g ".EMPgg, n igs s in eV I, 4fl ..d , .n $ 1w r iI40 iOfa -t i
1 -s a. .G. of a4 whole obe 'lokue of 15 d 'reWId" i '.. l iVl" I '"" "1 "
1w *S GIsb mp. I p .i.i,,,, no. min <.,,
Ati g iM. The p*ipt at h:. hir food you chn buy. For 00 C(IIP llryai<.'r..n^i ,u
bernmn *h mIi|W@a|s meethead a~thel *Vlking m4aerw. yearsO is has been doing just it. priv| i schools E dt.
'ow* 1#m fi 1 IS Iap s Ih in n 18s able maBtie, what we claim I, It Wl 1do41 It th East T Ir
L wk4 .bs I *I$ *I0. b l"AS 0 for his victim. Ii will.o not disappoint you,. KotijIllt, a)d wp radnin Io itw i
li .. *t a. V t". se' fe' o cowering hlt. t. i 'oWrie o Juil-r' PJbes 'eit IL of '
i as h m blook when i wllst. trl m! r. r lv it
.a& 0A moSMeaasouive to dqesaehS f 1 hu an e mow in Wi leumnt is Uoknpsuy It, $nventh I %orid
lit )h o 'P $isk is the vos of iight whein he O1 Infantr d
f. Atu roem" a inK an et rslo hi t worthy rN.t* fo t ,ord, ,,
4rnp+"Y.: pee a"v .e."ng'oo St waU0 dsvhas enorira in ort air After the war he iomngilu.ted Iin l
page r. B9lhek wbuspse S Ohe dar40knes of de# hudwan ittl h tei F r)o th 'f Hi r
,i.u:4 AI*leIQWll pa wh. sehop a ft ha. led d ad in J.
.fi H B wllk> t^ -ot nd , ,, w n ..... a .
M .. $ t"h! "he humani he r ll d10olaste. For a number of y'arpt; was vi,
,.hnma Wh4bnh a ll st.e thetht ke to ita- SOMlETHING AS TO THE PLAT. president mad e'iwenl counsel adf Ute
da h di6m.nm1p6l0, 1 goe. 1asn. dohwldreno nd bring. Il.ord.a O ntral' pId 1'pniawul r rail.'
t i.hs,, sle XXVI, mmi dr.dflw. VIS lO# of th at outHe dark. roand was r a'ited a. dlvii 1.l -
...!, 91* vis!ts *t0mlal sourtsln of '.Uqp itlo whlf h the walked are k, to be T l r, t i t ,he it tIhi l r Hl L h.ltI s* tiv. "t
oe ji JI es 04 0io nt 4 0l aoi"a wh tte s io s forever. , Ir, thf i 4emhboard Air. l.muu..
.ab.aIa n' lVolyt dos sot .swe. d Rut t id-rnit ls lihe hue of Joy, o.f .I. was a ,oe.nupi ;huu figure Ir d pt .."
.at 'seo she "s the Ia. o tsing biTtreen a mtt. iy r *l tri
p. reufeue r jarilslaissll of pro- I.e of te mlainbow itroh the k th. f donuntal prinelplrs .r the pr, loLoe t h epreventatire maid I Mst
=l=No 0SnNWq to f'^tplb 0*t"r and U al Ii pop9. of mankind. It ls tho wr; sireldom *gtlh ',In, tpf .for- senator rror enautie o II b r l
d8i q e^ ldetd 1 life of flcw 1,4an d ib itse law of aloiee; Ie $pliiy t ijotllh> a- a
Se 0thil ga. lia n jely e ut y o t c k of 16person Ill uey 8 ''
wo=dI" le4111 0i.0t4 V0. greBltip ire 'n d lips at woman im, the chlet in'gre- 'or0 y writ rom tlhif halws'erpuur y ti ls I.ii a
:;""''" " ;":,.",. <.'.,.. BNsi l n r l i 0(ih t t. bi ludon the hr i ; oa es i i id nl hr ldi I,
....110 *Am .. ". y i oitrn of spleader 1r the mageritlrl
W'tap qiptli SM)S akt %bs U4 i-. onO tplenions of the suno thl e fl Ji hn He WntI dern attorney
'+Ineled ...y sump' "Airy lwe Ilie supro. lu nl
e s s fr. 6 ihglorys and w .ienr of the Aunro he mr d by u lr w.; Tallahasee: iMr. (leurge I Waldo
It ,"I"W fri th hl, glory a.d grander of the Aurora urbIAely of th el vil uover mil I try aut orrp
..," "W.i". ll io o. ereall.tha itabe.5OrleOUIlimpse. iry; a well-di.ciplhaed militia; the uNlaw hYorkas d ire.. .. (rpre
..."S ,,,. pLb qe. t o epvethe arstii l of c0ihurc1h alld S tLa, eco.0- .i
", ,.., fT M lidop do ir .O 'nnIy lit r ditur ; low taxed, thapti ,.hpIl"'. .Ipa
%. ., m. .a t would p11 9. the Rat. did O siay? Then blesied. be lory inl iws l Iht;loo ae s thae ion. J. Poga lirown, chairman
p hie m .1C that niOpillary ovittamme of our great the Jetorgia Rilroad Commisslon,
.ep"u..t b .i. temo"l me oc prompt and sacred fulfhlalh rk of pub. mooed rei pener r
li.e.nd private bligtfous tfdelity to
"''" ''' a il tshe What w*Ol, h'e Star Spangled Ban.! l ad riva te 'lpli nt; fldeier to rom three to two oents per mile o
WOW.,:ete posses. r, Yeil that dlo.h e f redn,?, mai n I
.w..dr., 'E?,- theIb.. mvo.d all natiosse ; pctngle aind frallialp with main l pes of ruilroada operating
t I a of te Legi'i Theit not as bleak stripe or mark or noe; slute eque,. e that State. He contends that i
W*a iB so 01'11pq1'. t ..glo rious emblem do mhe. l o. lhe gliiera with ents per mile I ezes anve comp
Swill oft the major tyt ilwith the a'oommodions provided st,
ple of republiO-t hes ro e do etri ne
w this stmimet. $un Judge ,Prkerls head is red Thank h loh oehee air c ta Iravelomg pubic.
,ec .eo v i bc ad e pe which i).moo ra has ,histablhshed a -s
...- Sbu ..*e Weshe hl( Mt. oo i T le 'blk ad he pri. ooth New converts are received into
.....".i". ..'. foi t. 'should l constantly i nvoked, di tp on t ulh
,,* ,qsa"ss tha*slw', w Lth fee's She b lt a a, preached, resorted to and enforedpublian party with o.p aru
seai no I s la.e, Slnd Hurrah for Judge Parker! and hur- VFollowig til s sttrmentt e R No so with the Deomorati. pasr
',... itl9"Hll im rab again !..o piiple1 whlah t o p plowM ,h wYou e ..sw redheaded ma i lon e torn fpri spew icl tdee rilartns has of bsmn) Uemoorat. being to driwM
the penitlratlry. They ajre alwa.r mlde u>pod h. seoilt, sidelart d other from the ranks of the party thoe viI
.. ., T soete* bart gre4i i .o reL madter nw or vital import t ancer do not agree with them itn every. pal
'it note .Lest waiters now or vital ooffpoirtance. do not
S 'the, in slhe followlpu P. 8.-Jihe editor. of The Herald Is The Itepubliean "protection" policy is tioular, rather than welcome nw lt.
..l, i *,, nel S.' ,. rledbed. hHurrah for, JUdge Parker denounced as "a rol.ery of the many. : .
Bv4.. 4s.. aeM o nurten oie .oT Trise teh11rre cheers and ea to enrich the fewr," and a tari ise F>. ifere comes a man who wants p.,
1141 I ' ,, t. i. t hore colleges lger!-PNnta orda Herald. vored which is limited to thie need of for the time he pent in courtin
hthe government economically admin1.- girl who finally turned him down. 39

...sbed-lse pro les ilnI# to em t t TREE TOMATO. tered. The trust evil istlrarly set forth gerdles af the outcome most a'e
T"a" ,le's me'Ra ginste has just and traced to Republican legislation, would enaldor it a snap If they coa
,, m mited U SOUWI of itshis.' A LkQusler @orspondrnt of he We rucoglise." says the platform, draw pay for that kind of work aSI
wale .. Beta Casplp oolety, although TimeaUlalon says "that the glgantlct trust. and combine. there would be. no striking for as
',...l se.peted that he would bi e '.Please glive me space In your valu- tione, designed to enable capital to as. eiiht.huur day.

I a pty of eusethat lastitutions for the State what I have lot In my garden. joint product of capital and labor, and tleneal l)eviw, govurnor-genersl oi
""" bigho ,e.tliom of sqn*., and no Anyone that doubts me can see for which have been fou hredand promoted he Paenenr cansl strip. has adnre,,"4
.egap'biiwb jebtioatoth.lrdueetion shemaelve as I wilt be glad to show under Rei ublican rule, Brat a menace the Pinama Canal rommi.sson that he
th.o en be mdvemed ; but mixture the shegreatest tomato in the world. to benetlolal compeuitns and an obsta- wlntt lO.OSA yards of wre gauze W
.t"P. ,e ,!Is the oe thing that every It Is Solmer's tree tomato, It is n elci to permanent buaineis prosperity prevent inv0 arion or tht ZO1W. (lenerpi
..~ Seeitkew man should tbhor, and none nine weeks old, V a feet high and has .A private nuonopoly l indefentie cad lI)vle nvays that this will tie perhale the
.. .., ,. sho M hbeafter teedone is by send. limb, five feet long. il seven Inehes iutolcrable." Itrvira qrder fop' ltshil.litehO rrttipe~f,
,." *iI l ag 1p s be udneted at Yale or in clroumfereffee at, the ground and The .pettdy coupiesion of thiar laat riven. .e
'4. e .n. Kep shieen. home. They has I00 tomatoes on it. The largest is m san la pldsrd. the Monroe doe( -" ;*.. .

IM.. 1'1 ;f.l qui as.1. Sm am ed MOaOtlD oO v lnehSs in diameter. They are s trt. r tssrl.Ib ral pnilons favor The street committee sh ud kLee thfe
111I b Ussthr l.wMtltet11 p as they sea 1P Idand it I the wonder ol everyone ed and libdidies dennni.edI, d It ots brick erusinps ariaud the .qusrCCSr
h, I Whe they wll b* forced to aed who seo It. he tomatoes are the ble.too. that polygam. iy unstintedl f mud In thtr present .nditi
A.N hya 40 016o1 s01t4 4uItltty with finest in flavor I ever aw. 1 plked Thy fford no better rmiiea. of IraWl#
ete V the first ripe tsmatoisghw w pake fromcosndemned. The Republican plator p tria. than other portii f
-...'. -,., .- .. Planting. Th.lplns stands With wt is i silnt as the Krav, op that e.. ,i ht horoughfatre, el itnkle deed ii
V1v1 Oat qi" of the ease Tbo d, withr iand e in .Wr tion, nndepdenice for the Filipinos t, mud.
Vr"m hatg and da thn de dldryo there 'so I i I ah srac haqo h b a
tI^.^^^^^,...^^^^^^^A OnollmaBte. 'It can be grown four feet p icb
it, ..' rl e .prlivl to Cooper, ho w en. c h wl a. whih wilt th waty throulgh-and we. hav tint at- rif drnnel nd th i e it ntdp
b ?ed t o htd MArhal tepted to ever all delaraol. if in *ties litre hno loi itn rRuieo don
1,4 "he'med'a-sAr, 0ti thl Gpnther aM hrhha, whiTdetil- the platform is remarkable for "iaitharlu n achl.h .snty.
am of Gord.. New t eld os e bupel. Tihee la l, u its thuroMughtien. gol temper s,,i ooquy in the Stat. has a
MI4- i kS. ,,ild htoa W.ben brought blt of .o or bligh thl.t .eason clearnes t tatem.e t ii ohLd be car ep a mort h
4 1 light whicb throw on iuderbatle double ead from beginnin n Ii thd tby s ry. ...r gi .
,'''..o.n.. op, Coopels guilt, aId no Impartial ka*t Florida Seminary has enjoyed vote. .. ir ll, h
Sno would wait the Xgoernor to n envlable reputation as n ed. itr h
M.2='esea's man. t*o the gallows under auo eailonal institutionn front the day I'May pieons whi tilaii enrmii to name of Phe OrlaIIl1t Min taSvtrI-
lmum.etanses:. Qoveruor Joemuinga l Its doors 'Wrtr irn opeuud. the past carry pistols la ir mnder ithe i.tpres. Prtt Tih Orangs' Conutty It*iorlrrett
-aj.. i.iodeft-Ulng man, and for our two lea& having been the most suo. siOn that siuhb rmits Kive. tht., the original titl'of th*e ;ilar rltr.' itr tM
: "r ps pautr"'wel had fatherr a thousand guilty osful km its history. If we mistake riftht toe trry these weapons secretly, coh*olidatd with Th. irliul s'unti
I"'''1''i"4." a .' in e lpl allow hhi for hm pot, howevIr, the new section moder Not so. laOh permit read~*eur'liUg "d -
1.;, 00 .'At"I to hav Ot, rlret at night. withthe the suoperintendency of Prof. Jerv M. t Iaw," stud the law strictly forbids. t
S. thought tlhat. he had posily' permit. i ound ad hits ble faculty. will oelip. the carrying of a pitol unealed tie ae b C a ea tde h in -rs
:I he' f tI :"'Ou'AI 'd t'he eaeolttoa of tain ini6oent man oVen the ast l eu Pond dr I. ;emlty' of' hut. l thae s Sila are* bIo114I, h$It)t dn.n
withu lp out iit la cahl c lbanoaro .elear h m eonde mo.t f i Voriblay mt arimpniressi fin r ni h l.. tr nat 1li tl alnannd ihalt la .n
AeiPI4 himself of, the ch0rg. of timurler. aOton our .ropie and is, ting orditallyT thrJe months' hor"1he han. I
1,1... ^ 'I W.N v IswrA.. . :,-, ainteriodpartment.
J-..1" i',ee v ed by everyone. '','
n. of m nhere -- tII Sirdem. Niie. hts 'tn-tl -y th*b v
SPil d SM snlot d The laodest iI abuqe of 'mootais who re. Chartl I Mt.'hwtb, whose, meteorio I n n infN4. O.I, I.... ware' nl l udInt Itailroadl < l
AMhu tw.thr,1 *thk he rem.iy d t to vo.e for Brnp it l.fM now ie 14 prominence as. the prtiege of1 N wa. i "'.u' *tv that 1 h f mw an't for
A asse th they l vote o of Andrew atrneIe ow oft the a t i t t yrt.n t l t
i ei th leputblinltiomlnes ror a hit te "Itllion biolar Trust.' and his going wrt 'W ..r, t t_ f 2a htd 1 01e6Tr..
.1" s" r .a.h... -We .w) tho" miq wed. plant Uil 91tAvert of ye"rlt
. w . .. si* nelti.t Zlvewiber. in thBs oan. ltsedLo mort of a disturbance than Ittikt II twoa (,I*e, teau wiet wNn i...
.u ti0f ..a i.Ii lot on we desire to. repeat Whlt would the"riglnaiotsn" ofn, cunoan l0. &.. <' :J i. U"inei.e. ha he .'uret ',i.r 't;
.ew. Or wh o e o st.en -h a id tn these lum ne a we s ago, laborer. .. o l
/,:,, l~ il in/iedeello dai~pode ~ u~d + .. ., + .... +, ... ... ., ... m ow. i. l,0i+] I r+


nchute R op"e Fa7 to Work
uLaving Him HelplWs.


And ,Knocked the Young Man Prom
His Horizontal Bar, When He Fell to
Narth. a Distance of About Eighty
Feet-Neck and Leg Both Broken.





tenrs ina Bntah Section Fear
OGnt Setback in Yield

the Recent Heavy and Contin.
Rains-Rust Also Reported in
Plant-The Success of Singing
ool- Personal Mention.

Regarding tlio sudihn and ad daath diania ) l .li ilitit lti,-t'horel il sI1
of .e Jollhnoin, tih. Ilaliieville ar).- etomplaint among tlhe farinler of i t-
ital whou nirt his death $ulday afte.r- tI(i, I'shddinl its frutI, 'autisl h 1) 1ilet
nil u iin .Muniiit. iioia. Mun&i.a frrqlen raiiis. Thiu prospe't for a
I.ia4>r cuntaiu i ill Ir infairniaiion ihat
rr- o 0ltarl91iic tlton er Jdihnsion *a iraveling with a itrpeet
fair assooiation. (i I iuiday aferinomimint h it la WS ll.lw te- k agek air ltofIer e O,
P'i woo ;sreparin 1ito imak4 ti lstOw lt',i failii,. I i. Htlist is also reported tto
when hi. rrnmrlkId to friend,[ Harry b injuring tlie onton wto ioaii* i lit .
Iord : -" rhi 6*my last trip up. li here. The. eirn eirop was n it' betl r
I 1".... i .. -.. ...i i . .si ilt I m n a iri

Healthy Mothers.
Mothers ihouli always ke'rp in aood
dilly, health. tli,,y ow,' it to tIeir
lchildretv. Yet ii is tio uniinuii iIhlt to
seP a niolher, with babl hi nrmins,eiough*l
ing viole'tly and exhibiting g all the
Syinptmns of aft lniUinnltivm tYidraency.
And why shonult thit dangerits on-i
Sditioni exist, dhange.rotu alike to inuether
anid child, when Dr. lschemK's (ermanl
Syrup would put a ,top to it at onm1.
o mother should bt.without this ohld
andil tried remedy in tke house--for ilts
timely use will promuiptly eare anyl

lung., throat or brouchial trouble' in,
herself or her chidretm. The' worst
rnoughor cult can he spjcrlily cured liby
Olerian Strisihoi anican hnniimenia eand .

prue r tU puuml n wUii'ua wie it I in rteu.


Undertaking Co.
iV.!I E.'I I I,.E. I.*} il)



,fC.yw yyy ,x iwo M l1 w s
fcawrfls esimnes Asi krw. Prwatrate NASA lwdisb oif Mwe wfml tlh Sk

0 ao%


I ,-.zz


*::.* **'::*:e:Ce -
=- ..b *'oo.... ,..f.a -as
f -- ye.... : b.-
O* *** *
ean4pl '.am e: A0
EIil I /.~~l LmDq

aa~. -

I 5 l otI I i i n to lu i gi,,, I,,l -lPP ', than it is this yeal .
to my hoinic Itn Usinleville, Fla. rilod
stay there wish my pIlte. 1, X t
Ac lordiii to theU imwpaper repori, iianilie(s f pork to stiro. in the ea I1
theru were aboutL Iwo thoi samid p ,opf, elrmge ve, winner iare dilappont-l.d a
surru ndiog lhlt balllolon at th Us timi'r d* tis heo fe .ver lr ctho r ra had inm i.
thie *icznioh. ll a i* iiico ma a lein swe r l I- aI i1 lii tIsiil -ir-
a itohe I nee l, "the y iea ilk tita aal I i~ railslintliiltt t aIlb e litlitienllos.
.aillifu l G ll lit, y a mi n aigi l<1 1 i *t hI ilot .
blaloon rising grAfs'hi lly amid trsrr. M. A. p. .eottl, thi' ldUt4-ld wif-' 4
1Vhin about isx hundred fetl in e air. th Wirl I wyeR iat the. Iaird enw jnil lihere,
vli ere lie was ilsupplmirei to *ol ut "i lIot',", is r-purteditil be q built sick. .Si' I hla
there wb* noi a .lt) ir l rent'ffir to do vio, 1 lit'h< iyiipatlIy ibf thr einmiin il).
sinve the losp was inotl iiMd. I arlihr! M11 J. tFich and ist .er of r
and farther ilitu the distant went ili, tla mii we're visitiii reliaiv' l-her MsMn-
sir machinive uniil hit balloon look,' 'dl y.
little lirgrr rthiin i thalur ilarr*il and t h-! M'iiss AlIa !illich lils returned fr, n
eoeupant could iuiIt w se*n a0 all ntas'i-it (Utiig at thie t4t. Louis txpositioin.
denly the machine conread tlad wtiain shr 'xprfesed herself as twillng we.ll
to descend, wheli: the ailstaiani, realit- Ileia'd, andi thinks at is the greatest
ing that there was daimper, sarited ol u the aa fairs.
t) aboul the spot whire he decided i he M J,. M. Itivers andl ehldrten, whu
balloon would fall. Ilii ealculati hins hver iwnl vilitinK the tforner', pia.
were securtie, land ust as he reaclled j el*nt here, retuirMned to their hlauime in
the vicinity of the spot the machine tilw eentril Ulty Saturdayy.
was within onle hundred mlid fli:t feet C. I ltiley mild family have itivd .
of the Mround, dscendig rapidly. back to his farm oine *ilte west of thl.
When within about eighty freh t a sud- depth. We welcome t hem bsek.
dean put of wind blow the balloon linto hw illteresthig singlnt school,
a treetop, the oeoupant was kniikedi taught by Prof. (i. d Chlurehwell),
from the horilOantal bar, tand fell rapid- closed its first term yesterday with ai
ly to the ground below. Upon arriving picnle. The youngi people report a
upon thie scene it was discovered that delightf ul time. i
the unfortunate young man's neek was E. J. Baird, ou(lr denial mill "nili, it
broken, and that onu lea wa broken i I visiting his family in the Central UCity.
three places., and he was otishrwise Owing to the sikuens of his sawyer'sf
mutilated. Death t muni have tbeen in wife he had nto suspend for a few day.
stantalleous. We are proild of the record made, bly
The attendant stated that the para- J- c. Crews hi the cottLtesl for the
.hute reaales.. rope failed to work, lBartow scholarship. Hie it one of
which accounted for the faet that the Hntst kie'si brightest young iiien, and
unfortunate young man did not make we predict that he will iiake a mark int
the irap. t he future. receiving nany coia-
A HIGH COMPLIMENT, gratulations by hi friends.
SM is, Julia Waionwrighi of tile rCentral
Lieut. Blending Has Been Detailed City is visiting here this week, the
Captain of Florida Rifle Team. giuet of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. u)ke.
Lieutenant J. W. Blianding of the '
*,ainesvillet uards should hie oompli. WADE WAS RELEASED
mnented upon the fact that he has been I
detailed as captain of the Florida ri1l Negro Who Waa Charged With Kill-
team, which ip to take part iii the co- ing Wife at Newberry Not Guilty.
petition in target practice, U. S A.. at Thomias Wade, the negro who was
Fort Riley, the latter part of the pret. arrested at Archer a ftw days ago by
vnt month. This order crime front Ad- instruction from Newiierry upon .
jutans.teneral Fomsterdiredl. notifying care of wlhippiing his wife. from the
Lieutenant Blanding of his appoint.- effects of whib she afterwards died,
meat. was released by Justlicte orain at!
The Usinesville tGunrdi are also to Newwbrry Wednesday. thtM evidence in
be oungratuilated. since out of the thet ase having bern insufficient to)
team ulf ltlf'lrn. to bl' selected from hold the prisoner
the two rcgimennts of the Florida State In sIpeking of the case. Wade did i
Troops. wo minii have beirs selected to not deny having whipped the woman, i
go to Fort Itilry, bevii:g lieutenants whom hti drlared deserved every lick
Landing aMnild Aer nlit iteoaur Morrie. lad more shlin she received, bilt stated
Theee soldiers departed Wednesday that he only "'pankel her tard." toi
for ti. Au.itwtinp, where they will jotn try aud drive sose sense iof justice in..
the team and go into practice for ten to her charter. -tli stated that he
dayi betrore pnrMt*ldiing to Frt tiley. wala hard-working inan and tried loi
The Fort Riley enesmtnment will bet di what was right, t ut that his wife
gin oin August *21thi and last for six never "soled right" by hini.
days, inclliive. Soaitm of ithe finest Tlhe diagnioeis of the ease by iphysll
marksinen .in the 1'iuted State Arulyy eias eianmerated the prieon*r eniire- i
will be preaent, and should Florida ly.r ae it was declared that death did
win a iroply at this contest we should lnot rs ilt from any punishmeint inict- -
prepare to give' iimr boys a royal re- ed by the hiiband ti.pnn thlI portions
eeptIln. *'of ithe body ehl l.iiaiutiff's claim' to
I -- ....i ..Z.L~... Wa t..ia da

Sir Knights From Pilgrint Command.
ery Will Assist to Organise.
Sir Knighta Cniliiman. Taylor, IHyde,
Torrey, Littlethf-l., lildon. 1. I..
lIuidzmni. I. N. I'ree,. (inbkh. MuiKin.

try, Jr Eddiah. Saunlrris and Web. |
l.l, allU mVib'ti* of Pilgrim Comn-
anaidery ofl Knight. Ti'mnilar lleiated
in this caty, departed for l.ivelt0kyus.
terdlay for the ipurpome of euoastitohing
a commander at that placa, and to
confer the orders of Knightlioqd on
some thirty candidates. They will t w
joined there bhIy tifltlerc f thet traaid
C otadiitl-ry i over dre How's This?
WPe ,flfeTr )f e Ilundred iDollar R*--
want farm any case of ('starrh that olltl.
nIqt b ciorei hy iahllt' ('Ctarrh (r'*i-,
.- J CIIENK AY We. tiher imlde'roigarmf h, ave known
F. J. Cheu'-y for the i t 1ift years, anid
tWltiev hi in i*rie:tly htionet hto il abuos-
iaeit IrautisNfi'ia Mnfd llitsanioally aiht.
toi cirry omit silny o(ilgaiti ions little by
tiis trm.
W t.lismi. KI' 't A & Mili,
What, stiv l r ug slgl *, .'toilt o. (.
Hilll's Catnrri t'Curo i taken tnter.
mud Rfllidi e ti,.rllf i~ i .ftth ilood
T'etinonimls se-nt frer. Prifte 7, eents
jar F ottl 'l I1 y sti t *'imggi.' .
Tak Iall F'itunily Pills nr eonsti-


mow tba well AM a< Ws t"cH I'
il- adli UM intfU to ^flpr -- !ll,'
aemms WONe &$ embrah. II as
p*~rR 0rart sIs met
Perma will be Ie lt" 6pgo A Iv-
mediate ad aMlaUg s "la ai edoi"e
ystemlo eeatwrh. It mW qlslay wam
bmnefslally on tUhe ibasd smaes
msebruae, earrL wi hea thr mlegw
sembrass thme ctanh ea mBOosf
Mis nout- Malt, 11V Yan yw1 *t,0
OhIcago, 111.0 writes
erna is a most wosdernul medielme
for eaturrhal and stomerb troubles.
* 1 safered so long with ndlgetUlo
and dyppepals, anst tried many things
to cure me, without relief. I fIatlly
thought a little oa PeruI and tIn Jit
asx weeks I wia entirely rial of my
*tsmiach trouble."-Loulao eMatt.


full *b ii$ S

ies grats. ,' ....
l'hu. 'R'rtmn a
SOhio.f. I
\ - *. *> ii i


Tampa, S~e

$75 o e s h.a ...a.
lasituisu lw e tarn. d. 5ems t itje U.N
ro~iiioi~ fur n*il vmtreameswistsekehsap fl M
S4ihor haii. Toehli Ty gewraisi u. kdead for ep*eI
manld fot ourmr piradiatell exo ed -dotlhe applpi, (l idt
denim. Hia sure md adil ire's asL fohkaweN
P. 0 B e 864. ". lWR. A,.


SIt 7+

* . LI ::

K '4 R .0I

I, "-,,mr
.il ? ., H I',,,; ',



and Bi id ing ,-

u, iE ni .A
- I

r.r 4 ".'." ,,..-*^*1IK .,.
'x~tA ^.... ill.lit7

eou Cam' Nave MxOey to ,


Nov i ,Fli

illKell ,
(JloC:ks. Etc.,
liy Iim i. a . ,

The Jeweler,
High Springs,- Florida

nl D 5 fl..tsla n

L'unenl Directors a ,a pe j (.
XX X.Mil' . ...
ul1d Miedlal. ... ..... 00 ,, .. i. | lbii, ulu ti t |ie .w t lU' 'M i
1u rr ar.l'..'-r i .Old Bakier .... i o t ma i'r'oeriln ofl i h aemi' a Iefm e* a L
11014 !ral [ n,. strr 1d fi. .. : ,; nb 0e 6'a. P 'krpt, h.t % n S Abe A.*. .... .. .
Plture' Frames, s taller %tamp r :ilewi 'e ......... .p ..._ ) . i n, i t t; ele.'.: A &a l i. i

kr. Tb hwi s .,
want b wareiy q



- A A

~_ __ ____~_

_ _ _ ~ I __ ~ _

N! 2XI

L vIl J ;' Anna presolt, in a letter from
U South .qwnth street, MintupiellD ,
Mlin., wrlten:

and tired all lhli tem I lootk w
hor fte weeks, and am gt io t &t
I a maOpeleby mnsed do ft *O. "..
Mrs. leone Dolphaa, In a letter from
the Conmmereial Holtl,I Minneapoll,
Minn., writls:
"For twoi ilnmitlii imy ils)yme'tIirmn axlwrt.
Inentei 1 with 1it, trying I to r i a hI
would Wi'ebs ettie' Ii lu y atilllai'li, a5 U*





r , ',,,- . .. '" ,. ,* .w; : . I .
:Thoe jelhti'g to Securo

First-Class Educat
., Shouhl Attend. .

.t Florid a Semin
P wtiinr ^ ^^

fi rs^ j ^ .^ ,'. .i.,;
. ' ". I'
ff~ ll^ ^ ... .,** . ,' '

iti i "^ l'ha'" % .it*
I IK ', i/. '_ / "' .., ,.... .
.,i" ...i ..' *Kh ,.

IK .'^ .., ,,,; i!:.; .. Y ,."~ .

^^ U1^^ ^ 1 ^ *^ k '*^a j k

b t) xtudttlrv Itirstiolun awd disiopli
1l4 "' t'm moda.tion. for youutn I lies. Pareri
Shofr d4gl06il.rt tl$ it l l rmiH ary know ing thy wi) ,. rlll
t al tudpiE will lw uindlr i t ri t iuTilitart .uIel'
d 1tt s0e taught reg'ilarity anl prt'IAMpt tI
Idlwaese wllsl o b. ;i siI |.t-4. .
A numitr of Uourrws ~%oe susailnedi. All hor
41. .arly all of -iur Ckain1Urcii I ald Shortihmid gKr*
**tellent poeItiiiLs
r'c'Ityl of swelve able in.l tore -s0dh1 a eljilt
hI the United isies l;uam.a blrt-tr health rectr. than I
Capt. HeKa'i, I. $ A., .is t of the emi .sary h
*ppsari to bto erfebot."
TUITION FBREEB. For asalogue. addr *'
JERE M. POUND, Suptrintondent,

7 .- W'

l|i" ^ ,':'^ III "" '. ': i^ Uin ill H
-- wf et I* ,. ',--,.-+-- -

B R .a'f . '" '*, .*. ., ,..:.. ... ". L. "' | .


* .


bsitaK11 a. *p-. .

The Oldest Whisky

ne not sDirm
a(u(try ihat

kill. O r* v Ir '
,'. A ll it -

!,ail llui lltll I '


Sor Men For Ladles
,' :;* altot .ome t.o the who do iot, find it don
Sity whe 'in I need of venitut to come to the
he we make a spEcI city, we. make yiy lug a
ii.tyof fitting you at your easy tak by ending to
het. We catry the. ft yuur. homes twi or three i
m snakes i of Clothing, styles of garment to .se.
O RWt. mu'rnilhings and lect from. We carry
Spidevlwear, and no mat- $HItT WA ISTS
SMr what your size iM, ,KIRT$p
gl "tout slim or short, LEADN CORSETS,

We C an Fit You.V FURNISHINt .
"Wow______-Can_1 A1) UNDERWEAR.

MOL A T'FQRi n Our Boys' Department
MANHAT~T~Ac can be had everything
nT4O.' .' HAS. ready-to-wear for boys,

.. ii. I- *ARHARTTY OVERALLS. except shoes
--own.',++ .., .......... ...,.. .. ,, ,.

ELL,, tbl s n.,

.tiA.mU L ., Wunty. Our manager ha. livnd aIn i thi ourt h irty yars and
fSto ,thoroughly Counveranit. with land title.

r 9 Mo"t l a nptisug a numalfer of pro minknt Amneru'tn and Epgliih couirtanie.
m.wattl WGtkian. ..-evfile 'lo ri a
t. .l11W To be ppolated.
h*P-Ibeshor Rutledge.
GItablished 880
Aiicalh o A Ca

t-Po nn1emii" )dfL to i it i Ai
kln t U no t 'ppolt, t 1 1 V0l l

,A-Vatle Gr 1 A . r OY1 l E I r F I. tl I tH .
b-R 1.4 Mowtuomery. -.
in-Ids Wigginsi.
a4c%-suTo be appoilited. )urn.busintlss i strictly untRiftedto the viti no14 do i i .iit ni ti it- .wZ.
uee ohuonj*on. ~~ j hi of land, and e hreHa o o10 pTrT Iie r per with44 t1l t tr rI.l '' i .11*on41eti ,
Vte'kwe>ea F414uS4 with $iav businnei We mnaki. fat >peialIty of thi jrhparhtitu : f 1ahr rz't o 0
nichke 'ishatativ& invt'istgat trtid a\f f. r;rP .'mit ;ar'itrty-oit -jl t f. ,1
metitwif. .,pWtlna. it m W ttier i CrtMA nin tI tT. tB iis 't A4sid flyrncut i QvTqO'1o bte appointed, dnmption on': utst, ing ito V I.g. yr *t ,. i )iriflpt ian) r'A I ILe'r.
botra" tlo-T noe Atderson' uice in our line ti:ll OI tr .' \:*trry ..i .,-in i tii-_,
sWi.,W. Dnhtth.ras I I B..COLSON. Manager.

9 O *T hoinl'd .. GAINESVILLE. OTTL G 'OR
be appolnitd* BOTTLINI wo,






I -


;Fine Wines, Liquors an
t -'-1 .... I'vad ," i t litI

j~*~,q- jt
I 112 1 I .. I'
I ~ ~

~ s '1 .1 *:



1 Beer,
e -


i'.+- i-i -_-_- M'_ Mn.i_^_ ---M _m j-.-f.u-,+_.c^A '

iHoUse In ueorgia

Uharnaoerd K year. o(l. O y t--l
'phl M. 4 (fil peinart* 3&.'
GuarInitretil d yenr1 old. Hy th*-
allo u VA. 4 fsill ilarts 43. '.
GtiurAnttn 4. tl year !. oid, Byietl>
llu h + 4 fdnll tisirt s #2.,
1:EX1'I :S" PllEtAll
I.'I.01 I lsI I Ita r
By thie galiloiu *2 '5A 4 fill quarto
12 Ns* IEX1tis I% i AFr.uI'IlI
Oiuarntre id 4 v e-4 rar iold. ItI' fe
fiftli, .i> 0 ; o. 4 full ijpinrtio $,"-.A
on\ 11.6 ll1tl MI

gallon #2 N,. 4 (till tjui rts 2 .74
%Ve badlE all thl lAditiIg Era nd iat
iy3n1l cmirtnlmn Wiin11iv l i 1 mar' sir-
kut iuid will savv you from -24 >r roil
to ) iler t'nt tn yilr i( urti*lirth i .l S611d
for priest li iiAd t* n ial ,ki'in M.ilt-I
frt",e i"por, aJpplies icm t
6J41i$l.50 0461li-l YORl'1l'H TIIF:ET.


The Holmes Company
Have *.stlidht'ed a ce mi;rage plalti at
(&lhlieSviltli, a rtd ar iiti ready 14i
ipl,,3) '- 14u ?i1fitam'tf Frer li tt'lln
tnr|t'i b rile "f,' 'A ii *
m torvi Had ott-6- t Al 0

The Holmes Coi
Gainesville, Florida.

ar e'hr i! in t s*4't' !- ill I Mti', t N' 5 I" .l. tOcu.k t.
15ibi4fut.r lit' it i' .J; ijetull' rr '1 .jo **. rth,
Winhl .1-i ni''t ,,%hnil t'0 4'mil .- $uirt'l,, iW I tIihI
dIhtri't tho th ''* !rI heY rntl r Inhn t' nf 4 til
tifrltr 'lt, si't$ libir ?t'i1ijIrl er in !;., '4? u;Iih 1.1%i.i \
tea be" te* Ci< l 1 -t t 'IJ' ii ;'.iti't' ,! 'he'll. .1 I ii' I A ma
Ir e t,'n,'1rli 'tld ,. .t C ,I It ,t' L r:
I"r', 'tl'. t E I 1 n' "it 1 q 1 'bfl'.ii jS' Ml ".Y'I. 'I ;+ ,I,1r 1

Ir 1 'i',' )' !IM<' C I'SrtSI P Nth
11 L. 1 SI.tN I iN. ,

1S it' 'rs ii & Ij r' nu' i t\6:.~ ~
N -' ,'." i.k 'I j I'.8I"i,1 '.1 \. i jtA.' 1ito S
.A .'.. 1 '.I ihti ;1 l,' ., ti1.l i', riep'.I ;I s r.
%0.1 j," "Z . tItt ij 1 t *'I ''- 0 l. a" .- 1- .It
',..:> 'a" I ',:llIt Hi4 thlle %? t -.stt ,' l':W .;f illI;f..1 ferlm
44! 1 1 i't's t i liel \ i'voy lll* Itv kn I'r I r 0
j il, Nr mI t a ~l ,I,,%% wIii,.lii, I i n T"v .r 4 A.. %1
. I .i'Fl.1 t I [ (l t le "1l- t;1' I1. ,,te : o1 S 1i '! .t
t1 A4,,e' 1. i*r lfx'l t u Ii.,k Nt L ,,I "It. .I ,
,' .' r.' ,- l' i.' L '.. I t .hS 1 ' -4. '41, V' 0' ',, I.I'
r. i'. I I] I .kl'I "11 + 0 ,' % lkl11 l 111P1 %1 i A l0l1' t+l tII
N 1, :,. r,, tn 'l ,.' ,"*,' ,1 ttf t' 9 Ie+' o', ,.'<'
l*3 .'it I Ii i '. f) i'S e %I' .I, llte p "ti.i
; : : J- lit x 1:,. *j', ,.' oiT to, h t 0;,;l l, :r -:*. t
"l*>'J Ii' 47 ti.,'' i IL. ,.,'tio' fqil 1I' t. lInI 'l r ".' '-tIIJ
.it'tl, ' ; F .i4.11''l .i-'. l,'.1l 1its6'I . -lll t i ,,i lJ iI
hit- i' ,i ".r, i N t..M .';l t '' *' + ii ^ .^ {<*(. '' |l! f1'" "
'' 14'" .itt L4L':m,', I.,r )0 .$ t .nP .' '0. L"
1t.3' Of' S4l'luIIit '': :; a 4
} 9 1iit 1,T IlIi t 'it 1,,, t'..- i*'A-,Vit'f* i'
i' i',u 'l T' 1 l,,. I' I;4 I. S , i 'I a tar I 'tl I .i.u.
W' i t. O' ; tt.)% i I It f l'''I';'l ,.Jtt+ u,P-,, ,mlT l;','++'tl,.'r, Ji..A ,......,,.... ........
Ai iv' ini :.il31 l 'Jr'.- l r'iiti li,;.f .1t. t "'. r !,!Ir
Ilh Jir g,,tlath .tn IiI & Alttf .' 41. I ; 't';'.jr' t.i1 %I1
|)LI)' eif %,'.'tr"I's1.-Lr 1L*"4

I$ i tr4 t {v Aii$ h.tI i*'I.1.4 -T..
o A'rt. F It I 1' 0., .\ I ;n
T" M% ,tIt. ip. Ii .ItI t .gi I. I!~"
,1 ',44 f . i .4
<.Ta vi i -k ;- 1;j i _j. 'I 'ti '.,: ,t lli' '.' tl: v
w ith tlar I'ti'.1Vl, .5 eli l.9,. ;ii> u) C ili, ., ,'4 ..- .1
Jun.' j. ic s'Lttstnrit -i t^. ~.'P. ;n'' 'le.' i,$1 4*
l'.mjKrr .k >lflt ; t !n' 'I 41'- .' :. I ij P
N t, 1te*iml .,,44t tlaf ktit(. tij '1 *'rr ,,'', 41
e .'t elldq hi tes te~l th1 t' t*tI & ''i i, l,.& *' '' ,'
,a! .\:VPi h! ,t. 4. j'.i' .lIus i It I !i.,', ,^ I':, ,. -
.,' ':ti it l.; '47 Itt' S. t r" ', '.. ''
1 i% i i *'f l 'e11.1" | 1 e '' I ,- i I e a 4
.Sei ll' ;,''i3 : d 'N 4'-. f e i r i1' .0 4'u'rl.ibI ,N -, C ,
T tlat 4*';l N l -.. (.ta i ,i S' I -. , ,,i. i'
*Lnr' ll' ;il't ; '4 a L V '* 'i '.44- 4,1 .*''.' i ',.' *
IIi 'i +, I' h .i L. 'l' I +,,,,..' ' ,
S l.m r: I . . t., , '1 t 4't i', ? . . .
6 4 ,4 I r ,' ". 4 l '1 t '. l 1 .' .
10..' ,il
( ; '* f ... "- >, .; .'; .. .. . \. l ,,, +...-*. > ',I ,. ,,,* .
I 1 11 t1 i '10 ,, 't4. II'.'l, 1. I I' ",.
aI.t. *' ttu'-f.' F' 'i le *ii - -.( i .
,i 'a t S.',.t' s +,; ',. i

Ra ICr;r"'' I lI ' k
t i. "' t '- '9' i ,' ''| T ' '
','. l ' .r a4 I "
,', I" ,| r, ,++ .1 ; ,i ,~ .<

1 ,' '
C I ''" .L' """ '.I' "

' ., j -' r: ,1\ "-' r' p r ''
' ,, I l.'' L < .' l ,* I C ,'' ". . '
. '*.* '- i .*r I : * P. ', .' .
'' I l' < t q' n. ,., I-* ; i ^ , '* .
| .' : .\. ^ '. \f '. * .

1i 4 hI j I J, .
I, ".' 1 ," i ,;, ,+, .' ,," ,',, ' "

4111440 I. i '. '.',.
1 i M n l J 1 l n P y '
+'"n'T '"l i '", 'r i .. "l "-""
i iIf *n :. 'I I 't J 'a + t ' ( .^i 1, .. k ,' .I ,
f I,' n i .- .' ,,. ,; .. ' '.* *
( **.." ..' +il .\ i;-) I ; ''
' ] j < T , ;* ', r k' l I. ; *. ",*
1 I4'.* t i- > '.l, i %.', t' i 'l ,'.' ,', '.'*
*, ('q *iPii <* i*-> I \ % + i- '
S'i f 'i .I .' t' J 1 L t '. F

WLiuaSl S----









Uo 101i thwe Ier 0l4tI!... ltit thatIWe; .1)1 taM' **%h s.4
p31#.ti.U4iA.l '-Aitms s6N Pt 111" 1V I
ii i toh11w %ti at 411'f l i.? iiteir.,.4 kOr
jrq'mI a* I.i WhhlI4t1iiT ,Orr r'' 4A
u41i&Ir:t1n1 I't all I he 1 ".bjo I4ieat044641 k, t
Isf .4 ki &W't- 1 %4'.* j u. 'iir: r1'4 r A414
'l0 Z i'P4J 4 4 1.) l6.r I rnj tteit. %iit'e' tv r kl ,
141 h& 1t, '.~ii dn .1. IiJ it, I i4l.* e 14ikWo40 ''41 I I I1,4
1.eI,QI IS*Nu. 17'f.Vist ow I*rt 'ifMP t I-V i 14 44 )
hill.. ,s o!A6w '%0144 Nwta 4.11 14 % fof Kest.
14''.i N. '16X, a' %JIh114 Nip s oi%
tNAS :11 k; wi g t .14 1 lt- Yr i'L -" t~' "hr Qth~
lt sriv *'Iqt .iits a t I I irit ru' 14r.m i a C .aP 4
wI 1d teooeM$14tnh l 4,4'q iI *inkaipfu0a1I4 Iis:ld
"ol 4i : aI4, !. VaC.w i % .at ii. 1, 3t!I' lo '41,'?,,
j"4r''trr &~4a 1 )( 104'r90- 1 It41 ''&1
t l I 14 )k1 z- I a
IX ay .1 J ai l ge X t I iaiti1~ 'Ir k t' l
t ~e!rti~ 1$.li IlI~4d fl' 1 t. cit o'N 1.l

*l d.~u .till, iI'tlw. t.,4 41140' 10 (AdV~4 z..orlI Iori~
Pois;. Nvt41 .tdIs.wMitt XlIm t, 3'fi'9 '/- dI
tt~e( N'1iu II 11 40141*."lApr,.'Vt ijfik4%qP 1Asl :r 1 0!
d ii r' i'if I It# ewmr1A.14 q~.1~ t ~ r 4

41+o INa ''. II.'Ne I. Lbi iI. i .

N 4LJ14 e''%'it "'"' ~ i 4 IT' 't X
W ; ,q 1" 4 4a l A i t I I I ,r

Phi ; tr"It, 'A' i. W14Lll%',, t' I t&'..
10 414. *'I ( Yd j' 1 d "i1h,1

4.t' I 1,'114 l.1 i 1 tA' it .1ik A I"ntIu 4 .
mi 'j~t~t I S tjuhi .i 3tu0. 1;
%r 4' Itlitl Ii I aus 14 Iii'.f t v li e tn Ie a
NW. I. t!.4 ttr JUrAtdItt' "t 4 9!41 "4 i*j
j r II"It' e9**1 %* 4f 'w3!, ko f. '(.11." N. 1
LI~ja'C 14 q4 1 .tIte :"!tI.Ii 4% l24iiI. eJ ,!t4. t
W iI ti I1*. 1'~taiI 4 )611 V (kt, to,' N4~j .: .~' *:~
lr vit' 1 t1114C4't S I s % I A. t',t' vI't. hrtk e *1 jWut. 14-Pii. 3
10.vll41L .1 4 -441qi, III'.flU IIsi t .11 if, 'tu s
A a:.' i ad ~ ,'r r. CE !1 ad Ir*'i r. 'i ti

di *g e Lt~lic,.,r -vlh..e4,
k~k-w ilsi, iF. li iN" 'tIN ~i Il' .s r'lo

~"*-: rr i~~r~r~rr

_ ____



_ __; __

__ ___ __



. . . ,






Valuable Animal. Stolen, but
Thieves Have Beeu Arrested.


If the Story d' One of theI Prisoner,s is
Trne-Men Were Arrested andi
Placed Under Bond for Appear.
t.nce Before Nowberry Jaiulice.
N,,-w .,rry, .\i. igi( I -. l.oa 1t Tiji' ,'-i y
night, tile"2,l icilt. S It, +ft wit, tevivii
fr.iu '.J. Ilrt lv rdl of lllf -Ntt hii, lti it
i g igiPy from .. 1. tirilli, ol liirLlviLt0 .
A ithuu gh tl-it editeIterl ll t l 'v4 'ryithii ii ()
t)eir p eiW r ft lpilrrh',Inil tliei, guilty
p l)rty ti)i e .g' e1)tiem 'l l obulnuii di t ti ii
Allr Saturday, whaiin l ftlepty 41ii'rifft
1.jdfijilull ret*'i d ie it fl ir'sta t ft'iil
Athtsd that thi*' he'ur Mla ti)yigy 1ulithd
bevit it atud Ihoillu is rll ills rth il of
(i S t ) l (t l I It irmlpr 'e dtlie) I ti Alit'li mL
i'111u3 'dilktill y l i feitiild lih l it igri
hitl aV ti t hil h oir.e aiul lilid i y le a Mr.
hialt thewi, r>t''iivii g i lheirifor i ixty.
%. dollairT.
\hil' Mr. Ji.vinesilli was inl Alaihiua
itt ra''Ceived a mllsagK' frin Nt.ewberry
that tanotherr horel had ltli'r eltiltn oni
Friday Itighit frein .MIr, rltilth of Arih*.
tr. LMr. i.LiigHltoll kilpt Omu tihe laetIk
0) 31 8d waspi tlmi'L I li lcatlig a Ilegiro
with llr. Smith'# lurslt. Ile wias
promptly arrested ntid lbresilht it4
Newberry mid Iwgloed ill jail. i'ht .tem.
pro gave his llitn 1asl Jr, ltriowni, aliai
Sh0trn Williams,nd stlls thlatc hli stole,
rrvanrd'ii horse 1l4* also iunpliiatre
throe well known white ientof JoanIs.
vill as iseaoisoNtes, who hav e beeni
arre!stad- and lla ced iidter be Il for
their appearistee Tiuesday. Tthere Iay
Ism somethinlig insationlI devirloped.


Farmers of Hague Section May Suffer
On Account of Too Much Rain.
Prominentiii glatrit front the 1hague
and Alachusa eutsir visiting Lhi city
Nttiurda tatle ltat continued
rains have caused a great deal| oif luia
inI the colton erop already,. md if
thn eo rains do Ntit ouN etam' the04 daiti-
.g0 will serious.
ktnu planttetw, wtiht liiti l tv'mitv4i
a. rt'ge in coltoiI, stated tlil it iis prip
was sliddinti to allt alaliriig exlt 1t.
Atltisehr plltiter stated that lite cuntl-
ed live caterpillars on il a stalk of co l-
totl Triursday, and tiih easerpillans
ttiroughtiill hi. tieohl we're, hitrieinrg

Considerable' 'totonm Ik nnow opiln,
hrvever, arli t, hi plant & Ia yielhcli i its
irillot nuore' rapidly veryy day.,

IL 1%rJ41.

Si ,

" "

I i i ,
,1 i J 91,'' I q l i ; '- M M 1 i '

I J4!

i4 ,I .

< .1 .

I ,
I .


4. \\I~
Li ~I
~ ~. ~4 A
.441L4 ~,'.. A '.' .'
i. 4 I. I 11111.


S \. !
.F, 4%1 l '.. ,
I \ I I I )i. 'i .'<>1|1|1 | .. 1ut1 ),

I. ; 4 i'. I r 'r'
t 1 4 41 I. 4



S . 1. \

I N ,i.! 1
,! 1 .I '' \ ' .. t I o i 6, .
i. . I. i f I -., i r , .
I I.I 'I tI I

& 41 % ,i 1 4 ,1
S r, i i L I ..I i . iL i q t

S- '' I 4 -1. 1 1 141 4 i '. l i tf i r i
,,I Lt 1.1. i i ,I. 1 I s., 1, ,ll I i' i t 414 , Ii

In IiIvM4,s 1 tu.' ,II1It Ii -.
i ii 4144 i', 40" 1 1.11 1 1'.i ''I ,li : l ,Il
.1 I uei I .Hil tit ll'l'i hlllt I 'li 4i, .i1 a i, .' l

Pi. i-'D o it.l4 'Itt lini ji lttr i tl t' ll'

S I'l i t11 .... 4t1 1 ( tl ll ll q iv Sls (I | ii J l .t
rA ivI a ii h i t 'i ii Sci < 4"r I .t it ithr ilir' t ilr i I. i
t &Mtr0il- tif l i r.ii ,'r ,ei h,'.p' eiir .-i) "ii' .44'-I
~ ,'.l -1 it I 41l qualifa1) i.A
!4 ii, ie, I. ,1.4lt % 1 llAl l, .it ilill ,4 .1 1 l1

*I rt- t I i4 'llM v 3 .1 t puill 1. 11" 'a i lM' l I ll M i ail
LI'N1' 10 0 4 A'l i IT -f lllii ij hlt !f h | .i
Ill- I) u .,i.n g ii L, ii L4 tiMril I u l)c It |, le ril,,r,
|I* 1114i1' .-,,4Mplt if),)) 1 II u .le i rue i| ,i i il.'

piit !11 ,i I i lII^ t Bil it l 01 ,Ff.i t

' s .- l 'ir: r4 0


Sam Blue Arrested One Year After
Warrant Was issued.
There ip an oId and trilu eayin thhat
murder will out." T'his iinsltaro
was 1il it lite' l0 otrliods ao iiiterdtr,
litit the itrm iN isteed ill a literal lelsr.
in tarder it deonliNstiraste Its truthful-

Alhmut a year ago thers was sworn
out in Nlicanolpy a warrantt for their r-
rest set unv ia11 Hnlue., whti wtas tihrged
Wilh 'arryiing a iil-l. Ilit "aeUia'l a
rat" anld left ftmr tpartls tklnow.l, t11*
hlias t e' iiabsel frn ipin that metimt l on.
til SMalunlay. when he vi',,miritd ili4o
Hut'0el*l alild wai 'ti1ine1diiterly
"Itilbetl'" 'by lept iy Siherifl T. .. I'er.
ry, wi hthriighlit him to.i (alpicvil leand
plit d liin ill jail.
liusinnch nao tithe' ,harge was made inll
lirinitin|sy*, it % L l I lleicriFary for
itluel tIl lit lrr im t it l n llP jiliti r'
cotiri or if lih l itilin l rit, a d lie will II *
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mliaiishdl tlhe hisItWO, 14d hiM li It 1 1.K NOTICE OF ELECTION,
for th(' frnarirf tec d is t wa wr iNOTICE OF ELECTION
i,. eiti'lrpillt r. w-hi'h I l..ear wilt ihe ----
thet' grtatvt drai biaek i)f all . I kA .1 im I L a

The Death Penalty.
1\ lil i t ligi til 1tii Illies rIlullIt it i
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Ticket Agewt Goodwin Sold 298 Tick.-

Elt Out of Gainleville,

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was COLmtlFlited, 'lt'iaet .i:si' tit t h-Ke-'
U it is l ut g eiwll e 14 tickets. .
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- fill to' 11#i'il!! I i i l , t.t ,' U ) *,' t. "
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I.- til' S-.1 ', Flrida: i i it i) ll'MI, t i s Iam u 'iI ."
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"Section 3. "rhrT e .411 te no t mii imy i t a ll. ..
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'.* ,e' i'ts.i .elb in t nuld r the law. providing dn' "_." _"u."" "' ue" ''''
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i's ,. '.. f ',' v...' "'.m *.4. ; c' 'Fe.h t.. cp i ':,: llr] t ,he ,r .,1, 't il .l I o odtrlt'til n V ltSAD RtoWf. I( '. $4.1,5
4'i i', l NTH iS'it p I '*'*l 'i .n j i 'e l rrd i nI u,.,,,i'.i eel?'ii,il l ,l ii.U ,in li '. ...'* " '-*''. i"
ft tli4i'ni i. 1I Il- i ,' i "i.'. .4.3 t- I'i 1 1, i, *'riv t;s u .iu r w.. I ell lv, f **1 rod lll '.7

1 .4lr t,.t ^ n .' *r -.11 L "'.5r 4'?i Q l th .) Iit, .-i t0 tA I U lae tt ry..
., 'rit n .. ,- .i .- ...- M l. e ,,er ,,., 1. ,,, ,i i .-iI sg, '. ,, .' ,,.t i,1 ', m lyo f l i^ ltl I r i A l l i u o . t
,-t., ..f "it. n, *,t. ... .. .,,... ., ?,, 4 ite ; , -;,''t ., II k ;ib-- thS, Sp u w a ih e" rnre ah"'

. 'r1M P .4 j .,. I ,,- .4 ..r V' i' e ,, ,,.. "t , u he'..s I'.e Ii Iii.,' i," s.i:it', rl.. T l'm' l''th antI i" i'.t
'i ,l '9i 14%"l'gi I hdi t'| 'l'- i', ii, ? i i didI .t j il A.' : i, lr th fo r 1 "ow d a.
b I 1 1,11 "%) .6. 'fo0I a'1....4 11 .i a t''aIl ,, p. it r 'l lo r' W. Pu'. i f 1.' " ,.i,, i rt- i n .wt.h i ri r W 4a ll l ta .. ,
It.. .. 1,41.1.111 Hi f-. houW door la %aid A hrlu tar iilat L iFM'tOaTh'
'4,,~~Af~ lo 'j,!.r ,... .', .+,! 1 tj l' ~ i l .
,!,1 ,.I'..'. i.i, iP t .. ,,.' ,.. ,.I .i +- 1,.l, ',, ., r ; lil + tl i~ ,iipL 11 ll w le el M ~ li~ l go dip ...,,,'

^>4.', : ;'. :".ir Q,, <;j ,'""...'". '.


j! .".

-.. T' .4.. .

Summer NorimaL

The Orange Springs Nerfm i 0

Comnertlal Institute '

well opn tm uUm* 13 trv the Iftih b & A....
Siafl was rumor *vrgs .IKfnll, theI ith
I mupole.1 Ughxpsea It"ii iy ub1
esr ikh.. autioa ue (phtur ,pri ti| AIN
l'rto4pl, (anpieva llie, r ILi, 1. M
tOratisge Arings . . Fl, l A


National, State mand Congpll, p
Sa Tiakt 1904. 0i

<' I.' Bulelm-Franklin mnl. A.

0em) K R'tblmwon-Malls m9O ,c'
(*ho H, R -oliuenlmBrp mg#l ,
it, A W. Wondall--3Otf tty
A M.Ouhsa-AlIwus
For O(onrmor-Ho. N, B. M4,
laue. Hhllebo i1
Mettarry of itw-Jmok, I


11 1 k

\ TI" l 1" \.1\

,,1 t\ l. K : .- i l1l ,%

.I .l I' i t \I N \ \' 1 '1 I


I V.7

4L 10
' 5k *

',ij",',',''d( ,* ,' '' a""

if '*I. , ....* "

P Iw" this

1 4-h1W "l01' '.

f 4upf .

Lrwm O M4Ne

^^^MkiUvea bufrf hisrt
BIB IH~ f ^^ ^" .... *< :i

aa^E "i "' ,My~j ':

Htt~~ttititt1' $e |lii t


uimoe yumeihi ap.
bim m"q.i
* i-M,. II M inml S po
Wi^~ ~ ~~ eitTrv''y *,^^-

L~a ii fii iM irea

imWet iat oelem
HEBbIut ;-m~ll ulu" e B iikii
i wl WWn w iw.

Ig .i be Uw. L. t. Rous, ae,
Gi o the w on a borVe
JO! 4P s rmamu mol 4e lamh
ACo., nays
q, wt id" Aupuah a. Rwwas
j|'l i ilo. WaQmln 'Whi|tl

0.0M6am i i is L .Rvute a'di
l~i : ,ijipfflp j>f, .h, whio eeo, u,,
6N Is the sahyaemelo

hiOG"' ri Ws dbliTied Iriei,
I, i. la Piy aon W. im
'64 0klates .wish 0. N 1adi l
^nIb ona dathatpde horipud
crowldby altR Chstate tao Mau

t~~siapo wOOhere Dhr. andirsh hona

."'"' ". I, ', M
-. ,,. .., ,, ,

ffwK$ k^qe,, uw. G e.h..vV ::;:;1-ily Ii 4lmughwv of ?u r ellmh...l w,. siton y ._ WLL ADUNCO I S
*; .so. n tt.n t yub"o rd .sri *rre gin serd, u.aving b.era n oummonw d a.s wit
-bru -l N*t T H, d v- for, the lusersof thIe deo t n, of on t se wr thI in TOILS OF LAWI
grd p mHiiN.y lao"ntrotiiery, e. d United Sifs ilsd oHIaoin which W. !'" I W W V
Ats.tlvh ;h t g *ill 'p fd she v* .. AlttelnUio l called to It.I OUhang i of M. lani w plaintiff s ai d 1,. F.
,pilediof Qtevmio n t rWivlatIvm advergieoent of Phifrr tIona mis mr Brusl.or defedadmnt, twifng tIh ft Arrt Lad t Night Upon Char g
thi" L "W." e nil .turar y e igi a .pegl t ale Thiurlsday I Sl. fih he OOeent did nonl aiear, of llng Liquor lleally ',
.eq/ itm ^ l t Mg'l.. where h l hls diA skirts lstd urnishiing. This lire" how Bver, ths ease was dinismled. ,
bue Oat* tl M i to it *k tsekthlr. id 4ro* ( mvilg as innh.i.f ihTir Miss Eva tlail dpil rteid psterda' aN E HAD A SECR-IT CLOSET '
$l-. ik .,, ,#l, r(Morl th< paifltp t s thilo a pm eaoble, betir. g.Ing idto for thlWnnSh, l. As tuivanush she 'L
seei-l. ila. Eij-.ftg md W Orlle eir eiLW W quri, r., will oin Ctaa W l. Denlm and .Mate c Was Conceals.
l00t sp4 wtleh wil t e I t r if ii! J I. lt. .ia m ts, 1 dIrt'd .i'tl ray for party in hli Oar, whe,> the .,rty will C c l,
'gafl bbrd mfuby r 'lid throughout Half Mawin, wh*rP I i*S grfiutinM pnnro d @o Kiltimbuit*kr, M11, for the enormous Pucture-hTeriff Has Had
Sm.outlg. imtds fr ">, nr a. remainder of tiihe msnhfr. Mr. lifn. Many Complaints, and Says He ',e
OetmI4e s li .* wl eiun-fotur year. of Costs Ih in wommuiu sItiou wihll Mi tn. >hami his !iJ in1 K"if@behimnk tfor eo. patedly Warned Hughes to Desist. ,
t4.it41* )tlftv. l Uleyol. t(e 1 A M. i1 and oas sIo m ha it.. I al I week. h 'Frirnd. of this turnabin .il g rrall
il Okube.bld Mnday w nt "lt er "sisd his work at Hair Mn' It .r 'y laty io her a ,st m g E'lrf lil last Igrh arrt.Ltd
tin md wmltemresterdasy.ferh. yor a i trei of 4.Xovne'.s ia ti. W.. ayo wn aE."" known i o. .I1, U pon charge of
p ioa. The fe ral Wias honduattw by Knd afr his. a)Iisrsota ltents. Deputy Sheriff J. 1I. Stokes of 3.ica- selling whlkey in a dry county. Wian
he Thwai Uad U d lhrtit Si Cimpanyti 'hir eoi.nery friends thtiuld dnvear fail "1y arrived in ite city yvt rday. arrested Hughes was r.r ar -hi.'ho: e on
to 4 was wdit known and lhbilI u, u' or nla'r hlroagh th' mp He had ini custody Thoma DAvis, ol Nri. ,,. .. ;,, .nd ... -va-
-seed 0 by' ,.uimwrque friends i. iiino. 'T tii" ttir letrl surel Ii o red who .s. aonvictr. d 1 n1.1 a.stilw sutadng the ife thai ho duenid ie.
A" aI dI'.Wa nyu-
-'olf1J *[TKE THINA"a1l dialttois p<- i mish court gs Mioauopy the1 a gum rigorouey-her LlrHriff com elsHd
C iautor VCR aslrer 1 tihe AsIui. lalveSe bowels ot children if ay age hargie of carrying eucenled wt*ionth, him to return d t hh. hus.
1le C1os l i J W it/ h. h iry for a and .iake. sus-ing easy, are! csts .un ass sentenced -u pJ the uwue A earfutil search of tlhe prenisret rt.-
fhgh Spr ie.0 win r e went to tak I Among time visitors to ithi. ity yl. months in the pl n in ile l isetoar nhe *hriff. utiW hr discoegre d tohisi,d
pla( tnain. of empty eoaehp. to St. terday were Mr. acid Mrs. E 4. Gaul- the weapon was a razor, bat thet of- picture over the mantel a sores
Pwrstqurg thel. .Augustine ri den of Old brown. rhey hale telen so- fecse was just ** rave. st, where shirturn urSs, in vai.
tranol. Captain Carter ripeoso to journi*a at White Sprilgs for lihe 5*it Aftier na absence of *s.eral months, ouWs sied i.tlesa ranging frorn halt.
110ufl hi.hlirgh riiine*Cis rin un ai few ,weeks an count of 1rs. C during which tin they havr visited piints o meanr. wr ur diwo.vered taMa
M pul da. d's health, but hare drc'idd .iry New melepbonel have bn installed Cedar Key for a while They, dt i Arkansas, Mrr. J A. Ammons ind from tvitw by upi.are whifc was uli e
o tI0we: Wte. 1Si.-7-2, t. K. letor-r, parted foer lte iull town last n eight ehildres lave returned to this reidlwteet: t87-8, H. o Urrmv, rve., Frieds of Mr. md Mr. tGeorge* wherl friends will Ie delight ed to heriff Ferut11l stated lalnight to.t
d6hi 1b-i4i Henry RaPmy..t ree0 Oloverpeitle of Misiuanop are syitp a- Lemrn they will nIake their future he had hean sevirai report. itias
dlo, Thp people of North Uir*e- thiingl_ will them in the death of their hloam..i They are dvlrcL from Hot Iutheo had ieer telling whiskte in
viTle'"lMb'egiSt.iomsiwppwIlle l i, l dtJe shrt'ye-old ntTen, which sad Spriitg., where they havu ben for violation f ,hi lawr. aedi that i hl iad
epa rleC.. All of thIe 'pleoel eUv*itll ntihrrrid ilaturday or tlfgestlioll 1om1 f time. Mrs. A.aamos i a glreiat approasred thim tn two or thrte v,.110.
*Mm pf ,sh (.alpesll.I, sad thle runl- tof lh brain, The. interimeiitl ws hrli favuirite here, anid Lih amnd her inter. lots and warned him to detis t if hi
ilitslsethi wlMllio l will i lbs th 1 Mue0,obtyeen reiury tuditlay Af. estingl family will be, wtleomei black did nol daceire tihe t irinc Ilrrn a i thie
i ssllswd IIes ht vinIs suburb oed..a r. ao,, rer ft. J W fIls of the with plehlasur. ,. dA ,.-ui. h _im,. h in -m ,an.
N lufoilt#-Igof alSe; m Mi.ethodinoimuret ou ieiltfieig. J. E. Thrlasher, th,,e grogressivee nr- .ta tme ltsigh.t. d+eclare(ld ponudv.:y tilati
J .Wwl.hTuee.r tof oe.el.le wse Oaplmi J3. W. Carter of Mieniopy, chant of Mioanupy. *ha*s Kone to St. m.a,. ,itht,.ieni. wrM r.'s i triae. ,'it ti at
i T uos in o.the.ity yesterday. ou li atuhe usieso NEy a futy, Louis, C(hicago avid other point. he i fi weas o gu iuy i
S W Do of "High Spriuig* wt wap in the' city yestntay. aoltain fore returning it is his intention to Hughre we.ihki d ap two th* ity
046111090(ki thpShyetteray.o Cariro. has iberi notid twxfore, is Prihasere.autosidolirl whl ;' 06 asrm fr w )Olhelle was among enIaged an mining' rock for governa- ."s foyd t oi v.,y lm'enr be i morlnii, r'.-d ilnstaoh a nas t I ll aid
.i who p|ikl the county espitl a ment jettiy work it the mouth (of the _wiam 'y ,ad .inston, there will te hu Aiy uf iou it.e"ng v1i.
etltnd lsI, JlJohir, rivr, ndha a lr forest. e tce .neThern w'ill h' nride with t'he dcI' ait"e.i hii)" s rdn*y *h ,id
S. l i li r r t al t lf athe .ila tlie ('o Lia.e that hi. t'rr i. ,:4tr r, t .v aN
I Mad Mrs. W. Ehlrj Iavie pd Ete I Md at his a parri near Vrk i progressing rapidly *n the h t it It 'lmll a st4I l her. sIf ei-
'Mi l itp 1the ely7. guelste Mrf AMrrsedando Hn h. tsmninnil ,nd tran. i ls1rd ro twe li dnc' i. .. rr..,, o,.. Ii ,,L b "o-
t ie br.bke, L. M. SCerlosik. pursed p-reieal thiiumal.d carliads of rad.. itw ic nao.. t.. tarind ln-o-i. ... ., a-., from .
J. 3 f aig -t e ,o ft tah Of H aynew Orlh, ot k ear. the live smiles having brea Lo, mp ,l.tl0. $1* to 4W wr0i n p.key e'v ry 'rk.
IF.e fo tie preog et' vm it isens f t at t i e nliated li nst ois e th oro t f rge -twr t
N !( .t tp l'$6111e Wallll Ol lst +' il will c' euuaIrtnd earsy int $veptlc!,,tr. Negro Wo.n S1atbedt. ,;
t.,t,, w. ,a ,Iitr to G.aineaileWI
smia laynrnedtuq'* Ihiy Amen: A u'rioib t'titthg atray a" irred
V49. Vh SImnsad 'a Iaoudrr fulap madewille't orhebt"teo s LW'tfist PrWt)Jhl-I,. II i1ciJ5
E WiDs eIdoaUsiB. W lisi tor oN o w J Garnr l of him nou L in over a mio. .wiah, the reesut }t.iat o
Di Geois. Urpet of Moiu.ohh by N r M 4llua II (i. ttar ti ,,ai ;r a 1r
s peletday, ... tmotg the visitors to title city j tir. Woi lan WS pr tia ly fis;i,) irrtt i 'sd
-6 a li A* '"ja I M i in llt Iefsl FI- H'srtilfer ltn'ir ta.,.sr
W.M. oaede,4q iellh wp at visitor le da .a i ,., wIll b ivn in Te I.< .'un toi.rr
6 Oie t y Ain Ldward iverest. a ;rogresivfar t
okeit. tso ll't, wa p vlsid t or to iall(I
purehbses he idlluded a handsometa y-s t erdaI y vto o .i M rsiff hl.'.ll Cia .,.rei,,..lay '
U f" ffSe O. 0. Pidrii"k. .V oity yetOrdty. forl I*.nny., li ig ii' <..'.,, *h r'
NiMammi J.P. ft'llell and D W -i I-owell' nd -). M David'sn of lhvius. l tO !ito was cot'vrictd i s
Tmphinshare returned to theirhome B S EA wlliKgh tprni were business l yitrS to .e lu .r oW ort at n 1 niai fr
o ip M t.eop.after en.ra.l weeks, d. CHEAPESj| STORE OH EARTH. ," t .E w. ii 1 ,11 a -. n'e., "- ,
Alia llhhs t ope a W hit. o prin .. .-_ __._ T. .mr er M arkey. a n iwre ant of H igh S U'!n. i *r,, a, : r ,' u81.. ,L ,'u ;i.).t ,
S T. . -t R of R -ll t iSprings. Ipent a few hours in this city t a 1 ', . t' .i. .t.
M n N .T, J. Perry 01 R hllRehl was a T y , -i Daivew. wihen t .' tr tn' r a ti.rd a
she cit y serdhy She was eco. on business yesterday. atn,. will 1. r,tt -,, -.0 *, W gi
ipan led by her lslter.,Mrs. Vaol inrg. '. 4 N. A. Ihnslur, a jrogressine and trse'tt h n_' r ie '" r .ance it ia .oe,
bae mo Tap*.-, whoiLvt-it- ng In.. o well-so-do planter of the Jonesrilhe 'larri'd; tla ,t III furett ai ." t.t '
ohel@I. t a gmaiaal district. was trading u the city yester- loopy alt) "^Re: ti- r.uAr
SJ.P.Heter of .Mieopy has de. run m day.
*ted to Seke a shorn vacation, and left d U a trman Juohnnrn of Micnnop Vor N ti or l 1l 1t hiu,'t,- m1: Ita

Moeado if St. l.ouis and the World'sof pror ive spiit of ht own, :
F ir. Hie expect to be absent about Was a u'siiess ll vIior t) this '1ty Yes' do and Met.mLj,'n, . .A. 1 + or- of
the weeks. I A rdty, laud wo :l iri a i t y t. i ,tri
1 M r. ed Mn. E. lBlrd and s .-o- -, ol l ltl.I,. I.. .. m. R I" vo"0 B. W eeks of awthforn. one T.*ille " i'r. ;',l,, 8
Mr. MNs. KE Buid and son. Itos" h! are. r s,,. La t",- tr 5I ,*
ose. and Miss Id Bond departed yes. L of the elicintn- mbers of the Hoardf I. Ik ,., 4:, ..'1- .. .
sof PUbLilon h strulcciuc. wasel a v itor to e as. a .',ut e r '
thday for fS. Loule, where they will of 14-,t I.structio, nasa visitor to (v 1o0 s.,thr hr.r ;
SValt te eamt World's Fair. They this etCy )eirday. Fla. dawtf
*Xp4t to be absent several weeks. -illJ 0 .si-t of Mit.y Ir. 'Thli' ( .ai Dr. J ..It, i..........s son.e paLy art polit., spuaIrtiesc arid iMORSlUp.
I DJ. H. CVotson ha. som-e toun- -date in overythi.s -ryisaining \to N0hRCH STUItP
MilWo, where he was summoned by e actiduct tof a funers trowwn louse ...PULLERS..
4tlgramph on secount of the illness of corner store. ,R.
SMrs 11. Duke. It is to be hoped ,traef or stolku--ne creamn-. 4 L q'
Sthat bhle in will soon recover, ored muli, hranided i' right shoulder Davis Broke l -
ple,1" with Angleabov,, traBrownetreak Da Broker
Mrs. James Holder aud children Ladies Skrts Reduced to Ciose. .alogiaIk. Reward of if re-turned age Co.
*. w In the city fren Rochehlle l.eater. t9o L $ COM radon,. (Gaiwsviltle. 41w4 ark. lll
ay. They lave Just turned from a -- Oha..Wrr,, ora. manyyar.sie .
Sdelightful visit covering a period ot h, W ... offor city .... mawell knoa
Sierai,iothCa. Ladies' Waists All Reduced. here', h, I arrived in this city train
Sti n s Itradentiwwn. hanvin ben 'e unmourt d I.I.
Prof. and Mrs. J. HI. ulks ad O the sad Iliioii of the deatth of InIs
daughter were in the city for& faw brothere, I.' .Johnsot
r hours yesterday. They were en route .F anc .. a .1'. l r T JM,. ,.t H. wa^wirnIrn -r
e from their South Florida lone to St Ladies Fancy Hose and Under-. M<,, of author' wi
Louis, where they .will tak i sthe wear will also be on sale 3ra 1 J't M'. " Ssighlts of shne World's' Fair. at 8 SaCrifice. a r .. iIr.- r uat.,t r. rI
'Bl*'re' au^ntny lirjn.' end his' frte?.,
Mrs. 0. (t $Sh)ge has returnt d from wr',i" ,., . .e.41 hat alis. itpr
Pailtm lBe- f whe- re slt has $B i ft- or, r rin I. I of th il' i't
r the pA81 Few months with her daugh- .1h ltfAN. ha en's eMertec h
I "e, Mrs. nrrd.Sarahe epats te ure. --e Oxford d Tb, a big lot t Dr. Merritt CoArthell
Smain vrM, pr>irmane.,,l,. lrow w-hlh clOSe Out. All fresh. iCe .ae .. I n .A. retu. :
will b gXood ews' o ,e ,a rit s goods:' the $2 k bu ioes tri ti iuv'rrnes aid titI. ...b 1 Colebratel...
kind co at$1 5 -o I I,) litmthat P4 kn al., t atk ii
. H Mo.ffat. the clever "r.,prr k nd at ral' l a tw''r ver and eIo K.UII
:of Othe Carolina Mh finhopy 1ta'iii et 4 New Y', 't
m11.n u the viUtor* to ll hi, i ty .Mins ,, ;, -- L s r !aqr i' t <
I . k> h I . Un. t rIt i Ir A tian fartin ri ar. ft wiri t it
day. le. M lt I ros.ning on tao.. Our Store open from l a. m. to n :. I1lt
Sda hs t r a t i i g . m. f I ., .. l r l .' h. L 1

*' I.

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