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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: August 10, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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7 w

VOL. XXI, NO. 1ii



Awful Accidoet On The Denver
A & Rio Qraude.
Of the 126 Pasengers on the lil-Pated
Train Between Eighty and One Nun
tdre Let Titir Lives-High Waters

Caund Wreck.
PuebloT. CIlo., August P,-Train NoS
11, b. Mitssourl lPacitjc flyer. craht ,i
through a brtidslt over an array orf
dry creek, near Dluz, on the Deuvqer
and Ilo (iraid e rali-ut, bout
mtles frTfon Pueblo, aVt o'clocK laIt
al. .
It Is eatnlmated that of the 135 pae.
aongers on board lh fil-lfatl train.
between )0 and iN) tim! their llv,.,i
elfher mnder thi %iters of the railinla
torrent, or betniath he wrekage,
T7pon tho -niws reaksoigr Pueblo. oa
special train bearing all the atvilathl and ilh' Rio Gralde al d Mts
soiurl Pacifir offilials left for ti enee.
About i1 o'clock a soond teln, eor-
ryink s retrher aund a number of of'
eitals., was 0ent1 ou11t from the unlon
ItUttuni. At 1:I; ,rclohk 1hl1 mor:i
Ing thit rllor train returuied to th r
city birlning thoms who had *s0esptil
with their lives, ni ll, lletirgl alir I j
all mu far *a W n kww khoIrn who havei
not fallen victitns oif the dIMaMtvr,
Dry t'reek. which Is onOe. iile norf.h
of pd.r'. is ;,0 feat widtt. 13 foe't tl1ep
anti ha slte.p la ink Water was flow '
IugK fv e4 arrofis. Th i egin41P Rft almost.
over, htit slipped bark and Ith hag-.
agxo car. imoiker antd chair ears.,
plunguld ,1i t ti<' torrnt
The. eligh ftel n its right side
The chair rur wad carrit'd half A4 mrlT,
ldowAn ounlairl rr4,k Thie hetgiagi
and atiokter were .t ihwn dlwn he
UsPrean and hav. nott heCn louind. 'flu
4intr and i-repper did ind. go ilt-owii
lDry cieek ettiltio lunrtj the Vlunmtain
less than a halt' ti)!l'v htlohm thal wrecl,.
The r wa.,s oii watnr in lry cra:ck I
oursm afrtr the arrid'til.
Tho Iortl s oir ft\,- wupiaiun an't a gir!
prodb>ltay 1 yrri <1,. which were the
firA l to 1 e1 .l~.e m'0*. were. ftrlu d hall
S mili, 'l"''dw Ith w r-ch T"he IO)dIeS
whtn rtiund werfe tv'..eretl with Inlal
andl IaK lint li11n flentifne'1. .
( l, ltrf t[f Pcul' "l rlon In'. ofr i'tblo.'.
phir *.t ;N.tueI aeisi oin te Kr oiind with
2001 p)ipl,; S' a ls llki l ill Lhe sear'h (or
bod! v It is thuiugit that 12 bodlexS
we'rp 1'J't.
lid: ittak .r Collier l *1f the Meenf ,
and trtu,' 1are ; ing placed in- Ilvuxn
Band htin ist to i11tl cIhy. f
The lowly of the rnplri'r was founei
$00 ftNt d't1s the mtrram 'te chair
car was found a mie from tlh. L'c"r
of the wreck half fll, with iandl. l n
der W i t tfh a ltnlur.r of 11odtie wre,
,1. ex;pyess car wea fnMlld near hie'
. '",'enen. of the Wr.ok with the oaf+t <)xlwn
adt 'a d th .r con totte ot(a,.,, i
ltat e tit (sI t*,,"o'f the lsh of life
pit.the" t.tal at 160 or nmr,. I
'.. i, believed thM pre ,I ft iy
people on the lI.iatted train and (onl)
two d.lon 'gutivI. )
t$n. hireakl n f. tlie tay'1nc';,erie
the .horror of t "he ieri'n.1, w'hiIch ii t'!
'been t'n kr'iil"d ,i i a i .',at ,lP'r.e by
thle lwmntl of ni'lht. \\'rVrt. ir-g vIs -
hea'amt sppircftt \VWrin',, l- vl.
tbi here' and there l to',l p.rI orb
debris frI th-* a'r umud,
S tany of th" ldls ..wre .carrietd
4oBnri F'iiiunmi rrVt'4k by the' wall e.
water which ha 1 forer rn"Ii In, ni ur-
T* sl everia -1 ',)I.d,-.- n,'irly .I ii*les fr n)
tme point why-rn .' y ent thrt.utih th '
. b rdge< 'I
SKnown Osada. ,
-l Its. I n ' "
Dir. I. nMuon "

Mrs. W. 19 t1,I tl i
IWas Mhn* '. 5 '1, i mtcr 'e
,I RoA)Wa J hr ..i a "'i ;
I Miacig.

m a L < i i
'l!lfUh ll,+-, .-*P 'T I r,,''..ji t I .J < r* ,1| l l i k '.-* *


to have hka e p Int us ,were E nglnve.r I rf1,%, lt~Iftf I with r"nnn-nW: ibell astlote la MyIn* Mt i O 4 bi ,,.
i ,tlR ve Hy..t .. th thi ;.r l ,1 .f th0e ,"tut ,s ,9b .t.i
The hilRer officials of the r-d are p. rn sh i, Ogethorpe, Ga Aet S-A te he I a te tu's

ah .e ant fro r m th m .ii ieP, i in M) n, ru n it, fr am th e proht isi .'hotle ti ted i *dh' d.
bn o slA hnr kh a tm l S nIerin thnkn ; P d e I -ae 'err h r la O t h e*a a W sadh i .-
un i'.' Ynrk, ,'n,,r .nal u. prnt,,'l.e '-n ; morhl"M*'+,-c-'c" r.h'vr h ruell t F -l bin' held every, afterundo at the tt a sinaeg nUe "
Ag,1r t, il .vi<.ai n. i ,' an ; churches pe h-akt and rallies, lnd there I. ,1 t be-Si
.a.'" r.:,',,t'1 difo.d'oT'", 4 rr, bfi ri, '.,' " '' ' ' ', oj 1, and von, ie besng held d)1 r te e.ntzt mest chat&
..a". nr.'.. i -rt I ar ger. " Ia -' f .o... , ,. 1.A.l. .. t, 4
,- . In ,r ..' ... p f pat v-. 1r v ou uy A, ^.T i t _'
Mianp t 4tiir(Aita. mI purn.t I :" ' "t nmn ay Iif t. hw ibl .0 '
at<. .r'der to 1 h" lnjit ..r ,, 'md hpaara~l r\^d ,* *' lm l'. ** 1..iSkin and it is @ nrJed I l the liquo re 1 '*-Or*I
W it;fnA 10 n #r^ ivnrr b4 Ail.k r I .r 1 14 of t '. I . I ;%t, -" . !f, ,,, '1r1
*e 1 7 1 '1 .'. L *" .aF'aY h4. w11 Ihatrvo hird th h ^lR W00 $ 001lba .
Accident a Bad On.. n,' .- "o i cr ?'. : .* m; t of this que- Wtio thetn il W p. .C.du W at 4 O.. ei".:

rr m ourre n n h1 ; njei nj t L Ru ,n a I Bank '. ', As Is o +m ual o whiky mesn Aav tl at 11 1. t. We lw, 'i
AYr i .e1 r '!roI 1. y I ik. w1 i:.V.n A a T rou h < ax t if th e n r Mand r g i OItto, t ,'*
c i. ......w'r Ii-i 'a th' ''', -t e''
ttr a iderirt.la11ar11011 l. f .1 tioL hofI th.' i.o T-" tt .'. nIster icr ^ a lt rd n al y of them. ha owt MIA al M U tMa &w e d tb *,
mo"t Idaorzt p t''in onr th rail. I. a, ,. t,. i. .l t ; T h ; -. rtt: n 'ill be obrAs bor-h qrrtl t a f' -atter foo M wl he
mo't alarifrn iti' T ner t iI Ujaf an d Qp :1i -'tU I s trlades claiming t, h dueled from the Chrch o
h h t. Tar f tr f.hir t? T l l,. 1t t -F, rh , a, I t I'tj' .-fIi".i .t I i ,fr< p .-.,- .:.- I f tot M l -.ur h o., ,'.
moa. wat h*'r .nv.r'f u t.'.I ti r trTAiv. [In .v ', r" .i, r r 2* 'r', -:,< Sap st Chtirch Completet s08 o! C@U itpt a ue A W R- t a
r'n Ih Al r i f~ ~t j* 1 ", the rta (., ,101"1. 4 1 1 1 mldui n (It.. A it --flw Ilobdp at 4 otlopk byt Atab e Siwi
N to h I uf -f n ir, r 0 a.. 9. .."
his., It. f y cton .r, :ia l '' ir '' .'tn- hi wen com pletd amit ,h rat .The broth ace d stltr of th e ,..
*i ',. hav>. I i n 1 tI. ly o n4 ,. 't t'. were held Ohef Sunday. the '. Jon f'-lth and Mi W Mi '
i'n,, phi i'n- "f irI h crek re ti unl;a '. N.I r ," 114 i r-t" I r.' .1 W. Ifowtrd, preftlhing two ltln l will arr e ln t : l*tyJ 1 1 .I i ",4
hr ,',imt ". ,ter untl 'It, has rta' c l i 'qi t, run',h4. ThIt Is the lit reh tb ., t'.n a '.. "I
d'. r i tf il bout fr 1 r* thh s p tw r worked a 0.t 1 Ti he' f l n. r .at0 .', .
' ,I -"-, ,..'LL A' ,A i 11' J J

r .


S,-..t.aS a
: . . . . . . .. . .....- .. . ,.... . .. ... . .. . .. . ..., , . .. . ., ,.. .. ^ ^
i ,,. | ., . . .,; , . ,..,, ...

i,.* .' ;;m iif *i.. ., .a,, ,.:., .,I ^1: ,,, Jii^:.,+ :.,,..,. ,^*.+ ,,.,....

: I

W- W 7W. ---- W r1WW -WO- . '.
. . .. .. h .. ..P.1bA. , ... .. ..... . ... .. ... .. ',",E ,,,, 'h. i


LW . h fb S ., ,r m il. tilt! wmpprt DSKrRT$D IN AONO3. 1 IP irPmI tUI tit I MUM
Tile fllowin I- llst of thon. saved. %nl h ns;Il I .r. inr Dry (aruy. rk acm .a , pW I i ran be arfod < ,prmnbOeta kfi i r i sbiwmlh l, tbt thb *W We .lthy AmeresN We~e l W, .,,., ,. t,..I
M. .lie. of Pueblo; -- ,r.'g nn |i I,.-rh.ic .onsfllIon No PovIty in 0ngls"h OC *I. ." :, .',l'." l
hbrt, of tueiofo $rinan flayfle)4. ?ofIt ci)ritrt.' of on the lrn were r LaadOa August V- Aunt B
.Pueblo: ---. Vltshpr r1. C $esan. rr t, f1l n./i. l.'' iunw4sg was rvclIed .,ul*orv. uf am Amw*rhca .woiMn 0V r. ': '.i ":,' .
Prt PcUtt, Kan.; It. IL 'WIlHaninm. ftnl tI'thi at ;4 ,'tlok that train fx i 'nr i'Frali t n London.., '.
tr Cot.offe vlle:; Pter It Arsn, or II hol-t buan wrcfIed. A tow yAres a'r s we lvriqi tosi Ii
MiAlden, Mass.; H I. frn, of C tIe.v Train at 9h Speed. tlury on MawMachuatet; aVen l ..
land. MIts Jonme.. D. Krisn, of $iO.t .o'atom a, the wite of J ohn P. CSW cul
IAke. It. I ,'Cral*, ofMtt x lake; Mr. Ji'i ".prior "to 'a( time thetM worno ja grI a3 it tii old erih aftm v
Pn4 Mr t Dinax l and fidougbter, of Toe. rot.r hut h ,avy raal WSa t prince' ,t.r tl noie, whoa mesd a bil bigk
arliann. Ark.. Mrs Prasel, of or od 1%r4Kr t iii viinilly of 1den, b 0furtniimu in tradi with ChIna. Tou N'-g f 01
rlchrllia.. Tomn ; Mrs. Wd ZprIls, of tnur<. aan tll, liiIivlol of ldr she Is ,dutilut, friv dlest and we1ll, ".." ,. ,"
JlE1IHvlji' Is P m.tward Anderon, o. < I d e'. r a. i'e .cln f t-.ilh tlluqreii t|i, miter prj i| l ., r ,, :" 1 .' |
l1,thlo: P. (Ttafrailth. of iDuraino; rod 'an determln... ,lthe engineer ,vi. sarch for omploymont in ltmoet as7y ,Ib e a Te le *e|lO t 41
Mrs and Mt I Boll. l f fi Dlnvr. (noin 14 t11'iltly lt1 not im the trouble l fnti par
J. O n. Vnc.en., dining car condu tn- I a t. late to stop tiM tratn while T. ..unappy wolmai's iory., bak..
tor, An cr ( m g t high raf or Ip by all the ,necssary legal dus, J Il Nb1v 1' '
Crashed Through Bridge. thsI*r thi, engine and the orrefl n i,.o the efect that her u 1dea t I h ...w
'Thb trail crshrd in thra ih t f o' walr ltrn b he "tldhirs struck nu. wast Ii.,irm Wotte. At th.e age" '0M. 'VIth6
Th .ve r fary crakbd 11n trron, i t (~~TlO sMmnitcnouly, or the tor at i7, wh1e. e w. lw ing BRrookly to ef*tt,
ly f,o.. bpt across.. near' BRdln. On rnt ha ready unierm ined t ilu ith hr,. mother Mniid YouRS aimlers gJ pf aS,-.o
hit' hanvtr ami Rio lrmplde. A cloud. ture. i1s at known, o 4. lhe report at unlike, she was marlor4 toi at Ward. .' -..
hurt l haI filed, the creek and waori, lht l),'vfier naym h the air was proprietor of iw att.lrfl -Ii i .:
lthehki"'nr andofIMay that t v4 the ai' dls p61r.b ,of*it q
wals flnlng over the trestle when the tte o un that thd snve the din hail. She lhit him on the Ig 4 d ber, whic ..p '
Irai ,Irtedl aderon. The hrldp 1 r an ti l.bp#rN from being preelplt cruelty and wen, down, und4r the weliht of the .t th eek. I t e w w hm In N189ti, 4l onig l the gad, sad m ;m. 4,.ws4
train and baggage car. smoker and a b mark. Who tlnth ranged from w1nntir considerable' rMpitalIM pot a _i
Jsair car were preelpitated lat the )tIM le t wand -! lh rr -was rr*e uagean e parts., be wo rith t l "
lorrwvt The ,4Tine g Oti algolt . .. 1nnlly and G(irard eqmpesy ,I N. sa a
@cross but fell back Into tht, water on,, the aa.gau ca_, .ot nd ural (daw when ahp ws wod n Y.,O O"
d fnIlr ear IPt 1 the trucks and plund L woL a a6...bin$,'to*k .01 i. .'
Thu body .f th"lueetr ilUA *j 1 t t. te wer I , wu$lnl fop 511, WI Swi.',ubly
.... the. .. d. h. ,. Al in n, rrm. nthy were iwept dowr marrie4 In 194'. The. It spet SO4 g -,'j'N
IIht, 2 feet. down t he l by Ao e.rr Tnt. The volume of waOiN yers ofl njlnlinyed happlin" In onl* -
atrea tui *innwas lcaterr uoil avr l i when t Wrt about tIh worM In thi. r (, og 2?
LD urs utterth..' DI or i,( ithe idet.. rp rm rlt I r n tlhat r0 a, Wit h all t.h i .m;il u .s ith ....i...,
W 'lw'l kdiviswl s trrrn4 milt ow"-n .14~.m lu.n uril theP wealhl could command: but i' IPs."WIM
rminn reached ote be itcu, uthe wr, i, C .to... '. love's drcam wan. rnsely rll stqwa ,.ptA4
th, "it rhed t acars uhad .ut.bee wre nthe di' e eFrs were found near ei]ci by Cmushin*'s clope-mrft with -ia it .
and pointers ant train ha.diid wi. thr. hunter mintor, l1xals. whoei ab hb4 . *s.,
Macomp nie himn orgamnitld rr1K eared.for and educated4. **O she..eU W w,
parties to fllHow th uo.urne f th' rvy ODONEILY TALKS. Aceordlng to Mrs, Ca.hlig'a aitrw, -..
,- ---e hhr tlso1 t 111 h0 whewdl4i &waowfninm 4.iW,,,
D Prealdnt of Meat Cutter as d Bulh her C1n0.n.4) m h.le.l kbo had settled u*Mn r'b W$f..
Surged Under Debris. e Workmen's Unioo. her. o , 'R .
Mdlot of the dead were in 1he emrN ( 'i.tin,, Au buried under the tdehris. Tl'he iFiti'oL. C,011 l I~n .,V TJIy, id tVe *f tho Naw tion and s attn.l' y a.i mothy an $met att.,ql.
of thrnt otmig womknii w(ere w shtnt ti3 l tl i 'ur Wnrk lion that hert first hilhliApd bad sever ......
ulxm in' J. 0f t ile blw ihre ,ni .- ;i.. i. ., trt. in the agasaft4 him fair dllvr,*rt*, that lthe *dl tih
thf A rt-'rk. J %.. 1illieOii. IIn cM1) 1 1',i ;'I ti.r ;thi- wff Te fre wta not tech' ilelly on,. aI d "
b alirlw nir a rehttai, %&a .-ept down '< r ...i? l- n hPat the, ,trv tn u *srant l 'revI.ut a muthW ll he Br'int, h- wBas so ly injofn ie gr tV t sialht Inv.ivnlt Ward, sipporing that be had been d ;aitby !'s SI
is.)l 11 sx'h.u t'.I lr l in ri l iggle In a.-..h i ,.t the wi'l;r t h ot wa iallsnabh* .' ,tr, L+y the jupters a-d lhe i nh caLnl was finally decided Mri.
hxrI-,pny. r 9flltII *l*., ,.,'., n,*1 r,( wliltei they ur11 C iushing In 19Mc. after a longm a rl YrEd'' IIP a w'
WA,4" ', ha, m ti lll %WIoui live OonleNIt In thecp courts, a oe t V
Carriedaeavy passenger :List, 01 .;- an.,hi O" r-bli
Carried a Heavy Pamnger Lif ,l ,..:' 1t I ra ah- 's ~lsloeir liulIp.s ha.' qua nre df Si thecek she Wa4 1l,4.r (he
D, rii r. ', c ilo. Al i'i .m 4 l Pi nrsn r ir .,,.th t ,i .i.,ear trhrm n*rviin penat'.u > 1 .....t.'t- porh er

,, ., ,a w
tr i n, N ., i t lhit l)D n ve r a ,, t ru L C :tl ,si, i ii . tl Ii I p r., rtfier 'crI* l w c c h a tloI n it A"ir kW, I* ',. i .iE lI
lra Il., awit1 M. r;9snlr Pl'ciC ,Worit'. nf 1w h iai+i tin 1in ,'anlnt. Thih. mae o' What lIIttle mepeyslit had Wll Coon. .llge.i vb,.l.i"-
F lr lvyer, is th fr m.t tra.'n *i' tont. i. wr., thr n thut of hatl' N:Mvt. pqnt. a.nd tho wd f0orfced s reltrt to a bsug ,!m.eiaI....".
ltt? ,li tl'nv.r. by ti. ls.'nv.'-r and tit ., r I_,.Id "r A n'.,*, aiivir. y oi1 the S age. whrre mosl of her engage o l tpi gl,.l mW.I
(}raind, Hnut un-tmalt' enrrthad heavy ,'.,Il ialor ,,n iih. y3r.. haN also fuol meant. were moreor less na*nteeLssafthiL t.' im
p:.*t',1ngr ih.I. Yltrr,4y 1, trS, ,i .1h. ,'9a,, re ..f wortF..., Her last appoarance was with theM. M i- . I3i ...,
wa Inmite. oi 1f .Ix ea.rr- Q..Qr, .r.. .. i'runi,, hl c E< ,eT. .l4?'r. r'yftr .ser wint T .';.., ",-glO;I;.n i,,cti' c.titm ..., vht arit. c vi, In ine rlrvtemt emtow inngherV.qlb.'llp ** "g H"
ers. N'nrly ,very coach waN -rl-y.t tvt, ;,:r't) tt, nt'hlutv retarin name of that play rot on. hIer i re. 'nvasSa
filled whmn ihm f ln .u!,l, 0n hh lh,..! it ,-M., ,f th"' eIrlke," Iat April d pr l't .l, *. ,..',as.prl as a desperate reto. lllt, a
Dlnvcr at 5 o'clock, Th, tratn makTe ... -------' eane over to fnrope In enWte vhTI, Los",^ ,,
the run to C('loIrao Spring in tw. STORFMS tN COLORADO. hope that .Rie might obtaint relief from rsi. _.e r S wiI u v'i.
hours and five minutes and, an hoi hCr qundomn h.ntnDde. wto haM lately he-:ur-oems"bad, ,,hh.i.r I....
and ton minutes 1, the scheddk liw Food H'lv .-ed .mag. to Much been living with hia moit, Mr. .t .P..S .W'
frmo Cohorad.o 8pringw to PF'ubleo. And Poperty. 0, Cashing. on ther iwt.. Sm 4'M
the heolvy train was whling along c nr -.". o ''\id Sa"erIal pran.,. Her ,laPne tol s Wp. q .r Mn > S
thriiigh ,the storm rnit mak thl fant n' ,".;tst In nuthrrn (.'Torado i. alawerer; hoevtr. ea t laspu-tet- hOV "flh-' i.,, -d.
imn<1 when it drolppOdd Inlt the stream, i. i.!.a, rfain it n' Idt.r:m mei aln h broke Aowier hea lth, .:.. ,,-. i S ,
Th' train was In cbarge ofet ondttr. 'a h ..,* a rl that Pifrtlon'of th, ,y He r state I. pti able. tin ti e.
tor J, Hf. Smith, of ihs, i. ." .a ... . ,,w woe &eei
the mro.t irn-ted ,nft" In the tmpky .. 'ts m i!d camytdderahtio damer WARM FIGHT SUING WAGED. I OU0t sa.e *5^* .jI a H
of tb' rmnna.ny, and he. a hellv'ed o. ', rhr", Jy nnF all riQrz r1dT Mll<. IInta s.-.lj. o(",


.rI!. .-u-

, ", '

eOn s
a, ,

"** : T

Ifn r

L-4 V tO!
I~R, lames

450 hiher,
use Dams

,. .. ugu ,'..,-prn."
0i.E h e,. *ta.b a .ow w

^ ,",it.. a iubbel vei N

Sbes --tj b I poadeI. the
s uIs Waid madrs by 0. W. I
mll NaIMie Sel k Oear Dec


i .. .y- :. .
i o1 ". .'iwam "t p hl T hi

A ...i..... p' .I....
IITI.. A a~t $t.K .
AMws, e Pintie etabs
i;emps ne-Mt moim ag 6,
41" 4 *euw thas.T
W' e i". L ib wa' em sI

4 N B. W1 t " sW! re..- go Seting. Is
b. ',.b^ i' 1 fless lhei g.ums* ,

i' i '. l-s Aqas SI Theli board f t_
Bltutp for the month of Jatp

Did AppeWdieftg.W
RM Orde"s& Augstt S-1-R ..
flM^ -ft tarof St. oip opts
a diem he e.eay ts thr
45h*w *lo Inp Me Ts
fre utl ow aiWe ofu a lu
S,: ,inktnfls t.plu. Us
,..e tm ld wnve vM ae

am., n O twom aw- a.
.4-rnMt !** llWWM

w..Mp Tot upnil
Wi o eleghl, a alhlital or an rri.
6US is t$he t t sm-akes you' feel
"S kr 9*. ttMk Belisrd's Hore'
WS.yrp. .)o'wals ol until the
t si 's Ow beyond eoftral. Mr.
lend ne. &. A. APldersu, 4 West 6h
&i.. it Lake City. Uahk. write(
"WV Sak Bat tad'I Horobound Syr*
Upt bM olst smodlsi for eoegh. esnd
ei.s We hTe used It for several
0l e.,i always gtt es imnedlte. r.m
i, ty pla ant d givlr perfect
l sfthelon" h l* 40,l 00. old by
W. M. Jobsos
a tbs anre| Wnuelrs tVbgmm belt.
OnW squufl' miba or w(hemist K-'r mew
Itt Trmuanmntinental tr'flin mtaMl :L
stop la the pimky. 111i1 rally of Kan-.
sse to allow puasrnger n Tvip.. of irli
& wvoider., It rmllel aill tihe tr:itv-;
e W diesus of aicrkultural ipk tu.or.
Undtsidm Wuch risl6is now mark the
piat irai see of the plumIin. blut ibeir
baitly is no w t(hs .lei. llx lmwIr4ed
ad forty semw ot wealio! it tnt-lu.
iowId benatli tiH 'Mrfect opalnw ctt
blue of the sky, the tall straws lwudign
with their welghit of itln. hthudlun4
a tbe *atm of the rfu prr .tme ilht am
in the dI a iie alluuer of o ifnu pa.
tune a.nd re4atch lsumpsn of rustllst
, 6ld t corps. but hero was the beart
tot. oa

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A 4--

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1 %i 1at
. I .g,. t~ .... .1 ,. :.;.. *'r IJ; *t*l l !] ( lO II
puutr i t7.. l ;;: ,r 1 tC lI tA;P. t, ly.
It isMem*rtes lhitL d i trt' should bu*
tired 4i. uaitlmki,.n In minute ,1Swn
that wouM irul'ae .in a bhlthy pa.
tWat symptoms similar to thowe, manul-
sated by the diaseM requlrig treat-
iMti. Thi.Is the prtscplke of "Ie
dlemaNM .re curl by l hke rmedles"
(Latln. m"lll simnillbus curantur) and
'e based on the theory that two snil-
larly disiuedl conditions cannot sub
mist iIn thI nIUv urgio at the same
-~ -- m

firt (*ofitrn-!< nr -Ilw ,l Cd y on el
,iw.* lii|n4I., to i ..;'r ia Jol, uf repv tnlt
1th* ;i:#* hI F.;in "tLt1,- t? They wvtre
iA uA n l!v e 4.1Tr-4 :t)up anitil there
fnlo icdtI r 1 1: 14.' Anituri with thnWi
$, iin (T h r1 1 .l' r o v it, but il'st - -
* ^f 114.! Ot a tM f t ?H tt i
.ATi2 0Lhaqr i I v
Puts An End to It All
Sgrievtou wall oftimst comvin t a .
ftsult of unbearable pamis from ,a v*ir*,1
t4xed "ulranI. Digainewe !,l.. .,1( *
liver complaint an d conti pat im1. Otut
thanks to Dr. 'KinM's New Life pills
they pqt an end ti it all. They are
rntlt On/ut thoroit.. Try th*iri only
re. Ouearant.ed Ty all dr' Htores

t or T ROEUN aRnU..

'- -'I




--VIA -.

Atlantic Coast Line

ontgomery and t. & N. or Dixie Flyer Through
Atlanta and Chattanooga.

R-'nrlT '1ripr IFtlt From (ii*,iugn tf :


Go(od titl 1-,. 2r.l

v V V

On $3d6.80ty
On *alfe dai'y. (io ni caity dayt.

t L225




-7 ._,.r-

NKSS EPMUE Ar", rro lndUeatlou of 'om form of ,ta

tfI~iw hnAt, VtS.u titaLn you. DW t risk It, ami asabuTny

f o i t elvtheir vlrte*-gsma gj th, ie
Go dk--ri. h L 'H R IN
4...'1 a 96" 0y a,.
| 0. Ainn.
$'IrSW CAR BR MADE In N. \ i r will oi ilE
d w eo._ TmphtK. uisasnl a perfuc&:o i
fSheduI Giop Opportunitp for Vi* |qiWJOO1 yi gooi 41b.

S Wo 9,t. aN.11eWWbBAU cSi
tAll t it pr ofUtiv rof the
SlrsedAr emofthe Repubitan 1i or. For Sale by Johnson Bros.. Gainteville
-is whob '0Wtlmplat. wetting Boson ..iaM --- _--_-- - ---- -. ---.
f or lbs stlonal inmnpnas, Aassues '
bu4h to the Mkou wil find that the AS. A
ofaBle Cowas Ulb oerat Uthe qulok. nl$ Ah e F
tewatd es owhekdui eetwe Pblotaoa u.un
-Ida sad toeset. with only onet hoanfg
e team for i.Ier she pengerse or Q L S
pngerdoly i a00ping eoa Pawosn- ,A n UT Cx INSURANCE
Son "pnd only coe o)8h0 ol kthe Moed.
leling JmkowvIllrl ath s o'elok in the P
m rning and arriving In roston the
Th o0 Floridisas who ecatemplater mrr
vis lg ti lm Hub siad the metropolis of ,
tMr United Stat. koswon bedi New
*York.t rpilU ieanps. h av CLYLDE LIN E
0he"lvIesof tI lbthe obeoipol op*
Poft"Nity. whe, tmpriM wh Stop of
4p Now York* 04g ham msver been of%,
leNt d to t0e N bts via sail routes.

low i h Jkolli oa ehb psW.
l tolneOwe who oare only go wrnvl
hfr aabon while, sad who desire to
Sto belse lde ew nyld and of thseouthern L
Slp M ,d wilat be bMp mwov pof sPOVIM Alnl l
taTras las Ifa*ehspvill. over she 3*6W
of4eemouing at Jac'kwonville and New York,
Obi ogllnlg astersut un Aaul t 17. Oa asOftlJ 0AtRl.toN. both ways.
e tr .Aou*mst @ a. however, he tws
@ t piIas or a ie tr lBoa. Tiheos olydenI ew i England and SouthernLinmes
tiaON will be -on as A uss 1 and 14, Dres e, "CIetwY OF JA CKSOVILLEBOSTONadNVILLE
,Sd 4 will be seepo d orp sage up to JW ROWNVd 9 O. m. odAll. Wed*ern Friats, .
-d i s sI YoAalk with tm as Cht lentot oi both way
w for the dpot ndap mat of New York. CEaing a71 I3 D1tLsK a boways.
Tihe'sud tonsato l ave dofhbts ad....................... A ..... ......w.. 'Wharf, Boston
B. es Tbte e e tlesha Adugust medyor 4Northbond...... ......... .... PFra Poos of Oasherine ... JoksoI ilp
later sham August 50. However, by
a deposiliag the. siekets bolero August.e
26, Ia Bestos with she joids n$ S and Setwnn JACaONVILLM and SANSroenn
l roretrymer t of a meof8 lao. thee Stopping as Pala a, A ............ Fra. Brfo e fod (DI eLand).n.... ... n 12m

a.0 i ulb wIill. the extended overy. t t aa ..... .... . n rpr ........... .h o
r Thers a dsari ag dt it EERA 8 ATon Smer "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE, J
Ia t eloameadslol so wthoe puble this tsves Jaeksornvlle 8:80 p. w.. .ada ., Tuedays and Thursdays.

ra the depot aod a peryment or 1n. .lan t.J ,, t w
'8 I po tldrn 9 pm ... .......Pa at .. t.. ._... .leave i 0pm.. .
8,p0agd............. ...Astor ...... ..... 2:30 p
L W Th rans, heaepstt sad best remedy 4:50am......., I A. .... ranclis....... ... 1,u pm
Sror inatar e. Ncoldso a e anras die.- 0.. .............Be fordW(DeL a. F....... a. ...
am Askn o e, is Arriveam..... .......... nford... ............

Island Grows. Flu. *___



F -

-7. "


," ,

. i p . ', ' ; '


- -r-OI fludIq A Speech Ubank
Siuk in Chair UiMwclonsu,

- -
Was Promlnent School Teacher, and
ldlusirloue-Arreat of Thomas Wadt
Upon SerTiou Charge of Wife Mur.
der-Prleoner Taken to Newberry.
Archer, Augast 1.-M. 1.. used, a
ploeminent colored inat and iohool
tashetr, dled very staddeulj FVriday
evening. Ho hbad Jugn fnlished speak.
Ing at at mating at the entoerd hall,
whea he was seen to loan beak In hit
mets uneonsolous, dying in about three
Ite M,. .
James Skinner 4and wife and Min
Minnie fnavely, uArehir's pouttmi'
tren), will leave tomorrow for Brstoe
and New York. to be gone abmit six
weeks Mr. JSkiner is an lid veteran,
and goes to attend thi reunion of the
. A. R. at Boston
Jos. MePonel1 will attinad the du-.
Sie as posimaster during the abeiine
Of Miss Snavely.
Thomas Wade (eolored) of this plaoe,
was arranged by llfruty Sheriff Curl
today on a telegram fromuin Newherry on
the charge of murdering his wife, and
was taker to Newbtrrj this evening.
Nov. Mr. IaIgan of Vitfgerald, Us.,
proeaced two sermons at the 1'resby.
Sorian ohaurh iunday.
Cabbage Were ProAftable.
Auniog the visitors to 0(ilnesville Is
It. D. Wood of Evinston, who oealle
as The Plun ofleo arid renewed his sub.
Mr. Wood Is On ouf lhei progressive
and sueeielful truckers of the Evin-
aton s'elilln. Hi crop was a varied
one the past season, but cahbage
p rovid the most profitable oroi. From
a tranio of twenty.-live aorel of oabbage
he hsrvested 2.8ai) cratee, whieh netted
him an average of a$2 per crat**..
Mr. Wuood states that ho has pllanted
few imelons, bait expects inxt season
to pitt I0 a good stand of cantaloupesm.
Ntinderrs the bile more fluid mad thus
helps the btlod to flow: it affords
prompt relief fmron liliousineti. ltidi-
gestion, *ii;k aned nerv)us headachkis,
and the over-indulgence toi foou or
drilk. ilerlbine aets quickly; a duse
after memls will bring tia paItiont into
a Wid L'Oili(ii1 in w feW dmeft.
(i L talidwell, Agt. M1. K. and T. IC.
H., C(hiciitah. |ld. Ter.. w rilts. .April
| Is I4 ll mai. aikL f. ...l..n a n -

1 ,i y" i was* i cy, idsr imor tw o.
)eSarS with enlatrge niiet iof t liver
anid *plte're The docturor did me (no
Igood, 8arl I haid g'''"I up all hliop ot
twlnlg eured, whein ny o1r ggist ad
vised ti** to ute.' tfe'rtrine. It hast made
t11 u.t ntii-nd l a ScOll." ik*. bold by
\V. .%,T0lli"im01.

I lolre o t1hr tkrrulamll.
t1"' hia''rr w;' a .1 iUcin ll r' ntl. lllnh
mitti l. I l i i in ha li i iniii'i f nli of lhis

w if'| ..-.'ikliLr
"I it eil-V-e i o-illtl se't ll| t l ln ettsr
u ei, lioit i l, t i i-'.". .r.,sllnhi,." he
"5 lilii int vi to h .e i it. hilv replil,,
"Y'Vou miy 'St up tin,* lniilts yo'irm'lf
lh .iarell'.: I w lt'."t
li, \, 1h h tl i tiirtl, I hi t I.v 1iv' l 41'i>a tak-
Iliai thIr utiai ,it aa i A-41h .
o Vil tl n i' ,i llti i Pi l i,,l-iih i tphn tLt Lp-
uc"i'ii i l i'.i i' r.'ri v 'i rgt.,
A Gfaced Phe mnme..
hla i ,:,let --. .. y .'l y, i ll acml the
biatt.leir? I illn't hlil. I:luill tlhlia tle
tnrot iufe t4 o t h li 'ti 1 all driedtl pl.
*i d the l l I' iM k. \Vlf<- I ilm 't dlre t< .
but 'l in Itn li kn'i tolIt if I k- '01 otilln w l d1l.
lug t ,he lbIh'lii'r h-1'l i irciul uiii d :o atillitld tiltd S d t'e lli rk"A'.-k New Yorki
W ,kLi).

Jmmte 0tuhle m11pletul. .
llIblr'Ie i tt luetty iiuit'ltuit ) HI;
til til i. 1. h,'l ll l I ll :& lilt.h- e'
atv,r ltru,+ui!, .,,i 1. yelae .i.t 1*i. I,
e. ra s.4 1 .' l: I S-lili.". lt :..i t I.
lie',. f' I n ,' < I r il', im til i ,.
alre:iily. 'i ,!)'St'.., l, ,- Tf in<,.,
Struck E..,
M r. Ilt!' .'.a'k lit k r, .I arl l
ii ottr it;'.*. f.' t. Ii ,III ja' f:'t- tif .
- U .It, h l>' Sb t '- ; l. 'itlil,. X .> 4 r1 l),- -'
la c joniU p *.,'. i i i'i. ,lt'ltial t n1''
SCurei SCiatical
J 'oie -. L l: y 1. I ('-ha,
klSew York. wriLv "A.i'-r fi; "*:'dsy.
.of tlru'tiit'.t p,1-i frtm e ,ral. it,
*leulnk *1 L.. .. a. - ,. *r t F ...rt "

-WW '8S 4&." "U I 7u S " sf MM...WMC ,.
*'^ S"r *-* \ :io. '. A I

au' a

- ..

Th Wa at *t, -r, im. isla.oe 6me e6 i ,-slew$a .s e. *Wh ,t
PoUes 'I1 l4.1 *hpr Menanmh^b. A4qwdlns lopp.
Ii III NVil^i114 thu q|ust lnl. "Whalrh Acvi'$umtll 1mppwl lf uwil oes h ap.
ilnt.' kiug l (wn.tM?' an old tl frirss p oTi4 Io spill Mio.thicr he 1 i tl iforta.
latiir ...) "li ,tlit a t i oil), nl rinw t iupokijy7 to
I *'t'o 1rill 11.. iA tt Ad rl on i mi m nwil th lrtii.- .ii ll I.I if, i i 11 Ii mt run e sitto rl ia .
41'-tir, Ilinlihtli nietilht. whelilhi tuh' hal, ey iti dtilhrimiy. A careful hoastres
Oill ntIl ie6 1l lii)tl tii.lirpl ly c ut iul the will keikiiii lg lw uepolitty lnd uIi- .
n tit lljim.'m if in tih dlr>. i'ldhl- alr n.jllal, .haili ahl suif@et.
li>,ks lik aI teill. Al la Inearly aa Tl T.s'1 ri 14 11 it of a h .ss at TI
brligh i1 I;d>y. ill.!> lit liglhl s 'lli-t'r, wlis 1e lhl :1i aeiisissltiutl chtint cup was T
w.:( ti e th iilrsty ciini i na tliey the'.th "'rin s (tyik asi .n6ilJy. s*e':"
drticlk i'yirt1.. rh1i.eI'rtn-. uin iteIhie*. AMnI ml. riisni iudi roiii il her l i:iMhl.
i 't'i4 ',I, '1'," J:ll) irf ie wi water Ia llH r ist'lhei l ii4 'iatilther ftsi hlhaise*
1, 1ir. Il'IJmN t .. lhlt wi i h int frilgtiI. ri.te. It 'oihld lhavO in klV quiltP Si s alt.
,ii.l litv mt ls, ,4. to iil >t:t ian lith.-t iliy isfin.etry li thr aITtendier antd far oe |
I' ini-a tl. r i.l.-i Vp rr n itsa lni| 'inid grat1li.ib h ,a J11 .i, int. h' k linlllnw) h ilst1. Itwli %ll no injury. Tho cup dolunt
**wN.. tti.. l, n lr.uan, smivi anniwouw lt.l ," What the ar
1i i r. i.,' W!(44i A it. sr optnl,., Nmlhin If le isnIr l o fi4nt dlrmp fNtumn their a Dry od
ti.t tlh i>tivtlnil*t. Itrre i.llrv e jil.k*l n lork t, the talevil th do Mot attempt
iL..,I 10"li .ta i %s'.in wild l tlii1ie, rl'aciigila to tn'ltlr I r i I iitteil drug a' fork sell Is to yjot
il v'lowt. Q r i t (p || Etlit i h, nkt tWi t it t io. ITh, le Tr .
S".' yi y.,4r duull hiauimin eiro have hItl. Ain will pro,% ilt' unmthlar.
r tnilht ii mlinal,. but very smaon tiet If (iti)IlhIcIa ill iiistttfill In* tkeln Into
l|;nt trie;Il lined low, runblilng nofE 1 of 11h linlth ilil at' Ie re'iovteId on the Ipeu
,.i Ol'iaa l rint l ord IliipIhlntsi rea1c curewtr of ithe iupkiln. when It ran bea
I'it 1*i 11i' at tist water. Thetokl l fohli( lwiv ,or pirntl qi1tfly onm th A
j:',k tlh b.liE.t' .ee )iriw with their ltitt plait ,
snigillr tot tief uir-i 6i thwm1,. lint inot an- If a tilt fi rr Ni rftll ot e l. t ivnletconst
oilwir er,.,,tir., Il, tIo et' mPti. The king of an gueot Ie' Mljitilue remove ai umat'b tri.
drinks. N eit n iiiatie isheard. 11* of itS is li,) mcin quietly with the ronter,
'It ilrA tlw wnte"r t l'tn h*hil nvk, mink.e of h lils apki .
li," w leth, pjIotl u*i4tiilyy 11141i ritli nM)I. and 001oo
'IIIunlv. hlet i lIg I|m latljects, wiho now finml mas Uwo edi. 4 a
gnlither ril.l, l, ninake ise liest of what To thl tutersW ouf strungt io s ti he to attend
Inr htis rouill. bauam rs fat isaum'ins are far eImnr ti _e
"'ThiA U li in kinL ini their optilton ot allurlig Iliu ihiie t of ilrue or of I' Iei
tIw ilaM. atntltiople. The lCptilollls c.bess of .... hlere a
+ it--he t a-linwhlnti nlloit tllIlluch l0ht w
THE FIRST HENCHMEN. wouldhi buy wvrt our pumri hle r Ol4d ONl dN
l *iteraldlrie(h,'rt. of w on rfull cohir, dell- I L| .BE
rThr l Wlerel Ioes ioblem W9. Alfed itlla .Chiia, silks olitf sInny bo. swoerdsil
asm u** l*e Io Ii Kiss. of tunalsilg workluiliaahlp, all these II
$kknat delrtesv th. word helnhlnnD ptIdldt weside us on the Sfor. It !s but Whisth e s,
fronsi henrigtninian I.\nlh-Sazoln, lhorae, ehldona thiat a really good spweltwn Oa ut prto Iesl aui
11in Ii. nrii.i. It m pI)rol)al4p that bench- the la Ilitnmuis sword can be obltanld.I
11t'II srie'l' In t 1 lr'e 1liltre. Ouualg f ilfr the arl of wrlailxng dld ungr..vlnl g
notiIle who it l iIt I'P i'.cn'iit tist* telil- steegfl i-si iliil ad.
iAd on I h1114 tin rcant4 1 il4. Th imwittr. wTrisu siwiads owl lertr deol al w
Hitlory spefk k f ther tsurlgrh'ig In maut*' layerm of Jroun cad umtel ,. so AIely
this nrilmtty. fr w, r nel thilt Henlry t lii1rt'T d Ihaltt l1l bplhlet wouki Ibeilt
VI. had thrne lii iii Edward IV. *ix of to tht' hilt nilllhol a Ire'ilikn. ltbh an
thelit. We lil., st hi.1t ithey were e ,ao' so kii hillc(t I "oNit ol imtil lioulit W
ine'siliuid n 1iln e royal v rpmoauies a* m rte'Slt it, ild a murfAte mu higlhly put.
ltelongring "to theo ruling household" inlatdl tfit wlheIn 4 M1ile1n wllefd to t THE
rtae tiook purt in tournttetutetm. narrmanil hils tbi'hln hoi used his sword
The l)ast IJiii "e.tii'chLa" Is meel. for a looking glsn.
thaullil In .o ne1t. Ilull with the court In
Ina the r'Iii of I'enry VIII., iand Iid- The Death Penalty. .
u1nllv 11r iilh tr n,4aen an ordinary Iittle thint sometimes rveults I .. U
1,1;4'.. 1lhe Wic is uIl tby iell jn A) death. Thus a mere serateh. wlatiffl I
tia,, n-I i tel ni,, eir tl.i ipri6. eantu outs or puy bolls have pail theI
I ". n. n. l I' oiiuuial ,, Ar l. i' death 1 rialty,. It is Wis lo hb T M
ItNlt, %i .%-. %I I'llni ."ll"1 tht h 1klen^ Arrs Halg it vr hand T hhted.. |M Ir
1,ih r:.i til. tI.Lk tl-;r lnini fro n i wrnli It' o. e tnij s t lwVe fri th l edrth d will
NlMlpeuin i.y lI.v \ry II. to aitn intn1tar prevet t fatally, when burn., Pores, At (
in tie hlitin iltc tlid whl, o hald riislin and pilr. threaten. O Only 60I,
au his pl1g,' throughout aI u ardos a liblim l g stor e.l Ps.
dnl. "t'rimboronugh." cried th king, Onthe A. C. L. and 3. A.
"thou arl a veritable beUchoanr' f NoTIC K.
SNotlIei ii herrby t lvien etha thea w.w ill N tne Better in tuh
PURE BLOOD-SOUND HEALTH. iWn t ,.:MI r I.' U ol f ieht o ,Ke-tiol Lutiboer
4i ,uany. tak Irupt. loitedl m (the AUhAule
..-- L-- eot l Ito tronait. near 4ilh lUnear ltaee. s
Plain Reasons Why Hancocks'i Llquid wlil ale l* M St* 1*k mi. a.t gu;tal11W, u1htio1 r t
Sulphur is So Effective. Thj s wri. ro'4 i4r'.n or is mi tU Plant
s'tmiplete. VeTnr er lull slni.t, reltrees! lourtinl l
Maniiy prevalent iliordenlri shiiw tii o' nafl.'l uitnies. ,tiM'k ianiwt*rii swroa llds, !aI-
h ,'r let ,es. I+A saver, etc or flr the'r lmforaa-
ciid to.,diatiinii of the bhmod li ib as's' toI
hla rock'a l.iquidii .itMlapi hur hring ae>- I'KIRY N. 'tO1iM)n Tral 'ee.
ti-eacid. corre ths (ilch illnencts anid i r Tht* Auicwt i1th. A 1) i. 1Il -
of qeelil value In the' sure utf ace,. E- -. E -
itch, h'rpi+s, ringworm, pimples, priek- MAX K RA rlSS Abo.eimt. ofr The fs rn 1.)
ly heat, emarrh. c11ke'r and ore ii erpOntt, Ou mana# k
scalp. eyelit, ,,no**, inouith and throai. Representing "i tromtgh1p
So efflqtive a mkin tolic ia ilaneick's "
Liquid Sulphur---iiasture'e greatest. ,
gnrmicide--that, uted in bathing. Ii Eu A. A \ i L & C0J ( s.. Hu( -as

' ,1


rtlyf is you want. if it oes lmp
P Store WR AVYR IT. No4 ft
t a saying q vst Messstem sit 0hi


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apetent aspf of a Woi,

your wJaOt, K

a few Ialm I ord ,ft s !L

.. . . .. .U.I3 I

,..l aptagm- f f
. .. ... .... .... ... .... ... h f


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tezu : ....

eulSnte as SybI7

.. . .I ; ,' :t, i.
.A 7f4. .%
IOTLEI .0..4

-vs 0 c mms*

1iivt' vigor to their action of th,. skin, FIRE, AOUIDENT, BURBOLAT AND Il
midc affords a sense ol l iemlth9fllp WH 0 LESALE SHO ES sMontnl a numbe Of rw ABt
toned exhilaration. L WrT A
Leading druli:tni sell it. Send for Itet nrOA MCM r" ,- R.*o...
d lel r p ivi tbomklet lto IIln cirock Liquid -... ....."+.;. ..
Sulphur (To., Htalti more, Md. itablkbd, '
Sole Agents for MONARCH and lOVYERl
WOMAN 3 BlE qUALIUT Shoes. Every
What N ive.t u 111 I11*il, ioceuf 'nnP pair W#aranted. V llW UU
t trne's Ma igllri.- 'lIt-last' w r.
A beinutiflul tli ithe nly airait 3J. Manls A"nt .I.u WL D
n tin i not siu m i ,.riy l hi r ,si.t -V ictor i. cIot ia'.....r.. i U Ae I5 til.H l ,l' A
I"tierKEY RAIRRY sr sI-'
S nuippy an t.he' aBn to whut A otSr Tbine s is stlriely l01ased to iUt d et"lk
1'witi lias inot nlde ull uther I enthipof lid,audwehave inoprat et pei as MOMI
i taithri v i,.'!r:,i .i-. i:i~i.hi.r. with shat bi iiases. We make a sp laity of tr pei
Tl'h. l'..t--it lg f in a. fut T. .CilAFEII. Prip. make exhauslive inveslgaso olf ttle'. We ep staalt
r t i.'. 4a jI f tr hi erall attere trtalhin to to the esm npt s nm .I
.rate f ..* it I,, th it i i mIeI ,,o ant.i Cre treem t. demption of niotuetau nx sales. Wbhsi o p I'i
,n, elt i .I,, (..lir. pIns P.O -'o. tioset Violn in our Ulineasil on or wlie I*. oty pl bla ? Pi
91 1 \ 1 |i V s ir I.r.ti' r 1me. S. R. COIPM um
I. p -l, e. ;, ? .. i l ,int ic i A li' i ,' rt J ii A ,I- "- '.'i'N.t'IA _
i e 'O'Tlt ,, i t ii i tilll s ,r I "l l ,ap ,,ie.',, i.+ H F...DUT TO.. . .......... .i1 8... ... .. .C

voii + l s *, > *''a., in'rini.l.:se l ':sll 1; a i. ( uti t'i. I is '. IKt"4n tIE S P 1*.! ,. I '
: h ri,'ln r," t. ir t i.4elv rip i 'i n a ar'gur f t i. ^r. ,. I,, I I
t lh n l. (, +. i li neS ,
t" .\flil tia.I ei.4D *t t u nlli : -l. lt l l"tl :, ---ltEALERSH IN---.

'". e ;1 i'.i ihi IL. I "v .. i
&a t ttnI.. k cc r b!w' Itial anti 1 1'
1 .. .' .- Nic Arends Saloon a id Ca e land C ttn ie, Baggingand Twin
--- or Bid.

S -A Summer Cold
I\ lmrieel cold is not ,inl anno-.
aig i.t if not r .ii vedl pn 'n tislf will
ti o tlie" ;preiltaht r''r ii I 'y Ah I .Otie,
M is ult Co'ugh C'r*li r '* to (i-., !lrnti.
iitrat u t'l .h i l<* r .'l 'l:- i ti,:ia ,w 'm i-,
L at utti t FP'i iCl!,i i:- Ll-. !'11i 4 slilt

Twksonville, I brida

Mirfleatuis L;:w*h rfrsinr 12 ti Spam.
IlItrtheblema) HItm'heler, alls Isr
C .. a a -- L

. ,, ,. = ..

," (' '. I ,
'* ' + "4 )


* ,, .. .!. ;.* i 2' .'.I ; '
,,, ' i F i 't *
"+ *. :'. . .
*: '. *,' :' ;-- 1, ,
i, lBmfc ',: ..11'".,^:.,
* i ; . .-
'f l *u! ,, I ,.
,I ..'i .I

Mitutifactuiers of the JIkes Doli Improved Enli a
al rilaind Cotton (hu, and Supplies for Bme,
1J, b i. t !", n h l' ; i

~___~I__ _~

~I____ _ _______ _

______ C _ _r _r_ _1____ _ _




: , ,

' . . I . . .. .

I _I


-- -- -4 I --7 .- -.-- . -L_-- "i -Mkm--dp ,

I,. I *1* I .1'.

1tf K1;-

I..(" .IA

]r ^ .y ,* ..;' ..' ,


ten r Get

"rit t li
I l""iiiiiii iru P! i,...
-tM b **!* t i
be~~ms an, 5f h

Ii to. a .

utwuft o S'

s^tj f
.WflIBP^ >' -*SdS -W~

,.._, . :, ". .' "Fr ^"^ ,
.,,,,, ,,, ] .',. B. I, N '
W Ul tSR4nQiON (PteM wI 1.
) wiJnqrw or e awenv fur ofw
IW O dw for 1t0 eOit fromn m he
V RwEiEry IIMU 8 *w#spi., or
IiiA54 I,4ji snot weul the Usonsy
Oer thtpwl RrwrttWin mquinuw
Wr I p~Ufi w*P sappiOi 4d h him by
Ike. prvhaw. l'*4o *mpIt t$ k te
-asy Forr blimowi ild leMnt It out
Il bUskO alt blti IntsltiL (. Vmerm
W" phyarpdi hy cleae with batlis
A lM d skil of aaf w toUW lihm rtriyo
be dew nsw yalutiale works or -art.
fe pfetkilI1 adwaitts.4 bIle guilt lay
nBs romwUM. C(KwU wttU wfOUHr or
tI Ipor prov"Itt of (Illias ftU tlm
w. the richer h to swe r bby' l1WW,
m0 th wsa prbhaps the only pr*nsul
she ever twed W over bli surplus to
Thes al me ub e -doubt 4t Cicero
s14 s yunw Silty r ied lat o
sai f0i m 1tbr clentsi wh thse Ow
gesft wre still iVInMs "0bu0 Is
so# ikel-y to hate ,eure4 tht argn-
nment "I'm flalw ter a owe trile.
Asd the grautiudle of lWily for tOwe
powwmuton of Ver undoubtedly lok
* vn smubstastlal form. Apart traom
aL 0ect bhonornrls, It Is rweovded that
(moe and t. yeaepre Pliny remvived
touelm tnim VicSt01 to thW amount of
LSTM(NL Gibbs tnIten i, inthe no.
tb.t o"r 0l ymplodorus. thaUt aWvn
Oif t e r sihet smoirS bad an Incorme

* '- -
. ..r ". "
' i M

^W 'J&. _fM fl .**
..........P p~ll ^|lm
f o



mIM a

sac sal

Rltes $2.50 per day and up. Rooms
private bath from May lst to No-

vembel I st $3 per day.






fli .- .



Rally MlSaS fxblO ri rcpii eetd. Nwr fterb ll.

I". "M' A 8", Pxo-p3retbo3F

t dM100iii0a oSIt. a 7r0 without ejestii6 MAH &
0.7. 8 o dERONANT A 009.
Ra llors and Jobtr into
moi W aim.' shem are boad
'I+fi, Im i. -16 was
S- Staple a d Fancy G' roees

9eimpfsI when the

4, w*.vA 1S+...".", md I&.w i0 i the mou AI. A OspliMjs asuh of My Corm. OeIFlour, Bran Mal, Cotton d Mdee
lS IwpS *i Z :e'u and a It We h anled lylthew ERY in at wtab. LOW.

ho bSw^1t..' flak in es tes" *gene vgrp vi. s Sobhf0
p:"ia pW.r b dobr a luaiMt of W *A -

mom ams awt a0 040 -- -MS. .f, t" A. Air Line Railwa
tr -rN. s.n ..". FO ...
A" 'nt r ^ A ,'Fb

S avannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
t-. .... Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-

l ki ''" ington, Baltimore, Phila-
.delphia, New York,
M ltl.M TOMATO". rl '"
A iilr&iS1M SipSPt of Tf Two Elegant Traiiis Daily.
MUw -av as spen na your aids
Sa""t te Seaboard Express.
Aqu whet I Ia os ae m
SS: hi os'$ow "- "Seaboard Ma il
IsisyfC4Wii.t r ll! IJwT .C
tib Hll eem im s h s to i w hwa nlM C.,CM H, . -
*ll'h *itr gwia u '1 1 h e s ^ T p '
be It.nI,)s stoa tI& Only Line )iperaling
btdI *r. a-e.ron m Vri iu Da ily Through Pullman Sleepers 'm Jicksonville to New Orleans
WiMi, k4 Ithle i ft.m i Wh.
ohi'tlbwus.l lstiW sw. .I plted i'"i "i MuIr me PsK oTar full informallon ande le pr ft.- -tai ns es!Innnn ag, nt $anbo or
i ifi writ A. 0. MAC)NELL, BOL ON J
fts nt.G (Aeuernl PaIneper Agerti, Passenger Algen
.e: W U R N ', b~22trlLLLE. WIPA.o
,tiol idvli _______aJACKSO VILLE. ORIDA.___
S!" t.. ,wk hill ive 2 72
rktar Ue asps wkleh wil ea b 3,7 I*
a a. te sWne.rld sw Fair Ratet.i
M4 oP bahl. uo tery ten 'oe 0'no

se mvb' hi. i.utIasmi ao i1 e1 9V ir. O A JAS KSno.LL't
eah al. Iseestee feaba tthe day. r Wte. bi W. 3. JNoba.
It4 oo. m4e s1> penad. 'the put
14..-in -tse etm5It weestle days.
"et. h iw .she new t easl, I".iCf l *!iti I' WlU"lu --7 k 1111 ,'----n, a

theup.ulm, of Prof. 3r.M. C'';p *f ( ioundTrip. On, t A OA n ''a.1nti+.. ,..I eir.
Neni antb l h is 50ta1 sR hpesipd *H^* .i n. '11M y ". on s" i . 05 loi MIll t ' '.

..i dj bev.qoaenl. -d..... -i *. a, SOUTHER"N RAILWAY

chianles. a wb saN. lelJurie 0 -- n I WORLD'S FAIR ROUTE NT. LOUIS.
ites to prorafuem the proueof|e
Asirw. Carnegl, Iq now eO t of the
,!R ?I e SsM dtY s,;is"ep, 'ttN. tIn fr,"h Al cliii. & *'os" so moe of oa diWusrb eM'ainet ee V cnau *i ri e,, t*a kr'r ,hi
Ms tihe tIgultIoot0 of h e r MOd WnlNA *S* r Isv.. Qay Ir rn Pirida i*tlh It tyn rsb fIi k4 i4I'' twt train atiIy frD
Mbeet, .o o, *twd s '-. J tewnoifUe flroxgb 'loplin car.

-c- -' r'I J IS


IA -OProprietor FADRDAQ
JAoasOK WI[LLE, lFl4)RltrA.,



.. . . .. ... .


-~'* ~lr-


'r i .i *


--- r

| 4I 11 I I I I . 1 r '. r J .. I I i ,"

S .. ,* 4 ... .. :;'. *

. . *. .. .

30 of Pablic Instnation ax"
Annul) Appoisfcatmta.


Lie Comprises a Number of th* Mpst
Competent Instructors n the State,
*Who Have *Served Alachua County
for Many Years.
The following LI a list of the teach.
os appointed so far by tho 'Hoard of
Public Instruotion to the white schools
of AlAchus county. It will beobserved
that all schools havi, not at yet bten
Sailed, but this mattr will Nw attend-
ed to at e* twqushtl meeting of the
Teoahers will be required to aeoept
In welting within tlvA dabs the schools
tou which they have been appointed, or
*he plaese will wb declared vacant and
other appolintments mIade.
A rre-doudo-A ges Ztronuer.
JIske View-Lvonora Fildes.
Roohelle-J. I1. Owens. Mary Burk.
Falrbankt-Mamle Itobinron.
Cow Ornek-To be apptoluted,
Franklin-To be appointed.
iJOrose-4 U. Patterson, Mary
Jonesillle-Alnie Flikldwe.
Arher-M. C. Melnttosh, Georgia
Gracy-Marle Riahrdeop.
Jenntuip Lake-Pearl Edwards; one
to be appuJnted.
Melrose-MrV. M. M. Baldwin ; one
to be appointed.
Earleton-Elils Tillman.
Ilosanopy--nne Whilden, Mary
Dudley, Nophia Merry.
Trenton-To be appointed.
Cool Spring-Alma O(teen.
Islsad Grove-S. E. McIntosh, Sal-
lie J. Hfoldon.
Suwanee--Bell Lindsey.
(iodwin-Lottie Teeter, Willie Mo-
iHawthorn-Prineipal to be appoint.
ed; Susie Hunter. ,
Aultioch-Marile Carlton, Kittle Carl-
Aiaohua-W. E. Bell, l.uoy New-
some. Ross May.
Wdo--. H. Cotffe, Ellen Wallake.
Claudia Ambrve; one ton be appoint-
Manta 1-.e-M t, Ih*l.atind, Jesle
iUsinevillk-J ,. Kellium, Clem
thainpton, rt. WV. '. PCoffey, Annie
uaCoosta, Kate Tomkies. Nannie Mc-
lutou Berenat Shannon, Florence
Malii, Mabel Sanchez. Mn Sallie ete-
tine Cottage-N W. .Hall.
Lochlona-OGabrelia Ablott. Ethel
Btrubie-J. C. Adkiias, ,rths T+r-
B)lotwnedale-l i'tia Jully.

Jerome-A lie.* Milliner.
Osanon-Josephine MlcOomb.
Monteocha-J. 11. Malphuire.
Orange Ileightie-Wyliv J. Tillmian:
one to he appointed.
Op. Il ll-Anot P'rlIce.
Chtrry itnk-H. I. Walker.
Louise-E-lla Fdqua.
P1er'* ve ranne-To 1e appointed.
W itidoor-Mary lailely.
Itigh prins-0 A ,M.,Til nman, Ellen
Well., Annie Idward;, tw t to, be.
Hmci-J. if. MfTdats
Uamrnville-Ethbel Wt.kins.
PI'eaant Hill-To be ailponted.
Roadtleld--irecher Itutledge "
J a~ v ille-An nie (iuypi'.
Half Moon-Annie Toruer.
Urover--B,.,uie itatpaga c
GAnnmt-To b atp,,,im ed.
Heekeory H111-To \w appointed.
Townnid-lutrvetlv MoodS.
vtin1tn-'-Valti, lUrel. .
Blartraum-lt. Muoim, nery.
Htoket-Ida Wiggins.
ONtlanmd-Tu be mplwtile4.
Ccnter--jueen J<'hnsop.
Ur(ove Park-Eva Fildes.
Taimwia--iuly Hlawkins.
U1 nioft (rue-To tw a*IpPOinted.
Waasht Ms-Flioretcee Ardt-arn.
Kewtbvry-tI-. W, nhiatt, .Fani ,*
Polk-.o b** appointed.
Rocky PNiiIt-r,,ih ltaird
Hateh't refIk-T' lie appuetb. l
rtnt. ltifl.-1-...ftai Is Flut}nh.

"s1 ~L~rIId1 P ThfqrI fl'rvj .'is 1 m 1 y T-/ "r r- i.. ..
m. a s e i.n-: v ,+ a,--.
. .- . . .. . '

qr. .. I .. ..... a1_ l o
- "' I + II ( U ni ",.(' -r,-'' *.-*..''t-I I L i Il" ''I ''*lI' ["llll iI..-ipii 4;; I 'J 'I

Underta king Co.' Y -- ihp-l-p --ao
I I I Itc IA I I, w ,,ll lftItv. l js n d p r
V l w "l, for ,t umay elait to ., ~a 1
t" ,lhl of e *ii'en. Millld trtiaslly it has
( AINMV'ILI.K, I PloKl A. b 'en lirtiln fvr'tt 'i wits terly oall
.-.... .... her Mtslr,*poru oni he thIronbe.
n DiI I Ico s4*twn Anln who, when lshe
S v. w % vhh i t i tleIrh1y sIte It wtuld-
Lic*llens l EndilmoPIo e wi' r ,, ru +o lurul, sab furth-
iwit ,. -, 1.b 1ht'il,.hi a eutdr"l th
---" ulil il ae thil t sM w he relif would
hitasufutulrerisir KSt lie .r.. i, Oir < phit l v a to l rstac'l for., Tthu It
MLh .r . Fuesur ...p i&tr i tPlw1 sIu l lhut ti I 4 imru te
1".. r .. ,Rie-r pI, ,,~J of July l,' h11. .oiUaimHt ibhis sil.
Gilods. Iu:phatier, alsamii ohJIlutJUill.,' "llr n IiAjt)-y') plte of
dak t'ameirasa, andi SPbtra liMt ul n gLjin l% iL ue n for rmould ltbh
phlers I Supilfe. 1ow, hleit pi. AM ls vluIa"n4 OIl, 6asr itil .
--- Iur. 'ais Tiuthlay. i.g 7 10eat, by any
Ur*rs O) T eairrij w rTelpnt4e, t' uon'ur itu.,',, tiim no ou rsm tta n six
will rFMIv prmpt altst4llMe y 41.1rm ll 1w gram before,' vanrlalnl
-w -tware WIttllv three .ellets to be enterird
theW .al t .y rat July, at Mr.- llam sHk's
WAYCROSS FAIR. at &I',ru Hill. 1 e;ar th, startil itoe."'
IU---- rim tiesr that year 4weun Aune
Ii Will Prove Oreat Success during tIraveled III ,nte to weV tih- merVitw op
Coming Pall. A*4,ot (loniunf, and on ut oaecILoo,,
Wayers (a Agiut 5 't hu ir.' w te a l. tlt, ntlo wea saetumtpaetel i>)
tor* of th l.Wayerus PFair aSNiciNcllo Miss Foratlr. a inasl of Itowr, who
re. twgintn. to p.repar, fr- the pn was "dri.lewo like a waitn. with a lihto
whit. riethek fi it, a full f.apped waist-
lnu of the suiutih ft.,rlf flir, whih,:> I rlii ,-ma t. akfutl l t t wrte t.
will hI* Itl In this ritv Nov 1 ilto 1 coal In will brad gold Jar" the
.Sharp. mi .. r pimt plhci' fulllh Inrulitl over a while
ready lta.ed nimch of th" spire ini powdimi lnei4 1l|lwiegI pl e Willi-
the main hulllilg, antd I tn ponrre. 3inw.r nm's eeklIy.
MII(I|tiI atraltions oThe total vain" of r _
premlums offered Is nearly !l3.0o 0 i,
and thq purses for races aniounlt i(r F o .
11.200. The premium list for the fair
baa lweft I1ued1t ogodw l mnouths, Ur pte ^to.1 t
Inqnirlps from ,all isetions of mt*i t l A t
(Gorgia have been coming In to th,
secretary a `

Nerv* Tension.
A foe to health is nerve tenilon,
sometimes due to hurry and worry, but
i Ilnv tines out of ten due to poor indl.
goetion, a bad stomach, b. a torpid liver
or constipation. These conditions all
react on the mind and will keep your
nerves on edge if you do not remove
them by using Green's Ainust rFlower.
There Is no better atomaeh mnedeoins I
the world thau Ailust Flower, and no
sorer oures for IndlItiMon ordympepeis.
Trils bottle. 2e. ...bottle... o. a
W. M.Johbuob's. -
Atlanta, Aunist .--The peach u*a.
son for (leorsla practically eloped

Raturlay. night and with the exception L0I(Id 10
of a few uteorinTig cara. thie wortw k I
tranep'rtur.on on ths, part of ithe rail Order to e
ro ik .- 1,< '4 r -
mIt,!r',d n;,n Mt hre t-'nctnng t, d I
the ,, n-.o tiloov k. i fr the larit cror. O
In 4'11. t*.TV f T110 Nafr end lit I t- |
.o-tira! jA th- titlro illi"? t of the rtat: S
at abo ur 4 none rar 1
from reports rerlv-ed the yield for m
theb present seaKon will probably 1 n 1
between t.700 and 3, ,800 e c n
DeWitt is the
Whet yos go to vy Witch ila el
Salve look for their name DWid obn D Oc e
every box. The pure, unadulterated
Wit*l ll Iixel ii u sd in making 1De. i
WI att' W iseh li isel Nalve. which Ia ... ."B' ... .. .. ..
the best salve iti the world tort uts,
bullhorns, bruises, boilo, eneima, mn d Orders 'sent to us
iles. The popularity of DeWI's U O
wIteh Has.el) To, due to Its map
cu e, hauseamd numerous worthilm receive p irolpt atten-
enanterfeita to be plated on the mar-. t.
ket. TheeaouIne tbrs th. ninde o tlOn, and the clas8 01
E. C. i itn & Co., (lhicao. Sold b ,
aiidimftis. work we turnI out 1is
t .- <,e."..,rl,.,- .,,bou. boind to p)leaP e.
.I .tlid s *vr -t.t t it "ii" n'1 i r I '- .. --,,,-
;ickl,,tiy oil the Wa.y Itrnut fr-tu the "."
I ,' i ln b( r t S t .t i o, tn l . " . '-
"Yes,' rnlpiel dubbuhIl. "liut I rather
.ike It. We1h iuglmt a n ,Ow d(,r muit |theT
other day, and I wnnt'd tu Ms bow It
W r..-Kt. IDUI Lepubli*.

"Watt's that raket4dwa the e' -
houtidl tht old genlUean frwo tfro el I, '_..-'
he'nd of tlw tairn. i
i" t&idc, promrptly rpited up to Send Us Your
It diti ughl lr. "that It was I leh drop-
ainisr L,44 vir,. wlh I bee proposed to 4
,i.ti Ii r ....r-riIs. N ext 0 r d e r
Th,' ,,I.i In n ti' ;rilr lh e trin - .- .* . '-4
are IhI' .** l ti fhwl ait of m ll : anre the
1 l'ib*T 'I' fi". **It i.l nt. "' IiI
A Sweet Blreath us ai n .
I a never falin.1t sit of a heslth.1y j
stomach. When the breath il btid the
stomach it out of order. There t o il
reme4y In the world .itmal to K odul
DyeuJpoil Curef or0uring indiK+.stiot, aa* l* n l
dyspelria and all stomach disordrnr __ ......___ ___ ...._. i,,
Mrs Mary 4. Crick of White 1'lain. - ..
Ky., writes: "I hre been 4 dy1reSp _-I__ ___ ....A _"
tie. for eas tried all kinds tof. rt*ee
.&__ i- -- a- a s s- amo bm-aftam Z *



PA I n t 3

**e*mo,. PROMPt PAYMIST a m '




'" '*". .



Sfor I .
-agyenturalfor hwP- ,' 1.

SVictorSae and Look Cornpu

rusabo we


| be. U. mawsam. PreeMe5 Sm. WRpS




Pt.) ;
I ,~a' J

Capital,.. .. ... ... ,.
S$arplp and Ulndiv.d ?t.

' "" : IN ff IIT11 I'r.


. ,Eaa ...FIS.

Srxpeas are mod-m. 1 664m114"1

their daegwkton a. b ekml W 149 blin
bust of ma#e.'" .i .,I' . ...
1* 0ae student will beI uedlrsd mt$W04 4
deas a taughatenusit aitvM a4Wdt* P
...... ...............
Inlr lesM will M#is 1prl.u 4 el. 'i
theA imber @1 ur s.e uAisar' "iilllj
dee llnt pobe p pelSm."
F auly of twelve able l.ttusew-saahs meuhL a
In lathe United tl.Me has a btieer health flwiri i e ld i
Caps. Hears, U. 8. A., Ma, of the Uebtsl "T
SsTUITION wE. fortai.gee, Situp
1 UMAI31, *. *. ,

Take Theis...
.h- = '. ,. ,, +.



Depart FPo

ipid Transl& and Uuuurpmmsd b
Time Tablet In *let Jna I f. 11

;7 -7



7 ... "_ : H llh Bprtn-: ,
27-p pm High SIprap S-latest.
D a i l y ._ ,I e s d h *. nPn I i I n I. :
j-tm) .p ~ ,toaulu. Leeobuirg mai Taumpa, e
iay ?! 'nteu dlseM D aum, '. -
lIti lakat, Piate, JImShwavi '
-lltl- - D o ---nikl l M o ',' .1

I1aily Albiy. A$lom#. a sll P sUd WMok, "as W. r

":llp m .! luloehi teA,, 1 ni py e Ikn d 'CIiaI* I
. ... .. ..... .. .. .. . ,- .. ..
VII I .,'O InW nn.

X o a I ,-- : -*
lretai etbl Mi IiITios, oo 4 wver I *A ile i
el|al railwaysD th Bouthern Slate an o*) atie
.ThmhI P'ulls ,n l oper Penrt toTS W O .
Line; alsi via Atkfltte Ocs t e Liae sad ItUi. !*laV . i,
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'W eove*pr th imrlpoanStlll points -qd .mreplt
olish e sharh of your buSlOia.

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s u o ppfted h j tho. :enio0
Iirq. wtl tbilt ovur thel
*I MWiitaoOS 1 1741. for tth:
i qm, Two ctamin. were .sr
i, ,rAight lin.. steitedi bRy l lak., below, and the a

,* tItill"ly tnt from lit', w
1aam lboth oetr Iti, r..r I luglt
I*wuue! tly tNflhlIp i1tl ut t i
line P1vbktc.- 1.tvdn $4t.ndard.
_nd of Sitter Fig
i ,Ilw$ "Two, phyetalsns hid
i.swubbtar fight with sen ab.
Ir g;h,,,t 'lung ," wPie.s J. f,
N""D4is9amtl De oos, ".'a,4 gawv
,* ,i ,g y i rybot th iought $l tir
atU o As a Mat neon I tried Dr.
bioa Deeoty tfot epsuumption
Attii tai 811, receiveS wa. girlthig

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TV OF rI"4 POW19~ 19 A310,
ev er Xjpk. OeW Rn As sb Aw wPc004P.lA10.
I" " s" a'O p sin g pvi as ", IIV A ILITT.
1' Ik.DINAD SAY ER, Ip y b ,.
"A"MR iY AT I AW, '' I !ni a om -w in # alwreliumw. a
|Wl OAmlnhl'u's, s, w; U. Umownw we' ',neor' s b.ov. esI.r
AlthSV5A.. .e .N m' Wte g luatW. -s. *6 cr1rsk.6
SU-0._ ?b20>Uf1 ,1 M .Ul I..l oN? l 1 l 'ur,

lntrthp' i n 5, i i I or, II I" ii Sold Iy Ia ea ituol I tfo
?W m4.1 |f i HIn.TM IT TWOUS
,...; .oA,, o i K c4Y... .. II' i 'na r1r l u.. f.or" lrdtlUO
M ml1 U A LG t .
I OASV L.,Ii Almua Co., LFLA. WIRUT ROT T it l
tw wi 8 L001 .t...sil .. ,. us, '

i4 * II. A Lo InMAwm o, VI M oerwow SIesTnT Tl VMU r
,Ilt D EFTIEiT TWO TIlAWS WAI u' We ew fe.h wVWite
i2sms9w sos*Maier Aommi t osnsethles with- W. & A. S. I. kpA
I.,S 0i- nl" SSWma i e CowSaOWi. wA l*.,l. A w .sa N 5at. u '.AM. r1LE 7tl a. D. Il
I*IouN.L* R y ft A- Mi --.Ludden & Bates
ab ,!' +.. 8 A .- _--- SAVAN NAH, GA.

a~tlMI t Temuessee. SW ISHI PB7. ,
*l a"o. o sih _. IA tm I ITHER A ,RYAN, Stats Apt,
OAm Iuersue. OITh OF TH #A M uV0 TA RA. flAfhA.
S. W in. D i XI E FLY ER ., I''
M.SbIR E WIR E LIQUOM 0 IGARM oUwneo she ioy mac wimwoeps aor oWfl
JoN on", .. MrW wnn. e Ait toas. Loa. T.r..Waear leave FJ REop-
Of W, W0.10,, JtekssH b. cdy. h PCu Ai t io. UL., AIshis4.0 A. gil VO S [ I S [
I iW l.o u i4he Aitse day lia 14S. 1lt als o eti loo ted.
fhast"bWre bOUtle#Wd detsoiht. D | fter sem from .wqv'* Irair 1ui,61146
*Ui "0 66 Nite to shi on e whou tes Jes(scovills poets was nonesses; seesdli n"r re
V'', ,. ^.. ... . ..... .... .... -.. . bw o r t ok o wlwl hotels 6o14 h I feale M i i .
..''. ".er k T LEE JA,,40"V60.ti s ullewu twhrrsleu viwdt* to
S.. W I. "HAM BY A, ...V.. ..ia- i ,Via. e 1. L No .'
-", .. ...... FRED D.. MILLERw
I..I .--- .Exeunulon tikessu nowa on l is dtly
M tlu 114iW iat1 MisMay Waork si she laeau*sao orof Brings lsldlg, ATLASJTA. UA. from G(ialaevlle to 8O. Louis and re-
Ta&'11p,11"a 11 tp Rn.
1100, .,l ',f . M w u s n "., ,.p 11 .. i
II Caselaattler**Ar.1 Bolero limit Ilea. 15th
""W l" O.Iv, V l A o u D N il1 ... Return limit 00) day.
... AA, n .RE.. UNION a5bl. .. Re .tu.. lmilt 1i days
SItAL)O SpeB coseh exeunkon *?22.J8. Iet-
,".YSTAL ' BOST N. turn lim i days fwri dat e of sale
torrA t Isone r. Pr| r | Tickets sold Tuesdays in July,
dn u* JFM. k ville. Florida Iorrntm odiog low rate from other
hS . -- i I plshe L. & Is the best liine to
p IW Wl r t Imported am d IDoomes Liquu i rs 'For re ehedul .nd .leeDlag ear
I.the, Gi, 1 i I 's.Il r r rAia ,wnIMI .ifatqo4l *Io -r p car
A S f Wie l. the city M A 090r16 5o pply 1t0
-ry ... -SDlI R INIR I IN I In 1 r. PLBMINO. Fla. Pass. At.
tM bu tiFourth Annuil Exoir.on ,VJUW.UaI ilt LIL
RI, ..-- AILWAY O.CI.. $TONE.0I P. A., LouvwlIt.
VallN~ntnln and .I
. IntIn and R esortsII OFFICIAL ROUTE I I! i
' hai .t Rtrt.Oe it's ihe.I'
a WhIet aD .

WE IESDY AIUGUI17 1904 $80.00 n'xiuo IiIa
VJAt ohin gton 1dev
m eOO It ....... ..

kwts aind
beak. OWN hi wir.oh Y Nudroh tand
___p_ 'Y_ s' teamner 'smeals and Irth
Srad while o a mOrd intudd. MNational, State and Congrnsilon.
r?, lt Fro' Jacksovi [ates ,,f s-Augu i12, I 8 ad 14, | Ticket 19040
"io ." Ask ieR.C .Return Limit-Aumgusmi Pesiansl N.
thit o As hmi lo., Xn C, ... ..... .p 40. .0. .LiI
U bwen ti n Abbeille, . 0 awilon of i Return mit-sep
on'" theory And*,osmm8.0 1 So0tmber ) IIW U. F. FBufftUm-Fnhklin county.
brties In U iSin, C ' op.Over--1h dae at Nuw Vorko K. eobx .oon-'MarIun couj.
41wny Is O Hillt8, V........12 O turnjurn.'
ri Flat Runc N,. ....... 12 gM Thruslth rolshes Jaokiouvilgte to Bosm. Go. II. Holne--Brmvurd county,
1 1rhe n.4 011ve,$. c I totm without cha ige. Throlsh" IuII. &. W2 Wendull-aad. e county.
U. brKldge m IIstuendoqvifle N.U 12 A) into *L;peir Jaektonville to Boston A.MUUWInd-AI1I01hRoiuu'?.
Te t indian Spins. a. o 000 'with only ofine change. A. oForiverhor-'n-AIti. ,SL1I...efar
Up@ of min. tLilrm C. [ 11 00 'IProportionti ratlfrImmnother polit. 'or (ervOrMorU .n, M lMattr
Ietched in Lake Toux*way. 14 "K (. 4lmph-'1t )f1 rmtiNti4'lon on appla .on..lane, liiil'r"l.
Stie from I itnoir,]V ( .o. ,u13 to E. c .b.. A.gt_. asavll .- .; or r a. ic8at tu )v,,. iorr,
roa4w f 1r I l-o-lniwnh, NC Ia 5y1 yIe l Sr. i. .; A1 0 i
rnF l by t0her l oont Mo .in Te, n lr) .l .e",i A. . w -k", At tourney. Lt,. r 4 U. ,un er-
se o U tng, t n 1 ....... .... .- " .I . ,,
Molt" al ". Tenn ... ta *4 ly, L0y.
ljte prirt, (O Vi w, Va .. 15 rS Tb jI' Il .'a C.mptrnLr-3. 'L.. -ip.r Polk.
hen brhiCl" oldPointO lfortVAI. M). .
i. won t Kith arlod t N .. I ni) T rTueakrer-E. M.. llreliord, L)ade.
ln hi .. i $#ewanuuein. T ..... 11 C tioa-W. e. .O'N I. Gr.*tigt.
tp.tnhl irg, ', C . . l, o n Cnmmiiorwrf<. A, tvultur,-J. 8.
htV.' Irn, k t b,Vu r I, BIRUtIMEI, dtllor arid Propt, Hnowbty. PI1anm.
a lJung and 'Wihalia. SJ .. k IWAI, ItaFt md RCoontmi.Jabmr --'.. .,
sees on my Wiarm Spring. .. . .. 9,LA.. .ilJir, St. Johnot
Hughes of WatItVOO, 0b. ([Q 4rr IhiS 1WJ . 1 Jtieti Spr.4ne Ourlt for teal of
S W upS. W l. 12 :SI.t. yP 5 A a I>il. MWthipp Etd, abi.
,hld oonm. -Whfto (s', / 1W4hi to e ag l-.-e .......... t Ju'stice Iupremetcour--4), 8. Farr,
Kitg's N+w ,LLhiS hlrtlfhe) I1s 'lilbn1.
" Th ie. Washi'ton I, . C 22 0) -- .j S. Adai Diuval.
and I w ia ,,The *bo. rIa em M rc frir l h yua P. A tell, iIval
*1 rn ~ .1. 'P,.ha* .1:1 jp1 i 4. It~i khvfli.M.I -.4


,. ..... ,

MPs" r 4 ' .-'-"- 4.- i. 1 -i . h S .4 i . .. V i it t | I .. | .

. lli 1. tt04 Is Now an lthe Hama, AM a /..

I I.. *94RC :IFtVIMiE

AWA........m. *,e,.t .. o rCo nmmodious,
NioMP of $004 i, now oil tboe o114) O
atnlph Mau Thurd y. n>ilght it. will 1
Utve.n t. ilt SlUills Ad iil h urT Able I ui cello*.
, ia m idnght Thtursday iilgtj, or pr, .
MO N ,:l' :r., If tr. rer ar.ny MRS. E. He. PAXTON,
"gtr" rfto di ll gre 'tiv irtM betweN i..... -Ia -...---.-.
hoIma amid 1 inmJr e, n hrrlist r art likely .
t be, It' Wou1t 1- pot iaps,1. be yxsa Plida
.atqIlt>t ju.0 mill %Ih lTtiratltd than h been --
(mn lr,. .sill i, ,r ,4t, ~ s"ioln that LOCAL TIME CARD
h il aub ba'orn

TTiso ,enatu hals lorltr-Ili to ontildtvr
SPY l)iuIME bilk (hlint paloed 4i*tar 8iat
urlay. Th, rv.llit IJ the timoue 4n-l f
devote the 'ntlrs ilday Miunday, porttfp*
far into the night, to pnuMing Inesabure

V8 FOR [tlo"GUEST8.

- Hotel,

Every Attention t

o Guasta

Owner and Prop., WHITE SPRINGS> FLA.

East Coast Ry,. .

No 506. In Effect June 4,1904,

a.. se -n i . -* --

.- . ... E .. .. ..... .
ii .. t .. .. .. ...... .... I -.

IS 3io do as Ift figures, *l.oiftt.tOl Onet boi' '. ." .fi lt" Sis l t e ire P iM ,
"or (i other witll have ', v Ul T i,
sona t to do poi unt(, it re* th,.' r l J .n Is,
1s n" ''ib i tLcets "'t w h t 1>, s 4
waths 1 u t -,Jas. Evererd's Canada Malt JB'I"Iti< I (.l Lno it )
The indlntoion h'r aut th fi II e ''mi d

Sio t'Vrn Ane"t ." th. r01 .u"w .I..! "
Vill net taikTe p ul~T ii1 a"tn t 1 m
.,T 0 m Itbt,2hT Th-ird.'i. ht, it


.A u ,Mo M"i ,y anti btter thin mm at t Oe O Q O "ttr i apwt"






m d iiA 'M d "


49 I , ,+


94 *"


,* we pay eight or a p p
4. tUR qe. ...... ,
follow19 tuquart

*LUUI8, UOM M 4,m !*m OWytl, 9+it K,:l

.. "1 19 ...iqua rt .,;' '. ...,., ",e ., ,
... .I ..,La,.,tfl aunt -

fa.. fll qu$*t . ..* 1.;4.4*

i N II

ma* s i mi we. a ww W:
I . "r _, ":' . "' WI F'

t r i i i .. .. ............... ... .. ,
t-il8S i t I mmila I l$5 jj ar.S. *&. 4. --- "......:::9.. I.i'... ........ ... I- ,- -
m pJ ,l o, tit ri, t rar t' .lO n .ffw;. a Arr ......... .. ..... .......... .. . |
It hinhulls the Iill to t att ltthei! of i .- -
of btat, auditor by Mr. ; .Hall, of .. M. ....... ...... Sor '-'- Ii3
the apiirp|rlatilon of $,1)1 to aid in -' --
rebuilllding ATnue hull. bth ih gilding ..,. ,.. . . NS:iS . ...... |
destroyed by ftire at hli staI univ rl p ....... ...... .... ,DuptnIS. .. .. -,.... la
. ...... .... ....... u . .. . .. .. ....... .. .. *
ty: tha a)lpropriltlot fu .....t .....00... SS ...... ....... ...... .... , i *
bulId,.a hemicalt ,lioatory rW the .... ............Port Orange'..... ........... .
OR.......... ... s.. t ..... .... .........
Teo h; tht uapiroprliallai Or *5,H io 1 ... .. .. ............... -o .......4" 1ii l
bufl a hospiul afor the latorgla Nor V ,,. .. .)i. 9*4 *".;;: S
'm and udu r .a ***.lleae t l dg1-* ......,.. e vI e .,,, .... .. .. .. : ,, .....+ I
Vle, the mppropriation tf .00 to pur p ...t.o. ..... ........... ltnB e. ,..... .
ebaRfe a porlralt General Joha B. / P ..... :: '.';:..l. .. .... .4H....... ; . t
*i i* *4 ......... ......... ... ....... ... .I.
Owdtlon for the tatft capitol; the, )1,11 .- .. ... .. i. .. i ......* ,*
tho timem t whi h l .. .. ...... .... ... n... ...... ... ... ..
.B p .. ... .... .. r .. ,. .
ltd to March 1 o :June i. the ... .. ..... .. . e ......
.p w*it Jlso tin.e. 44. .
Tbo MeotirIng conmittnO declintod ..... ........ ...... W I m .n' ... ... ...
S... ... s. c '4. 4 *... rO tiR.. .. ......
fix the afate roormahtory hill by r. ... . L rd. ,...
Feluer, of lll)hb. for conkidteritlho Mon. *.....I. ... ..... tAE ..t .... .,.'.... .. I.
day Another effTrt will be made tt .W A r.......... ,..Mat .... ........ S t I
have the committlee"put trl. bill ob .... ._ .. ,. ... . .- ...
the list, but it Is not likely that any SANrOROaD NUAINOf. OUA.M3OX ITYV *AMAEIO
thing will be done with It at this ea*l w. rr --- .. i .......
alon. because it mai measure that wil' I0to .... .t I 1D t1. lMitPt9lj tLtti r. I.
require cotndderable dlseussion befor Lr ......... tt.ll........Ar op 10 f v Ajra .Ar
It rcan bo pa e.. M r. ...d r "y ,. ...... e ...........'IA i i it *% Lv or Nl O NIrI i l
11 i, -,i. .,,, rm l,.Tu+ II li1t, ...... 1i 44W. ..... Air II ilf '||i i'1 L.(krinjf Iir l/lN
however, he will reintroduce the bitl *0 sAr ... *mt.d ..... 1o lw ,t$ll,.441 .Ar O.rt Ui
ut binin thbimgo nthepxt aislon. W W7n .4 rW I. -
There are ierhais 100) senate billsl i- .... T f, _A .-
wiw on the hnus. o acendat to which oma y I ouee Pt, al i. 4 e n1 T .
OpB .deration haa yet been tiven. The *ui h"r .g s 1. 5t i> W
senate bha found not itue fault with .I" 0 ir ii
the Tnu, ftor fallUnk to cnt on Its, p I8 ni
measures, Andi to this is perhapt dit u I I 7 .
th. statement that the snat wnil m PENINSULAR AND SCCISU0TAL StSAWSuIP CONNLCTIOWS A't mtA.
fuse to consider any house bills that .... -............ .
are pased bly the tmsow after Monday. OLOB OiefTflON MAIM AT 11M 1 W mMS WENP OF TUR P. 4. t S. & OISIMW V
Many of th seAnate hills are important HAVANA A B T
rneasures andrl om or (thn were rf. HAVANA ANDt K3Y WBST
paortidl ;n ty the hoise oomrntt es wi .
we'ks agil. The majority of them bto y rs oy rt msm it satod is 16 4 et ,
lhave reivltv fravorailw reports from ii ra.iMll er er er a esseniis.etai M
the comnmittuRes,. but hoW (the houne can * -, i,-- A ,
lstv eonsdhtratlion to *l all them II WV*Pt re tU. IiAL 3Ti3mOCAOr e Othet lRamIoNes
past uIidertarndilng t II always this I T tx 'inKfi AGEN'T."
way, howtvr. it-,.aitiresl being allowed ..
*to anrtuusatI nit tdi last mumynt, I *,PAS M S O, Las. k AS *MT. AMU MMNU .AAU
wh&n many of them art) pUt throbig ..... ---. ......... '4 ... L .... -.w...L. 7i.. W
wiltli a ruh that gives littlU time for At Rsemount.,
proper cocsideratlon. Thiesm, sents N lopt, .. Y .t .--i, .tll af;
bills will have to he alfted out by the nt"flcation -Jrem-ml-lti fe- IvR (" Moa. July 2Ah. lM0.- the (C
he steering onmitttee st as hi will be entertained at I Ho'iununt. l, Counell of a sneville.l Flor 4a, mit
been .doe in tIe ciase f tlof houAe epitplnn iare Jidg ;r,. oftl'aa~rt> eqireda by law, tor the orpoe oIf
WillNt, o that i h likely the 1im o -and .l anc I R .Arnit. ait Utla. a vliwlig and e qullislng itt lseime
impiuannt and valuable measure wilt .. , I ,, of taWo for he ypear 1904. and the a
.be acted i. "lrit, Who on i.rrow frail. sesments lnst the following t5a4
,Th en, I..w. . li E.thMolbrotk. Iirvew vs. walks, and the peirmus wer nrald a follow s:
Thep.enjkto. llkewIt ldas a liftroi lawan are beinge,,arlad at oaemou t W W. Aw' '. 1
week before It in handling tht me a. an r W.parsttn of t rril W. AVn.. *To
today in proparsthoo fat.hefe arrivaW oI J. W.Ald/ao ,'
Urea that angover from ui hotse. in the notlratlnn .mn.itte Wednesday Mr J. M.Sroo ..
aiditton to t.s work on utie .neral it~ra laborer are at work and -ve- Orawford & !) & ... 1I
appruprIttkmn bill which wil b ak thing will In radn efor to .Agnes ia" :
up as m he special order today. Ih Royal lo ... '" ,'
lioun patif. oi Satrdtay rmunirous morrow night, B a 0 blJ, all of which mur t he arre. ,. P e.' P.,, ,.-M 1 .... 'o. 01
n b.y w ^slnate, Thi, too. thr, W, Bek MUiosteleyl
axe the Individluatl penplon bil. ton Is the on. that will daleeiO the 1o*- J. to.. l. k
each tf which the. roll hat to b6 culled, tern,, it vi v totr ,to pelot, t norS 0. U.MN shan .. *
thWin Fblng reqtirr-d on all appropria. the while. lear th.e omplezion. euw Mr. K. Phillips *'
tios. There are other twtilu hillls i. headache and IW*Ore a god taste t the t RtbtI*4 l Perrv 1 "
tmportanc. |' wiwim in lthe mnte. In mouth. the famnn Iitie pl Ia for do. yr "AT I
eludin. anany of tIh iupl'uelal Appropri fug such work pleamantly anw eIROtuSe 'Hgaui. L. S s a.
atiot hills whicr have leen pasird ly arc DeW iin', Little lC*rly isoen. ICileon Thompson 1
and altogether thn Indalltain are thi Buot More of LfayeutI li, ld., sas W. th s. 2
each body may tIok forward ThisM wtm "All other pill I have utsed l airle *nd ,P Thoma S
to three shilonl a dlay, sicken, b le itWit' little Early Mns. 1 WIlson 0 W
The indtcatiops.ain now that tlUar Risers ar .Iwpdy p.tfrfl." flud by tbe Coincil wili mnet it Ihe chat
will ble many dlragreemnta i twawwer : aldn a hebr. on ALaugt bhi, 1$ *is 71'0 p I
the h ts an'I nIjet whirh will ca.. to hear snd dettrmintruil eomplInI
hr the appointnit n f i rotafcrewtI aAtT wheb dhl ath d nndir it law

grreetnnt which willcann ai thed lOlp 1Ia.
St delCr winl 1 on the monim n
shoot flm. Th* ena llt. un l A I n
Ctaobtedl}. cut the amount Io $>44 0 ||0 d


~'9119 94I~

II 4494914
'' .199
I,, ii \.I
4 r1~

VS1IMftM sWiatw m1*9qU IW44v

.poe W.


No L"
THE PUi i Vi

w .:,* $*'#a ( ,M::>." ^

S 4 6 o. .4 i "b4.. '. '- .' ,

7i 66 .. , -..S *- 6 k... ;^ .^ . ,
S. 00 .. . N . ., O., :. ",,.,. ":,S ..
.... ..*t & *

00 S ' gb "q'"9 "4 4 ': ,' q,. .."" u'a: ,"...',,&*!,';" **^'
g1. ,&' .....O.. S ...* 'p
(X) 7 1f .. ****. *
i s00 .I t . ,i ..,''
00 5 a** ** n**** I*D l *

O ,0 .... .... . '' :'

00 ....... 6 *4 55 "* S ,., tkl^'" + ;-, .. .
t&.100 0 I) 10M,1 a.. ...
o 9 U I


E , a '.. , "" 'J.. .."
S 1 ., i 4 .0t +g ,. ,1,-, ,, t, f ",,. ,

L. u:BARU.Oestl

Send your orders ifor b ob

I J. I L"L*.I
I.. .-- ---- --i- -- upr-
J ZB ^^^f._.-^B_1a *liitiin J ^B^J Mr#

~ tP ::


p ,'i41...'' w|$Irm d l a : 1., 'i. it

S p* u '..... Aend sn paha New e ,.
-_- iiit MSe, wh . prmeig telrindlle, Atredssdo eadt Kalimpa.
S_-g Iasif o lMaoe.e w etieo I-ii Mv. De. nm S! nOW arrj on oeivenatio by i
p I l OMte04 la *V io with Mnme wift, th1 sOem of She ieat VIor'idl
0 p0M i e l, atid as uaih ,e ho Ani Telephiasne rompI p having Mben it
;--qtpwe pn e liked i b Workt s Wea t Msoo will suro' tnded o shoe. pils V"pntsMou
1Vpeue a., .NlJnu, wase i tIS o0f Am.4 wnl i 1I Wn has two mado, and the ilesle oi is k.
b, rSSi e his .01.s 1f.. iorne liae h1e Miampeiil4q s eiat.. 1d admirulabl.
6i. ,.'p o fthais the lnet will be pusheed A.e rp"dl
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m, wn h'ales0 of k",4 merq J qh e sseu ho pe; W op Ist m possible. and iis to be hps4d thla
W e9s h1 pbi ppI is I CSu e leanoaAy atr d intrmediae pintsm will
M ,:' ofr t Cub.
--* OW040. ,ailed 0o .04.t"M w mo e .,o irumh oma t' .o0 60e00 -
..0 0 l e0a ". isIr s' Wh4 l ife.0le, Ii', I tIbm J
s S1wro. inell psI* oi ltl xe Mn 1. W. WoodiUS end ohildre
S! i. hli, .,Thllr@ Svi, U lhThI steeslt, deals. departed ; eay for Huvmn'; (ClC ,
t" eof winlg aso met" of shol .r Flr". dat whIa ei4O they will make thli tfultre
.... :.e.''.-. bN Ifa or oin| t beha p wpte so White Sirip *nd bn4oe. *r WoidIn. huas. ..bes. ied
Bal ~,cpi # l aW4l y u .1eysu vie r,. *, M. IalIway. lDe7, too ubs by the Houthern ESxpree (om
.lu. Ooltsmh 'that a un ponlne$t limb, lAntay, Weekk ndi, going p lay, lib aheadsluarter. in tliavaI.
,ls NldI b I1the pass sw uth sew Suiurlays and $undle., r.eturnlil Mr. anld Ji, Wooding and their in.
pV f ilth f1 t*i,4 ,l with 'b l remil hteS Mondays followtwig, *.SOI, 46,***e troilning ehildrn have boon ridindlg
Bh, "1 hOh.mlas baees lllil doling lathe ohourt (alaiRville1tf4s4, m.. e:l& p. Mn. Oatlpavlte fur .weverslyars, and
$thswj4" i*t .,i Jiedm. M bp. tat tshbe from di'ay esilulio nitaly one dollar. Leave* .. general otnidt favorites' hel.
6 p. l0. ufaspe01, -however, th Giliuv.ll.e G.a. m. .Nihue houus at They' will be SOLIy missedt, b1
series o t.0a 4eutee hawo a* t beesn springs andt beek same day, J. F. frieds wih them mush hmppines*u I
ry.a, a t lir,apnt. their new homn..
.......... Ofl.,T (.Grter of Elemopy, Miss K H!lsl! departsflcrerd .....sqay
fv0411. f o swhf -le bAttnlUlt mein tn the nouay, for fevamnab, Us1. As Havannnah she Plesant Birthday Party.
.a ishe ,th n yrsterday. Captain Will join Captai W. IH. Denhas anid Upon the ohaslo n of lhe ninth ye
m as p. b o iwed lloted telor, is9 p1 in hol. iar, when the party will of hur advent into ibis world, Ni.
wpe' s In ( w telk fo: govern, proceed to Kinnebunk, Me., for lthe Uerai De lao4nd, at the home of .her
".,,"". r jel, w&qk .t*ythe amosbh of iAe remainder of bhe summer. Me*, 11en. parenls, enserwllned number o(
.,,4 911, 06l, I "e 1 l 1 I I l e l he beep i Kennebtlnk for ..*- yoiun frlea MoNdasy afternoon in r
loo p. pn at is quaoris anr, eral werek.. Friked riof slate eiltimblo pass becoming amId lover macner.
*B* S Aqdedo. 1 aj ho miAti mAd lras., young lady wisbhker a pleasant outing The aflernooe *m passed off in a
di 4 evem* l hboesend earloeds of "Way )own EasRt.' manner appropriate to the owasiom,
Deputy Wheriff J. $ tZkos of Miao. locidentally, sloe refreeshents betg
,,A' $sqn leneral moulh. aqpyl .arrived in the city yesterday. ported. AS a late hour Miss B1em1ce'
.... *WM U -IP d wfhs i *sIui( lthey have risiied Ifs had In ousio4y Thomas Davis, l. frden4d took tIr leave, wishloing her
Le els ,' U Mslslsippi end cred, who wa*s onviqed tin Jutiee mnr y happy roaurns of the day.
AhSNse,. MN0. 4.- A. AmoMns end Mmllh's eoun0 at Micanopy upon a .-v-.aaA- A--au.wr--r..a
i0, 'lal *Mm he lried to abl city. eharg of erryn ugeone.aled wempons,
wiel be d)lg*td to sad we. sbnteped to pay Ihe. usual T. F iNOMAS
1.00A S wi ,0U ttl 5e*1ir. t 1115P 9- 1of $l00 and Costa or spend shn
The dire from "og at eo in the pen. In hl is6 'n| |e
Sfibm bwSpihap. whM, they haveW Web for She weapon WIa a r.sor, but tUhe ,r. U o C
0" p,"t ,,Se 1time. r1e. Appi e smmopa K$r (m s f wen as% a just a it
ohevieI, io sad her inter.- J.K. Thrsher, she prgreusive.s mar.
St w$taomed bsk ishran of Mimsoopy. has gone so St.
HB R l 1 *" +'^""nt""u' '++oi"" ...ul C *hiM" g$d other poiniU. Ie IN p'
lfe duringg gI tIto his inteptionto FUL LINEOFV
purC ha' h"S e an automobile, hleh will *
euA V l 17 ployed to convey passengerss e. NE D .
We. Mieanopy sad Kivinston, wheree --
roIt 1eo w," AI ""'ou will"" ""1'"" be made witk the tto l r
... .... .- i.,. ".,ing of the Atlintle (17 est l. Ine 'i s llma l a atle toiall ph o ren,
Work Is ptogeasilg rapidly o n the .pIn. Nel d el. "wi., *
*-S .dbawd road betweMen Nlcnopy a.ud prpily tlemied to.
tlustour, about two and obm4,alf of
t I 'iwe mile havian been completed. Gaioeeville, Flortda
aiia 'pI' 1.; S~lL ' II llse estimated that 'he mhoroughtre .. -..

. |I iif:'' ""190. pAS" -------- .Waldo Boya Cannot Entertain Galneol- T I Ax1-:iTAITUAET.
Stepiip, tp -vilia Until day.
f.Sew Tk CltO She ulisin There will be no ame of baseball at
8~ fO,8** mouneed ,i The Rum of Tuesday morn.
id Salt el r log. There was to havs bleen pulled
off oonlest' belwemn the, Wal4o act
5kb v n 11 this Sity yTh s y Oalnsevllo teams for the benellf of the
ww* K at '-. v t Oasi. proposed hospital, but te cmplalr of
i*tle. h y have eien. -* she Waldo sea. writes shag his Warn
at #bI h Ida forus pus t' esn L aI A corns before )rida), owing to a I-

een of Mt Gul. IlI N previous engagvent with tohe Stoe
d- X hi wit e. they 4.- U.yvt LM M4' rhU Waldo.Osinesvill~ gam, there.- ,
jhe .feta less a. fore.. has ten i oli poned usk1l Frilday ("ntoomermouth of lPloMt e).
0 W .6" 'a Wqllot akleruoon. The game wiltt ie oal ed a
Will, 1 sist of Many I r. KAMAPO A M Am.019t,000a D. R Cki-.
lI nsWi O lsl^ oft.Ma ng ,,y I..' ,.;R1 o'ql.ek. The adminioin will bo i26 m as. fmltisac O s
,Bes suapansd,1t me ,i. mreistlble lIteraine. e t el, le piroceejis to be devoted to
S Mi h tif the propoenm hospital ,nul. i ... ..n..m--.e ,lJ
p iW$ s.^ i appear CinTo n TenQeT MEaTINOe s -l le
IKi. SS !mp Ladies' kirts Reduced to Close. ath f pY1 *- oFifthDstrice l )tetJ, tl
',w u^ ..... "" .- Tbi Hrst meeting of the Fifth II6 ULDtRSB
S..trie 6f Kni atb rofPythi s, Domain oa at
"" ". "', Jun.e s, I0, Ldiis Walits All Rieducud Florida. oommiened with Mounut
#, hataao t 1Msi1e1 48i Vs ', '., g,,,., with 11 v
wim '. h 0 ' Sx i m i .spread. There were ay
.SS. tO e ad acy Hose na under-. o, so .wE. Finer a4eess Fotog raf
#Mlo s.. ..t thew l i 0 e 1, h ,,eativ.l. +, l fromt-,nfte. Ind'00 i i...... '
att S w lle n s tuting ie dirot ad a tin, program F :In I()kII tio.i i
*p fow ,a b s it *W aaWs., art H i
Sl i Fu t r Iiel '1 lt* le*

lot .o k.5 lar thih;,,1,.
tWn.. sa .... .ns .. d ,
,'4 T 4 1 0 1.w:It 0 . .+. . ..I. . .. _. .. .

W"i a lt i "i It.lim p,* a TItnaWme, r , I rta r.aW
tatBt t bSMits %vteble,, removes t r. Sn troprk br.
,&.Mi, -nd., :.Pr5M pn re 0 u0$from o a. m. to Caskets -id Coffi

m.^ 4"4"h en ahd "'"" the d Pm 10 9 lMtt a MW tSit.
I5 ^'iAl fM :*N~ '-*M la - 1 :.

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