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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: August 9, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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" A-. '. '. ...
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Sa tr 4S fsh1t W1e 610i iitries* STH *NOT WTo AH S,.
S..a.... Wh laJ-- u .wT. FIREII IwRt_ em .... 4$ -Ws
to Nrtr el" a bmrsk., whil o wmaen 0oni a1f eM
ai vin a be M A snn the mbks. PUarn uro CamillA SsonA Reee .
of the RUtmlat baltalo avavucrd urp ,UW3 OUU U AIO lnht0tpo. 0. Ame-apt S.-4s
the bed of the stream and a number *ta of dn tlkpa treay C lbre a1."
wWre abet a liey.r emerged Into the Oi e stllse, iotl sad sWt
redwy. Oe r Woundsd meldler had Blase Occurs In ithoe GlJt oOae r1tally woundedils wile faiwiie4o"W i
crawled Seek to the brook for ilt b .sl l f the noek, lallestta *pl-
id d41ed with his tase in the stress at Louayflel, 7* y. -as ah wound.
and his eautfta bolide his hand aus .- The tragediM oeUirred o Othlle s
thboah h hid tried to fll It In tbe X GOV. *CD TAYLOR 0i A GUBST, Beol. one at Wtltmillato's mllmap
eed young Japanese bent over a resortss. Birs bad bees' I th"e ty
nipalve lai with sn arm under hl Only the Presene o9f MIld if. th. ad went aows to "U t beeat.,
head holding a water bottle Il. a. il Ih a w l wmadna ma M .A".

Meet Sanguinary Fights of the Carn- Calmly Smoking Cigarette.
p aln*" One RRussia with a bad furrow
Motion Pass, Manohurla, July 1, via ploughed through his thigh took hit
San Fraul'uho, 'Aususl .--Corrspona- plight happily. W1h a Mlone iundo**
dlce, of the Asseciatid, Prose.- his head aild tin of water beside hint
"lfigtt ightiag is the test of suldlers. ho rollo a eigarette and chattered "on
remarked oae of the foreln aettaehda Russian when no one enald under
when he visited the scone of yaeter stand. .eslring and laughing. Twr
da0' bloody affair "wad the Japepsee Japanese were escorting toi) the rear
eitatnly ave pve thlir'quality hrburly fellow with a huge yellow bear,
*talnly have who hfia suffered t bayonet sealm
Probably no lacide o 91 the war has 'eCrfoI the mcal, Ii o was strong ;
seiced the Japasseiolhdiers l a more *nolah to walk, but in a delirium
Iryting ltliation than the sight attack muttering to himself enalinually an'
at Motion a d nowiore have they olllog kin eese i vry hundred fees
gained a murse Oemlete victory be would att dow on a rock. to rst.W
against dliadVntages. Nose, o-f U while his escort waited patiuntly.
morrespondets .with the army hereto Attack a Slunder.
fore have been permitted to witnea The attack itself appearss to have
fighting at kelor ra4e Uthan their been another of Lhve blunders which
view of the crossing of the Yalu froi Uke the lwihberTent defense ot the
i safe and comfortable tnaineancn o Yalu. wasted liea without result. lad
the walls of Wiju. When corrtopos the Rusiians been informal or lb h
dents or military altacihe have at- puoltios, and strength if the Japa-
tempted to get to the actual scene oof 8e they muet have kno ..u that tbey
eveat, their ufailling and courteous never had a chance of su eoas, The
guardians always have rebuffed them oenuagemen't was merely an outpost
with the explanation that it i4 "very affair, but it waej typical of thu meth-
dauegerou.' that (hey ar.n guiets of miad abilitIes of the iwo armies,
the Japa noeme goveirniaent and the Sov-
emrment is responsible for their saeo- FIGHT AT SIMOUCHENQ.

Conduct of Soldlers. SJaps Gallant Rush In Face of a Met
On thi oiccasio,u. however, lthe cor-I PIre.
spoildent of the Associated Press Himinmhe.n, Manchuria. Auigst 8 -
was ailo to sNo the conduct of the There was heavy ght.lng here for
soldiers on the deld andi their treat. two days. The Japanese comuatenced
me= t of wounded and canttured enej the attack at dawn on July 30, with
Wile tn the fighting. Whatever rea. a long raigt rille tire on lthe hlusian
saon or military polley may render right. The Riuslans wasted Dno am-
aecrer'y desirahle, there certainly li munition In replying to the fire and
autbing In the actions of the soldiers the JSapane'e bruulht a mountitin b t.
that need make the .Japanse govern-1 try .to- thvir s ippurt. tbey. it., n
einl kep speltatoris to the' rear Thea T moitved fo reward in ordcr tou tncurIV'
treatnint of the IiUii*an victims ot better range. the Infantry raCtp'P
the lucompeteny' uf their officers was acrws ith* uasiilrn nule of fire to W.'
allt hat tha e wont enlligbl'ned nation alre 1i po t inar'r to the rtidt on '.i
could txpet. 'Wliean thr- corresFln.-I ltvali right. Mainy fell during th:.!
dent arrived at the trench whf're Ifrti advance. but the remainder gsitanrt
than a company of lapanl~r. nish.. ridge.
tnl rrrn their lwd, liad taved off The battery follows-I. gallnping for-
the ItIlslan onslaught at first with' ward recklessly a! well as the nature
beayoi, natl i words., ith Itusllian, of the ground ewrmnlitel. There wtis-
dead and wounded I, trill lay where. no fault to tinid with their shoitilng
they hLad fallen on the wet, graniy from the Onw StionfltMi.t tom whh1ii
slope flow fierce that hour's work they C.oncentrated their sbl- aAndl
there Ihail been there was, evidepeed 1rUle Are on the RussitlAs., ompelling
'by tihe lotils of blond in th ditch and-.the latter to fall lack 15) yards to bet-
red trails ameared all over the grass ter cover. A batter c tilngi to the
ad .tilt n on io the hillis4ir bleufore it. s up*port of the hun.lans turned th#*
Settle atof the battle and shifted the Japt.
Almost Severe dTheir Heads. anee iiusi. four of which were dim-
Ii this fighting tliattenant mounted. The Japanesme, thoe rhtireil
lone killed several Ruasians. anlios. ,frOm their pomitlop, and w .th the rm-
severing their beads with a singlet malnder ot.thbqr forces attacked eand
attoket of his swurd., When hie xhlib. prsed., other point of th Russftiian
it the weapon afterward its edI ltnes, creeping- up through ihb kaolin
looked like a saw blad*. It has sine. filclts to wilhin 400 yards (iof the Rlus-
been sharpened for further u e. Mian trenches. They lot heavily.
Although the fight had begun only: The Rusiana. however. did not suif-
three hours before ,lhe Japanese ad- fer except frmn the "xPresne
Tance was half a mile down the val. Towardis evr inlf rh'sp RU.IltIMns
lay purstinlg the Ruslttsia, the' Japa taPPe, te Japan~r tiltogKraph com-.
loer dead having hern removed to a nflanrali.n and foruind that the Jap-
tem-l behind the hbilll. and laotoe ...e Wn**r't pi,.,arin' f6or a flaihk
Soldier, from owr of the companies in mlov.-liutt l.!.it*t.rn lt ienerral X,--
rlosere wpre ,gY tlgiat the Srin with uallth n -'l-. hist flank tomnpaaiIt t
Itenchtin "\,llar h rlr.ikag the dead andt |* Itnhln-'f n t' -,' they lay a;n markrnag' fletinral MIt 'h ;kj hdtd f Iot lii>
the raves with a stake or pile of: on t"f Rltg Igft lan1 is eavalry
There was a '.,p>an. ,it Jap1in, 1avy alw" and r.. i.r rln. to it
*olaiii'rs who's tlhakI rcMi?5 werr hIack filrm'r prf iiTl rn Th.' lat:f I.Ra r,-
wit n.;Id ant!' sw at .. th 'red at the rlnfl'l l:olt l on th,. ari;n g of ,i:-"
ttiouh quietly i);.sr in-ig Ssign s r expr ,1cLifli'itt. Ri .is n.tU-, hlit 'he'y w r i'^t h4n t
.o division o .f Ia hrtlu 'o, i;tsfe 1 espe iap -
Japs Good Samarirltans. I exfrtastm oi tli tir m'ovarmeint
IThlliit'd mw innns*it w-ih i i ii 't a ai a .n.w *,1 > d rA. t.i.wi, "..I i.. i.-.

WAiluli|.B- a -lA AiA S S -eU 5a -W WIM S l .,--I-,

Terrible Pants sad t e

Let eT

Many Lives.
l.onilivll,. K).. August L.--ir,
whuh.b .ia dliscoverd li4 rthe asoat
ba.smauti uof the GUalt iboti at 3:S
u'clock ti ls morning, 1tperild Lshe
lively uf (i00 guils,. The prONat elt
mind of ilaide, Irown, the bilht loerk,
and the prompt arrival of it Brelow
prevouted easmalila rWns I patl1 .
Th llria7e, whieb stflrtd ia what
I. known sa the wood basement, dol
the mustbeast tornr of the buildll,
raplilly flikid the bulldnlg with dtees
smiioke. Mr Itrown rasn lI itheb tlr.
He sheon ttarqd the stiea bels all
river thoe heiav., (bthe "ill tied
warning a nuilltler of btll bae to gnI
up into the tllildiing lad ilSwke the
uVesits. li,* atruoel the buys to say
to each that the Oire haJ not reached
danfigrm s protiirlttas, and lo descend
o thl went througihh the illasl )eatial i guo
to awaken the geiats and another mai
was kept biuwy at the hoqe tllophoboe
ralling uip th.- different room to get
the rwople ot before the firs sprad,
Mat tanmuelonn. a riptemieiatlve 01
Captain 8. Ilrown, who Is a ertp'I
pie. had <.hl dermlile l tibie gettll
naiS. but? be etipiit p i O1tt ht)ury.
Th. ifrc, iuen arrired q4u ly at the
fire and htflped to glet iit the Imsta,
wh1:1 iaovell t)h hit sreet wf'thout pan-
In gi>ng to the fire as *npaan ran
1.;n a track wagtti and Ct4talt Hen.
ry Swain and 1liher liuthrie were it.
r aptin John Morton pan FPi
flr. pipemw n of N.i, ":. company. were
t .t*Ter.6L) h. by uni(okf. Ir rruir Rotl.rt 1.. Ta'ylor. of Tennessee.
%aA one 'of the g t A miuld appeared
on the trtiut eldlarleis a nd listlIess,


WOnman Offered Conductor 8lvelr
Quarter When Aeturnedt,
NIw VYork. Aiullstt .-dward F.
llro1pir, a o(,ndurtr (oA the HN*ato
and .Mamniat.'arr Rerah line, Coney
landnd. hal retatrned to ;t1 owner a
iomeh ointAinlng 11,3Sf6,
A well dressed wonmatn itt mpted to
'ry hit h(tnre.ty bly ollfri Llm t a il.
Tr qiuart er, ll iphy. who is gristle.
lt- f hitlions to ibivocm a physitiu sad
by working s a conductoir during the
sammner and at lodd ji b during the,
winter haa aucereeded In paying his to.
Itian and expenses at the Balilmore_
t'niverbky of Malne e ham one
more year to study before Setting t1F1..
degree. -
When Rrophy turned rh# purse ov r
to the wVoilran thp wmiian opened tth.
wpn i fllhd :hodt.t,':. 1t ,. pirkhfi
out a quarter. >fIT:rfd It tO ilopby At.
.Proph i\ r|fi: .l ta o t-l,4k ii. .he I,' .
raW i rii lr.n-ln_. !pe la-l ;hi rotno .- Ai
.rK at 8 s...l. 'f f? t he cir.


, United Stat, a Will to Asked to Ad t. .

S. i Re r
Sn Irv 3i .0 srk i t: Cfi r ,iin r
ait n ail' ,." n, A i t N T:-:.. \tna ka, f [
I TaBinmt, WiV,. h ., a 'oma *1 i j
pia hi tn Th," lrtni*r'fr:';i, of? his 'a";
t1 n 11, r'L Trt 'Or,. 1). t, to it r riP-fti
I I uare! nawa ini rh, II hi.'l l fii T latIt in f f

IIJ M W6. r' ,-r al-r t v '. MIC -TI -1 lisT 1- 111 Inj I, I
tored over the gtrsutind. Tbi-y liMt, -"-7--.---""' A 4 1a ..
t#eNlvod. the "tih !.t aI". anil w0t,1 enater Davis at HotMe. .fe "Th,,ieh t. yhno y -cvcl hundrh.!.l
W' atling their t'ii1i hhile the Iretcih RTklau, Va'. Alituit A. Form er!, of llv f t .:,! t .
r men followed i he Il iit I'ng k t lrh-i BS nator Hlenry 0, flaviu Iho uminee "1?I i:..1 il'n ;1 rhi!l ". l I ra r
m. groups of Jepani stinl abl( u for vie pr ident l rho'' ioN ra 'i I '"" : "1 I ,I W'* '"3 1"I
them, giving some rig rti** ig r and w natinalti- cket. rltiurl -d to 1il home' C.' ,rnflfl.a i. *. *.,jpl'r ,tf i ,fi t
S ter. 'T rt,'e days ,jf 0tr !) rtiln 1i111 from Parkersbuig, whj t re he att.ndrt ,i'' . ,'.. ti, i', ,v ",1t ,'
i lt( galll. aid dltehei ii th| hiilddd the state Nonvenlion. A large' m O I fr el' '.r ,f i..o hrant.. *,
Wirioh ftrmishied uome shetlr for r bar of person i t the train and *a. ar.,e trl .' '

nver Beailde CIub' Io OC lllnUM beg.
met hr hbusbted fa shrt diesta
frm the club hos ad began to ad-
umiah him tor somltg how ts Iam
a oIomdlt(aD. He bream strnS etA
red 4i he. Tb ltel nwaemd hte
head ad iha has b e i suOeilm
Otaee. It is- shobt lhe will ld .
After shu8otlg hbis wif, fl* Is fl
to kill himself. the bahll ti (VW
ollek. The wund team', tmU*t s
be fail. Th oed Say oulte Wtl W
s*honj wp e MIa Sto &a lous fl R


MAtenlm Skews patk 14ewhbnA
6Ctcoheri A w 1et $ -Ihp 1se. a
hoW lile TO, 1loisa ft b top i.i
je ltf. of Pol llean DMiW ." rl"

-n per1teb Ud Me reabci I**,
TlhegtWotlb fet alnd Arentif sth
'ollctias O'tBlem went to th|"

tie pollee nas ar unieonador ns ti.

It wa thew that Ktflv q, l,&
attached a reps to the polOeissgss bodly
O'Kriun w. sreme dl, bet Rnellb i
incocaclI(s and tbhugh PpltlI KIOg
and Heury Thon-poa., fIo nE. brv*e
ly went Into the hoae sad brought 11p
film body, be was. belyod reaumiflttom
The eoudlttoi of iUelalsiu. '.lTrsll
Is srltos ad o mmy dl. Orelai",a
the two firemen and there o.f theb '
borers aer In hospitals.


OL.XXIs, NQO. oi0



me OrGraphic Pen Pietures of
the Eutern War.


Japanee. Rush from Their Meds and
Assall the Rusalans In One of the

00. r,"



,: 'I ,T< m ^ l, ',1
i,, ^ -i lw I ~ ^t.l" .i
,, I lllii/
1-11 ekL.a^ A
a.-^yT^P[J lf


Rendered Him Unaseie by Klei El* *moW' *0..
trio 00&a
Asbury Park, N. t., Angst t--Abrhj I5oeI 4 s"'
ham Schloasbach. at thls, place. ., ala I- -iiW
reported to the polle.e that a ter Ii
la him bo s had made hit Of* ..
seloat by ab eleutrle shoek ald while
he was helpless robbed hil pa hisi
room of ever .L ,00.
The tranger reprnalted hii f
as the discovered of a new eiqutei Ag^ W
process to eOic riihewatiUal samd 4f a*I. i
ed Be.hosebacbthe tre Imet t tWti. 434 -
He attached his apparatus to Sethle' U.a *W-wX
bae*sa wrists and the i0vi' *k o alew nii. "t "
-t for fi ve Thl, The the bs a lUS.S.I..5*.
or secured. 1i.010 whl,* v0ilsbb l
had JuAt draws frt Olm e .as the

I after te .- -

*stae of -Now Y ok. ' ,,, ^pof t*h oIpp'^ff
Judge Par Wer penda Quiet .S 3w A- P0arklri-.

troputsa N. V, Auo net et-Judge en .yn',tt1. M
Parker speat a qlet bi t buay mori
'lg after the eveata of yesterdayy, s wn PCIS
whet hb.-elnesd t-poro of nearly-N .am^ -
yris service the JuOldary ln the q Out. ft.. .'
state of New York. A 0(15.0S
Att breakiat Judge Parker wn the f^t

has devoted all his ia ttimWo he O w 'lect ,StW ui

speech of alcceptAnB v.. l i
Later he A4mt for *a rile OB b'lrae-
back wtlh Mrs. Parker. .JA M446
It i sald at 'Roliiount that to via' 1 aewa asa.i
itoat were expected today. I r USi. th gli j

E pp w w 111 i r |iiii ip- - r o p pm Ywr
Launching at Cramposi Yards. tadt htll *ld *$
fltladetphta, Agust I.-The freight g,. T t Imi W a.
Steammr 'Mobh'as, built fur the I yde ilt toa.'
teshitp company, was launched ..
Cramps ship yard. Th4e 'veml itrai No wCIiffM e ,
chrlilefndl hby MW. Wlbur v. Rfowir .Motsery, Al, AgSSt S.i1
grqud4*augiher. of th* loale WUilattR Chnrokee 'lvebopmst M,
Cramp Thb -Mobican. will ply between Bouothr itnap .d, .Mf "4
oton., New Yowrk,. Charleato ad th bee b- gasr a ft
Jaclsvillte. She i .et I'Ii 4.if it..fti ll.

.~..~ ._;_LI.:-L .9 .r- :-*

h?^n--i ^^

. .. ... . .. .-- l t !' a

r ,^te .... r ** : '- !,., .
i ID ;, .,

f '





. .

' .UG U, IS..4

I ?' .
j1.1 ~. **, I,,' ,~** /
I, --

I "

k.:: .~


'A ......... -, stem
fbo, West M Mbm low" I L. ,91. -.

'...... .. At* 00. ml In ... o w.. B" a neav u .
,- ,- W 'I",- ....

*0,ON E-- ... ^ 3!. Fm JOR wAN I
"T, m. $sa w .

A i monllam ishil$ onthe food.' r l l

. atH Catet -*e *A po, whe 'id. i, vs AN a l !,io
.. ., ,.,., .*j.Mii i us as INSURAN
.. . .... .. c,
,S ,:,,,L~~'ulir l ry n Jclle ail, nld. N, Y

I- Im4 m teo *wol BPolmmlot. .
abid th Iree.

*gS ,, ..rk wiw !ho Iha O- b. f, to

^o3-,. .,A ft at, at qe l y o ll f how
:"', : .~ & leolell s re1i

!B then1 hi-, ,l o se J N I L t .Nt L
,, Iklatll IeisiL wll who eassetwl of th
Z.77 DIM -mIm3 ,1.ll" 1r 1'

ine le u. P eavl.* .ile teUse a N

!fde OM id@ es an1 at Btoivt tfcAfk.t rnd r .c !W-kaidte** l 0011" as. i WWO 5.0, bhways..
Doo:' ***l* **/ol r bag,1 of.

'ibis.,at'-. T ,,Old oet n gl nd an0d SJo ther Lie
I^^Kt&Zr ^Mt -* ^l MoMollie 1o f at 14 Disses wVII.L, IIOBTON and
w*aill towL be pagepp n ItoIC Y.E I OSftptl AS I* d P olass,
B' W 1is .. roU l f a i s i C O obo ova.
..... ... W 0 1 to H ld to "lo o le o ,t .... ln..... . l W oto
1 e ttit ath n A "l@t. e, Or otib.... . .. B o o th.. ..
toes -un JIM N96oertwby

,o iest for over a ladis o an 1k. Joa.e

V40 l N .. Adreh ited le N S ays' 4and Frida s.
111.O 0401tpoit* 11 appoln O si Isowm t

a m l i l l -................ ....... ---- ... .... lS m

IBMg use .of thralI tM ant dfpl, sis Hiv e n. 0 ....XU l...... San d nd f. ro. LY AO.
llnow d r o. ois l a '. 0dlnl A or i . .v0nf
g' iai... .. w. r
jiate ee, o efide.*G.R.8.'A r "TICKT OFFICE. 6 W BAY ,T.,,"ACKSONVILLA

t"B"+ ., it' ,a ,*lM l Il ..... ............ ... Ain .. ... . .: IDNO a

.... JqAli+ A" mn"f tt"- l.T h v-h itf i ellmp in ilW (IUWxl lttO Il ...
JS5a Oeamp In trh tn hmad Los
l itf Mrl^'M4d st~ib4 hltwt- 5W1m. for oo w wit b u i --
.I ,b.Wto blid.,, will bo tamr ovr" to, lboll .dw*.
... e. t.. l~Vai W I I0,thado couty, CWlrada.
SMMi:s elearttle po. |Nill! /'eliharled with hainil b e!!en... II I%1

of : Won l e StoU4k Jli y.Ct ladopendneeu. Co.. wVereOW
Sto W,00e Thvi ml wa t.ttAfrl'y tI the so bta bs -VIA--
6b.too 't"O h. Moot. .
,.1 .eP ..... ad to It AN. T*- P ,
,-., ....^y +...*,--,-.:- "AIlllOiAlllm one ui,
Cmlirw ^t O .. . ,. \.
I W$A p to' ~letersa r meetiof ,inera~ble paitn firom over-
i i l i 1hol U d I. t e d o t Ani. li aitn do, ba he$go...-a n....
i, i.^~-- ...-.:-...+..m il^ at- Montomery and L, i. or Dixi lyer Through
IT .10. or.Dixie Flyer..,,ot:-
Sho' i h put in eaO to Walllt Til Atlinti and Cha 0tta0noog.
i omb i-~+ la i" hilii a nt byt shorona.- !rl them, Galy 1 .''
!4 Tei known. or a jb by
l gii* .0 *' y M. u 3 y R' oand Trip at4 F rom F le f.e .
* I' i li, :" ii 1'' II i i ti n l .. ^ ';i .'.. ....^ *. *.,* ) ,:'.in ^., om, ',',; ; *. .*
After. Many vet-far.n a.
11 1. ..1 ,.i0 "* 0*** w*k'*t. 1 +e ti 4 .. 0$ 3 6 8 0
," 'i tVlt.lil 'Ati^, Atrii.i Hp .ltiordbn O 'e:,.,' *i t illi!. 'i* ou( c (P /j 1m t l nPf7
2'^ii irrf' ',,inlli ., + '+'" ell ol,; iii .,,ri ,.t>, nmar^ t > .h i 5I 111 H
whr, wlrr h muider muif; tt .a Ittle it'r !, thhe mitl girl wad .1O
I1 jiio h Pflt. county It i ,_iag I a r on teC pli. o. th 'he
a t.k tTJ 4 it rain Inamed a1 agS o 40 3 b^^ hiti Isa Wt-abc h pAr *fcelr. Jt ae*u treflse ----,^
TM-- o BOW det threela iR tng ,0 BM tha~rt as l.tft as mrk on the J.^--.* ,' *,1'
.C, own t ao ti i an as tu
914ho r6 6 b*, +55,i 6 2 r
AiiM~ww*^ -.-.""MAW. 4*114>.ki.,y r k

~'+- rs~r

. i. q '


4 V v : .I"


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r, I "
T18. ,10 THi WOMAN'& STORY
HMuIhnd Used Ugly KMlf, Inflistins
Five Wounds, One of Which Was
Very Pintul-6-lwart Has Not 4 en
ThWier wa a oolrud hilriirh festival
ia Worth U(aineiville, where Iloatuwa
OreWk paonufully and iileaalt w91ds4
Iit way through the beautiful wood.
laud, uIA to the zuigliht prairie. This
festival wy very orderly *nd enjoy.
able, It I stoid by lthsw who were there,
but eundd with a great. nlims in wh!ih
me. Sotewart, one of the guests,
Jumped on his youtlg wife with an uglyi
looking pocket kiife and begRn to
trT i her to suit hIs owns taste.. *.
fore he could be taken away and in*
duOwd to leave helr alone, he had man-
aged to out her In tire plaaes, thief most
serious being in the left breast, whmtre
the knife blade penetrated the flesh to
a dlstano of nearly an inch. Thil
did not occur at tile festival, however,
but at the home of Iiiah E ady. a
friend of the Stewart woman.
Aeoording to the story of tstewart's
wife, the man is shiftiesa, and would
nut properly provide fur her. About
six weeks ago, of hls own accord, he
deserted her and went to laradis,
where hN has elineeVemnained. While
she wos oil her way to tha flstiral 'at
an early hour liaturday night she met
Stewart on the bride epuaslinlg Hogl
town Creek. fHe stopped her, and
saki: "Where are you golngf" "I1
am going to the festival,/ shh re-
"No, yoa are not goihg tu any festi-
val, for I am going to 'ix' you rig' t
here," the woman declares he said, at
Sthe anie tinse grappling her and aen
deavoring to throw her over the rail
ing inuo the creek below. About this
Liem, the woman says. a trio appeared
upon the soe ne and he releand his
grasp. *ti thel. proi.Towdd with the
others to the, festival, but said noth-
ing of hier exollting experience..
"The etitling was sfier the festival,
at islah icady's .ihoule." dontilnued the
woman, apparently very much af-
fected. "I went home fromin the feisti
val with Eady and his wife, and after
we arrived there I was seated oue a bed
in one of ihe r xine. Mly husband .fol.
lowed hie there, anid said: 'Are you
going home with me tonight?' mt which
I replied that I was not. He then
oatihe after mi. with on open knisf,.and
1 cried lto those inii the hbuse, "Hie i
going to cut me.' Eady and .hi site(
both came to Iy as.sistaniie, but not
until after he had gasl!d sme live
time" '.
The Stewairt woian states that
' when auletance arrived her husband
d si.sed and retired uiinmuleited. iiHe
has not bKen see-n sin. "
Keinders the bile mnorn fluid ard thus
help the hulood to low; it affords
rominipt relief front biliouisness, indi-
gfStiJtii, sick and nervous tr adaiehls.

arid tihe uver-indulgeece in food or
drink. Iterhine ant. qunklv: a dune




" .*

........ g
.' ,'


* I

' U.


after mual will bring the patient lita
gout comudition i f rw day. ..
U. ]L.Caldwell. Aglt. Mb. K. and T. U.L
L, Cheootah, Ind. Ter.. writes, April
8, .19 : "1 was pick for i er two

A qT....... .M.. .... .. ..

$AMuU Siua stail tbai slhe eo0,linaed t I ot' tl a WI 1 )b ,
ill e ns on nap already .l l d It M 0W U w ith_ ll , ,, l." _:"_"""_; ';
ral h en. aumne d ,se deal of losieid W h M Viniass j I __ _ _ I i 'i
tItewe rain do not soon eei ihe datum '
a 11 will bsirauae. FPNEPROaRAM IS ARRAP0QID
P .ill h i -. . r .. .. ... ... .... .. . .. *, ..
O(4 plaitei r, whi hr saxn e weostnee S -B
arCN iii otton1 utate4 ttt his rop There Will be Nine .dges Rftsme bptty e pth
wilts sleddiig to I n alarigtiug eiulil, ad Prom Three Oounties, and II 'l., f Si..lK .-"

Son Thursday. and ihe oaworpillar. hIvf k n p
throughout his tield wer becumlii Their will be "iomeltinq doing" ll !plal ll 'I
bdi., aI I'vjimtsiti elroIhls 1 Usnletwie tonightt, l'55t fi
CGoaidertble cotton Is 'now peJJi when she niembters pf Mount Vernon ili
hoeT*v', iand thelI pltia is lelding its I li No. A), Kiusihtso i' Pythia., Will i
produe. more rapidly uvnrj day. q1siertirli their broters from, three W l g .M,. .... I.
Piotklg iill begin during the ooming eouinlie, rvpi. reeprotting nlne loda i, In
week, should tihe. weathr canditlons a district meeting. t(r0ad Uhhasellor
be faynorable, and shouldd tihe oropl ag. llallmark, lPot Oral t Oblaseellar W.
sure rapidly, it m" y bie tha the thre..t. Itl Nes ul of I'rltindbt, o ktriOl npu .
emaed daguoaes may tw to a great extaebth Uanid UhMOllor W. H. tOw of I0hg
avoiled.. tipring *and atiter ipromnison Prthins
"We have a lIrge soreago In coetto will be present.
In the Hague and Alchue s lione,' The following lodges will be Opr.
remarked one farmer "The prospeto *.nted: auwsanes No. 4 Iunmcin,
have been lItD, as the plans has bn Micanopy No. $, Sitart k No .4. WWaldo
growing piroliflely wih s10o particular No, .8. .Lake luUler No. 40, llilh
drawback, and it hiked at one tlne Nprlinm No. 61, Newberry No. S. Ar. 7
as though we would harvest the cher No. 12, Alolhuls N. KJ, Mostt
largest amp for years; bus the rain Verton No. *
and the heat and the caterpillars, The program will be of a literary si*
especially around-Hatue, have about Lure, eumprisang talks "'Vr he iood...
benisbed this hope, and the best thing orf t. Onrdr" Iy hiing shd local.
for lha farmer to do i. to wage war on members, concluding with an a4dren,
the oaturpillar, which I fear will be "OEur order by Urand OChamevlor
the rtestsidrwbokofall," Hallmaik. Ther will also be ad
Sdteeen...e by Kntiht J oe Merruof .. '
hRheumatism. Jmi.nv Ills and Past Gipr d Obsshai* lW I
When paine or irritation exist uon any lo W. H. Il.Neal of Origado, DrI .
part of the body, the appliatlin of the evening work in the Third shnk.,
Ballars iow L lent gives prompt in attiplitId form, will be exempl ed
roller I. W. Sulliva. Prop. Sullivat by the worklto leahm of Mouts Ver.
Hoos, El Usuo, ) writes, Jus non I[dK,. whieh lIs togarded eans oni f
*I Sa k "I lake pleasure n ,reousmend- the best In the State. .
In- Iallard's t iw Liniment to all The evnin"'s t eermonets will be
who Rallr l 4 with rheumaOtim. Iconcluded with a spread l ihe old
I the only remiedy I have found that armory, Kodel block. .''.' -
i anhediate relief." 0 TA.he folowi ng.omml.1,. hae use -
Sb so. appointed by members of Ms. Vir*. l...eby .. offt t,.l ,..-._'bS
ea. h of Mr ... .Glas. olt Lodge, which le as uso MeWe that ,.f
A. i Wlas* returned to his hose in asn7dIn so arnte y a
..r.-,, wi. u^-.^^ ^a b .a' | H I
thi6 city SundayI froa Oakland, Ill. Arrangemes se- 0, L .4. A. N
where he was alled on coun of the auslsmK. T-. ehaer 1. Meb
seMrous llln .e and subsequent death W ,. Ji. Ml Itrs. ,
of his father. while sad e.nt ocurred LythMeos e &aa.:is
on 9SaturJay, she 29tb ins., in the six. .enrtihmet.M.. B uiil, W. I AtI'tLilf
I-second )ear or his a~o Demed B. older, . ddi, i .
was on, ot tbhe -ulest un.I most highly' The oc"0ion I d.eslsi so be o .e ae. tIlh IylUl.'i I
rspet. d.. ..tigens of i.knd. tu ha 2on oi greets l tere iand a full atten.
survie'.d -y a wif' u'n I seven childremenIAM lV n Isq .t Wh.atth.el, ..q.. l e. ,,,

. --.-. .,i ," P t+.a mW. ." I

Itafhom mylln,,orida. Ee F fl

j g, E,:rard's C,., .M, ,lt., ,

erraule by J. K. -.te riC.. RED .STAR. SW a I ,

,MI.AA KKA, j. i ,.,. M e. ..p .d ... ,p "*-,-- .,,
&. X K US A g dan .. o ovay a nbttpr than .um.s E.,..j j Ii .I. I
MAX114 JCQ` I. hier. Made of flops and Mail
Rypreseutiang tind NOT RICE. Wilt i s is s !, pIa *!
w i...l *-* ..I, ru . .. atprie sfit itr
E.. A WEIL CO., '- r Barrel ........ $lOo 5
E.A. WLL&CSOS. pr ..IIo 1 95 "v

Ars* within etlargremitt of the llvefr .r All I.em. sK
ild spleen. The doctor, dl me noi IJ.
ood, and I ha.d gveo u, ll h w oh f Monqa,. July
cing ciedl, when my druggist art. Council o nestvJ
,isd me to uen iterbine. It has milad Bole Agent. for MONAIWH aned OVTE- required by law, for
ie sound land' we'lI." ( o. Sold by ZItN (iAllTV iShoes. Every viewing ansd e'qualil
". M. Johri.on. of taxes ftor t heye
J..I-air w rrant d. evnlents al#ainait tkh
ST. AUGUSTINE EXOURSION. . prso were rained
J., Manaasl. t. w r r M
icketAgent Qoodwin Sold 298 Tick- ... .. 11 .. 11. W Aldeti
elt Out of Gainesville. I Cr--lr &-' -ru
Th'i e euritin to St. Augusttine via i An. Clihl4n. .
he Atlantli Cat ne floen ta i-laee. omindy Tmnla n Braly s Cook
ile nd oth r i.iri a was what might tFari Ul5U illlUlinUl S i ."i
ugrlgsy trlled s howlingg .uiO" iJ W ,(*it
es." eelpeciAlly oi fInr t asiaitieuvillh; .. i __ ._ t W, luorksMolst.y
its conned, Ti1tke Agent, t<. olullS, irun, Vin, ripe, ru-. ,. uMets.
n havhigwiid 2$ i -icktt i. E C. MeMahan
The rvi.e on the FIlorda SonUth.rp UIngs, lbitg, P lhl,etc. rs' I. d 3-I. I ,it
atc"''. i t bertm,1d Lury le,
l&tween St .'Petersbural and- I'slatka I Padge1l &Thomnase
as performed by twI trainia;, ot il, fI Bought in Car lots. Sold in any H. P.a auplhe
vhich.ucre crowded ialInut to tsuoffa- 'i il .t r E un
io n q. n.'l."i s Eni .T h om ps o n
, i ThomasT
if the Baby is Cutting Teeth .T as,.". *
1i i.. Msute .ld ..1lt iud' u oat. *.ll- etO o 0"1 a. r C "s. brs. It. Wil1.on
rtid rem ,ied:. Mr. %i t'wt .th., a .* a '-' -. -.! 'The ('Conil will

STY Iat7aI
r1T T.
, ., , ,

'To i(fs

1, ',

,, J4 On tt

AT LAT AY I HA 7t F g .'.
.... ... .................: ... '.. .... t. ..... '............. M .ia ,i i 'im

At OAL r oAA I

hea A. C. I and-. A. L ERL V I.',PiIN

0u. lii 9 -. Y Y '- -- .. .."p"'" *", r ;".l.Orji rl Fl4l
,ry ;: None Better in the State nt $t.a iy. :*'?i
*.' -,, .. M eet all .T rai ,..: ..: .
S l j 41 lllli ii ilill i ..... ... ... .... i .... i ..... M l i a l . .. .. .. .......... .i, .,t . .
1 ,1,,


SCommodiou, Home- Like H
"t 0th .em .I .T.IsFOR I (FttW .:


S' .War'. .w

j$Stlt f- T @ l

*.. ,m of ords a
"w ,., a wb. lsto.. s to w e, est e

a m a ., o, the ,l. nnels deb.,
lo"a" e om6rmabod uMik thT
ONw -. -IL n .--tno i
BZB /S.. i1 do 41i ,0-.

Swe..yus Out miesa s. eAe in

Swith She V IMt.h
,,",a* i e ftI mr isar.A
.S -: m ia, al tw utn n a" .

aS lmtef fdi. at his sdm e tis
....ula sie h-niut dems.
p.,o ("4 wi N * .w

Vi s MVw7fa qus q, '.m
"9. & t" fmuire htm n IMnt ow*

fi* *;i i e mu t wid, i niae sad

me mos t e eu to hIefa tass

StopS O nesa, lbe usaeW t a
SE i ,^'r aI --ttulr the MnMbo .mult m

S- a o Ntar l mim-

t L"al'ps sb S ee _ese si i f
;i SIM PiI I I

.e .na.SW iwt m ay de im

pIOa hthe sqikeat ab4httdesheWd
,i-mS Ime ter m: to, @ ob-

* fta.m Weeil "e"d fonRe"
iMmp -ft WVandal sight. w. mao
t 6-n at LOU. Tbe thmu wbhti ma
Svte s Ime tthekm time hebe
af *a n *ebtefd*d J*.. Beao.
*e Mwet 50t MesseSd SndRy slght
SSr asft, as bs eotawed and in
Ego lpousty AIUL .IaSMoa
to* ttlL asW t meay rewer.

*..S. ?Nonefrritating
;*-4 canarrio^^^^ .* '. .**

-0 i taM. -n to qil*-
oods Pills"
ggBggy T .1

holing' t~ips,. wthiwt ls mea gWS, pusttr
stow i a 'lionsy, n WS h e.I*"*,
, .- earmark of S~e ,a-- .S T A "I ".b
itled. Prmoa too clowly tlted by the ti of oo4A. or
taint d with eoneuSptio or bi alison. may hmko If r
I&ps of petrfult int their ch.ldel Th mi44a Igtd ft. q
n it, but chi tie The chief sufferera. Scrolu '
bmhks down the $it4l fowres. ma, A l,lc..
S4d lbs blood Ies ts so sSaMA1
weak and pr that it d oesnt4A0O
mourlab the boly The wram 'tAs*AallS "
idy ,a '.11 .c..fulo- s# a'Ifiw z'I .
thus muwt Ie one that purflAM ,i w o
he disowd l1, builds up' I 'eve
th:pe iter*uni, t g.w -ih-,t*
the wakdtit~~iup'. JUCTOlUod b12
qtwgr mu ttn.gth to ralliMl.t wtz
lifte No ikwe oi Is hbe,
II so macih hfww s a blood prit s o. 8, S., a4 at toaic *leats upon
i. the oo ye pi4 au t cqtltti by any othcr semewly it
Saki t"ihe weak. taint il stI ych amindi strong. atd
Drives outi If the Citrulction all tuierrular 'lo1 is
Sand morbid Matt*Fthnt fotc tht glaidultar swe ag,
S S3 4aso, 9 bMtcemn, tumnors amid that horrible symptoms
tat mke orsla eodNeMded se4 danwproes
Wrte me flly shot jr tew MkMeo wdvke will cONt you sMthiog,
wWa 4wAI WS.fl



-A- H--IrIE- O
i id i imi I I
:-. ; -. ... a_.'te r,.. -. .... ."..




Rates $2.50 per day and up. Rooms
private bath from May let to No-
vember let $8 per day,


- -a .I~a.M -I -.--. p---


OCetrnMy I to, trlleld fs Nifwl h r hd.

fl- MK&AROIT, ,Pro-priEetor

Air Line Railway



savannah Columbia, Camden, Southhrn

Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


Only Line Operating

Daily Through Pullman Sleepers :m Jscksoville to Now Orln

v4iiii i -m M im

, .4 k.
--Io--*,s. Sbi *dab

Ot bSNflmsfeseh. wo
'^"Joe. 9sev aaslase I s
'A, *bf sat 1il 01
i nii Pb tia I'I his
thani '. *.ii s ".. ii.fcA- li. b .

...... e ..a......I'. i iFi e s kte u at who wiae
p mt seen at Vaon wtho
bn s-thk tho tuwn 156 ono
set ik W*Mi In SMs wham w
ptiM)( ls* pm. weiwk ago,

, i ie a, i

w I l

T MU *1 FAVOftI 701.
=IS ** IS pflfltb 03kV -
MSowo Ut..n oM C.
fl. Loup. io5.
N M Tw. u1^aa-..

ttd*&Itoiq -- *r MI' AdIA tb

cent Iv. palss rtkpwv
%'~ U P~lO. J4lh f te
4"m" u~g

rw6.-Imf oni rpO 9sq. o
,. I~
Moore" wf*tuh-l-Ip




For full Itformation aid leept fre rations i
rlue A 0. MACfDONELL,
Aust. Genoil Pf.pyw Alxm:.


601100 in _stsbosator

world's Fair Rits...

From JASU LLEt .

Iounsd Tri,. s(a
LU sale daily'. ,.o
W" till D c. 1t. .
oo0n0 Round Trip. On
sale dalIy. Iood
Our 4131%.



kound Trip.
-l- dniwy,
*ftleu daily.
AfteriA datys.


lh' wd.arl G ,t tea
dasl. Tuidp li otd&)s
unV Juuq.




Wi*rIthrtamwh Aalt. tard (bhabtAEnCa.4 or CIIr'Nw amcd A4*tevwie, *iam4*jrabe
k;' rousii m m W I T g hor
OWli t4he.f tqp i.rira wll thi.a1w- r s! tI- W l i ,t. Two 0A0 d(tp1T I tota
JsatebopbUl. Thrnuftt Sletifw nar.
Stwcven uthixe hat Rnratfeti al pri&tnol tnnptInmnbd Sumnaer r.*jwr tOiotE i
rnaffat. id. m a iim.mwa.u Ma aO ia *- n... ...m.. .. -. -.-4

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mi o C) ~t :


- ------- ---.-`-

I II rl~l --.- -



__ ____ __

--- II r---

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~I.;: L~k-

.U, I I P- . S U W 4
PI v f, "'""' .. .. ,- i 4.41.. ,r. i
41,1 W W. ,A#.r. ..
0 RiEl oIINS I 9 r IN
iP TIN W ST END ( r | > '1 7h 1 A

-a I) 1 *af &at g ou W t 4rI, lotI O. ,, I e P tw
and 'hpll t" 0" It "wni M4 ""- .on

yaIb Ab sh i Telen, rbu!t SA ssvta.; 7L4)K iA. I , ... ,h.,. tptp*bl.It., ih,..nt W .o .rt.e.s s t
""I 1401d'" u.d 0pOliN ihir t Iusand

WNITE MEN ARB IMPLICOATIO firllILui uiIi S d1 ",',' ,,rs t n,in .,@ ,iris .thire t'n ,,, n. I|lBi hlgp : 1
h..i0 i >( i,"10i1 11*M1, llti p it I lik I lA,,A.
'1,lorflofl1of$sh.e .r.*husm. dicapnsed ECibalems. 0111,0tw4 42KhaIiwert
r Tr-Mn s, aArrested And .o -il ti pt Inllmlt, tiiil lnd hine Uot l"''
4oIfs- a hr nti t i a re I aelC E-a.' .tth.... Ah
It the Siwy. of Onseo the Prisoners is LICQIsINI l ilir. lire K% III il r mat shalt 7 ,j T4EUC
T*uv Men Wife Arrested eand M?.siroS itAiero 1 a. ihuvu ~ and 4 A gg Lar.ra E
Ple4.ed Under eond for Appeio r-, Ilal lurs enreii alpbr ret. all IOWIA ua. ndi tltte k ,s s zhall tw "'e.
h; Gilc rorts? an1. Ji*%1Wrall thV 46uties and
*some 11ore Ioewberry.Jlhustlis. SIlerw. F" 0%.,.; Rumer lIampp Ar t c m' ihv ctr. o nens tnl ifshell loi k Ar 111V got"T rrp4-
1. .l -i. 4 r elicit p 'lr1111` er 1if n@t l "
deowborry, Auot-leds. -i'phots rrgil. Se*o l,"i r. A .1 Anklee V. 44 Vhr l l h o.'.n$4a J oagU
.. Aloh oe 3ad Inas., a hknew was 81o010 a IC3 s d t r s I .t : .
.Roiu 3d.' Jimvird oiliUl Moon, spid a be* i Kuppilus. uI-g ,,.' of r .i.eiMt n at: ... a..
t ". god a ro;'litsht juri.tditim Iof all crnltninal CakIs, ntl
gbli from) J. 1. rli bn o hJo.nesville, cait il,.l. ich ll al i..t. I s 1 4 *n4 Irf L
a anthe hodine did y bin g Or by Ton eru* #wroul o o, tnw t 3W at! LAw, In which the InwA. Ol > .4
will reuuve pwspg at$ ejfls, value if the pr~pjpry d*e not s:CretIu ont
0hir powerI to apprehend, t h gu ilty Wp &a.1126 _t___ laan wcry onn_ willh thi ciro
pn ma t could M. ob a Al h. u isect 4" *ruin j i. rt. liiil have etcln ive jlPsikmleii m .
0rw.!l. nr riu .ldItign i'M *iot^ .irurOe.iogt s. -.. .e' relatin to Ifori biwe etrv .ini uin.
)s$ot ettsg. h -when Deputy $heriff t a hon it A 111 iienr ( Idu
Ll*rlwton mwge irm oihQ.Wty ilittd trr|l "it ereed mie hun itto iu haer. erynn n m s b M F
Aleh 'ru m th'e i horse and had I r"": t j 'rr c tilI . ri ni n m.I at t n rtA A dh ..,. .,i e e @
hdlrcital #inf) Elf uItlawfil Itr-tentilgl ."V*andt ".crclmn -. liler sball I e,6 ,i n i ten he
bont lem 0ste-d about Ris miles north of all i nirniasilll, ai d niall tillEErJ ea. 0hry. e. '
m ttlavlre tnidiiiotItll in D. 1a i. i tl Si i l iT cv caivh% &'..o ihr (4,lJ6st tllion C-Ilortl1 iJtie
tbatp tie .. He prtoreeded to Alac N ii.* li ul "hu *a 1 I $ It in i cu in th to 10C Cof n 4ntr Ch hhrb Cjogn"i io"'....n
i. couile os Ilh 3 'msket i the nice.* of the %oltm id Plihido Is herehy amn111 ed ab
oWedilately and fond ltht a nvgro I he trial ov f o u annual, may ber de m4v I l lat e,,1 read f* ol,1lows:h i mM t
ih, t q,! 1 ft6!. (l1ilts #110 4 1 nuv i, " $ et o, 7 ehere shall %ball fit ,.r eachM G1111vt
k d sold sihe horse seid buggy to a M r. a.11ll he m ie jdle iA t1e 1 it idiV i*ii EnN o i 7i. LNll 0 r. 4 g'c ti M ll 1h-II!O Ito* i"Ne ot usa ed
,, o.. .,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,..,,... ..,., ., "'-"' """""" I i t
Matthew., receiving Merefor sisty. -hall ;I an onniwratIt the .oumpsy anik ro wx sh allt he b y f by
five dollar I11er- uall. se te11 l hr the 4 ualiirt, l e the ie .v S Of 4161 o t- aI I he tinie i he thl an! h. hall h IIII lie _fr 11e6r y0eas. Itl .
"h Te ah,+ v l h r rnutit hla s l hol. I ar l;lho V lrll E A. 'Of Anklle 16 O1 I0 h t-mewhkutilon ...
he rlleived a n inge fromn ewb rr ila s u ti n duela Ad srnira shall it ji t l.i, ,,'t it iAimee .f Florida' i )its rreh amVnrti 4
that another horse had been stolen on ,y law. Su.ih curi ms my m ahollhetL a m t,i t. ,-end as m f iolluws: iL
IFhridayu al tthl he iJqlsllaBiie *ctln o 0 n 9 All o teh.l tiabW Ul ti le i-Wtn r "
Friday night from Mr..lmith of Areh- P'rvCided that it county j it0~ge h4.ldin il r ot2 s14 l4161 lot tidn kA Iifurnv,.mb

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promptly arroste4 and brought 4o I0h1l icreaker 1w eqaishhrd W an), noany il n the court o, l ciite. Ups. Ofe losad Noof
Irlwberry and Wlgi904 In Jl. The ie tIhi State, # the country judge 'I seoll cenitiS ohall hunh. Imdnesmt., o1 Stfits Cod shall comeih
,lot1 his 4ine anid pn o ir l In the halles Io tijige Xt a1 l II the "Cv rd ial A 11 o i ... a
Oro g.ave hI. "tuoke as J6e6 Brown, mlits of the county a"'r 1 `1t hi ") *01 Wfev or4. ant the county o W i"I co1 eel Su u
Joe il I lism*..s m ftn Sa thei t he stole shall Cr, pir h shall tim e .riately. t ilweI mr dlti .I e.abe bm e
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ah. temll m knowli white mn i of J90 .at.. ., m.i r t kf, r 4iA,. Ar tieV Casi d Iato
.4 the Atale of V.oryd 4, ishrioy asend "I
wills as d o ries. wle h w o have been 'itat site lll ?wis amn mdmemnt to he 1 c10 n. a, 1,i. ead 0s0 oiuw .:

their Wappearamse Tuesday. There may nast It the licteor ik the ofate Iato the re c . a:u
be something uemsssionst developed. TI-neIl is f tle 0 o sh onao M assf dl hre .is .
,oo(f th Ia eT of nTorid. i hvey al iil ArtI il %a mf follow: C

Secl il ition i. thlip, : w cio the matr Ie .h nit iatN te ec d by the e ll c 6l Btou oI he a-y bj
Na peotr .i.m alnurd eo bother be- pledged or hm dl the ylt tr. oflddnd cnt w.imlk the .ins I esati t mi n. ed a toll' jho
Thedilt Bes lnt Cundelini &a, lw i.hril rti I .hll e tn suh. Vce4 lnlw- Th nwi me the oDsIl of le.. r4 -

ed.. 1 ts to i busy maktine a living Ii r cfion Ia a mocIatit o rl cor pat -i shallf bp let ctri cous' ,s *
for hlm sod fal and .h ar he. I i sItlr shllt not au beh.e any mimih dutica ad fees shaX be laId by law.
af ihimued uishi a bf d c o he ior s ol, o i boroush. o lar fsceprseddl e*t* tlenfs r of A rteV. of the Comsd u'
.N,)lloer hman can afbumd to bolh r e !. ok ;ntd it, any Inldmv-pay. *** s a.. a I.s hereby ami".ded

a16c11atnu or e* orporatli or to obtain or er fn as to r4iln ki d fo1ow: .
Svlops iU rrkt al lhe dirts n sa1 lt l h atlo iel eury foi r ulr onto En Iot. tocllt tr Io lw All lw. rTin-l of prak.t everuly
la o.d, he simply takes a few do"n.o..r. of 4i rorpn*tin. a.aoeiatin. Ins*tiownllEi *lyt the r e t court, shall b.l a -rs m ..
hDI. Ioeiplhee's bherman sru And It dihIi Id"l ackqpTe lha. lle leathorilae a coyt i l record, a and all bais trletie to bripalt

sor limelg leore ilmtoll, aynd hen hOe fi#r oYm ityanm taownshine otac period l nr a. 4of weia sttsy b oles, a *
S.lo pmosratnm him or sny member of year. a to he mncial acuthru1e in may se or poir soo ao t s sen- fr adn a t.e
iuohis ea I)alerm ra Syrepd Iest two n auyL> s nmfcuriag eterp i, them t, mait to e cAir cuit court of au crwbwst otera lh t m
tbe rsied onm to le; a ir, url f 'log wit-in the Said mnk ip liy. a, 1 suet s >ane an tta e ind nSdtrthe 9l koid inI. .i.A,
momtl or. Big btle, 75c. fAt W. h. for a lnger peofod than 'eO ac ino tehy tte fcuil evh of I~msh
ennmty. TIwhe Governor nmy. In hle discrre1 p
-....... .... AlI'It'.i E XXV. 1 t rtle circuit jud-o ge hal iff )w$ i 4c"lheol- .i
she ircaig court of any .vOwP., Ia baM. I
NOTI OF ZTON. That the 44llV inl lntlement it, the ( e.- an!lty, for. .l i purps of trying e .
>tion of .the i 4)f Fl rida le ani Ad the which trhe jmudge ogh of teh t t 11 I lir.
"am hereliy agrretl in, and Lsall Ile t lbi- Il dlquak ed. Pahr ll to any r eta At A.t l '1:.
WlIIJ..A,4, e .I..... .a.u ol .i.i Lr inimi ln .I P ute neveo5, the Slate at the l pIn kA rour .4 reconi. shall have She same right
glint ndpa s s"'tt t KerntIlute1116 in" Str, ret i Artileh XVI 'hall be aunsieldn- it refnrene t,, caser let circuit eesurtt, st ,',
i-t lVhwItari ud ithe tf r ti.e aurrtd to by R tb n n th o Ilnhi rdge nich e co irt of re4ir he di',s a Ne auip
iode of IhrmE-oushw E all 'e m11, snnnhscqs t l tii .Ierdn hit. he ,, lglanureshall il I le kel irint er chi. cause tuc h e circu it irn it ad exelleops
to each ilour:; chat tie ",.te o. O ..d th i wedy pu hlI caci.n and dtr iuioslup oi all b enunsy in ikit such court of reco .- 'tey
,,iant .HltEdutitiak were entire li. nT theF hno minr, i atll kwc and judictal11tCis14)R Sutlel -n of .4 Anircr 1. f she &inC ituu- I she UrnS
teapsolive )owavccIs, itih em as asnd -ae. thlntch .hall Ifr .lre for pulliculinn hv ,persuo, lioo of tsh State of riorkia Is hereby amended Ul/aa .."
urn. culnh dii d tid dzw unilnctnd d th th" 11 k," cut ju. gn ilnus s he. in pmr ot thall so, wo rend sf slosuwa: (bsl.JIqV !t Aei tI
t cttcioul she Stateie. at Sit. I+gn, ral ii i 'n h case what? bIe filed with the tiank .f, I*hed by ti- L.e sltqst. only upen a petition .1 UI.:I,. ..tiJ4.
Now. *hercrfns 1. II Cly t'Ijriwlrd. Secr,- ""e.. of a majorIty ci, ,he rm1ei"ie d Ymtlrr she TU TIt O '
tary o, Staic id the S ,ae vo ,lid+ Jo. ,,nm.,> ....- c ntfyr,,., .stic ,tat I" # stihlht
gla-e aon e that a .aRTltEI XKV'I ,
CFNE" iA RL .El, C1 IlteN l caium 1, cf Article ', <. the slu rrIt ulution A ltf 'l. X I 'a .
wi' be bluid in each f'miuntyl in hr, n. nas oe ed t.:
Tul5 fl netal iwreru0ing !t"- frr* if.,ndc) urn a 4) iii ac ie lw': That she f#ll, wIngr nmpeidsrnt, to pleI .n
ueuhm erA I). 1W4, the said Tuneai) br1' g trlme 1. ,the Jtis.k* *.4t, tsh e ** 1. Article III, u-nd $ti.-w SH A le

Io. the ratilficutir ,errje 'i'n.. .i Iih' -l 1"erslasu 5, of ,%ile V 'm's the f'rmmtlttion of be .uhuulcsed ti cht rlrse' of the State at t 5Ib
10,,(ll~l+ !,'.+,iii ,l~nl, !l s, I i % i~ .'.rii h+l|W t:,*~l ~ lli~l I -'l,! i l t'l n ll~iiltl.\ ;: .. .

C'atllu i, of it, S.tate. f Flwit4. old . fr sl S. ( o:itt, :,
A"So it.n 5',. The Slurrnme -nitw hal ftit la e it. Ankle III. of ithe Cnstitle FO ALL
A^Tp I.EI+. XXI ;, .... pt*litr jr"l.dicrion Iin al ahse. at law anl in llf the tale i Firk|i sat i hereby .amitel d to
I'unity < i#t rirulit titui rlS. anti of ap- si Ito fIeed S fotiwi :
-Tbt the 64tlm-ingr amenndfOent i stir C.m. pt nl frpn th. ircuit cmlatl in tae arimina I Srthen Svt stvt"r Cf1 abill tml n lh O 1'
selsutirn of tt: Rzata- 'f F;.vi s l*r. .ml Sth l.i-nr astthy tInuige in mOittir* Te'nititn to % pensal or unril law sn any rniM t, h-rtid tiered to, a2i .hall 41, ",i. t.tir r II.JOAtt' itli>1i-,lk ".n, anm4 i11 C InnIAKr- .jn4ruirra-ed c- lcaes t i (a is 0_ 4, fr g" atl in" i l n
ui the 14- lqc-tvr.. %f the t St;t4, at tit u-ee ,N.' if I ct ,ias i w !IN itit ill i. ste|s oi te i dhe jurisdtctlos ad Ii'e. of any 04latsbf nE* Nvu i ewu.m
eval et r'tion iti SnoentTr. 1914 for T.tilir'.ii..-n conttlrlur k,.i in tl', I n*1 Oc r'-,id fiee, fi r silr the pmntiitnlnrnt ut ripo ,s o.r s.i I. .
aC ie-rtt elt.. and in A 'crioip tw .%rlfe tk.d.t t, nf !V (.*ns)th- cttn -iit or., The tmnuit !-0fM h ite thr Tnwrei l lrat laws rcqtllhteb, lee prmlecst im cot.. J piu-" I.S
ti(1 of thi. $.l e o0 'h-c, its i k i. n*" mlt. ; . 0t Ia t'; .f a ttulnisnm, certi,,rarL. 1)r . i tier -cdin we . '--- "
; 00 If' .1`04114 C.^ 04 kaktn- 10 im. flu-, tfra"044, 1111111r.64 c.^.u.t.. tl iif ..So .... j T, i i..1 ,J i .. i .iiiL' ,^.^ '^
qo t. em reid si, k *l1tw : C'h ,itinm. ltrg,.!., > al-,ts (wi .'U-. 4114TP ivi itini criminal ~o-.iet gr."ntlgl tiroq s * W TW O "
't 4 11 l Ir .4e 12 i,,,+;Itt ,, e'., all Tiiiit. .utei. ary es ,er r mh c ,iuau.lms l h;i 'matnme.L of la-rr m. t ilae.utimr1 lui .IflhG b e..e_ w,.w.q. .. .
' te el k'14i y the qiulihf~r r;rrt.f A r ,1, c ,i ,lte rkirrir. ,I itl* j lwsi tinmt, s. a ch it simm and na r e pas.elie. gra-!nd @11 po.l
c~c4 at' f I. w Ell owIliig leuty ;^il : ( tin' irr .t- h ll 4 .4s vr pl oimer i Is',. %rits a- s',i inlp r'lii* U tAi `51 Do "0lt'.Ii
A erjk d. the Circuit i cova i, n f)nrit. .ion- h a. CrpIm naity a t, tir a cm rr asnul c lhlslll etlfici. c uTny 0<^ ol-i i .1'' .i 1t s' I:. I' I Is ti ),r a, 4 If v 1 rll -,n held In as, ,,thu.. lJ m ,lu. ,lki il ;,,iu e611i ct< "r, -a riNty Trr'- r,, :ir. i Et, m ittil actual "rtua i 'nly. amid tMay mnaile lch t( i eirB in i *. n Lr P it d l ., -h...t .h T;
ol pill.ih im rurr-hr n Nl a.i ..on tr ., .i -.It rnM I I.,, .. tirl thr A Oit. e jv 4 fonr ~ ny ad m uipa rf.. an t ke dc Me" "
The termn (f ,ft ir .1 a-ll c mmiity. I ttre t ,. I t) iliire tht, mn,, .*r ltt itr Jn cirW 1I-it p11tnyg the plant 4l1 i .auw; Iur she aslh of .realt
trtt, a r t .trr 1 u m ( h@ f i. :. .E. a it tn t M-; 1 4 f01% 1,tg 1r1, a m11 tf .14 t.1. ulall. fnit .A r ', _oi "m. ..e ai.- nu.der le l. . of Ut .ir ,yt-i rp,tlet, r, !t l e i i c .-. h .,.I re lutatinv th. fe ld rof iff riei l i lM he
ireatst:irf. shtal he fs, firt" )>C intil %' sk-T i.I 01 rJ tti I r 1, .i tillr I .l- i'1t1i0m > ttc Tr *nu ty 4W munililtw Iities:l giving effect
.te1114 n. m.un 0 ver e,. I S**i ".r *' Oi 1 Fi.i It., ~ Ann..rol our iInformal Nr viu sratmi deiAS l. w.H1 rpim 2:1 Ar
l .,,i 1they >at.n shitl Irt-i r;.J 1Ts t, r. i n ., t,, ,-.,l t ,- I 1.c ,.: .irf chlil.lrn: tmro lihr it", sh d t n ifI ,lt. .. .. .. "a .-.',;d kS '.. -,-..' .,
r,.-* ar 1 e- r h, r A- n l n.h c-,-rth -Nl l rii. < n. 1o 11. The (i'r A 4,4"- u h t A 4n, -a^ cithlrw : rlirv-tni miw- fi.M l!li i t- tell o. ... . .. ' ."
.. -.. fc.. r. ncr-- W, th-.' ii, -t t. i ll .1T ,:A. ,-ct, ,.. ahuie ,,riqiral f i i. t.'tun ia ij a ,Fp Ole ,; and firteb r h istmbli. tre .t nf rri.ell W Mj
lotr trrmA -i f t r > car h,.it .l i 1S. in n4ujrnt- AlIV. in 1i st ) a t l w n.ay AetsAn ?, trticir 111. tat he Uo atitlthm tin.s th p t s sb S-
are? cirnimprari.atIivn *lo t > : < r0tt:i t.- T. *.,. It y miri' r rto-'ij art in > a t- t* use of -lor.n- I 1.rehy i imtw 4 so .6tl Alby A-Im-& i'
rA inlhi n th e l .f .1 I i i a fil .: .. ........... .... -
A ARTI I.L AXXI )t'e-rm _. -r totl, I atl ail i sh< I ,, fl. r.r l.grul.rfure shall rsaldhb ipm *" i
i. ,l r; Iktl r-A ng ,ning or.i-nirso .-. r i Te t ,,,l 4 all ac it'i I a *Ort .t itr nt l e, il* h i nt.oe. e'
ails 'in nof i-c State .5t l.-r-d-s 4., navd ,- ?I'l 1041 1 ea qn ii 41 dirio tale c uumn u u'", in to Alw" of nit t IFew1r I ir' .t I irls. i .-111 li'' ; m issa ? l ic i CA a-l.isn .4 '-it s aM *lilnh fmr c h i l i% il t .. I
lti* i ,1 IIk ,e +I f T "? ll . I. i' l o+ ,r i-i h ih nlt e r inl n lc tslirllr ,llA irt, r ietM ,f l 41 th &n & P th 'e k g il Jr -- " A " ' " *' "' i" :
stiit i it i r c i""t',i O"w i i"lllE tiit' T e `-Ai '7 I Q4.11 hFE 4n11 t" 1t &Ohl *d4( ni rirh I- is C.1 F I lOwI l I vi ailil
1T4* q 4 I f, .wr' illl, ,n!r fl l,.r nintr sE of- t n, g .eerea hfix'cn -' I t h 't"t* I. ie '"-. 0
f m- ,t i lmt .tZ illr if h8114e irtu l r eira^ l e a.r ta In t m- t..t-n 1 eamcih hWrraflT .r11111 Yi"1 ai- Hgllh ourch
._ tth-r ? l .- xv Uh, a of rl 'A r t .umts r l e *,t- .rl 1tc s l .id l a ws Ire ue tom, the-' r[n h 'en'.
i rir c a i ,l. ,- , ik. i : t .I:. tr-, o p ni,,u ., i4, ih u ,, m, ti, -..! .i o.. a. cla, s. t sm t be m ld,,I-. -api a tw e Sea S t 1l
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.41 M 11% Al 01f it ," i ir^ -. ,f .,,, ,jt III Ai H q .. 11 i- i" c 4riminfr, fwfnre b r m pljllt Psforl-iiii. (r le %-
Ii the L..i-t. r',,rd, anil gilc-Kii) m. t ap d ,itfl+i?' Jiuisdla' TIn e riles cat j 'u',.mm 'Inrh'l .wal ngh+tne Lim.e' also viaAinthc """
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1o7977 7. 7--- FRED D. P .lILLERl'

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a -All Hall:4r a A l through
i .fi wii'.4s14 WEitEIAI, AUGUST 1,1904 Yr380.00 Wsla t N::
.7-11F" -a -VIA-'-" Washingto N
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I UT EiN R nah82.00andsta- EPUBLICAN
.-A0 11M ry L w r ruNorfolk and ,

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e tes of bie-Augou 12-, 13 and 14 #I Ticket 1904.
Ol"s 1 1. .. en,(300K R turn Limnil-August 20. 1*1t .
,e.11, is:tw ICu.1e ", R. ofito F rno L-niit ,.o
ABa r ..p,- t mb W1 1 901 '0. ,F. Ilulum-Pranklihnfuny
103 atopB-Ovurs-1W days at New York on . l QbI o. M tn ,uri y
SIF 1 00 return. .K binM iy.
ARM"*111 12 20 Thronh otchnJadkeonv.iseeo .3O- Geo. SI. Hohmes-4rean$ cuuntj.
'I &.wiuma Ga4I 8 0 1 tonf without o'hang. Through Pull. (. A. OW&ndell-Aaded

*,K ,l LL it, ,.11.00 P-oponrtiuna rates t. mm oth.r points For o (uvrfor-IH n. M. r MaiirM*
4* ?#U#ToiAy, c 14 M) Complete ipfootius on ap ha"tion Lane. i1 ItI4ro..
' J. anonr w. o s toE.d Cobb, Neitiauvia
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D. fU R',p' Treasurer-Elh JIrrd. .

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Q I ..". "U,. P .oM pn, ." .. ... U. 1 ) tin or ,r--W.,t Mt.'a-ia.
SW to. alone, 4. C 4 W hite one male ples.. .. 10 l 1ustic *$upremne t'ort-t Frt.
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i& tmmbas aa-"a"1 ..n. ". 'i uht-dS t It.1 ONLY, wit" w fin.rll-.,-A r1kI.

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4k% MW I


-M .- 111 -- '" ,,' v .. ,'Lo

Id:' I' I

tj'T*-- ' DAi1 8I I
i., r 1, 4, a J 'l l
to1 Uvi <^ rlnc *-- smyr .s s un w a.. marr r u

rin a ll n t h ii bout ...

^ i, , el, 'St, .en,. .. K l... ... . fi ..... $ g g a, ,I.
hi. -" nM- .r .-...- n ,^ a ... ... e - A ther in t-... -or . -
Sd wlk iLAU HIE AT ANG pufaotmssof D Imp
ry s so.t Du o. toHF U i, i a d COttT O No, mi 8ippltm

,As 's$ .. I O

T.". Van y f;,, lr, I. n O o S, Bhg n ghf, or 't'S

0 b. r ot"40-lelhlfpen ttwi ltib hAl P rio J Doig r' v ,
*nd walke.i In the frnat tiro the it Malutacturersl b the JMSS CIg Impi
'I :, *vy .U..ahrap.,ell aheU1 Lt'nru. u* Ifland Cotton Otn, ald Suppl" e
"i:410d within t(WO DlMilf after holng (' A,'E i I .'o FL
SwbIond. Tound rallcay k rage Pmt E V' LE, M OB

! wbrh v hi. h bo n er WS A"tr of Tblod ynd Ifll 'faforabotloBi f ise wail
Ca pf rt vim dera, A Ouwi mh naer hr l

sond wiloud (nw a p'r, R oherod by Ii thorom.hly ri th
Mb" ,JWEL AMONG o hn uh, who ""AB TRACT, LTY C
S"ch in Found th r of lead, E, AIDNT, LAY A ITY I
tat eomvthie hardetat. Aa upon lna o Asting a numb ll of prominsD Amni ani Bl
...:, iti.tlt county. Our msnapr bhs lived I this .0 east In
"s va @ wn white powder from tcre. th EA ly 8onTAT AND with *P A1s
'bit acqalto by J3oh) ituech, whon
purebhaid 10 cNIt4 Woorth of the ra. B E V %2 YI
trial from a louol truilggst. Ifr,
Reuech. In handlfli the *,xiir of lead, VtFK, ACCIDENT, BURGLARY AND IWND ITY 1i1
eIlt something hard, amd Upa clean. citing a number of pomianos Am.ries and 37Illl
Ilng lb. white powder from It, 4eee.) REAL ES1TATK AND OlY BAAI.
*. a illttr that Induced him to believe .- *S . '
the -emp i0ght be valuable. .. -. .L I '
S Ii clarlie L i g'to an Atlanta Jeweler Eisabtlhed
Wld bad It (ested, the jeweler. 4@1 ,
W rth lo Algacua C eun ,Ji
The atone has h ten simlte into ring N A laeboa
5 presented by the finder to his

It 't, thought the diamond sllpp*d1 I FL
f' from the hind of Mome druggist -,-..l .. '.. .
ie sugar of lead was being placed In our butnels is .trietly coalmd to h. v.rfnow dftlilw
*th ek R,- for ship.nt., ership of lud, nand we oe ot printe or peoM .". tO
p a for iplt, aIth tihat waines. We make a ft i*leitof It rme aftEl

S e Ukied. e IPreaerh.
A Voitch nlislater tOIll i'f nn old
fl atl6nsit lbntnher of the church whot
1In ll0st10 U 11 gricltWl0; 1*.e>' lWO 11Mcr
S lopo wvsri Hundity. Tix feature In
bio rhanrcter he exlhblitlhl In th* wiler
U'mintli to a very tryiig, extitit. Iliru
is."." Ith+ rrt of t1in4 yea+r tlfiro wero two
,' rivlo*, it 11 4111l t i (I'kelk., +mlmratcd
n;by at luittrvait otf in hour or more, but
t when the day"- were uliurt, at Sanity of
hi" t6a ingrcearti llltoni front c(l(ilItn!,1a-
i b ei d ituunei. it was e dtalrale tials
th y h otioki. lvhe. 4i01 to rttIelh their
bounce before It want durk. lit it Wat n
S B only tldesirnlt. but imlperntiv.e, that,
Ihq slmnu tt ntve two i&ermuliu. 'Tirs
I" w iM *tmnilUlNiAlld by alvUing only 4se'
iMletlr. tUelining aet 0 ou'vk k. an
41an Swfiy with the lantwral Thrre
Woo th1n1 two pertloouns separatel b1J
the singnltg or a rit-lt pal.M. -

Stop that Coughl
S When a oough, a tickling or an irr -
a tattoo In the throat maket you fIeel
S naomfortable, take talllard'
S hound Syrup. Don't wait until ihe
Sdiseft has gone beyond control. Mr.
aind Mrs. J Anderorpo, M4 Wtt$ ith
St. st lake sity1, Utah, wtritet
W* think. Hailard'i Horehound Syr.
up lho beat medicine for coughs and
eolds. We have ised It for seteral
e4.: it Olways gi ves immediate rt.
bf brj ple mint ind ivee perf ct
';, amtifatlon." "',2 W,,$t1,l old by
W. M. Johnson.
The War JokSl Werked.
One who knelw .Ikal. lite Ilungitrlart
writer, says. tiWai Ili ,"(i.:n t svn rir
trouhwtble< to work oui tis pl.t in drtaill
,befo -hn id. ".1f i tttIt.l I' b ingml-
Mason fr'ir gulail(er osi. tn whatl hlis
"ermtlmttr wer4 its do nt n g1ve'tzn 1
meint, u4S) *.ftet l w thittI lst h 'd uinplt't-
e d a e ttitter ilf '*iH Ilhl +Pm ljih nifm
'Hunxary Vi'vn willtinl to, rend he would
fthiark to hits frlK'1ndi n' tlih printer i'
devii rqlxlodl 'ttwt witlu I"e colty, 'I
allhoit Ilk; tol.know what thio.e p 144)14
Will did UPto <1 :Int y 1llitorNWw. .o10-
h, t I tniI rteld hti. e,4 r: te "ft R. tlloit;itilt Il (,iJ If lie lik'dl thn1 ,i
or enricreatu-il ng t$hiii rft lu ,iit 1h,':
,, excite at ill.iiUiltt or tdcrlih+ii.. inln
;. then let te'.tllit rk utlt tlhiir *Mt tt
tilde. Iicrtss tlu*t pt*uts tde^ -imit
e rlpt." '
Taken With Cramps.
S WinM. K u. a m,', 't.m of tlhe
1 lBridiM *. wi rL'tn t r I. ~ i oi t.

"I',WI 141 ".,-.N -"P "1.--. .
wa laket s uidd.i y i rIdtr4y 11g
With crampsmill ani a, 'id! 'd f .'I roA,
Hsl cewm, wa, so ever' ihat tI' had to
hAre tie h i'tutt'r o of i1iP rtrw t' w'in'.
MUfi: Ivlna and Mr. (iiffi eirl i 4.6 aid
$i s Ooaliled, tie .tiUI I ,' h i'ar

onem ly trhe te s h'gK i Wid help
ahim oni t, acerdnIy' I*'
Wert dmIisgIet.I( walWith ,.e',rl*lf thiat
theo itltw wtwa abhl t14 t.4 *ri,''_l+, i*, t
,i, TIi.' IIh IIn h'tH 4p1'lt*t ,,1I'," biubly
" owa> A it: t P 0!" --i ,hij



ur.nb. Walrus

roved Etglish
for PRome,

,,17 a s

sh -eiseles.


makle Oxhauset ive wslastlon of. titl. We npres Inl
all mater prtalain so OI woMnas' M 'i .nt of Meri as" W,
delmpio a ofu dat aSM. tax als. Whe oo v9 Wapl atd S lSeM to
vie In opr line otll on or write M. NotWr publbe i- :
I II'_'_IL 3. COLSOMan Iher.

Florida East Coast Ry.

LOCAL TIME CUD. M- 56I.Ef.e.t bume 41WO4 .
.MNMwvusshu .aa *l seue.m p -i-M.

V e ...... .....
V .1 4 .. A r......... ..... .... a ... .... ,., ....' r

I a L* .v ........ .... ....., she.**Ih .. ... ., ....,..

'T I S r... ............ .....-...._s ...... .. ......... .. I.
t M 1 ,. w ...... ... ... ,,at ...... ..... ... ... .. A,
1_ I > r ... ........... ... . ....... ...- ..--. ..,,
a ;d I1 Lp i ... .......... . ..... a i s .....t t.... . .. ... f

. H p ...... .. .. .. .... .... eII I M ... ..... .. .............. .,
p U p .................. .. ot..... ...,. ..... ........
S .. .. .. .. .... ....N r ... .. ... . ..... .. ......
i l i-' .... .. .. .... .... ......... g It . ........... .... ...
Sp .... ....... .... ...I .......P ... ., .., ... .....
S .N............ .w Armjra .... .. .....
1U. .. ............ ................................ .
H I I .. .... ......... .... ..*f l u tt.. . .,,i .. .. . ...
i .. ...... ........... .. ... .. .. ......

S-. . .. ....149 -e, + M '..... '." ,.. ........
S ... .... ... .... ... .. ......... ..... . . .....
I . .. .... .. ..... ....... i,.,.~~t ... .. . .. ., .....
S .... .... ....... . .. .. .... . .........
I D .. ..* S .....4...* ... .. toe .. a 1 .... ..... .
l ... ........... .... ,,.. .... ... .. ....... ... .,
I I | ^ ........... ..... .. NHohe. *o4d.. ... ,. ,. .. ..,..I
tIe il f 4 ...... I4............... .... W p.t ,Tlt r ... ...... .... .
. ae i w .... . ..... ...... W J ar i .. .. ..... . ,, ....

r r ,t ... . h. ... ...... .. ..
ip .. . .. ... :
* ti i ..... .. .. ....... . .. A' HAt M iis .. ..... .. .. ...... i
e* f tJir ......f ,, .... . ., 1 I..... ,. ..... .......

I i.... ....... . ..e n .....
4io)1.a A t i'e. IIO Ahnut aI lt
..6p 1 .U A ,,. Maypo y I a 31 .


S-. ---------,. -..

| s t ShhTatl LC 2U Atorther l s e*i 01 ep r s o o ta mrivo b >ftor.
dre W C4ospr lt Iw m roopesta for "Y dola a ay fat &s in l U* r1ni ib*rm

Pro te fifteLi OOA r TIM O.A *r Olbh"r ~I mormt loni
I. V. ACSL, M a h a, St. UAUW m .

.G Gs

aI wr/I

ANT G 00.

Retatlln ad J obbt .c ,t

nA M.l 1nowv4 Arl auma a.




I I 'I

141 oIJ
I, MEL *j

I ,



We npay fes h #or "ar aLUsd
following liquors: "' .

LEWIS SI,. AwAy A. Ew tk W*
*;, ~~~~~ 4'.Hp i^ . . v '^
' . ^ * ^* *j '. '. "; '. *, '. . ; ...,.. ... *'i:I i'.^ "
l ."i "i m " .' .'. :., .^ x .'+ '"

I + *k u i!9 ii o tl.;,;i r : : ;'
7 qa rts e..... .+,* ..'..
'- .. . ., ... f 1 1 'J' "** ,'* STd **'" '* ^; i : '''

I *,. fil!qu ,.,,.,,,: .+: #
I 'l tsiS ,,.,.,

.**wii full1 ^^-
I N 13 f-l 444tW *'. :I., ? :.^,^
I I ': 1. j"L 1. A *

*. :, AlAi,4


OsliforniaWbo O
pontd flu of nil 4dS0ripStBI, -H
iA$ rAA.v.~wh

.. . ... .0.'.'.- ,. .. ,:: ',.'. ,;"

*U R it. Ab V . '. ." '.
T Blr '

No. 4


.~;. ~

... . .. ; I,, "- :- '- - .-- T
.. .;..*.. ,^ O^',, 1 : '1;
.. '" '- ", '. ' "' .. '.( '",17:1
,, ,* ,, F JI,"',
SAT) *L' ,:I)

R11 ,,



* 1 ,

1 00.
IS 140
4 * *

... 4 I


1.4 .l
i *
,obb1 *, 4. ,
S* 4 ',*
. I i .'4 I 4.


7 1 Ar

'~r iMI

4... .e *16
* q .* ** 0
' t *'i
.L* t a* e

'r '.'*
i It^ "

. q
4' .* ** 6

7 tt

---~~~ ~ -t sct t.-~~


'. R*O0. 0 04 44y'

1 '. '.

.... t
* v I

L. K. BARItR, Get
HILL, Agl, Jt

end your orders for Job 3

I I J II II;lE :bI:.L i

n ". r ntrrc ,_n & .o. o ...:z.-.

a am .I I i' .

-' .I 1 ,' i ,. . '.. ,
I ~ ~ ~ vt Alift.^V^.J, ViJ^''C;i^t^

7 WIORtI, AU OU','$0
V.AT.. 94..
T l -: . 1 1 ..'1
.nJ n
i" '" '" -M
i.' .; t .

- 1 ... ... ....... . .. .......... ...... ..... z- ......

--- II 1. ,I ,,

.......- ..... ,.-- -.

-- ---- --

-- -MOM--


P ,

; :






m ,w nA
J A i.

I I Y tJ.

Jt l "
I .. . .w ft

O ow

linus Sip fl5 .

q ii Z a hIt

'. , ,*' .. .. a l !
I Iiftt- 1-y -- --

,I.' ....!I. ... ......iMi lm ..-..-,I TO MOV*

35^. 4 EaUs% u4 4*. fflt t RMMOVB
tt;*a* l ilev $08it d40" .a w.4 tlare
Iedg 4if Ai ski* w $ uhapl i lp t hl thie 104 of Jq .Ir K ki.kl ofi she Je:welu K I MII ,,'
pHuusrp. I 1asuLndpi, Isvw goupto Pableo N Rh I
|616I '"u, 'a ps ., ,m .. . whe't 'w n h illt spen d the nlmip ItU t l 1 *onl
Sllba 114yVM,00ME
$iamaf S night, Le"1on PII4Si4 fltjqhi i 9is .uhilaraing **Ri
7u-t If T o#1* brtesse. Auiv$< wmh th.n pl. a pr.
u" upe. PT. of A owneSf 't1Ri* SATI N O L A
pe itWI W(IP of bhas teownt, ns 4Gr46 eeto, B -w n-y o- yorf of ..
;WSuWpm hb t*l W i tm y1 to4-- tblr oity ye.ter* **, Sit.r of t3M. IIley of lh" A i
deft-y ,.OK. 9Churoh,dled tindiy evuwnigaathr 1TNuyATIV.ll1H
Mr: j", ""mMrs Ioion rpoMe r o l I Mi. e *I me dwin i nterrted 'yeird, l fiter-
*tblpse parsl stls Mione ad' Antal. KIw lsw o. nobuG. The funerll ws asmlnuioed Iby
w stw, Wiit W1nU feouww a* trio mI 5t. EGllaseisle pe stfird'.. Do ls we well nown sanl hi|lhy

400h. M, for. 0, 'i. ... h ,,as st
pI.e, p p01s00 1016mday pltneau (ondutr b It ri f s a
;. r IO lt"9 WM h i M aiitl hill ."', ooib Co lt Line- was i tllh l'y fol r a ",
'" .1.. .0... hr ltime unday. lle w lrioute ito
Ils fakir %*S of. dep distroo tIt.
opi her Q n .$ ll~ Udersk.hau Cmaan. 'f !glbh Srprilngs, where he wansl o take a
ollil... i'i failedd upon will relleVe y 111 of ll speciiali rllinof ,mpirty s oaah l tho id.
.,- iee. nl d *oslil y ib rru ahino n Petersbur for the Sl Augusltine w *X
y ivep j4hhnt fr shy tfuaer bf 1 ouson Ca| 4Cr,.r 0xpEguu to
i 0 A R. ell reg l e W l hilr liigh springse.L'itra ru i t l
) *... M iL & lly id 4tiglter, an early d, lte,
*nwm i* do*#$.: Fism, have rtirmnd frni A ais i t. Wte .$pr'*.. a ti
I jM"- I llfiul. outlng at Whll. tprino. hap r ites to Whitte Springs and
.ho reportihmI rOrt owed ih return vls Q. A (t. Railway. Daily
lhom. They report thp rotori ernded with
1. T I nn fillimsit, 15 days. 9.0 Week .nil, 11iil4g S ATIN4M.A* 1 n few41l0.,teri. UUirqni-
lP .Il e t 11010"frohm I7 every ot at l( sI00d* sli d .unday, retu in g erwS., ti.i.l w il relu .ed ii it
Si. 'tauraay s W Pl na. S *ILt iK retiok 't ,t ri' j'riel'lcm. I flvr
.. Monday fallowing, $2 BW. iL. Te Nj #.. 1 i0u. im n ru n o r .ouiorioln.
.. R vr J.M.,Klman4d flSYl m l p my h dMr1 h Mo \ n maotJl 1ow bust a!inot.A ,
i$., A, S9 i. l be slurpeod from a vilsi tso S a former's tot U.urEt 0o1 Elli .e dosr., ,l eave iin R Ii .i Arie r ohea dere. are ro-
Sllen U ,MMihe he -k l Mr. ad Mri. W. M" liteb, tii ajlieevills 6:46; 1. n, a iie hours l at uatiu .> i'r.1 &tr .ept 4 dr.lii i. $ ty
pi:- l ePliwtf e j I tM pr. nti s i M breift ill.i springs an*d ba*k5 me dlay. J. F.'
ili.. Wei .101e.o l "ire" itl sbq wa n $o p.lld sI o r Hiral. l. a..
,rm Milt Hiruw writew 411 L o b id. .
.,'. ...... . J,..lurinho 0hwoo tlta( iclipoiiltolt, , ..1l..IM bimn tht boo" A'tilh ,+-
Burn ..omq ott smmowul a. ... rnspos For Molt @vitent-WlIoumn and 1ot4ts ibe umn in" f
Mr known a* the Jaeck na 1m 1oin6 ; contains I%'war ud lu ponf4 ir o) dTh 10t'@
]do* At Znien.i nad, st. is w inebhed rer drtwo n ph. Ju we-stak n ,tba .tat
...s. o '. ..Cha 'ina s s us d .urtr Arrvdon. 1enl wili tomrt e, f ,ia I 9iim learvO44Plel
S 4"e e .w Wil l ri ad Eugne 9oisrilil, .of 4or'ud oMohaniao th. Al lio6 acres. rf 0 t,'ieoN.l flm i than wa ifen mir'
$.irel Sit* (la nws, lsh a pleaant i t f nd s mnile. l rom ei ty of f0,ii l. .ATION.tI. TIlUET ('41., Pftarl Twa.
< .. f;., ", "' '"o M T. o .Ellis de'" illv.! h, Via.; 60 are.i guttivated 16 K,4 in ti "n eWelie h '
.iph..My lac bls onRomneri, Lere psUlure., plentyy w water. lnlir"lte S.. CloA.-forv3. & t Co
Als., w* het they will spend the r. of E. VV to, linesville, or "I O send Slle4il
A ,ii i IU mlIsdl*r of lh slunmmer wilh irlatiuve. teivy g. I oih Third tr"tl OaI.R And 1l.eSdiog t.rugiu.u.
l*WI t .SSWF t r hI* Ial. dawir ft .... -
'! hf fr iom"oi ndw ye Edit or C. S r o"f The "H T. F.o THOMAS
:. .,.,,:,s, h,.. p hd l ek brhe e li. prSin Hornest and Alachua E gle. ,'
S. !! i sm on l.t !u' hi.- scok brN OherS
eatt 6 '0 John Vet n.'i. ib rportsp tie paWi11Wfnt amn "thu busm vletur. o this til
i ipt nd o ebld t s. Ilitor ~er 1wai
"S to 1i4 up. whilk will be grtllfylin bulyr ia lfor asiuming the. publ .
,. .wlle ,4his mAPY4 fri00d1 hthrouxghoul elltinl W Th., 10141p. hut ,Olie*bt oa in t I
IB ", 5 E5 reponsiTbility., <%iooe tresipalgru have
.tu o 4 .. . . ... heen l-hellwd uplKonl his shlloulldtr h
i AI O,.... l ,"miust ",ho,' an ve"ll to k p| up wkilh ii. t I 9
W'"t01i i ASwo..o& is. J "i both .nd. of U buiuinli. F Uk L L i es.
Among the promioens young folks
Sn.,,n ri ot | now vitling lhial ity are Mr and Mr,.
I I wit ll li dr Vrod W. King inee Miss d8lilo tinr.poli
l L . t of Minon,- l ., who are the ge. '.o r Parm l al itenlln wto all m iitrt ia
xajjm tr .y br( p.rt ,.-Mr nd Mr'. 'lh Ih. Mail ind thYklarph darerr
U0O C.01, 1 1aort .K llroKme. A.0*1you1 andy pr tly aend, to.
Ms King was etsial l favorite herl,
l^ ".i.owM__ f.,,Ii lI I and her~auUerous Gainesville friends "
.M ..renr IIIhl n delighed at I iati oppor Gai ville, . Florida
W R acket i i I i 4 ti i - - ----i
i';ig- "i', .H ,, '. .. . ' l~lu y O i o tfhe ran hnr i .- . * . '"
sec .o i llow: No. 187-2 1, E. W(etAr. T.UF !0nMTIMMTAI
/b".!ll 5LN D ,i|W H rUlUiUlO dresde, 1I7-3. enray Ies..e, re t bI I"lil*f S ftaii e dene.. The ieoile of North Usinls
-. 4'ti--e tst ,: .A will, are btginun ,it to apipreehate a tel.
,i a tier--- sn, ilo m .. .. : U U & V fI ephone service. Ali of tlhe i 'phuw soh
are i6i North (&ainvsvillet and the irob.
.""0 =- I0IATn1 TU iSDA bui::,\:,e:: HSte:H
., ered, ,weamil at,! ll ,_...... .....

iot" o pais with atoes
tbHi 'iLWi of T mpI
OSl1d, -ad i Ape$* to
prte0er omorWw.
il. H, lian r, fior ma
elt of sai eliS ltl sow
i,. I..lsg busltn p&
01 00s*, ap spwt a tfew
hid. Sii.' OtIauville
alouq --ad toSe b em.
Ielage p d iparwited v k
wM1,9 whe t- will pn-

I0,s.rgmllutJ'l ad ispond

i' ll thaby. it Marchb
Slaaely with my bas k
Jin s prior1 .10 is I hat "
was w i*ed, excliept td,
twm flowed by "h, tabove
It OS dose #;ntou at
0ssp asetI ootrh.
fosauid .ifrs relieved
Sthe'*arftI.te r.. '
ih it WaOer.i, u r 6ll.
bly 04ft44ou00t Fre
WiA sle. w shri my asik
I, .i prior. t ihti. e t SW d,

wu rwwardih Us ri 1.,

ines/ Vlele,' otlr Ill
* isbtat. sem lal rluluw.

I is i Iti M, ie '1 .ii.& .,

Immense B,-rgain in BASEBALL TOMORROW.
Furniture of all kinds these Gaineoviii- and 'Wido Will Cross Bals
two days. Its the chance for Benefit Hospleal..
Of your life to get There will t man interest. ang d ex. A-10
e ling game of baseball at the park in
ANR lo f.1 l this cityl tomorrow afternooli. when
the UsiMaville and Waldo teams ilJJ cross willows.for the hliampion ship. .iA .ms 'IaMC. QkuKM IMi tP("Ir
A careful look at these "The ganmewill tbe calle aWtH ii'. The M iiLi FA!.
prioes will bring you to this m4aissioin will bm a0oi .., anr the .
sale in i& ryuit': proceeds l .l iaw devoted to hli ro. -, ..
An Iron Bed good ad strong. i M...... NTS
wor, h P^ nlI prib "., s '
S f" Be, Ee fep t high, worth Resl Estate Transfer.
Ai It" Hedt ive foo"ihigh,, worth ". '1"1 t'.' I$ ,t I.. t 's
.,'aile pri . .A TI L. LBouilare ha. purchawdl from. I I i. ; t T tles
I ea l" eW St it .lii ie wihth H. F. Wattsl ihanulsamn p oiec of prop. iFu DE
bie .trimiAinw (id exlnle on erty In EaLt toot rail otih oue-foutn0aoire, l7Irl a),iupn w ipo!i ai eomnifoi able,
AR tyg.... 8 0 well built eottak of eight rors. Thel l
An INon.Bed, as ebOve. better l ei r triplr Si
,0 pride, .. .... c, .i. ..rp 11S ell, .as hUSM TS.
Iron Ned, very hearwy. porth o> r o Sneat wa 1 ST D
(third morS, *al price .... 710A demotrwitbsy Mi by iluxirioias rnwih -
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