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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: August 7, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02012
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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^*^ v .' ..f.. .. .., : '... .,-- ..,.' ,., ',', ,' ..' ', ," .' ,,- .* -. -< -* .,** '-* ; *.,,"" <. .,* -.,-': T ,rf / .- / ^ ^ ^ ,^ ; r!. ^ ^^ ^ '
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I." ." ,I, n'..,
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A t *, -+I *"." -4 -,
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. ... .. *, 1 .,
'...~ ,I .. ,'. . _.+

l, .xI, NO. 141, AINESVILLE

rnE FROM SEAT OF 1rt' 0dbtfl
FAR EASTERl WAR ft1 6iS 'watik wi dii.oInt 4bih,
b aIV tt k i NlwovA o d hhir thi

balities at the Late Battle
f of Maouoanig.

cOvilitna Oepartl g from Pert Arthsu
In Antilpation of Last Desperate
Stand Against the Jal eew.
Toko,. Aiimnst t.- 11. m.-The kRu
asan left 1oo dead on the battieflot1
at ilmoiicheat and the Japannoe cI.
agltles during the same battle aggr
gate elfht hundred.
-The Japaunue mptured .,si lanus l
mbouchenu and two guns at the ep.
pgerment whbieh .ok placu at the
Tanste and yaulintgil paeos.

Ch, P o Aagust l.--10 a. m.--Tbir
ti more refugees arrived today om
juonks om Port Arthur which place
thry o6ft Aug. 1. The departure ol
all a1lansa from Arthur is said
to be owlag to the exhaustive prepared
tiona for a gaul sta d against the
7apanesO. Cbe tlo is being taxed
to provide tor the unusual influx ol
Iravelera. The only ol bOLel In tihe
cly I assigning three or four to a
room and the overflow Is conpeUoed
to accept quarers e*tewhere.

Keller'se bdy Rnroute.
Uukden. August 0.-The body ol
,liuteant Oeneral tount Keller arj
rived here Aug. acromMpanied by
son. FLneral services will be held
here nld the Ibody will ihen be "nti
orth by railway. fie wia mortaIlly
wounded at YanTte pas.. 33 MilesI
naut of Uso Yanrg He was struck. by
a framgwlnt of a shell which exploded.
olose .ti where he wan standing, and
died 20 minutes later

Japanese Landing Trops.
t. Petersburg, Auigust 8.-A special
dispatch to the Boursen Oaxatte' from
Llao Yang ,ays: According to i-hi-
emao reports,' the Japanese ended
.000 men at the port oif New Ihwaitm
July &1, and the further diseiubrk,-
Uto, of- troops I proceeding.

Train Filled with Wounded.
Irkutak. SIheri, August 6.-Tralon
4tte4 with wounded men are arrival
here daily from the front, masy ol
thaom proceeding to flhirapean Rieala
and other emainlug here. Two hon.
pital* have Ibeen opened here tnd one
fvfatle hospital ham been estabitsbed,
by the wife w of governorr Mollerlu,'
The price of food has blen doubled toe

Ruselan Obliged to Ratireo
Hlat Chena, Tuneilay. Augustf ..-
the Ruitalss have been obliged to re-
tire from here ba the Japaneib wetr
working around them from tgme emat,'
threatelnxn to cut them off frrm U Ia
Yang. The. fresh Japanese troop% dia-
emiarked at the pnrt of Nuw Chwang
Share also adraTne on the other flank,
. The main concern Iratton otf he .Ruil
lnts aire not about IAo YVant. The
Japan se form a senml-etrel* of abunit
0 minlles artinr the urItilan pqitllionh
As this dispatch In fed the order
for the Itrotpi to r .t-re hba been
rea-r----b ,

a .m", mewst lWlnl piIr, lli SWg1
thln In th* Iniuleasei world tI no
very neeertain mal the bank wlashee
railu 4 n nwIse rglk



Awtomnebile Crabsh May Claim Aneothe
Slatat.. August .. -Thhe remains e:
FVik k. tReynolds. victim of the at.
togobel accident on Wednesday after,
moon. were takes to Mareltta yester
day.. The funeral service and later,
iment will take plaoe tliere.
Mrs. Addle Reynolds, wife of the di
eased. ts still. In a very dangerous
condition at the St. Joseph Inflirmary.
Bbe bas exh.lbitHd sigts of returnilba
cotieiotuneia, but does not speak in.
tefligntly and does not recognlin
those who Iar, at her bedside.
L. N Tramnelil. who was Injuredi
In the aftltiuomn'Il acciflent kibd wvt'




. .'I. i i ,'




Packers and Strike Ubowiq
Grim Doitermlnatio .


0tat Wenater.Eisot Peys. et bergfa.
l Haet.
SIavnuah, Ga. Auguat 6.-John K.
Ioye, state senatorelect; J H. Hsoen.
both of itgypt. Oa-. and loenry Jack.
sea, a negro. were arrested this snorn
ing and brought tio $svannat! on War.
rantm charging them withli peonage.
Judgo iVratik Tarver, of the county
court of Efllngham, was iubpoena4o
as a iltneos, but thb* defindiantliiwair.
od a preliminary hearing and gave
The eae Imrows out of the c nvle-
tton of nogroe in ICflluhant who were,
Brat employed to work foe Utle POy*
Mannfacturina company, ana later,
tried before Judge Terver, on a ml.a
demsenor charge. and *entencel to
pay a fne or serve aix months.
The trial la alleged to have been
held In a stockade at the roye corm.
pany's works, where they were after-
wardp put to work. The nernoe al
lrepd to have boon held iu peanageu
aie In Jail here,
Habeas corpus proceedings are ox.
perted to \ietermine whether they, are
to be released or returned io theebhalll.


Selleved Jailer Failed to Lock Cell
Galinesvlle. Ga., August 64.--Four
prisoners e caped from Hall county
jail. They a-r Charle y Bray. Char
ley Swoffrdl and John Whilte, all
whfte men, and Prank Alien, a segro.
It I* hellovehd that the Jailer failed
to lock the epll door when he gave
tIe prihonrFs' upper last night, for
the prison It new. having only been
turae't'.sver to the county a few weeks
ao, and ih. ct llt are of ihe latest
make. andi tqre are but two keys to
eflh tloor; also. ibe cell loor waa ut
harmdl. bhowln that a key wasa uer4
In getting it"open.
Once the prisoner were in the cor
rldor. fcape wan effoeeted by eultlti
the window facnfig with pocket knives
and then knocking the larlek from the
wtil with t window weight. A blank.
et we aOed In'leI ti n th prisoners eta
the ground.
No trace of the missing prisoners
ie been secured.


Highly Skilled Men Beift Offed l.
ducements to Brak Awty-Pra-
sure Is Brought To **or on Strlt
e,' Wives to interfere.
Chicao. Augunt 0.- -In tie face of
persitentl ipeaci rumors trlkers ad
paclker ailkli atev vi41ld6ce today ol
ginu determination o pmlmat lthei
ground plnd carry the struggle ove
linto next week.
There were Iudicatiops of t1t by
that both sIdea weld riletrd th
offIrcL of interniedlari.e with faver,
uslesi either side sboald ddeld 6 b a
wea4iiss warranting t1bi 0 other Il i
Itg out with renewed deterlMtle
to flight tbh e li ue to s eu4d.
.,4o the strikers thy. apple0ebh e
Sunday lxImed up a seMNe be*
aosieu of dil.cutillou In holdl rtaku
together over the opeplag at( a tI
week. The strike l ee4ers .bad. p
tlv information that Iemtrasle OW
the pwcieers were at wntk In oil direp
tons quietly .otltlg highly afil*ld
men tempting iu411eeilt*nts to broii
away. Pre~stlre wa ahlo 'belw
broihti upon sIrkers' Wives thrlegip
ct'rect .Indlvidual *ppeafl. To aet
tb'l: h. leilrs r.(.red ti the rlur
of President Donnelly to sow 6i
ti,1 lasm and prepared a meeter de
rmonstrati.on for tomoraw wth tlhe
same 'ra in view. .
Whl. f eeillpg ilr 4 te 4 me 11i
was ainilttod'd thit li 1".t *a ay to
hlltl hungrry faml!eIt.. n et, i
fort. were, ithrefore. especially 4f.
reacted towards Impressinsg It4 wcan*
witgi the vasinesi and olldityv of thel
itr rk. and with the necesalty of re
itim'nlng firm.
Effurtis to bring about. peace e,,
ternre- were loday explained as Ieing
dill.. tto ih catlle vhippers nnd thel
V:nhon Block Yards and Transit coa,
pn ry-- both neutrali-- who bai loSc
heavily through the strike. At t4
Instance of both. tl'nera Aseit S.iln-
nv r. of the Block Yards company. vil
Itrd' the itr ike aders yesterday. Pl n
Ing them r.reeptlva, he ave. attention
to th pack r*. IAttle encourage.
nient waste resolved from 'he packers,
Beltrevng. however, that the ulttiutOl
ras tnt wfttuju )pnbflltitl. he re
tInrued to the strike mlarn. ,Whbo were
awaitlfu him at the Translt hose,. In
The nieantline the strfkeri bad at-
tmntl'-d to tinleT pressure (9 titfar on
th6e packpr., from other att a, ner
In n) otnin r had Reailred.rle formatlcn
fihn. whi-ih the intfvrnce wai dtratq
that the strik"-r' pinion waViqstrosg
pr than had be he h ll'vetd." I' coneli
qnunce. when .Mr kthinner rftur!ed
hefound the strike leaders 'unwllllg
to make any marked ronuceuwiona.
While Mr. Skinmer was r with the strike leadr'f. repreeentia
tivre. f the packeri casually appearct,
living color to an iniprcsslon that ii'
portunt t'5fltIntioTS wore actually '13
dlr wiay-- an inliprt * that was nti
Ieet(pd i y ?Ie fart that eoulfdelntin
mien frin th-' natLker, hadowed evtry
mlov':llrTnt l t o ,e .tri1, '. masters fro t

. -n .. .... Wa fnit thrmIiT, b n aI .itr ,.hat1m . I. It na. Icl.rede t tW .t i .
ou condition. u;.iears to be inprovinl dri, hwe'n, at nlthilfl *angill dnl Til A. Tbllh,. otbe ,Ufl.
RUSSIAN CREDIT, SHAKIN. Yfl rap~ 'y. It's" 'teled h i lal. had e lI.i.n,. u:,; to point to MI.Neil a a uhthli
o*ia rSeov"i, ,.arls in ; .'. ; .... heN.I. A bwh the runr was d ee!i, at i
. lfects of Eastern Wi on Same Now 111R Almna tlotg.", at Newlern. N 3 .r --e wstl reNmt win Atoh"eit. uW
Being Felt. C.. (he leat : ,l ur.,dirv of the FEDERAL INTERVINTION. pia impln meetiq
lNew Y rik..ral:,t..ofeAnt F. rt.L'' itlrtid y f day .f o.poying without question or *rgr
Na ',6 r, I ,'trdad If t eflor o ) il'h t-W lt. ork th.. wir ,1 -thet r K.nt 'o Muiltlta. whr lh viltin l GovernMent P ar'n to Take Han dpositors who wish to wthdrwa
beltrnlin to be feli on lsslaKn oom sin, Nlr. Flori e (;. .jre A dlerson in Stock vl ro Strike. Ahet ou y. TLht Is sli I, Ore t4
.et hnl, th'e is nIrPan)- o.ide.r. Ir .-. Tr other offer of the trust and
ably shaken. aI. a 1urjn .o rre. PROTEST TO CASTRO. I tr'elnt li. i it, -a o tatku a lring bank are Wllinam HI Urintplm
.ponkl,,t of Th. Tmhns. In the firM aefitvu part hin tlr k., I .ard f a ire nt: l rlnt r
plar*, many Inpoortant orer hr ill. Selaure of Asphalt Mlnes of Americar ,U f.elltii.-' t 'o, n tn. Internaqiny itor and Wllimsa C. C'umtmig, e.
Itary mtoroet are not lting paid fo In Vene al, 1 *1 ?rsry ('aitl. t' instrlbr 'otrk slhuant ec.h ir.
Wlit r 'edy aitolry, but by IN(ii of two ,.,t n.ton. AWigOit -.llnto. trn. ii' nl ri 'h fo:1 f' haa been it
f.ars tal,. Ml.or vi'r. allth ug tih Mrih llowen hiA riblel. he tart lU.i r i*1 tr- i.' i ;i :: ary Il. 1 I
Rionlnlt -.I papir rtnCyv tstn 1 i)s ti iPl tbat hl ha- iirtw-t a id tdi,mni I pf u iIitld rta t ; i ) f faint ar* Mrs foosevett Mlaks Trip,
rd ntffrfjilly tfi r ,* ,ii rnl th. $.i test with Presitlent Castro a*Mfrin tit( _'.'ua. t t is or wha Walit i. Atttl .-lMft Io ,
tiI1)f1. I Is heto lf1of 4h1t Atit' ,n action orf go erm ent In In iii tbg fr bt a l. .' v(IT'' Nelr loft at ft at o lock today t1 b tbs
three r foinr tivnmpm k larg1 pbatt mines heicmnasing 741 th- New Yor r'i'i..-.I no ., t ro' trrik ItslIir Pennsfyl-anil road (o q New lTork.
'Ialtsitn errd!l l hli hoi s i nie oad, lermudex rtminpal j iUu it:<' ..:,''tiat .t:'u ; whero i will dal lmet1 e., fleims

.................................................................................................4 ~I44.,4*,1
I Yr 411
4. 4 'II

1o t *ui e itoh lige i

e d. * r ka. w-
Sown s6e94b. t$ *0 1" "0911"

Wspple of theIr PteMS I

to a rle 6eal*seO eEls 1

tis ,iltoat qhi s ani.
tMigrsarm to n. mh
lbs wag~nt bet fa mmli

Ai to4r00 0ie of 0w
n the Mstesme WeN nb
to nrate to the lr I t
emitlkis ol this nnlptat we l,,t
l*ftl wo w "** ..".,.. . .". .'
**I show ath dows to ai"
el1t of the UmKS Stut huts S
Whifr '- nsa it

sntoed hil to tep IL

Rser s g ald .,t .ars.. .b.sw
the PshlhC 1 .Tn V ass,

e rggg lbfte044 ttff li
^ *- ilw b m f loW rr** ^
liM., tqsvt Wkm, -a -ti'

Itae. Iuwbe tm

.haul teasa payor and ther slt;w 4
toa d a er ~a~w

fcj mto .. 'ir^ Glt. ,. ,,; ,''.i.'
tug mtm, rmW 1t4 : *'>u
l* m. i OA OH ASw 0 iT

sp Ael bpwD WMe^ i aibN
Is Y*) tois tWinI I aP0,4 ti!
hdeuast or ett a. vhllirM II,

"-'hit a p
tiheyt wiflgot their seer T.h.Mo.,
mI4n Is ..tps rlar Sad Is U4
htih rti al ter A Tt t4beat bb
emtw of peip lep pe tep With 4

lin, the Manded tir mo ry.iG
ban& began pelyn d sadthe owW* 4i

et hisl aeo woUt l4t l h ilft. .
Y1 ) Prml de nti Men to i ei ;tI
the rum wPolstoitU by'aR*.
.ad. by q e l nweWe.pira
thin the book *d iias ele1.
to t*1 ,pakMe forte p r es i l
In; the stlh erskm .
mat" orms" a& *reWl l., ii0."4

pto plea t s-a hau ai r
lie iIm buaems th. ey mwl
viniy t snd w. rklaie., biafl.." U.N

bent Is locwald it 11 si n
with te ,bro. Osp..d_.t N.,<>

ag tbla of doewltos. a. U i to 0*o

1nu repor Jusno i, I1*, o ItaW

)fa wile ad tsur
-.t Its US hotS, S
Sdispateb i
la tie uhpeautM
uplath Itwa
S Sn! veaumir,..7,
wqi s I S& ,,fl-_:-'_

ll,n, n4

aa 40, t ;
tM hotel. 4 ta. a

lg te
"Left sSS&If ta Sn
ram; sIde. MI e a
ta I. fouoi; "i S..A .
rho daIl s.tgbwiw e&4
-elm Is nd stamc bab*l4


New mw MM! |
-WW' sp bw to' i
imn i '*'.m." I^I1 !
* TitAMHJt
WASoft4l4 t4|


"There a* so truth Mt the tteseut


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f .l' ,'i. ..1-
.1 '!*I .,

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;i, ",v

... ..-- T-W W.. ,'1""
^ d l k 'ti .te; .'. i ...... .

ow ,,
ftteUii+ .-nitil
',i; .', ,. *" / *-- ., T ~
'--' t'' ..' "i .' ,,i 1 ; .^ ..n , ' ^

*ki^'Ml ^^k *' *^ e' *t )alm.
%aiw SkeeIWt #truh|
.Ifl .II hi.
^i, irt'lt In llH^ oo-
uU1 ,'Atk 'iltlt *tkt ,ti

Li4. '^ o', ,, lk
fttft f..... '| .;.,b .,
I^M~:" tOlriti' :,arch
Xt ,,.,wt ,,MM >

''[V I made ipo

$-wM pI nWe wad Waumi
........... ..m..l .. .

otMso.m ob.0o .. howt
woode q~~a the oters.

ofiat heeiw b

e0all o i .

,1..,$110 pow o rse d.ulj

'Wpt.. .i .M, in wt u T..w..
A "*us QmL .M. Abe qoiehe
;qMb two hots s*td elateab tid th
Sneevulosi ruM', Jsno-uI ie ili
.Whlagw .,4 te, n ...t. T thue

Wi11all 8aSa l i arriving
7:4*,M. ma. follow
'.4. auomm Vottt mt 10,i tlwio .A A n eln* n

lf the .quniket t. b t 1ti "
ik t;iSs utvry N.Pti.lmn drswin
as West lodle
Paehlkl'tng w. iit

emo Army, 00a Ip sblesbiI t# I1*
4*b who awspla. *tiale g D. 4.
or shesawsui .mnmpmenP ~nAwpo
R .1 soe o A *Il R '" as the ..A
l sO.Was M.i qfrntn skhe quiek '

TlO. proT
,* : ' ".*.',' ' "'" .',

pas o Ne sai oepm lat. as se d.
l4mk Ja StlMle asl *$n ekt l she"
past, n plag.ow"i 1 ,* V. a,
ib 10 FleNSas wh#M ntem>plat
Mhigl e W a od the simeitn*pes of

I Wb. Val. 'Imed flu .
hg aseln aot S*, S.tahb ceepse or*
: l w"whAA empre a stop *1
14York, 'bo b hat b ever bens I of
lops sohe ll l .'ia a lteo la roues

lwJheIh0r.1 *, S l
I. W 114 1"10e II s 4 w eAte go p!all.

Siel, *S.Ml. M ean eqwnrospodlglgal
beelause pepwhe us only -- swag
calmer mwh, Ia aniod whoMre to'
tI W a- Yo ay of othwe
trlain Jo ir p bNII I eel 5. i.,
the P..eqebtp*lsg eal.. boeimln

l a, r sh, fl. t sad bot .ltis

uoer tha4 op P!1'h-S1 ul. 'ift
"I ft? shoripl 64 i1h dLIm no
Wm as to h ot AuM ,t or th.
Spov*.pusNb yeqr of wTest.*

Wlewfl b. sesam, t ea'
P *A, eq thsAlgi. howitw

hSOV Urs g t '
4ebirttirg l et Ii htel i iAgb

THIU. -Kbeeeted4, Ao or ovr a
at t wabs t4P n oeS Ibh thi
,latr thn AiW IP. naenr, by
s.|ii e ie*dl! .p io o Au.IT.
I0,. o koi wihk the Jo et .. agent 4

,a tp lS.pat and fa oMet of $1. t
SlheA wl eh, a ts4Ilad for oa rf
I thMM .is until g tremb ouL r
'TfW rallo aita*e gl log nso addionr
#l d w Simpqi i0t' tte unbtl sthe

ru M, 1.. A.ndemon.r it Nw h

0...,Usekli ... il i.. .ft k, wtp e:l
"t 5di W k orehqy o a Surwi
lp s st.odleae for oughs
Wheari agh, a Ikwie.liI for sa "e:i
o tatila 1i Uhreat malts you r-e
momfoirtab e, Oke Ballatd0o Hror !
r bQted 6np. Don's iagv unal te s

r ;usses7 we. e.Jtrol. Mr.
. ..- -And .rm. .. .. ..

U '- W..J )"' a


S*eMp4, e, NmIerad Conduct*rs Ie
er into the CohpIraey.
C.leall, !s. A.ulst t 6.-Th. U Cle
t-!. RABIo lines have Jns't dIonerrle
that enonetor on varto. is adw .id
,ertainu eatpers of Chitago and ft
SLo '. havn been engaged in t cosMur.
y defrull th? rillroA trough
a nilpurAln pfn p of pofionl t4ciret.
It ti deelad4 tbht. Inmtesd of ltklai
up return. Coupons and turning thewt
Info the Nompamn y, onmiductors are aild
0' hblVe taken it". the whole ticket,
gtrngM Ibhp pa rniger a return rrltpcit
that had afreay w.t tU.I, it. Is
.ttma t, thurmtthigi !arn'r the Ca11i-

eai lot.
trade 4

L>uls ltnn herv.
out of 9l00$00.

hi n' de,

Curt* Scialica.

ter W. d. iltey. 1.. L, I.. Cuba,
New York, wrilte:* '. ftertflf*eeday ,
o exetui1ilnt(i pair.' frinm k sla0.
rhetmaSltem, under vartous iralmensp,.
I us 4nditted t'o try, HiIlard' now
Lanlmesta; ithe that afpliUetion glvthi
tafnt rstesi and tti.e onod entire
ott. I n Ave Ii unqusallfld ree-
ommeMabtyW," .qkqt. 80 $.t0. $oI.
by W. M."aeo:. ... ;

-*- .II'. '- 'LAa~w.4..4..r~. ~.... .- ..

'I-' -'

r' I 'T
^^"^li W^^^^^ A-- *

(U I


Por Sale by

AlflNI ,im>eI~okw cot 03 lormofWi itnrm'
tb r, blll ougtt of Im % liver#. b1kIa rl

."(i I t I d o1

-^^^^^p 'I^^B- M*^^^^^^*f *^^^^ ^^^^HInI^^

Johbson Bros. Gaineeville

--44 ,*S14'4 I .C l-






,, iBNT 1 i' 4,
'Jaokmonvilleand Now York,
Otling at O LCaO Col 8. o, both wbs.
Y Flet otuaipuup I 1h Ceuwt.m ,rhe !
Clyde New England and Southern Lines
Pineg.*TlBlwa- fJAOKCSONVILE, BO8TON and
F. U 8lU03 sd A ll S rae rolos, ....
SClllg als Charllot both way.
I AK w ,m nrx-T 8SALTTThBTGe S
bueshtimof... ...... ..... ............t roS LAwiU' IWhrf4 Boston
o hb .................. .r, o ,o, O1thernlu st. Jac ssouw iltt

C vte Sto J onu Wver Linea
Bsstw n JAcVt oofloiVfL and SAN roimo
topptlg at Pflakao, MAsor, 8s. Frnml. Bnresford (D Land). .aid Inrtennmdi '
LandwIoa on t. Johms River
Lva Jeu6oehallse 18:0 p. ni, ulend *. Tutledays and Thwursday.
Lmres msanford 5 r:a. mn. MNadjs. Wednadays) and Fridays.
Is appointed to Jl as folhows:
HZlDUE, "l.DtriC NorLtouSd. ",
L v pt .. ..... ............Ja- kson',l11 .... .. ... .Arrive.9,,"s
0l6 pm ....... ............ .Pallka........ .... ..L. ave, t4-00 pm
. OO uai ....., .. ........ . . .. ,A or ........ ... ".. '.!... .. UV r r pi '
P (o .. .... ... ... (.S t n d) ... . l a'*n
Advel GOal........ .,. .... s. 8a tord ............ ...... 'tf* t
10 0 ... ...... E. E rpal ..... .. 10..-0)a
_.. r^JxLST0m 4 Ast S., ame. As1. P e W ., *o .. JaoKeovle. K'
w u. oJI. A1 O1 . W qera.. Js a.I.. samOwIft .

W. a Mal Mi. *eno) Aent.
ees h- ,t, Io at*%@ssu re, TNew VmI

...cOIctI or O TtHOUGH CR U1IN...


M O.,


The Atlantic Coas Line

'Montlomery and L. A N. or Dixie Flyer TNrough
Atlanta and thittaneoegs.

Round .Trr i tes From (O1tin$1 ilI'

ae $44.10
ldull.. G dtill riPe. wi.

Satle daily. (lod fifteenI


(Oh sIt dally.

Hid ,fixity dlaye.


St m..m .mMnatm .ni.r nda.. I


I, Li I,
F4~ ~ qffb0-.4i9t4*~m*%...e "-.-
/1~.. AM ~ %~ -~


- ---- ----r ------ -- --

. .. .. . . .. . . . . . .. . .. . . .. . . ....


i .-Vow.

,. ,. r ..,

Z1. "

"' '



*LC~~LC~f~L --C1-r-: -i~l


das..J# Juy si



,.\ I

I I ." | n ,'.
'., '," .h . '" "
.,M rt ' I


- l1--rr -

SUN: t
....... Gi t s r r 'nA IN t^ V '


I M b- Dad Wh


Oorge Morris Was a Brick Masop. and
SOame 1! Ollonaavllle From Meaeen,
g Siveral Months Age to #,rk on
Mt. Pleasant Church.
While walking leisurely along North
jtanst street Saturday evening as
6 o'nlo4k Aad humming softly to him.
pelf that old familiar hymn, "There
is HRls for the Weary," U$orge M orris
xty yearsn old, a colored briek maoon,
tfell suddenly to the pavement and
expired. before aslieane. could reach

Mrs. L. Dlavie, wife qf the North
'leasant street baker, and in front of
whose place the man expired, wit.
eased the sad uendis. She immiedl*
a1ely went to the aosista11oe of the
unfortunate men, but it was Sco law,
as death wae no doubt Instaoanenous.
Morris wa a resident of Maio, (s. a
where it Is asld by thtee who knew
him that he was In very fiir olroue-
alsnest. He eamns here about five
months ago to aseept a position as
briek layer on th. new aM. Pleasamant
ohureh, now building, and has resided
Sher ever elnee. About eight weeks
ago, owing to temporary lack of funds,
work wa suspended on the building,
Simoe which time Morrl,. with his com.
pnion. Joe MUcDonald, another brisk
layer, have been taking a rest, awaiting
orders to resume work.
Decemsed Had Money.
. Morris was by no means a pauper.
Always Industrious, sober and moral.
he managed to save his moneyaud at
the time of his death *126 in bills and
some chlamp was foud upon hi. per-
eon. By his affable manner and friend-
jy dlspelitlun he made many friends
amoog the members of his raee. and
his death Ie greatly relretted by them.
Appeared to be Well.
About 4:45 Saturday afternoon Mtar-
rti was at the store of 8. W. Dellose
on North 1'leasant street, about two
blocks from the church site, He had
beea sitting around the store for a
half or three-quarters of an hour, was
quite talkative. and did not complain.
]ie told Dellose that he would go to
8the tool*house at the aburclk and get' A
trowel, and that be would return to
the store in a few moments. He did
go and accure the trowel, and it walp
when on, his return, in the street di-
reotly in front of the halfr-omuilesed
building, that he fell.
Drs. 4. H. Colson and U. R. Ayer
were oun the scene shortly after the
misfortune, but upon their arrival die'
corerld that Morris was dead. Dr.
Ayer stated that death resulted from
hemorrhage of the lungs.
Thi remains were delivered to thie
Thnu-mt Undertaking Company, who
emsalmined theOi. placed them ie a uie
casket, and they will be shipped to
Macon for interment today.
Inessed was well up in colored *o-
oely in Macon, it ii sald by thoce who
knew him. lie is a prominent Mason,
and also a member of the f1dd Fellows,
and receipts in his poMkris showed that
lie was in good standing with bouti so-
Ruenders the bile more fluid april thus
holps he bho!i to fliw ; it afford
prompt relIer. from biirouiitss, indi-
geition, sick aid nervous headaches,
aud the over.indulgence Iln food or

drink. lIerbine aetl quickly ; a dose
after meals will bring the patient iitu.,
a gomd condition in a few days.
L.L.. Caldwell, Agt. 'M. K. aid T. lt.
R., Cheeotelh,. ndli. 'r.. writes. %iril.
1.,. lItU3: "I was siek ftr over two
years with aillargeinSnt ijf the liver
antd ipleen. -The d(ctnorp did '0p no
oOd, and I hid giveii up all hopo of
gieh eured, whnit imy druggist ad-
vised lo ito us llfrbism. It list Miad
me sound and well." e- Sokl, by
W. I. Johneon. m
W. )I
Meeting Earnest Workers.
The rgulgar ineelting 6f th., Earnest
Workers, wilt be held at the home of
Mrs. Atnie J, Uruwne on Wedrnesday'
afternooti at 4 o' lock. All members
i.towin [l)eas st t:nd.
IMf ti. lE"v ii trn Te asry
If tkl llna l ts in ciottni Tuilh

- . ,-

,.7- --
Iron boed at your own prioe Monday
and Tuesdlay.. ew York Raoket.
lin Dell. the clever traveling reop.
rwVentativ of ihe C. H. linlgraves
Company, wholesilo grocers, Jackson.
ville, is spending llnday in the eity.
White spring. and return Sundays
during eamsou via ti. & U. Ry. Nine
hours at springs and turn s ame day.
only one dollar. Through eoach. If
I find nothing bttelr for liver de.
raugemepit aud conllipatIon ihan
Ohamberlain'In aomach and Liver tab.
lets.-L.., F. 'Andrews, Die oines,
Iowa. For sale by all druggists.
Phifer Bros. have a champ of adver.
iseal t in th is use. They *pe ad.
vertilung a special luiltur sale for
Monday and Tuesday, and offer ira.
mera bargalns In this line. Read the
ad and be convlneed.
Among the arrivals at the Brown
House yesterday was Gen. W. Thames
of Jalksonville. the clever agent of
the Equltabli Life Insurance Comr.
pany. Mr. Thames is well known in'
this city and his friends are always
glad to rus him.
Miss nusle Phillips, a charming
young lady of Webster, was In the oity
for a day or two this week. 4he wase
pn route from Lake City, where she
has been for some time attending
school. While here slae was the guest
of Mis Kennedy.
A handsome new sign has been sun-
pended in front of the establishment
of the HI. MeClellan Undertaking Corn.
pany. T'il sign ie finished in gold on
s blue background, and Ito one of the
handsomies in the city. The work is
the effort of Painter Win. lore. .
H. If. lleye. of Hlhague was in the
eity yettetday. Mr. lr layes is the
manager or the hardwood eastp of the
ltoopes Brus. A Darlington Co. ol
in that section, and is regarded as a
comwielent hardwood timber nan.
I ir country friefnde should s*ver fail
I'o bu or ord.r through the mail
"Teethin." for it surely Ill 9
The bill for tething children'u ills.
"TKE'ETHINA" aide digestion,, rvgu-
lates the bowels of children of any age
and makes teething easy), and costs
unly 25 cents at druggisti.

0a21, AUlGtUST 'iW '


-- -;;-: :i ;- - ~r . ,-


Jas. Everard's Canlad Malt

Among the visitors to Iaineeville RED STAR.
yesterday was (ivorge F. McDonald of -.
Shell Pond, one of the oldrct and tii5i A. g ood w ml's amild better than most
uulsetanolal reilediats of that section. eer. ade of Hope ad Malt
AMr. MaDonald has for many year con-
duated a moat suomeesar'il farm. and is and NOT RICE.
one of those fellows who lives at home
and live lin tle luxury of all the good Per Barrel ........ $10 5-
things this section will afford. Per ).rzen . ..... 25
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sutherland of ..........
Itigh Sprlilg are' rejoicing over the -aim- .
birtk of a line boy, which earned to 'O TIO Ej.
brighten their home at sit early hour --
Friday morning, This genial coidple fOn 0 Mod0ay. JIuly 2f4th. 1. the City
has many friends neto onl in lili.! Council of talnesville., Florida. m te.
Smany Ie required by law, for the purpose of re-.
jSpetril, Ibi throIughoult this entire viewing aald uaijalsing the assessment
.*fctlon. r hi will exteind ongratula of taxes fur Iht year li(, ajd thpe a -
tlion., and iru that thel young man **Miuiniin agaii1t their fn.lliwing nlanlid
_will aro wup. to .* bi useful a** ht-.r', '11" were 'I I*IAi.afollowsI2
'"dml," IW W*. Aversa To i1 <)
IJ W rmt' . Alderman W
Cheap rat,' to White Springs and jIMro. J1. HrMroko k240 )
return vlis (G. U. Railway.. Daily Crawforlt l it ia ..;" luO
llimi, '16 days, $3. Wr*ek iendl. guliig Aiie t'Clinton. *' ,
Satturdys aind Sundays, rettaringK i, k a mW)
MoAdarys following, tf6 L ave 1j M.Oniralhlni0 1
Gaineville l:46a. m.. 6:15 m. itun- J. W.0 a's Jo
(Jay excursitln only onei dollar. Leav e W. lihek lMoeley '
Usainesville 61;5 x -nA. Nine hour ait I. Ule1l mia1 "
t: C Mu. ihan "
springs anil back inmae day. J. F. Mrs. K. .. Phillip li2A)
1l1 11,. agKut. .t 1 i4 ri and L. y I' rrry "* l
hOPadgett A Thoas
Justice Cilmn ha l1.Pn doing 'vy auptit
limitl in the trial ducket lik n reent, Htly, tin. eancheo ". an
iNot thlI mninothliy oof his office wai Ellison Thomplins 10i
Itirukn yesterday by a .chll upon his W. II Thom as 'i
irv1. lo pierfurmi i marriage iter- T. FP Thnmassn UI0i
toiperfor!i r William-. ,oJU

I i'

" ll',. '. .'" I,1I ",

For lea or epnt-8-lsWou and lot
known as the Jaskt os en qo i sontf
mln-e r-m, iltusaed eonmer Akredoai
do and Mpslamlea Mt.O AMso we.o of
land two mile frum city of alnte.a*
will.., ie 5) aern.t-Upate4;i 1
eres pastir.. plenty water. Tnquire
of K. X. T .Ile.6 UanesYIllo.. or Iesaa
Mteven., iM ioush Third trees, Ocala,
Fvia, dswt!
Invistasonte are ont announcing rthe
marriage of Miss Luestl liy Cold1
ham to fir. Wtilant Wallace Moorely,
which ha.pjIy ,'evnsll will tlakot ple4 to.
day at the brid'sl hope in Tampa.
Miss Culdham was ones on of North
(ialnesvllle' attractive yoqsi ladles,
but has been littig in sTampa sle plS
year, where shoi made many friends.
Dr. Moorely isa promilens ol08li, of
Tampa. A Vmiuami.
AmoFgl thi visitors to this cityll p
torday was J. N. Hale of Williuton.
editor and publisher -of that lever
Journal The Levwy 'oaty Advoetl.
Mr. Hale is oee of the mostly vesatile
and elever writers in the iate, ada4 It
making a flne paper for Willlison and
lIevy county, which should be appre*
elated. He has juqt installed at a eost
of nearly 4,M00 a nena power plans as
Williston, and is giving lthe people of
that oou4ty a fine paper. The hSn
aeknowledgs aas agreeable oall.
The Sun stated mn i issue of Thurs.
day that P. K. Walawrlght of Live
Olak, brother of J. E. Wainwright, who
is visiting hbore. had been th. vielti
of a lightning stroke. ,and wae hbe
under the tIrvarnmept of Dl)r, MeKltir.
It was true that Mr. Walnwlrsht is
here under the treatment of Dr. Me*
Kinutry for a iroke, but. It kappmed
to be a sunsitroke, haone frindl of theI
patient will fel dealer, ser a. they
learn that the misfortune was not so
Attention is directed to the change
of advertisement of (l o W. Hydb,
whiah appear. ellewhere Iso this nssue.
Mr. Hyde has ono of the largest and
handsomest dry goods emporium lan
this seawiou. For the oanvenaleum Of
his customers these long, hotdayl, be
has reeoitly Installed eleire refas,
and It Is really a comfort and a ploae.
ure to trade. ti say nothing of the
rpunles saved. at "The iig Storhe" In
gbsoo of all lies. Mr. Hyde ls a hu..
maoe merchant, and rultntarlly gives
his salesmen and salesladies a hbilfhol.
Iday every Thur'say. Person shop.
ping will be governed aecordlngly.
The store loses at I o'cloe k every
Thursday aflmrnoon>



Jatksonville, FloridaJ

----i,,a V , -


On t AC. ,. L A

None Bettor in t

R M7

hn. lhis WtwU, U '"thuN

WOWe tr psws Ps as
. l
^~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ '~^~ f^ l^^^K ^f^^^'*^f^MA^^^^i^^L ^
W ,.,,- ow^^^^^w ^'*M eWr"^^
*, .. .. .. T r- mn .. i ii,. ifi-- -, -

The SM
1' I W!" I i l r

"euulne .ent.rtismsl a, nm ,
of The oa rt MS o.

Most SuccessfuI f
It. novels (a couplet o.* las e abWrO) W -
thois of btfh hoenowprn. 4 T
Ilsa slart etem hre omaiehlelm.*taiq a t, ft I
Its poetry ongr a tas e ds i M
ness-l by the est poputbr poets,
Ito Jokes, wistlelse, sketho., at' ..
16o Pages P ightft4t
No pagf le ware edoaesap.i'Ua.l
log essays and idle disesaom. .
tveopery will nat4m, m .ta
r ba. now-p2s40
or registred latter So T T517
N. B.-Sample Copie Bent
-- -l - -'-* '--. i)' W 1

Take The Atlantic Cost .Li

1.aimn v im
S ". ' ' i '", : "

J . -. 1 gag

Rapid Transit and U urp e
Tims Tablo l0 e6e6 Junie i M..
Depart For GAIJflVILL X ilZ"

7 :) p m
1:1:40 Dma

High Optaip amd hlalr-
Smetla Polat ".. .... . -
O(ale. Leabum -a -- .

- InrT

til .... ~ite. .h a Jo -" " 1., l."'':;'iyl
D ily ,' tenhh.dl ,P o t
21o pm Paia, Daytona, Jasovlleo. ..

Daily Albany. Atlata .all Potlat Noorth VS "'
8:16pm Mpochnll, llesopy muand Cite *
e ..o'' i "y ''' '.I
l '

oal railways in the oothern ta t .
Throulih l ullmaa" alej@ Port ami to tw o. via At O

.. ,

A ATil 0041

-M *o^nle


Those Degring to Beou

PirstClass Edeatio
S..,Should Attend....

p P Jr $Te doask. I I
ICKfhlliemt fm** NJte tlOiSltrpyoug l$ISS. M
their duaghters w lthe Iss r aEv$ f qow tW1I
bef .of $am.
M nu*ewm wi'" "e a)ew41$0
ineO. Will aibsfltepea w. 01
A m. m .. ,.. 6 A. l l.l...........
sat early all of owDan
s eene ot f ,w,,o able IN
in the Uoiled Sta1mn lhe a WI r h

*,PW to b, f lc P o ':' 0 .''" 4MiW
O eIrllt Uf,. a.lMW *,A

S iAMutLL . au I a P

el-- -

1 "i

", r

r '1 .. . "" "

. . .. ... .-.- j -' -._ . -. -+ :

. .. -1,' -.7. .,:. a..,. 4 1 ,


ow A -

p . .

-' l-97H1flS~4. ~ *-b.-. -.itflWIHq,~
r H'

t-.^' *
:4".H '4 H

".' i^ .:;* *"H

S' .'. '- S' .' .I '
ii +s' *-^ -, ': '
-- ..'.. .,. ', *

9,H:4 4 'H
s ^ ^ ;11,,-i .,j ',,. '.
,," ; f. l ., ;,'

fc ;-^ -' .. ,' n ,'
,i : ,,.. '.. ..r *

f h ': ." -i r "*

"0 -





*SP.N. .II'
ASllH s

enfd, be


JiBBI~ l- -g'S m

a,-fih,0g a N k no asw bs .tA.
/so uam.goshowtrel*Ise
b, with mwsbtsO W bai Bw iWes,

.9 . uuleG iWb l s ioml er l losoe iw a s
t00Is. g a w, w .ishbe teble I s allbe
MUVOW. hPe$i as p.s b .r res ow a. u *
ft pflItSgl piO ship snows
*flea ..d p f^N@ buI Sho tm *Hli ha
alsO.; l( H, _4 ,i10 a w.ill" .ee .tomto band
i4 = du bled sd, tble pi pI.
OIL 440 -gmagdempemlble lqmthe a4O
-. bet nd. Nlt of he Rir d West oail IMIl.
pi tiW ;.d '.W. a141o1 0IW 80tsme i.. whoih forw en-o
-WWI W" Ie Ml0oed deIloPd t b1 o
aof so sll Ms U por feallSts.
to $.1" :09: I 0" Up the I sepie nwew ,

0"t wet o0 py Mvlivea snd proper
W0 Of p P roper4 si"I so lp
i 7pia M lrlthey i xrow b. Th*
lo at.of Me a -4mt6isekd soumtry is
RPM- P** WH ledt bfighk It is dsined to a
s Sh pIw I l prominent tI Ba 1 agriwlturdll
|iP^ S-lU0h te -* aduutry of she sat, aand will bMO se
41)*1NO tomousM 1 t0 beom its prdStis will -b
t ,SM .r o M. rshe t sand bet the market affode.
a4, WIU tMo 8m. Aud all btsh e made possible by he
"eM lt h her a yss sad leaves whiekh theM who
., to Mure. vha developed she Florfda est OCasl
O U.a"s keU sh OM U. Amusedw. ths point have
ft*geew. tMen in owSt|a% W feld *14of labor
.. illMS ,,orprie thues hos who would
@49 oh.eistst .mm Os md rusteoi. their

o bi T h at tir-a re torsw w ar fillowas
BR,:l ol*P $ bm^ .ru^t ty ..

,. a -, =W -
S~agi i A. p *, Js

MONaW.n. v
M E m. u ag.'w.:oss w.... *........
iPtt and tt S. pw ao Io 9W thoU .. Me

0' h4-, s -- t sdebl

.ft Apt e'a It 1s wels fo' tas a a:e- "...atA 8a a amoft

,.,-..m i N HIRS Wo Ilvu .5
.a. .i dq e

4easel and falo earwu
Hootse ,,. 0el od. the i lmmag
t* ulkmBftr Wof141, or f1el
e m 1.14i dmis, .e are he-vag.
sbties w ebifeward still The
. .W.s If" hUill, t.A winds *so.t
Stpi but kr imd wiM over sUe wiste
olitfpwfpth a1n tells the .od tide
.1 GM, plats l omhi d every fright
tedt kWerltad Ieltg i, world with
.e Is lifts u heltewad Twhen all
ssitelean set sweOpS ne as last into
e wklhe ba1. of God' pows" If only
ne dy not nor depair. It is the
SHe taMt says. .
Whik the fined way vainly break.
, i-h em no palail Min to calls
War thsreght rik and hnam
G f coding la. she main ."
.. ' " 6 g t" "
Miami Metrepel z By the oumple.
ilm ofst 0, hI. s" t he Home*
peed eMesty, twesty-elght a llt
aeth of Miami, tBen ist opuge to'the
soatM a of *e las"t ,eetient of
fuftl h,. ad la the 8384.
The soil ia Jbis Illlehy 1i +espealap
IdMpted to the iraking of tiiiotoe and
*Ni *tok. y i s. trTnouspva fvmw
* UlrS lhe ellmlnatlonua ol

w OR. '. M .

Tsw .s or mita
SBlie*lfSnow Liniment Ca*
*T Lou .* "W.
hr Utak, y W. M. JAsmes.

-. -. ".. -*.
eta hS l F-'

t L it. 9 i ,
S, *, j A j..* *, *ltbl *' *t
5 ** 1 t D ,'' f r.;
e;ar WILE ..'
| "Ira Its

S Tl bedt known aut mitl popular banb *udift
antl tonic on the market to-day in r,.. S.
SThr is hardly a mani, wimmt oir child in Ameri a who
ia4d f "S,' *4. & s b AlWedn It Is a standardd rti. dy and
for all b inid troubles anld an une.jiledm Iiri1it1onit, ain aalppeti .er.
i* e1uasateml purely vegetable, ti herilb nim rxtut of which it (a
il beint mltcctc4 for their. 4lertInt .in!t Ii iat puui>)tkis, nasking 11
! paik.',.I for al. 1 h1A,.
_ ut. fur 11 . g u.. ta opinion, i .. I-*od m leds
fn ldieAFc%, as it nut IN* Aso&n .* hd.j t.*ampl y n aott itm rentO
riics aidl ilivigitutittSi *s sia*yre t'o d ha the b cod a4ta 1t*
wMI. but atth W iW4i 1 1 wtdQWi h a'
il upthetiredt nerve vle *n yoirs: sa t.Il) ahigs a vera e I
engtitens the genert dl l ao nlaih riL ofT I "e1 .
tar Rhnuatism ftir r Ot 'l uc.ura hoer, sNdl Iy was
.'An 'r .... a ...' -U p >' l tira m tll lto 11"104 l bO tw*
hrontle iWre* aSd p I:blIfor to all ta: p( ia. .*.ttmoto
,tarli. Vheii ti im, ,. i.a W;.: lho-o'"" too elKnot r. M lSF,,
%olon., Ialuaii, Ai c t-ithl. hVI wnIs%.
-tmul, PfTUisi HSalt V. e u0
Tetter, Arne, aniF rt.i' I1hwr'diseat-Si? ate 1 *hire tto a polluted or (I0.
Wed condition of the bln m l., nothiiK nirt** s so pmiptilv and cffectiaally
8. It counteracts and eralicfat.s the ,,reein4iif potiks ; cleann'es
We of all unhealthy waumutilations. anI ,soon restores the patient to
If you need medical advice write us about your case, and yowr letter
SnW" pmeopt attention from our physrians, ftr which no charge l#

H... N0UtI





RIttes $2.50 per day and up. Rooms with
private bath from May 1 st to No-
vember 1st $3 per day.

235 W. Bay St., JAC$HONVILL.,, FLomnyA.

Air Line Railway

... FOR....

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-


Baltimore, Phila-

delphia, New York,

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


Only LineU Operating
Daily Through Pullman Sleepers'. m Jacksonville to New Orleans
-aksni nanagm aaor-o

For full Inforamlinu and sleeper rt-.
write A. MacDONELL.
As General Passenger A rtX.


atiolsc iall sn n any tIion teabOal of
h 0. IOYLTON, J..,
Pame nger Agaent

orlds Fair Rates..





ItoundI 1'r, On
.ie1 dani;y, ood
tift ,n

Hiunal Tyiv *aanMn ten
* 1 1-,H tkr I k tf* Ta'C1a4dtbyh
i'%d tf.u a'n, s in June.
'ooll nt b r ; t hree.

ii, Ie. :i.
Hlou'rt Trip. On
Iat ltly. .Good
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)g thee tbicu) AtIit iit a, tl (.i itltitShm t or (Ct '.t ,4in 4 t d t -eil, 'r "l.IrI a fo( the
- O Y time tfru luituit ma th iam own nraiw ntl.t A luw. 'Two .jirln d'!y from
Jatl mylltr. Tbto .1.. viee a cr.

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clt Prom Prd 0. A. R I "l'
-NA -HALr MOON AUndotakinig (o. :4W-l . A TA &ELTY '

'" T he sedquer'ua trai ll-..
Jsekunmvtllse AtgiRt lie will '!rk
n BV e. Te sT.IS. IAIICVIhI., PLOLrIDA. opelrailwdver the f0oi11i*in 70u*,: E " VOTZU, XQ U
"- 4I, a Coloed 0O r'. -,, abomnl Air Lin hne lailwa~y to tiu.h- Abtetrsu of T sl sad lull Imlesis in i .ii' + .
wDAYS *. m id K.. AdA W. WMh. to Wmh,. .hg UIM Or ,mhr e .i
AS ILL FOR SEVERAL DAv Finerai Directors and 1( .,, I<. lo.r..y;,oeu e lY.iy,.,,, ... M ^
o Ar Mar'land lIto frierm er, t hr f l A
*slld His Mother and Ask d Her w Q L o E hers. ., Ni. in.I t.k.I I.' e aw
akinme ioin is -sem uc .F AO N, hftYi wAN IN M
Pray Fer Him, After Which He Left -l. --- le, Jaokouw ll e 7:00 r7 srIE 1A: aT WUPll A 31
hle H use and Was Dilcovered Dead M'mifstirr lter rive. Whinon atl p. B. l I rIi B eAaW
m at Lake Two Days Afterwards. lreti Frames, Rubber MlHamp, Art lave, Wahilngton 7t)o in., arrive (' TIn.* l 1
iidos dI'pelsterp. Ea3ma ie- Ipston S1.N pWs. O. ,
lfSt Mooni AuLued w.-Itev. Ailas dabsF mtm rea, and Iaotlra 'tid.e I Kledu. I.. arrei gd v rhas Ihe
'helrment. colored, wiro lived near r aie. 4. R. ml pendi a might in W '" ;l'ash-
"her, ws irioely. ill until Monday k ington This train wll R bel, qu lppe
when he rolled his mother to him (his Orders by Telpegra or. Telepb .e wih thnor oughfare vntlbuld oe h. 1
sed her to pray for his soul. After ,o vHi Lof I no atnti hu Pull
om igthe house and W praying i r her M osti ernt r. t oi uopei wltoso n, an ro W
Ion, .M' opn 4 l t do.rl a.m d wSlt PARKER LEAVi S ISOPUS. chne, hs W a shie tin o th .
Iook her dinoeru Wl hell she o tur ol First Trip bSine His Nomination ant lbs ros ndre 'p rate aroam" aiin sv4Ille
Si nir Wt I o will e, all rai via New l
h*b son oould'not ha found anywhere Is Seheved important One. York and iound steamer, Qfl.Tb; i MIIW VjtlVl *tfl1,
abou the houle. dhe uinotilled her 'hi s IO N" Y AI nel hborn imnedoitein aind a searching P, .".'Or. i'it i: ni. lh.Irny PIr the fr ysOnnaith land Jstemamer. Ha.
party w fdormed. Nothing w e. hbar t :nw ui.n. int ton taki n a Itreqest fyorr slhke.e Aovr the owiml Mar1te 11 tuer..s of the ..u
of hin, u lntl sti.dn reda. Pvening. A 1V.AMI ui,,,i., ,t', ,,,,,,,,,,id ,,,:,l. ,A ,, mu,. 11w ro. N ral umard Air tlne Railway. ana Island (*ott (i .., ep
Rne found hil his l ad shoes as the @o -urelrinA.r' a fa r I'.iin'i. m ,s ti hr Inu o Ii ridile'n d Ai r t oe ce lednt name, b ,
edge of a little polnd out two miles t in'ifn Thho ., ur d willt. a llt ro~n. A IN$V I4B 'It
fromt his homae. Wlhen the marching T. itr'-al, i, mot lamxPct trip tkkm f..or thSlu oal, NIon t o the
paoty arrived the body was floating. e Nt .,,r .i t-. .tbnaitnI (. U A. lt..thel' friends, and ihe ptublie
They dongold it t und examinyedr e Isrkti T hs nt O generally for all trains df August l&h,
h at found nothing to indileat foul tnL 'r th.' p1TtnlsiI' of the journq, It h and 14th. The Seh.ard will l 1 -
play. Hls rem.i., were i nterred at whs ce.rtain. hiwg'ver sell suh Vieklete via New York maa*
lhe edge of the waiter, where his boa thae Kiig.rn wtas dlly a way iltath0r lsmnd lashes, er any raiel oaneesmon
was found. It is generully ball.eed on the r1mt. from New York wihlo0t etoppha ing
thgt the negro etmmitled suloide to ton ive has teep Judrge Pat ker'i Wshing ton. 2w.,,'
relieve himeel.f of hile pain This is I'lrlA.lmt a, I ntei t ioni to remain mli, t i i tVo.. th
a very uneommonn t ueide, far is is l Cspma Ihroulghrm tr campaign hJs EPIDIEMIC OF TYPe OID. .,h p
quit enldom that a proulher or a ne- thore who know of his Journey today 1 .- -Th &aboard I "l &I
gro takes his own fn d walks two ed v ithai t t volved maers Ipure Drinking Water Is Said e etbetiip ofvie Now Yok
miles for that purpose only. orlyeat thul urtmmce This mu wee wa ye the Causeh. Wia e ha .l jmo
ut there ha been "o ehln ot denied at R m Osemount. ( m i ar ot .. AlYrktll N it Augst l -ONl .waw ... m e
do'g" about this little place this Nhdrd tam to tld fever in t ihe *go m2s
week. Monday night : nuler of un. A Summer Oold. hWto ,r et iu.d g a t aitl arm. . ... .
bnow men wen o the b lake and A summer cold is not only t inn O y-U .4urb. &!r,+ lmg lnmtorte4 from sew
detroed every boat in is with. dyna- lg but if not relieved pneumonIa will*' a rfc pesl p icti mor ted fr
an e. It is supposed that a relw or he oNb pr bl result by nfll tel. l i sOtrts, T eplc, I .s t ace a
g takes ownegoo th ti stan lurking Niwua se Cough Ctr clears th es phlegmf bit to i ri; lb t where workmen aed
envious egroe that draws cept the T slammasionm healsh chiCurere 5r "k,
this work. bIsem mronchieal tubes. tne iute auy provided sad a ana fl m 1od n Utt
J. E. revard of this plee happened C e n idel rmed o the r I system e.tablished, the greater prl m moT Sus '
o ison i ils plelieausso the taste dme SON..
workhe miondyune a nubeinfg h hoAe Serfeotly hasmle... A eertain eure, of the population wl!miuipr (Go t01.4he F
stolen from his stable Tuesday night. reoup. s ough and sold. Sold by i i Wo
Mr. lBrevard has not found Ihe anmi all dru.ggis s .
yet, or does he know of its where b A Perfeehoy Palbsain uts TIableg Une elled.
e I CL Is the one that ill *11a th oe sy*
Nerve Tension. Democratc Natnal Eecutive Ce tem se the liver tto npal n remove I .O .
A foue toI health i. .rv. tension, t he bile, sdar the C.a letVinE, se .
ometlmes due to hurry and worry, but hu dashe and leaves v tast. In tie
nino tn ,.. out of ten due to poor indi. +., w Yrk. A.uyis.t '; -- The. in.etlnp mooth. 'The famous little pills for do./
thi work. bi t i nrcnal su"r in()no l sush work uuleausz4ly miand asealuel.
ges*ion, a bad stomach, a torpid l iver cof.... *'4'dli "a'2 at il aeh IWrk title Karly Risens.
or censtlpailon. These conditions all It, h Moore of Lafayes. hlad., saga :
rt o the niod sfd will keep your h'et, .'CT Is anId P la mnIuno L the "6All other plls I have ued- ripe mnd -
rrel, ol hed foud o n o, rk meep nul:t,+, t. r r.nar the pre sieken, while DIWin's Early '
thrves o in ede ijot do i om ree lI!ersir c -..i- ham flet. r..amtain ,is are osi p mply prten t w inid by ta 0
Mlarl .y usnghel ns Augustl Flower. ai.dl ,l i 4 6 t o w, et i anl all drolgIsts UI
hlre Is o better stomach medicine in th t V ,l'ii l .t.,rnt . .. *,.. .
the world thia August Flower, and no r on* "r trill.. lon" -i..av. eye
sorer cre for indigestion ordym'pepsil. tIvvi iwv a1':tt' (aid Onu ui p TN
lritl bottle, o2fl. 1igb bottle. cThe. h. 'ra i. ,, h ati ,.sl r'zmmt. SOUTH SIDE ..QUAD."S.
W. M.Johnsom's. tIce w re oe i ind xUhostrt de U Hanedt wr.sI tes - r CaI. iiSd -o...
THE NEWS FROM BELL. ennfrr t~L th .'rgj, I).noeratir' arj,.,
'lt. lr.vbs, ,, b, u. ril g of the cx
The Weather is -ln hii nent- mIprove-uh e'rhn at .. ..d W pill fo

Bell, AUaust 6.-W., are having l Charlie

very raihy weather *t presunt. A Vk ;l v
(I.. Icheffield and S. A. Baron arre -. 1
p'ttiftg up aI new ginllery here. Ho- A 1 r
nart l. i. exppitu to. nptrati h i. i- 'in.. 'l v
"at lie; this ea on.., rI ,
, Abtsh S l' d Miss Abbott have\ C IT
N..r. MtYlutexh and ,-SI"*** l:aV! ." r.' :,|L1. WR AI.. fr.?..
got a good school a t iell with seventy -- : 5OMPATi.$S'
people They air' gir;g gvJ satitfne. Puts An End to it All. It Makes Me Smile W# "ni tbws Ispanu ta w eM .tw:,i.
Aon ,. gIrievous wall oftrin s comes. as a 1i a 01N .,
M rs J, H... fr l ,. 1f L . N u w ai .o f S...T o Tyin
.Mr . 3.rimhs nt irenaq, Mw- result of unbearable paitn from overt sd .'LL
oe ,,on. eel organs. iWiness, bckche. t I
tr11r L*. A. Gur',b, and .Mro liver complaint and oonotipation. uta
Wa6worh' of llaore thank to Dr. is Nw Life .ill BUGGIES AND WAGONS l n' Ne I l U
hcrervinitIng b 'r iter, Mrs. C. A 0a46 thry put an end to t all. They are i
sett lglntl hute thhhor h Try themo. Oly la.a I'l by ....
Man Frai f, Lvy i up, e. uarantd by aH drug %toa ia w f L "I b01y, l, "
y"ol WTora t mud n se' Loois e0. P EDRIC K ViDt r SafC and Lr
har in' .inw.nt,,e. r.rie~r, *i thr. er, tei, nveri:se Ipemplet'f till asg. y1 t USEtr V EfVER Y W H ERE O3:.ntn ,ai ., 0O b .o
espeCitalion of btuk ilni me otf t th. "11.Yv: ts ,' Ifn, tIh'et w tl tie alf The "Viewfor e be e*emi i0. 0 '
flnny trib t,'i uiii,;'.ii in tihe lI) ruii ll' H r. tYI InIg Ige pnM i v T aV bo t a k "sor to ....
,-- ,I. WIltrs it ndi iffs jjj phjIy. 1' iti'r ithn Ju'4tiil in your prophe- F V 1.1, Y (0 17 A ft NTE D. rom N boT to b oIf 1* ati .
/ Ing a tlaftino at pr,'e n., vy. It will 1"k. ipnarer tltne uit of every by t.ll g O l 0 W '''I
Mestr. HI i t n* t the lIatht-r "eion tuI nto the world. We' are hor-
cleaners,. ,h dng S VolN *1e'dal gf rllaly uqexroilit oclera ast all bowel "
work at l a present. isae. of dlphtheria dof rle lorm ioi etb trflly h ula d.
wrt ltheiL! tj, 1,r1 n 6' fve er. Add to tJfne the annual durtelth .' ar i g.iI.1.I........
. 'rr ltr- Lf I'.I 'i+; htot .i from Jtiit ll, ( l s fo ur from .I- arin .. mt I .. .. i
dided *'Ynt i2.41pri),r uttaL to tht prop* lesot.' hmrienpp usd tl. t um total is notI
erty hbrr Ill drItving a imlp i O lt* It r whit?. ml' gra.t white pingueJ
sbchln 1".1 0lnims < iJy JlWi1!m lltit jp"pr.ulees Jis, 3 1a. it, rRAMAw. Ptlsd W
It a '.ely.....r of "n" Ev er's
End of. Bitter Fght. Bitter TiH rin*hr t
Scaarr.ought It) Oa6 Ltu. Mld IV a
right, unc." writt J. 1. llu h" of The esit'. cheapest and tkwt remedy x. "" '" '
DiPont, (l*., "an, 4te n- tp. for etanrrh, eod1s. anLti~n and all. die- quantily, -
Rvprr body thinacht mty tinie had rrtne, .'toe of the throat. 'hepn. aid loop s ; T ONLY nVr T mAflflflAf TIs atan^fla1 nil
Asr l r rluy.t y irrd I' u' N.w or ti h a I.' 1n -t THE ONLY CHARTEREDBANK INALACUUAva '
Dlsyover fr cn.rp. .Te tnu .lrw', .perfect ly harmle, en t dren., it On of Our CtaegUsi t nittl .. . .- ---3. '... 3 .'
livid is *wst-anwtnbaa tSn snep nawlplak.l aa3a. d h

* 4 '1 ;,, r*'vvj I W~1.t :?~' j.2~ ;'i .. r.' ~'.-jr~ t. .;.' ill
'J*~. ~ S ''*J**,*r .i.'' *', 'p *.I....., I,'
:4 I, *.*(~* *.~*.:'-*' :- **''*'*
WV'S. .
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t(f two, welt
P. F W ll. tu

i'*ut bMp mile
4 1a die4oulty,
d teo a" kill

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J0 'odor, *Fkw1AO #
wil" rI~~)QI
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olu" "or $44reasswoM. All 000 OU04r,

ftel Impatird and Demessle Wqoorv
OW.W1006 In the oily-

Fourth Annual Exd vmlo.o

I.:'IRItIII and

GAO R sorts



W[O.N[SO.IYj. AUGUST 17,1904


"ll" From, Jockso'nVIIII


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nwed slid 010 id) phasphaso,
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OPLICITOR IN. 011,40141 Y'.
WAD46VILLN'l I Alowlims 00-1 KA.
68ke In. Model blook,
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Two" Owun ftemse,
ohms mail pirwirly so
R" AAMS pr ftt is

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111=1 UOUTIC TO T"'E.

Stf- Louis Bipositions
III ton*ftlflem with We & A* K. me 4'"'
569 '0 a his Ift R1114 rpm A.40104.
I lung* A 1,4oulsi
ift 4.

loorglio Florida and

4.1 arryltw th4'. imly murawovelshpit vor froege
A Lima C* tas, a t. [Am 1%. This oji r to* ton J am k wa-
sm. uIvior
You t1w 110re day in 9.10'auit 11) or% Inelitod.
Vilw to Lv.% frAptri ydiar tolu. Wmid'i VaIr izidde
A#* And smitoodobe,%. mlooLApsom rewtvisilom.,
6340 114pok lshowf:ag b(psebt at Id 0(potilfalf
bouvow,, daisiptIvilt their mice, write 14p
FRED' -D L L f." R

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wams.0 piano-40t 's 11160m,011
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01wh tw *a ewq tordw. boot oil Is dow
wal. We par fro*hl' Write

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8011bero mole going
JOHN 0, MURPIR19 mec
GAIT"Eft &.40YAR.I.StstsAftso

w ORID 5 rAlp" PAID

Xxotirtiolk Ltakele nuw on sale daily
from (1alnesvillo' to St. LoWs #wd -to.
144. ip, Rolurn Hinit DOv., 16th
Rosturn I'lia.m *) days
429%.- .1telurp. .1inilt WASY-8
dpecial *oach t4zoisrslAm $;'' 35. It a.
tu int I Im It 11) d0a I rom d itte of sale.
'riekets saild Tuosdays In July.
C"Urreolwilding low rates fromiltI104f
vainks. rho L 42N. Is &be twsk line to
Al. Lould.
Pim ratirs, vehodules and Wrepie im car
remerv&416116 apply to
J. 11. PLEMNO, Fla. PQW. Agt.
M W. Ray Ot.. JoLikewinvilk. Fla
L. 8TON E, 0. 1 A, Isoij is v 1 .11


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Vivo roww jospors"We ta Now York city,

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Aut to all on Mo. when in Jackaotiql1le
4 w4b w 'U. OL Twm),
raftowso 114" mak'sad %be love U Ilk I WIN 401
Toob SPWWIA*w.

Oi' hwilmom ".crown I

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QRYSTAJ,.I -S.A]00N,,'





V n A ll fl i t "' N

a %Mrs
$13 Refursi Lithit-Ang"st 4V. 1104
Extollsium of Upturil I'llilit-Sk.10.
11 40 tembirr 3,0, 10 4.
:11tviahlo'K. 0 X) ISSOP-OVO-fa-10 d my a st Now Vork on
Cru" Hilli 8. Ca

being a prval "' OVAI Is '1 19 4 0 W, v4 11LAY
jtmk.: 2% 1 -rh Boo.
10 low lit$ It J$trs oft h 0'" the
0410%0 remonfillek 13, C im) wighout 41118:11ce. Through 11411-
0,01046 6-MA"04"41 ',up the it's
'HOuderson*01r,", UP oil V illo to'"Mmoll
-OjA4wbO -liver. and kidgkof wit6 C1141y olit, ellmilge.
latoo. 0111 466; (ri'm otht'r twill(im.
[Ake1araway, N V W Comill"14.
In C. VilOb'. Awe is h4hittov ill'o. F14. -
Two 1604%00 1119100'. Zay 10- it t nal r o. Mile
-twooil:m-ft f 1 1 [Axibout Mountain, Tcoll A. (1. A Ir'l*.
Oatt W40 V1*j ime 'W% -millivoil, 'S C
("Ittlik4pim. pr*,ment lot 140 1, (it J*4.011tllltle, irf
Vas t .4
A-b"Iftirly. 11older of th* It V V&
I Old 110int C -sin to ri'p. Vm (141 Th. lo ida
SAW 10
MOW the 'IKf. t Its ibkl I ',I V 10
"lur to ma*O tile filtivftt q1w bl-% "'0"' *-Wolmoc'. vit and Truck (46wer,
:or "Itol 010, to; him. I JD to$, too it. IS 12 141
at-tbe UW9. M111jint. of'-Iho'km, lhw Vi irg 1111 rA jRv-j
it, I NI'm 1404 J. 11RUX111, FAftor mmO I"p"r,
1, 1"6 the manwbo wok ajjd froill a Tryoo. N'.. C I,, Ito
jjJwlt).ip S, U.
-to PMVk Oeftft Warin .1410fings. Oil OCA IA4 FLA%
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16 "1161811P One trot
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'Pen at''tho W -I I POO* lot Lithiaw 1.41411
DC tx)t
LiMines-V give* wtupt
W, Tb" a rv ff.w.r.11t. roulid-

Presidential Eloctors,
C F. Bluff unt-Firmoklin
(1. A, W'
A. N1 C u*hm .tFj--.% 1xitf, till 4m, pq 1?,



A tor ti v I- t.'i ni- ra I - d
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O"llinfiolmicrid AgriPUll1lT'---l -S.-

tit, Jolmll.
StIPrvine U'ourt for i erin of
Esca tit v it,
jt-lsliees Sujirine Court-A)'.



. Vi Ls' Nl R Re:L


Vory Low Round-Trip


W4011111MItIT). Now
York and SAvotmath Line
$32000 Vis Sli'vatmah REPUBLICAN
rt lit via Norfolk and
111elels and befill
whileton beard inelkilled. Natic, sit. Stati and' Congress i.o a
SaI.O.-Amcust 1j, 13 aild. w! el. -TiCket, 1904o,

.. .. -.~ 4-re' .. ..w 4 !4-i' .

1 oRGIA LIGISLATIR. Ne "eeof Appli action forVis t 0ud EYSTO EK fl.. fQDV
.-------- Under Sectlon S of Ohapter 41 .. .B ER
'A Ii n Qioican ll Laws of' Florida.. ', p'
Vo ol n t gorglan Notlee is horWby .ivei l.t J.. II * '*,
0tl l tug. Ar'i.i 'i.--I i to Vidal, prthastir of tax (leriflgate
Slip iVI be epqtIM ti iay ,whi thi No. P1. 4p a d the lill day or Juill fv C ren ,e
e stt ar n A A. It. lIo;Il, Beas il said a eritlfoea i t '"h "s In t a
Stl and llas mllade appliationll ,
pfsl puggihta fIan 1i t Ml:u agIu iithi ln In ir deed it itiup in at;curtasipo ,AS vIr.I-I 'LA
Irductillo o( the %txhAit.n bill ivtnl with lw. i4BId elrtifleate enmbitce ,
5Ito (Jrorual.. she followlunl descrlbvd property siti
TLI hull'-v *L'n.ii< Ih le' 111m4.lir yes at; d 1 A aIs Ii eunly. Flurid towei
,a,,II.p1. 4 11 M,,,,NW1100.*p. a .4 DEALERS IN
r day Itby a vut .or 9h t1 47. prtatIn.i tM 1 t Iw (orntt4e, 6t1112 IiA0t ,:AM sa1 411:1
Ar an *aptror4a1u.ia or $ir .xJ to th tlh said land lt*Int anissedl at lthI "eek r n, e
etfe ,'dpaj itlt.' iff 'J rftt'iuology, oi dBte Qf l smueirmushe e l u! ortlill'ie#t e irn 1 1r ,
ie0,00t In iddittto to what lt 4deplart thelt aitm of Madiso 4Orr. t otIyfd to AUl Part i.c. 1 4.I
ert( i( sIlr (d.v lRtt!ti ,, to ',.ihle i I nie said ee ittloate whall be r,'- i'' -+i ..ei ,** fl lKta, **d to keep down oi~i'unt.A. I). 1104. o- .$ REV W HISKAIES V
to fightf it',is traik+ebif thi ebll w pV d ql i'd aeih onhitiIl llaw, o. th r nonike 21 d wi 5 ....... U ....r'...
plant and fruit ts" Witiessfi llA'iial oia.ur d ni Ae1Ca aloo n W
Before passing thie bill tih,, huti e salI hi the i*e day ul July. A. a V
adopted IAt Tit-intni27 by Mr (lrk 1 14 II. M DI. NTON, J(aeksEnvili. Florida .' ISN
of Mlanil. utinntlg dJown lh1 lJipropria fi CiketGut C( Alashui Co ,(iFa. WIN
tIon li $7,4J(H an.d addition uf 2Ltt p Per i. If. Wivnges,1) C. . ,
toHU ihe. ,it *ptpiP1tiuT, when ih' bill was reported lbark ti Notice of Application for Tax Deed JACKSOUVILLE]
the lc.oe-r this auindnitdmnt was te Under Section S of Chapter 4888. lartbelmay ieelntr, hlar ls Im. ,W
feat.., by ,,ole ok it I7ti t.. 111, "%ev Lawsof Florida. FLORIDA.
iK 1Kth. ,riIal munli it. $1..,0l 0, o In the N tice i.s heriy given that Apple- .rt W mr be r es LmORlA
bill. tol igeagle, purchaser off Tax tetrtil- l.
The Nbwl l 1wee 1til) as pas'd1 by the cate No. 1. dalned the 7th day of July,
house ,iv+ the i.riblIriaut, wosat' .. 1.I1f, ha t ded sad aoertloatt* hi, We pay freight Or eXpreu.a o in w., iN
forth. pIput of ping tIIK hi arle i, my olme., andt mis a indi agiplipalion atak ish, Uiho ,C hl*i* mi e
ot...nor ta deed to inunne i artodane r olr. Poo lliaS, Bowlial following liquors;
of 6It.!v ',ntunkolngKit almd bhili tlmlzlalrll with law. Said ce rtilh-ate 10 rbraen AlllAy. 180W Biay l0'.
whche 'alare shalll lie llilad by the the following dresri-ed prIperty sittu- ,,i,,
state luaIr.d of entiomology, paying l md in .Ailehtsa county., Ilrida, Io. B- "" j" -1 4'- LEWIS 1806, Awy Above E"vuthlim I th
traveling ipe1eu &ilrnicmntd Sa"i **4fl.I
aitliance or ta laltarioryl y a 14, .c 7, T p ,. T 1-) ares... a 4 lqu ........... ,
The said lond bng assessed n the*
Boyn nc ortt ai d hte id laod in^ t a w I tax d e full quart.... ... -i
1co lmnitlun with the provtilton of the eiate In the nameof J. H5- Ellis.
act. rnl;.seid ,rtifieaie shall bre -. U- D ate BLUM'S 110G RAI, 10 M, .
Boycott ald anti-hocitt will non'lbe deemed soeording to law. tx deed / ..
dbat d in i iti u .st ilonl will issue tihreon on the .Mh clay of 4 fUl qUv ,.. .... .
C ibatee n ill hiilme It 'i S 1OD A" ,:;. A.'.. I .- s'. .3 qt'qs. -ft
Tl. fate o the' boyrtt l.iI by aie m. t"nd l qU ..." .' .,.,,,
tor Btarrt of tihe forty-secol. which seal this she .l8d day of July, A. -. a t
.ed the e Duet. practically whut 1 w nu LUMI S SYLVAN ILIM, P Io 0*
opposition, was dIcidi d ladve rlyo tt lrk CIr1uitA .t. f.Tll rONq U. .. .'
that mneaaure b) the+ general judiciary IV(r, A. Wie e, I hu .O. II i nia a
eommim ttee of the house a i It. ...slo P.. . a .. m.... 1i* A
o Wednesday night Notice of Applicatbon for Ta. Dd lrll q Wo 9, *.,.*
Th. Watkins umbAtItute to the' le Under Section 6 of Chapter 4686kJ
bill makiea ;the tax aSestiior system p Uar con 1o Chaper 1I. ,' :.
erative not only upon sch elcaehoh tu q a..Laws of Florida... ..
pTrperty am are ietrnable to the Notlee ishereby given that J. H. Vi-
Pier alrn e tra leutallher 'at.Purchaserd of Tae Ortieate KNo. fl.0.
lmoaptrodllr sneral. but on .l, proper ,0 dated the 7th day of July'. A. ..D.,.. ..,....
ty of every class. the hill providlta 102. h.ea tiled iid esa tiloulf in i amy
for a board of tax assessorsn 1 eal siene, and has Iavd* applicatloms for
ent. tax daed to lsue in s aebrdano with I I
law. Maid nnifleat.eeSmbrces she fol-
The bill to Inerease the salary oa the lowil. described properly y stated lh cl
governor was passed with n amend Alsehlweo fontf..lridd, towls: ...v..m
sent restoring the amount i.amed as Unmtneme at Nw. corner of lot -------- 4 age for t0r Ml oi
Sthe chef reruullve's yearly remunters owned by ('aear BotHl, rlun on line a l 1.
tUon to $5lm0i. as It stooH 4orinally dividl Bolin and Wolfopdeo 418 ft., Whi ,i ,M ft us ,, I*,W
man ,i,, teat ,,,, *,a.,i,1*. A 8ft.H 418 t., W. i.0, IM Lot flal1timia WRn En 1n t S 'A "t i1

house. though the latter body cnt the
amount to $4.000.
DeWitt is the Name.
When you1 go to bry Witch flaieN
Halve (luk for the name feWitt oni
S* Atry twix. The pure, unRadulterate&
Witwih lazesl is tlued i making. De-
Waits' wViteh lisael Salve, which is
the be t salve in the world lur cuts,
burns. bruistas, Ioils, ter.nnsa. and
plle. The popularity A) l)eWiti's
Vitel Haiel Salve, du to ilts imny
cure4, hias caused nu1mrous worthless
ovinterfelts to be phlaed on the mar-
hkt. The genuine besirethe name of
E C. De Witt CU(., ('hie i:o Sold by
all druggists.
I. i. %.'iA L, R Y.
';, r.., i.,I .. 'A.. .-.L,.tIRY.
brother shoots His Simter MHr Hajs
band and Himself.
Phliadelphla. A ux.-P fl -- .In~ ph
Sehroun and hi% wif ,- rin/aiet. *wlt
were married about a inin h noUO wt-r(
shot and killed by Hi;rry Flit(r, aget
.' .Jrs. tht-fiman's brother, In Iheil
lMnM today. "
Wisher also shot him eir, and l. IF'
a critical renditlth at a hospllal.
The motive of the crime is pald tr
have hbes rnhbhry. Mr. and Mrs
Sebrotl had $1 (006f in the hots wit?
W itctlh trhy intrilided li-o pirclihaie a'
ho11ir T'rlI' itinh, 1 %as oIo l n
Fisherni;.T!-l-. >f ^ t

Sick Headache

2. Levy (tront.
The said land being awmeed at the
date of the issuaneg of tteh certillcate
in the name of PIgy Watson.
i nleis said oursficate shall be re.
deemed weordinlg to law. tax deed
will tssue ther.rmn on the 26th day of
Autust. A. J. 1im04.
Witness my official signature and
.emal this itheI ,k day of Jiuly, A. D.
Clerk Circuit Court Alaolhu Co.. Fla.
1pt Per1r$ I. Wienges. 11 .
I.Eb I:NUKt K sm-ION or CHAIrrEJ
4.8N4. LA Wi ol rOiKSllA.
Notice t hereby wlven that illujawilfi ea itt
t hurh tiofnt Tux Cetlfleste No. SIP. dated the
;t1) ) of July. A.II. Mhi. basn ledm Idklrtlia
enlnt In mJ) iIlker.nhd bhai made, apptlatiomn for
tax deed to vime In a.eun atnce with In w. aid
pertelittaer cfhiim the roulowlirt deqeribed
lwriv&rty wiutmitd In AluitbhsU finJouit, lorldt.
W',Or *f 4 "t *1, w N 1i o or N" oI
M 'A iset. i ll 'p. 10. K. Ali.
ThIMeO ldland helng ameweed mt the date or
the in uajnce o f uch eerttileate In Lbe nk u
of l I(.lims.
Iitfwec t, 'errttl0 rk lt e'iall 40be t-1eniflt te-
curdlair to law. tax deed will Anui tihreun on
tibe slh 4 nof Auglast, A. IX I.lie.
ViD emyo) unolaIt slharnat Ir and eal this
I Slbh d4&v ur Jult. A. La 19N.
l. V. DlIXN'IN.
%'lerkc (iroulit. (,' rt AlathiA (C .. rIa.
p1 1I I .11. Wliestl. .. .


t|irre a''n itig

E. A. 1WEIL & CO., """0"

"'nr 've.ral yeanr- yif; wtift waste r:i- t All lUcrIptioell.
bled with wLhaLpiy'ieaie .a!h*'d *Lu .k
headn&t.e! ouf a very sever rlharac toor
She doerort-dl with rt'eral em iniztI
hy>ilnsas antid at a greai expvnst.'t I. n t- .MO lN
y to grow wrrv 'toetl *1-e was unabire Aget for tNAR and OVER.
to do sty kind of work. A hnit a ypar ElON Q AATV Shoes. EvryP
aou oe< togasn takia irhambritinar warr ntert.
Stomaheh and Uliver Tan't l ni tina -
weig iLOior'e than.0 4vn Vsio ,i ii l" j l0 h I A n
i*nd is reii.wel .'." a* rsMo s sAgent
.WrItgt of New Lot;IonF.. N' r.................. ....--- -
J IL- l.ll ...,. __ __1 .- -

Send Your
Order to the

ported Win ofd al

T .m Tab leO F Qi C' ':, .'.A.

-, O T-M (*Wf .try^ii AC^,

iI '

~ I.

, . ,
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"17 *r^ j-




..... ,

Orders sent to us
receive prompnlt atteq-
tion, and the class or
WOrk we turn out is
bound to please.


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rui~r ui rj mu rt~jWl 4 AIYIE%11.1l' FAVORITE
Many Houoes Detroyed. \ITI.rl In
,,.'1,,r',, \Vr ,,',,t,,orr. At^,, T,. jS ATISAl(lnL I!IOiN
Three hunti I'rd and ten hoits.'a t !
a total of !.0 at ilfiel.dt havf Alaciua Pool Parlors,'
dc mtryed l.y flT Th r wI' n lllll
btalike. uilY petws wt it iiio .-ki
jured by falling walls. rprier.
Chole t tnfanuvm. ---
T'lai'ti l@aie 'ash l nst i t terrnftir Jin ,e! 4I -- .1-


Galnestllloe Aulf "

Dolty No 4.
abns Dtlls
uf lI .

Lwv t lILv P ML A W

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8 00 ... .. ... ,.
n -I.
S L i * c * t ***
ft . * ****** 14
S 30 . ... .. .. ...

12w40 7Q t 7 ?
t B ~.. .... ...... .
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9 0o ..... ..... .,,-e

ll. 8 40 1 7a
12 40 T j tar 751ft
........ 7 Ia
... .. .. 8. 1 5

,., ., 4) W 4 o0 p
as PZ Tr 4a VR i


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-.. ,... .. 0. .,..... <,
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.,..... S.. P .. ,.... iJ
m _.*.*, ,.., *4 0


i-u ~
4 -

1' "'ORI~
4O 0 104V4
il` 0

L . BARKle,
J F. HILL. Agent

Send your ordersforfob APrJuijlli


n1 F. D.fTT,'fl-00

BucA210aN W

-0. - Ivv-

~I __

-- .


GOMM ftuye411

-, ^-, , i._ ,. Pr )., .. - ... .......hqw... .. i: k.,.... --
,:O. 1- 1-I U.. u nzb , .4"
"... 'tIOS "' 9 W1anil t.

Qr v^wusqm uo'i' Mo tib, dp te Pri*s for r
iM We e$e$ soOSulpse Wstenhl where they wil sped as few
Biib, 1p .^.day. piasmuly wlth niUese.
..Webs* aloI .' m 4-* .all"s FULiL LINE OF
t ,, It $sadeniq e mred A fe At i 4 ma, compl
^MBI^ b0it 1ii1 beedlli0 i fpto. a fo 1 oN top oW thm Sto
"000;tw a | a n, ge** i ,1 sh ein W* Wl so sho 00m 'o G 00 ,
hw Me. WilliaOs&shevlesd. k
.p. .,,... r im, .as i M pN 4 p. ... W" Tom lp. ofM ism, p. I I,
4S...the S uf u l. e m Vhmheisl and W. 0 Bnglih of T aps. t1 491 to all me0i0r id
SV le.s.. .. . _t Jfe I a trig ...t .* a l N. ,De... r of ...en..le. EtSI t.p er.
be *.d Ihj avae a elvetsUaie formed jOlly rio Vf ntt*of-townl
folks who paid Gsw vIIktm y wige V oao-
1,9 0 .1 "'.1, '1- 't y *W 'abl- .k W v -S .a . '
$1',r.s,. cndi a umd g.hbr. Nuh ,Misn.. 1s, Gali, ,Vill. Florida
.r aru Ab mrui *. am lhe who. Mro. 0 P. Cannon and famil, ,sdm te. -*
K:. i(M ' ,"": or01MI ON O!I IHi!. "| 'y '." .* ' of: "..... .
l 'sewpf eN o O t eyw ill"d"fow weeks reuper* T ONTIIME TAL;
Aa..':"a. eu t o - ml..1There sr greatt many Flo l.
,, I-- w - ass at abaeu Ihsnow, mid, repors CAFX3WINTAURAINT.
""*Go''yonw hlnM % ofrom si are #to the 'eBao that the
S : the *4 we h r and flobing is t .,
fl. ",!sh.-Se e ohis JhtfdP Mrs. J. B. Ne Dnamild and intproesing
.i ........ ....Ia s ee hth t ie. "s hlu le da u g hte r. IIofl a ,d ej| rti y e
Waite. l *g M otead1l. tetday for Wade, whetethey will Wisl
S li. owe ll of ish Spr( ,lpn latives for a few days. Mr. Malieon
ep Is: tbeJ-ly tr a few ,boh Priday. aid will go tody to .arpesea, where
She was M reOi b omu frol. Jpto na. he will eoltra;e In order to restore
n bn for th e p ol nmal health. H been "run
4 w s f r0048 li, her siter. Mrs. T, V, dtlt for some tim.. and inkf s ln th
Swets vll h SmepbPrli ma MdlilghtfMu T. V change of tinuephere will prove bneat.', .r .
it. OwlmVle gmste Jo. ^,N., Peasepe of Pse. fiela to him.
tellltu ws e iCD E Cdloni of Hague, ono of the
U,#a^ t, 8 b p m eem t sis tes.o to ial .ity -.. Pnre.slr.e reldent. ofl hat nation, II .o......o. i n.. N ut1 mI.
|OO.4o wfay ad t$ ,The Nan appmre Ws among the vIitior to this cltyt yes uan ais OhaNa. ) ar-
se ll sa l. suIItor Peateo*l i fmong a day. He Ies thfI hehisaon A.16% ran iTAIra S t w|
iwm t 4Ml ofwhi s lae fever for .e!eral dae, and that his i .t... w.. ...a."
p" d h se ag. f g a da toad th grandeon, Willie, has been sihlousl 1. 1 A Up.-
*p,,h'"ett 'sgil Of hfS'. IIIrfur the pbs ttwo weeks, of E lMO NT
the-mse h s n o family will *gmpaulhlweq
WV ... seupe. .. akwith thoen In ibis mlafote.p, and t She atet Sty8l
""&" aBd Ili ore, where will i FOLDERS ,
-b hi '16I 11d msatr goods. T fn nngf'll*A at
m- mii m m mmmm1000prop 0 so m ive the h U r nmw'rnrsyr
oitik .1: ~ 11tj61 0 44theor he6 i fi.fall
*, pd -a oep nd mo s complete I Ti
2r ",Undertaking Co. 051100 i~IJ^
Fine Fadeless Fotoguals
N-AwInT, V A 1m17 u Carry Complet LaofFrom Locket to Ifea Size
d II'K Caskets- and Coffins High Grade Copies a Spo.
t a'. .. ,t. a,, t . at i l
l i5StiW II U iU Ui in 'E ii',i ] .i -- I ** .i M I l wH *( fIIUY E R U W I. ., "v " e.p'-' h"
Why Not L4ea to Speak Spanish'
SRlfLEXT FUI'EiAL I IOitUls. You can surte a copy of the new
." .' t edition of booklet eaitled, "What to
Sa or *nd oC f1s or yI S 'Spanish and How to day I "b
sog on ne Hune.. ~.o rooneu d eding two cosle in poflage '. o .
In..-o Wedn sS d neod ,r Inree- Le p, division pasaegor sents, A'-
..'W $0 IO0 1 ra i o t L r..-r- ad, d
,, .- .. ..G. rg'ia

--2-- -- --..-....-"- ,' .-

I :i Ake
'* .

I Z' gains j

lof your IMI to get

WIwt tn prios will bring y0u )to this
'woh *-,, s-aOle pri c-4--1 ,
"lfm of .... n an nd tbeA No

bs..'t WOt .NO As at, five afet bhihi worth
'.a il fet hig,' th

...... ".,.. i ow th ou -fouar h nor,
m* 6,Isle I 00k 'U:1 O

-Y 4 *to. .* i, a p .. It' I
t pra tot Mrs HI.h .Ai. *, a e Ole W11 tO d Oe
O .W"R. rfr bladder .o trhiel third -more, sat p : e-m
. W,.. to .n. Bo.ade e AJ IaWre Co l prn, Wrth oe
u 4v iWie Si ring, sal price 2 19
3- <>r t^^J^l 'SgL anet rrlsM

S''fc! .'?^^^^^^^^ byrmp^ s** p~riLw; iw
Wp~y~wr rouowwi 9r,ra toy 'ur^-hi t~m.ItHrini r *lu tiri *^.jt~ft.mi.dtfia~tlir ^t!^ cr
>.,h.f Y __qw j *..* ji LJ y AIlffJ j^ tu*i r~k j kki J..j ...Br.*.

*- ., IUIH, n1A piaN rl s|a i* rn :,.-i.n,
U uodol t a Q tir as D, 4 s'ern aeplr.aiulvin." prw 4 'y
ae N d tbts neon lh*g ( d 'trnfrt, aI1,Rio Lk nmirke Ap
s awl re t sli pus. 7.I
1AhOd thtfe all-ow k." nairror
If Q li CtT I. 'l .Pi "00 S t,, largo e .. i
esuasud pretty ,nr'gulaw pv^t'e
TtliU ,, mo "Wohaltr 1... t u !. i
tenee e3 81 R0e. o00 .sie.........nly Je s
itthe r the , WW, wo1 rdma, l l oh40 1I 2&tG .
lES D e f* al l 0fl Pitt Als Cttaii tablet. Baby
d r'ocbeCt, r't* orve Caragim and ottbi r .
i Satbe.. teal j emal S oHoll atnI wg t tni tftr at. hi :L 0

* bAder ?t4',la t4r la, l0yd hr? .
mon .d:1.s1tds a ucla1 a.. a I'SUh.ia.t.....





What the article o you w lt. if i fmesT from ,.
a Dry Oood Sitor WE I lAVK IT' nd caa n
e *,ell it to you at f #a v141 uvrr ,mo.t rof this f
ohareter. -


Electric .ans to

k(.^ you cooll

and. cftmptent r,(rs t .I. rks
't "-- -- - '- --
We havr, a fe yard leoll of thosi


1('nt pritce in*

m ts M

are $tll going t'5 arid lt
summer go gt oi~nntie.


i - .m

V4 i 3 .'" ,:'.

', g).



L ~~li::lll _1 I J II I



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