Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: August 6, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02011
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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." I . I I- ",, 4 . . .. 1. r.. . '. .. . .. ,
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.P 'i ,,y. -. .. ,I o f t h e ,rr lv i I B e r lin to m o r r o w ,r t. - I l t ,, r . i

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the flretnt office. wWah rol etr and rb sh Tow r pbh Pwlo af
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, er .nt Io o. low to ten. U t p k<, b fre Monley." cq tuesto i a h ,ars t he.t ,,S, thy p o, I % Ir. L %
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Iew ii* ehati the vana fore ihe lar. to acftntuig h u0dto Gringv ir s ata Norb th Carola who _as Vitgti 6S
t0k With ANmastryt*e 50.09rl0 tv T o Monoftq ctile govnrP eiy. Thu tker l I I TIl in'hlt *e S T
ISem their Jtr. e obj-white fit c k hn with n b. ready ho teve to we ef "ous In e peh o tpu ohl. e tOA Mf f Wflt' tto 9Tih1t
e..i t' a- of tho. war H d b 1 to i t wl reported that throw e ut of re Oring ". a. s Ir .u r I I ,% @ 1h k ,A;

ftr O ne rSh umpa ttsrmy a def eteRu dt n rdtry ri arrrm to by atcrU .t rh C e attcs d4 ut e niu r
not ppurly uppo to t Port had a onfrnc ty with ithe biba t 0 a t laun, PA* tha tptn hi I p
Arthtrba The pap'r i there Jo, west i and that duri e wh 1rn t w 5io 04swef t ..
we ral dr svaftt r. an July 33. the diIri. pu' Ur.O Uwft wi ld melr tiair tr tug t. o Mrm et.t aet s '""e :l ibe t *'p f .os .ugge

tan o T a the Kl.o n a lnosl -iefnt Cowt thcdeyardr I. 16t n h ar a a a bft5
fr the oral otr i front to wnheoa Trying Hard To Elit.ey A bum t Set. rra .if s bI .. ... l m.w ,. .;f .w
the b A river n J!y ,1. ft ix to Chlc by Sutern,.tial Sectr tery rthe iflu e nil tp op .owt u', p thmi d wHmw e
J bIre tom oow. The Rusiam -- r p -j secretaryy .mom er. fwI0I, orf'le buieb mkn r til ong Sh 44 r. *.
S Prt lthua' have b n driven bo ck vrsr O ugikle tln. delar il the I ta ke rAln a th e Ws-w S A. Ali! I. ...
t. tb. last IM of their defnies The S__tplidtb liulluoureilte inO i I P UJ fit roiroad, tAsiu k, 4 lsl ip out o th .
apn o sttas-king t force h aso three tin habt a1eilieud t oftheld ett 'lk'ity ar le e61 I th owirl Wia'bs w
btated satern E .'y .at .action. ys rds t rike a .. -e Vt.... % s .,t_. t.
, nd th..wlof flr4,, i lia~ll trlmi I t Ii. V lo o fm th incr l ol : kle,! lt In j w lh t i htir.d ith vaflhfe, S wtod L,,ate fi tSl ... i,

Al_ a.,,.".; th r-;.,,- r;,.-,,, M ,
_I i n -ma etti in'. tIn fr mi ss t said. t' ... :1".Wsa
i WAR N IS FAR EAST. said Mr. .all niillay, "'this persons a* 40
"-rl'"I"' "thi'd' tird rty but Mr. tall decline ed to:' A yw teem Al w y of '.'. I p":
laaom O i t rk alit u 4late Who the ao luln IN, nW Wu".d Two',61 mlox bieyond. tb nde -l-w "ay... all.;:.

fsr 11 149 t t' giles noCw to (o:eba lue t ,us have be t c ,. t 'pb .btsept 0 Mon
a Kupto p hin's ,atent g. o),t III Mr, Cat, 'tat by that tlue. hope *ulddnvyP ,Ilkff Rjlifils htl ,wiC3'Oi l ls i t me

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Ya.. ,, ',, -ialnaneh,.r gran raly & orgiza lra nd. con. .. .. o.-..........,,
e PY Vshulhil. This paper elttl the utteriaces of !a lcto pl of Internal pains. .4xt to 4 0111 t :""1.
- aites fIe, strength of Kuroki's *rmn, who t 'alleged to have said that afier M-inseor t1erwas in.ur. N. ten tsa AW#U ,". ., .
at .,AA06 men. of whlel naemhmbr B0". Its rioters will be- taken to th,. l in, ler e ,a ITn.ured l ti MI ael ltlt iltoa Sfi"'
WO0 arnit th. high rnAd to Li.o Taiq. "our!ue Imstead of the. pollco mtsltaDo. N o .Amnhr of ate padrt.*iseml th
80.fAn0 f the Sfrpptnw.-Lti ,ani n "'The police,". Aild .*erttiry Ca i, Y Aliact '4 the inacmr lbi. ara..e xeutlea ot srte u lo e glo
road;, 30.000 on fh1i mauds to Ilkile, "lare doing more to inotje. -,t1t 1n4 law. tq rot the place inFte crah c e- w tlh I pcl l si erp-.. it
anld 10.O toI reserve. Th.,paper dnlons lasnese tha are th.!. Such .rreiI a so: .,, we bfte ra ti q.ut Intr str'e, dv ..
no g ive the tgires or Guentralls Oku'e bravaido Ils enouh to drive $Omre o1 .eantr.. c I t, be reachE, b.y Mr. Iram 't t n.". ...
aid s atuuil ,%rmli e. which ite b0ilev. I our mol, especially tb' hlthleads, to . r a hr a. S' ,t
to brain. total l,. os to 200"00 ,i" tarry reuolvers tbhemanivefr, A cai bbd eth ofF M, -d Mr tpol.l OR O TAY,"t i
the killing of the crilser nivan l of beer would do the re+. We bhav -e o r ,
t01d.1M where they hud fallen Ion the roadside I
the bale s quadroh han en I beerst. j trying to coniett aCPful A: last the firm aO Ltela & bran e T* ea pL
,, for a foi gt T l e"- I -.don wan reached over the telephone l' ort. arr .I '
g aI the tranmtport Kanitna)la arei N lmbers of !trlke breaikeru emlplyn. 4 Rt private atmbt ur, nl charge ol. Ritehaund. Vs., AulMstW "*The a,
ypdy tos .fortnlhst. The vessejt In the packli'g jlats are reportrel Rfre'enWrig, wo. -a...* to t)* VMS* *hidb followedd thi phltIh
now ommlosined r, the iattlship as deserting In unches of rfty ot If. I T antlrnEa 4imttrtOL amsennmest two veeks agp of S
Alexsnder If, the hatftiIlip ijorert1nn more when paid tir It"climtd 1. thr*l',ji. ,m ,r ntld grandup of a 4vroeb.#tweut 4,. ... 0
h. armoured eriOaer Admiral .Nkhm union leas thaA fully 5 per eIt
hlt a the hlbaa ti helbr n tit vr n. trhachlb thh ocei of 1t1a ,rl ,. mIt.ti- platfomIrt irr. wror Oi
ship .O' Iia. he proteced prlliler having th(e.n Idle. fr a ithn *'Sn a 1 thia ib. poiclin., i tbeir, wt ,i
. Murora. the hatilelhip tivlrroff.. the wanted a nlanhr toi makea Iit l '.rAdy 'i n th. I rn ptni, ..e 14d "t m.oay .c .'. .
abattlehip .rl n twott Wtl"y a vI* Srtn.p hn,,,i l I p p.rated l ahr nigk. happilnss well trtlher .! l.s 3Sp.
wlt. q io.l of or purp re itL l f fltoppor' tit on t'e ar !l Iatf th, mhtirp tihe anniouneeiiet. of his 'e l l' '.
bute and torpe . atal 'Duel with, knives. I tt kne' thire Wn IS' hope for lin til St. Johi
SJapa Octupy Hal Cheng. t *xp vrd a mltule after .t, HI. fslnc t1 o well knoW la et a.
I Tokip. Thursday, Aui,.ht 4. --Noon.- Knoxvill "-,Iit, -A .~ .*. m.A.ucef- rriv1 Perol in that nt d of ther llpte, tt. ,.
'Th Japanese, victors .ti tlit'l. SltKaouvchen. have advanced a.nd occui hnt-. K nays that (hlorg.e hll .i., start Ci out frr,.i Nunnaujl)" young woman. tfleiiout lie, ;*l '"
l,. hHl :h. .. Tom fDa*j enigaged In a diel will said Mr. Tramntit o tn 6)th i~f r.ld pht tblicly mode at Ohiilhvw. tbli vat N. PJ
.n lt l ak a I it.; partmi. ai.t niht io .e.werl frtend.., a d it it said te, isiar-aV w il. ..,l
4IMANY INVESTIGATIN(G. t1iz ts.. hI tal.. JmL ioih. mnio,. Wil p fr o ,r p ar.u g iuO I UPW hM wrctilmtlFt f ...
..o wht 4hr1 the .kr Unj d4 In tliew /ip or ,p,. >tt. t l m
P fing into Sinking of Thea by th1e 1" -.*' -t Marrleti strr A.r wisrto Mr te.y, and will bo but. to tbh elloati 4 .. it.
S v udivostour .quandron. ntrhy Retreating Northward,. rtitlks tooK rbmhir. f \ift. lynhlI t i the. lpa .t
erh, 4Augtalut 6. -thte Gefina ov. vWashbingtou. Aiugut, 5 -Thah Jpa l any ( wf)it tta I hi e front alaara
i, al' t'n ie iihas ipstituted a1 n inviitia one leatoion tosdairy reeri.etd hl t-he fi at i Ai flt, 'l, n,' Mt.I Alma 1Wa0 .ir 1t1 Min
l*i* A a s 1 ai i i l .I - .. . t.. .. .s i _ ._ .. . . '- I . m ... . .t i *_. .l i A'i il m. ,


* 4,.' s~% ,~ :~jjI *,. '~' *.? .'
A ***~ W* *f' i44g)A~Ii:gsW~F,. I ''
II. 4 I~.. *''~**~ ~t *. I '4 .,.
Is 4;S,-SgqmSt~am~~


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" d
p,: ,,

'I V
2 .12

W. A

If |A > '* .* :
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IM; mhft *i'^^^^ t I-^A^

n^ ',, k4^^! I 'jh k^ L ^
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Hip Tw Orn* Olties of
-i I)w^ ^vm




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ski,?a- _.. .... .. ..
*n.IW ofw*R polM.i 1r I or .o by Johnon Brn.&. Gainesville

aod aR ,oww' W, s he. u i in s-.ipim=. ...- anM u INSURANCE
glasfhSuoevse i* e *1.look a tkhe
A* o aleg aS driving i. Bes ow the
b- 1o no. *4"4 P 1.GAINEbVLL,
T 4411 lorldlsaio who entemplase fflf POTm LOCK
1IS1S11 the IHb U nd ia. nusole -.. LI E o .............. ....... -
aT*ot ks ssp stip thes. e ev.NOW
,..-., -.. w, . ... ., CD JS RN CE

*WsIve" of .em R oebhepes OP
S e, n.lsNt whisk* nmpri o .stop of
p ,il vU T, **, hflir be@ of.
"' s o heP IP. ,d! l Bvl mil teot .
a,. Jetmkvalho so 9 toS tad
,. :,' ,...... 4iml t^' JkAk|.djA1 .f 'O GA*,6 .
Sum, f n0 5$.. sorm'oigl
bow ftur all other p*hawX.
.ua moisei men wesa only Io away
thers ~hiewb~b, eat who 4p re to
agpso so hmsop-ata ny of %ehse
,.-row"".B..IWpi, sm te t t h iemtel ue of cx s
? wl.-INS, ssn.. I-.. ow .W SA .L 2GS
4.a.a.M s lhow .sni o as. .. manse'
BMHB-. oe l as::. .: :,l --ors so JaokoujnvtlU and New York,
1 e s at S.:. M OOHABLBeON, i.0., both way.S

itte' ,AM o ~ iggn 19 "a d SI D ineo 1* Betwma JACKSONVIVLU. BOtTON d
kaii& *l l $ Wow*$ or pw"8 1p to rOVipO sa All Eatern. Polaw,
gil.g Su wi, Slu o L an.s IT t ln t Charleton both wap.
M= "he w 4pasg tr otN of Mew YTo. aSl MWr xtSZ..r BSA:ZImGOS
ii th Tiphets wllU be |e go Nfrs to les 11m w ...,.11 1............. .........Prom Lewf Wharf Boston
e f th e t ta 4bA A"h 14, or ehbo ................ fm Foot of Catherine lt., Ja5iiouilleson
11410i -1t0eus Ra that eAugS How,. ver, by w-.
m of spe dttig *ne tets befpi AquAs Clvb S. Mn.s misA L
L" ". ,is owi mwk.thtme olos W IBetwin JACKUCONVILLM and SAMt1Os D "
VIP: ll :om*e w bM w pm entof staNo orl0-at shee Mtopplong as Pftet, Ass.or,1. FisSl Bereford (VeLand). nd Intermedi ae
4J OaI lelhIo.t- udekMt *11 bhe mteaded for over a Ilndbp on i. Johns River
0.~ UmPnEAt*aI lUnil .Spbei S,. I sutear "OITY OF JACKSONVILLE,"
s lW, Thu.lrk oe r*i MSY I Idd1fte lt JMhmsville 8.:1 p. a0 u.ady, TaUod and Thunday.
I.i! iPa e ar t _~,1* 1SSO SU Uo U so w. u p isble thiso a0 SaUrorl :d 9: aM. Mo.adMWe dneplas and Fridays.
.- .. - roA mltwo,1tte a s0*opovwr in New t appointed to smi tasfolows a
Sqilmkpre a lg ish o tera msi NW. CH WUL Nutsboun,
SI- .w pa s~ d .et w t pas o ft. LWwp ...... ..... .... ..., .Ja eksovle... .. .. Arrive 2 a
, ,.. u.p11 ctsmdpiph 1m $1p. I J.T . tXpu
!.AI..L e t1 a4: -0 pp ..... .. ............ PA t ...... .........Leave O :0pa
"*ntSow "et" do.rbine S............. .... .I .. .. ... 12: Prom
It 1"r7 b- *e' e tt e thile l os rstlM ard thus I.. .. .... ..... Bert dfo (DoLad) .... 12:00 a'a
h19 l t s tihe blood to flow; i affords Arrivt_ 0am .... ... .......... Sd ..... ........... 9;)am
,p m.0ps m sltf f .rom biltonusna, a. - . . .. ......... E ..rpri.... ..... . .
is-od 1se1m, atk ed nervous headesh, GWXONfRAL PASS. AND TIORET OPFIOE. 20 W. BAY ST., J 4OKSOSVILLI
,1w., ~fo--fl l -fe bee n S j he o vertodulgen"e In food or rWa mN lG.Ja As. G o. P.m. Af.A, wsN .li .L. Ja 8ueasrtut. nt
SI.S ? th.. drik. HIbi. s.e quolekly; a doe w. o. .or . v su
se au ag s d rafte. r amtse Will bring the ptlIen into A._oAno.',a', u nAs)V. c.mKi.A .vt. ewyork
ak -d __-. g .uq ,A ,. K tay .Generalm Mage. eneral Agents..
*iWW Wapspe ,It., Obesuki, Iud. T1.r.. writ April V
j i bliib* prioasi 4 to I **I as e or o r wo - . ..... .. ..... ..
tb,, @.A- ad oalsen. l. deoebrs did mo mn
heM It ah4*- gbyte lii 1 I gve"1 s' ll hope o (f
bSiy: the 9 to baS Ilerbin-. IK or so (AR LN

tklbol& .ai wdhl th d P nt Cola i S ) I S | e.
.,b s n i..,tisp .ha--b KnoxioTllo. Tenn." Agut 6D. E b
..4lWtetMlsp be levied for P. tamay, of Lyuchburg, V, h *
t 0tg(l-Mbeen e*Ieu'vu president of Kiag 'l *
'' i N ep .at i o li. Ttnu, e will ccept -- VIA
S.._. w.. +the teder.
t." h.t. as b">e g *y'"" u C oes lO 16 ib. q1lhe

Ge. "*t pn p] u s.. frmt Jactsoni eId to Washwgston.
.bi .at l e j **.j,. rtn, Jsekolllee to Uontgomer and L. A N. or Oio Flyer Through *

I SeNO4Ti S Dr. K'lEh New WOahltMo ad biiun., (87. Tikht. Aar aa edChttna
let.r umiP.-n. tI. mw. a siae. Florida _nd We l. Atlanta and ChattnoIa. .

Sand- as-ondth LImited. lfastment 5 *Bostall.
j It '1'5 ' aeir smi* between U(e isnbardSwth, t.--- 4 -as ._
WO OdO I Isew s J o assac P.. n .
S'swd h d sh" n St aol sin W iSeoud l Uei 7 as o. :.. followinmgw. on rp pitte From ( inepville:
e .et by all 8l o 1a *40. AAIinti Coots Line *
!.,gg eh. Til xpne, leaves Jekosville S p.
P, '"al. .., wlerrivi s i Washmletos 12d p.
1 .' ,' - foIlowti g ewalUit. As *etleslet 1
.m it_ Lema to Spek SaM ,t T oGpportalt to -. -o IG lly, ,sit i a
wW Of IM SW pn tok*Soualh ?ofl. Ttse.ossod to
ta.f toh~ 0sefi l -lf 4'0 qtsmket agdsad best U.A Onaldaly. God ill Dse. On ele dallj. Good *say day.

8 04 .At- m Wrl dai
Wfl..," .. " . .. Ta la.23 Jn $o
,a1a a....p1 "USO 15..ails. GlMd it esa days a t.. C M
W" ' TI ad n



~nerl~~ (rI~iwL~.:.yi.v:$Iwy~ ')P"~i ~'NI V~4-4,i~).~ ~,"~A~' WiIi~I~ "I .414
'I I ~Ik1 A~
6" I a SUN'Mtfl U,
I .4

- '&.4 %-. ,Ib k -.y -
01, -- iL- .R -.. . r, _,--,:U ,--,w

f* w

.rrnen waaawn..s c.-
N, .

TW 5tohef S. d thomas Wi1 be
qguailtagedhWih ^1i1 Give Galnesa
vie the Lafst and Meet lsatenive
Meardw, Ste, in lhe tate. '
Without doubt thtu Slargsst 4 Sm04
:mporIuJI 41 eoniumitnatd In athi
ountty for mety years ha ju.t bous
elaowd. Thiq wAM ahe sale of the took,
lurMe noowd woil, et... of the T. F.,
Thomas Hrdlwre and 9e#d ompi.anp .
e04 of the l agea sad mo6st .ucoefulu'
"aelVrs' In the State, mad odmetbjlng
In the neIghborhood of W0,000 was in.
volred, If rumor be true. This sum if
oopsider d about ourmoci, since the
lna esarries a tremendous stuok of
heavy and light hardware, mill *up'
plies. furniture, eto.
Org nlzed Three Years.
The Thomas Hardware & Seed Corm-
puy was organized In' lhis daily Ilt
1901 liy T. F. ThoMas, A. (1, ftectnher
end J. M, Graham, who incorporated
the same with a capital stook of 0.J-
0WX. For two years the firm enjoyed a
remarkably, s*ioeefulr trade, Wheu
Thorus and lteenberg sold their in-
beaMt to J M. M lrahain nd te Uma
hemp. eor the paut year he. firm has
* b ee conducted 6nder this miaftge"
ameet. For some time Dr. T. F. Thopao
as has been aseiOslted with his brother,
'. J. Thomas, nl the hardware and fur.
stores Oonsolidated.
This sale will tnesa a great deal.'
slues it ls the iltentlou to aouesolidate
the Iwo stores. .oae tpyIlo the thomas
Hardware and & t8ed Company's prept-
Is u ' ., ,. '
'ta ooieiolidstlon of thiw vast li
.Wrests mean possibly thei largest
hardware store in the State. The tirm
proposal to eartyevefry thing in hard..
ware lad mill s5ppi if roen. a eteanm
eatglne tu a sorew driver. sa immense.
ltDe offurnitur, eto,, and the largest
line of ned ever attempted in Florida.
With 15.000 square feet of floor s*paoe,
Including btith Hlors of the main
store, which Isl 80-t). and the cinnmtn-
dAous warehouse adjoining, 30xl(ltl
which has Joel beei Aompleted, it .will
b. an .eay nimatr to carry the enor-
mot. stoek aggrygiting from $60,000
to $t,(0X) under virtually one roof.
The Bale Confirmed.

eift.k 414 aSt reo(v man s flpg lu
beihlse0 foim ths, swt Wrld's talr,.
wuw ,is.t Slt. Lols. While this W ir
fit w#S detrlvd ildinletey froelln e falt,
It wae'derivq!,tnwVersheles, and d, M.
Miexm iis Plre.dpllar bill go the go'dl.
o)iutie (ve lago idl Woolson r4piq
Qa. of Tol o.o Itlhi, oll. v.l *ertsln
isah preplw um, to those who wooIA
4p11" e4tets oh ihn hiumber of. pad
st4mniaiorno to the lair ground on the
fm0th day of July.. There wert
thouonds ofr 'gisOe. a a slater ofi
eourpe,nd s Mtr. Mixton wua sitiui
them. tlsi,uisl Was 137,T0, and tihe
SatuAl attundano was .lAitA."
Mr. MixsfoaM friends ,are eongratl
itisa hintm miud trypr l"a ildue hio '.to
"blow himself," tut ,o fir is its l*14
no one has ie!%n auieoetefal. Wise
A Freer Uso of it Would Save Doctorst'
(Ireatet helrilg| powwroan be had In
she privacy of the home by nlingi l an*
eook's Liquid Bulpihur in the bath than
by juufnlying to the most famous ul*
phut springs.
O(reake r betelta t to the akiN, a elear
and Mors beuatiful complexion en, be
had by usi.g the harmless Ilaeookk's
1Iquid KultphUr for t1e toilet thait by
the use of d4a)gerous drugs and Os e
metie. *
Liquid ilulphIr ures dandruff, e*-
zensi, pl esple. salt rheum, Itih, hires,
erypipelis and all open rirsae. It Is ns-
tre'. greatest permiolde. Write to
Haaeoek Llquld sulphur Co., !ait*.
more, Md., for free bwokles, or ask
your druegilet for Haneook's Liquid-
ThAeaeaet, ahleappet and best remedy
for eatarrh, olds, asthma and all di-a
easpe ofthe throat chest and lungap
4uakor Oil, the new dileovery. It Is
perfeotly harmlee erom to children,
an' isl guaranteed to give perfeoot 5stt
isapotion 4% every CasO or money ill
be promptly UIturned. It reanders
grippe 'imnpoiselle,, quickly destroy
41ase germs, ab4 insures full, pre
feow and taltural breathimi through. tlie
nostrils. For sale by W. Vans.
Island Irove. PaI.
Strke lrf .e him Insane.
Ce.ilar itiil ', a. A, A' i'4 5 .. -
rlV(,' ItoAlii,. '- hy u4'wi of ih ltr ih
er' Witk Alfrtc Ia.iii ':st in 1ptW'ia
for thr pavIu U giI ( p 1. l h: d I .tlt > )Iiy'i hail iti ll n atd
toi tha, t\i\ sritrk l i l nlild n

Hlpth Lee Graham of th 'TOiaionam C.e iar ilauMl; lhd that 1lii life was
Hardware and Seed Company and lr. en'iA-ndr d.
T. F. Thoias were see.n Friday, arid -- - --....
both confirmed lthe lsale. r. Thomas flmern m.
alateW that the swo tfrims would be t.lirou o lin I,, h s .lJiaimn. I have
consolidated wl.hin Imtheiext *ix weeks, r?&l.'4N. l ,quit.: I rite, luininl er o1f ffors
"Owing io the abilene of iny brother, In reply iii a inia.rlni..ialu(l nilvrtle.
who Is now lifun lifuria and will tidt )it I l val **a*'l ale' rni lt of tl o
retarii for the next thirty dys we will ilt.,, all ndlherl i the t lf Vym ike lto
take no .le. Hin the matter of ecnqoli- we uany u he ru Gr
dation fur the preenit, but I feel *lfe -.
to say thatwe will beglii to bring the e .
took together about Septembir 5th. J.nne~ -W.hon I rrh niy twenty-ser.
The firmn will be aumposed of T. F. and 'iaii hlirtti 'mth 1i1i n llg t to Stihi down.
. J. Thomas, but we have 1ut yet dlt- _MlIr M.l ri :ifrid d,0,1*n1 M ll d It i iut of
cided ujpI a Anrm name. It may be .ka1,1111h.myw itr. It 'tt'i Nli lIon ll I ls.
potibla Uthat We will contliile the hul veat -I-a lter
Inl autider' he 'title o f the Thoiima Cure's Siatica.
Hardware ziidMeed tnomaspavy.. v. W. ,I,. .t .u -. L I),
"It Is my i,.tenton li proved n a v. W. L. ItilYJ. I. l 11 ,
tho m y to tbor.mghly oterhul nd New York. writes: "After fifteen Is
thor time to horttoghly overhaul and .f .. +nle,
Tearr*0wOf ee the itorato a coin1 rr'm saitr, s
Thomasrr eMy brother will haoed rge u 1 atism.under various ;rtmeunl,
as'. y bre wl c e I induced to try Ilalltrd's Snow
of the wholesale deartmut, with no Linnt he frt pplioatio ivint
b lee h li' ths b'is, while I will manage mi firs t rvief and tl e .eond entire
the retail department. '1Th two do., re lef. I Oan Rive it uimqualifled roee
partments will bth entireIly -eparat, rmmndatlonM. 24. S1k, l I Blt Boldk
and we will lvinlatler arrangtl -o by W. M. Johnson..
as not to cntlit .
The.conolidatiotn of thee immense IIOA T
interests tinly comeU s matter of t ur- W B. Dk S II
prie to both wser-entjoying I III
tine whlbisalii li retail trade, bit i'
* deal wliioh is detiietd to blcnwm onie '-
of great beiit to this city, ince the U|
,b0siues' will be opler iLtedr ui. i.tuch,
lar er scale. than ever. II J IUU J
(I.rahatm inta.d Friday that lie
has yet made no plans for tlh futuli,, ackonvIll, Florida.
bis i iis lafe to asserb that he will not

Stop That Cought ER

When a aoogh, a tickling or an Irri. .
.tgtlo in the throat makes you ftel * Everad', nd, 'Malt
. a omorurtabhle, ake lallard'. Hire. .&
boend Sy trup. Doan'& wait until tle RED STAR.
,d @a has goins lyond control, MIr.
that & I 1 It.kAana... uAnR tti..f. i..L.


Iu the Ciroult (ourts Lr u &ati h JUdalosI
t'irult tif the l te of flIorid hi *4 fiur
ALtahus (CouLa. -Jh ,. hlludilfes. 'tIlnti.
verluh (lariemh flhItlhWr. eflimdmst .
The hiait r W lrm Wk too ('brereA RsiUbrpe,
LIffeedant; You are berebfl Ett5M4 that a
writ ot a tuoanatust IaWa uWO imeS urds1Is
- too fietpon a (0 ltlw A4t 1 W
Cy of MeleM sABt 4w1iW4
niWa, Townipt ePnu1Mt I*jWP twyatr,
ateit~ts ssirxfr-of *q *Oeroa sot

ollase W a aWl I lo tir a it Mh
wlai hitZoao a td r ie wemt ,eor
fwoUI 4ia WSW tle W IPIS -a
of iLnesvl.fl. bel*w-ruml 0 r
l4o sb, 4140A. lo

ogmtr of Alo Awversn's
,i Ia S sulesmtIiW. dir.
if ltowS Wty #W b)iCri a Iw
rn atOtafd yorpl~ahjolw r aillald

to of whl, Wid Is W .1 A
N4itR 4ae k oub saoo" tos4wtb m4 sirt1
l 4ydia o acIiewlmer. A. aN. it
,sktwt. 4J4S..t..L. a ",

KUor!J QV A'ePIJC4ATIO N ktO ltx
s*'p. LAWt t i LMP MI.A. .

t'ldo ks a)d t Jly. A se. d 1a le dale Of
tiocrilwori de toto l>t u 1 eetiriat w $lt>
y. I ri
'Ulnml. cerntIltsip sell h redeemed so-
T0irg tan s nd hign dadiuwn4 6tt 0 dathre of
the M r 4im to v h Mp rtcr A ItS n ul
Wtcenl ts 4 C01I*. utdax doi" Wmeal thOun
thel Ir of Ainepit. A A. D I.
WkMn Bt onl'kll tI i(ur &tad boatrhl-
S. A, I DE.. TON.
Clark lIrrilth Cuurt AiAb du PaerS. l. ,Wleellt. .V.

Notice of Application for Tax Doed
Under Section 8 of Chapter 4881,
Laws of Florida,
Ntiee is hereby given that W. J.
l .'el purehaMer of ouethlird of Tex
OrrtitiWte No. 2 .dalted the *d1 day of
July., A 10111), hat filed stid eettifl,
oat fin my nittee, and has made appli.
Cal iiii for lax dteed to i(iue ,ia aocond-
aeince with law. $t^id certilleaase em.
braces il,* f1liowing dnesribrd proper.
ty: irisUl! in Alachuaeuuity,Florlal.,
*14 nol 0 tiw"fe. I", Tp, .IH. .14.
Tie siid laind tlinsa sMwied at the
date of tih insuanhe@ of ateh oersifotia,
It ohL 41l6me of Hlenry Cs *Il.
Unless aMid. e.-rtifease shall b re.,
deemed aetordig Io law. tax dend will
1utie thereon uau the 23rd day uof Aug-
u.t. A.!). lti4. I
. itneep py o lail siginature and
seal thii the 2 dMa of *uly, A. D. 1904
H 0. DRNfiv)NO
Clerk Cireit Court Alimhus On., Fla.
p = PerS. l. WietgeeD. 0.,

On Moniday, July 26th. 1904, the Cily
(Conell of Gtineivilel I''lorldamet as
required by lnw, f viewinR and uhUliniug I the seelslImenlt
(if t4e1 for t111 year 19tM, and the as.
SeCSment1Ili agtliut the folwining Nametd
.. iiA1I W eSaf4d a n "if. .follows n



W W. Awvrn To $lXi). 124pm
J W.. Aldermin*i. I P Daily
Mrl. J.-M.ft l rk- .I) -- -
cirawro i i i ..... i*0 '2:;1(ipn
Agures Ction. 2" D) aily
It~ at'iik.. ."* M-0 -.
,S. Linakeii '1 .u 12:16 sim
J. M.Urahati (Wi-) -Daily
J. W.Om.0, I '* 1
W. Htbck Moqeley 765 89 : pm
J. C. Mlett x, .
: (. MeMaViair P ally
Mrs. K. J. l'hillip. "' 20Q ...
Rkbert and Lucy Perry 1 100U ...
P1adett A Thotae s0m 8 pin
Hatt iL. Muptihmo x .. (. Dain
.tllion Thomnpeoln i If )
W. wts. 'hmi *. ** iX) Ihsereh
T. F. ThomastI to) eIlla railvwI
AI. s' in ... IAm. as Vk PLaa..


.. '"" Now 'w. "-- r ,,
y~f -II Iri'l
I .
.. t ,1 I.^ l ,' , ,, L "L p^, l;'i [i r il' I ' .. [ '" I rI I. .. .
I ,h, "r ,n I' XS ^1^ ... . ,

.,..r **, 1:. L. iw. ,.r
.1 .. '* I" J'a
' I" Ji' i: ,

a a ra

t)o wasi 1 fr4t 01 44isiflr, nneal
* '!$'*Mqma. ,n^adv --ay t,,m.tet"
Iiirrn tl tt Papner$ rttal 'o4intt>V
ui Iti, :,', i,',, r. t ,t '4 ", l t f alu ,I waC,,
asi .,h ir,. With -the t0'.'& h
shiunmi-t bhr ektiIitvid-. ThU IJ t;
.onle 1 order for luilmber for thie tjpal
Tl'h i '1im. Is 11o w n New (Orltann. at-pervi
inu th, hbp0'o1tt* f n41 m ',4'
ml itLco (t. l O. yeiIl(s*t w l (..? to him k
m"iss. ?Tl tunmbit h1i to m utal mn r
pairing o tog sand the ptltl for e1al onetrqo e

FPuts An ng toIt All.
A grievous wall oftine eaoit u a
renut of .tlbaMrable pmalu frmi ov,
tamed urgans. Dlsuaese, baptuht,
liver complilatl and eomI lpatlon., st
thanks to Dr. KiNg's' #(-w .11e Pills
they pout ili .a4d to Is sil. They are
gestle but ihoroulh. Try thb,. Oitly
A0o. Gusramnted by all deuR stone

i r

31000 Yar

I Will offer the qetP
prloes mad.


SLadies' tr

1 1 A



.-< P'J'*, 1*

' $0 $TLORZ." ';,,
i ... '" ,' \ ' .. ,

." ":,';,. ,',."*'F
m /. n 1 Ii i,* n '
' ' ' i ' ,
IIn I'. P

1 ,:, ',. : r ." .- i. 'f*
S'., I,* :. ".i' *, *. ,,'
.... . .. "," ;" : '
"''-.'"i' :.<
*-: = i .. 1

I ,iIr~.
I.., I,


I'- .


A MeMt: SuccessfuId:Cofbmw i

S1novels (a empeC t on. in n aIb "I'er atllm
tho (i t hrot em is.phsn. tl,
Juc pvlry Mnveli. .R4 e ?tItefid of W i i ft b K, popular pen., Hm sadrsl
oki, wIt.lelsiae, akoteHsl *ow. U, am,
S 16o Pges. Delghtful R dI

No pages wasted o ohnp lluetptlqs edl)I
lg i and dledl o , ".. es.
S BvSsry ja will ta rst, hai l I :
Subw 1'e uiow- O SO pepr a.r.
or regleter leste r .to0M ,
-. R-Sam pe (OpM, Sent "Fre Q I
n .. "I ... ..... ... d'.".'.a.-- 4 JJJJXIf.Jr w i r I-I 'Jlir'llun"tIi "

Tak The OAtlanti

orI ... il

Rapid Transit and iUnuvp Ser at
Time Table Im eI- ai"e I. I '.
Depart For OANZ 8VILL A

701Pt 1High aSpriap sad lWator.
.- --I--.---

Uet Lesaburi and Tlap, d ai.'
fl l .- a q ,. ca J b:oi ,, ... .
oh, East and Wes.. .
Hilgh Fpig. Wayeros. iavanah, Bruwarne .','" *oi4
Albany, Atlast. all Poinlte North., bt. We la

SItohelle. Mieeanupy and Clisr .. '- .
' I'' I .1 ,- ^ i. i) .w...*

1 High Spripg.
.,, Ia . ... ... ... . ....,..,.. ii ..* .. C' .Ji p *.4. ..- p.4 .-i i mr i .J4 l '.. .
ianeable MIleage Tiokew, paod over 1,4 mies of thia 0f2 p-S'
n1 the SotutherBttes fl on sale b epriABol W
L iaa..ll h lan ana. ** am Anl Wa WA&L aa,'Te"IT fl.aah

'Lt:"'~T *II
'I J* ~


' mC~nrrFr~n~p~3~,?r~.~~.( .C.,

d's'n: M ibi...
i- S


LL W .. -- -- `L- -

- --

- --- . p-pmommo




*Ialmwa wus s

Zu,,. 4LN It oa.l .
I4 WJftr ahn 7 d#Ahe hatrsI

burp thm Ilike swrat. What uhal vs
..A.htWw, w if hemlkem. vl0 Ule Oft
h h sis l" .otasu r ftlIt yo ate theiW
w. .' It.r:ip 1w b h 1bmle deaedfM '

W, OWIWfm. t e- tri" me o te
Mt Sn ueVas a h arnat0w ifwitha a00"1
s 10b ss eto h -lt h i tr Oae e.
-eW TInitl. mn Wowr tn'W t le ot
-11 (kar lo 4q Oaws*mowo
,WYtiby weern e blh e a. WI w6r -

o^t,':m n i t oboh a wsbIdni ia s
.- -Ai was. .

I A, A tain s. Ae g", t*ifur ea'au- toep

17,, We, mun eStn d w' ikms p,

fi q W1aka tfi as m we *s ta l
Sm Wt hos b b t atl

nas nushe w aft". m "lumas u a
4L ltt rng .. ... "be

\it "'A 8ii'k:1 >ot^S'r2a Cease bed Saud in.'ss ABson smult y.
peye, sad the c. 1. t m."teth

sup. Wish a eitr aw s A-d, Owe

,1 "l .'." t : ,'; .. .'.w ,

W s ."., ...e iwj i I -a .aiad e cm SI
A*mWisNis mIts banssetvgs lurs
uWSE.hmawlat hemow"hat mhe

", b Ce."aVe,. m ,i.f el *-.
" ..... .remW' muteVer

'";' '",'" ,. ; VMosi r b I"d ig"I" ..'

s: * "W ORM
*it ,I "'"q a .a, o

tfeneN st .4 'rM l aFAVO-nt
to w we s-" A . o 2 in" uo

A., OMYii : .ii.. -,,-
^^f^T^^^^l^^^ H^^^l'~ ^^^^BB ^^ *IRTt ^i^f^ ^HB^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"a m,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

,Jhbim t e entr .ynj ,.r ..s tesp r la or cnroecwkwb. wetrs bhc p
i. W -- me, I UT,,t. ,
film an. now a e t of d.oo. t... dio 0
:i WT Cm w O e .'i, qnl .i e~.o in.

, I I"' ._... ..,.._ L l... ; ---- --- )" ;


Rlttes 82.50 per day and up.
private bath from May

vembnr lSt S0 per day.
j^MP--1-lil I I 'I ~~~~~I 1nlI M M -1-^- 1 ^ - --


Rooms with
1st to No-



I omnf elrtom, tbnghly w uperol M i remvaid. wlej f bnaiIshd.
l. MA.SOAiQr, rLo-predRetn3r

Air Line Railway

... FOR....

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern
Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
K ington, Baltimore, Phila-

delphia, New


Two Elegant Trains Daily.
Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.

Only Line Operating
Daily Throuih Pullman Sleepers 'i om Jacksonville to New Orleans
Mor full laformatl lond le per i'tr atons all am agt yma$bea rdo.
r. A. 0. MAtDOIlLL, t C. BOYLbTON Ji.,
A'st. Oenerst l nagsr Aigen. Puasenir iAip,
-'-- -a. *. ,. . .- . .- -. --,

world's Fair Rates..


' iitTi. s e 5. Ot.-
WeI lee*. .% 2 *7-.uIs6d .


Round Trip. O
Mle daily. Uotod
6ixty don.


ioPa' ttl U* tea
Uout u trm Is ShutK-


Mse ews Mhsa ast V Whn mini LAsttean. 1W a a*triso
- M b. h -._.**Pw **..n ,al .1. S. to ..r a


r. 'r -' T "




. .. ..., .. -a. p. t % L.. ,.---- t h, .

lit01 l irorldtis araUe, Jackeon* Tompsoea, who wiM ,tendlti nearby.
*w... ,l Melers of the Cl.r&w family whc
AIl ordtai to t Story of the wif*. were In lllhe boole were sillalrd *ed
ilWilBnlon e ok h- flwys t*rs blinded b) 1b1 fltiah. but nu4e of theal
ie. -dy hh. working man. He Ift Wa burt.
L"me maboUS tif aonth ftso ho ta No rain ws fSti A dt Lth t mhe a
*jrk St #brwti hIS nwr Arwtll nda. the tr. eiy, thouh thMi wdla. plt Ov
otm a wSl t Rst hi himoner Ar iMl. Clarkra 'ada GaCrhi r 11 e le

'rn.' ito h id wijpperm. Shea ry. The formder'lsauy 1&$ s .wd ,
lll ol O ensue JauMsoIa. Tow ho wt v iearNbW

ut .s wr fi hold ehat hoe h( bebn a nl trn .l Iti lIatce!, inl hit
uhgor In thero were auhu*q. qnL

Wsor" k igr ,rdk. b)w lngk wIa ol ht. blu dJ, I rd th Iam", b^ittusolk
*Sn ld !bPt the w y o bkig o .h'e tr. ft twly wa. ltlkwlia, '11nedl. ln
i W U b had a a ea wp dteig around e r d, -h ( T1 h'opl it

iW niLghboo h d, iapplrvd tS hn ai lye "l e onmerMwhalti ntjI thlrrht-
Ittasd oendl ion. 4thlaric thae ti sin tha e Ca Irlwe r. t
eo w re rot. bl0asting111 was go0 t lhr sfrrett ea nd lark dre prombr

l ve4' thr the .blsbtinf had drsie a tir ff rmtr h ll Iave larko fadmlllae
him siheO and h iW he haid wandered e .

off ln tbhe woods. MAY POUFRIT $15.000.
Ilmafu S osbrook says that shie hu .
po>urfl the whole country around the Mid Eattlnhlp Ohio NOt Up to Speu
eautpmcd ean har d no trace of him. requirements.
abhe se that they ha Lbe4en married San tP lrajralc,. Auglut M' -.Aemerdoln
Wlfteon aeen end ohe ieounfldent that to a MtPtmdnt in the rxanminor thil
he bl p e0 deerted her. V He i of .morning the t'non Iron W irl.s ma)
l(ght brown color, about five feet two forfeit $14'o0 to. the statit-
linches wll and *elghs about I government sin lna int f-1 r fi4re 41
luande. is wife t greaitly worried bring th. hattlleelr 9hto up to th4
everhis dilsppearno said ise anfQUts stlpulated speed rqulrrm ornenti.
so lat e him. The Nmum will t'l detrilcttd frowh the
SIorgisialt "'0tsrat priae ofS S t,.of,,,
IA SAUTIFUL TRISUTU. h 'holetIsl corrected time tsnde bfl
S-the Ohio owas 17.8 knmis. which is h.i
Lvitng Priced Writes Tounhingly of kote below the mark earned Ia th
Mrs. ltdinge DOth. e+tra0t.
MN. .B.$ of Tlhabnse welt -- .
khowRn i tbis city, wrrki to Dr. 8. B. SSABOARD AIR LINS.
Olddais a banatilfl tribute to his
deputed wife, whlek is a follows: Omcsal Route From Flrida to &. A. .
'"Pleae msl ept our heartfelt nympas ncainmpre t Sat htonS.
thy in third, your hour of sorrow. We The hedquartem train will leav
Ibrd through friCedo of fri Uki- JaksonvIlle Aug$t'o 12. atd will be
dinap' det, but waited for youth re- operated over ith following roue;
tprn t1o lsneSille before writing you. bMtboard. Air Line Rnilway to Misth
"Her, fertls has beas iet. an d mOsd, R. F. A P a We 8. to Wamhlie
if w omld look or lits theteil It would ton, Penn. R. K. to Jersey olty. am.
oemAtorn a to huow her sweet release. er Maryliand to liarlea River, theme
I4 ist rl.t; b1t for she dear esI NS. Y., N. H. & H. Is Boton.
left behind my hears goes out in lyO- The fullowlg is she sMmbdul 1a
tng tondernea. I can bear testmuany Lae Jleklonvill 7; 40 p. i.. art
ai to MN. Oldl tas patience under riv Washlngwtom 8 p. m.
great sufering, ammd her esharly to. Leve WVlaslusoma 7:40 a. mn., arrive
werds all, and i wish I eould hate Ba6ds 8sft p. m.
*nea her before she departed on the This ehedule arrangend u thl.tlhe
Nong Journey to meet and greet s o A. pR. many pend a night io Waih.
iany of our friends who have gone. Inlton. This traen will be equipped
"*lhar you have been I1, but hope with thonflughfre eeuitbuled ooswhiee.
to hear that you as improving, mad operating without halnge from Jctk-
thait you will et through the summer sonuile to fioston, and through Purl*.
all sigh." man sleepers,. requiri ng only one
The BSet Health Culture. ehblae, at Washingon,
S hearh oute. The ronnd-trip rate from Usineevile
INo poor an essn afford so bobhr to Boston will tw, 11l raIl, $80; vie Now
w th any of the oxperimesal health York ntd found teu .er. 27i;
fads. se is too bast making living Poreamouth and sltemer, or tin ari.
for himself and family, nd when he is vnmonh and steamer. 3.S.
affleted with a lad eough or euld, or u the of
d"ve~on tor the d~r ofuet broefr tickets over the Totl.tlh
develops oarr the dire reultof rote, th Seaboard Air' Lin.e Rlilwat
a sod, he nrapiy tiake a few does of addition t. e ted
Dr. Boohee's German Syrup. And itf a tbom h will l round.
somethingWresa onm trip tloket for shim oconion to the
0tlion, prrtear hm or h a y member of bG. A. It., their friends, and the public
Sfmly m Syp c generally for all tain. of August la.b,
billed on to effect a ur Trial h d 1 The aboard will alo
bozlle.. lH| bottle, he. AtW WM NT
.. nil such tickets via 1 "ew York acd

Round Lin.le, or ami rail connection
from New York without stopping in

Distributed 2,0CC.CO-Dnceaed Give Suicide Prevented.
MHi Heli Advice. etui t
C'hicago..AAguat 5i--r-The will of GA ot, e startling od been hat a.
f. L eaiblin. the rhiamo ,mn preventive of suicide had been diicmvt-
wh rh ham 1u tiled tor prolate, nt eled willintAret mtn&y. A -run-dowui
o0Ty pnIvciti-s for this rditrItitton 0o system, ordesponduney invariably pre.
property vaIused at $2,000.000, but esed e ts solelde. and Pomethlng ha been
talns tE' followikt advic to t found ,has will prevent that condition
heirs whkah makes sielide likely. At the
I would adble. all fmy children f ie th ought of aelfldetruetion Liab
be prudent ln their invoAtments and E ntrieo Rittirs. It being a grnq
not to purchase anything simply b1. tools tud nerwlue will a rengithn. the
cause It In cheap. hut to rmembr ?erves and build up tIke sytemr. It's1
that a lo th curit drawalso a a stomach lier and kidney
regullat rP. Only 50Ds. atisallstlon
low rat of Inoterest tI often more do IuIaranteed by all drifllase.
sthoaw than an- inlntmnzent Wic -
aws. high rate of Intfr e t l-_ . -t 1 1_ __ .
tI mould sluo advtP them not to puT R MeCLELLAN
ebas antbhing which they rJnoalg pa
fr1 mo full at the otimn of thI jprrbhjr
o maor' mr!> are roiired hy U. 'aatir.T1
than in any o e Way. I .i. adV- 0V

taW too k ell f1 all lranhsfer of T ntil iS GAUIGYVll.LM, FLORIDA.
Ie4. ia[. not to 'ncumher av in.l !
,latt ehcr4' f I.r thP i&nrpsvne sf( I~*trWr
ilg Illant' Funeml Directors and

S aIm f it. Lioensed Embalners.
Wta ',e lbos i., the aipplleti s of -.
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mii. 13.J4w.t ltea. Pm. SallliaU "f" ftsi aidmer lilMu Alt

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,UW AM**-U- W Pn 1111 ktW tflftw
rd*eMuse. eI

Mrs. Nome Iolebs, wmItstr fei e ro
S. t osuimintsl HotWl, Minne-poUls,
Min. wT lt .
SFor wtwob mfmthisat myphyslelanexp6ft.
minlted tith 1mne trying t, ,'urv' a hard
old whb .s ttiled ,in my stomacht esa I

Niode, kt hereby 6 tiven taht J J.. RMbled*
WL, Pbaftr .of r e"s Ie tUi *toi 1Ws
d das n 1ti day o JfbIr. T. 0 lo,
lhars ted nenerUinoe toa u, ivces .m e4a
made ausoilkla tnx daed to bmne oIn -
.ord W wlh li1w. Usk en lAtbeonatl eratco
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m l" %tr'4-elahet oim luulrobi th fresias los 1
'whildp 10.. ILWt. -1 a re Mackey A lhd*.'
t*he1 bt .me1oil pa tue 40ew of
;he wmane or coN.irAe treoN the AXiN
Be. c. pebawihop. .
asa idnWmie shub eM redoumig!
mieolim ismlaw, w.usndeed t14 tIe fthene f
.on theOth dty of August.. D. 1901.
W itast aedelajJ mjanatuM% sad deal thtI
the th Uday as July. .A 1b'l
19. c. flM4ON.
S Iterk C (irc.ultC Artsta IChusLo. Im.U
da PSAM. w iees Pi C.

ntiLU VlllE Se'rtoiN. O or OCiAt*KtN
p. LAW 4or VW1 rIA
Noi*ri nbe% RierI"th% (K. *alVY
1 1"d Ithe A Itdr of Jul.. HyW. IV.
Ntied midM t In ttmy4ne o 4w l.ld l
miode lapNektI n lWr tO il 4pto knOIw ts 1 o f
A W kbux At. s, tlush
WAl M biehenltmMild hm u t i t MdM of
* tlor mo emakte enr tse s thUe rihawe
y "mm.. sh'.e..Stae.n h ei
oeeiles Ito law. sea deed 'w ie
on T day.i of Afmlt. A. f- IL
Mals sIai o
t bit.m ato.. csAw anAa k
-I .W1940



E. A. WEll & CO.,


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I ^W -- W^M1 W W" ^" "I ',I I f I .. l1flIl
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bChicugt tioul of w*I e:
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ldhlnnu will nt.U bi pirmilWd.
A *tmber aof beowteN em S'$1SAl. Al' Uht
eel. .Arll 5lg f ar O(maI m Alofetbu
saokrjteat In thie Uited Sta* biabs bu r b is- h l e. 4j
Cap&.. UeArs. 0 S. A- 1ea of f. & B0001
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1: At OQALIDA. Pm** :-*-, -one nm qum n r o. ywAs.,
P .y.oPorton n
* d *. J i& H PEANUei r .e .. 1. k a
.,t ,.w ., ., .. ,. ., .
om o s r ow IW 618r iad o swa

SEP. AXTO WPNeasi2ru
J fuC. Hmo .HoLike HoWtel .
taob o Aiou ,HomI ftidnby 1a

IRI t ed. .ry Att mention to .u ts :W.t s 9ngr1 1"1 \ ." -If-r*
BA Yh Aaia~ra~a~aawa .n%' piMt i plo for a IifetImeIr s
rpquunwuwrUFL '""nrt;r:uu -".thurshee...e .
oO''' B. SNUANRT & as. .-hu A-- @ .-sm
'eltiln. -mI Jobbe_ s t a.L w e p i. frutb. wri
ks s m__ R P tatot prices TODAY.
_M LAAL o I 6aih a k alkAsk afkOI


-"- "iz bidd
NIA S* #S arim forC e 1enuf \S SIthern .
alphr tmr or a 1 or a a th e L* owe* BA1V1A1H1
I" asro.n. Meal Con.o ujoHwu JOHN DO U

,. ;+., ; =" LI iit+:Ai~i;,iini P' '. l. .iIi.', TI. m, nmmniIl416 Ase,

& Bates
Ilue Hoist,
El. ( O*A.

VAN. Stto Ag'ta,
FLOE lb A.

'EF~~~;-7~* cl -,tP-: L~IF~)~~ 1r1 r -LII~-** -

;7 rURLU1 N ' II i IL
Abomaf.r of Tt MS iitmWa fUuQi hed W16VOW. teodi as to ItnW -t-
n m + ,,. ^ ^ | .gAtet. Oar luau l m ill s o ha soutig thirty lau n I n*ndA 7
kBl asmat', ,. I, p' ad Via L & N. R. .

n xi. avorL Ls. e. -
'' 20 AGO WT1 t, LARY A i UD3MVITYl d1tRAtCIC. Repr-.
palsa Oget nt A l* and ootpan oursio tickets nuow on ple. dAily
UALAT$, W" fro ,( osi.neviln to lt, I.uIs oa.nd r..
g Wt turn.

Special oaqb excursion 42'4W IR1.
UO 1 1AN .torr li, mit I days or I o d. diat s a l*
Ticket, sold Tuesdays in July.
.1 RJOTLY WRITTE POLICI1S Corm lot rbtlo frtir
IBR ALITYorPOLICYCONTUATS int. .he L, &N. t the be RON gYMETo .g8K l*.Fuor rat, hehuduls ansd sleering par
we evt shqs. impolrans polas *0d4tsspnhfollp tesrntIons SppI) 10
ii te of your busi J. Pi LBr UN, Pla. Pass Agt.
S: W. Bay t4.. JasksFarlle. FLa
IlIL77. L STO1NI, I. P. 4.. Lou wttle.
.. .. ..a Health 1......1...M .
-Agnts for the
SVitor Safe and Lok C company
0t9A O414hi*0 A I I
Tg"Vkmor"6 is the I safe made, and parsni oobnow las
4 theb a P*asQ of a a f, po anyhisg in that line,
foma bilox o ba I I valt, will save m money
iby eaosotluag uq, All m on or add res.
... CTEMAN & HILL, ...
Wacmtom tthAa n ly..r farmishmed. .AINESVILL. VIU)KIDAt

l ll Al UN! H meh shtisI w.1 ICRAIE National, State and Congresseon.
M. L314 11Chicago Improved Property al Ticket 1904.
'not C ExpotioT P*htb.k C. JMill,-Fra'kl L'WUtj.
ROU.TE.TwoTIJ.LD ll" e'D'LL a'o property ~ ,o. H. bA o lm ari on'
flP m eTA, $g hjw 101J4 per J t. I rn re a ia n y
on ti and OBst a monseaU.s withl. W AAM. X. eat .f* ..A 3..A f'm inL
M., e A t$. ry.k Alsw s. eo, *flSwEd orrna. n. It 1I f$ arf
SR od .T ., ,i. ,. .. .* . W BROWslone, II waI i
V* IIW sa ro 9 m Sainisavg ll o -, I r .. ... ni t Ia n a us t84 Lincoln Ave.n I'nJ 1n $ tt ry .. -n eJ -t -ltmb. ,.

at. hai Sa

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wBth. os board Iwaludt.

Ahiim kfou of ltte" ra
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too* tttt &i iS tJ
:fHts asM IM :ehaji^ Th

ail U-h -HBOU6H SLEEPING CARsM. 1; Alrm-rnldil' P'll-.r
and New '.-'OM-- .-1. I
w*wrg i, Fe i The Florid rrr-E, t. e"
V1.b ldine '#*titMIiuprr seid.. of 'ubhit iii. etji..
and hl efi*ini"'.. I. I' l 'Qrn"n'....
.:N cA TmieSSand Fruit aud Truck Grower "Vomieuer of Ariu;,, hu--J $.
iIn sond trth ROUT?. OF TH AM I, 18 And .14, DI E FLY ER na, ''ihie. St. Ju..
S"ALAsAFLA, Juie Sut rtiu e om urs for lermf $'
.. moinitel"041004t r ouar I six ye 1 rw-W. H. -8hrppard, E mhn' ant.
4UIit-4ep Mints to Mt. l.t41 % % e* at Ifa t Jackhn h.o-- -S. .94, JuHti10rm' noirt--4 Frr
or, I .. ir. pa..e sUns .- .. .. Hit
NeW York ot sou tibfiUmredO iu St. IAMit,)eo et hlatl. C Adp m, uv
I ,o I l'S 1gtiur) dt.w*i r atvrlPP iuI. irI. I Ea'. AdIeis. l)ural.
m tiao ha %eie.s- A id ei, : a A l -u.
iru i... ... ,.n.i t~Sah"al w aii. .*ndlm i Mn IsA A handsomeliv lliutrmted nsaumm a n. r' an, aa.m.. ...i L._ '

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', ,V $'. ,,+7 ll~li ~ t /.',$ ,,, '!, + ~t, i,(;{i.i l it l V ,",li Pl'!7 .i:,,+, "I II'' .1., ' p
,? ...., c .. .' 1 4 1 i. I ~ I . .. .II1 I '
' "' ",,..D' '1Nr DA hY $VY: (f.ORIDA, AUGUST 1904

Wwu. ...lme Is .. of the1..46. pFourth Annual fxcralon
permu nr r, e '
Wretig llit lr tii. hi e J it, ilot K)pItSr .. n M ,
forms of lthli' ii i4srtii Ul4rstualnnly.
n il t st ms Na it lb hivy In d andi- VUu 'u la R I
Cuhtr htild 6f the PPorrnain* i^4cuttfrly 'iWea1
drapts theiso fur i0 kmind of siiport. RikihA A"" ,
The ,,gcrni iuI,,i. interiprets tMe s. O 0UUI SR0 '48
word "athlete" a meaning it wrntler. O
weight Ifter o4r 1'trong mn W -- it '
tie EUnglish stylee of ithleuils was. in. .n nigiM A n a Ii V
ttduavced into tirnriuy. It wia.s tern melMUili ll I L U. .I '. " '
"llght thltetIeu." V withinn i te. ued.. . .
"bnv$f tlthllr." I. every town -- _____ ._____________
th' are jlniy -lubs Inilulging in.A O dr
i"bevy ,,et.Fs." s, ..s ,. Orders sent to u[|so
MHe sntests anm frrsagtml, Irn %Jili*4'Ilo W dDJ1 4eI I.1 ot '
W1.ll1 wblhl 'lhallenges to vall r" ..0iVe PromI t atrtell-
am *tlsttOd. I Utt' n'e ems oitet wuitnss 'V'rPM;E
a pit hed bttle itwe. ku' ni AnT v1 ton a th cltss or
brte imower -mee sin "all naer" of |
stupeadou.. bui, prolmibly m twhill work we turn out'is 8
bree wtr tor (fritl(v1 remaover, 10i41 "t
-.on bth houl,,4,er hindi il the., am." _D ple e.
iovMtI stykl by it little, wiry. fellow a* Rates From Jcksnnvll bd p l s .
m1llr*0 1 is an. re1l. On the oemstonel of m m
S h Wurlil'rs chiiilii)ti lidil hild In r. 6
tin i open niim. ,'1 only in tl Atheville, NC . 00 80 .
,r'itr, w ihere l .* wreitintg trak pin Abbeville. 0 5 . 1 i'
wUn trectled, witllh tle orf st fo r tie A m' i. ..C I 40 IM
pulli all ar.ind.l. Al ilck wpild have l C 1* wr WFn I i
IIF 1ublr i1. i.litr (iro 11111 SC *S2 Wl PvRINT ANTTIIING So!0 \$
tte puile po1 mll I1 I 0ii nli1y, n iltd.tini. liendersTonville. N. 12 80 1 -"-W"--_...M'!11IS i0 2 -
pr- a rlo, 1ti 4hl i l prily ti, 111 i't r. Indian 8prin~s, a 900 2. .. . It m
" llnler. very llRetr l ily e'ldii l .rto 1 r ,r. .. .. . 1100 0 ". .... 121 40 '
l tVC n" N.i's arimL. -ai ow 0 0it '- .
i' L ie.noir, T C Is ndl Us. Your .
nu i1 Vwl b I. )l'I n' Wmowiow. N u 1300 S nd '
IFi. rlg ailh "wi' tI Bl I Lookout Mountt u,te .. .. ...U. ..
lsnuinlmsr fruoi il dotw.n to a hutim Mirfolilo,.C , 180 N t rd r *
Or aiore. Ttlvy oftvi en vMt the water Molionale. Ttea .. ... .0.1 r 1
st oue, l dartlig through twasir lun (1ia* 0isP View. M 1 .E M ....
a*ume illIthin for 100 u4l1s or no,,i, s L htto 1mfrt, VN- .0 .8- Ar Pi
aml thiu liesciul ti Uthe water qutlrkL Yl .... I 10 '
rtlWUS anti aLtm tIhen reICk'Wi their 1Petanee, Tess.. ." .. M .IAU l
Sight iomt imer tlhe dolphin bey .e S II"TtbtRg $. 0 I 12 I ri
*.Se in rnid.l purhit, liiking snrt Vrinia Beah, Ye. ., 15 1W Vn 1 *I I inl i
hmips out of tIe water aitd gaiig T'yon, 0. .. I10 I. Illlll
Upon tl prey, whk.,h take slorter and W'ilbals.;8. 0, l'. I 1
thowe valu ligWar ai tring to lVltniipr. .Uip,- a O OlllAllllll
tbe" "bT4') C....W .. .. eno 1'n '
11 ta t.h Te I mi m t llir h Whlltsl 8. .) ..... 11 <...te. ..n...
M t hllY. tll/ i ir pow. .T..M_..i.D ._ ---- "***I_' ... *m I


, 11, . .. . '*" .,.' ". '. 1' *, ,iJ'
esy lls Glfif
!i H FRUiT *V iI

tieTe~lm IsoU *
>r .m wu-r


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* I I "*. i *ii i* i li: i1.^ ^ ^
\. ; . ', { '* *.* ',1* i
: : __'.'... _,..... ,.

.,, K l...-. AN,," ,'M E, l...,
,, i,11 .1,_- .i! iiilr i .i i. ii u l,,,, .. .., ,. ;, ,.
^MhLvAV VALa.L 4 AiM
... ... ..... .. .I .A .a. ** s.mi ** i;i

o ..... I ,, .. .w ...-...aWt .ol ,.. ,
i.s .. . 0... W 00..*0 "' ' ' ''
S.....a a40. ,. .0 s v
,40 -..,. .. ,..,,. .
S' S.
....... )* E,,.m. ......,. *'t S...., # s'" i

. 406 I .. 0 o .......,' ialB ,,.s.,,.'. | i
1.0..... .4...... ....BO-, .. .. ... P ,
V I Aa a ... ...... .., ;..,a.... Oam

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RAKB To i AIahu uwo
, ,, K ~f fir' thi Dfatet b y .. D... ... U .h........I. . 1 S l S, Pr p 1 ' ,

yetI s t.. pV thlaban* W uk **p at^ 'h
ww Hlk k a ATTORNY ,ttT tA he 'o141111m (1Aai uu.riy ', .wi n vnts '
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eoen th c.l..... si,, ..... ..t maU l I l ln ovelr IMI tIM IMIiIU A giaa l arelL x ..A.
; e l, tr t lan iltih C01t41 1 1, i o l A n ft"r-pnf 'il sr yo'"04pS ,"tIWS U ,, 4"10.",,tAe
laswad of two. It would fTive yRI k ANd fAYpllt rip d tot olapi, %W p iaei nonwor"ew
T I Viou WS-d t e V ohI d i llto rv - -4 -th UISs buIis ,'
jo tp n s prauit rU ftirir In1 di f -,. J1.A KREY. . LAW O fP I-. I- I i-wu,
Wsrp tWUve Eli Masgahi i a Ther cashyo r aS1140 0 or0
Sut in thel o wp oheco INi ibs11 1411. Ca l s o u ,, pqhI -0 M. i
owis uvetWbomlng l teiftuIt !Iii stWof, wh!"koffrQVrSi.ll, 5142m a1 Saloon
TAG haWiasaer41 a4sate4 fat ted to sI' r* -$ *a*' FndW eh & ls o ur..

*o th* W bil t ruvldib f tdFr a iei a llone n JIA Koik (
I, gtiriitbrIp .on f elrn ci lI i T M "-"nv Florid H a .

a-,mnl.. On or wo Ar the A fY H.AL F D MAU 1T c IrIn &
Uw I we rea ltlt rNU ewi, te Y 14 '-- oI o .." ,,., ,... . .... ...* ,, ,,..,
:- -' to '. ... ...."
n af n ant in r ot iw Trehs unh tfrog I to p.m .
* 'tb genra uptAa diM WSS ten upo bjf j LipcbyI th8delonlto,, e B.ebnhra m..
te. hakoof tar atitn. on thos onata pi Pel *t Wu biu w s"wsrasutVl, i (kt to eiu.r 'Vwtin"
tll wdmnvils opft, r tho btotwo or luhEi D .. H. A1EICRMAN l e ther rIr S HIt V

uo um T I. T.o ......_
Sere Arehou including H.ort f.hoil. _eKH xT *.T... .
ou. of the c+. ..i atut t billhe Jhich pro -I c fith a
bilLs. an ulide ito make way t-r 8' S rsMaos",0F (16%1'.(d semelk MA-,, vI.adk ^--Cotton (ip,0 anf*a4
s.pial-41r .OdeirII. CrI .i.. Hamik .. . ool, llB. ).bg ,uI
"Pe rst ou tfhe tir o oft ier house S pl. .rstent/.so Cr.ow &ad ni A woverk, ,ue., I$ a vi
wth up wkilh a dlw^in tuaot of the -Pop -- ----I------ -
ba ll mw v lurf' i the iof.r-t whon It .. |

TU ahusider0 thkn a c onke*ts o nlrt.IB WIEt IhU ORKNT13T. 06A|
t* d th i teani 117 yotters* b lw hic r W. h pro.. Jil .
grUA sv piritoURo tin 'hiih KtoutoA 0 .. ,......
all eounh y Jorlean. of the twentyelhItbo m rAut wo rbottl ad 0 drse ihli. Don'
". antod ator Je. Ir p mih, o (h, U Mlto callonm re wheniiniJlionlllt ti
woht asath. fre a prIci ls wil -" j I | i i i i i i i
Aftt n lss thau an hou.r',,i i It l!+inM I Put tiIiu r In TH ISA URP
the house hille 1 po1 !, r prt lntbeni - i.

of themeasur lt s w the fture of yr wrh r. u. IIT|
ardays elon'of thw oFnaN. tote diJOR DENTAflZfe. 0A pB

. e C hon b kng tip n Bena r Io d lan's o* *l ............... .............. n A I : I : I I i .. .. I m
bItl >t reqirem aLI ftfttlelat mtV is JOH1.1,1in m Wny we *deeINIulatiroter J o b
- en ao rereltl fertl ,s to b" reported Wre* T a l), t e" .1 i . I 'l a .....U Um
by treb u nasficdere r to tht tomml ont) P tn MtWlNe$,Ki oN .K lIQU)R *A CGARS
asio e me"A 117i rate'. *nd r., a i is V JI .0 II In'e

ATw spirited dOat* In. TA b iwhh omaOeON r W I a d at D .
hlInevJordan, f thi weontJ -elhth Faust be r. bitLanddra h.t D t lti
a St maer Rtie Samith, of the Oall- to ell o in n lolto v l .e ,- --, , i

the ngnar of t ae .... a W vazs "Ait y". '
rteh.r .atry w th feature ot fye wt"b ta. 0 s. Pill InK011),
tOrday's sedalonmot the me. ns ,the dAl' IK)p reAI 8URGEONiI
aio being pon Senator Jordan's I
aaea..aanal fa IllA.e.. to lbe sre ptir_ __WOW__I___I______s_ __l___.._:,.______.. ..________

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amWast, desi-able pat v e.r Thie oJ.vil e Sarrid on and the Latest St les
ter`, 'eoter Ratthi i thoe :M train Friday evening Ihor- i FOLDE I18
e. ........ oghl happy over their greas victory. a
Spie. 54 inch, same aRS if te Baby is cutting Teeth CTIMA
aOve. but better 41 Bt sure and use hat old sad ."1owell- S IHI STUDIOU
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aud tomorrow:
.t$.3;: ; t :; rry C nletati oA Iaachu8 Pool Parlors,
_q #6to Cmorry CCopieedeialle.o
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