Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: August 5, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02010
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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J' ," ' ,; -, .. l, I IrF i '"' I'" r 1.l
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cton e toreo wjt, It ll.
'Tont'A' I"t I- Ia.I e J. Ni, "A O 14 "e''' .
."ni rt.d... .. I.. "" Iip a l't'"r<' w th't h ',. i ";",."oI"'o'n w..h ,,,ii,.,urder o. .,R.' .

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'C^..Nd .|i ,^ ,,;dem d. r sest :0 .bd

s5buy,"' ,' '.i NO .ati. 1,I4 W.N V ,T. fOTh P BWAX':UQU$T l*o w

basu the attack, at daylight 'a 1 enn .tnt mu bw the tpa t tq with sp<*^brs w ti wh -
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bltusta at the prthte* (n-ll assese Kr0s a tn tie. umm Nw. *tsx ^

.I' i . ... -il i. .. O W IIr i-olla r.1 *' .d co t t m l a o j If' I I.'1'.11. 1'I 'W .s I '.1 ll.......
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;1*? A.L. VN P4ava AA!lN. !. iold^ reh!oto nih to to ,-ne thetrn dw.*'t. ,I
'. 'LOST SIX BU "llelha AI* ~t': 4.' x ' 'AT .O, hAlD her E next Trd U1L TY, .. .... '
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the lde, ,the e h, l lad.a, sa e a UTtS rS ats, ,l, i n imet l tr ifSt irts th t Ke P pta the ,eIw i sawtav. .
.. gi r YI rI .io's I a* S a thiIsc'ity wii l r ae r uwanfIleu arl Ibi' Ond e ef i the Most Ksi Criav eis, *M I i .i inh u ma'*U4 0 0wI1 q

aPleet od ai l have gadi n partial r t Hitteat i ing
3-1*a.^ m|ac he I oqnction in which hS tlared tbat gbvauruh. Us. Auust t e4. -*TAheife sttpfer#7 6 t 4 ,pe kib*^t:i 4
es:' ",ete sted the ,'" -s a Th h t is .'a ..t bool the t her t n w' Pl un J, .a tr a ( ge.,ro, ... "" .Sn.-,ordC fr 0', 'i,

*Obsag ^ t~mouhenl ad drove them hu ah Itie t A npy wal o reatly WUter. fk'. ALS ted itthe 'Oe avr fo r. th a h rn Il i? 1lb nf .. aI.t.eIi l toh. w tth..
wo Sqq teept of whlftu opowgw hich blaed the ieusught thet s wplo M 'santityo unaq *bqtos trtsitO t IMi0 4
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n o,,, M. t t .e' thisell.,itltp'y fi OBl o. aTh r nngfe Wa .. -bl-' ry-- "a. ;ppye 0 f iiitt r bib :eI
;. bills rt of to ic Unitd t h A watch lin llnpt on m e ostil s II e with an I ron brsca p I affItt paa W thic it, ,-' P.0',lt ttt, n

N.o toA l Vdetemld$i ,! w ilth hi edlc d lsiht! not hJ nix r, t estl r l it eei sadtheht.u patelm lilies $tupaa t)h unWle to phi l UV ea .t
ILm mo t *r Ikie lW It pn l >Ino, ntfo h euit toih yar. the liati. Wal E prt.y

gB",H"": iO &l--0i.H;- Tf h e ellrm, ha in lh b. lie f tha t Da "y i l Ml | Hodger ami k iHt H1"' ,itt l.e h iuntonsl, i na* Of?'r,'stp "e'e sr. "'!
pK^sateaHlP *tbehrac hitau*hlf di hib t1pP. Kft.f by thtetKm hrr On the hdm d to torotee. beb 4 btmr efotg b t* eth
bgs.srnoh1t 10 .: L

The a eHd Taet r owvrI hW ha only 1u 6i a Ar b
ldehkted th Ruinl t ter b is wori Tinovt h is tle t W leair The lUr lihs wre kill o bfor thi o I i lt i f Mt

beg'et t ttg aimlunt v '. for P tte and Awttalle, itr ,. Abt toi d ,dy .A- t .W
isvuts a .the preI,. i I,. ...*.
for sle crI aioai b'i 4 be'hea h v tte'' aim, .... e U s'h d Ih ,, i'i
e qSaidTo$a..Mad e a t he cal t#S*

*a* Cq. 'i'' n fsotha dvfiut idd. wih i, 'b .ei',h PA ."" .i ia B olto...
co f.lo i which"h -c46ro."tha W O.W.rA'.' w ut

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hartfho i, fmal to I Ii' olief hat bien m ay .. 1 i 4ud, mudil .lNag h
P as- . ... ..w... r. he' ha' 'i . h I s...r"n. Arm.wr .. .a.e b%".-"
-.. ".. __i__e dto I terne a t louwor,1 In 1hi tleh -.ed lli. Iies ki..

lugl afl t lv 4pI eler Mud 't*Iita A. :rdb thi sI w.y a.t..
it/i;:_ ~~~43 ,... Tll lplii lli . .... lw Tr "0rltdd t lriliqe nie i.tie ii~ lCti ,,, ,,:',..
111pa:1114,i 'lnt e 0010 r1

IJiR *N UR L^ KKIritE. 'probably the names of a comrade and .. . pei.tmnt.
ef"rcrewd a. -.' _wehe ar, a t MICHIGAN bEMOCRATS. Tse y rde w V fl ltd witp u,,'V
nhrorced renewed' tt.o attack at 3 The 'oir 3lhaveI discovered t p ..- stk today. MThe stply a far es
Weilok In thi nortohar d Tb rov, third accomplce. was concernied In State Convention Mets at Grand Rap iiodid lbe demiot taUt prliie* *!O .*
" ,uA._ nortl.wrd. Th J.. e touri(or plot, and that le, was s Id, Mich. oaes ppud m e
iner r'lt., apo1e(I to u Severe artil, tioed a quAy on the $av where frawit RaI t"ih..- A .iI.(.t 1--AiAt tifflf* b-, itf l:
,y f t ws torc.d tb halt.> h one ono f th linperial yachbo' .as mouord W'liru\h t'iiveiraits i tle it envintlon 4u6tt shippae!., D oe '4:
'ussians who we re reinforced, assi' ou the chance the monlaitor might wa sall i,, u ider go nonil tien t'0 u hipelp ta arri thetm w;'
ed the offensive t :3 ocloc lkln t Peerhoff that day by -boat" t y Iatc"abi t, re that Ju h ,' the pe .t t
atwlintwu. Inst werv r4.uItid with a ----i- ----. ,' t 'nn, tice a proW a attl., fl. .,
*hbyv los. Tb %asiii larutiIyS DL&CLAR$ oVIuNc. ot n . r n epl .ad
.pryvitted th-e Japsane roi i ur.u.. l . -- i it fr g ovinor uf this stat; ertii *pte Ur'Se,:' *1 ,.f".Ib., .
ad ,during the ight thie tast Central Railroad Declares 2 Per Cent wl he ae t the ad of the yest y e p
withdrew toward lia Cihl n' Thp on its Sonds. flmcratl state t"ck"t on ap'torn" .M4 tay that t .q wosi. s .
Japanes t Were snt 4L : na l ,.. MAunuit 4.The OI. l,,aring prhiiary report l thle t. :d to irt miOe %at ilalt .
.g.ral Krki has telegraphed that, trail of (,eorgia rallm4d; tr the u rat ret ol Of na.olntldItU to -bt They uuald. t they i athel jwt ,"
IS the two days' hi time gengta tits. rYnrti0s aio11,: Alt g .at tha mofst- important iuwet in to e is the, d s I .t,.ii4 t Mir t wl4 Ret"TWR
. .and sall "his s- .r t dndoh t t d b l st eampagn and pledging it' < t f"w st m* .
si ofiers killed. l oMcr wounded bpndi 0n preferred bonds a di partyothis nd da by th
*d Pto0 -men killed and wounded ied of G per .eent *5 deilrtnd and in the a rly ,hn f rs he m:rtilr Wei b to the tin b Wop .
(uropatkln' Movemonta. on the i,.reondl a dividend of 2 per %r. Ste rsa declared ,he would hl)t on.t la the ualot i, s."
st Peterabursg Auguflt 0.-Wenrlbl eentI a,-pt the nnfnilaltlon by thet .al)E> Pfkii 4 aR.itimo t4atM low*4
uropatkin's arm es are now, ep n&cn Ther are a *4,00,W0 worth di flr crstis 1M woull al< inpport the b the begf!tillng of t s*rikh tbh Il
trattng upon Li' Yang. faing back and $ .OOiJ'tA' wurth of ecwc'nd, mrko. orratt imud1'.al icket Thl hwdr tht' oEi b hiltyig of live toia
repectlvey upon Abanhan. an ivideuspIs dt.lareil on the ,ff@t 9r r,.V'A itcl m,? t fr tt
dienstiat andt An PKus as predlited. bitnd s ,a.!., to .*E10.4. Thie d.l ,, ,o hin arn,,ti.; "mnna .' 4 petmp wetl V ily aol Ihn4 irlt ,!n i
ii thie diaischbs?' of, the Asocate*t4 i I nil'rC la blly1 Oct 1. ?ih^ RFql?. a hit* A hit w.k wt no0ittafinu a ca PAtt ofE AuEitat3t fyew td: *
PrfA 'thscy thr, d ilne lrt natrud. .ort of tlii road wat reI lv&4d didal '-1 I not s f)4stMx L I*0110 n1 th i haiag of a' blt.1 t,
Pf. 'e ly ptheA" lbre, poin d I.tsL m rnu "t 'i .. h owlnp .an txce.l t ai.ii ntal ap niii tmtltt '4n1 i" eve.r, Il .i tip l lTe Ivoittbsil .
tangt S nahlttd le O*enrsii Kftropatiln yYear. SIa*cid t r0(tiuiy uiB been fhowp ,fp ap' *i wn h1 haui f otv t at their@ Is aWbaro ty of lie t 'weish:
to risk ia gceratl nga nnt: T he in A raikt'fis h1n'ilmat. ATI' thp' ,t ( almas ne. , t i aed tr ca inag.
, )y cAuA fMr aptirty i r A o Pig and biir' totl' .it'l crtI w'rO pi efhlt, I ohim 4lr l, , Central Kuropahin'" wbrI. that hl itn KvI iP inow I and I WY', inlh. tnorry arma of ti ,, h cortnieton CRANK CAUSSO ALARM. "'s',
-tfa to ipiie toopr tiMid holddat paI Atla ,ta , ,I ', ..
Bdil augl4!gn Ithe Japane r VPAIRPANK, NOTIPELP fewt Money 4h tensd p d 41 4,A O
.vidently'reatllldthe 4adrtntae of1 icted a Sponsor W'
i ,,...... _., .' u -11 1.. ..t ... . eA A...t ......d ,l ...., ... .. 1 a A.. .- ..a a '_4 .L , ", i,... ,A .'. '. .


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ft tdj

7=- .Wl-, 777 7l.
I ,, ,. .. ,, *J i ,.

sw*f hat att be eaft
4bUls to Inruot teoir
'M ekaM sot to leav t*.

wth S. it e ,,.Upg
Wrv WL .t ,

,tow, .'/ M w, 'Mto

SWas o~ r.PP.Y.Yrw,.

' ". At'.Ag of
Sothi Batd. .nd.. Aauist .-Juute"
t, 0.. Tr died today at the rest.
.tea., .ll dsiwhiter. WrO. H. te8ta*
Md. Jsdg tnr was t /e wsI ol.
'e ws the 'iathtr llis HN.jjar,
, a ,.,",.'. - tr .* . ', ,, ,i

ot! n ty, because hist wie bAd leA him
!a a O04 tr father woU14 not Ootlnt fot
t a1' ~tw tbs baby ehld to be rettrted to Bleard
f i o. llo to Iamntmad's home lte Buan.
day afternoon. In an latoileatd 1cio.
ditlo. Bseird in alleged to hate slip>
4. p Intos th hall of t e lhoite ania
D.,$ oba$ ihol Hmonaout with t warningt. ti
ifelda licttilag orsi) wouan4. He clenml
S.-'1W -w- kets ,Twa arter rtnhktg dbwa his
ttetash,'Iw, and huas at yet, bees
teow aptur., though it is te)lovd4 b.
swo w smhre mop the Cbstthooees
frien a k lrow t"., awal fromt
Wa wher the crime pes comuitted.

Put Anindo It AU.
A Filetawiilllofuime aneom s
ritult of mburasble pals from over*
Itas trpa. Dinlte., beake,.
0* to Dr. king' Nov Life PilN
^1JP~~~~~, *dt(ill hyn



Johaon Bro., (Minevlloe

dvI', ~b

'I, : I

-. r -,-.- I C- '-. 'wI'I'-~ -~ r'W- --

S. i du o lI ' *
." WagTqW .b 010. f
N ot.. .01 C.0 bi. to o l'
"i'*th' '' Tm a t awa

ho ew s wu opf th

e lp stomelmg mNwm. Ayapn
4g9alt attOdt .iain*i tlhM so th@
g L S :i4"m sl' sh" qui.t."

swoomCA 1
44 ,etinink wab hoe t e*esh at
,..':iS .i *,4b VStbe h .)uowsap u or
S';1 **- -- S f4

-T.s.. PPogo
LfPWPkU4 O ta *sight em th .
H hug Jeabeswllh ate ft. a (aop lb

vm gb s DWes I,$ nropot- ls t
77eBt. ofp t wh: a n e ovafl
u:.a.Ine p1 e~s. she eI!.spllmfp OP

.4b..-. h0ti R.FV...b ee.... b'A

Asras.of ,.ev
C, ^soshygo say alg a

1ag 'l ob esi"wl' b* t d who d I(re ,o
: i.I um l i or i.
i, h, L, 9 p l ate b.

OTnu .1 tf$wilth An' pa 4aget onm m
r pl g J.p a s a. 1 igt of N r.
* iW, EWM4wi, b o t, pu'leto he.
t ) 8Aut as or

S* l aI t aotln a w pst .o r i.mNe, b
ZZKn t wi.. pU sEW mure datoeis

. Vke *biii tte or ve
4^th *wl teg a apameafv e rl

. ,' *'.. mw .' -ne, *d 41, ic .
s4 thft S "Two phsle lasn h4 fd lano'and
s EIMhew sabberm ight with A taenbte on my
vfl4wsi sight lueg,' writm J. F. linghe of

S*M. Aa lasTrgor y in re Pr. Cuntyg' Kr
Hmss b t i ree shoed nt stilt 1 n5md I vie

O* ilt -a u -Dn *I few 4Au-. Now Phe
.9.. aWe nqmkl muh eolds nd throa end

tOWS tlthw Mammion hl fatherin.ta^. in ibit

~~. .. d p ,,. ,. ,





Jatoornvillto and, Now York,
Ostnisgas OHAR"UWTO,. .0., boUh wer..
bse tes tma Ip lat CauMwise SwinTe
Clyde New England and Southern Lines
t,~eI% .sltan JAOIAKSOXVILLE. boTON 44d
PSOV 0~. O iAN All A mter Polawt.
COallH at Charlstom both wap.
SflaaeWWfEDglB"L *r B.axLzXrqG8
. ......... .. .. .. ... ,,.rm o wL4 S' Wharf t BeSo
Il Md....,. ..... ........ Iroa oo of Othoshrino as.. Jlekf avlls


Betw..n JACMs EIoavEs and aPOmt
topping at Patluks, Aor, t eul8t eO. h font (DMLand), iid Intermndiat
M Ld.. i oRi 8. Johns Mivne
L.nTwn JskeovilI 3i p. m. Umsda Tu-eays had Thoraday.
Leane sanfor !d 9 i n, N. onday, nedanla ad Fridays.
SIappointed tomall sfolows ,
L "iop "..... ....... ..... kso l" ... .. ... Arri vt3 am
ESn......... ... *... .. Astor ... .. .... ... 2:al pnm
(s0aam ...........,........ .8 Franoi,... .......... 100 pm
t o.. ... .. .. er for (DeLand) ......1... 2:00n'
Ar ve s a .., ....., .. .... ,, 8 M o d ......... ........ OB al
lD0d Bm.,m, ....... .. .... .Ehtt rpr ,- ....... .. ...... *. O am
.. ,SJLr. A Lt Uu. Peow Au.. ... ONW we* t -b a

heraeml tmUnsro. Goheral Ani.te,
CheMbroatl BettWla. i fStatetre. Now- York

. i or T ON 105a ..





-s.-. -,

The Atlantic Coast Line
S '. ,
. Montgomery and L. f or Diie Flyer Thrugh...
Atlinta and Chatteoona.

Round TriI

Onm aledlly. Good II' e!.S.


3Rate frcin(ainii 6.80l


, Wsale dally,

flood sixty day.

12235 '

uN ro* lor. m at sei, u / m ,sto
itA Ou.I flc lAe sI"
yxl.~~~ ~~~ r~irl 41".14itifUiu

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*StVV^VW^^ ^ i^
6,130. 'I


q "4o11"'


o-, .. . .. d ,-- .
flMWe Rb. 1$.t o* taU.V
.n Womn" W]ady

w.eriW F neNM ArretedParftis bi In.
eswvswon from Shriff Suwanweq
Counvty-Mail a Familtar OCharasr

SaMe J J. UAJ. lhardad pe A. A
ftar.ell. both white, i is t alleged
wer tlvil g s life tocrther whob ,we
* not q.4ie ib omfomreiy with she laws
of mworslity. $hby were irrueed In -thish
Illy bf hoirll FYieell on. We4duedat
Hightl by in.esi on roltOS ou frt .t
Hawklan of Suwanute equa'1y, asad
hplted i F p ull i. w
SSherlIN yelooll wbs Immediately to
she house li She svolaity ofat tmha *-
board Air Line depot whlth was bteln
ogeupled by the pair. The ofteer
foup she womoin as home, who told
him that Rllekrd was up town. IH
pileed her under arr*mi and escorted
her to the jail. proceeded after Risk.
ad avd found, him without trouble.
Heo as ploed behind the ban. Rik*-
aid hbs been a familiar sharaoer
about the streets for several week.
fl is an uopbrlla mender, and hai
been working at Ili vocation at varioul
plaI amu4s ithe *Nose.
The man and women same from Live
Oak, whqen the Sharme eas preferred,
atd where the were take by 9berlf
A Novel Oeese Oteh.
A samusiiagfnturo, a well a it*
awrkable one, of Riskadm a imprhio.
met was the feet thai he displayed
maO" energy ud Ingenuity than it
ettwesary for the voeation of an am-
brlla matder. Bheriff Fuanell has at
the jilt a quantity of whiskey in bot*
tlle whish be hu u ona flasted from
time to time froaq raids on Illegal whi*
key houses, ,There were quite a mum.
be on the floor In lose proximity to
theelag oeoupied by the prisoner, and
he readily grasped the alatullou.
BRikatld wMa thinly. There was a
broom inild* the cage. Ritekard tore
his hkadkerchief into shreds., tied i e
ands together mad. a loop of one end
and tied the- newly piovised "tAshilg"
line to the end of She broom. He pro.
oeded to "Rtsh" through the bars witll
tine sueoes, as nla a few moment@ heI
"hooked" and landed four batlss of
good boose in hi. cell. and was pro.
eedlng-so have a high old Eime when
she Jallr diseoovered his trisk.

Particular, of the Slhooting of Marshalt
Wadkins by Joe Mitchell.
The particular of the deplorable
tragedy which occurred at Cedar Key
Tuesday afternoon between Marshal
(jo. W. Wadklius and Joe Mitchell, as
appeared in Thte Time.LUnion of thee
4thi, aire a follows:
"The trouble was brought on b)y a

dispute, which arose between, Mr.
Wadkins aid Capt. Joe Mitchelel, over
a ootored *allor in t1he employ of t9z
latter, who had been iarriitd by the
marshal, and was awaiting trial before
Justilde l'itineai.
"Captain. Mitehell naturally tn.k
the part of the sailor. The dispute led.
to a setfile, In which Marshal Wadkins
had tktu advantage of Capt. Mitehell,
being a very large man, while the lat.
ter is considvnbly under miin.
tin these uffle Mr. Wadliu' pistol
dropped from hbris poket. and ItrikinF
the hammer atn the paveimelnt was dim.
"Captain Mitchell at once Pilled his
pistol sand fired at Mr. Wadkine, Tue
ball entered his batk on the right
site ovidunily paning-through tV
liver, but roemaiuann within the body.
S"Mr. ad ki it' condition .is consid.
ervd very'erio)u, "
r \Wadkia's is. well known in this
city and section, living beer engaged
in the horse trading busitine here fur
several years.l If is a native of Put4
fun'imounty, and eamu from a good
A Perfectly Painles PHI
Is the one that will cleanse the syp-.
seten Set the liver, tlo action, remove
the bile, clear the complexion, eure
headache and leave a toid tuate in the
,, .smoeuth. The famous little p+lls for 4o.
4 s ach work pleasantly and effeetual.

lo w'. :

Why WidOilt stand
sbus -a the beat pain
prpuny known,

IS t "rl I oefl pe INIo
It iries S(he pl

SThe man testimonials
Sived rom 'all parts
SO the constr e by
thousanad grateftl
Speople who have been
relieved from auffern g
sand cured of painl
Ailments by the use of
m Hamlin Wizard Oil.

Ntpmtar thet s ea of I eits Me
mTi e s- te asnd tr.
Osfy 0** 61i ..
t m 0 "Hmu aw." em Wappu .
S&M.I*. Me.l&. PrIg. 46s,
Ijamline Cough Batsam eCur
a cold4 promptly and wrene
pmmeasonal. ii*. ass
Iltlnoa Blood aMnd Liver Pill
tt co@Itlpalon lised
*"llw aiWC* *



OWl of tie Most b Molutt&o Gsth
w ing- I to ty ot 3e(yS.

The Ladles SEpresed Themselve asa
Seing Very esitrou of Aistiing the
i Hosplial Movement, and Will Ask for
Special Ro.m;
Kirby tfmithChapter, Uni4ed Diugh
'tems of the (onfedorsey, hold a imuss
sharalminl meeting a& Ithe elegan! bee
of NM. J.. a. M KlnstryJr., Thuraday
afternoon. There waa l* rJ asses,.
danee and a reat deal If esaqll tasu,
i a mnaisnWtd among fle mabs.
A acmbetr of cogratulatbry Insea.
prer read upon the pust ylrses work
of Kirb nmishb Ohapter.
The ladies of the chapter esprese&
a desire to eo..perate wllsi the organ*
aere of the Oulvesville and Alssho
County Holpital Asiulatlon lIi the
master of he., hoepleal whieh k. to be
ieroted In aIsnemvllle, anld t this
meaning the members unanimously
esprmeed a deire to do sometuakl ak
one' lative to thio work. A matioe
prwalted that a request be p Oseated
to tho dItrto of the prqpMed wbe
pital to snrnt Kirby Smith Chaptl he
privileRp of fouralibtig roeOIl th
bu.idlai to be' oamed K[irb gwik
NOON,. and to toa a" fi r ladlfi
Xeterass.t1OV iU. d UhoT S
wons or ArnwInAsson mOrn TAM

- .. I' I,'


."ILUB JII QTORU ' * i .. A' q'" ""
__.7 1 -._.1 1 1 / __i^_. .... ,,"- T . ;. ... n .,| ,i,.<

3,000 Y Hr 1,,,


i .' 1 L,
", .* ' '. .* tl
, L e... Ii ,
.. '4 .: 41 ", '. "d ,;^ =;.'l .-,,'4
,* :Y:'F ;; %
', .' J t B
a. .


Will offer the
priow n

Ladies' Strap

N i L' m

LeRoy Duval and Edgar GanW fPed pe T %
for Dlerderl Conduct*. 1t .u10t 'o.'
LeRoy-Datal ad Ed--r Daiel two Da!p .sd5Awt lt V I.ilI . im
of the colored boys who were mixed up t L ae.S, 4. a am a IL
la the scuMIe at the 'rough houa" as i o '
Jobheso6 fI all Monday ni ht, i and who CaI f
ubeequuetly made their eope and h'eS es t a W Mm a
kept in hiding until Thurdamom. *LrAU'A A""ort. As mii. I S
it,. were arosted .as soou. a& d r ay le tet i day r J o y., A. MR. ^I ^0 1IO "."
arrived in town and arrelneln bs4o on ra s I4 .1e '...A.. ., >'V "
Mayor Thomas upon a charge of di- e. (
orderly conduct. e.:,, aaor r lo w T I a a c,,.s ll
The evidl ce against the prison # w. I. SAw or M iDA I
wa'of suh a charasers'tooonvu'* V4tie4 -i b.rebeir Vf
Uls Honor that theysweresguilty. tere I (iesday ofA e *t1sIOmtSW

si officer" remarks Mayor Thomas. lSema/ o laoureoB* .t The *enIt. the .
"Pe you were not an.led up in ttls Wl Se.I S. T; i.' IL.i f U....i.
afair, why did you run?" UseM bs oo suckheUaoitC t1ame o M1 b og* 6

|)u val, weI didn't dun pu.shin' wrong; seonsMuh to li. deed i b ere
we wus J' youkno' taintt w ... my ,-a. -aa-ur otn wasleI. s Ini atorL'VI.i
an disgrace ter run when you's tI l ilta dayf r At A, W1I (A 4.. I. p N..""d ..iii-*
s'eered" Cl ,rk .tnrnciihOrt g ASeFVaib ty .h *l p 0
" Well' replii the i Mayor, it took rt -: 1 c .., pl ,I i i
the iffleer a long inue to tind.yot and NOTICE OV AUIuCATIlO Oi TAX
I am either going ito iakpeou pay this I)KKL UNDEU hEM MON. 1 Ior HAPTEMI ignu) I It
ouort $b and ouste or put you where ' '*1.u. M *LA WS Or IAJIII rag si
the ofleer ean lay eilshr lil hand or PNoeUctiner of o hty tl cate No. lQ. Iua ne arage mie st f nM WI bee Wswe 4 l
hat. Five and costs, or thirty days. '1i tIA tu in teUet sD ne usme nn e.a Mhe eI ow t,- niJ
Daniel got off lightly beinR fljed h law. bSeM t"e: ti f rneitiinto the toiwniv 05 ftg 4lete o A kU I
d etrrthe* g'rt-prrt y situated Isu Alwbua: in caa
1 land costsor fifteen dAys. & derIe. "
14 It. Se- li.a1'. I IS-"8t- ',
-The ,ski tuu r helnte, ed a.ttate tt U *.
W. C. T. U. FOUNTAIN. OWethe Iauaiwe muO h owr.lts.e in the aIse? n.. -...O. *V#
U alea o&sMti*sal IWInhose h )tbe r defrmols t ad
WUnon Feels Greatly ,ncoura.ed a .nd f t d ,;,. .u., aS q*D Take The Atlantic COstt .
ith etd o o. th lui'l P n LA.. ..m0I m WA
Will' Push Work. the ttda% oL JW... A 1... im.liaM w

vorably .uh th e l an tehePI h,-nJouth n I .,
Raeouraging proepeets for tho fousn. c.r* uit dortgA h 3 Fla
tain. Our committee report quite la- 0t Ver K a. Mebeo. V. 0.

eomaissioners, favor tl enterprise. or
and hate grated prittlege of placing J'Non vo e w 94l e C"lja Innnnn lm
it on the <1uare, anid have al o prom- On Monday July 2lh6. f.i4, the City
iied fnaneial aid." Man' of our cii- Couail of Ue.luesvi lIe. Florida. et a Tran s it mnI ii 1' "I
ens are ubseribing liberally to the required by law,. for the purpo R p. oidTrant and UT Ma W
fund,ad we trust assay more will vteiwt sI Tand siuit" ansdesm time Table a In 1 ee Jae 6.n ISM. !'
want their names on the list wish a ftxsefr'a1nts antaint the following teamt rt AN VILL
liberal donation W1 want all to have ssrmons aar t raised -as followast De paoir GA ILl -.
a sinare In intse it will ti a useful or. o W W. A reas To w 11sM) am U. e r-k 'nnitI
nametnt o aour town. j V l l 7s lpm .i.n Dp np aa W .. .4 IW.dnaI
d r man,] W l .A---........... nnn n. n..nn
3M. 1. 1). T.iCNKU M s. J. M, .k. ',L f ...-: I .
(_ _,,_- -t ..... t w jt fff,,u.)thi ,.." iJ n'-. l.m"r *J e-- .--,-.--f-.
-p. n a 12:40 pun u OsLaLsurg and tmapased
et1C1) flail Dalt

SJ.W. 1 0 Dali N tonh, a$t ad We
W. ithiektMmseley I7 -----
... B I :16 .... 12:1a I High k'prnp, WajYcOft ; m "wahP p* 'III
r in rglo plemeneu ts e_ vgiy ; Albany, Aulawta all PointsN, a Wo : :,
ItM K `h.ilps 2
ll, ule Pvp. nItt r aid^Lacy Perr 8 3 pm Koehele. Mlnnupy ami ias
maaTiH.nsauptlnI 1it
Pi Hattie LI Sanche ....... -" axf.'1D
doll. 1 EIllUon Thoatpson I 8 a
f. i.Thoma- *rr> aDwalm Hilhpprinoi
Bought in Car Lot. Sold in any T, 2Thomat. :Z ij' fi -ttai igbS.iSS i.
H iU'n W I W -ll* im'- *---- -----^ ---- -
quantlt rs. II. WilSon- nnaiamgsablMleage Tiketsga eret
-^^. 1 The CUuncil will aunt at the cham. eipsl railways lathe Southern States awne us 4 the riae mmal .
$ Ogr on August 26th, 115$, at Thrmugh uilmamsisleetet aort 1to N ew .v A
Set One of Oaf r Catalgass. to hear and determine anl complaint. Lne; also via Atlanste (oet Lono nad SuthaRaIwq.

_ ~ __~ __

- -


Tr 1

AnA4 L -flS .

'. l '. .T
'."I f:"


ieRQtfl O AYM11NT 4ai It$.'
Wo as bi*rlw itapoharn Ni. i and nrspenstultI
itelI s Uas pf orn bsninmw

Fin, Life, Aiietet and Health imae.

for theu, .
a+ a Wa ao!! .all Ip lltl oo .11 p0xaIlI:

I*~ disb.
-'I,, WI ii

---w bu to a lw nt wI i op idrqeso
RO .V r ANmAw Af,,- 7E. -
.b. .rf lly f.a....... ...AIN VILLs *..-0

I oft%SV w r.% flkflfl
fl' c '4 p i .- -- LA VtMSfl4 ii '~" -"4



"R-.tsqlf ItSi8 WO Iay l.,t dJ AOKSONVILLEP, LOtlDA.
bi ter. a e, -,, -. , ..
imSs 0y halted, hhe uhrht. aS ne,,4d. ,Mwl4 fa ulabL
+zpw i va. MZA lOZT, r reIranros
L,&wipi,.v "' .-ri--.Z ... ,
n l . n , . ------,,- ,- -

0.6 8. MERIANT a 00.
. 55 56 :sn... .. *
0'.. Sa h if bS a I
r8,.p ad Fancy Groseno*,

." uess mOM tas pn psl$ orObtqk0ps. EsP M.A owe PrusMe

. WT-11


Air Line Railway
,, ,* i 'i. o.. .
savannah Columbiaq. Camden, Southern
Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-
ington, Baltimore, 'Phila-

delphia, New York,

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

p. eambesti..,
s, ,'**,,
.*1. e kpgWg* s. w e '

Seaboard Mail.
,,.C c I 'aerr M. + -
MAan Only Oerating

Dbily Through Pullman tleepers '(op Jacksonville to New Orlean

.,.r, ',aW !iUoltf A rn .k nl t ,,* .1 ., ,l-
0# i ." hi".. s b n.

m" Cm nrem Vetrmnilu*
,wsb sons_. I Ibow,,
V t .a v l r
-+"' '"-,-,.,--- woR

S.; ,,' ...fig m w ;MIT M I
,rti- ,, --n...- H t i it.
S. e w.e. s .
.... J is.__ _ _
Maat1 *^tarao n-t


full intormlation and eleeper f*- vsat on oell on aun esnt 8 aboaud or
A. 0. ).MqrDONELL, ,. C. BOYL'FWNo,' Ja
Anst. Geersl PseeiprAr a. PaMi)enry AgRIt,
1*' -

..World's Fair Rates..

ER udA OilR Trig'. O,, n7 Rft tou 4 Trip ,t
.. a ly-Gd l /.- daily. ood-
sill o)., I. fifteen day s .


Round Trip. On
u,1. daily. com4
siuxI day. '


Ho6nd IrlI. 'Ruood t
dasv On lttAl TiwAIsu
nOml Thurdnru, to JuMo,
iwk fklnb- Imn o Aiinbe.




*!plw .-

t, tb trosb At AmMt Bund Cattamu s. or Coul ta lia Anh rile, 'trato e
a l nM i.r . .. .. .
Ot tly us tro TWorS with th.owm rtbl tItOe i. Itii. Two Utrn dmilU front
Jsae gi 'te, em . e O
- russ a urn at~wttHtmlRBtiMw~rMtM

pc~ i ~

'i z . '
." ', '.'
. 1 I, .,"l-v+ U

I;, .1 i , "

* 1 p

, s 1

p Iy ,,;K


- --- ---- --

,- d I --



IUNOR yawlnI


. Ir,

F I! ST nd, ." 1, ... ,
l "r* M" L Ud "v 4 1 "
J $LA @A NP p 9ng p POa SU.plw

. t i i, 1 W t, L M GC -!-- AHin rwnl^.o w r n ,.

*tirleual Dirwt wraand *P* as wt* wA ****'r* ***w *
A*JATII VAUUIUI O iJ700 phDo bl 11 FtrCd pola s peck

thFPINnHEn **e to Nbrm l* I Hry withss of tihna 01 v aEeA
wOIu Jon a Hw. |ic Wr, JDear B. SiioS L Lo 0taM0 Vf he n iver1"tW$ May d Q1 i
St ho a htn 00 6 .d 14 m. Vor letetve ... h'
ABOSATI vmAlu OPF 7 M ro anur Diretors a nd Oass byt as armed 'p~ am4 paJcuIi

veel CDay AfterPt olweyd. H nuffRt p oul .
cel it, DelIand sout, JaWes 1. A, -et P g ienae the blIntpSorn2Uss tht pb4 l ervts
no, t u n of pp Nippi., lhaph d sepfwb Wiu aa WS$uqk 00"10
940 9 ars ad mso fertile and *o iht of, and wieto 'r Waiti). el 0 .i.a

,r.l forms in the county, are T.his lw .. . .. ChN -qM l e qai s 1 e ,e
vissine of heanv luse, nuesd bp sltok w piups handIlenapolm. August 4.-Thpmas. r .me are i* t,.
usgerhug a flsk and easing Paris pre a Tajgart eitmaa of the tWeosocmtle 00I ;u%. IS*
of entemm fis ap shen bints while wave ilt.....e.te .0 *0 t7e ..
noI1nsemgnt todaUb that WItliiq Iw
eolblIshing the oat qrop f Oftilal Reiate orom tirid to Q. A,R Sboahsh. o t New York. will hbe Elhait tr Vgtjllnbl ... "t "
As a sultof bthis incident, Col. Dll Encampment at Seaon. man of (he natlosi oxm.tluvem eeainh l* s bHsq i p
0*woelni tbtdeslh of two fle moul in, t headqurtprs train will leave e. Hie aid It Is not crlsl 4 *,n
his oda. mosne ipraymate w4 iuhh eemingr' '.0 so W

sid hi. on I A* 01r.y ,m1 r wheoh he ~ Jaetoovilll Augr't I'J. mnd will e whether he would be bidel to nnieg !. Ie A. s. ,
ralinet I P hi 9b. ll held she vii= opevtedotfer the following route: Ihe other members of the complttts eeto rum.f ir
atipoor o th male a $2 h. board .Sir LiB. Railwt 0o Rel,- toI f., i t oo .. t fI t,"
y wer ne, young nd ngo sl* mod, R. V. A P& W. $o Wahilg. -To -S Ji....v ao
male. on, Penn. It. it. io JMQ itM llam. Rheuumal m. IhohI 0 .. .. ,,,
Thiile will s b ill the more serious or Maryland to tIlrlm Riatr, sheen Wh paine ti on .rl. ulau feit on s "
In the unfortunate planteon, s'e it y," N. H, A H to Batum. art orf he bdy, the applfsion l Ml
will soon be harvesting sims. mad they Thu ftolowlnjs tlhe schedule:, iallard' t now Lhhlm1ent gives promp
*ill be mo0 badly needed. Icael Jaakeou valle 7do0 p. m.. ,r* 5irt, W. Shllia|n, Prop ollivmn
The stock ugrvivl for veral days rive Washlngtom aSM p, m. Houe, El Rena. 0, T., wrle, Junb e 0,
Afser eating the poFion, whioh was the Leave Wahangton 7 40 4. im.. arrive 1mai o "1 nti n plemUNM l ein mm Ien4
latter part of the p ee he p. wh s, a |g alla Snow Mualiets o al L .1 itl10 .
maln expired Mo day, while the mar This sheduulo il arran ed so that She who ae aitleetd with thbolhsm, Be lN lB
eSularbd for t enty.four bouws lonwr 4. A. t maty spend a uight ti Wath-. thie esly rieed, I hwve fusid h as 6
sad died nla gret danger. Intuna. This traln wilt be eqlpped give, imled it. tllof." B.i i
Sr.. wish thoroughfare veseibuled ensehtt. lild by W. M. Johsn..
Nerve Teon. elemtng wlatbout hange irlm J wak .
A foe So health i nrve tensile, omelle to Boston, and though Pull* United Aetlei MCol "e eas. t' t
someimeo doe to hutrryeandworry, aht tha lteelpepn. requiring only one Ratlgfh, N. .e Auustet 4.--Th. aras.
Sine time out of tan due to poor i4ndi, change, at Wauhliago. et etonrs are to be mad to ne urse
eywtion, bl* or eostipatlon. Thee conditions all o Bosoln wili be, all rail. 080; ei Nfew a t t. Louis meeting Is Sptembr .#
rTes to the nind ald IllI keep your York and toqad satemer. 925.7i; Wh wern parrris r r ltlar eisht o n H 0.....
merveToo .d. II you -do not moe Poifemeish and stemaaer, or via Ba- ltu*r alnt'r ihl.I liie I'. North C'arlilea .
them by usiot Ornea's Augles lioaer, vIaah and steammpr, 9. gno t, r.o aor 'u.tmatio .that it wile
here sa o bettrUtomaehimed( Ren toim tesik r thi T fles te ouvthl ohIbe al T Ii' e S rno Tl. treHsron. P aa
the worMld ihi Anguto Flower, aId n eawot the Seaibord Air Lnse R illay, fo rt ** t, mlads to tn have
ti a cres foriadigM tion ordppepel. In ai ditiom to the obedule tamed armr.'s h0i0, Xck the"fr ttos Ta4 to '. '" '
trial bottle, 36e. sig bottle. Tie. *t above. athe imuifd will round- prveni runh AIo l. wbte has arr l bN s. R e *,' ai
W M. JohaintOf. t hep ulettws fr Tile canton o he to(porI l No fHi qerdls y bifenl dope the .
MIOANOPY .NiEW. m 0 A. R., tleir frIeds. s ad the pobl0 pFrliseo '".. t'. I paw
sonerlly forH alll tin Adleds I' __t _t a. : ,oo :,
To* Much Rain-Mr. Hare, Jr., Ar. X18is be 14th. Th"e Seboard will al.o ee C 0 Teth ve l ri
rive.-Marrwle of W. Cantrlon. iell tsh ticket via New York and Bse am s d ume that old eId well- -"
Sound Line or noy rail noeametiof trIe reaedy.n. WMrs i Mlte 9 -* b W.
MiN epr, Auuits 4.--All those who fom 14ew t ork without stopping In ni ptp. hhr chtldr t4lb ag. IAAt9 ATom I MA
have ocoplalaed so neuth during the Washington. Sw. so.ths tie ochit. Aoftes the Im *I,.
pMet el mosAhl of not having enough t- -..-. I l. all palinp ueo wind l mi T L, nn0a
> have had their wishes granted, or Heir.e Ishe't smJ le diarrho*. Te1. i ii- EY IE t#Y
thiuar prayers heard, for It has rained "Redsrs the bile more Rldad 's7e tfOe a made.t
nd rained. ad i I appear like It will helps the blood to Mow; t ais .. -- At ...
keep on raining." Two inehei of n1it. prompt relief from billtiouse, Ini. d wipondo He tuloilded. t t0
fall was the government record at this getion, osk and nervous hieadahe, Syrflrcu"e N. V., AnlrAst 4.-11 Hami 0 ti A t tl t A.l ;
plint on the 3rd ins. and the vnr.(idIenow In ood or to f Ahre Iw.f Wai, trr am. -IIsnv'
(ltse a number of viitore have been drink. Herbin metet quickly; a dos tiat dor to e y. sho I, forbar aii NOe Bettir i th
in town. and many more would ome after meals will bring the patient into aw ad or taLot ,e..__ s.h. Ad i Sl l
in to attend the melting here wern it a good condition in a w day.. tdac.a. y L ura. L sae, l At I
rot for the inletmeney of the weather. I adwe, A. K. and T. I. e. .. a
M Heetr haturned fom he R. IChnth, ind. Ter., write,.April o7r so.n In uspw woork "r1" r" 4
eo at, wherl she han bgen oombtnins n, aovS: &I we ,ink for over two j was nearly 40 rems I r i i Eha Yw
pleasure asd beeitW for the pat ye with esunlriement of the other
month and spleen. the doctors did me o -. '
Mrs. T. P. Maynard of Al.chuq e gcod, and I had given up all hope of Thoe eath PelAty. Ommodlous, W
eing oured, when my druggist ad."
here m viels to relatives, principal eid me to es Herbine. It has made A little thinl sometimes oeeho isnnaM a m "
of which l a iMr. Hare, Jr.. who has me sound snd well." Sio. Hold by death. T.hus a m.-ere sea chW miV SI -
obee brightening the lives of his par- 1', I. Johnion. Ym t orpu t ll-s pboae pid-. --- t '1.
..... .nd..dd-. the. h... o ... dieth peuahlty. !is i Ise a Tal e U nklad. I-^
so -ndid gladdelo the hearre of Wldo Ntwls Notes. I Btkle4 Ault0 Siale eves h60euaw0. Afka.
hset oa relatives and friends during II alvO on el Awyi .-
the flrst week of hti lif.. We' tns Waldo, August 4 -Judge A C. B~tek- .pr.vt fthliet, whsn coart ead iill o PATON, O, .
w. ?,,,~~rane ......tb. bile., more ..M and, S,. ,,hE ,usTN 1i *,... ...

that he may always be just as mieh a hanim very low. and a not xpireted aleo andsa pul threaten. niy M, .
oir1e of p.lealure to sitll concerned a to live. alldrug stor. em.
he is now. He will be. especially to The Presbyterian church will be Wouind Trip Rates to Washiqgton, 04,.
tit' K si. later to. losoed during August and September, .Allatle H.M ine, the' rllikis
, Mrs. Andrew Carlton and childrA,of th.e pastor. Rev. Mr. IBeard, going to s L t I BA!r I t Hi
Plant City left today for Ci*ra. They Tennsesee on bhis vacation. route b two hours and eleven in.
have b*en th.e uets of Mrs. Caron R, Simpson has sold hls property o s fn olon t avo W6e 110toa0 pas sold hs po.Tr.
here sinew unday. at arleon, and will moe, hil family .ashlngon a. .* retain W .. Tickets B. TOTLI.,
Waitor Carlton, o was alerk in to Califurnia next *enk. nowsonn n lsal. Flar lni a .d West In. Abe1 of T`t0e Na l
'" '' ,h now on le. lnor;id an Wei In- A t lastnS o, Tile ad, 11',
the postoilee here fur several yvars, J. E. Hoghes has purchased the ora t-agt
was married yesterday to Mrs. Agnes angel prove of T. E. Simpson at al ar tran beieen he fest and ouths s i O"r"mma-t a
Sahhnon, a charming yount widow of orn eaves Jeksnville ass m a. m.. arrivin '.
whrAndina, Fla. The marriage was a Mrs. Green in having her house ear in Washlingto 7 4.; m. lloiwlag "
very quiet affair, n one being parent large anud painted. meslog. 11o 40. A flami. 3o0W Li '
but his sister, Marie, who has been vi. More nrawberrie will b planted luas ,lrvin ston 1i1 S n t R 0M1. AOCW .D BURWLAST AN1
Iting there for some time, and Mr., Waldo this sason than for many yea m. folBowll even. A ai exel=it wittn a MNer of 4 .
Latham. the mother of the bride. They ,4t. oprtalt to viit the nati ...... .....
-- p to uikel-tuirertriumet eruan. F lnrs 'are making prepaiaions forp Vlin In Tiiw-a l 6TN -,*. Tl'e i to ,.
return to Oetoler glat. A Ue0U
ditna f trhe present and as both are a lar e rop of vegetable e i spring. Gig sof hboe q ke*st. ad lt yiS 1r .
well and favorably known they have a They will Sry to plant enough to ship Both itei "rry Pike man d&wgu- I., N. IaeAM.0 P de .."'
.oat of friends who wbh twbt OaodI' frot her e by tbe ro.. roaom In ,y Jale m darew le. N to WGash
shoel t tMetn mary dweed upon J. J. Rons and family, the family of.. B. SIU =Ia. DrsP Man A iIs d i i
themai they jorney through life. J. W. Rauloron and A. -ally and em, vtenSh to Wpaehigtm. 1n rd .l l
c pay- descenddauhtoer Ispeas Sunday at WorihitaEgton TI FIRS T LIATIOIIJ- L
Swee Breath sweet* o e K a u. J O W G A ZSS
Sa never (aillin sign of hathy A od of the Woodmen of Amteris AX RAU B, ' O m. : .
stem sh. Wheo the breath it bed he w. oran1ited hoee Monday I1ths. .. R"prettng THE ONLY OH.ABN ,,
teem e ibto*eut oforder. TltI to -s. .. .. .pr so ,_ . .' .'
Sawtedy in the world equal lto Kodl tarh. .I t i I1 aI *o a. i .... . .. .
1yapp8la Cure for curi og idigestion, Tt0 *let. ehbapspt and best remedy i"e A. W lL& O .. CO a *" ,.
d pels pIa-d all stompaeh disordim. forl aar, o s.asthm and al d0 ie0 urpUs aw l .
M. Mary S. Owtet of White roialna, e Mneoe atu ahss, s i. usd is WN. LESALE IN IS w !f- ...m.. e is etan :8in
., l writo "hbavet been i dyepepp Qamer 01. lhe new dlieloery. 1I I f sU
S utan p;I tried all hlndl of rese- perfectly harlmles aen to ehilibtr,p k .* -I ,
', us aul. nud so.grow o 1s. y aund isgaranumed to give perfect at. .... ."."




v.i w'it .rJOUNAL


1 v B als th* News and Facts governing

ggAj underlying caumas of Market

B-v Wme, analyuse and criticises lRallroad
and Industrial reports.
S 4 complete tables of Eataings of
,p erie i
Quote" active and inactive $Stuks and
Records the last sale of Bonds and the
yield on Investments at the prioe,
AaswerI, without charge, inquiries con
earning Inv'etment.
b who Adsy smn.t TEK WALL STUNMT
a nAL bw t$ qualld. tonet mosey r
uluy an pnstalyr sad fedwe mh..$ mavnt* q
si"K -- SPam J-tin.o sAt.*-

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i$1 a IMte, St a MeSTh,
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efamsal obt' is lm.
Up t dam aS evr'
****.do U N r
deste sad4 U-

.14 by us aontunuously l f
without laisg i.e 1fllu. I voI T
Want IRlanO for a I.fetimua
sirvic u't sha h
Mathushe lT
1Ptc sn bowe 1 *namt wit asw MeUw
Cuah or Um ew WWas **ee 0 1et I d1rs'
iisi. we or frembt W.WOe
for itrto T0AY.

Ludden & Bates
sMBthl IMiC H801M,
EITHER At BRYAN' State A'to,


.Laa." ... 'b.-.. .... .. .-'.- -- t- -- .--I... .. --

S..D. A. .I DUN IO Illinois 8Ce trial

o ISEth IAtlOmTE cO TmHE

isF!f! ib Si L0Loui0 s Exposition.
AIOAS All Lint-. T
W~I n meetlsm wh WA L. L. a.
,fw4* RAILWAY .* .. fIm A.tlaa.i
Lv. Atlnita C:SA .c... Ar. SI. KAMIS i-0 M.
.,I"S THS -- .. m,', Ar. t I. LI, A : m.L
SBeauws w's e -FROM-the
#':-y, .-1 Shortest and Best teorgla, Florida aid

*fjy L Rw.Rnd-Trip

80' $8OW nan4NoD i X I E FLY ER
A..t.I P. York
1 't""'' W BShl ngton a., NOW Carr)-iFr the Onl urning lltur i frou
:." .. York ancd thvanah .n tJh Atlnta to 14t. um T rAlear e w JaeksAM,
vi' : ie daily M p, m.. A ntaiUt I. uM i'vinr
'Vil e h 1ia sa vantah and team oU th Ure(d in m$ In St., I Stls i se t W4.
eo'r or via Norfolk 4 anir iatis rpun y"aMr city. World a V4r *iui
............ RA 0 mea V.; se a ls and tennh ts* aLaud chedules. mleeteiwO car rewrvaU oa.
S. ,w wilJe oen bard included. am for wt ok bowiw owerla and tn1mrditn
".b ~, s. ... toMn i l their ratti wiltt 1 t
I^ uxu Vt .l..uIRwo t'Yu.MILL FEDR D MI .RI
...... R I Lilemaitlo of lteturn Limlt-Sep. Trawrlin 1uaesgMer Agent,
*_ ' ftemyr e -ludays at New York on 1N. I arw1n 1 NlidlW0g ATLANTA, NA.
In S b v.N. -r. .oune .. -U .-.O a . -. ---
theseg eonehese Jbasoili'e to Bog-
n ta wlho change. Through Pull- .
Anl a ntpe Jlaksmanille to Bseton WILL RS1-MA4$V
ibe rie o l Pt other poutt.
MO ---"...... w. 0. f Fl. t(mptteImformeatio on *ap irsaion Chicago Improved Property
s.oBlt I 0 I. a to .O. Cobb, Agenlt, llam.le .le. Pt; bi r
c B "' ....... 8 2 0.l.oyleton, Jr., P. A.; A. A. M ae.
tolll_ Done0. P.A: A i Jslekmeon-1l'. Fla. I lS of Five to Elrhly
__M ln_ .O Aad Dlhilars hlAr lA dh'

DaSONADhob ON pr4.u
15k1,noWV.S.O . 0 1Fil tJ IImil0L114 lrr
t 0. s, O ,. r"8 w h ,a ,, p lA UlV It.o n r
t m eo 4O . 18 00
..... BROWN
S5* K riiio iiiuo, ..s64r. Ebe.a. IlL
tax flar, i 1 a 76

r,. l a O0 I. 0 1." 1
.v ..... - The Florii
. . 12 10 F .......... .. ..
tI o ,. '1 s FIunit and Truck Grower
S I ) ... .. tl I 2M. L.J. BRIt'MtYI, FAlter and Prop'" r
w:io -i. J. Evorsrd's Cnadi Mlt CttU.
Whl0rto .0.. (WhJ'tssone Ml t
S1ta2S10 RED STAR. e .'.......
he ai sat f alA,, or tV& o .tg 19 ir n ho
I6 -- il b. u armm .,Ws.,-- Ae d i an as il .and ! shan noot i.

Via L. & N, R. R.

r" --p

Exeursioim ticket iow u1, ale daily
from (Isueeillle to St. L.ouis nud re-
turn 4
$44.10 Return limit D Os. Ifth
. -) .. Flteurn limit 0.) days
#WeOb Reitur limit I days
pfeelal coach Ioeurlion 2S 35. Re-
turn limit 10 dayJ front date of sle.
Ticket. sold Tuesdays in July.
(uorr(i pomdlJnv low rates from other
oIntsn. Trh. l.. A N. i the toIt lion to
8. LOuis.
For rate, scheduled and sleeping oar
rewsrvatliorio pply to
J. r. FL EL INO, Pia. Pass. At.
I20 W. Bay St.. Jaakaonvillt. Pla
0. L. NTONE, (. P'. A.. Loulevill0.

National, State and Con|rassiona
al Ticket 1904.
Presidklenlal Elelors.
SV. Huff uu--Frankli county,
(0o0. K. Iobin.sion--Marion count,
Ueo. II. lolmems-tltrvard county.
1(. A. W. WVtndell--iadpdirn out4ty.
A. IA C.ushminti-A u laslhu enu
For tovrnor--l on.. H M&.I!ar-
lanie, Iglwi rP,..
S&8ecrt.I,) f Striat --l rr,
. A tts,.Via *- ( rn!- r'< -1 -.' (,, .,( *r-
Ij. LevyJ
CoIuptr<r-J L. iSktpj*"' I'pIlK
STrgmprrr-- Al. l;re Ift i. 1)dI .

Superi0t@si1riint of I'ublit' Il :t ru'n,-
tion-W. I O'Ne..l I-g.
Ctomisiatin*r of Altr uctlire -,J A.-
It ., i'uluant. *"
ltailroad Co niluioi.url kI .1
Ritchie ..t.'Julinh,
Jut ice uoprrme Court for tt-rai of
ix years--W. \ Sheppard,. Ie;.i'atitl.
Jnttiee tuprtwm l'iurlt--, l. trr,
(. ?4. Adaml, uvat,.
:. P. Axtill. lDuval




aF J

, .1'

, ,, I

II, / I

, I


" :.i1



I ~

or "'- W I I iii '_' 0^im
* eq PnflP br WMb the Vr.aht .
SIJ ISUteUe Were lalv*kS,
The Sian of tpslio, le I4 1 dtvd fru t
the lsuit Al bltir of liot wortl "plUs." In
natklis the .caitalU ltteTr It was umyde
iprn. mud ml drenr oesTsly until thO 6)p
port of 411t "pI" Wil ptil asd nair (t.1
eipIter; hls'r thli plius wi'i Vnllty

11ii 'w i w i"tt It w eitl wlet
Ar(es inrll ru-fti Iil iiiilsia. wivth a lburl.
apntal IiE inlmove to lsidletIrd thbe coa-
trIat in, whirlh wua a primtur's freestl
thalt 'n y Ii f(stindl in ialmoist anly book
Ianrinc an. dante ';rirlt tlin ,the w)lis.
1lmit of thie tighltevilth century. After
thy lhipis or n Ilon p(rhlei of tllus the
Itlltrt' were 'milthtol nit"u'wrtillsr. l lev*
lSpl only tlhes rt hu lie i. wiilI kniown1
to all. I
.Thi m1ultipllcntllui ll'f wits 1t1i1i,,1I
by chbsiltui thIe pliMs Mu iulu Iinto hMr-
airtr re*wismblltua 1)11 letter 1. This was
dolnea urzlaIy hlieeiniti iiiltltpilttl4n I.
but it shorter form ofi addul ithli
livlnhoi ioI fiirimtrly inhliates(t loy
pliu'llng the slih iitit(l ult-v a hiorlillta
line nitl lth. ll imwr lelow. In ortler Ito
pave p wi oi in printlling. ihi1 di* eblPitil
was pltvi'.l tto liv1 left unil the dlivikor
to tihe right. wiiih a shlliple diot IlI p1i'
of mach.
The rart.leut s ln ia-ns derivli from
the' altllll hl11e tt of the wrnt *"radix."
Tbhe sign of 'ejualty il sushi to have
tlrmt Lnsit uti(l In the year 1 57 by a*
Malinrp imlstiiatinnik'| lu, who adiptMi It
as n is sitliltute for the words "equal

Tler Wer" Virst I'U*d Isee Ladem In
lhe vemelemalkh 'ermtury.
In a letter datli April 1. 15130). MIr.
Garrardl, wrillely to til. Earl of Mirar-
tort. i:yys: "lere In out. Ca:tilinin hallty.
lie hall hoem is ma'n efilnstilt. biut now
livne In London, where e trlie eiliprt
luents. 11, thlh creteu Nt according toU
bl nbilllty somse four aiichkney oms che,
put bis Uen tin 4. livery uld appolotet.l
th!llm to titia lit tlih My it.lslp It the
StmiwlN. ilvling thini Ilnstructliols at
what riatl tio carry. mlui Into several
iulrts of tus town. whier ill a ley they
may Iho had,
their r ha'krmny men wming tihls way.
thet fliKocedi to thl 'sIUme pine rind per-
foruled their jusirnuyw ati the sague rate.
6* (hbt Whal in 5tWsin thlwr nare twenty of
the1u. lopgtlher. which 4i0perse up a"i1
C'lHinm shlopkegrs'K bitterly cinm-
phineltdl of thlut. inyln g:
'*mtrirtly whii litdhle nmedl wrestle.
men walked Iis ti.he uMtrvlt there wnit a
chance t orf rlnlt'tn'ir., liout now they
whisk past. In .11u' cuoncIhs. before our
jrinlh ,ifa ohave thile l to cry alit,
"'Wih t i'.vrlite-k "
ThP wiortl ral. it rnitrnctln of cubri-
olct, waits not lim-i until 182 '.

nea Thflrorulm ago is 31 Orlilt.
WhitSh rs tsmlnal O.
The dhrlvns tlon of lie word plulce
Is Ium erthiln. In Lojilomi Notes awIl
Qiuerit of IS'13 attempts were lmfke
tu ntre its origin.
Oine crrespondent wys: "Under a
FIren form the wonrt appenrp in a
Imwtai utf Ioltaeplcrre, 'C'rNt qlf tu'lll
dolLt lU'aciL'1UHV r ,e&t0 (Innte k.| |rttuie.-
Millelf.' All enriter Instance ceurN *IHn
one of Iaord (lheerfitcld's lteltrn, Atidl
(.tobor. 1749." 1
Anotheorwrilit of the same date trie
ito Irn t the word thringh lih "Irw into
Ilialy. Htarting wlthli the .uMUui|lthiin
thut fplhlli- ititp i> Freln(i hlitlle a
party at wM Lh each jUvlot iprvidlM'
mosuo irtrlitrihhir hiNts or fprforms somse
mitsial duilfv. he finds the Italian ox.
pl)rTeJitone 111.liit (dJuIt Uanl plVrlna (a
trfilint mt'rvkel. and from theoe lie
wiil gh ,'eoil fili t ,ihlla (Vpiclle")
4 PrFtit 'ltc ylolpi'hdl. 1843, has It
that thr wonl Is cilirwtunldid of the
ihniiihf 1'l:rHhli pkik (to 0chM<) uinal
nklk (in thie hick of time, on the tspur
of it,** rilnit'ritt. In I'rinme the ternt
ls tint I tL4m fiber ilolur iiltlcs.
trasht g lLove LDetters. "
*ieferrhw l 11i kivha letters. who IndMeed
4wo not write I'tutbllsi whtl e write. n -
a tlori letter? Thi greatest geniuses,
have proved th'islelves to Ie tem|po-
rarlly 1l tnterit VIRiI1itilvtns wben they
cnrrmtpond w\hib the rfair oneq whom
thrpy preftess lon fie*. Byreo. who was
a very 'twtute i u well a. a very etP-
quiet gnmet. wai throitughly nwitrs of
thi feet. A taister sttnke of determl
tillon not to bertonl rldkulous In love
letter writing war matnde hIy Ile Seoteb
illtor to tint' rItriftt. w1o 5 *ltlry5 cjni
elidted hill oinmnunlentlons witi,
YIWi,. dtireast 1uindait without prevJu
ils." Hlut we rnztnlit tall of us be
Utltbh l*wyrelt- IAiIlou Tlegmrspb.
Tuft"a she Table. .
ftr. rp t.ll lawye) ll rtep. Is
Pf Imlllb el tt.. in latll of 1my 1silvt

W, I :

r~yr~l ir !S

- .- r e -*w -~ n. - .~- 4 A),-i -, -, p fr ^- ^

Uel I sWtn mI Ihn o ilu th oflwer
.5 rse.heureuItu tSbeiutrl,
Pltritnr.mli alis ilnila h (l. th' otI.
est' worklig a'0wj4 i In Kliushml. It WimI
wr taeuI nhaumll 1l;% nf, lJ pIerhilsty lS.
work of a .muoiiniontiei ckk'kemakr. It ins
ihW oil' io ntan kLa ilhut Jla wound l
ulp 1tover ah isOlI wOtlei wihsel. This
Wlwetl it olouit lwIelvai ft(e IIV circue-l
(f'*inret,v ais i thes imnlvanihlxst rile.
PItxIt ;im fN't in II'ltihls. Multinirl n
loeldelli i s'lgldt of (r thl#.liutndmweighlt..
which 1ne to fit; wosind Ulp illy.,
The' clock IN wlhl to tw uiofuuc'h more
prilnillvi tosmirrution tihanll that IIluitd
tby jliniry it, Nh. for fhartIr.s of
ruivie hisa 1i74. '1h cis**k d hnaubier
I n Ihl i. nrthiwrwNt towr,' MAiet I1w),
I ets tlll wlhenr thef snii giht lhas lnot
; itiPetrihtlts for hUlnrslieI of Js'yw, nlis.
the 'wllsdlig o Jidune by the Ilight of a
STlu mto,,a ;I tht eh g lrii or i,11 of,
Stho rtilnrnil." ,hhls wighN thirty-
two mIndilrnldwilht. II Itn Lalrusrk
hourly ly nil gl.lty 1 p onvid htasmuvr.
Th'ie ginig usmnd the striking parts of
Uhse cla-k er wain. yme rds ati(art, cosn
utunirutcton timntff liy a slende, r wire.
The *'Mk halas nio dlii. The (lano In
1 Ishowt oi 11 4 15 r Sinr Whiil of- tIei1 o
espesmist*, whibh1 K*O round on two hour. L.,iduu (Chronlcle.
i'nlt.ntl ;ruiff I ntulertanil my
liisthtlir Ih hslsrraninn 10to marry y1.
Wr.iI. I vIstlI| to itly tos you thint *hel .e
t,riig.v. r. tNervy Ab. hereditary, I
iUIpl>|W;.. ;rtcliiluigo.
Ybm i. Watl fems.
Nl-<-I dreimsuml of you last nigbt. D

you ever dream of ris? Bh suppresss
Ins a yawni No. but I'd lillke to vwy
muech.-Detmrot Free Prews
We oall hatr le sons enough. but they
Are Itol burned In. -Atchlon A Summer Oold.

A summer ooid is not only a5o01-
ing but if anOs rlleved pneumonia will
be the' probable result by fall. One
Minute Oough Care oleaun the phlegm,
draws out the infltmmatito, healst
soothes and streogthens lhe lung sad
bronchial tube.. One Minute Ooogh
Ourv Is an Ideal remedy for, theb ch -
dren. It is pleasant to hbe u e sad
ierfe tly hafmlth. A erftas ouars
for oroup. oough snd sold. bold by
all d ruggisis.



Mice ove MSarous KFndel' All w4olk gur-



Can sell your oily property, (Osn
proved and *inimpr9ved), phosphate,
trucking and farming lands. Hend him
a list of what you suffer for sale. 2142m


Ofioe in Endel Blook.


(Buooe-or eSeIleo& Adrsmasl

Over iDuloa & Co's onk,.
Snetat su~~~~~~~Iestoot 'omsdtliewr


sp*eil attentlob to Crow o w and Hrklie work

D 8t GORON it TI.sor

H. i. 'NARM, -Pr.o

trlsrlr lrouve ad ClssSl hresUs.

ihLnei sI

.. 0,t). usltM

Presh Ewve Iw,
Ilellred to All Patrt ofr 0l.
-m e- ..sed*a --t," sa ies

NiEt Arend's Saloon d Cfe

Jaeksontivile, Vfoldds

Merehants Iuneh from I1 to 3p. m.
DarMth mmaj P4hebM ra fa Is .**
ported Wurtbwrg eetr em Inrrmh

Steaks. Flh., ho, iauame in fleoi,
to order. Pool, illiards. Bowllig
Alley. I30 W. Ba y t.


. 9


X )~v

Send Your
Order to the



"~ .

Orders sent to us
receive ])romnpt atten-
tion and the class orf
work we turn out is
boundI to please.


,riluste Itltmorn Co('oige Dental harves I. L r 1111 U IUE I I
1wve yea exuerleucs I) New York City.
Crown. lrtSre world st MWn 1I ta wlltka
AL.L W. OmK uoALmalasa
..... -- ^ Send Us Your

de r

JOHN Mfl4tJVAt Proirtetur. .- .
.t*1wl W. Imay st.. JUmcalwime. Va.. ___ -- "
Pasutbeer, bottle and draught. Dom's
fall to call on me whom in Jak _oOille

(Wishlot..CL t1w.aT
iPorelli lmlay Wet Mad the I erullzmtoeo ** BA
Teth Splies ___________________
At> Mi u m. Kaoh sfi. Moo MEGA

for, 'j
I IYL..wrI II i ~ ~ 'i~1aI'hJrci ,,* 1r

:: -

,. 1U

Our business I *tiritIj Meatned o0 S0
abhip o el 1d, We *,Mve nI po pnvaw
wll tthe $ bomiin. Wm toe nkl fi i
nfl. eahapWplV* ,pnsigmstlos ( t
all matlrm Miralulm 3, t-ohe go- 6n
deupslon of outendlng i igo. Wi J
vito i our tin. atll t or write oll.N

0l StI rA.

I-- DZALDA I.ZMR .Wr... ,A-,.-:'1,',--

Sesa Ian C )tto e, B *

Leather an lp ,:''

Manufacturers of the .raoli j
Sa Island Cotton (ln, n i

**-It tGood


Copper Dkttlled..$l fla 1: ^: ,,
.Qt .s Ci *....,. 3

. .. ... A mStCS..hB
PieJ'P*RO* 4 .
Ot ' tV 0:'
I ___________________



P. 0. St 401. JACk P LLS !A

Gaineshllle &Gulf RAO
Time t able ia *oeo Jtl f. I"S.

N . ..
DailR I No.
Kzc', D ily.
8 ay .


*,< *7 '*
'j' * I
I. I ~'
ii rr
* ~



-I I... .m _%- - --

Lv PIV'Iv P M'.Li AM
S .. . ... ...

6 45
I s . ... .. ..o.. ..
S 46 .. ... I . .... .
N 10 .... .... '.
8 16. ......... ....... .
S i ........ .. .. .. .
P S1 . ....... .. .. ..

SU 4 0 0 .

12 'em 17
11*86 'IN 7 O .
it so ld1 7 vi -
uhAn ,- -TyrAWV YTAK-

****.,. *gl.v .Otl** bies

..... J M .k9 ....,
a ",t ee.a ..:

A. a *


ten p 5 .rr r

* .* 0OiiFW~ U e eOIL ~
In.' q..Waeh0 -... O

.s ..m. a

0** 1*** 0*
e Ie I
t5*4** t *g

s5o6 'i.

A I,6'

* *41 *9
*t 40*'6WV

met, 4 a,
*4 **m.4
11* I'I*
I.+i. ,'4"

I' _J.,

. ', ,' ".,

Ix2 SU Itg *iv;Wi ,
S.....7. 9 U W ..'. .. ..,. .. /
.. .. .. i.. ... p1 ii .2.6 __4itJ.Jk -,tW ; *, "., ., 'i." '
.LO ... I to 8.1 .. o, & *,, b
-..... ...... .. t p ,.,** *. '
.:.. 1. 40 o 4 .. ....iL ..
.... ... a 4 7 -. -...i.O.. a.t..r* T, .l,.,

L. It BARtER, Gavel
J F. HILL .Age t. JAR_ I'

.in.... E B '

-Nr- ro I 1,,, :"'


,.. ...

-. AUUST ,19,04
- . ...V,,. ,."r^4., I .g'"
-- b--ab l -,, ,

The Alacn Cu Ahaitrh
T3 M rid

,, .'.' .. 't*l



, F.

ro.ov ; .
H i . .' - - ,, i-
^..^ ^ ,'1.-* R IM O YS-*-:' ^ -/., "J.'~

i..- .L.

of, ek naae*
I6l.I tiibS
' ',NltltoN j

rlp. -i

TV ~ A A.'iJw*o

UWE ~ ~

1 rr'lm P*'


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Ib aua~ i
* LI 411
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-,WM ap ,

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l^^j~jk ^ k ^J^T^
7A ^^' ^^^ "T^^T^
JIML^^ B A k^M '

a- 8
ar sesmflos
s s ''he pal.. Y

ii btt amtim etl

M tgsawa. g vbetbg Hse M
7 lhi nilik

: Dn ;t. b, s ,l -! b
r ,ai i..n ,fotl,

APs ms, dm S .... |

I otbs WetetfhinIse
SI, fid l laIn "N with my
io .."a s.iMero ,N l

s" ite ea for blader s me.
S.Is A liett. owst u
T^ i ., ii- 1. W0ti b I

..T-t iif 'i 1M0t Nft .t fc-r th. ni di Tl

.i ^,ft .Ir. at 'Jhmla li .a-l ..
''*! I '7 '|'( *^ fty ^^^^ i ^^ ^ ~^ r r^ ^r ^ ^^

u.IRI ullr vamrs, i'o uTmr, eae.
,,. A ,Thus W er. ,
s : s-uso ,t Teaw Wor

r.:aMM m, I... ta
l u nda besat emalatt a
I t s' k m4,lme ..M e .- '
gfl' usdaa6 f

36 It el $latal d0? Apho
i on,, e n d's, bei. e.i

i"te rbs. ii AMillie for a few
I yWt ha e . .,aval om1 *
W+.Ti--raj . r to, p

FlAlmml hl.IM!"r.lF of llWi.
qOit fOtt.b*. ise s te eAsy fore
4AftP ae. Mr. beade owo f
besufut hasom Rogr swesfei, bats
OLVtbDrte, ibtis ft ly are mitd
sulliwrO. lbpoauriy. Thy will
un *eleb the spaOtla of1 the
Sl. iTrby JlaaNiiUla, who hb
bhs ia 1b eiy fe tkhe pa fe1w at y
SWhe guost of vtles he family of.
. V. Dubs, 4patW4 ewttNay for
ImmeIlo orlhs will l ine t Nrm.
N i o** .rarl, drias

aiiR, Oie Ito I A i
II ,." r p. a^,.' *s milwv, er,
ath.M faled sto ure
sals a nis- e





niih i-
- W ,* M

0Today and tomorrow,
Th ,day and Friday, we
will offtsr Special BDaegain
u6ms things so enticing
that you cannot stay away
A:U artiloe priced in thi
ad are positive bargain
and are only for Thursdaj
and Friday. A'.- "FW it ULtLLJ vrt i' INL
ari le. a i l-nS h-a. V

tePiO m, uliobt ad worSer Am "a
I ipt Vei*, 1e lso lp stri I fd e7. .."
'Im kut, pNlwmsy f srl Inquie r KA^THE U ?0FPL 1 X
of D', $. Gl et lViil #r tease 'rut. os.,"o

a.r laweom.. tGIn Qtue niy, after *
Sbrietf v4 oi, d.It0 city. IUrtuSnd ur 0
s FItM#Fl mie r p. s edav 4JdggI 1

idA who iRe Jwas glad os lue1.. INhim

Pitluday follovl g, P$.d. it .,

I la s-awi' a-- a. Ii p. m. n. hl ** a i l r l* I Il .
Olef Ill* A6 ltB 1kM. lXl mhours It lslUn.dar ACter will reilurl-ed o i t 1
rISP andi, .oa .- we Yrtvk .!1i ms'ea. Ivey
sMi'ag W lt k tsame dai. "te t pos me mhel0l tw a. Moer wikdioNS.
A litter from Dr. IIM erso to a Am 3U t )daa -After thee defects a*re r
frnilad la Shishts rs latrmiiion N eats at r bedr=et w at Iiy
bat $he Dostvr oI now plemasn l m. llaoao Mat ade n o e m-
,led a M laltbvokuille, N. J.,apd thas I t la. ..
he Ie making lie Ibst of life. l) 11- a I**n. 1t 1 r1 A*ee as u yonr A stihp-
Jolly fellow, poseend of 6 jolly d isp*Wdof.aIAUHi. tom .r ?11 ryhI ws
eiio asnd it there is any upona around tSe 6narmswaer i .dAwidhonbtI I 1ae
M % witho" froee 40. I mo .ieart oklt |a
he IS bound. to pes h ishare. Hl e a ter aM i ltu oreitunlhi weatn A arl.
,ft(lel ila tihle section will too glAd to IATIOAtl TOILET l0., Parti, T mI.
know he is enjoylin haliRlf. umo l o i o.utt.
The Asllialnl OCio LiLne. ofe rats Jr. Bo3tLtoxdL S& Co
Ifroma tuilhevllelti6 B. AuguPtsiue and Amid all Leading lriggeiiis.
MIS ont ALgs 6, at She very low
rat, of $1.6 for the round trip, tiek F
eto good .turning Augus Oth, n. T. P, TNUOIAS
sIeine. Berele on rgular train.s
lavlmgUal-aevill ta2tiS p. in, 1 J
thing a i. Augustinie at 6:4 p. m. inII I
The las. opportunity this year to visit 11 n
1he AbMelfo Io y gud Vwi1y 1 gue,,1.r dVv
wte. f-or further partlulare talk
with Goodwin. 2w
Sr1e>r onviletsd of Dserion Ir N W JTs
Shaving, oBut Shaving Trees. -
*e* have a arw barber Up at our 3Ivmr|al aIuIlos t all fallen Is
plsoa," rillly rmuarked J. IIt Me this lme. 1 and l eIgraph orders
Donald, the naval steir operator who PmtlUy allrn4e4 to.
ows a plai ast Falrlmiske "but he has -
Sdiverte from his former nocupation of . ,
shaving peopir. and is now shaving l aiesvill, . Orla
kire. If he made n b'ttruoc.f "no b"1te1r su1ese" 1"
the former I would have shuddered ini
his chair;"
I r. MEDonTald work. eouviom on his T E SONTIIENTAL
f rm. Weo. E. Tyle, the Siarke bar. CAFFI'ETArIRANT.
I be who wn recently conviosed of de.
sortion sad owntenced to a term iin the

S1U 1



"tr ad Pretty-To Close Out
Itlar loc qt2 alit:y
for .... ......... .
Bopalar 1 c qitil-ty j
"t0'.: *w..a. O
Spleoea 4.inch Red Table
1)amntk, desirable pt.
tIrn, we offer at this' ie
S *e. *. .. .. .. ..
1 $oo 64 inch., same a
a omv but better 0Sc
I. .........
i po 70-inch ,White Ta-.
-ble DNmiit k, pare .linen,
treg ular 500 quality, .
at ... .. .... ... ..
80 dozen I'resiudent, Stur.
ipender for this nile
inly .. . ... .
Slpairs Ledlep' Ilrord Tin in
vsrta~e *tre. we wil sel lto'
da? and tomorrowI
JOftfoI, %se, new rid elean, at I1W 0

I. 0 0rd Ima
,. al l I"m l ,
"",W .4, 'AS. : I.N

Im ing 5 too Ge onnuuiVU rai|Ls o0 th
pank few days the streels have beoome
-thoroughly saturated with sky-Julke,
oad hate presented a rather disgrace.
fUil penMIle. At a matter of soum
this could not be averted. buit if the
streets were kept properly clea athe
stoneh would not be so offensive when
a foree Is 'be to work to oleAkj out the
!talo mud.
Atention. Odd Fellows.
The regular weekly meeting of Cnii.
'r Lodge No. 11, I 0.0. .V., will w
held at the lodge room uver Dutkion's
bank this evening, btwinning at R
o'clock. A -full at erdeince is desired.
Visiting brthere will receive a cor.d
diat weleom.
J. W. nIlMl.ll U.
3J 0. ToaNiv, B0e.
Colffax R*bekah Lodge.
A'otee. ie hereby given that there
will be a meeting of C olfax Rebeksh
ladge $S.' 2, 1. ( V., at the lodge
room Immediately after adjouunment
I Coitr lAJge lotigttv- -A -futt l-.
todaRne its dnire*l. Therr, wil be
work. Mu tin o l ,rrr, N. ti.
!arrt 1L. Roman, $e.

he ainesviiio



.Aid 1>1-
l ht'


the l t.. t, StyleH


Fine Fadeless Fotografs
1i,11 1 il r 1. .S '
tio t y.

tAiNEsvFILL,'s 'A toi,1 t

Undertakin Go
'Alachua Pool Parlors.
Cayy Coinplt t no wt io .

askets aid Cofllins

Pimst ii

1. Mattra. Peoprietor.

I Priva lat prm t oslit



*r --f

ElI NGil

Vioha t



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