Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: August 4, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02009
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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li~k Z... -ow- Ar-r


SI NO. .14..!
['3 .; ,i- ,-r- ," -- .. ..' r -4,. -- -+.-* --


I flP tkW, ,* 'U
kifArmy Desfatqd
Out Off From SupplieOs.


Milnevd tUe Meet Deeleive "attl
4.e C4ampaign Have Results
Sweeping Victories for the Mik
Toklo, Aug. 3-.-Couriers arrivti
DbP Fou report that tlu HttIussauii
doaffedt at every putlut asn
ikla's armray haat beeg fiaked
Sff roin its supplies.
The Jpeantwut are' rtpjrtt*d an ha
ptur4t and are now occup ln
cllnhg. culting off Genefal i
it tr w U.en rai

Senoral Kurilkl iis said to hav
Wftetd the Ruulant at Ytnueoe
led now occuple' thle enutrencbn
p the enemy.
It ta believed from the ruufora
atlt the mimt dplaslve battles o
r tateswu campaign have res
S f mwt[eptug Japanese victory.


neek Sttrike Breakers Captured
Diauaded from. Work.
Vftleago. Agsnat 3- -..ifflrIt)
PApterldtived today by the packer
loyinment ag.t' In t rbringlns .a
reaker Inito the l-Aock yards,
eiB 12(.' 1 it <,ekMi, who barei
from talwatuker. inalld to10 ranch
.fwfnatton. Thiy we? e tapt ured
nroutot thrnllKb ('Chica( i. by a r
) strike Thl (;rvek*
tlte, to inllttn hatlqtuartl't ancd
uadlet frino workinit. 1'the p. i
ad t! htte stacc't. aw th a PLi'rlal
ting I7 J tnan anl( wuio 1
rt'a.rk0 c0h1el y nre'rws and lta
b' e. were nwitl(,lh tiirectly Ilt|
tek yatnrti a i um tileaifieal at thr)
f the varhmia pat')arldni l)tusls..
hort tittle previous:;. i ljn, tnderill t i
l ett 'r t l iti r o w re i'l Iharitr

the 1e'*lpIts Of live stork I
erM* muchIt liHtitr ritanI ywtiereiay
lfib 'if ::.!0o(1 nla te, 16;.4)on hao)
4,(OW* nhvp;



late Convention Assembles at I
ton. Tax.
IInlinlon, TeA.. Auuimn 3- The 1
Pa tc ,atreT conven'nI n aiSsPnni|tbd
t nwotn today with a large att lid
Aftor prayer and ana asllIdr-"s or
!me by .Mayor JrckKon, .tenimporav
hni.tihon Aas 'ff4 ,tet" by the (e1e
SCarlos' Rae, of S1n Antonit). asA
rary rhalrnanT. COmnanntlIr es
ppulinted anid a w owe#xt'ulatsv
lltee, of 31 :nmmhersn a wast natudtl
contest 'is furnlihodt for two pltac
i4 tlcket--attorne' general ant
britendtent of eluration, :. V
Idon. of tnalvetoin, wi 1: prvi
) atmed for th0 farmer '(';:et
rut hBalot
Tbo pronlh!tlon i-...n ie th,
rat questinn hftro thie ronimmm
Sreunohi tinn


ife of the General Dies at
Point. N. Y.
W r4 Pint. N.; V.. AigK..'-t :I'
)sl'.. A Miles, diedt here lat..t
heart l'd1e,., tsh". nd (fld'
lea hail tb ep v-, iLL theiir r .- n.
io whio S fi tmlult'fnt ait he mil
ieitl)y. rnt'rnl 4 Mt vn waI
*t nt at' the HJlo" of hts ,i-' i|
,having ff(1it' fit. c( y"ste
ratlirnftl to-.ay.
ti. Milic wua <2 Yraras n[o,
Ole i numltayr of calls ymitrday
PrPittly was 1 it pr .ul it
'her twiui-de w hn. death cuin'
1-40ntniaw. Cilvtl Rauin. It
S A.: bher .tn. sn urtan. 'an
ta Mliss FPtch and Mit>. lii
., MieIt wair. the a ht,
gel Charle her'nian, nin a,
it tlt Alf i. r Unm iUA n k.*.....i

fer eneS ApprnMrifa#I for Cemme Mhrk twit' Dpg0her HWas N 6 aw
)RY '":f OF. n WE T VIIiaNIA o B".'"" If I:f -
t o ,of o wa., 1 : S$11 frw,- On ,%' -,.nI..
P JRtYlA t. Ag -l 3.-ftr lhe stipi.ri OF WEST VIR NIA iL4 a teM.a Augut 4r .4 e tr*
of the common scbunl the sum o I.. ve d. that "Ml Julia LtL . ,,00000 n alddtlon to th'e school Nw York." wo ww trw IW r
aud ta. lrv roio 0, s sources other., They OathIr to Ptl losi u* Iom*. D tured b,.sroll y o r ia
wtku w provided -by Is , outb L to sJRe C leans-
the fore >olgE t1 te iparairRph tm tin a tate 0 It. daughter'st 4Mu Ii. C.meut a
the muilsct of coron lio ochtls adp- D---, Twi).
P o0 oil by the hiso or repmstive by DAVIS S THE 0 tIN G tN SPIRIT NH cotpaGo1 report. as helm AreApR A "M O
l vote of 74 to u12: anld in's L Uis. sel "-iJoaph illakeA of iW. k.ark, w .: ..
1S at *te ienists on chagtu atut putcceads Nomines for the Vice Prnesdepy Will Mdat UUider, *a of Rictard Wat. Immper#
d in i carrying ti piult, SwAoMH) v.h Take Conspkiuous and Lo adng Pogt ut r ,bue, gi'
N n,11 ltRO X o- u0 d fo tremarkable e. ,, .7 ,
have tu be natred lje f tmtxate.n for I te Cnve utloat ,ems ha rarhewroe
Davis. Men For Goverrtor. r lhtrngb ( ; t. e 4 atdlbp Mfhl4 bMted t P P b
ng at lls uanu inrreas'* of *12001i,61 v4W) Prker tnarg W. Vs., Amgnst 3*-Th 41recty le Ifront of te ;ni bly #g p
ob e apIpropriaioA which ha itilen givt Igrpair 48 pn Its M Ch *as n gog at slow rt "tgo ag s ena
S4 "n afur th Iast ifr haarr, a't.l fwi th r' r efdr f T orh rt yqusg wpmap was lrPwS'111'WSI
*y hturlr t oit, i ruinrow for tho iSobtualn on ofa' ahud suffered .fo uro l5 L o t .
Sand the Incre.'te which Enwt tiK itatU alse4 ,t The prellltlSry mackI ano11kle.besldeo urev At e r is e a
Tfruin atviect h ire. inc dling ral tose 1 i r rkle' besde *evertl btirlomne. cps
lcsg, am will 4 ,onfereacs* WO6 bldd
c ufitt I wllcd.i arh ti o icmuliwv wurklp I i g et C Thu hor was so ao l..
vne lol ad Lde sludliate that f e be d to b it
~- thoemn. on the puIiliv. roads, for 'thi e" aire'red that he had to fW mt
K ir sIt hg be taken costlru atively ilt-) NA m$1a4 Clemons Ibe'a pmetl.iyll foh-,
ierg's m~ thet l totall r h(l fnid for th, t tro rulm the bI a1K a.d "a u m.I
year t. llftm all moutees will e d c more tihft h eIti ,q If ihu oonvttw ,, M O,.der 1 14 the Mo s his U
pass, aupplih.,Ii to sevrs eonte by ave out thome 12118111hAitiou nmes was to
u stat, l.t ,not sak,.in i, ,acoeeoint. ,thi prevent AMips' Cleba,mt Sister.. Mis
teil school hlund fr the uext yavr ,will ,.'D as, who ip* 1111 M % No
II lbe unliert th ilea of tki e. outte 5Iii 'a!out and other relmtM fs. ftvm be4ng uai0 P1F
f thile.ino, ,"Ml o howappr repOrts. Th.
nulted nmift(&iy iapprosipriatn 1 a4 R lA gIA s by 3410CllewsW
I en an lnerast ofO $3.;0o, thie ,itl bt, i of her. mother who died rmentl l ..
ing $i$'3A*0. ,aid lthi !JiftciPncy .t near. 18.oleoitee. Italy. ,
ly *stioItln the military th ; far 14 HoIS DSAH PRSIQ t mIn --M
was pal-ed antid muade Lp t'rt!i.a wll
and i nT p roprialltmon r 5.1oMv fh Tn 1 h, k Y M l Iof Al laphle
i,. grgas *: -^ '^UAb y -, fiP
RM i, lnUtllrlc"lm 1.ti1 eroirit frr Lh, ., < th, q- ,' oftormerly town ihl of Allapi., 00,1lt IOl"SIWi
trlk t tIon 1w, remain g tIfqorr th l ~'ppr-tl 0-.. was wlrtwk dead by llgttplag 1 ,f ""',
In prlatl l a l 111 bll t'l, ally pamvud and h Ut6 ld t Pew on 8PIdN, atetroo Mr, If ," r:r8,
io thIt 'Onate h,. What shN l hoA drmo
qulle for the tatoe t uird ,f heallt Thoj ao. yhng-anr.h 9eYv nof t a. i atlr to .lt it,,P ,!
their e i ttr lativt .. li, I. t. lrith, who tv .t i a,
'ilel ,' p 1t'ng a ipr p lnIion to Rive at $114, uile et of taw a t.w deot ft s i
i.iwd 0 to t it I)ona^ta il and it. Cltio j ..ee1 is ( 1
wfl r va which will hi lisposeid of r. t*i told relatIvs that he haul a A ttg'. e' Pu4i
4i1, fuor the bill 1 TI i nally ir o dI ,n, ,h I,,s .ays on arth .e ,. ,,
upo r 1e; cns rllt lrei o, h ol iio i p ithr Hw.dand that b wotuild 0 4live h ) CIt. S*
rini: up fiir W rati4 iOy ,h htIOne rIII aus tinith l ~,lenr. Be exhtlbited-a tl1l .tfid1 t .i tW*
tnr .iner ala; PropJaltia 1illk has .be a.t mnbiee aynIng Itt whe'llM died 41 ..p
Lba t, llfnaliy rlqdfoe6 .ThljImiealre' 0a r. wat be uva,. bnlk. m
prir r uI)1111r isan of (Dtrneeeattsa a e14M1e for vik's prsoddeut4 stain to the frout porch, W4 re a h*ot;aSlSI WP
i. Itict u of lxh1niiig sttniek himi. ''lle c i h;" Porn s & i3C
zr4eo ,g i.r ther th urmeu'.,sho of f hlJt he 1 ,1rr9ii.r j..y .1( avi. a will, a 1141.' ML ..;.,wor' weri tuorn. .p ail a -t.i
1 flotr &hlt!r I- into, tii sta'v vI f ati o t -.gT, .P'reviotn to hl. rnth 1Ked O So Alar were. the tente ofSii
r rtextat tot o llw vil 1111 rtwedeSolAio61
iuii1tt n aMl -_t.. Annin.' for hite' vie pre*t hi i wk"t s ar' the "noney "
tilly coltInti r lg r0 fcght against. otyer rratl.lI t ....I I".$that .1I pro ecy Waifu.
and plnnr'.M, .tw e-,. ' phtnr t tuhld It t candidate .for goAwverl f i Th ren were seTt to AlIapamhais. Iste U.,,i ,
Sand A r'i'solutalou prollli ig f rxa, an ln in the usuall unt les ? itt part r int ne. L
crea in t11t nannm'r t .i' (lhn-l C or las f.)n, tt I's t.l. make this year to "Arry 1 to e w. "i
tU. I s n Milh fled by Ithe ;n'. p 41 of tha1Ie d rt i a, M AY R0A9t
Alatt,, was Inlrodnct'diI by Mr. Sweat. A." r'. 1,Ii. nee Ai town ,ow to $en.. tea nmS "4*1
or thoa nth.
Th A"fn bal.rl t I th. ao who here- with h bi pdge Parnelf Ieta Oru1r In Atil, ,O. !',
s Pial" )'eatetrdsy with the Pvaliion thenp C,,,. ,r, frealw al Hen IOetl w. AUpt*-iu ig-- wia t..
,liut it should apply enly Ito such nCn r- tir 12 eayli tfi.he thre *111 to w Purnelhl of lb United" 5eSa dilnni s h
tr, ties i*s iiited roT a ir lte.ral stee Iavy *In 0for the clitire ticket. t. U ,rtl bhasf laged'l t, onTd rugaridlst is. yalihm
ante. tiohn", tht question t be hiubmltted to 'hat $(ut.,,.,r iatis a.d his trietiha will the Atlantle Stud North Car"olia raflI ek hI w 1. 6 pu1
wrl. every conuay' in the state at the Sh ,1,,e art,4 Tt',, In Iht head -ot the way utatigE that ncithh"g IuuMa ye OdwtiW

'ims It' will be rFIlaah sala trj I sH. e '..1y., f lay aw rwnr; y of the flit', m r the effect of prerentltig the sioekhleSt, isl the' "**
ent dapi tgo.te n .iate plarat Jindinary (.t as Iiia.', Vni.. al'd Wiiam H era 4 the ruilwa) from bolsat a fsu
mrni edlmittre d('id W 1.. report as a ba 'i'hnrn';asnn. of 1inuntinflnn .are .iolth lk and authorislag a Wles. ir lii pie. ,

n' atr ,, making It, a ml%4emnsahnfr o' r which lIs ow saa lHeP i s t irisedh I L ,
to hui "r' s! a vote In a prnirary, oleo ri. '.~-lil4n at ('tarleston, on seapunl Is made and preseue ,to, thils aOUu ,
d sO" Iitj 'This umiahIt;tte was ravorably of an'w +.natm of state taxarion, htl, the ttter will consider Its H ,Ses Alteg W Msi mbIbiiii
/.. IMI report, tI the senate., .!adj'urnaed untll Friday. ,'. that thi. d'snih,+ the WI! and disebatee.the .,
I ibly j flu' im mrigration hiH, as pasird h1y F) < :f;gWerie ftl|e mv nimf trr of that tIN ly !r o lverd. Gov rnor A mashll r Ae "t od ..,nv In
nta i the senals. k dead,. The ork of the in atn*n l.u ,.l the nonUnlpatitn of Da jf a hlase would not be adoe voq *iinailt al .fMaps'
. ro nnitt.'e on general .agrtrwitamre art rm 'iP tfr vic rirrl'nt. quickly. I replied tait he weuld Arek Thil", ot V
"rnVi. porting th ,hlll t.nfavorabvly by a v 6l ,.+ t q u. he matf..d hat e ld t A rt.hed he 1..m....
rite*Vaf 1o 11. mnns that the nemanra KILLEC BY ELEVATOR"" beba, no the PmbJate p hIa dda4 thae w lu tI fA I lnS .NIiI
stands rraetra .l',r DO chance or pt S. -. -a ........

,.age T1Irrn are two. qlers. i m" e th.1e .At. with thoe" mn. ".
ale at th l, Hundred of $hop6Pper jWitaes Shock lt..140Y S 'wich y 01".p
SC .AceWent at Brooklyn it Up 00.00 suarsats th ober be thr a

W Rt ran u Pa. nilt < ,,> PThEi.r a ," I n 6. I, ,0- Ik I, n lt W a t
-t IV F I -!ts d I I npI ted r. Wliot' frkerat I.3 a crwd ed Oi
n' ni I Ilgn d p.nln.., ". entlChief of, P olite resi4
t r'" it IT dw r, ,tom or in'.','ce T e (t but of ,,, ,* .r r m,, of ta i st, - t IO 'n ipoli c 'i '
n. ani dr.. 1 nr w. ni rtI I valor s o 1llts 1(r1 wIay Chie f bt Po1eP ita h t, 10 h q te t t tl,,r
.$,h i l'i itr'ar 1s 4r t, orl,-r ix a str,, I, i. -' + r 'r .'e a,". and son t leed.l l"dl t r i.- t1l.ot. Mayeo TIo wt ho1 t'hi ..m
l i*-r .ar i 'p opt'rf tor rli .pt Unm pir. I ihr wn .' NIt'.,~ '- rh te .' leorve W , n'r e'r.kdl n- h' ^ S< t. 1 r pl r, rp ,Cg 't'iu u'1ierators'm with th( .Int .Er. -sl r n ri alj". rnding..,-s. A..
.crty ti f boatru1 rk*t n h t h t y I' 4g Iity -' .r in f ling board athen dn hA-eln i a milar I ''' P"I '+' I '
( he v-l. i ra#t orP inil Ih I l "f hif it ptf 1 C: c,164.. 0 h1i nslres t a id lip tW01,arl On AiNO* -
,- r., -. t ....m. "- t ,'.* --. .. '+ .i .. .' , lt ofT l egraph Qpertors re I ma. i- at th ho4d -ofthe departtment. -M t a gIAIg.
rt tlfl rr dnt ft i will a e r 4.. tN t q1r e0
t ir ret urnkt trouMh E rotietitrio .. th., IW 01h 4;rn'rri.m ttr th+ A Alabamir Crperotle blep mlking b tre N ,
,,r, New. Countyyt Io Tf. 1 .,,,. .. ,,l x n. +,t d ,J ) o, n! .dMonlk" ief )'y. Als, Augu! t .. Th4 to I1 I .,,
Mok of th op rr.I'Ofr. n tl.. "" <, ... T ,,hro'hnmlyA moveihord 'her n drom A atA 1h A L .-haftiy tlhelo* ,...
thi dIi Irt.ery of t i : a w-4Atitew nteroTlee It' nn Q p rator f m ail aitcorpirth.Iond i the deIpartet toe or p eg.
rn lot al btnk tot It nrop e ,n he i. r at ~a, v a.. tn ...g da, o st*a' W emm.', lo e 'bi4 tene b i ath r irom 1
wnnft he 11. ,,.....

'a1 41* 'Lational$ bank of r'nm a_ r f, $Ig IIn' V .14 t 1'A UP tI !,e 'I IlMAul In crraI n wi t (sRitAors]ido te 0*k9* Ji4
Ph CA. Ir _....-a .... ' .. X'...'....... .. ... Ast h a. ka n hS Wi t blf St fI U -_ emus.. WS I..1! ..L1 i ..

4 I I:lI


I, - l-4

a a

~4~V.t 'y ';. ,*', .' 714 *7. 1 7~iK.:W ,
lit ''I
~ru~ a w~ t I
~ p it -' ~ I,--t~L4Iq.upw~~

'f ,!a'1 '" t '
Re to WMish*
.ArR ve., ,them"

TIS .pIs e. $s lb :s

sand e u f lIe tAb -.
b*eil. s p Sne la p mt r llr.
at, ,.. ..

OB will e. 11,a' M via
wis b.w hmsslh'lS. =....,751 ,vh

mis and ssemoerr, e a fm
ibnt lpe nlen$.over the o,,e
1o4 -e aKbmerd Air M lt* Hailway.
mbl and Weamaor, grtvi

.e.iO., qlbe. !psbs r A Lmeo R iila y.
Is .Iaddi to the sohodule named
Siow,, O. Sel boat will sell round
sid .tliot fI M si esMIon to he
9. A.I .. their Oembl, nd tihe public
g Msull llhr ral llrm of Auguml l8th,
lIlh aid llo. The IlboaSrd will ai s
ni seek mlbes ,lvia Nw York and
I eW Ter4 i Stoutf.iluopplg .ilt
oJ e ort 4ll IRomnaion
lMbHi lUg .a A aO tr( J IMb

pkV, .



Y. nt+ usr _strsnv:


bFor omo by JohnU n Bro..

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l l o wille .
7-- t h oft Podo

ftflhu.iayltij. A *cn--
It belg a great
thi 1h >
19e. ant tldmel
ffTT'T^^^ ^^, .- O .^^ as isan e ^^^^^BH-I^Bk'^H H^B

S ,' .. .g .

Sveate. *i.. Autrwl 3-broJx .
SAim irft litvotad4 Randolph. of Ai
;l sMa. U !8efle d Air Line road file
WilWO 00 mortgtgs to the Con
It1ltI trust ommplny. of New York,
. I te superior eort here. The mort-
Ip bin. wu 14. simallaneoulOay Lu 34
,4 o ,re e. ,

- ".w ," a *-i' I m' "
S erhimef Merlhereogh Hurta
t pt k oas to.tCoasue.ov tie
OL e-aoll rid rouh ll crmorly b
L tl bhile Mr B viekg.
*i NObhAb. s *hv fuW a a w h" pve

Sw eaml e ntear hpt ar ips te"
A aa N*"whip to the ae
" : "ld w il l Ui iOt l i i

S ... . *, m.' '" b.. . i -, e,
4,iii^ nshwh(\ ^, ,

eade*s %eA b le more 1a1 ard thus
helps he b6le, to Bowf is t ods
p smpti r1t fromn billkooose, lad.
peat"e, sk eat sorrow beadmea,.
ud4 $he eNm slgdalew I food or
diLnk. Nei use quieky; a da%
afttse mals U beig shet pUatMi laso
* ee**oaita1. Wfesw .d0i.
G. _, L.'-d 1ll M. m d i. R,
S., .M.WP Tr.. wrls, April
S1I3 '-' wee ~lob ftor over two
i|a sishalssno of_|he Ilivr
'ad speinO,. T d los s Sme so
| eooI.t a i mt ap a 0

.. tu. .. o
Dmnnel Addre. Stickers
Ait. Jicplh. Mo.. ,Alwuiit ;3.- Mlrnset
,Dm ely, piwl trit of Amaliamate4
Meat (Cittrrs Sjild BuftcNer W rwkcrs' of
.Amerleu cldr.,.sed thte atrlkiti pack.
*Its .empl0ycs In South Ut. Josepf to,
'day. Dkltelly .s!d the strIkers would
win In the lb Uqth with tho packers and
that thfiy ari tlweeimlng stronger all
the time. Th' strikers, have with.
drawn all plekentin compliance wlitb
the order of the' federal rourt, anid non.
aniot men enter tie plants here at
Wll. President Donnelly will )o to
Kata.t City tontigt.
Cure* elatica.
Rev. W. L Riley, L. L. D., OCuba,
New Yor. wrlto n After lifteen days
of eruselating paln from slate
rub!ienm, under vaTruo treelmnnt,
I wei Imdeed to trBy hblard e taoW
L iti t, he frst gppleiatlon giving
N1ift lef and e*e6m ive
o I ian sre It unqualified tee.
olmalaldton." Se. "o1, 61.00. Sold
by W. .John.on,
S ol dA a CAte Thought, guilty.
llttasbor (4Ua. Austult 3.-The two
ft gro. Panl. Reid aud Will Cato. are
Now In the RIvmnnth Jaif. the military
1e1 btma rtlltrevd. and the town Ind
ottly lare more quiet than for days.
Everybody hellerves hat the egoesfto
al&4 ar, the slater. of the hodges
fIlmly aS4 that they committedd the

Puts An End to It All.
A grievous wall oftisme com as a
msult of abearabW pain from over-
sated oe ne. DisIulne, bokache,
llve-n lev an-d ncM- patoa. att
thetks to Dr. KluIg' New Life Pills
fe past n end to Is all. They are
,t.n s sbama t b. Try. thema. Ouly
qM ute i d tor.
S*euiwsu Time.. lner*.
P'R-XO'. Uoit atsk m' any toore
qtemtoa.. I dqlnit see why your his
tory knsotN ushoaki bother yes ea.
They dkhi't huther me wben 1, was a
bar. Willie-e Well, there wsn't so
se K.tor y mmmd. wh en,-. wn a
bqMahanw. 'I

>| tbhaMt* work se me Is
11ieng te. a, .chame to pt the gMS.
a the Mh*r hltr.-Atehsm Oe.

-iiw. -.A

....... .. . __... . ,.., . .

Jacksonville and New York,
aeghiC t CHAR LETN, 8. C., both was.
lTs HMe mI dUUvy Is .o CeastSI SMra .
Clyde New England and Southern Lines
Disrt 0iB(twe JAOK 1V BOTONi -
Dims mevuam Mmu JOuO VI LIX, SON ouO
PVIDI3O ad A~ll E um Ponl. r
COallng at Ohaulasoa baUm ways.
.out n. ..... . . .. . ... s... .. .. .8o wo l 'Wh r, B
Nortmo" a................. .P m rootoaf thIerite ,. akemonville

CvAds St. Johns Liver LiDe
Between JACOUuoNILL l and SANrprose
lplop ing Patla, atOip, t.. Pirami, BorDifol (DeLad), anid lnatermdirte
S. uadpok John River ,
L JaMoil8e S0M p. m. ulamdR, Tuewdare and Thursday.
Leafve Safot d SMa. am. MoundaysWednelays and Friday.
I ,appoltedo I4s ell asfolows:
SOUR.DULI w ouU, .
Le e i pe..... ........... ....Jac onvk .le ... .. ...Arrive 2 a
.......... .. ...... Astor ......... .... ....
4Is am..................... t. 8L Frai meis.............. II Op
I, ... .. .... BIoreford (Del4a d) ............. Is 0o
Arrivel 10.m.......... .. ....... nford .... ............
100 ate.... ....... ...... .Ean rie ...... ..... 100 ....
.As .o Umwt.BllY o.w., wasKO YllL J*ti F
W. OOIr. SLt ACio rs treck I'. LOVLL.. superdoseuds
A, .O Y. 'a Kmu At..New York CLYv DE MINgEM, ef, A. .1
er. va Maarlr. general Axents,

.-.....4,i o... m. ..
,, ** _^ __ "




The Atlantie Coast Line,

-Nontgomery and L. I N. or Dixie Flyer Through -
AtaIsnta nd Chattanmoga.
~ ---- ~ - - -- -.--- --. -~ ---- -

, ound Tr ilRate From (ftintevTill :

On ale dally. Good till Dee. M

atn &alt Ana1 Ei-_t.a vaw._ -

On sle daily. Good sixty




!.| I

A" l A.


-- t4

t. ?;i'2,

Gainesti ,l



kls41t alte
he sl.0nsl



.0 A


fIL .,: t i i~
A. --, .-AL

n7 ..1
:.+/ t. . ..,,,

a" m

k- l F m L p F q-,"**r*

P -


', I


SAro F~io iu4nka'11,ii of nomn form1
I 4t 61. 0 I0!4k .up n : 1hai l liv r .
wov rtak, yd, T ta 'lkt t
S'trako m'lum i or 'Iulao-




*!. bSWfSiimlAd4OM>, wed4im
"5 el 't.r Potlr WMhtnltt

Mmyet Ni.p9 Wi ,0iwgt4
S f 'bs ef Ttilabkw isd MIs Ul+Me
C. rps.*.rWi neplnd' t Kay!.

,0 st a rh i! imew ofW f

'wntbw,a' b a s. ~ulter .o a1ti1
leg ffrlee of lee penutuinIu patnle
Wern presew to wilpem th reimnol
."kbb Wiee piof *4 by v. W
0ypaQmr, heater of She bride, and pass
'e" q tihe shuhb. , .
the a thle was bstfully dtMor.
a vd i wltl feorm an4 palm, and tahe
Ugtbed piwlds around the aharnel
hiti ta d gr to ekaha the already
hdbametly deeomsed edlise.
S *e at the tappolted bour ihe bridal
M0rt m q.rn d so She *irulsp of Mek.
4"lo1*' Wedding Marsh1 Mrs Trams
'Daly prMsltug as the gmaan. The
biM, Msr NO shet. and Johnson of
a llhasmee ad Mearif and Dell of
t oelity atenmd lint. They were fol.
ewmd by ste bridoempaidl sad rooms.
mea In bhe following order i MIe Kit.
ti CUrllse mtnd Mi. Mannuim, Miss
Kara Oatrlile and Mr, ltiandolph, Mgs'
(*rtrude Itosinson and Mr. Mliekler.
Miss Strother and Dr. Anfley. The
nold of hobor. MIl Boyhln of Jack-.
sueville. entered alone, being follow d
by she little flower girl, Mill lirit
Imaby. The lovely bride entered leon.
ImN upon the arm of her father, and
the groom with his buts man, Mr. flar.
ide of Tallahasse. ,.
Tbhe utendma formed a lovely bek.
around for the couple. The mald of
homor looked lovely In a magniliesat
own of white point d'Hpils over sllk
*Ioabrasely trimmed In lac medallions
sod aiIn ribbon. The bridesmaid

Wo beSutiully
mndy over silk.

ouwed in wbhie or.
The maid of honor

iad bndesmaide carried pink oarna*
tonl, tied with pink chiffon. MiSS
aOllr Dnby looked like a little fairy
Is white silk mull. The bride was at-
ired In a beautiful Ureation of satin
atop* de hline, with berth of lace.,
and a lovely bridaell fell In grateful
tfolde. he carried bride's rose.
The AnIgel' Herenade woa softly
played during the progress of she' eet-
ioony, whleh mlad tshe proeeedisgs
nVry Impressive and beautiful.
After the wedding a delightful and
'largely attended reception was ten-
dered at lhe home of the bride's par*
pa0, whieh wae decorated with pot
plants. ferns and palms. Mrs. Car-
mnter was elegantly attired in' white
lkimull. The recoeiving party were
Mn. Charlee Ckaeo attired In whIle
Ilk; Mrs. Truss nbhy, who looked
eaugiful In white organdy; Mrs. A. J.
)aCostfa whose gown was at elaborate
reduction of black lace and silk,
frightened up with pink silk.
SRter partaking of delloiun refresh-
atn. the guelOtS had an opportunity
f viewing the bridal presents, which
*re elegant and nuumerou4, giving
videnee of the high osteem in which
he couple was held. These presents
re0 as. numerous as they wero elab-
rate aeid expensive. tOne of the moet
ltractive was a silver oitup tureen and
prevensed by the board of tuew.
a of Kavanaugh Chur,,h.
,,After the reception the bridal couple
h, for Washlagtun, New York and
scon, Ga., after which they will re.
irn to Tallahaseen, their faturw home.
.Mils Carpeater is the ecomplished
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. W, .I. Car-
nter. Mr. Stubbs is a young man of
ruling worth, a prosperous 'drruggilst
f Tallahnet e:
i Anmng the out-of.tuwn MaQte were+
r. P. . W. tubba. irr. of Macon. U..
their of the groom, aid Mrs. Driver
f Citra.
Prof. Pound is Here.
lion, JereM P'ouud. who las been
fleoted to the superintendent or East
lorida S mitiry., liha a'rived in the
ty, and will imtuediattely proceed to*
idoe entaIogurk"nd otwf'rwame ad-i
ranl." the school. Jlt.t it a guest or
*e lrow loulse.m
Pruf. I'uud,. whia, is regarded as one
ithe 'net competent educator, i
et oulh, is also a pleuasan, mtKree--
il gentleman. He has already mado
wIW aequaintahees and friend.,
'rof. Pound will havo e soothing to
of his' plans -and the future or 'East
oridas Seminary in The limn tomor.

Cholera Infantumr
hie disease has, lust Its terrors winen
atumlraitn's Cotie, Cholera and ,i-.
ka lt Remrdy eame inta general
--.. 'S . -

A woia sumfhd ole o elhdte.
h sbe "lii t|#'s pl SOW burn, I l"" ,

W i11on 1 k i ,LWAM
-0 s&0ifM o r t.

Q'Ohsq, olgr iewTm he Ia.Molier.
Th0sf p0m400 liO lemake welotre
5111 she olsnsnO th Sh weOlfer,

That ,hy dlefrom Sbh *poa-
As a wits e. sh"y ne'er eould make.

Thena nnei more -m proud as old Lels
She thraheod lwbby well fot abusfher.
And the louder bel eWal9.
Why the hsrde oe s *heIMll,
Till as leuhib he abtJle y beased
.Bltlmore Ameriean.
Town lerk Orig TenTer Rqalgma
tien on Aceount of Removal.,
Melrose, August 8a.-Ho. Ooffma
of Oolumble. 8. 0., member of tbe
raillrd commieslon of that Stole,
pild a short visit to Metroe Ian week.
vislilnig W. I. Anok.
The pany friends qf Harry and Lou
Orinmes' will be sorry to hear that both
of themn are s uering from attahks of
malarial fever, which developed sconO
after their arrival here.
The rainfall during the month of
July amounted to 8 96 Inhee.
.Ml Alice Mellia left for it. Louis
espoeiion yestelady.
The Ladins' Aid Sleeiy had a met-
inl on Tuesday afternoon as Ms. U u*.
Mis K. Mselle hMs gone for a week's
vistll to relaivea at Waldo.
At the regular eounel meeting yes.
orday the slerk *m ordend to advler
SiS the sale of property on which the
taxes remain unpaid.
H. W. Orali, town clerk,. tendered
his mlsigna son on mcoeut of removal
to Catmptlle doriaS tlhe otton sea
son. It was aceepted with much re.
grIl- by the council.
* Mis Maud Coward left yesterday
for a visit to relatives at Interlkheua.
Mr. and Mrs. J. McDonald hav re .
turned from a week's visit to Ailante
,top That Cought
When a eough, a tickling or an irri*
tatioo in the throat make. you feel
uncomfortable, take Ballard's Hor*.
hound Syrup. Don't wait until the
disease hu gane beyond control. Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Anderson, 4 Weas 6th
St., Alat U ke ityl, Utah, write
"We thick Ballard l ore.Hanoud !r-
ap the beat medicine for coughus and
oolds. We have und it for evetralt
yarn. i t awags gIve IrmmeOdiae n*.
uef. i! very pleant anad it*a prfaet
atilflOoon. 0, 00, Si.00C. tOld by
W. M. Johnson.

Adjustment Carriers' Salaries.

s 0wasc usw

tsvUh0,0S w ruM li", ''o*n
1n 1Mm Co.. PoakuS9

A !srtweI Qor Oesitu wting
World'ft ir Astadmwloil h 1 4.,
Another Libew Preskam Of
fored Sased On 0 sres
denthis Vote.
Toledo. O. July SIt.-Apelal)-
Probably no one w aon m.wrpr ie
mhea was Mrs. eflnosm Tolbw. W k
igUMVetitle. Ohio, whoa she p.sltmav
dlseired ito hr an envelop lt oitsl
Ias a .eridld cheek 'r ,W0 sipat4
by the Wooioe flplee 06Mpay of
Toledo, tibhio,
This oum forueM IsH 0 s n s^if *t
esttiia. made by Nrn. Tedow In a8
eordane6 with ithe 1o o I pieml
im oilffer to those omlmg in0ie
to msiomtlln the Fourth of July a
seadam as she World's Fair.
The total pai atwdan'de at the .
JLois Espemlsion ou July 4th Mag

At Mnr. Totlow' eilUauW. VWM e*.
setly oorrets, she wasM glvetn ram i
weni, Mrs. Testlou sen in oall sin
M.K. Haingser, Ltaona, PI., n..
ivd she Mead prn of $1 000. @O.
8. Iebon Franukfors. 0., and
Jasmes Aishroet. haleigh, 0., inah
received WIO prices. Its all. .l10
primes, amotanling to *9,O'(, We0
awarded,' .
Throughout lh' l astll sisnh.
Wooloe flploe ceimpamp Ids b. e
publihn ing s ohsie Ieaimg sMwsppes
of Americs an oier of 0sw0 .1 la eh
prims. The i)MAW jAmls awsedM is l
their World'. Fair oastm Aseishe
OO),000 will be giltf i the smet wt
to those who nmaUe the bet veigimat
of the toial prisidemlial vote so s9e
wo mnEw Kovember. Thes cmtis It
noakoeing- reat interest shrusgotas
the nunlS, tand Lion floead wstde
marks are beluig sought eagerly after,
me* puri mSo'ffri lug to pay as mush
as liTe oilss aptlce for them.
The prOresMiva methods of Sdv-
lltsig 'nd proft-sheringl aoplMi tyq
the Lion Coffee prupleoe n seur to add
to she popularity uof thlealriadj ell.
konnw sd widely sold prudus.
T tuor llowinii namoid fRltllviftn of
Florida won a |rise on iLhe 1iaunludI
Riven: *
05.00 Prixe iltimmtl
S. M. Misoe.Ulnesyile, Via.. 11,iSt

Why lntle L a rlro d, tSpek Spans
eYou ea snr a opy o h w

Geri --

Washhtinon. Anugiai 3.-in the ed
JiUimrnenI of the alarle, l rural car
ritrs in Ithn jimuta .srvie' tt ithum a
dtec-lde thPt aUll arrir p. i.nt.i ia ln t "
or t,.l :;" V io. l. wh'on:i h ,r a31l ieOls5 ioulyii
Oibe so Oany a" swhou4seeeesgnt 33.
to Ihi h .maxi:im 1 y i) f (ofr ;Ulti, tI trio Pate ad do att lad i
rn ir the romitt', at thlatf lmeV MIaili rC-.-ive o. fie, fIecyn.M o bwlt"
thb mrxliiaMilh prf of T,..UIII thai tli dd WievIms
wclqubi which liuteamn effretlvo J.ial itioa. eiaty aithe ral tad aid d
1. lti. andi recTtily annlIminced .,hati motdile he bhowne Ifos epnsa bil
prrvatl In fAxing the rotelipenation olj thisu P" dealer, it wibllt iatm-
all carriers apipointd since June 30. s7a1 orSps of p*a* by s

Catarrh. qtity, Sl.fl )
The eaIset, cheapest and best remedy r ate by J. H. iedut"d A C.
Jar Catarrh, oolds, athm* atd all -dis-
*ases of the throat. ehest and lungs is to
(ashkor Oil,. the new discovery It il .-r t-TICE .
perfectly harmlesh even to children.
and is guaranteed to iive perfect sat- Oni Monday. July 25th, IKW. the C'i(y
iefaetion in every ease or money will : Conneil of tlineville. Florida. met as
be promptly returned. It renders rr' qirq d by law, (for thel purMWe of re-
grippe itnoanoihle. quickly destroys viewitig mid ,quatizini Ihem fiesnrimnt
diiea seg renw, and ilinsires fall, per- Ni taes for ,ihe year 11 4. Andt the s..
fec Ianll natural breatSling Ithrouh the svlsme'1nts aaesft the folliswitig nmaved
i ostrile. For Pale' by R. .. Vanse. ptr1oun W rn rai-rd &s follow:
loland Grure'Fht n _
Iland Gr 's W Avers Te. $14",
- ...._ ,. j ldrr I" t 3
--4 V ^ Crawfor.l 4 l 4 .4 Il)
W Ait Clisi an' '1,K
FJ Ij Mtirk a af,

.% W. lak 31otley 74
ill, ll, E, r it. K CJ,. Me.MmEan '. ,. Sn

Si. M. K. J. 'Ihelip 2* 6 )
Robert intd Lucy JPerry too1
Padgetl A Thomas &X)
Bdnght in Car Lois. Sold in any H. P. Caption I" 1**
Hattie I.. tamehes inY
S quantity. Ellin Thompson 100
W. .' Thomas :' .
] "--- ** T. F. Thomas .. ifOl
t Omen e'f Our ' lHe Williams
Wt Ow oMrs. Va. tllson 'N f i


.'a a -- K 'I

TIor ''...' .l i *t a Im ilism.

n 'rI I I

'I .n . i L I : I

G. 'W '.

I 4 1. 1*.

""I n. TH1 0$TQ

my**. v:

I .' :-





J* h'ir. ''
1-.: ',-V
i:/.' .,' .,.

.. 1


MagayimeesheaM held
(teuus eintefwlsgJliaei
uf The Omanf iet, i

Most SU$
lfn ovels(sa
Ibore bot bMtaie~
If= *hon Om(ari m *r a

te jokem, w"temiieimka
16o Page; C

N. a-iSmple

take The Atlanti o

W, W w _. U % *n m*.nn A .P i"';r' ttt*r/
nn nI A 'U"m' 4 in :' m4

Rapid Transit amnd '
Tim "Table I e a J le. s ':
Depart For. OAI VIL A t'

ity t

S TDa Sv


D 8:16pmi

Daly D
4;.Monda ,
,, ..

114 dia-4-- -PoJ -'i
Nigh RpspM Latei

S; nten r :
. ... .... .. ..... rn i ag ., :, ,


a '7 j / L S

Palasika Peiota, Jgaihuttlle. 1'
s bonh. Eas iadl Was

...... .
High Uprlap- Wayereas. ablnakh Reawh '.]
Albany. Atlala. all Polnat Norfth, aS W'eIi

toahele. )lieanupy atd Ols.

-High Sprim* *
i* - -.......* .. ... ....-.-.r.4 ''


InterohanMble Mileage Tiekotb, good or A itUI l a
eipal railway D te outhero Satee a *aIh
Through Pullman slewe|t Pott ta i. Ia W40a t, tii
'Line; atem Via Atlantie Coast Lue ad boathe aw '
Fora anlete iaformnatlo. eall '

1 I -

I ',

, - F !_ i '. b


. ..I. ,I," n ,.II, ,' ,,


. I L* m I .

'P j," "',

I .


*. ** :* '. ^ fc 'r -. ; a .'.'*: -, *



We eopver cther Imporiant points and re potfull
doleist a stare of your business.

s"- .- S"U"S 04.- 1"b i' i"", AiLt and Healit Ilumdnc "

0.41AMIS Apis t --Agpsn for the--
r4"L l. Vietor Safe and Loek Company
to as ags* Wehii.aks War Cincinnati, Oh.L o.
SW eW e- h ia. se-a sked hS Th "YiesoV' Is the IIwal mie made.& and pavjn oo omplst
'O 4 hi gS d Mad, a than t eo ws. lg the pous.e sa t ( b. or an th in nass line,
S.... @1 $hw balesx, taid doe fwsaha b e s bsnkVj, wila | ae money
lib.. aes S1 spec so s b sil4. Ca. tr r rf
10 lo" iw m amt n e UdorbU t h4e 1oas6l. latforwalle oh h fulIy furr ulhed. GA INESVIV.-LE. FLO IDA
u'io, o.f the Uawed wo
S, pmp it Af waged. Low sh problem will be LAVAV% t t t S SJ
.B...B.lS. 61i64 de is dewbiful. .....- a.. -k. - .. 1

-bwphhsw, -h ltiI -w-e o by the 13 8. MER HANT & 0.
If^ .' ,l ima i S. Louis bus 0hed. xllesin .4 Obbs is
W O W "w7_e Sm ile"hg iO Jobtbssia e

.,,..'. -...... .f. .1 Stale, S s, le m ud. -d Flrt ws o

via.".tIl uts-who mann-ade S llof b. le esOUTH BW SQUAl r GAIhfYnILT.. LoIA
"I bmllevl e ouM a t aud o p better Migho n market plIe. paid for Chlekva. ZIP and other Pdr.Au.
obs mia nhn Ib
'fob. Co.uples8 so ati e o1f 4Iay Confi. Flosr, ra. Hiel. CoitHl ie4LMejt
1._1. 0h.'euqvs w a" m piad 9l hear it." she replt L sad Ro. We hadf orl the VERY BEST aoods iS r tu LOW.
...owl ian W d pUw. t heyr a bi. b tath *
.b. ....I. ', tho rH at a etimurm' .n, t a-~-p r i a

4. her ability t.o "ei UMe riglt AetirLn ilw a
"YO U." 00 MO RI. Air Line RailMwaen
M'bamd,-W e .. s.... .. .. o ....
B !fine* >*l el T St nle 't heyb fault that "h'
^^M"^,,. s"a "n wi "ST""-a ,.. .w ."s-"., Savannah, Columbia, Camden, SouthernM'
bet ln I'm Sp t hat it I p on em t.
S' P,, Isti shk'tme t t mydnme, ,At'Pines, .Raleignh, Richmond, Wash
b S49 r6 FO.R . N Co.
e' M l t r ing ton Ba ltimore ila-

w"v fs he 4. M* .wCL,, S. a.( M, vshtla bsa.d d phia, New Yor, .
^<. Ms5hiM5. eem through tever atItempt to kiss p3ou istt boz O is

is u uu wei su ly. Ma-b uma'msu.
'a teid.?.B 1P ? ,. h.Two Elegant Trains Daly.

It. seu these IAty IrSeM. Htuibp W i.-
M." '. .InS II"soera ole Osmsibse,, mi J.his 5h14'.$ 1 I "ti_ l ff ,* |L .i i
Ev0nagssh*AMshuut"ph" p Aise 1 ulnn.-iisil Ilr' Seaboard tail
Sthe Saahpaiomesbi, o deemrne. who Sothr
VIII Mai the be'u e' mp igs erg. --.iN
i.W ,st I, New York on Tesedav sT ssm at drsi loue stl NYtre
us'"6'0es ,11 lor mr. s 7*w. 4ms4 twfuuWmuu *Al* Only Line Operating

em.1..iwhi-s 1 o hM'kir sv* For full informratio aNd sleeper reservations ell on n agent taesbasf
*.', : le. whekr, a was of large e .* MfMEN A"s. Genea Pse*mIr Agent., Psenger Agmes,
Stew, shd'. ,he, has faith that the '- tl, U ta r, r(m..atm. ACE ONVIIJ.Lg I.ORID A.
Demsm s pat I M i i i win. Mr. uf .' t ..'., iI'! S ,.4 SboI I-- I1

,rvt 9'-..3 tb.. hM.I.
..". w agw ?! ^1.'o' o oyi*1 ?o:- -.l l. tl ii4 I-.. it i

it.S.S.eb ,b-bs his hb eadqurn .. rom e Iftp Wa sha. W r I I
The..e an who lonumni WR WinUfl ama a mL L F -A RIE I
.eqthvk eat soe, eero hevsq Iiam turmii lf"

d" Round Tri p. Own, .
".' e.' iuty dailys. ( oid "tbw 'o' J
a I W" tly 4 -4--
fta ,aU ,Walensa.s eau"-,uWt UgILUIS5Utt1111t vau!
'g6Wt SM5tte ar, w mi ae a So mia a6i WORCi .V AIR ROUTE .
"Hod ie th" ""41 11'0 1i *(.
"A 4*0.n ..n t m nn
'ilMiNaI t 4ahpr th ast t esy iep. dc t8 r.1rbhs .1ase
h, i phemM emed t h.s...... pa. S9e L@WUsumO
WHOM haomas1e msb IRss06.LLmmas a ROUTEu Tt. jAai.

fi Novo lveem nrele s f-lt-.
I* Oy Us~er throuth ito a railt0s !oA tow$w ts T datmIL Tw1 twa

*L T14A s The mia irI are about *4 hartieaw -.BC. me** I eu*mobars*t a ma sw .e Eusabn. Se.
f f el ? be5fltf asts, "0 Went hp St. IJ c rlP" ? flU
.... r..., leas: ge so ,p e ,n'f"")y gy" j i 'i_. I ,


A ~
Ii *'



.:"I"S. 'k 7 1': ;I^!. 7 A- -, U "'.n ... d' E'k" ,a',
iX P!.11 f. TUUM5 -'Q", ha.v
I I* A'. S '- - 1 IF
''~ f t 1-' -i -- --"- -'' I" In *-twp l 'i ^ I r I-'i .'** > " __ ..A...r 1 .-* .^...... -.-- ,,<^..,-.-r- ...y .-- -l -* +><* I .r,r ,, '^ <-- ,- ., > ,

r q.. ., -



1ou1m Wi sbfrt"u to xa While (IAJ)t.VILI*. vLonRA. ioaas o Vbtiu. I
Coupliug l bwr Car. -- Anunu Buai o of k *the, .r
ORUiHED BE TWEWN THE CAS Flneril Dire ors and 0o. A. W
mon SGn" trp bbyed Herby nrg & Lleeusent Em itimers, uoi n s a ; m v y, v stss juStrR
Lwrnbr Manufacturer.s, Belamy fW or .- 'W a mwtB
Some Tins-4.Prded as a lober, M ea orhedule .ins Oppotuniy for V At r' t
Ifdustriaon and Quiet Mn *u rm shrSKtas, Art tting iwo Or"# Cities of : ' d
wd.eAngsm eeapiuS.4,. rpe"e r s t a outlher.sit an
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B tNnW way near the maill of \V. J. lIfr. plnt' OMoi0 the** 4 w ew r b.l
loan & Motf, Bellamy. lots Taoiday Al ll 1 thO rIeptVe.tiefis lf to kini ti mSld S
.ordeft b4 Ttwra or Tolepa. Orand Amy. of the Reputsis. (a Vi al-l
oJ, .. ne Iwill env. pn .el. 8 uts.4s . id ho cons I mp)e ititietaa-
Olf se mill, wa crushed, frtmgi t. the of1.i
S fels of which he died In a few m 16h to th lh, will ie"d Shnt the .Ai-
mo nt. TsICKN SUO LY O. as le operates Lhs 41010-
tLo has been In the .,mploy of h Remarkable Occurc gt et md lte m *di halwtnit Flu4. Shama llt
H0rlo11 mill for sweral yr. I4e 1., Ida lanld Boistol, lkh only one *halng IM l
w a f ine worker, industrious and or- "- of 41re for t ither-,oeh p nrO or .. r
derly, and was regarded by his .me Asbuary Tun. N. J..., Auan 3I--itr le p|Mrng0 s in slIepinsi ars. PUs"s,. "!I gb
ployerO as a good aini, His pistor*- M tuld,4,nly blind whilee prun'enainlli gere upend only one Mighs on tkeherd. y.a su eg. T r '
0ane, which coll him life was deep. o th. board walk MiAl esal leavTing Jacksosnillle at l iio'lhk I 1 .... s',hei
lF d4epodred by those who knew him. kinolw. nf -lady Pu hr, s 110M*0 mornhlg and arriving In Hoston the
Me.1r.. lerlong & Mon Mset to taken hin' unable ; en to 4intalish nes t volg I
t hosher tUndertaking Conmp any suilght (r.1 darkn.s. To all Floridians e e ontemplat. i
Wdeday for a o ad d d ( is fears d that her l rss of eyigh f vilig the lub and he oll or
Wh ies. nfor a e mn, oand dived '1P ,wrmanent. S*6n IlAnd!all baao e& lisl thed StHtue. Banton and Ai7j
that tihe unformtnate Ilion be nivin a Jjn)ed thfu liet of health, with of K l n a
Assetl on e Tmmhe ~ I- ,;York, respoebtivell, t.he an AV 1.
dieilt bulrtal si their eliieo. T ile and mind. She wai ell tye and it of tisth *b st, op
fluernl was held W.ednesday sfierornwof gge, In spr.t. Wit her m nuthe, m lw h of h Is the l .apst op.
m h.ile *h rm h amo tPlo Ambur Park anpd nto (lnhi poleu s*op of han' 8
day mr en l *n the thbllh vi 8 6lloo rll I ....'.
POtrln RetAUFP a n C i h p t evening hey went QQ~ hY tout b.m seve r on* ofe 0
-h tr~Fmpt for a stroll. u0denlty the giI r, ntto he ub i mitrote ,.
Nigh Prices Greatly knlits the Pop uls. lqpped and seresamad "Motbel Rate. Ja ksouvile to Boston .ed to.
lion. mother, I c0.li6iie I .lm iWl14? thiurn. ,n.s. ate* qborrespondlngly
Port-an.Prince. Au us 3.--Tihe e l A haek was called and tbe girl was low from all other polum.
elrioula disorders are anticipated her, ho. iss nall t mlen wo ena n p 0 o away
^harr^ld hoi. Silasl ndal! Pat tiletor Ul In he iwll$ T ,H ,. ., .^:I !
The population is very much exlted girl to e In a darkeel chamber mn fra short wile, aind who. desle #to T
by the pontinted rise in The prices of thinking that the trouble was but I* aWt to lusisMO sat ay of -themse B
merchandfte and a hand of miler tt api .ttOa neg"l ect to weil e polats, on switll thmlve of thit
day mad" an attempt to pillage the physican ati mra We e mat 8 Wi
entrals market and the shopi of that girl awoke phe was unable to tell the Trains leaWv aehsthuWll ever the
velulty. Other troops Mad police I. diterture from sunlight and' alght. A Atlantle oast Ui6t"ef p b5th'd isg 0
medialely intervened and eltabitshed donl or was then railed and advised l Ste'oloek ad s-eqr a tesiq a% A0.
order. Stores n Port. -Prince. how. mediate removal lato ite a ee of 0* The IQ oelook momalplIttol,, hae* r,
over, iar now Itnbetd. .ellts.. e by far the quiekatl d p belist tm a .
r - .l over sha or sel other 1155. TIbkew
Prina Heinrich Incident is Cleot.
St Petertb.urg, Anwtiit ;.- Te. The Death Penalty. will be n salt isst 1.8 iand t,
san ru1n0tay here has no muformatoun A little thing sometimes results in and will be snsfted twr pssrg u" to
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stock that a (ernmn ahip wa .eua .smt sets or pony boll. hfave palthe heo f si ol tri. p s. of Now York".
by the V11adivotock knqudron Tte ldeiah pealhy. It II wise so Ti*kets will be ed toemtsaSo 3me6 Ila 110111
PIorrvonnti a f ,.he ,latei Prei s BJnoukless Arnies Halve ever hatldy. Boston not eartlie than Aige t 1t, o
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learn ola stmmr Pn lm prevent fawllty, whet bunts, 'af hr boKftA glaitt beloft 0 ft I 1.a$1 I &4,
rlebh Ineldent Is roirdcered ciosi:,. rho ulears and piles threat. Only l., depo g thee ti before As !el, i d S. A .
volunteer fleet t.miamer having on all drgo stores. *. i B ato.n wish t he Joina a"not i u
twiardi twei seeks of mall of the Prins - -epayment of asee of o cetsl, shek None S t
)I'Ivrich has bern Instructse to put PRO8PERITY PROMOTERS. t kete will be enacded for on aW
thorn aIhore at the fnirsm port Irwt mrj. sh-that s, until September L.X
low them to) ilhir d-tInation,. 'rT onily Push -The force by which oe' Me- The ralilroads.are gliv sei addisto. *
4t1ustlti, remalingi is that of damages, alre ounvertd tlah rtiUti' alt aeowusmodahlon so the public hie 4 9 g f .
which. it s *bxPrdteC4 will h ettld ui ly- A sar of tim a year in alowing a stopoIn il New T rW r Ni rw
anicahy arnd without dticut. taler. A crator orof eoat I nt York, pwoide ]he tll keti ane deposit E' W s .
Politeness- The rilde:. key that un- "Iw o i hem
Von Plshw-'m Probable Successeerlo riuhde A sior inoma.leporst at she depot and ah payment of 411mm odo.,
er ir r g. t A i gs.--Tle eight tconnet which governs evcry' al Sick Headache.
eral Count I(onttrtl.,off. military go. Ibcuctrtilon 4The ability to t wresse "For several years my wife was trout.
ernor ot Irkut.k $Irla, which a.'nti events nud ruzustluvntiy tI Iarvide fIr bled with whet physlIIans called sick Table Une c ellod.
uMpport to the rumors that (~'jiinL Ire.. rlit headset. of a nipv sever chra r a**r *
Ploeby. as minister of the interior whh.h ,rttn nuske" o1, muster of the phymielane and ast a gna expense, e o,
.--n- kaltlor. ly to grow worn. tilnl she was umamble
ho poor man ean afford i t ither flati ,rI tihns ,f *virintlRg Ufniitelnyt a*o she began taking Chaklhnlaleti'
with sny of the experimental health uti !:i. froln error. Stomach and Liver Tmbletq and tod.-
tidt. He is imp busy making a livingI !'rei.'lWi,-- .'!jh. pri1, IIn -,t f tlunrt weighs more than e1h. nier did bIeta
.for himself and famiLy, amud when he is '31l1 ,li-i' ''!d oif w "l'ly hintnnhatd- and is real well," JMr. Own. ".
afflicted wiith a bad cough or cold, or .ii,' ,',.. ,,,,.+,.,. Wright of New Jo on, oew York.
develops etmtrrh as the direct resultatof I,.rl... tVnli Ti., ltr+iti.y t'.ilty whih For sale by il druggletp .

a cold. -e laupli lakes a fnw doses of ti," "- lnlluitl." to i .- ... .... h -
a! cold, lie ohsisplj tak,* aI (w doses o v H-10 Wlhlig at till..-I rig 11 tm1le. Round Trip RatestoWasington, 0.0. Absiten of W IlM "W '0"1111ae1
Dr. Ros8olu's (Iermnan Syrup. And t rl
.Itrr v.ern 'thi ,' rimraierlotle Atltanti Coast Lie. the quickest ,l0.OG3ip nveiral.i
somethblg more serious, usy consump- W,. ,., .., ,i,,, ?M(e.ttfitly to purs,,. roue by two hours and eleven ml.- .'.
Sle.! promtratns him or any member of lit' .t.'' ; ,w ':. ia $ti]h I ftIvllvtlesus front Jalickouivill, to Washington,' "1
MO famly, [terman Syrup an agan d14.f..ii.;lt to ri'.,l,.h over i11 op9-. nexclursion rit 32Itsuville 'to .
berelied on to effect a. iure. Trial tW~iiol iuixsaikll:e .nrd.
bottle 2. Big bort leT7be. At W, ....- Washintaon and flon, 0i7.. Tickets FIRS, A 1OOIDSMT, iutGLARlY ALD
Johson's.- now on iale. Florida and West In.- nting a a n Im of asti
Job n~oon'. ,T'oe I,4le.*ow on si r L, fl t fineit d1. aI IWATI *
.. r- .. ,il 4tien Limited, fastl l bad 1t .l. SAO ATB
Tax increase Continues. I**i uaetller "> to t ll a lr" ar train he Iotwen the East and outhl r.(e'al+
aA .'" : d' "' iv ln whol wasL ery iII leaves JarkonvlJl at *a. m.. arriving
Sant.n 'A- .. Tax digests from Alll n rl i t f ti : lue.' They all ia Washington 7:5M 1t m. followla .
ek vn lr. <>untis cre yest day rr.di t. ;aplan %H. I Har. op";el her .y. lr ht*ihu>nd mlid nt I laRPneeeW, leas Ja ckanollltle i. ,
riim.a ih.f :rk in h ho offte (if 4 amp. niurlPrist l to"t. "W iny. Menly. we m., arriving in W1tslagllo 1t JIM0 p.
trnn.rC 'rlort vin.rhet;o*'m. following vnn An eelentlJA l, ]iN
tr.,ll .r ( ..tori. ih t 1" of t e thminllt 4 yel l l." wh put old oie I s liit .u. a lo a ps
culttl-t, I ir i n'r,', + twinparll I tr-. ::iil' I ked it her .hithaild U a s hm alftnl east. TiekL ito O l'
fv .:. *vwi, 6* --the otftr contlut( iiiient, iiiil thle *h le lurst Iuto teuns. return tio (ftebr alt. Av-il ya 540'r-'
S wh'- dil.., i*. in fthe 'm(inptrroller '.itl ye never hnIwkhd a bit," she self of thbe quickees ad et .e ..'
g,p~!'nAi &bfr- ',, in t.or Mriion otn i, solmnait. "ie thought I wis .de!ed, mild Both .tlis carry Pullman dmrwl-m.P
ty, %shoow1 t iot s p eYes wts 4ry. touholn't ye bve ro te Jakon to W ....
ii.-Alnt n ia .ttl.e bit. Jbtear' The old IPlioo. lorida and iest adia .
FRupFture f Relations Denlted. Sean was deeply meedL anld e dk414 e LiAised carries Palmab lnest 1sg dialog '
Pa1 nrl .i-t :.--:Thr Fre.rn Mor- tually tiwl tle.u. Bint hili white Tild b... ,'' h- na b,.'u U 1E o '. V
-i0n ,frTi-N, p,,lnio, the repol rireuait,.d sadly: "It'. too late now, iry yew I
in the Unitd Sftatell yesterday 01 ye. d rlty dd nd d MAX K RA USS, i.t na. wa sa.o
rupture oif relations between france bawkitl 'twould bave doew we go;" MAX K A USiJ M.
and V .neu la. good. But I(t too lat. now." Rprint A& N M
Rhoumstsm. iAt P cprofo is Moh owner of a zA.iWE L&T.H FIRST
When pains orf IItation Asixt on any tolleftion of 00 buawa beads. roorep
part of the body, the applieation of i 5o1 oatw peo"p *o .O WH 0LESALE NO 0 E 8 "o 0 M
alaird's Sinow L, uaent gives promptOf All 0dpu TH ONL. BA 1 i l
i lll. .. W Sulli van. i pop. Su llivan ,.i .ttin. T.. .. THIN. O* R *l:K $ WV:.
House,K l Reno, ,. writes, June 6. ..... . ta


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.W; -w.taibles of Earlungp of

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b ords 'the lat sale of Bonds and the
Sy7lidW on Iplveu*nt' at the price.
S.Ani without charge, inquiries con-
c.rinsa 1vflmetns.
m w o b.e i W1a WALL Ta15T00
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.G. i. K. J NIO. InoW 0 ontral


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IIt lee R Ile iE !l & A. w. i. iad
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&, r f --- l THE sa m., Ar. L hLlS7 ?'.h m.
AtIN E S Deenwm it's be -FROM-
-** Shortest and. Best ewrgla, Floida aid
e ry L..R Md;Trip Tonnln .

aw, nnVia $8O All al through
-" ,,aA esgt h D i X n E FLYER
$V900 York.
I Vi a Washlngtoe, New Varirn the niw ormlIr York ndh Savaash se a. t ou Tbisa ar tleveJackson-
.M'g**ere Wile daly ."* p. u.. Atlantas1; s .. W. l.ry
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AOIIQT171t ISM00 r of via Norfolk and t rlas fromu rour 4-ty. Worlds Faitr l hie
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'."_;_-__'Hi -!ben.....e.. .. .e. nU ng__ 't-._sw..rfw.t o * O u tii P RDeter irlem-Augusit J, 18and 14. 1
salUle-Aguu0.I.11. FRED D. MILLER,R
Sa ensok of Ret-urn Limit-Sep* Tipv"linP Paeip gr Aget.
--lu----- moer W-N I ur orwu .114 B1i ATLANTA. %A.
8t1p.Oners-10 days at New York on
"ms umuS- Sl ,Through jolk Jacknwilioe to B* -
T--- ton without chlane. Through Pull.
.. .m 1 lwrei JouIll, to Boston WIA EXt MA i
is. 0 .i'h.... .n lio n r.,.
, 0. 140. Proportlomas m ate rolm other points.
10 to x J oowa agIe Chicago Improved Property
o 3D .. Complrse lmtormation on applisao Iou IMnved Proprty
0 .. 1, ,O to X 4 Oobb, A o,*81,1e ville. Fla.; -"- -'- i
1 2. U I a 8. O.3B lton. Jr.. P. A.; A, 0. MUe-- I i FI Ig ..
I; iC" i. "'" 10 p eok ll, .0 P.A.., Jack so n ll' h, F lVa.' I

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ve rates are for bhe rond-
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Prtm ma low as tI oinletw t wlh sI$a liwt
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Wial we p5 trtlLa. Wriw
for prices TODAY

Ludden & Bates
SuIthr uic Houset
bnntRDHH* '
n0TABLIMilD 1,8l0
GAITHER & BRYAN, State Ag'ts,


Via L. & No. R.


Eloursion tickets nolw on klte daily
from tiumarvilli toInt Loui uand re-
144,10 Return limit De). 1fth
$865,. lieturn iit (W) days
06b.. Itpeurn linmilt 15 day
8peial coach eacairis< $2.*38. ll.
torn limit 10 days from date of male.
Tickets sold Tu.esdail is July.
Vorr spondlin low, rates from ther
ints. Th I- N. is Ihe bet line to
Lo. oqiw.
For ramet s.ohduol* and iWlepitig ear
renervetious apply to
J.. n. FLEfIINO, Fla. Pass. Agt.
MG W. Bay lt.. Japkeonville. Fis

01 L.

.BTONE. 0, PI. A., Louisvillp.

National, State and Congressia.a
at Ticket 1904.

Presidential Electors.
0. H. Buff um-Frmnklin olivni
()o. K. Robinohan--M1ariut ei
Ueo. II. llntInes--lrevard ct
i. A. W'. Wtundell-4 A. l.'sl1.rh1nanI-A(clar ii u
Fori lane, Hi:ti ,. rov.
Secrtnary rf Star, --3?. :
Munr t
Atlurnej-. rtsram1-i r .
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,a~ktsonvilt, Florida. --" tti" i. I ;."',Nt 'l 0 IfI "
: + l, > mThe Florid t Ci" o A" ifi'i ...
... .I ro- iy l'u tnu nI
B EJEJ Fruitand TruckGrowerin'R i.S. it.
L. IJ. BULTBYT, Editor saJdPrep r i" lu *'treipriei (oiurt fr t.rn of
Jai. Everard's Canada Malt I'Als.', ELA, ;I e r. it ., "*, '
J i~et s >uprsmn ( Co r.-n "r .- rr,
RED STARN Ose Tear ..$.. log o ro
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The frl tl or pltu lnt"r. .l 1t (KHt) lilH)II will lt li11t r utie', .
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tillr w. t ha o ilm i* w*t lh'i;' t I*heMa, w rt)l fdn y di e Ay l s ,pw or **.... -
Irei .lll mWi t 1 if r.v lue n it't lt, t l vhr. t Nr tr t .

whitk I u111 d ltlroi lK isthsirt< ()MI h ig. t"he worll? Iketi arlln wytier, 1r.h I
a' it ""l "lit "i"s nyiii"'">ntry It" ir 'n" l T'r 1d "SkrF "ty 'ftll, a'" ish, Game I
tepr il or w l vitenim41ofr. nntl ir .' lTt..hae Anl i thWfull IhitWa rlmU." P ent .-nt t4'.1 r iine.0t
6prit 2wl.t< h bgr igyl|. m!tk vi utlia kl, irld, jU ...

of lt^n not 1 nwillingllf In }w lii lt'his oi. A,
plietl Toun. Iurgitnr-What dJi. sei entM .
SHE FORCED HER WAY. ,eir ar.t Ilul? I l -. 11 "Uralar-I ve
-w...... yIWetr.- Detrolt Fr t water.
T34 1 l Ai inigiie*'a 'll tIi ilt1 ti5 F *7 1 r' '' Id1, 't 1 t
Tine MookAsel u ofliti imtl ''tmeh IgohOgntg
*, lii ,l**. Viollnt Attack of Diarrhoe Cured
W10ill1 1i girl wini S 1 thllr. i iiy t to phty And Diarrho't Rtemdy rndt op
ICaui.llrl t. AnnWI 1ti I use ill! aint WO r ah p I f d. .
sE Ft advert elipeesut. 4t woIn in s rt e r "fv
dresawt% with her ktIlr down her mek "'A shOtt time "go I wla tlk.n with
d i. tein rearn <,,. violent attack of 4arrhea a in:d b e*
"Now my lifleo W i.rl rn baek to Ila im I would have. did ir I khad snV
your ~tle mother nhal yotlir w unIday s onteshlafp" a Jon L av Ii .
m.hJ" hr ^ k edin eitisu a Paon,. Als. 'A
dscsOles o, wt sidt theuirmlownat he -k siend v immended how mbar W1in w
IUt aloni. y hI." 1 bought a IweBvtilt estSnt bottld and
Thie Hittle girl obe yvl dutifilly, but afltbr tinil thrae dies of it wa. e- i
withi l(o Inltent of tits olhu ll Ru ulht ie- irrely oured. I eonldr It the b est r ,
Iisiuil lra D l. .sti tlrnna in'l w hewe rom ldy to the world for bowel Aoomp ... *..i.
lim w ht'oardlinge wms nl L.Its'," l .ie tnirt lher AtlutI luHiyiAll ttafbvJng b g1 ol wa
w lts ois o Intent of mati t ul t ile W leu d erh b
with a lou m trlnei wtoh S.t. platl erert ev ER h. MOtlblw.l ell Y.our
w ith J ,w i!ryn, alio lmor 'o n w t. H eI Ip ut JA "I A. 4. ; -Yu r.
litir ons thoe* i t no of hr1 lhilad. Tim wiir . r at y. .a .
r .yrd ,lhe m fur lhl p)*lll!n. II* talk dl with h. I|ii
Without att1p'in ti* h Ihld Uwe anm uoTr sarznu .ii All a i truiar n
lrrhwm InIr inl Iht r lt w In hlde s to g lw 'e " .

lWeil. I thluk thi t Iri mlwlt n hlI)IN I) BAYtsR, t d
Oif ,,itrh r.e wri n .,ani rmke Ih'r hiik ATrI N AT ro iAW,' S d
ye it < r. t n lb. '. lu w to,, r Ie t ar, I,. U,. l a, ,J . _.n
Ir eetlull th e g ttaln t nlidt oit ltok- -- .. U Ue,
li^ ng iii!,mit we hlii'f had." Can ettll yu r city properly, (t'n.- -. ,- .
Anld thlit t how, ASunto It,,mlt l proved fad untitmroved), phosl|hate, .. ,i i ,
rnred th| engagti snt thut ninl. hr trucking ind farming landd, tend himi. k qlw.,th
lHee. Every> .11n aI<*. a list of what you fer f'rwskle. 2142tm i t .

B)ri ?54r rbl4's P'I. E. HAK tt,
w n Wltr. 1 lin e t ovlit wHi s tnlk. s igh '' F ItI*lAl",R"
Ins 1bow t l iuly tI dwh..t i iiut,." lIe k-roH4NilY .A lT-, : -

mid. bi0t ianniy Ke-ili, wh.o w ,.Ay _. OlCI7TO IS-.OtIANC'IRY... -i-
Krng (, uin(lI to teltl ln sinede( by a11 t i A t o
a cvratlawlinIrtn Itoth,-hild hint win .-- Orders sent o us
pin Nif l kind. Thi ; Imron was diin. (IAINESV iLE. Al ahua 0o., FLA. '-
tnt ouit. aisal wmte o1 It ke of veni- oftie In Endel Block. receiVe prompt atten-
.. .I:l' ,id Me ,I, rn.ut. n*, ,rt s t -----, .-. .- --. tion and the class 0
vTit(nll., t thllk ft Ish uot at cvomt at, h. R. J. I. ALDERMAN. " L .
i66 Lworok, -we turn Oyt is
vla i 4t . If tl t Itm N iIt'.r l vtrivuE N 1TI 8 T. W O' W' l 1
iin. viy.- it ,11 u' 'ipeititve ?' (S ene Sre1I fer& Adsermaui lb nfld to lease.
The' hrusa' Iucg11 ih oveq mc by tbe Over 1ust&a Co' sl Bank< F
S JbrlJlilnlPy of the .i1l 1 .li 1t lh d Just1 '... _. .
come to hiil.. Thne'4 be, i11d,' i tl him aped)l mttenRtion to Crown ind llIrt Wiork -,
t t ih ct, tiIn verhy i l' td'y. $,Thl res- -" I
tliiat Inutto it n ll iil tht, pnit h i ll. i(R UORDI)N 0 TIMOT 'lSl uI i ....
i tyn pi 'i fetr at ih tdr to vut ti UKNTI ST.
Uradtase lisalsIore CoUlle ientallur IIi ers
Etrrrlry. Five rearls e.x rtenoe In Nmew Yprk City.
Fiterittyilb Ie hlmi up*l*it lhl. When Crwao tslWde wora i nd iA lulm l pealltle& : --: ---- '-- --- -_ .
hIb ItlZ -wt umalillt lia rrtfid every dtrji . Au. WUM UAiAs i ,A -
of wnatr 'in sill our oenisin iin il very toe oInhllUi Law iambatre. I-- i.
nltin Iof imld In Ial tu r leninit to the ... ... -.. .. .. n d 1 V o i
farlhtet away sltr ilad brought l t nl ml w.-. Send Us Your'
bnaek ngal.; stupling. ror n n.niiuryl, "K W-''S .
l ott crb phaiet oi the way both *FINE WrnB, LIQUORS A CIGARS N xt 0 d 0 r
-i y then will we rt lt e h Ie l_ it ray ,' .'',, ...... .
'of Iwia.rit4.rt.e JfO l ity t-ed sady i0 U M NZIIKS,n Pro esr ..
Il the. tw yof the Ilutning. "i 1."1 W.- IL a*.. Jchol ile i a ' '
T ,lbe0Iua the Ue.; It is SuggItVd Fa.-usbe, -i-lsn.ld drauht P.'t
that w, don't crna touralves Witlh ,this fat eto1ca Ou e W-leDnd 4euoalI
worth's tit atni l dritilaiik -ik muh of ll
earth ly w rlha itwillrke wlto Itil I I al
tlhe rrrtwnsut ti g't our y'fi1enll h IIi Y&KK LEE JAltVlI. 1 ..*lVl ..
bshgw it enijio wh. ts left of eternlty. (With 5iM. IG. TIUj) I il
-Allmyeld hflwer. bENTAI. Bl/ROEON .

.A ,.r e in, s twia. Pirnilfj ibtai work and th.emelutiao 'e AIANTlDWo k *n
"*loto SWn luow|t gi f'Kwt rlon. '' ltqb Splsltla.m, s. t ," ________,____
inh i" ui li't f ImanlitSMOafu r-iln v S. Is hll/.n s -mlnue a. .

! t~lT r T 5~ V' "''~ w T41,i


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&A zAd' Cattrnt b 9 49-
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Maautaotures laher i
v ^ ^^ ,,:,^^ .: ..* ,, .... ....,^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ .^ ;+, i ,.:.B.r ..|.,
s ea I a d ton .... .......... .(
'* ,, . ',thr n '.p'K', .d('

e t in ''. !.'>'1 i '4 *,, ii n- '

SablaA d Cotton tUM

.. V ,r -.,L L,,
cuoy mLLR .."j-'-2- 7L


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~ S hi S
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14 1. BABRKK, wl|pta
trILL, Ag's S i tS
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alphrill a 1 ("be tilded 1
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9B^BBBsfWOW ofi
IstM tSth l I* wetausis e
ii*N*.......4...t . 8 .
,^Blijtimi Ii11** ., $ew th w ?N#bA bsms .i.s of 0ti a .Of lr. is

^^ agi 6 uO ,1 a Nag o g, ghf. Wf W.WS Sg

te s onl. nt ber l shWs- thTir I t

l ow,., ... .,., .. dtf ,i". i.Itrw ll ww e, 1a6 W i

61 WOWd to'his 'old 1hOd lan hit $19' ma s ia Wierpri s Wl. 0 h before
1A IlkepBv V i Wil a (Wal Ot Hil. h Tki S1 willI ibes
Wtsv44"a $:jA$ Is .vm Bie. "Ro'iW vs nlhi ye .b b Nimtw '
--,e .. lea.e ge.ou Sm er tol ,ably '" lag .1 | SlU si op. t .u1 .
ve01shapdIup ow00 mW0d Cl0 1ttes- of th pipe. Oad will he's a
u ,e i. a ess. rats $15 eWgsal4, S" 0 ,rliW his Wort..,s4p.das.
ten shorotaglay orgsslu4, and I have In posftln to begin operAleons thearii
. -,00116, 0nlef1t assae I of slai i, n i. S .,th i oIwing ear,
I"kadbIitO*S#. r tot 117S di

h A ,ia *t.tth .e i t 0. ..
?d a to,es y wre .tsbmhedr

TbuwdayadW*Iay. *0 0Ateno, U0 D C

.ytMe" '"1U1pe"i'"lBagiallls T heriegliar imeeiingl Kl ivlby ti
,' '1. n .r. ... ..,', on. s.o , . '.. n t
up, e g up fdee
l l Imlrl +a ... .... .en '" od' .. F L L.., O "' '' ,.
.,.:,... ,. ,, ., -:. o j... t0 a,.rk ., G a !ter l. ad,.. hr~ d .. ..- -. +-: . ,
qp .u '. pI ae e" "''e 'pent d n' 'h ri' ""' ual''" ''
+ +,.-'- .+ .."li I01of th ,.rde ,es .mp i e ,.d,.6 vli!t I isier"a'iii.II'I d
i~i :+'- "+ ice.II 0~ .i mlk".Tt mIi..0,, t OO) I
,_ m+1..,w ..N!ml,. N TI.+P. '." .:.m Dot.l.u 0 A GE ,, I ttat emopli I kA (e

.... "I e, e th s 80so enticing O9hpter. United DaNghters of t. h
A. .ca. nnot staVy aw.-a Mo. 7 will be held as the hom
AyB e t Mr J. FV MeKinstry, Jr.- at C 80l
sdY'! $1 arIpind I othi k ibis which a fall
anpstv.e against, ate ndaseO Isdesired.
l g ad a ouly for Thursday M a. H.., M .cOnA.. pnr,, 'Pe.
W.thys. J.tYVOaIen.
....Sy .* ^. ,.: : ... .... : ... ., ,. . ,, ,p.. .. .... 4 -..J..- .
... i. FI nle UChap. t orer Soti orf Nsofe.
,P ." T ". ..'. .M F n' h. i A0ia PIuAI m aGw- ik nm a I.tiipw .
"$,eer .s." UPty-Te 'Cb. 'Out wll Mhol i*s reglar behlnn meeting4 rII. Aac.s U,. ban
.i,,- ,- ? . y ., Thuriday afternoon at SoA'o k iat he .
Hj..ii a .a .0c q ai"y1dr. o rMoior. n..J., W Patiow "-........ -. ... .... .---
B'I-s. R BXN P. AndKL LIVI- Rg .8 e.
1c L, M ..J. A0. R E W -MOUNTS
q..,.. .,,. .,.. t . .., B F. arid, t r tni t Style.s
p oh B T) "Two. phllasa hald a lag sad DER'
,.desirable .-stubbcr.n gabt with h absmes on .
$ibt'Iuou" w S. F. Mugherfs 4
teat-Fthis aOC a-or, ~' "' o iT oTi
D, a*ens "*" I STUDIO'.aV
S I p but s me. As sia.lo r resort I tried Kln .'o New
S- 0 4 'b better a D mIov y foeonsI mp ion. The b , .
B BEH | reet4 was *airiK isAnd I wa s
qulity.. en ge mbrh."$crry sc. Vt. IsxkIt mt oeh 14cI'v
i'- . ... . 7O-.n W. hiteT" Ta. q su .i cd.mrllad sm r ' ,A'..t.[ ''S
I),ati pari, IL qu o b all *Oisraneed by ttlr
IYl4 stwfore$.e r'loo, ap) l.cOtyTral Ili .h
Y ,, v 40* l9 -

OtTheG-ainesv eAlELLE' FAIT
..Otl .. z f. ... t. .. . . O T.
wo00 P'WsimL U e" _. -d to
,,,-,!, :,,.. +. ... ,i .5,p.,, .

A.-I'PT FI, M...rrl .-
I,.'.'' 14 I."
.. I '' ', ',,, *,
, I' .' I ' "I , t ", '' I ,* 'q ,,,

Published Twice a Week--Monday
,A .N'. ,,*

VOL. XXIV. No. 2

Interased Appropriation for Commou Mark Twain's Dughtep "S t4o W P ;

- -f the, common Iwhhl the n1*uif V lopal tbab "Mi.h Jullial "'', "
1" l',it, iu mA ii-n to I'h. thiil e.w vIurth," who wa. throw trod r I r
Kctopatkin's Army Defeated and l4tnl,, r t.o 1 l. t 1ni i th'r. They Out lfr to Put In Nominb kr ..' .lt inJurvd by a : ar iy Day end Few Tisthu u Io'
(, tt Of From .u. tw+i. provided, .nntd ; :M Mouth l.e, lA, llU J1u4 C4e0me --. .
Cut Off From Supplih. rho for" he n1 inhr; aal)i=n n,, tion a State Ticket. daughter of ameluj 1.. CjIeteni (tMark t Judgts W v
th eA .llhj se I1" j onm, i h. C l lo j l - . .. ,
SIMOUCHKNG IS NOW OCCUPIED ,It by tin. homi to t i,-.l hittiatih 1jy DAVI IS THE OUIDINGO PIRIT H CompAaati, reported g baei AFPAitR AT rpOPU, AP W o r O
'-"- A vote 4*1| 71 tL 3'_. alt ni htls tia tiat e I IJ ep iaki. f %U ow Iark, wai
believedd the Most Dec0iave Battles of aie Iwla .,itn 4 0 htuia, niI1 ot.ucrl'.Jla Nominee for ihe Vice Preildency Will H uiJLiM Ulder, son of Hlichrd Wat- I itt PolfW A. .mffh I b .
the Campaign Hayv nojiuttd in li Vtar>ynigu it, polit. $1. i,'iii 11 Take Conspicuous and Leading Part W u Ulder. In"ding thp PtseoIui E Me Si ',
w p nf r hh0' l att t bu rain-. l loy taxiatlol f)or the A le* l i'hm tl bhad 4 roema ktil1 i.
SweepIng Victories for the Mikado's hare Of he ra lillo YactlihI pi Ct In the Affairs of the r hurt, heu inal CmWeC.uAu i M qau te
Army. lyi)5,. Davis Men For Govirnor. Irighiti.d at tie Iaalllht and oultedl F. Pea. ody end th. T
Toklo, Aug. 3.-.C ur* rs arrvh g ut 'Ih Is n ) ir$'* if *2i),iI *S Par ,rlI".r 'r; a W. Vn Aui:si a Th: Ilis hich 6 irec i.) in, 0111at, of the ol ly carA ml
dArewtI) In, (..,, ut, th:1 .uvev car, impus, N., 0., A lt .. ,.s
-he Fou report that theu Ituso,%;iVi- 33av, ", iah %1,11 [W l .vin 9t a tiht ee 'h, )o 9 a 1ah tr day saued prutlually cawp e. blo r e 0
boon deUtcated at. vt,r) |point .ind Ku the rIp ;,, iit Ii+ I, ., oIr. SMIr wl ,. i hI* LInI t4Ho It 114l .tl f I fIo l.ff5'r'i. a Vr Utura ksr t tI k Iwe provtsI rl ohf Yli r
rcpati plu'i.s t... >hs saAw thaaket and in er- t t1 t.h:l ;C'lh1U tiw41 41tiri ale OruT gilr* 4PIelomiury )flt.'t- lorkiiae on 'bog I JdI4 kivrt d, rkuSa
out ot uul i Upt .. t, t t ,u l, w r igs ad well .- itiilfniril, tn i .i-er tre'4 hehhl right hi.. Thy hores w .,1 5 which to Work igh i q $ o ei o 41 f fl
Tuu Japansi'u ir r t f'eltld as b vinlg % ,,i 4 X tO 1hh. W' 1) r u t1 to ,dIL at 4 ALdg ty iJIlcate that lhos'illlt wu e irly inird th had. to 04t i thil. oplEe to bt U, ,
captured aiwl ar now i o upytlog t e, I, t n i' r i, .lne, C has pratically rlc I. .n 1 of hi. fIIImal eI43I f 0
aitlou h i, cultinz ff VUtne rural Kuro Fl t ti1 'ikti 1t0.tll *l1i' t r? it Ilkln (l and I'i i e l.t l
r t.ililt 11W t,. ct.,.i. r'4.IINm ;iid:rci;"ruh fr; the a w(ek ndi l usnd..'ln5 'W da 1 c a t we s*.,"
ptl tro. er ar 4, r ,.. .,t .. Ct i ro o nily frMu h,)r l. Ttkt. The namor that GOeFr F T
ailytd. 1 s *1+ lu "kMr. G lild,. Ui ld lh, roanoo h-lis kboond lMtrurliy iwd4 qi.
Gof ral *Khekti In layd to have of I
feCtl t ] [uan t th lioyla t nazeo pas' by, t1 ,+ dtl ,,j hy Ut tphe fl c rll .n l .y p nlol ll .ooptl 6t1
Jlo jn. pflt'ajhjlr 14 1 ..6 nt 1*>ll7n Iltl r ,r -41111 11.v' ill liIn I,.
"* t. Itat,1. h,.n n, t t,,Y,* itp,,,is,,, th- n ,.-.'. *i rf, ll>, e pr ,vent ,Ni ,le .ent .i er, MrS, nly pl isioh >tpl .,atuh
d r rW Utitr *s thptli l he ith1 ol t44u- fu r f Ih, next > il Cl ara n'lt ulns, % h1 a I in New York,
of the ,+4.n )+. 'u ,. tand olher relative ,, p rm ,s t tbe in refits, to eo lpept-
It !l lt-1tved fr4om (the rmnuorts al stiIt h .a i 'to r. r. hsely .t bt y 1*M
that l bh. nott tttSlaive ha$ lo of trth,' st armd oret nwp iaper rliepi rts. Th
that tithM m' oUst derh44isv )aS i o of r itt t fli roomCii
The pwilliary approprihtkii.n fl t iV. nfame given by' 3tisu4. Clinese was Ihlb lt
Pfr l ;trrn :amteln wh havo ren!' o d teteoltion Is te a t ~
On< su.n r er in.rae>, If $. <1 I A n& a h.)'pinl Japaii so. .ictory. A l $ b I(i 'O, fiii IIt (lofi tr cnyn I'. n'r de l ,
-.... -- I..... j
THE PACKERS STRIKE. ly $i,1,.lh In thli l.iia' Iht'~lr i)d ler it,1 1h. HIbS KATH PADCTE" wI' aosl Mrw
-.: L Wsa an" PuIsk. i& '1. 1;io'1 d :.
Greek Strike Breaker Captured and atia l.' F rmer Trown Marshal of Allapaha, MUofesr. e r IMto
Disuaded from Work. I'I" alpprt'raltion '*f $.,'igi ftir lhM' s ., Struck by LiWnhing. Mr. Peabody IuB.
HtcagU. AUnMgt. -- liMlCttiy wa r !awsr t. Ga., Atlltl4 1. --T.; Gay, Y, r Y IpoIpMPt .t 5S 4
esp"ri uMced today v thlo' p '.ir li, withff, tr11wlry. Id t o, formwly town marsi al of Ailapa/s, *ktlo Stit*twtt ws..
atwio)m, t ,,iay t w it l.)r it t+.ictL., t l in W riI,(1i liilR l',tu, tr;<,, a1i1 'I Ar l t i o a ilppP .+ mi, te .t a pf
rploymet tMin4n0 rTin.f r oi 't flhtii 11'01 d Ga., w%4s il ruck eh'ad lay lIg l lhtrIng Iteary I tot,
plorea e reu ant l th .ioir stl, lio. It .lw Tliaiuiihitl lnr ,,i1 iit)awsnj~ttioiday afterno n. Mr. Gu Sy, 110ud1nM h4L
one caseu 12 are :,ll i >bhe veh t, h' .I 'Atn a yOttng nu 13 yers ot mg,. came toI "eeutle f '
o< + Pr A I (r+ .er n. ri t ( , f o r t h h t l ,l l rt 4 h 'i a l t h a rte art o f
ftrou alwainl ..o. Tail.4 tio their for t b r h Th h r Jative, J. T. Hlritt. ,wh lives todxa or totn ,n
aheaionu.m 'rh <-y f,.r twon apt l-, wl1h1 in l I n n ai pr, 114 it1 -- Pt..1. I r t. t ai oined a lo wa d i t a*t 11eta
0 6itd 11f-at 'fi t1 ll: B 1 i ri loct!ffid
u rm i.r g ly nd .r h u rl... l t ao m t nI aI aatuaoiu.
utf tirak i pir trts.- T'er' (ireooks % tt Poen bp.rlt I t It otIud e a P tmrk n;. itJ
ilet.ak L to to idT f al i t l-iar:tO ;.r ; sad i ^l. fre i thLul f i,' .l, ,nll t" i tll .iIetii, l tht i aiii dl . on arI t+ I rs h'10 b1 aa...t VI lm
Suwaled'1 fronl korh'iTIg lh. jitk .'ns 'rit* liiiii l,,t!!il i lm wil curie al IH ewa""r"el "mnt Ihat '. wui nut ye halua of the .p s
b a 'm .orfnr1- .. e1iii'tsr>,t iii*tial h" W 1IDnllah0clut1Tf f'.t le. b" v a
boi a ,r ,tier..nt, ih a p.t tr an tp f, m ,ttlratin '.. th ham ir a,,h o* .- -... 47" xhttil' o .m t'4 *d i1a au 1tai i i." *
.7arig 147 ri 414 women strim -or a"ofma), *ayl hr smnug amatal ta4b 'Mv
brrakIrs. 1 hi14 y 1 group p n II tI 11 0 1. g general approplrantir i s ilt ha s been I "1t,," be K)iv1 n afnt whrial.n h deI, 1 b% a mt lerN w
Tlim, wet r ,withe,,' It retly into tlhe finally. di ,l w )Ke .l of Ul I *, ,r, nrw ms 0 lt l'fl t he rom andF '1, wvitlown I s '.de t Iti
Stovk yards and t il jlel at at, doIura provide a for an ipr,,,trai1 01 .[ a&.,,r t e r,, t eI for vke orem4ent, Kt it 14) thi front p .rr4h, s' ,r 11 io11t legal Itidflai With S
of tihe various, pac in..r w A 060 t. the +ttill..'ftru e t. ut 'i nt I (f.ts riI Jhnn AtI rck .him. tielohe h1es 11R tO lbh. S iC o th l"U1S
ih ii,, proli ,jo. htnitdl ,trk n1,,,,lyr for the l l .t tg t IR I.U, (. tvii S t(if fill r i iny wor .o '1 Ir.rb a, tr titel m 1th
breitelr ,ittt ,Wr ,,r hI.eI. it I f4, r intr ,lletin c iion l'.i Vtt 1 f thi 1,9 Wr..L .. a.i rI La via.. i '.is .t;ir aged. als w.ri b s phk 1,tinll ri0h oha@111.. .1.

i'pf'Yflpl'yfttetrstote r untocing tme fuh irn Iht ri gteV. WA, i~'out p 1 I that (tmvil protphe) Was fuliilstI flr the report that
werv- 'ow lR f b lvar .n to er 1*10 rin, and panilf poY;IA, t~m i he t' i iid'ilti foi gaverfof Tho rttuiains %wr II ont 16 Allapaba the luriaths of
sThwlin ..n" t aII 'CI I,,.l,.l.jncreww in, the nihm lr ,if .lh" ri it c)lt' l i. tru, pr lnie.h. thi yl'ar to eartry. .u .ll. lo th be bathl Mr
;hp. Iti.e k rattlt..ld by th an eI, oI th, ,,- rg.:p,, ,,. MAY LEA ISE ROAb. at tae St. Luti S
TEXAS DEMOCHATS. I ate. was, 4ntir'eiti l t I y MI r S% t \i 1f, l .. ",*i,,"h n r- t d al, Ot 4.."
'of the 1 th. $I ir ..h I with lI;1 Judge Purnell issues Order In Atlaw Ms. howelr, to Wei ti i
State Convention Assembles at Hrus, e ia .,yc rsayk lt. T1 pThe i' r.;, o." T), aflYUttOItar (0 tis and North Caroline Ci1s 'a tmh tl ip
ton,. T. it tr i Ot a.pd y exithly Itn sceh Eu I, r 1 l hl 1 It i N A gst ge violate t1e pr-fItp le 4
fE. in te(tV' A enet o Tue uia t. thq ,.rne ul t, o Pnrnell, of the Sthiated staio diat'rl ha. baod i; It
t!etit. as voKtd (pp. 1 at gi.r a Wre tr' t ou. hused a nr reading makear p Sht
at n nj i Altir r~rayer ,uii arr sledlre"% ft' w.lI PvPr?' romty in the Mt .' at tl,., i1> ta an I r, th ,,i li:ea ftBitse wal ltatig that ttlythittg I n his re1 ilii.oi l l to be to m at
to,' U '1 tf er .+ :.k.* t,, ,, ,,, prote'hing general dm.[ fer palr both 4' ein i treating order of Mtay N hall have e rta l.i malhl
gan.,,at wit; .'R if, W '1. I l. h l.'tii i will r nr i l,.0rd (h01il ui,. t, th : ,v .f U tie e th ffe:ct of .Iureietitng Itue shjkk lI4. t t l, th ,t ow .
"uof Carli .We0;, 'f $a un .ntnan,. as tia d ai itPi, m,,;iat. g'!lorftI Judtli.ary" ..' la.i.' ', \. J:iit U 1J'I*UI er of the railway from hudinl a m aeo l, 115 I II

Pl i't' it n .ut I. ll iftol fe n t (i, e ,r 'it ullh,,r'ir r a.lotl fronsm e+.xec .uting a. "2 .... :" '"";":..'., Vi" ':I.'
mft,t1Int"rM Was ,ar $'I' i "1 m1 .' he g 1 4 '" meia' i fli"f '''rr !9i t arT whI ha 1i)nw l IfrI edas, f sto burt o much I TINAaL= WL @ ii
e lwor.t hf (ur ih.hd, fn+r vwo plnr':' to lat. of ,'.Ij .mi t, i n al primary dc ,c rm n...'.f'. ni' 1 tiur!rton. t t Rlie tt i mahrl .and PT A yniled to thwa saisd 'fll, ,.
peit 'rluw'ndl.'ug it ct.intLtivfl. 'I trp i In the nirtltl.'r. I i3 ,,)rri, 'I t il Prr.uti't so thka haP dirlam s the ill and' dtulchstgoe aba re ,, eiq [' Ii.

tfrci Iarlht , eheultI.l l nfa ge viral griu ur *ar .Vtr f.r:' 4, i .' . qui ckly. lie rto'Ied that he would Aruh Ti 1dal ant Mattheitthsy- g

II *, t,,* 1.. i+a t! e ftheI+, ii.S ,ire KILLED BY LIEVATOR. ad no th mll'r4 Ph .1ae a th de3r. The fluwsp u It.'


H.rr iirr Li biiirM oe tIN. Air with the as latutlit of Ro. t u
-.r... et 8r; li ...Hundrd 96 prprs Wltneus $hoc lnli hate".l- lway t-comnpn y h, has bI r who wa o t 'ht .'
D'ATH O MRS. MILES. o Sord t ... I r...,J a,,t. at Brook yn. 1 put l,oo uiara th ter t h thrhc a windowo. t Mel
Wif, of the Ge | .a C .We lders Grievances. Nv.'.. N, T I. ." 1. [ I Ing a l'hJI hdda;a syndleII county. w 'k .
G le l1 t of LiN. A'iia it jri ?he character of tht DSW t
Paint. N V. t ChNe1 ,!' e. 1"1 of In.ce W r r a04M&
1 .s sri 1 1; f.. U s
r I Ii. ,'t ... .\t CIII r ... I II l 7 1e Me phts, Ak.iagut :I.-At a nieet ImIn w4 ",Cr m..
NN n A. vtli a, ,l;. l l(.tl .a1.n tB -rki nnc T hof .tit .h,,bor. , o t f 5r and p,4,e e w t. hi dc m S
or I, .- f 4l, .III, r 4 1P and toe'ai.r,, a r,. ^ ^t r ", I.i. t, v ,i ..,',.. l,,.r mti r t ayh. i.fpf of rhi" li Al oM &t r.e n ,
of W .:. t I her,, vi,.' ,, t',v, ,n<. ,11, .a.r, l t-c. a,", -., tr .;' .a .. -'i, r 9 n nr,,' t, t^ .K -^ l H > rl'.!igt"allorl. M ayo T i dal W o i o g h, I
Iii' (n ,tt I i1"i & am t r t%01 h) r t ar P' at 11f rP m. v t ,V it t'irref W T)J in n? 'hTr^"-ti f Ion l$th. h inu t sropr r ooqa't.o"
.t a rt tini r ; 'f,"'.w, "i )g, t,,t,, t,, *, ,. r n hmen.. ', Mfl- , y, < 1 th rat,-a' .' ,.u, t,-. e .I nh ,rj . '.I ,, '.. I,,, .l-T I i. ,, ,,t 'hb'f r m ,ato, a bn h r. for Cike r two w.lnil .lt ... :" '
h I ,ir t o h ,.niet i. (^, : ,t, ,v hl.. i,.. .. '. i t"l i ..u* O tt. ,,'-. l',. ,t 8 f (e of 11,.raph Opeo.atorw.. r. .in a. tnh h).tl <>l ht XIpa,1Aent A.m .* m hor#e rg ab ,.i4 vta. Ar m iR d
*,,, ,rn,. w io4r'.c ..J Stahe Ae e ,,n.. .. , *.t. ,, I ,,e,' h r o. -- ----h-ep of i t. ao h l tea f
'PT r th" eat , r ,,abr lh ,v, l tr O f I V rill' I'.1eOt ,.,' I,-,,,A .,' .I'. .J4:

. At b r Z iI ti til%. ,. haithlt l y ni.e t r~ r p tl f1 t ,'I 'li, .T. p it A rip. r, Id '(iU M ut e K A labam a Corporation. O b,, "ailgl.$ g, m. "o o' ."'R a r e:"
h) r nI r 11't11 aet Mniiil ltiji.r Ne'h w Counterfeit Bill. ll n tl r r>',. .1a> August 3.-w1h-l to 31. 'lQ|l do 'r1v 1'riod Bri te a t.
SL.t"' ;: N +: T'r tu np: r2-. ., f,-;' 4tr., .'.,,tn Pro'. O d', o ma I, T 9a'e "ita al a oSa.ri e,- la i a t a.' .ia
&r l r& r h r. tI t I I %P in v 1 w ON w "'
#A 10,114 Li Ie C utreiYiI ho.~ia 4~.~jp~y$; c' fvngnjw I Va4Auut 3-'Te o t OISt ~ ta $. 147 ;

'I -' '. *, ""'"' "' q

and Thursday AI

1T -1, 1914 ONE DOLLAR A YEA,

&i9lt aLiw AU~ I, r- 19



Naley Ca"Wr Got Wrong" With
a Number of Comrade.
iFiht lnued, Whin Caesar Went
orme, Scured a Plitoland Return- l
S lng Made Thbng Lively for a Time
F rn*S 610 and Costs Tuesday.
rhThere wasr a rough honse at John.
anii 60,1's1.19ll, Nor;th IlesIan *tr >t, t i
a ete iur Mtonday 11i01t, paid 1 "hot
.ji old time" which resulted in Ithetbrrsk.
.- It of S hair oYer oFn head, the CNarv.
S Uingot S*lither anld the shout ig uf a
? This wu ihit o ets ionl of a feIlival
Sarong thu ol(red Imople of the cily.
!There was a big orowd present, and
everlythiniN went lovely until Maley
iP s aealr canie u the door. Uaser e
i- mm asked the dourkeper if certain parties
M3. were Ina the building, when the dour.
kieper replied that lav Idid not koutw.
way at fl** asked Caesar for ten cents, tihel
price of admission, if he desired to en.
ranw ter. 'here.wereeomin words, several
di ts, others joinin.n l Caisar ated thait
dug., suddenly some one struck him over
red at the head with a c hair. Konme lerni a|
afLer-. immediaely prooe.ded to use hist
rtingl knife upon Kid masll with Painful re-
ulte, having eueseeded in outttng hinm
In n j several plaea. In the meantiime
Wd has stteUs were beoomnin IMoo warm fur
A will t uesarse eomfortk when he states he
dated went baek to his home, secured a pie.
"m tol ruetnrlned to the hall and proceed-
W: d to te 0evenh. In diehargtlg lthe
., wry weapon at a crowd of tlelng rfesival
*ne to 11esa s a ball entered the leg of Elliot
ms Waterle, tldtinlg a painful but not
man y dangerous wound.
e 'will Caesar was arrested, and in the aiiiy-
t, or's court ruedsy morning was ar-
relgned upon a charge of disorderly
conduct and ined $1i0 and cose. He
tol. Is renarde. as a very energetic, quiet
Marsh sad reliable nelro, and hIs actions on
r bk this unea1ou a "amene a surprise to
I had those who knew him best.
t th ^_-U .,--
5bOVe Remaine Have Arrived From Arizona.
i Funeral to be Held at Waldo.
W!asn 4 From Wednesday's Daily n J
anash. The remalni of Dr. WV D. liUcks of
lived. Bmnan.n. the sad death of whom o- i
h PP sourred In Arisone h'veral days ago,
)rT have arrived at Waldo., and the fun*lIal
rm"riy will occur in that id e aidlay.
and the uervlcn will te cond1 lsed tun-.
dr the beautiful ritual of that, frAtre -
..Wot i'lty. The funeral will be stt nwl^,y
mov* Ua.incvlle lodges. .
. k ,id ...- "' I ,
a and Or '. P. Mtfnsmtry Summoned to
iletieai Perform Operation. i

,-a-T Wr !a*httip .,, _, wv-
i+ M **M $' 1141 .. t l *- ;
4 wi i rea Thlre was an lIteresalig wed.
a fHiMa aw seq. this hy Monday., when. eury
pr bel of I ab4 aet tad Mta lUHd. Ah~ams awi
1 e4b., or hOe .ied at S ooloek In the marningi
jet s.lne.fti.e S. B. Rogers of the Fitsr
4bs. dthumrh ql.litag. T.he groom
r 'nwoogh rider"' o1r thb wot energetli yo1nfOarl
,IljurIg i number t hisils eesiomn, htile the bride,
kg ia horp.e ekeskI. poptitr tmoig eo r yotang f friend
4i -aist foe ht ta. Me. and Mri Milliner depaitt
Wsb 1tb couns d the 8t6WordN At ) for
where they will spend their
RmonM. Friends' extend song
Ss. Hon, And. wish theapt" elh hap
be lels of Augutl,,.
e courtt hbeie, ait Mr. Fennell No Better.
Ml quiet. rule days Thhe friends la this ael of Joh
lr experiowed.' nailof Cmmpv(lle, who has been
So# ae tor to fpr poeed for everaldays, will r(.
*artiff l was lieerthpit bi h o.idioa le Iserio
delag. JdStd Ms. ja uftertlm Irom typhoid level
h vacation. aiWurday wiasa t eatdetl bet
SP ." a telapse has1 ooured", and I
Senell, hi e on. wriea. that
?, ,t g.:* .nd, sms to bW m110 hpps. An.iM
h ma ab m .y .tveeG, a sepon of Mr. Frunni
Sf li. Bhe of rides itn the saime houe, bhi
i, gae ,e up wih tpbplptd.
it o lN edm ,..
vlsi Dr. KIatl4 Slew If the Saby OCutting eel
pt .. IT. M .* ABe uno and use that oild Wd

WiCsr, t From Wednediday's lialy un. |
of $1. Dr. J., F. McKitutry, Jr, dephnrteri
,te6t- yesterday afternoon for Cedar Key i
0l upon a telegraphics unimmnms from )Dr.
a.? -' lrlandl, who slated thai the liatie'nt
by 1 l sulFerl4A from the' ITeIct of a gun
,' "" hot. t
I No trlioulare coutd be learned of
thi s a sttr, ithbr cnuldt ilhe .m of s
the victim be *sired,. The fatns will
ding in develop upon l.the return of .Dr. Me
Mihi. Kinatry today. ,
"par- .
1t les. Tax 1otlir'.
liaptist ,ii l[urliunIct ,'1 of ('Ihljiter ,N 4? .5,
le one Aetion m fl, lAwo,1 t ll,'kl' I givr e-
pifntrt 141w a Stateiutent ihowitg thg aiiiount
s very Iof laxes collected by W. 1). Pikin on,
|s. "tx cuiltor of .Alntbuca Cnuy, Fl'or-
.l over! di. for perir l hiding Jut, *.,
Tamps. IM.' a 0howln b''y .ontily ra'itnurer', rv-
honuey. oceipt' on file in iny uffti. towit: .
ratulat icitesi..... . ... 4i
tin.. kOencral Fund,, t 4
p "' jFinei and for. IuV nd W 74-
iKod Fund. .1 06
hool FundA, .. 17, t4
n Fent. Acnl )und P olt Ils 110 14 Ii
,ii Schoell F til 41 c'l Tax .t*i 186 I O
trek to '. i .. .. ll I
0 ,11 1 1 'aI .
>r,l a II. cu. 1,
t, amd (Cherk Circuit 'Court.

or, uu
"i Sate.
141 who
I' down.

1 wll-

p.j J i ,', I.. 'i "" '. "., : .r ,'... . 1 ;!
s &. . ... : :t.... :.'... ... :'.:'." ,I' ...... .. . ...... .... ..,, 2 a ..
,:i i I, .'. 'I

Phoa DlnnlJPA







e pay freight or
following liquors:




LEWIS 1866, Away Above Everything it the
L full 4tuarts ..............
1T < uart ..... .......... .

BLUM'S MONOGRAM, 10 Years Old:
4 f ll quart ....... . .
l full quarts .... . .

4 full quarts .. . . . ....
6t full quart ........ . ...
12 f ll q art . 1. . . ..

4 full quarts
0 full (quartlf
12 full quarts


- a.*


Ullabl U1U111 UI '1


4** -
.P . .
. .

* p1 4 * 5 * 4 4 S 4 4

We handle everything in the li
agents for Palest Milwaukee and J
Whiskies, Gins, Rurns from 1.54 to
California Wine ftr)m 1.0o to 12.50o
ported Wines of all descriptions.


lquor I

per gv

SI . . ..... ..... .. I 1

Mo I Uw .-.lUTm

For Men
whlo cannot come tlo t"
'ity whlen in netd(i of
lothlis WO- make a spt c-
aIt y of fitting v Ym at your
llom e. We carry theo fl.
)est makes of Clothlng,
Hats., i i n d
n1ltIrw..a', and no mat-
er what your tbiz. IS
tout, .sl'.l or hort,.

We Can

Fit You

1.1'i- A Et 4 X,,r


For Ladies
who o not tind it .,in
veDni'4t 14.) Cofll to the
city, we make buying an
easy tas k ly sending to
yoti. homiie two or three
styls of garnmetnts to se-
Iet, from. \ t Carryv
8KI ',RT8,

,n Our Boys -Department
C ti be hAd. evrythint-
rtardy-t.o wVer for boys,
exct(,l i h()(,.


S... A _.. ....VS .... ..n,. ...._ 1b_1 i1n ... GRI -| 1
.1 .j.. ....."' .. i I I -

-, -- -,.-.- r iJA. M. OaeA.3, President Onoc. W.Urns.Vide-Preident

m26 .",.' .. .Iittdl t JAnl" ,igk

_ __ I_


~''' ~~' ~ ' .



a . p . .


on the

sky Line:



ine, are
er gal.
dl. Im.

- ....

i' r .: . ..: ...-.; -- I:~..~i ~ -

,rT I ;.r- ',r* r- s *4'r. ". .. "" ... -:, .(, i^ F r .A .'' ',. ''"n" ," "" .*I I4..t ,,1i'. I" F. t L"J IIT"
/.l!., ,' ,. .9 I *Fi '' .tt,,. V Tii. U"' A I ,. r ,
.'.~~ ~ ~~ T "."' 'oAA fixt ... ..... ..ICii. T(GUSl 4f 'O

.I Mkonville and Southwestern
Was Profitable Possueuion.


Ja icksonvlle s De t-ietd to Become-lhe
Deep Water Port of thi Floridl. At;
Ifi, i Coast. Which Will Mrin a Big
Thing for the Road.,
lioHn, (C' W:. timse, presidt-ut of the

p C. w. W ASE


. ., I.. . . .. . .. 1 .' i .


geh p RO ni y i o intel. WIhoi arT r-* fti r witiin i ti* Iitmu *ll) will t'. l
1)U1011 il Pho4ias1 'Vht 0tl r|Ity, IVo to ruch ser, Idumu have known Wh 80
g garded 8 onie f (thi IIle ,li L soru va to C. it l uiAtoi. f rte arer few tte r, tisre tnmsrv
tive amid I ll t titcStawfu l is ttst*u tInittli 1 r1 7110 kIe ve o r m o rie .irito a*ge fu l t iuajniu ii i A,
pod jprumout in the State. hn. l l i tiii c ry thsn t w h havei -( '
*ntIy retu irned (roil .facIkuansIL L, fletec se thev alwui A ve 'at wilt a lelie g thiit t till-r tilittiuad iigus wf
Iw porh ta t lit 'silli nhse d0 ou. sick ait s or ac irir lt a Iowt le or the h iiieaaris is assu red', thi rs geia-
A: i Il-m i taxi, i|ll). nlilt-Ttfc lfi It 1lll'l 'WIl>- if tl-Irr l t A paJI I %%t P ia siiill A A i aplbi i

"Impo-ritant l ptui ujod Ilamo H( tnrenilv tt a gtil (1 ;Ii: tf e wbd st t in i i l have n a ll ag I II ig theI a 1 ml I fair
mMrtrihhrat h teima mtrii : 4 hii::::i a & R COM PAIV
Casr e oth'1. Ina, rtr thu l l )ar i r.t tutie ofor f (hr th fr the, past wo years .in n 'oorp ra '
the owner of thll .Inekoa villre 4al the f... l..y a ... -t ,s,..e l,,t r...a iual abs s, LluKh -- o the V .
Boothwe terndt rairad., a ra,)iroad uattr trd s lter retained. i is. Ils mi Tio Eere, 41 VOYLE R. "
Which extel ded from rJa k hvrllA i,.a '*t I"',. it,, t_. oud rt .d th Mr.''lKo, l o f "rIill@ asmi rHl ,.rlsform ALion fAma lsn d g in llald l .t h
southwe.shrlyy dirtreIim, ite the 1 n#111119 011 < m l l .. i ii i hiediatll ve r arnise for ss llinelo l that Mr. Itto. rat Our inaIlager 11as lived ihi n,. n .%i s
I ,Idlestps, to Newberry, a disian.e of cI ii-r . .. thoroughly wvrat wilY I (a il. h
about Ul nety mile This loatl! was 0 1 O ti Ii. a .b S l .. . .. -
8 WII*Vi a inumbiir tofthe I ip 1 r ove ti I I'j I*a-
', s .Oo^rn r ...iir un any i it1 'ti 10 -...N U I S. P .k. |ai i jl % lilard, wholveSale grttirs, a d...
hPatnr lun hul ( rum panr its priniie 4 4 1
pal j r ti iin. til i ,lit-amh ." 1 II lla i .s a t/ I'jitonald A Taiyler Iamrdnre Con- IR AC CII-Ni, HU1iiiAHV A ND (NOKW IK . ,
p urpr at hat thme letng th, iuiglf K1 WHt-Ita for all ny, th of 3,Jcksoi illeU lit re. iE.A.i-..T., ,,lie A o Jf. kND.,InT AnivbA1hL |ep
r t h fron iur a ri she mlstoi i n a erknsanv4l e. plealizing, I-Ifl:dtin 11114hkl ared! 1.ier Pill wholrsle. gr oGeE1 rylltIin ill llAt, m1 lj. P 1
k lllnterli Wil lr v ini rh e e tal of tile
Showover, that the riOd wolld Ira.ersa oir 1iitt lit takn -stil ItI(i--ittl tt-m lihI til 3iuBiofh "t ain
oaet of lise ricirest .e..Vtions of F eiariat, tfln tli l "it t sl11i d1 it i.i llWt'o held 2 .l till lmmlo u rulimI Istablished i
iboh f ro ani agricultural uid iiiing wila ut 2aitm. ree...
4budpoint, the tatemileros employed txl Suschd. PrvAted h
beet material in Ito Construction, pur, The startlingg annoumr ent it that a
hased 01tst locon utives Wi full. e a a C Al
hirt voutive of munitide had lwen discov.
Snlg stock n the ntark..t,nd otherwise ORANGE SPRINGS NOT ES. "nid will interest inamy. A run-down A L ,UL1
equipped tim. road in a modern man- ..... syste, or d,.lpndency invariably lirt- A IE M YV I' -0 L IA ; 'I
.her, with the retilt that wheil the Marriagq of Two Popular Young Peo- r.'des stuicid,. and somnethinlg la# befvi i- -
ameI was ctoniai>teld it wa oie of( the. pe -Fishing Parly to Ocklawaha. fund t il t thlal c edition r btisinss is strilily ouNlilled to the rvnoUbdeti slc -deswt .
,i est and most mutiern railtroads in thile rang Sp.. ri.ngs. Atigit .-Maiss whiIh nakel's suicide likely, ut the ership of land, aied we leave nu reivskte or pneoal ee toS ..
i r.a.n!ry with tha: ,l'''": ...m...-"'""S....... ...l. hwiplire,'a' 1t"o me
Si i a iti'dith liird, a chur, ig ainm g lady h of irt ho h lf raucion take m *ak exhustive i itestitlitton of sties. sI- r-pme
Ie tni y P ] l t (.hnaiy p ainov.ille. sait NI.r. lie,,. El"-lm rin titers. It tbeatg a reat *all mattered prta .iun to the nueinment .- -. ."
rates -, the.,, .mad. h of a1inarse i lie, are visiting at Or S -i m"d -' .rvine will ..stRetth.. n tie demption ao ol itstan inig tat sales. When you' plim,;
In f 0f 10 lit tile -nerves stil i ilit u.p tho , It's vide ln our 111t. cmll tll or writs us, Npisy pul I -'es'
Is fact, "o tyl large 5oiiatt i1ll aSigE S prings for a few woeks. also a great istonnah, liver and kitdnEy-eir.. ... .pll.
Sajry o se ini ar Itattd I t Tueodoy t erilau a tihirg ii pRya ri iltor. I ta, Kr. "twI atiosiBf OUw
SWestern A a iA,,li.i A ( W ee I {i I( Ielt m, 3,l s ai ,rd I ( w...ara d t by all ruagla t e - lL U'
ha l roi ably t 111r. ( oe I, t t In i .k- Mr. arlow 'd i141i, i we.,9.
w Hi reiaNlizr.d thlt otiBr i i,,.iK- hr a. ,s r THE TAMPA EXCURSION, .... I ........ --
lg." l" rl e i r. iithe .ekilawahlia rivter amld spel t i tost--i "
.o' ,paiiioi were caoLruetii t ,oflld m AINESVIuEaa *a u u .
soon h1 e .1mstrucrti g railroad itn t lie e11'1nj1oyable inuri oig. They enjoyed ill Ticket Agent Goodwin 5old 128 Tick. *iUI-V bE,
.' unlfi, }ilmf i lius hf.14 i~, hea returned to- nLP tu *-
rstrtied, oitlv it i- kmnowtii that the nlvnir t exehrIo' over toA ltll n le Ilt all R0 al t Ih a lll F. .
Duneiln 1 len .plihate t ptini y A*t t bit ,ednivoay i ,i n iin riag Irang l iii IrIn all points in F oridal, UALN VIt L. FLOkIDA. P'.
slow ohippl l lig throuiigh Part In, ti,. andti S rings was all tir. wing to tHi fact wl.ih wasl iled o u Muiinday. wa a
are O litri'tr etli i lig n &inj>;i. (liil t w li t that s linAs Ire I linit, et ef h t, if tt 1r S ai lWe i, tf w arii ly tr ,rhete,.. th rite 'C 4 iS t oiifllli r (uIni mei. bet at i Ot be e n".o to
lh4 l ttut-tl' t h PIhiosp;ato <'oinpaat ,m st charmniim society lad iaI of tiis i >itihse'r t tickets mold by Ticket '
a railroad I. ihlait point. Mfr. Che1. 1 lter, wIa muted i n ltt holy ml .%srt 4 win fro lii pint. Mr. ---- *If *od h 1im ti *ut. Mr.
hia ( "r-.iag t "n utad real?"vil also ;lnatr(many to Mr. Walter M. lirihson. .ikatwin expwriu-ceu a heat ir rIn .CsTalSMe m. -,' ,;
Shat Jackonvill was detiite to t' ,ne, t tle leading trick grower or than 1 le- expecte-d, having sold one .
comi tleidven'ji-Water ort of Ihet V-ior- hat an!r nd twenty .uigh tkrs. I F D r
Ida Atlantie. Sa-aboard, letao. he1 % MfP Hrinaom and children otf aines* hie.i rat i frnt (is i ti ville wa i $2 2 1
euried posseseions of their .Jnekeo vi e' sill.' ha t s p'' diig a fe(w diays ru" kt -tripl. tI ckets luil.ted lao return -I a i D .
and Sou western. -y.. ng. .it is lit' spra i,, sri lthey sai e fi r tl>t. _nt later ai 'r A u>IIt I lt wilt - "EAI t.S 1, T---il .w
toold, f(ll th liroiorty.d ptrioe of attending tie wedtaing. E ffolrd l xcur .t niO all amlple rest in el
Th. .. t .s o f tl of th i ,lI i .. s.r.rt of .ie s'cho. tP Tam"pa. .Otf l
'2 nlshl' proptertyf 'Ih hr S e a tlasla..
v alable properly 1 lhe ttt Ilat as* ivitiatrA Mr. %lartow was ennampviled COMMISSIONERS' MEETING. .. ,
,iht Li' i otn Friday of iast oek i, to iave' elool on maeount of his eyes. ---.--- -- Sa [ ;d C>tton See Bagging aa.d Twine. Wala '
ye frh h mmory f th lir. tirine'r of Anlihony hlas l.en ab- Met Monday to Hear Complaints, and Ie th r ;B Rinjro i- ide. ..
because "it W "a a eal "f se lL man- et fremlli school Lthis. wee-k (i amount Tuesday in Regular Order. "J' I. Pi pOW"r .
tude anid imnortane.I it *iiwaking of s '. it,. ried hope ur hi. Th-Isa--a-t... lal' ard of 'o"nly leg-.aro eE go di
the, deal. Mr. ( has f fri ho for hie Th. ho'irlil. Itord ief -ojnand leg-. d111yCI 11. Of rt le Jameo ric I pr.oe l, i '_'".
I i man. ties tiasta'ttedy recofov..ry. ia latrio. laripcneed of. lMIpl)(
SI .. tio railroad mni n, do a. Aldern a lt tc>, nior r ir in da session tWi ays Se a (.'ttton .. ., s eppai or ,!. i
to r*Irh revrlelished i ung tUdy from Hold'r this we.k. als gret dml of business (AIN ESVILLE F LORIDA, U AR1
be. i, purcl t, ralr u ayttr the *nt r with her f nt.'.re t t p'pll of the county of -. n -----lltn 1
agie lcmuise t tulwant rtrlo at ern.i lo tidnmotha'', Mrs. Mollrde. wasn rtisp e fd of. a e n a 1 1
rs o a .Mirsi Ira Iaaresi. froit JacL, soille i IiT board SeneN( ri, Ml on( o dayos y OrdrS for Job Printing to .
(oniia. I know that tlit l *il- i here s;etding ia i'w wt.eks with le'r e ef x Assessor Colon to
c e. h...w e i itent 'lay u ulther M eggls. r Ih n, ier ,r srnuen a of wm.l i r (a. prief airtyT H E I-gS U N Jri l FFn'l Ir r 11
whlti ttiter |d le"1 I la- i' t i atuT V would _. is ls'... wi s... ........... .. i iae .. val jatseuo, in ans ie.u. l of a hU I I. O J V D i r r I :,. i
ports. and acted accordingly the' ectd to rtearr next tuesday s A -
Iil... ..h p. I W-e irn a. s ix m, t .e hK----------.--- .regu.arninr monthly es .on, when otherno YU M flf l' ,,

clOitilv wa4 de.'ti: e t'T bSu .iI., ll.L M. McCormck P1frchass BufinesI
i deep-watertotl t the Atltai foer t W. P. iMoseeiy. East Side. tarra tll th e.
Flutida prhodcwlaa'l a the' .Iskuievt Thse olde'Mt wlsthlashxd Hul1 watlr 'htli i.f 'rnt, ifor-h. THAT IS OUR MOTTO AND WE LIVE UP TO IT. 9
an n tiitltWi t orn sff tred ftilip- aid ittetunif ry t ui etntiy w s itf thn r n .fy br.w.l, I ,u uuoriv n 0 EnttIrrI .sA
th ( ithrK >li t on m il i~ i I' tiat l phit, f r ,( I. .M "1w ,j ,> i : .L .ti. d i i ll f.''...'

,elltl r Iamlitl f tif n tat. I W trnl'ttl .4 M'rmhi ',. ,,,.t ,', 1. Mowl ey.,- iy allki t : 1tt15 :i
(ll raeiii i a t aimn futI r iaa rot d ii'. i hV a ia ii g. .n 1 -it)bl i ed Ln y 1* ul *uL ?- i.I *' ,i 'ai n ev tai IatI.r ..

l 'in l Iea ailn r iilu road t I mit l anlu- i :nt .h tete lt 'el i lel', arid al -' q i r i" h l s IC J r . .. )a t'0 j e :' '
'2 i Coast a i- I .u+'tiu ate t115 1 )114'' i takic jlnti a h n *. ",..'.. .. .. 1

SCoap r ipo i' s r e*' h at lw:y i lar r -r. 'a y ) .. L I I

our pIr '.loc .L! tthroiiug JaJt ik o aiit,-v;U- I l i- .e ar,, t LL. It iriizi > .' t ri (,f .I 1 U J.ilt i 3,ill - . i
AbtO- n th ,erspe r Ia nli- a; l 1.r s M lli iit t1 Ilik,- it. i ite r 40 trie'e r i. :i 8 .. .1 1 54 I
l Itt ai.tru<.tiaI i h,0 n a n hre.', e '.ta. r W Ma mI' o ttst (e ( rI it.. ..4 I iLtt l l4 ..r,. 8 00 g .
WIaith*. Wl, st L sh I .t4nLt'l i 'I i O l lit 'e it %1-htiar t'. h-' tizt"it. i ( .. ..verholt ".I.4 4 1 L a r l
y ' t '. *, I ,
feel Ie- Ise I tk, r'llt alr l .1Al NicArmnd'e, vis alon aOd camr M YY
WC.lf' Mtl," i'i,,ii liltui," r'll ,IIv li ti .u -d NI r. .,ai-'; 1 -r 'ite, ;t it i,, I IY rPD LnL IA htlea

%A d ,1 a |i, t if-i-t-ttll t r*iE' l .Il, In1a. 1
th. day !isumd rc, lt-r-,. ip atPutil, An Er d lo M-L nt f to J. A )TH Ell S. WTE ,B ".
Chat 'r t.i .I.I A ri il .r viit ( 1 ni.L'. I v .
tit" alel ~i .a.. .....4 a. L', aI..t~ltIxFl+hi ith,.rv.,P t rca U' 3ep a t u'x!~ 2t t U l. "i r l1 iL4 R T 8 ',"

.~.... .',''


r '

. . .. -- ..... -
i^ 'edward .O'Donald Selli Olineavili('
S i 'Interctsr Io Saunders I Carl,
i6 MIa .idy wiqisie'Rsd s 4 ltMOt importilll
II i lt ti s )ieatli ul nm i 'rc latile uirtelus in
t l! %i t ii al i ii t a doAl wliiih u clsl l on-
tn mi -tii. it uivra tiitlr on amuoig the nilet-
c m .tlausi. hte'tis. i wap probably ihte
e i init iiiaportia ti( iu Lits kli rit ilei6iri)ig
i n iiit t'ian. l nA user1!l t'yiar ..
S14 !E I'ward t 1, i.a' itimaild, whio fr tih-' pist
1 1 si ,ll 1.4r t 11i4,.0 1H ..%i til d i 3ll 1,
1 It cue ri r ; ra r 4 hIa pl st 5io ys ars
wi ilih Air.r %a eiiild'r ntin J. II -kar itl
i i ry. ^ the groet'rr) lmiiaioi ., hassltl dispuotd iof
in ca- a [is t iite'rrt o 'osu r A

-.. . n i'";

Three Times tho

Value of Any Other

a One-Third Easier
One-Third Faster

SThe only $owlig tMacLine tha do t* ;
p not fail Ini auy point. .
SRosary Motion antd hall llear.itge .
make-liti he llahthssi ruiiiig iig eIrhir e '
Lis Instheworld. ' ,
* AgenIt wanted lit un4co1upid Itsrrl ,,
tory. ea9d fqr erlruQlap and ternne.
I 'i

" .! .' . I.; between Thomas
...* ...., gn "t Jiltaam.a chairman n of the
';"...O. "ms'sli o tlo CommnIlte, and
M...:... ".o, who f il the same place
ii& f to RepWlhikbleas. to determine who
wli6. U16 tih be t campaign, orgs.
mh.S.... s his paty to viptry7
W.. e. Ie som itti meomberl
e m e.l IW .iew York onl Tsesday
.m." iatl y voted for M r. Tfaggar
S"se. Sanato Oorman posfIlively re.
'" f lt. Oairsh ani. Allt agree
'"" th' party has a fair chanD i for
",. .. Whih growv brighter oeach
.. M., .t.. aers is uoon. vigorous,
s. swt w rkur a mas ot large expe-
rinm, "aild he has faith that the
S. attle party 'Will i win. Mr,
w els s putting In his bestt vn

... ." .. ..l l.bfill fIs ip o carry New
S Ti, i tr. taggart his eipc lted to
"'" "' ".tral ldils. Lasa Thurliay .fMr
Otloo0 Wlastoo worn out ir ill to
i hi. liadquartei In Washl. i.
a ." o Had .h to ta.. a day for rest.


giliuan by birth. Ie is an A. A M. the last congressional convention giv. eiInlantjlly for revenue: PDrnuorats .ad-
A. of Itandelph.Mapon College. Ash* lali t nrtiinanee siiuh autirity, STirl ':at a S riiff priiiarily fir rriesu
Ni4d. Va, ann iM. A. if iarvanl. and a ihe tirinmiiir of the ew(inunittre viery fid it]ihlaetallt flor f lrolotelin. He
Ph.D. .of Yale.. lleha.hadeis rltnc proprly itjelted Mr. Iuit in chair herworis, iDeivnurit wwt4its Ar',
In both pablie ilhool'ind college work, main. He w .as Mr. (IClrk't manmagi-r it r ly gpuard the tliapryr and tlh
and comes to the' universityy of Florada t'hu recent contest.
with the highest repta ationU as a Chris- .,. .. -. .. ,
tian -entleman aad sluce ft4ul educa) What wil hlppi.I texit Willi ian L'.a1 J. t imans is timing rmiin-
tor. .-....... .- Wl'Aldi Astor'sdau'tl', P t i* i' I, d a It Ku nli ratui rial enuldidlte in
40, tole tarri,ct nutto atlleho. Ait ldu ." I .- T4i,4 Captai( i i %ti00 At mA tut
Daierry a a W, n, ld i l a t, .drag .; l. .ar, *,I h % th1. kn it is rat i1r a'ary to hli ;roe ii .1an-
oh t i. i riti A. .
ilt. A As .4Iai C.oi.. ...1nuuh "I .... l 1i4- %- t- .1 k .

-"A Iro' T iU .S. tios who f i arr h a y iii iin i wl ,mayt IA.i, 1. . k *id "uf r fvr e n r ,s .In > liti. r n hitr" tn o. d Ifotr 1 i ,.ii u.,;, .
't. pFO$t 'ew'. Yesterd y h wets wish .'tt'4(i ""' t',' n ti fnikiIy ri.I B v' i','r "'1 l .'* ,;, > .,<-

*l V. th e eOir.l f od rk a
wt' *g .. *.l. li f r tr ,r p a. i n r l ii ,,
Sro s*m urtlt s. int 4o'O h i t i. lA S170 .i ,. r e tt in* i ^ o*' i r *ti : d n o n
-the. .prm psyd al.r In Nwt tu it sitmre' id14i1!l4Ia1s n q 1 .;* .i *i!* :i 1- .t 'lri 1t ri i .. i
*l am. l IZ y l'i. I l .t t ir r ... ., .' *v,*.n . .:t ; ' ,r ,

. A r. ,, ". as' (X1s I't I,' railw ay i n htv t'.t t Ihi it'.i :' .,v A i ,*it.' I "" .5'", l- -' .. *;. .' t .," 1tc
.8u tl.g' 'w"r w fonr mYka.n y.r b iity ,At,,rI ',rft' 1 : i.
. k ' ..* .". of da K' 'y t', ti .". ; .C d1 .1 t i I t 1l t "i ,- .' .. C i ,, ,.. .. ..

itgtI I d Ir AI t t vi r t ., ... .t ,
I .. .... i< ..., v '. si;, ., ie i, l i sn.a. '' l." .. r .4. .4: . t .r: i :,.d -.i, *!i l- -- r 'i *, i .
or1. r itl ( t kiagn r lirl rig fr rl'
.t. .f sl a tt < *, .,. ... ,a vl si-9 i tk.i .I.kif i ii' a; a"l',n."' his Tl' L h''.'i ?i- "n . . *i F 4 r
I0I iw of al y e xli, li ng' wl'. '.ii ia. 'I I l to t t't' ;I 111 ' r, I .. lir)f. rw i N. t 'A i i
tth h r u ,. . ,' i

4lfNiit.i ItI t vY I* f *-
r, ... Ii.*t i. t. t, ',Ar I, 0 l ,rk.. .

" K ey-', E d;'id ,!1 *i :;i** H. ,)f 1 ll y t t'Flll J'Ii i 1'i4 L JkP. I t ,'l.,. A :% 4... IN .'1'-" 1 }", 'r. i iil~ iry 1.* .
.. ....cTS i 'io I' n. l .j rnri ,,f .1i .. .,,( I I r, ri,, t Tn S,

Ihl m t of al ady ex ti U ing ti^,;' idandts to'uiids of -'thr. of h -arti., r -.,, 1% I ',.. ', ,tot;rn S>w "the tht*^ neTe he 'Ofth .elng t Ts' (o to | that the shoot of thusiahm throuch. ex- *: i ,hth gi- .* .... -

iA A ie--n ".- r' ) of i I * *'ia Kg lod '

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NI i~ j, it'
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.^/." ''!:- .

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**/.'M* ;"Y>]*t4^
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iil i*,Intrl bOIt de..* he

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it m a p.wbI asit tbao

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hr"peeoa aseay
E,! 0P*11 t14' pnit di

PbSihs w#&, kiwa Iqhe
.T dp w a ,msfor thi-

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aitn, r bo iman one D

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tliil. .t l J ll ol o ,i l Conast .

b e.ebe bs* otif led W.d
:.MiP" piM 1 p a, d.
~n ."imlosS NWsia wak emak

polMt l( d pwi .i aSimMO-
f . M well i- w, Il n lh.

0 eer To s U "asitr aoutr sar
6t liit wi gu te v tow Unin by the
lige,- at r,"r hey dee,-d it'
awlb to h k -a 0 t1io0,: of the

*tefetW h J begi of there Fd
lbeI f IeT shhtai N*s eto srs
tomig..i. !s i :mien< witlh Sie

::"iflf. .. Ilw, bter
ri (, la, V t||MO Iall) teelt
*6 w nI, is aos ou par
i ..~" !.h ..o e ,ow,.es baut
a# IWito t0 he,

e1" h. ip gbe. aid. t -
! le muse lee n Ike prwemn.
..A$ "lou. That w

i Deft, oroeha b lowb
S paS teS. He smutined ibs a
Sb ^hat s ^ n ar utasl go It a *IAm

Sr s $16p tsi he 4i4 nlot sou*

Svsa iltai .*ens thou ogh he

bbe-61"ed 0 --twith the
flh* ^ tSageb by the sat n iona

P. AMLTI VMS VBSLLOW PULPIVER. Tlhe sky eye* he. i.4uati eI eg
.' ... ..tkepws A Mole" .,s.Re .n..,, o , eI.,q a a ,". '.1 m J' a g l. M owing lo th. "ug,.I.
jA 1to$k bIM0mwhn.iep. Ybo owala OUaSRrr; l an. Jon. a4n idef sand bitter .trikeo i proren f l
f 0AW 0i 0rt 00, l I^W00mi Toow J'. uralitg p rds< < sO spadrUnton at 1 Coltraro The ulqion 10s44
0a. O imaIln *or t eOmtpO d sad beIa i I Is hd4. *r and waikilg d Oegrumaieola Dbolrls of Florida, was Hi reonsti presahod is er8Isg*: Irlytte t'hl gre.Idet1 wi'i I Cmn
bwt b t LakeUO~iy. Pi ..InDW.1 sad s (Mol oa NAlsq0our politic* and >r' < ,tiFr rrei,'c! Yo' wit (utsdi w i0
hefol In 0 h tsbIrtyl.fth year sof what he sid. your hea to it14. t ab Uat 4rri
is Mr Hol. ha. ban e she In "If th manchi-e polisialans. in ll. now ke the ~.iiiiyrs tlr 4.y
poIltial forlan for a gea4t aSy y0wo, '-urs wore to dies1atlI am erc d courSe ihali I *H'sio, liii ( rj Nw 'tt I

i.9li oly* .s only Ia Dval t*ount, Isw thnin c, miiu g h ill'iI ol.lp i ig.ry %Vi t1 A41siiF (lli p
i4bu I the late of Flride, But te glig p.iil4 ie ek, hoi dI f ,i, tel' 'it Ii etilhulL to re
During his ea.n r la polities, which .lwtion. Okilk thelordevil in thiic l d, rrtn auliingi, th '. :t.
Prlly er1 ga sbout. 110, bhe bae been mahke a n. ew 0N .i 1 0r hl1toi1 s1uit forf thl, rlld t' ii 1 tlt o ;'
Io i. owM .evroble portion of the time Ihemn I he In r ilp itt ten dai UIi.,*tnt hs t.,n!. nitan [i' tdihe
a m mber. or tbhe eupty sommeite .everylipdy there would i itorry for hse ,'ivil thIrili oi a br,"r!ktr n,
a has for ith lour )ear lsat cha'p.' ,,J tiI il wr, Ltin ula hui ig ..
pslu,.6 metambr of lhe Congrwloal alum not .,l"!gant t ho tiWe ir ia grd. w tll , it),i, W liiIt War
"emsillt. of wh0 6 he li now. made andr sugestive. ("tlu Th titier mtln uked himt
ibSrernl He lwas for (i ar' , Irai ,s cal, ,t.od ending h .st he
o per. o.f she City Oouliell ol. the A 'oung i man l sidiiag in ia uaigh. *4 1 .ot l ,mnIbvr .I ith ullionf ih6lnt .lown
i4y of Jaehaouvill, and was for two hloring toWn 'lntly bought a. sI i thei thfi.iol The nrii t oittlrr in cLarg
ret.- of that e is pre-ident of said wiC1h w*as prhnised in hfit Fi.. E lt made a I) Ite po Ibt. Ith.e nsru An.
pir In of these p itnO ita ir. rItlled up in the inuidt e of i,,' tL id,4,t sentt ill t i lth it ith t il,
10ol4 has givWes *nWir easislactilon to a lille froi> n yoing luady wh i uled must ,4 shodift(*d or thi (;ont,-
bis "o4s6lt4'n, ha brought to e ar) worked on it, i which sl sa i tulou l Ind Stainut le
In thi disbarel of his duties arefuil would lt pleased to ourr"ii und w iih amended, Flow lt, prbtith.m il ,to
jOgemw nt, uas getioned iltHgrit, the bulyr of thoe sirt, prvI hirt hi.l i' ,utk d T h durutad.
ad a snvertirliag energy.' During She inmtrimunially li lind. iI curI.,&id iilit
fowflen years of his poltl4)al life, he nice young m14 answersti on |i"r. Judgi iarkhLi of Hi l'(iacol
has bIes agld limatiny hrd fought lofmaed! paper tavid as-d hliii rul '-ln" l 1.*;rlij* 1D4i thlat tiu let'Cnl ty i0.
bstclo iwhe e politeal aAnd fsetionag pl1s9, une atiig how alad he'li be oeratI Ex4u1ied t mCiiute oft Elf
i.tsi h ih aillis^ h d ECfIi F4 'Ci a IIId I, lei(d It h Or l, ..e t, r i
lilg rau hilth, i0nd while i ttlrue i,, tmarry. In a oiort time rr, eived carnbi ut in lybhal lht authority to ro
Iai b, he. i well.N as other active fO .s an answer MstatiU tihat the yullig idy ihind fl e I rrlturns ,If il. I i*!tlr a.
.i our political liute h a enemies a hail beei imarrield hire e ars nid haid their t l .t riary -le'ction and tFeoemuit
welSll freds.o l steok eveln in the awi ,hll,,!lrrt,. Upon satiou the aollot. east as amid loitl io. I'
heat of 0the poillsat lsapaign has ever find oult why ihe was tioto late, it Ws dciiolll wanI brought about byiI con-
been made oupo shet honesty and in. explained ly the ftat lhat the shirt test of Kirkpatrick against lPihnnuy
wgrity of Mr. Holts I, toh late pri- had lain on the shelves of the lci*l who was derlared lthl uomini't for
nory election *itt Mri. Hol pra. dealer for several years, He did int ico iau clerk ipn a reurint f rUf ,..1
Lally tlok lhale of the management ad.verise.-NationalAdrertis r. Kir patrik a a ia~ o t
Of the .samplgs for Has. Frank Clark, trto of tlm rer tuu and sied mit a
sd 14 poliiel leads. throughout Thellret I snd c'umplalnt by the tlual writ of mins damusiton cmleil .1Il otll
tShe Sle marvled at he shrewd nes men Bof variouseetilsou of GeOorfal miti(e Io d-elare him 1 ld h.nothinrv
aUmpatlg omI0 thd by Mr. Mark's asilinst ihe freight rates charged by whreglulon culiilnel 'pnm wy niore 10
manager. Mr. nots wee In the thick the railroad* In tha State. The AS. |ilesnh the writ, which< motion wp,
e lt of the f'ght early and late w telanta Journal is waging a vigorous ,ranted.
tireles Itt hbi meryn. aeturate h hisl tight against the presvnt freight rstes -- L-
J~egmems, and ithorpgh lln hi mll"- and demanding a reduction. Geor i mpure milk is .iJ to( cai1an morte
a1ment; sl of 1 which eontribustd gla'. railroad oommilnion law Ia l here. oekness than any other nnurihmesfnt
lry psaterially to he brIllent i etotr tofore been referred to as model for partaken of by mankind. A vigorous
which Mr. OMlarlo tlen securing .the other Staes, but is seems that the protest is unw being made by l the press.
lDemeoratio p ilmalo. While Mr. aeorgia railroad coinmisilori has gof Atlanta and Jacksonville against,
oHall never bees what Is common troubles of Its own. the milk sold by some of the dealers
know' a s oke afr o"lcial pine. :1-. -- In" inshose. clle, demanding that the
hlfrifi nds a pr iloting thai 1ie time Paul Kruger, who died last weeklaw In i reference to inspection of milk
Is not fa ofIt When thl Dwmoraey will had a husky Youth. At the agw ofIhe rigidly enforced. The Sun hias
stai hi n to a yt* higher and more twelve he saved b. eis ter's life by heard no complaint regarding the milk
risponilble position. In d4lit0ion to assteking a panther with his pooket- soldin Gainesvll)e,bus it would do no
beilg an aclive pprtleipat its politlles, khaf and killing the bost, lie after. harm to require an neoosional inspeo-
Mr. foloti I one of the enterpripleg wards killed fiv lionw singlc.handed, tIoh of thB sme. liwleoan milk boto
youia tbasinessHl n of Ja0kohnville. once reed for life fronm raged ele- tiel lre the sollure of miluchl sikness
and Is quite a failor In all movcmnts phaul and was once nearly impaled pesec ia)ly fever.
lootiln toward. the ad mvreoinent of on the horn of a maddened rhinoceros. -
thoe i ty internt. He and Queen Victoria were 4Dham-1 De 'yjokhIrf, the Chicago. lawyt
--- certain's royal wictin. I who has paid $l 6 for the huilk'of th
The presidential nomiaatmns hare :-- . battlehip Maine, says it will est ee-
caued o immense revolutilon li New The Sun oongratulat John $hler. i'r huwll tuhlaouand' lar tigm
York City newspapers,. In the lal wood upon ihe improved ap araacee ie will knild roiu<'d it a gigi
two campaigns The Journal war the of his LJlv Oak lIemncra:. It is w tin tub of pile. then ump out ail the
oily large Nlew York pap h that sp' an u-ght page fi eolumn ianrto, water, having thse ship in this dry
ported Bryan. Now, all of them, ex. trimmed acid sated. aIld reflects i, and le sz.hie t o finally cost e .aX-
cegaiTbe Tribune, Press and Mail, amp. credit upon ltditura Sherwood and lia- 'thid spetst the mar
port Parker. rome of the pipers vis,!as.wll a he town in which [hery which ai;1 $73, .); lh ...r..
which ouppoed Bryan, 'nd r noW published and ile lprinters who do Lieu *yiad eti armor. 180 fet long ad
friendly to Parker, are The Tiln.,The mechanlai work. It i auIdeal wkly 'twelive InOies th kc wetlh a value of

Th World, Thei Evening Poq4 and The achieved. Zhi; ti turrntw tqiped with er -
lirooklyn Eglet. This Is a heavy pha- inh n, and .w. oh.r .at.ri.
lanx. Frank Clark has alpointetd P. A.' .
........ -' .- ll o f Jackslonville a ,mei ber of the The toarilT iiuestion il not tnc rnprt-
rr. Andretw leld., the. new president coigressional comnitue a tmarfe he.nihlt. I'eaiblicun.inisit uipon the.
Sof thi Utniveruity , Florida, t4 a ir. tr. Clark acted tinder resolution of irarff primarily for proeictinn itnd ti"

,i. ,'., '.

I:" 'i.

i. .' ';' N* b' i
' i - . '.---,M. ..sal DRAY

A VER. WAnM OBnE .'.,., ;:o"l.T UMET.DEATH

WAS THIS MEElIN 8L ,' ," Wlih DuI$CHInutlnW unnu
,-, Inwwd in sohtool which will not show a
atteri Were Lvely for a Time daily Taverage stendance of forty-v.. Curious Milfrtune to an While
Ia School Board s..ion. other s tnl eature of tCouplin Lumber
-- prnootedlngg wars resolution dijolaring'
TU I ..that teead hers will not ie appointed I, too....
.THREE TRUITSEB RESO NED vny |onl'd ..hbma unleny tt st|rnu OnRUSHEKQ tETWeEN THE CARS
of such school mgreo to) bn r4 a t i
iOld Not Seem Io Appreciate Action Iof teau)Br without eo., This r.en nioIn Na Seen EmpleVed by Herion, &.Son,
Board in Making Appbinmment to; doid liet imnIlude uin.m Aiat.iy l f Lumber Manufaclurers. Iellamy, for
Principalship of Orange Height Oliaintivlls, huwtvur. mae Tihe-Regarded as i Sober,a
School- Other Mpttler. I Appointment of Teachers Induqtrlous and Quiet Man.

Therl waS riWally ,ometiii g d(ii
She enoatitatlstal lini at th** nie.etl
the ctlo4d httEardl T'istday, thlit I
tO tjerminaliig with niot th piltae
atfcltlnpg in th1i world tletwOIn ni
here of tlh board and eprajin trils
Pa l patron oif 'tlir, ()rauKe Lim
aiuaol. 'Ihro were other iiat
wh)kch eaie before the lrord, *

tK i i 'The m t i ing, which was at rsthir 'thilt. viiKg dil a oeinpliigt ears. oti
Kri w mlii e fii rolm tieginning l10oild. ton,- n im e at y tN. r (h"* nIill of V., .1 llr-.
et. u.lnd' td with ahe pini1rit)fnt St of 1.h ii { A Son, tIltaliy, ittI A luLitied)
nI trl t l ieis s l tir giuhool hrou ihtltt Lti ar fi l l loo John i ,'1**, H nearI na )pinye
M ont-i 1hotOf l t of wlt'tlh wlPl 1' P 1- f i h aniill, was ornhi Hte**., liedd stio A tio as It is eumpiled h'y feet of wtili th dh-it in a few ua1-4
t g .Suuirinltendit Iloliway '" nmiat .
rs iIn pheakinx, ntf the length fi t( rm 1.r La br'- l- i,.r eauply d( tlie
and in the special tam 1triil pehounl, S i. Herriu g s mill for av@rrsl years. Hte

*** *~''.: **.~'w' . . .. ,...... .... ...A. ....- .. ', ... .

nf-SA-"I R S' 't': 4'
A'; U.T... s

i I'W lb j no. Iou,, s tt o ,j k.. -"
.0pu,, a, o ..e. ,,

FA fortune for C4er ip Ksi Imu,,
MoWrsFa ur a Atlendann en J* -4
Another LibordFP eiom
tfed Basd On Pr 9I.

0 .led 1 .. Juilyp i-#p *
befiblg no on. wto srsw'piw

Sdelvr I tihe m euwuiipietA i
Slagi a r il d sheet f WJ ,tF ,, !
by he Woolen SpE Rp.e
a--- "=i Toleto,' rotu "il'lt ( -" .
.This goad fortqin em. iIss *loe tis o
tfnml4maw e ,; M',eal., Isn

Which will probably not mleM the pcrintndent I Iillowoky states that he- was a f1 worker, indte trluus uht or. eordsnee wih sls 4ou 0g or.
b artiest approval of Ih1se deeply sgld positiVe' at les l twelve school. will dearly, and wa* regarded by lh m.' fo lisu .a er i. S .5 So*m* i" ,"
directly interested. he enatlel to run for uisgh montlihs. player, ils a goexl nili. l Mis ror- s to*lehiutInlg she Vult of. '
There was present at a this ieS A B TF UI tw l., whiel rot hoii hil life wes derp- tesadmnse SI the WorM'sf Vei',
the full board, compriiiall onm. It. It A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING, ly deplored by, the o wh wia, Thel olMl paid twenlmai al
-WeekI, ehqirman; T. A. S!oke aitd .* Mr, Stubbs and Miss Carpenter United tSlesr.) Herling Mnssrt i nt to :* Li I I,,liI em JsI i 'V'llf
L, Kelley, lad Wm. NI. Hlluway, .). Before Large Number of Friends. the This.laa fUndertaking Cii mn '~,.',I
periilendenti anod secretary. WeIimuoday for a oittlas, and directed As Ms. Teiiow'e. n8last* g V
T first tli stinss hfore the r board beautiful mid-.summ rn weddluK that ir, .riur)tUinaLe mUai be* give a ly e ~etle Wls mg gives ,t
Other rtadi ns of th.e inrut- tir ws that of Mr' Peter Wla'hiltl!on dmetlnt lIurnal at their exjIonse. riieo N. UI .. *UTSL 3lwalS TUw s I ,g a.'
aftymr readi g o f r th ul Inrmout ,ly l Stubb of Tallahassee and M4iss tillij fubiorni was held Wednesday aftermon, ; V UOSOa S' b se fe
a arl enter, whioh transpired it Kava- ... e e e e p p HflXl tfe vm em 1
Special Tax Districts. nmua Mhlthodist Ohtiurh t l 'l. luuk THE NEWS FROM MELROSL. EX-U. eA. .HIM M, C.B .tUfwo teva S e pu,
Th'e liracy.diltriet and th. I.imuad Wed4iesdy morning. .L.outh CaroUm WM bMs ftor Bi s o, eem vssmn.n o,
orote districtlt we re rated ipoeeial Notwithstanding the ineleenency of Town Clerk Craig Tenders Resign-. that aitle or two 1 s. E ia iumn Asmes, B*h M .s In
dtretI tax district is oa iurdiuce dwtith the weather, a large nnimbr of adnir- lion on Account of Removal. letter from WWlaetoa, D. O., iew l i pipt i. 1 1

eleed for 4iracy district were J. which was performed by Bev. W. J, railroad einnsllon of that State, Th eales lhe
V4 RI4t, K. J. iIathock and 0. B. Carpenter, fatherof t ie bride,and 1)a' paid a Phirt visit to Melrose ist week ,igk
W too. while, the truStee," of land tIr of the church. visiLing W. tI. Ayoeok .MiaiS M ,,M. publish i is 'bei Iu
Strove district are W%. I. dirice, II. C. The church was Ibeautiifilly dueor* T'I e ,,ny d Pvsma l, Har ampsi lltai,-l t
Martin and J. K. Shaw. te.d with ferns ant, snd tho r rm it r. harryh, ,. ,a s P s ase
An Exciting Incident. lilhtedl endless around the chale er of thrin are suffering m att of gy depeudemtpsee ae q Gum ,he Wo%#fir --f-l3
'the real excijlinwt of th. meetingK lad a tendoiney tlo enhunpe 1th already Iimilarial ever, whieh devvljped clon stomach. W .A Ill s1 beii!,
was opened up whrn the, toard of tru,- handsomely decorated ediflle. after il.r arrival here. If. youdo not derive o Nptoa~ g te fMBWhitb
't'ee of Orange Hleights elehul. all of ast at he appoInted hourly lt hridal The rainfall denrigl th month of fltory rells.i tr th see oifl s of ihe t .l p M1
whom were present., mflde a protest partly entered to the t rain. of Men- July aimouted' to 3 6 intohes. write atlw to Dr. al#rtae1,$vi.g6 sas 4mt now be r9k
against the appointment of W. J. Till. delsolloh' Wedding March, Mrs. Truss Mlls Alice MSlea left for ls. Louis ftl. stalotemeat yor S miel siwakmlegp i. sei g
man as principal of that chool. Th 1ellbny presiding at the organ, The exposttin yenlerday. m p d y b e a,.es 'es p .
wIreteem of Orange Heighti school soe. uehers, Mlsers. ,hemts and Johnson of The l.dies' Aid 8ol ity had a meet.- vt* at a,
eral weeks ago unanimously agreed Tallahassee anid Mo0rif11 and Dell of lng on Tuesday afterniMn at Mrs. Hus.- lde ts DrSlItmIr s s. rl I P. ,
upon the appointments of ). MW Tell- t Ods oily, etervd first. They ware al- Wi lid'.. to,_ g. iM ., pS
man to -iho protion, batt Prof. Tillman lowed by the bridemailds and grooms. Mist K. Miehle hal gone for a week's -.. -'niwl .Th.M"iib m
resigned. An effort was mnde then by men ln the following order: Mis Kit vist to iatives at Wai. EAST SIDEO IMPROVEIMNTS. M a4p
friends of W. J. Tillman teo secure fur tie Carlisle and Mr. Manning. Miss At the regular council meeting yes.- the L n
hit the position. and Trustees E. Maria Carlisle and Mr. litrdolph,Miss teirday tie olerk, was ordered to adver. DOouNiOs Property B11ig Thoetughly f
Diclkerons and C. Da)ughtrey signed (lertrude Rosilsmon and Mr. Mickler, ose the sale of property on which the FRpaired and Remodel ed,.hl--.- l
a petition which was being circulated. MisAs Firother and Dr. Antley. The. tze remain unpAid. The enmmcdlou residence il et. folJlwIeo
lru see J. A. King appeared before amiid of honor, Mi e lihoykn of Jack- II. W. Cralg, owm ulerk, ttndered Gainesville owned and oneblapi hy J. r wo
the board. together with Trustees sonville, entered mlhme, buing followed his resignation on account of removal H. )Oumtlat and family for: na .y I
blkersgu. and Daughtrey sad a large by the little tower girlb, Mls (oImir to Campviil dalrla g the cotton seam year. and tich wia e waenlls pusle s.s'i u ,g. .' Mks'uyIkjh.r
numiwr of patrons of Orange heights IMnby. The lovely bride entered lean- ean, it was accepted with much r- clhserd by P. I. Biakr, le.I taval Ut, 1t. l
school, when the fur iwgan to fly, ou to Ing upon the arm of her father, and grvt by the itnoll. mtore operator ol O(range HrIlthes, FuNERAL QP nii ;
*peak, the groeon with his beht man, Mr. lHar. Miss Miud Coward left yesterdsp now uidlrKgoinp a theirm Th repair and -
King Makes a Talk. d of Tahasse fr a visit le relatives at iinrtrlialvi. overhauling thall exterior and interloo t HMeld ,i W**
Trustee King to thl. board The attendants formed a lovely back. Mr. mId Mrs. J, Me1Donald have r.- Cowl rator I,. W. 11411 Is now ats wofrk L
that th triutees of Orange Ieight. ground for the couple. The maid of itrned from a week'l v1it toe Atlantli with a force of 4arpenterls Iariaas ng away e
school had not reeamnmende.d W. 3 honor looked lovely in a nuRatiecent Belch. the old plasa, whih will he placed
'iInan o pn .and that i gwn ,f white point d',tprit o ar rilk, .. o........b i ew p .f
wa. not the desire of the trustee.. Iteborately trimmed In lac. mledalliono. ANTICIPATED CHANGES. Other imgroveme.h ar being made Vlia !.
"It is tue that Mes0r. l)auRhtrey ad aud atin ribbon. T t. important Burlnei Tiran.f-r- to the bllding in the form of eddi le twu5 Wglt' io,
Dickerstm signed a Ipition, but these were beatiftully gowned in whit or. Two important nes Transfer lions and all tio. those ho
iepntlemest who arl irestiin aid cati anudy over s ilk. The maid of honor Will Take Place In ,Fw Days. The entire interior of the tho se *till 0MlM tob lne@ ofe sml m
e me n or hare p esie hed antid ridesmaid. carried pink earn. While 1o definite information has be repawered with Ihe mo.t upl ofdate pif NJ Wt say n I1ti ip
speak for themselves, declare thsat they tious, tied with pink chilten. Mi hIen given unti on the subject. I ist deins in wall paper. andt- he e tiori Waldo. whi l
ualyd It not m dith a view of parties. (Amip Ilnby looked like a little fairy known that there will be within the of paint. P ainler Win. Uire will alivemig m
but. sy patron. f tle schol', i white silk mull. 'Tho bride wss at.- next few dayq two important business charge of this work. L
nnr,. Kitig ireditoS wailth siaynl. ,1 tir.d il a beautiful erretion of satin changes In'(taltesville. The tousiemlo .. of WSl4e, t Gi ,UP i 4
r Kst crepe doe chi n, with berths of laeq. effeeted, espeelily one, are among the OFF TO THE NORTH. pie WFie nP 4"E OlRS H
it ,fa heray In to pr my t"hpo whl appo id a lwvely bridal tell (ull in graceful most extensive and important in the o . ---- of fti w ,,, .. ...I
n ymatony u who ldz. She carried bride's roses eity, ,nd have tien operated with ,U..- Kn. W. 0. Robinson WIN Visli sh. vin. ,
e ut rn degaUly iecnmmaoend gel''. grenadee wabs ,rtlycas. ever sin,,e thy were established. ingtoh and Old Eastern Homuse, ftn., 'a:
otrghlyr pro adets w'ti thie plyed durit thae progress of Gm deres f n on. . Robins,. relr of We. the
Alnd di. of the p. atr the hol, tor y, wlhih made the progesdi sj; Dr iddi Return. the I ,ttetd fand r *lt. dRparudl tthe .trb l h thed A h ,, ii
Sand t om ,. of th ril e etin 'a te O of e ry i'preivep i and b Iutiful. 1 lIr. S i. Gidda.igs returned to h6i W 'ednrsday fr the North, here he h k I i to 91l6
pyit m jriy tle trif, i Afteril, wddig a delightful and home in this city Tisayl afyet 'htave' rae oI i.t* l his atinral v0aotmlo, vle and.d Nouh m lal p
W n;lt rr'nt ,nnarg,.ly nttendmed reception twa te11 ing attevled the bedside of hdi dear k*L rtenuhi 'Ione .I Itidaturi z xp' iet kilMd spmpsht *a4ieb:
d ar.tiWJ at lt- , W.tWitllrdle of 1h1 10 ,. wi tttht par. d dral of o.f t.1eurrd to 5 d .Pa f' 1.)y ir h his frind.o a 4L e da e Ill. ines, ,e 4his
, e ,p,.,t,, r ,enti. which wa del,'or'ti. e d with i m t Lithia Sprin.g (;a Sat.irday, nro- h N.t. l. huip .rl Frin:h r he'
Tru. tle F -; n d. I t ,t, frn' st l p lrH-,, I M d.I,( r-a ti,. 1he rd in Tl i Hun, will r r" ted l him ,cl Rhid l.e t and -"--
A c a pr. "< n 4 n w h -u nt l it illin t tht tIli t't tIt fir .i' rei ntnir'l#'r of hi s'jufkt.
t 'ur' ii. Kpil'. r .t ti O ,it i..-' -" k niu 'fi>s rl..

; to Ak e ,i tTe .i :i j :" 'i', ',-" r -. ,'*, n-, f.,. '! l ln'1 d !r' 0 r -r y.; Lr A1, jr' .\. I,. hu .4 i itt ,U.n n e td,., t-o.m thInr bi.h..a, l:.. i.b l ,l., .r 1i.t. o 4,3 I ,tti/ or iu l ''I'
: t r t'a-'' '). tt. Ilu-.' .n i- k, ThitrAl ;, t I, tl ,y .r., '.tn ii.t"J ly i''jt'. lld, tr.J I'. h. v, .r''
,.,',,' i' V *'j,. 11 I :',,'S .'r, ,itk, f V,1.,'tr .a* -+l .. ,; ,,:, fl: ..iiiai,' I,5'r ..t e tx ,' t. n ...iLr a ',,
I.* j A I' h F .? h il k r. . I d c A C o ti i ,,MS)a ll b 0 1 iiiI o Iv l ',', O u L1O'kq i
s :pt M Tni... ' L t a t rn :,! ,.u ,,h *:i t M r.Q M un i" n't.1 .

:''lr ... 1; '1"' -.,', r.., : ,' .. '' 'T tha ;Ui1: ,,t.'u,', .n ^eI.,-:,A '..+;'d 7! *4:iT T,"4i 4,.r+,Q I .iT,*n 'l(r1; ,'.1 )I- I r-E I ,j(i$-.aLO-;,

A1 a 4 b (i .t h w ih r .i eff% 1 taIri a 1hna e dIa.l : i l l l H l***
A r t Ta l l.! t r t t ut ); w r It f ,, . A. t. I : A l iA l
] li i I s.& A. t . .. ;r I lk' .>i,*l .

W .1' 17 M .W R ff l" ; w" :



:r h"" o i

Is It
fi~~~h ''B^MJU~~~- s^^^t^i~ ^ t

J^^U^^^B '^^^^k'hikt^^e ^

H^^Ei~ 'i^^^ ^^^^ V^^ ^

s.Pmn Wuns, Friday,
SWatt S . ad heart c
,: *hi; ae' ly WaHM Prasuted N Ultimatum Mr. Pattltnn's
T Venesse. conflition was.
I i41 A tmnlt l.-The forelgon office last alght he
l0 .M d %o h0 tbe report from Carvan tioans were resi
MAO b *t he G*tra M minister haq Iprsenflt. $ask rapidly,.
i lb o n .4 i Itlmatus too l he V~eri elan I o'@elkk this
M 'r Pvsfoleaut domaudlui the Immedilate
w..e pW.sysa y t of the 'litrest on the indem. INVYNTOI
ty0i 0010 ltlhld In the protocolal naTe'l
4 'M W Hierbrt W. hwen reC:re .ntint JflK ph Campb
YiOessl)a n is February.. 901., undti
dlr WalMiw l psnaIlty of the withdrawal .of the Ger. lew York.
Mea i i* lte( am August 4. bell. 73 y.:ears
..g...e.. t "-Remsmw"at-Kanms City. 'r ot- Lteim
aLI ss City, Mo.. Auglst I.--With tor of fitod p
heavy reelpts at the yards today. all home tof his
IbHwsrt *i l hlEe pBe ekingl pints resumed opera. -n
tkls oa as inCreased scale. The Mr, Campbw
IW' e*1. rtrll prMuted no new feature today. vanlt and wa
*. The strikes re'alaidl away Tfrom tle htit' iand job
plista nolt eases and everything Mr. 'kmpbE
-.41 q411 .b Union men made prepa1, of the' d-partn
ots i to givt Presid-nt Mlehael Dmt; ed together i
s noata 2 ie ll k ception whn e ar Onl- a few
a. iL tcslflt. A IBass mwieti ng 1 'y a bew
IyhtII. -la c,. 3 Ir. t'a"mpr,.ll
Pi= b'- 1 i Wi u 1tlli, .W ,1 a-piv-.ry
I illhei iOATS HAULCO MUCH FR IGHTi whch milk. f
Io iasS il t bOpl s .ninmals, can
i' w*. Co'.t Etcarr .sc hrit re!pton
'w*W'rbs Si. lb *l LIor Is Ilecord Pa4st Year milk is the '
pe, .rft ,in*f lk~.i i l k with pi
the. tU rtl t. 2 1A '4 U ntltt 'y v
F64i 't0s t a ..,i;. n if th,, l'ii.: HURLID T
i1* .p t" *.he :e tlagi.. ton i,. !f ir g'n 1rc. 1 i, I lu '.;'r '
IIi. ail ttig dsyj Bplnd I. Tl n iii '. f.,i As Risult of
dt**,t b, e y" Dean* hakl i ,t s- ,. v in.,; ,I, ', "R'
wlr. $Wlnl.Wliae i i the, retr.i of %1,~',., .. r ,'i,,.l WV 'tAVlle
CW bI-rs ol the of5 rfl nii i,',-r hi fir l ',.. ii ii'.rl !0 io frttt.1.'I e
l l U' rhedaters to lain: in, dIlt al, train. .No. 1
.Ri oel. tlarn Ou1 this Thls is con, ij,.krIl a -, a" -w oora 1. to n .;e
Fi" bd'ua'uelp osoelisued, lng for the I'hatt.aLomiht., ,,pecliiall ) ~t o to
Iw botit sy e.d eoa0dile. as dlurin the latter part of The trall hl.I Wait lr
meood ritud lIa tiShe Dem. year an tunirn-rolu*Wtei. tnroight i r
,_|lnh,. bus It they doclt look called, eand thki, with the shulli-g 1 toi " tc'
ii illht e theI laugh on theli. wtItrr a ,. i.f ,odimii4 'inV. ibh or ihi 11i A t' 'h "
a,,Lw,.tPtml eri election t. d* ity i ande th rtivr fi r th. 'jere1 r i l TA"tI 'T1 ,.
two or three weeks lower than evl, 0 M ,
SI:.'plM deiaWreu that the before In the minmory of the pr,'ni'
i.ha rrkl ia an treunugr guerstion-. .' n ,,,n it ,'V
,lam tot past sight year. LVv .c I. I' sku1'fll as I
I t. heaviest kepubbean votw' t'inr .1 , tI .. -. .
t le. .. a oltd ,. -of ,t 1L( 1 . ,' Wl- 1Y 41K 4 o,,f- 1r
Saea 0 lh mel tih ha(p ublie*tloftt[ut :i" : *', i
plu seeii ll e n1 1 hir'ani toi. rSi (otrity in ,iji' 1' 1 ,i' n. l .;, wEi huil tOhe
e 'i almouI S. .ly paused. thT st lir. ,' of t':r, ts '. a '... ., -.l 1
Iii,., f"1 .. .... or rlpre nita. !.r i tt h au nCti lu) I. W ill Ce
,0, i .. i Moorish Police. L. af 1ordI, ItvY -l uso*. T. T. Nli ''!arti, ,
0 ,'ilbaiS'th ti5 .. ,, .. i ..t., I 1 a* ri. ... .. ... ..

r poeInionia developed.
Umplrationtis Rggravated
Iillsoem. Yesterday his
i ,nroiraging, but late
rollaplud. Saline Inje.-
orted t. buit tif pat>nit
nd die shi bortly after


ell Pass*es Away at Age
of 13 Years.
Aurist '2 --Joseph 'iamr
o(f age, formerly a law-.
iltI attl later 'aln ti v;
'rodurts. Is dJu'l at thel
ilaughtor In Mount WVr-

11' wa. horn n in Ponnhyl)'
s graduated front Wash
ffertai ctl-gv W 11 1iE2
ol and ctarr y Wt l ilon, i
Ient of agTricntire, work.
ln dvelorping food prodl

w'ee'hk tmfore hli death
sAAl hi two ."no ntmade1
in ihtir laltoratuory' by
tlly eupiial to tule rml iof
he thlpplied ,vftl In the.
ns- of thli iobit. This
iril d (lids .jif natiiral
rem wuutor to rtpaseec the
or BY RAIN.d.


f Mule Balking on the
Iroad Croesing.

and Tennii'* n., i t-?
. li n-tan !' ktl.'dnd il ,1o
mrs obl<. who li i'l t i mlle

wa f irun in H to H)tr ha

It i, -i5i -' r- 't ,r ',"'11!
*S i.n t,, f 'r, ,, t Ialn|

!il. i;. a T t. ? I
az n i a'D | 1 ,1 9 tr;r -

I.ith ih.l '.I rhi-' ,'4.t i,'?t .
t ai .- it- t tr, fi ,n Ilf

Sn- *ati ,if .itfl 0 iruf 1i
A'Dll ,'av '- a '.nii'-., il

Allt at .ii li'


eibbrate Labor ODy.
(In Lu Mti -,,,

wabb NS* WJUPSN. smuT 1. B1PATTON

h w td, her 2 Kt4rs Twc m . o of '

",B h uen t srivr4d an vbl'r -B

16 I tw ,ode l rtsmft ntir r tim),, It i
r W9 M tMr, sief i J. KL 0 rf k Twice 1, moc ttC Ouvornor of
M of of l lM 1h 0i 044 I Y.ill y. iirlv d I D onvR t 1
4ll lgd hodd hi rimxrer. tf I a hat!anit Peltnsylvanli.
MAN toiMutY jlq for sfrk.F i n. g --I- -
iH a slipped tll prl*sounr lt of the PNU4;,IQ' A WA3 THI CAUTSE
WNh stal alerli iti Mftl ftailay lnor:. cr wi'tl -
*Y s1o t fra the m i<ry thitu *t&4 4uardt .A CsA i.:, 2. 3a A irrat Ph1iny1
P I the all lknowlng ofIi. L ietienant p"a + 3..J i to. Hawve rok.I
H eary Irti'mr. tn ncoumand f the vol A ,
4 m I P l !, in ni ,, i *t.- t r i .b *r. PitiPattsoft-Mad
iS lVter Upi#1A. !thdrAtw hi v i ,n f*t taroin
thit e rVir 1 thlie Jail fort a f.w uinut*t Nat 2.- e i M S nc'c .
at g1V *l ri'fl% liIqu.I4 t.hugtll jf oe. .'I
"'"* -'i' .. 'p I.! i -F| S
Wit 1 h hi prisners and wal, th-n for I. ' r ., 1 ce.
haff a 0laii the(n (tiuk a is Iu ) ay'' I
i t) n i t r ti, l i .' - '', f' r ' ti ll -
drovtt to Arilett, 14) mu I fr'tp ur o
1 S iiati R tira. where the '41gain 11 irli 1I ..
IN ftt. It was tine after the U'r -. .- .
,"h"ll1aibrl left with his mnai wiirare any
I toi k qu eglifld4 of the jail knew to thal i
hMr. ia 4v.r

fle sL lDi I l I -' r. *tl..l i % A. Ip ,
IW before it totk place. but noltlar ao the jri. t ul,. a .: i I ,
1111 theit arknioaledges that hie took part when ia J' t ',,,
iW it.
*pS0- R-ese s*rmI1- tartliS to f, f (jdf
hav. a baoer with two othrTr n0gres. JAn
bk OW Hial ad Banik Tolin 1rt, I rthe purpose
ar of robbery, lWt lrtamni hoe wa fright
Wpgt 4004 when Hxwlgesii ppearril. and ran
he is Askedwich wit'ne of the nitin killer
stj Hrodges, ke ruplhetd at once that Hla .
Mis did. Wes aske)4 how he kihew itM ,
Wht he 1d ru# away as tfllmoed, he r, s
sam BA id refuied to talk further
TWO a slle ai & a on o Rosm'i pautit,
w4 leh look like blhMl stain, hbut the "_
al 4dales that they are. Cato do
NiJ$ l ba vIagbei ln Iel* party at all.
g.. i Rs h eeni si ukefd Bim to go, tell
Ip. g N I they co"ild et Goney, thou gh.
er ai* t have oin M trounse. Re
$ b neoatn Caloe s1atcm1ant, Cat.
Sg Wittlid lang tio eiies house earl)
tbl ifht of the crim bhit eialma
Noa e n ne boa$k homoeelrlr ,. s er f loovX 1IL i. P& ATTIro.
VI" MCtcks says Cto'a waife doe. BM wred nearly very rinty in thei stale.
a ttolqWrate thia. The sheriff. how -He was a member of the nnmrultere
lnWp*. v9 lileve Uthatl both COato and on resolutions at the lait lDeniocrat t
Ilu' s wer thferre mad he does. notl nvention at lr,. Iisul. and hib he-al"0
lh.*%'bh BRlSl 1ad TOll4t weri, thouanft iu's. Iinlder strain. Ifei tPniained
b9Rleb R hM s taeg ha met b W et t*o p the a SIt louls a fe w lays after tbhe con
S--' .... .o-.. -. eloutiln to reit and returning home,
a I t reannoal his. tuisimief' faor a hart *time

tiu rmntrled ( i years rel, It 01*6
Ia$llm t:CO. 4 NfIll |(ui r: 3 )..
( iuarauterd 6 frars sid 4I tlil
gallon 21 7. 4 full 'juaria (.All
EXPIktP Rntvu I
tiiralnt.rd 4 years uld, Ity thb-
allion $2 64) 4 fnll quiars i2.7.1
H y tlit gtalon 2 ".$: 4 fll 11 larts
$2 to EIX PREit s I*KR.PAIli
01.11 KENTllVIi 11
S;A rlii i P t ll -ars l d, JBy I i.
llit 4 fllr4j i t All3

o01. P1I' 1I' 115i II
(ii,.rnati qted 4 yar )'. r i,. lly Il I
galtlm $2 i0/ 4 full quarits 274
I taPESNii 'ItEMi'A i
Wk- I.' i ll*j* all (r- It adilig t)randl jid
Iyr qand licurnboi \Mhkin, &1 .i ,' (mar-
ket lid will s ave ymu frorki :A p-r cr1t1
to N0 I-er u*Int ,nil ypil'r Ipirch i'tet ich4d
for pri'.- 1 mi. naid oitiltb)uK e-. lMatilid
frov, upoi Altv l-ntviii
&SI06m**:4R.Ei ito aUIBII N' RIEET.
Mu'ON, I:OkIIi..


The Holmes Company

Ilave rita*lhtlit.r|I N ces .peragt plant at
laiilleivitl mii M it now Ireidy Ito

Th ie i lmesl' Ctoh iifi
t tn Frkiket.

The Holmes Co,,

......... Gainoe ville, Flond ,.

Oh, It Makes Me Smile
Tl t'.l
E a. a. i



IM J- ini lialun,,tjilhl by4


Y r\ r...t\ lito t ,
F r r. Y U U it .. .\T. -J

"B----*----- ,i--

16t r ...... -.l1


The Oldest Whisky L1M -
H O 'fl'Is'I V' sR ut''lt.l%'AT 'in>

House In ,GeorgIa iflpjtiili 4hf tiIk 1 W" u r iWvla I
BIhibtl tibl IS A .4 l It IN o ..i .
*' 3 il X 3tal w..efti* tli hed 4Ail. i i i A ,.., '
..ei l i .l i i t '. ;,i .U- w '. ,,. i


4t0ft ioP-Iti litlb l rnI;$ t iF', !$ 4.'" -t -
Ilte r ,.i., iliP. IU l.i- ,ilto'& si' . '.V .'i, .,.
sltu4 I4 1 N0 %i t)Ihil e.'' hlllll
N'4 or s*jtelq t, -i il

I mi r 'ar a. l S ';.- ', '

t,,i' 'lo. 0;'T 02, I I l ,
f r :." ,. .u i' l. ,- ,-i.', .. I
t % .. t* at ,, .' '., ,
:t Ip .n'l ,1 \1 -J ' P 1 ; J '

'i0''-- '' i f!" >(l -" T' I *, t, ? i; ,, ', .- '
1* l ..,' i P'uliLt. ,, r.I I> i- r' I '.\ : '.* i -
* ", *, , ," * t "- ; ; ,. ,,.. .. *, ,,',, , ,A '

El tif ll i ti *i , ,' .. ., K
'IP 't*li i li>t'; -' ,,'I .." ,iI im il ',, i'll ,
> .,. TI "0 \ ,. II : I to o I
li'il u.IN M # lp i1 ',hu,': i u 1* 1 -

Sl i '.1 11 try 'iu *'( ', j l .. !, -4', ip ,i i ,

1'! VI t ;., *.' 1 .p -
Mt! m I' i \v i 1.%Y l i, i,.


- L N' Li t 'I' 1N1 t.~%'j IN
I ~1:Iii.I:-tI9.%7 4
- lii kID? I "

~j4I *~ 114% 1 -



1- us

Chicago Imptoved Property

1I it f ofte' lt EIlghty
Thugmand DIOllrsf r AaIw.
chits rcomuitly snwrlerl) and
rnsh. Al.%e' property Is
pa)itiftf from 10l pI I piwr
... h.k a _.. A


Tir fu 1 .4. t 3 u u l r rI* s .
c'ig*l ."i-t orf Zoiw# and4 N ,. I to f il0 .
N 11 -:,1 W iJ ,,Tuf- F i t,,,,i ,., . .
pit ; . I l h,( '1 0 i. t ", t ; : .j F r '
lIll l' ltl ;m , i h, : i. 'i, is,

l^*f llj n Mi l lAl. l-li tli t 11iti i,,i ,-d
do olir it P sl ioer T i.i t-14 .*.
ji 'ast tri ui )J.i is, ut Js n W.i *0
hr i 1ici r. lMut J Ih i >t.' ,t .., "i .i "".
S. I- I lt'fi I K t m 'l'IE t 'i . ,, ,
ofl I lidt "'l* i. bI"9
.i.i.' ( l iMlBi" MIS l$P ibiCA t.9-td l.it1 .1n0 "- r
t r'watiinw u LWr a1'. mar lt builn m eit;-i a
thO' ir *'i: lu eh ii 14 t 1110 l iN91 t air Wi ir .' i
dO sti *"f fl it.luS ler 1T o* i
59 WO. *i ii*.tII1NM JN. H! i.uutr,

NTtS. l )Ud l' Untfin:ATi:b1.
M t '.6. 1In l r (i it-I lQ l e % i:ll i ,i ,
St' tlttJuitn Ii i,l.
-1ti' l3 ll 1 .4ll 1. e tft 'iW" .i.1l t i- .it
Jilnli ;i e ilt ii*. tietlln l Ai h ritl t'' U.l4 '*;..
olAlij. a r r It l t .a'tIfI, t T i.ft rjurj i A
l .Catr t to* l...w 1't' p 5.1i0%.t it. : l t t
*.(f A tv Ui i 4 r, 1 tl bi'n .nl t1 *'hllllii 0'q ,.j
Towin lh t rsiii tit litifil+f shm w.n f w ti vio .
Liti t MLy, V l. i trN lIii !m. hi' .w afit 'it..,
Y Iw i ile teS i: 'W i ,! 2 4ii41 Nil. .. "l '
*li|> 3, h 5( s:. '.a ',N\ I'S .w1 Wil)l ftl ,rr
Iu dlhf to %-tii4 9lljl rlibt' .l J.l ,'liltl It I (J u
Sliuitih r l it k. iiit'rr r' lini f,' '
I'ih I '-lls'.i r f',i;'l',u" ,lm -R.i u. i C*r( Uttl)* i.ri '. n(' 'In
6 t .'11 .t I ni slle i i t4', .st hl. i l a tlr *I i a,
kiklL, 4 l ,ii ,i ". H ,itu K e-'. >(.- r l H-r iir 1**t I ,i.
1-:.4l60'l q'r t *.4
jf*' lliisttI'-. itL 'A !I.4t".-' %I J Irbeb'siu %M "i
t uii I| llr ju i I 1 l' t i t tht0iit t'% '. t l i itP ,l.l
*,u. Plt tisi I I i j' l l :|r
lf ,i !r ,^Si .> ii | (,6 ij'? d.h 'c t i t r ", l: ,, h

4Ulli. 'tlt I' tt.i'ATOI
1101 tI! I it,-' I 's 1 i? i. iii t 1 -. f 'e -, -ti ',- ,f
J.4..r.i )i, h' i
itel 4 !f1 tie'p t ,r % u'Lv i l lir i'. t14 10 ..- -'q

of Atf.:.4-11 f 1-1': 400 0
N ,i t '. I I'ur t 'A lI *i I lit' i ii P il I, I' *r,
4R ili It o' l i 4 ,is l ois) \1. I 'I. i '. 6 4 i* .'
m Hll U it *I it ; t' :i.ul Fl '1i' .t i. t 4. i
mi e A '.t s, 't.' J1 i0 I )'. ol Itii 1 ., I.'- .
"i" (O *t'lI. ti i..lu91 #lp' t; it.I 0 li riil.i i,&s
Il de iul. Iiptl I1, t 'l i.b l P b T I'r ?4t', W ', r t li M ul.l' l r'D

sta d -. s ttP;OuP I t1 4 1. w Nr''
Ht s X \2 i"' M <.f i' r it '%j.
im a ,'i u- I si t ,- *j it" ri'r1 I i t,l i' tO R i.Ki,'

timariotz' T t uo. pi a e' ltis'' I
Ail ir '.I e i ulT A I l.t i 4 l 'u tl1 l t o i,' f n ,(-*
.4 i ti4 it u 1 r 4'1i .i a l i iil u4 I i 1 il. ,tiif ', f .
I .i ll il i ,a ,1 a li t i .ill ~.- i Ik t.

1 1i -c. FI i t ,', K r 4Ir, '. i 1ti N ui : I .f ,
W 'teLr61 1 1 >o Ail v i2' Apir ;it u .iLIti. olt.f .- ".

tl., .. t. i al- ." Rl B o S, &u, % s eti l ti .' ,i j' fi
iov- .I N'uT, :.ti lt ,i r f t 4.L i I>tl .' i ,*'%,I Pn
) \i iTl i'' !C it t *I n i* ., lI, li,. l '," f.c

,1te llt ri 'l tit ll l' l t i ilt'l il ,itAI"I '%ltrv t k
l N0 % i ,' t i..0k i [1 t it % l it:I4C 1 4 ohi iMI Ti %luiLIi-' 1.1 '. Li

JNt. -orh n1 1wA ro esao ii t{ eo ,-
Ciello Ni t 4i Din ,S . t %,t
I'ItI.' 4 111, .FI .I IIlt '1 % 4-o'il ,. L Ii 1 !itisnd
t&' _1..j l t i 91! tlfls l !i' it% n l w ,a.'., i 1

Iovlik r .61 iJY.lih i n M u. t* t I t

wI !n lNollri n 1. lnts i Sl 'i-'n. .L{' i. ' ur,. :. -' illlil A lV. fiur tunl WaI 1 '! >i

i,0 .i.r i;.r |f in w > .li'" if I lil l .

'0i4 Ndt l's frir ',ji rth rfi' E aree U
to I.k i011 a I11 V titeAr I J.e. i i V ',ui' i:
of* ilit I f) I l,. tIl;M p'2 lil'iLl' iT i la't i ,I 3 ,
Ui*A : .i' l ini ( .tu II!I;*< lil Hi'irn ".t I .,i'f i

t'itli o f lo T aiit tt E.ti h .. li.44*us ,1i
UI oi' ftr '. is? lrt.ql brr, if 8a i

atii'.ih9l I all I.(;Ii|itft ui it It .ltc t'b 1i'- -i'L'.
N otI t for hel- ;'' I.!l rit l't helr i s. s ll t r n .... ,,. >'1

a ll, lib llpy,1 i s asl's.sir'r +ia-t ilft'n 't i,'*

of aih a *n. ai s'llq; sn .iyi i i*ri 't I '1. ,
ttiu u f e 1'ielbler, tElu

Auny Nevada. and WJte )irr jq., >
Nntoio" ,n et l 'l iiittf artC i Tfn'il s C *> i ,u *
their htl rllo itI *i;' t ill'* l

lNbI Dl(Nt t l'nH I '*I IIl 'l,'A \lit, .

e'.ended t (.Aulthe _i tl i .aitll -\ '.f t" ., .
Cdli 'i I4 ldif 'l \ tfti, n lhti>l ir fii-., i,a ,'*
J% ti4)4 ), ItuS i''itlpi! "ai 'l .r r %i- eimt" tij
ilflI i r 'l"ll4 ID lhe .l i .- ,, (' i ,'.m:Eu t, l i ,
9i04, j.Ntt5 1.4u W< "I'.l toue'sitypp.* I ,
iXlt rd1) lt u'i biN 'ht iil nil ,si r ititt '. < *
ot ',a'arl lU I. -t, jti(, i ,iNl('l-ech !',L . ,"I

a;l ', r' 1*

WIL.L i ;(IAN'tl.


.+,,' p, , ,
,',1 ,I ,,



timilg Sessian of City Legis.
Slture Monday Night.


Qlnalnce Prescritrinli Rules foe
and lilliard HMals Heacheid is
,'w Readingt, but Diel--Other
6aew5Dfore.the Council.
4i lat mlr mnolllutly mi'.lllK 4of the
Oonclil WAS held at talhe vliituintir
a Ei City H1all Monday rnigh, W.l it
..k |H |iniR .ill .*r it 'r'r {,
lptinfgnt we* IIe!I tIo ,irttr
So'elomk., nail the roll r'ili
lull lirinl prf'eitnl.
:Ordinnces Met Waterloo.
i ldlltlulonitthb h I nvil of a o l nrl.
Sblls, which ha0l a 1i'tndni'"y tto
p bt varitoll futnis h sit lh iiimll'y
luret rfrrvd riim .i),+ Iii thef other,
B 5pi i lCinulmher Of ril dullslnve
crated eanuidersthtl iie ate.iinh,
.O( these ordinance t ia tht' onri-
ettilng forth pInd i ta'li ulihinK
by lwhlh pool antd tilitard routnle
be run. This orduiuance WH*
vp and pased lpon iis lirt
Upon mfloion of Aldernalli
l which was carried, thI rules
waived and sile ordiniane pljaiscd
Si enond r adina. when it. WI5s
II is underswrtil that this
will" never 1lie prearntittd
Ipil4an.e regulatllg ltht' sale of
".10 0h city of ti.sw( uville was
v but tih coiotiic r4 f4ited to
$ON, referring tihe lnau back to
Woes oqmmlitte white lbmW
led It. Thit ar P rt f a sk
pll was to compelj dealers in
I P1 a a lieoenet, Rla allo to, ra-.
lIHlarW in1spetioin of all milk,
ikould contain a nortain per
of buster-fat. JudKingI from
hencell with which the paper
gs9i. wdi, is not .keoly that it
as Ilaw during thui atminii.
l mbls council at
W. C. T, U. Request.
is Mn it of the Womaiian's Chris.-

i tMie.r.e Uf t nin t1I1 ,rIct ia
llbllltt3 infl 5t e)5iii1, ai'ltivti'i iit W
l.:tl heb Iuar, irt.Indl nkiing thlt
S"tia supplyy the. wavler r sao iti
it.. charge, was graqited.l The a
S ot only 11iowed it wiilliu*
bl .I P*o-opirtl0, w tit 1li' litvtifi 1ly
them permnliorin roi riliet tlih
bl.aibt wrrbin wer o gnrilt 1 to'
emillo ultilo e tiiittirag $.'. tlea iqii
4lS4MIsmv "itsedl ni 'iey t h'" pajitu u
11 ilisnt fund Lvatitlet.
tlihe transethiinn of otIn r mitt-
l4 litaior iiporiitice,, 1th" council


.'AMaitl Right of Rueilmn Position
at 81moucheng.
A ig, Alnyt 2 lTh ,.patnsCe
uAlrdly Iatnt I, the"i hitigli Ih0 1 I
a plalim. thi' r;ti ht jof h i -' i li ,Ii,
of ''t I'ilr t!o n e I'II l '
non t lr if tllir lliiill*'r thh
.,l n J i inry i r 1'. ( it H11 t

ilnt iilb.iit-td t to (if lbut

SR'il t.ian ,.h;.,., ..' t.

b l iil mi. t y 'y tht -r t w 5.
abt artl r< el uct, lI h ;11.' !i

S tit 1 4 t '1' 1. I .i ; .".
tnat 4e.'I; ht 9 *is a
4It, i'Ilt l, I, ai ll |,;ll: .>'t ti d'
f lhtist-u t il) tL1,. t li eM I. ..l e,-.
* dlenl I ip.. ', +-il',"f t !>', (I ,f1i, Yti ?i~t

tbM; ,ni.pI .' :
f't fir %'e' r frri. 'n ,'
ApSiMe" rnatwti-,et ir, ni rt P.;il
Bithyrdi, l Iran' itil,* ;ii T!h i'
SOS Kuz aa ~ I,,;-It" ri ,,a. ,1
1.1" t ba(d dolv< <4, i -,.1 n
aFtMt 0f 14 mI,'lt ,hn.t 1H'.! i et
.F'.. ulnj.h.u ... I1..... .. "l. '






Plant Oporated ou Full Time
Lurge 8hipmnuut

Deerttins Are Reported from Rank.
01 fltnona-Many Negjroes Put to
Work In Pe'0 of the striking Min
In Plan&.,

(i ,. 'a ; "Il A lit;iqI
hbIi i. r. ab l 'it,|

I A I c

: I I., It II ,. r), .1
0-:0.,; I % 1 11 1 ,

ha il, I'. 1 l l,, I|i,; ii er ('u ., *
1 4''. |:1(, I0, |1' ,, i, ,
e' *.Ii l' ld l : i, I r,- I ,'if t I 'I .. '
d ui' N 1't ,14'-'n ..11 1 j h .n i ',, 1
t i ii l'J i' ,. % ,I' ,4j , l :. :e ,'A 1'r"

tx 4'., Y' ti4t l t+."ii i Ll 'l ;eii in il, ( ii
1 , 11 (lit. t ,, IIilr' -.[ si t i i i

Ag ''' t'in t.j l jui i t'hi' .!i l i, lr(
zi4 ri L &' ('",, d"'h-r|, UK1i T!V
e i A r 1 ia r A (r rt', .' Vk i 'a l.
th. r ,ltd m ill i Itin., atn rni l r wor
had r*-i .irnll I t1o 0 1.rlf. aIlki) flur lthI
-ti t i i, 1 a c i r ri t i d.l ti it ,Il ora
eli*eqt. 0irt im i D hilhu tl riud tIrhat

K> Ir n, hi iA'I will li t miiita e l'y raItr
tt':l:i,'r, will l ulinet heir VwARtilis i
hi+ Il'ain{'hit -i t ) p~IrcliaslA.
Armtng tiie tiltt-r who reachtil
Aitoit yardslf tolay wi re o16 )ngroi
mni wh o Vwere taokn toi. M1cNell
tby's lm. iM, Altere'i ihlhy wJl deto
wOrk In piame eift ila charwovnen
went o aIlrike*.

It is Now Belleved To Be In Prog'
Simultaneous Advance Ordered
fit. Pertero*tir. Angust f .-1r:50 I
-A. Taat I te d.Czeve* battle art
camajig]jn ett)4 t0o 1 Ip M1ro9

17 'an ailr hIlc fralin all oiin1t,, nlu
lil~ir i.hting is rilatin6i on hamth fr
R(nd tii tntinue'. Trie latte ri"r
coitatbi n nr(I;i yrt (ionflrrint.r)
th-ii riimnor~ 1 lhnt nril K 'n
hip 101 1 t il, 'r f t*1 A eriing to

p;'r'rr, t!a tar tlue tia for ithe pai
hiil 0l f ih Init r'malf t >i,|til> ,iu
.mi. '.ht. vU .... .... si*. uj t tA l wTft r'tF nt'
Jgln^'t ri.. ,f MfIK ..! 1",il W atil ."11,ifi
a Iehi IT r. .:' !.tq
T i'w 1,' i.i0rate aT l'iiff!i4 st |'.- 3i11
cl froml fn 'n.t n iove' the twn r
wi'i!l m' H ptelih 'inlr ,* .r it O('li1 1
ri fIp .V i f O If f I7 I rllii'ii.a li'rtom
'rctche l .< m ( rt ty fft oiliur IT the
Plan f f l"' hI frm it, I 'i
thi' 1 i 'rr tru V'+ t: r 1ne" '1e ni!

fiir i I !' i roll ib-1i" h to rn1. KuroJ's any t thl *

1, I. er'L pit't'h n 1 Ifl.LI\'h eiV Is
sI.If Vn Ih lr'%,ilL I ti. fav n 'ril .1
P !,o'.n" tf ri ntll[ lin g tlh n in
ripli 'i ,1 N firthl'r north n1i tIit "
TV4t':.-i 1.1st' 1.o JIf rtf'? tbha lhitjai
mnr v l I f<.r arr *ws;i',l tHI i,'t: ilvi
Trral rn T ,'itl i i. t r A' i.

f I, ;j.! !N rop; tItiln'R 44t ii. .in
he e,..,. rn ," in jp .". r',: T hi.1
froI? T 1 lit. ,' ;I' 2I,'9' fi t'
fI. l -. T[ Mp'< /',-'' '' f
r, f .I" :. r f .a" -rll '
CiL ', n il ; Ir'\ i i n '' I 't'


NorIr. ''.V ,Iioer Gets NevAs of
S,'-. t Art .. E'xplrerr.

pi I', i ' .. . ', ". a iP r! tine
' ,. '> ', .i '; I!,. f l'lra .. j' tio -s'
. ,' '... i t '' r l f '

ri '. i r a : *.'. i' t ,,i lilt

I lrli 1,1
41u- It
C Is.



0 prie

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Ur 14

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Se(t o>tl d 1a R ia4 PE ific Squad.

M $llv''rilm
the c(iarw- ltl

Ihis moruitngit returns tao
Sbignmelld article point.

Iti (is t tiitt e ils of the poilltit l syn.
toni a".,l salilng t i rivalry between
O tl mlisktru.. in cauling chaos in tDil
pibklic service, each iut plilg its own
w y, 'o, itr fTrom ceritictiin under (he
clJiAk of perknuil Irrspouphthty.

Thep b t', rtoilny resolved th ftil.
lowing dllalfh aut('l Jully ;1;, from
j ili ral Kitai p i l.liin
"hr'-e .luJpani'.e arrnit hli ave r'
niew' ,iifftii,tv.o 'Tn'ratictlnq on uiir
,I'il.bern r rorr ii. inir t or alirdl 'iiiiade
an8 ohsl'ift tl' det i n uti the' aplip ar-
tnr it-' la rily ..' r rrifm ofl
I'. i0'iil i'u$ ll thin Kiiniliilly rt Afr l
ITi 'ih ,1llr.Ir le:1)n o' flat Ch(nt A *Ie
fi einint tr rr STmrotHl'n'i 1n ma I N

Mi itjiipp l r fii I tH 'ln (1t n ..' ,' ttl- .
'ri itir mtie jrtI) aia
I" W'.It eti '! n1 s1. h C'tV'iV t LMnitist n(lilt
rightly fti whtih fr om ii l it lf itIon ft
KICtlt ,itit piI i n Itlt.i 'tl gr'oiI lif na thi
"Thit fffors tit the TtAIushun army
uand (I.Uit'ral Obli'M il)my Tiii'y Rr,, ti,
Inl mal ly ldire,-ti.1 In .lilt w: uiI
rintuimnl alifloA iaitwrEn Shiollieh'-ng
,.T. tilne 1 l.i ii tufitr tl'1l, ii ..lItf *t

1 ~ ,L. .
4104.., .' -'..

r u- * r ; '.. *4' ti f'e
.-." *'s.' IEO.S1IACi(ER &BN :
Parkghr, t. cit-..,c Nbntiner. Makees MAhIVACrrKKRg QV
ot i Ao i Irrv'titS'.
v.Ir 1l 4 tI

ilk A n d. returnd
ii ' 1 iAi;; i i'' ,i t ii u" i st

'itn ( Ti. M 1'iI.I. i0M r !' 'I i
A i r .i I Wsile lI

I n irt r'ii, ;ril? Iftlr liiitolidf the p rediie

ti,.! ,tr ti ','
,eth 's [t a rtHn n Elr~ ..~r'
ann.t .', loru 'Ab ii$ avid ra'tr ni t ulI lifnf a
(fluckits. Ar tB.tie1.d Iayn Nteni

GrJrt d.uhtr o"f h Dave Wif. A'L TOS .
dii'.r .h iI' .,,J'. (ti ,, A, t li+ t tj ',I AA f I '" t'
M. i. via r''..; I 0a 'kI .. Sub, WIb't, wu, u;uu uvuu

rntfft r,'i Tl w, i' rir tit re .Cu i
rfii 61r01u b nt arried
lirt in IDr. I !.n> (' 1 I. bb phvs;it.
HUna Th. >rt'lie was given thony 1E 4
V rna f r l her graindm lt er,. br. Jef "" .
fron ltavl, Ainrt'w of the pre1nl'gt 3 Plturu
of the rl a itlit roi i e ri ers y.thl I, 'i

Iron Ie'rrd a l bs osl br itifu "
andvui pti n ""llf *in "Colal". gd
andt c ,.a' ie I ora. CH'ARLE Co SMI .'.

("IPsrii a ,l Vla.e
The Oatl,.h Penalty..
A little timing simuli. ri.31 [I HmIAtL I U
deitr ll. Thue a iir oIIrtch I. iiniff. Mphr .. i
lmnt cuts or phiny bolls have pat' iho X...I .. ."
ules lim penalty. It i wi o to have :l':.... *' "., 4 ,
IO h' ih g Amnl e $alv ever ha tly. lJptli paj.. "..,..,..., 4"
Jk's tih botstal on earth ad 'willi
preventt tamaluit. when bumrs. .o,0 Co'srsij<: 00 ::.'i
tulers ailrd piles thrvawm. Only 0 b6 l .... ... ......... 2l' k. .. 20-
aldrug stores. 4"a
Coller)ie Shut 0wn.
Pott'"t" P""., Aip isTR< "'v "B.IE5^'5
owt a lt llt m voilfrrlej In tbhe Se y) -.. ..l .
kl r In t .1dy was ompi it .. .C. W .Wit.'' 1K Y
1,1.' ntVpAtlon of the LtohbO, Coa l d rd 'r iO '' i''
Navistalon cohmpny, which euthlu I Wbslku FPrp ,'i:
t, i I ,rat Its eolleie eIn the Pnl . .

rnk valley, It ti cooelev ly e THOSI RAY I
tmatPnd that thren. *are ab o 908 lf PL4..,ilRA PM. :,,,,
reen In this coun sty. P*. . .. A A*, ,

~REPUBLICAN f !.P""13^
P~t~ ll.P ,L it .- 'i IO::,l! "..', K ~

National, Stat and Cogreclonl.
I Ticket 10 iOt4.

Pre.identlal Electors.
F. Buffum-P-Franklil oospty.
(I., K. Itoblnson.-Marion edunty.
(leo. II. lolnn--inrenJrd county.
i. IV W. Wendell-4 adeden comanlty
A. (tuali>mai-Alscalitat ounity.
For tUvernior-lfoni, 1M. Ii. M.alfer-
lami, lilllioro.
$rerestary Iof lta#'.--)hii '. F rr,

Atluriaey.(lenleraIl--Frird C, (Oubber.
ly, Le.vy.
(Conitrolli*r--J. L. SkippJ r Polk.
Troisirter-E. Al, I retlforn, IMde.
.u perinsendetil of- Public lu Iltru.
tion--W. It. 'Neal. Orange.
(itmItnl4'iiser lof Agriculture-J. J.
lRowley, .l'utsnm.
Raiilr.ta Coloinillionnr -- H,. J.

" "*7- na t m i .l .. n i rrr.-d 1, J 1 l l'l l ... .._ __ .; .... .... .. ,.t '' : J
n' Int froimn a li:. trsvvrr g Tnx avii riikan, JHti hin,-L. Jluhngtserm, 'Mj. f AVl I'
i' Tplintt and ltnr Unn Ia On (,lt f Justice Supretwm Court fnr term of
Sq~~rr,,,r fri(m tht .lupanrhi, hrai ran th, *ii 0r '-W. Ox. hlrppaJird, Esei la.tni
vhw' Ivt'n ,'tItin, ,th o'nXI AmI nito .oi S V D'U K,'
IIt Int ration eingla .gainstiits right ank, H. A ....dams '')UN IL.
whil wat rn II a. Axt6,ll. Du al. ,
1t"f! TI r*"air'y Is anr at-iing uon nf Congrtsonar Ticktt. ia ;j*
".,~ oifffnpv '.m t w'.n lao Va ligand S3al First C.ungiresioKnI Itie lKt .W eIL; R. t ulw 8m
,,lt 1 unift.;f t . ( in.,f tdue. north I of F (lunhy,II lit( ihrim der Mala lated. l ( ISM"nl. '
th' W nc '3 ('ng, atto ,.'i, r m, tr pi Jfi-i theaeoud t',iC Krcr i TiaI l iitrij t .-J.. i .. .',',
,.d t it.tint.lahc'1, mille- trom. Liat Chlle' ,Orange..ria. i R p.'R. '
wiJtll YjH? ThtrlF Congrsee(inal Dittriot-L, L. I*Suuu Ipr W
.1 l ^ n.t t .+ t h.e I . r e a l v e l I o f W a r e . V V h i n g t.. ,M e___W bh i '. . . .,; . . . . .. . .S ,e
It.i tml o Wh. .*y.... +;, ,. .. .p., ,
t' ' cn-< l Ia tnu er < l tI.Et a.i. -' - t r k..s...t. "
rog. at +< n. ff ,ro \ K 'I t at r ili' r tDiO tt . .. .u XXXX I .. ... .'
r" .llf tx \i ,i lil' l p 0 ,l m ly w d r the Coi v. 11T ni 1 lhal X11 1
Sft 1-*t wh i." W miue onI re '
tho 4- h op d 0l4 ,
hr Bisank, Holeday Celebrated. I. Zt.' 1
Toll & ) .lIl The t. . boll DfIr o t .
I tIittK RTI #0' l i

1BROS'ii eP VMet1010tr (It0. 44_i. r .

T k .a. w. Tin "ut the whir "
w 7.iou fl e to itor' t4. The Florida
man 41 b utqp r ea m 0Iptfrom thfif
u, %< .il .i. v. ra '.i. Fruit and ITruck Grower
SI Thn fli 'r JiM nb hAnrtrnap f. a i. flItrain'a ti a..t .*A .efl nal
iI, r,. +'r W ~ ', i, ,t~, & t ('i 'e + _r, [I~ kHll ] ~ l i ..... .. ..'.... .ras... .. [' s""
th ~ +.' l:i t+ ,,,. i ;+~ r t~ ++; : :ii++11: '1 ''++- f;:mf... .. l'+ + "++ lie:''i I" I

hoNES WLrtRt
., --

rolu Prep.Lrzig to De'yart.
: , 4

KuropDtkin Makes Rport to the C&r,
Ct IWv .v-eT.ta of Japanese Armites.
,Fien.1wal of Offen'iv Operations ont
i nuthlrgi Fnt,
I I' I ,; ;;. *ii A nL l iIt ( o,- i lr t I f(. i .

i l; l Il. t ,i 1 IAl .il lav lr',ltli
ii;- 4 1. l1J Ni\ ,i *.rI( (. atiu | pu 'llC I11
~ 1 01.'ii, ; I4 i si; irs' lL lIr Sit) .p t t a,1 il
LI i .I i I.I' 'l" lUo '' tha et a '
ti lii' il) i i'll rli'', |Ik01 and lITr j, which 1
pre n .ir- i halit n reported a&K
l1 ,, (" ,t iti Ilt tA tth two torpt-,.o
1i. ML- tkill y fIol, ( til iwed t a it it'u, by
"*t.i- co't '*t- j t ii i, lchaitnm vn. 'thWi
i~ : tlh' 4 ts.r'ilty ham re ilvoed ilitha
tit 1'.1 i t l t u ui n 4 i. 1641 n 0f thichat
I"r,. r I I It..' wat r1hliis engeKlatd if st op
p11 '% t.,.?idILAbuml,. The Di)n and Utral
Slil r. p ujis' io Ste R Pttrbtrg and
i ;n 1' 'vt ichi wilt c .meome anol
l;At 't' ifi rnt ni '.i d.i '
1\ r.,iI tiI (1orv of ai attempt tIs
A'l I t a uIiiihltint in thil- N ve' yardtl
t1i) I a I| 11S ia i bollt. Ist u ntri'e. It l
itl). a i 1I. (irlt d v'r.ion of Ihe capture
orf (' U..''rminlle( . o \ ;; I. 1 ,' Tho siitg.ollltm of
M. v i it rv, 'It ,ir of Tho* No1 ooVrem
)ry, r -tti- aji tw n'4atbllshment of a
r',fpaiunu !. r. itpsi(. Ia cruaellrg nauph
.r'- ilnr '(orin r ntr, .
i rist ni'!Ilnarut fr,','din t lAl which this nwepappn
ar, d1'ii.M-Aiug the1 matter.



,.'I!~~gN '. I
k, oi "l .
SA .. I' '

*: nai

A1 ., r 57 IFI i i- Ir
.... .. e.$p4 1 s A J.Let raisdle maisrof ur rs410 4 labor eunlrs 1l In W J. Anidruu an xprsa Rg
d'tShe meuspse L. seSf.1we' lsserne of i. i. Psi. great dmwanmd ang all .trplpv atr o fI Sr.ese empl of t a
misaiasf loban)atm rkdso.r6'h faI
,w .hhdsr- Mr. FIpiteS* M0a *4Y Wi**I4WS Addr.ed The Bui, Gh n.vllIS. FI. >h- High' rPn, -
tpi.t. Is he *U4sed W ill btpiW4 Mr. n4 Mr. (hJ. y Qf Urus ha 04.. 1R10*13 R" >hSo be is prop f .ibtand Mrs. L O. dd, of Iamp A" o t'ir 1. P. Ga a*n4 'n.U
.11. 4 b1 a member of W b. o firm IOita wiwe rsw*rewed at 1h lBrown Jay were IustusnAtwrw Atwatur @of M 0. Tuam, 11( JINSer (ia'
H, v..... dm m" Waldor 't.d .ks. .r.(m r 0( law .m.rn. ltj o ,w.r. .r ...ou,..hms, o4 .
04II4 1fl H & .0961 now* Fee l*400 61, Mrs,^h
,, s$. O .,, M.4sh.,>n.e of t. T. J. ,R, of Hawithornu wa in the uoth life"W nr er of h1m 1tepubilas ,arted pjoserday fIr alam N 0 ,
no"h OfW s Vlurldauralt'inar misy yeatirday.H.owas eon route homts t u1o C4univ mtisve, mud camse ti) 54' whcrp ;lwy CirI to t1upL rare for 4
Ait the .11 0 b bSe lue 1o0d110l f he f sr points la We Florida. w here et od ti sig. few dys
S liob has. beo o ars"Itg a SbP has ao oes. t bons"ileess hris. o.1. GIol and ulharumiei ". W I..C II. lrnd.
4s &n gs. wsCoasCpt ain 1h1bh Q,. W."sm.. .i'lgh Apriispassd Ma~uhA.liler l *ew1410 1 1b be prop anuam good fW shrasgh 4.*U pe rIiastdy o route Jag S ShoWS Ilum iin I'ainpiuai a. she em W. Kt Ageeaek of Enanig tlrigh
wtn*4a4hisfa and sinter, t im. fromh.'el nt itl, ,where ue'stsit %lr. and Mrs. J. ItI llhak m. d \.5h. U *. .f er Al. i. ,WMF
"i mk esS e'al ;led ehusnlaineue brieida wsh Snm a' plesasa tl bojuurl tlng Ihohd Who paid ut4 est as api.
-5 hpk1*ee S116wh iM. A. O'Neill and bchildre.i-have will no"dobt be t cile, ti visit ilrta.rd ,
TH...Rtnsuns them't* afn- All1 rieurned from a pleastai vilst ofu t IThe rpourtor erred I rting t- p Irge. tf lla
''or ,' O rla Wtl al we to rlativ..esd fried. f Mary Isehall, colored, who diw at ry.
A e sthe r01y hoees *p l11 mernandina sad Jecs4onve*40oa hhInt 111dunday night. p*wcepse mlii 01 l' i rkse inemn bert of tke
'. 71Hm wass only forpy-sftinrycari f ageh. The td4 etst nsn edamig
'. theleN o **o ,06 iaumlent wthale)igr, gmm i rn. tllil o ( roard, were in he hiy ysl ..rdsy,dav.
d... w 000ie illon. si eood *3 folbrol pel e$rom at ain fllt orl r
w e n yolfthi u wa@soy ti$.,o maoer of, al person who wooia stoS. lho insmr.g om ses aiw sri .ashual4&'
Isla.. U, epehl'pg ea. ,l .i)daw Iw nwetin of lit "

S0, Moi le s lln rs nd Mm. Jew., I. Rotsbeorriof Klrkwnrmd. ir J. A. KIingII.. Ir Ilil, t J. i Icer. DKulty Sheriff J. t:. uegaui of Sa-
*,, O"risi d daoghstl, Ilu lMlW LilalK. N Ramey of Weoahoots Mid J. FV. o, Wyli Tillman, i. J JOlly i !. chu(Il, 110 of thNe mIlt m|o.lnt 1i.l-
*ahuWOO*Io is l opk their departure this FIl of Hn*ewarlt were among U. lHondtre rrumei am mggrgration ite in tMii comnty1. was In Lr cit 0y orl
t *ipsH for u l opei N. Op5 .1W I,. hpthey h visitors to this ity yr isrdhy. of prIFUm!Piyt 6I uft will spewS a few weeks rnispeatling. Noble Strobber and lsiers. Misses who name to u(sineiville yesterday on abundance of rtiu in his secti.enh :
me ..l s rn. Olr Wilk wi remtain bet. for l fow Eftbl and NOUa Strobl*r, have ret- business onnuaotvd with the shool tIh ritl st hit h Cion lmafy arf.
SbbMf. delay. but uesects Wo uln. his family h1 turned front adelHghtfisl visit to their board. footed.
ai' a ps w0 weks FrIr.d4 vwilth them brother, Wm. Strobhar, at lirminig- P.11. u aker. a naMval stores operator Mr. Mr. U. Mc *<*
^ 6 Ill *plntsasojourn, ham., Ala. of & range Ilights. was traniacting u ton were amo1 those wht fried
e u of ia M.and Mrs.iJ It. (.lrlhan departelK W R. Wilon lie gone to High busiewsd in lhisi y ystrday. Mr, (Imaiville wih a visit yeiteriay Mr.
S y uteiwfor Piedmioiat. W. V.l, *heru loint, N 0, where he fwill spind soie itakrer recently Iurchased t h okiuglas Mleui thithi. section 14..
Um iaeihl aM0 U thefh lip bbe sitI guest of Ihe former's tiom with his faminily before proceedl- residence in Kei tianeeitle. atil e x- 1eriog from tntirfly roo t unili ran,
H~io MU#M cf ipabttsr, Uon M. risbaj, fotr v. Iog to New York to purchaii his fall pleos to bring his tauily here before which hr Isfars will have a tendt. 10 to
it b ll!.*Itj pet tho T hy will pro m' f lrom rok of goad*. the oupoeiio the ias viii e tratld ipr u ee rust rrlin c ul Ufs ton.
I to M". Qahsm'. fo (rmer linr. 11. P. lUtiarAlc. Mism Jusie and Higlh Scotl. Prof. tilorgi.1M. Lynil list rrt'rintd
r piir s In NewX Y-prk Stale d also. BlodIford, ifr. M. II. Mplaiiatruch and -The friends of Mrs. Chas. it. carter fjm a ?ur of the EAsI t't5 t Hi
SV, 1 Kbe ee for the re. daj1ht r letf geturlay Vfr Sartg, In th10is yity and lr.Ion will rgr tSo oter points in tih. irnelresot l** Eh
l thi ieag d n H*#Oh!d!Wa heir.. dh vi iiU r uin a few .earn that Sheh i indisposed at lher Florida Semini ary ie report ',.
4tr 5. Chitly of Misanopy, Kof i hon in Cira. O lhis mo amount GuSA- .*nmgilK o fii Rad xpr(fhi be.
I s b I"io B.i0. O'i & on, aried ore mule, braed s fr l hsrr duatOr Carer, rwho is employed on hti eli. s tiht the corning t.t. w', I. te
m''niO n h yfslee4ay. Mees. A.- B. #1P," with ant above. brownl strk Hgh hptng>-Cit srs, is laying ol hair M.n.SI o, tin, fet< s rit. fsm
s .l'i i0 0h t mi 0ke espees o make their along baek. Iward of $8 if returned temporarily, anidisd I isitio is libel.g ion.
h this utppinmonlg for New York. to fk 8. Conradwn, Usintsville. dlw4 tilled by q)hnductor Italph Dnnis. ThP friends of A C. a tis
mds ll for bChilly A Son of Midt* eS roehrbed trouui Al ny, N. YV., ahere critically ill aus hi.eetiy.% ii We rIui. f e
g^ R.I M.ChiIst aQd Co. of this|UAWI lie wnt waih hii wifi rr # t11 in m.. As#rsmy 'rig Ites naalSrl fe'vr'r r, 1
.t .I,, Mr. Ch tiiitrl in talW t ilas that he eo tn ino frm.r, il 1ri h ve
Ir. s*4p, 0iI Williametof Alwhbusi Joyed %he trip thoronuutly, hut is glad aittlr hope lur Int r.o. oe r, ir.- jhe
'!! BS^.Bs g^S"t dv, i0a1r0.20ellt in htofrelur h! io. nrld. Chrdi.rl gP should ntrally snt he n o r ii i fw
71lF* W06 *I4ongR *ke. who w rrnamet'd atin l sorih. N nd Om t 11ti;ut ors.
VF vi ll itW a chirs ynterday. oexpec to rlsrn for arneral west ufr $als or lnt--loe I. 'rand lot
t- t heat pos nfor D c Ho. oK. 1.. Joluiln of liawr1srn kno aail the Jackson c: eontai
diio e w.ere never better.: The f was a wrkctimie vi.sisor to this otle. d-r. nine rooms, rituated corner Arre foa
ii .ll. be esl ier by Iwo weeks this terda;y. li is tthe eticient county do and lehanie c .1. Also hM rette~s
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b: ,euiCr s'se willo0p0 sOp in lhbout two weeks. f ,rr litotisn,tLiz mt iyers, Niniters anti acres poratir', oi tdh ly Q inr. wIi ifk .i
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I i I 1111 1 $1 ig1oenSufda Xeventlp, puw.U. ae iMrgtor Kill'.14, uhas's. This fraJw if. M

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bnwsp** 1** 1 6 slWpssei skew Thursday d Friday, ored friends with a brief Wilt to ths Caskets ,- Cllins
i .4 . will offeriapecial y.arguis, r, yr (AIk Lb to trieS. A e Taa o. ftt 80 8 thiC's '& eticlet.ln For your ndrrtakling see tihe n Prw S1iL
XMAw t~rTamps. th. (flat o1 cannvoL stay away. (iaincvrills Undertaking Company (e. P0ig (0 igest it Price l Si
Shhtgsflss 3V Wahe of Clark Pa regiuters4 All articles' pr icd in thisi fore maaaklng uy my.rrangene1nt n
$ tte )IOwS House yteerday. adl RFO lwtiVB Iargains. I. It. Willisot WiliKston was in Hue rXi'ERi sI'-l.U. hINKES lIfRf.
PA.-L, sky bre isi reltive. and Friday. ,*.** imn n uit .i.. n. ib...qif tir '
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'parted ste.rdy fr tf lsan,. N. C., HI.OWN 11st'.M. CiolNEl TOR ,,
ll here they will spend she remnahader
wft d. htthesip on Sheer and Pretty-To Close Out se o.mmeni.r
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A, 4 DNasler. a* suweswfuIl planter place,. wos atim0ir the buiness visitors ''' '
o l Srta tweld otJoesvillewas trading in the iity IRteular *- 3 y to this ity yesterday.
., ui!tT'.0li iklC ta .. ? tfor W * * * ,Wu I W tn niextteniive cross io
iy." a 1i4edl d4tsi oi' T1. L. Robinios., S senhl firmer *u pieces 5.-inh Red Talle contraetor indl navl stores man of CO,
*Wi'.ihee poteeb' l of the Mfioro dltlrilt, was a visitor 1. .. It.iralt' tit Ilawthorn, wa tranaetigiik ti>inaess ,tr. hlertda
Iet k i p ean o inesttille yeste rday. tt i ait Iki thu. city yesterday
-bsp.JoMW w.P -V Latmpkhit of Ortange Hleight. I Mrs". ( 1.ddikL, an 'timnat. .le....:i. i....le
AMiOt. tiiit 0pWte Optoilge w is*Wouthe Sass EiKders who paid lady ot lteddi.k. is in thi ciryon ui a
Dri) ', JoAo .1 HJe *I*nnivii @tsi rslvai strdr. i thi e f4 i11i. SH tl1it .tl btr, i if iit to hr sister. Mr T. 'r
t1i Os popular rmeot was JRB. Shelffld of Judoon was in the 1t OVol, but lbttt' 31 Ellis, Wi I.ahertyiy str-et.
O .Nh rromit every slioi eitly etoerday on business connected -qulity. .. . i Mrs. A. i. liles of yril was shop.
ait South(arli ar.. ny wittthe tTniedlStitee l do d ofei.e. 8.7 -.i llit pilag i t. L.eit' t y rdiy y t redty was
1 sal" 0t0 tar Isth season, -Mrs. ...A.For" and daughter, fil, S 1 10"m1 hy hwr ,l. iittrl, ico
.0di aherMi.Hsal. left jeewap for raoga N.' a, I UI.,1. , Nol lo are tvisiing herfro iLakeland.
relet f or Asetlle, N. .T. English 4ad onW. .1 Kng l. .. . . . .. oli r .
t: Plst. Thsy xpeot to lAsh, w.r among the Taeohis folks ) 5i .5niy- .*u"'PI't1i1cut<1St Udsrk.
.in" the" s... ., w*0ho visited lite O tty eMeitS yestr- fap 'ore Dli, AOtl erritt Co2ye
i iylbn.0.10 .a p..lem l t. 3> '. .' .V a ea r Ai i.
ISie J. W. mitsh of fleaunoy *irldad,(rv., ' w'r,'I ii. ..te i Cel brated...
Mdos sad was in the .ity e rdy. l rie Ar si y ae Ii0ll Ia I rnyt, A ,the ,f lidr IrXt w r. mar.t
r- ed 4 ro a delligh matter' quiet and orderly in. his di r i.e. y u L ot nr i li tir Iui k Iat nghb. ai n ig J i Y r fln si
E IU*Ok sad th trio. .,$2)fn ie iiwid tisanat II 5n Uapo'rk st nighUtUbyU11JI. W. j
!. it I ,.t* I Al*a Jitate. told r,. the in ha in t .nd ne a xdr0t1. 'liiktI f. "' I n
aKa,$1 Oxfords, .M' t Mr i. [P. WV ebb t.4d mn oif lirh r ...' M# r
5is "h Oa with old M rvnetn buseine it r ly es- as k Pat tull andt vi 01 priigs We- i the city for few En w 1 I fh 1t'
eii si aii tilltpor iurt abul I, hi.ur.)yeterday. They *he ,n rr ''ay ?.1< ht i
. ..4' ll f al d ,1 So 'S abr o, wlhene they will ropiper. i d ork.
e A hI Jt of Wa e, pr rietr a t or few days. I o i .It.vly Iar )'.
*s lMI n ls-. *..s.... ..* of the i Touny Cigar timpan ny, wat I g .. i e . 1 ... .. . ........
efthh t t~OlAias a eaesaastAimli*lb47)7' I I Altiria inidMw .001asA eil. I A... .mI

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