Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: August 3, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02008
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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haII 1NIS W ne wrr r tb* south where th wo do I I MO
r /nteported there Is eatInuous skirnlab PS, TilHt to Is lwh doaS w
1,A ghtp! eis sad Uosnth of iast 1hng 10d h ,r wion ul W

A WA FAR -EAST H:r .' hwe NAVE W FI T t
A m freaso why RiM mans rie postirios so' .ft mP OWa v,
they held tier. san etnwbpr. were
8bo. d Bussia PIC Squad. ~oropleted and lmcrnaslt in strig(t b ata Opersted 9p Nil Time we 8a Oro r4 t
Events of most Imemediate sad Impor "Wagles to Bt0 5 V wif Sw
N P ari to Dpt tant conwhq.enc are sow fpected tc | p .amMo. I* ubtUs ,'
7 ocur east o0 Jos YTns. *TRIKS 1E D1QLARSD *OKIYN t1rell0 bill a l4 b6e 4t ml;
DEATM OF GENERAL KLLER. Desertions Are Rspw%4 E "M Rash. lbs Nail 44t Sneer SM y*
aiawwatlmtn Make Reoport l the CGar .. b UnSrMS od N-. to. ti IM. tt
of Unione-Many I aOree Put to I 4to i
e Mfovents of Japmneq Armle. Killed by a Fragment of Japaneas Work In Plae of w *4rklng Men th5ae ti mlM
h6iwa $ O ifensive Oporaien on shel, wul beS 0 e IS ll
f.m don. August l.-A dispatch to a in PI" al. I 1i,. i
news aneny. 'from St. Potersbhur om. OhIcapo, Augusi J.- arin t4 he1 awler in
St. Petrsburg. August 2.-Prepara. frams the reported death of General strike roskeu and thot the workht iug nIt
00os hares been ompleled for the do- Keller. saylngi he was killed by a tra fturce had broat recruited by pore .thea aNe ,plhi ,.i
tW lurn under the ummuand of Hear ment of a Japanese shell at the tha 1,0u0 m. n an4 womm.n,,1 of whom elsty li 9 ie'.,9
AAmhral Knquist, of the flivi. he was opposing the Japnese advanise. ,ad "erned the wMalo aysa, the
o9 MA the Socofd Rusalan Pacifto *" 'i lb railway near iHal thkeng pAcke'w 1od) s tea llst eWeek's p.' '
qqudrop now lying off Crontad. ThI 'Lisntenalt Oeneral Count Keller a; LtunB wil the ,lrg.i Pts ob *ie DE EY"*
wershlpi will weigh ancuor and put to tbe openloc If the war was In c ftl tock that hiss rte thte e lok
es, nmder sealed orders within three mand of the Second fiberlat army 4d yards sluc July 13 i the .trti '80N00 o
dM. It I. also beleirved that the vion H 4 eears old ad Iy began. There wrl Bira .arya .g :. .
sm liary cnrulers )oan nd trl,. which .oled the sovernorshlp of 4gkaortWo. 5.000 eattlel; 35,0wi am 17u u't s
probably are tis ships reported as laer I order to go to tMe front. Ueser lheep I the da' s.hlp ta from the t J
pWing (openhagea lithk two torpedo al Keller took part In tNi tahro @am weet, and wih this sq l the tillag
boats will. be 'followed a&. oao by iplg. of Ithoe lusil-Turkill war. In salnsmp I. the bill were mni ally es o l t
otber converted merebantmoa. Ta, 1I01 he omasanmded the Imperial riflrto, e pi ed.
time the adIralty bas rolved that Nglmsett lad lat*r was director of the Asrotl th ,Lko *l
there shll be no quekesn of thrtohar porps 0f imperial page, hy which K.l- wore adutlls by ters s h* l (.
owur of the warships esswged iS stop lr rams It s contact wilib mirmlr at .mMnlftestly absurd. .
pic contraband. The Don eaa Ufal th.e Iperial family, with whom w Ie 0W swift & co, del AI l I ll to
Will replace th St. Petersbhurg asd in reat favr. th ir old alUwrlhts ad ear wetor er S alt ti l s
mhnolentk. which will oome home sad General Killer was cou dered to id rheurns d Sw ri d srUw ... sa
bad returned to work, end frtshy a*..,. the 0114M.
Sbe reco ilmmsiuoned. be the po st.'or of wol judgioentt anu sprt4 that he1 Inraw, wovr i toaitd to has e de ,d
A current story of an attempt to to be a rfie stratexlst. ItbMg's a .mke buck striking tavsnte a* bs s.pst'.s e W 4IaeWI
blow up a imlidling In the Neva yards strict dsclpllnarlin, lIehter was a kind the s te ll '!
by a mas in a boat, Is untrue. It 1a and careful offler and fipular wit pit .. ..a
only a distart&.d Verpin opf the capture his men. l* wOr a habort gray beard, a sou wIt IVa
of the aecompileo st' the assassl of 'ad keen, blue eyes, sold dresu.u ins Ibe
N. Von Plebsre. The suggetoiua of kbald. His only decouation w the rn shes wfll be ndet y ,~!mrdlds bu t lb Vsw
Ritsileru w1il take. -* ijb"r WaVoM4 'to gsA
M. $ouvurlnt, teitor of The NvoeVreasr .aros of the. uditary order of St. the branchlle f tor A .r mo tlwo pe ..
ya, regarding the establishment of a George. which he wore on the bra;,.t rn for .p '' 4 thc
Anong tbt toilrs* rela theT o4 lyo fM b. 0"th
reupoiadble ,rabi et, is creitnug much of his tutea lie s sustained two r stork yards t.ui w rs a h09.. s wI le.
Popular Comment. Vores at the hands of the, JnaRanese mu. 'k Ni ad
flre sAl fnilarana attaches ill o the ee t Tly. July 4 andUei I ...* I y o WllneL 0 t tl &o t t
freedom. with which the newupaporn pulsed In Oattack on the Matotren P44 e t r*
Are duwr!unnlng the matter, work In place of the chbarwnawn who alan tor thee i t, ei g
M. Souverin this morning reure a tu It. Petersburg. Augustu 2-The report went on strike, t0l1, latte1y 0. i I
the chlare la a signed iartI.le point. of Ime*utenanta General Co'nst Kellur%'s fir wiM :
lng out the evilN of the political sya deal In c tflrmed. 41oORSlA LEGI.S.LATURE. *Mn Kw -t
ter*m nd saying that rivalry between lie was k1ll14 July 29 wklle rAlis t .. .......A .--- i
the ministries is causing chaos Irn M. tas the preliminary attack of (lewral Ten More Days of Workts e k lois Kel(.ros positift I l0 4lw.
public service, eseb polling Its owni Rurokl's army ona the Yinasee p.ns, Are omeaintng. LLmo Tanws. tr y..i the Mw
way, secure from crklettam under the' 30 miles east of Lso Yang. Alanjs. Auigtut a.-Wh hul tnosn. basl At oat ae im a
Cloak of personal Irresponsibthity. The general wan standing near a mar, working days of the "PAstlll 1re .li !l Sti. ftrthr fl l
battery which w as p project ol ma tel mailnag., the gvheral assembly still pJt.a t t ,a tie.enm
The emperor today resolved the foi. rile lire when a .li aers closely. ron to has nitn a.cml a ib. ald the oui. Atoe frw41d mflad f"04 it
lowing dilpalch lateod Jufly 31, from him and he fell mortally wmunaded, dy. ook fo r t'lny autoeral, i ls mll the INll e. use aphn v1
ith.. of Hl Camsiiro of their autbom, In 800#1 -Is 0mytho ka nlalO P.OWi..
tienral Knropat kin; 'log 20 minutes later. Beror. he 02. than ever. ba...uettriIl e nI' da rmiel.
'wThree Japan1.e arnales have r l paired General Koller had the ati than evr. t te t i advntol n .
tiPwa'd: offensive operatlont on oui faction of knowing that the Japanese At treat two more days of the tim e O eri l K.udg *.iat'll
southern ron tnn. iOnr r-ar iterd made attack hail hen repelled. p th e house will be einsum:.1 In erS be desCrute ba b nt M 7
an obstinaft defense t-ntil the appiea General Keller was the first high :, arnation of the uewralt approatie atL The eet u ~a fait .
nde of comiierahly superior forces o Russian military rcomaranrdr to lise Itleory ell. There l ist agm the, queeal tiM of w lne b ms. T
the -"miny and then riadauslly retired hi life In this war. lie resigned the "rai r" t et .) be .:arIl oh n the quci sss the ~y0. ,h
In (he direction of Hal (laent. A de. high and lueratiee poitle of over ton rh f apprhprlihntt to the b onMtcb ae atteif mb bselg
EclsOul.,. though itilenatnskm oP thai it 1 uSNO of am 0"
tanhmrnant ear mioeiuheng. 15 mell i1 ot oof Pkatrinoslaff to go to the tr1ut
southeast of Hal Cheng. successfully and exchanged with General Zasa. is e.wremely doubtful if It will Null, msd ecawo esItW
wlthht,'o fr the enemy untli 3 o'elck ]sehb, who muay now resume commanS in anything w.n. added to the school statment Sf at t0he? hI uit
la the as man,. of the irst Siberlses army corpi, srpriliarin. 1h. far Share yave heus other heavy f at the i i
"T he at lack was directed against O l. The loss of tfernar K eller Ii deep shouh i m mviii of I ih l. s ai m al hlu rp adib i... ......nit
right flank., wbkrh from its pusit l a a ly felt In court oireles. He war a hme see" reasnthenenl fd u. aria.vnw" n . ..
ICISIII asI Itlildited great luws the personal fn.rilue oa the empl'mr. ih hOieS see* l rather evenly divide -.
Japlarne. tl Sister, Countesa Klelmichal Is o an of I'P to 'ao m rGn IimeI 'wv ts g'
"Tie efforts of the Takuahan nt th ie leaders of St. Petoerlburg eilety. 'ouiqee 'reOrt ; as rEt susi s w a. haae i
and General Oku's army today are i -i 1. o-ton particular. No approprlatlmo .e Atn o M ur
l rto HURLED '' OCEATH S TRAIN. reoommendod by the conrittoe has Climn, Hiaory, ,,Avjat I,

and 4at (',hen. their operatlu, start. As Reult of Mule Salking on the crtaid. The ormnittee ha, left the Norwestan. whaler. haste p m.p
lug from a line traverning YtLvshukan, t" Riad C rolng. common school fund, or rather 'tha' Spltsbergen., a ilter traPsmq
!Tapntue and HIantne. On our WrightsvIlle, Us., Austllt 1.-Tlre portion of it to be ras led by dlr!ct Andre, dated limnt
esa.erm trodt the Japanve awgson thq Wrrlhtuville and Tenallleo passenger taxallon, at $flaOson, the uSnes as Sht fle text 't4 te lotter is a ale. r
offensive this morning against our fk. train, No. I. In,htantWy killed. lilll uehouht have rm-eha"rc! f r the lat foci e1***, Panfh 14ar l,
havue pusilon, the rnemys main con. Gorntn. N ynorp old, who ived B miles yars *'l through ts chairman. H" wiergn, as a talloqe Juiymt. 16n wIth
centrattoi hisng against its right tnl east of town ('htr. !. .ai' of Stertwether, has i he lItention atmeates th h OR

w which h wt tu "d. Mr. rii. au4n n r t i" -i u not beat dt lhp:
hh wet. tax H* has not, boo
t1 ht Ach jitl ruo f rwi all A r lor.19(. 7
Tie enemyy is also acting on the his wagon. It is said be attempted tIl lud Vrr .1 si mures Vor 19Iit .aI Aha
etenelve belto pat;% at reting before the trcnas the rroii f s rs Iige It t
n l tses, ajkmuit due north of We col d l .r ht't, but .he musi balk4ed lU r i ,"i1 will. ol j n g s A
ang. Cheng. against. out troops p tai st iu be w:n gt on the .ar. ttl.' $ ''bi ', l' t har : ew Y P.k aru te.t
&d at lloitlte., '... ini'. s ttom .lar. The. eni 'truck t i arag on Ian in the Senafte. W feom tpr is .ie f h
;' Ya t. Atr f rnt. i t'rlw"it'i k h ao i. .itd At- r -tl.. 1. I ke ri -iW t -known writer. M., Meahikol, the fHbr !t
"litctllge'n e has ben frelvedl of fr. nt avletty k(lt Iith* otld ri .tseuanat Air ,:f h,.i fv& er fnath stnee of which 1 tha t Kutaf fts w .- o.has.
4onniderale nl Tuher o!f Japanese ;and t'kman Instaanly, an The b"a of his jrs et m to b fbeil i: n thi. Ioue asi beers tilixed by President WoMsfelt
it.K off Vin Ki W'uder thp eavtg 11i tor ihe pdrpo ef la fmhll ril *l'4t m- ,
several warhips", Mr. otto w one of I ounty' ahat i. promni tl' thi' fIltsnai hl*i bitonm, says the St. fPtenratm e ior"e
S. t pi.ns t l a mimher i k t l t of th A po of The Hrs, th arti.i6 la
Lio Yan Yang, Saturday July 30.--A reltivt a n the cr uty The' moromel P Irtlin tal1lt fli! ri.r h p the Pu s.'.iss bdn l plf tered th Aoft S Aa ..
'; "JapanPse rtfli'r who had ho".n take *ll1 hold the 'Tr"iuiit at i &,Pi.,rk, I ,at orler for ptolirr w moTIng. i l ean people a a menace to th .l I"I
prisonter aid, a hn i-retd woundilie and Stesner'i Maitdn Voyage. Is ,enerally Il-ev d thit thi enaW t ther-bay emphbalala the meesultty l $ q Sl i fl
disable4t usuanon. have arrived thr< an vranqrto. A-IgiuI Tr pa will n 1) n M 44 mcasIrn witM h l having a bo6igerent preiesient
ma the Eat' w-,trrr 1tTis r|orlHd Uh -Oe Mai rteamhip company's n'w, ?iih i tdt 1 n la li '1 i un ta..r .,
Vshtlan, autteimpl to ('..t ti JaPa ste;anmer. the' M'aneburla. ha arrived t .. ,1 .A. r,.!i t thrue. TJ Seven Htndred Mes Out .
p co eni aaretlln toward Muk, here the "endt of her mahl..n voyalm conr'mvtt ..' rs:.,t r'> i bhck t.a t bh b anon, P.,. Augput t'-T eA1i3
l.. Th u wlanii 'uv(' -ta,'i .*. WM 4a.4< dagyS and 1S min ute frW -.- S* *. .h ;*t,... (~J ai, IISit4t '-lm Atl. A sAi~ll of i irou 0a d i b .S
.n -- '. .... .h ..v. -..., hb -- v. .. .. .. L . oL *.i. .. .. b..... i .. ..i ),ie i.t l t b L' tl 11l wi A s al* n a ma -i*ma- &a

''' 1 '
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I .- w' i i 1 .1 d

__ L

",;', I

3- OI

Z -.4 -.-. 0.I. p

AU SU28 1904 '
k, ----" -- --- , <, '^U .-. '' -

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PF!' ,' ".,"W

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'~ 91.I

i I . .......... .............. ..... . jr -
S. U AS OA M AIt ',M6
S OlfI llPets Pe,"m fleride to 0 A. N
The hndq.arta4pp trits will IT,
J40bs1iayii 0 Augu t ,I1. nd will be
p 'i te4l over tee followlM rates
SstbOukd Air Line Railvay to Rish
mo td, R. IF, A P W. 8 to WahiIg-.
S M DN, k. It. to Jo ly OCly. inms.
I 318l'aaod o Iarlem ier, them"
..* Y., H, Ii.. a to. Boso.
STh Otloftl( lglhelse schdulle .
S leav Jawkiispilld 7 rO0 p, m., tS-
win WakinhWep t p. m.
N ve Washlagto. 7:49 a. m.. arrive
*1 UeuBato os; p.m .
Thi ashe kl em isa arranged No $hotthe
f., A. R. ma, *spend a nfght in Wpsh-'
J n liob. This $ins wil be eq .* with Mhoroughfre vlsibuled ashoesi,
S operting without ahtg., 'from Ja8k-
.a lolt to I.sltdI, and thrwigh Poll.
maM sleepers, requiring only one
S i Sweams .at Waikmeou.
The rouSadsrltp re from Gainevillia
so 50.sB wsllt Ibeatl rall.0 a;O vt atew
York a4d Snoad steamer. P.75 ; via
S tlPenuft moh ed Inamer, or via s-a
w asf and slenmr. 88W.
.* RequsesI your tikets over the offiltal
S at*, the Seaboard Air LIno Railway.
'S m addii om Io he schedule named
ai bov, theo aboard will sll round-
a t(rip tickets for thil osoekon to the
S A. B their Mofen4, and he. public
i g srsllorlg for ill iralns af August 12th,
Silbamd 144th. lhne Seaboard will aMlo
* o sakoh tlekts via New York and
band Lnes ay rail oonnectlon
S fteomNow without lopping in
S Washlnton. fl.



For Sale by John'on Bros.. GOinville

44 l fl~ .. .. a srr .4tI .4Z I-.. ,- *

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77-r "Rioaders the bile more fluid rk d hus
ohelp-s he blood to Sflw; It affords
V-7HN,$'A Wl.1 NH P ItONHT. prompt rellel from billoustse, ndl.
7L40*" '9 v W' psios, sick and nervous bhadaesh
js,,mR* Pimt Mkale l *m lenti 4 0e over4lnodulgeneeo to food or
SP drink. Urblae ss quickly; a do
J4lSbaa Gai., August I.-hDri. aftOer meal 11will brng the palient Into
il Ales) y ar Just ended Chsttahoo a good e lsdiloo l a few day.
,B a iirtw !usenwes. of tbhe oil.boi 0, O... aidwell, Ag. M. K. and T. ft.
*,#mis: ,*n atl> hmuiud 3o13w it,, v eol 1*i sl e.9 ,, writes. April
d rrshI. Valued pt lii.,sl S. 0t 'I nws alk for over two
f~wi, dos a lewlo tb ih with n m t o he liver
-- and spleen. The doesori did me no
.l by tw.o 4.pndemnt .tmUts .oodS, Ia had Ive up ln hope of
(rd of wblcb tih toesa Or ea w ein ay dro1 1 ad
01.* 1, b so for butisoable to ob vlmW tom Hotine. It mde
ds*'o wteal. sa d well." old by
te Is Wim Sn 5. 3 9 4 pdW W, Mlodib *hoa|. .... .
he t he Chattibooete, epeelsll -
i drintAg to terT part a the b se A PAPER OF TACKS.
am.u a . o.*.,,,', ,- 'l .la e Tou a'pt otVI0Sri'.lii WThe fellow whlA
Smad.e Ihk rIver hep tohe prle oJ The Inst Sniliwisit ol f nt tt1i gihrt
"Itl hhi, "It o N I don't.
`A10he b 6e l t the mnoryi a d the prnMI The rs'r"1l*es'.9 Sif irh nut'mpttl tI, an
g gn lisdtham ir Ce r Wi nitti wit.
The mo re trlioa'wlter thu hlit th*
MANOOOKM' LIQUID SULPIUR. INm JI-t'i4, Imli,.- io thi ,lothri,.
Poane fo.lko qeuut to ui;te Choir on-
Tj@SM 1@Wood P urlW r Known-In- sclriinte sint on.' in awhile for extr-
v. vabledAs a We*is. ;
n- As a llisdi ag d lGof .i1 may .jol it l0int .
|.hlSpphey Is mitarti prest gael, tee; taing twhnnll time bay wnaste a
qI a w.eWe. It vaTlue ha. been known for l.ay,
lteeri, but it was never ueesfeal* Silene isn't always goblet. The talk-
N'$.N b W l" 4soa liquid utll she di. er wih somvthingt to may is worth a
WV .o the ansed of making sHn.' dozen k qli W g& Liquid 8ulphir. Tie shobol Ib the pree lot's birthplafe
,. is, h tbt blood periller known. of futures, andm wheel we shorten its
st BhWlaeMh' Liquid Sulphur will eavd aswpmlus We r.1l1 ourselves and we
ik.4" .mP^' t ilif I4d make ler. brilli ast stal from the future. -lnydflekt lowerr.
l la. Thkes internally, it. is
il almbobn the spring. Ud a. a Cures Selatice.
lW, ,k It kUb gm, and eoesm and R. L. I, ley, I. L ., Cube,
B b asb *Wmhl, ask, ,aieh, dandrff, New York, writes "After fifteen days
M pkl b*as.dttlpheherls, aetarrk, eats, at exeruelatiutg pain (ram isciael
bsm, mlalids, a"d 'all iuamations, rheumaitsm, under various treatment,
sat mmo Is was indiued to try Ballard's Snow
"Iltl AM0 Asl k Alet druggi for it. or write for h Liniment i he irlt i ilestio.n giving
I"ib=4OkeS to MiM4ek Liquid Sulpher m Lt' rsllef ard a senoad eoaKre
S.. S ..'" Iscan give' u nqualif ed re
8- .o., .le----g. .om ndton" Sit. $oo, o1 I. Sold
,WVefRI his """*by W. K. Johnson.
". -Man KIUed by LightnIng... .
i i'Pu, S q3l IMwmsn. (la., Agustrt 2-T L Ga) A i ,. nI..
7Ltg-- h p. was killed by liglittlng at tbhehome n l "_Mralp. girl. that y.u1.1 .iann of
ih11 slUg,. J.T. DUitt. 4 mtles west of Diwmo yours has eli ri nniwnf now for almost
M-n u i a I w aszday afternoon at 4 o'elock, whilt a )yr.
we iA't1 .. standingg on h l veranda. Tom Wills "VYs, untlwr."
t lee eAs& lsa verfly sttfeked and may not r. "lsaVt it about tine he was breaking
''." --T-i '^ coVw. Mr. flay was a prmtlent Vitt the I"
Sn of Alapaau, haIlng really r. "1 don*t lblti-el.le .uInteuls to brutk-
,. I .J_. tlfBe Iiii#" osItlon of tows mqarbal a k W m1 tp Winglo wear It out."-
p *fthe. fl e was am a viStt St bi tn. SO
eto. la Ti.rrell esnt 'at the time nt DeWitt is the Name.
hisl deat The Tmalnut were shipped Whten you go to b.y WIteh sail
.. BII i .ts l l' ..,,'eek ,.la% e look for the name DeWitt .on
i- over box. The pore, unadulterated
eaes .. Chang *o- Siu Wiseh Ramset Is used in making Ie.
47. . Cot*tbut.. OL.. Aiatl .-- ra2l Wis'. With lHael Salve, which is
'r ,p, i ilmiotant changes Il the Contral 0i the bit sabit in the world for outs,
,,e. orgia raI y seh-e*-m-es I-teo Col-- -bures. bruises b--ls, --eoea, and
1 ". t"iS bs hasp n e.M tnet Mit et. By the put pale. The popularity of DhWls's
Pf 1m g t- as pf sew trais (olusbhs ge Wtwkliml sI v, due Ma Its aman,
e- A ., a dt. d.loy pN -,g b*e* o pw ab. SNa
'' q a, :.v.ep between. Oslembeo ealmMem 9.m r"e boats the M o,
p sad a -,w oomeetiou with. a Al l all2. tAdo..O. Siob

., ,. m It Mai -d I

Jacksonville and New- York,
CallIng as CHARLESTON. 8. 0.. both ways.
Tho te s" stosm Ml e teim in ceumtwlol Bnit
Clyde New England and Southern Lines
Dirnet brvide Beon.JACKSONVILLE, BOSTON and
PfOVIDNCOB sad All Baswrn Poinls,
Oaling at Oharlesoa both way.
Soutahboua............... ... From Lewi'* Whart, Bouton
Norgthboad....... ........ Fom Foot of Catherine at., Jacksonville

Cia. St. Johnu river Line
BetVWOn JACK AoNVILLU and. BAnmroe
Stopping as t telka, Astor, 8$ VMnels, MHrefonl (DeLand), and Intermediste
Ladliap aon S. Johns River
Lesve JacksoMville 680 p.a. M. ndaf, Tuesdays and Thursdaye.
Lefve Sanford 9:30 a. m. Monday, Wednedays and Fridays.
s appointed to lnil as follows:
onoud. o nI DUIl.M .. NortBbl)unLd,
L~ave m:a0p ... ..... ... .. JoM n ille ... ... .. .. Arrle 2 6am
pm ......................Palatka. ..... .... .Leave h:()O0pm
S m ............. ........ ..Astor .... .. .... ....... 2:9 pm
4*:8 am. .................... St. Frane .. ...... .... 1 ) pm
1.. .............ereford (DeLand) ... .... .... 12:00n'a
Arrive 8:80 am ...... ...... S ford ..... .......... ... 9 an
S0:00 am ............ n..E erprte .... .... ..... 10 0 am
7. -IRONOMNURi. JXL. An 00m k. Al, *Wsn Weal lir s k.. Jackmou'iWr l&a.
W. G. COOPM. Jr.. Vuigbt Ama C, P. LOVELL. SusHmrltedrnl..
AJ, A Y ._ A ew YkA m .VDaMILNe n. 'rn Ai .. New Yor
Tia.O. IER. O LY U i CO..
GnOerl Mana ar. 1 (eunerl Agents.
C*esibrcslab M ifdilw, .19 $ e1t46o New Y rk

.iHOIcI or rT tnltoUof uARautI..





The Atlantic Coast Line

-M6 MontgomiOery and L. i, N, or Dixie Flyer Through
Atlanta and Chattanooga.

Eiz.d Ti, Rates From (nitu f rerille

On edI. daily. Good till Ibe. se.

Oim ale daly. (toad lft..

On at.4 dfily. Good sitsy days.


to fi a.a 9.1 k i A ...HA 4t

" p -FA: '' ' '

,' .'

f -

__ I



. -




'; / ** !


18.'4404-0.rL t 1 Wi. 1





a aoq bt0ot Wrnr WI
I lMmbr of Corade. '

00t InSued, When Caesar Went
tome, *ured a Pistol end Returnm
WS Made Things Lively, for 4 Time.
pFted $10 and Costs Tueday
There was a rough house at Jwhn.
son%, Hall; North flimlatl stine, a0
a $lgt hour Mohday night, and a "*hut
elid Im*n" which resulted in the break.

thild party.
This was the oeoasion of a festivI&l
amat1m the eolorld people oat' the elty.
There was abl crowd pireens. and
everythiull went .lovely until Maley
Caesar oanme o the door. Carsar
asked the doorkfeijer if eerlain parties
were In the building, wheel thle door-
keeper replied that he did nut know.
He asked Caesar for ton eent#, the
priev of admission. if he dneired to ean.
%or. There were some words, several
others Joiniln in. C- 4tsr stated "that
suddenly some one struck him over
lthe head with a hair. some person
Immediately proceeded Wo use his
halfi upon Kid $mnill with painful re*
sults. having suoceeded in ctttng him
In several pIee. Int the meantime
matters wenr becoming too warm for
OGesarl's eoifort, when he states he
went back to his home, secured a pie*
tol, returned to the ball and proceed-
ed to get even. In diselharging the
weapon at a crowd of fleeing festival
guests a ball entered the leg of Elllott
Waters. inlilating a painful but not
dangerous woound.
COaear was arrested, andi in the may-
or's ounrt Tuesday morning was ar.
rilgned upon a charge of disorderly
eodduct and fitted $Il and osts. lie
(a regarded as a very energetic, quiet
and reliable negro. and lii actibnis on
this ocetiion camte ae a Hurpirise to
theoe-w'ho knew hiMa best. d


Edward 0'Donald Sells Gainesville
Interests to Saunders & Earl.
Tuesday witmssed a most important
busi~its deal in mercantile airaIte. In
this city. and a deal which caused aun-
iederabli conversation amonti the mner-
chants. because It was probably the
most important orf Its kind Irauspiriag
lnsMaitneville for several year.
SEdward f'lmonaid, who for the past
ten years has been al sociated with I.
it, Saunders, and for the pest two years
With Mr. .aunders and J. II. karl in
the groc'ry business, lias dlipaed of
his interests to Masers. S aunders A
Earl, after which t he flirn style will be
There are few bItter, llJrm iorooirvi.-
tive Or fihor1 suc'6sstful IiinmuiesS umenu
in tsli' country than those who have
ah lUis'tt this iintervtt, and iit go s with-
outt saying that the enitllnumed tiOceLe
of the hluinee is assureCl, These gen-
tlenmitm have eenl maalntinlt the affairs
tof tht firmn fAir thei |lot twoPyears, sinte
Mr. i)'(uaald's ab sene e, though she
tatier retained his ittero-aL.,
Is is undersusod that Mr. i4'l)lona'ld'
reaIon ftur selliUtg was to concentrate
his intt ress. Fur two years hie hias
been a memibe r of the. firm o'f oi'l on-
aid & Mallard, whotlesabl groers. and
the it'Donald A Titylor Hard ware Coinr
Iny. -tboth of Jackeonille- lo rne-
cently dispotd of his initersats in the
wholesale grocery, and 'IInow
inltetind ircreaing tue eiapital of the
haroware' tirmt aid ounductitig an x.
tvnsive ate4 up-to-dais tbtaigiwM.
Mr. Fennell No Betler.
Thit friends in thiseity ofJ.h *ti0 1en.
ig.I 'f at nivi ll. who hiasb*.eeu _lAid it-_
)>sk'tl fors vtteral dtl), will regret to
learn thai hi coneditioi, irl serious. 1lie
Is sutTffCerng frqtin typhoid fever, and
Saturdayy was a great deal itltler, but
a r.lapi.j W Ia mwecurrid,; and Morgai'
n I. t0ill I v riu t- thatlt iere
ni to be' lilttl, A Im u Sie.
vens, a *t*'-.on of .M1r. I e eil u hu
r.*ides i.e the .sam' hsuime, as down
with typhlind.

The Death Penalty. '
A lit tle thigK itometimes resultll In
death. Thus a mvr? scratch, insigunill.
6ant euts or pi)iy boil; havre pala'l the
death penalty. It i1 win' to have

Ii - - -.-,--

KALOLA Two Kum'S to jill 4t fltnah for|
SI lSavaiinah (nl .. AiKtUL2 With Pat#)
ja*nd^d in~f m* Ilknd P ,utl lc 1 t-. atl'KUd mrliltrrrsr 4 a
ll l B the oI-i. iaf. Ti'uy nar Wta'hslvtro. In
n ... .h h :l , '. I11i' IJ J. v $ ,'i irrks
*WN "W 1i g t I illl, t p1 i .,l114-ril ton|."n I.. hni

1144 hp Iplit iliJlie' Il14ut p t iti.n till of the
S1ain sl r iJ.,il, t,.utalay ern P.,, w.i %
15'011t '1.4% th R 1W 11 ,14x guard
flag) tli ani, knw iu1g "'d itl lUi.iastnan
jM S-eu5 aIUwto if ,nry "ifir, 1- 1. uiluanfl 'd ihe vot
Ask il!. t lhe, tq j il*, il W for ., few iulnm ita
Harap eft rt tIhi rli.*riff'sl r-impunt.. Iheulgi he~. dtI t
or eiarl4h > r 03 i~ ito L s i iw i I lt he .tily pi.t or tii le RoX. :
KAIOLA @Oo, 8mVA r nSmint, Kitt ii h alippemid lt alone
with his prIun Irsi iald walMte' ltl-m ft i
,__ _ _ __ _ __ lin f t u n- ile, ih ,n tsn ak a 0nig )' g inl
--"' ... ............. -*" tIriu il o IIti,,'I i.( 1 Iinh' I Irowp
AN IMPORTANT MKETINO. .. Mastt.uIvro; wh.ri tthe. italin wasl
catulht. It 'w.s -.t1"10nim tlmae after ihe t
Board of Publc Insnru4tion Transacted iiriff 1 %%It 1ith hi: mn1U bwturt* iny
a Great Deal of Businep. an.i ,lniiqld- oif th tfall ,knew of their l
The Honorable Hoard of Pabllo fI. dV'parture
struotion of .Alahmas county convened *iH'h nl.tAres i minill that they knew
in regular monthly Iesl)un as theolftle t lilt'rr;ns wit. to boe eminmlttel
of Superintendent W. U. Holloway hrunt4 1 1tt1k pilict,. but neither it
Tuesday The meeting was attended thL'm i iciilt'it4iJ that he 100oo part
by a full board, and during the mission, in It.
whioh lasted we'll ti ilno the evening, It.", ', a'ltilt At rating to hoiime
a great deal of busiunes of importance hl aaii Ila tl tulha.r Iea rhes. Joloe
to the schools of the county was trans- lia hl ui 'S. im Taolirt, o rthe pur pos
w .jof ro il,.r..t hm aso ed. l.
There were a great many appoint- pnrt ^.i,- i's Il1,1.' SP ,rP4. and ran.
ments to the various sohoolisthrnugbh. l h i h *L ot lh t men kille
out the county, which, is it to tw sup- 1 i01 -, h3 i*l at <. 'hat ha .
posed, were made as a rule iWn omp- diid l 1hen. r how he' tljef i hls
anoe with the wishes of th* supervisomri ti, he ati r.imaw'ly to nik furl her
solli Ep and r,,ut,,d io talk further
and ptrmens of the various schools. Thrnare. t 4%Re. ,) Hie.'" pants
(bthr business was disposed of, but i,,hi lu o T .1ike hld'4 stis. but tiie
owing to the satenese of $hm hourit a man ivi (b, thart they are Cato d
whieh the board adjturted, ut pelisn- Tll, I:nlin h,,, in the party at all
tindent HIlloway did not have the teIf.Muys IiteI' a ktd tim to go. toll
itae to prepare his minutes. Further Imn him they oulte e4t mtlOWey. thoutll
proceedings of the meeting will be They mitnht lihve sorA# troueide. t*est
published tomorrow. corrorlo'n C 'a st(atment. (tetc
adrnllted aigol io Ite'ne' houbs' etrL P
Sank Holiday Colebrated. on the hwgtKlti i thi rrlnim, it 19claimp
IAflioni, Aut!it 2.-The bank holl to lieyv. KinK o tSiek bovine rty tSher
day wasn hraied today throtghlout Iff Kendrick*. aFy Catn's wifo does Aol
thu I'uliht id Klailano. In Laindoun nnD corrroboratt thin. Thie 'herfft. how
of th it* g rueni*nt offTlcorn waN opr i evvr, htelev's that both Cato anid
avl hort, aI in every othtr city, 111 Reene were ther.. and he does not
',;' x-, .1i' xlhtithtltel an4d bl in'ess think tall tiI Tolbert were lhulull
ios)lEi i N'r ltii. '-liver and sea he staten.hie has not yet gntten to thf
ilsl re~.rt. wor., crwd'ed At ('ower bottom of the case.
King Eilvwrdi, Q(peI Alixandra 'sad --a
lart,' it -rnhi) *o f nhItona>lsd people Stop That Coughl
att'iid. u:; It: . fnlin of rKg'tta week
tT111 'l ,. i,'ii' S Win fr'i t t) wt we ek W hen a couKh. a ticklingK or ati irri-
Tlie vi-.tIvr ,wAs, linte 111" ihl I- ',u t w
station in the throat n1slk1 y4a's feel
to uncom fort able, take ltallard's Hore.
Ilnnmllika "ntamrn, phflying from the ound yrup. wi until
rartn ic hlh rrwetnl.d the rnaditteadaii tillie
'Th ra e was a handlt.ap fA dleasne aI t oIS toIyoni rot Mr of
yaehtl of i.n-r 10" tons. in htich Em and Mr. J. A. Andvursn. X54 West 5t1'h
peror Willianni' M oetor II1 anl the In t Mattl Lake ('i y, t'tat*, write:
glnnma*. owned. New York. attong others, partlrhlpated upil the LwnI mendioine for i'oe>lghS and
--.. euds. We hline, it wd it for several tha
Suicide Prevented. yaua; it always gias. imsn.dhIitte re-
Dief. i. very itdea ut fni sivrs laa'rfrul nei
The startling announcement that a atis.fton" ..4,, ,n, 91.i0. Ndile by --
preventive of suicide had lbeen disco,- W. M. Johnson,. ok
ored will interest many. A rundown
syrtenu. or despondenoy invarilldy pe re-
ecdes suicide., and something has been gir ^S R^T l
found that will prevreut that emwdition 4 lug inl
which nmakrs uioide likely. At the
lirut thought of self*.detruetion take fEfi You aomo a* _r
EKletrio uiltters. It being a grett s E._wt!ss t. or i
tunmi and< nervine will strenigthen the ut i OSewslellatt,.
umerves and build up the sypaem. Ii'
1l3 grea't stomnAch, lver arid kidtl,.y ,
rexulClor. On)ly ok'. Sat simf on Io WIU SSelisl
guaranteed by alt drngists. .i S3Sl emSeWSSES i /

like Is of II- 1- | I
Dig Day at Coney lasand.. 1l-l ll lll.ll. I
I he' ba!g In tolsY I n i ('1 Is.i l'Aii hill
tairy, a l'lr'irtlt t ) the expert toun t, rs.
It Is Ntitunat'i thl at fully oio (r (u- j""r
h'nlN w'lit to the r, sort by trolley car, For Mate by J. BedtArd *, ( I
'tratns si tbats ''he croud wa. t i ...... -- __ .._
han TleTd. "IC
If the Baby is Cutting Teoth lO .-
e s *ire and use that old and well- (In Monday. July ?t:l. l11I4. the (i'j
Sie i t o a l ntu'lt f lti *i- ill'e. tluri4a. m*1t us
tried remedy, Mrs. %Wir'slow' Soo h.- required ty law. forh he.piur4e of .e ol)t
itg Syt gi, fr ,')ilIrti te t'lhiiig. It viewing I i a '|@ijaalingii{ i he. aw f tspi rl .
sN u hs h.I child. soifte ia the KOu*S. tI tlaXAs fr ibet yAt'r liot. snod ltie d m T
aillays ll' ll ptiii. teures winild colir and i cs' neui'slr i St a 't tsh' fre l i iui lilasm .f
t ihe ht ir, orma.dy for diarrhoeia. 'Twoi. pt'r*nPit % me re reti- d as fioIm t IJ
; -tflv ient l -tl.e. i. ... C...... I.


A I1, Ir9, Wil, Pipe, pite
t ugi, BittlS, Pkl.getc.

Banlht in Car I.ow. Soll in ny
f quantity

aetl One otf Our (Catalgus.
0 M -Ma

I 0 A Tq P1 p I o :1l 11q[J i 4
..." U hlt!ro "D.
J W hAldt'romn r
Mrs.-J.- H. -- rr" -
Ta (; [l e l. '" ilt.) f2
Itu' al ( ,,su- ".'. as)
'. I' t i;>-" n .- 'Ii:
SIC M .tirTelain ai -
' W. IV. Tom4 I
SV. ,hotk Na- e 7 T -
.I. ( M. cii. '" WVi,) -
: ('L )oMtils } I
Mrs. K J "lailtin 4 .,A .
ltnptn nMd l.ucy l.' rry I)
I'madteli t "Thomta, .wwe *:
H. 11, auptiowl 1213 %
Ilattie I, Saudativel. eKX ez.R
Etllion CThozlnpou IlI -'..
W. R, ihinna. 4k -ai
T, F. Tlhomas Ix4 eiie
Irn WVilihanunml J
-M o.. II. t, il "4' 11 linu
'Tkn i'. ,i ,Il i. till l .... I *Ilhi', asI ....

_ __ __ ^ f ,'


- V


'Hd ...itI
W ill offer the entire lot ti w S t pum
priew madt ot 00" Fi wtonry,,


Ladie8' Strap 8a.ih d1,
$1.75, for this wee ,..

Hi-a adll-~ f- '-
...", Uie. Wi^ Nap.,-



S'* 1,m wsa+

: ,:i: '' ^ ^''+', i',,'
S T O'**;\-

MsRasine. should have wretdelitdc prnd.
tieiunise .mteriaiamemt, anoswatam d MS-.
fTe anmars, See, lSM

Most Successful of

iN of both henlpherea.
It. short' stores are siatchle-le ll -a i
itt poetry coveringl the entem Belt eI wei i! it

t 16o Pa ges 'Delightful Rn I g

Every page will t0In lesI, eMhrel 6 4 Ia"
KubMeribe now--P 50 per Mr. rem'jM n* "ai PI O" U I
egitered letter to TIN SAKIT WI, 4i'1 m 1A,1I Vg .'.,,..
N. B--Sample (opis Bent 1n on 4pIqI f4.l",:

ea'kpe The Atlan thAltiC a

Every pet DlMse Msot eha vt SOfleet

Rapid Transit and Coast
Tim. Table In .e.e am. 5, . .O. '.. ;:...
art For GAINE8VILLB-5if, AI .

tWipto High prin amd Inter' Immmml m'
ally ediate Po S ..,
40 pm i n aOiss, Lesmburgpmd T.av "d 4Pm
al'y .Interits.N dite. .. o. S t ,'
ilum Paalka a ,tona, ll '' Ja e :souvi e '
.l.y North, ta and Wee '
IW am .Hih pringsaWayidl a. # .i3m *M
Daily Albany, Atlanta., all Poit Nonrh, k.a Weol j .

Daily , .. al
1 . . .....,.

DilyIih Springs

Inre n abie MilearTickets. good over 1*X k ofeti Mhe
1 rail le n the Southera Satel, ane on Oak : 5el pal'
Thrdsh Pullma salee ter Port' Tam to New Ye, vi Athlle 0s1 "
e; aled via Atlantis Coat aand, Ctuher Railwai.
For aembtreto inftormnatihm.eall on ,



_I ~__ __ _~ __1_____ __ _ ~__ _~ __


-:,,: ,-'dl l


, L'%.. .'.

ne -mAm
I A n' f livr e w'o b *


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,. eb"s iskm, t.o
SVictor Safe and Lock Coimpanv
4M! --- -ia N't i ;**Vie, elt tiob vai ba dea v ad plieso. potempil: -
,f ... O fo. ba" oi the b w mao, vault, L monoIta
hmmnr we bnmk W4nts. .y .assmti ng s. a s.l os1n or d rNW

,9 **.sb W0oW .h a Utsgsha.s ,bI* nfofamlou bnrfwfal furushnL. QAiN.VILLE. nOR IDA
i,, AM! 1 iM. .tel "*mum n lliAtO Iom PK UlhmO |t^ n.IMW--Wt W-- Ma A MW W th ---i OTlMMWM Al n
..iMof.. AMWs.... ..I0.... 0, .5E. S K UR HANI OS.

*.i nmm,, goods wo..ah s bi Jobe .
R.h wit. Pblow Ro1p 800W r O14OBM

l.O. ..MOOS RoWpyib was o6tlIs.tU 5* i Fuil169lzv.rd"M
ai_ eA or f hIS Mltinassin at Oyster
DAVSii . .r. Ws l uE -
B' m elme y Bqpatr DaI ,is 991t1 JDZS QUARS. G A INUBVILL. VL(JI4.I.A
BBB 5^1 be nous or his bQSIClOP fr Phhe-t miarha piles Pad for ChbIokns. Ilk= sad osher Pr.Aue

t, wm* s1 inota a 'I ,S0k

bi a- .s .t Savannah, Columbia Camden, Southern
lssvw Whhh JO .i? Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-

,,w. mingtorr; Baltimore, Phila-
aI 9 Stmac delphia, New York,
sl t e op-. ..

,- ~ b*-" "". Two Elegant Trains Daily.
S,. Seaboard Express.

0'" 1k Ip s'" S aboardd Mail.
bae,?mqe aa vmo ..ap.
n -' - SColubiaCaden

ts. hea6, thec ppq n Wah
Sl ngt imore, Phila

t eWN-, .he . '. ,., ,s.a* -.a 'lihnie*a. 9
.... Daily Through Pullman Sepers from Juckaenvills to Now Orions

r q Mi.,thi io i.. For full Infonmtlon and u lnper fl iYUe oCs oll o im aent Seaboard or
i-t --- -t- .i... s--....- write A. 0. Ma.tONK.LL, 8. 0 20 O J3.,
.f ,-..-l ...h ..stTwo El-gw ,t Train*sis. r DcDOailyg..
......1440 O.W'iu lnT L, p i6S8,
lM JnlSO140141 wass C fr.1hip.
irTo kp, uds"' th t 5, 0011 , ,,
^^^ rws^of a Sea oar. -to Mil.

^^. .. ........ .' . | o '1 ^i M 9.9p ,MS_ 8 8i 1 ^k .. 8 .
***i!4.M411 1i8180,1
..1. .. ,OrCr, i Us$ ..
a'WVs rf'fuSA8. -ete. Operating
.D.ail Through Pullmn Sl f from Jacksonvill to Now Orleans

h0 v* rls 7 --- *rn fll Infne 8OreU m ermifund *1e "ratl dall ailyu I

p h j .lQhm.l oribmlal.i fth b --I SmUNui. 0.l [dhNE.. fift een darti dais .

af M .WO$S S A i hav al fl We undT W ORM 'i, Trip,, On O meM .Tri,.. p u1 ,ter
oeaI0 S, ,o marry a widow of 1 ,tad ly. iGoodi I 0 midv, Tne.,.,
wwAs.o as. n axty *m a o OS. ns e S"w |
,1,vv %1v 1*yst d1 i l .Rr. In J- ne,
'M.afte)< i tltde ee__Bm h. Sfl-t-- i .....FRN -- -a.I.AI W AV '.

wt lhi eOan of s W wi T TS.
i il eit tk W tn wisn r
I I thth: lbfly, lhlem > s_-.S4mow Llimlmet Co.
W, teI..- he NU .sM. Pia l l- f f lw*. n. ."
. .*MS .eI t. W a I *II i W J n n... I

* to r f hltUM of Jo folk to
SMomh t0 be4. np6lh.

S* in.t ,.ba the "A %e& S
a e pse. le ft -then deer. *
p inpes fb .Stheet 0of W* fs kddw

- A

Baa M'tsth AX4Ni 8.

'Wp w oover sho il pnp R ponII a e rneoetlfely a l ailref your Imelnms.

Lire, M t t Red Insumrae





-z ,w h-n r i-'A 1al n.. ...... .- */


'pfrseq.saI. of --C( EY& Roth a w V tb Ittes 82.50 per day and up. l

,odIp bg .. e Licensed TO.P C ,l 1 vLm 8
p. 1ad iS . R..ashed i 2 a
.th. RDhd-Qer M1asusr mAr Sche..ul. lve. Opp...y forr Vipd F i.. ...

...... h,.I ,i ,.t .. It s w o A l 0.S *' . '
"','a, aiop.h'. e.itu of tuhe he ast. 02.O '":
(ooAnsll W! held at tDe e embes I .
lb. 4th Moudsy night, 4 bS p TelAll u o ,- Iveevvf os zt
the epng was sled to ord er will .welve prl it4iI.' Ida wh co etplal s B. t 'g '' '
Vghoul M o'"oLtofk, nld the ril *i LhzAet Qoaipwta, .AUKutst -t q'
cwsd a fudll board peel nt Ie -to sl ismtk wllle a M h ie At. .
*; o~~~rences'M* Wettasri. ALLEGES UfACH Of CONTRACT 51 o l W wil AWhateAl,

,be op .,. whi c' .ha aundecil .. ," ,s" ,' d' ' ". ag' .T "- i venizjrrn s .",.
..S.,o teepui e Li(e OdEelesrlu- r. VPae le A8 tA.

haaoe, C uuel P go. leaving JaehonvIs 0 oek in the
.4*On..he A.o s ..4A.OL. R y i.IN.

Oe of these oodinue-s u the r atre. She aI.ges re at COf in ,,,ing. d' OT. C... .,
, a e se"ttln forth and es abli.uhnN tre ?. nwho "en B. a etho lle. u ia ae'p D ettt I tb ,,.
Sales b, wh.lh pool and billhr, Mrn. ).e. iwhos ti nhme Hub awld"l the tuMeirpllte t
phald be run. This ordi. ne was lH.A rIA y4t.n i. he wI' at. 'a t Sa lon s Net ,wpll .so,
s called op mmd passed upon ie Ant W, a theatrical manager, why the United $tatn, Bton and Newstn
S leading, Upon motion of Ailetmm left hbe t wo >rP N', n he n'y, bn York. respes "ely they **.an avail'.
a; Lnh.. whih was carried, lhe rtles cIt e of Mr. P.krctfli friendship for shem.elvr otf this, the e hepet o .. "' "i""
Iwere waved, and tii e ordinae placed her, and, it Is .en.a:.. of hs r-auure porIunlty.whol omp ei mpei, sAuus lf

dI understood whshe bAueri t, maie wbem Nr feared toilh. publie vip tU11 tojes. 0 e en ui issue Unnaa tflW-
.edianwed w ll boa er d, prese.ed and Mr' Daniels separate 11a11 Rate. I ackonv l le t0o0 tiht h, At. I

r .again. ,anks to rneqvvr 4nmag tirn $* 8. Rates co es dlngo g n c, r* *- ,.. -r J
As ordinane regulaing 1 sale lao Mr. Piert1k atlurne1.v who e qutm lw from all thther 'ol.1I.
mil Id nthe o iy of an vle Uoi.nM d. regardiung t ..he matter.' saul': Ja in. .. mumm. who enm uauly^In 'lgo u.wap.n
"It is a cGul or tlhnt pur and tor a shuil while. ad who deie To b Unenfor
Asented, up the council refused simp TPit fea m tq bsewllps a'tn f 0h'11

Pm p. *. Airin t mi *v $65 -Th M.'aofn
teton preferring the samebaCk t@ been served o11 Mr. Pierre, s l I hpave poof s toho avall themselves of this UhL I PAXToaS @ww esi
e orinans oowmiie i haon to beot h llk retained tlo i efen1 t Our Anw r rate.
Jiust pn ett is. T onarpok of this has not been filed, u.t It will oe gten train leave Jak .avIle over hei A
denwe;.. was compel dealer ire, oral denial of every allegation m-ade. Ata e Coast Line every mo as In l.h.n' n4 I' wit ""

taite to pty i hises e, and also to re. e cir nh itad evr evin It th O th A

rioge of butter-ta I Judging from tfrsgu. olf thePp* seep ma oveu r that orf an o tbr fiuve. Tic NoeksBten
e oInd fferene w ith wh e th cash by I AxV mls.6 e wieN, o Th ei v n n t Hu an &b
l IM a l d upon 1 vi t t iieot thcral mn i xer- w ill be n sal A gt 12, s an 14,a N :
w' in i" t Ul isott notion ly tA1i ln t I ht i h4 ta wo y a.,s iKi %he lr 'ar Y e. ov rd ill0 N e Yo r tit Ir b*i- *gf l ,o m s n ca n
will become a law during the rladmins. gr up lo nteryMr you r fred them theirasell be sf.etfo Ms lpaBt op*s %i t i

raton of this or u idil at eest. tu l t ,&To st ,uay ) only ig laeludiYW om pridnilgh o1)p Lmg1es T-, 'N ,, '
O 0 AI ofn the c0 ti ktL 1 n f f"La Ialde xim e fore, tgo pnin trip oi. I w ork O a is' s n l '
V h rn e .uu ot he ,*Oa. ihn lrer .at the ranes tern.l arm il u. lll be gd to tNly to a t l ml i l
,'."ni-i ihut ,rn 4,,l ..lst p.. 'tr.le t.. .. 1 and mrdl.u

M T : -. .rhek. o t wo will ntiIt harl Just b wn f iatr tha m l thXn 9. 'e fl0eyor, a ,
usta Temperance t1n lou to *,.s A rhakIls, toan hd pnao ot osels notcahiw'sthan Augustwr f -,
An oroin noh squre laitind kn saltht o i M. i tr i h ulrd l s Io I!oston th fj..u. Nl".

drinking fountain at son -onvenient o'dreti rdm a tharniturte Yatll. aii Is deposit ting thee sJob 1 Owe Awu t
1111kint on Uh ur nteW tm, O n w"th the oft nal"06 ni me n 'i

the city supply. he water for same til. fl pure lnt lair tfore wy one t the paymt h fl setllo theoe
wIthout charge, was gri ted. The whuit M,-llern pin"n"g t- e rat iAr a" ii will ezsem :nd" red ue oe a. .
rconm ll not o Itnly showed it. willing n i In i........ own pin, e... the first monIth-tat is, unil inp mmbev a I
i es to co-operate with t ks ladies by shref nat ti .. illneu t i ari h t1arre hbia The raliro ss a are giving an addition '

granting them permissIon to erect she ub.e that Is e poirtet museum anal a)e commodalo to the p0blle thisiAD
f-u.. al. b. s were so geneo. s "s to mithy of jastnric pruItanin. but of the ear In allow lg a stolipover In New -
fpams resoiulon donating *J .u ra' whos' art of the Mt gt.. York, provided th. tickets a :epsi N
"Ihn its erection, said w eomicy to be ;,a.d in ih.. ,. 1., p ra. r--"'-1' ed n- New York with the Joist agent ui" "I rae
Jom the ite fund available. bfrol. ., m M L'--t--. I- ho 'onnmntee at the dep ot and apatmerntot ," t1I
After the trans tion of o i er ist- 1nn1t hI twinl I'm Af ties' idnl11 ti ai -il l nia 1
ere o"i minor importance, tie council tdr in the archives., li every pa t of He *._.. k- )thwra.4.n9;*w. .Abtm.t of ,le aa it t.iw

adjourned. le theater to whsk the plice nno Thut a mshirlzndlaw s ioat always annlso. Ot re.
t'- pqm, there Is a rslYtius ltuns of of aiju.,t k4 11ev nearly evnn at .St

Po k W e "i-."Angu-ut 2.--' he shei (t r dr'ni, oa e'igtntrinhng. drawI- raise o iat' It r hit I w -o las stewal4 0.
don a t he eollIerlc tsu hl. .*ihu,.di o e s Mdle ett Q t t b two
l region t dranes .o t wish Thwetrk, with the morks elhlbled Ibn the t. wI u t In htot instnfi el after i h

t dn o ttiona complete o a. ren it *nt ons, fum a unique' v llecthin sib beth t retalriedl te wnothiers-I-laa ,gg AOVIhl' Ua gtjt0EP
wa.stion of the. Whigh aBatiu hereor every piece hbioen. It manc ow 4e9. S tkNS uto 1u1svWf nn a
avt ogurte Smieqompany, wndhi Pknthquleat to thI history of the house of Nlo w~r No. 3. wolis routes ntwo hli home e
tn nreeklt I itsew t is eri n o l th sa tha tlre. Ini th ij.itulii w ent lmotherl as well as oe
rwlle I I rlu te h The an mlun of -ccessrles s as riclh three .an.urrt;rs ,All those wM4,
tiekmatn wl ll bLr anAen. heir*1""r

r m"'"m t ".a.i" r"'"_" uu""uu"u nuw I, Its wl '-- theM u .aumn of painting wV1,,, who ots.ultit. tai houasekokl, o ",")(IW
men In this county, mind statuary. Hwre *o may find ith arc' Ic to we'll tetiier il peace and
mandolin uted iS "The iBarber of Se lmrnaosy. i | U E
Nerve Tension. rille" an Inptrument of rar beauty --
A tfe to health is nerve tenslou. of .form, purity of tone and antiqulty IIetsiA d ni'.14 Iame *5 I .1 1rgo :i 'l
Fometimpn due to hurry and wurry.but of takC. lPer, too, Im the original gu. "Never iN glamd for thi I niuwlimest "luI lp ALII"I
ntme time 'it of ten dye to poor ind4. tanr or ie Martief Iaro When in m iy ml!.i,,lI tt one," said, tble .. all '% I
ngation. a bed utomb a torpid vi er the piece rme out i.n t n the m an. t'6n hi m ie evn it.ry
or Tcoesetutui^tison all Th cint I 10agri19i1t ought U wn on auro to fall "Whe> Ais (1111t0 "
r eactoats o. a ndwi oe u thpt It Via not rortlh while to 1iy a t'.ro llw skl zmeoo hhtbow much ml w1
rct on th~mid d id 411uttar for the "er. Ae issrncjriment I would tnkue or ra-n hora, nt.d while sea bland Otton e" hl
nerves on edge if you do not remote accordingly hid c to face g i-I.l wts I-trying to lull hi $40 le of- oa I. 1
thm by using oreen 's August Flower niaht. Thit ple.oru r fifty nltgfit- faal m- ,. "- i n l JtU.f .' P 'If.nKue .lourna .r th*I j'
'there Ie no better u tomed mdloi ine l n i "tn'Iuure u t',iu eesu '*" fNr thiti periwod1 A -"P -- '
the world than August Flower, and to -and In tho exldtinent of thit sir- Juidh.mi eIr reO. Mriilf8, ia tof0 th :,e am t
infr cure forindigestionordyapepala. wprlhe tih rntuIllt),mitN nra whi4h the I1ul. "What i shve, tu think Mof m ail wIble -."' "d4 rl 'i
Trial bottle, 26&. Big bottle. 76e. at tar lim1 I'-n 1obtained were totnllr fnor- woldi ;w*nid thoutisids upo thousads ea Isl d otto in WOu I ndp$,
W, M Johnsonl'. gotten uniJl the c.wntr prsmet:ted lili of dolhrlirs Is llBlir' ,lIEVTJ .
S_ bill for iM frnsi. Itlbhrd Whitelng "I can't ltll what 1 thbItk of hip s, . Q I N VW W $
Purchased by the Pitteburg Club. i Ntt+h c tn.tltr'imu. nswed &neior sorghun, "until IClub l-.--,
r.,i A r e lwetler he ge the or he o or ot .
r f+-.,+ .,,+t j ,r - h F t_ hk** fr b,..inari rarely --u-shlugto.on tar. f ox .. O m dO,,,
A' w h Wptern I oitue thall toa h- wi 's t m a-- h Klp , . a. 9 K ...
beea purchased by the Pittsburt No Round Trip tate tW Wasthington, 0.0. 4 r. (Candl-You sOed to pay that
ionala, ,Legeclub. The price is not y. nupld eat me. (Candl*-Ttsat wa I
nado pubile. butt 1. said to be $1,000A.o when I thought o would atgre awI I
t ie l a naUt ive of Miltwueb t o-. .A d ot WOhours eleven wln. .me.-Town Tojok.=. .. *. JM. 4pi, ,.- -,'n *
iwe from J c utMo4lie s hla ____ _
S l unlon rate, J ked ill to ,.
WabingtiO ud ret wn, W Sa Tike A A Tl I
Bn of Biter- F*i .. ,.ow oa sae, lorida and Wst Io- A ..AU ,
hTPo 'hysiciams had a Ipng and ear train -bUetwemo the vast and MouthM XKAbU I T E &I F IST AI IN.I
.s u g." 'Writes J. u .nn oS l uo 40. A ta.nti A. WEIa & C09 o
ibody ugsh myt hden ., arvil its Wash. a itoaIs- WHOLESA E SL $ ES THE ONLY CHARTEMDi RA
At Int rsqo.rt I tried Dr. King's New ... following ftl -'. Am *,L. llent ..
i: A,.fnl ite n a iNnuon. N The p nt i l

: =. i," ' ; '' '. '' 1 *I "
A fl,.' '' '" I i


Re la the News and Facts governing

Silytu underlying cauSes of Market
analyses and oritticies Railroad
A ind..Tlistri!i portL .
Ha oov0plete tables of Earnings of
. Quotes itdive and inactive Stocks and
Records the last sale of Bouds and the
yield on Investments at the price.


I '' I


S. I

........i... ,u ll A tew, without charge, inquiries con.

SVaiwageP 0 uAlt-est uS. JW ALM tobicTOr l s I.4 ta inst ILInioHouse
AA tiry** 5t gw4!ul^,tsr @, ,di w Ihest tensle S outllrn
4 I A 1*SWS DM0.lpldn, of to at l b!.-t lw. it.tee m
i. en .v. prsde t us srns SAVANNAH GA.
o #old I:. Webb, a pbyal --lSEV DAILY v-- JOHN 0. MURPHY, Mr.
; i pBBiH wu., s t.t. uDO JONES & CO),. AITHER & BRYAN, Stat. Ag't.,
S, si. t..: 44 rad MtOnet. ew l rk.1
.g .. ,1. ,,
S mm a v qews s TIE 01415*PW0 AESN ? WALisM ATIT. TAUwA.RIS*
niaun ^ Col vsbo, P a year,i. t. 10S 1l aWiIhTI

r...... 5 .. Via L & I a. ,.

S. .t.... A. Ai RBUoNU .. Illinois lCentral on
BOSTON l..-1 I A LB MoA S .:oti

S, IRCT UOl'TE TOtE Il YEl319. limit l I, .lth
a:'*O O. It urn limit IS d",,*
.Hij M,.. ..rAO' 1 k, hil5 linit 0 dOays
tRin'i Lous Ei position Spec ial cnlah oxcur an o22 ,. I .
miss&wV9 lt w turn limit 1) days from date of sale.
iimW TWO TKAI3 1AILT, Tikekts sold Tuesday* In July.
.... ....ii.," ," ..
Siim aLetl wh w. aWA. h. -. Vnd oie ndin tlow rates f romu other
,., DU..l.All.oit. K liA I oke L; k u s the, bui line toa
S iigM'-: W i I g,----- l~r.v. ^t,,nt : a. m.. Ar. i't. Ins ut i a. n For rate, achtedulets and sleeping eatr
Lv. :aup-. Ar ;olo i. 'e rasorracon, apply to
FF10 ... AL. ROUTE THOUGH- SLEEPING J CARS n. .ll P.a.,. as.
.. ue it'. the 0 -RO*- O. L. STON IE, U. P, A., Louevilli..
SShortest and Best Georgie, Florida Mand
1 Low R undmTrip Temmasse
Rat nRPro"rs Su-. le. ItoUT OF THE FAMOUS
+ npIsw4' 3 A IIVI>.pl U'1C AftI Al I II ShWUOhD i X IE FLY ER
INT. u .'Wsingo and .New DIXIE FLYER
ViaSL W hlltolm.., New Cari mvilw the u rni n uunminw leotices s r tra:
$28 .7.: .. ..ork and ti vptpan h .,In ^ Ath to st. IAml r btil r lelveJe IJackoh-
., "". .. m T~ daily WXS1 p. u.. Atl4antsM a. m;s, Argiving
Via .avarnnh and steam- Y" th1e 0dit .rea" In i t. Lsu% s t. e loe tUP.
"S aaQa w ai t r o via Norfolk and t rflteS tro. your ity. Work'i Fltr unklI
mI mU s I g a fla*er; meals alid berth lilk alid i iheduier, 4lee|t$id atr rer rv e aloni.
WlWlI U'* :i :'n wit' o0 ard Inlttuded. alsoor t IwU .e r bokhwIn tehin to .rd t u
Dates of Sale- Autgust12,10 Mid 14,
S3S i il | Eee K irou nof irn Ltimit-Sep- Tivelllw lbigsaemgler Atrt
*t.;;. ifop4ver -10 days at New Yorkon e. i Brews BlIdlad ATLANITAI. HA tioal, State and Congresaion.
li Th4ronh oash. Jacksonville to o. TtM 104.
-*< -T wn withnt ehant Tbrobh r ThoPull. 1e0loridec
S D 0'... w a$ l ti alw 1pers Jackvwovillt to lBoston Proldenilial Electors.
rA.. %S :. M : I"pot''Att# iSo ot ioeotSframt u:ea. Fruit and Truck Grower (. ..uw-Frmnklin o.ny,
. PI, 'i.0.t . ... 12 ( '" .O.oa..0 AtnG aln e po on, I eo. .Hol n Mr uount
8.CnBo Iton, Jr.. P, A.;' A. .Mae. t- 'ALA, VLA* Geo.HH.e i
S C D 10 ot0l. P. A., Joksion lle. Oa. Vi. A. W. Wtndcl-tkd, er, 't uuty.
Sil .. .... i. 12 0 l4l l l l l O e i ir........... ......... .A A, l ,' ut u l e-- \l ua ,, n' 1v
n ': ^ ;::'B..D ISO MiOuae eepl"ks...... ........ 1* Fo ii rto : -1kn..1 '31,a ;I sr.r.
...Is wm. O '18' 0 I .' ...t. d "|, e't tiall$ tU the Int remtsf M rue.
I u:t"sl jhfU*:tMori aln Tenn 18 f0 l. -- the fIit andI vrgetable ,rowers of Atlorn.. thiwrn.lrrr} ".' ra.'jr.
T r. U Tr.11 FItitrtt -. llr-. ,t lly I~w
S n t n .. ... .A. .. ... n rn ... nr r o .o.f u ap .I h r-' n m j i 1. h
flu "" '. i . .Voi1 ll, 0.-P, AN Dl&ko (, l i::ie, .M rln4!,- I' aol
b iburg, f Vi 10 Tat b Cti ii ilflri&f A ricuitaure JS.
Wei o,1 6 n n n nnnn I h WILL KX..1AKA 1 ni Con,,forn .- t J.
' '. (l aL'L'l "t' i I o P Mup rn Ciurthior trruI a

i'' w it. "' fiJO. Ewerear's Cansda Malt: lr l .n h I M IIaSl' t.
S e t M Ot Tliee ort--t4 iv arr.
L.iwii n .r. ,., ii ii) REO STARN 9i i r'.j AInt
-, ...."" .. ... A Wr ".ly I S- A.. d am s. l3u val.
M t above st14t re for 1lh6 ukmd A. n is .t' n, .fh( 101rhRU11*O pl). I I e PA t e u1 pi. ," '0. '1"
100 f.%I. il od Woedine. ay l i. t net. .Congressiunal Ticket.

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"m P:.. .iq tits.ujl ry i ',. :.
S., s a~,s m aloda It ,

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Omt TuIt fT*eTWO T'A "
without a mthgle fesiur.. If on
w lh a piano for a l ifetrim t
wrvi bui l sh*
Iatkzi she *t,
S' , s. i I W
b1 a or #c) A4y ser. Mat sft dos'
sd arll We psi ftrieh. Wriw
fora prhiasm .tAV.

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11 A. W11i j , j I. I '" I " '* I ; |' J,; =

:...;;es so .

g a ass a o in arnar 1104 111
t .. ' I e .
,1t 'l .

t HIP,, t U 10t ANCHORS..
; ChS twoS ile *hillt Slal 'h

", Wllises or. u.,I, ,,dt Irm ,

'*IM ln~Aid iiuting, It In l raouiliwliti
illale peitall aibt ti gnit. Inil Wi rn ill.
ile Um.bulky wodt xHs tasi waisl I1uit
'lOf lernl pit lun, luiltaJ' ltoether,p
.w haoleti itprlw' Iiitou art ilV tito 1li Ll.
i ally on the aft or eimtli hlih+,.
91h-t tboe ilwiiihls of tlie latkt tvii.
y n iemrki In the I'tlylnouh narvy
si Piriiu lky Imntrs, u1Wsnled mir.
n .llarUvisilllsi,.f thi nliet imtapr-
t of wihirli Wile Piiking tlie Atru.
rgWpti d lnsteatl of straight. At rmnt
mlit fills simple clnge', nimay me0ns of
40tk- vraui, bult nuillderiutlou will siaow
tie .i not thle cOi'. Tiht lhoklilng power
It. N Ainucher d*lpwt..N' on two princltpil
Sedg.lltitm .s. naU lJy. lu. vstent nf uD
. ftl lholilig s, tirfmru ani the aouiiint ofu
r VtlltI plenIrntliio. Tlia latter Iqual-.
,im (r It noetsm iry utai el ut iaft tolr t lai-
We tr, of ordllniqry fp tottoim1, Itih ur-
Sa lie liy n ofit which tar iifgetrnliy hiss
-t osit1u!4) ii ntlil fleINillri I thall Ins lihl
,g aurdUil a short dll aiianr biluiw.
lit i hl year WKill cihala rlables began
' to supersMle the boeiibila unest with Ilhe
I.ault that tew long ishankied maclihor
; IltLherto In Vuqii wtr Lreu longer D'-.
a ry. ,annd urhori with sborter
ishankls ind with lienrier and stranshr
crowis gradually iiie l .ntp Use, I5
ust iMqwpri'ro of u h3to l hSnDei, a (t11
ain i waS npminillt itn the year )1KMl
to liul4le, Into (hi' holdilug 5Kwer of
tacwlrsuu Mu ii princilpil rviult of Its
l AIKIt was the adapitilii Aof the so calt)d
admirally pattern ulauor. which, cuun
tinledl to bI tited In Iti" British navy
UP to thle y1r It 10.
The inventionll of thlu atemlkm hainmer
la 1J42 suede Ibe weldling of heavy
SiM.oma of Iron a comparatlvely a y
and reliable pro te. l thlmat (from this
time onward lime strenigib of asebonr
tally kept pace with that of the chaln
enables, which lanil cone unto en.l l
usi. A inuilkir of latents for apcbuorl
wert takti out |prior to the Ignt txhl.
bitlun of 18I'. and. public attentIon
having bwe called to the tumodit thel
shown to tir following ygwr, a uammit.
tee was..appolted by the adiulrilty to
report on The qualilafltions of anchors
of the rartoua kluds.
'rarctlcal trials were tlen instItuted,
and, as a result. some of the tests to
which the anchor, were submitted
were of doubtful value suchl, for Ia*
s1taner, as "fa$ilily for *weepiiNi."
Noiwndayn. however, at mull events ftr
de*p shlips i shallow liarbors. It to
cnkldi'r'l an dlvanln grn for an anchor
to offTr as Ittle lmttunctin as poitstbl.
atoro the gro'ind.- -NuIltial Gasette.

rilai', rlarr lIynrim to lisi. This
It llthrlrr's Mnagnzin<' 11. .linla
wri'ts all the iichb drbited qtrwbio'i
of "Thle 'ourth Dhninsilon." in open-
lug his article hle cries Plato a. anI
cirly exponent if thli(s Idea.
"P'lnto, ait the twinningr uf tliae 0*v.,
enth tlxlmk of thi' Itepublkt. desrtt si a
stt of prtlsoner s who nre lInld in cllinal
ji'fort the mouth of a gswat ctanver.
tnuil mo tit m.t tly cailuot alrsi teir
liss* In itii" olt

illg ~lPrighlt Into the easarnL '
"On the Wtl l ll h w li the -nverai
cIds tilty st their shadows priirueti'ir
by tihe 'sun. Their only exime'iliKe' of I ls d'ivid bLy Wlit lulng llpef
*baitlwsv Itf itras hby tralvrine4 lhse
uondtiwny lnbeiilnd tlhei ua' tll ly MSt lis
thl'** w'lliIw f t(4 liP'aq Ites'rv(s by cn the
wnIL If it an object Pirlkn tlh'ns what
tlhy 'st' In tia' shadow of that ibjet t
itrlkliikg ilihe isidow uof thiniim'lvtns.
"'i'hitt drunix t1lie 1 onllon thlt they
woultl itlitlifl tihlkiiselves with llheir
shatloawm. MSim1i 'ventstaw' tlihtua slitnladv forum sire Elhu tilnirtlitie
atit'iimansiiilntit of all their Ien astiluIn
IhY. would think that they thtrustelves
wenr tIho~te hllaulow iutl lirvel ciud
WltVil i it *ltiludow world.
"Now thflip alladows 'an only tliove on
Oh4 saurfiUt of t lie wall. They nltiaiot
*amrip h s ndli nst ia falni 4u It_ hlnmi- lhei-

pritlmners tilituk orf themntes s bav*-
h a Iwio atlitueiioanital tanlisit only.
S.Anuil, says lte u, ip 41w tieprisiaer
think or tihenitu-lves n ItIs thai they
really arr. s w i In urturn think of
Ourselves less IhIni we wv-ily arc.
R: phittini hy wAli in Ifflrtl Iu liid
that grnater wlirlai i* renll) i '

The Limt.
A umnther of iiacto were dliw.eilng
rtltU U7 tih lwrls of. different iWmnl-
e lwb houn ha in CeT(Irst city. anil ibe
iRuanet taiiritoil on the cnaaunratilut
i 'tflfwlaep orf the .table lwarn provide
ad ky the vnrtumis laudladls. Oue of
th' party wwh had lhtetIl quietly to
ther fl'k new spokl up.
i lt 01iW of Vtift fotlow reaMllv Irantm to

1^ , r '


litp 91. Slef W1e Ml.i rei a fletgll
O Ivfrh lita M Strr.
h1' liniti., s ir g il'nr ( a11 rt ah" ti* 1 n !1l,
,ilto 14i n'I lit't W* Iii:-( hil't tlntly-
0Jiitimi pi'i|j1h' It snii wnror p'(lIi.stne. A
listit .4 V l atll o itO luil It | i iiall al uf ir' i t1l
IUla lfl '.%it iUnri i'W Sa4 uIMi*.i NOIA M it i ) ur
to ii' Ah*-larli'-w< bIAI*U |tpr l|ii |li t rolalr*
the' ri s hirl- pitu k lTilj y U rii rk is' ioun
tihl i-ltrii' tit ll i fhlrtilerl tiiitd leiler i ).
.Ih*ISIli ltilIa n stiil tla 1 ,i n :1111 i mlih s
I ti4s him tlt aiy'V. i 'i l1' ous 1 il' llsa ri i104ol
stlnirf i ni IDi l'. rl y I uiit ill i, rirlvithlii,.

hae t, i t hln n sltl it, it.' s lt I hl '

t' **'la i 4 if ia i t il l tlti h rliat irrolklt-cl rwei.tV
Iuy l u,1isi lh.'.4 il iit i,? iiW lu' lt c t 1 ins 'Itr
ky'Vu ttl: e't4 i thik nt t hline old f, t E
1ulh.!ly .UI If 4 it ry little.
'ii 4g6'all fr, vr stf trylI g to taitike e
dolnluir ..irna *. In orowailig iuriw iland
ulsir *' 'an!ililitt'in. %I.' ,', VIl w0Illtt'l
s i'rlly i'li.s lat Ino kel'rs' titt*ci ianl
"lptl*kr' shift|>p ," liivet.dtig PV\ r'tlilnik
tlihe) liivip il ill irt' -of sr ah' liti,
tI lrwi :Vii l: Ithir ila lisit ma ila t of lli e
luulks, S, m it'li pflliuA iliv Illu t lj lt lr ,jow-
liry I vrn ytir %q I)\K t)itrl rings
0.1t Intv nra w i | 1 1 i pli' to 1m h ke a kt it oft
IIney i liefl r hilti1r huMlh tii or ftulit-
luix tili iltl lllyn sina th Ili Itn ulrprian
Iitliln sl u lil air n'lUll .ltaI". h al tal lanllt
n1IiS6 wi&Ait h ey liveast aI hogwl*)esly
Tlaousanuntl u r youngr Aimu'rten.o ar'
so t h, ni by"tiiai.biil olhJir lr entUan-
a glnaiiclit *vitI lt.afor Ibry lb'et rgilrly,
isti rle I lit Iheir lift' wIork tlihit lth y 'r41n
I tilly ITninfl I It l01 1 4lht lil ll thalt wllOI
wi 111 i ltliil s it i l tlr IIv',s. A A rliary pairt
if it I) i,00t lit %, he th % IW l ia 1.a I a' c -
S'rgy 04 tf lhte l in il at' ,ily Il t t lt b fitro
It rtili'-,Ni IhI ,l' vetrii Inil. -(I Sweli l ,Mitnilr iIn ilt.eI a .

A Perfectly Pkinle0 Pill
Is the one that' will ele's# e 0the $*-
ltoa, ent the liver to satloa, remove
the bllt., le- r the lomplmexlon, eUro
headache and leave a good taIse Is the
mouth. The famous little pills for do.
ing such work pleasantly amd tffeetual.
1 ar DOeWit's LiUtle Early Rseon.
Bob Moore ol Laftfa1te, Ind., a i 1
""All other illsl I haiv uled grip0 and
icken. while leoWitl's Lttlh Early
Kisere are siqiply perfect." Sold by
all druggists. e



.. ..DENTIST....

(tiseover Marcus Kidole. All work vuar-

I, .. . , ,; , . .


IW B, T k. .-,.-- l,, ..a'
B!lottOJII BA[fKIl, ^^^^^ ^ W W

PhaQi lib


(I .TNsNvatI.M,

. FLOIiA.,

Can sell your city property, (im-
proved and unlmprevd), phosphate,
truoking and farm ligi land. lend him
a list of what you offer for sale, 2142m

GAINESVILLE. Alachua Co.. FLA. .
Offlei in Endel Block. receive pno

HR.J.-.,ALUEIMA N. tion and t
DEt iTIsrS. worK we
(ueeesr weier& A.ermt bound to u
OverI lttou ACo" link.t sll ivli t A
peeIal ttenUt ion Crow a Sad rtae work

Dl. uoN tow a TN. TWPfIT

radtme Italtllnore OnUege DeItal SurE
lie yewa' sxilriene lfn Now York Clii
low*. Bridge work sad a it llSpnfAoltil
-.. ALL WolllvA* t--
oflloeI* Inll terI taw xchaie.
OA:m'1LLS. P's,

,., fL ril

--- nd

LRI Next 0 rde r

JOHN Mt.a.U .M Proprietor.-
1t0ml W. Say t Jacks eaiBe, P%. I "* -" -
Fausti br, bottle and daiught. Don't -
tall to Galt on me when In Jnlkosvilte

4" Ws 0I lnT..


OPar&e -Inlay Work and heterul Cu Ia MU Lr l xIw, m seiiI --....I n


.... ... I s 4 10 V. i-. _* . .'T.'.
....... P .. ....J. 5 P :. , :i,,.
,. L r o. M. I.. 6b w I *. .B
. J 7 HILL, Agent JAsaG. "2A

Send Us Your Next Order for r
in- : ' .

F.. r1)rUntM &

"l* i A- 1,,,,,,,,,*

I. - .. IP M .
-- . .. # .*....... .. ...** .*** ** t****"... ., **.tA* *. i' >*t>|
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sent to us iOO ', . .':. :;:.. *. @*,,,,-, i*i,,,,," ,.,,i.iim ,,t riuusr .j
I Oti0 i ....... ....... .... i **i ..** ** -.. ..:.. .,*,* O ** *. tl
t o u s I4 .. ..... 't.a'1'6, i." 44
)t atI ten- 1 .... ..... ,......p .iP... ,
e l i l i e 1t ..,..... *. ..<.. ,i LS l ,..,...,, .**pg. ( .;i&,4u ,
Ir... .l.... 0 1 .. .. * i ....w'W..f.* '. I. 1e eI e M IBI MI ..... S*l I| ....
the class oi :: . i *, @ .
turn out i-
le a se ... .. .. .. 6I **o

-=-^ O ;, .... ... .' o .3 i .diP4t i$ l! i *** g ** *
A Y I i i I i :*:st j iLfe 7 M IPa
uVIS*** 1 f Mt f6 IS ......O**, O ,, .. .1!. .', 1

i. *.. 40' .. A L
,,____ _____ ,. .t 0 0. ... Is. .. ... ..I t Ij,;'I
S o, *I
*is* **NS

MI~amr- 4111 VRA AA ail& alWLWAOF a W99512 -" 124,111

- --- 4 a.lpu. uW e pr4 p&a YAOPY AT GRAM Kay,
...i. .S. .l bp.,..s n & .. .. 0. P, M. s, Khi,,try S. .mm ne,4 .
TAe.' A. u hPo ntudf ow, d Pwferm Qpeiqn ,
tBnd^t^ he It btn Zfoethe pan few Dr. J. V. N@K~iiri, Jr., dean.4g
.BB"i V . ..... .WW .u ^ ." .t . ...

.5)*su m4. 'aR it She oity pseneay .fle ruporus she.
S4 4 of p* utt *ad orderly In his 414* pu b. rnd
i '1eisi L -o 41 y1his a bWs ir, n rith .r Trd fal r0m1 .,
%,.p m4 .sher Amaong U ie proiennL ih.owry Q tith, vieltm be woudm The nfae wll
MB ^: p< ter Ve n on l pop. wno visited Ualaest yer* devlop upon th' return o dr. M.
... .0"91. 4 J.A. W la 0li an.,o Uor* 1 i ry i today.
SFf w .0e eay of 00d4r Key.
f Y0 ToJ. MIs of Hawthorc was In l te D. 8HICK' FUNIRAL.
wI'ltI.Is 1, lW'.. - 4 .u o d l hl n ,
IbA 44e from, PO- in. Woolorita, wh h e .r.e m ,
tasaa..n a TiM r ne nt fd IT n swaigug the uoe KIns rieian Georg *taiswn or , Thu reniali0ni of Dr.O W l. Hi oka of.
wwqwB^.'.n.' qi- Harp Psslt) m eoNored,. eo die I..v W.lailtel. as nu d .XloMtrle LIght w.'omn, tthe d deth of whom 'e,
,N pMb ha..oMd sigsy .m I 5, D6ISd OefoS.mO haw ,been, ea e, d to his .-n) ni Arliotfs *t rI days .o,-

a .. 0. oaloon Wailon lle n EXle a nt o r i shte beautiful ritual of that ,ae.
$,,Il "*I. k sa.s e I e s bin ; eslani o p . He e ts1 Thi e funeral will be a teaded by

V"0 RpsMesWithaff00 1nu Arndet MopW a E0del representing the
n @' A ,iwo,.tfeop", wh"cam. toGsne111"erdly*ourGIn s heodge is

.14u S-a. "' e te'w..v' 1 w ws ui ,p board. Or. Olddli*" turner. au"
34w9 KVb d of M OuYEt@,Oe orBt Wi. Shannon. formerly of this eIty Dr. N. 8. Giddliug returned L b* 4
rfr 8vtna.,dJN eae0hTSoed, O a. bus who hap b.mi speilmantait o th hom ln toi.iy Tl tuesday, after a. ,
si0. da 04st Astante Coast Line with hdqu fters leug atcaoded sih bedMde of his dea
1 nS W*W Mne. n. . nJohon of Hawthorn as Imo ihin, Ala., f0ter brief visit her wife, ad d tli of whom oeorr
ws'a welcomev,. W.her ,tor.h'o'eye,. departed .se,,rday for It0Al flnd. as ithla .pring, G(I, saturday. no.
a s I b efelot Vounty Mr fho will mak th p i of which appeared in Thl Hum.
.E S. t Gemsof altU wit. o eiminisoev rom etha diaries, mnd hAdqumtfrp, h oaviag bean ftrhfrrl$ DUr. S.ddlngs stes that ti' remmip
less membes6tlthe rs' 6 & unin Ala.bamae.. wtre Inlreed In She viult in Asians,
WI M. $phh bot.teao buyers, lnner' mnd it. M. Chmbrlalin of Tcoiu baLi andn that she fabral was largely *
p, '. A. L e Ier dealer. They did an I t r turne. d from Albany, l Y., wher seeded Friends of she dinrase
.l W"seP.3 b., tuhws ili h o Iand mnl ntil- he went wih his wife eowno (moe su. bustiand Joia In ezlurodlig to hitm thelt
I iAll Ele- pd r M p larger $tanitng tiruslnem shtl MrO haimbeerlmain oestr thtus hg ,i path
a, .-O 4N* M on )h5la *s! te trf p thr0 nhlW bu.r ld 0 ,ro .,lp Is
HIeul h1, 0 Shlr W. B. AlIsaudet of Baltimors, the rsoo wn home. Mr.. 1Chamberlaiml l i Ae
W*d *f ilwba D h ll mtcleer iravelltat l'aba for J. reusird in she North, and o. noUt Tr F.i THOMASa I
sooe mon ethe ptns 'ktg," spfot' epecs to return for several weeks. '
l' ... "rayta n I.thIs ty i.n the Irtwre L J. Burhihlm ha returned frm Newa
of his hoe. Mr. AleTander bP York, wheru he wetsweral days ago |I i l
sop Gto0eslle fur so loWg for the purpnse of purchasing ea.IftllulUd IFr Ui
Vt1 *e W ha a s.e bMr.0 soletbln well c o goods. Mr.h Burishim stars t. hat he U I
,"' ,. a.".. g0 il,"thWand &te momsrate that he joined eitr i precaution in leurng t ihis
0. whaeW h W$U ead sees 5 fte p PWS $, h 4 #4e a hi CU C 61 line, which *i ll ooinpri.. ue of tho'
p d. h pmeriWtiB list t ThOBU largest amid most up*solidate u 'f PU 1f Ioe N iSO
o 4V w r h, 1 01,- ls ft all I Uv i, -,omo fo .- clothing and gentle n'so furnishings .
.x i tu b eve b rouant to naImaresvIo'. Thn.4 NE HGOO
fur1 foss PHIEII I g{ )ur 5 0 goods wil ariv in ampi time for the I U
M.E0 M seareeb asoI$ fall
B'l.#. l' SESPS# S": ." i ill l ill Th Altlantio o asot Line 4l(rrs i t e Personal ate.ntel le s all matter. i
a bo .." from taln. wille to S Au igu mtinhe rnd this tif Mgllr ltareph or er
& .l .. return on A igeut,, at the very low pnwe ptly at l,1ded .
T a orf 1 S uhl s for the round trip, tieka h .
Psmsfir Ainser *f'',turig Augst AothI inO Inewvilled l Floridia "'
OltAWh o m 1. .tho -ilmive. 3erwie on. regular tof ins, B
gs. w41 he.e f i,.lh..e^ hI ss p. ,piin l i bm w. h b n ioh o ooe".aingGal s tin iat:a i l p in r .. _
in tll! di w \ r at thi. Au olrnew l th ,l inesliiev, lld4 iil. an.

hAgb staSS l)n ituil,k l 1ra 9 The olet IT~Cit y utaaly reduced | AiFh pR, I Mlt RA. ,
t a ,w tTrT rhip r p:ztzl:a : tElk SN T N
,.. ..., . i, r.ndd(ruin h ovi nlle to S l u tir nerda

.0p14 3.0. whe, t will JfJ | vr Met Monday to Hear Complalnt is"nd
rae 85,."orTuesday Ihen Regular Order,aeh
1.4T. 1 et, a .Ae operator* o The honorable hoard of. should Idheg

*mbm of O "Mam :9,t was ,,,l,. "s rasesi. lmel m.* 1n la, more famililarly enned ood*. .ol I
t%*# bui es In this ty atyeSe y. lr [ \misslo"er., were ion aelson .wo ladys ..___-
waly phamathe DglasS AC this week. a a great deal of bustaines In $ps 4peAil ir said *. otinseress so the people of sth ooumsp "',!
1 she opemlagefr She G Oalan*svll eOvdd l. n.. .. ...-.. -The boant coavened on Mobday In .......I l .
..... . .s. , ea, the cEel of Tax Asseor Colon to '

WNW 9 .10 o40 Mrs. Ohm R. Carter. bar eoomplaints of owe.ers of property, (Fint wnr south or PnoeI. I 1
:,te l r. eta Seetiml Will r$ofs to the valumli un in *Isn ment of which MRAiA3 Sn0. mNas S 1
ao %h- ladi od at hir had been raised, bus Sirangn to relies -t e L
aT"a, i >O ",) thk mou lt Qo- .their wer few oomplainu entered.
L7v W1 employed oa th A INANFMFT O Tuhiasy the boatd convened in |A Tnd IO I I hm
^ I a llrair m to laylos140R 1 1 1 ularntuzthly session, when other
it MS M ) tm andI p altgon @ R.IIIU II buies.e of imiportrse was transact.
1$^ t t e., te e Isp, .. I.,,t th '.I ,est tt *.
A Pleasant Party. t ri '
Sy a ,Thi. I A pleasant party regi sered p t he
T; Magom, ta Jtu B rown House train Tallahassee ae W. ,
I4. *. ".'. 1ThIs t ent.1 Mat ,about ash .I NS..heat,. Jr.. F. Harder, i. H, MIPITfIlC (TIIIfIl
u a. I baIt0ay wish s1 0 ,JoIso,, -. .RandolphME. I.. Manning,. Olii 0 IUULU.
Ifly I"a* nor ,. kMidM a n JIal priori.lI h bd Jr., R. II. tMilklerand Dr. 0.3. Avery
tp # Se s..:s,.,, mea$.orbd., $d , all of TallahIan es. Them.e yuns me ,
Sroamsweafollowed bybsbove 41,ug,, wobe aigtn Fie Fadeless Fotogrdfs
Gr et os: i'n oo k thist morning in t M1 Ohii *ft i C t I i .
h 'a G t D ". ,. ., Osrp'nter. They amr to hfes" t.ih' Illt ' a +ra to n e r'.to, g* . i ,a . lt y .n.
P ,'WB -,.* y. T b .p p .et ,e ... _.. , .*. ,,_ ......... ., .. .. ,
r^;d -shwIthatK.*here Is thttiA* IItL 11 IAi:MlIs Ii ^ 1 E
sOeo this it w ul tA ft 4%ltoisn wdufdt
a 4. Coun ,yi CCOlerk, IPo i e.. LL 1' lo 1 i'. tnP i '. t
IL+W .w., inldortaking i0i
p) e thi aN r1R4a uwO..i, C-o. o ', | ,
4eO, Mall m%'s .,stDisooveryl susti all ACltua 0Po'
Me, lo),.ts.,WHarlot oet,, tT Wi I Inllu llu -I a(--e, iAiachua Pool Parlors.
A" '. 'at bldderw. j *C s t- fa i nro sprletrl.
sa , sl,..e :1Aw.. .kaa lam, .i aot, ~ .,oki.. m.t s,- and lo lus' ,
Sad al I ngrt larItis the' kid.
S PaA istetle boWth" 'WO and to t t C t P ..,.iS 10 Alli t. At lh mH, anW.i.l

TM """""


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