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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: August 2, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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, 1 *{n' in.. wpnr4 l n ^n1.w iLL. *''l ,*.ln .. . ., ,
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0~l , ~I ~ . r'l'*f. rr ,~ ':131? II


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'I' l~ I

VOL. XXI. .NO. -i4



Port Arthur Is Now the Center
of Hostilities.


Decisive Result In the War Between
tRussi and Japan' t Now Anticipit.
4-t-Met intense lnteret Taken In-
Port Arthur Situation.
CL'-' ~1'uo, .Jli) ; --l uI. in- A. jinti
S 1ith ift tL iJ 'l I AlI tr i ii, 'r'htlur a)
tail I a ll diiaIhi t r i pnal a hrrilnlIr lU ht.
I ll il 1anl1i 1t, hmnt A hich ha&: then
be'itn 'ilntg on ltir lthwre dauyh
Tl' hti"hieHt .1uplauut u aiuthorl t) lurl,
say,- litha thl. Ut1ii) atiid wvit t'e q l.aAltia ,
dur? oi the lit.*h 'iiIM fl"rei. i haillt planu
uItl to btginl tlheilr llul a .-'alIt ui
Tuo4tadal) 1tS Itld U xpvot;tud to e'ffe Ct
the i l l;lurt Ij) Jul) .b. lilut that nil
o4icLa&l 111"114N, ti Itr I*LI t'(cd troin the
army or fr mrin Admlural Tugo until tir.-
pre'ialt atltauk reuilta Ii HnUCCssil or1
fa itur".
.ltIlif'n crrwspondeitm here arue
s.ow tenr.llig Julnk-s t lo (I, .lao Ta't
islaindls. reinly tio -ite r (tl hliarbetr at
uort Arthur IIninediatIly) aiter the fi
of the' furtril'I
T1I, Aa-t*riatt'ei Pr*' -.o p o-rt iounld nt
leari;a IriO th. iSlmit rl'late. author.
$ty tIat tlh uel.'iuI vlU of tt' Hutsta u
Vlaliv.t .tIu'ck s uliaU! ron ln-tn'ird thi'
prehsnt attack upon Purt' Aithur, the'
Japlun'.e' uit hll irl h -, roalinAlli that il
thus' tear,' ,I W t: alati% di to pro-
cwt'l unh llir.ild an' luingr. t Iit'ali
the lld>ton oft Aldmirail ro< flla A
it'lh the outrmininil*( %jr j ti RIula&i
whip- ii(ow c',I1'3,l l i !i i lit) a IL 1't i
Arthur .
The ti, st inlt'rn e intlrt:.-t 'il hi h .
Por.t _Arlthu iis .lallrol l, tA;ln nott
only he.r'. lutt in lhuatghati tlli Tietr
Tiin. M.uty (iunietrcial teuncernms !it
the%+. ptitrst, are continually wirinr
here for ttnews
In thsll city tmaly wagK'r tiHre h),
Iia rnmuile, at o.-i. if 2 14 1. In i eitinll
Sterling that purn Arthuli i i %% lil rllu
within 'hit rI l Itr' t ,ontlh, i ermian
rOeUihlnlti <'fF'-.i fi nil a ngli htmHt'n IaP
eptling thIe'itf'i.


Correspondent Writes of Engagement
at Ta Tche Liao.
St P A.ogudst I --A special
d1ist|li i l in Ilau Yan glivtlti a
grmpllo,' pth ltre olr lh. lit;l ai T.i
Tchti Kaci ei(;Mnints hliat liw itu.s.An
Imnilii ) fronit iiiariUK ag ly thce lurluiol
JslpI 1n4u(. inl r ilit t u 11n duei I
the f c thatiu' the It lat',lai rIIn., .. r.
tinrf ly r,',linrd a rana t- *f I, ll'..i
and' ', e'! t.i "'uIIn 4l *!''PVor y h)h hi ;,
lral iid Ir'-, ,, I thil tlia n.- (')hi'ne's<
we're, therefore, lunalje' tlo 6Pj* i44t4 dt
*th .rtiltl t of tr he i int- al tr it- for
mtorly had d(lmai. tI the .i)lt R h' aurti
lhry ni'tn -, Thei .Tii pni .- Io ad triatn!
arg..- .caliber Ti l >nd 'I ('* i 'il
shrapnol. T.n'h y ia-.,l .I t-,, hig i ,'

mPr-u t it n a rtl 'tr i l a ll a v.
T'lrt ereofI.Ist of il, h 1. hlaL A' tL.
IIRuant- ,n 'eia'. rtrWi ? 'o l i
)o:I Iti( atitl rtlh w' ;l tlr, .., i, up i(,t

hor ''*Iri l I 0. N- '14"J -nti,i ,.;iit a-t
ib n;i.!. in 'a 'o', il o' ';r' ,< !I t. n I Ar.'
11r. z t ;r*r . ii n, ,i t.r'ta I t>
..tL sh... L l.',r : Ati '-.t f tt -'tr.ilL f :t nt

'u i I r l'i !I1 r 1. 1

B lT n IJr T I 1 r1 '. pa ; "r a.' r. l Nl'i 1fr ,i
Tni rl !," !ut w r 1 ; ''.,: n A -:, Ip -r

th 'r L' if t f '
'*I ', ; . ,. r, ,.. V.
Ij lrn 'n t il,." *^ I', ..,t,,i o rt ,,,t ,,,. ',, ;.

was surprflud and disgusted at thil
order to retreat.
* The Rusilans turned everything val
nalble fa Ta Tch.T Kiao elofore inavlia)'


Common School Fight Opened Up In
the Housr.
Atlflt AIKgubt 1.- ''I-T t ttht I'o bt
hll il f rh,' orlnllulll rli)nn j Irfl *lor-

tr tih .lilat' hlill niti i tdrin'ht aul
rplri t iul tI iif $t $ ; tni, l 4 1 i Ii't. .'
ch tt., ,*jr av' It ai $ell.( to. thi'
thrn int t iih li ii I V i I.',. l t air ti I
l ftt Irtir ilt' i .

mier. 44 1 401111.
A it *l tW i li,'f Tt ..,t4 is,- t ,,'iti L )'tla-
mita l u i,' n III, ff, I IiIovf .iiI -i.1 t 3 1,' 5 KJ]filtl
to MIlEIW thul I 'e l n hool iiirn t fIll rt.
*t- tihli y'al' fromi all ~mIrirtris $il
I).l im>hr4a Ihan a r hfto ore, aintd-ala;c
,showing that t(i pvirli)mto41 Iit''r a-'i
a|ip tir llrit(( ur. 1 r>- imw tiHmgelcoiily
neur. It not bc )onl. th INnll tilwh:
the trEastry can stamit.
Tlihet ivrlatru f of thin' inrert'ea.
lhmtr) mtil raprlinttlenm l it te tmatl-in,
rpilad .iltr+.prJi1tmn+ '4 lit' siutr,
while* the courmmn ii lichitl uinl balu
bern allowed to Inmain tatloinur>. (Ii
sovrtel years. TIhey'. linkk it t li
Morn, Ihier'as Is blnlig uiat'l n lil thil
demand (It now Thef iliht ivetr thi.
ali|)propr!nttimi will .tn o tintllnl't wh1'il
the hotitie tal ei up th( general appro.
priatthins hill aaMin on .Monulday.
At the' aft inoont Let*'onI ) ti'Mt'rla..
the l I ,ll.' l)4S 'ij A lll4) f i,'flo l Ihll 1,
antld I)>,edtl ,f othbot rtiinefl huii-
Thl Ht. IAMis trip w a hnrfdl from
agalin t trvt.ay. .Mr llitltn, or Ftieh
mond. liti illntr cing a t rt :i ila rvIn irtlv
ila for Ith app le' ti r)eportl ni thel qiir-stlin Iast I t
WheplIi r th IK cIilatlur're hithl talt ia
trip ti SSt 12uls to Instlipei ihe UGor
gia exhibit.
. %In'n the dlrIinssIM ln of the gkvn ral
approrlrin tiOitxs hll wa r ''iti.t'd by
th l htjin,' Mr. Itunbar, ofr Itichlluni
mta,' anil ar nIuip'n In tfa r f it h
$1.1.0i)m apllprtprlationt o ithe NortI,
tGorgWli Agrirtilttralirl ath'r,. at IDah.
lcrn, gal. H1 atl orlth ll, r tir led thl Imli
portance of the irlat work inin rols .
I'* 1-. d ani1tAln th"' n.'f-'.ity fore
Ar+)tmtr a-.!hiri .lP4r froin thf hilite,
The g-eneral tax iset wirh (only four
manii- lmlttt.i t "t MnI t')on ci lne1l*., yOM.
terlany .v pjtit lfie s. inate w without an
al.v,'rst, v ote. 1' Thf' .cotallg i t.ll ni oIt
Ithbi ir'lare was nrontlllwphIbed in a
short t Ilni. hiil w;is. It. It rmic ll e 'd
fnu a!l siuresl, Prter lintl> f liirtaugh. In
announcing, ilh, pah1aie, of the bill.
Pr.t',hiint I lii ll l(toi Mk m'cs.ion to
tipeak in theo highp t terni ,(f the* net-.
Otr finatnce' raim iflItos. 1 let .Ic ed th1 bill. There mea iure<. Which u lai
ly coniumes two or three weekly. win
lilspo i'i (of by tIb, rtlllllfllt' l n 1.'"
than in.~ wedk. Thint' w., onily Mc
conii;l..-hld by e't t ltuI lf iid arduloUs
It ., thought that th, nr.ise, will
,peity vroti1ur In th, nnTnnwlunltts
aitoptili hy the' snato, and that l tne
hill lw in th.' hansl of the govtern-
or sKrol aiiy hifitre ;ht **ud if The
4.".' ln, l hiS
Fight for Judgeaship.
M,,tdtIlh'uyv, Ala., AiiuKtIfl 1 -- Tl ,
race fir 1 1,w '- it l. ,'isitl r r'jiru"itt r

II ,.t r;.. t*'riir 'HiriIn ighafm hAsp( nt"t'

1). \ SlI hir'ti i< "' fl K .' l, .-I w ho r i ',. {
ht % ii.i 1I it i :,t,:e I tlhi lAtiia`Tii.t 4.

S ,f 1iu T' ll ,', II I t 1 ,J 0
- La i,'* 'it,, tI .I,' ', 'r .,r ,.
.t 1,11.. 4 1i'l i1 C ;,
t .- 1 (' t 4

. ... -. n 4 -
World's Sculltng Charpionahlp..'
T pi ,') N '",\ .IL' I (;u"iirg

S i I g
9V#t. 'i k PA 01 L. i T.0m 11, !
*fe* n i I 4 1 T j .Il '



Allied Tradts to Make Demad.
of th President.

,t..urd .Td Am'Y. Ne 'w LSrl
NoTHING C OIN, FO R ThEM. ..... EITl ;'

ChIcag,. August 1-A rpordtg u al

house Atrikter take appllast Uh m t
nihle of the bre orf chartie had llaitw i 'E i
botl Iturned tawlay witthe h rp ll that
anthins cesuld he lone for ihmbs, It.

iNTERCST IN CHICAGO STRIKI wai. aid that this dicrmintlation
... grreid Onlyt I the raoes of 'striker
Chief Excutive Wiii S Asked le Give and Lheir families.
hWord that United itak District At. John IPoersach, secretary of the
Word that United Slalm Ditrlst At. ipacklng trades council, amid:
torneys Begin Criminal Proescution "There seems to be some truth In
Against Packing Plants. - oWp rplinti TI unhersa pd that Somr
.b i g1 applicants to thue alets of tie bureau
Sh'.cAh. Altu 1 ia ~~eti o charitis Ia this distrft have -bees
o Mv a.i I'tur lWhtll wilnIM tued away. lIsrmIat-o- arlgio .Ist
Li ta ,,.l.uI,.I, it war drv.oltrdo-I tIhatt memberss of t.e amuni has be
r.- u.iu eulal be introduced do- i shown "
,InkIl!nl M that lin ,idut ItOUavelt ive leMichaelDonelly said:
urd thit Ui liste united States district "' ieuabe -to take ea ofo
n .W are able to trke earsb of obgi
at1'uln'' Mij over lh' countryy beia ..mi'ers and those dependent ipe
crlnilual proertaLton gaKist the bli thin lpm htiul np strike Imts have*
p1.Lcktle plantI which two years ago beusn paid and the acomMalnaery d-p. .t
w1rti i,1mit.lI. y Ii njoinod fnl m en t. Mat s D nt quite' ready f r p aS g.
ling io iI plres mht tinly Iupon *C;X With regard In the bretaq of shas*
,h.ied.. mUIea tiruodurta, blat ,aln live, les I believe the tfact Is that the l
ck. _.tItltion Is -uot IIs apositlo o II
it in to b, Iuragd upan the president I ln So" a pa
that i tIi best Interests of the entire Ant ,CobyA lso sai thai f l
t-,ntry are prejidlirvd by thu egr"t was gfves to. ay of. the .u "tan I, -
art _i ahich has affected all parts of bursau would be overwhelmed watd
the rntiry ua:ul that widespread ml -.application f*rm the 1ull4110 of str12i
ery has 'seu caused. .os, who are In wast.
pUolrt lilc niliLctr tlnl announced to
play thatl liv *rteIt off trgslideut (e1no.
.I' (.G(iuht. 4f thIe Teaintvrs' union. AT VAOWEOUNT*
n:Kkit be (oihlowedl by th- tmprison
nelnl of liher.T' Tbhomrnat, Vietore 'Keep Demeoratilo Rl# aeei
Th'l hl:ritT war aul nig ni t called up Prom His Labors. j
non l r irtreciion froth i00 Iro ob.u pus,.N. Y, August i--Uworage 9.'
thr Itr liu'tetit' rail btinge made in ter Pealx a rr-,ohitin' adopted by the strike an early visitor it Rosemnout today,
liailera,. 0)1 ili rrminid of alleged U. spending maist of tihe morning wIit )
it, w r ;1 ; of pith poIt i lee. InSpeletor Judge P'su L'or.
Hlnt tfutdai !n >italn r t%, o u ,tnilrT l R The ttrvatu of vlltursW has liWltet'e
t+. mT.n' Ii uh r:il; i *0, t huI q ho i,, h, inv -* ri, ,t i' r y rls a irkiih th e deli. J Jua, i *ar ivr's *t c Iin 'C llt epi
tl al: of Ihe kinelocratle preldellethi.l nml*.
"L.'t therliff Itarrt in t e i'n t) *alton t11 be lde'llvvrtd AUAK. 10.
ia ;. t1vrh thi- i)iP fiie for ithe p urp;ose ft1a care' tot say I bis pi-r'h exactly
;zill arnt it i.-% ry :tuan of ith"m, liar lr tas, tlakes! it seen llk1l that the
I"IL itail n1. and .h0fshae v homn down dyrimiwni ail not bei comp|tIi Init
.irn. l t ( t!. Ty wttl viy clos toI* tle day of It iIv1tvery.' It IK
Ih ;r ft+r awhlT., tOi if ho %lants to believed that he hasi nst vet h-B an
to tt ri t I 1h f rri'ndl. Itti itriker.,I work on the' formal letter oft leep
": is i ln i i it I ,i "Ha tII lio r wany.'* tanee., .vhirt ill fclUon atftter (iN a*otl
dsitr':.: %?ti: N r'idine Ros'veit utto th- or,'tiin r4 -4ulit,.t) f.ri cremiaeitlrai will probably outline at "ontl deurable
ticn hyv the mlid mauitst, ,out which It lengifhh hi. Iltaitlin 1a tjoplen ol 51atlol,
w. : i+xl'prirl o l'woutl lie loni.whast montl.. at Imixirtantir involved, In *ht t *ima.
if1 d a if\r r ainlIrr. at hun, jr, 31a follows: p lp '
"Aatra' ti tuit a siriklef o ver :a0fon A bhea~tlful diver lovln erup Was
wr'n' n 'ri n;ar ini t,14a.kiiIg sent down to ltosemount irAliy by hbth
parts of ilh. I'nl '6 St1.11 0I ,iwt roelilenti of the block ,in KJalgtoa,
p i0i i re i Ict h,, !P- ;"',*Pr h*eI' op'I where JudIlc Parker has blh Votling rp.
et4 a fl:i h t ithe o,40-1 of illi rupt. Idence. The cup. whiob Is about 1la*u
lii:. Ih. Inuour ,rg'a 'rt!enf involveb1 Inachs hiKh ihanl of simple deuipg. is
At il If r l., l .t rt-, inI nirM t( |I ll, a eriled as follows:
T, i)t in 1. Li. .a,'n't It'ery and a ', Alhtou Irookua Parker on thi ..S
t ir, Wftar th;,t .. n tyv haviy d aitrui; olan of. hist nhnlinatlon .t the proi.
t'''t n I'" Piis)iit R wii *, tioM denlty of the United kates, July 9.
Tr tT u'c~'!1i'ied. I i4.-
"'F.- i[nu that 11 critlN l& A t <; N. Y."
onor ;,+ appeal to you Ufr intl*,veinIl|l "'The Pearl "elllhbtirs, tKlelt0*1
lipi rtir(e for u1i a JUst land qultitahl, 1 Accompanylag the cup I..h the.folw..
.it le l i-filtent 4f lmir gi' % 1anlres while', iS letter:
hinyav. ie.n of ,'n liratlon. i "The Pearl street nighbom of Kting
*-(bi weir, from van winl ,nevli aty alnt. N. v. arsk JUdge Parkelr to ao.
hri;i nlopi) ah ljt1 n(tJ' fuoswy ept the accompanyIng loving Stlp' a
ii" I '?,r a fiwi, y t h pry- tokIen uf their esteem for tim an a
l ir rintrovtr4 v as th. -; *I0 i ,,,, m1i ir I Uacitie and a friend."
whtih flh. r,,l rrnmuntr ti *:T i :1 i 1 au l i.n .i.;nr. I th ne,:: given of the tokeft.
tT ".*1 ;0, . <*-... ^ In- f... '_l t_ t ... .:- .- -
f.r- a .1.t 1 eiranal l'i-y evtry rnar.n MARSHAL LAW MAINTAINED.
T' tr-'.. in '" e rr i.i1rr s to y o nt'~?e -'- --
tq ,' VJ fh' ' ,l tie I ';,1 t,1 '' ipainish Honduras on Eve of Anothtie
t- l',,', P )1", ;. : ,ar\" i I- Revolutionr
S,,..'" A 1 f<4tin. Ala., Auil l.-A/Tirorn an

M l-.... ... W I.

AallmM"eemspt VS. I' %iL46
.:, '.*. ,' ,, -:. ..*. ?*,'

Srlrq, Autsth 4.

ai W. 'beI M

w11tl be ma. IUUO4WW'..'iu fl
*mbusfl .,d PWf. l ,,WP,.I *

"4f the sp'i f"
305no4 rsot betw*su tS

ea* or p 't .LSL

)wnr w ...
wllm rota atebywI

Rtl a Mt uei

btM Uritw H.,.,.

"aI te b m*W.

will s fteio pe ll' e b

-roto rtu lf g ti l S'pl.f 'if ,
'* "',''" -, '"""". ,,'. r

tata tou temah M ifye Mf
"agtom rtul wi .l. ,t be .-
marr *urppll *n *tU>ii
'altd *as retal Mi *-Mi i

*llaton by the strin tarft

utoe of their w o beto mlk .
gI .-- . ,@at "" M a l in
,M~r ',;. '"-:''.: /./',:

e bs.y om Cba dIo Ipproe bM. 4 ,1
athmre pn g ievagll i.i.II.

out 0i telt o i liiho iM .

pre a bf th Iled,up. have maw .'

tnt thb peay ty glto n ito, Ahe ml '..
t I iate retailetwiltk teIl

aest tbey winl go ilto the bru (4
sek nJqanctloa ,ala(st the sitnM.
Iwh' -empie$NefA
-lPtl- ,wii, I -i. in Se1,.a. bg,' .. *tj," .'.te,




list. e .vral big msrkti 64A ,W. ; .:+
and wsuth ,side of the eity hri M. ':
forced to e loe. .


'r.c'r, :k Tax Returfts. Pamn if H* frit ti r .lu, '--- ' ,,
TI1HT a. v' frm V trm' r tivv. s'y t M issilh sI evew PfSnf* Mr or. Leea oSgrui
o ., ,, ,,, u f ,.. rn Pr, r orn .ncll'rh rvo.., ly.lljered In Chi 9 ..
.. , ,. to Pr*,i dnm Stnul tlt.lta I Oblcais. Au uit 1.-As mplW '
Mh nIn, II rri on i nn mnrtial lw .pit,. h" natural pu early tbia lmor hl mi h :
...L .F, i. ,t t '. t ,t nil, fiae tl t nnKr t Kn '', r l 1 bariw em l ont of ttie !Utory hritkk bbuld,
I. i \ sl 1i v r; I I 14 f to huvi- ali, pr*la 1 '*'t 'r tinmr1tr In' at. 3S8 State. trIeet., kanw as the
(I''-, -. : ," <'i". ;Kd;. l:.1 :. l" n thi' Igh,.t l. trns omn. flsell. Park hbotael a il C 4 p rt Ibure '.
S. i :. an f!n thtni.ii hi Tr iri lp Juries to several per p . .
r *14 .ejr .; 'i whicfih L-a iat Iq iT' t, t1 i t 'i.ryh o. Th friunit of the bIildfiig was blow
;, .t '.. 1 '. 1.:. of h t h liriit ru l'nt ,ole.uint in OUt 'a d hlea y bblocekllt i stoma n .ue
.. iI Tr,;p ehc rk th. ffr Lfrat .*ildwalk. wfere blroken lq pPi ase
.'1.1 t '. ti', h, i its ti t jrti l I 1t, hIo W-vr. thal t ti e 1ii I twved- ltl into tih* street, .
:i\- .:i *t an arti. pr't l, j iVii~t fe'at, Milchil. Ite*<'nom IPe*ter lParevies A14d
artn ftrrvYtn rc n< .il, or f rn. rlnithtam a young W iuan+. all 'moloketi .l .a.h ,


GAINE F L IDA ... .'Y r -I d iTB.
II- .. t i x i ii i r I Ir Ii_ .. ... II I I I i

mppl 1. 1;: 2

,'.... .,..e L.,- .
Io. I .
g' ' "

S .1 ' .U ';
1 *. . :..." *
S.... .' ' ' '
' r [

+ . , :.:,. .. ,. ;!,, '.+,

m m i l . ., .... I f r
rje sI 19opip t~toJoIk.1r.1d0
,, .. .... .. . . . . .

'^B ^ B H P j 11 ' ,u" ' 1 ,be. ,, e .' ', ', .,K. r.p ' '.b ko d F 'I ' H ' 8' "'
', St. Ms A R. ,o B',e o ,,".
U SEn "-", "', ". '. "
I ......R.- 4 l, .A h.." , ,.. .iy... '" .E.,'. .. .

isl b s ,

nie HI i.. . R. t ot sw, y,, H ERIN

.. Vsthnt 4. a i .. a.i .. W .
.:$1 $.. -.4 eu. i. lrs nlu a' OnIla..IS tl

B SP ; !:^l*i^York and aWdr U mm $8.TB i via,
BBB AnPersouH sd storr or Coa a* AWD *UT COs INSURANCE
R Aqu )L Fer s ipkets over the I a W lal

m$e$** th i Seaboard Air Line RtpI Fy.
In.r : eO a n lith a ehedule na d o sP___tt Boc -AiNE WL
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Safra lll t York wi ou. stopl

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S PA a d. SWIoroP lydeNewan En landh pundlSoutherniL
w m4a Is0 the.e e it o, io rnllw he rult, ithl ... I re ee we -IJAM VILLPlO"TON asd
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atH feg tn g worhoi nnrtd* j all druggite.
U i:pIA ..ios" $ rfol o. ha' te meC be U o e wt. Jtoon wS t er /w
m w .a SA m g ay rO m M. -- BeatwW JAc AOVJako il and New ortM D
a. KSMad, asseWh., phovnr to o (efr Jury n Aohvill *n I topping I Palak. A Io-,I Ir B o e In r dia
S M ( J Chrt N. A ldr -After t dar CIY Ot e hV LE

M eSk p. m Paikedr no&e 3ill fop out for about 'txht fonrm f tha mbry L051 JMgksonvil B:K) p. m. 0.ud *, bod Thuhdawy.s
,fleeia isgllneni0 In th sis sr r t w Ha. sreenu.. late La .s tfow e o dJACyKMNVLa BOBTOnd Fraiday.
,t u IiB SS I Iw pl. o' .^ j Nl *n -- I i 1 I .. '* t il I I

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b a I sey, eive n.u.. n. d_ nc" oi tn e oa ehemnes-lka qt Oa.. '. llh.g at Oharlestoh both ways. ',:0

IIi.',IfIb te e ted any with mvdr lhase i Al. un. S .R. ..M .W.........Berford (Dl Ad) .. .... ..ZQ. S 2:0
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bs.tih!e .1.31-.-g .. I our xoept inl ra a s lave. n 41I.o,- pui, o se u it h wi ll! ll - alt drugg- r

nie 2kldof wiri AbouIar pea' t I t ( ci. > rt GNERAL PAB8. AND T KT OFFI W HAY t T. JAC NV

".. l. S)"#@ t. I./W. R ti.s." in tl." 'as ,_4 t Wilia .Ireo aver L r anford OSNOsI,.. .aI. Ga. M n ay WGqe'ea an Iridays. .l.,

,iL . .. ., ,, I I I, wMI jI "' a l .r '* f t-, W '' *. ~ e -. ii '. "u e *
w.l wi what sla. saied RI) fUIi( .f the ItU-k, mt Ju d K r S r4Gpm . P t .. *IeaWve N p
of a v ry sevre hr se rrn rbsemtec bc hi to UMqf--h ya.t r iln rill intnkas ct. .

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*_ S- -' ---woi.-- -wih svera ,-- erijel r.t n't. ti. 'rl!M ir h ItI ii .... ...B r .u to..(. DIomh .... t.r ei2un '
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... ogan' 'i' ng "F Ot NG I ,JR. Am;. tie. Pass. Au!7, IN Wemtllia n. Jackson
(,hab.,, ,,,a .s. was. ret u..eir y . .n. ug. , U.., .'.. .Jr. Fr P LOV ,LLL. $u

S'." .a. I Luta ivu r Tablei .rQa oday i.i ir ii ., h lorf no i irest J!tacksonym u-
M Ni~*, *, W.l 11d Kl t oe reirto h It -h Ap T.K'Pm At., Ne YVor. Cl.t .l.U 91 NF 0 .Ai.. Yot
t s s sheever did before.o ar o o e hr1v inpes 4!S h1P Agio New Vo r e
,'+.ii ~ l- -hot W01 x l 000 U.R(. ImI ir t l ua + N, I1'+ 'l Alit"W'
,, It ,_I Mn ,par4 t ,, l; i, 1!. fr.O iS. BO :h, .. M, P. CPYan 0 CO.. '
>, .. "*,' .' l.WlG 'a N * NOW ,* ,o + t. rtr, -
ewL Ss.. NNweYor u
li ft,... .n.'#, --hi .. in Ie r(rlt .no aln i lt. h en a . l .
S It lvv '^Wrl UlllllllU. .,IIMI I 'PIW ,' &W l ''
't...C...Nl....OK. i .. C Iw TAllOleir TtNO CR; U St
ii Obu obi e.. eI grow.r is ievictd. I .twi Ihilii
Tho hwamsotiaegterseloaWredi o Irn Ashor time ao arnte with
".t. ek ity MeadsodW l r a. eNl ry. gill.
eas i a t" Ifwt tah r ftb*ares eara Violoot Attack of Diarrhoea Cured'
Bl' lS N+ ',i; t obela th mora4in, t.0,( .by Chamberlain's Colic, Choir L
E. '.LB. ."Rog." of the First Biaptlls Ind blirrhoea Remedy and
,1M,- 1 i. o TheI rotom is 0in* Pihn"ps .'hai Life. |aved.
f uTheieat m ongth go-sng aipi. ln A short time i o. I was t t wi' th
il Uto Pis i 5 IuSIOl, whle the bride Is for.t a violent etk of diarrhioea ad b I L
de pete :i.;"" M Mr. t Ml. MHUlier departed over gotien relief." sys John J. Ptatt. ----VIA-
s -tri q se' .the .hudAil A ii for ?la*M Ilrting eil! ha of PIattn. la. **A "
SRir-. I n-u-mr .wh6re they will pind their honey. friend .r oleiinirrde.d IChamtIrlmiib r1 l i l 1
ti. .. y.:il* Ii "1 I. x I bought tweuty.-ie centtl Ittle aniid I
*r hs sIII'!a- e wis he uc happtne,' ,tertaking ihro din-.., ,, i.. wa .nU tt lI HLIU 1 tL nJL L!I iI o
WS: q.J .t' i-. ..i"e-_".ly .ured. eonCiiI-Li t .th# -bii-
W 1. Obs,' saints. For sale by ail drug io.
"' ,"'] .*." : I l H Iw ., I... obi+ M, , .... Nontgomery and L. h, N. or0fixe0 Flyer Through 1
S..i .. *., Nw Yomph, lti, t'rAf te nid .. '. -I --- I ot n : A y 4'
tn s ulil palm ftrrtm sdtlate Unknown ,Man tilted Negro. 111tl nd t0 I 1floo.
,"-i,"oes *beSIb*.il>a4.ttoiflriou sseimemtso Quitias. Ga. Au.uat I.--jOen .,.
4lA s gil nuohn parties .mu U i Bound TirlRau I PromrUnaileltI
ts mequalcaed cs to his door sad st$ down by foo ,

r3E -, -St rf S -' -. If the s by is Cuttlng- Teeth .
NMbO I li N$gla Alder, e s~ d use that 14 and a4wll-
IF 9.Ssa.e ,. AuinW ns de t1, M s. Winslow'. Sot. On sale daily. God .till .et -. ', Pn s-ale 0ly. (od Pity d .
,s M .h t a wl w 1 ...n g yrup, ar er h drnteebi I -
* "" "ell S ,tS ',~t '. t c w up, s lohiisthe child,sotiools. she gIums,
steOi ti by blg tby bMn a. e ss adol 'a aA
bha sa S b Ee4oV dIarrhoea. Tweoh.1Or
sttU A Risate a t
.M. S" ,___,__.._.,_,____II__________ii____I_____Iii I___IIi__II_____I "II : I I I

K,, 'MarNags T%
O iN I. '
Oruuigs Sprip
Edith Bhird, aol

Vso aL___ RiiM~uI ~also of Usicisyil
o ing Sprinpg for
-0a Tiess4ay vu
m; RAO AND P!ITURs exposed of MI
t. 0 i Marlow un,
a*enViNe t DOstiUnetd to Sew*Cm the t6e 6kliavsta
map Water Port of the Florida At* enjugabiw mosmr
an*is Qost, Which Will Mean a B5 most dotalous i
thin for tie Read. O RAOd t.pring
S i never e pont a me
llo. C. WI ,has, president of thp on WdInesd
lswton PhuiphsLs Cnompany, who is Srtain Was all a
Oigred as o rt of the maot *onrdvs. thet N i.s Ol e
ule and 0(t b ft00S1101l business mvres iolu 0l;ItrmIIIM
and promotes In tile S te,. hJs re,. Ila"e. ws u11i4
Oally returned from Jackeonvillel istr.uoty, so.
whetI ie is preoumqed hes won 04 an' e of the losa
lmpolrnst builneu mislioa. 0 ford.',
SM. Oh his been for the past year ,, Mr. Brinson a
the owner of the Jaokiontille iad ril.le have burn
Sloothwestore r;ilrind, a rillruad 1 tthe Springes.
which extended frum Jacksontllle in plarpose of astea.
southwmterly direMton, as the iname Mullh to the
ldltieat, to Newbrrr, a dltiance of assouolat* Mr. A
&boot ntnvtyt miles. This ruoad wV to leave. .uWl 0
constructed several years ago by the lr. "riner of
Omammer Lsumber Company, its priel. sent front school
pal purport as Ilha tiume, being the of sik0e6n. Hil
trin pourtallo of timber from thb rich spedy recover.
fores s controlled by the Cummnure 1 Mit ABn! Alid
the mills in Jaocksovillo. uealsing, pllshed young II
However, that hls road would traverse r1 IiPtln; thi
one of the rmhP*a ip, .tioims ,r fFlorida. rantdmothor, M
both from aon agriuliural and minining Miss ora Pear
,tsadpoist,'the builders employed the Is here _pe53nitln
ibet msat14ii i itA oB0struoteon.' pur. unole, lnther 34
chased h l.t' t looomotlive 'nd null. .01 MOAP.'
th4 Past t" do
.lg stoek on the market, and otherwise peth to return
equipped the road In a modern man* Among the n
Inr, with the r oul that 'whoit the *tr Miss Orler
smine was completed it was one of the Marj Hague of
Wbet and most modern rallroads in the Ts D
eountr. ,
The Dutton lPhosphate Company op. A ltl- thing
rates extensively in the kt Knlid. death Thus a
In fast, of all its large Iposnqlons the meant outs or pul
majorityllf Its mints are loostel di) death penalty.
) 'uaklen Arnie
Western Alachus-and this faet was in'.l he bASeS ale
what probably set Mr. V('ha to think- prevent rasality
(lug. lie 'ealitod that oihtir phospihate Uioers 1ind piles
companies w&*#r conlsructinR or wutild all druj stores.
oon. be oenuitrueting railroads to the Why No" ei
Oulf, which hals sinas been denon. y
strated, sinle it Is kIsoW*a that the You man secur
1)unttIon lhophse Com edition of boSikl
1tay In t*anish a
now shipping through Port lialis, and sending two s0p
are constructing in. ounjunetilon with Lsahy, division
the litltrgebach Pihosphate C'nipanpy lantle Co u1t Lins
a railroad tst.that polit. M r. (hase Georgia
to a far-seiil ni mhn, land realslid alsto Choim
that Jaeksolviill %as destined to ir Thii disease h
ominne the. die'p.water port of the Flor. Ohamitberlain't 4
Ida Atlaltioe $bntmard. helnce, hle ie. arrhoes Hiented
eured po1ssesIttn of ithu Jacksonwiile uiss. Tllt unif
mnd i utlihwe*tteni, phayhtg, it is n.dor. tens tbhe un i
stuld $4tf0EI fr rortees of bowel e
Ito4r/ 1N),<)n fro the (>roplrtye hs misdo is a
The iinews of ihe trainstfer 'if this value has hegom
valuable proirty to tht, Aatlantlic all druggists.
('ast ,ineu oti Friday of last week i ----- -
yet fresh in the uwmory of the piuhli, i '_
because is was s d .l ,f ,oin nsnif.
tude and Iuioraroaee. In spanking of
the dtail. Mr. tCsasc. said :
"I mrl ro railroad man, do not want
;u ie. and furthermore hisavtr expect to t
be. I purcied thi railroad a year Ill, i
agt leeIuestt it meant protectsnu to '
the iitsmrilss of tikn Dtuttohn LI'huplhate im
Vuvnpainiy. I knew that lh. 'im's would S tugs, ocM

eonie, and, at no very distant day, .
when other pihcjliate 'iri would Bought in t,
I.iek deep-water iutle't tirouRh Gatlf q
p t rt., and acted accurJdingly. The r
h]>tton lPholphse C'on).panty have al-
wmy slhipptl the product of Ithe WG On of
tinlues through Fernandinla, it being
the deep water port nearest to tte Baird H;
mines. I know, hiiwover., that Jack- -l H.4
iouivilite was deutimied to Iw',e,,,' ith, GA IN iE
deep-water out iet on .th Atlantio fur.
* Florida products, and thm Jacktonville A.%'
and outhliwestern olTered #4t0 tempt- _
ikg inde icnenits in tih matter of re
cOllent terminal facilities that I cottld JJ
not resist bL)ing it ut fitureu Iro(mpp, t. W 1I
"'In the >al. of t0li road toio h.t At lan. ,
tie Comet. linm, thV n tin tIt 'hWphmtt .
ConpJ.ny in gpropee.'d. as n rtte his
heeti grved up(i whieh w..-ll.. ke .
our produtts through Jleksmivill i
when thl' proper til. i-lt'o --sia ut i t ill
womniig within a t w i tr ' :
'While it i truv that I ha ae I' d 11(%: 'ln)Il
SIonI monle'y tut ,f this !Ati., I itu out '
tfui'exactly hik*' ..IqgrRnfittuih snyK. -
o6lf," good-ntrat urd obtiituaied .'Ir.
Chase. "11 r'oad rav'rsr tin re of the
tilehei't srliol'nsi or the.tattei farhing '"
hort1 ltulur.e, timber nId naval stores, Jas. Evrar
and has been s.df-sustaining Uine
She .day I assueIf.d.. th uowner.i.ip, inRE
faet, it hat paift t hat) ivid id'abotve i '.
Operainag'i *xasn-s, 't5 thSistarditgi A. god as as j
Iti th. l1utt t h, ptt t,.'n omt y I lther. Mad'
haI n i .t U .n t il, ii, i Im r'a w r-npli1 -. _-

oe Pepula Youpg Poe*.
,t, tom O, kwa, s
pm. AnguasU. .-Mt
harming young lady ofl
I Mr. 0,o, R. Herle,
II., ie vsitlltia at Or*
s i few weeks. .
oni i fttthi(ti, party
-n tnt)ln Mis as sir,,
4t Mr. lr|iisl Went to
rver and penrlt a must
lun. .They spinjoyd 4
luoh, thet reeturnpd to
doolaring they had
or delightfulitinme
. evni*ieng Ouaip
4i*4r, owiyg ts the fat
:I Itone'., one of the
sdiety lidies of uhis
d fin the holy bonds of
Ir. ~Valuer M. Irinewmi,
ding truck growers of

idt ohiltdrmi of ialaies.
spending a few days
They came for the
ding the wedding.
great of. his school
li'rlow wU onmpeiolld
)n 500douis of his I ey"s.
Anthony has been ab-
I this wetk on aocOurt
s friend* hope for his

srman, a momt imcam-
mdy roun lHolder, Fla.,
, uummnier with her
r,. Mbloride.
son, from Jacksonville,
aI few weeks will her
* i p <, I ",.
who hI b en spending
ays at Ht. Louis. is xI-
I'aet Tunsday.
eiw arrivals as suto hil
of Georia uand Miss
ash, alty.
*eah Penlty.

L. MsOqrmlh ,'qerhsn 3.eI. ,e
of W4 P,6 M1nisp S 0 0 e".
The oldest esbith4ed 4ods WAStW
and statitlonary bdo hi 46-n the 04ty
oha asP, lpde ,Monday, wheq . .w
)MIuorsnick brought OUt W. P. NoMley,
This bulmesns w*so billt 11in maiy
yasr* ago bs Judgel il;. atlLd tithough I
mRflJ Y0mIesi'e hW1 F4kIm $A0 it his
Ilway, h!avia a ia polir resort, 4niy 1
ari the ptleUlJnY '*r'v lftirti"n that
Iiii f rm.* i r i.i l t), *tn i) t** of
politics It wieite nito at lueion,
t i an interview with it. Al, '.t'noh,
who lis ls charge, !m0 stated It was their
intention to it up a it lt.uiss plu s,
nmakinq thUe sods water d I min era
bftleis a spedil feature, std ete to
the very, bt trade.
Mie, Mamite 4ntith, who,, hs beti
,suotultd with the liuslles for smome
lime, will reamait wilh thu tohnew m2e
agenwb ,, I' li '.,,
Suicide Preventd
The itartIInil Rinouufoemlaust that a
proveeitlve utf iuloid, huad b.a dineov.
ared will liatere&t many. A run-down
system; or deepondeielg invariably pre.
edMe suicide, and something hba been
fosuid that will pretVetil thi comaditin s
which mnake suicide likely. At lhe
llt tIhouaht tiof vl tritetioi take
leotriAo ltIttri. I bilag a gnrlmt ,
-ti*u d 4 servlt well tengMthen she -
nerves and build up Uie system, it*
alto a great stomach, liver and kidtine
regdulator. .1le mAL). % ts. f la siroa .
guarantled l lid.ruugltaill. .


HiN Little to Say s to the Vice Pre.

Wr lth e It ) ?< (LAI!1 tl, l), her 1: .
W 1 ijt'ti t '
fhI'ehi i j. ",t+l vl a Km h : ~ I

-p. 4

.. . . ,

, ., i-" a "Fl lTO^:;.J



Yards Mll.

66.End .Rbr*h


* *''* iI*%
I *.' ,.
* a,

Will offer the entire ot hI W.'t
pri.x made at ou' Mi *.


Ladies' Strap Sand
!. 7h5, for this week '. .

rn Me.. j.

som ettinies results ii I . '"" 4 '.... .. .dIa,'* ei mI': .':I :I orflth, inlsgni.l ,r e, t s .th h. n . .,..'..,Itlt
ir bolts have pall the *,~i ri i ,,.. Au.
It s wise to hay z:ve I. thi 2 a ll,'t. ;22' I+t 2I2 2, I.Ji BJ ." 8 .ih, iS .h ,
ve on earth and w .i .A... .n-) .,, f' f.9 ad
b, wh .n b rrn e, so prso, l. T lthvate* n. Only os, r vo I i, h ., tio ioi vr i 0 tin4 I o.h ver
i- &sriiinnild n.t wirs v i'f- ntjlnl fto
*" mv',..w f. F.;:t. llFai ',.,, 1,0a1. -"'1
n I 8pleak Spanish?t ,, .., , ,. r A
. a copy of t h,, new,2 I a !
et eets tm "'What to I n i lt l
and I to 4y It." t b pp that Coughl .; SM .
re I teAs. to W.l I s ea n h.coats, a ti nklln of r jj1 Irrai. a = Id' '."l ,i ,bI
Wp1e1iter engh, At. Ii
tui u. ." ..s whou sld yrup. Io't wMit until 6 il euotlhae enlpertatl nmetbuoh.h.Imueheest .lA.i
Ir Infantum of h',, ., :,
diocese hao gone beyond ontrIl. Mr o Te m ."..o,
uI lost Its terrors sie" id J A uAndr son. t for the
&olis.Cholerau lll-ist., le 1,sk, tyit, Uth. wrwitt MIiOSt mUCCeToSSeU O
y 6mo sinto lrelerfWe th1nk i ll' -eriholnd i
tMl sunes which ..Itsug 1 el d ( I qmdls di n Ml l ll '. f
of this r... in..l t OaIL* ,lp the t t iii rLs for ou hl Zd .thore otf Wilt emishwe p h r a .n ,
favorite rhee terdIts, te i to N i
S..-,known,. For :lefr, 0ery llnid ROWli019eetfee, n- Kbys thoe riWmt mnow ular oim st, s0AiII ai
i, 10, Pipel, Fit- NIt. 'jok -.Saw ple pises. St.t 3 e "t A p, "a

1oPae-pe..___ .0 t|o P ages D1eil
l. -P No pagesare.wast i i p i l l 61"i4i 11wae..w.

Imtletents now--" *o

|i ,. 5 Take TheaAtkent CoThe
tr Lots. Sold ian 3a ha I: .
us,tity I ' A 'ff r-,, FOR ALL EARTHLY, iT ,,

PO* tI '*ira.65ii iiNWLrt .,"

OAr 4 r For 'alae by J. K. Iedifhw ('at IIN
ardw are Co.. I I I .I" 'I
SVILLE. FLA' A ,_ apid
0 Monday, July Mth, I.w. the City
01 r'ctll of ttairns.villh,, lortid .' Imet s'
mo res I Ared by *, 11 ,for theAprlpimos. ofr t-rtFOY
vrw~n~n*s~quh.sessg c'~ Seecin0~1 - ''-.
t i i t ,itvo r ho year I aMndl the S' 70j) p n
SM ljL II U i *! t"'r" wlr, rni.ed aI s follows: ly, .
IW V AiIve I ra T-' l ,...sp.i 12a40 pmT

tt it, u I -
.'.. |. 1 . (ln k.t!I ..e.*.' . ." tbuOym "
%;J. V ,u l h ..1 11il ,

> r ..j ^. I H... I, t .. lM ol.m .. a... ,,, ..).Il
', KJ. ; l *'I i ) lf
Aille ( ;J on i DIll
.4 V tll ikM ly ' ar .6IW

M ui t I a eJ.z .e. xv 't p (l
Hoek It h, iilly "O A ... ... .p

I&q , *i, La i tlhy Pesrry 11, "" .

Ids Cpada Malt Hie i. ancues .. use
D STAR. w n oio'.. .. 2r; 1erh a:ra
- --- T, F, Theh I.MI eipf nieitw n the
r tind better than mtnot o WilliamN .. Through' ullmsi
r .of ,iu a ,n mal, Mr| IW.W(ilLn ' I.ine ; 1 ,vit Ati4 n
Sof nd Alt C, u li will t.' at t.ile chuat. .r complete tf
it of 3s i auI ) 1. ..... A. t..t I LAS Il (M fji s .MIMk . 4

*, ,' .' !

, '

' ," .,' t .. ;, ?.

. i . i. '. n'nr 11^ <\ i J V i .' .

Transit And pia
,* 'o 'l"j' t' ':": ,,*--:', . .t
Tim tablq In eloet Jame, IAs

Hgh Spri uad lat. -,!
mo ist PO l ,. ...' '

Oats.Leeaaar ad b ALin

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LHigh Spring "
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tie Coast' Li. and ak, t htm RsMil .y.
"J A. rWIWIN. Thk1 A&nt /a

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116'im,4i.torLt-or( th y
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it ho 'foundb.

brSvn$ she ehl% pn ,tk best.
SSZM1 bohs w So ,. ft
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It btt s lllI I ie a oMt.l weekly
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| Vse$ MrO. seCtla imk,@k iaI
rel o sad "Sphaed sid6ie Amr-.

IMe Iml w ll-tinpil r on h.i
.. -Aitoe est" s ti e a l... .. .
0the 4 Stt' a atoONke esobso 'ofn

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fiheb' LObh It Damos-i. se h.e tiro
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orq ptid aSt pae4, alta les
a-t apas 8djton Sierwod and Dme
14slate b ihe itowa Iswh hieh Il ls
paelhtd heM pnmrtm who do the
Cat.e .as nlw. l begldn dweek t
sad rTg f down the sue... li hau

Wrack Visi has;ppolnlS V. A

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ddatd$ for IWS, thugh irte hveat

vv smet the preset aexenDt goT*
or4 motlod o eoncesoetlo with

WwIma bemorew vil ity their
*Ok *i.fl with ohe author of "P*ek's
i lo*" m -hi r ednl ..
B. n. .*ed rem.',u sr IN Wshe
Replbliau. e rn plit into serimo.
lAioi fa boos, sad now they an le th
Ix agin .
'nwi smhemsnsthat amay new mii'
dmws w*il be erited u Oa tntilllei
Iptlir kid tin oaltR of Ith shoot, the
So r O flBn thl. rlghborbood M
Kttortda 8ewwunasn.


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ShT CO '. .. e THE. bs, I.

I *Sfldo!I.v fe O.railolr Uama.

onaM o wk,^ -u W 1 ,1_'1 a" 4 y

+"Ml ,i"l pit wherl At boo wrktil out.
! i uttilt 1 t 1wlra"il nio*ni *ibly
-b, wl n I eu emS hillu h'klii itm 1 hi.ily
Fo r d lnr c. e t ,b t wlist ti 1 ri l mlit
tpEi u lk io otih'i 1. 1 1a li In F r- m
ti ill aIli wi l sur t elna work i l mwsl
it has bliif'uaItl sybrm ipln040 ti tl oiul
lster ilM taiN aitlolire b t ,It".roll

A tronuiut ercoeul A malitvr mor nr
klt othnl .er, It Coainl theo oview itsto
Whatpn jurt mar n a kagl of iull I elinoi
tldl Tmw t ewril im tlale, o iwl wlttR.
It bns. bIIke a wy fnr ti,,fhe nim li mof

0o19 tatt itotril t fev. Iittio vsi orlls to
Ietakrs and Ount Kmnu il tf lrthliwr t rihl
F to hai01 ht1 *IdoW ti. Ith (htle. ,oto
beol)r ali -mtn dap ui. tilhe hlk who
idA ofhiesroimwr enhwoli ohiro rii, aw.
iSi thon mn th ver the n mhuwn as to
What ipalrtkmr package It roiledl out
t, mii ft e'. lnrd aii sAoutld l. l lIIaO
poetail clerk a9s eontrk wouihilt't dtu
It to rfoemto the whin to tli phriglnt-
pitkwih W bit woukl be t'ir ensy al+
No<. It i ak lotl wnlckel froin I.e Wuo-
wi ent t k el badi torSb It Nplllnnifrl
tlho n w |lor. limts yn. muid f i'.pm'll tn
cfterk llis io erIt landed beas orli

ola .t 0 iew ot ed}. r' Wtvi
gurstlvn of eiM01 jiN45 wor<* oif fmea
ti,? it. '
For hlimiof he oith n't heilar*o .to to
, olrihl t en t'wa waotl of rmnsat d-
StI ,o U iOvensml|ertllm tho f in. n*
Itkm of tbe eArel peo rtoni wthio tOne
nickel wan pefrtel, lIe dils up hli
printedl torms Ir such tw oln!dM print-
I$s.nd prnrvkhd *m, at one. nil omt
* toet I nk. dsecrlbtnD li. tohlte irt'll-
i. aI r, nlreunmasinessrw of tr einjg
fast ums) ,ipuha It laled he bpodu or
Ihis on te tabl, Imlipi the Jowluh
ftoNn whieb It wsw smupled; lIbe aiui-,
er i ik el i .I( tnli.... ingn I t he elate
RItld a few other 'tMills.
This rWeprt, wilt, the nickel, gopt lo
the blwadquartor of 1hi ivolea diiwli
t. .w!h. tI eaq r was opemlesl, midt
lron iIo Iop4|l nicluit, lIy the
oIint nwirP reel tape route, the smau
Itfin ramld ,Il wny to the meit of sip.
inmaul givermuentwl "nUd to tlie fn.i r i-
goI I' cIe< I rt mntlt t, wliml'h'i i|'nlt|sf
i ,isruail.i! In~iwey in pnvek ws ti rnulha
Chicago Tlliinu. n,.

tDo not 9riw noir Irrlte lhe a 1liwn-
T7ry M.r &l ; at '3ly yet
pr umpty, cleans.e actuallyy anl

aild hr all druslist, sa cents.


t" 11 -tr rbd fi r *.1 o 4 Fl%
t *-i rH I 1.*. I iR t

o'c gail I'i r*,y .11 i '^I'+1 ,
1 i.- i.d(.s', ,
* O.trUtI i. + Wqel S

Cresm Vermifuge


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I, UWUS pPS ,.v ,m
BSlleadrSsow uinlmet C.
IW al s ta v W N. l..
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lbtie' .eJsIv v b riIm DS r
b' p. "S -.".''"T -. r. 'i

*' .*a m sem .,,q ad mee. ,.,.



POW *s r *^' S t t* v adO moAn*14 Wobsd


1. W. MlcCollm A C.. Drggists, 100 W. Main at., Selnesille, Ft
uJErIPYS 1V 7AI k1 )

Air Line Railway

... FO ....





umbia, Camden, Southern

Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-


Baltimore, Phila-

delphia, New York.

a .J -4

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


Only I nie Operating
Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleans


full Informrtion nd steeper reservations cal)l on[iny mgint eabo rd or
A. 0. )MAcDON.ELL, 8. C. BOYLSTON, Jn.,
Asat. generall Passeta'er Apent, Pasenger Agents

-""h",~.. .11. --31_ -4 1- -I 1

S." "I I I 3.


orid's Fair Rate s..




ale di l o.
pntievtl Tl Ou

xhdat3y t ndl.


l:o'.nd 'Irip,
"*0*- dthiy.
iifvi.**i days.


$20 95 T"AltVi .lti-e
0 !'.ul< w *hln t .r rotiliaA -



.........tit AII..t att "d thttl.t.a. 'f t'A nko Whta amcd A Itpi "t",tin ta'Sf tTh'i
nl' y i e f rrm fortd. witbIt out ,hot (t'oI h ,". t ,,, I rw, Ir n. da Jarkskn.revfll. T'Itireug-elpin ilou r Iomt.ea r.
to t-lrer ii oi)s btir1 an.r 1a prinrpali mo*i*ta'l il wmner relM. r (rint-.ti
('urolI"nau mnd ltlat Inren aer. N-o lra Aemt, ,n A&tPmwrtunitv to vLt v S% arsa-t
<,if Worhld P & alr tw ito ut B Ulti&o, Ia the ntktvdlk witer Iside tf "rsn t, Bwade
throowh the ,bsi.tre NPUintrv, lake x 1 iory. the HWhtndhs.eok*.
IettlSIS miAl valiutat.l iatorftinhAi. W1S. f.dfUtMr %*.. Cherfutul furfulwd Man
appctS LIDS. 1, t4C tK.s


-~~ ~ ~~ a ,a.*a'.n .. .' .. r- L'


:-, -- 2 '- - . -l*






- ' I.


htMU"t iRoute ia Visitinug th
AnuW Reunion of the


schedule Gives Upportutily for
, ,ling Two Gret Cities i of
I she s'1.

Via' I

All 'of t he re' Irs t asl tivs I if I he*
strand A nly ol Uh n iputi'le IIn Flur,-
Id' who enIlteusplate visiting Illlttus
f r I he ialionatl' l aii;ittent., AthRust
tIbli to the itti, lilllind that ith At*
lm;,iei C(o'tit Lino Ijpritrate s .the t|uilk-
fivt *sld litaL ichtdules' halt wGen rlor.
loin aind iluatun, with only one change
of enars for rithIr tcoavih pima uaiersr or
possoeigetrs an slerjoing ears. Paumr-.
l rts Opend uitly onu night oil the road, I
having Jat'eksoiiv ll at o'%loek in the
ljorniln atnd arriving in liloton the
next evening.
To) all Floridians who conmllt plate
visitigi th lIub sald tlhe muintrupul H of
the. iitild st a*, l; isto(n salid New
York, rrepoltivel.y, they can avail
tliinnsell ve of this, tlhi cheaeist o0)-
lprut nity, which compriise a stop off
in New York. that has netv.r heesv of-
fered to the pulslie via all-rail rojuteis.
Ital,. Jaeksouville to loiston and ro-
tutrn. $28-M. Uwats corr'oestlldiiIgl
Itw Iromn all other poitsi.
Rusiness men who can only go arway
for a short while, and who desire to
nttend to huslne.r at any of then
poluts, cali avail thenliuelves of this
Trains leave Jackuo.aville over the
Atlantic Coast Linie every morning at
B ou'lock and 'evry evening at 8:(G5.
The 0 o'clock morning train, however,
Is lIy far the quickest and bwet train
ovler that or any other line. Tickets
will I* on *atl August 12, 18 and 14,
ansd will be ameopted for passage up to
and including midnight of Auaust 17,
for the going trip out of New York.
Ticketr will be good to return to leave
iostoi hut earlier than August 16. or
later than August '20. tlowever, by
depositing these tickets before Augusta
312, in BoRton with Il jOint aS fnt and
the payment of a fee of 50 cents, thele
ticket' will be srtendod for over a
:noiuth-thalt i, until Septlember 30.
'he railroads are giving sian addition.
al ar'eomnnmIo*tisnt to the public %hii
year in allowing a flopovfr ill New
York, provided the tickets are depolt.
ed in New York with lthe joint agent
at i hi' depot and a payment of $1.
The Best Health Culture.
No poor man ran afford to) bother
with any of, th experimental health
ads. FHe is toohusy making a living
for himself and family, and wheli the is
afflicted with a Wad cough or cold. or
develop"eatarrh ma the direct result of
a cold, he. simply takes a few doe', of
'r. PRoschee's t'errinan $.yrup. A tl if
something more sterous, say connunm'-
tin. prot rates himta or any member of
%is family, ierman Syrup can again
lie relied ou to effect a care. Trial
botIle.'2rw. Pig bottle, TM6. At W, M.
Attention. K. of P.
T*a+ regular weekly nms*fttng of
Moutt V\'>rnm, lIadge NM-. '-.', Knightsa
of Pythias. will ho' held a tha castle
*hall *wer button's batik this evening,
tbeginuirt&i at.. o'clock. Tlhlre will be
work in the rank of Esquire'. A full
attendance is dn*ired. Mornlers who
hare tukun this degree arst r-quesilted
alI> to tb iprsinIt anid witness tlhe
work, a. they are entitled to admis-
tance under thi, rank
.. A. HI' 1t , C. C-
W. It. McKiNaer.v. K. of R A M.
We-nd T-rp Rate to Washington, D.C.

. Atlantic Coast Line, the quickest
routO biy two hours and eleven to in
utes from JacksoUville to Washioglton.
' offers exuprilon rate, Jacksonrille to
. Washinaton and trewtm, t3.. Teits
now on sale. Flo!ida ind West aIn.
disar ijmiitd., faistet and flinst all-
S year train betwenii the East aid oaith.
S leBves JacksonlvIlle l 9 a. in.. arriving
Il Washington 7M54 a. m. following
m.oraing. No 40. AtlanleO Coast 1,ne
Ulxpr.e, leave Jaeksonville fA-, p.
S mn, arriving. in Washinglton 11:10 p.
S m. followigti everJn. An exsellenit
S oplirtniti to visit t he natirn'd ecapi.
tal sat i nal mot. Tilket$ ood to
return to Octotbr e1st. Avila our-.

~L.rxr j~~44~Ti~

. "

cnstM,. 4.)nln11t11Hil h trne it'r. iI mI- with only one chang I ; _.. .1 .:._._, .;';.>.P .
ter how able I.,' niy 1). We would Proportionate rate from other pinlt. I '..
ruher do a Dlitle sIt hInbatuness or pay Completo information on appiet o A o1e- stook of Sq Gy G2
ru their do a little less biuintmn or pay to K. C Cobb. Aigent, IiscesNllllet Va.; ss t WJ I swthewa : l3g
with an ulptitmlt. Surceus. s : toyet oll, Jr., P. A.; A. Ma.e- F PrX, n5 USSStI ,. ;
_. ... Onneln A. O. P. A.. Jaeksonrhlls.Vi. -lo..__, .
,.-' -.aa,-utlve. --sr is p --- ..o". ,
"Thell I uetl lii r mmi in to t MA Al I
every man lli wth tin we liad domnt.tlc MsAX KRAUSS |,
deall |ie w li ru 1. bol i Riepeenlh je w er fulUPU .Jll t)'
waier. Ii' asin his busit. use .'
"VS' -
"Well, I askd l the tIllkman first.And .m A, E i T l & CAo1"* W ,
what do you think? Ile gt maid and 4.
wanted to lick ma."-Ceveland P*'* WHO LESALE SHlOES S S sa
Th K & Of Alt rit S, Island tou Seed,nd Twia. TlV. i
Tess. Wbat do you thiink of myr a ew, u I tuher i p o ur. : '"i
shoes? Quite nobty. aren't they? JJls ol e Agen orONAIH' and l lOl . ' ,
--._ they are ratther knobly, but I5 QUAlZTV Shoe. Every I-- -i-t r-
tbint anry "Art t'lus cllropodist ould aa16 tail iturers Ot uie Mri--W -AameL rU 1 I ".IV
rmove Mknobs. -Pbiladelphmi Pr. ea (ICotton Gn, aud Supplies fat
I- ._H,. )' ll'nm'gU356 ." Af*** GAINS8VILLE, '. I.. F5 Jil
Rendenr the bile more fluid and Ishla e "-
helps the blood to flow; It affords Ja.. B.Gasar.. ? m V. .. ..,.":
prompt relief from biliousene, lIndi- -. WILL IXCHAWOX mnfl nwnflnIu X ina lli
gestlin, elek and n ervous hesdashes, I H I RK I' B IiA I
and the over-induigenes in food or Chicigo Improved Property 1 Uu Ul
drink. Herbine sets quickly, a d-ne
after malst will bring the paiieut nito in, r lab o 't or ooax4TEa rzXXB.z" : 'A4
a good oodition insa few days. Tnt.u smltan ar A-
ii L,. Osidwel., Agt. K. and T. it aohms e.ty vpropsr sme THE ONLY CHARTERERD BANK I N ALACRUA C
R., Cheotah. In ld. Ter, writes, April mash. Abhe" prpertFy I s
IfN. Ias: "I was stek for over two paing ftre 10 r 14 pWr .. e*G D R
year. with enlargement of the Mit1r i tea apist mtad.l* ** *
dhm ... .~t_ i A

I A in I -m w! IN - ...ii l t ". .1 ., .. .. .

__~_ ~~~;__ ;.... _. I..:_.Ql...._ .I_~_ _- ._.-..

Ru MOCI tXILA N ', MSA1o1otc. OF "... ,i
.AIAf 1L ~Foreign evernment. 0o Aneet0ne |
of Ven 9Pove., 'fTil dise1a whieb ba brought sore alge.a
Sl e), P;1.tly ~,1,0, ,t,11,:,in la. nd i raco 1 .s .IpuhNh1li q i t _1eg iIe VI.o A, h h 1 .4 1 ,PdI"' RI. i t' i.1 Tfrc i 4 J giC,. .' t a ep
ii, 0 Ph 'i i. st i jl( ts. I ', I 1\, ii I u l q i t lu imi, ilo atimn s is t ?, ronlmt e s tlhe blcl. tist
Fec,- n ti j1 r*, -.n It. ',,n ,f anti "" 1 of ll hu ua* diseases It g -es a
P'mll e i" D"Ih ttst Ud ..f -w ,,, ..unr m .. --. tt- w, ittk T.ttt.4)f V ... Mo Iw4
lbysell Ein1ers. .-. l ,',fl 0.141. l16oftho

Inunn~ufrlriol ,xH 1^a1o . 61 1t 41 w twr' a1. q i romt 49r9lth np oa ,
lih'lur I, 1, rhtr q p. s t M. 41 .', -, l ,-rl]. tionI .kitnt h 9 i
Sh.1, "I4 IC II) i *-.,t3. b ll)o ttilie 114 thl i4 thiru t ns at mW
,94b1 mr T n ,." ir, N, rI r, .rrttn 't'r,. r..r,.i b, ril cittt I lttL tt.|l tUTI Iat. heIIt itt (
S Afture IVI o, Mnlfk r 4W fTIrtIlot- +.ArtII hWJbvda
V 3 r Iii m- o'%r yyllnw ulnt,! ha'l maLe tilt:r fm. ;1
dasa i ergs and..rles *aI alO .lr, riV 11 In'll 'nr.,, i ii ,t he'ke t thilal a$U e., 1'tkl t( s t e,
Spher'* upplhn l,,imh toi f or'!Kgn Mtintistr I.ann.tio lvey lwme., 1u1s'le. titsuel ndt nerve In the tfMIy.'Jttyis4se aVii
----- ", an I .\.liMalan Vint Pittb, *. :lt s ,, poison, and from Ih nth rts of the hrlIt t t h 4l4 fUl I ths feet
Ordr by Telfrgraph or Tlephelicgh ,f rie ti,-tea ,i.t sfnt.jMIS'iin1 s4oun4d sput anywht r WIIInll m pr4mpsatte(ti. ,( vn lchi^ was a perunni fr:. i thu bloo # iwlA14 1ih p 04nel. n"1u
.. of Ai anI.1ni Al. Icriniilark, and re ie:slb o qalkly Inst sirely. -1L A
THE TAMPA EXCURSION qtI 11^ viih* t thl ,mlasay. ,. 40 f c r
SA ... .o- -' t lsh. may ch.ick it for UnUM, but it comes lbsak l 40tfll .
Titkel Agent Goodwin Sold 128 Tick- Tax Neil'* form. H S. S. i s g eamntie4 purely ,vesttblc, ad $zu on ol
fta From This Point. In liarnicmae of Chapter Nof. 411 IA, that it contins a imineral Ingrdiant. Write or outr
The esouruoon ovr th0e AtlaniIe Setil. lt, aws,, of FInri'ln.1 iv w and learn all about Coatoagiotl Uoo4 lana aP 'i w A t.
(test lint' lnh all ;as In f"'tda, tlo it4uatemewt .halowing the amlioauIAt caas d a

big mioeeu, If we are- to jtudRe tli taxl c .ollieor of Alarinmi eosiuty, F'lor i3
number ofi i ekt ,,iis ol ikl tI 1 l, l,,, cint tdrf ,__ .tck.ti *lnld 'ilby 'Ekw kt4t Ii%1 i.A I4mP. ..
Agent thclwin froin this, poiil. ir. li. 1- l,n i hown by i, iity tr asur rrn' 'r-'i,
EhKodwi, expersineed a heavier ran etipts u ile ifn y offlee, towi: P INT
than he expected. having sold onei las'*tfl- .. ...-** 4 3 Uv
hu>.d(rmd and twantg-eighl likelt. (I6. 4nt'ra 61 d. n WCahp s AURALIT OLp
Fibo and For Fuand 4 74lre
Thi rate frum (Ginerilile was $2I.M Itoad1 Fulid. .. 277 NOt O PT PAYMf 40,
round trip, tickets limited o turn tio )l PS'l l0= Fun Id A W r th w 1portna l polt
not later thall August 4., Ti will. tl,,Il Fnd Kiec'1 Tax i)il t15 mio a b i e i aof ite,| lHls .
afford exirlonlIsls to i ampl e rest in "L
Tampa. *Total ... .r,. Lir Awiet and Beu I
ARIANGEMENTS COMPLETE. lerk Oirmuit oun. .. .
Joint Maneuvers Regular and Nation.' i "
GuYrd Troop.. A. : .:5.5i-
New Y"r, A t a -- Ma. Get"ral *1" ''
lhnry C'. ('i)rbin, ctnr iuan.t; ivic ti 1
ll1ir ,lladr,,nrl. ha. rornpli].'t l r a. .
rangers nts for tin' ti i alit amI taversa
in VrgflatoIle h hel th p i l 1tit.tTrhe, VW'is ,0
nxt. a ,,l in which forces Jf 27?,On11 rin. gi.
ulr 'an-l nai:,)nal uiard troops thl .. .
p t rtlpllat., Thw force will ,. ,1,r 'r
anm/.1 tIn two divlhionq. with .oirpi ny m n nI
heafdqsarht rt at (lainrvll1. Va. Thle d 1 -S
-Br liclletr Pret'tLorit; I1). ( 1ant antid It RAIL W AY
-amp wtIll lp near -laasI Au,. "TH -
e(i'uind .hviliVMI. will i. t 1d- in rmnnanibt d of 1 THR
Bpratiler (lenriral) Frnn1,lns Hll and 0I I RO T [
will o ant carmp near Thsrormghfare
Va 'Because l. t-hoe
The prorrhlem in he worked out b)
the ir.,I.s haiei not ypi twen mad, Shortest and Best Commod ous, Home.
pubic Wit It fiIIwis Tr.t.Hod that thi
two camps will he maii: an.,n asp h', Very Low Round-Trip ROOMS R 1 0'.
tfll forci- a"nd will atternipt **I R '
pripe ani olu-nianeivire o ach other Rate From Giinvll Table Unexcelled
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Ys0hi0gon ,ai New MRS. E. ,w PAXTOR, O T

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teb $2.50 pr day andp. Rooms with ad, tp. w Aw
N'47P t. private batth from May Iet to No-
4S W vemt r 1st S0 per day. e.m -I
.X,1 -,...-.-. ----- --.v ,.,t^.M-.-m ,-.u, -rag.....
'44'a 0 'm ot"o...mas" a,.., :,u

S235 W. Bay St, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. i a ul .inuoiu eiy
P^* snu e 110 s, 1006 Itngbd ow uu* wi "r', Sillr TESTYi T U ,. ,

1 Jn*a B j-a- - I Ru.. -el buy she
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SPITH AND POINT. LI w. wu p r. 'Ii. w

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.i .ill a .t, 4i10t n 'tt m" 8. f. COLSON.r Msnog r. JOHN D. MURPHY, Mgr. i
sk Mn ot 4c the close to enteruual. %TALI la
I0SS4 As a mn tu- ,rtdoer tw 11nI that GAITHER A'BRYAN, State Ag'ts,
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7-1. WASRTJLvia LINS kw R. 3.
If ,sw Ta eo l, iost elall tiarml DAILY NEWSPAPER .
1 4061461 Wel> seto 0 all di* s Exeursfo li-ket >ow o saleOaily
n tn b s) e aMt s t .a tufromn.ll t ouind r-
QOS1Q.E l" .W ll' Reveals the News and Facts govermng .10 Rurn lmi Iee. Isib
apilstos d wave psites s Value* 4u di
w.SSMS t N vWt or p~oner will Studies underlying causes of Market 8;tsi caCicurghu 42 :6. I.
*'0.7 w..e I t ru n MOV e ft.. turn limit 1' dar from dm14 of ale.
i lP Ii bitl.ka dTke. *ld' in July.
mi e fall, e.- RevieW8, analyzes and citi ciii. ulroad urrs i low rs from o
p aj&I& ilke SbIre$ y 'I. and Industrial report. A Stha wet lin L
lii_!__tii_, _Has complete tables of Earnings of ,r rit.L dukli .ring ear
-fB tat *1U ..... Proportitn. r;,vtu ,
qi^iiii is UWIRIUE _uote active and inactive Stock and '. Lag $. mk^m It.
i. o"'an-,meas Records the last sale of Botnds and the i
wasi l p 1 yield on Investments at the price. .
he p last D. iAnswers, without charge, inquiries con.
^*^^ 8 e D.O amnimmm m'.cerning Inve tmnents. IIn
uaclpzl. wh daienly easumlht THE WALL KTEETRLS9
SO TAI AlLr, JOUieaAL tI better qwlII u ledt Bur money

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pss.mai ama. A AzomhrakaTm.a --UBILISIIEI ['AlLY IlY-

E - 44 Brmleed Sitreet New eork.
as nl nf THE OLDiF.T NEW i NC l or WA I., TIRiIr. ....... I

i' P-11oot n i I or TsH raous 'National, State and Congression
m I i xi FLYEER T-ckt 104 .
*4L i" -i iP n m in n' P resioew iral Elector,.
ahgnlls*'' i1'* t *r" n n nn a" nn ' a. am n sr 0 F. Iiffom--Frankli. "n uty
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SThe viontezuma Hotel 'A- e" *r
SFRED u MILLER. At CALA, Ln rc 1Mr.- ......
WtaMl that' R talk". blonrud. I .
te4 to .eM& a quiet Itffe F tllr A t onro.
L 1attr hoot b1.1 Rt Nii.. ATLANTA. otA, On the A. C. .. and S. A. L. Rye. V I. SHIPMAN, Proprieto ~rf t n iia .rl-i r
i fl~ tlner mpuistetNone Better in th tWv at3 1t a Day. Portora t.9smpir.r-,j.. ..k,,,..r "
S M ti -ae OS q. The F lorida .Meet il Trains. Ttreaau rr- -E T Ur.Sf S,u

h the Fruit and Truck Grower
sotOFipivahnr n( AKrm'iivr- w. "
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..colu,.l tlll A..nty. Out manner has lP?. ived u thlii county thirty iars ad C. $. Adams. lural
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Irount astlep i1 1ihi lli ho w 'lll I aidti
with Yo 0lin from you. If you wunoil hiliv e tie

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are' LllWed wih t'li lilt" Iltittle 1i1iHi I on

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1 ,A'*** ** af "t

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.1i0 Ivt Y tO 'r him t1n uld 11' 1 .ATTcxNE.Y-.-L. V, -..--. ......Mi M
ahD-oI of .yoar ti yi *l.v nl i l I ivi . ., SOLICITO f IN fuL N leItY. . .1 I H r N. .
It to heoit it41f tirainge 4eo- --- Ordro a t s,
train but true. for I h:.ave l r i it. .AINEV.Ll.. A..hurs ( d rs se F i ... ..
in' rls that II ter to mar t Ut rn receive .Orllpt iatton .ag,*
do.r with i stick niel bury It wider the Office in Eu 'Mi HIS K. .'..**,.
Pt'epr than to nirk the tail. EIither wiy tion alnd the class or m 0 :
S* DR) J H. AL.IERMAN. w o k w o tunERMA
fit' d''g rfuM to hidrk at tk t111 ae. t " '
IThJt' ;.t .jf l,*liiitje tIN. Iucc toA eler Aldermarln. 1)01111W to **
'tf Iin rt I I-ot i< i is una ilr* ftlary liJlJt i jOrlecicS * *...... SI
t 0 14 1t., r, . ihe Ui llr,, flt I, WU. leu Over Lto A C..& co .-L. G a .Y1e n IS- .. .
us hsuml ~in : tie ( MiEtit elag 'Ala st'- Itto Crowsa dIWdeWSor *ot ....
fe: I, w.v4t'vr,. Is .-nwily : l ( rid of. If, e _po__i_._ _ _'_ ___ _________________, 1P0 00_' II o 6 L..
inant"r gt''er'n l' tie wN tint h1'tti4 -1 ---- ------ -w---- | D i 040
fir tki r'qgar*:!killn nimn timt Iflis* R 0 K10 It Tgaiu 1 6
isy lieu namlolir si osrlier 1r twIo rM tre[ II I 1 2 0 L7 TI0
jatlhu's l'ti ,t rk t( i It i. i. ilti of DENTIST. .......
tri 1141 tail te -s 0 '01t), of it and gives
it I l* the d, 14 If "n \ythi ll J 1 i e HA re R iu x .aI ,hen .. .r. .. *.
biu airer he' im mroiti tiht will, 1ttit a ri v 0. ram--t Rimornee.In-e-vY t s Chrid.
l CrowS, IM work and tllll o1;.!*CII a.....
3M' li ,lle'tit IIoM at lit'U t .. 's i Meein) -[ts5awg xcasne a* )S*
UM tIW juUi,- In S t *i osur tIh t r.o i ttattd (MAzw 'YIl V.L. u. *. I I .. '
the lIw t litmnter luld hurt a- - --- Se b nd Us Your r' r '
ivln Ugts4ui over 1>1 en., 1it wilt HK WEST END,Wl
uke' ia r ,iuf 1tattking sI(s. Dit I ....
t cnitt Ii r ilI fri"n .vt I V j A' worI tl of FINE W(INES. J1.U(RS A. Ci.iRS. Next 0 r d e r J r. HILLU
wurlntipn here, I 3llt ni' fi my I t1111 ii es JOl MENOJ1 Pr rit or I
too litrfal .i-ti SOtl iarke l w heaid in- titsI W. i "ay t.. Js1ahlnm ite. I# "~.p. M S-) U s
mlien isf tife' g: ,o otan.bltl -and i lh' mwmMninmiumm Send Us.
InI. ,?iitii, ,,eini, a 'of tla sutl, ,ter Fast ,erb. bottl eand dru-ht. bon't---
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brain thI tWill 'will smwin thrutrlik the' HAItY LEE JARV IS. I I
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gekxl ftrtme oi t it see. the trick tried. tW ri i it ir. IIis fB n)
Out10 d*y I Witu t iravelugiun i t ow lower D.NTAL tSUkhE4.
Prl of Mlekiaeniuru sna ty wheits
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t.,,t arr., ' .,w rel u i s "c u __ _ _ _"_
" A16 .-.. -..... Law Send Us

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Your Next Order for Jb W14

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"W1ore y,'tonlog Its 4owithmpvapnuu RI,
,'", ?' 1""'R"" "Y$<" O HB' A E I" '' I
v's e is to rlt ilter' s mts, so '
la il | k li. a ir ti".'l Prov LwX3Pr.

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Th i 1.. t ,... la i 1 rug . bati i as |m B B B",Go

l ii ii I ,.,st sl n *ni. I..rt' it l ,mn .i:. (I ,FLORIDA.,,I
siiid.:, 14. hiuth l ,tl.t,,h ith...1.. iel o' ported Wur grlw.r.w r aw .II
om,..eit. isp atwi nk Wl J l'.llat were mait- O_

Si i :p"d' 4'.' 4'ettl it
.,.p ,..[a 1.s hi',,nu Iy u T rvida Ua Steaks, Fiha (h.oh f iam 1nt o n. pW e pay freight or e
0 1'466, r i i 1. "l, 6. 1i11;111 Itmi d U n "A ,
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111" il1nir i'1(1init1, ,'rii|*.; A oll"w FLOw.IID iA uops w
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14- 11t i I. i l M i r141 I i t lI whl el Or hl A, 2 full d usto 9.* ..t..9.. *0 , .B

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,tji.111011 o f tli IfIi t. S E DA I U ;'
,--- ,. Ni l E, M 6p. ...:., -BS0s..,6 :i
I,, .. DItoiwr -,Mr. ,John.s,, won't ,,4 fu q r ..a .* * * m u,.
yue l in Mis tw, a li p L m for ati, ,t -. te ...,, -10

Witonl--I'fl rlil d I d lullt knowhe n how, *
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rstrwrtn ir t ititi ru~larD of sN. ____________hind We handle .veritbbag
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Sevid.Yo.r rUforn -. plIw aP tO '&0 "p_

toni.\I' ,iOitr., I do ttet hori n o. *u.s, 4#.

Mrs. 11ll.. ,r -Mr iJ nvo aL, -t LA.R.D.. 4 *'
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W sl U ...t r --" -_ ,.I_____ _._ ,_111,--1,11W-"..,A.,
ponvdan IY. o, hat, aR, 1 Oiprte 1 0A
Order to theN

oT raA 5r I I I
A7iq .M -.. .- V ' ..
dum0. 1. C M e has reurmed from af to REMOVE
WTp': 0 6at A og w ,4l bmd1 4 le trip to JMakaeviI. : t t I I N'
wa wWda!-t _w etpsS ulpw su kle o C0n J, W. Iso oh atow14opau yw
w0ijiM I vte to o OsipepMd M, s i0 e 9y fora4srmw'oirtomesaor.
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s4 Mn. P. Wag aed ol *hlr poil Ina Sotibh Fiorlds, u |, vUIm
o maii. 5e lt ii lf P .. i J. A , .. o -ewalsA: ki( homl
.n.ntsilo Il lu1' O0*00h tWinild ,d ae Windlr gerdals were he wiAl J
'WTM to ep for a few days lbefIore@r* ., i '
Req. 0,?T. MaeRe e ofuLv L a, ed, tmotupon his doaese me prihijal of a T

OihSa Chartsis, sem -d to is horse *i- Pa of iWaplro" U1s, iter ,
IIeItBfi after lk W0 1 91 1116 Whis p11Mal P vW of usaeral days to Spw*3
B111,' (,liMWl and iMe l N llr In th1ist,' "
IS.hdhe- All hole $isuUed S ih e rdhose.
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."Iwoo 11s. f the Vaughn shied Usore orf Nlew
Mt. MWl.d n*. w I. IUador ad York. Mr. MeDowell has bon' doa.i
*4"i tbhe.lip biw nI mm,~d f lligh. asse- dd with thist ram for o"eral y ars,
-lit esail "Nr. livluadmO and she land ha a4ujoyid fine s ueo ll,
bliloMae 1a A bees '1ps i 1ot As .0 A 0. O-rm of 0Likeland, who has for
hems te1 0he pass it: wees., while Mr. sho past three tueeks beoen in stilem1
t tPsIMo-l400sm spen! s tl Is eeatilop wi4h old ploy of the train dipateher's l fflo.
shs., frieOiN In lYiriuIa. They all ropors a Atlantise. Cos Lin, departed unday
0t. P t ie*. s 11 fr his hom Mrn. .Crum notr only a.
Afterl a Omple of. days spent in this 6lirslSs opeLator, .but hsoade sor mas I a- esmW do.r. !s
bbS& Si lnip Msiler returned seWsy well, ad will rdsiumne his former run Iti nW re.d inWM Pipe.g I.f
l H' $. .ias ,4. *shamsiille. The MIltr amid Mal. betlwen High Springs and Lakeoland. d I4urI uplsom: *ml rmIO
Iq lptl Oseiry Ooapanp, whleh ha just. Arthur Obiy of Micanopy, t noa the. r elW n .
"it ebo esmilied w isr ineveue4 capital, she orm of W. O. Chilty A Son, arrivedI mo, i e l wi be f otl I ni
he gpO dtows o tbuiauos ud Indlall tll the city yesterday elilU A. D bo. ti it. l. or 11 estfy 1O li er
bam are nothat ei ra m will enjoy siW hiand 0. 0. (lhiotey xpet to inahl their I4
Isle bt emfdf, d eparture thio morning for New York. i NlL Wth o wh e wlrs i" Jt. M .
^bp Rst6_ nd lt heur eI- Il$ .-"willa have bees uvihf our Mb
oplowhere they will p urhseo a full lii. of14 1ua1l pam. v em pN e ie
=a,00'asJesk hoa*se; otalmsta faikl oods for Chimty i loti ofN Mie.-j xo Mllk im" ntral l ni rI brs
Sw l ileated eorer Arredns opo" and II M. bhliy and Co:of Shle without freke,,. I eas r :e old id
g= whale Use. Ale moose of fave a bettor eason shor
ImmlOlt$ of UGalw NATIONAL TOIlET (tL, Pari, Teem,
80 0amei r'l0vt164,1 1 Mr. mad Mrs. J. M. Graham departed
1 6C,,,.l plety w t, Inl.7 i esl ne for Piedmont. W. Va., where oa1 in uln gin e @ Thl lTne, ors Ishey will be she guses. of the former's Ad lim.lrggae
6111'Third soafteHf'And allLa dnP a lllDrugist
brother, Hon. D. X. nGraham, fotr 'sy-
M. O. P. Bons md Ms -. --. 1ea b( weeks. They will proceed On .
"h If mU7; dlsghtwrulim Milla,101, 1d1anis o M1s UGrehamIs forme T F TAS
s.p.. lk 0m-.h".i,. tp.ruu -. home K V MYorkmState. and alto.-
usimg teeIa Smlem, V. C., Whe tsp ,piker elpe"s to be absent fors is. re
VOg 1ii f. wilt mastls t e for it few P., E. and J. KI. WJillioa s of Ala ihu as.
d a$ rpelI h/ie fil i tw of letm,' m:oi poUndiet oalknongC i
a14l0 weeks. limds ish ithes 1tie e0onpi w a k ingon .thoe ho

." "-' leptson yield wets never boiter..The lie
crop will be earlier by two weeks shi.

MULL.eeo wilt open up in aboat twowe weks. Peemal altesli tosl. alter l,
.,1w. r wll, wholfor the pa'st year i l l_ l_ Maill tl_1_l_ erher_
4 .. boost in the employ of Mrs. R. Wil. ptroi1a1 alended to. -
noa as a oebman mhas s a goodCaMTim.AUT
1 Ler paon i, th. Roboi on Mofen QaaVille.. owih
.;..".,' ". ofbr hera O. H. cit fwellwho h ast to --
*550 tms Mr jhobinson s tTaE tstTIhatTAh
prsplesea in agio eottloo, in copul#IrnCF I EIdtlURlk

has he i pMario nerounty K. seobinmon of OAlsl who
'". I -e SPACE oa h ue hee in thhp elwi boa lthle pear wo
dihis on sevielr o hiv br, a her ham n. Wd
se.ds.slmlla sl m rs , ealaof Mr. ct obin gon aslra dhyt bhe

- ggml pod. !ell a hi pp.; Grie o,.,il, head,< _rdpotund,

attalM1 Biand * 'of se eoltoo having elevdy @atl e e
harvested. Chms. Young, a planter
S.. .......- -- mear Oeals *expeiO teo hav the flhts
4 she ciL r editor of bale of the season on the 101th 1ast.
N1 Tw* 8000.. Mary,the wiforf JoeWph Paebal,6 ol. ("niw ooorr sooi or ,sOsanFeo.
*- HHBBa lfW 5 It 1 ored, died at her home In East (klots. MAU s iacu OlMaMsi, Duip (or.
w-Be-vill. a :30I it : lo'oelok Sundy evning, A!t. sm'LMR rI a.
t r B y i orf ing llanit. De- asd -
^**Wa*mt 8 Iating '* 1tTabout elmxyahrce pyeon of r. and
SIIi mei.sdm e mkAlollItI EaNi I has resided ui Oineeville for many U 'IR A lOT
"6 ya hrls nd Truck jeers. She was hialy regarded he iu h*
-____ __ by members of both roes. and was a
i~.i' rue Christian woman. Tie funeral nuld thef Li0)est Stvle
SW was held at 2:30 o'clock yesterds a. ill FoLDERS
Iaea _.... w h u 01* Serooa. Rev J. M. Dm of Ms. P0em .
tob I *I u abas .-s Marc at Mh. L. Church offleoatlo:. Robi at
tatl t Istiln wish iny bah **l oo Aleln wai he underfaker hn i
hind a $Sp this I had e mw ITH 'S U.
0P..' -mdtsp st siesst forbldder trou. Card of Thanks.
,.j . *llwas welteved. eXeps the We. the family of W. D. Well., do. .ra ,r- f ..tI.l tli boys *!b sire through the oulormen of The Sun F a ess FOt af
J L .. Wn"iume ,I . w, m tn thank our many friends in Gaines
.. .OSa V. de," 3t o Grs Disco. Tilte mad North Miinwill for their t Ru locketo 1 i.
u tpr kud puipathy in a5aiiaut'dtuuri qg 4l dilA1 A I .i b'41.0
"*id a t e rlved .. th recent illnss of our mother. (lt 11 ;

i P t.r B T, Houis, formerlyIII
B' IS 0 '1 .' iI I I ' '. i I A A I N. r'V 1 1. V I i iifc w iii VA

l +..."- "+!nA Tlne *ndr. C o
Osesa Oh.lark, I 't." *.,Gin s ille i iii

,Os.ebtal. b uleof the Tqs. WoeTU AVI I i
','I pip,, f,, r i"a i a~n ,,,r. teebk. r.amol IUIUvnl larry mi.,,. Li,,,-.
I* i ili l e'l, ea w lb a. l-minsl enmt t I. Bi pri r
u .,Smsu WUPiS- ew of if.ask etat. and ( .1111 ns
Sad a11 "' i t ularIthI f the kid. -
Sap 0.MaddTblr, toi both as 'oanid Pllt o t m t Pris to .It

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