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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 31, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02006
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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1416;K..--* .. -.va4a V-a L.MV W R U J, .m i.. w.aa a a.. .19 0 .. M CS. _
1 -1 4 3 .= ,: J + = -' + -- -.-." -+ -. +- . -' -7+ "". -- . "-= _- '" -" .

a kiliing of K-- "bdanw-itch. or- I un luahat then the map
her Jr.he. pmltat
9mmxie oeseraio otutmutwss An oNenW.
'-/ . n .- _. .-."w.o was .. -a" .Iaat.. M ay 1- m a ...

I*tfiN T l l ; M. orlMepofE former mTmlOet T PIA l T t terM .
o f public instrutonv -who was ahfu IU U :iUti 1i 1 tar Wlbrdt, Bimer aul,
K^' *' '''' ~ "by-Peter Karpevir, J^ruaw IT.i 4901. f t Bthea os
&ad OthSa IS of thqe ufeiet
= "- "gm the effects of his wound. ad M Labor er God Is Arr t to Iterrogate h
S-M F AJ :- w : ,a_ t Pe.o Vo Plebv'p.?ece Is a priae aonversatmc

asa qutt8*noted April" 16. b MId Tnspctor HUDt waiting 1909.
a StUdent' named BatJusbo#i and the then awayl IncIting report
CmS-EiNTi ON His CHARACTER attempts on Prince Oboleast!k ow HE DEFIED INSPECTOR HUNT. The Inspector then decided to 'p
-+-i--! !-^ -- -- -" | gove r iof Khtroole he being are ----- Ool to be booked and admit
governor -of Eta rkot h. being fired
tAro b.w bAm y Unraveling the at four times August 11, 1902. aa For the First Time 1 Chi of rrikid to bal and the thrng faded IW&$
-.way "_ -c Thi Cme. Prinee 6Jitzstn. governor genera ol Thousands Is Taken In Cuatody-Af., the delayS mtn of the Aii
: i ----t- - : --- - Ithe C AM casns. who was stabb d by f i, r C. _ne_ .E_ ] Tr e h.. a lreon e ony os iddA t atr
am -If fai o r Created intens Rkneiment, In we, r
q -tbree natives lIn the outskirts f Tile ere hrd on ee side Aftr le
M Iitd l World. ._|Octoeber 27. 1903. The more recent Chicago. iag the s tation (olden walked to rt
'S:;_ F ^ W-W.W iy. -_-. mm|i, mnuder of Gefteral Bobrikoff, ot P'i c-hcamo. .July O | / acr-ne ttie street hertre ahe re
-14mnv hail acrose thnerw& wee b
r nuselan&% who was shot by Eugene Scbau F. ld, c of t he _Teaer o alrea y
try|- k-n min-, of-t-n=&" man June 16, and died the fole wln Lurncd stri-ke Picket tUq., defied N.
K a. m^n^ster w~' a~Interior vonmorning, and of Vice Governor A ^dlnspetw ola n tzI STiKER MAKE ATTCK
F an bkoamphiclo sketches of the e._t -l "nb tdl and a uca aterlo. wt hi u r f Nges .
Sassaul ted Jly 17 l Iat. probably were he -o -
d"d.sbtesaan and iments on- LI wo o nea i th sthis ploit. h a e nair, up flu o t w tonirs Pani Fo bNfoe
characte inpeto ait QE
;--- :.- : _-_ =_ _ ---i. _ri ot eO fs e i k thI is p lot. T h e | ...
:.;: -.: m m~~~~~~~~r a c ~ ~~ r _I m~~j a n n isu t m p l m l e ~ e w s . n t h e a i r r a n u p a n q t o r e i rP n c o I
-:ra"e r as -i A ll" : r" . t-- .xaf aI- "n t el y I, p flg h o f sta ir
artee tbar. a great personai ty ha l tercie as udueuy ta I_ ka Tng tbo Golden's office. near thE CBict'mo. JulyO. A--Egty negu
---.- - -, t -, -- -__= .I m o te Den g ea n o D4 T h e a rr e st o f G e4r ..C _" .- ""
Sbeen vack n off Ine the msidt mo ve. Torhef ca ca tucKyards. and sezng the asr lead. beg transported from the stock a
schunn t was conducted under %e by t hc Lake Shore '
-- Tb RB cairteumsmanc. He hada bbeen thAd tk e arm marched Golden to tai in twg cars of the ak
letttrf rihtinm il iet W- c~iuwit a ncvaes. ebdbe -.had-., ohdfrmvrosplcso ne
t/ 'The Novne Vremya prays; we th n toa. pn b ri
aft-t veons Ficde as strong .. owed by tMe Austrian police and oe . ww own ita n : .
"It'..--J,. 0g- -! PeVe was slwnlg,,'inteu, Sen to StokYrs'8ain
.mm, but mtofal. we oiari, I at left tr!ed to r ape S o Stock Yards Station. attak by a mob vf 20 hwiwt
Sth-ar ugh insight knonw wnefl W ump ft an oeeiie Car arf'r an The teamsters president was put sneswhi. h demolghed rr y.hi ee
wha- t prUer f--were aaitro exciting chase.- (,erehunin was cap- e of a sgeant and sent to thj : I b e i
I--.r- T" "OCW "as lo ,N ,,USAN -Atyuck I l s" -oa s an- rgt Avtreeto. the Kcpeflio
up"itO a ua~in -true o of whichwasred. aud h panyd two utPers. one of ck yards police Station a p rsoner. Wgt strl aps tn
-t6 mike uP abret f Rs.
Mo life." wh... wbom w" a woman.we tri.! con- Thus for the first timeathief of ro' a half dozen torpedoes warned
thou.ands e rtak- engineer to stop. Instanity in xnf
The Russ declares that the de[ kt.i -and senteneed to death, .it t .t iktng thousands wasu take ifrom cai, -lcof
amlnlter's faihfu nm will lide in peror, with Von Plenrts a'quies- tody. meet and r e +riock throwing rega
.--oonnecon wth arlul~ura and .ta.e. commuted -the M ntences to- U t.1de-. dscovcred a wagon _.'wnet Tee p a- o p
ant : reforms On this Way. His abIsity|n Imr, omty e r ng b Te) being drive pommast nit A. f

:- ,to .- _de.a- with..... r+.sicg-i^^l ion to Albany over the Arranti, C,(m+tjaud tear;- + d tt< t puity he wal takenf of iet -the m .s Une ti stineein Schut s The him to Jo tl aht is bto soneut Theo mbeat h:bc L te_ d r y io;n iIe UI
wetPIso.9hindow. he ate to The teamjs'cr:
hsw: telain i -pia nsao f,. aevdt + were hld rnder ter days' c a war of go ing. g oldren a iern th cnar s ats ow neh y Ike r n rp
JROW ON EXCURSWON. '"Xr~ywvLFre I please so iong as I a~t Awasfo heHC
Th derf ol ostre-h and rtendattytn s. l mit ys tturn tran Iro tiy h-h: Aittu te to snr. ow r -

46* Vow everve was A. +.,,:, man --9 .A [r2 [t0. |et ,,
Smroad Company Will Prosecute ruly, whenu (olden ordered m the s r r

: deah |s aI-OPB to o -rnat m ,,a Hfe. Artesian Cit.y has h, en toadip.. with} ]utm .shaMing hi,+ c~nt Rt rh,+ tri Th OfcilMes.graas hlartuus excursionisits, tlkewi... headed' *;<(-: r. di-;ar.<} there woaid '+ sa nth P^x^:ant + avenue stati+iD anr, p^.
with- a T ason toer- order, which was
HNumber death Is an otesrasedis tO er to turn back. ubif Gtefgn t.I o; re ted a

sean tirny atrisc RUw.isna..y He if oGednesday a -ternooy, two whitexur1 it p"e i r dlr t nht "ard-tt cp. oh fas andsent woth e imnl e,
_ie D hi 'w y His abloatyGld n o t~ 'e.-

: Wt&MtJl ftervant to the throne a-d -me D.. 131 navs. fr Paax. ah.] Jar-I an~t the in.,,Hceor hut tiim ,ip. poran 01 F -odeo h T-.- ?
t to fatheaed r e waws lon- daa Roseon to Albany Bloomver the Atinied Coast I aud rea ted at r stae n. -ann who ordered th wa :
tmucllog all classes Of society which Line Li still bearing hrut The I hiCm to 1-o oa- aheut his Tetn :l r Y A;^ utinr

hfell Into hs t .ds evidencdhor at w o rrn. it.-, ndwere hold under tinrp. dayshoot Te armwr o Wrt,,. inT,-ie pxain& Cot nere whesrezh and dlyMslimit and every retols on te train trow t! ta ;h n f':! Pli henS to the rnsVca ;un. hr pk
dof-ul. srdidenot and omve sn alt His Westn 'rnnArttates mails, Boo.! tbou+atd n.n ha. gathered 10 wale** p.rsuig him- The pehidi nrre .i'
deth -uoidos:e a km t reIan City has been oadi to wi th shraHng his cl t th- stri t ks the de Had
hi11aruttlblart-us excursionlst., likewk.;e itaded' h e&r Pza red there woudh tuEea:neaeu ttinSnyf
Th-- et-u O0d0:stlal Messenger says: -. Pitat a"~s --cd I "~ out 'hr h ices: r
TM bandeat Iow on th ~ewliCto h dawn Iwlet Iotecy^lP1< ta' Ti aorg,^cae the~l o fats u and-sent wort in Ac

al- true servants of his foilrv.' hole two officers sat upon um tc ren. -*I have It-en Eicity emf no t f was overae and
I I rTenty bystanders were injured b -1gd him dr... Theo n ha% bn rans' fenne awaint the tawo t t am takeea dozeh pherts hadi soon brouat iti

r a.he explosin of the bomb, but o.- ly g a gsenerel rough! house on th, train up like a common criminal. I shat a stop. Tb driver seeing the stre
i' aevn of themn were sriously hur. an the way from Albany. i see whether a high and mighty inspeo g wut strike s8mwthare. turn'
S-,M. Vo tehvem s w nere will ph b ulrtD s Is a young man about 30 years tor of poilee i more high and might kCk a.d escorted by the pickets- u
KVon Pklehe'sx funerXl rb
t bly be held tomorrow [ ",old. while Rowe is a middle-aged man, than the righIts of a citizen." entered the yard, where the aet wr
1l I. unloade at Armour's
with a w-fe and eight cillldren.
r The newspapers prfut ,nusually fuall a w-re Jd eh lre_ oed at Armours.
- and free accouta of the nrme having Rowe M never carred a pito it Anne Are* are. t -
r 0 bee-n offically notlh&e that no re ais life and Dlavis also den," tha l the f Godens arrest th RIOTING RENEWED.
I lMtIAnn winm h n t -a nn ,wa .% n charges against him. bt i says .--tol p too t ustoy G ur wh

.-. .. . .. ..- . .
_. ... % = . . .' .. .. ......' ...

.. M U TE .- iM-

JA -PS -LT --wN 1.

I Ta TirheK m.

SmThey Win Rtatdy Rod by tt

S flast 3ayntet w twimn -

wr made A"

Raft lb Chm. mte

I "m. 790 ftam
Liao Yang, July 28- (Itbey4J-
w t Further details I the lgh Uag M
Ta TheMa Noa July 23 a"d24 b t l
Cate that tehe Japanese w- My
reach 5,000 men. The Rusi a oe
are officially stated to be Abost S.
41 The Japs woncuftraled tid attack
against the Russia left but we re
<, peatedly repulsed. The TMIw
d* ade several brliaunet bays Oarssi
L4 and for the first time the R _6
S utillery was used ein high aagle re bo
Shindo a hill. the fIa bei ded b
ry telephoIe fIS au a" U
L tainge great precismto
of The frtalaam did d -reu rhe uSE it
Ie ws estabishod tha the W b
b seven divisions.m
0- The Russian forces are aieMtremr
a, ed at Hatchetg& and m -a-y wil -at
t- etire further. It peed c m tat
ke athe apanese will now tdva aee aat
- the left lank of the Russia ioha
u anj, -

Se eamerUnder a

it Amricai Compay.
, fudivolnmock, July SOt-Tbe Gnius
& steamer Arabia. under the chatter S4
s' an American compony% whish am caw
41 tured by the Russian cruwem Grmo
Ld bWi. July 22, a hundred miles nortb of
.P Yokohama, has arrived here in charge
^41 of a prize crrc.\
In That portion of the stetamer's wu
*6 which is alII.d to ie mmstraflad.
ejl womn from Portland Ores. The Aret
aI bin. with two other shipu of the Hams
aed burg-American maopany, Is wader thr'
'Is ier for tree years to the Amtemc-
p. 7ypjj lu corn auy, which, it Wis una
tie Sd. is engaged In carrying cautahmst.
'e* She is commanded by tepeehl SBa
9 and he has -a crew of ten Getaa
twi and 17 Chines.~ AccordteKg :. amrt


-.1 s

***- r+

... : -
S:: :

-:- -: --:
-L -.
T . [- **

- .I-L

. .^
-.. --'-I!LL


.*_ /-: ,-.1

-. -_ -. ~:;

- .. .; .-^

*.~~ .4 -.

I -_-. -r .


- C

Smeatsn by Chinese o- board. am
rid Amrrican steamers ar- encae r
.*- cafying contrabaed.._I iMo I teo'
Kl arms.
The Arabia Wlft Portia" July 2 with
a cargo of flour and railrhw4 ied
rial. The greater portion of the
I flour-2.706 tons-wa axiressedi to


~r *-

. ._--2

* r



^^:-;oro- Egn

starce Was
^--"" *-' Ait~fi~fyte C
^ ^ -. - *.'-.

ir'* *'

% '... .

"- -.: .
LS *. . .

rs '-""

Y^ -' "*-*
.- -

- .. .

.u -.- .
? E;-L -

! ._ -.-.-
S :'-; ;'. I 'l I I I
i -.. : = .

- - I-
--^ ," : .

.- .- 4 ._
~-....' --

.5-- .
to,*. =




8. Matthmg om.
maected Sncrwtary.
I? Campaign Corn"'
io '

*The; me A rn of the Dvmoeraticl
,--.oomm ettee of the See-
o-.:d4met.t the Aagon Hotel.
ilo Jae_ ovilie ,tdy for the pur-
pMeo *alectiNg 4 campaign cormit-
we"a41 toutraneaatncnbotherbusinem-
as demanded the attention of the or.
gmmisitiom. The sommitte. convened
at lao'elok,fwith P. A. Holt as
zteapry eha a and Maj. E. B.
Matthew' of Stake, lna., a' aeer-
tart. | Upon a ion offered by T.
pu ooombia county, the
t ry p aorgaiution was made per-
he member preMent and their
pro* were a follow : Alachul
8om0ty, Jame E. Purts; Bradford, .-
S. M b ,w Bamer, J. B. Meoor.
sickf; Ber0ard, S. F. Wopoen, F. L.
Hemianp, proy; Clay, George .
,BanuiF J. Fly n, proxy; Oolumbia,
L. W4 A. RiveabetS; Duval, A. W.
OwIoell, Jr. ; Dsde, W. A Filer, ab-
mt; _mOla, A BE, den, T. J.
Apg-yaN., pro ; Orange, not repre-
ae d; Putnam F.. Fearnaside, Be J.
r !T'A$ Pproxy-; XNMau, not represnte
;k wame.J.F Doww, W. B.

8ZLn;_Voi ia,mJoun Saelwi J. J.
Fa, pOxy; Q., Jon, nut repre-I
iiwte ; mekbear at larg Pe A. Holt.
e folIcwto g were elected to ..em-
p Iee e mgn eamittee: P. A.
S airman;- Z. E. S. Mahews, -
..F. JT.earnd, J E. Buns, J.
YFS Dorms...
Reeolutions were pseed stating
thalt, Inamuch U the election of Hon.
A Clark to the next Demoratic
-wamsusred, the wnisrv l bf
skis eloquent o@aoto jbs tendered to
-the atioUal Democratie Executive
Committee, for the urpopos of making
peas m the national campaign,
sad hmwas ordered thut National
Obaiman Taggart be' notified of the
uo ia this committee, over signa-

pltoe ofthe wr a1 PU4hadcamen

to the 'esd meeting adJt horned, m

verflcnr kill f some little children
Whalp out on id' sin. t
[I1 max tht th. darkey, Who re-

ai-p id" Cuba*town, went to one of
the *tables and rented a saddle hone,
a it was while he was at his house he
proe eded to All up and to also ake
a- a.f--, L... -:- a,-a=_. _...a...

41 -.
.V!...-- .. " " 7 -5 -- ""n'".-
r --

JU'y-1- --
___ E _AL fl:OA I VLLE4 FLORIDA, JULY 31,1i904 _
'. . ..___*.. _ __.{ ~^ ' -: -

_ _, _S U:.____ p

I I ae ville Augst ,J2,- and l be i &l tc -ilt a ta. w. a s wm Hi
II_ __ opmied over the followiro_: __ruIe_ ___..
1 aoar Air LI Rlway to f-"nI a a" "
Sonds R.F.AP.F W.rildto OARD B
SI ---Encaspe ta.Penn..R.a R.Bto jer Cy. it- a y y 3 1 1 |
E lb a .Th .er Maryland to Harlem River, wie ose e Anzn"c J- .a t o ._ -. f -o "
Jaeksopj& B *v lilK Aug^us 2, and^ will^JS be tnnbic UUnscso a5 hdai flrn. Malariar w

oTpe followed oerthe fo hedule: ar k N risk k sad shire SI,
Leae Jekttille 7:50 p. m, ar- -
Itis instme Suen tt Mmsp, r W A t EWhington 8: .ff E

Stins Wizard Oil can be relied *eaye M ayhindton 7l40m a.Rm., thiveme
SI" -to take the placeofthe Bo, 8:20p.m. .i I \ -- T_ h flo n ith h-" le
i family doctor who cannot al- This schedule is arranged so that the. .
Sways be found upon the mWo- !' A. spend a nigh: in Wa sh-
i^ __ ,j.. ;,L *. ,* x\. a I ent.- Then it is that Wizard ., -,, eq
*HOil is lackwto. This train will be quipped T r< **
wit onisbo il For Sale by JhsnBros. ansil
.- i^ am^^ --1 / i with thoroughfare vestibuled eoaehes, S e y O al
Or ou operating without change from Jack- -
J i --. .. : I msonvilleto Boston, and through Pull-- |
m~ anti-- -ll- B man sleepers, requiring only one i A
I Of rains c hange, a Washington. A F. JUUMN ,
wound s, burns and scalds Wi- The round-trip rate from Gainesville ACClhhfI N
ardOil takes out the axorenes, s, to Boston will be, all rai. $30; via New _- O D
drives away the pain at once .York and Sound steamer, $28.75; via N0-DAST
Its application causes a w oundt_,
tAl iathoutdsagof n Portsmouth and steamer, or via Sa- AND CO I SURNCE
to heal without dangerof bl;Dod -MaBUTCOX [I URAN
Spoisoning or other compliea- vannah and steamer,M $32. 1ariA a
tuions. Pain cannot exist where Request your tickets over the official ,,
Wizard Oil is applied. route, the Seaboard Air Line Railway. -_ _
O Ionly On e Gnu.. in addition to the schedule ie named aA 1d OTE L ANL L
i"Sloatum 'Hamila Bros." on Wrappe.1'---.-- -----,. ,w l y !rpiPORTIFF-iLOCA AN.SIL
Sig--at. -Hm* BS. Ofl Wra^l i ^above", the Seaboard will sell round. ____ "_ G-NSVL"E
. mNam 9o1wfN 80 e. Prnce 50C.
m B. B tt. r_ .o trip tickets for this occasion to the
Hamwlins Cough Balsam nuick- .. ---. ---------.- .... .. ----
Sly relieves stubborn colsi t 0tG.A.R., their friend, and the public c _
contains nothing injuns. r oeerally for all trains of August 12th, C LD LIN E
S Tastes good and children like 13th and 14th. The Seaboard will also

it.R DYOPrc VO 25^viesM.Ca.Apegt fi^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Prtce 25C. sell- such tickets via New York and
1 amoins Blood and Liver Pills Sound Lines or ay naile, tonnee io
cure constipation. They arefrmNwYkwihu tp Xn
pleasant to take and do hn g fo New Yofr without sN z Dinca
PiWashington. 2w.

Night Was Her Terror.
ea "?0 "lo o 'an"I would cough nearly all night
THREE DAYS OF VOTING. long," writes Mrs. Chas. Applegate of
Alerandria. Ind., "'and could hardly
Deadlocked Convention Takes Rrcm g get aY sleep. I bad consumption so .
.-.. U .ntilAgus "ae bad that it i walked a @t oek I would.Fi. rI 8 A T .N ca
Until AcpuUgh frightfully and sp L it blood, but U a .a .uhLe
" StL Joseph, Mo., July 30.--After vot when .allother medicines fai-led, three snwzv
lag for three days and night. having $1 bottle esof Dr. King'i New PiAcoa_
east 002 ballttos, without change, tile eql wholly cured me and I gamed 8 Jacksonvil'le a nd.New York, " e s and all stat and Jun troubles. New
gflStt| Price W0e and $1. I rial bottles freezat Ciyoe ~~and loutnern sines

.. .... all drugstore.. Direct Servlee )etiween JACKSONVILLE, BlTG0N and
.Has Resigned the Agency. PROVIDNEOK. and AlU taster Poimn,
"Mobile, Ala.. July 30.-C. M. Shep flow to Keep O 't si Tnuble$ uapng at barlestoa bosh wa
art generate passenger agent of t'Fe "Tbe riv-Ilry betwem the two arms S-mflteWFXL"TK'Z s J& IaIlTqGS
Mobile and Ohio railroad, has..resigned, of the national service, the army and *outhbo4usd. . arfla B<)oc.
Whie the resignation has not been navy," mati an army man4 'is most Northbound,................. From Foot ofCatherineat., JaeksoariiI
pubflcly announced, it is authoritative, shown between the marines and the |
Mr. Shepard is now In New York city. Jackie. on a awn-of-war. The marines. -
The report that the headquarters ot are soldier policemen, and the tackles Gi..6| St Jobsr LinT

the Southern and Mobile anl Ohio have a keen contempt for them. I re- Between JACUCOONVILL and SAnrOnD
raIroads ml be consolidated and re ember bearing of one old tar who was Stoppting at Pltka, Atoz, t. Franc, Berefor.(De(Iand). and latte dii
moved to Sa t Louls. is denied by Can aSrays getting into trouble. Finally Lundinp on St. Johnm River I
moed to t. Luis. ent b o be made peaee with one of the ma- Steamer "CITY OF JACKSO
onel E. L. Russell. generalcounsel of r .0IY m SuJACKsTueays an T s
the Mobile and Ohio road. r .. __ _.. Lee Jaeksmvi~l% 6:80 p.wm. 8"d I,-Todam aa Th ]Lajr.
the M e a.'Tell me how to keep out of tro- Leae Saford 9O.0 m. Monday, Wedelaedys and Fridays.
"i R ble the old tar nsked. 'If youU show IT appointed to ilas fobow,
Will Build High. schools. me the wayF I1 give yon my plug n f Sbon. -SCHE- ULE---.
Douglas. Ga., July 30.-The second tobacco.' ead dwn.
day of the Wyross distr er h marine tried the plug a Waycrossdistrit confer- Temrinetried theplg foud Le .ak... ...Arriv
ence at rxton shows no loss f !nter. it to his liking. He tightened hi belt, . P......... ... ............. .
s ,3:00am .. ..... .... 11~ '... .. . . U
east. It was ldetprmined to tuild a. straightened his cap and then delivered S. '" "" frat .... 2
high school at Liberty City to be the himMeif of this advice: fw. ............Berefod (DeLand) ........ .. 12
Joint property of Waycross an Savan. "'Whenever you're feeling easy and, Arrive 8-am....... _........."Smcftkrd............".......
nah. The conference approvow also happy ad comfortable,quitIt,for you 10:0am.... ....... ..... Enterprise................,. lOOOam
a project to establish a bo, high be breaking a rule. it's the only GIE KA1 PASs.A DTICKET OFFICE. 0W. BAYJT.J., JACEVILL
school 1at to cost 2 $oO. w ay. V IRONMONoGR. R.4 As.Get tP An U Wes B.. S JacO a
----- ........- --_ _W.G. COX)OPEL. Jr.. Ftreigt Aale C P. WT.LL. S w_-fiil-_
Croup. Baseball Players and Foot RacTsl i -_.- .t of HMau s.eet. jaac se
A. C. HAGUKTY.4Sen. fU'CPaw.AsS.,.ewNYortk. CLYDE VUnt et.fl.AELJIWTS*
Is a violent inflammation of the mu- Lois J. Kruger, ex-champion long THEO. EGER, WM. P. CLYDE CO.,
eons membrane of the wind pipe, distance foot racer of Germany and General Man r. eral Agent.
which sometimes extends to the Jar- Holland, writes. October 27th, 1901: .CebwOwb tfldMi. 1 Stue ew Tat
ynx and bronchial tubes, and is one of "'During my training of eight weeks'

- J-_



I. w .Z


'^_- L- +

r.- -'
p,- -

^-- .

- ." -

.* -
- -

^^~ .ty o. M.ny .Aog.a . .

.-r .jt la u . . . . . . A m "
t od- to -"et An gt 4th.
Tia leav 12480 p 0m. a0il
For ie. or Ret-ilwe- ad lot
knowa ais the nae bhoae; eoamains
f ed Arraorne
do sad MXebanie 9u. Almo 8 acr of
i X -land two miles from eitsi of Oso-
con ville, Fla; (0 merea cultivated; 16
M s pase w mtre, $.nplsy water. Iajnq U,
Thia oI .R.: Voyl, Gainesville. or laae
tevens, 136 outh Third street, Ocata,
Fiat dawtf
the The carpenters have commenced
that work upon. henew maebhine shop for
nd S. P. LarsoD. which is being erected
a at I near the.G. & 0. railway shop. It
will be remembered that Mr. Lason
lived reeatly purchased the machine shop
amse -ofP. H. Westgaardand It was in or-
Sof der to aeeure more roomy quarters
the that lhe is having the new building
the erected, which, when completed, will
I up be among the best In the State.
W.oC. Newborn arrived home last
1 U evening, having tMraveled over the
tern greater part of Tennessee, Kentuaeky,
toa Misouri and Illinois. He had the die-
rt of ntion of being introduced to the
be.- Georgia Legislature lat Wednesday,
SOdt m-At htma Tmntn fns the nmnnt hae m

Uml Sirt^9iiw.'TRU~t Pt opuleth

Is g Tbhag fom V at
The. etr -o report of
U eead s hows
FAloridaj~s l are In Igreater deu
Sthev wvu ever before cAM
o w e osm of the year.
.mU m"ajiRes aur being reee
fru all sections of the United SM
isrefereoe to lads in all part
Florida, sa$ the report prove that
people ea 0os only writing about
lauds, but are aetally .taking
Whil shiere have bpe settlers
osn the Sas.e i seemns that Wea
Florida, said partmculirtJy Wahii

a Pa 1 V4,;
easmy, uis joking th greaser pat
thisproapequty, possibly, however.
earn there are -more savaitable Ii
in that setionv, while ina other pan
she sate waid is not 4 plenuifule
Following is the reppkt of the
cmse for she month of. July:
16 homestead entries, 21,71
metes; Wombaa entries, 1,662.06 mc
3 1mA pmrofA,s 642.97aeres; one
eia) lad. slestiou, 1.38 anm;
lad, school gmeesion, 40.74 aeres.

In Justice Cal Is Court.
T here we btwo before Jatie&
Colman Saturday. Anthony Polit.
.W charged with crtolty to animal,
and after hlaing the videnee in the
.amess fine of 7and. eo wa imposed.
Oharles Mlree was 4p on a charge
of uon0 uporto, the warrant being
sworn out by has wife Upon the re*
qet of the latter the udge dismined
the aem apon payment of omtn.
I theaenee of Ju#ge MasonJU-
tise Colmao is now haRiIg the fon of
marrying the colored plen as well
U oeq#rs who might ome his way.
Seterday an unausally crowd was
attracted when he performed the eer-
emony for George Roll uo and Jgther
Meanst colored. -4 -

Schools Aro PrPoeringR.
Superintzel4ent Holloway has re
eived report from M -.ot all. the
summer sulpol now aning in. the
county, and with but cone exception
they are the moat gratifying ever re-
ealved at the office. he enrollment
of iall is far Above the average and the
atndane .se somethi g remarkable
for this tjme of -year. c ly one shooi
ha failed to show up a foine r report,
on aeeont of the attendance
aot coming Up to the required number.

Remains Laid t Relst.
The funeral nerices o the late Mrs.
W. D. Wellsa were held at the resi.
deuce Saturday morning at- 9 o'clock,
Rw. W. J. Carpenter if Kavanaugb
Methodist Church ofel eating. The
remaisn were followed to their last
rtUtng place in Evergren cemetery
by a large eoneourse of sorrowing

OWt" We "o#&z, wel a.o w aI ,-a wj n aw,
raised in and stopped over there and '
spent one day. He says. be has seen
lots and learned a lot more-fine
hogs, fine cattle and fine crops. He
frequently visited a town where there
would be five and six thousand, and
not a darkey inthe entire town. He
Saw among other things, coal mines!
where men are working males that!
have not seen daylight in six years,
and other mines where they back a
train three miles in the mine and load
it, also mountains with railroads run-
inag to the top, and a great many oth-
er thing too numerous to mention.
He is highly elated over his trip. which
vwas a pleasant one throughout.

Wanted on Murder Charge.
Los Angeles, CalU July 1L.-Sherif!
WhIte, of Los Angeles county, has ar
rested at Mojave. W. if. Roussy. alias.
W. E. Sharp. who Is wanted at Dan
ville. Ky.. on a murder charge. Rous.
sy is accused of killing John Masthr
son. In Boyle county, Kentucky; aboui
a year ago. He was tried and sen
tended to 21 years in the penitentiary
bait broke jail at Danvrille immediately
after -his sentence. H ehas open ai
large several months.

-Rupture Is Inevitable.
Paris. July :A-The vatican's reply
to the French note demanding the re-
call of tMe !Ptters summoning th bish
ops of Dijon and Laval to Ronw. v a
received at tht for&!gn ,ffic tin?
mtirn':ng. and is heing iranslatpl! t t
the council of ministers, it :onus:st.
of two notes dealing separat-ly
thU cases of the two bishops. Tbf
Imprrsson prevails that a rupture I.
at nrersent inevitable.

Takling a Relt.
(Chliurchli ,-ow .vurmir k-ik n the car
yesterday. lie li:.l a chill on one arm.
a bnaskt't on t11 find4 a Sent. Ilimtliuii-Y hs; he snkl he
wis ev'rwcrkd.i an l he wanti-l to
take t ;day*s rest. -Y raokers St:atesn:ip.

Happ)I)nes when at a tlistntu ap-
pea .rs sio grt':r :itIs1 tit-ivi (lthes sky.
Whben it entt-rs 'uir tldoor it ,lwin-




a ..k ^ y,- -. ..*a- "o-r ; -w

ksl *atyaatngoft m -
wbo hM mot aId at a thin that beM
baard stut 4u rln an timtomhptu rp .-
tl-n b his bourn' at hym Mawr cm-
ler. to whicb ho daqghtw had hI rlS t
ln. A.U the toung laodle bat
wer in. a state of great lee duri the
bumnsrlrs JddireI: aB but one bad
mushed be. rtU7 at rvSY witty re
mart. Jun as Twain finihed he
turned to the yunog woman who had-
not laughed and said In A-ibundertone: ^
"Yon ara PIc' oiy sensible one here. I
have Uotaid Uw* nU wc WUamUbi tihin;.
If it were not for the consqdcuousnen
oat t would like to pre" your han&

Direct Uwkbete.
The lawyer shouk his fittger Wain5g-
ly at the witness and said: t-Now, we
want to hear just what you know, not
what wate one etOe knows or what you
think or aiytlilug of that kind. but
what you know. IkDo yo understand?"
*"Wad. I know," said the witnea.
with emniphasis, as he lifted one limber
leg and Iid it :ierots the other--l
know that Clay GUrubbs said that Bill
Thomson told hin, that he heard John
Thonimas wifo tell id Shuford's gal
tMat her haudnud was there when the
fight tek plaI-V ;ind that hie said that
thvy siting eac bushe~s right cuiisisral'leY^

With its compatlionf, heartburn,
flatulence, torpidity of the liver, con.
stlipation, palpitation of the heartn,
poor blood, headache and other ner-
vous symptom., sallorw skin. foul
tongue, offensive Lreath aid a legion
of other ailments, ie at once the nwt
widespread and destructive malady
among the American people. The
Herbine treatment will eure all thee
tronbles. 50e bottle. Sold by W. M.

Oh, It Makes MO Smile

...TO rSE- ...




Xadte in izain"nile by






Take notice that the reafcWratloU books for
Alacbua county for the reictamtioo of ele.-
toWs will be open for regrist&Uoa n MonTy.
the Ist dar of Autrust, A. D. 19i4. at the court
house. Ina be office Af t-he Supervisor of necti-
tatkmo. until ithe flh day of October. 190L.
Hou Of reguMtrmimn from o'clock a M. to
I0 ol'Woek m.. tan !*low o'lock p. m. until V
o) clock p. n.. on Men lay. Wed'emday and Sit-
urday. The dItrnL rutglttrption ofleeNi will
o[urn reristrmtku boXoks In each district from





WWW~T~t'~. A6.t

1 -7


--. -z*.~.



Yards tMl.,.

II-.End Esbroidcies

Will offer the entire lot this week at the popular
prices made at our Mill and lFactcmory
Syndicate Sale


(in MKB ~AIiiamM


Ladies' Strap Sandals worth 4 O

$1.75 forthisweek....... l,

Bass thlmt's Stra Sua I
Fecory Prima._______

VV, n IT i


tnflnfln^nnn fl.%d



Mslgszines should bare a well-defined purpose. 4
of The Smart Set. the

Most Successful of Magazizes

Its norels (a complete one in each number) areby the mao t briiat s_
thorax -.f both heriapheren. .
Its .-hori stories are matchlre lean and fall of human interees
It ptwtry entering the .-utire field of verae-atsb, love, humor, teOd.
ness-is by the moot popular poet, men and woimn, of the dT.
Its jokes, witticiss., sketebch:ete., are admittedly she e ol m lrth-poe-
16o Pages Delightful Reading
No pages are .wasted on cheap illustrations, editorial vapod or wary-
ing says and idle diaenasions.
Every page will interest, charm and refresh byou. .
Su eribe now-$2 0O per year. Remit in ebheqOe. P. 6 or e-pre aiti
or registered letter to TUE SMART SET, 43 FIfth Afln% 11New NLa

N. B.-Sample Copies Sent Free on Application

Take The Atlantic Coast Line

-: I'
'' A
-* -A

a of



10 Gets


A Mazfine of Cleverms

r : '-..

I t


, ~~1
-a ~
- ~J

..' _..



~ I- -"
-Lj ~

~t -A

-* -
~ --C-
V *1
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r -'
I -A
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*~ *51

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,7 em -at 0
~~IS. a. rss aaKW.



pod" no"lvxwm

n Yu S,!,wk.aoe a .s ba.
slam* Palms a stoam_
--w-r..-b n.-, .as m
- USu or Cmmrls. tuO

gnaw. -.-. OTDAILY BSUN.
S .w- Va

.- -.-! 1o .1 (U T L L.
-- .M-.. ,
For Vie PMreUMCU&
of Westvflgrntm
St ta tes Senatosr.

Pare dto Blectorm.
H. P. BAfl1tY,

.- Om.:.
-. Scretr o State.
".' -:CLAYtCAWflW D
^ Attoroe-Geaer&tL

A.C..(BOOM, :
*ii -i w a
Ste Treamrer.
i --
Sets.ten tot PublcLsneotkwa.
.-w. I OUjOWAY.
- -- O-~m00 imeri of ArrIculture,
--B r .oatir, x.
S* IRafirod COommfrdoDer.
Ju1t. Sutrew= Coon. Six Yeas.

Justetic Suo!rc .ourt.
. Rewentattwrt.
~ Ciounty Jy*re.
.* -SherWf.
Oerk Crcut Cmrt

indignant editorial, says that the mag-
azine "stands as a suspect, either as
the accomplice of murder, or else as a
paid assassin of the character of a God.
fearing people and a noble common-

The Sooth Florida Fair movement.
inaugurated in Tampa by Mr. J. T. L
Brown, is being met with a degree of
interest and encouragement through-
oat South Florida and elsewhere that
is most remarkable, and it is evident
that the fair will be the greatest sue-
cess in the State's history.
The officials of the Atlantic Coast
Line, Seabotrd Air Line, and other
great railway systems have assured the
directors of the movement rates from
other States. hitherto unheard of in

. ..=

1 0 dp

'NfP ShebSbe ba ggsr hom" Se k boedas
for the letat west4S yewsn dad menr fS myur
WWeI until he beg.mkt- nyie yOs Cewtts iMae
heha ban un tamngOs Cawrsft he baa mevw. had
Ie bkeadebe. They hbre emLrely eare4 his.
Cewreta do wbha you reeomsntbem to do. I
ian wYB at a" & &iwmmn a -.s am - -m~ r

a^ ^ '^i' '



- --n,, ,- - ta a..
emai ~n. St... f Knap Vet.

en &I* Powt' Hils manweript
. seat o *Mr. M* lreu, ladoued by
Xr. W. B. i.alemwas, the publisher of
.f% LoeTwilha Coarier-JournaL Mo-
ClarOe refused to publish it. .Then Mr.
Waittys hAd something to say and
thefollowing is a part of it:
"Nothingmoreould be wasted to
attwet the deishonesteharacter of Me-
Glare'S Magasine and its editorial man-
aoment than the foregoing. It is what
might be expected from a. using
literary serub, paid- to do journey
work by the line. But Mr. 8. 8. Me-
Clure has been generally supposed to
t. an hoorableO man of business, hav-
ing esome .knowledge of affairs outside
the rat holes of periodiatl jim-eraek-
ery, misalled literature, and hence so
graves matter could hardly hare been
expected of him, or indeed, of
any responsible person. The Courier.
Journal is entirely sincere in exprest-
ing its surprise. It is equally sincere
ia .-expreming its regret. Mr. -Me-
Clare's letter to Mr. Haldeman, how-.
ever, is characteristic of the habitual
attitude of the publishers or the Ea.t
toward the
larly toward the Southern country-
and in some sort accounts for the dead
level of the common-place, the dreary,
iteration of flambnyant dullness, the
small jepective and complacent af-
fection-in short, the namby-pamby-
ism of the average magazine, Me-
Clare's rather leading the procession "
Col. Watterson says a good deal
more on the subject, and does not
mince his words on the cowardly mur-
der which sent Governor -.r*bel to hi.
grave five years ago. It is declared
that the magazine's emissary, who
claims to bhare been searching for
"scts.", while in Kentucky talked only
with Powers and his lawyers. No one
will believe therefore that he was try.
lutin to get at the truth. Powers has
been three times convicted. One of
his accomplices testified to his guilt on
his last trial. Three juries decided
that there was not a reasonable doubt
that he was one of the conspirators
whose hands are stained with the
blood of William Goebel. And yet
hers comes a man named Adrns, rep-
resetintg a supposedly respectable
magazine, and defends in its pages
a convicted murderer. It is no won*
dew that Wanterson, in concluding his

. 0 OR.U. .

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern

Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-




delphia. New York.



Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.





rrrfl nw t inr r


Da*y Through Pullman S aepars aom cks ie t -Ne us
Daily Through PuIlman Sleepers from Jacksovwille to Une Otteawa


a bind aesk itm I -w ta.,A wth- the
eOft ofatwo or-show. of tle
soun the words are aS greaty i mpore
teat. But as t ithe smoothe rhythm.
the glorious Oad pslse'quhkemtnl' Ua
Me, it has an ensfrelytiferent .piwion. |
We believe in pesos always when it
can ber honorably mantaimed, but if
war sho uld .ame there is o American
who would not wieh with bold heart
into battle with the "Star-PSpagIed
Banne', and "Djxte- 'ringing in hit
ears and stirring his blood. The South
no longer has a monopoly on "Dixie."
Is is national an the broadest sense.

Mr. Ellis, the Richmond (hd)
preacher who ran away with a young
woman of that city, Is an- example tf
the kind of fool that some men can
make of themselves He is a man of
education and ability- He is married
and has a family. As the pastor of a
church he had gained and kept for
years the confidene, rmpeet and love
of his parishioners. And yet he yield-
ed to the temptation which Joseph-
not Joseph Smith of Utah-put behind
him. Or was he the tempter? In
eases of this kind we- are disposed to
take the side of the woman. But no
excuse can be offered for either here.
He has done irreparable injury. Of
all mankind he who wears the sacred
cloth should prove true.

Here is the list of candidates to be
voted for next November Demo.rat-
ic, Parker and Davis; Republican,
Roosevelt and Fairbanks; ,Prohihi-
tionirt. Swallow and Carroll ; Social.
ist, Debs and Hanford; Scialist.-La.
bor, Corregan and Cox; Populist, Wat-
son and Tribbles : Negro Liberty,
Scott and Payne. If you don't see
what you want please call for it.

From the way Senator Elkins comes'
to the front with a deelaration that he
will not vote for his ftther-in-law one
would judge that he felt that he was
under suspicion. As Senator Elkins is
the Republican leader in West Vir-
ginia he is not expected to declare-s-t
least in ablic-tbat he will support
the Democratic vice-presidential can-
didate. _______________

Get Rid

of Scrofula
?nmncb.s, e.!ns, to,.i in.ammat ions, sore-
ac.,ts f t ie Jifi-ti ;ai: ears, d as.ei-s of tr:
b,:et ss, rt'.'lrt,, dyti4. ,*?. tiie traw v.'n9ng,
arc -,iy vfi- ,,.trGuble. it cauS-s.
:I; is a V.try actih4! evUi, b ak ng bhvoc Cf
w'c h. !e ~~s~e.7-a

Eri(1id61 s it. cnrrs all Its mantfstation5,
and b-.: ,ds up the wjo)e system.L
Arve;t tino substitute.

A thin, v y uok, lazily s- -
ag from its. crater, may be the only vi-
IN. sign of life in- the sleeping voan;
but within is a raging sea of fire, molbua
rock and prow gass T who
make their m in th ceful val- .
Sy below kIw the danger, and though
ently warned by the rnmbling And
qtintheme sig n of .pendingemp- -
to o unheeded. They re iv in f security; w th git
-wakes with deafening nnrsand they are lot bene-ath a downpour f
he ted rock and scalding ashes. Thousands of blood poison ffer
living upon a uAenping vpklcano, ad are taking desperate chances, for
under the mercury and pote -G-- .... K MSar MA S.
nh treatment the external eSiitlS O-- -- -.r = w, --
symt'pom of the disease dAs. a& Wtea Wt- -e a- --am b4o
*par, and the deluded v- mpntou -- a t 5* S.tu.g.sw... ftlh
tim s happy in the belief of sie anS w pri"_l Urgo w- .-h Mg a
complete cure; but the flSh a t th f l -rut
Arcs of contagion have only ar&iea.wbetolh Samt *L a. be&S ima *fl
.___,2 ,.* t. ks yy ur _-him. I f-oo- ItsU01 6 A d age
bee smothered in the sys- inimD.----- a S.-_.
temn, and as soon as those a the e"0ar_ wha -l-VhiMS -: abO *w
minerals are left off Will a w- I tK ClaW mtfl. I.
blae up again. Occasional _-
sores break out in the mouth, a red rash appears on the body. and the
warning symptoms, if not heeded, are oon followed by fearful erptia,
sores, copper-colored splotches, swollen glands, low of hair and
dckening symptoms. Mercury and potash not only fail to cure Moo
poison, but cause Mnercuial Rheumatism, DWOSI of the bones, offlm.
ye ulcers and inflammation of the stomach and bowels. Th ur .
pL & S. is never followed by any sch bad nsults. It cursN witi
tsightest injury to the. systMa. "We offer $s,O for proof that tt
-- contain a mineral oft any d ip
lon. &S. S. is an antidotfor
:fmtl l~m^^ M giosw blood pois, it detrojys e
atom of the virus and puoiks a"d
*l *S strengthens the blood and "ilds up te
Swo wl mail free special book
a Contagious Blood POIa., with full direwti-s for home tbatemz
Medical advice is furnihed by our physicians without charge.

s wr m a, -

Air Line Railway


-.z :'. .-.-
-- -=" ".2;

w --Z





Ct C

^ ^*'o HM QoWord-and Ow*

b d ._ tP T. :. P-. H,.
Js rS!o'SS 5$ rkZaachura..b ,
wO lbe obeuyd as follows

^ fIfrtyr a ;bir-Rev., B T

O *%ioek. Bermon by the pasumr
I,- -.9-,' :_ :

ta y shootl at 4 o'clock. No even;
e1 sewlee on aMount of the v9ion
asi-eagat the X4thodin aurah, in
ak she snmom *111. be preahebd by
Firt Ba -t Chirekh, ReT. S. B.
la iRgl p i-Monng Seriet at
I10:3 o'clock. 8ubjees. "Light at

S:veaing" OSunday mhool ati 4
.-oeoSkn No evrenlg servie.
K ausau"gh M atd Int Ourch, Rev.
Wm. WJ. O nter p r-esandl hool
as t o A. a. Peahiung by the paso
aft 1OiJ. a. a. .Epuonh L.age at 4 p.
a. Union t ieenmlat night by Rev. T.
P. Hay it 7 46 ob'acek.
Ad"cat ehureh, Rev..
-or--erloen at 104D0 a m. m Subjeet,
-uL taoaa olr loI." At 7:80 p.
Rg, .uqbeci, "Fate of the Tosalgres-
tor." Sunday 'I 9:Wai mn The
-p e. o dially lated. Seat free.
sBt. Pasink' Osbgolie Church, Father
._P. J. LynebSetlees- at the -Usual

The l public is cordially Invited to at-
ted Illntbae smwie.

Had Dean In Girl's Lung for Fifteer
:.. : -- Yei "
Bo.ton. July 30.-iAfter years of butf
firing from an illness which veral
iphysicians said was consumption. Miss
Ig RBlakeman. 231 years of age. ol
Newton, Upper Falls. has coughed up
a penny and her health Is rapidly im.
When the girl was recovering from
the dipthtberia. 15 yetrs ago,. -e swal,
lowed the penny. She became ill
Sabout five years ago. and physelicln
diagnosed her -mse as consumption.
8he would be seized wth vi-olent
coughing spells. followed by the form
tion of iabscesses on her luhing.
Miss Dilakeman :was seizedd with
plarlTcnlarty violent coughing spella
followed by the formation of absees*
es on her lungs. MisaI Blakemnan had4
a particularly violent coughing spell
a few days ago. and In- an -effort tc
prevent herself from choking thw.. t
her finger down her throat. The ncxt
Instant she withdrew her hand and
up came the penny.

Nerve Teo$on.
A foe to health is nerve tension,
-mmeflt do Suo bhaIT and worry7b. t
sine tixie, oat of ten de to poor indi-
gsmioa, -ad stoma4,-a torpid liver
or eonmstittion. Thepe eoudiiions all
reet on the mind an4 m ill keep your
S ervna ono edge if you- do not remove

; : :;:?n -Z5;W

SW UYUJL VL trna. why It 1 tht -i always ud & tf l b

h Se.ww MS.-ahints ta --tar-
4:41: A- a- -l -a ..i _I -t nS i.
Lt e e ... .kb rs G.. -. ....... -.i
-" -&IM9-" l -a07 -Rod At"" "- tq me. . .... .
_4Ap,"_T. __ FLO IDA. W F ...._. ._ __.

Mmfne s 'ors au, S- swell poit!al o^es^ big misty cud! l
ns.o Fs Rubber stp, aft tha -. t- think I CORRECTLYWRI.TENP.IC. -. :
W Uphym.K mu ftl f1 Chrapter- a Neer th oughr r 8 j. 'RES-O--LEOOMPA.I-E.

of tflt. Whnt' wyorying me is wheth-T -d I PWMPT.P.f".IE...... YT., _r I_---& I-
e r [ 'II bae Pf -,r to get ,,,at-Phfladelpbia !Witty n LiBERALITY or INLI.CY COYTkACT -
pllm ftlttppLlg. L :e. iM i PROMPT PAYMElN'T o iUltelit. ^| i
S*ms 9tJMt.O Imf IgoM

Or ttmn by Telegraph n Tefrpbn Cow|ugul AscuItles. We eorer thne^ important points and respect full,
wIN twelve pr mpe attratUre. ge,0-z Wi-, a fo-l when I t rrill olicita MAt.r of your busicMa.
' __ 7o0. lIe-Aren't you a fool till? Shep ro i -
t --.'qo lnm ot. He-Tben you ski |lj| Awnkm* "fJ Iln II-i huum.rC
LOrr LIFE FOR OTHERS. be thiankf to me fto'rorrning you,- Fin AIfeI MAnlI adu wsr nin-,d.,,
S FnldoI Tt arit t. I V_
ICItlS 'o~I f WNIle Pro - -- "-n-oA i ....
tting Approlng Train, I -Agents for the-- '
Cumbi Gt. July a.-Hendle .i. A. RE UNSafe Pm m
Jones. age 36 years. a section tore **" l UiI Va. Victor and1 Q T/Lockv ^ n~
man of the Aesboard Air Line raJm tlt0r d Oipau Cv
way In (Thattabooche.y county.m dead V C EL3S :Sti, rOb4iO q
from Injuries received near Rentroe *T1I\" l CI I ih 1 t- 3 safe-md, Mand peo. umteapkt
i.. In start countybber- IAr tt -- 1i 1 T,:v"V e -,ede. ,-
Ga n Sz e wa lnoft1 it 1 2 ing the pouk of a safe, or snfthrug ib !at lim. -0
He and three ne.roes were on a*, 1. Vp f. A V I from box toa bmkankmranaaiae an l
hand ear when an extra freight am by emsulting s l ....I or Sdrn s
along. The heroes fled, but Jnne. CRAS.. s3 131. ow rrr il
,,, ?", ,^-.s: xAi lffl l l IItr. !-ws ls ^ b
agot the hand -car rrom the zrckhlWoyilmeN ap
hts effort to avold a wreck. ad thLIU IVnwr 311 UaIILt J formationn ch-eerfly fornibed. GAISVJaK f. FLORIPA; B
tknew the eginr could not stop it.wnP PLWAY A Y - "
e ot the car ont of whe way. tu s
before he could spring aide hP wai s- ------" -------'- ;--- -- ----- ---.-oo.-"
struck In the hip b ythe 1l t th- F FI CIA ROUTEH E N PAXTO y
front of the engne. rereibin .tlrg. OF IhIAL T. E f Nr iAXT yN.
from which h be died 12 hours later. Boeaur it'* the -
Ii. leas ternd t cn. Shortest and Best' Commodious, Home-Like Hotel.
Rink-of. Philliabord [roUksnever&4mar- VsrcLow Rounduirip

BS-Y In Phatnoobi ounty. .- 4 ROMS FOR 100 GUESTS.

fldd. bat at one time was very much.- r Lo*-1 .- ;i;;i. -
admire, courted and nnoyed by a Rates From GainesviIe Yl-Lrb ]eele Et aai aa ._ _
wealthy maiden lady of New York. To Tal vn *out ee-Rem. "-
Re. nudmerous ezouimiuDeatlongt toll of Via g i^ AH Rail, through _
admiration and modest tir'toulo $SVOUV9J Yorik.`ton and Newt ri E, PAXTAI!, Ff0r 1., Pr1- WHITE SPR1116,,F|
aie receir.! no encouragement front_ __m_ -__ a boxt_________________________
Dr. Brook. iecalilu her advanced V ia Wn hingtom, New -
age. ile grew desperate and offered, .1 oksSavannah Line _y .
In addition to her heart and band. al W. an st e winiu- s .... -

followitng; *,r cteainer; meals ande
Toeartbothewy.twhi on board iIoldednaa "

your -wart t the Lord and 'our hand to
the man tat aks for It. Dtes of 8ale-Aouut 12, 1 and 14, GAILL tr.
t .-o- Meogu.,-- 0F. .,, ,ROUTE

from be--- Limit-1pj. GANE8VI LLK.. E.. W ... .-
9S-hgie Notbincs sLwReturn Liini-A ngust 3. 1901. j4eo. ^t _^ie ^ e i ^m^'.^ ^.-.
A. numlof 'hiblade:phia lawyers, Ex1,..!ensiou of etu L We fnr pca ao aoo. bt fle Ho

amay the Philadelphina Ledger, were ex- (ember ,80 1. -. .
changing stories of their experiences Stop-Ovemt-10 day. at New York on --
with witneses under examination. One return joarney., _
of the party to.tIhle following: Tbrough eosehn Jick.mnnvhle to Boss C M WD SI AIr
l wa pnr"to i He was mhL "Y"ou hI:tlve livpl in Philadelphia with only one ebange. a
a number of yrzrs. How long Proportionatlstes from other points. etilers &d Jobben
"Just tIwexty-ivc yearss.' Complete information on application -
Whren. ,ijl you live before that to E. C. Cobb. Agent, Gain eville.,Fljt.: ;
prove n imortant point. Dcell A.G (. .P A. Jaekon-ille, Fla. an Eans fr a
time?'.,silt, ,. yor,,,--, hoping to S. C.Boylto,oS.., P. A.; A. 0. Ma- .th.eru ni r un
"I didn't live." repliedl the witness. _- - -. W .. '
[1 wass"gle" "MAX KRAUSS, I trabe Bak S ad it
A Sense of Personal userurttr. R-nAYinUL, YU
"What would l you io if you saw a S OUTH SIDE SQUARE.
ghostrlmd the .man who tries to nakeEs. I WEIL & O, Highest market price paid for Chickens. Egg ad h .N m
hpllxrt of pop-le.
'"fat ain't tie questionn" nanswert IMii L E $ A
Mr. Era-tus rinkley. "%What bothers Copet SHOek o i O ; ", --
me Is wbnr dat ghos is gwineto do if m U ip_"I& I -BWe. We Ihandle th ER Y SUr p bo aLOW
he seem nie.-Washn.gton Star. fRICS, and ue
nr Objeetmos. Sole Agents for MONARCH a d lOVB On.AU, Prldamt Gsi .W H -. f=_il
"Does she object to the fact that ber QUlTY Sho". EAve ryre!,,t ow H V r
husband decelves her' UAT She. ery
.Nr so much as she does to the faetpaivitd1HRi NA RAN
... t S-. S A. __ A Ai wfl* tt.
_., .=.... .,,o,.,. -I'iHm qIT v'N ~i lN i.KoM


- t?

-.--_ -
i,. /

.- -

i- L:i:;

.-.- I

A : .' -9

_ ..'--*.I
.: -:

; -' : .-.|
, .--

- I

- -. -4
.-. -,


I I--,.
- .-_- .;-

- .i

. . *

.. ': '/^

S .- .-_---


^ *^


t -.- ..

b .I

_- --

I- er
tI1~ *~z

- 3 ; r '
i^- j-^'

^' ..

mi -



- i

7 - ..'.. .-: : :- .- .: - . - : =

7'um. at JS" the grants
--.5"6--5-:-.l W37C%,-.- .brw bitt.. hi thumb at the otW-
0s. jomimentator. bave raried this
pa^ Inst, quooting the following
erom Decker's 'pad Term:"
W..sto t."-.t .i^'"-hat swarin is there, what shoil-
-O ..i -:;-,h.r.f U..i what U ,09- what- Jeerig
-.._., I." D.e-oo.... a- 3 what biting. of thumbs to beget quar-
!-. .,*_'^ ^'^ ^ B f^t. c. .-_ "-*. '- .--. :- "* .." -. '
that tbe delegates arn SUr Walter Scott however, in a note
- a -- SI- ,.fr- i and *1 .! Wto the-!Lay of the Laft MinstreL" y.
.I ir"-Ia ;theetiou of the nttutimon ,"To blate tle thumb or the glove see. s
I Osffmace wiM take the -chool m not to hlre be.en counhitmd upon the
'9 tme- awl -.n It. A petifonha beeboder a a sture of ontempt.
... * i. The- Cty for sub--roouns t f E k. b a
AP^^S plodge fit UT1o^1 ^revnge t a
Ihe nho9a. in which it is sAted, a pg, f, uain-,l r-ve-,e. It ,.,.
.2- ZTENfiU11letd1 toiC aR $ilemnn assur-
fC t te sflop is to be. modalc I affttnor
JAL m -- be aD.e. that ,h t 1t proper time the word
.tbe fknos. RuIgby school in glandn. stm settle the dispute or purge the
I ;-U-. ti aho proposed to have industrial o"
I :it.- lt-;*sUch as appored methbds o Soiuflring jf the ort may ha ye pre-
.*AL-t stenography, bookkoepmng rniied nnimn' tia' htuiaus for it is
I typewrItng, telegraphy and other in. l I, t hat te Latin polljeri, to
_. .- : . ,.. ..
^-trial and profeIonal Iunes. The proulis. is derived frntu pullex. the
bul/la- are to ct nt less thin S25. tliuli.
AMS Wt".. the main building three
s tar-n high. wth cass rooms and PRISONS OF SILENCE.
I- .*cramitory and fitted with all 'he mo -
am couweIenes,, sMeh as bath, lfght;, Where Convirts Ever Wear shrouds
hf tCand S1"P h leep B Oside Coutss.
i2M;9 _______ Ent.uitl in a riui casle on the
outskirt or l.i slxim r "r rlI ofr the -
g Quredof Jhiron manrhoea Aftwrrn ~ inisenirit'lle if on I- .- V- ra of Suffekring. lare thel- iniute. 4,o, f l ,rttuit.s deadly
1 wis tony a few words in praise prisons ,mf stivtn. In this building ev-
Sof amberin Colie Cholera and elatin"g thIt hunan ingenuity cetn
Smanhon Remedy," say Mrs. Mattie -ggt t n elr tohe lvtes (f is-
IBrg -- of M0 rtnville V. Isf- o-- "L ho lrriile. imamde:ing torture Is
dB T _f~tl~~ a o nv f ited from ohronie diarrhoea for ten do' ';e (,rrils. ji tier on rtcr
I.-. .--._.. -_. s high. t'Xt,1)( from a corn-
n a" daring that time tried an tnter like ie s, okes of a hug
1101 JIM.Wtbor lie hespks f nhg
as.-.. o .a iM without obtai nig any wheel. Tik culls are narrow. tomb-
Ipetmanat reief. Last summer one Eke. :,nd within eaieh stands a coffin.
Ii ol my hifdrnm- was. taken with chol- The prison jurl, is a shroul. The at-
I -. e maorbu. and I p poured a bottleof tenduant ciwp alot in fet slippers
flnmdi;y. ._Onlyy No doe, were ee No one io nlowe W" utter a word.
I Qred to ghre her e tire relief. I then The doo)ra are unlockd. and the half
:k t-- ed .to tihe meicinel myelf, a thousand wretchtes march out, cloth-
S-- and did ot use all of one bottle be- ed In shrouds and with facevs covered
I-. I Wla44w9l aud t have"nIevr Inle by masks. for It is a part of this
B be- troIbdt with that eoaplaln_ nt t that none may,
rb~~~ ~ ~ ~ Amon p"*inuehinfwea nishnient that none may.
EE flEea ~fly too 9,oe in favor of0 ^ ,, he cou^nte>naucs o*f his tel-
that wonderful medicine. This rem. Few of them endure
IB.g: dteorNIaebvaildrufr~tpit, .o .rsnB -re o. Phmed
I|.-- d .s f s b druggiss ths torture for more than ten years.
ilw,-tanding Packen Claim Nor The eaet, cheapest and best remedy
A.. ral Production. for catarrh, eolds, asthma and all di.-
I i.- Chica.o, July 3.--Although fl fa, of the throat, chest and lungs is
Im uaaagers of the nac king company QuakorOil, the new discovery. It i
aIm- eate to have enokgb men working perfectly harmless even to children,
I l^'f h ut &,- their production fs almost nor and is guaranteed to give perfect sat-
I m! : i In -everal of the plants, the price fstaction in every came or money will
t o meat-i otinue. to rise tn the local be promptly returned.. It renders

-it freiet.. This is largely due to thU gnppe impossible, quickly destroys
fac a 4 the products of the big plan dian germs, and ipsures full, per-
havb- ru almost t-holly Pent ou t-ea a" d natural breathing through the
7::;::: *..-s.,i is. For sale by R. W. Manse,
W^afe htaterst. Tte mont. 5eried tfi ^^ yR''vfD
CIc" Iago customers nearly all coernS __ I "I .
E"-- fti". the-|nile pndcit= ptantF.j -"
If figures obainepd at the tie sargrest IMs. A i __
independent picking ousts. $n | | l*wis Ct ll
i yaris., where other' -is no strike Irt iCw i nrt W
i. progress w that these plants han A I IL A .
Imore than dponbled thel rforc* of me I
ai, nd their output of meat. The me? DIRECT ROUTE TO THE
are working In thee %itt: of c!gr' .
i e .om each. and tMe klting and pr f TfIfl RYBMMrIAI
alng of me-t I s coutinuS day an Ut. LJUUm. A lxV ULUVU.
Is tmedon ;itk.- oILa
Piles Upon Top of Piles. Ix coseetleWith W. A A. 3.3. an
ls upon top o piles of people' (. & t. L. R'y. froi AtlUanta.
h a' -b the plies, kand I)Witt's Witch Ha- Lv. Atlanta 8:S a. m.. Ar. St. Louis T.7: u.
u) TSalve cures theg. There are maID Lv. a) V,. M. Ar. St. LouteT7 a. ci.
d-Y." _.kldof-pO, but t 70 TIu- SLEEPING CARS
san: .- -ta--sas at lt: UVZ-at. ifnlonaaal~ n


kaile, mde by E. (
O-Io ia S re is a
dale, of a8rmmrto
Lm ad Lan WIn wan


. DeWitt- & Co. of
certain. H. A-. Ti
I, s. C., says, "I
kntl 5r.wtt;'2 R aiwa


mlllsu aq uI


., Flarida aid

*- a-;




Rates 2.50 per day and up. Rooms with

private bath from May 1st to No-

vember 1st 3 per day.


- II J I t a_ "-1 !- -





Gn.. MASOfol,

-J n-Tatec .. ewly ftirabnlM



c .OM

Abstramet of Title and full information furnished regaWidiag land* im thl
enanty.. Our manager has lived in this county thirty years and
is thoroughly conversant with land titles.

Jnj-v yti L -^ XJiM1tj
renting a number of prominent American and English companies.
Gaei -ni esr vI i F lorX 6a


Th--Alaohua Can



Aktet t -om a

Our business is strictly eonflned to the various details incident to the own.
ership of land, and we have no pnvate or personal "'axe to grind" in eo etionS
with that business. We make a specialty of the preparation of abstraru and
make exhaustive investigation of titles. We represent- property-aonmrm in alD
all matters pertaining to the amewsment and. payment of taxes d the re-
demption of outstanding tax sales. When you need prompt and reliable ser-
viee in our line call on or write .up. Notary public in office.
B R. COLSON, Manager.
I I I Il I "E/-- _


W All




Reveals the News and
Studies underlying cA

Facts governing


of Market

Reviews, analyzes and criticises Rail
and Industrial report;&
Has complete tables of Earning
Quotes active and inactive Stocks
Records the last sale of Bonds and
yield on Investments at the price.


Stiki by costinnoosly fas



without a singe failure. If vn
want a piano for a "i
service buy the

Mathushe K T
ries asloIcewa M WSthaS em
UtaL We p"i frdSek. WrtS
ro -prIem TVOAY.

Ludden & Bates

GATHER & BRYAN, Stats Agts,



ViaL i&I-LL

p^- *k -^

Excursion tiket now on sle daily
from GainesvHlle to St. Loumis and re-
turn. -
H44.10., Retur n limit Dee. 15th
$M80 .. Return limit 0 dsa-
2.6. .. .R. eturn limit lW dsp
tSpeial coach exemuMuon &coS
turn limit 10 days from dae f -a.l-
Tickets sold TuesdayJ in Jbly.
Corresponding low rats from other
points. The L. & N. is the bet lines to
St. Louis.
For rates, hedules and sleepiftg ear
reerrations apply to -
J. 11. FLE INO. MF. Pam. A- .
Xw W. Bay St.. JsebmviU. Va
C. L. STOYE.G. P. A LokhviIl6.




aWR a- 8ixXS Kflu"
..' ". .. .

fplso af a very
"6 a u--- -
._- .' .. .. -. .. _,= -+ d: -. :

II -

I-. fi


a .q


I ,

--/N: :& -- B -o -'- -- I- i A*--i l i "- _. I"- ; -- --
4. -.

wtiusmr s-o wou n m n' st __

__-___-____!___.______. _. UM e Seapi .1 Chr S l"_..
4W aa Laws Ofsb
s fl et CitStCW NtUs- i sheby .give that 1_. U c... .n air oe. nM i- a. B -_ -
=+:.-+- ? -; -o--. ev--_'__ -uat.S ,-Tai.-pureheme 5r fI Ttx Celf.anSt .fl a Se',l bhi kw. r,.fo -
11^^ M0~ w erW r Oin flank SBt.-DInWa* ^aa..~w *. id-S ta-as ytes SN, aS she i-a
I...+-B..B--.. Shbt tt u,,l* S*S-l i emo Ut hfl-- A. b1JJ1l9.h,-as Die moM certulessm is- .-/ p
use. ,.B. i W my o, ad h mde appl&eluos
S-....l..I. _.___aa_ .___,yst for te deed to In amoiame
--:pad n by th e t -a - -. "ith la w 814e~et*-e embruems - .
:. -_ '..."+.L" '*f'- i+^^^^-- 'i''--'--' .--+' --'-- f'P<."W--. _+ ^ i*i^! ............ "--tfc*fh+ C J'.-- f'----- *' -f -+"e te e"th f w ol 5 BS.aSS"to et t t ^ heo o i ew bcprpe- ii "Bop- WM -R cm-t
.4ow"^ Ow iGerNa imp 1W. a5!% S"Th -^ S lS to& 04 fJT

a... t-he ...--:t ha t ao. tw.o SalM .--sf Mfl ;. t_ .th Q. h d... cflbd .nS n or owa, ,
uS-a e.a;et--lm" aIS- B'_a. ,t _b ,I!rbr I-----ao in AIOItU eooas.Fbonda, owil:. I -1
(W *my b^a teSl m tb^fl -irb&=M- b he aid land being aftA ."
. ..M- of Coa after ad O P%" .be t o ne of .h rtfleste inbow o n

-..-f.---h r -md. - .. .... u Voe aid eenifieate hac be .. .... .
ssPfi4tI ight to for bam SoS Uhe name of Mad wor On MefheaSd. AU.
s-- ozw l sbon up of- al ot hs, oe snwook or to.roo ieuver w_.eek demd wording to loaw lIe deed will P. Co A..
nhd. -.,.C ae a- a eoGS,?B StM. issuetewon on the 2Yh day of Aug- J. F Nipper .... rdw=- i-So em..
namendmat to ierY the Co'u, B C. _DIK. Clerk Cru Co. A. 1A.). Ifl. HIbGrsePbow Co nl?&sei4 ..... .
-.-.: +,, .-.__ .... +._ - H.U. CO Cerk aweutt CoVrt. Me. .a n al-t .ot.. ., C.V. . l nwl-4 teltof
a..o-.O .l fu$l from O*wto $IAOO,OQO. [S PNers. Wi4engeDf. cs Wditne- ny ofikial *iftiurg.e and .traLh Co .... SofawSswtA
at amoadment was red tow mfws& A +_' copy 't lfiaI.- scm)t thi the 23d day of July, A. P. [lttouPbaoCo nt-ot nel&srl-4
.-_._--... . ,. -v ,. C. DE N ,ON. cleit. ".K. Albion MiA MTf Co S!* .........
.. Per S. HL Wlene. D. C. 19 "4. rw,-- K C. W. Chaic ... ..... nel-4 ol nel-4 ....
Senttnnta expressed -y several -. r for C:im"t Co .t oES., -. d. wi .iofniAui
a- -. be- e~~Sr" lIndcate thnt ey FO DIVORCE, t Per S. H. Wienges, D.. P. l ST of Tel + ai m
be Ad Plbet... ni-lo 9014 Pe

a.e- "l! to make a determined flight ke circuit Cn. Ehtb J a ciruIt. .. -- I- . -, .. &e-i- of el4 -o-
*for the million do!la schoo: find. MAlcboa County. florll.-In Chancery. nnsQrn see a O net HSh urse Phos. Co. m"1 .. -.... .'..
- Q.a .-in g DU s v.W. Sni-- ore. rSl .^ rc ybr e o- m-t .- ....... ...
Q-onents of any {n s aI ging per,.b...y a,_iat aMpeuted to b hefore M -N ,1 be .. ben He h Gnre Pho. Co. AU of county e .
to ure the fact tt ts year the ,e I she above s*mad cawe thaet WliMc 1. 0RE 01" ..... .. ofS w.4e of sue
: : .. Lthe defemlsnt "w D J .Orr. Are]
e.-amon school fbnd wil get nearly .,.,.Si of .-, D N VERE B. MORRIS.a Jt s .... -... L t b b
CJ.O-* sore than e-er befo-.- from .ct paeof .l i, ac, th--n .nt. ame twet Mr -.

***# m+imoft, ~s~~., Si, y e arn irecediw Order of P....eatlon. .O DENTIST &A . ... IMr A. 1-. Daset wi-Sot mel-I antli4
i proceeds o f.e penitentiary do. a .c.e ..hin!.m that Wice can- a .. t.........w IA wi-o 1fi4
p"tmeut. Thi is by no mean sol oing r*e lise uPOn... a oer timed aee Aln.t-tiorB4
-. . ._ tWrdoay-a yinnm: cI In t&ere o-re ordered t u e N H.iLIo te A2 h d y of A i-4
to satisfy the advoates of more .s _eft defendant be atd be t hereby Jlw.'... Au n2 wI- .A D -4.
mAWLr fsr scfols a e outcome I ulted to tPear to H m1eBa of CQU.IPIi& Om..e over Mayis Eofdeti Al work aun- w. Tbo a Ale .of -
te *o15 a A mad caue O- or before Mothiay the 23 ded. Jno. fU .l........ t .. t. 14.iA
wU68 to be a warm and detenslned rr of Awu.l. A. ar-. .oterw_ the U. .t.. Sub 1v ....... ..
&tj#U, V^SeS^ ^e by7 icC-mVL DENTON W.iS

"ieg.rsthoc-,,s,-^i.- __ o .f eMbl wml be taken S CmfeS CI I W -L bemi.. ...- 1-4 nat L-4.,
f ht. w wil undo, bCtefl carry tho hr "aM defendant rERINaN BrAYE.R, 1W. A. SlekiaS ""IWlj-IAml< les" Ita
geeral approprtat no bIU OVer Unto -. Itb_ be or..dere...d ". I be o j4 Oe :w
--boneaeektiwfletaomrfeur~t ewoiincubUbe Wek ATTORNEY AT LAW, w"s~na'o witlemmnwTornBi
test w-k 1* th, e (Sl~WO Sun. new per pulse CM-.,-,, v, m .kwt Trust Cc+ elant les 3 a .e
The features orf the work of the .,,.-....., M, -ta GATXBSVILLK- FJOBIIhD. S.- LCne...... "M.Ww- .1ofa1
: -; L .. .. +,+ .. .... ... ,, ..... .-,__._ ,_ui. .. A.O.S weJ n bur g ... st-lot alA .........
k fl" on the genera appropnatkmsn B.c.nDNTON.ClerkCircuiCourtr Jh -... Co.,14Fla.a
U yesterday were tte def at of the Pe r FS .ienxR e Pe 8., -H... w .n.. D.0. .
At._.logo . A t et c Ca sell yu r c m ity p eyu. ( I AM4of Aie w 1...- i.. ..
.... gong to iae, otern.lut fght

S* 0! to t he state san4arlun, and the H.. MASON.Sorra. for trukg ad farming lSs. Bend -im oe WA. Coe u? e-4s.&w
Sdefeat of those who btdeavored to -cut .a lit of what you offer for sale. 2142m SAlo ^e A...u wi- le. N aes.o
to~~~~~~~~~~~24i Brainh faabe t twaskanhwoinvi bvesad AWthtWlleH

th te ap-popriaton ftdw the ma-itenance LeIL FOR DVORCK ""Era Utx le........ elo- D -t B MeRS
S the T h cal chool whc It C t o. gth Judicial Circuit. p R Jno. Cbeut .... Lot Sb DIv.
Ste --o o-c-, -- shool which A13 n uSmty. Florida--In Chancery. BAKER, G.I cOOe ..of Lot 24 A lu of lot S.
.. 3 W left Bt 4,000 a8 nked. -ore Padaon n. Frank NPson-D- J. Grahm ....... ut- ot LoA tE U

$4. OO ho-t-- of a,- -+ea-Uv.- ,- --, rore .A OREY-AT-LW, loapNfer . ^otos^
I ke i n of snoti ...ena gi It be by amml dovit appended or t the bia A ** ws nt"....
Sate to ptre te goTor of Georgza his aunrent.elmef aPad" SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY.... ... e o t.RtQa

-z a s r st a jeter y tbere'n U -Ma e.I re + t H b& .
tow atopsuf a amehndeent tea at ef. ertnfKedH tleofedleorae. and baa be afr G.W.Hrde1... *14ofLt3 AWa.l4
f pa edet nm the gove-rt-o' s-alary bin dny dai" weeS- thin Otter of Pfllcaotn. GAINESVILLE, Alaecua Co.. FLA+ le.e_. Co.Tat part b 'k '
i+ci p ~e oe ,overn r fai,,, DJ lad IN oooae&Uf l X li fH o that fwriloe eaa- "* -i i^ -. i, ..i uao~e.. .That s u- ok z.K.f
b" m aoe upf tim. di Sd overtte aewof Otie in Endel Block. awmae. ....... hlkbkIB Owl.Gri
= by a vote ofm 133 to t.* twhn ead .. therefore oMered oi Mr M.fl Tr. wIof tlA-ova--fe
AN N" teat defendaot be al be ts heeby ni-4 ......
A-.n.t Or- vmau3f.Srflrto me 1111 o, Comlraint D '. ALDERMAN. t M.JMarsh.. W. eta
jW in mjd etwe on or before Mondayb the intU. B. Ffrbanks- .. AU wat In Uraah
pSf ob amapd et-rmwhaed 0? (i A that A. M 19N. 'otherwise the sant WMW.-........

Askc She rees of this~pap fr wmai bie lh.wi. ta stSe DENTIST. ?b .nan"'.;-W

Is.a ^ S it over Ino I fs ...r ordered that thris order be Pub W. wl mee at t e.
Sal 0 shme at omweII and get a __ a b o wee for foureouecutve wee ksrr Dana f &gio'n Ginp e o A. f nw. to ba an 4_
am Of t ad- (C* Ifwyo. jndo T j oDSun. ne~waetm p TM letum f 6eworkof te inMida=tr and StUMe

a t yra EL Cy agN. Clerk Ci tult Court. A-0______________._-__-_".__
.-eoeb~=eCe 'th -.crowsand hBudewt. Clerk of
nw yo M a uer another S E Wees D. A. A = .. ----

day. aido Dyspepsia Cure is a thor- A rue cop of aortis1
AL H~~~~. 0. ViSIoN. Clerk. XG WE O
ugh dIgsmaS ad ~IUI~bUIMIdig H 1.2 : D.~. c.~. DlP 0.0 H. 7 W ainesvlleA D. C.
| aS _ewL Is b eisdOnS, p .NVl I L G. MASON. So'r. tor C oit_ DGNTIST. UUU I UU
*1Y hOf 16.=1e whom i- ia sw
sy of pepia, pali 6- NOTICE OF APPCATIOrN FOB TAX Grauate BalUrore Colege Dental Snery T R T A
I Oof m bean eam o 'as ith It S o OF sA Fcime ye tn' er ae in New York Ciy.
generally. Kdol Dspepia COure a LAWS Or FLOIDA. crownk re wo-rk aNd iUiM fSpeciiets hp F
digett what you ... wt is pleaant, Me Is bereby riven that Benjamtn i u,. AIu Woni GuAaas a
atabI. saadl of Tsgb Certugbu.te No. 318. dated the Office In MlUer Law EZchuage. Tale In
-TO day of Jtly. A. D. WtS has filed-id cartS- ezmnI. ma .
a- I ain mT oiee. and ham made appeikUo for A- i_
TRAGEDY NEAR STATESBJSRO. tx deed to .isme In aeorda-ce witb law. Sad ,. -
wenliawe ambrOeM the foUowing dewribed THE WEST END, I
Prsgem Situasd In Almachu county. nn t.1", -H No.!S N i
SFamily Murdered and Their Home Is towt: of Nd and N% of V. W
W% of Sw4 o Nw4 and N44 oferMof FINE WINESs, LIQUORS DiCIGARS t 7 No, t N,. t i
Burned. SW Se. t.c. Dt ,DP.y Daily. ,, ,
lThe -I i r t elawr boi s seemed at the date of JOHN ,MNZES. Poprewur. 9=.
Favannah. .0a.. July 3'.-A 4P'lal td Mw (ave of suchb certdcate in the name 1 I
219411 W. say 9L. JacksouvUle. ri. M
tb Sa.vanna PreTs rrbm Sta_.sborots Of EL d ,a----"
U en.s mld certificate sha be redeemed a--- I b .
cays t1-at Henry -R. fH4iges. hii wife owridtolaw. taxOeed wifibue themreon on Faut beer,bostleanddraught. Don't Lv PiMLv P M:Lv A vi
andA ?tbrnn'icblren. IlNILns about G miles Mh da. mt. A.M loft fail to cal on me when in Jahdyo Au7rnt A. a 1
thisam f9bjla wie0tw WA ona meweUnJ&inll 5C~~*f.S*CfhUtC
from St.atesbor.o. were killed last rgW %he ftb day of July. A. M M. 7 ---- ----- -7.....
tber ute. hburnfean. el .erk ccuit C. DENION. .. .
Sand tlhei.r bowe hrnd. lrer ctt Court Alacbua.Gb.. F1R. HARRY LEE JARYJ,8
The rematus were fousd In the nint I BY S. Wieunes. fl C. DR HARRY LEE *aV. 8(*::::::::* S /
(With UW. G3. BK TISOO). *gi48 *.....n.s.
of the, house'.
Ss. N ce of Application for 'Tax Deed DENTAL SURGEON. l ........ ........ .
There wpre blood stalpnr outside the 8
bnqdltig and Iinvestigation showed of Chapter 4888, a CC C *.*.SC
thE Infgand. hIs wes Rad one ciadw of Florida. Porelain Inlay Work a he RerulatOof... ...... ........
that~~~~ppe Tefths Thi. ifscd 'nelila8
b d hid their skulls crushed, appear Notice is hereby given that Apple- Tet MerL*w Emx e.* 81 C . .. *...
iw "e. P.,,eh .r of Tax Cenifi. GAIESVILL, FLORWA R. '.."
he--r wit an 'mIt No. 38 S dated toe 7th day of July, 15 ........ ....w..
DrA no of an file stai etfc n U a a a . ...

.*-. .j ..-- ., --li .^--i S ^ B

" -- .- ." ".. . .. -. "_' I.. ". "-' '"-.: i^
-.--_ '- : 'o' -* Y.-- i

"- - .. .. - '
7-1 C
_ab Ce ff a !l~ m a f a, --:?


4 ( W -4" -7

w ........ ....... M
-. - 5 i

*1 -. X. 1. #in. _ a --
.W .. ............... 3 I i
w...... .. nwl .-..... H _W . I jf |B -.i --:
, .... ... .. ....; A / i -m:-i-"B4m
.. ;....... .. ... .e.. M am
a. l-4 of..-4 .. t M, In -s
..m................. I1 I. 0 17 mo "-
..... .. ........ In x~ i M I .-+'l ;:-
.... ... ........ = 3 5 a a ,-.
3 9.... mn a s M-
mel-4of4tM-4....... U 10 h s a "
of -DWMI- A mr --o:f
.- ... .................. A ,f 17 S I aI a -
"'-.4.....-.toi Si 51 7 5 X8t
................. U *e]. a 1M a R I
................2 1 -0 171 a0 aSO

^^?I 1] tI t. tz 4w k Town o.f Abd IS -0 m -3 8-m s-
............. ..... t U e -
tato ,e +k -_ A -- -
me oeH1....-....3 3 ? 0 m

.... ....^^....... 9 m r IX | * Im. -* ^- ^B
ow wl-ofm.A w.......' o -2tw.s
::::Mu. n r - .?fl f

--o. .o,1 6 0 I
3S &IlS 4M CM a

ores to so owSAS
.........-7. 11 17 85 -S mm

.-4X Ha 3 it am w ]m
. ..f ........... 21-9 03 0 M S
.I4 .. ........ 0 aa u
.-f17 19soMa a& e

................... I . . ... aa

aflewts~ i.. Me * rw 1 I -:i X
"1- .. a r .4 1 IViM i" r

ie~~~~ If 3e 30 fw-to ..'
-w14 ........ S 4 U S

................. .. ,... HS tt I! m .- .. .
-........_...o .. .. .. 11 U II M ... ---::
.a-o--. S 1 5 "1-5+.

.2B.... ..s e a n S u-

.: ....... -.. ........... If 4n .- i
SI . D e-t m'
H.S-Sb ar a S
................. 3 30 3-- Sv0
m,. .. ..... ........... 1, 1n 3 n s ia a +
tue B an.d o U S S S S]a ^S

.4................ .......ur n -m a a -.-
...--'......... --- .... S U S S S ..p ..-. S 5 I a -...-
+- ''- C.".-.- +- --. U.. S -. _.
kt 4. TT .G'v e -- am .
IS ft ow s merwa

Railway inp, .

04"t tJulyT k ia
=m. m

Rn.L N 3&
'ATION8. D~.DL kt
Daft Dma min

iAr.PM,AtPM riA p
-. ....i ..0...0-.-9. *- s
IrrC * o Se ew *4

-O eoo o _*4e. *..-.. 00 + --l
S m o n to.......... ......*C .. a..- S Si-i
. -B-....-~.... +..-......(........ U .j-3

;... ..... L........ ...-.... A-
SU lt*......... ........ ...... ..tSe -
t) Iys....*S............a ........l f 51O
hooe .... ... .....a. ..... .. 44,. I
newr M .........!.........-.....,.' e ^
I ky I ..e C et -4 -i l


!L Lz
.._ -ORIDA JULY 31,'1
.-.. .: -,-,--.... ;.. -
."L h"ne
-" f
,L t-.JL
-."'- -. d -.-- .', B U:, -N 6." .. .. -W --...,

-a *l
:- ; Saws
!-- *'. i -f - "J


i 4 +
L !
want Has Hapg
to HAppon Ta
So That b"
itae wlt C
-lar-nee CaI
cty I
Barain in
.o^ .: tf
*Barassein I
*O3 tPdel.
A. ad t"e
Yrk Beet.
Pstty line o
New Tork Rac
Goats' $1.25i
$1. Hew York
Job Printing
Boxz IN,. Caine
Bhintonon's 1
xzar.1. It
Napalm Ji
and killing at
& Saunders.
B. McCall
Jennngp, was
os 8tnrday.
e .Davis
a pvckfessional'
in J4aeksonville
VWlsn bilioE
itsmach and L

_ . -.
jt.._ -:
: *.--=_; ::' .-

wit negligee shirts for dertaking Company departed yester- The attention of our reade. is called
acket. l^day for Cedar Key, whore he goes to r tothe advertimment ofthe.ew York
for sale. Address embalm the 10-year-old son of 8. J. d l I Racket, Phifer Bro. hich appears
H~ile, tf.
Iyll. t. James, -whose death occurred at that ( II U 1 Ielsewhere in this issue. The 'Racet"
wonderful Salve for sale plaee Saturday. ,h reputation of ,eing she "chea"-i
Ilun &Co .has the reputtiou oi
The W. C. T. U. will bold its regular es t store on earth, and is a houe-
tyof sugar left for mnhybsns etn tteRa-~IEErEiI 4D1
o$1.e monthly ba.sines meeting at the Read- CHfPoT STOR OE ERTH, hold word. o to speak, among the peek-'
Sing Room Monday afteroou at four____ ..._ __. ____ pie in all aections of the county. Dor*
S very nice and fine o'clock. All member are urged to be ing the past week this store has been
low price. O'Donald Pesent as there is buuine of impor- conducting a great removal sale, pre-
Sance to be transacted. U A Pratory to moving into he elegant
turpentine operator of Jew Clark, the clever traveling IP|||, l new building bin erected at the
a visitor to Gainesville representative of the Virginia Trunk Ii/i Vl ll cornr 'of East Main and Eat Union
-Manufacturing Company, is "in the v treetsanda great may people e
returned yesterday from city spending a short time with his i visited the store in seareh of the n-
risit of a couple of days family, after a very succeful trip Our Great, Re ( oval Sale, merous bargains offered. The sal
. buthroughdUtt his territory, which has Ltend SO SuCSS- will continue through Monday and
is take Chamberlain'" T. 8. Dorsey an4 wife will leave on f forthepa eek, those netding goods in their line would
river Tablets., For ae Monday for South Carolina, where they l lpa. W w i do well to call and inspect the s
. urll pm everal weeks. Before re- bI continued Monday. before purchasing.
tal floral deigns and ag they will also visit Kentuekv y-.... -i .-.---- j 4--



nn Bn's .'



'T-mpM ; -

.. I.
Sa- : m Al m, bas m be id M : Alor -a" reddeed. No w
^^^^^^^^. Turk Backe \f daALtcet hoftee ) at R4ke1rie
i --l.4 o,-p a.n Jotdog f H-oward traw UW the talme Y. of a t ,o
-.. ._. O'Du.ld & -t.ndem. t, M. Ma-nn Rudel -. MP. Mo of Wa a in he
l^JW remind a lice of beautiful fe Florida uyrup, for cooking paurpan,02 JeByuedsy. BoWBen tents hose
J-.-. .l sObrbse.. Thte qnality i tlhb Mon. at ooly 85 eenu ipr glclon at 0'Doald after -having spe. t several days as
IIo--b ar_ h iho* price $1 Marus& Endel. & Saunders. Mi'amopy. L
11. *F. Spec.., one of the'inostri Pa GRams ey of Waeahoota wa Alxs Olive'r, one of the traveling
,"- $ s papers of the Al-ahea tIon, M meting his large number of acquaint npr. of the C V. B-le
S,-rmd-oi inn Guineso.ville on Saturday. I aoes in the OCeatut City ynt.o dty. -, Oom, pau, Jaeuvrille. v sawoug
I^1^1h v 43-HenDry Stokes. one of the enterpr- Herry Swinney of Gulf Hammook those viiti g Gaineville yesterday.
i Ci lu tg ftrueken of the Evinustn section, was in the city yesterday, having eome T.w. Shades of Otter Creek s in
Vi 1 -wiMN aam.og the many visitors to for the poraoeof Raking final proof tJe eity npedina Sunday with hi fanm-
Gainsvwille op Saturday. before the uJoited States land ofE. f iy. He &o*ducts one or th larget
W. H. and W. F. Gay, two repre. R. A. Becker. wife and children re-. turpentine stills in Levy county, and
WUUL6VSiT etoativeeitixens of the western part turned yesterday from Jaeksonville, at present is ditilling a large qoan-
Jly 21ta sad 2*1- of Alachuna. were among the visitonrs where they have been for the past few tity of spirits.
yie'e a 6cto iri-T to Gainesville jeaterday. days on business and pleasure com- J. H Coffee. principal of she Waldo
11q f lflt ^ White Spring* and return Sundays blned. school, was visitor to Gainesville on
ly Two Daysa hly. during sean- via G. & G. Rfy. Nine Just received a carload of buggies Saturday. He bad just returned from
S:. hours at springs and return same day. and wagon. for both heavy and light a visTit of .*eeral days to his old bome
n makiangl.yonur t ourchasg e&.W .Toreanp
GPNaI | Only one dollar. Through eoasch. tf having. Consult our poek before at Miscanopy where he reports having
: you ." r- '""-
-FC. C.. Striekland, supervisor of thr as. daw2t. had a pleaw t trip.
Savme fr Pine Cotsage school, wA among the The Gainesville Undertaking Com- Work has Commenced on the rei-
-,tbe rYar. visitor to Gainesville yesterday on ipeny are polite, sympathetic and up- dense of Tax Assessor W. W. Coion.
r 4, business with Superintendent Hollo- to-dte in everything pertaining to the The work is being done by Claude
*""* |- e~~~~~ondeet of a funeral. Brown House _^ h fiui* ,.
l- .i l' corner store. Brewer. and w-en fin-ihed t -
-__ --" i [_ In your honrs of deep distress the Li ing wil add ver materially to the to-
-- Gan~-nsville Undertaking Coupany if calei ea geara. igentlemens ei:y in wh.eb it i "ic 'NI
S "called upon will relieve you of all Cards, business cards, and any other n e
* *W B .aiR -trouble and anxiety by arranging kind of cards printed in the latest Mothers. hearken! while I tell
A i 13 ill everything for the funeralof the de- styles at this office-ad the price is What will make your baby well.
Ir I nR e easonable. too. rEETHINA" cureas them of all i
r-ift lnFN n Mrs. W. D. Dickinson departed yes- Prof.. Murrell DeLand and J A. AAn Pai them roy cheek again.
Ora--rtune.ystrd nd gOv"tthem nroeyees, ~n
NEN SElD terday for Live Oak, where she will nnand returned yesterday from a Yes. "TEETHIIA" overeome and
_______ -spend several days visiting her daugh- trip of several weeks to St. Louis and coonteract the effects of the sum-
sur-.l b. ter, Mrs Smith, who is now living at other points of interest. They report mer's heat, aids digaesttion, regulate
Itsi place. "having had a delightful trip visiting Coens ndceC ehtoeatydruggi.
&OrI&pOrten. In mentioning the stores that closed eleven States during their absence. Cheap rs White Sprng and
on last Thursday the reporter uninten- Tax Collector Dickinon yesterday v (. & G Rl. Dail
.. ,^ ^. i .i i i- ^ t *.^ return via 0j &al T
N- SOCIAL ITEMS tionally omitted the name of W. S. completed the list of tax sale certifl- limit, 15 day. 3. Wek n g
-- DDorsey A Co.. who closed their place eates for lands. sold for taxes on the Saturdas ad Sundays 'return i
and Wh t of buines promptly at 1 o'clock. first inst. The number was larger Strasn Sn
and Wi (t0Going; pr Mondays following, $2.u. Leave
Is ~~~~mn' hiteI this year than last. .Including ;ndi-Mody.flwig
oin Sort Praraph.' We have a full line of men'" why evidualsandState there were al'o'nn 5 Ganesville8:45a. m., 6:15 p.m. Su.
-. II..o and brown canvas oxfords. It you are viduah nd Sate there were abut 425 .... -- ,
eI -Runs, ~yRe" d bow anaVofrdday excursion only onedlar Lev
i~hoRunsMayRd dgoinp to the beach you will need a certificates.. euo o.y o dolla. Leave
",pair. We invite you to call at our Gainesville 5:45 a. m. Nine hours at
George Beck, one of the enterprise n
"lshoe department before purchasing. iOrg3 Beck f the enterpsprings and back same day. J. F.
K A Hill. L. C. Smith. truckers of Rocky Point, was trading HILL. aent
- ~in Gaineovil le Saturday. He hat re. ""'""""
m of eala is in the Walter Watkins., one of the valued in Gaineville Saturday. He ha The Aanic Coast Line offer rate
einployn of Marcus Endel, returned cent'y taken charge of the Draeger to Gainesville to St. Augustine and,
Sraw hatV Manua118. nght from Atlanta and other fr at that point and propose to return on August 8, at the very low
Georgia points, where he has for the have the bet crop in that section the r o $135 for the round t rir. sick-
*~ ; c"om in- -aB,. .rage oi i|a or me rouna tript. lick-,
et for sale at The Sun pat few weeks been spending hii va- coin jets good returning Aagu.t 10th. in-
.ciOn.. elusive. Service on regular tra;n,-
tso-pieie alts. Mar- Harness! hamrns: harness! All *T W leaving Gainesville at 2:15 p. m., sr-
kinds at all kind of price.. We carry TNT11 ft A .| l9 driving at St. Augu-stine at 5:45 p. ,,.
sal tomorrow. New Interior orlK Flria and ca alay I!.e last opportunity this jer to vWi
. n 'sait you in price, quality and style. U1 iJ .l 1 q!j 3 the Ancient City at greatly reduod
f tie0, new and nobby. W. R. Thomas. dawf2t. a rates. For further particular talk
teL -. McClellan of the McClellan Ur-n with Good win. 2w


Uon erealing co.



-I -_ _

Innal attenti to ail matter in
this U. l sad -legrap ders
pi-pay atteiS to;


. a -FloridA


Tbe U3UBqWALLX ukLEmfl

AV FEW avskatom will reane sac or
sOWwvesA tad rCgtore the bemAsy of
stInal lIs a new dkeoverr. muM teS
ad smoey refunded U it fras to ve
weekriet PimpMe, Lver Spoiw. n
Tan Dheclrun~s 5,4 f&Swtatmwff rnynsaa
Obehary enr in hbAars. be wna bu daM
After thee defects m re.;dS the f.l v
be nfl, clear. beaftr andbea tlbuIL Prim *
otfiti at drug .4ore'w or bT nail. T1Dnaot of
ladies tetie y to the meriT of SataotL .
SWoodburm. Ky.. Jan. fIMl
Nati oal ToUet Co. Pari. Tesm-.
UGecUmen: I hav tied Slan em ry ktit
of cream, but have avra found asftbmn tbn
comes up to Satinos'. It is the fnesi pepwAa-
tion to clear ad beautify the oowpiezs I
erer sawc And indeed does er-&im ft-
c.'aim .to 4l0. 1 feel ke inow. alter usa ISU
thamt I camnot do without it
NoWI u -Gainebvtile by
J-. S.. Boi-L -for & 00


' : 3



b.L:- . **
r~ -

id[ -."'L -
-: .;.. -- ..
-i.: :-'-* .



by all drgfit
Fadeles m<




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