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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 30, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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-;6C ww 1o010 et Mr AS a ftier 1ndic~tfa of the 1dM a* A *
-AWWOM 4| a tim 8bM M Y of todAr:- tragy Abth te bb. rfaarj -ore 0 ia&T- ---
..r tel dU NO -,_ te -.. t-.aor -ee, each ph, t _r
4 wsan eiTeoaeppop cr. i xpli llets -W.A the bom-b. I". o- : a

_4p7 W uf t a" 8"d to dove IS repot that six -men am ft&
*^-:_.----'> .... pd that five of t.em "led ml at Uw ttee of s d W '

^?E .-* '^"".':,. Tbe coaeenman wa= _opndto i to a little chapel ad~uing the seem aWk 6yesod Toee
----.- -..-. 4 '.-,..: ." I I + !. .cj* ;."-; *4., _- V -' -: ', _- I i--..-f aa- :t. _..h.. Point T e a a aa io ono e-: o- ,: a. l _

^^ :* ;;^l^^'W*i /* ^nff his visas evidently foresa-w thif was wounded barf-ag bee= capturedL bllet p
. .... Kano* an. while te .ft.t.t. The hotel wa urroded bythe p-
os dowR, threw tht lice and all ts mates were b .
IN.. d -.-.
..*/2-':-t"-.-- - :-. -.-. ---"
SPfAIL The wounded man. wh_ _s ad to- WE,

|^ | [;^ : ':>-^And prwctically annihilated -thie wood a Jeww, was taken to theAlxdeHessadt a -PS-Ao dazed as to be -uae to no
wor *:. Ih -'arae h-b hsia
_J vi-.omtdIa
f. drain the xe -and t. speak-. His conditi a t
frost:- whees. The animals. t-.- i_" for by the fact th-t be took po-on to ... .

-:.. -. ..-.... _. *..-, _., ... OK D.8T RD Y jj.... n t

walmghtkd b nih ad UtheyA trhridcalso h 1c.*l
K1AUiY the wounste had mtasImmedtately afty r the tbrwingtof the -1, ab. Dm o n cai:

^ BI to lMy nssMf tatsed- had not galloped far. before bomb. n a nRsi a osgat
'they well. with pools of nood uwi The deceased mfirnters carrwere hieaef to tevet prnsIb
R-^I.^?^1^^ dwwuS apanav ar au s u cwas being followed byusecret series th bomb. ts ba s mire
h..Vonsa se @ rv -lhv rapdl It Is reores that sby am =are Imnsa bu o i isw
_:___:_^S't^^'te_ -tl.* The mintbter-s s wa -_ bpyti at five a tm s sliat mthe wayh maS ( bep

'he*'~niirrto onn i~ rv carriage box, was badly wOun4 not -one of them was Inftred. fitethn.adwadedd
p IHtft tf W satet& -to vfist.. 'tbed o md the two -officers who were ~ ~ ^w**^u con fhscnrlo h h
-'- .-.--L - i- o man was pl tg Into a little chapel adoi nie ng a. about 65 y old. Th e

Br:"lPi driving by In a -cab, were inJured 5f -- (secrt tc~no-plc^ada
by-A bz" so ts pointers. The assassin is t e awlao. the olcu wh ous os Rs a to bate
.pl.le:y s:att gU I-f way s wounded In one eye. 14tly w tren wau wounded havtln be capturedo bitterly oppose two nd. FOte owt

3Von, hy wa terry ma took to flightan butw achoring to the hotel fcing fte street webe b o I has been lid, h ag
s lo latest slo was overtaken and lc aad even Ismeaof the erge Panestf hi ow Peope madito drastic cug
WO I PREVAIL bomb w~Th exposio eow under arrT the wao d ma. nation adr te hed or advoat
I- /t::IPand e s toil the Pelterhof train be wa tae toe Alea te tIsa to b havr teredd made o e a theae-
S S -aha wsaHs kirlged ad a wor or the ra e. Teorses dospky d rivers at the cab stands in b pi oe as e r anderos cr
tore ofa. dragging the axle ad tM speak. His contio v wanted lz o be r or a ioces
.O_: jx_ i: -whees. The. amals, though 1 for byof the sat ation tk p i to be ored. Von Plebhee was hia
-FW dr bfn-la ted by the wounds tey had s Immedirtely after the wngof the b-lv of Finnsi h blooa d yet iat Ie ale
': "' -':-__;-'LU.. tilted had not galloed far- before bomb. no man In Russia-has sosiual

tJl o8.11 t tey f well. wi a th pools of paes of M. Vbood uwade s The deceased master's a tmslf for se veity against thei li
.he.I was being followed byainr were toe s as bI. Pebre. He .wa regarded
IM el riaT Voens Fee a The pmi"anter's Servto t Whoi Ws ie mea orn Off. tteby a-lower portion wag
Won e wirriage box, was badly wouac not one of the e was tIn ure uppd the tiRe, a4 waL drEd ed
I-drv by In a rrcaile were Injured They l o (secret) seto of pce and a-

wtA thrnnoery SttitS -0 VISI 06r. SP o S a. twod oo whhi waccounto of ct of Cathe Oil
|c. C-Abomdb wbs thrown.mad tfle UD fly ing splinters, The assassin him vhe force ofm the etho n .-owing .to the fart that be control
;5t5 (SrtI$eCOD2PlS17mit tlf eldf was wuouuded i oune eye. r *o strenuous that all the window of a_ the pre a of Russila, Jtlhrogh te e
_. u; nc elae was wty _maa- took to nfigt wbt. aeeording o te hotel facing Rte street were. blow 13 sM r. who. It has been understood d
ES l^^ ^^ Ratest wreportswa tovlertiken andm ;o hanevensm fte tenfud ingei pankes 0 M Piebre' bahldIaghuh wihou quesic
Tb. crime- was cantt at 1, now under are st, the Warsaw station t hundred steps The deceased minister was laborlo
k-:-L i [ Pseps-to-the Peterbof train away were shattered. Some of the in the extreme, but bad no trae,
i:: ri. coe1as r _n_ w hEIRS IIm t gap to sir :u~p the_ soee. Among drosky drivers at the cab stands In briliacy and was an indifferent cc
Ktam:." aa4 taddS 4uhi tfln were th--lDuje and Duehess of"c frnt of the station were injured. Ac versatlonaitst. He was .however. fim
::..:-eQ.!-.wildyawia, wit te_.ft .n |Oheburg, who stopped their nctur ear cording to a later accougat .the bomb of music and was accustomed to it
::!of::-:i the -arU.n the OS potl! w u~l a couple of--paces-of M. Von was thrown .from a WLI4OW, of the many French novels during his Jelsu
i~:i-:- -n. tM whilerema'in.- ng Intc. Plehve's remains .an4 were toffi-by a. Warsaw hotel. Von .P'ehve's baa6 born. "
u.sately- -. f SS ieCO @1 tI. polceman .the terrible tidingos. They was torn .off, the. lower portion Wa^ s "
!:w:""st "ou a" -- ""- ware .much affected. ". completely s hattered.- bu: the upper IFAThER-O RIELLY DIES.
'-/:" i~le. ui -sedam esI croni Spea Like" Wildfie part was untouched. Ther were only--
nb 4fl_-~miv .fl m ~o _4._i._ two consph'ators. actording, to this Was Pastor ofSt !Pear Cathel
-"- : ... "wher th news of The tragedy spread yl vendon. one of whom thrw the bomb Church, Uirmln gam.
...........w....-. -.- t. nr brougbout. the .city, rousing Iroro n the window and then bolted. irminugam.. Ala.. July .-Re.
-:: :/:-- -c.uste~raatou everywhere. Police re.n When feature&, another lbomb Is said Father P. A. O'Reilly.7 pastor of
:: s rves were hurried to the scene from to have bee fon In b--- -o N-ults Catholic church. who was I
_:/ ::.| a.l parts~ of th city. and the various. -- -.- ,._Jured by being thrown from a hor.
:.':.-. -: : -----" !departments were Instantly noticed. -A hcap of debris from the. carrage,1 whl discharging. the,_ duties,. of c,.
-.. !"- : - : : !When the Assoc'atedl Press corre- ,, pIlu of, uthre cacmanm~ s u~zIfof linduin the recent.- brig. -,.. ade e
i?!:::: .: i :" | k --.: :. : .apondeut urr ve4 at the telegraph office r-ut an piial re.ic oftbtag.y eampmeut in this city', died this nor
tus fe h taeyocrewere still lying in Zaba sky street, lu at,, ocok
l, the director of telegraphs bad already ttere tht c rime was cofllttc'i, when Howsa a f oaleabe

been.I.ormed o th a "alto and t'ie correspndent of tb A~soclated ant- b.r ,ee chel inrue

'!- ha- L n .r *- instrutio hbad been given. The ut.FS w e spot Iis ot an the ,r of STaa en
Most eonftaIon prevailed suand the re- no For a ko eber se o t inces bospl and the
".:::- portsof the occurrence were conflict. :h wa arded y police lin an orphan's home in ir
|.. y B tg. .Regarding the identity ot theq ro one was allowed to approach. cty. He has eve brat,-er
S i I asasin and the cause for the crime Intense Excitement Tanton. .Mas.. and the bo V,
It was reported in some quarters that n n tA midst of the con rna ta there 's
Evn In t. mdt of the con rna-nterment .
Si was a Finln and In others at produced the tragedy. evry OP Ai will be petoe y ai
I-:-i---. was the partisan of the Zemsvos, the body is talkn f Von Plehve's proba.Protptants and CathoTSs of -nhis ro
Scurtailment of whose powers is at. le sccssr. Vo PIehe' sai Iunl to have The InteVrent in B
.-".~ .,."-.''.IIIiI.Itrtib1ted to the dead minister. Noth. t.a.m was. l -IIa^^ ^^ ^Ig, however, bhs been deniniely W L.O;! 1 '.eX ad was fonowed ja. really beloved. He entered the prie
:: '!!:i^^ .-^ ^ tabllshed as yet. mecately th i.uc of extra hood i ltT7 and for the past iGyn
'I I I I-: lI i -: 'Emperor Notified.. edalons of the paper. Al Jough they WS satUoned in Birmingham.
I : "^ :""__ IIIIB Th"e prefect of police notified the Intained only four lines -eferring tao ET E.
ISS I iIBI I ii IIemperor of the tragedy Immediately te tragedy, the n2wsboys;were air TRI NCOUTE.
uI Ipon Its occurrence. The emperor moIbed by the crowds .n t"ae streets, % Ct% i I
-r. who was at the villa Aexandrla a: so eager were all for devalls of 0th- e6 0 w i w
1'-~~ vi 4'0 ucie
" I I I ru Peterhof. was greatly affected by the crime. Excitement reigned every- ,Yk J 2.-o Dv
. "* .. .Vo.^news coming as It di& atop of the where. Only the aseaintica of Ute.,
mA' pmpertr fought onv thete mordo 1q4
an gl edS kod. .of the master ay vS bad tidns-a from the seat or war, emperor eouil have relatedd more of. Vnh th R. _ame er
SL telrt I hAn W l od fi of itemrnatlonal complications a Isen atlun. as next to his majesty"^ ".,
ttt BI Lay In oI. aMd the stralnincident upon the hour. b tmaelf Von Pehve was rgarded asI the third oor ofa hs on
bs Asocated Pass correspondent ly expectaUton of an event so etose the most piw>,erful personality in the in a nuewt_. J ..
"was-%at -the e0wu. of the: tragedy: wit-t11i t mca h eprrA e
a II t e eB f te t e Iy wlth, to hist father's heart. Tne emperor f.l.I&an go.ta.ranenL The emperor Is ewom.teerle -to .
I ,r-I at t Po -rofplc.hen w ]y ~~g D~y
i T minute after it occurred M. Most broke down when he was In- at te P rhoff pa e. When ... O l btn h y
foma.tenew wsv-a'heTs
To mI Plehve.-.s hoekinly fmangre to^ed of the minister's murder. the w r 'ceived al the Testiri pae .....t
body w l1A1 In the piddle of th' .jatva msr hv. an t mnn tl tss 4f the day were. of co riie, im ne. priest. t e wo
i " U- IlaK n .e maaleol t t re.t of comv hzrse.n inune .~. .-. ... ... ._. .~ a

" -: . --' ---' : .: :/; ^ : .. I^
--'- .- __-- ; "v-:^_:^
..- 4..-:.. --. p .,-- : : .-.-.. -._.p: .:i

'-" :" ': " '" '" '" --""': -" "* > .""" I*;

. B'mxag cnn|
-.s _--: .. .* L* .--:" .:,-1. : i: :.: *. -* *:-. .-:^. ^

-Ba ; -- -- ;. -, -: -: ...- -. ".- .- -._' -.- I'' -

la Pakn .7.A

Os pro .Akto Aiiii
,SR- --FU.R".hER4.. ;-

T b~~_- Dt. th -. .

Ol.cag" JuLy a -Z. J"tan"-". "' -
-r. of.. .". A.-:.r Oo :-._t eeen i

Sthat tfe annwe! z^m b the as \^^
.: .- . .. - ... . .- . -....

"STAllS :


M at the CoOfe. Nl e S
bard aa arbitration lost .
W- U Be _ .. -
-- '- _"-'A-L."Ai

e d In Its enUretyN theomt c
S"pa es. and that the .
d sUed to him that they wee
go back t6 the
with. MrAwk onll'sw
Sensirely unftoataleO
Of "Our po'ia s he "s-" he --0W
had an
ad orga&aiot ad the allied- Ufl-0
wfiich they bare fa"ed to IN 1 0 "M -
and uMnder the rm m,
not care to mke any
.. ..t awe A a- ..- 4
u' -eot t -l

'. Fli owiag the arefal nb a.d l |

LW moretagre maaets wot the a'tsflM -|
> .. o the s bpac i tng er n bie :e b m :.:.-*

a bombo int the m of t .1.. .....

,e- to sr s men1mga to t-i ao s M ^^,
the big packi- eoaIirm toayls -|-|
a wlomb ithe thae ea tof te iupa m- ^^:

re. in thiet ties .B lorgag the a U-M ::-!

t, .rds .y p-_in puli :.ef thaf-

,. they are0 -n the ,,. ..^I
l l light of emplOyeLs., 1 se a m l WA- l
1is taken by Swiftf o. we m .-t01 0
in ing placard Ewas toapknom x
Byl to view ,eaT the en to 1 -. 1
to n: I I I-I
'y "All help Ravig cur employ Jly ..
25-26 will be paid In Mul at e ,. OI 5-z
!r first street market payaass w" --
as low beginning Thursday -y tk at j
m Ia.M. SwiftA uCr"
rs The appearance of tie n e w
greeted with angry exciaaa- f" -l
the crowds that soon g ored aC *
read and discussed the noOnet. Ts -
place named for the me* b 6 apply
Id for their mosey is outside the soflt .
-yards pwfpen at Ha. ad steet
in Exchange arena ft wej essd a -
7, affording the least posbI If a
B< raer. ,,
* Btonfafe In tbe seep apply. flrte *.
"k ularly laundry. hotel amd the ebsa' ..
ad grades- of toilet s-ampt is o Of the WOas
tU siMfties of the strike. in m arii
t Hon of such an event the p e :
U soap plants have4 been as &r dam t

. :t, *G~



a .-, ,. --.- : : -.4 ;Z : -.; I-
'115 .41.6
S- -, .. : ..-..- -.. ,
i -.
""i f ^ f ** '- -" ." ., '. .-_ ,- ... ** :'*-. :- *.'.-L. "-'- '-," "._ :-'-:.

T_. :

- "'. ..1 "- .

..- ,_ 4,.' .. _._ _. :

Canttnua" la, Chrg .-d -.hTI .---iR-t ".M-T;- -w" .^^ il "s8 P- - ,r /., i_ fT S-
: ; ..... S E A A 2= ". ..[... S t:-"
_.Rpbm"q nn.Wm -A

Slaburd AltrLime lay1t@io-
___ '-. 0 5 .L t& *- n P. . toWa-i
0MV ts L t 01%7aauec

!/A -Bs L itoS0. r "ia rg eil so th a_ t t
_1 0 Thiss sJhedu eal
w G-AA. K.1may spendO.nlghta har-

A bl w... --l thoroughfare coAhe l c, ? O ae SAM Jo
F:,. -... -_.;. : . . .. ;-, _,. 0- a. m a r v

a^^l(to l! ft mb 0 waithot a. .i inm ac 'i

,..M Sst in 1 b deepen, requng only
|~~h Smk Oo.a ftkB~odOOK UIialUbS JU~a The ronnd-trip rate orn (uaineuvllle cciuuw ni
!.. .. o. ;. &, *hi& -WMalW. .LS We. Botouiwllbe, all i), eaO;uiaNew _
gl^i ; i -a ,!Ns ol.O^ Nvaswith hoo. Yorkvdoug nd te pibue .76; via cOLcEST

aaalam the Peo0 o Qf Si ms tof wa s|CUwto Portsouth ant t, Ofs Mae iI 333? CON
4-1 woftReque~s~t t o lyoui r- cekmer.noer the official lAlES
pae; r"" .10 rouSctane, the SeWaboard inr Line Railway.______.e______
!: -!i- i Max_ M r-- The round--trip rate wro. ssiz, ..I &lel

-- o" w M i addition to. e he v^ se P ORT
| A^^aoa, a ptt a fe. I1e O_., .o, ^^ fl l^ .^P aoboae, th s~eaoar, LTU *elrllid T^^^ W^ U T O

_~ abovetheow. ,ered ry
.f:.-"+- :.-w.tio laehoaoo ad inI : ^ i^B ^r trip ticket, for this ocseion to the -
F aisay *1 3.5 l1h. 0..1o A. B., their friends and the public ._
generally for all ttthL9 of Augun12th,
.Ne.: ipmpeUrtr 3a ot been iTrD .s3th and 14t he Sboar n will alo
w-,b^Uw fated tho ho l .f ^^. J sell such tickets ,i eew York ard ..
;: ; -SM' .... w,__ the ea a l! of the Soand Lines, or an i ca o rionneetion .J^
S~SS n ..aran ed. and.b

Jp p~minrialharebeenawanad, nd ^^^ AA^^Rfrom New York without stopping in ^ ^
SStdeonafof syouwibeoer Washington. 2w. H er iiinight
fW f ty t 0w1a e b \ wu Night Wa Her Terrora.

SIt]&wld' bs altune: Wr the s$ofab "I would cough nearl* eU night sl
Pm mi---; eit a. in the pea t. and ..l-,. oG.," wr ites Mri hus. Applegte of Pb
g| --- wodbeMteams a t- AOAS WAS DISCHARGED. Alexandri. d., "Oand could hardly
;- p_--owtmst4 Is the In-_-_ of develop- JuM e C.In aOnld That Ms Wa et ald nsnlumpteon ep .--had-.niu..p..onS
-a that pa" "th gt .... ._oo w13 th a 14tad thIa i wled a loek I woaulds -o
^kg Sh pS t_.'he S, thr wThi Rght in Defendng Wife. coogh frightfully sud suIt blood, but,e vi- W -w-
ad PSSSSi I.SrS .. Ben Adams. an indostrious colored when allother mediin failed, three
bsnmdtiis s.ermlmma .l ."$ odes fD.Kn'_le io-
. r 9 man of thi. city who attempted to et ^ 1 bottles of Dr. King'. New Disoot Jackeonvltl
Em. ew. -ad e a eory wholly cured meand T gained 58 h cai
.,- ._ummimq ha- eany l jIng o an another man on the Fernaudian ex. pounds.' It's atlmolutly guaranteed -
Sme iom train, who was arrested and so sure coh, old arippe bo- M tmu
F calf todoublls.

. ae. Indntda ae b bmugh& to Gainnille, gave bond and chtms and .11 throat snI relunt lroNblew Enki
te- ^M~a ?wU~tetrie te wens retinal.- which ^ ^ ^Price Wec and $1. tnraI ote ret V/J OliwJu~
'^-". ---:. *imn^^aii -m -fr ----ir_;--'- ul mi !- waa ,rewa^.Q. notje.e 0 w, uminch l appeared |1 ! -,* -- *- -.- a -.
SpinmTedAaM" enoatagud, and apee notic of Wal drugstore1w. Diyet Denies Bewe
^^ a~p fa. trsis mumary wtiehha lam Tbe 8amt or Friday, wa FridayIDTC
Kp. us~khig us$4; drnlopmenftt uwningrraigned^ befre Janiee C:ola am. DsP,' Le atesr. OahlRU#S
S. l--_ pap y.ees*ba. c ah oudnie-*mn At thepreasent SoM r!rI-WZ
th ticbe 1MsOmvhlII. an Aft the inelnet had been ex t in outde ruhu all-bu......ndghur t
"|.' .! Mwe i~m rairadpa ea It -S?^ ^ Tkm^^ wSk ^Notol ..............,...
,wes..,n._ ._anr_ p..sses l plalne, daring which Adams stated the twentieth century. j r we rell Northboimnt..........
u-IIe vs s"d thiat this n01nI07 of "I6 that the man stePPed upon hi wifi's so rp1d a we think we are? I
"- abof d.evelop-" ft an Ina o apologizing he waa Ptsly few girta of fouteen hareat- a
,: ,-rt t ,b, i-,d wih ente i..-,.-,.. Tn.., 5... *,.. thina Itke the amount of expeIienee a 5

wish. tu m fe eawem Iuna*Tnta flaat....a aAthng.ik theWamout Io exe iec Clfl=,bSLr_. 11
.-. |.byfe w O. u a i u w W sd emotinn many weeks of life that Between JAC
S I US this re ,was construed by there was no case as AdamsJullet. RbhaktpearsW heroine, bad topping at Ftks, Astor,St
Justified, hence the ease was die.a
:m Lat, 1i, T ber Compay. prig D e w Mcrammed Into fire days and a halt Iaiil
auMy,i*N a view of givi g them ra---a. -. -..-- The time Is tbus awortoD: On sesa "(. Yfl
I.--es for t eir tmber from BruItally Totwed. undlayu the batll Itolok' plee, and on rsenksw i1 SJt p.
,--~ -: t f thr- ..,, --,-. I ,-. ^ Monday Romeo nnd Ju iet were ma te--- saovc o, 1
a n ,sflo.-.f-...- Se.a, through wh" A cae eame tonight that for per. ied. On Tuesda.y Juet took the !sappo-i
1-. awe wu,.U. B n tsc .siltent and unmerciful torture huas draft, and on \yedueMday she was SotbIS.
fl.h nMU it aChuilt witha view l perhaps never been equaled. Joe played In the tomb. On% ThursdayJ Ho- dO.
--.:"askMg t rmaneot, nd the best Golobiek ofCola", al.. writes: "For meo returned und on Vrday the bapL 8 pa..................
jnft fts B0 onIr *
';' ,,...; ",.',. ^- ^ rI15 years I endured insufferable pain les pair anmitted sic de. SO. am .......... ......
K^ -, . .._. .. .... _t~ f _t&k ^. ... k ^ _.;_ .* I D.'!l -ai .. -.... ... .... .. ..
u m I a e n De o nt s
Wat. I-ii bee"; a' 0 goodpJS of frorm rheumatim and nothing re- f 4
SIiiSP E the lieved me though I tried everything J r. :....
|S it Umber .h s in pe Stats tes- known. I erse across Electric Bit- The Japanese baby's ead sha Arrive 8 am........ ........
l-S In. a vhenr i!teart of the Flor en ad is th reate- medloine In a curlonus fashion,- aDd never, under 1000 tm.... ....... ..
:--.A I a-it~,I gas e no ny eir-ums'tanc a, do"s fluemothberor -
4 Sa p:osphbats belt.|| earth for that trouble. A few bottles crum.t. dfl th mother o GENERL PA8. AND TICKT
--- ---- man to-a- to be s-on. of it completely relieved and cnred baby wear a lat or bounet Nor does U- a A t.S
-.t..o" ll k nmership-Js mea as J ( good for liver and kid. he wear shoe even In the coldestw. G. OS Jr. le
_.. ...... _. "m.r n. e troubles and general debility, weather, but hi shiaven bead ad his o_
Sbb amnson.the cou~nuanoe of the e axottsftonpn ~~fl4 he's A .HGIY at' ~ s
hia naorw ,_-_---,h_ e contia4ee or the On-l 0e. Satefa tion guaranteed by pink t "oe peep out fro- the mother'A .^i^ ^ ,GeL_ s
paqor wich haschar. allmggisgts. b F9TI.(.W R
o..o d. which has char.aU ..u- ga.mients, and be r -it pickapack, 1
nc a ed th e road sine its eonfStr-l .--... -strapmed on thtly. happy. chubby, CbcnebrcCt
A tSS. Yurmed the o a.. smiling always and d when be_ _ _ -
is. s
-i .The Jaekoville & Southwestern Mr. Sharpe (old lawyer)-Beatrice, is s allowed to get out- the binding
Air Line one t poble that. In spite of my pstive garment. In the most dinty Of IC T f
bis Sm ftsbosr4 - Ar- ne B * S fHAII W TWII

., '. . ., : " -: .- :_- .. c

wt KI$c ca acr' iaVAB
"ir ,c"-s r 2, e;3

SA-. SRA Sr.

m ""h

tmonBros. areil




; -, "

arim"s f ALrr7 TG
am m
e andl New York, i
LESTOJN, S. 0., both wmas.
and and Southern Lines
.-a-- A- h fl_-- N .b,
IChadlamo bush wyag.

te*t. es.* *e FreAMs lewis' Whrf,
.From Foot Ef Osberime a.,, Jaeballrrsn

Johns BRier ZJzf

)ONVIILL Mand SAnroan
mah, Ueenftohl (Dslar) ald bafl
p on St. John -.,
ha.udaya, Taafj mmd Thniadws.
ted to il a folwf: -
.Jaekon "ile... ... .... ... Auuv ta
...Psa tka... .. .. ...,.*.Jes.LeSSf
.*.. F rs .... *.. .......... .... 1fl-
..ft. Fnweis................ l !lf
resford (De d) .. . S . . BsS
... foad *,I. .. ..... 4 ..* s........ 4 4 B *ADM
... Enterpri S.*... *.. ... .... )
rPam Agt.. sw We tr a. Jel _l-a T
M t. r, wvmoS . na'.mIa a ,"
ama coot. Jam v.-
Ne i Ylt. CLYS Me"ls
apn I W! -Ass







. :_

C-'lei -,
____________________ 4.0S

: .. :- ---- -,-^

* I


'7 tS~ HB aCr~

L <>fnal: ii~ ~t" ., .1

'-: wo -d At aV all

.- W*:Ag,

7 a wnlaor oe

*lB~tt~y adare an

I hitepjatvix
- Ma aad artw

r a aa b9

Rum W. Kia

-- a
mert Theyr Re.

a"C of- T. Fe
s. ttf oily
lnaftre mty* Au
I the lo pol

;. d pome whab

ttto thatoft. F.

his wt ifeby

sAd bad-

bedts fS

IIVFD dflo 1w.
& a heipimf oe
Ssboukldbe ffen

B swe, usuberlag

f omusesbaiing

mfttukt bhforc the anti-boycott bill wa.
re portedl.
It is asserted that no notice what
ever was given and that the Dill pansedl
the senate without the knowledge o1l
the offib-rs of tho federation. This U
the statement made at the meeting
of the federation last night.
The following resolutions were
adopted by those present:
"Resolved. That the Atlanta Peder
atton of TraJes denounces the action
of th estate senate In passing the ant!
boyAott bill without giving the vie
tims of its pernicions proislons a
chance to. be heard against it. and
that. too, after Senator Matthews. the
chairman of the Judiciary committee
to whom the bill was referred, ha;
promised our representatives should
be heard on the subject.
*Rholved. further. That the bill It
seTt is Infamous. and It Is a reflecfior,
on every member of the senate thi
no on-,- nrote:tt-d arainqt ilts nrerinl.

. :- . .- -:
*- -.

Ikb-e m 11-T.aTAj lro
-. .. .3- .. - ..- .. - -
aL.bemh. nl

U04 NS~Ie Ower h reersndI
II'S -andlb heat #*
- I- her PU, i tea sk4 has Iky

MvtL UL %;
Eisan H. sadL. Grimo Jaskow

A. A. MeBa. -as retuned from a
driving mar through the Orag. lake
doS rw and os the ooti of
all aMps as very woasimag.
JaLks' haa added a 36-ine bou
saw to she equipment of his blacksmith
sho. He ip now busy building a ftney
cupola for hbis mer tank.
A W. Craig will remove his cotton
gin to Cauaplle for the coming ma-
SThe Barnett property on BeUlamy
avenue is being improved by a neat
wire feane.
WIN Maes to Cuba.
After a rmeidene in this city cover-
lig a period of smoral yeas, Mr; and
Mrs. M. W. Wooding expect to make
their departure in a short time for
Havana, which city they will make
their future bome.
Mr. Wooding has been appointed to
a lonaive position with the Southern
K -i Oompasny, with headquartern
in Havana. While friends here will
regret very much to see them leavf,
they will nevertheless wish them muWrei
bappmne and sueees in their new

Fdration of Trades Wrathy Over a
1 ,Broken Promfie.
Atauta., July 29.-Indlsaa at the
pasmage by the state senate of the
Starr anti-boycott bill was freely ex.
pressed last night at the meeting of
the Atlanta Federation of Trades and
scathing resolutions denouncing both
the action of the senate and the prm-
visions of the bill were unanimously
It was stated at the meeting that
Senator Matthews, chairman of the jui
diclary committee, to which the bifl
was referred, had promised C. T.
Ladwn. attorney for the federation,
that the Irlends of organized labor
should have a hearing before the corn


fAe sct Penas OrpnS

. 000i mA O habin os.' wW.rar.

Tb- oWdofTrmn wes iated to apee.-
tto adJ Alaska Gassy Hospital

hei hit h reS ad tflSet and odrn a

a by estiof g ahosil that will bemp-
* etirm a tonud Dr. K. Lartoperty

imd-,boild iutrfght, and. asthe~re-are,
The eralveirman beautifsaned to aplble

Site. it q uostn asto- whereit
was oikelya e o prpoe of

Sof tMrs. I&OyBoall on Rut Lassiter
dsrWtIg bT lwm veni w appoint avery
eomm#4ee so safler with the Board .f
Cos eay OmmlmIioom~ sad the Cty
Ostemil Ia regard to heotsing aid
from thoiM bode..
Froma pv^Mnnt ladlesAionsiIt oemtt

thatitwi onlyted with beautiful of a
plaont whil erane thia lity ander. There

were about! twent y-fite; guest pos rsnt
Miss -Ablralls,. being Ia ehum I ng Younlg
lady, benteriofaehopital that will
grace Aod o weetne ins. The mot mste.
gThe fareatiof will beungy propertyWn

apron tramving -by the youngr men,
aS bild mutrigh, and aed there are
eeral for beamtifent iwork. At ailable
itee it e oueton lMs to w here re it
viU Ukl locatede*

A Pleasesf Party.

iothe d party gieren at the home
ofmn. Hery Bell on East Lahwiter
street Thsouday evening was a very
enjoyable 4semsloa. The parlor was
sswfutefly decorated with beautiful pot
pleats and Japan... lanwercs. There
were about tswensy~ve guests present.
Misi bmanb, being a charming peang
lady, ententained then with. musoh
grace and swreetness, The mnost amos.
hng ftuuwnr of the morning was an
apron hamwding by the young men.,
she pvIne being awarded to Pains
Seruggi for she season 'work. At 108)0
.'eloek the young kolks were marched
into the dintinproom, water. the Sable
was decorated in *nowy white with


-. S-- - *~
- .- -~=- r a
- I-

a..D a-



Sea Island Cotton Seed. Begging and
Leather n Sitrip or Sik

Manufacturers of the James Do In
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and 8appWk

'-.-' *.-.., .* *. :-.*_-^ -- .:-^ .. .. .,.^^!^ ^*ar B^
'. .. '' .."* __. ** : -, .. .-- -^ *^ j ^ B
' " .- '- '.^ N ^

.. : _ -.- : ' ; *L ^ ?
n --

ia I...i.a.

1 1

improved EA
M_ -. "
a a --- -.-

ai atoaw. ea" Ue taerete

iaw ofid tet& # se and thia

tbe u dy f Jai'y. c AtD ii--_
fl'S- at the 4e e0
theI a*n MNOs

dm -. Pe. fl Hs tn DL C
Us~ ~I cmnsebe ydeeg""

NOC fO law" oa aTS mh" uTore
asthmt Ahsfttroct oA Be.A.-.
Wnttnsmy S*nmmethb

the W.6&W of JawU No. A. DLt e

of July. A. D. 19Q tu kdlln U tel
Cp my NDLe, f u p C.tor

Motx deehd toI ebyo aiveaee bZwta w.ta
ST Comama. poboista of x Certifrtew of
the Ohs of Oale3d* NILS.ted the *7thday
of July, A. D. 190. has filedsat oerdf&taw
Is my oSfe and bin. 2a ic nfor
tax deS to-btaeIs aeo-r -a1--ceewshlaw.
Sa, eeffinete e mbrae.te ftIelW. d e-
nrlmb x property inatSdt ualnesiae,
Alwbha coaMt. Flwa. towt:
SIn Sat HaU (fl) of A 6. twa b Addition
toD atew'fle. Los t14 17.t8..Uand %. Sec.
A.. Tp. t i m
TrhendlaudbetiMmLeat the date of
the mmuaee of uch eermm e in th mine
of J.W.Doike.
Unem WMt eertlkte d be redeemed
aecwdh tolar, tax deed wS l ta tU.ere
on the fh day of Aauf r A. M EW.
Wtnem my W Oa iUntnae and el tMs
thet fhday of July. A. f Al.1
a C. ouENION,
Clerk Cfreuh Conrt Alwao*a County, FI.
du Per S. i. Wicsget. D. .

Notice is hereby given tmat C. R. Spivy
nsromer of Tau tcertieate N & aS.
dated the th day of July. io. ha
ed *d certIficate In ty oee. andt ta
made appioeaUoa for tax deed to lame In ae.
I crdawee with law. Said eertifca emmatesl
the foowing dewrlbed property, Stae ina
AlaebUoa ounty. *tidla. towit:
Lot 10. Eat Green Street. WtadMr.
The a lanad betibg awwed at the date of
the bmawe of wek nertffae in tthe name
of F. J. Kinder.
Uclen said eertideate shail be redeemeA
aeootll tolaw, taxzed wdil iue thereon
oan the l0th day of Anot" A. D. 1904.
WItMem my oIatl ignamre and seal th"
the %h daY of July. A..D. a..
lrk Circuit Court AaObua Co.. nai
pd Per S. H. Wlenuces. DL C.

ZAE M. Ga.EAM. Pmak



Ca tal. .......,..... ..a 0)

Surplus and Undivided Profits... 25,000 00

Dow sm-alvew a manammeK bsm.NG6 w"th fafms e mw w af look i San Am a

a otuaaw a. flTAYL

EAa ntyd





Our business is strietly confined to the vanouso detail e tof*e 100
erohifo of land, and we have no private or peral "s to gri" b mf
w ith that businem. We msake a special of tShe propaal of fl tm
n.ake exhau*tve investigation of tittlm We repasmt pu M i
a*i mitten pertaining to the as onmest and |p ins el e= .aS -. ae,
demptiun of outstanding tax ales When you =e m-p an rd ee*
vice in our line call on or write U. Notar Py publi !A i
B.R COSIE, imw.
I-- I- a -II I II-"- -- -






J -11

-4 4.


Abetntao Tial -awd full iontei fiOte IN" ~ n bookt Ih
ounty. fOr manager am lived in ebS eta
tothoroughly' eomvnraas with todttma.

munting a number of prcmiaems Amemless USd X~esqefmM~.
w3.1ad earmu"I 'I T AM= e e n flk


Table Unexcelled.

Every Attention to Guests


i- a:

1- '
** it

Take The Atlantic Coast Line



M11ML-w ram.







I -
4 -.
-3 '-1
. -

c-v 4
~ -
*~L ~
- 1-'

-. -a

S -

T~ i.



.~ SM


i Notice is hereby gives that J. C. HSalle.
purchaser of Tax Certificate No. l1b. dated
the 7th day of July. A. RI 1M. has mded udd
certificate In my office. asaxa made app4ca-
ton for tax deed to hue s aecordaee with
law. Said eerutifoate embrace* the following
described property s tuated in Alachbuu coaun-
sy. Florida. tow It:
W% of Nw34 and SSe. of Nws. Sec. 24. Tp.
S S.. 18 F ast. eontailnlta 120 acrv.
The aMd Iond beitnd aewped at the date or
the Issuance of such certificate in the came of
H. S. Holme. Tru.-4ee,.
Inle a taid certiLcate mhaU be redeemed ac-
cordinr to law. tax deed wil isue thereon on
the inb vay of Auarut. A. IU. Iti.
Witoue* my oficlal ,trQcua.rre and eal this
the NLh day of July. A. 1). iW.
H. I,&T)N.
Clerk Circuit Cnurt Alaibua Co.. 1ba.
du Per S. H. Wieires. D. C.
"In the Circuit Court of the Sibtb Judieial
Circuit of the State of klorda. In and for
Alaebua Counts.-J. H. Hodwes. Pinlatif.
verduW Charleh liJtbonoe. Defendant.
The State of PFotids to Charles lFiAthorpe.
Defcndunt: You are hereby ooUtlled ttbist a
writ of attachment has be-n tI-suefl agalnt
you and the foUowing lamd. towit:
Lotnineteen (191 of Veitch'* Addition to the
Cty of G(aioewsUe. lying and being n SeeUton
nine. Townahip ten. Soutn HWe twenty. FAl-st
ronDalIflgt o1e-;uarter of an acre, and al-Ao Ue
rollowing described piece or iarcel of land de-
sertried ma foUowh. towit:
In Section nine (). Township ten (10t. South
Bange twenty MA). Ea. betin at a Mtake
which tIs located at the Northwest corner of
Lot nineteen in, Veich s Addition to the City
of Galnewv0e. thence run in a Northeasterly
diretios one hundred tW4) feet to a ake.
thence In a Northwesterl direction ixty MW)
feet to a stake ttbeaee In a Soutbwetert di-
reetion one hundred ( corner of Aiex APera's lot and State street
thence In a Southeasterly direetlos aonI
State street xty 'et) feet to befininff. bas
been attached as vour property to satisfy tUe
demand of Said p:h.iuii? amout*U to twohun-
ured dollars.
Now unless you ihaul appear before the cfr-
nIl z tkjam". wid *ta.a Lm'., 16k & uthtaIo l ptf sfir ag ut *bf


9 a mIA

- .

I :.Sna,./.

-On oa.-7
S_ I ME.

t'.^ : .' -1 -' -J .- p

4D -ot Te C a-bKET.
-/.-. ,- *t hsmm-.-

lli- New Tfri
H .. f-, in wn-. m 9-- n .- ...

I- 'nn1G.Dvif
:-i -.- f l f l | .f-r,- .r_- -

ys^^ :-. -*-' .- :.* L_-.^_ - _. ..- _^_ i ,- -
..--- SOtemX Pem. --

'*A '- -- ." -~ -' ':M i i "~ s "1 & ^ - '

k:.-i_.. : -- -2 ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ zn^- -^l^^^^B ^
j...-- -_.. ,- / .- -. orBAK eC 'jU E !
.---_ -. - a __ D- ,

d *-.-"-- '* " 1 " .._ ,, _
:"....-; .- .* -. W.* .- .* . *U A
*.t..'.. . :. -. -.NJ 41.Q S
1. ';--**_*.-.: S aimi B B as e-

..-- .- : ..A --- I

f- .g-- -- . J .
,,Bj -_:.. -^ :-. f. I.P. z ',to .
-r I
- U- --. -. w. avo.wa

i "U on 04m iO.
- ._._-- ".* _*. m
.' t-b .-- .^.. ..- -~c q M

- F l:-_. --AM V. E _OW.
6 .: '-' :BO te tt '.- .-~i I m-. Ie

SI-. -Iim.OUbWAY.
-^ OuIieei r of Agrkclcfle.
--'? :-. .-. - B ,,-,IJ

n< ~ ~~~ Ib~oL B97"iedoe.
:: -

.-"; --- J W S .WG..
"-:- -. -tu~nca "o~n ii Yeu "-
:!"-*-*' .. ttef Sureo Co.o-wL

|:g^; 0. V. ORTIL. OOIVAN.
; -:_'?..- ^^*nt -&mu~m a ~ Yeu i fir^v
:I?- *- -9 IA o. 9n IKK E''

i^_'- ::" -- .i s
ll -^ -". - i 1
-ip./ _. **- --. Kn e -tit.r,,, I
p-^ ??-- J A. BCABO .CG!

^ Ooub&y Jde
. ".0. MASON.

F.'. I 1
I : I a

T-WE I ..


ing hom the ground' In the joy of
swelling. Small grainm haI done well.
too, and with plenty of hominy there
is to be an abundance of the necessary
concomitant, bog. Indeed, the pork-
en are gratifyingly numerous for a
'hog wild eotds i .
"All in all, GeoGwrgia-rural Georgia
-which is the nmot of Georgia-has
reason to smile and be exceedingly
glad. It Ito a year of full cribe, smoke-
houes and bins."


The W. R. Thomas Real Estate Corn.
pany has just issued a hsn4.omna book-
let advertising GaineTsville and Ala-
chua county, which is destined to
prove of great value to this section
and induce many settlen here.
This booklet is handsomely printed.
It eontaincs half-tone productions of

it~~rtll nmeqao, while she
f-. _p.a."-eped a' b.ret from.-

aM. -F- w
i""-r,,MW ., M. ,Yj,. ,M do

S~fT~M mUM mm arops will v be
shb lInpt In she hliaty of the Sat.
the agrieeUoal report just issed
'howg tbeew ip. tho be in saiuunl-
t eda ioo at thb is a n of the

Wfat sU tue of Florida In this eone
atntio is also trie of Georgia. sa @iv
_aed by the following from The At-9
JaWt Omtitwtin:
Ter. i every indication that this is
to be a year of agricultural fatness
for Georgia.
"to begin with, the spring derel'
oped a good trucking seasm and the
low tide-waters action of the State
ent an unusIally large amount of
berrien and vegetable to t he northern
and nearer-by markets. Then came
the cantaloupes and wasermelont-
dab dant and- prndltable acrop, sou?
taitugia she highest degree Georgia's'
reputation as the baSner melon State. I
The pemS harvest, now at ih height,
4i a bumper harvest. Never did
Georgia end North %soch superb olive-
kinned, orimeom-eheeked Bibertas,
ood to the. core, mellow to melting
aiaesf lsog keeper. a d far ear-
rima. No soch peak.eme w eed into
oompetitlon with the famed Georgia
peach from other producing seetions.
The prices, an many Iintanees, have
been fanq,amd the crop is unprece-
dented Is quantity. The estimate. for
the meson is pinwed at 6,0 san.
*Sote sections of the St have had
insuMaslent rainfall for the bes gener-
&l sgvisltural results, but itbhas been
good -m weather, on the whole, and
a good part of Georgia Is one waving
forest of sturdy, tail corn. From the
southernnoetion of she State comes the
report that the biggest corn crop
made in years Is reedy for the
knife, and the acreage is larger sham
cowxmen. Tb. cotton crop, atsoounusu-
ally large-la sewage, pntmlses a good
yield, with comparative freedom from
inns pests and disease. The cane
crop, which weas much So South
Georgia, is flonriahing, and th. yellow
yam cad nweet potato are fairly 'nyset

they WUI EAt most and BTaT 3nse
Known to BSobRifr' Newts.
It has betnu well said that the gray
squirrel& one sees everywber in some
of our New Engulld towns are an In-
dication of a higher civilization. It It
certainly, a pit-asure to see these grace-
ful creatures running across trolley
tracks or over lawns unwoliesd. A
stranger would have a very high esti-
mute of the people of a city that could
draw to It these shy animal. Like
many rodents, however, gray squirrels
will eat meat on occasion They will
even rob birds neMt&L. -A friend on
whom I can rely told me of two or
tree instann( in Arlington. Masu,
wher* gray squirrels had robbed rob-
Inl.' nests, having been caught In the
very act.
One winter day. In going along a wild
mountain stream, I was attracted by a
fresh gray qulrrel track and on fol-
lowing It found where the squirrel hbad
killed and eaten a moise. lie bhad evi-
dently dug out the mouse, for I saw
where he dug snow and leaves
away from the roots of some black
sklders to some depth. -Then. taking
the mouse In his teeth, he had run a
few feet to a knoll,. _the mouse's tall
having left Its print in the snow be-
tweeu the tracks of the asquirrel, and
eaten it. leaving blood, hair and pieces
of bone to tell of the ,
One time I gave a yo woodchuck
to an old Irishwoman, who fed the
chuck on ham. Now. if a woodchuck
would eat b rn. why not a gray squir-
rel eat mice or young birds? We have
abundant proof that many- flesh enters
will, on occasions. eat vegetable food
as well as rodents eating flesh. Lovers
of both squirrels and birds may find it
possible to protect In some way the
nests of thrushes, warblers, etc.-John
Burroughs In Outng. -


Saramparile k unpedms.
My the gist bood ad
livw me-e known. It
pa ,y and p-anemy
cum every WmDor from
Pimples to Scrofula. It. is
the Best
Blood Medicine.

Arem Vormifnonr

p-L : -'%^.-.: .:-' . -..

- e -

aTM -~mom I


* *-$<-
-9- - -

-- --" -'-.
! :_z -. -.- -- ,m .-.-

o *3 -

ino b .i ftb* to aid
Urba gfTamms penes -- 101

iandws a Mg Job Ui nk.__iu to-
rid ?hA"6t ejo kt l of "oha_441a
lOAB:fi .

One of %the i ofia "to of Ptao:
MTh the a ,o.wtae of t he.i
naty, wim dobht le be to a.nh fohre
new roid houat for the wanbhr, andl
provide petting for tbbeo thtqitoh Rewt*

- -I'- '--



SOwD--ev Jo




*- -F-


... FOR....

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern-

Pines. Raleigh, Richmond,.Wash-

r ington,


delphia. New York.



Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Expre.

Seaboard Ma-l.




0 -








Daily Through Pullman Sleepers frem Jackmvilk to '.


full information and sleeper rservtions call On ayn OeMtScl.
A. 0. MACPONELL, $ 0.3 0BOi 1 0
Ant. General Passenger Agent, --m-ager A" .

-a-'- t

G. S



Retailers and Jobern aI

and Fancy I

a 'i, Nd S1



- GAlmWVflrtU Lrfurn

L -....-.4:-..-:


I - -

_ -_


IJ ,d,_ -d ie-:_.,W^_. **

,fl'ir., ,,,-^K^ .* ,^-, .,.* .-
is- d'a.a.-be 'hO't i

iar amii-. t -
he be exak-d S-moim

sAd a-a =. a- it 4r-6-s
prepItid cm reeitl af.

MrOA~ a L(OTM dC 4Mr U


Air Line Railway


-0 It -
low v wqpqmpmww


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K ti.-

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-r *-: -.- .

r q.

4~ S aatir wl ute o r.4

h coa. Lmitee of the us.

h I at tb9 geivig> ve5 ieg. oaiel

~~~~~-~~1 mol9 wawonsa erra ~tl
in4to what t eret then o7

| ^ Te' rilod iite of the g *heauth
ie a teap tea mte a.

aaa...rwt fror t *,AtatAitOniOO&llil-
Old! 1 to -t |ir- o 4kfa

t; CMtheCK tdiahi ilif^y of selk rrehb
~tie-wens tmeant b

K. EbWtW .e5 ;h N- ew
|L w. Be~rSit....of te egheeth

| eqtfts aumpberd ofhI the most Ita.
^t ebaJiag the bimrllr penro
Minng. the nukgrir of lt~eg tlsoaator
to e Wetor the o~ther ameauat4
be, o ata Isfthfet Mt Ose.
'to t o er ct
CA e we y n at' tb
--Tghe.At*vt ~ thee Itet
dmrteteifff ~ceeectothe tax

Ooyerao -therr yestrtay ne
athe aRM BibrOf btt.the to.ti
*rthe forIt of soetl or ml eftdang
Theeetef dietsenme of "tweorgia-,n
to coatrao the othe abeyha

W~s orAll tbceute ditBua-l
oe f* pop" tl !a. the etete


Tachera Will H aid S
utzgrild. C0., July9
I ktbs Atmk
Its tweuty-sepomd ; ta
;thha city. begimalag A~ga
- hii three' dart rel

. .. .. [. I !

he Ueorr-,n
wff b&.'.
session fn
I and cmn.
kmt Hiram
i will prem

The Best Health Cuture.
No. poor ma amn afford to bother
*w1k aty of t e experimental health
it7 H. a t stooby making a living
fI hsr e f ad family, and when he is
afMieted with. a bad eough or cold, or
4 p catarrh m- the direst rmalt of
a .M he imply take a few dose of
Dr. kBee erMan Syrup. And If
amething me'. emos, may moacup-
toam, Irstwblat him or any member of
k bmftil, Grrnaa Bytp as again
be loeea a 'to enb a cure. Trial
heW,-lie. Big bottl. 75c. At W. N.



Vacation of Wet Irginia Senator
Conea to ai End.
tedford Spring3. NabI July f.l-Sena-
trw iH 0. Divls' vasIcallon ended today
"anC at 10; 13 o'clock this morning he
left with his family_ for his bomne

-, .::. I- _,- .





E U. w. Ba. ,r C. Buter frm
Soth 0CarWoas SenMator fhm
-th atwS for two uterm. -Is a renot
fUtter fHro'Wmubiagbiat D. Cbe Myu:

ftem "WN618000oD cotpl he nmy .or

PofttttA ~ ~ hemp{rftter tt
ng a-shoo t
m.'m f l ). I. Mn-y~

-Is h' aaor Motw
wpAawfm7 ii! if S11a,"W

kb. -w flI a eh.rz
1741=ms 1 a SI si remed for

gmnnalysestporb th

If you do not dnlv prompt sad mts.
ftory remIt from tho u ot Pfl ua,
Vtle. at oe to Dr. l artman, rilvt a
fail statmmt of yoar ercse ad hew vl
be pised to give you tb IvaluaWble ad

Ubiie@ Dr. Harasum, o1
Tb. 06teau.&atrlm, olabM, 0.

Wh" at the Mowlem En SIn
Eat10mswnG1Vtins isPaia
Every man who comes to a IUowton
boute is Impressed with the fact that
he can there obtain better value and
more c1onpuort thn ilie can get any-
where ele. He finds that the tcondi-
Uons uAlmnor wbicl hle lives are wm-
pro:ved r sd thiat he has congeunial .ur-
roum lngs ani associates, All the re-
oummres of civillizatlon he can have-
bright. wa,r;.n. tconifortabtle rooms, lava-
tories with L;asiins mapplied with hot
and coldd water footba-ths without ex-
tra pnyment and a full length b ath
with stp and towels for the nominal
charge of one ptmny.. A man can do
Ilia own laundry work if he so wlshcs.
kHe tin nte.: :1y of the creating, ;oet-
lufg or W-ritiJg rimf, .nud. above all,
he ha, tl)solulte fretiora as regnrds hbb
mode of having.
Although the Rowton louse scheme
provld [ food of nl' kinds can be procured at exa
nepdtonally low priae, probably cheap/
er than at any other place In London.
[ at the ftuie time no nrddent Is obliged
to pnrchaise any of the commodities
a inhl'ln tn r tha f nirnuinrtt floeantu


Working Night and Day.
Th bosiet and mtightiestt little
thing that ever waumnde is Dr. King's
New Life Pills. Thee pills change
weakness into itrengb, listlemnes
into energy, brai-fasg into mental
power. They're woderfpl in boild-
nag up the health. Only 26e per box.
So! by all druggists.

Round Trip Rates to Washington. D. C.
Atlantic Coast Line, the quickest
route by two hour and eleven rmin-
utre from Jackonville to Washingto,
offers xenarson rate, Jeksooviile to
Wasbhinom aid retuin, t$87. Ticketa
now on sale. Florida and West In-
dian Limited. faatest and faoet all-
year train between the Eautsad Soth,
leares Jaekonvile at 9a m.. arriving
in Washington ,7:6M a. m. folorwlig
morning. No 40. Atlantis Coa" Line
Express, leaves Jmkonvile 80A p.
m., rrivxing i Wasis gio 11:60 p.
m. following evening. An exelleSat
opportunity to visit the nation's sapil
tal at nominal cot. Tie lis good to
return to OctOber Slat. Avail your
self of the qoikest and best luie.
Both trains carry Pullman drawlwjg
room sleepenrs, Jakonville to Wash
ingon. Florida and Wet- India
Limited carrie Pullman fine dining
earn. Savannah to Washington.

Notice o.f Application for Tax Deed
Under Section 8 of Chapter 4888.,
Laws of Florida.
Notice is hereby given that W. J.
Locke. purehbser of onL-third of Tax
Certificate No. 29 dated the 2d day of
July. A. D. _IO, has filed said certifi-
cate in my c6te, and has made appli-
cation for tax deed to issue In cord-.
anee with law. Said certificate em-
bracee the following dewerlbed proper,
ty situated in Alahoas county, Florida,
S0o of Sej, Se. 81, Tp. e, B. 14.
The mid land being a teamed at the
date of the nuance of sUh certificate
in-the name of Henry Capsell.
Unes aaid oertLificate shall be re-
deemed acordtag to law, tax deed will
'ace thereon on the 23rd day of hug-
nft. A. D. WOI.
Whtneu my official sinature and
seal this the 23d day of Ja0_l. A1D. 1904.

I --. aS^--" g.^ ^^ : ---^ _;" !-L^

.... ..._ M "-IM
I,-t r-a ye -twbga in sty
MPthe q attw th w much It m.y
pnmSe. Dn'tInrart yen bard earw-
idmoe la Anyti-Fg1 Without 1lx
maing a tb ntint-
SvstigAtlot Do pot be ig d bS a ho-
wflio tel yo that It MD w or ievet
wad that it you wait you ae liable to
W ee the best thing that ever came to
ymu. your mind that if you
F W your Woney YOU wil not lo.e yo7 r
Sbeid -and that you will not inr v a
*autyttg iunil you thoroughly under-
.toi*L all about it. T-oe a re pnty
of gsIOdutiNu waiting. If you miss
ouv there are hundreb of otbets. NPo-
ie_ will tell you that the opportunity
will go by and you wi lose a great
ca .nte to make money Wf you do not
act promptly. Btt take your time and
invstlgate. Make It a east-iron rule
never to invent In any enterprise until
you have gone to the very bottom of itt
and It it is not so vound that level
beaded nmen will put money in it do not
Itorch It The habit of investigating
before you embark in any busneu will
be a happiness protector and an amid-
ton protector as welt-Orison BSett
Marden In SOCC

: : .- -< ... .... I _-T....-, ff.:.--XM- 1

Wene Bi
+.--"- -- I ,U Iii Im

_- K .M&^^f ^kf .- .
___ an 4nt .#^ *ka11





We pay freight or
following liquors:


Ut->". -* .
-l .'i .iii! i

Victor Safe and L k Comr u

,,Cenni*, nfl. abia
me4 "vicr Is the bea- efe mede, md -a
ing she pst. of ate, wag a
frm -a box to a b isujLhaSho
by lem'lt i ga. &ael m or ad. eaa

Llaformasiom ebeerfBly tumrhd. GAINSVIL~tU183




of Wne-srom

Magazies bold have a well-defined p-rpoe.
Genuine entertnainnut, amusennt sad mental reerb ae them
of The Smrt Set. the

ii *-'y

* S .-:'i l




-? I


a -I-li

Most Successful of Magazizes
It" novels (a Smplele one in eaebh number) are by tei amm b m -
thors of both bemauphee.
Itsa sort anen are makl aau"-el- and Owh oa Mat a b "i
Iw poetry eoveringd the estirs OeM .f mv-m tn e,, Ib (-.
ness-i .by the mos popular poet, me. and w ,-- o- r S-l my.*
Iw jokea. IwiUaanketc*,es. an sy a b
wtokri n I


16o Pages Delightful Reading -.
No pgso ae nted on sheep ,iltauI, .dirl oip.
r essya and Udle diseumaion. '
Every page wiil Inteen, Sat and refra .".
tobWe- nlo-4 o 2pr ar. S R tEm e.., P. Onew".s_6a,
registered letter. o SINMST, 45 Sb Le, 3m -

N. B.--Sample CoPes Sent Free on AjpIitasL

7-I-7- -



* -.


No. 5M7U5




'* .. '.'. a
- . -

, "'" .. .-. .:

; .r
"* :-* .-l.
.. \ .? -..
*- 4 .: -* +
,~. :,-,
" ---i-.i-
.- -0-'l.
"-- '' i'

ciargeon athe


C' -



" I


-1- -A .

^ ^ !- ^tr)|t|;w . rthdi

i~- ,ausr St-The it-

^^^fltlBC Dsekteuuiiloart. the Russian rn
pf-~ iitfcw to Gkeac BrItalnk luoanmed
p^1^ Il* S~i~ewn this morning that It
f..Al ba o uuniUad a wrong abs
^^^^ nflEW sad rifingt ti nane full
O but 3etore any action could
kiskUa S -te KntigW Cornmandfer
tll 'the Rustisa government mflc
n PM^ oopr '&Uity aV receiving the
- ^*puto -. 'lafaot dtspc.Md to vndoly prns^ bi
a IttnItt

WUKW thifttrafioou Premier Pal-
-t carabt the maoncementc
ad S k then dispatch said that
San of the r sea Int
rb.. UV,4fl eevfugawh
^ tea hd pKd tard tLarstde Ru

u volutw? Sfo1 t vdul8 would ue

-t 3 4 W 4mrw the woi
- I lH!SSWtt9 waratipe oamLd Iue
. ~ the Mafck sea atd that volunteer
^~~ wei-t T- Is fuhing S~kerfrmm
hi so rightoii Istue Woro elrgtt
.-' ta 0 r~httoi&aod n tfhe R"
Vo- eff -seat would oe

*^"-i-*-'* -. '- . "--. -- --
?- .-C TO~ WA4 NON.
I ,--_.-. ._ .: ._ .. .
:. :I fbeoevefOt and prty Return
* 2w.1o Capftal.
.-Oyater Bay, 'L. 4.,. Jl --Era
S -r 4t xoomeveltJ accompanIed by Mrs.
bos ewt. Secre-tary Loeb and the ex.
a tile AtM 1ft hes s d today for the
-a .t..-t Wash o D. C. The p ty
-. 11u 1at on a s, i traIN fro here to
La- g- W. -. At Jefte C.Ft
to private a will be attached to
e'. -. C -" regular train which
^ fb seheulold ti arrive Is Washing-
.--.;.--.. m .tt- !.ll p. i.. ... -i.
t at:SPP.
_V"OWTe prode and iMrs. Roosevelt
yore w a e mpsaed by their mon, The.
I If, Keromt and Afeme. Geormg
.^Ro-es dt, au pn of Wtif. Rooeelt.,
sa1 il Alee Rusl, as far as Jersey
r Cf where the boys will take a tr-un
: .o. t Louas for a we*'s vit tii.
me a expwUoal Mrs. Rooseveit will
._. ^ mntu at the White Homse while the
b"e .an at the fair: She then will
..^ t 'r to Suag*ore Hill.
-i t Is. the prudent's prnseut itenom
be Sa to return to Sagamore Hill
etCf the 2th of AuustN but he may
:- herse aas early a she 15th of
F Aust or posIbly a fay or two
for tw*
^". ; -'fl e. '''


4.nt 4
- .- .
te *~
=r .*
r -~

- n

- '_ ;. j __ .. ^ -

odl-te Mimied hor eliie.
ataim tMI4* July tn..n is learn
4 that the posMofflce department ha"
hi~mt ftna m thm nf o nf a "nOsl

S *"u' f u ano6 Wfl
l--a?.-t trk -- but I b w
a at tw n of Disks4 a
'ab utsie to be niepflS M us
St SI who aO ns h to pst
I wtb a tape mIarLe m onb
- that 0the mnars ane the ight
uMtk.-Loud Truth.

,he health officer advised Oe to ak
eye? roan with whom we had 0omatic
GIe ha If he wa careful to bofi the
water e used In his hw _ip"
"Wellt i iked the milkman & t. And
wtt o you think? He got mand and
wated to wck m."-CetaM Plai

The K~u.b,
Team-What do you think of my mew
onea? Quite nobby, aren't they? Jam
Y-a, they are rather knobby. but I
think any Jamt claum chCropodMt M
m IoIe the knobs.-PhIflllpbha PrMs
W~ a-ftei
What makes you think Tom
baa broken lils promise to keep
straiht? Fiannee-Well, be brings me
or expensive presents than be uned
ftw-Princetou Tiger.

One radk-al difference -between a
boy and a girl ts that the girl ca p get
-enthusastaUc bout a treeful of cherry
hlosonms without thinking of the eher-
rlin.--Somerrile Journal.
Is a violent inflammation of the mo-
Sins membrane of the wind pipe,
wh s sometime extends to the lar-
7n. and bronchial tabes. and is one of
the most dangerous disease of chil-
dren. It'tlmoet always comes on in
the night. Give frequent small doses
of Baladl's Horehound Syrup and ap-
ply Ballad' Snow Liniment externals-
yto bethroat. 25e, GOe,$1. Sold by
W.I M. Johnmon.
The oetet, cheapest and best remedy
for eatmrrht eolds, asthma and all dMi-
easm of the throat, eheest and loag is
Quak4 Oil, the new discovery. IS is
perfectly barmles even to children,
and is guaruteed to give perfect sat-
faction in every case or money will
be promptly returned. It renders
grippe impossible, quickly destroys
disease g al and InsJures full, per-
fee an natural breathing through the
noestril. For male by R. W. Vanse,
island Grove. Fia.

insois Geutral



Louis Exposiion.

"kA q
in eatnetr witb W.&ALLAtRa.
L~r. I St. L. ty. frm Atlauta.

LT. Atlantat P:S a. in.,
Lv. "" taip, n.,

Ar. St. Lois 7.iW a. m.
Ar. St. Louis 7:t3 a. m.



h. .-.. :. i^.

- -. -z-%- ~t-~q-~-dr-~- -. -I:.. $

*~r ~v

- .-"" -" -" : -
-- :* .. -_ -...



Reveals the News and Facts AomnP
Studies underlying causes of Market
Reviews, analyzes and criticize Railroad
and Industrial reports.
Has complete tables of Earnings of
Quotes active and inactive Stocks and
Records the last sale of Bonds and the
yield on Investments at the- price.
Answers, without charge, inquiries con-
cerning Investments.
Oe we uaiy eeMma.e TE WiL LnTxttr
nUiwAL b better qWbi to ewt saw
mSO NY prad taJy aSW to die abeut ltmIat
U"a th"n Wh e de" -M



44 -Bre Sree, New Yr.t
$- 12 a Tear, $1 a -th.





Ce"taly lend* t" .-fly repird


-W retead. Newly fnlmihei.


p -



Rates $2.50 per day and up. Rooms with
private bath from May 1st to No-
vember 1st $3 per day.

Send Us Your Next Order for Job Work




- -' ..r

-- ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^A I

.2.6 A. Re. REIONKi.

inlrOiT- "

. r . .1

For ra mtched oula.d m s" eepi w -
rservwaston zpplj to
09 W. Bay B" JaebaNlS, Nb :|
C. L. STONE,. 6 P. A., LuIw--. -l

a .. _- -






IIV1E- -T.' i

t .a^O W _0. :. ..---. . .-- .-.--... -.

!w sof-t-. .-. m
= a -^ '*
r windo- -I-i IHK:;I
-AilAdH "-" _-: I-

n as W ,--

6ALITdER i RA&S:t c* |

SVAm ,. ,^MtttA. *:i
en e a .7_
-- -. .*

lit .eu, S.."

wibmit .a isg bh.m. LIf
was axuno piemt for oa 3ae1tf^
fro Mathushe~l Ko Vt Lora

H4.1 ........ Re~ir Ita it DM -. I ".
- Speial eoe excni "22JB X .i-
tarn limit ]0d8y fro datf oC j-,
.Corrmpoal-af low lrat fmiothe"-.". -J,
poin.. The ML & M tae a.i -
tu. Lodu. &.-.I


Not ff a v 0 1 ff I I

~5: fl3J
r -

-l - n-- "...- .
r -
1Yn ---

- *'.,

P -. .. ,-

a-a .-a"

fIt tt fl a

^^blbaatft I* w yen3 ii
-a: ,. _ILI
|^ < _^Wri-b to wti-b

: i- :. Mi I ny "

-o -wel~dtttbes beeq Isfr~A
e---.: : -

-:Ik :e- f. ,, t -t
fI ias that the d

r a WUt Ml
a-..-w be. bw -3ffed "-
fft ft-him
i.._- Sv!fuu_ O ut at
uwinesiheists .wh ._n

wo- lb.i- I m- i JF- MA 6, :
|+:. W -f-air .faat W ote n M |R.
It be otiywt. me6wlhafrigh
es bme tha beou mity

w -y r unt.l aatg---i
-.. s1 w aso*w tWaU
:.-: -',-- ,- fl

| flb- 1 tOf moum eto 60m t -

Aft ofulm gun _k
JI s be b ,aa jpft*ed d
t-fltat St bay q -u.
K fleakD Ut afewe et oMb
hurltal ato waMea aithoy it
Ivate aD toe ry tea a Vthbeadu
Iw bte neebtiuttefitod

rb A lirepped t aiivnt, ti

I 'Uwmms bhs tat of air oa
*HIwtl tay that way rigt r
^mdtbSat. t daaangemprat baagae .

S ty at of tate wla to cattyefomdt
.IwaebhaN~~ bo-ay hamt u awyrk

*-*l It atecoo fat
S-* HB~aIS CItU~r U EMORY.- i
*' --Ba st a n sywr -re b
Asoytsiy-tSS .4mrsnedt Ibarw

B.=- .-tw oeaory. .-o |oa,( o
--m. ar i. t it- aisd k ..
I. don t know but f." aiw
f ltt m dIretmwtBAoC *hlcb
esr -ed. my. ya*. a". Y
l k -wysr lnd we .U be able
m e wwon a ber."
X4T1Vy"boo4r^ was! t
SwkatlIatbe ted
mbolur-. 'bIt la Inma~t?"at
*r b" ba t ae the qu
B. vs i d the. Jlge.
Tm it; lt. It" aid the lawyer
Wd. tr.t. yme amp me to do
I wL Abuat -twt ya.s ago r

a m uwed tie lsuore
w -eWa, ar I raber your fati

f l'ML. ,WSyaobto snbeea~ilS
tnw. a I w. wi a
-= Mi t m a aat ofl

... p-:. .-! +'^ .-;;^- ::'- -: -._ :j I D sV II B~ KK IIOIt. j- '....: -. ,,..._:-: -.-. *:c__. '- ':.\ -:: ; -';';

nS*th- sai~niinfl.YBB ..& -
N T -- . t_ W MI -
:+.....,.,-a i -: a -3mS m aa-,,,_a a ,_aa g-- a.a
oa_ -.O ". B'- ; - BA, AK oJJ oK TO A A W C- -t .-. Lo fAlIft 3 ..ainitI,|

^-.-. 0 -- --- ... I F.i~ _--c PfO _o -.. -.v^ ~ rt~ M .. _.. .,tI -._-- I ~M I 5i_-.. '=_
-._- .tXry r -.-.- T-_- n ... .. -_ L X T A w ii C v -- I. m.i X ".. . " .- +- -M .- -, -. : 5 -.
P .iCfnI- C o ai. . !-, --.- -5-

."...--.:.I m c ( C t ...-.- -c nn h .-. .A T" -I n h ~ n o k '-. .-.. .. .-- "s -I 4^ - -:L !- -
.,-.-; .._.d D.. -lim ro .i) ..w h ~ i A S e N C .... .: ":: " "S "--i" -" :E .i .-. _+
: ~~P 06, 94,1M ,
CU..f Sr MuOn fet Ae WflAllW afto a g
"- GAI"VUAZ Mae o 1
m-T--3_--l-P 1.AIT R Y .- -AT LA Cw.p7teM meO I "to" *o**. . .. ....... ..... 7 5 5 _.

S Jtew or-- e F-_ orId, - .. c.w. c. bi-e. ..... :. _..-._.-._ ...... ........... ......, s n N I .- IR ;.
Gnsm Coo. _.._Fwx.. U SLC ,, -awof igk 4. tl : : -
Vfa e"Da* ~. *p .'We
-g e.. ... -.i w w flhRoiflotC O.-> s.tr4M " t........-- 7 "1-
A... .M....nM ... -.. . ..B.a4. n .....l ............ .. ..... .. 3
-Cy ANr cit y 6 prcpWy (sb ...... .... F......... n u s a
pr --& C % o A A el-4 o *hS of ww A swof.
,o,,+,, U :" .- ~~~~. Bot" . .::.., ,,- --+ ..::-. ..-=g --- .,
- _._-_I -__T __._w.__.- proved anduni 1....$cs.... .......... a. a ar a in--

H f- m--I'w n.C oeh 4 tlw e 4 ............ ..... ..... .. iu 7 a - -a
A N Si S f om i C -n-a ml" :,. . .. ..i n. . -. . . . ... I ..-i- a

--Lr m~p m /SVI Al bu ., FLA --m SS r' L "a aA... a-b a h M rgvIe40 o. I .0 .......... ............ ........... ay us a .

hkscfle.stl~, altii- w i On ESnBAel BCk.. A-a-..... -..o ; 4o"e.3 "."..........-......, S C a
AT-OLNE Y "ATL Woa ....... it. ACsof*wita F swHTo .1- 4.-. : t

__._, '____ d & .lii. ^ t o htC v A e -...,. o( Shfl.Atee ..... ; ....... .... ..... i I I- "
IIIW IX II Ip-* T/ Jt W A niRUAK J-. I ..... ,.... Lot mlAI'o awN A trme Ar- -_
.l ". .s Iw-fsw" ".". W.. 0-4"-. ......... 5O- 1 i.- .

I I II --'+" 1 _A .. fof^HmAB +.... .........:: .: .:: -. i. m*
USOLICITOR -IN C W..ACERY.A.. ... wtw-4tel04 ...... .......of...... n -awl4A
-oLam*.frmi2 I o2I.s J.b e-...o..... AIltel-......... -* I -

- ,U ^ i,. el tteIt .. ......rf A ua | B.O.f.e.. AHlt w I~tt ..i ^..... .................. i I fir 5 5 .i5
tMsaabfn foo, 2pm GiGAINE VILLE ai__bu 0i. ...FLA H AiswGrSIh Co.uAM:a -of.................. t s U5 -5 e

A)I tlKW -^ IJ0-l DeD.-....... Iftwl 1S.1,. im t H^ DB k ..-
Rn-ar aoi t udel B k. Bu lSk a....... ........t.......... .......-.... s a
D" &.j.$ m ... J.$ 6 2 f c-t *6In Ta o m of --A-m
CnweDA e A. ..-ToB . aS.itobI LA80......-...................... i
DE TIS T. Ala l.-. .4 tA"o- o... ..... a
N .......... ...i.. --to........ w- ntofeHaw4.................. i
--" " m~nm ,s. em ....wI4Aw*4o_(.-e,4.. .... .... e.n.. t .7 .... fl S i

.[ "n o rwSI &ATerm. aJ J ( l. *I fs l.Imfl.. :s...&f..: .... S....... U 9 S a S.
-- w^ --- ,Jo.BL ar--......., w &hA ,)e >firolmmet of iM 2 ie r i i
n I SI..L -n In iTi iaM(sAs e a aaa sunw. B- N_ :.....- A ,,..... .. .. ,................. 3 P 5 0 S

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-to Bg 0 '. DSL ....... W.3 ........ All-o i3i..1..-.I ....0.....K. 3 3 S S S -

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_____________________BPeoi S" s to crownsA ri evawt h.& f MI,3.1ats.a Efl

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a h4Aea cc"4

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W. S. *-*a.-..... m ............ 3 35 --"-

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V t .h T Le- l M-s se .. .. ................ I3
JE=a ea n*sea sNowST. Ciy.tenswj -e

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Fo *- -- D xo --.--nou.usr. *nu ..........: .::; 1 ;
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Up:to-Date~......---.~ os.swna.~ULWoetsm t............... a m a

I I flaisIi.zwnemseIIs Ne Yet C I, ,atO Sv Iw ,-.,w AUIiswflosi -4W w1 -....... 5-3- a.
AU. Wws GURANUJam be Am. U.. s1tWSubeDm.-------- Vaaa

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'ES? tD GMOW ft..... at LASMsa& t& Wems.lm

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--_-..-- -- ..WINES, LIQUORSSA CI-GARIi- . -i o- a*-
e Ea..6w... -CRY TAL A4ms.Rl
S dJON nYour ,mNr. p-c Ma FR4s - & O4U&uwws
sto- W. Dmys&.J10 Pf1& G. w. an...of U.t ~l3'zir ...-S
9. .T. .. 9 V E ...... T*. E a..
Faupt beer, botie&anddraugbt.Don't zl~nssO..C. ... anntktL.swt flsvaa.; -.
fail t6eal) on me when in &kj~miawilMm XIXSOZ w-4sIt LmR1AttWOat nflW2 -e
wmetalt a14wI"sA

uroder to the JMskonville, Florida OF FLORIDA.
v, ,,u ,, ,OF FLORIDA.
SI Bent Importedand Donetic Liquon n Tble in elet JUV .
n l and WiaT in W eisy. -. _
I iI i ,T ^ I I^ ------ l ^ "* St
[MW y o0.4.. N .. L i" I. I __
SI i't y .tly. .STATION& it. B -
"l .- "B '^^ 1 --- -- *, '-
T 11undayj^___ ______ <1-


it I I . .. .. I. . ... . . - . . . o
zIs t- / v/JL 1 a6 i* ......A:...:.j..:j :..........Iri-o.,.... --............. ill
n ^IIt-- 8oo + .... .. ......+..;...... ..DBf rn .............'........ _*
S YOU !806 .......!....... 0. b. ..* SO
~- *..Hickma
1\f *..** c ... .... ... m,@ .-5--5I ..... ei IoomoB.....^ -l..........
_rIP BO.V I I/ ,, r ..... u.... ..... .-... ih.14.S
-" V y~ I v ULo ...... ..- ..... ..!. ..... ....tcw....,,...........,......- *o
---- -104 +..-....... .. ......jI.* e..u .. ake Si ....m m.... .* .._. ... 10
i 830 ....... ....... . ....M. sU p t**....*.. *..........,S... *4
4 ......... ....... ........ ...... ......... SI,

* orders sent to usDrink t ;.... ............ & a 1

r -Ive prom pt attend -'i ---- ......B- -.... .. .''v "'_
__J .L _1 1 ... a 2,, ^ ^ f lnso *e 0 708 ...........2 Mn....o....,_ *t .

* A
* -1

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* $94'-



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:- S
." --i. J JSB



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.-'.- :5

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.- *%. 'B

.. ..- +.' .T
-.* -) :
.7-L:: ^
i.-. *'-~, ~
--. -::iN


: 7.-_::


'- *1
. I


.*it 6 Fri&

How FrYe.
e2st tM s WW.
* GeasS.,
-~tte inning,

-** -^ -

,- :.- *-- . .* .' - W K. Hlle, llMsuperinte,
Southern Expres Con
Y ANDI I il- i badquarte ian Jaekionvi
18 ^ nfeUDBBED ^ businessn e
Sity on basinsonc

| ;: -- -* ii'A.J. Doyle of. Jackson,
-- |-.i _------- _" Isentlng C. W. Bartleson &
-Gat& sale grocers, and one of th!
: < -ce ees byfOur Ba l ful solieiiot on the r
Brown House.
------' SOCIAL ITEMS Everything
i:=1-!:. -'. : i ..-* -^^ ^ -^ -^ Y^
*- i : New York Racket.
..Wh .. t Mp dad Whati Goi S. B. Phier, one of the
P 1 ,. t pM .oM t.o b hort~h i t Pof the New York Ruca
.I^ '^ -- S "MH e.. Runs May Read" Bprings, was in the city ye
- ~~~was en rousboeh]
l : .:! itt InMhSun. t witsen route home, havi
i'-. I m. f _m from a business visit to tl
--.-. ": .-- ._tropo eis
wM us wsppe fsl The So Chic. McDonald of Ka
SL .. .a extensire contract
I ;=::: J. K,.1lFeaster of Roehelle vlstied thleI_ ..._-
:-- J L ?emter R oohelle visited -he gin roek tso the governm
ly -- Job priinug clie for sale. Address river, was a busiaene visi
Box SB Galmesille. ti wille yesterday.-
-P iSo L- s n' Wuderful tSve for fle The numerous friends
p wy Ji W. MeOOUnn t> M* Co.:, .-*
4. - hi IWMll- Bamkaight, who has been"
(oanes$lle. Udrtaking Company e p f d wl
t at Brown- House earner store. pas 'fe days -1. rej
at- B.-wu H us that her eoadition is unln
M.- Ni rug for h cen-ts.'New Is i.t hoped, however, i
T-. :. A icYork Racket.
:.;-; .. -.. -. -, _. . < will be entirely recover e
(-_.- i .. LTaylor of Palmer was among wile.e
-- the viitois to e city on Fridayti.. w d Wl a
T.. Mrs. -oM Wells arr.
The N---e or ohandkerchiefs at yesterday evening front
ork Racket is grand.
M' RMM Ms i. o wr l wil beidsville, S. C. C She ea
-Mr. 00 Mrs. -a G. Edwards wi-ll sad miion to be present
_arrive Jn the eit today from the East at of her sister, Mrs. W
-ot whose death was mention
-J.oustee J. A. Tucker of Rochelle was day's Sun.o ew
S-- msa$_ he visitorsto Gainesyille yes- Special Sae of n
|T t y this week only. As good
S prie on es all guaranteed in perfect
fords at New York der Cost from $35 to $
P Rt~t ^-Jat from $5to $10 eah. T
the amount. Comequick
If"- Mae oley of Red Spring, be gone. P.M. Oliver.
N CQt Is one of Jte graduated. nflsl j Mr. and Mrs. Jas.. Kine
at the sai ltarinam. ton arrived in the city 74
- MlI. 1 Pa furnished room to will spend several day
reat4IbIoek next to square. Apply at family of J. D. String
Tho Ica Kinoaid is one of the
K-Fo R ent.-From August 1st store ,merchants of West Palm

-. Del o( H a~o rrived in the w^ J Lovets of Jakson
|? ttrueniy odwill **n Cutr- exly came to he city a
4 1-U~~w~ liM of the pool rooms on their*


llasi^;'.. .- s.S:- u/ .
iil ti~i u-o. t.., .i B,-*siaw
UteA Is at*eiaifg t"A)ulshI
UtobefuS by We mjpiietIoa of pFiat.
I. A. Em w, Ir., .a prominent ra-
img wb. iakes bi. home in S.
_1W W~e wras as tMe Bftwa Rodeo

White Bplngs and return Sandays
uingI seas= ia &. A G. y. Sime
bous at springs and wretorn SaMe day.
Oit oue diar Through coaeh. tf
CJapt. Jesse L. Gri. m of Jonesville,
a.e of the up-to-date farmers and
merclha nts of Joneiue. was transact.
ing butine in Ganesville on Friday.
A. 0. Common, the clever and suca
Soeswful traveling preventative of the
M. K. Fairbanks Company, was in the
slky in the Interest of hist house rester-
Diifectantsa for sale. Houses and
clothing fumogated of contagious di-
sease germs by Gainesville Undertak-
1g Company. Brown House corner

ford sails for England the latter part
of August.

Cheap rates to White Springf and
return via G. & GU. Railway. Daily
limit, 15 days., 3. Week end, going
Saturday and Sundays, returning
Monday following, $2M0. Leave
Gainetville6:45a. m., 6:15 p.m. Sun-
day excursion only one dollar. Leave
Gainesville 6:45 a.m. Nine hours at
sprigs and back same day. J. F.
HiL., agent.
Homer Love of Newton, Levy coun.
ty, is in the city. He has recently en-
gaged in the washing machine business
and reports fine suaecese both at selling
territory and the- machines in this and
Levy counties. For a long time Mr.
Love was a resident of western Ala-
chuai and has a large number of friends
'in that section.
I The two new stores rooms being

built by Mayor Thomas on West Main
street, S., are nearing completion and
within another week the inside work

was~ ~ ~~~v Ith syu ayedpaWd this
^X 1ir a-t~a~^ i i^ ^" -1 ,<

IMa e"s "Wa-.lla car" d. g a ls

.4009 bnmn sWd& andi -any- taker
hid fcaste psaehInth lze

$tyke at sis esa D h pii

Iet. K. utrtci tyditor of The
asun departed yesterday for JacksAn-
rifle where he goes .to In preset at
the meeting of the Se-ndoup
sioaldDistrict Commite, which will,
" t in the "ateW moroli to day.

0m Francis. Strother of Chari-l
tol an Mis.. Bol kin n of Jakb ille'
aJes in the ei. Brt, il edits of Thei
oI dear nter.d issa fiki wiltlbe

maid of honor as -ginCarp'enter's
wedkding., which happy event oceans on
August Std.
T. wheree siee to bewich pagracedt t
the ofee of 0. C.- Ped rik for several
!yeanalnd i D e 'hd which wilsme
what in "rusty" inppetra from lodlgjy.
and const Fanit ue has been treed Chrto-i

a coat of paint and varnish an~d re-!
sombles a new safe.
Mr. and Ms. W. T. Chestnut of Ars-e
dondo we the amongcity, the visitos toMi
GaiOUnie lrpenterday. Mr. Chesnu, will be

until recently, was -a resident of thud
citymid of honor atMing Carpgeneral'
mercantile bhainppy events at oArred ondo,

where he reports a lucrative business.
SCapt. and Mrs. as. Graham will
leavThe on Mondaye for Piedh ho t,
Va., wthe office of Pedriek forpend several
Years, aud whieh had beome-some,

what rusty" ing Capt.peGraeam's brothem logr,
ad eon. Graham. Before theirreturn to.

the city -they will also visit New York,-
Mn. oGraham's olt and homvarne, and othre-!
pemblaces of interest.
For Sale ors. W. C-House and lot
known as there Jmkson the Viontains t
Gainesville ryessiutedy. Mr. CAednuo,
Suntdi recently, wic a resident of thio
lit" bat mis now monductig a general c
ifmercantile business at Arred;d1o,
where he reporatu a lucrative business
o pt. and Msi. Jas. M. Graham will
Leave on 'Monday for Piedmiont, W.
tva., whe1e they will spend several
weeks dsiating Cpt. Graham's brother,
D. M. Graham. Before their Seturn tod
N.lhe city they will also visit New York,
iMrs. -Graham's old home, and other
o places of interest.
|For .Sale or Rent-House and-lot
Known as therJarkton house ; ionoair
Gnne room iotur tea fower ArreoBl-n
]do and Meehanie Sis. Also 06 aceres of
Jland-two miles from eity of Gain! .
|ville, F i. ; ii0 acre8 cultivated; 29
Jaeres pasture, plenty water. Inquire
|of E. E. Voyle, Gaineaville, or lUae
SStevelu!, 199! South Third street, Oeala,
[Fla. dawtf
[_Miss Lenore Conway ]eavesl Sinday
ifor Savannah to meet Miss Elizabeth
I .. Bland ford. They will be the guests
jof Mlis Con way's slieter, Mrs. _Jorton
|Oemle~r, at her pretty home "in North
IGeorgia for ai few weeks, Mlitc Bland.


Aad Up-to-


aind the Latest Stvles



Fine Fadeless Fotografs
From Lcket to Life Size.
High Grade Oopies a Spe-



.3,000 Yards

t b ptft at Mi ,-rtpg.
,Teen (Mhbty, te h| bussI iM S
skyp for the pus fSew
.the at. of .. 1. C00A,
tueid to hiu bore at Ntf p
Serdaj. & -
T.IF. Dvtis. onW of ihe Utep
"sawam a ay Poles ,n"a., -j-
a.-mong the viio.ioI th. slip yol-
day 0and mad a pleasaus cakl l Th
SOU Offiee. I
T. J. Peacock, a enyio ta.ter
of Grove Park. favored thae city wiih
a visit on laot Friday. e report the4
erops inh bisetion -it t h4 *aty wea,
very prperouw emo jtitoit.
D. G. Harvardl, one of the substam-
sla planters of the Arwedoado seetiom
mtd j-itiee of the peace for that die-
tries, was greeting his largI number of
aeqcia:atauce. ia the eity;ynzterdayq.
T. B. Young, a large tqrpeutineop-
erator of Mariaanna, wau aumig aog it
large naimbcr of viuiton to Gain...
tille onFriday. lHe cam forthepalr-
poe of looking after some Jlad
ten' before the United Statesl iad
Harry Jacksoo and Siion Coward,
two of MeIrowe's enterprising citenw.
paid the Central City a vitit on Friday.
While here the former tok adanuiage
of hi tripby having his name plaed
on the subscription bookS of Alaebuia'
leading luminary for another twrlvee
Funeral of Mrs, W. 0. Wells.
The funeral service over the remain
of Mrf. W. D. Well, who died t her
home in North G(ainevi le- on Trurs-
day morning, will oeur at the resi-
dence at 9 o'clock this morning. Ret.
W. J. Carpenter of the Methodist1
church officiating.
The remains will be in charge of Dr.
T. F. Thonas, and wil by initerrred in
Evergreen cemetery.





Oh~ NC a b-d .m:i-
! !_ -! l


"-k J, i :
il '' | :"


orer Snth o -fne P -omtel).
go SrsiC (Orna Dour f ul .
BIn. fiUsTUC PA r.

ih In Th, PIwr4.

is, Bdt PAlBIMa

t in ar Lats. Sold amn


One of Our Catalagcas









m~p 'r
~ ~

-i., .
~ -4--:


* 1




&.MOIL -d-m-


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