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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 28, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02003
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Z- r

^^B^M iaM^m *' TH ,EA
^^^^^^^^^H~iBf-w^^ M ^a Ater mi Aetli^ ^^

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satft nSeem at I

'bags in S,
0 s~ty Orgup strongly t

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ovenSIs Alsmeprtd
4*clveat the Sgseeat 9p
Sflto he Hat Ch~eng.

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r~ S haSb e WO

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"0c nm oru -4 lk"m am< a- Boo- fee tW om ft=r MWe a
alb ft. -8 F B
al to'H ort ati- d*_a& to-la-a....- .. -.o; .. ,

Vo ttM a ay f [ -t e ap- FI oA at M 0 Mg TA -
IM aft lad girls o Swift & bys nfll -a

I^.i'SSrlWkagthie Sao.eeet^ p, FrePea ra hlch Iii? Wi atd .- Armor & corn- tA IRT1ANEEI m
I strike cssier tesske.jus kreas wtiuau CEoffthek-
tCoatr e to march toa ha)sad bol ad aMi 6. Fm ls NI. Rh bj
te'A"'btt m -Dt lIi hcg.~It was. decidedMto nra &
'.pnxpMct fheiron. to em. sole or -picket duty Mndme.that a Fafli* Wa
plyw tter the, gae sad after gilswest ito the yards to work
SE watfng fr-about an- hour the -. POLICE HAVE A LIVELY TIME.e-ither In -he strike afecs plae- -r
Ordered the Dga NsA. tar te restaurants at other firm. A
" TheBmembersof the: .Steboo 1i. Riot Calls Were ent tin the Bar. D a Whar OFUSM At

AB- ^?2St~ len^'^^St^ "1 ^e rmed arrioa ot **damli-at theniplayea aup Places. at th Z'r"'**-^ .-..
p<3y Ua ?U hatiUng9eft tlnwt h i totboMu risen of."Paeck1in, TtTurned O ut change aveueand Halathea stied Wa i lemmud by -
w Iterveng the laor1 S ^ -itns Full Forc Pge -rs of Grat S evsryoungwean, who pe Ire V
ns. 1heprd today to be no Immecwen was ^butoholeC and urged to Macs
PCosr of any proposalce.o i ton. a. P ioea e or sa and do piket dty.Nd tW1 ball, t
dlferences. ~Chicago, July U .--Shcwtlng wildl afewama pfWLedbut the o0thesbroe Symsh itnuy &-i
In' DVIS AKES SAL.In'the darkness, a scoe of pai~c-ftri S fhad note a etwhihgutd h
1551 onat tt a en arike breakers hired by Swift Girls t ~y haeht l lldlah T a t J.U S4U Data at a S
Ssw ISa.M He Is to aNo t aCorspread wnuter atiosthrough the Ptmr girls were rougMy b hit to 234 Wet B S S t
-o for Matrhmony. yards early today. aft -serkously hurt, nM erNl sidtb
A BsIlord. Pas ,July 2Zt-*nator Da-Riodthecalswremet otediic Despite the tact that 2,000 or morE ll I ihlr Kt m~
but- ISepacaydeesthe report .*an h amdgarsn O i&khn regular em ployes are cm strike at a bthfllnesl
~ I hismoringpapers -that ho is to maretown" turned out in ful force.- sokbed.Icuig.h ub frSES .Era tAa
IvYtheWiW-dow of Dr.. John Reynolds, livn9httestie.hdmd who went out. yesterday- after th. cjll t a eiul utb
a aman~aan ~ ogaized attack under cover of diia fr ypthtcsriehdbetI.fromawid.4
w f oaea~rnwwwn W.aVa. Le. s nt, st. fo asue, m tebgpcigpu swr .R me a
tor has been. receiving telegrams Olt Bs.seA i
L~t ogauslual a n svr Failing to discover any strikers, 4nftlheItDWJ flloPWitO)vanb wr lsobt ijrd
all isTherwalls fell from be- theeafmyofua
lu JSun* Thr afltf *weaA~ police arrested tbe strike breakers. AM er wan vnma h O t ja~
- awl-aan-r npaawu. -yeve UMWh wet

_=q- tI I I
ARM-- M. ra_ .-sIa- I w.
NWWS.. sanding in the Mla w. -_
bS we re tfl~u. bhac 9ai thapie, Bx V ^^ 5 ^ ^l

-tIa-g a cosntlau rear -sr -.I-
_-. T a b"d- h.vanedI r.-i -
Sin foceSunaymorningaAWInst

a.. iwa
theItolaapoatkmat Datchapo* 13 ^HJh|[
a -- morth po, Kai Cho Ion view of ,.
.th..e great mupeeroity of the Jspanes UM-
G Weral Stakelberyp as fotec"ated B B BrIn
the-- dIspatches. A- i not attempt to IH|TKe senator, as
offer serious resisisct 'T6 Russitan
300Ms are not asertaluabt-e, o"but- .it..
meitted they -Amount t- o several hnus orinn

M7 etkin --repwto A cowlt J. ._
I. Sift a- of the adrane e of AL Japaeae rty
| s"ums along th"e Sasmataz1 road. 1h- t .eWtt
e a n-4 bounced In the fhioc-ated- h^ daughter a js|ot
Pren dispatches from Slit Sin Tin.

,fiMnpger this -mornlmj prints a dim'
t Y l'- nTe offietia
_-th _-from Ltmp Yang dated July 25, otlvad+
t: ^*aUxmter that tri 17 main-, ___ ___,....,..-.
F S a a tenrth bombardment of To
rI So Kio, throughout the day ,but
that toward eenine, several of their -
i. having been sieoced by the
guns,, they retired. .s sAwna.
No- etImate of the base on either at.a esmildat. e nfl prabmt4
M.d i karulaked, but judging from thd.
| ature auexteat of the ftr, he m truth tn It. The senator, as is hisv
Stetom, aroe early this morning and
The ispach sys:took.-quite a walk before breakfast.

1:Th dispath-says:^^s1
Throughou athlley nght of te? R lAfter x oonlerence with his private
~ Jaanee wrausy euage secretary, he spent some -time with
oplalugbatteries on the crestsandJudge. Gray and several other frenfl
Spsy f th neih boing ount ins, -uthe lobby of the hotel later joining
at. o'lockIn he Mrn~g ~his daughter and grand-children on the
k~a terrific artllery CrY Can UmR s T M.--I,& "~1.11 an ~b;Em

t- *--..

It n.+ --s--_-
a-. .- .- .

* ., '. --" -.-"^- ^^
.. '-;_.-+ -, a-
- - : 4-: -'" s i
_-_ *. -: *,.^._
- -" .-:.i

. - :
i~~* "* --"- : :

S- ; .-*"
- - i: * *; .
_. -*-l. -.-

-. -- ._ ..; *-
I -: r -.
* ~ .- ---* 4 _
-, -%. -. ''. :-f^

--_ .... -.+.. -_ ,-.-. .+
II -. :. -- l- '.- ,
"" '* : i--

i- --. -.- -::;

,--.--- :-"-t^|
-- . ... j
k .-'*-.r-^
i- < ..-

.. L, I. if
-I -^ -/*A.
S *^

o i--were ne-roes. Tire prloIBW --. --- --- .u-l vpirj, -.--
of_ them wer .rThproe out 7te 7y, It was claimed. ha e The los Isa esaated at sty DM _-.I
numbered a dozen..
When the polce turned from seh -t fdN by one who belong to te __t__e_ __ .
When the police tnraed from seach.^y ^ emt ee. o. AR
"e an. at-d among tbe recruits wee- AT WO*LWSM- -AHIR ..
lng for an _ttseklhg party be a -number of young -mea n M-. _
ed the strike breakers. tiere wa a ;m Armour institute who have taa ._, -- -- q s -"
chorus of protests. A the prisoner* the places of some of tb hfrese l 6y -" -
told of seeingS auspIcious persons lurn t the various plants While the& Ar. L T .uis ..J .t .
.. .- at LOUI. Juy 27--0 ....; -t-I
lug In the shadows of the buildings. men went out. the engineers, ft was as' GSn. Numerou 3S
Their revolvers were of ha-e callbe; ertalned with po-s-y add--Nen exce ebe "u b. ---g
"L'Delr r.. -_ u J -oor~~~~~l~~ned, with possl k~y a domen Ie, ixacIejj al '-----::-:- T
and the police triet to teamr where rem in their places., This "^ a.i Welt flt --
the negroes-had obtained a number of-as due to the tact. t was 4aid. ftb?
.mm ,o-..pst r= ,,m a,.o 4,,,i--
navy weapons. It. wa denied tt was ue to the !iea. it ras said, thaeted st,,l "S o..- -
.- the general strike order 4id not-extend"
Swift & Co. bad armed the men. tothe eDngineers. few of wbao !'aceu -* .bba -T
The police took the iew that te _; to t employer, were on mea.-a. -. --
neroes had. shot to. create, -a '- e" toul trnumber o Mtti ry-tr- -- -- --

ra-gnmen. >n cou-t. &a Y.rI- is 110. ^ i N -^ 'S
,a hero jand yarh i11e k :a ma n ds-e. "mrpiawm.
aig uy"T thou.A.mcording to the packers C(W nown an the ,tm j---- -.
Cicago, Jul-y ?7.Two -thonsalt -unio mena from other tctes were -" --- --"" '
persons ttCay. aw one ot tie most ,.ht into the yards today w -tt i v - spite g"-n V'
Itors -cnuent greatly tw906- so
brutal case T of sluging and outpe o it couple of hours, and di.trikbt.ed -. .--da -e -
iLtW &and frised. Appaman.
! tz-- poorest naarksmunac.hip oa the pvn a:nong the various plants. Of th'-e se
or police men since the strike at C 4u were skilled butchers from .w - l in -- .- .i -*-
-oik yar s began. York. There was killing or ttlI dills and -t *t w n tW 9 :
-, ,, , -- _, _. ~" m ,m-ltfjm m _W fi O W=-CrMB--BI- "-.-J-. ^
A strike breaker., John Mulloy. h-' bogs. and sheep In all the pleniv-. bUm I a- --ttd .-.:i .!---
just left the yards and reachedYrct wirn the SupULy of animals fin 'and, I nv edtaram ltae pi ma- -x
firML and Handtead trezs when three cleaned up. there will apMparTtihy be A m-l-qti..n-f Si- .- "-- -*
mnw. of whom one was John Doody, little or no slaughtering tomnurrow. M, : s-Ia -._b .- mbyh rW
attacked him.. Mulloy was knocked- - -r an 3-"- "-v-
Dape ie--s I.... ft seumi has .I-bee plcedIn .8 .. -"1--? ::
down and nearly killed. Ht nose -Ces-- I -Yr.-u-ha .... ..- "- -:- I f-
was broken. his eyes cut open with Men with Panama hats .experOi S of the o o! "i
:: =_"+,:":,'+_'" "" "+" '- c lothing of the latest cut und flue linen I "le eoleo IncludeaSk frll C-s -.:.-
the terrific blows. one ear was nearly cat ;o ..t-e-.- cut aadnne linenI 1 1 -T'S .
tern off. The slugge had not -n stepped in ao -n"" the bog today and' utime of l IIe7vi to that S U0- mG-
torn off. -Tne shgers had not com. . ,_,,,, ,.. "; .3
pleted their work when five police tooak charge of the- unloading of the of. IN iUaN r -..'
interfered. wheru po the trio ra. s rias t the yardW. IThe Wol. d a :
tntenere wneruponterncrew of stock -na....W" in,--t,.-.varied."--"-s --" ab-"M a..m'"" -;!
They led through a crowd of strike ft crew of stoek unload wa's t_ W .IsdU_=- .1
s-ympatbizer and c-rios spectatorS+ JUde up of the office and cleriealW ~ *t wil b SIw
xyzips[tizerit and friou $ -s,- s,-- -- L. .. --, ., -" -.::
.. . .. ..P ''=1; orcmoe f the var- ms. coA ix!ni elri2! / i iluv tf i .
through streets and alleys to the H'- -- ... .. : omuse At teh atthe y ib -the < l t m e a _- -- .- tL
stead st'e calling upon tbs fugtlUves to stop as'ot tolipd among the grunting swine, t 'SC t Sh U r I
,pain of being. k.led. The crowds In lsn-trikerea boot and r t 3O- *I- hi IlIS^ wb- 3w
the, streets wre-o large police arb sat about at a istance, laughni ,, t
m .w ;r a fr o ue at t1he spectacle. .U v, u B O wm _- .t.-
men were .frad at- first to use ttetl .e spectacle. i -r^ ,




.. ,- -_:... ..

I .

ts , A --- "' """ '- ". "-
C. a s.......-...-.... -..
I.. S S rU %5S.5.
a -- f.- -;-. o'i --. - :--' .-I-. .-'-. -: ; ... "
P '-. -N . .- -.- - E " :

P"r ,- .. F-.. S.


- 4- ...:.j.* *_- .- - - . .

____ ________ I -..* -


7 7 ~-.-::7



rod N"
^ ft 7.s r -77SAIU.,. BULI-
.. -.
... -

i 7;:::7::-,.-.:'*y ---...H.- "- aEIB W H -W-B B
i d :L ..--.:-. ." ._ .-...:.. : .- !.im "^f^^^^j^^^^ ".. ^^^^^^f^^ :7_'^ -.. .:-.- -.m."" ": " w ih^k
^g^-^t w .*" -WVi- ^W~W^^-fWH^

i -.- A- .. A m a^ '. Wm A ad M
|t^A Mif awSt ft-m~y he sad with
c i t tat Aj .J. Muetr is t
wit m at" bw few qMaib is *Is sc*
,.-',._.. *E- .Ea r4. ae n d je r ..q.
t .....,. Siu ratm; ear whihk was
Film3s iathean
4 ~ Ak Lb. mud whisk wa romguhed as
i ri:-iS:wy tde beat thing of- i kind
i but Th-e can wO iN- op
If -- a n-,n M looni wfth grat
aBSk. b int Ie ta were lnaiy

7*asm, -e qfl was dtssauded.
S Abo- fear ,m- a oMr. MeArthour,
wis thfsilagmu ity whieb ebaaser&
ifr : be Ce ma,. inveted n auoati_
a, operated by Weights, wkih
i" fe ib,! a cbarm He did ot
b- pntd, however, ine it
S- -* wnasosd ars ad Sthe plaifts
--d S. 8maum Ye company, of which
M sP s owner, .-. :
.. n.ut a of th"e most won-er fl in-
||p wer of Mr. MArthnr Is a mew
.- Sg: bo, swbichhe plee to
~ sf a acxary Ire' aarm.
|^f.ti b 4w may n .be dtas i any prio
V4'.: ... e f dnUbgs, f tor, sto, or any-
S where eIe for that matter, and eone
-vimd W the maret srnese Ire
4- slim lox. It Is ani autumatis ma'
teeand -th. tuned i.oI give an
|t imsndbai alatm tb:og the box
ithich ft Is am-ated. .The ap-

a to the Gamie b Gan and flee.
z-.t ta c...-,, it ia.. weex- Wc.1n .'z ma "
^ J9-kftb- wi i r kfable ea.

C -:--.- -:- a... M. MeAitbr, in neplj to
the quer- if ft l app-ease waa the
:. imly thiag of i kitnd in_ exAuiene.
b me"_ bmwen Ompaoy maktrwer a
O' tapMi 9$f51 for their apwsIsns,
^ ~~ -~ SUe*hbie earn ho lnatled as
^ Bsuaruueont frommtftom(9. Jt wWl
t: .6. aSem_.pM.e to Silts, fe.
ftoVi B~ and er buildIngs looatedat
q : aom d-t, fro a Its alarm box,
|^.: s- d 'I_ ipreene .when needed may
te.-: thousands of dollars in property

--- t s*Mesavingof time in turning in an

i. Mr. MeAirthur has not yet stated
- WhSeOer f not he will have this ap-


.a- Items From That Thriving Towh
ftonalw Notes.
Lod saa. July 27.-Mis Nettie
Cmaothenmof Ooleman returned home
at wek after visiting here for three

,-'- t-



habbI*w dotfr
beE. Ova V but
- en~rdmd.n40^

wpam .tag awwnd
dmes tl work of the
Safab<. linking the if
-Wvoa uednwit
adamrwbm at that|
aga am allowed tol
masad heaL It cor|
lit=in. eIathlne ba|
ems~ate dyspta hand
.3 Somach trouble by
^^.guuv.fft^^ wp^^l^JlkMi~~

lugrng i
& .mert

*do M-be * ^frL^ !i, eS.WSlin4i e.

Sold by All Druggists.


Prominent Physician of Bronson
bi Arizona Tuesday.
Private information received in
city anounees the death of Dr. 1
HiMk of Bronson, son of Mr. and
D. Hicks of Waldo, which ad E
occurred in Arizona Tuesday, a.l
angering illneu covering a period
several months of conmumption.
Deceased waS alpst forty yea
ago. He had been a prominOent
saimeful phyieian of Brouuon
momen-ime. Having been afflicted
ill health, he went a people of I
ao to Arizona, hoping the ebanul
limatem would prove beneficial so
It wa oo lae, however, and he fl
imaoembedt to death.
Deceased wa an excellent Chri
gentleman, and the information o
death will be received with regre
hi large circle of friends. He is
vived by a wife and three ehildre
whom the1 sympathy. or these fri
its extended.
The remains will be shipped
Arizona to his home in Waldo fc
toerment. Funeral annoincemenl
be made later.

'*1% ~
~ -


|e of

f his
it by
s ur_
on, to

)r in-
i will

Ba4sbal Players and Foot Racersi
Louis J. Kruger, ex-champion long
distance foot racer of Germany and
Holad1,. writes. October 27th,. 1901:
S"Doring my training of eight weeks'
foot race a t Salt Lake City, in April
* .a T -- J n- 1 -2 J1 fln .'

.~-- -:~7 P *Y r3 r- ** r --, r-~- Ia~;~~-if ~.r -7t t~:,r~S~ '-~# ~4I~E;~~r
~ ~jI~t --7-~*i.= *:*~.2 ~ ~ I ~4A .-,
7 4"~t ~b-'- :~ 49~-~A *-I* --.7-.--. I~ 1q-. *. -.. 9 - -V
~ ~2
- -is *'y~ A F 7 7.-. -
~ -
r.~ -~~-

tJVLTflfl _____

- .-

tr. ~C:
~ I ~ ~-

il s: ,- CAU3NBx WT&T : -: f -

SAmsdwatlew ca asto n.
i :,': : as --
~~13w lk A- !:k:

e | .:-aAt W.mbl. -gtaS am
M mmplat waa made that tkr
the suIuc Sm bad bar abl
S $ derl az a.W wee t1i1
a end found guilty. and it was deeMdS I
i *by lot which one of the saix subold be
hanged. At Tangier in Ifl, and
Sii aain in im, two moldes bad to cat *
ih dice on a drungbead, and be who threw
we th least was executed, TbomnasMay's
tran"lAtn of Barclay's fcon Ant-
morum"n gives a crion story of this T
sort. Speahin of English courage. be
says -that during the war a the Netbr-
lands son*e soldiers of the Spanlsb
Spay were take prisoer by the '""
Dutchb. who decided to make reprisals -
(or the previw cruelty of their en-
enlesi Out of four and tenty wn fP
eight were to be banged. "There were
lots. therefore. thrown into a helmetL" AC
says May, -and the pris were
cowmnanded to draw their fortunes-
whoever should 4raw a blank waf to AM
I escape, but whoever should draw a .
S!bluaek lot was to -e hanged prmently.
S!1 "'They were all," says May. "pons !
Sled with a great apprehension of their
present dangm. especially one Span-
lard. Their pitiful wishes and tears Ia _
l ~some of the standers by did move pity.,
iJ In others laughter. There was bemaide
BU In that danger an Engli'h'wn, a com-
i motn soldier, who, with a carelee con-
Stenan(t, ixpremssing no fear of death at'
- all. canime boldly to the helmet and drew
1 *his lot. Change favored him; It was a
_lwsafe lot. Being, free hlmaelf froam dan-
i- ger be ame to tIt Spaniard, who was
yet timorous and trembling to pot hisa
hand Into the fatal helmet, and receiv-
I ng from hinm 10 crowns he entreated
the Judges-oh. horrid audacity-that,
dimissIng the Spaniard. they would,
Died suffer him again to try his fortune."
May further relates that "the judge
consented to the usdman'" request,
I this who valued his life at so low a rate,
W. D. and he again drew a safe lot" May
Mrs. aeenus rather to regret the second e-
>vent tpi of the foolhardy nglIubnmun,
e r whom he denounces as "a a wretcb in (
ad of worthy not only of that double, bat
even of a single preertatlon, who so
barely had undervalued .hl USe."
"of ^_ ___r__r



Er-'s_. -- Ga na.--








Jacksornvlle and New Yorkc,.
Cal~ln at oHARIZTON, S. 0., bot w
The flm Shii 13 Cs @aa Stub

lyde New England and i
DirgeO SermNewa flOU OANVgiD
PkVowCM. at AN -U
S(asstt Ohauumkm bib-

Brutally Tortured. SE S Mz0w srrra
A eame ems to light that for p- No.,rthboumd.e....."ea...e"ea..s..FM rotOO
sa&nt and unmerciful torMture h.
perbxap, never been equaled. los m..a C Tfi.. B-.
Clybe=St JohnsJt
Ooloblk of Oblot. Oatl., writer: "For SL il WM 1
16 year *Lwndured inmfferable pam -Bet wfl&f JA._C_.ow LXS IAu
from reumatism and nothfu re- Stoping a alat A.or,, St Ba d
lieved me though I tried. everythglug IaSMP en Job bI
known. I came acros Electric Bit- Steamie "TY OF JA MCK
tern. and It's the greatest medicine on w ^ -a J J
earth for that trouble. A few bottles LeOvS Iack vil- S pi,. u SMa TIH
of it completely relieved and cured Leaves Satfoel S;.05. m. Mcmdayd, Wedn
me." Jot as good for liver and kid- appointed to aaIl fob
cey troubles and general debility. S..ea---. scnun uz
OnlySOe. Satisfaction guaranteed by de.wm
*ll druggists. La "S0 p....... .............3ekomville.....
O ...... ......Sp. 8. m 1e ......................paelseh....
I W OMAN. -- 4-- -i.m ............... S. C *4
What Is woman? Only one of na- Arrive83Dm Sn..o. .--i rd
tare's agreeable blunder--Bnulwer. O1.0a... .a...... .... ...terp.e..
A beautiful woman is the only tyrantGexhT&AL Ats AND TICKET O E
man Is not authorized to resist.-Victor .
IUugro r. t sonwug A=a. Ge. Gn. Pmr AgfusMu W
U0W. G. 01ER, Jr.. PFlcWt Afta
Unhappy Is the man to whom his tl"of - y H oo- nt. Ie-Ia
own mother has not made all other CI NA QUYG fl At, ..NewYork. CLly
mothers venerable.-Rlchter. TRI._a 0.taGB r.
The bet thin I know of ls a falt OC% b IS fa i a
nat* w1 U andh tbe next best thInr Is a

J '- --c^" I .l3 i": ".. Ar*it ."

BsSycLOotiflti SClb~ei

'p.- 1. A n. -.
a' r~* flfll af~dh~fi
-ow C

For Sale by JohnSon

southern Lines

p L.l
av ne .' ;

-nd A2manO -.i

-.. ...... W.& A"-l~ m

........^ .. i)j5:
.............. i4r !
t........,....,.. !o 12jOB^
.i I
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St Thmi

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AL. MS Pchan Iwaeq0 of Phil-
Imbp MlWr Gtin G IDSIfS

S There -h been an important bui
-. mm..age In GJ- neav e, Adolph L.
VMa having purchased -minte!SS of
. Pblip Miller in the old drink aend
- sstiomes- stom, Weds Liberty street.
U, k .'ti I. one of the finest reorts of its
. kind in the State, being -absoluitely up-
- i- nate in every way.
- Mr. Vidal. is a young man full of am-
. pno, and will no doubt enjoy a sUc*
einfsl trade. He hia been with Mr.
Miller ever sine the store wa s"tab-
limbed, which has been something over
five years. Recently he purchased an
interest in the-busInea, .nd the.. last
$trade gives him entire ownership and
cotroMl. .

Prof. Guiams Declare s i Eclipses All
Former Undertakings.
Is writing The S. from St. Louis,
Prof.. J. M. uilliami, formerly asuper-
intendent of East Florida Seminary,
alwho has- accepted a position on the'
. faculty of she Southern Normal School,
Bowling Green, Ky., says:"
'"I have spent nearly five weeks. at
the fair. It is a wonderful exhibition. '
Is exeels the Chicago fair in every fea-
"The weather with the exception of
two or three days has been very pleas-
"I shall leave in a few days for my
old home. Shall attend commence-
ment at my almna mater Central Nor-
mal College. Danville, Ind.
-My work at Southern Normal
ehool. Bowling Green, Ky., begins

.. a Oi Juy f.t-n4.

South Varolna G S. and Mbm
mretcatibmsim here this morangl~
[et mit I tat a nfere.ce
Twan, which will $ako place this sfte
soon ant tonight
The object I. to dtefe some pi
by which the mill can beome ma
ses :of te. altuitloa and thereby a
'ace the price of the finer quality
hiied -.oo0. It Is more than Ilk
ly that an agreement will be reae which the mills will curtail pr
ductlon, more goods having been mai
ufactured than it is--possible to sell.
The-.. splnnaers declare that ond
lonas are worse than at afy time i
1 years. and for that reason it W
it is believed, that the day and nigi
meeting,. decide to operate oo pous
biy half time.


PrnIldit's Wife Will Net Resort I
Extreme Measures.
* .Pfttsburg. July 27.-An attempt t
sWtndle Mrs. Roosevelt, wife of th
president. out of $50k Is being invest
gated by the Pittsburg charity depar
The young woman who tried to aeeui
the money on the ground that sb
needed It to pay for a surgical opern
tion on a child, will not be prosecuted
as that is not Mrs. Roosevelt's wisi
Because of the respectability of tb
Young. wemanas family her naimei
withheld from thE public. She wrote
Hitters to Mrs. Roosevelt enlistin
syImpathy and .finatial aid and tt
president's secretary, William Lovl
Jr., asked the charity department t
Mrs. Roosevelt has been notice
that her appliant for charity is ui

One Lady's Recommendation Sol
Fifty Boxea of Chamberlain's
SStomach and Liver Tablets.
I have, I believe, sold fifty boxes (
IChamberlain's Stomach and Live
STablets on the recommendation of on
lady here, who first bought a box c
them about a year ago. She never
tires of telling her neighbors an
friends about the good qualities o
these tabtlets.-P. M. Shore. droggisi
Rochester, Ind. The pleasant purgi
tive effect of these tablets make theu
a favorite with ladies everywhcce. Fo
sale by all druggists.

_M .. .- 7, . _,. -

c ^MM, ... .... 0 . .

* Theh.SqnDlU Is DUA-LPRB IN-
i, Jnkmvill Ausia 12. M S will be AL M_
a, opmsWdovehet,%olwew o: T-I-1- -I wr ci a otto n..0
or Oeboard .-Air UMi RA**lY to RU.isk- 01nTIvJ 0uj j
0l o S, .R .aP.&W.W.tow!ai9 4 -_-"
r pOi.RB to Jerey C ity. Sam.- Sea sland Cotton Seed., BA ginmg and Twine. Walrus
1. MUItS_ U to Hr BA,-tel TaflTan in A wna-n. Ru-l-
i, NY., L..tobS. A H. to -B LOEM np -
STh following is thbe edule:
I L- ,ave ieboa.ilk 7:50 p. P.., I Manufactarers of the James Doig proved Engi
of rin Wasingtw 8Mp.. tes Island Cotton Gin, and Supplis for P ame
0' leave Wahington 7:40 a. in., arrive-
SBoGItonN:20Ep-m.V.IE, FLORIDA, U S. A
This schedule is arranged o that the.
'r0. A. R. may spend a night in Wva-hi I 1 A i I i t1
i-toa. This tram will be equipped : ..
, with thorouhfarvetbuIliI il ll Iah
Soperating without bn gefro JI mX ImL I I UUJI ckI
_aville to Boston, and through Pull. !"Toor-por----
ht .wn sleeperu, requiring only o-e E. V MGR.
Change. as Washington. E. e VOYLES GO
The round.trip rate from Gaineville AbsinO of Title ad full infomuse flaMet S miwilg b as b I
to Bosto will be. &ll rail, $30; via New !sunty. Our awner hM lived Win A.St y Air y mI
York and Sound steamer, $.T75; via thoouhly e- with Mi le.
Portsmooth and s teamer, or yjg Sa e .-..
vannah and Stemer,. teame A! 40 -|
t Request your ticete over the aeI --. V k, -jJ.
e notes, the Seaboard Air Line Railway I n AOOIDZNT, BURGLARY AN!D INDEMNITY InSU-AXOL l-w-
In addition to the schedule named eting a number of Ane S --
Sabove, the Seaboard will sell round. flALEA AN)D CITY LOM
trip tickets for this occasion to the Snw- r 1 s J3!-
e (. A. R., their friends. and the public 1 _-
P* generally for all trains of AugustL12th,
1Ith and 14th. The Seaboard will also _TAjLIt.G Am P M_,rMentO .uo. W. N', Vim-Puas
sell such rickeisvia New York and fl l OiInnm
h. Sound Lines, or any rail connection | UN P i1 I A I lllOlAL BAIIR
le from .KNew York without stopping in THLU 1 LLLUL HilVLAJ I&J l
ig Washigton. 2w.
^~~ama nun w ay ss~aas 5-* 2
S ie .::,:"., t , r.:,i. wIth a THE ONLY CHARTERED BANK IN AT LACHUA (
" !;: ;i M 1'. I nI b- !:!:' fN1 by the
h> t'ji :.:i1 -J'' < t& c s ur ^IksS Ivmswbs. 4n Era a a
fo: mb i. llu^ K 'v4M.0. : : u .- Capital......... .,.......... -,$50,000 00

!d ui:st, t' r!): .ir ,ti. .t rir. ng; is Surplus and Undivided Profits... 25s,0o 00
"* ev""r 'n uo ,,.t of f:i,.Ti:i: ,I t.. ,,:' world
bee'':'i" :a lilr'.s:-i:: p!!t'c t: litv' In--- m_ a w _h fot -ia aa a t t Swa 9l a
fna,:..l'r, I h-t K,,i-d evcryhdc~y e: ,l t' e i amoSS Fnam- ,M.g .,flC-om --"te --si l-am: .-::s v
I n it un s .::ll w' xo T hn e cr d ,, ( i- .h bY u @ a .. ..I &."n.t A J TbSrs i n S- -l .
agv:hiliv' ;r'"! Wndly Ii;irt whicb will i LK. TAYOR.I B-O I
not thriw* iti SThtre Is so rmneh good Iin the worst of us. Eababtiulod S--
"The re is s mitrnh b~tdl in the best at us, ^ t f
'r ThaL It 1.I becunims any one of usl | ribIJi i
0 To talk about the rest of u<|H r hl ~~kTXhTiTIAIA1

;,sympaithy- in other words, with imar 11113VU VIIJ ll~ltHV Orl
d latlon.--Margaret lain AIarperVIL. U L trm
_. ftnzur. ",I I (.lMSi~~ pl a T



Tremendous Hail at BaPnett.
Barnett, Ga.. July 27.-A heavy ram.
'hall ail wind storm visited f(i.N .sec
tion. IThe haUl lasted about .14 nin.
utts, doing irauch damage to cotton and
Corn. In soWm_ sections (he hail lit-
erany tor'r .the_ etton to pieee.".-Some
.farms won' t nm!;e 5,1 pounds of seed
rottln per ar'ri'. Corn is also (lam
aged ctn;ie: ebjyv. rt Is thought
that onI fl :-'. f, ," l vtng about 2 miles
from bh'e n .-:;i*( gct one bale (f cotton
on a horse r::i,

i Morgan to Entertain.
PBston .liJ L,.-..- P Morgan ha.
-kra;i the i- I.alatIa1 resilJncc'- (If J.
Montgomery Sears. for the purpose., it
im tmderstood, of enteraiuing the arch.
bishop of Canterbury during the g?.ner
a1 convention of the Episcopal-church.

__ A.l.m11I.-x-- eqw--awin--a m

_It wedsllut a fw S Our bulne i stricUlyvonflned to the vanou detatb--bMeat to ow l*o
Stear.sElectric Rat a.d Roach Pante o er'bip of land. and we have no private or per--sal "6e .. g* ind" in SIM-
l y fre. ecitye.0e thb. e rat aid with that busimne. We make a speialty of the pepa07e of Iil I-
I?"1111^ Yi9.wnma n! Ie! make exhaustive investigation of titles. We n ..M-pmt11_-owel inal
s' ago.te..' P. bo. usd qute matem srtamin to the ,asssment and pnM$ 1 of8 11 Mmlae a-
drinpt riont oe sw mUt&adlo iem'd
in the bed i & am = lau i s ^ E Nm ption 0 ,U in di., Sales.g W hen you bep m
ori, InU ae oG tb a,' tod ..vicp in our line eallU on or write u. Nouip publi i4ei.
Do rats, Mice orcockraches ThisPaste
drives & rats and m i t df 1I. hmgms B. R C -9V-
ft &0.adcmabedepadedUpona td .
b.o t o th pens It imsa mredeathaod 7-- S ---- ...--. ..*
give uiversal traction. Dealme o I fi I i
malyhavete Psti e lw sa-e, 0r it wai
Mt* eps prp ooTN EW ofP pAXTiN I IO I i VV I-/II I
by the Stearn Electric PasteCo.. Tribon
B-dinaChicago, IU LSmasizes 2c; si Ha
i.eight tim. th qatity . Commodious, Homei,,-Lke Hotel,.
Fer Sale by J. S. sdl frkCe. I ROOMS FOR 100 GUizST&

NOTICE OfR STRATION... Table Unexcelled. Every Attention to Guests
Take icoti~ce that the rewetstIOU booki tfor
Aljawhua c uinLV tor the regibtrutl of- ofee- eo-
tors wWU be. tw regutt tlm on Monday. *. -. i' 'P rB/ u
the I14 dai of Augu. AD. L Ia. aSthe ewf IrO*3 E. H. PAXTON, Ow r anid Prop., WHITE SPRISt, EIt.
ht use. in v'ho~e tnftlt' ruhe Sur'ervfinr of Resin-
trtion. until the ti h day of October. 12M. i ----'' '_- "-_"_-
Hours oft regLstruti4v from 9 'clwnek a. m. to
I: o'c ock min. .mil rrmn : o'clock p. m. untU 5T e . a
.,cloekp. w..,onM-n.tay. WedneSdy andSat- If IT Ktian I C os -t I Ine
unrlay. The dtdrict reeusration o Meer wiU A/lalnTal/ll*IIwat/ L tin
oplen regfrtiraJn bookM In e.e bh district fromI i i i v l l I I
qtha Ruk tI fj lue in u C&nn*amriar until th.e moannrl

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_ .-4
: :-- a

-. ... .-. ..- -_"" ." ""."." b
7 0
S .6 0 bi L; .: ._- HT 6a a.

1^ -'^ '- '.-' ,"- - 1 " ". _ i -
"C^.'-*, mAKCLU Ma.
.'"-- " " .. i i
*r two

.- ._ .. P I :n .
--. a;.oim D Pi

^ ^ ; '-.- L B I w~
r ;- -., W t_ h : ]

.=-- .- .-.. . e. -. '" ca n s

B.':! !. ,-*---':i _- .- ." Se rtw o St ,.
- *^ '... -: r _h c nso0A -
r.- _;. i -- -. . : - -

If-.^r: twas ufn eneal
r as Ya aVIS

; ,-.-., .. -. . -C al te r.i ... -
_ :.-..l... U: "n-. A_ B-, I
i -i .. .- .. .- -- -
-- r -. -. B "Z Y.
-;.-. 'P;" A. .'.a

-: :.:;- -. _. .* - ^ ^ -!!, ^- m -- -^ I __
^ __.., . :. : s" a : I
i. ..-' .:- A. SS r L. I
.-/ -:.-; ,: - -, ..
S V. :

|^. '-." .: ---.. .

If Mft~lrc of sum.tlw
V :i.- -- -

&^' waNir a. ryBAn.
. { ' S-T. C"m

'. ." '. S-AAC "O".

Ss- oj AY nti 86". or.WSub

^ '"'^-*'::-.-^ ..*' - -* : :. -s r u. -
. _'@ -.- _- -.: 1 e0 ,AYe _
-.-g..r .. "...-. B- .f-t w m "

r alUWAM H. JS.

:.'-. ._ .....- ... W-~ OoWAY~ 1' ."
_-J -la".-. ....
,.: -. .. --a-. . A.C03.3

.-..." :- . .....

-._. .- = s t 1- c w Y-rs m '
-:-., -- .- W ILIA ,rt K O'f.- TA-LO

i'!.--;::,i _o "Ji--om.
Sr :::- U ht int wu inPwiwn
i] .- ; ..' W.M HOLLOWAY.

-:-:-; ."- Om1 n rJo.IL"
-- r .. ..-.

: ,. A- araw.. % r. Y.
4.;_ -. - 3. WIW --_ICK TA LO
4 .- _,; . .
..i.-.- J -:-s' e Suno~z se a, ".
.:L4:- Je 3m "l K"
r. ,... 3) m ,e. .

Sifes tttns,5a l~~^ lO~l~ hipStsam
I lM 'b. W eth
^^^^ I^^^ ;-_fuk^ f-.--* 1 tf.A ^^f^ X' '^ .-^k^M,

-.-..- T... i ai.n..... tot buwe".ve jear he

- l -wi thebo the United BU. S
--, .: e1t8.afd t inred ewhiatariy. He to

a-- sif t iae-, admirable v.ri.,p ber n

___ 1 M ,.moolma and e

ma t, t- shewmm k bneo. Be baa mant
.-cne .- lteresssbu for the ake of

--as. sad deaoe his oathre energies so
the empmalgmg He has alwys been
-, one of tbe grandest men of
MOa on a W1At Virginia, -d hbis nomination
* ast -@mmas th" tho State will cast Is .01.-
ma. 'I9 Wtl yoaT far Paker and Davis.

The Republletsn are seriously
I auBS hS alarmed over the result of the elev-

tu ext INovember. They thought
they bad a 'watk.over" when Parker
we nominated os a platform that Was
ilent upon the money question, but
when the nomiom s ent his famous
telegm.n. virtually insertig a gold
plAsnk or declining the nominatlons
they aised that they d a strong
Sm s them. -Many of the Fl.or-
ida ublian offid ialS now a know-a
ledge that the vM lt is doubtful*

Hoan. :Robln W. Darts. defeated
endidSe ftr the Democratic nomina-
t6 for governor, will amp the,
state in the interest of heis oeefl
oppoMe Hoo. N. B. Broward and
h the ther Dmorati nominee. h "Our
Bo' ti ant the kind of Democrat to
M l is his toet when hifr i*erie are
needed by hik party.

SThe teaperature in Florida during
the suin evr months i asU cool a in any
SoO ther State, and more so than in
most otthem. The heat is seldom e ox
an s M the hiade, and fthe mea ads"
reoaaOM afford opportunity for rem.
peratlag a qt Boderate eoat during the
warmest m bosths of the year.

LakeLad people !want the county
seat moved from Bartow to that place,
It is to be rerietted that the people it
grand old Polk county are to be in*
lieod with a eap sign of this nature.
Nothing breed greater trife than the
agitaSion of the question of removing
a nofl house.

The weather daring July has beea
especIally favorable to growing cotton
and other croja. Should August for.
nith as favorable weather it is preo
dietd that over twelve million bales
of the fleecy staple will be produced.

The Sun has a larger circulation
than all other pagrn in Alashna coun-
ty oombini4. Advertisen should
make a note of this, and if anyone
disputes the assertions we are pre-
pared so show postofPeewreceipta.

3. W. White, editor of The Fraternal
Record, Jacksonville. has never sue-
a *a ssj a.* W'I..J..._^U

th tfam at.

dflna. f in- e -a.inob& -

Sa. mote some. 4flte-umes e itt
..ip anls am t w.:y of beds at-

uman.f-bths ad dedhan on-
The. mombeao of the Ciy &uo
>o do fthei sypthizers bid *>e r to, put

juthedoa next a s.elestion. Tem
ploy a mamtary laspeos'o shaM takes

op ino some of she baesou yardn Ud
Shemay. _____nd feRooevelt.-
hSay a ruraiSuwr: "Oaring to Sb.
emroda ecsdlslo oi erT eolsefl
umaibse of bInhs ..d deaths aneurn-
avoidably posspeoed ibiswnek.

The strike of the Chieao betoken
aod their syanpatbisen bids fair' to put
She price of meats out of Sb's reekh of
pesos. of moderate ineomes;

Parker and Davis will be the winenn
Ini the next nlatioal election. The
bushies men of the coon try triad
them and tear RooweeylL

if you desire to lift th
aotk from the shelve ia
oin the way to do it Is I

w surplus
I the dull
te ader-

.- ,* -w ,- ^ m
Sass Were: Ru-v.r
Wherever you em ten people togeth-
or, ten average people of all agesi. you
may say: One of thOem ten will die of
cosumption. [an the long run yon'wll
be more than jul Ined In your pph
cy. It will be nearer one out of every
nine bom Into the world. We are ar-
ribly afraid of cholera and aul bowel
deases. diphtheria and of msrlet
fever. Add to thee the annual death
trot mueale (measles st far from be-
g batle) ad the -m total Is at
bat of what the great white plage
ma. Only pem nia appra
It as---a slayer oftmuN s- erybo4ys

It Is believed the original mae
man wa twhe bf Ad who aga. hi
wnea Crstma prenat of a pair oa
W& An CUMr y holder ot the* t-
tie was the gentleman who always oe-
qlde&e th-e hut aet In the last car In
order to save tMe latest n his me-
sy until the conductor got to him. One
of the mo brilliant of the long N1
was the man who tok candy from a
child In the street Chicago luter
Expe-dve UsdeflakS.g" ,
Busilness Man-Well. my dear. I have ,
about made up my mnindi to sell out my
businen and go out into the country
and buy a hundred acres or so and kw
a farmner for the rest of my life. Bfsi-
ness Man's Wire-Oh. John, how love-
1:. liut are you sure we can afford
It--Somerville Journal I

Easyr to Take

Becamu srely vetabba yet thor1
ougb6 prompt1 b ifthf 3 ftmtac07ya

Hood's Pills

wII ITr'ISan

-. ., :.:.:.o. :"; ; . :-MT F : -7_'7" M. 'i '-: : ~
--- a. mt.m --.-C

.el-_d f-- ioe '::It ongate. mud
the &d V.e atn,_ dse".am of tWed -

the sttlg ijnt 1 -
in oit m 10 nins~
.nd mri..,md ans JW -dh a-
P,.-vttirg pains .pec ulia 14A*Y ,wg.. oi-
to auitmi. Unless the ,,oodto__ yiH .mi
a a.Maa
blood is m jomits anda satUW J m --we o_ t
muscles become cated with lS we l fl'e S i-
the acrid- 'maer a l and wf n-, ai a
dered stiff and some. and the waui a
eves completely winked. 1 t3e3mAm. I
Rheumatim, being a constitiom blood disease, equines
ent. uniment, player and s rkthingsW a.a applied m.
am__. I* L.t 02 Ste a 1 ^i



intend tn

^^^- ^^^U^l WJWKU yav swa rcws w** * as -. a~MB~w
est of-all blood prifies and tmia k and is dwea
does it act so promptly sad beaeeidafy ao Rhnms.
^^^^^^^ to a pune, healthy couditior iuvnnigentiqrg rI
tismi. nutraiziq the -Addsawlusngd m
toming up he
tomwft p thbe mefre and an. pwbt of tertm tafrai~ til
--getabk- Write um Ahouml y desi e "k -fd
its.idew Amn-~ S

Air Line Railway

9 .: a. aa ,- 40
t -1r r

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern -.
S: .' --

Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash




delphia, New York.

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard xpre.

Seaboard Mail.







i~ -

Only Line Operating

Dhily Tbrng4hPullmon Sieepe fros h Jfsc viu to New Muss


full information and sleepr resemailom em t_ any agent Ssbd a
A. 0. M AcDONELL. 8 .. OY, SIUBOI ,ja,,
Amt. General Pasenger Agent, P. --eger Ajitn



eta l~ers and lJobbrm in

coral., uoa S. s .s



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li .- S
amm:" ;

" '- -' n l. " -_ '.>;i

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**- L-~ .-.*


10H na ment u a man

Li ene d Embalmers. uorftz 9

~~hmO am ddqi wrto en
-newgs Rubber sup UMt rw .3[l 7144 S0
S inklin .+ -v ,,.",'.t -,-....-.-r'. inD+;s mass -

aCeap ateri. K ;IL at I IS oTa.W I
I********* S "-*.* ~ ..?- .." -"- ,-"" -~ ... --. : .' ..:-i -;.-' _."." *- .-- ."" 4H llw af--.] -i mmi-p .. -** ...~f fc JE-'' m +'-, -- -_ "- e "-
I^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ *- ~ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ + 'w _-r ,"-w -5 -" :i":-". .: "- --.'_. .- "-.. .'" -. ^ + ^ ... .. - ;'- l m ^ "

***--I_--------K~ +=+_ --+..**-.-* _. .a& i i m.+_ ,* --- -l^^f+ +D^k^f^ -^^~~~^^ Wf^kRk *^* / ra J '

-%. wd an-d.*

WI lshVIth tb. tie. TbMe Aid Seboo W .. ........ .... -
Ar *lec-tr. WA CollTetlowsm Tiim. 73 x429
.... 7 T. I. l
.^M ig f~c^ tltllt- ^ ^ Ai iooft....t ..... ........- n o
-I _i^i^ere i^ - *" ^ ^ ^ ^^ M ^^ ^ ^ *m r .... +.. ........ m
fl W tII S M m wieompwIslbg nb e i" 1 01. a oB. No ...... .. .... 9
oia l ,. in Jo as. WALKED MILS .a. CUe No." 0 .... '.S
tjjjg~gj^ttnyo j, m- cm.t No.U ... A
xaaamfL~nll^g I *fflgg M"mythea Priz of V5,UC Lund Man t Ho0w*y fetttffl *tee 40
ow^^*..jj-i^ -j~ j^ 4~1 '- k i dl w ll^ fog~t T U *-*a*** "-* MW 7% TBd2
I i itsImmwa he St -AIS. July 27.-World's ftir .O
-P_--^ lee-ijag _-l: ._... fa Onmad8-4'oot sore. tsrel e lned Milne........ ....... m
an..r --x,..-- d weary. RPnalod Walco.,, a British WARRA"S MSiu
muu517Ga. nJrltc from wan Jose. Co0ta Rica s ha TNMAC
awed r ,-- J-BS - reached the World's Fair after a walk 441 jA. o maa ........_
S aoS~t;~-lofm- .2l o "les only to find that e ha" ""S+n
r+ 'o "a- one" mat -he 2-a 4 LMs ..X . ....
iW.,. -iuuinwwe- -Cf-W1WW -bee ehdelud.d by a mythiftal prize of 4M4 N. le. ......... .
of a4 awe He 4M J.H.oifee M... ..*..* 77
- :_inSWl. PI wi,# x C IP; 1 1 O15.000 which hbe had heard had been a. I....................
we^ brums l.a oshe ee, offered by the exposition company to 4 Wd. ...............
:i UUU-@tWSP the, person who walked the longett 4m ..............IWi......
11+- &Ca. nMd enjoy I e line.-distance to attend the fair. 4I .Clje H asp... ....... .. a 0
Navbg P +dWi SC t0 t 11r tfelfljol- Almost art the same moment hat 444 X. IBL Mt ......- .......f
I" X. N.6 U019. ......,......... ... 1
e-em d bNokt hde, fr. MIller Wk Waelco arrived, another -long-distance 4 r N. i. I ....... .. poS
in 4" -444 ( ........--** ,,. ..-.. 5-
^:- min--S tt EIWf bS.bI pedestrian arrl ved at the Vvorlds- Fa!r fl KNO.. ...... ..- .s
aet fibbaeswit WW.Ais. ~trot ouana.444H W.dL CMbente~ s 1460
a" wi-i-----s V W& W. -AT* Recter, of Bucharest. Roumania. wi 44W j.LS 6S. .o.u R... .-0S
os s"wat-_ ama thYe firm Wwu eoo- had also attempted a long distance (fl p.G .o-. Neo. Unn....., :
Lr. ...... ...w... .................. ......... M
tussdunerMf teutyke 3)8 It Vl nwalk and who had met with defeat 4M Ua as isyu.. .. .; s.. :
cha eted to the Miller* Avters Co.- Rebhter started to walk to St. Louis 4 J W M ......... ..... 75
Lous 441W1. F LDays .............57
S-i!,'A, L.'VMal having purehaadan from Bucharest. He undertook to 4. A.'SS" 4.. .
t- enwlhtbeflrm. Shortly after- reach here by JSy 7. He amivi 4s4 (t.wr V.. Hl...... .. ......
n MtVi r &:VidalI -rohad the in- many days late and then only after W 'k:. ..X ....... .SS
U4nS of Mr. AMe. the firm hba giving his Journey afoot In Wahinrtoa 4Mo c. c. wism c ... s
441A. M. SSLL... ..... ...7
m- 1aim0 d under the ss e of M-ler & and taking a train. The prize he wag 4 j. p. Sla -i........
12- VItal uantl ToedayW. hen Mr. Vida after was one of 40.000 francs, offered 4MJ. JA sa.... .......... -s
w m--t-d mO-trol ad noMnenip Iof the by the Roumianla Touring club of 4M G. Jaaw ..... ...........
4M5 W.aM. Rooway.maperintcndent .. 10
.ba1es. Mr. filer Me beena which Crown Prince Ferdinand I pres SofowM'S e ...M....... M
-J ati attin ,- etA his ,m b, t..,,, + .."........................... ....... w,
_:ii Ir grlmeotevs He hal dildl be WMe1 had much the longer jouW 44U.] B.ive*............ Us
ct o-dispan of-h. handsome --i5 ney. as there were no oceans in his, :- e [tht No. I5..
I~l'd "r-l~f O OlpIIO l n~ !lso~o~ Fel- .mm, mnm Mn.+ S. P. Go la.l ace. No. .. I
d-po p-.b- p r- here fo, the preu t. pith, and every foot of the way to 44,h J.G. Kethms. .. ....... .....
R' Malta dAS -o reeJ in Owit Walked. He left the Ulte town of Wnot ........ .......... 1
viji e "m H M t t w He m ta that lime t Pta It Costa Ric on Dec. I7. In 45 msaSt2,h'.c: :e..S .
a traveling saleami 4r she Florida flW Y h eW SS In Nicaragua, In Feb. u4r w,. ,.e. xLMeoeatry. t. .etc... .1-
G erossq oCapmay,,sad made his heed- tita ne pased through San SIval 44^ MOYCA .' het. 'at.te'+. 2jr
quan. e rs M. Mr. G. hmI dor and April 22 he reached the city 41< W. fl ixeto. so. oP S. I .. i S W
Qoaf~wn., J u.i iu waE bOl--l IX 44 Dr.J.H. Aldeman.ibt.sito ......
and reare In Alachuascounty, being a* W" E eL_4 J. M ou. Ba.e.luz I ...n... .... 3a0
so to0 Jese 1. GniU. of JoneSville ". ... 44* J.M .Jarrvl aoe. No. .. ........ I
5 .*45 J ..3 .-1 hwwn. Chambrlaitli Colic, Chplra and Di- 4S6 J. H. VidaL mo. No. k.. ......... 1
Hei "n well, "-own and *....,._...__.. 47 H 'F. .Dututt Co.. tmi etc
wel liked here .d s fields will be arr ea medy. M Mrs C. C BS ek. etc. e ... ...

44 Um X. m Ast. Cla el ..L-. .: ...... Mg.Ib
a Ir ftoratioi that be is Pr- Thipremedy iseeain to be needed 4m SW .
g4 J. U. Bw os. ago .
.." I- in almost every hbme before the sume ..... . 50
a- -,--I- O W h D .f S W.J46 WJ. w.BU fe.a ac COtat ........-..
Mr. Greer while o qi o widely wr i over. It can always be de- i444 Kate .kie. Urai.Com .. c)
K wlor Men B.a-
-oon Io tbis setion, haa a geat ended upon evcn n the most evere W. E y go. .... j 2
--.. frs, throigoutt a. State. middangerousa case. It is especia1y r o. N. TiUmsan. aoc. Grad. Camo. 10_
va" Juable for summer disorders in ebil- 44 A. Pckett. ace No....... ..
He haw bma for lean the rdo, and a 440. Alwma Letner ..........6W
Sha been o e n the ro and re, It is pleasant to take and never OW AMce eitner,.. ... s41
esasud. a aine trade throughout his falto give prompt relief. Why not ano s. Merry.....- 1 .. .
tritory. buy is now? It may ve life. For 4w JohnG. ... .-
... ..iio I-- e Vilyer anAaQa rd b ll druggiUs4ts. "0 J e Q. -2
TeMmo an M d .e V I 4W0 J.M. Fenneil ... ......
T-- 450 J.G Kelbam "
.wOoapayij rs out o a solid fOfnds- i, __..... -W NionaiiBak .-. ...
Ocpsy ,its out--c.- a, solid h** t. DOCTOR OF DANCING. 4507 H.F. Du, No..... ..... 44
i, e, Is Is uneedlen'to add that .- ,e 4W H B Weeks. member boe.. 30
tm o w ill be sue e fsO uli 4. ,JL, CMa, I_ ..SI_.S S .O .5 . .
Yh"i TII10 Was Cliem to eamleham 450 T. A. Doke 2 ....
S-by Lal. XlIV. 4511 W. L Holloway. omee.......... S
Cii~ dof C hnnic fla4 a.Laas 45rTo 12 W.lD. ln oncam. S. T.D- do
wCurdOuwtronr AfterTe In France durinlo, the reign of Louis, w1H. R4W. oo f .a....
.- +.: +au ,.t .- ,,,... .,. "'-S" m+ 513 W. H. Robertbon. com Treas go;. O0e0
YanoPf Su!nring. XIV. dancing took a very prominent T".-.... .--
Swisth to $aI a few words in prale position among court fetvitlee, and .... -..........
'1 ~ 9 i -<<* y ^K lm -*. Pub./ J k *- P lh TI
f Ohmberitin'. Colic. Obolere .Ed many members of the royal family W._ W. CB. a .ndS..
___ ... .... .. tmt:u W. X. HOLW WAY. See. &W Sa
arro. Dlsn Roer i4," ays Mrs. Mauie took art w th. eomn..1e ballets of the __
rg of M rt -rille v "* .-.- time. Louishluimelf, no mean perform-. W N _
.Burpe -of Newart nl. A o.^ ^ ^^^3,i Spanish
.fend fm f er, took les.ons for twenty years from L _
f fro : h rona di--rrh-oea for -- O_... ..

S -.' -. .. .q-j 'f.L_.-..Z.
B- :- ./ :..t i.. T i .- :::.;.. .. .. .:.; ... - .. ..i l ...
_ ..-4 + & . '-. . ,. ,


r r -* c -E

-we -
M olla*m-. e ,atflIUJY :
!.We Sn" t_"" +" t' tD.... ..




[ i -Agents. for the-- -I

SVietor Safe and Lok Companv .
O iI o3X 'ti, Ob.o. ft
) .- Th, AS.ViCM = is th be a ed a- / *>a
j ng the 9chMc of a Stfh, or aythagmntbat lime.
~ ~ 11W 41W 1.. J .. ; !i -::+
From a box to a bank vault will mve moley '
S, oonulmiung ac l, a ors es -

y 'cu xyu M NW MJLTTy-%
% IJformation cheerfully furnished. lVFLIOA

*''- - 'if m a"*" '-- i

The sMARr sET ..I
T + SE ."1.'flE

A Eqid of Chum s -n.
Matin shoulW ha ve a well-defined pugtf. :
Geouime eutertalument, amauement and mion) n-neaotis f tane she S.
of The Smart Set. the

Most Successful of Magazizes
Its omeh (a complete one In each number) are by hte son brilmiaas ..
thorn of both hemih re .s. _
In shos sutorie are nathmekt-lean ad fall of bemas laUeu -ws
Its poetry eoering the entire field of veus- pstb-, loe bIm. pls. -
nea-- by the moot popular poetma, mu aId w ina of
Its jokes, wMiicatB,, areta,, mindly the -mt airnh -peo .
yoking. e
16o Pages Delightful Readc t|--
So P- ae. wasted on cheap ill O, editorial po or w
Eteny page will interest, ehln ad ref rik yO. I
SO_ Mlb noW-",2 B per ymr. Remitninc Wqe. P.O. O-eWa rA-- :
A regnwrd Jetter to TIM SEAN? SW, 41 Fih AisMi, bv ir -

. R-S- ple Copies Sent Free oU Applitkn



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^p^.....viio* M* ^T tb Mope b.I.f.l.uwered.. tho+hh a bgI ReVeal8 the News and Factsi governing
U s v s-t olt m e cr oa S S lr to -m b-,r hi s-...n

: s a a IDA LNW. St I A Li yo I.' I" M ovem ents -E
*CU. -itop. mcs sn e, tifthe ta ""WOityere tbrn, et below the haglo, y .b _e Ra.. _

pr -" atf-,,. re l^op- ewiew, nmuyze s ue crucibeb j&uroiu
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t-- O" s SWS tk sss.o bef an mwere. as though a hagilb-"

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,| ,- + ...B.. AiaftU _p~tm -.f -oe II a..n.kc meely I H s complete tables of EarinmgS of
:: ::tel tecr la -ali t Is-- ..... -. -_t: J^ Engt~ama looted hurt; out P-opert e.+
m+.__ t.e-. j,^ -0o,< ..n aoye be ..-. le-tm In y the oMd .. Quotes actihe ande wactnve Stgove rnd
-_ .e tote measure ek. .-_ar _I mope w .smom yobjec thlik Benda s.
n a I ea itabe or a cndlstirk te Rcdo the las lal of Bonds and theen-
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.: erafrom JIt provIsinns, thea time whM r wr at re yeld men Investments a the rice.

f.^ :.i,.: .. Sipit"t0tlo?1. O/ ew'se and they attend church .eryteeal An, ei, Wi~thout c hage inqu iries n..
fl i Opp-se t dlnx toere wote ld be no If ~the a .Th wer tw r of Jus t below the -hagd io- e viw, analyzes a n ci sl
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S et t#h.yi.-"_B.-.- m. mcaypt ta IId. te stoou outnaa te e a -..and Iu at.reports.

M..- thei. oppofte on OD t'^ r-oj l beard-the -ri,,o t-linmpl that bole "^ Ow i+ dy emmwtf TIL2 WA~LL STREET
. w .&And If It wh steppinglste eaed te .ut window, but JmAl .i II t t

-e :.-none. .M .n of - U i. o .- .
Iaa. -e e n n. alaryo tIsectate a a.- E ialooked hurt ; LE Dbut.' P
~~~, ~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~ th e m In n e a r ly al t h o lQ u t s a t va ni nt v eSc ka d
S vea.e-- to "th e. m ea i. e. .. -av_ h eo11o l o yo s eth ato Blfld-
Many .membersofte o u-se.-mo blrs smal glas' window through the wall

iI-U It ee'pting tbe Atlant: ado by. tAat two Ta week come to try ur he last sa I B
a-. I f rp o itimewheens p. te e lepers were at large ytiel onI v tm tsh p

'i;-| ton __- | .} DO J O ESO & CO.,
, r 4a na. ..stln. res- .ttut iby. Aerw" se. they atte.i-ichurch er wh"icA ns es wiu ce q.i

:i+:.:...:."h :a lL...Bkn the A.laI Mich--...oraIr wTmn .O'Connvll. THE OLDES'T SEmW. A ENCT OF WALL .TRK1ET.
i::.+w"s_::ml'i 1o " _- .......... ... -* Ai- ++" a -- t'"
- -thnfk there woul nt prior to tsple eoa s They wmbre oof CaUsthe waed pin-pe,

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t.02-. --.o- to. teC- Iex. -There b ta io- othd stood oudbe. atnd ia one ofin
-. a to emoppo _. aet o sL rund Ih erd mothe services diathro g ot hol-
P I M .o. 0Whih Is called tiee smuit window bme on l W
toyc t NTI- Tps beaia e it tmhiorto- e gh _.Give lweqaen cma21 doJeO URN AL,.. .r qua

:. .b".-.:".-.-ttlx piliek tor in iny thw w~y 1 -of Ba! rd'I.Horehound. Syrup .nd ap ---- ... -." '
-=n- -e iti"n"h"y byth '-nae wiho- et do -B Il .noweLmnmena epeatt bl sadt a i e"h ta fT
__m m U"l. t 0" pe wh do"s Iet.
.~John--How natuy servants do pO!'&

W WM-- ho blaeklft emloyes. t"m _.
7 k b V M o e f h e m o t m p rt n t k e e p J a in e s K e e p ? W e 'd o i~ t k e e p

: +---.. ...: IM, !p l 'bIy\ M.I.0 Ctle.o t Catarr.. .h _. -3 W Bay _S_., ,A KS.IL E ,L R
ns, from t-e stnd.o.. a-any..A b.outtwoUwelpe ek o to reme y u ---- UB IS EP DA LY B
^ K-'M as h s 'ta rn ar. sa d has B- thS'eubject 0

...,..-.resolut. b. -IIpolitically rig htw ich to44Mrd I New T-o-r-
r -Cl .-- 2 w a ke0M A l nt M m oral wro g T orn eI Ia

:- :-- $11 a .... l I" a.., ~ crul henw a evry ,t 1 A IT r,$ a Mot.-= -- ,
IM-C-".-to.Orde...- m vs c l to o-CUP-
inby.P. ande Howel bobIa violent inflammation of the mue INVESTORS-READ THE WA
i. : Mte wn &tano.just prior tot eos membrane. o te ind= pipe,
Sru s t The 1inWUsread-and -whiob-sometimes cx tends to the -lit_
.9P IW JDE and.bro nc I al tubs. an d is One of
4bbtt -a- -.o w OO Sat OO 6MMkke thiSs hoe most dangerous diseases -of chits

.-..,. toa n0noy 0or aln a vote In nyb bfae-on in every ase or money will .. i. i ii
Il'.. i. Olc tte, county or munleip&l,, be promptly rlmrned. It renders' N l I Iir I N ill
nrg"a-: Qe T hTinW .ll, with ertalugrippe Inpomible. quickly destroy l P I I Pronretor IM lHHl IAI
c to wa e s odrouacda.bep ero m ptIynsufred I t pers I R Arm
e d a c u t s w a s t a. 4 t -b e T a mrn d i ne as e g e rm .a n D U N f f ll p e __ _ a
bly- tsbat-w. mdfi neto*efw ,tdtfbl'ITbiflth1 I11 V LLr RIIAIIUVIEI IVI
-- .m --- m .- -- -it .. -- fe, is-d natuIrl breathin nrthrouwh the
.-n ostri ls.y F senate n tI For ale by- .W .V an e.J .A C K S O N V IL E.F. L O RI A
^. ".et op.mittee asa s ubstltutW alid Grove. Ftl a JAKSONV.IL .LRIA.
t. *KW-.el y nKo- t. __

I i^ .ODA. IniiisisD entralRates $2 per day and up. Rooms wS
~M it'T ODAY.t_
p.a. I IIo private bath from ay st o o
IhIt aIIII ve a flowr to give, give It II II9 VtemberI s8 t per ay.
+- ./ ou .. ... .g ..I " "= M- T O T H E + "'
~"f-t-. ..One. throb of Nldnms b.worth .ROII -I LO : 1 ._ ,,__, _,/ ------ .. _... _,
tm t lyb loom sl aid.,h ow ever tender-S.e n d Y o urO-r d e r J"o b
we toeto thel ivingh bef tt thah)a w ealths iE xp sio U sN extor
--o. A b t y o u av e a kthve -i t m k ejtW T A I S R A l Yn
-i11' yout have a ki di visit to make, TWO TRAINS DAILT, .
-It today est aotrs tep In aud b
y b i q i e h a n d u :p o n t h e l n g n I cn, u e c tkW m w i t h W e. t k K & -a dw
,p ,^S ~^.--- 1 D l n -IWC-fillP B AB RRHIINII
._t-t andK Mllf oreverIsf ret and pain _. (. s t.L. 'y.w 3e t n.y- n IJIB.SIO II "G A- --R- V.EB
a? mdpower o glad response. In tl e .W- ... .... l VAi r -
--ty ft" hee k d"I t fr s 'inl ence the L V lA. t ntaXi a m.. Ar. mt. l.iL K.-ou i ; a ..Ia. m. I-
at^ -iw dead int~k4 Wilet o. the 0p 41. Ar,.SSt.fLouisa7:36aB.B
-n'.-. T Ma. art re ever lonely any -.
.-i .a no be o,~~edorn. nT I_ THROUGH SLEEPING* CARS IIN N Ii iAfl hl IbIk
++----.-M y-lmave Isms _1.a.bestow, let tlu WINKll I'nllI IfIIIIb IIlIf1t

JOHN Do. URPH,. .-.
ISTAM.,SHE i sm.





ter low. f sue
406M *nus~.W

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wjtliont a sin&e Twoe*I o.
waafc a pomm for A lia Ii ,r
*t e boy thle ..-
M ath shte eT

prio" M aow a- lunrtiisin f -wftt
orl go -_OW. oor--- son MA aw
Wetot iWe Av .ftw
lo rif TODInAY.

Ezeauiou ticket now on We daft
From Gaiierville to 8t.. Look and re.
turn. -
O4410. ..ears limit 16th
(3L .. Return limi t 0 da"
S 6 ... .. Beturs. liit tI diy
1peia coach excarsiou MS28m Beo.
timmI I0 days fr.I- dafte of aW6i;
Takets old Toesdalr- t July.
Coirlrepowdiss iow rate friml oer" -
poisar.. TheL.&W. is the beat liie-t
For raiea. "hedalea a"d sleeping ear
tremeratk-m. apply to
moe W. Bay 8L. joakata lj. Fl



P. A..*



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"I^ ^ ^ B ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ? ^ ^ ^ -" " -- ...''. '- *.'- .-.ftA :.*^ _-. ," ^^ '
... r .d ... .

^^ ^.^^ ^^_,-^ ^ .^.^^ -_-.. 6. '.-.-; ". -' ^^ ^^ -.-- - ... .- .. -
S ... . .. . . -

"-in-n" --. --- '--
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^^ ^^ iP ^y! B 0oeocm cD moe a re.............................. ..- - A.. --_ l. ...- '-.

- k .- . I : .- ; ,- ----- a- .- C ^ l o- _it p pe_ -., ---c ...fnS, ._.....

_!... _. BOX"
-. ni d. -- ad -o P-- "
-e--- --- I D DulflK B. m m ORRIS na I a m,. . .i-s.f .
3.ttb 52033, ?mper a^a 1M*rr Stir nht Std ClaM of^1 ^^g^^ ^^

=^^^*^-; : *^ --- - ^ -- ---. ^ - "W**A .B m _*- 1 ........
V**& lift
m t _m o are a D E N T , --- ..J T. .a ii-s, n--- .

..i:t t fe ba ..-df of t-. -- "tnild IA """ BA,,,KE_.R.., AIbk. NB..r c ....... ._ '. ..;...
asv a m a DeI
*^ by* it od rnr _, .GA1IESVILLE Al.h C. LOA.ggg S f:Toctr

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;;dW C ,o~t me uw, |t eon* !- W- ---'____ -. --... lc'wBA"tt. ... L;'t -iAa-e.T
A.n t1. b . aft _t___ W, m __. _.
:^asO^.: fotA- as- i n .. m w w J F E fI' B A Y E j ~~,H N ~ cx i

--S C Wlt C b t hi tOsnhrL we t ime t. ap u A E~A E S PE aSSrf ~a v ATi 'LA Cap Phms'f o Ial A hof citl-.
SOTnm tie was-rhe of ,,e e, *, GAEnTI8sz -^ S^ W A KskLIofm
p-baM. to- be] met mae usm RO ASS ftD n AM AU of -.
cenfruclao t an" t t mtjMC ..lI your oity propety If Th.tIC P Ci.. AU Of r& Of -

pep=.. -_ _b. e .- .I l
Sf*- 4@ TU, f. C hflI6S V. C o __._.___ _,_____ __ -pecif ,ia Gr. e.Pr.. C. A.........

,- "--. - .nl TU b -r .. IEK,-- ^.. w ^ --..^- --- -- -toe^ w Rok ...... Ei-ofrl .. .,_,. .,
:.. .i for .. At, Am_ an row &tridl-nd wet oM 4.e IS s
3 fl T---he d kfa~ber-t~oIic.Ikin ad farming-b d. S eS hi, i iBort w &n Co- elSi ofer ....I
Iny tutu of w a yo ~u offe r r m l 6te,--- w._s. whate .y.. al-_tAo 2144

ai-._I "aaCV.....wl- & l "f o 'T. f. ........ sw-_aC-S.

: .. :o e ...or,,, um,,,f-v ,,, w~i am e .-*'I --i * A. O. s ier i ..... sI-se oeI- ... .....
t. nath- own t f Gt o lane "l - nw

where theusu lightDC-SUIO U W E-_A4. C _sn:dk .. a It of ... ..... ... ...
.. .U S .e .-t of Ga -, aS W.2. BAKER .-eo Ano ..... ...&s w-4.

SftS 1 I# ...... .L..... .____,_.WB_... I. ... .. .. ...t. .14 .. .

,..,,~ ,aul ,. Afa reetk 1b i __ GA,,n ujj vu,. p-" "'".......... ."'..%.-'...
a -.gbe j -".ro we1t toor to tp.'.- | I IL C T IRBIN CH A CER ... i.V i Z 1? .It V 1M.
-" o A -i e I HE WEST ED,- -1.el0t o il Flrdol-lbkS

-, e ow -.-de an .(o.o tht uuou 111i1II 1 -- ~~flr. " ..... Ko rL ,,&..i
prmise/z fction which rqpirted tflll HiII 1E W I)Ey. LIQUORS A CIGARi? e- -.totm 13
. y- . adoe- dO-O eween hlm am d GAI Etrt W.SVI LE,., JAle ob iA ,. FL. G.rW. sHra., ........ ela ....
Sth-_- a85 3f p td knlf- I a l i y'O- _ei -- Ende l "lck.fl.b...e Co C--_-. .
f q' eh wI laWdiS .- Ie~ FJouerbula ddagh.D nt vHfea.7. .'44 -bktlf nt-S RA S gIn the bum er of 12a8 Ugole w. W1 W U I W fWi-- to 11 AL me when in JJl h itonville .ra.. t .... -vi4otttfl o ci -4Of
"'.. . : n "t B 0 e t at a. ......"

-ihas DO tbe. G au t Is W im f -- d . ..---.r&,.A.L mh .. wi-lot.,e.I 4&.i4.
w mtoa the m nwer of G DTWlandE T S W. N. Ca .. I Wet mG ni.
p,,mmmt. IP 1 !I, fllhgestnn ~o.mwoYeLEEr&AR aJS J"~l ....... Al ..... .... OfC'4

w h lm s a twoa.. ad two Stundah, I I 1I I| fl-fl awi .Oi.H Dan)e ..o. lJo1~Icfi.
Afley.1 hIyath.Scl a I Ia InI.II |o|ro wsENTAL -o-o DNaf.omt12estot r2pm
T he J twn into arw ---t.- IM 0. 5 .iwRoThm..KidetofswMma.
Dent ona4eo r
shas nn .o 1 Malu Sen t San il V)AM rt Tr o- it)s s -
...0 o r flU. GORDO tw e ororn'e W a.& ~ f t 21a fl o a
M .Tl Towerof Hu gr" owes- fanu KAl Y .Stei rvu-lNnI-W
T0*n r M n.K C Chutrtt lkW 18-S
Wiss e~eb ted becn ofthe efera 0 a a ~ O OSr D"Un Baltm Co's D er. DetWS w is O g ~ ~
Auy. Woe Wu.a r ABuc A.U a flr L c .
Ut was the head of a leading GbFtk .o Crownt~e L a nd f E kite. wafte .. wlm ~
H-ut HeN....- C
aHJ VE OFaW5V1I5 1=W, To .. H

bto th d e ant o ine d o thmat d u nco J.I~ SeR .. W rt f L m &

them~ after -a ile the a reblu Gamevb..
U listat.. mart tatr iLL o e mtCt. d
In thi e s m m e o f 1288 rd mm U g ol20o w as" .r t w a UM -M f a l o a l n e h n n J cs o n vg i ll M r MDB abi-nw i fl a o
prisonerb to the to w er of Gua lan LH R Y L E J R I ,0 3 a-b n s.A t a tI e
Weree the kept tll Marche EvS.
saS.tame hes rwent i tove toe Ant-chwea b m h n

-nd the priwe n left to die of tarv a- Porcela Inla Wortk d Clek of
ino. Tt* t h .b .^ Ifer------*----- -oc to Mm r^ ,K,,,m,,___-_____
ST btwer-,* which wa e at Thie. rp.fis --- af-
known as the '"Tower of Hunger-" nwas Meo er lAw Eel ne a ,
mIn rub at the end of the fifteenth cen- GA-.XSVL.Ll FLMA l
t-ry an "no'nl detoyed In IS CRYSTAL SALOON, G sllei

A LOGICAL SAVAGE. -Sed11 Your "aO.dner. Pror. THE FRUIT & \t
O W I" Wa E. Order to the 'Jackonvi~e. - Florida F ],
. w ra s* o~ed . m;--lyr_ |JU; v ^ 1--11- -v --- P I
Un as Argm ent -
I need to know n Australl.a an I- et Imported nad Domette LqUo Time Table In
telget and intereting wisonary." and Wine, in the city. -
Id. an n -Ulh oblemaIL "He and I A" "" -- "
m taking one day about the na- NoiLy No.4
tlim of New Guinea, and he told me uIi I D- '
howoS iof tbese native had tn-"wed I-" |, |, Dy Da iy
~ ,, -- I 1!.
Ihi tn a certln argumenL It J '4unyj
that he h*d accosted the natUvr and -----
ursa! hm -to et himself be dvflt Lv PIMLrP M'Lv AM
"'But what good,' the naive :d, I .. ....... ....-...
'wl this cilizatIon ofyours do me? V -- 7 ...... ---' -
-I RU, said. the missionary, -you - .. ... ......
wl ewas, for one tbing to Idle all E i TTI ..." '""'
70M am* *way. Y09- will eam the.
7 fu l t m S --41 fl lA "--In I I I I o i. . I 01 0II .-I NJl
4 ~op* b W 1 15,I .4 -S *4.e..... e e; eu c IuIL4
'What ood wUl the labor do mer .
-_____________._______- ________- ___ -$. ..3 :...... 9 .- *.. - .. ..-.
S sa"nT. ch tt you w *l fl Sa 1... .- .. U 1 8.. .... --
kumulate money. d In t me, with _._. ..__. . ,_ i-__ I i .............. .. .....
rugality, 6ou wil piaea much store | I'l s i.. .......... ........
. S"Itels "i1 ntmnl O orders sent Uto us :r1 ?, ... **; ... .....


low% I
____ :_ ".:;r-. :!I.- :r.:..-' 1 .==IN
- - '* --'-: _.. t- .I
: '- :. .:.;.'"-. v _: - -

>^ ^ ^ -" r<'t^ ^ > ^t ^ 7 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ -.- -^ B

... ..-.... -.. ..2- M a
" - ... : 5"- "; -"--S;-'-S-i-" .. :. ^

.. .... .I.. a. 4 .- I
9'1 d------I"A I

i---. . . .r. - : '--;a

.. t....I ft. 1 M
of.t-4o e 9 1- W- -. --4

.wi".. .... -* If I P : .a
........ ...... .... a W
"4 o----- I! t I a -u a-"-

" J S M a s .- -;:-

....,.- ...,......., ..-.-. = --- 17 * 1- ---: iM
wl.t isl.... ..... 14 9 is a a a
..........., .... S 19 5 S fl I .-.

Tbyu of AhMOM- IS- If IFt'M \
^ S o Ui 9l to
ta -... ta s ..... J ~n S a a" -'m S ^ ^

..*.......a....... 17- 1 II W - i
nl4AswHfaelI4 16 0 1; S a -a ; -

awl oe-H....... o M S -:
a "-...t"" O ........... S I-2 S fl- a- -"n' :'
.... -.. ..... ..... ... $ ft I I "I I ".j; i

--239 9a s f Ml
ft IP neli &ft "I I
j-. *7 S W C n

Bre i W *n .. 23 31 1-0 D
et-4.. mH.......s I ......... U U m -S -..-^ i
..... .... . ...... a S fl a nnn-

4.................... ...- j f 37 S -m _. -
.- - ....... .a...U. i a1 a a n ." I

4 1*VjflS a
.-.f.. so s .s a a
t rwotfanaM. 5 S 1-.. 1 ; -" '..--f. .
.. ........ ....-a s 4I S I S mm - .
.... j" a- a a .

Eri. f BV ...... .... m ) ! m if mi m
a. ................ ... ....34 V f i S 1i

Lota .S T a. WS
klo .aS-4.....-.. S U a ,
4................4.. 5 4 3 5 S : :i

4 l.S.I............ l. I- 1 .-..-3
, q............... m f ft- I ft_ I i" [|
alA. .. . ........... 2 3- a S S

laft a, Au a2.,r ..

4 21 03 S S C ^
4 -oi .. . of I
.......... ........ .. a S W S J i m B
ofal-I............. I 5 5 5 -'d
..................t. 1 3 S S i' -: ,
.... .... *. .,.. 4 U a a *-'
.............. ..... 6 3 5 7 a. _. -3
e............ g.......... 12 3 3 -S -_ a -". B
he. ........ --.. N S S C S =!
.oususan,G aa 4 i -
.*. . *.m p... -- S. -,-
lif w & w .- S -- ;:. I
4.atinm-If -p an -:/.
tiw I.rG. VtS5k. 5. i :'

. -_ a 4- *. *.U.-S< : .

It ...... a ,. .. .. .. t .* a f l --- :
S- .-b_ .." i.. j, m
.... ** .............14 125 m .

I-~ ^U jx 9 I l -III I "' !";Ir

fn Raffiai 4apuj-|

... .. i-."w .."-- *' a
iffet July s _l

No.L .I S&t

-- Z- -I I

aeet -........ ..e. ..- .-- *0-
a 04.... S........ ..U .....-.S..t eft -a T

L arm ..... .: .....,.. ,...-...,I 941 *' If
m0t0..................-5.....I fi
ick U_...^^.. ......."0....... i. 4 -- -. .- --e m
p m m ....... ..... .....
Pft ..**.,.-...........e.e...I 23 .- m
irkwoiodh.......6 .'.. .*a.*a** IS ^
Olyrtt 404 Oceca *- sae.I.flUS.e- IS. -^
teena ge a / e ee.1- 4 40 '* *ow
me~iboW. .. 40 10 **e *j0. . 40 '-
aky Pednt........ *** 40040

I :I^^g gl^ \. . ~a .-. T MIio f- CO.-- o i hh ... __ ._ it .l .-h- .c. ...
Sin_: .- ... --. S --- -.- -_ -

S:...--1- "f 'n i .- A-"i. le iWm:"s th.1aa Rai N.
Mvw*klrk iWs *ur9"_ ~;
nb Oabea tbee ds

L asr dfL l.SbwbktM0
......... --ko ... -s i '- t A. if -eWeNn mn- to
-w:. .b- S',.. Mr. ad lift B Q .. .,,iMrs.l, Ii k- -I IJ @.. wh-i-n
^^^S^^'I:g^EB:. r :--. :' :."- -.- .-;". wit peakIs uiw .o I- a.
bee for .ibe Jsck~oeulU.Co0psrap
...,.-:..--..: . :...-.. .. . . -: AS -I i IeNDS m si .* 7. . - .. ,.ge tl me, ,
BUMea-n e .soA. w I "Mosl, a pomintentyousng -It
m ,z ... -. "o U le; .i.---of" -we." Yo'_t "wo i e m -

^^^^ttilr^ i~leii 0ft N"oiWtaftolwho. hu beom Tint torel&V9ft4Viho.f*WmUe of 'I'a.
.:.:sailig..-" eool a& Antioesh Goodea nd W. P. Moley. He express
h5 reatturd no her .hoom n in th city. aehimself a being well pleased with
-.-.nW--will besfwter aad her singing Gainesville.
A-Ia *.lll a W aesdy ard Thcrsday of Ma Wes C Livingston departed yes-
:.::Sc: Sale '.f -'.te I .NI~ of ewing macaeine, remin until today. She will be joied
his a* onl. .A. .&
-,:.::^.::-._- .- -i su.wek o ,ly. $cfod neow -Ad by M. Roberte Living and hi-
B ^-:..-- Bu. l a tll.gItt de1~Obst fmr to o t.a
gB^B!--...^:.. -*^w1 .-:- .- I .i: icit Ii wB -o 1o. Will ienl a_,_ "-'_ _- ':' -' ._ i- T'_' '. a.-
-.'-..:..' -. -- at 7-. tf 1010 sea. Titme on half Smw merHaven, on the cOt near St.
___ blegum o t. Mo e quiet k or all wll Aogusine. ..
'b- 0,.1 P.i M. P- 0-Olvor.A""" "
m iA Amog the visisoruto this city is
UCi. 0. A. W. Thoma, formerly of this 0C. Fryer of Tat, Tolbert ematy,
S-iy butt now of Jaekaonville, where he Gag. an extensive menhaat, dinner
..... nprnentin the 8 singer Sewing Ma- and farmer of that progresiue litle
.,b:^ :ee. :I|lMO-hi Company, is on a brief visit to town. Mr. Fryer isa brother of J. M.Ii
.:-. '--- -. bis family. who are still residing here. Fryer, well know in thisectio. Thi
K-Ji Kh..aii.iltli. H inesille fiends are slad to se.e ishis fiNtvisit to Gainesvlle, and he
77.7- l-.- -s.... iI again -"1seems well pleased.
n. w q t obt. MeCarrel, a -oatretor of Among the isitr to -this city yes-
_I_....-.--.--.---. .- Jaekosville, after a people of days terday wa T. T.MCreary of Cedar
-SAL AND CIAL IEMS spent In this ety. has returnd to his Key. It will be remembered that
-:- -__- b.homse. He eae to confer with the some time ago Mr. McCreary,*who was
5tMlleS at o~~g building commit tee of Holy Trinity engaged in the fishing business, had
K "I OThusihr 1^ C-:MtOrch for th pome of making a the misfortone to fall through a hole
L ...-bi- .-d o tI-~h.n e proposed new church build- in the floor, lsustaiJin .neriou ad p
^ av t.r'.^^ -^^-,a.- sibly permanent lja ry. Is was for,
-:i~it U--! 1- -o.f m o :..a I -eensultm, Dr. J. F, I
*b--- 7 W NWina Jern igan ha sesepted a the purpose of conslting J
A M_"- padtin -in d sod k.dak de-part- 3 i.".trY" Jr t -0"1-.e came go
^ f- ant-of Owl Rt^ mc-l obt. MeClellan Umder- Gainesville.
L_ :.- ta vS ... u m urn pa- i. eMao c oa eueMei.:J. tth m :
I :ji:-. .. taking ComIpany. a ss ueamed her du- The Athatic Coat UBn off er rat
-: -- "--" -16-- A ...MU--"- "A !Il-'"--&-
-:i..f---". -- --,- ... -..., dei.Ti -. MIs Jernigan will be from Gainesville to St. Augustine and
-- m -'ItriedepeSll n h photographic return on Au~gunt8, at the very low
- Y. I Wi liIIut sIksosvHt Illi as degartanent, lad ill no doubt make a ra of $1.35 for the round trip, ticke
.-S:-w-pa. .WJIO.TIIIO valuable acq.uistion to thatconcern. ets good returning August 1th. in.
-- ,?". -. .-For Sal, or Rent-House and lot eloaive. 3erviee on regular trains,
Sanyo. rn4. that very interesting known he Jackon houe on leaving, Gaineville at 2:15 p. i., ii-
| <^a. ninet w'es uiae corner^ Arredi^ on- n at at Augwstine at 5:41 p. am.
._.W have do :-d-Ot"".8iAlSO f ie --f.;1--- m t Th-e l. ass woppor oilthiyea to vIsit 4
-..last-wollm a il- ,- .fo c.ity of Oi-nes the Ancient City as greatly redmeed
a.-" : ": : ill"., Vi.L; .l6 aeret cuItivaied; 16 v/< oPr f-rthr mparticnlaii talb
0. M.-I lo Hiue among rn.rprtaze. p4'7, Inui--Goodwin 2w"---0" "-'-
...-_ y.-... .. swrd. Se 1ens. 1 8outh Third street, O-ala, CR-oP .'WL BE EARL.
gt^<~lini UaitrSkog CoPWa Fit dawrtf* RPWU CERY

' a.;- i i" Ife B IRow i JofweR Isum. : r " " " -
W. WellsJr the clever meager
0.. ..i. _. d, w i. iv Si ., Jr., erever man-er Prominent Busness Man ofr lachua
L.OadJ^useacf -"^ **- w of the Worthington Springs Hotel, wasTeson Cotto Stuatio
abe Jrown liue yeswnlay. Worn i: ihors to Gainesville yes- Talks on Caon Situation.
g:.-t;'" S.s.siy Wells report quite a J. E. Futebsetir member- of the i
"tahis ... liy y.e.seday.number of gUEts at that popular re- of te E -Puc Comian, e
So-; joyument b bad when rad-,sort Jt now, and adds thatthe bath, wh are aomemonth m t et,
..thatw erahu ine The Smairt lg at .this season isfne. A -greattense mercha in thecounty,
S I many Ganesville people visit Worth- athe city Tuesay'on a brief dasit to
t o.j u s e u n, \ Bckhis family, who reside here. i h
I-- 'J"le e0i-i"k W-In. Jt speaking o t othe ttonerviopnh
t-e pubp: ClIda .imslle brief visit .eorg Bk.the trucker bf Rockysection. MIr. Fetch stated that she i..
gs-" Point, ha. decided to take the W. H. dWations were the crop would be this
p -4a. ar1ge1.wll raisomed ft= to Drager farm. and will at once pro* season about two weeks earlier than
M : aI: wexlt sIqual*. Apply at ed Sto cultivate the ame. This 1i sl son. "The. rowers 1. she Ala-
S .E +." -' -*' H ^ K -X ^ a B ^ " ,' t .- :- ^ "f --^ r- -- ^ .^ .r -- "* Ii
i &SUS---.:i .. -,t. .. ee of the macst fertile tracts in Ala-eion will be harvesin
te 7^--../*..--..-_ ... .J_ -W W W _ww i. w n .w -- e to w l e h nrt
Re .Je-froaL Augst It storeohm county, and inasmueh as Mr.lcrop.early i Augst, and the gi..
Apply .i-Bet 11 regarded as a most competent wiU be o perto Aug
E^ y Si~r Talir~iii <^ ^ ... .-'* ene08 wiU be operations IkAagmt.
NM-' *.: ,^m. 'L-. -n. -er,,. the combination will no doubt nu. e i t It
| -:..^.- M. L::-:,:. .W I -. .etnl _a retornd be we~ ul.. 15. v .1.m .K* "
-' ,- ---- --b- - 09 ': u "_ "The eoro erop is goi g to be
;--Jsh e...__ has boe on (Mbea rate. to White Springs andfine in t: e Mach session th. year"
:taplmtviittoa Dr Fries wwey 'ewcione wye"
re--e-i0-&R -. -- m. ia a ilw.ay. Dailycostiued Mr. Ftb h. who became en.
rh hl S l pm limit 15days $.8. Week end, going. huslaiit, "The propeets are that
.". e w.h. wilb ec ot -s "S ,W- __.- .-.etS 4in-gthe yield will be larger than for m.y
-.AL. a $1n perfllowin LIg- Lo. Maii fn2f2lnWw 59N leav .... a..... ,L_-

t .i 'ai-',r l ^ < -*-te **.- -*-. *-.*- -I*/^ .

f.,ort, --Ob. to visit e:l pe t ._- -

FPS3Sa5Me toWi a lively adv *t
slnq ae, laais .h *,; go*d TT.,

So adaleion wi be charged os this -'".. I -:a
0014,0" *oo*- .

gmei. te "an sho be gredeta- .. "be

I* by a large nmber of fried, oine __too
d1 will be the we0tiy M a-IIhoiday, .. -
apd all tae sores will be cloed. -w
TMe follIwiagwill bete lie-u1p: OSJDSVII..-.
0 --i -1 A L" A
Bell. ....... ..... ... GIbUM *i
Oarlisle p.. Metlasny -9
Tb e....:...I ...-....-..n I ll
O'Neill, A. .2 3 O'NcilL. -Sa
Lynn. .. .. .. .. -A
She~old. 4* w. .. Wileon -Morris
Se lt .. . rf ....... I-
e IM ....... ... ....-,.w -e rll ...__ .,

The Xame will be called ab it 4 -" "
o clock, and everybody who wanU sto
enjoy the afterm oos i invited.
Tbe Fernindina Excursion.
Qilte a member of Gatrmwille fto lks.
took- advantage of the low rate wa
usenniemt shedaole to visit Ferendi&-e7 -.
A special tni left Gainesville at. -
Ro'clock via t e Seaboard Air Line..
sod retuming the rain rembed this' <
cSy late in the evening. SWpa A- mm a-
Several hours were given in Foera. R
dinm, and thee who attended report"'"' '
a good time and plenty of fine bathing. .a
Meeting Board Trusteea. ^^ -
A meeting of tbe Boardof Trutea -. ,
of the GaIneville-and Alaehna Coon-
by Hospital Assoiation wil be held at Farlgiu I
the eonecil room,, City Hall, at 7 -
olctoek Friday evening. A full aSa ) ts ..
seendae eindesired.

HE! t- IO.hI ITh .-1 _

and the Lat .Styles -- _uut,
at p ~w


Fine Fadeless Fotogrls Jj UD %
From Locket to Ufe Size. ^ ^^**-^

4,, _





ts~ U.



46 4
- '*
-waen .j








,,..ti, ,. 4 -- r r .. .. ,.. . r*t .i...mji*. ,11 ,, '. .. .';. Li \;ijp B
I' T IR ,'. 'L

VOL. XXI. NO 104 AINEVILLE, LA THUR AY, LY .1904 0E 0L : i
-... r ,I ., ,'.'ii .i M

S- r~ *- 'r ,, ,,f.

0 111 to 0e9 oW or two dpArtmnant. nd wslkhod out, *a *0 go wp FA
JAPS ADVANCE ON Oi ofr the & ad day RI OT CALLS TURNED ploye4 In her p-l. Thm SR *I FATAL Fi t
J ADVANCE ON $m e so ituatio prateally f In l'wlft & Co. rtl g t'.,o
hme as yesterday Bffort made Io |I AT I V NITV D at Nlw s o. St
sRwOPATINS ARM sumea work at t bhe mlii which in A I -gggCITYl Co" and 8o at Armour 4 Coo. ,
started yrsterdlay and failed and th.e The arst step taken by ten stai e
strikers consider themuelves just a strikers af te arl ag of 'G' ''
ogaptintus Fighting Reportd stmonr as at th* gnlnintng. Strike Broakers Cause ConstlT to march to a hall aid hold a seedting Irms Ei
The IBeconnet and Dours mills where it as declde4 to fto m WeO
to B. I Progres. also opened their doors., but no em. nation Itn Chicago. !v. for 'pleit duty sad see g of
S ployes entered the gates and after trls went lato the wards to web
WAR NEWS FROM THM LAST. waiting for alwut an hour ta man. POLICE HAVE A LIVELY TIM5. either in the strike. ac ted p sesw oSIyV
S.agrment ordprel- the gates closed. Is Ch. restaurapta of other g. A _
*asatebss Prem the War bus Show mlTh n m members tet towe woarb ou 1"et Catll Wr* tent in and the Gir' dosse of them took up plaso at 1 *b *
that Seth Armies Are 6111 Aetively arbitralln having lfrt town without r ,on of rPaaking T ewn" turned Oui ohanfge avenue nid Hal i std SW .
Engaged in the Strvggle for *o in seuvmegise3estarlea In Full Force Progress of Great and every young woman, Who ~m .6
UnOA T te i An "i "'"" ty o b" Immediate I was4 "bitteunaoted" and urs to P
prrmy. proport of any proposal to settle those acking House Strike. beme or stay nad do pl ket e. W .
1. Peiereburg July -: t m diforencc Chau, July 7.- -Whting widly a few complied, but the others b Swas
at. yesterdayrg, July 26.ile2G 0. m' tawa y i4rfed lIto the voli" to. "IN
*-rFk Japanese advauce agalkat (ew DAVIS MAKES DENIAL. in Ihli dia kLnt'1 a ctitre of lpantic-srir aya d e a the p s we t
ral) Kurupatkin's armies seems at Ital en sirika breakers hired by wift lrGis lrel hly MedSi' bullng t l a
to have baeun up Oar un*. penator Says He is Not a Candidate Co.. P *riea urnaL um through the abtr girls were roughly baidled but 6 W i
They are mvonut up hi turilf fromn for Matrimofny yards iM>ly toiuay. not serltuaty hurt. ow P *
th ut h c r Kn B rd July -- ur Da llt call wre t o pol Despite' the fact that 3,10040 or 'or II
pass. in the roadl to Hal Chong. An, Ias 0uilmtkcally denies thb report In and itha muitd garrison of "packing regilar emp1luas are-on strike at the *
other movement to auio riportod, hl this itmarning PSr that h I k maur town' turlud 1 ut i n tull force, be. stock yoris. inctudin' the wrm e "
the objecttlve of the Japanese at pres. ry t. widow af Or John I<4.>), l"*-illV thal i' trilke h oat semi to be Hait Chengr of Shepardatown, W. Va. The sewn orgaliz1d uttuikt under cover of dati for a sympathetlc srtre had4 bos 1b b S*ll
Official nh w reteaved here shoyw tor h.n been receiving te lerasrA of w' a sed, all the big packing plse 'wq n Wi
the aightlirg at Ta Tche Kro and to engratilatin all d a, ant l as vtry m 1a Valling d er y strikers. declaNd to be In nearly full I
the southwliard has bee process i olirrelstpil th striker lrh ersr. AN Wr Ntwly every "m W2i W lt s
dignatAt. Their I lt wrl gucarrestistrikerakerA t p Nant every u who wet enterss
for sev.lral days. of them wrrl iwgroiu. The pr1isow1s out yesterday, it Was cltult, it a 6.
However. according to the last re uumbett'd a dozun. replaced by obe who beltags tq e 4W
port. reeelved this wornlga the Ru's' When t' ih olles trn ed from nsyecht Alo nti atd swong bet reoruts we1 A
slan. had not evacuated Ta Tche KIMa J Ing for an autatking p(rty and arrest Mid to- b a mber of y eoag as%
but were falling back on that place ed the strilk breakers, there waS a Armouo r tnsiltutei who bhave ,
fighting a continuous rear guard 0' chorus of [rKi I. All tie prisoners 'h.e'placsa of asme of the we l
tion. The Japaniese had Advanced In tdi of1 sweit ii .oispieius pernoos turk. Nthe various plants. Whi t he'. l
strong fore Sunday moriKng lm against int w ohnilowi of thaea aahnie**t men wa tou olt thse oinee ( ft i" W I
th- Ruspian position at Datchapu., 11 'l' itr rhvolvers were of *ip awllher irtaWud, l i oth. aelbly h e
auile'i north of Kal Choa. lI view of arid tw p ire tri k to learn where thlee, remi laod in f Nitr pW Ts W
1114 b ..eriory of IIIe Jalnlese* tIA- I n e had htaluell a ninmbetr *t was dte to the fact. it was said. tAOSS
Gen.r. Stakelb ry, &e forest ated In Talvy .'a4`1 It was dtoill the .nral sr ke obrdr did 6ot .tl..t
the liA)stehes did lnot Attempt to Ewift & C<. had 'armed the mten to the ngloneters. few of whoa,. t "eeer
offer wrious riitallnce. nThe Rus an r T.j-- Sl ile tkU lft view tbht. t"h I tug to the employers were union Tils,
losses 'St sot asccrtaJnablo, bitt ii 11e^rue., 11: shot to create a 4istar. 'line total number o'f stalonary sagl* gpr MrsBh
admitted they anItount to severall hun. LarcA. it! hiell a prisoners for.. aMers ti1ajyvi In the packit pg lamtIn
dried wes. a' n1n0i in aByord% is Ile0.
oncral Kiuropalkin reportUi a ooun yards o h ake10ntirs. S"m a
tintmation at 11e a* ndncs of a Japanes, d t, r.It w.r thousand atin wen from other oe miles m
feoltsdy alon thiti Salaimata road. 8 .i i -u on' or the tit luecaght uasi tihe yards tPoday within s ...W
ridy annotlLt in the Assoclatei .a.'lii ,tal ,l'. ..r ;gyIu ail ..imi att Ia netup o f m osgt and diktrtehus t1 I. Ii.
ereds npaches from $int nb Tin. t 1r, p.,. ,l
holh IN'h'it, arre rn4nshup or l the r k r. hlten iw lb. various pisnis, 'Of these ..i
psichl (rumoveI th.a andtedcJully 2h5 43 Whu.*ten h stii ie the strike lm lse 4b wirpe skilled ed butcher fta w- Ne oW
Swler(, f,,ni tht.maug pri nts | tht oe .T. ^^te Mt;r^ a,.k thr ,r tx l'j Ab. fnork. Tbere was kilutg of l athI sIe ,i'
Vtinsu oninuaJly 27.r Toor ofital .i e -,A sI .k- t r,.,,, r .., thib Murlny. 1 aigs. sheepp in lm all plants, btli ,
*Idls Rlant~. pesltgn B ro libteh ld tpl thrI ir>iiL arn re )ached Alr: wt wibfth tiupplyo of ai mals on, hauln.
aius unin that the Japanese l "rt, usd ilith IMfrlie',t trh', tho rn wlnr.t c.e ahreitil. t Ihr pI!5M be ta tt --

Te e Klanr throughout th* day i.f N a.ild,, d htit, h a ly was knowrkedu .o Da he Cek in Yr .. ase.. ..
thane nward e''nizn~+ dd eral ul their t- ... :. dtwn-s4 I t-4,.yl, 'r tL1 e leie wistaeranana atso eapai w t",agM MV '
Ituulain rflnl, the.y retired,, Iwtr 0. DAti. the t|rrIen t iluws, out ear wag nearly Itnthineg hem latent o ut and use nlles qleetiost
No estImare' ao he rlnasC on either 0S m ewatis I he;e ior vice prmes. I T r. h1 i t t: rers ad not osn, stepped in among the hiog today sad timea & r fl ....<.'
a14e IA furnished. "ut judging from t.o p:i ed their u'ord when Ave iklloemea took charge of the unloading of the IV, abolt Lt
Satgirnu Wts at niiriou a ue, Ctstot row iny thin e inatorhsiug *hd intrfrr.ti, wh.risjmn the trio ran, dir. arrivals at the yards. ,the w* luatailatiem 'e
sagement was asIo|| ko n nmniuaros ra le kafarn n h an ,I'.,y led through a crowd of strike hunter crew of stock uasloders wa ti the dar!ed bdut.

i14p: ymp us spect-tors mad up of the o''.'e.' and, -log...'n
'Throughou,"t the night of July 24 At;:r a conference with his private ymtls" i .l and a'irlrls tpoteor., made e p. of the ovariae ad deIiast. 1 I melem h #M
theI' .hl1..!AllHO wr ebliseily ,ilgege in' se.retary, ho speat soea, tlmo with thrJigti lr *I, and all.ey tel the Iii-; forest of the various comsisib1.A *wus hi hs ss |
tnlue .p. baltesoer n the crests and' Je d in n and s verl other frie i l sweal r, viaduct, the policemen bousag at thqe yards, While the. as4 .MW l 140
1 hily K.on tho crests and t4 1 lle'"eI and noverah other arort iSU iir to stp i
pe ft h ring the r mountains I the l y of the hotek later joining alltig ip. I f' sitives to atop a tours tolled among t r ag we, et
lophs daf the i r atighborinx mra hiountare' rtrsrh n pai. 2. lll ed. The crowds ID strikers In heavy boots and r iavi da i. l
and at 4 ro'clok In the >norni ng open. his dlht, r nd gra'ndchii dren n t.he a so tar the pole garb t about at a distasee laughing n." mb lwi
,m hotl(r vrasn d ^t..,, ; a s r the t vlle. vs wf b o dlgl hsOWh 'ad < i ,?l '
d a tee rile airtilr y ire on1 the R is- ot r ld be plainly sees that the n w 1 at fIt to use thell at thte selele. w. e .lO.~.t .
stan ptitnn at TR N Tche Klan from IAtlr."ai vbry pinlth distrbd by revvr:: n erus twoo th "Look th a w with the Al ..
their front, which was 9 niulies length. It ,-i' pe ')d into & laundry wap. susapeandeor?" they eried, pointing
*Ie fring t Oll eflnaed trour tgh uti. thy. W., Vs It e .er#, rapidly drl 'u away, but oae particularly daper clerk AT
Say. hil Slackened toward n stop., the third man was kept in sillbt. tot y *o uw a to borrow S Wg.
pd entirely at.7 o'cinek., the Japanese 1ARS FOR STEAMSHIP, A40 11.1i V Ite' r .ttl,.id the appre oerhuil te l
rtirxgr from the mountain. The Wt.., t Mlain artiler answered the Japan se' TAema hippers Uneasy as to Pate atitionil.i. ,. tlrs coi i nUnued work. while siapa .
r.P. hya, aa mtot, S t l .ied with natural short nlealngs. 0te 00MtlOhu .*
"According to thn re.paort,4 of y. Taio Wash Jly 27.- ste am.Lke h le when a big purker escaped the vigl the Sabiaita Jlee1
witnesses, tho RH'I,'la As - Ilned three whap 'alha. flying tWrre Brth flg l he fired i aII lsace of the Uluders1 sad cbargedo
of Uihe apanese ihastr! l., atter whI is elieved to be within this uve (of "pr \o.I11 lnii 'ne'-, $t aied wItI his captor' upsetting ito of thse he deihemE by Judge .,
tho Jap.lipI't'A1 fire r ra shipper are prngrtrs. I, i:- a n.mber in an undignihed heap, the e*momles to be heald
The ( icial ..;ner s h ar arer ag i''. srl in I w, rn almved It htt, unsympathetic .sporeltors broke lte on 4. 11, s4 his e 'wst
make any annooun"mient r'gar ng the The, a h ,n the Alr ul .,, i lkmod:.' haild anvjarrtly cheerStof dlgtaht. The runaway was mpl4 the' im
to a e lgher W"
statils of the volunteer fleet crub er, U,. i 1''.'t P, i. x rjoel. aileld lrum Ta. r '. ah, at i tf him. and at cap rar l1 by dint of much runntg, presdot that he had tllr vI
which, It wa -. g .'-.rally e et.l, C nd 1- at, wh.n aht i.t ul- 4 shoutiaui and >ti rspraoUun. The "tdan. visitors today.
WouT1 do li ti morning, c a t T ] hlay. As fh r i l. 1" ( 1 h e tal. makte up- dies," as they Were called by thie n ward Sle. r6 e t
'..0)1e: ), t ,,ortr4 t-L he i'T ih IA.r h' T, r ]ey %-r, st Ttrike iympathilers. Aulereld lnt the Aurth Natlos It th
in11 ioin. J'ly t. The t ea-t reqp rtq paAs r,:i i I i thl Iht p'i, t I 1I,. .,,r t a patrol spirit of th ocrasion and tri' Judge Itr
1rel.i ird kirI4 &* tJ 3 fl rit Ia ys )" O.t Itint 1y 0 in i ji" s om4e c-r;. in+ uri an unh rplp aant PO t at. t, h .
the R Itas. w-th ab o. I' u i a 1l1 task Into a giod-natured holiday romp, a ta supporter of
tati 'n in t, < Ti T .I' Kiai_ t a,' Thl.t prir (ath I rt W.l", I Thad was patlierls'ly'p e4. .*''.
*c.t.i..,n It iT, ..ho: ,"jThe T, tai aIrfl. i th rn aii telegram eme tolthe S a1. '..
Japanese auI'M re'toycd sany e theIllMhir a nt11 ;Ilrli gr aO 4m r. j n rtail by frI'!ia WAD 5PR-EDICTO -MAba Im em'tal ove Ss
fnuri ofl idildII h .,.,, .l,.'.*.,4,; .;., ..!,,.,,,e'I'o :'m',tr4.iAway tt Fate of Democratic Ticket as Psrtray n, k .
(tll i Rti"% f. ar" r y h '4 ront h pt r .tei ed by Alleged See '. b h '. t
taut l~ns-. u "ro orderci To rP tIp i',hlvt tyint the.tOl.
tLr' )-dert av u! ,'rei m tlle h, ir.+ .-t..q.h Ap el,. waut 'ng Lh' .-, JLl Jn i, MI-... Jy 2T.--A poletel4 vt New Yor t'@.fltp t 3*.$:"
ftl ay north oTa Vb' nh Am V 4,11 ta ir o Rjh ace ,: PrfLabeV priie Wl. 'at 1i.-nWnd4 has put t orut th5 a Y"
$ :hp norh ht Ta i ", '' at.i:hip ," pal .it 'h, L , rno, f ar Ti rapid vry ,:rrd p, r-irt.n. The Raymood Lois onvettou ar.4 R 9 .'.
VOWr,.",Pit A, . , abIa ge sr-, T.I I r k ar, r ., p r i trike .i .xet r oia that tlhb Parker i$ d Davil
ti- -hi',d h ." -T ,w1 r craft s fr .. i J :g r'-" tirkt l! Ul4 ',1 elected, but Vice Prlie t
ATT.EMPTS FAILKO. ', ",, t',t 1 to reach Wht, for ij .I"4" : \' V .; '" A". l $w"? d&t S aCi)s ,i 4i,, -tof ueghauftkn dDr. %0r hilll t ,.eoe ,,a
...... .. d y4 ,r lpin. -alt, .. ,,: . "iC ., th itr're adt hIn 'he inautrsl ormrwo sles ,and oft t oidate
R fn4a Us 4aL. a.. ... .. aa.. . ' I ... . ..... ....... .... .......'.... ..4 tia.. ~So l / - '

."EZ V U 4 U E $ 1 : J U' lY....,, . i.i ,.. 1 .' , ..... .
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Pa kto Di Wrto trmdo.

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Three Times the
Value of Any Other
One-Third Easier


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w'b i w"; Lr ie wai n hw r er from utaln .TSON n, ready-to wear for boys,
"noip. 1. aPi"O"-. CARHARTT OVERALLS. except shoes.
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'i" MTTO i. a delicious, re- Iloe.ev.l F lorld
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knife lin atn e1po to lout thie nearo'* mean .c nitet ai ntiwur 0of nsu* tH
shruoat, ina ti-ln an ugly wounl Or f Itaflw a y loa havd 1 In>> thius wra thro e fo
From the boto information thiat $% o olro y# tg tei tp, rh1, wFtek, which
ooald be obtained It appears bhat Mr. o f e will u en it, iutuliinu.l uta iolderati UIILUon
Wesit waf seted rear t hie pMtott"e *.ra w t 4rtl t*th tti tiepr.e-l of. T.'s Ir
with a number of friends, whu n one ozt, thI blit prr.illing for Wrttin of the
hisa eltion halds, a in e ro, apiprs ohed* r cia r t Jil, to ivncA t, t h.e la
hil a npolofisel for 1in"rrupting the DEATH OF MR. PHIFErR. 1K4.rnt' m .litig 'nd to .eqIup hbe
eovat nltion, and asked if ho might - . t n .irnt. oi f tunttlowr y witb th a. 1.
speak to him fora m n wa of el nd Moat Hion Htewrr fo rc to p revf nt lle entrance
talking to Mr. West when Wilpsla PopFlar CitiHens Passes Away Af the< M Wme upon the se e and brgan rto Fo Tuisdai' Dily Serm. 6It t. ,oimc twe'tyi oher b:i which JACKSONVILLE r
aibusei t 1he negro, After everl n, Tilt I rildd of Mr. John W'),if.r IlhiIr inot ljittlts wanticr mae a. pI ArNa
complimentary remarks, Mr. Wtest rr to .larn of hiP d.ilh, which ordered wr r- 4tlurnd down by the iiO.* FLORIDA.
warned the itrd to move o '" m:eurread at h ls h rome s m .. ,t s ton Oif .. t'oaryinr
a r l. ull pany h and hi. reim rks w ro treet at ha-lf.-p.t lato'ek lsok O d y p: liy ope r i n w i rA CoK O.. lill
dnltafl evening, sitter a lngernig Mlli ss athorf. hlut1 Indlealion are that *. .., ',i
call whip both yuu is-"tt sevrstrm werls. the h11se is not 1 iIIbnral *bougb to
-,, wle ip Ioth pro.e-- !ee'aweedW., o let no by without action any l t b. We pay freight or expre cbt ",
6---- ," replied. "a.Ind I, proposV leead was our o.f te oldfet roioll. .de gi o
to do it now." dits ile this section l Wel a na thea ral appropriations bill will ollow l
The motto of "ni, it Now'" did .is of North (,arohri,,. av l ,ame' to ti,,, ,he r ,riira Iapo pr itio ns bti we n
appear io Iork very well ii this in. Ida In ;8&s). eItliliag at CssmpvilH^ I1A day Ib y (r'hirman. to veh, und Ie v i withe .i -i ,.6"1 .Awa wo..,
ssane., sinoe. Mr. West Imlmdiately *lbiseqflntttly rilUvd iuo Uelie. In his power to rall It u for consider 414 full quart *0 * 5 r
jumped on the negro, notwithstanding where he resiided until about thrm atlon ase on1 a hu sees i. 1 .full qarta ........ .. .. .."." .11 .
that it was euid he (the negro) had a year ago, whpn hlie followed hi, so50>, The mu;t Imnportant matter to oenm '
gua, anid wonu Into the oarving boll. who were in lluifln here.. to Galn*. before (hi sbfI.e thia week lb tole o SLUMl'S ONOSRAMAI 10 :ee.s.O:i
neeowith a dull Barlow knife. An ,,ilh. In i his it he has since presided, oral tax arv,. which may be ready 1for_ 10 'i"
ugly gash waas made around the throat, where he Im1s made a large oreie of dllreisoI I hefor.l tht wctk cloi. ,, 4 eflll quairt .r....ts 1...*.* .* ** 4
and the darkey should feel grateful friends who learned to love him for his This' nHulfre was transmnittod tO 12 fll, quart .,. ... *..,* .....",*ii"'..
Ohat the kaife was not a sharp one, for UChisian character. tho senate hy tt4 housm immedlatly ''
he would never have lived to tell Mr. Phi( er W*a a dvmit Muth.lst, after it, 14i9ms.te last week and SLUM'S SYLVAN LEN, 7 01e Ot .
"bow I happened." an!d was aoirve li the oburoh work as copii, of r th hill were ordered print.
-.." .long as he was nabl td to.goamong his f tor ldibtriblutln an the senators *.. *
THE NEWS FROM ARCHER, friends. lil is survived by a devoted it lo naol l houht that lthre will b a .. full quarts ...
-U- wife ml4d three sons, II. L., W. 1. and lig ,lslay In the commlttlee's wnEidr, 1 ftull quarts "'"dr *"A" ... .". ..* .-"'.
Death of Voung Man-Plasant Party j. A. 1ahirer, who wer at the bedide stion of the bill aIa within the npxt
for South Osrelina and 8t. Loull. when t.le Canme, few da, s :t may h t brought tip In the SHERIPAN CLUB:
Archer,. July 26.-W. J. lahnll of The nleral will wb held at 3S:30 ena.t full "" i..A
0 Boatondiedoh friday evening at 8 o'0oek tlits atsri.uon ftom theres. Thtrlt oru, a nlthar of Itfpotltl- 4u q* * v 0 a 9 0
o'oloOk of consumptio0h after a linger- denoe, tev. W. J Uarlienter of Kav.. matw. m "" itllK tet tmingthsrhe i na2 fl- luartz .. .. ...., .,.. ..., Y'I
ill illness of over a edlr. He had wen naugh Methodlist Churoh otffllatiti,. qii g li ralrostm doingthe bll mi 'e ....... .
confined to his bed mnol of the tLtie. Dr. T, F. Thomas will Isve charge ot qillringr. to ratlroa lle was a young lawyer of puromnse. f the funeral arrangements, and the fola.,.rsta. Tho i% not M . . '.
cheerful and lovely disp.lition, with iowinli gImntle..en are requested 1oe C y nny tt a 1 narrowly W' handle& r
all the care and comnfort that wealthy as pallbearers ra1ir ad. .ot nw n aorporated everything the .
parents could give, but the nd h W. n ore li ttend has W. Venenet. W, la' ,,e rahlnaI system, say, that' the a for Paist MJt M wak
ome. urrouni. dd by his parent, I I) J. I+ Math n bJ. A. bil r.,,ral'.t afc hr n. th, ', have WhLk i.s lis, 'Ruf A.o. L 0
brother and friends hepDasied h d -i. ll.. ,'ri. re in e Wine mulS mm 1. w $.% A
hhalIno mide- .. ,.r rd.tael ,i'tli4 I ighhut ttcnnut ib de-limrbed. C l ioni't r: fon t.
fulliaway. Hisbody was emblmned ']., theL breav.d family The $un. 'he'refr tvliey are not fighting Its .l0fo SCWinef1 p ga. n,
byDr.T. r of Gainsevilae. with usther frireds, extrude. must slin. passagi The bll hats already passed orted Wines .t all dmecrlpt l:,,,. u," ......,
placed in ani metaJio ease, and on blon- eere sympathy. 1h haus.n ,. ,...
day morning was I qkeu to lip,....n for, f ........ .,,*" .i * ..'t ,t -..o i r ...... t.............-.... c1 itrt1.. all ra)t o n F, Ourl. J. WtellI and M . , a lumber I.'qhip i"nt rars used for this .' "
V. alukolgiht were vIsitors to Jack. e it' ..l i.. :a l. n *t;. pirp*.,it+ wi (h tn oadrdui lnd iougpht o)rt b
sonv*le lass week. I. Jackt iikaliN, rai^r(aaiN ranal Zily fvor:;ut by the V ft 1. M A KIEV
Mr, ld Ml W." L, Jaken nd t n ,n raai,= : ; ;;,l htly favored ay th ".,
which mean. iln. ucate a 'ymjatheii'i tI. l flncre.",.tl+. J' rSA
Mein Ida ChhmbliA left Friday morn, strike ahoulal be railed, that the strik ...'i,'n- t".r,'r, a't.res of more fWEW V
luig tar Woodruff, d.., so be gone or would have thk support of the I less I.-,e"',,.l rnterest Eve rlpe fur SO I .I... AK
s.ium tin'e air.and Mr As Jakson will lied trades and ilbor organisatl u n niI in" iiflw lying on the tpble -lt th G. Du .*. .... ... ..

i'. M. AltOn came up l.undpy mor I n1t U0 T.. 'JI
n.hh^Tth Junti.n r"d h. ; THAT IS OUR SW O AN, W LI
ployd. t spend a few daye with his last week, In Judge Holder'e court '11. Gather or Ltat Convention. .... .
i am ily. I llf-vll ti, i".. d.l. .ol.l,, I.a.b sidt St. o*J kL. ,,.. .i tnJuly : 1.; -'I( h i | h SLa ..... n 1 n .n
has prepared a w1uMs of affidmuitl te1 pishilean p'ml:. It iLT's and catdidlduits fs.U O U W
FATAL SHOOTING AFFRAY. preentlt Io tio, (coirt. This lnjllnq offOicm arp gh ,ri.g for' the .1 stait' oP U al.t
tion ind tlhe ph0im, -1l ,('m. klin g t h yetntlon tr) iw. hold h'ere W ednesday . .8 1. 0 4. fib
Ml i:nt d Remarks Made In 1 rea triloti. into squall of JO each imnil'st Plve candidates for *ovenmor. Cyru* d W i
r;.au ..j WCmen Companion. captain, .ilho Is reslw,nIlI.e for t1. P. Walbrtdac. Leo RHasleur and |QuIeen Oxty ... 3 2 00
Nil + 's '.'i>n I i I Ir';n r' ctedon or those placed in hls care. hi Charles i Joy, of y 8 loal; John C 8 South .. 50 'N. C* Bttt h *. eb'.
'.-,. .,,, ... , .,, -e been the means of .llmlnatnig diuor MKKinley, of UilonvillJ and John IKI 8 O.
'.. ; I n ri. t Bothwell, of pdall are bere per,, P ed "..." "... a NC fw :'
Sn .,... .,,..,, ,,-, "' '~a, ,. ally directing their camspal ., PedlgP 6 ... .. 4 .,. :
lID ,, rrt LC-rscaus'*. Oe tj .U 4 W VIIA..
Nw I .. IJ '' r Working Night andDay
I . .' i. ' I a l l o'r g"a'1
"*i" v''i '",.4 ... M," .. li"s .' t' ,',,i I r.. ' ,, ., '. , o,, erh o l ... .h .. 4 o u ",,b s stini t lt we
-P t U ,i . !. . : t ,, .u b'' t N t ; ., i '.,.. i T I . otn il .ta" r a W o r k i lg N l h t *i n d D '. l ' ' ^ ...- -AI ( AM ;F
ai ii oivtr% wa s made i u Dr. Ki
'. .... ... rv4'i '..., -*._*btnti 1. r ,. .... ' .. ', ,-.. I...IL I J I J... '_ .'.. U
l r. '' .: a l 'i$'' ". ...... .......l M "0.. .. ii.. tn t 't'', II
v"A, I t IV ,,
I u 1 Il k A i n t o ? h er tr 3 irti a f t mi i l mn er t l i l
S* : 'l .* mWE HAV E OTHER RITE US. ..
llhi* | t i.'d rit .'its i .'. 1 .1 4 r j \ ' a i' '' r' h ia '.ag ,it y N tch i 'o ch. . .1 .11D'' t Ti in y n *f i
lI" :t" i Ur,. .i,, ,o . :. ...., ,,l, t, il, N,. 1. ,,., .. W E a q e R8 "
11111 r4 Jholt bt''. of Natchitoochls.

MA in lo di .p din ha o-oret '.nto a o .---- A .. r it a
"'" g rii' go inm ti to exam i th. coal nit ' .., I A a . a "a"" "
V A.'.' --"--- , tnt regions of this country lt *. 0. 401. A FLA & UU1 W e t
Sl'l" Brutally Tortured. .. ,
S.A ",'.rain to light t"hat .r r- Night Was Her Terror. rmous Lecturer 6a d.
I" l.



an.'i d 1 tiQ iit trliul i)rt rI |Ila
Iperhap, iavier twin equ.aled. .ioe
'tUolnhidk (lumt. flal., writ~t : "' .r
,r" T0o um rIlhliinat1 li nothing ri.
I lpv'dl m1i' th ough I tried ,t'vrythiiik
kc down. I cai1 alross Eltct(ri Hit.

"* WIt. i ld (t.tiu co i iftrl r ill iy71 '1 lit
J n iK,' 'rit.' M r!1 ,( 'tl'ts. '\i.l 'U tt f !
AllrKftniriAt. Irid "fitil wo'liti hard ll
U'I fillym "lv IIt 11 C0 i iAaiis.l $t
bni thnlt if I w lki'u. Ii blhx'k I u stild
nugh itu li lhit full)' .iit .iti hir.l.. li ,
whewti ill 'ithier, in tii'- pli failed_'ia

tM UMI 1119 '1 'itai, .11Y1 64... COltlr h au

if the Baby is Cutting Teeth
. . &


The Montezuma Hotel

... -.11.


'h-.4*'t '. rl .' ^ "''* n'.f .,.lr, .I.W, 0 ... .*j . ".
r .Itn. f. f? m ?h iitpo The ill Wnl. ls o htl O A LIIt6L ATL ,
w *. m a toI$ iMW. oghs ohJeb da'a private pp 7 ...?.....
.I iy/ .OIX ~lTed .Iei Ii ly WoaM. quen. oilume of bond maaw nrpts. WemW ,.Done en ow r q Neaw i
Wl.MA the h AIages m iWy ,mpl.4 t Tphen teud. S,.X lr wri . 1 'it.
I hl: "41Wis si i d is"3lm thae 4i.IptWl Vposn of he .lersoln ead 14.0( letter wril.n by Atlpn t. Jiul 3. I ration of super ,
e *44 0 01w1 0 l"A"m O4ir(rr u M iuloi Are him. FIw p hese ewi h mn ore 0rt j i, .,,w, the ih bjir u ,g
w^3ieb Wb 4 Irawt o rrpi hpir o tlats appear- morv volumisnoir. it' ia i t hrnow and a war
. i ii T. isg olf lv, y o .... .... . ..- .;.r *. o ,... .. t
% Sp ii hi *l p i amu e Jst *3, t W l,3I$.I7. A woman out in linuets, aged Til l w h in ftobsitmt*
1 U..ltf. W '"NI:. V$*AI lMsn i er oover befth fil esi h. got Ia aew setof t.iIoi. Sth fled .r r810ir.. tcY' r litpI
toesB em sislas6 p 'eam1tertive estimate om. t6er hillss Avry day. And i w0,rked. ',Il ,, ; n .t, ,,llu*iOady ,f It .
SWeUl ri. Of flhe f wasl .ui.tlon IA operatiuf ut on< Wnut be tnth ers o io ld t hiasve A t "a .'ie
A: I o" the't a, II lb a W of railwy *IIpto the al|ritnu t( a on Il,. a uee *UC OS '. t' tr' r llta "r
Bbi! 'V*PM i9* ,-q 1 5-i(*! Jo s a n.J, I0. ....-....- " ,
-bto he e*Suos l:B the SNmber of m Thi uinarrird 3to1 ha twi.n d fuie, ;ru t o '" al,
IH, .tub*po pIopts he M is mte been merely a r* H' a sp 'aa l diIpeiaatl o I, of |gruvj snn ., ,,' *1 1 ..r ..' ri i '",
.igissetsIt ( ,so normal tendsiione., The ire for ons ht linillas of Iutinf, or l n ,.
S 11' l : nM' I lM 0 of I ea s the result of ab. ~g ioui ll ventio ll of the devil In It' . . n,., r i. r l. ,.r
'slee bW0tw y bus Ohr l he oit Of norrml *oad leWs of i n isnd mrlll q-rdr to tie people together who were noS i,. .i ...j' ,'.. ., it ri
"'an be wililg to' ly those w ey e#it0es loi. TherI/ ha. 'wbis n a e to ake ciah other nmilerele..e ; ,F rt.,y i
quAui Seee bi aSie energties t so porsan fment 0 t0om T autofh :' '
He h he i tl i bl waglp b ailwpl ample. The 1.lls railr<.oad in th ntd 'i i.
pStat is ihO tChicgo uwbi u'gi zo. oHfliltr.i4.- W- .
.Wa wimls pS hR!lliO W T q ,IRepubliase Sre lertouly Q ie u, whih hown* 7.7t04 nl Its to, i:i :, I,
,tOi* allaned orc the urnl. of the ***. PreUant competitor iri rspetolev'h i iI' r i
s nIWil*rP#*r IP WI I em I oveu I Nosber. They thought is the Northirn t I'haflo i asllwajy, ;R h Bad.l" 1 lt rP iAc k
P b 'yh "wa. ' t-Over wh ren Parker 6 t 1 ml frel .Mi lt i, .. .1 ..
mi' ^Oe, ho.l on Fifth waUomlOasted Oia platform thosat w - that in -J TI *
T O iltl by the As vileat upos the Ioney qutlUon, but w . ern tr u ib i. Ii '
..t$ cap e d l eU lb. 8t. Rogln when the nomonlee sent s es uoe dmie pe fur p. wf lPu th .t isi .. .
sa id thle 06. Reffiop whom s s. bill '. 'F- n.
Sn iiar fry lbdly ldee4, lragmn vinarlly iserting a gold dtes.CrteoflyMsy for pre te of t next e t e h v tn ,.
webitlNfemtdo1r lewh1bla lMees pla o or vy yllainf he nomination er of L. aI r'. objil iii ,l ,l ,,,' ,
.t e st prycr bush., II ha bn they reali*d that they hai a strong kte Tl *oe i4of Ihli >Ihe gopd. i d o i e ,
loe ld uaie er 0 un bil l (h ma ae "m h. .Many of the Flor. tualdln 1' ti0 St Lr Iitrr "b) _,d ox s't k It m
V"'e 1 e tae hotel hkh i ll o 0'd BIepubles of ofalsr i now arcku ow* lulhnd lur thb prion. The HlArr f"blv l .,
p0114r~1 h ri o dlslmri d ap the d ladllt h t e anlt is doubtful. ... --r ---- Jn nimouly by ihilll m np i' .
w 910 1s1t, bus hrp Toorleg to l..e tlculty of East 'lurida Irni. bate,
"S N th ilas l l of1 Ik e ptm I'nlnth Bi sha i h inmary for nhe anlion i ts sthe rong- This wa rncI of the stirt nh.r',irain
thp u* e the tuea bh ep.tersar dha Sm oo n hE(is C orh *f tl 'lhe hii ory of hiie iutituton, easniurs, tioIn the tndhmpoinim of a
Hepce v edrsha stAiri mr tElOX* EJ worthalln td the aotshok wae never inore en. lage clans of citirjs at tcant. nctfurt
3*4.10 0<1t tple pan y wol l4 mI IIn meeai. isa un lourtil n for a larse a.tendaoce. t senate, and has. tln u slubljec
.. 's r sW.l sheatw "l ew r L Iastosi "shrsi "d'iw ,mlsilli et, sDSL, lie eou Bl l als a e '"' old canard about t'he i r eas e r ao un Ion', the Atlanta Machli-
11116",'W IM OlS USald leefor lbut a offered n lagl er r ecoverIn her mind i* .a union
tPwehBeqheoos et a Du* mesmslp ah'iitMa 'UAU" afla ala l os i" I bump., .u..rmum Srg- ."on-.'- urma.uuf mI n bPorersn hnw bill, att her bl
W i I H a3or "avra o er Hoo -g(O has again be promptly denied tyby thr rhe d by hln upJsroetm rellrd to ab
o WsemI.ONd *" y' I'''a a 10d Swe0a sia .'r sam r I'lod I a ding physllciansm djour ne.nt. billwa r a d
nl alellasIi i 0 bt It tariW t s.hea l n abroad cnhear thhe.eaom. e p th ih uno nl oln Isr p1oitte. There beiln no
IeI -.- Th women delEg1te to lh lTer e debat a volte was t opce ta ken, thil
.Tit -ar n hbIr'4vo soulents in theta naionel congrea ila Bterlt, Gerumany, standing t6 to 0 for the bin.
Sb sss $ Ne he Ualf Sworuleglo hr are s tb r'esoved by the empress ad Thti bill makes it a itaademeanor to
i111116ftor en rames repote-. that produce a by Chaieellor won Huelow and other. boycott, picket or in any otter way 1
|M|e laat Te Dam srplus of ovWr PvKcGOA In agrieul wishu highly honored terfer with a lawful business. It also
pSI.I fl 1n 1f ter-al pndu at. In the lilt of counles Imposes the same penfltles on employ.
*f ap iIssee aiiiI l*te ay 1s *lls tlo onelfth oi those The flrst Ctholle primt to sit in a ri who blacklist employa..
Stha ea n Stl lhe Unie d So Btates that prods natiomt onventlon I Father Kinenry The house bill, by Mr. Ctnim, o
," r.w..M. l"?gi* $$l lelRdWi ob urpist, which is of Laeon, Il l., who was In attendaneM DeKalb. appropriating ,000 to car
i shw0i Jill ini i NOWi V I00 I O H rNb tbll r!le I '
.emSS ---St --l-w -' idIne: r y 'a gwhih rulturist t hel nnoecrarel coulr entiou at si. Atlanta city water to the aldlue'
Rsa hI t k tsake pride. ouis reoenty Home, was alsu passed unealnmously.
77IF._ -'$sq S, a o er1 o --- Two important bili were Introduced
h 1: i I m t The temper lUr in tFl oida during iMr. Bryan favors Hte ownership One of th'es wia a bl y it, n 4
....s . ..ei a ss a .. tr themu. mmer month less cool aU a nymof railrods. Few da .would or. t tinthto mk It a
WIW I Tll snst at r r tl o n o n thP Iedabted le of these demeanor tb ibuy or sell a l ote ai any
wipghmb,40 ..",1bSbae' sa uzom. W ti h m State, Sad S*ore sot stiso *lii l t MU ta elecftmon stats. County or munIciaj
*.i. w *beiwr1111 Uti l lA flltO Ii6 bee" of ,mit Thlre s I ldon. t- oion In the way of buods and in eorgli This bill, Ith rertr
besw* w l vwm a shea rn. s*ale of *eelvta is the ide, smd the coast watered" stok al. nntr, war destined to b fvor
e I a. fAm a IaIa rwe fl ort afod opportunity for reau --- ---- abl reported by the senate rgenri
b prl iagtr b t eoee the Amp e. pers l; at moier te ooat during she Those member of the C ity Counll Atd cliry comrtIittets as a substltute
S! s .iiAmS beiinshtary a. .1n warmest maorts of ihe Ier, yiho do nut tliruk i ounecsary to *1n- lor the Ktlly Auutrallan lbalot bhI.
S ploy a su itary nspctor should ike a
ilikea d i ,ll people want the county peep into souo'uf hi e bcast yards and
RemI^ Robebs VI, DadS, detfeate$ d sIas mend from no Bartlw o thas piel. rles. .-- DO IT TODAY.
i nas1pt.j j>t11Mmateip th greud old Pok lk-out7 St 1o 1ol* e*wwded eoeisioa of o. wolumnmi i YreWUnL.w wr. r*
Seas.i thf i appo, ni. 3 R rt ird, sad Nokhip breedsat greater ste than the rifeithhet heaodnadbt hiwtpk." today. knmrt thlrt ITf lhdneaih in worthb
IW-f^-1u i**::^ si agitation of the question of urmuovai o ptocdhi1ng .ore to thg living heart thgn a wealth
b1 the htl. i6 ofM 0 DN radst to ho se. The strikr ouf the Chicrago butchers lf. ll :llr the hu e :nndcr.
Sb Is *hf. ba .es, srtlees are --.aiin of- an~~d 1 t their synpathitr. Wds Irlr tI t If eou hu ve a kls aI.!~^^ W'.:4 $ bagpsty. Thte sllneg oI thanes by weight l she price f snati oitt of th" reach vf make i t tolay lent another rstep in niud
Satusl e, s h 1*. another ismp in he direcsiun sa pro of umoderai. inaornn. lay hins eaul't huind upon the h'nlingi
l,'ir M-tartllb IInohbbh th radeablina RIo l truast borw lit u t* irivged I ert .un still tfuert let It re st and tuin

I mw pe the a itry .re aulo- to bu ouar egge by t.A pound.. . ind: i or glu reipom .. In ,t.
s l aml r t I u d a rte II you desire to lift the surplus ti ort o at r n I t
,lig> f tf der Hallto r adn stock (rom. heh ilerdes in the duU ci r
h fIMal- Arip bet ien Or pero other Thwa thegiroeeryman couldn't seon l, way to o it is o ad er, gria' hIrt. is.vr lo ."y any
l, ,ito aa,"s.,II W g ,llh .tle oUc Uose. T Tir. h1r tauve ino h'al or L)eed.
: i teo WaSh emnsral-- -. If p"' ht w k0ifto bensl..w. llet the
.. rights et wlastd au or4er o Durinll the moath of June t,01 The Texsr bboll wee i p palid tu be ,:Ir ,lvl.n lp. tlhir sweetness know
* ea st o Sl estd tor life. bUildmla permit were taken nut in playing harvc tith the otton n .top ,in u , e
,' ., ,l. t.we!ty*Si Iwo of the principal cities, of tha orae fIu Ihlf y
*r ..... ". ''. ". IntIni 'o w ho$n .* .. .y.. .. et..r...0 i
. .. vr~4 Of tvle Tt.. t yi rat y De.' th..loe, ho An ae Ot is i..h Ih _. their g e be weetingly
S W'tfM ,n agh a day "aspI pl.ed It 7P80,04,., an mncrese of f 1 *I iiigi. pn. No r quiet and tsnaybap so proud,
.*WM 5 the 4 bIlW bad to eusdl '|4W Yt'h 1of apepe e o opep ts ni ol Junt last year, K.Nl Ad auahie m i rdIsa c ttu RKn for Iltm's i. If 1lly nii chs its tie s E Ea S. -464'- -a 1" 11 -0 O. )nd44)t4itp viuahnut thet.8. wrayu K
. d ,.TAaet*l t0 t- -- .- m.a s ...- m-ohlo*nup bter anS market sldet Ioa, e t *ntn- hI tomorrow your fnmdest snmte would
.0f d 'if Oy oiss i1omu1 ot ruw i heuuswt h* oft tllnai mhnttr .n lumibt.
LM It i4 gi perml mue h ler to ndM t r uriDng July ha. teen we se, ...,,S. ,, at tt II r .. . n. ,.r ,.
OwSp itk thae to I shoqi. espilaty fTblrable to arowing cotton Il. n l l Ofi jI Il*s i. l lii 1 ttMiow tell a)albut I.t ItI If o ha u la, h fl
Sand obhwr sTops. Should A guOtn fur. u tt I w .J'It oaIa ti. M. l,
P1 b vorbl weher it pr. l-e ,rt froau breaking, rime lioul
rae Blp l the Ohbeage vo ase l fiht w fulliog. No wir) or cry casI,[
*.froeM Du mi to bih Rep abll Ietld thit oler twelve million baite nclus Hal t Barnett, break the sal n lumorrow-lf deatb

..ab. ... -a hc.l *r.a .'.h Vn est* ---",, t slee -- schUng(e.
s e,.h tm,.ot$q- hir1,l Snle.i e ro uc iolt, ,ki.., .WrIN., whsr s theta-to ri nt ha r d
wep "il...l. i ,aepIese, dad til Tihe lna lu Ia larger eir'eulation t',ei. tTtt,,^; ta '.td Inout ; 6 mml
l-a s It reM tbaa ail'oth etr Ipp ne la Alahea ou* t 1 : ,:: ag to Iriton nI A T.r. .
h p I ". .t r a blla md AISrlrtlers iboueld '"r i '11 ,, 1''!ll Ou hail lit "'Stlnknl and h.yclnls are trlltne ptUi.
n, h.. u ake a ate of tl is antod if anyone r'',ly t Ht- 1o t Ft P( Ir SmI'ie blt strahnirft of al Is a full arown I-.
i asntlsta oee elty pet a disp es aerto I p rf er, lanld s a pet had Major Malsill-
,r .,Wi, the ittle hi IMei .f Paul pind e *bhow poltoelJo sroeipel. "n4 aT n pr 'r, vo p Pl aydell,' sa. A. l Merlryn Smith ih hi
eb s.' .I.Rtte. to Its ai e ar h a ro : rwi "I umll u to I c haitned up just in
'i Y. "thaleP I$by.Ge J W" ihtihi101 011a1 ao JYi W.l W III, editor ofA FTlhauae t t r i ,O tbt 2 mnle fros; h! td. r Iofl hSlunlaw. The
ht -,19P g,4111)k e hil t.wlon had a nubA d o '"a'*a sot iIEae, J hieaville, has ,never, toe. f ron hr- trnr n. run of cotton h .lft d fto ratln nln t
..F hjIb b h oa 4w aReat Cgd.m -o"b pl i1de4:e g to" ,the lorida r .o' E tin l 'th Irld&rult lnlhaelUut tbln
S. .- ,. .Ill-i rtor, -b 1 ai the, publisher 61a tx ,1. e none of the bill r.ot!lrtoniwas
Isa er. ,I o f sit.e ato.....J... t.-J.. ,tuliofmi enough to CfroI U5
i9i" Reg Issmli h4etad We- MI*"a.heco rsa!iria at tb .oor. It wels. .*
'ipt1.4eSM I't ta fh1 .I ...00,,.; h1 >1 'M tet f ldrte in of J. hb l t so OrFt' wle aen Ld to pt.p
Sltlej 4. o bos mi- the, pub l i rl so a mtfl s dv th e bi or l: te
t''he eAsth"n ci its tiela-klua inb. )to ., epblica tbm bishop of ('anierbury during the rne.r .t Tny hourm.' Brepet.i pne tiger wat
dI. =I IRS ''" ,"t.. "-..r na t lr O llo l t plS@i, s of the proceed*. al es nti t of lthe tplscopsl thurcb. aw ed. o .i t6 Whow what tIi to
H s fl be Wile' a _' ig--s ths SinhteMbBr Republioe*nednlia The aruoblrhon will sull to ar. aulme of hibm. Wheta chained lIforu

- '-I-'

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ttI tx'"
ii I..l~~

jY. Sv I I I, '

.' ,. .. ". - r r, '

Me)llo nd adrosery Moythical Prs et 91R.COm M o
Sai. mMIND w iNllr nm...... doHI .. Gen ernl Health Gretly Improvd '.ai a o ... I .
I T he Miller and Mallani (tilrtry by Pe.fru-al IM ,l,, y .-Wtrhsl ftlr III ln lr
SCompany will b: thr yl 4fn a nw Il ari r, Utrar t (
sInventl an Aula tr wtlo le I rer lrnl in Jalltkuif. ,. SEl LRLn'i iW a 4 t:ritisrh ( INEL 1.. .L
'r "" Al. Bo' ,ilalu Ir frvii rtnhJ Costa Rte a. v.
SThis tfir will ti iompoa4 of Phillip r v :io a he Il' o;iit' rtr Lntrafti a walkl
Mi-ller of (i:nivilli, and 0. 1t. 0 al4 l ,- en I toiI flnth hail 41. ) fi-..ndi .,be'a
FOR I'SOLTD BUILDINGS tar. E. L.n Orsr and V. WM. Orillia' i ,f' ,ed by a myhtal r ,lA, atin l
j a Ia o vill. as d will aI ''d 4I1. S mn hich V haou h'Tsr' him ,'tM"
T Mchie xh at cr 'Dald it Mallard (roery C B'-O tm lr" tp'..iit,*n .eniiyl to 'l l ..,,;
i ht Office, and Hli Attracted Oon- party which hba llNouo dotli'g hl1li , 11 w' alt 'h Innt 't i ,.
i derable .AttenHion. -A Oonvenlant I Jcksuovill or h st two" r. t t t eit
Tim.8ver. TiTe objeioc of tatkillw niwmstr g!>, ,, at lh nlll' it hllt etvt uriiM N i-i. il
iotI"hill" irl'n i tlin i s 111fi e stlaital WO n e e.ot.r p uietans |> UI.
A ion h iivfilo.r ii emay b i wit whi h illr ak, l th onaernI . ,p,, ,,, elr. inaro trl ir I tlh ahlcm inr i rmror sa
jt Ipunity that A. J. AleArthur I a str ung r and i laen h.m' I htcter tt rt 1 Mairtl U
u arvul.and has few e quals lt th lis "W dition to oinpte with the trade. The i of lllr. Itimnea, wn .
ton. lMr. MoArlthr several years ago tirti will ,W inurliorired, with a capi- 1 aii pd I l in dili(ni, i M '" ''iiest w t "' 1"L
pteatrwd a rrfrigresatr car which was tat i stok of *$olXJ," H '"'a' I \ti t..- 't th l feato. a 1i4 I ll.. i' 'mt
placed in eommrnieuln .,oni tihe Nmlard he gtenl m Cllj culmprliIIn g this l eW 'ler lr wlrk o Isl ..... '
Air Line, and which was rveogniaeid as Otpr t r a well .ksown in this eileti.>, rc. hu. et undartiook e. tdm .
aheoluilly tllr bnel things of tll kiInd I Phillp Miller hal two for oyera on,, hrrk *. by JOiWmty T. H lnvl Ba , l
evrer Iivntbd Tho ears wr iU of taintvI|r 1V*4Pti cstlun. mini -aS n- l53 'r IAIP' url11 Z omdy sBau thf.l Jnly 8f' m *u
of- UdwUnt... mnae & r, n :i I lob's trapdiIr icillli lll' rl Ir trap 4t N4:E
ratlilbO folr meverml eaUrl with great btuieS 11s, 911(li only reeentlly a B diz""r ".... '.Jath u whols
seees, but it is said wMIr finally nd of his int rets here. 11i hast i i Irail The rise he we I wrove emery t!
gobbledd up" bya largr and Strur ie. a'lays a leading pirit in every.p il r ',W.Il, (t 10.0910 frrlan, orffred l Qts.wlloS d e p ii -s
concern, and Ihe symteim wase disearded., thing eriainig to the gbood of (asitns. I*. V. M, iaia string e., "ad lay "dows 1,
About finr lears ago Mr. McArthur, vile, and ervld for severall years .11 ih (roNMn 'ine. Porat d Ir pwe.. lWater io ,s9U i'; Pr'
with that ingenuity which character. elant ly a, a member oflthe City Coun. Mr.. .Von tskaOtLUlr iftth atte a a pouisliag thi li't
Isan the man, invreted an automatlo l belI g chairman of the street ooum. Mtilwauke, WIs., write i rlllh th*e Iln our* ,
*lrvatur, upetrated by weights, whioh i nittre a grater part of the iie. l "I htave be1 s uffvea lor aarvte r"' l wfIo ler* o Oas his meat It Is pmrotm a116.i.w11
worked Ilk* a aharm. He did not wls formerly In the grocery bupsin females trouble, causing akat fhe ad p:W And Iv"ry Not of the way II
workwl like a charm. UPn didl riot wl farswrly in the glroaery btulsesi, I aS li,_ edr nlblhead. 1- ., 'ih"I ii. 14f the Ite Iow o .- .o' 0"
rhve this palented. however, since its iking a nimnber ofthe fir of IPhlIlip *c a t" h. d *rribglad. In (i i .ta D, 7. h In Io ftvie h, 7to
wa oonitrua d to:be ilsed at the plan .Miller (Co., and enJobyd a fine trade. I Ia compleniloala tvso pL Jaiiu'r he wuas In Nicaln rau. In r ei b-p
of the lhlltiis lee Company, of whteih H n dtwLet e l h a c Compauyf hi Having decided to enter the station. gguAIg.p ladigetlos and lbert rulty ho tnsed thronth vaontomer. Ala I M
he woe plrt owner. 7 e i-ry and hook trade, M. Miller was -r trouble, co that I der and. April I he rea h leeed the ewhit h
thl, one of the lmut l wohderlul il. sueeeded in th roery btiulae by ofti ld aioiiodown. I took iet ol of lHuxLueo I t lbr t op 1i11
lantions of Mr. MeArthur is a iew tlonald & l aulnders, wh*e n le hesq. of lerian. I wl, ihen in th erf lh wl b411111urilary b wri t
e alarm box. whchl he pleases to iagld in tI btiess with W. W. Avers. **i ular, hado tho i ead e o h wa at up forl
rtet an auxiliary rl t e iri ailrnm. For several years the firm was oPi f, my health no I IMPORTANT OATHRINi, o t!0 .a .n -S
This box may be installed in any pri- duated under this stylle, when it wasr h-M. K, Vo tli onerne of Cotton mill Prl.
vate dwelling, factory, tIore, or nany- olliaed to the Miller & Avern Com- am tmag ia Conerne of Cotton MIIII Prl Tr nt
Swhre elis for thI maittr nd tn pI, A. I.. Vidatl having puwhnuld a Ms. J. I llys ley, Tlralelr lt .at Greenville. L C.
' nsted o with thel earn, i tt tir, Interet wti thu It. Shortly er, e a lkde 1.0.p w, wlt m (.iriVidalittle. .. 8 .uly 7 -Cottuir ke P i-Cl.
alarm box. It il an automatio mea- wad Miller a i'ihrstreet, N., Mia poia, Mia.s ll, ir' lts fn ron Norit CaI.roi m llI. "io kN
ahin*, snd when tlrrnld in fives an eMr Aler pue sh r i "I was aalited for erl years wreh ar lnua. (Urila or.alnd Alabama. :
immediate alarm through he box 1re ind udr. Ate ste ofier h& kidney trouble whicb beeasamquib as$, are gathering hceH this -oralnig tor -s, ss
with whnl tih is is coun lh The ao rsemalaned under the s11yle of Miller & nrIdea ant rt i ra, caree u'
rwith rwhlh i Is onntalted. The I Vidat untll Tuesday. wljen Mr. %Vdal Ilwl bSEW h fsdll e BT liq yari, hih will take place this afte
paralue ha been installed li e d control and ownrhip of the she ed l, VW wh ahm i ht
ofaee of the Gainevillle (Us and Eles. eniirv husinesu Mr. Miller has ben p a a ""r io b elft -l i o hrl o I to dv o .l -.
trio Company, hero it h ass esn, en t irs. biui ns si "*mR lS ** ..s .tt l I dvise m t. pi '
a good L tS elin, and his removal will be ip ht r lih,. II e tnrvunuau by which tle mItli can bomve Ia .
hibithd with r.emnrkable lv9oe. greatly regreitd. fie hle dolsded acum."-AMfr. ^M.. y. tIcr of the wllhistiton aid thereby Ad., SIv:
SThde only thlpg similar of the kind not to dispose of his handoemn rei- Atdrem Tthe Peruns a elisdici ine o, vance the price of (ie ilAer qlhilty oif
is mad by the G ewll etric ie donee property her for the plreect. ?1i0t0itntlhshilnlsi, foll Nr froellbaoh eatbI tl6lshc itoud, It II mon titea ,f tll lIk' o, ,
Alarm Company of New York," ". Mr. Mallard also resided In Guliu ,tt r. tN. lI f tma. hi n ag mm will br .
d rr, l t viiil at oae time. le was at that lime el hy which htle mills will eurtall pro
the query iLf this apiparatue was th a r t traveling salesman for the Florida DEATH OF DR. HICKS. dllwton, morel aIi bL ntl mn.. aIp 1
ely thing of Its khd in existetnus Grocery Compaeny, and made his head iufacurredt than It tI possible to elt.; i
"The Gamewelt Company mtakes a quarters here, Mr. Orlffin was born Prominent Physician of Bronson Died ThIe sminnlrti declare that eaoli. ''
chalrgi f $126 for their apparatus, d reed All a nbein a in Arlsons Tuesd4y. tious ar wre than at ti me. . AJS l r
while this l mIhine ean be til t Jonleleilnstaile at no rmtf. in this ybaa. and folr that resa Wst .i uAl
a fair profit at from $25 to $30. Is willsit To Ckill"
a air prufl l from 2i to 30. It will l min wele klinon mol elny wanolnreM he lll oil I)r. Wi, I).' i tn ll ved. that the da a d.ll l'et t .hatk ; d;
bie alrnlt indipenslabli to milll, loe. well liked here, and friends will be-' Hickof -l.rons-, soll -i f Mr. asd Mr. iirlefli. r tdecie operate.. pdou : al i.,
tories, a4 oithnr buillldip lcaltde It glad at the information that he Is pro Hto" ilcs of Waldo, thlch sad event haly fil time,. .,ji^^...,.,-.
some distance from a ire alarm box. par ll. ocnurred in "Ariona Tluldayy, after Ia iFelrUl '.," ., ':.,.
and It psnee when needed may Mr r, whale not qd*te so widely linRering Illnieas covering a rriod of WILL NOT PROIIUCUT. wlaiii ...
lahe thousands of dollr in property known li this aeltion, h a rat several t of on .. .m -,.pion. 4 b e... .
In the saving of time in turning n many friends throughout the St Deceased was about fory years of Peldnt' l te Wife Wil t iResort t WiiS....,.
rl am Art le h's been for years on the road, ond age. ie had b en a prominim- and ,, Etrsme Measurel .. IBJae.........:..,;;;...',.* I,,I
Mr. MoArthor hbae not yet msated ommiand a hin trade throughout his siicessful iphypeiia of Itranonai for PIithur', July 7.--An attempt to(n .wa.Mt ,n mi .; ". ;, ,
whether or not lie will have thiis territory. some time. IvinBg hrn aflisd with at'ilt 5-n. ovelt, wife of Be ... *
*rarntus.patfncd. The Mrlthr and Mallard Orocry Ill health, he went cwptl of wrekts trkidel. oatof.g. ba, lsibelag l*qt t $.. I*
SOiLo VALUABLE PROPERTY. Company starts out on a solid founds- agio to Arixona, hoping tLihe chanRg of it'l by the PIttsburg obarity deprt,. r. '*,'4',
SV ..O.. tion, and is neeedless to add that the climate would prove bheieltclal to himi. m ueng. w m h o d a cm ''a;.:2 : ::.:.:I I
Handsome Place of R. A. Becker. North II""n will be sucesllfl. "I was too late, however. and hie finally the ylou woman who rtend toat she 3i... 'e, .. ,*. .iA
Gai n vllt, Has Bn Sold. sueounbed to daih. the unleltt on the reduadt that be .. ,' I,,,'.,.;i
a-n ., -a; n ,old. THE NEWS FROM LOCHLOOSA. ieease.. d was ~an .ex llent Christian le'lded lIt l to lIyr a Prlel oti .-l
The handsome plate of u. A. -eeker, - - -en l an,^ nn tlnd then a it'i Wtll n111 nolt t em a .d wil ;natbe pWoAecute ..., ; -;
North G(ainsevIlle, comprising seven. Many itemi From That ThrlnTown. a that l not Mrs Roosevelt'e wish ......
ien aid one-balf aere of the moat Personal Note. i^-i--II., i i i if i ertlllly f tba ... ..... ,. ,.... ,^^!
eeraoe S A* nha lrmn i f fri ul nds te i n .o Because of die Nrepectab tlity at the a'tA

frrile truokiln land in that sciiblon, Iohlooua. July 'f. -Mis' Nettle ived b p.lre and three ehHdrento < wo'ynln r'witlld froma e tebl her we ... .i: t":;
hA been sold to Nimrod Weill. (aruthers of Coleman returned home whomn the yma..thy of these frien.r. ltllldstd rm fthpM$ 1h wrnil* ...'
Mr'. aeker and family hao been ro. last week after vieting hter for lhr. is eztnd 'td I I tur to Mrs. Roevelt :astel: I",
riidl l o ther property for the past wppk,. 'Th. i fh sytlpathy arid lfinaludl aid ad tb ii;::
s n t t o the propertThe rIomtynhi pas we rh krom, ,,s I,
twIte month., ad hav. prospered r. L Moore of urove Phlk visited Arison. to ,i hme in. Waldo for nd' .l Le*e, .: .... ""
Shelr. Beig a mln of unusual ability, Lochlo-a li4t week. L erirnt. uiiaral .Ir.rnouImont willr .. as. eI the chAlrly department to
and a practical trooker as well. M. Sir. J, C.'McEw who .ha hen nad. atr a v. h been t aJ ...
lieker him ase al fine suecen of the einfinnd to his h11d for a fe dys, i- Mr ht
.r o (. A BUSINESS CHANGE. tIa ii*r a ilt' ito iit fur charity la u. AB.IES..: f b.I

that hi decided to sell. Mr. \'elle,
lho is also a practical tru-ker and
farmer, will no doubt make a good
thigt of his investment.
The. frinds of Mr, and IMrs. Becker
will be gratified' at the information
that they have decided not to IPave
Oaiiieesrille for a time at least, They
rt clever people, anld havu many
frirlell here who would regret to see
thoi make their departure.
Healthy Mothers.
Mother bhoiuld always keep in good
bodily'health. They owe. It o their,
iqhlldren. Yet ti is no unusual sight to
s a .anther, with .bbe In arms, cough*
ian violently and oalhibilng all' the
.,uiptoml ul a oeasumaptivei tendenUcy.
Ald why should thil dangerous cotn-
.ditia exltt, daiprous alike to mother'
and ehild, when Dr. Boseohe's Germoan
SHrtp would put a stop to is at onre.
SNo mother sh ld be without this old
and tried remedy in the house-u-lt its
StlnhiIy ule will promptly eson m
luang, hrunt or broebhlal trouble la
hierelt or her ehlidren. The works
eouab or cold oaI be asmedll, euted bh

SThe Wades and Uplhegroves had a
fsh fry on UIlrut Itland last nilhl.
tMrs. (C.H. Shhaw of Collan, who
heas' ten visiting her mother and
' here for the paslt few, is
ndO tviiting relatives at Irland (rove.
Mrs. Shiw brougtlt uip a canning out-
tit and several hundred cane otf toa-
toew and peaches have been canned as
a reult.,
SMiss Ada Tompklns td vi(lting hei
sister, Mr. C. V. bowler of LeLnoan.
Severanlle fttoday on the e cernlon
to FeraeuIiia.
. 'The Pernandina itureloto.
(uli t a number of OlaItavllle 'olks
took advanlta of the low rfte and
non vienriato edules -o visit Ferand i-
ua W\ednsdayl
A sptisl -train left tainreaville at
8lo'elolk vii the Beaboard Air Line.
and rltuornIt) ihe tinDl rflebed ibis
ity lato e Ithe eveninl.
IteverI hour wen given in Fernan.
dins, an4d those who tasinded npvrt
* good slilu ,ad plenty of flne bathtiu.
Matlink Bartd Trustaew

A L. Vidal Purchases interesi of Phil.
, lip MIIler in Galnesvinlle.
There has been an important bufl-,
nrps change in h aieilniille. 'Adolph LI.
Vidal having purchardil tilu interest of
Phillip Mili,r in the eold drink and
stationery store, West Literty street.
This is on' of hf thine st resorts of Its
kind In the ltate, being a.bolutely up.
to-date In evtry way.
Mr. Vidal is a young imn full ofram-
btlioni, and will no doubt onjoy, a mue
oeesfultrade. le- has been with lr.
MUllr ter evr shiou the store wa.i ,,etab-
lashed, whihi hba tben mornmeiking over
ive years. Recently he purchased an
, interef In the business, and the last
trade llia him entire ownzrehip and

Proceeds of First UBai Go to Campaigf
crsianrihau' I. JIuly 22.--The hals
of cittln of I) bal Jarl;loni. thu Alhany
WDctro ffnlarmfh, f hi 1 ir(itICl4 hie flrnri
bale W .. v. a N ...


fleetrlo Wire Canoe Deth,
Asheville. i. C,, July T.l-Molday
Thtoman ainlo, u1 lmploye of the
Asheville E ectrie company. fell' from
a crane. across a live eleetrec wrlei
and' was Instantly killed. ll. II?,
was fauiht by the live wire whlhl hie
feet retced oil a piece of roln, Two
thousand volts passed throtsih hit,
body. He was 21 years of age and

.- . a e. ,l t .,i
II, i i. n "
ill i* i < i 41 e< I i .h' ^ti 4#tc il t I
lii *. , *.* ,--., .* b* .,' j'*'i.. |
...ij say, ietie.. I *H
4lo 4, *a. .... "'. ,

.u.p ..m i 1 : n, I '
MI '+U I i r i I h *ii; i ll4'
.'iltt.. ill .+...,...,., ,,

,. p qI B e* . a4 .' '.
Cunningohm Cr.ani Pardons. : :,.
. .. .,,,, 4ib_
lIontotmoeiy AlY.. July A7. -1A ctlug 4 IOA'
governor CuinliugHlim pardoned Wil. 4 .
Iltn MSt. leelmaln, whtoe lf emnvict 4 ........
,tronm Ftowah coi6ty, a' f Anthonay t '..!
Brantile, etgo life CroTnlt, from Jlt. iii .r
nooll outv. John ar, white, sere ,n J ,o ''o. **
ibn atB atc o' two yeas for grat TB.
.... !o I : .
Iwtm has eoeaped fro the ml Ata
W* at 0 t .t .B. n. i jA A 4,'a 1

tsgeal t Iletted Chaim i *''
N 'r York, Jily 27 --ThomasT I' I ::: l
rt. dian. w- .
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-- spp t. o'Ith

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Su~tiiias itW lfr
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..i *^^ ^ rl tlr the' ,?*^^*J^ ^ teH f Br

6i sll. sortie, t ', oCnap.
JiAe Vitivastck "aada fcol

- Iwith the' Mre f ot tthrde

I*u Knight Ooamakrtr, which
C.,944 0 W" atL gr il
Ji!Tk !O a. m.ll-l.- ho lW it^ .

004n hi. 1 lthe Kight t C'otu
is marlto wals a genercI ,int.
W ,ttop pans'n t'r were d:r

-, Sea wa i naor to tha,
,. wid slb a t reports that Ute
ir lsank tWo lapanc.e cbsooera.

ri so ULf A4 Al Day.
: Ch a Calll. Jul2 l-A attlel toi,
I't fbe KIsM which resulted In
fta.emlan elg idtlion back. It l i
Ilvi toy will have to .'rItIrt (f
al.. I l ha itr t*& Alt

fU.. .,,. IEll4..i .Trace of MiiAl.-Man.
tSavan ih. La.. July 2 .-J-amei T
Pernes,. the young drug cletr of Slati
mant, who dliapp4-ared from the Pulas.
t1ei to L.6lceat his lir6pihe tto lrniw
i1 house a few days aio. leavtln no
hlmarit by )uamping in the Savannah
rtver, has not be-in found.. PPr
Usos, of lastlmal. a brother of the
rottlrg man. arrived here. He could
throw ipo light upon the disapipar.
wae of his trithbmr He said that. he
did not lellerv James had coinitftted
stllcltl. thnlgh ho could gilvr Lshmol(tel
.ty toi e i' e' for bis rpanildct-.
,.>--- ..... --- .,.,,
iryen WIll Not $peak.
CWhlono, July. I--r-The Tribune isay,
thils noring that. Wtlliam Jeprntil~ar
Bryan will not Iplek it tne lemocrra;t:
Mrtlalstine picnic. He sl in C('lait
go on blhs w,ay from Albert I. Mlch.
to fNltaware, 0. O "I shall ildo Do p
HIltMl l witr,"' sadltl, "'nltlt i4r i tr.
Causltaiquil season. A pre-vltions o
lgaement will prvyent nie speakin mlt
the Hirrlan .plrnic ne it month. thlr
tag the eampalign 1 shall make stump
peecho' li MTissuri anrt Nobraska ."
AI -T.

To Nlgres to Harg at Rtme O Ga.. or
August t18.
.Rome.l Ca ..l'.1 .." i i14 t*'r,
hAs lp s.-it .'t'truc.t' l n til, .s lt'lt, et
itd M6urtny) Ilaklr th u miii
be hatiged on Aug. 1t IS kiti ni, i
Vmmgr, the Brat for killing I(w atr, rIr
iad the other fr killing htis if '
1oth rtve irt-d 'entolee withmnI mrynv
.l a. muscle or i quJvet
Jack Doat will be hiung on Aifg. 17

King tiliti ttFan Recovers.
iCponhblll'a Htrlilali. .iliI ';-
Klhi t'brtirtl ian arivil hfr tloda,


ffiW-. FT, -TCT #-#l, .''.f -

loerw p opO11ag ln e anl t0 rentlt.
Wr the after of the city.
T eroeI w io li e tCa uly-of [ ,ia
*lM & iial l %" whnon Alm al .ir tI').

powiWSl idliv w ter of the blody or e
I l woi buId 'and puihbd allP Intl
' *lwmer agalust a houru wasr mao by
* miO b.oy who was piOISS* lthat
Tben b ia yet o clw o to the ldln.
Ui of the 'perMon wbo lut the womin'i
Pl$r vYlO uO nne atl. 14d her irac
am a orms I evpyral pieces ee o thal
lth eOvidntly came frout bleedlung
SO the brick wall near by Lad oa..
i uious4 were thie sig l of the ter.
l4 situlifaie which was had Ibeforo
tke alul fatil thrust was lngie.
The wOnmter was suimtronl4 and
WhE an Inquest, Ulh verdlet ot which
VWU tht the wome C ame to hL'e
0th by .the 0 of a alte laI the
beo. of partlt UkimmOW.

Awaitd AMiel of Chtle Union.
Imas. City. Mo., July 3,--Allled
m0Id4 salolts4lal In the pecking houret
hemr are awaltlnii for th rhtceag,
L0lo.ilts to taki Ith iltflallve in a
synipathelftlr wlsra.
I rl y lli), it l iratlkd. follow what
*ver inttrutil ions may ie reciltveil frlii
C'illetcst. rlk irt-an inrreased vwcl
was resumenil awly lat sh*e planlws
Armour &a o.. Sw lf & Co. and t ldr tr
Bmr.. Thb Ir"inhy plaut. whien hali
bctn a.but dlorp sinle the I cond *-rike@
sll calltUe, wari opeate4l Itle fa the
day with a nmall ftort. Prarrlrally
0thiltg was ac eospllehed at the plant
.t Setlwartebllld & Sulablirter, and
e Ruddy mnus. bhrms I also do Eloo

Negro Murrderr Captured.
WSYeasrbonrm Gr. July t--lampus
Ivmrnoa, the ,Blttl who killed two
Ire o AMlDus Mdilnurlrtys plant*
tIon mr 3 h I place. akturdla iafer
moOs8. wa followed b ba pow* mand
captured In a dense wood in the easit
am ,rWtlon of tho ariouly. Inourno
*elpe atetr the killing o a nmale
belomll to Mr. Melliurry. He
wai arrested by Dputly Bbertl Onibbe
i4d t naow r Jal"l at l nestborn
That la mth xe #elrement and there
roy he a I loluIni.

Wmman Attempts 1lrlide.
aTinahlb, O.w. Julky i.-Mrt. Mathr
Idwardts. isparated ftrm bier husband
who lives In Ta tpa, nf., went to ialaw
eI Gmovl e !emotery l tbe early altlr
.Son, swallowed a quantity rit poisnin
riAd lay down io die. Three, hmr'
later she wlns fl find, srtr having lain!
is a pouring ralin. She wir taken te
lth hosiptal., whler khre is tbinder treat
eat. It'tl purobble he will r,\cuv

Pall Hu j r, ti... July ':. T-
Itr!ik ii'd. I* imaue y I, I 'fdilt fiv',r
Teritil i, aiel, a!llIfi ljir li'l.lp II a 0(
^win ; fli.4 (i t riJ til r ns ai a % inna
tho 1i1, t ii I mn-tat i;,a i-ls 1t ci mLtIIr
0i a hi,< 1 I i, 'l .9d I ~1 .,, i (Utll. i5.
rtctitr', to.!al .lC,, In !o 3'7 thiit lnv v.
0.d in 0tl la. uiet itit l u l i lilt' A % 4 it,
It I 'I- l lin*l i led 11i hlt ii'j Ilirt thl l
300 f:til rr d rat w~l at a~ rs iilln-r 1w'
o'cloHk iprit*t- c lly crl i)> Ilill i Lul. ,, d
lr the tr' idmle i'l llshut dcm n
Thie utrrilr, wiso, in iomnie uii(laDei|-,
bad a4u21,'1.1 '4d nt r 1t 1 1 uil0 1 dil '
pered l quilily. "
Tith only mill hlaing mar, than 1a
seore 4.f itiEploypIjtf'urIly for work wtil
the lI.iiru ~i heE ." :iiiethliig iou r t
WE'MI N< liii 1 pm*sr in.
Th ni#;fli:a1fi ctuiir I 0lit rhI m ig-a -
ope'ln mit!l 7. o'"-o N ,. il t t- ll -.*,
who lir:! gi! t il iii :t ihe' 1i n-s l timte.
Innnte tt ith- wuirki iv. n a cfI'p*pl,' tli. CIu
portiun'it), atM l h> 'y t *,'ink pracli.
catty l v ry inlll -ai t htio I ttnirni hilk
shut rlown romphl'itly.
Ifoth tldel admit that thi alh s li
btglllig oitf one of thern l,,t dePtr.
slimed rfletsla .which VFall River h;a~
e*vr geen. The mianufacituirers miin.
tain that they have tri4d every plani
wheih they uald think or io avei,
I redlution inr Wagle and took 1thli
Ilusl stt-j only, when drlivten It'o in o
to save g hif t irnhins
Ou l011 other han l the operative
ay tlim thte 'nnuIdliltin afiitling ('41.
tnB ninumftsLutir ihers lid not wariant
such at reIuc I a. il.


Attack Bread Wagon and Seat Driver
in Chicago.
'hiluaso,. ';- A mob i ;r '
atrl ie a3> iai ( ttllt r: i r natt( ckid I t )relst
Wagon of the Hlieuwer ftakt-ry co ipa.
Y that w as rmtirning Irin making a
delivery of ir l t i ti P% aist iin mi
after ihn letiig c. 0r h ilr attl lil cotm
plllan ii. illt tine- lrInel' :;isWe it sIt .t.
dfre tio rh WRitwjnl.
J. C. 'lark, 'liip**rfirnlt. ntet of tihe
bakery. who wkib idrivtin lOt wtnan,
nld F:mlward SmIri. lhi|piiig clerk, wi(,t
was with him. werel both painfully hint
not langerniily iierr!, The pillee and
fre ilctparthtinratt wre l'atled and lid t
crowd ll trIPersd und the fire ext.n'

The Olditt I.isty


Big LabW r Walk Out ft, all
Rivur, Mai o.


elk. Order 14;cad by Fall River Tea.
tile Cou.itil in Pr. s't Agleinst t
dActmon of W.aisi Calls Out Largt
Number of Operairves.

pallulon 2.I.

:X'Iti:Ks 'lU1 Ali'l

4 years old, 11ly the
4 full qyirts 12.74

t'LIFilll NYiE
lly the galloii $2 2 4 hFlil lgtHsrt

fIu rail te -i
tllhnls I3 ilI

Palto)ln 2 W'N.

t y'rtr iold.. Ily thei
4 111ll qunritis $3.2
CORN Jtll 11
4 yearN old4. tly th'
4 full quartis 4i 71

\\e handle all thl letdifngr brandt oIt
Rye and IklHrthin Whiskirs in tlhe nIr.
ket and will save y fl romi 20 per (e!t
to M)50 r eIt iti youir purchasesi 4s*.ud
fur price list and eaillouue. iMailrd
f I upon alpplicat inn.
lOl.l64.&lO *t FOUI II nTTIET.


The Holmes Company

Ilare etabClihold ia eacperagr i plant at
Oiainreviill, Wnid arte now ready to
s*iup1 y (Iii:ufacltili, re f O at ali
sInres anid ilhbers with th
litet Spirit ltarr .e i it
the market.

The Holmes Co,,

plu a iih t No arli< wer mai r. itl.
, No further r;tn frvi itern rnul tio 0ll. nSaVill, Floridl.. Ira d at Le iiard %I . ___w_

WOTIOc Batches Fine
.dL........_ Watch

n MondoT, July Wh. 1 t, the 'ity EPAIRIN
Cunel of Uiesvr e. Florida, met as Watchs R
required byl w. for the u rpo se tf rei-
Iilewing and qualir in th m* fflement
ofi ltae for she y ar 100I. and the ai.. semeoie i lfi
feMrltuhsr M1instl the followifer Unamied meJ t 11ttr1*' Ulatche
persons were rtaisd as tflilows: Ilrl wmrla
W WV A ver.,0 TI 1 wied w rh strh t WSitth
J. W Alderman4 9 are Ike prier, thee. IIUteU
Sti. J. Wi1 BrIokl. ',"' qr.lIj and t1l 0
CrAwfri. &l A v ." 5 W5 1 Ul guarlant Ifin
Wt'f, tluek 1pltc 'i5 ---cv es. Watches
M. H. J. VM. lerahm "'" lll.0
MV. Buk. MoeWlcy Watces
J. Meie. -
Mr. K. J. p ihli,, WWlllLtC 3 0. STEVENS,
Rotwrt and ,la I' Y ,' -eryio '- T JEWELER.-
I'adPitt A Thorlaa II l. i l..l.
iI. I $ oauption "
Haitil .L.,1 alleho ^. High Springs. Florida.
Elli n Thm piii oi i '' I
W. R I house .2> k
T. F Trho ms II
Ith'l i'illial s -
3ir.. N. WVilomin i i D U
The 'amniicil wilt nl r 't t i. -
ther oi1 A i l lll. l ti .: p l I)t'NNE I.1ON,I FLA.
to hearr iahd ditv tiri til e''I t.ii . "
after wlli Aht d atr i vidtl'r tl, le w .... i
(Ih kilR 4 A4 n le 1 1 I l 'I. i< mi i" t4t q r an oe
th'"r.> "" v' '' "Fine Wines, L'quors tlld Beer.
*tat< rhi. i 'lK'.
"" *,.' '.

NOTir', lV A PI A'tI<>' I-lt I AX
l I.' -s diF' 'II ". '"'
JEKfI .t"Nfilt MEi( TlONS r OF tI H l 'T14

NI itl', lk e 'fim i T tl i L,. 1 4 i. t!.n .
''.l 'tt i rv lOf TIal t' l 3' s't..l *,' .'4 n't il t 44.'t
Alh l t i f. i larilt. A. It: "-' l1 Ia' il'ld I, ',Il e ii .
C001 tir n tI i im ", 't, ,ii i tli. i ..9 i 'i ':i '. s i.4 '<
I41 std'0lht m I t ,t I.sL lk L'.'Ltr tt t 'a lih S ,% A ',.,
rer tiOiTl, ftri4t"t^T I a, f<*', iii i)' ,i i' ...
4't4 rIit li n U 1k '\i' 14ed5 1 :fi, k'
proper h iaI4'ttkl .% 1S ,en?&I. I ..Iai
,'o il m'- $iM I? T|i ;. it il
,the -t'iiA hil twtiis ..sev'.0rt ;at t .ete ,n*
h1tA IshiI. 'p i'i ip f eii'h .'''rutis'.tls iL It m, n i tit
_- j __ .

Jeary trac'swtl~

I 1"


l riila t .
lf;>.t' li
ilLn-i i ..i',,.<, |t-, i
lat, h! o> ,. ,Ni\
C .lttt .' ,' e
\V \V ;* ,i, i \'{,
ti,.n' i l i i r*
Krsao. e ) .m r,
I *\\ I.,,I1 I t t l
1 'trfl *t *" * e. : 7 *, <. ll(
lth'l ." t I ll *i
* ll,.. I l .i l i .I '


I. i. iM' IMl i :if' at Giitaieuat im', i',
Jutn We1, :l. I.
N emtte It te her'tiV ihen thatl isn m',tiaititrt..;
with tlh) e rk'lo aiiijn or tliit a'i1 *i, l,goiirs. 1.1
Julire ;t* eitlui.-' 'A.ln iw foar tiie -..i
tletl er la it S. i. "ui i'- ort ia~iloirtti t i l f. T -
a nN. Ntu t 'it r i.41l l %ll ti rih ll l-rf it r qt % "1
enttetWllt ntt iLt f ,t l llou ,1 l 'n SUift t aitV ; L:tj(
r1f Au usiiit i'*. U'r4i ts. I .1 t-hit or lir u., a Ste sti t s iti. l m L i. o h i, -
Slissi. Ii'i 9. (l i tl'lr n ihtl mi a Sl0ii, Baiiij! ,'l .
\'; ','us. (o (>* fir ini' f tha* c't Not NV i Itr T)1t0 ou lh N n Ae bf th t4 idf Se-
1r I tlit 1 rill e rn t Pl th~f 1l wheo tIjals the i.'tl
oiAl t It i or wtt'i uL% ;i ii l 'i I tsII ir tliitto at r it '-
Iha is 'sir dt rtitult t uil 1.t0o t' %tI l tI; .W
lii1' O;i lri t l wil ;:,.il e1 hti .' Iti(ll ts|r t )l ii ,. !'
St' ru l tilt lifihrtie t-. I'h sill Mioe I T s i,*' .''I
c ,iit si'? S! it.tI'er l.,'.
He1, tsjliaoi 'e .' illtl .i" ''o NI 'Ju -l"t'n <'.l.l i!(
Wf i'l kI' al. FHt'h rK S. ( i itsl. tAi i il ') v ,
'..,, J i. ,imorlirl.t sif l'rl 'H 'r. l;'.a J

;ihoit -.lrte*Irilsel h l .Auh 0 tis iit t s e'-i-t li i
Their c;ititus i 11ih o 1i 1t"' uts.i .r O t '.dl.h ;:'.ti
4*.1 tv e tprrr.m 101.

VlS ei (i)t el' tIA.TW:1F.

t I1i d,. \iIb( S t %at o olII'itu,,G in, m'. I
il.% % & w ellar n i 'i f tl.t
exteti.eit 1 to tiit l iati'L t ll altl S thi;Aelf Io iw "

Nit ft (s li re 'i v e olrit ithe i ofi 'N
S l't I-lt. IL I l fi ll i ttuAc IiSll's o "1,K .

Qtlerl 14.rt | .c r ,i i.ih*t >r,* t1 ;i"ll i l
0,0 l'7e lr i l to tit t 1* 0u il vie Ai,.f

Sio and' l.itt, M h .fl .Wuibrik he l Tiilo lo'r i-
mij*, l i .. I .., lj, tI' l < i qi : > i

A ,t t. l% e i.,' '-w I'l', '''.:i. -
l~ikl i I ,, ,'., ti' i, pli [l 1 0 -t.1 I "I'.,iH -h ;.
.,,toil.%1 l Ri t lI ?{ N* t P'hi"

l I *1
"o {

\. I '. > rs ',Y i" I ; 4 ,4 4, ': ,,.. I '
c *t l ' ii 1 , 1" ,r" . ," "'. ,
S ..' t,',' : ( .' 4 I
i t'r. ' ,* 4. i
( mi l ,1 .. .
So'*t .i '' *'. 'Ii I J. i j ,
*:* t li 1 .. ,- .. ..

'" 4 l H 1 r I -: i , I ,
', i 4, j 4i.4J :..U,'t.* Il i .) . i

S '. ,~ 'L *'. 1 '. ,

mi ll), i .. ," 1 I 4
I " i( Vt I i t'is i< .> i. ,
-x 1 *r, !, ,|, i,4 .i'..,
i A

L-t 1. -I ; ' -

1 *" *
S, l.' .- ';ti ..4 ] j I i *" '"
, *, '> r t. ,tti '.tl ( I el f. 4',I 1 1
i *. i k' l' t l 4 i i rl ti o '4 44 ',t
t i .. 4. -, ... . d 4. . -


How, In Georgia

(hiu raluse*I! ft yea'S1 oId.. II li*
gallon I$30J 4 hill quartl i t, .
Sill, J. (OLENI4X K1W
Oulirliitte lf, y, arsI ld.. Illt th
gallui 12 7A. I ill l quart 3.

M" tII t W iii'tl iiLiiiN
vw~.--vjr kl-.

I'" i. Irimlr 1Oirl 0Il 14sRe,,)ad 7" P4
Juts tib. 1L*
N,1it As k, be.Ccv ij 'i f tlthatill *4ujil$u4 l'
wit ie :movAl)'itsM i oh1 *i?0 we 4 i'tlj;1 ff
Jiu4i 1. INT. to llhited Ait l t o ior &ib St*l
l!uw .r i. t i rnS4 i l t ile W 4 tl i4 t r.'l ,ji ', l l i
ojillS '*01A t4 il Wi4lui Trtlrr lt.'rSTrl '-mim
PMtebleCl Inr et hi,.) iaIe ia.l w r.. st. .4
of .li:illit i. Lti t, Mi laiaL i 'i.ltr,. l f
Towt,i. im t t, a i 6f of.rt e.ur., 1.ti t'.ils
tV i sta i dljiri'd h li ine t in, ., -i,, t 01I ,
uielI, Ni l:. llo itir r Io f hi i P w wtO
fl-4. 'ot r hw stllli ndl l ta i'4 O Nt44 f *$
imn .11 t i I i T '#L iiis j' .A5i i ', . r1

tliul er r o ito~rir, tiii f'i aiijri u i-i i4 "
IMiM* 9., lllil o llift -I0 lli)0 0 hl, ililllli ll kipI ii| '
me t the ro alu141 hi 'a n 1 1 144101114. h
S1110.. th e I i-ii %uri, l4In n ,1'e ti. ll .fl a )I
I4l bilij- i" is ill, 161,llf I llm.lil!', lot
li,' tls '. i i, t Ilflsil t' e I Ll8 k b9 ., i 4 u .0
II, C. I'hAc. lls~ V 'a 4 li to*l t 'llt h is; a ,
of mi Tuti' i th '
lri, wl t ln l!4 (il-','h i ll 'il t i.
>1 114, 1 $4,

Nt si.T'C Pit O Vlt eLIV" VTliIN,
1)n1 1 lsr', I t el irs mii- i'.e t' isii S e l I< q

1t1i.r i tf. L lll.! ui tftll0 i, < i rl r ,si ;. 'rkj
4i l -fwh i tl liti IS lN .Iiillit
Noi* la t'.Itn lTlIlIf %'l1i N,

, i ,1,i I w aisill qj"i h a l ( lr ^ . t .,*n.

So.1 local &JII allag kinit'; *
t,,in! hr r k ll n ire t lintIi I. l 'iln ).ih
ili INto i l tsikr,1 I Ii i I A ln. t 'i' l it i'iitli|t s'.% ,
Jurite, .1. iIto:. rilllt v Anli .s' fir t Is r ". . !& '.
-ir l. i 41%1 I toI t thS atrnl*- .t1 0 Iif l'a iri Ip L) f .
uiW. NeiJol in ili1 ilI l Ult ',in T ), II .it '
4 'f A itit4tA 4. IW4 otCl. i r' 'if I ,l
Tlil fl, l. 'm lil vtt l ilt e t '. atl e t *j W#1 l.l4,,
h lita Iilanjdi) 3l hll i hi t ilal. i as 'w biiw vweinit a, tittr
illle t Sti II fir itihe. arlihac ti ll Sit .hi4 'f
IV W 'Q14l ac' 1Y A w f %rSCu4ieMn tJ). t*.- n 'j iI W .
bi;4 N.idlt So iisao Ni. ) 11i 1. oloml WttIl ^-or
ter 1,41 dulsptn 11144!1 1 1 n 9 S116 uIMr i I-. l i 1(1I
value d f4r iItAI m'hp sir olv.i tlri to .if ,mrro
eulturml ,iiui- itA'- lrid an i cotnl ttt,h tll i':.ilia' t .i
malil igii ti.t-N ', irli. Iit-l(. it or clii ,lt.r i't' ik ,r 'L
4 inI.l'IllC 10P I0 F I lilt ti; tti' >|t hi c l i
Sdl|tt'U tbett IE4
l.' liflljtm', i- i III i ',-'. NI J 'ic< 'I.'l.. IN[ '
wlla Ititrl I .1 .1! li I'1'jilic k'.. > lS i tiL ,4
ilh illn I Pl tIV 1' r i. 'li
Crai! .1.el t Il|'r-O>t i'.:> ll.iiuJ .',, lrin
MIbliJ Ilt',n'rlitctj 4iw l-! -;.4. rt-Ju titsr fir V i '. lt
thcir t )'hii ot ii t .- i i', iti i( lWi*.t 0 -.mL I '.h
ttill .o .'g' i 'lrir. lHl t

Iid \\ I l l iN' liN l.1 tI.N4'

Y A I ''io4. l.;lL~'l ,ohr u 1 li 1 'b,' .
ell .-i t t (*i >' -ill" q Jite A ;. li ', !iill.'st Aw ,n'u t i toi c % v ,
lltiMiO t'1l lul.-% :1 life N,0tii ", f ir I ii h1.;Ai i '(i
xttl'tld i' I I Il II 'ldc' I, iti nli c.-' I,, .,'t
11f AitiwiIl I i lItJ Jeilili It h.'fvir ;, I :.
i-r. {'iiitii f la*i., l ls' s'liC if F'it ,. >ii.
et ei i ri l il tl l I l'. 111 't h" s14 4.1411i4 liifirj
N.t. l tsl r ili' tiirmtliii.n r tf iliai s .l 'l .; u itr 't
sea. 'jA .ji -$ '% 4 of *-, L Y', .rq II, t ,,( N t
.jr S.'ell 4 aN .I itll "t i-Lk i' Nil fit Sh
Iuarn e %%. '1 1 . : i ivi il loi0 ifter .r In' to ., i..',i
tha i"h *i1 lic4',I-t.t I- ehartsN il':,.im0 t' fln it,
dt i l ir b lieie t ,ii nl I .ti. f'ti o i .l-td lir r i otall
1t ll 1t 4r ulil c't. 1,i t l ail i'tli lt% tl% K Fi t. ,iA
Mo.iita thet NL iil, 'f s i, e tc:iig'r fial.
C ais% ti CI t lIJItsI-. f t *.slia 1( i6 Ji"cd'i
A 'b v slr i. li i .l( t liI'%4 it a .' till I 'r u i .le''ir 1 *,
Anit i l'e l l |l(r t 1 fill',%( Jtiil: t l t'l r1'V -,rli tin
dal (of! be i iii) t r, t,0.
ili W. i; it)II L ) ,. )trli.ts'r


I iT ..I -F :, . ,- r.


T1 ,W... i'. ... I

' ., : ;" ...... :. : ,; r v'.. ;' :' :. ,: ,. .
* 1~ q l;'. Ip,,I .1~~'i .. .i,1il 6 ~ W i I I4II. .t jl 1.,i1,, : '
I '.' I.




Othvr Trades at Chioago
Slutide to Quit, Work.



Lotjor Troubles at ,Chicago GrowingI
More Serious-Many Miscellanl0U11
Trade Will Probably Join In the
Present War Agiinst Capital.
*if'.4 gu' t z na .r.r l,. of tih !imIa ''t lii"n
f k.It' i li t" I i ll I' o f Ii 'l i ) Ill' e' itll "

SO) 'Asl'"t I h I*i' iu r tirhnlnKilii I .tig ,
tl, h l(t l f 'li (I .L.0L \% lTi lT l l- w itstili
of m tirk al< i Th lii iti;;,t m l i l si aru l .l
v li 1 0ltil .' L *t i1 it ir l p tt 'k .
ier. 'htI %! i ,[ '.: w l ,i, ilt awaitlinq
( l' ri Sitt i.j 1i rs..n^ iIcO hi l I, ,
(t l tin't s i' .tl It t! ,, i 4 1 ti Jhd 1 h .
I ng of hlhi r- 1,. 'i, ll 14 11 l l ) lii*
t*' il'n I,- l,' iid Ow i "'i rl Ii t lv intg 'll.'
tri 4f tti, i t ur .'-Ta ( t I v* l f lhi e i tg cu
rfoun t mtue' oI f Iht j,>i t W ,i ir'ilK hi P ,' '
In the offi?.cw, of i he iai'klnT hiou*O
ti Aml fre' mioon. I
(itimtn', np t 1i 1 1S of Old'* iluili s went
a tlu i thi W Diit sl tti n pilt'y4 al tat iach
rf Ithe jilr).:!liK htn i-,s nittiiniu ling thl i
g': lhts rilflnhi~'ih. 'lAik was In iffti.t.
WI. \%'Ikh Mulb rullI fronim th' ti' I
lati&k of ithe i mre pikilung houqii, I,
thuistiAntlli li f nten. Jy at i wrk with-
'lu 1;P lhu1iiulmtuars of tlmt trI'flliing mIlel
(piar iro f luiii'liinrq pid j iis, l iitd cr.
t; frly thrown ., thie Iri'vtil, it1 i' ai lti
I'i.-trver wuilil nl t tia1': ispravc.'red e
that a gr.irr .ir.L, wasi in progress.
*trikerw Refrain frorp Violence.
Tie 'strik' rs gatliret! ar their v'-
rloum rneet iil tulusl an i taluted of I
mIlltatlon. uill rfracile from iny dia-.
pnty of violencei, t
The berf hhltanilri went, to work asi
1-l>i&a, Ialit it was rderlsrhtd I) Joll']i
floT'rch. li' of tIhe l4Iadvra of th,
i fhers, that the bt''ef hanmlier Im
tbten ordered ito strike, at ioon, ok -
spite t.htis, however. miaiy of lihe 1,2001
Lcct hanttleri el,1iiid ttiiy Ihad lt ,l
rdeilre il to cll ..
Abolit L11i1ui min in all tepartmrnntl t
1if the vari fr- pillnisH riailt'd to report
for wgrk toil ia.. It Is t clitlcd i irfK ',' .,irij rftI ft thiem ~,it iya fl awaiy
t hilnkinB a R I c'>L M< t "V. bO li;d iLoo TI ( t
derilel. li * t'ii itIf M it;>t p cit in
'li.'Hit o' i "y w"''tr C",imn rt.itl to hai'
tl iiL iUt. rut.t f Silc'< iumnli1.c r it ai.s i: il riil'l
t (i -C tint li.' l<,n i0u t by a. g'nfral

No Change In Demands.

h .1110 i o;"

cI ll' tlli i (
ly rilifia

Lcure t t

replr'i 'e, :Lt, 1i, n (Attri., aheop andI
hoil I tol. al' r f if t & O., It -l .anS ,
srrt, l hilli T7p i cai.'it l1.04)l htIIl4 anrid
.0 ali s L 'ep anllil ile orlhte r bollt I0 ,
saen r Thv, re.its for th weret
:l.,i011) ILii "'.,,o hoh gs iwnit tM i0 a lieepo
nr aiuir 1. l i rT cent of the normmi
Wivi1onut wnitivig for a strike order,
abriain .o nrptilieri 'renipfoyed in tff plants, dtrucki this mornintr
An effort war. miadet to get thlit iilr
wrighis. to gp iwint. ibut all except on%"
In Arnimur & CO.'. plant, whero rz
are rmploytd. r J'rrtsd u thaustructfone
miri remained at 'vrk.
Generni Strike.
d Th i i .:.1 it1 tI' gei'.tlder.
0 I isV., IL % k; .i i 'IM l g. t gl' NJt0'1
iid II) 0', ( tv ilVls itry htaM
I' IL I ,l I N-1 g,,v, .
01t,.r ,rii, 1 ..
Itrr it, r .. i' r w h( f ti lo

.T lf r. r i .ll ,.e 't. i. { .11 tli p on m l; l!,' i f, '- l . I .' i;i l,[ r- ;iid ri n
ass tnfllet. r. p ,hrit n, hu-fljri AZ
t f ritnI. r i-i th., to i rd t' ;' '
...^. a+.. 3 i i h. ,.l^ Hhritftdin hittslnifl, i .AlD".lin l it1".l t >.,i{> yi i.ftl to
Pe Oin t( or ( i ch I I, 1ill1,t-. it t ilo a wttig gt lt ,1 -. 1' t l n, w 'r thIt '
1 i.
.-mhrim. ,f(i'. f lif l t-im iie' er- i lNc they ful
yard, tho 1*1 nistr.4lr, w itIt in 'l A Joint O, h, :'by. i n th ci: ,,r-:
o infer.'nc'', wifh thIi ri pr the ali edl t e ra l].s and ther it 'r 1. Itli Iie ii ; l i i ... l
Weld'd that Ano (a.1n e could he made tl' *1 *.Ian 'trv r'
!n th' demandrl of tho mtrikert, th rio, l a i i i lc Iti.n -'rp n-
About the time *ict for a meeting 01 te, r ". hr an t i r t."' n.r-
tbe pact kers, iho t irustern s' .uinnitte el I l. ti', '' h I lits lhavi thI1 off'.'l,
of eight, aemeinpan i by I rn of ' o iiu iultt ,la,04ilit.. Hwlle l6 ti'I li'.
oloben, repri' e>ntzing the tea herra l Ta i tiln h1'8, .. l'.r I'.. li..I lll, a ', li
Prspinth it Irt mrit.p. of tihe ffo'e g r U as ;l+.: ni '' P t a r "
I e. tioiltt i of LP r. w ent to N v i ln,if1 M 'owr ',ini 1 i l -I i t at I rti i l. '1* -'
ri & (ti'' off;' whorep the slilatuion T t. r ,t t *i i -
was The packers wer4e t # .lll, i t ,
.' told that thi' tinio P001i1 inltit on (hI 'I f.r... .. ., ,
v orl nu i lii'<" rrin tanatment of il -''" o 1. *, m e,
blf r',ttr. n ithn t hour fn l hia' r t t "a T ;, ll
inrtal ,n 'tnt of all li,,-i w hilin tet t ... LA f > i
days wit ll Imividiual irn'ttrafIh n of al; e ff1l i :I 'uI h i i
a s of. n;l;,a t..l dlscrim nation. lf; : f a a i ," 1 I'fi t r ,r
Strong Argument.
CIAOL nfereno theld
( i th r,. t ..n.. !r'.nt s o ( 1 '. .
of, -M. iI 1 11rf f -
Sl~rpd by the? UllJo i1 em ol a gnnr' a '. t I, l ':*' ,,... :,, .. -.
*P1 rd.r< WAS that it would jpr-- l r
entL the unions from i nn iton, of th' 1 i:l W e ll r- r "
S tro"E"t wap *U .that by t,11chh.' N r
; enw t pr event h i i eck r frhwi'n.k tI.:s.' ip -' *l i s: 0r
,onxg busdpe and at (he sane tl Rl a ime tr

l ratou y cUim t ion Iiwin and ot ,r1 2 :: 'l tl ': 'ik' ; "" '' i tI '
, ive at their t k yer.s lilre( thtr f .r r 2,, ri'; T nif t h i -11t r: tn :-
Ikrls inmiorsed thim
gu*iment. It las rg t tt if qto 1 la t;h P t , Kit I
filibuN were' a ira- r t i thf a' ,- I. ;re pe iri ti ln f 'ui the ''lln, tItr
p lckeTr : h ailbli g t- hit tea hi to strlli. hal bet.n il itrtl y Prio' i't4,t1
IPackers hard, t,' rly ta do it was to k 4I
afiraIn fron ',allilt out th be#f hatd, Ilhmar'~ t I*" and other mpl y th o d thtn biytc
Stock Yards anrd Tranmit th an further confrn... wtS til parckerN.
,* S hr callin* Pinch employee 011 Livly debate.
strikers wonM prilv the bil There was a lih debate Prrsidet
kers of onlyr hua' usinep is il Odn. for the iie ers,-i. ae oi
st dnrins the strJke. By letting th"e b letf fth Ih co lltflrth .l -ct.tR mt.r,
Ss idh Worik rand keeping; handg s ofi ouldl d htllh pe'e j'a ,rwer thlat
ihe atrk iyard an dl tratnnstl io. ny, hi t tk tards 1an' b itrmlsli
"l. trIi .lir I ... ... _. thesoc 'yat rds uiimnnvb e.lwrmIilli,,

fl i i t r.
,t'i f' a !". 4.< ul | '+ t t | 1 ( .

|r, ,.; . ; in'r til l |itizi I I i 4 1
S, i' ',a . , .* *

"Ih i'. I 4 ,F i, I .. It I;j ; 1!"!A t i ,
'"r'-' ,1. I' ti .f I{ i l. r jul iA
'er .4 i K ,, .I',, 4 k', it I'; .. g 14
S ,'" "t ni' l i t "f '.. ih,4 'Vi,( U .6ii.r r,'

f, I ..J1 t it 4 il ."l4 i '- I ,l.t

a t l o Is, 'y,'.l. liiv ll l"41i 4r11.I'i,
aIi' 1, i ' -)talrt, i i" f I t ill i,

nl4 i ,1 jir 4i t E'i' rl '4 it ,l at I .
5,, r S l ifU 'is' )'! t' li ,i 'I -,i jei :

Ir. .. it 1 I ,1 i l I iT. tt fitar i t a v (' t

4.II II r' i ;.'.' ;tiL.s" i ii t 't 'i ft'if
i i I*r iI 1 0, f. S r, I ", ile ilt im it I t.I ,!

Itni (11 i i f t iti'I% i I, i Irin t h lt, I
tm f ,f ,% rauri, nI ir vaw,. hI i st i -r' r .1 tl i n1h
t ..< .i'lil" l lt 'I i 1 ,l;C'. lh(. it |l i ',- 1 (tilt,

ill,' 01 iti r., It t omi l ll t it t;y fr,
rl, .t ll u i or1 to ( )ir of thl. ih ititl ti .r i.N

oft 'a s i I' i l' ;i. d, ri t r i (n t

or' 't'ht-e ii ) I ,became r i ownI
t r it H le Ifit fl l o f i tOl i live ah
lha. illm "li< ,,L ;lit, tir i nd Iwnd ( r t
r tivbl Nltck Hinadtpert.

of tiler l hr lld4Pi .1 it( 14j i l l.i nr i pi a

atr .iterni Ut itof liv I'dlij ri Tlr'
*ithe ? t.r i l !.e TI mi1 le a nuti rtal1 -f t ~1k

for a tPl FartliMremi thi K d dlltig t5to-ela
oen *meere tle fruimthe yardinIn IMA
re, tlj ilamrw It'htt ,!ore, MI~ot a ir i.

alli l t rItac4i ng i e l tr t rloO r. lrmi led
toin iY take I l llm .,-,&JfID Ili 'I) '.li l n

tl an th whi!lke i t of t.he lie e onral

so trike ntlplriniti rpid lly. r Min the
str tf offtliul[ MI the, hldiqiu()itarters ni)
the |,':iL:T K r K
t ro uner otitAt nrqiin ihe yC yard tIn h
rem nl ir wI1t. I epr, ti s tghotcattlit onf tli
clli d *Mrliina l hktt i it i pron had
ito taI lkle l i til' fn up.
Te', pread taplidly.

Nrlt ll'in ot wun1trl In qil t0hety co I
ly Iwlhed thoi'r nw l(,s thdlie ft inany of
them htlft,7 tltlw f!het .arl e on thil
stilet Narly .1al ih+, wlKhlihng had
ln..n lotni l ,* u,,. r, ai| lttl llIncouu*+
vft'i*'nce1 r^ il(t'<1+
Noit -l isx' ninshtlnit, went out. Ia
taut. it i td liin a Iaiil majority
r -eiM', : tld l r1 '.i 1 f i ii'Ir leaeilre .
Sl ., -er n lr .il i i.' t*,, rft ll on>l o T'hl

*,,' -1 ', m!ei .tTo 1 14 lt ,.(1 )l 0 ihis V l'V 'l'
''. J 1' 1 .n )', ittY
ir*" r T'l''' *" t -I: f. \ .pa b n u i.
ft; ; ( t : l!':i.,' t r, r.- .' ,!,Ti] ft( I "i
^I I;'', ; i l:.> < ; ir.ri i I i ,' t,, \ d1't P P

'h", ilri .' althnolv n,.fr ar l. w -.
-oinlh -tJ.wl lnut thte vtf.l':l t ib hut.i
XLLloI t>y t'! i lti tnlts if tlie: varl iiu
nl.ionlh. I it i-i l y ii v upon the eriiet 1
luitain .h ;n:> us. wI w ref''-' ItI ahr U .'
tie arti'.. ;, uf tiji- pl4ll n(l" fonrd rnct'
v l.lich 1s i:!;;l1 i ti n '.-.i( ..


Many Prominent Politicians Vilit
Judge Parker. '
E' optu., N. Y J,!;y :,. ,ratii r ,->,

stor JnniOP K. Juno'., ihe retirlnp
chairman of the l)e.nt;ncrPlc natoIiAI
commit, and Utulel +. animalau, a
mOilite'r of the rompixnhiti. from l Mirlh
Igan. wore visitor i l'at lto"nmount to
dayl. Thb-ey st oppi her n their wnyr
to Xw York, wha,- th the mcleting of the national commit ,
tlo titmiurrow.
Chairman Jones will caT the meet,
ting of the nittional ronialilist" to ur.
dr anid in Scrcorld.antr with a re mlu.
tlon Adopted by Ith St. louU con-
vention will werv.e a* ublirman until
him surrccoor iW elected. lie had ter.
or been t Hosermount before and bhi
l rIqtt Irn0 w6 th hi.tde, 'Parkr ilb not

':Judxor Parker's mall was heavier
than .us6al today, andi, dranded so
murh of hbi time that he postponed
bit borseback ridf until aflrnoou,
William P Shunhan went Th> New
York toilay
Afthr the mui dof the national
conitattee uoeTfral awsimiIr wii comin
to Itosemount for a conlereoe wit
Judge Parker., Amoni these .it bt
'Thomeas Taggsrt, and ir ht is e1 e;fnl
chairman. plans for thL rampals will
be pct.< owr,.

b il* t

'I i .

I - I'.. -~ .*

o. ,t wito...... .,. o pw summer Normal,
K "Ive.. .- .' '""

SI A, t ,.wr. The Orange Springs Normal sad

,. ,, .g,,r 1 Commercial Institute
S ,' "." ., I 1 ": it til i I. tit .
I *. .i %l. i ll n on J1u114 IA for th.t filth l*U6e
i i i'**t"e l Iuumrttt ltrm ev fxqtegn .j
."*.--+ .1 bii''ii* V Ig..^ iram i K" pn sut( l(ih and- free em
1i r 11l atA i 'i. I Oof tfie fsitn ia *ilitillh p ing. I It i.
*, ,, ;>s,,l addrnl 4. H. IRlHKIN OR,
S4 .. i t Prinnpsl. aii vilhl,, or L. I.. Mei1g ,
m nP ......I.. .. .sI II IIv I1-, or .
r . p
S., GEO.So !ACKERR & 8ON .

:' '' ." M' A "KM O.
. 1 '


National, State and Congression. I
al Ticket 1904.

Presidential Electors.
I' k*, $ifiiti Kril -- riiklin timnly .Slarity^ MA .B
G;'. Ii II | it irs t rna tI eu *, r dtf If 4
(1+B uIXarialuii..
.. ,, *A W. W nel t-i.iiad rt t rn, -n Iuildin riitI ".
A, M1. 4.1ihiiin n-. \lfhimt c'- ,uiTy. ': pl
Ior tovernor--ol., M It., Malfar. tClI IlI4S TOIU1 0 i
ta ',. lilrt'iii ro. .
o.rrry 1) s$at-ihn F. lao, Stab iglti, ur, ui

u'i!rii r-,r- I. L ikippr Polk. "
Treiaurer-E. .1 Bretltford, 1)4et. L .,. i pe, *, ,,
hluperintleniiit .of Poubli lnntriasue. '
Litan-W. It. O'Neal. Oran.e. 1. K. K C Pi t
Couinislesiommr of Agricltuiire-J. ,
"' i ' ,," 'i "N 7 ; ,'/ i
itopwlqy. I'ulnau.
Railroad CrIinieioner II, 1. J.- NW ooI5 , ..
Kithid. S1t. John A
Justiqv utipremine Cnutt for f ito r A fi I i
*i ypearl-W. lh I i heppanl, KEnmblp. p
rti e Siup, or-O. Parr, '. ... 8;, l

C. S. Adams. Duaal. Rewrnst. .
E. It Aterll, havid.
Congreslonalf Ticket." ; ".' oa'a*I
.irul Vongrefslonal I)imtrilt--E. 1. hl b li sI, '-this a' ,. It ;T
(itiy.y Hilllxborv. sn.minodal".the pwbIw"mh"3S
ierennd C('nntiprnIontl Dslllt-JIo M. (n mi ll li. DPe's 1tl Sl-illii "
Ohitrng ti whie lIs ud of a tuma n t ijA l' 'a.
Tlhird Congresr4ifnal IHitriot-L. M. h e . l*'l I ,'

fp A ^ ^ I I
S.. .. in mm, r

wini D IC br K .


MOh. It Makies UlSil s- lrh lh. *. iI2pjfCy .. .. ..

iil.*, nt .p

11,011 .~
*1-' "-0- -'--;4

C. C. PEDR C K saRwCaKua.

11Y K i ,,.. :.:
v1eo vPB, Flh. O'hopiOittb 06" in'
F 1, L Y U t A T I. sN'Ft, FMr Bll o
Ajoq. Itoo ..

Order Your NOT K ftATtO
Wbiskkies Ern ao.t ..thather.u..a.s..e Ir,
tAlet uc ounts s to thie tmtr or *f :
h f AV ist t ope. for rnlitraUos MaA. ".
T1IflUO. iI. flAX, I f Irk I bo 0000 if rijt o

VA 1 uAlook in.. a tr1.t'eo i
o0100km a., W frawtoods I
1:trgi rt% 0) Ilk jepRlO y *cm Komisi .WS4 i
LIN'w! w iyelnrs.ON* I's0 0us h a'
4 fullltlartiet Iri I iteLit .o .. I amt Rlhi vs seem "m '"
I fr>: MIr..i*trasp Uc .. 3fl ta rIih nstaoarl en bertiiv th.1 lo d 1
S0 s1m f, and ,t.101.0o,, v,,,-.--+I. ,,
I f ufii.urt U Prkte oe N. 't Corn Ao. 3 I l U n@ us ad to le l oo i.. a .
fotr^ C1 .r 6s10**M L
A IIgtmds iaked in neat box, ese will beioe ( two M in 0se ril ."
,* *. I* IanA 1 our bolid)y b lstii off_ w r ill nesOs .td, .:,,
ordter from prompt hipinfnt. *uperi
r1 0to M. RAY, ISl.k.s, Fla. i "'.. J ,

-The Molds
('ol A R E I %.I I pr WH ...;
ialatk., Fi.. Fruit and Truck Grower

PElkIA PRICE LINT. a 3US! a rrq
Iuntv er ye XXX .... ..u :. 0 tCAL A i LL
X l .s'.., .I .. . -.. .SS KTO. .! .Wel ... ti,''






irBnM ,.,, -, d., w

'.;.^B: -.'1. .... . "il,' llt r r b.r '* Ind
1"-06.1 isIlwe .s Maist p sl ouWed ot

ik'i t* r._s!r -.i isleash leidl. i

Eilii- i ,
p bsi"-m ,th' e i klmT whal .hkeg .ill he
lS~i, .n W g'libuii selo W r. J,
S 'tVISW. ae4rwdl pesedayor tf
MWWb, J-., where ib wife aend
M....i..s il. .ol ll..". oi p was

I~W!' %;i-A. m li..uTr bslu lgpselIh bhe Il l. I-
4 ,- W e ....te Iset so be hoped
i* sg MdlIAd Sadthe o pallenl wmusi im t
MtpS UGertrud#W Wetetar4 departed S
suRn.dIo Mis p" I *r hke will ber
ltsb oie S S esk l of r or few days.J.

.i_ She eIwI e, 9I1 rrsleive suad 9i3 ti
llri:iiiw .4 llllr lpeatiI C"Olr bar other, P. HH. o

,-ii! lL Oi I- gl rme ,ha i
Th e lata Wi of Mr. and YMrk, Cha. y
f la"wS ~ Psst*. tealbas 4de Stuar it
-~Mls, d wle bo IeI at vragre ut
.. ri .. p s... .p Mtary, lbI this eliy Meo lay after. i
*-pE)8 er., se The friend, of the bmnta V4 t
paesw r W lase" I Syfthys In ltho
.0i0 mtflh heati of-k berevlement.
omtSts J w>Wdge at Un. H. 0. NMga" nWt sa
h,- plhaiM4, ae, MNUlt, departed ystrday for i
S imS ehs11111 l, Vs., *sad her point, i,
t henfs they peaso to remain for ith ft
WO1 oW etS* few wke. Before resurnang th
I il Is $ blW home tlhe will visit eJw York, Ph lla vi
iPsj aSi n s .4d oh el poltu. le.
0 s bAeday Gapowplsuftesml speis is I
WAWiti^y tli g.. a. i for llanrly I

0 er4 -o *me homeL laos Meonbrook fr
Ogrft wlke' lis to implied as 1
0-00pp for the Rawlo.rawfoSW P

-r A. Norn oif ve. eupeulsnted, b
-I- ltthe Sek WAu ph.ephae in ter ,
.. wisa n 6 l.ei theelee iirsr follows m I

*[ Saiy OtGte spomedwd oof an *xel- a
.. U.iLnor*,i oihme4, m bl beuty of it is

,J*a'. "pa tsh .t.wl'l'. tome sa d ft o
E$ -t sto mor S W0es the name
OA" eomaes and sou*- b
Io R the oset, of the suammers
E Rnl w A he&A. MS Ato regmlatee she bow
SIet sI ws tihlng easy. Costs

.i."e 3N. l I e el of Olev lie nW
",4',""OLeM hio 0 bbw", Qbeen here on a visit to t
s we b' 6tn,'Uwn. J. H. Brinion. for a (
95 flSg gamuer ef *l nk.,bwas g oIe to Orapge
PO, where he will reessuperate. 1
M. it 6 01 H bee-sU h tI II for .me* time, a
4 hle miA iIt 14 to pbe heoprd iha inge will
if ti ie piis toleW te.ilto him b
Mi l roel ell of Mayo, mfier J
B $latIb.S. .s, t", b bl, btl ppsatl ilel s ISo her gra d-
S*...E!StWil"., yt.' MV"i sMiV. A.t.
-to *e Oainin, hrttromed to her hoeb This little
a dy is well haews he, hiviag tbeen
?psliMemeweba os lInI yea r popil of MHi Tfbeaa'e ,
JeIatt 5 yeaeseayi ne!. H1 pasamre youeg friends
':f<1^ "Ifl mi lliIT ma. w 4 Dts welomee her agla
.~Me t The frIends of MIs Mande Duke
I 11*.. weg tn will bt pleased she lnmfoumahieo that
r#BBN bq*. pbefly, hereomdttlss is greatly improved. and
"' ZIk.. th' oh. e will ppt b ly be *Aabled to
Sie N -e o be.d within. she sast few
(lysR lm. Made iou sueet pt~
ojlf MAn. ppater vf the yeman ladyn i*nw her aseoelatesf Uaid
.7 1 P~m~wa~ stIiYn a*lit beo ldeed gratifying InformS:

4 wM# tithe fSI et- C.5. Tlagley of Sen Maseo who has
pp4I^e#Ise lku bst in the vi41ai4y of Arwher for the
1s^sMe Tgw pis few weks, war in thu eiy ,ester-
*#gli*ui.f teo a aje Hea wm aeAd route to his buhon'

where. sos head ome residence.
4' 7C ,: tll aMa t loe asd In pradinr euUs n .
ai le i. *boat five siles saotih of Palat
Bi..'sm .l .on thel IM. IJhAi river. and is on of
^^p~ I AA U' -*-'lt -f im i tlnt ti- Jii rtllr **< Io CHir of
il ,-Rii etnsi-the hasndeomeWs and mot progra sive
i *Twe -at! wivllags ot thut section .
i lif t Irl d rdl The friends of John Fennell of
I ,O im leh, d41w lQpayville, blh.roth o( heriff Peanell,
t 1 .lllh Orhasm Ihave re will reglit to learn that he has been
,i .I i WO netes' vilt to .i. for the pt fewt aw d ys seriously ill at
ji Worit's ir. They re.* hi iomei,. tlisonJ, J. MToRla tFennel
Nulais wa deolaei the fair I of thlts.ity, has been eouitantly with
thing of thi klntd th world' himiand the t st medical aIientoin'
'* V;.". "..possible is buin rlin'dernd, rtWi. tt 1ew
Sin MM. udwd R of Souulhb hoped that the patient'., wll soun ri -
S. th, wo Wi pes. fw .ara,
tI" this l, i t ty aterday., Thryi Royal Cook, who has been oumindwt*
S, ,.toliWttsh l'iOol ii, where, lo a. merearmntile retabllihmenti in the.
p *p ar fed sew weeks. with Porter block for tlh pa. fivr years, is
' n i v- a*iE vig ht tohe ew Bauklilhl build-
I W, iro a B. Rive s log, corner. sitae, where he will have
A' h ",MAsset tthreqgh .e eity en coe of tle hbest ications ILllir city.
hto hLAamt .W.iila. Thoy have .Mr. Cook carries a fln*, l1st ol dry
'itl0 bl e phiut fe r day goods, ejohing l nd notions, Lud ls.-
S.iiatmort a mnot de. sIonrte Vldom 'eav J,: ; akI a i matisfactury giurhare. iHe
B 'i~ ."\ ,:i i~ . '' ' ^ .--IL.

' I n

flhainvilli Undertaking Conspainy
S Brown HesUe ourrer store,
Edward FesteIr lo Koohel.l wasr a
ieitor tuothu county capital yesterday,
L. C. MiltunDey of Cadilla was rel-
stured at the Brown Iousue yesterday .
T' K. Owens of Hiih Sprliig was ai
utlinef T isflior t t Lhil oil yesterday.
H. 0. tcvelns, thle jeweler iif ligh
Ipriang, paid Oainelvills a brief i sit
The laltsl modes atf embalminK tpra.
ieed by she (iainev ille Undertakiini
Mrs. L. W. Fennell has retrneusl
r m Mieanopy, wnero Ishe has tbWel on
i pleuant viilt to Mr. Dr. I'ric..
. D. Riley, formerly oif Willefurd
Hbt now making his headquarters in
raokqonville, was in the city yestfr-
d a y . ..... ......... .
Beputy sheriff John A, Thoial of
Willefoud was in the city yiteiday on
butiatrs counected with the sheriffPs

Mrs. Anale B num and Miss (alu of
Lashes were in she city yesterday on
a brief visit to their sIltr., Mrs. II. T.
Mrs. J. U. linea hasI gone to Water.
town, where she will spend a few days
ia the gLUos uf her sister. iMr. W. M.
J. K. Fellter of RochNllh was in the
city yelntrdiy. ie wasu n route to
Tallahasu e. in the vrlnity ofl I-1,bl
plae hl will puro taFe hardwo(l tim-n
ber for the Jaiksoinville (ooperage

M it Cora Wifttslok,w whit h is been
attinding siiiiing schoehl at .Lntioeh,
has returned to her hoite in thi eilIy.
She will hereafter attend hIer singing
school on Waedinieday andl Thiurstal of
each week.
Among the visitors ti thlis eiiy is Ir.
A. U(. Mliseley, a prominelit young riiali
of t)Owftwbcrl. Ky.. iwhi l hire oin at
vrilt to relativesi lih' fna ilie of .1, S.
Otlo4i' and W. 1 lo'lefy, (11 Iirss.
es timnisrlf as ting well plPais. with
J.. W. IVells, .Ir, rti ifi t rman g-r
of thew Vorthingiitlon Sp?'4,rati !it, wA.S
anutnmul the viiTlorl tiA Ititrvritir yres-
ter-Jay, .Mr, Well rIportl .I IeT a
nlturiil r of guelit. t that li"p'nI ar rj.'
sort Just now, and add1 thai she hlthi.
ll at this season is thli" A gr aiii
nita laIlO. ' .O
Sn>lKif tl;he..iiti!lt t lu t llith i ity yp.
terelny was 1. NIL'rfntry of rI Car
Key. IL will Im- renimtalborrd that
seneein ens go ago Mce( ary. wheo
*-. A L L .i-

I'' ' "' " '' I *
I- I ,, I +~ :. u,.

,_". -'-, Al I .

1 ew ,F ioS. Kin-e1Sry was aw.
WD 1H, 61 N1wb.yrf Ia
oas visitor a t his eiy ,w;erdsy.
Ohls V MrQueuo 'q"f Ieuigonn wia
ong s visiho ur o to his'cily )after-

J. FrVeOst of Waeahrlsen wai
Monn tsh, viitotr to ite al city t

tt. Ohituy of Mih rlopy was
mnoIl hose who al4id t(4ilol- wvllil a
l(t visit yesterday.
J. W MODomald of It kry Poiunl; iur
the trogrmsire iruakers of thai
tionI, was in the Aony jystIlrday.
Nrs. U. W, Philpot of C'Isra ped
hroulh She eIty yn1ordtayJ ol ruult
i) lhh.tpplwn weItre skhi will spend
hile0 wiit 'Iltldens,
D. W. M. Torirt, of A rrrmndo and
W. Ln, gll1 of Teoari1 were among
W vistlors to t hi cIty ye6tIrdIy. The
Ittr eallvd at Thie Sun oltMs and re-
wed his subscrlptiou.
Missi Nusd Danels, a aharlmiuRI
oung lady of Hiah 8pritage, pased
rough the city yesterday ou route
iher home fom m ro Orange Lak, where
ho has been vlsiliag frieidei fur a
w days.I
Arters pleasrni visil to Mrs. John
r. Tenoh II Isbn city, Mr. l)ors Wal.
ire of TalltbuaIe depirtIed yesterday
lr JIayporS, where sho will be lith
ue5 of her brother, tRchard Taylor.
>r a few days. Mrs. Wialliae feel
as she is iyet a rusidesat of () ln*me*
ille Arid deilare Ihe is at holmr hlire.
1h hia miay friends in this city,
laob Wiere miad dirinllxer long resi.
sue, and speiks of 'llviiKg as north.
r Id1u" w ih grlat relueltene. Her
lends and. ld companions are alwylr
lad to greet her here.
Wiw 7PnWroV'e r DaU Ahun:
lmbnoonon iWonderful H lve for sale
I J. W. lMoUllum & Co.
0. M. I. ll of Hllaue was among the
isitol reI ttis oily yesterday.

. Mnm W. 0, LIaigifm 4p*pstl in. wrOMn sXPmsw C
lrdiir fuor HUolltor, where s" will -l--
remst in'llSi tday Wte will ti joined wlote of Veotablo S.
by MNP.'. ULwe l o and hil. merist Transfes I
dren, and tIgster thep will proceed to The lo ue* of the vepg
IIumier Hlave. on the o M near dt. Itils action has, reullts
Augitime. ,. tj mny hbatine liand tra
Amnng the vitolth to ths lity isah lhern aprs (Ilulmp
80.0. Fryer of Tax, Totllert county, AtlagI Hout* Agent
UR.. an oleOnive uernhLat,' liner inlg, who has been work
s td lfnier ofI a i progrefirve lith t ritory d Colu, wish
town. Mr. Fryer is brother uf J I. quirlr ai s Iiaavlnai, hi
IYier, well knuowi in Ithis l atio This rerrel si-rwlitcf to Hiium
it his lirst Vtllt 10 0 lmlo vllle, and he with h iealualritr in 1
seems well pleoked. Mr. Wolfe having be" s
For 1Sate a' ite;l,-U- use end lot rlry leave Of alncne -r
k.nows u thl Jaoksaon houslt; ountaiml otiou Mr. WMr, Wdiungi
I(ine rIoomn, iltu*Ied corni r ArredumI .h i tiihet vii u lln uwi, bh
do and U nhalnk Mil m .ti.di wta aorsofoff (this oifflow has hi
land two miles trllii ill i iumilew. _.p, ste_ n...h. ,
vii,. i -,; O icr are. ilhltivtltod;. i th pat.few nniiths ltI
SIerve r turt, rpl1y water. Jnquule (ralharn, sliule ia bAe
.,f X. I%. Vll0, Usilnel llet, or a sao Joeph 1.anl', who hal I
Slevatl, 18M kjuth Third street. ala a lerku ico in the (Jaloue
a. dwif been relieved here aud
( Point, has decided to lake Ihe W. H. in the traflo departn
DI)Mler farm, and will it onCeI pro. Frank Alirens, who has
ee0t to cultivate the same. Thiis tligh Spring.-Citra run
one of ties motg fertile tracts in Al lived. arid his plane lat
chus county, and Inamuch a. Mr. mneswestrlr Harry Molko
Beek il regarded as a mo l competent formerly ou the H-ligkl
treleker, Ihe oombiiatiop will o doubt run Mesifisger .MNla
be suosetful. suecrelded u l tlii rnil
Arthur Adams, a ynung mlnll of Weir W. J. A.tde'rson. Sir. (
Park, is at the Odd I Fllows' 1 liitar taini his positi Ln ai wia
lum, where yesterday Dre. Phillips cashier o(f thI i;irervi
and Lartigue performed a minall Our- Th express nio'eii
Iteal operation. They were iasliited and veretablesi has 1I'
by bliss UCoway, one of oWh)1 eflt'ient fur thie rlasopl jloti
traIiled nurses. Thei patient is doini required a large Itrrvu
HItely, and will be enabled to r turni to blslineii.
hil bone in a few days.


t i-LT Large Nunmber of Finds Galhereds O
Prominent BusIHess Man of Alachus Pay Their Lasl Repet s
Talks on Cotton Situation. a '.'u
SThe flur*eral of 51r. Johlln W. %ilfr,
J,. F iseh,s or meanbtwr of sthe he ad death of whom oeourred ni
iHrei of tlie J E. Futch Company, Ala.- is hlool .11iiday beni'Ktif. was held
ohum, who are among the imoti ex- frosmt hs. rseide(te if the d.eras t.d a..
inil me rhinle i in e t Oie us it 3:Se o'cwtlok 'Tue-dml.y ItltIrfrnool, and
in the city Tudiieny otn brief vlit to wi! largely atiieiled tiy tiho vrikoil
hise family, who reide here. was rlati e y.! ati d it t Ih t arit.,
In speaking of the oul ttot c ro il his lati aclt.rie d W ~ l .lll t Iy
section. Mr. Futch stated thlt thv 1- perm s were e a d
Lt*.* W. .1 Caruewiter of Kavanaugh
dilesiolns were hlte crop would twI l I il: h lii Jtwuiri, u llrlcr. f int l autl.
etuonl Iabiut two weeks ahle niiI llui r.m t ,,r dI .
last seali. "Thle growers il th Ala- ia ld thry of de
chum section will be harves'tilg ohs The funeral proit>'aifl wisiA 0 o0if
crop early in AigustI and the til thoe lmrmr.t ever htli Ise thins. oly.1, Ai
of te Ifrind-i ds rltf p to tilt' le d l.a"
niries will .kipn operation ,y A-gwot laot triloie ailfrispeet to the dd.
"thlu ri Thre il Ir oiiI to be Tuiheil Wtl. iry tliotratll (hi
"the tfcrn crop is also oins to t be asiun wer4- very ti arato wiid frig-
fine in ith Alachus wnetionll hii y*ear," rani, L ail a lt,- tild .l oil w the gi.rvie .
contiied Mr. uch. rh tin ;ove.r andd tetelrn in which ldee,.ldl ~ Ai
condooted Ar, Futh. %who 1weanw en- held.
thullastil. e" The proupesii are that -._ -
the yield will be larger than for minny
year, and u as result the farmers arc
In eele pThe Gainesville
3Mr. Futoh uwns a hlhandiume orange
rouve near Nooatee.i DeS.ko couu nt
which is In excellent cosUdition, a id
which he deolares will brinN a hand. Undertake ng C

sonie Income ineit year. The grove is |
Std by those who have *sete- it. to tw
one of the most thrifty in thit see-i
lion. I


Carry C.otimpili 1. l.ii if

Caskets ail

- Collins

SP1lnlSt in PiFnet at i Pres Ito Sit

Prof. Guilliamn 0Declares it Eclipstl All
Former Undertakings. EXPERT- FNE:ltl- liIiltK.
In writing The Sun from nt. Iu.uis, 'ademtl iewt.,l noretwr etir~s .t t. nw i A
i'rof. J. M. ul illiam ., formerly super. lo urile s io .t.p lro er ant i tl.r.itl,,.iln rur
-iYs iirrv i'rn'l oh oi|m. Htiin rKt .Itfi l .4.4
Intteqlden orf Et Florida Seminary, uuthlrw tuntalyii Ia11 rl.4Utrei ; irot-
and who hasr accepted a positio on the tlouuba ut rumieuni iiu- ll,* lri-
faculty of the SJoluthern Normal .chw)l. FIHOQWN I1r17. ll ) ( NKE TO(r.
Bowling frNen, Ky., ays -
a1 have peint nearly ithe weeks am I01ARCM STUiP
the fair. It Is a wludttrful sexhibilniti. I
It n"eelslsthe hicago fair in every fel.. U L" LR ..
"t %)TO. Are. the I0% The
S"The' weather with thIlt exception ,iofr dii i Brlr-
two or tnro*. daly has lheeni very pl.* Do it Brokerl
ant. age Co,.
. "I shall leaIv in a fIw days forjuyi nilrr. -. alri'i
old home. Shall attend commeneie i i

menit t atmy tiini mater Central Nor.! -
nal College, Lanville, lIid
"Mly work' o-utherit N\nrmial
Sclludl, Itowlinig I(reen, Ky b-gii
AIUgt ." 1.
Read This.
.1itlll ', Aia., I'f.,l. It), l Ir*.
lr. E I. .all, St. i.oju is. lu.-bear
i>r;' liPurni thrt pist yielr Wte have
oild ueyr td t-ity.lour doxunll "Htll'mo

avlI, cures daalwar.. seminal owls.
iUrvlt 1ivryk l jr r l ln l hit> thUfn tiilad-
helr triiailta. i e a l alirii gi thiit ilimtS
i'Al' f,''irtt.'r t lit) ;ill t iita' -
Ytmio M rreis ttaily.
ti. Vi.m A4%rn u eIt p .'t %
Sye A Texai Wondor.t ,
Oir imaiill xoittlh of the Trial Wan-
der, 1tll8 tir-iat ,'ls oprr i all
iditLly aliid ilatdder troltrli*, Ureioves
graivel, curve dihabei. seninal etai-
lieie. wak latd iJme bulksi, rhriium.
tiitn aid ill irrmgularitivs of the kid-
uney, and Iladder In both .men and
woe'u n. reiAlres tiadder troubles ilt
hi lilt P le If Ialit sailit ll tiw vnm i l bead r el

* -~-N,-- ,

Dr. Merritt orthell
..lhe Celebntaed...
I lNew York Oculist,

aWUJ2u 1 Al-IT

ls T t' ic Al. r


Ma .g

'"- m
In Sirvl 2r
ublior e
d in a e4

nh",Ir 'aI
ish's #en3
UI. i. o w "
i iR iii this
1 tbanii

m .Al wir Wql,|
t elu 1I4

141 dhea usa e
u# ,th, b

nit'llll IW iral.W
wLnL uWplo
villn otoherI

I b oefi a oS:
* has v bosa g5
ibsen frlnis1
inad, iwho gil
amld ha. been
by 31Msng#
krlaiam will r.
iiig afigt aa4
lie otih'e.
iwis of frwlt *
I V*Vry hagtqy t
vlosd. ltad i
l'o hiaridYl' at

, ...r ,- .



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