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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 26, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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A. TUESDAY, JULY 26, 1904




' _'-_ -. -

f URYSO TRATP II n oun triune -E L ug we po tpoir.S until tomorrow.

.4H M~ U iT IC* -i -h -uj.cs. sIDI n ew 0 d ir & Co., md Swif were rpow
Leae ""n"" ,H I f l--Sir &obr, B-sn D I H oa being? operated In nearly all dE

i ad Arean from iverpool after ngEfforts to Sttle the Strike I to join the strikers.
s..j, eled up New Found4and's share in Armour & Co. claimed to hae 1.33

Sapasen lam the Antlo-French treaty. Western Cities. m independent of menhanit. an
-__- --- Interviewed by the Associated Press 25 oce employee at work i the vi
t -,AnTED FOR TWO DAYS. ti the subject of the Hay-Bond treaty. A JOINT CONFERENCE IS HELD. rous departents. Four hundred ter
whlch Is awaiting ratification by the union men. Swift & (b. claimed F
Kuoo Svnt s h senate, the pberemieu? said:o gvFormer Agreement Conaidwed Abro .have 145 men -at work, oildinagr 4
aspa From"I have been unable to give the
yr_ S-- .u Bro,,_itish government any hupe tbaz the ated-New Demnds Call for Rein, .oer. endors
>mw s.r Otsw taatrnm- W'ar Weaty to which It lent support will be statement of Kiuling Gangp and the .. ,,n,,d fro
ratified by the United states. New Butchers in a Body. These there plants were reported a
Jul^ 2 -Gnera Kuroki rAoundland is and has been anxious to keeping their killing departments i
c .-. Kurwe reeiproclty upon a mutually Chicago. July S.-The joint cofer- 1, -rU. but we4 tyin
St occie MLao-Yang on advantageous basis with our great, nce Tay tj r tW-he Jon CO ful oprthio" n but wee-uyngne
T"th the stuckly neigh cattle Toee norr bogs.
.T l h Wet fortifid friendly neighbor. To secure that stike reiuted in as disagreementL The plantF of Schwartch^ld & RW"
..u..n., who defendeditend Ihave made e very eorton b er and the National P-ki
latent with the dig nty an!i interest
the figting General Kurokia of the colony. More than is. New Chicago, July -The labor leaders were sid tn be ted up in al dpar
bodrie the RushiaB. from their Foundland. has given American fish. went into today's joint conference with en pt e sipping.
fortified politlon on the COl ermen during 14 years rights which tn- packers prepared to suMbmit an en.- Two i notic ebe in _
4. e~~~~~~ontirneuten teenean
which Is northwest ef Motien it has power to withhold, tt hrs ben tirely new basis fur settlement of the conrenceetween te conte
Ipartis P'resident Eknuelly was fli
and east of App ing. inflicting a matter of comment in connection stock yardIs strike. partI -r si-cm-eeot I.eK. Ia i
t enemy more serious losses with Joseph Chamberlain's ciam tha The labor representatives apparently a t- m, ,
the~~~~~~~ ~~~ enmToeirosloss "amte I.r representatives... "
they isustaIned themAelves. The New Foundland gives America greater cousidered the former agreement ab-t es Sw & Co 41 t
-: privylleges than the mother country. rogated by the action of the packers I be represented on the packers corn
m The next move In the-matter nmun: yesterday. Their new demands cal mittee.
"--| -(S -( be on the part of America. In th, un !-or tIe immcidlate re-instatement ofj A dozen or 15 union offeias wen
t: toward event of our failing to secure killIng. gangi and meat butchers In a: present in an aneroom, and tknnth
aLny m easure of reciprocity,, it may be. body. j was among these. The two sub-corn
+ come necessary-although I hop:' -I Th- action of the packers whbch was mlttees were cloeeted in an innei
I"lV& wlU-to put into execution tho.n crtened amounted to arogaltion of apartment
N i lI dGlferentiating tariffs which the other V-irrcay's agremrnt for a sstt.' The absence of Pretdein Domneni
..""". British colonies have enacted against t1ill consistel in al'cg4d 4icrimnina- from the active c;nmitwe is by ,,u
Foreign Courltieb. The adoption It n,I,, against the men in the matter ct regarded as a rebuke for ts action o
--.our 33% per cent preferential treaty re niploymen L The n-w compact! yesterday in ordering a- newal of tUh
In favor of the British manufactured t prtes no only for the re- strike.
witistaht prov',des not only for the ".i"
goods would turn the whole of our bus- ...ent of the iling gais nd the After the joint conference had beet
:-a Inns. With. tbe United States oter
rngc- nitat lt pitchers in a boy. but also se,. si on a .ho-tie the packed
.-+.-:._ .. rCanada. New Foundland has not- so c:ray took up d'-wands oW unsklle, withdrew in urdtr to consider a prop
-rM A far adopted this preferential tariff. men. osition by the union.
Because It was thought that sooner or Tho^e present t"ndav weret. members'
... t ,o later the United States-both from the C ,,,,. i t.. .;,jjps y.ter. hino. .IIY T> *O- con
W"lh bt On'-the ISO and ended on,_ 0, S11bXc0Mrnttk-%,.i v:p ,untks y". ter-! he,.... _-. o ..- o,
l ost1-. -. .ewpoi rf .elflnterest ard In r4- d ,',, (an -,-C,,; ucPt raIn.t a bas trutiIof tii '%.,rd' *: ,. -.[ t;.
Th.Japaese lost 424 men in killed!t_"1 lor a nnatCT~al s1ru or genuine p,-,,ent tu the l ni'abfrsh-ip erl.'.t;on" as u.-.! in tn,. ,+ ii- b : tra
dwonnded. -he ; tenshipOa eact the recprocaR of h. conference. They were:. ti'r. eernent lid-wetu !te ,3:..r-
-a--= re -,mted at L0"W. T. l i i, P-e'-- "homa. (,ni ane, 'h- unien ]eadPr io i-+gw. :h
-- e. R I The Associated F-ress learns that hL .
5-- U -oe*al Ku-rokl. bgan .lB advance- .. ..:;. ... .. ^ .era ha ,-.+,:, ;.ting Armoulr & t ).; : n.i.r.... in hc iic U.. ..
:_ eary In the morne of-tne 18thi. He-, t+ r .. .... __.. _r__,_ ; I+)I +^" e. K^ .s ^^rrt.& r* Ltnt+. ..,,--., *0- t~lni .h ...." ,+
IS dne:: + a~t E+a-m totlrJI axrs/ny o :i.ctni ,wt Ctire onfl i ntn i.
-- co e red u d followed the enemy I ; ,.,_ w .__ F Swit, Swift & Co.; Edward idel, le t e. n "hich wa" ren"e-" e-

".-taUons, with eight guns, turned- and tio on th~it--= iii + -i K.- +, ; L+ aa. National Packing ito.: J. E., -" .
* -.. u: on mis sjecL or Kobert re+ -. ,," -: .. "-.'- -r I \n afttempt nade yv.. ter .to af
ttked the Japanese advance guard plied: 31a".rr. Schwartenhiiui wi tulzcueer; ai""pt ....
-T-prQl U, ty. : 'I am t~n r ,,,,l,- ,n,,,.,+aj ,,, ,,, **...k l~u.,iu l-,uan. ,.U,,ty&^*' fnfiit ,,.r~ar1P />h ni ,, ,< teB,/ ..... ih u SU?. -id
_.____ = _, --'- o-,-e .o .,__ .._;__. T,,..., 1 ^. other ji;ni conncr,-ace was -c.ednle4
: ana!gm-tin. New Foundland neith. For tio l nlo -- ina .for to day.
-:= "_ er desilre n ; PRINZ HEINRICH INCIDENT, .or"the American Feeraton of Lhab or; t i,' lafferenl opinifs were eipr^-sed b

--m_ ,_j_ _- .... arrangement compared wifth the du o the Pack.n ltao m as to the outcome 0
German y.Samel- l vantages it would entail." inir House Teamsters' union. Juneph the usotiations for the etement o
Not me R entd. : Morton. of the Stntiunary remthe re-awakeed. struggle.

:i "ia"m "'" +, i Fe lTe packers ueeiined to give tnteiC
Petersb- --1 "'0 p.0 IVSR ve
St Pe.r..burg July 23.-Il: :p. m. cA STRANGE PRISON. llam Shardt. f the Chicago Fe4 C It o
oration of Labor: 1"icbael "rnnelly, .vews on the prospect of peace
The Rftslau government has given Was Confined3 Betw n Narrow Walls -of the Butchers' lon Should no adjustment of the trou
twrmal aaurucees -to Germany that oTw YearT. Folo ng yesterday's determination bl be reaed i e nt
them~ symatht' strik of thetiio oftbhei5
- there _will be No repetition of the New York July 2-5After nearly? to Ehut d fun the killinw department, Y thte strike the oth
Print I Heinirich acident. .vto $eats3 imprisonment between two until e -ufflcient number of nonunion 1t'en a.pioyed In he packing indu
WheTer this includes a definte no rck wal four torie hig a only men can be pr wnred to operate the, prtcally s certa
a "nt tbe .o ted .o -e. riek oilapat.'a kttenfour a:rrles high aua only men p ede. _. "
0-cation that the converted volunteer 3 a kt hnant.N without imperilin -the industry. I wat arrmUea for-beore La. acree
,_.a 3 ... I 3tnches ulur h a kitten b ",h trinet d .



. _' "- .
-- ,: ; -D.


I ; -W .:
p.ObsetinBone CactersLLDfe .

i, Roued" Up and SM.M. PM
f The-- P~chSd Us.te St a leA
B House.- -
SBone Steel S. D9 JJuly 2t- r i -
eztremely quiet day and igte, a a-
ous shooting affray took pbece abeat
o'clock this morning.
Syivester C. Harraisot d W k,
SKansM,. and a maa named Sm.ul.
I whose addresfts cannot be temed, two
! special policemen were shot by a Iw
I of things In front of a saloy .
t Harrison was shot inthe t re thea
* 'and at first it was thought his ua
r, wouM4 prove fatal. Later wivs al4
r he was resting easily and It Is mow
hoped he will recover.
9 Stansbrough*'s wound In tbe- le
r and will not remit serkIosly.
e Harrison. who is about 24 year o0 -
r age. arrived here last night vth -a
friend, whom he claims, th yMlO
r man in good finances. Os a
l Lover of excitement, he at o Jce Saj-
ft ed the police force and had baa a
S' duty but a short time whet he w
! shot
f The men who did the Sbootlug e
s I caped. A vIiglf e oauittee was at
o once formed and began zou~ing np
the objectiontble characters a t-
i town.
S' The stadon house Is full a, arrm
. are bte;ng mde -every few m S".
a-: It -is reported that a picked tat*
It Ue occurred at a sot behos. a Sg
+ i east ef the town, In which a domeI a
I IS1 shots were exehaaged, bat the "
fr: tails are not yet obtutnable.
F- Information of a definte caacr
i [ is hard to secure. The watoo where
I the shooting occurred this inorato
r. was the scene of mnber hI>


Pr McLendon on Oapeftion of ,,e t

I Thomasvflle, Ga., July tS.- OB
S. G. McLevdon arrived bore f

r AtiaUta an nas gvea out tMe fEbW
ing communication relative to his ofll
1. ions regarding the state railroad:
S My suggestlon rerd 6 ft
r Western and Atlantic railroad Is M
i. of protection. The method i. sMac
j dary. I believe the bat pet
I I would be the sale of the roa. the peW






-a -
9# ~





~ a


." '. *": ^ ^

!: -*~~ s ^
-- _." ".' '

' + i:" ^

.__ i '.S

.- o. .
= .' '

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** Af





... = L" ":- ''"'
. :-.-

-. .- S."=. ..
_. S C-7'_./ .. -.+.

I_. : -: .

r -
a -_ +,

I' -


: 7 --_ _. -. --
WI.S i I E .BA Ji 2. 1k
-?fl-DAIL Y. -,_* r. .
.i ik .- .. -. .. -. ,. ... : ,.
I F : p ._ _" .. .. i -- ..: '
.-'-.. --- ..._" -.m .-. "-- .- .
-'' b-i .- --"- '-- = l --: "=l:---"" -- "-: 1 """"-
. XO .M rowtl. lw


r1=. "..z7 .f ... .-


7. -V

I .-.-l q h q f h q
f., :: Alti::,:
*-,_ _: -. a.- ..:...s_.. .. .. .. _. z .


l^~ GalteCmmas Plo eMd Grabbled His
il^ !W=V T ;hne* '* : TEW Freedom.
K i~ f "-- ; :*..--. "- -^

i ouw 4e.r Haw Be en furnished

Dett~ShtIr-b tif. f ILe Stookes of Mi.
^. -'*Mpy>fteof the matf competent of-
:.:E the m'.aty, was in th-city on
oas aoins Monday.
4 *Oflsr Stokis reports a~ most won-
: :.-.-..7 "-. i-- -- .-' -- : -

kdaM afts bev enpe of fa prisoner
F- at MSiubp Snf night. Joe Dud-
a s, y. aW.y lgro more familiarly
S"MNW Smky J,'5 locked up
r a:I4 II"y'ft a uo charge

l. -1 t b psIgrbhi.-| 5t51o had lut moth-
::~ ~~ we I by -&*do unr mi who illli i i b"n
ug tI t immediate wiuity of she

:"::m II i~ IP :l 'SMIm w th a 4 ai i !
.& sw insetd of trouble. He declared
rt- to O ser Stokes hat without provmw
^' e "Smdoky Joe" i ame to his house
. a"id lt he" ad head about thioIA
.: whi ~ b (the o hmplainant) Md raid
E^ aboe him, atd threatened to feed the
..' b- d.s on his ear before the set-
*'. ti"g of the On on Mondayi. With this
|2.O the man In the defensive slammed the
' d 00&and made a hasty retreat through
-; the sar, and while Dudley believed hep
adl his man a isued in~ the hose the
I--c. 7
,;-j k oaflf was spat him. -
.But this is not all Dudley was
.- pae.0 uMde a'liest and taken to the
town jail. whee he ws locked up to
"* arwait the nation of the justice eomu
Ft- the foflwing^Drning. Wish a wofle
y^-derful degreeof ingeuiity, however,
'it. *he anaged so break through the eon-
|- ~erUfllmrwith the heel of his shoe.
and denised on dggiqg himself out of
',}:*' wmnuement. When Ofier Stoae a,-
^ rived to sake his prisoner once more
';- 5330 th pue fra air, he discovered
.-. tha~t he had flowu as the bird-and
* there was nothing doing.
^ O. o er Stokes has left a description
LI*. of the agfro with Sheriff Fennell, who

::.- wifkl eep alok-oUt for him.


Onef.-of Gainesvile's Bet and Mos
Popular Citizens Passes Away.
SThe friends of Mr. John W. Phifer
will regret to learn of his death, which
oecuPrred at his home on Easlt Seminary
street at half -past 6 o'clock Monday
eveing, after a lingering illness of
several weeks.
Deceasemd was one of the oldest resi.
dens in this section. He was a nativei
of North Carolina, and eame to Flor-
.ida in 18, settling at Campville. He
hbsqa-ently removed so Roebelle.
where he resided. until about three
ye ars ao, when he followed hi seon.,
bho were in buAsine here, to Gaines.
vie. In this oetyptie ha since resided,
- .-aLA ILlkm Ea a ua a I V Am .a---t

-2~~* -~



- .- .-


- .L _


S __________
- -.- I


- i

- Kodol

MOw 1.00 bk fl M f--
e VW asm whbebi sils fa me
ps by IL 0. DkWt & 6c Cosno.

Sold by All Druggists.



of North Gainesville Wilt
Good Tim e Tonight.


. The progressive people of North
Gainesville, ever alert to the proper
thing when it comes to keeping build-
ings and premises in good order, have
realized the necessity of repairing the
North Gainesville hall, which has been
a*oumeof a great deal of social and
religious benefit. They have noted
that the building needs a new roof.
and that a few of the clap-board. were
loose and decaying, and have decided
to com*L together and give a grand ice
ream social, the proceeds of which
are to be used for the purpose of
pdlaing the hall in good repair.
Tals sociable will be polled off this
evening in North Gainesville, and it
goes without saying that the good peo-
pie of that suburb will be present in
full force and spend their money free-
ly. __________


of Chronic Diarrhoea After Ten
Years of Suffering.

"I wish to uay a few words in praise
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy," aays Mrs. Mattie
Barge of Martinsville, Va. '1I suf-
fered from chronic diarrhoea for ten
years and during that time tried van-
ons medicines without obtaining any
permanent relief. Last summer one
of my children was taken with ehol-
era morbus, and I procured a bottle of
this remedy. Only two doses were re.

dred, however, that could not be cared
by the timely use of Ohamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrboea Remedy.
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Judge Parekr Fixes Date For Notifi
,cation Ceremonies.
Esopus. N. Y.. July 25.-Judge Park.
er has fixei Au;. 10 as the data lor the
ceremonies notifying him of his npmi
nation by the Democratic national con..
mention as a candidate for the preli-
dency of the. united States.
ell Known Railroader Dies. W
New Ailbany. Ind.. July 25.-Blaine
Mlardihal died tothily az&-e 8$ years. He
was a conductor on the Monogahl t
railroad from 1SiO0 and to 1860, an_
superintendent of the Louisville and
Nashv!lle railroad during the civil war

i r f l ., ....A .- T i r a._. --

p Arc nfl kvflcaria -o! soas Inr ct stoes
trouble, bilksam or a tad r xaa mvie
weflt UWertke y. j)oU't it a bo
mI ckm*'lt^tXakc rlr iiltt^hr lfirfr

eW MeSo ta or ril
hi bei dily. inS.
iEq. ad mr of td h tmomamb *
. dew lo dipon. Kod-l w
tudg Stoo Thto my discovery rqims
sut S. uaturf ala diutg B
a tey al In ai healthy tomA.
a wflt uw greaoou nwu W ton
and eotlv propta- KSo-
DyIspIsa Curs does not only cur In-
remedycwures all smach trouble, by
ceam~ing. pufrifying. wveetentng end
inigthsngn the mucoiu membnom
fdIo qsaSS

-mera W in Rn frow Savannah te
New York.
New York July 25.--A new tem
fhip company is to be etablihet
Which will -be lin direct comIetitio
with the Savatnahi Lbte, which pile
between H oboken and Savannah.
The proposed line will only do a
freight transportation business lad
carry no passengers anmd the agentU
of the company will be John W. lI:
well & Co. 21 State street. New York.
M r. John W. Elwell & Co. admitted
that the fine is to be established, but
declare the plans are Incomplete and
it would be premature to make known
the details.
-The coming of a new line of stea-
ers is a matter of Importance, for 'it
will open a keen competition in cot.
ton. l. amber and resin and turpentine
trom Savannah.
At the Hlolboken Land and Improve*
i mf-nt comr.pany-s office It was said
that the ir:p of Palmer Campbell to
Europe bad nothing to do with the new
project,. a.s olr American capital is to
be finlrjvt-d in the project.

Chamborlain's Colic, Cholera and Di-
arrhoea Remedy.
This remedy is certain to be needed
in almost every home before the sum-
mer is over. It ean always be de-
pended upon even In the most severe
and dangerous case. It is espei all
valuable for summer disorders in hil-
dren. It is pleasant to take and never
fails to give prompt relief. Why not
buy it now? It may save life. For
sale by all druggists.

Express Messenger Killed and Several
Others Injured.
Ka.nss City, July Z5.-An east-
bonnd Ci!oradn passfnger train on
the At:-ti.n. 'in peka and Santa Fe
rai!way wau- ditefied today S miles west
of, Ki.:sley. Kansas.
Expr..- .ssner ,Sewall. of Kan-
.as City. was killed and several others
were st rlmwulv Injured. A specIali
train bearing physicians was sent to
the scene.

Safeguafd the ChildreR.
Notwithstanding all that is done by
boards of health and charitably in-
'lined persons, she death rate amoug
small children is very high during the
hot weather of the summer mouths in
the large cities. There is not probably
one case of bowel eomplalnt in a hun-

^bs ha tdr *1MW 1S~- it tb*i

^\ thiegti Oput=Berf sot ashd-
^\ ttai^Eead og aifinmiM peadlftche
ninth, bOyff M psdh
ut-up 'ga wn It4a~Y. -

For Sale by Johnson Brows Gainegville




T I- w JkiL ra w A **i-y-O'S

Jacksonville and New York,
Calling at CHAR LTON, &.C., both ways.
Thu nt Um uap u la Otf Sues
Clyde New England and Southern Lines
,Dimt Series Between ACKSOVILLE, BZOTO aW
Calling at Char ite both ways.

S@ta t Sbm ... .. ...... .............F mL w VIOWhaf,. Bosow
NorthbMS...&d......a.....*.. 7q Footm of _-theiet., Jaapoiu.

Clyde St. Johns Nivz Liar
3twneen jACXOqNviLL S and SanWRDm
IStopping at Pla Astor, k. hmasis Berefoi (DeLod),a laudimedian
Land up oa St. Job River
Leves Jfte vie -IJO p. m. tmia a Thdays.
Learem Sanford 910 a. m.MUdas.Weltadays and Fridas.
Is appointed to sail as fohows:

Lea ep ....................n..... ..:.. ... -
I e jO pm ........ ..... ..... ..... .J. .... l........ .: ...... ue S-
I ;0 mm................... As- ....S-t......... .... .F s a. mcg m
4^0u .. .... ........ ....... .Si. za ei.... .....-..;........ i^O Mi
.I ... *.*.. Berefoito (DeLmai) ...... ....... -LiS a 's ..S.pam........... .. u... ......... ....... 1- St-
1000 am ...... _D.T._I..Eiterr ... .......... .... JC S NIL

-" ",^



Smon om a a. n J OA WLe aw, s wna a ,. S .,, .. ... 1
W OOOPEl Jr., fnrki Age t C. P. LO.I aF.....a..
fiof Rnaa use. sLO
A. C. RAwrTY. CGn- lfl Peam Agt.. New Yet CLYIBMLMW. aFtht.UT
Geina_ IWana"er. e-M_--" mowl. "
CInbfll. aiu*. BRans s-n New Ya

saumas a nP l asA muaa m-


,-- r'~

S a a aIS.a


fill 1 AND

SCIDU 0115

$^En ##


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rj<~-w- *
r-I&t: ~:>:
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- I


*gl~lc-Wlw o~wd a now

^|&&^J-^ A^{fftffr-^A--* 4^^

^f-"-^^^-^ _.:-- -:i. ..-W ~ f .i-..'

Lb Maim am.ui m-

SI Mr. West Whe Will-am
t. a mi0hus. w M w

W-MiaYm Mr. WaS
As- th inruder- to 414M MT gop,
h espsay and his marks wewe
16- A L it

a- Wip othyou s.- of

hIe replied, sand I prop
T fliins# of "Do it Now" did not
I to work very wU in thi i..
9ilae samfa ML. Was immedbtel
r| tka. mugscr, aswithabgl
.-I a. d b (b aegro).bad a
I. a wa o bh the erwib- bad-
I aiwtb a t"l Darw knife. .A
,^*t '&ajh waamsdesatosnd the throat,
a ^ tbe tarlcey ahooi feel grateful
ka te knife vs not a sharp one, for
seM m -.mawd have .lived to tiu
bw ttwit.hapNemd.


Ie- D"'Wk'(L'5x3flh of a Young MIha
S- and" His Lady FrieS Su ,a-y.
F Them is in ami ajag experience rla-
t-s 0f a yo-ux geemas. ad his lidy
fh-. .-inkdi were o. drVLa S-idlay
mise mfno ad enjoyingf the gentle
Smpbyn of a Sunday afternoon. The
- voa i and his fair ody friend
wine taking matoe lebiturely in the
4 ii--.y of Bogown trek. when a
oom. awiaml appeared in the road
l---if f.ont of the beug.
-:%- '"h, what a lovely little animal,
t eai.ed -the young lad7. la believe
it iSS a fox How I do wish I could
a;te It home.?
--.ItiS a pretty animal, and you ball
:. he i if l can get aear enough to ap
.- ta. ie,". piMd the young man.
S Aa~-dIg ly the young man left the
3' HwB crept upon the animal and
~ gLabbed it by the throat.
It happened to be a skunk-the
.- fl. e earvn noaine the rest.
r S._k Appointed. Got Dow to .at Prahie Creek Monday. -
.AN M-X-I. an.def-.t_ W. Hide and

I~~~lIII~~~- ,--7 --"- .:

t~~~ ~~ itUm~~nsw~

--. .. 2 i ,- -. t.._o. .: _

-A am. uh.z o q ua. -

The Sn Set St
wi i eIi--_ U to- to-- to
Phiflip M~st m resarmed frm a
brief be" p-ss m IJmra as she COos
Ui-snt- A. .she na.e Bea.
IL 3-. e0, lr.. hau resmed fromv
White Spoam ,where be bas been me
a .amug hfrma few oUas.
TI mhea hasahot 5$nG old pepoe
a haA whiko will be closed en ian
lof w Iw or m st at 1 per 1,00
K. Foim of At as, of the
a:otld it of tha pogre~ve towns
l-. a buMsi.a mvisw to GS ieWI1..
clwwai, A.- Paul, peal paet for
-N United Bat"e land oI,. has ren
tutued from an extended official visit
to West Florida.
S. 0. Dell a progresive MUSMEoI of
Maaa, -kw fIn c th e ity yeatrday.
He wa eam route from Jn ksoville,
where he has been o etown s.o
Jam Ohanot of Alahusa was in
the Gity for. a few boo yesterday.
He was en route from Jacksonville,
where be has been on ba ines for the
pmt two or three days.
Mrm. Polly Bennett of La Crmoe was
in the aity geaftrday. She is an aged
wilew of a Confederate soldier, and
Sam for the ppose' of investigating
the matter of sesuiag a pension.
I AUea A Snie Graham have re.
turdf aM IL.two weeks'"Visit to St.
'ou* and the World's Fair. They re1
Port a flue tins, and declare the fair is'
the &>e'* thing .f the kind the world
ever aw.
Mll. Rcbyr Richardson. a charming
ytnngladyeth tlaata, hl n the cilyon
a visit-to her sister, Mrs. 3. 3. Me~Nu-
aM. Miss Rlcehrbaou formerly at-
tended aeb..I here. She is now a utile.
liner of Atlanta.
3. M. Endel dinnred yesterdaj for
Asheville, N. 0., where his wife and
daughter are mOW sojoumlag. He was
called by telegram aunouccing she ill.

ne of Mrs. Endel. It it to be hoped
that he will find the patient much im-
B. B. Voyle and W. Thomas have
I returned from Atlantic Beach, where
they -nave been recuperating at the
Continental Hotel for the -past few
days. They report the breezes very
exhilarating and the crowds entertain-
lngat that popular resort.
The friends of UtI Margaret Robin-1
sos, who was operated upon fora.pen-
dieitis at the National Odd Fellows'
Sanitarium a few days ago, will he
-gratified at the information that the
yong lady is improving, and the'
ehaunee- are that she will be out in s;
few days.
Mli. L. A. Williams ofWayerous,
Ga., who has been for the past few
days on a visit to her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Pournell. returned to her
houn yesterday. She was aecom-i

WEb *'f ln Win n#:bUTVCM-I I I 5:I!
-: h-_ F P <.I.H. .1 .. --: .. ,....--: --: ...-.- ..". -.-
t k
ift ... ."A.d -= .. -Now-- .. -,

Ti Me 191ROLt* B21 Tm.M rtf m n ~
'... .. _I -_.. f ^^ ... .- A W- *- _P .* 0-_ .- --.. : _- :" -. -..; : ,' .-

mode ua btaiasblt GaPa..E.str
on.r ,hum.modes fl.Iiaa ""mI-in --_
-in the EWtaLblbimeut thi -n .in -UF"of the J D
abbot corn ta-lack in baeat a show
WOO I-.S-- ----3I E -_- '. -f_ .. "b-l--. 0 -i -

DOW ork G A GEMfl IA rna
athe' p ubi c th e e nos "a t-.-_-.'--
apodem rei"e ob J"TH. .FR K.ITIOEA Ld w PM--
On* of the =Ge~t oeippAoe ,, m A w- m'an'
in an establUbmata of thkindis ta rlj7 VD T MlIt~l B*f~
eabioe4 eomtoaisin teott h dm ti iIV ?11 AI In j0 1
oueain white, VM. RO-Tbe A* AU XAVla R
urufUat -of thcovew ago an soft A"a TST~ TT^S
ame Trklus Uyle -of Mekft&t y be ^-Ai? B *-- -

embfaingproess Iitutedwithab_ THE ONLY CHARTERED BANK IN AL&CHUA (O
modern sad ecWienifi e zxtcweor the
pro -rpreparation ad *bipnmt of Capital.... ._.o. .... ._.... b .000 0
remains. The room i pai ted white,.
and will be kept in fiat eSol. "-_Surpu and Undi.Yided. Proft.. 25,000
An attractive p walo, .,0 Makd SI
ranged in a nest andom amue .SUN r.T -
This parlor will be covered wih a
handsome des-ign of inoleum, ad the _,_,_l__._"-_"__"_-_ ,_-_-_'-__ _--
room will be fitted with he Date ad -- -
best furuishingw. The Boor or th.
;tore rom will a:o be oered withs BIRA I I R LC III--
linolem. This department will be
ffed up in the most atttrfteie Manner, *IW I ^t II--*" I ri I -
and wil be presided over by a eom pee -"oor .-1
tent U. .V YL.M B
In the rear of the oA room will be Til an u -dom .l-r -f .uri
earried- the *ook and trimming room, enuay Our manager has linE ix this eoaB.E2'h1tJ7S*IUS
also the manu facturing department, hrOq ouen with -an1 ths.
where picture frame and alt kinds of _
job and cabinet work ir--execoted in i i'I *
the mot up-to-date manner. Th is 'F Ej CYT F i
firm will als carry a full line of I o. .. .
daks, cmnemnasdphotwgrapic sap fclB AOCIDET, BUEGLAREY AND nMMNE)ITT iSaxaCa 3
plies, and work will be fin ied for -a igammof zanet "nSY wis x
amate ial department ha m
been fitted op for this branch of the S- n^in^t1 J aJ-.-.a
business._ "'_"-
A full line of robber stamps and sutp- __taM'S -M
poies will be carried, and i J i "
any kind of stencil, stam.p or seal will | -A | i htll I
b.e mdes order at rgh; prics li MP ackdul dIflf~c~l |
The picmoreoframning department of fa"
the mlthe Uon dertakig Company
will be kept full and eoers-pke and --- 6.ESTIL-LI. rL@RramA
frames will be made t. order fr'nn a ..
lar.e.line of meo-ig. of the latini

pattern and design. Our businew is strictly confined to th -.e m-o_- 4 "-eWi iuu_ tbLb *s .
The upholstering department will erhaip of lud, ad & wehave no pnvate or pe mmal anm. g." i
hare prompt and careful atentitoin. i t s t e akapreiawty of the wpia
iMr. McClellan aisthe o'nn i.,e,,e, im- wak ive i eiiaiiom o title upnsa t wwel -ilIIkI
rallnly liu ~e< 0m- si matters pertaluing to the asessment and p ya st tn> n
balmer in this city, anld ihas dir lmas demption of onutanding tar salI. Whom youwed wi nid aIdo-W
from two school of rtrnlmirn, ac Ivicee in our line eall on or write as. Notary public in ee.
-* .- -
well 4s a license ler tie S rIt u 1ard B. 3. COLSI, I"wo.
of Health to praetiee eluibalrm iug. He ,,"' .. .. -' "'-- '-
has. the adrantag of twenity-five years' .--- ,
experience in the batiuea, and is re-
garded as one of the most coGmpetent T N E W I XTI -N
i embalmenr in the State. 11 i _
Major W. .Thuna,. who i the Commotious, Home-Like Hote!
partnerof Mr. 3cCletllant, is deterI --
mined to make this business second to RIOMS FOR 100 GUESTSM .
none in the State, and the -ew eon- -
cern will no doubt eoy a g -od bui- Unexcelled. Ev y Attention to Guest
. ITable Unexcelld.Evry

On Wedus July 27, there wll,-R E. H. PAXTON, Owner d Prp. W ITE SP-l FLA
.be a grand rxe'v sion over the Seaboard.
Air Line fn'm ; -iGlesvilie to Fernan- -_ .
di, a: a low rat.- 01 41 for the round..Take The Atlantic C oast L ine,
trip. Thus ~i'6 e pos*iktily the last .
ekAO&1Wff al *kbh a th.I .Aaaik.iru~a nn Lali t ii.the



* -



."='_-- .- ,


-- -.
-. --.-.: *._-^.

:.-- :{:^.3
- '": '" ^^

. -

-' I
_. .-

-." -^
. .. : -


-S- i

--._ i---:'i
~~~ '-- .:-



-- -
- ;-.

* : __ _- -..
--.. -,-,-a
*. _-.3|
-- ---. .
": "41i
*" -=-**'. ^
.. ...-* ^


S-V~.5 ."**
'Cr" ;-
l- --- A.



a---- ..-.

ma_ -

.s fl : fr- -
ass m ns/ ..

R^ m'nt S~O w -AK e
-..- _:-i;f .. -aM i,,,.

A flwes. t s. f l a-
1 '^1- n.e onPI. T IAre. f-
E^ fl f. u 'b5- .... .

p^.^." *7":-:. -. jac.B go mcg,

, '^-' -.- .... ._ A" _.M W T

Bfcj'-7. _' :- Ual te4 B '_:;= -_-- -_-K
S:- ... P M. mairl
: nem U06--W IS

:."--l- o a e cr ofla -
g- -: TI C. TlAYo A m .

\iPoona k n ow s
of Wpe VfrdnI~

*_N P. BADZY. -1
9,- A. J23 i'n*go
A. 13umNwwos.





SA. C. Oufom
sum toremrer.

*g MSn .
W. iA Y. KNfOWA.

mutuier of Agrientukre.

Rafroa Cixu^BOmer.
Dlee Supreme Court. Six Yarn.

an. Smuprome Court.
. Ri sa.S wm an.ACfv.
j. BL WEnarAD.

W.o. u JASOdt



o wn
S-..M.a:-n willPi-lo

A _.-f-- u ant- .


I is seemrtly understood that what
the president will say to the butcher'
committee is virtually, "Gentlemen,
I admire you, I am .your friend. But
door's you see that thbis Is about the
wdrst possible time for a strike?"

Is is now known that Speaker Hen-
demon was driven out of the Itepubli.
can party, like Senator Edmunds, Jobs
Sberman,. O i Sebhur. Governor Bout-


~c t~ ~ S tn
4sta M0- uS S


Hood's Pills
Sold by alldruWiStL 05 ointu.

Orapmn V-rmif_"
Pr.rp m V .rmifu

~**-~ -
'I -


- : :-.-_- .: 1
Si- -. .: -.: :: _


rAmLaw* ma

: -:-- -. -_. -: .

Jesa b Demoati party would
Jibe wo esbt. the still whemreh rt ta-
WUSK .1 or unjet dhimianatio.
but bitb w. ParO may as witelU rme-
baer th*e to lmiesm of a Democratice
pieen ad a Demorasie Hoeae tof
pvmseat tie l nes t N member would
non suabl that party to chang. a let-
ete or a agure in the tariff schedule of
epy existing law.~

It b eOlWeS that New York s
absohitely lad iapensable to a Demo-
cratio uscry th s year. This is a prove
dent comasics; buat it need not be
IOU0lten that the count of votes in
I, showedd that Mr. Cleveland would
hae been elected even if New York
had gone Republican. Such luck can
hardly be expected khis year. however.

Dbes a high tariff protect the Amer-
inan workman? Oar consal at Bir-
miagham. England, has just sent home
a report showing that the Eaglsh Ia-
boer who lives on the same srale of
eOifot as as the American pays more
for hi driving than does the American
workman. Anfd .Seretary Shaw say
that high price indicate prosperity.

Naturally enough the Republican
new papers in the country are Solo..
giing Alexander Hamilton as the'
greateMt mas America has ever pro*.
dosed next So Washington-naturally
enomogh, beaose he dwas opposed qi
popular rights and wanted an order of
nobUlityad a Senate elected for life.

The vaiultdoor of the Treasury De
apartment wt caught one day lastu
week and the ineretiary had to asend to
New York for experts to open it. He
wanted t o we $12S.,MD. that morn.
ing. It ginerauly much asIeer to
open that door than to shut it.

T flop of The icago heChroneicle
from the Demoeratic to the Republi-
ean side of the fence did DoS require
Sany change of mind on anything ex-
0*pS Philippine independence, and the
faifE-tad on theme it refuses to

The Uni venal Peace Society sea Ian
earnest IDvitation to Seretafry Paul
Morton to join Its ranks, and he re.
plied with much animation by announce
lug that he is in orient need of 3.000
good fighting men on the new battle.

Woomhim It ainams th as
R~mnh~fmu. hb

a best -s V apgovaI. Tbq

ThebeRtp6am .seemv w.y beppn
Inle themyne inleof hul., Maei
OBte theoqlb(tamwsveetbI dint t
tableS. darbs U d hot eamha.

ViCarrie N S'f trip to Europe next
,week seoas y r Indiareet. If she
should be kidnapped iS would make ;
heap of trouble for Mr. May.

St. Lor's Pike should -w#ar pants aw
been reminded. There will be no nude

1%. War % fat ae Wao 8- ewed
Cp. the Cett et.
Tfpe name Africa was gtven by the
Rom-n conquerors, after the third
Punic war, B. CQ 14, to the province
which they formed to cover the terri-
tory of Carthdge. It was moat proW
ably- adopted from the wona "Afry-
gab," the Carthagsentan term for a col-
This original Africa was limited Io
extent. Its borders reaciLed, according
to Pliny. frumi the Rivter Tute on the
west. whieh divrl4ed it from Numldin.
to the bottom of the Syrtls Minor on
the SoutheasL though Ptolemy carriw
it as far east as the bottom of the
Great Syrtis. making it Include Numi-
din and Trip tana.
In later d-ys the whole African con-
tlnent .took its naipe from this part
which in its narrower limits corre-
ipouded with the modern regency of
Tunis iand w i- called by the Greeksl
Lybla. Africus. the stormy southwest
wind, was so called in Italy because It
blew from Africa.

twoS nMLaSr

LW. weMiumticomDuistwsIOSiaSL







Rouad- Trip.
*ale daily.
fiftee. days.

Etber ttrougb A tinats and Cbatamooga or Colmtab and AsflXti LasMst r e
Skty' roe. -
O ij me from Fkora vwitb It own rails Into St. Loutfs. Two mis daily fmr
Jackuonvlle. Throacb sleepiuw -ar.
Stpoaers Goiwn ad Retunrfnig at prlcll monmta at mn merMni
-Carota sa Zan Tennessee. No extra oam Am oppwinIty to S Uts ar
of Wtrld' Fairs ad spend a vacation I% be me. were i*ialtte nb
sbrnmb the Sappre COontry, Late Toz way. tae b IaLs etc.
ae t ralabie information. umS6m ftades. etc.. bebwrfly fwmr *
aleaw.. -a. LUSSt
District PaBnner Arent, X1 Wen Bay St., Jaekhslrte.

.!Sj,:M A-a3B C)J Mca6 iCxi Z)

Air Line Railway

.^.^ **_-.^**- ; >* '-".^ ^ i'Cr^4 -, '- .- y
.- :. .._.- .". -L .-.;.. : -."^ .: *:- .- -_. :-- "
_- I 0 _. ,_:- ._ .: : : .: : _
- : I_:::
U.:: : n-

b saw -bm-
te~yko ft. cAmm-.5

fl,~~ lowa.e

... .- ._- -_ -. -


Roond Trip. On
ale daily. Good
tUI Dee. IL

Round Trip. On
ale daily. Good
sixty days.






Itt~ -
C *-
r- -

r -



: -4.



aer ORs a YMaw
am. __:sbJe



;* -I



A~~~a M.S asflfw

Implement of WRfareR.
There is a story of a private's
erew of forty to fifty men capturing a
Turkish galley with OO seam S and
sidiesn on board by means of a swarm
af bees judiciously thrown among the
iunspeakable ones. Holtea this may
be, there are enough authentic In-
stances of strange methods of attack
to provide amply sufficient material
for the casuist in deciding what b fair
and what unfair in war. Bnming
naphtha. boiling lead. birds, caremaens
of men and horses. Chlne upots
besides the implementsalready men-
tioned, have all been used for offensive
or defensive purposes In actual war-

Headache, blloasos. heartbum, in&-
gutio. an aU Uver ills are cured by

af Im zAm Is


WW W W w 'w -
A -n a w .=. ..... INd ='

FIW1 1 M IWn UlMll,


71 ..
-- -' -rl -- L' -




-.^B ^^^ ^P rw^ ^^ | y tsc-sl 36K *OO* MQrtwR^dwTi.

^' Ti'mIIBJ:lK "Ht "--- --" "..
Corlag1on. GLoJrdon.fl ff

07^o -LE.FWRKIDA. tnwaof -Gordom anS Cent ral rvlnv
^^^^^i^-I--.._-.kf :t l-If -*-: -'*between Cowtngota aS Mn e.a_
pe neBr being destromed by, finr esUed
'- i>-:B'--- .--i. -" -.--"- --iRe M
P total-aDir to aniby uor starm of lightsl"& whi ih *n
--. i -W.l. 7h st f L. M. Jones*
Em uler A few minute later the Me
-.f0. W. Home. Central rajlrrs
aV qnit was ..--;-by HOW.W-
Ma "fnti--.w-f-b e. .2*,, times I rapid suecmfo. Bert lm.
.-. -- ... -..... -_Emm V was ererely -shocked.
I'.-.._ ..| --.. hpt oisg French Bishop Killed and Three Chap
-i.a feQb s thomo"e .-6 -Sm- * Burned.
I a O>aso tbiy Tds p fl T*phet # shanghail July 25.-A report comedy
IU G io t a grMove. To from-" "_ Ichang to the effect that a n
I ..t. is It it-. I seetii...--"- mor Is .current there that the Frenct
70 W ee U lm SEABOARD AIR LINE. birhop, a priest and two comvmts
*U.k-Mer -amid i where a a ..have bee killed,. another prist take.
.I. "" th" e wg frem officialRoute From Florida to G A. R pr-snr and three chapel s burned S
df'f. th... -Mg. rme &M. _.._ne an .hn chpl ... g"m--a
-njued... Encampment at Bo-ton. Sichuan near Siugau-n.
i j n-eikt60 e nee (whe. i ity)-- The headquarters train will leave Two hundred soldiers have been des
we ,Ool. T. J. Watkin, JackMville Auri 12, ad will be patched from lehang for the seme of
rer she Sint pgove an the operated over the f-ol1owing route: th.. nrtrage.
it Flouit. Hi grove is one Seaboard Air Railway to Rich- -__ ___. _
h.fMgS, ad cow haf-mle Wbro, Moad, R. F. P. & W. 8. to Washing- .
e^lu ibiAo 12,0M trMe,. eto l to, Penat U. BR. toeney City. Steam- 0
aM wida mp aa year for 0S er M iarylad to Harlem Rier thence
-s gro .. babnt hIethird .rigated. Y. Y f. H&H. So hBoston. i
Uefa abom shiny ardm, of or- The following -the schedule: Q tQ
W- am xM..y tr1 0Leave Jackonville 7:0 p. m., Urp I) at. .
bwbar froitm hiny to foty boxe. of Te OWashington 86 p.. m.
, Tfet i mll we@ improved ma- -Lave Washington 7:40 a. m., arrive
*mq B-- working his grow. eye B(Se 8:fl0 p< na.
S.-ta. g on wheel. He /e This schedule s arranged so that the I
-is-. -oh. and- beauifuj. 1 ezhit. A-- R. -may spend a night in Wa".h- 1
k- ..-li adjaeilv. before I hbad walked igton. This train will be equipped l
"a-- boeki d yards in- the grove. I iah thoroughfare vestibuled eoaehes, -
-wa--he p'"e-t sight I aw.- s opeating without change from Isek- r
--tand. as t heM of he onvill*e to Bton, and through PuU-
+. i... nr.ags p_ geisnjg no l Ss.impepW. reqairing only one -
.tienry sink, wootailng about 1902000 The roand-trip rate from Gainesville
S:-pn-gtrena.bmhs be is going ez- tOBotOnwil be, al ilr O; via New|
1^-;.-. te v 64eia ui. bIo se York and eond iteaimer, $8.76; via | .
-'.-L-' .he awrnsb to Mr. Waki^.. Poflsmootb and steamer, or via Ba- I I U |f 1 I 7'
-.- hemme -I slOO two ngnu--, wi the l -lh ,emer, "_-. S -
'-row of oak trees which will be beame Bequet. your ticket over the 01oslt' ___I_
1 tit tobeho-d in a fu we. Lately route, the Seaboard Air Line Railway. -
1 th Wi- bought a. ad jomiug pm- I add hom. to the schedule named ___._"_...-__.__ _.
H 'for WIMP which adds materally mo akie- the Seaboaid will sell rouetd-
| hisi,.- trip Useke~i for this oaesion so the
.. G A. R., their friends, and the public
I THE NEWS FROM ARCHER. generally for all trains oi August 12th,
"eeS. of-3-P..----.s.r '.- / ad14th. Tb: Seaboard will ala Send Your
- ot Young __s-P-e___-. P ti sash tickets Via New York and ,, ,

-for-Sut. Camroi and St, Louis. Sound Liner,. or ay ,l gn+flio Urdelu tO the
. hAroer, Jly S. ,-W. J. latin frm o iew York Nwithout stopping in
SJaston diet on Friday evening at s Washington. 2w.
..".. o+clok of -o"mpptio after a linger- ,,
la.g 1uhan. oover a year. He ad n Brutally Tortured.
.--m.e _d to his bed mwt of die time. A eae Came to light that for per- -
-.H ws a young lawyer of promise, of sitenti and unmerciful torture has I lE-
-" cheerful and lovely dispuition, with perhaps never been equaled. Joe -U
Sal tshe care and comfort that wealthy 3olobiek of Oolusa, Cal., writes': "For
" 'parents sid give, but the end has .15years I endured insufferable pain .
we. SBurmnn .d by hbis parents. from. rheumatism and nothing re- a
brother and friends be pased peae ieved me though I tried everything "
---f:lly away. His body was- embalmed known. I came acros- Eletric Bit- J
7 b DrT.. T.F TY-a, of Gainesville, tr, and It's the greatest medicine on .i
7U ~ placed i min a sem es and on on- earth for that trouble. A few bottlesI r .-
day h morning wa taken o Boton for of It completely relieved and emredl -
St me I ,. .- ml.'" lout as good for liver and kid- I-- lI-
Sy.treMblesm aid general" debility.
. F. OL 4J. E.W* and Mrs. 0. y WOe. Ssiafactioun guaranteed ' I
.- W. BAuk-ltit were vitors to Jack alldruggfis.
1. o a n vlClat week. -' -----
SMr. and .Mnrs. W. L. Jackson and -L.os Wiwhnd. l .
S Mis Ida Obamblin left Friday morn- In 1i In the nunet-sxb year of Orders sent to us
;gif for Woodruff 8 C., to be gone IW a died Jeln Countest of ro. .
acme tim, Mr, and,. Mr Jackson wiil burthe. -he was not a very rema receive promp a en
S ^ eor hbte woman but her memo.ryI p-e- prp. a ptte
viit Si. Loal before they return. A .s.....aU"A 0. aS p Its iaA& vfAn +; inn Anp1 tha IQQa nt

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::- Th.l dlft tfM bai ro met j m g| me of i C roi ,__a-w -m "us JA A
4M &W ES SAY-=

^^^ eolfti- iit wicf eac c o.-h r.una..w..y .. ,mt ,t hi, home .,tI Quotes active and incie Stocks and
-tSe. nao bre m tt to wnsmt ad- 0eate-- _--.. ., ,- ,_o,",_ _
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ni. Mr. M1.16of4SMara"

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-- 1h ......p "e yoor ng .. Has complete tals of Earningsof
P* alfviad flfaly emate Iwo S.~-a 1et13,Rpehp Infiatall ljird n PrOperties. ter^lte ohi

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bn"i- ye terda_ bat -^ i-- ---- INVESTORS READ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
1^'^AtM"t. wxT~esaore r "ht y roung maien of eastrn kov

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to prt cl o mletled the senate rta-h i.,- "

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_n ,ms- I 0wh.dict tb nppe- 'podble, quickly destroys ..
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1k.~ -m, fthe thktTthrd akd few4WW MW **aabethin* through the _* ^
a aaw to bet on t rotrils ForsWe by R. W. VUm, S
SMR-ft the tatwe ofG baG- Fit WE WSE
W.d.Ts bill was rad w1i&at r. -- .
rOOO bqt qawrum ddnot
flwho w* put on Ipu SiM S dS F
Was itawas Illnds C ntru I SOUTH SDE Re
..+: ._ i!_ .. :;, t ,, --o,m t : .* B,.. ,W K O TH i -. -. ._ ----- _- .-
a. sun ao .a a a as a a a.o,
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STATSRo AD BILL _,- _,.o_ .-,A Oi OW stoc of H ay Core_, Oae, Fl. Bra, No G

.: ~MW 1- Afte Ste ous xpsii on.
.-A bb ed S : W Me 1ter I T. _ TWO TAs_ DAILYI._ ._____
-.- -tAtaata, rJuly 26-After conlderay m b mTI I I .
Ar 4*l thehouLyeaerS tabled th I sa1080idVitW* AA BIL L "a. -. --
L..- .-: -- : 'n AOf- a a A a -ff-B D A I S N ** A.I RE UII
l h- ---by Mr. :"r"lng- of -._S." i -- k St. LW. AS i. AU~mt* .i jy^ Je U MVi1 t
e**.^ _; _.W. '.d to eml o ce.ta. of L,,Atfi tt. A,.si.Lottm.! -B. il Tt l i A ^Ti
e ae^ flfl icf1 In the work of x. Le. x- t aM Ar.St. Tk7j62ma. a
I-~i mib te Wstrnand Atlantic it,
me em aiti n the-i n n1 I. nnH i -V

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I*V doubt 1 woddsi L.i..m. -PROMPT PAYMENT w LOSSEW.Q fWW_ w w
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bIa ftk hlm-f" and maini n- Agents for the a A r-Me"aMLo..a of-Ai
*l'! k1" bow le ous may b(& ad to J .Tj _.0_I_ i I Hl^ ----e ..... AU .
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t A ood oi from a box to a beak vault. wills ave money C. W. ItI.. w. ow-
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Scharlatn Infornation .er..furmished. GALNESILLZ. FLORIDA r BghCoS a f..coutylIne ..
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htefeue lrltany of the pe-- D"
W-ei te ar.eo e ow"t .e u s-laltahm .... iLotlhu).t aw *.
^9be who can detect .fults In a ___ Grant 1s1tht mol. -
rm ,d bOW- & 0 -mP wi -u - --. -.M!L.IDVa l otueltnwl4....
-adnowb how to corre t them "W" -- .4- M.--.- M-4A. of e 14n.-..
^ ,- *- _ ._ .. -A I -- _- ___ ____ .. Iw. N. C-i ......... ,wl.,awt- oi al- ....
San- wb_ work cawefutly- and a/thual- nTll uI Ar & n rn fl rT '-u*l m J.CH... A....o.-... A n-Iotist4&
eu- y t oeach- lndlvkual "pupl. NH, lI Mfl-bo- sE
t usa^ nh *M~ I ~ Sh w. %a. flws Al lv1o?1-
It I not easy to tthe -,o., teacher h W- 0 1e1 I.L.- or:..W
Ahom the quack. and you will find bit- e EL
Oea_ Lyexprl"pes in many a sue- w. TE i .. .....E--oi.-4......W.:
loo.- -- -"-th- M smo *f C. .e.W.A.SitiaS .... ni-tA !se-4 le 1Isi
-. u~vOI~6SS cre n Se! sw
S /EMh Trzi Co et-.t of Clevernee...
-- Magaines should have a well-defined Iurpose. wI-l-tr Iao,n AN ARBITRARY TYRANT. 'enlue entertainment, amsemenit and mental recreation are the motives A. o. S gt .:.- a .........
of The Smart Set, the J.UJI ......... .w4&mea.aecre
.. + -A.L o ln .......... e14 ..
-fte Aufnt' LtSa solely by tho x r r iCSacnlBw w14...... .........
Wi- o r* te a. l*r M ost Successull0I ofMaMaZZDS X St,,fw, AJlleaSei ol-Iof
-. .-* "Y~ .i^ ^O O~ .iWel ivivv v vl--^ .ero W lCda~O tetomfl 11l- Or B1C &M w -
Aind It calme to pass that In the Maazyiz .e, s. ,. .H. I A.l C-ieal- ... .
besht of modern time an arbitrary I: t novel, (a complete one in each number) are by the m mo brilliant Si Eas.e a.u-. ..........wyS,
tyrant ruled over a grat country call thou' of both hemisphere. ,tsi an u ha iata. l ...... e..-'oce.oL
"" America. The name of this tyrant It9 abort stories are mateblee-clean and full of human interest. iJu Ct1 -... SlbIliu._Ral
was Everybodydoe nameof and a tall nt ~ pnoetry covering the entire field of vrrse-pathosle, love, humor, tender- G. KtoE.. iAS0h S.8bTBa
wab t o veydo u. and al the In- eii by molt popoloet, men and women, of the day. am.......S i l
bitntI os the land bowed heuelei imjokes witieism, etbes, ete., are admittedly the most mirth-pro- 1ft by lflf&i&S PI
-to a"lak, I 4.. 3wUL oe4.kini.
Tero of m autocrat caued R adin
manid women to cat aside every uuO Lages u iiltuL i neauing w. I .oLoA, ,.
dictate -of "nqnpiop sne oWtnc
well. No Pawawasted on cheap illustrations editorial vaporingsorWo i
stss.Wearing out preciouseg ag.sanIded rfehElHSI:.1aa.ttd.OU
tramp ng growingi ogan, mour Iwill m m _.chamSrm and refn.h you. T
hi mpre-widg organ .. 8 yet ueero b hranow-P 9 per ye.r. Rlmit in cheque, P. 0. or expr esorder, Mrs-. Jash. elo wI s
of EDerybowydoslt and theev n or qleed leter to TeSNK S ET, 43- FIft Aemne, w et A.3FOr... t 't o aan
*on. Men bought boune md LEuropean N. B.-Sample Copies Sent Free on Application. fBa4 wik at the cl rs oa I
pasaagCs, automobiles and other e@t _______ _________________________________a dr o a moam. A. t .t. to hearr aS det
-enal vs luxuries, the cost of which was --' ., ., ._ .... law nO easem be unde In she amussIai
oatt of alt proportion to their Inacoc gy, flA| womanV Blu I 3J-fJsinspac a ns
rybtodydoeslt wa the explana- iDhIDIUU DAA>D lI|-------...... _
the they gave. DR. DiVERE B. MORRIS, _
.orriMst or all was the cae of tn M. 'r. sT uan z,. rrp. rnlnnn lli ir _nir
young girl. They .-n~t, -. -----.. ....DEptnzT.... UeduwUlOle & UUlf
wholesome plays, read books produced Ca3O Grove a p cvwea ane-
Iq diseased minds, they ovedreiad. BIM M FUTAV
asladne thej gat! Ideals of theri ?i P.O. ( D.z'M Tl. / THE FRUIT& VI-
mfothe.r^ da-ym a rew old oerore tei .GA.UK lSVILE.i iLA. aau -d OF F L
time. ,'verybodydert" tber ukL

Amd thus It was In all aes of FERDJNAD BAYER, Te Table in
elu throughout the broad lnd. All -T O RNEYAL
men and women, young and old. reeog- AT- -;-.-A- ATORNEY AT LAW.
iMed the sway of Everybodydoesit and I C RRA P. CAKES o No. .
bowed their necks to his yoke.-Phlsa- fteth Eve7 GATNWILLa, a CW A N 6J Nt1
de phic North Abic. DRen.ifTA o A o ... t -
de--b Not A-. ierh..a. .Nt.n n. t.o-AlP UCan sell your city property, (im Sunay
As A*emaaaiti. train. Sa_ ,r i""GWW"Sproved and unimproved), phophate, ...I _...
L-the lake districto-o-.f there --. -- trucking and farming land. Send hum
b a'iny-railway wbivhaony-K~ "' VnA. TT list of what you offer forIsale. 2142m Lv P.MLv P MLv A K
U* a tiny railway whickhbas only mw MAX KRAUSSb, .7465--.--...;......J
train run by two ohfciais, one of whom A A nWtatb.nsj 70 .i....-' -.-.em. .M
Is managing director, ticket collector, W E. BAKER, ....... ...-.. .... 1
gnaw a Pd-orter and the other ci TIREepAe. ATV.T.LAW, 8 (6 Sepq ... .t ..- ...
,,iigBentiedriver and stoker. The A .,- -, 8 10 ...... i ....... .....-.. HBA
tns tops anywhere. It frequently A (10 .. SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY..... ........ l
-oes of the line, but crowbars are car- T Y. W .L L t a S ...... As""""OPa". --
.... ... __ I .8 318 ... .. ..S.. ..e&..~. .. .. .. '
ied,--with which tbe trin Is persuadedu,
Wrturn H tO s"n. When wuOLESALE SHOES GAINESVILLE, Alachna--- Co.. FLA. 9--45. : t
to retun to t proper posx i t l i.i ... 8 ....W............ ..........
a friend of either official Is observed E eBll lockl. 8 .-- ...O Al ...,...ir8
the train is brought to a standstll. At or l __- 908 ......... i "'' "W
oe imm. when _the ,nna de"- .t..... DR-. J. H. ALDER MA .* ....... .9....1.......... wi
was courting the daughter of a farm er DE TS. i? S6i"rr "- *.t'" ."".. 0
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s.o. .... 4.-- m
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* tihs ek Noat be be eixended b
"-. Ik.X as- ob f o
td asHA ispraper
ELIn the S Weasen

^ &Wfukthasbia b..aoteteed by~

|||*6 $ih OR,= all nowe of printWng
iTe turn ooflu e batm
-. ILMbeen eqppu bish er.
7ma ea *Bd ohr w ewe, boto
wn& adw uour was'
SS pinon belde" it liUm be of thle
iba.!. ulathg. W. L. DuxHAM.

-~ S 4a Uk n nmapiWll kf
nnfl **hapintoguiaSta aft flaSO
w e-we.....- _
. A"A.

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. wfth at TS yeatirf

laM, dOineM tar f
JR- herniXL^^As ^^mas^tede^^-
of deskrof the cgcnts

Ilapil pin. wibh double
ate. Oreer may have
janThe 8n .6.", dae
S 'a m d 1-the for this

i aardjL amday other
priatut tin te amest
Se-sad the price i

Mr. YOLA. f t14l and Miss Ea
g* ae -uned from White
Sprins.a where they have been mu-
arning for the -Pt fw day4 They
- gues. of the Hamilton.
aMr. td Mrs. Zdwad Rush of Sooth
mdMe were among Shtboee who spent a few
ho in thif city yesterday. They
were en roate to So.tb Carolina. where
they expect tso pend a few weeks with
0 V. obamberlain of Tacoma was
in th city yesterday. He was en
ao borne from Arsaal, Punts 1 GOda
a4d other points In Soth Florida,
whe he bwaa been working in the In-
ent of the w ahing machine.
Mis Gertrude Wtgapard departed
banday for iami, where ahe will be.
the gat of friends for a tow days.
She went via the Gaslnesvilie and Gulf
slimad, and was asoompanled as far
m 89ampo- Olty by her father. P. H.

Speci sale0 of oewing machiines
this week ly. As good as new and
all gOaranteed Di prfeet running or-
det. Cot from $95 to W. Wilf sell
t from to $10 eabh. Time on half
the amount. Come quick or all will
be goae. P.M. Oliver.
lJudg and Mrs. H. a0. Maon and
ek, WMarIn, departed yesterday for
Rebmood, Va., and other point,
where they expect to remain for the
next few weeks. Before returning
home they will visit New York, Phila.
delphisa d other points.
After a few days pleasantly spent in
this eity, F. E. Bryson, formerly In
the employ of G. S. Merchant & Co.,
returned to his home in Montbrook
peteuday, where he is employed hM
bookkeper for the Rawls-Crawford
Company, extensive merchants.

dina July 27.
peial rato
wh special
at 8 o'etlook,
nsandna at 6
iD plenty of

the excurnion to Fernan-
via Seaboard Air Line.
of $1 for the round trip,
train leaving Gainesville
and returning leave Per-
o'elock, arriving at home
tUme for bed. See Oobb.,

Among the vision to this ei7 yes-
tetay wa W. L. Goodwyu, the clever
repruentatie orf the Richmom d Paper
Oompany of Richmond, Va. Mr.
Soadwyn ha been with this firm
S' the past meven years, and ha
edtabUkhed a fine trade in this se-

Raymond D. Knight, a prominent
eitien and bains man ofJackon-


; 7 ; : -* -
r .T '
'; .- .--fc
-:- : .
L- '''T .

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fe *;-

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C "'-v..- --
eat~ .*.
*tWS4S -


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./ -. -Qma '-. a .
7- S-M O W

,, i :-Wwk-i---
S Tried, Always UND.

Se~is Q3s,5fliby Jim .Dlt

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..... -- o 0

P -- .. w-

.. _' 1 I*-" ... .. ....'S
a US S a:-*
F6 L.

rilk Fklori'

!-. rma w -,.
- w -
-awL .

in"n,. flt C.O=s a mL o. A. xortoa of Eve,.moprnmuui.
v n^ ^.-r-l F^ Snoeat of the -ftoktoo -pho a.t inew.
V. -Dawso", i -Sapp e o -p-o. .-
sad C.o Neddit of New.wbery a"e -- o of ther lo.fellonla
*mong.tbe visitors to th ity t jqpsere the worl ,Was a vstrs kset
Noane ia sponmred .ofI*LCet
y* less bumor, and -the beamty 4f it b
White 8priau and return Sunfdays t obe ran lhe suw t -i i.
dwringeeao Tvia G. A 0. aBy. tise w
houn at springs and retuorna me day- T. he rieSd of Jo s FeiaeH of
Only one dollar. ThArougheoaph. itf erof Sheriff Fn.e.l, HoUs ,and IVIgret to tIhat he ha bem
clothing fumigated of cointaion di. for thepast fw days setniWlyi ill aSt
eaw germs by Gaicville Und.ertak- his borne. 3i s sO1 J. Morpa Ferna
agCompany. Brown House u cornr of thi ity.habeen omstantly with
oiere hhimnand the best medical a ntte
Remember the edcarsion to Fenreman- posib is being rendered. It is to be
d ina nhe 27t. The last oppotOi hoped thait the patient will soon re-
ty of the reason to visit the ocean at .-oer. _____
greatly reduced rates. Only a dollar
for the round trip. Special train. See Fire I Fire
Cobb. 68 Are you prepared for it? Come to
Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Boland and hile t F'i Station on Wednesday after-
Mr. of Prosperit, S. C, w have nurn tat 5 o'clock and see the Americs
Genu of Prosperity, 8. 0, who have Chemical Extinguisher teted 'by the
been ir this city for the pott tov day fire deparnmeat. All are cordially 10-
as guests of Mrs. Boland's sister, Mrs. vised to comesad se0"this test.
3. D. Williams, returned to their home R. L. WALLt., Agent.
0. W. Stereos and W. B. Rite, of: ASd pe- VpW
Alachna paused through the city en W o4Wte V
route home yesterday. They have
been sojourning for the past few days and the Latest Styles
at Seabreeze, and report a most dee in FOLDERS
lightful time. at
N..A. Matthews of Osnprille is in
the 1ity. Mr. Matthew was for seveiTIIV -lv
oral months a valued anistant in the i STUDIO.
office of Tax Assessor Colson, and has
come over for a short time to amsist
him in his work. Fine Fadeless Fotograls
W. G. Morrison, the clever traveling rom l t LfSie
representative of th4 Caney and h m= k t
Hodges Manafaetning Company. High Grade kpies a Spe-
Chattanooga, Tenu., manufacturers of (ilty.
boilers. baa been in the city for t~ie-
pet two or three days in the in teret
of his home. IF
The infant of Mr. and M. o' hms.
Bentson of Fairbanks died Sunday
night, and was burled at Evergreen
cemetery ini this city Monday after- *\ \
noon. Tb. friends of the bereaved G.L | W.
parents offer sincere sympathy In ibis 4^ "'^ ^
hour of bereavement. -^
Mr. sand Mn. (leo. W. Meyersde- V ^FTH
parted yesterday fo Duamuel am and "Tl nJJ it
Osala, respessively, when they will ___^i^-^ ^- ^
spend a week. Mr. Meyers goes on _
basins^, while hi. frou will sped the JUST RE
week pleasamilyr she guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Tunmer Brewer. A 0 A A VMI
The friends of Miss Maude' Duke am Yankll TfP I


-- a a
Ma~~~~~~Dul Am rnlbOWi6 MP09



Bo^ sN tab*>

^'^~ Wm ^^r

Osir em..tew

^ c~onE'9







El Eti
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. .,
-,. ?" "


al ,







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